Frontier Regional High School - Arrow Yearbook (South Deerfield, MA)

 - Class of 1959

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Frontier Regional High School - Arrow Yearbook (South Deerfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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32. -,. ww tw- 1' 9 1 ,Www U P '19 g 1 , 13' if as? iff: fwvw M yr WWW' w ,I 1-I J 1, .gn L f,5fef"? ,AL if 0 x V x J Q :"' f. 7. 5' H Page B5-6,65 r qfw J, K v-, .ff i a -.5 N, 3 . ,WIS ig., K I 'R I I Q olwom QXER REG! QXex'o gm Q- M gf 4: JJ' 'GV Q ,JH 4, Gr' 19 wah 51,14 ,SS 060' Q09 01, Zaman layaonaf Saioof Sandi Deayedf M44 1959 S ,wx QQ1, Q' tw . 4, ki l.ln.nJH! P 'l'1g'gl" ' Q? if-Ll-5553 ,gb Q ig:'::7: -"- If dx 3-CF V i 3lua I I ii 0 H IV" 2' 'S kxz ' W F QQ O O 0 75' 726 6644 y 1959 Sc1ent1sts tell us lt IS now poss1ble to convert lead or 1ror1 1nto gold The cost for br1ng1ng about th1s change from lead to gold IS approx1mately one m1ll1on dollars per ounce The quest1on now before us IS IS It worth while? Th1s problem rem1nds me very much of the quest1on before most parents and taxpayers The problem of convert1ng an average young man or young woman 1nto a h1gh school graduate IS a most expens1ve pro cedure both for parents and taxpayers who ma1nta1n our educauonal 1nst1tut1ons After lookmg over the class of graduatmg students carefully we are forced to ask whether th1s tremendous expend1ture of money 1S worth wh1le Only you who are students and who have had so much money spent on your educat1on can g1ve us the answer to th1s questlon We do not expect lt 1mmed1ately or even Wlthln the next few years The answer Wlll come when the future d8Cld6S what sort of c1t1zens you are and what type of fam1ly you form If the next generation and our country IS better off for all the educat1on you have receu ed at Front1er Reg1onal School then the cost 1nvolved has been worth wh1le To quote from an ed1tor1al that appeared th1s w1nter IH a local newspaper Frontler Reg1onal School can feel proud of 1tS young folks who ln sports educat1on and SOClCty have been settmg standards far above those of previous generat1ons " ' . . 4 x . . - 1 ' . a 7 . - . . . , . . . . . . - Y . . . I . . v . . . . . H . . 9 1 u K N 10-'diva 'X -"' -W-.., "'-A Very often courtesy and consmderatlon for others seem rare 1n the rush of our busy deal lngs with one another When extreme eff1c1ency fastldlous groommg an ever present w1ll1ng ness to serve k1ndness and f1rmness mlraculously proportloned and endless patlence are added to these other qual1t1es the result IS a person who approxunates that legendary dream of every administrator and businessman the ldeal secretary Most of us here at Frontler Reglonal School have come to reahze what an outstandmg person Betty Harris Hollingsworth ls, but we don't take the tlme often enough to let her know how we feel This dedication of the 1959 ARROW to Betty IS our 1nsuff1c1ent and belated way of saying that we think she's a wonderful person and a valued frlend to all of us. sn QA, 1 2,L+++Ej:f 6 -gh jk S -p .1 ff X 1' ' ROW ONE qLeft to Righty Mrs EdnaBeatt1e Mrs Ethel La Plante Mr Burchard Talnter Mr George Cowan Mr John Frigard Mrs Mrs Mary Ryan Mrs Hazel Davis Mr W1ll1arn Coughlm Supt Harriet Enoch ROW THREE Mr Robert O'Connor Mr Robert Prm Robert Hoye Mr Dan1elSull1van Mrs Al1ceSp1ndler Mrs Denesha Mr Lesl1e Thomas Mr Maxwell Moczulewski Mr LOIS McAfee Mrs Eunlce Flske Miss Catherme Peterson ROW Donald MacDonald Mr W1ll1am Ames Mr Clifford Parker Mr TWO Mrs Joan Tamter Mr Dav1dAshenden Mr Jack Ph1ll1ps John Edgar Mrs Ann Morrxssey Mxss Viola Goodnow Mrs Jeannette Field X f it T K u 1 I 'A X - A .V 1 - q I , , .A 1 'T E , - . 0 M ' f . 1' wk ,, 5 Q , K , my 15" 5 Y : . , . , . , . , . , . . , . , . , .- . 1 . , . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , - , - Y - , - , - Z . , . , . , . - , , . , y 5' Q2 EUNICE MERRIAM ANTES "Sue 4 'My True Securlty fmallst 4 Pet Peeve Women drinkers Pet Expresslon Oh Mother! Interests Sports Driving Men Dance Comm1ttees 1 2 3 4 Honor Roll 1 Prom Commlttee 4 Dramatics Club 2 4 School News Reporter 2 Latm Banquet 2 Servxce Award 2 Office Helper 2 Softball 3 4 Latln Banquet 3 Drlver Educatlon 3 "Arrow" Staff 4 Fxeld Hockey Ambxtlon To be a medical secretary jst MARGARET TI-IERESA BAGDON ' eggy' Basketball 1 2 3 4 Captaln 4 Honor Roll 1 2 3 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Dance Com mittees I 2 3 4 Music Festlval 1 2 3 4 Spring Concert 1 2 3 4 Latin Banquet 2 3 Softball 3 4 Drill Team 3 Driver Education 3 Field Hockey 4 Co captaxn 4 Senior Concesslon 4 Prom Committee 4 Ad Staff 4 Assistant Editor of "Varslty ' 4 Ambxtion To be a physlcal educat1on teacher Pet Peeve Laps Pet Expression No kidding' Interests Sports Reading Food WILLIAM JOSEPH BAGDON Ambition To be a success Pet Peeve 'Show of s" Pet Expression "Oh Yea.h?' BARBARA ANN DARLENE BANAS "Barb" Basketball 1,2,3,4, Dance Committee 1,2,3,4, Drum Majorette 2,3,4, Honor Roll 3, Play 2, Music Festival 2,3,4, Spring Concert 2,3,4, Driver Education 3, "Arrow" Ad Staff 4, Prom Committee 4 Ambition To be a nurse Pet Peeve School lunches Pet Expression "You know " Interests Sports, television, radio Latin Banquet 2 Driver Education 3 Prom Committee 4 Interests Bowling Flshmg Hikes TV, WPTR Cars Girls ' Buddy ! n Y"'fWx 3 DAVID LAWRENCE BARKER Dave Dramatics 1 2 3 4 Dance Committee 1 4 Band 2 3 4 Arms Academy Model Congress Representatwe 4 Prom Committee 4 Ambition Chemlcal Engineer Pet Peeve Hlghway mopes Pet Expression 'Idon t know " Interests Skiing Swimming Boating Skating Cars Girls Dramatics WILLIAM BARONAS JR Bill' F F A Dairy Cattle Judglng Team 1 2 34 F F A Treasurer 1 2 Tractor Driving Team 1 F F A Representatlve to Kansas City Mo 2 Driver Educa tion3 F F A Sentinel Prom Comm1ttee4 Amb1txon Farming Pet Expression Don't sweat it" Interests Cars Travel Skxing M ARIANN KAREN BOHONOWIC Z Mariann ' Chorus 2 3 4 Music Festival 2 3 4 Drxver Educatxon 3 Bookkeepmg Award 3 Typlng Award 3 Dance Committee 3 Arrow" Ad Staff 4 Shorthand Award 4 Office Assistant 4 Secretary to Mrs Fiske 4 Prom Comm1ttee 4 Ambition Telephone Operator Pet Peeve Shorthand Pet Expression "All Right' Interests Reading People Springfield Mickey " 'The Bug" ANN LOUISE BRZOZOWSKI "Boz Chorus 1 2 3 4 Honor Roll 1 4 Music Festival 1 2 3 4 Concert 1 2 3 4 Band 2 Latin Banquet 2 Driver Education 3 Semor Concession 4 Arrow Ad Staff 4 Prom Committee 4 Ambltion To become an X ray technician Pet Peeve Homework Pet Expression "Son of a gun' Interests Skating Swunmlng Boys Skiing Llstenxng to popular records Riding around Tobogganmng Going to outdoor movies Dancing Basketball Games Graves's Restaurant Bowling Taboo C lub ROBERT E CRAFTS Bob' Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 Manager 1 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Dance Committee 1 Driver Educatwn 4 Prom Commlttee 4 Ambition Photographer Pet Peeve Homework Pet Expression "Prove 1t"' Interests All sports NK ROGER A CULVER Rog' Basketball 1 Baseball 1 F F A Secretary 1 V1ce Presxdent 2 Presldent 3 4 Judglng Teams Poultry 1 Dalry Cattle 2 Mllk 4 Awards Purebred Dairy Cattle Breeders 3 Ambition To own mv own busmess Pet Peeve Lazy people Pet Expressxon 'How s that get ya?' Interests Hunting flshmg Carolyn me-W DIANNE RUTH DICKINSON D" Chorus 1 MUSIC Festlval 1 Drill Team 1 Latin Banquet 2 Driver Educatlon 3 Fxeld Hockey 4 Ad Staff 4 Prom Commlttee 4 Senlor Concesslon 4 Football TlCk9l Commxttee 4 Amb1t1on To be a nurse Pet Peeve Dornmeermg women Pet Expressxon ' Darn It alll' Interests Reading Dancmg Muslc Sports Driving 3 KAROL W DROZDAL Digg r' Science Club 1 Baseball Manager 1 2 Dance Commlttee 1 2 34 Band 2 3 Basketball Manager 2 Sprmg Concert 2 3 Muslc Festlval 2 3 Industrxal Arts Club 3 Ambition MOFIICIHD Pet Peeve School lunches Certaln Hadley glrls Pet Expression Polish expresslons Interests Girls dancing commerclaldrawmg woodcraft vv v v 1 s I v 1 I Q w v - Q Q I - n v , . . , . ' - ' . 4 . , . . .- v , u 1 5 , Q 1 1 5 v ' . I I 1 : s a --Q--N 911-iv' Mi , , , I I -l gffffai f I sf A vv i I Q I Q 1 I 1 1 C au I :lf . A , . , H 3 1 y Q - . vw e v I n Q w y v Y y 1 5 w 1 I 1 5 I f y 1 1 A-4.4 MORRIS DWIGHT JR Doung ' Art 1 Latin Banquet 2 Driver Education 3 Prom Committee 4 Amb1tion To be a gunsmith Pet Peeve Loudmouths Pet Expression Take it easy' Interests Cars Gun collecting Hunting 'Z 'za KATHLEEN R ERMAN "Ermi8 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 Dance Committee 1 2 Music Festival 1 2 3 4 Driver Education 3 Bookkeeping Award 3 Stenography Award 3 "Snow Ba Committee 3 Freshman Initiation Committee 4 'Arrow" Ad Staff4 "Varsity Staff Ambition To be a success Pet Peeve Homework Pet Expresslon Holy Crow' Interests Popular Records Going to outdoor movies Dancing Billing' -ga-2 Drug Store Taboo Club Winter Sports and Boys FRANCIS GOLASH JR Fran" Latln Banquet Commlttee 1 2 Drlver Educatxon 3 Prom Commlttee 4 Ambltion To join the Navy Pet Peeve Women drlvers Pet Expresslon Oh Interests Girls LORRAINE AILEEN GRAVES 'Gravesie" Cheerleader 1 Vlce President of Class 1 Ticket Takerl Softball 1 Honor Roll 1 2 3 4 Dance Commlttee 1 2 3 4 Carnival Ball Committee 3 Dramatics Club 2 3 4 Typing Award 2 3 Tw1r1er 2 3 4 Basketball 3 Newspaper 3 4 Editor 4 Drlver Educatxon 3 Chorus 3 4 Muslc Festival 3 4 Concert 3 4 Shorthand Award 3 4 Bookkeeping Award 3 Usherette 3 'Snow Ball' Commxttee 3 Cheer mg Tournament 3 Initiation Commlttee 4 Assistantin Off1ce 4 Assistant Editor to Secretary's Style Corner 4 Ambition To be a good secretary Pet Peeve Maklng an error ln typmg Pet Expresslon Oh' That's a panic' Interests A guy in the Air Force twirling swimming , ' ll e7 Q 1 9 . I , - , n W I , f z Q , , 1 . , Q., 4 I -5 1 .. ,,,Q 5 ,1 ,,,: ,N LL 5 z Z - Hu 'L 5 jf" . . w 3 lv JY : R 1 ' : ' A - M V I y I I : , I v 5 ' I " ' - , . , . v ' 11' H . . , Q . . 3 . U ' 1 ..... hh! f I K V Q ' - 9 - 1 9 y I y S y 1 , 9 Z , , Q , 9 , , 4 5 , : 9 9 , 9 ' , 5 , 9 . . . v - v ' . , s : ' s I , . WILLIAM EARL GRAVES Bill' Baseball 1 2 3 Chorus 1 Honor Roll 1 2 3 4 Dance Committee 3 President 3 Student Councll Treasurer 3 Football 3 4 Captain 4 Dramatlcs Club President 3 Driver Educatxon 3 Arrow' Staff4 Vice President 4 Prom Comm1ttee 4 Ambltxon Farmer Pet Peeve Women Drivers P Expressxon "I'11sayI" Interests Hunting Fishing Sports Amb1t1on To be a success JUDITH THERESA GRITZ "Gritzle Drill Team 1 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Ticket Taker 1 Latin Banquet 1 2 3 4 Spring Concert 1 2 3 4 Muslc Festival 1 2 3 4 Dance Committee 1 2 3 4 "Varsity Staff 2 3 4 Dramatlcs Club 2 3 4 Glee Club Accompanist 2 3 4 Majorette 2 3 4 Captain 4 Driver Educatlon 3 Typing Award 3 Special Chorus 4 Prom Com mittee 4 Ambition To be a good nurse Pet Expression "Certalnly!" Interests Swimming Tobogganing Music Dancing Movies C ommittee 4 STEPHEN CHARLES HASSELL "Stevie Football 1 2 4 Basketball 1 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Dance Comm1ttee 1 3 4 Band 2 3 Dr1ver Educat1on 3 Vlce Presxdent of Band 3 Gymnastlcs Team 4 Prom Pet Peeve Silly girls and gossxp Pet Expresslon 'Just keep walking Interests Sports Girls Cars Money ANN MARIE HUTKOSKI Dance Comm1ttee 1, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Concert 1,2,3,4, Festlval 1,2,3,4, Band 213141 Dramatlcs Club 2, Typing Award 2, Bookkeeping Award 3, Driver Educa ,ag tion 3, Shorthand Award 3,4 "Arrow" Staff 4, "Arrow" Ad Staff 4, Basketball 4 Office Assistant 4, Secretary to Miss Peterson 4, Prom Comm1ttee 4 Ambition To become an executxve secretary Pet Peeve Homework and "b1g shots" Pet Expression "Geez, Ol' Man" Interests Skating, Skiing, Swimming, Basketball, Popular Records, ll I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 Z 1 1 5 1 1 C . ' . H v . , . ' 1 1 1 1 . et ' : 3 1 1 ' . :.- Q: -1. 3 i l 1, ar' " I fm A H 5 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . . . H 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 : Q 1 5 - : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 : ' - ' I ' 1 7 ll : 1 v 1 Traveling Huw' WALTER A. HUTKOSKI, III "Walt" Dance Committee 1,2,3,4g Honor Roll 1,2,3,4, Latin Banquet 2,33 Driver Educa- tion 3g Dramatics Club 35 Treasurer 3,45 Prom Committee 4. Ambition: To become a success Pet Peeve: Women Drivers Pet Expression: "Watch out for the quiet one." Interests: Cars, Books, Girls, Hunting, Fishing, Cooking JEAN ELIZABETH JEKANOWSKI Je Basketball 1 2 3 4 Dance Committee 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 "Varslty' 1 2 3 4 Softball 3 4 'Arrow" Ad Staff4 Yearbook Staff 1 Music Festival 2 3 4 Spring Concert 2 3 4 Prom Committee 4 Field Hockey 4 Usherette 2 3 4 Drill Team 3 Cheering Tournament 3 Driver Education 3 Senior Concession 4 Ambition New York Model Pet Peeve Homework and studies Pet Expression "You phony l" Interests All sports and foods JOSEPH CARL KISLOSKI "Joe Honor Roll 1 2 Driver Education 3 Latin Banquet 2 Prom Committee4 Ambition To be a success Pet Peeve Someone making noise while reading in study hall Interests Fishing Collecting Indian arrows Television Movies,Bowling HENRY T KOCOT Coke" F F A Cattle Judging 1 2 3 4 F F A News Reporter 1 2 Driver Education 3 F F A Kansas City Delegate F F A Sentinel 3 Mechan1c's Team 2 3 Tractor Drlvlng Team 3 4 Treasurer of F F A 4 Prom Committee 4 Ambition Farmer Interests Cars Guns ll kll 1 1 . ' 1,,, y,,y ,1,, ll, n .Y . e I ' 1 yi . , ,yn :fl Q 1 ,yi I S Q - .F o 2 E: rx' U' 12 Q Q - Z 1 1 r a Y' ,,y9... nl 5. . . S. . . 9 ,S .4 ,Q . . .1 . 4 , f , 24' 3. CHESTER LEON KRUSIEWSKI Chet" Color Guard 1 Captain 2 History Club 2 3 Basketba1l3 Footbal14 Prom Comm1ttee4 Ambition Career in Navy or State Police Pet Peeve Shoes P t Expression Darn rightl' Interests Cars Sports JOHN R LANKARGE Foxle' Basketball 1 2 3 4 Dance Committee 1 4 Baseball 1 2 Driver Education 3 ll rrow" Ad Staff 4 Prom Commnttee 4 Ambition To work for Louie Pet Peeve Women drivers, Ham and eggs Pet Expression Don t get nervous l" 3. ai-K iilfx Nazi JOAN ELIZABETH LEGAC ' Dance Committee 1 Glee Club 1 2 3 Basketball 2 3 Softball 2 Jumor Class Pres1dent 3 Prom Commlttee 4 Ambition Secretary Pet Peeve Self important people Pet Expresslon "What?' Interests Skating Swimming Toboggannlng Roller Skating Plano playing Reading Sewing PAUL M LEGAC "Chuc Football 1 2 3 Baseball 1 2 3 Glee Club 1 2 3 Class Presldent 3 Treas1u'er of Student Council 3 Good Government Day Representatlve 4 Prom Commlttee 4 Ambit1on To keep my lamily happy Pet Peeve Students sneaking ln at the front of the cafeteria hue Interests Family and carpentry U I V' : 5 , 1 9 9 e I : H I t rf I , ,xy A 'VK I !,' , , ig ' 1 s' 1. V' K . 'J ,Q .t . ' I1 V . . . 5 , : , : 1 A 9 ' . . ff' S 2 ' : W j ' xp Interests: Sports, Truck driving, Food f . I LJESQ: - 1 ff YJON 9 , , 5 , 4 : ' 9 ' . V 1- Z L I ' ' 5 ' y 5 I y 1 1 , . ' A kll . . a . , : , , s ' : I 9 ' 4 - SANDRA ANN LIPINSKI ppy' Chorus 1 2 3 4 Music Festival 1 2 3 4 Spring Concert 1 2 3 4 Class Treasurer 2 Carmval Ball Committee 2 Class Ring Committee 2 Latin Banquet 2 Drill Team 1 Driver Education 3 Cheering Tournament Committee 3 Dance Com mittee 3 4 "Snow Ball' Committee 3 Majorette 34 Usherette 34 Typing Award 3 Dramatlcs Club 3 4 Plano Accompanist 3 Special Chorus 4 Ad Staff 4 Prom Committee 4 Ambition To teach dental hygiene Pet Peeve Getting up in the morning Pet Expression "Get out of here l" Lnterests Sports people music MAVERET MARGARET McC LELLAN Mavie' Basketball 1 Co chairman of Dance Committee 1 Honor Roll 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Spring Concert 1 2 3 4 Music Festival 1 2 3 4 'Arrow" Staff 2 3 4 Assistant Editor 3 Editor 4 Dance Committee 1 2 3 4 Usherette 2 3 4 Latin Banquet 2 "Snow Ball' Co chairman 3 Dr11l Team 3 Dramatics 3 4 Drxver Education 3 Carnival Ball Commlttee 3 Special Chorus 3 4 National Honor Society 34 Cheerleaders' Tournament 3 Arms Academy Model Congress Representative 4 Prom Committee 4 Winter Carnival Queen Candidate 4 Gymanstics Team 4 Pet Expression Oi yoi oi Interests Theatre dancing read1ng people CAROL S MELNIK "Carr1 ' Chorus 1 2 3 4 Music Festlval 1 2 3 4 Spring Concert 1 2 3 4 Drlll Team 1 Honor Roll 1 Majorette 2 34 Latm Banquet 3 Dance Commxttee 3 Drwer Educatlon 3 Dramatics 4 Class Secretary 4 Arrow" Ad Staff4 Natlonal Poetry Award 4 Prom Commlttee 4 Amb1t1on To be a psychologist Pet Peeve Sit ups and "skinny" legs Pet Expression ' Good Gr1ef' Interests Teaching People Ambition To help someone in some way Pet Peeve Seeing anyone derlde anyone else I' JOHN F. MERSKI JR. 'Mersk Football 1 2 3 4- F. F, A. Reporter 1- Secretary 2 3- Vice-Pres1dent 4 Dance Committee 1- Student Council Representative 4- Driver Education 3- Dairy Judging Team 3- Milk Judging Team 4- Prom Committee 4. Ambition: To make money Pet Peeve: Teachers Interests: Bowling Hunting Fishing Football MARCIA JEAN MOWRY Marsh Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Music Festival 2 3 4 Spring Concert 2 3 4 Driver Education 3 Bookkeeping Award 3 "Arrow" Ad Staff 4 Senior Concessmn 4 Secretary to Teacher 4 Assistant in Office 4 Shorthand Award 4 Ambition To be a good secretary Pet Peeve Exams Pet Expression "Oh boy!" Interests Radio TV a boy PATRICIA M MUMBLO Pat' Glee Club 2 3 4 Latin Banquet 2 Carnival Ball Commlttee 3 Softball 3 Driver Training 3 Senior Concession 4 Ad Staff 4 Ambition Nursmg Interests Sports, Square dancing Working with children MATTHEW W NOSKA JR 'Matt Baseball 1 Basketball Manager 1 Dance Committee 1 Basketball Manager 2 Tumbling Team 2 Dance Commxttee 3 Baseball 3 Ambltwn A conflrmed bachelor Pet Peeve Homework Interests Bowlxng danclng records ICE skating swlmmmg a gxrl 2 NANCY LEE OLANYK Chorus 1,2,3, Music Festival 1,2,3, Spring Concert 1,2,3, Dance C0lI'lIl1ltt86 1,2 Ring Committee 2, Drxll Team 3, Driver Education 3, Bookkeeping Award 3 Typing Award 3, Snow Ball Dance Committee 3, "Vars1ty" Staff 4, Ad Staff 4, Office Ass1sta.nt 4, Shorthand Award 4, Prom Committee 4, Secretary to Mrs LaPlante 4 Ambition To spend more time ln Troy Pet Peeve Certain nosy females Pet Expression "Really I" I Interests Bob 4 vv H , 1 y 9 1 v 3 , , S Q 2 I C I Z . 1 I 7 ' pf ' Q ' ' . . QA, F . I at ' ll 7 . 1 r Q 1 I Q I C - I . X Y If . , . C I I P Q I . U ' 5 1 v , v - INGRID E OISON ng Drxll Team 1 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Music Festival 1 2 3 4 Dance Commxttee 2 3 4 Prom Commlttee 4 Spring Concert 1 2 3 4 Honor Roll 1 Usherette 2 3 4 Latin Banquet 2 Speclal Chorus 2 4 Arrow' Staff 4 Senior Concession4 Drxver Education 3 Glee Club Presxdent 4 Dramatlcs Club 4 "Varslty' Staff4 "My True Security flnallst 4 Amb1t1on To be a good teacher Pet Peeve Insmcerlty Pet Expressxon 'You're kidding "' Interests Muslc readlng dancing collecting albums 1' C-'Q 'WY if PATRICIA ANN MARIE ONDRAS ' Pa WILLIAM F OTTINGER Science Club 1 Dance Commlttee 1 2 3 4 Prom Commlttee 4 Football Manager 2 Driver Tramlng 3 Chorus 1 2 3 Drill Team 1 Spring Concert 1 2 3 MUSIC Festn al 1 2 3 Drxver Educatxon 3 Dance Comxmttee 3 4 Shorthand Award 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Secretary 4 ' Varsity Staff 4 Secretary's Style Corner4 Secretary to Guidance Director 4 Assistant in Office 4 Prom Committee 4 Ambitlon To be a successful secretary Pet Peeve Orals Pet Express1on "I can't do it "' Interests Bobby and The Ford records reading cheermg outdoor movies Otty Ambitlon To be an Air Force Pilot "5 Pet Peeve Homework Pet Expressxon 'Hep it "' Interests Sk1ing flymg skating bowling 1 1 JOSEPHINE CHARLOTTE ANN PACIOREK "Josie" Basketball 1,25 Majorette 2,3,4g Glee Club 2g Driver Training 35 Cafeteria Worker 3,4. Ambition: Successful housewife Interests: Collecting recipes, roller skating,dating,da.ncing, swimming, sewing MARIAN PARKER American Agriculturist Foundation Award 15 Driver Education 33 Prom Com- mittee 4. Ambitlon: To be a good housewife Pet Peeve: Washing dishes Interests: Cooking, Sewing, Home Improvement NN Y WILLIAM CHARLES PARLICK Sklp Biology Club 2 Latin Banquet 2 3 Driver Education 3 Dramatic Club President 4 Vars1ty" Staff 4 Dance Commlttee 4 Prom Comnuttee 4 Ambition Graduate from college Pet Peeve Women drivers Pet Expression Oh yeah h h h hl' Interests Girls Glrlsll WALTER A PEKARSKI Walt Driver Education 3 Prom Commlttee 4 Ambxtlon To be a success Pet Peeve Teachers Pet Expression Hey Mersk Interests I-Iuntmg Fishing Sports BRADLEY ALFRED PETERSON Pete" F F A 3 4 Driver Education 3 Dairy Judging Team 3 4 Basketball 4 Prom Committee 4 Ambition Make money 1n the easiest way Pet Peeve Homework Pet Expression Good Grxp' ws., Interests Baseball Basketball Fishmg -vi. , xx. f 1 7 ll ll J f. . 9 y Z Z n ll ' . ' 1 ' - I 1 . a 'I - - - - Y : , . . H 7' 9 ' . n 'Y ll - 1 7 I , ' :kv ,4 Jw." :rf 4 V 6 1' : 1. ' : us! l n . . - . Z G I S 3 A A s 5 '14 . In ' 1 ' I . , ' - Q , 'f MARY JANE PETROSKI "Petle' Dance Committee 1 2 3 4 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Carnival Ball Queen Candidate 2 Typing Award 2 Chorus 2 3 Drlver Education 3 Music Fest1va12 3 Spring Concert 2 3 Prom Committee 4 Shorthand Award 4 Arrow" Staff 4 "Varsity" Staff 4 Ambition To be a good secretary Pet Peeve An egotist Pet Expression Check it out" Interests A Marine Records Cheering Having fun PATRICIA ANN ROBINSON "Pa Basketball 1 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Spring Concert 1 2 3 4 Music Festival 1 2 3 4 Band 2 3 Ambition To become a good secretary Pet Peeve Showers after gym P t Expression "I hope there's no school tomorrow " Interests Skating Music SHIRLEY ANN ROC KWOOD Shirl" Basketball I Driver Education 3 ASSISIBJII in Cafeterla Prom Committee 4 Ambltlon To join the Wacs or Waves and major ln nursing Pet Peeve Quarterly exams Pet Expression "Oh for Pete's sake "' Interests Dating Reading Roller skating Nursing F44 fra If JANET EVE LYN ROSE Drlll Team 1' Chorus 1 2 3' Honor Roll 1 2 3 4' Music Festival 1 2 3 4- Spring Concert 1 2 3 4' Band 2 3 4' Typing Award 2' Driver Education 3' Shorthand Award 3 4' Bookkeeping Award 3' Honor Society 3 4' "Arrow" Ad Staff 4- Varsity" Staff 4' Assistant in Office 4' Typing Staff 4' Secretary to Mrs, Spindler 4- Prom Committee 4. K " Ambition: To be a success Pet Peeve: Gossips Pet Expression: "Oh Nuts." Interests: Sports Skating Horses, Music 'W NORMA JEAN RUSSO Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Cheerlng 1 2 3 4 Captain of Cheerleaders 4 Vice President 1 Dance Committees 1 3 Spring Concert 1 2 3 4 Music Festival 1 2 3 4 School Newspaper 3 4 Winter Carnival Queen Candidate 2 Student Council 2 4 Student Exchange Program 3 Driver Training 3 Latin Banquet 2 D A R Girl Usherettes Club 4 Prom Committee 4 Special Chorus 4 Arms Academy Model Congress 4 Softball Ambition Physical Education Instructor Pet Peeve People who are not sincere Pet Expression "That's really great P' Interests Music Swimming Dancing Traveling MILDRED J SANDERS M1111e' "Y" Teen Club 1 2 Chorus 1 2 C Y O 1 2 Newspaper Staff 2 Dance mittee 1 Drxver Education 3 Shorthand Award 3 'Arrow" Ad Staff 4 Prom Commxttee 4 Ambition To be a success Pet Peeve Proofreading Pet Expresslon "Hello Cutie" Interests Square Dancing Child Care Skating BARBARA ANN RUDNICKI "Rudn1c " Drill Team 1 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Honor Roll 1 4 Musical Festival 1 2 3 4 Spring Concert 1 2 3 4 Latin Banquet 2 Yearbook Staff 3 4 Newspaper Staff 3 4 Re porter for the School 3 Driver Tralnlng 3 Honor Society 3 Senior Concession 4 Honor Society 4 Prom Committee 4 Ambition Nursing Pet Peeve Homework Pet Expression "Hot Dogl' Interests Skating Knitting Swimming Pop Music Boys, Dancing Basketball games Toboggannlng 49" WALTER LEON SADOWSKI 'W81d0' Driver Education 3 State F F A Meeting 3 Cattle Judging Team3 Prom Committee 4 Ambition To go to Alaska Pet Peeve Browns Pet Expression "You bet your boots I" Interests Hunting Fishing Bowling Swlmmlng Making Money JANET MARION SHAW Jan Latin Banquet 2 Dance Committee 3 4 Driver Training 3 Assistant in Office 4 ' rrow" Ad Staff 4 Shorthand Award 4 Ambition To be a successful secretary Pet Expression "l don't know " Interests Secretarial Jobs records a special boy VA LE RIE SMIAROSKI 1 2 3 4 Spring Concert 1 2 3 4 Music Festival 1 2 3 4 Da.nce Commlttee 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Driver Educat1on3 Latin Banquet 3 Usher ette 4 Dramatics Club 4 'Arrow" Staff 4 Prom Committee 4 Drill Team 1 Chorus Ambition To be a secretary Pet Peeve Hypocrites Lnterests Skiing skating music reading LINDA SIE ISKI Drill Team 1 Dance Committee 2 Basketball 2 3 Latin Banquet3 Driver t 4 A row" Ad Staff Educatxon 3 Chorus 4 Music Festival 4 Spring Concer r 4 Dramatics Club 4 Ticket Committee Chairman 4 Amblt1on To be a teacher Pet Peeve Westerns P t Expression "Honestly Interests Reading music sw1mm1ng Va' EDWARD SOKOLOSKI Cal Ambition Join the Air Force Pet Peeve School Interests Cars Y' If 'A 3 5 y ll S 1 3 5 i e : : " . H. kan - , , rf, 4 p .. . at LYNN J SUMNER Shorty' Softball and Basketball for mtershop teams at Smith School 1 2 Semor Food Sale 4 Senior Prom 4 Ambition Service career Pet Peeve Homework Interests Motorcycles and maintenance hunting ffor deer w1th rlfles and shotguns in Vermont and Mass I 15 Q" PETER MICHAEL TELEGA "Pete Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Basketball Co captain 4 Football 1 3 4 Football Co captain 4 Treasurer 1 Honor Roll 1 3 Vice Presxdent of Class 3 President of Class 2 4 Dance Committee 1 2 Latin Banquet 2 Student Council 2 President 4 Drlver Education 3 Snow Ball Comrmttee 3 Varsity' Staff 3 Dance Committee 4 Prom Commlttee 4 Ambition Make S20 000 a year Pet Peeve People who blush Pet Expression "I just don't know Interests Sports i Gmny ' VIRGINIA ANN WABEC K 1 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Majorette 2 3 4 Latm Banquet 2 Basketball Drill Team 3 Arrow' Ad Staff 4 Dance Commlttee 4 Prom Commlttee 4 Ambxtlon To be a nurse Pet Peeve Sllly boys Pet Expressmn Well you don't say" Interests Tw1rlmg a speclal boy Smgmg Mnsxc Alabama Nursmg fe- 415 PATRICIA MARIE WARC HOL Pat" Dr1ll Team 1 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Honor Roll 1 2 Spring Concert 1 2 mittee 3 Muslc Fest1val 2 3 4 Cheerleader Committee 1 2 4 Snow Ball Com 2 3 4 Class Vlce Presldent 2 Latm Banquet 2 Drlver Educatlon 3 Usherette Varsxty' Staff 4 Prom Committee 4 3 4 Dance Ambition Teacher Pet Peeve Affected people P Expression I was never s mba rassed In my whole lif I" Interests Music Danclng Eating II I , 1 Q . 1 , I,-. 4 . Rf' lf? II 1 s s I v 1 a Q ' 1 r s I ' I Q , I ' 1 , : , : 9 K . . ' . - ' . lv 1 . 7 I I Y 1 5 . : , I 5 . vv 3 II ' I I 1 y 1 I I n C I 1 II I . ' 1 ' - . I. I . , . . I , , . , , 331 , A .t I v 1 n I y C 1 1 1 1 v , C - 1 , , 2 , , I ' I I Q 4. II ' I n , . . I ' t et : " 0 e r 6 J l' 2 . . I BARBARA MARIE WASHBURN Barb Glee Club 1 2 3 Drlll Team 1 Spring Concert 1 2 Latin Banquet2 Music Festival 2 3 Usherette 2 3 Cheerleader 34 Driver Education 3 Snow Ball Committee 3 Honor Roll 3 Candidate for Carnival Ball Queen 3 Arrow" Staff Photographer "Varsity' Staff 4 Dramatic Club 4 Softball 4 Dance Committee 4 Prom Committee 4 Ambition Teacher Interests Reading Music Tennis Poetry, Photography V' W I NORENE A WO LFRAM Nonnle Dance Committee 1 2 Chorus 1 2 3 Latin Banquet 1 Music Festival 1 2 3 4 Concert 1 2 3 4 Band 2 Drill Team 2 President Usherettes' Club 2 3 4 Cheer leader 3 4 Snow Ball Committee 3 Play Committee 3 Gold Key Winner in Art 3 "Varsity" Staff 3 4 Driver Education 3 Stenography Award 3 Editor for Secretary's Style Corner 4 Art Editor for Arrow' 4 Arms Academy Model Congress Representative 4 Prom Committee 4 i Ambition To be successful Pet Peeve Boredom Pet Expression "Rea11y!l' Interests New York art classical music photography hs REBECCA LILLIAN WHOLEY 'Beckle' Chorus 1 2 3 4 Sprmg Concert 1 2 3 4 Honor Roll 1 2 3 4 Ticket Taker 1 Band 2 3 4 Music Festxval 2 3 4 Latln Banquet 2 National Honor Society 3 4 Arrow Staff 4 Speclal Chorus 4 Prom Committee 4 Ambition To be a good teacher Pet Peeve Men Pet Expression "Good nightl' Interests Music Reading LAWRENCE A WRISLEY Redt0p" SCISDCB Club 1 Baseball 1 Dance Committee 1 2 3 Basketball Manager2 Dr1ver Education 3 Snow Ball Committee 3 Honor Roll 3 Prom Commxttee 4 Ambltlon To be a successful mortlclan Pet Peeve Homework Pet Expressxon Be good Interests Girls Cars Dancing Money JOHN G YESTRAMSKI JR Johnny Basketball 1 2 3 Dance Committee 1 2 Honor Roll 2 Driver Education 3 Play 3 4 Prom Committee 4 Ambition To become president Pet Peeve Orals Pet Expression "You're a phony' Interests Bowling Basketball Dancing LEROY R. WYNNE "Skip" Honor Roll 35 Prom Committee 4. Ambition: To be a successful television cameraman Pet Peeve: TV Commercials and show-offs Pet Expression: "What's the difference, Sambo?" Interests: Bowling, Sports, Watching TV, Electronics,Science, Biology Drawing, Geography 4 HELEN VIOLA ZAJAC ax' Drill Team 1 Honor Rolll 3 Dance Commltteel Typing Award 2 Latin Banquet 2 Glee Club 3 4 Driver Education 3 Shorthand Award 3 4 Bookkeeping Award 3 Music Festival 3 4 Spring Concert 3 4 Secretary to Mr Talnter Assistant in Office 4 Ambition To be a good secretary Pet Peeve Ironing Pet Expression "Oh Brother" Interests Television Cooking Sewing Football l,2,4g Basketball 1,25 Baseball 1,2,3,4g Class Secretary 1: Dance Com- mittee lg Band 2,35 Spring Concert 25 Music Festival 23 Driver Education 3- v 'sn-1. ANNE ZAK " ' Basketball 1 2 3 4 Class President 1 Honor Roll 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Arrow Staff 1 4 Student Council 1 Dance Committee 1 2 4 Spring Conc 1 2 3 4 Latin Banquet 2 Music Festival 2 3 4 Driver Education 3 Softball 3 4 National Honor Society 3 4 Field Hockey Co captain 4 'Varsity Sta.ff4 Ad Staff 4 Prom Committee 4 Ambition Physical Education Teacher Pet Peeve Agatha Pet Expression "You'd better be careful! Interests Sports swimming Class Gum Chewer Most Athletxc Most Modest Most Studlous Class Actress Actor Class MUSICIRD Most Courteous Quletest Most Dependable Class Couple Best All Around Most Pleasmg Personallty Best Dressed Best Looklng Most Easygolng Class Flxrt Class Wolf Best Polse Most Energetlc Most Art1st1c Most Sentlmental Class Thmker W1tt1est S1l11est Most Helpful at Home Best Dancer Most Temperamental Most Sophxstxcated Cutest Dreamer Most Llkely to Succeed Most Sportsmanlxke Most Speedm1nded Most D1ff1cult to Classlfy Class Team Qg1rlsy Class Team Qboysj Class Traveler Wie 4 Wie Eunxce Antes Anne Zak Barbara Banas Barbara Rudnxckx Anne Brzozowskl Maveret McClellan Janet Rose Valerle Smiaroskl D1anne Dlcklnson Marlon Parker Lorrame Graves L1nda Slelskn Norma Russo Judxth Grxtz Sandra L1p1nsk1 Joan Legac Barbara Washburn Ingrxd Olson Carol Melnxk William Parzlck Ann Hutkosk1 Betty Jekanowskx Norene Wolfram Patrlcla Mumblo Maveret McClellan Mlldred Sanders Patrlcla Warchol Kathleen Erman Helen Zajac Mary Petroskl V1rg1n1a Wabeck Barbara Washburn Patrxcla Ondras Janet Shaw Rebecca Wholey Margaret Bagdon Marlanne Bohonow1cz Patr1c1a Robxnson Shlrley Rockwood Wxllxam Baronas Nancy Olanyk Francls Golash John Lankarge Wllllam Bagdon Joseph K1slosk1 Dav1d Barker Davld Barker Leroy Wynne Bradley Peterson Paul Legac Wlllxam Graves Wxlllam Graves Walter Hutkoskx Chet Kruslewskl Stephen Hassell Stephen Hassell Karol Drozdal Larry Wrlsley Matthew Noska Leroy Wynne Lynn Sumner W1l11am Ottxnger Roger Culver Walter Pekarsk1 Larry Wr1sley Franc1s Golash Chet Krus1ewsk1 Peter Telega Edward Sokolosk1 Walter Hutkosk1 Robert Crafts Morrls Dwlght Walter Sadowsky Joseph1ne Paclore Henry Kocot John Merskl k I Class Baby Marcia Mowry Joseph Kisloski 244 0-Mmm 26 ROW ONE 1Left to Right, Mavxe McClellan Eunice Antes Peggy Bagdon Ingrld Olson Mxss V1o1a Goodnow fadvlsorj Norma Russo Walter Hutkoslu Peter Telega Wllllam Graves Carol Melnlk Mr Dame1J Sulhvan Qadvlsorj Mlss Catherme Peterson Qadvlsorj D1ck1nson Helen Zajac Mary Petroskx ROW TWO Nancy Olanyk Pat Robmson Josephxne Pacxorek Joan Legac Maryann Bohonow1cz Ann Brozozowskx Ann Hutkoskl JudyGr1tz L1nda Sxelskx Pat Warchol Sandra L1p1nsk1 Slurley Rockwood Marcla Mowry Rebecca Wholey Lorraxne Graves ROW THREE W1111amBaronas MOTFlSDW1ght Henry Kocot Joseph Kxsloskl Chester Kruslewskx Barbara Washburn Norene Wolfram Barbara Banas Vxrgxrua Xhabeck Valerle Sm1arosk1 Betty Jekanowskl Barbara Rudmckx Janet Rose Bradley Peterson Paul Iegac Rlchard Mxlls Larry Wrxsley ROW FOUR Roger Culver Edward Sokoloskx Lynn Sumner W1ll1am Parzlck Francls Golash Walter S8d0WSk1 VN11l1am Bagdon Davld Barker Walter Pekarskx Robert Crafts Karol Drozdal Matthew Iwoska John Yestramskl Wxlham Ottmger John Lankarge John Merskl fLeft to R1ghtyM1ss V1o1aGoodnow, Mr DamelJ. Sulhvan, Miss Catherme Peterson O 'V"f"""1"'eH fl sg me ew ! ' 2 3 2 , 1 J , , ,z O 4 10 We J Q fb Q my rw A 6 ' A A 4 , 1 a ig ,f , . . L ' - ' 3 A , K bg , Q. If ' s a L R' , , .1 I ' ' , ' , , A 7 D I . I 1 .1 3 1 .1 n ' 1 . I Y . 5 Q ah. ' , ' ' ' , ' , A. 5 1 .1 .1 ' v . A 's I 1 I . Z ' . , ' I , f , ', ' I . ' . 7 I I ! . l. Q I ' I -I It A , xv s v v 1 Q D - y S f ' - 1 . ', , " . . . 1 v .U V U .1 K H y . 3, 5 QL Gigs M sg - 'W 4 q'f ,nf anon NW M3 MW fa' L .I if f Hy. , -.- u 5 , . f 952 -'-J 1 ' ' cis f TE M' I ll K G fa 1 Yi .Y 4 , . N x vf Q of -X 5,0 .Q . . . 43, no, - W W ," .Q ' ' ' x , X P ROW ONE fLeft to Right, Janet Mastahz Marxanne Grybko Rodrlguez Louxse Dumont Lmda Farr Mr MOCZUIBWSKI Carol Rogers Charlotte Skroskx Judy Barwlkowskl Patrlcxa Tozlowskl Lmda Canney Patrxcia Goodrich ROW TWO Joanne Cxbrowskx Patrlcla Sadowskl Margaret Kxsloskm Joan Hudyma Margaret Bleakley Dianne Sheppard Lorame Gass Carolyn Backlel Carolyn La Broad Cynthxa Naperkowski Carol Grxtz Janxce Zera Mary Laskoski Delores Hutkowskl Mary Newcomb Karen Cad1eux Katrina Schryver ROW THREE Paul Duda Robert Petrovlc Wlllard Boyden Elame Foster Kathleen Murphy Lxnda Dxckmson 244 Patr1c1a Rallckx Barbara Galenskx Martha Sanders V1rg1n1a Wells Chester Ostrowskl James Stafursky ROW FOUR Rlchard Mllls Paul Ralston James Wholey Andrew Rohrs BernardGo1onka Davld Baldwm Ernest Llvely Stanley Stokarskx Joseph Nxckerson Walter Zanxewskx Larry Ashman John Sanborn Alec Kulesa ROW FIVE Edward Rahckl Leon Kosuda Jon Clark Raymond Leary Damel Barker John Pekarsk1 Mxchael Fenslck Norman Uzdavlms Charles Marcoullxer Thomas Ludwlczak Gary Lawrence Paul Duda Robert Duda S . AA t , g D . . E 3 . . V L K t .L nj I . . 4 y qt 1 ' 4 . , - 1 5 J X Q ' 6 Virginia Oadomski, Joyce Devine, Charlotte Boro, Cynthia Melnik, Carol Page, Romona Skibisld, Marianne Raliclri, Richard 244 now UNL fLeIt to Righty Irene Zayac carol Rowe Marian McMi11en Ruth Uzdavinxs Prxscllla Farrick Ma.rjor1e Backiel Mrs Davis Mr Ames Judy Kilgour Madehne Mieczkowskl Marlon Wojtkielewxcz Patricla Olyruk Eleanor Noska JudyBesse Jo Ann Sheldon ROWTWO Dorothy Rahckl Gracescudder Beverly Guilford Dorothy Clark Elaxne Klinker Eileen Zimnowskl Dxane Benoni Carolyn Taylor Martha Poston Mary Baker Georgeann DuFault Mary AnnSokolosk1 Sandra Scott M1r1am Brooks Mary Grxswold Sarah Wolfram Sandra Stafursky ROW THREE Gerald Paclorek Harry Schryver Gerald Baranoskx Sandra Swift Betty Ralicki Helen Radowicz Martha Graves Katherine Herllhy Barbara Dzen1s Eileen Wilson Sayla McClellan Linda Rup Betty Rlchardson Donald Graves Edward Kilgour Stanley Shaw Ronald Hutkowskl ROW FOUR Wallace Wllhams Paul Elle Rxchard Patnode Robert Laframboise Leonard Kahle Charles Sakowlcz Keneth Warchol John Goodrlch Larry Fortier Ray W1lson Thomas Olanyk Lawrence Golanka Richard Swaluk Ervin Prlce Mlchael Morowski John Howes James Pronowxtz ROW FIVE John Zabko Steven Trenholm Louis Guerin Walter Rudmck1 M1chaelP1lvin1s Frank Olearczyk Edmund Drown Edward Storozuk Charles Parzxck Wllllam Zabko Bernard Kahle James Griswold Joh.n Paciorek Stanley Golash Harry Kuenzel Warren Whitney Mxchael Thompson Zyban? ROW ONE theft to Righty Beatrice Preston Frances Barry, Nora Cleary, Carole Mercure Donna Sielskl Beverly Palmisano Joannle Beaudry Ann Mlleskl Dianne Laskoskr KatherineGr1bko Barbara Demaradzkl Maureen Moore Agnes Wabeck Janet Mowry Ann Wilson, Sylvia Rosenthal Marcia Canney Anastasia Podlo Arlene Kllnker, Janet Nawskon Mary Savage Donna Page Alyce Farrlck Barbara Flnkowskl Jean Mogelinski Carol Kownacki Margaret Thompson ROW THREE Kathryn Drozdal Christine Gadomskx Karen Crafts Mary Ann Morrissey Jean Dickenson Barbara Paclorek Tophxe Nowak Marguer1teGr1swold Susan Clark Jane Gxbbs Kathleen Chesk Jud1th Olearczyk GeraldlneKl1nker, Elaxne Wedge Sandra Ralickx Patrlc1aRup ROW FOUR M1tchel1Serowlck Carleton Peabody III David Swaluk Paul Warner Jan Lankowski Rohrs David W0jtkl6leWlCZ Albert Adamskl Christos Contakos Rlchard Graves Davld Soares ROW FIVE Francls Wysocki Russell Trumble Myron Rokoszak David Sanlcki William Mono Arthur Lively Juhan Goralski David Wells John Boyden, Peter Thomas 5 y ' , ' , l ' , 1 Y ! 1 x 1 l D 1 Y Staelins. ROW TWO: Regina Wolejko, Carole Bostley, Karleen Edward Perkins, William Melnlk, Edward Mieczkowski, David ROW ONE 1Left to Right, Jonathan Gass Frank Yazwmski III John BenJamln Kemxeth Olanyk Edward Sherman Wxlliam Sykes Robert Adamskx Stephen Trzclnskx Frank Zoly Kenneth Smxth John Smiaroski Carl Peterson Robert Pos ROW TWO Jane Adler Nancy Reed Janet Rosenthal Donna Telega Barbara Banaslak Joyce Bohonowtcz Aldme Anderson Mr Denesha Mrs Tainter Rena Jackson Jane Rutkowsky Lmda Maynard Cheryl Chap1n ROW THREE Cheryl Burnett Cyntlua Carpenter Frxeda Hayes Mabel Roblnson Bethany Lxvely Patrlcxa Kulessa Ela1ne Mxeczkowskx Kathleen Mxur Judlth Rosenthal Susan LaBroad Sophia Rokoszak Gaxl Smcker Frances Kowieczny Vlrguua Belford Noreen Leary Juhe Zapka ROW FOUR Norman Graves Roger Clapp Larry Meumer Wllllam Bohonowlcz Mary Wolfram Christlne Sanxckx Judith Noska Donna Wedge Sharron Drown Joanne Lankarge Andrea Nelson Barbara Sk1b1sk1 CaroleJackosk1 Edward Ashman George Trenholm Vxctor Yagodzxnskx Eugene Toczydlowskx ROW FIVE Wesley Dickmson Roger Baker Davxd Krostoskx Donald Goscensl-L1 Davxd Bohonowxcz John Havnland Robert Trzclenslu Edward Grltz Ronald Prlce Frank Mastahz Richard Ostrowskx ROW SIX Thomas Peterson R1chardTozlosk1 James Zera Bruce Meunxer Douglas Harrls Charles MHICWSKI Rxchard Trumble Russell Eugin Stuart Watts Paul Fl11pk0VlSk.l Nlcholas Sawk1w W1111am Stafford Mr. Ashenden, Thomas, Janet Eagdon, Constance Baronoski: David Sanders, Alan Farrar: Victor Waryas, Rlchard Klsloskij ROW ONE qLeft to Righty Stewart Clark William Fistes Gerald Sadosld Robert Ress Eugene Bartos Charles Chapin AllanChace Donald Dufault Morgan Wood Byron Canney John Kllsenbauer David Marchefka Hector Santos David Graves ROW TWO Frederick Ehmann Robert Belair Charles Plesnar DavidGamache Herbert Gass Joseph Skibxski Robert Decker Wxlliam Burns Warren Bardwell Thomas Paciorek Richard Stafursky Dudley Rose Porter Wells Kenneth Wysockl Robert Rogers Michael Hassell Constance Shaw Jacalyn Bleakley Maxine Kowalski Joan Peabody Carol Boulden Lorna Mills Merrie McKinnon Theresa Krostoski Mr Cowan Mrs Morrissey Mrs Field Mr Phillips Dianna Witkowski Priscilla Prutzman Jean Taylor Annette Shaw Ruth Laskoski Elizabeth Kucenskl Elizabeth Johnston, Martha Eaton Kathleen Cook ROW FOUR Judith Griswold Theresa Farrick Anne Kelleher Candace Bleakley Deborah Baker Judlth Kalentek Marie Paclorek Paula Kuchleskl Linda Soles, Carole Zimnowskl Janet Richardson Shirley Godleskl Frances Valeskl Walentyna Pomasko Margaret Stokarskl Janlce Postel Patricia St Peter Kathleen Ralicld Beverly Graves Sandra Serowxck Sandra Batchelder ROW FIVE Susan Howes Kathleen Perkins Elaine Johnston Barbara Kosikowskl Carol Miner, Marie Drown Margaret Herlihy Carol Pascienlk Dorothy Butklewicz Patrxcla Parzlck Andrea I-Ielstowski Donna Norman Judith Wedge Donna Russo Mary Olanyk Barbara Wrlsley Kathleen Eaton Geraldine Corbett Patricia Paclorek Edna Lee ROW SIX James Warchol Robert Porter Richard Dickinson, Richard Wlnskye Allan Thomas Anthony Barry James Ludwiczak Michael Harnett Charles Baronas John Bagdon Jeffrey Fawcett George Bell James Duda Robert Kosteckl James Pilvmls Walter Mastallz ArnoldSadowskl ROW SEVEN Bruce St Peters Frank Karas John Baronas Lawrence Recore Rodney Ovltt Richard Guilford Thomas Panek Charles Pydych James Turatl Richard Swiatek William Nickerson Theodore Fortier Leroy Rose ROW EIGHT John Skroskl Frank Baronoskl Francis Crafts Chester Potyrala Roger Allis Joseph Savlski Donald Sadowsky 3 I I n 1 s I I I I I n I I I Y l ' I l Y Y Y l I . ' Fmkowskx, Michael Ciborowskl, Dwight Clary. Row THREE: Linda ' , 1 ' , . , . 1 , 1 1 7 1 4 I Vilni- 4,11 ,ESM J bd 9 Sk mv .Q -'-1-54-. ' ' Xu . -:q A2 od , Tfi SEQ f Ogi- 5 - 7 .X '- 'Z I -z. gk ,-3' -SS gi fix, 2,55 - ? :Eggs To , ' 'y A' .. 4- ' 4 ,N T LEFT TO RIGHT Joanne Beaudry Martha Graves Dianne Sheppard Norma Russo Peter Telega 1Presi dent! Jon Sanborn William Melnik Stuart Watts Richard Swiatek 31 Q.. Q? Patricia Ralxckx Charlotte Boro Janet Rose Joanne Hudyma Alexandria Kozikowslu ROW THREE William Graves Morris Dwight Walter Hutkoski Robert Duda Davxd Barker Jon Sanborn Peter Telega ROW ONE 1Left to Righty Lorraine Graves Ann Brozowskx Patricla Warchol Maveret Mc Clellan Rebecca Wholey Margaret Bagdon Barbara Rudnicki Dianne Sheppard ROW TWO Marlanne Grybko Margaret Kislosld Margaret Bleakley Patrxcia Goodrich On Wednesday rught Apr11 1 1959 the new members were 1nducted 1nto the Natlonal Honor Soc1ety Th1s was the mght of the sprmg Open House and parents as well as numerous frlends of the inductees attended the sxmple but lmpresslve ceremony The people from the Jumor class that were mducted are Joanne Hudyma Pat Ral1ck1 Marxanne Grybko Margaret Bleakley D1anne Sheppard Margaret K1S1OWk1 A1exandr1a KOZIKOWSKI Pat Goodrich Jon Sanborn, Robert Duda Charlotte Boro The new senlors are Ann Brozowsk1 Pat Warchol Dav1d Barker, Walter Hutkosk1 Lorrame Graves Pat Ondras Morrxs Dw1ght Margaret Bagdon, and Peter Telega 5 Muay Sag ROW ONE fLeft to Righty Barbara Rudnickl Lorraine Rose Norene Wolfram Nancy Olanyk ROWTHREE Robert Graves QI-Zditory Mrs Ryan Norma Russo Margaret Petrovic Barbara Washburn Ingrxd Olson Betty Petroskx Virginia Gadomski Patrxcia Warchol Janet The "Vars1ty" Staff ,under the supervision of Mrs Ryan and editorshlp of Lorraxne Graves, has worked t1re1ess1y to ed1t and check the news brought m by the var1ous reporters Much tlme was spent in retyplng and mlmeographmg to get the paper out on time and to make It a worth wh11e pl1b11CatlOI1 to our school l N Bagdon, Margaret Klsloski, Judith Grltz. ROW 'l'WO: Mary J ekanowski, William Parzick. , ' I ROW ONE QLeft to R1ghtjMr Thomas Maveret McClellan QEditorJ Lorraine Graves, Barbara Washburn Norene Wolfram Betty Jekanowski Ingrid Olson Rebecca Wholey MaryNewcomb Cynthia Rodriguez Sayla McClellan Jea.nne Dickinson Mrs La Plante ROW TWO Dianne Sheppard Nancy Olanyk Mary Petroski Valerie Srmarowski Margaret Kisloski Margaret Bagdon Norma Russo Euxuce Antes Alyce Farrick Donna Sielskl Jane Mowry Kathrina Schryver ROW THREE Mary Laskoski Dxanne Dickinson Lorame Gass, Joanne Hudyma Linda Sielski Sandra Lipmskx Janet Rose Judy Gritz Barbara RUd.!liCK1 Carol Melnik Ann Hutkoskx Arm Brzozowskx ROW FOUR Jon Sanborn Marianne Bohonowicz Carol Grxtz Barbara Galenski John Lankarge Barbara Banas, V1rg1n1a Wabeck Carol Page Bill Graves ROW ONE 1Left toR1ghtjCa.ro1Gr1tz Norma Russo Patrxcia Warchol Mary Petroskx ROW TWO Barbara Washburn Norene Wolfram Judy Barwikowski Carol Bostley Joan Ciborowskl fabsent Patricia Ondrasy 33 1 2 W 2 W W W W, 5 , W 'S W W W - 3 Q - - " 3 X xx? E v ' 1 V W i I OV -QW W , fm I - , I i an I i 1 W Q f ' , '! V Q f W g W 4' a . 1 Y. 1 W A ax W . V E 3 Q 5 I 7 , -Q 5 Q f 5 W . Lg t f O ' Q Q X W i X E I 3 W .4 ,W y ' 5 X X , 1 g K7 ' Q W . E 3 1 3 W 2 E 5 W 5 I K L5 ? - ' q. " W W f W p g ' T 'Q f i 5 K 3 f TEES: g' A ig ' 'T I , K W 5 -I W K ' in W F H - f X i ' i r A , f - 4 W X ', u X ' ' ' , , r xi' I r X21 - ' V Q n 4 ' ' Z7 ' . E 'Q .X 5. f W, I 5 , Q - J Y . 'j U 3 V A W W Z 1 if 1 W 1 2 W X '1' 4 ' Q O-X - . , . ' 1 ROW ONE QLeft to Rlghty Barbara Sldbiskl Virginia Gadomskl Katrina Schryver Cheryl Chapin Irene Zajac Miriam Brooks Sarah Wolfram Janet Mastallz Mary Griswold Kathleen Drozdal Sandra Lipinski Carol Melnlk ROWTWO Sandrastafursky Joanne Ciborowskl Dianne Sheppard Patricia Robinson Barbara Demaradzkl Agnes Wabeck Joan Hudyma Cynthia Naperkowski Margaret Bleakley Virginia Melnlk Valerie Smlaroski Linda Canney Linda Sielskl Carol Rogers Patricia Warchol Mary Newcomb Beverly Palmlsano ROW THREE V1rglnlaBelford Judy Noska Andrea Nelson Regina Wolejko Mary Savage Joyce Bohonowicz Ramona Skiblskl Ann Hutkoskl Maveret McClellan Maryanne Bohonowicz Marcia Mowry Carol Grxtz MarclaCanney FOUR Peggy Griswold SaylaMcCle1la.n Cyntlua Rodriguez Kathy Chesk Barbara Rudnick! Vlrglnia Wabeck Margaret Bagdon Dianne Benoni Ann Brzozowski Joanne Lankarge Barbara Galenskl Betty Jekanowski Carol Page Linda Rup ArleneKlinker Susan Clark MaryAnn Morrissey Beverly Guilford Geraldine Kllnker, Helen Zajac: Karen Cadieux,,Margaret Klslosldz Judy Gritz, Ingrid Olson, Rebecca Whaley, Nornxa Russo. ROW "W, if 1 i 5 x .LAN 1 Ei 2 Q I f 1 5 g...14 11:11 Sp ir ,V :4,.L . C- f J 1 I f , K M' 5 ' N fu ,A ,, f N,,. , , ,N M MV H.. YA! 'M' , K " .raw ,Q :wi f I fg,.v,wYe,, : 'ff' Q ' , s 2 1, A. -U ,57Ag4L -.,4.,,., ' 'QW' ROW ONE theft to Righty Karen Cadleux Carol Melnlk Ingrid Olson Linda Sielsld John Sanborn Joan Hudyma Cynthia Rodriguez Pat Sadoski Sandra Lipinski Judy Grxtz Margaret Kisloeki Lorrame Graves Mavie McClellan ROW TWO Mary Susan Savage Carol Rowe Lorraine Gass Cynthia Naperkowskl Georgiann Dufault Marlann Morrlsey Eumce Antes Marion McMillan Barbara Washburn Diane Benonl Carolyn Taylor Peggy Thompson Janet Mowry ROW THREE Donna Sielskx Debbxe Baker Pat Parzick Susie Clark Katherine Herhhy Elaine Foster Charlotte Skroski Jane Gibbs Karen Crafts Barbara Finkowski Barbara Demaradzki Alyce Farrlck ROW FOUR Charlotte Boro John Yestramskx Jimmy Griswold Da.ruelBarker W1ll1am Zabko Barbara Galenskl John Howes Davxd Barker Ken Warchol Jan Lankowskx Sayla McClellan Th1s year under the direction of Kenneth Walker of Greenfleld the Dramatlcs Club accomplxshed more than lt has 1n a long time Two major productlons were presented as well two one act plays "The Boardmghouse Reach" was the fall play and "Desperate Ambrose" was the sprmg product1on Both plays are by Donald Payton In add1t1on to the regular work Mr Walker coached a small cast ln the recognitxon scene from Anastasla ' The play was sent to Athol to compete 1n the Western Mass Drama Fest1va1 where It won a chance to go to Boston to compete w1th schools from all over Massachusetts The club lS 1n need of boys to act 1n 1ts plays next year Come on all you Thesbxans joxn the club' Swan Za A ,Q lst A if E' wg 04 -4 nfl. HP ROW ONE 1Left to Righty Patrxcxa Warchol Ingrid Olson Cynthxa Grxtz ROW TWO Lxnda Canney Sandy Lipinski BettyJekanows1cl The Usherettes Club was formed three years ago for the purpose of addmg grace and dxgnxty to the h1gh school functlons Whether 1n gowns or party dresses the glrls prov1de a welcommg atmosphere for the annual open house programs, plays concerts graduatlons and class mghts Rodriguezf Norene Wolfram, Mavie McClellan, Norma Russo, Judy Patrioia Sadowskl, Lorraine Graves, Patricia Tozloski. . . D . , . . I Y 7 ' 9 it X 'W Qam 1884 Phldf 9'1"'i On Frmday October 31 1958 the SGHIOFS 1n1t1ated the freshmen The freshman boys were requlred to wear shlrts on backwards one shoe and one sneaker odd socks pant legs rolled up necktxe on backwards bows 1n the1r ha1r and dungarees The freshman gxrls were requ1red to wear vegetable corsages ha1r ln numerous p1gta1ls odd socks one shoe and one sneaker dungarees aprons and blouses on backward The freshmen were checked 1n at the cafeter1a1n the mormng and were not allowed to use m1dd1e stalrway at one t1me They had to bow to the sen1ors carry the1r books and empty the1r trays at lunch At two o clock the freshmen gathered at the end of the gym and walted 1n suspense to be called upon to cw if perform stunts before the student body Among the performances were mutations of the faculty swmgmg the hula hoop a song by ' Elvrs ' and a potato race The senlors agreed that the freshmen were very good sports dur1ng the1r 1n1t1at1on and welcomed them to the Frontler V., .n, l "M 4 '.- 'uf' 9' Aff' SJ !959D 04 9 Qu! 1959 27 waz We 19.59 7 704 E Bed: P08244 90959 7 . 1 E 2 E ROW ONE: 1Left to Righty Ernest Lively, Roger Culver, James Grybko, Michael Morowski, Arthur Lively, James Mr. Clifford Parker Qinstructorj, John Merski, Bernard Pronowicz. ROW THREE: Bradley Peterson, Willard Boyden, Golanka, David Baldwin, ROW TWO: Wallace Williams, Erwin Price, Chester Ostrowski, Alec Kulessa. O O O I 5 . fx Q x K 1 Q FRONT iLeft to Righty Thomas Ludwiczak Mrs Fiske Willxam Zabko STANDING Paul Elle Richard Patnode Walter Zaniewskl flea ROW ONE QLeft to R1ghtlJ0yce Bohonowlcz Andrea Nelson Barbara Sk1b1ski Mary Wolfram John Paciorek Mr Deuesha Judxth Noska Judith Rosenthal Cheryl Chapin Sarah Wolfram Eileen Wilson Barbara Banasiak Gall Snicker George Trenholm Kenneth Smith Eugene Toczydloskl ROW THREE John Srmaroski Robert Pos Carl Peterson Paul Elle Bernard Kahle Richard Swaluk Frank Yazwinski IH Jonathan Gass Richard Ostroskl ROW FOUR William Stafford Charles Malewskl Stuart Watts Raymond Wilson Paul Filipkoski Nlcholas Sawklw Robert Trzcienski ROW TWO: Rolnert ladamski, ,Edward Ashman, Frank Mastalia,Tophie Nowak: Sharron Drown: ROW ONE fleft toR1ghty Katr1naSchryver Dlanne Sheppard Karen Cadleux Joanne Clborowskl Virginia Gadomskx Kathleen Murphy Joan Hudyma MaryAnn Grybko Loraine Gass Patrlcia Sadoskl Backiel Mary Newcomb Cynthla Naperkowskl ROW TWO Dolores Hutkoskl Linda Dlckmson Carolyn LaBroad Linda Ca.nney Margaret Bleakley Margaret Kisloskx Mary Laskoskx Virgmia Melnik Elame Foster Carol Page Carol Gritz Charlotte Skroslu Janice Zera Cynthxa Rodrxguez Louxse Dumond Romona Sk1blsk1 Martha Sanders ROW THREE Charlotte Boro Mary Ann R8.1lCkl Chester Ostrowsk1 Davmd Wells John Sanborn Walter Zamewskx Thomas Kostecld Barbara Galenskl Patrlc1aRal1ck1 ROWFOUR James Wholey Michael Fensxck Raymond Leary Thomas Ludwxczak Joseph Nlckerson Robert Crafts John Pekarslu O O Carol Rogers, Patricia Tozlosld, Judith Barzavikowski, Carolyn Bernard Golonka, blorman Uzdaviynis, Robert Duvla,James Stafursky: 524,48 Q1 -'pw We Ky' ROW ONE qLeft to Righty James Stafursky Madel1neMleczkowskl Elaine Kllnker Anthony Cantakos ROW THREE Andrew Rohrs Judy Kllgour Mr Daniel Sullivan Qadvlsorj Margaret Thompson Robert Duda Paul Duda Daniel Barker Michael Fensxck David Ruth Uzdavims Jon Lankowskl ROW TWO Robert Petrovic Helen Barker Thomas Kostecki Radowlcz Catherine Herlihy Barbara Dzenls Martha Graves ROW ONE QLeft to Right, Mr Cowan Martha Eaton Ehzabeth Johnston Kathleen Perkins Pr1sc1lla Prutzman Carol Pasiecnlk Judith Kalentek SandraBatchelder Richard Stafursky Dudley Rose ROW TWO Allan Chace Herbert Gass Thomas PBCIOFBK Byron Canney Robert Porter Jeffrey Fawcett Wilham Burns Dwight 54 Clary Walter Mastaliz James Warchol Morgan Wood Mlchael Clborowskx Warren Bardwell ROW THREE M1chaelFinkowsk1 Robert Kostecki Chester Potyrala Joseph Saviskl James Turatl James Ludwlczak Donald Sadowsky GeorgeBel1 Michael Hartwell Richard Swiatek Theodore Fortxer Ummm ZQWMZ 12' W sw m ,l u 1 vs 9 1 5 li ,, , as ss M ,, 1, s ws o FRONT: 1Left to Righty Mrs. Betty Graves, Mrs. Carolyn Puchalski, Mrs. Marjorie Van Petersilge, Mrs, Helen Petroski. REAR: Mrs. Tania Mastaliz. Mrs. Hildegard Page. e ff N i mm "H" H 3 I .- ,Q NX l :,. I 551 . V4 4 x 6 Q? -I . - :ft MQ' n :HU 'X' mf 4 . fvlmx ri ml. If M ujlx . . lf' WQMQWWQM cv' vi Q I ROW ONE 1Left to Rlghty Davxd Baldwm Bernard Golonka John Merskl Peter Telega ico captj B111 Graves qco captj Leonard Kahle Jon Sanborn Paul Ralston ROW TWO R1cha.rd Wells Robert Jackson Thomas Olanyk Gerard Paclorek Robert Laframbolse Steve Hassell Mlchael Thompson John Pac1orek ROW THREE Coach Edgar Myron Rokoszak Charles Sakowlcz Ernest Llvely Robert Crafts Chester Krus1ewsk1 Lawrence Golonka Michael Fens1ck ROW FOUR James Wholey Bernard Kahle Carleton Peabody III Vulham Melmk Edward Storozuk Raymond W11son Mr Ames zawoz Qi Fealezfew ROW ONE QLeft to Righty Wilham Burns Kenneth Wysockl Ames Robert Trzclenskl Stuart Watts Paul Filipkowslu Michael Finkowskl Walter Mastaliz James Warchol Frank Mastaliz Vxctor Waryas Robert POS Rlchard Tozloskx Jonathan Gass ROWTWO Coach William ROW ONE QLeft to Righty Jonathan Gass William Burns Coach Phillips Richard Winskye Victor Waryas Nxcholas Theodore Fortier James Warchol James Duda Donald Sawklw Rlchard Trumble Stuart Watts Edward Sherman Sadowsky Frederick Ehman.n Walter Mastallz ROW TWO Edward Grltz O O ! I 7 ' , . 1 . Z W , I , , 1 1 ' . r 1 a I ' ' ' ' , , . : . Eoya ' Mu made! FIRST ROW 1Left to Rxghtj Robert Petrovlc Robert Rokoszak Coach Moczulewskx Manager John Paclorek ROW TWO Ca.r1eton Peabody Edward Kilgour Myron .Foyer f 7f made! .sw ROW ONE QLeft to Rxghty Ronald Hutkowlo Gerard Pacxorek Lawrence Golonka ROW TWO Coach John Edgar John Thomas Olanyk Edward Mieczkowskn FFHDCIS Wvsockx Goodrxch EdwardRa11ck1 HarryKuenze1 Brad1eyPeterson 1 'Q x ' I Y V . . V Y xx' t - , 'x'-. " I xx, ,' K - ' - 1 '. ' , , . H V X ' . Q4 V X r 5 i N ' ,b inf . I h A ,, Q . J C gl . .....,,J 1 ' z , K Laframboisei Peter Telega, John Lankarge, Leon,Kosuda. Charles Sjakowicz, Gerard Paciorek. l 1 O O li J I Q 'O O . I - f ' - ' A s nl bf Hi WW VR , U UNTIQ WNY!!! 5 .J Wei, was- "'3" 'fr'f'fw"iTg'N-'H H 2 t , Y fs AP' L 4:0 ROW ONE 1Left to Righty Stephen Trenholm Mlchael Thompson Thomas Olanyk Gerald Baranoskx Gerard Paciorek ROW TWO John Goodrich Daniel Barker David Sadowsky MlCha61F8DSlCk Raymond Wxlson Charles Sakowicz Coach John Edgar 1 'J L- . M 5 .. "1" is-'Y 1 A 'X V W? .fhfx , -.., ., ..-A v , if , S Q 'Rf f ' -4 Ax, 5.19, 1 . ,.,,.Jf'1:5ff , Q hw., :kk ff- Q nk A .-Q fr-F' o ,- , f "X, 3 1 4 f ' "V ,LA , . . 4 5 n , , 1 - 5 1 f v . , , . ROW ONE Qbeft to Righty Marianne Ralicki Kathleen Murphy Eunice Antes Betty Jekanowski Coach Goodnow Patricia Ralicki Miriam Brooks Dianne Benoni Margaret Bagdon Patricia Betty Ralicki Sandra Ralicki Eileen Wilson Toph1eNovak Martha Goodrich Dorothy Ralicki Anastasia Podlo Marion McM11len Poston ROW TWO Karen Cadieux Dianne Dickinson Betty Richardson Being new at this sport the girls played five games fof which they won three J Our coach Miss Goodnow helped the girls very much in their games The record for the varsity team was 3 2 and the record for the Junior varsity was 2 2 1 SC HE DU LE VARSITY They JUNIOR VARSITY They Mahar Mahar Arms Arms Northampton Northampton Arms Arms Keene Keene O I O This year a new sport was added to girls' sports and was enjoyed by the girls very much. We We 2 1 0 1 2 1 3 0 0 3 1 1 3 1 0 2 1 3 ' '76mzy made!! Under the coaching of our new physical education director, Miss Goodnow, the girls had avery successful season. The season's record was 16-2, The girls also attended a tournament in Grafton. Although the girls did not come back victorious ,they had a very nice time. We They 35 11 Sanderson Alumnae 43 5 Arms 43 15 Hopkins 63 15 Sanderson 29 24 Mahar 39 8 Charlemont 54 40 Amherst 32 18 Greenfield 28 48 Amherst 18 17 Keene 28 26 Greenfield 32 51 ROW ONE: lLeft to Righty Kathleen Murphy, Barbara Banas, Marianne Ralicki, Captain Margaret gint? Acaciemy Bagdcn, Patricia Goodrich, Ann Hutkccki, Patricia Rancid. Row TWO: Coach Miss viola Goodnow, Mar emon 54 34 Betty Jekanowski, Barbara Galensld, Betty Ralicki, Judy Kilgour, Georgeann Dufault, Manager Mafkffr 49 14 Carol Page' Hopkins as 16 Smith Academy 59 7 TOURNAMENT SCORES Northboro 28 25 Greenfield 37 59 Grafton 32 33 ROW ONE: QLeft to Righty Joanne Beaudry, Charlotte Skroski, Dia.nne Benoni, Christine Godomski, , 1 Mary Susan Savage. ROW TWO: Carole Rowe, Betty Richardson, Coach Viola Goodnow, Mary Baker, 664 xy Beverly Guilford. 9 0 Fadda! The Girls' Junior Varsity Basket- ball Team also had a very successful season this year with a season record of 16-2. This was the first year for most of the girls to play, but they are coming back next year to try to see if they can do better. SCHEDULE We They Arms 18 14 Hopkins 21 16 Mahar 33 13 Charlemont 16 15 Arms 18 17 Charlemont 18 10 Mahar 31 4 Smith Academy 18 5 Amherst 5 18 Keene 4 18 Greenfield 11 8 Smith Academy 18 10 Amherst 15 14 Greenfield 22 6 Hopkins 16 13 64 3049029 722019 Q Q J Rl? IE Q-G-' ROW ONE iLeft to Righty Coach Ma.xwellMoczu1ewsk:l Steve Hassell John Paciorek Manager ROW TWO Paul Elie Richard Swaluk Joseph Nickerson Thomas Kostecki Charles Parzick 6005 QQ' if ll 40 00- 4 5 '-' as ROW ONE 1Left to Righty GeorgeannDufau1t AnnZak Margaret Bagdon Kathleen Murphy Jane Kownacld Patrlcia Rallcki ROW TWO Martha Graves Carol Rogers Judy Kilgour Helen Radowicz E1leen Wilson ROW THREE Mary Ann Ralicki Charlotte Skrawski Betty Rxchardson Virgmxa Gadomskx Betty Ralicki Coach Viola Goodnow xg y ,X . M C, I 5 C . I l :DQ A 1 ' . lf A x A, , jr " F 5, Tk 1 -R JN fl A s a 4 A IX. my xx K K , 7 ,1 n ,.. f g , f. E - 5 W f X L , . x fy, Ac Edward Mleczkowsld, Edward Kilgour, Leon Kosudafaobert Petronic, Carlton Peahody 111. dow THREEQ to w8,syy g y Q no ' In M if 2, M f f ,-f av iv R 'G R "' J In . -. J 19 4 49 . an I 9 , X ? Q ' J 'P W 3 'ff ' v ' l , J fe Qyaweeddc Zzqaky fymzaadcd QM nf' ' - C dl A ff '7 7 3 .1 Q .- I LY H, I "' v U- 'Zo- Z ,Q givin 4,5 v -.? ,.4.. f 4 ' -5Pete 1 Weiega. 69' V ru W 4 4 339' , ,F Q fig: , . 'J F553-' K di 84 f J 2,33 Pin 'X ' x F 'Q' Y ' . 3' gym ,H 5 N.. R' bw 9 A is f'i'fi1 4 I, 5 f V x .2 1, li ii' Q a i rw -,.. aw V 55, V I gn Wav O -f""""'5 eazabzfzom rig 1 wx ' S. 1 2 4 lin- ,Ii 'JJ' 35 'L 1 'ii' li 5-wk 4' '54 nhl V 1 1 3 .0 ' '1 , is ii JL We had an oriental theme, and our prom was entitled "The Land of the Midnight Sun." As each person entered the gymnasium, he had to cross a curved bridge, The ceiling was covered by pink and blue crepe paper, which gave the hall a cozy appearance. We floated to the dreamy music played by the Knights of Melody, and every so often we stopped to make a wish by the wishing well, which was located in the middle of the floor. The queen, Barbara Banas, and the king, David Barker, were crowned in the pagoda house by last year's queen, Ruth Howes. The court was composed of Lorraine Graves, Patricia Warchol, Eunice Antes, Maveret McClellan, Ann Brzozowski, and Patricia Robinson. Our prom was one of the best the school has seen, and a good time was had by all who attended. mQrl 1 M44 7344 On a hot humld August evening a weary gentleman by the name of John Yestramskl dozed off whlle readlng his evening paper The quiet silence of his repose was broken by the frantic rlnglng of the doorbell Groggily John rose and upon openlng the door found a telegraph messenger wlthacahle from Skip Parzlck The telegram read as follows Before geseaslrzgi news to puhllc stop Am lnformlng you of my completed feat stop First brldge from San Francisco to Tokyo stop In '59 they said 1tcouldn't be done stop I 1 it s p As he fintshed readlnglt John chuckled rememberlng that flrst day when Skip and he feellng blg and Important entered the portals of Deerfield Hlgh School Soon after thelr arrlval that importance was deflated by the almighty seniors He recalled well that flrst dsy s congregation of the freshmen ln the gymnasium where Mr Dowd Principal wel comed ths class and orlsntated lt to the regulations of the school After many frustratlng days the freshman year was underway and as John started remlnlsclng about the good old days he dropped off into a deep slumber Suddenly a falnt smlle was seen on hls face ashe heard the voice of Scampy that little subconscious being withln htm say ' John old boy Remember that flrst class meeting votlng ln our leaders Zak Russo Telega Adamski and Wynne who started their rule on that very day under the guldance of Mr Moczulewskl s say What a beginning' What a year' We had athletes who dld appear In football basketball and baseball too Here our members were not so few Hassell Telega Merskl and Clark Were four who had lots of spark Assisted by Noska Wynne and Foxle And Drozdal and Crafts all with lots of Moxie Besides these Baronas was on the beam Carrying out the old bucket to his team The glrls dld their part and more Wlth Zak McClellan and Bagdon to score Oh yes Sblrley and Josie dld not shirk To donate help and really work And Norma Russo added her share By spreading a few cheers here and there How old pal you I could have crowned When on dances and soclals you frowned After all that freshman hop was fun A success ln every way for everyone The greatest event of that flrst year Was the erectlon of the new Frontler With joy and sorrow we bid adleu To Deerfield Hlgh and Mr Dowd too In the fall enterlng Frontters elght large doors We awaited eagerly to see what was in store M Alvlno our Superlntendent Principal brand new Selected our colors red whlte and blue Class offlcers Warchol Johnston and Llptnski met And Telega and Russo were in there you bet As sophomores we conducted several dances Successfully we were making advances Wlth Mr Spencer and Mrs Gallantas advisors We were aging and growxng much wiser Six classmates brought us great renown In the dramatic performance of "Our Town ' Barker Antes Hutkoskl Walt and Am1 Banas and Graves were slmply grand As candidates we were in many many places For the Carnival Ball Petroskl and Russo were ln the races The new Frontler band was composed of Barker Smiaroskl Wynne and Rose Wholey Drozdal Hassell and Lankarge Wlth Mr Talnter the hopeful instructor charge Joined with the band were the lovely majorettes Llplnskl Johnson Banas and Grltz Paclorek Wabeck Melnik and Graves Who twlrled in anticipation of festival days Sad was the day when over radio and wlre The words were heard of the Deerfield Hlgh re After days of confusion and despalr so great We pushed on to win fame at any rate Merskl Telega Crafts and Graves Lankarge and Hassell were the Redskln Braves Along with Noska Wynne and Mills They gave us cause for many sport thrllls Petroski and Wsschol supplied their bit And as cheerleaders made qulte a hlt As other actlvltles lnto vlew dld come At the Latin Banquet we really had fun But this was not the only affair new at good old Frontier An Usherettes organization with Wolfram and Grltz dld appear And McClellan and Llpinskl had a blg part Together with Olson and Jeksnowskl at the start In sports dramatlcs dances and other affairs One could always find the sophomores there As upperclassmen there was much cheer For we gained that rank In our Junior year As the '58 football season came rolllng in Merskl Graves Lankarge and Telega threw the plgskln The choice of Graves and Telega was qutte evident As they became our flrst and vlce presidents Hutkoskt Merskl and Johnson them dld help Carry out class matters without a yelp John can you recall that wonderful sock hop Where Mr Sandler our advisor did the bop? But nothing compares with the decorated hall When we put on the famous Snow Ball The Carnival Ball Candidates were Washburn and Grltz And these glrls from our class were really big hlts Wlth Telega Yestramskl Lankarge and Crafts on the team Our basketball squad was really on the beam The girls with Banas Jekanowskl Bagdon and Zak Had a team where absolutely nothing dld lack When cheerleader ptcklng time came around Ondras Wolfram and Washburn made the best sound Then wlth Yestramskt and Antes the back stage axdes The "Curious Savages were McClellan Barker and Fraves Next the National Honor Society into whlch they chose Graves McClellan Wholey Zak and Rose When spring came around and the leaves rustled The baseball team with Pete and Steve hustled The glrls' softball gang dld other squads cream With Zak Antes and Bagdon on the team Jeksnowskl held the bats and kept the score Whlle Mrs Davis made them work more and l"l'l0l'e All through the year Mr Sandler and Mrs Gallant made thlngs cllck And our senlor year surely came very quickly Finally the btg year soon came around And the word "senior" made a sweet sound Mr Hoye the head of our administration Worked with our offlcers ln close co operstlon When Telega Graves and Hutkoskl took over Wlth Russo and Melnlk we were ln clover Telega Graves Hassell Wynne and Merskl Were the football heroes wlth Cra.fts and Kruslewskl The new sport of hockey dld unfold Dickinson Jekanowski and Antes at the goal With Bngdon and Zak who had plenty of zip Were coached by Miss Goodnow cracking the whtp In basketball the players of past year were the same And as a team they struggled for much fame To their last Unlverslty tourney the senlors dld go And there lasted for two nights ln a row The glrls' wtnnlng team this year made a journey To perform tn the new Grafton Hlgh tourney On the All Tourney Team Peg Bagdon for her Play Brought home with her a fine trophy to display 'Vken a lous honors were handed about We had a flne group about whom to shout For when they had the My True Secur y contest Our own Paul Legac was considered the best Matters of this nature here were not concluded Several senlors were chosen who were best sulted Legac and McClellan at the American Inter national College With Barker Llptnskl and Melnlk displayed thelr knowledge Then Norma Russo took distinction as the girl I A R And Carol Melnlk was found best poet by far Roger Culver was the star farmer of the Bay State Whlle Marlon Parker's Homem.aker's Award was truly great At the drama festival we came out on top For the first and best was Mavle the cream of Not alone was she In this gallant race Because Washburn walked off wlth flfth place Barker and Yestramskl with the others went to town When all were selected to he Boston bound Chorus and band will be remembered long For thelr beautiful music and wonderful song In years to come we ll tell a flne tale Of the fun we had at the senior food sale Later ln the year plans were made with much care When Frontier presented its f1rstSc1ence Fair In spring the students seek the open air For ln softball Bagdon and Zak had qulte a flare Telega and Hsssell hlt the ball wlth a whack Whlle Pete also went out for track Soon we came into that month of June When senior actlvitles were in full bloom Remember the prom? We had an oriental theme And to the music we floated as lf ln a dream Oh John our plcnlc wasnt lt grand Boating swlmmlng and laying ln the sand Serlousness once more over us took hold At Class Nlght our wills and prophecies were told Then that flnal nlght upon us soon came We were leaving Frontier High for greater fame There were tears and gladness lu everyone's eyes When they shook hands and made their goodbyes Hey there John dldn t Scampy spin quite a tall tale? Now you can go to sleep That's the end of the Trail " . , . . , , I - . . V . . . . . , . . . . . v , . . A . . , . . b 1 aa V'i' ' ' ' . . l , it . . . aD. . . - I . . , the crop. v I.. v - , . , , . . , 1 1 4 . , , V . 1 vw ' , . , , , . I 1 I 1 v . I ' . , . . . , , in A I 4 v . . . . . . . , v 1 . fl . ' ' 1 x v 1 I . . . , ' ' 1 I ' in pfagoleey In June 1974 Stephen Hassell and William Bagdon were taking a trip to Florida As they were walking down the corridor at Bradley Field they met Paul Legac an instructor at a new school and hls famlly After chatting for a while they proceeded to the terminal where Chester Kruslewski was in charge of selling tickets for Eastern Airlines Marianne Bohonowicz the terminal announcer stated that the plane would arrive at 10 15that morning and was to take off at 10 35 They were getting com fortable in their seats when their pert brunette hostess came down the aisle She stopped and looked at Steve and Bill with a puzzled expression on her face It was none other than Lorraine Graves who at one time said that she would never fly After take off she returned to visit with the two travelers and asked them if they had seen Bill Parzlck and John Yestramskl who were returning from a busmess trip to New York She sand that the week before she had seen four other classmates John Lankarge returning from Las Vegas Shirley Rockwood who had married while she was in Texas Maveret McClelland coming from London afteratour of Europe and Rick Mills a general ln the Army When they landed in New York Steve and Bill told Lorraine that they would see her on the return trip Here they had a three hour wait, so they went to a highly recommended restaurant and discovered that the head waiter was Bradley Peterson and the manager was Morris Dwight Much to Steve's surprise Walter Pekarski was the head cook instead ofthe meat packer that he had planned to be After eating Bill ran into the drugstore bought some cigarettes and notlced Joe KIBIOSKI, now a pharmacist behind the counter While discusslng old times Bill forgot that he had to and told him that he had hailed a cab driven by Lynn Sumner As they were cruislng along they passed Central Park and saw Anne Zak instructing several youngsters as to the use of the trampoline Continuxng on their hectlc ride they sighted Millie Sanders and Pat Rob1nson strolling along wxth thelr baby carrxages Steve and Bill knew that they had some extra time so they had the taxl take them to Bellevue Hospital where they thought Larry Wrxsley was recovering from an automobile accident As they entered they saw Norma Russo and Barbara Rudnicki who were practic lng their skills in nursing In the lobby of the hospital they chatted w1th Dr Carol Melnick a psychologist and her secretary Eunice Antes who had come from a conference with an emxnent doctor As they were making their ex1t they saw Ann Brzowoski and Pat Mumblo who informed them that Larry had just been discharged Ann and Pat had been Larry's nurses while he was there Leaving the hospital in the background Bill and Steve progressed toward the airfield when suddenly they heard a siren that of an ambulance It was be ing sent to an accident at the airport because the drlver was an old friend of theirs Ed Sokoloski they got a thrilling ride They thanked Ed and before they boarded the plane saw Bob Crafts accompamed by Karol Drozdal snapping pictures of the gruesome scene Turmng from th1s sight they noticed Ingrld Olson Lmda Sxelskx Barbara Washburn and Pat Warchol with thexr students who had been touring the airfield While waiting for the plane to take off they reconglzed Rebecca Wholey coming off her private plane with her pilot Wllllam Ottxnger Accompanymg them was Margaret Bagdon who had been teaching physlcal education at the Rivlera Rebecca had Just completed her studies at the Sorbonne in France After take off a distinguished businessman whom Bill recognized as David Barker and his secretary Ann Hutkoski, sat in the seatin front of Bill and Steve Knowing that two of their former classmates were aboard they looked around and recognized Joan Legac Marcia Mowry Patricia Ondras Mary Petroski Janet Rose Janet Shaw Valerie Smlaroskl Norene Wolfram and Helen Zajac all secretaries Curious as to where they were going Steve got up and was approach ing the rear ofthe plane when he was tripped by a joker known as William Baronas and fell flat on hxs face As he was comlng to he could hear someone in the distance asking 'May I help you?" The voxce was none other than that of Judith Gritz R N As Steve struggled to his feet he was asslsted by Dianne Dlckmson Judy and Dianne were taking their patlent Nancy Olanyk to Silver Springs Nancy a dental assxstant needed the attention of a specialist who resided there As Steve was returning to h1s seat he heard a mumble Billwastalkinglnhls sleep Hewa.s muttering about a bridge bullt by Peter Telega and Matthew Noska that completely by passed the Umted States Steve thought it was tlme to bring Bill back to reality and wake him up When Bill was entlrely awake he decided to gaze through his bmoculars In great surprise he could see Roger Culver Henry Kocot and John Merskl the owners of several cotton flelds About this time the plane was approaching the were greeted by Walter Hutkoskx with h1s mathematics students who were being shown how lmportant math is to the airplane personnel They were being guided by Bill Graves a Jet mechanic at the field After speaking with B111 and Walter they sald good bye to Judy Nancy and Dianne Before leavmg the airport they saw Barbara Banas Marion Parker and V1rg1n1a Wabeck three nurses off to an Axr Force school accompamed by Kathleen Erman who had many years of service experxence They then proceeded to the railroad statlon and boarded the train which was to take them to their destxnation It was then that Bill recognized Walter Sadowski as the conductor Along about 6 00 p m Steve and B111 recognlzed Josephine Paclorek and Sandra Lipinskl at the far end of the dining car and once again old times were "hashed over ' Later while engrossed in readmg a magazine the COSMOPOLITAN B111 saw an article about Betty Jekanowski and her fabulous dancers At the same time they observed an electronics magazme published by Francis Golash and Leroy Wynne Feehng groggy Bill la1d aslde h1s magazine and fell asleep to the click click of the wheels Notxcxng that Bill had dozed off Steve also lost hlmself ln sleep Are you wondering whether these two young men made their destination? We are' By the way the secretaries previously mentloned were on the1r way to a conventxon in Juneau Alaska , . - . , , , - , . ' 1 . , , , . , , ' 1 Y 1 - , . , , U T v 1 , ' - y ' - l 1 , . U , 1 , ' 1 s 1 : , ' 1 : . ' , - 2 , . , ' D : , . . 1 . 1 9 . ' 1 I . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 l 1 I 3 1 , . , catch a taxi, but not for long. Steve came dashing in Georgia Airport and, as soon as they landed, they , . . ' 1 1 . 1 I , . Q , ' . . 1 ' 1 1 1 - , 1 - . 1 ' ' 1 I , . : . ., ' ' ' 1 1 , ' , ' ' 1 I . , . . ,- l - . ' . . . 9 - u . . . , , . ' 1 7 1 I 1 1 I . 3 1 , 24410 We the class of 1959 being of sound mind and body on this fifteenth day of June 1959 do hereby make this our last will and testa ment To Mr Hoye we leave a pair of cleats so that he may be heard while patrolling the halls To Mrs Davis we will Larry Wrlsley so that he may accompany her to Amherst and keep her smiling To Mrs Splndler we bequeath a spare period so that she may get her papers corrected on time To Miss Peterson we leave an automatic pinching machine so that her fingers will be able to rest in French class To Mr Ames we leave a football star to take the place of Gus Peabody To Mrs Enoch we will twenty feet of barbed wlre to enable her to keep her students in home room during seventh period Mr O Connor we bequeath a garage for his ' hot Chevy " To Mr Frlgard we leave a S100 000 life insurance policy to protect him from any lnjury he may receive while teaching Driver's Education To Mrs Beattie we will some extra "sick" beds for seniors who like to skip English class To Mr Moczulewski we leave a llfe size picture of Zsa Zsa Gabor to complete hls biology charts To Miss Goodnow we leave aterrarlum so that she can properly care for the turtles snakes and lizards that wander into her room by accident To Mrs the first one which was worn out by constant use To Mrs Flske we leave some special pills to help ' calm down" her classes To Mrs To Mrs Ryan we leave a bottle of bee sting llnlment To Mr Mac Donald we bequeath an electric coffee maker so that his guests will not be poisoned by his homemade coffee To Mrs Mac Affee we leave a book on How to Raise a Husband " To Mr Tainter we leave a ton of horse meat to keep his huge Kelleher we bequeath a new baby carriage to replace LaPlante we will Kathy Murphy for one more year Newcomb who will need lt Ann Hutkoskl wills her typing ablllty to Janice Zera Billy Graves leaves his A's to Franny Wysocki Nancy Olanyk bequeaths hermaks up kit to Virginia Melnlck Ingrid Olson leaves her driving ability to Judy Barwlkowskl Frances Golash wills his ablllty to dance to Jan Lankowski Judy Gritz leaves her twlrllng ablllty to Sylvia Rosenthal Steve I-Iassell bequeaths his baseball glove to Billy Burns Walter I-Iutkowskl wills his lnablllty to collect class dues to next year's senior class treasurer Janet Rose leaves her quietness in the band to Roger Clapp Barbara Rudnlckl leaves her dependability to Pat Sadoskl Mildred Sanders bequeaths her jolllty to next year's fourth period gym class 0116 Peggy Bagdon leaves her asparagus patch and heads for the Pat Robinson leaves to hunt for an apartment Linda Sielskl wills her sweetness to Dorothy Rallckl who needs Peter Telega bequeaths his blush to Charlotte Skroskl Patty Warchol leaves the teachers at peace Eddie Sokoloskl leaves his mechanlcal ability to Julian Goralskl Lynn Sumner wllls his motorcycle to Harry Schryver Nonnie Wolfrom bequeaths her dlet book to Karlene Wilson John Yestramskl leaves his bowling ball and flsh pole to any who skips school as much as he did Paul Legac wllls his time schedule to anyone who is brave enough to take it John Merski bequeaths his football shoulder pads to Gerry Paciorek Patty Mumblo leaves for Texas Matthew Noska leaves Eileen disappointed Josephine Paclorek leaves her skating ability to Judy Besse Marian Parker wills her homema.ker's award to anyone who O To . ' ' . . . . U.M. , ' lt. ' dog fed for hue week, wishes to work for it. To . ' . . . To . . . . To . . To' . I To Mr Couglln we bequeath a special fish lure so that he will be able to catch fish ln the Deerfield River Mr Edgar we leave a winning football team Mrs Tainter we leave Mr Tainter Mr Thomas we bequeath an ambitious yearbook staff for a change Mr Cowan we will a year's supply of hamburgers so that he will not eat Mr Sullivan out of ' house and home ' To Mrs Field we leave an automatic spanking machine for her troublesome seventh graders To Mrs Morlssey we will an automatic baby sitter to make lt easier for her to teach To Mr Ashenden we bequeath an electric eye to find out who is starting all the commotion in general science To Mr Denesha we leave a new set of sand bags to keep his house from being flooded To Mr Parker we leave a whole class of Roger Culvers to bring him fame To Mrs Hollingsworth we leave afool proof system of collect mg blue slips To Mr Sullivan we bequeathafool proof hydrogen generator so that he will not blow up the chemistry laboratory again To the cafeteria workers we will ayear's supply of paper plates To the custodians we leave some unbreakable glass for the eight doors David Barker leaves his late homework to anyteacher who will accept it Roger Culver waits to leave with Carolyn La Broad Diane Dickinson wills her fullback position on the hockey team to Tophle Novak Morris Dwight bequeaths his prlvate arsenal to anyone who wishes to start a revolt against women Kathy Erman leaves as she came quietly Chester Kruslewshi leaves for the service John Lankarge wills his ability to notice teachers'errors on the blackboard to anyone with as quick an eye as John's Sandy Lipinski bequeaths her ability to hitch rides to Patty Ralickl who ls always running out of gas Lorraine Graves leaves her ablllty to organize to Mary Walter Pekarskl bequeaths his meat knife to the cafeteria so they can cut larger sllces of meat Bradley Peterson wills his shyness to Lennie Kahle Mary Petroski leaves her love of shorthand to Pat Tozloski Norma Russo leaves her cheering ability to Carol Bostley Walter Sadowsky wills his secret hair tonic to Bobby Jackson Becky Wholey leaves her foreign language APTITUDE to Kathy Murphy Larry Wrlsley leaves his Hollywood mufflers to Jon Sanborn Anne Zak leaves her depleted hospital insurance to Elaine Kllnker who has already started using hers who Mavle Mc Clellan bequeaths her dramatic ability to anyone can use it Marlann Bohonowlcz leaves with her little blue "bug " Blll Bagdon leaves his height to Dudley Rose Barbara Banss wills her head majorette hat to Jean Dickinson Eunice Antes leaves the road from Ashfield to Conway empty Billy Baronas leaves with Henry Kocot after many years of struggle who Ann Bryzowskl wills her mathematical ability to Betsy Baker needs lt Bob Crafts bequeaths his huge appetite to Janet Mowry Joan Legac leaves her serious expression to Betty Rallckl Carol Melnlck wills her poetic ability to Arthur Lively Marcia Mowry bequeaths her loud voice to someone in chorus Karos Drozdal leaves his body to Science Joseph Kisloskl wills his fear of girls to Billy Zabko Patty Ondras leaves her giggle to Janet Mastallz Billy Ottlnger leaves without his twin brother who ls left in the capable hands of Mrs Sptndler Billy Parzick wills his wolflshness to Ernest Lively Shirley Rockwood bequeaths her red hair to Kathy Chesk whc has tried without success Valarle Smlarowski wills her absentmindedness to Karen Cadleux who doesn't seem to have any Leroy Wynne leaves his neat crew cut to Warren Whitney Vlrginla Wabeck bequeaths to the cafeteria a dozen eggs from her chickens Barbara Washburn wills her freckles to Mary Sue Savage :Zan 7 EELS' W This question of how far should we go is probably asked by every high school sen1or in the country today and it is an lmportant question In reply to this question lies the future of the world but even more important therein l1es the future of man Today the student hears the cry 'Go to college " but this cry should not apply to all for the same capabilities are not possessed by all students What is an even more important factor is that the same desire for acollege education does not exist A certain student's goals may include years of education while another's may be entlrely different Many graduates have seemingly different plans for the future but due to confusion may go far astray from their hlghest aspirations Where do we often find these graduates a year or two later? They may enter the armed service of our country or enter into a laborer's position One sees today the need for independence 1n youth and also the need for youth to seek the utmost responsibility posslble Today's teen ager is expected to conduct himself as a capable adult but often he IS not given the chance to make important decisions which can affect his future Should one allow today's graduate to declde his own future or should an attempt be made for counseling? The individual who has such decisions to make without the proper guidance may search for independence lacking the correct background Th1s independence may be sought in the armed services by the seventeen or eighteen year old graduate The Army maybeameans of escape from all advice or it may be a way for him to clear his mind ln order to better his powers of reasoning Perhaps the maturatlon of the 1nd1v1dual will follow In serving his two years in the Army he also completes his military obligation Upon discharge this chap has only to satisfy himself in choosing a vocation Some o 0 V 0 0 0 . , . or enter into a specialized field of labor, such as apprentice training. times a boy will find hlS vocation r1ght there 1n the serv1ce and w1ll f1nd that 1n th1s career lies his happlness Such a career IS actually not uncommon and certa1nly does not mean that he IS a fa1lure The fellow who flnds h1s vocat1on ln ord1nary work actually beg1ns freedom and 1ndepend ence Th1S brmgs up the question of whether or not th1s type of vocatlon should be d1SCOllI'ageCl If the student has a great ab111ty one should endeavor to a1d the young man 1n f1nd1ng personal sat1sfaction because the pos1tion he holds 1n l1fe IS 1mportant but IS ne1ther the end nor all there IS to life How he fulf1lls th1s pos1t1on IS the factor by wh1ch one marks h1m as a success or a fa1lure and the only way he can truly fu1f1ll th1s pos1t1on lS to possess a keen 1nterest The interest one has 1n h1s f1eld of endeavor acts as a st1mulant wh1ch w11l reap glory and through th1s means he w1ll atta1n self sat1sfact1on and happ1ness There IS of course another type of personal1ty who graduates from h1gh school w1th no goal 1n l1fe He dr1fts from Job to Job w1thout ever f1nd1ng sat1sfact1on 1n any part1cular f1eld Perhaps he revels 1n laz1ness W1thout amb1t1on or the ab1l1ty to rat1onal1ze a great danger IS foreseen for 1f th1s boy rema1ns 1dle for the rest of h1s l1fe then one def1n1tely cla1ms h1m as a fa1lure ln the paths of l1fe The thought beh1nd all examples gxven 1S that no young person today should be forced to undertake a college career unless he or she deslres to have It for here too fa1lure can be found Force or over emphas1s of the necessxty of un1vers1ty school1ng can br1ng about the same drast1c results as the sh1ftless type ment1oned prev1ously Confus1on 1n th1nk1ng or lack of 1nterest can cause the same result fa1lure Therefore the answer may be found ln the def1n1t1on of success Accordlng to the old saying "Success IS where you flnd it " Does that 1dea sound log1cal'? Success IS where yi find It The word YOU IS stressed because you as an 1nd1v1dual must prepare the way lg- way to reach the goal or a1m des1red Many leaders and great men have been men who have successfully completed college and the maJor1ty ofthose successful men are college graduates But can one deny the fact that many great men have also atta1ned great he1ghts w1thout such a background? In th1s country there IS agreat need for a reformat1on 1n the att1tude toward the lmportance of a college degree Should the lmportance of a degree be judged by SOCl6ty or should the man h1mself d8C1d6 1ts 1mportance'P There should be more done 1n th1s world to let young people do more th1nk1ng for themselves and reason out the1r poss1b1l1t1es of fa1lure Th1s method could prove dangerous but the SXPSPISHCC IS well worth the rlsk for such exper1ence IS an excellent way to ga1n true knowledge I leave you w1th th1s thought Is It how far should we go or 1S lt how far shall we go Wlth our own 1deas'P Th1s quest1on can only be answered by the graduates of today the leaders of tomorrow In the1r answers l1e happ1ness not only for themselves but for the whole world In th1s world every one of us must do h1s share because 1f we do not what chances are there for a happy world? True to make the world a better place the people must be educated The solution then bo1ls down toaquest1on of personal bel1ef and not the code of soclety If we are to make ourselves heard 1n the world today there must be a little nonconform1ty and a l1ttle appl1cab1l1ty for w1thout these two we shall all be followmg the same pattern of l1fe and shall be unable to ga1n the freedom of the stars In those stars should l1e our goal and 1n our goal should l1e our happmess. - 1 . . 1 1 1 . 1 - ' 1 1 . . - 1 1 1 o 1 1 1 , . g . . u . , , ur , . , . 1 1 . 1 1 . - 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 FN Offffffs' ? Members of the clergy honored guests parents and frlends On behalf of the class of 1959 of Frontler Regional H1gh School I welcome you to our graduatlon Here before you IS a class of graduates aclass composed of 1I1dlVldl13.lS varying in their ways of thmking and reasonlng Each has a goal ln life and each possesses an attitude toward attalnlng it What klnd of attltudes are they and will they help us to cope w1th the problems that wxll confront us? When soclety grows lt so often expects youth to render much to that growth It IS very effectlvely? As young people we are given every opportumty and are encouraged to develop the talents so necessary for leadership Frequently we flaunt these advantages We expect so much and we return so lxttle Why? Are we lazy or have we formed bad hablts 'P Perhaps the problem involves both reasons Habits are certalnly needed m our lives and they can either be benef1c1al or detrxmental depending on what they are and the condltions under which they are formed Too often the average child is coddled and pampered by lov1ng parents who s1ncerely bel1eve they are helping Are the parents really aidlng when they feel the1r child can do no wrong? Several xnstances have occurred ln whxch an anxious parent 1nformed teachers or off1c1a1s 1n other phases of life that Johnny IS never like that at home Soon a ch1ld learns to tell h1s parents every time a problem confronts him He knows they wxll resolve It for him wlthout question and soon he accepts no responsibility When a child reallzes that his parents w1ll protect h1m l ' O true that in time we shall be society's first citizens, but shall we be able to take our places even under the most unreasonable circumstances he forms the hab1t of dolng exactly as he W1Sh6S w1th never a thought of the consequences Thls attxtude is carrxed over into adult l1fe and the indxvldual expects the same treatment from the people w1th whom he assoclates Whatever he does must be rlght for he has always been led to belxeve th1s When upsets begin to creep into the daily l1fe of the matur1ng man or woman he blames h1s parents teachers or someone else at any rate In no way does he reproach hlmself for h1s own actlons uood c1t1zens are not made ot such quahtles and the excessxve protectweness of our youth whxch causes some of the bad hablts to be formed must be stopped The foun datlons of character and personahty must be la1d wh1le attendmg secondary school and at that t1me general goals should be declded In school too we are pampered We complam that we are g1ven too much work When we go to college and to our Jobs we shall be expected to fulflll certam requxrements and some of us shall be unable to do so because we have not prepared ourselves When we f1nd we can not accompl1sh what lS expected of us we lmmedlately blame our teachers If we apphed ourselves more d1l1gently we would prove ourselves capable and upon enterlng our new posts we would f1nd ourselves adequately prepared Instead of accomphshmg what we can thmg shall be made easy for us The young adult must reahze that everyone 1n th1S world must make deC1S1OI1S and must meet obhgatlons and must learn to face success or fallure by hlmself Thus the attitude of self suff1c1ency lS a great and essentlal commodxty 1n the bu1ld1ng of a strong character It IS to be admlred We must learn to cultxvate a collectlve sense of resourcefulness If we do not learn to stop condemnlng other people for what we br1ng upon ourselves we w1ll become a natlon of people w1th no code We will be people wlth no sense of respons1b1l1ty and therefore w1ll accompl1sh nothlng Our clvilxzatlon shall decay and crumble and we shall be people w1thout home character or personallty Tomght this class of '59 has covered the ground work for the future May It be possible that the labors of all have not been in valn and may lt be poss1b1e that we attam the goals for whlch we str1ve through open mlnds wh1ch can forsee the reasons for the healthy outlook of the future As a WISE old Chxnese sage has sa1d "The hlghest towers are bu1lt from the ground " At th1s moment we stand on that grolmd and look up at those towers whlch are standlng stralght and erect and whxch are wa1t1ng for any one of us who strlves to reach the1r peaks from where we can survey the whole world ln all 1ts glory D 3 ' D 9 . 7 s ' . . ' 5 7 3 ' -D Y 9 9 - - J Y , . . l 7 9 3 ' a . . . . 3 we drift alongg when we graduate, we feel that we have reached the epitome, and now every- 9 9 -- I - 1 1 ' i 1 7 9 ' 1 - ' . 1 ' 1 Q XM: C1 un Strength AS We Co Q44 may T1'l the end of tlme Vke vull hold our honor hlgh All the Joxs vxdve shared And tears compared We'll never let them d1e T111 the end of t1me Faih of us wlll hold IH heart Our alma mater strong and true And never from that part Vke are leavlng nom Separatc paths VK111 flnd us all We'll be on our own but not alone I 1fe's joy vu c an recall So Frontler H1gh to xou we sax When We are far avu ay X our ITILHIOTIQS vtxll lmger 'T1l the end of tlme Q44 new Todas a velvet eurtaln falls Io guard our fond memorus Of f.her1shed Frontler H1gh And curtaxn as xt seems to us And curtam though xt be It only falls bchlnd us non To guard eat h memorx Tomght four sears have found thtlr end But echoes of our laughter W1ll rec all eac h happv dax For nova and ever after We leave our learmng plate todax Vke leave each fr1end each book To uandtr dtepnr 1nto llfc To have .1 clostr look And IH our joys and Solxtudns Vke'll thmk of tears gone hx And l1ft the velvet Lurtaln then To dream of Frontler Hlgh va 7 '.' r H C . I . .l, x . 1 4 V I x x r , . , . ' n , . f 1 'I ' 1 . , . . ' ' V Vx I 1 - , 7 x ' 7' ' . . Wlth a whisper of a sigh, K 3 .A a ' I N . 1 1 ' v , . Y J' 1 ' . t , , . V I I v ,. J -. ' . . 7 l A 5 l 4 ' x ' ' y . ' u , . 7 ' v 1 v , . ' . . NX lflllllllll xullullxl 511111111 SUUTH DEERFIEI D NIAQSACHUSETTS GKAUUATLUN luesday Lvenmg June lb 1959 Processmnal Class of 1959 Inwocatlon Rev Joseph B Mow The Flrst Church of Deerheld Salutatory Maveret Margaret McClellan The Atutude of H1gh School Graduates Choral Selecuons G1rls Chorus Battle Hymn of the Repub11c" Stefle Valechctorv Wllllim Farl Graves How Far Should We Go'7' Plano SeleCt1on Sanclm X Llplnskl Xustrlan Sonff Parker Commencement Xddress D1 Kenneth Wlnetrout Professor of Fducatlon Xmerlcan Internatlonal College Presentatxon of Xwards Robert E Hoye Superlntendent Prmcxpal Presentatlon of D1plomas I James Bednarskl Jr Chfurman of School Commxttee Bened1ct1on Rev Leonaldllerreault St James Church South Deerf1eld Recessmnal Class of19n9 Marshals Jon Sanborn Presldent Jumor Class Robert Petrovlc Vlce Presulent Jumor Class XXX ll lf I 'CAR ?..'7 "",l-. . -LVQXA -,,,,sl -'-1f".4- -gl. its Q, 'sl -gr 31 LZ' x .-X:-'TS' ,QU WF, Y Q5 LDl,f '- . 15 . v - 1- X . . 5 4 'i S l . ,--A, -A Q: -1 1 7 1 .Y C . ....................... ...... .tt Y' ' ' 'Y ' ' Y "OneWorld".......................O'Hara vv ' ' c A U ........................., "L Un YY Y 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 4 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 LL l fn . l Y. r I., . . . . . . . . . . , ........ . ' : it . ' 1 . 1 c .................. L , ' , l Booster Page XR S X t3 SINC ll X I IIVXN D N BXEUBIR b 5 an S Compliments Of 5 1wkiXH 5XNU1HS I HN B1 lhUhARDLRXBhw IQXNA IXHH A R +10 5Icn1I .xlo-xnlws wp- N .Hull Wli,V1'lA,l'1NIY J N il.l41Y 1' L Hfx1'1'uHr1 A APP! lfxmfrl I f 2105 B.XIil5liRS1iUl' X c'11AI ACS M.eRCoU1o 11511 llli. ll . EI. Slil. , . Y .I3.S. WL-XIfl'FH'S BEAUTY SALON loltlylil. -L ' 'IiUI vmilfle Q me lf is 14 li I'1i.X mms L' li is 'lo IL H . you l'U1ilil1,'1'1l'. '15-Xl ry' m'1"1'cm leollf .i A- H15 M4,.x1o,v Q 1 .fam MII 1,1112 V131 oms 1-,x'r11. '. 'Killings 1-' Ich ,V A- ,". .'A. U V ii? NN ,...-.- f i if 9 0 WMM? 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Cornpllments Of Hilltop Box 81 Pallet Co Wllllamsburg M assachusetts COlony 8 7949 Mackln s RCA TELEVISION YOUNGSTOWN KITCHEN WHIRLPOOL WASHERS ESSO HEATING OILS and OIL BURNERS VI11lers Falls Greenf1eld M assachusetts FOR X 'X QX W THE CLASS WE PREDIC ear after year fu be and better! 1 2 MORE POWER TO YOU' Wx 9 J +140 X MASSA 4 an of se COMMNY Joseph A Schaff Gulld Opt1c1an 27 Federal Street Greenfleld Massachusetts Phone PRescott 3 5377 Comphments Of Harry Spungm Furrler 28 Chapman Street Greenf1eld Massachusetts . v 7 O F 59, T: HY N X ' 1 l 1 i v e t t e r "' Electrically!" X5 -Q53 x X XX. S a ' .f s J ' I . 4 .A ' X Q 0 X 'I 4 : Q FQ Q I 1 I V . . . , Harold B Allen, Inc Sales 'l' Servlce Internat1ona1 Trucks 409 Federal Street Greenfleld Massachusetts Dlal PR 3 6316 PR 3 7284 Comphments Of Sunderland Package Store John M011tOT8S Proprletor Tel NO 5 2571 Mohawk Muslc Service Greenfleld Massachusetts Arthur K Strahan Tel PR 4 4351 Comphrnents Of Bull s Restaurant Greenf1e1d M assachusetts l W Parsons 81 Son, Inc M achlnery and Supp11es 75 North Klng Street Northampton Massachusetts JU 4 2011 Westcott, lnc 127 Sunderland Road Amherst Massachusetts Furn1ture and Plano Movlng S orage Crat1ng and Packmg t Nlght and Hohday ALp1ne 3 2005 Bell Of Deerfield O O C O ' . . , N a o o .Ln sis 9 'L I I Inc. Comphments Of Lomphments Of Jean s Cleaners 30 Ma1n Street Amherst Massachusetts ALp1ne 3 2802 Plckup and Dehvery SGFVICB Comphments Fompllments Of P B I C t meer owing en er Woodward Insurance Agency Route 5 Hatfleld M assachusetts THF S 0 Stockade Restaurant Breakfast Iuneheon DIHIILI' Banquets Partxes Route 5 gl 10 Old Deerfleld Massachusetts hood Bve To Frontxc r Al s Bowllng Center Automatlc Pm Centers Open Da11y 1 P M to ll P Saturdays and Sundays 1 P M 0 M Greenfleld Massachusetts , 7 Of n aa . 0- .- I ..-..-...s ssss J.-- .- A sew, W .A -4 X XQXX i ,, XX ' Xfaax X , . X , ,ff Sandwiches - A - . 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Franklin County's Own N P P G fie , Massach tt S' f C mplimen s O S h fie , Massach tt Greenfield Wallpaper 81 Parnt Company Compllments Of Imperxal Wallpaper Kyan1ze Pamts Art1sts' Supplxes and Floor Covermgs Alummum Doors Dr R A Mahoney AHdW1ndOWS H A KNAPP8zSONS Prop 33 Bank Row Greenf1e1d Massachusetts Telephone PR 2 0418 OUR CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1959 The Franklin Savings lnstrtutron The Bank on the Corner Greenfleld Massachusetts The Insurance Agency ALICE R MORRISSEY South Ma1n Street South Deerfleld Massachusetts Tel NO 5 2345 Res Tel NO 5 4428 Comphments Of 9 5 4.-J One Of Deerlreld Street Market 'As23f and Deerlreld Store MR MCDONAWSI JOHN and ANNE KIKOSKI Shop Boys Greenfleld Massachusetts Wm. H. Morrissey . gf Q . 2 K . , leo s Esso Service t 7D ld LEO TOGNERI P p Matthew W Noska Marrlyn s Beauty Salon John A Ben jamrn A 84 P Managers 81 Clerks W nJ" out :IM H Coca Cola Bottlmg Company ---9 P l g F R lt 7 ' C mpliments Quality Petroleum Products Of "A Sa isfied Customer Is O Best Advert' ment" 30 eerfield Str t G nfie , Massach tt ' C mpliments C mpliments Of Of O l 0 , 9 Sunderlan , Massachusetts Q v F C mpliments S E , 0 vin". Of Of N t mpton Q' X Turn To age 93 Comphments Of Comphments Of Hrghway Electric Shop W S Cassrdy, Inc Pont1ac Sales STANLEY BOHONOWICZ Prop Greenfleld and Turners Falls The Hubbard Hall Chemical Company Hubbard South Deerf1e1d D1v1s1on Fertlllzers and Chem1ca1s or Massachusetts Agrlculture lm Complxments Of Elm Street South Deerfleld Massachusetts May Redmond Turatl Proprxetor Josephme Mlezko Operator Phone NO 5 2331 Oxford Pxckles 8a Rehshes South Deerfxeld Massachusetts is Q May's Beauty Salon x dnaip! c og-:gs ' Q, D The Semor Class The Tumor Class The Sophomore Clas The Freshman Clas S S C fl' ts f' Q omg 1' 'Ns of LX 51 T ' I: I' 1 ' 54 9 fel' u l"1 Y f ls is Complunents Cf The Varslty School News pa per Conway National Bank C onway Mas s Personal Loans Savmgs Dept Checkmg Accounts A New England Countlng House For Over One Hundred Years Walt s Pharmacy Phone PR 3 5419 114 Matn street Your Health Deserves The Best 'lf Cosmet1cs 'lfPrescr1pt1ons al Photo Supphes The Mutual Plumbmg 81 Heating Company A rnherst Massachu setts Cornpllments Of Conway Savings Bank C onway, Mass . For The Best In Clothlng For Men Young Men Boys Go To MICgEL 242 Maln St Greenfleld, Mass. I ..f... U ff - a I I ,O X C A P , 'fill 1 -. C ompllments Of Pacrorek s Market South Deerfreld Mass Phone NO 5 2181 C omphmc nts Of C E Parsons Waysrde Electrrc Shop Wu rn Xpphanc es Repaus 327 Maln Street South Dec rfletd, Mass Phone NO 5 2020 Boron s Market Meats Crocerres and Vegetables I3Ol'ldSV111E Phone 505W4 South Deerfleld Phone No 5 4670 22 Elrr Street I lee Dellvery Brllmgs Drug Store Donald P Wells Proprletor The Rexall Store South Deerfleld Mass WHAI and WHAI FM B Iankhu C ounty's Own Nacho Statlon South Deerfleld Area News wlth Marjorle Rohrs Monday thru Saturday at 8 30 A M Congratulatlons and Best W1shes The Graduatlng Class Cf 1959 The J0hnF McNerney Insurance Agency H len C McNerney A ent C l I , O . , .g-I . f - , , . 7 0 0 , , I s '3 , - . , 4 . , u 1 Tel: NO 5-3836 f'5 ' Y I S , ' 3 ' to I 50 1 '. , g St. Kazimier' s Society Dancing Every Saturday Turners Falls Mass C orn pliments louls Andsz X Is School For The B1TdS7 Garblel s Greenhouse Geranlurns Gloxlmas A Spec Lalty Tel NO 5 2018 School Street Sunderland Mass Compllrnents Of The Wnlham l Hubbard s Sunderland Mass Stud Service By An Arablan Palamlno Floyd G Rose Horses Boarded Bought And Sold Tel NO 5 9415 or 5 2066 C ompllrnents Of Walt s Service Station Bukowski Bros Plumbmg Heatlng 24 Hour Burner Servlce Complete Sportmg Llne Gas O11 Lubr1cat1on Te 5 2526 65 South Deerfleld Mass Of . t , , . . , . . Sunderland, Mass. , . . A - - . . DEERFIELD ACADEMY All State Asphalt Inc Couture Bros, Inc Roy s Texaco Service Wallpapers Pamts Varmshes Pamtmg Paper Hanglng and Get the best at Roy s Plcture Frammg Gas O1 Greasmg Range SL Fuel O11 Phone No 5 2035 Te UH 3 4346 Turners Falls Mass South Deerfleld Mass Frontier Regional Hugh School Band Of , O 1 , , q . , I 3 U I Corner Main 81 Sugarloaf Street c .1 . l. . - Of louls Foods Amhc vat Miss ,LT mi Q 1 m mc u Honey Haven Fruit Farm lim L J S 7 I XVmtc1y Xlxss st VVLMM5 1 5 ROCKDALE . - , Nasa ' 7 LA. W. vvi L , A ' WX-51. lD1'vl'fi1'lci X 'l'vl: Ir, S-V 845, as 'I' dv . , The ren Halr Fashlons I Dm o I wild lhmu-NO' L 1y5-LZT34 1' -j, , Hemi ' "ff '1'hL-Clams' UI' '59 'l'llI'Ill'l'H I-'1l1.a Comphments Of Pleasant Cleaners 252 Federal Street Greenfleld Mass Corner of Maln and Elm Streets South Deerfleld Mass Comphments Of The Gables Food Shoppe Banquets and Partles A Speclalty On The Greenfleld Road South Deerf1eld Mass Compllrnents Of Mascot Farms and Cree Mee Dany Bar State Road Aleck and Jenme Kownackl For The Best Work Clothes Shoe Repalrs And Sund1al Shoes See South Deerfleld Mas s Sunny Brook Farm Vegetables Of All Kmds At Our Farm Sunderland Mass Mlchael Telega ist Son Prop S K Nelson Company South Deerfleld Mass ll Pyrofax Bottled Gas Superlor SBFVICS Tel NO 5 2123 or NO 5 2122 .Ma CaQQtoms Dlal JU 4 1310 Northampton's Largest and Most Modern Department Store Open Every Monday Open Thursday Evemngs 't1l 8 55 Open Dally at 9 30 a rn Free Dellvery I s I ' , . l ' l X I! . Deerfield, Mass. ll- I S ll 1 , , - 100 Warner Bros Inc C'e11t11l C ontr at tm 5 Sunde 1 land Mash IC hubs tts 141 NO1mandy 5 2188 C ompllments Of C Qmpllme nts Of C hlgk and Hole I1 South Deerfreld Fuel Co Chuck s luncheonette South DO91f1C1d hides bouth DCe11'1eld Mass, Unrversrty Motors, Inc Mohawk Trout Hatchery .213 C 0114 gt Stn et Amht ret Road Xmhe rbt M155 Sundc rlind M me Ontl 11 wales and borvuxe IXIICIIIC1 Zak "Ray Dunbgu NO11111ndy 5 O l at C OIT1lJ11IT1CU'tb Cbf Frontier Regional Chess Club I tghth C1 ide 11 Q bhmcn O I 3 5 . ' Q , . 1 I C ' , Q . Yi- . - , - x. C ' C ' ' y . 1 - , . ,, . i ' ,H X x O o 0 , C' ' N ' N ' v-1 K , , X , , A , , J . A- V W, ,,,,, ..g.---.-.. -- - .. . . .,-. lvlvphollv, ,NL 3-5202 I I L O ' ' A x L' x A 1 -S A 1 -', ,. la , J 'r . "4 ' ' ' , I . C C - rr V, ,, , 1 C , - V K' , . O O ." .. , Q' , , . 1 A I L I Warnshal s Greenf1e1d's Largest Furnlture Store House of Walsh Amherst Mass "More Than A Toggery A College Instltutlon' SOUthW1Ck Suxts Custom Clothlng Tel PR 3 3015 Lad les' C ountry C lothmg Typlng Paper Eaton's Co rasable Bond AJ Hastings Comphments Of Harry s Men Shop Newsdealer Sa Statloner 320 Maln Street opposite the Common Amherst Mass Greenfleld Mass Com pllments Of Deerfield Inn Deerfxeld Mas sac husetts Red 81 Whrte Super Market Compliments of Your One Stop Food Centre In bunderland Quallty Foods Cholce Meats Homemade Candles Everedy Stamps Route 5 81 10 fel NO 5 2010 Deerfleld Mass 101 T U , r H , ' . . . , 7 o - Formal Wear Rentals V I Q . H . . , . 102 Compliments Of Srlver lane Prckle Co. East Hartford, Conn. Michael Telega, Local Agent Sunderland, Mass. Ralph T. Staab, Inc. Range Oil - Fuel Oil - Gasoline NO Amherst Road Sunderland, Mass. 5-3818 Compliments Of Fortler s Barber Shop South Deerfield Mass C ompliments Of Hosley Bros South Deerfield Mass Compliments Of Braff 81 Rrch Main Street Greenfield Mass C om pliments Of Enterprrse, Inc Greenfield Mass Morrrssey's Blue Se White Store Liquors Wines and Groceries Tel N0 5 3885 Free Delivery Tel Northampton JU 6 0826 Rose s Restaurant Cn k gh tt dChp K lb Route 5 Near Laurel Park Northampton Mass ' 7 I 1 - a - . 0 o , . , . 0 . 2 ' ll . rr American -W 'ic en 'n Basket cmd . v Spa e 1 Dinners A , Steoks on o S ' IYCZIGH - Pizza, Grmders ond Rcivioll Polish -- Pierogi, Golompki and me C1521 Dlnners I - n , . Rlchard W Graves Proprletor x ff 0.1 X N -2 Lf 9" 'gan l M1 us-fam W I-:J l 'llz.. The Mlllstone House Maln Street Sunderland Mass Phone So Deerfleld 5 9171 5 9173 Lornpllrnents Of Farrell Realtors Real Fstate General Insurance Llfe Insurance 9 1 2 Federal Street Greenfleld Mass Tel PR 3 3686 Cleary s Jewelers Dlarnonds Watches Clocks Slverware Glfts hxpert Repalrmg Maln Street Greentleld Mass C om pllments Of P um Auto Supply Company Northam pton Mass H S Ruddock Jeweler Dlamonds Watches and Sllverware 281 Maln Street Greenfleld Mass Fe Pliiescott 2 6380 Com pllments Of Kenneth H. Rice, M.D. South Deerfleld, Mass. Compllments Of Walt's Restaurant South Deerfleld, Mass, Tel- NO 5 9851 103 y cc 97 0 5, -6 l W 1 Tyla? -J 'ff' R N fi 'Ri?Av " 1 A - r-T l 1 W A g ' Wan gm? JUN? Fran . A F . 1 Kiljl Jr 1 'QA 1 ,, 01S . arrell-lVlar1on T. Farrell W, l: U' Y lk, 1 . 'xg Dill! UU :jg X , A -.--4 41 1 : V... . 7 l H ' , Y 1 1 .v ' t , - ' l: - 104 ' l Compliments Of Ann August Best Of Luck To It Northampton The Class Of l959 211 Amherst ,,tGree,me1d The Deerfield Valley Motel Gamelm Studios Com pllments Of The 158 lVla1n iz-treet Wllham l Hubbard s Gseenfleld Antique Shop bchool Photogra pher Sunderland 'VIass Grlbbon s Muslc House Record ISL Phono Dept The Spot To Buy Records Thousands To Choose From Walt S Pharmacy M2 Sisgeifilfiteifsfxsfs Your Trade Mark To Better Health Complete Baby Dept CDU 'V Photo Supplles ll X v Greenfleld Q , 5 . , 0 l 0 0 Q . . I , l . B el 'I 0 , 9 , ' . . f-- Q Pr r' ti -C tj 5, EN 2 esc lp ons 'osrne 1CS W v N. eb n .nfqfe . -I '5 Q 23, ,pf ol: bl Com pllments Of Gould Furniture Company Furmture Rugs Apphances "Where You Buy the Best or Less Northam pton Mass Te Frank M Dudek Pamtmg Decoratmg Paper Hangmg 429 No Mam Street South Deerf1eld Mass NOrmor1dy 5 3382 Compllments Of Clarkdale Frult Farm West Deerfleld Apples Pears Grapes Eat Apples For Health Freder1ckG Clark Owner Com pl1ments Of Hotel Warren Compllments Of ray s Drapery Shop Establlshed 1926 281 Mam Street Greenfteld Mass Compllments Of Dr E Rnzhard Post Cptometrlst Amherst Mass S K Nelson Co "Pyrofax Gas Bulk and Tank SGFVICG Telephones No 5 2122 No 5 2123 South Deerf1eld Mass For Smart Femmme Apparel Its Alrbers In Greenfleld Mass 105 ' O , . . . f ll , . , . l. - I . 0 , G 7 O I . 1 D I C O ' I rr , 0 . , . 106 Cornpllrnents Of Sklblskl s Insurance FarrnMach1nery Real Estate Farm Supplles South Deerfleld Sunderland Compl1ments Of Compllments Of The Postal Department Graves Restaurant Carlton Peabody Palma SM, Carlton Peabody Jr S K Sm th Francls Redmond W E SadOSk1 Route 5 gl 10 Laurence J Stange Edward Kl1gOUF Alexander Noska Whately Mass South Deerfxeld Mass Cornpllments Of Comphments Of Deerheld Prlntmg 131 Mm Street South Deerfleld Mass Company Te 5 2730 Compllments Of Cornpllments Of llpmskl Funeral Home Stanley 5 Bakery Undertaker and Funeral Dlrector Bread and Pastry Baked Dally Lady Asslstant Speclal Orders Taken On Weddmg Blrthday or Party Cakes 9 Thayer Street 17 Elm Street South Deerf1e1d Mass South Deerfleld Mass AnthonyJ Ostrowskl Proprletor D1a1NOrmandy 5 3373 Tel NO 5 2107 1 . . ., 9 1 r 7 . . . Walter'sFo0d Center l. - .. . , Compliments Of lasalle Florists Whately Massachusetts Telephone NOr'mandy 5 4527 Compllments Of laprerre s Electrrc Shop, Inc You Can Be Sure If It's Westmghouse Greenfleld and bhelburne Falls Massachusetts Com pllments Of Thayer Street Market Stanley and Raymond Boron Com pllments Of Germarn's Garage C on way Mass Compllments Of Wrrthmore Store South Deerfleld Mass Complrments Of Bloody Brook Bar bouth Deerfleld Mass 107 I I , O I J O .D 1' Proprietors I ' J ' N ' I ' 108 AHRE KAY VANTINI STUDIU IIQIXL1 iXI'NC X S N 5 wr w M u XI1w5'1L1'1LlSlIIS 1 1 1 THE I 1 , WI.. UF 4' ' 1 . ,Y SLI ' Q i'1'Hl Q R1I'Ql1BHH.' Ol' 'VIIIC C'l.fX5.f Ulf 1959 ! Q L32 HcJy1.'t 1.'t'et lic 51011, A Q Q- 5 661 Fcarngxwss SIN-et l'm'tlz11d, Xl: il 1- I s MQMMM FOR OVER TVVENTY YEARS Y MWA kvchxvss MSXW if ll EE! HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE UNIVERSITY ANNUALS artzstzcally created bv master craftsmen f M PUBLISHING COMPANY X V tb I X if ' I ' mW EEIE P Q NIARCELINE, MO. ,AN Q fvv"",! . , ,,-f qs. sr 4 W 11 xi? lx, , K 4m',M n wi 54-J4'n13'. 4 ire .v tb ' fi ' A ni n. Qh' km 'J . 1 , H . p 4 . 4 . 1 1 1 , 5 4 0 0 in I "".' . 1 x h I

Suggestions in the Frontier Regional High School - Arrow Yearbook (South Deerfield, MA) collection:

Frontier Regional High School - Arrow Yearbook (South Deerfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Frontier Regional High School - Arrow Yearbook (South Deerfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Frontier Regional High School - Arrow Yearbook (South Deerfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 94

1959, pg 94

Frontier Regional High School - Arrow Yearbook (South Deerfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 36

1959, pg 36

Frontier Regional High School - Arrow Yearbook (South Deerfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 35

1959, pg 35

Frontier Regional High School - Arrow Yearbook (South Deerfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 116

1959, pg 116

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