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QQAQQXKX E LIBRIS S fx THE VIKING PUBLISHED THE FROST HIGH SCH L ENIOR CLAS FROST MINNESO 1951 In Loving Memory of GWENDOIIN QUAM who was a member of our class until her sudden death on June 26. 1950 We will always remember her for her cheerful disposition her pleasant manner. and her helpfulness to others In her sudden passing ve lost a very true friend and faithful classmate Her memory will always linger in our hearts and minds DEDICATION Ve, the Senior Class of 1951 desire to dedicate this VIKING to our Princi pal and Coach, Mr George Panzram In the three years he has been with us we have been convinced of his great leadership and ability as a Coach and Teacher His teams have set many re cords ln the school which could not have been accomplished without his out standing leadership We realize full well his value to the school and connnunity and we sincerely hope that he will stay many years to help lead the school to greater achieve ments in the hxture X, Il! X XXX-9 ADMINISTRATION XQJJI 7 X BQ xx: OST PUBL KOOL BUILDI surnnxnrmnnnnm P s Hagan BOARD Secretary Treasurer Ol' IDUOLTIO 0 W Isaklon Maynard. Kohl Directors Ermst Schonborn Alfred Peterson M L Johnson F R I 0 S G N G I President. . . . Levis Bannon. MID 7 YVYTI I U -ll Q1 KKK I P1-. ll Mrs G I Fis er St Cloud Teachers College St Cloud Minnesota 7th and Sth Grade Florerce L Scriver Nankato State T C Mankato Minntsota 5th and oth Grade nthel Mae guast hinona State Teachers 'ollebe hinona Mxn esota Algebra Jr Business neon Geogranng Girls Physicrl Education Mrs F J Buchan Mankato State T C Mankato Minne ota Wnglieh 10 ll ' Liorerlan Left to right Back Row Marjorie Monson State Teachers College Menl-'11 to Minne o ta lst Grade P S Hegdal St Olaf Co lege Northfield iirnesota Superinte oe t Physxcs left to rignt Front Row Mrs Cnrtxs Basel Mankato State T C Mankato 'hnne ota Utn Grede George Panzram Mankato State T ,Ld GF Q at Mrs P S Hegdal Mankato State T C Mankato Minnesota 2nd Grade Kenneth L Mestad Lutrer College Decorah Iowa Typing Boobkeepoing Business Law History nmma Hammargren Mankato State T C Mankato Minnesota Erd Grade Mankato f1DH9S0tB Social Science B1ology Am Government General Science Coach, Phys1cal nducation. p f,f f 9 P ,fly dl.gT'.'q gif? -.' X CEFL-4 W, ,Inns 9 X ,ggpp - .nvmg , 'W H Ili x-L T, 'A ! K 1 ' 5 1 1 7 0 "f-, : I -.. - -- , i L A-wvL U 'w . . 1. h A . . '. . -. C. H - 9, , , le. v WQNUAL STAFF no Back Row Constance Ivoeby Darlene Huieman Marge Sather, Arlene Voldsn l Joanne Holmseth LaDonna. Voldghl Stanley Sorenson, Doyle Koeetler XX Front Row Donald Folven William Isakson Roger Oelke Roger Shure, Richard Sevick NEXWSPA PER s TA FF S tand ing Shirley Bartel, Ann Isakson, Mardell Erdahl Virginia Seated ..aDonna Voldahl Marge Bruellman, Donna Chilson, Mina oanr- Ho lmse th Cone tance Loge, Margaret Hegdal Darlene Thompson ,ather Darlene Hui sman I 'osby Junior Cheerleaders Senior Cheerleaders Marilyn Anderson Ann Ieakson JoAnn Thomphson Dor-na. Chil son Constance Mosby Marge Satber Joann Holmseth f 7 , s I - af! . , . . . u I 0 1 1 - ' 1 s , S f 4. . ' I A l I I . 5 . , 1 Y . Q . . c 9 u ' Y , A . . , - . - . C 1 ' - I ., w i Ani ' 'Y ' S2 ' be-ffk If xx I ,Cf Xlkx SENIDRS y, Vx X X x-D X455 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Segtember 1949 50 Football Xiester there SGPBGUUDY 5 Football-Granada hers 30 Football Bricelyn there October lk November December January February March April May 23 28 7 Football-Thompson here CHomecom1ngJ Football Emmons here Football Bricelyn here October Senior Pictures Football Rose Creek There Jr Class Play "Young Mr Standish' Jamboree Elmore Basketball Thanksgiving Basketball Basketball Rake there Scarville there Basketball Bricelyn here Alumni Christmas Vacation Starts Kiester here Basketball Basketball Basketball Granada there Christmas Vacation Ends Basketball Rake here Basketball Del van Basketball East Chain here Basketball Bricelyn there Basketball Elmore there Jr High Tournament Bricelyn Basketball Scarville here Jr High Tournament Kiester Jr High rinals Community Club Fun Nite Basketball Delavan here Basketball Huntley here Basketball Elmore here Sub District Welle District Wells Easter Vacation School starts after Easter Athletic Banquet Music Contest Winnebago Senior Skip Day District Music Contest Truman Regional Music Contest Mankato Junior-Senior Banquet Mothers Daughters Tea Track Kiester there Baseball Kiester there Senior Claes Play 'Luck of the Irish' Track Meet Elmore Band Concert Baseball Bricelyn there Track Bricelyn here Band at Kiester Baseball Winnebago there Baccalaureate Picnic June 1 Commencement Novem ber December January February March 9 April 5 3 0 5 1 5 8 2 5 9 2 6 9 3 1950-51 School started Registration Football Kiester there Football-Granada there Initiation Party Football Bricelyn here Football Thompson there Football-TriMont here Football Svea City here Football Bose Creek here Junior Class Play 'Aunty Big Basketball Jamboree xlllfil' P T A School Party Thanksgiving Basketball Rake here Basketball Elkton here Basketball Kiester there Basketball Bricslyn there Baske tball-Elmo re there Christmas Vacation Starts Basketball-Granada here Christmas Vacation Ends Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball BBILQCDBII Basketball Basketball Bake there Delavan here Huntley there Bricelyn here Elmore here Granada there Blue Barth there East Chain here Delavan there Sub Dist Basketball Wells District B8l16tb811 Wells No School Snow 6 Spring Vaca tion Musical Program Goodman-Calaway Sen Play 'High School M stery' Dist Music Contest Ensembles and Solos Winnebago Dist Music Contest Large Groups-Truman Senior Skip Day State Regional Music Contest Mankato Teachers College Duel Track Meet Bricelyn here Junior-Senior Banquet Mothers E Daughters Tea Border League Track Meet Wells Dog 5 Pony Show E C McCall Triangular Track Meet Bricelyn District Track Meet Blue Earth Spring Music Concert Baccalaureate School Picnic Commencement 16 - -- 23 1 - - 22 25 29 - zo - 5 - 21 1 28 - 20 ' 27 - U . . .. - ' 1 23 1 ' - -'OU' 21 . . . . ' 2 - 6 - 23 9 ' - 13 - - 23 - - 23 1 .- 1 6 .. 9 22 10 - 13 - 3 3 17 - - 20 1 - 27 - 1 , 30 . 1 - - 31 - 2 . - 1 . 30 1 ' 3 Ba'ke'Gban'K1e"f"' than 2 ssskszba11-x1sscer here . 6 v - 8 v 9 ' as : 16 1 - 22+ - 2223 ' ' , ' 2 - 8 -26 - - 1,5 .. 1 6 . - 3 12 . - - 19 ' - ' 27 20 . 28 . ' 26 . 29 28 2 - 5 . 8 - May 2 - 10 1+ ll - 7 12 5 - 13 - 8 - . . lb 15 - 15 - 19 - 19 ' 23 22 27 31 30 u - . , Kermeth Northwich 'If speech were electri city I would be s poser- house W Kenneth Northwick 'The more A man loves the more he suffers ,lf Thelma Nodland ' ppy an I from care am free why aren't ey all contented like me ' Neil Iittlesen 'The twinkle of his eye reflects the depth of his wit ' x-'5' Alfred Undordahl Be s on the alert when it comes to A skirt Barbara Thompson 'The greatest pleasure of life love W FW""" Sherwood Brekke 'Wy memory is something I forget with " J ame s Anderson "Abi Love I'm scared. stiff but 1sn't it wonder ful u Evelyn Clark 'The world is no better if we worry Life is no longer if ve hurry " Dean Oswald. "I like to study and do my share but the Jokes lip in unaware wgw ff Richard Fensbs 'He thinks much but says little " .-,-.-l- CL or 195Q The history of the class of 1950 is very exciting and thrilling lilm a Mystery story In the fall of 1938 a small intelligent group of children started their first year of school in Frost They were JoAnn Hanson Janice Hamre Janes Anderson Sherwood Brekke, Robert Holland Neil Kittlesen, Lee Olson, Alfred Underdahl Donald Stephenson and Dean Oswald.. At the same time Evelyn Clark started in Iowa Thelma Nodland and Barbara Thompson started at Dell Richard Fenske started in District 58 and Kenneth and Kenneth Northwick started in District 82 With people moving in and out the personnel of the class changed from time to time during their twelve years in school In the fall of 1939 as second graders they started school with few changes in the class Eugene Erickson started but withdrew in March Janice Hamre and Dean Oswald left during their third years. and Marlys Louk and Laverne Thoresdahl entered in the Spring Dean Oswald returned during fourth grade also another new student came Gloria Hamson At the begin ning of fifth grade Sherwood Brekke and Laverne Thorsedahl moved away and Marlys Louks Robert Holmseth Leon Jahnke Evelyn Clark entered, Marlys and Robert for only a short period Donald Stephenson moved away during the sixth gmde to Alden where he is graduating this spring In ou.r seventh grade their were many that had left Leon Jahnke and Robert Holmseth Danny Sunno entered in the middle of the year Sherwood Brekke Robert Holmseth Ralph Sabin and Evelyn Clark returned in our Eighth grade Entering Frost High School as Freshmen in September of 19'-P6 the class increased slightly Members were James Anderson Sherwood Brekks Robert Rolmseth Neil Kittleson Marion Twedt, Ralph Sabin. Kenneth Northwich Kermeth Northwick Evelyn Clark Barbara Thompson Thelma Redland Danny Sunno Dean Oswald. Marlys Louks. and Alfred Underdahl Lee Olson entered for about a month in the winter and then moved away Marion Twedt dropped out and Marlys Louks and Ralph Sabin moved away Marlys is graduating from Pillager and Ralph from Rake this year Robert G,1erdl Joined our class for a short period in our Sophomore year Evelyn Clark moved away to Elmore where she went for over a year she returned however to finish here Robert Rolmseth and Danny sunno dropped out during their Sophmore and Junior years respectively The members of the Senior Class have taken a very active part in extracurricular activities the boys participating in football basketball track and baseball, while the girls partie ipated in ,journalism Both boys and girls from our class took part in the band The class gave class plays for both Senior and Junior years The Junior play being 'Hillbilly Court ship' while the senior play was 'The Luck of the Irish" During the Junior year the class were hosts to the Seniors of 191419 at a banquet with the theme for the banquet being of Spanish character This year the members of the class were guests of the Juniors at a beautiful banquet with the theme "An Old Fashioned Garden " The present officers of the Senior Class are as follows Neil Kittlesen President, Kermeth Northwich Vice President Kenneth Northwick Secretary and James Anderson Treasurer he to the school The class wishes the fund to be set aside for a clock to be bought for the I I O I D I I ' I e T class plans to leave a fund. which consists of the proceeds of the class play as a memorial Ull- E lt' :Lil Exif . ,J- Semor Class Wu II We the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty in the Village of Frost County of Faribault State of Minnesota being in full possession of such mental faculties as we possess or claim to possess do hereby devise will. bequeath and convey our various earthly possessions. and all the dangles and bangles there-on-to belonging to the snfeebled ln- tellects of our successors the Juniors, to be held by them and duly cherished AED III THIS MARKER DO YI DISPO OF OUR POSSESSIONS I To the entire school we leave the example we have set as worthy scholars and blame- less students Our record has been spotless and in all the annuals of our career we have done no deed as a class that we need blush for gg II To the Junior Glass we bestow our richest treasures Almost too numerous to mention are these same treasures and when the lower class men hear the recital of rare legacies which fall into their possession we scarcely expect them to stand up under the shock Our Senior dignity our excelling wit our superlative brilllancy, our good looks, our charming manners our favor with the teachers our splendid grades and our triumphant exit as the most popular class this school has ever seen these are the rare treasures that we hand down to the coming Senior Class Art III To our young and bewildered Sophmores we bequeath our easy going attitude. which will be necessary for them to possess in order to tolerate the coming Senior Class Art IV To the young and bewildered freshman we bequeath our immense knowledge of the nooks carannies. and secret exits of this vast structure. which houses the Frost Educational system This they will need in order to become intellegent upper olassmen some day Art V To the Faculty we leave the cherished memory of our companionship which we know will live in their hearts forever We also leave our undying gratitude for their guidance and help throughout four years of high school , VI To Mr Hegdal our Superintendent, we leave our gratefulness. for his understand ing attitude and assistance which he has shown us these four years of high school will aid ue greatly in the years to come Art VII To Mr Panzrsm our Principal we leave 10.000 shingles so that he can cover the roof of his new home Art VIII To Bobby Griggs our Band Director we leave our deep thanks for all he has done for us and the band Ye hope he will continue to have a long happy and successful career at Frost Art I1 To our Janitor Pete Mldthun we leave a bottle of throat spray, he will need this to ease his tensile after four years of yelling at us Art X To lies Hazel McCarthy we leave our best wishes for a speedy recovery and hopes that she will be able to continue her teaching next year coming to tales over our class and for directing our class play Art XII To Kenneth Mestad. our Consumer teacher we leave the patience he will need to put up with the coming Senior Class r XIII, Individual Bequeaths Section I I James Anderson will my ability to wiggle my ears shake my leg and otherwise disturb the class to Orvin Voldahl so he can carry on the good fight Section II I Sherwood Brekke will my ability to run to school every morning in a matter of seconds to anyone who follows the 8:30 news also next year Section III I Evelyn Clark will my ability to go steady to anyone who wants to next year Section IV I Richard Penske will my intellect to Leland Pearson so he can keep up with his classmates Section V I Heil Kittlesen. will my humor tb La Donna Voldahl to keep up the cheery attitude in Frost which is now present also my wavy hair to any girl who hates wearing her hair under a kaerchief the day before heavy dates Section VI I Thelma Nedland. will my quite manner to Ihery Johnson he will probably be able to make use of it Section VII I Ken Northwick will my masculine way with women to Donald Ehrlch so he can start dating he opposite sex Section VIII Kerm Northwlck will my ideas notes and anything that will help to put out the Frost Bite to Marge Sather so she will be a sucessful Editor Section II I Dean Oswald, will my superb clarinet playing to Margaret Hegdal so she can carry on in the band Section X I Barbara Thompson will my ability to get a diamond to Deloris Skogen maybe she will need one soon Section XI I Alfred Umderdahl will my pool shooting ability to Butch Shure so that in our next game he will give me competition In witness whereof we hereby designate as our sole administrator of this our last will and testament our Class Advisor Mr P S Hegdal and do solemnly sign and seal our will on this the 5th day of May Nineteen Hundred and Fifty SENIOR CLASS 1950 FROST HIGH SCHOOL . I I Art. . t. . . Art . . . . - Art. XI. To Mrs. R. J. Buchan. our English teacher: we want to leave our thanks for her A t. . - 0 I V 0 I s t . 0 Il I 1 D Senior Prophecy Imagine it is 70 years from now, and you are a visdtor to the art museum of this town has recently been erected as a memorial to the many celebrated citizens who once made host their home and it contains as its most cherished possessions. momentos of their deeds and works You remember having heard your grandparents speak of some of these people, and you are faintly curious as to what they may have accomplished You enter the mueum over a door at the right is a inscription reading of exhibits meets your eye You began at the left side and work your way slowly around until the door is reached again and you see the following exhibits In a glass case a collection of silver and gold loving cups and medals of all description Their inscriptions vary from 'High running Jump at State Track Meet' to Winner of Olympic Games, Greece ' Their card states simply these trophies won by JAMES ANDERSON World' Greatest Athlete Here is a helmet and badge with a number and the letters 'P D ' you wonder why that is of importance and when you read the card above it says the badge and helmet of NIL!! SLAB! THE first policewomen of the town She did more to secure law and order in her district than any ten men and was a credit to her town and state How you see a Bond old-and worn a cooperative Bond of some sort. so worn you cannot dis tlngulsh the name of the company It seems of no interest until you read the accompanying card as follows: 'The first bond over sold by every contest and every bonus offered and finally attaining the presidency of the Consolidated Bond Houses of the World ' DIL KITT1-IS!! The next case is interesting It contains a divers suit of steel and his oqgen tank there is a huge dent in the helmet The card explains this as follows 'This suit worn by ALFRED UNDIRDAHL, the well known deep-sea diver when he rescued the men trapped on the Submarine 1313 during the storm of 1978 The dent in the helmet was caused by a blow from a whale ' In the next show case is a worn and dirty pass port and the nme of it is that of TBIIXA NODLLND The card states: 'Thelma Nodlsnd was the first woman to commute from America to lurope by the Great Northam Airway She operated two candy stores where she sold her famous fudge one in London and the other in New York and spent the alternate days in each travel ing back and forth at night ' And now you see a costume old and faded but still boastful It is a velvet suit. with a plumed hat and a sword by its side The inscription reads, 'This suit worn by IINNIITH superior to Sothern " You are now passing by large stuffed animals Some are as large as twenty feet in length and 5 feet ln width You get curious so you stop and look at the card, it says the follow- ing 'The rarest collection of stuffed animals found in the world These are a few spec imens of the famous hunter DEAN OSWALD he never used weapons just his charm so of course they were all female animals In the next case we come to are a number of yellow and worn sheets of newspaper The Head ing is 'Advice to the Lovelorn' by KIB.ME'I'H NORTHWICK You read the answers to the pathetic ally foolish questions, and they are sensibly answered although s trifle over sentimental The date ls fifty years ago 'First series of the Kermeth Northwick. Advice to the Lovelorn, which became the most famous syndicated newspaper article series in the world The case you approach now has a model of tiny machine which seems to combine the qualities and abilities of all the machines you have ever seen before It has knives, wheels oogs, pulleys and all the other implements you ever heard of but just what is it ford You find lt impossible to determine So you look at the card and read as follows: 'This does every thing' the invention has made BARBARA THOMPSON famous and was first demonstrated by her ln the year 1982 The machine washes irons, scrubs gets meals washes the dishes, gets the children off to school tends the furnace and does the marketing all with very little cost It has an attachment by means of which the machine can be used to mow the lawn and hoe the garden Another attachment automatically reaches out an arm and spanks little Wes Jr when he drags the cat around by the tail as we reach the last glass case in the museum we see a battered baritone. the card next to it reads: 'Baritone belonging to SHERWOOD BREKKE ' He made 30 concert trips around the world He retired at the age of 45 to his beautiful estate in California with his wife and family As we are getting ready to leave the museum we see an elderly man with a long white beard dusting the show cases and sweeping the floors It isn't Father Time it's RICHARD FENSKI he has a hard time pushing the broom but he manages to keep the museum spotless As we leave the museum we hear him mumbling of the good times he had as a Senior at Frost High School in 1950 You have now seen the famous Frost Museum and realize fully for the first time how many famous people. how many benefactors of the human race were natives of your home town You marvel at the brilliance of the Claes of 1950 FROST HIGH SCEOL A EIJTIOR GLASS 1950 O . It . . . s I I I HORTHWICK, the famous Shakespearean Actor, when he first played Romeo and was acclaimed nl L. 1959 Squad Ken Iorthwiok Beck Row: Cleft to right! Jim Anderson, Roger Shure Roger Oelkl Frost Bow Cleft to rightl Doyle Koestler, Inland. Pearson. Kenneth Korthviok 'thu Ln Sherwood lrekhe 'aims . Heil Iittleson s as J' W QQ 'Y Go-Oaptains len. Horthvick and Sherwood Brekke I 0 I B A L L 8 Q U A D Sherwood Brelckne Jhes Anderson Kenneth llorthvick Kenneth Northwich Neil Kittlesen Alfred. Underdnhl B111 Isa-kson Roger Shure Roger Oelhe Richard Savick Doyle Koestler Dale Ghilson Roger Olson Lelaml Pearson Thomas Thompson Orrin Voldnhl Ronald. Knutson hery Johnson. Jr Stanley Matheson George Panz ram Coach SIL xrost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Jin Anderson S I R100 6 33 6 25 6 6 X . ,. s, , 4 , ' ' 9. ' 1 1: -U , Q-' ' . 1 3 -fi' ' 1- 'J p ' 1- 3 - I " Eli eg'- , W. K 1..?'-ff, -', 'Ar ' 29' 'J Q l ' ,ll . . . 'Q ' .A , . . 1 v gf H L, or .1 n f , figs lm H- 4' sf if ' Lfaju ' ia- ' I 61 t 0 0 n D I 1 Iiester 36 Granada Brioelyn 30 Thompson 6 Brioelyn 13 Rose Creek 13 1939-50 Squad QW3 Sherwood Brekke B A 5 K I T B Sherwood Brekke Jim Anderson Alfred Underdahl Kenneth Northwick Dean Oswald Neil Kittlesen Roger Shure Richard Savick Donald Folven Ronald Knutson Jerry Sather Orvin Voldahl lv' Trophies won 1939-50 Cleft to rightl Junior High Border League Traveling Border League Championship Sub-District 5 Jim Andgrgqn SQUAD B111 Isekson Doyle Koestler Stanley Sorenson Dale Chilson Roger Olson Donald Ehrick Emery Johnson Jr Thomas Thompson Leland Pearson Wallace Sorenson Stanley Matkesor George Panzram Coach S E A Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost Cqptlin O N R I C 0 R D 39 Kiester 30 Bake Scarville Bricelyn Granada Rake Delavan Bricelyn Granada Scarville Kiester Delavan Huntley Elmore Elmore Sub Dist Tournament rost 32 Delavan 22 Frost 37 Kiester 26 District Tournament Fro st M5 Sherburn 50 Q E N I 012 PLAYQX 'S'c""?gi? 491 SENIOR CLASS 1 9 5 0 presented RTHE IUCK OF THE IRISHU Left to right Dean Oswald, Kermeth Northuick James Anderson. Barbara Thompson, Thelma Nodlund Neil Fittlesen, Kenneth horthuick, Carole Rae Hanson Evelyn Clark, Sherwood Brekke Directed by Mrs R J Buchan L13 Q flifxib Y Say, . - Ll. 'Wm SENIOR CLASS 1 9 5 1 presented 'THE HIGH SCHOOL MYSTERY' Left to right standing: Stanley Sorenson, Donald Folven, Doyle Koestler, William Isakson, Director Mrs. R. J. Buchan Seated: Darlene Huisman, Marge Sather, Constance Mosby, Arlene Voldahl, Joanne Holmseth, Lahonna Voldahl, Richard SaV1Ck, Roger Oelke, foreground. . ' - vi. , ' if., L'-Wear sl . ,M gy? ,f1:,1,,f iA'QHLY?QX5 4, ' M S 'infix .A F Sl . N K i . ' 4 ffl I R it , 1 -. ' 7 ll 4 1 Q V I 3 ' 1 v e Sq 'Q fx N x 1 1' X Q X . I lg To Q' S - I Aw H' f r 1 'kffzz ' Ergr' M ' R 4 of S 1 , I N- ! ff ' ,X XX All s . Q Stanley Soreneon obod.y'e enemy lverybod.y'e friend " 37? Marjorie Bother 'A eve11 gel. a friend. of all villing to help when ever you ee.11 ' Le.Donna Voldnhl 'A eparkling dark eyed mid what mischief her eyee have playe Roger Oelke "I'l not er ing I'm tell ing ' Richard Savick 'A whiz at sports and a man among men ie he but among women would rather be " Arlene Vold.a.b.1 'No one will believe it 'but I'm naturally baehful ' Doyle Koeetler 'It 1.en't what you do it'e what you get by with -rf" -if Alh Roger Shure 'I was caught study ing but I've almost lived down the dis grace ' Constance Mosby 'M hero mue have curls " JoAnne Holmseth er mind is on her work but her heart is elsewhere " Darlene Huisman 'Could you be true to eyes of blue if these brown eyes would smile at youl' Donald Folvsn 'This Senior lad is seldom sad. " William Isakson 'I used. to be a woman hater. but the Bible s s By I 'Love your enem1es'. E CY f On a beautifzd summer day of the year 2500 A. D. . I happened across something of great interestg and I felt that the story should be shared with you. It was a perfect day for catfish to be biting. and I could resist the urge no longer. After gathering together my fishing equipment I took a spade to a spot in the beck yard and started to dig for angleworms It seemed that I had dug for quite some time with only a. few worms to my credit when my spade struck a hard object Upon investigation I found a tin can which was sealed but obviously contained some light object My cur- iosity was amused so with the aid of a handy can opener I proceeded to find out what treasure I had discovered It indeed was .1 t ea ..rc' It was a roll of microfilm and as soon as I could locate a movie pro ector I sat down for some real entertainment The pictuzes had been taken by Roger Oelke in the year 1989. and they give us complete inform ation on the 1951 graduating class of Frost High School We see Donald Folven as a distinguished artist painting in his beautiful home in the suburbs of Minneapolis His wife the former Bernina Loge is watching him Well! Well! What is this? Isn't it Marge Sather the once honor graduate of Kahler School of Nursing married and living or the Northwick fam north-east of Frost We see s. familiar face in a truck driving into a driveway marked "R C 's Ranch " It's Doyle Koestler Next is a church and the organist is Connie Mosby the greatest piano and organ player of the twentieth century Now comes Richard Savick always called Dick as a great Admiral in the United States Navy Like all sailors he has a different girl at every port Aha Now here is a real business enterprise It is Arlene and LaDonna Voldahl running a pros perous trapline in Alaska No one seems to know what they are trapping but we are wishing them luck What's this? Is it a bird? No coming closer we see it's Stan Sorenson in his Airplane looking over his crops He has become a flying farmer And who is this? Why it's the fomer Jo Holmseth at her new home by Dell She always did think that Dell was a nice place Another truck on the road but this time it's a meat-packing truck and Bill Isakson is driving He is a Physics teacher with Meat Packing as a sideline Hmmm! Bere is a picture of Darlene Huisman who has settled down in Texas with her Air Force husband Her trip to New York must have been a success Now coming into view is Frosts' famous all-state Quarter-back Butch Shure, who is coach of the winners of the State Championship game this year Oh my something must be wrong This looks like a picture of a Kiddie Quiz Show Well it it isn't Roger Oelke who is the announcer He always did have a knack for talldng That is the end of the film and I repeat it really was a treasure that I ran across I hope you enjoyed it , I TMALV-3 F1 f 6 fxgjg 7' NX 2 ' f Tff y f Ja F96 G f TLD Q-EM gjffj htfkfw' Ckocof f 9 I C ' . I D I s ' ' 1'4" 5' '- ' y 1 Q .. Q O . , , . U . . . . . . . 4 I 0 I U . . I . - ' Y I O U I l 1 O 0 O I . I U I ' . . ' l l C . R of fl e' Q , I WJ If 1 e ,s - aj' 1 ,N ' g '- , 3 'V ff ' I 4 .1 ,gf-""" Y K 'Qgf' ' ' f -y A y .x:':'A' , lf ' ,, .Ll K.- ff ygtvj, , MF, X Z7 f fe 1 , 4 - QA ' ' psx'f -K' . 'Q x 4 I' fx 'f X ' !-11 7 3,51 fx M y ,f 1 Y f dy hi" S7 - ff' A UI f f , , A , x if X fu 4 xl - gg, Q 7 , x ' -"1 ff Ns' .0 MQ' W ff! 6 :E If 4 P: 3 ll' K6 5 65 6 ya 5 Y f 1 2- K 5 f 4 -7 'E ,fd ' x., 1' Sensor Class WI L L le the honored Senior Class of Frost High School in the year of 1951, are proud of our records and the school Members of our class have been active in all of the extra curricular functions The 'gentlemen' of our class comprised a big share of the championship football team. and it was Roger Shure of the Class of 1951 that made the All State team Four of the five starting plqrers on our sensational basketball team were from our class Cheerleaders who helped bring our many athletic victories were from the Senior class and they will their abilities to the prospective first team cheerleaders of the next year he band and Girls' Glee Club will mourn the loss of the fair sex of the Senior Class and also Bill Isakson's remarkable clarinet playing Seniors on the Frost Bite Staff leave our best wishes and unused Jokes to the future Journalists Because we think we will be missed. and because we know we shall miss the school. ws, being of reasonable sound and sane minds hereby declare this to be our last will and testament Article I To the history of Frost High School we feel that our brilliant and our unusual achelvements will live after us but not wishing to take any chances. we suggest that a tablet. on which shall be inscribed our several names and e. few of our most astounding deeds be purchased and placed in the auditorium of the school in a position where it will strike the eye of all who enter Article II To the faculty we leave their wonderful memories of us Qsklp the few badonesj and may they never forget our smiling dispositions Article III To Coach Panzram the memory of our successful year of sports, and our very kindest regards and sincere graditude for his unfailing kindness and aid Article I7 To 'Pete' Midthun our Janitor we leave a spotless school Cnet that we did any of the art istic drawings and writings on the walls and desks J Article V To Mr Hegdal. we will our ever demanding help in his class. that it may be appreciated in the years to come Article VI To Ray Hanson our secretary we will our annoying questions and problems when he is busy, and wish to thank him for the help he gave us in putting out the annual Article VII To the Juniors, we leave our worn and much studied books and also our luck Qshould we say good or badtj It made us what we are today and it should satisfy them In addition to this leave our privileges and rights as Seniors in classrooms Article VIII were Juniors You might need it next year Article H the young Freshmen we will our ability to get the same response during iniation week when they're Seniors as we did this last fall Article I Individual Bequeaths I, Donald Folven will my ability to sneak into classes after the bell has rung to Mina Loge who seems to forget there is a last bell I JoAnne lolmseth will my driving ability to this years driving class that they may get their license in one easy lesson Darlene Huisman will my brown eyes and dimples to Elizabeth Thompson who couldn't make use them at present she's got her man 0 William Isakeon, will my friendly disposition to the Junior Class who might make use of next year, to keep their sunnyside up Doyle loestler will my parking ability to Donald Ehrlch who has seemed sort of shy so far I Constance Mosby, will my day-dreaming ability in classes to Jean Bolmseth so she can for- get about studying next year as I did I Roger Oelke will my masculine build to Elwood Langsev so that he can get attention from the opposite sex I Marjorie Sather will my ability to go steady a whole year to Mardell Erdahl we wonder if she could do it cont'd on following page O Th-O 1 T The U we . . ' !o the Sophmores we leave our many outstanding accomplishments and fine deeds that we did when YB s e To . I. . of , -- . I, . lt - . I. . . Cont'd. from preceding page. I. Richard Savick. will my long hair to Jerry Sather. as he never gives his e. chance to grow. I Roger Shure will my good marks to Margaret Hegdal With them she could get honors next year I Stanley Sorenson will my heighth to Orvin Voldahl so we can have another good season sports next year I Arlene Voldahl will my ability to bluff in classes to Red Olson it comes in handy sometimes I LaDonna Voldehl will my ability to write my own excuses to Dale Chilson who I'm sure could make good use of it Article XI Any property or personal possessions of ours that may remain in addition to the items spec ified we give and bequeath to the Frost Board of lducation to use as it sees fit Thus any money saved may be applied either to the teachers' salaries or toward the purchase of mouth organs ukuleles and kazoos for the school band Of course this is entirely a matter for the discretion of the school board Besides these bequests we leave our best wishes to any and all who may desire then. In Wit ness wherefore the Class of 1951 the testator have set our hand and seal on the 31st day of May in the year of 1951 SENIOR CLASS 1951 In order that the most happy moments of the Class of 1951 are not forgotten we leave this History In the fall of 1939 tus bright-eyed boys and girls entered Frost School They were Roger Belau Gelaine Erdahl Robert Holland Darlene Huiaman, William Isakson Richard Johnson, Roger Shure George Wangen and Gwendolyn Qaam Later on in the year Gloria Harmon Jean Holmseth and Omar Hanson Joined us Also in other schools scared little boys and girls were also starting on the long road to get an education Arlene and Lalonns. Voldahl at Dist 1210. Constance Mosby at Dist 59 Jo Anne Holmseth at Dist 115 Doyle Koestler at Dist 72. Bo r Oelxe at Dist 81+ Marjorie Sather at Windom Grade School Ln Minneapolis and Donald Iolven at During our second year at school Omer Hamson and Richard Johnson withdrew Leland Pear son and Donna Kerkiede entered In the third grade Jo Anne Holmseth entered George vlangen left in the middle of the year and Jean Holmseth moved away at the end Leland Pearson dropped out at the end of the year During our fourth year Gloria Hsmson Jean Holmseth Roger Oelloe and Leon Janice Joined us Leon dropped out at the end of the year Stanley Sorenson Joined our class the fifth year During our sixth year Roger Belau moved to Blue Earth where he graduates this year Gloria Hanson also moved Marjorie Sather entered Lt the end of the seventh year Jean Holmseth dro Jped out We added three more to our class in the eighth grade They were Delorls Skxogen Connie Mosby and Doyle Xoestler This gives us a total of 13 In the fall of 19147 a timid looking group of lads and lasses entered Frost High School as Freshman They were Constance Mosby Marjorie Sather Arlene Voldahl Doyle Xoestler, Stanley Sorenson, Labonna Voldahl Roger Shure William Isakson, JoAnne Holmseth Richard Savick Gwendolyn Qusm and Robert Holmseth During this year Gelaine Erdahl moved to Bake where she is also graduating There were some changes in the Junior year also Geraldine Matheson Joined us Robert Holmseth Delorie Slcogen and Geraldine Matheson dropped out at the end of the year During the summer before our Senior year we lost a very dear classmate through a tragic accident namely Gwendolyn Quam Then comes our Senior and the most memorable year in the History of this class There are now thirteen of us The members of this class have takan part in many extra curricular activities The boys have taknen active parts in football basketball, baseball and track. The gtrls have participated in G A A Glee Club Band and Journalism Iour of the girls served as cheerleaders Class Plays were given in both the Junior and Senior years This years play being 'The High School Mystery' and the play "Young Mr Standish' in the Junior Year The class plans to leave a fund proceeds of Class Plays in memory of Gwendolyn Quam The class desires that this fund be used toward the purchase of a Trophy Case I I O , , in v I s"" I I g e I I I I D - I I I I . . ' 1 I s I I I I I . . . f . Q0 Morris Park also ln Minneapolis. I I O 0 I 0 - I I I I I I I I 0 I s I O O I e e e U I e I I ' 2' 3 Oelke ri! 'hs' Doyle Koestler Wa Dick kvick. Football Team it FS' 'T' -3.-ii! ' "..lL, 'af' 1111 11 M1 lm, W 4, Folven ,gf N'-+ 'f-0kx'?4'w.,'1 are 'WNW 1950 Squad. 5 5.4 4 '23 -5-J' .AWP as .., ' N' Leland 3""' 'Q""""" Pearson Back Row Cleft to righti Roger Oelke Roger Shure Donald Iolven Iront Bova Cleft to rightl B111 Dick Bsvick Doyle Kosstler lfau.'21PlP"t"l'iC3lllH1' I1 I- 351 Iful SKB! DR l i IDG! Q lin F OTBALL SQUAD Donald Amnndson Ernest Anderson Gordon Bruellmnn Dale Ghilson Donald. Iolven Paul Hegdnl Richard Holland William Holmseth O. William Isakson lmery Johnson, Jr. Ronald. Knutson Doyle Koestler Elwood Lengsev Gene Monson Roger Oellne bger Olson Leland Pearson Gordon Peterson Earle Sather, Jr. Richard Bavick Roger Shure, Capt. Yallace Sorenson Robert Thompson Edvard Sinn George Psnsrsm, Coach 14 1 109 Ulm- BORDER. LEAGUE Isakson, ,,, Championship and Traveling stan soremon Trophies Hanger SIL Frost Frost Frost Irost Frost Frost Frost zo zo 26 36 U9 18 33 1 - Brioelyn N REUOH 950 Kiester Granada Thompson 6 11+ 20 11+ Tri-Mont 38 - Svea City 6 Rose Creekm 5:3241-iii 577: 2522 1.7"-.,.. s- -.. - T .Q V . .' 9- 'A g ge-:.-.r-..'q:.. :-- '2'-"'-.:n.-: . 1 - T3 F P-3 E.. 15' " .-?.:.i'..7'.'E'.f'7-" ' D A 745 V A 2 'U k 1 can - - ., -:fo"".1' 'x'- -- A ..1"1?-T Q 8 gg. 7 'Y wfifgf , .35 E: ' ' v ' '.-tr: - . g un- , ' l ".':':i. Q - T' ' 31 1 AA":"'J .gg .P 1 r r 1 ' -Q g-4-5:4 R ,, ,,, I "' -.- "N ' . ri 1 7 L f '- , ' ' ' N ' . . 1 I . ' ,,,, 4 , ' .w - K - - 'ug x V ' A n ' ,Y Ro Q 4 'V K 1 Do K' 5 1' , V, ,Toi Hr -. N . . e. 33572: "TW-'1":'s of--1 - t 5"5'Jq. if f- u, 1.a..jt:1',gA Q k 'W no ,T ' ' ' ' 7 ' ' ." Q ' t . K D -fr ' 1154.5 it D Vs ,K .- . Y . T. ' I , , ' . . X J .. , tt " f ,- 5- wi A "' .. so D 1 T 'V' " r Nm -. , ' 'fx, ,x , ' A IA A . ' fr--1 . ' . 'W f , "iff ' 'n ""- 3t"."i"""'5'vv:xik"l! .. R. 4: A-5 ' 4 ,Q tn' 2 9 A s a 'Pe' - . X v 'Q-,f , wg ' - T Q .qui F3135 5 , 3? I " 1 .33 -. 9 ' -L ' K W, -t I y Q ' 5, gk . 1 H- "' X . 22:5 " . t . A lp 4. .L . V a gre. . , o D K' ' 1 '- R 9 'I Q! 32 -'LTA 3' Y , "ff 5, LL :A ' 'Sin F ., fr-f""3K-.Z1. ,4 r . ' s 0 S 0 D I'-.ia-is ' BASKETBALL X X 'uf nn lg? BASKETBALL SQUAD 1951 Bill Holmseth, Paul Hegdal Edward Sinn Richard Holland Gordon Bruellman Roger Olson Gordon Peterson, Ihle Chilson, Doyle Koestler Bill Isakson, Stan Sorenson, Jerry Sather Roger Shure Dick Sgvick Don Folven, Elwood langsev, Stan Matheson, Ronald Knutson, Wallace Sorenson Jack Johnson uene Monson Robert Thompson Don Amundson Coach George Psnzram SEASON RECORD 1951 Frost Rake Frost Kieste r Frost Elkton Frost Brice lyn Frost Elmore Frost Granada Frost Rake Frost Delavan Frost Huntley Frost Bricelyn Fro st Elmore Frolt Froe t Frost Frost Frost Manager Roger Oelke TOURNAMENT SQUAD 1951 Doyle Xoestler, Dick Savick, Bill Isakson, Stan Sorenson Jerry Sather, Roger Shure Don Folven Jack Johnson Dale Chilson Wallace Granada Sorenson Kiester Blue Earth Eae t Chain Delavan Sub-D1 s t Tournament Frost 57 Delavan Frost 38 Kiester I fr District Tournament Frost U3 Sherburn I-P9 "N, Truck Team I up 'Q We The Long and the Short 9 5 l Basketball Stanley Sorenson Elwood Langsev Jerry Sather itil!!! Left to Right Elwood Lsngsov, Coach George Penzram Stan Matheson, Edward Sinn, Don Amundson Butch Shure Jack Johnson Ronnie Knutson Bill Isakson Ernest Anderson Jerry Sather, Paul Hegdal, Wallace Sorenson, Dick Savick, Dale Chilson, Gene Monson, Don Folven, Roger Oelke, B111 Holmseth, Doyle Koestler. -3 4, . ,4-. 4. S K .S J .f s ,' ' . V 17 S W at 3 ,m 'n x"Q L- f,.a 3 .nr F 'Q' 1 . 1 Y 3 . 3 Q nf' ,Q , N' f lv g L- i t ' f l .. A W 1 if ' n w Y arn f F " 1' " of lf.l 25 ' . - 59 34 - 39 20 ' ' - 30 27 - L53 28 " 31+ 13 " Ml' ' f b , - 57 3 - 2 32 A . - 49 30 - 33 39 V 5 .. 53 32 V 334 1 ,--,,, 1 I - 37 27 . , . 9 5' ,, - 37 26 - 29 , 1 I Ez Q 5" .- - 53 uv - 37 .f 4, -ef?-V - M8 37 A X25 R - nz 29 T 1 H7 3 - It ,,', I K : I 5 r ,A -.. 1 -.. X l F 1 xX -in u-an-an f, IUNIDRS Q- N MN Bormina I-060 Joan Holman tb. 7'-fo Loland. learlon Roger Olson 1 Ma.rd.e11 Erdahl Virginia. Gene Monson .n FW Orvin Brtellnan Voldahl ,Q Margaret Dall Hegdal Chillon Elizabeth Thompson Class Officers President Vice Prbsidsnt Se ere tary- Treasurer-u Leland Pearson Elisabeth Thompson Donald Ehrich Gene Monson 331 5 In.- .. ,QM X ,E-Ek: 3 ,D in Q9 1 V , ' ' K 1 .ff . 4 .x L - ' V 3 fC . QV 'W , 4 fi ' K I 45' in , K f 1 4 - " ' 'NX 1 m '95 """" " ff. if gf X E .Q -----u 'gy-:QL-f 4 fn ' - -"fly-, , I ,A , lf" S n-n in , X - ll Donald. lhri oh fi' xix .-S.. XX SOPHOMORES QR ff, Ax Y fi, A Marilyn Anderson kery Johnson Isakson Carolyn 4' I J oyvce Mardell 'hvylah Beverly Legre id. Berg Xoestler Larson 5 J osnne Roberts Donna Joanne Chileon Thompson Vallace So renson Geraldine Gloria Morgan Yoldahl Matheson Morgan Knut son Olsen Stanley Donna Ronald Ro semary Tern Rosie Shirley Helen Shirley Tenshs Sa pa Thomp son Iangbe rg Bartel ful-IOMGRE 2 Class Officers President Emery Johnson Jr Vice President Helen Iangberg Secrets.-ry -Joyce Legreid Treamrer- Ann Isakson e Y.-ai A 'RL' . 6 "' A - Q- 1 J v r .ff -1 N I X Ann V if 'Q , , as ,i 5 3 pa Q ag t K ' J L x I .4 l I Jr. Qpsm he 71 7 as ,. g 3 . h' 1 S I ry 1' x ' M . J X J P , I -Of , .- ff, Z D -'M-'ZZ ' ' nf.. .Wg --nn XI -.L 1 X xx l FRESHMEN Xlfq 1 N gk, ff R X wj sl 4 Viola Ieneke Ernest Andrey Anderson Erdahl Rochelle Lunnlng Donald Amundeon Marilyn Martin nf AO Jerry Eduard Sather Sinn ,4- I I Robert Thompson Gordon Peterson MY' Myrna Ferley Gordon Bruellman ,W President Vice President Secretary Treasurer-- 'T 0.756 -sl Ash. anll Naomi Elwood Hanson Iangsev Joanne Kuiken la Andere George on William Darlene Holmseth Thompson Naomi Kittlesen Richard Holland Beverly Amundson aul Hegdal 'K Beverly Arlene Schaeffer Hjelmervick Brooks C5-fexkx J f ERESHMAN Beverly Hjelmervick -Jerry Sather Bochslle Lunnlng Darlene Thompson 9 ' on ' M of -O , i5 W 1, '?jQ .a l ' 6 x55 Q I . Y s 15 ff' so e .- fe, M' D e f W x All f-' I dx 'Q Z: it - 5 ':iE k v:, .V A kj: K x I U l 4 ddA 5 n -'-- e A A V' K, 9 Aff te 'W ,, as -' .. resi Q f ,. l so f e s M. so - Y , ' .f.-, 5 QV , 1 , K I A 1 ,"' ' s I 'I Av Q Y 4 ft I P W or ia H "' f A ' k .w A , "s --sf 'A 3 Z.w??- ' 1 W I A X 4 M 4. ' X I K' j N X ,X X I f 'Jr . 1 V XX l X XT M M . J' Z Q nh so . ------- .1 i m ,ff ' r 33: 4!,M U- Y!f,7 45 a ,f .ei 'A ,W ' 1 ' if ' gf M5A??' . ...LQ . K 3f,fH :.j William Sinn Burton Thompson Sharon Ramona Barbara Schonborn Sunno Shogen Ordell Skagen ldith Hannon SEVENTH G RADE y- Alan Marvus Janios Julianne Ericksrud Loge Oelks Vo ldahl 414 Paul Susanne Dianne Larry Tellefson lIod.1a.nd. Johnson Pearson Donna Darrin Sabin Anundson EIGHTH GRADE ,Q fel Helen nl Orin Strung nf! James Sandra Isakson Midthnn Larson If Garnet Maland. Dick Gordon Xuiken Kragness 4 V' leil Francis Virginia Thompson Buismnn Ninn Barlen Johnson Sharon lriokson Sonja Lunning Lester Brooks Verlyn Thompson Dennis Olson ,r Marilyn Spencer LaYonne Joel Oelke Midthnn 8 I an se 2- E ' 1 A -S -4 1 . '1 W, N A 8 L' a C 7 1 2 71 xg , ' L W ' I A 3 -ff , 7 ' ' . A , 4 3' Q Z 3 'hz Q K, 4 IT 4 -5 Z F V 14 , nf 1 K E Ak! 1 'N A ,F Y A - - W 3 F , .4 L , F3 ' f A i an 'i L A 'TA ou E J 1 , ' r --6 ' I' . . 'ix A . ., 1 .P I ,VE ' V .3 ii ' A HES, I A X SIXTH GRADE '. -of' 4 luis yr "la- Holet Aunrey Uarroll Fins Lengsev Sorenson 44 Marilyn Pe.t rio in Voldnhl Roger Neyer M .fag f Lnollle Lelon Phi p Holland. Ierneen Besendo rt J o seph Johnson le Anderson if Jane Sprinsvr nf' bs fu 'Lerry Anderson Muriel Ronald. Ruth Peterson Lnrson Underdahl oonifi' num Kathryn neganl P" David lnnghe rg fd oe"1-Q HFEQ Henson Thompson ro tone HFTH GRADE F' 'J' ,ala David. Charlene Vernal Nelson Matheson Pearson 441. Q Renal Lloyd. Bnnevik Xoestler Arlet Holland een Larry Roberts Everett 1' 'Q Michael Johnson Glen Iremlle Helen Kittlesen lugene leoni Stnlknmp Buss I, 25 Alice Hazel Roger Thompson Bruellman Johnson Raymond mice Oswald Ann Russ 'BY' ,-fafnjlff Voldahl 'hleeten Mi-'fe -5' 8 . 'W A. 'fi . ra " 3 Q ' '4 ra N ' Q ' Wil , ra, 4' iq L L x All ' ohn G , 'lg X ' " ,, - U , f 114 AQ ' v . gl 4? X33 X A 'Q 'E l 7 1 J, . W . w 4 VW 5 R 'sa La at 4-X '0 A Cl if I h fix A 4 o ' l .1 I " ' ., ' Q Q, I if L ' pg KR - rs K4 s 1 ' ss ' f' X9 6 A. VV ' ,S ,wg ' . 'D " 9 57 " A A. li 5 ,Al . s , y f P- . - - ' f ' x,, "' f " . , 4 Q' ' any .X 5' 'H ff ' 4 f'- ' 'rf h 0 - M . ...QA - W . I, XI", , P7 3 ', fra- 'v. AQ 1,72 ft l?:k', fb c r J " Sufi? ' ,' Tile! Sandra. Stoll 5 Marlene Bruolhsan Joyoe Ihrioh FOURTH GRADE 49" I-1f J Arden Oolhs Joanne Urness lar Davidson 4 lllen Mohr Roger Sorenson 199 Q54 Kenneth Patricia Thompson Claude gi Ienlt Mary Alundson Doloor Michael Johnson Yilllort Holland. lrioksrud. ,O Richard Johnson llvo od. Stallhmp Patricia Anundson Mayo 1' Sandra I-Os' Sharon Johnson THIRD GRAD E 43 117 lar Pearson P Steven Olson 4 lqmond. Holland. livin Ioestler 1oro1yn Yvonne le shell lodland 1' B kg Betty Lou Bnss L 1414 Bonnie Tvooten lillmort 1 -0' J onnne Larson Allen Johnson Joan Johnson Springer Sharon Shogerboe 5 John Trsndle 14.7 Iony Johnson Tellefson David Torthnn Dennis Thompson .-'K Spr- Karen Stoll Carroll Olsen f - f""X J J wr iv? D V. ik R f' P' .fe Q' x4 Q, Q K. , 4 56 , Q - X -T A V' 4 ' x X A ,Jin 0947 ,var 4 , V -K , ' " Y' x "M fc: e 'Ji 5"..L' ' ig. 0 " 4-Q ' ' I "' ' f Q9 J. I I , x.JL IN A . J 32- -- J 4 3 .J 4 , X h ff. R 4 1 Y 1 of DQ N D R " J R 45- xy 'QM Q . -Lf 1323! k Gary A R Q? M' ' Dx .1 K A ' .S 4,'L,, K 3 A. ' 3 9 Q Q Q , .gg 4 v - , b W , .. 'jj' Ll iff . 4.-as KJ! L V 4 M 9 My Ivolyu 1-DD f V K r WJ' -is M I . .f .- .fs ff 9, , V7 -,A 3 4 1,5 ' gn 4-x RA.. 1' - X'-'R an Panzram Kathryn Olson Virginia Johnson .no ,i .nal Virginia Haaland C Gloria Larson Sheryl Weber SECOND GRADE 4 -Aw hth Ingehritson Steven Knutson ,gk QF in ini Hsnevik Pearson Hanson Ilindt lands Rae Merle Carole Bae Douglas ff Q, noise' Marilyn Braun Mx V., Gayle llaine Lnnning Matheson Rita Johnson 14? is Mary Gsylen Kathleen Johnson Ferley Walcler Marvin Slmgen Delores Larson 6 Beverly Margaret Shogen Mart in ,P -rx it Robert Beverly Shogerboe Lnde rs on on John Carole Island. Brooks Armstrong .I mn k ni' 3 fi " 4-4 "' Grace Underdahl Donna. Holland 4-f' Sharon Thompson pf' Jane Kragness "WI Doris Thompson Kenneth Nodland. 49 Willard Amundson I3 .11 A 1 James Claude ' x - QP . v Q' Wg . X A f, , ' Q? S W - , 'x' vl QQ r' 8 Q b- , 'Wx - . ' s.. J Q V , E 39 ,-4 qi i",'.-,gi is ,if 5 Q 7 'V x ...iv A 'M A, 1 1 J I' K A F' X X -4 - qw-, Q - A 4? 3 ,S ' ,.. -A A M 4 -. A A . ' T 6,1 ' 1 T: Q7 :ta ,ia - 4 la . J is Q y 4 X h4 X, , ' 4' 5 " .1 - N A B 5. 54: 4 w J A J' I9 -4 'y 4' fa ' B J tif B B 0 - il . . , f ft 4 I' . or I . 4-A - f- , . 4 J ' I' ,yn .. 9 1' P 4 'L' no 1 ' V A - Q A 1 J I Lois Johnson Richard. Holland FIRST GRADE Q09 1 llary Ann Carolyn Iaron Jnos Arthur sm:-lay Stallhmp Hanson lm-ich Brooks Bingham Olson 40" if .ff- Joannio Kilo Marshall Larry Lrlono J amos Odson Olson Olson Andorson Alundoon Mano Jaffray Janos Isultta Nao Loron Larry Barbara ljoos Mayor Xornoon Logo Larson Thompson RURAL ATTENDAN CE U NIT NO l20 for M Nw-- ...Q M .V Karon Goorgo Carolyn Sandra Raymond. Mario 1108210 1' Borg Borg lspland Lunning Borg Johnson H0v01Al14 67 Wav Nav In-on Iloronco logor -Tanot Iorna Donnis Valores Hovoland. lor Lo 3 gre id. Lunning lspland Lunning Borg Pioturos not available for: Rogor Hovoland Ka:-va Lunning ldsnrd. Lunning , xox if 'Eg' 3 A 3 in 4, T' 3 A - of. R or Rag ' 5 Ro n . Q . . X , :. M ,T W, I ,gja. Q ' V ,, ' o y , J L .4 R afa 5 44 o R ,R f 'A s 1 'Q fa H 5 I , H' "' K J . - , W 5 A 4 I A Q- 1 .- Y -X f .fy ' or . ' - 39 1 ' LS 'fr A. : L , rl 4 ,.f- ' A4 1- 7,4 A .,.. ' x I ' . o ,ffm K A + ff , K Y 5 I 1 W - f f if 3 .ia f . 1 --v f' Q . "' 'L ij yr av- 54 , ,Qi av- . 'C' Q '-vt", K 6 . i l Y -. ' 9 V L 7. ' ' ., f ' 4 as I .5 . A ik V ,, ' X A 5, Yi, . gm qwggfj 5 . V ct A . Q 1 '-' ' V 2 o - - ' R , rr N- Q A f 7" a 4, .4 V9 ' ui. ?J- I Y ' fp ffffyf XXX I ACTIVITIES - Ns U 7' A x I Qx ?NlOR BAND Wfffdi Vlnner of 'A' rating in Dist rict and 'B' rating in State Regional Content Bobby Grigf Director Left to right: lst How: Margaret Hegdal Bill Isakson, Joyce Legried. Paul Hegdal Helen langberg, Helen Ieakson. 2nd Bova Marilyn Anderson Darlene Thompson. laDonna Voldahl, Bamona Sunno Aud.:-fy Langsev, Lavonna Oelke. Connie Mosby, B111 Holmseth, llvood Langsev, lhvid Hanson. Geraldine Morgan Donald Amundson. Carroll Sorenson, Gene Monson, Roger Meyer Jean Holmseth. Mardell lrdahl Donna Chilean. jg Row: Joel Midtkmn. Garnet Maland. ldith Hanson Jane Springer. Alice Johnson. Iaoma Buss. Gloria Voldahl. Shirley Thompson. Beverly Hjelmervik llaomi Iittlesen. Rosemary Olson. leverly Larson. Heil Thompson, Emery Johnson. James Midthun. Harlan Johnson. Donald Knut son. Jerry Sather Arlene Voldahl Margie Bather, Darlene Huisman mdiang: Virginia Bruellman Andrey lrdahl Ann Isakson. Shirley Bartels JoAnne Thompson. Bernina Loge JoAnne Roberta fri .fivir GL uh ai, Q Junior High Girls Glee Club Members Joanne Iuiken, Rochelle Lunning, Garnet Maland Audrey Erdahl. Beverly Amundson Ila Anderson Marvis Loge Bamona Sunno Francis Huieman Edith Hanson, Myrna Ferley Beverly Hglelmerviok Marilyn Martin, Sharon Erickson. Sonja Lunning Viola Penske, Marilyn Hovland, Darlene Thompson Lavonne Oelhe Naomi Hanson. Arlene Brooke Helen Isakoon, Barbara Skagen Susanne Nodland Donna Sabin, Naomi Xittlesen Julienne Voldahl. Vir- ginia Nimz Marilyn Spencer 0 Mrs n J mm 'V Director CLARIIIIT QIIABD! B111 Ieakson. Darlene Thoupson. Margaret Hegdal Jepoe Legried 'A' winner in District 6 tonal Contest Winner of 'A' ratings in both Dist and State Regional Contests lst Bova Carolyn Qpan JoAnne Roberta. Marelell Berg Beverly Larson, Helen Mang- berg Jean Holmaeth. Marilyn Anderson, Donna Chilson had Ho! Arlene Voldahl Donna Morgan. Rosemary Olson. 'Virginia Bruellman, Geraldine Morgan Joyce Legried. Gloria Yoldahl Shirley B8I'tG1ls Margaret Hegdal jrd. Bev: Bose Sapa Shirley Thomson, Elizabeth Thompson. Mardell lrdahl Ann Ieakaon, Bernina Loge. 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X DFI' I BULL BOOST Dr Levin son M V JohneonD WQLLXS Sgpk mm Fairway Food! Coop 011 Station 34-ffffuffwfwflfme Jenevold Imp Iorthun's Cafe if 4724! Frost Electric Service kTJ,QAl4b 9 Peavey Lumber Farmer' s Coop Elevator l111mert's Cafe State Bank of lroet Sathsr Hardware Honstad.'s Garage Ma1a.nd's Supply ,Cla f hfla1aM4Q Margaret ' a Beauty Shop Front Produce Kenny e Place L1oyd'e Garage P H Thompson de Son Herb He A.ndy'e Service Sto11's Red A White 13129 bla, V ,a Frost Coop Creamery Char1ie's Plbg dn Htg Brekke 85 Quan Trucking I 1:21414 7 -004-fad M E 1 A n 1: n s L n 1 .J f Q . Q Cm ' A fo D . Co. . Z X ' 'jjj 1 , , K or f - - ' C W y i'7 - Ji' I ff pq, LVM fxi, 7 I f , s x 4' ' I , ! ' p C, of 'D 'L 1 X' o ' wL"f L, wg' . T f f. ' f C X f if ,. 4 , so aawmv OUR YEARBOOK WAS SUPPLIED BY THE INTER CCLLEGIATE PRESS KANSAS CITY DHRLCMAS M fmfifjkg U4 V YEARBOOKS ANNOUNCEMENTS 5cf,,,C,41,,f,4 PERSONAL CARDS CAPS AND COWNS 0 Mfffw TREASURY QFWISDCM STATIONERY ana xc ul aaa! mama WL I 2

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1951, pg 78

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Frost High School - Viking Yearbook (Frost, MN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 20

1951, pg 20

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