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' wr -Q. 1011 Ninn N w N , M ' 44 'L ww 91 .A ff U .-1 ' ' ,. A wx. " E li! Xi, I .dw 'K ,mx if' sf n W f X ' - N N. Fflyfl J x A ' W N f F IA, I . 'p ink it vw I' ' Q' 1 .A 1 tg. 'I' ' ' lf : I f. a sid if, f up , iw , ,pp l ,. ,f ' Wi fr' Q J IX . V 4 V. 'Aix , r L' - JEL' v Qarewzfrd The Bobcat is a wild, undomesticated animal that roams the hill- sides of North America. I-le displays qualities of fierceness, undying courage, pride and grace-characteristics which have made us proud to adopt the bohcat as school mascot. The Bohcat's persevering character: ul shall not cease my strug- gle until my goals are attained," is an even more important reason for his selection. The spirit of the Bobcat is here at State if you will but look for it . . . on the I-lill, as our policy makers search for what is new and better, it is in the classroom, as a teacher struggles to communicate with eager, slow, or angry young minds, and it is in youth as it fights for a place in a world of new, strong pressures. The 1965 NEMACOLIN has tried to capture the spirit, shape it, define it and preserve it for you, so that it will carry you through your years at State and 'all the years to come. Cable ef Henferris Ze! lls Hegirr Milf ........ Administrative and fiaeulfy .... nan Serriare ............... llrzderelaserererr ..... . ,Aefieilies ..... .... Sparts ....... . . . Sewer Directory .... . . . Advertisers .... . . . .. .4-I3 . . I6-47 . .48-81 . 82- 139 740-223 .224-25 7 .258-265 . 266-304 'k ' 1,7 E W ffm Q1 RW EQ, vw, 'ew y - ffif f5'4vW3'? 'I 1,:.,. A. f mafia' ' Wx sq w vaqg x wifi-555, , ak 51 A 1,5-' r f"i5g4,'gbJf H "' 43361 fd. . g,sL,3Y 15.43jfyEw.' 'W ,:,,5Q-gg, ,nfmq-,-1 ff, , Zi' ,fa L faW1,:'3gfgw-'v'g,:E'Jgv:Q,g ,. Q . . -W ff' .1 gf: " m5,.l.,g-..,:g,v ,ig xi -f g . wffwkfx, ff ,u , gf 1' ' .L '51,,,.s3. m'?7'f,gg.Q1:flx-g'f'f"-'K' .ffva:,ff- V'T"'2' MT! gWs:2ay'H.a, fi'-.Mk 'H-eg W " '2 Sw:-4,1 13f,,yg3E2u,,y:,5:!, 725- 1.41.-V rw-f 'f.A.f,4 fwg,,1,:,5,1g ' -j ' ' 1 'f . V, " -.,:vf4g:,gQ 'fs'd""., 5'A '1j3,1j J.1',pA,-A . ' I ' 11 ' Q rw - 4' ' :Agf-M"-1-,x 'U Q . J ' ' v2-Sv ',,i-gkfy, fc , , , " f 1 2-If ffm, as ,PLENMJQQV 'N h'5'T'w-9?',2'. , "f'lff"'- ,f . 54 ' '. 44'--Q .sf f f ' - ww A " hw, , , . .f 1 ' : " Q Q 1 'Lffiny - ' PP A 'f ' Wrfwawiu 'J , 'rugs ' . fi in my 1 :JV Hf Wig? m ffff 4. 'Am L. 'Aw L ', 'mn 5' - , wie , W., T g Fi! qw' 1 wh W: "nf: M V F' , ,Q ' W , 1' wfwzf 7 Maw 3 1.1 1' ,M X, , 1 ' gy, w 'fix x . X A .. 4 wif" L pi-25+ R Ky., T if V I A I ,XTQWWNY ':::'1,,:,Ast"Qi:-,,, ,K , Q' ' W.1i4:jQI'3gi'4:f, L vi k , ' 1 MV - 31 y ' QQ ' . . A 1 wif- '- vr..',12,, "'Q.Y.?m . E351 G ?"'r,zN ,, lM,k A , 'Vai' i AI. X 3 'sf n it Man is nothing at first and he ca11not be de- ! . fined unless he becomes uengagew 111 all uactf, lVIan is 11othing 1nore than what he makes of him- self. Man is responsible for what he is. Man is nothi11g but the goal he has intentionally decided to achieve. He exists only while becoming reality a11d is nothing more than his life. Life is nothing Ma prioriwg it is up to 1na11 to give it its SCIISC. GEAWQFZ S. -ali -sqm Mm 3" 2 4-Q V sl.: L . Wcuf Of Hzzfupus Banking Narlh I Cfvllcgv M 1 iltlfl A1111 '1iQ q 1, ,' 111335 5!A l!,!w 'Jai' :lf 1 ' ' X gully.-MQW ur ' Fll1l:'.112Yl YAY I. , ., ., qw.,- V .. I V ,gMz ,J'.Qj ,ML ,,,, khgggzgkgrq , my X V ' . - Jul ! 1 V 'W ', ifiii ii'-IFIIW' Ai' Za lfilfrary l5'yNigl1!. . . 'NW 'ZIIW fi , rw Giijfd pf' . Q- A "3f'f5 7" '7"4-'-1"-""V""'7' "3" "Eff" " .N M y M 'I M 'x Qaculty flu!! . ,Mn Ummerman is' New Hausa Kamgus V L'0uff1desflall,4glauf With Khrisimas Garrett flu!! - Sciem' l5'z1ilding Oldyllzzin - Om' Of Our Oldest l5'uildif1gs Hompus Looking South Including o Wow of 6om,oto11 ,Auditorium Gunter flu!! - Clio 'Mu Petit" Of Cho 6om,ous 1 Clio Mon Are Getting ,4 New Dormitory "'m.2."'Q'-2f.y.,. -Q ,. . .gggsdil A Jnirmazy - Sfuture Headquarters far ,Medical Staff V Bank Hamilzizr? pullm Lab Scl10al0ffcrs Hrs!-flaud Srpericnce C0 Quturf Ccachers 150 X " -'gf - WP' , . Hrfllegc' flfc' k-J 7' X , 4 4 N x.1 .s li.: XL f A i silke- P? "iw f '- .3 A...a-I., , , THE . wil'- fl ,. , g,a,LJ-'t..g xwm' RK. Q 1 -LR, vlwlyf '45, .. .- 8- 'auvff .Q r- A., f Ir 4 v if Q A ., 40" 8-fs, I2 X wyiw 1' ,wqjh I '04 " . J 'ai Perhaps, dear reader, you have wondered Why there were no captions to accompany many of these photographs. It is because we felt that they needed noneg that they were "Worth a thousand wordsvg and that, through thCH1, you have seen us as We really are. -.--- 8diton jean 2701471 g ...NA '-N ww. -www:-+1-:ah ' 1 A 4. K ,N 'Y N. The Admiuisfrafiau and Zzculfy DR. RUDOLPH S. BREMEN serves his second year as Acting President. M , 4: Administration The administration, headed by Acting' Presi- dent, Rudolph S. Bremen, is responsible for structuring and developing the standards, philoso- phies, and attitudes of the college. This task requires cooperation, wisdom, effective decision making, and a great deal of Work. As stated by President Bremen, the purpose of Frostburg State College is, "The realization of full intellectual maturity and preparation for the attainment of professional competence by every student to Whom it will grant a diploma merited only by his having proven himself in its intellectual disciplines". And its philosophy is that, "Moral character is a by-product of the disciplined exercise of the intellect". DR. WAYNE M. HOLMES, Acting Dean of the College I -XMKL' 'YZ DR. ALICE MANICUR, Dean of Students and MORTON TANEN- BAUM, Assistant Dean of Students, compare notes. HARULD D. SHRIVER. Business lvlilllilgcl' DR. RAYMOND O. MCCULLOUGH, fi' ...J 1 RONALD lCl,l,lS, Comptroller Director of College Extension and Summer School YVONNIC IVIICALEY, Director of Social Ac- tivilics QM -1 t Y,-f +-Awgqmm HERBERT H. REDHUN, Assistant Registrar, and LILLIAN M. WELLNER, Registrar I7 JOHN J. ZIMMERMAN-Associate Profes- sor and Director of Libraries. Ph.B., Muhlenburg Collegeg M.A., University of Floridag M.A., Emory University. library Home l6'ase ?er Sehelaefie Achievement Students at Frostburg State College always find a competent member of the library staff willing to help them with research. Our library is con- tinually purchasing new materials in an effort to keep the collection in line with the academic curriculum. The staff is anxiously looking forward and preparing to move to the new library presently under construction. RAYMOND R. ARCHAMBAULT-Instructor and Assistant Catalog Librarian. B.A., University of Maineg M.S., Syra- cuse University. WENDELL K. ARNOTE, Instructor and Reference Librarian. A.B., William Jewell Collegeg B.D., Southern Baptist Sem- inaryg M.A., George Peabody College. ROBERT J- MYERS-Assist ant Professor and Head of Public Services. B.A., Au- gustana Collegeg lVI.S., Uni- versity of Illinois. RUTH P. HOUCK-Assistant in Circulation. AGNES L. HIGGINS - In- structor and Assistant Peri- odicals Librarian. A.B., Glenville State College. The light of knowledge close at hand. 'S "598.2, 598.2 574.9 B47l, H84-, 71, 598.2 R18 . . . gee whiz I hope it's here . . ." ' FRIEDA R. TYPSINGER- Assistant in Cataloguing. DOROTHY A. FINLEY- Assistant in Technical Serv- ices. BARBARA SCOTT-Assist ant in Technical Services BONNIE L. TROXELL-As- sistant in Public Services. 4 I9 Dx ,Cucilv ab' Hlay Like a yellow leaf in autumn, which by weakness may gently fall by the wayside, or be whisked suddenly out of its life's work by the blast of a strong, cruel wind-so fell this gentle woman. Her work is 11ot finished. The opportunity of prodding, stirring and feeding the hungry minds of the young growing personality is never finished. She is inactive now, but her work goes on--a word dropped here, an idea planted there, takes root and thrives. Her gentleness was niatched only by l1er bravery. During the last several years, her health presented an almost insurmountable prob- lem, yet she carried on. ' Dr. Clay came to Frostburg State College under my adminis- tration. During n1y seven years of active association with her, ,she walked the paths of a Christian and in deep devotion plied her- self to l1C1' teaching career. I found her to be an excellent instructor, an ideal associate of unquestionable loyalty and a true friend. Her sudden demise was a keen, personal loss to me. The oldest among us as well as 11er contemporaries are chilled at heart and grope for words to ezipress our loss and dismay at her passing, a11d the students will exhibit the emotions that depict their realization that they have traveled with and have been blessed by the touch of this unique instructor. Her surviving children, a son and a daughter, can hold their heads high, 1'ClIl6llllJCI'lI1g her integrity, her steadfastness of purpose, her repulsion of false doctrine, her great unselfish love toward them, a11d the high regard l1er students and college associates hold for her. May her reward be worthy of her life! Lillian C. Compton President Emeritus Frosthurg State College CHARLES J. HANSROTE, JR.-Professor Glzcmisfry Department The Chemistry program prepares students for a career in education as well as in professional research. Study ofthe basic life elements is stressed and an understanding of them is neces- sary to fulfill a well-rounded chemical background. Laboratory facilities provide a proving ground for those who care to theorize. of Chemistry and Head of the Department of Chemistry. BS., Virginia Military In- stituteg lVI.S., University of Richmondg Ph.D., University of Virginia. .sittin A W Discovery dawns in the dusk. "No great discovery wus cvcr made without a bold guess."-Newton PAUL S. COHEN-Assistant Professor of Chemistry. B.A., Brooklyn Collegeg lVl.S., University of Illinois. JANICE M. CRIEWAHN-Assistant Professor of Chemistry.,B.S., MS., University of Pittsburgh. 22 Mr. James glows with radiant energy. Just one little spin should demonstrate centrifugal f0rC6- RICHARD C. SLOOP-Assist- ant Professor of Physical Sci- ence. B.S., Madison Collegeg M.A., George Washington University. AERNOT S. JAMES-Instruo tor in Physics. B.S., Univer- sity of Madras, lndiag M.S., Southern Illinois University. JOSEPH E. GROZIER - In- structor in Physics.-B.S., M.S., East Texas State College. EDWIN' O. COOK-Professor of Physics and Head of the Department of Physics. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Durham, England. Physics Department In todayis nuclear age, physics plays a vital role and continues to grow in importance. Our Physics Department fulfills this role by offer- ing courses exploring atomic and nuclear physics. A requirement for most students at Frostburg State College is physical science which includes basic instruction in the fields of astronomy, the earth sciences, physics and chemistry. l6'21lrfgy Department The De Jartment of Bioloff endeavors to ire are students for ro- l my I P P fessional careers in teaching, areas of medicine, and research. It does J so hy offering a variety of courses, ranging from fundamental l lant and Animal Biology availahle for all students, to Ornithology and Histology. Tlll'0ltgl1 field trips and lalmoratory experience, students make a practical application of facts, and experiment with new ideas. "You dropped what new microscopcf' whispered Dr. Snyder. FRANKLIN C. LANE-Professor of H ogy, Head of the Department of B ogy and Head of the Division of Nate Sciences. HS., Wheaton Collegeg M .Ph.D., University of Illinois. ,-ijt ga get ww Hi. -ua' . Mr. Mclliffot leads us through lwlilllilltll zoos and hotau gardens. Inexhaustihle perseverance is char- acteristic of DR. ALTA E. SHROCK--Professor of Biology. AB., Yvuyneslnlrg College, lVl.A., Kent State University, Ph.D., Uni- versity of l'ittshurgh. Mr. Emerson peeps in on the mloineslie life of an annoelm. vm -1 ' N' ?'E.' i vi .ir . g 'N A .tis il it -ei GLENN 0. WOBKMAN, JR. -Associate Professor of Bi- ology. IIS., lVl.S., Wc'5l Vir- ginia Slate University. JACK M. llEAllINCWlnstrue- lor in Biology. B.S.. Juniata Qollegeq NLS., Pennsylvzinia blute University. WAYNE l". lVleDIFFE'l'-In- struetor in Biology. A.B., M-Sw West Virginia Univer- sity. - 'qw Joe Wcinkam and Henry Milne inform u class as to the properties of ping DON A. EMEBSON-Associate J. Professor of Biology. A.B., A.lVl., West Virginia University. RUSSELL SNYDERg Associate Professor of Biology, and Direc- tor of Alumni Affairs. BS., Frostburg State Collegeg lVl.Ecl., Erl.D.,' Pennsylvania State Uni- versity. 25 VIRGINIA N. MILLS-Associate Professor of History and Political Science and Act- , ing Head of the Department of Hsitory. B.A., Emory and Henry College, M.A., Y.M.C.A. Graduate School, Ph.D., Amer- ican University. -gb flisfvry Deparfmvuf ,1 U X , f 1 . f- ' 1 Dr. Ramsay and a pyramid of culture charts. lrlifflil , u-su I 9 Students are encouraged to have a thorough background in the history of this country as Well as the rest of the world. The Department of History is broken into five divisions structured to fulfill this purpose-General Studies, Euro- pean Studies, United States Studies, Non-European Studies, and Readings and Independent Research. Survey courses in United States and European History help to stimulate campus-wide interest in current events. MARY E. MURRAY-Assisb ant Professor of Economics and History. B.A., M.A., University of Maryland. SUZANNE ST. JOHN-Im structor in History. A.B., Hanover Collegeg A.M., University of Cincinnati. DAVID R. REBAUT - In- structor in History. B.A., Michigan State Universityg M.A., University of Illinois. 26 HOWARD L. BRIGGS-Professor of History. A,.B., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. ESTHER I. DOERR-Associate Professor of History. A.B., Queens College, M.A., Columbia University. Philvsvplzy Dvparfmmf e Philosophy Department under the leadership of Dr. Norman D. Jd offers perceptive students an insight into various areas including Jlogy, metaphysics, aesthetics, ethics, and social philosophy. Pro- in curriculum form a program which spans recorded thought from l to contemporaryf philosophers. Independent research, under the 1 of Dr. Livergood and Dr. Howell, is welcomed and encouraged. ry welcomes meaningful student conversation: here he exchanges views with Peggy C' S.. Dr. Howell with son Peter. NORMAN D. LIVERCOOD, Professor of Philosophy, Head of Department of Phil- osophy. B.A., Phillips Universityg B.D., Yale Divinity Schoolg lVl.A., Ph.D., Yale University. '1"""" DAVID H. HOWELL, Assistant Professor of Philosophy. B.A., Lehigh Universityg Ph.D., Stan- ford University. 64 99 Philosophy is the art ol living. Plutareh 27 Music Department The Music Department is responsible for devel- oping appreciation and understanding of music on the campus. This responsibility is realized through a vast program of study for majors as well as a few campus- wide required courses. A variety of solo and group performances by students and faculty members are conducted throughout the year in the hope of broad- ening student interest and background in music. WILLIAM F. BlQ'1"l'ER'l'ON - Associate Professor of Music and Head of the De- partment of Music. lI.Mus., M.A., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. Mtn-stro wields thc baton to bring forth thc sweet linrmonics of a universal Practice is the key to this ivory t0wCr. language. DAVID S. LEWIS-Assistant Professor of Music. IIS., Con- cord Collcgcg M.M., Univer- sity of Michigan. JAMES M. IJIICIICE-Assistant Professor of Music. HM., Friends Univcrsityg, M.M., Conservatory of Music, Kan- sas City. 28 Q if "Tho ncxl sound llml you lwar will ln' an l't'l'0l'liillgI,,n clnivkim Mr. EiD01'illll'li. MARVIN L VON DECK -Assistant Professor of Music. B.A., MA., Bos- ton University. i'Tinu: for one more concerto lxcforv my 8:00 class," yuwns Mr. Sager. CARL J. EBERHARD- Instructor in Music. B.M., M.M., Michigan State University. SARA L. PIERCE-Im structor in Music. B.M., F r i e n cl s Universityg M . M . , Northwestern University. JOHN L. SPRY-Instruo tor in Music. BS., East Carolina Collegeg M.M., West Virginia Univer- sity. JAMES V. COTTON-Associate Professor of Geography and Head of the Department of Geography. B.S., State Teachers Col- lege, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvaniag lVl.Ed., Pennsylvania State University. 41 W' Mr. Cotton strikes a typical pose for our photographer. 30 Gwgnzplzy Department Although it has been in existence as a separate department for a short time, the Geography Department attracts an increasing number of majors each year. A wide variety of physical and regional courses-are offered in preparation for a teaching or other related career. A course in fundamental geography is available for all students in hopes of broadening their knowledge of the World as well as their immediate environment. ,my at i Y . M, W ,W tw I 2 5 7 I O , E W li U0 it an n as A r an ro go ' -we--.g-., "No, dear, the Red Sea is blue like all the other seas!" WILLIAM NIZINSKI - Assistant Professor of Geography. B.S., State Teachers College, California, Pennsylvaniag M.S., Pennsylvania State University. Speech Ana Drama Department By offering courses ranging from basic public speaking for all students to technical aspects of theatre, the Speech and Drama Department provides the opportunity for students to study the various fields of public communication. In addition to course work, the Department is responsible :for the various productions, dramatic and otherwise, which take place on stage in Compton Auditorium. ii! 'l FCS. Miss White "takes five" for coffee and conversation. versity. 'Cif' HUBER W. ELLINCSWORTH-Professor of Speech and Drama and Head of the Department of Speech and Drama. B.A., Pacific Univcrsityg MA., State College of Washinfftong Ph.D., Florida State Uni- versity. D Dr. Ellingsworth, our communications chief. DOROTHY S. WHITE-Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama. A.B., A.M., West Virginia Uni- HAROLD R. OAKS-Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama. B.A., MA., Brigham Young Uni- versityg Ph.D., University of Minnesota. 3I WA R R E N L. FLEISH- ROBERT L. BERNER-Asso PAULINE HOBBS-Associate g . . ., Goucher College, M.A., Johns Hopkins University. EDWIN V. HOLLAND-As R THOMAS HUTCHESON- University of Maryland. JOHN .l. HALLIGAN--Im Sngbsh Department The English Department recently underwent a change in the arrangement of curricula. At pres- ent it is able to offer a program including basic background courses fundamental to the knowl- edge of every college student, a variety of litera- ture courses geared to those students who major or minor in English, and courses covering the history and structure of the English language. Along with the new program, English majors in their senior year are given the opportunity to do independent reading while under the guidance of a competent Department member. CHAUER - Professor of English. BA., Michigan State University, M.A., Co- lumbia University, Ph.D., Western Reserve University. t ciate Professor of English. B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Univer- sity of Washington. Professor of En lish AB sistant Professor of English. B.A., Maryville Collegeg M.A., Indiana University. Assistant Professor of Eng- lish and Assistant Director of Admissions. B.A., M.Ed., structor of English. B.A., Duquesne University. The lamp of knowledge llcrncrs hard and bright and clear DR. GEORGE S. BARBER-Head of Division of Humanities as well as the English Department, en- joys .elevated atmosphere of a faculty teag also plays a mean cello. FILMER HEVENER JR.- lnstructor of English. B.A., Washington Missionary Col- legeg M.A., Madison College. 3 l 1 5 l Q 1 s s 1 l l "All mimsy were the horogroves And the momc ratlis outgrabcf' Have you ever read "Tea Leaves?" PETER A. PORTER-Instructor of English. B.A., M.A., Univer- sity of Buffalo. TIMOTHY M. SHELDON-Irv structor of English. B.A., Hav- erford Collegeg M.F.A., Yale University. LUCIA C. TANC-Instructor of English. B.A., Mount Mary Col- legeg M.A., John Carroll Univer- sity. 33 Q Modern .?m'ig14 language The Modern Foreign Language Department pre- sents the cultural and practical aspects of lour lan- guages-French, German, Spanish, and Russian. Courses are structured to include literature as well as conversation and study of structure. The language lahoratory, installed last year, has proven to he a great help to 'students in comprehension and pronun- ciation of the spoken language. Mr. Trilhe parleys Mademoisellcs Langhams and Murray over petit dejeuncr V-f'. I Yb- qg A-. ,' II' .'. nrt... IN-14 ."'-'. 1 ef M 34 A X.. 4.40 4 I X I 'R '31 1-.ff Q- l'Sx.l"wlf"ul ' 'Y i '1 Dr. Rudolph Bremen-Acting President and professor of French- enjoys ll few words with Mr. Allison and Elliot Weiner, Woodrow HHUSM 13 vista" and fvfuny HO" Wilson Fellowship nominee. IRENIC L. KIRKEBY-Associate Professor of French. AB., Mount Holyoke Collegeg lVl.A., Middle- hury College. H. GERTSELL SlVlITH-Associate Professor of German and Rus- sian. A.B., Johns Hopkins Uni- versityg Ph.D., Harvard Univer- sity. Ar! Department Under supervision and instruction of the Art Department, creative stu- dents find a means of expression and facilities for increased background in the areas of painting, design, ceramics, and sculpture. Displays of stu- dent as well as faculty art work frequently appear in Gunter Foyer. Objective criticism f?l compliments creativity. ROSANN P. LANG- HANS - Assistant Professor of Art B.S., lVI.A., Teach er's College, Colum- bia University. THOMAS S. SLETTEHAUGH-Professor of Art and Head of the Department of Art. B.S., lVI.Ed., University of Minne- sotag Ed.D., Pennsylvania State Univer- sity. "How's this for a thumbnail sketch, Robin?" asks Mr. Mandell. DENNIS I. KOWAL-Instructor of Art. B.A., M.F.A., Southern Illinois University. HARRY E. lVIANDELL-Instruc- tor of Art. B.S., State Teacher's College, Indiana, Pennsylvaniag M.Ed., Pennsylvania State Uni- versity. JOHN F. WIERDSMA-Instructor of Art. B.S., M.S., M.F.A., Uni- versity of Wisconsin. 35 DANIEL T VALDES De artment Head 'md Division Head of ocial Science, Professor of Sociology B.A., Adams State Colle e Ph D University of Colo- H- ,fn -K. Seeial Science Department selves, the Department of Social Science offers courses of study in the fields of economics, political science, sociology, and an- thropology. The courses are oriented to broaden students' hack- grounds and knowledge in relation to the history, regulation, and problems of society. 3 - ,A WILLIAM A. CARROLL-Profesf sor of Political Science. A.B. Brown University, lVI.A., Ph.D. Georgetown University. DONALD N. SAIVIUELS-Instruo tor in Economics. B.A., M.A. M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 7 7 7 In order to understand the society in which we find our- l Dr. Mills inspires contemplation during u Political Science lccturc For reluxution, Dr. Valdes und daughter attend u State footliull gzunc 271111614 Schrwl Labvrafvry The College maintainsa laboratory school on campus to provide high quality education for elementary school chil- dren. The school is a center in which teaching procedures are demonstrated to College students. It also serves as a labora- tory for research and experimentation. lVlany elementary majors from F rostburg State College complete their student teaching assignments there. JOSIEPHINE Q. FRASE-AS. Ststant Professor of Educa- 11011. B.S., Frostburg State Collegeg M.Ed., University Of Maryland. THELMA B. HADLEY-AS. Sfslilrlt Professor of Educa- tion. B.S., Frostburg State Collegei M.Ed., Teacher's Qollege, Columbia Univer- Slty. MARGARET c. JoNEs-AS. Sistant Professor of Educa- tion. B.S., M.A., University Of Maryland. HERMAN E. BEHLING-Principal of the College Laboratory School. B.S., Kent State Universityg M.A., Ed.D., Teach- er's College, Columbia University. KATHRYN A. BET'l'ERTON-Instructor of Education. B.A., Iowa State Teacher's Collegeg M.A., State University of Iowa. JAMES B. DIETZ-Assistant Professor of Education. B.S., State Teacher's College, California, Pennsylvaniag M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh. BETTY ROEIVIMELMEYER -Assistant Professor of Education. B.S., Frostburg State Collegeg M.A., Teach- er's College, Columbia Uni- versity. Nl. IDABELLE NEILSON- Instructor of Education. B.S., Frostburg State Col- lege. CAROLINE W. LUTTEN-lm structor and Librarian. B.A., M.A., University of Michi- E gan. vii' P . i 37 WALDON C. SKINNER, Professor of Ed- ucation and Head of the Division of Education. B.A., B.S., Fairmont State Collegeg M.S., West Virginia Universityg Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia Uni- versity. The Education Department offers majors in two areas: kindergarten-primary education and elementary education. The curriculum is structured to include a wide variety of courses, enabling prospective elementary and secondary teachers to fulfill the general requirements for certification. The most highly anticipated course is Directed Teaching and Observation. Students at last have the opportunity to practically apply the knowledge and methods they have been exposed to during four years of preparation. Children are the screens of learningg the teacher, a lasting projection. ROBERT W. JONES-Associate Professor of Education. A.M., M.Ed., University of Maryland. JOHN A. KNEISLY-Associate Professor of Education. A.B., Manchester Collegeg M.A., 'Ohio State University. RUTH M. PATTERSON-Associ ate Professor of Education. A.B., Nebraska State Teachers Collegeg M.Ed., University of Nebraskag Ed.D., University of Washington. 38 JOHN DUNN-Associate Pro- fessor of Education. A.B. Bridgewater Collegeg M.A., University of Maryland. Educatmn Division secretary has more than one boss for two or three or fourl. Department Slit Dr. Patterson bravcs the elements. CHARLES W. STANSBERRY- Associate Professor of Education. B.S., A.M., West Virginia Uni- versityg Ed.D., Pennsylvania State University. ET HAMILTON R. MARGAR ' - Assistant Professor of Education. B.S., Frostburg State Collegeg M.Ed., Pennsylvania State Uni- versity. EILEEN STEELE-Assistant Professor of Education. B.S., Frostburg State Collegeg M.Ed., St. Louis University. AUGUSTA M. COATES-In- structor in Education. B.S., George Washington Univer- sity. GEORGE REID-Instructor in Education. B.A., Muskingum Collegeg M.S., Westminster College. 5' HAROLD J. CORDTS-Professor of Health and Physical Education, 'Head of the De- partment of Health and Physical Educa- tion and Director of Athletic Activities. B.S., lVl.S., South Dakota State Univer sityg Ed.D., Syracuse University. ie. "I wonder how that photographer would fit into my Phys. Ed. program Dr. Cordts seems to be pondering as he poses with Miss Yingling. Health And Physical fiduetztiele Department The Department of Health and Physical Education has structured its curriculum to include basic, required courses for all students as well as an advanced program for majors. The courses are guided by the Physical Fit ness Program initiated last year by the late President John F. Kennedy. The Department also encourages student participation in intramural and varsity sports which are under its direction. HARRIET E. YINGLING- Associate Professor' of Health and Physical Educa- tion. and Associate Head of Health and Physical Educa- -tion. B.S., M.A., State Uni- versity of Iowa. C. KENNETH BABCOCK- Assistant Professor of Health and Physical' Education. B.P.E., B.S., Springfield Collegeg M.A., New York University. CAROL CLEVELAND--As sistant Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., Alabama Collegeg M.S., University of Tennes- see. 40 RONALD VanRYSWYK-Profes- sor of Health and Physical Edu- cation. B.S., M.S., Northwest Missouri State Collegeg Ed.D., Syracuse University. Mr. Marley shows us the truth in the words: "Sound body--sound mind." Y""'i Allegany Gym-home of the Tralnpolincrs, the llaskvtlnallers, and the Folk Dancers. Q' DOROTHY C. HIL- LIARD-Assistant Pro- fessor of Health and Physical Education. B.S., New York Univer- sityg M.A., Teacher's College, Columbia Uni- versity. A prince of games ponders a move JANET A. 'l'HOlVlAS-Assist- ant Professor of Health and Physical Education. B.S., NLS., West Virginia Univer- sity. C. ALBERT LONCPlnstruct- or in Health and Physical Education. B.S., lVI.S., West Virginia University. ROBERT E. WELLS-Instrne tor in Health and Physical Education. BS., Fitchburg State Collegeg MS., Indiana University. 4I ROBERT R. GROOMS-Professor of Psy- chology and Head of the Department of Psychology. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., .Pennsyl- vania State University. WILLIAM C. VAN NEWKIRK--Professor of Psychology. A.B., Washington Collegeg M.A., University of Pennsylvaniag Ed.D., University of Maryland. - JOHN ALLISON-Associate Professor of Psychology. Ph.B., University of Chicagog A.M., University of Michigan. ROBERT M. CILLICAN-As sistant Professor of Psychol- ogy. BS., University of Day- tong M.S., University of Connecticut. RICHARD W. NICE-Assisb ant Professor of Psychology. B.A., Monmouth Collegeg M.A., Arizona State College PAUL R. CONNER-Instruc tor in Psychology. BS., Ten nessee Wesleyan Collegeg M.S., University of Tennes see. 42 Psychzflogy Department Besides providing basic understanding of psychological principles for education majors, the Psychology Department offers advanced courses for a major in the field. New equip- ment and ideas are constantly being introduced through an expanding program of psychological study. An experimental laboratory allows for supervised as well as independent ex- perimentation. Don't forget the "normal curve." THOMAS V. BAUCOM--Professor of Mathematics, and Head of the Depart- ment of Mathematics. A.B., A.M., Duke Universityg Ed.D., Teachers College, Co- lumbia University. "If I only had a slide rule!" sighs Mr. Drumm- NQEVCY i. cAPozzoLo-in. Emctof In Mathematics. BS. Mag Stroudsburg State Collegeg Joh- -, Bucknell University. N H- DRUMM-Instructor in Elafhematics. B.Ed., Duquesne mVeFSit ' M.S Jopiushurggi, ., University of .HN T. WHITTLE-Instructor all Mathematics. A.B., M.A. esteffl Kentucky State College. t r 11 :Xxx tx "But my dcar, 'math' can be fun!" encourages Miss Capozzolo. ,Mat emafivs Department By offering a varied selection of courses, the Math Department prepares majors for postgraduate positions in industrial and educational math. Special programs of study are available for the more advanced students. Con- centrated study in numlmers applicable to many sciences as well as practical situations. MARGARET E. HAMIL- TON-Assistant Profes sor of Mathematics. A.B., Weste1'n Maryland Col- legeg M.Ed., Pennsylva nia State University. MRS. ALICE CONRAD, Secretary to Dean Holmes. MARY 0'BRIAN, Secretary to Dr. McCullough Ofhve Sfdf I- JANICE FULLER, Secretary MRS. BETTY BLAIR, to Miss Hitchins IBM Department THINK .. . 15' ' 1up, MRS. ANNA TRANUM, MRS. IRMA ANDERSON, MRS, RONALD LZIRUE, Finance Defmftment SeCretafY I0 the Registrars Secretary to Dean Manicur flrfuse Jlfwfhers Our Moms-away-from-home: Right to Left: Mrs. Smith, Gray Hullg Mrs. Sweckcr, Simpson Hallg Mrs. Melliger, Frost Hallg Mrs. Darrow, Allen Hullg Mrs. Workman, Dichl Hall. Medical SMH Just ll lilllo lmil wimlvr. Slmron. rv A N, ' on v, A K WL. ' - Ns wx A, 1, Q, V . . .M A Z' Q Qf ' 'L' fi, r s vi---fr br A ' I Crku A N ffm A. I ' , . 1 A ' f -', ' 1, M f 4 V G Q.. A . H MARTHA FLICKINGICR, li.N. ALTA SQHRAMM, lm. GENEVIEVE ooLoN.1:.N. MAR'r1N R0'l'HS'l'EIN. Mn Ifl Cfufcferia ,4 d azwah, ,... ,M iff , if Var ity Sharp 5 A V I 46 Earl Ritchie, Mr. James Chabot, Mrs. Lsabelle Chabot, Iola Conrad, and Margaret Yantzg members of the cafeteria staff relax for a few moments. p-44 i Time out for a between class break. Typical shop scene. ew" A r W ,wig W: my I . i 4 A 1 ' ' :Q l ' 1 2 l "' 4 i ' , ... Q4 ' A 0 Y , 1 ' , , . m.. V .M Mary Hitchins, Edith Hitchins, Flora Logsdcn, Anne Thomas, and Cora Pollack await the lunch hour rush. ff' look!! On as Mr. lsancaster sets up key bo , Jlflainfmauve Xwp "A' , L .1 in ' 1 Q 1 ge E "M ffl? V 'W S I 1 Patrolman Finn, Walter Capel, John Lancaster, Buck Brady, Evan Seigler look ovcr plans for 3 the day. Q... I Franklin Martins head of the maintenance Mrs. Blocller secs to it that Frost Hall is kept spie and span. MM . .. 5. V y-:,'- -w h ,st Mali -,W -. wi . u.. K1 t ,. . X. ig-as - Gigi W sgvifyih ' " ' ' . 'X Y ' A Nlr. Lancaster and Mr. Qunrtuci stake out the glrls' dormitory. Qynww Mr. Harry Folk takes care of the grounds during pre-"Super-jeep" days. 47 'N QFQ ' I ' v If .1 4 President enirfrs Vice-President 4 Wll,l,IAM DENNIS THOMAS Carroll County, Maryland HS. Secondary Psychology Creasurcr JUDITH ANN KOENIG Baltimore County, Maryland B.S. Elementary Secretary STEPHANIE GOODE Baltimore County, Maryland B.S. Elementary N . - QUINCEY MONTGOMERY CRAWFORD Anne Arundel County, Maryland B.S. Secondary Mathematics WANDA SIERRA ADAMS AW WILLIAM J. ADAMS Allegany County, lVla1'ylancl B.S. Secomlary Biology Washington County, Maryland B.S. Elementary RUTH MARLEE ALEXANDER Allegany County, Marylancl 13.5. Secorulary Biology JAMES E. ANTAL Baltimore County, Maryland B.S. Secondary History Q N. X EUNICE ILYNNE ALLEM A A G- DANIEL ARNOLD Allegany County, Maryland A Allegany County, .Maryland B.S. Seconrlary Biology B.S. Secondary English AREIS RAE AYERS d 0"ilny C tu , M. ylan B.S.bElernerlilliiyV 'lr X JOHN BARRY Allegany County, Maryland BJS. Secondary Mathematics A DAVID C. BEARD Garrett County, Maryland B.S. Secondary History ff M ' :N 414. ' ff av W 1 1 SYN 2 , 3.237 ' Q. if ' , V 1 N 4 if M m , Q n H6205 ,fi Qi JP . ,, ww M 4,- wk, fm V1 :- J N. Q R , "3 3,12 , 15' Aviv. WS' ff , ,Q V ,, ,1fm1,, A if ,iw will .- 'iw M. w 6, 1 H , " ,iff 1 .ff firm PATRICIA ANN BRANT RICHARD REXFORD BRENNEMAN MARY RANVARD BRIGGS Somerset County, Pennsylvania Frederick County, Maryland Montgomery County, Maryland B.A, Elgmenmm, B.S. Secondary Mathematics B.S. Elementary STEPHANIE CECILE BROWDY SANDRA DOVE BROWNING CAROLYN E. BURKEY Montgomery County Maryland Prince Georges County, Maryland Allegfmy COUIIW, Maryland B.S. Secondary Ceogiraphy B-S- Physical Education B'S' Secondary Art D , WARD MICHAEL BUSH KAREN L. BUTMAN ARTYZIIIS ESR? l31SIRNEmd Egenany County, Maryland Prlnce Georges County, Maryland B-S.hElelinengal:9l,, my B.S.rl9'econdary Physical Education 3.5. Elementary vfwd '. We Sf' ' fjfi "EQ 'T 'VJ 561 -2 y p ' x A 1.5 s www., 'S' 2 ' - wr., x ,W 1 il .vw "W . 373 wwf A Q- 1 . ,-1,1 if f yi nf' xx , ,L ml: af' 2' - ,V wif 1, - .V S , A 1 x r V 1 fiat L . H., ,, . W, w x. if ' , f ff if-r4fv?n HQ if L, Wk 4 1 " 1 ZW V .. H ' 'V'1,'r,wjl ., x vf' 4,5 f f :H :1 f ' ' mwgf 4 L 1 , , w, wwf 4' 1 I 1 ,I 5? f U My M ,334 f ff, F ,QLffWfg24g ' W M QKMC . , ,?1,E.,,L.tM:I5m , 'f TA s A A '9 1 4 1? I ,y M f 5 K J, . ' , 2 W' ,fm , ,. ,f , , HQ 'fu Q, '- f IRENE KAREN COCKRUM NANCY RUTH CREITZ Prince Georffes County, Maryland Prince Ceorffes County, Maryland BA. Secondary History ANDREA MARY CRAMER B.S. Secondary Mathematics Allegany County, Maryland B.S. Secondary English LAWRENCE ELLIOTT CROPP DAVID F. DAVIS RANDOLPH LEE DAVIS Garrett County, Maryland Montgomery County, Maryland Allegany County, Maryland B-S. Secondary Social Science B.S. Secondary English B.S. Secondary Mathematics IN A l I EVELYN LEE DEIGERT I Baltimore County, Maryland DAVID ELLIS DAY B.S. Secondary English ROSE MARIE DELBUSSO Frederick County, Maryland AHCSHUY County, Mafylafld B.S, Secondary Matllematics B.S. Secondary Mathematics .-q ,- V yu, bv gg, f 'Q 155 f 9 ,uw - , 1 , Wvggif? . fl, ll 14, Q 4 v 2 I af 1 4' X 5 4, M., Y ,. :N . 'it 'nv W W,-Mfr Ll fs 1' New , , J , Ag' 'os 1 4 ,gm ,,.mgx - .f E 351' N, 7 M if JY? 'KT , 'W' val 3 Q' if AW '955 . ' "P Yi . 55 Qi, W -Qfvi-hiv 'Y HV , 45 .5 A K E:-. .4 11. - . ' ,, .3 , , 'gh' A V, ' 'ik , '. . I fQ.IPfz: - , 1- 2131. '3 5 mind QL., .1 l f ,,, 'ff Y, 51 , fi vs mf A M A A ' ,i,-Qjk L 4 A . v 1 ,L 1,1 ,Z ' w , 4- ggi '72 if nf, A ,Til Q , X 5 ' A ' fi fy 3 . . 13 'wlfw' Z 1 W 41 5 A za' , M , ,w 25 M if . 1 gi, Q fx 4, 3 ' I G A ,A , N W w ,, 1 , ,LAK f 9 2 1 'N V , 214 iw 'KX Win 4 I A A I 'I v fy' H Q fl y M , 1 D W 5 f, :NIA 5 1 ll 5 'QW 4 yxfjg, AW 'e i f L- M525 5 1, M' -Ui QV wi" A.. ks, ' QM in sw ., ' W 'ff j, Q X F , 1 .105 1- f -15-1-. F w . '-39 -'X - ' fs P '15 .Ny Q 1. ' lzgx fa x Y. in n s. ws . ,av -Hx - , X iw! " ' fd. , 5 Y, Q2W5'if 1 ' 3, V' Ii x jk . E f A gtg? ga ff . XXM, . . K 3:?W.,diAA , Wg f f Amy. HQ! Aa , 231 ,. HJ f WJ if ya 21 W, I K f,'1. 4 M . f p f ,K F6 www fm S 'Qi' .Jax 15 fsizi' eff af: , af 'H QM , 5' . E ' 1, E h --vlf 2 4 ' .L 5 , , 4 11, A 4 , W' :lim 3 , N r, -.3,?L.,1, 6? ' f g:,f32,,Q, ,H , W ,ak ,.,,1,i:,7 ,gqigf 2 A A ,S ' 1 1 W7 hr- ,V L G Qfffffw Af ' .w , X " f 'f ,, , f f f 1 2 . A 744Q ,V PM A: 'f.-125251 2. w A , 35 6 Af J f- M A M" W" fag, J If - Q1 va. X - X. " 1 ,A .4 ' . gpm ,14 K, Q.. . XMIM wk ,.., . ,Q-M. 5 uf . , 8' f T, ,. . V m V., ,f,,g ,,,, 4 ., E531 ', ., K ' ' -, fs- 'A ' ,, IF. LVM? ' ' X ., flfm' 'lflfff W 'F' X 'yftff x -' Q E583 I ' x-if J - 5 . -. f 1 ,QF ff M A Y A K 152 'A fi?-Q3-5 ' Q - 'i-?e19f ,wi ' y r amz- gpg A N.. J . 95? 'iv 5 N Q slams, Siff f ia , P . 1 nrdff 4 'Wx- drew Y Q ww! I X 'QM- ' 'mu fi ff ,Af 539 4 , M 5 ,., M '44 J 'L . QQ? S W ,agxgff ' ? wa , 'L 2313 1 ,Q - ww- 36 A 1 WN M., W ,Q ' 'A . .K A- ' ' 1, D Q, . ,, ' : mf .Q ,X xx' f an 'Aww -J Lf iff: ,, A r c Q ' g 1 QQ f W S4 J V 34 w gr W 5 ,Wx it Lx f 25 A .s 1 12 4 , M, , 01' , f ,V g. zgm ,V ' w i f, "W" ' , 233.6 54 -. L r ,:f,e5'f'L 5 ' 54 Q' A X 555' ' " i ' , ' : Y jlaf ,nu h "1" W J , 3 V In ' Jin. .wi 5 'J rv .Q Y Q. ,LM Riff ,M b, , :ff 'afifipjg h ' , , LA' A , .f . ,' . My .1 'f ' 'inylf' 25. if Q 555' ' Jlggii ' Y ' ,v Q , ,F W ,.,, ' , 'JY' N 7 pffiwmg , ,,,-mf. f mffiifv 1 M 4 vw '? 1 W1 5' fl f I e f , ' 'fffwh f f- KV, QQ .L Q 'Khf 135, Q, ,vzxgfew -,111 , 1 x 'K ns ffaffi, ,?'5.1f "::l S5 ' R, .1 , -, , A y 2 1 v V Y 7. """'TT' ffiffi' . -. .' . ,Q . , gm 1 ,ig Q., as Y' . :,, LQ ' , 5 iff fx- -wii' gif ' E V Ev? ' f 52" ,S '9 f -fe Qu, , ,,.fgM 1 W A e .49 E M HP' gr 'Him ai , K' x ,- , , -ff: .- ,1- fy ., ff. ,ff A 5? 7 W fy ff, f ,v A . ,,,,.V,,', ,, A, , if , , 1 ' . Q ,f f f- xiii? " 5 Y ' H lf' 5 af 1 A X kwk Wg,ffM,f,q , , 3 me ' Aqua I , QW? mf! , Q ,va V, . nf Mm 'fm :Lis 'JM if f fbiif 'Y' A 1- uqzf, .,-M 41. f""g5!3i f..Z'.i-15 T - ,JMR ff '- N, , 1 1 . f fi X GJ" .. 1 if 1 wx' ' f1.v,?, Iwzw f A 5 f-im Q :M ' "QW ., ,V ,W V, I Ji yy 'Lyn' '4SagF wihw 2 'L t. ,,6'1 3' 5 'WW ww' Viwlff W V '?Kf?2fi' 4' ,H - f. 2 ',3,Q,., M21 I ' f :gz ' Wm wifi f 5,2 fc, ,fw,'1wr,1 p I mf , W, :J Kwf' vga ,, X!! W q way., ' I 1 f , f f' Azfdmw WL, vqw, ! A ' 7 A Hin ml A 'W A Y wc",-r' ag YA 1 Q IQUE- 14- Q xaiflf - spat, A 52 Q iff? Lnatff , R, . N .,. A fffiliff' 'K by Q k . Wsagfw f . A WW, "t 5' 3 6 v.. - A . H icyiid. XQ5xg,,,-5 ,,,,, . uk... -4 A 31 32 Y ' -fm ffefsw- Q3 A M- Xa . r . ,Q -if mf" ,Mtv - M . Meg, ' 1 'fgwf' . 554, 7 .1 o .- A 4,0 ':. f 1911-illllilllllll' N Q' D1 . Q W , , ,i,.r.sz2m y. Q5 4' ' , ., ' gf, A K W ,J ,Q V N, ,ix zz 1- ix: ,L 1 5' , ' ' 4 A 3 1 2 2, hi W0 L WJ ,MW .A ,Wi ,V -4. H, MW ,Q gf. Www f. 33 E ml? M. 'frm , I P14 ' f' Q I K: ' V ' ,. if K F 'sux 'X . N, , 2 ' m.f,,f, , ., J , I , . ' ', ' ' X B A l M L 1 5 vfizmf. . I 4" V X M 3 1 W, ff M V 'Ing 'Wie'- , ,Q 1ww,2, '1lf?4b'if6f r',.g4fWV hs . wav, ai , "fV',"'Q'Y:1 , 2 - W Yi , A Q 1. 1 -,.'3i:5ffW' M 1 L Y 3 1 J 2 4 4'- S. , I QV its . W Y xg v figiww MM , If A . W f 4-- L. kr 5 if 4' 9 m rw. Q ,' , Q. ,pf 1 . Y A w I J Nm Q M ii J Q 4 H1 Q 1 1 5 Ef- ANNE MARGARET BEANE Montgomery County, Maryland l3.A. Secondary English SAMUEL EDWARD DeBONE, Howard County, Maryland l3.S. Secondary Physical Education Who is' Who Nine members of the Sen- ior Class were elected to mem- bership in Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Selection was based on academic standing, service to the college, leadership, and indication of future promise. The nine people selected more than merit this recognition. PATRICIA ELLEN BERLINGERI Prince George's County, Maryland BA. Secondary English WILBUR E. BERRY Montgomery Countv Marylaf B.S. Secondary Geography ROBERT KEITHHYDE Allegany County, Maryland B.S. Secondary Art WILLIAM DENNIS THOMAS Carroll County, Maryland B.S. Secondary Psychology JOSEPH LEE NICEWARNER Anne Arundel County, Maryland B.S. Secondary Physical Education ELLIOT ALAN WEINER Montgomery County, Maryland B.A. Secondary English, Psychology LINDA MARIE TINSLEY Montgomery County, Maryland BA. Elementary Chase Arc the years U1 I Wee. .. Was the Greatest A taste of bltter chivalry is the result of the Class of 65 Slave Aucuon for Art Flinton. M . Fw ., Rfmclllibul' llmsu gruul parties in your dorm rumn? Ncillicr do Il .,., I lug of Beanie" lmclwccn F rush Mike Vizus und Sopll Bunny Wolford. i Frushiuun Vince Cluws .NX X PLA ilu! smm-limes you just had to get away . . Kllf 571514 We Were Svphs I 6 Frcsluuun Shirlf-y Marlin S01lilQllllll'C Claws fll't'Sl'lliF itrlwxnd AI- I1cc's "The American Dream." 44" ' 0 Q 4 Student-Faculty "Shop Seminar." Stomping through the tulips zilu "Dutch Polenaizef' Wcli, hi there! Gm! year for llpperclfzssmcn f 1 Head 'em off ut the puss, Zerf! Easy docs it ,I 1 vi ,,,+' tl fvyvQ5, v. 9 4'3" gage' 141 whm paper dmcs tll grudualmn Of Hourse -- Che lifes! .7s Always Saved U!! lfflfff - . will find us gone- Olfr separate wuyw Wt' wxll have these moments I0 remember. all ,,, 1 1 X hx 1 ww , X s f ., ,195 :wt . . ,., V qv 95 44,51 'XX 1 f X f. M X 3 , 4 .f.' all -1,-N 9 R-' ' ky A 4. 'r W , N f kffifi '--M, H-.ff Wm ff 'Vzfw W '3:ws:JhK.W2?f,C fsi QL-Q' .w ' ' "snuff fFZ:2 f.' ',Li'fi '?""--' 1" 'y 1's V,,T'3 ff 1, f ' " ' YM?'V:W"iWW K., Rui' 5 V 4 i A. 'jyisrw lludcrclassmeu 1: x.. X M . ..--gl'-W 51301 ,f no Q K H7 QM I , 0 If , y 5 f , , ,g A . . -. ' . pf lt - t W3 uw Q .X 'I W s. .,.. x -.H '. 'J I' V ' U ' ' ...n.,. 'A ' 'l ,. 'I 4 I 11" ' ,'WA: I ' A Q1 X N !f .3 MEQL 4 . V.. , 1 T s M u M' t 'I .74 lm - X . V -1 I ,H ' A . W . " ' " . . ,-.,: ' 1 'zu I 7' ' -- a... .-an-or " " 3 - Wa- in--1 ,W ,,, , , n.. . k--,.,.....,..,..:-f- .ru juuiars mm.,- The junior class looks back fondly on our underelassmen years, while eagerly anticipat- ing our senior year. The highlights of our junior year have been, for many of us, the excitement of beginning to do extensive work in our majors, the receiving of our class rings, and the junior-senior prom. We have been ably lecl by l3arbara Reniek, Presidentg Ceeile IU1 Wynne, Vice-presidentg Willa Tbarp, Secre- ,-..-x taryg and Lois Hobbs, Treasureif .7 Barbara Renick Cecile Wynne Willa Tharp Lois Hobbs Arlene Aaro Narcla Anderson Linda Autbenrieth Robert Baoheller joan Buhry Valgerfl Bain Dennis Baker George Bamforcl Carolyn Barkrloll IT,-unces Bcchic ,M- -J' juniar 61455 - Haudly kemembers ,lane lic-cry Charlvs Boll Dali' Bvnshoof Sandra Ur-nl Mary liiilul Palrirk Uillingcr Jane BllIlIl0llShillC Rolwrl Bagley O O O Susan Bolin Lorclla Bond Michael Bonner Mary Borlcis S. Sue Bowley Oliver Breitenbach DQnna Bright Miriam Broadwater Ronald Brown Eclwarcl Burclette Carol Burke Martha Burner Roger Burnette Carol Bussard Richard Clever William Clews Francis Cole Sandra Cook Charles Copenhaver Nancy Cornelius Dorothy Chalfant Jeanne Chell Donna Clapper David Clem Rose Anne Buchmoyer Junior Class ho ' ' b p sparks with entertainment Y D- C. Band. Sharon Cl1IlI1lllf.'Ql'lZllI1 Barbara Davies Deanna Davies Charles Davis Dorothy Delaney Lelloy Dcnecn Michael Dewitt M. Ellis Doclrl Nancy COSUQZIII Anno Creswell Paul Cutchfleld Joseph Creitz Davirl Crock Charles Cuffley -65 Beverly Earnest Cheryl Easton Janet Edelmann Cynthia Ellis guud-l6aisir1g Qfampaigns . . . Zur Wasl1,'l6ewrd flops Carole Dorn Betty Dussault Joanne Duvall Katherine Duvall O O O Stephen Emanuel Robert Engelmeyer George Ewing Patricia Fair Carolyn Feiser Mary Florentine Jeannette Foley Jacqueline Folk A --...... f N V -ur '95 :J , I ll'd"xX, 1 -4715 ,enum f"" 13" if IQ INPX 'ls-rv 'C' 155' Amlrc I"0IlliliIlC Mic-llalvl Foslvr Nancy Foster Ummm Fritz Curolm' Ann I"I'llNIl vVlll'l'l'l1 Funk Slwlizl Carroll Judy Cvrlmrl Ruse Ann Ulm Alun Culdsluin Charles Crm-c Jurlilh f2l'llIllll'y Dania-I Grayson V1 Y ' lc-rcsu ffrm-cn Rolwrl Grimm Vicki Cross Marion Grove Dawn Huinvs Frank Humans ,Ioan HRIIIIPY '1 Rieliarfl Hanson Charles llarclegen Lois I'llll'lJCl' l.ou llarlle llorolliy llayclen Virginia Heavner Paul llelm Nanny' Henning Roliert lleulreek Bolrliie llinkle Patricia Hinton Lois Hodges 4'-'T' V' HK' ..q .. fu?" gg'--Q' -41? fqn -...,., lr' ,,.-5 J 'pl' 'fn 1'Sl 4-,qu 'vii Rita Holmes Eclwarcl Holshey John llolzworth Conrad Hoska Karen Houts William Hughes Nancy ,laekson lVlilclrecl Janssen lu Iohns n lJ1n'lcnv Innes Slcphcn Kcihler Sllllllfll Keller L Mila! A junior l'l1lSS nwuting in svssion. Although the lm nlmr su " to he Ill lhv dark, shc rcully isn't. '-+71 Kathleen Kelly ,Hans- 'ui Lclloy Km-by Willizllll Kiclwcll Patricia Kight Shirley King George Kirhy Erie: Klllllllil Miclmul Klishis Carole Knrns lVlzn'y Jam: Krause Clll'lSl0IlZl Krciling x,,.!' i qug,4!lllu afvfil 'wr qs? Nucl Kunkla: Sllzmlric Lzlpp George Lifiilllll Eluinc Limlsuy Brmnic iiomungo .Iuriilii Lowe liulurllu iiulz Shcrill iVi11r:Aul'o11 EIIQPIIC Wizlrsh Douglas Wizlrlin Any Valuufccrs U17 Wvrk 014 U15 Pram? MAH 010 l 5' mn ,fs .,..--4' Shirley Marlin Victor Marlin f Boyd Musmi Rirzhurcl iVic:Curdy Ay-Chic IVI4gIJmml4l Ccrulfl iViclJonalti Elinor Mfllyllflllilll .lzuncs iVic1Cul.ligan Linclzl iVi1:iViinn Joyfgg Mgmlows nr' w sf' --nv- Nr C an-my fx. vi' W? 'VN ' ha 'l?hn rl iVY"":'i 'J' 3- Nlury Nasser l,ynm:l,lu Newcomer Mary Niluml I.0lllli0 Nixon Lcluml Ulla lflizallvclll Pczlrszlll llowurcl Pcmzc Umlu Pllillips w fAllilI'Il5S Plalllllcl' Williz1r11 Plalllcr Pallricwk Pulluvk lilzlime Purim' ,lamv Mvuns Nillllj' Milla-r illlll' Minnivk llvlvn NIUIIRUQQIII :ry Murrvll in rw?-.5 'iff ,os Q. 'W 'SEQ' O14 4-3 4-Q -5' ' ':r1c': ' N7 ,-..-.. 1-f a rgurvl Morlm N Vlbllly M4131-1 l1lwzml Mullen gl J 'li-" I' 4""'?' fi f"-"'fN I -v'K 'Y-5 'Var ww" Kay POWCYS Barbara Psimer Karen Ramsel Carol Ranker Harry Ranker Cynthia Bandar james Rirrliarclson Cleo Rill Janet Roberts Kathleen Roliey ANU R0lJlnS0l'l Virginia Rogers Anne Roselmerry Lillian Rowley Willizlni Roy Evnccnfrafiou In Majvr Zelda . . . Q an 'tl V Janice Ruffo Joseph Russo Bonnie Sansom Patricia Schlereth David Scliroclcl vm- - -A , ,.v.....,,.5 ffx ,X Hi 'ff' QR? in Ah I rc --deff' 'bf 333 'RX '36 'Z-'ST Ruth Seal Suzanne Seibel James Seibert Glenda Shank Janice Shank Clark Shafpless T' I-.fx 'Q---'Y' William Seiler Robert Shaw mimi Ceavhiug Haming lip . Thomas Slater Lynda Slyfler Carole Smith Edith Smith S as Q-mb Raymond Settle Sharon Shives O O Denton Shroyer Charlene Sibley Carolyn Simmons Ann Skirving F' "' N7 ff, ,. UYK Ti S.-41' , , I. Mifwhzurl Sluvcns llium: Slrnursifer Pilllliflll Slrong Churlnllc Slruckman Mill'y' VHNHIIIJSOII Lynn 'l'lnn'llmy ,lnnnn Tnonluy Kill,lll!I'iIlC 'l'urncr Y: wwf' rv- 455 -rlff' N. ,nfl ,'..-or 'af 3 .uf ig '1 5 K 1 ' 'gf' -"""" JV' " '...+-'X -1-09' ,lufly Smith ,Iznncs Soclhc Murgurcl Slalmlcr llicllurrl SlCgllliliCI' 'Jr Kurcn Slull Katherine Stump 'Nancy Swain Xvillium IHIOITIZIS fu JoAnn Vcllcn Hiclmld Xvllglltll' Lovcnu Wzlilc Robert Walkmxl' fllmzfsf C0 U16 2 0 f Wilma Nvalkins ' lluvcrly Wallunsuliaiclt -.. 'Q-. 1,'3g -...Q "'TP ""?' llolicrl Wciclner Cluu-Ium: Vlfcglcin llucsc Wcllmann William Wentworth Joseph Wcriiikzxin Cheryl Whippo lionalrl Wllilc Vivian While Mary Williamson liaymmifl Wills ,lulm Winclmrcnner Sllarmi Wulf Vllaync YVolfo1'rl Violet Young ,lanivc Zapp F 'rv' K ' 1 4219 -55' if ! VN, T"'P 1 .N W, 4 'EUC' Roy Lantz, President Julia McGuire, Svphamvres Here we are, the class of 1967, Sophomores at last! Following a successful Wintei' Carnival we were anxious to begin a new year. Late in the spring of our Freshman year, we elected capable officers to lead our class as Sophomores. We started off selling envelope stickers in the cafeteria and bookstore as a money making proj- ect. Homecoming found our float right in the lVlardi Gras spirit. And lan and Sylvia entertained the entire campus with their new sound in folk music. Physical Science, Psychology, and Sophomore testing added to our worries of registration, term papers, and exams. The good times and the hard Work made this a memorable year and pushed us closer to our ultimate goals. Ronald Forrester Vice President Donald Forrester, Secfelllfy Treasurer Frances Adams n.. The Executive Council, headed by President Roy Lantz, makes plans for our social events throughout the year. Mary Lou Adams firm lt' K s-J' 4-J 4,21 Helena Anderson William Aldridge Gerald Alsid Lawrence Alsid Norma Ambrose Linda Arnone Susan Badger Gail Baker Stephen Baker . i rv I aux Y X Jeanne Barron Wylie Bean -.9 Q 'Q' l 'gr ian? Terry Bell Rosemarie Binder Bonnie Blenard Edward Bodmcr Sandra Bohrer 101111 B0r0ugl1S we tad If 03 Ga! Ou Llrfur Jlfiurk, gk! Sc! - Zfufv lfmrs 270 511.41 .wg ,Q "L" Paul Bow I man Rebecca Bradley Priscilla Bridner Linda Brolwst '---:Y Kathleen Brown L0iS Brown Sharie Brown Sandra Browning Douglas Buckley l00 gm. qv, x I lnlx .Iolm liurull Margrct llurr Sarah Butler Vincent Catania John Calau lioluzrl Churry 'Z7' Carol Chiccchitto Sandra Clarke W 114K cvwp ACS ,,.5.,,,JX.,. , ..., ,,,,,,',,Q Pl'lSlTlHil Cage Larry Cnlylcnlv Nancy Cockburn ,,-f-v 4' 'sv Dianna Culhmm Calluerilm Callahan -Sophomore says, "Crawl to Compton." L . 7 Tarry Colaw g , , , "rv-.41 I"X '37 J Iv' nm: Cmllnn iam Cuupur uc CllllllH'l'illl 'vnu Crock ly Cross-zlanrl E 'H' 73 4219! , -.-. .Qs 1 Carol Davis Dalnim-I Davis 5 f.."f.:- can I,inrlu Dillll Curvill Damn Rita Dnniuls .lulln Crowu Slmmn Davis llunnic Dawson lzllvn Dvul Sami Davis l' 1? ,X . 'a fnlx 'W 'S' -1-if Cla-n Dolluvien Rullcli llc-:minor llonulml D1-rclncr U15 Ziff Has Turned! lhmlu ljixm, S1-my ljixlm Robin Dodd Cullu-rinu DuWitt ,lunu-er Dm-rllcr .lnllll lJt'l1'l'lllilll llilI'lHll'il llcvlns 'furry Dii-lil William Dvlvrmun William Dim-lil lf Anncllc Dorf Diane Douglas Earl Douglas Thomas Dl1CkW0!'tll Linda Dugan , ," .T ,X Q . i ,ln Paula luarnost -. , Paul Eaves Rolmrl Edwards X'-fX ,ur Marsha Ernest if Drcnrla Falk David Franollcr Marllla Eaton Roberta Elm-lllolz 2 mlb r ww :Q Barbara Eanli Frank Fururw f Barbara Ecu Donald Fclclscllcr Gerald Franks Linda F1-Cgmun Marilyn Fisher Arthur Plinton Elaine Framo Carol Franoisc Q 3 rt, Kulhlccn Frick Maru: U4-mlm-1' Squal 2. O --v'-v -f -- 'wwe-fwvng tn. 'Q"'!P Cu,-01 Fu1h.m.mnp William Garvey Dnmllly Cuskill Barlmra Cilvs Sandra Cm-rtv I,lIllI.l lmmll ,lurlilll Gurdon ,lulm Gower ,lulxnitzl Cray l'uIrim-in Cray Ilurlmuru Urcun ,v 'edit' t! QQ! .vu 'ff so- VN. "T" Q X25 any Maul'- . o-vs .-Q :Oi 6'7- wtf? fy!-'K 4933 fi' ROI, fl-L C- .. ly 4 Hu for R. C. Crm-n Riullurcl Crm-r Earle-:lv Griffigll JoAnn Grimm 1 mmmh umm I' 134.15 llulm Mzlrtlul Ilull Sunday llumxm-ll .Igmiw Plgmmm A24 Karen Ilannuwald Carol Hcmlcrson F .,, -f Sue Ellun Hickman .lacquclinfr Hollcr 'ISGS' I., ...ff 'Zi Dorothy Harper Elizahclll Harper Harold Harrison Suzcltc Harrison Charles Hcrshhcrgcr Cary Homlrickson Ronald Hcnningcr Herbert Henry Larry Hauvcr R0l10fl HCU Hood And Weather . . . ,Neither Gai Kaftan! 'inn f"'l .Ul- W. 4 f 1 ,fa Marianna: Higgins Gail Hipplc D0r0ll1y H0lJl1S Christine Hoffcclilz Elshulh Holland .lamus Holton .lohn Holtz Carole Hough Mary Iluhhcll '1'lmmug Ivludgfm f-'mn-1 -. .. ,..,. ,N I i Luc lluffmun iJl'iD0l'llil llugghcs 7 Ta II Q ng EN "WP whiff. sb Sophomorus cxllilwil 1-lilllllsiuslii: participation in college activities. Bonnie llyluml i,Llil'it'i1l .lunm-hu ,lvffury ,lvwvll K1liil4'l'ill1' .lcwvll h 'fb Q do wa- I 3 Sf . QQ 1 K" v I 1:-f'-v , ""5' N 9.4 N 7,-K Li? llm-lm-n l'. .lulinson H -.,-W, 3 ,-Q., ...av-' if ,.,v" -av '17' Rllll I: II v -- I : Curnl Join-s Rilillil Jordan liaih-r Knngais Eiillllltqil Kupp 4 l .IUIIFISUII Rulu ll ,In insmi Sllauwm Kim-4-:Imp pl.m,Hl Kuylm. Slim.,-l.n K1-lly Nalnvy Ka-Iso lxnllu-lm-11 km-vm-y ,hum-s kvllllj' 'l?"5L'7"i'7 ,.....r, vgpr ,gl 0'1- 'i run - V,-..-s. 'U' .laniee Kulm Beverly Kurtz .ad XJR, 'ini Keith Kerr Suzanne Knieriem .luclitll Kehlenburg Penelope hudzma Cary Lamson Cheryl Lange Dorella P. Law Darrell Layman IIN lu, fwf- -and 'vw ,loan Lee Linda Limmerman Donald Leonard Shirley Lewis ? 3 Della Leicl Kcnnelli Lima Eileen Llewellyn Norma Llewellyn 'ww' ,wif-7-' '.J'x 1.,,N f'4x, ""-5' Donald Lloyd Mary Lee Logston Carol Long Mi L Sl d 1 M lI'y lllll In l'I IIQSLIITICII Qi K4-nnulil U. Mana-ar .lolln Marlin l'alril:ia Marlin Annu Muiirililw Margarul McCzn',lhy Anilzl MlrCuricy Dviolw-Q-l M1TiJ4!llliiii Sharon Mlwlilfisli Douglas Mm-ivainc Ei 'ix '-E9 vw ' ' 9? T Kunnl-Ill Mann linnila Marsh l'ann'Ia Marks Carol Marlin .loan Marlin i ,av l lg ., s ,T . g' I F' 1 A 5 " il --' vw' j ' ...-- - .rf -a""' A1 "' 9.4 ,-A -ii 7755 '-LQ ,,.lNe' .JN ....., 1227 f a-'f'5 ,gg ,nn- LQ. NJ M an kiwi , I M K wnzic NIil'ilill'i Ml-Kunzic ,lnlin Nil'i.lllIQLiliill Susan ixilfllfiiilil Jmlll Mcrryman ,lanul Nil-sail-k Carlinl a 1' 1 'mum Mtmslmw I+'ranl:is Mm-yors Kay Ml-yl-rs Puma-la Mivluu-l fn-J ww Eileen Mikolyunus Barbara Miller Doris Miller Nancy Miller Sharon Miller' Todd Miller "Hz" Williilfll Millcl' Phillip Mooney Willianm Myers Theodore Mullendorc Patricia Munson Beverly Murray Joseph Noone Jane Norman Glenda Norris 115. 44 Kenneth Nichols Elizabeth Nightengale ..,-9 , .,, Linda Northeraft Paul Ulmer Franklin Olive Dottie 0,Neul Judith 0'Neil l A ids' 14 Q Ccorgc Ord William 0rlNl01'ff l3ul'lnl1':1 Oslin Cufulyll Oll'4'llllJ1l NRIIICY Paul YV:1ynu Paul r x 'HN 159 ,- Linda Pease Dimmu Pm-uningtun Nancy IR-rkins Uillllu Perkins Keith Pctunlmrink Alluvlal Vllilllp Physical Svimce - flap 7 Pas ! Iam and Sylvian cnlcrluin with u new slum on folk music. , ., S.,-I K, 5 rv-fn ' F12 73 It--x N -v x'. Jvycv mint Nvildu lylllu Julliq-me l'ic'vinini Mm-y J, Pigru Q3 - Anna Mary Pompei Richard Powell Sandra Priebe Carol Rcsh .r-'TW' Dawn Rcssler Jeanne Rice """' Michael Rish David Rippcon Vamfiaual ,4 fudy Break? ,:2ff"v? F ' 'S-vv John Ritchey Susan Ritchie Elaine Roberts Linda Roberts Kacia Robertson ' ffl John Roland Carroll Romney Linda Ross Paula Ross James Rota Gwyncthe Ruhl 5 I g I ' 1 i L 1 . J 3 'i 'L-1 JIIIIICS Ryan Louise Saclowski Mr. Slonp oxplains a l'llOllllSll'y uni! In his Physical S1-iclwv sliuh-nl ,fx ....... Sharon Sanders Mllfy Scllfvck i X Scnch Samlcr Donna Sansom Linda Slmwuld Marilyn Schaar J i an r- f"'x YN-v' S 4 A A ,J l Lois Schell Elizalmlli Sclmff B0nnic,Schupp lliam- Scott Nancy Schrivgr Aliiru Sl'lllllllilCllCI' Michael Shay Cm-01 Shi-lion Ricliard Shockcy .l0scpl1 Short William Shack Calhcrinc Simpkins v 513' l llilI'lHll'2l Smith Carolyn Slllllll Trnfly Sxneuse 1'9- lluvicl Snyrler Frunees Snyfler Sumlru Snyder 'At the Hop" Julia Mcmmi and Dave Moquin Q ff S my Out f ' X f Cflb' ulin Sllilllll Hubert Speielier Williuxn Sunken Ann Slurner W ,,.,, IM, Slum, lfjwilyil Sltbllllilllflfi Mary Ellen Stevens Ilurriel Slipe Num, Spin-In-y .lun glwklillski 'qw-, ig 'N- 45.1K .Q-47' ,ws Shirley Strachan Howard Slriekler Ruth Ann Stumpf .loyce Sutton Wallace Swaync N 1 3 Nd jerry Sweilzcr Sharon Swcilzer Lynn Tasker Sandralec Tharp ,limi . . . Swing .714 I Donald Taylor Andrea Thomas Susan Thomas U15 New! 5 .loyee Tggkgv Clarence Townslcy Jo Gail Tipsword Steve Topchik ft- ' P XA 'ng , 4,5 '91-nn' 1 AG' fvx iff' -up hu D. Turner David Twigg John Vailuti William Vogtmxn '22 'gr ffm' A 9, 5.1 u x .- 7 4, , ff -K C"'Vs --t f 'Q-' X -Q 'VX ,li 7- , 'X . Gwendolyn Wanda Earl Ward Gerald Ward .lohn Warnick liiehard Watson Lloyd Weaver Nancy Weber Roger 'Weeks Welcome Co llpperclassmaniu ,,,.t s f. V, Y if Lois Wastler 1 I3 'Q- in --s 4- lhfk --...F Donna Whitman Marjorie Wight Katherine Willetts Betty White .lohn Williams Marilyn Wclsch Ellen White Yvilliarn Williams Joanne Watkins 'CJ' -ff' Mary Katherine Wells Claire Wernig Melvin Whitfield 4 - , 1 Q ff Q , , -lm f'-'NW ffm- T.-v wp'-. 1.,.x J. 1:2- Willie Williams ,IKEAIIIIIKE Yvilliaunson Cihlrfll Wilwll Clxcryl Wilson .laum-s xVlllll'l'llK'l'.U,' llunulml Will llflllllil Wrmrl Snmlm Xvqmql Rlvllzlnl Wnrlvy Annu Wriglll .lam-I Wumlm-rlivk ,lulm Wumlf-rlirk l,1llllK'l Yallvs-R Ds L. . : nung K si 2 fl' u Y D, , . ,, ' . , - 3 ' gg' l lal .lllllllvllil sm-lls ,lmnn Mlllvr vllvvlupae Slll'li1'l'!-R In mm. 1nun1.y for ilu mln'--5 of 67. l'lllgJ,t'lIlil Zurn Stephen Printz President ?resl11r1 lfl We, the class of 1968, under the guidance of Dr. Carroll, class advisor, and the leadership of Steve Printz, President, have launched onto the four year stream of edu- cation. After weathering the storms of Orientation and Hazing, both of which were supervised by the Sophomore Class, we have organized our efforts toward a goal of class unity. Our aim is to create genuine loyalty and pride within the class. We enthusiastically anticipate our first major project, the.Winter Carnival. With hope and confidence we look forward to our coming years at Frostburg State, not only as a class, but as maturing individuals. Mike Kline Vice President .ia 45' J ' ,H 03 ,gqu Linda Broadwater Robert Pettebonc Sggrglgry Treasurer Karen Anderson Nancy Anderson Q -sr , Judith Adams Nl' Keith Albright Linda Alderton Ethel Alexander .lean Alexander Cheri Applegarth Deborah Arbogast Patricia Ark Ril'illlI'li Aslu-r ' cjilflbi Allwy Czilluwim- Auxivr Sully Avirn-ll 'fv- W 'CI' Anna iiillly Maury liuily Carol Unkvr Diwm- U'll'lll'-2 linnnin' Hui I1-ll Rtilliliti livinbu Virginia Bm-llvrlivl ClYdu lh-ckvl' Pllyugs lm.,-4, Carol U1-ll l'ul1'iciu 4 Craig Bm-mu-ll Murgurvl Bi-nnult -I lvX qu? Slialron llcnnvll l"1':lln'1's. Uorgvn Joycu lh-rgslrmn QV! fr M7 Kvllege Susan Blfwluer ---an S Cie! fn Johnny Blank Pamela Blau ,gn ii I -.JN '..-v-f . 49 aj Carol Bettis Richard Biggs Willrerl Billner ,lames Blake Elizalmetll Blanc hard David Bonn Constance Booth Christine Bowdle C105 Paula Bogen Arlene Boles Barbara Boyle Kathleen Brinegar .lilllL'l BHICC James Braskey Carolyn Brcnneman Sandy Brill lor' """7 'T ,Nev TWV Gail Brocle J .l oe Byers Barbara Camp lalricia Burkey 'X Hhallengcs I Y Cheryl Brohawn Barbara Brooks f..'l,..5 ID 'QR' Gloria Brooks Leslie Bnller Marsha Button Jane Byers ii Thomas Brown Roger Cannon William Carlson Philip Carolan .loyce Carpenter .-pf" Linda Browning Sara Bruner Barhara Brnnk Patricia Bukley Wanda Bureh , 'Q l20 'PHP' Late hours . . . 8:00 a.m. emnes earlier and earlier. Mllllllltl Carr Raymond Carsnn 6-W9 N fn. 2 .loyee Contepgys Carol Connor Linda Coramc Mary Cornelius Mary Coulehan Margaret Craig Susan Crawford Mary Craze Naney Crowe Vaughn Crowl Donna Clem Charles Cockburn Sandra Coclclington v-.4-Z 1' l Cathy Cassis Floytl Catherman Ct-ralml Calls Carol Cavaness Lesley Cave Nicholas Ceutolunti Bonita Chambers Royce Chaney Patrick Cllorpenning Patrick Clark 1 'Fw -ax -v... 'iv 17' l I? 1:9 Sally Daily Linda Darnlcy Alla-n Davidson Carolyn Davis John Davis Sandra Davis lie-rnarml Deal Mir-llasvl Dclloy 'll-rry Dl'flilHlHllI:J,ll john Dm-ilnrl N inni- 6? IQ 'bf' -wp ,- U. 'm i ' x , ,..'- ,x Q ,,,,.-a Syllncy Dm-nsmi ,loscpli Dcrrico Mary DcVri0s I4 l61fz1mmaies?. . . r'k,.N ul! IR -A-Q r"w A 'ivy - f n ,px RFWN van -Q- 'VT 'rag' , -'-1' T Konnclli Diaz Dianna Diggs JVHW Cufif. . . I ...,,- Ray Dinlaman .lm-am-lim' Dixnn llalrim-ia lllvlllvl' l'aIri4'ia Dunnclly Nici-olv llUl'l'l'li Cnr! Douglas Alison Duwly .lvannc Drvsln-1' .lanivs Dryllm-11 llarlmara llllLllll'I'llI' if 3' Y Mary ElSOI1lllll'gICl .l unc Ellcnlmurgcr Mcrcclitlm Elliot Cary Engle Holly Erlcr Murgurul Elllcrcc Am Lum rvms D1 mm 11 y F'N .,-N -A97 'ui Nancy Flanigan Ronald Forbes .lolln Frasc Donald Frantz ia' Margaret Fravcr .lean Flciscllaucr Harriet Frederick V4 110 21 ,411 Saphvmzfre Patrick Garrett John Garrison Linda Garrison Doris Gaston .lolm Gorman CFS: i D Suzanne Frock Harry Fuller Cheryl Funk Barbara Gagnon Trnfly Carclinur Darlene Garrett I alricia Cilbcrt if A ,P-Ju Winter Carnival plans pam W md x Goudy John Cowans Linda Cray Nancy Cray 6, Linda Hilldclx Phyllis Halter Dennis Harbcrt Georgia C-rich Joyce Grimm Nancy Guard Viviun Cue Larry Cunlcr ..'. 5h ECI under way. Vlrginiu Harman Wallace Harper Steven Hartlc Sharon Hoffn .loycc Holler Carol Holler Eileen Hood Ronald Hoop ,414 501,11 y Ma 7601 Mary Hill Margaret Himmcr Peggy Hoffman 5'-BF: an-P fall' oruld Ilopkins Sleep CUIISILHICKT Hornirzk - Marion Housc Kathryn Howard 1' 'll' 'li h-.....,. Q." r r nm 1 1 , , ,ff N ina Howard -,- ww .lilllllfi-3 Hudson Constance Hull Katherine Iluml .lane Hunt Thomas Ingram .,, ,. ,W 7 wrlson ,losoph Inskmzp Margurul ,luvkson Rolmrl .luukson Karon Johnson Kulllluon Johnson , ' g , L 1i . "" . ,hw Betty Jordan llrcndu Jones Margaret Jones 4 Pilllllflll Johnson Paula Johnson Rhoda Johnson What? Chat? luill'ylN'lll Klliflll'l' ll'l'l'llC Kalrllvvik llq-vs-rly Klllll' Elaine Kuplun 'l'lmmus Kupplm-r ep 'Q X' '14 Churlvs Kcllvr Cuil Kmrllor Hvtly K1'm'fm'l' lim-rmml Km-4-nv 'J Lynm- Km-illuu "-'7 mlmling SlLll'VilliI nl in llnr Appuluclniulls. A , :Mba 'CWQP' 4,,.., I'11lwu1'4l Kvnllvdy K4-illl K1-nm-ll Min-lxau-l K4-nm-y Q' 'K f 4' 74, Rita K1-Ilvr Killlllvvll Kvlly TIIUIIHIS Kvysm-r xIill'll'll1' lxmg Curul Kirkllalm PLlll'il'ill Klilflllllll .Iudilh Klink llayirl Km-pp Kristina- Klwwlwski Cln-ryl Kurtz Elizalwtll La lionnty ,lnscpli Knott Nancy Kylo Vincent Luffuy 611 Package - l'aul4:tlc Km-his Irwin Kocllc John Krcttyllman William Kmrllc . 6 United We Stand , ,X 1 , I ..-J Q all W 'L IIQ' 1 t r wt-:Ln GW .035 I t L Robe-rta Lange Tlmmas Larkin Donald Laycock Nanvy Lakin Carol Lanclc-rs .Orc ta angan I28 "7 Douglas Layman Larry Layman Phillip Lease Susan Leslie Beatrice Lewis Patricia Loughmiller Mlchael Luman Michael Madden Mary Lo sdon Larry Malone Judith Marteney Bonnie Martin I30 Janis Mujure Patricia MvCull Joyce Me-Collougll Mary Mclluclc Maureen McDonough Linclu McGuire Kenclurxl lVIvKenzic Roy McKenzie Alma McLean Kay Miller Ni vt' QT? I f And :QQ F'i. P Janice Mercer Linda Miller' 'Paul Miller Uzu- Katherine McMinn Joan Meade Marjorie Mettler Maxine Mlllcr Erie Mills 11. ,,av Julia Memmi ,Iuy Miller Luwrenee Mills l r if Theresa Mirmcs I ' 'X 'Y ITP -4 19, .lackic Mixtcr If mfufedf Dc Maris Modlin Virginia Mitchel Thcrcsa Monar Susan Montague Joyce Morgan Louis Moriconi Mary Morisi CllilI'l0S Morris Patrick Morrissey Harold Mosser Beverly Mumma Grace Mower Judy Ann Murphy Patricia Murray Carolyn Neale Paula Neff Nancy Nelson Pifggy NCISOII ,lean Olivet' vc' ,,.vY . 'L . 'F w T uv-pf Barbara Nenna Karen Nevin John Nightingale Robert Nightingale Edward O'Leary New War is' kesolufim - Paulette Osborne ,lo Ann Otto J W ,Nix -.,4, J R Suzanne Paletta Darla Palmer Olin Perkins if' 'ZF' Rieliarcl Perrine William Perry Mary Ann Petrini li tx , O 'Y The new interns Mary Peyton .lalnes Pfeiffer Ellen Pilcliard Wayne Phillips Diane Pode '23 'Ni' 1.1 'E- 'Sf' ,-1:96 fir an-any .5 I' William l'oulc Cllanrlvs Post Wlllizllxl l'owm'll Maury Vows-rs ' xl mv "9""X ru- . ' I' - x :AN '? x ...av- Rll'llllI'll RKIVUIXF-I'I'0l-t .lvllll Nw Arnnlml lim-In l l x Study Sumlm R0glSll!I' Juyva' lim-lm-svlu Roclm-y Pulmam 'Name-y Putnam lzclwurml Qumn l'I4 nn ll mlxin lhnm li.nmnu lhwv lhllu-ll Clmrlollu Riclmrclson Rilynwml liivllnrflson .lounn Ric-llzmlsoll Slmrun Rivllalrmlsoix 7 's T", Clurm-nov l'riIls 1 Lynda l rynr I33 Sally Rocdcr -nu., Cheryl Roncy Beverly Root Alana Ross Evelyn Roy Patricia Roycr Marlycc Rustad Carol An Ryan Janis Saglc Edythc Rinehart .fames Ritchie Sharon Rizcr ,...s- Anthony Romano . A ' Tv? at - A I I - ar r . fdeufyy ,f-usp I Lorraine Schmidt Nita Schnatterly Charles Schramm Goorgc Schramm Jeanne Sanner Donald Saylor Linda Scarpelli Patricia Scurpclli ww 'Q' Sharon Samson Ruth Sellruvcr Nunoy Sehupp ,Ioan Seoll Bonnie Seltzer Dorothy fwimffer QW' Gregory Shaffer Margaret Shipwuy - I-'PN Nwrmun Skaggs bv' Karen Sliover Julia Shaw Raymond Shipley leaves? Harold Shoriy Deidre Slnu-kwiicr Carol Simpson Helen Simpson Larry Singer Paul Singer Linda Sisier Elizulmelli Sitter Wuync Skidmore gi' Elllabotll SlllC'll0I' Dorothy Strong Grayson Smith Tom Smith William Sowcrs Paula Sprissler Walter Squillari 1 K Spring Wmzlly Hamas . . . .tm And . Iamcs Squires Teresa Stangaronc Judith Stein Linda Slcmplc Linda Striglitz Robert Strothcr P Beverly Struckman fini John Sunscri Michael Suranno Robert Sutton Sophie Svrcck Kathleen Taylor William Taylor Jerry Tglemgco Wayne Thompson '79 9:6554 Ricllzmi Tmld IRUIJCCCLI Toppcl' Ronald 'l'1'ucy Silllilfil 'Yrilling Jann- Triploll Tixnutlly 'l'1'otlx 'ar 'Q 4 2? ra-N Douglas 'l's1-lliffm-ly C 4 ny lu: R Cary 'l'ummino Camry 'I urnvy 33' V?- 1' fan Nancy Vun Conlon JoAnn Vun Mulrc Della Vunn Lrwriunu Vicinu Clumlu Vivrs fudyiug Gets Harden 'vu '17 -pus- g gll be: V' ,Q n " N, r A4 X X Cllrislm-nv Wnggmm Marvin XVLIQLIIUI' Diane- Wainwright Curvy xVllIk1'l' Ril'Illll'll Nvullwr l,lll'It'lii UIlll1'l'WUUll PllI'll'lll Upp 3 PX I37 Wai! U! aff Zfmr - U1 lfl Wire llppcrclassmmlf Nancy Wheeler Richard Wheeler Dawn Wheelock Beverly While Edward Widmaycr .lunicc Wilhelm Cloud:-llv Wullon Renee Wurd Miehuul XVill'llllIk Lonny YVeuver ,lainie Yvuhlmer Arthur Welmer Nancy Weikerl Palsy Weikerl Susan Welty April Wossmun Edward Westwood Lois Weyer Carole Willett Donna Wilson Albert Wine Dorothy Winsteud Carol Winston .lohn Willctts William Witte Carol Woodburg James Woodward Anne Wright Marsha Wright Patricia Yates -arg, 7 K Y .rt . W is ,. 'iii 0. X 5 M Some days . . . nothing goes well. Charlotte Ycukley Sheila Young Russell Younkers Mary Zicmski Jane Zimowski Linda Zirkler J F' 2'5f Kuff I40 QE' 44" I de' i, il' cali' 055, ""t-7 Q 9.4. Qc ?ijf"'5:""f4' Y E' Ly., Y Activities Q V V if av K if l if - Student Assvfiafiau i A is The student body is -governed by the Student Association, which is made up of the Executive Board, the Judicial Board and the Student Senate. These groups cooperate to represent the ideas and problems of the student body, and serve as a means of commu- nication between all members of the college community. ,,,.,--"' U0 'Ili' Wilbur Berry, president of Student Association, coordinates the activities of the three groups. The "S, A. Office," a second home for S. A. officials. 'gfgasCifaElniagloggrynfaggizliffzcggiltiy ffom left 10 fight, Elliot Weiner, president of the Senate, Lynda Tinsley, Secretary, Anne Beane, Treasurer, and 1 ,W,,t. 9 Y ...nan li -gs sXp "Pvc told you time and again-this is the S.A. office, not a hooking agency!" mmf , Bills, Bills, Bills! 'fl 5 , as ... WA iq-, Executive Board in action Wilbur Berry attends a Conference luncheon with Niken Masters, a repre- sentative from Towson. Lfeaderehzkf He ference The annual. Leadership Conference was held at Peterkin Conference Center on Octo- her 2-3. The discussion groups centered around the theme '6Leadership or Domina- tion". Janice Piccinini was chairman of the weekend. Dr. Bremen was the hrs! Frosthurg State College president to attend the Conference. He opened the weekend expressing high hopes for the '44 coming year. Following the speaker Friday eve- ning, the group was entertained by Henry Milne and Rich Asher. Not all the weekend was spent in meetings Ah, the food. Carling all drcsscd up wus not in vuin. ...,-I Dr. llrvuu-n und wife grvct two Fl'l'Sllllll'll ut tllc l'rvsidvnt's Rc- ccptiun. Qreslzlffzerz .Wad Orieniaf km Hdvful .714 fwusfiug Cv Krfllege AWK YIHFHYH Schaar and Elmer McDorman arc informing 'Cn' 5-EF0up nf ilu: liusy wuck ulluud. 3, eff-2 In -.t. lla , ,1 1 - ' 1 5 v aw-ll , The Class of '68, mer six hundred strung, filled the auditorium The Student Union, an organiza- tion made up of representatives from all of the clubs, fraternities, and dorms on campus, is a coordinating body which sponsors many activities on cam- pus, including Homecoming Weekend, Night Club Night, weekend movies, ski trips, and coffee hours. The officers of Student Union fpictured rightj in- clude Jane Krause, Secretary, Dave Day, Treasurer, Vince Clews, Vice President, and Miss Yvonne Mealey, Social Director, advisor of the group. .-'., L i Bill Miller, President, of Student Union fright? presides over the meetings. fudenf llrzion fr. . 'QPlv'a"iu:,5Q if Representatives give their rapt at tention to the business being dis cussed. x J" 13 ti ff r 1 f0v0+f'4 k Sponsvrs Cree A7 gifting When the tree lighting ceremony, unusually pro- xx longed, was at last complete, the slightly chilled participants herded to Gunter for a degree of warmth, nourishment, and entertainment. Inside, "Good Ole St. Nick," looking a lot like Joe Russo, read Christmas requests from various faculty members and helped his elves in the forms of Sunday Hammett, Ruth Schunk,, Cheryl Easton, and Marilyn Sehaar Cpictured leftl serve the throng flower leftl hot cocoa and doughnuts. Talented Folklorist, Dr. Dorothy Howard and her auto-harp led the group in favorite carols. U F 11 .gf 'Y""7 MG Miss Yvonne Mcuicy, social dircclor, is Student Union coordinator. W0 ,.,.-M, Lynda Tinsley scrvvs coffcc to Bill Millar at SU. coffcc hour. Cfzzmpu - Wife Aclivific Prmfidvd Ky .Si . cc, that was n grcul S.U. movie," say Marilyn Scluuir, Cissy Wynn, Anne Crcswcll, and Jackie Holter I . 3, v , . "Qu' est-ce que dest?" Members, seated: Kris Krensevage, Charline Weg- line, Patsy and Nancy Weikertg standing: Gene Robertson and Virginia Magruder. ef 1 ll -. l The members represented the French Club in thc ,Home- coming Parade. .,,W'-si Qrench 61116 Bonjour mes amis'. Le Salon Francais est pourles etudiants qui s' interesse ala francais. The French Club is for all students who are interested in learning more about the nationis language and culture. One need not be a French major to become a member. The club sponsors a variety of interesting activities, including an an- nual trip to Pittsburgh to the opera as well as a yearly Christmas dinner complete with French food and entertain- ment. mr ? if 31' 1 I Ajax '-A, NlXx,. During Organization Night, the Spanish Club promoted intcwst in Spanish language and culture. An informal mvcting is purt of the Spanish Club's curriculum. Officers: Dr. Vinci, Adviscrg Linda Roberts, Trous- urcrg ,lunicc Lung, Sccrcturyg Putty Johnson, Prcsicluntg und Ralph Jordon, Vicm:-President. Spanish glllb Habla ud, espanol? The Spanish Club offers many opportunities for its members. They observe a Spanish holiday, travel to places of cultural interest, and sponsor an all-college Spanish meal. The club's main pur- poses are to create an interest in the Spanish language and in the customs of the Spanish- speaking peoples. Ptlil oy ta :Ani 'X N Us E ,AN askin. Officers for the year 1964-65 are fleft to rightl: Dave Wagner, Sigma Tau Gamma, secretary, Ron Brown, Tau Kappa Epsilon, President, and Debbie Hughes, Alpha Xi Delta, treasurer. ' -'ww-.4..,,,,..a...... Interested participants: Stephanie Browdy, Susan Badger, Judy O'Nei1, Paula Dixon, Clark Sharpless, Wayne Carter, Richard Worley, and Wiley Bean. The Greek Council serves as a coordi- nating body of the three social fraternities on campus, Alpha Xi Delta, Sigma Tau Gamma, and Tau Kappa Epsilon, and two prospective interest groups. The officers and representatives strive to place activities which include the efforts of all members of the fraternities in an attempt to draw the groups closer together. The main event sponsored by the Council is Greek Weekend held in the spring. A cam- pus-wide songfest is held in the fall in which various groups compete for trophies. Ofhellv, U15 Mawr af Venice Othello, by William Shakespeare, was presented by the Speech and Drama Department under the direction of Miss Dorothy Stone White, to commemorate Shakespeare's Quad- ricentennial Anniversary, this fall. The principal roles were Othello, played by David Davis, Desdemona, played by Patricia Berlingeri, and Iago, played by Robert Bogley. CPicrp1-ed to the leftj Other members of the cast included -l03nne Blickenstaff, Kathleen Brown, James Holton fPic- tured abovej, Vincent Clew, Anne McBride Q Pictured belowj, R0bert Huebeck, Elmer lVIcDorman, Walter lVIcElderry, Den- Ui? Baker, Steve Topchik, George Bamford, Samuel DeBone and Bob Hyde fnot picturedj . Kathleen Browirwas the Student- Director, Dr. Harold Oaks the Technical Director and Robert Hyde designed the Set. Mr. Charles I. Sager directed the Elizabethan madrigals in the musical prologue. if J n, f ,VX - vi, H ,,,, u 'V -1 A N. f J I, - R ,r ,,, gy 4 . .u 9 ,, pn-W ,svk- :. ' - ff'- QM.. M I A S-ff i -I is? I- 9 I' 5.1 NYM . ggi. ' pv'Pl5?5'1 9, f V . ,gf 1 . M:,,r ff. , ,S ' . ' X Q... G 4 11:14, g4,wvW,:, M .... .. L 4. 90 , xii" Q A x l '.,, , 'f Y f? 'A gf , ! 5 ?:. ..f"'l.:y ix f ' N ' 2- ti rffif QW ' I Q . . ,ix lik- 1- -A, , f -.. -4- -ing... N, ..h......, -...-Q.,,, 'ws' x ' -+,..-Q. x -U-6,,,, .A W p 'Wallzaaa 6ar Hiawatha " "Um l6'aarj P M Ona-,4 at Play .Zesiiaal The annual play festival featured three modern playwrights, Albee, Wilder, and Chekhov. "The Bear" was a light Comedy. "Pullman Car Hiawatha" and '6The Sandbox" were commenting on death. The one act plays were produced by the Speech and Drama Department, Alpha Psi Omega, and Little Theatre. A seminar on "Pullman Car Hiawatha" and wfhe Sandbox" was held after the productions to discuss the meaning and interpretation of these two thought-provoking Plays. l td' ,Q I ' 1 A it 22 ' 9 if ' K it Htl f , n f ' t Ura l D it . l l. l57 1 V' .hy m.W4 Q .Av H, Q, z., y .. .gig 1: , V, 3. G .P W V 9: M :ry Z - mn.. I 4' W! A i, 6 , ML'-'I . n I x 1 . N ,H - ' x 1 , 4-f--.A K. Q . 1 Lg Q , V x R' V, F , fs- fx ,, 'qi 3 :N 1.1. 'Rh Q ' - - .. H 'N' - - . " -as . s- 'ze' ' - 'iq' vs- M 's ' Y Y V' " in P' as 4 ' fr? W9 - - Y- '1 t " ' i' '- 1 S' ""15A -mfg,-' . 5 M K ' A-.9 .M-. . 1, .i 1 5:1 , , A, -4 ...Af . 4 al S N, I ,x p H NT, i kplgg , , - i 'Av ' 'At ' .1 I. af-' K. ,, of X. . .S X '51, 'y w f . 3 1 .W xfs ""'v.:.,'W4"'!g. -R.:-1,- lxhih , , . ' K ,J is WK.-'V , ,- I ,.'Y'1- we YW!-K 5'-'Q"1"', ggf i ' 1, ls' ig f fter-, Nx,li8l,g."" "iff T' T 1 . qw- if-.,x,:c1"' f::.g,f' ng Q1, Q J pf- fi 'efv 'f - - g as 'i w . 1 . if ' ' ' . ..' 'un' Q mxk ' gtiww '-'P --' "'f1, 'i K 'Q f ' .-.- -- .K :wa A . , s .a . 'r . l .. -. , . 1. . . -Q . , Q ... x , m,., Wah., , ,sa 2, V L, K . ,mtxsx ,.,, X- , mhz A ,. .,, A . -19 X . . I be . YJ'-'14,-i 'xv Q-Q gym-Q 13. ,.,. z,,v1fi Ap- . 1 , V. .S.. y . --4 , Q A 3-van,-Nj,fq:: P .55 v . , Y - W 6 'K t -V Y F , F 1 M - f- W' -,1. r Y T 1 V A .1 .rdf . gmvs 5 F I H Q ,M . 1 v f 5 5 .X , , Q BK L4 . ,. . 1 " . Q y--.,.., .. in ' :il IMA M ,V wwf" - ' - ' -H" f'f1.': ,3g,'.fi.T' it 'L K ' " - V ., . A 'H . , I I ' 4 S 5 1 " .. ' , -.-1 - . f ' f . M . . as ...,.....,..x N -I X i I' "P '. '.' - I i ' k , ,... . , s ' V , Q' W ' ,r I X L I . ,,..., , .. . ,v . 1 . M ' ' M . ,A-. h . . xy . Q . Q 5 H 1 E . 5 5 , .- r f- -. Q A . , 'K ,, '- M. P A -5 ' p Q W.- 'E' ,.. -f 17,5 .v.. ,wir ,N V' . VM., g.a:','g .' ' ti ff'-.4.3?sgJ PHE' s-: 2..---- - "" 2.4, - " 1. 1 ' .ft - ' "- We -- -' , i fi 'iff' F - - w .""' Q W '. 4 - ' . V Q M . . we-' K -f -'.'1. 'j.., , ll qn ' ' - 'i""l-AV' , e a - ' . g f1:.M4 , . ,er .,, . . , ,A I .. Bobcat Band pcps up halftime during Montgomery game. l6'zz d Has Dual .7ur1cfi1fu The Band serves a dual purpose in that it is a concert group, primarily, and a marching hand occasionally. The greatest marching emphasis is in the fall of the year. ln the spring the band is almost exclusively a concert group. Performances include special school functions, athletic events, special con- certs and appearances while on tour. The Band was formed for students to further their experience in instru- mental music and has Worked progressively toward this end. Will it be "Mr, Touchdown, U.S.A." or "Washington Post"? pu, . .', 'VIL 5 ' ' E' If only Noel Kunkle would lcad Frostburg weather thc way he leads thc band. I What passion cannot music raise and quell? -Dryden ,AW Aga!-v W ...L- Physim! Sd 61116 The ljliysionl Eclnention Clnli is open to all stuclents interestetl in lieultll, pllysiezll Cilnezition, mul reorention. All stntlents pursuing n major in pliysiezil etluezition are active nieinlmers ol' llio elulm. The activities sponsored lmy the elnlx include: tlle Winter Olyrnpies, Faculty Night, Co-eil Recrea- tion Days, pienies in tlle lull untl spring, alntl films oil interest. I .A,4ri,x3 L. I - V ri" vi ' sr if Club officers are Frank Krug, Cllurlic Planner, Lynda Slyder, Linda Lem- mcrmzm, and Sue 'Illl0lllllS The club meetings are held in Compton und are well attended. Frank Krug, above, and .lun Poole, left, clispluy at few ups und downs of club activities. 956 Nvfmbles The Noteahles is a select choral group on campus. Their purpose is to instill an interest in proficiency in musical performance. To achieve this goal, they present musical programs for the campus area high schools and community groups. 60 lcgium ,Musicum E E 7 E The Collegium Musicum is composed of sixty students selected for their musical ability and for their dedication YC the art of choral singing. The Collegium wishes to serve these talented students and the college, as well as the people of our Tri-State area. 1 .1 Frosthurg State College is the proud pos- sessor of two orchestral groups: the New College Wind Symphony, under the direction of Dr. Wil- liam Betterton and Mr. Thomas Spry, and the Frosthurg College-Community Orchestra, conduct- ed hy Mr. lVIarvin von Deck. The Wind Symphony consists of hand memlrers and performs classical hand music in concert. The College-Community Orchestra is made up of members of the Frost- hurg community as well as students from the college. Each group has presented programs in Compton auditorium, and the College-Community Orchestra has given concerts in Cumberland. O che im Mclnlu-rs of tht- Wind Symphony pruclitw in lfzo I ll ull Mr. Marvin von Dock practicing his second most fuvoritm' in truunnl tht pl.: 1 The College-Community orcln-stru in rchcursul. I 4 1 'Om- "-ullkiykiv s ' " VX fl X x 5 I C 1: ,y fl HP ,I I. I, ,bv-vt-5 W0 --ef Manning the ballot box for the election of Valentine Queen and King is lilnter Mellormun and Erie Klaurla. laden! Sducafim Assvciafivn Lillian C. Compton Chapter of the Student Education Association tries to acquaint all students with the history, ethics, program, and policies of teaching. All students enrolled in the Teacher Education Program are enrolled as members of the S.E.A. Meetings take place on the first and third Tuesday of every month. Ron Tracy presents a report ut an S.E.A. round table discussion. 639, ' , an lite. Tire officers of the I.R.C. include Dan Grayson, Mildred Janssen, llolilmy Eielioltz, and lleverly Earnest, I. . . . M1321 llclcllatcs to mock United Nations in dw? will are Bonnie Shupp, Pete Kangis, Mil- 'H .lanssen and Sully Aviretl. Members of I.R.C. and advisor, Dr. Ramsay, 'ii fnfernafiv all Kala! bus glllb lVlen1lmers of tllc International Rela- tions Club meet every ollier week to discuss topics concerning world affairs. Panels X ' made up of the members of the group as ' ' well as guest speakers lead discussions on current events. The club sponsors Z1 trip lo the mock United Nations Conference in Montreal every year. 40 await the start of a meeting in thc organization room. : ' F 5 f .P if-V -11? 425' at Q -P" -Q-"Hur 431-"'i4il9f? Offlfgcrg pose: Row 1: 'Sue Thomas, Karen Iyer, Elaine Lindsey, Chris Krielling, Virginia Rogers, Row 2: Marilyn Fisher, Joyce Foncannon, Claudette Walton, Virginia Hevener. Row 3: Advisors: Carol Cleveland, .lanct Thomas. Wi? WIQ4 Offer The Women's Recreation Association is open to all women on campus. The Club mcmhers participate in year-round intra- murals-field hockey and tennis in the Qfallg lmaskethall, howling, badminton and swimming in winter, and softball and Lacrosse in J ,dau the spring. Frostlaurg journeyed to the University of Maryland in the fall for field day. Here the hockey team competes. Don't laugh! How long is your "formal meeting" attention span? y .1 1' ' ,l kt'l'Illllg wllli lin' lin-nw of Mardi lfrxls, tin' , ' A m'llIm'l'1'll ll tifllgllll wiill forty sllnpvly lvgs. 'I U - 3 E X 'Q -tafnx , . Q43 4 Q in i I 2 Q vivvrurfg U ' '. z r.f.:1'xr:TfE?'I.'f4f'2f-", .,-'T 'if.:ff-1??Z-?f4Tfj ' I ' A ,, aw... , FW - 1 K Rl 3 'lirinnning Ilic ll'1'l'S in front uf Lnwlnlcs urn, grmnnl np, l'nI Mongnn, Virginia Hvv- vnvr, Lynn Dixon, anal Lynmln Slyclm-r. Varied Prvgram Illil'lllIllll'lli l'K'f1'l'UU Sandy U1-nt, l'Il17iI'Cil'1i by lnnskcllmll 4-qnipnn-nl. 1-In-4-ks scoring pi'm-1-111111-. -S. L' ...I ,i . Q0 Mujorettes add glitter and spark to Homecoming festivities. ., 5 ., . .U?'v4?4'254"E'., , , 3 1 - in M Km . "' L4 ' qt .Y -tw, -.2 R, K " , U vi v . ', ' in rf " r ',.. -"uf .Lim ,, ' 'ttyl it 1, , ..., iw A - - 4 A' I -s, . 'I m' ,:Q"i"' hd, 1. .,5 4. 4' - ' 4+ Ml ', ,, I V' ,y .tgps ,.. ,if-v,.,.Hf lr . fgfzg-' 4-wf?'Li'g .1 'Q if ffm.-aim' W, ' " is - V 4 f...i.-,..,3ff- ..,?ff.z.f . 4513. 't .i ', Z"t ".rv1d.iL Sundy Browning, Sliuron MeElfish, Gwyn Ruhl, Beverly Kaine, Carol Ann King, An- gie Phillips, Lois Hodges, and Judy Mc- Guire. And U15 Girl Cufirled Ou . . . Y " ' trAz'w:4wr'414 Q, .V 'L Featured at half-time is talented twirlcr Iois Hodges, many time trophy winner. 'Captain Sandra Browning leads with spirit and enthusiasm. '75'0bazf" Elzeerlezzders lhe yoll lewclms it ll QC. come close to Jung dtllVl pullupflnts 1n'Varsity Sportx lhg sparkle, vivacity 'incl pep of these girl-. mosts tht, ClllllllHllSllI of the crowd and tht CH ICICRLICA DICRS Dt-hlmio lluglws Sandy Brill ,lane Krause Carole Smith 'fansic 'llroostvr j0Ann0 lrlnllzapplv joy Hollur Clem Wright Diane Perkins U15 470 lfl 1614015 61116 As 5' The John Knox Club is made up of active Presbyterian students. Rev. Emmett M. Coetts- chius and Miss Suzanna St. John are advisors to the club. Ihre First l'rushyleriun Church of l"roslhurg.g The officers include Sue Siebel, Moderator, fnot picturcdi, Jean Chcll, Vice Moderator, and Marilyn Fisher, Treasurer. l E U' f. is L-ff' svn I 9 -11 V' ffl Newman Club sponsored record hops. Newman Club promotes the spiritual, educational and social inlerest ol the Catholic sludcnts attending Slate. Trips to regional, provincial and national Newman Club conventions are taken. Club advisor, FATHER KERSCH. F-EEEEE, ' 4 1 l X K 1 in iq 11- l. 1- l i 1:1--in I ,QA t. 1 x 1. YQXCUZP' . in r" I' , ,wx ,fg X . Micllavl's Calllolio CllIlI'l'll U16 N Www 61116 Robert Myers, Sue Eauicrlfury Klub Speaking at the college chap- cl is Father Hollis, Episcopal minister. The Canterbury Association is affiliated with National Canterbury Association. Bi-monthly meetings for instruction in the Sacraments, Church history, and for good fellowship are held. Twice during the year the club attends conferences at the Claggett Diocesan Center near Frederick. AC!iVc nn-mln-rs ol ll.S.ll. un: pi1'I1m'cl zllmvv. Al right, ll gm attends a songfcsl in the campus chapel. l6'e,e!i I Student lin Yflfl vl A1 -' .. , . . C Hlfhl UW l'lfpl'usm'I1lzlliv4-r-1 ln ilu: Rl'llg.KlUllS'4l1m1Ilng: Uunml CV - -- . . - - 1 - .axul Snnpson, lllllllll l'r4-vxmln, frilll llukvr, illlll vvvgll' ll'UllSl work wiill all of IIN- rl-ligiuus vlulms in planning , S- -unn- ,.......----- -nu- Weeley 61116 At left, Belly Powcll prvsidcs ovcr il meeting of thc Wesley Club in Cook Chapel. ve., -, I ,. . V ,f 'JJ ,v .. ' .N X. - .i4-1zZC'TF?3::':- 'x..e 4-'-f 'kv' - . v .I nf '. - ".,..,.v4.r ',-'K .. ., . ,si , ,":, -, --sl, n - ' u Q . ,s- ..o-:',.' F Q sirevlng --'lofi v ' ' 5'r0sf flu!! Row 1: Mrs. Mellinger, houscmother, Susie Downs, President, Marti Cillis, Sue Seibel, Joan Lee, Paula Ross. Row 2: .loan Merryman, Shirley King, Loretta Bond, Sandy Wood, Put Mongan, and Joyce Henning, Frost Hall, one of the older buildings on campus, has been open since 1919. It is named for Mrs. Catherine Frost, wife of the first Architecture hints ut vintage. settler in F1-ostburg, Messach Frost. A S0011 .r00lnmate'is: healthy, wealthy, und wise, and doesn't complain when you Sl-UY up ull night studying. Simpson Hall, built in 1956, is the home of 127 sprightly coeds. At thc first dorm coffee hour Mr. Richard Nice, psychology iCllCllCI',1lllSWOI'CllqllCSli0llS1lllll gave his views on "Sex and the College Girl." iF"' Simp on Hall Simpson Hall scored several social successes this year. The hall entered a' float in the Home- coming Parade, captured second place at the Songfest, and had its princess, Narda Anderson, crowned Mistletoe Queen. HOUSE COUNCIL members are: left to right, Seated: Anne Roseberry, Linda Authenrieth, Ann Robinson, Mrs. Swceher. Standing: Janet Edelman, Janice Zepp, Carolyn Barkdoll, Mary Vann, Debbie Hughes, Stephanie Goode, Sandy Bohrer, and Narda Anderson. ' 4 mul a ,, --he Gray Hall Our newest dormitory 'on campus houses mainly underclassmen. Gray can also boast of having much more storage space within the rooms. As a new dor- mitory, Gray's main purpose is building unity be- tween her girls and coordinating on-coming activities for her hall. Janie Kraus and Liz Schoff display "Grand Prize" door decoration. vp .vi Q ,n 0 n lt,.'4o HOUSE COUNCIL: Scaled: Ginny Sicmcrg Mrs. Smith, House Mothcrg Amelia Monoco, Prcsidcnlg Standing: Barbara Fccg Paula Earncstg Carol Simpsong Carol Coldlicrgg Kathy Willcts and Sue lladgcr. D klzl Hall 'Wldf"-n-"'ts-H-rs "l'w""'T' X' Y" A' A "awww, . hw ,WM ,. ' ., . , + -Q ay' """?!f. "RWM ,. , . , , ... . .M . the dorm sponsors a certain numher of functions for the entire campus, as well as inter-dorm par- ties. The residence hall life is one that reflects the mutual interests of the girls involved. Christmas on thc campus can he sccn as prize-winning door decorations up- pcar in the dormitories. HOUSE COUNCIL: Scaled: Stephanie Browdy, Mrs. Workman, llousu Molhurg JoAnn lllickenstaffg Sandy Robertson, Prcsidcntg Pam Curdincrg Margaret Morlcyg Standing: Mury Williamson: Mary W1-llsg Tansic 'l'rm-sts-rg Eileen Mc- Numarug Irene Cockrumg Pat Dohlcrg Ruth Schunk und Judy Koenig. Diehl Hall, one of the newer women's dor- mitories, is headed by Mrs. Viforkman. Each year Allen Hall ...S The only men's dorm on campus, Allen tends to attract co-cds. Allen Hall is the singular men's dorm on campus. It houses two fraternities as well as the independents. lt is the launching pad for panty raids, Wildcat news- papers, and campus debates. The dorm this year sponsored several after-movie socials and a Christmas party for the entire campus. HOUSE COUNCIL MEMBERS arc: First Row: Dennis Baker, Jim: Lyons, Mrs. Darrow, housc mother, Clark Sharplcss, Mr. Tull- enbaum. Second Row: Dave DRY, Richard Pcrrinc, Joe Noonc, WHUY Bean, Harold Mosser, and Bill Miller. The Kunklcs cooperate-Suzy cooks the meal and Noel helps cat it. fx--X 'Q' .pi Mr. and Mrs. John Miller show off their first income lax de duction. Jlflzzrrizd Students 014 Increase .lerry and Wayne Wllurton's baby is getting u lleaul slurt on college Englisli. 3 1 K if bf' Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Berry forget the dishes and hooks for u few minutes of relaxation. X ff' 'wiv' "W" 'nw-My K' - 1 Who says men can't keep house-note the neat table and snowy white do ! g . v- 1 ,L y ,Q 1 s-X S 10 f 1 Oh, so you brush your teeth in the shower too!" b' V IV ,fu , e: ww V. mff ' , . Hearing Students '31-lv 6 Was "If I can just get this one wrinkle out of the center, the top bunk will pass room check." . . . and to think one short jog to campus :md I'll ltuvc to start ovcr again." K Never like Zflzi " 4 Ya X L t- o tt K X , ' 1 . Xt 5, hs.. 1 I 30' w. Q Front F.S.C. co-cd to Vogue mmlt-l in ul lt-:tsl 50 lnatck-lwcnkitlg stt-ps ANNO AL Q Ilulf of collogc lift: is learning to upprcciutu and share your roomics' interests. "We just love commuting for 8:00 classes." Romnno's Raiders on their way to Old Main's Cellar Garret. I80 On the job--in the classroom. . , ,i t Day Student varsity shop seminar, scene of vast intellectual discussion. Z? H Make lip ,411 Part Of Z' K "I still say Organization Room 2 food and service beats the cafeteria." Quick trip up town, then . . . fudeufs Jmporfauf fudcul Eddy Evidence of 0.R. 2 judgement. Home again, home ngnin, jiggity jug 13, an td ,XX 3" 'T"" The photography boss, Lois Hobbs Schupp. Other lnmnlnwrs include: llill Lovett, Kon l.imu, Cililfltfti Shuuffcr, and ,lorry McDonald. llhotogruphy Stuff: Sharon Wolf, ,lun Stocklinski, ,lim Vlfoodwurd, und Bonnie ,Matter - 0 ,412 A yearbook takes many hours of work on the part of many people. It involves photography, artwork, layout- planning, copy-writing and proofreading. The most important part of any yearbook is the team of the advisor and editor. Mr. Timothy Sheldon has devoted much of his time lo aid us in compiling this yea1"s NEMACOLIN and Dawn Haines has diligently edited and served as coordinator. l XX' , . lg' Evelyn lluigc-rt, Senior Editor Ken Diaz, Photography Pam Miller, Art Editor 'T Milfion Hogan, copy editor, diligently creating copy as Mr. Sheldon, advisor, diligonlly reviews it. Arc' ,4 imple Uzey? M' " v ' i Other editors not pictured include: Jeanne Foley, Aczulcmiu l'Iditor, llarlmara Davies, Junior Class Editor. Marilyn Scliaar, Sophomore Class Editor, Renee W'ard, Carolyn llarkdoll, Sandy B0lll'C1', and Anne Creswcll, Ac .lim lVIcAlpine and Joe Weikani, Ad Editors. . O 1 A 'si I. C Q2 ' Ns M Mnflillrct Morley, Clcricul Editor l?l'CSllIllZlll Class lfditor, Elaine Lindsay, Sports lfdilor, livities Editors, Bonnie Dawson, Business Manager, and Dawn Haines, Editor-in-Chief Z7 fc STATE-TO-DATE, our student newspaper, is now pnhlished intermit- tently. The staff is composed of slu- dents from all .four classes, the major requirement for staff membership be- ing willingness to work. The paper helongs to the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, and each year sends delegates to the New York Convention at Colnmlmia University. STATETO- DATE fulfills students' needs for news of campus happenings. M,,.e,,,,.,,,.,t. ., Mm 1 ' 4 -tT,.,M.t...l up.,-nh F -,vs .L Alun Johnson, photographer for STATE-TO-DATE Susan Wilson, page editor. "Scratch paragraph five and send this to press." STATE-T0-DATE makes head of line. l6'el1a1firf al Science 611112 Dr, UITNDIIIS, lluuml of the l'sy1:lunlugy llupaxrlmunl, Dennis 'l'lmnms, Mr. Cilligzm, ll mnvmlmvr uf lln: psyulmlogy slzlll, :mil lullml W1'lll17l' mln-uzuss tlu: pmpusgll fur llllf lurmuluun of ll psyvlumlngy vlulm. Elliot W1:iI14er pn-smvnls llm goals uml ulmjcctivcs of lllc ncw ffllll The f01'IllLlllHIl :meeting ,,,,,u-s-5: i Fizzle, fizzlc, burblc, hiss-boom? Sigma Zeta - Science Zfeferleify The Omega Chapter of Sigma Zeta, a national honorary science society, was formed in 1961 to foster fel- lowshlp, scholarship, leadership, and interest in the natural sciences and mathematics. To become an active mem- hef, 2.75 cumulative average and 3.00 average in SCICIICC and mathematics is required. Membership is by election from those who meet the requirements. Sigma Zeta invites speakers on campus, makes field trips, and has a banquet with the American Chemical Society. Programs at meetings serve to increase fellowship and advance interests in the respective fields. Advisors are Mr. W. J. llissler and Mr. C. O. WOl'klll2lll- Frances Adams, Carol Sue Huff, llonnic Lzunalgno, und Ht-my Milne wcrc thc first st-nu-stcr pledges. F Officvrs Mary llorlis, lluviil Day, Ruth Alexander, and .llldilh Pulliam, lltflllll 0V0l' WOSPCCIS of ll science fair. As pledges of Kappi Pi look on, memhers Gail Ehaugh, Tom Flem- ing, Harry Richardson, Carolyn Burky, Charles Ridgeway, Ralph Rice, and adviser Miss Langhans examine their work. g ll!-vw-' W lr 1 Kappa Pi - Ari 5'mfc unify p Beta Mu Chapter of the national honorary art fraternity M Kappa Pi, was the first chapter instituted in any college in tht state of Maryland. lt is interested in promoting an art intereS among students, to stimulate higher scholarship, to know tht x! work of other students and faculty, and to bring together tll' art department with the other departments of the college. Pledge Genie Zorn hae her painting di:-aeussed hy Mr. Wierdsma and Senior To Fleming. Pledgt-5 Rohin Woodward, Beverly Kurtz, Anne Houek, Genie Zorn, and Kathy Kenney reeeiygg orders from pledge master Charles Ridgeway. l88 M auf' X- I Fall induction of Little Theatre PL i Nr J 1 rt? The fraternity decorates Compton auditorium at the Christmas SCIISOYI V 'vm-.,"u, Q 4- Q ' J4Q, ..t J ,W ' -54 'Nr ' 'S , L.-fait 'M . 'e.. 1 1, 'A V440 fl Psi Omega Directed hy Miss Dorothy Stone White, the vampus ill'illllilliCS fraternity east, Kappa Xi, recog- nizes and rewards all phases of student participation in college theater work. Kitty Brown, Ray Ewing, and Pat Berlingcri enacting a scene from "Crystal Moments," the fall television production. flisfnry 61116 Delves fum Past The History Club exists for students who show and exercise an interest in history. Annual activities include a field trip to a spot of particular interest and a lecture for the entire campus. Meetings, like the one pictured below, consist of group discussion, a review of current events, a film, and a speaker when available. Club advisor-Mr. David Rabaut. Club officers arc: Bill Fornoff, Sue Clisc, .lane Kccfc, and Bob Green. Gamma 5716271 " " Zlpsilm Advisers and officers of thc Geography Fraternity arc, left to right: Mr. Charles Farmer, Bill Clotzbach, Stephanie Browdy, Douglas Cashcll, Francis Miland, President, and Mr. James Cotton. The National Professional Geographers' Fraternity, To qualify for membership, applicants must have Gamma Theta Upsilon, was organized on campus in May Completed Six ggnjggtgf hom-S gf geography with the in. of 1964-. The purpose of the Gamma Phi Chapter is to tention of completing a minimum of six additional hours. Promote geographic interest and knowledge on the Frost- Grades received from the geography courses must average burg campus. above the median of the school. 1 A T55- f Fraternity members gather to view film- Q l9l ,441 nz JCI Delia The purpose of the Gamma Psi Chapter of Alpha Xi Della is to promote scholarship and leadership and to share in a common hond of sisterhood. The sisters take part in Student Government, student publications, and many other organizations on campus. They also sponsor philanthropy projects in the Froslburg area. The officers for this year fpictured rightj are: Norma Sue Matthews, Barbara Renick, Lynda Tinsley, Ann Robinson, Stephanie Browdy, and Evelyn Deigert, President. The advisor of the sorority is Miss Dorothy Stone While. , 'I lf " ' l 'K . W . 4 "xr" ' I '. V 'v WV- 4 045 " 1 :Zi vb -nv yi. Q l 'ZH gi' 1 at 1 L' 2 C' The pledge class for 1964-65 included Iscatedl: Betty Sitter, Eileen Lcwcllcn, Sandy Bohrer Nancy Kelso Mary Hub hel Linda Grey. lStanllingl: Joann Richardson, Ruth Stumpf, Edie Rinchardt, Linda Miller Sharon Samson Dawn Haines, Janet Roberts, Linda Dahl, and Peggic Stahlcr Johnson fnot plcturedl. -,-.-.?-- Qi I- f Members of the fraternity I92 Will! ll pink ul:-plmnl, Alplm Xi mp Ilmm-vuming Pura lim-rl fini pxin in ilu- 'U Rvlrvul ul Caunp Tioga: M 4 I l L . "SCL 'cm up, Juv." Cunlcr Hall wus ll'1lllSf0I'IIlCll by sisters into an western scvnc for their full "old wild west" rusli party. V4 The fall pledge class included Raymond Ewing, Ralph Jordan, Doug Mcllvain, Ken Ridcour, James Sigler, Edward McCarthy, Terry Ward, John Vailati, Jerry Katz, David Copenhaver, John Catau. Cdl! Kappa Epsilau Tau Kappa Epsilon, Theta Chi chapter, presents ideals and objectives which stand for personal value and character. By fostering leadership, scholarship, and brotherhood, the Tekes fulfill an ever increasing need for a Well integrated social education. Officers for the year 1964-65 fpictured belowj are, from left to right: Brian Lochard, Joseph Nice- warner, President, Elmer Freeman, Thomas Hockstra, Robert Grimm, Paul Helm, William Graves, and Benjamin Wolford Knot picturedj . Members of TKE assembled in their meeting place, Pullcn auditorium. y0l.l7fQ.:-Z l0 pcrpctuatc thc Christmas Wlrll on campus, Tcku brothers doc- Oratc Cunlcr foyer. Hopeful candidates listen attvntivvly at 'l'ckc's fall smoker. Spirited Tckc ph-dgcs activt-ly participate to support thc Bobcats , I , - ,H t . - ,J-ff' N Szgma Zllll Gamma The Beta Pi Chapter ol Sigma Tau Gamma is dedicated to respect for the individual, improvement of its members, instillment of a sense ol rcsponsibilityand leadership, preser- vation of democratic processes, and development of lasting friendship and brotherhood. Officers who help in achieving these goals are Cbelow, seatcdj: Art Walke1', Francis Cole, Wayne Carter, John Miller, President, Larry Cropp, Charles Planner, fstandingj, Victor Martin, ,lon Galley, Charles Donnelly, Bob Bachcllor, and Noel Kunklc. The entire brotherhood Above is the fall pledge class: Stcvc Balwf Bill Turner, Lonnie Nixon, Dick WagT1C1' .lobn Cowcr, .lolin Holtz, Charles Calalian. -,.i-...ii Y, Proud Sig Taus display a fcw of their many lropliics and awards. lntcrc-sting l'lllCI'lllllllllCIll via Play Boy Key Club was an important attraction at llnv fall smoker. 'MTL King Rox rimlvs again on Sig.: 'I'au's float for Ilnr llmnccoming festivities. writ 49 'L 4 Y 'Mardi 5m " - I 964 fin farming .5 Thu Much-rn Folk Quurlcl boosts the Honmccoming Weekend with Friday nighfs cntcrtuinnxcnl. 1 As the ohmrrh-aulm-l's form the honor line, the FSC Bolmuts hustle into thc Culluudcl Lum-. The tralditionul hunfiru reflects lhr: FSC 1-spirit fo Hmnccoming gumu. Mfg", f 'f 'l'au Kappa Epsilon Alpha Xi Delta Student Education Assoc. Small Division Winner Small Division-Znrl. Largo Division Winner 4'-I f,-- -.1-P' Junior Princc's.vvs-Nalin-y Costigan and Lois Holmlms L. -1 'A H Senior Pl'l.l1Cl?SSl'SfSllSi0 Downs, Sandy Robert- son and Lynda Tinsley ,f l"ii1"f 'vw s 13' Sophomore l'rinr'essc's--.l1lllil'0 Ililfviflfllllz flgriaCl'7ii:33'ii11i1iy Piccinini anal Kathy Willcts I0 I 'ln l' y Jfayfime Efzcifcmentf Who is more exeiled, Susie Downs or Noel Kunkle, her escort? Our 1964 Ilomecoming Queen, Susie Downs, is crowned by Ray Blair, President of Alumni Association. Winners ure lnmnnleeml, the queen is crowned and the thrill of ll0II1C10Il1lIlg spreads llll'0llgll the eruwd. ii lk lap P as 4 ve" V 4 1+ ., -PUUUC. O J I HN llolvl Cunt:-r lHll'4'll sm-ru IS an jll1lQLl'S slnnml for ilu- ll0llll'tll palraulv. usllxnrg Slam: Coll:-gc vxlm-mls lhuir thunk:-: ln Miss Cln-ryl lfnslon, Ilomvcmning nirmun Hard Wrfrk, Student Suppdri Add fdflzusidsrd Kcflecf ,4 Wrfddezfu! Weckadd A Uoldm-n Mum . . . A Sparkling Crown . . . rlxlllf Winning Trophies ,41.. Elmer Mcllorniun, prcsidcnl, of S.E.A., und Ron Tracy work on clccorulions for thc duncan Cheryl Easton fnol piclnrcdl was cn-clluirmzm of the dance. Brian l.uclnn'cl and Lynda Tinsley, King and Q um-n of llc-arts fl"- lyx "Will you lic my Valentine? 'D I And Away We Ga! - Ihr lfuhuluuw Tuus, including Foster Riggs, Ilick elfurdy, 'l'mn Mah:-w and Slew- linker, wen the fn'-I prize in the group divi-ion. 7 FY The class of 61 presented a talent-variety show, Wfhe Frosthurg Scene lVlagazine',, Fri- day night of Winter Carnival weekend. Includ- ed were singing groups and acts satirizing tele- vision shows. A five dollar prize was given to each winner. 5 Y, i 2 llultcrhull Mcphcrson, ulius Don llulrvln-sen, wus lnusler nf ceremonies for the l'l'rustlmrg See-ne Mugnzinef' Barbara Cugnon, who sung three selections niudi- popular by Johnny Mutliuis, wen the singles division. "Huw sweet it ie!" C0 the Maier Karlriml iv Winter Carnival, sponsored hy the class of '68. was planned hy Jinx Hudson and flolly Erler fahovcl, who were assisted by many of their classmates. The dance fflrtraycd a Bavarian Ski Lodge, represented hy the decorations pictured at right. lm and Holly are gluni here because the heavens unkindly produced no snow. Timmi 'froth fseuted centerJ became the queen of the dance when her escort Rich Asher, selected the special eorsage for her. Her court included Kathy Willqets, Cissy Wynne, Judy Koenig, Willa Tharp, Maureen McDonough, Bonnie Benhoff, and Evelyn Stephanos. . m Q X X X 16117114 hrzfcn ki ledge " ,ff Aff , rv 3:5 u N, O fl Nik 'H : ' s 1 Y.-UZ -'fir H Speaker Bryson Rash Cabovel and John Ciardi frigl1tJ have stimulated much intellectual interest on campus. Poet Ciardi spoke in the fall, and newspaper commentator Rash ap- peared in February. The Alnnzul .launul Trio nl Jazz Musicians pluyell i l l N. mt, sweet unrl cool in gy ,.,, i Y t ,4 ti I Series upplze Cmupton Cynmzlsillm 'in September The Baltimore Symphony Orcllcstru i 0 fled Program -J vw' Jucquciinc O'Donncll and Bridic McDonald, folk- singing school tcuchcrs from Livc-rpool, vnlorluincrl thc students in October. . L' L : 14' K HJ Y ,J 4 ,F -,, I ' M , ..- V G fi. ...X 1 P , cldfmxl ,V x V A . , my fx, AI A. K , I 5-- "Anything Coos" by Cole Porlor was pcrformvd by the louring University of Murylamd Pluyvrs in November. U16 2591 flour 1 f . A -.,'.. 4 lm-Q 'f . 4s Q 'J Ak 'x NRCS rg - Vflik fffxu. AM Eghlblf' Kgisfnfum H3255 iq:-vs Wx f 0- v af 'W glknnefv, is, --HF. U3-J. C J wr, J , I 1 g 5 1 K gf G., I X mr IH' " A . 1 X 1 w , xx Q 1 A '5 ? A 4 N - A ' F l J I I' ... 4 fs VV .4 , V s xr .Q Q Q X Z3 x ' la I 40 M. , x ' K, . X 3 , "' 1' . , ,N I -1 f r ' , 4, L ' J' Nl I U 1' A Q .Q 5' . ' . W s N M M. . X . - - Wax I I 1 I 965 Koyalfy Jtarnacarning Lfanrt Sanzar Attendant ,Miss Sandra kaaartsan Saniar ,Attendant ,Mzlvs Lynda Cinsky junior Attendants ,Nancy Cfostqan Bois Jtoolrs Sophomore ,4 ttendants Kathy Mallets janree Pieeinini Hresnrnan Attendants Betty jordan Urnrnie Crotn Miss ,Afizzrylaud Sccmd Runner Llp Mr.s'.,4r111 lfwmg C146 Jlflisflefae Em -HL Nancy ,Miller Hilary! Sastau Queen Narda Anderson ,Yudy kaenzy kathy yeufcll 1 -ur VI ,If le Klassvm Z9r Miss Linda Philhkfs Mug uud Queeu ef Hearts uud Uzeir Kaur! ,Ari uud Mlbur uud juekie Waker LY? Berry Mug lffriuu laekurd uud .Queeu liudu Uusley alll Kappa Spsilvu 5W56'ffI6'lll'f ,Mrs.,4f111 young Married to Mn Kvbcri young Sigma Zaa Gamma Sweetheart Mies jaeaueaae Halter ,aimzea ta Mn Sari Gillespie Ilinfer Eurniuul .Queen Queen Glnfnie Zfretn Zfesnzuun ,4 lfendunt Maureen Mweneugn and Her Zanrt Senter Attendant Seniar Attendant jndy Kaenza Saphmm, Vwmdam Kannze Kenney Kathy Willets Sapnafnare Attendant I n junior Attendant sw W SW was ynniar Attendant Hzlvsy Wynne Willa Cnarp W KA I ffm Mf AV Q, .ns f Spvrls 1 ' ww 1 4. 1 , ,A 1-1 , 121, Q1Ll".,15Lkm MY 1 1 1 ,L-, 4. I ' sw 1 :ry J he :f1 in r 'f 1.. u-214-'1 , 1 1 11 1, mf.. 1, f 1 ' , ,.,,, .. ,li 1 , 'P 14 ' . r...3.:,.n..A . A I , ,w r 1.19. t 1 , .WI 1 . F: , 1 ,1,.,. ,1,' '- ':. -1, ,,1 :-F11 1 H 7 1 5, 1- 1. 1 1 K 1 1 H 1 1 1 ., 1 1. N-1,11 1 . 1 W 1 A ' ' 1 1 1 Bobcat couches: Mr. William P. Marley, linesmeng Dr. Ron Vunfiyswyk, lrackfielcl. - .L...a1 Tackles back row: Mike McKenzie, Bob Green, Bill Graves, Henry MeR0hic. Front row.' Ellis Dodd, Ray Cursen, Ron McFarland, John Garrison. u ..nn, .f., - ng , .. Ends standing: John Vailali, Ron White, .loc Nieewarner, Jcry Boccuto, Duvc. Fan- cher. Kneeling: Paul Crilchfielfl, Mike Foster, Dan Kelly, Ron Hoopengurdncr. 226 ' l l z Cuurds standing: Vie Twigg, Terry 'Ward, Mike' Duvis, Mike Solomon l,?l?lIl1illg.' Wullucc Swayne, Ken Ridenour, Dnrrin Armcnlrout. E J Qrastburg Frostburg . . , , 311, Frostburg , , , . 34. Frostburg . . , , 19 Frostburg . . , 0 l7rostburg . . , , 14. Frostburg . , , I 28 Frostburg . . , , 13 Frostburg . . , Standing: Quarlurliacks Frank Olive, Charles Roliinson, Harold Mosscr, Pat Y Cllorpcnning. Kneeling: Fulllmacks Dullu-rt Flugg, Doug Marlin, Mickey Bush, .lolm llisllop. B11r'lr row: ,lolm Culuu, llllll1llgl'I'Q William Marla-y and Ron Vain llyswy cozlcln-sg Cllarlos Plunm-r, lrainvr. Conte-rs, fron! row: Ron lfvans, llavv Svliromlm Y Dale Walkinson, llllil Mooney. 1 .. Ll . . il? Illallflracks Smnding: Dave Clvm, Walyllfw Hurpvr, Clllll'll'S llintaman, lion Fcldsvlicr, Kneeling: llob Shaw, lloli Lowv, Sum Marlin. wwf? :Mn . Oppaneuf Gallaudet ........... -- 12 llriclgcwaler Slalc, Mass. ,... . . 0 lVlontgomcry Junior College . . . . . 39 llriclgrcwalcr College, Va. .. .. 3 Wayncsliurg College . . . 13 Callauclct .... 1 . . . . . lfli Potomac Slate ........ - - 21 Vlfasliinglon Sz ,lcflcrson .. 6 Tri-captains of 11,0 Bobcats are ,loc Niccwarnur, Vic 'llwigg and Clllll"ll'y Robinson. 227 rzzcfice Dwelaps Gr 21-.7 an Grit "I-ley, man! Take this and git out of here." Coach Bill Marley observes the line practicing shoulder blocks. ,loc Short receives information from the spotters via "Walkie-talkie". C0i1Ch'Vi1Tl RYSWYk 'apes ankles prior to ll game. Hal seems more interested in the whirlpool. XR. I E -- ,I U"S.-5, -h:.'L.X5Sy?H fgxm-, W XJ F 'gf V " " ' - wg 2,5 I F . ,, A , . , 14 ' 'uh'-N, T. wg" 3QiS1:!:ZClz.,. . gfT!!!!!!!?!!il efeeamsgffi, Q- 'WX A r-it fn, X ' ' - .- ' 'nf My , gi X' w I 1 q"".fvfsfgs.e,,- , 4' l ' 4 5-M 1' 'Qi xf. .M -, ' v .mflxwwvx , J , 31'-In 'Q 4 YV' , X 1v""' "':"-Z, - X r it Y L Q ,J 1:45 QQ f. f 'E I r 4' W" T 2' K l.. .,- 4 A '---1 -K - L1 ' .xx L A Q H by 1 ? 0 .1 x A Nls...Jv N K ' V.-..... t N7 W Q f i JL ' 4 ' 'x .tf--lf '- Q. r,..L 'XV - . . 5 Y ,, ,, www- Q. , g ' .cw .I . k -. ,zyvwfgu h , -- - 1- ., ,. ,. Q- .- -' ..,. K, ,N :Wk :A Q...-. -zuv I 0 1 qv . I 1 in 45? , , y 1 i ,4 ,,c I J. 7 , y, si 1 I 'v A, , la 1 ' 4A VU af. 4"fM"1, ,M 'J ,, , W N r Q 1 ,v Y' .JF-TQ, - v1:,,y,,.A " kwa, X 4 NK buvuvrvwwwv-,f-,f. ' " rg I 1. , hr, 4 '14 sy end and hnads up the fl Senivr Stars JOE NICEWARNER , i "-IW BILL GRAVES ROBERT SHAW DAVE CLEM 'ns VICTOR TWIGG JERRY BOCCUTO BOB GREEN MIKE SOLOMON DOUG MARTIN CHARLES ROBINSON 23, Frosthurg Frostburg Frosthurg Frostburg Frostburg Frosthurg Frosthurg Frosthurg Frostburg W 'I Schedule 2 University of Pittsburgh 4 Shippensburg State 2 Loch Haven State O Salisburg State 4 Slippery Rock State 0 Grove City College 2 West Virginia University 1 Howard University 3 Dennison University 4 0 3 0 3 2 3 2 4 lvl Goalie Bob Hcuheck wondering when it'll come his way Bohcut Boosters: Sfflndiflgi B- Diclllv J- L0VgYk-l-kscllgfthxgdyvlixiyEgi1iClE7.B61E3?CIIrE, S- RiggS, R. McCurfly, B. Hyde, B. Hcuhcck. Kllfllfflillgi W. Winton", S. Dclionc, D' inton", ,I. Chaney , J. Shaw, L. McKinney, . in cr, fAll-Southcrn"'J 232 4. .z. W 4 wi? . . W .-0-sg.. .S ' ' igiix-..'n's', n . Q 96:23 i 4- ,' 1 '- X ,-. .. , .... tr .. Spectacular clcfcnsivc work kcpt all of thc games close. Contrary to their 2-6-1 record, Coach Ken Babcock's 1964 Bobcat soccer team performed exceptionally well. Never beaten badly, they scored a total of eighteen goals while allowing only twenty-one to their opponents. Ad- ditionally, Frostburg continued to place several players on the All-Southern Squad. This year's selections were Wiiig Wayne Vlforton, Inside ,lon Chaney, and Halfback Don Kinton. Considering Worlon and Chaney are Jun- iors and Kinton is only a Sophomore, the future of Bob- cat soecer looks very bright. f QU.,l Russ Younkcrs and Bill Diehl close in on thc Dennison Wing. But wc didn't. But wuit'll nt-xt time. 2 'i'i,'7",lt61! ll IIA. l Grove Cily's goalie blocks a Bobcat score. -' m Bob Heuhcck picks off a shot destined for the Bobcat goal. 'l l of State's Coaches Al Long and Ken Babcock pose will tlrec outstanding players: Left to.Right Sam DeBone, Clyde Broad- water and Larry McKinney, tri-captains. Q 'J ound couldn't ciosc this Warrior's A scalp w : , . interest in the Lock Haven game. .IEW .WW kv, 'L' sn . .Q 1 ,.....,,,,, ,HW 5 'P ns., - -V .......,,,. A ,AM -r , .,,a3,.,,. , x .- Freddy Duylon iwuds the hull against D1-nnison. S Q .. , Lf ,F N, Wayne Wurlon shoots past the Dennison fullback. 5, .wh Even All Soullu'rn's selections ncvd practice. Jon Chaney altvmpls to lwud tho ball by Bob Hvubcck. The Dennison gouiic inlvrccpts ll prospvclivc Bobcat goal. 235 -...N rf' A T 6' 75 N 6' , 3 A I ' E Vi Q' 'id Af. +12 1 Q' 525 1 Ar I K :LM 4, as W, Y" z ,,. xv 4, Wm. 'E' Q, f My 'Wm . We-ff its-.2-'Q lm? W 11" H f ,I WW? W'- '?fi f' .4 N., ,A 'f 1 --...,.. 5 ,fi -'P' a penalty shot against , , "i 0 If 0 I' 6 DICK McCURDY W BOB HYDE ..v- vq,.- 1 if-' R uw .. .f- .1 SAM DeBON E JOHN LOWRY LARRY MCKINNEY Not Pictured: ROBERT RINKER, SONNY RIGGS - . 4 f ,A ' 2 4 'Cl Front Row: H. Skidmore, J. Riley, Q. C Green. Coach Ron Van Ryswyk and son Hal, two familiar fig- ures around Comp- ton gym. 238 Bill Wiltison shoots one of his patented iuml' Show' rawford, T. Colaw, K. Wolfe. Back Row: D. Fanchcr, K. Brown, C. Graco, W. Hetrich, and R. C. Z . 61 l6'aske ball What appeared to he a 50-50 season for Coach Van RysWyk's Bobcats soon turned into one of g1'eat excitement as the team blossomed into one of the hustlingest hall hawking teams in Stateis history. Concentrating on defense, the Bob- cats came on to dominate the newly formed Maryland Intercollegiate Conference. Though fin- ishing third in the conference tournament, they compiled the best won-lost mark of any of the teams in regular season play. With the Continuing improvement of the many freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, the hasketball future looks bright in- deed for F.S.C. il "' 'Wh x an fa 4' .mm wr Pl 'Sv Two points coming up! ,f C ,v C Tl Foul sl1outingAu specially hcrc ut Compton for the Dust few years. 240 X 'xx -ism f Hcro's one shot Coppin didn't block. The low point of thc season-Bill Wiltison was injured and out for the YGHI' Ei' .gg 'IIP' ' 30 lull il vu f xv - 'sm fr - 41 vu' f-"':f:r. X, "Zf' l N :V ' ,vw N ' xx gl , P gllf V- ! 1 'viz W ,W ' 5,9 A 'P ,a 7 . . , YY , ' , A V ik I +?:' Us HEX ' if 5 14' 41 , I f 1 R 8 enivrs QUINCY CRAWFORD ... . 'r 5 , . .S4 1 K - 5 ', 5-. s - s S, i' BILL WILTISON JERY BOCCUTO JIM RILEY Zcnuis Vince Catania retums a hard shot. Front Row: B. Fomoff, R. Keefcr, Coach Workman. Back Row: B. Lang, R. Grooms, and Vince Catania. Bill Fomoff smashes in and serves. April 3 April 9 April 10 APRIL 22 APRIL 23 APRIL 26 APRIL 30 May 1 May 5 May 8 May 10 MAY 14. MAY 15 1:30 1:30 1:30 1:30 2:00 2:00 2:00 1:00 2:00 1:30 1:30 2:00 1:30 With essentially the same squad that produced State's best record to date in tennis last year, Coach Glen Workman should be all smiles as the 1965 Frostburg tennis team goes to the courts. Seniors Ralph White and Ray Keef- er, along with junior Bruce Lang, give the B o h c a t s exceptional strength and depth. With these three and the rest of the team in top form, the season should im1 prove even on last year's record. Indiana State Wheeling West Liberty State WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY FAIRMONT STATE SLIPPERY ROCK STATE DAVIS AND ELKINS Shippensburg State Fairmont State California State Davis and Elkins SALISBURY STATE WEST VIRGINIA WESLEYAN IHOHIC games in capital lettersl .yl v 1 Bob Grooms' hnckhand looks good. lf' 41? Conch Workman explains onc of the gnmc's finer points. Ralph White smashes n hard shot from midcourt. Bruce Lang returns u long lob from behind the base linc. 245 'igmnx A, I ' - 1' "Umar: 5 E 1 :iv at 4, A w I .,..i,, A :' f -avzvfzif rf 1, it gl ' ' A 'l' V slime, I H Perfect form on the even parallel bars is cx- llibitccl by Frank Krug. llalicat Gymmwlsi KIM-ffflifls UTC Ffilnkulffults, .lfwyklsiglfrnl EXilyinfnStt:y?1ai1nfis: kin? Pl?llI1Sl2Pi1l' llclickly, and Dick Wagner. Standing are Dave Cline, manager' llob jacksmi, Ron Warrl, Ken Lima, lon ,aymmc , ,ravi ,p g, ,a 710, uss oun crs,an Jang Mcunsimanagcr' J Gymnastics Gymnastics, in its second year at State, has gathered much interest by the student body. Under the guidance of Mr. C. Albert Long, the team has grown in skill and has consented to exhibit at various schools in the state and in West Virginia. Team plans include competition on an intercollegiate level in the next few years. The side horse, a vcry exhausting piece of apparatus, is mastered by Russ Younkers, executing the scissors. , A ,L I vi 1 Maintaining ll slruclcllc supporl on lllc lligll-low l' lrurs is Lincln Plxillips, an second your gymnusl. vxllllvils n "plalm'ln'. Tllrflllgll lll!lll0Il!-ill'llllHIlS lo tvum mcnllwrs, Cll2lK'll Long, llllIlSl'lf oncu un intc1'coll1-giatc purlivipznn, lu-ups in Chlllllllllll. 1' Sllfing from thc lrumpolinc Jun Poole is in pike posi 4 ffvnt sonwrsanllt. lflom' 4'x1'l's'is0 spvm'i'llis!, llivk xvllglll -y - lv. Frcc cx'crs Evelyn and Joy display thu poisv und gnu-v wllivll lllLIlU'S gyllIllll5lll'S an 1'I'1'llllVl' an 247 248 'nl x f ' I 5 wr, ' . ' USTBURG amz: to . qgsrfunn J A ' I3 'TY' U 9' I-,Q7 ws'-of f RUSTBUFG x ' t mrsrtnfg .. , 0 It t Wx sm . Qi .W If unesrmg 4 , .mar N vtiii9URG ff v---vt A 'RUSTHHHG NG . . l' 1 P " Eronl Row, left to right: M. Davis, J. Picrcc, W. Funk, J. Rota, A. Moriz. Back Row: G. Watson, J. Crictz, C. Bamford, Coach Marley, D. Moquin T. Wrestling The 19641-65 wrestling season produced 'Diehl, and R. Hanson. Frosthurg's first winning team. In its three year history at State, Wrestling has provided Bobcat fans with many thrills. This year freshman Mike Davis and juniors George MChip" Bamford and co-captain J oe Crietz kept interest at a fever pitch. As we go to press, the team has compiled a 5-2-1 record and shows promise of even greater things in the future. Conch William .Marley discusses an upcoming match with co-captains Jim Rota and Joe Crletz. Mike Davis warms up before a match. fi ff.. , ,W nu Nl M my - fl . Qu ss I : f , n f-QA 4. g, . .lM .NEI Dave Copcnhavcr "rides" his opponent out. The squad congrutulutcs Cary Watson on his victory. Warren Funk circles his opponent wurily George Bnmford looking for u pin. Elliot Weiner, Bob Hcubeck, and Ken Lima compare SCOTCS. V QW 1965 Gay Schedule HOME AWAY April 20- West Liberty State April 9- California State April 30-. Davis sf Elkins Duqutesne U- May ln- Fairmont State Washington Sz Jefferson May 3- California State May 4- Shlppensburg State May 7- Fairmont State May 10- Davis Sz Elkins May 13- West Liberty Slate Charles Connolly tees off. xt I i Early golf prospects are Charles Connollcy, Ken Lima, past coach Herbert Rebhun Elliot Weiner and Bob Hcubcck. Bob Hcubeck smashes a long drive as Elliot Weiner looks on. 25I 1 li ", ff F" Q if 252 f .vh.,. . . ,F -,....- -- Another run for the Bobcats. fs ' Jg2igg,.: Hassan!! 3 Although Frostburg seems in a per- ' petual stale of Winte1', Spring does fight its Way through the snow and ice. With Spring comes Baseball, and the 1965 Bobcats are roaring to go as soon as the snow melts. Early practice sees the team in fine shape and eagerly anticipating the opening game on their new field. ! x'ii..4 fl 91110 4. , , A ,. , , , 5 O fy 4 Q You're out! ale?-11' 4. " Jlw A- v 55- --f - ' A V v,n A. i Q ...1nnv-""'- i X0 Q avg '41 ' The go-ahead run. .1 41.1 find 1, JK A ,A-Yu.-1.5, Q -, 1 . GN -'ws'-X' xv 'A Q H I .YN a N .yx 1 KJ Y 0 'fa .- . Q? ' fx Ili! ffl R . - O 4 o - 'S'- l l r S 4 N W N Q- C l. B ,J -Y U. 'L I - N WE, 'E G-'W' ch Robert Wells dxscubscs hunt A cold wintry afternoon flnds Frostburgs flrst team huddlcd together forulast mlnutc pep talk Tryouts for F1'OSlbll1'g,S two hockey teams were held in early fall. Two games for each team were scheduled with Fairmont, West Virginia. Out of the four games played the teams won three and tied one. It is hoped that more games can be scheduled next year. 1 .. ....- ' ' , V ":vuj,v,'. , 1 ,Y:' '- ,rzr IVE af 1 ll it --tu? Scorers and spectators are warmly dressed for observing the first team hattle to a 2-2 tie. X mt - 1 116312 1-may .-K J-- fag.. 5- X- ' 1 A '.+- s igsfi I X .'.' fkziifn v . lx .. ' '..'f'p gn,A- -if 14 -. .6 -'Trl " f . 2 if if .1,le'S, Kwik.. 7 ' " tt' . . ,f p it .Q ' .-, L A -.,o. Center Bonnie Smith hattlcs Fairmont's forward as halfhack Lois Hodges cautiously hacks them up. i K . R 4 , .9-'H ' ,f' . X my f' K X "" ' f W' . ' 4 v ' . .g-- D Y gm.,- 4 1 N-'-9' s ,1" 1 ' ll .N-r be . .,, , I ,i , ah- , , A,4 N. .' u u- 4 t .- - . ., .'-A' j , 1 . . v . . - -.1 . Tide Fairmont's striking eircle Linda and Bopic maneuver the . . lt Q ,rx around a fullback. f . . - ' ".,- L nu " S' . sh -. fn.-.4412 Q H-.J.kk,uN' ws, I.-rg.J'f,-.,,. - ,A s. - lf-Wiz' .L Of if -. . . . 'sf Poised and ready for action are captains Donna Wood, 2nd team, and Bonnie Smith, 1st team. 255 Wyman is' gd kvfb ll 1965 Schedule .lulluilry 23 Bridgewater State College February 27 California Stale College March 6 Western lVlz1ryluncl College March 27 Fairmont State College Team captain, Cliristinu Krieling. FEMALE BOBCAT HOOPSTICRS: Ifuclc Row: Colleen Hurry, Karen Dyer, Virginia Rogers, ,Iudy Funkhouser, Lynda Slydcr, Dottie Huyrlen, and Miss Sharon lrwin, coach. Front Row: Lois Wussler, Chris Krvilinff unrl Put Mongtm. ' rn Karen Dyer-up for a jump shot with a Salisbury guard Surrounded by three Salisbury guards, Karen Dyer is able to put uh l Jump shot. Guard Ginny Rogers sends the ball high into the air in an attempt for an extra point. Senior Dirrcfary . . . Adams, William J. p. 51. Adams, Wanda S. p. 51. Da Student Assoc. 1, 2, W.l1.A.1. Alexander, Ruth M. p. 51. Sigma Zeta 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3, 4, Laboratory As- sistant 2, 3, 4, Maryland Singers 3, 4, W.R.A. 1, 3. Ailem, Eunice I. p. 51. Marching Band and Con- cert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 3, College-Community Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Mary- land Singers 1, 2, 3, Col- legium Musicum 4. Antal, James E. .51. STATE-to-DATE 4, New- man Club 3, 4, Little Theater 3, 4. Arnold, G. Daniel p. 51. 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Wesley Club 1, 2, 3, 4. King, Joseph M. p. 62. Tau Kappa Epsilon 3, 44 Collegium 'Musicum 3, 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Kirkham, Phyllis J. p. 62. STATE-to-DATE 1, Social Committee 1, W.R.A. 2, Freshman Week 2. Koenig, Judith A. p. 50. Class Treasurer 3, 4, Al- ha Xi Delta 2, 3, 4, Diehl lilall House Council 1, 2, 4, Feature Editor of STATE- to-DATE 3. Koogle, E. Edward Washington County, Mary- land, B.S., Secondary His- tory, History Club 3, 4, Historian 4, Phi Alpha Theta 4, Historian 4, New- man Club 3, 4. Korns, Kenneth L. p. 62. Kratz, Shirley p. 62. Krug, Frank L. p. 63. Varsity Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4, Tau Kappa Epsilon 2, 3, 4. Kuhn, Ida R. p. 63. Outdoor Club 3, 4, W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, History Club 4, Homecoming Committee 4. Lancaster, Dorothy L. p. 63. Lancaster, Virginia J. p. 63. Lawyer, William E. p. 63. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 1, 2, Day Student Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4, Little Theater 2, 3, 4. Lease, Henrietta M. p. 63. Leger, Peter F. p. 63. Lockard, Brian L. p. 63. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3, Vice Presi- dent 3, 4, Notables 2, 3, 4, President 3, Band 1,f2, 3, Vice President 2, Allen Hall House Council 3. Logsdon, Adelaide J. p. 63. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4. Lovett, William L. p. 64. Tau Kappa Epsilon 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Soccer 3, 4, Judi- cial Board 3. Lowery, John A. p. 64. 'Varsity Soccer 1, 3, 4. Lydinger, Edward J. p. 64. Lyons, James I. p. 64. Varsity Soccer 2, 3, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Allen Hall House Council 4, Vice Pres- gdent 4, Intramurals 1, 2, ,4. Magruder, Virginia E. p. 64. French Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4. Malamphy, Hugh F. p. 64. Gamma Theta Upsilon 4, Treasurer 4. Mann, Virginia M. p. 64. Diehl Hall House Council 1, 2, Leadership Confer- ence Program Committee 3. Marshall, Theodore R., Jr. p. 64. Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Var- sity Gymnastics 4. Matthews, Norma S. p. 64. Alpha Xi Delta 2, 3, 4, Asst. Treasurer 3, Treas- urer 4, Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4. Mays, Laura E. p. 65. Alpha Xi Delta 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4, Canterbury Association 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4. McAl ine, James A. p. 65. STXTE-to-DATE 3, Feature Co-Editor 3, Student Union 3, 4, Gamma Theta Upsilon 3, 4, NEMACOLIN 4. McCarty, P. Edward p. 65. Interfaith Council 1, Can- terbury Assoc. 1, Madrigals 1, Maryland Singers 1, 3, 4, President 4, Noteables 4. McKenzie, M. Carol p. 65. McKinney, Larry R. p. 65. Varsity Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Track 1, Men's Athletic Council 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4. McNamara, Eileen M. p. 65. Diehl Hall House Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Union 4. McRobie, Phyllis G. p. 65. Middlebrook, Eleanor J. p. 65. Miles, Betty C. p. 65. Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4, Council of Religious Organizations 4. Miller, David A. p. 66. Kappa Pi 3, 4, Day Student Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4. Miller, Jana M. p. 66. Miller, John E. p. 66. Varsity Track 1, 2, Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, Physical Education Club 1, 2,'3, 4, Treasurer 2, Greek Council 3, Presi- dent 3. Miller, K. William p. 66. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Zeta 3, 4, Student Union 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Student Assoc. Executive Council 4. Miller, Leanna p. 66. Miller, Pamela C. p. 66. NEMACOLIN Staff 4. Miller, Sharon O. p. 66. W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Mary- land Singers 1, 2, 3, Sec- retary 3, Noteables 2, 3,- 4, Business Manager 4. Miller, Teresa A. p. 66. Day Student Assoc. 1, 4. Moffat, Dana M. p. 66. Alpha Xi Delta 2, 3, 4, Philanthrophy Chairman 4, W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3. Monaco, Amelia E. p. 67. Maryland Singers 2, 3, Gray Hall House Council 4, President 4, Senate 3, Newman Club 1, 2, 4, Diehl Hall House Council 3. Moore, Dennis S. p. 67. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Class Vice President 2, Class President 3, Varsity Baseball 1, 2. Mooshian, Marilyn S. p. 67. STATE-to-DATE 1, 4, French Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Baptist Student Union 1, 2. Moquin, David N. p. 67. Judicial Board 3, Varsity Football 3, Varsity Wres- tling 4. Moreland, Danny L. p. 67. Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4. Morgan, Raymond P., II. p. 67. Varsity Track 1, 2, 3, 4, STATE-to-DATE 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, Sigma Zeta 2, 3, 4, Outdoor Club 1, 2, President 2. Mower, Clifton H. p. 67. Mull, Cheryl L. p. 67. Mumma, Victor A. p. 67. Varsity Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals 2, 4, Chess Club 4. Musick, Daphne J. p. 68. Baptist Student Union 2, 3, 4, Pathfinder 3, History Club 2, 3, President 3, Phi Alpha Theta 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4. Myers, Robert W. p. 68. Nelson, ,lames T. p. 68.. Intramurals 1, 2, History Club 3, 4. Nicewarner, .loseph L. p. 77- Tau Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3, Presi- dent 4, Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Captain 4, fVar- sity Basketball 1, 2, Stu- dent Union 2, 3, President 3. Niland, Francis A. p. 68. Sigma Zeta 3, 4, Gamma Theta Upsilon 3, 4, Presi- dent 4. Page, Cathy A. p. 68. W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, Baptist Student Union 1, 2, Alpha Xi Delta 2, 3, 4, Pledge Marshal 3, 4, Student Union 3, Secretary 3, Christmas Activities Chair- man 3. Patterson, Patricia C. p. 68. Noteables 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 2, President 4, Mary- land Singers 1, 2, 3. Peterson, Gary M. p. 68. Phillips, Karleen M. p. 68. W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 3, Social Chairman 4, Maryland Singers 1, 2, 3, Leadership Conference 2, 3, Awards Convocation 2. Pope, Sylvia R. p. 68. Wesley. Club 4. Powell, Elizabeth J. p. 69. Wesley Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4, Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4, W.R.A. 1, 2, Maryland Singers 1. Pulliam, Judith C. p. 69. Alpha Xi Delta 3, 4, Sigma Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4, Recording Secretary 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, Recording Sec- retary 3, Little Theater 1, 2, 3, 4. Rice, Ralph W. p. 69. Richardson, April A. p. 69. Richardson, Harry L., Jr. p. 69. Varsity Rifle Team 3, 4, Rifle Sz' Pistol Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, 3, President 4, Kappa Pi 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4, Prom Committee 3, Art Club 3, 4. Ridgway, Charles W. p. 69. Little Theater 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4, Area Councilman 2, 3, Kappa Pi 3, 4, NEMA- COLIN 4. Riggs, Foster A. p. 69. Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4, Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4, Var- sity Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Al- pha Psi Omega 1, 2, 3. Rinker, Robert R. p. 69. Varsity Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Track 1, Men's Athletic Council 1, 2, 3, 4. Robertson, Eugene G. p. 69. Le Salon Francais 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Manager 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Day Student Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4. Robertson, Kenneth H. p. 70. Robertson, Sandra L. p. 70. Alpha Xi Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3, Diehl Hall House Council 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Apple Blossom Prin- cess 3. Robinson, Charles E. p. 70. Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Tau Kappa Epsilon 2, 3, 4. Roland, .loan L. p. 70. Collegium Musicum 3, 4, Noteables 1, 2, 3, Treasur- er 3, Maryland Singers 1, 2, 3. Rosenberry, ,loan E. p. 70. Rust, David A. p. 70. Senate 4, Chairman Consti- tution Committee 4, ,ludic- ial Board 3, Election Com- mittee 4. Sayers, Peggy R. p. 70. Cheerleader 1. Schoenadel, George J. p. 70. Varsity Track 1, 2. Schulte, Karen p. 70. S T W Shaw, Mary J. p. 71. Wesley Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 4, President 3, Council of Religious Or- ganizations 2, 3, Secretary 2, Chairman 3, History Club 2, 3, 4, Pathfinder 2. Shields, Mary J. p. 71. Newman Club 2, STATE- to-DATE 2, 3, Assistant Editor-in-Chief 3, PAN- TISOCRACY 4. Shipley, Catherine M. p. 71. W.R.A. 2, 3, Recording Sec- retary 2, 3. Shives, Francis p. 71. Shockey, Nancy L. p. 71. Shoemaker, Mary L. Anne Arundel County, Maryland, B.S., Second- ary Physical Education, Kappa Pi 1, Maryland Singers 1, Physical Educa- tion Club 4. Shoup, Susanne J. p. 71. Siemer, Virginia A. p. 71. Chorus 3, Gray Hall House Council 4, Vice President 4. Skinner, Barbara A. p. 71. Slonaker, Ernest C. p. 71. Varsity Football 1. Smouse, Larry K. p. 72. Snelson, Gerald F. p. 72. Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, English Club 2, 3, I.V.C.F. 1, 2, 3. Solomon, Michael p. 72. Varsity Football 1, 3, 4, In- tramurals 1, 2. Spiker, Shirley A. p. 72. Squillari, Rosanna R. . 72. Kappa Pi 3, 4, Day Situdent Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sweet- heart Attendant 1, PAN- TISOCRACY 4, Art Co- Editor 4-. Stewart, Linda J. p. 72. Diehl Hall House Council 1, 2, Judicial Board Clerk 3, 4, Leadership Confer- ence Committee 2, 3, Al- pha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4. Taylor, John T. p. 72. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, College-Community Orches- tra 3, 4, President 3, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Maryland Singers 3. Thomas, W. Dennis p. 50, 77. Prom Committee Chairman 3, Class Vice President 3, Class President 4, Tau Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. Thompson, Vanceen L. p. 72. W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Tinsley, Lynda M. p. 77. Student Association 3, 4, Secretary 4, Alpha Xi Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3, Recording Secretary 4, Class Secre- tary 1, 2, Diehl Hall House Council 1, 2, 3, Sec- retary 1, 2. Troester, Tantsie A. p. 72. Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Diehl Hall House Council 4, Winter Carnival Queen 2, W.R.A. 1, 2, 4. Troxler, Virginia p. 73. Twigg, Anne M. p. 73. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Out- door Club 4. Twigg, Victor A. p. 73. Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Captain 4. Vann, Mary C. p. 73. Alpha Xi Delta 3, 4, W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Physical Educa- tion Club 1, 2, 3, House Council 4. Walker, Arthur R. p. 73. Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4, Rush Chairman 3, Secre- tary 4, Judicial Board 2, Allen Hall House Council -1, 2, Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4. Walker, Jacquelene M. p. 73. Diehl Hall House Council 1, 2, Vice President 1, 2, Senate 2, 3, Leadership Conference Chairman 3, Prom Committee 3, Chair- man of Decoration Com- mittee 3. Ward, Ronald H. p. 73. Watkins, Betty J. p. 73. W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Diehl Hall House Council 3, 4, Secretary 3, Historian 4. Weber, Roseann J. p. 73. International Relations Club 1, 2, Secretary 2,' Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Sigma Zeta 2, 3, 4, Note- ables 1, 2, 3. Weiner, Elliot A. p. 77. Student Assoc. Vice Presi- dent 3, 4, N.S.A. Regional Officer 4, Tau Kappa Ep- silon 1, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, Varsity Golf 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. White, Ralph D. p.. 74. Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. Whittier, Timothy L. p. 74. Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres- ident 1, 2, 3, Vice Presi- dent 4, Senate 2, 3, Varsity Wrestling 2, Maryland Singers 1, 2, 3. Wigfield, Margaret E. p. 74. Wightman, Charles J. p. 74. Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 2. Wilcox, Mary Ann p. 74. NEMACOLIN 1, Newman Club 1. Wilhide, Stephen D. p. 74. STATE-to-DATE 1, Inter- national Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4, History Club 3, United World Federalists 2, 3. Willison, Roberta J. p. 74. Wilson, Susan E. p. 74. Sigma Zeta 2, 3, 4, STATE- to-DATE 3, 4, Page Edi- tor 3, Sweetheart Princess 3 Wiltison, William K. p. 74. Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 43 Varsity Football 2, 3. Winters, .loseph L. p. 75. Intramurals 3, 4. Witt, Linda M. p. 75 . Woelper, ,lean G. p. 75. W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Prom Committee 3, Physical Edu- cation Club 1, 2, 3, 4. F ree- Advice fof Universal Importj from Wolfe, Virginia L. p. 75. Wesley Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Union 3. Wolford, Benny V. p. 75. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,' 2, 3, 45 Social Chairman 4. Yockus, Francis J. p. 75. Band 1, 2, 3, 4g' Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 1, 2, 33 Marching Band 3, 4. They say that College joys and sorrows Can't compare with those that wait In the wor1d's tomorrowsg And from my own brief hours spent I have these thoughts construed: When grey and black besiege you And the skies are most incontinent And you wonder where your carefree Just sing it gay and mellow Just -keep it red and yellow - Thatis where the blue begins . . . f"'Written with something of a chueklej Z Zeller, D. Lynn p. 75. Sigma Tau Gamma 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4, Band 3, 43 President 43 Intramurals 1,5 2, 3, 45 Homecoming Committee 2. Zerfing, Linda F. p. 75. Alpha Xi Delta 2, 3, 43 Pledge Trainer 43 STATE- to-DATE 3, 43 Clerical Editor 3, 45 Senate 4. Zumpano, Judith R. p. 75. the Yearbook Advisorff WCl'11l .Mama Timothy Sheldon I if ,4 Word Of Chunks I would like to take this time to sincerely thank each and every member of the staff for their unselfish efforts in putting together this yearbook. Many precious hours were spent in tak- ing pictures, cropping, composing layouts and captions, securing advertisements and doing art work. Though at timestempers became frayed and patience ceased to exist, the staff remained 'together to give to the student body their 1965 NEMACOLIN. A very special word of thanks is awarded to our advisor, lVlr. Timothy Sheldon, without whose never-ending ingenious ideas this publication could not have been produced. Sincerely, Editor . M ,VWM -at x, ,L .. . 1, l - Ke .4- ,Q 'wg 4 7? L, ,A , 1, W .4 , in vf a .1 ,.,.,.....oo--1'- Kuiuberhnd Qrostburg Wham f -5 ..,.-....,... ,gf V? . WW, ,, , , rr f. 2 I A " 1. 1 6 W at ff Eg, L 2 4 I .Z--f ., I , K? Avfql M J X. N' .1-f '1fifz"'Wv' ., A I 1' ' 'x wr., , Wllf I: KET 5 NEZXT 'fl 'QD-L L b fm 1:1 Co NQING S999-acl ' -L I 0 I.-ff V ..J" U 'Fa L 1 VF Advertisers Business Mauagen Bennie Dawson ,Ad Sditom Wu JWL440ine ,Yee Weinkang Diane Sfonesifer and Judy Koenig, boih from Baifimoro, are being shown by Mrs. Reber? Amfowe how easy if is fo esfablish a convenient checking accoun+ a+ THE FIDELITY BANK "The Bank That Makes Your Business a Pleasure" Your Deposits in the Fidelity Bank Are F.D.I.C. Insured Frosfburg, Maryland HARDWARE COMPANY 30 N. Mechanic Sfreef Cumberland, Md. Wes+ern Maryland's Leadin Spor+s Sfore "Ou+'FiH'ers of Champions" 9 SUPER SHOE STORE I7 Easi' Main Sfreef F ROSTBURG BAKERY I3 Easi' Main Sfreel' Frosrburg, Maryland Phone 689-6570 T 81 C LAUNDROMAT Your Clolrhes Come Clean Our Washing Machines" Wesi' Mechanic S+ree+ Frosiburg, Maryland JS' D dicafed fo bringing fo fhe campus of Frosfburg Sfafe . . . fraclifional clofhing and sporf p-'ro-fhe minufe sfyling and finesl qualify ni' +he mosf reasonable prices . . . "For The Loolc You Like" CRESTMONT MEN'S WEAR FROSTBURG, MARYLAND LAZARUS ll ll The Fashion City of Cumberland Three Floors Devoted Exclusively to Women's and Girl's Apparel 55 Baliimore Slreel' Cumberland, Maryland 4 ...- QUEEN CITY C0-CPERATIVE DAIRY INC Don't Just Say Milk . . . Soy: "Queen City Milk" 3I0 South Mechanic Street Cumberland, Maryland The Only Dairy in Western Maryland With "DaiIy Laboratory ControI" 'TTT' 5 'N Hwy J.. J ' I f ., 1 'ln A 3,15 1 . v""-, O -J L 81 W ESSO SERVICE CENTER 223 E. Main Street Frostburg, Maryland MORTON CHEVRQLET Chevrolei'-Oldsmobile FROSTBURG, MARYLAND Eat Out? Try the PRINCESS RESTAURANT You'll Go Back Again Main Sfreef ,tl 4 2051579 HALLMARK CARDS "When you care enough 'ro send +he very best" . DIAMONDS STERLING CHINA FOSTORIA JEFFRIES BROS., Jewelers 8 W. Main Frosiburg, Md. PRICHARD'S The Hardware l Department Store Fnosraune. MARYLAND FROST HALL "May All Your Showers Be Warm Ones." xx xXxXX' ' ffm ww 'DJ AYTLIfxTjCl DORIS AND HELEN'S BEAUTY BOX "F.S.C. SIuden+s Our SpeciaI+y" "Ask for Be-Hy" I55 E. Main SI'reeI'. Frosfburg OV 9-58 I 8 "Say II' WIII1 FIowers" PHILLIPS FLOWERS Broadway E. Main SI. Frosfburg, Md. Lonaconing, Md. UNIVERSITY SNACK BAR AND DANCE HALL I I5 Braddock Rd. ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY-NAME BANDS WEEKLY "BETTER FOOD AT BETTER PRICES" I - 273 F1 PETE HARPER'S "PARKLANE" RESTAURANT "The WorIci's Bes'r Fried Chicken and Shrimp" ONE BLOCK WEST OF COMPTON HALL FROSTBURG, MARYLAND iii iiii . SPRING! 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Cumberland, Md. G dF d ndThickShk 13 Z 2 Z 5 ,JE 1-5' 2 M 'J ff' -4 GUNTER HOTEL W. Main S+. Frosfburg, Mcl. GOLDEN CUE FAMILY BILLIARD CENTER SEARSTOWN SHOPPING CENTER Open I2 Noon fo Miclnigh'r Daily Complimenfs of ALLEN HALL "Home of the I32 Most Dapper Men on Campus" For Your College Supplies Visil' Ecl FIanigan's CITIZEN OFFICE EQUIPMENT STORE I8 Broadway Frosfburg 7 "THEY SHRUNK ff v MY PANTS AGAIN!" M C' u1'hinkI'lldiscovor I x' A EI fric Dryers!" X K .A V R! YRQQ.. I AIJQ1, ?' L 1 I Potomac Edison I ,Q - - Y YOUR POTOMIC EDISON COMPANY M- HOHlNG'S Men's Wear-Boy's Wear II E. Main Sfreei' Psa ,. 3 'Ba.nd., .Q ' . I A .0 f ' ' - , , , X f 3 ' O . 4 . X :Io 5 - -3 - Ei . . ' 1 - -2.1, ,zf .ga 1 ,4 j S X I f -...l l zao n i f "Next Time You Corrie Into Simpson Weor Your Pillow Close." THE DU RST COMPANY 689-8833 Frostburg Furniture-Funeral Ambulance Service Your Student Government at Work '53, sf 3 ar- ia 'W " I f, ' 1? A Y i .. I Q - s..xJi BARNES CUSTOM JEWELERS Exclusive Dealer for Orange Blossom Diamond Rings Complefe Line of Wafches and All Types of Jewelry 7 N. LIBERTY STREET CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND PALACE THEATRE . "where you see The best for less." v IS MVA, ,, W AL'S ITALIAN-AMERICAN RESTAURANT A ,, .., NB - 1 QQ-U Q . 2 G s my f 5 . 9 . L "1 'f ,lf-if K-O.. ' ' V :Q f "DIEHL IS THE BEST" -Y ...W....,..,.E., .., ......- lllffbdui w and -mi' 4-F-n I. .v,-nh., .M ,M x Hulse... -, JR, , ' Sli 1 -.4 ms.. an-sl . 'U-im. , +4 fl .-... W . Aja. .....,' --Q 'su , ... V "lk-. -1 All Mn., H. -L .. . A . I I' J, n L 4 - v - - - V - - V 5, .f-1-A.. M , -.. as 'p.1Yv . dl ' f . -. V 51- 'I ' JL' '1 tw .n -Y-"' , T. ' 4 -x ,..' .n K . .414 .gn-, ,. .., . , m-. ..-an mpayv. '..1x-, . .1 I V. .-n ' J 'M 4, 40- sf Dall' E .J ,T 1 . ' -.-fx. . T -. , 4, 5 .-, Mix? J ' .nu..,cn. ..u MJ. ' Y . 8. ,. 4 X 2, .I A PM f .nu sy.. mm ww.. +.a.M fr .L f .' .vnu-4 J-.. ' I - ff, 4.. . ,-.4 so-4-h..s..: 1.. .JW EA.. ...u A f ...Ez-um... ...,uwu- wma.: .,-.,,w.v-. ' .-K. nw ,u....x....u. au. -s -' K , ' .H V! N4 .- 1...1',"wGl .. .u . 1. . ,-....-.............. s ---1.4 . f...m'.-K, -, .I -H, u M . H 'wc--wg-n . . . -. ...A -A. susan uns, . .-4 A ,, .. nl .'., " ' vm- . new stun -- w. .mwmu-nun ..- - - -N , E . ,. , M. T V ' 1- .,g ,1.....- , .vm M v.,,,..Nm.X-H Arn W . " 3,y"f.-',jL,.,,g nu- A- ...r n T f pun.-nw-.u .,... A ,rx - .r . E . . ,-,g..4 vu-L. r .4 Q, ,w. . H Lg-. W, ., . mu - . , :Lnunmr . . m 1 ...wa .f. of -1 . 5 M fx, v ww.-,-.p ., , wp- ,., -,-url- .Q-apnea, -,-.rx . A K 1 'fx- -.,, A ' 1 :zum .- ,J ...,.. nu-v mv-4 1 eu- . f -Nw. f k uw, H ,,. ' .r..w'-was ... .mv 4. M. M.. Q.. J- was . -,-- .4-A .":xa 4... T- . 1 ...rl-s.zalu.-:hx--'f 7 .1,. .-4, Au, . . ' :A .J " "Ir . Otn A 'W ...A .,. -. 1 - .- ur. JI.. 1, 0.4 U1 , rw ffl.. nf., ,fn...w-WL-I . , fy --. ., wan-- 11 ilu .mp- .f. n .mv 514 -'.: m.', . ,IND had -ph nil Us-1 'Cdorless Dry Cleaning" D 81 S CLEANERS 5I E. Main S+. Frosfburg 689-6303 Compliments of HORCHLER HOUSE 8. STUDENTS Q52 ...No WAIT- Ef BONEY'S ISN'T ' K LQ 63-0: -lu- NT:-' ' OPEN ANYMORE!!! W. T. GRANT CO. LaVale .Plaza Shopping Cen+er HOSKEN'S JEWELRY STORE ROBERT J. KENNEY, Prop. IF I1"S GOOD rosa vou vnu.. 5 wwf ' N GUNTER HALL CAFETERIA PARISE'S CUT-RATE 85 E. Main SI'reeI' Frosfburg P 81 K SERVICE STATION Gas-OII-Accessories 302 E. MAIN ST. SHUPE'S PHARMACY EST. I 890 'The House of Professional Service HAVE YOUR PHYSICIAN CALL OV 9 5 OI El 4 I SVICBT 5 F 'W-Ve - up QQ Q I? LK bV0""'Y ,j-,M w,,.,,... ESTVA 1 ' i ' ' QUALITY PAPERS og . 5 -A 5 A I E7 ws n I A f 4 ' - V A . 4 ' 1. ,: fQ Q X i V AZ wwf mwwwhmmm wawnnwmw W 4 ' F713 ' W, Aff EJ Mi , -, . . .4-L V s i A 72 fg , .fi -f3.- X we-:L -'wa' J X .. x-. A ,n , FK, 4 West Virginia Pulp and Paper X Tl, ,, , Q .' 51 , ,vi W I N ,V , It hw? I i if i I - Y Mx uv 1 I A f b, H f I and v -, fl AM.. .. . . Oi,-Vyvzii ir Q .V I fl V , " 1,4 Qf1,g.s.afTfv Q Q A' -f' ff, .4 A ,' ,. X in 0 1 ' ,QW X Wm S+yle Minded Young Men Look Their Besi- and Dress for Less When They Shop ai' BURTON'S CUMBERLAND . . . LaVALE . . . WINCHESTER I HARVEY'S GREENHOUSE wr fl0iY!R5 COHSAcfs 249 E. Main Sireei' Frosfburg, Maryland Who MB 689-9266 Bob Wilson, Prop. -1 , .SQ For fhe Besf in Decoraiing PURUCKER'S Wallpaper-Paints-Fabrics Estimates-Evening Appointments JOHN A, l58 N. Cenfer S+. E, RUTH 722-7887 X ,,, if gy, Q I x .N XXX. . rw gf' l -'10 WEHL ER'S THE SQUIRE SHOP ' g Zvi Jgyxvfgfg-,s 'v ll.. J. ' 1 -f-A -nw SQUIRESM .' if Rf' I I' I ' in n xg X H . V .TNQ -'fs . .- ug ..... 'Y' - Q- ,, 5 .. ,,, mrior and Exferior Decorafing ' ' '44 Supplies-Yard Goods Qualify Mews Wear ArHs+ Supplies geardown Shopping Cerner Main Sfreef OV 9-8809 TAU KAPPA EPSILON "The Fraternity For Life" THETA-CHI CHAPTER FROSTBURG STATE COLLEGE FROSTBURG, MARYLAND In Honor of Annie B. Gray I From the Girls of Gray Hall lrresisfible Giffs a'l' SPECIAL GREETING CARDS KNITTING YARNS, INSTRUCTION WHITACRE'S GIFT SHOP 20 Broadway, Frosfburg, Maryland Nil? '-in-as 5 1' vi FROSTBURG-LaVALE-CUMBERLAND "'C 'f MlCHAEL'S CORNER STORE Quick and Friendly Service G Li'l Alphie Joined State May, l96l pledging . . . friendship scholarship leadership GAMMA PSI CHAPTER ALPHA Xl DELTA NATIONAL FRATERNITY V founded i893 0 Q , E4 ,ri g QX I 'ff A M l'll Be Glad When Summer Comes! THE TWO MOST TRUSTED WORDS IN MEAT Our llOll1 Year And all llwis lime l llwouqlwl your names were lvlr. Junn and lvlr. Donesl NJ wg. l '-fIglIg.,'iTag'f:-'Ip ii . mp! SIMPSON SPIRIT Simpson Hall, fhe home of one hundred and fwenfy-seven girls for nine monfhs a year, is fhe second oldesf women's dorm on campus. Mrs. Hazel Swecker has been fhe house mofher since fhe dorm was builf. The girls parficipafe in many acfivifies on campus including WRA, class acfivifies, sfudenf governmenf, Alpha Xi Delfa, Collegium Musicum, fhe orchesfra, Ihe band, and many ofher clubs and organizafions. Picfured above are Simpson's campus wide princesses and sweefhearl nominees. They are, lefl' fo righf, Janice Piccinini, Barbara I-Iuber, Befly Jordan, Narda Anderson, Debby I-Iughes, Jackie I-lolfer, and Willa Tharp. The house council has worked fo provide fhe girls wifh inferesfing and useful exfras such as a library of reference books, magazines, and newspapers fo be lcepf for fhe use of fhe residenfs,LecIurers have been invifed fo coffee hours for fhe benefif of fhe girls. In fhe fall Mr. Richard Nice and Mr. Paul Connor gave an informal lecfure followed by discussion on Sex and Ihe College Girl. In February a lecfure on fhe Crisis in Soufheasf Asia was given by various faculfy members. ' MQW Q F, V V!" -. f AN f A ,P Q15 a, gg, 5 ww , ..',,, ,.--,,.V-, A ,,,., f . , 1 ' ' I erreref , 1 AZAAI 5 y iff - 1 Sf, lj ' HAPPINESS THE DELUX CLEANERS INC "Cleaners Who Clean" 689-8900 32 W. Mechanic S+. ' . . . Getting Through the Maze The First Time!!! Frosfburg Wherever You Go-Take Picfures CHRISTOPHER PHOTO LAB V CUMBERLAND, MD. I-QI Complimenls of +I1e Men of Beta Pi Chapter I A Complete and Dependable SIGMA TAu GAMMA """"' Sem Our Staff Sytemtv Sirzccrcsf 'Zfongrafulafians to the KIHSK af '65 FROSTBURG NATICNAL BANK "The Bank for the People" Frosiburg, Maryland , , It You Think lm Going Out to .6 ' M NH Dinner With Any lw iilil' ffjf' C ' l A if rozy Psychologist i A 4 fi' im' You're Gut ot Your Mind 'fl' " -t "Finest Home-Cooking in Town" TAY'-QR'-'CIeUl'lel' i . K Y I iff, ff- 6 Y I ,, 4 . . Y, l Aff. DIAMOND RESTAURANT 689-9676 47 E. MAIN, FROSTBURC-5 39 BROADWAY, FROSTBURG Teo With Dr. Mills , AGAIN? fl j 1 .ill . , -- 959 QI.. .Q 1 . ,, lf' ' 5-5 . ye -I ,rf ml aw Q 7.2 . . 4, if, 4 .W Jn 1 1 .- P I 0 , 'nl . Y' , Q 4 - I ,-- pg '--.fy '., . gf-A - ' A 1 J . Vik? ,l A 1 X 5 rub. ,5'4:l1g?' 1 FWF' 'JQX 'spun Q - A 1 ' -AH-. '- , ah FW ' Nh 0: . Q H--.Qw.pgQl,q'q,,, - 4'.: 'sq f, 'ek 5 x ""' T I he . N gs. I Y' Q' J I r I , L . 1 ' 'i V " K 4 0 -, l ' N K kv., t 'Q X r V I I X I 1 4 f rub .,,, W 1 J' ri I-'I 'f if .sh S X. I' 97 I "',.,.3 . T' , U' 'LJ :V-r, 'L , -fy' , , 675 vm, 1 ' 4 ff., gz4ff'Sgk'N L Y J -- ' fi? 'f , X' .Q.':,:q13 ' ' ' 9141" A Xxxnjl, ,.,. If 'ff if 'SW X 45 UCQQET .1 l.g ' 1 I' T 1 1, I 1. I' g 0' "1 ' U 1 1 iimiigo 'With Q59 WHO 'U 5374143 E1 'Q 5 U ' N s . T 1. . g 'H' Q q. 1,1 4 n I ..:.. -me V, ,M 4 . -.. - 1 . xx 111 " ' .j In , -!,.,mg,f: X '-'L',, 1 'ln '- r I l 1 P x 1 ' . ' 1"i. lk . --. 1. , ,W ' . - ,.s5':5. .glw-. 1 M ' ,.'gEn.'.A !!:.?z?'.w llndl-MTMQD - ii1ff:-'..- fii:-'-:lim V ... , f 1, 1.1-'..1l,.1ff., ' 1, 13:3 F '2i:i. Q- fig- - 'N-1I:.'.j'.' WI sl fl' ':"1 'l ":'1 ':I:l' A 'ff 1 1. ' , h:'1gf:1:i'::1g. Tig, 'nf' .. . 7 W- ' 1 X n-,1:-l.'.'- 1 I1 1 -. - 1,'1""'4. , 1 . . 1N.1,1.-.w,1. 1, 1.1, ., 1. 'l'i'l:' I'-Fifi-'1',' N1' , , l' ' ,- - V1 i'1'- H1 1 f 1'1'1 '1 '10, .. ' ,955 g?i-'ilk "-s.f.i:i:H1.. . ' V , , 1 ,-a.1.s ""' , - ' f'. - . .' ' ' '- 1 W Q . , , .. ,L -, egfiselg L Quint, 1 ,, il :hx Q Q. :::ifsf:f'fi'i'!ii'S:f M11 wwf. N F . 1:-. n.-f .1 . 1' ul.-:Ls.h,usw:A 0.11 ', .-ww-fx . h,1,1.s'. nn' -., ,"?fw 1 f" :':E':i '1 l"!F:3f ':Il'2- ':'f:'J:l1 5?-102 I ii 3'- 553015 '5':'- f'fl'!"". 1:5552 1 ' BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY CUMBERLAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS BOWLING IS GREAT "The One Spor+ for Everyone" 38- L h V , li n1"1nrv: l ' , ,111 any .1 - ,fu 4- WHHE oAKs sowuNG LANES Mm Fewer CGVWGS Gfjd ' I Whife Oaks Shopping Cenier I Get IS O Bicycle' Cumberland. Maryland 727-6262 298 al ?o Knew Thor Dr. Snyder Wos Wrong When l-le Sold Ornithology 406 Would Go to My l-leodl"' GOLDFINE'S STUDIOS Dr. Valdes and Dr. Ramsey Enjoy Raspberry Tarls al One of lhe Facully Teas. CELANESE F IBERS COMPANY A Division of Celonese Corporation of America Amcelle Plani Cumberland, Maryland Bowling- Good Fun-Good Fellowship Any Time of 'lhe Day- Any Time of lhe Year. And Bowling's Besl' al' THE BOWLER WINCHESTER ROAD AND NATIONAL HWY. LaVALE, MARYLAND f. 'H l-late ' Student 'mls ll Teachers! .,,4 K ,ll we I 5 -sm-H f Wag- WE yi I 2 lla Well, Dawn, You Knew the Deadline Was February 25'rhl Ask for Snackologist Ed" ll MASON'S SNACK BAR U.S. R+. 40 Easi' of Cumberland Nave's Cross Roads WHITE COFFEE PDT FAMILY RESTAURANT Mia fa' 'Q 3 LaVALE PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER OPEN 24 HOURS Two Plus Two Are Four!! Two Plus Two Are Four!! .Q ,- LA if ,pf .JQM ., gix Mmwma- K u.....,..,,,,m MHHWMHXWKWNNMX in I XL 553532, 7:5 1- ,. ., xx M W, X- --fe, h' .U . A LL, .v. 1 "'.. r 74. sv' 4 -Q3 Il fill ' g x TY rr GLLNTEK Q f ' mm 4 li xvf ', ..., 7:-LJ. T Ab M mum?-----,N 4 X I The End W.. 4. 4 A ,L'9?.21i,Mm .1., X, ' fa, X. W M .1 :Mft Jw Rm xv-Wwdf' ' ,wut .w1?'q"h' f .h"Wf WV "1'F" Min, WQJHMMW, 1gvm".,,..h ,AW - N, 'fGu,yv:,Wvi" ' ,V X H 1r, y,,w W , , f- 1 W' W, J. ,V V . ,, " .W i" ,N ' ,MF .:.'!f5y'gm'QM"'fAn,,.' ,g 1 H gm v fi, vw' ' ,, I'-a M 1 af ,V R, wk ' M V n WJ M 0.215 3 "i?MI.:V'B"vk?5ilN9ffLwL 4 . V, ' 4 w ,J . , vim 4:1 w M xx, H x M' ,tm -, , Y, 'Mu,M' A N :iv -N25 ' ,, 1 J w W fkw. Q. ' ' lf-"MU" W "" ff-11' " wr .mu Mk 4' wp. " W, .- W 1 , ,, 40" my ,qi , ,. .. . 1 " L7 M , . ' ' 'A ' Jw' "N zum' . vw , A M. w ww-.,, , 4 J ,f , W' . M I, , 1 l vw .' W N ,pm ' 'M , J' ,W 4, 1 .V M ' lu Y w 0' ,.,,- 1- ww .vu , t an t of ' l-qi r' 1 n 1 .0 M N Q 5 "' H ,SN 'V 1. 1s W A W 'W EM.. ly-W ' , -'qw N MMV W ,HW , . 4 2 H v.. v.

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