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1982 GATEWAY 1 l i vJ 1 ,9- ' Zk ? 7 T c A y- IHBH n ■ 6M JSkW c ? %°v JJL , k m ai ■ " - jW v ; , fy- van ixiuf w d v ' i) To u f i OuuJy GATEWAY 1982 Frontier Central Senior High School » J . o- 5 ' - C , ni , vA O " L ' K ' HITIITTT ffl SfflffltHHIiB B SBBfflgg " MEMORIES The Gateway staff feels that the theme of this year ' s yearbook is fitting for all three classes. May this recollection of the year ' s events serve as a fitting momento for years to come. May the events of the past help spur you to greater achieve- ments. To our graduating class of 1982, we hope that your years at Frontier will serve as a gateway to a prosperous and joyful future. ' mwvB i DAVID ALLISON JOE ALVAREZ Skiing and partying at KB Like yorkbags Wild Suzi Asquares m TOM AMABILE SHELLY ANDERSON DONNA M. ANDREEFF TSMe KKs Bash — stumblm in! WW 81. La- Las. Friendships Memo- ries always. GR, TJ, JR. AG. DH. MM. C8t Luv ya Bill. Luv ya M D. LORI ARAMBURU " Bru2 " TD Tom T., Jackie C.. and all my friends. The moment may be tempo- rary but the memory is for- ever. 1982. MARY ARTYMOWICZ Remember Stones 81 and have 1 bourbon. 1 Scotch 1 beer. See you on the dark side of the moon Good times. BRYAN AUGUSTYNIAK JACQUELYN BAIA Jacki — It ' s time for me to fly REO. Remember the EGA SS Parties. Ronnie the Band, beach. DD. ES. PJ. AB. VR. KD. MS. DAVE RAYMOND BALLARD III MICHAEL BANDISH Good times always at Frontier. ANNE MARIE BANTLE Amy — Remembers WW III Golf 81 82. Bee- Wee War RZFC GSJS DKWM JBDZ SWJW PWCS Nos- talgia. Tops BSMI Freakie Lives!!! DEBRA BARBER . . . knowing what love is — we should be content with just that. DEB RICH ANNE MARIE BARILEC Thanks to all my friends for the smiles, laughs and good times we ' ve shared. Scrubbies hooter 25c food fight. JEFFREY G. BARRETT Prep parties rule ? I II never forget LC. LB. MS. Myth- ology Rules! Pee wee Her- man forever KPOC. LISA A. BARRIO Hold on tight to your dreams! I got by with a lit- tle help from my friends. Mane. Dawn. Kelly, and my Mom and Dad. BRIAN BARRY Sudz Brother 2 Uncle Bog angler Sheephead haven channel catslouy Beaver Bunky (Tom Shea) Harold no problem. DEANNA BARTOLOTTI Memories last forever — always remember the good times at P. R. and at parties with my friends. PSDB JEFFREY S BAXTER Bax: Milk, fever, zit. bea- tle. etc. F-ball, rich stadi- um. Mick I ' ll always re- member the prom. Lisa. JAMES BEBAK . . . SOS., Hockey 7. summertime at the beach, cycle trips, PR, Alicia. JEANNE BEERS Will treasure the memo- ries here. Won t forget the good times. Syd. Angle, Tiny, Willie. Bggsz, Duane ' Tom forever ' . BARB BEIL This was once tomorrows dream but yesterday ' s memories are forever. Thanks to all my friends. SB. MB. AB. RA. KH. esp. MG NV. •A Br - H i 6 F L. " . ! Kj r _ | ALMA BEJTOVIC Birdwoman P-off stam- mers chic gaboars zany z. DB ' s prom beach teach me Johnny be rhic! sows. JERRY BENNETT The memories of the years I have spent here will al- ways remain etched in my memory. Never forget PL, JL, TS. KAREN BIONDO A friend in need is a friend indeed. Thanks for all the help — CF CO MW DL Best wishes to everyone! ANN DeCHANTAL BISTANY To have joy one must share it. happiness was born a twin. VB Soccer Ski KB HVSail — ' Niag- ara " . JACQUELINE BLASZCZYKIEWICZ Soccer volleyball I will al- ways cherish the beautiful memories and love that Bob has given to me. 7 28 78. MIKE BOARD MIKE BOHEN CANDACE BOLLINGER Happiness is in wanting what you have, not having what you want. A special thanks to my friends. Good Luck! SHERI BOOTH PAUL BOWERS MICHAEL BOZEK TODD BRAASCH Now that I made it it ' s nothing but green grass and high times forever. Al- ways remember CO. km RENEA BRENNAN DAVID BRIDGES LAURA D. BRIGGS Thanks PP WM CB DK DB Keep in touch! Remember the knees! Spring ville ' 80 Lets Play! I won ' t tell on you Patti! STEPHEN BRNIK Always remember BKKP I with JB BY JK And Mick. Never forget LB DB BS BR PS SG BK CJ SV JS and 1 1 grade lunch. BARBARA BROOKS Well I finally made it it ' s time to go. Good luck in the future. C.S. SO MB. BRAD BROWN Guitarist, remember good times I had last summer PS PC BJ AB, the band DW DS, and red shoes. KEN BROWN Thanks for all the good times OMAR Flipper ski Reimer Brian Paul. LAURIE BROWN Love is something special Love is something great Love is something you want to hang on to. KIMBERLY J. BRUDO Blondie, to gin and nanc thanks for all the good times. Gober thanks for everything. MARY A. BUGMAN Hey. American Indians are not extinct! Everyone just smile and enjoy! P. Floyd summer ' 81 SUZANNE BUIL Endings signify begin- nings — Look out world here I come! Thanx — BUGS — GMA! Dust — NYC — Make a difference! LORI BUKATY They say these are our best times ever, but who ' s stopping now. Luv. Scrubs SD. Ger Sports. ROSEMARY CALABRESE " And a new day will dawn for those who stand long ' Zeppelin ' ' She ' s a HI riga- toni — Bye Doy LHKE LONG LIVE ROCK! THOMAS CARIER " Germ ' ' Always remem- ber parties with Matt. Ruth. Dave. Tom, Barb. Joe, " Party on the patio " and " A " for Ozzy. PAUL CARNEVALE MIKE CARNEY MARIA C. CASALI Cookie, we all miss you a lot! You ' re a great person who I will never forget. Take care and keep in touch. PAULA CASTANZA Happiness is not perfect until it is shared to all my wonderful friends good luck always. DARREN CHIACCHIA BRIDGET CHILCOTT Thanks for everything! I ' ll never forget my friends at Frontier. Keep in touch Lisa. Christie. Denise. ANNE MARIE CHIODO SCHEMPPO — Coke! 50 yd. grapple PB Tweak tri- pod EEK Canei? Squeal Max — thanks. Mrs. Troy 1 THOMAS CHITLA Rust never sleeps — so onward we must go That ' s a fact. Jack!! Adios DD. SH. CC. JR. PD. HARRY CHOMEN Hetch. Animal — VB and Swimming BB and B Nos- talgia Thanks to my pals n sidekicks for the good times. TRACY MARIE COLERN Looks like we made it! Al- ways remember PR with CSJORB — Kinky Chautauqua. Will always love my Michael! CS TW KSH! LISA M. COPPOLA " A friend is the best thing in the whole world. " ill miss ya all, I think, Jen Al- fies DR CN JR JR EJ JB LH MWS SSN CHRISTINE L. COSNYKA Tom — Remember the Ridge the times since to Penny, Josie. Bon Beav, Dickie, Chuck Good Luck! Love Chris Tommy 5 10 81. THOMAS E. COYNE The " gang ' ' warlords; Mick. Buck, OP, TP. LH, JS, FEVER, GOOB, WASH. Kim Susie, Mac. the Beatles, Nerd, Rog. MHR, Zits. JW, MWJB. AMY CRAWFORD ' remember you the things we used to do say each happy yesterday I love ya JDMMSSLR PSCHJGJKHW JP 5 7 80. MICHAEL J. CRONIN Mick: Zit, Fev BAX, Gog, Dog. Ilio. Greg, Wetz. Log. Thanks Kim Susie Bball Wrestling with JP JB. ECCSOUTH; on my way LJH. SCOTT CRUSAN CHERYL DAMSTETTER " Time for me to fly " Al- ways remember ... LH. PC, DS, AS. MS, KK, MT. Glad I met Vince this sum- mer! Cheryl Vince. 8 6 81! THOMAS DAVISON CH. Never forget looking for Gold. HUGH. Pc, Lor- raine, Rons roach, and the IBT Committee. RICH DEANGELIS Led Zep, Sabbath rules, wrestling remember good " Partying " times with Eve and Friends, TF ARJLCFBRSKBL CLOWN HOUSE! CHRIS DeJESUS DAVID DEVLIN There were great times in FH But it s great to be out. Can never forget track SH, CC. PD or CI. TONY DIAMOND JOHN J. DIAZ Dizzy Swimming Volley- ball beer Hamb. Beach Ski Vermont 81. 82. Rockn Roll NS T Good Friends 1 Like Pat M. HC. SG. JA. MICHELLE DICESARE RAHS 1 Thanks — KK TJ JR GP NN JD AP Quads Jill, you ' re awesome Prom 81 — a real TRIP 1 Mom and Dad. I lov e you. PAT DICKINSON Opie Beak Goobs Mac Wetz Tugboat Petie Nerd Clay Joe Scrubies dog Jeff Kinger Kev. JEFFREY S. DONALDSON Friends: our time together may be gone, but all our memories will live onl Var- sity Sports Beatles. KEN DONALDSON DAVID DONOVAN 10 JULIE DOYLE Life goes on so it s time for me to flyl Lots of love to JR. RD. KR. DW. RP. CS. MD. MG. JD. DR. RK. SK. ML. RENEE DUBREVILLE JEFFREY DUERR Beach Bum! Thanx for be- ing friends JD FL JB CWJ and Mike. Socks and Nor. Mary, you ' ll always be special 3 28. DONNA MARIE DURKIN " Beauty is that which at- tracts to your soul, and that which loves to give and not to receive. " " EARL " . RON DUR SHORDWE JULIE DYSON To my friends: " Hold on tight to your dreams! ' ' D4- Ski KB-SL with FL-SF — JPs-9-Summer boys! Thanks Amos! DONNA MARIE EAGAN would like to thank every- one who made these last 3 years in Frontier success- ful. Goodbye to Frontier. LAURIE ELLIOT JOHN ERLER CHERYL ERNST Our memories together. May they never end, Al- ways together, forever friends JS CK DK AP SR. lounge KJ LP JB JP. WILLIAM FALCONE Wrestling, Football, Homecomings with Ham- burg and OP Thank you to all my friends for the good times. KENNETH FALCONE ROBERT FISCHER I ' ve had both good and bad times at FCS. I also have come across a very special feeling for Debbie 143 Deb. CYNDI FISHER Friends may not last a life- time but the memories we have wi ll linger on forever Thanks Jeanne, Diane. Deb. And BOB. IAN FISHER Thanks to the people who made my stay here so good especially SC, DL, DB, SW — Sporren — IPSWICH — AFCB — BLONDIE GIG 80. MICHELLE FLANIGAN Memories of school will al- ways last. Remember PR. I will remember the good times with Ray. Class of 82. VH. NOREEN FLOOD Beach parties Henry my 1 love Volleyball Annie 7 pal RUBIG BNMD Joe TG DN MC AL Blasdell clan Mick JD. 11 TOM FOIT ARLENE M. FORCUCCI Will you ga ther daydreams or will you gather wealth? How can you find your for- tune if you cannot find yourself? CHRISTOPHER C. FORD Remember that guidance counselors were once gym teachers and I always hated gym teachers. Good luck, Fran. CAROL FORTI MICHAEL D. FREW Dawn Mike mopar rules the street. Best of luck to MBF everybody! Styx rots (just like Fords) It ' s over! MARY BETH FRISCIC Never forget theory Span- ish musicals prom NY . . . all the best to MG JE DA MF DH MS MR A MRN MSC DRS MRT . . EATY. CAROL GABEL My high school memories will be with me forever. It was fun, but now it ' s time to move on. MICHELLE GALBO The times shared with friends will never be for- gotten. Thanks for every- thing: Rah ' s, Bethford friends esp. BB DG. TOM GAMBINO LISA GARCIA Kiko — Will remember Tennis, Augie. JJ ' s win- dow. CC pretzels Beaver hunting most of all BC CSDJDR Bogus 1 To Chuck!! DAVID GARDINIA SUSAN GAYDON Will remember good times at parties and in school with all my friends — CCP TN PM PS RS RC DK KE JH MB Good Luck. PAUL GELYON AMY GETCHELL WW 81 — JG JB — Thanks LLTJGP good luck! We create our tomor- rows by what we dream today — the walls have ears in 235. ANTHONY MICHAEL GIGLIO The best way to make your dream come true is to wake up MJM CP BJ LC DK MH DN NF Our beach. Kathy Later, bye ran. GREG GILL VALERIE GILL 12 MAUREEN GILLEN Friends are found on every road — but not like mine. Thanks to everyone who has made my years here so special!! FSKFES. SAL GIOLANDO can ' t believe it ' s over! Gooky — Led Zep. Thank you I love Barb Good luck to 82 Chem. Engineer bye SG BK. LYNN MARIE GIRDLESTONE SCHEMPPLE STONE Coke! Bonfires Grapple, Mudrun, REO, Life in the PITS — MP! DG. huh ' ' What? That bar ' s not high! JEFFREY R. GLAWATZ Always remember Amy Jo Sparks uh what Track Gang Mags JJ Dick Nort- pullLG Teach Mom Espe- cially you, Loretta. JILL GLEASON Jillella D6 Rahs — don ' t shoot Twist and shout Thanx — JDMMHW For Erie Marty — ' never say goodbye — your Jilly- bean. MICHAEL L. GLEASON Beach Bum Uncle Mike Micker Annies 82 Donald- son — BBA Picket Duerr Disco-etts Flood Benatar Allison LORI. GINA J. GODIOS Will always remember my jr. Prom Best memories with friends from Bethford CYO Happiness to all at Frontier. DARLA KAY GOSS It is sad to say goodbye to some of the best days of our lives. Hope to meet challenges of future. AMY JO GRABOWSKI Schemppski HUH? What — Oct 31 80 Coke, tri- pods, PG HI Dad! Love you all — ACCSLGDMMR SBAB, and esp. MIKE! PAUL GRAVES The times are gone but the memory will remain Thanks to PH LW CF KB DL KC BC and FRED Good luck everyone. DONALD J GRAY CINDY GREENE ' always remember the old Frontier. My friends Christie, the Rahs and best of all are memories with Guy. KAREN GREGOIRE RAY GREGOIRE STANLEY G. GRETKA I ' ll always remember the good times with my friends BM TJ DH RM CS JB MG. JACQUELINE GRIFFIN As time passes memories of our life change. The memories of Frontier will remain. PATRICIA GRIFFIN Thanks everyone! Gret, BA, TS, VR, Josie — France — a bang and a half! Alice — Be happy! Oreos, Sunshine forever! MARY GUERRIERO Half-pint will always re- member the good times LD, TJ, PR JK. JB Good bye, Ted!! GREGORY F. HACIC Goob, Mudhole is 7 — Beak, Zits, Mac. Kaz, Rodger, Weiss. Dog, Stick Cronins, Wetz, Weber, Opie, Rock all other rum- blers. DEBORAH HACKETT Happiness is not having what you want, but want- ing what you have Thanx — SYDDASDMG esp. RN LA HC CRAIG. COLLEEN M. HANLEY Always remember Mark in my every thought. The laffs with APAC JK SS PS JG MM and the gang! Good luck! D 7 PS PHNHLR. MIKE HANNA WILLIAM HANNA Boxcar — to all my friends: MB J A JG MK MG LG JD CJ TS (Luther) and KADO, the Cinderella boy Good luck class of ' 82. NANCY JEAN HARTZ Its time for us to part the memories. I know will stay in my heart! Thanx — Deb Liz Kev the gang Bob2 Jeff Gin. ED HASPETT LISA HATTON ' S t airway to Hea ven " Led Zeppelin always remem- ber ■JO 1 ' BS CD AS LC RC TN DSMTJS Time for me to fly. . • .- .- . " _• — -r :•■ ; 14 PAMELA HORBACHEWSKI Good times good friends and good parties are the best memories I have — aint it funny how the night moves — Seger. BRIAN HORWOOD MARK HOWARKA EDWARD HUGHES Remember football stage MB KF LP BR The best memories of high school are of my one and only love. Kim. ROBERT HURLEY Always remember the sta- dium. State. Track meet and help from Cap. Good times with Rick. Jeff Bob Dave. I was a fool! BRIAN HYLKEMA What ' s so hard about pro- nouncing my last name? It ' s Hillclimber. Right? I ' ll shave the stash. Elephant shoe Cindy JOHN INGOLDSBY AN T HONY G. INGRASSIA Stallion, the wall ... I ' ll never forget the best bud- dies a guy could ever have — SG. GP.PM.. Amo tu Vicki. DARLENE JACKSON And the meek shall inhabit the " Earth. ' ' In memories of PR. TY, DP. CD. EJ. PC. IK, DG, DK, TB, MA and SL Parting! KEITH M. JACKSON Remembers: all the good times in PR with APDKJB MS RS S TG. The unusual times m SL with CEJS and esp. Linda. CHRISTOPHER M. JACOBS Tatar you II never get your pole back best of times BB BJ CR JR LC BE SP CG AS and MMJ Love to play hockey. WILLIAM JANKOWSKI SOS! I ' ve had A LOT of good times here. Thanx! Good luck: LC B B M M S MC. JR HW TG DN TJ JR RN JG LA SD DH. and of course Donna. DENISE JAROSZ Bogus bunch — Chem Class, running on empty, double dates with the oth- er Denise, Favorite Movie The Burning. JOHN MICHAEL JEWETT Remember Rich Stadium 80 S all the good times at the hole Much happiness to Tracy Mike Take care be happy. BRUCE JOHNSON MICHAEL JOHNSON TERRI A. JOHNSON Friends we are friends we ' ll always be. QUADS POOPSIE: alright, way to be! Thanks all; keep smil- ing! TIM JOHNSON 15 t PATTY JOHNSTON ' remember all the great times, thanks to my friends: Evangola, Crui- sin Parties, Foot, Bees. Love, Fap. EILEEN E. JOYCE There ' s a wonderful thing that gold can " t buy . . . and that ' s the gift of a wonder- ful friend.. JRSNCNLC. JOHN S. KACZOR Potsy Webber won ' t for- get hockey baseball the boys. Morticians: the last to let you down. CHJGAC GUMBYH DAVE KALES ' m ' KATHLEEN KASINSKI Quads, Doors. Rahs: oops! Surf City with Ter Gae always wanted what Amy has thanks for the memories. Mom 1 CHARLES KEIB WENDY KELLERMAN CATHERINE KENNEY Hold on tight to your dreams ' Best in life love to my friends. CE SH MS MO PM GV SN BR LP Jaime aimer! JEFFREY KLEIN DIANE KLIMOWICZ Remember all my friends esp. Pam Jill Rem. all the concerts. Parties CCC Hours Thanks SD. DO. BC, RD. MO, RO. LISA KNICKERBOCKER BARBARA KOESSLER It ' s finally over. May all your dreams come true. Sal may all the happiness be yours. Gooky — Thanks — Led Zep. Bye! DIANE KOLPACK Its been real! Never forget creek parties the great people who were there Bye. Mrs. Timothy J Barnes Bye Rosey! MICHAEL KOSCIELNIAK English 1 1 Beatles Trips to Jamestown Basketball Cinderella Story Debbie O. Not being one of them. All my friends. DIANE LOUISE KRAUS Farewell, a word which makes us linger: yet — farewell. Smile one (or me. Thanx: DMC, RAN, BBE, WM. CBs, SW Clan. KATHY KRAWCZYK Hey Mom, I made it! I will always remember the good times. A whole lot of love to JIM. Good luck ev- erybody. PAUL KRAYNA Hugh, to the massive peo- ple Jun. Mark. John. Plip looking for gold CH. good luck thanks PC. I LOVE YOU, PAULA. DEBBIE KRONE I HOWARD KRULL JOSEPHINE KRULY ' always remember the good times at Frontier esp. w P MSPCCTM B A B D P G France CB ER Forever ADAM XC N E. KAREN KRUSKA KEN KRUSZKA Memories — Marty — Graw 81 — Tuesdays Football Against the ocks — The weekend warriors — Parties. RICHARD KUBALA will always remember: Potter Road Bushman ' s English class, driver ed. maybe AV DM JD AL KL MKS EP PA SG PB LJ JRO. ROBYN LYN KUBALA Thanks to the gang in SR Loving who made it more exciting! Great times in DE w Mr. TDALJACKJRJRL. DAVID KUSCZAK JOSEPH W. LANIGAN SOS Seven Chapter 2 Swimming Running (Limp- ing) party at Lanigan s Ju- lie. BRAD A. LARSON Paranoid — TC ?!? Ver- mont 80, 81, 82 Prom 80 Doobies — Occasions " Stones " " Doors " Potter Rodent — RO — 69 Mus- tang — SOS. MARY LAUFER Memories were not made to be forgotten. I ' ll never forget mine. Great times with PSGNMBSS NN Prom 80 YC Party!! CHUCK LAURICELLA JOANNE LEARD LORI LEIBOLD " He finds a treasure who finds a friend from then on his lonely days are gone " Love to Jeff DK SW PS JO VK. MARY LESCH Infancy for the infant is not as much fun as adultery for the adult. Mary and Craig till eternity ends, TLA. JUDY LEVINDOFSKE Friends are the best friends you can have. Thanks to: R E. DB, PW, YS, CV, BS, DS, SS. DECA: LM, AM, LK. Jude Ang always. FRAN LEWIS Jill has the whammy! Re- member always: MG ' s, SLWITHJD, TheLakeview boys. Cool the Gang most of all being w Lynne. 17 JAMES LEWIS PATRICK LINEHAN JOHN T. LIVSEY Remember all the trips to Had great times with great . . . and we ' ll walk in the Alfred marching band. friends esp. remember sun, but till then Tramps Shooting Rifle Tennis in Potter Road (Mach. Shop) like us, Baby we were born the high wind. Class of 82. Wish good luck to every- to run. Bruce Springsteen, one! LAURIE LOCKWOOD JEFF LOGAN Always remember the good times at the Hole. Good luck Thanks Bob. Deb. Rumblers. BH. RS. JB. Zit. Mick. F ' ver, The Log. DANIEL LONG DENNIS LONG ROBERT LUTHRINGER All I can say is Aunt Nancy! Always remember the class of 82. RONALD MACCHIONI J JANET LOUISE MACGREGOR The best thing to hold on to in life is each other and to rmember the times we ' ve shared. Thanks Mom Dad ILUDH! SUZANNE M. MACKENBURG Thanx Frontier — for the memories for Dave 9 12 79 Take time to live — the world has so much to give. SPMSPLASH. JOE MADRID PATRICK J. MALONEY Nostalgia — We bad. Acoustics with Scott. Nev- er forget time warp with SNBRGV. Marry me. Wen- dy! We ' re all gonna get . . . STEVE MANDIAK ' remember all the good times at Frontier, Espe- cially the Blasdell gang SM S KZ forever. CHARLES MARKEL VIRGINIA MARIE MARTIN To Kevin, You re the great- est; thanks for every- thing ... I love you! — g — (Thanx Kim, Nanc, Col, Bob, etc.) TGIF JOANNE MATAVA LAURIE MAZUREK Memories are treasures made from pleasures we have known. Will always remember JR. Prom Good Times with GG DS PENNY MCANANEY ;s PATRICIA REILLY MCANDREW However rare true love is true friendship is even rarer. Thank you buddies! Scrubs SDING Splish Splash Magumbas. MATTHEW MCCOY COLLEEN MCCULLY will always remember the good times I ' ve had. Thanks a lot Beth, Sue, Marie, Karen, Dan. Anne, and Matt. DON MCDONALD PAUL MCDONALD BECKY MCDONALD Many dreams come true and some have silver lin- ings, I live for my dreams and a pocket full of gold — Zeppelin. DANIEL MCMILLEN Cap Thanks for all your help. DSD rules. Never for- get x-country and track. Grog lives MKR. MARY E. MCNAMARA Every day spent with a friend is a special day. Thanx — ILUGMGABPH HWNHSHLRLM MOM. I ' ll always be w I Jeff. BRIAN MEEGAN Omar Flipper Reemer Ski Speedy and all fellow Woodlawnians Get rowdy and crazy you animals. Frontier Good-bye!! DONNA MEIER WENDY MICHAEL Thanks for all the times you ' ve given me. Craig, Diane Robin, RSDW. look out Brooke Here I Come! JOHN MIKAC LYNNE MIKOLAJEZYK JOE MILANO Condo Bruce Mud Hole Stock Car Side Line in football Geometry stinks JW KN HW GH CS MW JW TP RM LH. COLLEEN MICHELLE MORGAN GNK Friends may come friends may go but we ' II be FF trolls FAS LV Gang Skippers Rink mostly Kev. KAREN MORRICE 19 L JOHN C. MORROW Never forget good times friends at Frontier, Take it easy Judy! Always re- member Ann and fifth per. MICHAEL MOSEY To Have Friends like the SOS has been great! Good Luck Class of 82 and thanks guys and gals You Are Great!! KEVIN MOTT ' remember all the good times I had at Frontier, and I will always remember the nickname I got during the past three years. JUDY MULHOLLAN Friendship like The Flight Of Birds Cannot Be Put In Written Words . . . Beyond words . . . Our Friendship Luv Ya. ELIZABERH MULKERN Try your best to accom- plish your dreams, know- ing you re never a failure if you have the courage to try. BETSY MUMM Happiness is a present at- titude and not a future condition (Hugh Prat her) Go For It Now! MARGARET ANN MURZYNOWSKI Gigi Thanks to all of my teachers. Thanks Rita, You ' re a great friend PROM 80 with Bob TRACK TLAK OOPS FRANK MUSCATO CAROLYN E. NASCA The best of times . . . Julie, Janet, Shelley, Eye, Lisa, Our memories of yester- day will last a lifetime. RITA NASCA Finally! But I will always remember my junior year with TYDDCSPHAMDS MM. JULIE M. NATWORA In your vision of the world is an image of yourself. Thanks Cookie Carolyn, Carol especially Tom. TAMMY LYNN NELSON Will remember all the good times with my friends, all the good times with Jeff. PM LA J A. SHELLEY M. NEUMANN There is no treasure which may be compared unto a faithful friend. Will remem- ber — Carolyn Eileen Ja- net Lisa Beth. STEPHEN P. NITTO Nostalgia Rocky Horror 20 Fan Club Pats Parties. Musicals. The " Big 3. " Al- ways rem. Great times PMBR GVBev the gang. JEAN O ' BRIEN MARY O CONNOR Vickis pruddy eyes funny stories. Marge thanque Falda! Hi Bertha, Louise Col, You ' re something special. CATHY ODLE Memories last forever and I will never forget my friends the great times we shared — Good luck class of 82. JULIE O ' DONNELL SANDY OLEWINE ROBIN O ' MALLEY Thanks for the Memories — soccer track, skiing — Vermont — the parties! 1 Good friends: Wendy. Bev, Brad. Deb. and Annie. HALIM OMERHODZIC Phil John Mike Ken Brian Paul Mark thanks for all the good times Will always have the memories to look back on. LYNN OPIEL GREGORY OTT DAWN M. OTTO Thank God it ' s over I Had great laughs in DEII . . . Styx 7 Mike forever!! I GARY PAGELS " Bomber " , " Omar ' ' Jour- ney, Styx It ' s been great going to Frontier, I hope I will never be back again (Joke). JENNIFER PALMER The people we have be- come are the only ones to be! The Rolling Stones 1981 — Party! Here I go again — Palmer. ADAM PANJETA ' always remember the good times the good friends I ' ve made CE, JS, DS. JB, KJ. DK. JW, DE. GAETANA MARIE PAOLINI To My Special Friends, Thanx For Being You! Thanx Mom Dad esp. MyBroGary.CPTJAPK K T M. I love You! Sitz! PATRICK M. PAOLINI To all the special events and happenings brought about by Frontier all my friends RMEA TSDD espe- cially LS. DARLENE PARENT will always look back on memories of Fron tier grea t friends good times always keep in touch CG LW LS CR. PATRICIA J. PARENT The present is here but soon will be gone and the past will remain. Remem- ber Donn. Mr. Grott. MIKE PARKER Track Twinkies Beach Parties Joes First party Molson Golden Labatts Exstock HH77 HJ64 TJ42 Mags Jeff Dick Nor! AMY! THOMAS PARKS RON PATTERSON 21 DAWN PAULEY Thanx to all who tried to make school worthwhile. Good luck to everyone DP MS 2 7 80 Thank God it ' s over. LINDA M. PELECKIS The laughter, tears times we ' ve shared be- come our most treasured memories thanks SH. KB, BR Especially KEITH. JOE PELOW LUCINA PETRO RON PHILLIPS LISA PICCIRILLI " You get by with a little help from your friends " Beatles Thanks — LB, DB, BR, KK, SA. RENEE PICKERING TOM PIETRAS RICH PODKULSKI Hitlerr Forever, MH. Scrubbies Potter Road, 7 period Biology Thanks Angela. ROGER POKOJSKI JERRY POLAKIEWICZ " KADO " " Big Head " Al- ways remember Football. Basketball, Track. Rich Stadium Future endeav- ors are Football and AMY PI! PATRICIA A POTTER Call me Pat! I had some good times many memo- ries but now it ' s time to move on. Thanks LB, PP. SW, BW, KK. STEPHEN PRAHOVIC . . . Alias Trojan, Good luck to all soccer players who never die they just play better! MICHAEL PRICE 22 SUE PRUSAK KS esp. HR — Thanks for the times you ' ve given me. The memories are all in my mind. Sue S Don — forever — 6 24 80. SHAWNA PURVES CHRISTINE PYNE ' ' The gift of happiness be- longs to those that un- wrap it " Love to Gae and Matt for always making me smile!! THOMAS QUICK To the players, the DM Lives on! Swimming hos- tage party (worst night of my life) Squeal like a pig!! DEBRA L. QUINN Memories of Vermont ski- ing, dubious occasions, Mr. B ' s groupies my friends: ' DON; DEB, SS, AT.JRBR.DK.RO. TF.JT. LISA M. RANALLO School wouldn ' t be any- thing w out SS PS MM AC JD LR PH CH a JG. but life wouldn t be w out Jeffrey. BARB REESE For all the good times, par- ties and memories. To the gang: EC, MB, PB, SB ALL my love to Steve. RON REESE " Nice Life " Stew Hank Bethford " SCRAPE! " DON REGENSDORFER The best of times with Hylk, the class of 82. Doc you ' ll never be a hockey star, hang it up. BDM, Nor Orville. JOHN REIMER ' always remember the massives and the fun we had. Never forget Free- bird, Right JK. TOM REIMONDO Scrap, Lowerforms and Don ' s pink shirt Stew Stella helped a lot. Kado for Pres. Later, bye Hank Gary. JANET REITZ The name of a friend is common, but faith in friendship is rare. Carolyn, Eileen, Shelley, Jeff, Lisa. BETH RICH Cherish Yesterday . . . dream tomorrow . . . live today. Thanks a lot! Au- drey Sue Deb Deb Jackie CM SS LB esp BRIAN. ROBERT E. RICHARDSON SOS Rocky Horror Fan Club. Nostalgia The Big 3! I will always remember the times at Frontier. Squeal!! LESLIE RICHARDSON My favorite Frontier peo- ple are Dr. Starr, Mr. Bal- delli, Mr. Grottanelli, Mrs. Koss and Mr. Schaller. JOELLEN RIEDERER The sun will come out to- morrow Thanks Rahs. Quads and Penguins have class! Good luck TJMDKK GPAC. LYNN M. RIZZO Remembers and Thanks PHACJD ' S MM SS LR PS JG NH CH PPP Beatles Gleas ' sleepover D 7 THE GANG S above all, FRAN. MARGE ROBERTS " We ' ve only just begun " Watch for the slick ice Vick. PS MOC Martha For- ever. Told you I ' d graduate on time, Mrs. A. JOHN ROMANOWICH MARYANNE ROMANOWSKI Call the press, I made it! School ' s out forever! Good luck BS LW SW JT KBABVR JB EJLove you. Dad. VALERIE C. ROMYAK Thanks to all my friends for the GOOD times! Sum- mer 81, Evangola Cran- kin!! I wish happiness luck to all!! PEGGY ROSKWITALSKI Our paths may never cross again but the thoughts of you are for- ever in my heart — AS MG MM DR ER ED, I love you. 23 JODI ROZANSKI ' always remember the good x ' s at the beach, SF, Bradley Clarice Thanks to Dawn, Darrin, DL JF PF CM DL JE LC MS. GERRI RUBIN A birth defect is what you are born with, a handicap is what you make of it. SB, VB, SW 1SD Scrubbies Mudwar (Jew) RONALD S. RUEGER Fatuous Duo Invasion 80 JG DM LFG FP Atari HD and to all my good friends at Frontier. SAL RUSSO ROBERT RYAN ' remember . . . The fun with my closest friends — Thanks Sherry — • Ligh ts " JOURNEY Music in life; Keep on rocking. THERES A SAGLIANI " Life is too short, so why waste precious time " Al- ways remember Frontier friends. DS BVs L Long Live rock. FRANCINE M. SAIA Our memories of yester- day will last a lifetime. Love and thanks to KS SS BW KC KJ CB and esp. MOE. CAROL SALASNY Thank you Jody for just being you. Bonjour Mimi and Phyllis Write!! SCOTT SALISBURY Finally! The stress is over E.T.I. N.I.B. Rock Roll forever Who ' s got the beans Coke adds life 1. CYNTHIA SANETZ Determination marks the difference between achieving a goal or falling short. Schemppetz Love to — Mom Dad. PATRICIA A. SAN FLIPPO " Been through A Lot of changes, turned lot of pages. " I leave w memo- ries I will CHERISH . . . Leszek, Prom 81. Thanx — M D. SUSAN SAUERWEIN There are no friends like mine PS LJ MJ AM JD NH JG CH MM LFHW always forever Jeff 9 21 79 DO I did it POTTER. DAVID SCHADT You have to go down to get up Could n t have done it without ya, Ker. " Stones 81 " " Give peace a chance " " Whatever " . DEBBIE SCHANK Had fun at Mar ' s at Sags 24 Sat Nite BParty Memories at Mt. Vernon Forienger fun in cos Carol my arm is broken! JAMI SCHEFFLER The moment may be tem- porary, but the memory is forever. CE AP LS DJ VW 6th period Sr. Lounge KJ JB LP. LORI SCHEFFLER BEVERLY M. SCHOEN Always remember Soccer, Allegany 13, " R " Island, RHPS, PH. I LOVE you, RO DR. LW MR KB EJ DAD SNPM MS Good luck! DANIEL SCHOENTHAL Under my thumb Stones remember all the good times with GS BS CF MN BJ Van Halen 81 Boc the one I love, Cathy. CAROL SCHRAMM GINNIE SCHRECENGOST A friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you just the same. Thanks friends! PAUL SCHRECENGOST Well, it is time for me to say GOOD-BYE. JOHN SCHULTZ To all my friends we finally made it. To PU a hell of a good time. To Dale our 15th many more to come TLA. DON SCHULTZE To my friends and all the good times in Frontier and Potter Road. Succeed and Party Hardy. SHARON SEKURA To all the good times friends You ' ve got to learn to roll with the changes Long Live Rock Bob Kym Fran SGC. SEAN SHANNON THOMAS B. SHEA Chew Red Man Plug. AMY J. SHEMANSKY Thanks Mom and Dad I owe it all to you. My fon- dest memories are of you Bill June 5 Love Comes to those who wait. DONNA SHERRY The best of times are those we share with the very best of friends! I ' ll never forget all the fun with Gin a Laur. MARK SIDOTI Jude, Llama, Bunkie, Play your horn Louie. No prob- lem Uncle Bob: Suds- brothers and Anglers of the year. PENNY LEE SIGNS Smile and be happy all the good times are beginning for us all Don ' t forget the Stones or Beatles Georg Penny MIKE SIKORA KATHY SIMONSON ROBERT SKILES " The nature boy ' ' Tiz- zies " Holly life is such good luck to Bruce Stock- ton and Kevin Tatar and all my friends. ROBERT SLEMMER We got to get out of this place if it ' s the last thing we ever do. Girl there ' s a better life for me and you. 25 BOB SLISZ JO ANN SLIZ Jim: may the love that we ' ve found share to- gether, never die. My love is forever with you Good luck DS MM CL. ANDREW SLYDER Great Musicals: Promises. Promises Grease, The Wiz. Cast Parties in skimpy togas Great Friends. Memories . . . SOY LIVES. CHRISTIE SMITH Thank you Mom Dad! If it weren ' t for you. I wouldn t be where I am to- day I love you both! PETE SMITH Will remember all the good times in Frontier. Fran you always gave it your best shot. Thanks class of " 82 " and Maggott. PETER SMITH STEVE SMITH SANDY SOBCZAK See as a child sees the joy wonder hope. Save a space for sunshine. Rain- bows dreams. Thanks to all my friends. YVONNE SORRENTINO live for the weekend with my partying pals JK PW JL EY DS BR: Jule. Remem- ber to keep your socks on! Time to fly!! TOM SPULECKI Only the strong survive. We will survive forever. CAROL STACHOWIAK Will always remember the fun I ' ve had. Stones Con- cert Cos esp Rabbit (Deb) Cookie CS DMS JN WK L Arizona. DONALD STAMER 26 KYM STANLEY Memories fill my heart with everlasting photo- graphs. Special love and thanks to Sue. Fran, and Sherry. MARIE STEFANACCI Our paths may never cross again, but the thoughts of you are for- ever in my heart. RD CM SW LB PS BR! MAR STEIGERT Nothing ' s as valuable as time spent with friends. Memories linger on and the fun never ends. GOOD LUCK. DIANE STIEFLER PAUL STOCKMAN BRUCE D. STOCKTON TD Remember: Pitts- burgh, the Aud. Mrs. M and Butchy Good luck to KT PS BR CJ CH Stock- manton 1999. RICK STRASSER ' always remember the 4th of July at Chandsy when I played Bruce Lee kicked out Mrs. Chicchias window. kd it) RUTH STRAWBRICH (RUDY) " and so today my world; it smiles ... " What you put into life is what you get. Billy — Loved Darien Lake. CLARENCE T. STREETY JR. Snake Detroit Hole Wetz Gerg Joe Poindexter Doby Zit Mick LHJWJMJWJB TP RC DS Rudy KZ GM NF. JOHN STRNAD Remember good times in Nors. skiing, soccer, swimming, the beach, the park. Good luck GBG ' DF ' SF ' PH Yeah ' I was there TED STYPAWANNY CATHY SULLIVAN ' always remember the good times in PR with LP TC JC J A RB Good luck to TC Ml — KS JL. Al- ways will love Tommy. PAULA SULLIVAN Thanks for the great times, Stace Vick, glad we have lots in common Marge is a barge? Hi Brooke! I love my Pookey bear!! KEVIN SWARTZ CYNTHIA A. SZELEST Thanks to my friends for the good times we had. Best of luck to everybody. CATHLEEN TABER Twig — Schemmpber Lynne — you ' re the best! Great times with Schemmps Summer 81 when I met that someone special — Erik! JAMES TATAR hope that all my friends can find the same happi- ness that I have found with Jo Ann. Good luck CK DO, BK, CJ GG. KD. ffSk is KEVIN TATAR Never Quit Until You ' ve given It Your Best Shot. Grappling Pin to Win Golf? Good Luck to BS PS Re- member CC CH. MICHAEL PAUL THOMPSON ' always remember the good times in and out of school with BS CS TW TG DD JW TRACY. I ' ll al- ways love her. PANAMA. AUDREY TOJEK It is better to have one friend of worth, than many worth nothing. Member great Xs — SS BR MG MM — RUSS — DO: THANX! JODY LYNN TOMASZEWSKI I ' ve always said the wrong things at the right times ... so I ' ll just say Good- Bye. CS KB SW ' S DK PW ST MB Greg. MARK TRAINA Because of you Karen my Junior and Senior years have been my best ever. Our love wi ll always stay and never die. 27 LYDIA ANN TROJANOVIC Dreamers live Forever! OH no, not my . ' Caragain forever with Danny. I love Bacce Balls I made it! 82 LIVES ON! MIKE TRZEPACZ " SLIM " . I will always re- member Rifle, JP A P. Good Luck to Everyone! KAREN TSCHAMPEL DEBBIE TUCKER School ' s Out forever " AL- ICE COOPER " Always re- member PC BM CF HZ J J BM JP. ED TUCKER 28 SCOTT C. VETTER SKIN; Frontier will always be the best, and I hate to leave. SHANKER BOWL- ERS RULE TO THE END. And probably farther. JABIIy. GABRIEL VISCO Rocky Horror Picture Show Dickeys at 3 AM Music holds the secret GP KMP Baklova! I like to Rock! DAWN EILEEN WADSWORTH Mrs. Scott Rezer, Don Valaine. GNC 79-81 Smith Letch. Castile, Poconos, " Waytogo " the " 3 " erin- usaf, BR PM GV LB PW KBS. PEGGY ELIZABETH WAGNER have no yesterdays Time took them away. To- morrow may not be but I have today. The best of all my friends!! NADINE VOGEL De NOTHING MATTERS! Barb, we made it 1 HH Lola Hi, Scott Cath — Put a cotdrop on your shoulder. LISA VULLO DAVE WADE STACEY E. WAGNER Likes skiing, Skating pho- tography . . . ' Every day is another chance to make the best of life " future — computers Dan. PETER WALIER Start me Up I will never stop. The Rolling Stones best times with SK. SHELIA WALKER The tapestry of our lives is woven with golden mo- ments. Always remember, be true to yourself. MS JT CE MR PP VR. KELLYE WANDELL LIFE is like a rainbow full of memories always re- member PL, Good luck to my friends and N, MAR- VELOUS! BETH WARGO Will remember good times (but Sis I won ' t remem- ber GT) " All things are possible when you be- lieve " . VICKI WEISE Oh the memories never fade away JOURNEY Mo — how Pruty! MR — cor- nyamen! PS — Lips Floods DZ — Chem Hi Barb! JEFF WEISS Super time partying with the guys. Always remem- ber football. Basketball, Baseball, especially SUE. Good luck. DIANE WERONSKI MICHELLE WERTZ The moment may be tem- porary but the memory will last forever. Thanks to CF KB COJWPGLW TL Love Fever JK. MIKE WETZLER BRIAN WICHER Lake View Rules ' Soccer is 1 sport! Big Daddy Maggot! Best of luck 82 DARRIN WILLIAMS HENRY F. WILLIAMS III Cool. Keghead biOtO with Gleas Puleos Partys w PG BG JB JW CW SS PS JD MM AC LP, JG LP, FL Best times of my life TYNR. DAVID A. WILLIS The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes then steal your dreams. TOM WILLIS Cross Country and Cap. Road trips and the trails. REO Speedwagon — 157 Riverside Ave. CHRIS WILSON Doc Huclebuck In biology. Mr. Infante. SoccerlotH. 3rd period biology Nor Bing Dad and Ma. ED WOJCIK Plenty of memories AC DC Parties at Sag. Mopar all the way. MARK WOJCIK CRAIG WOJTASZEK ■Stones " ■■81 " !! Party- Road S 1 - 82 Led Zep 1 !! " Party on the Patio " ZZ Top Song Remains the Same JB ELIZABETH WOLECKA Thanks Dad! All my love to DR. BS MR EJ KB Miss you JB Never forget — Al- legany Franklinville PH Goldenrod R. Island. JOHN WOOD JERRY WOODS WILLIAM WOODWORTH SHERRY WORK PHYLLIS T. WOZNIAK Summer 81 beach parties singing on Cloverbank Rd Wienie Wagon The Wiz NYC Bob The Gopher lives all my buddies. MICHAEL WYCOKI 29 LAUREL WYNN Laurie. I ' ll never forget the last three years, because I had some of the best friends around to share them with. BOB YACONE TAMMY YARNALL Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live for today! Thanks EP, MW, M D, Always re- member: MW SP TW RN DL RR DT 82. JOE J. YORMICK ' always remember 9th grade good bad. The parties at the beach, mud- hole. No hard Feelings! PS See you later Pat. LISA YOUNG WILSON YOUNG O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusts in him. In everything give thanks DEBORAH ANN ZAK Myself is what III ALWAYS be in a world which is do- ing its best to make every- one alike. M D are my treasures! DAVE BLACHURA 30 I KATHLEEN ANNE FLEIG got by with a little help from my friends. Splish Splash. S.D. Food fight. Wash 79.25c Scrubbs. Luv ya FQ 5 23 80. SCOTT MICHAEL GARDNER Randy — Nostalgia WAM- BAM The wall X -values pen refills! Phone booth — Now, or later? Beatles with Pat. HCAB 11 Thanx. CAROLYN GRASER ESTELLE KOZLOWSKI AMY LOU KATELENNON Lov, VB. SB, Grott! SMs Sleepovers Food fight — 81 Maggot — 80 Inhale 1 Mom, TLG — o5Y, MC SA LP, LH JW HW SM SK GR JK AB NF My family! ANNE MARIE MARKWELL The memories are forever in my mind. Always re- member: John, Karen, Mick, Deca I II — Judy, Liz, Lisa. On with your dream. SHARON MARIE MASTRANTONI Dollface. I thank my bud- dies who I ' ll never forget. Splish Spalsh Food fight. SDing. Scrubs. 25c MA- GUMBA.KT 4 17 81. MATTHEW MEGGAR DAN MORRIS Will always remember track KB Fim ' s shop class Thanks to all my friends TNBWEHSSDDBCTJ. TOM PHAN JAMES REGAN Rocky Horror, Grease. The Wiz, Plaza Suite, Cast Parties, Mr. N, Mr. A, Rocky will live on forever. Riff Raff. SENIORS NOT PICTURED MARK LEVULIS James Adamczyk Joseph Adamczyk Thomas Almendinger Jean Ambrose Jeffrey Anderson Karen Anderson Jay Andrukaf Kelly Baker Kenneth Barnes Lisa Bednarz Gerald Bednasz James Booth Robert Braymiller Renee Brocki Cynthia Brown David Cekalske Thomas Cherico Kevin Cline Lawrence Colucci Daniel Debardinls Patricia Delmonte Dennis Donaldson Patrick Donovan Joyce Drewiega Karen Eaton Francis Edel Donald Ervolina Charles Faude William Flierl Timothy Gallivan Christine Ganci John Glor Mark Goodison Sharon Gonser Robert Griffith Lawrence Hesketh Paul Hinchenck Kevin Hoehn Carol lafallo Theresa John Gregg Kaczmarczyk Cheryl Kelly David Kennedy Steven Klinczar Suzanne Kogut Bradley Kopf Julie Krencik Mark Krent Thomas Krueder John Krueger John Kruszka Jean Kwasniewski Meloney Laplante Timothy Lavelle Michael Lazarz Michael Leard Brian Lewis Samuel Lopez Wendy Lowry Tammy MacCauley Douglas Maciewjewski Gina Marsillo Daniel Mayer Jim McDowell Sharon McGowan Cynthia McMahon Joel Nagel Donald Nelson Richard Nendza Dennis O ' Brien Charles Otto Jacob Ovak Felicia Piazza Amy Poquadeck Robert Porpora Joseph Pye James Queen Charles Rambino William Rinard Jose Roldan Janme Rosiek Lawrence Rosiek Duane Rybarczyk Eric Sabad Deborah Sabatini Nancy Sargent Darren Scazafazo Debra Scheelar David Schiedel Valentina Sekovski Gregory Songm Tom Starr Timothy Sullivan Jeffrey Swanson Tammarie Szyper Raymond Toporek Robert Troidl Peter Trybiss Thomas Wahl John Walterich Lisa Wertz John West John Wheaton Bobbie Wirth Kimberly Zagarino 31 t SENIOR DIRECTORY BONNIE ALLEN, Regents. Gateway, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, Prom- ises, Promises, Stage Crew, 11, Volley- ball Boys Manager, 11, Drama Club, 10, 11, 12. BRYAN K. AUGUSTYNIAK, Local. Base- ball, 10, 12, Basketball, 10, 11, 12, Foot- ball, 10, 11, 12, Polish Club, 11, 12, Varsi- ty Club, 12. JACQUELYN BAIA, Regents. Gateway, 10, Girl ' s Ind or Track 12, Stage Crew, 10, 11, Drama Club, 10, 11. ANNE MARIE BANTLE, Local. French Club, 10. 1 1, Golf, 10, 1 1, 12, Stage Crew, 10, 11. DEBRA L. BARBER, Local. Mixed Cho- rus, 10, 11, Select Chorus, 12. JEFFREY G. BARRET, Local. D.E.C.A., French Club, Mixed Chorus, Musical, Drama Club. LISA BARRIO, Regents. Band, 10, Water Ballet, 11, 12. DEANNA BARTOLOTTI, Local. JEFFREY S. BAXTER, Local. Baseball, 10, 11, 12, Football, 10, 11, 12, Wrestling, 10, 11, 12, Varsity Club, 10, 11, 12. JEANNE BEERS, Local. Mixed Chorus, 10. BARBBEIL, Local. Gateway, 12, Hi-Lites, 11. ALMA BEJTOVIC, Regents. Marching Band, 10, 11, 12, French Club, 10,11,12, Girl ' s Track, 10 — manager, 11, It ' s Aca- demic, 12, N.H.S.,11, 12, Play, 10,11,12, Pit Band, 12. JERRY BENNETT, Regents. Band, Stage Band, Pit Band, Rifle Club, Rifle Team. ANN BISTANY, Regents. Girl ' s Soccer, 10, 12, Girl ' s Tennis, 10, 11, Girl ' s Track, 10, Girl ' s Volleyball, 11, 12, Model U.N., 12. DAVID BLACHURA, Regents. Footall, Track. JACQUELINE BLASZCZYKIEWICZ, Re- gents. Girl ' s Soccer, 10, 11, 12, Girls Vol- leyball, 10,11,12, Model U. N., 12, Span- ish Club 10, 11, Student Government, 11, 12. CANDACE BOLLINGER, Regents. French Club, 10, 12, Girl ' s Tennis, 12, It ' s Academic, 12, N.H.S., 11, 12, Band, 10, 12, Pit Band, 12, Marching Band, 10, 12. MIKE BOZEK, Regents. Track, 10. Rifle Club Team, 10, 11, 12. DAVID BRIDGES, Regents. Rifle Team, 10, 11, 12, Baseball, 10, 11. LAURA D. BRIGGS, Regents. Band, 10, 11, 12, Stage Crew, Grease. STEPHEN E. BRNIK, JR., Regents. Foot- ball, 12, N.H.S., 11, 12. Varsity Club. 12. LAURIE BROWN, Local. Mixed Chorus, 11, 10, Select Chorus, 12. MARY A. BUGMAN, Regents. Girl ' s Cross Country, 11, 12, Girl ' s Track, 10, 11, 12, Its Academic, 12, N.H.S., 11, 12. LORI BUKATY, Regents. Girl ' s Softball, 10, 11, 12, Class Officer, 12, Girl ' s Bas- ketball, 10, 11, 12, Girl ' s Volleyball, 10, 11, 12, Student Government. 10, 11, 12, Swim Team, 10, 11, 12 ROSEMARY CALABRESE, Local BRIDGET CHILCOTT, Regents. Girl ' s Softball, 10, 11, Girls Basketball, 11, 12, Girl ' s Tennis, 11, 12, Girl ' s Volleyball. 10, 11, 12. ANNE MARIE CHIODO, Regents. Girl ' s Cross Country, 12, Girl ' s Track, (Indoor Outdoor(, 11, 12, Swim Team, 11, 12. HARRY CHOMEN, Regents. Musical, 12, Band, 10, Marching Band, 10, Stage Crew 12, Varsity Club, 11, 12, Volleyball, 10, 11, 12. LISA COPPOLA, Regents. FBLA, 11. CHRISTINE L. COSNYKA, Regents. Vol- leyball, Boy ' s Manager, 11, Newspaper, 12. RICH DEANGELIS, Local. Wrestling, 10, 11, 12. DAVID DEVLIN, Local. Track, 10, 11, 12, Varsity Club, 12. JOYCE DREWIEGA, Local. Mixed Cho- rus, 10, 11, 12. RENEE DUBREVILLE, Regents. JEFFDUERR. Regents. Baseball, 10, 12. DONNA MARIE DURKIN, Local. Gate- way, 10, Girl ' s Track, Indoor, 12, Mixed Chours, 10, 11, Stage Crew, 10, 11, Dra- ma Club, 10, 11. JULIE DYSON, Regents. French Club, 10, Band, 10, Student Government, 12. DONNA EAGAN, Local. Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, Student Government, 12 (Home- room Rep.) KAREN EATON, Regents. JOHN ERLER, Local. CHERYL ERNST, Regents. German Club, 10, 11. DON ERVOLINA, Local. KEN FALCONE, Regents. Chess Club, 10, 12, Band, 10, 12, Stage Band, 10, 12. WILLIAM FALCONE, Regents. Football, 10, 11, 12, N.H.S., 11, 12, Varsity Club, 11, Wrestling, 10, 11, 12. BOB FISCHER, Local. Basketball, Foot- ball. CYNDI FISHER, Regents. Hi-Lites, 10, 11. MICHELLE FLANIGAN, Local. Ski Club, 11. BILL FLIERL, Local. NOREEN FLOOD, Regents. Girl ' s Track, 11, 12, Girl ' s Volleyball, 10, 11, 12, Stu- dent Government, 12, Swim Team, 10, 11, Volleyball. 10, 11, 12. TOM FOIT, Local. MICHAEL D. FREW, Regents. Stage Crew, 10, Drama Club, 10. MARY BETH FRISCIC, Regents. Yorkers, 10, Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, Musical 11, 12, Play, 12, Select Chorus, 11, 12, Stage Crew, 11, 12, Drama Club, 10, 11, 12. MICHELLE GALBO, Regents. Cheer- leaders, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus, 11, Select Chorus, 12, Spanish Club, 10, Student Government, 12, Drama Club, 10. LISA GARCIA, Regents. Forum, 12, Stu- dent Government, 12, Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, Girl ' s Tennis, 11, 12, Girl ' s Soccer, 11, French Club, 10, 11, 12. SCOTT M. GARDNER, Regents. Bowl- ing, 11, 12, Its Academic, 12, N.H.S., 11, 12, Volleyball, 12. GREG GILL, Regents. Rifle Team, 10. 11, 12. MAUREEN GILLEN, Regents. Drama Club, 10, 11, 12, Swimming, 10, French Club, 10, 11, Spanish Club, 11, Peer Lis- tening, 12, Mixed Chorus, 10, 12, Student Government, 10, 11, 12, Hilites, 10, 11, 12, Musical, 12, Ski Club, 11, Water Bal- let, 11. 33 JEFFREY GLAWATZ, Regents. French Club, 10, N.H.S., 11, 12, Swim Team, 10. MIKEGLEASON, Regents. Class Officer, 10, FBLA, 10, 1 1, Gateway, 10, Hi-Lites, 12, Model U. N., 10, 11, 12, Student Gov- ernment, 10, 11, Tennis, 12, Volleyball, 11, 12, Peer Listening, 12. GINA J. GODIOS, Local. SHARON GONSER, Local. Mixed Cho- rus. AMY JO GRABOWSKI, Regents. Ski Club, 1 1, French Club, Girl ' s Cross Coun- try, ' 80, 81, Girl ' s Track, 10, 11, 12. CINDY GREENE, Regents. Cheer- leaders, 11, 12, Majorettes, 10, Stage Crew, 10, Drama Club, 10. PATRICIA GRIFFIN, Regents. Chess Club, Vice-President, 12, Student Gov- ernment, 12. DEBORAH HACKETT, Regents. An- nouncers, 12, Broadcasting Club, 11, Class Officer, 10,11,12, French Club, 10, 11, 12, Girl ' s Track, 10, Hi-Lites, 10, 11, Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, Musical, 11, 12, Play, 10, 11, Select Chorus, 11, 12, Stage Crew, 10, 11, 12, Student Government, 10, 11, 12, Swim Team, 10, Drama Club, 10, 11, 12. COLLEEN HANLEY, Regents. Girl ' s Vol- leyball, 10, Student Government, 10, 11, 12, Swim Team, 10, 11, Softball, 10, 11, 12. WILLIAM HANNA, Regents. NANCY J. HARTZ, Local. Bookstore, 12, D.E.C.A., 12. SUE HERRMANN, Regents. DEBRA HESKETH, Local. Bookstore, 12, D.E.C.A., 12. LAWRENCE HESKETH, Local. Basket- ball, 10, 11, 12, Chees Club, 10, Football, 10, 12, Track, 10, Varsity Club, 10,11,12. PAUL HINCHERICK, Local. Chess Club, 11, Stage Crew, 10, 11. PAMELA HORBACHEWSKI, Local. BRIAN HORWOOD, Local, Stage Crew, 12. MARK HOWORKA, Local. Soccer, 10, 11, 12. EDWARD HUGHES, Local. Broadcasting Club, 12, F.E.S.O., 11, 12, Football, 10, 11, 12, Girl ' s Basketball manager, 11, 12, Stage Crew, 10, 11, 12, Track, outdoor, 10, 11, 12, Varsity Club, 11, 12, Wrestling, 10, 11, Drama Club, 11, 12. BOB HURLEY. Local. Football, 10, 11, 12, Indoor Outdoor Track, 10, 11, 12, Varsi- ty Club, 11, 12. CAROL IAFALLO, Local. Student Gov- ernment. JOHN INGOLDSBY Local. ANTHONY G. INGRASSIA, Bowling, 10, 11, 12. DARLENE JACKSON, Local. Mixed Cho- rus, 2 years. JOHN MICHAEL JEWETT Local. Foot- ball, 11, 12, Varsity Club, 11, 12, Wres- tling, 10, 11, 12. THERESA JOHN, Local. Bookstore, 1 yr. TERR! A. JOHNSON, Regents. Cheer- leaders, 10,11,12, Mixed Chorus, 10, Se- lect Chorus, 11, 12, Student Government, 10, 11, 12, Water ballet, 10, 12. BRUCE JOHNSON, Local. TIM JOHNSON, Local. Wrestling. 11, 12. PATTY JOHNSTON, Local. EILEEN E. JOYCE, Regents. FBLA, 11, 12, French Club, 10, 11. TONY KAPSIAK, Local. CATHERINE L. KENNEY, Regents. French Club, 10. JEFFREY KLEIN, Regents. SUSANNE KOGUT, Regents. Announc- ers, 12, Girl ' s Volleyball, 10, 11, 12, Its Academic, 12, N.H.S., 11, 12, Student Government, 10, 11, 12, Varsity Club, 11, 12. MICHAEL PAUL KOSCIELNIAK, Re- gents. Basketball. 10, 11, 12, Varsity Club. DIANE L. KRAUS, Regents. N.H.S.. 11, 12, Concert Band, 10, 11, 12, Marching Band, 10, 11. 12, Stage Crew, 10, 11, 12, Student Government, 11, 12, Drama Club, 10, 11, 12, Peer Listening, 12, Pit band, 12, Woodwind Ensemble, 11, Band Secretary, 12. KATHY KRAWCZYK, Local. Bookstore, 12, D.E.C.A., 12. KAREN KRUSCKA, Local. Bookstore, 11, Library Club, 10, 11, 12, Polish Club, 12. RICHARD KUBALA. Track. Local. F.E.S.O., ROBYNLYN KUBALA, Local. Bookstore, 11, 12, D.E.C.A., 11. 12, Library Club. 11, Polish Club, 12. JOSEPH LANIGAN, Regents. Swim Team, 10, 11, 12. MIKE LAZARZ, Local. LORI LEIBOLD, Local. Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12. AMY LENNON, Regents. Girl ' s Softball, 10, 11, 12, Class Officer, 10, French Club, 10, Gateway, 10. 11, Girls Basketball, 10, 11, Girl ' s Soccer, 10, Girl ' s Volleyball, 10, 11, 12, Student Government, 10, 11, 12, Girl ' s Swim Team, 10. 11. Varsity Club. 10. 11. JUDY LEVINDOFSKE. Local. Bookstore, 10. 11, 12, D.E.C.A., 10, 11, 12. MARK LEVULIS, Local. Bookstore. 12, Musical, 12, Band. 10, 11. 12. JAMES LEWIS, Local. Band. 10. 11. 12, Tennis, 11, 12, Stage Band, 10, 11, 12, Rifle Team. 11, 12. JOHN T. LIVSEY, Regents. Baseball. 11, 12, Football, 11, 12. LAURIE LOCK WOOD. Local. Mixed Cho- rus, 11, 12. DAN LONG, Local. Football, 10, 11, 12, Wrestling. 10. DENNIS LONG, Local. Football, 10, 11. 12, Wrestling, 10. SAMUEL LOPEZ, Regents. Spanish Club, 10. ROBERT C. LUTHRINGER. Local. D.E.C.A., 11, 12, Golf, 10, 11. 12, Ski Club, 10, 11, 12, Soccer, 10. JANET L. MACGREGOR, Regents. Girl ' s Basketball, 12, Girl ' s Tennis, 11, 12, Girl ' s Track, 10, Student Government, 12. DOUG MACIEJEUSKI, Local. Mixed Chorus, 10, Ski Club, 10, 11, 12, Select Chorus. 10. 11. 12. SUZANNE M. MACKENBURG. Regents. N.H.S., 11, 12, Student Government, 10, 11, 12, Swim Team, 10, 11, 12, Water Bal- let, 10, 11, 12. Pres. Student Gov. 12. PATRICK J. MALONEY. Regents. Bowl- ing, 11, Track, 10. STEVE MANDIAK, Regents. Track. 10. CHARLES MARKEL, Local. Wrestling. 34 ANN MARIE MARKWELL, Local. Book- store, Manager, 11, 12, D.E.C.A., Presi- dent, 11, 12. GINA MARIE MARSILLO, Local. Hi-Lites, 11, 12, Student Government, 12. VIRGINIA MARIE MARTIN, Local. Book- store, 11, 12, Student Government, 10, Drama Club, 10, 11. SHARON MARIE MASTRANTONI, Re- gents. Girls Soccer, 10, 11, 12, Play. 12, Student Government, 10, 11, 12. LAURIE MAZUREK, Local. PATRICIA REILLY MCANDREW, Re- gents. Girls Softball, 10, 11, 12, French Club, 10, Girls Basketball, 10, 11, 12, Girls Volleyball, 10, 11, 12, Student Gov- ernment, 10, 11, 12. LYNNE MARIE MIKOLAJCZYK, Local. Bookstore, 12. DAN MORRIS, Local. Student Govern- ment, 10, Track, 10, 12. JOHN C. MORROW, Regents. Football, 10, 12. MICHAEL MOSEY, Regents. Drama Club, 11, 12, Soccer, 10, 11, 12, Play, 12, Musical, 12, Ski Club. 10, 11, 12 (Presi- dent, 12), Soccer Captain, 12. KEVIN MOTT, Local. D.E.C.A.. Mixed Chorus. JUDY MULHOLLAN, Regents. ELIZABETH MULKERN, Local. Book- store, 11, 12, assistant manager, D.E.C.A., 11, 12. MARGARET ANN MURZYNOWSKI, Lo- cal. Broadcasting Club, 12, Chess Club, 12, Cross Country, 12, Girl ' s Cross Coun- try, 12, Girls Track, 10, 11, 12, Polish Club, 10, 11, 12, Soccer, 11, Student Government, 10, 11, 12. CAROLYN E. NASCA, Local. FBLA, 11. French Club, 10, 11, Library Club, 11. SHELLEY M. NEUMANN, Regents. French Club, 10, 11. STEPHEN P. NITTO, Local. Broadcast- ing Club, 10, 11, F.E.S.O., 10, 11, 12, Gateway, 10, 11, 12, Musical, 10, 11, 12, Play, 10, 11, 12, Stage Crew, 10, 11, 12, Drama Club, 10, 11, 12. MARY O ' CONNOR, Regents. Spanish Club, 10, 12, Student Government, 12. ROBIN ANN OMALLEY, Regents. Class Officer, 11, French Club, 10, Vice-Presi- dent, 11, Vice-President, 12, President, Gateway, 10, 11, Girl ' s Soccer, 12, Girl ' s Track, 11, 12, Hi-Lites, 10, Majorettes, 10, Band, 10, 11, 12, Soccer, 11, 12, (manager — boys). Student Government, 10, 1 1, 12, Swim Team, (manager — boys) 11, 12, Track, 11, stats— boys. Ski Club, 11, 12, Marching Band, 10, 11, 12. HALIM OMERHODZIC, Local. DAWN M. OTTO, Local. D.E.C.A. GARY PAGELS, Local. Baseball, 10, Bowling, 10, 11, 12, Volleyball, 12. JENNIFER M. PALMER, Regents. Forum, 10, Public Information Club, 10, 11, 12, French Club, 10, 11, Gateway, 12, Hi- Lites, 10, 11, 12, Student Government, 10, Drama Club, 10. GAETANA M. PAOLINI, Regents. Cheer- leaders, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus, 10, Model U.N., 11, Select Chorus, 11, 12, Student Government, 10, 11, 12. PATRICK PATRICK PAOLINI, Local. Stage Crew, 12. DARLENE PARENT. Local. MIKE PARKER, Regents. Cross Country, 11, 12, Football, 10, Track, 10, 11, 12. DAWN PAULEY, Local. FBLA, 11, 12, Hi- Lites, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus, 10, Se- lect Chorus, 11. 12, Student Government. 12. JERRY POLAKIEWICZ, Local. Basket- ball, 10. 11, 12, Class Officer, 12, Foot- ball, 10, 11, 12, Polish Club, 10, 11, 12, Track, 11, 12, Varsity Club, 11, 12. AMY POQUADECK, Local. Hi-Lites, 10, Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, Model U.N. , 10, 11. Spanish Club. 10. 11. 12. Student Government, 10, 11, 12, Drama Club, 10, 11. PATRICIA A. POTTER, Regents. German Club, 10, Ski Club, 10, Mixed Chorus, 10, Select Chorus, 11, 12, Drama Club, 12. STEPHEN PRAHOVIC, Regents. Soccer, 10, 11, 12, Swim Team, 10. SUE PRUSAK, Regents. FBLA, 11, 12. CHRISTINE PYNE, Regents. Forum, 12, Model U.N. , 11, Student Government, 10, 11, 12. JIM QUEEN, Local. THOMAS QUICK, Regents. Football, 10, Soccer, 12, Swim Team, 10, 11, 12. DEBRA L. QUINN, Regents. Ski Club, 10, 11, 12, Public Information Club, 10, 11, 12, French Club, 10, 11, Hi-Lites, 10, 11, 12, Band, 10, 11, 12. LISA M. RANALLO, Local. Mixed Cho- rus, 10, 11, Swim Team, 10, 11. BARBARA REESE, Local. D.E.C.A., 11. 12. Gateway, 11, Library Club, 10, Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, Stage Crew, 10, Stage Band, 10. RONALD REESE, Local. Wrestling, 10, 11, 12. JAMES REGAN, Regents. Musical, 11, 12, Play, 11, 12, Stage Crew, 11, 12, Dra- ma Club, 11, 12. DON REGENSDORFER, Regents. JANET REIT Z, Local. FBLA, 11, 12, Stage Crew, 10. LISA PICCIRILLI, Local. BETH RICH, Regents. Gateway, 12, Girls Swim Team, 10, 11, 12. ROBERT RICHARDSON, Regents, Gateway, 12, Stage Crew, 12. JO ELLEN RIEDERER, Regents, Cheer- leaders. 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus, 10, N.H.S., 11, 12. Student Government. 10, 11. WILLIAM ROBERT RINARD, Local. Broadcasting Club, 10. LYNN M. RIZZO, Regents. Hi-Lites, 12, Mixed Chorus, 10, Select Chorus, 11, Drama Club, 10. JOE ROLDAN, Local. JOHN ROMANOWICH, Regents. MARYANNE ROMANOWSKI, Regents. German Club, 10, 1 1, Stage Crew, 10, 1 1, Drama Club, 10, 11. VALERIE C. ROMYAK, Local. Bookstore, 12, D.E.C.A., 12, Library Club, 10, 11, 12, Stage Crew, 10, 1 1, 12, Drama Club, 10, 11. PEGGY ROSKWITALSKI, Regents. Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, Select Chorus, 12. JODI ROZANSKI, Local. Class Officer, 12, Gateway, 11, Library Club, 11, Stage Crew, 11. 35 GERRI RUBIN, Regents. Girl ' s Basket- ball, 10, Girl ' s Softball, 10, 11, 12, N.H.S., 11, 12, Student Government, 10, 11, 12, Girl ' s Swim Team, 10, 11, 12. RON RUEGER, Local. F.E.S.O., 10, 11, 12, Band, 10, Stage Band, 10. BOB RYAN, Local. THERESA SAGLIANI, Local. FRANCINEM. SAIA, Local. Gateway, 12, Girl ' s Basketball, 12, Hi-Lites, 10, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, Spanish Club. 10, 11, Stage Crew, 12, Student Govern- ment, 10,11,12, Drama Club, 10, 11, 12. CAROL SALASNY, Local. Musical, 10, 11, 12, Play, 10, 11, 12, Stage Crew, 10, 11, 12, Drama Club, 10, 11, 12. CINDY SANETZ, Regents. German Club, 11, Girl ' s Cross Country, 12, Girl ' s Track, 11, 12, Mixed Chorus, 11, N.H.S. (McAu- ley Chapter). PATRICIA A. SAN FILIPPO, Regents. Model U.N. , 11,12, Spanish Club, 10, 11, Student Government, 10, 12, Swim Team, 10, 11, Water Ballet, 10, Drama Club, 10, 11. NANCY SARGENT, Local. Cheerleaders, 10, 11, 12. DEBRA SCHEELAR, Local. BEVERLY SCHOEN, Regents. French Club, 10, Soccer manager, 11, Stage Crew, 10, 11. THOMAS B. SHEA, Regents. Rifle Chub, 11, 12, N.H.S., 12. MARK SIDOTI, Regents. N.H.S., 12. ROBERT SLEMMER, Local. JO ANN SLIZ, Regents. French Club, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students. ANDREW SLYDER, Regents. Mixed Chorus, 12, Musical, 10, 11, 12, Play, 11, Stage Crew, 10, 11, Student Govern- ment, 12, Tennis, 10, Drama Club, 10, 11, 12. CHRISTIE SMITH, Regents. Class Offi- cer, Treasurer, 12, French Club, 10, 11, 12, Girl ' s Tennis, 10, 11, 12, Student Gov- ernment, 10, 11, 12. PETE SMITH, Regents. SANDY SOBCZAK, Regents. French Club, 10, Gateway, 12, Hi-Lites, 10, 11. 12, N.H.S. , 11, 12, Public Information Club, 11, 12. TOM SPULECKI, Regents, Track. CAROL STACHOWIAK, Local. DONALD STAMER, Regents. Baseball, Football. Varsity Club. KIM STANLEY. Local. FBLA, 11, 12, Gateway, 12, Hi-Lites, 11, Student Gov- ernment, 11. MARIE STEFANACCI, Regents. Spanish Club. DIANE STEIFLER, Regents. PAUL STOCKMAN. Regents. German Club, Soccer, 10, 11, 12, Varsity Club. BRUCE STOCKTON, Regents. Wres- tling. RUTH STRAWBRICH, Local. FBLA, 11, French Club, 12. JOHNSTRNAD, Regents. Ski Club, Soc- cer, Swim Team. TIM SULLIVAN, Local. CATHY TABER. Regents. Cheerleaders, 10, 11, Girl ' s Track, 11, Hi-Lites, 12, Mixed Chorus, 12, Band, 10, 11, 12, Stu- dent Government, 11, 12, Stage Crew, 12, Pit Band, 12. Marching Band. 10. 11. 12. JIM TATAR, Regents. KEVIN TATAR, Local. D.E.C.A., Golf, Var- sity Club, Wrestling. JODY LYNN TOMASZEWSKI, Regents. German Club, 10, 12, Mixed Chorus, 12, Musical, 10, 12. Stage Crew. 10, 11. 12, Drama Club. 10. 11. 12. LYDIA TROJANOVIC. Local. German Club. MIKE TRZEPACZ. Local. Rifle Club. 10. 11. DEBBIE TUCKER. Local. ED TUCKER. Local. SCOTT CHARLES VETTER, Regents. Bowling, Hi-Lites, Track. GABRIEL VISCO, Regents. Musical, Dra- ma Club. LISA VULLO, Local. Cheerleaders, 10, 11, Mixed Chorus, 10, Musical, 10. N.H.S. 11. Student Government, 10, 11. DAWN WADSWORTH, Regents. French Club, 11, Gateway editor, 11. 12, Swim Team (boy ' s) 11, 12, Water Ballet. 11. 12. Yorkers. 11. STACEY WAGNER, Local. French Club, 10, 11, 12, Majorettes, 10. SHELIA WALKER, Regents. German Club, 10, 11, 12. VICKI WEISE, Local. Spanish Club, 10, 11, Student Government, 12. MICHELLE WERTZ, Regents. BRIAN WICHER, Regents. Soccer. TOM WILLIS. Regents. Cross Country, 11, 12, Track, Outdoor, 10, 12, Indoor, 11. CHRIS WILSON, Regents. Soccer, Spanish Club, Varsity Club. BOBBIE WIRTH. Regents. Girl ' s Basket- ball, Girl ' s Softball, Girl ' s Tennis. ELISABETH WOLECKI. Regents. Girl ' s Tennis, 12, Hi-Lites, 10, Polish Club, 10. JOHN WOOD, Local. Football, 10. Ser- vice Club— A. V, 10. BILL WOODWORTH. Local. SHERYL A. WORK. Regents. Majorettes, 10. PHYLLIS WOZNIAK, Regents. Musical, 12, Stage Crew, 10, 11, 12, Student Gov- ernment, 12, Drama Club, 10, 11. 12. MICHAEL WYCOKI. Regents. Basket- ball, Football. LAUREL WYNN, Local. Ski Club, 11, 12. BOB YACONE, Local. Football. 10, 11. 12, Varsity Club, 11, 12, Wrestling, 10, 11, 12. TAMMY YARNALL, Local. Majorettes, 10, Marching Band, 10. LISA YOUNG, Local. Mixed Chorus, 10, 11, 12, Stage Crew, 12, Student Govern- ment, 12. WILSON YOUNG. Local. Chess Club. 12. Wrestling. 11. KIM Z AGAR I NO. Regents. Softball. 10. 11. 12. Class Officers. 10. Girl ' s Basket- ball. 11, 12. Girl ' s Soccer. 11. 12, Girl ' s Volleyball, 10, 11, 12, Student Govern- ment, 10, 11. 12, Varsity Club, 10, 11. DEBORAH A ZAK, Regents. Vending Machines, 12, French Club, 10, 11, Hi- Lites, 10, 11, Play, 10, Student Govern- ment, 11, 10, Drama Club, 10. 11. 36 4? . 37 If I Leave Here Tomorrow Would You Still Remember Me For I Must Be Travelin ' On Now ' Cause There ' s Too Many Places I ' ve Got To See . . . I ' m As Free As A Bird Now And This Bird You Cannot Change Lynyrd Skynyrd 38 A . - ..11, ,-%• w ■L3. m i 1 K $2 JUNIORS There ' s a tree outside my nine o ' clock class whose leaves are beginning to change and sitting here with a book in my hands I think it ' s rather strange to be studying English and French or Math when just outside this wall the leaves are turning to butterscotch in this sunny caramel fall. My mind is not in literature but in the poetry of this day so I ' ll let my attention wander though I ' m obliged to stay here in a four- walled classroom learning to grow up wise while each leaf in the passing November grows gold before it dies. — Melinda Beck 39 T. Abraszak N. Allison J. Anderhalt F. Angilello E. Appleby M. Armstrong M. Arnst C. Arthur R. Artymowicz C. Augustynlak D. Ayers E Backus C. Baker J. Baldelli D Ballard ' P. Barbera M. Bargeron L Barrett P. Baxter G. Bazley D. Bell J. Belsenich R Bennett J Bernard B. Bialy T. Biddle L Blain 40 f » H I D. Blank J. Bleech S. Boehm J. Botham M. Bowers D. Bozek M. Bratek A. Braunscheidel M. Braymiller C. Breindel f My vx ' t E Brennan K Britton C. Brooks S. Brooks Ma. Brown Me. Brown K Browning J Buckley V A H. Buefka 0. Cassidy M. Chrosniak N. Burke fijl K. Chandler W. Clark M. Clifford 41 ■ WBMIIMIII IIHW ' " ™— " - " ' " ' " - A. Cswaykus J. Day M. DeOca I KillrJ Vli T. C urcio J. Custard D. Czuba L. Damian S. DeCarlo C. Cole — 1 P. Comerate S. Depczynski M. Dewandler J. DiMaria D. Damon fa B. Deming J. Collard 42 v $ P. Dombrowski S. Donaldson k 1 1 f D. Doyle W. Doyle D. Dreyer 1 I M. Duke S. Eberl S. Endress D. Flack M. Foster K. Eberhardt ..T C. Enser C. Fox J. Evancho I 1%I S. Flaherty M. Flanagan D. Frank J. Evans P. Flood A •»• ' L. Frank f P. Eckman D. Ellerbrock K. Farallo iv Htzgerald I. Flores T. Forbes S. Franz T. Frappa 43 G. Fruchtel i - ' Y? J. Gardena C. Gasinski M. Gates R. Gatzek T. Gawronski C. Gearhart J. Gemberling D. Gleason C. Gonser J. Goodheart T. Goodison i V j Ml m «1 i S. Gospodarski N. Gould N. Gonser S. Goodberry D. Grabowski T. Green L. Greenwald D. Gregoire K. Gugino M. Hanley S. Guida D. Haines v1 " K. Hannel F. Guido J. Haley T. Harrington P. Hadley L. Ham C Hasenoehrl 44 4 ft A V A. Haywood M. Hazard S. Hearn S. Held M Helmer K. Herwood Mi J. Hoffman L. Holley D. Hooper K. Hornberger R. Host S. Hubert y K. Hughes L. Hoover L Horbachewski M. Hutton D. Ingersoll D. Irlbacher F. Izydorczak I C. Jabcuga T. Jaegge J. Jardine T. Jeffers J. Jovic E. Joyce -at V P " | D. Kaczmaraski K. Kales J. Kambera] » E. Karjel 45 G. Kelly N. King K. Koehler M. Krniaich I C £| £ M. Kordaslewlcz 1 N [ £ K. Jurek ft . D. Kunselman i E. Kwietniewski A. Lejca K. Lemke L. Kozak • mi t fa L. Kruszka R. LaMacchia S. Krakowskl J. Kubiak B. LaPlante J. Lenahan T. Klrkpatnck S. Krans " t P. Kuebler E. Lates B. Lentz ' ' M. Kecmski P u ' ii R. Klimowlcz K. Kreutter 0. Kulesza T. Laufer M. Leonard 46 L. Lesswina M. Lewandowski K. Linehan T. Lipinski V J R. Lombard C. Loretto | A. Lotocki A. Maddigan M. Mantino W. McCormick E. Medynski T. Lowes M. Madeja ■A U J. Mantione m ' 4 J. McCoy C. Meegan A. Lucas 1 J. Mahon J. Markward P. McGillicuddy T. Mehok P. Luczak % m i T. Mahoney . CM V D. Mayer E. McGowan I P. Menz C. Lukaszewicz C. Malek I C. Mayerhofer J. Macri M. Manns M. McClame IP D. Mlchalczak G. Meyers f - y J. Miller J. Montgomery P. Miller T. Morford 3 D. Michalek D. Minnick J. Morrow R. Michalski R. Mitchell K. Mlchelsen S. Mohr S. Mosey fa £ L. Moyer B. Maumoff M. Naumovski D. Nowakowskl J. Nelson V J. Nelson J. Milano D. Mondel A. Mumm ft I J. Nelson T. Newkirk T. Newkirk W. Newland C. Nordblum N. Newton D. Notto B. Nicoloff G. Nowak C. Niedermeier R. O ' Donnell X !. 7 J. Olson T. O ' Malley P. Ott V » D. Paycon R. Paycon C. Palmer T. Parent J. Paterson L. Pecora D. Palmer W-m «rf , » S. Pawela R. Palmer A. Paolini E. Peters K. Peterson L. Phelan L. Phillips A. Pieczynski D. Pike L. Pizzuti G. Plarr D. Pocock { - f I i J. Predko G. Pride S. Podkulski , j S. Pritchard R. Pohwat S. Queen K. Poorten S. Radaker L. Pound N. Rafalske 49 % k M. Ralbovsky M. Richards W C. Saia D. Rambino D. Richardson ' ft . D. Rutkowski B Ryan J. Saladyga i i T. Rauth ft R. Roberts R. Ryan M. Saldana D. Rechlm -i D. Sabuda L. Sambora S. Schanbacher K. Schermerhorn E. Shimert fl D. Rosiek V M. Sage C. San Filippo r G. Ricalton H. Ruger A. Sagliani L. Sausner D Schubbe D. Schuh 4 W. Schuh S. Schuster M. Schwab T. Schwartz A. Selice E. Sell 50 K. Sauberan f! !l K. Seufert S. Sgroi V. D. Sharp K. Shosho S. Sim R. Spiegle S. Spring M. Stacey ' i h ! fs I v v J. Staruch B. Stevens v ' ♦ D. Stotz i i E. Shagott E. Sipos M. Soda D. Staffan K. Strawbrich K. Shanks A. Slisz V H. Smith M. Shanks C. Smith J. Snyder R. Solinski M. Sparaco % i i: ( m R. Stando G. Starks R. Sullivan R. Suto 51 i 4 S. Swahlon D. Swift V G. Szczublewski A. Szczutkowski D. Szelest K. Taylor R. Tenebruso I P. Tronolone M. Todaro Lk , V " V " ' V. Toporek J. Tos At J. Tramontana D. Uncapher J. Wagner W. Wascak T. Vane J. Varga M. Venti 1 1 R. Wech f R. Will, Jr. D. Vielitz S. Weiss C. Willis Fwa J. Walier 9. 1 V R. West R Walker I T. Whytas, Jr. t P. Walsh f -) I i G. Wieder K. Wind S. Wild 52 f ix J. Witkowski D. Woodlmg R. Wood worth V. Woodworth N Yeaton 53 J«F H I M. Buck T. Boerman J. Bridges E. Conte T. Greenert M. Haas l_. Dickenson w J. Holfoth J. Howard fkf . i ' i. D. Lewis M. Jacobs K. Lewis CAMERA SHY JUNIORS M. Baumann F. Beckwith P. Black R. Capasso A. Cappara A. Cummings J. Denz M. Kaminski M. Knoll L Kruszka H. Lux R. Miller P. O ' Neil D. Perkins G. Richardson A. Ruiz J. Sagliani R. Scinta D. Snyder J. Swanson D. Ventura K. Vitrano L. Vujakovich J. Jiuditta V B. McEwen C. Reger P. Jordan D. Reitz E. Koerner I M. Nitto S. Richardson n M. Krnjaich J. O ' Donnell B Rush 54 J. Sliz M. Szczublewski T. Tangel ' — ■ I • ■. ■ ' ■ 386 " $ Will you gather daydreams Or will you gather wealth? How can you find your fortune If you cannot find yourself? Gordon Lightfoot 55 i ? ■ " ■J .. - - . WvV »1 1 1 II H M ii 1- f " . SB V i ' 1 rj 1 • ' ■ ' 1 .1 -?■ |W m P --£■ Mm. L l Ira » i-t ' -fsT W ■-. " " WR: H] . 1 H B ' i j [ v L WL il WW? i » ■ 1 I i fit l ; 1 ' f ; Conformity is the Jailer of freedom and The enemy of growth. John F. Kennedy ... . StiP e 6 56 ll» ---i SOPHOMORES o M MEMORIES The sky is so far and blue Clouds so white and fluffy, So long as that is true They look like pillows. Thoughts and memories so fine That everyone should remember To look back at them from time to time, by Warren Kingman 57 waxiwwsHDiiEuuflBanrH { : n v ;» " Jff« M. Abramo R Adamczyk R. Alimonti • . . . . K. Allen P. Allen M. Allexenberg H. Almasi L. Baker M. Balester N. Bargeron ' ' . C. Bates D. Allmendinger D. Bakowski J. Bandish S. Barlett K. Beckett L. Anderson G. Baldelh j Jkv K M. Barberio ■v I M. Barnack E. Bednarz D. Aramburu D. Ayers G Barrow J. Barry T. Bednasz K. Benzula I T. Bagen D. Bartolotti L. Bennett 58 i L. Board D. Bodekor M. Boedo W. Biggar A. Bingenheimer ft A M. Bigelow S. Blazevich D. Boswell C. Bower W. Bratek C. Braun r S. Braymiller C. Brennan D. Brennan M. Brown M. Brown M. Brown J. Buchanan D. Brooks A. Brown G. Buck K. Bunch S. Burau N. Burke K. Byrne J. Caber M. Caber is. 8 J. Cackovich 59 s R. Carnevale R. Cheeke A. Chiocchio D. Chiocchio J. Chitla . S. Casuccio J. Check ' R. Christiano M. Chudzik B. Clifford L. Cline J. Cloos C. Cole V. Colucci M. Conner R Cook D. Corcoran nt,: R. Corsetti l, M. Costantino S. Costantino I T. Costantino J. Coyle D. Cretacci M. Cribbs J. Crites R. Croce 60 B. Cunningham B. Detia 1 A. DiCesare T Donaldson A Curcio C. Czech C. Dils K. Dingeldey E. Donohue B. Dupree B. Dylong I D Czerwiec f% ! D. Dahlberg fS ? T Degal M. Deubell S. Doherty jT5| T. Dolinar R. Doyle R. Dubel D. Eckert H. Eckert L D Alessandro W 4 S Depczynski K. Devlin V P. Donaldson J. Dubreville R. Eckert 61 I. Edwards R. Filighera T. Foley M. Gegenfurtneri -V: R. Getchell 54K 1 1 K. Finley S. Forbes £% 1 u It- ' ± 1 A J. Gall M. Gambino J. Geylon C. Girdlestone A. Emel D. Fisher J. Forcucci S. Gardina T. Emel A Flack W (SB R. Fredenberg P. Gardner R. Enckson R. Ernst S. Flanigan . f 1 B. Friedman T. Gavin D Flood L. Friscic K. Gawlak V « R. Gervasl ' 4 V M. Gleason 62 m M. Gruttadaurial J. Gullo M. Goodman £% $ 1 8 )■ % W$t: S. Grabar si M. Gwitt R. Green D. Gregoire L. Habermehl ft, - ». K. Hackett J Govenettio V P. Grimmer B Haima B. Haley L. Hammer A. Hancock A. Hancock S. Hanley L. Harrington K. Hartel P. Hasenoehrl f 1 D. Hatch M. Hawks « . !% ft J. Hayden V ' ' R. Heferle faLft A. Held u. Heia u. Menry L. Herr P. Herwood A. Hibyan 63 M. Hildebrand S. Hughes A. Hincherick D. Ingersoll a A i L. Jarnot D. Jelenovic D. Holl N. Izzo J. Jensen S. Hooper ' V A D. Jackson E. Horan r t E. Jackson J. Hovey M. Janisch M. Jewett R. Johnson A. Jones V. E. Joyce L. Jurek M. Krabel L. Kaczmarczyk J. Kaminski ■ D. Kanish K. Karmelek D Kasperek J Kasza L. Kayko 64 -—■ " - " " — Tinnrt M. Kellogg B. Klj Jp f V 4 % R. Kelly I , Si « J. King L. Kitchen S. Klemp - R. Kllnger M. Klopp M. Koenig L. Kopacz J. Koss D. Kowal E. Kowal L. Kraus D. Kresconko A. Kress Itt Bfft W. Krone D. Kruszka J. Kruszka T. Kruszka T. Kruszka J. Kryszak J. Kuebler 65 tt« U gPtt m»WgMift Wg»tfBI • G. Kulesza 59 ffi! f ; H " i R. Laemmerhirt P. Laird T. Langhans W LaRosa A ' A. Launcella C. Lawn T. Lawn V K D. Lemke I ■ • M. Lenard P. Levulis T. Lewandowski T. Lipinski M. Lewchuk V L. Little J. Logan x£ J. Logan T. Long K. Loretto G. Losel C. Louise L. Lueck L. Lutz E. MacGregor M. Madigan C. McCarthy J. McCarthy M. Maloney 66 ft p B. Marean M. McCracken I B. Mead A. Metzger J. Mohorovicic A. Nappo M. Martinez me J McGillicuddy L. Mead D. Michalek P. Monjeau A. ' A ' i , P. Nelson 4 E. Martnshm Vv T. McGrath ? M. Meegan D. Milkovic T. Morgan R. Nelson - s J Matava G. Mau K. McCooey I .- 1 V T. Miller M. Mitchell M. Minich 0 i t ? E. Moss J M. Murphy L. Nagy M. Nendza A. Neuffer T. Nistler 67 S. Nolan T. Nolan ( A. Nowak M. Nowak M. Nowak D. Nunciato D. O ' Brien M. O ' Brien K. O ' Connell A. O ' Connor B. O ' Neil V " ' « i - - a R. Orlowski v M. Ortiz R. Palyszeski 1 J. Oszust D. Ott J. Pankowska C. Pappas J. Owens W. Parish » - M. Pagels T. Parks Ok L. Pavel 4 $ 1 I i K. Palombaro A. Patton ■ i P. Pearson K. Peterson D. Phillips S. Phillips 68 C W v V ' R € ..,w, : ;, V • ' • ' •. ' ■ I Wf " ■ •» » J. Picciano S. Pirotta E. Pluta M »x. :l D. Pocock J. Pracitto J. Prahovic L Predko T. Price E. Pyne R. Queen ! J. Rachlinski " D. Revenew L. Roliczak G. Ribarich I J. Rollek C. Rath -1 K. Rich K. Rosiek S. Rauscher N Robinson P. Rosiek (oX -$ tf C. Rausch A. Rockwood L. Rukavina C. Rellinger R. Rohauer T. Russo 69 J. Saia ' , : ?U AY M. Schiever J. Salasny M. Saldana D. Sauerwein W. Savage 4 54 C- Schasel M I r iff «»»y H S. Schatt L. Scheffler W. Scheffler - u H S. Samson 4 I T. Sandusky S. Sardma R. Schmidt L. Schoenthal T. Schuh D. Schutt A. Schwartz K. Scinta .V u L. Selice A. Sewastynowicz E. Shaffer G. Shannon u ». , M Shea C. Sikorski G. Sinatra C Sinnott D. Siwiec B Sizemore 70 D. Skolimowski L. Smeal M D. Spors J. Stadler V ' » i T M. Skowronski S. Smith ■ f% ' P. Spors •« 1 (SCT l C. Sterling ft I 1 D. Sutfin A. Stockman H A R. Suto W. Smith M. Spulecki ,W. Steigert , K. Steibach t t S. Smolkovich ft .•v ' Vf J. Snell J Sobczak K Sowa I C. Stone S. Szafranski C. Szuczublewski L. Small T Sparaco K. Streety M. Szkutak 71 M. Taylor L. Tobias S. Trask J. Tomasik K Tunney I ' 9 J. Tenebruso M. Tomczak B. Ungaro K. Vogel J. Wade V T. Thompson W Toporek 7 W Tanner W. Thompson W. Toporek • - 1 B. Tabbi j. layior. L. Tighe E. Wagner M. Wagner E. Wahl 72 J. Walker f i M. Wertz E. Wojtas f -7 V . T. Woodworth ' W. Walter t J. Westlake R Wargo C. Warnes a t i B. Wetzler J. Whalen ,- V , S. Wrazen M. Wright A R. Wylie S Weimer M Whalen M. Wood f T. Yerrow H n m I s C. Welch L. White J. Wilson K Winkowski C- Wo|Cik K. Woods n S I D. Yetman 73 D. Basinski R. Braun C. Cole T. Damon T. Florko C Gilbnde M. Grasso K. Hughes D. MacNeil R. Johnson V M. King D. Kotlowski C Krause D. Meiers P. Milks M. O ' Connell J. Porpora J W. Schwab C. Sharp K. Smith CAMERA SHY SOPHOMORES K. Baker M. Balas D. Barker N. Bosinski A. Butt D. Czeizwiec M. Duebell W. Daniels J. Flanigen A. Ford G. Gardina P. Gardner M. Gegenfurnter S. Gravelle A. Held D. Ingersoll L. Jurek D. KasDerek W. Klimowicz M. Mackey R. Masterman J. Logan J. Logan R. Merlino M. Murphy R. Palyszeski D Peters M. Pieri S. Rauscher K. Reimer T. Sobaszek J. Walken K. Williams S. Wrazer M. Wright i V J. Zagarino L. Wilson D. Zander A. Yacone R. Ziozack ■ 1S$ 74 D. Zorn M. Zuchowski u p N T V I L D fi N T » £ Homecoming 1981, certainly lived up to it ' s theme: " The Wild Frontier. ' ' In line with tradition some wild contests were held. The Senior Class captured first place in the hall decorating contest by exhibiting the Class of ' 82 s Western spirit. The Homecoming parade featured several floats with the Juniors ' creation taking first prize. The Homecoming Pep assembly found each class competing against one another. Once again, the Class of ' 82 was victorious over the underclassmen retaining their undefeated record. Homecoming royalty was chosen in the annual popularity contest. Representing King and Queen were Bob Slemmer and Cyndi Fisher. Their court was made up of Senior Attendants Jeff Weiss and Debbie Hesketh, Junior Attendants Dickie Paycon and Kim Kales, and Sophomore Attendants Angelo Nappo and Tina Ungaro. In an exciting football game, the Falcons defeated arch-rival Hamburg by a score of 1 7-8. A victory dance was held featuring the country rock excellence of Jeff Munzer with the band " Two Hills. ' ' Much time and effort was put into making " The Wild Frontier " a success. The following people contributed their talents and abilities: Homecoming ' 81 chairman: Kathy Fleig Committee Chairpersons: 1) Assembly — Reilly McAndrew 2) Dance — Janet MacGregor 3) Hall of Fame — Sharon Mastrontoni 4) King and Queen — Kim Zagarino 5) Parade — Anne Marie Barilec 6) Publicity — Sue Kogut • L- " lrH ' ( , f i. i . ' ' II I ' M ■ . Il , ill He finally got his name up in lights. i " Only one more night of detention: [■wjjHL - ' JHi ■i Kp Bi v i it jbbl WP SBmJjm KfmflHv ' M? • ? 09 ' Unbelievable ' Do you think anyone noticed? ' r 1 " It is nice to be king. Looks like fun Tom. " How do I explain this one? ' " Aren 1 1 talented? ' I wonder if their deodorant is working ' } ' " I wonder if anyone is looking? " " Who said sophomores don ' t have fun? " 78 " Go for it! ' fegl " It ' s very nice to be king! " Who said the Mudhole wasn ' t constructive? ' " Hi Mom and Dad. ' " Did you see the Mudhole float? ' " We made it! ' " Do you see what I see? ' 79 CREW Saira, Francine Cronin, Keith Williams, Kirk Farallo, Kathy Hughes, Ed Jacobs, Chris Ryan, Robin Keranovic, Emin Kaminski, Julie Pieri, Michelle Curcio, Angel Horwood, Brian Paolini, Pat Booth, Jim Giglio, Tony Kreutter, Kim Bowers, Mary Kenny, Cindy Finley, Carrie Regan, Jim Wozniak, Phyllis Chomen, Harry Ingoldsby, John Lewis, Jim Diaz. John Friscic, Mary Beth Andreeff, Donna Hackett, Debbie Hannel, Kevin Young, Lisa Jelenovic, Donna Tabor, Cathy Alvarez, Joe Queen, Jim Pagels, Gary Nitto, Steve Nitto, Mike Zerby, Robert Zurek, Karon Rockwood, Amy Blank, Daniel CAST Aunt Em C. Baker Dorothy D. Andreeff Uncle Henry C. Regan Munchkins K. Baker. A. Brown C. Girdleston, A. Patton, S. Weiss, J. Tomaszewski Addaperle D. Hackett Yellow Brick Road S. DeCarlo. M. Manns. S. Mastrontoni, G. Ricalton Scare Crow W. Jankowski Crows B. Cunningham. N. Gonser, C. Morgan. S. Mosey. M. Bargeron Tin Man P. Herwood Lion L. Colucci Kalidahs B. Cunningham. N. Gonser, C. Moran. S. Mosey. D. Hackett Poppies S. Blazevik. B. Cunningham, S. DeCarlo. S. Mosey. M. Manns Field Mice D. Cassidy. D. Durusky. C. Finley. K. Jurek, L. Tighe. P. Wozniak Gate Keeper J. Barrett Emerald City Citizens Winkies M. Ralbovsky, M. Mosey, A. Brown, M. B. Friscic, J. Logan, C. Salasny The Wiz A. Slyder Evillene E. Kozlowski Lord High Underling J. Regan Soldier Messenger G. Visco Winged Monkey G. Shannon Glinda S. Tramontana Don ' t touch him, he ' s mine. 1 «B ' . ' A SfiL Py b M 1 4 i JE ■ They call me king of the jungle. ■ " Get yourself some cheap sunglasses Greatest American Gigolo 84 See me . . . feel me . . . touch me . . . heal me Hot stuff! Next I ' ll kill ya with my Alabama Stammers! Get me to the church on time! 85 KnmHUURBumuijaantnwii Please, Ma — just til midnight Primal scream time! ArtttrittPB 87 WSBMBUUUJnu therapy in the ' 80s DISCOVER HOW 1 XbeCable- Ifc fa. i » ills £•■1 A LOT OF US HAVE WILD IDEAS. HERE ' S TO THOSE WHO GET THEIRS OFF THE GROUND _ , lSoW hatinW »n8 I A Fairv-Tale r»n 1 oS ™; The Shadow Knows. % GxEAr ' ytet Honor ,,,,,,0 San dra - Dav () - Connor - • ANY f 2rf£ See you later, alligator. ttMC GAMI I NEWTON -JOHN Like you ' ve never seen her before iHts lk| « -K)W MUCH YOl 1 WORTH? Junior Class Officers Senior Class Officers ROW 1: P. Luczak (President); ROW 2: J. Goodheart (Vice-Pres). M. Chiacchia (Treas); ROW 3: Dreyer (Sec.) The Junior Class as an organization is an interim step to achieving unity among class members before that all important Senior Year. Most activities require class members working together for fund raising with the opportunity to make new friends and have fun in the process. The Junior Class has two annual fund raisers, a candy sale in January and a Valentine sale in February. All funds help to make senior year activities less costly to class members. Mr. J. Baker (Advisor); J. Polokiewicz (Pres.); D. Hackett (Sec), C. Smith (Treas.). Absent: L. Bukaty (Vice-Pres.) Sophomore Class Officers The Sophomore Class offi- cers represent over 500 fellow Sophomores and attempts to co-ordinate class and school events such as Homecoming, and Christmas activities. They also have discussed several fund raising projects such as concerts and candy sales in an effort to finance future activities for their Junior Senior years at Frontier. ROW 1: T. Sandusky (Sec). A. Metzger (Treas.); ROW 2: M. Costantino (Vice-Pres.). B. Ericson (Pres.) 90 Ji Student Government ROW 1: G. Peters, M. Szutak, N. Castricone, L. Jarnot. J. Milano. S. Weiss, M. Bargeron, R. OMalley. M. Jewett. D. Corcoran. L. Wilson. ROW 2: C. Czech, K. Karmelek, K. Byrne, K. Hackett, G. Paolini, T. Johnson, A. Keppler, S. Hubert, G. Ricalton, K. Gawlak. L. Harrington, T. Nistler, J. Blasczcykiewicz, M. Gillen, T. Kirkpatrick; ROW 3: M. Gegenfurtner, L. Habermehl, C Hanley, A. Barilec. S. Mackenburg. A. Lennon, L. Bukaty, K. Tunney, R. Ryan; ROW 4: B. Zerby. K. Hannel, A. Poquadeck, C. Pyne, K. Fleig, D. Notto, C. Fox, C. Rogers. L. Hammer. L. Bazely, S. Decarlo. K. Taber, A. Brown, L. D ' Allessandro. A. Mumm, J. Gleason, M. MacNamara. J. Dyson; Absent: C. Szelest, G. Rubin. The Student Government has been active this year. They sponsored Homecoming ' 81 which was a huge success as the football team beat Hamburg and the band " Two Hills " played at the dance. They also contributed to a worthy cause for Christmas, are planning a Band Show, and will hopefully host another Variety Show this year. Officers, Sue Mackenburg, Mary Bargeron, Anne Barilec, and Mary Szutak, enjoyed working with the faithfu l members and thank those who have made it a good year for Student Government, namely Mr. Cavalcoli. M. Bargeron (V. Pres.), S. Mackenburg (Pres.), A. Barilec (Treas.) 91 uxraMmuwimmiamwituomamm ROW 1: A. Bistany, S. Mackenburg, S. Kogut, J. Donaldson, R. McAndrews, A. Lennon, G. Rubin, H. Williams, J. Baldelli, J. Baxter; ROW 2: J. Weiss, J. Milano, S. Gretka, J. Belsnich, B. Falcone, E. Peters, P. Eckman; ROW 3: T. Pietras, M. Wetzler, S. Brnik, M. Clifford, D. Devlin, P. Luczak, J. Kaczor, L. Hesketh; ROW 4: J. Woods, B. Hurley, C. Streety, E. Hughes; ROW 5: D. Kacmarski, D. Siewic, D, Stamer, B. Augustyniak, H. Chomen, D. Blachura; ROW 6: J. Pelow, J. Staruch, J. McDowell, B. West, G. Weider, B. McCormick, J. Mantione, R. Macchioni, T. Coyne, J. Wilson. Varsity Club ROW 1: Joe Baldelli — V.P., J. Donaldson Tres.; ROW 2: H. Williams — Sec, J. Baxter Pres. 92 Rifle Club -. ■ . . ■ .. ja . ROW r- H. £c ert, P Bennett, M. Nitto, M. Bozek, R. Patterson, G. Kulesza, L. Bennett. J. Lewis. J. Bennett; ROW 2: J. Porpora, D. Bridges, G. Gill, F. Conner, T. Braunscheidel, A. Sewastynowicz, T. Parks, D. Henry, J. Bridges. T. Shea, Mr. P. Hickey (Advisor). Ski Club 93 French Club i , ROW 1: R. OMalley, C. Smith, K. Gugino, C. Bollinger. ROW 2: M. Allexenberg, C. Mayerhofer, D. Jelenovic; ROW 3: J. Rachlinski, A. Hibyan, R. Strawbrich. K. Stejbach, K. Gawlak, L. Ham; ROW 4: R. Corsettl, C. Malek, C Kenney. E. Verbanoff, T. Szyper, M. Brown; ROW 5: J. Cloos, L. Hammer, M. Sparaco. A. Be tovic, B. Stevens, T. Morford. The French Club has had a most successful year, including many exciting events. Two French plays, " Le Petit Prince, " and " Tartuffe " by Moliere were attended by enthusiastic French students. Also attended was a concert by a folk-rock group, " Daniel Valois etses amies. " The Club also sponsored tremendous baked goods, carnation, and candy sales. The club float placed third in the Annual Homecoming Parade, giving much satisfaction to all who helped construct our " chez-d ' oeuvre. " Plans are being made for a French dinner, and the annual trip, possibly to Toronto. The French Club also collaborated with the other language clubs on a project to help Poland by sending food, clothing, and medicine to needy families. The club also participated in the annual International Christmas Dinner. L-R: Christie Smith, Treasurer; Donna Jelenovic, Secretary; Robin O ' Malley, President; Karen Gugino, Vice President. 94 KNEELING: T. Szyper, C. Sinnott, L. Habermehl, M. Gegenfurter, C. Czech, A. Metzger. S. Walker; STANDING: R Fredenburg, K. Rich, J. Mohorovicic, H. Eckert. J. Stadler, MM. Boedo, K. Hornberger ROW 1: K. Linehan S. Szafranski, A. Congilosi; ROW 2: R. Gatzek, T. Forbes, M. Kinney: ROW 3: S. Boehm, D. Kadish; ROW 4: S. Bussi. A. Bingenheimer, C. Niedermeyer; ROW 5: R Stockman, J. Tomaszewski, B. Richardson. German Club This year, the German Club has been extremely active in fundraising activities which contributed to such functions as the International Dinner. A trip to Cedar Point or a weekend in Toronto is in planning stages. There are 35 members, made up of German and non-German students. All are very active and involved. The club was also very involved in the drive for Poland. ROW 1: L. Habermehl (Secretary), C. Czech (Vice- President); ROW 2: S. Walker (President), S. Boehm (Treasurer). 95 i Spanish Club ROW 1: L. Little. J. Kaminski, E. Keranovic, D. Kannish, J. Walker, M. Schieber; ROW 2: G. Shannon, D. Milkovic, T. Parks, J. Saia, B. Cunningham. K. Beckett, C. Bates; ROW 3: K. Kreutter, C Nordblum, C. Malek, J. Custard, T. Newkirk, G. Meyers, T. Kirkpatrick, N. Gonser. The Spanish Club is an organization made up of students interested in Hispanic culture. Most are currently enrolled in Spanish classes. The Club participates in the Annual International Christmas Festival which marks the beginning of Frontier ' s Christmas celebration. They are also involved in many fund raising activities which terminate with an end of the year celebration. This year ' s officers are: Co-Presidents: Teresa Newkirk Gretchen Meyers Vice President: Tim Kirkpatrick Secretary: Cheryl Nordblum Treasurer; Kim Kreutter The Club ' s advisor is Ms. Costello and we welcome any interested students to join us. Hasta la vista! Polish Club ROW 1: M. Lewandowski, A. Paolino (Vice-Pres.), D. Michalczak (Secre- tary), D. Kasperek, R. Kubala; ROW 2: J. Polakiewicz. L. Szulgit, C. Ma- lek (Treasurer), C. Lukaszewicz (Pres.), J. Brocki, K. Kruszka, S. Szczesny 96 The purpose of a foreign language club is to provide its members with a better understanding of that language as well as the people who speak it. Members of the Polish club are proud of their ancestry and heritage. Most members study the Polish language at Frontier where three years of Polish for Regents credit, as well as one-half year course in conversation are offered in the curriculum. A very busy year was planned by the officers this year. The first activity was the Polonaise Ball at the Statler Hilton. Soon after the Polish club won second place for the float in Homecoming. November and December were busy months as members prepared for the annual International Christmas Festival. In February, members attended the Droaram of Mazowsze dancers from Poland at Kleinhans Music Hall. For Easter, the traditional Swieconka was held, with foods and festivities of the season. Several members are hoping to spend a month in Poland in the near future. At the present time, however, we could not make any plans because of the unstable political situation. During this school year, Juliet Pankowska was an honored guest at most Polish club activities. Juliet is a student from Poland who is spending a year at Frontier. The Polish club, together with the other language clubs, as well as the student council, has a special project this year. Food, clothing and medicine were collected from students and mailed to friends and relatives in Poland. Inrlwri it has ht?i?n an fixnitinn vear. Foreign Exchange Student Visiting Sophomore Juliet Pankowska arrived in the United States three months ago after studying English in Poland for two years. Juliet says she has not found it difficult to adjust to our American life style. In fact, her favorite television show is " Three ' s Company. " The biggest adjustment problem Juliet has faced thus far came when school began. She felt lost and scared. Everyone was a stranger. Americans seemed very different and very rich. Although she found the transition from Poland to America to be an easy adjustment, she is quick to point out that she feels it would be difficult for an American to adapt to Poland. The reason for this is the lack of freedom in Poland. When asked if America met up to her expectations, she said she did not expect everything to be so dirty. She expected everything to be much cleaner, especially Manhattan. This, however, would not keep her from staying in the United States if given the opportunity. NAME Julie Pankowska BIRTHDAY April 1 1, 1966 BIRTHPLACE Bydgoszcz, Poland HOBBIES Singing, Dancing, Playing Piano, Volleyball FAVORITE SUBJECT French Physics FAVORITE SPORT Volleyball FAVORITE SEASON Summer Winter FAVORITE AMERICAN FOOD Pizza, Spaghetti, Potato Chips FAVORITE POLISH FOOD Pierogi FAVORITE MUSICIANS AC DC Barbara Streisand 97 The International Christmas Festival which was held at Frontier, on Friday, De- cember 11, 1981, was a success as usual. This was due to the great organization of the chairmen, Christie Smith and Robin O ' M alley. Collaborating for this festive event were the French Club, German Club, Spanish Club, and Polish Club. Each sec- tion of the cafeteria, which was assigned to a club, was decorated to illustrate the customs of each country. A wide variety of international foods was prepared by the members of the clubs to be offered to ev- eryone who attended the festival. During the dinner hour, a variety of Christmas mu- sic was played to make the evening a bit more enjoyable. After the annual dinner, the guests were entertained by the concert band, which also played a variety of inter- national Christmas music. A drawing was held before the entertainment to give away the centerpieces, which were an added at- traction to the festival. Our foreign ex- change student for the year, Juliet Pan- kowska from Poland, also spoke about her customs, interests, and family life. The festival helps to unite people from different cultural backgrounds. It also serves the purpose of getting the community involved in an international event. Merry Christmas Frbhiiche ,3 " A V weihnachten v r ujr Noel WBSoiych v . Swzat Fe±iz Navidad INTERNATIONAL CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL frttnai?, Itrraiirr 11 1381 1 W ■ m JjP - r 111 r H GATEWAY Editorial Staff ROW 1: J. Bernard (Ass ' t Editor), D. Wadsworth (Editor), S. Nitto (Photo. Editor); ROW 2: K. Stanley (Secretary), C. Saia (Copy Editor), F. Saia (Treasurer). The publishing of the yearbook is no easy task. Work begins during the late summer and continues until July. The staff met regularly two days a week and a seemingly infinite number of hours were spent on this year ' s Gateway. Much of the credit for this years Gateway goes out to Editor Dawn Wadsworth. Both Joe Bernard and Steve Nitto did a commendable job in improving the quality of photography in this year ' s edition. Some 45 students showed interest in September in working on the yearbook. By January, the staff was down to about 15 members. It takes a special type of person to endure the hours spent on the tedious work of layout, copy, proofreading and editing. The recipients of Gateway ' 82 are greatly indebted to this year ' s staff. A special thank-you to J. Bernard for this year ' s cover and G. Visco for the artwork used as end sheets. The staff is also greatly appreciative to faculty members J. Czyz, D. B ailey, N. Lyons, and J. Kerr for their assistance this year. 100 ROW 1: K. Poorteen, W. Kingman, M. Cline; ROW 2: Mr. Ceccarelli (Advisor), J. Koss. L. Predko, C. Rellinger; ROW 3: S. Nitto. S. Sobczak. J. Bernard; ROW 4: B. Zerby. S. Sekura, K. Hannel; ROW 5; K. Stanley; Absent; K. Shosho, A. Szczutkowski, L. Barrio, J. Jardme, A. Sewastynowicz, A. Tojek, J. Palmer, M. Kinney, P. Griffin Gateway Business Staff B j W m JS B fl t — fi i £ I x fl -a. km. ■Flfl Hk il flflj Bfl Jfl Bfl. ■; ■■ flj flfl. ■ flr «fl « flfl Bfl. .fl Bflk BBuPV fll flfll Bfl » ■ Jvtr ' a ■ --:■ J flYf ™ " 1 flF ' wAV 1 flM h w a v HiBWJBS 1 »] % BB [|d| fl f i A 1 I . A f R0W1: M.B. Friscic L. Friscic, M. Murzynowski; ROW 2: K. Stanley, J. Milano. D. Durusky. K. Fitzgerald, C. Kenney, C. Relimger; ROW 3: M. Kordasiewicz, C. Braun, A. Sewastynowicz, T. Nistler, D. Corcoran, E. Martnship; ROW 4: K. Hannel, D. Blank, K. Kramer, E. Lates 101 HI-LITES Editorial Staff ROW 1: M. Mumm (Assistant Editor), D. Quinn (Treasurer), S. Sobszak (Editor), M. Gleason (Sports Editor), J. Palmer (Staff Editor), A. Tojek (Secretary) Frontier ' s newspaper staff produces a minimum of eight issues every year. The staff, with the help of faculty advisor Mr. Dennis Bailey, keeps on top of the current affairs in our high school. Hi-Lites offers a wide variety of articles and tries to interest, if not involve, every student in Frontier. There is an editorial in every issue which deals with some urgent topic affecting our students. The small staff collects, writes, and prints the paper. In the past two to three years, the Hi-Lites has been adding to its collection of equipment. One important and recent technical advance was the aquisition of a data processor. All of our efforts go toward providing an interesting, modern newspaper to serve the needs of Frontier. ROW 1: A. Tojek, M. Gillen, K Bendzula; ROW 2: J. Palmer, S. Sobczak, D. Quinn, F. Saia, C. Tunney; ROW 3: M. Mumm, K. Hannel, S. Szafranski. D. Pauley. M. Gleason, C. Taber 102 Forum To date, Forum has read the novel Kane and Abel. We also plan to have read another novel by the end of the year. The novels are purchased through the club treasury which raises the money through both baked goods and candy sales. Field trips to both To- ronto and the Empire State News Corporation are also being planned. ROW 1: L. Ham, L Sambora, D. Bell. M. Kordasiewicz, K. Hannel; ROW 2: C. Malek, C. Norblum, T. Morford. Not Pictured: N. Koute, T. Schwartz, K. Gugino, R. Connelly, C. Mayerhofer Public i Information Club ROW 1: K. Hannel, P. McAnaney; ROW 2: J. Palmer (Vice President), D. Quinn (Treasurer), A. Tojec (Secretary); ROW 3: S. Sobczack (President), D. Pauley, M. Mumm 103 MUSIC CLUB ROW 1: J. Bernard — Treasurer; ROW 2: D. Andreeff — Vice-President, D. Hackett ■ President, M. Friscic — Secretary. d £ , ROW 1: J. Stadler, L. Friscic, P. Monjeau, C. Bollinger, D. Cassidy, L. Briggs, R. O ' Malley, G. Shannon, J. Cloos, M. Taylor, D. Michalczak, M. Boedo; ROW 2: J. Wieder, E. Joyce, J. Rachlinski, A. Bingenheimer, J. Montgomery, R. Carnevale, J. Lewis, G. Bennett, M. Goodman, K. Farallo; ROW 3: G. Wieder, C. Taber, P. Comerate, C. Fox, D. Kraus, A. Patton, J. Bernard, J. Kryszak, B. Raima, D. Haines, L. Nagy; ROW 4: A. Keppler, A. Bejtovic, D. Quinn, R. Croce, J. Walker, M. Brown, S. Tramontana, C. Girdlestone, E. McGowan, R. Kelly, D. Kruszka. MARCHING BAND 105 Concert Band ROW 1: L. Briggs. A. Bejtovic, C. Fox, C. Taber, A. Patton, C. Louise, E. McGowan, C. Girdlestone, J. Walker, D. Kraus, D. Quinn, R. O Malley, J. Cloos; ROW 2: S Tramontana, R. Monjeau, C. Bollinger, M. Boedo, D. Cassidy, J. Wilder, R. Carnevale, J. Lewis, G. Bennett, J. Montgomery. A. Bingenheimer, B. Joyce, J. Bernard, M. Boron, J. Rachlinski, G. Shannon, A. Keppler; ROW 4: L. Nagy, M. Levulis, K. Falcone, M. Goodman, W. Thompson, K. Faratlo, V. Woodworth, G. Weider, L. Colucci, P. Comerate, B. Hiama, ROW 5: D. Kruszka, D. Haines. Jazz-Rock Ensemble ROW 1: G. Dennett, B. Joyce, J. Lewis, D. Haines; ROW 2: J. Montgomery, A. Bingenheimer; ROW 3: M. Levulis, J. Cloos, K. Falcone, K. Farallo, V. Woodworth, J. Bernard 106 Pit Band ROW 1: L. Friscic, M. Boedo, G. Shannon, D. Cassidy, A. Bejtovic. C. Bollinger; ROW 2: K. Falcone, G. Wieder. A. Bingenheimer, G. Joyce, J. Bernard, J. Walker. 107 Mixed Chorus , ROW 1: S. Gonser, L. Jurek, A. Emel, A. Patton, M. Friscic. L. Cline, F Saia, J. Griffin, L. White, L. Tighe, S. Tramotana, J. Tomaszewski. M. Ralbovsky. J. Barrett. J. Regan, A. Slyder, L. Colucci, R. McEwen, K. Dingleday, S. Donaldson, P. Herwood; ROW 2: L. Rukavina, S. Doherty, K. Karmelek, M. Kowing, C. Taber, L. Jarnot, D. Sauerwein, L. Greenwald, B. Allen, D. Hackett, M. Gillen, P. Roskwitalski, L. Leibold, L. Szulgit, T. Constantino, T. Forbes, B. Cunningham; ROW 3: T. Parks, K. Woods, S. Kraus, E. Schimert, L. Richardson, L. Holly, J. Varga, D. Corcoran, J. Pankowski, M. Gambino, A. Brown, K. Bunch, D. Cratacci, K. Beckett, LA. Glor, C Brooks. J. Howard, K. Finley, E. Kozlowski; ROW 4: D. Sabuda. D. Kaleza. D. Schuh. M. Chudzick, C. Cole, B Dedig. C. Bates, K. Loreeto. B.J. Naumoff, C. Eddy, J. Collard, L. Young, R. Crose, S. Forbes, M. Tomczak, M. Carney. J. Drewiega. C. Gilbride. K. Stejbach, L. Mazurek Select Chorus 108 ROW 1: F Saia. P. Roskwitalski. M. Galbo, C. Augustyniak, J. Buckley; ROW 2: J. Milano. D Durusky, D. Andreff, S. Weiss, MB. Friscic, G. Ricalton; ROW 3; G. Paolini, M. DiCesare, K. Hackett. C Morgan. K. Kreutter. D. Pauley. P. Potter. S. DeCarlo; ROW 4: T. Johnson ROW 1: M.A. Romanowski, B. Shoen, M. Mumm, R. Zerby Jr.; ROW 2: D. Haines, K. Hannel. C. Malek, Advisor Mr. Cavacoli; Absent: S. Mohr, K. Baker, S. Weiss, J. Blaszcykiewcz Ecology The Ecology Club is a group of students dedi- cated to expanding their knowledge of the environ- ment. They partake in trips to Eighteen-mile Creek, Bergen Swamp, Moss Lake and the Toron- to Zoo to observe other ecological cycles. Over- nigh ters at a lodge in Franklinville are held dur- ing both summer and win- ter. While some scientific procedures must be taken care of, the work is enjoy- able and teaches club members many things about themselves and the world around them. rama Club ROW 1: S. Nitto, B. Kopf. L. Tighe. M. Frisic, K. Jurek, D. Andreeff, D. Hackett. S. DeCarlo, M. Bargeron, J. Barret, G. Visco, J. Regan, B. Jankowsk, T. Giglio; ROW 2: R. Zerby, K. Farello, M. Bowers, J. Milano, S. Weiss, J. Tomaszewski, G. Girdlestone. A. Patton, M. Gillen, F. Saia, D Krause, U Hutton, L. Colucci, A. Slyder; ROW 3: K. Kreutter, R. Ryan, C. Salazny, D. Durusky, P. Potter, J. Logan, T. McGrath. E. Keranovic, S. Tramontana ROW 4: T. Amabile, E. Hughes, M. Gates, P. Wozniak, M. Mumm, C. Taber, E. Kozlowski, P. Herwood, B. Cunningham, J. Bernard, D. Cassidy, G Ricalton, M. Ralbovsky P. Wozniak (Treasurer) M. Mumm (Vice-President) C. Salazny (President) D. Hackett (Secretary) A.V. The student members of the Audio Visual Department do most of the work involved in A V presentations in the school. They are the ones who give up their study hall periods to assist in the scheduling of electronic media programs for classroom use. They help arrange for use of specialized instructional equipment, and have the ability to operate the related communications materials; the video receivers, film and slide projectors, cassettes, tape recorders, and so forth, that bring the great novels or plays, programs from foreign countries in the original language, documentaries, and video programs, " live in color, " to your classes. L-R: M. Eberl, J. Tenebruso, D. Minnick, R. Rueger, B. Zerby, M. Trezpez; Missing: D. Ballard, M. DeWandler, R. Kubala, B. Meegan, S. Swahlon. 110 Stage Crew ROW 1 — F Saia, K. Farallo, N. Gonser, P. Wozniak. J. Kaminski, E. Keranovic, C. Kinney; ROW 2 — D. Jelenovic. C. Salasny, R. Ryan, M. Friscic, T Giglio, J. Reagen, V. Romyak, H. Chomen; ROW 3 — B. Kopf. S. Nitto, E. Hughes. C. Jacobs, B. Richardson, K. Hannel, B Zerby; ROW 4 — B. Horwood, K. Kruetter, D. Hackett. Broadcasting The year was started off with the election of officers. Mary Ellen Bowers was chosen as the President, Bob Zerby as Technical Director, Kim Kreutter as Secretary and Gene Peters as Student Government Representative. One of the purposes of the club is to provide music for the students. Bob and Gene are taking care of that with a morning show at WFSH, our closed- circuit broadcasting station. The rest of the group is engaged in care and maintenance of the equipment, as well as administration. With all the officers and most of the club returning next year, Mr. Weeks and the club are looking forward to next year with high hopes. TOP ROW — E. Hughes, K. Kreutter, B. Zerby, R. Ryan, E. Peters. BOTTOM ROW — K. Farallo, M. Bowers, M. Gates. 111 DECA ROW 1: A. Forcucci, P. Parent, S. Donaldson — Vice President. W. Lowry, S. Krans, A. Haywood; ROW 2: Y. Sorrentino, P. Wagner, K, Krawczyk, B. Brooks, N. Hartz, L. Horbachewski; ROW 3: T. John. A. Markwell — 1 President, R. Kubula, 0. Hesketh, D. Dryer, V. Romyak, T. Goodiso n; ROW 4: Mr. J. Tarnish — Advisor, T. I Kirkpatrick. The DECA Club (Distributive Education Clubs of America) is set up for students of the first and second year Distributive Education-Marketing Classes. The DECA club is involved in community relations, such as this year ' s trip to the OLV Infant Home at Christmas to visit the children take them gifts. The DECA club is also involved in field trips to retailing and manufacturing concerns. They are involved in Display Contests and usually get the chance to see professional displays. The year usually concludes with an employer- employee banquet for promotion of employment for these students and to thank the employers. 112 1 OW 1: C. Meegan, D. Hesketh, N. Hartz; ROW 2 T. John, S. Donaldson; ROW 3: R Kubala. P. Wagner, Levindofske, A. Markwell (Manager), K. Krawczyk, L. Mikolajczyk, V. Romyak, B Brooks. T. Soodison, A. Shemansky. ■ : BOOKSTORE The function of the School Bookstore is: 1) To provide a needed service of supplies and books to the students; 2) To provide a training area within school for Distributive Ed. and VICP work- study students. In the bookstore, they actually operate and sell the oroducts, and handle problems that arise from any type of store operations. The Distributive Education II second year class must maintain vgular bookstore hours as a requirement for their class. 113 Chess Club The Chess Club, consist- ing of approximately 20 members, meets weekly to have matches. Officers are: President — Michelle Spar- aco; Vice-President — Patty Griffin; Secretary — Shah Hubert; and the advisor is R.J. Pinkowski. Tournaments are now be- ing planned in which we will compete against students in our own school as well as the Chess Clubs of other schools. ROW 1: C. Brooks. M. Brown, M. Allexenberg, A. Hibyan, J. Rachlmski, K. Hannel. J. Stadler, W. Young, M. Murzynowski; ROW 2: K. Falcone, N. Koester, T. Schwartz. P. Griffin, M. Sparaco, D. Kasparek, D. Rutkowski, A. Lucas, J. Pracitto, G. Shannon Announcers L-R: D. Hackett, K. Fleig. S. Kogut. 114 F.B.L.A. ROW 1: A. Lucas, D. O ' Brien, R. Lillis, L. Greenwald, M. Arnst, C. Bower, L. Pecora, K. Ritz; ROW 2: L. Rukavina, N. Yeaton, L. Phelan, J. Hahn, S. Queen, K. Linehan, A. Szczutkowski, Mrs. Dollmann; ROW 3: B. Detig. J. Check, L. Blain, S. Sekura, S. Prusak, J. Jardine. Library Workers The library assistants vol- unteer their study hall time to provide a valuable service to the library. In addition to tak- ing care of functions at the main desk, these workers perform many skilled and varied tasks which provide valuable job experience for the future. ROW 1: V. Romyak, K. Kruszka, R. Gatzek. T. Forbes, K. Bendzula; ROW 2: J. Matava, C. Kramer, J, Whalen, D. O ' Brien, J Brocki C. Braun; Absent: R. Brocki, S. LaPlante, J. Peterson, S. Weimer, K. Hannel 115 Social Club ROW 1: L. Richardson, K. Loretto, S. Gonser, K. Anderson; ROW 2: K. Cramer, D. Majewski. P. Schrecengost, D. O ' Brien, J. Kreuger, J. Adamczyk, B. McEwen, D. Sauerwein, B. Johnson, Miss Towne (Advisor). The Social Club is a new organization for students involved in the Special Education Program at Frontier. A t weekly meetings, we learn new games (backgammon, chess, etc . . .)or use recrea tional facilities (gym, Pool, etc. . . ). Selling pizza has been a major fund-raiser. We plan on taking field trips to athletic and social events in the area. Peer Listening ROW 1: D. Kraus. M. Gillen, C. Ernst, M. Mumm, P. Wozniak. G. Towne (Teacher); ROW 2: J. Sabuda (Teacher), M. Hazard, J. Duerr. M. Gleason, J. Donaldson, G. Visco, P. Barbara, P. Maloney; Absent: D. Sabatini, D. Sauerwein, A. Slyder, D. Zander, M. Helmer, M. Rose (Town of Hamburg, Coordinator), D. Delarosa. The Peer Listening Group is coordinated by the Town of Hamburg Youth Bureau to train young people to be effective listeners. The Group goes to great lengths to simply listen to fellow classmates and generally have a good time. 116 F.F.S.O. The Frontier Electrical Service Organization has been a very active, behind- the-scenes organization. As our first effort, we provided scorekeepers, clock operators, and spotters for the varsity and junior varsity home football games during the fall sports season. A t the same time, we were preparing for the fall musical, " The Wiz, " by assisting with the lighting, sound, and special effects. During the first semester, we also provided support services in the auditorium for assemblies and evening concerts. During the winter sports schedule, FESO provided sound equipment for all home swim meets, St. Francis swim meets, varsity and junior varsity basketball, and wrestling. We have also provided video taping on a limited basis for the basketball and swim teams. We will have also operated lights and sound equipment for the school ' s second musical, " Mame. " ROW 1: K. Krueter, E. Keranovic, K. Farallo; ROW 2: E. Hughes. M. Bowers. B. Zerby. T. Giglio; ROW 3: M. Gates, R. Ryan; ROW 4: K. Cronin. M. Nitto. J. Bernard; ROW 5: L. Colucci, B. Jankowski, B. Kopf, B. Norwood; Absent: K. Williams, J. Kaminski, S. Nitto, G. Peters, F. Isadorizak, T. Harrington. A. Rockwood. Vending Machine Workers The vending machine workers maintain the upkeep of the machines, order supplies and fill the machines. The service is part of student government activities to raise funds for the student body needs. ROW 1: A. Hincherick, P. Sullivan; ROW 2: V. Weise, M. O ' Connor 117 It ' s Academic ROW 1: Team Members: M. Bugman, S. Gardner (Captain), A. Bejtovic; ROW 2: Alternates: M. Carney, S. Kogut, Mr. Myers, C. Bollinger National Honor Society ROW 1: 0. Kraus, C. Bollinger, M. Bugman; ROW 2: B. Falcone, G. Rubin (President) S. Mackenburg (Secretary), S. Kogut, S. Brnik; ROW 3: D. McMillen, S. Sobczak, A. Bejtovic, S. Gardner; Absent: A.J. Grabowski, M. Carney, J. Glawatz (Treasurer), K. Kasinski, P. McAnaney (Vice- President), J.E. Riederer 118 fans Am i We Seen i 1 On»l fWty t • yvUw 8«och Club O s y Cheap Neighbors of the North Gnomics es riAPPerOi ofii o . . wearing hi senior ring. A sultry , erotic co medy. - ■Jtl -rrlfe no secret his mushrooms LO 75 Si GU 1 En. 120 A L £1 k T 5 P ■H r n H s ' t 1 llr L I i • F B - _ F K w f ' " sB " 1 FRONTIER CENTRAL NELCOMES YOU TO THE HOME Dft THE FALCOHB Varsity Cheerleaders Top to bottom left: T. Johnson, K. Brudo, P. Hemtz, K. Kasinski, M. DiCesare, G. Paolim, D. Fteitz. Top to bottom right: J. Gleason, C. Augustyniak, N. Sargent, J. Rie- derer, M. Galbo. C. Green, J. Varga. rx I mmt S- ■ ' • - - r -. ! —7. ' . ROW 1: M. Tomczak, A. Will, M. Carney, K. Palombaro. ROW 2: C. Lawn, L. Kitchen, J. Taylor, L Voltz. ROW 3: L. Pike, K. Hackett. M. Gegenfurtner. M. Schieber JV Cheerleaders - kit ujs 1 j ' , w + «asaff5- ' % ' £ s t If: .- «£ 125 Varsity Football ROW 1: J. Polakiewicz, S. Hearn, A. Pan eta, J. Manitone. J. McDowell, J. Livsey. E. Hughs, J King, J. Weiss. W. McCormick, L Hesketh, J. M. Jewet t, Coach Biersbach. ROW 2: J. Woods, M. Stacey, M. Wycoki, P. Ungaro, J. Morrow, M. Knoll, J. Donaldson, J. Belsenich, D. Blachura, J. Waller, W. Falcone, B Fischer, Coach Stamer ROW 3: D. Stamer, J. Baxter, J. Milano, D Siwiec, D. Williams, T. tauter, D. Long, T. Amabile, R. Doyle, D. Long, K. Cline, T. Pietras. ROW 4: Coach Schaller, B. Hurley, J. Baldelli, B. Au- gustymak, C. Gearhart, D. Palmer, W. Newland, F Muscato, B Yacone. D. Kaczmarski, B. Tenebrusco, P. Luczak, R. Lombard, J. Staruch, J. Logan. n„ 1- Frontier Varsity Football Team finished the 1981 season with a won 3 lost 5 record. The Falcons were in most of their games, but mental errors self de- structed them in the last minutes of play. Jeff Donald- son, Frank Muscato, Mike Wycoki, Jerry Polakiwiez, and Jim McDowell were the nucleus of the strong defense. Frontiers offense showed signs of great- ness but struggled most of the season. Frontier 24 Lackawanna 7 Frontier Jamestown 7 Frontier Clarence 21 Frontier 19 Maryvale 14 Frontier Amherst 10 Frontier 17 Hamburg 8 Frontier West Seneca East 11 126 THE FALCONS ROW 1: R. Schranz, M. Costantmo, R. Heferle. M. Skowronski. A. Nappo, T. Nolan. J. Salasny, K. Rich, B Wilde. ROW 2: P. Strawbrich. M. Abramo, S. Gravelle. P. Levuhs. P. Nelson. J. Ribarich, C. Dils, B West. A. Neuter. ROW 3: F. Rapim. J. Owens. E. Bednarz, L. Baker. M. Wright. R. Orlowski. L. Mead. M. Cnbbs. S. Trask. B. Erickson. ROW 4: J. Tenebruso, J. Baldelli. D. Dalhberg. E. Horan. R. Gervasi. B. Caber. P. Eckman. D. Kruszka. B Clifford. J.V. Football Frontier 19 Lackawanna 6 Frontier 6 Jamestown 42 Frontier Orchard Park 31 Frontier 7 Clarence 32 Frontier Maryvale 34 Frontier Amherst 30 Frontier Hamburg 20 Frontier West Seneca East .:.:.:,-.1« ' 127 BOYS ' VARSITY SOCCER Frontier 4 Dunkirk 1 Frontier 9 East Aurora Frontier 1 W. Seneca W. 2 Frontier 3 Lackawanna 5 Frontier W. Seneca E. 6 Frontier 3 Dunkirk Frontier 1 Hamburg 2 Frontier N. Collins 1 Frontier 1 Lake Shore 2 Frontier 1 Holland 7 Frontier 1 Orchard Park 2 Frontier 1 W. Seneca W. 2 Frontier W. Seneca E. 1 Frontier 1 Pioneer 4 Frontier Hamburg Frontier Lake Shore 3 Frontier Orchard Park 1 FALCONS ROW 1: Mr. Stromberg (Coach), R. OMalley (Manager), M. Mosey (Capt.). T. OMalley. D. Haines, M. Wetzler, A. Keppler (Manager); ROW 2: T. Curcio (Manager). C. Regan, H. Williams, F. Lewis. T. Llpmski, M. Cronin, R. Macchioni, B. Schoen (Manager); ROW 3: J. Strnad, S. Prahovic, M. Howorka. M. Hanley. M. Jacobs. T. Quick; Not pictured: P. Walter, P. Stockman (Capt.), T. Harrington. I K 128 S BOYS ' S J. V. I SOCCER Frontier 2 East Aurora 3 Frontier W. Seneca W. 7 Frontier 3 Eden Frontier 2 W. Seneca E. 2 Frontier Hamburg 7 Frontier 2 North Collins 8 Frontier 1 Lake Shore 4 Frontier Holland 3 Frontier Orchard Park 2 Frontier W. Seneca W. 6 Frontier W. Seneca E. 6 Frontier 1 Pioneer 2 Frontier 1 Hamburg 6 Frontier Lake Shore 3 Frontier Orchard Park 8 ROW 1: C. O ' Malley, F. Wojtas. M. Stockman, B. Jensen, G. Rehner. R. Drusbick, S Scheffler, J. Cobb; ROW 2: P. Barbera, T. Kirkpatrick, E. Pyne. A. Wild, K. Moores, C Kleine. G. Bish, D. Revenew; ROW 3: T. Jones, D. Voss, J. Chitla, J. Horvath, R. Getchell, A. Stockman, T. Antalek (Manager), T. Darwin (Manager). Mr. Phillips (Coach). 129 Boys ' Cross Country ROW 1: J. Haley. D. Nelson. ROW 2: (Kneeling) T. Sparaco. R. Corsettl. M. Parker. G. Peters. D. Ott. ROW 3: (Standing): D. Grabowski, E. Shaffer. G. Ott. T. Willis. J. Kruszka. T. Biddle. (Missing Capt. D. McMillen). Frontier ' s Cross-Country team ended another successful season at the Section VI Championships concluding the season with a 3-4 record. The Falcons finished fifth in the sectionals. Among this year ' s highlights were Dan McMillen ' s first place finish in the Varsity " B " race, and the overall Varsity and Varsity " B " team championship in the Lake Shore Invitational. Dan McMillen also won the Division III title at the Sectional Qualifiers where the team finished second enabling them to compete in the Sectionals. With four of the top five runners of this year returning, Coach Capuani is looking forward to another fine season next year. 130 Girls ' Cross Country The Girls ' Cross Country Team finished the regular season with a record of 1 1 wins and 5 losses. In the ECIC championship run Jackie Murzynowski, Michelle Duke, Mary Helmer, Lynn Girdlestone, and Mary Bugman finished 10th, 11th, 12th, 16th and 30th respectively. In the Sectionals the team finished 4th overall in the Class A Division with freshman Jackie Murzynowski at Frontier ' s leading runner with a 16th place finish followed by Michelle Duke (24th), Lynn Girdlestone (37th), Mary Helmer (38th), and Mary Bugman (59th). Jackie, Michelle, and Mary should provide excellent depth for next year ' s squad. ROW 1: M. Duke, M. Helmer, A. Chiodo. ROW 2: M. Bugman, L. Girdlestone, A. Grabowski, C. Sanetz, (Missing J. Murzynowski). 131 Golf ROW 1: M. Lenard, R. Masterman, D. Nelson, A. Bantle; ROW 2: D. Sutvm. R. Luthringer. K. later, R. Doyle, S. Klemp, B. Hylkema. Mr. Santoro; Missing: B. Barry, B. Nash, M. Mayer. Finishing their season with an 8-4 season, the Frontier Varsity Golf Team captured third place in the South Division ECIC competition. The Falcons were led in scoring by Bill Nash Lackawanna 7 1 2 Frontier 10V2 Lackawanna 6 Frontier 12 Eden 4 Frontier 14 Eden 4 Frontier 14 Springville 7 Frontier 11 Springville 4 1 2 Frontier 13V2 Hamburg 8 1 2 Frontier 9 1 2 Hamburg 8V2 Frontier 7 W. Seneca 5 1 2 Frontier 12% W. Seneca 14V2 Frontier 3V2 E. Seneca 12V2 Frontier 6 E. Seneca 11 Frontier 7 132 £ . .flHH ' " HA L ViB ■■fl ' W MBM ■Aft: ■■■ii " k !jp Varsity " 1 Volleyball ROW 7 : S. Wefz er, J. e eecf). H. Chomen (Capt.), J. Pelow, R. Pudkulski, K. Streety; ROW 2: N. Rafalski (Man.), M. Clifford, C. Streety, G. Pagels, S. Gardner, R. Szyper, J. Diaz (Co-capt). T. Sandusky (Man). The Varsity Volleyball team ' s season this year produced a final record of 2 wins and 12 losses. The Falcons picked up their only wins as all who participated played exceptionally well in the Sweethome Volleyball Tournament. With the loss of team Captain, Harry Chomen, out three games of the season, the Falcons were led by the efforts of another Senior, John Diaz. Also contributing fine play were Seniors Scott Gardner, Joe Pelow, Clay Streety, Gary Pagels, and Rich Poindexter. Returning for another promising season next year will be Mike Clifford, Kevin Streety, Brian Wetzler, Robbie Szyper and John Bleed. N 133 Girls ' Varsity Volleyball FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER FRONTIER 17, 15 15, 15 13, 13 15, 15 15, 10, 15 8, 15, 15 15, 15 15, 8, 15 16, 11, 12 15, 15 15, 15 15, 15 15, 12, 15 15, 15 15, 8, 15 15, 15 12, 12 ROW 1: D. Dreyer, M. Chiachia, A. Bistany, A. Lennon, J. Rubin, J. BlaszCzkiewic. K. Herwood; ROW 2: A Paolini (Manager). R. McAndrew, K. Seufert, P. Menz. L. Bukaty, B. Chilcott. M. Duke, J. Holfoth. Coach Faust. Asst Coach Sylvis; Absent: N. Flood This year ' s varsity volleyball team won the E.C.I.C. Division III championship with a league record of 11-1 and an overall record of 14-3. The team scored a total of 557 points averaging 14 points per game while their opponents scored 318 points 8 points per game. The success of this year ' s team cannot be attributed to any one player but rather the outstanding play of many individuals, and the support by the girls on the second team. The hilites of the season came against Lake Shore when the Falcons were down 7-12 in the third game but fought back to defeat Lake Shore 15-13 thus clinching the championship. This is truly a team of champions. ORCHARD PARK 15, 3 AMHERST 7, 5 W. SENECA W. 15, 15 HAMBURG 6, 2 W. SENECA W. 11, 15, 7 LAKE SHORE 15, 7, 2 LACKAWANNA 1, 1 NIAGARA WHEATFIELD 3,15,9 STARPOINTS 14, 15, 15 AMHERST 8, 3 HAMBURG 2, 7 ORCHARD PARK 5, 7 W. SENECA WEST 1, 15, 6 W. SENECA EAST 4, 6 LAKE SHORE 5, 15, 13 LACKAWANNA 5, 3 KENMORE WEST 15, 15 134 m Girls ' J.V. Volleyball ROW 1: A. Metzger, M. Saldana, L. Selice, P. Monjeau, J. Pankowski; ROW 2: A. Sylvis (Coach), E. Verbanoff, L Harrington, L. Tobias, R. Braun, K. Karmelek, W. Faust (Coach): Absent: C. Czech. A. O ' Connor FRONTIER 5, 15 ORCHARD PARK 4,10 FRONTIER 15, 6, 16 AMHERST 4, 15, 14 FRONTIER 17, 15 W. SENECA WEST 15, 5 FRONTIER 15, 15 HAMBURG 8, 1 FRONTIER 16, 15 W. SENECA EAST 14, 5 FRONTIER 15, 15 LAKE SHORE 10, 9 FRONTIER 15, 15 LACKAWANNA 3, 8 FRONTIER15, 10, 15 AMHERST 3, 15, 10 FRONTIER 15, 15 HAMBURG 8, 1 FRONTIER 14 i, 7 ORCHARD PARK 16, 15 FRONTIER 15, 25 W. SENECA EAST 5, 1 FRONTIER 9, 15, 15 LAKE SHORE 15 ,7, 15 FRONTIER 15, 8, 15 LACKAWANNA 3 , 15, FRONTIER 15, 15 W. SENECA WEST 5, 1 135 Girls ' Basketball ROW 1: D. Dreyer. K. Seufert, M. Chiachia, N. Gould, L. Bukaty: ROW 2: K. Taylor. M. Roberts, B. Chilcott, M. Jewett. A. Metzger; ROW 3: L. Gaydon, E. Veerbanoff, R. Duberville, J. McGregor. M. Saldana, S. Nolan. Coach Gibson i_ Girls ' Varsity Tennis W. Seneca W. 1 4 Frontier Hamburg 2 3 Frontier Orchard Park 5 Frontier W. Seneca E. 5 Frontier W. Seneca W. 1 4 Frontier Hamburg 1 4 Frontier Orchard Park 3 2 Frontier W. Seneca E. 1 4 Frontier ROW 1: C. Smith, J. Wieder, L. Garcia, C. Louise. C. Bollinger; ROW 2: J. MacGregor, L. Wolecki, D. Rechlin, B. Chilcott, C. Fox, C. Szelest, Coach R. Barrett; Missing: D. Barrett. The Frontier Girls ' Varsity Tennis Team finished a strong season with a 6 win, 2 loss record losing only to league champion, Orchard Park twice. Other teams in the tough ECIC Division III felt the sting of the Falcon ' s talons with West Seneca West, West Seneca East and Hamburg taking their turns. Both Christie Smith and Chandra Louise qualified for sectionals, and also won Varsity letters, along with Bridget Chilcott, Lisa Garcia, Danelle Barrett, Carol Fox and Jill Wieder. Squad letters were won by team members Janet MacGregor, Candy Bollinger, Denise Rechlin, Liz Wolecki and Cindy Szelest. Coach Robert Barrett is looking forward to another fine season next year, with four strong letter winners returning. — RUIK Girls ' Varsity Swimming ROW 1: A. O ' Connor, L. Luczak. M. Wood, C. Michael; ROW 2: G. Meyers, L. Bukaty, B. Rich, G. Rubin, S. Mackenberg, K Herwood, M. Taylor, S. Braymiller, T. Langhans. N. Robinson. J. Buckly Mr. Rabener; ROW 3: A. Kress, B. Joyce, R. Tos, S. Hooper. Frontier 34 East Aurora 48 Frontier 63 Lackawanna 19 Frontier 53 W. Seneca W. 29 Frontier 38 Lake Shore 45 Frontier 34V2 Hamburg 48V2 Frontier 30 Orch. Park 53 Frontier 50 W. Seneca E. 33 Frontier 60 Pioneer 23 Frontier 51 Eden 32 Frontier 52 Springville 31 The 1981 Girls ' swimming season proved to be a very satisfying one. The Lady Falcon ' s compiled a six win, four loss record in dual meets and placed seventh out of twenty-three teams in the E.C.I.C. league championships. One of the things that made the season a very exciting one is the fact that every Frontier school record was broken. Many people contributed to those records and they should all be proud of their efforts. Senior divers, Co-captain, Lori Bukaty, and Beth Rich led a group of excellent divers that took first place in every meet. Lori set a school record of 227.40 points, which was less than two points away from a league mark. Beth came back from an early season injury to make the finals of both the E.C.I.C. and Sectional Championships. Sue Mackenburg proved to be a very steady performer in the distance events and she surely will be missed next year. Co-captain, Gerri Rubin, provided great leadership abilities as well as a record breaking performance in the 100 yard Butterfly. Gerri will be tough to replace. Juniors, Kelly Herwood and Gretchen Meyers had very productive years for the Falcons and their progress is sure to continue next season. Kelly improved greatly in the I.M. and Gretchen dove her way into the finals of the E.C.I.C. Championships. The team ' s outstanding individual swimmer this year was Sophomore Teresa Langhans. Teresa now holds six individual school records and shares in our two relay records as well. Her medal winning performances in both the E.C.I.C. ' s and Sectionals proved to be a fitting reward for her outstanding effort. Beth Joyce, Mary Taylor, Stacey Braymiller, Amy O ' Connor and Anne Kress also made good progress this season and should prove to be very important to the team next year. Freshmen also made a major contribution to the team ' s success this year. Diver Lynn Luczak made spectacular progress that culminated in a third place finish in the E.C.I.C. finals. Only Senior Lori Bukaty and another Senior finished ahead of Lynn. The future looks bright for Frontier diving again next year. Mary Beth Wood had a hand in three school records and will continue to be a vital cog in our team next season. Suzy Hooper, Rachel Tos and Cindy Michael improved a great deal as the season progressed and will be counted on in the years to come. Overall, it was a great year. With this foundation to build on, Frontier can look forward with great anticipation to the 1982 season. 138 Boys ' Varsity Swimming ROW 1:J. Triepel, J. Lanigan, G. Tripp, S. Endres, M. McCoy, Ft. Getchell; ROW 2: T. Joyce, R. Gewasi, M. Nowak, G. Endres, B. LaPiana, D. Nelson, M. Wood, M. Mosey, Coach P. Rabener; ROW 3: J. McCoy, J. Strnad, T. Quick, J. Diaz; Absent: J. Walier, J. Ovak ,TT l Matt was rated as the number one butterfly swimmer in Western New York this season and was listed in the top ten in four other events. Tom Quick was also listed in the top ten in five different events. Meet after meet, Tom look on the opposition ' s best sprinter and he came out on top in all but one race. Joe Lanigan, John Strnad, Don Nelson, and John Diaz provided valuable depth this year and it will be hard to find four individuals to fill their shoes next season. Senior divers Jacob Ovak and Mike Mosey came out for the team this year as rookies and made exciting progress. Scott Endress, John McCoy and Jim Walier were this years juniors. Scott was a member of both record breaking relays and broke his own record in the backstroke. He is a very versatile swimmer and should have a great year in ' 82. John McCoy worked very hard and improved his time dramatically during the year. Jim was a valuable member of our relay teams and we are looking forward to big things from Jim next year. The 1981-82 boys swimming team fin- ished the season as the E.C.I.C. Division III champion. The team earned ten vic- tories against just one defeat within the division and thus be- came an E.C.I.C. champion for the first time in more than fif- teen years. Senior Co-Captain Matt Mc- Coy and Tom Quick will certainly be diffi- cult to replace. Sophomore Mike Wood let the team this year by being undefeated in his individual events. He was truly a dominant force in every race. Mike was matched in the toughest races in every meet and always emerged from the pool victorious. Mike appeared in the top ten in eight different events, a task that eluded every other swimmer in Western New York. Other sophomores were Rkon Gervasi, Ross Getchell and Mike Nowak. Freshmen provided another bright spot for the Falcons this year. Glen Endress gave the team exceptional efforts in the backstroke and I.M. races and was part of a record breaking medley relay. Tim Joyce was very valuable in all freestyle events as well as the butterfly. It is expected that he will fill in admirably next season. Jay Triepel became our most valuable diver and a solid medley relay swimmer. Greg Tripp and Bill LaPiana made excellent progress and will be depended on next year in breastroke and I.M. events. Overall, it was a super season which includes many record breaking performances by some outstanding young men. We had a third place finish in the East Aurora Relays and brought home a Division III championship. The team performed exceptionally well in post season meets and even though we lose eight fine seniors, the future looks bright. Wrestling ft s ROW 1: L. Swytzer, C. Lauricella, B. Falcone. J. Doyle, B. Laipple, J. Kunselman. B. Falcone, S. Gretka. A. Dunlap, W. Young; ROW 2: M. Meegan, J. King, E. Horan, M. Abramo, R. Macchioni, J. Logan, J. Prahovic, D. Long, R. Deangelis. M. Wetzler; ROW 3: N. King, J. Brylski. M. Gilson, T. Degal, T. Johnson, F. Izydorczak, S. Cassucio, C. Saia, D. Mead. D. Hooper, P. Eckman, J. Baldelli, S. Baxter; ROW 4: MR. Wilde, T. Schuh. P. West, S. Trask. M. Skowronski, L. Sheffler, D. Basinski, R. Flood, J. Brown, J. Ribarich, I. Bondarenko, M. Doruski. M. Rizzo. S. Smolkovich, A. Davis. Mr Schranz 140 Varsity Bowling The Frontier Varsity Bowling Team had a disappointing 4th place finish this year. However, this year ' s team had great spirit and character. The team was led by Junior Co-Captain Chad Mayerhofer and Senior captain Jeff Swanson. Chad had high average and high set for the Frontier team. Jeff had high game for the entire league. Steve Brnik was the emotional leader of the team. Gary Pagels, George Szcublewski, and Tony Ingrassia were all consistent and contributed much to the team ' s efforts. Also contribut- ing was 8th grader Dave Syta. ROW 1: G. Szczublewski, D. Schutt, S. Brnik. J. Swanson; ROW 2: R Klinger. C. Mayerhofer (Co-Captain). M. Pagels. G. Pagels. S. Gardner, T. Ingrassia 141 Boys Varsity Basketball This year s Varsity Basket- ball team finished with a 3-15 overall record and a 3-9 league record. What this team lacked in talent they made up with in desire and hustle. Their " never-give- up " attitude showed as they won two out of their last three league games. Seniors dominated the statistical highlights. Joe Pe- low was the leading scorer with a 12.5 per game aver- age. Jerry Polakiewicz led in rebounding with an average of 6 per game. Matt Megger was also chosen to the all- Tournament team in the Hamburg Tipoff Tourna- ment. ROW 1: P. Luczak, J. Bleech, J. Pelow. M. Koscielwiak, E. Karjel, J. Donaldson; ROW 2: M. Clifford, J. Polakiewicz. M. Megger. J. Weiss, H. Williams, Coach Jim Schappert; MISSING: B. McCormick, Mngrs. P. Barbera, W. Newland, Stats. N. Rafalski, T. Sandusky, K. Britton 3 IUU 142 Boys ' J.V. Basketball ROW 1: J. Dubreville, J. Owens, J. Tenebruso, J. Salasny, J. Gall; ROW 2: C. Sloppy. B. Kelly, R Doyle, R. Nolan, F. Rapini, S. Grabar, Coach Jim Baubonis; MISSING: K. Streety, D. Sutfin The Falcon J. V. basketball team began the season with the Hamburg Tip-Off Tournament. After losing the opening game to Clarence, the Falcons won their first game of the season over Hamburg. John Owens led all scores with 20 points as Frontier rolled to a 50 to 40 victory. The home opener proved successful as Depew fell by just one point, 47 to 46. Rich Doyle provided the heroics as he scored the winning basket on a driving lay up with just one second left in the game. Frank Rapini scored the single g ame high for the Falcons in a game at Lake Shore as he pumped in 9 field goals en route to a 21 point performance. John Gall had an 18 point total in the Falcons 39-38 win over Orchard Park, including the winning free throw on a technical foul. Kevin Streety played his usual tough defensive game and collected several assists as the quick playmaker sparked the team. Frontier was led in scoring for the season by Frank Rapini. Center Tom Nolan showed growth and progress through the season and Don Sutfin showed potential at guard. The J. V. team had several good prospects for next year ' s varsity squad. 143 Boys ' Indoor Track _ ROW 1:J. Coob, R. Gable, T. Sparaco, D. Off, R. Will, R. Cursett, S. Devlin, G. Wieder; ROW 2: R. Cackovich. R. Wappman, R.J. Will. D. Palmer. G. Peters, G. Off, A. Hibyan, G. Corsetti, D. Sargent, S. Mohr; ROW 3: D. Grabowski, M. Parker, C. Streety. D. Kacmarski, B. Hurley, E. Shaffer, S. Wagner. W. Morris. Coach Senn Girls ' Indoor Track ROW 1: L. Blaine, J. Nistler, J. Murzynowski, P. Yacone, K. McCully. V. Richardson. D. Sauerwin; ROW 2: C. Mahoney, M. Lorosa, R. Pilger, R. OMalley. J. Baia. S. Wagner, N. Sargent; ROW 3: L. Girdlestone, A. Grabowski, M. Helmer. M. Duke. C. Sanchez. A. Chiodo. M. Sparaco, C. Johnson. Coach Senn; ABSENT: J. Gleason, S. Braymiller, D. Durkin 144 " Friendship believes all things, hopes all things. " Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. We take endures all things " the best, forget the rest and someday we find . . . These To love is to place our happiness in the happiness are the best of times. " of another. Leibnith —Styx Of all the things we learn, then forget . . . Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is Memories are always kept. TMES all within yourself. Marcus Aurelius When summer approaches, and this year finds an end. As the year comes to an end, 1 hope we continue being good friends. May the future just begin. I ' ll remember our friendship in so many ways, The past is but a memory; on hot summer nights and overcast days. The future is a dream. I ' ll always remember you and all that we ' ve done, The years will burn forevermore the times that we spent in the boiling sun, As memories of yesterday. the times that we talked as night drew us near, Happy moments that made you smile, there was nothing to be afraid of, nothing to fear. Sad times that lasted only a while. As 1 think of the past and the memories of you, The sound of laughter was loud, I ' ll think of the good times and all we ' ve been through. The sound of tears was soft. I ' ll always remember the first time we met, The time spent together the things that we talked about I ' ll never forget. Was very special. The times that we stayed up and talked until dark Meeting new and special friends are sketched in the memories that lie in my heart. Made the days worthwhile. I ' ll always remember the way you would smile Laughing in the halls, whenever you needed me to stay for a while. Turning to a smiling face, Writing notes during class, 1 remember the honesty as you looked in my eyes, Skipping the period here and there, Our friendship was true, for there were no lies. Finding someone who cares. The times that we argued are times we ' ll regret they ' re times to let go of, times to forget. There were many times we ' ll never forget, As the year comes to an end. When this year ends, as we say goodbye, Moments to cherish and love, some of us will smile as others will cry. Memories made with a friend. We ' ll still keep the memories of the things that we did the things that we told, and the secrets we hid. Francine Saia And after this year ' s ended, completed, and through I ' ll still keep the memories of the times spent with you, Keep in mind that each of us is and when we go our own ways, 1 hope you agree special because we are different. We You ' ll remember the good times that you spent with ME. have come together in this friendship because we have our differences to Annette Szczutkowski bring to each other, so listen to me as 1 listen to you. We will hear ourselves grow into the realization of Keep your face to the sunshine and expanding mutual respect. you cannot see the shadow. Dian Westlake Helen Keller The larger the island of Knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder. Unknown 146 Ann Rosen was born in Los Angeles, California, but her family moved east after only six weeks which began a life-time of migration. By 1971 she had exhausted most of both coasts of the United States, below the ' snowline, " and decided to try a " working holiday " overseas. She chose Australia because at the time she thought Australians spoke the same language as Americans and because the Australian government was willing to subsidize her passage if she stayed for two years. The two years stretched to eleven. She has learned to speak Australian English and her children wouldn ' t hear of leaving Australia permanently. Mrs. Rosen ' s home in Australia is an old sea-side resort near Adelaide in South Australia. Because the climate is mild in winter and torrid in summer, living is slow and casual. The Australian philosophy that " near enough is good enough " can be frustrating at times, but it certainly reduces the pressures of modern life. Although Mrs. Rosen ' s major in college was secondary education, before moving to Australia she had taught Engish at a community college in Florida and at George State University in Atlanta. It was only in Australia that she began teaching in high school. Australian secondary schools include grades 8 through 12, and during her years with the South Australian Education Department she has taught not only English, but history and drama, at all levels. On the whole, students at Frontier compare favorably with their Australian counterparts, and she is looking forward to her year in Western New York. Mrs. Rosen states that " The initial chill in the weather has been more than compensated for by the warmth and friendliness of the teachers and students at Frontier. 147 Maintenance and Cafeteria Workers 148 fcultg Memories keep happy times happening. Memories keep us company when friends cannot be near. Memories are treasures of the heart. To get to the top of the highest mountain or to the top of my profession, I need only climb one step at a time. If you help someone else row this boat across th e lake, you will reach the other shore yourself. — Unknown j _ 149 Board of Education SfcC Mr Stanley Figiel President Mrs Ellen Gorman Vice President Mr James Baker Mr James Connolly Mr Walter Zak 150 Mr Ben|amm Werth Treasurer Mrs June Plumer Board Clerk Mr Edgar Carberry Administration Dr Robert Starr Superintendent of Schools Mr Raymond Rosinski Athletic Director Mrs Patricia Bulger Assistant Superintendent Instruction Mr Joseph Meaney Assistant Superintendent Business 151 Principals Mr G Baldelli Principal Mr. S. Grottanelli Assistant Principal 152 E Hagen Guidance Guidance is an integral part of the learning process for all individuals at all education levels. Each individual is helped to obtain maximum benefit from the educational program through utilization and coordination of appropriate school and community services to students, parents, teachers, administrative staffs, and the community. Because guidance is basically a developmental process paralleling the educational program, emphasis is placed on the growth of all individuals in their formative years. Secretaries D Salmon D Lucarelh C Tomczak M. Hart C. Yetman C Foy R. Eberhardt 153 ENGLISH Ma Sullivan R Norris S Matteliano The study of English, more com- monly called Language Arts, is re- quired in all years of hig h school be- cause it is of vital importance to all people. No matter what field of en- deavor a person chooses for his life s work, unless he can communicate, his talents are lost. Socially, friend- ships and relationships are built or crushed by words. Unfair though it may be, we are daily judged on first impressions — on the first words that leave our lips. R Myers W. Korthals : .. j G Brumagin W i v 1 ¥ TBI ; r Y , | 1 A - ft R Overbeck 154 Without a command of our lan- guage, we, therefore, forfeit all to those who can dictate. Fluency means potentiality and power, and these can only be obtained through the study and practice of language usage — through linguistics, litera- ture and rhetoric. Thus, without the art of the many facets of his language man would be inert. N Wyzykowski 155 ' ' Social Studies In order to meet the challenges imposed on young Americans, and to maintain respect for America here and abroad, it is the goal of the Social Studies Department to enrich the students at Frontier with a deep appreciation and understanding of the foundations of democracy. Beginning with Social Studies 10, we trace the evolution of democracy as it was formulated and developed in ancient Greece and Rome, and later tested in Europe. In Social Studies 11, we observe the transplantation of European democracy undergoing stress, strain, and change at the hands of our " founding forefathers " in America. By applying our Constitution, the students become aware that American democracy has reached the ultimate. Ours is the greatest achievement of democracy and freedom in the world. Ft. Schranz Ft. Haines P. Stevanoff P. Hickey Rrlr J. Jehle Ft Biersbach 156 J Kerr S Wappman J Johnson G Jenkins J Baker 157 Math The objectives of the mathematics program at Frontier is twofold. First, we try to give students an appreciation of the development of mathematical concepts and how these concepts have led to improvements in today ' s society. Secondly, our seq uence of mathematics courses are designed to prepare students for the academic or working world. The implementation of two new computer courses will help us to realize these objectives. : - J Sullivan W Wilde J, Czyz A Capuani 158 B Troy 159 J- T VVUST tL. fen Science J Winters W Devitt C Brown 160 N Infante -▼iM I v— M. Cavalcoh M VanHoff E. O ' Reilly pztf UMok o fa ' AUC jfui ii a h 161 Business ■ • E Hoffman H Wiltberger N Lyons M Dollmann D Bailey 162 Foreign Language A Szezesny M Costello The world around us, both near and far away is becoming more and more important in today ' s society. Foreign languages are one way to reach out to this world. Languages can help you to obtain exciting jobs, meet and understand new people, better command the English language, enjoy life more through travel, reading and art, and become a better citizen. Frontier offers an excellent language program. Full year courses are available in French, German, Spanish and Latin for grades 7 through 12. Students in grades 10 through 12 are offered Polish and Italian. Conversational French, German, Polish, Italian and Spanish courses are available here as 20 week courses. In the past few years, Frontier ' s language program and the teachers involved in it have been both praised and highly appreciated. R Pollmger A Robinson Special Education G Towne L Koss R Dickman J. Sabuda 163 Art W Rauch Industrial Arts The Industrial Arts program acquaints students with the materials, machines and technical processes in industry and provides them with an awareness of the possible career opportunities available. ■ R Albano J Gober B Ellis R Kyser R Holzinger 164 Music J Ortner L Albert Audio-Visual Librarian L. Gasper S. Henry 165 Physical Education R Albert S Starrier Health P Schaller R Pmkowski D Ketchum 166 Nurse N Crawford Home Economics Success and happiness can be achieved in everyday life today and in the future by enrolling in Home Economics classes. Students learn skills in clothing construction and food preparation in Basic and Advanced Clothing and Basic and Advanced Foods; learn to guide and get along with children and peers in Looking to Adulthood and Marriage and Family Living; to become a wise consumer in household furnishings and learn to select and decorate an apartment or home in Interior Decorating and Crafts. Independent Living offers a unit in knits, vests, and food preparation for the college-bound student or the single career minded adult. A Liaros f 167 y_- . T I J J ' i . % fc. -!X %, W - J s ' S ' back and watch y° u 9 r aduate I ft r A J ' fear " myselt I C V ,. nU %, J t rj .y Your best friends and vm ir nr,r ri timn ' i rmyse 1 . Your best friends and your good times fc s o tcf 4 -y will no longer be your wealth. h yr4 a$T Lj ' Your " simple " life is changing, • W -W sZ i L becoming more entangled and precise - ' tA TiL 1 ' ' ' Decision-making finds difficulty f £ m £ Zm! ' When your pride rejects advice. c(xr u r + y The past will lead to the future. In reality, that ' s the key. Your past is already over, But your future has yet to be. v 4 Margie Cline Class of ' 83 168 j fS - Mm - V to % J D l tf .( ' ) -- fV © P J V .a o tf -r 1 ,Qt u tf O V)J ? . f ° o - ; ' f -2 P ' =? k •X •O- oV -7 I Q Or r? 4? r 9s . o -v Si_ r- ■ T cfr V S ° £• A. 4 s2 pring ' B2 FRONTIER CENTRAL DRAMA MUSIC CLUBS PRESENT NAME FRIDAY. SATURDAY. SUNDAY - MARCH 5 6.7- 7.30 PM (2 00 PM SUNDAY) FRONTIER CENTRAL AUDITORIUM 1982 WATER BALLET STAGE SCREEN CLASS DAY VARIETY SHOW RIFLE TEAM - --ap- BOYS ' TRACK FIELD »■-. " -A» s kl 8 I . GIRLS ' TRACK FIELD i % • • i ■ £ » ii»t M ««H J.V. BASEBALL «. a 10 VARSITY BASEBALL SSSWWSHW? ? 1 1 is GIRLS ' SOCCER GIRLS ' SOFTBALL 13 JUNIOR SENIOR PROM He ' ur gat (Queen) Judy Levindofske (King) Mike Boehn GRADUATION AY 15 PROM ratT ■■ $ %% y t fe V_ id. ©i X ' , IB! •T l. . ' j»4

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Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


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