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, ,- 'LK ,i 1 4' . 4 Q -ig 3 - 2 'W ,f F E , 1, .X Www., mx Q. ? W e 1 9 , .. 6 r Q: gf - 'gr' W , K 3 K 5 'gg an 5 ,rf-ff gL.....-.-.., , W a s 2 , X 'Lg' Q nur..-.....,.......A Mr:"'WifA:' v"H"'13W6vdbww'W ,W..,,. M ,,.,.....--0-0-A5-,,,,,.,gQ Lil, VULUME W., I YEARBOOK 0F THE rnonman csrmm scnooms WAY Qoodrfch, f A -ee gl llll, Ni- -3 F pk-1 -Y S...f""i Q A ,A fl N u- -- pd 7 --...":.--7'-I Q lillilgg l - W E-Z " K M in S' Q-'Mgr 4'?R1::i-ffQif3L:.:,-,, -digg - A 'MQ ,Liu-'Y f5W49QCsu cf' N- N .40 ' A ru' I , A , zz zu--, FOREVVORD Harbors are always inlriguing places. As you sail inlo lhem, you are filled wilh anlicipalion as lo whal' you will find when your ship reaches her pier. As you sail oul of Them. you wonder whal your iourney has in slore lor you, as you recall previous experiences you have had. As you open your "Safeway" for I954, you will find all lhe 'rhrills ol lhe home porl, revealed lo you in a rich and inleresling panorama of lhe ouisianding evenls of +he school year. Expeclalion and anlicipalion have really come lrue. You will have access lo Jrhe lun you had during your high school year. In lhe lulure, you will appreciale "6a+eways" more and more. Noi only does il oller pleasure now, bul. in lhe fulure il will offer a "Ga+eway" lo lhe memories of your high school life al Fronfier Cenlral. 2 A I I -"",f' 1 lx ,,..,,,f as 1' .X X U :J f ' 7."' L- z:1' L -. , :,'.' : , ' vm v 1'.---I-'-:Q-.LAIEH C l .Q :Q A X li :Q-E, ' --. .'-- 2-:H X P ' '. 'gil .gk-,,:.1.,-,QQ .N , 41' ,, D '-"- - "NK CONTENTS Adminisfrafrion . . 5 Seniors . . . . . I5 Classes . . . 3 I Adrivifies . . . 49 Spor+s . . . . 63 Auxiliary . . 75 ,nu .. H ' AQ-fc' F fs. Q- f 0 f K XF? --'1 X VZ- f an-. has Exxfj' 5 N ft ff, ,ML MR HOELDTKE OUR NEW SUPERINTENDENT Mr Ernesl Hoeldlke appornled superrnfendenf of schools of lhe Second Supervrsory Drs+rrc+ of Erre Counly rn Aprrl I953 came +o us wrfh a background well surfed 'lor lhe posrfron Born rn Bennrngfon New York he affended A++rca l-lrgh School and Wheafon College and Then began hrs +eachrng career rn a one room school near hrs home The followrng year he +augh+ a+ Wyomrng New York Hrs frrsl' prrncrpalshrp was a+ Parnfed Posl Orhers were a+ Holley and Olean In I944 he rorned fhe Naval Reserve spendrng fwo years rn servrce and re+urnrng 'lo Olean rn 46 Durrng 'rhrs perrod he complefed consrderable rn servrce 'frarnrng rakrng work al 'rhe Unrversr+res of Rochesler Buffalo and Columbra and rn i938 complefrng hrs Maslers al New York Unrversrly Among hrs many confac+s wr+h educalrronal leaders are fhose rlhrough +he organrzahons +o whrch he belongs Some are lhe Phr Del+a Kappa Amerrcan Assocrafron of School Admrnrs+ra+ors New York Sfafe Secondary School Prrncrpals Assocrafron and 'rhe New York S+a+e Drsfrrcf Superrnfendenfs Assocrafron Because of hrs rnlensrve 'rrarnrng hrs varred experrences and hrs dynamrc personalriy he rs able 'ro grve us +ha+ krnd of educalronal leadershrp of whrch we can be Iuslly proud 4 gf,m,:w,s:55l5,gzggW ,ggggvgp:-w5:gg5Qggfw,51gfs'rg'aSg:gfpwg.ffgaaaegmpgfgg7w:ew:w,,,xg'.,:7w-g.y5,:m ff,f7':g-l,4w7,f:gQ,.v:gyf:qw5wg5,i.L ,,,, 34,4,kf449,9,4L-w,:,,w,, . ,Q -rvwvU:.4:'.,.'-:mfg-Nzsgf Q JOHN W. KLEIS President. School Board Y ED WiTh The creaTion oT The FronTier Central School DisTricT in l95I, The Board ot EducaTion was organized. IT has a membership oT nine, Three being elecTed each year Tor Three year Terms. The Board elecTs Trom its membership The presidenT and The vice-presidenT and appoinTs iTs oTher oTficers: The clerk, The Treasurer and The aTTorney. As The legal represenTaTive oT The school district. iT is responsible Tor iT in all oT its phases. Through iTs policies and by-laws, The school adminisTraTion establishes and carries ouT The program. Thus, in keeping wiTh The Theme "Harbor", we mighT Think oT our Board oT EducaTion as The "PorT AuThoriTy"'responsible for The eTTicienT operaTion oT The harbor, Thus beTTer serving our youth Tor Their many and varied voyages Through liTe. '-'s' r':-f . T r-f '.-r' . '1" . F. ROBERT GREEN HAROLD MATHES JOHN BARBER RALPH GARNISH HOWARD DURNI HENRY LEYH HOMER ROWE WESTON B. WARDELL Left to Right: Ben J. Werth, Treasurer: Lorraine G. Bauer, Clerlcg Clement Johnston, Attorney. 6 VERNON W. HEIMAN Co-Principal of Adminisfrafion Vernon W. l-leiman, fhe Chief Adminis- frafive officer of our Porf Aufhorify, is well qualified fo assume fhe dufies peculiar fo his office. His educafion includes undergraduafe work af Alfred Universify, where he received his B. A. degree in I929, as well as exfensive graduafe worlc af bofh Columbia Universify and fhe Universify of Buffalo. This preparafion. coupled wifh a wide variefy of experiences along wifh a nafural zeal for organizafion and precision, has made Mr. Heiman a valuable assef fo our unfolding organizafion. CO-PRINCIPIILS OI' ADMINISTRATION IIND INSTRUCTION CHARLES G. BUESCH Co-Principal of lnsfrucfion Mr. Charles G. Buesch. principal of in- sfrucfion and supervision for Fronfier, is working fo sfandardize fhe educafional policies of fhe schools in our disfricf. l-le is a member of Phi Delfa Kappa, a nafional honorary educafional Frafernify. Mr. Buesch is a graduafe of Norfh Cenfral College in Illinois and complefed his graduafe worlc in fhe Universify of Buffalo. Mr. Buesch faughf science and coached afhlefics in Michigan before he came fo Hamburg, where he had a similar posifion. In I934 he came fo Blasdell High as Super- vising Principal. 7 MARION CREEDON Building Principal Woodlawn High School ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PHINCIPALS WiThin The FronTier CenTral School sysTem, There are eighT elemenTary schools. Seven of These elemenTary schools are housed in Their own buildings while The eighTh is housed ioinTly wiTh a Junior Senior High School. Five oT The ElemenTary Schools: AThol Springs. Big Tree, Blasdell, Wana- lcah, and Woodlawn have Tull Time building principals. while The oTher Three: Amsdell, Lake View. and ShaleTon have Teaching principals. The ElemenTary School Princi- pals meeT aT leasT once a rnonTh wiTh The Co-Principals oT Adminis- TraTion and lnsTrucTion To deTer- mine lines oT educaTion eTTorT Tor The whole oT The FronTier CenTral disTricT. RUTH PRAY Building Principal Blasclell High School HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPALS There are Two High School Build- ing Principals in The FronTier sysTem. Miss RuTh Pray is locaTed in Blasdell High and Miss Marion Creedon in Woodlawn High. The High School Building Principals meeT wiTh The ElemenTary Building Principals and The Co-Principals periodically To dis- cuss educaTional problems and To promoTe uniTy and undersTanding beTween The grades and The High Schools. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PRINCIPALS. Seated. left to right: Hildegarde Bagg. Athol Sr'n SI-iI,LRtJ .Shlt Shl-V Shd B PI gs c oo' a e a enney aeon c oo, era c ra er, ig Tree School Edith Avery, Amsdell School: Hazel Burly, Wanakah School. Sianding: Donald Dix Blasdell Elementary School: William Crocoll, Lake View School. OUR SCHOOL SECRETARIES Lou-ella Barco Sonia Main Janice Wing Olive Rogers Lorraine Bauer Jean Velotk Frances Farmer 8 MISS EDITH AVERY Building Principal HMSDELL Standing, left to right: Margaret schot. Grades 5 and 6: Lois Hopp HTHOL SPRINGS Back Row, left to right: Mil- dred Greene, Grade 65 Erma Clarke. Grade B1 Evelyn Schill, Grade 7. Seated, left to right: Dorothy Coots, Nurse: Hilde- garde Bagg, Building Princie pal: Ruth Koberg, Grade 5. Baci: Row, left to right: Enid Winterhalter, Grade 4-5 Lorotta Reap, Grades 2 and 3. Seated, left to right: Gwendolyn Powers. Grades I and 2: Ethel Harris, Grade ii June Williams, Kindergarten. LAKEVIEW Malican, Grades 3 and 4, Joseph Klum e, Artp William Crocoll, Building Principal Seated, left to right: Patricia Graser. Grades I and 2: Leona Eckert Kindergarten. Seated. left to right: Grace Kline, Grade 8: Vera K. Schrader Building Principal, Jean Schassar, Grade 7. Standing: Marjorie Bradley. Nurse: Lucy Della Penta, Music. Seated, left to right: Dora Herren Gasser. Grade Ig Dorothy Faulring, Grade 15 Marion Szuflita, Grade 2 and 3. Standing: Eva Anthony, Grade'2: Dorothy Smith, Kindergarten. IO BIG TREE FACULTY Seated, left to right: Betty Seutert, Grade 6: Carmelo Parisi. Physical Ed.g Harriet Bodenstedt, Grade 4. Standing: Alice Herren, Grade 55 Elvira Hostettler, Grade 3. Seated, left to right: Theodora Simon. Music: Katherine Pohl, English: Susanna Cheesman, Latin, French. and English: Geraldine Herrict, Commercial, Stand- ing: Myrtle Hawley, Commercial: Anne Adrian, Nurse: Claralice Nicolas, Citizen- ship Education. Seated, left to right: Franc E. Titus. Mathematics: lris Manning, English and Citizenship Education: Elma Titus, English and Guidance. Standing: Carmelo Parisi, Mathematics: David Darvill, English and Citizenship Education: Rupert Miller, Citizenship Education. BLHSDELL .S.FHCULTY Seated. left to right: Jeanne Eggleston, Library: Marian Roosa. Science: Evelyn Shatter, Art: Jane Hughes. Home Economics. Standing: Robert Hamilton, English and Citizen- ship Educationp Serafino Grot- tanelli. Mathematics: Wilbur Morgenteld, Industrial Arts and Driver Education: Charles Mead, Physical Education, ll Wmxamwwmaswxmwmwmw mw BLHSDELL ELEMENTARY Seated, left to right: Coral Belknap. Grade 25 Hildegarde Buesch, Grade 3: Virginia Schwert, Kindergarten: Suzanne Kroening, Kindergarten. Standing: Louise Moss. Grade 6: Dorothy Brenner, Grade 57 Shirley Brown, Grade 47 Lettie Schoter, Grade 1. Absent: Martha Mead. Seated. left to right: Eunice Vance, Grade 5: Charlotte Thomas, Grade 3: Ann Carlin, Grade 45 Mary Lou Hadsall, Grades 1 and 2. Standing: Dorothy Wattengel. Grade by Irene Moore. Grade 25 Shirley Smith, Grade l. SHHLETON Standing, left to right: Marjorie Rose, Kinqergarteng Dorothy Jack- son, Grade lp Cassie Leone, Grade 6: Florence Schutts, Grade 45 Lola Dvornslci, Grade 3: Ruth Holden, Kindergarten. Seated: LaReta Jenney. Grade 2, Build- ing Principal. pq-rvemafseawafefew-ww,ae-..,.,, mg.. e 4 ,,.., ,,,.,. . . . . . . ., ,, . .. V I2 sw. WOODLHWN HIGH Standing, left to right: Laurens Dietz. Physical Education: Robert Moore, Commercial: Michael Zaluslci, Language: William Schill, Industrial Arts. Seated: Florence Kale. Art- Anna Eaturos, Home Economics: Margaret Fiske, Music. Standing. left to right: Edward Salcowslci, Grade 7: Thomas Ptohl, Social Studies: Emil Schweissing, Science' Earl Slcingly, Grade 8. Seated: Margaret Brownlee, Library: Ida Debbins. Physical Education: Nancy Raab. Mathematics. 1 WOODLHWN ELEMENTARY h yiarav A' . pi-kncipa' Q o d. Katt. to rightzksklrixcnxexg Bggds-nQSeTtedgmi:a Gfade sf n mg- 3. Pfam si . fa 2 i-we ' l'l2n9j Gregg. Dorothiafyolliinib. Grade l Conti. Mukerii MMV e Kinderqalcnqlish. Nurse' in -lean Seated, left to right: Betty Eyman, Social Studies: Renata Demas, Eng lish: Rosalyn Creedon, English Standing: Alton Dunlclin, Mathema tics: Leslie Hawley, Science. '59 -loan S1 Grade 7' Emil. Cafoltfn Standing. left to right: Ruth Jones, Grade 6: Elizabeth McCann, Grade 5. Seated: Dorothy Powell, Grade 4: Sara Cassidy, Grade 5: Helen Jane Ballard, Grades 4 and 6. CLASS OFFICERS Raymond Ernewexn Vlce Pres: dent Robert Jones President MaruIyn Saunders Secretary Peter Stevanoff Treasurer KATHERINE P POHL BIasdeII Advnsor BLASDELL HALF OF THE TOP TEN "F-'iii Q C MARILYN SAUNDERS BLASDELL HIGH SCHOOL JUDITH HESSLINK EMILIE ESCH Valedlctorlan Salutakoruan THOMAS LOTOCKI JAMES PYNE I6 WDODLHWN HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR OFFICERS Seated, lefi to right: J. Green President: V. Meyers. Secre tary. Standing: S. Figiei Student Council Representa tivep N. Gilson, Treasurer: N Carpentier, Vice-President. LESLIE R. HAWLEY Advisor WOODLAWN'S HALF OF THE TOP TEN JAMES ERISA BARBARA RIFFEL Valediciorian Saiuiaiorian W - Q . 1 I Q 1 :-v, ill :: :vH i E:: .-:, .gz pr "" :. :.,, 5 : g.:,::fm, , ,- L f U , ,. , r,., ' ,... v.,,,' ' AA--.b . I iL ,, A V .,-, il i" - i'-i' f 1 " ii ' r rag If H i Q? A A ' ff' fi? DONALD SPENCER JOHN GRETKA ETHEL LARSON 17 MARGARET BEALS upeggy.. "II's berler ro be Iilfle and shine lhan big and cas? a shadow." Chorus IZ: Inframurals IZ. Woodlawn SENIORS SYLVIA BAILEY "Lydia" "A prefly girl is like a melody" Library Club IZ: Bullelineffe IZ: Yearbook IZ: Usher, Senior Play. Blasdell JAMES BALLAGH I-.Hmm "I'm building a world all my own where work and school will never be known." Football II: Prom Commiifee II: Senior Play Isfagel. Woodlawn ROBERT BONNER "Hof Rod" "Oh, who will walk a mile wifh me along Iife's merry way?" Properly Commillee, Senior Play. Blasdell JAMES BUS "Jimmy" "He'd ralher lose his dinner Ihan his iesI." Assembly 9: lnlramurals 9, IO: Chorus II, IZ: Library Club IZ: Senior Play IZ. Woodlawn CHARLES CABIBI "Cabeeb" "All the world's a s+age" Bullerineffe Il, IZ: Foolball IZ: Baskefball 9: lnlramurals II: Sen- ior Play Cash High School Forum of the Air II. Blasdell PATRICIA BOULEY "Blue Eye's "A dogrose blushin' Io a brook ain'f modesfer nor sweeIer." Mixed Chorus II, IZ: Glee Club I2: Yearbook Il: Bullefineffe IO, Il, IZ: lnlramurals IO, Il: Cos- aumes, Senior Play. Blasdell RAYMOND BROWN .inayn "AIl his dealings are square and above The board." Band 9, IO, ll, I2: Assembly Band 10, Il, IZ: Soccer 9: Prom II. Woodlawn . . ,, NEIL CARPENTIER ii-I-ony.. "There's great abilily in know- ing how Io conceal one's abil- ily." Foofball ID, II, IZ: Soccer 9: Woodlawnian Staff IO, II, IZ: Year Book Sfaff IZ: Assembly Band IZ: Band 9, IO, II, IZ: E. S. S, P. A. IZ: Class Vice Pres- idenr IZ: Assembly 9, Il: linlrae murals 9, II: Senior Play Com- miflee IZ: Prom Commilfee II. Woodlawn SANFORD CHENEY "Sandy" "Big as life and Iwice as enioyablef' J. V. Foolball IO, ll: Senior Play lsfagel: Service Club 9, IO, II, I2: Prom Commilfee II. Woodlawn I l OF 1954 RICHARD CLARK "Big Dick" "Never a happier man in lown, 'rhan when he's pilching on lhe mound." Baseball 9, I0, ll, I2: Soccer 9, IO, ll: Chorus 9, IO, ll, I2: Sen- ior Play: Prom Commillee Il. Woodlawn ALFRED CLOTH I ER GEORGE CLEVER "Rebel" "Born Io fhe purple" Mixed Chorus 9, IO, ll, I2: Oper- ella IO: Variely Show ll: Band IO, ll, I2: Foofball Il, I2: Bas- kefball 9: Track ll: lnframurals ll, I2: U. N. Assembly IO, ll, I2: Chrislmas Pageanl I2: Sfudenf Teaching I2: Senior Play Casl: Advanced Mixed Chorus l2, Blasdell EDWARD COOPER HAI.. .I-I-ex.. How we laughed as we labored "All The world loves a lover" 'rogefher" Yearbook ll, I2: Foolball 9, IO, Bullefineffe ll, I2: Yearbook I2: Il: Baskefball 9: Baseball 9: Cos- Senior Play Casl. BI fumes, Senior Play. Blasdell asdell DOLORES COSTELLO "The ring on her finger which sparkles so brlghl predicls her fufure wilh a radianl lighf." Chorus ll, I2: lnfrarnurals I2: Senior Play lusherl. Woodlawn GARY CRANCE .-Gary.. "For +he fhoughfs of youlh are long, long 'rhough'rs." Foolball IO, ll, I2: Baskelball 9, ll: Baseball 9, IO: Volleyball I2: Lighls and Sound, Senior Play. Blasdell VITO CROCE "ls everybody happy?" Sludenl' Council I2: Bullefinelle I2: Band 9, l0, ll, I2: Foofball IO, ll, I2: Track II: Student Teaching I2: Senior Play Cast Blasdell EUGENE CRUSAN "Gene" "The whole world says 'Hello' everywhere you go!" Sfudenf Council ll, I2: Bullelin- elle l0, ll, I2: Baskelball Shoo?- inq Conlesf ll: Yearbook I2: Foolball ll, I2: Baskefball IO, ll, I2: Baseball 9, IO, Il, 2: Class Officer-Treas. 9: Prom Affendanf I: Volleyball IO, ll, I2: Senior Play Cast Blasdell ANTHONY DEL BELLO .--I-ony.. "A dark haired lad, wifh a quick reply: his answer fo life is, l'll never know why." Baskelball Il, I2: Senior Play lusherl: Chorus ll, I2: Prom Commiflee Il. Woodlawn DOLORES ECKERT "Good humor may be said fo be one of fhe very besf arlicles of dress one can wear in so- ciefy." Library Club I2: Senior Play lpropl: lnframurals 9, IO, ll, l2. Woodlawn SENIORS RAYMOND ERN EWEIN Erma Im sure cares an enemy Io e B efmeffe I0 Foofball IO ll kefball I0 I2 Trac O II I2 Class Of'ficerVeep Prom Affendanf II Volleyball 9 I2 Senior Play as Blasdell EMILIE ESCH There was a sfar danced and under fha? I was born lxed Chorus O ll I2 ee u 9 I2 Bullehne e IO II IZ Baskefball shooin confesl' I2 Varlefy Show ll Year g ok ll I2 ESSPA Conference ramurals 9 I0 I2 Sfafe Represenfaflve II Volley ball Il Advanced Mixed Chorus I2 High School Forum of The Air II Senior Play Cas? Chris? mas Pageant I2 Library Club I2 Salulaforlan Blasdell STANLEY FIGIEL Sian In sporfs he dofh well excell aseball 9 I2 Soccer I2 Sludenf Councu Rep I2 Senior Play Class Veep II Yearboo Sta Prom Alfendanf ll Volleyball IO Woodlawn MARTHA FIRTH Marry S e may be quief buf se I loo shy and she alwas smiles as she passes by Woodlawnlan Sfaff ll I2 Senior Pla Iprop usher-I Prom AI an? I Iramurals 9 I0 Il Cass Secrelary IO Il Organ Club Varlely Show Assembly 9 Woodlawn HELEN FLORENO Shes nof foo qulef nof loo ou e I' ave around Senior Play lmake upl rom Commufree lnframurals ll A SCYUIDIY 9 Woodlawn JAMES FRISA Jimmy One smile for every boy Buf Iwo for every girl an 9 I2 Chorus ssembly Band 9 I0 nramurals 9 II I2 Tenms I2 Soccer 9 II Class Presldenf IO All High Band I2 All ae Bnd I2 Prom Commiffee II Woodlawnian Sfaff IO Assembly 9 Senior Play lsfagej Mike Club Woodlawn ELEANOR FUMERELLE HEI.. "Leo is 'Ihe sign of fhe hear?" Inframurals II: Glee Club IO: Library Club IZ: Publicify, Senior Play. Blasdell NANCY JO GILSON UNM.. "S'fun 'Io be merry, happy, and Q5Y- S'fun Io know Nan, She's fha? wa ." Chbrus 9, IO, Il, I2: All Slafe Chorus Il, I2: All High Chorus I0, ll, 2: Intramurals 9, IO, II I2: Variefy Show Il: Library Club II: Class Treasurer I2: Senior Play: Assembly 9: Prom Com- mirfee ll: Woodlawnian 9, IO, Ill l2, Woodlawn MARLI N GOODHEART "BuI'ch" "Full of pep and full of fun, ready lo do whaf should be done." Assembly Band I2: Band 9, I0, II, Year Book Sfaffg Assembly I2: I2: Tennis II, I2: Senior Play: Prom Commiffee Il: Library Club Il, I2: Woodlawnian II, I2: In- Iramurals 9, IO, ll, l2. Woodlawn 20 RAYMOND GOODRICH "Reverend Ray" "Bro'rher can you spare a dime." Soccer 9, IO, II, I2: Baskefball 9, IO, Il, I2: Baseball 9, IO, II, I2: Chorus II, I2: Siudenl' Council Rep., Veep, Presldenl: All Sfafe Chorus II, I2: All High Chorus II, I2: Inframurals 9: Sen- ior Play: Assembly 9: Volleyball IO, II, I2. Woodlawn OF 1954 LOIS GOODWIN Le? any women speak long ugh d h II gel Isevers orus II M sc u Prom CommsH'ee II Yearbook I2 Sensor Play lpropsl Woodlawn RICHARD GRAF Snou A greal nose sndscafes a greai man gensal courleous snlellecf ual alhlefsc eball 9 I0 I I2 Baskef occer Chorus? I0 II I2 Woodlawnsan I0 Sensor Play lpropsl Inlramu rals I0 Prom Commsflee Varsery Show II Woodlawn JAMES GREEN sm An ambslsous and hardworkxng lad one of the busses? Fronher a cer 9 I0 I2 Baske II Sfudenl' Councs Yearbook Sfaff I2 Sensor Play lannouncerl Class Pressdenf 9 I2 Baseba Woodlawn JOHN GRETKA Johnny Slsll wafer runs dceo ck I0 I I2 Soccer I2 an II I2 Assembly Ban II I2 Assembly 9 Prom om mslee II Sensor Play lsfagel I2 All Hsgh Band I2 Woodlawn JACOUALYN HAMMOND Jackso S e ss prelfy Io walk wlh An wsfly Io falk wslh nd pleasanl lo fo fhsnk on Blasdell ,mm 35 we gmfi 52 4 RUTH HENRY Do her 'tongue ss Ihe law ksndness sxed Chorus I0 I I2 e u O Varse y S ow Chrssfrrsas Pageanl I2 Mussc Sen sor ay Blasdell JUDITH HESSLINK Judy She fha? was ever fasr and never proud Had fongue af wsll and yef was never loud Msxed Chorus II I2 Glee Club Il I2 Sfudenl Cou u elsnelfe I0 I2 Varsefy ow II Yarbook II I2 nra rals 9, 0, I2, Chrsslm Pageanf l2, Advanced Msxed Chorus I2 I-lsgh School Forum of 'rhe Asr II Sensor Play Casf Valedsclorsan Blasdell RONALD HOWE Ronnse Never lel' sfudses snlerfere wslh hsgh school educafson occer 9 Baskelball 9 Assembly Woodlawn JANET HUNTER an Sparklsng and peppy every day lol of peope she a way Prom Commsllee II Sensor Play Woodlawnsan Slaff I2 Yearbook S I2 Mussc Club I2 Woodlawn ROBERT JONES o I am monarch ol all I survey My rsghf lhere ss none fo dss pufe rbcok I2 Track II I2 C s scer Veep II Pres Commslfee Sensor Play Bla dell JEWELL KNIGHT Sunny smile personalify plus a righf nice Senior fo have wufh Woodlawnxan 9 IO ll I2 ear boo Sfaff I2 Library Club I0 Senior Play Inframurals 9 IO Il horus I0 I2 Music u Pr s 2 Woodlawn SENIORS EDWARD KAST Eddie Live eal' laugh sleep Ihals a molto Ill always eep ccer 9 I0 I2 Baskef a Manager I2 Baseball Manager 9 Band 9 I0 ll Woodlawn ll I2 ESS P A Conven ion S mor a Woodlawn MARGARET KELLY Pesqv Peggys peppy very slylish wily or serious very Smulish orus I0 II I2 Yearbook Slaff I2 Wood wnian 9 0 II I2 Cheere mg 9 Variety Show II Class Sec re ary 0 Class Treasurer InIramurals9 I0 Il Organ Class I0 Prom Commnllee Il Prom Aflendanl II Woodlawn RICHARD KRAU KENNETH KUBIAK Dick en Men of few words are e Reading makelh a full man besf men Baseball I0 lnframurals I2 Sefs 9 I2 Inlramura s Commiffee Senior Play Blasdell I2 Lighfs and Sound Sen ay Blasdell ANDREW KUSCZAK v Nobless oblige I2 Year ook Bullellnelfe I0 Il I2 Fool a 9 I2 Baslrelball r 9 I0 PA Conference II Class Officer Pres I0 Programs Senior Play Blasdell ETHEL LARSON "She has a fongue af will, buf never loud." Woodlawnian 9, IO, ll, llg Year- book IZ, Senior Play Imalce-upl IZ, lnframurals I2g Designed Girls Sweaf Shirfs I2. Woodlawn ADELINE LAURICELLA ..Ade.. "Be good, sweef maid, and lel who will be cleverf' Mixed Chorus IO, Il, I23 Glee Club 9, IO, ll, l2g Variely Show II, Cheerleader 9, IO, Il, l2g Band 9, IO, Il, I2g lnframurals I2g Chrisfmas Pageanl I2g All Slafe Competition IO, Il, I2g Tickeis, Senior Play, Advanced Mixed Chorus. Blasdell LEWIS LINDN ER "Louie" "Some Ihink Ihe world was made for fun and frolic and so do I." Properly Commillee, Senior Play. Blasdell THOMAS LOTOCKI "Tommy" "A merry hear? makefh a cheer- ful countenance." lnlramurals ll, l2g Tickels, Senior Play. Blasdell We OF 1954 JOSEPH LOVERN oe Always happy never hu ry ul fakes quule an ex os uon Io make hum scurry F o ball II Soccer Imanaqerl I2 Senuor Play lusherl lnlramu s Woodlawn MP' Q- I :K QW DOROTHY McLENNAN Her beamung smule wll b remembered a long whule ramurals 9 I0 Woodlawn JUDITH MARRANO Judy es wuse ul nl' so a precuous fhungs come very small Prom Aflendanf ll Inlrarnuraus Vfoodlawn KAY DIANE McBRATNlE Sweel un a quuel way quuef un a sweel way Lubrary Club I2 Woodlawnuan I Assem 9 Prom ser ved Senuor Play lmake upl Woodlawn DIANE McLEOD The world loves she and she Ihe world Woodlawnuan Busuness Manaqer d 9 I2 Cnorus I2 Assembly Ban II I2 Senuor Play Assem amurals 9 0 I2 r ganuzafuon Chaurman for Class Charler Lubrary Club I2 Cheer leadung ll Sfudenl' Councul Rep ll Yearbook Sfaff I2 Varuefy ow ll All Slale Chorus Prom Alfendarul ll Woodlawnuan Woodlawn PATRICK MANLEY a Someone I ly nuce I know buf one who rrakes musuc wherever he goes Sfale Chorus II 2 All orus I0 C r Varue ow Musuc u I0 Woodlawn GERALDINE MARRANO Gerry Pleasanl and unassumung her par? we always fund her doung orus 9 I0 I2 Musuc C c ramura s oodlawnuan 9 I0 I 2 sembly 9 All Hugh Chorus I0 II orus 0 E S S P A Conference I2 Year book Sfaff II I2 Prom Commuf and Alfendanl I I Senuor 2 C Treas II Varue ow ll Lubrary Club Woodlawn VERON ICA M EYERS Ronruue Iuflle gurl wulh fhe buggesf eyes as someones nu se shell be a pruze Band 9 I0 ll I2 Chorus IO, II I2 Woodlawnuan 9 I0 II I2 Cheerleadung 9, I0 ll I2 Assembly 9 lnlramurals 9 IO, II I2 Musuc Club Veep II Prom Arfendanf II Class Veep 9 Va ruely Show Il Prom Comrruuflee II Assembly Band I2 Yearbook Slaff I2 Sludenl Councul Treas I2 Lubrary Club I2 Class Sec I2 Senuor Play lpromplung and propl Woodlawn ROBERT MORGAN o He was a verray Parlul genlul knughf o ball 9 I0 , T c , Inlramurals I2 Musuc Senuor Play Blasdell 23 ARTHUR NAGEL I' And sfull Ihey gazed and slull fhe wonder grew Tha? one small head could carry all he knew' Baskefball 9, Baseball I0 lnlra murals Il I2 Tuckels Senuor Play Blasdell DARLENE PALMER Darling Her voice was ever genfle sweef and low an exce enf Ihing in woman Mixed Chorus I2 Makeup Sen lor ay Blasdell ESTH ER PALMER Esfher Her ways are ways of pleas an ness and all her pafhs are peace lxed Chorus IO I I2 e u I0 I2 Variely Show Chrnslmas Pageanl I2 Usher Sen nor Play Blasdell SENIORS BARBARA NORTON Barb Sh s all my fancy pain ed er Shes lovely shes divine Ixed9Chorus I0 I I2 ee u I2 Varlely Show Il Cheerleading lnframuras II Prom Alfendanl II Chrisfmas Pageanr I2 Make up Senior Play Blasdell DAVID NOWAKOWSKI Sparks All his arrows were Ixpped xnfh roses u ehnelle 9 I0 I2 ear ok II I2 ESSPA Con r ence I2 Programs Senior Play Blasdell MARY ANN PATTERSON Mary Pal Slay as sweef as you are ixed Chorus I0 I I2 ee u 9 I2 Bullehne e I2 Variely Sho I a Inrr mur yball 0 I2 C rls mas Pageanf II All Sfale Com e Ihon 9 Forum of lhe Air Senior Play Casl' Blasdell CHARLES PERISON Chuck H py a I from cae I free' Why arenl Ihey all conlended like me? L in Club 9 I0 Operelfa 0 n 9 I0 I2 Fool' Class Officer Sec n r rals I T nnis I0 Siu en Teaching I2 Variefy Show II Vol e all II All Slate Band Blasdell MARCIA PETERSEN ALICE PIETRYKOWSKI GEORGE PLARR GORDON POECKING Marsh Peachle Gus "II"s nice Io be nalural when " e's as kind as she is ir." "D ing whar 's Io be one you're nafurally nice." Usher, Senior Play when if should be done." Senior Play l2g Chorus I2. Blasdell ccer IO, - Tennis Woodlawn , I2g Prom'A1en ani I I 24 IPVODI- Woodlawn Gordo "W af is so rare as a wi ' g worker." ccer 93 Chorus 9, IO, , 1 ie Club 9, 3 B IO, - sembly 9, IO: Prom Commillee 5 Variey ub 1 All a e orus Il, g Libr r 1 Senior Play. Woodlawn -I S OF 1954 JOAN PONIVAS "Jeanie" "Loves fo. giggle, never cries, her friendship is one 'rhaf never dies." Library Club I2, lnframurals 9, I0. Il. I2- Woodlawn CHARLES REIFORD "Chuck" "I fry all fhings, I achieve whal I can." occer 9, IO, Baskefball 9, IO, Band 9, IO, II, Chorus 9, IO, Pep Band IO, II, Senior Play lsfage managerl. Woodlawn JAMES PYNE nJe+.. "We are fhe music-makers, And we are fhe dreamers of dreams." Mixed Chorus 9, IO, II, I2, Lafin Club 9, IO, Sfudenf Council- Treas. I2, Baskefball Shoofing Confesf 9, -Opereffa IO, Variefy Show 9, II, Band 9, IO, II, I2, Foofball IO, ll, I2, Baseball 9, Track IO, II, I2, Class Officer- Sec. 9, Treas. IO, II, Chrisfmas Pageanf I2, All Sfafe Compe- fifion 9, IO, II, I2, Sfudenf Teaching I2, All Sfafe Band I2, Inlrarnurals II, I2, Advanced Y I Mixed Chorus I2, Senior Pla Casl, Blasdel BARBARA RI FFEL "Harb" "Barbara's fhe quief, pafienf kind, a 'rruer friend, you'lI never find." Woodlawnian 9, IO, II, I2, Year- book I2, Sfudenf Council Sec. IO, Club I2, Senior Play Library lpropl, Class Hisforian 9, IO, II, IZ, Prom Affendanl' Il, As- sembly 9, lnframurals 9, IO, II, I2, Woodlawn ROBERT RITTER "BuIleI' Bob" "To seek, Io sfriye, fo find, and nol fo yield." Mixed Chorus 9, IO, Band 9, IO, Foofball IO, II, I2, Baskefball 9, Track IO, Inframurals II, I2, Pulolicify Commiffee, Senior Play. Blasdell ANITA RODRIGUEZ "Many speak and say nofhing, buf when she speaks if's some- Ihing." Woodlawnian 9, IO, II, lnframu- rals IO, I2, Yearbook IO, Senior Play imake-UPI! Assembly 9, De- signed Girls Sweat Shirfs. Woodlawn NANCY RUSH UNM.. "Hair of gold eyes of blue, fo a cerfain fellow she'II always be frue." Chorus 9, IO, II, I2, Library Club II, Sfafe Chorus II, I2, Variefy Show II, lnframurals 9, IO, II, Woodlawnian IO, II, I2, All High Chorus II, I2, Prom Com- miffee I, Senior Play. Woodlawn SUE SATTLER nsue.. "There's no business like show business" Mixed Chorus IO, II, I2, Glee Club 9, IO, II, I2, Bullefineffe I2, Opereffa IO, Variefy Show 9, Il, Cheerleader IO, II, I2, Year- book I2, Band 9, IO, II, 2, Infra- murals 9, IO, II, I2, Madrigals IO, Prorn Affendanf II, All Sfafe Chorus II, All Sfafe Compefifion IO, II, I2, Chrisfmas Pageanl I2, Sfudenl' Teaching I2, Advanced Mixed Chorus I2, Senior Play Casf. Blasdell MARILYN SAUNDER5 "MariIyn" "A world wifhouf music is no place for mel" Mixed Chorus IO, II, I2, Glee Club IO, II, I2, Bullefineffe IO, II, I2, Opereffa IO, Variefy Show 9, II, Yearbook I2, Band 9, IO, II, I2, Class Officer-Secf. I2, Sfale Chorus I2, Christmas Pa- Inlramurals 9, IO, II, I2, All geanf I2, All Sfafe Compelifion IO, Il, IZ. Blasdell 25 NO RTON SC HWA RTZOTT "Nor1" "In few do we find abilily and good sporfsmanshipf' Baskefball II, IZ, Soccer II, I2, Yearbook Arf Sfaff, Woodlawnian Arf Sfaff I2, Senior Play Commit- Iee, Inframurals lofficiall, Volley- ball I2. Woodlawn SENIORS EUGENE SEIDLECK AMBER SCOTT "Gene" "ScoHy" "l like work, il fascinales me. "She's happy, gay, and full of I can sul' and look af if for fun, she's the friend of every- hours." One," Soccer 9, IO! Foofball II, IZ? lnfrarnurals 9, IO, II, IZ, Chorus Baskefball 9, IO, II, IZ, Baseball IO, ll, IZ, Prom Commilfee, Li- 9., IO. II. IZ! SSUIOI' PIGY COW- brary Club IZ, Senior Play mllfee, Class Treas. IO, Inlra- lugherjg Yearbook Sfaff, murals 9, Woodlawnian Il, Wggdlawn Woodlawn vmeiNIA suvesnu DONALD spencer: JosEPH STELMACH PETER srEvANorr "Ginger" "God's in His Heaven All's righl' wilh Ihe worId." Mixed Chorus IO, II, IZ, Glee Club 9, IO, Il, IZ, Lalin Club 9, IO, Variely Show II, Madrigals IO, All Slale Chorus II, IZ, Compefifion IO, II, IZ, Advanced Chrislrnas Pageanf IZ, All Slale Mixed Chorus IZ, Programs, Sen- ior Play. Blasdell "The Hawk" "Though Iam always in hasfe I am never in a hurry." Woodlawn .Nugeen "lf al firsl you don'+ succeed, fry, Iry again." Yearbook IZ, Track II, IZ, Ari Work, Senior Play. Blasdell -.Pden "Don'I' lel' fhe flag Iouch 'Ihe ground." Mixed Chorus 9, IO, ll, IZ, Lalin Club 9, IO, Sludenf Coun- cil II, Baskefball Shoofing Con- fesl IZ, Operella IO, Variely Show 9, II, Band 9, IO, II, IZ, Foolball 9, IO, IZ, Baseball 9, Baskelball 9, IO, Il, IZ, Track IO, II, IZ, Class Officer-Treas. Z, Volleyball IO Chrislmas Pageanl IZ, All Slale Compelilion II, Advanced Mixed Chorus IZ, Producfion Manager, Senior Play. Blasdell RUTH STIEFLER "CuffIes" "Ye look sweef counsel Io- gefheri' Mixed Chorus IO, Glee Club 9, IO, II, BulleI'ineH'e II, Variely Show 9, lnlramurals IO, ll, Make- up, Senior Play. Blasdell TED STOPHA .I-I-ed-. .iilhe slar of The unconquered wi Foofball IO, ll, IZ, Baseball 9, IO, Intramurals II, Music, Senior Play. Blasdell SUE TALEFF nsue.. "The dearesl' fhings we know are whal you are!" Mixed Chorus II, IZ, Glee Club IO, II, IZ, Lalin Club 9, IO, Bullelinelle IO, II, IZ, Baskelball Shooling Confesf IO, Variery Show ll,E.S.S.P.A. Conference II, Class Officer-Sec. 9, IO, II, lnlramurals 9, IO, II, IZ, Madrigals IO, Prom Allendanl II, U. N. Assembly ll, IZ, Chrislmas Pageanl Z, All Sfafe Compefifion 9, IO, ll, IZ, Advanced Mixed Chorus IZ. l Blasdell . JOHN THIEL uilackn "A, workman Ihal needelh nol be ashamed" Foolball IO, IZ, Track IO, ll, IZ, lnframurals Il, IZ, Ticker Com- miflee, Senior Play. Blasdell OF 1954 DONNA TILERT Toohe Hllch your wagon lo a slar Mxed Chorus II I2 Glee Cub u elmelle I Varlely ll Yearbook 2 lnlramu s 9 I2 Chrnslmas a geanf I2 Tnckel' Commnffee Sen lor Pay Blasdell JOSEPH UNGER oe Do unlo olhers as you would have ofhers do unlo you Mxed Chorus9 I0 Il I2 Oper ella I0 Chrlsfmas Pageeanl I2 Sels and Lighls Senior Play Blasdell DAVID TIMM Dave My hear? is lrue as sIeel Boy s Slafe Represenlallve ll Sels and Llghls Senior Play Blasdell GLADYS VAN BUSKIRK Some do nol' make much noise buf make lheur presence fell wilh poise A embly 9 Pom l rvell II Library Club I2 Woodlawnnan Woodlawn ROBERT WASMUND nwal.. "Why, lhen lhe world's rnine oysler, which I wifh sword will open." Mixed Chorus 9, IU, II, IZ: Lalin Club 9, IO: Baskelball Shooling Conlesl II: Operella IO: Variely Show 9, II: Band 9, IO, I2: Foolball 9, I0, Il, IZ: Chrisfmas Pageanf I2: Baseball 9, IO, II, I2: Prom Allendanl II, Class Officer- Veep IO: Pres. II: Prom Allend- anl Il: Advanced Mixed Chorus I2: Volleyball IO, ll, IZ: Senior Play Casl, Blasdell SHIRLEY WICK "PeanuIs" "Smiles are many, frowns are few, lhis lillle lass will never be blue." lnlramurals 9, IO: Prom Commil- lee ll. Woodlawn 27 LINDAH WARD A Iillle sugar a Ixlfle s Ice we Ihlnk Lrndah is very nice Senior Play lpropl lnlramurals Woodlawn BARBARA WARNER Barb H I lo Thee blilhe splruf xed Chorus 9 I0 l I2 1: Club 9 I0 Operella IO Verfely Show II Yearbook I2 lnlrarnu s II Props Senior Blasdell REN ATA DEMAS Woodlawn Asslslanf Advisor All together now - let's go! Junior-Senior Ball Football Dance CLASS HISTORY l BLHSDELL In September, 1953, We entered the Senior Room, - 203, And there we started our brilliant career By selecting class officers for our final year At B. H. S. Jones, Ernewein, Stevanotf, Saunders, - These were our choices. ls it any wonder Our class has shone so brightly? winter Carnival Next, we picked our colors, teal-blue and white, They made our banner a glorious sight To gaze upon: for our class flower We chose the white Carnation. Then the atom-smashing power Of our minds moved us to select a motto lningly ln Latin, it reads, "Veni, Vidi, Vici." With Banner, Motto. Pledge, upon our wall, We felt at last that we were seniors, one and all! Then autumn came. The golden days sped fast. But before "October's bright bue weather" had past, We had ordered rings. - Josten was the company's name, And pretty Sue Taleff had risen to fame As chairman of our first Class dancel lt seemed to us we'd scarcely had a chance To get the "feel" of being Seniors before the snow came swirling down And the Class of '54 discovered a new clown In iolly Vito Croce, who won loud applause At our Christmas Party, as old Santa Claus. ln January we danced again, This time to Jimmy Pyne's band: 'Twas Peter S. who chairmanned the party. Complete with a winlting snowman, clever and "arty." February! Ah, that's the month we'll remember for many a day, For the cast was then selected for our annual Senior play! And many a show may come and go: many a star rise and fall, But none will match Sue Sattler in the role of Lucille Ball! We stand here at the crossroads as this yearbook goes to press Our Senior Year's not over, but there's no need to guess At Syracuse About events before us as the sands of time run fast! ln May, will come a solemn moment, as Moving-Up Day rolls around, When we graduate, on the 28th, and then, alas, too soon, We'll find ourselves a-standing, our diplomas still unfurled, The "grand old Seniors" of '54 out in the wide, wide world." Yet each of us will always say, as loyal Seniors in full accord. To paraphrase our motto, "We came, we saw, we conquered." "l Love Lucy" 28 The Music l7l Makers CLASS HISTDRY WOODLRWN Years may come and go, and with them good times all: But none so well remembered, nor so easy to recall As those that started long ago when we were new in W. H. S.. And numbered only twelve in years, or maybe even less. Our constitution called for cerise and silver and an orchid as our sign, A And we took an Edgar Guest stanza and dwealt on every line- "Maybe it couldn't be done," but "we wouldn't say so till we'd tried." And so we vowed to keep this motto and on it success relied. Selling candy, having movies were our means of chief support By the time our ninth grade dance came, we weren't a penny short. Spring Fantasy we called it, and in hues of orchid, pink, and white We proved we had the power to create a royal night. With this success fresh in our minds, we set out to show the rest That proms may come and proms may go, but ours would be the best -- With weeks of work and heaps of paper, glitter, and some foil, We produced a magic land that well repaid our toil. Shades of blue with white and gold and glitter formed our sky, And underneath the frothy gowns and fragant flowers drifted by. Barb and Jim brought in the crowns and gave them to Pat and Ray Together with the bracelets as tokens of this cherished day. Senior days brought one last dance-Sadie Hawkins was the name: With polka dots, and big brown jugs we carried on her fame. Every year about in June, we'd pack our things together, And ride the bus, singing loud, and prayin' for sunny weather. How well we remember the Ridge and all it meant to us - How Stan Figiel fell off the swing, and our big eaters -- Jim and Joel Bus: And how Peggy, Ronnie, and the rest in all their dainty charm Swam in the drinking water reservoir and gave us such alarm! Who has the matches, pickles, rolls, and hot dogs too? Quote Jim Frisa - "Not l, l gave them all to you!" In spite of troubles, fuss and so many things to do, We loved the day, the friends, the charred hot dogs - wouldn't you? "The Adorable Imp" came to life and all the village smiled - "As laipciie donned a kiddie dress and was a widdle, widdle ci . And Marlin quite forgot himself and much to our surprise "Move over" shouted to Janet and pushed her when she didn't rise! "Dawling" Marcia, Gerry, Eddie, Stanley, and Jewell Knight Offset biddy Ray Goodrich - lrish brogue. red wig, and rolling pin might. The plans, the bother, the endless lines were worth it all somehow As we faced the cheering audience and made our final bow. Leaders are the core of any group and ours was no exception We elected Jim Green four times for leadership and perception: Each member of our class has been a friend to love and honor and trust- They say these days can never stay, but surely now they musty I I 1 Y E N v 1 s 5 5 A r i F S 5 f l l P W A l C' 3 1 Q 1 r r v kauuu:LQ, , .,,,..gfA M., xi. A...g.-s:Q Hg. pg. ': i -1'.. ,u......,.....m..g:,, ..i4..,:.. f4.,, .z.1fuza1w:g 1 ,'::ga mwlmw:1"'WlU1.,..-.,- . , ,L-,-A,.1., NV Cl' E s 2 X E 2 ,4 Q e Q 3. E Froni Row, lefi io righf: Miss A. Faturos, E. Zegler, D. Ruddy, R Floreno, G. Rooney, C. Wendt, D, Rush, A. Dorge, J. Crotty, Li Bozgeh, R. Andrisani. Second Row: A. Rizzo, H. Croalcman, G, Edwards R Altherr M Francis M Haas C Carmod A Walczalc M Johns, . , . , . , . y, . , . C. Harris. Third Row: J. Hinlcley, D, Goodheart, B. Meyers, J. Scaza favo, P. Zeckser, P. Lichon, S. Trayford, E. McLennan, J. Schubert, J Hoffman, B. Gerwin. Fourih Row: A. Ward, S. Ochaslre. J, Schlau P. Keller, S. Maclc. WOODLHWN The firsl underralcing of +he class of '55 was a dance, "Auiumn Nociurnef' Socially as well as scho- lasrically Juniors have made a good record. Co- operaiion of rhe enlire group made rhe "Junior-Senior -Prom" a memorable occasion. Afrer fhar, 'rhoughrs rurned To plans for lhe Senior year. .T UN ICR CLASS OFFICERS OFficers Standing: Audrey Ward, Secretary: Seaied: Donald Fredrilcsen, President, Evelyn Zegler, Treas- urer: Barbara Meyers, Vice-President. Front Row, left fo righi: Miss R. Creedon, W. Baker, R. Scheliller, Ray Scheffler, F. Fueller, P. Lud low, D. Fredrilcsen, A. Augrom K. Siclcau. Second Row: J. Bus H, Lombard, G. Schurnpcher, W Fessel, L. Gibson, D. Price, D Crabtree, E. Manley, A. Colafran ceschi, N, Keller, H. Walczalc, J Sterlace, C. Frisa, D. Burke, R Cheney, B, Garnish. 32 CLASS Left to Right: P. Kasperelz, Secretaryp R. War- clell, treasurer: G. Burger, President: R, Suto. Vice-President. First Row, left to right: Mrs, Hawley, J. Parkinson, D. Wilcox, B. Tomalca. M. Rogers, L. McCarthy, J. Schlottman, P. Perison, S. Schultz, Mrs. Nicolas. Second Row: J. McCarthy, R. Zajac, A. Trella, M. Texter, R. Stoj. S. Merrill, A, Mitchell, R. Wardell. Third Row: W. Page, D. Tinlcham, N. Palmer, J. lmburgia, R. Percy, L. Schefller, T. Sargente, R. Suto, BLHSDELL ln our diary tor l953-54, we tind a successful Sadie l-lawlcins Dance. For the tirst time we chose a Daisy Mae and Lil Abner. Atter Easter we had a spring dance. The biggest event ot all was the Junior-Senior Prom which was a very gala affair. G. Mead. First Row. lett to right: Mrs. Hawley, M. Dylilc, S. Harris, J. Harmon, P, Kasperelc, N. Geigals. E. DeCillis, C. Burns, D. Bialota. J. Guay. Mrs. Nicolas. Second Durward, R. Eagan, D. Barnes P, Hattner, E. Fickelsher. Row: H. Kuehnel, D. Firley, P. Guay, P. Carosa, R. Bontessuto, A. Hansgen, G. Burger, K, Clever, S. Lang, E. Koch. Third Row:,G. SOPHOMORE GIRLS-First Row, left to right M. Francis, M. Van Bus- kirk, B. Slawson, S. Pettinqill, M. Augrom, D. Heffler, B. Cheshire, E. McKay, Miss Kale. Second Row: J. Colello, A. Schumacher, S, Herrman, C. Mastrangelo. B. Carney, D. Kelly, E. Ryerse, H. McKay. Absent: B. Bralcowleclu, G. Leibold. SOPHOMORE BOYS-Sfanding, left to righi: Mr. Schill, R. Pacyon, R. l-lolynslci, Brooks, J. Pickhardt, J. Piniewski, D. Bushnell, B. Con don, D. R an. Secon g y d Row: Bednarz, R. Fredenberg, R. Schoenhardt, G. Blaclc, R, Sroda, S, Gretlca, M. Hughes, Pries, R. Brox. Third Row: L. Brown, S. Monforte, L. Lowman, J. McGillicuddy, Baritot, R. DiNardo. R. Striclcer, P. Kirisits, 34 .V f N U GATEWAY OFFICERS-Lefi fo Right: J Olson, Vice-President: D, Hef- 'Fler, Student Council Rep.g L Ballagh, President: J, Piniewski Treasurerg M. Kocic, Secre- ta ry. SOPHOMORE BOYS - Firsf Row, left 'ko right: Mr. Pfohl. J. Olson, C, Schweikert. R. Bis- caro, A. Evans, J. Sfasierow- ski, P. Friscic. L. Ballagh. J. Dolinar. Second Row: A. Lar- son, J. Gorton, R. Selig, H. Puleo, K. Lucas, F. Occhino, G, Ward. Third Row: J. Cran- dall. R. Hosford, F. Rosiek, C. Zerby, F. Longbine, R. Brown. D. Woolford. SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomore Class has worked Jrogeiher fo fry ro make +his year mosf success- ful. All class members have co-operaied in raising funds for The class. We have worked diligenily fo befrer ourselves and our aciivilies. We hope Thai our +wo years of experience as a Class, and in class acfivilies will enable us 'ro make our school a beHer insiiiuie of learning. We are planning for our las? years in high school in 'rhe hope +ha+ ours will be an ou+s'I'anding con+ribu+ion +o 1'he school communiiy. 35 SOPHOMORE GIRLS-Stand- ing, left ko right: Mrs. Eyman L. Rooney, M. Grosskopf, J Helet, S. Wilson, K. Bresslin S. Barth, J. Sanchez, M. Rados Second Row: J. Dunklin, J Anneser, E. Nowak, S. Wieder F. Broadbent. E. Morey, R. M Ehrhart, D. Jones. Third Row F. Lichon, C. Livsey, S. Schei- del, M. Kocic, J. Colafrances- chi, B. Laub. Abseni: C Crook. First Row, left to right: D Lowe, P. Harmon, J. Szlcutalc H. Leyh, J, Peters, L. Ferro B. DeBotte, M. Jones, K. Nor- ton, C, Piccirilli, D. Dunne M. J. Fetcho. S. Young, A Koch, C. Conklin. Second Row: Mr. Hamilton, F, LaRosa, D Saunders, C. Miller, M. Tanett l. Suto, N. Schultz, J. Zup- pinger, B. Spicer, E. Wright F. Cooper, K. Eagan, S. Len non, A. Lancon, L. Martinez D, Day. Third Row: D. Hawes L. Firley, B, Palmer, N. Wing R. Flis, J. Pietrocarlo, R. Sny der, T. Glover, B. Kubialc, H Warner, M. Taylor, P. Hunt, M. Milcos. BLHSDELL First Row, left to right: J. Smith, B. Anderson V. Unger. M. Reulnaut, P, Bishop, C. Carosa M, Palmer, C. Blyth, M. A. Schwindler, J Thiel, J. Colley. Second Row: Mrs. Cheesman D Bo er C Hattner J Burns J Beals A . y , . , . . . . - Bianco, E. Clendaning, P. Barrera, R. Chiodo, D. Smith. Third Row: W, Annett, W. Quick, D. Blim, T. Stetanacci, C. Betlzer, F. Stelmach J. Capozzi, W. Cale, R. Martinez. Absent: N. Kapuszcalc. OFFICERS Seated, left to right: J, Colley, Vice-President D. Dunne, Secretary, Standing: P. Barrera Treasurer: E. Stelmach, President, D. Lowe Presidentp T. Stetanacci, Secretaryp M. Jones, Treasurerg C. Conklin, Vice-President. SOPHOMDRE CLASS The Sophomores are proud to be in Senior Hgh Our class is well represented in sports music and other extra curricular activities The spring dance is the gala event or sophomores with the picnic a close second First Row. left to right: Mr. Moore, P, Petek, W. Foit, F. DeBacker, G, Barber, W. Ma- bie, J, Broadbent, J. Govenet- tio, R. Fessel, P. Schwartzott. FRESHMHN CLASS The combined registration ot the Freshmen classes in Wood- lawn and Blasdell number I94 stu- dents. Broken down, we tind 64 from Blasdell under the homeroom supervision ot Miss E. Titus and Mr. R. Miller. The remaining I3O from Woodlawn come under the guidance ot Miss M. Fiske, Mrs. N. Raab, Mr. M. Zaluski and Mr. R. Moore. E. Skowronski. Second Row: W. Walker, R. Nistler, J. Tomljenovich, P. Farley, J. Kollander, J, White. R. Kor- hummel, R, Doll, L. Sartori, A. Neutter. Third Row: D. Wright, R. Dryer, B. Wood- worth, J. Hoffman, H. Agate. Absent: D. Barnes, T. Cram, G. Price, C, Westphal, R. Church, J, Patti. .BLHSDELL First Row, left to right: N. Kingsland. Sec- retary 2083 A. Walters, F. Robbins, B. Borger, D. Stanton, F. Caputo. Secretary 2605 A. Druzbik, C. Young, B. Hartman, V Tanetli, Miss E, Titus. Second Row: Buckle, A, Ryan, B. Smith, E. Kasperek, C Boice, E. Miller, Treasurer 208g P. Druzbik R. Brennan, S. Spurck. Third Row: G. Peters B. Day, C. Dengler, J. Nowakowski, First Row, left to right: N. Kapuszak, M. W ohlabaugh, Treasurer, 206: R. Gaydon, President 206: D. Smith, R. Grajeda, W. M 9 Es Se Ho azur, J. Byrne, J. DiMatteo, E. Weisker- er, R. Cabibi, J, Eldridge, R. Crusan, B. ch, Vice-President, 206: D. Walters. cond Row: N. House, R. Toporek, R. lley, B. Simone, T, Snyder, L. Texter, R. Post, B. Christini, R. Palyszeski, J. Fumerelle, Pr esident 2085 W, Ferro, J. Evoy. Third Row: L. Zygula, D. Hammond, R. Percy, Vi ce-President, 2085 A. Caputo, L. Wil- liams. E. Moss. A. Andrukat, D. Kij, R. Velez, R. Schettler, J. Talbot, J. Wyman. Front Row, left to right: M L. Schroeder, S. Rogers, A Mure, M. Thomas, J. Rush, President: E. Barth, M. Culver. J, Smiley, l. Haclcemer, F. Langbein. Second Row: Miss Fiske, M. Van Buslcirlc, M. J. McGrath, J. Rose, Treasurer, M. E. Breslin, E. Yesser, J. Morloclc, V. Volo, P. Wiencek. Student Council Rep. Third Row: D. Thorne, K. Hazlett. J. Klemp, M. Mabie, E. Baslca. N. Hughes, K. Masterman, D. Sawdey, D. Biscaro, T. Livsey. E, Wendt. WOODLBWN First Row. I-eft to right: M, Andrisani, L. Smith, R. Barco, J. Moran, J Fitzsimmons, J. Pinter, Secretary: J Schill, R. Rosiek, D. Dean. Second Row G. Kempf, P. Christ, R. Gallineau, C Siclcau, L. Burroughs, P. Walker, R Pajalc, J. Trayford, J. Dombrowslci Mr. M. J. Zaluski, Third Row: W. Kuta, B. Maue, B. Wuts, R. Ludwig, G. Woolford, D. Blachura. L, Eckert. C. White. Absent: J. Newland, -N. Del Bello, J. De Lair, D. Prior, G. Ruchalslci., 38 FRESHMAN CLASS Front Row, left to right: A. Blain, S. Henry, D, Hough, J. Unver- dorben, B. Lacaille, M. Balazs, S. Gilmet, H. Vogt, J. Franklin, V. Rooney. Second Row: Mrs. Raab, R. Ruddy, J. Werner, B. Kear- beline, S. Anderson, L. Costa. C. Ward, J. Ziegelhofer, R. Mas- trangelo, D. La Frenie. Third Row: E. Martin, N. Stock, L. Moser, J. Petersen, B. Dobbs, J. Schiedel, J. Orts, R. McKay, N. Brente, D. Ponivas, S. Durett. Eff? fx .ik EIGHT!-I First Row, left to right: Mrs. E. Clarke, M. Steenberg, J. Sasak, D. Foit, S. Des Jardins, W. A 0 L Vogt, P. Powers. J, Kuhl, C. Barnes. Second Row:.L. Bartoo, J. Lewis, H, Carney, C. Maiers, W. Kaczmarski, D. Carpenter, G. Oser. Third Row: R. Schoenhardt, A. Vento, D. Herrmann, A. Robinson, R. Stoner, R. Matson, R. Bonn. Fourth Row: D. Paycon, P, Johns, A. Durett, L. Blachura. First Row, leff io righi: D. Foster, L. Wiqhtman, J. Poppenberg, B. Schiedel, M, Grant, R. Almen- dinger. G. Fitzsimmons. Second Row: C. Millspaugh, C. Keller, P. Pettingill, N. Sikes, J. Greene B. Morlock, E, Gerlard, W. Crocoll. L1-LKEVIEW GRADE Baclr Row, left to right: Donald Blaclc, Brad- ley Blohm, Lee Webster, Eleanor Cosgrove, Marilyn Danitz, Sheila Zimmer, Barbara Messner, Edward Tomljenovich, Sam Scaza- tavo, Douglas Hawkins. Front Row: Otto Kuehne, Fred Renz, Linda Rohrer, Patricia Jalciel, Joan Cannon, Wendy Whiteside, Sharon l-line, Peter Wolt, Nancy Zerby, Mary Ann Kocur, Kenneth Broadbent, Mrs. Nies. BIG TREE WANAKAH Front Row, left to right: Leah Hodil, Judith Saunders, Elaine Longbine, Joseph DeCillis, Judith Boyer, Nancy Beaumont, Brian Blyth, Frances lgnorante, Judith Anderson, Sally Knapp, Sara- Saeua. Second Row: Donald Kuster, Norman Foley, Rosalie Santi, Wesley Moore, Richard Smith, Stanley Stoj, Maureen Palmer, Janet Ruster, Patricia Niqh. Third Row: Lawrence Courtney, Blanche Kwiatlcowslci, Lillian Gatzlce. Felicia Weislo, Hazel Schuster, Annabelle Gatzlce, Patricia Cary, Joyce Klein, Joy Thomas, Fourth Row: Grace L. Kline, Joseph Capozzi, Gordon Woods, Raymond Hodil, Floyd Baker, Carl Pulverenti. 41 BN 'Z iSiiE ff L ' zwiwiwe s 717 ,... Y" M WHNHKBH First Row, left to right: John Eustace, Leo Morey, Fay Reister, Carl Weaver, Loretta Mc- Grath, Gertrude Petlzo, Robert Unverdorben. Margaret Terwilliger, Paul Lallca, Mrs. Mary Towner. Second Row: Geraldine Ludwig, Wil- liam Jones, Emerson Schiedel, Judith Wiltse, Sharon Piersanti. Sally Pace, Donna Stark, :filter Bredel, Marcia Davidson, Dale Camp- e . WHNHKHH First Row, left to right: Anna Aclcley. Kathleen Maloney. Marie Black. Joyce Cunny, Terry Zeclcser, Elizabeth Cook, Robert Harris. Roger Besser. Joseph Laud, Judith Thompson. Second Row: Ruth Reilly, Charles Eustace, Beverly Broadbent, Thomas Prior, Edward Eggert, Diane Gerwin. Jean ll-lurley, Michael McPartlan, Paul Kranz, Rose Carter. Third Row: John Livsey, Joseph Bach. Angelo Nappo, Donald Pettitt, Charles Faraci. Diane Campbell, Peggy Burke. First Row, left to right: Gerald Childs, Leonard Wachowialc, Philip Bence, Carol Danitz. Gwendolyn Humphreys, Grace Martin, Barbara McCormick, Nancy Smiley, Patricia Jones, Gary Miller, Anthony lmagna, Mrs. Raymond. SEVENTH LHKEVIEW First Row. left to right: Finley Greene, Billy Gibson, Linda Mills- paugh, Bruce Pettingill, Sharon Green, David Wieder, James Nutter. Second Row: Mr. Crocoll, James Grubb, Sally Copeland, Judy Wright, Joan Walker. John Henrich. 42 GRADE BIG TREE Flrst Row left to right J Bonfes su o J Barbatr R Dombowslu B U sworth D DeCrIlus S Smettz J Haynes G Toporelc G Klelt W Toth P Cooper Second Row N Fe cho A Allan C Day B els lcerger R Robbins D Clenenlng D Morse D Landslttel D Pulverents G Persons Th rd R w H Roy B 1 cox C Coe J Weel: ey C n In H Baller M Pavlovuch R Wulluams Fourth Row J Srhassar P Hannah C Hce 43 WOODLHWN MR. SAKOWSKI First Row, left to right: Mr. Salcowski E. Rush, J. Matteucci, K. Leibold R. Larson, R, Rodunart, R. Haines P. Brown, T. Zaccarine. Second Row M. Friscic, R. Beckwith, E. Sliwinslci W. Bratelc, D. Metro. E, Andrisanl J. Sroda. B. Brown, R. l'-lertloll. N Cebula. Third Row: B. Cartwright J. Walker. R. Whipple, R. Freden- burg, G. Rukavlna, M. Mooney, D Edwards, F. Koletar, F. Stark. Absentl R. Lucas. M RS BROWN LEE Flrst Row left to rught Mrs Brown M Brownlee C Blanchard G o C Rush M Kahler Second Row E Hartlol-F L Trayforcl J Sengbusch H Whlttalcer l-l Ed wards J Owens E Lrvsey J Obad Thlrd Row J Carrnody M Bebalc reen C ell Dunn E mac er F SROWTOHSRI C Farmer Absent P McNulty BLHSDELL First Row. left to right: R. M. Schofer, J. Petti, J. Cheesman, E, Franlciewicz, Secretary: D. Farace, President: B. Hubbard, Vice-Presi dent, M. Cutler, Treasurer: F. Milcos, R Griffith, Second Row: B. Miller, J. Unger, M Barnas, J. Jewart. V. Cullcowslci, B, Bihl, M. C Eldridge. D. Lawton, Mr. Darvill. Third Row D. Whiting, R. Zajac, R. Fadale, D. Mitchener T, Corcoran, B. Barnes. C. Firley, C, Pietryi lcowslci, C. Kahler. SEVENTH GRADE First Row, left to right: R, Corcoran. J. Betlcer, M. Mead, J. Wilson. N. Croce, A. Friedman, G. Borger, G. Pietrocarlo, Secre- tary: C. L. Riley, T. Partridge. Second Row: Mr, Parisi, G. Phillips, H, Rood, J. Lamplcins, R. Draper, P. Reulcauf, A. Patti- son, President: H. Marracino, H. Texter, K. Michener. Third Row: S. Dickie, Treasurer: M. Wilson, C. Dubel, C, Alvarez, P. Martin, V, Latona, J. Hillman, R. Becker, T. Hillger, Vice-President: B. Armbruster. HTHOL SPRINGS GRADE 7 First Row, left to right: Mrs. E. Schill, G. Robinson, B. Goretslri, D. Racinowslci, R. Meier, S. Miehl. J, Lotlredo, E. Snyder, M. Steenberg Second Row: J. Mills, J. Cram R. Newland, W. Leard, J Kaczmarslci, L. Everard Piper. Third Row: R, Wood, S. Koch, A. Floreno. ,R. 44 DOROTHY PROVINS ROSALIE WROBEL l937- I954 I94I - I954 IN MEMORIHM Like The deep quie+ +ha+, awhile, Lingers +he lovely landscape. o'er Shall be +he peace whose holy smile Welcomes +hem +o a happier shore. 45 CLASSROOM SCENES Art, Blasdell BX sdeu Xndusknax Ads 8 BLIXSDELL Typing, Blasdell Sclence Blasdell Home Economics, Blasdell CLASSROOM SCENES WOODLHWN M ii my an Q WW 2 fwgsm S sg, 4 n fa M: wx Yi! -::::.5E x A5332 Dee and Don Counfy Fm, 53 Left to Right: Mrs. Burley, Fay Riester. Sharon Piersanti, Fred Renz, Douglas Hawkins, Eleanor Cosgrove, Mrs, Main, Paul Laika, Elizabeth Coolr, Jeffrey Bushnell. First Row, left to right: R. Draper, E, Crusan, President: N. Schultz, Sec- retary: D. Firley, Vice-President: J. Pyne, Treasurerg Mrs. Nicolas. Second Row: R. Hesslinlc, N. Kingsland, V. Croce, S. Harris, M. Taylor. BLHSDELL STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council is a student activity leased on representation. in the finest American tradition. Delegates from the various classes meet regularly to direct their efforts toward accomplishing the individual and collective aims of the students. Each year these delegates attend area conferences where ideas are pooled and experiments and ex- periences are discussed. Through these conferences, and through meetings supervised by their advisors. the students practice parliamentary procedure. They also become aware of the necessity for patience and tolerance in dealing with academic and social problems. Student Council points up the fact that students and faculty have a common goal: an ever-improving school and community. WOODLHWN Standing. left to right: S. Fieqel P. Winseclc, R. Heiman, M. Brown lee, Miss M. Creedon. Mrs. Deb bins, D. Heiiiler. Seated: M Kosic, Secretaryp R. Goodrich President, B. Meyers, Vice-Presi dent, V, Meyers, Treasurer. 50 .Wm Ko-fa WOODLHWN First Row, left to right: F. Lichon, A. Ward, B, Riffel, J. Hunter, G. Marrano, D. McLeod, R. Meyers, J. Knight, A. Scott. L. Goodwin. Second Row: Miss Kale, B. Ger- win, E, Morey, C. Crook, E. Nowak, H. McKay, M, Kelly, J. Anneser, B. Meyers, E. Larson, P. Lichon, Miss R. Creedon, Advisor. Third Row: Mr. Hawley, Advisor: R. Pickert, K. Sickau, J. Bus, Neil Carpentier, D. Freclriksen, S. Figiel, D. Ryan, R. Pacyon, Mr. Moore, Advisor. Fourth Row: J. Dolinar, F, Fueller, R. Goodrich, N. Schwartzot. BLHSDELL OFFICERS Seated: Mr. Hawley, Faculty Com- mittee Chairman. Standing, left to right: David Nowakowski, Andrew Kusczak, James Green, Marlin Good- heart. Seated, left to right: Mrs. Hawley, Advisorp Mrs. Eggleston, Advisor: D. Nowa kowslci, A. Kusczak, J. Hesslink, E. Esch, D. Tilert, Second Row: Mrs. Manning, Advisor: M. Saunders, B. Warner, A. Mitchell, P. Perison, D, Bialota, S. Sattler, Mrs. Shaffer, Advisor, Third Row: E. Cooper, J. Stelmach, R. Jones, A. Clothier, E. Stelmach, J, McCarthy. Since last year's Gateway won the blue ribbon in its class, this year's staff has had to work diligently to maintain the same high standards. This year the Gateway staff has made a special effort to improve some areas that were not rated as highly as the others. Our present centralization system presents problems of layout that other schools would not have. We are treating this sort of thing as a challenge and cheer- fully trying to meet it. The staff consists of forty-eight stu- dents, and eight faculty advisors. Through their combined work, publica- tion of this book is possible. wie s: ? P The yearbook staff thanks the art and the typing departments, the faculty, and the students who have given or offered help, making this edition such a fine one. "ing 4---P 51 !. l-.JT-'-w Mey OFFICERS Standing, left to right: E. Kast, Miss Kale, Mr, Moore, Mrs. Demas. D McLeod. Seated: P. Lichon. G, Marrano, B. Rililel. WOODLAWNIAN STAFF Top Row, left to right: E. Kast, N, Carpentier, J. Dunklin, N Gilson, D, Ryan. N. Schwartzott, R. Goodrich, A. Evans, M Rados, J. Hunter, J, Pinter, J. Piniewski. Third Row: V. oney, L. Rooney. G. Leibold, B. Slawson, S. Bar ers. N. Rush, J, Knight, R. Andrisani, D. McLeod, K. Breslin, B. Meyers, G. Marrano. Second Row: R. Striker, A. e WOODLAWNIAN WOODLAWNIAN lngreclienls: I parl hard work 2 par+s laughler I parl' nervous farigue I parr spo++ed clorhes Resulls: Fun Perhaps Ihere is no busier group in Ihe school and Ihere is cerlainly no more eager and willing one. Four limes a year 'they have had Ihe safisfacfion of seeing some- Jrhing Ihey Ihemselves planned ad pro- duced come Io life. This year Ihey added Jrhe Ihrill of color prinfing 'ro fheir Iis+ of memories. II seems I'ha'r each year and each group conrribules iusr a Ii++Ie more ro 'rhe making of a really commendable school paper. Ward, P. Keller, I.. Moser, P, Lichon, R. Ruddy, D. Good- heart, F, Lichon, R. McKay, B. Cheshire, F. Broadbent, W. Mabie, Mr. Moore. First Row: Mrs. Demas R. Brox S. Ochaske, J. Anneser, G. VanBuskirk B. Riffel M. Firth M. VarBuskirk, E. Nowak, B, Carney, E. Morey, M. Frisic, Miss Ka e. 4 -rf -fw-:ff - Firsi: Row, lefi to right' Miss Herrick, Advisory B. Tomalca, J. Harmon, P. Kasperek, D. Dunne, D. Nowakowslci, E. Esch. J. Hesslinlc, A. Kusczalc, M. Patterson, L, McCarthy, A. Walters, N. Croce, A. Koch, Miss E. Titus, Advisor. Second Lennon, M, Saunders, J, Smith, J. Phelan, I. Suto. D. Firley R. Zajac, J. Guay, D. Tilert. Third Row: A. Mitchell, S. Lang S. Bailey, J. Zuppinger, A. Hansgen, E. Crusan. D. Hawes V. Croce, A. Caputo, P. Wing, D. Bialota, S. Sattler, J Row: D. Kennerdell, C. Firley, P. Bouley, F. Cooper, S. P6flflf15Of1- ln Oclober ol '53 Blasdell's Bullelineile Slail, wiih Andrew Kusczalc as Ediior, Miss Geraldine l-lerriclc as ihe Typing advisor, and Miss Elma Tifus as advisor, siarled +he iirsi issue of fhe year. This issue and +he ofhers which followed have increased in size and circulalion: Hs sillc screened covers and clear 'rype have added beauiy and qualify 'ro lhe maga- zine. ln Ociober Miss Geraldine Her- riclc, David Nowalcowslci and Emilie Esch represenled ihe Bulle+ineHe ar 'rhe Empire Sfaie School Press Conference in Syracuse. The Blasdell Bullefinefle won All New Yorlc Raiing for News Magazines in +he Empire Sraie School Press Associa+ion Com- peiirion. The BULLETINETTE link, M'?n"9Sr. 'glib And s. , il nes: od' ,df fo r 3 A-is f Sie ' 'Sw is ant Businezjngr DdVidK,3Sczai', Edito . andge I Owakow l'-lrg.Ch- fl r S '- Assistaxfd-Ernilie Esch S. 53 A me U nn U - Q 355 5 if 'FI iii? Ji .Q CHORUS First Row. leff to right: V. Unger. M. Dylilc, E. Miller, J. Parkinson, C. Blyth, P. Guay, J. Guay, R. Zajac, H. Leyh, D. Palmer, F. Caputo, E. Wright, K. Eagan, C. Burns, D. Wilcox, D. Saunders, S. Lennon, S. Lang, E. Koch, K. Clever, Mrs, Simon. Second Row: D. Nelson, N. Kingsland, P. Perison, J. Szlcutalc, J. Nowakowslci, B. Anderson, H. Kuehnel, J. Pyne, A. Caputo, A. Bianco, A. Koch, A. Hansgen, S, Harris, M, Reukauf, P. Bouley, D. Firley, S. Sattler, M. A. Schwindler, J. Zuppinger. Third Row: P. Sitevanoff, P. Halifner, D. Hammond, J. Unger, J. Thiel, M. Texter, J. Smith, J. Colley, M. J. Fetcho, B. DeBotte. C. Young, V. Silvestri, M. Bishop, P. Druzbilc, D. Wood, J. Hooper, S. BLHSDELL HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC MIXED CHORUS Blasdell High School's Mixed Chorus is open 'ro all sludenfs from Freshmen 'rhrough Seniors. The chorus rehearses 'rwice weekly and parlicipaies in such aclriviiies ,QQ ' as 'rhe Variery Show, Chrisimas programs, operelias, 'rhe All-Slale Chorus and The ', Erie Couniy Chorus. From 'rhis group, Jrhirly have been chosen +o pariicipaie in The Advanced Mixed Chorus, which pracfices once each weelc To gain be++er singing +echniques. llc GLEE CLUB Blasdell's Girls' Glee Club, composed of forly girls, chosen from Freshmen x +hrough Senior, meers af noon +wice each week +o pracrice and improve fheir 'fone X ' qualify, enunciaiion, vocal rechniques, and expression in music. The members of Jrhe S Glee Club also parlicipalre in many programs and acriviries such as +he Varieiy Show, opereHas, and each spring, lhe all impor+an+ compefiiion. Q . 1 "' 1:-1 ,gf:2?jg.g:.:.::R 'A J A-ln:-jtfi-lLl!ir. ' ZIV" in 0 - ' ,jun - I I zffgjjf -I' s ' N :5 -2:5 H' 55 K. Bresslin. Fourth Row: R. Goodrich, G, Poeclcing, J. Bus, J. Pinter, R. Nister, W. Baker, R. Cheney, First Row, left to right: B. Meyers, M. Mabie, J. Scazatavo, S, Mack, C, Carmocly, M. VanBuslcirlc M. VanBuslcirk, H. Croalcman, A. Rizzo. Second Row: K. Hazlett, J. Anneser, K. Masterman, K Kaerbeline, G. Edwards, E, Wendt, G. Marrano, D. Goodheart, D. Biscaro, P. Zeclcser. Third Row N. Rush, N. Gilson, S. Barth, S. Gilrnet, E. Barth, M. Petersen, L. Goodwin, R. Andrisani, D. McLeod MIXED Q, 3 q L95 'Q . wx 'A' I l N6 IQHX in " I all nur WOODLIIWN HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC CHORUS A singing heart is a happy heart every Tuesday ancl Thursday morning. Learning to sing a beautitul melody in harmony can be a thrilling experience. This group sang a program ot Christmas music tor the P.T.A. and contributed in no small way to a successtul Christmas assembly program ln the tall, added training in choral singing was provided some members who were accepted in the All-State Sectional Chorus at Eden Central School Spring brought an opportunity tor other students to participate in the All High Chorus which was presented at the Orchard Park Central School Commencement brought to a close a successtul and enioyable year. ASSEMBLY BAND This small group ot instrumentalists was selected trom the High School Band at an organization meeting in the tall lts purpose was to provide entrance and exit music tor assembly programs Without benetit ot special rehearsal time, the Assembly Band has pertormed well and has shown a tine spirit ot cooperation. lts members were always ready and willing to pertorm whenever the occasion demanded. r ll 1,-nl,,4l-' 311 , he ads!--4 "ESF of xt' sf' ,W ,'?' '1 ' I Q . " pi A ua' , 95 - 56 46 4' V -m. E 3 4... N971 www fm LN First Row, left To right: R. Annett, B. Esch, N. Palmer, J. Parkinson. M. A, Patterson, B. Day, A. Bianco, W. Mazur, A. Lauricella, S. Schultz, H. Leyh, D. Day, S. Harris. Second Row: M. Saunders, H. Kuehnel, R. Chiodo, R. Krauss, H. BLHSDELL BAND BLASDELL "F" Warner, C, HaTTner, M. Taylor, S. Lang, W. Ferro. Third Row: R. Percy, C. Perison, W. Page. R. Wasmund, P. STevanoTT, V. Croce, G. Clever, N. Wing, J. McCarthy, N. Schultz, R. Snyder, Mrs. Simon. Membership in The Blasclell High School Band is open To all sTudenTs Trom grades nine Through Twelve who have The abiliTy and experience To per- Torm aT leasT Grade lll music. A sTudenT is en- couraged To Talce privaTe music lessons and pracTice is required Tor all.' The band each spring compeTes Tor a raTing along wiTh oTher schools in WesTern New York. STudenTs who are members of The band also have The opporTuniTy To play as soloisTs, and in Trios or quarTeTs aT The compeTiTion-TesTivals. CompeTiTion is usually held a ouT-OT-Town schools and The bur riders To and Trom The schools are quiTe a loT oT Tun. STudenTs are also chosen Trom The band To play in The all-STaTe Band and The Erie Couniy Band. There is a dance aTTer each oT These acTiviTies Tor The sTudenTs who parTicipaTe. We have special rehearsals wiTh The Woodlawn High School Band To play aT The Erie CounTy Fair. The Band also plays Tor assemblies and P.T.A. meeTings. WOODLAWN BAND The Woodlawn Band goT OTT To an early sTarT by parTicipaTing in The FronTier CenTral marching uniT aT The l-lamburg Fair. This group oT approxi- maTely TorTy-Tive members meT on Wednesday and Friday mornings. A more diTTiculT program OT music was aTTempTed and many members perTormed remarlcably well. The band served on various occa- sions during The school year. l-lighlighTs included playing Tor The P.T.A. and performing Tor The sTu- denTs aT The ChrisTmas Assembly. In The spring, selecTed members Trom This group parTicipaTed in First Row, left To right: M. Goodheart, R. Dryer, R. Nistler, J. Frisa. R, Nagy, R. Cheney, C. Gretlca, J. Bus, J. Pinter. R. Brown, D, WoolTord, D. Ryan. Second Row: J. Schmidt, A. Larson, R. Pajak, E. Hawley, P. Sipos. M. DePerto. H. Croalc- man. M. Kelly, D, Gooclheart, J. Govenettio, G. Black, V. WOODLAWN BAN'D "C" The STaTe SecTional Band Program aT Eden CenTral School, The All-l-ligh Band aT Orchard Park, and The Juniorel-ligh Band and OrchesTra ConcerT aT Kleinhans Music Hall. The younger members ol: The group are looking Torward To a larger or- ganizaTion under The banner OT FronTier CenTral. Myers, D. McLeod, J. Fedick, Miss Fislme. Third Row: G. Leibold, R. Heiman, J. Peterson. L. Burroughs, J. Anneser. M. Andrisani, N. Carpentier, J. Sanchez, J, Crandall, J. Gretka, A. Dorge, B, Myers, S. Barth. 2 S Back Row, left to right: J. Fedick, C. McClelland, M. Mike, H. Oberst, S. Kirisits, L. Brown, R. Ver, I. Pinter. Front Row: J. Epoleto, B, Paolini, P. Lydon, W 0 0 D L N D. Govenettio, L. Wick, R. Spagnoli, G. Crandall, B. May. Absent: D. Gromley. Junior High Instrumental Group IR. HIGH MUSIC All Stete Concert Group 61 Back Row, lefi io righi: Mrs. Brownlee, J. Bus, M. Balazs, K. Breslin, 5. Mack, E, Zegler, J. Dunklin, J. Pinter. Middle Row: T. Livsey, E. Morey, G, VanBuskirk, M. Haas, M. Mabie. S. Ochaske, B. Meyers, J. Helit, M. Rados, R. Andrisani, M. K, I-lazlett, D. Goodheart, C. Wendt, S. J. Anderson, F. Broadbent. Front Row: A. Scott, D. Eckert, V. Meyers, G. Marrano, M. Goodheart, B. Rirlel, J. Ponivas, J. Knight, D. McLeod. Absent: K, McBratnie. Seated, left to righi: E. Esch, E. Fumerelle, S, Bailey, Mrs. Eggleston, D. Bialota. Sfanding: E. Moss. B. DeBotte, S. Lennon, W. Ferro. J. Zuppinger, A. Mitchell. Abseni: J. Furnerelle, J. Schlottman, P. Perison. BLRSDELL SAFETY PATROL Members of lhe Blasdell Safely Palrol are selecled for lheir apliiude, dependabiliry, inieresl in The Task, popularily wirh Their fellow sludenls, and scholaslic slanding. They srand on ihe curbs al iniersecrions near The school before and afier classes 'io aid younger srudenls in crossing 'rhe sireeis. Left to Right: R. Dickinson, D. Kennerdell, C. Rood, J. Troup, L. Switzer, R. Anneit, T. Kogut. C. Bressette, Mr, Morgenfeld. 62 WOODLHWN IJBBHRY CLUB The Woodlawn Library CIlub's +hir+y members con- lribule invaluable service, volunlarily, 'ro +he high school. When 'rhey devole 'lime regularly, during sludy periods, +hey receive ex- perience in various library roufines. These include book- preparalrion, desk-supervi- sion, card-Tiling, and book- care. BLHSDELL LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club was newly formed +his year. Through 'rhe work of These siudenls library service has greally improved. New books were processed more quickly and old books have been mended 'ro serve for many more monrhs. Q A H . ,iesemm ' ,A 'Mr',:f.msSi.w1:Me-1 we e" fvllwfh.-aww' 'x'a,ifs7,nh.-ef' " 1 , mmm H ,.m..41mm,mm,w,wmMwwwmw FOOTBALL SCORES Fronlier l2 Williamsville .. 6 20 Silver Creelc .. I3 25 Eden ........ O 20 Lake Shore ... 6 20 Springville . .. 6 27 Orchard Parlc . 7 First Row, left to right: R. Ernewein, V. Croce. R. Bonfessuto. G. Seidleck, T. Stopha, L. Ballagh, Ka Jszcak. Second Row' S. Grottanelli R Chiodo R p - i - V - Ritter. P, Carosa, J. Pietrocarlo, C. Cabibi, G. Burger. J. Thiel, P. Stevanorf, R. Percy, C. Mead, Third Row: P. Ludlow, N. Carpentier, G. Durward, D. Fredrilcsen, R. Suto, R. Cheney, J. Pyne, G, Crusan. G, Mead, R Wasmund. VARSITY FDOTBRLL Coaches: Varsity Football: Mr. Mead. Mr. J. V. Football: Mr. Klimschot, Mr, JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row, left to right: B. Annett, F. Longbine, R. Percy, J. Pinter, R. Halley P. Frisic, J. Hoffman, B. Wardell, B. Biscaro, Second Row: Mr. Salcowslri, C Halilner, R. Gallineau, R. Doll, I-l. Puleo. R. Brox, M. Taylor. F. Occhino, G Ward. B. Esch. Mr, Klirnschot, Third Row: H. Warner, L. Brown, J. Capozzi, R Fredenburq, A. l-lansgen, D. Barnes. N. Palmer. under IO Gow .......... VARSITY SOCCER SCORES Froniier 8 Williamsville .... 4 4 Norih Collins . .. 0 2 Holland .... .. 2 5 Amhersi .. 6 I3 Gow .......... 3 8 Orchard Parlc O 6 Amhers+ ....... 2 8 Williamsville .... O 4 Norih Collins . .. O 4 Holland ........ 3 I 2 4 Orchard Park JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER First Row, Iefi to right: P. Schwartzott, C. Siclcau, D. Bushnell, D Crabtree. W. Mazur. Second Row: R. Brooks. J. Govennettio, T. Gilmet, B, Garnish, W, Ferro, D. Woolford. Third Row: Mr. Pfohl, W. Kuta W. Pabst, D. Prior. SVI ID The To Row I R fo right M Pohl R Graf N Schwartzott Mr Darvill Third Row A Colafran ceci F DeBacIcer W Baker R Scheiiller J Gret a Second Row J C andall E Ruchalslu S Bednarz G Plarr J Bus K Slclzau FII'Sf ow R Schefiier R Goodrich S Fegel E Kast M Levorchiclc VARSITY SDCCER COACHES-Left io Right: Mr. Pfohl, Mr. Darvill The Junior Varsily 'ream, s'rar'ring wiih a few experienced players, such as Doug Bushnell and Dave Crabiree. enjoyed a successful year. Defeais were suffered ai Jrhe hands of Amhersi and I-Iolland, bui were borh avenged. The over-all record of six wins, Iwo Ties, and Iwo losses was good enough for Iirsi' place in Jrhe league for Junior Varsiiy reams. BASKETBALL The Varsify Baskefball feam represenfing Fronfier Cenfral has iusf complefed anofher suc- cessful season wifh a I2 won 4 losf record in l6 games. This fine record made fhem +he fop Class "A" feam in division I of fhe Erie Counfy Infer- scholasfic Conference and enabled fhern fo enfer fhe play-offs. The highlighl' of fhe season was a convincing win over a sfrong Hamburg feam affer having suffered an early season sefloack al' fhe hands of Harn- burg. The +eam s+ar+ed slowly compiling a 3 won, 3 losf record affer fhe firsf six games. buf won nine of 'rheir nexf 'ren games 'ro gain a playoff berfh. The season was marked loy fhe spark- ling play of seniors, Gene Seidleck, Bob Wasmund, Ray Ernewein, Sfan Figiel, Ray Goodrich, and Gene Crusan wifh Junior Don Fred- riksen and sophomore Nick Kapuszcak improving wifh every game. Ofher squad members include Pe+e Sfevanoff, Norfon Schwarfzoff, Tony DelBello, Dick Graf, Gerry Durward, Bob Percy, and Glenn Mead. First Row, left io righi: S. Figrel R Goodrich N Kapuszcak R Erneweln E Serdleck R. Wasmund. Second Row: P Stevanoff G Mead E Crusan A Del Bello R Graf D. Fredriksen. Third Row: E, Kast manager R Percy L Dietz coach N Schwart zotf. G. Durwa rd. RAY GOODRICH STAN FIGIEL VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Williamsville Frontier Frontier Hamburg Frontier Amherst Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Amherst Frontier Frontier Play off Frontier GENE CRUSAN COACH KLIMSCHOT L Brown W Cole N Wing. T.Gilmet. Frontier East Aurora Lake Shore Frontier Orchard Park Frontier Cleveland Hill Williamsville West Seneca East Aurora Lake Shore Hamburg Orchard Park Frontier Cleveland H ll West Seneca Depew JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Williamsville East Aurora Frontier Frontier Orchard Park Amherst Cleveland Hill Williamsville West Seneca Frontier Frontier Frontier Orchard Park Amherst Cleveland Hill Frontier Seated, left to right: A. Evans, J. Olson, J. Piniewski, R, Schettler, M, Levorchick, W. Annett B. Garnish. Standing: R. Suto, H. Puleo, T. Stetanacci, F. Occhino, R. Brox, Mr. Klimschot Frontier Frontier Lakeshore Hamburg Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier East Aurora Lakeshore Hamburg Frontier Frontier Frontier West Seneca VARSITY BASEBALL 1954 VARSITY BASEBALL Fronlier was represenied by one of ihe ouisiancling baseball ieams in R. Wasmund. Second Row: Mr. Dietz, R. Schefiler, D. Fredrilcsen, E. Crusan, R. Goodrich, E. Seidleclr, E. Kast. First Row: G. Mead, R. Schehfler, M. Levorchiclr, R. Graf, R. Haines. Weslern New York in l953, finishing lhe season wiih a record of I6 wins againsi a sin le loss ln com iling fhis glossy record +hey acquired The championship SCORES 9 - P , I, ' of Division lll of ihe Erie Couniy ln+er-scholasiic conference and ihe 'A lgljfgsgfld Park championship of Seciion Six, deieaiing Sloan, Lewisfon-Porier and Gowanda Fronier Lakeshore High Schools in +he playoffs. Premier Holland Froniier Eden Froniier Amhersi V B A S E B A II L Fronlier Eden I I Amhersf Froniier Froniier Lakeshore Junior Varsify baseball al' Fron+ier is a developmenial program, being Ffonlfer Orchard P'?"l4 limifed 'ro Sophomore and Freshmen boys. Many of ihe boys showed fine Fronlfer Noflll Qollms progress which augers well for iulure Froniier Varsiiy ieams. Under ihe capable Fronlfer Springville coaching of Mr. Klimschoi +he 'leam finished lhe season wi+h a fine record of Ffonflef SP"'n9V'lle seven wins and +l'iree defeafs. Playoffs Sianding, lofi io right: Mr. Klimschot, R. Selig, D, Burke, E, Ruchalslci, A. Evans, R. Holynski, From-ller Sloan J. Hopes, E. Stelmach, N. Wing, R. Suto. F. Longbine. Fronk Row: R. Gallineau, T. Gilmet, l:FOI'1ll6r' LeWiSi'Or1-POr'l'6r' B. Garnish,.J. Piniewski, H, Puleo. G. Burger, T. Stefanacci FrOn1-ier Gowanda First Row, leff io right: M. Taylor, C. Haflner, D. Bushnell, Grottanelli, R. Wardell, G. Brown, D. Barnes, J. Fortini. A. Koch, P. Harmon, J. Stelmach, R. Brox, Second Row: N. Kapuszcak, R. Ernewein, G. Salisbury, W. Annett, P. J. Gretlca. J. lmburgia, K, Siclcau. R, Brooks, J. Thiel, B. Stevanorl. G. Durward, R. Wagner. Palmer. R. Jones, W. Cole, J. Pyne. Third Row: Coach Lasr year 'rhe lraclc Team, coached by lvlr. Seralino Grollanelli parricipaied in four meers. The leam consisled ol 30 boys. Even rhough A C K rraclc is a sporr only in Hs second year ar Fronlier lhe 'ream won ils share of vicrories and expecrs +o improve in rhe years ro come. TENNIS Mr. Thomas Pfohl was greeled by four rerurning players, and rheir ex- perience gained a second-place slanding for Fronlier in rhe Erie Counly League. Bob Melander, Gene Kraus, Bernie Eclcerr, and George Plarr added balance lo rhe Jream wirh rheir pasr playing experiences. Graduarion lefr bul Two relurning men for l954, buf hopes are high. Left io Rightz- George Plarr, Robert Melander, Bernard Eckert, Eugene Kraus Robert Kast, Marlin Goodheart, Ralph Kuehnel, Mr. Plohl. 69 CHEERLEADERS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS FronTier CenTral's VarsiTy Cheer- leaders have successTully reached Their goal. Their one oiaiecTive To lead The cheers has been ac- complished Through Their naTural abiliTy To cheer. The crowd learned The new cheers ThaT were inTro- cluced very rapidly and reallv rooTed Tor FronTier's Teams. Coach MRS DEBBI NS Coach M RS. M EAD Left To Right' Nancy Schultz, Florence Lichon, Kay Norton, Carol Crook, Kathy Breslin, Dianne Firley. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Blue and WhiTe sparlcled on The baslceTloall courTs when once again The FronTier CenTral Junior Var- siTy Cheerleaders were ouT To cheer Their Team To success. School spiriT, also, rose sTrong and True, under The leadership oT Their cheerleaders. Leff To Rlghh Adeline Laurlcella, Dawn Goodheart, Veronica Meyers, Suzanne Sattler, Barbara Meyers, Barbara Norton. l lai Victoria 'l'aneTl. NGUCY Kmqs an Kathy Hazlefff SUSan Mabi Joanne N0walcowS 1 6, Judy Petersen' The Freshmen cheerleaders have worlced ver hard This ear. The sTudenTs Y Y Th n new ThaT have come To Woodlawn Trom oTher schools have given em ma y cheers. However, They have made up many new cheers oT Their own. The cheerleaders hope ThaT Their eTForTs have helped To inspire The players. Seated, leTT 'co righh R. Doll, R. Graieda, C. White, G. Barlcer, W. Mable, E. Weisberger, J. White. Second Row: W. Kuta, G. Maue, D. Geddes, J. Pin- ter, R. Dryer, A. Caputo, J. Schill, R. Bowers. Sianding: R. Crusan, R. Velez. E. Moss, R. Nistler, F. DeBacker, Mr. Mead, W, Mazur, R. Gaydon, B. Esch, R. Pietrocarlo, R. Palyzeslci, D. Post, P. Farley, W. Ferro, J. l-loTTman, R. Ludwig. FRESHMHN BASKETBALL The Freshman BaslceTball Team alThough oTT To a raTher inauspicious sTarT have shown a gradual improvemenT noT only in individual play buT in The all imporTanT Team play. Several players have looked excepTionally well and will prloably be playing wiTh The J. V. nexT year. IT is hoped ThaT wiTh more experience several more players can be developed To The poinT where They may evenTually replace VarsiTy players and make a good, sTrong FronTier CenTral BaslreTball Team. WOOD LAWN GIRLS' SPORTS BOWLING First Row, left To right: A. Blain, M. Mabie J. Werner, K. Livsey, M. McGrath. J. Ross J. Unverdorben, N. Stock. Second Row B. Meyers, D, Biscaro, M. Breslin, S. Taleff B. Norton, E. Esch, J. Hesslink. Third Row J. Schubert, D. Goodheart, K. Eagan, R Stiefler, D. Bialota, J. Colley, S. Ochaske B. Rilzfel. - mwi BLASDEU' . T5 GXRLS SPCR ,,,, V ll E, Fumefe S. Sattlef- Q ll Y- A Lauricelld, B,-Rlqogonimrd Row: J. o e Row left to llllglilinls. D. Fllley' 'li First ' , J. 0 ' glial? allofllndefson' 72 5 . e. 5. Standing, left To right: S. Barth, J. Petersen, N. Gilson, D. Goodheart, G, Leibold, L. Moser, Kneeling: B. Meyers, M. Mabie. GIRLS' SPORTS The Girls Physical Educf:-:Tien classes This year have been very busy developing co-ordinaTion, cornpeTiTion and sporTsmanship as well as muscles. BaslceTball, volleyball, Tennis, badmin- Ton, and bowling are some oT The acTiviTies con- sTanTly bringing shouTs oT exciTemenT and ioy Trom The parTicipanTs. ExTra ecTiviTies are held aTTer school and some during The noon hour Tor The girls ol The Junior and Senior High School. Added To our inTramural program This year are Playdays - days in which several girls com- peTe in an ecTiviTy wiTh a group Trom anoTher High School. These are held noT Tor compeTiTi- Tion alone buT To sTimulaTe Triendship beTween schools. BLASDELL BOYS' INTRAMURALS First Row, left to right: A. Nagel, D. Lowe, R. Schetfler, E. Stelm Cabibi, A. Bianco, W. Quick, C. Second Row: J. Thiel, R, Krauss, A. Hansgen. T. Sargente, F. Larosa, R. Crusan, J. Pietrocarlo. Third Row: C. Perison, P. Hatlner, K. Kubiak, R. War- dell, J. McCarthy, D, Day, Fourth Row: T. Stopha, J. Capozzi, R. Snyder, Glover, P. Carosa, R. Morgan, G. Crance, G. Burger, R. Bontessuto, T. Lotocki, R. Jones, Fifth Row: J. Stelmach. R. Ritter, Coach Mead, R. Suto, Score-keeper, S. Zak, Referee, T. Caputo, Timekeeperg R. Chiodo. Lett to Right: S. Figiel, Gallineau, L. Obad, M. De L. Govennettio. BOYS' BOWLING First Row, T. Glover, W. Mazur, R ach, C. Conklin. BOYS' INTRAMUBHLS Intramurals at Frontier provide mainly tor students who do not participate in interscholastic activities. These activities are carried on atter school and during the noon hour. Intramurals provide tor both boys and girls and include touch tootlnall, soccer, tield hockey, basketball, table tennis, sottball and horseshoes. WOODLAWN M, Edwards, J. Barrett, R. Heiman, D. Olson, T. Perto, R. Anderson, P. Sipos, J, Schmidt, B. Nagy, left to right: R. Gaydon, T. Snyder, L. Texter, Second Row: R. Percy, L. Martinez, W. Annett, R. Snyder P. Harmon, R. Wardell, A. Bianco, A. Caputo, R. Flis, J. Frisa, C. Frisa, C, Cabibi. R. Bonner, J. McCarthy . Ritter, E. Clendening, C. Conklin, G. Burger. A. Nagel, L, Lindner, E. Crusan, R. Suto. 73 HE M , l , ' Ez s ,Q ,qi an di 'Wi? S z 5, 4? M, K 3. A 4 O , W gl K .W Q i " " """' V "71'97H-0 ag- J f wg N N. K , 15 -nf sms.. ,, V Q.. f ' Ll ryggliw X ,. 1 W -W . luke-K -wg Q A'Q-2, A ML, A ,qi 'P ,,,, 3' X 0 fl 'Q' uf ,L f .2 wi U Mr . u ,W-.F--..k,., , ,E ff . - -..e1ulS""' IAR , 75 Foe STELNAQH SERVICES Student discusses problem with Mrs. English, school nurse. Keep to the right. Order is Heaven's firs'c law." "How are your teeth, sonny?" IBUSI When day is done! Miss Adrian tests the hearing N 5Z l5.'51lJeiiif5ilfiw 4Lv:Qiis? 1 03" Af Y -mffh 1 sr' ww, ' 'K ww: v PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIHTIDNS HTHOL SPRINGS Lett to Right: Mrs. William Maiers, Secretary: Mrs, Clarence Warren, Presi- dentg Mrs. Joseph Sully, Vice-President: Mrs. Howard Albig, Treasurer. Standing Front, left to right: Mr. Frank Bigger, Mrs. Santo Tricarico, Mrs. Clarence Warren, Mrs. Theodore Smeltz, Mrs. F. Robert Greene. Standing Rear: Mrs. Paul Bushnell, Mrs. Stephen Northrop, P. T. H. PRESIDENTS BIG TREE P. T. It. Left to Right: Mrs. Harold Lindstrom, Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. Ellsworth Ahrens, Financial Secretary: Mrs. Herbert Linlrner, 2nd Vice-President: Mrs, Theodore Smeltz, President: Mrs. George Knapp, lst Vice-Presidentg Mrs. Louis Lehmann, Treasurer., . ,.f suuaam.:Wmf.4i.1.., w.hss-esN Left to Right: Miss Ann Carlin, Treasurer: Mrs. Stephen Northrop, President: Mrs. Stephen Kakook, Vice-President: Mrs. Charles Moore, Secretary. BLRSDELL P. T. A. "HARBOR PATROL" Always "on the alert" tor opportunities to aid the ship, Education, and to improve the home port's tacilities and morals, our P. T. A.'s have contributed in many ways: Wanakah's Book Fair, Athol Spring's Founcler's Day Panel Discussion and movies tor the Youth Committee, Big Tree's television set and memorial scholarships, BIasdeII's Hobby Fair and sponsorship ot an Adult Education play, Woodlawn's Scout Program, and Lalceview's Festival. 78 WHNAKHH P. T. H. Leff to Righi: Mrs. Gordon Yesser, Treasurer: Mrs. John Childs. Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. Joseph Enright, Vice-President: Mrs. Paul Bushnell, President. Absent Mrs. William Thorne, Recording Secretaryp Mrs. Lawrence Carrow, Vice-President. SHI-KELTON P. T. H. Lefi io Right: Mr. Walter Biely, Vice-President: Mr. Frank Biggar, Presidentg Mrs. Charles Thompson, Secre- tary: Mrs. David Burlre, Treasurer. Seated. left to righh Mrs. George Argus, Recording lvun Eckert Treasurer Mrs Richard Secretaryg Mr. A A . 1 - Kryder, Vice-President. Skanding: Mrs. F. Robert Greene, Presidentg Mrs. Clayton Wieder, Corresponding Secretary. LHKEVIEW P. T. R. WOODLHWN P. T. H. Lef! io Right: Mrs, Edward Meyers, Treasurer: Mrs Santo Tricarico, Presidentg Mrs. Lumen Brown, Secretary Absent: Mrs. William Tomoroy. Vice-President. ON THE HORIZON Ianuary 1954 The ground-breaking ceremonies for lhe new Fronlier Cenfral Junior- Senior High School 'ro be compleied in +he near fulure were a source of deep pride and ioy lo all associalecl wilh our school. They were, indeecl, a manifeslafion of lhe vision of our educalional leaders, and 'ihe abiding faifh of our cilizens in lhe dynamic, democrafic public school sysfem. Ei-Lf 1 L , . 1 sw AQ - iw U at, f V Bi. F.: x? 2 x .rv hx 'M 4 xg! x v x 5 X ,gl qui., -, x Q -. . X ex N Xe x N X QM xx Q K-N. Q X A R1- 1 x ' X K X xg. K X .N ' - ' X--4 . -N 2 - X ,x .Tj ag, A SA' . , ' ' x ' ' X --.S-XM 'X Ivy-vig? v 1 fi-Q S -rxivl' , L --xxx A -'X ?fgJ-ra vgff Lf QQ .T-H-K' its -' IS-if X-fr' ' -3 iqL.Eix'T+Si eq V. L g . 35 X - .-x N-AQ..-X " Xie ' - 4,1 mfg? Y fx... x .- . .X SR . Q.: K Y? . g.. U 'Qi' 9 pl r- ' ,, fwuug pg'-u 1 I .X

Suggestions in the Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) collection:

Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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