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1 D f iff 2.1 E555 15' 1:A',,H: 1956 ATE. AY FRONTIER CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL V k V V ' ' w' P lui41k ---'V ' ' " "1 " " -- ,- . 1, lil r, 1:11 me Q lj ' 1 """"1"" ---- ---lmllnnll lnxnu uuln n-unun mwuu mzn 7 J V , 'V .3.ii , ,V , V V V V V V V V . V VV VV W 7 H II Q - --..-V W ' 5' 4 1 "' :gl ' xx! :JAM B uns, N sw vom! VVOLUME V JUNE 1956 1.- P ,Q DEIJICHTION ,Q -s' ! i v W N ff Af' .. ,pf , -.,.. i ..9'-. 1- f., ,f' ' ' f 'Q ' '2 S .l AC- , ., l , 2. , 5. , 4.-in -' v ' A 1 . A, ., ' ff' JV, 5 4 1' ,', ' E' " If : 77 .J'i'. 5 g q5.,u1"' 2 'g . 4 f 3, ,, .lx 6,3-' 155, , " 4' . ', " C 1 -1"-,. wtf" 2 I I ' 1 ' ". it 'I .1 ' " 13 ..'z,,.... M5 .3 ,S "1 V: .f f. '-, 5 1 ,fi ff-. ' F LY' 2, " 11, : . ' , 5 "A 463191. if "7 ,I I 'JF .bi A-5 ,.!' : ", if C gk 1 'L ,gf 3 gi-. -.4 J- . 4' "CM G.,--' 51 .. 3 1 2 -3 ' I. ' 2: . an - A ." E '1 Doorsl Doors! Doorsl Tlriels has chosen "Dcgors" for the theme of this year's Gateway. Whowsholdld know any moije about doors than the members of the Board of Education? t During the past two years we have planned all kinds of doors- large doors, small doors, glass doors, folding dooysf brass doors, sliding doors, swinging doors-in fact, all kinds of doorskljust to make the one of our dreams come true. This door is the uDOETgxDf Opportunity for a Better Education for the Students of Frontier Caryl."---.-.. Now that our dream is complete it is our privilege to turn tlg1:e,.keys over to you, the residents of the Frontier Cent rict:.1QEQ541iilock these doors the students must have a desire for anleilucationffltofi'-push , ya:-,.,, them open will require perseveranceg and to pass through th'25m"4.'hey Qrnust be loyal to the Frontier Central School District. l ll-' These keys are placed in your hands by ..... SHNBUTT ' if pftddag 21.46, gy, 19,4170 rf-nf' 74' offlzff rzafiww WCA? L M? 3, ' Z G 2' TABLE orcomrems ,.,Ai4. A V '5 I A 4 , ' sermons f ff i l f x ACTNITIE lg 8 5 fix 5, x 2 'fs 'x, tif 1 J P 3 Li , 2 Q lx P "?Q -finalise Q , W6 W, A p . . D n Mix, ,' The weii educated person is recognized as a necessity in to- day's cornpiex worid, The Frontier Centrat High Schooi has been organized to bring an educationai opportunity to eyery boy and giri in the Hamburg area. Pts a student you wiii benetit in propor- tion to your appiication and ettort. The subiects you pursue wiii give you basic knowiedge in a particuiar tieid ot endeavor. You wiii tearn how to attack new probierns, you wiii broaden your ho- rizon and sharpen your outiook on Nite. Most ot ati, you witi want to tive and appreciate your teiiow men and the Creator ot the wortd in which you iiye. Pts you think in your heart so you wiii be- cornez either to toye your teiiow rnen and to give treeiy to thern, or to practice an attitude ot rnentai trugaiity, denying, to others the occasion to share the ioys and successes ot Kite, Frontier is dedicated to heip you. NISTRA :UN - . 4 Ilii- 'HEI Ir: FiCvNT' ER ' ENTRPKL SCHGOL x J ,.....1 5-Ji Sl ' 1 :J K T3 5 E7 F3 CJ... 5 . .,..' ' .V v H . xi, an iri '-...-1.. I L. to R.: Harold lvlathes, Ralph Garnish, Weston Wardell, Henry Leyh, J. Clement Johnston, Attorneyg Benjamin Werth, Treasurerg John Kleis, Presidentg Lorraine Bauer, Clerkg Howard Durni, Homer Rowe, John Barber, F. Robert Greene. BOARD OF EDUCATION Harold Mathes .................................. Woodlawn Howard Durni ......................... ...,.,.,.. S haleton Ralph Garnish ........ ....... W anakah Homer Rowe ...,.... ................. A msdell Weston Wardell ........ ....... B Iasdell John Barber ............. .,...... A thol Springs Henry Leyh ............. ..,.... B Iasdell F. Robert Greene ...,.... ......... L ake View John Kleis, President Today's students are enjoying opportunities which were never dreamed about fifty years ago. Over this period of time, we have advanced through the stages of the one- and two-room rural school, the eight-room common school and the union free grade and high school program. At present, we are the possessors of one of the most modern school systems in the state, of which our ultra modern buildings are a part-. Each of these came into existence because of the educational needs of an active, alert, far-sighted, growing com- munity. Our earnest ambition has been to provide the best possible educational program for our students. One, which will prepare them for a college career or a chosen vocation. May every student appreciate the opportunity of receiving,a well rounded education, and leave his school a better place, because he has lived there. "May this experience be enjoyed today, remem- bered tomorrow, and serve as a future to be built upon every day of his life." 6 Zo. 166.4 Writing this message to the members of the "56I' Gateway staff gives me great pleasure. You are pro- ducing this book under great difficulties. When the responsibility was assumed by the class of "56," you, as seniors, knew what a yearbook means to a school. It was thoughtful of you to invite the class of "57" to help so that they will carry on and ex- pand next year's Gateway. The work you have done this year is truly a class gift to your school, one that will start Frontier on greater efforts in years to come. You have realized the potentialities of Fron- tier and I, for one, am sorry you were unable to avail yourselves of all the facilities your school will have when completed. We shall always remember you. Our best wishes for success are yours. I thank the "Class of '56" very much for having produced this year's "Gateway." Sincerely, Charles G. Buesch Charles G. Buesch-Co-Administrator for Instruction C0 " ADMINISTRATORS Vernon Heiman-Co-Administrator for School Plants Here in America universal education is the very foundation of our democratic form of governmentg our "American Way of Life." Thus the need for greater educational opportunity has been felt in every community throughout this great land of ours. To meet this need locally we have combined our resources, thus organizing the Frontier Central School System. The year 1956 marks the comple- tion of the first step in that united effort, the Fron- tier Central High School, We have one of the finest high schools in America, built to meet the many and varied needs of our youth. Thus, Frontier stands as a "Gateway" of oppor- tunity. Through its doors our youth may seek new adventures in the field of their choosing. Our doors are open. May they make the best of these oppor- tunities. Sincerely, Vernon Heiman Elementary Coordinator Francis Manley Senior High Principal Wilbur Morgenfeld ADMINISTRATION Guidance is education focused on personal de- velopment. lt is a process of helping the student to discover his potentialities. Its end result is personal happiness and social usefulness. Every person who is engaged in helping a boy or girl to achieve these objectives is doing guidance. Those that must work together to accomplish this are: The teachers, clergymen, family, physical education department, and the many organizations such as Scouts, Rotary and others. The function of the guidance counselor is to coordinate these resources and bring them to bear upon the individual problems of the student. At Frontier, guidance begins in the Kindergarten and continues after the student leaves school. First, a cumulative record is started of every student en- tering school. This record will contain data about his family, his health, his problems, his interests and hobbies and his achievements. lt will also contain the results of tests given for intelligence, aptitude and emotional adjustment. This record will follow the student all through school and will help the counselor to guide the student into the right courses of study, the right college or the right vocation. Guidance is concerned with helping the student to help himself. The counselors will make sugges- tions for programs for college, business, and in- dustry. They will furnish the student with infor- mation about the world of work. The occupational file contains data on many thousands of vocations. They will make out transcripts and recommenda- tions for students going to college and will furnish college catalogs, application blanks and other helps. They will help students to get scholarships by fur- nishing information, conducting scholarship study classes and making recommendations. The guidance department can make the student aware of his potentialities by giving him tests that indicate his aptitudes, intelligence, interest, emo- tional maturity, and his achievement in the various subjects. Guidance is also concerned with many other things such as placing students in jobs, helping students with emotional problems, conducting ca- reer conferences, college visits and talks with par- ents. Assistant District Administrator Alton Dunklin , f I Junior High Principal Marion Creedon L. Assistant Director of Guidance Director of Guidance Miss EIMS Titus Marvin Mandel ADMINISTRATION Director of Child Accounting Director of Adult Education Miss Ruth E Pray Leslie R. Hawley CENTRAL OFFICE L. Bauer A. Meyer F. Farmer FRONTIER SECRETARIES in K Senior High Secretary Junior High Secretary Switchboard Operator Pat Lichon Dorothy Rush Geraldine Dennis Switchboard Operator Receiving Stock Clerk Cafeteria Manager Vifginii GYBY Mrs. Alice Plarr Mrs. Charlotte Lewis 9 . THE SHUTTERBUG SNAPS FRONTIER SOMETHING NEW HAS BEEN ADDED V -N -vw-aw-pu-,num FACULTY OF SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FACU LTY Standing: W. Dolbeer, E. O'Reilly, R. Hamilton, L. Dietz. Seated: N. Hollingshead, C. Amico, A. Liaros, M. Nichols. TEACHER DATA NAME W. Dolbeer E. O'Reilly R. Hamilton L. Dietz N. Hollingshead C. Amico A. Liaros M. Nichols MAJOR History Biology History Phys. Ed Phys. Ed. Business Home Ec. Home Ec. SUBJECT DIVISION Jr.-Sr. Senior Senior Senior Jr.-Sr. Senior Jr.-Sr. Jr.-Sr. 'll COLLEGE U. B. U. B. U. B. Cortland State U. B. U. B. D'YouviIle Buflo. State Buflo. State DEGREE BA. Ed. B. Ed. M. B.S. B. Ed. B.S. B.S. B.S. INTERESTS Athletics Sports Fishing, Athletics Ranching Reading, Tennis Reading, Sewing Home Movies, Camping li. FACULTY OF SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Top Row: T. Smith, M. Zaluski, T..Pfohl, E. Romanowich, E. Schweissing., Bottom Row: C. Leone, L. Hostetter, S. Cheesman, N. Raab. TEACHER DATA NAME C. Leone L. Hostetter S. Cheesman N. Raab T. Smith M. Zaluski T. Pfohl E. Romanowich E. Schweissing Absent L. Hawley B. Eyman MAJOR SUBJECT English English Latin Math Social Studies Languages History History Science Science Social Studies DIVISION Senior Junior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior 12 COLLEGE U. B. Houghton Syracuse U. B. Buffalo State Boston U. U. B. Canisius U. B. U. B. Columbia U. B. Buffalo State DEGREE BA. B.A. A.B. B.A. B.S. Ed. M. MA. lVl-.A. lVl.A. Ed. lvl. INTEREST Theater Musicg Baseball Reading Sports Swimming Sports Boy Scouts Camping Photography Sports FACULTY OF SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Standing, L. to R.: R. 'Miller, H, Johnson, M. Mandel, R. Markham, E. Skingley, W. Schill, S. Crottanelli. Seated, L. to R.: M. Fiske, E. D'Aurizio, E. Scott, M. Hawley, J. Eggleston. T E A CH ER D AT A NAME MAJOR SUBJECT DIV. COLLEGE DEGREE INTEREST R. Miller Social Science Senior Bflo. State B.S. Sports, Bridge H. Johnson Science Senior Albany State M.A. Gardening M. Mandel Guidance Jr.-Sr. Syracuse U. M.S. Fishing Music, Drama R. Markham Art Education Senior Bflo. State B.S. Music, E. Skingley Elem. Ed. Jr.-Sr. Bflo. State B.S. Statistical Baseball W. Schill Industrial Arts Jr.-Sr. Bflo. State B.S. School Sports S. C-rottanelli Math Senior U. B. Ed. B. Colt, Football R. Moore Commercial Senior Niagara U. M. Ed. Sports, Travel Canisius M. Fiske Music Jr.-Sr. Fredonia'State Painting, Travel E. D'Aurizio Phys. Ed. Senior Brockport State B.S. E. Scott Commercial Senior U. of Pittsburgh M. Ed. Music, Knitting M. Hawley Commercial Senior Albany State A.B. Reading, inferior Decoration J. Eggleston English Library Bflo. State B.S. Knitting, Music FACULTY OF SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL NAME E. Gollwetzer E. Hollwedel E. Bartel C. Mead R. Walsh T. Simon M. Brownlee R. Creedon K. Pohl Absent J. Pitcher Top Row, L. to R.: E. Gollwitzer, E. Hollwedel, E. Bartel, C. Mead, R. Walsh. Bottom Row, L. to R.: T. Simon, M. Brownlee, R, Creedon, K. Pohl. TEACHER DATA MAJOR SUBJECT Phys. Ed. lnd. Arts Ind. Arts Phys. Ed. Phys. Ed. Music English English English Phys. Ed. DIV. Junior Senior Senior Senior Junior Junior Junior Senior Senior Senior Senior Junior Senior COLLEGE Cortland State Bflo. State Bflo. State Ithaca Notre Dame Fredonia State Westminster, U. B. Wm. Smith Albany State U. B. I4 DEGREE B.S. B.S. M.E. M.A. M.A. B.S. M.E. B.A. M.A. Ed. B. INTERESTS Athletics Radio and T.V. Sports Hunting Photography Knitting, Reading Music, Travel Travel, Photography Writing Songs FACULTY OF JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL J .i1,. .." 5 A,g2 Seated, L, To R.: W. McCullor, L, Hoppe, E. Schill, J. Wilson, C. Parisi. Standing, L. to R.: W. McPhee, L. Weidman, S. Pollard, C. Roosa. TEACHER DATA I .NAME W. McPhee L. Weidman S. Pollard C. Roosa Seated W. McCuIlor L. Hoppe E. Schill J. Wilson C. Parisi MAJOR SUBJ ECT Social Studies Language English Science Art English Phys. Ed. Hygiene DIV. Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior 15 COLLEGE Fredonia St. St. John C. McGill U. Hobart Oswego St. Buffalo Fredonia California St. U. B. DEGREE B.S. B.S.E. BA. B.A. B.S. B.A. B. Ed. INTEREST Home Movies Youth Leader Sports Photography Needlework Youth Work FACULTY OF JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Standing: R. Verreault, E. Skingley, W. Dolbeer, L. Friedhaber. Seated: M. Battaglia, G. Rich, V. Friedman, E. Niles. TEACHER DATA MAJOR NAME SUBJECT DIV. COLLEGE DEGREE INTERESTS R. Verreault English Junior U. B. BA., Model Ed. M. Making E. Skingley Elementary Junior Buffalo B.J. Statistical Education Senior State Baseball W. Dolbeer History Junior U. B. B.A. Athletics Senior L. Friedhaber English Junior Brockport, B.S. Music, Bflo. State Gardening M. Battaglia English Junior D'Youville BA. G. Rich History Junior U. B., M.S. Travel and Bflo. State Photography V. Friedman English Junior Bflo. State Permanent Certificate E. Niles Math Junior Bflo. State Camping Inset Ed. B. F. Titus Math Junior Fredonia, Bflo. State FACULTY OF JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Standing, L. to R.: C. Pollard, E. Sakowski, R. Ostricker, T. Dexter. Seated: H. Cole, E. Gollwitzer, E. Clarke. TEACHER DATA NIAME I. Pollard E. Sakowski R. Ostricker T. Dexter H. Cole E. Collwitzer E. Clarke MAJOR SUBJECT Psychology Social Studies History History Elementary Phys. Ed. Science DIV. Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior Senior Junior COLLEGE U. B. Houghton Niagara U. Taylor U. Indiana State Cortland Btlo. State DEGREE B.A. BA. A.B. AB. Permanent Certificate B.S. Bachelor INTERESTS Civil Groups Photography Dramatics Music, Youth Work Sports Athletics Boats 5 ,Q 4' ,al 93 L ,, Q , A 15 IO II I2 I3 I4 15 I6 I7 I8 I9, 20. HI FELLA SITTING PRETTY EAGLE EYES THE WINNERS THE LINEUP WHOOPS! BARB TWO-SOME SLEEPYP THE GANG WHAT FUN! wE'RE OFF PUZZLED? DOUG AND PAT REMEMBER? FUNNY FACE DON AND JANE ALL DREssED UP THE CORONATION KATHY gr gg lhluvlvil f "iff .D ' A Mizz. MIT RR Q., 'L , Y, na- Ea 15' H Ac., f - Wi Simons PNT R ENTRRL SCHOGL L... 'n QI Joann Anneser, Valedictorian Senior Class Officers Standing: L. Ballagh, Presidentg N. Wing, Vice Firesident. Seated: D. Heffler, Treasurerg E. Wright, Secretary. B. Eyman Sr. Advisor, Sr. Hm. Rm. Teacher Shirley Weider T 0 P Barbara Slawson Janet Dunklin David Day K. Pohl Sr. Hm. Rm. Teacher Loretta Rooney, Salutatorian Eleanor Morey TEN T. Simon Sr. Hm. Rm. Teacher Helen Leyh 1 Joan Dix 21 Senior Home Room Student Government Representative Standing: A. Bianco, P. Friscic, E. Clendening. Seated: B. Anderson. R. Moore Sr. Hm. Rm. Teacher Margaret Palmer , e-e.-. M .Y . -W ,.,, Armbruster, Raymond .tRay., Anderson, Berta Ellen ..Bea,, Artistic as the day is long, Berta will shine in any throng. Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 113 Glee Club 113 Advanced Chorus 113 A Cap- pella 123 Erie County 123 Yearbook Staff 11, 123 Prom Committee 113 Dance Committee 9, 10, 11, 123 Augrom, Marcia "Marsh" He SEYS llfflet The Lord is the strength of my life. But thinks much. Intramurals 10, 113 Won State Mathematic Contest at St. Francis 11. Yearbook Staff 123 Prom Commit- tee 113 Intramurals 9, 10, 11. Baritot, James n-Jirnn Always happy, never in a hurry: It takes quite an explosion to make him scurry. Library Club 9, 103 Woodlawnian 93 Yearbook Staff 123 Prom Commit- tee 113 Dance Committee 9, 10, 11, 123 Intramurals 9, 10, 113 Soccer 10, 11, 123 Tennis 93 Track 12. United Nations Delegation 12. Student Council 12: Class Treasurer 93 Intramurals 102 Variety Show 93 Christmas Pageant 10. A9 a -an 3 , sebum Ballagh, Charles Larry "Animal" If ever you want a job well done3 iust ask Larry 'cause he's the one. Woodlawnian 10, 113 Yearbook Staff 10, 11, 123 Prom Committee 113 Dance Committee 9, 10, 11, 123 Football 9, 10, 11, 123 Track 10, 11,123Class President 10, 11,122 UN Assembly 113 Oration 9, 10, 11, 123 Mike Club 12. Barth, Sylvia usuen A Miss that's a hit. Mixed Chorus 9, 10, ll 3 Band 9, 10, 11, 123 A Cappella 123 Erie County 11 1 Library Club 11, 123 Woodlawn- ian 9, 10, 113 Yearbook Staff 123 Prom Committee 113 Intramurals 9, 10, ll, 123 Variety Show 9,1O,113 Christmas Pageant 9, IO, 113 As- sembly Band 113 Music Club 9, 10, 11, 121 Mike Club 123 Usherette 11. CLASS Anneser, Joann HJOH lt's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice. Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 113 Band 9, 10, 11, 123 A Cappella 123 Library Club 11, 121 Woodlawnian 9, 10, 113 Yearbook Staff 10, 11, 12: Prom Committee 'lli Dance Com- mittee 9, 1O, 11, 123 Prom Attend- ant II3 Intramurals 10, 123 Variety Show 9, IO, 113 Christmas Pageant 9, IO, 113 Assembly Band 10, ll, 123 Music Club 9, 10, 113 Usher- ette 11. Barrera, Paul "Blackie" A swell guy and a pal to all. Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Band 9, 10, 113 Advanced Chorus 10, 11, 123 A Cappella 123 Erie County 10, 11, 123 Dance Committee 10, 11, 123 Track 10, 113 Variety Show 93 Class Treasurer 10. OF 1956 Beals, James ..ArHe,, ...Hmm Cross the Street?-I wouldn't do it. "All great men are dying, Here Comes Arlene in her Buick! I feel sick myself." Library Club 12, Woodlawnian 11, Dance Committee ll, Intramurals Yearbook Staff 12: Prom Commit- 9, 10. tee Il, Dance Committee 11, 12: Volley Ball 11. Bianco, Arnold "Carl" Arnie is apt- Apt to do anything. Mixed Chorus 9, 10, ll, Band 9, IO, 11, 12: Orchestra 93 A Cap- pella l2g Erie County ll, 123 Bul- letinette 113 Prom Committee 113 Dance Committee 9, IO, 11, 123 Student Council 123 Intramurals 9, IO, 11, 123 Football 113 Tennis IO. 11, 12, Variety Show 9: Christmas Pageant 9, 10, 11 5 Class President 9. Bednarz, Stanley Big Chief" A good old sport to everyone. Ever ready to indulge in fun. Prom Committee 11, 12, Dance Committee 9, IO, 11, 123 Intramu- rals 9, 10, 1.1, 12: Baseball 9, 10, ll, 123 Basketball 93 Soccer 9, IO, II, 12. X4 I ' 13 if Il-lxlDl'n Bell, Sarah "Sally" Proverbs 16:20 Who so trusteth in the Lord, happy is he. Yearbook Staff 12: Christmas Pag- eant 10. Bishop, Margaret npegn Sweet, sincere, cute, and wise, But there is mischief in them thar eyes. Mixed Chorus 9, IO, 11, Band 113 Glee Club 9, IO, 11: Orchestra 92 Advanced Chorus 10, 115 A Cap- pella l2g Erie County 11, 123 Dance Committee 9, 10, 11, 125 Yearbook Staff 123 Prom Committee 11 3 Prom Attendant 11, Cheerleading ll, 123 Variety Show 9, Christmas Pageant 10. if 'Ai -YM ' gs 3,11 .,,,,9s , I I E-i,.e,,,.1 I -I --1 if -M.. 4 1.,55l?3l13iilli'i 2 'ii' .x 1, . ,. ,W Blim, David "Butch" If it doesn't work, Junk it. 23 Blyth, Carol "Carol" She's happy go lucky And bright as a penny! Mixed Chorus 10, 113 Glee Club 11 Bulletinette 9, IO, Dance Commit tee 'lO, 113 Variety Show 11. Brooks, Robert .Bohn A boy has an engaging grin, He's lots of fun and we like him. Yearbook Staff 121 Prom Committee 113 Dance Committee 9, IO, 11, 12: Intramurals 10, 113 Soccer 9, IO, 11, 125 Track 9,1O, 11, 12. Breslin, Kathleen "Kitty" Automobiles are not ferocious- it is men who are to be feared. Mixed Chorus 9, IO, 11, 125 Band 9: A Cappella 125 Erie County 115 Library Club 9, IO, 11, 12, Prom Attendant II, Cheerleading IO, 115 Intramurals 9, IO, Il: Variety Show 10, II: Music-Appreciation, Wood- lawnian IO, Il: Yearbook Staff 125 Prom Committee 9, IO, 11, 12, Vol- Iey Ball 11. Brown, Lumen "Sonny" Talkative, Charming, not too shy, Sonny is just one swell guy. Band 93 Woodlawnian 9, 10: Year- book Staff 12: Prom Committee 113 Dance Committee 9, IO, 11, 123 Intramurals 9, 10, II, 129 Baseball Manager 9, 10, 11, 12: Basketball 91 Basketball Manager 10, 11, 123 Football 9, IO, 11, 121 Track 9,12g Assembly Band 9. 4 - I 1' f"' N Burns, Jack I like to study and not cry, I like to study-Huh? Not I! Dance Committtee 9, IO: Class Treasurer 9: Intramurals 10, 11: Baseball 11, 125 Football 11, 12 Brown Richard Brownie Study Study Study ls there no end to it? Prom Committee 11' Dance Com mittee 10' Intramurals 9 IO 11 12' Soccer 11 12' Tennis I1 12 CLASS Broadbent, Florence . . F lo, Y Friendly-reserved-obliging to the utmost. Library Club 103 Woodlawnian 10, Dance Committee 93 Intramurals 9. Brox Richard Rich Wise men learn more from fools than fools from the wise A Cappella 12 Band 11 Wood lawnlan 9 10 I1 Yearbook Staff 12 Dance Committee 9 10 II Prom Attendant 11 Cheerleading I2 lntramurals1O 11 Basketball Foo ball 9 I1 Cross C untry 12 Track 9 I0 II 12 Wrestling 12 State Finals Cross Country I2 Bushnell, Douglas De Bush Ready and willing for any work Here's a fellow that does not shirk Woodlawnian 9' Intramurals 11 Soccer9 IO 11 12' Track 9 IO 24 OF 1956 Capozzi, John "John" "Take it easy, have your fun: Let the old world onward run." Intramural 11, Basketball 93 Foot- ball IO, 11, 123 Track 103 Wrest- ling 12. Colafranceschi, Vincenzinia IlJenny!1 Ranking in sports at the very topg When Jenny plays, the team won't flop. , Yearbook Staff 121 Prom Commit- tee 113 Dance Committees 9, 10, 113 Intramural 9, 10, 11, 121 Volley Ball 10, 11, 123 Tennis 11. 'WKWW Carney, Betty Lou ULU, Lui, Fair of face, light of hair-an an- swer to Eddie's prayer. Woodlawnian 9, 10, 113 Yearbook Staff l2j Dance Committee 9, 10, Carosa, Cecilia "Cele" 'Not so noisy, but far from glum. Mixed Chorus 10, 113 Glee Club ll: Dance Committee 10, 11. so . sham Cole, Wiley "Heiley" "School's all right but OH- For a rifle, a deer and the forests.' Yearbook Staff 123 Prom Commit- tee 113 Dance Committee 9, 12 Prom Attendant 11' Intramurals 9 Baseball 10, 11, l2'Q Basketball 10, 11, l2Q Football 10, ll, 123 Track 9 Colello, Johanne u-lon You are looked for and called for, asked for and sought for. Mixed Chorus 9, 103 Yearbook Staff 123 Prom Committees 11 3 Dance 10, 11, 123 Volley Ball 10, 11. 25 Clendening, Earl "The Doctor" A sense of humor, or genialityof mind: A better personality you couldn't find. Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Ad- vanced Chorus 113 A Cappella 123 Erie County 123 Bulletinette 93 Intramural 10, 11, 123 Football 11, 123 Student Council l2Q Volley Ball 93 Variety Show 93 Christmas Pageant 103 Class Officer, Vice President 103 Mike Club 12. Colley, Jeanette "Jeanette" l would be better if 1 could, But it's so lonely being good. Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Glee Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Advanced Chorus 10, ll, 123 Cheerleader 9, 10, 11, 123 -Erie County 113 Li- brary Club 123 Yearbook Staff 123 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 123 Prom Committee 113 Prom Attendant 113 Dance Committee 9, 10, 11, 123 Christmas Pageant 103 Varsity Show 93 Vice President 113 Prom Com- mittee 113 Yearbook Staff 12. Crook, Carol "Cookie" "For mirth and laughter she has a flare, So look and listen, then beware." Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11 9 A Cappella 12: Yearbook Staff 11, 12: Prom Committee 15 Dance Committee 9- 12, Cheerleading 9-113 Intramurals 9-12: Variety Show 113 Basketball Shooting. Day, David 1.3-DH "Thanks be to God, which giveth the victory through our Lord Jesus." -Corinthians 15:57 Mixed Chorus IO, 11, Band 10, 11, 123 Advanced Chorus ll. Dunklin, Janet HG.. Tall. cute, fun galore, Could anyone ask for more? Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 115 A Cap- pella 12, All State 129 Erie County 11, 12, Library Club 9, 12, Wood- Iawnian 9, 10, I1: Yearbook Staff 12: Prom Committee 115 Dance Committee 9, 10, 11, 125 Prom Af- tendant 113 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 123 Variety Show 10. Conklin, Charles "Chick" "Carefree, joking, always happy and His smile is really snappy." Yearbook Staff 123 Prom Committee 113 Dance Committee 10, 11, 12: Class Officer IO, Intramurals 10, 11, 12: Football 10, 125 Track 10, 11, 123 Basketball Shooting Con- test 11. CLASS Cooper, Francis "Fran" Always a friend-far or near, When she's around, laughter you hear. Mixed Chorus 10, 11 5 Glee Club 11 5 Bulletinette 11, Yearbook Staff 125 Variety Show 93 Christmas Pageant 10, 11. DeBotte Beverly ..Bev. , Not very tall, in fact rather small, short and sweet and liked by all. Mixed Chorus IO, 113 Library,CIub IO, 11, 123 Yearbook Staff 11, 12: Dance Committee 10, 11, 123 Class Officer 113 Art Award IO. Dunne, Darlene "Darcy' ' Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid. Mixed Chorus 9, IO, 11, 12: Band 11, Glee Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Or- chestra 9g Advanced Chorus 10, 113 Erie County 113 Library Club 12: Bulletinette 9, 10, 115 Yearbook Staff 123 Prom Committee 113 ln- tramurals IO: Volley Ball IO: Va- riety Show 9: Christmas Pageant 10, 113 Secretary 9, 10. Dix, Joan "Joan" Smiling eyes and hair of red, With her friendly ways, she'll get ahead. Mixed Chorus 113 Glee Club 113 Advanced Chorus 11: A Cappella 123 All State 11g Bulletinette 115 Yearbook Staff 127 Dance Commit- tee 11: Intramurals 125 U.N. Rep- resentative 113 Homemaker of To- morrow 12. OF 1956 Eagan, Kathryn uKathyn "Men I may forsake, but tennis- never." Mixed Chorus 9, IO, ll, Yearbook Staff 125 Dance Committee 11: Prom Committee 113 Variety Show 9: Christmas Pageant 121 Volley Evans, Alan ..Red., "What can l say, but going my way?" Woodlawnian 9, 103 Prom Commit- tee 10, 113 Prom Attendant ll: Student Council 115 Baseball 9, 103 Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12: Football Ball Team 12. 9, 10, ll, 12. F 1 La Y .3 35 ff "K it ' Q R ,,, . D, , . ., 2 P ' 51.-Q' ' ,, . s 1 5 , it E r lil? M R Francis, Marie lIReell "A glance so shy, so debonair, and eyes so bright, she smiles so fair." Mixed Chorus 9, 10, ll, A Cap- pella 12g Prom Committee ll. QW Ferro, Laura "Laurie" "Admire that halo, but watch out for the sparks." Mixed Chorus 9, IO, ll, Glee Club 9, lO, ll: Orchestra 9: Advanced Chorus 11: A Cappella 125 Prom Committee llg Dance Committee 9, 10, ll, 12: Variety Show 9, Christ- mas Pageant 10, 11. 5. 69 Frisic, Paul "Vince" "l take my ease and never hurry l often dream but never worry." Dance Committee 9, 10, ll: Stu- dent Council 'l2g Football 9, 10, ll 123 Teenage Drivers' Conference 12. Clover, Timothy ..-I-im., "I worry not-it ain't no fun. Life goes too fast for me. Ho Hum!!" Dance Committee ll, 121 lntra- murals 9, 10, ll: Football ll 3 Track 10. 27 Fetcho, Mary Jane "Mare" "A good true friend whose charm has no end." Mixed Chorus 9, 10, llg Glee Club llg Advanced Chorus ll: Yearbook Staff 12: Prom Committee llg Dance Committee 9, 10, ll: Intra- murals l0, Variety Show 9, Christ- mas Pageant 103 Citizenship Award 9. Cretka, Stanley "Stash" "Always ready for a good time." Band 9, 10, ll, 123 Dance Com- mittee ll, 12: Soccer ll, 12: As- sembly Band IO, ll, 123 Music Appreciation ll, 12. Band 9, 10, 11: Bulletinette 115 Hammond, Daniel nDann His sense of humor is rarely seen, But it's always there, and his wit is keen. Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12: Advanced Chorus.1O, 11: A Cappella 123 Dance Committee 113 Christmas Pageant 10, 115 Basketball Shoot- ing Contest. Grosskopf, Marcia "Marsh" Philippians 4:8. Whatsoever things are pure, think on these things. Yearbook Staff 123 Prom Commit- tee 1 1. Harmon, Paul nRed,, Going to school is one thing, study- ing is another. Bulletinette 9, 10, 113 Dance Com- mittee 9, 10, 11, 121 Intramurals 9, 10, 115 Basketball 9: Football 11, 125 Track 9,1O,11, 12. f i Holynski, Richard "Dixie" 'Personality plus an intellectual mind: A Nicer fellow you could not find." Yearbook Staff 123 Dance Commit- tee 113 lntramurals 10, 113 Base- ball 9, 10. if sf!!! ff' ' i S a t 2 .4 ill Mt Sl if .af 254-, i V. 'Qi 7 go t 1 ,v 1 '1 if 1 1 ,Q 3 YE ei l il ,Q it with 1, .foe be . '....i 4 351' 1 . t, tm, - -fs its X ' wg ff- , fs: .dam Hosford, Ronald "Hoss" "My joys are many, My troubles few." Woodlawnian 9, Yearbook Staff 125 Dance Committee 10, 11. Hawes, David "Davey Crockett" He's a favorite around the towng Never lets worry get him down. Bulletinette 9, 10: Yearbook Staff 10, 123 President 9. CLASS Haffner, Charles "Chuck" "This students life is wearing me away." Intramurals 113 Football 10, 11, 123 Track 9,1O,11, 12. wwf- x,,a-..2zgfa.,,- is 'iffliggg Heffler, Delphine ..DeI,. "Her smile is vivacious, Her giggle contagious." Woodlawnian 93 Yearbook Staff 123 Prom Committee 11: Dance Com- mittee 9, 1O, 11, 12: Prom Attend- ant 117 Student Council 9, 10, 11, Treasurer 123 Cheerleader 11, 123 Intramurals 10, 11, 12: Mike Club 12. OF 1756 Hunt, Percy "Park" "Men of few words are said to be deep thinkers." Prom Committee II, Dance Com- mittee IO. Jaworski, Joseph ri-Joes: "I like work, it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it all day." Dance Committee I I 5 Student Coun- cil 9, IO, II, Treasurer II, Intra- murals 9, IO, Baseball 9, IO: Bas- ketball 9, IO1 Football 9, IO, II, IZ: Sergeant-at-Arms 9, IO. Jones, Dianne "Jonesy" "Small, but so is a stick of dyna- mite." Mixed Chorus 9, II, I2g Band 9, IO, Clee Club I2g Woodlawnian II 5 Yearbook Staff II 3 Prom Committee II, Dance Committee 9, IO, II, Cheerleader II: Intramurals IO, II, IZ: Variety Show IO, Christmas Pageant ll. Jones, Marlyn "A little girl with the biggest eyes, As someone's nurse she'lI be a prize." Mixed Chorus 9, IO, Ilg C-lee Club IO, II: Advanced Chorus II 5 Year- book Staff IZ, Student Council ll: Volley Ball 9: Variety Show 9, Christmas Pageant IO, Treasurer 9, IO. I 3 I s wesemc-I KCIIY, D0f0fl"Y Klimowicz, Daniel "Doll" "Dan" "A Sweet lass fh0UEl'l Small. "Blessed the man who created Her laughter echoes through the sleep." hall." Dance Committee IO, II. Koch, Alan "Cookie" "A patient man's a pattern for a king." Track 9, IO, II, IZ, Mixed Chorus 9, IO, II, I2g Advanced Chorus II: A Cappella IZ, All State I2: Erie County IO, Christmas Pageant IO, ll: Library Club ll, IZ, Football II, IZ, Bulletinette 9, IO, II, Prom IO, Ilg Yearbook II, l2g Dance Committee 9-12, Variety Show 93 Press Conference Il. Kocic, Martha "Marty" "Full of laughter, full of fun: She is liked by everyone." Mixed Chorus 9, IO, II, A Cap' pella l2g Library Club I2: Yearbook Staff Il, l2g Prom Committee II, Prom Attendant II, Dance Com- mittee 9, IO, Ilg Student Council IO: Intramurals 9, IO, Il, IZ, Music Club IO, Secretary IO, II. Loncon, Alma "Alma" Here mischief lurks in a gay dis- guise. Yearbook Staff 12, Prom Commit- tee 10, 113 Dance Committees 10, 113 Intramurals 9, 10, Leahy, Barbara ..Barb.,, "An outstanding Miss- One you would find very hard to resist." Chorus 113 Woodlawnian 113 Libr- ary Club 11, 123 Intramurals 11. 30 Kruck, James "Lefty" Tall and slim, with a ready grin, Where things are cooking you are bound to find Jim. Mixed Chorus 113 Advanced Chorus 11, II2: A Cappella II2: Yearbook 123 Prom Committee 11, 123 Dance Committee 11, 123 Intramurals 11, I23 Basketball Manager 11, 123 Football 11, 123 Cross Country 123 Wrestling 11, 12. LaRosa, Fran "Julie" He's not so very bashful and yet he's not so very bold. Dance Committees 9, 123 Intra- murals IO, Basketball 11, 123 Vol- ley Ball ll 3 Cross Country 11, Track K. , ,Qi-.5 I in.-'VW' J fi ., . 4 x 2 Jammu Larson, Allen MAIN A pleasant person indeed. Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Prom Commit- tee 11, Dance Committee II: Intra- murals 9, 10. CLASS Kubiak, Brian "Brian" Yearbook Art Staff 123 Art Award for Abstract Painting 11. Laub, Brigette "Bridge" "Ever good, ever glad, ever gay, never bad." Dance Committee 11, I21 Intra- murals IO, 113 Volley Ball 11, 123 Basketball Shooting Contest 11. Leibold, Gail ucailu Trim, Neat, Terrific. Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Clee Club 123 A Cappella 123 All State 11, 123 Erie County 10, 11, 123 Woodlawnian 9, IO, 11, 123 Yearbook 123 Prom Committee 11 3 Dance Committee 9, 10, 113 Prom Attendant 113 Intra- murals 9, 10, 11, 123 Variety Show 10, 113 Assembly Band 11. OF 1956 Leyh, Helen "Helena" Eph. 5:2. "Walk in love, as Christ has also loved us." Mixed Chorus 9, lO, llg Band 9, IO, ll, l2g Glee Club 'lO, ll, Ad- vanced Chorus llg A Cappella l2g Dance Committee IO, llg Intra- murals l2g Variety Show 93 Christ- mas Pageant l0g Girls State llg U.N. Delegate ll. McGuillicuddy, James "McCutt" "His wit and humor can't be outshone: You'd think he kissed the Blarney Stone." Lowe, Douglas ..Doug,, "Never too busy to join in the fun." Mixed Chorus 95 Bulletinette 9, 'lOg .Dance Committee 9, IO, llg Cross Country llg President lO. . P, f rf A: 55 i Mikos, Michael ..Miker, "Young men don't need book learn- ing." Mixed Chorus 9: Bulletinette 9: Va- riety Show 93 Basketball Shooting Mixed Chorus,lOg A Cappella l2g Cgntegt, Dance Committee lO, ll. 31 3 i MCFWA f "Sweet in a quiet way, Quiet in a sweet way." Woodlawnian llg Yearbook Staff ll, Dance Committee IO, ll, 121 Prom Committee ll, Prom Attend- ' ant llg Girls Athletic Association IO ll. "Here's a lass who's found her Lad- die." Mixed Chorus 9, lO, ll: Dance Committee 9, 10, llg Intramurals lOg Variety Show 9: Christmas Pag- eant lO. Mastrangelo, Cecelia rice.. "Her wonderful personality wins her the love and friendship of all." Library club 123 Yearbook Staff 12: Dance Committee ll: Intramurals 9, 10, ll, Monfonte, Salvatore llsaltt "Sal's always pleasant and neat: In sports he's ready for any fleet." Intramurals 125 Basketball ll, 12: Manager Football ll, l2. Moss, Jerod "Moose" "Always ready to do his part, A willing worker with a 'cheerful heart." Yearbook Staff 12, Prom Committee 11, 121 Dance Committee 12: Prom Attendant ll: Baseball 11, 123 Wrestling 12. Olson, James uhm.. "Goodlooking with much female support as he whizzes by on the basketball court." Woodlawnian 93 Prom Committee 113 Dance Committee 10, 113 Prom Attendant 115 Vice President 10: Baseball 10, 11, 123 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 123 Volley Ball 11, 123 Soccer 11, 123 Shooting Contest 9, 12. Morey, Eleanor "Ellie" "Five foot two, eyes of blue: If you knew her, yo.u'd love her too." Library Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Wood- lawnian 11: Yearbook Staff IO, ll, 123 Prom Committee 115 Basket- ball Shooting Contest 11. Norton, Kay nKayi. "A wonderful girl, a wonderful smile, And a girl well worth while!" Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 113 Library Club 123 Bulletinette 10: Yearbook Staff 10, 125 Prom Committee 113 Dance Committee 9, 10, 11, 12: Cheerleader 9, 10, 11, 123 Intra- murals 9, IO, 113 Volley Ball 10, Variety Show 95 Basketball Shoot- ing Contest 9. hum Nowak, Elaine "Lenny" "A young, sophisticated Iady." Woodlawnian 10, 11, 1-2, Yearbook 10, 11, 123 Prom Committee 11: Dance Committee 9, 10, 11, 12. CLASS Morrison, William HBHV. "Always clowning and having fun Bill is well liked by everyone." Occhino, Fred "Butch" "Sometimes l sets and thinks, And other times l just sets." Yearbook Staff 11, 12, Dance Com- mittee 9, 1O, 11, 12: Basketball 9, 10, ll, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 12: Soccer 10, 11, 12. Opferbeck, Sharon "Sherry" "Her ways are of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace." Yearbook Staff 123 Prom Commit- tee 113 Dance Committee 9, 10, 11, 12. 32 OF 1956 Palmer, Brent "Brent" "Why take life seriously? You'll never get out of it alive." Band 95 Orchestra 95 Yearbook Staff 125 Dance Committee 10, 11, 125 Intramurals 9, 105 Football 95 Track 95 Vice President 9. Palmer, Margaret npeggy.. "Hebrews10:23, Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering." Mixed Chorus 95 Orchestra 9. Puelo, Henry "Hank" "Studies are pathetic, So I'll be athletic." Woodlawnian 9, 105 Yearbook Staff 10, 115 Prom Committee 115 Dance Committee 105 Baseball 9, IO, 11, 125 Basketball 9, IO, 11, 125 Foot- ball 9, 10, 11, 125 Volley Ball 11, 125 Basketball Shooting Contest 9, ba, if - Piniewski, John S. "Johnny" "He never worriesg He's lots of fun5 John is liked by everyone." Woodlawnian 9, IO, 115 Yearbook Staff 125 Prom Committee 115 Dance Committee 9, 10, 11, 125 Prom Attendant 115 Student Coun- cil 125 Treasurer 9, 10, 115 Base- ball 9, 1O, 11, 125 Basketball 9, IO, 11, 125 Volley Ball 11, 125 Soccer 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball Shooting Contest 12. tw Pries, James ..Jim,, "Easy come, easy go." Prom Committee 115 Dance Com- mittee 125 Intramurals 10. "'i""'9""v""'F"U'9"q W5 Ex SHIKI! Potter, Barbara "Bee Gee" "Sweet, demure, and shy, you could have fooled me." Library Club 10, 115 Chorus 9, 10: Woodlawnian 9, 10, 115 Yearbook Staff 11, 125 Prom Committee 115 Dance Committee 9, 10, 11, 125 Intramurals 9, 10, 11. Quick, William "Bill" "School's okay, but it breaks up the day." Bulletinette 9, 115 Yearbook Staff 125 Prom Committee 11, 125 Dance Committee 9, 10, 11, 12: Intra- murals 9, IO, 11, 125 Football 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 125 Mike Club 12. 33 A Rados, Marjorie "Margie" "Her sparkling personality makes her a friehd of all." Mixed Chorus 9, 105 Erie County 1 1 5 Library Club 105 Woodlawnian 9, 10, 115 Yearbook Staff 11, 125 Prom Committee 115 Dance Com- mittee 9, 1O, 115 Prom Attendant 115 Intramurals 9, 10, 115 Variety Show IO, 11. Schoenhardt, Ronald Ryan, Donald --Donn "A snappy lad he is indeed: As photographer he'll take the lead." Band 9, IO: A Cappella 12: Wood- lawnian 9, io, 11: Yearbook Staff 9, IO, II, I2: Prom Committee I'I: Dance Committee 9, IO, II, 12: Prom Attendant 11: Mike Club I2. "Ronnie" "He never worries: he's lots of fun: Ron is well-liked by everyone." Library Club 9: Prom Committee Il: Dance Committee II, 12: ln- tramurals IO: Volley Ball IO. 34 Reukaut, Margaret "Marge" "Trust in the living God, who giv- eth richly all things to enjoy." -Timothy 6:17 Mixed Chorus 9, IO, III, I2: Va- riety Show 9: Christmas Pageant 10: Usherette lMoving-Up Day, Grad.I I I . CLASS Rooney, Loretta "Her heart is like the moon: there's a man in it." A Cappella 12: Woodlawnian 9, IO, II: Yearbook Staff 12: Prom Com- mittee llg Dance Committee 9, IO, II: Model U.N.O. II: Speak for Democracy Contest II: Mike Club 12. Sanchez, Joan "Joanie" "The ring on her finger, which sparkles so bright, Predicts her future with a radiant light." Mixed Chorus 9, IO, II: Band 9, IO, II, l2': Glee Club 12: A Cap- pella 12: Erie County ll, 12: Wood- lawnian 10: Yearbook Staff 12: Prom Committee II: Christmas Pageant 11. my summit Saunders, Donna "Donna" "Pretty to walk with, Witty to talk with." Mixed Chorus 9, IO, II: Band 9, IO, II, 12: Glee Club 9, IO, ll, 12: Music Appreciation IO: Orchestra 9: Advanced Chorus II: A Cap- pella I2: All State 12: Erie County 9, IO, II, 12: Yearbook Staff 12: Prom Committee ll: Dance Com- mittee 9, IO, II, 12: Intramurals 9, IO, 11, 12: Volley Ball IO: Va- riety Show 9: Christmas Pageant IO, II: Basketball Shooting Con- test 9, IO, Il, I2. Schultz, Nancy "Schultzy" "A world without music is no place for me." Mixed Chorus 9, IO, ll, 12: Band 9, IO, II, 12: Glee Club 9,1O,1l, I2: Advanced Chorus IO, II: A Cappella I2: All State 10, 12: Erie County 9, IO, II, 12: Bulletinette IO: Yearbook Staff 12: Prom Com- mittee II: Dance Committee 9, IO, Il, 12: Prom Attendant 11: Stu- dent Council 9, IO, II, I2: Cheer Leading 9, IO, II, 12: Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12: Variety Show 9: Christmas Pageant 10: Music Ap- preciation IO. Schiedel, Sally asain "The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts." -Romans 5:5 Woodlawnian II: Yearbook Staff II, 12: Intramurals 9, IO, II. A I , ' :iii , fri' 1ige.i2W::f,::r,- . 4""'K. f5,.,,eQi, -- . -:M .. -3 , 1 as ' 1 T I ,V K ,Mi F" 1 5 QA .. 'si--fl ,. t ' ' f 7' ' .. 4 ' 'fd--'Q ., 1.55 ' K 1 OF 1956 Schumacher, Anna ..Ann.. She's quiet even though she's gay, And she's cheerful the Iivelong day. Dance Committee 12. Smith, David "Isaac" Men of few words are the best men! Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 125 Track IO, Schwindler, Mary Anne "Mary Anne" Generous, loyal, pleasant, true, Always smiling, never blue. Library Club 11, Mixed Chorus 9, IO, 113 Yearbook Staff 12, Intra- murals 12, Variety Show 9, Dance Committee 9, 10, 111 Christmas Pageant IO. Selig, Richard "Dick" There are some silent people who are more interesting than the best talkers. Prom Committee ll, Dance Com- mittee 12g Intramurals ll, 12, Baseball 9, ll, 123 Basketball Shoot- ing Contest 9, 10, ll, 12. V asvumr Slawson, Barbara "Barbie" She speaketh not and yet there lies A conversation in her eyes. Mixed Chorus 9, 10, Woodlawnian 9, 10, 113 Yearbook Staff ll, 12: Prom Committee ll: Dance Com- mittee 9, IO, 11, 123 Intramurals 9, IO, 115 Variety Show 103 Ush- erette lGrad.I 113 Model U.N.O. General Assembly ll, l2. Smith, Judith Ann iiludyi. She's a sweet little lass and also dear, Full of pep and full of cheer! Mixed Chorus IO, ll: Glee Club 113 Bulletinette 115 Yearbook Staff 12, Prom Committee llg Dance Com- mittee IO, ll, 125 Secretary 95 Intramurals 10. Snyder, Robe rt ..Bob,, Some think the world was made for fun and frolic and so do I. Band 9, 10, 113 Dance Committee 10, ll, 123 Intramurals ll, 123 Volley Ball 125 Assembly Band 10, 11. 35 Sroda, Richard "Rich" This boy never has much to say, He's quiet and calm all through the day. Prom Committee ll: Dance Com- mittee 1O, 113 Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12: Tennis ll, 12. t . , 1 2. . Q , E , Q if . as . Q, W, 1. n s.. ' lem ' me .. A A A , .1 A, W kia 1. gi i , .. . . 1 P aff Q 1 E 'Y fc gw k,1g K5 ,fl . if , ' , f 4 M., A viii fy 4 1 Stricker, Richard "Richie" God shield us a lion among men. Woodlawnian 9, 10: Prom Commit- tee 11: Dance Committee 11, 12: Yearbook Staff 12. Thiel, Judith lljudyil She looks like an angel, And acts like one too, But you never can tell What an angel will do. Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12: Glee Club 12: Library Club 12: Bulletin- efte 11 : Prom Committee 11 : Dance Committee 9, 10, 11, 12: Intramu- rals 1O, 11, 12: Variety Show 9: Christmas Pageant 10: Yearbook Staff 12: Teen-Age Driving Confer- ence 12. Szkutak, Joan "Joanie" A smile for everyone. Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11: Glee Club 10, 11: Library Club 11: Prom Com- mittee 11: Dance Committee 9, 10, 113 Vice President 9: Variety Show 9: Christmas Pageant 10. Stasierowski, Joseph njoe.. V A fellow with a truly winning smile, His companionship is quite worth- while. Prom Committee 11. CLASS Stefanacci, Thomas "Knobby" Tom, we must confess is neither quiet nor gay, But puzzles us no less because he is that way. Bulletinette 10, 11: Dance Commit- tee 9, 10, 11, 12: Intramurals 115 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12: Basketball 9, 10. i n -'S SHI!! Taneff, Margorie "Margie" A wholesale dealer in smiles and good humor. Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11: Glee Club 10, 11 : Advanced Chorus 11 : A Cap- pella 12: Bulletinette 10, 11: Year- book Staff 11, 12: Prom Committee 11 3 Dance Committee 9, 10: Variety Show 9: Christmas Pageant 9, 10, 1 1. Taylor, J. Michael "Mike" Variety is the spice of life, Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads. Mixed Chorus 9, 10: Band 9, 10, 11, 12: Orchestra 9: Advanced Chorus 10, 11: A Cappella 12: All State 11: Erie County 9, 10, 11, 12: Yearbook Staff 12: Prom Committee 11: ln- tramurals 10, 11: Football 10, 11. 12: Tennis 10, 11, 12: Track 9: Va- riety Show 10: Christmas Pageant 9: Boys State 11: Basketball Shooting Contest 11: U.N.O. Assembly 11, 12: Mike Club 125 Basketball An- nouncer 12: Dance Committee 10,1 lg Student Council 10,. Unger, Virginia llcinnyll Psalm 23:1. The Lord is my shep- herd, I shall not want. Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11: Glee Club 12: Intramurals 10: Variety Show 9. 36 UF 1956 Ga ry Wa rd hoary., "There never was a boy like Gary with the ideal personality of youth." Woodlawnian 9, 113 Yearbook Staff 11, 123 Prom Committee 113 Dance Committee 11, 123 Mike Club 123 President Art Activities Wing, Norman "Norm" "What, me worry?" Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Erie County 93 Yearbook Staff 123 Prom Committee 113 Prom Attendant 113 Vice Presi- dent 123 Intramurals 113 Baseball 93 Basketball 9, 103 Football 10, 11, 12. . K V +""'a- , M 1 . . 'lla . ' : 4: g, 3 g M " ' .., - if ' ,si ' 1. vw 1- 1 f 1, , . 'm M Howard Warner "Howie" "This boy has never much to say, He's quiet and calm all through the day." Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11 3 Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 93 Advanced Chorus 113 A Cappella 123 All State 123 Erie County 123 Football 10, 113 Variety 10. Wheaton, Nelson "Spider" "Everyone's friend- Quiet, unassuming, Ready smile." Woodlawnian 93 Prom Committee 11 3 Dance Committee 113 Intramu- rals 11, 123 Basketball Shooting Contest. EV ef,- Q , Q Woolford, Donald in HDOH., V "He's a favorite around the town, Never lets worry get him down." , Band 93 Library Club 93 Yearbook iv- . Staff 12, Prom Committee 113 Dance Committee 10, 11, 123 Soc- , A cer 9, io, 113 u.N.o. Assembly io. ' ss' it x 1 A ,Q X Yr .Wx Wright, Erin llpetell "Chattering always and giggling too, When you're around Erin, you can't be blue." Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 113 Clee Club ll, A Cappella 123 Yearbook Staff 123 Prom Committee 113 Dance Committee 11, 123 Secretary 121 Usherette Variety Show 93 Christ- mas Pageant 10. 2, x Wieder, Shirley "Shirl" "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Woodlawnian 113 Yearbook Staff 11, 123 Prom Committee 113 Dance Committee 11g.Cheerleader 93 ln- tramurals 9, 10, 11, 12. Young, Shirley Lorraine "Shirl" "Today she works for tomorrow's reward." Mixed chorus 9, 10, 113 Prom Com- mittee .llj Dance Committee 9, 10 ll, Variety Show 93 Christmas Pag- eant. Zarkovich, Sally Zuppinger, Jo Anne Pickhardt, John "Little Zarkie" "Jo" "Pick" "Her blushes do surprise, "Lovely to look at, "Always busy, on the go: Until you see her impish eyes." Exciting to know." He's someone it's fun to know." Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 113 Clee Club Mixed Chorus 9, 10, li, Cilee Club Prom Committee 115 Dance Com- 1O, 113 Yearbook Staff 123 Dance 9, 10, 11, Advanced Chorus ll: A mit-fee 10, 113 Baseball 10, Soccer Committee 10, 11, 12, Variety Show Cappella 12, Library Club 105 Bul- 10, 11' 12. 9. Ietinette 9, IO, 11: Yearbook Staff 10, 113 Prom Committee 11: Dance Committee 10, 11, Intramurals 102 Volley Ball 10: Variety Show 92 Christmas Pageant IO, 11. YEARBOOK STAFF Editorain-Chief .......... ........ N orman' Wing Recording Secretary ...... .......... ................. ....... D e l phine Heffler Financial Secretary .................................................................... Eleanor Morey Faculty Advisors .............................. C. Buesch, W. Morgenfeld, R. Markham, B. Eyman, L. Hoppe, R. Creedon, S. Grottanelli, F. Titus, E. Niles, L. Weidman, L. Hawley. Art Staff .............................. Editor--Alan Koch, Brian Kubiak, Elaine Nowak, Sharon Opferbeck, Berta Anderson, Sally Schiedel, Gary Ward. Advisor ........................................................................ R. Markham Production Staff .............................. Marcia Augrom, James Baritot, Sally Bell, Margret Bishop, Kathleen Breslin, Lumen Brown, Richard Brox, Douglas Bushnell, Earl Clendening, David Day, Janet Dunklin, Kath- ryn Egan, Laura Ferro, Mary Jane Fetcho, David Hawes, Delphine Heffler, Richard Holynski, Marlyn Jones, Alan Koch, Martha Kocic, Barbara Mandel, Cecelia Mastrangelo, Eleanor Morey, Jerry Moss, Kay Norton, Elaine Nowak, John Piniewski, James Pries, William Quick, Marge Rados, Mary Anne Schwindler, Barbara Slawson, Judith Smith, Richard Stricker, Judith Thiel, Nelson Wheaton, Shirley Wieder, Norman Wing, Donald Woolford. Advisor ............................ . ..... . ................................ ...... B . Eyman 38 C CLASS HISTORY Won't you travel along with me, And sail over the great wide sea, While we are on these waters vast, l wish to recall adventures past! The ship "Woodlawn" sailed these seas, Gently blown by this same breeze. Years have passed since this took place, So four years back we then must trace. After changes were finally through, Ninety-four members were left in the crew. Bags and bundles suspended from hooks, Settled on deck our cargo of books. Our able navigator on this trip, Was Mrs. Eyman who guided the ship. Larry Ballagh, our captain so fine, Called out the order to haul in the line. Soon after we started on our long trek, A "Get-Acquainted Dance" was held on deck. "Cupid's Caper," a dance l must confess, That turned out to be a tremendous success! The second year brought the "Snowflake Swirl," Enjoyed by all, each boy and girl. The "Jingle Bell Jump" soon did appear, Around Christmastime of a gay junior year. Money problems we soon did entail, To defray our costs, we 'had a baked goods sale. Candy we sold, the kind was "Queen Anne," To help with finances for our littlec-lan. A Junior-Senior Prom was a beautiful sight, ' With dreamy music and eyes shining bright! Vail In June of the third year, a picnic we had, We dressed in slacks and gay colors plaid. As the massive waves began to swell, From the lookout tower there came a yelll ,fx J' ln the distance of this foggy night, The ship "Blasdell" was coming in sight. Mike Taylor was captain in command Of protecting the interests of this worthy band. lt had traveled for three long years, Touching new and exciting piers. A party and picnic the first year they had, Enjoyed by everyone, lassie and lad. As Sophomores, they threw the "Southern Swing," Which certainly was a marvelous flingl Zklso, a picnic and afternoon dance, Wh'ere there was many a flirtatious glance. The third year, there were Christmas parties galore Moving-up Day and picnics once more. A wonderful sock hop and Sadie Hawkins Dance, Where all of the Girls were given their chance. The Junior-Senior Prom was a dance of delight, To the crew it was their most glorious night! As these two ships came side by side. From the pilot's cabin someone cried, "There's a ship in the distance, it looks like new, No crew is on it, not even a few. With my telescope, l am able to note, That 'Frontier' is the name of this glorious boat." This message relayed, both crews did take heed, And traxfeled towards it with the greatest of speed. As the gangplariks were lowered, we walked on deck To the cleanest ship ever, of dirt and dust, not a speck' Ourxsenior year opened with the "Varsity Drag," Attended by couples and a few that were stag. The anchor's been lifted, we've pulled in the line. We've started our last year with a goal that does shine To travel these waters no matter how swift, And graduate good citizens on June twenty-fifth! Loretta Rooney PRESENTING Judy Thiel ' I Loretta Rooney 1 QV, qw an -Q, '25 .J we .aw Iwjgnwi R155 -M, if 1' N.. Carol Crook Kathryn Eagan f Q ,, ef Fran Cooper and Judy Smith Q "' w rw sew:-K J ,ijt THEN AND Darlene Dunn NOW F, Q, ,B - - ,, , Fi if 54,8 www4Q A ,Aga - if 5 I K ' xp 4 f THEN AND NOW Paul Friscic Jan Dunklin L ,.m,,L Q M 75 'L K A V? X rin, 13 N ww V 3 , ,W 2 , K fix, ay- 'zzym Barb Slawson and Nelson Wheaton E S P 'V 3 O I -c U Q c L' T 2051 NX0 5. .g K- 4 I . - NM ,3, ---- --K-fvw , QH,.,,1 .,,, K A . k 7 V x ., , -,xv ,gi vm I Lf 'guwiiamffefi'-Str :fr-'QQ?4f'w V, W ,I , K. W . , I , , ff rf, .1525 37 5 2,555 .3 53, f1?6?,.'5g H r ., W LM I I - A . 11 ff'if..-fgfqgf2z4f,.gfgf5fvg5511. . ,iq ,-- 'Qi New X- 1 Wk Ili." :. assi? VRONT ER ENTPJXL SU-POOL H1 lil BJ :gum gl"""!I la lxlhmul .........L.. ,ig-4 . 5 F' X fn .M N 4 ' LJ - X r 'Z '1" ' iv. , .5151 , -1 .Y , Q A. ' 5 'fl l v . -ww wk Y PM w Lv W: ' 'QM' i gl Q- I 1 1 1 f YI F ' i f I w . ' I V ' Y C3 I Cl I - CJ ll E ii El 3 I 13 2.-:A 1 I . 1'-'FJ A 3' f - l Y X17 , , :Sl 9 ill S1 ' Q - w . x YN: ICI ' HH 'l1l nu lu! lllf Ill ll ISI 11 :ll E . 5 .. ,........ :g2f I I Standing: W. Mabie Sitting, L. to R.: M. Andrisani, B. Loveland, J. Schill. CWM 43' A iff .KA YQ I I ' ICKX EF. . , if Qj""xQ.'iX IUNIORS -' CLASS OF '57 Top Row, L. to R.: W. Mabie, G. Maue, J. Hoffman, R. Scheffler, R. Shagott. Third Row: J. Klemp, F. Langbein, A. Mure, J. Trayford, K, Masterman, A. Ryan. Second Row: L. Cuilbault, K. Hazlett, S. Henry, B. Smith, E. Martin, B. Kearbeline. Bottom Row: R. Mastrangelo, J. Greene, S. Mabie, E. Powers, C. Peters, F. Robbins. if mi' W 'W 5355? Q wx, 3 .. . af QW' . 1 'L+' f,q.gqvWK, Top Row, L. to R.: J. White, B. Wutz, C. Schweikert, D. Golinski, R. Orr, B. Walker, H Wildman, J. Tomjenovich. Third Row: H. Vogt, E. Skowronski, E. Weiskerger, J. Sambora, B. Trusilo, C. Trusiio, J. Un- verdorben. Second Row: E. Wendt, P. Monaco, C. White, P. Schwartzott, C. Stevens, C. Preshoff, D Wood. Bottom Row: C. Ward, J. Werner, V, Volo, N. Stock, D. Thorne, P. Wiencek, C. Young. IUNIORS ' CLASS OF '57 Top Row, L. to R.: I. Kij, N. House, C. Betker, R, Cray, B. Hartman, B. Loveland. Second Row: C. Zawadzki, R. Holley, S. Gilmet, J. Nowakowski, J. Franklin. Bottom Row: P. Kozub, A. Marracino, J. Fumerelle, E. Miller, E. Kasparek, L. Geigals. Top Row L toR C Pellco T Callineau Bottom Row D Gardmer M Barrera Top Ro Moore, Second derson, Bottom Taber. Absent Top Row, L. to R.: Robert Almendinger, James Walwzak, Larry Blackwin, Steven Drabek, Constance Keller, Joseph Del Sordo. Second Row: Paul Lalka, Gene Fitzsimrnons, Albert Durett, Richard Schoenhardt, Michael Mahoney. Third Row: David Herman, Richard Pawlas, Ronald Racinowski, Daniel Paeyon, Otto Kuehne, John Anderson. Fourth Row: Geraldine Crandall, Joy Thomas, Donald Carpenter, Blanche Kiviatkowski, Rich- ard Kret. SOPHOMORES - CLASS OF 'SX Top Row, L. to R.: B. Morlock, D. Buhs, M. Barrera, J. Troup, K. Wyray, J. Fedick, R. M. Ver. Second Row: R. DePasquale, D. Gardiner, H. Schuster, A. Vento, C. Schofer, J. Boyer. Third Row: S. Hine, S. Shaw, D. Foit, J. Doody, C. Barnes, T. Gallineau. Fourth Row: L. McGrath, R.Hesslink, M, Salisbury, S. DesJardir1s, N. Beaumont, L. Hodil, L. Heaslip. if Q' f. aural ' - ' Top Row, L. to R.: M. Kocur, S. Zimmer, J. McPartlan, P. Kushner, P. Polizia, A. Turchi- arelli, B. May. Third Row: M. Grant, P. Cary, J. Wiltsie, A. Stasierowski, N. Matula, M. Plamer, G. Tara. Second Row: B. Schiedel, M. Steenberg, B. Paolini, L. Rohrer, M. Bartula, A. Brocki, J. Kuster Bottom Row: R. Spagnoli, L. Klien, D, Kryszak, M. Bohen, J. Hannen, G. Petko, E, Longbine SOPHOMORES - CLASS OF '55 Top Row, L. to R.: K. Broadbent, T. Kepler, L. Courtney, R. Stoner. Second Row: C. Millspaugh, R. Nagy, R. Heiman, R. Dickinson, J. Schmidt, D. Olson. Third Row: T. Ranalli, A. Mure, W. Vogt, E. Hawley, P. Sipos, C. Weaver. Fourth Row: A. Kerr, M. Powers, N. Skies, E. Dixon, S. Piersanti, G. Oser. Bottom Row: J. Lovello, F. Riester, J. Sasak, S. Moss, L. Stevens, J. Poppenberg. Top Row, L. to R.: R. Ludwig, B. Woodworth, S. Cheman, W. Foit, E. Moss. Second Row: R. Gaydan, L. Seligman, P. Farley, W. Jones, C. Sickau. Bottom Row: R. McKay, S. Rogers, J. Lewis, J. Hooper, J. Youngman. SOPHOMORES - CLASS OF '53 Top Row, L. to R.: P. Hawes, P. Paine, F. Baker, G. Ludwig, W. Eberhardt. Second Row: L. Bartoo, J. Capozzi, M. Bialota, W. Bredel, R. Bonn, W. Cooper. Third Row: R. Unverdoren, F. Renz, I. Pinter, D. Dix, C. O'Brien, E. Helmbrecht. Fourth Row: M. VanBuskirk, P. Dengler, J. Cellura, J. Orts, P. Jaworski, N. Oberst. Absent: D. Hughes, R. Hodil, C. Woyski, R. Santi, L. Eckman, J, Barret, J. Pirowski, E. Sar gent. Standing: Marion Cutler, Secretary, Penelope Johnson, Treasurer. Sitting: Richard Brost, Presidentg Wil- liam Toth, Vice President. FRESHMEN ' CLASS OF '59 Top Row, L. to R.: P. Bowerman, D. Daley, A. Floreno, R. Newland, C. Conklin, S. Pock, R Borst. Second Row: W. Gibson, C. Morgan, C. Rose, P. Reukauf, E. Cook, R. Harris, D. Eckert. Third Row: C. Karnavas, R. Koester, M. McParhan, J. Jewart, H. Texter, J, Pinizzotto, J Barbati, J. Cunny. Bottom Row: L. Dylik, H. Obad, J. Laud, K. Maloney, S. Green, M. Sills, J. Brown, W. Bratek Y , ,W Top Row, L. to R.: J. Petti, J. Kontrabecki, R. Zajac, W. Tabraham, S. Mruzik, J. Walker, J Jacobik, M. Pavlovich. Second Row: E. Andrissani, T. Zeckser, M. Mooney, R. Corcoran, J. Rosiek, B. Pettingill, J Wright. Third Row: W. Toth, P.- Hughes, A, Friedman, R. Robbins, E. Sliwinski, J. Bredenberg, A Allen. Bottom Row: R. Rawski, M. Miller, J. Thompson, N. Fetcho, S. West, C. Patti, J. Kaczmar- ska. Absent: J. Unger, R. Fox, D. Racinowski, C, Miller. FRESHMEN ' CLASS OF '59 Top Row, L. to R.: C-. Toporek, Ct. Miller, J. Eggert, R. Bechter, R. Rodunardt, J. Shermin, C. Sandusky. Second Row: J. Abram, J. Stephenson, J. Walker, D. Wieder, S. Kwiatkowski, M. Carrig, N. Sredzinski. Third Row: C-. Baksa, B. Morgan, C. Phillips, A. Pattison, L. Tomaka, K. Wohlabaugh, P. Lickfield. Bottom Row: C. Riley, J. Gentile, J. Bonfessuto, B, Coretski, D. Metro, G. Pietrocarlo, B. Miller. .8 .b . Q 5' N ,p J i M QM., ,,, 15... 3 11? , J, . W its if , ' 4. 1 nf' 9 ,W 4: gi .. f W, .V Top Row, L. to R.: R. Kreskonko, J, Marteucci, E. Rush, D. Clendening, C. Faraci, R. Arm- buster, K. Leibold. Third Row: H. Baker, J. Nowak, R. Haines, T. Prior, D. Pettet, R. Shaggitt, R. Stark. Second Row: C. Selicd, T. Zaccrine, C. Coe, R. Griffith, K, Smerlen, F. Koletar, R. Besser, E Eggert. Bottom Row: N. Cebula, J. Betker, B. Behl, K. Jackson, L. Trayford, C. Danitz, S. Phillips. FRESHMEN - CLASS OF '59 Fifth Row: D. Hura, H. Wertz, H. Marracino, E. Carpenter. Fourth Row: J. Sroda, R. Kempf, J. Rieger, L. Govenettio, J. Latona, P. Cooper. Third Row: E. Snyder, E. Franckieuwicz, R, Bumgartner, S. Hubbard, P. Wing, E. Kelly, S Scholl. Second Row: B. Hubbard, P, Dunn, J. Carmody, M. Mead, J. Owens, M. Bebak, P. Gullo. First Row: S. Saeva, M. lvlilkovic, P. Martinez, M. Gaffney, J. Schultz, J. Calus, D. Krencik Ig' 2 -With ,J 'f 4 H ., H, .ff ::..:-:QW-fx' ,I . , if V . 4, in Q w ,is "' is 1+ T4 'K H 'I N sg I ,,,, "S 'liEf1f'9'F SX OUR MUSKETEERS NICE? DIG THOSE LEGS! FULL WING SPAND ROUGH BENCH? THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY ON THE BEACH CAFETERIA RESTING? GUYS AND DOLLS JANET AND BOB FRIENDS HIGH DIVE CLASS PICNIC NORM JOAN AND DON SALLY 1 I 12. EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OF '60 JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL COUNCIL Top Row, L. to R.: P. Goetz, D. Morinello, C. Jaworski, V. Mariotti, G. Miller, J. Livsey. Second Row: P. Weigand, J. Anderson, M. Burke, C. Sipos, C. Mackey, B. Everard. Bottom Row: Mrs. Rich, H. Moorehead, P. Drach, R. Klein, A. Killian, Mr. Sakowski. Bottom Row: T. DeAngrlis, M. Lisa- feld, R. Weiskerger, M. Timm, C. Borowiec, J. Walker, J. Benjamin. Third Row: D. Prior, K. McDonnell C. Kazaczka, G. Dnapp, J. Agro, J Bott, G. Baker, R. Durusky. Second Row: D. Love, G. Heltz, M Hall, J. Minsterman, P. Pigut, M Cook, J. Piconek. Top Row: C. Thomas, C. Wyman, W. Kruszka, C. Jordan, C. Spiker, A. Wohlabaugh, R. Stopha. Top Row: M. Belscher, M. Kozub, A Vilagy, J. Steinke, M. Beers, S. Coney H. Cerwin, H. Englehardt, R. Zerby Second Row: R. Joseph, J. Porter, D Vogt, T. Whyras, J. Coiafranceski J. Rutherford, J. Carrow, G. Jacobik Third Row: R. Kinn, G. Jachimiake, J Miller, J. McNamara, M. Monaco, H Moorehead, J. Cuilbault. Bottom Row: C. Jones, J. Renzi, C Beaumont, A. Jasuria, S. Nigh, S Lowe, T. Poppenberg, N. Latona. 59 Top Row, L. to R.: C: Cherubin, B. Zimpfer, C. Leone, P. Goetz, J. Litt- rell, C. Buszka, V. Robinson. Second Row: J. Woodin, W. New- mann, N. Drabek, S. Bergert, A. Orr, K S. Kushner, D. Murray, . Hartman Third Row: J. Croce, S. Steeg, J Twist, K. Dombrowski, J. Kelly, J Dalimonte, G. Manning, R. Armbrusi ter. Bottom Row: D. Sambora, G. Wilson, J. Burger, S. Battaglia, B. Beesley, C. Franckiewicz, P. Engle, D. Colley. Top Row, L. to R.: G. Heeb, D. Mori- nelli, D. Zoladz, S. Caroll, D. Roberts, J. Geiger, R. Lagattuta. Second Row: R. Kuta, P. Frank, J. Hazlett, W. Gearhart, R. Gioeli, W McGaughey, J. Camilloni, R, Nistler. Third Row: P. Stiefler, N. Boseck, K Carvin, J. Stadlmier, G. Thiel, S. Blim D. Dehlinger, W. Ernst. r Bottom Row, J, Lovelace, E. Meyers, M. Sedgewick, G. Smith, F. Fritz, S. Refermat, G. Cary, R. Pajak. 60 EIGI-ITH anim: CLASS OF '60 Top Row, L. to R.: R. Scheffler, A. Reid, J. Carmody, D. Lenhardt, D. Krause, S. Danitz, J. Bellanca. Second Row: K. Gibson, B. Blank, S. Weber, G. Mackey, L. Czechowski, J. Weber, J. Webster, V. Morlock. Third Row: M. Herrmann, S. Lang, J. Pawlas, M, Hill, S. Mills, R. Bell, H. Farrow, H. Schaffer. Bottom Row: J. Hohlstein, H. Weese, R. Matson, R. Schueler, G. Bogner, T. Livsey, E. Sully, W. Sawicki. Absent: C. Curtis, D. Herb. EIGHT!-I GRADE . CLASS OF '60 Top Row: M. Craig, F. Gretka, A. Killian, A. Marshall, D. Clever, J. Cogan, J. Faraci, S. Percy, A.-Kuhene. Second Row: J. Carmichael, R. Seif- ert, P. Whalen, J. Anderson, J. Merta, H. McQuay, D. Brenner, P. Allen. Third Row: D. McCann, A. Strong, C-. Hess, N. McNamara, R. Hohti, P. Bence, D. DesJardens, C. Sargent. Top Row, L. to R.: E. Donohue, A. Primosch, P. Martin, W. Williams, J. Grubb, Cv. Farley. Bottom Row: L. Nappo, A. Caputo, V. Lauricella, B. McCormick, D. Nowakowski, M. Warren. Top Row, L. to R.: J. Kozuch, P. Ott, J. Kilcoyne, M. Copeland, M. Kahler, J. Rooney, P. Lang, H. Linkner. Second Row: K. Krauss, D. Fisher, D. Fredricksen, J. Palmer, H. Eckert, P. Francisco, L. Craig. Third Row: R. Madison, D. Johns, K. Shea, C. Agro, M. Cicelske, S. Wallace, J. Schmidt. Fourth Row: A. Shanks, D. Bockrath, V. Bellezza, M. Hard, W. Rooth, D. Cerwin, K. St. John. Bottom Row: E. Kirby, M. Muir, T. Walker, P. Wright, R. Massari, J. Kulikowsky, H. Stewart, R. Madeja. 61 l l Top Row: R. Gawlak, H. Rood, C. Jaworski, C. Clab, T. Top Row: F. Cuadagno, C. Holly, K. Vail, R. Tegler, A Nelson, C. Drach. Ciro, J. Ferraro. Second Row: G. Dorsey, J. Fitzery, N. Karnman, B. Haley, Second Row: J. Sausner, R. Tasseff, A. Logan, N. Gzyl P. Echverria, S. Lindauer, J. Kocic. J. Lockwood, D. Julian, A, McGowan. Third Row: B. Mazur, J. Moore, C. Kwapich, D. Loretto, Third Row: D. Ryan, A. Mastrangelo, J. Longbine, F C. Muranyi', K. Opinsky, F. Imiola. Chmiel, D. Capua, J. Fox, D. Heinze. Fourth Row: C. Narcoonis, L. Farley, F. Taylor, R. Car- Fourth Row: S. Lauricella, L. Palmer, N. Schiedel, R bacz, E. Ford, R. Fadeley, S. Fox, A. DeMarco. Lee, D. Parot, L. Knapp, C. Cowan. Bottom Row: V. Tomaski, D. House, B. Corrigan, S. Morteff, U. Brazdes, J. Lewis, C. Unsworth. EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OF '60 Top Row: J. Basenski, F. Standish, R. D'AIessandra, S. Top Row, L, to R.: D. Morinelli, P. Goetz, D. Zoladz, Alellllfe, C- Sims. D.,McManUS, T- Cl"l'lSf0Pher. M. Belscher, C. Jaworski, G. Mackey. Second ROWZ W- Smlfh. N- l-eYl1, -l- MaCkeY, P- Caifl- Second Row: M. Hard, P. Rarot, P. Ott, K. Gibson, A. glia, M. Asztalos, P. Zdrojowy, J. Thomas. Lggany A, Marshall, D, Heinz. Third ROWQ JD Green. C- Kendle. Y- Sefgenfe, B- Weber, Third Row: S. Percy, A. Shanks, A. Killian, J, Agro, B. H. Whytas, B. Karnavas, J. Hughes. Mazur, J. Moore. Bottom ROW! A- l'le"1l'Y. l-- VHlleSe. T- Schwindler, C- Bottom Row: J. Lovelace, D. Colley, K. Dumbrowski, J. MSYICUSO, C- Minnleh. -l- YOUNS, E- Sl'1a80ff- McNamara, H. Moorehead, W. Sawicki. SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OF '67 Standing, L. to R.: E. Dengler, Mrs. Rich, Mr. SakowskiQ D. Heinz. Seated: C. Jaworski, G. Spiker. Top Row, L. to R.: M. Yacone, A. Hooper, G. Ribarich, P. Krlik, M. Brown, V. Mariotti. Third Row: D. Kresconko, D. Rose, R. Jones, J. Wrobiewski, K. Hoff- man, J. Niedermeier, D. Hopp. Second Row: L. Hlavna, J. Vogt, F. Hughes, A. Curavius, S. Neuffer, B. Palyszeski, R. Paine. First Row: A. Brehm, M. Brown, J. Ball, N. Morlock, E. Joseph, S. Jones, R. Morlock. Missing: L. Eppolito, J. McCormick. i Top Row, L. fo R.. E. Paimei, B. Legutko, M. Wendt, J. Sullivah, F. Lichon, J. Kerr, G. Miller. J Third Row: R. McHugh, C. Heffler, L. Talbot, C. Lauricella, K. Budlong, D. Carson, L. Schmelzinger. Second Row: S. Ernst, W. Agate, B. Kozuch, N. Marsillo, S. Dommell, S. Sheil, W. Dunn. Bottom Row: R. Paiyszeski, P. Mo- han, D. Jones, A. Betker, R. Cale, J. Brooks, I. DeMarco. Absent: L. Pierce. tea Top Row, L. to R.: A. Marshall, M. Marcello, J. Kline, J. Krone, M, Bence, R. Dick, E. Newland. Third Row: A. Bautz, J. Dickinson A. Wiencek, N. Freed, J. Brockhurst C. Texter, B. Scholl, C. Andrukat. Second Row: S, Jerge, P. Sorei, R Coe, M. Erglehardt, J. Buchner, J Murry, M. Eustace. Bottom Row: S. McNeil, B. Heltz, J Fadaleg, B. Fox, R. Longbine, C, Mcl Dermott, P. Drach, J. Beetow. Top Row, L. to R.: J. Broneman, S. Westphal, K, Kowdle, K. Carmody, A. Coodberry, C. Kowal, P. Yockeus, J. Murry. Third Row: P. Weigand, B. Glom- boski, M. Connigan, P. Herlehy, J. Thompson, B. Yacone, C. Schmidt. Second Row: J. Dafchick, W. Bless, P. Ritter, T, Raab, K. Clark, C. Bickle, P. Meir. Bottom Row: N, DaBolt, K. Renzi, O. Catlin, M. Kazmarski, S. Riley, I. Obad, T. Lydon, E. Rushmok. Absent: S. Hogan. 64 SEVENTH GRAD1 CLASS OF '61 Top Row, L. to R.: M. Leary, E. Diets J. Renzoni, L. Hatch, J. Edwards, C Krauss. Third Row: C. Vaughn, C. McGarrity E. Snyder, L. DeMarzio, C. Harrison M. Biber. Second Row: F. Bansmer, J. Lewis, B Everard, W. Tomory, K. White, J Molesworth, J. Abram. Bottom Row: L. Huff, A. Clever, D Sullivan, A. Creider, J. Arp, G Palmer, E. Ferro. SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OF '61 Top Row, L. to R.: B. Stamp, P. Cary, L. Allman, B. Dolinar, M. Sorger, J Werth, D. Collins. Third Row: A. Caruso, D. Carroll, E Hall, B. Eakin, D. Cauthaey, B. Link- ner, B. Henrich. Second Row: J. Kekoni, J. Verdi, D Ehmke, C. Kosich, R. Weist, G Lynch, B. Battaglia. First Row: R. Klein, B. Killian, J Radice, C. Camillaoni, M. Balass, W Houlahan, Concetta Puglisi, K, Kranz Top Row, L. to R.: B. Green, R. Car- rig, J. Livesey, M. Bukaty, R. Roll, M. Carnahan. Second Rowf T. Hunsinger, J. Ander- son, B. Leibold, M. Piniewski, J. Cot- tone, J. Bell. Bottom Row: R. Ferro, A. Kuhta, S. Palyszeski, T. Pirowski, L. Boeke, K. Syensen. Top Row, L. to R.: J. Livsey, J Nowakowski, M. Lang, J. Lennon, R Hartman, J. Forcucci, L. Dietrich. Third Row: J. Cottone, S. Booth, G Fetcho, D. Hartman, V. Nowak, R Kuster, A. Fessler. Second Row: C. C-ouck, W. Jaworski M. Weber, J. Christini, R. Whittom G. Lucchi, L. McPartlin. i Bottom Row: R. Doody, P. Potter, V. Humphrys, P. Baksa, N. Stanton, J. Held, T. Taylor. ' 65 v 1 Top Row, L. to R.: C. O'Day, M. Volrath, J. Dlugoz, E. Dwyer, F. Zygula, J. Anderson. Third Row: J. Piper, W. Kasperck, R. Mruk, P. Sead- deck, N. Turkovich, C. Snyder, R. Gioeli. Second Row: R. Baker, J. Halstead, J. Davis, S. Daggitt, C. Goretski, E. Yessor. First Row: D. Sipos, J. Bredenburg, J. Mauerman, J Anderson, V. Montante, B. Killian, M. Carmody. Absent: J. Edwards, R. Marrano, G. Mitchell, J. Di- christopher. SEVENTH GRADE -' Top Row, L. to R.: N. Herb, T. Kelley, T. Harder, D. Mulqueen, A. Ulak, J. Rosiek, N. Nowakowski. Third Row: J. Pigut, B. Wilson, J. Jaworski, S. Forse, N. Bapst, S. Palovich, M. Rickloff. Second Row: A. Pound, K. Anderson, D. Chlosta, E. Dengler, M. Dengler, P. Barber, M. Martin. First Row: A. Rose, M. Toth, C. Dianosich, G. Saunders, J. Weiskerger, N, Oser, J. Julyan. Top Row, L. to R.: P. Marrano, G. Middleton, H. War- ren, J. Alguire, E. Hohoff, C. Graham. Third Row: P. Anderson, J. Frankiewicz,-J, Blokker, R. Schiener, R. Pawlas, T. McCann. Second Row: M. Manley, M. Haffner, P. Nolan, P. No- lan, S. Page, F. Jarzembok, S. Jordon. Bottom Row: V. Spagnoli, M. Moncalian, R. Krazmein, D. Shattuck, M. Maching, P. Larson, R. Michner. CLASS OF '67 Top Row, L, to R.: P. Zaccarine, C. Lazarus, M. Miller S. Shinnen, D. Mathes, K. Manley, T. Smith, D. Part- ridge. Third Row: T. Hartloff, M. Burke, T. Colangelo, J Fugle, K. Kuehnel, D. Landsittel, J. C-lab, J. Lehman. Second Row: J. Farmer, E. Varshal, C. Roosa, F. Kahler D. Jones, P. Ebert, D. Morrow, A. Schmittendorf. Bottom Row: L. Clark, C. Logan, D. Brosman, C. Kan- cler, P. MacNeil, S. Dezutter, H. Pupo, C. Buscaglia. r w TIVIT ES fa. W , LG 'lg f .Wim ,, ,, ' V' A x V ,Y K A , . . E!! ii 8 Mm, 9' mf X "' I . K. f , - f,. , , A ww ., ,L if f V .Y , A k -vi 57. I L I L , , vi g rx 2 4 f , , ,,LL f , x W 5 R V , 4, ,Y I , k,,3 i ,.,1 X 'sy 15 ' 5 ' 1 ,QM-0 B 1,61 y L-Jw ff 3,2 Q. i f '23 5: ' x- ' , Ei? in uw. -- f :gl f ' ., ' 9' , R , 4 W' f , 1' "M f' ' W w- , Mal www ww .Mfff 5 Q 55 All J gfsw1 ma?,.f My A as my tfzsfff if 29 5 -V-Q " . Q" 5' K1 4? ki ffiyf' 1 if Iv,-r" 1 ? + i, Q6 ' H 2 -- ,..' f rf 4.5, ' N hs' I A Q , -f f- f i f F ? ig. ,f 25 ,- Q -w " 1 , ,f -W - 1 X ,1 1 Q' -' Q53 ""7""""' U' Q 1 ?'? 95 U ' W '55 Y' ' if ' "Li 5 'f . T 4. i if K t 1 1, fffi' + 4'-5 1 y A-,..m.h. x-W1 - - 1-f f ' f ig -, 2? '- ' L, , ' 7 vga. -1! , 1 Y -an-1+ X, L -uf ' , 'XA ., 'Q f , LQ 1 f-'2'-',-'-"A"'N,g-1 24-f- 1-2,-:.., A .1-,Q W- H 4' A , . 1, I 4 ' ' ' i ,, - fl TF 4 1 . Q msn dui V Q ff'-' if -f- ....,,+..... .....- , ,- by I , , I Q V l , fl ' """4"" - -it ' Q g " Gr amm:-nv' 4 U - '4 ' M h s-ding' .Q-.1-E, ...n-nxt- l hi' ' I I Y -.ab , .-.- A Q M 7 l -V A I ii yu W 9 If I Vw- i i i if , f" gm Qi V k ,M .. If -'E."fg+M:f2.1 i .I V- 1' -, A " M ij K , .. 5, , Q 1 KL:1 x ' 1. 21, - 5' V wily. Y '- A A pf, F R0 F if IER 'C ENTRPL- ,f3ciH0oL 1-q wu glm an vi w lhw li . df 1 Q A g A E Li , f. ik ,.,. ,M j V y V Y ILV -3 , T, Wi 1 fm-41 x " 1- Lf' Cl C3 , CJ ' C3 i CH CJ I3 ' - .J , 1 f , :.-us ii 1 I 5 Q , 1,vx i Q 5 1 3 f - rg lx ? N El H v W n - ! N u w Y . 5 Y M J w Adi N --- -r- Standing, L. to R.: J. Piniewski, J. Saunders, Mrs. Haw- ley. Seated: N. Schultz, K. Hazlett.. ACTIVITIES Student Council working on forming a chap- ter of the National Honor Society. We have also had charge of the sale of tickets for all games. We have sold candy. A Student Council contribution to our school is to act as ushers for visiting groups. '3""'4":.'v1w'N tx ykimx -A XX wg .x All ti' Avsfift-V' AMAA pi 1 llIiIll1IlIl m ii I Q imlifii in nin g E" ' E I ia g nm! 2 I, fmmllllll - . l E A +-N. A bww STUDENT GOVERNMENT Top Row, L. to R.: J. McPartlan, R. Piper, R. Kresconko, P. Frisic, D. Daley, R. Nistler, R. Palipzeski, B. Anderson. Second Row: G. Bushnell, B. Hubbard, J. DiMatteo, E. Clendening, A. Bianco, S. Mabie, B. Hartman, L. Parker. Third Row: N. Schultz, K. Hazlett, J. Saunders, J. Piniewski, F. Riester, M. Miller, C. Farmer, R. Hesslink. Absent: W. Moore, J. Krencik, B. Wutz, D. Dix. 1-n . .1 ov g.f ,as-. , srwsms iw. ., gt.. . A, - ii Top Row, L. to R.: B. Day, B. Barnes, H. Leyh, N. Schultz, N. Wing, D. Saunders, G. Leibold, J. Baksa, J. Sanchez. Fifth Row: M. Andrisani, L. Burroughs, H. Warner, S. Barth, R. Nistler, M. Taylor, R. Pajack, A. Larson, J. Pinter, E. Barth. Fourth Row: R. Dreyer, C. Schweikert, E. Hawley, S. Gretka, W. Bredel, L. Schetfler, P. Sipos R. Dickinson, R. Heiman. Third Row: L. Eckert, M.'Barnas, J. Lampkins, A. Caualieri, M. Edwards, F. Koletar, F. Renz A. Marracino, J. Abrams. 1 Second Row: J. Trayford, T. Callineau, M. Barrera, C. Rush, J. Fedick, J. Schmidt, D. Bock- rath, S. Lang, A. Bianco, J. Werner. Bottom Row: N. Cebula, R. Hesslink, E. Sliwinski, J. Obad, C. Price, B. Beesley, N. Croce, D. Ferace, W. Sawicki, D. Sipos. Absent: J. Anneser, D. Day, P. Lang, FRONTIER CENTRAL BAND BAND With the combining of instrumental students from the two high schools, the Frontier Central Band numbering 60 players is now using its new rehearsal room. Prior to January of this year, rehearsals were limited and held temporarily in the audio-visual room. The players now have the use of five practice rooms, an instrument storage room and a uniform storage room. Twenty-five players were selected to form an assembly band group to play for the first assemblies of the year. Se- lected students from the band have participated in the All State Band program in November and in the All High Band in March sponsored by the E.C.M.E.A. The band will appear on the Dedication program sched- uled for April l5, l956. Plans for the future are bright with a special hope for the addition of a string department culmin- ating into a school orchestra. RYAN Top Row, L. to R.: D. Kruck, W. Moore, R. Brox, R, Fifth Row: J. Saunders, J. Anderson, J. Becker, J. Shagott, K. Weber, G. Schafer, D. Clendening, L. Thiel, J. Smith, N. Bunte, J. Weekly, C. Blanchard. Evergrd, J, Anderson, Sixth Row: G. Tara, D. Kryszak, L. Klein, B. Broad- Second Row: E. Clendening, P. Dix, E. Helmbrecht, J. benf, G- BCIKSO- 5- KVODD, D- Dunne, C- DOY- Wilson, B. Barnes, P. Polizia, J. Kennerdell, P. Kushner, Seventh ROWI G- K9mDf1eI', R- 5DGQf10l', L- MCGYGHT, P- P, Sipggl Kozub, J. Fugle, B. Weiskerger, J. Thompson, G. Third Row: S. Hubbard, R. Ver, J. Wiltse, P. Wing, M. Dietrich- I Dietrich, J. Nowakowski, D. Biscaro, M. Breslin. Elghfh ROW? M- Ann Bohen, B- Miller, B- Uf1SWOfTl'1- l-- Fourth Row: E. Snyder, P. Carry, M. Bartula, B. Wilcox, G9iQl0S, D- Sfvnton, K- AllJfeCl'1f, 5- Smelfl, J- MCNe0l- S. Miehl, P. Dengler, J. Gentile, F. lgnorante. MIXED CHORUS This year there are three choral groups meeting in Frontier Central under the direction of Mrs. T. Simon. They are as follows: The A Cappella Choir which consists of fifty members, which meet two times a week. The accompanist are Donna Sawnders, and Michael Taylor. They have partici- pa.ted in a program for the Teacher conference at Frontier. ln the future they will present music for the Dedication of the school and other assemblies in the new auditorium. The second of their music groups is the Girls' Glee Club. lt consists of Sixty members, and also meets twice a week. The accompanists for this group are: Marlene Barrera, Jean Baksa, Sandara Dickie, Ellen Yes- ser, Maureen Palmer. They have participated in school assemblies and will also sing with the A Cappella Choir for the Dedication. The third and final group is Mixed Chorus, consisting of seventy members. The accompanists are Fred Renz and Paul Sipos. This group also meets twice a week. They are work- ing to present a program on Memorial Day. Through all these groups the stu- dents hope to bring lots of enjoyment and music to all the students and teachers at Frontier. RYAN 71 '4 ALL-STATE CHORUS "Nr GLEE CLUB A. Koch. SX A,2,. ,zill ..,: vw ' ACK X Mgt lk! ls 1 lit a. VNS. .. I I l '. '. KE RYAN Top Row, L, to R.: J. Nowakowski, E. Wendt, P. Wing, B. Barnes, M. Mead, R. Hesslink, C. Petko, L. Thiel, J Dyja, C. Trusilo, B. May, C. Leibold, J. Boyer. Third Row: J. Klein, R. Ruddy, I. Hackman, P. Hart- loff, B. Kwiatkowski, M. Balazs, N. Matula, M. Palmer, S. Dengler, J. Sanchez, V. Unger, A. Freidman, S. Dickie Second Row: L. Hodil, J. Barbati, M. Francis, E. Miller P. Jaworski, J. Colley, J. Cellura, J. Bredenburg, E Yesser, E. Martin, G. Humphrys, B. Hartman, H. Schus- fer. Third Row: S. Saeva, E. Longbine, M. Sills, J. Kuster, E. Baksa, A. Brocki, M. Barrera, R. Robbins, N. Fetcho, D. Dunne, M. Bohen, D. Jones, N. Schultz. CHORAL L. to R.: F. Renz, D. Sounders H. Warner, J. Dunklin, G Lei bold, M. Andrisoni, N. Schultz iff a A if B Q: 1 I l sg .45 - E 45- Ji ,j kg . , L,,Z M , Lune Driver Education TOURING Library Duty , Gym Class Yearbook Workers THROUGH Guidance Homemaking 1,,du Sfrlb '4 qs A 4, M. , .H ,,,. ,, WN ,,, T ranipo rt aU0n Typing FRONTIER CENTRAL Music Pool Office Practice SNOW BUNNY TAKE A BITE OF MY FOOT' WHO'S WHO GUESS WHO THE PONIES PALS GOOD FRIENDS? HOT ROD PICNIC LA CHEF? BATHING BEAUTIES TIM AND JOAN JUST DANCING CHOW! JANET AND BOB THE GANG HEN PARTY LOOKING OVER GOT AHEAD A RIOT I9. if ' 1'- ' G SCHOO WNV ER ENTRN. JT L -3- hA,, ,,, if 1 f: - - my :mf ' H H W I C3 4.-.-- , . . ws Top Row, L. to R.: D. Dean, B. Wutz, M. Andrisani, J. Schill, R. Brooks, R. Brown, S. C-retka, J. Oslon, W. Mabie, E. Rush lMgr.J. Bottom Row: R. Nistler, R. Pajak, S. Bednarz, J. Piniewski, F. Occhino, J. Baritot, P. Schwartzott. E. Romanowich Top Row, L, to R.: A. Cavalieri, J. Schmidt, K. Liebold, P. Paine, R, Rodonardt, R. Heiman, C. Sickau, E. Rush Hv1gr.1 Bottom Row: G. Bushnell, T. C-allineau, P. Sipos, E. Hawley M. Edwards, E. Slowinski, J Sroda. VARSITY SOCCER LV. SOCCER VARSITY FOOTBALL Top Row, L. to R.: J. Hoffman, R. Ludwig, W. Quick, C. Haffner, A. Koch, R Caydon, K. Armstrong, J. Burns, M. Barnas. Second Row: R. Biscaro, C. Conklin, J. Capozzi, N. Wing, J. Pinter, J. Jaworaski, S. Monforte, W. Cole, L. Brown, J. Kruck. C. Mead Bottom Row: V. Frisic, L. Ballagh, C. Maue, C. Schweikert, M. Taylor, H Puleo, E. Clendening, R. Doll, A. Evans, G. Barber. E. O'Reilly Top Row, L. to R.: W. Cooper, C. Young, R. Dickinson, F. Stark, J. Anderson, J. Capozzi, W. Tabraham. Second Row: E. Conklin, E. Weiskerger, D. Kruck, M. Ma- honey, M. Kocic, W. Moore, J Patti. Third Row: G. Toporek, J Wilson, G. Schofer,- D. Clen- dening, J. Kontrabecki, T. Hill- ger, R. Corcoran. Bottom Row: R. Kramer, R Kempf, R. Newland, D. Car- pentar, B. Carney, G. Phillips, C. Weaver. R. Walsh LV. FOOTBALL KH-Xi Standing, L. to R.: L. Brown, S. Monforte, R. Doll, C. Barber, W. Cole, F. Occhino, J. Pinter J. Kruck, R. Biscaro. Kneeling: F. Larosa, G. Maue, H. Puleo, J. Olson, J. Piniewski, J. Schill, A. Evans VARSITY BASKETBALL Athletic activities at Frontier Central High School are a phase of the program of physical education and an integral part of the educational curriculum. lnterscholastic athletics are the end product of our physical education program in which the most highly skilled students representing Frontier, meet and compete with their opposite numbers from other schools. Over the past five years our teams have established fine records-records of which we can all be proud. These teams carrying the Frontier banner have been feared because of their skill and competitive ability, yet respected for their sports- manship and gentlemanly conduct. This past year Frontier was represented by fourteen different teams in the following sports: Soccer Football, and Cross Country for the Fall season, Basketball, Wrestling, and Volleyball for the Winter season, and Baseball, Tennis and Track for the Spring sea- son. 80 L. Deitz RYM H. Johnson Top Row, L. to R.: C. White, P. Swartzott, R. Crusan, R. Morteff, G. Young, D. Dix, D. Ken- nerdell, J. Petti. Bottom Row: T. Vento, D. Gardiner, R. Dickinson, O. Kuehne, T. Kepler, R. Pajax, T. Galli- LV. BASKETBALL W. McPhee FRESHMEN BASKETBALL Top Row, L. to R.: G. Philips, J. Hazlett, J. Lampkins, R. Fox, T. Harder, R. Newland, M. Barnas, N. Gzyl, G. Toporek, D. Wieder, C. Mackey. Second Row: M. Kocic, J. Spiker, J. Pavilak, D. Landsit- tel, B. Williams, B. Belseher, G. Conklin, J. Petti, J. Wilson. Third Row: Manager D. Kruck, J. Saunders, B. Baker, E. Slew- inski, J. Moore, J. Jewart, C. Mancuso, E. Meyers, Manager R. Borsf. R. Walsh VARSITY BASEBALL Top Row, L. to R.: Mr. Dietz, J. Black, G. Maue, J. Olson, J. Moss, W. Cole, Mr. Sakowski Bottom Row: G. Mead, B. Garnish, R. Scheffler, R. Schetfler, D. Fredrickson, M. Levorchick R. Suto, G. Berger. I-'Den-Z LV. BASEBALL TOP ROW. L. to R.: Mr. Klimshot, A. Edwards, A. Caputo, R. Heiman, J, Schmidt, R. Pajak, R. Nagie. Bottom Row: C. Barber, F. Ochino, J. Schill, D. Olson. DVM - .. .. ,. , . . , X, .... , ,K .,..,,.,,,,,,,...,..,..W... .,.... ,.N.,..,M..wm,.,,,wm CROSS COUNTRY Too Row, L. to R.: D. Ku, R. Crey, T. Kepler. Bottom Row. E. Helmbrecht, G. Price, J. Kruck, R. Brox C. Parisi S. Grottanelll TRACK Top Row, L, to R.: R. Brooks, R. Rosiek, L. Courtney, W. Quick, F. Yacone, J. Anderson, J. Jaworski, C. Conklin. Bottom Row: R. Brox, P. Barrea, C. Haffner, J. Kruck, W. Moore, W. Mabie, A. Koch, Mr. Pfohl Top Row, L. to R.: M. Andrisani, Mr. T. Pfohl, R. Brown. Bottom Row: C. Frisa, A. Hansgen, M. Taylor, J. McCarthy. Absent: A. Bianco, R. Sroda, L. Eckert. TENNIS WRESTLING This is the first year of wrestling at Frontier Central. The team consisted of twenty-two boys, under the coaching of Mr. C. Mead. They have participated in seven matches with other schools. They have had many hard hours of work trying to win as many victories for F.C.S. as they could. Five boys- were entered in the sectionals. Three boys won in first matches, they were: Larry Switzer, Emmett Sargent, William Stevens. They hope to keep up the good work next year also and try to make wrestling one of Frontier's best sports. Top Row, L. to R.: E. Helmbrecht, W. Toth, L. Switzer, J. Lewis, P Paine, J. Moss, L. Webster, R. DePasquale, R. Brox, L. Parker, R. Corcoran Bottom Row: M. Carrig, C. Stevens, R. Post, G. Kempt, J. Capozzi, R Gaydon, J. Kontrabecki. Mr. Mead E DAurizlo Coach VARSITY CHEERLEADERS L. to R.: W. Mable, N. Schultz, K. Hazlett, J. Colley, B. Hartman, D Heffler, M. Bishop, K. Norton, R. Brox. Back Row L to R.: M. Salisbury J Saunders B Loveland E Yesser l Pinter. Bottom Row: F. Renz, D. Stanton, S. Piersanti, D. Krysyak. IUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Wil 85 L. to R.: J. Haynes, Hughes, J. Barbati, Mead, C. Firley, C. Riley Top Row, L. to R.: E. Kas- perek, B. Mandel, K. Eagan, M. Rados, B. Loveland. Third Row: G. Leibold, D Jones, D. Dunne, S. Bell, A Ryan, M. Balaz, E. Yesser. Second Row: M. Kocic, D Saunders, J. Dunklin, S. Mabie, M. Fetcho, J. Smith N. Croce. Bottom Row: D. Stanton M. Salisbury, J. Werner, Ji Ross, A. Blain, J. Saunders J. Cellura. x 1 G0 TEAM L. to R.: M. Salisbury, B. Loveland. RAH - RAH Rah rah rah-rah F - C - H - S Rah rah rah-rah F - C - H - S Rah rah rah-rah F - C - H - S RAH Blue and White Blue-Blue Wh ite-Wh ite Team-Team Let's-Fight G0 :io Q Q O 6 0 5.5.6. " Q30 is if LW O fi.. Q fT::::::. nllffe. unnuuu. lfg S lllfllll f' 'llivlll' f ' A'-if nm nn: , ' SDJ '- :::i:::! V 5. 45 ':::::r h10,+.v.'f XYQ, A6 titty. A X ma '- e . I' ' Q .I ,J qw., . - 4, , 've L. to R.: M. Salisbury, B. Loveland. Fight! Fight! Fight-fight-fight Frontier-Frontier Fight-fight-fight-fight T - E - A - M Yea team Frontier-Frontier 87 T - E - A - M Yea team fight Team Cheer! T-E-A-M Yea team SPECIAL GROUPS Standing, L. to R.: K. Weber, G. Preshoff, L. Rooney, B. Slawson, J. Baritot, M. Tay- lo Seated: J. Dix, H. Leyh, J. DesJardins, E. Wendt, P. Wiencek. FRONTIER TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION Top Row, L. to R.: V. Schwert, D. Brenner, D. Jackson, A. Cook, R Koren, L. Hoppe, P. Craser. Second Row: S. Cassidy, C. McClen- than, R. Stahl, J. Voss, E. Hostetter, D. Gasser, J. Williams, E. Harris. Bottom Row: M. Mandel, T, Pfohl, E. Winterhalter, W. Schill, E. Sakow- ski, L. Dietz, L. Massey. Missing: Mrs. Niles, Mr. Grottcmelli YEARBOOK ADVISORY GROUP Top Row, L. to R.: R. Markham, C Beesch, S. Crottanelli, L. Hawley. Bottom Row: L. Weidman, L. Hoppe W. Morgenfeld, B. Eyman, E. Niles. 1-n-4" git U ILlAl2Y A a-ml 'Raw My l ,g L7 ,W . 5 N n ,-L, wwf 'VJ' W4 , 1 4? . f ,F ,, Lf' en, . gg, . Q --- T2 5' X' Y A- M' af FRGNTIER '+CENTRPxL- Sci L . --- -' ' "' M- - ,fm , -E gl-1 - .. ' ,-, ff' H fi' v Q ' . L1 :E A , l ,- Y-. L fi ,,. , W . , 1 -Z1 Q71 -vm f ff 5 L l ' ' L X L3 LJ! u 1 Back Row, L. to R.: A. Dunklin, W Wilde, N. Stark, M. Nelson, F. Stark K. Reigel, C. Smith, E. Shettler, J Langbein. Front Row: E. Smith, J. Falzone, F Ball, J. Lingsweiler, W. Max, E. Mey- ers, M. Vucic, H. Jerz, C. Spittler. Absent: J. Coney, J. Eagan, E. Reck- torik, F. Umbower. i s in v IC is Q 4 he uf: Angel' J ,, Top Row, L. to R.: E. Roberts, N. B-3fl'lS, H. Carmody, B. Saunders, J Muranyi, T. Santaro. Bottom Row: E. Sullivan, A. Druzbik, P. Schrienner, L. Coney, E. Maue, L. Jones. 90 sznvlczs ' J I Top Row, L. to R.: M, Walty, M. Cabibi, M. Voelz. TOD ROW! T- Smehl- Bottom Row' M Bonfessuto I Weaver Bottom Row: B. Percy, G. Knaon. 1. E Y if E 5 E x Top Row, L. to R.: R. Pressing, J. Beck, H. Abbott, E. Beckle, B. Percy. School Nurse Teafihel' Middle Raw. A. opfafbaak, C. Campbell, H. Ulack, J. Page, C. Zak, C. Mc- Miss Anne Adnan Carry. Absent From Picture: Mrs. Jean Bottom Row: L. Swope, R. Long, J. Stanek, V. Stefanacci, B. Harter, E. Schrinner. EUBHSJW- 91 THE END TOF A , The last bell has rung and school is outg Quickly the buses are loaded and then Students burst from the building with a laugh and a shout. The buses are ready to leave the school again. Standing in order, they're ready to gog The buses start moving, they're soon on their way Engines warm up and a few horns start to blow. Once again it's the end of another school day. QKA' Kr -1 F '1 ' 1- a-H551 . I . .Ash ,r I ,-I .- fir J17g1,i:. 'A - 1 3, ., 1-, 1 L VF, . Q 1. 11 K N1 .I , 1 W I- 1-1111, 11, 'N 1- Lv, YQ .1 -V , "- - 1 1.2 Q. 'L T E H u...I:'- Q ' - K """:'1'ff-1 ' 1' 12.1 ',L , 6.1.6---!t 1.5.5 -1 1,345 ,A 1 1 -3 2 M- U h 5 51. " 71 v 1 ' 11 Q'Q1.'q,,,.! kfv ft l ', .wif "1-f 1 ' 1 ju ,W i . rl 1-VY 1.5 Il, 11- - - 111 1' D , 1, W, ...hy :H I . -,1-ga. ,Q Y. 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Suggestions in the Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) collection:

Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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