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 - Class of 1951

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, A. A ,wg - , , . ,, E 1 X 4 , .Qi- f, ' ,, Y ,z ? i ,nf ' 'N Lf 1.-M vii in '- la? vm ,H E fig K - , ff ni W 4 ' L -.Q l af W J .F . 95 ' 1 in SLE 2 Qi f E Q eg 'i his S ii f I, in 9 .W Nw si . - x 'WWW . .. --f f 9 5. 'H f ' Q 1 ' 1 q GPH-mf: 2-rm - Q, ---U ' 1 ' 'f v l' ,figgif W ' Q 3" '14 'ai W + 'Q Kyffi v iliggis L, AJ- M " ' as Q i 4: , . 3 J' Psi .xl .LW ...funn-wewlilr . xl X X W-., 'Q sf .f 1, ,k -L fffc Pg? """'l0 if ff Sb ZhudZe4Qhby7ih-62 QAQQQI Eh had! ww, . , W9 sine' 'A VQEENIQQQ' 1 ,Q l, A ff Jlme'4 Wow: 1957 Raicfezz OLUME XI PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR OLASS OF FRONTENAC HIGH SCHOOL FRONTENAO, KANSAS FAt'l'lfl'Y ADVISOR l+1Dl'l'URtS BUSINESS MANAGERS YZ R30 -Ilfilll 151011 'Niue Uorpolongo ' ' . - v - - ltililllllx 1 hens Jun Robinson Joe t'ni'uso Dedication We, the Seniors ot' 1951, do hereby ileilicnte our annual to the citizens ot' Fronte- nne, who, through their eo-operation helped make this annual possible. Your gene- rous anal continuous support in things, athletic, drzullutie, and lllt'Cll2llliC2li, is duly np- preeinted hx' ns. lv Sitt,ing.g': Helen Firm, Reporter, Uarolyn Liagely Artistg Joan Paoli, Editor, Elaine Cherry, Assistant Etlitorg Eva Mae Uorpolougo, Business Munag'er. Stznnling: Boh Johnson, Sports Editor, Helen Ansart, Typist, Rose Marie Gintner, Re- porter, th-orge Davis, Assistant Sports Editor, Dorothy Long, Snapshots, Patsy Locke, Snapshots, .lim Robinson, Business Munzlger. Vonfplinlwnfs of The Frontenac Press, tiililI'iCS Cicero, Prop. oronafion k HIDEP' ...,RHT5'ER Q g of the King and Queen. Ll- 53' Sp omored . RHDER ' , . QUEEN Kms rd , Q1 Q1 enw ' Q if Q Lavon Ha r ry 1 K unions James Carolyn Jo Ann Joe Lee Gift of Miller Q Studio 506 N. Br0adwayfPittsburg, Kansas ggfeffkfflefl J Be tty D ona ld Q X ing arry ww? k"""'Xi?4 ., A 'WMM xg?" x x dministratiun EN MARS K WD P ARET M FRAN. xendem rincipol Ofg ONAHAN Supef in ehfof High B 1 QQQKY , . N wm'f if A ,' f i ANTONE MENGHIN SAM THORNBURG LEW MORICON' Vice President President Clerk ' 'M S QE SAM CICERO ERNEST ZUECH, SR. JOE VACCA C,'ompIf1nm1f.s IJf'Mill01'S State Bank: H Working for a better town" 0 .' l aculty RETTA HART English-Speech JOHN SPIGARELLI Coach-Social Science JOHN OASTELLI A Comemrce JOE CARUSO Commerce LOUIS BRUNETTI Drwers Ed. Physzologg X G in ill it 'L OHAS. GOODHALL Woodwork-Band HILMA DAVIS Vocational Home E0 'Q' Presenfed by Obert0's Service Station-dealer in Texaco Products Faculty AINN NNACHTLR Junior' High, Primipal SOPHIE PAZZIE Principal Infernzedfiatc: ,sunt WX? W' M. CHERBLA NC .luuior High EMMA BROWNING I7ZfPl'?72l'df!lf6 SHIRLEE PATRICK Intermediate LEOTA BOVVEN ,, Pr una: y n j ORLANDA BAZIN Inter medzate 'omplimmzts of Fvclell's Drugs, Frontenac, Kansas eniur Glass DONALD JOHNSON: President Bqjggy LAFURf11E: gpm-atm-y Pl'0SidPTli 'I'y'Qg1S111'9l GLASS SPONSOR CLASS MOTTO Forward ever, Backward never CLASS FLOWER Pink Carnation CLASS COLORS Pink and White' Miss Monahan Pwamzfvd by L. G. Balfour SL Company-dealer in fine rings 1 li GEORGENE VACUA GEORGE DAVIS HELEN MARI E ANSART Q., 1-f' eniors DONALD J OHNSl JN MATILDA MORA BOB LHFORTE JIM LAVERY JOAN PAOLI BOB JOHNSON l'fm1p1iu1m1f.v of Low M1Dl'iCOIli-llG"?l1i?I' in all typos of illSU1'2l1lC0 BIIIUPS ROSE MARIE G I NTNER WINNIE JAMES EVA MAE CI IR PUIA INGO f ELAINE CHERRY IN DNALD ROSS H ELEN FIRM Qi P f I, 4 ,I X 1'r+1,w-flied by Meughini Brotlwrs, Frontenac, Kansas .IIBI ROBINSON CARI IIIYN LAG E R Ri IRERT YACCA I-1 - f 7' 3 ,an BE'I"I'Y .IO SAIA J ACK H FIRBING ER M A RVN I ,L MOSSOM W4 eniors CARL MORE DOROTHY LONG PAUL RUBEI Spnmwf wl Ly Sz1ia's Furn. 85 Appliauccb vour GE dealer JOHN EICHHOR PATRICIA LOCKE HENRY M AISEROULI Class History FRESHMAN YEAR VVe began our Freshmen year witl1 thirty-six members. To keepthis big class under good ma agement, we elected class officers the very first thing. They were as follows: President, Floj Sheadg Vice-Pres., Donald Johnson, Secretary, Connie Jazmesg and Treasurer, Matilda Mora. Vi were proud of our class mates who went out for football, especially of Connie James, who was o kicking tl1e extra points for the winning team. fGuess we showed "em it took an underclassman win the games.J To top it. all, Joan Paoli was our cheer-leader. Ramona Ferguson and Conn James were chosen 'to represent our class in the A11nual contest. Our good old Freshmen year can to an end when Miss Wachter, our class sponsor, handed to as ourdiplomfas indicating that we we' no longer green Freshmen. But come to think of it, we never were green Freslnnen. Were we?'? SOPHOMORE YEAR Initiating the Freslnnen into F. H. A. was enough proof 'that' we were now Senior Hig School memibers. Oh! what fun. tVVe'll 11ever forget when we made those Freshmen girls bow Our class now consisted of thirty members. Our class 'officers were: President, George Davi Vice-Pres., Donald Johnson, and Sec. 8: Treas., M atilda. Mora. Having 'that settled, we went on l1a.y-rack-ride, accompanied by our class sponsor, Mrs. Hand. Our class shone by having Matile Mora als cheer-lefader and Betty Sala and Donald Jolhnson. asf-our Raider king and queen eand dates. J UNIOR YEAR After welcoming our new class member, by name of Patsy liocke, we elected our class officer They were: President, James Lavery: Vice-Pres., Bob LaForteg Secretary, George Davis, an Treasurer, Donald Jolmson. Our Raider candidates were Carolyn Lager and Donald Johnson. Ou cheer-leader was Matilda Mora. Following the Jr. play, Mrs. Hart, our class sponsor, help-ed i1 plan the Jr. Sr. Banquet. Everyone enjoyed himself just like our twenty-ni11e class member enjoyed planning it. Could it have been because of tl1e theme "Circus?" SENIOR YEAR, Under the direction of our class sponsor, Miss Monahan, we elected class officers. They were President Donald Johnson, Vice- Pres., Matilda Mora, Secretary, Bob LaForteg and Treasure! Helen Ansart. Our sports east stood as follows: Football Queen, Eva Uorpolongog Football Ue Uaptains, Uonnie James and Bob LaForte, Zllltl cheer-leader, Matilda Mora. With a set up like tha no wonder we had an undefeated season. To top it all, our basketball Co-Captains were Janie liavery and Donald Jolmson. James Robinson Uarolyn Lager were our Annual king and quefhq candidates. Following our Senior play and sneak day we were ready to go on our wonderful trif Then having had our diplomas signed we knew th :lt those wonderful high school days that we hai just taken for granted, had eome to an end. If 1i0lllfllllllt'lllS-S0llWllltli. Motor Co., Your Ford dealer, Pittsburg, Kas. Lf r-, Y . Who's Who ROBERT LA FORTE Nickname: "Bobby Lu" Saying: "Huh!" Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Junior Play: Class Officer: Football Co-Captain: Speech Class. Ambition: To pass Jr. Typing. DONALD JOHNSON Nickname: "Duck" Saying: "Oh! For crying out loud! Activities: Junior Play: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer: Annual King Candi- date: Basketball Co-Captain. lf-. 5.1, Ambition: To buy a Lincoln. iii, l LAVERY gi Nickname: "George" Saying: Oh! You don't know do you? Activities: Junior Play: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball 1. 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Co- Captaln: Speech Class. Ambition: To be an accountant. ROBERT JOHNSON Nickname: "Bob" Saying: Howdy Bub. HENRY MAISEROULLE Nickname: "Hank" Saying: Oh! Go on. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4. Ambition: To play football fcr Notre Dame. JACK HERBINGER Nickname : "Herbie" Saying: What do you Sa-a-a-ay? Activities: Girard High School 2, 3. ' Ambition: To find a second Betty Grauble. s.1 Q ROBERT VACCA Nickname: "Satch" Saying: Y0u're right. Activities: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4. Ambition: To be a ball player. GEORGE DAVIS Nickname: "Geo." Saying: Oh! Nothing! Activities: Focttall 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball' 1, 3: Track 1: Junior Play: Annual Staff. Ambition: "Censox ed." 1, 2, 3, 4: Basket- Activltiesz Junior Play: Football ball 1, 2: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Speech Class: Annual Staff. Ambition: To be a linotype operator. JAMES ROBINSON .A Nickname : .-Jim.. Saying: Heck I don't know. Activities: Newspaper Staff: Annual Staff. Y' L ' lg-5,1 Ambition: Z Jn.. Money .va ' ..' Nickname: To be a husband. "Mouse" ja -Saying: Girls! Girls! Girls! 'iii Activities: F: COHUGSU 1 1 .h ,Ambltionz EPAUL RUBEL Nickname: f Saying: I Activities: ': Ambition: E L 41-I President: Winn To be a farmer. "Brains" made up my mind. Football 1, 2, 3. er of short story l 4 To get out of school. CONNIE JAMES Nickname: "Cla" Saying: Have you seen Clo? Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Football Co-Captain. Ambition: To get out of school. DCNALD ROSS Nickname: "Curly" Saying: Come on. Activities: Speech. Ambition: To have JOAN PAOLI Nickname: "Polio" Saying: Gee Whiz straight hair. Activities: Pip Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 1 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff. Ambition: To go to Harvard. Hitt nt' Hozivlr Motor :mel Tire Company-Pittslu1rg', Kansas A 1- - ., , ' - ".-..f.f, Who's Who ELAINE CHERRY Nickname: "Eli" Saying: Aren't you the one? Activities: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA Offi-cer: Junior Play: An- nual Staff. Ambition: To be a registered nurse. CAROLYN LAGER Nickname: "CAL" Saying: Life can be miserable Activities: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2: FHA Officer: Girls State: Annual Staff. Ambition: To be the first woman President of the U. S. PATRICIA LOCKE Nickname: "Patricee" Saying: Whot Happened? Activities: Pep Club 3. 4: Glee Club 3: FHA 3: FHA Officer 3: Junior Play: Annual Staff. Ambition: To buy a polka-dotted Cadillac. HELEN FIRM Nickname: "Dimples" Saying: Oh! You know it. Activities: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff. Ambition: To own Crowel1's Drugstore. DOROTHY LONG Nickname : "Dot" Saying: Holy Cow Activities: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: FHA 1, 2, 3: Junior Play: Annual St-aff. Ambition: To sing vsith Gary Crosby. MATILDA MORA Nickname: "Mutt" Saying: OOOOOHHH! That LONNIE Activities: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA Officer: Class Officer: Cheerleader: Junior Play. Ambition: To meet Lon M-::Callister. BETTY JO SAIA Nickname: "Baby Jo" Saying: Forget it cutie. Activities: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA Officer: Junior Play. Ambition: To be a singing attorney. HELEN ANSART Nickname: "Cutie" Saying: What does that make me? Activities: Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2: FHA Officer: Class Officer: Annual Staff. Ambition: To change my last name. MARVELL MOSSOM Nickname: "Mardoodie' ' Saying: Are we going to Pittsburg? Activities: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be a sccretary. ROSE MARIE GINTNER Nickname: "Rossie" Saying: Beats all I know. Activities: Pep Club l. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff. Ambition: To sleep late every morning. GEORGENE VACCA Nickname: "Gene Bug" Saylllgi AH! Joe GENE, Qlllf, lb. Activities: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, V3, 43 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA officer: Newspapergpiilrlis state: .Junior Play. A AIIlbilZl0IlZ To be R SEEI10gI'8phEl'. EVA MAE CORPOLONGO Nickname: "Evie" Saying: Have a coke. , Activities: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff: Penny Queen. Ambition: To marry a sailor. ifmllplirimmits of' l"ronfcnac Bakery-Hard Crust Brcafl-Rrcml Sticks Class Prophecy inie: A May 0N'Clllll,L1'1lll 15161 Setting: Frontenac High School he building is buzzing with activity for it is the homecoming of the 1951 grads. As the curtain ses, we find on the stage the former Helen Ansart, Eva Mae Uorpolongo, llot Long, and Joan aoli, who now are all happily niarried. J im Robinson and John Eichhorn and Perry Thomas en- er. Jim, who got his basic training on the annual staff, is 11ow Iiusiness-nianager of the Pittsburg feadliglrt. Johnny has taken over MacArthur's place as general of the U. N. Army, and Perry is is office boy. They are followed by Don Johnson, who is trailed by tl1e chauffer of his new Lin- 'nln-Geo llavis. Brunetti's driving class is sure coming in handy. Elaine Cherry, wl1o is a. pri- ate nurse to Connie Jatnes, Jiin Lavery, and Henry Maiseroulle, twho are now professional foot- all playersl, has a full time job but has managed to drag her gang to the reunion. Giggling is card off stage. Naturally everyone knows who this is. Four girls ente-r. Matilda Mora has stars I her eyes because she has actually seen "Lonnie." Locke, Firm, and Gintner have formed a ub for lonely nien. 'l'hey certainly aren't lonely 1l0W. A little man comes in Wl101ll we soon re- wgnize as Bob .lohnson. Isle luas a lot of pictures taken of himself now, because he is sensational s 'the new sports editor for the Life magazine. Betty Sala is defending Paul Hubel, Don Ross, Jack lerbinger, and Robert Vacca who seein to have gotten into some Halloween trouble from way back. larvell Mossoin sails in. VVe ll2lVOll,l found out what she has accomplished. It seems to he a deep ark secret. During all the confusion, Georgene Vacca runs around taking shorthand notes ot' the Jnversation, forthe Frontenac "Highlight," of which she now is the sponsor. Carl Morey, who as come on his horse, is heard outside. Carl is a very successful farmer. Well here-'s Bob La frrte. Isle didn 't have far to conie. He's still working to pass that Jr. typing course. We're root- ig for you Bob. Last as always comes Carolyn Lager. She has come after effects from a certain Jcech play and goes around llllllllllllllg-Hlilll not well, everyone says so." Every-.ine seems to be resent iso the leader of the outlaws, Don Johnson, rises to his feet and a.sks all to retire to the ext room for a banquet given by the 1951 Juniors. lt seems that the Juniors have slipped out of i HJ ltlveryone has a wonderful evening' as: 'l'IIl11Cl1HTAlN FALLS tloniplinients-l'ittsburg School Supply-ll4 VV. Fourth, Pittsburg, Kas. iid 'Z' Juniors Charles Youvon, Pres. Joe Lee Krainz, Vice-Pres Joe Castelli, Secretary Tommy Ilflllglllilllll, Treas Joann Carlton David Lacey Bob Gerard Bill Merando Bob Cope Kenneth Benedict Luanna Layflen Jim Gadwood Joe Cicero nal N3 Jack llruart Joann Merando nn, SJ FG' , 1 Louis Bianoarelli Pat Menghini Pat McNeil John Cornelia. Velma Hardin 9' , ,,:.e, A K E Ronnie Wzlttlef 'Fell Sipes John Bell Joe Cl1SSilll21I1l0 4 5' x Ag 4 H? Hike Noscroy Bob Smalley lioseph Vaoca Ernest Zuech ii ' Eugene Nenno 1 t Bob Forbes I Harry Ain Gift of Frontenac Clothing Company, Frontenac, Kansas phumnres 1: is V' 4? li .lim Didier, Prvsimlont 'J-'-5-'K Q g f 1 Bob Va-rnvtti, Vino-Pros. ,. I Y 1 Q Sheryl Done FI'0f'Ill2lIl, S00 XE A Qilfir if l ! Florcrlv l:2lF0l'l0, Trons. ' - - Jllllllllll' izmtroll li is LHYOII Primu- , G11-11 Clark 4 wx Mavis Stmlllnrml N AA Rvginalml Cbstollo I l 'Fll0I'0Sil, lGlCllll0I'Il Donald 'llorlip " 4 " f Carolyn Kritzvr Q V, Donald Falla-tti X I 'A it if Donna Chorlmlzmc f l " l ' B'll P '1- 1 5 tg i 1 rum 4 512 lllariecc Kraiuz D011 Morris "-lfv Barbara McFarlauul t . .lov Spigarelli , 'if sf Slll'I'l'y liiltchiv ,,'fT.f7N 1 T'-af U 1 Virgil Lockm- D IJ 13 lg2ll'll2lY'El Nc-nun ' ff' Hum-rr ul-in H, Y J Barbara lfllsussc-r lx ski .,.. I I John l"l'illlClll0ll0 , 7 llurry Davis V 'sl 1' i ' 'a .lackio Ulll'lSllllZlll iw- V Y? V ki? Hub l,l0llVl0I' 9 A l s ' A A Mary Boll Muiscwollllc' 4 H r 1 4-ja, X . fi Fr.-11 xx'i1kmS0n bg' Y uf A I M , li .l!'klIIlll'I1'llfllIIf'l1fN uf Torlips Grocery-fine foods and meats 2 J -I f - ua K ui ,li 5, .ili- - if LAJ fix 1 T 2 l -uif is. .lf- X , ff: - J "" sk Silk X K is .1 1 ff' , - 'J NA -:2 ' 1' 4' Mill me J f"'e - , te, A, .Ai: 'L in Q itA . ll H .J 1- "Nz- Freshmen Donald Morey , Pies Francis Vacca, Vice Pres Gladys Johnson mee Shirley Flaker, Tieas Alan Morey Gary Terlip Vincent Rybnick Vernon Johnson Tonna. Fernetti Roy Moriconi Violet McNeeley Joyce Coffey Buddy Redlon, Frank Grilz Virginia Papish Jolene Merando Betty Tassi Ronald Maugile Lois Cleffman Mary Kay Nonbello Danny Blessant Delores Utermoehlen Gloria VVilliams Gif? of Pepsi Cola Bottling Company, Pittsburg, Kansas 5 .43 x- gm , 1 avi' evanth Grade Gary lflpple Frank Edwards Glen Roy Gintner Glen llodges Edward Johnson Jim McNeeley Sharon Nenno Bernard Gnelio Roln-rt Robinson Donald She-nd Buddy Smalley M ii rga ret Jana- Veltri AQ Jerry Bork Uarolyn Benedict .Indy Cantrell s if N- ' x 4, Eighth Grade Frank Cabodie Bobby Pinamonti Richard Vacca Delbert Elsasser .lmnvs Ellis Loretta Shead Pauline Green Gary Bartelli Betty Ann Golob Jeanette Guerrero Jo Elene Deplue Lavelle Johnson John Carl Davis Bill Sinardo Uarl l'louvier 1 Q Ef 'xiii 4 Q I -rl ' ,I I- itil O -a-" ig "-' 6" ' :J 1- J W J' , v ' . Q S- ,l I V - , O Bernice Cnssimanio . ,l i f il , X ii? : p , ,B ,M - 4.9 ' , V, . r-.. A Gif! of Joe Veltri, Frontenac, Kansas i . , L .N . -q-n-s-gf L tg , 3 X - .FI or an , 4 Xa .1 - . ff l . X i 3' U I so ' 2 1 ,L .fl-'Y LQ fs the K - 1 !ZY'!'!.H . 5 . x , pr 4 i is it ' Q ! i 5 . " A 'a Q ai! is ,,f -' A V L1 ix fix a ei X, X i "' Q "' may 'ff er.. EWR 5215 Fifth radwe y Thomas Bailey' Bonnie Cabodie Carolleen Fernetti Joyce Mariucci Sue Cope Richard McCabe Barbara 0'Mahana Jimmie Grassi Ronald Layden Bobby Serra Sharon Robinson Nadine Morey Gladys Smalley Ronald Dittmann Daniel Shcad Gloria Zortz Delores VVcnte Raymond Locke Banbara Buckley Kay Lynne Massine .lohn Lusker Terry Moody Louise Buckley Dickie Pallucca Barbara. LaCore Gary Cobb Sixth Grade 'w W . 3 Janice Krainz J., L V Marilyn Morey , l 3 Angelo Dell'Antonio o Q .1 - a- f, ,inf Karen Cobb ! li " 5 Arlene Stoddard l Kenneth Terlip Q :P 3, I , Q Raynion Smith Q A Q , "" 39" Clifford Tripp s s 1 G ,fr G Frank Per G G pins-AA.,o ' M V A A v1,....f,f I ' U -0 u , 1 5 Verna Brnffy - A . . A' . . Giff of Pallucca Sz Sons, Grocery-quality foods and meats. Fourth Grade .fr " ' Carl Tripp A-1 ,. 4 4 1' George Richardson , ,35,.j,Jq I NW' Roberta Smith ."'.15'PA',:. 'v' l5r1. U ul, Q 1'9" ' 9 1 L '. V Una Fearmonti A s ' K y Marilyn Long I 2 1 X V ' ,SQL i' F -' Larry Bennett 4: ' if 7 ' 'fi' Janet Hardin . I ' t X Bob Cantrell Ronnie Yetzbacher K tl Max Cleffman R' N, fn nu A' Lois Benedict km ' I Ben Cantrell 3. .-4, . . Donnie Buckley ' ' ' .Q Jimmy Cotter 4, C4 '35 M e Larry Green N V .... ,. ,ggi ff'2. 9 Bobby Goiob ll MHA '- I l:':'x'i"ll::'q . ., Judy Simone Ll n' ml! ,mf ' 'M' " ' Uarolyn Noscroy Third Grade Louis John Molinar 33 5' L Ronnie Zafuta it ' X, Karolyn Kosiah L , ' it 4 f il l' N K . t X' - Gertrude Richardson 1 lg X Mary McDonald Q t - Josephine Fearmonti ' X F Claudia Patterson . Q '11 r X9e. ,u,.' Alice Cleffman Alma Jean Uameron Jerry Wente Barbara Smalley Q Imam-ne Cabodie as 4 . 4 5 Stevie Mann , Madelyn McNcely ' Vickie Elsasser vi 5 a William Harper Betty Hardin I, A ,Q Richard Vance ' i 3 i , K 'li K, - -.. x aims .Ji . A . 2 E it A Q Spa!-N 6 G l 1' Xu? X5 ,A al I I 1 S ' ww' , , 4 7 ' ,- ' f 4 1 ' L i ,M L ' , -Q l f: , i C'omplimr'nts of Molinar Grocery-fine foods and meats J 3 tfgcilb f, , : be L . gms 'K T4 smiiis' 'i.. .. Melvin Krainz J immey Bergant . Donnie Tripp L Vernon Roberds I Sharon Morey 5 . X p Barbara Bailey "' - . - A, L 0 if ' f -- ' Mary Ann Hardin bw ", ii X i qw R - 4 Jack Drenik 4 ' 6 f K ' f ,,,, 3 i Norman Davis V I smmxf ' 2 X G ' 'Q' G M3125 Tonny Gallagher ,G 1 li c i be Linda Kauble Y I u l- . 4 ' .. ,, . , " X L Rosena Richardson l 5' if 1' y as y B0bby Rybrlifk J Q -4 134' " Q-51 i Marlene Senechal is I 7 "' X i Harvey McPheron . eq ll ' Richard Lacore 1 X ' ' Bobbie Pinamonti ' I J V V . 1' LW- ,sa S l lr -1 A 1.. 1 K Judy Cobb ,, .i gg - W Delbert Vance 9 , , ' . ' if Q, 5' R " Connie Smith , " V 5 gf A Claudia McKee i Q! ' p '- Bill Freeman i' 6 gil in 'lr it jp Marilyn Gammiatoni First Grade Y- rigs I7l 30 Larry Bruffy James Clark Rex Cleffman Sandra Daugherty Albert Fearmonti Karl Geogory Gary LaFever Joyce Myers ecund Grade Stephen Bartelli , Q gf if , e Q I .1 Q H . -1' S' , W in A I m,yi l iz z I ,- W., V. f l A K fo r in r 2 Donald Rookstool Elizabeth Rookstool Karolyn Ruggles Gloria Setina Bobby Smalley La Marilns Stoddard Jeanette Tripp June Tripp Rickie Zortz Beverly Atkinson r Q L gi , -fii ,, a-at - A -R is iii Q T: QW' . . . 5 vp , li . fe ' -A R ,fe . ls' 2 " 'Tim 'B P :U A f " . 1 4 f . . 1. Presented by Scavezze's Wallpaper 85 Paints, Frontenac, Kansas 1 i f sf t w 1 s . n ,Q .".,a. W9 5 .. if N A napshnts 4,-sw if fm .- if ' -1 ' u V? QP? sl .-." sf ' V 1 E.. pid Iliff uf' Electric Shoe Shop, Frontenac, Kansas In Football ueen EVA MAE COE POLONGO i Carolyn Kritzer T0nn3,FQ1'119tti Velma, Hardin Presffnfed by Coca Cola Bottling Company, Pittsburg, Kansas uutball , R DW ROW :ROW Row D. Johnson, J. Lavery. B. LaForte, J. Gadwood, B. Johnson, J. Krainz, J. Comella, H. Maiseroulle, B. Cope J. Castelli, J. Cicero, B. Smalley, B. Forbes, J. Druart, G. Davis, E. Zuech, B. Merando, J. Franchione, C. James C. Youvon, V. Rybnick, T. Langman, J. Cussimanio, J. Bell, D. Terlip, J. Spigarelli, V. Locxe, L. Biancarelli Asst Coach Brunetti, H. Davis, F. Grilz, G. Clark. B. Redlon, J. Cantnell, F. Wilkinson, V. Johnson, B. Grilz, J. Vacca, Coach Spigarelli 1950 CHAMPS The Frontenac Raiders completed their 1950 football season undefeated. They took the Cee Cee League first place berth with 164 points and limiting their opponents to 33. They soared 336 to the opponents 46 throughout the whole season. The following Raiders were placed on the Cee Cee League All Star team: Con- nie James, half back, Bob LaForte, endg Bob Johnson, center, Henry Maiseroulle, tackle. Jim Lavery, Don J ohnson, Joe Krainz, John Comella, and Bob Cope were placed on the All Star second team. Connie James made the ,all area team, with Bob LaForte receiving honorable mention. T , x all N, c 5615 I X 5 ZX f ,fum FB K .I . . - 5 ii' - 1 3 4 4 1 Ar'k1m14'Iwfl,mn1'fnfs of Uicero Service Station-yolur Mobil dealer Y". C. James J. Gadvrood J A us . i , 2' 3. ? Q J, Castel li J, Lavery B. Johnson .. an SPIE: , 13-..'Sa1fg'?'w:1a'w J . 8-f"f.: ,W K A V f-973133 xi Q' 5 . , ' Av' ' S 'X Q- 5 Q'-fx,fr'9+ 7 or ,-x-we L J, ' 1492 EE5 Qbi xai swf jg: -. an H ffifarisi Qf!f,s,1r,4?L Q' f e,vfVs' g, gs 'H 5533.-i??w'jJ J Co-Captain ll V-"" 'kwa H, Mai seroulle J V mgagfg ' SSEEEQZ Q' gb .259 fi. J J +11 Q Qgfflfwofs I s J. Kraiui 5fX55?3ig 6- Neges-f Connie Cpcaptain ww' 5 35 S L. , W Q ,,:.k 6,31 an 1 ff, B. LaForte yogi. A X N r F, . 'fl-2 D. Johnson gf . ,I . A 1 ioo J. Cornella C. youm . .L,'.g'fs:f.:vf,evr:fn Terlipifig for 450 V. at e. . ii LW, J. Cussimanio w 1 L ., ,g, fxj? fgy,, A fs ,M ,Q Q ' Q. ' ' . ,Qs -X' .uf , ,s 37 .,f-5,,i9:2 i - N N , ew- A, 5 Sw Q -fig-Ni-QAMQQ ,,1'++....I'L if QQ"fLsfL:5fl.S"f.s .QW Y' Q M. H was QRS A ,A ,, L ,E A awww W Us .km -of-fQ.f1,5 :qw Ffh K f ggi 'reg-Q A ,J A ' K . f J. Ci oero -Q: wi f. fif- spa, ..... ,,,.,, ,lzl s , ' ' J. B. Forbes T. Langmann Druart Cmnplimrfnfs of Bowlus School Supply, Pittsburg, Kansas , SYM segissasfese A Xi., gig , Ma , Wwe- I - . fi 'ily , N if-, ii-1 1, HJ' :L ,Qty . 1,51 S! 1 tgwf. 43.4, if ,wa . - ... sm . .. ' ' - LQ"-ri . Q :VA .fw .,,, - ,.'i"' ,' f, .J . ' 9 J of 2 o 1 X Q 44 S 'w .1 ,uw ' 4 - uw, 4, '3 f J 3 5' Q '3 Y XP' ""Q' 4 i zf .nav is ' ow 'ani "" Q r . . - Awe 44 .51 fi!-lf,4s'k.4,.:'s .. , ., Gy R ., . ' . Us, .am 'fn ' Vigil ...N in X 1, : wr-as . . ef -Q C q 'I f E. Zue ch B. Smalley B. llerando 1 1950 Football Schedule l We They Heir 0 51 1 Girard O 33 Arcadia 6 31 McCune 13 47 Mineral O 43 St. Mary's 13 28 Cherokee 0 13 Mulberry O 51 Arms 14 39 Spo11.wn'f'rl by llobvllsfriet Ga1'ag.f0-DAY K NITE Wrecker servico Basketball Front Ron Glen Clark, Bob Vaooa, Ronnie Wattolot, Jim Lavery, Don Jonnson, Joe Cactelli, Bob Cope. Second Row: Coach Spigarelli, Bob LaForte, Jim Gadwood, Ken Blnodiot, Bill Merando, Bob Smalley. co-captains Don Jim Coach Gift of Calhoon-Putnam Lumber Company, Frontenac, Kansas 1 . 4 XJ 'X Mg xx, K ,.o-5 .,.......- W .M .. ws' P m b Q :Q A.,, A E n : i : .. 'E -A 5773 5 3500 . 4' W 'If ' 'Q IF fit Aff m U 'gy 3 snags H :gal lf A Q! 1 X F Q L g i i 1' ,fn Y in gg ,J H K L5 ! 1 Q .. Second Rows Coach, Forbes, Bell, Cussimanio 5. I x PAID SPAI DE EDS. Q Q 2 3 Jr. High Midgets Jr. High Regulars A !'k7I.0IL'll'dgN1f'I1fS of Frontenac Cleaners: "They aim to please" Front Rcwg Palletti, Terlip, Druart, Vacca.. F - -" v Betty Jo Said, President Patricia Menghini, Vice President Theresa Einhhorn, Treasurer Jolene Merendo, Secretary ell Leaders Pep lub 73 3' 5 Lx - R QE Ufficers 0 rv" Sheryl Dena Luanne. lletilde. .lC'lfII01l'1f'd-UH?f'7lfS of Bud Benelli 's Jewelry and Loans lary Kay VZ ,415 Drum and Bugle Corps .Z -Z 3 T' G 1""' " t A 1 4 j . ' 15 :Z I ' 4d, ' .- !E Sponsored-J-D Motors, Your friendly Pontiac dealer, Pittsburg, Kas. .: --v -- I M Dramatms M P I OR PLAY O 'Pleaset My Nerves' 'Digging Up The Dirtn SPEECH PLAY ONE ACT CONTEST PLAY 'The Accusing Hand' nTh6 Red Kaya GRADE SCHOOL OPERETTA ONE ACT CONTEST PLAY ,Mu11igan,s uagic, 'Thank You, Doctor' TTA JUNIOR HIGH OPERE GRADE scHooL READINGS 'In Grand Old Switzerland' Gift of Holflons-Clothing for men--See Jno. Loth-Bdwy. at Fourth Music MIXED ENSEMBLE GIRLS GLEE CLUB GIRLS DOUBLE TRIO GIRLS DOUBLE TRIO BOYS DOUBLE TRIO LL GIRLS TRIO .S'1m11,wrwl hy SUIIICU l'olm' l'1'0ss-prixlt .XIHIHQIIS f0l'T1lO whole V. S NEWSPAPER COMMERCE HOME ECONOMICS Departments Q15 DRIVER EDUCATION INDUSTRIAL ARTS BIOLOGY f'0IIl11IfIlIf'l1fS of Joe and John Friskel's Funeral Directory COMMERCE HISTORY LIBRARY 4 JW, .1 qw fuck We qw 5,6 QI NW S? 1'0I1'1IJliIll0lltS-Pdl1Il0Ck-HJIIILI, Dealer in Highest Quality Mvn's Clothes "f f YU! 1- ay' A " s sm 15", rs' '1. v if-JB yn A .. , H -Aw, , N1 .V , , . X ji ,flffffa A ,.-2, --A 3' - V- ,KQAXQH-. ,K ,iff .. . 1 ,'r,.I"-W' , r' ,gfrfx fflzryww f , 'FW f5yJF'4qir'g, ,, :Wg M' I '-.:fqf.1f lui- . ' 'M N ' m g " MH . ? , 1 - -WI. 1,-.Ls- p I- , -. 3422! 74513 f, V "xl fe gh T f 2 K " '. nb, 1 MD 11 .fqiy sf' ,ff-Q, , Er if f. W , - A, , R, , 1 , .V 3 0.31. W ', ,1 wg + ,' 2 u 1' . ,Y 5 F l ,E f . H 5 , .. ' m " 1 1 my W-rx f. . 1 'fl f M . M. - and if 1- A-'H' .Lg 5 fri -2- -. u ,Q L r if Q xi Lx-if 1? Fzriv ' f?ag5?1.k:1-',f'Q: A. Riu: V ,E4J5QgQfx,,55,. j 'J - Q , . , ',. ' 15, 1.-,:i,,'5f-7 L .ffm gg-.4 1,1 A .1-,, .,,-1157. ,jg.sf4. gif., H V .435 rf ,. 2 'f ' 4 1 Q X u ' 'w ,.. ,, v '.,,i '.2.w.1l.'-V if Q , 2 .w N 5 U 1 U .,.. .v in 4' i fi 3 5 I2 ,Ag -Q X X . 'gms 5sfQW3M Lh,, i,?MW ww 'vez A A M3145 , - f . ' ML". 7 A i ' WG' A A - 4 'A vi'R'iYSEi F Q- 44: A - -1a?'Pv I .iz f A4 X ' " - ' ' W '?g3V'c1g.g l 1 ve:- V L LL ' 2 A + ,, . . . 3,11 , ' N., M, -5 N-:i -' : Q . Q" ' ' x ' f ' A ' 'Q . '1 Q - f - - - Q 95 S f ,......-...-. ...-..YY 7-3 Lqgfgmvn Q-393451.-ggamm K vb -aww: V1 ,ix

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