Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY)

 - Class of 1952

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WV 4 Miss Elma L. Titus 5 185 Wabash Ave. Blasdell Buffalo, New York 14219 1:-UF1?ER.'T'Y OF ' f. -- fi'-f'-:"'f7ET"" f1MmUf,G 5-V2 .i5'.Luxw.Vmv4 v'f1""' L I-1 I- XMLJ Lu. 1 -- 4 1 4 9 v 1 1 ,Rm 'idk' gg, if A WQANWI XM, V , , gf 45? wwf M Y i,M M 4M5 f'l l TllE.l, UAlN1 v OL UML: 1 JU 52 FUHEUIURD SINCE EIGHT SCHOOLS: AMSDELL ff9, ATHOL SPRINGS, BIG TREE, BLAS- DELL, LAKE VIEW, SHALETON, WANAKAH AND WOODLAWN WERE COMBINED T O FORM ONE SYSTEM, "MARCHING ALONG T OGETI-IER" IS AN APPROPRIATE THEME FOR THIS YEARBOOK. A NEWLY SELECTEDBOARD OF EDUCATION APPROVED THE NAME "FRON- TIER CENTRAL SCHOOL" BECAUSE OF THE GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION OF THE DISTRICT FACING THE CANADIAN SHORE. PLANS WERE BEGUN FOR NEW BUILDINGS TO HOUSE OVER TWENTY-FIVE HUNDRED STUDENTS. BLASDELL ANDWOODLAWN THE TWO HIGH SCHOOLS, FORMED COMPOSITE TEAMS FOR SPORTS. OTHER UNIFICATION FOR STUDENTS WAS DIFFICULT BE CAUSE OF GREAT DISTANCES AMONG THE VARIOUS SCHOOLS. CO-PRINCIPALS VERNON W. HEIMANAND CHARLESG. BUESCH, WITH THE BOARD OF EDUCATION, BEGAN THE TREMENDOUS WORK INVOLVED IN CEN- TRALIZATION. THE SEEMINGLYIMPOSSIBLE WORK WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED SUCCESSFULLY IF EVERYONE CONCERNED WILL BE . MARCHING ALONG TOGETHER, SHARING EVERY SMILE AND TEAR MARCHING ALONG TOGETHER, WHISTLING TILL THE SKIES ARE CLEAR SWINGING ALONG THE HIGHWAY, OVER THE ROAD THAT'S WIDE WITHOUT A BUGLE WITHOUT A DRUM WE MEAN TO CHASE THE JINX OH RUM TI-DID-DLE-DI HERE WE COME, WE 'RE HAPPY HINKEY DINKS MARCHING ALONG TOGETHER, LIFE IS WONDERFUL SIDE BY SIDE. 2. ADMINISTRATION FAC ULT Y CLASSES ACTIVITIES A UXILIARY M6745 UUHTEHTS NG ALONG TOGETHER, R - -- MARCHI Y SMILE AND TEA SHARING EVER Yearbook Staff In 1951, the yearbook, TheWood- lawnian, was awarded, the Buffalo Evening News trophy - the highest honor given for the particular divis- ion in which the book was placed. Untilthis year, the last issue of the newspaper was done in yearbook for- mat. Because of centralization it was necessary to publish a book for the entire district--thus The Frontierian. The staff has done its utmost to put between two covers all the prec- ious memories only school can pro- vide. Students and advisors from the two high schools have worked diligent- ly to make this edition a treasure of those unforgettable days. TOP PICTURE Standing- Carmen Marrano, Mr. Dunklin, Sally Page, Sitting-Mrs. Lawson, Marlene Heil, Grace Curtis, Miss Brethauer. CENTER PICTURE Standing- Mrs. Rutter, Bob Kast, BarbaraMaitland, WilliamBrogan. Sitting-RuthCrotty, Marylu Baker. BOTTOM PICT URE Standing - Helaine Hegedus, JoanWilson, Eugene Kraus, MaryAnnBusch, MayBell. Sitting- Bill Firth, Mr. Hawley, Stanley Bratek. Absent- Mrs. Wirtner, Jean Muszalski, Carol Cavalieri. MARCHING ALONG TOGETHER, WHISTLING TILL THE SKIES ARE CLEAR --- HDIHIHISTRHTIUH Board Cf Education MA HAROLD .LC g S oooo . ,,nv 1 j" X -Ep Q . w ' M 5 pg, I 4, ,, iii , r.-Lv 'L M'wf !5i1'..., ..,., ' K kg W,.4-QW Q ,fy THES JoH RN1 HOMER N BARBER RALPHGARNISH HOWARD DU iii- C , Q, 1 f A S 9 Q 'ti' a -x -L' ,?'ff""' 4 ,ij :Wu ,Ln K-1-wk. V:-"ws 2 M T H r , 1 ff Q ' X E I 'ax 2125 K ,Q W? HQ ' 6 f WEN H if Tw GEORGE KENERDELL JOHN W. KLEIS . F, ROBERT GREENE HENRY LEYH President Vice-President fy L l g ' o ifll f A o o AP S? BEN J. WERTH LORRAINE G. BAUER CLEMENT JOHNSTON Treasurer Clerk Attorney ' 6 ROWE Administrators ANDREW C. BEAM District Superintendent ,A-.yur CHARLES G. BUESCH ruction Co-Principal of Inst I 5:1-Q , 2' 5 IF lJ',' X . 5 1 ' vi w 5 ' as' . VERNON W. HEIMAN Co-Principal of Administration CENTRALIZING The organizing of Frontier Central has brought together for the first time many communities for the purpose ofgiving to all ofthe children of the area equal as well as greater educational opportunities. The task of unifying must be approached in the spirit of mutual cooperation, eachwith a thorough understanding of the related situations. Conclusions must be tempered with patience and progress must be made slowly. This procedure applies not only to the administra- tion, the faculty and the Board ofEducation, but equally as well to every organization and to every individual in the area. The students can and will contribute much to the real job of "centralizing" if they, too, will be patient, will attempt to understand fellow students, and will be willing to work with them. It has often been said that a chain is not stronger than its weakest link. Those links to which we refer, we must repeat, are PATIENCE, COOPERATION, and MUTUAL UNDERSTANDlNG.Theymustbe continually strengthened. FY 7 Hjlibli 1lbfWf'UWH i i3LH Principals Standing- Edith Avery, Amsdell Schoolg Vernon Heiman, District Co-Principal Administrationg Francis Manley, Woodlawn Schoolg Charles Buesch, District Co-Principal Instruction, Donald Dix, Lake View Schoolg Ruth Pray, Blasdell High School. Sitting- La Reta Jenny, Shaleton Schoolg Marion Creedon, Woodlawn High,Schoolg Vera Schrader, Big Tree School, Hazel Burly, Wanakah Schoolg Hildegard Bagg Athol Springs School. Secretaries ft was or 5:5 g cuff? 'K tg ' 'S' JEAN LEYDA .TANICE WING LUELLA BARCO 8 FHUULTU SWINGING ALONG THE HIGHWAY, OVER THE ROAD THAT'S WIDE ATHOL SPRINGS SCHOOL ' Ik Pk lk MILLICENT KNAUER Music HILDEGARDE BAGG Building Principal ERMA CLARKE Grade 5 MILDRED GREENE Grade 4 GWENDOLYN POWERS Grades Z 81 3 AMSDELL SCHOOL ik 101 19' EDITH AVERY Building Principal, Grades 1-3 ETHEL HARRIS Grades 1 8: Z IRMA WIRTNER Art JUNE WILLIAMS Kindergarten EVELYN SCHILL Grade 6 JEANNE EGGLEST ON G rade 7 BIG TREE SCHOOL. xi :eq ae: ELVIRA HOSTETTLER Grade 3 DORA HERREN Grade 1 EVA ANTHONY Grade Z DOROT HA SMITH Kinde rgarten DOROTHY FAULRING Grade 1 BETTY SEUFERT Grade 6 MARION SZUFLITA Grade 4 ALICE HERREN G rade 7 HELEN RICHARDSON Grades 3 81 4 JEAN SCHASSAR Grade 6 ,ig MARJORIE BRADLEY Nurse L OIS HOPPE Substitute GRACE KLINE Grade 8 N ORMA CR IDEN Music VERA K. SCHRADER Building Principal KATHERINE POHL English Sz French CHARLES ALFANO Science ELIZABETH HAESE English 8: Latin CLAREALICE BRETHA UER Social Studies SERAFINO GROTTANELLI Mathematics GERALDINE HERRICK C omme rcial XJ' BLASDELL HIGH SCHOOL ELMA TITUS Junior High English at Guidance DAVID DARVILI.. , Junior High Social Studies R UPERT MILLER Citizenship Education MYRTLE HAWLEY Commercial 81 Mathematics FRANC E. TITUS Junior High Mathematics LINDA LAWSON Library THE ODORA SIMON Music MARTHA MEAD Physical Education 8: Health , JANE HUGHES ' Home Economics WILBER MORGENFELD Industrial Arts CHARLES MEAD Physical Education 8: Health NORMA HAGNER Music ANNE ADRIAN Nur se BLASDELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Jklkik MARTHA HUNT Grade Z IRENE MOORE G rade 2 LOTTIE RANDALL Grade 1 ARLENE CROOK Kindergarten LET TIE SCHOFER G rade 1 VIRGINIA SCHWERT Kindergarten HILDEGARDE CORDT Grade 3 LAKEVIEW SCHOOL :er le: :or DONALD DIX Building Principal, Grade 7 8: 8 LE ONA ECKERT Kindergarten PATRICIA GRASER Grades 1 81 Z MARGARET MALICAN Grades 3 8: 4 JOSEPH KLIMSCHOT Grades 5 8: 6 DOROTHY BRENNER Grade 5 CHARLOTTE THOMAS Grade 4 MARGERY COLLEY Grade 4 MARGARET BROWNLEE Grade 5 LOUISE MOSS Grade 6 DOROTHY KLEIS Grade 6 WANAKAH SCHOOL lk at lk CARL LYONS Physical Education SONJA MAIN Secretary JEANNE WILSON Grade 7 HA ZEL. BURLEY B uilding Principal ETHEL NILES Grade 8 MARION BARR Grade 6 SHALETON SCHOOL lk lk Bk ANNA ST ORE Y Grade 1 OLWE RXEERS Secretary MARJORIE R OSE Kindergarten LOLA DV ORNSKI Grade 3 FL ORENCE SCHUTTS Grade 4 LA RETA JENNEY Building Principal, Grade Z GERALDINE BREEN Grade 5 DOROTHY COOTS Nurse PATRICIA BULGER G rade 4 MARGARET MALCOLM Grade 1 JANET BRADWAY Grade 3 RUTH STAHL G rnade 2 t , J .14 WANAKAH SCHOOL 4: sk go: DONNA CROSBY Grade 5 ROSEMARY GATES Grade 4 EDNA DUNKLIN Grade 1 MARGARET BENNETT Grade 2 MARJORIE MEYER Grade 3 RUTH HEILMAN Kindergarten HYLA SMITH Grade 1 RUTH HARAUSZ Grades 1-Z MARY IERVOLINO Grade 3 DOROTHEA DUFFY Grade 2 SHIRLE Y SMITH Kindergarten PATRICIA SCIVE Grade 3 ROBERT MOORE Business MARION CREEDON Building Principal COLETTA RUTTER Art ANNA FAT UR OS H Jmemaking WILLIAM SCHILL Industrial Arts MARGARET FISKE Music WOODLAWN HIGH SCHOOL if Ik Pk RENAT A MITTMAN English BETTY EYMAN Social Studies ALT ON DUNKLLN Mathematics LESLIE HAWLEY Science Sz Adult Education ROSALYN CREEDON High School English LAURENS DIETZ Boy's Physical Education THOMAS PFOHL Social Science IDA REES Girl's Physical Education .QILLIAN BORKAN Library EDWARD SAKOWSKI Junior High School ULHSSES WWRYLU :BAKER W1THOUT A BUGLE, WITHOUT A DRUM WE MEAN TO CHASE THE JINX--- N " , ,Q fqgg fri k Jsgffw,-,y-' : e ' :z.,,.- ' ?51gEf,, n swf 50' Y 5 5 A , if ,I Q U jf 1 'fjkx If P ,sw .' .. 7' gm.. ' I ggxmmw. ' 5 121 ff' , A w 4F1'WwEwm SMH Mwwwe A My ig' Tixg iw o A if gas ,fl orgy L,! Q ,ll ' . A J S I Me7H?fwx,'ff yvyggf 1 ,gli Iiwg? .i w -ww -in 1.2-4. if ,I I I E ,, M f i' In I II l??WlQg,1,.l..,1.u K mqT vmwwg ff. si ' i X S-N-. wi ' L.' V --ze xx ' Q A , gif t Ev, tx S K lem - Q V' , v-- 5 S vm? up gf' .Q H, sg? I Seniors KATHERINE P. POHI.. Senior Class Advisor EDWIN COMSTOCK "EDDIE" regal, flirtatious, understanding President JAMES BAKER "BEAGER" a,th1etic, brawny, amusing Vice President JOAN STAVREFF "JOANIE" vivacious, impulsive, energetic Secretary EUGENE PAOLINI "GENE" jovial, polite, likeable Treasurer PAUL. THOMAS "PAUL" industrious, clever, prudent Student C ouncil Representative JAMES AROUNE "JIM" musical, energetic, cooperative SHIRLEY BRESSETTE "SHlRI.." friendly, joyful, artistic 18 ALT ON 'DUNKLIN Senior Class Advisor JAMES NAGY "JIM" enthusiastic, congenial, competent President STANLEY BRATEK "STASH" musical, efficient, athletic Vice President MAY BELL. "MAY" quiet'n studious, neat, cooperative Secretary CHARLES BOSECK "BOZO" mannerly, serious, earnest Treasurer HELAINE I-IEGEDUS "HEL.AINE" studious, persistent, dependable Student C ouncil R epr esentative ANN EWING BAKER "-ANNIE" creative, intellectual, nonchalant MARYLU BAKER "LU" artistic, demure, trim . . . , , 131:71 I 17 ff ' "- AV M JW4' ix ' ' , ' 'L W ,JL J ' i E , Sv 53 fl - - 5 I I V - ,. P- 5 , .r r 'Tiyiix A A , " Y ' .Q 2 ' ,f-K I ig'- 4 4-, N gs: ,JZ 5 -lui A14 -jf' X S, if gn Flgfsig i :X sity' We ' 'Ly' N., X 5. K xl f' lu, -i pf ,N A .,,,. 5 ' v - X N I' W -Bai-. XRS 'f'-- 14? kg 'wiiiiiifii V' r 1 l , " -is lil I v,,,,,4M,.'. 4 I :if ,T A- -5 5.46 rf , , , 75' A ' fl , X 3 ' ' SB! Q 7, X J E X A1 X 'Z T is f 'J 5 'W I 't ,:,,.. 'g gg "'?+i'1,'Q. : ' N . I 1 , ' M, L FP R L' 2f+-vi I i R L .u-uit: jf kd X w N..w,.f ..,, ,J - . ." ,5 "" 3952 If - -' ,. L. f'a'9w.,, 3' '42 V . w ., UL! W. ' ' ff2w53i??Q,i52i f ...lf . f exi f'-fl ,gpg " ,T ,J-M? -fi- . 54? .SRM 'X 4 ..7ff.jLfi9ffi 3 ,fLL if . ..., , v M Wx' X955 if I 8 -I fg WILLIAM BROGAN "B" witty, mischievous, active JOHN BUCHANAN "JOHN" shy, studious, agreeable MARY ANN BUSCH "MAIZIE" intelligent, sincere, fun-loving KENNETH BUTTS "KEN" artistic, ambitious, good-natured DENNIS DILLINGHAM "DENNIE" amiable, witty, neat DOLORES GRETKA "DOL.I..Y" talented, dependable, attractive ELEANOR HAFFNER "EL.L.IE" musical, placid, ardent JEANNE HOPPE "HOPPY" demure, complacent, intellectual RONALD BLOHM "RONNIE" loyal, reserved, patient VIVIAN BUTCHER "VIV" considerate, amicable, good-natured CAROL CAVALIERI "CAROL" friendly, sociable, co-operative GRACE CURTIS "GRACIE" spirited, cooperative, affable EUGENE DURUSKY "GENE" humorous, determined, athletic GERTRUDE EHRHART "GERTIE" -ef W f A f My gf ,Z A E Q2 0 S I t G ? utils ' , f ,asus Q Z' '-it M . fe , ' 1 Qs? 'Cie 'wif i "':f""A quiet, petite, modest V V I 4 ig: 7 ,, , . "s- WILLIAM FIRTH "BILL" A athletic, sincere, scientific 5 "" - L X. kkyk- ,rig fff as W! ROBERT FRANCIS "BOB" B " f y unassuming, polite, casual ui 4' , 1 YY-...J ' Af, f iw- v- 1 H "" W' 7 ,vw 41 ' iff y A 1-XE,-.xJ1': ,... 5 .L ' f mm' - HM Mvrpnx T I' It ,l CI, ...4 ,TWH jf Vi ' ' lriili. 1 ,,.-UQC Q- i on "f ',,f.i...1 I1-' --' " 2 xbiiqlm L 1 .,i...f -w.,..... sels Q redltiit Al l ' Y XA vw. BARBARA KUBIAK "BARB" alert, attentive, versatile x ff 'f ' ef me .," LAURIE LA FLAMME "LAURIE" wi practical, appreciative, understanding "' SUE LATONA "sUzY" competent, fastidious, firm 5 1 BARBARA MAITLAND "BABS" 1.3 ? congenial, talented, dignified 347 6' .,k. ga, nav E 'F THOMAS MILHOLLAND "TOM" V, reserved, aristocratic, photogenic g1IT"A W r Af" siit i fi JEAN MUSZALSKI "JEANNlE" A l,X,, P Creative gregarigus, effervescent MM LEROY NAMLIK "REBEL" - J A skillful, casual, cooperative r--' g X if fl K? fir- '- -J. , fs? -' -ef f' . :Q I A ! Qygj ' it SHIRLEY PARKER "SHIRL" A I-df courteous, diligent, poised n M "4 ll 22 JOAN HARTLOFF "JOANNIE" gay, agreeable, lively MARLENE HEIL "MARL" resourceful, versatile, fun-loving PATRICK KELLY "PAT" intellectual, calm, polite EDWIN MARKY "DUKE" sociable, carefree, considerate CARMEN MARRANO "CARM" athletic, thoughtful, reliable DORIS OBERST "DORIS" nice. energetic, quiet f-igf 1- ,, rjvf V . f. 5 'dim ' msg.. ll A, J - f , X S N fi! 1 A. Q L ,,, Q 1 Q ff ' , ' I If P ' L 1 F T353 "lt, BOX L ,,b,, b A A if , ss f'W3f'?g7.f ' 145-0, 5 W1 1 H Q, W , f 1 1 111 ' V ere' - ' ff . ' 6 I1-ef . wi, SYLVIA PAGE "SALLY" reliable, mi rthful, amiable PATRICIA RATCHUK "PAT" vivacious, enthusiastic, genial ,ff "7 .: L f': -A -ff-,fb ' Tj' R15 ' A 1 f - 1 U I il i s t -' fiv " f Q. A LM, xg 35 ' 5 M, I . Jw 3 ' M s o 7 4 4 t 1 1 fyff -XS N ,- . , W, ,gr i' A kxkkb ..,v 4 Qi 5 c gf ' 1 gf Q ii ' ,qw-11' if Q N N.- H 1 5 ' . 6 f fff' ,g in, 'fi ,"L -. ,Lv, if ,F X, RM M fi? X s lv 43' I' fr A qi - '- iff, 1 1,L V .": 1 K-ob It ,. iz 'us-4. ADALBERT ROJEK "DEL" sociable, stately, spirited WILLIAM RYAN "BILL" pleasant, moderate, natural DAVID SPUNCK "DAVE" modest. dependable, considerate PAUL SULLIVAN "PAUL" quiet, adaptable, enjoyable PATRICIA WHITING "'PAT" keen, conservative, sincere PEARL WHITING "PEARL" reserved, conscientious, obliging JOAN UNGER "JOANIE" discreet, artistic, alert W if fp. , K v 7' ' QEW K JOAN WILSON "WILLIE" dependable, concentrative, conscientious JOHN ROMANOWSKI "JOE-lNNIE" athletic, likeable, industrious MARILYN STADLMEIR "SUSIE' patient, composed, courteous ALICE STRNAD' "CRISCO" diligent, sloontane Jus, vigorous DONNA STRINE "LU LU" polite, friendly, sedate DOROTHY TOMASIC "D0TTIE" social, hard worker, cheerful CHARLES WARD "CHUCK" benevolent, alert, ' devilish JAMES ZIEGELHOFER "JIM" imaginative , gene r ous , mannerly STANLEY ZAK "STAN" unassuming, polite, temperate fBlasdellj 'ivlf' T, J' ' V" xl' Lf HAMBURG .tllb'i'Olxli4AL SUGIETY fa a ,-f', 5 "x' '14 www P 9 x tu - " ' lb 6 rg' mul! nl 1' f l ,ff gi H x t ' 5 fr? ,-wt' , V 7:55, K W fi 43' A Q 'f ,L Q, rl, W 3, SEEK LK, ka if , Q f ! " if v ' if 65? aaa? , ,. t' -' J as , 451- .br-Aifsilggil fi it 4.4 , me .4 f LM U 'J Q I Q na' 9 ' J . X . .ji f it ng U ,h A ,.' yky4X55N,oR I . T 3 ' ,X P'C-n L05 ' . WW" 'EL W Af,. L I Vg ttitn 1? sis, t QXXQMQ' if JAMES AROUNE Mixed Chorus 10, ll, 12 Band 10, ll, 12 Basketball ll Football Manager 12 Latin Club President Boy's State Rep. ll Musical Comedy 12 Senior Play ANN EWING BAKER Chorus 10, ll, 12 Assembly 10, ll Woodlawnian ll, 12 Senior Play Intramurals 12 JAMES BAKER Seniors STANLEY BRATEK Band 7, 8, 9, 10, ll, 12 Chorus 8, 9, 10 Soccer 9, 10, ll Basketball 10, 11 Football 12 Service Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Mike Club 10, 11, 12 Intramurals 7, 8, 9, 10, ll Assembly 7, 8, 9, 10, ll Yearbook 12 Woodlawnian 9, 10, ll, 12 Senior Play Class Vice President 12 Class Secretary 7 Student Council Rep. 9 Assembly Band 10, ll, 12 Pep Band 10, ll Mixed Chorus 9, 10, ll, 12 Variety Show 10 Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12 Baseball 9, 10, ll Latin Club 9, 10 Secretary 9 Class Vice President ll, 12 Musical Comedy 12 MARYLU BAKER Yearbook ll, 12 Woodlawnian ll, 12 Senior Play fmake-upj MAY BELL Band 10, ll, 12 Assembly 8, 10, 11 Woodlawnian 7, 9, 10, Yearbook 10, 11, 12 "30" Club ll Senior Play Class Secretary 12 RONALD BLOHM Yearbook 11 Intramurals 10, ll Senior Play fsoundj CHARLES BOSECK Soccer ll, 12 Service Club 10, ll, 12 Band 9. 10 Senior Play -i 5 ii f'b'vq I 9 ' 6v SHIRLEY BRESET TE Volleyball Bulletinette WILLIAM BROGAN Mixed Chorus 9, 10, 11 Operetta 9 Variety Show 10 Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12 Football ll, 12 Treasurer 10 Class President ll Bachelors Club 12 Yearbook 12 JOHN BUCHANAN ll, 12 Class President 10 MARY ANN BUSCH Mixed Chorus ll, 12 Glee Club 10, ll, 12 Variety Show 10 Madrigals 12 Latin Club 9, 10 Girl's State Rep. ll Bulletinette ll Musical Comedy 12 Senior Play Yearbook 12 VIVIAN BUTCHER Chorus ll, 12 Assembly 10 Woodlawnian ll, 12 Yearbook ll, 12 Senior Play fpromptl WNY Press Association Of J fi w ' Ea 1 93539,-, , . fifflv' ' 'E 5 595... 'f,v': E3 5 kt - " 5: if ' 1 I -1+ 'un 26 KENNETH BUTTS Bulletinette ll, 12 Basketball ll Yearbook 12 CAROL CAVALIERI Yearbook 12 Woodlawnian 12 Intramurals 12 Senior Play fusherl EDWIN COMST OCK Football 12 Class President 12 Senior Play GRACE CURTIS Assembly Band ll, 12 Woodlawnian 10, ll, 12 Woodlawnian Editor 12 Mike Club 9, 10, 11, 12 "30" Club ll Band 7, 8, 9, 10, ll, 12 Chorus 9, 10, ll, 12 Assembly 11 Student Council Rep. 7, 8 Student Council Secretary 10 Senior Play Pep Band 11 Yearbook ll, 12 DENNIS DILLINGHAM Mixed Chorus 10, 12 Variety Show 10 Basketball 9, 10 Football 10, 12 Musical Comedy 12 Senior Play EUGENE DURUSKY GE Soccer 9, 10, ll, 12 Football 12 Band 9, 10, ll, 12 Chorus 9, 190 Mike Club 9, 10, ll, 12 Intramurals 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Assembly 8, 10 Senior Play Class Vice President 10 RTR UDE EHRHART Chorus 12 Assembly 7, 9 Intramurals 7, 8, 9, 10, ll, 12 Senior Play fdoorl Seniors WILLIAM FIRTH JEANNE HOPPE CARMEN MARRANO Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Soccer 10, 11, 12 Baseba11 9, 10, ll, 12 Senior Play Class President 10, 11 Student Council Treasurer 12 Yearbook 12 "30l' Club ROBERT FRANCIS Transferred from Teck DOLORES GRETKA Mixed Chorus 10, ll, 12 Glee Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Variety Show 10 Rep.. A11 stare choir 10, 12 Rep. Erie County Choir 10, ll Orchestra 10 Madrigals 12 Latin Club 9 Bulletinette 9, 10, 11, 12 Drum Majorette 10, ll, 12 Cheerleader 9, 10, 11, 12 Musical Comedy 12 Senior Play ELEANOR 1-IAFFNER Mixed Chorus 10, ll, 12 Glee Club 9, 10, ll, 12 Band 9, 10, ll Orchestra lo, ll Variety Show 10 Bulletinette 9 JOAN I-IARTLOFF Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12 Intramurals 9, 10, ,11, 12 Senior Play fusherl Woodlawnian 9, 10, ll, 12 Yearbook ll Assembly 9, 10 I-IELAINE HEGEDUS Mike Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Student Council 10, ll, 12 Assembly Band 11, 12 Band 9, 10, ll, 12 Intramurals 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Assembly 7, 8, 9, 10, ll Senior Play Woodlawnian 3, 9, 10, 11, 12 Yearbook 12 "3O" Club 11 Pep Band 11 Bulletinette 12 MARLENE HEIL Chorus 10, 12 Assembly 10, 11 Senior Play Woodlawnain 12 Yearbook 12 Intramurals 11, 12 WNY Press Association ESSPA C onfer enc e PATRICK KELLY Intramurals 10, 11 Senior Play flights, Tennis 10, ll, 12 Assembly 11 BARBARA KUBIAK Mixed Chorus ll, 12 Glee Club ll, 12 Treasurer 11 Bu11etinette12 LAURIE LA FLAMME Class Secretary 9 Bulletinette ll, 12 Cheerleader 9, 10 SUE LATONA Secretary ll Latin Club 9, 10 U. N. Rep. 10, ll, 12 Senior Play BARBARA MAIT LAND Mixed Chorus 10, ll, 12 Glee Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Variety Show 10 Madrigals 12 Latin Club 9, 10 Bulletinette ll Musical Comedy 12 Senior Play Yearbook 12 EDWIN MARKY Soccer ll, 12 Basketball 10 Yearbook 11 Woodlawnian ll Senior Play fstagej 27 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Football 12 Baseball 9, 10, ll, 12 Soccer 9, 10, ll Mike Club 10, ll, 12 Service Club 10, ll, 12 Intramurals 9 Assembly 9, 10, 11 Band 9, 10, ll, 12 Senior Play Yearbook 10, 11, 12 Student Council President 12 Class President 9 Student Council Vice President ll Volleyball 10, ll, 12 Music Club Vice President ll Assembly Band 12 THOMAS MILHOLLAND Football ll, 12 Basketball 11 Baseball 11 JEAN MUSZALSKI Mixed Chorus ll, 12 Glee Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Variety Show 10 Bulletinette 10, ll, 12 U. N, Rep. 11, 12 Volleyball 11 Cheerleading 9, 10, ll Musical Comedy 12 Senior Play Yearbook 12 JAMES NAGY Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Soccer Managerll, 12 Senior Play Chorus 9, 10 Class President 12 Class Treasurer 11 Class Vice President 9 Woodlawnian 9, 10, 11, 12 Mike Club 9, 10, ll, 12 Assembly Band 11, 12 Pep Band 11 Music Club President 12 Basketball Manager 11, 12 LEROY NAMLIK Bachelors Club ,yur :Q E- lxj . Y' ,?'N,l Q ' fi? 152 I 7 93 n , E-il Z' DORIS OBERST Chorus ll, 12 Cheerleading 9 Intramurals 7, 8, 9, 10, ll, 12 Assembly 7, 8, 9 Senior Play fdoorl SYLVIA PAGE Band 9, 10 Chorus 9, 10, ll, 12 Assembly 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Woodlawnian 7, 8, 9, ll, 12 Yearbook 11, 12 Mike Club 10, ll, 12 Senior Play fprops 8: costumesj Class Secretary 10, 11 EUGENE PAOLINI Mixed Chorus Operetta 9 Football 9, ll, 12 Baseball 10, 11 Class Treasurer 9, 12 Bulletinette 10 Seniors WILLIAM RYAN Football 9, 10, ll, 12 Baseball 9 Basketball 9 Class Treasurer 9 DAVID SPURK Football 9 Basketball 9 MARILYN STADLMEIR Chorus 9, 10, ll, 12 Senior Play Qpropsl Woodlawnian 11, 12 JOAN STAVREFF Mixed Chorus ll, 12 Glee Club 9, 10, ll, 12 Variety Show 10 Volleyball 10, 11 Bulletinette ll, 12 Musical Comedy Senior Play Senior Play Qproduction managerj DONNA STRINE SHIRLEY PARKER Mixed Chorus ll, 12 Glee Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Variety Show 10 Volleyball 9, 10 PATRICIA RATCHUK Cheerleading 10, 11, 12 Chorus 9, 10, ll, 12 Senior Play Assembly 9, 11 Intramurals ll, 12 Class Secretary 9 Woodlawnian 11 ADALBERT ROJEK Mixed Chorus 10, ll, 12 Variety Show 10 Basketball 9, 10 Musical Comedy Senior Play Ass't. Production Manager -TOHN ROMANOWSKI Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 Football 12 Soccer 9, 10, 11 Class President 8 Class 'Treasurer 10 Class Vice President 7, ll Chorus 10 Intramurals 7, 8, 9 Assembly 10, ll Senior Play Cheerleading 12 Chorus 10, 11, 12 Intramurals 7, 8, 9, 10, ll, 12 Assembly 7, 8, 9 Senior Play ALICE STRNAD Chorus 9, 10, ll, 12 Intramurals 7, 8, 9, 10, ll, 12 Assembly 7, 8, 9, 10 Senior Play fusherl PAUL SULLIVAN Mixed Chorus 9, ll, 12 Boy's Chorus 9, 11, 12 Bulletinette 12 Senior Play PAUL THOMAS Student Council 12 Senior Play DOROTHY TOMASIC Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12 Woodlawnian 11, 12 Intramurals 7, 8, 9, 10, ll, 12 Senior Play fprograms-usherj Class Treasurer 9 Music Club Treasurer 12 JOAN UNGER Mixed Chorus 10, ll, 12 Glee Club 9, 10, ll, 12 Variety Show 10 Bulletinette 12 Volleyball 10, 11, 12 Z8 CHARLES WARD Assembly 9, 10, 11 Tennis 9 Senior Play fstagel PATRICIA. WHITING Glee Club 9, 10 Bulletinette 12 PEARL WHITING Glee Club 9, 10 Bulletinette 12 JOAN WILSON Mixed Chorus 11, 12 Glee Club 9, 10, ll, 12 Variety Show 10 Madrigals 12 Latin Club 9 Musical Comedy Senior Play Yearbook STANLEY ZAK Baseball 10 Basketball 9, 10 Football ll Baseball Manager ll Basketball Manager 11, 12 Football Manager 12 Bulletinette ll, 12 JAMES ZIEGELHOFER Tennis 10, 11 Senior Play fsoundl Intramurals 10, ll Volleyball Li-W -sm. I I L0 .E iz' ff! - ly J 1 ' P Qu, I y M, mi 5 3 1 WIZVMV I H1 H1l1,",11 1 i l i I Y 1 11 li E gf: - 1' iiiill in g if' 1 1, 1 , ik I 4 1' 1 31,1 11 xx 9131...-.1 5 .illiw f l 1" 5. rf 'Help To the rescue Art class Paper mache bowls A Christmas scene At ESSPA in Syracuse The "Dolly Sisters" Monkeys or people Friends Coach Organ serenade What goes there Do-si-do's eat Getting pinched ! ? ! Here's your stuff Any mistakes? Eagle Aeyes . -19. Posing ? Kukla, Fran and Ollie Three musketeers The City Brats dui' iii? 'uv Nice catch Come and get it Get ready--charge! watch the Birdie Our gang Diplomats Just pals Farky off tackle Refueling I Dog Patch Making out Lucky day Class of '52 Feminine Homo Sapiens Goldilocks The boys ' Junior-Senior Prom Labor fakers Ambitious? The hero Guess who? ? Junior picnic Heave ho A slide full Beauty and the Beast "Viv" Glamor girl I Q4 A g L' , V if ,Jx ix. , Back Row- Henry Zak, Clifford Brehm, George Leyda, Robert Melander, John Troup, Ge Jrge Brown, David Gardner, Frank Cappozzi. Fourth Row- Joseph Fortini, Eugene Stopha, Frank Til, David Taylor, Eugene Kraus, Robert Talbot, Daniel Podkulski, Ralf Kuehney, Third Row- Natalie Logan, Sylvia Stoklosa, Nan- cy Evans, Ruth Green, Vice Pres. 5 Kathleen Reedy,' Joanne Blim, Karen Zuppinger, Elva Wilson, Patricia Krause. Mr. Serafino Grottanelli, Patricia McGuire, Gail Braun, Theresa Ferro, Peggy Goodberry, June Annett, -Patricia Dylik, Faith Foley, Miss Clarealice Brethauer. Front Row- Francis Northrop, Richard Flack, Marie Alvarez, Vincent Yacobucci, Pres.g Sue Moss, Linda Cessna, Sec. 3 Robert DiMatteo, Treas. Alice Stehpenson. Blasdell 53 JUNIOR ACTIVITIES This year the Junior Class started out with an overwhelming success, the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Girls made vegetable corsages for their "dates" and the race held Dog Patch style entertained everyone. Girls who didn't catcha beau at the dance were given a second chance when the Leap Year dance was held N fi :stat The last dance the Juniors sponsored was the traditional Junior-Senior prom in a setting of soft lights, softer music and frothy dresses. However the class did not "dance" its way ' ' ' throughout the whole year. Candy was sold to help pay for the television set, source of manyfine ' programs. In the late spring, the Juniors enter- tained the Seniors at a picnic. The class was very pleased to have so many " J -,1 , Juniors take part in athleticsjrnusicals, and other activities. Sylvia and Gene with a Milton Caniff original done during ESSPA Convention. 32 Back Row- Robert Pearson, Bernard Eckert, Donald-Baxter, Raymond Haines, William Tomasic, Law- rence Gregory, Donald Kroll, Marshall Easton. Fourth Row- Anna Rados, Barbara Olson, Joan Young, Carla DiOrio, Patricia Kirisits, Ruth Crotty, Elaine Holthoff. Third Row- Donald Heppner, Richard Schauger, William Cole, Sharon Butcher, Patricia Stasierowski, Aleil Baxter, Thomas Kashino, John Klepp, Second Row- Mr. Moore, Richard Bordanaro, David Dorge, Robert Kast, Carol Bartus, Betty Smith, Joanne Kelly, Patrick Manley, Adam Madeja, Miss Fiske. Front Row- Joann Schlau, Ann Govenettio, Har. old Fedick, Berndine Eckert, Emerick Kokot, Martin Beckman, Delores Joseph, Charles Clark, Marie lgnorante, Francis Carmody. Absent- Armand Gebbia. Woodlawn 3 The Class of '53 enjoyed a happy and busy year. Many problems arose, but were easily solved. The responsibilities included the presenting of the Junior- Senior Prom, with its soft lights and smooth music, the purchasing of class ringsg and the building up of their treasury . A baked goods sale,a dance and the collection of dues were the various ways in which they increased the funds. In the midst of all this, the Juniors did find time for a class party. Excitement runs high as the members of this class anticipate the activities of their Senior year. JOLLY JUNIORS .. P.-, ly? - 33 Back Row- Ralph Streb, Harvey Becker, Kenneth Kubiak, John Thiel, Robert Wasmund, Vice Pres. 3 Le Wible, Peter Stevanoff, David Timm, Joseph Unger, Russell McCloud. Fourth Row- Charles Perison Theodore Stopha, Thomas Lotocki, Richard Velez, David Nowakowski, Eugene Crusan, Andrew Kuszak, Pres. 3 Robert Bonner, Arthur Nagle, George Namlik, Third Row- Judy Phelan, Shirley Lyke, Emilie Esch, Barbara Warner, Sylvia Baily, Ruth Stiefler, Glenda Graham, Marilyn Saunders, Joyce Phelan, Francis Lee. Second Row- Mr. Wilbur Morgenield, Charlotte Quinlaven, Suzanne Sattler, Dawn Ellis, Donna Tilert, Suzanne Taleff, Sec. Q Judith Hesslink, Virginia Silvestri, Kathleen Both, Ester Palmer, Eleanor Fumerelle, Miss Geraldine Herrick. Front Row- Robert Ritter, Charles Cabibi, Carol Lawton, Joseph Stelmach, Mary Ann Patterson, Lewis Lindner, Adeline Lauricella, Richard Kraus, Barbara Nor- ton, George Clever, Gerald Druzbik. O i Blasdell 54 Sweaters, skirts and slacks were the mode at an afternoon Sports's Dance held by the Sophomores Jan- uary ll. It was a new experience for the students to stow their books in their ,lockers and cavort gaily about the gym to the accomplished music renderedby four of their classmates. In April, an evening dance was enjoyed by all who attended. Dignity was tossed to the balm wind as the mem- bers ofthe class capered at Chestnut Ridge to work up an appetite for sizzling hot-dogs, tasty potato salads, delicious cakes and long, coo'l cokes--a WOU- derful picnic to close their vear's activities. 1 SOPHS DO WORK 34 Back Row- Richard Clark, Ronald Howe, Donald Spencer, Joel Bus, George Plarr, Gladys Van Buskirk, Joseph Louvam, Linda Ward, Vincent Miller, Neil Carpentier, Gordon Poecking, Donald Jasuira, Ray- mond Goodrich. Third Row- Bernadine Rukavina, Amber Scott, Veronica Meyers, Jewell Knight, Helen Florino, Ethel Larson, Dorothy McCleanan, Geraldine Marrano, Diane McLeod, Joan Ponivas, Lois Goodwin, Nancy Rush. Second Row- Raymond Brown, Grant Craakman, Edward Kast, John Gretka, Raymond Marky, Ruth Altherr, Joanne Altherr, John Gearman, Patrick Manley, James Bus, ,Sandy Cheney, Larry Scheffler, Mr. Hawley, Advisor, Front Row- Miss Mittman, Advisor, Shirley Wick, Richard Graf, Martha Firth, James Green, Student Council Representative, Stanley Figiel, Vice Pres- ident, Margaret Kelly, Secretary, James Frisa, President, Eugene Seidleck, Treasurer, Anita Rodriques, Marlin Goodheart, Kay MCB:-atnie. Woodlawn 54 Thurnbing through our 1951-52 memory book, we smile as we remember our class party with its over abundance of food, the dance in April with its glitter and excitement, our picnic at the park complete with the usual fun and food, our struggles with the, our new found friends via "Frontier Central", James Frisa, Presidentf Miss Mittman and Mr. Hawley. As we close another year, we anxiously look forward to the next, guided as always by our motto borrowed from Edgar Guest: Somebody said it cou1dn't be done, But we with a chuckle replied That "maybe it cou1dn't, but we would be the ones Who wouldn't say so till we tried. SOPHS AT PLAY 35 Back Row- Gerald Durward, Richard Krautsack Donald Barnes James P b t G1 - 1 , a s , enn Mead, Charles Palys- Zeskl' Robert Pe1'CY- William Page, David Nowicki. Second Row- Earl Ficklesher, Pat Carosa, Rosario Bonfessuto, Arthur Hansgen, Robert Wardell, William Streb, David Tinkham, Mr. Charles Alfano. Front Row- Nelson Palmer, Helga Kuehnel, Charles Aroune, Vice Pres. 3 Janice Parkinson, Sec. 5 Gerald Burger, Pres. , Shirley Harris, T1-eas.5 John McCarthy, Joan Schlottrnan, Thomas Sargenti. Back Row- Robert KIYSZ-ak, Edward Cooper, Dianna Firley, Carol Burns, Audrey Wing, Margel Mit- chell, Phyllis Guay, Donald Harvey, Alfred Clothier. Third Row- Mina Texter, Rita Zaiac , Arlene T1-ella, Doris Wilcox, Norma Geigals, Dolores Biolota, Adeline Mitchell, Karen Clever. Second Row- Luella Mc- Carthy, Margaret'Dy1ik, Janet Harmon, John lmburgia, Phyllis Perison, Mary Rogers, Miss Elma'Titus . Front Row- Paul Haffner, Sally Schultz, Sue Lang, Elaine Koch, Jeanne Guay, Donald Salisbury. Back Row- W. Kozuch, C. Stratemeir, J. Latsch, G. Schumacher, H. Lombard, N. Keller, K. Sickau, P. Ludlow, C. Randall. Third Row- Miss Faturos, B. Jasuria, R. Andrisani, R. M. Floreno, S. Koester, B. McLennan, J. Lee, C. Livsey, J. Crotty, L. Bozgeh. Second RowkMrs. Rutter, L. Scheffler, H. Wal czak, C. Carmody, B. Gerwin, D. Goodheart. R. M. Ehrhart, A. Dorge, J. Sterlace, D. Holland, Miss R. Creedon. Front Row- M. Levorchick, C. Zerby, G. Edwards, P. Lichon, R. Scheffler, R. Scheffler, M. Haas, H. Croakrnan, R. Obad, K. Lucas. Absent- D. Edwards, D. Garlock, C. A. Wendt, P. Zeckser G. Campbell. , Back Row- F. Fueller, A. Colafranceschi, H. Bell, R. Cheney, W. Baker, J. Bus, P. Bus, L. Gibson, G. Hansen. Third Row- P. Pinter, E. Zegler, A. Scott, J. Schubert, S. Trayford, S. Ochaske, M. Schumach- er, D. Rush, D. Ruddy- Second Row- Miss Faturos, J. Scazafavo, B. Meyers, J. Hnffman, J. Schlau, P. A. Keller, A. Walczak, M. Monahan, J. L. Wright. Front Row- Mrs. Rutter, W. Fessel, C. Frisa, D. Provins, O. Gearman, A. Schumacher, M. Francis, B. Garnish, C. Augrorn, Miss R. Creedon. Absent- M. Johns, D. Crabtree. C Back Row- W. Pabst, A. Caputu, P. Roche, R. Velez, B. Esch, A. Andrukat, C. Bressette, T. Weise, J. Hoffman, L.. Zygula. Fuurth Row- C. Fallon, F. Caputo, B. Busch, J. Lyke, .1 Kogut, A. Ryan, N. Kinglsand, Sec., S. Kuebler, P. Druzbik, E. Miller. Third Wow- Mr. D. Darvill, I... Geigals, D. Smith W. Mazur, Vice Pres., C. Collard, L.. Texter,.'A. Marracino, J. Byrne, R. Crusan, J. Eldridge, R. Grajeda, B. Hartman, Pres. Third Row- R. Orr, P. Salisbury, W. Ferro, N. House, B. Christini, R Palyszeski,Sec.g J. Furnerelle, H. Yetman, B. Simon, T. Snyder, Pres., E. Moss, Treas. Front Row- Mrs. M. Hawley, V. Taneff, J. Flick, R. Syta, I. Karpio, J.-McNeil, J. Nowakowski, T. Yacobucci, A. Druzbik, C. Young, A. Walters, Treas.g N. Sealy. Back Row- S. Firley, G. Tasseff, D. Walters, J. Hopes, J. Phelan, W. Cole, D. Blim, E. Stelmach, J. Williams, W. Annett, G. Salisbury, N. Kapuszak. Fourth Row- N. Schultz, A. Lancon, J. Thiel, J. Unger D. Parkinson, R. Snyder, J. Zuppinger, D. Nelson, M. Reufak, K. Eagan, C. Kiebler. Third Row- B. Spicei, E. Wright, H. Leyh, F. Cooper, C. Ward, B. De Botte, J. Mohney, M. Mikos, P. Bishop, M McNulty, J. Colley, H. Corcoran, E. Crance. Second Row- Mr. R. Miller, W. Quick, K. Yetman, D. Boyer, W. Morrison, M. Taylor, D. Smith, C. Haffner, R. 'Chiodo, P. Barrera, T. Stefanacci, B. Pal- mer, C. Betker, Miss F. E. Titus. Front Row- P. Harmon, D. Dunne, N. Wing, D. Saunders, Treas M. Palmer, Sec.gH. Warner, Vice Pres., D. Haws, Pres., D. Lowe, Pres., J. Phelan, Vice Pres., K. Norton, Treas., P. Kingsland, Sec., C. Ward, A. Koch, L.. Ferro, A. Biance. 21 S Back Row- W. Strasser, R. Rosiek, R. Hartloff, W. Kuta, R. Payak, B. Holland, H. Agate, J. Tomljen- ovich, J. Pinter. Fourth Row- Mr. Sakowski, B. Trusilo, B.1Duval1, K. Hazlett, D. Baker, S. Ander- son, E. Martin, P. Wiencek, M. Schroeder, F. Langbein, M. Culver, Mrs. Borkan. Third Row- G. Price, I... Eckert, R. Barco, J. Heppner, M. Anderisani, C. Walker, P. Hartloff, E. Barth, P. Lydon, N. Hughes, R. McKay,1I... Casta, I. Hackemer, D. La Frenei, A. Mure. Front Row- E. Skowronski, D. Ponivas, J. Govenettio, S. Rogers, J. Rush, C. Trusilo, R. Dreyer. J. Latsch, J. Trayford. Absent P. Culver, J. Duval, D. Wright, J. Fraus, T. Livsey, R. Eaton. Back Row- J. Dolinar, R. Pacyon, R. Edwards, J. Stasierowski, D. Woolford, D. Mortimer, P. Friscic, A. Evans, E. Ruchalski, D. White, A. Dolinar, E. Ver. Fourth Row- D. Prior, S. Bednarz, R. Fred- enberg, J. Pjontek, R. Heppner, R. Striker, J. Crandall, R. Schenhardt, G. Lee, G. Harrity, J. Dono- van, P. Fergen. Third Row- Mrs. Eyman, Adv., J. Dunklin, J. Helit, G. Leibold, J. Piniewski, M. Kimball, H. Puleo, J. Olson, F. Longbine, T. Gilmet, J. Sanchez, S. Wilson, J. Helit, Mr. Schill, Adv. Second Row- R. Sroda, J. Colafranceschi, M. Rados, E. McKay, R. Brown, P. Kirisits, S. Gretka, W. Ruback, E. Morey, S. Barth, S. Herrmann, A. Larson. Front Row- R. Selig, L.. Brown, H. McKay, A Leach, P. Randall, D. Govenettio, D. Jones, B. L.. Carney, J. Anneser, R. Fessel, R. Gallineau. Absent- M. Sroda. n l Back Row- Miss Grace L.. Kline, Richard Carmody, John Capossi, Brian Kubiak, Stephen Maricich, Kev- in Ellis, Larry Schultz, David Burlar, Donald Golinski. Third Row- Carol Miller, Helen Christ, Carm- ella Picirrilli, Marline Bowers, Joanne Picirrilli, Mary Jane Ftecho, Berta Ellen Anderson. Second Row- Percy Hunt, John Burns, Mildred Van Buskirk, Cecilia Carosa, Carol Blyth, Michael Dombrowski, George Strasser, Front Row- Richard Flis, Florence Lichon, Treasurer,Earl Clendining, Vice President, Charles Hund, President, Judith Ann Smith, Secretary, Ralph Willcox, Timothy Glover. Back Row- R. Hartman, S. Spurek, R. Kay, E. Weiskerger, R. Toporek, D. Buckle,J. Hooper, S. Vullo Second Row- R. Percy, D. Pavone, D. Sponholz., J. De Mateo, J. Talbot, B. Smith, R. Talbot, Front Row- J. Evoy, F. Robbins, P. Kozub, D. Wood, V. Ipng, M. Van Buskirk, R. Cabibi, C x' xt' 'A 'Y' 21 3 3 Back Row- hobert Martin, Richard Holynski, Robert Brooks, James Baritot, Douglas Bushnell, Nelson Wheaton, Jerry-Kamman, Robert Biscare, Peter Doyle. Middle Row- Marcia Grosskopf, Molly Maloney, Barbara Cheshire, Barbara Slawson, Bradford Congdon, Jack Pichardt, Ethel Rybarezyk, Carol Crook, Kathleen Breslin, Loretta Rooney. Front Row- Gary Hughes, Joann Travis, Joy Husband, James Rose, Henry Hogan, Martha Kocic, Carolyn Lippert, Richard Brox, Joe Buzak. Back Row- Edward Vallone., Bruce Woodworth, Gary Barber, George Maue, Constance Word, Clyde Ives, Louis Sartori, Alan Neuffer, James Moran. Third Row- Sally. Henry, Bernice La Caille, Linda Moser, Mary Lou Carberry, Dolores Biscaro, Joanne Werner, Jane Ross, Virginia Rooney, Toni Messner, Luella Hoefler, Mrs. Wilson. Second Row- Karol Masterman, Margaret Wiltsie, Ellen Yesser Doreen Thorne, Ann Blain, Janet Morlock, Nina Jean Kirkby, Mary Jane McGrath, Barbara Kearbeline. Front Row- Mary Beals, William Mabie, Carol McKenna, Gerald Kempf, Mary Ellen Breslin, Perry Christ, Marie.Mabie. A- 3 SV! -' i C Back Row-James Greene, Ronald Abbey, Donald Heater, Roberta Ruddy, Judy Schiedel, Sally Schiedel, Don- ald Cotton, Bruce Gearman. Middle Row- Marcia Augrum, Celilia Mastrangelo, Beverly Dobbs, Dorothy Kelly, Rose Mastrangelo, Joan Ziegelhofer, Judy Orts, Sharon Pettingill, Beatrice Morlock, Front Row- Williarn Walker, Gary Ward, Shirley Wieder, James McGillicuddy, William Gomez, Joyce Lombard. James Fitzsimmons, Paul Petek. Absent- Lester Smith. Back Row- James Harrity, John Wilson, David Dean, William McLaughlin, Glenn Woolford, George H d R . . . . . owar , oger Ludwig, Ronald Racinowski, Second Row- Mrs. Jeanne Eggleston, Shirley Durett, Dor- othy Piniewski, David Barnes, Wayne Foit, Joseph Dombrowski, Lenoir Reimondo, Jessica Franklin. Front Row- Joseph Luciow, Jerry White, Bruce Wutz, Dorothy I-laugh, Nan Vogt, Nancy Bunte, Ches- ter White, James Newland, James Schill. O i 5 A MLS FR ONTIER ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Frontier Elementary students are housed in eight school buildings. These vary from the one-room school ofAmsdell to the larger schools such as Blas- dell. Woodlawn. al1dWanakahin which many grades have two classes. Many of these schools have well equipped cafeterias. I I LUNCH TIME , E 5' s- .m MAPS CAN BE FUN Amsdellschool has only one teacher who is also the principal. Athol Springs is a very attractive building whichfacesCampRoad. Recently, a brick addition was made to Big Tree School which is lo- cated at the corner of South Park Avenue and Bay ViewRoad. Blasdell'sElementarySchool, onArthur Avenue, was built in 1911 and a brick addition made in l925. Lake View School, originally two rooms, andbuilt otwoodwas built in the late 1800's but now has had additions made to better accomodate the number of pupils. Shaleton is a four room building on Heltz Road. Plans are being made to build a new school to replace this one. Located on Lake Shore Road, Wanakah School was built on the SOCIAL ST UDIES PR OJECT "ml WELC OME VISIT OR early site of a one room log.cabin, probably built in 1800. The Indian name "Wanakah" is very appropriate for it means "Beautiful Land by the Water," Woodlawn School for elementary grades is on Lake Shore Road. - -ip vt' V3 we 9-'V I ASSEMBLY PR OGRAM The district owns 'five buses and contracted six others totransportthe students of all these schools. The routes thatwere taken made a very complicated system but made it possible for pupils living great distances from schools to have transportation sup- plied to them. OF HAMBURG l'ilSliOixlUAL SOClE'i'i' SCHOOLHS OUT DISMISSAL IN THE KINDERGARTEN GYM C1-A55 SOUARE DANCING IN GYM f . N N ,. . Z ' Mf'2:P'9- I Q 5' iissa x -N , 44 HCTIVITIES OH RUM TI-DID-DLE-DI HERE WE COME WE'RE HAPPY HINKEY DINKS --- Music A school without music would be like a bird without a song -- but not so Frontier. Several organizations both instrumental and vocal give many students opportunities to develop their talents and entertain their parents and friends on various occa- sions. Both high school bands were represented in the Fire Prevention Parade early in the fall. Agratify- ing number of students were selected from the bands and choruses to take part in the annual Erie County Music All High Concert and another highlight ofthe year was the annual District Music Festival. In Februarythe Blasdell Music Department gave a musical comedy "The Hither and Thither of Danny Dither. " On March 14, the Woodlawn Music Organizations presented the annual spring concert. After a year of performing for school assembly programs and P. T. A. meetings the various organ- izations closed the yearis activities with music for graduation exercises. HAMMOND ORGAN CLASS AT WOODLAWN HIGH SCHOOL Standing- Diane Jones, Marilyn Stadlmier, Joanne A Rose Andrisani, Janet Dunklin, Margaret Kelly, MissF Seated- Elaine Holthoff. Absent- Catherine Hazlett, Lombard, Martha Firth. BLASDELL MIXED CHORUS Back Row-R. Streb, W. Page, A. Rojek, G. Brown, L. Wible, P. Stevanoff, S. Moss, G. Leyda, J. Baker, R. Wasmund, D. Dillingham, E. Paolini, H. Zak, Fourth Row- L. Cessna, D. Gretka, J. Wilson, N. Logan, S. Parker, B. Warner, J. Unger, S. Stoklosa, M. Saunders, M. A. Busch, B. Maitland. Third Row-C. Peri- son, R. Ritter, D. Taylor, P. Sullivan, G. Clever, R. Wardell, E. Ficklesher, F. Northrop, H. Barraclough, J. Aroune. Second Row-Mrs. T. Simon, G. Graham, B. Kubiak, J. Parkinson, J. Stavreff, P. Dylik, K.Reedy, M. Alvarez, S. Sattler, K. Zuppinger, E. Palmer, S. Harris, E. Haffner. Front Row- J. McCarthy, G. Burger, T. Ferro, A. Lauricella, A. Stephenson, M. A. Patterson, J. Annett, G. Braun, V. Silvestri, J. Muszakski. N. Palmer, D. Salisbury. 46 1.1.31 95' .li X . .I 1 ii was 2 W was 3 shi if -fi '53 WOODLAWN ASSEMBLY BAND Stanley Bratek Grace Curtis D1ane McLeod James Frisca J1m I Nagy Hela1ne Hegedus Raymond Brown Eugene Durusky Emrn erick Kokot. i BLASDELL BAT ON TWIRLERS 'ww S On Stairs- Kathryn Eagan Ruth Hesslink Ada Walters Martha f l-Iaffner. On Floor- Dolores Gretka May Page Phyllis Perison , Nancy Kingland Helen Corcoran Suzanne Lang. f A A 3- 'K ' , ,. Q 4-4 I' Q A if 4? "Pl ' 'x H x bf. ,N 6 Z . : I X 7 -'V l 122 ' f f 7 g .- ' Z . S " 3 ' f f V y rnra J ,, . ,iv 4- W.. . .2-4.5. " -1 . in rf " G, f ',. ere' J 3 W? ' I ' Q N I Y X" ' 2 G.. we 1 A . f t, ' , N QQ? w Q. i . , . f gl . x :'V g gl.: J, my 1 .N ,. , 'gl ,gl , t gl E? we el Q . - . . , W . . , I y . . ,, s 1 X . 4 . 5 , - 1 , I A A . 4 f' V., 1 , , - A . . :TT 3 Vnaa . . M .f l f If M . - 1 ,-1- 1 - . f :M - i ' - ' ' -w it , ' e-' , Q 1 - ' , -- , E . er . - . 2 'itff l ll Q w . ' 2. Y 4 ' c 'E' ga' ' A it l P . - '- ,,.. . , J ...M A 1 1 - 2 , "' 'ml '45 0 ik S 1 BLASDELL CHOR US Back Row- J. Phelan, F. Lee, M. A. Busch, D. Gretka, S. Stoklosa, J. Phelan, J. Stavreff, K. Juppinger Logan, B. Maitland, S. Moss. Fourth Row- J. Wilson, H. Kuehnel, J. Unger, Dylik, P. Guay, B. Kubiak, E. Haffner, B. Warner, J. Guay, S. Lyke, E. Esch. Texter, R. Stiefler, J. Parkinson, F. Foley, K. Reedy, M. Alvarez, R. Jazak, Firley, K. Clever, S. Sattler. Second Row- S. Lang, E. Fumerelle, C. Burns, J. Muszalski, G. Braun, M. A. Patterson, S. Taleff, L.. McCarthy, D. Wilcox, Front Row- J. Hesslink, C. Lawton, A. Stephenson, J. Annett, P. Perison, T. Rogers, B. Norton, J. Hr.v:rnon, E. Koch, A. Lauricella, V. Silvestri, 47 1 M. Saunders, L. Cessna, N. S. Parker, G. Graham, P. Third Row- S. Schultz, M. E. Palmer, S. Harris, D. P. Goodberry, M.. Dylik, D. Tilert, Mrs. T. Simon. Ferro, H. Scholttrnan, M. ' BLASDELL BAND Standing- Mrs. T. Simon, D. Gretka, S. Schultz, C. Betker, B. Palmer, W. Ferro, G. Clever, U. Croce. Third Row- D. Taylor, W. Page, R. Wasmund, P. Stevanoff, J. Mohney, N. Palmer, D. Park- inson, R. Snyder, H. Warner, J. Parkinson, B. Norton, A. Biance, P. Barrera, R. Chiodo, H. Leyh, A. Stephenson, J. Hoffman, C. Hoffner, G. Brown, M. A. Patterson, G. Leyda, A. Lauricella, J. Aroune C. Persion, R. Ritter. Second Row- J. McCarthy, S. Sattler, S. Long, T. Ferro, D. Saunders, N. Schultz, M. Saunders, R. Percy, R. Krauss, S. Moss, Front Row- N. Wing, E. Kraus, K. Reedy, M. Taylor. BLASDELI.. ORCHESTRA Standing- Mrs. Theodora Simon, Peggy Bishop, Virginia Silvestri, Brent Palmer, William Ferro, Seated Back Row- Howard Warner, James Hoffman, Helen Leyh, Robert Snyder, Charles Hoffner, James Mohney Second Row- Laura Ferro, Nany Sealy, Pau, Salisbury, Patrick Roche, Arnold Bianco, Robert Chiodo, Judy Kennerdell, Walter Mozurm Paul Barrera, Norman Wing, Suzanne Sattler, Alma Lancon, Nancy Schultz, Shirley Harris, Dorothy Parkinson. Front Row- Dona Saunders, Joan Schlottman, Margaret Palmer, Dar- lene Dunne, Janice Parkinson, Donnie Barnes, Michael Taylor. WOODLAWN CHORUS Back Row- C. Randall, E. Ver, A. Dolinar, G. Poeking, J. Bus, R. Cheney, D. Provins, D. Crabtree, C Carmody, J. Frisa, J. Latsch, M. Beckman, J. Bus, J. Dolinar, R. Clark. Third Row- N. Rush, A. Rados, J Crotty, P. Pinter, B. Jasuira, C. Di Orio, M. Heil, A. Scott, J. Sanchez., S. Page, B. Olson, V. Butcher, D. Joseph, C.. Wendt, D. Tomasic, B. Rukavina. Second Row- R. Graf, S. Butcher, V. Meyers, J. Knight, S. Trayford, G. Marrano, M. Stadlmier, P. Stasierowski, J. Kelly,M. Kelly, C. Bartus, G. Leibold, Grace Curtis, S. Koester, D. McLeod, D. Strine, R. Andrisani, C. Clark, Front Row D. Oberst, M. Haas, J. Anneser, M. Johns, G. Edwards, H. Croakman, A. Govenettio, P. Ratchuk, G. Ehrhardt, P. Zeckser, J. Scazafavo, M. Monahan, F. Carmody, Absent- J. Lee, P. Lichon, N. J. Gilson W. Baker, H. Lombard, D. Govenettio, WOODLAWN BAND Back Row- Gordon Poecking, Lawrence Gregory, Domenic Govenettio, James Nagy, Barbara Meyers, Har- old Fedick, Eugene Durusky, Helaine Hegedus, Bernard Eckert. Third Row- Rose Andrisani, Stanley Bratek, Jerome Bus, Raymond Haines, Neil Carpentier, Emmerick Kokot, John Latsch, Paul Friscic, Carrnem Marrano, May Bell, Joan Sanchez, Second Row- Diane McLeod, Lumen Brown, Dawn Goodheart, Joanne Kelly, John Gretka, James Frisa, Marlin Goodheart, Howard Bell, Raymond Brown, Veronica Meyers, Elaine Holthoff, Front Row- Grace Curtis, Margaret Kelly, Gail Leibold, Alice Dorge, Hester Croakman, Miss Fiske, Director, Joann Anneser, Carol Bartus, Sylvia Barth, Edward Kast, Russell Che- nev. Student Government 50 Principles of democracy are upheld and practiced in these scziools Students experience many phases of self-government and the value of good leadership. BLASDELL. Back Row- Donald-Sa1isburyf9D, Leo WibleflOj, Paul Thomas UZJ, Front Row- Miss C. Brethauer, Bernard Esch UQ, June Annett fill, Carol Ward WANAKAH Back Row- Peter Doyle, Service Clubg Mrs. Burley, Mrs. Niles, Henry Hogan Front Row- Bar- bara Slawson, Wanakanp Martha Kocic f8j, James Rose f8J, Joy Husband f8J, George Maue W OODLAWN BackRow- ShirleyRogers James GreenflOj, Dolores Joseph fllj. Front Row- He1aineHegedus 1125, Alma Lea- ch QSJ, William Firth, Treasurerg William Tomasic, Vice Presidentg Carmen Marrano, Presidentg Bar- baraRiffel. SecretarygMr. Moore, Faculty Advisor. Absent- David Crabtree Pubhcauons Three of our schools published newspapers. In this way, students and parents are informed of activ- ities in the school. Staff members enjoy seeing the genius of a facile pen in print. WANAKAN With the publication of the Graduation number of the Wanakan for this year, the magazine of Wana- kah School will have completed fourteen years of publication. Due to various circumstances the num- ber of issues each year has varied. However, there is now a general history of the school from 1938-1952, not to mention bits of earlier history which were gathered in 1950. Annual features have been the poetry and story contests. The seventh and eighth graders have had an opportunity to ,par- ticipate in a high school type of activity which has been an asset as they have gone onto other schools. WOODLAWNIAN "The Woodlawnian"--- the school paper repre- sented hard work and effort. The reporters buzz- ed around like bees in search of interesting news items. The typists had the long tedious task of putting all the material together and running it off the press. The art workers, of course, helpedwith clever covers and illustrations to make the public- ations attractive. In fact, the entire staff lent a hand in order to put an interesting school paper into the hands of the appreciative student body. It was apleasure for all of us to help with the public- ation of this year's four issues. Our sincere appre- ciation went to Miss Mittman, Mr. Moore, and Mrs. Borkan for their able guidance. W OODLAWNIAN STAFF Back Row- James Nagy, Helaine Hegedus, May Bell, Nancy Rush, Joan Hartloff, Marylu Baker, Elaine Holtoff, Nancy Jo Gilson, Theresa Lichon, Dick Graf. Fourth Row- Delores Joseph, Vivian Butcher, Mar- lene Heil, Shirley Ochaske, Carol Cavalieri, Donalda White, Sandra Trayford, Sally Page, Ruth Crotty. Third Row- Pat Kirisits, Diane McLeod, Gerry Marrano, Pat Stasierowski, Marjorie Rados, Shirley Koe- ster, Barbara Riffel, Jewell Knight, Ronnie Meyers, Second Row- Mr. Moore, Edward Kast, Ethel Larson Anita Rodriguez, Peggy Kelly, Ray Marky, Kay McBrantnie, Dawn Goodheart, Pat Ratchuk, Robert Kast, Miss Mittman. Front Row- Mrs. Rutter, Joann Anneser, Barbara Meyers, James Frisa, Ass't. Editor, Sharon Butcher, Ass't. Editor: Grace Curtis, Editor-in-Chief, Stanley Bratek, Business Managerg Gail Lei- bold, Carol Bartus, Mrs. Borkan. . , Wat., ' , , ., so BULLETINETTE STAFF Back Row- Raymond Ernewein, Henry Zak, Vincent Yacobucci, David Nowakowski, Joseph Fortini, Stanley Zak, Eugene Kraus, Robert Melander, Harvey Becker, Ralph Streb. Third Row- Pearl Whiting, Joseph Unger, Dolores Gretka, Joyce Phelan, Patricia McGuire, Diane Firley, Emilie Esch, Sylvia Stoklosa, Pat- ricia Whiting, Kenneth Butts. Second Row- Miss Geraldine Herrick, Jeanne Guay, Barbara Kubiak, Faith Foley, Donna Tilert, Judith Hesslink, Jeanne Hoppe, Jean Muszalski, Joan Stavreff, Helga Kuehnel, Miss Elma Titus. Front Row- Andrew Kusczak, Theresa Yacobucci, Victoria Taneff, Janet Harmon, Mona Mit- chell, Alan Koch, Laurie La Flamme, Suzanne Taleff, Elaine Koch, Norman Wing. BLASDELL. BULLETINETTE This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of the Bulletinette, the Blasdell High School news- paper. In February 1938, a staff of eight Fresh- men organized to publish a four page newspaper to keep the school informed of their various school activities. ltwas namedtheFreshmen Bulletinette. Because this paper was so enthusiastically re- ceived by the student body, faculty, and Mr. Charles Buesch, Principal, it was continued under the name, Blasdell Bulletinette, and news from the school included. By l94l the paper had grown to a twelve page edition with a cover. It not only informed parents of the various school activities, but kept the school departments in contact with each other. Miss Elma Titus, Freshman English teacher was the advisor. During World War ll, as well as at the present time, the paper was sent free to all the boys in service who had attended Blasdell School. The many letters from these boys showed how much this was and still is appreciated. Two hundred and fifty schools belonging to the New York State Empire School Press Association send copies of their papers to be judged in Syra- cuse. The Bulletinette has earned an"All New York" 52 rating.for the past four years and in 1950-51, having attained the highest possible rating, the school was awarded the Adelaide Woodruff Memorial Plaque. This year the Frontier Central Board of Edu- cation sent to the Press Convention held in Syra- cuse, the following delegates: Mr. Et Mrs. A. Dunk- lin, Mrs. L. Borkan, Marlene Heil and James Frisca from Woodlawn, MissE. Titus, Mrs. I... Law son, SylviaStoklosa and Eugene Kraus from Blas- dell. The delegates were very proud when Miss E. Titus was selected Vice President of the Press Association. The National Quill Sz Scroll society rated the Bulletinette third highest in the mimeographed mag- azine section in l950-51. For several years Miss Titus had taken pictures of classes and various activities to be published in the last issues -of the paper because Blasdell had no Yearbook. This year the Bulletinette discontin- uedthe pictures and cooperated with the Frontier- ian in the yearbook project. The Bulletinette pledged its continued support to the yearbook. With the capable assistance of Miss G: Her- rick in typing and Mrs. J. Wing in mimeographing, and the faithful encouragement ofMiss Pray and Mr. Buesch, the Bulletinette looks forward to many successful years. KW! i'f'fll7YUf5F' ,m JU"XSnLYBlW Athletics A healthybody houses a sound mind so Fron- tier Central rnaintainedseveral teams in its ath- letic program--soccer and football in the fallg basketball during the winterg baseball, tennis and track in the spring. NS VARSITY FOOTBALL I The two high, schools in the Frontier Central School marched 'along together to a victorious football season. Forming a composite team from Blasdell andwoodlawn gave the students a chance to work and play together. Mr. Charles Mead and Mr. Serafino Grot- tanelli pr :ved their capability by leading the teams toa completely victorious season. Bill Brogan from Blasdell and John Roman- owski from Woodlawn proved their prowess with the pigskinandbecame high scdrers for the sea- son. ' - Albion almost tippedthe team off the victory pedestal but Frontier rallied and won by a sin- gle touchdown. L FOOTBALL VARSITY SCORES Frontier 25 Silver Creek 6 Frontier 37 Clarence 7 Frontier 24 Lake Shore 7 Frontier 32 Springville 0 Frontier I2 Albion 6 Frontier 38 Orchard Park 6 4 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL The Junior VarsityFootball team played only three games-enough, however, to show some very fine mat- erial ior a varsity squad. Mr. Joseph Klimschott coached this team and changed several rookie players into semi seasoned players. Although the season was not victorious as far as scores were concerned, the boys won each others respect, admiration and friendship. J. V. SCORES Frontier 6 West Seneca O Frontier 0 Springville 12 Frontier 0 Orchard Park 20 F OOT BALL VARSIT Y Back Row- Raynmond Ernewein, Tom Milholland, Eugene Durusky, Harvey Becker, Armond Gebbia, Eugene Paolini, Bill Ryan, Dave Gardner, Henry Zak, Frank Capozzi. Middle Row- Mr. Grottanelli, Bob Wasrnund, Leo Wible, James Baker, Bob Morgan, Bill Brogan, Ed Comstock, John Troup, Peter Stevanoff, Mr. Mead. Front Row- James Aroune, Don McNulty, Stanley Bratek, Larry Scheffler, Eugene Kraus, James Pyne, John Romanowski, Carmen Marrano, Stanley Zak, Manager. l! ,,.,. . i Grwlfivt' f?'DT3?':' ' JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Back Row- John Thiel, Gerald Durward, Charles Perison, Charles Aroune, Neil Carpenter Edward Cooper George Brown. Middle Row- Mr. Charles Mead, Robert Talbot, Robert Percy, Andrew Kusczak V1toCroce Charles Palyszeski, David Taylor, Mr. Joseph Klimschott. Front Row- Glenn Mead, Gary Crance Theo dore Stopha, Sanford Cheney, Russell Cheney, Ralf Kuehnel. SOCCER lk lk lk Outstanding team spirit and "will to win" proved the outstanding factor in the Frontier Central Soccer teams victories over many of their favored opponents. The first two games of the season saw Holland emerg- ing with a victory in the first game and -the Frontiers- men fighting back in the last seconds to stave off de- feat and secure a tie with the same team. Two ofthe closest and most exciting games of the season were playedwith Amherst Central. Frontier emerged' vic- torious over visiting Amherst, 3-Z, and in turn was edged, Z-l, at Amherst. Arch rival Orchard Park alsoprovided thrilling -competition with Frontier win- ning both fiercely contested games. Frontier also de- feated Gow twice to finish a very successful season. Holland Holland Amherst Gow Orchard P. Amherst Gow Orchard P. Holland Holland Amherst Orchard P Orchard P Amher st VARSITY here there here there here there here there JUNIOR VA here there here there here there RSITY SOCCER VARSITY Back Row- Mr Dunklin, Coach, Charley Boseck, Scorekeeperg Hal Fedick, Ray Goodrich. Middle Row- Marty Beckman, Gene Seidleck,George Plarr, Bill Tomasic, Stan Figiel, Donnie Baxter, Jim Nagy, Man- ager. Front Row- Bob Kast, Jim Green, Ed Marky, Bill Firth, Captain, Red Croakman, Dick Graf, Ray Haines. SOCCER JUNIOR VARSITY Front Row- Raymond Brown, Richard Schauger, Raymond Marky, Adam Madeja, Howard Bell, Michael re, Coachg William Baker, Charles B,oseck, Manager, Arthur Dolinar, John Latsch, Alex Baxter, Kenneth Picxau, Edward Kast, Rudy Obad, Paul Ludlow Curtis Stratemeier, James Levorchick, Mr. Moo Nagy, Manager. ' - WM" ,N M . 'H ' K f . - , k M 5 , -- 1 I W ,WMF .SV L- SECTION VI CHAMPIONS Although off to a shaky start, Frontier came back strong to gain a tie for the A championship in regular season play. As a result Frontier met Eden in a special playoff game and emerged vict- orious, 37 - 2.9. Depew was Frontiers next oppon- ' ent. After trailing for three quarters, Frontier forged into the lead and held on to topple Depew, 51 - 44. In the semi-final game, Frontier stunned Wilson, 46 - 34. This victory entitled the Front- iersmen to meet Fredonia in the playoff finals at Memorial Auditorium. In the most exciting game of the season, Frontier edged Fredonia, 43 - 42 to become A Champions of Section Six. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier West Seneca Lake Shore Eden Sloan Springville Sloan West Seneca Lake Shore Orchard Park Eden Springville Orchard Park Back Row- Mr. Dietz, William Firth, Frank Capozzi, Raymond Ernewein, Henry Zak, Vincent Yacabucci James Nagy, Manager. Front Row- Stanley Figiel, James Green, William Brogan, Carmen Marrano Ar mond Gebbia, William Tomasic. Sitting- Richard Schauger, Manager. Missing- Mr. Schill. 'L fig.. 2 QRS, ,L vs'-5 , mgxfk ,gtyer ,,t, inf! Back Row- Mr. S. Grottanelli, R. Wasmund, B. Eckert, R. Goodrich, H. Fedick, E. Seidleck, R. Middle Row- L. Wible, P. Stevanoff, R. Haines, D. McNulty, E. Kraus, Front Row- R. Melande Cfusan- IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier Frontier PROPER H MEURG HID Back Row-G. Burger, E. Ficklesher, J. Bus, K. Sickau, D R. Bonessuto. Middle Row- Mr. C. Mead, J. Irnurgia, C. Ludlow, H. Bell, R. Percy, M. Levorchick, S. Zak. Front Salisbury, C. Palyszeski, G. Mead, W. 'Page, G. Hansen, G R. Brogan. A WOODLAWN HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL 1951 Back Row- Stanley Figiel, Dan Wicher, Robert Walczak, Carmen Mar- rano, Larry Scheffler, William Firth, Richard Clark, Robert Pearson. Middle Row- Mr. Dietz, Edward Kast, John Bridgeman, Richard Bor- donaro, William Tomasic, Stanley Bratek, Ray Haines, Richard Schau- ger Mr. Schill. Front Row- Richard Graf, John Romanowski, Robert Kast. Absent- Emerick Kokot, Eugene Seidleck, James Seidleck, Ray- mond Goodrich. INTRAM URALS Intramurals have become traditional at W ood- lawnHigh School. They provide competitive and social activities for boys and girls who otherwise might never have had the opportunity to 'partic- ipate in such activities. Mondays and Wednes- days are set aside for boys, Tuesdays and Thurs- days for girls and Fridays for social activities , including both boys and girls. These activities take place from 3:15 to 4:00 P. M. and from 12:30 to 12:50 during noon hour. Among the activities offered are Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball, Foul Shooting Contests, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Shuffle Board, Soft Ball and Tennis. After winning the regular season com- petition, the Woodlawn High School base- ball team defeated North Collins and Lew- iston in the playoff only to wind up on the short end ofa3-Z score in a thrilling game with Clymer in the sectional finals. WOODLAWN HIGH SCHOOL. TENNIS 1951 Back Row- Mr. Moore, Bernard Eckert, Wilfred Eckert, George Borst, Robert Brown. Front Row- Adam Madeja, Geo- rge Plarr, James Frisa. ,lf 11' - 3 ., f X ll, , 1 W Pat Ratchuk, Dolores Gretka, Dor- othy Tomasic, Sylvia Stoklosa, Jear Muszalski. C ,f 'ix kr . ' ? . f,2'! Standing- Ronnie Meyers, Adeline Lauricella, Barb Meyers, Sue Satt- ler, Ann Rados, Shirley Harris. Yum? CHEERLEADERS In the fall, red and white outfits flashed on the football field: in the Winter, maroon and White sparkled on the basketball court as our cheerleaders united our voices by their untiring efforts. School spirit rose strong and true under their leaderhsip and the boys surely felt how sin- cerely their spectators wished them success. Standing- Barbara Norton, Dorothy Tomasic, Theresa Ferro, Pat Ratchuk, Donna Strine, Dolores Gretka. BLASDELL BACHELOR 'S CLUB Anthony Pavlich, Vincent Yacobuc-ci, Joseph Fortini, Leroy Narnlik, Eu- gene Stopha, William Brogan. SERVICE CLUB "OF SERVICE TO THE SCHOOL" S. Bratek, C. Boseck, P. Manley, R. Bordanaro, A. Madeja, T. Kash- ino, H. Fedick, L. Scheffler, E. Manley, S. Cheney, M. Levorchick, D. Crabtree. os., 'f Clubs AMICITIA PER LING UA Back Row- Miss Elizabeth A. Haese, Suzanne Taleff, James Pyne, Ther- esa Ferro, Gail Braun, June Annett, FrancisNorthrop, FrankTil. Second Row- Peter Stevanoff, Alice Stephenson, Patricia McGuire, Suzanne Moss, Rob- ert Wasrnund, Front Row-Joyce Phelan Charles Perison, Joseph Fortini. -it , .5 f -- M " ',-- -s......,,, W. :gum . ff F51-f-8... " 'N ' if l L l. ina GW? . lly. 5 4 Mr. Dietz, Bob Kast, Ed Kast, Richard Schauger. MIKE CLUB Standing- Mr. Dunklin, Eugene Durusky, James Nagy, Sylvia Page, William Firth, Gordon Poecking. Sitting- Carmen Marrano, Hel- aine Hegledus, Stanley Bratek, 60 HUXILIHRU 'ah X.. rv KD' I -M S ,Af fvlX Cbmxf7WMA,x Q 'NL 1-7M9'7!i'Xf'0 M MAR CHING ALONG T OGETHER, ffl, A aj' ff:- Q ,Q 5 1 I X, A LIFE IS WONDERFUL SIDE BY SIDE. --- N 0 P7 .L Q W all ir WANAKAH SCHOOL Sk 41 lk JOHN CONEY Bus Driver WILLIAM C ONEY Custodian DONALD WEBSTER Bus Driver Building SHALET ON SCHOOL ak It :ec JOSEPH LANGBEIN Bus Driver 8: Custodian CAROLINE LANGBEIN Custodian BIG TREE SCHOOL Ik Ik Ik MRS. CA UDILL Custodian MR. CAUDILL Custodian wow WOODLAWN SCHOOLS ak ak :or JOHN DUFFY Custodian ANNA HELD Custodian GE ORGE HELD Custodian MARK FRISCIC Custodian I T' P Personnel ATHOL SPRINGS SCHOOL lk Ik lk ELVA LUDWIG Cafeteria CARL HARRIS Custodian ELLEN KILMURRAY Cafeteria WANAKAH SCHOOL. :of :er Ik GENEVIEVE BLAIN Cafete ria Manager EDNA MAUE Cafeteria DOROTHY MARTIN fx, M LAKEVIEW SCHOOL -r ao- lk . CHARLES GR UBB Custodian ELEANOR KNAPP Cafeteria CHARLES SPITTLER Bus Driver SHALET ON BLASDELL HIGH SCHOOL wk wk 4: ae: ae: ao: ROBERT BARRIS JAMES PAGE, JAMES COOPER BUS D1'iV61' Custodians PTA FRONTIER P. T. A. REPRESENTATIVES Standing- Mrs. Norman Begert, Shaletong Mrs. Lumen Brown, Wood- lawny .Mrs. Clarence E. Warren, Athol Springsg Mrs. Ward Stewart, Wanakah. Sitting- Mrs, Henry Keift, Big Treeg Mrs. John Barber President South West Councilg Mrs. Kennerdell, Blasdell. 1 S-my 64 DONALD LANGBEIN Bus Driver 2. 53 BLASDELL PRESENTS FLAG Mrs. Sal sbury, President of Blasdell P. T. A. presenteda sii.q flag to the'Blas- dell School as the P. T. A. school project for the year 1951 and 1952. The flag was dedicated in memory ofMrs. LydiaPeckNitch, former teacher and assistant Prin- cipal. It was accepted in behalf of the school by the Principa1Miss Ruth E. Pray. NEW DRAPES FOR THE LIBRARY Wanakah P. T. A. each year presents a trophy tothe class having had the largest attendance of par- ents at P. T. A. meetings. Since the regular meet- ings are preceded by classroom conferences withtea- chers, we enjoyeda healthy attendance which means H spirited competition for the cup. Our specialproject this year provided new drapes for the school library. The committee in charge in- ATHOLS SPRINGS PRESENTS PINS Each year the Athol Springs P. T. A. awards a life membership to some outstanding members. These memberships are secured by the organizations don- ation to the Jenkin'sMemorial and Student Loan Fund. This year Mrs. John Barber and Mrs. Charles Blom- quistreceivedthe awards fromMrs. W. Milhabinwhile Mrs. Howard Wutz and Mrs. Bagg watched. cludedMrs. Charles Jakiel, Mrs. Laurence Carrow, Mrs. PaulBushnell, Mrs. Gordon Yesser, Mrs. John Muir. We also sponsoreda tea for mothers of kindergar- ten children, classroom Christmas parties, a dinner for the seventhand eiththgrades and flowersfor grad- uation. BIG TREE SPONSORS SQUARE DANCING Big Tree School P. T. A. is sponsoring dancing classes. They are held on Saturday afternoons in the hall of the Big Tree Volunteer Fire Co. Inc. Classes are being taught by Mrs. Steck and her three assistants. She is offering ballroom and square dancing: also tap, acrobatic andballet. This is for the benefit of the students and pre school children of the Big Tree School District. We are pleased with the turnout. The enrollment now st ands at one hundred and seventy-seven children. Mrs. HenryE. Kieft, ourpresidentandMr. Thos. J. Smeltz, secretary, are in charge, assisted by Mrs. John W. Cooke, Mrs. Edward J. Houlahan and Mrs. Raymond T.. Smith. SHALETON P. T. A. Standing- AnaStorey, Mrs. LaReta Jenny, Mrs. Lola Dvornski, Mrs. Lester Schoenthal, Mrs. Marjorie Dye, Mrs. Florence Schutts. Sitting- Mrs. Robert Haist, Mrs. Marie Cook, Mrs. Stephen Rose. WOODLAWN P. T. A. HAVE CHRISTMAS PAGENT One of the highlights of the year in Woodlawn P. T. A. was our Christmas program--a portrayal of the Christmas story. The cast included: Wise men: Mr. Elan Gallineau, Mr. Francis Manley and Mr. Lumen Brown. Shep- herds: Mr. James Frisa, Mr. Ralph Bus, andMr. Emler Bettcher. Angel: Mrs. Harold Mathes, Mary: Miss Joann Anneser. Joseph: Mr. Joseph Anneser. Music was furnished by the Grade School Chorus, directed by Mrs. Hagner. Mrs. Beam and Mr. Dunk- lin were in charge of costumes and lights respectively Mrs. Lumen Brown, President, directed the tableaus. Adult Activities LEATHERCRAFT TAILORING T I AMERICANIZATION WOODWORKING BASIC SEWING SECRETARIAI.. PRATICE 66 11, egiQ"'55 gg A Q Q, .1 ?:5 REIRSQI ' IVE K .. . -L i FRONTIER CENTRAL SCHOOLS 1 2. . Woodlawn Elementary School Woodlawn High School Blasdell Elementary and High School Athol Springs Elementary School Big Tree Elementary School Wanakah Elementary School Amsdell Primary School Shaleton Elementary School Lakeview Elementary School 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. V? wi? Q i ' " ' ff m- ki ' V51 51 1 - 731, M., 15-bfi f 1- ' ya, -fy Qs! SQ aw ww .-Qlmt H vf ' W ' M 'V .4 V. 1,, f, .WN --mr, F A ' -my . ., .,-ff J FAKE R WELLE EK " s u FFMO -Q. we-. ,-. -1, 1. QQ ' X t Q, Q if-ir 4 1' 1' lr ..,Q,5QQ,Q.- 1. ,gf 1 ,Q . , Q , Q Q J' """""- svwxw- xx, K.,- N -v .qv 'X K 'aux .K v"- w.T"5i-is X ...- p,- N. X X M, 'S"'k. Q-xxx 4- YE.. qf Q .QQ QQ-Q QQ --N -. Q ..--,,,- W . 574' - QQ.-, .3 - ,SV -- 1 . 1 4 , '.o-, i , . QQQ 1 1 W 1 -I .,-4' 1 N H Q- " 44 . - 4 , Q ,, K mn QQ ' ,4 1 1 ' ' A N' 7-4 - . K' 1 W- ' . , 1 1 ,- ' A 1 1 ' 'y.,-11 '- . 1 - 4 H+ , SL. - 4 - '. . - . NN a K 1 4 f 11 1- ---A - ,, Q Q ' A 4 4 .11 , . -X , , . .-, .. , , -,, Q 1 ' Q 4 x 1 'A 'Sv .1 Q. Q vt.-QQ.T ,- 4 . . 1 5 1. ' ' .- 4 , 49 4 1 f X, Q, ' ' gf: A - V Ak Q QQ Q T Q Q. Q 1- , Q . V QQ Q. Q ., 11- 1- -44 1 4 ' . '4 ' - 3.2! -N 4 51, QQ., gy- -,, Q -4 , 1 ':Q Q 4.- ' ,ff , , , Q. - 'Nav ' N x - g 4- , ' ,, . . , .,-.M V ,, , .1 . . . , Q - 'f 4 - ... -' , 1 . - . - 1 1- . ' 1 4 1 N2 -4 ' ,K -1 - '-+.- "- - - 4 x 13 , " ' ' --. Q 1 . f ' XQ - Q -Q Q Y ' 1 . v l ' 'L N s- '. , . X' '15, 4 ' -X ,, ... x X, . .-XQ, Q ' ' 5-. ' - -'S Q QQ Q - ' H - Q -Qfg .5 -QQ T ' ' ' X1 " 4' ,.-. ' -. K ' - .-a 4 . 1 ' X ' 'f'-. - :- A 1 . 4 Q - , . - . Q ,, A 1- 4 - . A . Q A-n 4 Q 1- W: ,. an ,+. . . . Q - QQ ' . , ' -- Q Q ' 4 , . x :Q Q ' IA, ., QQ 4 1 ' ZQ - ' .1 ,QQI 1 Q Q ' K . . Y 1' ' ' I 'J . - 1. L.. b QQ 1 1 Q , . . -' 'Q -Q -1. Q Q NQ l Q Q 3 4 . 1.,Q ,QQ Q . il ' V Q , 1 ' V ,E ' 5 4' " 1 . , ' ' , ' . - :gs . ' ' 1 4 ' 'Q fi - , 1 .- 4 'AQ Q Q, . 4 ' - gi, 4. f-- ' . ' . al ' X , --3- A- ' . . 1 Q' g Q Q EQ ' Q " :M ,, ,QQ 4. 1' 1 ': . '- " '- 'x - -. Hb-' ' ' T ' ' x ,. , , 4 . 1 - .1 X -- fl, ,Q 1 e HH' in A 'W VV ':A 1 . .G ix ,- .1 .' -114 . - ' 4 - fx- X ,. 4 M - ' , Q Q- ' Q. -, 1255 11 . 1 . . N 7 - ...Q 1 1 Q Q QQQ-gQ . Q . . . . E , ' Q - .,f ' N 1 4 1 M ' bg . ' ' x 1 ,Q . ' I Q 4 4-'Q Q . . xx ho' 1 Q' uk 4 ' 1 . ,OV 1 ,Q Q .Q Q - ,L , QQ N z.. , Q, Q . .Q QQ Q Q Q. , -, Y.vV E Q . .QQ . QQ. , Q W1. ' '11 .Q - ,. 1 ' ' - Q Q , 4 ' K ..-cw Q ' A ' A ' ' '- ' , .. ,, ' ' ' if ' 4 -I 1 X1 X 'fn . , I . Q Q . . , ,Q - . , QQ Q . 1 4-iii' ' - -W . 1 . 4 - 1 -' 4' .. 1 3 4 Z" f 'X '. " 'Q ' ' ' ' ' XX N ' -,4' . 41. :Q ' E . ' N5 . 1 ' - .1 4 - 54' . 1 -A 4 91 - .X -.- -1, -Q 1 I Qs .45 , Q Q.. X., ., Q " -, ' " - . 4" . 4' . Ai, ...QA , ' ,Q . 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'F ,Q-x .W .., Q .1 - 3-' 4 .2 L 41 41 1 -14" . 4 "4 Q Q -Q, ,Q QQ ,, . .3 Q 1Q Q. ,515-Q4 ., ' .1 . l-'5- ' x - ' '4 24- 1 ' A 1 " 'X .1 ' fu-nf 3 M .,1 , ,',f,,1T4. - K QQ- , , ' "' 11 - 'z-fb . --T . , , ' .K . 4 . -: X 4 , W ,Q , , -5 ,f -.., .Q . . . , 1 XQQ ' 1 X ' ' 5 L ' 4 1 .V , , A Q , N Q Q Q Q . , , X: . , 4 1 Q " . ' Q , ', 1 1 ,P ' 1 ' ' - ' 4 x -x1 j ' :L -' ,Q 'Q L . -, ' - 1 11.1. .Q 4,--43. 1 , ' , ' 41' ' 1' , 4 N- S' T'-Q, f . - x. 'xx - X, . . , - x, ,QQ - . x . 1 , . ' . 4 Q Q . - X 1: Q Q Q - Q Q X ,. Q - Q 1, x. . ,Q Q 41 Q '-QL, . ' A 1,-1 4 - , . 1 , . . 1 .4 .1 1, Q 4 ,.-- . .,. Q, Y - Q B Q4 ...1f4:- . Q - V ,114 ' - V, , XXI' Q Q17 4 YA in I . . 1 . . , 1 . Q . ff , , f ' --i 4- ..'. '-- Q 2-. '- 11 21. '4 -. . , . ' 1 ff- . ' W-, - 4: 1. 1 A- ., rw Q . . 15- ' . A , 'L ' ' .1 'X Q1 . , Q Q -a. - ' 41 1 4 .Af '5' ' A - 'Q . 'L "W W, .1 Q' ' , V A 4 4 "' 1 x 4 - Q . QQ , Q 4 Q .. Q QQ a Q QQ . Y Q - Q QQ Q , - 3' I ' 1 " ' . is N Q . Y --1 Q, 1- Q Q QQ Q QQ Q. Q Q Q Q , , 1 1 "A"""' -4-.47 !Q QQ --:--..4.,.M., - A, , A A-7

Suggestions in the Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) collection:

Frontier Central High School - Gateway Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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