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Text from Pages 1 - 198 of the 1972 volume:

I" 1 -X , -1 wk ,JW W Aw., ' . ,U ,,, .,. L : Miq,,3.gj', , , ,,.A5,J!A. V -4 5-1 -,- vt: in 5 :Qui-if' " ,,v fl - V 5. ,,, ,L - 'iff-fjx 5 1 Q R- 1--,.. --. ,.,f ., as 5' ,A iv fq','?2Z, 2' ' -rf' A Fu: zfvfyf 5' IA ' 'I V , J' A Wil," Mmfriyzz' A W ffm '- , Wg?,,w213:j,5A:.,,giQ5l,w'1:'h:,NWN ' ' . Wfgmgxmxw , 31 'vwgagrvaigrw?'::3iA',q,g,'WJW:inal7nVi'y1Dk7Yf,jgATQ,u .. Y - nf fu K 3-46,12-'SU' " 'N ' ---.' - QS- Jiffy? 'f,'31?d:+f 4: A 1 - R. ,- H J ' 5 f-1?'3g.ft,r "72'54'3f7Iif?53-gg-.xfxg -, . ,. ,' - .af ,. ' -- i T Lf-P 1 ' ., sQ-Aggff 'P,giij63'-Q:"i?ffffI" 5. , f""5'--,!!'f'f:- '33 , 7 ': L", A ' , ' ' A .f 'irwgt-15-4 E-' 1 2 Q fa-K 2 5' 'z?ff'A1. 'Tr-:Jw 4,1 "-,"A'J.p W1 -A '-fx--P12 2 , -, w iff. . X . ,- Q .y , V. :1 .-J. H '51 W, .,Q,-,5i?1-553, -E5-ff-L. .:, ' .151 255, -J, M 454- 54-,:, .1 j1'-- ., --', ,Y -' .4 . - f . -1 ,-45,-afzf, L ,, V ng 5- --. I -. 5 U. ,.-wwe, ,-5.3-:g...,f . - ,,,i,,,5,X,,i -. . A 1 5. .gn ap- - v,:-9.22, -Q-,L-, , ' ,L -. , ' wa 1, Hi, -..','f:f . 1--5 :gf-,Q-Eg-D gr-ang, , :ga -- -' 4 "ff .JP y Sis' v, . 1g 40. 5 N :UPL 1191"-L ' H-Eff W' '-,.:, ','21z'ff'iif4'z "Q-,-'-"lf--'fi-1 'Q-f' I 5TW':- , wwi- 'Mf"' if-'T-V 'ffl 'f 1 2 N 4 ,q,-Q-5'32-sq, Wxifxigg nf, fm,-W m:g'g:gf5'afi,fT iz?-: Qi, 'a,'yQ,q" 1 ' A' ' " M 'f.-,245--y w,"'J-,f ' JL-27,5-' "H . , , ' ' 1' "+v',r,,Lw Y 1 ' A-',M'f-W' W. 'VV' 'W 'r M af, ."flwffW" H" "f khhftfixvf-'ew 1' ,Q,E',W,' W' w 1J,.f7, .F'frf'Ia,','-'i:'s,H: , Qevfgefia W mwt f, .J wg wg-,,gf'if4C'2 wi' Wa, :Tr-,im Aw, Amwsw W5f'm,g Ig MI Hi iemm , ,V .,, gm MZ, fwykmm xgf 739753-'5EW1h'.yj -ffmiifmwfriwvp 33533-1 W 4 ,.,. ,, 5-sN,,.., ., Y M, W ,,,,, , , Mpmu ,. ,, .MH ,, ,,, ,L , W-2211, . ' ,nb-rv,-, L: Qg3 .3' iQg,-',j",g'T,wi'2f' l2,2'-1fQ4r,gff'W j'i1Q'fWwmfd,a,2 gifwfgxcmwyy W5,Fv1z1fgw?lWuf2zTWi7,,W','f'aHf'Q?1131'ffswwi' 2 ' ' Q' -f M Bw W"-Y ' 'M LN ' .. ff. my .1 1 ,J-ww -, M wgwmq 33? 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Q-.-3, ,gp m ,. .,g ,g v' 1",'? I fflcifq, 'ff'S.--if-'g:i',iyg:, gf-Mr ifffj Q-:fgw-N. -1.-., -" 2:'.-'.-r-1--1.4-Lwhr:4'f4'4??M5 at-1.-Y. -wa . s-an ,1 ,Riu -,.lg.,f:yx. 1. .. 413-132 - -'A3'Qf4lfiq'52ii 5 5515? "X Qi A W2-' -Piwlx y 1 ii? ff.. .,w',y- ry.. ,.. -4. 'f"Sf?. . At' -.F S". ', ' fi :- N- fp e -,-, .:v. ,, .e .v. - 4 '-g ag Q5 I -gal: "1 355251. L+' , , L, . ,. -", 459- 00 - . g M , ai' S 5 5 .X . . VO. - .e -ff. b e, ,. f,ij:ij! NEFQVA ,.-'w.4.-,.,. QYLX, .- ,mg-9 ix N4 f-' 'a .v - ----S Ziff- x1.:.-"fav-"'. - - 'Y 'YE' , - -: -T ff ' ' ,5-4... .U - 1 Q .x,,..,f.., 1 . ,lmpf g,.2.g'Y1- , f-jg . z ,. -i-+I'-L' f .-" :Ng t. . ,Q , .L iygx, -3:, ,fr -lQ'.k:'.3.L:m4,l ,l Vg- x - . 'Ari ' .::?2+'f?95T'f-S' i' V A . 4 .22 Tf, f '+'--.,'- -'.1-'ip ' -gif'-fQ,'ig,a. ,.1 -Qpgf 2' . ,Y .237 I V5 . V . :Ng-.4 , 3- J ,, -' '-f4'.",.1-.1-'j.. ff - '. . 2,195-H1 if-."'f.35b5?5V"'lf'7 LYW 5 A P " -. w' W ,, wr., :. : Q- ,Ns - f -sfwifw : - gifs... I t . A, N ,LSA 1 ...P wh, ri V I .4 ,. "" 'f '-1.Z:ff:"Zf .J-1-+.-rw'-,. w. faq?-1. '-'?" : fs-f-..'-Q'--"i "fs - cw-my". -if . -.:-b..X '.g-yigg-g- .- for FRISCO PUBLIC SCHOOLS Frisco, Texas Volume XXX Contents School Personnel ...... Classes .............. Organizations . . . . . . . . . Academic Achievement . thletics Involvement . 25 . 81 10 113 138 5 t ,, A , t. , Q5 Q Foreword Through vibrating struts we have aimed our candid camera. From cramped quarters under tables we have strived for new slants. We hope that our striving for individuality of photography, write-ups and general informality has not resulted in distorted panoramic perspective. We sincerely hope that we have not overstepped our boundaries of yearbook ethics in con- tributing our production. If you are able to find a guffaw or two while flipping through these pages and yet treasure 'this volume enough to place it in the bookcase as an accurate record of 1971-1972, then our efforts have not been in vain. The Staff Theme Those were the days, my friend We thought they'd never end We'd sing and dance forever and a day. We'd live the life we'd choose We'd fight and never lose For we were young and sure to have our way. Q irammbowvuu ails 1-Pl? Mis Q3 5 ffl? Sb lffe ,O VVS' J,-IW, if 214135 TV 5 3 and UW! chengtuouls yyfhg o,L..,,?,J..,Sw-A "'14'f:" -'-01"""""" Coonskin editors Libby Pearson, Barbara duMeni1, and Karen Rogers discuss plans for the following pages. .l""" It is not often that a teacher takes two sessions of teaching at the same school. There is an old saying among local citizenry that the majority of good teachers get their start at "Hackberry" Q a defunct school near Little Elm and Friscoy. Our honoree has both the above qualifications. Her first session in Frisco was during the year 1927- l928 after which she left for marriage and entered another career at Draughon's Commercial College of Dallas. k She and her son began school at Frisco in 1955, he as a first grader and she as a teacher in junior high. Later she transferred to the high school math department. Relating to each person with sincerity, honesty, and care, she has endeared herself to students, parents, and co-workers. To this teacher the problems of her students become her own whether they are scholas- tic or personal. Because of her patience, persistence, and constancy, her pupils look upon her as a friend and master teacher. It is with pride that the staff dedicates this 1972 Coonskin to: s f .r Qyigf-31' i J lr wagg- Meaningful and learning experiences compile the prime factor of any school. To provide learning situations there must be a number of people contribut- ing to the success of one aim. That aim must be to provide better learning for student needs whether these needs be elemental or sophisticated. For success in this great endeavor it takes some to learn, some to teach, some to resist in both and some to lead. QA School Personnel School Personnel if 74 is SHN is-Ms' WW R-'sms 5225 ij" K . f"""" r ' in .sl --f A Qglw. QQ PM N 4 ! I V . ,.. 4 A . grits -iii f,1.,, fy , . pf 9 , Q , . 4 ,, , A-4- ..f gg al Hawk- .. .-. HM- ... --. .M .. ..- wrgg ft' rf'-"r . 'Wg , N' . 'm f-"N .fy , e N S if sf s GW -5 .fi 'f " f ?4"i'L" 'f.1. 4 . sz. - Q, fl a+ 4- ,JU E 'X 1 . Q34 f df. 1 -7-J K N J- K 'fd ,, ii ' aw.-L V 1 N 1 - Q' A S f i Q, S ff:-.1 . 1' up M S rs. K- K Q .K ig .,kJk K JKQ.fQ9,g.5gg,-3, QK 1' ', fig: Qi 4.31 Kal CA7 Mr. Harris "monkeying" around. QB5 Mrs. Crigger at her never-end- ing job of paper grading. QCQ Our dear old school grounds tom up for gas lines? U33 Griffin and Bledsoe look over potential school site. CE5 Mrs. Justus instructs Sandy O'RileyKon pattern pinning. QB Mr. Smith proudly displays plans for the new sc ool building. QGJ Entrance holds many memories of those high school days. QHJ Mr. Smith and the surveyor plot new school site. Board Boosts The Train Of Progress Monday night is regular time for board meetings, however, they've been known to meet at varied times to transact school business, and even to take trips to visit other school plants for ideas. rrr I I President CALVIN BLEDSOE Vice President BILL PHILLIPS ,,o c . MR, T, H, McsPEDDEN DR, E, G, PINK MR, C, B, PEARSON MR. JOE WADE Treasurer Frisco School Board diligently seeks the most appropriate ways of meeting todays school needs. T ey are alert to obtaining qual- ified personnel, to pro- viding a well rounded school program and this Lyear to getting a buil ing program on its way. ne o its most exciting times was when they boosted the train of progress uphill by selling the bonds for the new school plant and later depositing the monefy. Other-schools shoul be so lucky as to have such a high grade of diesel fuel fcitizens and board membersj to boost their train of pro- gress upward. MR. KENNETH BARNES upt. Smith Advocates Improvement ami MRS, sAMMY VAUGHN, Secretary The Executive Engineer driving the FHS locomo- tive, Superintendent R. T. Smith, has started up the 1972 train of success with a bang! However, this QQ-year old locomotive broke down, ran out of coal, or suffered similar disaster and Superintendent Smith guided the people of the FHS train to accept a pur- chase of a Super- Duper Coon-Caboose to replace the qgas-burningj very deeply remembered, but gladly departed, with a little red cabooseg - THUS - a brand new fully air-conditioned high school will soon re- place our dearly beloved gas burning little brick school house. You say you can not wait? Well, Thank Superintendent R. T. Smith for his never-ceas- ing devotion to this truly needed addition to the 1972 .. . TRAIN OF SUCCESS. A Sincere Smile . . MR. JOE E, MOEHRI High School Princip Q4 Frisco High School was blessed with a very spirited man, Mr. Joe E. Moehring. He was hired this year as high school principal. When Mr. Moehring first came to Frisco, many spec- ulated that he was of Ger- man descent just by looking at the spelling of his last name. The truth really came out when he pronoun- ced for the first time "Wald- smith" as "Wa1dschi.mdt." Mr. Moehring's great sense of humor has added spice to the teachers' daily bulletin, the announcements, and the pep rallies. He has led our faculty through an exciting year. Mr. Moehring has guided the high school through many tough chal- lenges with great success. In spite of Mr. Moeh-'s great height, he can still communicate with most of the students and teachers down below. Faculty as well as stu- dents has relied upon his sound judgement. In other words, Mr. Joe E. Moeh- ring has been an exciting and outstanding leader. MRS. RUBY NICHOLS Secretary . . . A Helping Hand May I Have Your Attention For An Announcement, Please? These words are heard by all i.n Acker Elementary in the voice of Mr. Bert Isbell, principal. The announce- ment could be along the lines of "Do not bring water pistols to class under any circumstances!" or "Food- throwing may have its place somewhere, but it is not the school lunchroom! " Making announcements is only one of the many ways Mr. Isbell communi- cates with his students. He also employs funny faces, the paddle qouchlj, and a special caring for each i.n- dividual. His days are nev- er too crowded to give spe- cial attention to the solv- ing of a student's problems, and nothing is too small to listen to. One may be tempted to cower at first encounter with Mr. Bert, but a hearty hel- lo later, and the smile of generated cheerfulness can- not be suppressed. MX' MRS. BOBBYE THOMAS Secretary MR. BERT ISBELL Acker Elementary Principal KMA! Qivcefhfg FI-I Faculty Furthers Experience MRS SHERRY CRIGGER, BA MISS LINDA TURQUETTE, BA Baseball Coach C1V1CS and English 111 Engllsh IV Seventh Grade English, Seventh Seventh Grade Math Typewmmg I and Eighth Science, English II I 'Kit MRS, LINDA MASSEY, BA English I, English II, Clerical Practice MR, ED ISAACS, BA, MA High School Counselor nd Knowled e K I 3 MRS, RUTH BORCHARDT, BA Algebra I, Related Math I and II, Geometry, Shorthand The recently married Mr. and Mrs. Charles Justus cut their cake at the party given for them by the faculty MR, RICHARD WHITE, BS in the teachers' workroorn. Biology, Physical Science ,lf Se y . MRS, ELOISE ISBELL, BA MRS, FRANCIS IUSTUS, BS MR, CHARLES IUSTUS, BS Speech, High School Library Homemaking I, ll, and III MCCh21HiCHl DFS-Wi-Hg, Shop 1.11 Il Teachers Provide Students MR. GARY HAYES, BS MRS, WILMA FISHER, BS M Ed Assistant Football Coach, Head Typing I, Typing Il, Bookkeeping, Basketball Coach, Related Math II Yearbook Mrs. Matthews cheerfully responds to the photographer's interruption of her never-ending chore of paper grading. MR. HAROLD HILL, BS M Ed Head Football Coach, and American History 499' E MR. JANIERNBERG, BS Eighth Grade English, and Junior High Coach MRS. EDWINA HANSEL, BS Special Education ith Learning And Enrichment MRS. NICKI MATTHEWS, BA Seventh and Eighth Grade History, English II MR, MICHAEL SPENCER, B ME Elementary Band, High School Band Director, Choir MRS. MARY NAN FITCH STORY, BS Homemaking I, Consumers Ed, Homemaking Co-op. As a teacher's aid, Mrs. Willson finds that the duplicating machine is used often in her daily work. She spends three lunch periods at high school punching tickets, one later counting and depositing lunch re- ceipts, and one keeping up with general lunch records. Mr. Fielden seems pleased with the amount of light bulbs sold this year by the FFA boys. 'I4 Faculty Keeps Student MISS ANN NORRIS, BA Eighth Grade Math, American History, Related Math II, Seventh Grade Science f V' V s ' i 42? h Y W 3 2 ,,, y at MR, W. A. FIELDEN, IR., MA Vocational Agriculture, an Agriculture Co-op W , si' W, if Needs In ind Mr. Kenneth Walker, BS Assistant Football Coach, Seventh and Eighth Grade Math, Physical Science Mr. Harris shows Janet Coulter, Bessie Carter, and Cheryl Norris how to measure out chemicals which is just one of the many procedures used in a chemistry laboratory. '15 A MRS, BETTY IEFFERY, BA MR, VOYZE HARRIS, BS MRS. BETTY WILLSON Seventh and Eighth Grade English, Advanced Math, Physics, Teacher's Aide American History Chemistry, Algebra II I5 Aeker Teachers Encourage Individuality MISS DALE DAVITTE, BS Physical Education f.-.1 4' MRS. AILEENE STARK, BS Special Education MRS. BETTY BRYSON, BS Special Education N MRS. LORENE MCCARTHY, M Ed Special Education MRS, IAN ELLIOTT, RN School Nurse 7"""A X x MRS, BARBARA SPRINGER, BS j Kindergarten iff A And Promote Confidence MRS, JULIA WATTS, BA MRS, MARY BOALS, BA First Grade First Grade MRS, EDRIS ELLIOTT, BS Second Grade MRS, CAROL SPENCER, BS Second Grade in MRS, IESSIE M, RIDDLE, BS MRS, LUCILLE ASHLEY, BA Third Grade Third Grade MRS. IO HARRINGT ON, BS First Grade MRS, MARY IO GOLDMAN, BS Second Grade MRS, MIRIAM HALEY, BS Third Grade MRS, LAVELLA WALLS, BS, M Ed Fourth Grade Mrs. Spencer helps Angela Williams with a hard spelling word while other interested class mates look on. Acker's Faculty Teaches M., MRS. POLLY TADLOCK, BS Fourth Grade MRS, LINDA HAMAN, BA Fourth Grade e'l'1sr srr "s - 'T LWSLL 3? L L f , A V my MISS DIANE LOWRY, BS Fifth Grade MRS, MARY NASH, BS Fifth Grade Basic Fundamentals Teachers as well as these grade school students Clarence Willson, and Laurie and Kellie Powell at- tend homecoming barbeque. MRS. PATRICIA JOHNSON, BS, Mrs. Springer may be very interested in the water fowl pictures, but members of ME Fifth Grade kindergarten class were taken with the flash of the camera. MRS, NANCY THOMPSON, BS MRS, RUTH ANN FODGE, BS MRS, PAULINE PETTUS, BS, MS Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Sixth Grade 'I9 Lunchroom Staff Worked 0 A i ii! 1 was at as f Y y , P f' we M V A g , . ,S 1 " 1 MRS, RUTH FRANCIS MRS. FOY DUNCAN High School Cook High School Head Cook Twelve o'clock means good old meat loaf, cornbread, beans, sweet potato, jello, and milk or something equally as tasty. Texas, 'Q f 1x,sV, yf',,.A ,XQ Q Acker teachers are on duty and Sat with students. Mrs. Johnson and Mary Cisneros enjoy the noon hour. I E MRS. PATSY DISHMAN High School Cook High School Menu M NDAY Fish Portions Potato Salad English Peas Ro ls Iell and Butter Milk TUESDAY Comy Fogs :Er Mustard Pinto Beans Tater Tots Gra efruit Milt 84 Orange Juice WEDNESDAY Chicken Fried Steak RL Gravy Corn On Cob Blackeyed Peas Rolls - Honey 85 Butter Milk THURSDAY Chicken 8s Dressing Green Beans Cranberry Sauce Sweet Potatoes Coconut Cake Bread Sc Milk FRIDAY Hamburgers on Buns French Fries Lettuce, Onions Tomatoes 8s Pickles Ice Cream X., Y MRS. GRACIE CARTER Acker Cook Diligentl Preparing Food 1? X MRS, ELAINE HOOPER High School Cook Menu for Acker Elementary for the week MONDAY Corny Dogs Pinto Beans Tomato and Lettuce Salad Com Brownies and Milk TUESDAY Macaroni and Cheese Green Beans whole Potatoes Cornbread Cookies and Milk WEDNESDAY Sloppy Joe on Bun Com Chips Pinto Beans Cabbage Slaw Applesauce M' k THURSDAY Salmon Parties Buttered Rice Carrots Cornbread Peaches and Milk FRIDAY Hamburgrers Potato C ips Lettuce, Tomato Pickles Ice Cream and Milk ob Hag, X 4 MRS, MARGARET PENLAND Acker Cook A " 1 C Af se-tx , ,. Ae wiv. . it 2 in Nm, 'Bos-tw Om W V,K. Medi' Teachers and students find it hard to wait for lunch when they hear that Mrs. Duncan is going to bake her deliciously famous rolls. Here Mrs. Duncan shows what a task it is to make them. 'Q MRS, GWENDOLYN SONS Acker Cook ...4 MRS, VIOLETTE BLACK Acker Head Cook 21 Good Maintenance Heralds Success ,W 9, W' 5 Wi "L00k. Mom, 110 cavities. " SIT1i1eS MI- BSITOW HS 116 SWCSPS Here is where a stud ent can find Mr. Griffin during the hall floor, a task performed more than once daily. any of the three lunch periods. , One of the secrets of a successfully QL, run school is the care and mainte- g p g X' 4, 3 g . ...c r.11e1 f ' nance given the building and grounds. -Q if We sg Sweeping rooms, repairing doorknobs, 'fi . 4 g pouring cement, locking and unlock- ! A ff s p Mig? ing the building, mowing the lawn - ' pppd A ,ch ,Typ are amongithe many things mainte- ,. f X FP I . nance wor ers do to help the school on p 3 I its journey of success. 'I'he nice paint Q, 2 s ' A ' Job stud ents found in the classrooms S K p ,fx M on the first day of school bespoke the ' ' D A r t k of the maintenance crew I- X .P W01' a MR. WALTER GRANT MR. GEORGE GRIFFIN MR. R. L. BARROW Acker Maintenance HS Maintenance Head Maintenance Bus Driver Bus Driver ,- VF I r 4, Some of the bo s help Mr. Barrow pour the cement around MRS, FRANCES STEM MR, R, T, WHITE the football ticilet booth. QE as X, 1 X I as r f ri d i S ' i s fi ' , ' , X i f X Bus Driver Bus Driver MAINTENANCE AIDS Roger Black, Acker Elementary- Ioe Grtelga, HS fpart yearj Milton urner, HS fpart yearj Minny Hinojosa, HS Donald Canfield, HS fpart yearj Apprenticepliipp ,And E ' :'f:.L-- , ,VFW J S- , ,,,z..,V F Y I L Y wr Q.. , CX gf - F.,-M.. "L+- IBEW K ,Z,f" "N"-4. Miss Pshawn Long is a Stud ent Teacher in Typewriting I with Mrs. Fisher. Miss Long assisted Mike aylor with a manuscript. To work as a student assistant is a status egymbol for some. Others simply can't get a workable class sch ule and are forced to become classroom or office assistants. The pay is nil, the rewards are many, An office assistant fof necessityy knows many things that go on at schoolg he learns many problems and some of the honors before the whole school knows. Needless to say, recording, averaging on the calculator, picking up absentee slips, egypinghmaterial, checking class roll, and the many other duties perform y t ese people are done in an atmos here of learning which these students have found to be fun as well as work. MISS CATHY BROWN Student Teacher Homemaking Education Coherent MISS PSHAUN LONG Student Teacher Typing I 4,5 Period Supervisor - Student Assistant 'gi Y 1 Story - Donna Sheppard +3 1 H36 - Randy We wr, 1 J ery - Lori Province 1 Moehringw- LaDonna Vaughn ' 2 White - ike Aiken " 2,3 Hayes, Auld - Diane Johnson J ' 2 Hayes - Charles Boatright ' y S 2 Moehring - Donna Elliott Q, ,gy S , S J, S Z 3 Hansel - Iva Nell Chancellor 3 9 3 Criglger - Debbie Francis a ' , A fl 3 Fei en - Craig Pelt 3 S f 'tf 3 Hill - Bubba Byrd. 1 " QS 3,4 Hill, Isbell- enny Lowrimore A 3,4 Jeffery, Norris - Lou Ann Brazeal Q it 3,5 Moehrin , Harris - Steve Bacchus J gf , 4 White - gfina Painter ,, , S 4,5 Auld - Joe Clowers 1 9 'A 4 Borchardt - Beverly Lowrimore S 4 Fisher - Jodie Dougharty ar A 4 Hayes - Ronnie Minter 4,5 Moehrirlgg, Justus - Dale Dishmon ,A f 5 Auld - aul Bolin ,- -,,S A ,- 5 Borchardt - Melinda Mays 5 Crilgger - Debby Bell J .g 5 Fis er - Janet Pink Q f -v if' ff , 5 Justus, Mrs. - Sandy Campbell :L . ,. Sirt' ffl J f i 5 Justus, Mrs. - Karen Burman - ' A 'N SSSS p 5 Haym - Randy Barton J, J X, 5 ni 1 - David Brown iarrrfyy X JSJS J 5 Moehrinlg - Holly House ' A 'M A J , if 6 Story - une Aaron J J 4 19 Af S 6 Jeffery - Judly Whitsel J Ss, ' y 6.4 Moehring - enny Hale XS fips J yy 2 11 .J -, I A' -ff-V X S i f f 'if 5 3 A' ' , - L Z3 'fa ,, ,V i ,,'. , fQ:?K U Y' vfiz I 1,2 J an ' 0 6 3 ,, K x EW is TY-, A ':42I,, L, a L 1' 4' fi ' L I f "vw Kai ? Q' ' y yr, Q. x 1 A L '04 4' if gay? v 'L' - -I -f " . J Vbhvgii L-,, ' igpggzkx' nr. Q". f ' . .. . 10 g- '- 'oeeop f ?c"i"QQ59f1'. A .fb 15. , F94. ,a,g,::s"e.9'LA , - .8 mi'fi'3' af:-:ff f' -f , .fr ', 0' -' . Q -4-Rx. su: 5-5 '. x a,,9, b 7 , 9- U l."'f0 nc' ' x Go 0: - , o , .Q , M. ' 3,-X 1'0" - '1f-ws. Yigolffv, 'J N...g:. 'Ky' ,?gq,,,. x,60C." is 0:53, ,. gb Qc? fa' vii 'L 'D az N no "vi Q 5 S J '9 ' l.'g Oz: .4?""f . R Q . Those were the days my friend when we had C S S e S A - Mark Moehring thinks the Sgt gum ball would never lose. B - Penny Hale and Mike Aaron are young and sure to have their way. C - Sandy Campbell and Dale Dishmon will have the life they will choose. D - Chris Cobb looks to the future but at the same time is thinking, "Those sure were the days, my friend." iz li' Six- ' , E i E E A Classes Classes lasses For many Frisco Students, the '71-'72 year was an end of a golden era in their livesas suddenly, after 12 years of school, they enter the world of the adult. For other students it is the beginning of an in- volvement that seems long when they look forward but short when the time comes for reflection. The pictures on these pages have cap- tured the excitement of each day. From the satisfaction of cooking a cherry pie to the raising of a prize steer, each activity was a price- less memory to warm the heart in the years to come. 'SF' :ww H nf ,f 'X AD 25 Heading toward their goals in life are Senior Class Officers Roger Black - President, Debby Bell - Vice President, Doyle Coul- ter - Treasurer, Cindy Byrd - Secretary, and Lori Province - Reporter Aaron, Mike Bacchus, Steve Baker, Danny Barton, Randy Beavers, Jay Bell, Debby For The Seniors Of 72 W'-D--If Black , Roger Boatright, Charles Bo1i.n , Paul Burman, Karen 'af' 't,,"f',",.2D Byrd , C1ndy Carroll, Dale Senior Class Sponsors for this year include Mrs. Eloise Isbell, Mrs. Linda Massey, and Mr. Charles Justus. These teachers are a great help to the class officers in leading the Senior Class. Seniors Motivate Carroll, Marsha Carter, Carolyn Clowers, Joe Holl House Gains Class Favorite Honor ' , me N, If you asked Holly what her main interests were, her quick reply would be Cobb, Chris water skiing, sewing, and cooking. She plans on majoring in Physical Cook, Bobby Therapy at NTSU. Mexican food and sundaes always hit the spot for her. Cotton, Cody Strong School Spirit Duncan, Tommie Sue Elliott, Donna Garza, Manuel Coulter, Doyle Dishman, Dale Dougharty, Jodie Jay Beavers Acquires Title Of Class Favorite Either Texas Tech or Texas A8LM will be the lucky college where Jay will go to major in Architecture. But for now, he is satisfied with riding horses and raising cattle. Where there 's ice cream, steaks, or potatoes, you '11 find Jay. ,g -4 W Yu.. 1 W.: 4 sf 11 11 -- R E fi-1 'nw . Hallmark , Ricky Hickey , Larry 'CW House, Holly Lowrimore, Beverly MCCHCRCH. Hollis Johnson, Paul Mays, Melinda MCGaugh. RiCh31'd or 3 ... , if Q his f 'Cf' Q xx-gs if Q r ok 'YQ 2 W A Xxr W NT 2 we X , S .SSH x'fQ'f pw i Seniors Participate 3 Homecoming Activities qAy Lori Province looks guilty as she is caught in the act of getting a per- mit to be admitted into class. Too bad there wasn 't a detention hall this 3 year, or Lori would have been found there every week. CBJ The Senior 'J Class Homecoming Float, with Karen Burman, Richard McGaugh, and Carolyn Carter riding happily on top, expresses well the Seniors' outstand- ing support for FHS. On the front rode some first graders to represent the long time they have before they are Seniors. qCp Hollis McCracken was ' r '2?' s dressed as a doctor on the float to symbolize one of the many occupations 4 Q S ' Sisti r - f " the Seniors may choose upon graduation from Frisco High School. A T, +':iz!"'i 1 by gm N3 . I ,Sak W iss-is lf gras, .ml s ' -A -sis? A .U X' CL W 5 K "f"hllnv f A I f .7 Morrison, Georgia Pickrell, Charles Province, Lori Slough, Bobby O'Ri1ey. Sandy Pink, Janet Sheppard, Donna Smith, Charles ,fxqn Last Year Is Most Exciting Smith. Esther Debbie Bell proudly accepts the trophy from Mr. I. D Haun on behalf of the entire Senior Class which was won for their float at Homecoming. r""N limi!! AJP! Soto , Anita Temphn , Kirk Vaughn, Charles Wade, Ricky W31dS1T1iIh. TOITHTIY Webb. Randy Seniors Most Likely To ueceed Chris Cobb When asked what his main interests are, Chris said that most of all, he likes rodeos, hunting, fishing, and farming. He plans to go to Tarle- ton College where he wants to major in Agricultural Business. As his favorite foods he lists: steak, gravy, and potatoes. In the future, he plans to farm. Karen Burman A wide variety of interests manage to keep Karen busy during and after school. Hobbies include writing, sewing, and dancing. She loves pizza and Kip 's Big Boy Ham- burgers. Kilgore College will be Karen 's Alma Mater in September where she will major in Journalism or Homemaking. Her future goal is to write a book. Aaron, June Aiken, Mike Ballard, Sheila lBenson, Kathy Brazel, Lou Ann Brown, David Brown , Ella Box , Gary Byrd , Jack Campbell , William Carter , Bessie Chappell, Jimmy Coulter, Janet Crawford, Lilly Covington, Terri Davis, Randy 34 , "' Q -aa 4 . ' 1 f ' 1 X n 4- 19 I Zz B r i B aao ig 'MJF' ,B I K s ,y yyl ? 5 Banquet Is Big 'f 4 A a a a SQ Bessie Carter Was chosen class favorite by the junior class. Bessie is a member of the Varsity girls basketball team. She is a forward. Bessie is also a member of Beta Club . ,KL ,c ,,w"Ml'- I A , S v.,,f v ,M .Jw Business For Juniors si s f mb im' Y f ' K gh Jimmy Chappell was a member of the Frisco Coon football team for '71 season. Jim was selected all-district offensive football guard for District 12-A. He lists as one of his interests good food and cars. ski, . 5, duMenil, Barbara Duncan, Maxey Gonzales, Benito Gonzales, Carmen Griffin , Tim Hale , Penny Hampton , Alice Harrington , Van Haun , Ricky Hino j osa , Minerva Isbell, Lynn Jaime , Martha Johnson, Dianne Redmon King, Debbie Liscano, Robert Lockwood, Linda 35 QAJ The Junior class officers are: Pres. - Suzie Roberts, V. Pres. - Barbara duMeni1 , Sec. - Connie Pearson, Reporter - Ronnie Minter, Treas. - Libby Pearson, Sponsors - Mrs. Hansel, Coach Auld, Mrs. Norris MI. Harris, Mr. White. Lowrirnore, Kenny Minter, Ronnie Molidor, Louis Norris, Cheryl Ortega, Clemente Painter, Tina Pallett, Dennis Pearson, Connie Pearson , Libby Pelt , Craig Roberts , Suzie Ruiz , Leo 36 Juniors Kee Bus With FL 98 P y rw , iff it , -., ...v fp af' 16 fm 7 .li fl! , , 1 Q "1 in C as Ca' ,A - ig xl it Q -' SP X nn: K sv NA 4 - "v 9 ' .. .V 135: C35 Aft, cg 'Ju 'G-, - '94 'UK CA ' 'I 'len .3 QQ Q sith: .ni ,, -rl , , ., Eu 14,5 uglllll lllflm . f 1 lf Il , , .... ff? Sapp, William Slough, Debra Smith, Kathie Sonntag, Larry i , Sprouse, Dianna Taylor, Mike Thompson, Frankie Turnner, Milton Wade , Brad Whitsell , Judy QAJ The Junior class float was on the age of computers. Girls from the Junior class were riding on the float. Standing are: Debbie King and Suzie Robertsg Seated are: Dianna Sprouse and Michelle Wright. 37 Williams , Frankie Williams , Theresa ,fishy I I Candy sale was a most enjoyable project as attested by Judy Whitsell and June Aaron. Students somehow found lt easier to sneak candy into the classrooms during this sale. Penny Hale checked interpretation manual for the PSAT test which juniors took. Ronnie Minter, Debbie King, and Kathie Smith said they did not concoct the stench that came from the chemistry lab. A 'X X L rmkiff' -f ,,""f- N ... K ' Sale of donuts at lunch periods proved lucrative pro- ject for Juniors. Debbie King sells with a smile to l Gary Whitsell and Ronnie Minter. "Selling" Highlights For Junior-Senior QQ W71"7'2 KRHU S61-noi nmnasuu . N4 rrrlr we f f j. K i I is k...L A Q? 5,3 Rl , Connie Pearson, Cheryl Norris, Debbie King took active . ,,..1 sis 1 N 2 P 4 i O Louis Molidor sold popcom to Donald Canfield at the basketball concession. Dianna Sprouse sold tickets to the junior-sponsored Merlin show. C ass Activities Banquet P311 in the iHHi01' Pl?0jGC1i Of selling magazines. Besides banquet projects there were the regular classes. First period found Lynn Isbell intent on a civics exam. in Sophomores Eagerly Await ,C sssns V 'zwxl .. a..rlu.:,,f - NX E: 'Q Q 1 dung., 9 31 grey if 'Q . C ,.1f , L,,..:i A1I'1'l01'1d, Randy - V .,':: N-A. Antwiler , Patti Anzaldua Manuel Barnes , Tina , as Barrow , 'C Donnie C f Q 2 Baum , Kathy SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: President, Marion Jefferyg Vice President, Donnie Barrow qnot shownyg Secretary, Filo Ortega: Treasurer, Gary Whits- ellg Reporter, Chris Griffin. Also Shown are Class Sponsors, Mrs. Ruth Borchardt and Mr. Dub Fielden. Their Junior Year Branch, Cindy Brown, Maurine Campbell, Sandy Carroll, Danny Carter, Jack B111 Rogers and F110 Ortega are laughing at the way the negative sign was written. Maybe it 's because they wou1dn't know what to do with it if they knew! Chancellor, Tim Garner, Cindy Gonzales, Jesse Elizondo, Jimmy Garza, Jesse Gonzales, Julian Francis, Larry Gonzales, Beatriz Griffin, Chris X M7 Hampton, Milton Hawks, Doyle Hazelwood, Joe Jackson, Kim Jeffery, Marion Srs. Of 7 4- Are Proud Sophs Choose Favorite Girl Kim Jackson Don 't be surprised if you see Kim on an airplane as a stewardess someday McSpedden Joni These are her plans for the future. Even though she likes all kinds of food, Miller, she is a fanatic for Mexican food and Lasagna. Moore, Tony Nichols, Van Ortega, Teofilo LSI13 Molidor Michael Kelso, Kim Lopez, Ramil Mayes, Donai Q "ill fi R 5:33 -Q-3 i Ki , gl, Y s ,Q Q ge Q A si ss S ,,- .-..::,,5 , s o ssss M sssl X .. .. Ak fa 2 as srxnw - To Be A Part Of FHS Drtega, Edward i N VR X ' 'Y KX if is Dftega, IOC i Q Q' Y R xx N I Pratt, Billy Panell , Sandra 0 p' p Reyna, Jesse 1 i .. I 91 2"-' "" is Riddle, scott 1 Z. X s 4 M. 1 Gary Whitsell Wins Boy Class Favorite Gary plans an exciting career as a Forest Ranger after completing his college education. His interests are football and basketball, and a big pizza or Mexican food makes him smile. Rogers , Bill Rogers , Karen Ruiz , Elva Sophomores Work For Future Goals 7-of -'M49' f-If Slough, Vanessa Wil1ia1'HS. Sammy Smith, Robert Wilsvn. Karen Tadlock, Marilyn Vaughn, LaDorma Waldsmith, Ricky Taylor, Eddie Wade, Derie Whitsell, Gary Thompson, Frankie Wade, Drusilla Williams, Robert 1 V., ,,Vf, Q'-E "N- -CQ h , ,VM ss., N .,,,, 'qwww ,941 "!f7 ff pl f , . xx, Y W ' V4 , r .3 it ,,,,, F, 1 M , y y -, , w qjiwkm , l ,K EA , r six l' ,, ,Thr ,FL I . ,, , 4 j fp 7' af ,tg V Vkir, V I ,gums 1 , ,E G Tilffwz ,::'fr, 5 fx" "C 72 f .SHS 5 A J 5 K, M .., ,Lx x , if 7 V ,, ,VLVV g , , ,yy ,K H A ft' L H , V A ,fi y la ,fy g W K R'-at if-9: V' Ea 55412357 if Z 'J 24 V' " 5' i f Q2 Kffmffi. 'rf' ff? V Fw' r ' fi r, ' 1, A 2, f 1 f if , K I L W I f 4 E Marion Jeffery throws smiles instead of candy while riding among the exciting mushrooms on the Sophomore float. A, , ii 72 V Freshmen Have Year Of New Experiences f i i Aaron, Ricky Anderson, Jeff Baker, Lynn Baum, Steve 259 Q-O fx., Wim 11' N 5 .OL 1 XA e s'f 1 ' W- ig: ii: Y Aff e After many hours of hard work, the big day arrives. This Flo at was des- tined to win second place. Beavers, Beth Bristow, Bobby Brown, Thelma Canfield, Donald Cannon, Ricky Carter, Nikki Barbara Sirkle and Charles Smith enjoy being in the Simplicity Fashion Show. Cates, Mike Carmacho, Gilbert Chancellor, Howard Cowen, Susie Craig, Penny Davis, Jackie de Leon, Mary Dishrnon, Arlene Duncan, Gary Duncan, Ginger Elrod, Donald Garner, Robin Gross, Gig Hale, David Hamilton, Debra Hanson, Ted 46 Favorites Were Pam roblski was chosen class favorite for the freshman classg Par is interested in modeling. Chosen Carefully "eh-:lv 1:39 David Hale was chosen class favorite for the freshman class. David is interested in art. IQ Harvell, Allen Hinojso, Tony 'UN 4 if ,a..,,. Holland, Jimmy Ishmael, Kathy Iames, Barbara QUT Johnson, Donald Kelso, K1 ay Ledesma, Armando Ledesma, Yolanda Lee, Christie Linton, Debbie Liscano, Ricky McCord, Kathleen Miller, Vernia fi W Morrow, Cindy Newman, Jim .K Q , - f Freshmen Have Nichols, Kim Sirkel, Barbara Skidmore, Faye Skidmore, Ray Pannell, Johnny Pannell, Brenda Pink, Mary Pratt, Narvell Province, David Sanchez, Janie Sanchez, Manuel Ruiz, Henry Soto, Reynaldo i l New Outlook The freshman class sponsors are Mrs. Matthews and Coach Hayes, The officers are Treas. , Kim Nicholsg Sec. , Steve Baumg Rep. , Penny Craigg Pres. , Mike Catesg and V. Pres. , Beth Beavers. Robert Norris, one of the brighter stars of the freshman class stares at the camera in wonderment. Q fir' .f,r4!, Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, Mabel Trenino, Richardo Turner, Sammy Weston, Beverly Wilson, Willie Wright, Martin Wroblski, Pam Q Almand, Tammye Anzualda, Robert Ballard, Diana Baum, Beverly Berghauser, Carolin Blake, Donald Bledsoe, Max Butler, Brad Byrd, Steven Calvillo, David Calvillo, Diane Calvillo, Ricky Carmady, Jack Carter, Kathy Carter, Kevin Cook, Billy Covington, Chris Chancellor, Patricia Davis, Rita Duke, Mitchell 50 -sn Eighth Grade A Year Of ul WY Brad Butler and Brenda Wade adorned the eighth grade float. I K ,KV I 51 Q K 'G K f I L ,f My 1 B Ag Y N f , g B J Q N1 f of an fax Q ' 7' it '- . Qrkl 2 K 1' , - , ,A ' ' ' A . . av B ' X - . t- L' If K X7 x ' XY 'V A :i e :.. KS : N M m 1 . V ' ' fix , , ,f , I ' K I ,L r ,i.', 1 t , Q W 'I " an B rlaee rrf r a ee Q .- "' fmt 'fig wo f 'nd -2 A B B ' 'f ' il C r 2 X du' - .Q-V L 5 ,T ' ,,.: ,ig xg y ,. . x A kkt, K .. Q A , , I'f AWN K ' ,I ' ' ' Q, 2555 ,,,,,egfnZ2f " , "51f7'iS-Plgifo X i -' f B1 Q X B r . ., e I B rl f a B -'pn W, B t m X ,B ' HM, Q U S'-Pr' It J ' 13 :5rriib'lf-'Q A 5 B A K e New Experiences And 'R f- Broader .Ks Horizons Duncan, Bobby Dunfield, Bill Elliott, Ann Escabeda, Javier Ford, Michael Fox , Bobby Garza , Elva George , Alta Gomez , Lupe Gonzalez , Emiliana Gonzalez , Maria Griffin, Robert 8th GRADE OFFI- CERS: Pres . Wes- ley Marshall, Vice Pres. Blake Vaughn, Sec. - Treas. Alta George, Reporter Lynn Jeffery. ROOM MOT HERS: Mr. and Mrs. Tom my George and Farris Tunnell. CLASS SPONSORS Coach Kenny Wal ker, Miss Linda Turquette. 51 Grounds, Robin Guerra, Ray Hale, Terri Hanson, Ramona Hill, Cindy Hinojosa, Jimmy Hooper, Johnny Howard, Martha Jeffery, Lynn Linton, Jimmy M arshall, Wesley Martinez, Mary Mayes, Bernice Mayes, Dana Mireau, Pam Molidor, Joshua Norris, Barbara Ortega, Carlotta Forward To Entering High School ooo Sheryl Templin Sheryl is the eighth grade favorite. Her motto is: "Be yourself and you'1l go far in life. " She likes basketball and track. P S lll -S S ssss S ' P' ssls g L S 1' i ' f ' . C ,,." i X .f hkv N A - JE f, i r L X., . U I C., .-.k x 5 A t KW -5 V,h.k 5 1-,L . I ,M if 3 "fl M ..xs.w 1 ...,:Q, X as gt X git af? 'fl . A X N X X . f f X C at ' ,Qs-:aan :eq - -1 -f K N 5 Y. ju, X3 Y' :B V i k..: ,. , E: ki S 'ef A .- K, ' rv 3 , RA f .,.e. I X 'hifi N Ortega, Mateo Pannell, Joey Parsley, Nancy Phelps, Carla Pittman, Rebecca Rogers, Bob Rogers, Marshall Ruiz, Joel Sanchez, Sylvia Sanderfer, Troy Slough, Mary Ann Smith, Danny Smith, Michelle Standerfer, Johnny Strood, Susan Templin, Melanie Templin, Sheryl Thomason, Charles 53 In Eighth Grade Adventure Prevails QZQQQ Peek-a-boo! Elva Garza, Carlotta Ortega, Maria Gonzalez, Carolyn Berghauser, Ann Elliott, and Lou Ann Brazeal. Barbara Norris works. It must be a hard test. "The dogs won 't even play Why didn 't anyone tell us that we weren 't having school today? Bo Griffin with me, " says Bob Rogers. Villarreal, Janie Wade, Brenda Webb, Sharon Williams, Doris and Joel Ruiz. Trevino, Rene Tunnell, James Turner, Ricky rf as A, fi77Ir ' 1-' W EL. " B1 ,'. . if sw ffft 'QP .. , sr' l if ft? i -l"":' 1- Q' si,"-5 Q 'lf' akgf Q . A gi , "' ' if . 5' . ,,,,, 'W Y' ij :gm ,SP is i- W ,gl 'Q ' , f v-rg e gg- 2 'wr' g if 1' R Q Y an ' W :L u . , , 9 an ,... 4, , ., , 4 , ,, 1 '. ,H 'rzisff ,uf . if , G5 1 f E f L 2' ' ' '- g?l'1fi5'f:a 'K Seventh 1 rw.. ' . If , E 11 5 'Sir s , X Hi f' gg, is ,. A 0 . , E" V' ,QQ f si' Q- 'N 47' X iiii srr S fr gffs .ji i ff 2 Q ,ff fm. -A . -V N 'V ',!l'u.-rar ,ffm M3 ,fi 'LA' ' 'I 1 -A . ix .es s -- rade Is A Year To Explore F C fe A 'N ' " V 'li ki , . 'iff ' L ll,:e. lfh, I . f, . fi' ft L I N . uv. a Q . I NE' X iff ' 'D ,Z it .ol ,fsa-S 'N Yom' Aaron, Tippy Airhart, Michael Anzaldua, Norfa Arismendez, Esther Arismendez, Odeila Bacchus, Tommy Benson, Charlotte Calvillo, George Carter, Edie Carter, Kenneth Chancellor, Janet Chappell, Terry Cisnero, Narcisco Clark, Steve Coulter, Christi Davis, Jeff Davis, Larry Davis, Sheila De Leon, Julia DuMeni1, Michael Seventh grade officers are: C riiinni. Pres. Kelly Hicks, Vice Pres. Edie Carter, Sec. Janet Chancel- lor, Treas. Charles Wes- ton, Reporter Sheila Davis. Room mothers are: Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Thomas and Bill Thompson. Class sponsors are: Coach Jan Jernberg, Mrs. Betty Joe ff . Je ery ss Elizando, Armando Froggat, David Garza, Sylvia Gross, Geoffery Hamilton, Jerry Harris, Monte Hays, Cathy Hicks, Kelly Hill, Debra Holland, Sammy Ishmael, Linda Jones, Pamela King, Allen Ledesma, Eduardo Lee, Lula Liscano, Frankie Lopez, Rosa Martinez, Julian 56 Q V., Class f '7 7 A Year Of i115 Q-7 K sw-ul W Q-if 3 'hwuf' "-Q, , , 4. ?xff,lf.'J 9 A Charles Weston Charles is the seventh grade favorite. His ambition is to be a professional football player. 'Y Adjustment To A New School Qs 55, .s it X S Shelia Davis Shelia is the seventh grade favorite. She enjoys basket- ball, baseball and football. Her hobby is horseback riding. A i L llrr oass 1 5 0 . I fa or , Ei S' T fl X 1 X fr fr fi , l s 'Wm' 1 A 1 r -xi r W V 204' Mayfield, Gerry McGaugh, Kenneth Miller, James Molidor, Mark Mulanax, Houston Mulanax, Iuston Mulanax, Peggy Newman, Dale Province, Kim Rasco, Larry Riddle, Chris Rodriquez, Jose Rodriquez, Yolanda Rogers, Randy Rolater, Robbyn Rucilez, Marcia Sheppard, Jeff Sirkel, Brenda 57 E New Surroundings Bring Sons, Candace Soto, Lydia Taylor, Timmy Templin, Billy Thomas, Jacky af' Class N Thompson, Bonny 'V Thornton, Dianne M' Vice, Vicki 77 4' T Q Ward, Ricky f fy. A y nr Waison, Joyce "' 4 A as g West, Cathy - ff, ii i A ,,,y, no 'J w r , Ch 1 l ,n,r n T T - ' Ih g c n o W?1ilicaIi11son?ISii1dra X " 1, 1 58 ,QQ ev! .440 Deer Mum: Skool 's fine, but food 's terrble! Yur luvin sun Steve Clark Hard Work Ami Puzzled Faces "iff "Everyone hates meg whispering behind my back even, " huffs Travis Ballard while Frankie Liscano looks on. ? 5 lnnnunqnv 'M gi " is The members of the '7th grade football team enhanced their class float in the Homecoming Parade. rs. F0dge's Sixth Grade Vaughn, Barry McSpedden, Elizabeth FAVORITE FAVORITE 5 .13 1, i ' Nxf l s , X rs 3' E' is .us-s f . 1' ,-.,- . . I ' , er .1 -2- , is , sts I an if 1 N' A f 4 y 1 , lf' n MRS, Anderson, Alan RUTH ANN FODGE A rismendez, Ernest Balderramos, Lill Bell, Elizabeth Cisneros, Sammy Diaz, Danny Elizondo, Elida Fox, Brian Hale, Montey Hall, Patti :dt Y Hampton, Alexande Jackson, lance James, Donna Jones, Grag Ledesrna, Alma McCullough, Terry McSpeclden, Elizabe Miuter, Patricia Moliclor, Chris Obiedo, Elizabeth Ortega, Issac 1 Rogers, Bret Sanderfer, Tracy y Taylor, Don Vaughn, Barry Williams, Kathy Winfrey, Bill Zapata, Enedina Mrs. Thompson's Sixth Grade R l ' 9' ' . ' u 2 g ISBELL, BERT MRS. NANCY X A Favorite THOMPSON L g ,M NP ' "5 1 4,5133-, rye Vw tx :'1 Almand, Jimmy Qld Balderamos, Armando 7l ff::5'7 L b,4iEB!5'ix'? Hooper, Roxie Howard, Bobby Isbell, Bert Jones, Dennis Kelso, Kristen Ledesma, Jerry Blake, Janice 1 ' gig! ,J Branch , Brenda Canfield , Bobby aff: M35 has ggi PA RVIN, MARGIE Favorite A A l rt, , ,t ,,., l fl - ii Baor :Ii B - , . Av ,", ggi X' L -- , " A '59 Sli A .,.,. ,'t' ff M 3 Y. B er'.'a'f' iff, M fi . Ililfwfif ff - 5: .B -- IQ .:"!,"i' 19 it fi w'1f.Ql'l1' .rg ,yr -We li + VIL Davila, Norma 4 ,, i ' 7'- ! M... wa, lliflxaff' Elliott, Tammay f Francis, Kelly Gamer, Corky to -: "" s r Griffin, Barry A g .B IL X Q S 3' is X H 5 Jfs IH .'. ' pf, K' X' ?Sf?cjf3.4!?'M lg Miller, Doris Ortega, Armando Ortega, Marguerita Parvin, Margie Phelps, Mark Roberts, Michael B. Rojas, Justa lr l o Q if A 5 ,Q Sprouse, Tami iq g g M Eih EW g q g rauey. Bobby ga - r .- - A - Trevino, Diana A . qhk, A g Turner, Bertha A It fl to T"i B , is ' Williams , Michael i B g hifi 2 5. A Ax ,,,, n fb f 1 Mrs. Pettus' Sixth Grade Af' W- wsvdV . , SMITH, TIM Favorite .fda 95 f' STEWART, ANNETTE Favorite MRS . PAULINE : f ,,T i Q ,V I A PETT US Anderson, Clif Anzualda, Salvadore Berghauser, Ken Braden, Karon Camacho, Rosa Davis, Kathie DeLeon, Ruben Dunham, Eldridge Elizonda, Gloria Flanagan, Woody P' 3 Rlf .149 I Garner, Cathy Garner, Garland Gonzalez, Elsa Gonzalez, Robert Gremminger, Diane Hill, Terry Jones, Calvin Mulanax, Randy Ortega, Delores Parsons, Tammy Pennington, Eddie Rodriquez, Eddie Smith, Lewis Smith, Tim ' Stewart, Annette Taylor, Rhonda Ward, Randy Williams, Shirley Mrs. Johnson's Fifth Grade W MRS . PATRICIA JOHNSON Anzualda, Sylvia Ballard, Yvonne Brown, Sheryl ,pv- rw P N .rv if Kiwi i 9' if sf? if Q f ' , f -. . 391. 1 r WHITSELL, DEBBIE THOMAS, GARRY Favorite Favorite Cantu , Guillenno Cisneros , Mary i Clark, Sheila s ll Cowen, Polly ,ga 1. .-lf Eaton. Jeff yyar- Fielden, Annetoe -. J Garza, Rickey l f ,f li!! xl , 1 K' A X Harris, Randy at M N., Hawks, Darren .Is Hensley, Pat 'J' Hill, Billy g, J if Ishmael, William ' ' 5 . ii v , 3 y I Malone, Cheryl 2lfi R C Martinez, Ramon ah A l Moore, Christin 1 ,,,i ., 5 h. -Q' f Phillips, Ronnie P 51,55 uf' K Rasco, Ruth f I Salinas, Rachel Sanchez, Jesse Tadlock, J, D, Thomas, Garry Villerreal, Jessie Whitsell, Debbie af 'Q V! fI. ,E ! 3-5 5' 77, fi if no 2, 6 ,Wx i'x. K ' , i h . X J I yi f f ',' Ai f ix , 5 ,f A so or-he . 1 r ., ffyi pq'9.'a'o'I'u V 59 ' 5' Pg' 1 'I ,.' u 0 0 0 0,5915 p.'5:'2g,.'-2-iw:-: .S f". , 9-,0,.,:,'i',A'Qs9s:9:Q:, .if,o2:','f'u9a'1' if at-19' fa in A2621 if Q . - fi, y a r l ,Q 'I r, X V. ll as fl I ii K i 2' 4 N Miss Lowry's Fifth Grade KERBY, JOEL Favorite if Q , ,Q , 5 r, "5 R S 1 -, so R ' f M H2 Q f x " V' . ' 2: 4 iiii rv, - R A i i iii iii ilg Y W 'fs and 1 ff 1 I 9 ,,gQi?'.. LQ A if "fi ,rs ff RH 'gg Rfivffri' 2 x is , A yr ,- .- wffv 7153, fi if s sf s., as 2 in Q 3 R 0 1, la A yyyy A A l , . y y I ', i MA YFIELD , TERRY Favorite r - ' , rigid' 'Q y , , ,r,rr it i l "': 'fri ASAQF- ri Airhart, Curtis MISS DIANNE LOWRY Benson, Raymond Black, Nancy Cantu, Blanca Castillo, Carlos Cates , Scott Chancellor , Norma Clanton , Tina Collinsworth , Scotty Davidson, Suzanne Q n'5 ,X if 3' N .1 ,f F X555 'L 8 I j 3 ,gf r I ii 7 it yyy,e R 3 ce,ccy N DeLeon, Jimmy DuMenil, Kenneth Esparza, Marcello Ford, Michelle Garza, Raul Gomez , Hilario Hampton, Danny Kerby, Joel Martinez, Mimie Mayfield, Terry Ortega, Cecil Reyes, Joimny Sanchez, Dora Sides, Stephen Smith, Mark Sons, Kim Vaughn, Steven Williamson, Becke Mrs Nash s Fifth Grade yrf,-we -' I . MRS MARY Favorite Favorite Barnes, Galen Byrd, Mike Cannaday, Donna Cantu, Irma Davila, Eloy EL1-od, Antoinette Garza, Jose Garza, Raquel Gay, Roosevelt Gonzalez, Fabian Guerra, Luis Hanson, Tim Harvell, Debra James, Debbie Jones, Gretchen King, Beverly McSpedden, Rusty Parsons, Donald Pemberton, David Powell, Laurie Rodriquez, Leticia Rogers, Shelly Ruiz, Hilario Smothermon, Greg Trevino, Dora Waters, Earlene Wroblski, Wayne Yeager, Evan , -- - ,ah ., 4' a eeee s V gf , 1 , K xx , , , ,,, V - .. .. Q I in 'J 'v f I Y X J 'Q . 1 is f .A ,L ' K' , . af - . ., X' ff 'fi r ' if- . f,-L,,f 5:55. ,145 X E , i,L, .,l r'.r'I"'3 , ...,,-s ,, M - ,am f ' X - f-V X I 5 4, Q .r Xu A A 'W 3 L I 'N rd T? ,F 5 sg: ,M ji Nag Q Q K Y if on Mun T6 Q e f .3 a f J ' ir 1 ai Anderson, Bobby Barentine, Judy Barnes, Denise Carter, Patti Chambers, Wendy Garner, Angie Gamer, Lonnie Greene, Tommy Gutierrez, Berta Harvell, Lori Howard, Debbie Ishmael, Nina Kerby, Janie Miller, Dorothy Molidor, Peter Favontes WALDSMITH , DEBBIE GREENE , T OMMY 9 MRS-LYNDA Mrs. I-Iaman s Fourth Grade HAMAN , ig. ' E Ortega Marina 2' 7 ,RFQ , ., D. in Hwy ,G ,A h Ortega Refuglo as iz, afro r gr POWGH- M16 A E-any '5-t r W , rsao ff 1 ' ' , rd Salinas, Tony e E endd if sfrs a 'ddd R' ' -rrrl 56001, Judy 1 d'E' reer , Sirkel, Steven 5 E . 1' T, 1 rfb! if in TS? Stroope , Mary Skiles , Lee Standerfer, Earl Waldsmith, Debbie Winfrey, Tami Zapata, Rene - ,,.- Y K ,LN K 1, ,. fm QEESV , f ' ff r ,Z Xu? 3 Eqbi i W K I X " . A ff Baum, Mary Booker, David Brown, Angelia Brown, Michael Bryson, Andrea Calvillo, Pat Covington, Kim Davis, Doug Gallegos, Jose Garner, Mike Grayson, John Hanson, Thomas King, Todd Linzlsey, Kim Mulanax, Harold 2 hh K mu,- .1 .REQ 1 .i ,i K Q 2 F Q ,fx X . P QQ iff - gg .1 .s M S N 6 .qi as 4 'L A Xl X X C QV , giuw-1 L A, I. x s 3 K K f -. fr a if 1. '- .T s sa, 9 -s- san' ,lf LT A -- .4 sss T , 1 . ,:' . K as X . .. in 1-, I so dx. f- A Q , C P iw ,Q g 1 . 4 f, fa .fy ,,,,-'ff' x gs- 1 ft, 111' ! :"'.' ,,'f,X ., Q A, :rl 'fffrl 1' J? AQ Ur fl f,,' f, Favorites BAUM, MARY KING, TODD Mrs. Wall's Fourth Grade Smith, Cherie Taylor, Oleta Templin, Regina Todd, Donna Waters, Patricia West, Rickie Ortega, Robert Owens, Bobbie Reynolds, Chuck Rodriquez, Mary Self, Neil -Ap- fi, N f Kirin MRS . LAVELLA WALLS J J' X Ziff 0- Y 5 ' 2 'H J '. f X5 is yin 5 S 9' :QS J 4 x ' 3 4, H v s . 'fda f -Swan 'A If ' uf.. I '1- fi' iw .ram ,af -1 vf. .. ,mis P . . ' -' Mrs. Tadlock's Fourth Grade U 1 r r 5 rAr f 'K I, , ,L je Ei: - . Ning H I as km an Q fl 'ee A- if 'X 5 , f 5 i f ,, -5f.:-:ff,gff,fsff:suf- fs :, 1. - is 1- ' .- .1 was . , 41.13 - X -A .' 'Q MRS . POLLY TADLOC K MAHAN, LISA Favorite Adkison, Alton Anzualda, Martin Boyer, Deborah Braden, Peggy Butler, Melodie Collinsworth, Laurie Davis, Barry Davis, Rhonda Eaton, Kyle Gonzalez, Ana Maria DAVIS , BARRY Favorite 'Q ' fe ff f ni 2, Q K M3 Milf jd Hensley' Frank Q inrr N I A A ii L Howard, Billy Paul f E ' ,, y yoj Ishmael, David ,Q I Jones, .L 751, +1 ,- ,., y :, . Liscano, Christine if -I lik, Mahan, Lisa A l a w .WA , . . V ...k m '., Q- . McDonnold, Kenneth - 7 , Q ye inl , A A Orte a, Edwardo A "'r ' i is T A' A L g I f X Parsley, Donna , j y L ,,V iV Roias- Manuel e? 1 nilr DAI1 , L no nnn fr',i."gf':?"Z . u A, ' 45' 'leen gs ' 1 I e, ' e in ' Q V 5 I eeei I Smith, Opal Taylor, Laurie Tittle, Dianne Vice, Jim Williams, Ray Willson, Tania Q ev f 1 N Hi ,Q S gm 2:1 K x er' X, S .,.: Tiir , . s '30 s , Mrs. Riddlefs Third Grade 'Q Ll - mb Q as CARTER, KIM FIELDEN, CHRIS MRS. MARIE Favorite F8V01'it6 RIDDLE A , 1 ' N N 'Q x f A Anzualda, Efrain YD ' I A Anzualda, Irma Boyer, Judith - u e , 9 1, X L M q B t1 r Krp v I g 2, ,Q 0 s H. II1 Memoriam GERRY GROSS 1963 1971 l fum' X Q ,, , Byrd' Barry 2 , VV I f- ff-r Carter, Kim - , , v ' fa A H Q Cisneros, Juanita fx X E W ' Coulter, Allan ., 7 fi. f K 1 1 ,AIV 71 ' A Fielden, Chris is an ' ff ' Fox, Brenda ,Z 1 1 tttt' g n in 5 I V I x W Grounds, Jerry fn W V i Gonzalez, Martha , 3, if ,.a Kemp, Pameia if vi 'if X 1 tddd Kirchner, Wade ' Martinez, Adon ,fi , : I , f ' 2 ' ,,'1 ' " . at-.L J I ? f -.nv Martinez , Irma Mayes, Peter Rodriquez, Gabriel Talley, Cole Thomas, Lori Waddle, Bryan Waters, Kenneth V ' A yi af , 1 ' " in fl if 4- '43 ' 4' . f-72 ' r' V, Je Ki ii , J! ti f 1 3" 'C 1 N' i 5ff",f7 A' 3 i1:1ii1 V ,z 5 C i if 1 1 " i" 4 ' in R ' 17 1 Y Qiaffti 'I 'K 4. 1 1 MRS . MIRIAM HALEY Balderramos, Mary Coulter, Tony DeLeon, Benny Dunfield, Joe Elizonda, Patricia Franke, Julie Griffin, Scott Ishmael, Tina James, Donnie Jones, Randy Mayes, Jill Molidor, Gregory Ortega, Maria Porter, Dwight Pratt, Joyce Roberts, Scott Rodriquez, Mary Salinas, Rodolfa Sirkel, Shelia Soto, Nicolas Todd, Randy Walton, Wes Ward, Lisa Wilson, Billy Scott 70 X 'Q 4 I 3, W' 'W ,fi "" - V 1 J Mrs. I-Ialey's Third Grade Favorite Favorite FRANKE1, JULIE WALTON, WES W at A izf .. A ' 1 I ze 'iy iz , la Q p ,LL ' W J' We f S ii A' Qi A , K I 1 K f 4' Z Z K J 4 ,P ff 'TY' 026 59 ry K ' N ,J I Vziy ' , A r,,, , s i g V, ' if s.': 1 . Q. 154, rff' O., ,,, , ,' Ai' 94 :vga Mrs. Ashley's Third Grade BLEDSOE, KIP HALL, VIRGINIA Favorite Favorite "' i t c ffg, I 1 fi r 3' xff I " nn! bij K gf 'H1e1:::: uk I' " I H 1:1 1 Wk as .Q 7 A is ' 4' ni Z 5 R x 1 ,ist . s g zz K if W? iff N' PH X Q Q 3 RA-1 A 'Q 4 Q, Is "' "' i 9 , 5 i K, gi 4 rr gg rr r r ' 1. 4 x fl 1 4 X 'Q ,- 1 -9 :S fl . A S , N , A T? he , i Q H ' "" sy 2 .A H 'K . H 4 I MRS . LUCILLE ASHLEY Arguello, Lupe Bagwell, Richard Barentine, Jackie Bledsoe, Kip Brown, Sherman Cantu, Raul DeLeon, Anna Dixon, Tyrina Ferrell, James Garza, Yolanda Gremminger, Brian Hall, Virginia Kelso, Kirk Padron, Federico Parsons, Thomas Petty, Beverly Polston, Lisa Rodriquez , Apolonio Rodriquez, Mary Rogers, Russell Rucilez, Steven Taylor, Treva West, Michael Zapata, Ricardo 71 r -' MRS . EDRIS ELLIOTT Clanton, Margaret Clark, Granville Clark, Steven Dixon, Steve Durham, Gladys Flatt, Belinda Garner, Lisa Gallegos, Delia Grayson, Frances Hayes, Kenneth Hosp, Doug Johnson, Brenda Mayes, Uriel Miller, Jimmy Mills, Raymond Perry, Chelane Pink, Philip Rodriquez, Michael Salinas, Nadine Sanderfer, Terry Short, John Sirkel, David Thomas, Kay Zapata, Agapito Mrs. Elliott's Second Grade an Q: , X.. ,a...f 3 Y 4 Class lf lii Favorites . I ' X .K .J , , X 4 THOMAS, KAY HOSP, DOUG Aplin, Paul Ballard, Louise , s-fe, 4' : QQ E .. K. kK.L: -' lib VL5, in W , w r.i Ri ga t - ,ar ssrr t ,asr Q M S tas an et ff'a Q l is i D .pts r M R S EX X TX ,iffli S ' as . s vw. , .-fllfflii ,,,,, 51:15-2313 43, KJ f li . S y lgxa., yr A .J ,', ' ' . if l'idaa, l hl' ' . U v X Y .. if '1 -a -Q if . ar Q 1 .yi fills 23' K' E 5 "' 1 rs gif 1' S i' . i' IL M4 N Q . - i . - 5 I x,g , ,,,, , L. Q u ski - . , . if W, ds ' 1 3 1 - as -I fx Vp' Q A is kkg: fr 1 4, ' 'kkhiirkg W"' Qir ..f:2:-:. gk , Q Vv,:.. ,. V N, K .::'krk ik Vkk in H kiy ki 2 ff S I l fl S teS v s hx hta ,...rZJV x.L, ,K S! lt M if W Z' " " A . M, " - iil X, , as S W SSE, fe W raa p ry ,,,,, S ' Z I X px PL L, ssary 'MW p ,,,,rrr ,, , Q raa G ll ff 3 if fa l 25,5 Mrs. Spencer's Second Grade Class Favorites w--vw-'QQ' GARNER, CURTIS WADDLE, AMANDA N ,af ,mv . Arguello , David ' nt AFV' ,K- ' Q of :Vl 5 Q V37 57 ' f X 5 J f ,xrtiif-ig 5:1252 . 3' A- ff- 3, , . .Vw ,eff A' VJ J: Q A , 1 1.- .If Q xi gf' AYL is JAG, X 2' A A A'L AAA ' A fb W, . . -' as i I ' +" s::12'- , lon, Q mv 1 -, u.. -- f E, 3 ' J, J x .3 .I 1 I J .,,, MRS. CAROL SPENCER Arismendez , Bernardo Barentine , Bobby Braden, Tommy Cunningham, Richard Davis, Marcia Denning, Tim Dunham, Barry Elrod, Patrick Garner, Curtis Gomez, Rudy Griffin, Kevin Howard, Ronnie Jones, Doran Justus, Sherrie Neely, Taylor Petty, Debra Phillips, Donald Rojas, Teresa Skidmore, Ann Waddle, Amanda Williams, Angela Williams, Lavera Williams, Roger Willson, Reecie Cantu, Marisol Cook, Sherry Cross, Ricky Draper, Kenneth Duncan, Daly Ehod, Patty Grayson, Alonzo Hicks, Tricia Hill, Susie Jones, Anthony Kerby, Tim King, Joe Malone, Chris Moore, James Ramirez, Adam Reyes, Maria Sanchez, Manuel Smothermon, Lisa Smith, Bryan Sons, Rodney Spears, Ronny Taylor, Tina Thornton, Randy Whetstone, Amy Joe 76 Class Favorites MALONE, CHRIS KERBY, TIM Mrs. G0ldman's Second Grade 'fi I is "3 .1 f -N 4' ,mx A R Sv R if-I s Q: MRS. MARY JO GOLDMAN Brown, James QSC ik wh 5 4-3 I yyyc s ,.c A -. X A f i 'A zll 1 . .- rs. .-W. N, f K1 -wav' .-ni" vii! H all N P- meal' ,, , sf 5 1- ., sf 9, i f Y ii 2 i ,gs , ,,,. . .. 'K H45 N 5 A R if .iff if .t ,..1, ,- l V .: Y .. , i v X 10 kkyhky ,I 'X 'bil Q I E: t ' ,Q c T cc i , f 'Em s rsiisli Q f iyss , T ' Y, S f s S gs s A 4 if 3 A 1cs, Qsgg si , 535 2 3 A -ra' L J A Q '- 5 - my Class CUNNINGHAM , SONIA Mrs. Boal's First Grade Favorites E r l:.E 2 . J X i K Xe, ,,, f 1, ' .A 15 g , , , 4 1 N W F51 .F , ? Rf 4 , Qi I 1 '9' ,ff b' as x MOEHRING , MARK f ,..k f . Y ,ss f i s I y all a s fe . K S ,X X x I Bagwell, Timothy Berghauser, Tina Cross, Charles Crosswhite, Denny Cunningham, Sonia Dunham, Rhonda Gonzales, Ricky Guerra, Selestino Harris, Paula Johnson, Horace Jr. Moehring, Mark Ortega, Narciso Rojas, lsadoro Sanchez, Paul Michael Self, Lisa Sims, Jimmia Southerland, Melva Taylor, Tracy Thompson, Jimmy Trevino, Delma Villerreal, Carmalita Whitsell, Kimberly Williams, Billy Williams, Claudie 75 Mrs. I-Iarrington's First Grade gay' Favorite ELLIOT , MERRI Favorite WADE, GREGORY 75 MRS. JORETTA HARRINGTON Coulter, Ricky Elliot, Merri Chris Gallegos, Esmeralda ,M wb M I Billingsley, Rhonda G ri Bryson, Pamela 1 Cantu, Norma K f s 5 ,,,.r r so fb I A' X x ,N . rx X an , A' Q3 -1 2 Gonzalez, Louisa Griffis, Bronda Hall, Susan Jones, Alecia Jones, Darrel Martinez, Steven Mayes, Loretta Norris, Mari Parsley, Marsha Reyes, Juan Salazar, Trini Salinas, Veronica Stroope, Nancy Vaughn, Sherri Wade, Gregory Wade, Terri Yeager, Kathleen v I 1 1' "h 9 ef , P' , S , ,Q " x V 3 I k, k 4 .fr al I 1 if "' NX 1 X N as G r R 1 J ' V ex K if I T .... bn rj .rrr f 8 iw' ii. Q K Ng, Q i .R Ri'r . 'f N' I , J ' ',,A R , 5--sg, I' my vu , K 4 5 VJ., x ' A' g ,sl ' 1 J J 'M , ,fi YL f Eg, Mrs. Watt's First Grade 'x . A H,-A , in as J M fs' if.,, A " J Um , 3 ' . K . A 5 ,r k f' - z - X ' K. . faq - , ' f O fn Y 2 1, X, B ' . x 1 X 3 V? fur-A1194 J fr' has-fs L x Q., rx 1 M- mf same - 4. 4 A-I .rf -3 in will f t X. .?'i'sQ.--,fhas A Q, N iii r Q 1' 1- if ,Q .,5 , . ,Auf 4 W 1113: fx ,Q ,. .-,als B T exe if,iqs.i4s?f2is::gi?1f? B Y Q fi 57'5'4-ff S s . 'Pi '64 i35,L:w - s if-L 1 55555, . is 76 , , ,k Q an as B X ,A , I ' ' 5 1 Miller , Pemberton , Rodriguez , Larry Banks Jesse Alexander, David Anzualdo, Carlos Arguello, Carmen Barrow, Kevin Brice, Mickie Cantu, Leticia Carter, Gina Castleberry, Tempy Chambers, David Delieon, Becky DeLeon, Monica Dorty, Lindell Ferrell, Jennifer Hanson , John Favorite CARTER, GINA Favorite PEMBERTON, BANKS McGaugh, Becky X! MRS. JULIA WATTS 1 A A, lniii B Trevino, Turner, Wade, Weston, 77 Celia Roxie Ann Suzanne Debbie Mrs. Stark's Special Education Q ra i ir-3 Q 1 n I ' F -1 W .','5'4 m", . U F- nemesis Allen, Nan Balderramos, Jose Ballard, Penny , , ,u Eb . QQ' ne - S 1 Q i l , F ai? MW Q V P Pelt. Scott Favorite Favorite ik X V..o.. A . .iii Porter, Irma PELT' SCOTT F 2 ,F F L f .3 Y P h J Porter, R. L. is Q - X ' Rojas, Roel F fn J 'I Q as Stringfield, Debra 4 MRS. AILYIEN M M: 9 o o STARK rs. cCarty s Special Education Braden, Ann 'B Gamer, Laura I ,Q .1 ! 5 3. Favorite SIMS, TERESA Z 5' l ,f 5 78 MRS. LORENE MCCARTY Favorite H . THOMPSON, GLEN men' Tm if Lee, Alice .U Seas 5:1 F L E. ig it wi 1 F , 1 it .. . . "1 X if 1 Q F trtv Qtg if S5 , f f f if ff FA ' :X 1 5 U V W' ,2Y3E5?'i1?2Q tj 5 h Mayes , Porter , Ross , Sims , Thompson , Williams , Chris Clara Steven Teresa Glen Lewis I Mrs. Springc-:r's Kindergarten 0 1 sd si f ni Qflilffl' Anzualda, Roy Anzualda, Sandy Arguello, Ector Aruello , Luis Brown, Cynthia Comacho, Virgini. Debeon, John Esparza, Maria Gomez, Joann ia V - ' Grayson, Elizabeth fr' Hampton, Carolyn ' thia f I Jones, Cyn f' .1 5 . .a i M-, ,-, ,---, K vi O 'I 2 King, John I wil v v , N11nez, Angelina Padron, Reynoldo Quintanillo, Mary I Reyes, Luciano Reyna, Julio Rodriquez, Gilberto Thompson, Johnny Trevino, Joe Favorite IO NES , CYNTHIA Favorite THOMPSON, JOHNNY ,fl I MRS . BARBARA SPRINGER 79 Those were the days my frlend when we d l1ve the life we'd chosen. A. "Hmmm all these pictures won't go in the given space," says Libby Pearson to Marion Jeffery as she makes the Beta pages. B. Robbyn Rolater awaits a tympani cue from the band director. C. Lynn I effery practices the French horn in preparation for the spring concert. D. Ella Brown gives Janet Chancellor a few pointers on the Bell Lyre. E. Jr. High Cheerleaders Lynn Jeff- ery, Vickie Vice, Tammye Almand, Edie Carter, driven by Penny Hale ride in the homecoming parade. F. Doyle Coulter, Van Nichols, Dale Carroll, Mike Molidor, and I ay Beavers enjoy cupcakes and punch served to the FFA by Sweetheart Cheryl Norris. Organizations Organizations Organizations Organizations 4 i , 1 A A I .pf'f? Wm ,I ,i' W Q A is iv . 'A V 133 ' O ,Q A4 -X in nns, J, if x ,V 'xx ' -- ., N I Qi 1 P' - ,1 1,. H , gi Q gm H ,. ' ix 4 Nfl 'X I , S X X f"' X W1 ,,,,, Q W 'a,.. 5 it Z I Q '4 nisstnt j rhr at O is S x ... 1 Q 5 I MYR ' ' I ,, , is 1 4 ,AN 1.- XR it--.-v in XL FHA "Prepares" For Home-Related Careers A. Everyone and everything smiled on "Welcome New Students Day" especially MAKER Betty Thompson whose sister greeted the We " most new students. B. Donna Shepperd and Karen Burman "slave" over state degrees while Mrs. Justus urges them on. C. "I 'luv' Bugs Bunny," thinks model Ginger Duncan during the Simplicity Fashion Show. D. Donna Shepperd - Frisco FHA President and Area V Sergeant- at-Arms. E. More MODELS! I Janet Pink, Pam Wrobleski and June Aaron model "work- a-day wonders. " F. Initiation? ! Lynn Isbell got it on both cheeks! G. New members are "dazed" at the change FHA made for them! H. "You can't eat it Kathleen, " cgiggles Debbie Lin- ton. I. Miss Fitch prou ly presents "her" girls: Vice President - Kim Jackson, Sec- retary - Karen Burman, Reporter - Karen Rogers, Parliamentarian - Judy Whitsell, an Member-to-the-Executive Council - Debby Bell. A l. N Qs 5 xi 'I There's A New Day Z S MEMBERS AND OFFICERS INCLUDE: lst ROW QBOTTOMQ FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Mary Nan Fitch, Advisorg Marilyn Tadlock, Treasurer, Debbie Bell, Member to the Executive Councilg Kim Jackson, Vice-President, Donna Shepperd, President, Karen Burman, Secretary, Judy Whitsell, Parliarnentariang Mrs. Charles Justus, Advisor. 2nd ROW: Arlene Dishmon, Marsha Carroll, Sandy O'Riley, Lori Province, Tommie Sue Duncan, Cindy Byrd, Jodie Dougharty, Carolyn Carter, Esther Smith, Mary Pink, Linda Lockwood, Penny Hale. 3rd ROW: Cindy Branch, Janet Coulter, Cheryl Norris, Tina Barnes, Penny Craig, Nikki Carter, Phyllis Thomason, Dianna Sprouse, Lynn Baker, Beth Beavers, Susie Cowen, Janie Sanchez. 4th ROW: Sandy Campbell, Derie Wade, Kim Kelso, June Aaron, Pam Wrobloski, Barbara James, Sandra Pannell, Beverly Weston, Brenda Pannell, Cindy Morrow, Mary DeLeon,' Lynn Isbell, and Yolanda Ledesma. 5-a.. 'Hillman No, this isn't a pageant. These pretty girls, Donna Shepperd "Caughtchya Meri1yn!" Treasurer Marilyn Tadlock in front, Karen Rogers, Judy Whitseli, and Kim Jackson in cheerfully makes out the treasurer's report for the back are four of the officers who promise the "New Day coming FHA meeting. Coming" for FHA. B4 4. J omin ith FHA l N Jodie Dougharty touches up Lori Two in one year! A first for Frisco High to have two FHA advisors Provi.nce's stylish braids in preparation for l and also two faculty brides in one semester. Mrs, Story qRight, nee the fall Simplicity Fashion Show. l Fitchj teaches Homemaking Il, Homernaking Co-op and Family Living, a new course for boys and girls. Mrs. Justus qLeftg formerly Mrs. Waltonp teaches Home Economics I, II and Ill. xy 0 E Judy Whitsell fLeftp and June Aaron fRigl'1tj proudly display "The Tom Wat Showcase" - a ay eavers 95 money making project of the Frisco FHA. FHA BEAU J B Beta Club Maintains QAD Officers for the 1971-1972 Beta Club starting at the top row down are: Van Nichols, Vice President: Jay Beavers, President, Libby Pearson, Secretary: Suzie Roberts, Reporter: Cheryl Norris, Treasurer, and Mrs. Ruth Borchardt, club sponsor. QBJ Senior members are: TOP ROW: Randy Barton, Roger Black, Steve Bacchus, Jay Beavers. FRONT ROW: Melinda Mays, Debbie Bell, I-Iolhy House, Donna Elliott. CCD Ran y fChipJ Barton takes it easy at the State Beta Convention attended by the club January 21-23. QDJ Mrs. Borchardt relaxes for a few mo- ments between meetings at the convention. QEQ This years soph- omore members are: TOP ROW: Van Nichols, Randy Almond, Michael Molidor. SECOND ROW: Drusilla Wade, Marilyn Tadlock. BOTTOM ROW: Tina Barnes, Marion Jeffery. KFJ Junior Beta Club members are: TOP ROW: Barbara duMenil, Suzie Roberts, Cheryl Norris. SECOND ROW: Bessie Carter, Connie Pearson. BOTTOM ROW: Janet Coulter, Libby Pearson. QGJ Tina Barnes runs with the ball during Powder Puff game while dodging tacklers Alice Hampton, Deb ie Linton, and Janet Pink. CHD Steve Bac- chus collapses from fatigue after a convention meeting. QD Marion Jeffrety, Melinda Mays, and Suzie Ro erts enjoy the sing- a- long session at convention. CD Debbie Bell and Melinda Mays smile for the camera while caught sneaking into their room trying to hide from Mrs. Borchardt. ..........u-nasal tlC Standards nkmddy Late Mondays, Earl Photographer I im Newman does self critique on his pictures. Libby Pearson, Acker Editor, and Sandy Campbell, HS Class pages, look at planner for ideas. Cheryl Norris is making ad pages from patron ad. Mrs. Wilma Fisher, Sponsor. Since this is the first ear year- booking has been offeredyas a credit, many think of it as an easyl course, but nothing could be fart er from the truth. The year started last June with the big job of selling ads. Then came page layouts, planning dummy and ac- tual making of ad pages. Some put off selling unti late and then came the beginning of school and picture making, write-ups, head- ines, layouts and most important of all . . . pictures. Suddenly it was Deadline Day! They slip up so quickly! ! How do you crop, reduce, enlarge a pic- ture? Where are the rulers? What is meant by three-colum- nar? Who has the technicropper? I need a pencil. lhave already made that page three times. Do I have to re- o it all over again? Miss? forgot to have her picture made, what do Ido? Who lost this cheerleader picture? But Mrs. Fisher, 7115 a.m. is so early to meet yearbook, I am so sleepy. Room 6 became a hang out for staffers who needed supplies or had a few minutes to work. We made mistakes, we hated the sponsor. We laughed, en- joyed refreshments. We got tired, but most of all, those were the days when we had fun mak- ing this 1971-72 Coonskin.. gl ,gr ,L , ,,, pp ,,, . "" ,.,t I 1 'L', 'f ,,,. The use of construction paper f ppppp helps Debby Bell in arranging a hard-to-draw page. . , B J , :'s A li Bill Campbell is busy at making Ag pages. Mike Cates is wrestling with the Kathy Baum thinks activities is Sports pages, the hardest section to make. Wednesdays Mean Hard ork For Staffers Mary Pink and Beth Beavers find cropper and headline amide useful. t i S a.,aa.a... Barbara du Menil is engrossed in making the dedication pager Suzie Roberts, exhausted, completes "just one more page." -y--u1a,m,f-r.n,sf,,.1 I on QW 1 . 1 wpmmf I Is rv cr k a f f 4 Mrs. Fisher's face shows fatigue as she instructs Dianna Sprouse on how to make band Pages. Note the above terminology which is sym- bolic of the 1972 Coonskin Staff. ,,,.-w"""' i .,,r,f' ff Marion Jeffery exudes the satis- Composing seems to be Karen Looking at sample books helps Karen Rogers faction of getting 3 CaPfi0H fight Burmans' talent. plan class pages. after the "humpteenth" try. A. tudent Council Works Toward 131' XL' ,I A - Officers for '72 were Steve Bacchus, President: Randy Barton, Vice-President: Connie Pearson, Secy.: Lori Province, Treas., Van Nichols, Reporter. B - Homeroom representatives were FRONT ROW: Drusilla Wade, Edwardo Ortega, Penny Craig: SECOND ROW: Joni McSpedden, Melinda Mays, Debbie Kinlgg THIRD ROW: June Aaron, Donna Elliott, BACK ROW: Jimmy Yates, Chris Griffin, Paul Bolin. C - Marilyn Tadloc posted billing for '73 Secretary. D - Joni McSped- den spoke for office of Reporter. E - Marion Jeffery won election for Reporter. F - Class Presidents L FRONT: Roger Black, Senior: SECOND ROW: Mike Cates, Freshman: BACK ROW: Blake Vaughn, Eighth. R FRONT: Suzie Roberts, Junior: SECOND ROW: Marion Jeffery, Sophomore: BACK ROW: Edie Carter, Seventh. F J X I rsfw fl"-X psf f do , ., ' V 9 E Project for New Hi h School 's..-S Y? Y. Q syfx, '3- A - Junior Hi h Associate Members: FRONT ROW: Seventh Grade President Edie Carter, slice-President Kelly Hicks: BACK ROW: Eighth Grade President Wesley Marshall, Vice-President Blake Vaughn. B - Student Council members, Connie Pearson, Cheryl Norris, Sponsor Mrs. Sherry Crigger, Marion Jeffery, Tina Barnes, Joni McSpedden, and Marilyn Tad lock chat informally at the c of one of their regular meetings. C - Connie Pearson campaigned for Presi- lose dent of 1973. D - Cheryl Norris was elected Vice-President for ensuing year. E - Class Representatives: FRONT ROW: Kathleen McCord, David Hale: SECOND ROW: Marilyn Tadlock, Donnie Barrow: THIRD ROW: Cheryl Nor- risg BACK ROW: Debby Bell, Tommy Waldsmith. F - Mrs. Sherry Crigger is Sponsor. C 92? fm? X p x ..fv K X i E 'WWW a 11 l w Hup, Two, Three, Four If l l'Pll1tIAo'1Uf"m I Director Drmn Major MR. MIKE SPENCER DONNA ELLIOTT Maj orette M ajorette KAREN WILSON KATHY CARTER The Beat Goes n K has 'v L, at '-L A , at in xy ,. , if 1 A 'A lt I . sa ,r VL , 6. -. ' K 1 r Jr Q W fn 4 f 4 U " a if W' , g Q L s ' V A , 4' ' " W ' V. .. 5 3,554 jg figs DL , , Q ,W. it 5 5 sf-. ,Wi o 5 ,an t V ,gg U, may g Members of the clarinet section Anette Obeido, Melanie Care of an instrument is most important to a good show- Templin, and Sandra Williamson perform at Christmas ing and pCrf01'maHCC. Gerry Mayfield gives her Clarinet concert. a good cleaning. 1971-72 BAND COUNCIL STANDING: SEATED: Maurine Brown - - - Sophomore Representative Libby Pearson ---- ------ P resident Kim Province Seventh Representative Beverly Lowrimore - - ---- Vice President Ella Brown - - - - - Junior Representative Kathy Baum ----- - - -Secretary-Treasurer Robert Norris Freshman Representative Drusilla Wade - - - -------- Reporter Lynn Isbell - - -Assistant Drum Major Jim Newman - - ---- Historian 93 Kathy Carter -------- Majorette Donna Elliott - - - - Drum Major Karen Wilson ------ Majorette as 3, Bsg B, Q 'X f 9'-W...-O B ' mai ,-YQ , ,,.. - 'V Qs.. --1 'v X Leadership, Fellowship, Work, And ,Q s f- f-4 Q Bacchus ' V - jj ,B Tommy s Baum Q G Beverly Baum Kathy Brown Ella t ' i Brown 'U Maurine Cannon ' x ' 1 R K -g Rwky Kathy Baum, being the female of the bass section, fi - gets to play the new lightweight tuba. B ,,,. fl .,, 1 - B me it ,. 1, 'Iv -if ,B 2 5 , r N B ' ,,,t LQ'-M..- BILL, 'AAL . ""Na--...Q Bf B Q tt , gy s y B , wg gn I 1 "' 'M C 4 ,fa f " f 3, y W, B g . V .gs B N 1 B ' X . fda 1. B ' 3 B ' if , X B -Tygg ef,-0 l K R i sl 9 ffl 9 Cayo-t VV'k I X W-rr i n. W BB, Carter, Edie Hampton, Alice ' Chancellor, Janet Coulter, Christi Duncan, Bobby Harvell, Allen Hays, Cathy Isbell, Lynn LOW1'i1110I6. Beverly Marshall, Wesley Martinez, Mary Mayfield, Gerry Elrod, Donald Kelso, Klay Mireau, Pam Cooperation, Key Words For Band "9-h.,,,,, mgxwwmwl QNMKNQ Km. Gerry Mayfield showecl tile proper way to keep a Band Uniform clean. 'f'-we Wlwwwpmhxha m"""'Nhsm..,W mwmhwwg I" ,-e,,.ef je Newman, Dale Newman, Jim Norris, Robert Obiedo, Annette Pearson, Libby Province, Kim Rogers, Bob Rolater, Robbyn Rucilez, Marcia Sanchez, Sylvia Smith, Michelle Sons, Candace Templin, Melanie Templin, Sheryl Thompson, Bonnie Thornton, Diane Tunnell, Iames Wade, Drusilla Webb, Sharon Williamson, Sandra New Director Brings New Fifth Grade lst ROW: Tina Clanton, Polly Cowen, Gary Thomas, Terry Mayfield, Marcello Esparzo, Ronnie Phillips, David.Pem- berton, Debbie Whitsel. 2nd ROW: Darren Hawks, Mimie Martinez, Debbie James, J. D. Tadlock, Randy Harris, Scott Cates, Rusty McSI1iedden, Becky Williamson. 3rd ROW: Tim Hanson, Michelle Ford, Laurie Powell, Joel Kirby, Greg Smotherman. 4t ROW: Beverly King, Galen Barnes, Danny Hampton. Sixth Grade lst ROW: Iance Jackson, Bert Isbell, Donna James. 2nd ROW: Roxie Hooper, Annette Stewart, -Brenda Branch, Randy Ward, Woody Flannagan, Barry Griffen, Sammy Cisneros, Brain Fox. 3rd ROW: Bobby Talley, Kristen Kelso, Enedina Zapata, Tami Sprouse, Barry Vaughn, Margie Parvin, Chris Molidor, Bobby Canfield. 4th ROW: ,Elizabeth Obiedo, Elizabeth McSpedden, Tami Elliott, Michael Williams, Bret Rogers, Patty Hall, Janice Blake. 96 Excitement To 1971-72 Band Donna Elliott directed the Coon Band while everyone awaited the arrival of Mr. Spencer from Viet Nam. Karen Wilson performing at half- l time show at the football game The band anxiously awaited the arrival of between Frisco and Van Alstyne. Trurnpeteers Drusilla Wade and Mr. Spencer. Here he gives his interpreta- Iirn Newman take the Cue at 3 tion of how a number should be directed. band performance. Maw Marching in the Homecoming Parade is an important part of the band's activities. They are shown here marching up Main Street led by Donna Elliott during the homecoming parade. Ag officers Randy Almand, Secretary: Chris Griffin, Reporter: Chris Cobb, Vice President, Jay Beavers, President: Charles Boatright, Sentinel: Tommy Wald- smith, Treasurer pose with Chapter sweetheart, qcen- terp Cheryl Norris. THE EMBLEM The National Emblem of the FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA is significant and meaningful in every detail. Used by members in all recognized units of the organiza- tion, it is made up of five symbols: the owl, the plow, and the rising sun, within the cross section of an ear of corn, which is surmounted by the American Eagle. Upon I i sg bg. rp X oo'-'f'PIv Xl :ff 7' N 'M '7'-- V fa owes Q- A RX A uvfo Agriculture" and the letters "F.H,A." The owl is sym- bolic of wisdom and knowledge: the plow is the symbol of labor and tillage of the soil: the rising sun is emble- matic of progress and the new day that will dawn when all farmers are trained and have learned to cooperate, the cross section of an ear of corn represents common agricultural interests since corn is native to America and grown in every state: and the eagle is indicative of the national scope of the organization, The bald ea le represents freedom: he is looking to- wards the right wqiich is the point of honor. The olive branch and arrows denote the power of peace and war. The escutcheon, which stands for heraldry, is borne on the breast of an American eagle without any other suppor ters to denote that the U.S. ought to rely on their own virtue. The escutcheon is composed of the chief and pale, the two most honorable ordinaries fdivisionsj. The pieces, play qequal in width and of two colors, alterna- tingj, represent the several states all joined in one solid compact entire, supporting a chief, which unites the whole and represents Congress. The color of the pales are those used in the flag of the United States of America. White signifies purity andl innocence: red hardiness and valor, blue, the vigilant perservance and justice. the face of the emblem appear also the words "Vocational TOP ROW: Bobby Slough, Charles Boatright, Charles Pickerell, Danny Baker, Tommy Waldsmith, Mike Aaron, Chris Cobb, Paul Johnson, C arles Vauglm, Ricky Wade, Dale Carroll, Hollis McCracken, Cody Cotton, and Jay Beavers: SECOND ROW: Tony Hinojosa, Donald Canfield, Doyle Coulter, Bobby Hickie, Larry Francis, Gary Whitsell, Ricky Waldsmith, Mike Taylor, Larry Sonntag, Tim Griffin, Ricky Haun, and Craig Peltg THIRD ROW: Armondo Ledesma, Henry Ruiz, Randy Webb, Ricky Aaron, Danny Carroll, Van Nichols, Chris Griffin, Eddie Taylor, Michael Molidor, Randy Almand, David Province, Mike Cates, and Sponsor, Mr. W. A. "Dub" Feilden: FRONT ROW: Robert Norris, Ted Hansen, Jackie Davis, Rickie Cannon, Jimmy Holland, David Hale, Donald Joluison, Steve Baum, Martin Wright and Jim Newman. r 'K-., Tommy Turner CCNTRL '71 Club Presid ent, watches as Mr. Fielden, fadvisorj presents Chris Griffin QRIGHTJ Star Greenhand Award. Area President, Gary Stretcher, is in foreground . FFA President, Jay Beavers, presents Cheryl Norris a sweetheart jacket from the club. All the old hands at FFA watch and give instructions to initiate greenhands as they do the duck walk down FHS Halls. David Hale, Mike Cates and Martin Wright get pretty proficient with the duck walk before initiation week was over. f FFA Sweetheart, Miss Cheryl Norris, was elected by popular vote of the Chapter. Upon winning the title she was presented a Sweetheart jacket from the organization. eww? Selling oran es and grapefruit was the Main Chapter fundgraising project. Steve Baum, Robert Norris, Bobby Bristow, and Henry Ruiz open a crate of oranges. 'Vw'-r S i if S is is pkxtgrqggyxs a XZYR if K There seems to be a lot going on in the FFA besides those aims set forth in the bylaws of the chapter. Initiation week found greenhands doing varied tasks. Louis Molidor cheerfully shines Mr. Fielden's shoes early in the morning and sees that they're spotless at any call during the whole week. FFA Has Year Filled Mike Cates, greenhand and freshman, wears the traditional garb - overalls and hat. . www V - V, , 59 .. 3, A M A Vg, Q V, wr .' 'fi i ' films' tid r i iieic , ki xii 'pix ly 1,2 fr K , ,M ,,, A it-wx, Donald Johnson followed by Jeff Anderson quacks along during FFA initiation week. Jay Beavers uses his gavel to keep , wg-nf order at each FFA meeting ever Sentinel Boatright listens intently to his which he presides' charge of keeping the door. With Activities Ricky Aaron wonders why his shop project is interrupted by a school photographer. ig- 5 Refreshment time at regular meetings means tpunch and cookies for Doyle Coulter, Larry Francis, Te Hanson, Mike Molidor, and Charles Boatright. 'I02 LORI PROVINCE Senior TEACHERS- TRLED TO YELL Wire, briar, muddle, puddle Three falcons in a huddle One flew east One flew west They met the Coons And failed the test! f , i . L . 1 5 Spirited Cheerleaders CONNIE PEARSON Head Cheerleader Junior School Song Dear Frisco High We 're all for you. Dear Frisco High To you we'll be true. Dear Frisco High We 're all for you! Three cheers for Frisco, The gold and the blue. KATHIE SMITH Junior Two B113 - Let's Yell! Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar! All for Frisco Stand up and H 0 1 l e r I Wilw JONI MCSPEDDEN TINA BARNES MARILYN TADLOCK Sophomore S0Ph01T10I'6 S0Ph0m0Te Make Spirited Athletes Riding in the Homecoming Parade is a big part of the cheerleader's yearly activities. Those shown riding are: Marilyn Tadlock, Joni McSpedden, Connie Pearson, and Lori Province. Junior High Cheerleaders are: Vicki Vice, Lynn Jeffery, Edie Carter and Tamye Almand. X, ff N Each year during the summer, cheerleading school is held at SMU. Those who attended the instruction are: Connie Pearson, Lori Province, Kathie Smith, Marilyn Tadlock, Joni McSpedden, and Tina Barnes. ff-eil eww Read this expression, please! Is loyalty in the expectant face of cheerleader Kathie Smith. 91 fy kd' Q K ' N. x, 2 A X f ff!! KVNVJZX ,!M'M'w F x '----E , A lLf'4.mn3 xx w.m,,sh M X ff fl, y M giuf E I E xxx ,fix-x Qmkv f 5 ? 3 1 Y ' + Qrcj A w 2 . 1 Q gif .L if igfjvi, AX G 5 L ,:' ' 2 wi? 'MIMN-X ix ' "'f 2 4 y 'M VW,, rs , 2 fi W , 0 XWlNf'ffw1k ui fix J , ' t V' s f ' ' . N it 'J if ?' N, jf 1 57 M ,sf i nlhip 1' K 'Jfx 343, N NH X X X X , -HX pg 5 gl :gb 'sgiggxlx 4 I pf, V I f ss: X 5, EW f it ff g ,ts fvwfh xi H Xxyw, 3 ik 5 A Q 'Q XY X xx' 1 X' f 1 fnvmg, 1, ' fi 1 fi' 2 ,ff t 2 -A 1 1 t ,G .wav-'f K 1 1' 1 I 74 it ,x ,. y,F QL if I ,fd ff'v:wL::-1:::1g+"K 'N X , 3 3, . . X K fc R. ,..,,, M., 3 -XVA In Q X Q A ny X 5 RAP., W I a Q f J Q 5 . " 7, 431: Q A - Mayall N ., 's 4' t Siu , A i , Y si W V1 if ' AM R., AA , M at " L' Q ' q n o i . ff? s 9 , gt 'i t 'sf 5, 1 V ""'--Jw' --'W W-ft VWTJ gl 1, Q . 5 l XX W Talents and interests at FHS, as well they 5 -, i should be, are as varied as its students. ' , i K, 'X W t'-44 f vm-mt' ' ' 5 FHS is very proud of outstanding accom- 'fri Q' t LQ, 'I t plishment. These and the following six pages 'x A X i de ict that :eat 'd ' the c d ' I p g pri e 1n a a em1c V N achievement of Coonland students. D f i ef it JM, "'Scholastic Achievements SUSIE HARRIS JEANNIE JONES DEBBY STARK English Award Annual Staff Award Commercial Award Donna Elliot fRIGHTJ received the award for Outstanding Drum Major while attending drum major school held at S. M. U. during the past summer. Donna also won the award given by the Lions Club for Leadership in the absence of a band director. As a band student, Donna received the John Philip Sousa Award. CATHY MARSHALL JUDY ISBELL BETTY THOMPSQN 05 Math Award Band Award Choir Award Bring Worthwhile Rewards I MARILYN TADLCXIK BENITO GONZALES Girls' P. E. Award Boys' P. E. Award KAREN BURMAN Speech Contest Winner State FHA Degree Karen CABOVEJ won the school contest for the bat speech written with the title "My Responsibility to Freedom. " She also won the Denton Oratorical Contest. The six students on the left attended the Area V Awards Ban- quet for the F. F. A. The Frisco Chapter received the Gold Emblem for superior rating in the past year's work. On the back row are: Chris Griffin, Chris Cobb, and Jay Bea- vers. The front row is: Randy Almond, Cheryl Norris, and Tom- my Waldsmith. ,Jawa Q i I JANET COULTER TERRI COVINGTON DONNA SHEPPARD - - Spanish Award 7 Social Science Award Speech Award Area Sergeant-at-Arms RH. A. Seniors Won Awards At A Graduation it 5' ' Z 'Q-..,.-an ' .9 'Q I Suzie Drusilla Klay Roberts Wad e Kelso James Ann Barbara BARRY DUNCAN Tunnell Elliott dLIM61'1i1 Valedictorian '71 'if' . . ...ri Mike Aiken fRIGHTj won Q?"- first prize of 515100 in art sup- plies from Art Instruction School. Mike also won ac- claim for his art work in the 1971 Coonskin. . "71 COONSKIN received the HAROLD VENABLE merit award from THSPA. Salutatorian '71 f i Science Fair And Band nr in ff r ,t , Donald Elrod Marion I effery X 1 R5 ' . 1 4 Jw 4 gi? "VS :KCI is-if DOUG I ONES LUCY PEA RSON DENNY FRANCIS Best A11-round Boy '71 Best All-round Girl '71 Most Athletic Boy '71 Festival Pose Challenges 1 Science Fair at the Livestock show featured many new talents. All stud ents were given a chance to participate by showing a sci- ence project which had a chance of winning an award. Kathy Baum and Drusilla Wade QRIGHT3 had the job of watching the projects. First place winners are shown at the left of this article. H tvt' H ,r i i Individual members of the FHS band partici- V Q pated in the Allen Tri-City Band Festival. Each - Q f of these girls won a lst place medal. i Zgyy i'.V , A i i y r so 5 o s or ff Q Gerry Sandra Marcia Mayfield Williamson Rucilez Band Members Take Honors At Irving Competition 1-mc, High Schwl wud Isbell. Lynn Jeuuy, Sylvn mmgnu are Al ir gpm: .hey Saurhrz. Drusilla Wada - Inu walked .nay with :qu honors nuretg lnverly LOVHIIQIW' ll U.l. L. Sola nu Emombne Piccolo mmrlxun nouns - ampmaw. new Sltluday CINIM mlm Inna 'run-un .- ll Nxuulz High Scholl in 'Uh' Ubi i 'HWY hun ' gums, Tuba Divunou I 1 nmuior J ranng x D""l5W1-f '1c'uT',"' l . ur won er, mm una mem- 'Mu 'll 'W bv: 'GW Y UW- K1m PIOVILHCC Edie Cmd, Cmdwe Sou. ben: Beverly Baum, tlandare Sh lr H 1 Flu. qu' s . Sher 1 r - ' f-W GW 'I' ' ' .... , 2-wwf Huw M' My wma. Mmm Anette Obiedo mor Wesley Manhlll. lim Tcmplm, Diane Thorntm - IMI ilfllllll Y 4 C anne! uiog and Gerry May- Nell , C I ' Q' :tiki new - rpm.-ru mio. HOLLY HOUSE . I h l Ziff ..L'S2'33.'f.2'IS,1Q2..' Homemakrng Award DEBORAH FISHER DAVID MINTER BESSIE CARTER 109 Most Afhletifl Girl '71 Vocational Award Physical Science Award ll FFA Quiz Team placed 3rd in Its members are Ricky Aaron, BaLu'n, and Jim Newman. District and 6th in Area. Robert Norris, Steve X Hard ork Brings District lst place winner was the FHS Greenhand Con- ducting Team. It was also 5th in Area. Conductors on the back row are: Jimmy Holland and David Hale On front row are: Ricky Cannon, Jackie Davis, Donald Johnson and Mike Cates. if Chapter Farmer Conducting Team won 3rd in District. Its members are: BACK R W: Van Nichols, Donnie Barrow, Rickydwaldsmith, and Chris Griffin. FRONT ROW: Mike olidor, Danny Carroll, Randy Almond, and Mr. W. A. Fielden, qPictured at lefty Judy Webb Qcenter fronty was chosen "Miss Farmersvillen and "Miss Congeniality" in the Miss America Contest. Susie Harris fLeftp was her 2nd runner-up. The other two girls are the emcee qcenter standingj and the previous year's winner, Miss Betty Jo Williams. Rewarding Results fi A -1' Sgr JAY BEAVERS State Farmer Degree The Farm Radio Team placed lst in District and 2nd in Area Its members are Mike Aaron, Paul Johnson, and Chris Cobb. , Si at : ggi 'E Betty Crocker is a Senior Girl Award for the highest score on TOMMY WALDSMITH a 50-min. SRA Homemaker of tomorrow test. Marsha Car- roll was one of 652, 220 girls in the nation who took the test. She was the girl with the highest score in Frisco School and has been named Homemaker of Tomorrow of FHS. State Farmer Degree fit 1"""'5 ,,rai'lN CHRIS GRIFFIN TOMMY TURNER CHR-IS C0313 Star Greenhand Agriculture Award Top Dairy Judging Individual State Farmer Degree W Coons Stand Proud In Victory Or Defeat This has been one of the most enjoyable seasons I have ever had. This is for several reasons, the biggest one being the fine young men I had the pleasure of coac ing. Another reason is the fine coaching staff, consisting of some of the best gentlemen Ihave ever worked with. The admin istration and school board have been wonderful, the student body has been one of the best. This all leads to a great school and athletics deplart- Head Coach Coach mem! C030 Hill MR. HAROLD HILL MR. GARY HAYES R 'ss?""-vi I COHCI1 Coach Coach MR. KENNY WALKER MR. MIKE AULD MR. IAN IERNBERG Squad x TOP ROW: Gary Whitsell, Jimmy Chappell, Brad Wade, Ricky Waldsmith, Larry Francis, Ronnie Minter, Jimmy Yates, David Brown. SECOND ROW: Coach Walker, Coach Auld, Steve Bacchus, Tommy Waldsmith, Milton Hampton, Van Nichols, Leo Ruiz, Craig Pelt, Donnie Barrow, Jesse Gonzales, Coach Hill. THIRD ROW: Manager' Jimmy Elizondo, Jesse Reyna, Edwardo Ortega, Joe Clowers, Bill Rogers, Jay Beavers, Randy Webb, Charles Boat- right, Charles Vaughn, Coach Hayes. BOTTOM ROW: Robert Williams, Danny Carroll, Kenny Lowrimore, Randy Barton, Clemente Ortega, Joe Ortega, Filo Ortega. Thanks Expressed To Long-Time Coon Assistant Frisc o Frisc o Frisc o Frisc o Frisc 0 Frisc o Frisc o Frisc o Frisc o Frisc o X Y s'fE SCOREBOARD C 0 Allen O 18 Celina 2 '7 14 Van Alstyne 14 O Farmersv ille 2 1 P 30 Princeton 8 ' 2 '7 Sanger O 6 Lake Dallas 0 2 0 Muenster 2 3 15 Noc ona 2 '7 20 Pilot Point 35 C ft? Mr. Benton Staley For approximately! twenty years, Mr. Benton Staley has helpe Frisco Hig School Coons tremendously. Mr. Staley qbetter known as BENTONJ has given of his time to rush injured athletes from the school to the doctor or hospital or to render first aid wherever needed. l To show our gratitude for his way of helping our school, j the Coonskin Staff would like to pay Uibute to him on these football pages. Coach Hill instructs Filo Ortega before sending him into the game . All senior boys acted as Captains at the last home game. RANDY BARTON, Captain CHARLES BOATRIGHT, Captain RANDY WEBB, Captain 4 years C313 Halfback 4 years Q6OJ Tackle 4 years C113 H5 Halfback, Offense, Defense Tackle, All-District E d All Collin Co. Back, Hon. Mention All Collin County Defensive Guard n Youthful Coons Gain gf f ,,, I I I i s if , W 4 H ff ,W ..,,, ,,VEt, 3 12 ,rxr Z ,.,Z :mn f Q wx, 4 1, Vyrk ,,., ,:,, , K . , TOMMY WALDSMITH BACCI-IUS J i i BEAVERS 4 years C723 4 years fl-333 4 years 4515 3 years C815 Tac kle Guard Guard Tight End Howard Thorton announced for the Coons at each home game . .1x,, 4 .aaaa...:. Q ,N M Q 4 33 ,r , t i ' JIMMY YATES 3 yrs. f51J Middle Linebacker A11-District Denton All Area Off. Tackle RONNIE MINTER 3 years C405 Halfback ods f 4 ay c rj n ,,... ':-, ,,.. gig.. 715, -.:ff 11 ,,.- ,,fsstf--fr ff-: 114:-.Q:f'.-1,.., --" 4 Ricky Waldsmith 4523 expresses excitement as Charles Vaughn q61p recovers a fumble for a touchdown in the Van Alstyne game. That Frisco Homecoming ended in a tie 14-14. Coach Harold Hill instructs the Frisco KENNY LOWIMORE defense in the Princeton game. 3 years ff-343 Guard aluable Playing Experience 41 if-ff CLEMENT ORTEGA CRAIG PELT DAVID BROWN RUIZ 3 years 4865 3 years f325 3 years 0195 2 Years f857 Flanker Halfback Flanker Tlght End Hon. Mention! End Donnie Barron E135 haulsidown a Sanger Indian as he S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S for more yardage. VAN NICHOLS 2 years 1105 Quarterback All- District, Halfback Honorable Mention, Quarterback All Collin County Back, Honorable Mention, Denton A11 Area, Sophomore of the Year DONNIE BARROW iw 3 1 1 2 years Q 125 ' 3 Quarterback ' A A ' iz-:fi izr 1, is .,,b: Q 7 ' -if rfr - 1- 5 - Van Nichols q105 scrambles for big yardage in the Princeton Q53 1 game. Coons won that game 30-8. 117 X Hard Work + DISCI lme Q' 'fi Xi is 3 223, gk wi Ar A 2 2 years 1415 Halfback K nvssmw. "k- " A lzri- BRAD WADE FILO JOE ORTEGA GARY WHITSELL 0 2 years 4505 2 V853 48 J Denton All Area Defensive 2 years C747 Center 813111: End -- V- - f- Af ' H ' ' 1 LakeJDallas. Coons won 6-O. A , Defensive men Tommy Waldsmith C729 and Jilnmsr 'Yates q5lJ rest on the sideline after turning the ball over to the offense. 'l'l8 , ,YY ..-.---- O-----1 4.-.v vvvnau vvvav l-Ltr!-I .LII Lllill. 541115 U ROBERT WILLIAMS 2 years f22p Halfback -u EDWARD ORTEGA WALDSMITH 2 years 4283 2 years f52j Split End Center .I 2 Winners l JESSE REYNA BILL ROGERS MILTON HAMPTON 2 years C705 2 years 4623 2 years 4355 Guard Guard Halfback YRobert Williams cuts upfield against Sanger defenders. The score of that game: Frisco 27 and Sanger 0. Junior Varsity Donnie Barrow 4123 passes against a strong Princeton rush. iw? Vrkrk K I I f . ytyy g gy nnt iifli IVAVI 1, DANNY CARROLL 2 years f60J Guard ,F n 5 Q L JIMMY CHAPPELL 1 year C715 Guard All-District W PACK ROW: Cach Walker, Steve Baum, Jeff Anderson, David Province, Gig Gross, Jimmy Holland, Amando Ledesma, Henry Ruia, Ricky Liscano, Bobby Bristow, Coach Auld. FRONT ROW: Sammy Turner, Donald Johnson, Mike Cates, Jackie Davis, Ricardo Trevino, David Hale, Martin Wright, Raul Ortega. 9 upport, Teamwork, Sportsmanshil VAN NICHOLS DONNIE BARROW RANDY BARTON GARY WHITSELL RONNIE MINTER F01'Wafd C105 Forward C127 ' Guard, Captain fllj Guard f15J Center C223 Howe-A11 Tournament Tommy Bacchus 3W31tS tlckct change Van Nichols pauses in mid-air as he takes from Mrs. Sammie Vaughn at a home careful aim at the ggalu game. Mark Sapp. The ball went that-a-way, Randy Barton. T, TOP ROW: Ricky Waldsmith, Ronnie Minter, Tim Chancellor. MIDDLE ROW: Tony Moore, Gary Whitsell, Robert Williams. BOTTOM ROW: Coach Hayes. MANAGERS: Karen Rogers, and Dianna Sprouse, Van Nichols, Randy Barton, Donnie Barrow. MANAGERS: Libby Peaison and Susie Cowan. NOT PICTURED: David Brown and ay Off for Athletes in the Pilot Point game. Donnie Barrow C123 shoots for two against Wylie. David Brown C213 Forward, Captain The photographer called the picture process "stretching," FHS players may be identified as Van Nichols, Tony Moore and Gary Whitsell who is jump- ing. The opponent team is dressed in the white jerseys. . Q A fi ,iii QX 5 y J i RICKY WALDSNHTH ROBERT WILLIAMS TIM CHANCELLOR Center 1133 Guard 414, 235 Center 4249 Van Nichols shoots for two points David Brown drives for a lay up against Wylie ' pg TONY MOORE MARK SAPP Forward f207 Guard f22J Randy Barton leaps upward to score against Greenhill. Vlfal PM l ' D' r Dallas ,V-L 2: -,,.' :ijt--Egtsfpzft rd.--, V' 'fu , ,,.., , ,, . ,.,,yr H-,,!",f-P P, , I - "' '- -'a- - - - - - 44 Muenster - - - - - - - - - -56 Pilot Point - - - - 63 Nocona - - - - 58 Sang er ---- - - 53 Lake Dallas R - - 1- - 62 Muenster - -------- R,-of - pf - - - - 58 Pi10I Pointe - - -R f - ala - - - C50 at aal a1in R NOCOYWT aala ' ail ' ' ' ' 5 50 Sanger ---- Lake Dallas Mu enster - Pilot Point - - aaa ..1a - A 5 6 5 .1-a' ' 34 .. .. - - ,aft-,. -Jaap - .. . .- aft:--5 .. -. L.. ' ' ' 40 NOOOHE1 ' ' ' 47 Sanger ---- "Ali I 4 I 42 Lake Dallas - - 56 Muenster - - - 45 Pilot Point - - - 42 Nocona ------------- - - 62 DISTRICT GAME - Pilot Point - - - - - 31 BI DISTRICT GAME - Carroll - - - - 45 B- TEAM: BACK ROW: Manuel Anzualda, Mark Sapp, Milton Hampton. FRONT ROW: Coach Walker, Steve Ronnie Storey, Bill Rogers, Mike Cates. Of School Life No one makes tastier popcom than Dub Field en. Basket- ball fans keep him in a thriving concession business. Bessie Carter does it with ease at the Princeton I 'l Wk ' - 'UMKC " ball game. Martin Wright is always willing to lend a hand at the basket- ball concession stand. B TEAM: BOTTOM ROW: Lynn Isbell, Drusilla Wade, Tina Barnes, Debbie Linton, Beth Beavers, Beatrice Gonzales and Kim Jackson. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Gary Hayes, Marion Jeffery, Thelma Brown, Alice Hampton, Penny Craig, Janet Coulter. TOP ROW: Minnie Hinojosa, Ginger Duncan, Karen Rogers, Kim Kelso, and Libby Pearson. 123 K nm Basketball Girls Are A-TEAM TOP ROW: Joni McSpedden, Suzie Roberts, Ella Brown, Barbara duMenilg MIDDLE ROW: Coach Hayes, Debbie King, Cheryl Norris, Connie Pearson, Kathy Baum, Frankie Williamsg BOTTOM ROW: Susie Cowen, Dianna Sprouse, Bessie Carter, Maurien Brown, Kim Nichols, Libby Pearson, and Tina Barnes. ELLA BROWN C223 Coppell MAURINE BROWN Q21Q FR-ANKIE WILLIAMS C123 BESSIE CARTER 1233 and Howe All-Tournament Forward Forward Forward, Captain Captain, Forward 19X 2 BARBARA duMENIL C245 KATHY BAUM C153 DEBBIE KING f13J KIM NICHOLS QZOD Forward Forward Guard Guard Distri ct 12-A Champs! IONI MCSPEDDEN 4523 CONNIE PEARSON 4103 sUz1E ROBERTS 4113 CHERYL NoRR1s 4443 Guard Guard Howe All- Tournament Guard, Dist. 2nd Guard Hon. Mention Guard Dist. Guard A11- State Nominee Dist. lst Guard 3rd Team All State Ella Brown gets the edge in a jump ball during the Valley View game. Ella Brown 4223 climaxes a play against Carroll with two points. Zhi: , 1 Bessie Carter shoots a free Kathy Baum uses the left-handed dribble in the Bi- Frankie Williams shoots, regardlessg shot, Her accuracy in DiSfIiC'C game with C31'rOl1. quite often she makes it, too, as is free shots helped win the shown. district game. 6 i"W' 1 4 Seventh Grade Quarterback, Charlie Weston 1135 rushes past would be Celina tacklers for a touchdown. Coons won that game 22-O. Junior High Coach MR. JAN .TERNBERG Future Varsity Gridders Work Hard During Season Troy Sanderfer gains tough yardage against Celina. Coons won 12-6. EIGHTH GRADE: Flores, David Cavillo, Johnny HOOpCr, Jimmy Li11IOI1- 2nd ROW: James Tunnell, Ricky Cavillo, Kevin Carter, Brad Butler, Rene Trevino, Bob Griffin, Bobby Duncan, Lynn Blake. 3rd ROW: Wes Marshall, Jack Cannaclay, Johnny Standerfer, Bill Dunfield, Bobby Fox, Max Gomez, Marshall Rogers. BACK ROW: Chris Covington, Troy Sanderfer, Blake Vaughn, Joel Ruiz, Javier Escabeda, Steven Byrdf Albert Arizmendez, Bob Rogers. FRONT ROW: Joshua Molidor, Charles Thomason, Jimmy Hinojosa, Billy Cook, Raymond Sth GRADE SCORES Frisco - - -12 6 Frisco - - -18 Pottsboro - - - 32 Frisco - - -28 Sanger - - - - 14 Frisco - - -20 Lake Dallas - - 18 6 26 22 40 Celina ----- Muenster ---- Frisco - - -20 Nocona - - - - 2 Pilot Point - - - Frisco - - - Frisco - - - 7th GRADE SCORES Frisco - - -22 Celina - - - - - 0 Frisco - - - 0 Valley View - -22 Frisco - -- 8 Sanger ---- - 6 Frisco--- O Denton-----8 Frisco - - - 0 Nocona - - - - 16 Ricky Tumer kicks off against Lake Dallas after one of the Eighth Grade Coons' three touchdowns. Frisco beat Lake Dallas 20-18. is af U KWV: Tension builds before a game. Johnny Hooper, Allen King, Bo Griffin, Blake Vaughn, Bobby Fox, Lupe Gomez, Ricky Carvillo, Bobby Duncan. Mr. Hayes holds caucus with Johnny Sanderfer, Ricky Cavillo, Bobby Duncan, Johnny Hooper, Mitchell Duke, Rene Trevino, Jerry Hamilton, Mateo Ortega, Ray Guerra, Charles Thomason, Jack Cannaday. . rg XX Aj asia. 1' K K f SEVENTH GRADE: BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth Carter, David Froggatt, Frankie Liscano, Billy Templin, Kelly Hicks, Mark Molidor, Julian Martinez, Steve Clark. MIDDLE ROW: Larry Davis, Tommy Bacchus, Dale Newman, Jackie Thomas, Sammy Holland, Ricky Ward, Kenneth McGaugh, Jeff Sheppard. TOP ROW: Terry Chappell, Hosea Rodriquiz, Tim Taylor, Jerry Hamilton, Narciso Cisneros, Armando Elizondo, Allen King, ' I2 I eff Davis. 7 Jr. Hi Girls Have Rewarding Season Eighth Grade Basketball BOTTOM ROW: Manager Ann Elliot, Sharon Webb, Sheryl Templin, Rosa Gonzalez, Lynn leffry, Beverly Baum Brenda Wade, Michelle Smith. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Hayes, Patricia Chancellor, Kathy Carter, Terry Hale, Melanie Templin, Pam Mireau, Janet Chancellor, TOP ROW: Rita Davis, Carolyn Berghauser, Alta George, Martha Howard, Robbyn Grounds, Barbara Norris. Seventh Grade Basketball -PM f-X BOTTOM ROW: Manager Dianne Cavillo, Candace Sons, Gerry Mayfield, Robbyn Rolater, Sheila Davis, Vicky Vice, Manager Tammye Almand. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Iernberg, Kim Province, Edie Carter, Marcia Rucilez, Dianne Thornton. TOP ROW: -Sandra Williamson, Bonnie Thompson, Linda Ishmael. BOYS' TRACK: SEATED: Ray- mond Flores, Billy Cook, Mark Molidor, Timmy Taylor. KNEELING: Edwardo Ledesma, Josh Molidor, Ricky Cavillo, Larry Davis, Frankie Liscano, Yackie Thomas, Lorenzo Flores, lose Rodriguez, Geoffrey Gross. STANDING: Coach Jernberg, Charles Weston, Albert Arismen- dez, Rick Turner, Blake Vaughn, Armando Elizondo, Troy Sander- fer, Ray Guerra, Johnny Stander- fer, Chris Riddle. BOYS' BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: Coach Jernberg, Joshua Molidor, David Cavillo, Billy Cook, Kelly Hicks, Jimmy Hinojosa, llen Kingj Manlaxger George Cavillo, MI DLE: ax Bledsoe, Charlie Weston, Ricky Cavillo, Ricky Turner. TOP: Troy Sanderfer, Bob Rogers, Blake Vaughn, Chris Covington, aisles Marshall, Albert Arismen- ez. Coons Work Against the Clock G WHEN WNW W -mwgr GIRLS' TRACK: SEATED: Pam Mireau, Diane Cavillo, Robbynn Rolater, Sharon Webb, Bonnie Thompson, Sylvia Garza, Candace Sons, Kim Province, Marcy Rucilez, Carlotta Ortega, Shelia Davis. MIDDLE ROW: Cathy Carter, Diane Thorton, Sheryl Templin, Martha Howard, Lynn Jeffery, Alta George, Beverly Baum, Rosa Gonzalez, Vicki Vice, Elva Garza, Brenda Wade, Tammye Alrnand, Melanie Templin. STANDING: Rita Davis, Michelle Smith, Gerry May- field, Patricia Chancellor, Sandra Williamson, Pamela Jones, Carolin Berghauser, Janet Chancellor, Edie.Carter, Terri Hale, Robin Grounds, Yolanda Rodriguez. VFXAK .4 l- .ln-.. L GIRLS' TRACK: SEATED: Tina Barnes, Drusilla Wade, Lynn Isbell, Beth Beavers, Beatriz Gonzalez, Maurine Brown. KNEELING: Mabel Thompson, Marion Jeffery, Michelle Wright, Kim Nichols, Janet Coulter, Carolyn Carter, Libby Pearson, Kathy Baum. STANDING: Frankie Thompson, Verna Miller, Thelma Brown, Ella Brown, Karen Burman, Cheryl Norris, Joni McSpedden, Barbara duMeni1. fNot Pictured: Debbie Lmwnp. Track Encourages Individual Expression 'Wil E 1 N,-1 I if X If X I x 5 1., i f X X ,. ,. ' , iss . I " 4 jfg ' P A if , 4 -'sp A-A gf ,S -1 A J f , , if r ,,,, isi t J ,,, , ,i . is J V L X S ,.,, ,,,,,,, V ' rr as ' is ss K' A-fr? , 3' 1, h , . gl r DISTANCE AND SPRINT: SEATEDg Jackie Davis, Raul Ortega. KNEELING: Martin Wright, Mike Cates, Henry Ruiz, Clemente Ortega. STANDING: Milton Hampton, Donnie Barrow, Van Nichols, Sammy Williams. HURDLERS: KNEELING: Donald Johnson, Clemente, Orte a. STANDING: Sammy Wilgiarus, Jimmy Chappell. '71 FIRST YEAR FOR GIRLS' TRACK TEAM AT FHS The following District winners went to Regional: Event Student ' Aw ard 440 Relay Cheryl Norris, Lucy 1 Pearson, Ella Brown, Debbie Fisher 100 yd Dash Ella Brown 2 60 yd Dash Cheryl Norris 2 80 yd Hurdles Joni McSpedden l 80 yd Hurdles LUCY Pearson 1 Broad Jump Ella Brown l 440 Run Beth Campbell 1 880 Relay Libby Pearson, Kathy Baum, Maurine Brown, Beth Campbell 1 Mile Relay Sue Rhodes, Libby Pearson 2 Marion Jeffery, Beth Campbell The following Regional Winners went to State 440 Relay Team 2 High Jump Ella Brown 3 Hurdles Joni McSpedden 1 Possibilities of failing to clear the bar is one of the disap- y pointments Van Nichols must face in any practice. ns. 5 0 is F 1 srlrts A as , W f' lf.. K if ,Vg . a , F M..-0 X--X lg- V .fa , V' I"'F'i-ierf' 'f-A , ,,.-, , I 5 N . , X Mark Sapp and Mike Cates make the mile run. Mark Sapp does the high jump and barely clears the bar. L , . ntt, , 5,1 A ff" l 51 ,,,. ,, lf! ' - S , ' F' ,f "' ' ,: ,, ',, N , 'r'- y V W 1 Donald Johnson finishes on the 120 yard hurdles. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL: SEATED: Bessie Carter, Maurine Brown, Ginlger Duncan, Debbie King, Connie Pearson, Ella Brown. STANDING: athy Baum, Cheryl Norris, Joni McSpedden, Barbara duMeni1, Suzie Roberts, Kathleen McCord. Spring Sports Bring Warm ,,,.X PM I 5 A 3: J W5 rr,r f 'W gee! V4 We . a Ei I 1 -ME ' 1 2 'X ' A ..-22 I .-f , -..... ,, N 6 SPRINT RELAY TEAM: Clemente Ortega, Edw Milton Hampton practice before a big track m """-as-Li ardo Ortega, sammy Williams and Janet Chancellor prepares for a eet. start practice. ? . , , . 1 - -, .J Q -A. V ' W vi 3:11 iyyr , :" t ' ,a p , V H , A--H . M Us . u J ,EQSQQQ , on ,g x , A ,af X , W , +A W X A H Verna Miller, 'Thelma Brown, Lena Miller, Mabel and Frankie Beth Beavers, Michelle Wright, and Barbara Thompson get in shape for the distrance runs. deMenil build up their wind for the 440 run. ntYp .."' E , it J a ' , t B 1 're XAQW f . THE 1972 TRACK TEAM: STANDING: Jimmy Jimmy Yates, Randy Barton, and Van Nichols. Cahppell, Dennie Barrow, Sammy Williams, UIDITIY Yates Shows the KNEELING: Raul Ortega, Martin Wright, flght Wal' I0 Put the Shot- Mike Cates, Clemente Ortega, and Milton Hampton. SEATEDg Henry Ruiz, Jackie avis, Donald Johnson, and Gig Gross. ays and Desires to Exce M -rn ,- 0 - -, .. s . g mLmL. ., ' . A KK ' s 1...g4.. . , i? h, ,m:b, . . , .. . m1, . A .sf . -Wx' :fir .- asia- f A A iwf' - 1 "' h - A .. i. . ku-.N A .mfiff f ' ,R ,se ' V wx . 3-' . -is-af ' r - -f , - was A A - A 15" 'W QQN "N J X if I I. , .mx Q.. .X while Joni McSpedden watches. if 4 .i ff rwg, V li, "z2,,'.:'- -' w: s 'wsu A , .as i a . . A i X f f W1 's . ' . ' i . EIGHT'H GRADE RELAY W ' ff A i""s TEAM: SEATED: Ray- . K' is mond Flores, Ricky A A 8 Turner, Albert Arismen- an N M y Rx. N- . my 'jg' V dez, and Blake Vaughn. A aw, K Mesquite Track Meet for Junior High netted A five lst places and four 3rd places. Yo 440, 1320 RELAY TEAM: Charles Weston, lo- ff o . renzo Flores, Larry Davis, Armando Elizondo won lst place at Mesquite Track Meet. Kim Nichols clears the hurdle with good form, - iifiwifi , 1'-1 Qin - Xl.. li' lisp , Q-sf-S-ai fgldf-S ,,i,j' - 4- - ,.. r Q 'v fi' X 1 ww ,iii QW WP K s.. , S X . . 'Q f K 3 V 1 f 9' K 5 X A x s Q- 'QAQ 3 -Q J. -v A as I .M r 1 QQ, w K 55 s 3515: .Q +i.f-im sf' .mrs ,Q ,, 'f . . tw, ,vwkfz?",fi'1sUf.-'21,-. A . 1, 'ag .wwe 5.4 7"-.f s 4.44 -,-5:'f,QgK5,g ss, - 'Q . . 'lit fn' 'w11-:- ' 33 -' f -A ,,s..,f,-A, . , Q.. 1 M.4,Nw..?r'. N ,..,.f4. . , Ms '- - - W s ta- ' - . Q . . - . Bonnie Thompson prepares to hand off the next member of the relay team. es? N 47 mwah.. ,nw 72 as H 'A A ttf" . ,g s . " Q fgfmrf, landa Rodriguez prepares for a hand- ,....-..,.f. ....-0-P-""" -A . - R. .. .- .. 1. . . , . , , 1 X - 5 g 5. ,eggfs s - . : -. ,, -- ' l . rf: -X v . awww-ai, Ugg, 5 Q ' ' ld, Y 'fiagfgf' ,- TX ' 55 -- - - gilt r w- f . , S - X " ' . -f 1 ' AMF. . ' s if R , -X -t . rr , A - we . Q s R as . ' -fs J- , B- , - ,. - p 5 333: .. X .. N ,at - fre. , A, 3 . up . 5 A. I t 1 , ,,,, ff . . . 1 . yr, as . gs Ri g : .Q Q J JM fgswkfivy--'R I, R1 N V s - . I. - . ,.- f , K .t , . x jfiifiu- 4 --5-Q F- .V .L - e-A.: v' K 'fha ,5 ty., y . K.. .. .-A , .sr . . - . Q ,I t , s -.swat .t,. -1 fr f:P"'iim5aef , . , . .- .r .' . . M -s s ., 4 ' '.3,QIia.,'Qv' elf-s-dwg: J Q. a v .' . ,asv . ,- ' Yet - A + - . ' .X ' , X Us . A 1. x., L... . ,gagged .. . , . ,, ,. ,,. as , . .s . .W r 11 A' ' ' ' N' "'r- T 4 'R '33 K- -A inf?" 'fm' -" wif? ,gf-sr-s1'Q,,s w e i f .5 WMA sz, - . s , -.W if is f.. .L ""JQ4,'?Q"fvtL' . .t. F' ,ez ' .. .- ,rn . . 33...-as-Jiiytf, -if .sw-Q-,255-rye? -1 wg.. . -f .. X .sg 4, , 7-L A ' - . ' . - 4. Q., 7 . ,. -5 A ,. :-- a f' ' .. ' - High School track boys do stretching exercises each day before practice. 133 Teamwork Key in Baseball Season 4-J' A A. A few boys were not present at the picture taking B. Coach Hill surveys the baseball team while manager session. They clown around for fun at this session. Jimmy Elizondo plays bat boy. Standing are: Randy Barton, Steve Bacchus, and Van Nichols. Kneeling are: .Tay BCSWGIS and Gary Whifsell- C. Gig Gross, catchers, receives one of Joe Ortega's hard pitches. BASEBALL TEAM: KNEELING: Clemente Ortega, Edwardo Ortega, Ricky Waldsmith, Donnie Barrow, and Ronnie Minter. STANDING: Joe Ortega, Filo Ortega, Raul Ortega, Mark Sapp, Gig Gross, Jackie Davis, Kenneth lowrimore, and Coach Auld. 134 Coons Drive to Win in Golf I., . Scott Riddle and Randy Webb take a swing or two with the clubs. Tim Griffin tries to drive a hole in one. Mr. Moehring gives Cody Cotten and Mark Sapp pointers on holding the iron. Louis Molidor, Cody Cotten, Mark Sapp, Mr. Moehring, Tim Griffin, and Gary Whitsell are determined to have a good season. Mr. John Niland, Dallas Cowboy Guard, speaks at the All- Sports Banquet. FRISCO I s K3 t 4553, -..,,,1.f fsfl-fs . -f -..---.-, . VM? I A,,,A4V,Vk S H ,, I V, wage 7?,MMf,,gf'j , sl, 4 ' , ,za VK dv .N-J "f I ii "" V35-Q,ffi,1f -Z 1' T " 'i't , e ,, ,ff W , f ,wr mr.. .- , '1 ' ' 1 , " 'VN im' W ..,:e'P:4 A f ,f , ,, ,,.,,- , . - . I -.,.,r .1 nf, , . . . ,..,f1. a. .f 3, ,all-H, :ff -r ,M He " -im' X "I Kg . R .- I Basketball Coach Hlalyes delivers the sportsman ship trophy to Mr. oehring for display in the school trophy case. The award was presented to Coach Hayes at a banquet given by South- west Basketball Officials Association. This group endows only two such awards each year, one to a Texas team and one to an Oklahoma team. The trophy is given for best sportsman- ship of basketball teams coaches, and spectators May ' Joni McSpedden The Coonskin Staff sponsored a new hon- or this year - Student of the Month. One mornin? of each month Mr. Moehring in- stmcte each pupil to write his choice of a student most representative of all FHSers to be Student of the Month. Ballots were col- lected and staff members counted votes. All nominees were posted on the bulletin board and a picture of the winner for the month was displayed in the entrance hall. was,-mga-v Involvement Involvement Involvement Involvement Involvement I Involvement November - Connie Pearson -...N '23 December - Suzie Roberts October - Jay Beavers ' 1 3 D Au i January - David Brown September - Randy Barton February - Van Nichols If ix K , U3 April - Craig Pelt y y March - Kathie Smith livrl Ururr- fur YLQUW 5 lea ,422 x 1fJ,!iN?,?f' mn: G i 3324 Xe-iw' and Mauv- 'Xamk Fkxkiazg "'lf'ug?fh The Speech Class Stars Provided Entertainment At Christmas Time This year at Christmas time the speech class of FHS put on a very unusual play. They per- formed at PTA and also at the assembly the day we were dismissed for the holidays. On these two pages we have tried to show the highlights of the play. Y Luka 'I' C mzliloom Paul Bolin in his stunning outfit was the sign changer for the different scenes in the play. . l 1 I This is the clazz-room that is mentioned above. In the Clazz-room we have y teacher Mr. Joe Clowers and students Shellia Ballard, Linda Lockwood, and Ricky f . I Haun, Here Chris Cobb is doing his flirt- ing with the beautiful Miss Gerl- dine qMike Aaronp. 1 Robber Maxey Duncan with his bag of goodies is caught by old lady Linda Lockwood with her fear- ful water pistol. Beta lub Involvement The Frisco High School Beta Club is very involved with the goings on at the school. Every year, as most everyone knows the club sponsors a "Powder Puff Football Game." The purpose of this game is to make money in order for the members to attend the annual Texas Beta Convention. This convention is held at the Statler Hilton Hotel in Dallas, Texas. We hope that you will enjoy this small portion of the FHS Beta Club. Look Ruth . . . Debbie has no Beuleh CRandyy Barton cheers for the mighty cavities! ! ! Beta Bullets. Tina Barnes is remembering the Beta Convention. fBOTTOM RIGHT5 Van Nichols, Randy Barton, and Donnie Barrow say they would walk a mile k to a Beta Convention. fBOTTOM LEFTy Marion Jeffery demonstrates the wonderful accommodations at the Statler Hilton during the Beta Convention. 'W . 'W . 'W . 'N . Mr. Moehrrng enJoys the Beta Convention. He was the - Ruth Borchardt . ,ff at sponsor this year along with Mrs. fMike Molidorj M I Would you believe Sleeprng Beauty? 'I 4. ,, it Those Were The Days When ' s This is the very talented group called the Revelies from the First Baptist Church of Plano that provided the entertainment for the talent show at the Halloween carnival. '. l .,-k 'S assi, ...A ., 'llffirf f This little clown, Donnie Phillips, is pitching the hoop in hopes he will ring somethin. Mrs. Patsy Aaron is throwing a dart at the balloons while Penny Hale, June Bonnie Tompson is trying her luck at Aaron, and Choice Templin look to see the results. throwing the ball in the hole. ls she go- ing to make it? The Goblins Came To FHS Who is this good looking girl, Brad Butler? Chris Fielden succeeded in biting an apple while interested watchers grin at the sight. X . N . . s , - Hobo Randy Thornton seems to be dig- ging in his pocket for something. Prob- ably money to spend at the camival. Lori Province is aiming really hard to hit the target. With that look of determination she must have hit it. Suzanne Davidson, Anne Dunfield, and Mrs. Jackson watch while the little mummy shoots. 141 This year the hair styles for girls range from the short shag qLynn Isbell, Janet Pink, Fashions Vary In Coon Various styles are worn to school. Here Maurine Brown is wearing the typical school dress, Sharon 1 - - Webb in the pants outfit, and Eddie Carter in the dressy school dress, Debby Bell, Melinda Mays, Debbie Kingj, to the long shag qTommie Sue Dtuicanj, to the long hair either parted on the side or in the middle qHolly House, Linda Lockwood, Anita Soto, Sylvia Sanchezy. Lori Province is wearing the fashionable knickers, while Tina Barnes is in the midi outfit. Kim Province wears the regular skirt and sweater, Bonnie Thompson in the suit with the crocheted hat, and Kathy Baum in the pant suit. Winter brings a new look to FHS. Suzie Roberts is wearing the leather cape, Debby Bell in the maxi coat trimmed in fur, Holly House in the light weight raincoat, LaDonna Vaughn in the maxi crushed velvet coat, and Terrie Covington i.n the dress length crushed velvet coat. Country For 1971-72 Boys hair styles differ greatly. Some wear it fairly long with sidebums qLarry Sonntag, Tommy Waldsmith, Randy Davis, Doyle Coulterj while others prefer the short cut like I ackie Carter. hir Boys wear exciting clothes too. Van Nichols is wear- ing the old fashioned printed shirt, Gary Whitsell is in the striped pants, Richard McGaugh in the matching vest and pants, Donnie Barrow in the all over match- ing outfit, I ay Beavers i.n the corduroy pants with the printed shirt, and Bubba Byrd in the foot print pants. Cindy Byrd is wearing the shiny dress with the patent boots, Libby Pearson in the color-matching outfit with the boots, Mrs. Frances Justus in the midi outfit with boots, Holly House in the hooded knit dress, Dianne Johnson in the knit dress with matching boots. 143 Q3 Miss FHS - HOLLY HOUSE 44 Mr. FHS - JAY BEAVERS Miss and Mr. FHS Elected by Popular Ballot of tudent Body Choosing of Mr. FHS and Miss FHS involved the entire student body, The election was jointly spon- sored by the annual staff and student council. Each class chose a Mr. FHS and a Miss FHS to represent The nominees were as follows: Freshman them. class - Debbie Linton and Donald Johnson, Sopho- more class - Marion Jeffery and Van Nichols, Junior class - Bessie Carter and Craig Pelt, and Senior class - Holly House and Jay Beavers. The student body voted either before school or during any of the three lunch periods. Conclusion of the election found Holly House to be Miss FHS and Jay Beavers to to be Mr. FHS. Runners-up in campyaign were Soph., Marion Jefferyg Fresh. , De bie Lintong Jr., Bessie Car- terg Jr., Craig Peltg Fresh., Donald Johnson and Van Nichols, Soph. fnot picturedj. TE CO Dauidb I aw 377-273l T MINOR MECHANIC WORK ULIVER Af" co- FDR NIEN VVHO GPQVVX "" N., .-M Frisco is always known for Hs spec+a+ors, buf homecoming is a big evenf. Everybody comes fo see +he Coons win l45 Cwvwws Auto Qupplbj amdf Q Wm -A Pitts-Kwcbg Carrolls' is known for Hs' friendliness as well as ifs' ef- 'ficien+ repair iobs, whefher i+ is a maior overhaul or minor adiusfment Anofher highlighf of Car- rolls' is Hs' day and nigh+ wreclrer service. Phone: 377-2628 M Q' Enonngi f I l f . 3 Y . I TOOLS PAINT HARDWARE ,, WELL SUPPLIES L PLUMBING SUPPLIES 'Q .13 BUILDING MATERIALS 6' my I 46 PHONE: 377-253 I JOHN W. GOLDMAN Manager BEFUFE USING ANY PESYICIUE READ WE LABEL awwmidf Phone: 377-2 I 26 mm ENTERPRISE School News Spor+s - We Follow +he COONS! Published for and aboui' Frisco Piciure Coverage of Local Even+s Phone: 377-2752 M7 OW-mg Wwe Box 47 G d d' ' 1" II d '1' f'+ + ll d +h - ran a s pam mg overa s on i oo we an e Frlsco' Texas brush is slighfly heavy, bu+ Sonia Cunningham is willing fo lei' Daddy and Grandad fake care of 'lhe real BIG iobs. f 1 l mli, -s, ey "Slim "'i A ' 5 , W s M ,jolwu Caautow - N P.O. Box 332 Ph. 377-2784 0 S xx -Q5 ,:,1 gas , 4.x..:NX',5,4::2g .F - gl., - - - . Frisco, Texas 75034 V.- . rg gz gfigigggv Q V . J. f"N1-T srwii - . . 'iifsfx' 1. :Q A f l'fl3"'s1 i Q X x N o m 2 ' N Q X XNNN X Exif' N SQ N x x X v x QSX N '7 if M V9 XXXXMR A J Q ' 1 I :. h . N, ,P:: ,.. .. X xi: t v t ww h, -. R A . , V t .,:5,5,,., r:---Xzzigfgwil. f ' -BW: 1 ' . 'H-1 1 J 5 fl'-7' 'T .f'Efr::55:5f"fE5ff"'. is "- ' Q 2 K ' . ' ,w .,.- ., ,NV Q P6500 Qlwe House The Frisco Shoe House offers you a wide selecfion in qualify brand shoes and clofhing. Bring fhe whole fami- ly for quick, one-sfop shopping. Mrs. Haun appears pleased wifh LaDonna 420 W - Vaughn's shoe selecfion by Personalify, Also Ffasl' M.Fm Slreel, available are shoes made by Red Goose and rlsco' exas Rand. 377-3255 NBAIZAPANCH Sanfa Gerfrudis Bulls, when mafed fo cows of ofher breeds, consisfenfly sire We offer bulls for bofh commercial and purebred herds. Also offer few selecf purebred heifers. Roufe I Frisco, Texas ANDERSON RANCH Member of Sanfa Gerfrudis Breeders lnfernafional Phone 377-3 I06 NQ'EJQJ"k9C-J"L9GJ"k9C'J' 'WU' 'WU 'KEJQJ' 'EJQI"L9QJ"k9QJ"k9GJ"E9O' 'WU' 460199 '59QJW9QJ"Uf2J"L9 'L9CU"'L9U' X9 N9 'L9'U'N9U 'VJUN9 . ' va ' ' .. 0 - , , iff lg p w,,, Q T i f 4 1 3 H 4 v 31 2 4.1 4 P A .iww 4 ' Q fi w Qfx-ii' A , ,. U 5 . 3 v W I Qty ,V F U ' Q sr. '1- ' ., f, :fs ' Q if ' . ,1 - af' I Q 1 "f Ai'- 451, I A. v 3, .. -, Q ' A I 1 . 1 Q . . Q 0 . 1 .. - Q I Q : 1 B :fx . - GM .GN 5:15.94 . 6232 Dallas Phone 235 7525 Frisco Phone 377 2l8I 4I2 Wesf Main Frisco Texas rw Visif us for 'Fine 'Furni- +ure and friendly service. 2I3 E. Virginia McKinney, Texas Furnilure browsing is fun for Dianna Sprouse and Lynn Isbell a+ Johnson's Furnilure. Jomws ' COLLIN COUNTY Wm QM MQ ,M NATICNAL BANK "The Bank Wil'h The Golden Key" A full service bank wi+h 'friendly service for all Collin Coun+y residen'I's. McKinney, Texas 52 Cusfom Slaughfering and Processing for Home AUmw's Freezer McKinney, Texas Phone: 542-3359 Highway 75 Bgfdfs Pima! Cindy and Jack Byrd fill up on good Fina Byrd's S+a+ion. Cecil Byrd - Owner Highway 289 hi gas a+ TI if 1 If there s W a better wa. , we'lI fmd lt. Thomas A. Edison, the research genius of his time, found a "better way" of life for the world when he first put elec- tricity to use. Later, research by the electric industry and companies like Texas Power 8 Light Company created hundreds of new conveniences lor home, industry and farm. And the future seems limitless. TP8tL, in cooperation with other electric utilities. universities and the electric industry, has carried on a'number of research programs spanning a wide variety of fields - from explor- ' ing the possibilities of converting heat and chemical energy directly into electricity, to developing a vastly improved design for elec- ,V tric water heaters and taking a part in nuclear study. research 'K X X' H and development programs. ll there's a better way. we'Il find it! I ,yf Q, ,r 5 T if 'T' ll-1X.-XS IK JWER AQ1,ICillilitZONll'.-XNY -1 A tax-paying investor-owned electric utility fI:"A ,N- . l-lowews l-lame ' Howell's Home Furnishings has a 'Fine selection of 'furniture for both home and office. They offer low prices and high qualily in every+hing they sell. Come by 2I0 N. Tennessee, McKin- ney or call 542-5558 'for all your 'Furniture needs. They will be happy +o serve you. T home qririis tinge s',. T r V. ...Y .. T .. A " "" I X TQ- .. , . " ' i'- ,, ,-rr " 5 " if . , or N M - 5 - . 5 ,r ir . r ,, , r rsrsrr . T -.t' i".r. r - rrrrr tr r 153 The New Frisco FFA Barn Was The Site gy as A Ricky Wade is waiting anxiously to see what the judge's de- cision will be. Harold Venable with his black Angus stands proud while the judge looks the stock over. This year the competition was rough. The whole countv shows their stock at Frisco stock show and fair every year. Ricky Waldsmith is calming his Yorkshire Gilt while Mark Elliott seems to be chasing his. The judge is watching close though. Ricky won Grand Champion with his gilt. Libby Pearson watches the judge seriously while her black angus stands still. Lucy Pearson, and Tommy Waldsmith wait to see who will win. Of The Collin County Livestock Show up-.. For the first time the stock show and fair included the Science Fair also. Anyone could enter who was in grades seven through twelve at FHS. Shown above are the first place winners and sponsor Mr. Roel Pena. James Tunnell, Donald Elrod, Klay Kelso, Mr. Pena, Ann Elliott, Marion Jeffery, and Drusilla Wade. Below Beth Beavers, Phyllis Thomason, and Lynn Baker board the ferris wheel at the fair. This year was the first to have the big rides along with the small ones. 'I Q Danny Carroll and Larry Francis seem to be waiting nervously for the next showning of their stock. Mr. Billy Joe Carroll and Tony Brazeal stand and talk with them about the possible rivals from the county. V ,ft I A , - Good Values Every Day - "Buy Uncle Buss' American Fer+ilizer," says Judy Wl1i+seIl. THE B-B STORE Clo+hing and Shoes for +he En'rire Family "Do you fhink i+ fi+s?" Sco+ Riddle asks affer +rying on a suede coal from +l1e B-B Slore. 0 542-522I illlj McKinney, Texas fl" 5 l Q L ' DAD 3, l a 0 ' M l -aint 56 LADS of MCKINNEY 2 I 7 N. Kenlucky 542-5 I 8 I ,CPoTH""0. -1, Z 3 S' 9 C9 64, AYOQXN gers 604 Nor+I1 Tennessee McKinney, Texas Owner, BENNIE DUGGER ' MI, Bewleg Welding JIM BEWLEY 209W Smith Street owne' Gust North of Duggerfsp 542'7375 McKinney, Texas 75069 Bwmlfs AppU1w.1w-S Fwwitww Cm IIO E. Louisiana McKinney, Texas Phone: Dallas: 542- I 273 23 I -6964 J. . "BILL" Pipe-Line Contractor, Inc. J. W. CHRISTIE: Owner Phone: 377-2400 Expert Welding BILL CHRISTIE, JR. We have no+hing +0 sell bu'r service and we have +he bes+ equipmen+ +o serve YOU be++er! 58 PHIL CHRISTIE B026 Ofogoe Kf. Bow, Owwv DANC!-I Mwwlwwlw Autor LEFT TO RIGHT: J. E. Snider, Charles Cross, Buzz Davis, J. W. TiHIe, Bobby Slough, Charles Cope- Iand, Ray Davis, and Johnny Soulherland. Experienced help is a+ MarshaII's Au+o Cen+er ready +o Iend you a helping hand any fime. Jus+ call 377-2204. Ilogaff Dfciw iw Doing Queens Ilogalb Dfdue IM Use our drive in window! . . . ..,.. ,, ..,.m..., ,,,,m,,,, , ,s 2 5 '2:,u'.',.:ssW SME?" - 1 4 wwe mrs so s-D 5 2 cum causes ucos ns ALAOS swsauomcwsa wus o OIIOH :ss cnouunig Mggugzgllfvgtgq. 5 o s so vu ia an -sllol or as 15 4: M553 mf nun sm' 'C 'C uns nuns ss nnuvwuu ga non: es as 45 comix vc if zo as num nu mi thing Q snullcnss 101 mm we uint! me cms su mv com ig? For your convenience call your order in +o: McKinney 542-6732 Greenville GL 5-3I52 Farmersville 787-726l Q- - 9 Frisco 377-3 I bl Allen 727-5555 '7 W Grapevine 8 I 7-289-5344 159 T DAN THOMAS was D AND soN Q09 ww we SAND AND GRAVEL Phone: 377-2661 ii' Q Lani 'G ni "A Community Service Pharmacy" Main S'rree+ Frisco, Texas JACK ROGERS Registered Pharmacist Business Phone 377-24I2 Phoner 377-2183 Nigh+ Phone 377-3909 160 WHITE AUTO STCRE 517 Main Phone 377-3141 Frisco, Texas CHESTER CLOWERS, Manager For any home, car equipment, or furniture and appliances, contact Chester Clowers, Manager White, Auto Store and he will be ready to give you prornptf, friendly service. ROGERS GULF STATICDN Phone: 377-9933 Hwy. 289 "Daddy, do you reckon +hey'll fhink l work here since I have on a shirf like yours?" asks Russell of Mr. Rog- ers. OWNER: . Grady Rogers Augusi Brings Fooiball Workoui ulllllf :Ilia ali "shelf Y wry r af A wifi K 9, 2:5 l l ii.- ln hoi pursuaf Affernoon workoui draws a group of inferesfed coon Hill shows apprehension as No. 80 lWyliel cafches a backers. 161 He is pursued by Roberi Williams and Randy Webb. RITCHEY'S CIN . 'W ff X J 2 l I f ' AND ' GRAIN MURVYN JAMES ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Owner: M. O. JAMES 400 Main S'rree+ Licensed Elecirician and Con+rac+or Phone: Day - 377-2997 Nighi' - 377-27I2 THOMAS GROCERY Mr. and Mrs. .Tack Thomas provide excellent fishing, hunting, and boat- ing needs along with quality groceries and Mobil products at their store on Highway 720, five miles west of Frisco. Stop in the next time you are headed toward the lake for friend- ly, helpful service. HICKMAN'S Owner: MAYLENE HICKMAN 4I2 Main S+ree+ Phone: 377-2405 Mayiag .and Wes+inghouse Appliances Zeni+h Color and Black and Whiie T.V. 5 4? 6 Emmy + ASSOCIATES , in 'RUN ? 'BOX130 x FRlsco,TExAs 75034 if 'lf-2214377-2425 Q l Pouring of mol+en irong YShell molding process GRAY AND DUCTILE IRON CASTINGS wa Dougias Service Wi+h A Smile 24-HOUR ICE SERVICE Self Service Gas Owner: MR. HANSEL DOUGLAS KEYS MADE WHILE YOU WAIT GDULD n P.O. Box 250 Frisco, Texas 64 2I4-377-2I2I 2I4-23I-I682 E Paint owwlf Dngwaw THE BEST OF PAINTERS S 13 5 14.3 27 392357 K, 220 So. 6+h S+. Frisco, Texas Phone: 377-2705 THE BEST OF PAINT QIUDENTQ 'IZXICE BPEAI6 DURING BUSY DAY Ella Brown sneaks ou+ of P.E. for a sip of wa'Ier. Robin Garner wonders wha+ was so funny. Mary deLeon and Chrisiie Lee will never 'I'elll '5- This is physical exercise, Terry? Michelle Smifh changes before marching in fhe band. 66 Remember . . . lAl The nafural poses of Kirlr Templin, Danny Balmer, and Ricky Hallmark as fhey lisfen a'H'en+ively in class. lBl Tina Barnes doing one of her vigorous jumps during our spiri+ed pep rallies. lCl Mr. Darland and his 'family's going away par+y a'I' ihe You'I'h Cen+er. lDl Whal everyone wished 'I'he Darlands when +hey heard ihaf fhey were moving from Frisco. Here if is expressed on +he beaufiful cake made specially for fhem. lEl How much Cody Co'Hen and Hollis McCracken always lisfened 'lo Mr. Jusfus. FW AA BA CA 2, ze-1 mr 4 lfi"'s3?3ll -fig so sis ,S V' DA EA Qamalds Beawbg Shop Opemtms Ouuwv Qlwfmg Hambg mwb Qomk Whitsell Polwg Redewudf East Maiw at time Tdaugla Tdeptww 277-2422 Beals G-wwzg Paw Qtafdw Paws and Qmmdws COMAMULOZAE and Residwhal Kf+'h1ChBfZ1'fQa'lIfa+TEQ'L'Ff Sue may 208 MOM 9'2- F'ci6C0f, TQ405 V+fg+ g nfdd W SGV- e S. 0 U Plume 277-2151 Q U l FRISCO T.V Owner: E. NEEDHAM AND ELECTRONICS 'I' Whlrlpool 'I' Admiral Prompl' and 'I' Ampex Friendly 'I' Roper Service 'I' RCA CALL: 377-2682 Or Come By 4I3 W. Main Complele Service Depar+men+ Owner: R. G. PARSLEY FF. T1 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS MRS. HAZEL SEELY Call: 377-2697 or MR- JACK SCOTT C B ome Y FIRE, CASUALTY, AUTOMOBILE Call 24-Hours a Day BONDS Phone 377-245I 169 Pfwspefv Qtate Bomb QS., 70 Prosper, MEMBER Texas """""' F.D.l.C. MAHARD EGG FARM Prosper, Texas BOX 248 Phone 347 2421 ii A vp-Oi PHE 5' 3 Glass Meetings Plag Big Pant ati?-HQ lAl Mike Ca+es, presiden+ of +he ienfh grade, is re- lieved when Mrs. MaHhews fakes over. lBl Junior Class members Marlc Sapp, Maxie Duncan, Lynn Isbell, and Roberf Liscano are a very cap+ive audience al lheir mee+ing. lCl Charles Vaughn and Randy Webb don'+ seem fo lhinlc Lori Province's idea is +ha'r grea'r afler all! lDl Richard McGaugh, Janef Pink, Jay Beavers, Randy Bar+on and Tommy Waldsmi+h prefer +heir own s+yle of parliamen+ary procedure. CA BA DA MEYER'S MOBIL STATION Stop at Meyer's for the Best Gas and N:- Oil in Town. ima iii! g i V--1-u 11 HW ' . "rs . As Q Hampden quenehes Qfhirsfi affer hard praciice' '1 wifh foofbailcoaches. 4 1 1 P 'l'.rU - ,V e 'Jor 1 Tacfiii , 11 FINEST MEXICAN FOOD ANYWHERE 377-9927 Also Serving Your Favoriie American Food and Home Cooked Lunches MR. and MRS. JESSE MARTINEZ 172 Owners Open 6:30 - I0:0O Main S+. - Frisco ""W4 ' n--vi. L -1 0 ix STOP WWII, If: PETE and BRENDA LEWALLEN'S 720 DRIVE-IN LITTLE ELM'S FRIENDLIEST ONE-STOP STORE Puukiw Fishing Supplies and Bai+ ARCO SERVICE STATION Vmiebg OFFICIAL STATE INSPECTION GIGS I-lobbies CompIe+e Au+omo'rive Service 377-9947 377-2728 Li++Ie Elm, Texas NEXT DOOR TO POST OFFICE HOOK, LINE 84 SINKER CAFE STeaks Fish Lunch Breakfasi' Specializing in Fresh Cahfish Closed Monday and Tuesday Camp Lucille and I2I4I 377-3I78 ROBERTSON I7 F-1158001 Owners Phone MR. and MRS. 377-3'29 WILBURN DICKERSON Mr. and Mrs. Dickerson y i"3Ai"1""5"I"T"?MT"T"A'i"'T'i""T"?"2TgEQ ASW!! 5 s Q Con'I'ac+ Kenne+h Phillips by ' M f' ' 5 1 dj calling 377-2467 or by going i 23.1-v1.v:w1w:.,:wrw:w:v:w1..1w:w1w.i by fhe GULF AGENCY for an your GULF needs. When you wan'r 1'ha+ exlra 'friendly service, use GOCD SINCE I936 GULF producfs. ' Hals GULF AGENCY ' Shoes ' Dry Goods Frisco, Texas ' Ready-To-Wear Phone: 377-2462 . 74 I-lewcg's Sw OPEN 7:00 A.M. - 377-2900 8:00 P.M. 306 Main S+ree1' FRESH VEGETABLES Owners AND MR. and MRS. FROZEN FOODS HENRY FRANCIS Mr. and Mrs. Henry Francis serve customers Lynn Isbell and Michel Johnson. H0w0lldfTll0lUllf0W FORD PINTO, MUSTANG, MAVERICK TORINO. FORD THUNDERBIRD Howard Thornton is always ready +0 serve you, whether if is in seleciing a new FORD pickup, Musrang, LTD, Pin+o, Torino, or Thunderbird. Howard Thorn+on needs and apprecia+es your aufomolive repair business! Mr. Howard Thorn+on says, "Come by and see me or call 377-2762." Chesney Brothers 30 Dtikg- QU IM E NY Q3 Y l Ex C3 f I : 53-.,...- , A V 3 ...Hx F .pfwix ,ls , . Lt: -E-ri, ,fin Q -- -we Service is an important factor to consider in buying equipment. Chesney Brothers offer a complete line of John Deere equipment with dependable service. Frisco: 377-2465 Dallas: 1-3864 175 Hawsw Iwswramw J' D' Haw Ddsclaug TAYLOR HANSEL, Owner Phone: 377-2404 Box 94 Frisco, Texas Bonds YOUR lnifpmlm . Lia biIH,Y lluunurz MGENT 'flifll YOU glll Business House Life ' I Come by or phone: Frisco 377-2643 Dallas 235-8296 ' . T A f T XR , . 55-, X V 76 Frisco Texas Tex+ile Prin+ing Proprie+ors H. H. MENEFEE R. K. HOLLAS THE FIRST STATE BAN MEMBER F.D.I.C. FRISCO, TEXAS OFFICERS JACK M. SCOTT President TRACY D. KING Vice President and Cashier JACK SCOTT, JR. Vice President A. F. SMITH Inactive Vice President MRS. BOBBY MANN Assistant Cashier MISS SYLVIA KERLEY Proof MRS. MARY ANN BARNES Teller MRS. ELLIE MINTER Teller MRS. RUTH COVINGTON Teller MRS. PAT GOLDMAN Bookkeeper ORGANIZED I947 YOUR-BEST FINANCIAL FRIEND 7 Homecoming Is A Week Of Hard 3 Mr. Earl Yates, Jimmy Yates, The Seventh Grade expressed their true prophesy of Cheryl N0I'riS, KCHIIY Lawi- their Senior year. more, Mr. Ralph Roberts, ff . - R P Q, Y Ks .fa X F 1 The Elementary School was lucky to have a good helper like Mrs. Mary Kerby to stuff napkins for them. Robert Norris and Filo Ortega stand and admire the lovely Fresh- man float. 178 Work For Parents And tudents - f kins for the Sophomore float. and Mr. Ken Covington were only a few that helped build the creative junior float. ' , gf, A . . -wi' ,f 1-aria' W' M ' QM ri I fir M, 5 S 1 ,Iii I E r H It looks like Mrs. Billy Haun has been working on the Junior float a little Miflhael Molindor is frying t0 find bit too long, but Mrs. Ruth Covington, Lou Ann Brazeal, and Suzie Roberts 3 H1016 SCi6H'EifiC way I0 fold a are still working hard. napkin- if ,rn -' I we if J 1 f Mrs. Ruth Borchardt and Karen Rogers Tina Barnes is working hard to were two that faithfully worked on the reach her goal of only 5, 962 nap- 50Ph0m0fe float- 'I79 Mr. Billy Phillips, Mrs. Sue Watson, and Mr. I. D. Haun were officers for 1971 Homecoming. we-U Mms 5A, X -M14 f ' Y A d Many home folks and exes enjoyed the barbeque. A parade approaches! Those Were The Days Many fans came out to back the Coons at the Homecoming game. ,-IQ" Mike Aaron and Michael Fisher were two who showed off their horses in the parade. t 180 s V I . Nnasuungqussauuuuq - When Fun Was The Homecoming J 4' Mr. Fielden and so in line at barbeque .-. fl,!.Z'T'TT'lt nCh ris wait .T , 7 1 rn The judges reported that choosing the outstanding floats was a stupendous task. 'ffl M 1 my The freshman class had an unusual float - Victory in the Stars '10 5: X' A-00 There were big crowds at all the Homecoming activities, including the barbeque. ' NN r , Whetherit is plastering walls with campaign posters, dressing tacky, taking a mid-term exam cropping pictures or cooking a steakg it all is part of the school day at FHS. Involvement in the activities of the school year makes each stud ent a part of the band of Coons learn- ing, experiencing, growing. To be a Coon is to be involved in the happenings in this FHS Coonland. QTOP RIGHTJ A clowning session p caught Karen Rogers, Lynn Isbell, Tina Barnes, Kim Jackson and Marion Jeffery with bad casa of the bulge. QC ENTERJ Monday afternoon staff meeting found Suzie Roberts cropping picture. CT' CABOVE LEFTJ Lynn Isbell, Debbie Bell and Kathy Baum do a little "hamming" at the Wednesday morning staff meeting. CABOVE RIGHTQ Mid-term exam finds Cindy Morrow working hard to finish an English test. School at FHS Coonland Is Much More Than Attending Classes 3019 LEFTQ Time of the test maly mean checking a steak for Paul Bolin or stirring candy for Dale Dishmon. CTOP GHTJ A broken wrist does not inder Karen Rogers in her delight with the new B basketball uniform . CABOVE LEFTJ Joe Hazlewood checks a flask during chemistry lab. QABOVE RIGHT J Peggy and Houston Mulanax, Pablo Chavez, Carlotta and Mateo Ortega, and Emiliono Gonzalez surprised Mrs. Hansel with a birthday party. TOB i 1 A A - Mr. Moehring greets Lt. Governor Ben Barnes. B - Steve Clark shows that he is an acrobat at one of the assemblies. C - Mr. White are you late to class again? D - Roger Black does a battery experiment in Physics. E - Beverly Lowimore and Kim Province show off their new band sweaters. F - Woodshop I seems to keep Don- ald Iohnson Busy. QE FP Is To Be A Coon -nl JK x Mikes Cates shows his FFA project - a Hereford heifer. A - Connie Pearson and Tina Bames cheer our boys on to vic- tory. B - Michelle Wright enjoys Typing I. 'C - Our mighty Coon bench. D - Drum Major Donna Elliott plays the BIG saxophone in the concert band. D 6 A Aaron, June 34,83,84,85,l40, 90,38,23,158 Aaron, Mike 24,26,138,139,180, 94,98 Aaron, Ricky 45,110,98 Aaron, Steven 55 Aiken, Mike 34,23 Airhart, Mike 55 Almand, Randy 40,110,98,86 Almand, Tammye 50,103,128,80 Anderson, Jeff 45,119,101 Antwiler, Patty 40 Anzaldua, Manuel 40,122 Anzaldua, Norfa 55 Anzaldua, Robert 50 Arismendez, Albert 50,126 Arismendez, Ester 55 Arismendez, Odelia 55 Ashley, Lucille 17,71 Auld, Michael 10,36,114,119 B Bacchus, Steve 26,114,116,90,86 23 Bacchus, Tommy 55,12O,127,l11 Ballard, Diane 50 Ballard, Shelia 34,138 Ballard, Travis 59 Baker, Danny 26,167,98 Baker, Lynn 45,84,155 Barnes, Kenneth 6 Barnes, Tina 40,84,102,103,113, 142,166,179,185,123,124,91 ,86, 182 Barrow, Donnie 40,114,117,119, 143,120,121,91,110,159 Barrow, Mr. R. L. 22 Barton, Randy 26,114,l15,118,' 171,120,137,122,90,86,23,159 Baum, Beverly 50,128,94 Baum, Kathy 40,88,93,142,124, 125,109,94,182 Baum, Steve 45,-49,119,122,110, 98,100 Beavers, Beth 45,49,84,89,155, 123 Beavers, Jay 26,29,85,114,116, 143,171,136,144,111,98,99,86, 101,80 Bell, Debby 26,32,83,84,88, 142,91,86,23,182,159 Benson, Charlotte 55 Benson, Kathy 34 Index Berghouser, Carolyn 50,54,128 Black, Roger 26,27,184,90,86,22 Black, Violette 21 Blake, Donald 50,126 Bledsoe, Calvin 6 Bledsoe, Max 50,5 Boals, Mary 17,75 Boatright, Charles 27,114,115, 101,23 Bolin, Paul 27,138,139,90,183,23 Borchardt, Ruth 11,4O,179,86 Branch, Cindy 41,84 Brazeal, Lou Ann 34,54,179,23 Bristow, Bobby 45,119,100 Brown, David 34,114,117,23 Brown, Ella 34,93,139,165,124, 125,94,80 Brown, Maurine 41,93,114,124,94 Brown, Thelma 45,48,123 Bryson, Betty 16 Burman, Karen 27,30,33,82,83, 84,89,107,23 Butler, Brad 50,141,126 Byrd, Cindy 26,27,84,14-3,152 Byrd, Jack Ray 34,143,152,23 Byrd, Steven 50,126 C Calvillo, David 50,126 Calvillo, Diane 50,128 Calvillo, George 55 Calvillo, Ricky 50,126,127 Camacho, David 41 Camacho, Gilbert 46 Campbell, Sandy 41,25,48,88,23, 158 Campbell, William fBi1lJ 34,88 Canfield, Donald 45,38,22 Cannady, Jack 50,126,127 Cannon, Ricky 45,110,94,98 Carroll, Dale 27,98,80 Carroll, Danny 41,114,119,l55, 110,98 Carroll, Marsha 28,48,111 Carter, Bessie 34,l5,123,144,124, 125,109,86 Carter, Carolyn 28,30,84 Carter, Edie 55,103,142,128,90, 91,94,80 Carter, Gracie 20 Carter, Jack 41,143 Carter, Kathy 50,92,93,127 Carter, Kenneth 55,127 Carter, Kevin 50,126 Carter, Nikki 45,84 Cates, Mike 46,49,88,l19,171, 185,122,90,110,98,99,100 Chancellor Howard 46 Chancellor, Iva Nell 23 Chancellor Janet 55,127,94,80 Chancellor Patricia 50,127 Chancellor Tim 41 ,120,121 Chappell, Jimmy 34,35,114,119 Chappell, Terry 55,127 Chavez, Pablo 183 Cisneros, Narcisco 55,127 Clark, Steve 55,58,184,127 Clowers, Joe 28,114,138,23 Cobb, Chris 25,28,33,138,139, 111,98 Cook, Billy 50,126 Cook, Bobby 28 Cotton, Cody 28,167,98 Coulter, Christie 55,94 Coulter, Doyle 26 ,29,139,143, 101,80 Coulter, Janet 34,15,84,123,107 86 Covington, Chris 50,126 Covington , Terri 34, 142 , 19 7 Cowen, Susie 46,84,113,120,124 Craig, Penny 46,48,84,123,90 Crawford, Lilly 34 Crigger, Sherry 10, 5,91 D Davis, Jackie 46,119,110,98 Davis, Jeff 55 Davis, Larry 55,127 Davis, Randy 34,143 Davis, Rita 50,128 Davis, Shelia 55, 57,128 Davitte, Dale 16 DeLeon, Julia 55 DeLeon, Mary 46,84,165 Dishmon, Arlene 46,84 Dishmon, Dale 25,29,183,23 Dishmon, Patsy 20 Dougharty, Jodie 29,84,85,23 Duke, Mitchell 50,127 Duncan, Bobby 51 ,127 Duncan, Foy 20,21 Duncan, Gary 46 Duncan, Ginger 46,82 Duncan, Maxey 35,138,171 Duncan, Tommie Sue 29,84,142 Dunfield, Billy 51 duMenil, Barbara 35,2,36,89,12f 108,86 duMenil, Michael 55 E Elizondo , Armando 56 ,127 , 98 Elizondo, Jimmy 41 Elliott, Dee Ann 51,54,155,l28, 108 Elliott, Donna 29,92,93,97 ,185, 86,23 Elliott, Bdris 17,72 Elliott, Jan 16 Elrod, Donald 46,155,108,94 Escabeda, Javier 126 F Fielden, W. A. 14,40,181,123, 110,98 Fisher, Wilma 12,88,89 Fodge, Ruth Ann 19,60 Flores, Lorenzo 56 Flores, Raymond 126 Ford, Michael 51 Fox, Bobby 51,126,127 Francis, Debby 23 Francis, Larry 41,114,155,101 Francis, Ruth 20 Froggart, David 56,127 G Garner, Cindy 41 Gamer, Robin fPittmanJ 46,165 Garza, Elva 51,54 Garza, Jesse 41 Garza, Manuel 29 Garza, Qflvia 56 George, Alta 51,128 Goldman, Mary Jo 17,74 Gomez, Lupe 51,127 Gomez, Mary 41 Gomez, Max 126 Gonzales, Benito 35,107 Gonzales, Emiliana 51,183 Gonzalez, Beatriz 41,123 Gonzelez, Jesse 41,114 Gonzalez, Julian 41 Gonzalez , Maria 51 , 54, 128 Griffin, Bob 51,5,54,126,127 Griffin, George 22 Griffin, Chris 41,40,90,110,111 98,99 Griffin, Tim 35,98 Gross, Gig 46,119 Gross, Jeff 56 Index Grounds, Robin 52,128 Guerra, Ray 52,127 H Hale, David 46,47,119,91,110,98, 99 Hale, Penney 35,24,48,140,38,80 I-Iale, Terry 52,128 Haley, Miriam 17,70 Hallmark, Ricky 30,167 Haman, Lynda 18,66 Hamilton, Debra 46 Hamilton, Jerry 56,127 Hampton, Alice 35,123,94,86 Hampton, Milton 41,114,119,172, 122 Hansel, Edwina 12,13,36,183 Hanson, Ramonia 52 Hanson, Ted 46,98,101 Harrington, Joretta 17 , 76 Harrington, Van 35 Harris, Monty 56 Harris, Voyze 15, 5,36 Harvell, Allan 47 Haun, Ricky 35,138,98 Hayes, Gary 12,49,114,123,124, 128 Hays, Kathy 56.94 Hazlewood, Joe 41,183 Henderson, Deborah 52 Hickey, Larry 30 Hicks, Kelly 56,55,127,91 Hill, Cindy 52 Hill, Debra 56 Hill, Harold 12,113,114,115,116 Hinojosa, Jim 52,126 Hinojosa, Minerva 35,123,22 Hinojosa, Tony 47,98 Holland, Jimmy 47,119,110,98 Holland, Sammy 56,127 Hooper, Elaine 21 Hooper, Johnny 52,126,127 House , Holly 30 , 28 , 112 , 142 , 143 , 144,109,86,23 Howard, Martha 52,128 I Isaacs, Ed 10 Isbell, Bert 9 Isbell, Eloise 11,27 Isbell, Lynn 35,83,84,93,142,152, 171,175,123,94,39,182 Ishmael, Kathy 47 Ishmael, Linda 56 J Jackson, Kim 41,42,83,84,123 Jaime, Martha 35 James, Barbara 47,83,84 Jeffery, Betty 15,55 Jeffery, Marion 41,40,44,89,155, 123,144,90,91,108,86,182,80,159 Jeffery, Royce Lynn 52,51,103, 128,80 Jernberg, Jan 12,55,114,126,128 Johnson, Dianne 35,143,23 Johnson, Donald 47,119,184,144, 110,98,101 Johnson, Patricia l9,20,63 Johnson, Paul 30,139,111,98 Jones, Pam 56 Jusms, Charles 11,27 Justus, Frances 11 ,5,84,85,143 K Kelso, Kim 42,84,123 Kelso, Klay 47,155,108,94 King, Allen 56 ,127 King, Debbie 35,37,142,124,90,38 L Ledesma, Anita 56 Ledesma, Armando 47,119,98 Ledesma, Edwardo 56 Ledesma, Yolanda 47,84 Lee, Christie 47,165 Lee, Lula 56 Linton, Debbie 47,83,123,144,86 Linton, Jimmy 52,126 Liscano, Frankie 56,59 Liscano, Ricky 47,119,127 Liscano, Robert 35,171 Lockwood, Linda 35,142,138,84 Lopez, Ramiro 42 Lopez, Rosa 56 Lowrimore, Beverly 30, 93,184, 94, 23 Lowrimore, Kenneth 36,114,116,23 Lowry, Diane 18,64 M Marshall, Wesley 51,52,126,91,94 Martinez, Julian 56 Martinez, Mary 52,94 Massey, Linda 10,27 Matthews, Nicki 12, 13,49 Mayes, Bernice 52 Mayes, Dana 52 Mayes, Donald 42 Mayfield, Gerry 57,93,128,109,94 95 Mays, Melinda 30,142,90,86,23,159 18 7 vi, e 1 'ill-F' Wow The Dags Vw N1 .... y Those were fhe days, my friend. We fhoughi' +hey'd never end. We'd sing and dance forever and a day. We'd lived fhe life we'd choose We'd flghi' and never lose, For we were young and sure fo have our way. 1 M Y ,gm-qw ,. , 'irizil 4 -- few.. sae , . :Lf I . -- fc km- . fe.. Y-. ,Mx A , 'F M be N. 'R' " 'S ' XiSG,5Q:y ,hge y so vo 171x415 wh: high., s KV- ss,-A F, . , +ex,??"" -ao, wi- Q4 - .ff -A ., or :Sm-A , ,W Mu .,-ws-. .. x - .aw - vm -fl 'Km 3. ".?' .Y -e ' ag N ve . yi . . K. . ,M .. v. - 'L' su McCarty, Lorene 16,78 McCord, Kathleen 47,83,91 McCracken, Hollis 30,31 ,167,98 McCullough, Charlm 52 McCullough, Eddie 52 McGaugh, Kenneth 56,127 McGaugh, Richard 30,143,171 McSpedden, Joni 42,102,103,136 144,125,90,9l McSpedden, T. H. 6 Miller, James 57 Miller, Verna 47 Minter, Ronnie 36,114,116,120, 38,23 Mireah, Pamela 52 Moehring, Joe 8,184,159 Molidor, Joshua 52,126 Molidor, Louis 36,101,38 Molidor, Mark 57,127 Molidor, Michael 42,179,110,98 86,101,80,159 Moore, Tony 42,120,121 Morrison, Georgia 31 Morrow, Cindy 47,84,182 Mulanax, Houston 57,13,183 Mulanax, Juston 57 Mulanax, Peggy 57,183 N Nash, Mary 18,65 Newman, Dale 57,127,95 Newman, Jim 47,88,93,97,l1O, 95,98 Newton, Betty 52 Nichols, Kim 48,459,124 Nichols, Ruby 8 Nichols, van 42,114,1l7,143,137 120,121,9O,110,98,86,80,159 Norris, Ann 14,36 Norris, Barbara 52,54,128 Norris, Cheryl l5,36,83,84,88, 113,124,125,91,98,99,86,100, 38,80 Norris, David 48 Norris, Robert 48,49,93,178,110 95,98,lO0 O Obiedo, Annette 57,93,109,95 O'Riley, Sandy 31,84,5 Ortega, Carlotta 52 , 54,183 Ortega, Clemente 36,114,117 Ortega, Edwardo 43,115,90 Ortega, Filo 42,40,41,114,l15, 119,178 Index Ortega, Joe 43,114,119,22 Ortega, Mateo 53,127,183 Ortega, Raul 48,119 P Painter, Tina 36,23 Pallett, Dennis 36 Pannell, Brenda 48,84 Pannell, Joey 53 Pannell, Johnny 48 Pannell, Sandra 43,84 Parsley, Annette 53 Pearson, C. B. 6 Pearson, Connie 36,102,103,136, 185,124,125,90,91,86,38 Pearson, Libby 36,88,93,143,154,2, 120,123,124,95,86,80 Rogers, Randy 57 Rojas, Rosa 57 Rolater, Robbyn 57,128,80 Rucilez, Marcia 57,128,109 Ruiz, Elva 43 Ruiz, Henry 48,1l9,98,lO0 Ruiz, Joel 53,54,126 Ruiz, Leo 36,114,1l7,118 S Sanchez, Janie 48,84 Sanchez, Manuel 48 Sanchez, Sylvia 53,95 Sanderfer, Troy 53,126 Sapp, William fMarkJ 37,121,171 Sheppard, Donna 31,82,84,107,23 Sheppard, Jeff 57,127 Pelt, Craig 36,114,117,137,144, 98,23 Pena, Bernardo 36 Penland, Margaret 21 Petrus, Pauline 19,62 Phelps, Karla 53 Phillips, Bill 6,180 Pickrell,'Charles 31,98 Pink, Janet 31,171,142,82,86,23 Pink, E. G. 6 Pink, Janet 31,171,142,82,86,23 Pink, Mary 48,84,89,158 Pittman, Rebecca 53 Porter, Lucille 57 Porter, Luther 57 Pratt, Billy 43 Pratt, Narvella 48 Province, David 48,l19,98 Province, Kim 57,142,93,184,128 , 109,98 Province, lori 26,30,31,84,85,102, 103,141,142,171,90,23 R Rasco, Larry Reyna, Jesse 43,114,119 Riddle, Chris 53 Riddle, Marie 17,69 Riddle, Scott 43,156 Roberts, Suzie 36,89,136,142,179, 136,144,125,90,108,86,182 Rodriquez, Jose 57 Rodriquez, Yolanda 57 Rogers, Bill 41,4-3,114,119,122 Rogers, Bob 53,126,54,95 Rogers, Karen 43,2,83,89,12O,179, 123,183,182 Rogers, Marshall 53,126 Sirkel, Brenda 57 Sirkle, Barbara 48,45,83 Skidmore, Faye 48 Skidmore, Ray 48 Slough, Bobby 31,98 Slough, Debra 37 Slough, Mary 53 Slough, Vanessa 44 Smith, Charlm 31,45 Smith, Danny 53 Smith, Esther 32,84 Smith, Kathie 37,102,103,137, 143,38 Smith, Michelle 53,165,128,95 Smith, Robert 44 Smith, R. T, 5,7 Sonntag, Larry 37,98 Sons, Candice 58,128,95 Sons, Gwendolyn 21 Soto Anita 32,142 Soto Lydia 58 Soto Reynaldo 48 Spencer, Carol 17,18,73 Spender, Michael l3,92, 97 Springer, Barbara 16,l9,79 Sprouse, Dianna 37,84,89,152, 124,38 Standerfer, Johnny 53,126 Stark, Aileene 16,78 Storey, Mary Nan Fitch 13,84,85, 158 Storey, Ronnie 122 Su-oud, Susan 53 T Tadlock, Marilyn 44, 84,102 ,103, 90, 9l,lO7,86 Tadlock, Polly 18,68 4 Taylor, Eddie 44,98 Taylor, Mike 37,98 Taylor, Timothy 58,127 Templin, Billy 58,127 Templin, Kirk 32,166 Templin, Melanie 53,93,128,95 Templin, Sheryl 53,128,95 Tepfer, David Thomas, Bobbye 9 Thomas, Jackie 58,127 Thomason, Charles 53,126,127 Thomason, Phyllis 49,84,155 Thompson, Betty 58 'I'hompson, Bonnie 58,140,142,128 95 Thompson, Frankie 44 Thompson, Mable 49 Thompson, Nancy Thomton, Cynthia 58,128,95 Trevino, Rene 54,126,127 Trevino, Richardo 49,119 Tunnell, lame 54,126,155,108, 95 Turner, Creamella Tumer, Milton 22 Turner, Sammy 49,119 Turner, Ricky 54,127 Turquette, Linda 10,51 V Vaughn, Blake 51 , 52,126,127 , 90,91 Vaughn, Charles 32,114,116,171, 98 Vaughn, LaDonna 44.142,151,23 Vaughn, Sammy 7,120 Vice, Vickie 58,103,128,80 Villarreal, Janie 54 W Wade, Brad 31,114,118 Wade, Brenda 50,54,128 Wade, Derie 44,84,158 Wade, Drusilla 44,93,97,155,123, 90,108,l09,95,86,l59 Wade, Joe 6 Wade, Ricky 32,154, 98 Waldsmith, Ricky 44,114,116,120, 121,154,110,98 Waldsmith, Tommy 32,114,l16, 118,14-3,154,171,9l,l11,98 Walker, Kenneth 15,51,114,119, 122 Walls, Lavella 18,67,77 f Ward, Ricky 58 KY? VL REV- Q, we flyfl J X l in UVZJXQXQ MQ! 1 lxulbdnxi X Index Q., ,raw Watson, Joyce 58 Pipxwi K K Watts. Julia 17 AM XVULA' XML LM Webb. Randy s2,112,114,115, Q VUL' X' ,WC XL MMM, 161,171,98,23 - Qiildlf Webb, Sharon 54,142,128,95 Q -ml Qmq, J West, Cathy 58 VUL' ' 4423 I Weston, Beverly 49,ss,s4 Weston, Charles 55,56,58,126 QAMXL White, Richard 11,3e,1s4 fqfykieu Whitsell, Gary 40,43,44,114,118, 120,121,141-3,38 Whitsell, Judy 37,83-,84,85,38,23 Williams, Doris 54 Williams, Frankie 37,124,125 Williams, Robert 44,114,118,119, 120,121,161 Williams, Sammy 44 Williams, Theresa 37 Williamson, Sandra 58 , 93 , 128 , 109,95 Wilson, Betty 14,15 Wilson, Cherry Wilson, Karen 44,92,93,97 x X, Wilson, Terry Vi Wilson, Willie 49 X Wright, Martin 49,119,123,9a,99 Wright, Michelle 37,185 Wrobleski, Pam 46,49,82,83,84 Y Yates, Jimmy 37,114,116,118,90 5, A sfwsse Q CNSSQSXVFSSSJCF5. J s h lk TN R ' Sf GJ S5931 U .1 " .. sr 5 ssl? C PU J 1. 1 J X ' I Q3 N ...X ,SY J . XP X if bas We ' is Q 5'sQ Q1 X X se 5 . 12,1 ,N 1 -1 , 19 fer 'Dx ,N X ,, '-. k M ' f y QQCJQX QQ fd gif 63 if Sf gf y,fwf5,f'50i'i3Q 2ff?6TZm,ffQQ , WSQGJ ww 6 QQQQEQO J wfiwywgf' ' QQ ' W X Xlgift +7 !bpyW4 P rsqfay Pgevzn 'U "' M ron 3 Www M I' +4 ' of mg, ' 1 M X 4:::,.m.,L:'k' L I-I K? Sy ouej os, sgvgv pq JUMP Hmm Q W 1953 ww Sw u GJ NUMQQ N X s.h xx V Q 1 X. jq. f i O 1 ,S U Q K 5 Q31 pg K W QQ 3255353 W 653W 'fi wiki wi gk ig 5' ' V x - A - , .ax . ,- K Q ' Q M Liga l 7 f?i:EQ3? Nv- K ja Q mol U9 QUW x 5 P Q Xkbffx . Q mffwf ,, 'N J iff. Oam Jim, QQQZQQQJ wwf kan N ww W1 Q, Q7 we qfqw Q X Q Ms dl GUM. . VXA' CHQ , K M whim P U 646542655457 ' .SMU QENW jg-R52-X ja? 6 A! !0ZCCQ' mn t Jw ZR! cmd G0 We , L 5 2 Q WW f Q MQQ Q WMM Mfw ZEEYW L KILEX-mQ271UjR 59 940 41 ESQ V01-4ff5f56W V U MGH Cbfl? bg . 'W WQJQf2w fN',Q, mf AGU A x , Q mg, "7 Vw V1 3 Omfwgw Q YU AWQHQ, ex , . . ,ZZJLYQA5 'J!?W' 6ZQ Igvrwfjkf M M uf" wo . . 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N .. .A ,A .. 4 wg., -fff?'5ff.-nv, -Q , 1 . , N., .J .vb . .. ,,. 41.1. 1- 1 . , ,up -...L A 2 W, ' i -'11 ,gg li ,'1'37y,'.,A2-fr 'if-MA, - tv I K 4 A ,--HQ' -sg ,K W 3 - 1- , Hi'-M, - , xr,-w by --- Q.-egv , r -z.. V' H' . - --. 'iq r A x mg ..f,.. if ..-...J - ' " 3'?,g,m' ,L ' 'fag51: ti Q:Z'L':2.i ' -'4 . - -a., :va-r sf

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