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"el . It K i I Ll, Q f Q. i I A fr ,K , ii ik 72 -g 1 ul iff if gi E L 2 2 3 2 ? J IXISIDE GATEWAY OPEN NG SENICIIIIS JUNICIFZS SOPHQIVIORES STAFF SPORTS ACTIVITIES INDEX CLOSING 'A x xx , , x QM v x -as 'f .1522 . ' wi V E I A NQXXQY M M the laughter. the boredom. the friends. the promises the talk. the dreams. the spirit. the challenges the pressure. the real world ai .N-a.,,,m M7 u xi 1: ' 'lf My-'V J Q, W1 ghgf W 2'-QQ EEZ.. gwiw A ,, ps . , 1? 1 , 1 1 L rg 1 4 I O 'K' Will the laughter shared in our high school years ever be equaled later? These are the years when laughter about friends, teachers, peers, and school lunches can occur at any time, out of the blue. Listening to friends share a sickening joke or watch an alien walk down the hall with a striped shirt and plaid pants is enough to make anyone laugh. Now is the time that laughter runs free. lt is the time when everything is going great and life is something to be conquered. Life itself is something to be giggled at behind shielded mouths which seem to produce the funniest antidotesg mouths which are seen with smiles that lead up to twinkling eyes. The soiled pun that Bob or Lisa or John told will set an already "strange" teenager off into hysterics. Even the corny jokes of teachers receive guffaws of welcome in the classroom. Laughter enables us to all that we want, even if it does involve leap frog down the hall or taking our shoes off and sliding across the floor until we go tumbling hysterically into the one teacher who puts fear into your heart. You can be sure that this teacher will be laughing while retelling it to the rest of our beloved teachers. After all, what causes more laughter than teenagers? Laughter caused by insecur- ities as enormous as having hair that won't curl or having the boy you've adored for three months finally talk to you on the day that a huge zit appeared on your chin. We need laughter. Hovv else could we get through life in a school that has a green hall, which isn't really green, if we didn't practice and enjoy the art of laughter? JENNIFER ROBINSON V' b ui 1 W 1 'Q .rif f i' :li an ' . y ' rl? A1 5 .. K I if X N 4' 1--amass-QQ,-R Q! Walking down the halls of Frontier, you en- counter several unusual and unique groups - groups of friends. Friends are the people who look identical from head to toe. They have the same short hairstyles, the same designer sweat- ers and jeans, and the newest craze in shoes, jewelry, and fashion earrings. As you walk be- hind them, you notice they talk with the same accent, walk with the same sway, and think on the same level. Friends are the people walking down the hall quizzing each other or sitting in homeroom tackling the impossible homework assignment. Friends are the ones listening to each others problems and lending a shoulder to cry on. They are the only ones who can make the tough times easier and are constantly offering advice. They know what is the best for you. Friends are the people who never let you forget the time you slipped in the cafeteria, knocked over someone carrying their lunch, and sent food in every direction while the person you are madly in love with falls off his chair laughing. Friends are the people at your games cheering the loudest even when there seems to be no hope. Friends share the same emotions, they laugh together about the good times and cry together about the bad times. Friends are the people who will always be there, through thick and thin, making you feel important, and creat- ing memories that will last forever. LINDA HAINES nf ff f 'uv' miiifbiwi' 3- gi'?'4 M" q f fa f 3 v wg x A 02, , . , .wg- Q 'IZ 'gi ri .f EA 5 . i. l it - ki....4-ea.. .. ' ...L,..,.. 3 l tr. V iiaffft :vfi P K I iff" ba ' "'A ' , 3 , gg? if 'W 4' E Ng s , - P vw : - -Yw' ff . of Y Q S " The talk of Frontier is as bad as the school lunches. The rumors come up just as fast as the lunch. It is absolutely amazing hovv your fellow classmates know exactly what you do in and outside of school. Your parents tell you that they know everything you do. Of course they do, all they have to do is read the bath- room vvalls. There is not one day that's gone by that I haven't heard at least one good story that I could pass on to one of my friends who swear they won't tell a soul. I go home, and find out it's on the six o'clock news. ls Frontier the only school who talks as much and as fast as they do? Probably not, but we are definitely the nosiest. What would school be like if we didn't have Senior Lounge?!? We would have to close the school down. Senior Lounge is the time when everyone finds out the scoop on who's with vvho, and who's been with who, who likes who etc.! Well the rumor l'm spread- ing is, who cares! SHANNON BARROW uf-'Q 1' . , 4 - kai' '..,'. u il M 'Pl 1 QM was :mai , .ga ,E LM 1 Y , ,,,. ,wg A V lf-,V ,, 1-wii7'ff541f3ff'w fa?-'L-ff' A' 2 Y V M , 5 .4 ZEig,gpi3Lf?5 55: :ff ' - ig F , .FQ ..- 5 . 2 ,1 , ' F? A 3 , if ?E?9Q W 5 f A f if "if fxfffi? . ,Y Y mm n'ff55""b IWMIV. f - , Bk W X zggribfrm 1-',f M ' fZ92g?Mm?W:JN J ,,.,.1.,W--44 of 3' -rp W. ,:M'M , 1 N Igiq I , 3' , ,gg 'M Q-. r W " My I if at MYNLI L nr 1, y We M, M213 f, -E. fig, i .1 -1 is W gh rw s L 1' 5, fi ff -qv, sq, Q Y N 9 K L A .L Homecoming '86 had a new look and feel with its circus theme, "Under the Big Top". The homecoming committees were chaired by Amy Verbanoff and advised by Mr. Sa- buda. As a result of their hard work, Home- coming '86 was a "Festival of Fun". Spirit week, organized by Julie Nistler and Marie LaFiosa started everything off. We dressed up, wore our class colors, and saw happy-go-lucky clowns roam the halls. ln the hall decorating competition, the Juniors took top honors. We also strolled down the Hall of Fame. Thanks to both Bene Jones and Beth Kelleher. The assembly, organized by Bob Wood, was a tremendous success. A gorilla, clown, and a lion spread both candy and cheer to everyone. The announcements of Dave Bath and Holly Buscaglia as our King and Queen highlighted the assembly. The Tug-of-War and the infamous toilet paper wrap brought both the students and the teachers to their feet. ln the end, the Seniors were on top with the most points, as expected. Saturday began with the parade. There were Marines, the Color Guard, the Marching Band, floats, and representatives from three fire departments. Art Club won S150 for their first place float. The parade too was a suc- cess and was chaired by Missy Szelest. The football game came next. A colorful balloon launch and a half-time dance by the Varsity Cheerleaders added to the excite- ment. The game was fantastic! Frontier beat Kenmore East by a score of 30-8. Thanks guys! The festivities ended with the dance, orga- nized by Ken Adamczak. We danced, laughed, and saw all old friends. Homecom- ing '86 was finally over, but we were all left with memories we will never forget. Let's do it again!! MELISSA SZELEST 'vi-142 ..m2.f...,.t'f , IWW yi ,Q .4 1 .zffyejwpl yi . 333131 AEI!! x iuwi'5Q.1 f I E ' .,t,,,1ja,5fg - 'H-L L15 1 V3 9 Q . ,,.g 25-Ns 'T sl-., , Y, ' "f?Pi:?? 'Q Everyday we are faced with numerous chal- lenges. These challenges can either be for- gotten or confronted. Many chose to face the challenge and do their best while others choose to do as little or nothing at all. Re- sponses vary depending on what the chal- lenge is or who the challenger is. Many are unable to take the academic challenge of school seriously. Conversely, they are chal- lenged by sports and often it is a big reason why they attend school. For other students the opposite is true. The challenges of their academic endeavors present the greatest challenge. Whatever the challenge in school, be it earning a place on a team or learning how to use a computer, they still must be met face to face. School is only part of lifes' challenge. Activi- ties outside of school can present as great if not greater challenge. One of these chal- lenges is learning to drive. It remains a chal- lenge throughout life to maintain a safe driving record and not endanger the lives of others with your own carelessness. Some face up to the challenge of not drinking and drivingg how- ever, others are not challenged. Finding em- ployment that is both enjoyable and profitable can be a serious challenge. Some are happy no matter where they work but others want a job that challenges them and gives them sat- isfaction when they meet this challenge. Challenges can be confronted standing up with authority and determination, or they can be taken sitting down without a care in the world. The choice is yours. JAMES PROBST if . 4 -v 13 '7 CSV I V' I Kenneth Adamozyk Susan Albarella Eric Allexenberg Jeremy Applegate 'J Colleen Baker Heather Baker Carla Marie Baldelll Richard Bantle 1' ' 'S :Z f 1 E Ronald Barringer Shannon Barrow Annemarie Bartus David Basinski if. WR., Lisa Becker Lisa Benn John Carter Bennett Daniel Beres 'lb 1f""7f Laura Blain O ' E, , W ,-we T . Robin Blaylock Aileen Blaze Kenneth Bley L Q: A: A: A: 0 I Hz "WHAT'S THE MOST IDIOTIC REASON YOU WERE EVER PUNISHED?" "I was almost kicked out of senior lounge with Steve Palucli for talking during attendance." Marie LaRosa "For singing before lunch, they wouldn't let us go!" Paul Kuebler "Forgetting to put new toilet pape on the roll after it was all gone." Barb Newman 15 l' l Keith Bodekor Michael Bosiacki Michael Bowen Karen Ann Bratek A ' ., get . A , 5.1-5. Vw v ,! - i f 5 QQWQ. A ,WS at ' , ,.- W z , i,,e , A G s, K . .. Debra G. Brennan Dale Britton Lisa Brocki Christine Brown 'lf Melanie Brown Deborah Buchanan Hollie Buscaglia Cathy Butera Kelly M. Carmody Jennifer Carson Shawn Casucoio Heather Cerne r,- Da vid Cobb Robert Cole Thomas Conway Lucia Costello Q . "WHATCHA GUNNA BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?" "Grow up? President of the United States." Mike Sutfirm "Me, oh probably a minister or something like that. lt's my lot in life." Keith Lango "A lawyer because l'm gonna go to lavv school and it would be a waste if I vvash't." Lynn Mack WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE RADIO STATION? "WHTT 104 FM" Mike Woelfel HWBYR lO7.7" Tom Braunsoneidel HWKSE, Kiss 98.5'l Lisa Simino "WHAT COURSE HAVE YOU LEARNED MOST FROM THROUGH- OUT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS?" "Senior Lounge: all the gossip." Lynn Sikorski "Math: It'll help me obtain my goal in life." Ron Filignera "Russian: 'cause we were Rusnin all year to learn stufff' Wally Zak Alyce Couche Sheila Coyle Theresa Croad Todd Czarcinski Julie Dahl Sharon Daly Julie Davies Im Linda Dembski Loretta Devlin Kevin Dils Elizabeth Donovan Jacqueline Drabek Guy Drusbik - "-X '33 Brian Duffek Kim Duquette Karen Dussing Daniel Deinzer Q1 X " 44 . ',,,1 M-:aw .X ' -' ,VX-1 , U:-a"M,m fwil- ' x 'WW 'xx , 'var ,mv 3 A D 51.- qaq, ,wr We , J , f- . +5'fmqQ7 A 4 VJ .. Lg 5,-5, 4 ,363 ki rg? W nv X J A if , , Q ms xx W xixffanwd f. w xxx? ' Jeffrey Dinan Mark Druzbik Joanne Eckert U i "WHAT'S YOUR WILDEST FANTA- SY?" "To meet Gumby in person." Lisa Wyant "To mortgage my house, buy a horse, and live in the wilder- ness." Amy Verbanoff "That's embarrass- ing, man." Ken Greene Lisa Eckert Carolyn E ckman Jill Edmunds Heather Ellls xk,A I Z' VV I Herbert Emel John Evancho Tracy Evans Dana Falcone 1' -. 4- ,a J i , is aszfvff , Joseph Fasciana Renee Ferguson Mary Fessel Ronald Filighera Louis Fiorella Stacy Flierl Lucille Flynn Carla Francisco Pamela Friddell Shari Ann Fruchtel Coleen Gallivan Robert Galluzzi James Gardner Jody Garra Robert Gawlak Cory Gawronski gf' Stacey Gerlach Tammy Giordano David Gizzi Jonathan Glase J! . Margaret Gonser Lynn Goodberry Becky Goodier Kenneth Greene 'WQYIIW Christopher Gregoire David Gregoire Sherry Gretka Kelly Grimaldi Robert Gutekunst Karen Hacic K Linda Anne Haines Julie Haley Q A A A Q A A. A. "HOW'D YOU MEET YOUR BEST FRIEND?" "lt was like fourth grade and she hit me with a pencil or some- thing." Diana Tracey "Um, Ithink I met him in a gym class about three years ago." Mike Bowen "I don't think I have a best friend . . . " Dave Gizzi "WHAT'S THE MOST EXUBERANT FILM PRODUCTION YOU EVER WIT- NESSED?" "Reform School Girls" It was so stupid it was funny! Cindy Lang "Egbert, Egbert". 'Cuz it was one of the first amateur movies with a shower scene! John Bennett "Back to the Future" Because Michael J. Fox is awesome! Anne Polakiewicz gi L ttet f 1 t..X,,,, + .' wo' 'x.7vf'i Q il , gli'-t,,S.1,-if' -' ' gg.: 115 ' "1 -' ' Q . , 'Q ffff yf M P ez M4 ., mf . , f Nancy Hammond Griffith Hannel , I:-1 , I if L a wt, f 1, g -E 'WEi?i1i 51' an emi' ,Qs 3' 4 I 1 -gg I wt . . Q 3, 4 Mark Hatten Pamela Hauser fr ,, 5 William Harmon Paul Hartel W '-avi!! Gregory Hazen Michelle Henrioh Jonathan Herrington Brandt Hess Lois Hincherick Christi Hint we-' Lisa Holley Melissa Horn Denise Horne James Houseknecht "WHAT HAPPENED IN 1492?" "How would I know?" Paul Mitchell "Columbus sailed the ocean blue." Jolene Flosanski "The Mayflower." Mike Palyszeski 25 "IF YOU HAD A MILLION DOLLARS WHAT WOULD YOU DO FIRST?" "Pay back my gambling debts." John Tomaselli "Buy a yellow Porsche Targa convertible." Ken Adamczak "Buy my very own private school for young men." Kimberly O'Boyle "WHAT IS YOUR INTER- PRETATION OF AN IDIO- FORM?" "A JIT" Denise Horne "A lower form of life" Jim Probst "A formal structure that does not exist in this world." Steve Nappo 26 3 M " ' ie ,y gram , -1222 1 if A A 15? 1 .- 1 " . l 222154 Julie Jackson Denise Joseph Staci Jovanovski Jacquelyn Just John Kapuza Timothy Kashino Lisa Kelly John K Uanka Garrett Klioe Holly Klinok Mary Kowalczyk Thomas Krone Sandra Kaslnski Glenn K eefer l Erik Kinn Kristin Klein Lorri Kogut Karey Ann Koralewski Troy Kruszka Cynthia Lang "WHAT MAKES YOUR HEART BEAT FASTER?" "A short skirt." Sean Mol-Iugh "OH IVIY GOD! - I can't say. . . um, when I'm scared?" Kristen Slater "Exercise" Mike Woelfel Barbra Jean Leard Kathleen Leavell Garrett Lechowski William Leibold Karen Lenahan Mark Lippacher Lisa Lockwood Denise Lorrens , wr, in-if f' Paul Lumadue Todd Lyons Lynn Mack Tina MacNeil Kim Mahoney Georgia Maloney Dawn Marie Mandiak James Markiewicz Dea Martin Michelle Martin Patricia Martinez Glenn Maslowsky 5-'Bs' +-..,s 'Ira-y Tammy Lynn Masterman Jeffrey Mau Douglas Mayerhofer Philip Timothy McCall 'N Michael McCarthy William McConvey David McConnell Charles Joseph McCooey . r ef, rrrl ll I ' Catherine McGee Sean McHugh Jean McNaughton Jeffrey McSkimming Jason Medynski Denice Mesoall Kevin Michalski Roxanne Micucci t M i we ., . Z , ,. Q i li E ' gy.. M.. W4 pp...- "WHAT'S THE HIP- PEST STORE IN TOWN?" "Atl'ilete's Den, why, because I like the cute guy that works at the counter." Peggy Gonser "l-loggs, plenty of bev- eragesf' Bill lVlcConvey "South Pacific . . . my love bunny shops there!" Kelly Carmody 31 Eric Miller Lisa Marie Molnar Ronald Nagy Scott Russell Neal Gerald T Miller Steven Mink Bernard Mohan "' M' - Wk'r , K' , Q Y Q 1 't lan, ,tariff , . . , A 11 W ,.,VV 2: . Y , V, X CW Z 2 f gg, K. Mo. V ,I M.,-.t ,gt f l.z, Y ,K .. . , ,X f an eivl A Q N , , 4 B . , fs 9 ah , Mm fa I e wan. 1 fig' M ' ' 3 2 , 'L -XB 5 gas .. ,gg , af we pf' x ' W , 5. ,W-g f . V . l . 'Ara 3 K QK V, B . ,lde , , , , V ,fa -. V.. ff as it r. -f.f . 4 , ,,,f ,:, :, , ., X, ,. PM ,L ,L 1 f- v ,,., H. an ft tt ,. . . ,, - ,Q , gayfggx i , g at-, ww .Y at i lsx Patrick Morgante Carmen Muniz Lori Myers t '-if! WRX Jill Nash Bobbi Lynn Naumoff Margarita Naumovski Barbara Newman Julieanne Nistler Rachel Nocera E- 2 ' Y A , it X tai I ' : y w ' GQ. T f f "WHAT DOES 'LEATHER' SYM- BOLIZE TO YOU?" "The boys john before homeroom." Mark Schuster "Leather? . . . HA, HA, HA, HA." Aileen Blaze "My penny loatersf' Julie Dahl "WHAT MUSICAL GROUP WOULD YOU LIKE TO BRING HOME FOR DIN- NER." "The GoGo's - They're all girls." Bob Wood "Iron Maiden - Be- cause they have long hair and they are cool." Tony Sigetti "CCR - 'cause l'd like to eat lasagna with John Fogarty." Lisa Brocki "WHO'S YOUR FA- VORITE TEACH- ER?" "Mr Kyser, he's the BEST." Todd Czarcinski "Mr Biersbaoh he's sooo funny, he just brightens my dayf Kristin Klein "Mr, Persanti, 'cause he's so . . . " Scott Woodworth Kimberly Ann O'Boyle Kerry O'Connell Christopher O'Connor ,NA Sharon Oszust William Page Stephen Paluch Michael Palyszeski Coleen Paterson -w, ffs Kathy Pattison Lisa Patton Edward Pawlak Anthony Pierino ' ' 'N'-iss. tg. I Rhonda Marie Pilger Anne Marie Polakiewicz Robert Pollum Denise Portka Kevin Predko Tracy Prendergast James Francis Probst James Purcell Q: "WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SCHOOL LUNCH?" A: "None" Sherry Steitarf Q: "WHAT WAS THE LAST FAMILY FUNC- TION YOU PARTICI- PATED IN?" A: "Dinner" Dean Nunciato A: "A family picnic, in Au- gust." Larry Olejniczak A: "Watched a football game" Ron Nagy Q. "WHAT IS YOUR DREAM VACA- TION?" A: "A month in Hawaii with Chris L." Karen West A: "A weekend with Mrs. Ketchum" Mike Watson A: "A week anywhere with John" Dawn Yakal Scott Rachlinski Paul Ffademacher Scott Ranick David Rath Lisa Ratka Julie Marie Redden Christopher Reed Thomas Reed J J X Timothy Regis Hope Richardson Karen Ann Richter Randy Rinard , w1'iffSf2fai, ' 'f V 1 if ' , vlwiwzkfha, ' - :Q , Jig K,-.x ,J :Niffff -ifzfeey , i Qsia J gn 1 an V f Q - K4 2 , J R J ' R R 'St t ' t ,Q , Q ' ' K f 45 vhs. wr' . 3 kk R V 3Lw,,,, Susan Ring Scott Roberts Gregory Robinson Jeanne Robinson 1 l Jennifer Robinson Robert Rodgers Peter Ross Jennifer Rothenberger L , . , I, .MIR Jolene Ann Rozanski Kelli Anne Russell Louis Russo Sheila Fiybarczyk '1""'?' Gordon F? Sage Jennifer Santana Charlene Joanne Sawicki Darlene Sharon Sawicki Stephen Scarsella Dennis James Scheffler Michael Schiferle Michael Schinzel Heidi Schneider John Schooley Madonna Schubbe Dominic Schultz Frank Selice Shawn Shelton Lynn Sikorski Lisa Simino cf' " """" Zoe Sipos Christopher Sitarek Gregory Siwiec Elisa Skop Ein J . L V, S h t Thomas Skora Kristen Slater Richard Smith Thomas Smoiarek .. l S Q' to Jeffrey Spring Karen Stacey Denise Steele Sherry Steffan Tracey Stone Edwin Streety Frank Strnad Karen Strong "WHAT INFLUENCES YOUR STYLE?" "The weather." Tom Skora "My wonderful co-editors." Barb Nowak "T, T. the mad dog, Krone." John Lates av fiit' 'f Michael Sutfin Robert Swahlon Patricia Szczuble wski Richard Tarabula John Tomaselli Julie Tomczak Lisa Swift Natalie Tirado Gary Joseph Toporek Diana Lynn Tracy Tina Trayford Silvia Trojanovic Jennifer Switzer QL ' ' r at . iwwiis L ' - al . ,ff . KR. A , -few, 'gzfww' if eeer gli . M ,n ,, 4:agiig25, ,!'iiQ55f?.pN . 2 , 11 L 7554? '1lilfl " f?1 fijr: E' f h 5? Z"-2 Theresa Tokarczyk James Torgerson Lisa Uncapher "WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS OF CELE- BRATION?" "Upbeat" Karen Stacey "lt's a good theme be- cause vve're a partying school." Paula Yoviene "Good idea" Lisa Fiatka "IF YOU HAD TO DE- SCRIBE YOURSELF AS AN ANIMAL - WHICH WOULD IT BE?" "A Bear" Russ Klinger "A Wolf" John Carey "A Pony" June Seifert l Joseph Voltz Sharon Walsh Kraig Alen Weber Karen West Eg K Laurie Von Hendy Carolyn Vullo Lawrence Walsh . LW rx , , Kimberlee Walton Michael Watson Paul Weaver Patricia Webster Mark Weiser Steven Weiskerger -- v ,eggs ,, . Mg 1 ie- Karen Westphal Karen Wetzler Lynn Marie Wheeler Kathleen Wicher Michael Wicinski Tammy Winkler Roni Lee Winter Mark Woelfel Michael Woelfel . . M., V Scott Woodworth Thomas Worthington Laura Wilczek Lisa Marie Windsor Ra y Witkowski Brenda Wittcop Robert Wood Daniel Woodling John Wozniak Lisa Wyant Scott Wyman eff 4 'P - . , I., ., M I ww Q 'Q 5' ' Q ,nr 'Qui vi G .sr Dawn Yakal Christina G. Yerrow Paula Yoviene i I ,sf-F ' fm Ms f K2 X "N-iv, E , , . QQ "WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU'RE MAD?" "Throw Things" Karen Hacic "Scream, cry and peut" Roni Winter "I just look mad, like I just have this face." Chris Ishmael 47 .il fi Wlwnw' 21' 15- Charlene Zahm Walter Zak A Renee Zeklikowski Kari Zakowski Julie Zoladz Jennifer Lynn Zorn w W, Julie Zuchowski Jennifer Z ywicki ffmorAsumt'?a5f'fesfpIro'oIoioihfMH'Yo'Luv u' L KEN ADAMCZYK TIER HAVE BEEN ADSLQPER t5ALwAYsgIifREMEM0 BER 1 MOOSEJIEI .Q PAGES ' S, BEAFIZYIOU TALIGHT ME A LOTI IWEESTLINGIRLULESTI LOVE YA-I.P,IiMA,8iIDAD, TR BYEII A A I QOLIN JQADAMS - Varsity Swimming rules! YEAMSCOOBI Thanks a bunch BN LB TF LD QSIEILGITITTCIEIGT BMX 87KAW La Vida es MarviI- iafaoias a PIII! UZSpoadBYE I3jQfsANAiyALeAnELLA - Thanx: BLASDELLI GANG ESPOOL - couLDN't HAVE MADE IT AWITHDUTAYDU ALSO: HB oe LK sM AC AL' IWAYASIREM PENGTUINS RULE, YcD's, Hoes'Lean-IHT,PnT,ILuvuMaDh T I ERIC ALLEXENBERGL -I asgsasv VAR BASEBALL MANAGER' HAD y I3QQp.5ngMEs WITH You TAMMY e,geooDhAiLuAQk IQIJBIPF TB KK JM RH TKSPQvs?AyDySgf5ZZfIQaAANM MITCHELL RULES! Q2 ,ALE A JEREMY 'E E know what you dont you know whatyou dontfwantfito?iiIknow .LL' iBiBaII8I Hockey Later .IPeoEsMs,PtsDsyM,InsgDEnA BFIULE Thanx M843 - q I I A coLLEENAeAKEn - MEMKIEVRI BLASIDELL- 'I ' iI fIQ'fr9iff LII:- Q .ii kay, V, I A . I. ' 5. I ' . I LISA BECKER - The oroomo close didn't blow up in smoke theyijastsgotlost SI we'lI find them again Someday Love UPaul Thanx Mom8IDad. Together4everADee! I IT CARL BECKVIIITH - Later! ooh You Dig III Go WherefThefIFood is! Skull, SkulI,and more SkuII!,FoadAAn Qus,ltfsMy Life And l'II Do What I WWI iII9If!I9'T??tQ 54 I ' thing to hold on in life are yQiir:gggIIgeaiijiSggIfJoh ftA let know one tell you whatftofdoi5TIjahIgsfAMom and Farn! l Love You , , ' "I fihoiiy mooio Ii" Thohx rn0m8tdadIREMEMBER ALLTHE GOOD X's IN CSSJ-IILI. ."3I" MUSKETEEFIS CJBAGEL- GBEGES LITTLE LIS SM EW AD JZ I DEB BRENNAN - '-ooNE BUT NOT 4GoT- II 'TEN'I'.IDAD,DF,JC MISS U! COULDN'T oi: DONE IT WXOUT U MOM, KATI-IY,CIN,JIM LUV U THANX KGFIBOMDDGPLUCA "I DO LUV U SHAWN"STILL" ALL A A I I L LISA BROCK! -- Thanks for allfthe memories! LW JS DT TG MJF? MLKC KB THANX IVI,D,8tJ Eraser Day! fii? ii L A T CHRISTINE the memories I, QQ Afgetg H B I J C IK TI GZiI'5A53rS3,5FI:ifEi4Bis?DZ1,53 I K M- AB,RW,TM-manyimorejtofeome flfittioff Allmy Love Jeff2f3l85'PAFtTfY.'f I A DEBBIE BUCHANAN +4 Time is gone mom. linger on, its time to spread our wings into Diggerfarid better things. Good XS at KEN 87 I A Il,T iy Li Eseoogtwiwoha Beak, LovE 'YA nioi-II87 In LAURA BLAIN - eiogo, Thanx BURKEP- 87 I LOVE You SHAWN xo' si- s It I D I Z F I o X E ti It tMoM DAD, JB,KL,LK,RP, DTMLs.hohoh'nz-usMA-86DFf?'YWgf52f3E?55s5?3i?oANi,iCsITM,smother an Im oo oxonooihiooa- I3okico.oo,E.EuM,Eutiis,PokEaveIoaippg36g5i5sftA E-,IALLADE MY I..OVE!Out OD rho tiles wooo-I Tha'7XAM8ID' 4 I I I I noem BLAYLOCK- rm Erooae oiEzIFoQifiIIiIes iiiii I EITI IIIOIIQLIEIBUSCAGLIA e- "LI'IDogo"If I made Bird you cannot change! Thanx to my Friends Esp. Tam Trac BriBBSp Thanx to DEB Luz ya! Daytona 85.CCFtA,S.VNIOKS Paul, ILuvya! UfsmiIe,My stay was,Amy,Dee, noo, so kkTMDsLPTPoe.,ILIzoi,ETc.g 'PAT'BFlKFSTCLB!Fiahs! Van LHaIenIMom- AEALLSQDJIQANCE 4-4486 UMA kEMEsMILEw ArLEEhiyfi3tgiIggggA5g7iAAiways rom the good Xs In c. BUTERA DQESMLQLUMSD. Hsifhahxgtgietljiifziffriends, ooo ss for fohxs- Eiogo,kTAt.IzsLoiIisg1QIganxineva-4Aon the yyyiiyi I D May everyl always Luv8IJoy-thankt .gGooijff5I3QjeslIsunsetslHar- 53551355 BAKER 'T' VI-L NEVER FORGET U All! VeY,AQQIe51B0YSTLUi'rgIiI5f??5Ifil5?i5eI30UndI iEI+IEf.MELMORIES WICB "Mic" KS LS AC CK JS II If I,I, ? 'L'I fI 5 - T A A '-EyE,'f I I fsGfTgMekM oz KAT '+Tk"4-over Ioovimayoes great times, Fiem the JACK CAREY if E3ZiitC2i'4f!Ff?iFtIQQJIMIMABUD- iihanksizfofiyevowihihg Milt es. Herrn I oieafiifSi?st2Erg,e.TearTi,.theeBowiihg Team and DMGETuI2sAMMYf5T5OVAN5HALENAgsoLo I I ,I AiarolmgsaitnoijifrhofhyoAIopaho the Parties scoae MARGIETQLAIWAIGIRLSEALIENTQYY THE BA'-'DELL' ,,,, fwlember. Classfof XA TKXMOMDAD ABEERISUMMER NIGHTS DFDSJPILWISN I DM MAR I 'KELTIILUI' IIIII AI EITT YI I I I 6 It A Q ff DI I In ' It I -, MSD "True t.ovIeGtiIRare 8I Sriiilg Bet-Ietd MIKE B05'ACKI"IhaVe Stood UVIJIUQ Saw'-I Q A A D A Onto" Tc My Babel IAILOVQYOU IBQBI Migssjya ders of giants Thanx IM-I'D 'JMJSFSBNJSAASL 1?fKELLY'GARMODY -- 'SKI' Thanx fortall the .78 FIREBIRD! r't it A 5 A T, At MrKMrsG8tMrsS JM-NHgS84.5CC3TA2PgI7 'j GBEATAmemorIes MiohKimJenSharKerJiIl esp rg yf 53 ,fAAg ygiiu D PCYRBK TORONTO 86 MONKEESEAI's QQWIQj5gQfMES3Y?C5oodL,uck!-rem mat8Ijo Best times at JANE BANG'-ELT + ZENVI D I it UADAD MOM COL AMY I D S Friends, U rwwhoUFiiysgtsddslieteersriitive2- WKE BQWEN HBOBO.. A . if I I 'sg itii 'IAII - I 'LLENNFA CARSON - Memories are treasurer P S It ,the Brides. Thanx friends 4 best of x's. pleasures we have known . . Q But " I IQ T5 I A See Ya All In College. WATCH of UR4EVEF! in my heart "U MEAN I SYNTAX ERROR? " '-,, - ,A Li.. L,',L' TO ME. LK I OF MY FRIENDS A OLDER ISITAYOUNGIER A -- Good Luck f YouGuys AreIIGreatt Kathy -f You AreAThe Greatest - I Love You!!! UMPH! fI5gOHAI,I5IiRRiINeEn - vAa.wnEs.iif1, VA EBALLaBestFPi:RBTPDewJohnPat8tIKE QQEQEQIQEIGMDB-ELA.JAIUIEBGJMTJ "Guys fifsggtjeehggreat-thanx-No Doubt" MGD Thanx- S - xooiiohi Xs WIGREAT 5FFilIiENDsiIThahx esp2 Dari-LEA-'MoE'ooL4 FSUETJSXIJSCEso-LMLkAMELeNkP'AIwaye MEDIA A A A It .IACKI BRATEK A-g TI-IANIX 4QGooid xo enAND+DahIcfoIgsIhy EAITLA I 4jgPFTssiaMo JITIJBCARI.. Boysoout . MSMKI Intense THANX MafIfDadf M45 'IQBIQSIS giuvuall esp. POO78 IITIIQQEIIJi5'9Q5IiIi5?Y?II5C'I II Love Ya M8.D. Sp thanx are lust Staffing- ior being there. l on o hIII rho MT of DreamsftellkigAmyselfyitsnoit ashard as it seems! ThanxgBD,"FiFi'y',BAYVlEWI RECKON'N CFIIEWAI LUV TOM PAFITYWJD A MA'.InNJQi.MsaceaM I , , j D DON CARTER g-- Thanks Ifor Everything Fronl tier. lloveYouAimee dontforget thePastisgone thePresentisnow Taijidthefuterisooming sofdont lock backrlbui 'gly 1 ,.VA ..Ay 4 , TQMMYA with Brian,GIerm,MoegfF?afgigQ-igeggmajgiiSr'i:?fD AVEY CROCKETTNavoigeyioggirgfgggogaitgqajgeirosaii TIIQADQYS 0fIi55f I AKRISTI to I Dadg Thanx to altsofAiMy7triends'AespRhonda and ReneeDLSGPiCABLDJDDDNDJFKFSHI and All ofthe rest were Mellow Good Luck Guys g y D . I 49 ROBERT COLE - ees! of Luck Io All! Hush at Navy! I TOM CONWAY -- Rifle "87"-IAA-"No fat Chix" Summer ,'86 To. f'Al't0Ie, where?" Great times w!DCG,MP,RF,JK,HJG, TR,BH,DE, TK,BS,CS,SGg,RBgGL8!the girls Thanx M8tD ALYC'Es G QQAULCREAA - "AI!ce"TH- anxSGDLJSGGF?PsMDC8teveryi elseRmbr: Prom868IB7,SumA86,Pr5'We grew up fast 2 re- alize you borrowed words oan't compromise" P. BLONDE I sHEI!.AcoY!.E - AND IT CAME TIME WHEN ALL GREAT THINGS MusT COMETO AN END THANksEoRALLTHEHELP+MEMDH- IES esp NHLRDILMLSJHDLDM I LOVE You MDM + DAD!! L 3. BRIAN CRONIN - HOLE ME PLEASEifI,i SPEDsmiths!KEconyBG ScooterRI3dmPKDM DLlST!LATER,MUCH!E-STRET LMEVER- YONE HEYJNAV TRAPPED AGAIN BUT TILL THEN TRAMPS LIKE US! I I i I MARK A. CUDZILO - Thanks for a great Se- nior Year at FrontierThanx's to BL JB SR AE PL EP CS RK MK DD MD CK Good luck "87"!! Love Ya MOM and DAD! TODD CZARQINSKI -4 THANX FOR ALL THE GREAT TIMES?KEg,.BFX TJ, JM,JC,AND ID . . . REM. TIMES lNlff!?l7HE EoAT",FRoNT.wREsT- LING-I-PAGlES.r IfLuv,,u MDM!!! "a7"RuLEs!! JULIE A.. 'DAHL..+ CHACUN A SON GOUT, FRANCAIS V,CERCLE ERANCAIS,"MME.PRE- SIDENTEU-NHS,PENSEZ-NElGE"SKl"MERCi MAMA ET PAPA, RIRA BIEN-QUI RIRA LE DER- NIER SHARON DALY -- THANKS TO MY FAMILY, KARIN V. DENICE M. DENICE R I WILLFALE WAYS REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES! 'I JULIE DAvIEs - "Tone Zone" .Torontoi if Prom'86 146A Nights Out wfthe girls-Karenl Barb,Anne,LisaC, KWAS. "HI How Ya Doin'?'f Thanx Bri,M8iD . . , You too JMO. A - DAN DEINZER - "Dinzi" to all my friends who made these years fun TLDRDMBCTC JMJPJLMPKMRPMRBMRTPOCOTSCMJB BNBITOTHECABINCREWII REMEMBERWE WERE BORN, TORUN! g LINDA .I..,pIEIIIiIasKi5QsPicE HAD LoTs OF GREAT gxfs Ii!IIIyr!22ARDANA+LoH! THANX MWPKTPABMWSHKETBTMMD84 NEVE- 4GETPR,OMI'86l?QELOVYOUMOM,DAD,TIM- .MIKE IJUlQQS.+ESPBOSS4EVR LORETA DEVLIN + The time has come the song is over thought l'd something more to say-1Thanks-Carol,Vern+Bobie,Wiz+ LizaWendy,SC,ESP,JD:Always Paul C. I KEVIN DILS - VAR FOOTBALL + .WRES -'EKES-cLuE" THANX-4-ALL eooo.x'is .IDHNLEEARMH JEEINk,GTEGT,ir. GsMsDMTsRETPDE+THEEEsT OFTHE REST THANxM+D+c LUV-U-ALWAYS! JENQI KIM DODGE - THANX 4 ALL THE GOOD x-s ANN KELLJHLEBHJFWSDSKMKBRLTFAC GOODBYE 2 ROMANCE GOODBYE 2 FRIENDS DAVE LUV YA RON ITS BEEN REAL SUMMER 86 4 EVER 50. BETH DONOVAN - "Money can buy almost anything, but anything's nothing, when you're dead."Ei.lSA8tPAULA,MONA,LMSCDYJZ+ soon. REM:P'sI-LR.+A.R.T,,"AUSTL.G JACKIE DRABEK - LOVEYA.MOM4IPDAD. Special love +thanks to DAWN,QDar,Aimee,An- ne,FrankI,Keep Partying , ijRierifienfiber. the pits-I-the I-lole 2 PackGennyEIoiidaBoundll.u- vYouPat! . C D 'V g . GUY DRUSBIK g- IIS Yug, TAKE IT EASY GONAD,PREDKO,BORIS,GREENER,AMY, DAVE,TOMMYC.,AND ESPECIALLY EDNEWI! BUT NOT FORGET MY SIS LYNN. WE ALL MUST PARTY!!! MARK DRUZBIK -- CROSS-l-SWORDS."S- WEETLEAF"l3LACK SABBATH "FIRE IT UP" SiMf'JTgMS HH-Hope You Feel Good tfTHerb"The Ridge '86-'?with Heidi Heidi, I LOVE YOUIIII KIM DUQUETTE - RICH ERHARDT FOUNDf LUV!caBbOyLUVYAlLeahURinPJWlPEOUTrn. hoIe'LSMSHSSJdn'tlgo. band"H"MD+RILI- vyaRlCHthxs, specialx'scabinboatlt TKS2me+ UIDUKER g KAREN DUSSING - "Tone Zone" 146A Cane ada Thanx Julie, Wwe" 4ever.GL2aIl. Good X's wl:PI-Ifssi0Pp,TGfbeaohesCA,1-I5BrilzJoNee Ann-I-all therest luv .yaM-ED Qg,gY.f utO0ESG . LEA!-I DYLIK -sThanx4thegoodXfsgAnn,Dar- +Esp.Moe!Rern.FRlSBEE!OHshift!f J KD,LS,PAT,l'11NEVERForgetTheSpeCiaIX's Together-31st,SPUNKY,prom 86!LoveYouMo- mandDad LISA ECKERT -- Thanks to all my friends for the great times! Love those dances! ART- CLUB 84-87 Homecoming "MONA MAGGOTSH Luz Ya Mom Dad + Paul GOOD LUCK . CARRIE I ECKMAN - amlJEN- tujsohkkwddlslrsxooxmdi pb-tmrwisnt21 at- crazy4u A "8tuwh8swuno1is2blam"VBgomintr brwbufadawayimornitl3EHheloduokyTHE- BESTISYETZCOM JILL EDMUNDS - THANX TO PAM KIM COL KEL ANNA AND TALL THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED ME THROUGH THEIAYEARS. THE PROM 86-I-87. THANX ,DAsDvIgKAREN. LOVE YA FOREVER JOHN. vgff HEATHER ELLIS Awin3A!ii5ay52r5ReA1eMber the great times Never Forgetiftbeprom Good Luck JJCMHSCGVSLLRPCSDSPGBSKW TWSRKJ. A l 'I A A DENNIS ENSER - "DENSER" when u :ook back remember,I'm the 1 that made U Iaft. Later Brad -I- the boys MPred "I'll flip ya for it GiZ'f CAgShari Luv you Barb MD St MejFLY. ffg.IC5IFINIEvANcHo - v FOOTBALL a. BAS- S JKETBALL for awhile thanks for all the good times Mark Jeff Dave John Kevin 81 Chris. Its ioeen great with you Bonnie. TRACYIEVANS - HOLD ON! DREAMS DO COMETRUE "BEST OF X'S" w!I.W TM GP JT esp JZ JB RAI-lS!4ever Camp '84 Luv U MSID Jeff' Smile! Be wild W R upset! BXFIF Lori. DANA IFALCONE - TREM ALL XSWICSKKPFDZHBJLTPKWLHBLONDIE BUBBLES BEF! TBC! THE HOLE THANX TO KEVIN 4 ALL LUA! BOB! SI BILL 4391 BROS! Missu DAD! I LOVE You MDM! g gt!,. A .IoE FASCIANA - VARSITY EDOTEIALLEQ 85,86. THANX FOR y TS,JM,SS,LS,RK,KK'S,ABOVEALL'MOMQAISIQEII CHA SAY You BELIEVE INME RENEE FERGUSON -- Thanx fora!! Inespe-I cial memories-esp. Lisa, Sue,Zoe 81 Bean.The best of times are yet to come! I love you Chris- toreverl Thanx MSD g MARY FESSEL -- Thanx everyi 4 putting up wlmy downslButfyou're such a puppie! lLuvya NAT,MiKE.lVl+D+iJIMnM's makes friends! RIG!-ITl'?D,ONT4GET NTMSTJRDL.JRK+AB RON 1FII.QIGIffIEBA,.- "Varsity Hockey '87" "RegaIs'i' ETOTHE BREW CREW John 8t Scott" the memories aren't over there just beginning Thanks TRMPTCJKJGEKBMJPSGDE STACY FLIERL -- Memories are forever and a day. Thnx CM,KR"GOPHERS" I couldn't have done it wfout TRUE Friends! ESRBRANDT f85i I LOVE You MDM + MATT! gyls I TIM FOSTER - SPEC.TANX2GOD,3'IfIAEIRQI,I 4BElNGDIFF,DEENAILUVYA,JOETHEYSGSIEE ALSO"DAD'ANEVILSOFMONEY,SPECfIfAiISIX' 2 MDM 4EvERYTH!N,Dv!Lu-2LosTsQu.Igi!i2I5iI sHvouwEREI-IERE CARLA FRANCISCO - Im igIad.sIiIIlti25IfiiIf5f,.I here! Thanx for all the good timesat BK-DILSY ANNA-LYNN-PAULETTE. ,I LUV U always Jim' my! Tharix,MOM St DADQLUV ya I PAM FRIDDELL -fr Thankstoailmytriendsfie- lyntdaKimCoilDanaJiIlChrisGlauraChris. We had .funli AndthankstoBobKevinGeneJohn- Brian, RSMBEHCY.ILUZYA.MOM8tDAD THAK UI A . Sl-IARI FBUCHTEWL ."' THANX EVERY-1 FOR EVERYTHING, ESR LISAKKAREN, YOU'RE THE GREATEST. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS- 8IDON'T STOP BELlEVIN'! TONY, I LUV YOU 4- I EVER. . C GALLIVAN -- 2 memories thatjneveryend- KA-LSIMFEGTKAKJGKPSHBB-IISI8!G!0odlxfsat theft! LUVSILAFS 2the exe girlsg U Rfmygevferyeg thing Bob-l'll LUV U 4-EVER! gf! Boa GALLUZZI - vAREooTEAIQIiIIi5i Ii5?i TOMMYSELFJEN'THANKSTOALLiSfRfS gif GTDPREKDJLJMDRTLIENNIEERI!IIIiI'I11Q.?ig, vEandREMEMEERYouEDREvE.R.2+t:5ff, SGTHANK YOUMOM-DAD-STEPHANIE JAMES GARDNER - Thanks to all you guys forthe good times, Esp. Bubba. Thanks mom and dad for all your help. Kristin M- I LOVE YOU FOREVER I1!29!84. 4 JODY.GARRA5f-.Party School Grads! Thanks Jen,Bec,lgi,gfkafif:Qhrisgworm. Yearbookstaifl ThanksIMogIQiggStQIlIadii4tlODY LOVES VAL 4-ever I at ever!! I STACEY 4- STASH-BESTFFLor-1 JenCarBasnDonnieLsPhJil-IdDs'l'mDl Prom I 8iPio8E-'GH' Fair Bart at-2-I-3:MH+Grtsx Al- waysRemPIPpJm 'TT' TJTDAI.UVYaALY-A3 CE8tevry1 M8!D I I DAD. MARY WERE GONNA KMMY GIQRDANQ -- CHILL BABETREM- QTLE"F5'liYEFliS"'UnOi'S'lT'MlT"E- UZ"NNW'3rd-KM'Miss Ya-LbmJsEQhg2r 2fFS"TharIX2-DOLLE'DAWN"''THEVfRemVAL- IU M8aD"PlVOT"CHOWI E AVE GIZZI I- VAB-VBALLVBOWLOING. attyfl-Iey Chickies Lets Party! Always Rem, oodlookingohicks Hangout wlthliatuglyk licks! E thax LTOVVGHBVVGHMPTECKGIRLS Maof I ACI-IAGOLDSTEIN - ALL MY LOVE TCQLCRII Sfaerfr Thankx L4 asyggood Time: Ieirrfheaay ILEJUTCMKMOMETEIIT I 4 EGGYICONSER -1 f-IECLESFQTITE nkbmenf ay beffor now but memories last forever. Tanks for IeverytyhjiLng.S yJrLvKmKpDvApLSdBn.l I LOVED VIC YES -- QJU Fl Alwys Rti I I TNN GOODBEBEIY -r Don't forget I love you, forgetsl carey Don't forget for you my and l'Il always be there. IThanx.,BH,JA,KZ, IP-pfg+TC.yRem.Ru I ! i" ini, :I 'L 5j '7'L ' K :CKY GCCDIER L+ Thanx 2 JUMKWI SG 'GLX Lux Iyq MgI5rLD,C,Ll?espiLri7ff Klrem HGH' TQUITIJWLUV Uf JIM FIEM always 4-12-85, ESQ 5-17, S-1L4sT-5:86 LLLLTWVLMJTX LVTUDHZGH IYMTMTBE ' f ENIIGREENAE - TO ss, JW, MM,rIEM,I vi, sw, RM, GG, HWILQTHEI, ILEECR MAY RCT JJITEFIE EARTH KH TO THE WATERS BUT IER FRIENDS WILL FOBEV STAND ELAINEII IVEUMUCI-If I I S IERRY GRETKA - There is only 1 suocess 2 live your life your own "l'm only joking." as-mfgR5ahS,M2FloIe,4Labomba,BKCB, Cm '86,PPP, She-mio-fo-4-ever. Thanx 5gCaesp:KrIsa.TamILuvgg,,Tomf-If2x2ofS5g?f S GEIMALDI -- Always Bemenjper Iod x's Thanx GDPD,BTMIKSPMdlflESPM8ID. ELIESS Sums RISEESHACCWS FALL WE IS FOBEVEREIOVEBEALL. ILOVEE TCC I K 4,VLV I msn HACIC - CONT STOP eELIEvIN? IANx OCEER FOR7AEVEFlYTHlNG!'fT8rL REM JCC rx-s,wfoCPHER's SERM BLUE sus IEWEDRAMA CLUB ESP LH TFFIIIEZPON- AO LUVUMDLD S 7 - Thanx to all m friends for I Y A If a good x's 8g IIHUQDSQBSD KHQAE RP'BN8rCav rm S.oCCerx8f iTFPIlf2rSumnTer of '86 L"l-IEY XNGVUSAF-SU!! LuvuMs.C I ILIE I-IALEY534S"'FronTfhOe fonidest mernories todayg will grow the special dreams for to- :rrowl ThanxDad8rMomlSwim8ISkiwfS5eCial I I I Ip SWISS CJPMW'-WLBMH A is R I mov HAMMOND I-+ iThel Best' Trmeiliiiiarre aredIW!fFrieI'idsl THANX 4 all the mem's- p1DeanrIie81Lisa,MNDMDLSWSCJJ Never get Toronto, EHGIQQO,Lcolioeftsdqiiartles .iirr I IIII RFE I-IABINEI. '-EIEE"vafsocswIm A513 anx SWISBMSNEWGHBSMR.WILCE-E545Q THOLE REG INNIEICMECOMING as E14 THE KEf-- THANKSVMQD. I L A 4EVEFlQPPP LOV u CHUCK L I I BILL HARMON - Drama --NYC Forever 6987 - RIWIFL A- Charlie Brownglabberwock KH LB MB JK KW BK Ski Quebec - Party! JBNY-DMKB! KF, JPOJTA- Always! Thanx MIC-EC, EKSI I BECKI HART - Thanx 4 3 KLA Years! BSWKZJGJRBSJGLGTGMGCCZBCJG. KAI- ways Remember SFSLEEZYrumorsRlB- BINCJD IM Luving U TGTGSI Thanx LJT, DS, PAUE HARTEL - "WE'FIE ALL JUST BRICKS IN THE WALLVL ASK CCNI THANKS TO MOM4 s.CAC,eAHHEITT,sCCTT,CON. REMEMBER THE OMUSIC. SPECIAL THANKS TO JCKENWSSERRNSJCLML. I A MARK'-'HATTEUN I -- Vf FOOTBALL" THANKS FOR THE GOOD TIMES MIKE JOHN JEFF DAVE DEWEY JOHN ALSO:AA MJ BS DW FUN AT PROM 85, 86 LOVE MOMSTDAD Ml- CHELLE l LOVE YOU. I PAM HAUSER -4' HOWlEVlndfOutTraCk Ftbl Prom + P1086 Fair wfcw Vern HC85 + 86 LipSqLmTmKdTgPvTSTcIBDKPCw+ BbPaul LuvYaAniIinals BART + 2'-I-3'-E MH-lf GrtXs'DO- JQ'M+Cf GREG HAZEN -HCSHA-CCOEKHELLC BET- TYYO HCVWAALLIICOIN' V-BALL as FULGY, SHEIS NOT EAT-N-EYE SCMETHINCA QUICK lT'S BEEN HIP THANX sw me SC GH JK:LUV YAIOOMASRAH Isir I I SCOTT HEINEMANN -1 "HElNEKEN1l' BREV5g53REW'!I ReggIeJohnJGJKTRJCCGD- CEKSGP Holers-I-GENNY POUNDERSI! SrLoungeCards lt'sIbeen a PLEASUFIESI GOOD, LUCK I'87!lTHANX MGM. MICHELLE HENRICH -- '-LOVE ISNIT LOVE' UNLESS lT'S SHAREOQS THANKS for sharing- l4QELllLL,KlM,KELL,Y,MlSSY,JEN ,SHARON-MOM STDAD-ESPECIALLY PAUL-LOVE YOU, ALL. BRANDTIHESSVI- VAR Swim, Drama-now 'fWhereAxtOC? I hurt! Thanx for the good times- TRDLCLSPHLCCIHEY MATT, I Hl!!lThankS A LOT MCMSCAOAIIIILQVEMIU Sracyi BF SM L0lS HINCHERILCK - NEVER EQLRCETIQTHE STEELTONLITROQPERS ANC ALISTHE CCOC TIMES PINK FLOYD RULES! THANKS CHERYL + JIM. I LOVE You DAD CLTHTLEWLSCECNRPJL I scorr HCCTCR - BOCEPHUS MODE-HEY TO THE SVVAGA DAYS, BLASDELL GANG, ANDg,CREWrTOO, DERBY'DAYS, MOM AND DADQ A EURRY WHATCHAWANTSCOY, Missf ING IN ACTION CCCTOR-H1 I I I LISA I-IOLLEY - HOLD ON LCOSELY BUT DONT LET GO IF YOU CLING TOO TIGHT YOUB5LGONNAMLOSECONTROL-THANX "WA4 zoo'HHEITRSEZSTMSRKKCCLMRAHS Missxg TITI HORNATETTV THANX UR TO BNKGSB 'ESPTJACQUIETOAND CABMEN' YOU GUYS MADE THIS YEAR SPECIAL ,fJACQUlE"RE' IVIEMBEB-,ODBV AVID 7,25-84 I LovE YOU' BKSTORES'LDECA""" I 4 , I DENISEQHORNEL- THANKS EOR ALL THE GOOD LSAI TIMES! SOCCERiDl.C'85 SWIM RE- MALWYSTCCKOBNGHMSBC LOTSAILUV CLASS C5387 HNICHT MEMORIES FOREVER THANsKMCM+CACI 1"7 K " - it K --': L,-, 2 .. f ' 'I 2' "L, A ' T ' . T 1 rer! ihnvhsaqgh, SHARON HORTON -4- THANX TO MY FRIENDS,ESP.JVJ.ALL OF MY LOVE 2 U GARY RICHARD. TO THE GYPSIES THAT RE- MAIN + THE PALE,PINK,SATIN,GARY-I- SHARON 8-13-85 LORI HUTI-IMACHER -+ I love you Momfl- Dad Very special thanx to Mark Mike KeithJustin STEVIE NICKSfI-RHIANNON FOREVER Linda lmmaculata was a bad tripllll l DEANNA IAFALLO - "IF" THANX FOR THE LAFS 81 THE MEMORIES LIS NANCMSHAR - RON-ALWAYS REMEMBER HOMECOMING 86 HOLE-JUL BETHFORD GANG MNSC SM ILU- MOM+J-I-A CHUCK INGRASSIA - Drink, get drunk,taIl down,get up and do it again! Herb-thanx for getting me through the day! good luck-Fry, Art,KRDog,Wang,hater! CHRIS ISI-IMAEL -- 2 my dudes LMKWJTTMJTETKZBHJRZJSJGTWKDCL THANX. J'adore MR toujours. CNR LNE 4-ever UR a liar BS wlchippendale cards. Later!! M-l-D JULIE JACKSON - The Best Memories are those wfmy friends DI KW JZ CJ NH LR - 'Thanx 4 the laughs -l- fun Sha,Never 4get u "JEM" l'd rather be dancing! JOE JEMIOLO -- Good Times Bad Times . . . LedZep C-CREWPARTYIN' 4EVER I Iuv u TI- good luck evryt dkdksbas WART-I-tjnkkpcl-T HBBRWINBFLOFTP Time To Move On' DENISE JOSEPH -+ Thanx For the Good Times! Prom '86',,10-18-85,P.D. iBunnyj, M.B.-I-lB.Z.,Mom l Love You Forever Paul! Good Luck in the future Class of 87 . STACI JOVANOVSKI - TO ALL Who made these years the best LK SF KR SH AND YOU MARY THE FUTURE IS OURS GEORGE I LOVE YOUMOMGDAD THANKS KIM I WON'T JACQUIE JUST -- ITS BEEN T MANIC DE- PRESSION BUT THE PURPLE HAZE KEPT ME GOEN NOW IM STONE FREE.THKSTO EJPJSJMFDRHKMD I ESFHSBMHKH-I' M-I-DPS-WALK THIS WAY JOHN KAPUZA- Welidid we ali have fun? To the BREW CREW, Red8tHeine. VAN HALEN RULES! Thanx to JRTCDN TRMPMD l Love You Marrena See Ya in Florida! TIM KASHINO -- I NEVER THOUGHT THE END WOULD GET HERE. I'LL MISS ALL OF MY FRIENDS-YOU GUYS ARE GREAT. I LOVE YOU JEANNINEI SANDRA J. KASINSKI - !'m out ofherei ltwasfun.TenSoc wasarealkickl I LOVEBILLY- JOEL NO MATTERWHATI After all,youareOn- lyHuman.Thanks LWKOJOJZJD-LSremernber- JKJK GLENN KEEFER - To K,S. Thanks For Un- derstanding, blue lightening livesp Bruno is dead Forever, The Night Mare is Here, Well Thanks FCS For The Memories S . LISA KELLY, -e Rem the GOOD84 - GET THE BAD! SHARU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH EVERY THING HAS MEANTI KARSSTA take care! Jen' U Stole my HEART! M8tD Luv Ya SHAWN KENCEL - WEVE DONE OURTIM OUR TIME IS DONE! ITS ALL OVER CI-IUCI AND COZ WRE 'PHEONIX BOUND. LATEF GOOD TIMES WITHCKKFDKAC DC TRIUMPI LED-ZEPPELIN Enix KINN - "EJ" Tliankx wan of myifriend T for all ofthe good times RPTMJ TMDBS SJJR JKJKDEG HSPDSBG JRBMHLDD Heine Bret Crew NEVER FORGET VHOCKEY I iitrr T. KRISTIN KLEIN -' Speciai X's wlspecit friends-DZ,DF,TT,L.H,HB CDS,TS,AM,DP,MP,TM, DM,LP,TE,BF,ESI SHERRYLRAI-ISI SGHCOM-TP2,PROM,HOLE BKCB "THE BOOGERU THANX MGD . j HOLLIE KLINCK f- !'M YOUNG Wild and fine ly tree Thanx to MR. S. KS DP JL MD AK KC Ki AND MOM 8. DAD 8. JOE, MlKE,'lllLOVEsYOl ALWAYS! PARTY HARTY! Ten Kocun - nrsivirsiviesn me Foerp PD ME .JF ZEPPELIN Mistletoe Yoko JACK Pot HEAD noAo oLAss or ar B91 i suck COKE cuxsic RAMBLINFMAN sais Yr LORRI KOGUT - ITS TIME TO RAMBLEIZEI PELIN-THANX KRIS CSDBTBSCKSBIK KIMMY, TOGA,"A" Y.BRIDGE,FLORIDA86, I'I SLAMMEDPROM,PRUAD,JAMMIN,LUV Y RICH, MOM8tDAD g KAREY KORALEWSKI - Remember th good times and those 2 come "HAWAII 88 cartmar thanks for everything MGCERZE SACKVJF GOOD LUCK THANK V M8-D8'K5K3'K tt,t . L I MAR! KOWALCZYK - 19256-87 Came in Wi a big smash and went out with a great ban thanks to my close friends BS,KL,MW,DC,S Journey is stillattt. I ' F 'rom Knows -mfr. wiglfanss ME BEAvEa X'S will change But I wont Goodxs AT QTH HOLE bkcb CGLBDSRFJSDLMSBDSTH CREW "FOOTBALL ALMOST" EASY SCI-IA Nooouan it I TROY KRUSZKA -- GOOD LUCK CLASS C 87 ESP EAPJHBHTCKJRSPI-I Hi BARBLLIV LIFE TO THE MOST "FRIENDS'f MY FAMILY LUV YOU ALL ESP YOU DAD I MISS YOU! LOT. ig . ..,, T5 A Virol VPAULQKUEBLER - If l leave here tomorro wouid you stilljremember me?,l must be travl lin' on now cause there's molmanyeplaaes lx Q01 to see. LuvULisFY I I CINDY LANG - Thanx 4 allthe laffsgjKOKCI OCIKWJRMNKN 8. esp. Barb 8t "THE KIDS Toronto '86, ,St To Tony for alt the love 8. speci memories! 4!27f85 A , , MicHiAL LANGQ - People can me iviack Bl my real name is Michial Lango. Vveymanage Football and Baseball. l have beeniin Gerrgng Club since my Junior yearl LYNN LARIVEY 4 a inianxlto an Friends gcc times may come and go buy memoriesiiia 4ever l'll. remember the times - the uv-be team ot 86 luv Yama I I I 5, IIIIARIELAROSA - Rem Good Xs wfiiiina Morn.AB'w!Aim'8t Dee!HoIeBeachl'mBQBB' FlyersBcarTrackMstks lT!TGCheiIylZ E,AsJr2L1b2Pg" Bm8tBuds l'll Missya! Thar Maon trse A , , WQCIMTLASHUA 5 WELL. SCHOOL HAS COME ffTO::ANfEND: l'l7'STlME TO ENTER THE REAL. YYVOBLQT RYVASTARTYALL OVER AGAlNl ASPE4 fC:ALTHANx TQ MOM ,,yoADa:sEV-1. LOVETYCOU TALL: Ml ' JO:-:N LATES - V-BASEBALL:e.F-BALLTHQ :TANKS FCJR THEQGCJOD T:MEsO::sey :3ear,F:nx T RCTTOTRTLLYCLRTJEoTMLec:,:JARUNO :DOUBT'jHOLE QOOD QILUCK :QTOTVALE LOVE WA Man "MlCK'LlTE" YA: P , , A :KATHLEEN :.EAvEh:.Lq--ff ,rnapfxsflfo Lu,PK4Mlf2,DS,DR,'KS,HF?QMW,forUthe best year: Tofy all,1hanksf:mom and dadil l.f6Ve:fYA!lK5'lhy GAREQETI LECHOWSKIPH- ?? 'R0CK'fNEWEDlYl?T TURN YOU :NTOCANE:O:OT':zfCRTOCwNs:e:UENo: 'fThankS PRULTKSTMUMSTDAD 4 NOT'klllin' me, yjfeilll LoveAYoU lvliohellege Keep Me Sane! R fw::.L:A:v:T LElB6Ll5 4 A :oi OF ed QYVMGJBRRRKVTT and A lot of others Thanks TMOMGDAD 71: Mayeoriokfiood olBoying and A-Roe MANN :MREALLY RON VVH:TE, MC:v:L- :AN FGREVEFLSTUDYHALL TeROUR:E,EORN ON PLUTO,STOl?THEWQRLD,IWANTTOGE- TOFF THEENO JUsT:E:Es THE MEANSLEREE CTTORAMPAGE if ff T Q FRED MARKS e PU:UNKy,ELOYO K:CKe DRINK EEER:M:CHE:.OE.PARTY,:T UP WITH SK: CLUR.OR:NK MORE BEER! GOOD LUCK TO CHEESE,sEAOOC,ART:+5T:eos1RAeR:TY- ,TlLYAZDlE' . - J mmk,cVw if DEA MARTIN Foobaoul is m lifellTl':anX' 4Goocl X'SEvfy'l THE5 A GlRLSl'BODY CASE"JrM"BKCB"WN Clapclap 'LUVTJ llgl8:QjfooOeeeLets party Maeirmindl MJCHELLEFMAFITIN + IT wAs ffA TQUQH YEARMBLQI WEE MADE l'Fg'THANKS TOTTRACY RKARENUCEOR BEING: THERE, LOVE YA MOM BVAAROD BU'l7'fll Wll.lg LOVE: YOU FOREVER PATTY MARTINTEZ Ti Thunder N i L:gmn:Cng JASON MEDYNSKl 4 lM-YOUNG-IM-WILD' AND-N5FlEE-l-GOT-THE-'MAGICPOWERE OE-THE-MUsC:C-:N-MELHAVEAA-RQECE-OE. CUSTARD-PlE-MICKEY-QPBUD-WE'RE-GOIN PLACES -T:ME.EOR-ME-To-FLY: fl y TONYTMERLIN0:--'School has been . , , But Everyone remember the PARTIES TSEX, DRUGS AND heavy metal .Q See you all ewhen l'm the president! Beeeeeer! T oEN:cE MESCALL - HEY :mae Rucxaroowe- :jnadeitlFastx'satFCHS Never-4get homeco- sjningProm86DEEDRlVlNG Lisa'sPartiTesThlanX- Oen:seTssMLTLosKl.UvUfSMOMJ SEA- GRAMST 1 T A R DOUG MTCHALEKA4- Homecoming 86'Cana- d.ianfrare'Molson"Golden'Never' :straighten- 'alwaysgforyvago kiss: killefs: what Ta long strange irlpfit's'beenfMwr.'shalVler.'y O. 1 TRACY :::::ci:ALsK:, -HLOTS ofa LUV 2 e"LAR" A nom-A, GET 51786, 522a6e.xMAsae: : LUVU, ALWAYSYSAEVER1.e2ge:::e:: THANX: MAWOAOH fCoE:ntfS' Muslo Forever! U2THEKir:QsTDlS- Dfam3:3laQG1Cf0W:Blueblls NeV9f4Qe'fUG0' 'MEAN'UERANZJAER"HF'STEVE'MAR K' JRAQTSV , Te T l pherslr feeleylike itjfook a-L::e::meT::anx FFYANKDD-A , je A , , 4 A T TTTT I A Y C: 4 A G0fefS'+9KKSKGlfS Ben FUD R'6XATNlllET?gMl Cl:lCCl ThankS :To- KAREN?fLENAHAN4l'll Always remernbef ,fra TLOY fl A ! 7 .U . T' T A - gOne:g,BEeT:4T:mes- wfKwgLS.M:.:,T:3, The TGLENN, llllASL.QWSKY wREs.::f1 HSPRC3 RBfMg-RPSQQEQYSJZiUUCT,1P1NhLSgf: 'A'H'fCRl5WJl-ElV,Ya,LEE.lMaXlfTRES3E'l1T BHK-811'BSTFRNDCS-DEER:L-TQKD-Blewfwoff-'AREQESY Tonbenmg, ue miie-1 Ra ,YK V-Y Safcfunchiflme F9'eV?Flf-9V fa 'EllQ'?4TA5lTT??A!C!e TEJNGGMEW' L O Q L fe new 03 Oxy S' evm TC: t'aCk'U'eSTha"xCaPSCha''a'ld5'e'5Y' A909131 filed? Uslowliallwe 5feTT05eYg TTOVRQVVQW legwr Maumee RR-DRTC, GDQl5V,KRKTG,REl3',VAl?i.T LQLJQKDAVERBC!BGR:nclEveryb6dyelsel'vTnf:et.Q ThlangfoflheepeoialfnomentlLUVYOUMAUR1ff' EENf f V- h , T log6lR:jENE :.::.L:e Tliafm 4A:: the ecodxe, ESP MANNE: LEAHRMOERCCHJS CEJESf OPSCUK ANNE.: canfrenavefalm it wlo T'UlLu- VllAlweys:NE3lER4GET ClJ"MlKEll.uVU :lvl8:Dg LISA, LOQKWOQDA H- :Thief sfory' 5Of fllfe fis Qulcker than theyyiynkllofyan eyeE TlTe etoryffof love is Hello arid Goodbyeyuntll we meet ggainf qamf-.:AM,R.:C:MGf'a2ff eg: T U oEN:sE LORRENSTL lTli:ey5'::': fbu 5kaQeo:TNf U eveg Aget, HC ff86Torot:to Bryen Adaihs lD RlXZ- lNGhQLESSONS Q SEAQRAMTS .Aever , Thanx Nil eerNH:gRTMsCLMO:'EPKL LM QMAU+ QADR ?OMGRAM::s+ + C ' J' ' T HENRY 1:.uCzA:c 4 :M YOUNe'w:Lo ESQ :M RREE-TR:UMRH1UTHANKs GUYS RF SM EK EM M:ss T 8. Mlss PTSHPOUNDERS CL CC DL TH Bl-l8iS'F CRP SUE?: LUVTU BESTOFIIMES A LYNN MACK -jhanlge fog allgthegywdnderfule memoriesjl'lllcherishfforevef. NEVER FORGET, THE QREATXSQ5 KV,1JZ:g LWiSCfQLRfNl4l1LE,BD,T E3,Dao LUV:YAgUM,OaQC OT Oe 1 L.LT A Tll'QAl5lVlP:CNQEILgg-E5 :':: ffmisgs yia :Esp4eeRFf+R- honda1camplngJE G:eaLex's,wlKim skiing Bus Twfilules''Flotwmemmories WIHBSGKTKGJAK- EEACLQEN4M:A:U5f24 :LUV U lMomaoad-oy::' jKIM MAHONEY -L REM ALL THE GOOO Exte- ,NEwM1C.QNzgTefss UO UR os 'LV HRT CB ML 'AP ESR 0:68.49 e:g::NO TM Rem thB:PGETMS ?SNlP PH LUG liUV4YANl8:D : LUF f'BRANQQN'f 59'-WN TMANDFBKST Ef9i,f3dSl'1lPS, were mean: T YOY Y was: RRLwTRsR:LHs2oang CE-3112 IS QUBUS ,MARC-Together our apeams will become :reali- Gl,87fs 3 ' TRT' 9 Qrega mes pge Q+5Tnanxe2T1e:eTfR RHSUQ O MT PL pf TERRTRNVYUMJLAROMEA,STATESYTREERJQZ LUVUMERRAY - - To it T JEFEREY :v:AuAT-fieereammngs :o comemro those who: walt! Thanx T,eE M8:DCgfTeeohers MBJSFSMWTWZMWBNCBMNRP 'JS' Ref member QC,SC,AC:saVeat2 NHSK8-4.55 Class 0f1937V g y YLLT A - MCQALLUA-we Tl1fanxftofEve?ryolne forThe Gloodffimes andygMegnor ies.fl,lfeis a3TripT Don'1 fallTThanxfCTQBliU.lS.CQl1K.RL.S. l've had aggoocl - TEAT A ' M:cH:6:ELfMocART:g:Y e- Ujnafpksgxo every- : body, ALWAYSfTren1e:T:bere9FCgH. Andthe Qood Tlmeste 3? H ig, A.., , WILLIAMAA. MccoNvEY - V Us. NAVAL ACADEMY VBALL HOORSTNV: Ergnske TT BM KB G:z LARSOHTC TOAK:Es1TQ tneseoewho succeed my KUDOS, for few will seeNthe :aToQ CHUCKOMCCOOEY crew .willfliveforevefj but not as long as my loye for STACY -lv MATT, Thanx Sober 8:?Norrisg Mom Thanksf T GATHYMCGEEf- lt's been fun, l'lll31lse lt,eTheg A fun andggamesflllaree oyer Wit's ltime to grow, upqTlje memories will .last a!life:tlme.LOVEYA-" MA8:lDADV:P.R ,RA:NDYlLY , , f . SEANiMQHUGH:""" HookeMLedZep ltleobeen af Long StrangemDreamT bUt the Tripfs Over Brendf,DrUzyfTory,DRJ Thx AM, ' 'ToAllT heRarf :yegs'i,:.TR: :LOVE YOU-DORINDAEQ K5 A -:EANY A MCfiiHUiGHTRNC New-:ng in poolcels New rfothirlg Up my Sleeve l 'keep my magic :in myelgleart-Triyurnph .fye A Thanxlleso. R2lLi- R TALT T sage? TQTVTZMET Roe l LOVE: YOU zgzszsfm ball ."86" Class of "87"TrUles the l"Moose" w::hiENl,Me,Js,.:T:Tnanx Mom8:Dad.i My WJERRYi:v:::.:.ER H- :Meme VAR F-EALEQ THNKS to JKTSFDNKLCBDSBCJE a. esp. so- REYM:cEEz, WOODS BRlDGE 69 olom Party Naked BBIQLUV U MOM 8: DA T ' A s:rEvEffMA1':"' MTNK "TAKE lT EASY- LETE GOUTOFXONTGH FUN TlMES AT THE HOLE WRESTLINGIV-BALUNOCKLE THANX OT BO YTTES M KR PEG R O VN E R TAC K BLSJRGTSHRBHLONCHSMMS- - A BERNIE MOHAN -HAHMOEY' "VERN" HOCK- EY-EAsUE,E,ALL:VVRALL-SOC-ALWAYS oo YGUR' RESTQNEVER e:VE UPPREMEMBZER THESE T:MEef A"'S'TYlVlJBBRlGl-l- OAKSRFKMBMTMKIT-JTCGMMUDHOLE'' LOvEMaO, A y A C. A L:SA MOIQNAR MEMORIES ARE MADE TO LASTNEVER 4-eET THE FUN sUxyzoE NA BEAN :COL LYPHW TM 'TP PPP ExC-o:RL- os.sREQK . ilfLLQULQVE,-YOU 4-EVERY:-ERANK 40'l5f83 C My PAT MTORGANT5 -1 lL:BACLL:4PASS,SET, CRlgilSH!SKlING PROM ae-ALL nigh: Song! Tlf:aRxmmTC crashed Tl'-lm3zd "roof" lgot you andbaby you got me 'fylE3rUce Silvia, lloveyou 10,85 'All 'f T C ,C My T CARMEN lVlUNlZ 2y1allTheCi'P.R." eng -4 Y OMRJTMECAGOETTMMHRZ esp. USTAL1 LUlQNfU'Ctl1enx54Wthe goodswei''LlAR':'-n-F Cin4M RRS 'f'R:::e: ALI? MY LOVETOU EERATN T:RA ADO5' T A LTJRIJLMVERS in T:f2:: r:iio el: for the meme : will NVFl4GETl' PHTMCHRVHB VFFTSTASH'ff,8: esp: A Jang, RemBar +62-+ea:MH+CRTx's: HTQILU MOM,OENj,oUA O,yyREV,A:fr:y+Hs: Kass 'GQLKSY Rf' ll ' T R T, T lt: ,Vkl -C A ,kfk 3 ,, T. RON NAGY - CVR HREEI3 8 THINGS LIKE THATI' HIDIVE,OHYEAHI KRILU 8i ET, IST TO: SKI! 442XPAK 8tiTHE BAND, GOOD XS IN 86 BR,TM,JM,WM,TSBK,PH,KB,HB,THANX M,D,E8tB. I STEVE NAPPO - WANG DANG SWEET POONTANG! SKULL HUNT ZEP, FLOYD, MORRISON LIVES, ACIDC "HAVE A DRINK ON ME" MICHELOB, SMOKE LATER DAYS FRONTIERI f R A .- BOBBI NAUMOFF - Did we really SURVIVE? t'm not sure - but thanx to everyone involved! Thanx! MSD-KRLMRNCPJCBCMHMN-CD LET'S PARTY! DECA,NHS, BKSTORE MGR. MARGIEINAUMOVSKI --ART CLUB THANKS .81 LUV 2 MRS, ZAK, ALL the L.A. guys 8t all my friends JJLRKDLICCLBN Esp, DEANNA 81 NANCY 8I MA Couldn't of done it wfo ul SCOTT NEAL - SENIOR LOUNGE siftTI-IANXJPSpiitJetiBobFerbs.tinkMarIkstym DeaTamIvlarie BarbBernsouImanwhenAmI Go- ing to get my money? It's beenagreatyearuiv u -MGD! y BARB NEWMAN - Fond rnemories:Laur, MOI-IO, Jo,Jul,PlGCaDeTrCmDvSgJtAc8tesp ANNIEp.Jo,youSMELLl'Poems"SnipslDE- PEND! CurblT3!SB87l'LUV YA MD8tM'ILU- F8IAtKEN" AAO. g JULIE NISTLER - SGYP thanx4greatX's esp. BestBudAim. LLvcuDM BrrrChlcn TP Lodgnit "T"BKCB1ot4Nverkot Whoobies- WedNitesiFu2yNavels' Hole I Luvu DJ6!23!91Mr.I-IAPPY . 5 . y 4 g RAE NOCERA -- Memories ofiyou wont be i4gotten 4 memories never die. 'tl LOVE YOU JIMMY!" Take care and thanx 4 every thing: Lien-BRAT cM an RW HS sn sumse I BARBTNOWAK - Thankstor all the good times 8 memories. LotsaLuv to:AbTdLwLh- KoMnSsIvlbJmSjDhJsSl'v1msP,Yrbk, Hoax 81 esp. M-I-D 84 my bestest buddy CINDY! VILG DAN NOWAKOWSKI H- It's finally over,Th- anks.Mrs. K,missu,RC,SN,JP,SF,SM,CB- ,SA,DV, AB,CG,AC,PH,BG,DZ,CO,CB,LW, EP,PM,TR,KM,SS, and mR.yJ, Thanks FCS for Pushing me Through. I DEAN NUNCIATO - fl'BlLL.RAY" aslncere thanx 2. ALF-BUD 4being there:okysEddie JKSHTeYRooSMCEBasBaIl NAM and esp- 'JEN' for lnspratn luvu times 2 turn the page 87 - . JEFF OBAD - WELL ITS TIME TO MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE. THANKS CHRIS.B.RW.TM.KA'l'.DB,CHRIS I HOPE WE TOGETHER CAN MAKE OUFIDREAMS COME TRUEITHANKS MOM. g g g gg KIMBERLY o'BovLE - Memories MI-I KC so JN fKO5BN+JEN summer 86. LBG our SFB ski individuality--you know what u want to be- until tomorrowPSYFURS THANKSM-I-d L KERRY O'CONNELL - THANX TO ALL MY FRIENDS!KOKCMDCLNJRMHCISOCZ 8I eso. Mary! Always-rem SKI-lfLBG.! Dave-will always rem the memories! thanks Mom 8. Dad 54, .. CHRIS 0'CONNOR - "OKIE" Good X's with the UB-hounddogs, Bill "KID"and the gang. Its a festival. Varsity Golf8II-Iockey! thanx for ati the great X's Patty,LuvY g LARRYOLEJNICZAK- its been real its been iun but-it hasntt been real8Ifun. come here. fin a heart beatl I LOVE YA MARIE KSSAN- DYHMHDMNVRMINDI f - , SHARON OSZUST - Two roadsdiverged in a wood, and I H- I' took the one ftess traveled by,And that has made ail the difference Kim Jen Kel Jill mich miss I AMY PACYON - I SAY ANGLE TAKE AWALK ON THE WILDSIDEWITH THE MONKEES BEST FRIENDS MB AP CG TS SEE YA AT THE QUEENS AH I LOVE YA FOREVER MIKE BURKE!! y WILLIAM PAGE - Great.Times Thanx To: JCTCMWTJtIM,Esp. PAGIE,Luv U MOMSIDAQ "See You on The Other SIde'i -ICHILLY A STEVE PALUCH - "WE LEARNED MORE FROM A THREE MINUTE RECORD BABY THAN WEEVERLLEARNED IN SCHOOL THANKSRSDSSRBCBBGMPDMCGTT- SGENNY "BS" LOVEYaM8tD LCLMMELHOLE MICHAEL PALYSZESKI - never forget BB'S CHALK talksfgreat times with RF TC DG SP TR .IK JG SH DEX Great xs in IAAXBOWE "O"!NO DOUBTIIJEN E Ib'ers!hoIe 87 COLLEEN PATERSON -- thanx to MMPFKWJEJKEBCB.Thanx a lot Donna8IKelly my best friends I Love You mom8IDad "LIP" JVJMLEHPTPSHMHTH Thanx Tony-esp. Den- ISC I - . . ' KATHY PATTISON - life is counted by time- less moments! Mom and.Dad-I made it! thanks Mark! Love You Forever! Special thanks to Kim and Mr. Salmon. APLKTC I I . LISA PATTON - A friend is 1 wlwhom u dare 2 b yourself LVU M4-Dztblondy wazoo zo tam DMLMSRLHTPKWDSHBKKJLRBTSNW ski ftball lasting IMPRESSIONS RONNIE B. TAMMY PAULEY - "TAMZ" TO ALL MY FRIENDS-LH,LC,DE,TM,DS,DV, AS,JR,HB,KC,DT,JS. The best of luck to you. l missiyou Michelle! Especially-CarI8IM8ID-I Luv U . TONY PIERINO H- To coo and.Mr. K:Photo Staff: The Iast3 years have been ok but l'rn glad its over. Hi DS,JS,MM,SM,JJ,CP. Thanks mom8IdadiGood Luck to-All A .V RHONDA PILGER -Thanks for allthe-great x's TINAESIKRIS NMLREKLI-ICC Camping hook- ey BKKstore FLABGCUBANY Am I ready yet? Thanx MOM DADSISHEIL LUV U MATT ANNE POLAKIEWICZ . - I Annie R sebree games'FoIigno is sift' Best x's spent with Kathy Juls Karen Laur Jo DvJsSdJrKmK P 81 . I9 HQ my "BD" bud Barb-ss ThxM8tD SBis1fI g ANN PORPORA -4 IthasbeerIIong-I-hardbu- titisalmostoverLove+ ThanxtoKim DJenM- KelDJe.nHjl-VikCBHf JFKHDI-IKCCI-I RemWSRSREM' THEBESTISYETTOCOMEBA -I-Rem TriumpI'186 ThanxGugyLY. y . DENISE PORTKA - Thanx for the great times!! l'II never forget you: EG-I-PM Renee, KR! Renee Don't forget the CYSTABOM! LOVE YA MOM and DAD! . . . BILJANA POTKONIJAK Pupils in this school are so friendly. I like the friends Imade in this country. Thank you Mom and Dad, My friends for good time. Y rr If KEVIN PREDKO - DEDICATED TO IIERON- TIERS FINEST FEMALES Without you I- would have quit long ago. PARTY!-IARTY HARLEY'S-y RULE, T+A,6+9,USANOt KILL-A-LOMMIEIIP TRACY PRENDERGAST 5 Oh Baby-U-i MAKE-ME-SMILE TamDeaJe'f-DMLQYPHMQ MEMRIES-R-4EVER-burgerking-9:15-Clap-.4 Clap-Skiing-sof, meat-BKCB-COACI-IES-Lguv- UI MGD-Tony-Mis-u-SP U 'I JIM 'PROBST - f'NOT .VBYNAGTE auT av kNQwLEoe.E IS-WISDOMI ACOUIRED'?, Thanx to everyone who cared esp. MVWTIIW JA DM LW JE and rnostot all Love youQMOM -I- DAD .. . . S . I I -.IIM "..iIIvIBo" PURCELLI- IT's BEEN EDG- ,CATIONAI.,l THINK, YEARBVOOqK,UGHI! THANX SR,TB,TRBBB,FS,MAUMAl.I,PRg. "xAI GOT ME UNDER PRESSUREVQ PHYSICS ISN'T LIFE, ITfs as I T . J . ,T I SCOTT RACHLTNSKI HOURLY" +fPhotol Staff 85-87-Never Forget Bat -I-I Lilac Breath, Mon Nite in the Drkrm. Thanxtor puttinggifup wifme JRCMMWWZZKJPMEWHL. Y. f PAUL RADEMACHER THANX. FQB THE MEMORIES AT Pcs, LEO MI-IPRaMw CLASS os am. THANX TO ALL TI-IE sIRLstifrkNEw IT wAs GREATTLED ZEPPELIN ALWAYSgsI'Mg ARMYBOUND y scoff RANICKI --g INooeoH.+.OuAToR. TRACK, RIELE,oEcA.oLAss or 87 'RuLEs'ft THANX MA.PA,INdr.RUIfESfiBANANA WARLSO wRAr I'M Not ADAMN PCIETQ5 LISA RATKA 44 Thanx soimuch 4 thelspeciali! x's ESpHamIfSWLOY'NMRPPH JJSCDI... JULIE REDDEN - This isiour eeeepei Ldveifo very special peopIe"KlWEET2 EN.. Pw"o"MoaeRo MANY BEAUTIFUL TIMES SHARED WITH ANGELOV. LET'S LIVE IT URI! MDJ I I it CHRIS REED - Tnenkefei everythiiig MOM-l- DA,Semper Amor Kellyirlvlarieslxdarines Corps BOUND,Semper. Memoria Mr. Ky- Ser,MW,JR,JG,LW,TE,ED,DO,G'K,PR,SIVIgTO- ' +cREw - THOMAS REED! -I Remember eitme good? the helpJRBN8IAIl whorcared Love ireyaigtne. Marie: and Mom 8. Dad,iThanks MBIDT gI"i TIM REGISE- ifFEZ'fi Thanx ft grt xsyJergyTS4 CE,Sob,MT,JF,JgS,Cl-l,DT,RK,SS, Grt' xe Taos GAZ,BK,Ml-I Basketbatl' 83-86 Esp-BK bunch. MOOT,GLOM GRT xs Bruce Rules. g KAREN? RIC!-ITER'-1 The Best -of xsewergy spent wfspecial friends: Thanx toLisa, Shari fthe.. bearslg.y8tWCabby! g SPDS-Q KWSJ-1 Sr I"-Titel Girls" 'ILOVE YOLPRICK 4-ever!fM8ID--LIL fg- ES IVI+M's FRANKIE LIVESIHC '85 Chem-I Mona x'SatHOIe NH-D I LUV U,JOE!i9!'I4l85 ' times-JKJCDCCGHHBBALLS Thanks for. alia SUE RING ii?I'These years will remind "u" how we touohed8lwent"R" separateqvlzays" ZOE Lisa Nea Bean8IThe PPPGlrIsA FlalisfQDZ srretcnaerosnger Thanx IMAD I Iutv'O1f?U"' STEVE - V KVKZ E , iii sco'rTsnosERTs - "sewer" "Emblems hole" good xs w!Fish Daren sySte5yIe RSFIBKKCGI3GTTFIQ,Df'COLCfI'i4 MESS!-ICMGGDZME3 sWres,Gerguls Thanx V E nMsoIoganu.IEa4ms-fioar 'fsAa'i I I GREGOOROBINSON -- Cant for et the x's9atI STEVE SCARSELLA W- I will always rmbr the good times, it was fun WINS JN LW GM DA RK GODS rmbr JVISIVAR Hockey "The I-lOie" I love you Mom U2'Tammy" A Q g DENNIS SCHEFELER - Thanks JS,CS,JS you should haveistayed. AES Good Luck in Navy Re. - Jr Prom fun Thanxs CM-John you owe me .2535 from Junior year y I y HEIDI SCHNEIDEQQ5 WEITAEOE FINALLY I:IoNEIsITr'wAs EEAI-TABLE THANKS ToTHE I N9 I y . ''CATssaMsKsLsKoTKsMoMa.oAoovaE- the hole and Imysfi. osse friends I SPECIALLY sAMMY,I LOVE YOU',8-18-85-T GTDZRSTPJZCWDFZ SCSJGDWS- FI-Ball' "FonEvER"aIso SHLGLE j I A 85 Rigghtfjflfom? Burn'?'gThanx Mom 8IDad and I W.y g I ' Chris I LOVE You. I , eery Joi-INASCHOOLEY -E sooo LUCK TO ALL I y Q I I Q I 'FELLOW SENIOFIS Specially os TL JT Ms so JEAN ROBINSON - I Dolnh' VA!-ER-lMbef 7 EM na FS ect. Its been fun but now its going to rueIe'EIyers'NNw+sLPoEMs-KMEESPTAM- IsosrolxroEE'Es'oafMn+KTML'vEn THE EEsTrApJsTpI.nJrPn.Ib'TI-.aux Mspfvmasei- naziafi I I A I ,IENNIFERI aoiamsou No ODOOTKTIOWS lwhat it is thati5tIe'oan do till he tries, To those kept me? tryirIg:KCKO2SOMHJNIVISJD Love You Michael ThanxMom,Dad 55 y OB ROGERSA7 remember all the igood igmesfFleeb!Buyerfiit was great! Cat? Skiin' -Zone Thanks RN EN PI-I KB MS 2MS8rDS C8ll3ioutta here! I A Nr .IEN norueuaegggh M all 4 nemirrxfrfiuo vnIAstsIENnem Mice, 1987 s Play- giroundsflulei Artfl will rule! TX Bl-I JG KZ DAT TW EDECR JB Thx, Mom 8r Dad A 5 .IoLENE ROZANSKI f- Barney Eiepnirilf Shors-Gnflems W'DVSDPGAVMLKpLVApKm ESS?fesf5GH"TrJK-IWYAIBN-U Smell "Tanx- UDS" '10holeWI-IOOBwedgBOONGGAND- LUVYA MDJBJ-Keep Smilin oylw, , g KELLI RUQSELL - llylslh. R C-ursIDOOCH lfllazu "oiis'fDarDMJn ILYoMsoesp'DANNY' lflfhe past gave us Fl mem,the future willgive us I3 dreams? I LOVE YOUIIHONII NiSpeogI5gthanks KAzoo 8112134y4eveftNgfElggaIessQLover? I SHEILAE Rveiiraoivx -+L Prom 'se-Inahks to TWBSJSHEAR-Crew From PRJIVICL CSJDKMBZ. A special thanks fo M8z ggITrl- Cia,and DAVE for always being there, I LOVE VCU, A GOITUY SAGE 53 Brush goodtimesfbad- times ah stioka sweetpea-the boys-Brad,Sam, Tub,String8I the wad-Hey OKfe,l'd eat that! Later-ISISAS Luvlsligthanx IvI8ID'2 ' I JENIIIIEER SANTANA: Tnx-HBSPKSLBACJQ RAPPHABDLCVLDJEOBSAAM.Car Tam Lori g ,A g , N Vf 44ever4Neyer Surrender l Love uM-I-D iStac,esp CH.this yi budz4U.EQFf85 Joe.Tnxf 1 yMaoaIofsw.E-saII,MEI9s I JIMMY Mc IsLu 4- be done Thanks Mom 8ijQad. A I-I, ' MADONNA35 SCHUBBEF IEIEFIES TO SPE- OQAL MEMOFIIESSGREAT TIMES ESP W Ml- CHELLEFlEM,ELA.TOP KFITHNKX 4EVEFlY- TI-SING! I LOVE YOU FOREVER WAYNE! THNX 2 LSI-ISKSF-IZKIZIQLYN RSM8rW8!l 8185 LAUROIE SCHUH'-F Ifthe sun refused to shine I will still be loving you Thanx for good timeso mem, lI.ove You Forever Herltyyljlold on to your dreamSI ''cats'535'fMSHSKSiKlDLD THANX MBQLDLQQ TIDIL ' ' ' IDIIIIT I I ' A DOMINIO SCI-IULTZ - The best of Ilmasottare yet to Ioome!Let the world knowi as you are not asjthey thinlg Liil you shoiuldjbe. Double Thanlssglylom and JOE! SHELL SCINTA - Although atthistime we must depart our memories will always B in my heart. Thanks ZBOUFT Traoy,NT,JC,PFlcrew, JAY,I will care 4 U Aeveri LISA SCROGGS - Always remember jamln' times w!KL,KW,MB,HC,l.SiMB The 'fI+f'O' Crew, CRUNCHII fI'ressels,TheBieachl I LOVE YOU MQM, DADs,I3MigsK, II-Ie I-IWC Crewe SEIFERT - I Finished my second year Q in Food Servlcejat Potter Road, which yhellpled lay my foundationsisfor my future goal as aidietih ffafgald- Ir I I A FRANK SELICE L+ THANX Eon THE sooo TIMESVJS is os .Is MB .IM Iiirflgwsit 'ISUIVIMER OF se", THANX?TQFOLKSIINEVILLE, I LUV You MO,M+DADI STAND I BY MEI TECHE- LEC. TM, y I si-IAwN SHELTON - Ioilnyegoodiri-,ei PHJToPPE+Tne Foifs boys Deb"Thanx2U If will be d0fl64U2ME9 Rffhe only 1" twill love you LYNN SIKOIRSKI, To alllsmy frienidssiiirs Magna: 5-yer' Jmglss' I N Iobilmgelhroopers rulel2PinksFloyd,s Led Zeppe- T i',-r A 'I 'ON' 5 it .,55,IIl'l 'PAULffj5FQQ1g ' A CHARLENE SAWICKI - To all lvyho haveifffi yiyo ' f made my memories speciaiiiiliarglmy sis I LISA SIMENO -- I MADE IT! PROMOF 86l!l Dar,NTDFlgKS SKWJLGTGRBG fDionEsp2 rnybfSharISMr: "exx"BKFGSTCLB 2 Pagie4if3? lQuyUM,D8tGFIem DMSRKEV! ' g IJARLENE SAWICKI +g5I3LoNoIIEISTYCAN DEIEAM ABQQT, ug . ,gr .ssErLIs,nEo'o CHAR- foooCHEns1sTuBBY,ooz.IaI ... IF I CAN'T U TONIGHT-JAYQ Love you.GTJI.-Nev- 4getU! I Love YoI.IMD8IG. x lgfyyl LovE You MIKE,ALwAYsI OFFICE ssis OIVIEN wAIIaI+esCL.yAgnT CLU'BYVlLELSPYKV.FlE- MEMLBERIPWILD woMANI I LUV You MQM+THE55EOWARDS FAM. zoe sIPos 4-1 when lihink of UQSQSILI-so sa3sE,LH,TC,r3acgIden,DsY,ifIa,issK, CGexc- nolhin? else seems2matter-i:hanxMee,RAHISKI Lots:-ilffftilme 4Iwallrs-Mitch-LuvUlStretchNNi5g I I if is X AJ ILLII X, ILNCX .psijx M us-93g ,W rr GREG STWIEC - We Finally made it! Thanks to everyone for the good times, keep in touch and G-ood LuoklThanks:Fred,and the Beach Crewg Floyd Luv MDMD I , o E . LISA SKOP - "FLYING HIGH ON THE WINGS OF OUR DREAMS!" THANKS For all the Great Times And Memories:Kim8tTimRBethDPau- IaYKVl..SJVSNBW ETC LOVEYA- POO8tSTEWlE QTHE TALLTD NIIINIGG TOM SKORA - SQUID THANX DS RS SS JE CE RK2 AL8iKT IG FF SW JS KS SB JM 'DON- NA' BOTH IVIBOWL WOODS SOFEST HOLD VGOLF THANKS MOM AND DAD LATER! KRIS SLATER -- Hold on to your dreams Memories are 4-ever Good times at HMS thanx to all my friends AJ,..leR+MH,Linda,LS,PY,KB Farmers Luv ya M-l-D A DARENO SMITH - RMBER GOOD TIMES AT THE A HOLE A SR,BG+JODBTSl- KESPBCBGRFJM SBIG BUCKS OR NOT!-llN" GETTING OUT IN "87" Later Class of "88f' AIR BOUND. I RICI-ILSMITI-I r- its been real,BG.BC TT.ES.KD.TS.GR.SR.CG,SP.RB.GT.BlM BOS.L.M. BKCB!Wellsvilleg GoodX's atthe Hole,BOSS, Thanx M-l-D, The Crew , . . Later JEFF SPRING -+ Been a-bumpy ride but I finally made it thanx to sarge,YardCrafters, the rest of Bells Angelsl Well,the real world awaits T KAREN STACEY - TOIMANY EXCELLENT MEMORIES! rHaa.LsiOFrPH'Lw,YOut ANIMAL!JCBQMFQJSQB-BALLDI LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD! i LOVE You DAVE! NEVER FORGET I I You Tw, A DENISE STEELE -- HSTUBBY' 'WHY SET? TLE FOR LESS WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THE BESTTILUVU VINCE,MOM8iBILL"MlSSYAWA- ZOO'JUL"DART'fHOL'DO,OCHERS' ZOE"BKFSTCLB! RAHS'YOUrSiME,VIN. SI-IERRY STEFFAN - XC 8 Track Run 4 Fun! Never t4GETU SK TW SJ JC TL SM ESR DY8iAB'Don't think of school as ending, think a new life has begun. L I JACKIE STEPHENSON - IFUWANADOVT4 DOITRITE-CAL86 PitsMl-I YCDrBES Always Rem Prom86fNEv4GetUL Shawn Thanx- 4mem8iGxs:ABDLACSWSeps,Donna St DIGS ILUVVAA!! LU-MGD 1 ' E' TRACEY STONE - PARTY 4-EVER BEST PARTY XSWXCARNEGIE DEAD HEADS FOR- EVER LEDZEP CCR CSN THANKS MTSTD LOVE YA CJRBCBVSJJKCDZANGCAR- NEIEWWJBKO JOE CATER . . . EDWIN STREETY --It was fun rem good X's VAR TRACK TJ BREAKFAST CLUB RAILERSA 87 Mike Bill I Rob Row Jeff FAMTLYFRIENDS. FRANK STRNAD F4 CLASS OF '87-SEE YOU LATER NS. VM LEAVING WOODLAWN, BUT NOT THE MEMORTESQ THANX FOR THE GOOD A TIMES-BiNk,PivOT, RON5gi'B"JD,CZ,RS,SE. JABCKDJLJPRSPSGT RUDE! HOLE THANX' KAREN!-STRONG 5 No eternal reward w forgive us now foiivasting the dawn co: cats87 HSMSLSAEJeR Thanksyiiielly for eveijg thing Where's the Party FTW T PAT SULLIVAN - VAR FOOT,WREST' TRACK: SCOOPYABEA HOLE BEER Goggles crew,JLDiIsyRBlkeEdJmDudes,Women BeerNo Doubt B-FAST CLUB FmernBorritofB Wild! M8iD H I VERONICA SULLIVAN -'-I LIFE IS ETERNIT LOVE IS IN MY SOUL DREAMS ARE REALIT BUT ILL LIVE FOR ROCKNROLLQ QEILDYII BOYS!! Luv Ya always RORONMDDPAT TYLDWWLESCMWJBKCTSBO MIKE SUTFIN - "lKEf'f Thanx MSIDTHEX MERICAN BEAN "To The Good TimeS8iiThos To Come" BillEdwinRobbJeffRBFinkBt ChipRSDSJABHole LlFE ISAGAME YOU PLA TO WIN Tj L I ROBERT SWA!-ILON +- alias-ffAniswe Tree",D8iD,N.H.S.PC, l Love you' is Mom,Dad,Tammy,Sandra,l couldrft have dos it wloyou mom. The memories will Last Fo ever T A I NORM SZCZUBLEWSKI f- JRITOYM FRIENDS: PlV,JAY,BINK,CZJON,FS,DA,W BETTY,BERT!-lAKS,BRANDY,LK.TOGA! AE OS DUDES GENESEE! HADATFUN AT FOR' THANX MOM at DAD f I PATRICIA SZCZUBLEWSKI -- Thisyearhaf beenthegreatesyearofmyschoolyear than! stomyfrteendsespeciaall KSKLKSNHCHDRandKWThanksMa8iOadILu YOu! 1-4-3RiCI'l9'28-86 Iiii , ' T KAREN TIMMEL - Good Xs COME GOOODXsigo-but memoriesR4everI Goo: iuckZul,LWhanChar,SilEo,MBCBTMYSA-Thar 4bein there when l needed UBf-BaInei?iaiLUV M8tDl NATALIETIRADO - Words r hard -2 find whe U say Bye, Never 4-get the great xs at Frontie Hope 2 Ceveryone in :TOM year: MFCSMSSTNever4getUDA!l.UV M8tD THERESATOKARCZYK, - A dream is a doi to I tomorreow-LUVYAT5 JE? Cl-lAR,KK,HB,GR,BN,l.W,ES?f SMOMBLDI! GOOD LUCK SP,Thanks for caring Mrs.TNir competing MSGWM I JULIE TOMCZAKE- WITHEVERY EN THERE IS A NEW BEGlNNlNG THANXQFO ALLTHE GOODTIMES:DEMOgDREAMTEAIi TE,JE,SG,JB,BR,SRSF,BD,HEY BABElLikei Carry on 5 GARY TOPOREK - E-Ran IB-B8IIvI3FIX147AI.l THE-GOOD-Xs-DRJLeeJOTMTp.gisl3iZKr Robbi-9:15-OffRoad-Bobyoast-Pits-ALL M LUV 2 u DENISE i LUV u M a D THANXT4 TH x'si A z A A JIM TORGERSON -Never 4 gefmeteoc Xe w!J.J-M.D-BJFor-'l'.M.-Save Ss TO M BABES SANDY THANX 4 ALLTHE GOOD x's LOVE You! LATER MR. O 8. SHAFTY! DIANA TRACY - THANKS EOReiviNe SOMETHING TO REM. I.'B,ML,iLf ST,JH,TRKB,JR.b GOOD LUCK ILL Miss U AL SWIMSLSOCCER i LOVE YA MAB: DAD Din Miss ANY1? Y TINA TRAYFORD -5 TOVGTHEQGOQD 'iEI!S7iESii' KRAIG WEBER -- "Canadian Moison'jsNiage A TESRQAT SM. ANIMAL CARE. THANX TO! EV-A T ara FaIIs,NWeiQ!2r Brps.JF!gGarefi'iI Never forget T ERYONE'THAT HELPED ME! THJQRLJTAQTHE Teri firrneirzmes atFrontier,KCSD Tnanksmomsoadf , EYEABS KEDS ESP. Mr+D'ANDfMIKE5jALUV YA "7O ROAD FIUANNEBH 6F5ak 'Q l. O ILARRY! T A U O O su.vzA TROJANOVIC - ,always remember the good xfs-skiing-prom'864guys Vciiieybaii- soiccerg Thanx .Jo -i- Di and m0Si1.Qfyaii5j2etriQQc-Io LQvEYoU! ! ory fr fTrN- - nscu TARABULQE- frpTamessnaT,mefnpries- neveforgoffbnexcept 21. TernCaihLnyYe, Vei- weys.MSutmyseogndHpmeWres1E1FB5iMwi!d SHran'dzGrninMyatchforLifeLuyM rSr, s5 Q WD DEEEAQSPEEE ,y A i Q KAEIN VIKNEENBERGHE ff zhanksrroriiisa sharon,Elisa,JzLEE,LYNN,LE,eN,KK,PY,e+my brother Jeffg REMEMBEBTETHE Gooo TIMES? ' PFIGM 86g Kei-:p SniiIing!1 V' y ANNA vENEziA -f Thanx rrsr airirne Good Times in Frontier.KSJAWCPKSMBCM1The Ereegfn Thenxiyiom and Dad. Remember the PATTY wEBsTEn wheel fiiifnedfsky Kee 5' on turning. Dodn't knowrwhere i'Ii bertomor- row. .Hope-fuiiy ir!! ' Partying 'withKW,r3Fi,DB,MS,JZ,RRH-FBESEHGGTRIM! I TT, nies , DSA, eo, 1 K EQ SMALLBOD ,E URN! GFLBFQI, Tnygrrx fsrraifrgwre gefhd Xe. 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Robert Borisch Dwayne Boucaud Linda Bowen Jennifer Bratek Paul Briggs Geoffrey Brooks David Brown Michelle Browning Amy Buccella Kevin Buchholz David Buck Mary Buckley Andrew Bugman Jill Bukaty Michael Burke Peter Bush Peter Bushman Georgina Bussi Carol Butyneski Dennis Caldwell Lisa Capasso Amy Carrig Daniel Carroll James Carter William Casey Eric Castiglia Tamara Cataldo Cheri Catherwood Heather Chadwell Charlene Chapman Kimberly Chiacchia Joseph Chowaniec Richard Chowaniec Nicole Christiano Angela Cieslica Kimberly Cleary Christopher Clifford Gary Clohessy Susan Coggins Patrick Conmy Nichole Cook Peter Cook Thomas Cook Melinda Cooper Tracy Cooper Andrea Coppola Christopher Costantino Melissa Coughlin Kim Craig Bernadine Craver Teresa Cretacci Alfred Croce Sandra Cross Kevin Cummings Lori Czajka Kurt Dahlberg Michelle Damba David Darmstedter Lisa Darmstedter Scott Day Donald DeBerardinis Norinne DeGal Dawn DeLaRosa Matthew DeOca Daniel Deperto Suzanne Dexter Paul DiOrio Kelly Donahue Cornelius Donovan Lisa Doty i Mfbzi H1311 x ix .auf ' ' f vp ,.,...fiP' If 5 . "D, 62 ,fl "Hey we got rid of them last year!" "Hey Robin, look at the birdie!" 1 -.,-nil 'I Vi -Ma- , - A., .Si ldii 'L , Edward Doverspike Dawn Drabek Christopher Drewiega Christine Dulski Gary Dunn David Dunz Jason Dylik Kevin Easter Sharon Eberhardt Kevin Eckert Jonathan Eich Richard Elling Sheila Engasser Lisa Engler Thomas Erdley Tonia Erickson Kelly Erker Terry Farrington Frank Fasciana John Faust Jamie Fazzolari Charles Felser Justine Ferro Kristin Fiegel Kelly Finch Shaun Finch Denis Flanagan Craig Fohl Kevin Foley Kerry Fraccica Robert Francisco Robb Fraser Catherine Fredenburg Tracy Fredenburg Kevin Fritz 'Having a bad day Jim?" 'All smiles, aren't we?" ,SBS Thomas Fritz Michael Fruth Pat Galla Lisa Gallineau Michael Gambino Jeannine Garra Denise Gasbarre Eric Gates William Gehen Greg Geylon Karen Gifford Todd Giolando Karianne Godios Charles Goodier Joseph Goodier Amy Gorney Lori Gott Jennifer Goupil Lorie Grajeda Stephanie Granica Lawrence Greene Joseph Griffin Arthur Griffith Jill Griffith Elziabeth Grinder Patricia Grinder John Grogan Gregory Gutowski Dawn Guz Jeffrey Gwitt Tracey Haffner Christian Hanna Kristin Harl Kevin Harrington Jon Hatch 3 .',,' 64 ,QQXIH -4 J., , -5 ,ar ,i 4 MN? ff " 'Q :NPN I . Beth Kelleher Timothy Kellner Brian Kelly John Kennedy Ahmad Khorrami Carrie Kick Michael Klawitter Kearney Klein Tammy Klinck Phillip Koch Julie Kogutek James Kolpack Beth Kopacz Donna Kotlowskl Thomas Kowal Paula Kraus John Krause Andrea Krencik Ann Marie Kruszka Robert Kryszak Karen Kubiak Timothy Kurucz Teresa Kusmierczyk Richard Kuta Lisa Kuznicki Nancy Labinski Alan Landes Mark Laskowski Tyler Latt Lawrence Lauber John Leatherbarrow Theresa Lee Shelly Lehmann Franki Lemon Jennifer Leverentz A K -l W ,Qi can 2 gl is iff v my X 5 y - 5, A H A it 1 me 'E rw V: Q X ' ,I W .ffi.!f55l? 1 lull . ,mfr A N, , 66 Z' I told ya so! Here comesrbig foot. Don't strain yourself Brian 1 , 95-5 :- , I I x 33,5 . . hi L ktxiq O .v ww xg, N e I , . """f : F-Qfagf, , Q John Mesler James Meyer Melissa Meyer Carolyn Michaloski Brian Mietus Shari Millich Brian Mink Joseph Mitchell Deborah Moppert Michelle Mulheisen Sandra Mumm Teresa Muniz Grace Myers Robert Nagel Edward Nagy Kevin Nellist Patrick Nelson Craig Neumann Scott Newton Sandra Nocera Tammy Noody Jennifer Obstarczyk Patrick O'Connor Cathleen Odee Laura Osuch Jonathan Owczarek James Palczewski Michelle Palombaro Susan Palumbo Dana Partis Sean Partridge Deborah Pavel Susan Pawela Gina Pellicano Mariangela Pellicano If 1 1 A , . 5 , I X . fl, , ' , ff 1 1 ,. , , J l' l V 25,7 B X sa ,J He loves Mechanical Drawing. .,l'W-V-' 'lf is 1, 7.244 D' 5 .1 QQ X ix J f. ZS? Q fm 7' Anthony Saia Dale Salaqyga Ann Salasny Paul Sass Kerry Sauberan Dawn Sauer Kimberly Savage Richelle Scarsella Gina Schank Wende Schaper Deborah Schappert Amy Schena Karen Shintzius Sharon Schlehr Patrick Schmidt Michelle Schmitt Jennifer Schofer Linda Schooley Peter Schrecengost Jennifer Schubbe Jean Schultz Denise Sciolino Derrick Scocchera Karen Seufert Eric Shafer Meghan Shannon ' Henry Shealy Charline Sheeran William Sherry Michelle Sibiga James Siener Ann Marie Sikorski Scott Silver Tracy Sim Julie Simmons Ek E ig f- V 1' '. i'!'2P" .V 43- ,L X ln' , ' L ,., ., X 'aify' 5' ,li ,V , Q 36' s WXWN A . 'X , qs i Xb' 'Q V . - Q fa wi ,Ali .t - -A 4 is xl K at - 1 r . v 1 l 'Wit 70 How the '?!'S' am I supposed to do this?! "Yeah! We know you like him!" Kenneth Weber Renee Weed Kathryn Weese David Welker 3 i 1 A 1 A ' l i i., iii! Charles Westphal Terri Wetzler Brian Whytas Eric Wilczek Lena Wild Stephen Will Karen Willcox A M 1 Q Kristy Williams Suzanne Winkowski Michael Wohlabaugh Lynn Wojnowlcz Julie Wojtas Amber Wolfley James Woods Aimee Woodworth Lisa Wrazen Charlene Wright Rachele Wright Shawn Wright George Yakal Lisa Yerrow Jennifer Yetman Rachel Young Kenneth Zawadzki Andrew Zawisa Brenda Zawisa Kristen Zdziarski Richard Ziegelhofer Q E I We 're having a good time, really! Just two intellectuals. John Abram Carl Abramo Jeffrey Allen David Antonio Patricia Appenheimer Nicole Aquino Tracy Arena Joan Arkins Kimmarie Bagley Todd Baker Mark Baldelli Michael Ball Jason Barlow Steven Bartus Clifford Beaumont Christina Becker Donald Bedard Alexander Beko Bryan Bielec Jackie Biellak Jennifer Birach Thomas Bishop Carrie Blackowski Sheila Blowers Gretchen Boehm Frank Bogulski Patrick Booth Linnette Borics Kevin Boswell Joseph Boyer Adam Bozek Jason Brainard Brandy Bratek Cristopher Braun Scott Breslin I' I W, , P ,1hf. sf? .lr I N' .gf WE ,tn 1' 9 15" X skim-'f?g3 ,X is if fag- wr, H Q 1, ami f s r 4 4 Q 1 -agua s 'X as -s Q ia Q' a t 1' , swf ff ' Dean Britton Raymond Brown Wilfred Brown Christopher Brylski Christian Buchholz Patricia Buckley Sara Bukkosy Tracy Burke Liborio Butera Cheryl Bykowicz Danielle Canzoneri Vickie Cappara David Carson Scott Catherwood Jeanne Chilcott David Chorazak Karen Chorazak Amy Christiano Anthony Cirincione Kyle Clark Josette Cocklin Lisa Comstock Catherine Conner James Constantino Pamela Corsi Patricia Crandall Cheryl Crawley Kathryn Croad Allison Crosta Nichole Curclo Robin Curry Ellen Czuprynski Michelle Dablewski Dennis Da Bolt Jamie Daly Caught off guard. Two with shades and two without 75 idk Tammra Dearmyer Ann Marie DeCarlo Shannon Delaney Dann DeLaRosa J. Todd DeMario Janine DeMario Melanee Dermont Donald Detwiler David Dietrich Louis DiFlavio Michael DiMaria Laura Dingeldey Jaqueline Doherty Brenda Dombrowski Patrick Donaldson Christopher Doyle Michelle Drewiega Beverly Dubel Gregory Durrett Terrance Eagan Collen Eagen Joseph Eckman Leo Eckman Wendy Edmunds Susan Edwards Mark Elfers Renee Elling Deanna Emmerling Teresa Erdley Michele Erickson Joseph Ernst Maria Cristina Espinosa Kim Evanoff Wendy Felser Eric Ferrara ' I X te ' K I Ellen and Deb two of a kind? YJ i Julie, Keith, Tim 81 Maureen: posing for a shot. "Hey TON! is fha? fe big enough?" 'ur , in ww' X ..-awww'-Kane fy , 5 5 9' ff w KZ"'r 'wsikqw li L.. mgxv, ' Q l, A use 16 J wi' i fmsgve ii-iiiikf 'A I iff? - - 5- " A- assit J W - I 'k" i 'bvv V ' Q lv, . ,. K it ' H f What do you want me to do with this? "What you talking about?" Jeffrey Hueber Rachel Hughes Valerie Hughes Lynn Hunter Eric Hutchison Jennifer Hutchison Aaron Iwanyczko Jason Jabcuga Scott Jackisch Carrie Jackson Craig Jackson Gerald Jackson Eugene Jankowski Jeffrey Jankowski Michelle Jastrzembski Ann Jemiolo Jacquelyn Johns Jon Jones Steven Jovanovski Julie Kaczor James Kane Marlene Kapuza Paul Karpik Marc Kawa Lorie Kazmierczak Christine Kelly Daniel Kelly Traci Kelly Jocelyn Kester Suzanne Kij Mary Kijanka Patricia Kinder Michael King Renee Klawon Jill Kelin I , Shannon Klein Heather Klice Dawn Knisely Kenneth Kocialski Gregory Koester Lisa Kogut Susan Kolpack David Korzkowski Tina Kowai Glora Kozub Loretta Krampen Jennifer Krencik Jeffrey Kresge Audra Kroll John Kruszka Jason Kuczkowski David Kuntz Michael Kurucz Ricky Kurucz Robert Lakso James LaPenna Michael LaFlosa Tina Lassick Jodee Laufer Caren Lee Cindy Lee Jeremy Leo Kristen Lewandowski James Lewis Nicole Lichota Sue Lipinski Anthony Lippacher Kenneth Long Lisa Lowman Stephen Lowman We u l l IA., I L ff Ai- - ' "You've got to be kidding." Just those end of the day smiles Q, Ng'-'P 'ess- imp ima S wi' , . - We - - 4--z-z. - M is, - I x Sufi" f W' X 1. rw A f 1 . at Wx 5 Xa 1 4 l Jeffrey Luczak Scott Lyons Cheryl Mack William Mackey Michael MacTurk John Maloney Deborah Marenovic Laura Markiewicz Christine Marrelli Laura Marriott Keri Martin Jenifer Masterman Scott Mastrobattista Christina Masucci Robert Matla Erik Matwijkow Jennifer Mavrek William Mazgaj Bonnie McAndrew Timothy McCann David McCarthy Jennifer McConvey Peter McCormick Timothy McKinney Kevin McMahon Daniel McNaughton Lisa Meli Debra Meyer Sherry Meyer Mark Miller Brad Mohan Donna Mohr Michael Moldoch Robert Molnar Maria Christina More HO ,fgrep mit, l13Vf'21if1i NV --i kvVkI :VL "Tennis really drains me, you know?" Robert Morgan David Morrison Robert Mullins Kevin Mundaniohl Jeanette Mutka Laura Mutka Linda Mutka Richard Myers Thomas Nappo Julie Nash Christine Nellist John Nendza Michael Newman Maria Nicoloff Beth Noeller Michelle Noody Robert Norman Jason North David Nowak Jacqueline Nowak Mark Nunciato James Nuwer Brian O'Connell Marin O'Connell Bernadette O'Connor Kelly O'Dell Michael Olejniczak James O'Neill Joseph Orsene Jeffrey Paluch Vicki Partridge Heather Paterson Cassandra Paulson Kristen Pawloski Diane Pearson Q b L if X 6 KES AL sign E , ...ff R L e xg x ta, E A 'Y K Q 1 mi 5? ,u Q? 'WEN gg it '01, F ., asap, N '- X. 5 ' 1 pw ,ki B. Look what we made! , fi. .. '1 'A A'-. C irsii l Lori Pelow Carmen Persico Amy Peterson Todora Petrov Jennifer Pettis Dawn Phillips Frances Pierino Suzanne Pike Timothy Pike Scott Pound Dennis Povlak Laura Prendergast Charles Pristach Anthony Puglisi Keith Purcell Jasen Quinn Kathryn Rath Cynthia Rausch Joseph Rayburg Ann Marie Redmond Amy Reed Kerry Reich William Renowden Nicole Richardson Thomas Rizzo Mark Robinson Terri Robinson Kelly Rogers Amy Romaszko James Roorda Linda Root Cristian Ross JoAnn Ross Richard Rosso Michael Rost Julie Rowsell Gregory Ftudnicki Robert Fiush Jamie Ryan Carol Salisbury Carl Sanchez David Sattler Linda Sattler Deborah Sauer Tami Savage Dustin Scheffler Michael Scheffler Jason Schinzel Paul Schmidt Tracey Schmidt Jonathan Scholl David Schultz Douglas Schultz Kimberly Schumacher Jeffrey Schutt Michael Scinta Jennifer Seibert Julie Sentz Maribeth Sermak Scott Shaffer Deborah Shannon Vincent Shattuck Tracey Shatzel Sueann Shealy Michael Siener Kevin Simon Todd Sipos Andrea Skalski David Smith Gary Smith .-2 in . F -W X.,- Nun.- GN '00 V ...f Take the picture, can't you see this smile is hurting!! A 5' -ss: if A X lr Nl will KEN? Xl lit lllllll 2 w' I ' fig-1 A 1273 1 ' tl Q l A xi 2. Tx X ,, 4 , ,S fl t. Q L 4.-..., T 7. I' 7 9-Us E is? wits '-"5 WL? " 1 J A 4 C X. 3' k 5 -- - ,t-:tb Tricia Synder Randy Sobaszek Juliet Soda Dominic Sorrentino Jeffrey Sorrentino William Steele Scott Stockton James Stworzydlak Amy Sucharski Molly Sullivah Carolyn Surdyk Rebecca Suto Derek Swartz John Sweet David Szarowicz Dawn Szewczyk Robin Tabone Tiffany Tates Michele Teed Sharon Tirado Michelle Tonnies Chauncey Toombs Daryl Toporek Christopher Tripp Catherine Troidl Brian Ulrich Michelle Urban Nichole Valerio Kim Valois Pamela Vanghel Paul Waddy Erin Wade Michael Wahl Susan Walczak Amy Walker 'qt n A ,r ' tall? W tl, f True Love! I told you not to take my picture! Julie Walsh Linda Wappman Jennifer Wasnock Rachel Weaver Joseph Weber Kellene Weed Thomas Weise Rhonda Weiskerger Sean Weller Theresa Wenk Michelle West Marcia Westphal Tracy Wetherby Elena Wichlacz Hollie Williams Scott Wind Lisa Wisiorek Mindie Wojciechowski Jason Wood Laura Woodworth Daniel Wright Tammy Wrzosek David Wyant Kathaleen Wycoki .Q Joseph Yelen Christopher Young Kimberly Zeches Micheal Zglinicki Cheryl Zimmer Jennifer Ziobro T David Zoerb I' v 1 as mi? ww, atc- 'K sk 'af 4' Jw'-ia in .Yi . it s 5, Y x '53 fc Q ,- im t 1, Q t 1' "Well, what do ya think?" x 3 'W D Ron in guitar class Wg t I OU' Good times in Lounge. "Hi Mom!" ,swim - z.f.L' ,V yt ' Are they really interested in sports?" "Don 't you trust us?" "Was it that funny?" G40 mdod uw Q We-5 'XC OSKG 11 guy SN Z' ompa 8 usp xv do GB TN 6 LGN Q06 'O Qom xo be ' Q NN M56 . Sag oveese . 5 0-'O 0 O0 60 0 'KX gust X04 asdexx. '51 NN woo G Vans ' Q W, 5 .. W0 seq f0eV' PQ? lVlr. Sullivan: A Breed Apart John Sullivan: The Executive Branch here at Frontier Central High School. A man of incomparable style, our 'tHead Leprechan" stands tall. Before he became principal, Mr. Sullivan taught Math here at Frontier. ln an intenfievv, lvlr. Sullivan said that he misses his students on a personal level and by managing the building, he is able to work with only a few of them. lvlr. Sullivan is a very personable individual, not the typical principal stereotype. fYou know the illusion of the large man with a large cigar, sitting behind a great mahogany deskj Mr. Sullivan just doesn't fit the pattern, he's a rare breed, a wonderful man, our principal, and our friend. Lori Bellomo lVlr. Courtney: Himself Our assistant principal, lvlr. Kerry Courtney, is a very busy person. Before coming to Frontier, Mr. Corutney taught at Father Baker High School and Sherman Central for 2 years. He also worked 4 years at B.O.C.E.S. before coming to Frontier to fill the position of assistant princi- pal. The thing lvlr. Courtney likes best about Frontier is the attitude of the faculty and students. He thinks the teachers are cooperative, friendly, and helpful. Mr. Court- ney also likes the studentsg according to him, "95'X, of the students are good kids." "lt's that 51 that give me trouble, but you'll have that at any school", states lvlr. Courtney. He became involved with education because he en- joyed school and college vvhile he was a student. He says, "l like dealing with kids." One thing Mr. Courtney L- .- M-1 K would like to do is to improve the school's method of taking attendance. It seems that student participation is very important to lvlr. Courtney. Out of school Mr. Court- ney enjoys his life. He likes to jog, play golf, travel, and most importantly, spend time with his family. Basically, lvlr. Courtney is a good person, well liked by the faculty and student body of Frontier Central High School. 90 ADMINISTRATION I Dr. Richard Shands Superintendent of Schools Mr. Gerald Baldelli Asst. Supt.!Personnel Services Mrs. Elizabeth Bradley Asst. Suptjlnstruction Mr. Joseph Meaney Asst. Supt.!Business Mr. John Sullivan Principal Mr, M. Kerry Courtney Asst. Principal!Adrnin. Mr. Edwin O'FleiIly Asst. Princlpal!Ed. Services Mr. Pat Ciccarella Internal Auditor Mr. Robert Jones Director of Instructional Tech. and Media Services Mr. Walter Majewski Director of Exceptional Ed. Mr. Raymond Rosinski Director Health, Phys. Ed. and Recreation Mr. Larry Schaller Admin. Asst. for Business MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION: STANDING: Mr. Francis O'Connell, Mr. Walter Zak, Mr. Paul Pellicano, Mr. George Wilson, Mr. James Baker SITTING: Mr. Richard Kelleher, Mrs. Marilyn Neal lVice-Presi- dentj, Mr. Stanley Figiel qPresidentj, Mrs. Anne Wood. 91 Larry Albert Music Rhonda Albert Physical Education Hollis Bahruth Math Dennis Bailey Business James Baker Social Studies Mark Baker Math Robert BHFFBTT Health Ronald Biersbach Social Studies Lisa Bonaventura Science Joan Boorman Science M. A. Braunscheidel English Margaret Brooks Special Education Gordon Brumagin English Arsillo Capuani Math Mark Cavalcoli Science FAC U LTY q ' A if l . fw f ,, . Q. H ,f q w "Wi Yi," 4 Q l 5 , --1, Av I , ,F ef-'N ,gy . 'S Q. sg.. aryl 3 4 XA! .5 X ilk Sf' . , 1 ,ll il Xml 'YV' z .K " K, 2' 7 K J Efefers.. - l .. -, . - L -is , . , , --f,q?zi5gf,.,egg,lgg .,, K , .. . 'WX xx H K 5 :L X Xl 3 in K A X n V 5 5 Socially Speaking lvlr. James Baker has been teaching Social Studies at Frontier since 1956 when this building opened. lvlr. Baker has always wanted to be a teacher because he enjoys working with the stu- dents and finds it challenging. In the past lvlr. Ba- ker has taught Social Studies grades 9-12. l-le ls presently Chairman of the Social Studies Depart- ment. After attending Arizona State University as an Undergraduate, he received his Masters Degree from Canisius College. Besides a major in Social Studies, lvlr. Baker also has a major in Physical Education. Mr. Baker is very active in extra-curricular activi- ties. He is the Senior Class Advisor and also the Boys J.V. Basketball Coach. As Senior Class Advi- sor, lvlr. Baker organizes the Junior-Senior Prom and Graduation Ceremonies. lvlr. Baker is also very involved in Fitness. l-le has coached Basket- ball for 14 of his 31 years at Frontier. ln the past lvlr. Baker has also coached Football and Baseball. lvlr. Baker can often be found pounding the pave- ment of Blasdell or the Frontier halls. Mr. Baker runs and lifts weights regularly to keep in shape. lvlr. Baker believes Physical Fitness is challenging and important to stay healthy. Mr. Baker currently lives in Blasdell where he has all his life. Barbara Nowak 93 David Ceccarelli English Mark Chavel Industrial Arts Mary Ann Costello Foreign Language Donna Crawford Special Education Norine Crawford Nurse Richard Dickman Special Education Marilyn Dollmann Business M. Shannon Duggan Foreign Language Mary Eberle Speech Therapist Noreen Falkner English William Faust Industrial Arts Patricia Ferrie Computers Anthony Fini industrial Arts Lynda Gates English John Gober Industrial Arts 4' lvlathematically Speaking Mr. Capuani went to Lackawanna High School and graduated in 1961 . He then attended the Uni- versity of Buffalo, graduating in 1964 with a minor in mathematics and a major in accounting. After leaving the University of Buffalo's Gradu- ate School in 1966 with his lvl.l3.A., Mr. Capuani started teaching part-time in anticipation of the draft for the Vietnam War. The war ended and he continued his teaching career. lvlr. Capuani started teaching at Amsdell Junior High School in 1966 and continued there until 1968. In 1969 he moved up to Frontier Senior High School. During the course of his association with the Frontier School System he has coached the track team for the past eleven years, and he is presently the Department Chairman of Mathematics. While Mr. Capuani has been teaching he has been going to school to keep himself updated in the fields he teaches, Mathematics and Computers. He is very close to obtaining a degree in Computers from the University of Buffalo. ln the future Mr. Capuani wants to complete his teaching career and then go into business using his M.B.A. or his experience with computers. Chris Constantino f" 95 Busy Biologist Since 1965, Mr. Mark Cavalcoli has been a member of the Frontier Senior High Science De- partment. He is presently Chairman of this science department and teaches courses in Regents Biol- ogy, Advanced Biology, and a summer course in Ecology. lvlr. Cavalcoli was a student at West Seneca Senior High School. After attending various col- leges, he graduated from Buffalo State with a lVl.A. in Science. "Teaching," according to Mr. Cav, "is my first lovel" Throughout his years at Frontier, he has been involved in many activities such as Student Government Advisor and Cross Country Ski Su- pervisor. Outside of school, lvlr. Cavalcoli is very involved in politics. He is presently Hamburg Town Council- man and serves on many committees for the bene- fit of the community. He is very actively involved in environmental work projects, he has acted as Chairman of the Conservation Advisory Board, and directed special training programs for E.P.A. Mr. Cavalcoli resides in the town of Hamburg with his wife and two children. His daughter is currently attending college. His son is a high school Chemistry teacher in Ames, Iowa. ln his free time, he enjoys several hobbies such as pho- tography, cross-country skiing, hiking, woodwork- ing, and reading. Whatever Mr. Cav does, he does it with dedication, commitment, and persever- ance. By Linda Haines Q M :Kk.'f-Q,-45 . X- 96 44 ,,,,w0""' K J FACU LTY ly'!"!'W FN-....f"' 2 2 f Q' aw' 4 4 if as 1 -N M - , 4i,:A ' X ' -, Arkk ' S X 'Q N' W 7" 8 . 1? W f y ,elif L ' I 'L , 1. L 'Yi W ' E 3 '-. V . Q-if ' eff ...Q 'ii aye - ,, V at N W V 4 Raymond Haines Social Studies Sally Henry Librarian Paul Hickey Social Studies Eleanor Hoffman Business Neil Infante Science Georgianna Jenkins Social Studies John Johnston Social Studies John Kerr Social Studies Donna Ketchum Health William Korrnais English Lois Koss English Mary Kraft Business Robert Kyser Industrial Arts Anna Liaros Home Economics Lora Losi Science Grammar With Grace Mr. Korthals has been teaching for 20 years, of which 19 have been at Frontier. He has, and still does teach a wide variety of English courses. These include English 10, 11, and 12, Practical English, mythology, The Bible as Literature, and Advanced and College Composition. Mr. Korthals has worked hard to achieve his level of expertise as a teacher, earning an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Niagra Community College, and a bachelor's and master's degree in English from Buffalo State College. Currently, he is studying for a master's degree in theology. Mr. Korthals likes being a teacher. He went into teaching because it was something he was good at and liked to do. He likes being a teacher be- cause his methods are always changing and he believes there is improvement with the change. He thinks of his students basically as, "very de- cent peopIe." Besides being very busy in school- oriented activities, as advisor to the NHS and Fo- rum, he's a family man. He also has a favorite non- school activity, "I like boating, no, I LOVE boatingl" In addition, he has a great sense of hu- mor, for a teacher. He wants his students to re- member, "I was a human being and gave them tmy studentsj the best I had to offer." by Jim Purcell 98 lg FACU LTY 'MIPS - -all -' ' - 7 , V, v ':wff'1f.'W 4 1 . - if TNQLDV , 1 . ffl, 124 Donald Lucarelli Guidance Nancy Lyons Business Mary McClintock Math Anita Metzger Art Thomas Meyer Math Raymond Myers English Ronald Norris English Ann Lorraine Orcutt Special Education John Ortner Music Donna Palmer English Jay Piersanti Science Rosemary Pinkowski Physical Education Rita Pollinger Language Wallace Raupp Business Michlena Raymond Math Marta Rizzo Language James Sabuda Special Education Douglas Salmon Guidance Anthony Santomaggio Guidance George Santoro Business Michael Santoro Business Paul Schaller Physical Education James Schappert Special Education Ronald Schranz Social Studies Stephen Stamer Physical Education Kevin Starr English Peter Stevanoff Social Studies Maureen Sullivan English Michael Sullivan English Anne Szczesny Language 100 FAC U LTY " T, may .17 -ff.. ' --at Jew '.,-4. .' Eiitt b g ,.,a , A M fi w X 'li i' - pf, :gf . gil' . 1 f ' 5 1 'i --' VIV 1, ill 5-4 ii -"iff A f 'Y' All ii' it 5 1 Y l ij fi '13 i Y I t fx '5'rA,,.i5g 'as5s:,.' .ff 2 ".:- t,, ,. Ea5Q,Q1,:,tf.fii5 ,A A - V ' s- Ak w t J ,.-, iii' in f. E in SV gg T S' i Rx-V ri Still Going Strong Miss Pinkowski has been a physical education teacherfor the last thirty years, and is still enjoying it. She became a gym teacher because of her interest in both teaching and sports. Although these factors would normally push someone in the direction of physical education, Miss Pinkovvski says the influence of her teachers was also signifi- cant in her decision to enter the teaching field, Teaching has been very important to her since she appreciates working with living, thinking people rather than inanimate objects. After the school day is done, Miss Pinkovvski enjoys an active private life. l-ler many interests include swimming, cards, reading books tjust about any typej, Chess Club, and going out with friends. Miss Pinkowski is a competitor. She hates to lose. I can personally testify to this for in all the games l played against her in Chess Clubg l have never defeated her. When I asked her if she would do anything different in her life all she said was, "Worry less, smile more." lt shows that Miss Pin- kowski lives a good life and enjoys it to the fullest. By John Wozniak 101 Richard Taber Science John Tarnish Dis tributive Education Kathleen Taylor Math Richard Tone Math Deborah Trawinski Science Mary B. Troy Math Michael VanHoff Science Sharon Wappman Social Studies Beverly Ward Math Jean Warner Language William Weeks English William Wilde Math Helen Wiltberger Business Nancy Wyzykowski English Shirley Zak Art 12 FACULTY 4, 78' f,giigiiy M if flf 2 wig cy Mhz' kay wk xx . l 731' K i ,A f 'alt XM -' fx is-Z: -- 4 'ff-is.. it Foreign Flair Frontiers' foreign language department chair- person, Mrs. Anne Szczesny, is a very accom- plished woman. Under her leadership, Frontier has received four state awards for outstanding foreign language program. Working here since 1962, Mrs. Szczesny teaches French, German, and Polish. She is on the State Education Department of the French Regents and the Polish Plegents examina- tion committees. Mrs. Szczesny thinks that every student has the potential to learn about a different country's lan- guage and culture. She thinks foreign language and culture study are important to achieve world peace and harmony. l-ler students success can be attributed to their attitude and discipline, as well as Mrs. Szozesny's devotion and talent for her language. Mrs. Szczesny is very active in the Polish-Arneri- can Community with the Adam Mickiewicz Dra- matic Circle and the Krakowiacy Dancers. She met President Jimmy Carter at a reception at the White House for leaders ot the Polish-American Community. Mrs. Szozesny's interests outside school are: President of Pomoc Travel Service, playing tennis, swimming, traveling, and listening to classical music. Her extensive knowledge of languages, her car- ing attitude, and her love of kids, make Mrs. Szczesny a superb teacher. By Michael Bosiacki 103 W3 ix 4al"" x Mary Alice Nolan Carrie Tomczak Senior High Secretary Senior High Secretary I .,,. fr. ,J KW We 1' f' f ff! f i c Zzi , ,,, x ' ' -2 1 Rosann Acanfora Irene Luba Guidance Secretary Guidance Secretary 104 x-., M' K , 4. fi, a ifififii-4 UT 9022823 WSW! ZQfSwitch fn Q? W 1 ef? 5 u,2"1i so , I nn irqrn Q ij' nhifrlwf 2 fu 21, fa 'f L M7 I M 3 X , E x Q, is AT x Y ill STAFF KITCHEN: ROW 1: J. Furlage, T Santoro, D. Honton, ROW 2: M. Haoio, A. Cramen S. Fietdsu, F Wenkowski. TT' """' qgscrxza KN-XX'-""""' wg NM -x CUSTODIAL STAFF: John Hallman, Willard Flick, June Hallman. ii Jeffers, E. I ui ,f'7'x. , A , WF" H --'H y . LIBRARY STAFF: Sally Henry Shirley Piniewski Lose xy KYIOSG Ko G OYG5 money GUM" OUT Xunoh W8 SYW06 SX I W K at me skze oi "Wed 106 Wh amp Nan Check o SX tho se Keg ee.. Ge nomd vave Q me x Xnuoduokn my Footbak Team vars GW x down O Y gone xo O 'Have 6? NI 61967 Oo N16 OKO Gox xx Xn re ev-X ,Ai I -593- ' " -PM Record-Breaking Season The Varsity Football Team finished its season with a 5 win, 2 loss, 1 tie record. This record was good enough to finish in third place in Division ll, plus allowed the Falcons to be ranked 410 in Western New York poll standings for high school football teams. Captain Dwayne Manning and Dave Flath were selected to the All Western New York Football Team. Dave Fiath set two school records this sea- son: ly most yards rushing in a game 265 ll-lamburglg 25 longest to run from line of scrimmage 93 yards Ql-lam- burgj. Joe Fasciana also set a school record by recovering 4 fumbles in one game llvlary- valel. Above: "Stop, Hold Everything!" Center: "Manning back to pass" Right Top: "Ready set, go!" Far Right: "Coach Biersbach giving helpful advice" Right Center: "What! I can't hear a darn thing!" 108 g - 87, 88, 89, . . . hx 5 1 ' ' . R ' 2 X fiiefiwazrf' 1 . FHS OPP Lackawanna 0 O Orchard Park 7 21 Maryvale 14 6 Amherst 3 O Kenmore East 30 8 W. Seneca East 14 O Clarence 6 10 Hamburg 21 O xx, I H ' -V 5 1 ., 5 , r' ff Q ' " ,- ,QQR ti'FgE NE3iir1t2fZfqbLahQFO,1e Scoit Day Bob Bingenfggigpeg rJQgQgMfoha!I3gfQltl Bingfenheimek' Pat Jeswald. Johiqjilatesg'tEd'Street56g?3Qb Frasgggj Jf A MeyQneJ6fi?i1jMilleh1S6ottNewZon, Tom Krone, Dave Rathg RQW 1 TWOg3f!S1orm1glqfeIf,riE5?QEElt4illefg?E5E5I Ullikan, Joe-FascianaQeDave Sfejbaoh ,1e4 Qyvaynggttktannirii tnr' oe rfi?fi?61aPa1y52eSr ff T091 C0014-B00 Bafringenggt5iiQfggBaf1f35if277mtifrihhsfvnw HOW 251 Q1THREE2iCoacbf5challe5Q'Coach QiendeningirBob1tQQigfWalg1 Hat??56:lKevin Gifs, ChrisQuick, Todd ,' Lepschg rtat Wnceffifqmyenggefg, eA f!rQfiffithgfB?5dNHerliefhy Mikeftbilawitteni Dave Pfgcknal, Gafy Topezek, Keith 53990115H5323?EiOri52i?QE,?iBri6f1fSbozzarbr7Coach'Biersbacib, 1 t lifgj 4 Inq-, . I A .gmzzizj y- nl- ha f 'V s-jfg --I 109 Hoopsters jump to successful season The 1988-1987 Frontier Boys' Basketball team has had an outstanding season. The team is in the midst ot a twelve game winning streak. Their record stands at 13 wins and 2 losses, with an 8 win and 1 lost record in the ECIC Division l. The Falcons are currently in first place and are ranked 10th in the Buffalo News Cage Poll. The Falcons have outs- cored their opponents by a 61 to 51 points per game margin. The team has 4 se- niors 6 juniors and 2 sopho- mores on the roster. Gordie Sage is the lone se- nior starter. The sharp shoot- ing guard is averaging 10.2 points per game, while de- tensing the opponents top scorer. Junior Kevin Buchholz leads the team in scoring C16 ppgj and rebounding 17.3 re- bounds per gamel. Junior Pete Phillips leads the team in assists while average 8.6 points per game. Sophomore David Kuntz and Chris Buch- holz round out the starting line up. Kuntz lead the team in steals and serves as the teams play maker. While Chris leads the team in free throw percentage C70 per- centj and averages 412.1 per gamej. Senior Tim Regis the teams valuable "sixth man" average 5.9 and 4 rebounds per game. The team hopes to win the ECIC Division I championship and gain a berth in the sec- tional play-offs. 1 'FRONT ROW Left to Right KNEELINC-2: Qavid Kug1ZZ.gSEAZif.ilQ3.' Becky Soto Rich Vutala Jermzfer l.?gf'5Hutcl3g23son, Mark Stulak,5KNEELlNG: Gary? rgi, ToporelkfifdBA.GlfZElQW2.lLeft to Right STANDING Scott WalteZi YGordy-Sage, dPetetPhillips, Chris Bczccho1z,,Bi!l McCbnveyiT:m Regis Kevin Buchholz Dave 2 Procknal, Bob Gawlakgfim Keilnen . 9 .isr - gsii 1 3 ,ip 2 f 110 M pq pun: V nuuuun- !lq?f,giLvZ,,4., K yt. Sharp Shooters 1Left: Planning a winning strategy Below: Why don 't you have a seat. Lower Left: Hey Where 's the ball? Lower Right: Kevin stares at his feet in amazement. .nw-vf""""""'d FHS OPP Burgard 55 75 Sweet Home 51 64 Lancaster 64 42 Hutch-tech 58 41 Eden 50 41 Kennsington 59 47 W. Seneca W 68 65 W. Seneca E 68 51 East Aurora 64 50 Jamestown 64 44 Orchard Park 55 44 Lancaster 62 44 W, Seneca W 51 39 Record 12-Wins 2-Losses g 4 ECIC I j Record 7-Wins 1 Loss 111 F . . I s The team has been led by Dee Vitrano, Liz Grinder, Ann Reed, and Laurie Von Hendy, who played the first half ot the season. Highlights include wins over a strong Eden and l-lamburg team back to back, followed by a win over West Seneca. Individual highlights include Liz Grinders 17 points against l-lamburg, where she made 8 of 16 shots, Ann Reed had 10 and 11 assist games against l-lamburg, Sue Dexter had a 20 point game against l-lamburg, and Linda Bowen had 19 points and 16 rebounds against West Seneca. This team should be a real contender tor the division title next year with four starters returning, lSue Dexter, Amy Carrig, Ann Reed, and Liz Grinderj, and the improving play of Sandy Cross, Linda Bowen, and Donna Szarowicz. 51:91 M5318 R Right to Left BOTTOM ROW' Laurietyliongfflliendy lCapt.j, Sue: Dexter, Erin Sullivan, Laura iBlain,f Amy CaI'rigg Donna Szarowiczg iCoacn5Vara TOP RQM,genny Ransford, Sandy Cross, Linda g , Bowengf4gl,.iz.Grinder Ahhh-Beed,y Dee Vitrano A t 112 l pl E . . , gg . l w Above Left: Are the fans more ex- citing than the game? Above Top: Jolene is excited by the game. Above Top Right: Good vibra- tions off of Sue. Above Middle: Here comes the ball. Above Right: Dee being congratulated by her teammates. Above Far Right: Coach Vara and his studi- ous team. Right: ls Amy trying a new dance? FHS OPP 24 Sweet Home 42 30 Eden QOTJ 27 39 Hamburg 35 28 W. Seneca 24 36 E. Seneca 41 30 Lackawana 27 35 Orchard Pk. 69 36 Lancaster 60 31 Eden 53 37 Sweet Home 44 37 Hamburg 54 50 W, Seneca 36 Record-5 wins 7 losses f , ,i I 1 ,x if if et, ,mmm 4 PF 2 ,5g,t.uttE ' f Above: Bombs away! Left: Pos- ing for a cute photo. 113 fi Serving A Great Season The girls volleyball team fin- GW-5 VARSITY ished in 2nd place in Division I. The teams overall record was 20-5. Co-captains for this years squad were Laura Blain and Dee Vitrano. Four mem- bers of this years squad earned All Star Honors, these players being: Anne Reed, An- nette Gramstad, Laura Blain and Dee Vitrano. Peggy Gonser and Amy Carrig won MVP honors in the Hamburg Tournament and Sweet Home Tournament. The team is currently in the process of earning money to allow them to go to camp this summer. VOLLEYBALL FHS Opp Senecaw 15-15 97 Lancast 1515 11 11 S E 1515 610 h dPk 1515 97 :H 56 1515 k 1515 67 S W 1515 52 1 1515 22 S E 151214 51516 h dPk 131515 1576 tl-l 42 1515 b g 151216 121514 D g 1515 65 k 1515 24 p 1515 B9 R d2OW 5L vu. ,pn ,f N ff.. sm--Q,-svewwa ,..:: . Ss. 5. S' 5 ll xr.. N3 - f ' q . nuuap 1 i it Amy Carrig, Ree3,'Dee 2 u A??f!9fZSGrams1aZ?'. HOW2KL-H1Q"tSherfgdanKgwskL gSaQdygQgossgg5gi4 .......-A """" 3 Linda Bowen, Jessicag.App!egata,t,ChidsfDa2lski?ffMISSiNG. -t i. ferric . .ygggi M 1 Peggy2Gonsen Jil!l'BuKaty i 4 s' nirg as 'L 1 -if ' ' t,". f :iff r 7 'L Llgh 1. 114 """ "1 'S Powerful Players fclockwise from far leftj: Up for th Battling for the point. Here comes tit the volley The set up . . . Taking a e spike! Practice makes perfect. e bail! Up in the air Preparing for well earned break. 115 Confident and looking great! The Falcon spikers shocked everyone this sea- son ranking 11th in Western New York. After last year's 4- 15 record, no one expected much from the team, but ex- perience and hard work paid off in a record of 6-6 in VVNY's toughest division and 5-2 in non-league play. Among the victories were wins over 4 teams ranked in the WNY top 10, including a tremendous conquest of Sweet l-lomeg the first time a Frontier Boy's VB squad has ever defeated the Panthers. Senior Co-Captain Pat lvlorgante was voted to the ECIC Division I first team all star-squad, and junior Kevin Buchholz was named to the 2nd team. The team also owes much of it's success to graduating senior starters Greg l-lazen, Tom Ciesla, Dave Gizzi, and Bill McCon- vey. BOYS' VARSITY VOLLEYBALL FHS OPP Cleveland Hill 2 0 Niagara Wheatfield 2 0 Sweet Home O 2 Lancaster O 2 Maryvale O 2 Hamburg 2 O West Seneca East 1 2 Lackawanna 2 0 West Seneca West 2 1 Kenmore West 2 1 Orchard Park 0 2 Sweet Home 2 1 Lancaster 0 2 Hamburg 2 0 West Seneca East 2 0 Lackawanna 2 0 West Seneca West 2 0 Kenmore East O 2 Orchard Park 0 2 Hecordt 6 wins, 6 losses -f- e 1 nwf .ve K t 1 ly .k - L ', .L we V, 1 ff Q R ja-unusual' X gy it as X t st we .. .Y la! . V. f-SPSS: af A ,W ' A +. 5 ff 1 1 I V 1 Q4 tr t v' M 'V 3 as , . . a s , W 2 .,, qc ,R t .1 . S f S. 5 it Qgk sf V... KNEELING--Dave Gizzi, Pat tt31orgar1teICo2Captj, Greg Hazen CO0-Captj, Mark Stulak, John Kennedy STANDING'-Chfjs7igHeed, 1 TOM Ciesla, Bi1fMoConveyi'Kevin Buchholz, Larry Lupe, Tom Reetif,?Brian MffUf,gQO6Ch fKetZfn'Starn MISSING-Bob Blyth, Managers Jolene ffqzanski a17ofjSilvia Wojahovic. 116 Do it with style! Center: Tommy and Greg stretching their legs Top Right: Big Bad Bill Left: Teaming up Above: What technique! Q Girls' Cross-Country The Girls' Varsity Cross-Coun- try team showed an outstanding array of talent by winning the Divi- sion I, Section VI, Class A Champi- onship for the third year in a row. GIRLS, CROSS Their cumulative record now stands at 42-O. By winning the COUNTRY sectional title, the team went on to compete in the state finals at f FHS QPR Elma Meadows. They then trav- eled to the New York State Feder- Lancastef 17 46 ation met in New York City, where Sweet Home 20 41 they competed against the best A I A public, private and parochial Wl11'amSV"'9 N- 13 41 schools in New York State. Other highlights include winning the Or- Hamburg 20 50 Chard Park Invitational forthe third We-:St Seneca E. 15 50 year in a row, Jen lVlcConvey, Cindi Dean, Deb Marenovio, Westseneca W' 15 50 Heather Marriot, and Beth Kel- Orchard Park 15 50 leher made the ECIC first team All Stars, while Sue Ann Shealy made Record: the second team All Stars. The I team was also led by Heather 14 W'f1S 0105-SSS Quinn and Julie Nash, Frontier is one of the strongest and largest Girls' Cross-Country teams in their state. We hope to carry on a winning tradition. -nun maximum- u ROW1' Julie 1, Jen McCohlvey 500-Captainj rlrli f3ggMary-Strait,.Lai?ra'il?rendergast,1Kefiy,E17gassen Sherry Steffen-.s.ROW,3.'1.Lise'iQLoi23gfi2jan,s Dawn Engle: , 1 Nfczole Hooper YHeatfier.Ouinn,,,Sue Marehovicgyeanne Chilcoitt i : T 1. j Top Left: Top Center: Faster! Top-Right:--11, gl .. ,Op your,m3fAf3Q6f9l1f2fCOaCh--Wifi, 'orzsjron Witt? Far Left:,Keeping up they, , ,K I - 12 -,.kk V..' g V I V I A T A it Nl I i ur- -J ,tk lktyr K V si i .k Li kk,4 K, . Q iw. k K K K . 118 . Fleet F 4 - Going the Distance The Frontier Central Cross Country team finished the regular season with a record of 12 wins and 2 losses. This was a young team that faced adversity throughout the en- tire year yet managed to fin- ish 4th in the final Western New York Cross Country ran- kins. The teams two close losses were to Sweet Home, who went on to become the number one team in the state. Although, the team did not realize its goals of going to and winning the states, there were many positive ac- complishments during the year. The wins by Chadd Soto and Bill Mitchell at lVlcQuaid were only a portion of the great things to come. Bruce Shealy turned in an ex- cellent 4th place finish in the sectional after some sub par races during the regular sea- son. BOYS' CROSS COUNTRY FHS OPP Lancaster 23 38 Sweet Home 30 26 Williamsville North 15 45 Hamburg 15 50 West Seneca East 20 38 West Seneca West 15 50 Orchard Park 15 50 Flecord: Wins-12 Losses-2 120 Q 1willg.le11Le,szi21gQchei1,yl,cnaddjsalm, Mia zgiidiekt Lou HussefeshawffiwymafiBfueeisheeirl Effc+ef'Senlt l?fm Macaw, Ken Cfafgl The Long Run I Far Left: "The Iook of a winning I team." I Center: "CHARGE" Top Right: 'Anybody seen the team?" Above: "Look, Coach!" Left: "I think I can, I think I can." 121 4- Q N my l O 1 1 M K A krkyy I , rwvytimk i 1 l A Making A Splash This year the Falcons possessed first place ability in 9 of 11 events. The lack of depth in the 2nd and 3rd places proved costly in 4 very close contests. Many first- year swimmers made significant contributions and improvement despite not getting into the scoring column. Outstanding performances were turned by: Capt. Colin Adams - 100 baokstroke, 100 breathstroke and 200 LIVI. Senior, Bob Wood - 50 free backstroke and 100 freestyle Junior, Chris Quick - 50 and 100 freestyle Junior, Bob Blyth - 200 and 500 freestyle Freshman, Dan Patton - Diving Co. Capt. Dennis Enser - 50 free and 100 butterfly The team is pointing tovvard the EClC Division A Championship. Senior, Bob Wood and the 200 lvledly Belay Team possess the best chances for sectional and state placings for the and 100 butterfly Falcons. Junior, Joe Griffin - 100 Grifhn, Tirh TC-Triff Hannel, .MQCVTDISUG Peareon,?g,2gS!Q ,TROW- Coach ,is Kfyden,Mgng Caroiyrzfff Sqfdykg. Mgn Linda Dervnis,Errseigf5C2oliny Adams, Mgr, lf ferrmobinson, CoacIil?IomLengel,i3RDtgQMgglasonWood, Tom oqok, Bob Bryrn, rqny,offrcrone,r onrfgggggggfgiilvrrssilvof.. o1y-fg f.i gggdams, . Jason Brainerd, Dale Brlffon,p dong. .rKenned3g.,MzKe 1 wood. r' s.s. A ., , , .f,, , . , 1 , ,,,,,,,,, 122 - - ,...75.f -rf - ,. , :hz-..: ' J,"-,..Zs.,,1w . lf... .. .H ,A , 2532: K a, 5 f,. .. Y . M t.... , . .t.. . -3-if . .xg-'IN-.' QI 2 1 ,t . - v---lA 1 1 ... .Q .,. . J., K W5 'Nu 315. M, r f V-we fix- ' ,Q is 1 5 Q ...., i 4 ,M "" "ef, f 5 , 33 1. t .g . g 1 T he U nge 1 'Qt ttir . . i 1 ' rr . J .t. . FHS OPP Maryvale 55 23 Jamestown 25 58 Will. North 41 42 Lake Shore 35 48 Hamburg 32 51 Amherst 40 43 Sweet Home 31 57 W. Seneca E. 52 31 W. Seneca W. 62 18 Orchard Pk. 26 57 Top Left: Perfect Position. Mid- dle Top: Another perfect dive Top Right: Why is everything up side down? Lower Left: Practic- ing after school. Lower Right: Swimming to victory 1 23 GIRL S ' SWIMMING Damping their Opponents 5. 26 Although our five wins and six loss record was below five hundred, we had many other accomplishments. ln all, six school records were broken. Gretchen Boehm established new times in the 200 yard and 500 yard Freestyles and also the 100 yard Backstroke. Wende Schaper set records in the 200 yard Individual Medley and 100 yard Breast- stroke. Also, Wende and Gretchen teamed up with Minidie Wojiechowski and Marin O'ConnelI to shatter the record in the 200 yard Medley Relay. Both Wende and Gretchen went on to re- present Frontier and Section Vi at the State Meet. Next year we hope our record will improve because the majority of the team will be returning. We are only los- ing two seniors. FHS OPP Amherst 46 36 Maryvale 32 51 Hamburg 31 52 Will. North 40 43 Iroquois 27 56 West Seneca East 66 14 Lakeshore 47 35 Orchard Park 36 47 Lancaster 39 43 Sweet Home 42 39 Flecord: 5 wins, 6 losses 'N .V I ,,,,,., .... . f J., . I QQYERQNT ROMA Charlene Wright, .Tracey Ta3glQ1j.Greto?3en Boehm, Danae Parent, ROW 2grHenerJQQes,r. 15555fgiollegggiggegenfyrtnen Mindie Wojciechowski. Sharffribh Kleiz7i5ROW53f,Q5QianeWf?earson,f5MQlly SuI5van. sJuIiG1T55I9M KSHEQMCCQQVQM Diana Tracy1F?OW4: Chris JewiffyrCheryl??oIiczekggZiauriarggggzak, gW?!Zde f e Schapen Marine O'C0nr1ElI,5AmygjB0cceIlasgfManaggrj. Coach. Lengeh ' I it 1 i f m fg, 124 aammrt W Q A . .. w :txt 'V - 1 4 X, Aquatic Athletes 5OFR t t Center: On your mark, get set, go! Right: Another record broken! Lower Right: One big, happy family! 125 Alive and Kicking The 1986 Varsity Soccer Team was coached by Mr. Wilde. Although it was a los- ing season, the team was high spirited. Their attitude al- lowed for many fine points to occur throughout the season. A player went on to the EClC's, exchange student dents, Patrick Jarvinen and Vinanio Agular, not only played, but proved to be valu- able additions to the team. Seniors Jett Vandenburg, Bri- an Sheff, JB. Sullivan, Ken Bley, Scott Neal, and Giriff Hannel vvill be lost, but there are high hopes tor the up- participated, and seniors composed the body of the team. Most importantly, the team proved that winning isn't everything. Team captain was Gritf Hannel. l-'pvvas honored to play for the ECIC Soccer Team. Tvvo exchange stu- coming Junior Varsity play- ers. In retrospect, 1986 should prove to be the first step on the journey to a champion- ship team. 1986 topped 1985, is looking better than ever. Good luck next year! L. .Jil EBQiW78OW'fAndy BvewarorfJeff..Yelifieebsfeifi??iQ'2.Zfe9efhQfSG as fgffff Hannefxi 185' s5'fff'V3Uf i.5yaF?C?Wf1 Coachf Wilde. BergenEMQDQIIQ55!2e?Qii:??TiQ5?MQfQ5el5ffHQ2?Tf?fUff49 f1i'gEPeQf,SaSS. Jim M8898 Marrellr, Sue Kopack, Brian,Duffefr,Jfeg,i,g3le5gtsqqrtgwopdworth, . 1 Nicole Aquinoiinda R00f.,if? 126 W ft. fe. European Football Top Left. Breaking Away Top Hight: Duffeks turning in around. Bottom Far Left: Practice makes Perfect. Left: Hannels caught with his hands up. Above: "Go Twenty Two!" Bottom Right: Sneaky Feet. Direct Right: "He shoots, he . . . ' 127 9' S' . n,t: .C ' 309:-9146.2 . 83,1591 55. A 3 .wrt KW V I - I I It The 1986-87 Girls Varsity Tennis Team showed promising talent, but had a slow start this season. Their overall record was 3 wins and 7 losses, and their League record was 2 wins and 6 losses. A new coach and additional new players left them with a Freshman line-up in a fairly successful Rookie year. Next years veteran line-up seems very promising. Coach Barrett is looking forward to building on this fine returning group along with any new additions. This combina- tion should be the key to build another championship girls' varsity tennis team. o,r.i ritss tg. .... t r ' l, s Q.-wbm'frri'4f si Y I. Q :SEQQBQPGC ONKEJ QMS ?l?faSU56ff 'iifiabefh fiitfnftv-iiitPS?fiCf2iEQGffDC?2C.s TWO:Karingglfandelgbergb. Jgtie ZoladzgQKathy Waese, Sue si.i Lf UP!USkfffQMf' Bffffeffi MfS3'Nf3?fffUf'Ti2hf5if?f.fMfGhf2ff?4.HQ!3ffCfL3Ud.s,Li3. .ririr.ri ylgg - ...k Top Picture: Now Girls . . . Bottom Picture: The Determination of Tennis 128 Whack That Ball GIRLS ' TENNIS FHS OPP W. Seneca W. 5 O Orchard Pk. O 5 Lackawanna 1 4 Sweet Home 0 5 Lancaster O 5 W. Seneca W. 5 O Orchard Pk. O 5 Lancaster 1 4 Sweet Home O 5 Eden 3 1 Record: 3 wins, 7 losses Top right: Here comes the ball. 1 My Top left: Oh no, here it comes! 'X 5 Bottom left: Pick me, pick me! Bottom right: Pat keeps her eye on the ball. 129 1 Pin It Up V ,Z fn X ! , - , 3 ' ,ef A 5 , - 5 L flf! ul 3 ' 2 ,, Iv-Q RIGHT? Jason Kuckowski, 3-5g Keith o7'fJL?i7hih6rr4Qf13f4,g,KjB ilQgQage, 14-15 Joe Butera, 6+8g Mike iWOhl3baUgh, H641go1i2Jimia2 Mgyefs, 15-so -STANDING LEFT TO. RIGHT Coach DaIo F?oQz4i?SjfKeWn Ec ken',,a2f5:o Ron Barringen 19- 151 Tim Johnston, 5-8,'1QBob Gulluzigo Pa'i, gSigi!iivaf7,o 13-11: Manager 'Kryzak' Vyfk U I V k.hi 130 as Far Left: Put him down! Left Center: Worried? Left: ls it the Masked Manfel? Center: Help! TEAM RECORD AS OF 2!9!87 3-5. TOURNAMENT TEAM PLACES IROOUOIS GTH, ORCHARD PARK SRD, EDEN 4TH, WEST SENECA EAST 2ND. THE TEAM SCORES DON'T FULLY DEPICT WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING ON THE MAT FOR THE FRONTIER WRESTLERS THIS YEAR. KEEP WATCHING! Mat Dwellers The Junior Varsity Wres- tling Team features a young squad with a promising fu- ture. As of 2!9!87, the team held a 6-2 record. Led by 8th grader Ken Meyer who holds an undefeated record in dual meets at 7-O. Many key stand-outs such as Ja- son Dylik, Dwayne Boucard, and Kearney Klein all look to help the varsity team next year. P sSTANQ1fNGQQR61f?hag2fg Af'ffUQf1lQS,- l Bic!i?KLita, Wincehfigiadricelfa, S Mafk Wdefffi 3fff3?f'e?fr A-19? I5i9hf'WMl'f?fKl09' ftaaiQQQ0svQn, Qhffsirf-ffrfftf-MOS? H-effort' JQHH T '??t"7?d'. 123346. .'3DfQQ'Q5zl.DQ?CQ!l5ri385f?fi???S30fWitU93ff?9fb3ff0W fi l fi502?i?fTiM9Y6fSif?KNE5L!!VG??QIQQQ KEJ'-2539 aI?m.?sWffft?tU5ifiM3f5i 'ff . Him Horner i H01f+3DOr?v 3QffQ?ftffGQ' State f'39biEffff'26riWE5fifNG1Ff?0N? 435053 5Xffk??ilN5?f1F?f?55f?t l2U8fl?. Rf? A4?YQQ.QW3XEiQ3QUQ?fCi??Gf3f7 MasfowsffrrK?afHsyfS1e'Hf.Ke0g ' 131 A Record Year The indoor track team had a very successful and pros- perous year under the coaches Mr. Capuani and Mr. Ostrander. The team was lead by seniors Scott Wyman, Todd Lepsch, l.ou Russo, and Ed Streety. Throughout the year, excellent perfor- mances vvere turned in by Todd Lepsch - 50m hur- bles, 300m run, Lou Russo - 100m run, 1 mile relay, Ed Streety - triple jump, long jump, Steve Will- 600m run, mile relay, Bruce Shealy - mile run, mile relay, Dave Rath - 5Om dash, Bob Bingen- heimer - 2 mile relay, Erik Jensen - mile relay, Dave Brown - high jump, Scott Wyman and Mike Klavvitter - 6 lap relay with many good runners returning next year, the team is looking ahead to another great season. l Left Side: Middle Right: Darryl and Jim: Doing their best. Middle Left: Steve, Bob, Bruce: Enjoying a run. Bottom: Steve: A top run- ner Center: Mr Cap: Timing his troops. Right Side: Top: Chris, Dawn, Ann: Breaking the speed of light. Bottom: Marie: Short of breath and short of words. j 5 W f.,ii ls , Kg ,Z fx t gg-vw. L weaver Bob .Stoberl,1.EQfzStreet34Q.Log Russo, ' , ,Shealjq QShawnsFinoh,'Frai'1 iErhmeflingf FtOWf2: .Brian Mink,,DarryI Manka, Scott'Sh5ffei?'Bob ' 'Bingfenheimen Bruce Shealjg.MiIge Weibei, Erik Jensen, Shawn Wyman, Steve Wiltdohn Kerzr3ed54ROW T3 M rsit Dawn Persons Dorinda Persons 'Mike Bowen Mike'KIawitten Dave5,BrQwn,. Tim Pike, Art .Q t , . , T .T . L9fffffh,i,gJoejHazreng road Lepscnfivigr Anne4sikQfsigfs,, , 5 132 Keeping Pace .. ... . e ..l Kfvsikafeee?'feQl1yg5QhQPnv2ffe1R0Vf4e3ffD0fif1d8tPGYSOHS KM-waged, Linde WappmamePeggyf-GOUSQ21 ChrisfeHaUghtjej Anffi Segfasigy Dean, ee ee D ayvn f?ersbnsjfAhp Sikorski Wahagefjf ee tVe 133 we ' -tiff-' A 1 . irf-rxwff.,f:..f gsm:-4-4.:tiz". T 7 r, lsfi grsiiiwslss Q T3 ii my in if if tx Into the Swing of Things Golf, while not one of the major sports, is a demanding game, requiring skill and dedi- cation on the part of it's par- ticipants. lvlr. Michael San- toro, coach of the Frontier Central High Golf team felt that the team started the sea- son slowly, but had a strong finish. The team, composed of Dan Beres, Dan Deinzer, Frank Fasciana, Jim l-lacic, Alan Landes, Chris O'Con- nor, Pat O'Connor, Tim Fie- gis, Tom Skora, Mark Sloan, and Shawn Wright, finished their season with a record of six wins and 6 losses. Chris O'Connor qualified for the section six tourna- ment. Pat O'Connor and Tom Skora were the teams high scorers this season. Coach Santoro feels optimistic about next year's season. "Squid takes a swing" iv GOLF FHS OPP Eden 17 1 Orchard Pk. 4 14 West Seneca E. QW 8V2 Orchard Pk. 7V2 1OVz Lancaster 14V2 3h West Seneca W. 15 3 Hamburg 5 13 Lancaster 14 4 West Seneca E. GW 11V2 Sweet Home 6h 11V2 Hamburg 12 6 Sweet Home 12 6 West Seneca W. 12 6 Record 6-Wins 6-Losses 134 zzf.-sw in-'mwwase - ,,-Q.. 1' V -' :Q Y '- . -r -was mmf? .pafgzf Jitsu-rr g.:f:..w:1.. ,.,0t,w aff ww .- -7 ff - - .. V. .ft f Nmvi- H8010 Tim H2518 TOM iEi?tSR?iai?iP2f? KQNEEISINGI .sfrr fwfindr MfSSiNG Shawn in W .- fff -1 f if, 'fffi ff' ww H W 1 3 S 1 3 M I 1 1 ,,,4.,1os.MA . 4, ,. . .t . . . A -.., - , 54. A, re .M .A 4. - ., . L, N, . .rar - . , 1. ,r .1 .mr 1 f 1 ee... -. 4wg,rW1.1..w,e-1-U ree 4, 5-, A, A ,A , :ZA Mega -ati - Ar, , 1- t . S re ,A ,. A , , A .A V, . .QA .V , .,.: ,. 3 . , ,, U ..., .. A U , A , ,. . , .A per- rs. .A .-A'c img?1.-1191,..f'1f'Afsra3e,:1a: 1 fi- i. . f,,,' A - ' i -- 1 .1 H' Below: Taking Aim Far Below: Mr Hickey being serious? 6 . A ...M ..v. 1 fuk, .,A, ., , .. A A Target Shooters The Frontier Rifle Club was established for eligible students at Frontier Central High School who are interested in the fun- damentals of shooting. The program is designed to teach safe handling, maintenance and operation of target rifles and shooting equipment. Club members are introduced to the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, proper indoor range op- eration, and safe indoor shooting practices. Students also receive a taste of competitive target shooting. The Frontier Rifle Club is affiliated with the National Rifle Association as a junior rifle club and the Civilian lvlarksmanship Program. iw Awe.: -'mer ., Miffk gf ,Leif ,ga 355553 3:g'::,Ais'1,55:'fffA'3?f 1495:-it ff: it 1 ,- :Q j.'?g:s?w' Fifi: Tift! ,Wg A. ,M 111. 1. re fr. af .. .V .2 ff' we . new 1:31331 --were 1 H A2 . ,A fr lg. f ' . o,.A. RIFLE FHS OPP vv. North 1343 1177 fx' i ieii iviaryvaie 1320 1 176 Lancaster 1332 1437 Orchard Pk. 1314 1359 h.Ag Kenmore East 1354 1271 Iroquois 1346 1435 lift F- Clearance 1372 1374 A vv, North 1346 1 309 Ii Kenmore West 1363 1232 IM Alden 1368 1438 K Il' Lancaster 1365 1438 ? t't1lr Orchard Park 1369 1364 1 w. South 1361 1008 ff toiii Fiiiifaigr .1,r llii i45iH51EQQ1ilfr3fSKff?5fm5 0609395 F-3iTANDff51GIfgBKQEid4g3ZelsZiSH?6M8??aQQfir1K6nfiaWedlifiif'ffiiuiiif if fviidiffe uiio irt ifs 1 ifii riii f, 1 .oi . Air. . A 32521-.1 'e-1 iisffrillfsffiiirfrfftfi A '.iL.'i f yoi' H31 A - 1? ,'4A . frf ff ' ,aw - 3L1f4'gi'1 if 7552 I 135 I ,, ,.L., XEQLV, .5 , , t . ,,gZ Z Shoot that puck! The Frontier Falcons Varsi- ty Club Hockey Team en- joyed an outstanding season. With one game remaining the Falcons have a record of 17 wins and 5 losses and 1 tie and will finish 2nd in the very strong Southtowns High School Club Hockey League. One ot the highlights of the season was a very exciting 5- 2 victory over West Seneca West, the defending state champions, who had not lost a league game in two sea- sons. The Frontier team featured strong consistent goal tend- ing, outstanding defense, and timely scoring, to earn them their best finish in the 'W' last five years. Frontier led the league with the most goals scored and the least number of goals allowed, while plac- ing seven players on the top 20 league scoring list. Top Left: "Last one theres a rot- ten egg!" Top Right: "Go ahead, make my day" Center: 'And then Goldilocks . . . " Battom: "What, Coach?" yg , .... W ,,., ,W M, ,... Y, Q... . HI . T w.tmf. W -f A 1 r A A, F' A -Qjas gifwrfrte rf' 'rrl H V .Q A it E if 1 5.555 , g' ,, 1151.3 if 'fl gii if f ' , .l - "f......,9s 1- .P W- A ,ti w b. ,h 1 Eggs., in N' .1"g 5 My 4 We-5? 1 5, . . "'+,f 'X - .- -ttf Q F .T 1 , is 1 .,t1g4 l"'h1'Esf ht rm- -Wi if r " xi' "'v 0 K i' -k- W .nf Y 'x '- fffrfi -It rx , VL 1 g :i I S l, vials? , wg i Q , 9,1 W I .t 1 S at . iitt ...S rsss S i ' r"2 if' .. . . -if-1 xi W! A . ,M M a. ,. k mi, L, qi, VQQK g M : A H - . . , . .W . . . 5.u...4 ' -- 1- ' - . V J lvl: . S S JG? 'Karr banlburgfg .Tack 'Goruion Jim Iextep Mikegwafezaig. RQW2: coach Bdb Filighara, 'Seah Welleg Coach,Mike Hubbard, QQJ.. Ft. Webs-5 Red Filighera1VCaii5t .iti tTopber'Oi'Connon Steve Scarsellagsreg Hazeh, Pete Cook, Mike 136 g,,,,,fJ5'?-M. - if 'fir , T 3 1 . TWT' w LL, :,,-,fTLI'f"tf, A w5?.f.:?U7 54521-nK7i'. 'I 221 f i ' Vs :gif-2931 igf"f"f2s 1" -A . .- vig i 'QSPdStfdCf3i.5Dave1GiZZi, Tom Skora'FOW 3if1?efftSchUtt5Clifi Beaumont, srdoewraeociana, rA!ariiLaiideS, Path it s ' ' T 7't ., .Hy Bowl lt Over! The 1986-87 version ofthe Falcon Bowling Team was quite successful. School re- cords were smashed by sophomore Jett Schutt against Orchard Park when he bowled a 269 single game and a 720 three game set. Chuck Pristach led all bowl- ers with a 189 average. The team finished the sea- son in third place with a sea- son record ot 8 wins against 4 losses. Team records were set for single and three game sets. Sophomores Chuck Pristach and Jeff Schutt along with senior Dave Gizzi CCaptainJ were voted repre- sentatives from ECIC Division I to compete in the sectionals. Left: "Charge! " Flight: "Timber! " 137 I 3 Going for it! This year's Frontier Varsity Cheerleaders, coached by Mrs. Joanne Porter, returned from Elmira College cheer- leading camp this summer as champions! They were first runners-up for the "Award of Excellence" from a state- wide competition sponsored bythe National Cheerleaders Association. Their captain, Sherry Gretka, and co-cap- tain, Hollie Buscaglia, were nominated for the All-Ameri- can Cheerleaderg only five girls in the whole camp re- ceived this honor. The Cheer- leaders also attended the Erie County Fair cheerleading competition, in which they placed fourth out of twelve teams. Long hours of prac- tice, creativeness, ability, and enthusiasm make these cheerleaders the champions that they are! This year the Frontier J.V. Cheerleading squad has had a very active and productive season. Rain or shine, they led the .J.V. football team on to many victories. Over the summer, the girls competed in a cheerleading competition at the Erie County Fair. The girls placed an outstanding third overall. They are hoping basketball season is a big success. Congratulations on a job well done to football captain Mickey Polambaro and co-captain Lorie Kaz- mierzak and basketball cap- tains Debby Meyer and Karen Chorzak. 5 . -we T - U t-Lf rg. ,I i Ayggw QI ,I yvlgz 'i-i ZKA qvng . . P . . ., .,,, Z .W K ,.. I - 3 f ' 53, 1 .- V ' V , Q . 35 - - . .. 5-fm' -f , ,M , V- I, M, H . I V. I in ., If-, .wi N., ,M .A ,hiv , ,'..Z,gW A in ff' -, V. , , - ,, ' auf, - 15 , 'A ' - 1 X' V- , -ff, M - 2 . K 5" :li 'L .aw H -- .. ' T T . , s ts ,W ,... . me a..i-i,p,f,,,.- ls, . 3 yqsgw .-mggms .-so-mm HOW: Sherry.Qfezkaiircei?fainifiiimwadlaitghffnfTStieff?T T T fgjypgp, yQepgsqipfezfuszewsriigT -MrootsfnovwaTgmmy.'Magzeg5 g grnah, Lisaifi-lolleiit HoiliaiBiiseag!fiei'1foo-Qaptaifgtgvligrecguliivaht Loran Sfmomck- UQ?-BOW lffrfaffnefilefftfl.s!QQv'fi?f f-7bS?aff?2YfS .jferd-werg1en.5fStQCx..1-Ogaczl .KQl'xf.EC?f6FQ' gg: --i-' fi 138 f s .-Q ' X-fl- ' ifgiia U U ,Y i jlxg ' . , . , W 4, Lf r x ,-.1 I 'M AA .1 N . - - ,.,r t' i FFT ffl flr i-rr 1 ' i f .V S-51 il Q , EF' f F? tl , rjf Maureen Finnfkelly Rogtersg carrie Jabksongl ., ,giffqr easke, Ellen czupfynskf.-QBQTTQM-sown-to IQLQGCQI . ygburjz' Debby Meyenlorie K8ZfT?fS1'Z3K,.VMfQffBXllPQfOUZbQfQ, duliei WaIsh,fBrandy,Bratgk.,MlQDLfE: Karen .Qh,orzak. CoaohiiKrystal Cheering Champs FAR LEFE All lined up Below: Organization helps Center Left: Set apart from the rest Center Right: Hey! Jennifer! Left: Gimme an A! i. 2' "What a Season!" This year, the J. V. Football Team finished in a tie for 3rd place, with a 2-4 in-league re- cord. The highlight of the sea- son was an 18-0 win over Or- chard Park lat Orchard Parkj. The team exhibited an explo- sive oltense getting over 200 yards per game with running and passing. lvlr. Ostrander said that the team has great potential, and hopes to do better next year. J. M FOOTBALL FHS OPP Lackawanna 6 6 Orchard Park 18 O Amherst 0 14 West Seneca East 14 6 Kenmore East 8 14 Maryvale 6 14 Clarence 0 21 H Hamburg 7 8 Record: 2 Wins, 5 Losses, 1 Tie ni ty N, Ecknaan, Mike Wohlabaugh Leo Eokman Billy 1 flsteele, Danylsfopoiek, Tqnycirincione. ROW TWO: Todd Sijoosfldeff Paluch Steve Bartus Carl Abrmo, Dave Sinith,'JohhAbram,l Kevin Nellisi.: ROW THREE : Coach Ostrander Carmen Perslco Tom I S f5Weise, JeffHuQQbeQ3Kevin Easten Mike Scheffien Scott Lyonsgf:Dan Kelly Coach Myers HOWFOUF? 'Scott Mastrobatiista,fTomiMenton, gDean.g3ritton, Joe Goodien Jason Quinn Scott Wind Brad Mohan ,i?i.RO14Q.rFlV5::Jiq3iKohoackglason Jabcuga, Louis DiFlavio, Tony Coppolia Mike King Mark Elfers 1 MlSS1NG:,Dusfih Schefflehf Bob Kryzakmioe Ernst, g Top Right: "The Ultimate Handoff Middle Right: "Jeff and Steve . . . Lookin' good!" Lower Right: "Ready. . . Set . . . KlLL!!!" 140 5 East Aurora 5 2 2 Almost Perfect The Frontier junior varsity soccer team completed a super season, posting a record of 14-1-1 , a record blemished by only a double overtime loss to Hamburg, and a double-overtime tie against Orchard Park. The Falcons won 12 straight games at one stretch, and posted four shutouts on the year, giving up just 12 goals in the first 12 games of the season. iiiiii 1 ' 4 irr, 5 I gg 1 .ru soccer: s-- 4 - 51-ff' - A Frrs oPP r 5751 Williamsville S. 4 2 g , - West Sencea E. 5 1 it l Hamburg 3 1 gg 4- West Seneca W, 4 0 35755 Orchard Park 5 2 fl 1 East Aurora 4 1 1 Lancaster 4 0 Sweet Home 5 3 3 4 West Seneca E. 4 1 West Sencea W. 3 2 Williamsville S. 4 0 A V I Orchard Park 4 QOTQ4 we 4 ,file , r,f' as-371 ",' . rr ,g 1. g 1' 1 , 4 V g g, i ,KVV, - . 4 -if Y Hamburg 3 QOT14 fivfark McDonne!I,ciDave1ilZa . wn Clancy Peter Neal, Chuck Sweet Home 2 1 Wtelio and Jing Fessel,, tM5ielli, Mike Ftost,,Kevin Korzkowski, ,Todd DiM.arjgLf 1 Lancaster 5 1 ,RobQgMuilinfs555JasonQiScheffftef5irq JohiijearragrifrsotirstTagiegvski,Mark Mitten Dar4er,Sassg,E5Jjm Smith, Greg Record ro-wins 1-Loss 1-Tie SCZQIKQ-land Laura Marriott. RQW QQagljr,Piegjgr?rr,edoefwebentgwike Moldocheafrd Kevinphristie, ly g K, ,.t, ft'f V- ' K , 141 it Aw' 171, 651 Successful Spikers The Boys' J.V. Volleyball team had its best season in its short two year history. Coached by lvlr. Cordier this year's J.V. Volleyball team had a record of 12 wins and 4 losses. The team finished second in the division to Sweet Home, and second its division at the Sweet l-lome Tournament. lt was at this tournament where all the boys put forth an outstanding effort and hitter Derek Swartz was voted to the tournament All Star Team. Also contribut- ing to the teams great suc- cess this year in which every player participated were Dan Wright, Jeff Kresge, Dan Gizzi, Paul Waddy, and Coach Cordier, David Chorc- zak, Scott Jackish, Tim l-lens, Scott Breslin, Derek Swartz. ln. - at , ia, , . BOYS' JM VOLLEYBALL '86 FHS OPP Cleveland Hill 2 O Niagra Wheatfield 2 O Sweet Home 1 2 Lancaster 2 O Hamburg 2 O W Seneca E. 2 1 Lackawanna 2 1 W. Seneca W. 1 2 Kenmore West 2 0 Orchard Park 2 1 S I Ho 1 2 La sl O 2 Hamb g 2 0 W. Seneca E. 1 2 Lackawanna 2 O W. Seneca W. 2 O Orchard Pk. 2 O F? d 12 5 555 , . .I Jeff A ChQfc2akQ7?E?OW Zfijdioacfqg3QQrdie5gScott Sizaffen Scott Jackish, A ' 1 Tign.Hens,i5jScottBresling,Derek . , pkg 142 ul., rnLLuN . it . . 4 1 . Wm ug 1: x57NTiIF?f?1fit! f ,L-,K W . . oft iff 1 I ...-.w,t.....,..f gat ------... .413 ,M 1 V- Q.. K Q. ' Q i 5' I 1 I 'H we fi it Q v fig. - X- ir 1 Q - --nf 5 A 1 E .ag JM 4:9 33,4 m Top: "I got it!" Center: '71nticipation"Above: "Now listen guys. . Opposite page, Top right: Wake up Sue! Right Center: Take our picture, please! Bottom right: Coach Jung explaining her strategy Far right: Over the net! N lf llgi . t 1 i 'E27 ?HffEf.'f'infii3v'1' , -siefeisv l Q...- iQ!"Q3z.., P? lb--1 119 Volleying Success This year's J.V. Volleyball season was a most successful one. The girls finished the season 9-1 in league play and 14- 1 over all. The only loss of the season was at the hands of Sweet Home. But that loss was erased at the send of the season when Frontier defeating Sweet l-lome 8-15, 15-8, 15-7 to give Frontier a tie for 1st place in Division l. Captain Allison Crosta and Linda Wappman along with Laura lvlarkiewicz led the team in scoring , while Jennifer Coyne, Jessie Andrasko, Tracy Kelly, and Cheryl Bykowicz, helped out defensively. All of the girls really played together to help in completing such a successful season. I Girls JM Volleyball FHS OPP D p 15-15 33 H b g T 2 d Pl L t 1515 13 W S W 1515 64 L t 1515 108 W S E 1515 72 O h dPk 1515 16 S tl-l 1515 75 L k 1515 13 W S W 5 5 47 L 1 5 5 45 W S E 1515 87 H b g 5 e 314 H b g 1512 5 21513 O ri dPk 1515 75 S H 71515 588 R d14 W 1 L - -fii'fV7 ' fffff ROW 172. Rl Jennifer Coyne Laura Markiewzcz RQW2 Lfnda Tonmes Sue Kg Michelle Jasfzembskr RQW3 Coach Jung 1 S of 7 is 143 J.V. Falcons This year the girls JV Bas- ketball team vvas made up of 5 sophomores, 8 freshman, and one eighth grader. Start- ing off the season vvith a young team didn't seem to matter. The girls worked to- gether and developed a very strong team. Their record thus far is nine wins and one loss. We hope to continue our winning streak to finish up the season. Our goal this year was to build for a strong Var- sity team for the future. "The younger, the better." , 3115251 I L.- sa- k , .....- i T... M ...i I lffi T rtt i Tobtaowf Len rqydagnf - ynaggyssyraylan ifiiiison cmsfagi 7zacf.Ke1mQ,ggssie Androsko, Kelly 'SQf2Qf9L7 CoaoZfiDEMMaQUiF6'li'307T0M RQW M95 .JQUI7 Ehretg.QEginQg.Wade,irl1??f??my rgo.Gree:3,iQKirn RegisjgjlfgrelWalc2aE,fJuliesMulIei5Katie OaksifMlSSlNQgqjpagfe4 rtr' . f T ..... Q.. 144 ln f'ALCtlNS 45 Follow the bouncing ball """f-"' Y v o o 'o E ooloo I gfggfwf 4511! i .X A lf. LAQTIYJ ' ' 43 VQTQ 1 3 L. gg5oAgg53p lvgggggyzfgg5oSTANDlNGg Coach Bakeg Mifff-2VL'WQ!f?ff,igfQEffQ??HUfGf131Q5QQiLTQITQBIZZO,' Jeff Jankowski, o, 'ooooo ol 1 V o 1 p . - -- ' 145 Kahxhg NN ow. SGW 'Nhlaxoh those hands Mme charge at the Ohnexma 'NWUKV she 1 i 5 146 "Ve d up x4evx'?' P-mdxo W Y f,,,..f roxo1oaX ' new awamhg the p MQ Pgxxertam crowds yen, mgm, wx . . rep th 9Xope 6 if a G W6 0 'rv oh 5 on, ' e nswex. gwe f0 GX, 'Nou aKn'x got no Roe cream" M l Fdr Right: Lisa 3 gonna hitjhe siopes-soon. nignrmenfs-ge, sue, ahd sage are aff smiles. 3 E B6l0w:"HiY'all!"A as SKICLUBSEVERY BODY 148 . fm ' Q - 'ff gf W3 A ' gQa3 'I 3 .+- ji VARSITY CLUB awww gg -gigs f. .-gigs.: . ,- ., saw- , Vey: - Fl lm- 1 ,xr lm , Q ii , . , . gggg . r fsn6uea fs A . ,? Give methefluff of bottom- 'less gowersffanldlralQgejlntouggh5. ed glistening mo'ulntain:i?flait dawn A' wail.iI39E fOF1iiU?Y4.LQVf9'V winding traoks anEifI'lli .Show yougyvhat freedom, is. SHOW mifaichaileheifi,Q5?ral.' to conquer and some rnoul P'll!elf?UQ..lfi55??lQhl elid "ll telljyou what eiiiiitementfis. ,the , .blistery cold 339 Omrxfrousf 4 Ky.: wafsilrng winds thatloendihe trees: anclw 19f91ti1SXF?QQiSd, Spills TQQ slow mafuowrifanu Iflliliell yous. respect for nature is: 'flSurrc5,und A witl3,,g1fam lliar. . Voices filled with laughter an S A J fg ales Qf.,wild,,skl adyentures arid rn rfiillizou 'viihialr fregnoshggi '55 W l .ss is 'my' A -. if iii?fllGivefE?mell the joyggof suna, shine, ,ai suntannediace,ifafi . tf.w,glcni.o,rQgt. thetigsummiitg and ai fspeotaoular Viewleotfendleses V. .mountains and l'll oo tell youll ''LFQVHGLB'SbflI'IQQ.5KllDQ.,iS.r A s Warm mefby ablailng A gif3l3.QQgg?.3.Hd,h'SOm9O!'lG ,special -fto share itvliith angliill tellgyoue whqoontentmentillis. 5 'Gl!N9 :fU.Qlme..iCh3U:QlnQ shapes of oryslalQs,howflgfik,ess,g thegcool, sharp smell of an ev- ergreen .fairest .ago ,thegglow ofgan azure skyffand affsiarryf. night anglfll tell you thatwhatg mysteryiand enchantment is., yr ROW 1: K. Dils, B. Galluzzi, R. Barringen R. Tarabula, R Weaver, R Sullivan, D. Rath lPresidentj, J. Lates lSecretaryj, J. Meyer, E. Streety Ureasurerj, M. Klawitter, D. Bouoaud. ROW 2: M, Sutfin, G. Toporek, G. Maslowski, B. Gehen, S. Woodworth, M. Palyszeski, B, Blngeheimer A. Reed, E. Grinden L. Blain, J. Bukaty E. Wilczek. ROW 3: T Smolarek, K. Adamczyk, G. Sage, N. Jurek, T. Conway, P. Gonser, A. Polakiewicz, J. Rosanskl, L. Bowen, C. Roliozek, L. Luczak, A. Bugman. ROW 4: J. Fasciana, J. Butera, M. Bowen, T Reed, M. LaRosa, A. Verbanoff, J. Applegate, M. Wojciechowski, J. Arkins, M. O'Connell, W Schaper. ROW 5: B. Kryzak, T Regis, M. Stulak, B. Mink, D. Stejbach, K. Mahoney J. Robinson, K. Lango, R. Bantle, M. Jacket, D. Sauer ROW 6: D. Pietruscewski, M. Palombaro, A. MaoLaughlin, T Lepsch, B, McConvey, A. Bingenheimer, B. Herlehy, E. Sullivan, D. Vitrano, G. Boehm, M. Sullivan. ROW 7: D. Brown, J. Obstarczyk, K. Sullivan, B. Wood, S. Wyman, J. Wood, J. Griffin, R. Nagy V Arena, R Jarvinsen, A. Salasny ROW 8: G. Hazen, J. Kennedy G. Hannel, M. Wohlabaugh, B. Blyth, R. Fraser, N. Russo, D. Pieri, B. Kelleher, K. Eckert, L. Hains. ROW 9: J. Mitchell, C. Quick, C. Waite, R Houser, S. Will, B. Sheff. MISSING: Peter Phillips Nice-Presidentj COLOR GUARD Clockwise - Top of Lad- der: Tammy Flanick, Brenda Zawisa, Kim Steigert, Elaine Stegnen Tonia Erik- son, Jackie Bratek, Janet Fisher, Michelle Hess, Caren Lee, Cathy Freden- berg, Carol Butyneski, Sue Regan. 150 Entertainment is l W K A I I I U r Specialty Wieck-iiiiio BAND ing or me giant Fifemians cen- The 1986+87iFrontler Falcons lviarchingfBand gototf to an ear- ly start this year with fa two week summer band camp: Atthe end of 'their summer session, the community witrtessedm a daz- zling choreographed routine to music at the 't'BurgerrrPatade" in Hamburg, N. Y. The group also 'ifstrutted their stuff"' r at Darien Lake, with a ffun filled clay of rides and water slidesl The marching band also represents ed area firemen in the South' western sFiremen'S Convention Parade in Bolivar, N. Y. Fall gave way to Frontiers homecoming festivities and 2nd prizeiwas won at the Pulaski Day Parade. 'The marching band along withsthecolor guard is makingle plans 4,i for an exciting spring schedule. i-liglhlighted events' inoluoiedcoempeting at the Springvilte Pageant of Bands, a costume parade, lead- vention Parade, and swearing new uniformsll. y F5 Directorg Miss Kyle Steamer Coior Guard Director: Miss Lynda Wojtulski COLOR GUARD P This has been an eventful year forthe color guard, ln their tirstcornpetition, they achieved Zndplaoe honors atthe South- western Firernan's Convention Paradeg in'BoIivar, N. Y. P Cther activities included a two-week summer camp and participation in the Burger Pa- radeQ Pulaski Day Parade, Me- morial Day and Homecoming. A highlight-of,the season was a performance at Darien Lake. P ln the spring they wiil becom- peting at the Springville Pageant of Bands, followed by the giant southwestern Fireman's Con- vention Parade held in August. 151 fn E f Massiifet Per- otussioniisitil Bottom Right: Lots of Wino! Centenwhistle whyyou ' . Work. A A ' 'fn .Nga A A 'mi' CONCERT BAND ROW 1: J. Louise, L. Wild, C. Young, J. Fasciana, B. Stoklosa, W McConve54 J. Wood, E. Tirado. BOW 2: D. Jennings, C. Catherwood, Z. Sipos, M. Moldoch, L. Beiiomo, K. Long, M. Jastrzembski, L. Luozak, T Noody K. Weese, 77 Cooper BOW 3: K. Baker, A. Bugman, J. Zorn, B. Kelleher J. Sobus, J. Masterman, L. Prendergast, N. Richardson, L. Hunter K. Lewandowski, B. Weaver, S. McCarthy BOW 4: D, Britton, S. Shelton, D. Britton, L. Barbie, P Booth, A. Baxter A, Beko, L. Viteiio, W Sherry D. Wright, S. Bukkosy G. Koesten B. Dubei. Missing from photo: P Hartel, M. Noody M. Boccoiucoi. 152 . music . CONCERTBAND A The concert band began the A yearswith a special concert at Cioverbank Elementaxy School, and a Holiday Concert with the high school choirs. Along with otherffuirid raising activities the ,bandgfsponsored a Snow Bail dance, ijhis., years.. music ifea- tured a trip throughrnusic .histo- lryifwith seleotions by g famous ioomposers from the Fiennais- ,sanoeg Baroque, Classic, Ro- iinantic. and Contemporary per' iods, presented at concerts in February and May. The band also competed at the Springville Pageant of Bands,and per- formed at graduation., . sTAeE BAND i ' ' ,fSomewhere between sports, jobs, lsnlowdays and -holidays, the stage band managed to sczisueeizef in enough rehearsal time on Thursday evenings to perform concerts of some of the best musio from the big loanol, bop, pop and rock repertoire, STAGE BAND BOW 1 Left to Right: K. Long, L. Barbic, A. Beko, D. Britton, S. Shelton, A. Baxter. BOW 2: C. Young, K. Weese, B Booth, G. Koesten W Sherry BOW 4: B. Siokiosa, D. Wright, J, Fasciana, J. Louise, L. Wild, W McConve54 L. Vitello. Missing from photo: P Hartei, L. Dembski, G.Lechowski. 153 center: Louis vfrgeiioflmfanaeilBf5ccg5iu0ci'. , Clockwie: Dalef Britton, Kathygyvegse M Q , , 4 , .9 A 1' A 5 o MUSIC CLUB ROW 1: Georgianna Bussy Patty Crandell, Robin Curry Shelia Coyle, Karen Chorzaok, Pam Friddell, Jackie Bratek, Kim Walton, Kathy Fredenburg, Karen Schintzius, Sue Pike, Colleen Eagan, Jeanette Lesten Tammy lsaacs, Colleen Baker, Kathy Baken Shelly Lehmann. ROW2: Diane Vancise, Laura Almeida, Carrie Reich, Amy Saharski, Jen Pettis, Lou Bellomo, Kathy Weese, Sue Regan, Kim Steigart, Jennifer Birach, Laura Dingleday Sue Edwards, Marybeth Jurek, Jackie Stephenson, Suzi Albarella, Charlene Chapman. ROW 3: Kim Zeches, Karen Suefert, Patty Appenheimen Melanie Brown, Beth Noellen Heather Klice, Tammy Greene, Lisa Comstock, Janine Garra, Dawn Knisely John Glase, Tim Kashino, Mike Boccolucci, Ray Stocklosa, Scott Woodworth, Dennis Povlack, Bill Harmon, Jim Fessel, Bill Fritz, Flute - Tracy Cooper Drums - Paul Hartel, Guitar - Garrett Lechowski, Director - Mr Albert v Q ' Qi - K, X 5" iw .Sir 'W' in V se NW M fu it N 'S A W ,4.', ' -4: 1-The Art Club has many talent-, ed and sryactivelfmerrlbersjfAl-, though it L is hone ofgthei : newer elubsffat Frontier, it lsr onelofrlhe mostly successful. The ifalelntsf and efforts of their f members hlayelenablecl the club to win first placeragain fer their float en- try in lhe Homecoming Parade. The' Club members, also en- joyedfgmany activities ranging has oeonltribleledl greatly l4 l to success andsthose leaders are: Lisa Eckert rl r q Presidentl, Elisa Slfiop llel Nice-Presidentl, Paula Yo- vieyne:fQSecreltaryl, Walter Zak Cfreasererl. rllq MUSIC CLUB ' S ' The. Music Qlub had af very busy year sponsoring nrurnerous Band and Ghoral Concerts. The major aohieyementriwas the pro- , e,lbe fron1 aj54n,day,atDarien Lakem 'fducilions oiLthe,BroadwaylVlusi-L fl is lSelbterif1berflQTi painting rcals'f'BarnUrn.'f llllrl Theshovv kepl lleraryrlllwindowsollfblr Christmas y,j0Q,siinge,rs, selaneere, aetorsf an,gl,S,many,Qizzfa parties. llrl rirlr L ' fandwstage orewrpersorlnelgand Becaixsei of fthe, ,sueceiis or mual-oiansioibusyllogilorl twelve Qlheiffnahy nfilndliieraisihg ,activities Weeks of rehearsalg The fflnal , lhegelub has asrtripito Washing product was presentecllto, bnll the i 7lon,'D. C. is planned this year public al these'performanc es Cverilylernorial Day weekend. the lastsweek-end irilvlalrchi' ' The leadership of theclubl yryy L I Q ,. wr , QW' if-'is sf' K' X, W wr. 3 if J " A f Q ,."W'wS ri 1 3'- l . r. .fi f .. l!.,,1F' 8 gg Ll , zy, Y' lg ART CLUB ROW 1 lL-FU: Lynn Wojnowicz, Jill Nash, Meghan Shannon. ROW2 lL-RQ: Mrs. Shirley Zak, Jeanne Hufford, Charlene Zahm, Lisa Eckert, Beth Donovan, ROW 3 lL-HQ: Elisa Skop, Paula Yoviene, Sharon Eberhardt, Karen Vandenburg, Lisa Simino. FFOW4 lL-Rl: Jim Purcell, Walter Zak, Jeffrey Mau, Mark Woelfel. MISSING: Alison Baxter, Cheryl Mack, Stephanie Granola, Craig Fohl and Margie Naumorski. fm , Q , wg E in Highs use stiff myeneafffrf sor- tom: "Wait! I'm missing my sbaDsHHM1 H no nf A A ,iQ 1 .'. Q .' Wifi is ig , ilf , S S ,.w i' D 'ess ii 73 K f ,"75s is 2 it S 4 Hx . M--I r t it A 'vw K, Fi'? Sffin sflil E 5 5" 1 1 ,A . f 753 T 53 1::::Se -ei' . , E ff, V . , K N S I 1 ja 9 fy .gfnfvf K ft, 4,.'f1li'f',4 ,. , -. L S .,1., ' L A? g453E?f ,'- ' wis gggg, i MEDIA CENTER SEATED, FRONT ROW: Tonia Erickson Roxanne Mlcuoci STANDING Tracy Fredenburg, Paul Sass, Joseph Boyer Mary Kawalski MISSING Mike Ball Tom Fritz, Jerry Jackson, Duane Pieri, Ken Stafford David Szarowfcz Kirk Van Volkenburg, Paul Waddy grill' HEX BROADCASTING CLUB KNEELING: Melanie Brown, Paul Waddy STANDING: Paul Hartei, Tim Pike, Bon Nagy Frank Haivorsen MISSING: Mike Watson, Mary Kowalczvk, Scott Jackish, Chris Tripp, Bay Stokiosa In Tap Left: What else mom? Eggs, milk, bread . . 2 Top Right: Az' easeg Brandi! Bottom Left: What are we gonna do now? Center: l?lease, Please, Please . . . il fb likely Q. 'K 158 Futblle movie makers DRAMA CLUB Every year the Frontier Drama Club attempts to do something just abit difterent inanetfort to maintain atreshnessiand vitality in its program, This yeari in addi- tion to running three coke ma- chinesto raisemoney and oper- ating the blue bus concessions at the home football igamesg the rDramatClub presented Jabiber- Wock by Jean Lawrence and RobertfE. Lee and assistedthe Music Club with'Barnurn,l the spring musical, isfrrs f Jabbervvocki proved to be a mostchallenging enterprise he- cause of the complexity eref o fthe scenery f- the gshowsrGClUiredr a free-standing, three-story house to be built on stage,.with enough room for 15 actors wto move around and gnotggteiel crowded? and yetiiallow a real electric oaripto driver completely aroundthe house. Aftepa month rot veryicaretui planning involving lXAragGobenwthettechrtioalidirector forthe,shovingtanaarehiteotgfssand some individuals, at S.U,C, ,Fre- donia, thetinal design and con- struction techniquestor Jabber- T able to enlist the talents ot Mr. Fini vvhogi with the aid of several students: from 'hisvmetal shop classes and studientteacher Jim l-laley, designed and fabri- .cated ia real electric car. ln the spring, the DramafClulo assisted the Music Club with its presentationimof Barnum. This show required a three ring circus to be created inthe middle of the Frontier stage - complete withtclowns, jugglersg acrobats, trampoiinet artists, T unioyclistsi singersg and dancers. The show proved to be a very difficult un- dertaking, but then againfther Drama Club has always enjoyed aifchallengei qi g A C iliti TECHNOLOGY ctue Our club is unique, At least we feel thatway. Our main pur- poseiis torhave tun while making our movie. We teellall Work and no play makes Johnny as dull as hecain get. urfgoal is tofinish thistllm by the end ofthe school year. We might hold somertund graiserss later on in the year and have had no trips so tar al- though vve should be taking wock became reality. tsss T smarty trips toitllm scenes. ,L g Drama Clubcgwasalso B D ' TECHNOLOGY CLUB: ROW 1: Derrik Scooohera, John Bennett. ROW 2: Mn Faust ffldvisorj, Brian Blythe fGroup Presidentj, Chris Tripp fEieotroniosj, Doug Michaiek 1Publicity Cameramanj, Mike Marriott iDirectorj, Scott Sklener fPublioity Cameramanj. 159 ly , 'j:Es,JXx,,- DRAMA, czgue oFFioEi1is rL-ng: sfeeyeiieri - President, .Scott weeawefm - wee-President, Bremer Hess - Treasuren Kathy Weese 'fSecretary,t, L 6 A T . L, , ty L DRAMA CLUB FRONT? L to R Laura Marriott, Melanie Brown, Geoffrey Brooks, Justin Louise, Louis Vitello ROW 2: Tracy Coopen Karen Fieldsa, Sue Began, Kathy Weese, Patty Martinez, Karen Hacic BOW 3: Vicki Partridge, Ftay Stocklosa, Paul Briggs, Cheri Catherwood, Cass I-loll, Bill Harmon, Tim Pike BOVV 4: Audra Kroll, Kevin Harrington, Tracy Fredenberg, Teresa Kusmierczyk, Karen Seufert, Kathy Baken Michael Boccolucci STAGE CBEVV BOTTOM BOW: Mike Woelfel, Bob Norman, Jim Fessel, Karen Fieldsa, Geoff Brooks MIDDLE ROW: Karen Haclc, Stacy Flierl, Bill Pike, Bill Harmon, Sue Regan, Lori Bellomo TOP BOW: Chris Reed, Paul Bademacher Karen Seufert, Audra Kroll, Kevin Harrington, Julie Kaczon Ray Stoklosa MISSING: Paul Norman, Dino Ingersoll, Allyn Davis, Kevin Dinan, Chuck McCooey Patty Martinez, Mike Dowdall, Mark Hatten, John E vancho, Chris Sitarek, Kevin Dils, Jim Gardner, Dave Gizzi, Dave Batka, Brandt Hess, Teresa Kusmierozyk, Cheryl Boyer, Justin Louise, Mike MacTurk, Todd Foster Bblbltlti Lori givifigiirtkfie Kaye? Rigmff L .Golieenlfty ,M we "' if L Y-J PUBLIC INFORMATION CLUB ROW 1: Kelly Donohue, Lisa Kelly Cathy McGee ROW 2: Deborah Schappert, Staci Jovanovski, Karen Richter, Daniel Deinzen Shari Fruchtel. ROW 3: Daniel Beres, Christopher Quick. ABSEN77 Heather Baker, Christine Brown, Jacqueline Drabek, Kim Duquette, Colleen Gallivan, Lori Huthmacher, Aimee McCracken, Kerry O'Connell, Rhonda Pilgen Michelle Schmitt, Madonna Schubbe, Michele Sibiga, Rhonda Weiskergen Tammy Winkler 162 5 , ik o p w PUI3LlCflNFORMATlONi pneoot theaprimary functions offthe Public informationi.Club,ls tolrprepare and printrallffineces- sary material for extracurricular oiStriCtfVifide,giiunotiims, 'rL lnciluifl-it ingifjticketsg posters, programs, etgfr A :M Vit, -' Ainotheriii function is to help keep theriscommunity aware of I itheifnianyf 'activities which take place within tljle District. To :achieve this goal, theClub uses various forms of fU2lssgmedia,iin- fclucling press releases to local newspapers, radgplstatipnslgffand sttidents iwiiosenroll in 'this Club 8ie,Q'SQieStQ9nSilsi221tSrfOr?thG ,ations for itund iiraising events. The funds raised from these events go toward a scholarship for a Frontier students We also work for the Woodlawn Revital- ization Corp, and all Frontier Dis- ,.fk , Vg r,7h M i,I, V- i..i if- ii A ii T 'Like the mythological Phoenix rising from its own ashes, 'Hi- Lites was resurrected this year, and A thepstaff qproducedffan eX+ traordinary publication. l-lifl.ites I ISWOXVCQQQUHUUG 5351 Off Stiff sweater' reportorial skills, creative! writing genius,randialitisticfrnanifi iestationsT'Adrninistratlon,fstaft ptintin fof tliie I Districthlewstet- ,and ,stuqewnt lapdy seW9l'?GLi'fDl'O'i ter, 5 iufol, ilfilridedfwithiiita magical journalistic inithislolub aiso Itour-de-force with-theradveht ot work on printingfirnaterialsi AAQ for each iisi iissuei. Kudos to the staff .iooinmlinity organiiationsi such for a splendid journey lrot intoiither asithe Lions Club and thelHamf ififfh GSta'lG.' , bulrgEiusinessfwoniten's'Associ- I 55 lrpA S ,ract 5 HI-LITES: SITTING: Sue Edwards, Kim Bagley STANDING: Melanie Brown, Mike Bowen, Scott Jaokisch, Audra M, Kroli, Tracy Fredenburg. MISSING: Chris Mindle, Poppy Buiz, Mr Starn Advison Mr Bailey Printing Advisor 163 I , LIBRARYASSISTANTS SEATED: Carolyn Michaloski, Karen Seufert, Shelly Lehman. STANDING: Nicole Swygerl, Vicki Partridge, Michael Lango. MISSING: Tracy Arena, Nicole Aquino, Nicole Curcio, Tracy Burke, Terrence Johnson, Linda Sattler ANNOUNCERS Michael Watson, Sheri Jankovvski, Mr. M. Kerry Courtney ,X Q .ll H . 1 c .Ami SENIOR HIGH OFFICE WORKERS ROW 1 fLeft to Rightj: Deanna Emmerling, Jennifer Goupil, Michelle Browning, Denice Lorka, Lisa Holley Zoe Sipos. TOP ROW 1Left to Rigl Nancy Labinski, Jacqueline Just, Erin Sullivan, Jill Griffith, Kelly Erker, Janine Delvlario, Kim Bagley, Sue Ring, Dawn lvlandiak, Lisa Molnar, Ren Ferguson, Carrie Tomczak. 166 GUIDANCE WORKERS ?OW 1: SEATED: Rosann Acanfora, Secretary James Finch, Anna Venezia, Hope Richardson, Michael Marriott, Irene Luba, Secretary ROW2 QTANDING: Brenda Zawisa, Aimee Woodworth, Cathy McCIeary Sheri Schlehr Wendy Barnes, Mary Izydorczak, Geraiyn Specht, Laurie Tupis ?OW3: STANDING: Cathy Rothenbergen Loran Simonick, Julie Simmons, Dawn Guz, Ann Salasny Jenny Ransford, Lisa Thomas, Kari Tomfcki AISSING: Peggy Gonsen Sue Pike, Heidi Schneider John Schooiey 167 FRONT ROWKL-RQ: Renee Zaklikowski, Rhonda Pilger rManagerj, Bobbi Naumoff fManagerj, Carolyn Vullo, Jason Medynski, Kraig Weben Mr. Tarnish lAdvisorj, Ernst Weber, Joe Mitchell, Greg Robinson, Paul Mitchell, Dan Deinzer lManagerj, Roni Winter ROW2 KL-Rl: Missy Horn, Rachel Nocera, Elena Petrov, Ka , Beth Kopacz, Michele Palombaro, Duane Pieri, Chris Ouick, Tom Kowac, ROW3 KL-Rl: Kathy Leavell, Landi Macchioni, Annette Smith, Kim Heeb, Laura Richten Tina Yerro w, Mary Beth Jurek, Julie McHugh, Karen Seufert, Rhonda Batterson. ROW4 IL- Rj: Therese Lee, Ray Witkowski, John Krause, Julie Zuchowski, Darlene Sawicki, Tracy Evans, Dan Nowakowski, John Schooley Dave Amigone, Scott Ranick, Mike Watson. The Frontier DECA Store is the students first chance at entrepreneurship! The students under the direction of the student managers, maintain inventory, price products, complete display for promotion and sell the products. Students of Marketing volunteer during Hfree periods" to work. While the second year Marketing 2 students are required to work as part of their program requirements. This year the store is providing: computer supplies, drafting and art supplies, review books, English Literature books, AP Books, "Frontier" clothing, as well as snacks for the student body! 168 rv ft T t .. ' ft st : fa ,1 5 ROW 1 lL-RQ: PatRyan, Roni Winter, Steve Nappo, Kathy Leavell, Tina Yerrom Terry Johnson, Karen Seufert, Mike Watson ROW2 lL-Rj: Therese Lee, Dan Deinzer Missy Hom, Rachel Nocera, Bobbi Naumoft, J. R. Weber Kraig Weben Rhonda Pilger, Renee Zaklikowski. ROW3 lL-Rj: Mr Tranish ffldvisorj, Ann Porpora, Tracey Stone, Cheryl Boyer Cathy McGee, Julie Zuchowski, Greg Robinson, Carol Vullo, Jay Medynski. ROW 4 lL-RQ: Dave Hine, Kim Dodge, Kelly Donahue, Dave Amigone, Mike Lango, Paul Mitchell, Duane Pieri. ROW5 IL-Rj: Scott Ranick, Jon Harrington, Chris Quick, Tom Smolarek. We were able to earn enough money to take three trips this year. We went to Toronto for a day tloved the zooj, Crystal Beach, and a trip to Cedar Point, Sea World and Football Hall of Fame in Ohio. Since we are interested in our future careers in business, we assisted out advisor in sponsoring a two-day workshop for students in gender stereotyping and how it affects our career choice. The FBLA offers all business students the chance to take an active role in their school and community. 169 . . f ' tttl ig T , Ai .yemww W ' it QP' ROW 1: fL'Rl.' Linda Floot, Nicole Aquino, Sean Wellen Dee Vitrano, Laurie Luczak, Sue Palumbo, Pam Friddell, Linda Dembski, Hollie Buscaglie Sherry Gretka, Lisa Patton, Marie LaFfosa, Amy Verbanoff, Jolene Bozanski, Julie Nistlen Marin O'Connell, Bill Barrett ROW 2: Angela Pellicanc Mindie Wojciechowski, Dawn Sauer, Norrine DeGal, Tim Hens, Scott Neal, Bob Wood, Kristen Klein, John Kennedy Steve Jovanovski, Steve Wil Eric Jensen, Ann Kruszka, Alison Crosta BOW 3: Cathy Bothenbergen Chris Masucci, Shannon Klien, Cindy Gombus, Maureen Finn, Caroly Surdyk, Dawn Seczyk, Beth Donovan, Beth Kellehen Linda Haines, Lisa Ratka, Missy Szelest, Amy Maclaughlin, Casey O'Dee, Ann Reed, Debbi Meyen Jennifer Krencik ROW 4: Rachelle Rouleau, Pam l-lausen Karen Dussing, Loran Simonick, Ken Adamczyk, Theresa Tokarczyk, Moll Sullivan, Ann Salasnv Tammy Noody Kevin Eckert, Duanne Boucaud, Erin Wade and TANDlNG: lPresidentj Mike Sutfin. SEATED lL-FU: emmy Pauley lTreasurerj, Dawn Mandiak, Nice- Tesidenti, Sue Ring, lSecretaryj ' " -' , fl '3 1-..."i"1 ROW 1: Mickey Palombaro lVice- Presidentj ROW 2: Jim Woods lSecretaryi, Joe Mitchell Ureasurerj ROW 3: Al Bingenheimer lPresidentj SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Tim Hens lPresidentj, Lorie Kazmierczak lSecretaryj, Linda Wappman lVice- Presidentj, Debby Meyer lTreasureri. 171 M--. fire SOCIAL CLUB ROW 1: David McCarthy Jim Fessel, ROW 2: Julie Soda, Nicky Curcio, Dana Fioreiio, Tracy Fredenburg. ROW 3: Sherry Jankowski, Jim Finch, Louie Diiflavio, Laura Mutka, Mike Rogers. ROW 4: Mrs, Orcutt, Chris Ross, Dave Buck iPresidern'j, Randy Sobaszek. Interacting with others PEER LISTENING Peer Listening is sponsored laysthe Hamburg Town Youth Bureau. Mary Rose and Beth fijierlehy from the Youth Bureau, Miss Trawinski, a Biology teacher and ivlr. Santomaggio, a Counseior are the advisors at the High Schooi. Peer Listeners consist ot Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. During the year, Peer Listeners attends meetiyngs, seminars and weekendS1Qigi1elp them develop theirsiipilistertipiphg skills. They also corrdyrictisiiillrug Awareness Days! fifttrsifilth graders. They are taught that its O.K. to say "no" to peer pressure, Peer Listeners at the Senior High are available simply to provide a student the opportunity to talk to another student. it a problem arises that requires moreshelpithan a Peer Listener can otfergftheywrefer the student to fsomyeoney who can help them.f I p I SOCIAL CLUB This year our social club membership has doubled. This was partially due to our new policy Hlnvite a Friend." Gur major goal this year is to interact iwith other students outside of our own circle. Our activities this year include: monthly meetings, a pizza Sr wings Christmas Party and fund raising to help pay for our trip to Toronto and hopetuliy "The Big Apple." p PEER LISTENING BOW 1 CSEATED1: Ken Zawadzki, AI Bingenheimen Sharon Tirado, Heather Chadwell, Lois I-Iincherick, Jennifer Leverentz, Mr Santomaggio, Kim E vanoff. BOVV2 ISTANDINGj: Carol Butyneski, Nicole Swygert, Tracy Burke, Art Griffith, Sara Bukkosv Brad I-Ierlehv Laurie Barbie, Patricia Appenheimer, Teresa Kusmierczyk, Tammy Wrzosek, Kristen Zdziarski, Bobin Curry MISSING: Nicole Cook, Catherine Fredenburg, Chris LaSanta, Sandy Mumm, John Schooiey Miss Trawinski. Left: Smile for the camera Center: Belaxed 173 f N 'fi ight ,. . g g , 'is QE' ' ?. .,... Q egg? . 1 5, .: I K I t . INDUCTEES: Seniors: C. Adams, S. Flierl, J. Mau, K. O'Boyle, J. Bosanski, S. Trojanovic, J. Zoladz. Juniors: L. Almeida, J. Applegate, K. Baker W Barnes, L, Beiiomo, A. Bingenhimer B. Blyth, M. Boocolucci, G. Borgese, D. Boucaud, M. Brown, A. Buccella, A. Bugman, J. Bukaty L Capasso, A. Carrig, C. Catherwood, T Cooper S. Cross, C. Dulski, J.Dylik, S. Eberhardt, K. Eckert, I Erickson, 77 Fredenburg, A. Gorneyr S. Granioa, E. Grinder P Grinder J. Grogan, K. a ' . ' ' rrington, S Janlcowskr E. Jensen, F? Jeswald, B. Jones, B. Kelleher M. Klawitter P Kraus, A H Kruszka, L. Kuznicki,L. Luczak, E. Nagy T Noodyr S. Partridge, B. Petry H. Ouin, J. Bansford, A Reed, S. Began, J. Rivera, C. Floliozek, C. Bothenburger H. Russell, W Shaper D. Scocchera M. Shannon, L. Simonick, M. Sloan, K. Smith, J. Sobaszek, H. Sprague, D. Stejbach, M. Streit, K Sullivan, N. Swygert, M. Szelest, B. Tamol, L. Thomas, J. Tracy L. Vitello, K. Weese, L. Wild, S Will, S. Winkowski, C. Wright, S. Wright, B. Zawisa, K. Zdziarski, B. Ziegelhofer MEMBERS: A. Blaze, M. Bosiaki, T Braunscheidel, L. Brocki, K. Carrnodv 7T Conway J. Dahl, S. Daly J. Davies, E. Donovan, L. Eckert, J. Evancho, T Evans, R. Filighera, J. Gara, T Giodano, K. Hacic, L. Haines, N. Hammond, G. Hannel, W Harmon, R Hartel, H. Hyser S. Kasinski, K, Klein, M. Knaszak, B. Leard, K. Lenahan, K, Lesiak, L. Mack, W McConvev B. Mohan, J. Nash, B. Naumofli S. Neal, S. Oszust, K. Patton, R. Pilgen A. Polakiewicz, S. Rachlinski, L. Ratka, C. Reed, T Reed, H. Richardson, Jea. Robinson, Jen. Robinson, J. Rothenburger, B. Sheff S. Shelton, E. Skop, T Skora, K. Slater, S. Steffan, J. Sullivan, M. Sutfin, R. Swahlon, K. Szkutak, 71 Tokarczyk, J. Vandenbergh, K. Vandenbergh, A. Verbanoff S. Walsh, K. Westphal, M. Woelfel, J. Wozniak, D. Yakal, R Yoviene, C. Zahm, W Zak. 4, 'ff NS! NRE. w rseiqwl Mig tafefsbaanf The guilty like! rc-ameri Zoe, Mikegand Jeremy! The juryis . 0 f 5 iff . eiil' ,f. . FORUM BOW 1 lL-FU: Shelia Coyle, Pam Friddell, Amy Verbanofli Dee Vitrano, Erin Sullivan, Jeanne Robinson, Jen Zywicki, Barb Newman. BOW2 KL-H, Sandy Kasinski, Jolene Rosanski, Marie LaBosa, Anne Polakiewicz, J. B. Sullivan, Jason Dylik, Kevin Eckert, Dwayne Boucaud. MISSING: Lyn Mack, Erik Jensen, Scott Neal, Brian Sheff Sean Partridge, Bob Blyth, Andy Bugman, Lisa Szczun Stephen Will, Nicole Braun, Griff Hannel, Greg Hazen, Barb Newman, Julie Dahl. l 176 xf MOCK TRIAL IL-RQ: Sharon Eberhardt, Sandy Kasinski, Kris Klein. SEATED: Jolene Rozanski. MISSING: Zoe Sipos, Jeremy Mike Klawitten Kristen Slaten Charlene Wright. 5 CSQYQQQ -fc so O CHESS CLUB SEATED KL-Rj: John Wozniak, Zia Khorrami, Scott Rachlinski, STANDING KL-FU: Mark Woelfel, Mike Woelfel, Tracy Burke, Nicole Swygert 178 B K 5. X1fg:1ifm,.i MATH CL UB . ,,.,, -oo,W W 1: Tracy Coopen Sharon Eberhardt, Dawn Yakal, Sherri Steffan, Melanie Brown. BOW 2: Norm Jurek, Bob Blyth, Jason Dyllk, Kevin Foley e Klawltter, Dwayne Boucaud, Kevin Eckert. 179 1 3 A Qenter: Eligabe-,th and Lazyra, Brian, Steveg A ancmndyi Miclfc5SLoZJnginQ. L7 S416 T,,-,.,,wV . i MICROBIOL OG Y CL UB ROW 1: Laura Blain, Ste ve Mink, Henry Luczak. ROVV2: Terri K usmierczyk, Tracy Fredenburg, Miss Tra winski KA dvlsorj, Zia Khorrami, Ti. Kashino, Janine Garra, Lisa Galleneau, Kirsten Slater ROVV3: Elizabeth Grinden Brian Mink, Dwayne Boucaud, Scott Neal, Eric Jensei Ste ve Will, Ken Adarnczyk, Dea Martin, Marie LaF?osa, Kari Zakovvski, Dawn Yackel, Sherry Ste-ffean, Eileen Blaze, Rick Bantle. MISSINC 180 Andy Bugrnan PHYSICS CLUB BOW 7: Mrs. Borman, Melissa Szelest, Kelly Carmody Kim O'Boyle,Sharon Oszust, Mike Sutfin. BOW2: Theresa Tokarczyk, Sherry Gretka, ulie Dahl, Anne Polakiewicz, Julie Davies, Elisa Skop, Barb Newman, Flon Barringer BOW 3: Henry Luczak, Ann Reed, Mike Bosiaki, Jeff au, Frank Selice, Jim Purcell, Bob Swahlon, Ann Marie Kruszka, Michelle Stanek, Garrett Lechowski. BOW 4: Tom Skora, Michael Palyszewski, Bernie Mohan, Steve Mink, Mark Woelfel, Scott Bachlinski, Zia Khorrami, Andy Bugman, Steve Will, Erik Jensen, Mike Bowen, Brian Mink, ' is. 'W A V Q, ,Q , 1 -'NEW f" fi" ax N51 .jx ' 2 'ef as A k.z' I r, ,eg I SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS: Left to Right: Brenda Zawisa ISecretaryj, Teresa Muniz, ITreasurerj, Charlene Zahm, lVice Presidentj, Jolene Rozanski, IPresidentj. 182 SPANISH CLUB ROW 1: FRONT' Charlene Chapman, Julie Rivera, Carmen Muniz, Teresa Muniz, Zia Khorrami. ROW Ms. Costello, Advisor Brenda Zawisa, Charlene Zahm, Colleen Eagen, Cheryl Mack, Janice Gross Ann Sikorski, Dorinda Persons, Laura Almedia, Dawn Persons. ROW 3: Jolene Rozanski, Erin Sulliva Chris Masucci, Cheryl Zimmer Nicole Swygert, Tammy Wroszek, Patty Appenheimen Dale Saladyg. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS: Julie Dahl lVice-Presldentj, Sandra Kasinskl fPresidentj, Norlnne DeGal Ureasurerj, Julie Wojtas lSecretaryj. 1 N.-S - , ,A ,,,, , , .,V: , vga- , if ' I NP 2 Hai-i X -uw v- ff Above Right: Calm before the food fight - Preparation Polish Wigilia. 184 4 V . . ,. NYY- L I POLISH CLUB BOW 7 5 Paula Yoviene, Elisa Skop, Ann Kruszka, Barb Nowak, Charlene Zahm, Kim E vanoff. BOW2: Patricia Grinden Sharon Eberhardt Ureasurerj, Meghan Shannon, Renee Jones, Beth Kelleher lVice-Presidentj, Julie Zoladz lPresidentj, Kristen Lewandowski, Chris Marrelo, Beth Donovan, Mrs. Ann Szczesny lAdvisorj. POW 3: Wendy Barnes, Debby Foresten Anna Lukaszevvicz, Renata Petry Lisa Kuznicki, Sue Winkowski, Andrea Skalski, Audra Kroll, Mike Bosiacki. L I' GERMAN CLUB ROW 1 llineelingj: Paul Briggs, Mike Frost, Greg Ffudnicki, Jenny Birach, Jenny Wasnock, Pat Donaldson, Kim Steigert, Sean Wellen Mike Patko. ROW2: Mrs. Pollingen Cheri Catherwood, Steve Lowmann, Julie Nash, Donna Mohn Julie KacZon Jeff Mau, Tracy Coopen Paula Kraus, Jill Nash, Ed Doverspike. HOW 3: Henry Luczak, Gary Smith, Ken Long, Jenny Yetman lSeoretaryj. 5 xx J! gk M 186 g 4 A W Y , LANGUAGE MENTORS KL-RQ: Pat Jeswald, Bob Bingenheimen Henry Luczak, Jill Nash S LANGUAGE MENTORS KL-FU: Julie Rivera, Lynn Goodberry SEATED fL-FD: Muniz, Julie Dahl STANDING fL-RQ: Paula Kraus, Sharon Meghan Shannon. ,ww X S.A.l,L. BACK POW: Timothy Hens, Mark Millen Jason Brainard, Scott Jackisch, Craig Fohl, Kevin Foley Paul I-lartel, Steven Will, Kevin Harrington, Kevin Eckert, Jason Dylik 2ND BOW: Joan Arkins, Laura Prendergast, Elliot Gaske, Gretchen Boehm, Cheryl Bykowicz, Paula Kraus, Tracy Cooper Melanie Brown, Jennifer Pobinson, Wendy Barnes, Miss Palmer 3F?D BOW: David Smith, Anne Salasny Kristen Zdziarski, Anne Reed, Jennifer McConvey Andrea Skalski, Sharon Eberhardt, Kathy Weese ON FLOOR: Justin Louise, Patricia Grinden Chris Constentino, Megan Shannon, Sean Partridge, Lori Bellomo, William I-larmon arm :Icp LeffgQWe, g1fou1dlike to be your cQmpufer 6i9 teSQf Top,Right: Iqny !ggs 5zridQ fn his wc5rk1 Botlz5m libftrfiqllfl get out o Efhis pfa3ggre qishpan hands! Canter! We?re A m fast jfwoggphiqlgs Jqoking fog' some qheap meh! Bbttbm Flightsifllcanftwndfber1 pulsgplp . A 'Q' L'Q" L59 if fs' vw Lf Qqw K ffm' " 5 190 is X 1 4 .14 sf wmv' f f m ' ': 3 .2 2 C up.-. I 1 I A T wi . w ff S 2 5 Wm. ,W Q 'Q ' My ' Q. f w ya ., . 551 A 1 Sli" . 5 f ftBarbara Nowak, J , Lay-Out Editor 95213 V My - I -K' -Q . C C Jim Purcellf 4 Lay-Out, Editor 1+ fi K 4 9 . p ,,,,L X. J .,.' f,.'- ,,A:, , :4' it , r ieigasg i :. ,- " -'lp i'- ,ii 1 ., Scott Rachlinski, Photography Editor ,Q ,, ,, H -' , C if C " 'Viifii 12111: 1 Wm C T 'iii - f:Q"H , - I s, .NA Q K4 1 KI., - 1 V Ass't Lay-Out Editors Melissa Szelest, Kimberly O'Boyle, Kelly Carmody Missing: Michael Bosiacki. Below: 'Y Which picture should I use?" Top Right: intense! Bottom Right: ,Tammy oiyino Ra helpful laysout advice.. C i J ,, sy' N555 LAYOUT? Jim Purcell, Barbara Nowak, Linda Haines, Kelly Carmody Melissa Szelest, Mary lzydorczak, Kimberly O'Boyle. Row 2: Jennifer Schubbe, Tracy Arena, Karen Westphal, Janice Grosse, Cheryl Mack, Keri Martin, Patty Kinder ROW 3: Miss Donna Palmer iAdvisorj, Michelle Hess, Michael Bosiacki, Kerry O'Connell, Bill Fritz, Cheryl Zimmer Tammy Wroszek, Ray Hauser Caren Lee, Business Stafh Shelia Coyle, Mrs. Mary Kraft, Maureen Marsillo. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: Carolyn Michalski, Scott Flachlinski, Tony Pierino, Zia Khorrarni. Lay-Out: Barbara Nowak James Purcell Michael Bosiacki Kelly Carmody Melissa Szelest Kimberly O'Boyle Lay-Out Ed Doverspike Bill Fritz Jeanine Giarra Jody Garra Janice Grosse Linda Haines Ray Hauser Michelle Hess Mary lzydorczak Tim Kashino Patty Kinder Miss Donna Palmer Photography: Mrs. Joan Borman Scott Fiachlinski Tony Pierino Carolyn Michalski Business: V Mrs. Mary Kraft Sheila Coyle Maureen Marsillo Copy: Miss Nancy Lyons Lay-Gut Editor Lay-Out Editor Ass't Editor Ass't Editor Ass't Editor Caren Lee Cheryl Mack Keri Martin Jeff Mau Marge Naumovski Kerry O'Connell Chris Reed Jennifer Schubbe Karen Westphal Tammy Wrozsek Cheryl Zimmer Advisor Advisor Photo Ed. Photo Asst. Ed. Staff Advisor Staff Staff Advisor 193 eW4F0 wouum You BUY cl-:EAP PERFUME Fon Q B Q5 YOUR QQBLFRIEND? Unslmp meat liiilb 'III f wy y H Ps . FASHIONE g 'E tg 223, pntwfsaflit eof CGS .' . JI' F M y-U,-ltr ...'...I...r4.j n Amo AFTER me P2DNAfEl'1'j 'Tl CD - . - - -' 4' n , -2410! MW nam 352 TQSe'3ifT.RA5A af if Dlresfs fd kill. 'li Y ga ng! fg S unmv a td The Peach ree -3 df tthatb ghtthgi g th 983 1 986 WORLD SERIES 9 :-.. E 0 th Q, x Q s O ld . -E E O em Q MVP RAY KNIGHT me +-- 4' Tl-ns HAS BEEN A GREAT Y era ri bekrhls hd 9 tdyHQwlEMANDEI J. .A- wht? THE RIGHT STU YOU ALONE! E mnrs You no You have to be careful walking around in the fast food world. Want t get an icy stare? Just as for a Whopper at McDonald's. What's more embarrassing than that? Going into a Kentucky Fried Chicke and pleading for some Chicken McNu ets SOME KINDUFWONDERFUL D E f E 2 Y Ji :Q Q irixmwrv You ARE Nf l! A " EGIQ ni-5 LD .. CL . Q IE me l.JY' G- M QQ 9.-. ucky me MIS! 1? l llllllllll S 'he am ws: isa: seiafiaik VAN HALENE' vii' W Q lllllllg 1:53553 I eekeneixercisei-X U1 AAQQ. K gxiy NERD Bxggglallgyl NT 9 VJIEHNV smmsw the best because it s because it's the best, S HARD 1' THE YEAR OF LIV N Om Beef Red stands out MS. LIBER E SllJCItCh 'lf fr Vgiabsolutely if nothmv I m wearing THE YEAEtJimIpIbl'I REVIEW WCFZLD tl lil ' land, for a two-day summit in October to discuss arms control. The summit was a failure due to an argument over the Star Wars weapondry. President Reagan and Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev met in Reykjavic, Ice- I Britain's Prince Andrew married English commoner Sarah Ferguson in July. The marriage took place in Westminster Abbey in a spectacle that truly showed the glory of Britain's 920 year old monarchy. QW! ,gh 'X .,, f .. r . ga, .,.sr c.c, V qtvi" k-ff "'-gl . I A-I ' 'MMT f ' t i al . .IQ T., . t.. 3, I -v 'Eli -this 'im 'ff-1, "QQf'f2'f li . ,SIQ Lqj ik.. yfi V N, , 9.49 2 , . Q -. .' E f. 1.1 ff it -fi" if 'i5ii':! ?f3 f -. ' 2- Y-Q.-if Wi 'T-it . ..Ja tE,,,L . 'Q 1 'ff , on MJ- - wa- ,L r , -4 .1--, 1-.S""w. R' r 2 7 is fin . ,f :lnmlf-1 .f .a F.'gT?',l4,"M ,T - 4. i. . . 7 .- ,wat f -9 1- , if 3 5. Mft..- .. , , 1 .fre 4' J. . .Y . as . ,, 9' ' " -I --i- ' Taisiif..-7 T? :' . . ' ' siri 4 Digg MIT -rd" 2, B. su se- --1 fer- A. -f-'t-+,fw tail' - I 42, I i W- , ,,g .Z 1 ' 41, .-ga,-. V-'L f'-15.11.5 1 9 If - as-fs: -. - . i E-usd' A .5 11. A ' 9'-,fa-" '-':f3?...?-'1tKf.'t . H Giennadiy Zakharov, a soviet UN employee Qleftl and American journalist Nicho- las Danilotf made a stir in U.S.!Soviet relations. Both were charged for spying. Their release led to the U.S.!Soviet summit. talityf' The Libyan Naval Academy fabovel was one of the targets. U.S. Air Force and Navy jets made a retalitory strike against Libya for their actions in terrorism, which President Reagan described as "monstrous bru- ln Other News . . . The nuclear power plant disaster in Chernobyl, Russia spread a radiation cloud all over Europe and Asia. The radiation released was more than was released at the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined: over 4,000 died. The problem of apartheid in South Afri- ca only grew to a higher level than ever before. Riots grew more violent and over 1,300 apartheid protestors were killed. President Reagan's attempts at stopping apartheid failed. Corazon Aquino helped establish democratic control of the Phillippines after her victory in their presidential election. The Marcoses, after 20 years of despotic rule in the Phillippines, fled to Hawaii. The federal government had a very tough time explaining the arms trades that had taken place with Iran. Appar- ently the Contras, which Reagan had wanted aid to be given to, received some of the profit. Nahon 5 Wi, lt's called "crack" on the East Coast and "rock" on the West. Whatever it's name, this refined, smokeable form of cocaine may very well be the most addictive narcotic ever sold on the streets of America. if .mv-.utgx i ' A,- .M -.414 1 ,J A drought spread throughout the Southeast during 1986. lt was the worst dry spell on record. Even after some rain, many farmers in the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia were on the brink of ruin. TlTLE: BEST SELLERS Fruit: apple Car: Ford Escort Candy bar: Snickers Ice-Cream: Vanilla Beer: Budweiser Album: Whitney Houston Toy: Cabbage Patch Kids Vegetable: Potato Radio: Sony Walkman Snack: Doritos Challenger Crew tl to rl: Ellison Onizuka Christa McAuliffe Gregory Jarvis Judith Ftesnik Michael Smith Francis Scobee Ronald McNair TITLE: LEISURE-TIME TOPS Video: Back to the Future Motion Picture: Top Gun Soap: General Hospital TV Series: The Cosby Show TV Special: The Super Bowl Exercise: bicycling Book: "lt" by S. King Model: Paulina Porizkova Sport: football Cable TV Station: HBO Spons ,, 2:25 , -'s h th QQ! 4 'N K New York Met's Gary Carter is joyous fol- The N.Y. Giants beat the Broncos rather badly by a score of 39- Larry Bird earned the MVP award as the lowing the 8-5 victory by the Mets in the 20 in Super Bowl XXI. The Giants defense held back the air Celtics defeated the Rockets, 114-97, in 7th game of the World Series attack of John Elway. the 6th game of the NBA Championship Music :ff GENESIS Writers 5' ZZ Top kept their great popularity The "new" Van Halen, with Sammy Ha- from 1984885 throughout 1986.Their QGV, WHS better than ever before. Their Invisible, roach -ymefbumer" album was 3 SUCCESS, album "5150" and tourwere highly popu- 5 , 51 ' .. ' N "t m, ,, K . .H it . . -,Ira -k., . if QM, . . ,. Gsizfv My Genesis's album "Invisible Touch", Phil Collin's "No Jacket Required", and Mike 1RutherfordJ 8 the Me- chanics debut album were all high sellers in 1986. TITLE: TOP 10 CONCERT TOURS 1 1. zz Top 123 miiiioni 2 2. Van Halen 114.71 3 3. Alabama 114.41 4 4. N, Diamond 113.85 5 5. K. Rogers 113.35 6 6. Bob Seger 111.13 7 7. Grateful Dead 18.85 3 8. Genesis 18.61 9 9. Aerosmith 18.23 10 10. Journey 18.03 TITLE: TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 1986 Whitney Houston Miami Vice Soundtrack Brothers in Arms!Dire Straits 515O!Vanl-lalen Afterburner!ZZ Top Dancing on the CeilingiL. Richie Heart!Heart Control!Janet Jackson No Jacket Requlredil? Collins Top Gun Soundtrack Raising Hell!Run-DMC Born in the USAXB. Springsteen Invisible TouchlGenesis True BluelMadonna ln Square Circle!S. Wonder Scarecrow!J. C. Mellencamp Play Deep!The Outfield RiptidelRobert Palmer Third Stage!Boston So!Peter Gabriel TITLE: TOP 10 VIDEOS 1. Sledgehammer 2. You Give Love a Bad Name 3. Addicted to Love 4. Papa Don't Preach 5. Higher Love 6. Danger Zone 7. These Dreams 8. Rough Boy 9. Invisible Touch 10. Take Me Home Tonight Et C Etc. TITLE: IN MEMORIUM: Ricky Nelson, 45, singer James Cagney, 86, actor Kate Smith, 79, singer Ted Knight, 62, actor Benny Goodman, 77, musician Cary Grant, 82, actor Desi Arnaz, producer and actor Voyager reached new limits of air travel in their world-circling trip. TITLE: 1986 STATISTICS People who ran the New York Mar- athon: 19,626 New AIDS cases: over 12,195 Average time spent viewing televi- sion by American households: 7+ hours a day Press conferences given by Presi- dent Reagan: 6 Personal computers bought for home use: 5.9 million units MBA degrees given: 68,000 New patents issued: 76,993 Cinema Top Gun, with Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis was the it top movie of the year, making over 150 million dol- Iars. Eddie Murphy remained rather silent for most of the year until the release of the successful "Golden Child". After the release of "Cobra" in 1986, Sylvester Stallone returned with his new movie "Over The Top." Sigourney Weaver returned to carry on the battle with the rampaging "Aliens", which did well in the summer. TITLE: TOP 3 MOTION PICTURES OF 1986: 1. Top Gunfwith Tom Cruise St Kelly McGillis 2. Alienslwith Sigourney Weaver 3. The Karate Kid, Part llfwith Ralph Machio Television The cast of Cheers kept us laughing all through 1986 with .gy " 7 f ln' , ,, 4,.. N, V af -Cf? . ,I 3 .5 . .,,,, . P Am M. , g X 1 N, the misadventures of Sam and Diane. TITLE: TOP 10 TELEVISION SHOWS 1, The Cosby Show 6. 2. Family Ties 7 3. Murder, She Wrote 8 4. 60 Minutes 9 5. Dynasty 10 Cheers Dallas Miami Vice , Golden Girls Night Court The Cosby Show, still the aft show, continued it's family oriented high jinks in 1986, The show also delt with average family problems. In IVlemoriam: Bernard IVI. Mohan 1 O-22-69-1-22-87 5 r S A , Q f if.-: ,.:. W .Xf f - This is a descriptive essay about one of Bernie's escapades written by William lvlcConvey approximately one and a half months before his death. Traveling home from a supposedly educational and fulfilling trip to Toronto, one wonders if a new species of whales has evolved. Surely those are mating calls coming from the fresh waters of Lake Ontariog or are they? They couldn't possibly be coming from a "National Honor Society" student crammed up in the luggage rack. Not the same student who lead a company of students to the baseball game at the CNE. ls that the same student who, after purchasing doughnuts from National l-lonor Society, kept his baked goods in his locker until he and his friends organized an after school hockey game in which the doughnuts were used as part of their equipment? Was the student in question running for office in National l-lonor Society, an organization which is known for its high standards and difficulty in which to get in? l'm sure those noises did not come from such an arduous working individual striving to maintain the charisma and leadership bestowed upon him as a pillar of the youth of our society. It was probably just the wind. 200 i 2 l Q 4 E at V 'F ff i Q.,...1 'W' gernie JL time a reajan lm lm! fo Jie? A Lefty friend ,ou muff! ,wi Am lm! we ML ouraegfea ana! womler wily? wfza Lnew Aim wily Le mf! 'lMfl. a Mm: wlliwr my 900.!L,e. Keep up ,Our Amd, iw .WMJ want W fo ou AML 0 im an wan 0 fr. y I H J f f y g.,.,.14,,e gm 31.2 fo, 1.2 Lmugld fo euef gone 'lfllff aff min W. the Mika, llw fuuglfter, and aff tile fun Ky: Windie 'lfU0jfiQflww4Li we are :sorry Ae gone guf afua, Ilia memory wif! Ave on. 201 FFOl'lti9l',S Fabulous F3.Si'liOl'l Flair Hair: The remaining is jelled 'K with Dippidy-Do. ' Q Q Varsity Jacket: A must for several "JOCKS." Sports Illustrated: To keep up with all the sporting news. Falcon Painters Cap: Compliments of the book- store. Levi 501 Blues: Shrink to fit, of course. Boots: "JOCKS" and "Freaks" alike take part in this fine Frontier tradition. High Tops: Chuck Taylor's in green. Ain't they mean? Y Books: Boring yes, but we needed to fill in the picture! Duffel Bag: stuffed with Barb 's dirty gym clothes and Miss Clairol. The typical Frontier student doesn't real- ly exist, as each has an individual personal- ity and style. However, certain distinct trends and similarities are obvious, as one notices the crowds and cliques that travel the corridors. Frontier's Fabulous Fashion Flair is a mixture of the old and the new. Many stu- dents are content with jeans, concert T's and boots. Yet others are constantly 202 Burger King Crown: A r al souvenir from Frontia favorite fast food joint. Sunglasses: To coll bloodshot eyes from l weekend. Turtleneck: A trusty arti of clothing, useful for skiir hiking, or the occasional . gel in the snow A Lei: to go Hawaiian. searching for something new and unique. But, there's a certain sense of balance, be- cause here at Frontier everyone is comfort- able being themselves. Some students reached an obstacle this year with the outlaw of outerwear. Ques- tions such as "Are they serious?" echoed the halls, and "they" were. At first it was hard to adjust, but now it has become part of everyday lite at Frontier. What will they Gap Jean Jacket: 99. 97: Frontiers population oi some version of this. Bermuda's: Benetton a Pink. A classic combo. Puffalump: 'tBear" puf lump, our pal, we could. "bear" life without him! 1 Leather jacket: The F bidden outerwear b donned by many This contre be heard blasti heavy met. classical, or ev A L sNo, nobo down the halls ll, ron! , think of next? l wen, we're still waiting. "JOCKS" are still shopping at Champion. "FREAKS" are still wearing denim and the occasional "sneaky" leather. "PF2EPS" are still pur- chasing their clothing at the Limited and Benetton. But this is 1987. Things are sure to change in 1988. What does all this mean? "That's easy. Pez. Cherry flavor Pez. No question about it." SENIOR PROPHETIC WCDRDS! , fefw? I r3'5ssAiaoQ5:gir9if55it Shri?-L rif9Q!F?'239Q.fT9!f"0Y f, Maafeftvdhfffsr i fir 3"f?i:.f 3:5-gr Left: Best Friends Sherry Gretka 8 1 Kristen Klein - A I i i L i ' Beiovyz Nfcesi i ' Eyes Mikeg Paiysfg fzeskinf Q. iw' rfiwieiskergeii if rf? T'i1e'Faboit9 isreisejj .V, 6. 21' es- em 4 ' Left: Most Likely To Be Married Pat Morgante 8. Siivia Trojanovlc Right: Most Likely To Be Divorced Paul Kuebler 8. Lisa Becker 44 Aijolkar scriiibi' ' 3f5if?5f5?9W?0d' A Lp ,'f?"X 9?'f'E?F'3fi 1753 ' Iuka: d""'W Aiiobei 331551 ei! L he gy, ii il 'Q Abode: fiwomtiilase Q5 5?f3!5?'!5?SgifS??!Y Sf -3 :gil Q5 I' , J? , Belew Menace To The Hghway Degnxei Efwsef ,, Q ' .ff ' 'E' 'ri ' ' ff 4 11 cv jmqsi ilikeiy ' W5 B9 A MiIi26nairei:f- A Lhuraswilczekrgmfgr g N. L f INDEX Staff Albert, Larry 92 Albert, Rhonda 92 Bahruth, Hollis 92 Bailey, Dennis 92 Baker, James 92 Baker, Mark 92 Barrett, Robert 92 Biersbach, Ronald 92 Bonaventura, Lisa 92 Boorman, Joan 92 Braunscheidel, M. A. 92 Brooks, Margaret 92 Brumagin, Gorden 92 Capuani, Arsillo 92 Cavalcoli, Mark 92 Ceccarelli, David 94 Chavel, Mark 94 Costello, Mary Ann 94 Crawford, Donna 94 Crawford, Norine 94 Dickman, Richard 94 Dollmann, Marilyn 94 Duggan, Shannon M. 94 Eberle, Mary 94 Falkner, Noreen 94 Faust, William 94 Ferrie, Patricia 94 Fini, Anthony 94 Gates, Lynda 94 Gober, John 94 Haines, Raymond 97 Henry, Sally 97 Hickey, Paul 97 Hoffman, Eleanor 97 lnfante, Neil 97 Jenkins, Georgianna 97 Johnston, John 97 Kerr, John 97 Ketchum, Donna 97 Korthals, William 97 Koss, Lois 97 Kraft, Mary 97 Kyser, Robert 97 Liaros, Anna 97 Losi, Lora 97 Lucarelli, Donald 99 Lyons, Nancy 99 McClintock, Mary 99 Metzger, Anita 99 Meyer, Thomas 99 Myers, Raymond 99 Norris, Ronald 99 Orcutt, Lorraine Ann 99 Ortner, John 99 Palmer, Donna 99 Pieroni, Ronald 99 Piersanti,Jay 99 Pinkowski, Rosemary 99 Pollinger, Rita 99 Raupp, Wallace 99 Raymond, Michlena 99 Rizzo, Marta 100 Sabuda, James 100 Salmon, Douglas'100 Santomaggio, 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Zoladz, Julie 48 Zorn, Jennifer 48, 52, 81 Zuchowski, Julie 48 Zywicki, Jennifer 48 JUNICJRS Adams, Christopher 60 Allison, Timothy 60 Almast, Zoltan 60 Almeida, Laura 60 Ambrose, Kathleen 60 Amigone, David 60 Amigone, Richard 60 Applegate, Jessica 60 Arena Vincent 60, 126 Armbuster, Roxanne 60 Baker, Kathleen 60 Baker, Kenneth 60 Bangel, Jane 60 Barbic, Laurie 60 Barnes, Wendy 60 Barone, Charles 60 Barr, James 60 Barrett, Calvin 60 Barrett, William 60 Bartolomeo, Michael 60 Bartus, Susan 20, 60, 63 Bates, Brian 60 Batterson, Ronda 60 Baxter, Alison 60 Becker, Michelle 60 Bellomo, Lori 60 Bendzula, Tony 60 Bevelock, Danny 60 Bingenheimer, Albert 6, 12, 60, 82, 111 Bingenheimer, Robert 60, 65, 111 Blacha, Tina 60 Black, Robert 60 Blazevic, Joseph 60 Blosser, Marci 60 Blyth, Robert 60, 116 Boccolucci, Michael 60 Boerschig, Joanne 60 Bonafede, Melissa 60 Bond, Eric 60 Borgese, Gina 60 Borisch, Robert 44, 61, 111 Boucaud, Dwayne 34, 61 Bowen, Linda 61 Bower, Wade Bratek, Jennifer 25, 61 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66 Kraus, Paula 66 Krause, John 66 Krencik, Andrea 66 Kruszka, Annmarie 66 Kryszak, Robert 66 Kubiak, Karen 66 Kurucz, Timothy 66 Kusmierczyk, Teresa 66 Kuta, Richard 66 Kuznicki, Lisa 66 Labinski, Nacy 61, 66 Landes, Alan 66 Laskowski, Mark 66 Latt, Tyler 66 Lauber, Lawrence 66 Leatherbarrow, John 66 Lee, Therese 66 Lehmann, Shelly 66 Lemon, Franki 66 Leverentz, Jennifer 66 Litwinski, Lisa 67 Logan, Stacy 4, 48, 60, 64, 67, 69, 138, 139 Lopez, Robin 67 Lorka, Denice 67 Louise, Justin 67 Lounsbury, Brenda 67 Luba, Lawrence 34, 67, 116 Luczak, Laurie 7, 36, 46, 60 67, 124, 125 206 Lukaszewicz, Anna 67 Macchioni, Alexandra 67 Maclaughlin, Amy 67, 138, 139 Madigan, James 67 Mahar, Robert 67 Mahon, Jeanine 67 Manka, Darryll 67 Mantione, Melanie 67 Marenovic, Pamela 67 Marriott, Michael 67 Marsillo, Maureen 67 Mason, James 67, 126 Mastrobattista, Jennifer 67 Mastykarz, Christopher 67 Matla, Jeffrey 67 Maxick, Timothy 67 McCann, Kristen 67 McCarthy, Suzanne 67 McCarthy, Valarie 67 McCleary, Catherine 67 McConnell, Laura 67 McCracken, Aimee 67 McGilIicuddy, Sharon 67 McHugh, Julie 67 McKinney, David 67 McPhail, Jennifer 67 Mecozzi, Peter 67 Melendez, Jorge 67 Mendola, Wendy 67 Mesler, John 68 Meyer, James 68, 111 Meyer, Melissa 68 Michaloski, Carolyn 68 Mietus, Brian 68 Millich, Shari 68 Mink, Brian 12, 68, 116 Mitchell, Joseph 51, 60, 65, 68, 111 Monaco, Todd 68 Moppert, Deborah 68 Mulheisen, Michelle 68 Mumm, Sandra 68 Muniz, Teresa 68 Myers, Grace 68 Nagel, Robert 68 Nagy, Edward 68 Naumowicz, Brendan 68 Nellist, Kevin 68, 140 Nelson, Patrick 68 Neumann, Craig 68 Newton, Scott 68, 111 Nocera, Sandra 68 Noudy, Tammy 68 Oakes, James 68 Obstarczyk, Jennifer 52, 68, 138, 139 O'Connor, Patrick 68 Odee, Cathleen 51, 68 Olek, Robin 68 Osuch, Laura 68 Owczarek, Jonathan 68 Palczewski, James 68 Palombaro, Michelle 62, 68, 138, 139 Palumbo, Susan 23, 68, 78 Partis, Dana 68 Partridge, Sean 68 Pavel, Deborah 68 Pawela, Susan 68 Pellicano, Gina 68 Pellicano, Mariangela 68 Persons, Dawn 69 Persons, Dorinda 69 Peterson, George 69 Petrie, Michael 69 Petry, Renata 69 Phillips, Peter 69 Pieri, Duane 69 Pietruszewski, Denise 69, 138, 139 Pinter, Michael 69 Pracitto, Carolyn 69 Procknal, David 20, 60, 62, 69, 111 Pupo, Heidi 69, 138 Quick, Christopher 20, 69, 111, 203 Quinn, Heather 69, 83 Ranick, Tammy 69 Ransford, Jon 69 Rauscher, Donald 69 Reed, Ann 69 Regan, Susanne 69 Regensdorfer, David 69 Renaldo, Patricia 69 Rice, Frank 69 Richards, Bryan 69 Richter, Laura 69 Rinn, Thomas 69 Rivera, Julie 69 Rockey, Brandon 69 Rohauer, Eric 69 Roliczek, Cheryl 60, 64, 69, 124 Rothenberger, Catherine 69 Rouleau, Rachelle 69 Ruger, William 69 Ruiz, Violet 69 Ruppert, Donald 69 Russell, Heather 69 Russo, Neal 69 Ryan, John 69 Sabad, Frederick Sala, Anthony 70 Saladyga, Dale 17, 70, 126 Salasny, Paul 70 Sass, Paul 70, 126 Sauberan, Kerry 70 Sauer, Dawn 70 Savage, Kimberly 70 Scarsella, Richelle 70 Schank, Gina 70 Schaper, Wende 12, 70 Schappert, Deborah 70 Schena, Amy 70 Schifano, Patrizia 70 Schintzius, Karen 70 Schlehr, Sharon 70 Schmidt, Patrick 70 Schmidt, Paul 70 Schmitt, Michelle 70 Schofer, Jennifer 70 Schooley, Linda 70 Schrecengost, Peter 70 Schubbe, Jennifer 70 Schultz, Jean 70 Sciolino, Denise 70 Scocchera, Derrick 70 Seufert, Karen 70 Shafer, Eric 70 Shannon, Meghan 70 Shealy, Henry 70, 120, 121 Sheeran, Charlene 70 Sherry William 70 Sibiga, Michele 70 Siener, James 70 Signs, Lee Sikorski, Ann 70 Silver, Scott 70 Sim, Tracy 70 Simmons, Julie 70, 78 Simonick, Loran 52, 71 Sklener, Scott 71 Slisz, Jason 71 Sloan, Mark 71 Smith, Annette 71 Smith, Daren Smith, Kelly 71 Smith, Michael 71 Smith, Patrick 71 Sobaszek, Jacque Sobus, Jennifer 71 line 20, 7 Specht, Geralyn 71 Spino, Robert 71 Spiroff, Matthew 71 Sprague, Cherie 71 Sprague, Heather 71 Stafford, Kenneth 71 Stanek, Michelle 71 Steffan, Michael Stegner, Elaine 71 Steigert, Kimberly 71 Stejbach, David 71, 111 Sterling, Gregory 71 Sticht, William 71 Stiefler, Scott 71 Stoberl, Richard 71 Stoberl, Robert 71 Stockman, John 71 Stoklosa, Raymond 71 Stopha, Brenda 71 Streit, Mary 71 Striker, Kelly 71 Stulak, Mark 7, 71, 116 Sullivan, Erin 20, 23, 71 Sullivan, Karen 23, 71, 98, 138, 139 Surdyk, Sandra 71 Suttell, Tammy 71 Switzer, Carrie Swygert, Nicole 72 Szakall, Juliana 72 Szalanski, Marie 72 Szarowicz, Donna 72 Szelest, Melissa 3, 72 Tabone, Christian 72 Tamol, Brian 72, 126 Tates, Renee 72 Texter, James 72 Thiry, Kimberly 72 Thomas, Lisa 72 Thomas, Steven 72 Thurnherr, Jodi 72 Tirado, Edger 72 Tirado, Jeremy 72 Tomlcki, Kari 72 Tomljenovich, Vincent 72, 111 Tormabene, Sal 72 Tracy, Julie 72 Tracz, Stanley 72 Tripi, Carol 72 Tupis, Laurie 72 Turisk, Michael 72 Vutala, Richard 72 Valois, James 72 Vancise, Diane 72 Vanvolkenburg, Kirk 72 Vetter, Roy 72 Vitello, Louis 72 Wade, Darby 72 Waite, Cindy 72 Walczak, Michael 72 Walsh, Sean 72 Walter, Scott 72 Watroba, Amy 72 Weber, Kenneth 73 Weed, Renee 73 Weese, Kathryn 73 Welker, David 73 Westphal, Charles 73 Wetzler, Terri 73, 138, 139 Whytas, Brian 73 Wilczek, Erik 73, 126 Wild, Lena 73 Will, Stephen 73, 120 Willcox, Karen 73 Williams, Kristy 73 Winkowski, Suzanne 73 Wohlabaugh, Michael 34, 73 140 Wojnowicz, Lynn 73 Wojtas, Julie 73, 77 Wolfley, Amber 5, 73 Woods, James 73 Woodworth, Aimee 73 Wrazen, Lisa 73 Wright, Charlene 73, 124 Wright, Rachele 73 Wright, Shawn 68, 73 Yakal, George 73 Yerrow, Lisa 25, 73 Yetman, Jenifer 73 Young, Rachel 73 Zawadzki, Kenneth 73 Zawisa, Andrew 73 Zawisa, Brenda 73 Zdziarski, Kristen 73 Ziegelhofer, Richard 73, 126 SOPHS Abram, John 74, 140 Abramo, Carl 74, 140 Allen, Jefferey 74 Antonio, Jr., David 74 Appenheimer, Patricia 74 Aquino, Nicole 74, 126 Arena, Tracy 74 Arkins, Joan 74 Bagley, KimMarie 74 Baker, Todd 74 Baldelli, Mark 74 Ball, Michael 74 Barlow, Jason 74 Bartus, Steven 20, 74, 140 Beaumont, Clifford 74 Becker, Christina 74 Bedard, Donald 74 Beko, Alexander 74 Bielec, Bryan 74 Biellak, Jackie 74 Birach, Jennifer 74 Bishop, Thomas 74 Blackowski, Carrie 74 Blowers, Shiela 74 Boehm, Gretchen 3, 74, 75, 124 Boerschig, Joseph 74 Bogulski, Frank 74 Booth, Patrick 74 Borics, Linnette 74 Boswell, Kevin 74 Boyer, Joseph 74 Bozek, Adam Eugene 74 Brainard, Jason 74 Bratek, Brandy 74, 138, 139 Braun, Christopher 74 Breslin, Scott 74 Britton, Dean 75, 140 Brown, Raymond 75 Brown, Jr., Willfred 75 Brylski, Christopher 75 Buchholz, Christian 75 Buckley, Patricia 75 Bukkosy, Sara 75 Burgess, Timmy 75 Burke, Tracy 75 Butera, Liborio 75 Byukowicz, Cheryl 75 Canzoneri, Danielle 75 Cappara, Vickie 75 Carey, Jennifer 75 Carson, David 75 Catherwood, Scot 75 Chilcott, Jeanne 75 Chorazak, David 75 Chorazak, Karen 75, 138, 13 Christiano, Amy 75 Cirincione, Anthony 75, 140 Clark, Keith 75 Clark, Kyle 75 Cocklin, Josette 75 Comstock, Lisa 75 Conner, Catherine 75 9 Constantino, James 75 Corsi, Pamela 75 Crandall, Patricia 75 Crawley, Cheryl 75 Croad, Kathryn 75 Crosta, Allison 75 Curcio, Nichole 75 Curry, Robin 75 Czuprynski, Ellen 75, 76, 138, 139 Dablewski, Michelle 75 Dabolt, Dennis 75 Daly, James 75 Dearmyer, Tammra 76 DeCarlo, Ann 76 Delaney, Shannon 76 DeLarosa, Dann 76 Demario, Todd 76 Demario, Janine 76 Dermont, Melanee 76 Detwiler, Donald 76 Dietrich, David 76, 140 Difiglia, Debie 76 Diflavio, Louis 76, 140 Dimaria, Michael 76 Dingeldey, Laura 76 Doherty, Jaqueline 76 Dombrowski, Brenda 76 Donaldson, Patrick 76 Doty, John 76 Doyle, Christopher 76 Drewiega, Michelle 76 Dubel, Beverly 76 Durrett, Gregory 76 Eagan, Terrance 76 Eagan, Colleen 76 Eckman, Joseph 76, 140 Eckman, Leo 76, 140 Edmunds, Wendy 76 Edwards, Susan 76 Elfers, Mark 76, 140 Elling, Renee 76 Emmerling, Deanna 76 Erdley, Teresa 76 Erickson, Michele 76 Ernst, Joseph 76 Espinosa, Maria 39, 76 Evanoff, Kim 76 Felder, Wendy 76 Ferrara, Eric 76 Ferro, Danielle 77 Ferro, Kristen 77, 87 Fessel, James 77, 141 Fielosa, Karen 77 Finch, James 77 Finn, Maureen 76, 77, 138, 139 Fiorello, Dana 42, 77 Fischer, Janet 77 Fisher, Eric 77 Flores, Carmen 77 Foerster, Deborah 77 Foit, Richard 77 Forringer, William 77 Foster, Todd 77 Fraccica, Jill 77 Frank, William 77 Fritz, William 77 Ganey, Charles 75, 77 Gasiewicz, Leonard 77 Gasiewicz, Paul 77 Gaske, Elliott 77, 138, 139 Gegenfurtner, Colleen 77, 124 Gemberling, Todd 77, 140 Gilorist, Michael 77 Giron, Jeremiah 77 Gizzi, Daniel 77 Gleason, Joseph 77 Glose, Joseph 77 Gluszak, Denise 77 Gombos, Cindy 77 Gomolka, Raymond 77 Goodberry, Tammy 77 Goodier, Tammy 77 Gorman, Michele 77 Gootberg, Lynn 78 Graczyk, Brian 78 Gray, Mark 78 Green, Tammy 78 Greene, Corrie 78 Greene, Eric 78 Gregoire, Mark 78 Grekulak, Tina 78 Grosse, Janice 78 Gutekunst, Michael 78 Hacic, James 78 Haffner, John 78 Hagedorn, Cary 78 Hall, Christopher 78 Halvorsen, Frank 78 Hanitz, Stephen 78 Hanson, Kyle 78 Harrington, Jason 78 Hatch, Lisa 78 Haught, Christine 78 Hauret, Nicole 78 Hauser, Raymond 78 Hawks, Marcie 78 Hayes, Andrew 78 Hens, Timothy 76, 78 Hermann, Alexander 78 Hess, Michelle 78 Hindle, Christopher 78 Hirsch, Lisa 78 Holl, Kathleen 78 Holtz, John 78 Hoopsick, Tammy 78 Horrigan, Bridget 78 Horucy, Michael 78 Hovey, Jennifer 78 Huber, Jennifer 78 Hueber, Jeffrey 79, 140 Hughes, Rachel 79 Hughes, Valerie 79 Hunter, Lynn 79 Hutchison, Eric 79 Hutchison, Jennifer 55, 79 Isaacs, Tammy 79 Isaacs, Ill, Chester 79 lwanyczko, Aaron 79 Jabcuga, Jason 79, 140 Jackisch, Scott 79 Jackson, Carrie 79, 138, 139 Jackson, Craig 79 Jackson, Gerald 79 Jackson, Kenneth 79 Jankowski, Eugene 79 Jankowski, Jeffrey 79 Jastrzembski, Michelle 74, 79 Jemiolo, Ann 79 John, Jacquelin 79 Jones, Jon 79 Jovanovski, Steven 79, 140 Kaczor, Julie 79 Kane, James 79 Kapuza, Marlene 79 Karpik, Paul 79 Kawa, Marc 79 Kazmierczak, Lorie 79, 138, 139 Kelly, Christine 79 Kelly, Daniel 79, 140 Kelly, Traci 79 Kester, Jocelyn 79 Kij, Suzanne 79 Kijanka, Mary 79 Kinder, Patricia 79 King, Michael 79, 140 Klawon, Renee 79 Klein, Jill 79 Klein, Shannon 79, 124 Klice, Heather 80 Knisely, Dawn 80 Kocialski, Kenneth 80 Koester, Gregory 80 Kogut, Lisa 80 Kolpack, Susan 80, 126 Korzkowski, David 80 Kowal, Tina 80 Kozub, Gloria 80, 87 Krampen, Loretta 80 Krencik, Jennifer 80 Kresge, Jeffrey 80 Kroll, Audra 80 Kruszka, John 80 Kuczkowski, Jason 80 Kuntz, David 80 Kurucz, Michael 80 Kurucz, Ricky 80 Lakso, Robert 80 Lapenna, James 80 LaRosa, Michael 80 Lassick, Tina 80 Laufer, Jodee 80 Lee, Caren 80 Lee, Cindy 80 Leo, Jeremy 80 Lewandowski, Kristen 80 Lewis, James 80 Lichota, Nicole 80, 82 Lipinski, Sue 80 Lippacher, Anthony 80 Long, Kenneth 80 Lowman, Lisa 80 Lowman, Stephen 80 Luczak, Jeffrey 4, 80 Lyons, Scott 81, 140 Mac Turk, Michael 81 Mack, Cheryl 81 Mackey, William 81 Maloney, John 81 Merenovic, Deborah 55, 76, 81 Markiewicz, Laura 81 Marrelli, Christine 81, 126 Marriott, Laura 81, 141 Martin, Keri 81, 82 Masterman, Jenifer 81 Mastrobattista, Scott 81, 140 Masucci, Cristina 81 Matla, Robert 81 Matwijkow, Erik 81 Maverk, Jennifer 81 Mazgaj, William 81 McAndrew, Bonnie 81 McCann, Timothy 81, 120 McCarthy, David 81 McConvey, Jennifer 81 McCormick, Peter 81 McKinney, Timothy 81 McMahon, Kevin 81 McNaughton, Daniel 81 Mecozzi, Paul 81 Meli, Lisa 81 Menton, Thomas 81, 140 Meyer, Debra 38, 81, 139 Meyer, Sherry 81 Miller, Mark 81, 141 Mohan, Brad 13, 81, 140 Mohr, Donna 81 Moldoch, Michael 81, 141 Molnar, Robert 81 Moreno, Maria 39, 81 Morgan, Robert 82 Morrison, David 74, 82 Mullins, Robert 82, 141 Mundaniohl, Kevin 82 Mutka, Jeanette 82 Mutka, Laura 82 Mutka, Linda 82 Myers, Richard 82 Nappo, Thomas 82 Nash, Julie 82 Nellist, Christine 82 Nendza, John 82 Newman, Michael 82 Nicoloff, Maria 82 Noeller, Beth 74, 82 Noody, Michelle 82 Norman, Robert 82 North, Jason 82 Nowak, David 82 Nowak, Jacqueline 82 Nunciato, Mark 82 Nower, James 82 O'Connell, Brian 82 O'Connell, Marin 82, 124, 125 O'Connor, Bernadette 82 Odell, Kelly 82 Olejniczak, Michael 82 O'Neil, James 82 Orsene, Joseph 82 Paluch, Jeffery 82, 140 Partridge, Vicki 82 Paterson, Heather 82 Patko, Michael 82 Paulson, Cassandra 82 Pawloski, Kristen 82 Pearson, Diane 82, 124 Pelow, Lori 83 Persico, Carmen 83, 140 Peterson, Amy 83 Petrov, Todora 83 Pettis, Jennifer 83 Phillips, Dawn 83 Pierino, Frances 83 Pike, Suzanne 83 Pike, Timothy 83 Pound, Scott 83 Povlak, Dennis 83, 87 Prendergast, Laura 83 Pristach, Charles 83 Puglisi, Anthony 83 Purcell, Keith 76, 83 Quinn, Jasen 83, 140 Rath, Kathryn 83 Rausch, Cynthia 83 Rayburg, Joseph 83 Redmond, Ann 83 Reed, Amy 83 Reich, Kerry 83 Renowden, William 83 Richardson, Nicole 83 Rizzo, Thomas 83 Robinson, Mark 83 Robinson, Terri 83 Rogers, Kelly 83, 87, 138, 139 Romaszko, Amy 83 Roorda, James 83 Root, Linda 83, 120 Ross, Christian 83 Ross, Joann 83 Rosso, Richard 83 Rost, Michael 83, 141 Rowsell, Julie 84 Rudnicki, Gregory 84 Rush, Robert 84 Ryan, Jamie 84 Salgot, Stephen 84 Salisbury, Carol 84, 138, 139 Sanchez, Carl 84 Sattler, David 84 Sattler, Linda 84 Sauer, Deborah 84 Savage, Tami 84 Scheffler, Dustin 42, 84, 140 Scheffler, Michael 84, 140 Schinzel, Jason 84 Schmidt, Paul 84 Schmidt, Tracey 84 Scholl, Jonathan 84 Schultz, David Joseph 84 Schultz, Douglas 84 Schumacher, Kimberly 84 Schutt, Jeffrey 84 Scinta, Michael 84 Seibert, Jennifer 84 Sentz, Julie 84 Sermak, Maribeth 84 Shaffer, Scott 84 Shannon, Deborah 84 Shatzel, Tracey 75, 83, 84 Shealy, SueAnn 84 Siener, Michael 84 Simon, Kevin 84 Sipos, Todd 84, 140 Skalski, Andrea 84 Smith, Brenda 84 Smith, David 84, 140 Smith, Gary 84 Snyder, Tricia 85 Sobaszek, Randy 85 Soda, Juliet 85 Sorrentino, Dominic 85 Sorrentino, Jeffrey 85 Steele, William 4, 85, 140 Stockton, Scott 85 Stworzydlak, James 85 Sucharski, Amy 85 Sullivan, Molly 85, 124, 125 Surdyk, Carolyn 85 Suto, Rebeca 85 Swartz, Derek 85 Sweet, John 85 Szarowicz, David 85 Szewczyk, Dawn 85 Tabone, Robin 85 Tasseff, Georgianna 85 Tates, Tiffany 85 Teed, Michele 85 Tirado, Sharon 85 Tonnies, Michelle 85 Toombs, Chauncey 85 Toporek, Daryl 85, 140 Tracz, Stanley 85 Tripp, Christopher 85 Troidl, Catherine 85 Ulrich, Brian 85 Valerio, Nicole 85 Valois, Kim 85 Vanghel, Pamela 85 Waddy, Paul 85, 87 Wade, Erin 85, 87 Wahl, Michael 85 Walczak, Amy 85 Walsh, Julie 76, 86, 138, 139 Wappman, Linda 86 Wasnock, Jennifer 86 Weaver, Rachel 86 Weber, Joseph 86, 141 Weed, Kellene 86 Weise, Thomas 4, 86, 140 Weiskerger, Rhonda 86 Weller, Sean 86 Wenk, Theresa 86 West, Michelle 86 Westphal, Marcia 86 Wetherby, Tracy 86 Wichlacz, Elena 86 Williams, Hollie 86 Wind, Scott 20, 86, 140 Wisiorek, Lisa 86 Wojciechowski, Mindie 86, 124 Wood, Jason 86 Woodworth, Laura 86 Wright, Daniel 86 Wrzosek, Tammy 86 Wyant, David 86 Wycoki, Kathaleen 86 Yelen, Joseph 86 Young, Christopher 86 Zeches, Kimberly 86 Zglinicki, Michael 86, 116 Zimmer, Cheryl 86 Ziobro, Jennifer 86 Zoerb, David 86 207 g-any --vw? ff nf 'g1'n.-ftfw E, ' ,, if 2 , L 5,55 -- IL, ., r f1sWf:iLL f' 2' ' 'T' , 4, VL I L Ei. L, , ,1,1. ,L LL L3 L.?1Lw xx F 'fn rd 45-Q , V Y L - in 1 A 'fl ,L, ,L J ' WEE eq fa- Mya- 1 WW- L LL LL LL 'l-A K - -W2 - ' X mfg , QL LL L 1 X X xy Q 3 '4 av If if -LW if x L '-.Nb A 'x XXX . K X N 2, w x x I 'V qu-mans, L gx v AV L LQ' W - I A L L L I f V 5 ' gif. K K V . G X mx L NM 4 5 z A y x " 45 - X ' L 2 VY A 1 'QQ 3 krb' I 'S '. ' "ff -hu x ' 4 Vw H " ' ' F 1 . LL-.vL H ,H 'I QL LQ -f - - W 1 N A A A 23- ' ' kk'A . 'iff L , 91 11 - V , ,."., -L ' , IW w,,,,f L ' i . 1. A, A yE'g:Wf" LL .Wm ' :LL ii ' naw-, 'n Q21 ,, 2 LL A ' L, M:-K, ,C " 7' '17 fn ' Thomas Cook September 26, 1970 - March 19, 1987 V l l K "U ' 1 1 O 1 1 4 i 4 2 1 1 l :wi 1 , ., , ,1

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