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--re-, J ,-3:71.--5,-5-...x Q-A Y--, k X-.. . Q- - , X - . y e. E XQ AM " V -V - - - -fnvbxx-,-Xxb. 4-. A U M .. , . Il MW - Q. ! ,J ' -A 1l !. . . ,I ' w ' kj .- A : MV' 1 , x n i 'Q .J i 1. vf . V A f 4 A ev . ' -jfbczfzc, -1 " if XL405 ff ZZ.: i ' 'DJ lx I ' 1 1 ff ,fm .ff ,YA 11 Y' A JJ V' '1 x X3 Q s fy SW 4 "' iff- W' mf ,QI Q! JC, Af fn! uf, Wa N' NL! rw JY fljwf iq A O YY? I ' F . x M ,Q u 1 - J .- 9 X 1 n 271 r ' gl fx 1 flaw my Z!!-LL 4,24 kr! if MFQMGMQQ' 6.1 M AQ! 46,411 Gi if ww Mfwffmyf xfym XX F, if A . 5 Ax . L.. A V A . 'N .Q , .jj 1 5 ' f , ' 1- . f x ' A 2 V. JA, 6' 7 -'izlif N . ' I ' AIL ' 0 . f J! If 4 If 0 X 1 L-Zyl! . I , xy! I 4: f .f 4 I "I . I ry ,K-A J' f1 - 1 ' ' A - fit! . .Ax b .1 s A Q. If A 5 rig , .N , If -A . I A XM . ff f fi I .X ' i -A If J x f I 6 - f I ff I A ' K --" f 1 .gi GLM x' 2 Wxyy WM 'lm , Vflfjjflffhi Qfiffilf W M fiiiw HYLW, ig? U iw wwf WWGDW S T3 iffy qi' 46,4 Y' Q, M? WW wifi .w-MW , I 2 W SI 1942 . fiffff ffaaffg. deaf, A i Wumfa, am! fiwaiecf Za 10615642 aj ha aimlenaii, fhaedeg' '1y1,ez'4 fa deaf "Good Q 49? W , .-,f- WW 51 Q. ffaffffvfu: Wfml s 5, 54 5 g ' V F" ' - :QI f 5 - Wifi:- 4 giig, ummm .www ii' am 4- , .... , Ny" if f . 155, ' . ' Q f f . . , f' Q ,A-.YH-E : IXDMXNXSTRATORS d' Peter Burress, vice-presn resident Edith Seate . dentg Edward Doyne, p Dorman, asskstant secretary. Standkngz Chades Lutz, superin- tendent Maynard SuXey, treasurer, arkck, secretary. Clenn Re f xfllflill fzzifrfzfluu RICHARD A NUZ W UM Assistant pri ncipal R055 EERK S 2z'5gaD?'9?f!d E12 If ,fQ'3QiO'a Lucille galiiiih VAL AURIT. N P. RICHARDSON C muff, I HUGH BERQSTROM 21 FRANCES UNCAPHER S. O. ENOLE HELEN WEST MALINKA LEORA CONNORS EWART ANN IONES JOHN KYLE G. O. BESSLER CONRAD BERGSTROM DOROTHY FAOAN ALMA E. LORTZ ja 3 ,fa 1.4 53" QA in 1, E ff I Q . Oil ..JK'm""' H, any 4' X Ay k gif .. A . ,. '.-- igggbw. 7 A A ':: " ' ' 7kV'L.k 'X ,V -i M, WM,,...z ..nwvf' 1 MM . ww . ,V my ' ' f ig M-1 J ,WM f A .- , 2 i - .Q ,W Q P , 1x1w+f2N5i 'S 'A ' A . 7, 3, . ff , wg ' Li-S -f ,A ,M 1, Nw 's W' , , AQ, W N 5- , , ,fmfsi-Q-Q52-ggmj, f Lx,,'M,sf1-gsfwl .- 1 f, ww gf? ' GLADYS IVICCROSKEY HENRY MANTZ KATHERINE ROPER MARIETTA IVIONOHAN EDITH COONS 1. 1. KEEGAN MARGUERITE WIL' :AMS NICHOLAS BRILLA Z 215110: BLANCHE LICGETT ELSIE COOPER FISHER WILBUR SHERRY Page Seven II, K 4 ,rw ,.,f..J3'EQ5Q'hfm5-.f. al " XX S , ,X 7 ' -454 3' . . 'wi wi' V y, , .wgjgk ' 5-9 K f :fi if 2 " 5359, V X M375 ,fi x 3 Q' mf SEZ ff ' .2 fwwfil Mme' 1-Iuw fmg . , fy g53j3g1e: QS' W K fm Y 7, Eg. " , k X. rggfy, w-A , - r vigwiiggmm. Mi. SQ L 'Q " 1Qffi2fi2' A f i ki ii Qian y'f 5sEigi1??94'k' fi w K wwf. s 4 S 41" , ' AL,' dw ,ul ..------- if R-Y L, A , .fix nt! - In I . it QB 2 fx Q 5 1 . 432 fw ,542 ., wg f A TE' ,,.fms,,4bg f ,- A 2. 1 2 ,A 2 ,, TW .,,.. V if .2 .7 , . , -: 1 : . If ,, F 5 , Nl! f 1 F Q V4 I: ,LL- E5,A .1 ,H E is Har il 7 'fgigksifvkf :W h 3 L.,, Law.. 4 auunnmww-msn l is ff' jandura, Steve Calusis, Mary Cervantes, Robert Chelich, Ena Cougias, Irene Chelovich, Zora Cidulka, Betty Cougias, Lulu Cox, Herbert William Dobrea, George DeBiase, Paul Dian, Albert Drakos, Amelia Dudak, Olga Gallatis, Mary Dzienslaw, Lillian Fiffick, Mildred Golden, Arthur Gonan, Gloria Hernandez, Alice Hill, Dora Gonzalez, Delmireo Harminac, Goldie Hirchak, losephine Page Ten jones, Pauline CL1Z8JAli1f16lfl OFFICERS President , . Vice-president , Secretary ,,,,,, Treasurer , , ,,,,, ,, Social Chairman ,,,,, G0-social Chairman ,, Publicity Chairman Alabach, Rudy Alarcon, Rose Daranko, john Berbas, George Rudy Alabach , 7 Olga Dudak Mildred Fiffick George Dobrea Zora Chelovich Helen Mandich Olga Kimoff Badanish, Lucille Badylak, Steve Biedulewicz, Mitchell Buldia, Ro: 'f lf 5 f aw- K , . 1 'L' QTXQCZJAMEM Kacmar, Paul Kanusak, Imelda Kappas, Nick Kepshire, Dorothy Kepshire, Lorraine Libassi, Mary Keleman, Ethel Lulich, Rose Kimoff, Olga Mackin, Dora Kirla, Gloria M-Hsufean. Nick Kouskoutis, Mike Marjanian, john Kulisz, Phyllis Olivieri, Clara Matau, Sabina Olivieri, Lena Mendez, Virginia Pavicich, Anne Milanovlich, Peter Pavicich, Mary Muniz, Louis Penilla, David Muniz, Margaret Raikovich, Mildred Piatak, Loretta Ramusack, George Poulakis, Angelo Rodriquez, Milton Pole, Violet Romeo, joe Polizzotto, Rose Raznowsky, jeff Potenti, Tony Teso, Mary Rudovich, julia Thomas, juanita Sirko, Fred Toma, john Solivais, Tom War F62- ,W Toth, joseph Vaselotf, Catherine Vrska, joseph Wirostko, Margaret Yaros, joe .Rok ga.. mb? Fla. Sosh, Helen Teso, Eugene. Yukl, Edward Zimmerman, Veronica ui., Ngo, 12, bv' N' Page Eleven l LARRY BADYLAK Editor V A, 14242 L-Biff ln the l942 Steel Dust we have attempted to present to you a brief but accurate portrayal of Froebel School in the tall, winter, and spring seasons. We have tried to get away from the old con- ventional layout used in most annuals and have presented events as they actually occurred. The book, at last, is published but at times we all but des- CEORGE DEWENETZ DANIEL HRNIAK HAROLD PSIMOS Page Twelvle Assistant Editor Sports Editor Photograph Editcr MARCELINO GONZALEZ MARY CHUCKNEY JOHN SPIRIOS Senior Class Editor Copy Editor Art Editor 52811.51 Mfg paired. Never will we forget the arguments, disagreements, and compromises that took place each day in the staff room. Color schemes, layouts, cover design, and pictures were a few of the subjects constantly being torn apart and put back together again. We have tried to give you an annual that you will like and enjoy, not only this year, but long after you are out of school. Did we? MARCE BELLFS FLOISE BROONER TED SHESTAK HELEN FESKO ROSE POPA HELEN CHRISON Business Manager Sponsor Class Editors Make-up Editors Page Thirteen as I .,, 9 9 715 l Gm flaw,-ei, W9 G K 5 Z,'f H 5 . 6 , X fi! 'f,?' Q W 35 Q 31' RW was .4 uw .aff mpw' hw-1f"' 9.4 Ma M 'gf 7945 X 49' 'Q V7 . in N 2 M, Q 3 , .fslfyi - x . 1 W V Y R i V WM an 1 ip Y, ,A W ! Q Q Appl ? Ili, K .3 .Q 1, 1 We 3' f I X YW X ? , W ,. M' I im . b m - Im., wif' fi 7 ,W ,, me L, yy f ESQ 7 Km K I V My ,.,.. ,WA m ,mb . 32 WL Am fa 6 1 A - . 4 M M W K W x g, 6 .. fp, 2 A J Q A " A iiiiigmuwgszuikxiffu.-vstww W 1. ,A gif mf? 1 Q , if I ' X ,,, 4 Q Q - Q ,m:,, , A g ff ,Z I ym Qgg,,, . ,,L,,,,,,, , xfigj :iwgfifgifgfgi raw! "WM inaapf' ' , 57? A Iii Q1 ' A iffh Mfg' , , A , i,lS L"' ' ' A W If mx ax Q V ' Qi W 'wg 1 V V - - , . ' , M. . Q - , Q , x W rw ,. , ' Ne' ww ?"f . q 1 m'., 6 VS? iw A V K , Wifi, .'L' wggfiw, 5 K ., , 24,54 ,X , J - ' 55395 Fm.. ,gm ,ml am. I f ,- A blare of bugles, a rumble of drums, a clash of colors, and here they come! Yes, you guessed it. The band is passing by. ln the summer, this gala brigade brought back first prize from among a group of school bands at Riverview in Chicago. ln the fall, many a cold football team was given new fire by the playing of snappy marches. ln the spring, it was chosen to lead all the other school bands in beautiful parades, and finally, the concert which featured the band but also included the orchestra and choruses of Froebel was given at Memorial Auditorium. The band was directed by K. W. Resur. Page Eighteen 2. CER5 ND C- WN Cazfftiesiiiov Teri 351 retaryiggffsuceofge Carden pr9S f 1 , 4 , Stan ln ' UrS3l'lv . librarian? lO:gePAa5eveCBafgl , an ' U 32ldLcoXfmrrinSPeCtOr3 GUS O managef' 1 BASSES Steve Barich Arthur Golden Fred Sirko Gus Amigdalos Ed l-lodorek George Berbas HORNS joe Bouzas Nick Kostas CORNETS Ben Vassallo john l-luerta john Kowal Billy Tosheff Eugene Rodriquez james Blatsiorus Mitchell Terzich Gus Novakw Dan Pavloff Casey Trembicki Nick Magurean Penelope Chakos Marvin Argenta George Taseff Myron Ribar William Challos George Kozakis ,l 0l1CL"'C! ffvril c TROMBONES George Chrison joe Romeo Nick Kappas Tony Zaragoza Albert Krivy Chris Zeheralis Mike Berta Nick Beller TENOR SAXOPHONE Gus Cougias Henry Gross BARITONES james Klimis Michael Kapnas Senen Lopez john Mitseff john Markovich OBOES Mary Chuckney Victoria Novakw BARITONE SAXOPHONE Charles Campos ALTO CLARINET Torn Chakos DRUMS Nick Vassallo Vincent Morgavan Ronald Yasosky Tom Gilt Spiro Anogianakis Dean Thanos john Longazo ALTO SAXOPHONE Leo Arellano Louis Cvuglizzio john Macinga Manuel Nova Bernard Belluschak BASSOON john Toma George Longazo B FLAT CLARINETS Henry Tropp Rose M. Massa Rudy Kovachevich Nick Gallaitis joe Florez Steve Sirko George Cardenas lrene Bollog I Mike l-leveder Adolph Gajevvski Edwin GajeWski Raymond Dian Richard Chairez Nina Chakos Lucy Woiciehoski Ed Tzkunas Rudy Alabach Marie Gamba Mary Chandler Rose Buldia FLUTES Mickey Popadopoulos Betty Cidulka joan Gadbury Dorothy Kepshire Eugene Bronowski l-lelen Markovich BASS CLARINET Leonard Tonetsky BELLS Edward Barney 5 i Page Nineteen l Pa ge Twenty FLAC SWINGERS Kneeling: Veronica Kirla, Standing: Georgia Diamond, Doris Pittman, Mary Negovan, Florence Mandel, Martha Negovan, Constance Pannos, Irene Fesko. FLAG SWINCINS- TEAM Mary Negovan, Flarence Mandel, lrcne Fesko, Martha Negovan. DRUM MAIORETTES Mary Ncgovan, Doris Pittman, Con- stance Pannos, Florence Mandel, Veronica Kirla, Eva Vorkavich, Irene Rehtorik, Ruth Pepoff, Doris Pichi- tina, lrene Fesko, Mabel Recd, Mar- tha Negovan, Georgia Diamond. FIRST VIOLIN Harry Panos Thomas Drakos Rose Popa Gloria Kirla joe Casko Helen Miller Fannie Blatsioris Carl Naum Bernard Beluschak john Branko julius Lucaciu Edward Kracozka Lydia Honchar Robert Shanker Ioe Bouzas CELLO Ludwig Yelusich Mary Gallatis Adrianna jollas julia Rudovich Mildred Kutcher Frances juarez 'nk-v oncezll LvzcAe1l'uz PERCUSSION Nick Vassalo Tom Gilt Ronald Yasosky TENOR SAX Gus Cougias Henry Gross PIANO Margaret Kirla Sophie Drakos SECOND VIOLIN Irene Schevtchuk Lillian Boris julia Pavlik Constantine Panos Seymor Abrams james Pappas Andrew Poulis Theodore Stathis Helen Popa William Poulis Helen Poulas BASSES Steve Barich Eddie Ives Mary Drozda Catherine Fritts Gloria Gonan George Stupor TROMBONES Paiul Sanders Nick Kappas joe Romeo TYMPANY Tom Gilt VIOLAS Olga Domonkos Ethel Keleman Sabina Matau Rose Katlaroff Rose Polizzotto Angeline Ramirez CORNET Benny Vassalo Billy Tasheff SECOND CORNETS joe Campos john Pasa FIRST CLARINETS Rosemary Massa Richard Chairez Nina Chakos SECOND CLARINETS joe Flores Eva Vorkavich BASSOON George Longazo john Toma ALTO SAX Leo Arellano Page Twenty-one lBoard Properl Sitting: George Dewentz, Victor Popa, Rudy Kovachevich. Standing: Henry Tropp, lrene Schevtchuk, Dewey Maxirnovich, Gloria Conan, Tom Chakos, Helen Chrison, Tom Drakos, Mary Chuckney. ,Q I X i!?0rl'tc I 0 OIIITOX The Board of Control, composed of representatives from the student body, endeavors to have the different classes and organi- zations function effectively. The Board Proper, Booster Committee, and Social Committee are the three- units which forrn this central governing body of the school. A few of its constitutional powers are the supervision of class elections, the selection of school cheer leaders, the con- ducting of "pep" sessions, and the final approval of all club or class activities. Page Twenty-two One of the most outstanding events in which the Board of Control participated was "Student Day." At this con- vention, which was held at H-orace Mann, candidates from the different schools sought city offices for one day. Per- haps the most valuable lesson the Froebel delegates learned from this initial inter-school political rally was the im- portance of good organization for the attainment of any goal. With some helpful changes in its constitution and a more favorable time for regular meetings already pledged the Board looks forward to next year with confidence in the actual attainment of its real purpose. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Seated: Christine Chakos, Mar- garet Bogyo, Irene Feskoy Standing: Anne Denesuk, Mickey Papadopolous, Charles Anastoff, Lucille Badanish. CHEERLEADERS Kneeling: Dan Bodlovich, Tony Pavelka. 5 f a ff d i rw sz Kathy Mikulich, 5f?Dhanie Klen, Marianne Elischer, julia Bodak. BOOSTER COMMITTEE Seated: Delmiro Conzalez Mar- cella Dullos, Bernice Wojewoda. Standing: Marvin Argenta, Anne Pavicich, Larry Badylak, Mary Pav- lik, George Suci. Page Twenty-three I3 .Ei 1.-1 Qi f eil if Y ' 5 A W, l Grffff-:f-.-- 4 ,, , , , mm:ff+3lgifikipsmffQw:nfi?:siQf2 sg' A y f K , fiffiifii if 3 4 Q? f K Q E " 'W 'I L.L,gg,,,f, , J , . ' , V ff- 3 fpiifzggkw .y 2,1224 2 -- ' K W ' if' 3. M 33 E K. JA I y W? Q fgm f A Q , ' 22 5, ki 'L 13-an QE Avi-+351 , an K Q bn AQ 4, wr f Www ,. 'Q LV,V J K my ' ,E,- ' 1 'WK U 4 Z,. rw LW J' Q . if n ein mi .y , ,K ,.,., , if H'-- y iw 8:23 ., S . 1 x 3, 'f:i'?Q,l 57 . ,. .,.. F, 43,5 as Q . i i F 5 ev 'L 5 Ye Q 4 .-::.4-,::- t Wm E ' S x 1 .1 f ,1 ,,iv, ,Q , , 'F f 'L M 'P L xi 4.42 if v A 6 gg ifrlf, . 2 1 M6 It W 3 A L ' ' 2 ps' 'H 2 X W A A ,, E K K 5 1w1,Qu,gL ' Mfwfs, I ffWx'3i?A . Y gf, . f. 5 ?N at gi, Q 1 i Q ,. MW? w 5521 3 E5 we 592, .,. S Z 3 1 M A iQ'A wwf if 'L -s 1 . .1 Q 4935 -, -4 K - 5 1522397 iw, .E ig., 4 L X A ,.M fgi, A,, ' T 675 7 " 359' uf. ' 1 'U , 'mimi Rx? Q . iff-1 .,'L ' KW K ,SLN Z -- i L k '-', -'., v,A.., ' Q 21, . "" 51252: - i. pregdeljl a S Ciwdmev' Sork Nm OFHCER-dent, MSW lum, Won ,cegpfesi d A Nu ' l' ' ' U. L'llian Komeclqilgltrldasvfellwtglclfszcial Clqalrma di ' Trapan ' EUSC ' Seate I . Anne rjanrte Sgllwmlkclgsg secretary' Ma a . ya ff Cliff: Unsung heroes ot the corridors are the hallguards, whose duty it is to guard against students roaming the h ll ' ' a s and to keep the halls clean and in quiet order Hall guards try to be courteous at all times, cheerful, friendly, First row: Lillian Oaillaboff, Florence Caboian, Mary De- wenetz, Mike Kou- skoutis, Alice Cougias, Corrine Vlasos, Helen Zezule. Second row: Mar- garet Bogyo, john Fostero, Helen Waia- gich, Eva Vorkavich, Margaret Kish, Mary Potenti, Lillian Dzien- slaw, Mary Drozda, William Terry, Cora Parker, jacob Herman. Third row: Helen Tihansky, Delrnireo Gonzales, Mary Gar- cia, George Taseff, Helen Filipovich, john Zarek, George Radi- van. First row: Irene Cougias, Adolph Cajewski, Viola Schmidt, Edward Ives, Irene Romanow, joe Romeo, Helen Lucas. Second row: Anne Ply, Nick Kappas, Marge Muniz, Bruno Cortinea, Dorothy Lustina, Louis Guglizzio, Prince Albert Hughes. Page Twen ty-six - l l L Ani!! L flu1r.I.1--. CIIIIIIIIIUI and to be always on the job. They must maintain a "B" average in their academic subjects. The Hall Guard Association this year gave its first Seated: Dora Mackin, Helen Sosh, Helen Pannos, Bessie Pappas, George Ccrasimovich Second row: Leonard Tonetsley, Wanda Pikula, Edward Raidccay, Helen lgnarski Lillian Iatkowski, Alfreda Lesniak, Marge Silich, Estelle Niescur, Herbert Vilolf Ehird row: Anne lnest, lane Konski, Clara Olivieri, Anne Mesich, Barbara Chornak Catherine Fritts, Eleanor Pankiewicz. First row: Eva Wojciehoski, Sam Romeo, Helen Poulos, Lulu Cougias, losephine Bayus, lohn Toma, losephine Ziemba. Second row: Garret Cope, Dorothy Vedo, Irene Kwatoski, Fred Pienta, Lydia Belkoff, john lvlarjanian, Irene Wielgus, Irene Yorko, Earl Spiller. JM! Cifnazilla --coufinne evening dance which was a great success and also spon- sored a candy sale. Mr. Richard A. Nuzum, the assistant principal, is the sponsor. First row: Dorothy Vargo, Millie Toma, Violet Bundalo, Eleanor Badovinac, Goldie Spaliaras, Marie Marckes, Ethel Keleman. Second row: Alice Wilski, Dorothy Kepshire, Mary Callatis, Steve Sirko, Leonora Stanek, Leona Uuban, Connie Pole. Page Twentv-seven ? fffca . OFFICERS lane Konski, presidentg Emma lvlelenchinko, treasurerg Helen West Malinka, sponsorg Marge Spiro, sports' co-ordinatorg Alice Coiugias, secretary. HORSESHOES Helen Berdy, chairmang Olga Dudak, Nina Chakos, Florence Lozich. ROLLER SKATING, HIKING, AND BIKING Olga Kimoff, Dessie Chelovich, roller skating chairmang Elizabeth Hostinsky, biking chair- mang Bernice Olzowski, hiking chairman. RUGBY Rose Alarcon, Everyn Horace, Gloria Kirla, Clara Olivieri. iWith the beginning of the school year in the fall, the G.A. A. actively resumes the sports that are popular during that season. The girls play rugby, or "Girls' Football," handball, and horseshoes. There are also many girls who go out for the ever- popular sports of biking, roller- skating, and hiking. For these Page Twenty-eight gpzsfz. BETA OFFICERS Chessie jackson, program chairmang Romayne 4 Reden, social chairmang Sarah Robinson, trea- surerg Maggie Odums, presidentg Anne Richard- l scn, publicity chairmang Carmcl Evans, vice- presidentg Mary Davis, secretary. A I l l HANDBALL k Edith Lott, Anne Bono, Eleanor Lehocky, Q chairmang Connie Pole. DANCE Ruth Pepott, Bessie Chrison, Mary lane Danko, Peggy Kougoufas, Helen Fesko. VOLLEYBALL Amelia Real, Zelda Odolph, Mary Korhel, chairmang lanice Lewis. sports a girl can get points by group or individual participation. Basketball is the largest team activity ot the season. From the girls who play this game, tour class varsities are selected which compete with other schools. This year the Froebel teams were very successful in their basketball season, winning all but a tew games against their opponents. Page Twenty-nine we M, mug Ein asesiwi V " HH Q in lk ii! Ei 1 -Q 5 -,aff 1.4 . U 'HQ ' . , Y . if ,. " '2 gk A 3 ,M in wk , -' f if 4 .Qing Q 35355 wi if H W ? .L if mg Ms K -5 'W' L aff!-M'is . Hgwf N 2 , Qi W. K 3 jx 'Wa 153. f 13? ff 535' Badovinac, Eleanor Barney, Edward Beller, Nick Bellis, Helen Bertucci, Elizabeth Bono, Anne Boyd, Helen Chakos, Penny Crnkovich, Frances Demitroulas, jimmy Domorikos, Olga Elcncik, john Elieff, Mary Fcryo, Mike Fesko, Irene Filipovich, Helen Freeman, Florence Fritts, Catherine N., Gaboian, Florence 9 Ciergely, Maynard KG X Coskova, Edward Cugliuzzo, Louis I-lodorek, Edward Ivancevich, Kathryn jacob, Marianne Kallok, Irene Kapnas, Michael Klirnis, james Komos, Cecelia Kopcik, Ann D-vm Tlaini, + 1 g.X0j7AUlllL' 'CCJ I President Vice-president Secretary , , Treasurer Social Chairman Co-social Chairman Adams, Agnes :Q-, Amigdalos, Gus OFFICERS Rudy Kcvacevich Helen Sisul Kathryn Thomas Tom Kougoufas , Irene Fesko Olga Romanow Anastoff, Cicelia Argenta, Marvin vu-. gi...-. X 'CV W nr. FO! QR ffl 'fr 4 30,7 ZOIIIOTCJ l Kostas, Nick Kougoufas, Tom Krasnansky, Mary Kristoff, joseph Krpan, Ann Longazo, George Lopez, Senen Lozich, Florence Lucas, Helen Mandel, Florence Mesich, Anne Millick, Bernadine Mitseff, Dorothy Mitseff, john Molchan, Elmer Napolowski, Stephany in 1'--. Negovan, Martha Negovan, Mary Novakovich, Emma Novakw, Gus Pannos, Constantine Pannos, Helen Pappas, Edward Pavelka, Tony Perunko, Dorothy Ponscak, joseph Rehtorik, Irene Rudowich, Olga Samarzija, Anne Sanders, Paul Schevtchuk, lrene Skinta, Marie Sue Spak, Michael Spaliaras, Goldie Steinhubel, Bernadine Stemler, Anne Stempak, Richard Strimbu, Thomas Swetky, Helen Tary, loseph Terry, William F. Thomas, Katherine Tropp, Henry Wojewoda, Bernice Yorlfo, Irene Znragosa, Louis patio Thi rfv- tlnrc-an Belkow, Steve, jr. Bogyo, Margaret Buldia, Anne Burelli, Anita Gamba, Marie Chakos, Nina Chandler, Mary Ghrison, Besse Ghrison, Helen Christoff, Violet Gieskiewicz, Steve Costakis, john Danko, Mary jane Dolhay, Mary Douglas, Larry Drakos, Sophia Dullos, Marcella Feczko, Margaret Gados, Renee Georgeff, Ella Herman, jacob Hrinda, Margaret l-luerta, john Hulus, Louise lhnat, Michael jarna, Irene jandura, Helen jatkowski, Lillian jocus, Albert Kirln, Margaret Page Thirty-four K A xv A, ls.. ,Y 6 ll gt A I 45' qw., G I . j llllldlii I OFFICERS President , Vice-president , , Treasurer , , Secretary , , Social Chairman Amigdalos, Mary Armenta, Fred , George Suci George Makulak Olive Prado Louise Hulus Doris Pittman Baker, Betty Barancyk, George ys, . I -5 f vi -it L QI, , 'Es .,...., QW Q? w--H S 'Y gp.- 'zrtw Adfw vu .y i .Q e - t QT' WW L' A il, , in 'l?"'P u .5 ts, me if . .., ,, M R an - mfg-T W! b L X K 1 ""--M 1. ' . 1 Q In ik " N ,:'Qil"f : W this hmmm A ,U 3 .., AWK . A. -13' I . lllllu"'C,l K, Komechak, Lillian Kosin, Sue Sandra Kostas, Marie Kougoufas, Peggy Kowal, john Kyros, Helen Leas, Albert Lchocky Eleanor Lcnclwis, Margaret Lesniak, Altreda Malbasich, Mary Metroyanis. Susie Miller, Helen Molik, David Molik, james Morales Andrew , ' 'INA-fi' I . ' ' ,fu av- 5 'W .- A s ,,. rx -T' ,JMR Naum, Carl C. Novakw, Victoria 'V we Olebos, Henry Olzowski, Bernice YE' Oprich, Cornelia Peloza, Zenka Picgat, jcromc Pikula, Wancla Pittman, Doris ef Pole, Connie Popa, Helen Popa, Rose Popjevach, Louis , Poulos, Helen "' Prado, joe Prado, Olive Ramusack, Marge Ristott, Tom M. 'TT' Rodriguez, Eugene Santos, Manuel Sofiak, Olga Sosim, Vera Stamatelos, Anna Stamatelos, Kathy Sulewski, George I' , ,. C 1--5 1 F , f Suci, George 7 X M 'Q A 4 f 5 'N ' fr-ff -N '- 4'w"'+ s Volk, Edward l f K 534 L, Q ll S-git "3 we Vorkavich, Eva , , 'Cv' N' if :' A 'V Yelumclwj Ludwig - - j gl N W Zimmerman, john lX :lx , A A4 12' s - L1 A - Page Thirty-tive fo ,UAJMZ Yes, the memory of last year's near state-victory still remains with us . . . With practically the entire star team gone, hopes for a state victory this year were not so high and the Blue Devils were rated as the Dark Horse of the year. This rating was changed at the beginning of the year when the public saw the Froebel team VARSITY BASKETBALL On floor: Steve Baccvar, Benny Vassallo, Seated: Charles Anastoff, mgr.g john Shaiter, Ernest Kish, Pete Mandich, George Mackulak, Burnest Glenn Floyd Sympanski, Standing: George Dobrea, mgr.g Andy Sisul, Albert Chelich, George Vulich, Ray Komos, George Radivan Henry Mantz. "B" TEAM On floor: Louis Popjevach. Seated: Edward Pappas, Maynard Gergely james Demitroulos, George Gerasimovich Billy Tosheff. Anastoff, mgr.g Mike Spak, Norman Fishcr FRESHMAN SQUAD On floor: Rudy Alabach, Robert Nickovich. Seated: Henry Mantz, Richard Chairez, George Taseff, Mickey Papadopoulos, Ned Wilson, Steve Badulak, George Dobrea. Standing: Louis Muniz, Tom Solivais, Albert Dian, Alex Vargo, joe Kozma, john Armenta. play as Froebel teams always play --driving and fighting to the last second against overwhelming odds and probable defeats. The Blue Devils were the only team to defy the powerful Horace Mann team which won the Sectionals and Regionals and was defeated in the Semi-finals. No, Blue Devils, you did not win the Sectionals, but you always fought and gave us all you had and that's all anyone can ask for. Page Thirty- seven Standing: Fred Armenta, Frank Rhen- wrick, Floyd Szczpanski, mgr.g Charles f - 1 fr 51921 7 'avail ' i . C L, , L . . I ' fifffli f' I A . , ,u1..w. H :wage Y rig Qui, 5 is W ,Q ,.. f'AZIr1fll.JllTi7 C, fl!! The Chemistry Club is a new addition to the many clubs of the Froebel High School. Its purpose is to further the knowledge of chemistry and create greater interest in that subject. The club's social activities are few. The main one is the banquet which is held in Froebel School. In order t-o finance the club's affairs, taffy apples and karmel corn were sold. The club's sponsor is Mr. Engle. Page hirly-eight First row: Ted Shestak, Rudy Kova- cevich, Besse Chrison, Viola Schmidt, Fred Armenta, Floyd Szczpanski, George lvlackulak, Louis Popievack, Lillian Wozniak, Anne lnest. Second row: Robert Ballard, Charles Anastoff, joseph Tary, Henry Olebos, Violet Cristoff, Marge Thomas, Irene Ciajewski. Third row: Prince Albert Hughes, Earl Spiller, Carmel Evans. First row: Maggie Odums, George Barancyk, Alice Cougias, Mr. Engle, john Zimmerman, Helen Wajagich, john Kowal, Tom Chakos, Albert Leas, Theresa Centenni. Second row: Helen jandura, Lillian Komechak, Sarah Robinson, Romayne Reden, Leona Urban, Helen jozwik, Nick Callaitis, Connie Pole, lvlary Malbasich, Rosa Lee Rogers, Lucy Wojciehoski. f f' 531,15 is L M BIOLOGY - Top First row: Pauline Morley, Anne Pavicich, Mary Libassi, Olga Kimott, Lucille Badanish, Leo Arellano. Second row: Adele Hernandez, Evelyn Stasko, Amelia Drakos, Florence Gaboiian. Third rovv: Loretta Piatak, jimmy Thomas, Steve Badylak, john Baranko, Rose Lubich, Mickey Papadopo- Ious, Nick Magurean, Lillian Dzienslaw, Marianne jacob, Mary Krasnansky. Fourth row: Gloria Gonan, Loraine Kepshire, Pauline jones, Olga Domonkos, Dorothy Arlett, Panagiota Alexiou, Amelia Flores, Miss Helen Mailath. BIOLOGY - Bottom First row: Irene Turlick, Harry Podgusky, Steve jandura, Sam Romeo. Second row: Mr. O. E, Fisher, Gloria Costoft, Tessie Karakoft, Helen Maximovich, Rudy Alabach, Imelda Kanusack, Mrs. Edith Coons, Roger Muzzerelli. Third row: Dorothy Perunko, Mike Kouskoutis, john Oprish, Tony Poteriti, john Marjariian, Annc Ply, Christine Swetky, Ann Marcencik, Dora Mackin, joe Odar, Theresa Lach, Peter Milanovich, Margaret Zoumis. Fourth row: Irene Schevtchuk, Delmiro Gonzales, joseph Yaros, Herbert Wolf, Rose Polizzotto, Connie Morfin, Marge Muniz, Violet Pole, Veronica Zimmerman, Bernadine Steinhubel. ff 1.414 Qafzfzd First row: Victor Popa, La Verne Campbell, john Marencik, john Lon- gazo, joe Tary, Walter Lewandowski, Robert Shnker, Lupe Scria, Pearla Hawkins, Alice Greene, Mary Davis. Second row: Bruno Cortinea, Mike Pavlik, Orville Fisher, joseph Stochel, jim Anastoft, Steve Barich, Albert jocus, Mike Heveder. Third row: Carl Naum, Steve Hai- vert, George Sulewski, Harry Thanos, Charles Anastoff, Bill Ciuylas, jchn Mikulich, Steve Belkow. A trip to the Chicago Museum ot Science by Mr. Fisher's physics class proved very educational to all the members, since they had the opportunity to actually see the numerous subjects which they had studied in the classroom. Electricity, light, mag- netism, sound, heat, and motion were clearly cle- monstrated in the various departments of the museum. One of the most valuable objects ot their scien- titic collection is a large glass tube which is said to be the world's best exhibit of the 92 elements. Page Forty -' ff' . ,, 4 ,,o 5 'fl of 41.4 1 Seated: lrene Cougias, Adela Her- nandez, Mary Elieff, Ann Sternler, Veronica Mehal, Anna Krpan. Standing: Dora l-lill, Robbie Petti- grew, Emma Melenchinko, Dorothy Fagan, Virginia Wallace, lrene Wiel- gus. V, uma -f!LiAuu' Qfzzd I The Home Making Club is practical. The mem- bership is fifteen girls. Four Clays a week they study interior decorating, budget making, care of the house, child care, etc. The girls work on a special homernaking project at the Friday meeting. Mrs. Fagan is the club sponsor. Page Forty-one Seated: Irene Schevtchuk, Kose Popa, Georgia Bopp, Helen Miller, Marianne jacob. Second row: Mary Malbasich, Doris Pittman, Michael Kapnas, Mary Kras- nansky, Helen Chrison, Bernice Ol- zovvski, Eva Wojciehoski, Christine Chakos, Florence Caboian. Third row: Dessie Chelovich, Nolan Hill, Henry Evans, Edward Volk, john Longazo, jacob Herman, Lucy Woj- ciehoski, Bernadine Steirihubel, AI- bcrta Robinson. I1 C .Q a. .l' ziflft Q AIA Any second year Latin student will inform you that the well-known phrases "lt's Creek to me" and "I came, l saw, l conquered" originated from Latin - or did you know? These and many other facts of Roman life are rediscovered by the Latin students as they are gently but firmly guided on through text books by Miss Georgia Bopp, teacher and club sponsor. This year, the members of the Pompeian Latin Club attended the Latin Conferences at East Chi- cago and Muncie. They sponsored a taffy apple sale, a Froebel pennant sale, and as a climax to a very successful year, they gave a dance with the French and Spanish Clubs, entitled Lafrespa. 1,1-n ci Ill.lf1 ' AIA LIGHTER MOMENTS Fort 2 - xl ld L CTCKL' I 'UIIICHJL' L C CT ATUCACX First row: Anne Stamatelos, Martha Negovan, Mary Nego- van, Eloise Brooner, Anne Denesuk. Second row: Henry Tropp, Edith Lott, Carmel Evans, Zelda Odolph, Alfreda Lesniak, Henry Olebos, Earl Spiller, Millie Toma, Rornayne Reden. The students studying French know that the overpower- ing of France on the battlefield does not mean a decrease in the value of French culture and civilization, so they have made a doubly hard effort this year during their club hours to learn more about France, her people, and her culture. Having learned more about the spirit of the French people, they know that France will rise again. It was the French Club who brought those delicious apples to Froebel again for "taffy apple week"g and this club, with the aid of the Spanish and Latin clubs, sponsored an evening dance. Page Forty-four Sitting: Gus Bisbikis, Ralph Gill, Eugene Rodriquez. First row: Marie Gamba, Olive Prado, Boniface Sanchez, Eloise Brooner, Elsie Gonan, George Mackulak, Olga Domonkos. Second row: George Barancyk, Marge Silich, Eva Vorkavich, Andrew Morales, Margaret Kir- la, Stephanie Klen, Tony Zara- goza, Marie Pappas. Third row: Louis Bruce, Steve Bacevar, Earl Washington, Blanche Augustus. Cora Parker, Evern Horace, Ludwig Yelusich. 7 1 ,, 0.5 G,-' 1111.1 CJ alll C,J!'7Lll16I L l I Interest in Spanish is rapidly increasing, and more stu- dents than ever betore are now enrolled in Spanish classes at Froebel. The second-year students, who organized them- selves into a club, devoted every second Friday to the study ot the other American republics. They discussed the geo- graphy, history, and government ot every Latin-American country. They made a collection ot all their flags and tried to learn how the people ot those countries live. On Pan-American Day, the club brought to the audi- torium a tilm called "Americans All." Miss Brooner is the sponsor. Page Forty-tive First row: Harry Thanos, Bernard Beluschak, Mary Dolhay, Nick Kostas, john Spasoff. Second row: Leona Urban, Louise Hulus, Rose Popa, Marge Silich, Helen Chrison, Lucy Woiciehoski. Third row: Atheryne Rupert, Blanche Augustus, Cora Parker, Helen Tihansky, Helen Stoleff, Phyllis Kulisz, Quince Etta Hughes, luanita Thomas, Charlie Mae jones. Fourth row: Louis Verbich, Tony Cieskiewicz, George Cardenas, Earl Washington. Page Fortv-six 1 ,,.. g.,6lllUi.' g.,'li Cf! Ullllfl i The Senior Safety Council, comprised of the educa- tional, engineering, and enforcement departments, attempts to make the students safety conscious. The three departments work in perfect coordina- tion to further safety. The function of the engineering department is to eliminate all hazards to safety in school. The educational department makes it their business to keep the students informed of safety practices and of the rules passed by the safety council. The enforcement department sees that the rules passed by the council are enforced, and that violators are prosecuted. ln order to keep abreast of the news in safety, the Froebel Senior Safety Council meets with the City Safety Council to discuss safety measures. Members of the council attended the traffic school directed by Officer Stanton in order to become better drivers. Mr. Vance is the sponsor. First row: Alice Her- nandez, Clara Olivieri, Helen Fesko, Olive Prado, Katherine Stamatelos, Violet Pole, Mary Huml- jan, Phyllis Kubiak. Second row: Melvin Willis, Rose Sadler, Wil- ma Lee, Betty Bodnar, Sabina Matau, Tom Pap- pas, Virginia Mendez, Mary Calusis, Millie Torna, losephine Ziemba, Ted Bronowski, Nelan Hill. Third row: Ludwig Yel- usich, Marcelino, Gon- zales, Ted Shestak, Vir- ginia Wallace, Marge Ramusack, Katherine Radocay, Irene Gaydos, Ann Markovich, Richard Stempak, Edward Barney, Frank Rhenwrick. First row: Nina Cha- kos, Angeline Ballestero, Angelo Polakis, Christine Chakos, josephine Bayus. Second row: Lillian Wozniak, Catherine Fritts, Stephanie Klen, Violet Bundalo, Elsie Gonan, joseph Vance, Irene Romanow, Connie Pole, A I i c e Cougias, Mary Dewenetz, Mary Potenti. Third row: George De- wenetz, Spiro Anogian- akis, Ralph Gill, lim An- astoff, john Longazo, Charles Anastoft, George Barancyk, Edward Ives, Mickey lhnat, Sherman Gilian, Lawrence Badylak. Fourth row: Prince Albert Hughes, Steve Parich. Edward V 0 l k, lrene Spak, Viola Ledger, Olga Sofiak. Marie Pap- pas, Mary Gallatis, Mary Garcia, Olga Dubroja, George Suci, Emil larcik, Richard Cannon. Page Forty-seven Sl prellos Tfeasur t Cl.,..l.f g5....f.. Cu One of the oldest and most active clubs in Froebel School is the Froebel Booster Club which is now in its nineteenth year. lts purpose is threefold: to boost Froebel School in all its activi- tiesg to create a friendly spirit among high school girlsg and to develop good character. lt has succeeded in its purpose under the enthusiastic sponsorship of Miss Blanche Liggett. lt has given many social affairs during the year such as the Teachers' Tea, the annual F. B. C. play, the annual Christmas Party, and as a fitting climax, the May Ball, the affair every girl in the F. B. C. anticipates. The grand finale of the F. B. C. and the most impressive affair of the year is the initiation ceremonial, at which the "linking of the years" takes place. At this cere- monial, new members are inducted into the club and graduate members are initiated int-o the Graduate Booster Club. Regular meetings are held every Tuesday, after school, and all members must be present unless they are excused by the sponsor. A part of every meeting is devoted to the study of the lives of famous women which proves very interesting and worth- while to the girls. At the close of the meeting, the girls stand, join hands, and repeat the following: "Let us be loyal friends now and forever." eatedi Mall tlilluaie vina' Seuitirgresiden Bcljhlshe Llggag,-ni W sori ,Biff Nlarce a DU . . afY Standlnfologfler cha enetzr . Nlarhfl vlihanz Paulmiharmarl ltafe l b c Wzleri Fuslek plllllare - chaifman rar my as Parllamgndan Pap? ' . a ian? Ma'lO'lehairma" Sh sOCl3l C r O Estelle Nlesclu gram Challman First row: Helen Popa, Mary Dubroja. Second row: Helen Stoleff, Lydia Belkoff, Estelle Niesciur, lane Konski, Alice Cougias, Peggy Kougoufas, Marguerite Bellis, Mary Amigdalos, Anne Trapane, Third row: Millie Toma, Kathy Mikiulich, Rose Stein- hubel, Caroline Nawrocki, Helen Tihansky, Bernice Olzowski, Leona Urban, Sophie Drakos, Doris Pittman, Amelia Garcia, Helen Fesko. Fourth row: Lucy Wojciehoski, Mary Potcnti, Helen Miller, Marie Pappas, Marge Spiro. First row: Helen Fusiek, Marge Rarnusack, Dorothy Vedo, Vera Sosirn, Olga Sofiak, Helen Chrison, Rose Popa, Vita Marckese, Lillian Williams. Second row: Violet Christoff, Ann Denesuk, Stephanie Klen, Marcella Dullos, Violet Bundalo, Louise Hulus, Emily Garcia, Mary Dewenetz, Margaret Bogyo. Third row: Marie Sue Skinta, Mary Dolhay, Frieda Metroyanis, Irene Rornanow, Helen Kyros, Mary T. Rukavina, Marjorie Badanish, Dorothy Lustina, lulia Bodak. Fourth row: Margaret Lenchis, Ann lnest, Pauline Martin, Victoria Novakw, Elsie Conan, Olive Prado, Dorothy Berzish. Page Forty-nine I : 1-cafe! IfvllJl.IIlJ.5J fad L s Membership in the Froebel Business Club is restricted to those taking advanced shorthand. Every other Monday speed building and skill development are forgotten. Instead, Gary men and women who are outstanding representatives of their professions and occupations talk to the students about their fields of work, opportunities for promo- tion, and the qualities required to be reasonably, successful in each type of work represented. Speed demonstrations by business machine op- erators and by expert typists are interesting, inspira- tional, and helpful. Miss Marguerite Gohdes is the sponsor. Seated: Mary Pavlik, Helen Berdy, Marguerite Gohdes, Alice Cougias, Thomas Drakos. Second row: Ruth Cidulka, Mary Chuckney, Mary Mandula, lrene Romanow, Larry Badylak, Mary Ru- kavina, Dolores Alvarado, Helen Fesko, George Dewenetz, Frances Horvat. Third row: Edward Radocay, Rose Steinhubel, Helen Lehocky, Helen Stoleff, Helen Fusiek, Lydia Belkoff, Helen Enoshel, josephine Ziemba. Page Fifty ' Victor Popa jim Anrast fi 7 ,- zicoflcflefllz C, ITCXL' Charles Anastoft Leonor tewart Tony Zaragosa W' K, lv- 2+ an i f I ii Q Y x The Euclidean Circle is Hina Chakos ' Q P iv. W Steve Cieskiewlisoyll f , , l ri' taiis ' Albert locus Albert Leas Tom Ristoft composed ot students who have completed two and one half years of algebra and geometry. Not satis- fied with their daily les- sons, these math students formed a club for the purpose of enlarging their horizons by studying the lives of famous mathe- maticians their contribu- tions and modern mathe- matical theories . i , e T si Wei Margaret Bogyo ward Volk if' V V Thanos Q5 - ii i , P Sulewski Orgs Suci - n Spmos i ,t W ln- Qgf' 9 l I 3 9 'K an ff- ' y' Wrht h - - .. -f . K ,, V f K f as y , y , .,,t V.., it , john Marencik john Ldng azo 'Q I lfUll0I 1 6Ml'0Z' L fl!! ' l . heSS'e ice-president' C V . Qduffls- X , Nlaggle Y, egre 3' h ROb1n5Ol"M 5 ' dz Sara Seafe ackgofi v Davis , Marx! irman' Uwiicixv are U , h ,fx-3500. I alfman R H race social Ch ' ' O . . Evefne -dent' pies' ic 3 Iwi dtalqv cklslo FOSKEU ding: Eugene sian treawler' The junior-Senior Club was originally comprised of upper-classmen only, but membership is now extended to under-classmen as well. The club meets every other Wednesday in the classroom ot the club's sponsor, Mr. O. M. Swank. The purpose of this club is purely social Through frequent school dances, it develo ' ship and sociability among its ps triende members. Page Fifty-two First row: Charlie Mae jones, Rob ert Rogers, Earl Evans, joyce Powell Evelyn Robinson, Veorona Hiughes, Wilma Lee. Second row: William Terry, Otha Wright. Steps: Mildred Sadler, luanita Thomas, Dorothy Fisher, Robbie Petti- grew, Dora Hill. Third row: Donald Coleman, Car- dovas Patterson, Larry Douglas, Rich- ard Cannon. Fourth row: 1. W. Shaffer, Maggie Bedgood, Helen Boyd, Mattie Booker, Altreda Phillips, Priscilla Riley. v The most outstanding social affair of the year was the Harvest Hop at which blind-partners were matched. Sarah Robinson was given the honor of presenting the grand prize, an ear of corn and an onion, to the most ideal couple. Decorations of corn stalks, leaves, and pumpkins created an autumn atmosphere. The prom is the most gala affair of the year and will be held at the close of school. Not only is the prom looked forward to, but the decorating of the gym as well. First row: Rosalie Rogers, Edith Lott, Delores McCaskell, Margaret Bankhead, Atheryne Rupert. Second row: Prince Albert Hughes, Alberta Robinson, Loretta Core, Blanche Augustus, Walter Love, Sher- man Cillion, Cora Parker. Third row: Quincetta Hughes, Zelda Odolph, Alyce Greene, Eddie Lee Greene, Romayne Reden, Carmel Evans, Anna Craig. Fourth row: Malcena Bassett, Robert Ballard, Earl Spiller, LaVerne Camp- bell, Robert Burns, Pearla Hawkins. Pa ie Fifty-three MT"'i""f BOWLING Marianne jacob, Christine Cha- kcs, chairmang Helen Popa. Page Fifty-tour BASKETBALL Lucille Baclanish, Lillian Kome- ICE SKATINC lrene Yurko, Mary Mandula, chairmang Marge Hrinda. c2t.l.s.Z, What could be more fun than ice-skating on the lagoon on a clear wintry clay? G.A.A. girls give their answer by turning out very eagerly for this widely-enjoyed sport every winter. However, it one prefers the indoors, she may always play volleyball, the team activity ot the winter season. Or perhaps her interest lies in bowling or table tennis. She can participate in any or all ot these sports during the winter months. TABLE TENNIS Helen Bellis, Rose Steinhabel chak, chairman, Helen Lehocky, chairmangMildred Raikovich Mary Robbie Pettigrew, Eva Vorkavich. Pavlik, publication chairman wok This is the only boys' club in Froebel. At their meet- ings they discuss intimate problems which confront boys in everyday life. Membership is limited to 40 boys chosen by the senior board of members. Only "regular fellows" are accepted. An initiation once a semester in which pledges are instigated t-o propose to girls, carry books for senior members, count the spikes on the tence with their nose, and many other conspicious acts is always looked for- ward to by the entire school. lVlr. Vance is the club sponsor. First row: Steve Belkow, David Mo- Iik, john Fostero, Second row: Harry Panos, Marce Gonzales, Harold Psimos, Victor Popa, Harry Thanos, Gus Cougias, Dan l-lrnjak, joseph Vance. Third row: john Zimmerman, Wil- liam Arlet, Alfred Angelini, George Longazo, Wilbur Sherry, Ted Shestak, Carl Naum, john Marencik, George Dewenetz. Fourth row: james Molik, Steve Barich, Thomas Drakos, Larry Bacly- lak, Ray Komos, Steve Sirko, john Spirios, Fred Pienta. Page Fifty-tivie ,np l gi cnet ctwmefz 1 HONOR SOCIETY First row: Mary Pavlik, Marie Pappas, Rose Popa, Anne Denesuk, Helen Berdy, Marcella Dullos. Second row: Helen Enoshel, Mary Rukavina, Mary Chuckney, lrene Romanow, Larry Badylak, Helen Fusiek, Helen Popa, Eliza- beth l-lostinsky, Elsie Conan, Marge Spiro. Third row: Charles Anastoff, john Longazo, Victor Popa, Elsie Cooper, Harry Thanos, jim Anas- toff, George Suci, Helen Miller. The National Honor Society established at Froe- bel School, December lO, l93O, is not just another club. All members elected to this organization are expected at all times to live up to the qualities which are the basis ot their induction, leadership, scholar- ship, character, and service. The names ot all the members in the Society are inscribed in a rollbook, the property of the Na- tional Council. Out of about l75,000 members there are 220 Froebel students. The three outstanding events ot the year were the Forum which was held at Horace Mann, a ban- quet at Lew Wallace, and the induction -ot new members in May. The sponsor ot this organization is Miss Elsie Cooper. Page Fifty-six First row: Adolph Cajewski, Victor Lodivici, Susan Metroyanis. Second row: Peggy Kougoufas, Steve Belkow, Cornelia Oprish, Kathy Stam- atelos, Matthew Petruch, Betty Baker. Third row: Marie Kostas, George Barancyk, Anne Denesuk, Dorothy Lustina, Dale Peronto, Doris Pittman. cf-l,i,lzfNz,im 61 1UIl.0'C MAH: An adaptation ot "Mother Carey's Chickens," entitled "Old Yellow House" was presented by the junior class. Touching drama, fast-moving action, piercing screams, and walking ghosts provided an evening's worthwhile entertain- ment for the audience. The scene with Marie Kostas and Steven Belkow shaking with fright at the menacing ghost had the audience in stitches, and the spectators chuckled at Lollie joy's iSusan lvletrojanisl antics as she set out to "get her man," Gilbert Carey lAdolph C-ajewskil. Doris Pitt- man, Dorothy Lustina, and Kathy Stamatelos gave a very fine portrayal ot their particular characters. Pa2e Fiftv-seven 9 if ,ma ,'-'flllLt.l5i1.fZM,ifl!iY rin FiHx1-nir1l'mt Lvl Ilzc' lIl'UlP!l" lu' lfzr' IH'lNXC'llIllkl'l'h 11114211 lflw Ullffll. Peggy Kougoufas, joe Tary, lane Kormski, Irene Romanow. l Olga Romanow, Dale Peronto, Alice Cougias, Tony Pavelka, Gus Cougias Dorothy Lustirwa. fl IS lnrm' fplffwfl fHflI1't' lfmn In l'4'4't'II'4'. cf"7LlLll'1U'Z.'l.ll Ill A-CAPPELLA Anne Trapane, Helen Sisul, Mary Chuckney, Adele Bohling Lee. Marge Silich, Gloria Conan, Catherine Fritts. Marianne jacob, Barbara Chor- nack. Phyllis Kulicz, Leona Urban. Margaret Wirostko, Eleanor Bad- ovanic. Mary Krasnansky, Bernadine Millick. Edward Krazoscpka, Victor Popa. Nick Kostas, joe Tary, joseph Ponscak, Manuel Sanchez, Alice Hernandez, Theresa Centenni, Catherine Lieber. julius Lucacieu, Ceorge Radivan Ccorge Dobrea. cT'l!-c,illj96!!6ll This year's a-cappella, under the direction of Adele Bohling Lee, has proved itself to be the finest choir Froebel has had in many a year. Composed of twenty-six very capable vocalists, the a-cappella cheered many hearts at Christmas time with its caroling in the stores and in churches. lt has been featured in all the musicals presented in the auditorium and also sang at the gala concert given in Memorial Auditorium. The choir meets every day for fifteen minutes during the noon hour and members receive no points for this. Perhaps that is why the a-cappella deserves the high praise and credit given them for their fine work. Bw .4 2 A -an N lf W ' 'X Y V "vu , NNW M -ff 4- 0 WN li La 9235? 1' 18 . ,awww -wlww V z MQ ,iw . f A: i ff Q' ww A wmv .gf . 9, ' as an . .. 1 xii. as I f at ggi: 1 Cj.Cl.?l Wit'h the coming of spring, baseball, a very popular team activity, is begun. ln tennis, class champions are determined after the tournaments. The girls en- joy playing horseshoes, especial- ly the ones vvho have a "dead eye" for ringers. ln the spring, too, swimming comes into its own, tor many interclass and in- terschool meets are held. In addition to its sports calen- dar, the GAA. sponsors many social events. At the Spread, which takes place around Christ- mas, all the girls had a hilarious time. They came dressed in gym suits, brought their own lunches land ate them sitting on the SWIMMING jandura, chairman, Lula julia Bodnak, Helen Cougias, Constance Pannos. DANCE Olga Romanow, Martha Ncgovan, Mary Negovan. SWIMMING Helen Chrison, Eva Woiciehoski, Marcella Dullos, Olga Dubroja. PADDLE TENNIS Mary Krasnansky, Zora Chelovich. l-lclcn Miller, chairmang Louise Hulus. Page Sixty-two cial. floorll, exchanged gifts, and helped show the guests from the other schools a "swell time." "Boy Meets Girl," the event at which the girls of each class challenge the boys to a game of volleyball, took place in March, and the girls proved their skill and superiority in volleyball by winning every game. But the most eagerly anticipated event of the year is the annual banquet, which was held this year at the Crystal Ballroom of the Hotel Cary. At this gala affair, the new officers and council members for the following year were an- nounced in an impressive cere- mony. After the banquet, the girls' scorts arrived for the dance which was the end of a perfect evening. BASEBALL Dora Hill, Irene Spak, Marge Ramusack, chairman, Wilma Lee, Helen Boyd, Katherine Thomas. TENNIS Steffie Klen, Ella Georgeff, Connie Morafin, Rose Popa, chairman. CROQUET Mildred Fitfick, Bernice Wojewoda, Olive Prado, chairman. SHUFFLEBOARD Lydia Belkoff, Evelyn Stasko, Mary Dubroja, chairman. Page Sixty-three l Y XC?-L2 , WA The l942 track season opened with a bang as Froebel trackmen won the city indoor title. Froebel then journeyed to South Bend and took fourth place in the Gary invitationals. Froebel took Emerson and Lew Wallace into camp in a triangular meet at Froebel. Then came the never to be forgotten victory over Hammond High. For the first time in six years the Blue Devils took the count of the Wildcats by the score of 58 to 52. At the Roosevelt Relays, Froebel played second fiddle to the Wildcats of Hammond. Roosevelt of E. C. journeyed here and when they left the Blue Devils had another notch in their victory column. May 2, preliminaries were held for the N.l.H.S.C. Hard luck again followed the cinder men as they lost to Hammond 57 2X5 to 55Vz. The City Outdoor was taken in a breeze as the Blue Devils ran wild. With the past record, the team looks ahead to the state Finals, May 23, and is setting its cap for the title now held by Fort Wayne N. S. RECORDS: Campbell, High jump, Roosevelt Relays, Shaiffer, 880 City Indoor, Gonzales, 60 City Indoor: lOO Roosevelt Relays. ln the state finals, Gonzales wiped out of the books the old- est state record - 220 yard dash. Time: 2l.5 seconds. First row: Thanos, Popa, Wright, Tosheft, Gugluzzio, Shatter, Cannon, Coleman, D. Gonzalez, Morgavan Chakos, M. Gonzalez. Second row: Hamilton, Bouzas, Taneff, Hill, Fisher, Molchan, Evans, Floyd, Barich, Poncsak, Papadopolous, Odar, Yuha, Molik. Third row: Coach Bergstrom, Shestak, mgr.g Vrska, Chairez, Lavenda, Foster, Campbell, Glenn, F. Armenta, l. Armenta, Yaros, Vargo, Raclivan, Tczikunas, Hughes, Kapnas, Douglas, Belkow, mgr.g Piegatk, mgr. Page Sixty-four SWlMMlNG SEASON RECORD Won .. .. ..... W ...... ..... fafa . Y . 2 Lost ..,........................................... free . v. 7 LETTER WINNERS FERYO ,,,,,,,,,, ,, . Free Style BARICH Diving and Back Stroke HUERTA ,,,, ,,,,,,,, , H , Breast Stroke N55 Vrrr V, ,,,,,,, H Free Style BARNEY . . .. . . Free Style PRADQ ,,,, W Free Style C3411 lllvullnflc HIGH SCHOOL PLAY MEET At the annual High School Play Meet, Froebel presented Thornton WiIder's "Our Town." This play won the Pulitzer prize for drama in l938, and won fame on both stage and screen. This play was also presented in the Froebel Auditorium as a senior class project. lt proved to be one ot Froebel's most popu- lar performances. Miss Margaret Labb directed it. Larry Badylak, Harry Panos, George Barancyla, Alice Gougias, George Chrison, Marie Pappas, lrenc Romanow Dano Qivh W if ,bf 24 W , ,I-in W 'I' Qalil' 4 W 1 ,. ,m., ' Gm . ' . ' ' Q 1 , ff Mg ., V . ,., MS, U.. L 4' 5 ww- a5."14,-'.rff.'5,-psf r as QI' ia, - ,X . lf- .-sf ' Q GEORGE S CZVLCB Mid? A ' G! I MARGE BELLIS LARRY BADYLAK C'gf7m,Agf Glmiwd, MARGE SPIRO HARY THANOS Y!-pf RA lynn :vaults MARY PAVLIK VICTOR POPA Marge Victor Mary Larry Marge Harry Bellis Popa Pavlik Badylak Spiro Thanos ,-p I L:-mzur ffjxzz I The senior class this year gave Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" which won the Pulitzer prize for drama in l938. The play aroused not only the interest ot Froebel students but that of the entire community. This was probably due to the popularity of the stage play in Chicago and New York as well as our well-organized publicity campaign. With scarcely any scenery at all, but with skilled pantomime, the cast produced a play that will live in the memory of every person who saw it. The cast itself will never forget scripts, late rehearsals, be- lated lunches, sleepless nights, the evening performance, and Tony Pavelka. Miss Margaret Labb was the director. cAsT Larry Badylak, Harry Panos, Adolph Gaiewski, Louis Guglizza, Irene Romanow, Marie Pappas, George Barancyk Mary Dewenetz, Sam Kozaitis, Aliec Cougias, George Chrison, joe Bouzas, Gloria Gonan, Viola Schmitt Loraine Bobrik, joe Ponsack, George Dobrea, Edward Krasoczka, Dorothy Lustina, Edward Levenda, jacob Herman joe Tary john Oprish, Tom Strimby, Nick Kostas, Ann Denesuk, Doris Pittman, Tony Pavelka, Peggy Kougoutas, Helen Pannas Mary Negovan, Martha Negovan, Paul Kacmar. Page Sixtv-eight f"'!m OFFICERS Marce Gonzales President George Dewenetz Vice-president Helen Fusiek Alice Cougias Co-social chairmen Harold Psimos Treasurc: Leona Urban Secretary Dzacm Q.ivh1-ninf1 ,fan Q Aw X I 95:1 I -lXA. BERDY, HELEN -- Honor Societyg C-.A.A.g Froe- bel Business Club. BODAK, jULlA 4 C-.A.A.g F.B,C.g Cheerleader. BUNDALO, VIOLET 4 Hall Guardg C.A.A.g F.B.C. CAMPBELL, LA VERNE C. 4 Football l, 2, V3, V-4, Track Vl, VZ, V3, V43 Physics, junior- Senior Club, CARDENAS, CEORCE --- Vice-president of Band. CHAKOS, CHRISTINE 4 Board of Control, C. G.A.A.g Latin, F.B.C. CHAKOS, TOM 4 Track 2, v3, V45 Bandg Board of Controlg Chemistry. CHUCKNEY, MARY A. -4 President of Hall Guard, Secretary-treasurer of Bandg Honor Societyg Board of Control, C.A.A.g Froebel Business Club, A Cappella, Annual Staff. CIDULKA, RUTH 4 C-.A.A.g Froebel Business Club. Dam: Seventv ANASTOFF, CHARLES 4 Basketball manager 3. 4, Board of Control, Chemistry Clubg Honor Societyg Physics, Euclidean Circle. ANASTOFF, jlM 4 Swimming, V43 Chemistry Club, Honor Society, Physics, Euclidean Circle. BADANISH, MARjORlE --- Ci.A.A.g Social Chair- rnan of F.B.C. BADYLAK, LAWRENCE, jR. - - Board of Con- trol, President of Honor Society, Senior Play, Froebel Business Clubg Tri-Kg Annual Staff. BALLARD, ROBERT 4 Chemistry Club, junior- Senior Club. BANKHEAD, MARCARET 4 C,A.A., junior- Senior Club. BARICH, STEPHEN -4 Track 43 Swimming VZ, V3, V45 Band, Orchestrag Physicsg Tri-K. BELKOFF, LYDIA 4 Hall Guard, C.A.A.g F.B.C., Froebel Business Club. BELLIS, MARCUERITE 4- C.A,A.g F.B.C.g Annual Staff. FESKO, HELEN - G.A.A., F.B.C.g Froebel Busi- ness Clubg Annual Staff. FIALKOWSKI, FRANK FOSTER, EUGENE e Football l, 2, V3, v4g Track VZ, V3, '.r4. FOSTERO, IOHN -- Football 2, v4g Basketball I, 2, 33 Hall Guardg Tri-K. FUSIEK, HELEN MARIE - Hall Guardg Vice- president ot Honor Society, G.A.A., F.B.C.g Frcebel Business Club. GAIEWSKI, IRENE - Chemistry Clubg G.A.A. GARCIA, AMELIA -- Hall Guard, G.A.A., F.B.C, GARCIA, EMILY - Hall Guardg G.A.A.g F.B,C. GARCIA, MARY -- Hall Guard, G.A.A. Senior Playg Secretary of G.A.A., F.B.C.' President of Froebel Business Clubg Social Chairman of Senior Class, COUGIAS, GUS - Bandg Orchestrag Senior Playg Tri-K. DEWENETZ, GEORGE - Track 2, 33 Vice-presi- dent of Board of Controlg Froebel Business Clubg Annual Statfg Tri-Kg Vice-president of Senior Class. DRAKOS, THOMAS 4 Track lg Vice-president of Orchestrag Board of Control, Hall Guardg Treasurer of Froebel Business Clubg Tri-K. DUBROIA, MARY - Hall Guard, G.A.A.g F.B.C. DUBROIA, OLGA - G.A.A. ELISCHER, MARIANNE -e Social Chairman of Hall Guardg G.A.A.g Cheerleader 3, 4. ENOSHEL, HELEN - Honor Societyg G.A.A.g Froebel Business Club. EVANS, CARMEL V Chemistry Clubg Vice-presi- dent of Beta G.A.A.g French Club, junior- Senior Club. COUGIAS, ALICE - Hall Guardg Chemistry Club' n i IOZWIK, HELEN -- Chemistry Club. KISH, MARGARET 7 Hall Guard, C.A.A. KLEN STEPHANIE G.A.A.g Spanish Club, F.B.C.g Cheerleadg 2, 3, 4. KOMOS, RAYMOND 1- Basketball I, 2, v3, vflg Physics, Tri-K. KONSKI, IANE 7 P Hall Guard, Senior Play, Presi- dent of G.A.A.g F.B.C. KORHEL, MARY 7 C.A.A. LACK, MARCE --- l-lall Guard, G.A.A. LEDGER, VIOLA - C.A.A. LEHOCKY, HELEN -- G.A.A.g Frocbel Business Club. GONZALEZ, MARCE 7 Track v3, v4g Treasurer of Tri-Kg Cheerleader I, 2, 33 Annual Staff: President of Senior Class. GREENE, ALICE 4 G.A,A.g Phy3icsg junior-Senior Club. GULABOFF, LILLIAN 3 Hall Guard, I-IAWKINS, PEARLA -f -I C.A.A.g Physics, junior Senior Club. HCSTINSKY, ELIZABETH v- Honor Society, G.A,A. HRNIAK, DAN ---- Football I, VZ, V3, vel, Basket- ball I, 2, Annual Staff. HUMLIAN, MARY INEST, ANNE ee Hall Cuardg Social Chairman of Chemistry Club, C-.A.A.g F.B.C. IARCIK, EMIL - Band, President of Chemistry Clubg Physics. .J T, MELENCHINKO, EMMA - Chemistry Clubg Treasurer of G.A.A.g Home Making Club. ME-l-ROYANIS, ERlEDA - G.A.A.1 Home Mak- ing Clubg F.B.C. MORGAVAN, VINCENT - Track Z, v3, v4g Band. NAWROCKI, CAROLYN -- Hall Guardg G.A.A.g F.B.C. NIESCIUR, ESTELLE - F.B.C. ONDRAS, GEORGE - Football v3, v4. PANOS, HARRY f Football v3, v'4g Orchestrag Senior Playg Tri-K. PAPPAS, MARIE CLAIRE - Honor Societyg Senior Playg Spanish Clubg F.B.C.g A Cappella. PAVLIK, MARY 4 Board of Controlg Honor So- cietyg G.A.A.g Secretary of Froebel Business Club. LEONE, MARY 1 Hall Guard. LIBASSI, ANTHONY - Football 3, v4g Hall Guard. LONGAZO, IOHN - Bandg Honor Societyg Physicsg Latin Clubg Euclidean Circlcg Tri-K. LOTT, EDITH 7 G.A.A.g French Clubg junior Senior Club. MAGUREAN, IOHN 4 Football V3, v4g Bandg Orchestra. MANDICH, PETE -- Basketball l, 2, v3, V43 Hall Guardg Chemistry Club. MANDULA, MARY ---- G.A.A.g Frccbcl Business Club. MARENCIK, lOHN 1 Physicsg Social Chairman cf Euclidean Circleg Tri-K. MARTIN, PAULINE 1 G.A.A.g Home Making Clubg F.B.C. Laid' Paze Seventv-three ROMANOW, IRENE 7 President of F.B.C.g Sec- retary of Honor Society, Senior Play, Hall Guardg G.A.A.g Froebel Business Club. RUKAVINA, MARY THERESE - Secretary- treasurer of Board of Controlg Hall Guard: Honor Society: Secretary of F,B.C.g Froebel Business Club. SHANKER, ROBERT H- Orchestra, Physics, Eucli- dean Circle. SHESTAK, TED -- Track manager 4, Swimming manager 41 Vice-president of Chemistry Clubg Tri-Kg Annual Staff. SILICH, MARGIE - Hall Guardg G.A.A.g Spanish Clubg A Capella. SIRKO, STEPHAN E. - Bandg Hall Guardg Tri-K. SPAK, IRENE - G.A.A. SPIRIOS, lOHN - Annual Staff, Tri-Kg Euclidean Circle. SPIRO, MARGARET - Honor Societyg Vicc-presi- dent of G,A.A.g F.B.C. Page Seventy-four PAVLOFF, DOROTHY -- G.A.A. POPA, VICTOR - Football l, 2, v3, v4g Track v3. v4g President of Board of Control, Trea- surer of Honor Society, Physics, President of Euclidean Circle, President of Tri-Kg A Capella. PSIMOS, HARRY ARCHIE - Treasurer of Senior Classg Basketball lg Football 3, v4g Hall Guard: Tri-Kg Anniual Staff. RADIVAN, GEORGE -g Football lg Basketball l. 2, 3, v4g Track vfl, v2, V3, v4g Hall Guardg A Capella. RADOCAY, EDWARD l. - Hall Guard, Chem- istry Clubg Physics, Froebel Business Club. REAL, AMELIA -- G.A.A. REDEN, ROMAYNE 7 Chemistry Clubg Social Chairman of Beta G.A.A.g French Clubg junior- Senior Club, ROBINSON, SARAH Chemistry Club, Treasurer of Beta G.A.A., Secretary of junior-Senior Club. ROGERS, ROSE LEE - Hall Guard, Chemistry Clubg G.A.A., junior-Senior Club. STEINHUBEL, ROSE - C.A.A.g F.B.C.g Froebel URBAN, LEONA - Hall Guardg Chemistry Cliubg Business Clubg Senior Playg Physics. C.A.A,g F.B.C.g A Capellag Secretary of Senior I . srocHEi., 1osEPi-i, 1R. - swimming, Hall oaafdg C ass , , VASSALLO, BEN - Basketball l, 2, v4g Presi- STOll5EEl:Ae!:'EclEEZlJ T Hall Guard' F'B'C" Froebel dent of Band: Orchestrag Chemistry Club. THANOS, HARRY - Football V3, v4g Track V3, VERB'CH- '-OWS v4g Honor Societyg Physicsg Latin Clubg Eucli- VINCHUR' ANNE - G-A.Al dean Circleg Tri-K. WOICIEHOSKI, LUCY W Bandg Chemistry Clubg TICHANSKY, Helen - Hall Ciuardg F.B.C. A.g Lating F.B.C. TOMA, MILLIE - Orchestrag Hall Guardg Ci.A.A.g ZIEMBA, lOSEPHlNE - Hall Guardg Froebel Social Chairman of French Clubg F.B.C. Business Club. I STUDENTS LIKE . . . Mr. Coons . . . vacations. . . Senior Day. . . Pete's Place . . cokes . . . Richie's haircut . . . Vance's Ford . . . Black Beauty . . . THEY PREFER . . afternoons off . . . evening dances . . . open campus . . . chewing gum . . . more vaca- tions. . .TEXT BOOKS SHOULD HAVE. . . fewer pages . . . more pictures . . . fly- weight paper . . . blank pages . . . all answers . . . no questions . . . SCHOOL SHOULD HAVE , . . more young bachelor teachers . . . coke machines . . . plush seats . . . elevators . . . more vacations . . . two lunch hours . . . more candy sales . . . more evening dances . . . lounging rooms . . . larger lockers . . . air-conditioning. . . open swimming pool . . . lover's lane . . . available convertables . . . STUDENTS HATE , . . homework . . . solids .. .summer school . . . exams. . . unexcused admits . . . deadbeats . . . Hitler . . . TEACHERS SHOULD . . . do away with exams . . . tell NEW jokes . . . forget admits . . . chew gum . . . do more work . . . jitterbug . . . CAN'T DO WITHOUT. , . chewing gum . . . candy sales . . . annuals . . . basketball games . . . lunch . . . evening dances . . . vacations . , , wolfing . . . WHAT WE CET OUT OF SCHOOL , . . a diploma. Page Seventy-five QTOWLEJ for ow Who can forget those shy Freshman days when we were in school . . . Oh yes, and what ambitions we had - we were going to be great - maybe even president! - tskl tsk! such optimism!! . . . How bright and eager we were each morning to come to school . . . We met new friends each day and worked lwe were Freshmen thenll with them in class and played with them outside . . . Re- member our Freshman Dance lthat's what we called itll with all the boys holding up the walls and the girls just as bashful - or do you remember how some girl "cornered" you and tried to teach you the "Chorus Girl"? - Oh Misery!!! . . . Well, boys, we finally did loosen up, didn't we? . . . And AFTER the dance -l wonder why those girls made cracks about "Safety'.' shoes?!?l - Anyhow, long lived the memory of having held close to you the girl that appealed to your sense of affection . . . we walked on air for weeks . . . we even forgot about that "Glag" in Algebra . . . or was it Biology??? . . . Oh yes, we sold green bows that year, too . . . Remember how proudly you wore five or six of them at a time? . . . That was the year Olga Layko was president . . . How time flies! Three months have gone by and the sun came up over a hundred times . . . What a difference that made in our character, atti- tude, and sense of humor!! . . . From those green Freshmen we became those wise Sopho- mores who "knew it all" . . . so we thought . . . What we did that year?? . . . Don't ask me . . . I didn't rightly remember . . . Oh yes, we sold Easter eggs and Marge Bellis and Gus Cougias were King and Queen . . . Well, so what . . . they were happy!!! . . . That's the year most of us worked the hardest and barely had any extra time . . . well anyway, SOME people worked hard!! Sure! and some new romances . . . Fesko and Barnev . . , were started and "no speaking" terms, too . . . but what did we care . . . That was also the year that Helen Fusiek was our president . . . Heil, Hinkellll Two years have gone by and here we are, full-fledged juniors . . . only one more year of struggling left . . . groan . . . We chose Larry Badylak as our president . . . Does he still have the keys to the voting machine? . . . and Harold Archybald Psimos as our vice- president . . . ln that year a Mr. George Garl- ton Swanson came to our school . . . remem- ber him? . . . that's a enough sighing, girls . . . and teachers, too . . . No one will ever forget the junior Play "Barbara Frietchie" Page Seventv-six which Miss Kelly directed and the entire high school enjoyed . . . Let's see, we gave a junior dance, a Pop Corn Sale, and a Pencil Sale . . . we were all "Salesman Sams" . . . Yes, and some of us were even fortunate enough to go to the May Ball, the F.G.A.A. Banquet, and the Prom . . . Oh boy!! did we have a swell time . . . it was worth promising to cut our neighbor's lawn all summer because we boi- rowed his car . . . For the next week or two we didn't quite see the sidewalks we walked on or hear everything said to us . . . "t'jour armour" . . . need l say more? . . . And this was the year some fool by the name of Hitler . . . a paperhanger who spends his time think- ing up new world maps to satisfy his day- dreaming . . . wishful thinker that he is . . . decided he'd take about a year "time off" to make those dreams a reality . . . three years have gone by . . . he's still trying . . . idiot!!! Well, here we are . . . look at us . . . We're run- nig the school now and if you classmen don't like it, welli! - ! !" . . .Yes, we're all "big shots" now . . . look at the distinguished offices we hold . . . But thank goodness we haven't become so self centered that we don't know our friends any more . . .By now our life has been just about chosen for us-if we could only start over again. We'd do it the very same way!!! Marce Gonzalez was our president this year - Yep!! he stole the keys from fLarry!! - And who can forget that excellent performance of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" for our Senior Play? . . . Nope you can't even compare it! . . . Well, how about after the play . . . have any fun? . . . And soon the girls were faced with the most . . . most . . . excruciating . . .Web- ster defines it as "painful" task of their lives . . . picking an escort for the "affairs" . . . How the boys were picked apart "bone by bone" and "limb by limb" at the "Tea Sessions" the girls held . . . and were classified as "Ummmmmmmm, sayl!" . . . "Not Bad" . . . "Will do in a pinch" . . . and "l'd rather stay home and read a good magazine!" . . . And isn't this the year we got stabbed in the back by the japs? . . . Well, we'll show them . . . How??? . . . Well, we baled paper, newspapers, cardboard, and even maga- zines . . . We sold Savings Stamps and Bonds . . . We registered men for the draft and rationed sugar, too, . . . ANYTHING for OUR country!!! . . . Well, let's see what we had to get this year . . . calling cards, rings, invitations, evening gowns, and . . . and . . . just loads of things . . . How did we pay for them? . . . Oh, we had them sent' . . . C.O.D .... Call On Dad!!! . . .Oh Boy!!! . . . There's the Prom . . .Every- time you see someone in the hall your heart starts "palpitating" to swing time . . . you know what I mean . . . That night will live long in our memory . . . everything except what Pa said when we came in like a culprit at 4 A.M .... Well, it's time to go, friends . . . Commencement's here . . .and you can hear the faculty breathe a sigh of relief . . .problem children, weren't we . . . and l thought they would be sorry to see us go . . . From school some got edu- cations, others got experience . . . some got heart trouble . . . a few got A's . . . many got Special Re- ports . . . But we all have our memories. CVM jbalzmfe We dedicate this ing determination page to the Froebel of our people we boys who are now will gain the in- in service in all evitable triumph, so parts of the world, help us God.-Pres- and whose coura- y ident Roosevelt. geous and determ- Froebel School is ined fighting will proud that its'boys go down in the an- are serving not only nals of American their country but history. the entire world. "I repeat that the No matter where United States can you are, boys, Phil- accept no result ippines, Burma, save victory final Panama, Australia, and complete.With Iceland, China, Ha- confidence in our waii, Alaska, or the armed forces - United States, we with the unbound- salute you and may C-od bless you. Page Seventy-seven gill!! memuriazlt SIMON G. ENGLE Courlcsy Gary Post Triliuiic Sorrivlfzirig ullernpletl. Sornelliirig clone. H115 corneal ci nigh! s repose. - H. VV. f.ori.gfellouJ Mr. Engle was a pioneer Gary teacher, having come as a chemist from the Corn Products Company in l908. During the early years he not only taught chemistry at Emerson, tut he was also City Chemist. He later became a chemist for an oil refining company at Tulsa, Oklahoma. He also worked as a chemist for the Carnegie-Illinois Steel Company. He came to Froebel School as a teacher of chemistry in 1927. Mr. Engle was well trained as a chemist. He had a pleasing personality. He was well liked by both teachers and pupils. CHARLES S. COONS Mr. Engle was a real teacher because he was first a real man. From years of intimate acquaintance I am convinced that he used science as a tool to teach and enrich character and never exploited character to teach science. He possessed a simple, sturdy Christian character that put practice before precept, and honesty before hypocrisy. He was therefore a living example of the scientific principle of justice and trustfulness that he taught. No one can think of Mr. Engle except in terms of a good and useful life. N. P. RICHARDSON With the passing of Mr. Engle, Froebel School lost indeed a good friend and a faithful teacher. Those of us who worked with him as fellow faculty members for many years know and value his loyalty to our school and his kindly, unfailing interest to his students. LEORA CONNORS Mr. Engle was a gentleman. We shall miss his many good deeds. LUCILLE BARKER Though Mr. Engle has left us, his fine teachings and kind ways will always linger in our hearts and in our minds. A STUDENT Page Seventy-eight Administration .. Annual Staff .... ATHLETICS Awards . . . Basketball . . . Football . . . F.C.A.A. . . . . Swimming . . . Track ...... Autographs ...... Board of Control .... CLASSES Freshman . . . Sophomore ...... junior ........... SENIOR Class members .. History ........ Officers ...... Our Town . . . Dedication ....... Division Pages ...... Hall Guards ......... ORGANIZATIONS AUDITORIUM A-Cappella ..... Christmas Pageant junior Play ..... Thanksgiving Play Senior Play ..... Band .......... . . Biology Club . . . Business Club ..... Chemistry Club .... Concert Orchestra .. Euclidean Circle .... French Club ....... Froebel Booster Club Home Making Club . Honor Society ...... junior-Senior Club . . Latin Club ........ Physics Club ..... Safety Council .... Spanish Club . . . Tri-K ........ Title Page ..... Victory Page .... C011 felftlld . . 4-7 I2-I3 66-67 36-37 I6-I7 28-29:54:62-62 64 80 22-23 I0-ll . . .. 32-33 ... 34-35 . . . 70-75 76 69 2-3 8-9:30-3l:60-6l ...........25-27 59 58 57 58 65 I8-20 39 50 38 21 .. 5l 44 48-49 4I . . 56 52-53 42-43 .. 40 46-47 45 . . . 55 I . . . 77 Page Severity-nine 1 WF , -' . - '93, .V , f . , 1, ,.y- f..v v '- - 1 '-'S . 3 .f ' . ' 'w .., , M .ef I Q1:,,'x 1' 1 A .sm Q, . , ,D ef - V nf- ' A 1- - ,5.., :nfwAF Q ' , . m f f .' ' ' Y ' ., 3' 'T rr, rx, ffrw -- Q. Y. ,fx ' 1 . Q' -. , 4- K ' .. K AA VQAI ..Vv XA , , iw K N b , -1 ya. Q S, V: V , lfltvgtg J Egg " ' p-1... Q 7 ' .441 I 'V 'g'A 1 A 1-vw ?fGfA Za , 'qi my ,,, zu. 7.4-.. ., fc. ,V ' o W AF 3, 'I J 4 -73 QQ by 5-E 3' i 4 , E. .. ' Tyi- , 1 . x . , Ls' . - A W Ai I ' ' 4 , .,' ' . ' - . A lf' ' 5? Y' if 6f..,,f.f.6 X My F 51" J Q ,V v X X ' V N , -a., .f 15 .L X an 1 , ' s an j M5 Lv x: Q yu J., 1 'Q 13,2 'Z 1 'e S "B si ,',!' :51 .Z Q13 fl .fee A -4 f 2 ENGRAYlYg4Q.'-gr Fm Awayqe gqgfavsfi5 Cgff j ' J " .XLT ,, ' "-5.-:7?3'f,'w--,I 'J' A ' ' ' 'W 'Agri' - '5' xl V , I . 1 A ' Qu , b . 5'fUd"' ' "Wm M , f, . ',, f if 1-', .1 . I. . . M JE: QQ fggh ,, jf! , ji 1 Tj! h: tg' Z -4 01 iff Q H v sf 1, 25" ' s in F-21 Q1 1 5 X QQ , b Qi? iw, P 1 Tf ' .51 I gi gg.. Wffsv My , jvff Q: ' M 'vu K? 55259557 W in .TT , I ' S qi? 4x L im X fs 'DU ewnd' Ns if B VW "U My VX ww 01 vw W ff ff A l, f ,M f ZZ,,Mf7,,fff if gf g owl. fffwwfaf 5 xxgimwd Q My jg-f3,',f?59 WMM WWW Qgjwm . X Ib V M QQ affix ,2fMw7WfM ww MW 0' N'WW J, wx VW.

Suggestions in the Froebel High School - Steel Dust Yearbook (Gary, IN) collection:

Froebel High School - Steel Dust Yearbook (Gary, IN) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Froebel High School - Steel Dust Yearbook (Gary, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Froebel High School - Steel Dust Yearbook (Gary, IN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Froebel High School - Steel Dust Yearbook (Gary, IN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 7

1942, pg 7

Froebel High School - Steel Dust Yearbook (Gary, IN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 13

1942, pg 13

Froebel High School - Steel Dust Yearbook (Gary, IN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 13

1942, pg 13

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