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,-1- 'ggi , 1 A .z H -f . g,.f-,- N L. ' cv N W ,?. M. ,,.,.k EH W - ,. :X -, Q- M,- I 9 J FRlSCO HIGH SCHOOL FRISCO, TEXAS ...wh ' K JWM 0 9:13 J' N v -1 6 nf: .s 'W FOREWORD The fine tradition of Frisco Schools reaches far into the past, the first school being es- tablished in 1876, before the city was es- tablished and named. The school was es- tablished under the jurisdiction of what was then the Farmers Schoo1Districtwas known as the Bass School House. Miss Marinda Bass was the first teacher and the building stood on her father's property. Because of the increasing population this school was moved to the Howard farm and was then known as the Howard School House. In 1902 an innovation came to Frisco without which Frisco would not be the town it is today. The St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad furnished excitement, more peo- ple, and a name for the town. It was then that a new two-story, four-roomschoolwas constructed and the school district was re- organized and named the Frisco Indepen- dent School District. A devastating storm destroyed the building in 1909 and school was temporarily dismissed while a three- story building was constructed at the pres- ent high school site. This building was condemned in 1922 because of a shaky foundation and a new building was built, part of which is still in use as the junior high school and shop. Construction of the present building began in July, 1939 at a cost of 3S75,000. This building has been completely redecorated several times. Each year the system enjoys new improve- ments and growth such as the building of Acker Elementary School in 1963, annex- ing of a choral department, marchingband and a library. Many traditions surround the Frisco School, the foremost being the will and desire to win whatever the contest may be. The '66 Coonskin staff desires to cap- ture the record of another year inthe illus- trious history of the Frisco School and make it a year to remember in the annals of FHS. fr- Staff si ii 13 5? s af--1... I V A ,, if flzawz in f x ,i lf ,,,,,,. it , wtlfwu 17 11N ,Qs uv- 3 5 vig. M-. gg ,y,, fr Corbell and Smith Mr. Corbell and Mr. Smith work as a team to make the school year a success. Some of their duties are pleasant such as attending as- sembly, enrolling new students, and compiling the honor roll. lust as some tasks are enjoyable, others are less gratifying. It is not an easy task to meet the evaluation committee, make the school bud- get, give an unexcused cut, handle a discipline problem, andfor figure out a workable class schedule, Each attends an administrators conference yearly where more progressive education is presented. Each must know a great deal of school law. Mr. Corbell handles the student problems, scheduling and the day to day functions of the high school, while Mr, Smith assumes responsi- bility of all Frisco schools, attend- ing board meetings, obtaining school personnel, purchasing, and super- vising other Frisco School Adminis- trators, With the cooperation of personnel, students, and patrons these gentle- men lead the Frisco District to fulfilling its highest potential for a superb system. Board Responsible for School Policy School board consists of seven members, two elected . ' each April for a term of three years. The board members elect school personnel on the recom mendation of the superintendent of schools who assigns and defines the duties of staff members, subject to the ap- proval of the board. Mr. W. H. Mr. S. W. Dr. E. G. Rasor Christie Pink MR. CHARLES PEARSON y Board President The schools exist primarily for the purpose of offering a quality educational program to the pupils of the community and all else is secondary in importance to this end. Mr, R. W. Mr. Earl Mr. Calvin Antwiler Yates Bledsoe Wester - Mr, carwesfef Isbell - Mr, Bert rsbeu Junior High Principal Grammar School Principal Administrative Workers TRN Sh. Mrs. Sammy Vaughn serves as secretary to the superintendent and is bookkeeper for the school system. Rosemary Hughes, Charles Elliott, and Mike Watson assist in the chemistry lab. Roy Mason, Brenda Yates, Sharon Griffin, and Sally Haggard assist in the principa1's office during the day. i. ' ,ff-4 I ,1 Julie Osborn, Jonette Alexander, Beverley Camp- Mr Ingram keeps attendance records for the whole high school s bell. Looking up reference material, replacing Mr. B. R. Caraway books, mending, etc. , are among the duties of Counselgr 6 library assistants. ' A Facult in WI would not hesitate to say that the United States is the finest society grand scale that the world has thus Alfred N orlh Whitehead 5? z 2 .:': if Q i t sk I U z 5 I -, is M I I ' 63 ii' xx Q Q is Si. N f , A , Q 6 tri - 5 '- f x .A Q , -L , 3 I ' It , 40. G 4 , . 'ii f I 1 X- I ' . , W 5 L J I f, i ' ' - . j , , j I 5 t 1 , i h S A 1' 3 ,J i rj FT fl ,Ui 4 j fji ff Al, ,I I, I . A r I ei , 1--f i we-,...,q,,,,, .. ,J ,...x W , .1 s If , tif 5 in Q., "N'-" ,L f 1 3 -:J I ,J -I ge-95 iss 3 H "'f"'f"'1"""'f"""'i'Te'-M1 'L' i ' i i f if ' "' 'C ' f 2 U I . -' T , . f mu. Q l 1 1 1 S U B U A' 7 ' - i e ,f --,I 2 3 fe 1- - - I l I I I I I KC .9 i i f t K i ..........4.....-- n i lll!........i ... x 'QP ,I is MRS. BARBARA FRAZER I English and Spanish 'wa-L. , f .I L I so AAA M M A M or Noon hour provides many varied activitie Instructors Are MRS. RUTH SLAUGHTER English MR. STANLEY MITCHELL MISS AVA HUMPHREYS MR. JOHN INGRAM MR. BILL HICKS Science Library Music Math MRS. EDDYE TUC KER Homemaking 'm playing chase to conversation with a friend. i iuide-Participants fxxmwfm . :W 3. Q9 if 361' MR. W. A. FIELDEN Vocational Agriculture MRS. RUTH BORCHARDT MRS. WILMA FISHER MR. LLOYD NICHOLS Math and Business Business History 9 i i JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY Students are - - - Noisy, but forgiving Big feet, and fu11 of living Serious underneath a broad grin Though rough as nutmeg graters they've been. MR. CAL WESTER, Jr. High Principal, Science MR. HAROLD STATON, Math MR. JOHN TUCKER, Social Studies MR. BILL CHAPMAN, P,E. MRS. JAYNE CHAPMAN, English Junior High Building Details blind me to my life, I'm simply living in a maze I'm busied so with this and that I hardly see myself for days. . Happiness Is a Good lunch and u Clean Building .45 Mrs. Katrina Mrs. Ruth Francis Mrs. Leo Haur Robertson Cook Head Cook Head Cook Resigned Oct, 1 Bobby Broyles, member of National Youth Corps, cleans that orange paint off the Junior High building. Q B 3 5. 8 1 4 I Bus Drivers include: Mr. Barrow Mr. Chapman NYC fNationa1 Youth Mr. Staton Corpsy is sponsored by Mr. Wester the federal government. Mr. Hicks Each young man works 10 hours a week. Mrs. Iris Hale, cook, gives that table a real scrub down. Cooks keep the kitchen spot- less. i f H ii isis 55 ' n -I Mr, R. L. Barrow Bobby Broyles Mike Barrow Mr. Ben Duncan commutes from Lewis- Maintenance NYC NYC villeg sweeps and cleans both buildings. I I Learning Is u Continuous Effort Messrs. Corbell and Wester are among those studying toward another degree. V They're studying school law toward a doctorate. I if ii- 1 -lg'Vf Mrs. Borchardt writes shorthand on overhead projector as Barbara, Brenda, Nanci, Joan, and Julie learn how to form the characters. JA' Q GQ Qi s.f"'W Johnny Davis makes good use of the library during noon hour. Cecilia, Eddie, Ronald make the effort toward greater typewriting speed. 5 . 'Q 3 , xifliggilgf liisl QQ ' f 5 .sti l .y D, , ' 'll 1 f J.. Q I QA , . A bv... VF l r ':. W Y, .,, 35 ,,, F t W . srl 'gmvhwx A ' I i fp, 5. tm f X ff Y 'gf ff'-P" 5' si' 11 . - l ' J ' 'e' :wt Mr. Mitchell had a hand in this. Mike, Jo Ann, Eddie make experiments in the science lab. Band members learn the cadence as they march in the homecoming parade. wa Classes "I hope we shall never forget that we created this nation, not to serve ourselves, but to serve man- kind." Woodrow Wilson f r T f S 'ai l lllllllllli viii' 1 E 5 ,W ns' i -W 5-4, SENIOR HIGHLIGHTS OF I966 . IW Barbara, Joe, Rita and Pat enjoy building the Senior float for homecoming, Many others helped to make the float. Tommy Binder and Mack Borchardt fill out applications for the Senior Invitations. This is something all Seniors look forward to. "7 .r R"'+-ax ,,,,.,..---1 'J .,,,- ,. ,,,, , f QW..-3,,1 Quawfk V , a I .,..-.-u""""w The mothers of the Senior Class stand prepared for the patrons of the Senior Dinner. VT" Back in the kitchen the Seniors work??? Bill, Bobby, as "'II nv.. Qs I 435 John, Mike, and John W. proudly display their Senior I4 rings! and Charlotte watch Craig work. Joe, Barry, Dan, Sam, and Emil were the Seniors who received letter jackets this year. Ifvl ff V' ,Q N ' X 1,Y.v, up Yo: by ., - 4 I hy?-2 . f 'iff I V 'N a 'ff i' ., A '52 'fa 7 5u::Z.sf'iy fy A lm nge-M, A-'zu ' k B A . .F F N, ' W. ,, 14,-.Q , , TT'-9 'T ogy Q ' . --,Z-L wX,L " 2 ' . I-f' . 1 ,I J . . V, , , -, U . - 4 + v . ' f n.. . " v' . A i . ' 1 f -Q ,Iv v lr ' , ,fl 4 1 1 4,1 sswfl - '- , .fn K' , 'Pa' 1' -v. L." ad n s 4 ff M 'G .Ry A,-444' bww x , 'sl i ' . 1 ' "'iN:9i'1"" .X Y' Q' xl, 'Jul 'X Q "4 , 4 5, xx 'N 4 1 ' 1 -' Qaznli if '51 ,' z ' .X NN ,xt Q, T ' 'Qt 'J Kis- . ! 'T 1 Q . , Va in fx K KK' si xii' .. K mN fl' 'Z J uf' 1. 5. x 4 a 'A ,H 'I' " I1,'K!s J V , K vs.. a M., . qv 11" , 'KI .P , . ' 1 ., , , . t I, .. 1 ,ff 4.1. fares I . g. s Q. , A 1 i , A , an R' Senior "Be Americans. Let there be no sectionalism, no North, South, East or Westg you are all dependent one on another . . . In one word, be a nation . . . " George Washington :Ti 4 . . 1 Senior Class SPONSORS: Mrs. Eddye Tucker Mr. W. A. Fielden PRESIDENT: Bill Vineyard VICE-PRESIDENT: Danny Miller SECRETARY-TREASURER: Brenda Yates REPORTER: Jerry Coulter Boatright, Rita Borchardt, Mack Brazeal, Jimmy i i Brown, Robert Broyles, Bobby Bryan, Pamela Burman, Reed Burrows, Eddie Calverley, Brenda Christie, Sam Clark, June Cobb, Jerry Corbell, Charlotte Crowder, Richard Delcambre, Craig Duncan, Jimmy Elliott, Barry Fisher, Sandra Flanagan, John Green, Patricia Griffin, Sharon Hughes, Rosemary Jones, Nanci Mason, Roy Posey, Rita Robertson, Barbara Smith, Thomas Sonntag, Emil Sonntag, Marlin Standerfer, Mary Stubbiefield, Joe Talbot, Lydia Thompson, Bobby Watson, Mike Whitsell, John I8 , , l S, , Americans." V. ,,,,- L 5 W ' X X i K lt 5 1. M .Q 6 f x A 5 wt ,V an 'Q .v 1 " Q - l ii' . 4 it ,. '2 , A t , f 3 i X at 'Z Q L Y 'KN K . Junior "There may be men who can live with- out political rights and without oppor- tunity of free individual development, but I think this is intolerable for Albert Einstein may I .f 1 . . 8, 1 2 X id f as f w 'M ,4 Q .U all ff Q., m k, Q W ix, T 'I P 5 KF' .-Q., Mi 45 gf fr nyr i S! " l' A 7b J? f Nw ,MXL .2 - ff if Ci 2 ,adv 'f JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS: Mrs. Ruth Slaughter Mr. Stanley Mitchell PRESIDENT: Mark Painter VICE-PRESIDENT: Don Carter SECRETARY-TREASURER: Nancy Elliott REPORTER: Jo Ann Daniels Q k,.- "rr Alexander, Julie Bishop, George Boatright, Eddie Brown, Nancy Caldwell, Vernon QBuzJ Cannon, Albert Cantu, Johnny Carter, Norma Sue Christie, Ed Crawford, Bobby Curtis, Mack Deaton, Debbie Dixon, Denny Gibson, Darlene Guerra, Raymon Haggard, Sally Haun, Delores Johnson, Pamela Jones, Fay Jones, Gay Jones, Samuel Kimberlain, Mack Lunsford, Katherine Morale, Sam in . if ref 1 l Darlene Gibson, Susie Carter, and Tony Rolater write Spanish sentences on the board for extra practice. W . , . ii. s, I ,via i zn. , C .I 1- 2l McRay, Sherry Mullendore, Jerry Murray, Linda Pennington, Patsy ,N mryri' f1a L Rolater, Tony Sonntag, Billy Stone, Linda Stroope, Jerry 5529 Thomas, Donald Wade, Charles Willets, Sharon Vest, Bernice ' Y Zellars, Joan 5 P 3 5 v - I K I Yi? :Iii i Jo Ann Daniels and Delores Haun discuss a book in the library, while Sally Hag- gard gazes at the cameraman. fSa11y are you still taking those affectation pills?J 22 ' ,, -Y lx N ff, 'n-:EW f M SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS: Mrs. Barbara Frazer Mr. William Hicks PRESIDENT - Billy Iones VICE-PRESIDENT - Linda Pearson SECRETARY-TREASURER - Cecilia Venable REPORTER - Oscar Smith Alexander, Carroll Almon, Freddie Barnes, David Barrow, Mike Berry, Carolyn Bledsoe, Liz Boatright, Joe Bolin, David rrris ,, , Brooks, Rosemarie Brown, Tommye Campbell, Wayne Carpenter, Frankie Chancellor, Ross Cobb, Scotty Cunningham, Terry Davis, Johnny Davis, Ronald Elliott, Charles Fisher, Linda Flanagan, Mike Green, Linda Green, Wayne Greenwood, Robert Harp, Lester Hickson, Peggy Jones, Cathy Miller, Barbara Mitchell, Bill Morale, Tommy Nichols, Wanda Parsons, Ian Pelt, Gerald ,I ff' QW' may . 'x Y 4 sl' "13""JZ' M33 a-ff" H v " , , K,-afw f 42 W , -fs ' "' re--wr .5 will J 1 ff' I 3 gi .. -X a ,. w a. :,, -- - 1 ,ff K Y lg, V in 'K Ma ! , as is s x. X., 1 99? 'ev p 3 aa p it ,Q if if y ,, : Y if f' 25 Pelt, Janie Pickering, Michael Polly, Frank Power, Bonnie Pratt, Michael Rasor, Lura Beth Sanchez, Margaret Smothermon, Gary Standerfer, Rosalyn Stem, Kay Towson, Judy Vest, Freddie Vizcarro, Rocio Watson, Tracy Webb, Bill Wills, Danny Wills, David Yarbrough, Roy ,-.UWM Mmm 5555 s2!"... SPONSORS: Mr. William Chapman Coach Lloyd Nichols in-...ev PRESIDENT: Randy Yates VICE-PRESIDENT: Bobby Johnson SEC. 'TREASURER: Willa Daniels REPORTER: Scotty Mays , v or f f ' FRESHMAN CLASS Arps, Willie Barnes, Gary Boatright, Richard Boykin, Betty Bristow, Glenn Brown, Pauline Buchholz, Gary Buckaloo, Lommy C Calverley, Sue Calvert, Elaine Cambell, David Carroll, Debbie Crawford, Mary Cryer, Michael Curtis, Joe Davidson, Alice Davis, Micheal Davis, Shirley Delcambre, Mark Deleon, Rolando Dixon, Benny Fisher, Michael Ford, Debbie Francis, Sherri Garza, Juanita Guerra, Jesse Harrington, Debbi Harrington, Johnny Hazelwood, Bobby Jack Hodges, Ricky Hughes, Debby Irvin, Gaines Q V73 X V4 f 1 A V we .,,d I! 5 a W ,. - K f , 1 si: ,, W GQ IW" a, -f---if YY? f ,m' Lffuf an rra sf . l 1' All ,X r w. X fc in 5 I 6 ' I I J, i 5, .JZ H! f-4-fi 1 n. K1 in 5. 4 A my dj ' w S ax ,M f 5' 'QA ' 44" ,Map W , I,- iff 1 f , i 1 L ' K 1 fa- ff 'VI-7? if ft 'Q F A Q bf Sq' ,V 5 f kan G ' af' 4 , .. .lf ,. X ' 45,1 fp ,A lb 1 x -af , '. 1 . .Y ,. VFP James, Gayle Legendre, Edwin Legendre, Linda Luna, Pagan Martin, Glenda Martin, Linda Nichols, Gary Pearson, Laurie Porter, Patsy Pratt, Carl Redmon, Mark Sanchez, Ramon Seely, Anne Smith, Judy Smithhart, Paul Somers, Carolyn Somers, Polly Stroope, Garland Tores, Joe Turner, Linda Vallejo, Enedelia Watkins, Janice Wedgeworth, Lonnie Wilson, Billie "I have never had a felging politically thbt did not spring from the Declaration of I would rather be X 6' .3 M 1 1. 5 K 1' J ' , , ,. li 1 ,tl 'fr-. nhl! ax ' ' ahhh va . 1 I' L wg A EIGHTH GRADE SECRETARY-TREASURER: Brenda Haurl Alexander, Johnette Antwiler, Debbie Barton, Kenneth Boals, Bill Box, Gary Brazeal, Larry Burman, Steve Cambell, Beverly Canfield, Ronald Cannon, Vickie Carroll, Teddy Chancellar, Glenda Chapman, Debbie Corbell, Rhonda Crowder, Danny Cross, Billy Dishmon, Banks Douglas, Annette Evans, Carolon Gonzales, Janie Hampton, James Hazlewood, Danny Hazlewood, Linda Holder, Shirley Hood, Ronald Kimberlain, Hank Luna, Mitchell Martinez, Josephina Martinex, Larazo Mason, Pat Osburn, Julie Phinney, Marilyn My "HQ L, i, X ,J 'T' " ' J ! J :S A mfg' ., 4 C 1 ll: .. Q.. Cs 55 1 A 1 if r S I? .sf .Illia Si lbs? im fx I xt J mug, , , V A 1 , .1 53 X If ""fn. Q1 i sv 1- P 1 K lg . .V fl V, ' 'fi' xref .ff . I ,',, A x if tw' J C If ' iii C "fr H Q 1' il' J is ' xx 33 Pickering, Rickie Pink, Suzanne Power, Linda Province, Terry Richardson, Gloria Scott, Nancy Sirkel, Louise Smith, Kenneth Sonntag, Sara Story, Marsha Turner, Surina Wade, Randy at me 4 ff Wester, Steve The Junior High 8th grade boys have study hall 5th period and they take ad- vantage of it in various ways. JUNIOR HIGH FROLICS Jr, Hi. Cheerleaders: Johnette Alexander, Sherry Parsons, and Marsha Storey Beverly Barrow and Suzanne Pink ..+,.,-nv Artificial Respiration? Jerry Haun bravely volunteers. Q. A I if-'51 y ' on va xx rj I 4 .I 74 rs- x .3 Q ,,. A if 7 f we " ,W , A ww-wmv 3 K r l I Mark Elliott assists two boys qPaul Vest and Mike Barnes we're Annette in the treasure chest. toldj in standing upside down. SEVENTH GRADE SPONSORS: Mrs. Jayne Chapman Mr. John Tucker PRESIDENT: Paul Vest VICE-PRESIDENT: Susie Harris SECRETARY-TREASURER: Sondra Rolater REPORT ER: Denny Francis EETRE Evk fi- SST fa? ga ,J U 35 R RERRREEEEREELR V 1 ff fi x if .VVE . .. rkkrLL.L. 1 k,LL VL kkrl V, . - S'..n B ui, A ,, ,,E. ,W , ,,.,: ix IX , , - ,,. . - . ,,:- gf .f , lsr., ' , , ,H 1 ,ff'frw if , , ' -Iii 'W , ':f-' '.'. ' f-" f f i f i .V x Arps, Alice Barnes, Mike Barrow, Beverly Bradford, Jimmy Brazil, Tony Brooks, David Carter, Sally Chancellor, Sylvestor Chevy, Victoria Collinsworth, Charlotte Coppedge, Carolyn Crawford, Frances Cross, Cecil Davidson, Belinda Duncan, Barry Fisher, Debbie Elliot, Mark Eddington, Alvin Fraze, Glenda Fraze, Johnny Flanagon, Sharon Hallmark, Ruthie Hammond, Linda Haun, Jerry Isbell, Judy Jones, Doug Jones, Jim Marshall, Kathie Martinez, Dora Mays, Andy Minter, David Nichols, Sue Ann is x , 'J Q if -' . f, siiii , tds, issi ' -trl 'lf Tia -ttai t , ,,i tstit ....,, 5 f 1 t ' 1 'W at . , C. ,Y ' 9 9 ? f .... , fain, . .-.. to ' 2 fr" :if ur ..',, "'15A if-3' "' i 2 - Q fr: .N lkllli' Cir: V I f , C X . f B ff' . 5 X 5 C if 1 - .io-9 fs -A 'KLZY' ,S ""v I - f ,X tra? qi , , B D ms. Harold, Tommy, David, Sondra, Belinda, and Beverly enjoy the afternoon sunshine on the merry- go-round which was left here by grammar school when it was moved to the new building. I Im A .d Parker, Mary Pearson, Kay Pearson, Luci Phinny, Joyce Pickering, Patti Pratt, Dianne Robles, Yolanda Smith, Terry Snider, Mike Stark, Debbie Thompson, Betty Torres, Humberto Turner, Tommy Venable, Harold Wilson, Debbie Wilson, Tommy Williams, Nancy Favorites "Democracy is . . . the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time . . . an idea which hasrft been disproved yet . . . 7, ' E. B. White 1 9 4? P1 ,. - .W ,X ,Q Q 'S E! sniff? xxxxxxxxoxxxxxxxwl . E x NW X .v"" Y'F"?'5w.w 'Wg ??f4 Sweetdecwt 775424 Ze-ma Wea Nw Z' Y' ugmzh ,zii V fs: , K xg W ww wr A, ,,,, .f....,,,, " y iflim . ' 5 52 ,nv-,gxf ,,-.f Tggfusffzx 1 35:51 " -'-'-sw im , '62 df' 2 ,ve Mg Q 'JI I f' y .L,-.L v a . 1, . , , yr .' ings. V 1 , gg. C 'Z , -as V' 4 r 55ffff7ff'7f!ff5i C I t Miss Rosemary Hughes Senior Nominee - Sweetheart Miss Sherry McRay Junior Nominee rt. Miss Cecilia Venable Sophomore Nominee Miss Debbie Harrington Freshman Nominee ?00d4aS ' Q. , 5 9 rs fn X p .:, x f ,. x L 2 - s 5 4 1 1 , ..q . r ,, . ' J-5.41 . 74454115 Miss Rosemary Hughes is pictured here after receiving her bouquet from Captain Barry Elliott. She is the 1966 Football Sweetheart, 47 J I A A ff Wa Q26 A 5 .f i wiki 2 . 770:.D4mq7f 7Itau794mzz477ta4a swwqmuywm mdsawgwm m.4.4ymw af 1 ggi I S 1 Y . and ' .7f,S. 7754214 Zami-:e Wea' 7761. gd! Wanegafzd -"XY: ', 0 X ,P - nl ':"ff7iLs4'w. ' 5 ' jfzx ,. W' jam xx, Q .V 14' V , 3 K 1 r' Q - - ef '. ' jihfew 4, . M, , ' fn Q ew? 1' .1 7 "'.Q' .. if, k it , ' Q ' " Y 87, K fx," ,ww , ,, Q-'Y oj'.t , fr f"- s 1".:fg , 4 'iff L, ,gp , ' 35+ ' tr, S54 if 1- 1"f. , f' , I' J. by 2 ' . , ,.1.,,MVAhf b P f .. -,gy K --2. QW' K ' , -' W 'JY' ,ww 5:17 W ,. W ,"-' ,f F Q an 9'nhg 0 , ,.x,,..L, ,, . f t .. wa? rn' 1 1 . , A .11 qu 'X . 4 - ' , . uf' N' ""fY?fi+K 4 'A w A911-B ,, , ixuiie 1 , f qs" , A N?Q 3 W 331, ' an f ,xl -' 4. wi H f' ', ',. m is , vi - lzvff 1-,K N-5 443' , ,NI 7' ,.,. , .-1, . ff" . 5 M 'isp-"Q, 'fa , .3 4 A As56'wrZQam..:4- ,. W, R N . If ,Y , 'A ' , K ?f14?2Zff 'Q Lf 4 F K ifpwff N A 4 E29 F fiiwfyfh ' ' WZ: fig! K -,ggi 'A A Tn 'A X 2,4 'V , haf! 15 5 if A, " E n 5 SS 1 V g .1 V 1-'M W - ' , M , - -f - V . , , 7 . f- srqsfw A ' "' "'- ' w5,Viy.,. we Wk ,ug .1 MAJORETTE DRUM MAIORETTE MAJORETTE Darlene Gibson Susie Carter Debbie CZITOH CONCERT AND L' MARCHING ........ BAND DIRECTOR PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Mr. John Ingram Sally Haggard Charlotte Corbell 'I T. 5 A f P5 ooonnoee 1 V 'f e ,.. :I A K- x X y i nel A SECRETARY-TREASURER Linda Pearson David Barnes Bill B0a1S Carroll, Teddie 3? V H P V Carter, Sally Y ,V Maia gg , " . is il M' f Corbell, Rhonda . 55 i' , ,, B 'h P it gi Davidson, Alice C , ,""' l W ' i Davidson, Belinda N nits X 1 - X ' V A I 5"""-or----6: A 032 s""""sql----33 o""" A R, 3-"f1P"'-,SSX Ford, Debbie K Harris, Susie 0.6, Q if Isbell, Judy 5 3 Kimberlin, Mack if PM Luna, Mitchell gr 3, 3Na"""5P""""-51 asS"P"s,-,, A 'o+'s,. """-tn.. i P fs Marshall, Cathy . , A in , V Mason, Patricia 'A ji' , f b xi ,.,,,-5 N Mason, Roy ,.,,, 1 lla, I - , ' 5 Minter, David fig :" W ,. A i ' ,,,,, so C Mullendore, Jerry y C A fi A -j, Qu,-5 A A i' o.,,,,,G,,...---op I Lc""-s.ql"--s...,3, I Pi"--,,,..,,,,-1, FAM-Ayn fl' X. H---x ,. ' I rt ki A 5,4 f at Q ,fel :fy I 13 ,-j:: . 3"'--e.av3-sf'-.i,,,,,', A Ar X K . 21.3 A i V L 599651 3 ,E . , -'ii y, Q. ' , Vlz- f ' , ,I I ai 3,4 at L -'ff , iss B .i X Ilgv ii :R .-' :h.Q,..45r-nn-1-71 M 5 . -. 19 I my --'c"""""-31 -N a""""0--..Q Vis-.... . 14" Q J K1 7 f, mr Q""'1m--.M M , .va my 4' ,sy ga S VVV, , Eu . i P i ,P x s rr P i t my Ai as......... Ak' 7, M' A I A pings Nichols, Sue Ann Pickering, Michael Pink, Suzanne Pearson, Kay Pearson, Laurie Pearson, Lucy Robertson, Barbara Rolator, Sondra Scott, Nancy Seely, Ann Sonntag, Sara Stark, Debbie Turner, Tommy Venable, Cecilia Venable, Harold Watkins, Janice Webb, Bill Wills, David Wills, Danny Wilson, Debbie 53 INTERMEDIATE BAND BEGINNER BAND I K TOP ROW: T. Duncan, P. Johnson, D. Dishmon, D. Elliott, L. Brazeal, S. Roberts. SECOND ROW: M. Turner, C. Byrd, R. Minter, M. Brown, D. Sprouse, D Redmon. THIRD ROW: R. Davis, D. Stroope, S. Ant- wiler, J, Pink, B. Mays, C. Buchholz. BOTTOM ROW: L. Isbell, M. Duncan, D. Bell, K. Smith, C, Pearson, L. Pearson. BAND-AID CLUB Db'-3 S 1' - 1 ng? E314-asa 359- cms '24 I ge a l ,.,. A, - TOP ROW: J. McSpedden, J. Reyna, F. Ramiez, L. Francis, M. Blanco, M. Staton, SECOND ROW P. Wester, C. Griffin, B. Brown, H. Chancellor, R. Lopez, K. Baum. THIRD ROW: D. Eddington, S. Turner, K. Wilson, D. Carroll, D. Wade, P, Antwiler, BOTTOM ROW: T. Barnes, L. Wilson, M. Prather The Intermediate Band played in the Homecoming parade. Margie Turner plays a solo at one of the Band- Aid meetingsg Mr. Ingram accompanies. 54 Mullendore, Haggard, Gibson, Carter and Kimber- lin who are Juniors were awarded jackets for out- standing band work. PEP CLUB .Q-. i Sherry McRay Rosemary Hughes Jerry Coulter 'Cheerleader Cheerleader Cheerleader The Pep Club was present at each game to push the boys on to victory. Their school spirit was shown on Janie Pen the night of the Homecoming. Cheerleade r B , L Alexander, Julie ff l-N Egf',,,t,3.ff ' Bledsoe, Liz ' '25 'Q an V N , , 74 Brooks, Rosemarie - ' y ,Q-3 Brown, Pauline T - I L '11's t A 'L sk 4. x P - .1 'C ,. ,f 'N'-wr, Vg, 2 wiv CHEERLEADERS: Sherry McRay, Rosemary Hughes, Jerry Coulter, Lura Beth Rasor, Janie Pelt, Barbara Miller. f-qt Q . 4- , , ,N . ' a f I y ri, ,lsr fm fs, Q r eg, ffff ff is it 4 rrss s. - B - ' 5, "f , , , 6 ,, ,I 5 i . L 47 'rg M i an ig" . . . 1: - . g f - 4 YM. as W' fm: 1 in l ff N' x Q l,i X. Q 7 K, , fl je vfv. mir, .0 P rss i C C X Bfff' S 1 K' I A if l fl ,' ,B Lura Beth Rasor Cheerleader l , Barbara Miller Cheerleader MEMBERS Calvert, Elaine Daniels, Jean Daniels, Jo Ann Francis, Sherri Green, Linda Green, Pat QCAPTAINJ Harrington, Debbie Haun, Delores Hickson, Pe Hughes, Delgiye Legendre, Linda Lewis, Sue Nichols, Wanda Pennington, Patsy Standerfer, Mary QCAPTAINJ Standerfer, Rosalyn Stem, Kay Stone, Linda Turner, Linda Vest, Bernice Willets, Sharon 55 .f.f?'?. Y ' -fr I - v President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Johnny Whrrgell Danny Miller Joe Stubbleheld Mack Borphardt Reporter Denny Dixon Sentinel Richard Crowder Student Adviser Jimmy Duncan 'Q 'ff ' vt ' 'fan 4 1'-Ii 5-LI, . LI I ' I .3 -X 'J K 4- 1 I Q Riahard Crowder and John Flanagan are sac king up light bulbs which they sold as one of their yearly . - 'i u L , 1. -99. , ,pf This grim oo?-11194, picture was Aish made the X 'Z night that 7o'f the light Q'CUL-10 bulbs were passed out to sell. Green, Webb, Boatright, Crowder check out a supply of light bulbs. Pelt, B. Sonntag, D. Thomas, S. Mays, M. Decambre B. Hazelwood, M. Davis, M. Curtis, G. Buchholz, Mr. Fielden, BOTTOM ROW: D. Campbell, R. Sanchez, J. Duncan, M. Borchardt, D. Dixon, J. Whitsell, D. Miller, R. Crowder, J. Stubblefield, R. Hodges, M. Fisher, G. Bristow, G. Irving, N. Legendre. F Bill Webb is adjusting the miter gauge on a saw while Frank Polly looks on attentively. Eddie, Joe, and Danny are demonstrating how to use the axe saw. Mack Borchardt and Jimmy Duncan are doing re- search work in Ag. Can you believe that Mack is studying and not talking? M5 ' 'ff Q ' 9 t.,f: :J v ima 1 L f., ' Af- My , X ,,,V E A r rrrr y V V bh V A' SGT. -AT-ARMS Nancy Elliott FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA PRESIDENT Pat Green VICE-PRESIDENT Linda Stone SECRETARY Barbara Robertson HISTORIAN Mary Standerfer QMAKER W NfWYlq- SONG LEADER Sherry McRay 19' SPONSOR Mrs. Tucker OW Sox- wb I .7 Q7 2 311111112 'i if fl Q 6 r' ,. 151 I 15 'PO OX TREASURER Brenda Yates REPORTER Bobby Thompson PA RLIA MENTARIAN Linda Murray PIANIST Charlotte Corbell . N ,, 1 . K 1, . V va g ,lil as It ',-wx r ,ad f I SGT. -AT-ARMS Brenda Calvary it . CHAPTER MOTHERS: Mrs. Dexter Elliott Mrs. Bill Ford Mrs. B. J. Carroll Mrs. Bill Thompson 2 - 24Qg.f-fame . Q TOP ROW E. Calvert, R. Standerfer R Brooks J Watkrns L Green F Carpenter J Parsons W Nichols P Johnson SECOND ROW: D. Ford, A Seely L Talbot R Hughes B Vest S Wrllrts P Luna P Somers P Pennington C. Jones, D. Harrington D Haun A Davidson L Martin M Standerfer I Alexander J Clark S Davis B. Boykin, R. Vizcarra. BOTTOM ROW G Martin C Corbell D Deaton B Yates J Coulter S McRay S Fisher, P. Green, C. Somers B Robertson B Vineyard J Daniels L Stone D Carroll N Elliott B Calverley, L, Murray, B. Thompson ,. . , ,.., M"""" Mrs, Tucker rs showing Mary the proper way to sew a sleeve into a dress BETA CLUB .a ,rio T I. l f T V I V ,.,,,.' .g :W Afriugtgr. Sponsor , Mr' Corbeu Vice-President 'CX ' Treasurer Joe Srubblefield fm-'-. Tracy Watson X Senior Sophomore President Secretary Barry Elliott Charlotte Corbell Senior Senior Borchardt, Mack " Christie, Sam a r Cobb, Jerry K1 C Duncan, Jimmy M ,. 'y Q! Hughes, Rosemary ' 6? '72 Miller, Danny , Mason, Roy 3? Robertson, Barbara X M 3, V, kv 7 , T iii' 2 x J ., . T Y R is QW ? -3 E lbstfvb 4 JN Q is Ja.- 5 60 Standerfer, Mary Thompson, Bobby Ann Watson, Mike Carter, Don Carter, Susie Gibson, Darlene Haggard, Sally Haun, Delores Srroope, Jerry ,ff ,, .,,:b M i . f , . ' f W 44 ,, 6 C MEI OD 'UQ-FE Fw: 52-F2 OEF? v-:wr-1 Wo :1 HP 40:16 Q L I D 6 -1 rn '33 5. 'ix lu JUNIORS an rx s ,L if vw-B ev Alva 6 Students must maintain an average of 90 each semester to be eligible for the Beta Club. Much hard work is put forth by par- ticipants to achieve this standard. FRESHMEN Barnes, Gary Calverly, Sue Carroll, Debbie Davidson, Alice Dixon, Benny Francis, Sherri Harrington, Johnny Johnson, Bobby Mays, Scotty W, SOPHOMORES f Bledsoe, Elizabeth 1,5 Miller, Barbara Nichols, Wanda V Rasor, Lura Beth f f S 1 W if Stem, Kay Venable, Cecilia Viscarra, Rocio is 1:1 rw 1 Susie Carter was one of the seven candidates for state secretary at the convention. ' r 7 1. 2 .J '7X - idx' Pearson, Laurie ,-M.. , Stroope, Garland X 'M 44 ' X "f-if ' A Watkins, Janice Q ,A ff V 1, iiy, Yates, Randy T? ff- rf! ,, ii M V- 1 'A U I I ,I :Rr 'f-. H "" iw' 6l Coonskin Stuff has fun along with lots of work Mrs, Wilma Fisher Yearbook Sponsor My 3 Y, I . v 1 its nr i ' 4 ,V 'K 1 V, av ,. N . Roy Mason Senior 4 Years Business Manager Sports Senior class pages Sally Haggard Junior 3 Years Business Manager' Eighth grade pages Proofreader Tracy demonstrates to Barbara a new kind of annual psychology, Barbara Miller Sophomore 2 Years Sports' First grade pages I 1 2, Liz Bledsoe Sophomore 2 Years Organizations' Business Manager Sophomore class pages xx 'xx ir Jhipy q X . 1 -rw .gs -e +P' ntli ' f 5. 1 Tracy Watson Sophomore 1 Year Organizations Fifth grade pages Delores Haun Junior 2 Years Business Manager Proofreader Junior Class pages in producing the 1966 yearbook Roy Mason is advertising the friendly pepper upper. And he sure isn't Royia Loren. Jo Ann Daniels Junior, 2 Years, Person- alities", Seventh grade pages Laurie Pearson Freshman, 1 Year, Per- sonalities, Sixth grade pages, Freshman class pages nw " denotes editor Mrs. Fisher threatens to use the fanny-whacker on Linda. Charlotte Corbell Senior 4 Years Activities' Third grade pages Linda Pearson Sophomore 2 years Fourth grade pages Business Manager Activities '99 Debbie Harrington Freshman 1 Year Activities Second grade pages l Jil! ff 1 1 f - M0 as f s 1" s i .29 X Vice-President Mrs. Tom Crowder 'T Q .gy ,fur V V G 4 Treasurer M rs. Elton Terrell ,Wg President Mrs. B. J. Carroll X ! Reporter Parliamentarian Mrs. Weldon Corbell Mrs. J. M, Barnes FRISCO PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Secretary Mrs. Norm an Carter Historian Mrs. Harold Davidson .1 1. A. n-nh... P.T. A, executive committee discusses the purchase of a curtain Mesdames Barton, Griffin, Christie, and Pear for Acker Elementary School, E son ponder new ideas for booths at Halloween 64 Carnival, , 1 7.5, -F 'if P , Q gs ,f ef 'X V is f Q is B Q: is K lf. lille + F 1 as Q ,ME A ,,,,V 55. am' rv' STUDENT COUNCIL is s Ei S 525515. " if : Q H 45 Sam, are you really a Frisco Booster? John Going to the Convention is the main topic counts signs while Mack, Barbara, and Ber- of discussion at this lively meeting of the nice contemplate ways of selling same. council. Plans for the George Washington dinner are Roy and Mack snoopervise while Lura Beth going into the mill at the regular February and Jerry count the receipts from sign meeting. sale? ? ? Jerry Cobb - President Sam Christie - Vice President Lura Beth Rasor - Treasurer Barbara Miller - Secretary Mack Bochard - Senior Rep. Barry Elliott - Senior Rep. Bernice Vest - Junior Rep. R. T . Smith 49 Q. :ff Tony Rolater - Junior Rep Tracy Watson - Sophomore Rep Roy Yarbrough - Sophomore Rep Debbie Harrington - Freshman Rep Benny Dixon - Freshman Rep John Whitsel - F. F.A. Rep Sally Haggard - Band Rep - Sponsor 2' for r gg ...N 3341 H ix it ,iir taxis ,Q sw S it it W Gi X . w'? CHORAL GROUP 1 -. f , ii """ Mr. Ingram The Choral Group performed at the amateur show that is r 4"'f22f la was sponsored by the P,T.A Wills, Danny X if x g 3. .Mm , rg Yates, Brenda , A g- 'rf lv, . Q3 Bledsoe, Liz Boykin, Betty Corbell, Charlotte Griffin, Sharon Harrington, Debbie Haun, Delores Hughes, Rosemary Jensen, Kathy Jones, Nanci Luna, Pagan Lunsford, Kathryn Porter, Pasty Stem, Kay Thompson, Bobby Vizcarro, Rocio thletic ulf we win men,s hearts throughout the world, it will not be because we are a big country but he- cause we are a great country. Bigness is imposing. But greatness is enduring? Adlai E. Stevenson Qs sorlf Football '65 - 'i"- A ill A A?,A' ,.,,...,,..,,,. A M A 'A ' , J iL ' is ' ,A 1' hll- t ,ya . m, A, . A rg A I f 'o':, i .. Al 2 ,, ai, A no 'i P HH A FX' 'A ' "I lf F A V' A V A .2 ' A.. ' h JJ . jf X A , V, :xi V -' R I .. ....AV l ., A? .tp ' wk ' so 4 W f N f i t 5 so f ' + ,O ROWI Coach Nichols and Hicks, Smotherman, Stubblefield, Christie, Green, Bolin, Sonntag, Elliott, Mitchell, Coach Chapman and Staton. ROW ll Cobb, Mullendore, Pratt, Miller, Whitsell Thomas, Boatright, Campbell, Yates, Yarbrough. ROW Ill Curtis, Dixon, Guerra, Brown, DeLeon, Smith, Cunningham, Alexander, Watson, Vineyard, Stroope. ROW IV Harrington, Hodges, Barnes, Mays, Fisher, Stroope, Johnson, Legendre, Painter, Dixon. FOOTBALL PLAYER'S POEM: I shot a pass into the airg it fell to earth I know not where, And that is why I sit and dream, On the bench with the second team. SEASON'S STANDING I am extremely proud of the 1965 Coon Football squad. lt was a pleasure working with them each and everyday of the season. l truly believe that every boy on the squad did his very best to win, and when you do the best you can, that's all anyone can ask. Coach Nichols 68 4. Q , , ' A - te A 'JQSQQ .kg Frisco Frisco Frisco Frisco Frisco Frisco Frisco Frisco Frisco Frisco 12 Honey Grove 7 32 Allen 12 28 Whitesboro 25 22 Van Alstyne 20 42 Midlothian 16 0 Pilot Point 39 8 Celina 34 0 wyiie 32 12 Princeton 0 30 Farmersville 14 3' vii .fmffilf-Eflw Captains This year's captains are John Whitsell, sen- ' ior, 3-year letterman, Barry Elliott, senior, 3-year letterman, and Jerry Cobb, senior, 2-year letterman. The captains of Frisco and Farmersville meet to begin the last game of the season. We won 30 - l4! GO COONS! Managers This year's football managers, Gary Barnes, Don Carter, Gary Buchholz, and Mike Bar- row constantly aided the football team. They did various jobs to make a fine season for our team. -- 'TERM fffty s f as ii X ,1,AA Vl l - . 7 V ' , H j r. Qt i . , Qfi ., I v lh ,, Y - ' ,,,4,,, 9 R 5- - r q 477, If ,,:ri 1 . WY C Af s an sss, it ' L. , as 'fil ny iVvV y y li l Qggigglllglf a i iany .. ,... j - y .f""'k win nw? 'H YB ,--Q, fr , if 'Q n sn i t r ' b ' sl bl -in - Q Coach Nichols Head coach Coach Staton B-team and A-team assistant coach Coach Hicks A-team line coach Jerry Cobb, sr. , center John Whitsell, sr, , guard Barry Elliott, sr. , fullback Bill Vineyard, sr. , wingback Dan Miller, sr. , end Sam Christie, sr, , guard Joe Stubblefield sr, , end Emil Sonntag, sr, , tackle Eddie Burrows, sr. , tackle Donald Thomas, jr. tackle Mark Painter, jr. , quarterback Denny Dixon, jr. , quarterback Eddie Boatright, jr. , guard Mack Curtis, jr. , tailback Oscar Smith, soph. tailback Wayne Green, soph tackle Terry Cunningham soph. , end Tracy Watson, soph. wingback Roy Yarbough, soph. center Tommy Brown, soph. , tailback Randy Yates, fresh. , wingback Benny Dixon, fresh. , guard Jerry Mullendore jr. , end Jerry Stroope, jr. , end Michael Pratt, jr. , tailback Gary Smothermon soph. , tackle Bill Mitchell, soph. , tackle David Bolin, soph. , center Carroll Alexander soph. , center Michael Fisher fresh. , wingback John Harrington fresh. , quarterback Garland Stroope fresh, , end Scotty Mays fresh. , wingback Ricky Hodges fresh. , guard Bobby Johnson fresh. , quarterback Aa 3 ?3a-9, :BJ -N ,B 1 K If Z . 2 X ll! - r 'H . 4. 2 T 1: . 'I' A 15-A All-District Team 1965 Defense: Johnny Whitsill, G. Barry Elliott, G. Offense: Jerry Cobb, C. Hon. Mention: Joe Stubblefield, E. ,V ,Q ,J - ' mr, ,? 9 frlfni T D dfsff C w X ' xg ' W ., ff- N 1 1 . 'S , rx, 'fm .5 ' M' . C if ' ' V Q PT ii ,. -' ' G ' pg' , WGA' A L fr I A, TNQ- , ' Q? ,, . - . N ..... rr... ...ff rrst T B r T -yr y ' f rr ' fag f. 1. i .vw ,B r , r fi W 4- ' ,- r" P 4 ' ' be , "6" V fi A 'f ,W R ff frf f ' IA ' Q is A l l if I ...nn A Ibn... ,. v f ' I 41 S 35 Q if " .1 k Q Bub Whirsell rcminisccs with the squad of the days when he was the star of the Coon team. It must have helped because Frisco won. ,fr L ji- , tv' N-k he 3 'rl f - fm sy "X X Q4 'am ' "Xl 5 .- af? The boys really look beat at half-time, but they bounce fresh as new when the break is over. of l ' at W., Q ' a' .U 1+ 'B Q' ':g'F':,5 '- 'Z :ff ,'e..-s- e : ll Mark Painter throws a pass as Oscar Smith blocks but the pass was incomplete. Van Alstync just couldn't keep pace with the Coons, 4 awwk 5' wa ww wfxwwu? ish 'W Almon, Freddie GUARD Bishop, George GUARD Brown, Tommy GUARD Dixon, Denny GUARD Rolater, Tony CENTER Smith, Oscar FORWARD Stubblefield, Joe FORWARD Yates, Randy FORWARD , W, 3 BACK ROW- J. Davis, R. Yarbrough, S. Cobb, B. Caldwell, G. Smothermon, D. Wills, B Team W. Campbell Basketball FRONT ROW: S. Mays, J. Harrington, M. Barrow, B. Dixon, G. Stroope, M. Fisher C OACH: Mr. Chapman The B-team boys had a scrimmage with the coaches. Coach Chapman and Gary Smotherman see who can out jump who! or ,vm zr. 5- lx s Benny, Mike, and Scotty show the 2nd consolation trophy they helped win at the Allen B-Team Tournament. 75 Brenda Calverley, FORWARD Sandra Fisher, FORWARD Bobbie Thompson GUARD Brenda Yates, GUARD Nancy Brown, GUARD Jo Ann Daniels, GUARD Pam Johnson, GUARD AND FORWARD Patsy Pennington, GUARD Bernice Vest, GUARD Sharon Willits, GUARD Rosemarie Brooks , GUARD Linda Fisher, GUARD Peggy Hickson, FORWARD Barbra Miller, FORWARD Linda Pearson, GUARD Janie Pelt, FORWARD Cecilia Venable FORWARD Pauline Brown, FORWARD Sue Calverley, GUARD Elaine Calvert, GUARD Debbie Carroll, FORWARD Alice Davidson, GUARD Sherri Francis, FORWARD Debbie Ford, GUARD Laurie Pearson, FORWARD Ann Seely, GUARD Linda Turner, GUARD Janice Watkins, GUARD Managers: LINDA STONE SHIRLEY DAVIS Sherri Francis shoots a free shot to up the girls score against Wylie. Janie Pelt and Sandra Fisher go in for a Barbra Miller gets the toss on a jump ball and tries to give it to Sherri. ,fl in The concession stand is part of a basketball game. The juniors fDarlene Gibson, Susie Carter and De- 78 lores Haunj are selling up a storm! rebound against Farmersville. Sherri Francis is in the proper posi- tion to shoot the goal if when one of the girls fCecelia or Barbaraj recovers the ball. N' Lf'1 7 .:" Basketball Annotations The Frisco Basketball Team prepares many long hours aweek for one game. These games rep- resent a culmination of their ef- forts, a response to the demand of a game, and the will to win. This year the team's efforts to win were hindered in that many of the seniors who started last year graduated. The '66 Squad fought hard and, although they did not win every time, they won in such things as ex- perience and competitive sports- manship. The coaching depart- ment and teammates agree with the poet, Grantland Rice who wrote For when the One Great Scorer comes To write against your name, He writes--not that you won or lost-- But how you played the game. The team is looking for an even greater season next year now that they have the experi- ence needed to win. The Boys who participate in athletics must sacrifice many things to be on the team--after- noons in practice, late hours at games, and the demand of fre- quent games. They feel these sacrifices are worth while. This page shows all the stages that a team goes through. It starts with daily practice ses- sions and ends with the final score. Each game is always just as exciting as the pictures on this page depict. Baseball '66 l l A Frisco Frisco Frisco Frisco Frisco Frisco Frisco Frisco F risc o Frisco Frisco Frisco L80 FRONT ROW: D. Dixon, F. Almon, B. Johnson, S. Mays, J, Harrington, B. Dixon, J. Cobb, C. Alexander, J. Stroope, and E. Boatright. SECOND ROW: J. Whitsell, J. Stubblefield, D. Miller, S. Cobb, R. Yarbrough, G. Srnothermon, R. Yates, M. Curtis, D. Wills, J. Curtis, T..Binder, and Coach Nichols. 4 SCHEDULE coaches SCHEDULES Jesuit Frisco Plano Richardson Frisco Plano Jesuit B Frisco Allen Keller Frisco Greenhill B Lewisville FI'l.SCO Cellfla 'B' Keller .Nw eff, Frisco Northwest Grapevine Frisco Jesuit Jesuit B Frisco Pilot Point' Grapevine Frisco Greenhill B Lewisville Frisco Celina' Celina Frisco Northwest Sanger Frisco Pilot Pointi' Mr. Lloyd Nichols Mr. Bill Hicks Mr. Bill Chapman HS BASEBALL HS TRACK JR. HI. TRACK 'District Games PITCHERS: F. Almon and T. Binder Pitchers N I'-. 5 N 7 d r ' N-Q an fl I 4 Catchers -is qw 1 ' CATCHERS: G. Smothermon and Mack Curtis T . f ,'Jf.'r'l',:'1N'k .7 .71 , J M. Fisher, PITCHER B. Elliott, CATCHER 1. up vi V all FRONT ROW J Cobb D Dlxon B Johnson S Mays Inflelders BACK ROW R Yarbrough J Wh1tse11 S Cobb I Harnngton andB Dlxon 0 E 5 pw , 25 iz 'yd' outflelders FRONT ROW C Alexander D W111s J Stroope andE Boatnght BACK ROW: D M111er R Yates J Curtls andj Stubblefleld Truck '66 Li I DD 7 ROW I: D. Campbell, B. Dixon, T. Brown, R. Guerra, G. Bristow, M. Redmon, G. Bishop, G. Stroope, and D. Dixon. ROW Il: R. Yates, E. Boatright, B. Jones, W. Campbell, O. Smith, I. Curtis, F. Vest, R. Yarbrough, and R. Greenwood. ROW III: T. Binder, C. Pratt, C. Alexander, T. Rolater, L. Harp, M. Pratt, B. Mitchell, D. Thomas, T. Cunningham, J. Mullendore, T. Morale and Coach Hicks. I Jr. Hugh JY' SITTING: A. Mayes, K. Smith, M. Snider, B. Duncan, H. Venable J. Bradford, P. Chancellor, and T. Brazeal. Turner, K. Barton, S. Covington, and P. Vest. ,QW ,Wil S W ,!,'K,f3.5.i i.- KNEELING: I. Hampton, M. E1liott,.D. Hazelwood, D. Francis, T. Over he went. Coach Hicks. that is. This is really demon- STANDING: Mgr. Haun, D. Jones, D. Minter. J. Bledsoe, S. Wester, Stfating the high jumP- - - ' ' 1 - 83 L Brazeal, D Crowder, R. Pickering and Coach Chapman A f ... 5 RUNNERS: G. Bristow, O. Smith, C. Alexander T. Binder HURDLER: T. Cunningham 1 1 . . Q s HIGH JUMP: B. Jones W. it f f 'ii , M7 ' f H - -i 5 M n 5 f i i 'Q Q.. Terry Cunningham shows great promise SHOT PUT: D, Thomas as a pole vaulter, here he shows his H good form. JUNIOR HIGH SPORTS mm ' 515. vga? The football co-captains, chose by their teammates, were 511516 Pillk alld Beverly Barrow Served as Joe Hampton and Danny Hazelwood, faithful cheerleaders for junior high. -'W 153' W eara New T ' as , f ' f i aorr .hrori . ......- ,...-. . -... , A ...-, T .. BACK ROW: J. Hampton, L. Brazeal, H. Kimberlin, S. Wester, N. Hampton, D. Hazelwood, D. Turner, Coach Chapman MIDDLE ROW: T. Brazeal, M. Elliott, M. Snider, D. Francis, R. Pickering, R. Wade, K. Barton P. Chancellor, D. Minter FIRST ROW: P. Vest. J. Bradford, H. Veneble A. Mays, M. Barnes, H.. Torres, K, Smith, J. Bledsoe These girls helped to win the 2nd place trophy in The junio, high boys also won the the Wylie Junior High Tournament. 2nd place trophy at Wylie which they proudly display. 85 .iWW. 3- t Q i . BACK ROW: Coach Chapman, J. Bledsoe, K. Barton, S. Covington, D. Francis, M. Elliott, R. Picker- ing, D. Minter. MIDDLE ROW: D. Crowder, D. Hazelwood, H. Kimberlin, S. Wester, I. Hampton, L. Brazeal, Joe Hampton, FRONT ROW: T. Brazeal, H. Venable, P. Vest, B. Duncan, M. Barnes, K. Smith, A. Mays, and Manager S. Burman. nf' ' T W e-, 'Junior .L Basketball 66 X. ,,.fQ'T. .- , N K Lge A ' The boys and girls of Frisco give Whitesboro a tough time, BACK ROW: Coach Chapman, D. Chapman, T. Province, G. Chancellor, S. Nichols, B. Barrow, S. Sonntag, D. Stark, M. Storey, B. Haun, S, Parsons, MIDDLE ROW: L. Hazelwood, J. Alexander, B. Campbell, M. Johnson, S. Rolater, N. Williams, D. Pratt, D. Davidson FRONT ROW: P. Mason, K. Pearson, L. Pearson, D, Fisher, I. Isbell, R. Corbell S, Pink, S. Carte and Manager T. Carroll p A .i 3,1 3,1fSi:5TEis'S: 3 ,T 5 -' 1- 211 25 is rl , lfq V y..',ff4w 51251 N! ai yt 1 1 " 'Q-l."f-5 t' 'I lf , il., lf, , X2 7 l may ef' A K ,FQ "QP 5' 4' A A t 'I I i 'Q f . Q, X Ut" gifts 11 .l'0'5. ff' ily if' 1 ll ' JY 431 f' 'S If 1,4 Q ,tus 'h l 'g-if A'V'-fg-TSV" ,J -l: 'A t e 3 e X 4 ,Y M.. nur 3' ' , it 2' lv '.. v we A xi!! Q lh f A Q U 5 ' . Q4 .tv , ' 'V 7 H K H 1 1 ' 4, A P, 4 4 W. dsl IV A H 'L ,V A-xiii ,S ng, ' if 5 . I' atrium bt Ci. ky. 'Ji .N ' ', I? 'Q 1 X J' 2, 'Lf ' if 1:1 JR' -Y le- NVEVJIV' if ' tg E? ,I 5 W 4 ' - X .W ,iw 1 ' D. all at at f ,r W gin 2125 5, X A' A 'Mi fa.-,Q 'ef H ' t. If M x xl, ' tx: . If. i,,,.a,,.!,lk 7 X f f .1 nj ' - f 4 gg, 521 V 1 gy-4 .5 V 'I Q .ll lt ' ts lf-3555 Hw- , , V gf I -' I f '1-.. A g U fits 'H -f f 6 fam f , ' 3' Q Q t 1 t 0 0 t o v X I X A Y E W I Mb Wfhe United States themselves are essentially the greatest poem . . f' 'W I Q 4 Walt Whztman 'W 'Q 'H 7 5 Q as ,ig is if A ' 2 I O fx, Spirit Is the Bond's Keynote Here the high school band is getting ready to play a song in the football field stands. The band clowns around at one of their night practices preparing for Interscholastic Contest. The color guard and band march up the street in the homecoming parade. , "The group" learns about solfedge in choral. They are really concentrating. In the spotlight are the "Menads" consisting of Brenda Y., Charlotte C., Nanci J., and Bobby T. Choral group was in high spirits the day this picture was made, They sang at a number of school activi- ties during the year. ,aiivc-nf C00 W 3 A f Q f 1 o-5. l -BURY P Joe S. gives speech at pep rally. Coach Nichols gives speech at pep rally n in p IR W Well, that's one pirate down but we have the rest to go! ! ! i w r r s The flaming F was burned at the last football game. It was very impressive. . K Y v X J FRISCO FIGHT SONG Stand up and sing Stand up and sing for Frisco High School, For today we raise The blue and gold Above the rest, rah! rah! Our team is fighting And we are sure to win the fray We've got the rep. We've got the pep. And this is FRISCO HIGH SCHOOL'S DAY Fan convey a thought QTOUCHDOWNJ Cheerleaders uncork Spirit jug-- 1 .1 f x 3 NF 'EES-5, iii 5 If if , 'If , Q Energetic Jr. High P.E Mr.C1ear1! JE E E Q' Bubblmg Io Ann Brg Brave Craig and Bashfur Eddie. Around School My getup and go has got up and went Uvirs. Borchardtj Biology students, Lunsford, Seely, Ford, and Daniels, display FHS SIUCICHIS HbSOrb 8 quota Of vitamin D projects. Three senior girls fSandra, Rita, and Lydia, discuss the latest version of Tic Tac Toe. Is this education? Members of FHA await a cue to go on stage during the fall style show. fSandra, Pam, Polly, Pagan, Julie and Debbiej during the lunch hour. Diversity at FHS K kkkk - . -- X Barry Elliott escorts Rosemary Hughes at half-time show. Rosemary was elected football sweetheart, an honor coveted by many girls. yi' ir Y 2 ', Z is if 5' rswf :ze V' I vt ,W ,, .1 Mrs. Tucker, F, H.A. sponsor, ponders a club project, selling tupperware. Other club projects were style show, harvest dinner, and Christmas party. At a meeting the girls decided what to sell to help make money for the F. H. A. 9 , if 4' yr, V "fi,'1. And here we see how some ofthe officers spend their time Qmaking a love chainj. The club meets in a few 94 minutes. F.H.A. E ,e 5 At the F. H. A. style show Pat Green, F. H. A President, modeled a formal she made. Janice and Shirley added their own style, also. They were scarecrows at style show. F.F.A. The F,F. A. boys learn many new skills during class. Bill, Wayne, Frank, and Denny work with power- saw. , - ini, ll A .EJB-so s ' X33 Q ' , W s at-PAQ, H "CZ ' 'xiii-fi , Before Lydia, Bernice, and Barbara were very proud to be nominated for F. F. A, sweetheart. Ber- nice won. State FFA Presi- dent, Kenneth Graeber, visited FHS during Na- tional FFA week and made a most interesting talk on Today's Teenagers, F R I S C 0 Y After Looking rather shaky the greenhand gets ready Now it wasn't that bad, was it, Robert? Richard for initiation - Craig, Michael F., Michael C., and Wayne thought it was fun, Willie talk to Flanagan. 95 SENIORSZ S' ' 7 3 Z Fourteen members of the Senior hilz: 1 -l Class have completed the entire , ihrr twelve years of school at Frisco. i l Z S S Here are some pictures taken along --lv f y the way of each student. Johnny Whitsell, Sandra Fisher lll S. 5323555222 rf' "bf :H r K C ,,,. 3 ' iff-dwg : gf - -' ' ' Mack Borehardt Jerry Cobb rrr lsra t ' 'f imfui r fi - " i i i L il' i s S gifs? rrrrr Brenda Yates Jimmy Brazeal rrt. ,rr l p ' L ,-,.. ',.'. ' ' i yr Emil Sonntag Mary Standerfer Marlin Sonntag r',1 ' '- ' rrsr or W S S 1 ' . 'S -4 rs-' 1 ,r. ari' S J ffififr NE' T' l S to ..,r. S M K 4f'ff"' K I it S : .V J -, 1 1 S . I it ' ,,,l ' r'af 1 5 r S 1 ' , , 'if A . K A . 555- ii U if rw Q Ti Sharon Witt Griffin Barry Elliott I Jerry Coulter Mike Watson Richard Crowder Senior Days f" Q Kelly Shryoc and Mr, Fielden show the Seniors Mack and Jerry check bookkeeping practice sets, Seniors the different types of invitations. R :sf 96 Mixed expressions Of Seniors One of many senior meetings 'WN 1,7 M., t 71, if Mammies' cheerleaders and majorettes back their team, f'I'v,, Tired mothers demonstrate their good nature and ability to have fun. Powder Puff Game . f ,Brin Feature majorette twirls during mo- ment of glory. Sponsored by Seniors P , fm Q5 .s ,Af ,QI i X 'Q d if d A Mudders cheerleaders were energetic boosters for their team. "-. Mothers pause for time-out. 1 H xc, I 5 ,QM 6 rx. it ' 1 U , t At halftime, surprised Pete Jones was crowned sweetheart ofthe Mudders team. Dub Fielden bears crown of sweet- heart for Mammies team. 97 Library Miss Humphreys, our librarian, has done a very good job ,A fg of arranging, marking, fixing, and taking care of our Reed Burman marks books and helps in books. We are very proud of our library. . the library. Some students work there during an off period. fl' Sa, The Frisco P. T. A. meets once a month on Thursday nights. Here the executive officers pre side. of PA R EA, me A 'I' rs? 8' '." 1 Z O 8 .- " t ,Zi J .lit yi. j 1, i -Gnu! Q so 04,-I ,I .9 8 9 Lsvifef At each meeting the program is held by a class or organization This is the fourth grade. Ballot counting was done by Mr. Smith and Mr. Corbell in the special election for secretary--Barbara Miller won. H 5. :wax .. zz frii az If-ft f Rev. Wills, President - Jerry Cobb, and Mr. Corbell pre- pare for special student assembly at Thanksgiving. A closer view of the test QNote circular spot on the arm.j TB Tests Tuberculosis tests were ad- ministered on October 12, 1965 for the first time in Frisco. Many students were amazed with the painless means of in- oculation and to everyone's negative : kj Q Us pleasure and relief all tests were ffl O . ' O Student council mem- bers at a meeting. Student J -' t Council 2.4 Voice for ? Students Y Il if use Q. Z, Jerry Cobb is injected by one of the TB staff workers, The workers returned four days later for completion. 99 BETA CLUB Mr. Corbell and Barry lead a discussion on the Beta Con vention and how to raise money. Laurie, one of the fourteen new J members this year, receives her is certificate of membership, E1 Kay Stem sells a cake to Mrs. Ross Turner at a bake sale. To raise money, the Beta Club spon- sored a show with the Zarrington Play- ers. 2 The officers arrived at the convention at 9:20 The B613-9 had H Party. ?f! AI the COHVCH- a. m. They already look tired. HOU, that iS. Hard Work Is the Key to Success v ...aft "Concentration" is a major word on the staff. ' 5 , 'R v ZW. A, K ,F , ix. ..,,.,.,. o.,,,,, t - W-.. , VLIZT. ,I T11, 422 Q Annual staff motto, "Toi1 and strive, make a good life." Sally and Delores are proofreaders. Cheers! Another shipment ready to go. s af A ,..,. ,,,, t, . , , ., ,.., x ' "" . -, . -'1-:Yat41a1f'25i.::sf2i?-S15:5S'fff' ,, ,, t,1 as ,,., a ,, I 1 af A nn r F.H.S. Teachers Off Guard We knew Mrs, Fisher and Mrs. Tucker must have some talent. Now we know. If they can get the wooden spoons in their mouths, they will have another asset. Ever heard of Edgar Allen Poe? Guess what Mr. Fielding does in his spare time. Miss Humphreys reads to Tommy and Jimmy from "Little Women." We're beginning to wonder about Mr. Mitchell. They say teaching is just too much for some people. l02 Some people have hobbies. Some hobbies get on other people's nerves. Mr. Chapman and Benny D. 12 1. Cheer- l leaders in huddle, 2. FFA lineup for James 3. The Jumors learn a Bond contest! play? 4. Lab leftovers 5'. Danny ponders the situation, 6. Now before we march will all those need to be excused please raise a hand. STUDENT COUNCIL ELECTION rw! -,if '19 1 filf Lineup of candidates for student council as they await time to speak before the student body, Secretarial Candidate, JO Ann Daniels, presents speech. mm K' A ' V C if .L1,'xkX Hr. WML y v ny ., I . s " s Lv-Jwf' c -f J C05 " ., mn g , ,s t f'QQ,eQ'5'fTf?f' ' 4 5, ,ri L i. D ,s 1 lk 9 1 N "0 Y X ,H ga-'fnzsigk . ' ' 5 , ' " 'f f at 5 , f 1. 4 fi ', ,.,,f,xQH i N- ' 'I If 2: f ff 1 yi 'Z wg I 1 . Q Alice and Janice Wear Signs and S1OgaHS from Signs of the various candidates exercise wit and all C2HC1idf1I6S! skill to win the votes of the students. V +5-Wea , 1 J 1 wa' ' e , 1 1 . ' Vo 'Y e Yf flint QW: only A - ITQNOTGNI asf?-E T 'fun ff' U 21-UZ,,,M -H 'W' ,5herru -V , wiser QQ .AN ' M Q I SigIlS V' APC QQ p M' T 'T y Everywhere! J 1 The walls of the hall seemed Very Campaign managers strategized for vic- bare after' these signs were removed. torious candidates. Delores, Sally are '04 good examples. Boatright, Mrs. Elliott, Charlie Wade Two snows came in January, but we did not get to miss a day of to customers, Brenda Haun and Annette Schggl. Juniors received the proceeds. ime out for Fl-IS. ' ,ra - A h V. is P 'Rx'-N Q 3 fig s- : ar x v xx f TEM' x ' 'T ' ump ball for Oscar Al' Frisco fans watch attentively as the game gets more exciting. imith against Wylie. Some patrons did not miss a game. 2 -,ggi is ,5 .F , A ,sf My I I , -Ya C ,Nile lv .0 ,V VY' , 'V ' j., U, , -w w,,,., -.QV - ,X fax' s - - an-1 N, P-ar. ci - ., - ' W 0 ' , 1- ,x ,jew gigs ' . K as ,A ',. kwa Q nv- .tug A 1 4 1, .xg i . fx.. , -' ' . . 4" "" , 4.3.7 L ' F f - ' .vm .'5?:Q" lanuary snow. Faithful workers for the FFA concession arc Richard Crowder and Mike Fisher, , , Wed. Say Debby! What's the Matter? L S Q. , . 1 ,Z . Happiness! After tests are over. ' ft ii t t if rf. f 1 r' y ee t . f .self . tt: e t 'fur 4 b"'f""' f 1, A A kwfr Q ,N Linda and Tracy seem to be studying. IO6 ...w Thurs. Those books are getting Midterm - Study time bigger but there can't be much more. Time flys and before stu- dents at F. H. S. knew it mid-term was here. Here we see the reactions of a few F.H. S. students to this crisis. ii' Fri. Good thing it's Friday. Doesn't look like Debby can take much more. X WWF' I Joe takes his studying seriously, but then we have John, Dan, and Barry. Nork Time During mid-term exams Mrs. Frazer spent most of her time typing and grading tests. Mr. Mitchell seems to have a lot of papers to grade there, peoplenlstudy. Sam C. , John W. Eddie B aka. QA Coach Hicks is averaging grades for report cards. He Darlene and Linda Study While Bemiee and Shar seems to think this is the worst part of being a teacher. on feed "love letters. " chm-m-mJ Darlene, Jerry, and Joanne await night debut, Pam, Don, Delores, Sherry make xx last minute preparations. Newlyweds - Mark fClarencej and Susie fAunt Jessej. The cast in action--Many expressions of joy, concern, contentment for a night to remember when the class pre- '08 sented "Whoa Auntie," December I8, 1965 XXX XXXX X Junior PI y X Eddie says "Naughty, naughty. " Julie and Don seem to be paying no attention. Aunt Jesse - - - Jerry Jr. - - - Claire Tyler - - Sally Farrell - - Martie Farrell - Officer Brady - - WHOA AUNTIE! Three Act Play CAST OF CHARACTERS Jeremiah Fay ----------- Marcia -------- Clarence Melbourne - - Ted Carter ---- - Lorraine Grayson - - - - Gail Hendricks - - - Gardner Farrell - - - Donald Thomas - - Susie Carter Eddie Christie - Pam Johnson - Mark Painter - Sherry McRay - Jerry Stroope Darlene Gibson Joanne Daniels Julie Alexander - - -Don Carter - Delores Haun - Buz Caldwell i 2 i ,X f 'B 4 r a -A s t f t , . -- V in s . ., - t 1 ' ,, , ' ts Milling Around T2 ' t fi N V -t fr 4 ,, ,W 1 F Q y , , y " J -, r f 4 - f " ' 1 'U tx if I K 5 W4 on I . -A 5 t A-aw-e. ,.., , .,, 4 Janie Pelt and Cecialia Venable are practicing for the com- ing game. 1,..,f'F E' The choral group studies while Mr. Ingram is away, -is W Ni rg Q. N ,. 5 A S . , 'Q X r ,M ist , e, ' K sg ' ' ' gs, V, iis' V' "sr ' f I x Affwgzfv ,Q ' .L sv. - ' p V- Alfg .53 4, . Q, . " ,, K . . ,.,, in . Q fi o an fy W ' 0 tx - . - HJR X x g m , g X ' W. ' 'wsu ' -' 4 . ' . to 1 Q 4, -- 1, - . K , g ' . K , A J Q X - Some of the Juniors are practicing for the pla Larry, Curly, and Moe. Aren't they cute? fRichardj, Uerryj, and fivlackl. Y. buffet. Randy Yates is conducting an experiment Hi there! This looks good enough to eatg we didn't to blow up F. H. S. know it was a Home Ec. experiment - Sup- plies for the Christmas ' ' ww. .,,, me 2 rs: 5 iii P Es Y s am 3 ish T v ,, N 3? warg M, 'Tx . 'F ,Ji K ' I. J .X 5 "K-f a:s...- 5- ,swmu N., 2 r .,.4.,,, i.s,,,.,, I09 s,,,,,,...,-s-'- ,...v--s f A, I 2 nun V I , llllll uw' llll s-- Through the Windows at F.H.S. I I -,,. I- EE 3233 Randy Yates experiences one of the oldest techniques of learn- ing. It's funny that girls think they're stylish no matter what they have on. Willa, Anne, Linda, Laurie, and Sue prove it. Barry Elliott demonstrates his masculine physique. Anxious football players see all-district ratings. Barry, Oscar and Mr. C. Juniors practicing Junior play. Rosemary Hughes coaches in full uniform. Mrs. Frazer runs record player while some students sleep. Mr. Mitchell demonstrates the function of a dinosaur's heart. Nanci seems to have discovered some startling fact. I F 1 , , . , YI 1 i i ,E "' LQ' EI! sssy a I an 2, Euzglgdl, -W M R I I xx! V' i i 5 A 3 y f ' Q 4' in ff 'f 'Za ' 'I ,' fi ff' J: M- ., 4 A 2 'u Homecoming in Grand Style f 1-f--22 'Q WE LC EEXE A few exes including Ralph Roberts and Judy Stem welcome former residents. Many interesting events were planned for the week- end of September 25. The gala event started with a quarter mile parade, after which patrons enjoyed Ernie 's barbecue for supper. Game time brought the Van Alstyne Panthers to the Frisco field, where the coons won 22-20. Exes gathered in the cafetorium for visiting and at the youth center for dancing. .........4 WM' 1lut,....rA 'Vs ..t,,,t5t 9' f. XL , Junior High float of blue and gold welcomes exes. Second place winner of floats, Sophomores. fPL.'yA 'Ll '45 xii F E 5 4 - A4 L -..x Freshman Class chose "Cage the Panthers" theme. My V,VV 1 Y' if h , if I I .le K 'gfnihwk a "4 1, ,W N ' In I g' V. l' r ww s f ' faf,..'..4 few:-im. Miagi iz? -A -pf ' ' f First place winner was made by the senior class - depicted highlights of year Acker Elementary School emphasized Texas and her six flags. s, 3 Q. ...W yfbwm I l '31!l l A A if 3: ici Wh- , -1 I 51 af -l"v we -pn Y' Z 'wigs Virgle and the T Model. f-Et, ,, 46, , Terrell and Francis represent IH Co. Third place winner, Junior Float U0 and Nancyj. N wr, ,JM f' A ,,., 9, " Riding in style. Chauffeur Tony surrounded by cheerleaders, Janie, Jerry, and Fun for Baums and Goldman Barbara. Not so for Dad Goldman at end of parade. W. QiS"'1"C'? iffliiff I 3 s t l mfg' X 'Iss , ,,m.,w5i 3 32 5 feffffx ' N., if f . Q mfs ,L '1' Q .uv M, ' v 4 4 4 'SF' . if V .i 'i ' isle- 4 I f Z' fe - x Y Q m 5 N Fad diets to keep slim Brenda Yates Finger licking good chlcken Scott Cobb and Bobby Johnson in Food For Thought in ,J L Lunchtime! E WA Cooks Francis and Haun serve Cecilia, Venable, Eddie Christie, Susie Carter, Kay Stem, Craig Delcambre, and Gary Smothermon. Thanksgiving at Acker The crisp weather and the smell of turkey, dress- ing and all the trimmings signify - THANKSGIVING. At Acker Elementary students enjoy this season and pause to be thankful, Second graders look at the display on the autumn season. 0 Third graders study patriotism during the Thanksgiv- H I d a y ing period. Christmas at FHS This bulletin board serves as a reminder of 1 Christmas. Christmas dinners with decorations from home are added by these girls for more at- mosphere in lunchroom. flgfidsizig ,yu Few' ,.ff'f1ffR if F'-if --""'.'S' Ottygiaa J. V , ' , ewfifi, , fglr . 3'y.,t,ffi, nw-ivazfi.-1315? :m,f..-,-,ff gf,-Z s,w1s'.a' , . ,. p,..,,-f 'r-uf 'SL J :u X- , i ,QV-1 f" r WEL? J4,.A,f-,fr-5.-Fiff'..2"""""N .Kp-W, A, rpm., .,t f .,,, .uf V a ,. W5 tg i,...t,-.T ,S -u ,.1w'f,'g. ,f':'1f Typing I students display Christmas projects - folders with decorations carrying out theme. - ,v'. V, .1' ' ' ,J :.,l,1v1e' 5' ,cf ' . x - wif . ,".'f"v"' , gpg ., ,. EVN' iam, 1 -'iii' , 4957 s.:.R'gQQ II8 Home Economics Sponsors Christmas Buffet On December 21, the Economics Department had a buffet with all teachers invited as guests, The foods served were made by students during classes, A big Thank You goes to Mrs. Tuck- er who organized and prepared the buffet, the first in Frisco's history. Season 'X Q. M N its Q Z Je- ' J 1 ' Some of the Home Economics students try to decide which is best to eat, The lineup of good food! AND good food, Teachers especially enjoyed the good food and fellowship. ,Qi 5 4.1 Either Rosemary's enacting the wedding scene or she's At least one contented person at- saying, "Open big, Mary," tended the buffet - Mrs. B.! H9 N Connie Hale Junior Q , v M 1 '9- J .- M K 6 .v' 'svn L' Wf5f'fu. N , 7 : .. 'M if Ocy Don Hale Freshman Humorous . x W Q5 an iv' if Xi . .Q A Awgnv, , 'h Y XP I 1 X X A rf Q QI ! i O I Z, fy Xi 12N Q? sv W Kathy Jones Karen Jones Freshman Junior il Q Sharon's predicament is due to the fact that she said Sam instead of Mr. Christie, Linda will be glad when Sharon throws the crutches away. Tommy Bender Senior Linda Garza Freshman Moments rig NSS' Q 2' 2 I ., n rio if Griffin dis- plays S5 Bond won during an essay contest on "How to Frisco. " Improve i Nanci Jones helped compile history of school for annual foreword. .Her goal is lO0 wpm in typing and last report was that she was well on her way. C335 Special I A Q -A l. y .r V mv.. Hb "..:3'f. P-', ff: 'Wt ' 'rf 'Ja "-fsjfiifiikf if A ' t" 'M.v1i. .' '- A. 1 0 OO Savings 1 ,.,, , H 4"-tv: J' y 'f75EfT'svF15 , q353,':.-X 1.24 :Me 1 4 ..?ff2.1:'5Y3e rf- cf' 3 ' v A 1 'Ne' . tl, 4.-L ,- f A -rl:-r - fa-5-Ap -em, , tqf.2.:,fw2f V ,22F1e5vrl':gfs .i M-sr 161157-4 urifx Awards was , f - Barry Elliott was to 1 magazi X or Rosemarie Brooks won the Tup- perware contest sponsored by FHA. She is displaying her prize, a necklace watch. AE, Larry Smith Cecil Buckaloo Tommy Pratt Mike Douglas n james Wiley Bohn W arren Davis Lynn jackson jackie JOHGS Don Smoth6I1T10U Clyde Calverley Jerry Burrows George Haggard Jerry JONES David Penland Johnny W ade L E, Snider Tom Rhea their countr .131 lt '-"S SERVICEMEN FHS exes serve Y. p sa esman in the Senior ne sale, Q, .fir Q , ' ' - y y tyr.p Barbara Robertson drew many of unique spots for the yearbook. Thanks Barabara for a job well done! the Rita Posey won the Betty Crocker Homemaker A d. war I 2 I 9 F ' rf l :fray Transportation W Jerry S. makes off with Bill M. 's scooter. Looks like Bill won't have transportation. Look what Santa brought Debbie C, Last year she got a Patty Play Pal. 2 N 2 ' Og 1 it nu . - . Mark and Donald make sure they have plenty of room to take , 5 y KQNQI 'X' their books home. , to ttte ttenta t to - t ,t,t ., " 1 l he N. . r- of Q f ia L fwb . ye E ,t s Q t W6 heal' that David BOUI1 is gOlf1g I0 E116 S3111 Flats this SLIHI- This is Tracy W3,t3Of1'5 tfalqgpgftgtiong hg mer. We doubt that he will break the world's speed record enjoys gging under trucks on the expressway in this late model Ford. J- ,lm mi I22 . .. li, Q 4-'al' f, was -'f' ses my - 1 NQQ, L., f-v NWN, , .N 1- 2 .7..,......,,....,,............., ,W - . ........,. , ,.-.......w.,,,.......,W., , .., M Advertisers "Where Iiberiy dwells, there is my country." . . . View Benjamm Franklm V W ,A,L Q 44 .A . -s MK. ' . 1 1 I 'fa,,,,.,f --- Q LIAQ !f,,.f U W mgfvasnog LQ GCULD NATIONAL BATTERIES LEAD DIVISION Plant Manager: J, F. TUNNELL Phone ES 7-2678 Frisco, Texas A Go Go Boots Shoulder Strap Bags. Itefsflxsirsiiirisooitstg four? 52' Velour shirt worn by boys and girls. Eddie Christie models the long sleeve shirt with a turtle neck. l24 The granny dress. Liz, Jo Ann, and Laurie model the ankle length version. An Investor-Owned, Tax-Paying Electric Utility, Providing Dependable, Economical Electric Service Since 1912. TEXAS PCWER 8g LIGHT COMPANY For the Best in Meats GRAPEVINE LOCKERS 203 East N. W. Highway Grapevine, Texas ROBERT ROCKENBAUGH, Owner OCIE VEST, Manager Phone: BUt1er 9-2737 BOB'S DAIRY MART l I ' Coon's Hang-Out A Good Place to Eat Hamburge 1' S271 FffShake S :7f:1fMa1tS ES 7 - 9 94 6 VILLAGE FASHIONS 51 2 what eq Where the Discriminating May Select the Latest HAIR STYLING and DRESS FASHIONS. AMERICAN CYANAMID FARM SUPPLY CO. Manager - JOHN W. GOLDMAN Plant Superintendent '- D, C, SMOTHERMON ES 7-2126 Frisco, Texas Animal Health Supplies Bulk and Blend Fertilizers Anhydrous Ammonia Assorted Chemicals l27 CURTSINGE R'S DRUG STORE Young people are always welcome at Curtsinger Drug Store. Why not come in and brouse through the gift de- partment, select a Gibson card, or choose from a fine toiletry selection for both men and women. Of course, students always find a good selection of school supplies at Curtsinger's. It has long been a tradi- tion at Curtsinger Drug to be accommodating, courteous, and efficient in providing the Frisco area with the finest service in drug needs. FRISCO PLUMBING COMPANY .T W DICKERSON, Owner 402 Main Street Frisco, Texas Area Code 214 ES 7-2135 m SOUTHWEST FAvom1'Es: CM.. lfjinwi X- i Morton's Potato Chips 12' N Morton's CMD-GS M -sv ? 2 mop -eff be-f' H 5 f "Morton's" 4 - ,.fr.,u,al ' ' Means onme ..-i -P TEA ' finest Label . . W H 'Rvws-I .- w Quamy M 0 RT 0 N F 0 0 D S '28 Dollos ' Fort Worth ' Lubbock 0 El Poso J. D. HAUN CONTRACTOR PROSPER STATE BANK Safe and Sound Since 1903 Main Street Prosper, Texas 'F RALPH C. BOYER, President ES 7-2404 Frisco BILLY JOE CARROLL MASONRY CON TRAC TOR P. O. Box 228 111 Hillside Drive ES 7-2783 Frisco, Texas I29 Jos GRIFFIN OLDSMOBILE lk Fmsco BEAUTY sALoN Owner: WANDA JOHNSON Operator: LOUISE RUE Clos ed Mondays Complete Beauty Service 1030 N. Central Expressway Evenings by Appointment P. O. Box 96 Pl , T North side of Main am was Frisco, Texas JOE B. Telephone Plano 995-3130 ES 7-2760 GRIFFIN Dallas AD 5-4361 MARTIN'S DRY GOODS For the Finest in Ready-to-Wear and Dry Goods Corne to Mart1n's 4 I ' STANDERFER 8. BOAIS GROCERY AND MARKET 'nuns of ,ur ' 2 STORES 3 '01 J' 1 A"un ..-- 'K Phone: ES 7-2968 Frisco Texas Phone: ES 7-2472 Frisco, Texas l30 FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES HICKMAN'S . ..:. J ,A A? H an uilh ZZ: 3 2 HE ,,..- . ' I f .ff 1fA 53'f5i:i I A Us '- MRS. MAILENE HICKMAN, Proprietor af, I ES 7-2405 Frisco, Texas INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Sales and Service Frisco, Texas ES 7-2412 HENRY'S GROCERY MARSHALL'S GARAGE AND AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES OO HCCOSO Ora. groceries, ice an as. Ph 'T Official Mofor Vehicle Inspecti one ES 7-2900 I ' Station Auto, Tractor, and Truck Rep Phone ES 7-2204 DAN THQMAS 8. SON Sand and Gravel - Leveling and Hauling P.O. Box 571 Phone ES 7-2661 Frisco, Texas 75034 ES 7-2183 PITTS-KERBY LUMBER COMPANY A? " if 1'f'J!T'! fi 2 " so S4 S1- ge ggiilif- f gg 'j fi ff' V 4 4 1 -gg -lj, o 1 --S e S ,f -S 7271 1 Q 'li'-'i' 4- gT ll sg, T f - 4 -ga ff ' as , '-E?i1i'1:?-- 5 ix -if if MJF -Y-:rig -2 f E-34""f 2 4111 if- '5?1 f 'S,'5-3 fixx- s 5,--sl 1 2 1 -S -ke V - E13 Y- V i-?-T-2?-W i S9 'Af-Q, ' 5:5 ' ,fi 1 ' E 777 'If' 4- Y 4rV For the best in Building Material, Hardware, and paint. Frisco, Texas ES 7-2434 132 ..- .E2 J SQUIRRELL'S HOBBY SHOP For the Best in Upholstery and Custom Made Drapes Telephone ES 7-2225 Frisco, Texas ALLEN'S WHOLESALE MEATS Custom Slaughtering and Processing for Home Freezers Highway 7 5 McKinney, Texas DEXTER ELLIOTT ES 7-2725 INSECTICIDES Fertilizing Tree and Shrub Spraying Terrniting Inspection DUB JOHNSON ES 7 -2430 COLLIN COUNTY NATIONAL BANK 1883 1966 82 Years of Continuous Banking McKinney, Texas I33 WGN-5 CC?Q,"3 E355 GBQGGPASGBESQQKZ?-445 G-443 5134361662733 Q 5 9 Q 5 935 or 5 CD 93 '33 5 1 wg Foremost Designers of Ornamental Iron ', ALBERT L. DELCAMBRE , Execudve Ofices 19529 Hines Blvd. sg and Facunies DaHas, Texas 6 Phone FL,2-2340 - FL,2-8609 a29Q7?OQQff?'QCf2?AQQ2'?OQQ??2QE2?Q5?'i9Q?i95?i9Q?i9Q?i9S3 ERDHE CARROLL Owner Phone GLJ5-4730 B4 445' I W .Ai- P.O. Box 585 2812 Lee Street GreenviHe, Texas FRISCO LUMBER s. HARDWARE ALL-SPEC PACKAGING, INC. JACK DECATUR P ' P Es 7-2985 Frisco, Texas Napko Paints Jones Blair Paints Builders Hardware Plumbing Supplies Tools ES 7-2985 Frisco, Texas THE HOLMEN COMPANY T extile Printing Phones ES 7-2416 Frisco, Texas Owners: R. K. HOLLAS and H. H. MENAFEE 135 -171,1 V 7- SPRADLEY'S FURNITURE AND UPHOI-STERY OLIVER FARM MACHINERY DANIEL IMPLEMENT COMPANY Telephone ES 7-2 Frisco, Texas ES 7-2731 K 'bmi I H ,.,, I. ,,,, V m K "k"- S f..' ., , . ,. t, :,, i ,1.,,, r , 5 S , M3 'S , N. .N,,..N,,,,N,,N, r I Q he V V - -- A 7, ' ' ,Q4hu5gq,jT: I j 'k-' 4 f:fZi'Ifg,ii 373' ,q , , C A K f-ff 5, 7'E7 , - - T. gm 'nv-10. 2 - x FRISCO INSURANCE AGENCY FRAZE SERVICE STATION MRS. HAZEL SEELY - JACK M. SCOTT Tel. ES 7-2451 Frisco, Texas Fire --- Automobile Telephone ES 7-2164 Casualty and Bonds --- Insurance I36 I , J ,I .... ,Q , .,,,,u CONTINENTAL GRAIN COMPANY Manager: H. M. QCURLYQ EATON Superintendent: P. B. ROBERTS Grams Seed and Feed Phone ES 7-2486 FRISCO MOTORS, INC. Authorized Ford Sales and Service Owner: AL1-:X ALLEN Highwav - 289 Sales Manager: ALEX ALLEN E5 7'2111 Service Manager: I-IACK VEST Frisco, TeXaS Mechanic: LONNIE THOMAS AND BENNETT REED 556551 l38 PRICE STARK MEYER 501 Main Phone ES 7 - 2 643 Real Estate Phone ES 7 9915 Complete Insurance Fr1sco Texa Coverage DOUGLAS GROCERY 8. MARKET Gwnerz HANSEL DOUGLAS Home Deliveries 24 Hour Self-Service Ice I39 GULF AGENCY JOE'S TAILOR SHQP Distributor: KENNETH PHILLIPS Main Street Frisco, Texas ES 7-2791 ES 7-2467 Frisco, Texas je , Lf OAK FARMS DAIRIES QMDUCIS Milk ri-' . X743 cas: I KR W MllK'ClllAM Cottage Cheese I40 Ice Cream ohnson's FURNITURE CO. Where Quality and Beauty Count" WILBUR THOMPSON LI 2-5541 McKinney, Texas BILL CHRISTIE PIPE-LINE CONTRACTOR J. W. QBILLQ CHRISTIE, Owner Bookkeeper: MR. BOSWELL Phone ES 7-2400 Expert Welding We have nothing to sell but Service and we have the best equipment to SERVE YOU BETTER! 101 employees strive to help serve you better. 6" 'nfs ff THOMAS GROCERY Owner: .TACK THOMAS I-Iiway 720 Five Miles West of F BARNEY HUTH FARMERS SUPPLY COLLEEN'S BEAUTY SHOP ES 7-2722 BARNEY HUTH, Owner Welding - Lathe Work Farm Machinery Repair Phone: Shop ES 7-2621 Home ES 7-2675 Just About Everybody Reads THE FRISCO ENTERPRISE 96 "ei, THE FIRST STATE BANK 0F FRISCO 1 MEMBER OF F. D. I. C. Phone ES 7-2471 Be fair with yourself. Put a fair share of all your earnings in a bank savings account--and face the future with greater confidence that you can handle unforeseen emergencies when they arise. We will welcome you as a steady saver here. LET US HELP ' R Z 5 L 4 V Q rl- T ci X A' ffmmw EARL CUNNINGHAM PAINTING AND DECORATING CONTRACTOR "If II's Worth Pointing, it's Worth Doing Rig Box 307 Phone ES 7-2787 Frisco, Texas 75034 Area Code 214 TEXACO, INC. B. LANE, Consignee Home: ES 7-2960 Office: ES 7-2980 CARROLL'S wif ' GARAGE COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE Phone ES 7-2628 Nights ES 7-2637 FRISCO FARMER'S C0-OPERATIVE GIN ASSOCIATION I H-'D FARMERS TEXO co-opium cm Q U A L I T Y THE COTTON PRODUCERS - MARKETING , PURCHASING CHESNEY BROS. IMP. CO. Highway 289 Frisco, Texas Phone ES 7-2465 or Phone Dallas AD l-3864 STAl.EY'S FUNERAL HOME ES 7-2444 Frisco, Texa ERNEST DUNFIELD Sand, Dirt and Gravel Hauling Frisco, Texas Phone ES 7-2678 H 8. H FLORIST Proprietor: MRS. WILMA HUGHES ES 7-2697 Frisco, Texas 06 99 Qggzcvjf I ' Q71 I46 -I -KIEZZFR-U' . i sz rf H ew- A M ff: MU W Irv, Agere? , Tr, Wag, W A Q T M M z , 5 Vififlgzi Sq Em gk' I Elementar "The winning of freedom is not to be compared to the winning of a game - with the victory re- corded forever in history. Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must he daily earned and refreshed . . . U Dwight D. Eisenhower gjfjw Li, 'Sid W ,. .. .' Wr95'f'Yf' - ligfkjigftigiggmsiifgif: lim. . . WL' ff -ffl-' is z' Af. Qi mwmws M it ,stef-sgmwwyr Picfure ' Ne NOf Available MRS. MARY BOALS MRS. JORETTA MRS. EMILIE PERRY First Grade HARRINGTON First Grade "hm ICS. ,N-1-"" MRS. RACHEL WILLS Third Grade Ml" I' fx x 1 ,f f MRS. MARVELLA MARTIN Fourth Grade MRS. MARIE RIDDLE Third Grade ,fd 71 bf,, 4 ff' r ,fm fi 5, K ,I-"A 2,5 ,,,' , F MRS. WALTER M. WESTER Fourth Grade First Grade Under Their MRS. DOROTHY FRY MRS. SANDRA MRS. MELBA Second Grade ALLISON VANDEVEER SECOHCY Grade Second Grade Guidance Acker Grows MRS. LUCILLE MRS. MARGARET ASHLEY ELLIS Fifth Grade Fifth Grade S N 'ra , ,4- ft Q " L H ff R K S w . he ' ' f .. 1 ,, V4., - .,,,, f ,A,,S S ,,., .,,' ,,,,,. MRS. PATTY MRS. JUNE PRATHER ,L I V fr. ,W th G d W ,-: w- ' IX ra e L U ,red ' W Z' Sixth Grad e ' X ' ' Administration Promotes Maintaining balance in the student- parent-teacher relationship is one of the responsibilities of Mr. Bert Isbell, principal. As the passing years expose new experi- ences, students will be able to look back and compare them with years spent at Acker Elementary. Grammar school was wonder- ful at times and horrible at others, but it was a dynamic new experience in learning, QW' Mr. R. T. Smith Superintendent of Schools .Q-db Mr. B. R. Caraway Counselor--gives tests if C 40' qua 'R 4 JT X' "U FM. Mrs, Marie Watkins Head Cook I Mrs. Gracie Carter Cook A 41 QW? D Bus Drivers include: Mr. Barrow Mr. Chapman Mr. Staton Mr. Wester Mr. Hicks mx Mrs. Jessie Hale Cook Mr. Walter Grant Maintenance gsm 9 X? as 5 9 Qx. 131 f a 3 6 - S Wx r 12 R, vg g., -, v 3,516.1 7 ff . ... I .N 'SF H . . as ... 3. . .fr .f,:. L-sig Q.. ' K X . . 4' Q. Y , 0, ' I x - A . , . if . 52 2- K -'X -7 ML . 1 qw ,fn Qhfkffviigg 7 1 A M Lf ff lv ' " ' 9' . . ' 1 Si". 2 3 Q ' ' I52 . .4'4-my Dana ' ' Zee ,V ,,L M A Secoaalgmdeymlndw WCW gene-zlq 244, 7714. Eolntgugf,-,, 74zJwlQwde?4aofuJz'e4 Emma Saw, Wim .lawuz do-:led ' f m?amm7'Me?awwm .Waa7gg,4,g4 wtmpmnwata 4 X Sw., ' mmwwsm wfmzw, ww. Sm'4?wwie7 ' 7ia44DddaSvwo,u 0.60005 f Mrs, June Prather MRS. PRATHER'S SIXTH GRADE K ..,, , y pf Vg , V fm , ? Q J L, , V AV, r V, L 2. , A .' it' ' fi X " -- ..",,'if'2ifI-73 ' 1 If f-4' ff 5 't ' i .4 ' K '53 V Cyl -A 1, , iz f,f'f,i,f,f"'f,-j1jg11.f',',?, , 3 .I v , , -of " b' ' 'fr ,. .iq xk,' 5 in 'iw Q a iff, if f 637,71 1' Z' gf. bdlfinr. gif: 9' S f g 4 If . , .'1!F'--'lf ."r fi WSP F J y f 1 ' Q f If , K I X, l ' 4 f .- ,,:: , ax .,,,:x V at .S , ,,,, ,., X LT, ,A J If I I tl e' l a Ig, ir . 4 55, y x 6, J , 'fu . , ixiyi , ., , 45-Of? f Bacchus, Steve Barton, Randy Brown, Mike Buchholz, Chuck Crockett, Johnny Dixon, Billy Duncan, Tommie Gomez, Mary Halihill, Juanita Hazelwood, Frank Hodges, Teresa James, Rickie Johnson, Paul fVice Pres., Little, Phillip Lopez, Diana Mays, Melinda Pink, Janet Province, Lori Ramos, Martha Reyes, Armando Self, Billie, Jr. Shepperd, Donna Sirkel, Alford Smith, Charles Somers, David Somers, Donna Sonntag, Paul Staton, Susan Terrell, Mike Turner, Margie cSec.n Sue MRS. SIMMON'S SIXTH GRADE Aaron, Mike Anzualda, Anita Bell, Debbie Bolin, Paul Burman, Karen Byrd, Cindy Cannon, Victor' Cantu, Sulema Carter, Carolyn Cobb, Chris, fReporter1 Coppedge, Bonnie Coulter, Doyle Coulter, Terry Davis, Bobby Davis, Linda Dishmon, Dale Elliott, Donna Flores, Eugene Halfhill, Carlous Gonzalez, Rosendo Hallmark, Ricky Jones, Jerry Power, Audie Redmon, Dianne Salazar, Rosalinda Soto, Anita Stroope, Debbie, QPres.J Templin, Kirk Wade, Ricky Waldsmith, Tommy "fi , Vi,-,xx nf ,M s. 9' 'fran' N .A ug f A f get .hy Mrs. Patty Simmons 1 1 ,p 9 r Q if I ,. 'fy ' 'Q fly' 3 . az, 1 Q if fu? at R4 Q, , Y' ,, A I, x""'a , Q I 1! .-.1 , I59 fv- k af. '21 4 ,W if ,fx f' 5 : Ha i fa MRS. ASHlEY'S FIFTH GRADE Aaron, June - f M wtf' I w W .f f ,,.t,, I ix ,glifiv ,r A .,,.,. 2 ,.., 4 , f-Q, ,A T Wg y If ,,,,, , 1 x , I I ' , if-in A ,fr sf 4 iirr ' I ,f'V -?i?i?f' ' , it 1,9255 riff! lasers: its sy , , I ,,, AQ X' ,,,, , V V. V' - K' I, r,YI In K :rr by qi A , -Q .,' ,, ,'1, - ,, . I , 1 f A 1 5 it r vyg zly 9 , :E i VV, Mrs. Lucille Ashley Badillo, Francisco Box, Thomas D. Brazeal, Lou Ann Brown, David Byrd, Jack Ray Carter, Bessie, fSec.-Treas. Chancellor, Iva Nell Coulter, Janet Cross, Thomas Duncan, Maxey Garza, Virginia Gonzalez, Benito Griffin, Joe Tim Guerra, Gloria Hampton, Alice Faye Hazlewood, Joe, QPresidentj Hodges, Nakita King, Debbie Lopez, Edna Ortega, Clemente, fVice Pre Parker, Velma Rene Pearson, Libby Pelt, Craig Power, Tim Simmons, Mary Smith, Kathie Somers, Robert Soto, Gilbert Sprouse, Dianna Whitsell, Judy J s r-Q Mrs. M argaret Ellis Burnett, Virginia Bush, Nikki Cantu, Dalia Coppedge, Donna Costillo, Macimina Crawford, Lillie Davis, Randy Fraze, Rickey Gonzales, Carmelita Halfhill, Alfred Hall, Judy Harrington, Van Havens, Lachristia Haun, Ricky Hinojosa Minnie Isbell, Lynn Ledesma, Amanda Minter, Ronnie Norris, Cheryl Osborn, Sharon Pallett, Dennis Pearson, Connie Rena, Bernardo Reyes, Arturo MRS. ELLIS' FIFTH GRADE Antwiler, Sue Badillo, Alex Baldaramos, Manuel Brown, Ella ,L -on 4 F. fi' JA 1' s Y: ..,, I ' , Z A' A , 7 W - Y I if gf ,Q M yi x '12 sv s gf -4 g J., .,, .. . . , ..a,.,..,N,, .. ,J-., 11 rt:-az-,Zn'g2:' -'::-:g-Z'- , ,3ggf:,g-g:M:, -'2:g.,g.v.2' " , - ,.,.. -1.30, .,,.y.,,.., Yr if r f Q ,,,5:g:, rv fit V 23 K Roberts, Susie, Reporter s'1i r Ruiz, Leo Sonntag, Larry Turner, Milton Williams, Thresia Yates, Jimmy Eg N 'A A , -X .o 19 ff MRS. WESTER'S FOURTH GRADE Mrs. Walter M, Wester VV .. V k Mrmttf' V V5 Antwiler, Patricia ' S' fra 3 rm i5""f Barnes. Tina . r,,1 ' ,V V 'J' J a J Baum, Kath1ynQPresidentj ' as 1' ft , f Ar' l a s Brown, Billie ' r M 1 'Q iR J ' J J I I A 354 K 53 ' V Brown, Maurine V V , , Cantu, Isabel All J R if Canw, Ruben 2!"w J f' A Carroll, DanHY . 1 " . Carter, Jack L. . 2: . , V Q , , A , Cross, Charles Q' if V 1 V Edington, Darrel ' ,, - V A 5 V Garza, Jose Jesus V fl? V V Gonzalez, Beatriz V Gonzalez, Julian 2 l 4 ww' ffl "7 ,,'i' ,gt IQ , Vg'-J .J ,,, KV 1' .r,,, ,1 162 ' V, f r 4 Hall, Debra James, Carolyn Kelso, Kim Ortega, Euardo Ortega, Teresa Potts, Karla Prather, Marcus Pratt, Billy A Rameriz, Maria V Reyna, Jesse if U, ., 2 F 3 Turner, Sally 4, fSecretaryj ' , Wade, Drusilla ' flleporterj I Wade, Tina F 1 5 l 1 x , Q W l a - zur- f, ,,,,, r, av J Whitsell, Gary Wilson, Leona I, Mrs Marvella Martin MRS. MARTIN'S FOURTH GRADE Barrow, Donald Y Boliver, Donna N' " In 'js 'ff Blanco, Maria -.fy 11 'R R A Chancellor, Howard s 4 , Q ,Ma ' isefgql ,. I A fl Crawford, Lydia Cross, Teresa Emeory, Charles Francis, Larry Gomez, Mary Gonzalez, Jessie Griffin, Chris Hampton, Milton Havens, Alfrada Jones, Cathy Lopez, Ramiro McSpedden, Joni Miller, Lena Nichols, Van Ortega, Joe 4' '54 5, ,vw Q . if , Tz, , I - I WIN ,,V' Q .. 5 - , R , f. s gk Us Z ei 'V ' Y X , 5 bx,"'W Z ' 1, , 'WNV W ' f Nm 1 f R ' ' ,Sigh C 1' .' 1-"f?'? N A screw, X :find if . a ' , , ,I iff. ' .N Q sstt , , ' --vn- Ortega, Teophilo 2 Rameriz, Francisco QT Rodgers, Karen bk' fp? if A Ruiz, Elva 5 N-'nf r " +- F' I 1 , - , 1,11 A r,,, V S , M R . N ' , V H X t3IOIl 1 C fl 5 ml. 'U' A M J, 1 -IX , sl ff..- ' 'At ffrw yarf if 572 . 'if gi Turner, Creamella A Wade, Derie ' Waldsmith, Rickey 's 4. "iff ff-5 at 1 fi , , A Wester, Pamela 7 R -Q-5' 'Nl' V 'Q , 3 E. g QVice-Presidentj M VM i . R " Wilson' Karen f - XA 'V y sk Q X -'few'----. f 5' 5 .Q. 'if 'F J ' I Jn , l63 MRS. WILLS' FIFTH GRADE , ,r 5. ii ' he A -51, , Baum, Steve, Reporter ' "" Brown, Carla , V' 5, , r A tl 3 M , ,- , ,,, , r V in 3. A 1? g if , 'J fp if A ..... ,. it -A-fr' in Bristow, Bobby ,,., Mrs. Rachel Wills Blunco, Helario ,SEQ S Bolivar, Susan " y Cannon Ricky 1 ' 5 M' ' 1 Q . K , K Canfield, Donald 'W R X' , S? X5 XA 1+ - Fixx Coppedge, Silvia Cross, Joann Cowen, Susie DeLeon, Maria Duncan, Gary Duncan, Ginger Hamilton, Debra Kay Hodges, Tina Holland, Jimmy Henojosa, Cayetano , Q7 , fra ,Q Ledesma, Armando r Lee, Christie as r v 9 .. M ' se 1. if V .lu 4 Little, Patricia ? , Norris, Billy George 1 Newman, Jim . X' X Nichols, Kim y Province, David, Sec.-Treas, 1, f Q V Parker, Jaunita 'Z' RuiZ, Henry We VXAP' Sirkel, Barbara ' Z- ,f P 1 1,54 F . . Story, Ronnie W, , Q3 , Trovino, Ricardo .A -. -,, A , Turner, Sammy , l Q4 Wade, Sheila K . ' Wilson, Willie D. X "NZr'ASMi--4-L I64 5 A la! I I' 'Y' 1-gf ,Zh yi, iffy? t X - A ,.,, VV . I vat if ' 1 3' . f ' G I sim , 9' A V' ffM,, . ' .. , ei 1, A ' e wr: kg Wm ,lr Mrs. Marie Riddle MRS. RIDDLE'S THIRD GRADE ,Ar V ' 43 , Y M yi' 'X ' 'N ii gi 5 ,wife PM W iii M , Q V" is 1- r '3 Liz! fs" X I4 4 ' W J -X Q , VV I , , ,, ,, i: A, 'H rn if J 1 f fir is , If 5 I 'e -'e .rv r R , 5 .,V IQ' F -.g ' ' w K, B pi 1 9, I is xp, y , , , . 1 I K 1 ,..i....... 'L mifl '1 Aaron, Ricky Breaux, Elizabeth Box, Douglas Brown, Thelma Cates, Michae1fVf President Chapman, Pamela Carter, Nikki Chavez, Castulo Corbell, Laurie Craig, Penny Crawford, Renee Davis, Jackie Dishmon, Arlene Emeory, Kenneth Gross, Gregory Hale, David, President James, Barbara Kelso, Klayton Lopez, Gavino Miller, Vernia Faye Norris, Robert Ortega, Raul Pink, Mary Pratt, Narvell Reyes, Danny Robles, Emma Sanchez, Jane Soto, Reynoldo Terrell, Mark MRS. ALl.ISON'S SECOND GRADE Berghauser Carolin C arter Kevin 1 , if insn 'J Carter' Kathy ll' Q f rf-Q , W in 2 AYIA , V EY- ' fri. bis A X f 1'-s . V yrwr Vkk. E , si, ff, ,.'. I A ,,i, iii... Vvfiiil W x, jf I H L , 'V J 4 2 f is f X ,J X E H,., fx J J , f or J f 145 ' 8 ii h i Jsrii f an , -w rarf 1 . n - J .J is P ' Chancelor, Patricia DeLeon, Julia Dunfield, Bill Emeory, Margie Escaboda, Javier Garza, Elva Garza, John Mrs. Sandra Allison Goldman, Terry, PRESIDENT Gonzalez, Rosario Griffin, Bob Guerra, Rey Hill, Cindy Marshall, Wes, VIC Phinney, Mary Jane Sanchez, Ruben Smith, Jessie Standerfer, Johnnie Templin, Melanie Villerreal, Janie Wilson, Gary E-PRES. Mrs Dorothy Fry Castillo, Rosa Maria Emeory, Raymond Ford, Michael Fox, Bobby Gomez, Max Henojosa, Santiago Holder, Mary Ledesma, Yolonda Lee, Lula Pearl Martinez, Mary Ellen Mayes, Dana Norris, Cathy Prather, Paul Ramirez, Emiliano Sanchez, Sylvia Standerfor, Trov Smith, Danny Somers, Joyce Trevino, Rene Vaughn, Blake, SEC.-TREAS. MRS. FRY'S SECOND GRADE Baum, Beverly Bledsoe, Max Cannady, Jack a, L 'Ro K R S il Q ,ft Va 'L if ,uf L4 U nf , sf ,mal I I sw , . f lim ,t . Q q B ag, 3 3 ' x I 11 , .N , rr M 1. X f '.,, -5 1 rr.rr Y K ,Q-25.1, Y in i ' 'aa e ,,.4a 1 , at Q 434, f.. .W ,J Nay at ,af ,E t K , if X i A if 1 .!- Q . 0 rt. 5 A X i x f 'l J' F3 f 13" 5 A , f Q ' J 'QV ftxt, f me y Ig ,W ' ' sq 1- 1 3' fo , -r...-A Q., f ,ro ' 81. 'zsx' A r . 4115 -V f.N -ii 5 mr fllxn S' ' ll ilil SW kX4r.Z"'k' ' IM J 1 1 ' I MRS. VANDAVEER'S SECOND GRADE S Q. I68 af 1? 2 4? 1 S ,r,i5,.,',.. , ,I 1 Q I , f xg? a "'t?aA , 'Q R 5 QQ . , 9 ki ff fVf'? 1' X I Hi? fzg ,f 'rf i F' 'N .qv X lf' f' If M. Q ,f Q' Bradillo, Hermelinda Blanco, Johnnie Bridges, Gregory Butler, Brad Byrd, Steven Cantu, Connie Crawford, Sheryl Davis, Rita Duncan, Bobby George, Alta Howard, Martha Jones, Harvey Ladesma, Anita Ortega, Carolota Ortega, Mateo Parker, Loretta Robles, Aurora Ruiz, Joel Sanchez, Rudy Self, Galua Smith, Michelle Templin, Sheryl Torres, Johnny Wickerson, James Mrs. Jo Harrington Clark, Steve Cowen, Kim Davis, Sheila Duncan, Vickie Garza, Sylvia Gross, Geoffrey Hamilton, Jerry Hill, Debra Jones, Gregory Lopez, Rosa Meuir, Larry Miller, James Murphy, Tommie Perkins, Mark Ramirez, Minerva Rodriquez, Jose Turner, Rickey Ward, Rickey Wheeler, Parilee Williams, Annette MRS. HARRINGTON'S FIRST GRADE Bacchus, Tommy Chancellor, Janet Vf Cisneros, Narcisco , fn 1' ,,,,, ix v L R if , ,, :- ' '- y ,,, , J, ir, ,ff f R .ur ff. ,gy , , ' Emmy 5, I 11" ' 1' L, r ivw 451 , , JN 4 ,tanks , :K , vu H x I TU X I 'Q 41' Ol" i if YN lx t All rf p , Ggi W' . ,Q 'P 44- EK X f I hd Mrs. Emilie Peavy Balderamos, Armando Breaux, Claire Carter, Kenneth Davis, Larry Davis, Ronnie Hicks, Kelly fVice-Pr Luster, Willie Gerry, Mayfield Ortega, Armando Rojas, Rosa Rolater, Robbyn fSec. Ross, Stephen Simmons, Tommy Sirkel, Brenda Sons, Candace fPres.J Soto, Lydia Williams, Calvin Williams, Shirley Williams, Willie Wilson, Cherry l7O C . MRS. PEAVY'S FIRST GRADE L ,g 4 if ., 'g , 'll S D " fi fm' I 1 A A , 'f 'U ' ii i' R 'Rf' ,. Y it 9 4: A s Inv. 'l -Treas.J f, , ti ss,,, , siys Q W ' L, s ,S f f?'R Q , ' ' F ,wa f , v 4 ,f if " ,, 1 R .3 32 'F as 4, no ff , 1' 5 L , s - f X , 3 . K r fm' sl E 4 I Mrs, Mary Boals Aaron, Tinsley Berghauser, Kenneth Carter, Edie fReporterJ Coulter, Christi Hampton, Alexander Holland, Sammy Jones, Dennis King, Allen Keith Luster, Cynthia Martinez, Julian Newman, Dale Pearson, Felix Province, Kim Rodriquez, Yolando Shepperd, Jeff Templin, Billy Thomas, Jacky Thompson, Bonny Wilson, Terry Wyatt, Sheryl m l My country 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, . . '1 -9- 6 109 ,WWF ..q3nk1.-1' ANNA V ,f ,,,.-af" -M-.v , UHF, 4 A zu- Oh, say, yet wave O'er the la that Stapspangled Banner Dear Frisco High, we're all for you. . of the free and the K t home of th brave? ' Q H. Zyfw nfwyjwcaf QUMQWWZV TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" K ff 'Y TIA ag 4 5 p , X f 1 TEg,ii1'3ii - . .msbxu-iw Wx if QNX! 1 'x i' gf 'VKX t t -,affix " 1 Q5 ' we , tax, Y t ,- we 'W A f ' V' X' Y I N K '. F. 5 s L 1 A. E ' "Q e K V . , QL 1 E ,JH wi! . I feiif f Tfa . ,Ly L 53: f +4 5 QW, ? T 3 2 lf ' , 4? Z TH' . . I ' . r F: Q gy 4 5 ,4 E . .h 3' , N E P 4 S i L E E

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