Froebel High School - Steel Dust Yearbook (Gary, IN)

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Ijrr " W »K fri ftr 1 i_ STtfLDUST Froebel High School Gary, Indiana Published by the Senior and Junior Classes of Froebel High School j)-acu(tiA Who hath a book Has friends at hand, And gold and gear At his command. AUDITORIUM C. YULE: Drama, Jr. Sr. Club F. COHEN: Auditorium, Freshman Organiza: T. BENJAMIN: Debate Club, Senior Organs C. FILEFF: Auditorium, Freshman Organiz M. STUART: Auditorium, Freshman Organiz {Not Shown) SOCIAL STUDIES . McALLISTER: Future Teachers of An Organization, Social . JONES: History, Senior Organizati L. STEWART: Mathematics, Euclidian Circle, Sophomore Organization 0. SWANK: Mathematics, Junior Organization FOREIGN LANGUAGE S. PRADO: Social Studies, Spanish, Freshman Organization G. BOPP: Engllsh, Latin, Latin Club, Sophomore MUSIC K. RESUR: Band D. HOLLAND: Auditorium, A Cappella Club, Sophomore R. BALLWAY: Band, Orchestra SCIENCE W. IRVIN: Science, Sophomore Organization C. CHAMBERLAIN: Science, Projection Club, Senior Organization 0. FISHER: Science, Junior Organization COMMERCIAL M. GOHDES: Commercial, National Honor Society, Business Club, Hallguard Sponsor, Junior Organization P. CUSMANO: Commercial, Sophomore Organization 5 CU -AIL SENIORS ’50 With rue my heart is laden For golden friends I had, For many a rose-lipt maiden And many a lightfoot lad. JUNIORS ’51 The bird of time has but a little way To flutter—and the bird is on the wing. SOPHOMORES ’52 Gather ye rosebuds while ye may Old time is still a flying And this same flower that smiles today Tomorrow will be dying. FRESHMEN ’53 Does the road wind up-hill all the way? Yes, to the very end. Will the day’s journey take the whole- long way? From morn to night my friend. 7 ' c cinizcL tion Officers Robert Onda, Social Chairman; Harriet Mandel, Social Chairman; Chris christoff, President. TIMOTHY ADAMS VICTORIA ARGOSTINO CHEERLEADER 3; CURT I AN Time I; Majorettes I,2,3; Mixed Chorus |,2,3,4. JESUS BARREIRO A capella 4; Annual Staff 4; Band I ,2,3,4 Treas.; Citamard 4 Pres.; curtain Time I; Euclidean Circle 3,4; F.T.A. 4; Pub¬ lications 4; Soph. Org. Vice Pres. CLm Of 1950 HARMONETTES DOROTHY ANTOS PAUL BALAS BRUNO BERNAT Euclidean Circle 3,4; Student Council 2. MODERN HOMEMAKERS JEAN BISTRANSKY A capella 1,2; Alpha G. A.A. I ,2,3; CURTIAN Time |; Citimard 3; Flag Swing¬ ers 4; F.T.A. 4; majorettes 2,3; Publications 3 . ARTHUR BOGDON Basketball Mgr, 3,4; Curtain Time i,2; X Country 1,2; Football Mgr. 3,4; Track I ,2. DOROTHY CALWHITE Class Of 1950 FRANK BODNAR Student Council 3- SALLY CABANELAS EUGENE CIESIELSKI Projection 3- MAURICE BUCK Chorus 3; Mixed Cho¬ rus 3; Project ion |. JOHN CHUR I 0 Annual Staff 4; Cur¬ tain Time 2; Orchestra LORRAINE COMSA A capella 1,2,3; Alpha G.A.A. I,2,3,4 Vice Pres.; Chorus 4; Curtain Time I; Mixed Chorus |,2;Major- ettes 1,2,3 Vice Pres. DOROTHY DEMO Alpha G.A.A. 2,3; Cho¬ rus 4; Publications 3 . DONALD CRITTENDEN JEANNE DEMOS A capella 2; Alpha G.A.A. 1,2,3; Curtain Time I; F.T.A. 4; Major¬ ettes 1,2,3,4. BARBARA DANCH A capella 4; Alpha G.A.A. I,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Band I ,2,3,4; Euclidean Circle 3,4, Sec.; F.T.A. 4; Honor Society 3,4; Latin Club 2 Sec., 3,4; Publications. RUTH DENNIE Annual Staff 4; Cho¬ rus I; F.T.A. 4; Jr.-Sr. Org. 1,2,3 Soc1 al Ch., 4 Pres. ; Latin Club 4; Publications 2,4; Student Council 4. CLss Of 1950 CARRIE BELL DAVIS LOUIS DIAMOND Band I,2,3. JOAN DUDLEY Beta G.A.A. 1,2; Chorus! 1,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3. KATHERINE DROZA Alpha G.A.A. 1,2; Pub- C AMP US VIEW " LET’S EAT” - EUCLIDEAN INITIATION WILLIAM DUDLEY Basketball I ,3,4; X Country I,2,3.4; Track I, 2,3,4. THERESA DYWAN Alpha G.A.A. I ,2,3,4; Business Club 4; Student Council 3 Sec. EDNA FARRIS A capella 3; alpha G. A.A. |,2,3,4; Band I,2,3, 4; Business Club 4; F.T.A. 4; Chorus 4. Class Of 1950 KATHERINE DUKICH A capella 3; Mixed Cho¬ rus 3.4. CANELLA FAFOULAS Alpha G.A.A. 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Business Club 4; Eu¬ clidean Circle 3,4. ROBERT FENCEK Basketball I; Football FRACES ELDRIDGE • A.A. 1,2,3,4 i i ness Club 4; Student Coun- EDWARD FABIAN 3,4; Band Circle 4; ROSE MARIE FARRIS EZIO FATTORE Projectioi EMIL FERNANDEZ Band I,2,3,4 Vice Pres.; Footbali ; Projection 2. TRAVIS LEE FREEMAN Euclidean Circle 3,4; Football 2,3,4; Latin Club I,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4. JAMES GEORGEOU Band 1,2,3,4; basket¬ ball |; X Country 3; Cur¬ tain Time |; Football 2; Student Council I; Track Class Of 1950 FRESHMAN WELCOME MANUEL FONSECA X Country I,3; Track- 1 , 3 • SOPHIE GEORGEAD IS A CARELLA 2; ALPHA G. A.A. I ,2,3,4 Social Ch.; Business Club 4; Cheer¬ leaders 3; chorus 4; Ci t i— mard I,2,3,4; F.T.A. 4; J Majorettes I,2,3,4; Pub-| TOM GIOLAS A CAPELLA 1,2,3.4 Pres.; Annual Staff 4; Business! Club 4; Citamard 2,3,4; | Curtain Time I Pres.; F.j T.A. 4; Publications 4; J Sr. Org. Social Ch. STUDY HALL - That old familiar hour. STERLING GORDON Basketball I; Chorus 3,4; Football 2,3, JR. Sr. Org. Pub. CH. 4. CONSUELA HERNANDEZ alpha G.A.A. I,2. MARY HOWORTH F.T.A. 4. Class Of 1950 STELLA GUTIERREZ Annual Staff 4; Busi¬ ness Club 4; Chorus 2,3; F.T.A. 4; Publications 3, 4 Editor. ROBERT HORVATH Euclidean Circle 4. NICK JULIUS Band I,2,3,4; Football I,2; Jr. Org. Pres. JOHN HILL Football I ,2,3,4; Jr.- Sr. Club Pub. Ch. 3; La¬ tin Club I ,2,3.4; Trac I,2,3,4. LARTHA JOHNSON Annual Staff 4; Beta G.A.A. 4; Business Club 4; F.T.A. 4 Sec.; Honor Society 3,4 Sec.; Publi¬ cations 4; Student Coun- JOHN HORNAK LLIAM JORDAN GENEVA KACHATUROFF A.G.A.A. |,2,3,4; An. NUAL STAFF 4; EUCLIDEAI Football ng 1,2,3 ' Fresh- KRANI MARY Pres i Circle 2,3,4; Freshman Class Co-Chairman; F.T. A. 4; Honor Society 3 Vice President; Latin Club 2,3,4; Senior Org. Vice President. JOE KOCSIS Annual Staff jection Club I Publication 4. DAN KACHATUROFF Basketball I,2,3; Cho¬ rus |,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Track I,2,3,4. PAUL KISH Curtain Time |; Eucli¬ dean Circle 3,4. ROSE KUSHNERUK Business Club 4; chorus. CLm Of 1950 GUST KANOLES A capella 3; Basketball] 1,2; Football 1,2; Student Council I. HELEN KREMIZES A capella 2,3,4; A.G.] A.A. I, 2,3,4; busine ss; Club 4; cheerleaders 3,4;] F.T.A. 4 President; Stu-| dent Council; Social Chair-- man Sophomore Org. PETER KUZMA Euclidean circle 4; Track 2. FRESHMAN WELCOME THE TEAM ROOTERS SPIRO MAROULES F.T.A. 4; Projection [Club 1,2; Student Council 3- CHARLES MAZONAS Basketball I; X Country I,2; Football 3 4; Track 1 , 2 . ARSEN 10 MARTINEZ Band I,2,3,4; Projection Club 4. MIKE NICHOVICH Band I,2,3,4; X Country 1,2,3; CURTAIN Time |; La¬ tin Club 1,2,3,4; Projec¬ tion Club |,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3- CLm Of 1950 JOHN MURRAY Annual Staff 4; Eucli¬ dean Circle 3,4; Football 3,4; Student Council Pres¬ ident 4. JOHN ONDER CLis Of 1950 GEORGE LEKA Basketball I ,2,3,4j Football 2,3,4; Treasure PAT MALONE THERESA MANCILLA Alpha G.A.A. 1,2,3; Band 4; Business Club 4 President; Euclidean Circle ,4; F.T.A. Vice President ; Honor Society, Social CHAIRMAN. ROBERT MARKOVICH A CAPELLA 4; ANNUM Staff 4; Basketball l| Citamard 2,3,4; Curtai Time I; Latin Club 2,3,4] Publication 4. LEARNING TO SEW A FINE SEAM ANN PAPPAS A CAPELLA 3 SO. CH.J A. G.A.A. 1,2, C.M. 3,4; Busi¬ ness Club 4; Citamard 4; Curtain Time I So. Cha.; F.T.A. 4. JULIUS PAUK X Country I; Football 2,3,4; Track I ,2. MARGUERITE PRUVUNOK Chorus I,2,3,4. KATHERINE PATELLIS A CAPELLA 4; A.G.A.A. I, 2,3,4 Pres.; Band I,2,3,4; Curtain Time I; Euclidean Circle 4; Latin Club 3,4; Student Council I ,2,3,4 Vice Pres. ALPHONSO PETTIGREW Football 2,3; Track 2,3. RUBEN RAMOS Football 2. CU Of 1950 BEGINNERS TYPING CLASS ERNEST ROBINSON JAMES D. RODRIGUEZ A capella |; Band I , BENNY JOHN SCHIPAN I 2,3; Basketball I; Foot- Football |; Track 1,2. ball 1,2,3,4; Track I. ROBERT SEBBEN Latin Club I,2. BEVERLY RIESCO A CAPELLA 4; A.G.A.A. I,2, 3, 4 Treas.; Band 2,3,4; Business Club 4; Euclidean Circle 3,4; F.T.A. 4; Honor Soc. 3,4 Treas.; Soph. Sec. Class Of 1950 JOHN RUSBASON JR. A capella 4; Band 3, Debate 2; Football 3 MIKE SOFIAK Basketball 1,2,3; Country 1,2. EDWARD SAKLAK Track 3 JAMES SOURONIS Football Mgr. 3,4. SAMUEL STEJiLE Football 3,4. SWING YOUR PARTNERS GREAT ARTIST AT WORK GEORGE STROIA Basketball 4; Football ALVIN THOMAS Euclidean Circle 3,4; Football I,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Track I,2,3,4. EDGAR TURNER Football I, 2,3,4; Track 2,3- CLsi Of 1950 GEORGE SWALLA A capella 3; Basketball I; X Country 1,2,3; Foot¬ ball 3; Track I ,2,3,4. ELAINE TONESTSKI A. G.A.A. |,2,3,4 Secre¬ tary; Business Club 4; Honor Society 3,4 President; Majorette 1,2,3,4. CATHERINE WATKINS B. G.A.A. I,2, 3 ,4. JUANITA THOMPSON B.G.A.A. I,2,3,4; Bus¬ iness Club 4; Latin Club CHAEL TOMONDI Senior Organ FRED VASQUEZ Band 1,2,3 Secretary, 4 President. RONALD WARKENTIEN CLa Of 1950 BERNICE YURKO CLARA WATTS A capella 4; Alpha G. Beta G.A.A. I; Debate A A I 2,3,4; F T A 4 1,2,3 Vice Pres.; F.T.A. 4. PEARL IE MAE WHITE JEANETTE ROSE Jr. Sr. Club 2,3,4; Beta G.A.A. 2,3,4; F.T.A. 4; -Business Club 4. RICHARD BASIC CHRISTOPHER SCHALCHAS Football 2,3,4; Bas- Football 1,2. KETBALL I,2,3,4; EUCLIDEAN Circle 4 Vice Pres.; La¬ tin Club 3,4. RADMILLA SPIROVICH Business Club 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; F.T.A. 4. TIRSO CERVANTES Chorus I; X Country 2; Football I,2,3,4; Projec¬ tion I,2,3,4; Track 3 . KENNETH CHAPMAN NORMA CRITTENDEN Chorus I,2,4; Mixed Chorus 3 LILLIAN OWENS Beta G.A.A. I ,2,3,4; Latin Club 3,4. CORNELIUS RENDELL Football 4. EMMA VASS A capella I,2,3,4; Alpha G.A.A. 1,2,3; Cheerleader 3,4; Curtain Time |; Honor Society 3,4; Sr. Org. So¬ cial Ch. MARIE AGUILAR BAND 3. THE WALTZ QUEENS IRENE ARROYO A.G.A.A. 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Bus 1 ness Club 3, RUTH ARROYO A.G.A.A. 1,2,3; Band Class Of 1951 ESTHERLENA BROWN JOHN BURNS DAVID BUSHWTY Chorus 2; X Country 3; Football 2; Track 2. ROSE BOMBARDO WALTER ASBERRY Basketball Country 2; Trac DORIS BROWN B.G.A.A. I ness Club 3; 2,3; Busi REUBIN BALDWI RAYMOND CROCKETT Football 1,2; Track I MICKEY CAZANGIU Football 1,2,; jection Club 3. BENJAMIN CUNEO Curtain Time ject1 on Club I,i CHARLES CERVANTES Band 1,2,3; X Country 3; Football 2. JEAN CALFAS A capella 2,3; A.G. A.A. I,2,3 C.M.; Band |; MAJORETTE 2,3; cheer¬ leader 2,3; Curtain Time | ; Frosh. Soph. Org. Sec.; F.T.A. 3 . CLii Of 1951 GERALDINE DANIELS B.G.A.A. 1,2,3; Latin . Club 3 . HERMAN DANIELS F.T.A. 3- MAX CAPESTANY A capella 2,3; Band 1,2,3; X Country I,2; Debate I; Euclidean Cir¬ cle 3; Latin Club 1,2,3, Treas.; Track 1,2; Cur¬ tain Time I . ALWAYS HELPFUL MlCHAEL DANKO A capella 2,3; Annual Staff 3; Band 1,2,3; X Country 3; Euclidean Cir¬ cle 3; Latin Club 3; Track 3- HATTIE CARTER B.G.A.A. I ,2,3 ' 24 JOHN CHRISTIAN Basketball 1,2; Jr. Org. So. Ch.; Football 1,2,3; Soph. ' Org. Treas. EXPLORING THE UNKNOWN ROMY CHIRILA Basketball 1,2,3; X Country 2,3; Football 1; Student Council 3 LAVERNE CHEEKS Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3; Track I, 2,3- CLm Of 1951 LILLIE DAVIS Debate I. ALFRITZ DAVIS Football 1,2,3; Track IRENE DARAVANIS A capella I ,2,3; A.G. A.A. |,2; Annual Staff 3; Business Club 3: Citamard 2,3; Chorus 1,2; Curtain Time I Vice Pres.; F.T.A. 3; Publications 3; Soph. Org. Vice Pres. JOSEPH C1ESKIEWICZ CHANDLER DOLORES FANNIE DOMORAS WALLACE CIESKIEWICZ Basketball I; Foots I; Track 2. 1951 JON LENOX EVANS X Country 1,2,3; Eu-j cl i dean Circle 2,3; Track] 1,2,3. CARMELLA FES1 A.G.A.A. 1,2,3; Busi-j ness Club 3; Curtain Time; CL, Of MARJORIE COOPER 26 JOANN FURL IN A.G.A.A. I,2,3: Band 2,3; Debate 1. MARGARET GARCIA A.G.A.A. 1,2,3; Latin Club I ,2,3- VLADI MlR GASTEVICH Basketball 1,2,3; Cit- mard 1,2,3; X Country I, 2,3; Euclidean Circle 2, 3; Fresh Org. Social Ch.; Jr. Class President; La¬ tin Club 3; Student Coun- ELIZABETH GREEN B.G.A.A. 1,2,3; Student Counc i l I. VIEW FROM 13th AND JACKSON Clan Of 1951 LORETTA GULABOFF A.G.A.A. 1,2,3; Busi¬ ness Club 3; Chorus I. MADELINE HAJVERT A.G.A.A. |,2,3; Busi¬ ness Club 3. ROOSEVELT HARVEY CLsi Of 1951 CHARLES JENKINS CHEERLEADER 2,3; CHO¬ RUS I; Debate I,2,3 Soc¬ ial Chairman. ALL INE JOHNSON B.G.A.A. 2,3. GLADYS JOHNSON Annual Staff 3; B.G. A. A. 2,3; Publications 3- Principal’s Secretary - MISS MALICH Class Of 1951 ANN KELCHAK A. G.A.A. I,2,3; Busi¬ ness Club 3, Class Social FRANCES KING B. G.A.A. 1,2,3; Busi¬ ness Club 3; Mixed Cho- VERONICA KIRLA A capella 2,3; A.G. A.A. 1,2,3 Council Member; Band I ,2 Treasurer, 3 Secretary; Curtain Time I ; Euclidean Circle 3; Flag Swinger 1,2,3; Jr. Organization Treasurer; Majorettes 1,2,3 Social Chairman; Student Coun- ANASTAS I A KAPOTAS A CAPELLA 3; Busi Club 3. JOHN R. KASARDA A capella 1,2,3; An- nual Staff 3; band 1,2,3; Citamard Time I; Eucli¬ dean Circle 3; Latin Clue I,2 President, 3 Publi¬ city Chairman; Publica- CLARICE JORDAN B.G.A.A. 1,2 Coun- CARL KAFANTARIS A CAPELLA 3» SWI 1,2,3- HELEN KONTOR Alpha G.A.A. I,2; Bus¬ iness Club 3. CHARLES KOVAL Basketball | ,2,3; X Country 1,2,3; Track I, 2,3- MILDRED LACO Alpha G.A.A. I,2. MARY LUNA Alpha G.A.A. I ,2,3; j Chorus 1,2,3; Latin Club 3- JUNE MANNA Beta G.A.A. I ,2,3. j DOROTHY MAYHOE Beta G.A.A. 1,2,3; La¬ tin Club 3. CLm Of 1951 MACHINE SHOP JEWEL MCCALISTER Business Club 3. LAWRENCE McREYNOLDS Debate I; Football I .2,3; Jr. Sr. Org. I, 2,3 Treas.; Student Coun- LIONEL McREYNOLDS Basketball I ,2,3; X Country 1,2,3; Track 2, 3- TOOT ! TOOT ! TOOT ! Class Of 1951 SHERDELL MOTLEY X Country 1,2; Track PERCY NICHOLS Football 1,2. DOROTHY PADLO Alpha G.A.A. I ,2,3; DEBATE | . CHRIST PAPPAS Basketball I,2; Eu¬ clidean Circle 3; Foot¬ ball 1,2,3; Student Coun- GOLDIE PELLER Alpha G.A.A. I ,2,3; Citamard 2,3. STEVE POPOVICH Band I; Projection Club I . Class Of 1951 VICTORY BONFIRE 32 GOLDIE RILEY BETA G.A.A. I ,2,3; Treas . BESSIE ROBERSON Beta G. A. A. I 2,3:|| Business Club 3. EARDEAL ROBINSON Beta G.A.A. 3; CHo-1 rus 2. EDWARD ROBINSON Debate I,2,3; Student Council I,2,3. WILLIAM ROSDIL Debate I ; Football 2,3; Projection Club 2. GENEVIEVE SCHWARTZENBERGER Alpha G.A.A. 1,2,3; BAND 3; Business Club 3. SENIOR DANCE Class Of 1951 OLYMPIA ROMAN Alpha G.A.A. I ,2,3; Business Club 3 Curtain Time 2; Latin Club 1,2,3. MARILYN SARKOTICH A capella |; Alpha G. MONA STINNETTE PAULINE ROSS BETA G . A . LORETTA STRYCZEK ARTHUR SHANKER A capella 2; ClTAMARD 2; Curtain Time I; Eucli¬ dean Circle; Student CouN- MAGDALINE SPIROVICH Alpha G.A.A. I,2, Business Club 3. MICHAEL SULLIVAN Citamard 2; Debate 3 Sec.; F.T.A. 3. ROBERT TILLAGE MARY ANN THOMAS Beta g.A.A. I,2,3; Cho¬ rus 1,2. MARY ANN TOMOCIK Business Club 3. MARY ANN SUL ICH A capella I,2,3; Band 2,3; Bus iness Club 3; Curtain Time |j Jr. Org. Sec.; Latin Club 2 Sec.., 3; Student Council 3 VIVIAN THORNTON Beta G.A.A. I ,2,3; BETTY TROUTMAN A capella 3; Alpha G. A.A. I; Chorus I; Cita¬ mard 3; Curtain Time 1,2; Business Club 3; Jr. Org. Vice Pres. CL Of 1951 FRESHMAN PLAY BLOSSOM THORNTON Beta G.A.A. I,2,3 Soc¬ ial Ch.; Business Club 3. HELEN TONIS Alpha G.A.A. I ,2,3; Business Club 3. HENRY TURNER JOHN VERDE Band 2,3; Basketball I Mgr.; X Country 1,2. ELAINE WILSON Alpha G.A.A. I ,2,3; Band 2,3; Business Club 3; Curtain Time |; Latin Club 1,2,3. EVELYN MOCK Debate 1,2,3 President; Beta G.A.A. 1,2,3, Coun¬ cil Member; Jr. Sr. Club 3 Social Chairman; Eucli¬ dean Circle 3. PEP SESSION Clan Of 1951 Class Of 1951 PEGGY ANTONI Chorus | ,2,3. ISAAC GRIFFIN Football I; Track WILLIAM SINGLETON Euclidean Circle 3; Stu¬ dent Council 3 FRANK ALVARDO ARDIE BURGER Basketball 1,2,3; X Coun¬ try 2; Track 2. EDWARD GROCHOWSKI LORENZO HARRISON Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3; Track 2. ADA SMITH Beta G.A.A. I,2; Latin Club 3. ESTELLE SUGGS Beta G.A.A. 1,2; Business Club 3; Chorus I. FRANK CRUZ HAROLD JACKSON GENE TAYLOR Debate I; Football I; Pro- Basketball 2. Basketball 1,2,3; X Coun- jection Club 2,3- try 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3. TOM DUDAK HUBERT JOHNSON RUDY VUCEKOVICH Band 2,3; X Country 2,3; X Country 3; Track 2,3. Basketball I. Swimming 2; Track |,2. MARY BELL EMERSON Beta G.A.A. 2. EVANELL ROSS Beta G.A.A. DOROTHY WILEY Beta G.A.A. 2,3; Mixed Cho¬ rus 1,2,3. LOUIS GONZALES DANIEL SCOTT JAMES WILLIAMS Basketball I; Football I, Basketball 1; Football I, 2,3. 2,3; Track |. 36 CLm Of 1952 FIRST ROW: Swain, Tonis, Stryczek, Szot, Smith, Taulia, Turner, Tyler, Washington. SECOND ROW: Sims, Summers, Torie, Sanders, Mrs. Stewart, Wright, Williams, Smolinski. THIRD ROW: Velasco, Thomas, Vittorini, Sudey, Williams, Vercimak, Werhowatz, Wachovia , Wirtes. 37 CLu Of 1952 FIRST ROW; Jelks, Kotleroff, Hollingsworth, Gomez, Julius, Kazich, Jandura. SECOND ROW; Joiner, Gobbla, Katsimpolis, Giolas, Jarcik, Johnson, Glenn, Klimaitis, Mr. Cusmano. THIRD ROW; Gauger, Kendrick, Gray, Kinasciewicz, Katsimpolis, Gagliardi, Jaracz, Hollingsworth, Ingram. FIRST ROW; Britt, Abila, Casko, Fezko, Bielewicz, Cabanelas, Danch, Coefield, Miss Holland. SECOND ROW; Allen, Brinston, Carlson, Duch- scher, Basic, Bowles, Cieskiewicz, Cervantes, Boyd, Crump. THIRD ROW; Collins, Cowart, Burr, Cabanelas, Christoff, Dorin, Angelidas, Bal- luch. Brown. 38 CU Of 1953 FIRST ROW: Brunansky, Chavez, Bozeman, Danch, Craynok, Bombardo, Clarke, Cunningham, buck, Arreguin. SECOND ROW: Bottos, Garcia, Cook, Burrel, Branch, Eldridge, Dennie, Bell, Edwards, AQuillon, Miss Stuart. THIRD ROW; Bodnar, Daniels, Cardenas, Camarena, Domoras, Allen, Blair, Daniels, Buibush, Aguilar, Donaldson. FIRST ROW: Estrada, Cowart, Taylor, Jury, Moss, DomoraS, Arbaugh, Simmons. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Uncapher, Whittaker, Tucker, Greer, McCallister, Ireland, Jenkins. THIRD ROW: Russel, Schipiani, Varella, Demo, Johnson, Johnson, Chavis. FOURTH ROW: Lasenby, Smith, Patterson, Boyd, Gubocki, Razo, Morales. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Fileff, Reyes, Shimko, Spir- ovich, Reed, Robinson, Pulliam, Robertson. SECOND ROW: Patterson, Romak, Rosandich, Salazar, Reese, Smith, Ross, Sims, Saunders. THIRD ROW: Smith, Spicer, Nickolson, Smith, Ogiego, Ogiego, Shoback, Redigonda, Souronis. 39 CLm Of 1953 FIRST ROW: Bingham, Jawarski, Habrych, Evan- yo, Horvath, Hawkins, Garmon, Jenkins, Evan- yo. SECOND ROW: Hooks, Jackson, Hicks, Hower, Tondren, Jones, Hill, Finney, Jagiela. THIRD ROW: Jackson, Smith, Howard, Tinzley, Jen¬ kins, Gant, Freeman, Evans, Gonzalez, Hansen, FIRST ROW: West, Wynn, Turner, Williams, White, Wells, Turner, Tansil, Torres. SECOND ROW: Yurko, Thornton, Woolwine, Williams, Terry, Williams, Tucker, Sulich, Walton, Swaykowski, Tinzley. THIRD ROW: Miss Prado, Tsoutsouris, Torres, Thomas, Thomas, Williams, Wilson, Thornton, Vereb, Smith, Turner. FIRST ROW: Kirksey, Moore, Lawler, Luna. SECOND RCW: Morton, Moppins, Lavin, Karagian- nis. THIRD ROW; Kraft, Kovich, Karageorge, Majora£v. FOURTH ROW: Mitis, Kachaturoff, Lasko, Killos. FfFTH ROW: Krecik, Lucas, Lelak. SIXTH ROW: Mitchell, Mayhoe, McNeil. SEVENTH ROW: Karwowski, Marthell, Mr. Morris, Kalantzis, Killos. 40 Euclidean Circle Initiation Activities Football Banquet Radio Rescue Pep Session Speech Senior Organization Dance A G.A.A. Spread FIRST ROW: Troutman, Daravanis, Georgeadis, Pappos, Drakos, Calfas, Vass, Pellar. SECOND ROW: Gastevich, Markovich, Giolas, Barreiro, Kanoles, Onda, Mr. Yuls. A SCENE FROM THE CHRISTMAN PAGEANT. BARREIRO, PELLER, Markovich, Georgeadis. Cditamard Citamard, Froebel’s senior dramatic club, is one of the most active organi¬ zations in the School, Normal activities of the year are the Christmas pageant, a three act production, and several one-act plays. This year’s program included the presentation of Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL and the three-act play, KIND LADY, by Chod- orov. The purpose of Citamard is to teach stage techniques and to help develop students’ abilities in the dramatic field. The club has a mem¬ bership of fourteen and is sponsored by Mr. Yule. OFFICERS: Barreiro, President; Drakos, Social Chairman; Daravanis, Secretary-Treasurer; Kanoles, Co-Social Chair- 42 (Curtain Jime The Curtain Time dra¬ matic club, organized nine years ago by Mrs. Cohen, has proved a valuable addition to the Auditorium Department. Besides providing a good background in acting, Curtain Time enables students to work cooperatively, to devel¬ op personality and poise, and to improve voice and diction. Activities in this group are varied. The students are available for special pro¬ grams and extra-curricular dramatic work. Each year Curtain Time presents be¬ tween six and eight one-act plays. The high point of each year’s activity comes in the spring with the presentation of a three-act production. Last year, the mystery-thril¬ ler, THE CAST AND THE CANARY, was given. FIRST ROW; Mancilla, Gobbla, Garcia. SECOND ROW; Shimko, Szot, Kushneruk. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Fileff, Kovich, Bielewicz, Redigonda, Tsoutsouris. FOURTH ROW; Dorin, Gomez, Gagliardi. Curtain Time is under the direction of Mrs. Fileff and has twenty-five members. 43 Mock, Peller, Smith, Owens, Watts, Moss, Robinson, Klimaitis, Razo, Riley, Jenkins, Sullivan. ZtUat CLl Organized in 1948, by Mr. Jancose, and currently under the direction of Mrs. Benjamin, the Debate Club is a small but vitalmember of Froebel’s organizations. Its members enter many state and city contests sponsored by such organizations as the Elks, the American Legion, and the Rotary Club, and attended the Indiana University Speech Conference and the Purdue University Debater’s Assembly. The club has a membership of twelve students who meet once a day with Mrs. Benjamin. Students receive two and a half points creditfor each semester of debate. 44 FIRST ROW: Riesco, Kapotas, Hudecek, Julius, Cabanelas. FIRST ROW; Capestany, Balluch, Angelidas, Velasco. SECOND ROW: Lemus, Kirla, Drakos, Kremizes. THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: Danko, Kafantaris, Jaracz, Holguin. THIRD Mancilla, Gomez, Lasko, Pepoff. FOURTH ROW: Romak, ROW: Markovich, Rusbason, Barreiro, Giolas. FOURTH ROW; Garcia, Daravanis, Troutman. FIFTH ROW; Danch, Calfas, Murray, Pazos, Kasarda, Fabian. Basic, Vass. SIXTH ROW: Sulich, Patellis, Tonetski. _4 CaffJL a Oir The membership of the A Cappella Choir is made up of those students who do not have school time available for chorus. This group meets each Wednesday- evening from six to seven o’clock. ACappella joins with the school chorus in presenting musical selections for school shows and concerts and, last year, sang downtown during the Christmas season. Miss Holland is director of the choir, which has forty members. OFFICERS: Velasco, Social Chairman; Kremizes, Vice Presi¬ dent; Drakos, Secretary-Treasurer; Miss Holland, Sponsor; Calfas, Social Chairman; Giolas, President. 45 SITTING: Peller, CALFAS, Kremizes, Georgeadis, Comsa, Patellis, Tonetski, Riesco, Danch, Enoshell. STANDING: Kelchak, Roman, Wilson, Kirla, Mrs. Bessler, Pappas, Furlin, Schwartzenberger, Kachaturoff, Kranik. yl( P L, ( ' .Jt. 4. CounJ Organized in 1928, with the avowed purpose of stimulating interest in girls’ health and physical education activities and of promoting high ideals in sports, the Alpha G.A.A. is one of the largestand most successful organizations in Froebel School. The first A.G.A.A. banquet was held in May of 1928, with approximately sixty members attending. The banquet is still one of the social highlights of the year, as is the Christmas Spread, held annually by the club. Major sports stressedby the club are tennis, speedball, volleyball, basketball, and baseball; minor sports are bicycling, croquet, handball, hiking, roller skating, badminton, table tennis and square dancing. The club currently has a membership of seventy and is sponsored by Mrs. Bessler who is the founder and original sponsor. 46 C Iriitmai J Christmas ! Time for open¬ ing presents, and Mi ' s. Bes- sler gets something pretty- while Kathryn Patellis, other G.A.A. members, and faculty look on. Everybody, circle right! A.G.A.A. members and guests go old-fashioned and enjoy square dancing as part of the evening’s festivities. Miss Mary Dillon, exchange teacher from England, tells the “gals” all about things on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. 47 Protection C ful The Projection Club has two main objectives. The first objective is the training of operators to manipulate the expensive projection machines; the second is the training of new men for the coming years so that there will be skilled operatives available. Founded in 1942, the Projection Club is sponsored by Mr. Chamberlain. The need for such an organization became apparent when the audio-visual method of teaching began to take a prominent place in instructing methods. The only members who receive school credit for their work are the experienced ones who actually run the films and teach the trainees. FIRST ROW: Giolas, Sanders, Turner, Simmons, Kirla, Drakos, Coefield, Bottos, Johnson, Sudey. SECOND ROW: Mr. Jancose, Krasnansky, Brown, Singleton, Robinson, Kalantzis, Ramirez, Chirilla, Hooks. Student (Council The history of the Student Council of Froebel High School provides goodevidence of the progress made in democracy. Student government at Froebel began as a student court in 1932, as a project of the civics classes. Because such a government was not representative in 1934, a Board of Control was developed whose membership consisted of the officers of the four class organizations. Even greater student representation was gained when the board decreed that its membership be boosted to thirty-two by the election of four boys and four girls from each of the classes. In 1943, the name was changed from Board of Control to Student Council and selection of’membership was again revised on the basis of home rooms, one council member being elected by each home room. Mr. Jancose is sponsor of the Student Council. OFFICERS: Murray, President; georgeadis, Vice President; Hudecek, Secretary-Treasurer. 49 FIRST ROW: Jaracz i Giolas, Barreiro, Jandura, kutsko, Gagliardi, Burr. SECOND ROW: Fesi, Yurko, Thomas, King, Johnson, Bistransky, Demos, Perunko, Roberson, Jordan, Robinson, Mock, Gause, Antos. THIRD ROW: Miss Gohdes, Gulaboff, Brown, Lasko, Stryczek, Carlson, Lopez, Dudley, Thornton, Swain, Ortiz, Garcia, Daravanis, Droza. FOURTH ROW: Garcia, Domoras, Fafoulas, Jarcik, Fattore , Ramirez, Andrews, Bushwty, Wukich, Taylor, Poulos, Laco. FIFTH ROW: Diamond, Horvath, Moskovsky, Cabanelas, Rusbason, Crittendon, Lemus, Kanoles, Julius, Gobbla, Rodriguez, Cervantes. As hallguards, Froebel pupils are able to render a very valuable service to their school. It is their responsibility to carry out the rules governing hall order which are formulated by a committee of teachers and students and endorsed by the Junior and High School Student Councils. FIRST ROW: Lasemby, Kish, Johnson, Kafantaris, Fink, Gordon, Saklak, Paulk, Pappas. SECOND ROW: Ligda, Tonis, Mandel, Pepoff, Kremizes, Spirovich, Cabanelas, Washington, Coefield, Reid, S immons, Jenkins. THIRD ROW: Cieskiewicz, Manna, Cooper, Gearring, Harvey, Daniels, Cockerham, White, Kirla, Holguin. FOURTH ROW: Cieskie- wicz, Katsimpolis, Williams, Asberry, Brown, Sull i van , Daniels, Balas, Turner, Wisner, Ciesielski. 50 SITTING: Mock, Larry, Luna, Spirovich, Wilson, Miss Bopp, Zarik, Sulich, Daniels, Kranik, Reid, Allen, Danch, Coefield, Patellis, Danch, Danko, Basic, Gastevich, Klimaitis, STANDING: Crump, Garcia, Roman, Dennie, Thomas, Kinasiewicz, Megremis, Kasarda, Lemus, Nickovich, Markovich, Hill, Freeman, Ingram, Krasnansky, Gordon, Owens, Wachowiak, Owens, capestany. P ompeLan cjCa tin “By our attempts we hope to inspire others.” With this motto in mind a second year Latin Class, in 1938, founded the Pompeian Latin Club. The main purpose of the club is to promote interest in the study of Latin and to serve Froebel School. Any student taking second year Latin and students still in school who have completed two years of Latin make up the membership of the club. A calandar of events provided interest for the members. September - Election of officers and initiation. December - Saturnalia Christmas Party. March - Latin Conference. May - Three Day Victoria. June - Senior farewell party. SITTING: Williams, Riley, Thornton, Harvey, Eldridge, Mock, Cockerhav, Gause, Wiggins. STANDING: Jordon, Robinson, Johnson, Mrs. Bessler. ta Council The Beta G.A.A. is one of the largest organizations in Froebel School. Boasting a membership of seventy-eight, this girls’ organization has as its aim the making of healthier living throughplannedphysicaleducationactivities. When originally founded by Mrs. Bessler in 1928, the organization had thirty members. The first banquet was held in May of 1929. A planned program of sports, including tennis, basketball, baseball, speedball, badminton, square dancing, handball, volleyball, and croquet, is scheduled each year. The main event is the banquet ax which worthy candidates receive trophies for outstanding sports records and at which officers are installed. 52 l a Cj — C liristmas ' ance The grand march gets under¬ way at the Beta G.A.A. Christmas Dance in the Froebel gym. My! Isn’t this confusing? Do you suppose we will ever get straightened out again ? Wheel We did it. All unscram¬ bled and ready for dance pro¬ grams, refreshments, and more dancing. 53 SITTING: Johnson, Kranik, Kocsis, Giolas, Barreiro, Gutierrez, Ramirez, Daravanis, Drakos, Danch, Ligda. STANDING: Kachaturoff, Coucoulas, Churio, Mendez, Murray, Markovich, Kasarda, Johnson, Mr. Morri s. JPullicationS date The primary function of the publications class is the writing and the publishing of the school paper, the FROEBEL FLASH. Open to any junior or senior student, this class offers two and a half points credit for each of two semesters of work. Students enrolling in the class must have a good background in English, originality in thinking, a will to work cooper¬ atively, and a feeling of responsibility. In addition to publishing the paper, each year the staff sponsors the photog¬ raphing of the entire student body. 54 Steel 2W Staff This year the Steel Dust Staff was composed of students enrolled in publi- ations class; in addition, there were two student photographers, Mike Danko and Javier Lemus. Production of the annual was accomplished by means of interlocking committees. The staff was divided into groups covering photography, layouts, finance, activities, faculty, and class write ups. The 1950-51 Steel Dust is the first to be published byFroebel students since the war years. Mr. Jones, Miss Doyle and Mr. Morris were sponsors of this year’s staff. FIRST ROW: Pappas, Patellis, Drakos, Daravanis, Dennie, Eldridge, Kranik, Kremizes, Spirovich, Danch, Riesco. SECOND ROW; Georgeadis, Bistransky, Demos, Farris, Johnson, Giolas, Maroulas, Bar- reiro, Murray, Mr. McAllister, Calfas, Tonetski, Howorth, Mancilla, White, Sanders, Gutierrez. future JeacherA The newest group to be organized atFroebel is the Future Teachers of America. Members are seeking to learn about teaching opportunities, the qualities of character, scholarship, and leadership needed by teachers, and the advantages and disadvantages of teaching as a career. Meetings have been highly stimulating and promise to be evenmore so as many worthwhile activities begin to develop. Future Teachers of America does not merely serve as a guide to a possible future vocation. Much good is also derived from viewing the problems of the school from the standpoint of the teacher. OFFICERS: Georgeadis, Treasurer; Johnson, Secretary, Mr. McAllister, Sponsor; Mancilla, Vice President; Kremizes, President. 56 FIRST ROW: Welch, Rogers, Moses, Williams, Roberson, Hickey, Solorio, Steele, Lott, Nichols. SECOND ROW: Willy, McReynolds, Harvey, Rosdil, Steele, Smith, Rucker, Bynum, Steele, Alvarado. THIRD ROW: Millen, Brown, Gant, Paulk, Hammons, Williams, Nichols, Smith, Gould. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Butler, Dudley, Verde, Cuneo, Blades, Larry, Cruz, Pazos, Feneck, Sims, Davis, FIFTH ROW; Kidd, McCulley, Banks, Hig¬ gins, Daniels, Pettigrew, Brown, Stroud, Wesley, Elieff. a aS5 The technical classes at Froebel school offer students specialized courses in mathematics, English, geography and science. These subjects are especially designed to fit the needs of the student seeking a technical career in welding, machine shop, or a similar field. A student enrolling in tech class must also major in one of the shop courses offered at Froebel. Mr. Henry Butler is in charge of the tech class. One of Froebel’s oldest and most active organizations is the Junior- Senior Club. The members during the school year enjoy activities such as parties and dances. The club promotes these activities to acquaint its new members with the other students. A Christmas party and the Junior-Senior Prom highlighted the social events of the year. Mr. Bromley is head sponsor of the organization. 58 SEATED: Mrs. Stewart, Kranik, Kachaturoff, Danch, Riesco, Mock, Zarik, Kirla, Fafoulas, Mancilla, Patellis, Moore, Gastevich, Pappas. STANDING: Shanker, Mitis, Capestany, Evans, Basic, Freeman, Gordon, Wukich, Murray, Megremis, Singleton, Fabian, Thomas, Bernat, Danko, Kuzma, Horvath, Kasarda, Holquin, barreiro, Kish. (iclean (Circle (Euclidean The Euclidean Circle, sponsored by Mrs. Stewart, was organized in 1940. The purpose of this club is to give itsmembers an opportunity to broadentheir mathematical knowledge. Members wish to show mathematics, not as an academic subject, but as a useful and pleasant hobby. Meetings are scheduled the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Included in the 1949 and 1950 activities were the Christmas party and initiation, the trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, the sale of FROEBEL Pennant, and the spring picnic and initiation. Basic, Vice President; Coucoulas, President; Danch, Secretary; Gordon, Treasurer. 59 uMned5 The Business Club is composed of all students taking shorthand. Meetings of the club are held the first and third Monday of each month. At these meetings, business men and women talk to the group about the opportunities in Gary and the qualifications that are needed to fit into the business field. Interesting and instructive demonstrations of office machines are given by the various machine companies. Officers for the club are Theresa Mancilla, President; Jean Demos,Vice President; Rose Mary Odar, Secretary; Sophie Georgeadis, Treasurer. Miss Gohdes is sponsor of the Business Club. 60 FIRST ROW: Vass, Johnson, Mancilla, Kranik, Tonetski. SECOND ROW: " Danch, Miss Gohdes, Miss Southwick, Mrs. Uncapher, miss Doyle, Riesco. Rational JJ-onor Societi y The National Honor Society was organizedat Froebel School in 1927. The constitution under which the club was formed states thatthe purpose of the group is “to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of American secondary schools. Miss Southwick is sponsor of the society with Miss Gohdes, Mrs. Uncapher and Miss Doyle as members of the advisory board. At the present time there are seven members in the club; new mem¬ bers have not as yet been chosen. Before graduation exercises the membership numbered twenty-seven. 6l DIRECTOR MR. RES UR COLOR GUARDS: Sulich, Lakatos, The Froebel Band carried the name of its school and the city of Gary before hundreds of thousands of people during 1949. On May 15th, it gave a colorful concert to a packed Memorial Auditorium. After appearances here in the Memorial Day, Convocation, and Flag Day Parades, the band took part in the Wisconsin Spectacle of Music in Milwaukee, where they were awarded two beautiful gold trophies, 200 medals for winning first prize in marching and second prize in concert playing. On July 24th, the majorettes presented five special black light flag and baton drills at the Rock River Valley Music Festival in Sterling, Illinois. The band and majorettes led the Mardi Gras parade at Riverview Park in Chicago, on August 29th. In the Midwestern Band Tournament held there on September 11th, they won first prize, a beautiful gold trophy and 100 medals. This marked their seventh first prize performance there. %UJ (J3und The band then placed second in competition with 31 other bands on September 4th, at the State Fair in Indianapolis winning a gold trophy and 100 medals. The four trophies won this summer makes a total of 37 trophies won by the band, orchestra and majorette groups. For many years now theFroebel majorettes have been outstanding in the band. Parading out in front, twirling their batons and swinging their colorful flags, the majorettes always add color and sparkle with their high stepping routine. A hard working group, the majorettes always pu t on a good show. This group is under the supervision of Mrs.Resur. Bensey, Kirla, Mandel, Shimko, Demos, Lasko, Tonetski. Kirla, Calfas, Demos, Tonetski, Resur, Geor¬ ge adis, Basic, Lara. Demos, Bistransky, Kirla, Georgeaois, Tonetski, Garcia, Basic, Ronak, Lara, Calfas. VlNZANNI, POULAS, DjAKOVICM, KOTOViCH, RESUR, Stewart, Guerra, Sarkotich, Kotovicm, Whiten- gale. 64 FIRST ROW; Hudecek, Carter, Bogdon, Souronis, Evanyo. SECOND ROW; Ramirez, Freeman, Onda, Cabanelas, Rodriguez, Crockett, Cervantes, Schalchas, Armenta, basic. THIRD ROW: Trainer O ' Shay, Thomas, Pazos, Hill, Williams, Turner, Leka, Cazangiu, Logo- thetis, Stroia, Banks, Pappas. FOURTH ROW; Coach Kyle, Ford McCulley, Cheeks, Mazonas, Coucoulas, Davis, Murray, Kafantaris, Kachaturoff, Coach Maddock, Brown. FIFTH ROW; Equihua, Steele, Steele, Williams, Harrison, Paulk, Kendrick, Rosdil, Rendell, Chris- Jroebel ' Uarsity By being crowned city champions, the Blue Devils reachedthe climax of a very success¬ ful season under the direction of Coaches Kyle and Maddock. Froebelfans were treated to many thrills throughout the season during which only three games were lost. Such old-time rivals as Emerson and Horace Mann fell before the attack of the Devils. SEASON SCHEDULE 32 19 25 6 20 6 27 13 38 Opponents Hobart 0 Lew Wallace 7 Hammond Tech 33 Ft. Wayne 7 Emerson 12 Whiting 19 Tolleston 14 Roosevelt Gary 0 Horace Mann 0 68 FIRST ROW: Gant. SECOND ROW; Brunansky, Domoras, Bingham, Cowart, Moses, Lott, nichlos, Gant, Howard. THIRD ROW: Johnson, Marthell, Arreguin, Smith, Nickleson, Byumen, Kalan- tzis, Daniels. FOURTH ROW: Lasemby, Jackson, Rucker, Gauger, Gould, Pauk, Spicer, Ramos, Aquillon, Coach Bergstrom. FIFTH ROW: Jenkins, McCulley, Wilson, Ogiego, Ogiego, Brown, Gant, Shoback, Simms, Torres, Wesley. -roeLei Jredlimun Dec Coach Bergstrom’s freshman football squad were city champions also. Losing only one game of the seven played, the squad tied with Gary Roosevelt for the city champion honors. The team’s record rounded out nicely the entire football picture at Froebel. During the season the freshmen rolled up a total of 112 points to their opponents ’ total of 64. SEASON SCHEDULE 21 7 9 24 13 18 20 Opponents Lew Wallace 12 Emerson 6 Emerson 0 Thornton Fractional 0 Tolleston 0 Roosevelt Gary 14 Horace Mann 32 69 Froebel 59 52 51 55 58 SEASON SCHEDULE Edison Gary T olleston Martinsville Evansville Reitz Memorial Whiting HOLIDAY TOURNEY T olleston Lew Wallace Horace Mann SEASON SCHED ULE Roosevelt Gary Valparaiso Ft. Wayne South Side Horace Mann Wirt Emerson Roosevelt E.C. Lew Wallace Washington E.C. Hammond Tech Mishawaka Hammond Clark Hammond SECTIONALS Lew Wallace Edison Emerson Valparaiso REGIONALS Wheatfield Hammond 70 ' Uarsity (f asbetba ffl 7 „ This season, including the Holiday Tourney, the Sectionals, and the Regionals, the Blue Devils played twenty-seven games winning twenty-four and losing only three. The Blue Devils emerged victorious from the Holiday Tourney and from the Sectionals but were finally defeated by Hammond in the second game of the Regionals. The season was an outstanding one for the team and the record set by the team is one of the brightest spots in a very good athletic year at Froebel. Necessary for a good future varsity team is a good reserve team. Playing with the reserves gives the boys the training that someday they’ll use in playing on the varsity squad. The boys played good basket¬ ball this year losing only two games and winning fourteen. 71 SEASON SCHEDULE F roebel Opponents 51 Tolleston 21 20 Michigan City 22 28 Horace Mann 17 17 Roosevelt (Gary) 18 43 Lew Wallace 28 41 Edison 12 25 Roosevelt (Gary) 23 28 Michigan City 38 19 Washington (E.C.) 33 FIRST ROW: Gant, Arreguin, Gant, Howard, Sims, Shoback. SECOND ROW: Coach Bergstrom, McCulley, Ramos, Blades, Torres. CITY TOURNAMENT 35 Edison 11 28 Roosevelt (Gary) 25 31 Horace Mann 24 Jreshman (f asbetba This year’s Freshman basketball team proved very successful. The team won ten games, lost three and was crowned City Champs. This good showing promises that future Froebel teams will be a threat in basketball. C ro 33 (Country Je Mr. Randolph succeeded the late Coach Mantz as cross country coach. The Froebel team was better than the record of one win and eight losses shows. The meets were lost by close margins, and Froebel boys captured first in all dual meets. Froebel’s representative, Lionel McReynolds, places sixth, and the team secured second place in the city-wide meet. FIRST ROW: Fink, Dudak, McReynolds, Dudley, Elieff, Burr, Taylor, Evans. SECOND ROW: Eonseca, Burger, Bushwty, Chirilla, Gastevich, Moore, Koval, Asberry. THIRD ROW: Bavido, Christoff, Danko, Megremis, John¬ son, Cervantes, Brown, Coach Randolph. 72 FIRST ROW: Ford, McReynolds, Cabenelas, Harrison, Dudak, Hill, Taylor. SECOND ROW; Brown, Cheeks, Bingham, Williams, McCulley, Simms, Crockett, Bur¬ ger, Freeman. THIRD ROW: Fink, Kachaturoff, Thomas, Turner, Koval, Moore, Asberry, McCulley, Davis, Motley, Williams, Fonseca (Mgr.) JracL Jet Froebel’s track team suffered a severe blow whenit lost the services of “Pep” Gonzalez through graduation; however it started the season doing very well by winning two out of the three meets that have been held. Bad weather has hampered training and practice for out-door events. This year’s team is “gunning” for another state championship. COACH HENRY “HANK” MANTZ CROSSING THE BAR Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me ! And may there be no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea, But such a tide as moving seems asleep, Too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the boundless deep Turns again home. Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness or farewell, When I embark; For tho’ from out our bourne of Time and Place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crost the bar. Tennyson 74 55i • »

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