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The firsf homecoming fwbazzt - .vw game irg Frisccfs history, observedf last Friday pruvqd evgn bigger and begter than had been expected Agccurdmg to 'Suprintendent W. O. SIUQ, mare than 200 exsiudents zfeglstered for the event and en- JUXBG 3 get-together at the school prxor to the Frisco Royse City game thai. night. Local school officials and Citi. zens gave a warm welcome to each visitor and made them feel at 21 hmne. Exstudents met at ihe Gym h0tween 6:30 and 7:30 p. nm. for oughnuts and coffee d . So successfui did the occasion prove to be, it was decided to make at an annual occasion. - Sxlk who headed the gfmup for the homecoming, by a ceuncil of nina students, includ- Mikired Whiv Phil Fifshe r and and 1- seo students had in years and the on that ew gdiai tele- he Q. dual me.:-e Yu'-1 TL WROMA FTA T A. seem 22 fixe- zmd 22111 FrisM Bobby the the Bepwsits if Friscu has had a splendid :season the first time of was a happy one,n from all direc- , 81' P 'x f together at 5 ! PPI?-Y' Royse City Wins Over risca Camas fTo Win Title The Royse Cit Eulldo s W their nipth straight victogy ZEOEZ season 'ID a District' 18-B game Dlaygd m Frisco Friday nighf, Lie. featuzg the Frisco Comms 18 to 6, amd, captturing the -ilisirict tide. ,Mafws James scored fm Q1fy's first touchdown in the U21 Period after zz 40 yarxi ram. Jerrezlf Shaw made the ssrcsond counier, going off tackle for 15 'ygrds and James Clark scared the final counter, also for 15 aff my km F'?'5SCi!'S i0l.lCJhTf'!J'X4GDMfifI.ZTIi3 fm a pass from Smothermmu to Rey- . news. P5 C1ark and.David Burks were 2-tzrndouts for Royse City. 6131-fi Coach lim Marion and his fighting lads cam hold their !'1'?ibf1S high for aa job well' dems. Wfziie the game 'wouidl-f have given the Owns the district title, yet they have nothing to be xasbamefl of and have hada wonderful seascm. The contest was the first homecoming game for ,the Coons and was mask- ed by a getfeogether at the sezimol preceding the game by many imm- er Frisco High students, 5 'DEf1I6n Loiirity Ieet In ext Wednesday W The Collin Cammy Unit vi ite :aaa State Teacher-:S Aessfweimiw il meet in the gymrxasimm inf isco Wednesday mght., Octobfzri at 7:30 o'c1ock. announces 'AU Silk, superintendent ei the 15120 Schuol. V 1 iuklock Hyder, former mfxmtx-rg the Legislature and nov: DWG .sor of government and ecmmg gg at NTSC, Denton, wili be :beg est speaker. x 2 Mayor R, K. Hellas of Frzsewi il give the weloome adwess-2 v Gordon D. P85501 Qfi e Frisco Methodist. Chdrch, Wm' ze the invocation. 1 1 The Frisco P.-T. A. will Pfepaffeg E e meal and the ,FILSQQ Htmflvi :onnmics girls mil serve the, fm. supr. sm.: says they exzwfl 106 attend the nwetxngw Q M, ,llll 3 Muse Fxomemmcens 2 ISTALL ofmcens 1 The Frisw Chapter oi 'the Fw! f House 0c1 Another big Ed at Friscds ifa11owe'en nig be-1' 31, at 6 p. iiywicie event aim: and comm ucgerd to attend :ali you can eat will be used i pruvvmcnt 0' House. Luca! Cifiiibe barbecue held pose a few vu Jmtrnal feels ? need urging tm Makw yixur p and bring the will enjoy a su MERCUE FOLLOW EEK.. are Hnmemakcars of America, met, 5QQyMg5day might., Ocivber 'Z ai! 10 home of Num Jo Szmcyn Q Nmxf oifieers i,r1taHe,d by Betty' Satan, arc: Pressidcnt Milcireewg wfizirqeilg Vice: P',1'05., Irma ,In Mor ,afsg MSicCmta1'y, Gcfr'S1'ude? Ryobeivj' fm' Treasurer, Ann IlakZ?5ff1'Q3 I-'arty-degree LD this arww new cold wav South and W heels of a ii plus intermiit E Weekend- zisinrian and Rvporifzr, Sfvlasi There, was sz 0 Staley: Parliarnvntzxrm-ng ?N1i'I1'2PanhandIe ,Wil y Wilson. , New members wxczrq tzzksgn mm ha orggzxniafatirrn wgth an xmpfffiv imtiatmn SEYIWQCU. V t Ijmrimi the busmess: nxewcizng, plans were made to attend 311-T31 Youth Day at the Spitif Fan' batur, day. October 17. .Tummy Vaughan father areas of gnotably Colors iwesre sialic-ci fo E ThsBrI'Q'5 not 5 so be dame am 'ut as good wi round, aidim Jheat, up to .2 ' gwas cle-cied FHA-beau A ao-di THQYYEQS xx After the busmess meeting ff' i tins area and 4 ,ircfwhments were served by QEUYQCVEQI a rgrgewew P T A mffiuers to 47 mflmbefi MKS Ufmfe benefmgai If 4' .., 1 ' ' Hanford, Mrs. Homdl' H-2123916 and 3 The bprecxpijq glflrgg Mcxraan. am: the "fill Next Thazrsdxiy Eight, gecgmbeg 1 n 'Won Re991"'f'0f1' 17, at 17:36 sfo no ai 1 ef risc-I ""'j"""""""""'5' Haw scam: Aufzimrmm, the Fri. Yes c P01411 genffxag co P.-T. ,AH win hoid their re t :XLS Qhifgugafilf mar meeting. Gzxef-af speaker wi S I if y ' be Denmn County Superintenden y e 9 ww and A, G, Harris. The first. svcomi ani!! xx Q I elf apprgcla 10 third grades of thc Frisco schozai The ifrxsco Pargntt Tegchirtglqfkgh U89 mlm GTS' . - K ,f ' ' K, K K-S S niuvln-1--u-ni'-"vw MM" will cantr1bute to the program with mation were 09 Cb i how at the Sizrebiiif 3'iumbk:rEs.' Q mcheon and Stiff? ,S ' NV 36 .ommunity Hall Friday, Od f MQ. 1. -J. H bilfig ,Ly P.-T, A 4 N F 0 mn ' The luncheon and stiff? Qhewi dent, nd 31 sther 0ffiCi ' , ' igmmezziiigrs are 1uFging'a 1az'ge5was ,planned and, earned out byf turrmut for this special program. imance pomrngttec ,Ric Former Frisco Teacher who illrwss held in the ami burial was Cemeiery. WRT!!! Taylor, Ceczie Lannaday, M13 0 iansel, Thad Rcsbertson and MGI' is Morgan. assisted by MINES? ack Fisher, Beitye Zumberg, A363 ie Riddle, Homer Ilaggafd im, N. L. Jotmson. A cold sr-da fourse with giesscfrt and ez-offe was searved. The ihblffi WEN? de - mated wifh autumn colors and Qggveg by Mrs. HGYFXQ1' 'Hkliigafd ang? urs, Cecile Czmnaftay. Red 95156128 warg used to light the humidxng, The president wemzomed ai? the guests and presenigfd the PIQOSYHW introducing the Mistress oi Cere- many. The was E,.EC'f The Frisrrn dents elected sponsors Septel as follows, CLAS """"' Unhh HU' l'L'ill 't 0 Y T0 31 -FIRE r'BNQ is schedub ,f -,,'K A' 9 immunity lloufff i K -Saturday. Onto It is zz common-1 I - .ith the entire i V :ity invited and ou are promised r 31.25. Procrcrls the further im' the Community remember the ' the same pur- is ago, and the un,u,J,m1mr,u, mmm, ' nuxnunnlnrmllmhvldh l'UltWAlill' FIRST H0 ECOMING 0F EX-STUDENT lnuscog 'ro Bra HELD FRIDAY, Nov.2 3 The great amount of enthu- siasm being shown locally in Homecoming Day plans is encour- aging, Supl. Silk said this week. All ex-students are reminded to meet at the Frisco High Schoool Gym between 6:30. and 7:30 p. m. November 20 for doughnuts and coffee and a getftogether. g One ex-student, Mrs. Will Savage :of Lewisville, offered the use of the story, "The History of Frisco High School' to the committee. It imm' i PTA srnnsn The Frisco PTA held it lar meeting at the school day at 7130 P411 'Ilhe meeti tailed to order by our pure . rs. Farris Robertson, Mrs. Gordon Morgan on t no one -,vii ttend. s now to attend .ire fax 1 You meal.. Pwuuo ms yy y W mMQ GHEAVY soils w1N Dsoslvls 51 rvlcr 'M' was first published in 1938 when Ferris Robertson attende the present school building was Pafllamvnillv course at l constructed. A booklet, "The First On Oct. 13, given by Mrss Annual Announcement of the Pub-D0 GIHSSI- State Parllamen lic School of Frisco, Texas, "writ Mrs. Jack Fisher have a ten in 190708, is in the school on the Collin County C library, meeting at Melissa. Frisco merchants have cooperat- lrl- W- H. Razor intn 'ed in an enthusiastic manner inthe speaker for the evening sponsoring a full Page ad, else- of our highly esteemed .tea where in this issue, annoucing the Cal Wester. lie used as his S giirst homecoming game for the,'?P-PPUTF' Till the SON", -Frisco Coons, to be played here was engloyed by all li1'0SBYlf inns f ' ORY 9 ,nz duno MlLLSg Loans Jounugo , 1 wnua Fmunmrz nxslmcr alms WOOD'-M dow n on next Friday night, Nov. 20, with the Royse City Bulldogs. The en- tire city and community are co- operating to make this one of the l biggest events in Frisco, with many ,ex-students commg here for the The next meetlnfz will l -anquet on November 12, n. at which time lgnxsbond Le guests. Pete Moseolny, 1 uperintendent will be speak he evening. His subject vc Collin on the ' min '1'hufg,day iiter a decisive district victory , showers laws if Caddo Mills, Played in Fris- in the Texmil joke the Frisco Lloons to Wye heavy gngwg, Friday night of this week for 3 United Suites other conference contest, which where buses Pllld Prove more closely contest- HITS . gthan last week's game. , nuggh farm wqrkffhe remainder of the Coons' Q moisture will gmes will be conference affairs v season in me th the exception of the Keller V eil were: Larkin Vandevonter ,izrzfslfi del . touchdowng Willie Reynoliigorgiing igackr who also scarred aqtouch. 1 f'Wn' BIUY Poole, blocking bank ,rho scored twioeg phil Fisher: Sickle, who scored onceg Jamgg omothermon, who ran over three touchdowns' Walter and D 'Friday night. Coach Jim Marion event. Educating for What." W, 0. Silk. superintendent of the! The third grade won the lgchool, is heading the group mak-lWQl3L..........V Coons And Van lllstyne Tie: Will ll mg extensive plans for the homo Qcoming He is aided by a councxlg got nine high school students, whoj 'arez , A in Irma Morgan, chairman, Junior.: Mildred Whitsell, Senior. L Betty Eaton, Senior. . Phil Fisher, Senior. 5 spring gg-ops, ine, scheduled in Frisco Gctober' ood stand looks - ' in all glreamg Ill U12 Caddo Mills game. the turos are being frals had control of the ball owth followingzme throughout, pushing across 'i free touchdowns in the first: will also lzolpgaiter, two in the second quar-N apo process :xt one in the third and two vw. ns cant com ack of home 'vc had four zs have nhmyn r attending in an.- iore in the fourth. Caddo Mills' ,ored their lone touchdown in e second quarter. The Caddo Mills score camel Zilb Frisco substitutes on tho' leld. f QAccd1'ding to Coach hlarioni mong the I-'risen boys showing up 1' i.. ............ ...,..,.........-.....-J-.. v'ov3iiQ IH SCHOGL STUDENTS V SPONSORS AND UFFICERS gh School stu-i Vice President, Carol, Hutggy r officers and 18. They arev SfC?0l21l'X and treasurer, C5 Q, lhia Srznpbon. 3 Reporter, Ann Sonntagi fesuflf h, ERFRESHMAN cuss Sn1ot.hLrmz,n , ,immy Vaughn' hponsor, Mrs. Alyn Gentry. Alexander. 9 President, Johnnie Pomona, Visher. 'L Vice President, Laura Cross. Jouott. l Secretary, Helen Alexander, , Treasurer, Sonny Morganw llarion. , Reporteh, Bobby Mays. l Byrd. gElGHTH GRADE lack Ca!21121fiHJ'- l Sponsor, C. it Wester. 'Qatthewn ! President, Taylor Hansel. We Robertson' dorgan. ' 55 align fond., leffy I if illlathews, Center and End. amd lMa'.r1on. Milton Whitsell , 3,3113 Doyce Jouett and others, Conch Marion says that all of the first string team turned in g 53:1 ' defensive and Aoffensivg After the Wylie game there this week, Emory comes here 00. alll-r 23, October 30 Keller comes were for a non-conference battle. gvovembel' 5 15 an open date. On . ovember 13, the Coons journey to Princeton. and th closing confer. 'QVC Same is scheduled in Frisco ilfwnmlsm- 00 with Royse City ATTENDS AUSTIN MEETING Supl. W. O. Silk went, to Waco Saturday where he visited hisi I brother, rn F. snr and attended lthe Baylor - Arkansas football ggame. A From there he went to Augtin to attend tee annual tall Admin- istration Meeting and luncheon Sunday evening at the Driscoll Hotel. He also attended the gen- eml meeting at the Driskoll Hotel Mondas rolnmin to Frisco Mon- lday night. - 'ge Ha and haul reggisednszrglunilllsi teagfer int:-bg Frisco school to 800995 3 Pos' 0 in Dallas. i lln.A1yn Gontryisreplaclnl Missile d She has aBA. E Vice President, Charles Card 4,-,pee Hom 4North Texas and ale 1' Secretary, Ginger Baker. lil. A. from 'PSCW' FN' me Pm lr Treaisurer. George Mays. nvggynrs the hit! 580351 if lg --Reporterih Coy Newman angeymgre, iarvxn Hicks. , M, ,. "" Follow the 'irampaging' Frisco Coons to Willie Fridav night of James Smotherman, Senior. Q Gertrude Robertson, Junior. Nancy Collinswortll, Junior- Nanny Wilson, Junior. P Q Janis Kerley, Junior. I l ' - - B th to-operatxon of the P00 ple yin :risen a long ll-Sf Of, ex' studnts is ho d. to be acquirodr Any person wg, is or knows of ana exvstudent out of town, Wwld P9 greatly thanked if he would wnte fin name and addr0S8, 'Hd dfolllf ua a box at Maxim, DW 50059 If this isn't possible, It Weultijfe aff! fpreciated if he would writ to one of the students on the committee- Addresses are necessary. otball ame between Rovso' A fo g G ' . '. City and Frisco, Fr1seo's last ron-4 ference game, will be Pl-Syed HY Frisco on the night of November 20. This game will be dedicatedtoi lthe ex-students of Frisco High! School, Q , , I The homecoming will be gxveng 3-peat ggrt by 3 bon fire on the iight of November 19, 1953 af Meet Cedar HE ' The Frisco Coons tum another good game, in Fri Friday night when Van ,invaded this West Collin c ,teams tied, 6-to-6, but lol .ire of the opinion the C01 the better team, Frisco early, after getting posses tho hall for the first time l game. Van Alstyne was not score until the second ha Corea-lx .lim illzlrion has be this week ironing out the 'ro tr, sznonk. of his team a ing them in shape for thi lmflo here this week witl Hill. Mako your plans tg be game and cheer the local to victory. Frisco has Q grid eleven-a team that is everything it hos into eve! in an effort to win- The It rum do is io be OU! Sill'-hi night game and support 1 your presence.. The Cot Frisco High School. Au of me exeifmpfffim if' e 'H-'-'F students are invited to attend and islipport this pep rally. ' l 5 Any information concermng thu Whig event can be secured H011 any of the students on the oczjn 5 fnmgco Taldlg On A llioliday Appearance V Frisco iw inning on that holiday gappearanoe with anon of the stores' shaving .decorations of thgr season already up in readiness for the Yuloildo oecnaion. In Wdition i'Z.Sffei1?g 2 89046118 wok. vom: be lendinn surf 01112 or Fiifcufes iilfgflffi Chris' fowm' gawk' Pflscv ioowafnanfport to our football lads and youllg We to Und me 000 new 59413 ulhe rewarded in seeing a greatllilf ind in place on the east side osmm.. mas yfilljfiri lane noon received by Ydiltllif iztilrcltnntfa and DWF' lnfwmimx 'i-: umlnr wnzv fm' the PRGCLAMATION In cooperation with than Coming committee of High School and authorities, I hereby prwiw day, November 20 as Day in Frisco. e I would like to ill 1 ents of Frisco iyxi 3 cept me invitation Coming committee? High School Sym 6:30 and 7:30, Nov dJ get-together acquail1'ia11Q8S'Q, ilin Nl '," oxen an attend ' Tim game Friday wiht 1 - R, K I-ID'fI.AS,w.i,E Une Sfrieee flzyn Seneel ,flnnnnl SIIW Presents Che 1953-1954 Eeenekin Qrisee flign Senna! Maple ,At Sfonrtn ?rieee, Cenne your dfanskin ,4 141411111 SMH J is if f-'TF-:g'?"g.f,: gif.'25a4Zf'2f'2!f'ii5 93?-"f"'5f' f'.i'iZ31f:4':'1".f1li1 ,SWF :Pai .iii 'p'.S.iTi74.f gfijs''ig-iQ!:.i7giN:'fIQ.'!fi?'fT 5551.f"31Q,'z"ff"'5ETfT-Q'2'E'fQ2?L'.? .fifgj:'i37i'5:fgfi-f'j. -.Q 'V' Efi' , . ' 9-- rfb' -- 'gf-':f wifi-' '.-!."f"-"wif N"-"'-. A44 --.ew -x-1 wif ' -,'., ' 5-. f ::g1v.-. --fav-" i.f,.f.f.1",w,A:f1 -A 1.52- ..r:'f4+:-f-+r":f----.11 'rf1,-11''.H.f'v'V'fN-"wr-rf A mr'- N . I.. 5 -N , YV, if t J., ns ..4,U.-,xggw d,4.5f.q,,.i'5y,,J...g, Q31-315: ..--f U "vt-ff.,L,,. ..v .lrxg :-:.,.,N gf.-3 In .A5vJ...5:.fiXtZ,Ik...:,4.!-,YQ. Mr,-tzifd, 74,5.,:1:,l-,::,-15,A'. ,ll vLg:.:u'6,.,L,: if Lgwigyzlii HV, 3.31-if I .,, ,.H, VL -11, .5 'J' fp-,V "x-'f-Q..-w.xr"v if .:-:.J-'53 gf- ' '- ,1 ug- ..1.'. :f:.W..1.4. .1.3N."f.' -15. 'J ,Aw :.1.,.'-Jv. A ,-,.,-:"4.-A-'1 ,1'.1"-4'-7'- ".",'.-' , .'.,g.w9'.A'.,ir,..., '..,1-k - .- ,,' ' am- . 1-M. ,Y - ,ln , pub- l -5.1 -.J,.-ff,-',-.', -,-I Q. 1. 7,.- ..,.-M X-A-, .- -1:11 rj ,V-,.,...-.-I. f',,,'- g, -3.5 , . .gg r :Q 1.0.5 xg'-,rn ,,.,1 .g.-in , .-- gag fn-10,1 15. .-7,-,Q 5. .y'n,.,,-H: ,Ly.M,4,A'x ,gm -3, 1,1 gl .4 5 1. W, X, --. --f, ..-,-V..-N. . , ,-Aka-,V ,fy L'-.J-5 mul.. , 5 .- ,- . .. -- -71' .-L gf-,pf ,yy-Sf-15,-Q.: 'JM' ul Vg.-4. ef- f. . f J . J.. '- . .' I 1- '- .- f.-I-,-.v---A..-I.a-g4'.u:- .' ,f mv .1----.'-L -, 1, ,,-.' ,11p.f.f.,!-',.m- 'v' - w '-.'f.,'3'- -+.w'.4 fr' . ,ff.7--,,,- f . 3.14. ., .,, .,, , -Nga., , ,Ll 1...-n - .5-..-,f.., -. r-,. 7.5.4 ,. .,.1,.v- A,..,.,v ,.,.,4.. . .. , 1, ,V-. +..,.-.'r.4 ,.v-,..-f-. I- --.5 g---,1, ' - If ' igf 'Wm' 3 -'Q -' Z-9"1'7iQQ:tif5g':7':cl: 14' 3-,1'l"E-759V 395 fbi-.7f':r54K.1-GL'-1'1:.if "Lf"-2-127 'mils-. Q-fgfi. 19,7-'-"1,0i'!9f'?7".v3IEf ",'J1iQf:'vT -.5153 Ilfifpff-'?,Qt?'-t :Gi"'-Jkfpit. vf..::Y'7.. Q'x'.r!'E' ? '. .em "- 'iii-f-...P-1 ., ww. xl. .. -rf. -. -'1 .f-1 - .lr Q1 fvr 4.5 377 'Elf-'Pi' -L' f -.1--.iw '- f- f'- '- HL: g '.L".'Q'f-- flv-'uw-,. '-'M-1.-.'-." "X1.'.'.','Jf -'41 . '- -,'."f J '-. . "I 1, f 4--' 'TG 'J 4-irw i 1' .1 ...'."""'-'.,""'I' ,'.1.' V5-,'.. . 1 ij f-f'., JA.:-Jw .K-," :,,ff.'.2a1p. ,gf'.'2,.g,5.Qgj'y-Q' ff: ,Q-5..u.1-',3-254.-', Q.-1.16-xii. 21:2-.525 g,'Q.f5'.',',.:1f., 1-S2,1gf:j,,..f..45wf.pg2' ,,3..,.5, -Nrffg.ggf,?ff.:,,:'-f:.'.gf,--'...'54QQ.,-f-,rfwg-,.J Q .g,,,g.-,pf Q. ' '.- .A A ,- ein: 3 .Lp.-.a- -pw..,:,41,'..g.j9g,-41fg.!q M .fs ,yr .-Q, -K-nrt din-:,jq..,.a,-:" A, ,1N3m-'n'::.-.i-,jf,',"',-gt! 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'Y' " 1.1 ww., ..o. .-.' . -1 l A, !.,,.y-,.xj,--1: , fiirqr- 'Hr I d IQ.. ,pw ,, .,.'.-13. ,ri..LH: ff.-A r': 2? ,A J' gk ,, .J If ,,..j,j.4:'j, 15 - . . 5, -. .- 1.1. , ,..f ..,,x.5,V.q-If., 1 2. .. ,, 4- r V. ., 4. '-. - 1 ..... ."' 12 '.,.-.,, A , QL.. , -.-,g. A. ,.'..f.4,--,,1., f--'.-'.-.,,. L '- ,. . . . ...Nw . N. A.. ,, --.,-.v -,,, .., ': 1",'.,,':. , W x-'- . I- , 2:11. 5 fx, 5:-is-T32-I-vg.gC1.'. . ,lf ., 45. - L":'-?'I1',-"fr.bff7." i.,2'k'15'if', - 1 - f 4. T: 2:f,.TjA:Z'.,L.,f1.-xi. Af," ,dig . .wt - . 4. -- I... -F. :.- -'--X..,'."-.1 ".-,.. bn-.b-. . f. . 5, .i,. .- .-. 1,13- . I. ,, q,..,..,-L.. . . . aff.. . v. ' , Q. '.fQ'. FTW:- ., ,L .. ,., ..,.,. A, .- ."'.',.I-15-"!':"" . ,..'-- if .i-,-4-. . . ,. .-1 , .- . h, ..,, .:X ' '.'r.". -..' H . 1-' -,l'3' ,J-'I-g'.'1f..:,.f, ' ' ,JI I: 5 -,,-5, ,, . .. h if ,:, .. ,-H-.A A- ..,,.-4 ,f" -gli., ',- EE 1' .1 15' . Af. " 1 , .-.-.fx-.9 . ' I gn ,: . N., ,WN 14...-.. 1 ...fu - . ,-" Q . ..-'.'.-. , .:'.'f's'.,l-' ,,.i f.q4'. ,br Aff! .. -'m Q.. .yur-1' F-111 ,. , ,V :,-'- .-..-14 -,.,.-.,.,3,5, - 1, 5 Ql.,'.'-.,'kL': -'ffl .."?f3.5'P':4-s1e.'4f. '.:,.4-..-L a-"TY'i':.. ,, . . . .- . r 1' - 5,-Lg ,.r. ,-5 ,. - ,,-.Ln 5. Q. I. ,. '.. taller 16015 1 - x 'r ww... -441. 'Q sa fi? It ' VY, xox, - A ,, k . R kv R ' 1. 'K QF 'W' W' - f W 111- jf , L if fgy if Lagaimy f ' 7" i ms-fix' WX " How does this look for a starting line-up? Well, s e ve r al 2 I 1 , 1 if I Us W M 1 , am i Vg Q I Bn. . no 5 QF' 2 . w vggf. 22? Eff 'iw I I 5 . 3 X: X .K Kp , K WY A A W' , .' .f,:k, u f: 5, , My A K, 55. ,, , ' .Qu gif " as .Pai-,J X 1 ,H .- 4. 4 x . , . ' In -if 1 If Qi will R ff. . ' K .fy V-1. I as 1 Nfl ' gf X AA ' H35 is! , . ' 'ik A 7' x QP 5zi,k PHIL FISHER RT No. 51 Wt. 190 ARL. MARION LG No. 46 Wt. 178 opponents thought it a tough line. These boys were highly com- plimented by their opponents as very good sports. They tried to followthe advice oftheir coaches and keep fair play upper- most. DAVID MATTHEWS C No. 48 Wt. 178 BOB FOX E No. Z5 Wt. 127 Wv?Q3,gwi , '.:wl X ,, 1 3 'W get , My 5, ka 5 ' The t e a rn was in a huddle. Q u a 1' t e r b a c k Smothermon confides the next play. i,ii f 2' O V ' ' gi f-mf The team was in a huddle, W WW x V 1 The coach was at the head, . JIMMY VAUGHN FB NO. 54 Wt. 174 They had a conver5at1on And this is what they said, "You've gotta FIGHT, " JAMES STERLING E No. 32 Wt. 114 TOMMY CARRELL RE No. 31 Wt. 155 KEITH JOHNSON E No. 37 Wt QL., , . g . 3 ., V. X, 'J ' -:iw ' 'Hs ' 2' DANNY SMOTHERMON B No. Z0, Wt. 135 DONNIE MAYFIELD G No. 43, Wt, 140 BUBA JOHNSON G No. 2.7, Wt. 147 ii X . .watt 7 JAMES SMOTHERMON QB No. 50, Wt. 163 SONNY MORGAN G No. 42, Wt. 173 V wa' Y 4 A - ' V K: f - I .: Y . ,ab bf W,,kkk A . I ,y L fi A iw -k-, 11 ,eat I, I --3 L AQV , ' , I a A K f 4, ' 1 ' .. - ' -' v A- , f ff f' fi V: - L Y X V- QL.. . ',, gggavf' , t V - K , 5 C my x KIQR A wig -,I. ., 3, , K 1: - VI V , V If I V. ,L,..LL 2 5? . H I Z A rl ':" ' - .:,.,: ef' T 'K A L LN . LX, 1? .L ' A -.,, f A e A .,,, fi K, - j , - j A ' A it V Q ' 1 . L be z , V. LLLL L ,H V ,V M ,,.. Q ' , , A , Q. l M , W fy , - . , i i, ,7 X ' Q1 'G V ' if Q Y Q .,, . - "1 ' ' A',, A gf? 1 Ont 1 i f A EQ - 5 f XX I , , 'I if V H E 4, A,,A 2 ,., - A L , ' A ' if '- f There's more pretty boys than one. There's more pretty boys than one. AND I-1ERE'S PROOF! MILTON WHITSELL RG No. 47 Wt. 140 BOB MAYS G No. 49 Wt. 147 WALTER MATTHEWS LE No. 36 Wt. 145 RAYFORD HILL T No.- 26 Wt. 16 X 2 1 , 5 -1 X :Q .af in A' 1-ai A i i VLLV ,. ' X 5: 5 -1 " . . 9, .' 3 ' W A-ax fu V 'az Al im. .. Q I ,, 1- -5, . ,V K Naya Q. 1 H E 1 AE . . , .. A v BILLY POOL LH No LOGER POWELL B No. 24 Wt. 128 CHARLES CURTSIN 'N new 44 Wt. 135 JAMES CROSS B No. 30 Wt, 136 WILLIE REYNOLDS RH No. 23 Wt. 142 GER B No. ZZ Wt. 125 DOYCE JOUETT B No. 38 Wt. 137 O xwf .K 1 A A v- 1 , wifi- 1 if ny, D. V rv Ahxx Ewifwkawgf W A 'F 5 s ,, 'f 74, i V. V 'xv A LEONARD C1RIFF1N,C NO- 21, Wt- 142 ROBERT HOOPER,T No. 41, Wt. 145 LARKIN VANDEVENTER,LT No, 40 These fine young men represent our school in more ways than football. Wt. 167 1 1351 f""1 , . M J V 'K K ., f 1- ' ' ' , . 9 .31 " ' ,V K k A. M , - ,ag M V , , ,A , V ., K I M , A , , . . 'Q g ,W 3- -auf I 'xx Q Ni E Y" S! xl 1. N,- Megs , . . 8, , if an A item. N-: ,, 1.-N . -1 34' A fd ,,.,-'- Q ,..-..-nf 'ew 514' i ef' dl' 2. 'sr jf FOOTBALL SWEETHEART Miss Gertrude Robertson CAPTAINS Jimmy Vaughn Phil Fisher X ,,4sD"' .-.ali E' FOOTBALL COACHES: Mr. C. J. Andrews Mr. James Marion FOOTBALL RECORD OF 1953 OPPONENT Lewisville Plano Van Alstyne Cedar Hill Caddo Mills SCORE 6 O 6 7 7 HOME SCORE Frisco 0 Frisco 7 Frisco 6 Frisco 26 Frisco 51 Frisco 27 Frisco Z6 Frisco 1 Frisco 32 Frisco 6 Total 182 Wylie Keller Emory Prine eton Royce City Total 7 7 O 6 18 64 L .6 H ,..0""' . , iff Jimmyvaughn and Phil Fisher, captains M iiii A of the Frisco eleven, pose here with the 1 Football Sweetheart, Gertrude Robert- V X i 7 son, who was officiallypresentedNovem- is ' f ber 6. Miss Robertson will long rernem- r, Y ber the 1953 Frisco-Keller game. ' 'A 'WIN in K . lil A- f s+s' 5 ta xy if 3 Wil if if 6 is f x f 1 as iw' M5 .kv 5' ' K ' A Y x .K ,r H Q ,K 1 X 1 X fr Q I ,W ,Wg H v, is A . WW. 3 , I ,M ,,, r , .,,,h,, V I- 'Qi fy W QA nk' sw J if -ff A fs! FR 2 ,K 9 ri W aj , r 1 N2 . eww " Q V H' t . , rg t 6.21 :Y kwa ,,.,, K Q f l - , 5 3 N K' 542- ' J-ga , . ,: .A -' I K V ' es. s' -ff A I W X A' 4 "' 4' f ' ewes- Orett , ' ' ' 'Q . . 6 ' NWLBO Fr1sco Coon Jumps for a pass at the S , V. ,rf fix Frisco -Keller game. as oo", Q , u: ' 4' af?" ' n , .ge K , , 1 5' 'Z k XX. Robertson Whitsell Webb Sweetheart Miss Irma Jo Morgan is the president of the pep squad. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Morgan, and IS in the Junior Class. Is everybody happy? W e l 1 yes! Is anybody downhearted? W e l l no! Then hold your hats and here we go Give the FRISCO locomotive and give it slow. All ab o a r d shhhhhhh! ff fri ss sco fri sco FRISCO! Q? ,ss-wx 'E Miss Bobbie Robertson is the mascot of the Frisco Pep Squad. She is the darling daughter ofMr. andMrs. Farris Robert- son. She usuallymarches with our Drum Major, Nancy Tom Collinsworth. How do you like your beefsteak? Raw, raw raw! How do you like your cabbage? Slaw, slaw, slaw! How do you like your sweetheart? Sweet, sweet, sweet! How do you like ? BEAT, BEAT, BEAT! I And this is .' . ,.-.. .v . .uf-' if ' . H- , ff- 4, , ,le r V , " f-'ff Q5 745 5" f U - f VWHQ.. L' i I -' --ff5':'7f'5 , ' f .kr ,J iii-i' 1 i ' ' gifs ii 2 i Miss N an c y Tom Collingsworth is the i i if ig? . 4 Head Majorette of the Frisco Pep Squad. She is the daughter ofMr. and Mrs. T.P. if ffLQ ag Collingsworth, and is a member of the 3 Junior Class. 'i as il SCHOOL SONG Stand up and sing k Stand up and sing for Frisco High School , 'S' ' . For today we raise The time and gsm y ,N Above the rest, rah! rah! '45 Our team is fighting get Q And we are sure to win the fray. ,f p jg, We've got the rep. We ve got the pep. A ifii VV, . FRISCO HIGH SCHOOL'S DAY. 3 4' i i , "4 ' a- ww, Z 7 WK 'WW When the football team all fall in line, We're gonna win this game another time For the old High School we'll yell a yell, For the football team we love so well. We're gonna fight, fight for every score Circle in and then we 'll Win some more. We're gonna roll old in the sod in the sod. We're gonna roll, roll, ro-l-l. Mrs. Ann Sandford and Mrs. Alyn Gentry are the sponsors of the pep squad. They planned the formations for the pep squad, and plannedavery elaborate football ban- quet. They also did a lot of other work behind the s c e n e, which made our pep squad successful. 'S . N. S 9: I f ,A DRUM ROLES These fine drummers do their part toward keeping the pep squad in tempo, and keep- ing the snappy pep in the formations. Ann Sonntag, snare Rebecca Lane, snare Ellen Baker, snare Grace Bolin, snare Barbara Penland, snare Jane Taylor, snare Lynda Carter, snare Jeanette Vandeventer bass 5,1 All-' YEA, BLUE! YEA, GOLD! YEA, Emscol! LET's Go! u im MAJORETTES Miss Louise Alex- ander, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.B, Alexander, is one of the popular Ma- jorettes from the Senior Class. Miss Johnnie Pen- land, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Haga Penland, is one of the younger major- ettes. She proudly hails from the Freshman Class. Miss Ann Haggard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Haggard has brought the honor of having a Majorette to the Sophomore Class. fe Q ill- a'-- gf 'FE-f-'eff 5 Se-f ri' --5 41,3 fi H Rr Y K FLAG B EARERS Miss Janis Kerley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Kerley, carries the Ameri- can flag. Being a flag bearer requires much stamina and hard work. Miss Betty Eaton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S, F. Eaton, carries the school flag. She hails from the Senior Class. According to Betty, carrying the school flag on a cold windy night is quite an honor, but lots of hard marching. 1 1 4 ni ,Q -W fl of N., 4, . I W 3 AQ-. . , H L Yr :'i' 1 We're loyal to you FRISCO HIGH We're blue and gold FRISCO HIGH We'll back you to stand As the best in the land, For we know you will win o'er all, rah, rah! So snap back that ball FRISCO HIGH We're cheering you on FRISCO HIGH For our team has passed the test And our team's the best of the rest So Frisco We're all for you, RAH! RAH! V ,L 'HSE CHEERLEADERS Miss Joyce Webb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Webb, brings the honor of being cheerleader to the Sophomore Class. Likes "Hurrah for Frisco." Miss Mildred Whit- sell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Whit- sell and a member of the Senior Class, is the big chief of the wahoo yell. Miss Nancy Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Byrd Wilson and a Junior, chooses as her favorite yell, "Hey, Big Team!" The Girls Zhccrvd for Frisco at every pep rally and every game, rain or shine. They planned the bonfires and special showings in town. Whatis more, the whole group practiced during the summer and was a snappy squad when school opened. The majorettes and cheerleaders attended a special school at SMU and upon returning home, taught the other members of the or- ganization what they had learned. Members ofthe pep squad helped plan a homecoming on November 20, served the PTA Banquet, and gave an elaborate banquet for the football boys in December. To top it all, the whole squad is smart as well as good looking. FRONT ROW: Sarah Webb, Darlene Griffin, Janie Carter, Yvonne Davis, Ruth Vandeventer, Kay Harlan, and Melba, Davis. SECOND ROW: Nancy Hughe s, Mary Christian, Delma Rhodes, Evelyn Thomas, Nola Jo Staley, Laura Cross, Ruth Ann Haggard, Ruth Ann Cunningham, Helen Alexander. THIRD ROW: Shirley Standerfer, GerrySonntag, Gwendolyn Cross, Betty Vandeventer, Anna Lee Carter, Joyce Gadberry, Peggy Dunn, Gaynell Stark, Patricia Johnson, and Mary Fox. ff? k . 1 A 1 E E 4 r K I u I I 1 i I I 'K W -fggoam.. H03 Parent- Cczzclzcr Assvcialivn MRS. KATRINA ROBERTSON is a hard working president. Along with her many school interests, she spends hours cook- ing for the Lion' s Club thus earning money to be used for school projects. MRS. WINNIE RASOR is Vice-President and program chairman. Much interest- ing material has been brought to the attention of P. T, A. byMrs. Rasor. She is an able assistant to the president of the organization. MRS. ALMA GRIFFIN keeps a competent hand on the PTA purse. Every penny is accounted for by this efficient treasurer. MRS. LILLIE PEARL MORRIS keeps a complete record ofthe proceedings of the PTA meetings. She handles all corre- spondence and is a concientious secre- tary. MRS. NAOMI MORGAN has made a study of Robert's Rules of Order and acts as Parliamentavian at all meetings, keeping the PTA well informed as to the correct procedure. MRS. MONA BELL MOHON Writes the history of the PTA by keeping a very in- teresting scrapbook for the organization. l5'mrd of Sducafian MR. JOHN KERLEY of Route 2, Frisco, Texas, is president of the School Board. Mr. Kerley is a farmer and is very in- terested in our school, giving his time and efforts for a better school. MR. CHESTER KERLEY of Route 2, Allen, Texas, is secretary of the School Board. Without his signature the school checks are void. MR. HARVEY RITCHEY of Route 1, Frisco, Texas, is a farmer and owner of Ritchey Gin. He is always ready to lend a helping hand for the school. MR. JACKSCOTT, President ofthe First State Bank of this city, is sincerely inter- ested in anything to give us a better school. MR. BENNETT GRIFFIN of Route l, Frisco, Texas, is a farmer, He has two very good reasons for his interest in the school. MR. JOE MCINTIRE, owner of the local Tailor shop, has a deep interest in an attractive school plant. MR. RICHARD TAYLOR of Route l, Mc- Kinney is one of Frisco's good farmers. He is always interested in any improve- ments for our school. Maia. i i ,S , I K wg? " wi g , I 2 6' Le 5 - M 4 W il 'MW 4352 , J' .1 . bf .fx - 0 fm' ,I .r""""""" 5 5 2:5 ff. 1 V, ffiyffa ' 1 , - W., 'S fwgi , in 3?'lZffWggjf.ggiQA '.,. 5 , X iii. 'Q . T. Z'33i:25f3l:3f?.i?3afyQ?f?1iE5iJ7fI3Qi? v T 2 We "Y ffwffx 5 ' 3112,-2 . ZH, 32 54, mf? we ,V 3 .g , M mm 'lf 14 - ' Milf'-livziiteafw 2 ' f if -im-rv' gflr- ,X Wf- Admiuistratian, Planners, Huildcrs Serving at the head of Frisco High School are three men who possess leadership, ability and a sincere desire to make this school the best one in the state. These gentlemen are forceful, friends of the faculty and student body, and are largely r e s p on sible for the precision administration of this school. MR, C.J. ANDREWS is our quiet, easy mannered Grade School Principal. He is a good listener and spends much time coaching as well as Grade School Princi- pal. MR. W. O. SILK is a solid, hardworking Superintendent. He offers guidance to all students and teachers on problems con- cerning student activities, behavior and life at school. MR. HAROLD H. VESTAL always has a busy office, especially during graduation times. He has charge of schedules, at- tendance records and many other things that make our school run smoothly. ...wa-us,,, .1-Lanai: MR. W.O. SILK is superintendent and teaches American History. MRS. BEE FINLEY SILK teaches second grade and primary music. MR. HAROLD H. VESTAL is High School Principal and teaches math. 1' I , l0"'.r ,Aer A "' ., my f , 'TJ I -'G ' I :fo ' 4. f'e , f 1' ' V 7 A .0 4 90 O 6 ld. IR! '1 .7 - 12, .4 ,4 ' fi fJ,l " ' N .' Z! 'f' 1 Q fl ,I ' . ' 1 ' jr'- ivf , f 415 . O MR. C.J. ANDREWS is Grade School Principal, teache S seventh grade and coaches basketball, football, and base- ball. MISS CHRISTINE S T E P H E N S teaches fifth grade and elementary music. MRS. JESSIE M. RIDDLE teaches Third Grade, s up e r vi s e s play activity, and :eaches writing in the Second Grade. ,,,u.MWM,,.dii .-ff' WO' -3-'L if Q' S ' 1 z x 1 I WX' , I , , 5 , . f-in when .Av-01" 'I 1 1 Swv -M A 1 K 1. f ii I MR. JAMES MARION coaches football, teaches driver's education, and sponsors the Junior Class. MISS ELIZABETH ANN KING teaches the First Grade, and supervises play activity, MRS. ALYN GENTRY teaches English, has charge ofthe library, is co-sponsor of the pep squad, and sponsors the Fresh- man Class. MRS. ANNE SANFORD teaches Home- making, is co-sponsor of the pep squad, SpOI1SO1'OfF. H. A. , sponsors the Sopho- more Class, and plans the Lunch Room menus. MR. C.P. WESTERteaches agriculture, was elected teacher of the year in F. F. A. for District 5, and sponsors Future Far- mers of America. He has charge of the school concessions. .e MRS, WILMAFISHER teaches business, sponsors the annual including the Coro- nation program, and keeps several school accounts. MRS. VENONA GRANT t e a ch e s Sixth Grade and L an g ua g e Arts in Seventh Grade. MRS. ANNIE V, KING teaches Fourth Grade and assists with the Elementary Music. MR. B, R. CARAWAY is a special teacher from the County Superintendentfs office. He keeps us in contact with the County Film Library. MRS. LUCILLE ASHLEY is a s pe cial teacher, coming to Frisco in the mornings only. Her work is in the Eighth Grade and office. MRS. WALTER MERLE WESTER is a substitute teacher. MISS EUGENIA PARKER teaches private piano lessons on Mondays and Thursdays. ly' l Suu ,gno- Aillha-JHHUN 'Q""Y"' ex y 1 J Ai sp t Q Q M P' M.. mm, ,Se sm.. 3 .gif fg MRS. KATE EVANS teaches private speech lessons. MISS ALTA NEWSOME teaches private piano lessons on Wednesday. MRS. ROMIA OVERALL is kitchen supervisor in the school lunchroom. MRS. RUTH FRANCIS helps prepare the lunches. Her spe c i alty is meats and bread. MRS. MINNIE SHOEMAKER helps pre- pare those delicious lunches. Her spe- cialty is desserts. MR. WILL FLETCHER drives the Chevrolet bus and drives the No. 31 route. ff' ff li ,X N N ox 1 ii . . X 'NY ""Y""-veal' W fu ? , if 5' , l MR. TOM TITTLE drives the GMC MR. JOE BELL is the custodian of .ff R "iw: . Ii 6 5' I 1 ' l MSX- N ,Vw Y., Ang: , 1 3 ,ff ,f f. - U f xi f 4, fr' X . . Mfg' W Q' ,if ', ,, Q fu A 1--C-..i., w fl .l"pvnxasx. 'f, 4 rf -will ,wfpgjy f X 4, 2 . ' ' V i,4gs7i, 1 ' ' 5: 5 ,,, , . , l K ' Q .. .... Q. . .iQ'rls1"'llFl ll Q Il . gs' I ,g g G :gg 4 M still in Q? mi .mgfffll fi 222, MR. SAM CARTER is the Custodian of High School. ASW I K " x .. bus on a school route. Grammar School. or 1 , ,,.::,,, . C, pm gy gg Q wwe ' xiii? if if af 1 xi Y QW ,,S 1 , ,. si.. x 6 fi' 5' Q 3' 'iV ff if ,af ff They are not from Ringling Bros.g They ' 5 are Sarah and il? Tw ,eg 'V Q Connie Webb. -gg J! an 'rg I , we l 1 ' X i Q f R Qtjigim ' -143242 ' Gue s s Who ? in E M Tiue X 'avr' V, K ,fp X Bill Rasor, Second Grade. Flying Dutchman FHS FHS fy x N E S E E 4 A ww-QQS Mimwiv-Q.R33M.E -i..3, Q -.,sss.. ,,. . ,,.. , , 1.5. - . gil: , U K . -. xH , Y '! ef' . -.,'-- J.. 3 gy ,::- g ,. is ix K , K rx . kr .V .jpg Q' f- ., -T Sv ..i.A..g.,..g. , .x x JA x W it QA , N N S 3 Main entrance to the r'r1sco High School building. Alma ,Mater Mp Z- 3 gain llll Elll iz .'v4 Y V .' - i ' f J S, 6 ,Elm af' a",Wf .li YOU ARE THE BEST Q, 'x Q 1. wi fs gupla' L-0-wah-ma...... 1 wa, L...-...v..,,., luucu Kruuu, Suvp, LG ,fliulcfiic 8qu1Qwueu! Huildiug -if H H' V ,A ,. mm smisalimilxsniiu., g u 3iu111121ss1fsSS.a1s4, ssw'.331massm Wiffffwiiif u dm u A 2-IW' :aiu MB 335151 ll-1 Riuiitww .gitixlilfw Jusidc of Huildiug iu Study flu!! au ?r5sl1u1au Dau . ,. f' -er ...gnu . H 1-,W W ed i' .,'. Ni , . we rf sv,- .' A ful? uf' Local exes and the fans purchase barbecue sand- wiches and coffee at the PTA con- cession booth. i j. 'ip li' fm-A ' 4" The good food hits the spot on a cold winter night. This ticket booth and con- cession stand was built undei the auspices of the PTA and Lion's Club. High school stu- dents stand in line to buy tickets for the Keller game. Cooley Stadium was built 1 memory of Mr. W. W. looley, former Superin- zndent of Frisco School. Extensive improvements ave been made this year. 'HS students and patrons re very proud of the new leachers on the east side f the field, which by the 'ay, do not show in this hoto. Three-thirty P. M. is a very busy time for these four bus drivers. Stu- dents board the busses on the north side of the school building. his ai 'airy-Agp, x. i 3 WW. , , I gy 4, The five-vehicle bus garage was completed during the 1952-'53 year It is a. nice addition to the campus. 4 Showing the Con- ces sion Stand during school hours. Mesdames Silk, Fisher, King and Grant sell cold drinks, candy and gum for the School Concession Fund. fPicture made at Keller garne.l if bv if n sf Yi Y f 75 , -f iii' Ls g 93? ,, ., - rw SL if pw iiis j ,vm Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Harp in the press box. They are ac- companied by a Keller fan. Mr. Harp an- nounces the games. c 4' g :.,s,.,., -1 .f.., ,pw 'f , b 1. . ,g,q, ' ' flf. .. In A. V. Q. fif- . T.. ,133-f. L:.Qff: ,xsr u','. 3--lx, -- Q-.,1.. ,. -.,Q,,,: 233.-1. ,.,: :H A , . . u ' 'NF' -.-,-Lj"'ff.'f -v-.'-.,-. - V, ,-1.f,.,' "q-':,'1,-, 'Q -'ru 4' .- -xp 4-', ,r, ,. 1 vm W U' .,,v' uh.. 60041 5'ell11uf I, x ,W 3 Making their exit Sealers Sponsor ..... MR. HAROLD H. VES TAL Room Repre s entative s MRS. D.C. SMOTHERMON MRS. JACK FISHER MRS. RAY STERLING 671155 OMWS President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer. . . Reporter . -"Af x., Y. JAMES SMOTHERMON . . . JIMMY VAUGHN LOUISE ALEXANDER . . . . PHIL FISHER . . DOYCE JOUETT LEFT TO RIGHT MT- Vestal Fisher Smothermon Alexander Vaughn Jouett is-,R ,fx 1X ! hw' LV a 'I 'M -unnlll my-m 4 1 asv---1 X I mf w 4 , i.., , X- . x at - xtgkirxgxv. :gg . um 'g,'VA'ik I jk. ' V75 Q Nw' ANITA ADAIR F.H. A. 4 yrs., Reporter and His- toriang Freshman Class Secretaryg Jr. Play '52. LOUISE ALEXANDER Pep Squad 3 yrs., Ranks, Drum- mer, Majorettel yr.g F.H.A. 4 yrs.gJr. and Sr. Class Secretaryg Fresh. 81 Soph. Class Favoriteg Annual Que en Nornineeg Jr. Playl '52, 'x TOMMY CARRELL F.F.A. 4 yrs. 5 F.F.A. Reporter and Secretaryg Football 3 yrs. 5 Vice-President and Class Favorite of Jr. Classg Jr. Playg Annual Staff 2 yrs. BETTY EATON w.A. CURTIS Pep Squad 2 yrs-1 SC11001 Flag 81 F.F,A. 3 yrs.g Football 2 yrs., American: F- H- A- 4 YT5-S Parma' Snap Shot Committeeg Jr. Play '52, mentarian liyr. g Annual Staffl yr.g Jr. Play '5 . . gy Nil!-an-angel' JAMES CROSS F.F. A. 3 yrs.g Football 2 yrs.g Jr. Play '5Z. alt 14 il:f: ' PHIL FISHER Basketball4 yrs. 3 Football 4 yrs. 5 Znd All-District '52, Co-Captain '53g Reporter of Soph. Classg Class T r e a s ur e r 3 yrs.3 Homecoming Committee sg Jr. Play '52g All- District '53g Senior "Most Likely to Succeed." KEITH JOHNSON F. F.A. 3 yrs. g Football Z yrs. 5 Jr. Play '52g Snapshot Committee DOYCE JOUETT F. F. A. 3 yrs.g Reporter of Sr. Clas sg Football 3 yrs. g Jr. Play '52g Annual Staff 2 yrs. 2' ""'-swunusgg . I - CARL MARION F.F. A. 3 yrs.g Football 4 yrs.3 President of Jr. Classg Jr. Play '52g All-District '53. BILLY POOL F.F.A. 3 yrs.3 Class Favoriteg Football 4 yrs. JAMES SMOTI-IERMON F. F. A. 3 yrs. gPresident of Class 3 yrs.g Baseball 4 yrs. 3 All-District 2 yrs. gBasketball 4 yrs. gAl1 Dis- trict 3 yrs.g Football 4 yrs.g All- District 3 yrs. 5 Homecoming Com- mitteeg Jr. Play '52. A f l if JAMES STERLING JIMMY VAUGHN MILDRED WHITSELL F.F,A. 4 yrs.gPresident Sr. yr., F.F. A. lyr.gBasebal11yr.g Bas- F-H-A- 4 YT5- : President 1 yr. Vice-President Jr. yr. , Secretary ketball lyr.g Captain l yr. 5 Foot- ViCe'Pl'eSidel'1t 1 YT- IAHHH211 Sta-f Soph. yr. 3 Annual Staff 5 yrs.g ballZ yrs.g Co-Captainl yr. gVice- 1yr.: Pep Squad 4 YTS. , Cheer Footballlyr. gJr. Class Reporter, President of Sr. Classy Jr. Play leader 2 YTS-I JT- Play '5Z3 JI' '525 A11..DiSt1-ict '533 Senior Fav- Class Favoriteg Basketball 4 yrs. Oritel Captain l yr. SENIOR girls scrub hall with soap and a tooth brush. Thel' Sing the School Song Cm SENIOR DAY- R . l 2 lif E W ,X MM' mwww' S K Senior boys warble out the school song as they stand before study hall on SENIOR DAY. Phil Nearing the Last Act fuuivrs E sponsor. . . . . MR. JAMES MARION 19" Room Representatives: MRS. FARRIS ROBERTSON MRS. CECILE CANNADAY MRS. GORDON MORGAN MRS. BYRD WILSON .,-I' f' .I fi F' I Y ' x. Glass Owners ' President .... . . GERALD BYRD j Vice-President . . . JACK CANNADAY jf Secretary. . . . . . DAVID MATTHEWS lu, Treasurer. . . .GERTRUDE ROBERTSON VV . . . . . IRMA MORGAN A ,' ff Anna, A I A 6 , 5 f R' ,Q , -. I ..A:. 2 A - A , J 7.V. ,,V, . ii g avi ' -js: A al l. .L R 'L 111 il Reporter , , 3 2 5 5 ,..-WM '- Mr. Marion LEFT TO RIGHT: Matthews Robertson Byrd Morgan Cannady 7 I WE Q IX --.-. Fred Ball Gerald Byrd Jack Cannaday Nancy Collinsworth Gwendolyn Cross Bobby Dunfield L. B. Eaton Bobby Fox Leanord Griffin John Harris Robert fBobj Hooper Howell Hughes Jvgq, 'W 'UW 12---Q fm 'IFN ! "Vw Billie Jouett Janis Kerley Rebecca Lane David Matthews Irma Morgan Leland Morrow Roger Powell Gertrude Robertson Doris Rhodes Larkin Vandeventer Nancy Wilson .Mm M gtk. af flamcwming at Qrisw fllyh Schwl The firsthomecoming football game proved to be a great success. More than two hundred ex- students registered for the event and enjoyed a get- together in the school gymnasium before the game. High School students planned the entertainment. They decorated the gym with a huge welcome sign for exes, made amodel of the school for the reg- istration desk and sang the school song after the Invocation. Local citizens gave a Warm welcome to visitors and made them feel at home. The P. T. A. served coffee and doughnuts. The occasion proved so successful that the exes voted to make it an annual occasion. 1953 J-lomewmiug Uvlllflvil Mr. Silk, sponsor James Smothermon I E S d Irrna Morgan, chairman Gertrude Robertson Exes meet in the Gyrn a.nd organize. The FHS Pep qua pre- Mildred Whitseu Nancy Couinsworth sented the colors and sang the school song, Stand UP And Sing. Betty Eaton Nancy wilson Phil Fisher Janis Kerley Other students assisting the Committee were: Ann Hag ga r d, Wanda Newman, Jack Cannaday, Barbara C a rte r, and Mrs. Fisher also helped. Mrs. Harvey Ritchey and other FHS s tudent s register the Exes: Mr. O. L. Barker, former Super- members of pl T. A. Served Coffee Ralph Ann Carter, Mr. and Mrs. intendent of the Frisco School, and and donuts to exes. Helen Faye M. I... McCormick and the former Nancy Marshall Bledsoe. By.-um is on the I-ight. Miss Husbands. l ai Technicians Soplzomare 611155 Sponsor ..... MRS. ANNE SANFORD Room Representatives MRS. .TACK TAYLOR MRS. C. J. SIMPSON MRS. CLAUDE CURTSINGER MRS. HOMER HAGGARD Class OMc5rs President ...... BARBARA CARTER Vice-President .... CARROL HUTSON Secretary-Treasurer CYNTHIA SIMPSON Reporter ..... . . ANN SONNTAG Mrs. Sanford LEFT TO RIGHT: Carter Simpson Hutson Sonntag Leetta Bostic Barbara Carter Lynda Carter Lewis Christian Charles Curtsinger Peggy Dunn Charles Ray Grant Ann Haggard Rayford Hill Patsy Horn Carrol Hutson Walter Matthews gggpdfv . fum ,awe- vgm' f 1- .arrw K Nw . gun s-...,,,-...F fi' awww' 'Ne ,,.,,, w.,,,,,' 4 Donnie Mayfield Wanda Newman Earl Powell Willie Ray Reynolds Cynthia Simpson Danny Smothermon Ann Sonntag Gaynell Stark Jane Taylor .J 1 Jeanette Vandeventer Ruby Jo Vandeventer Joyce Webb x 'li 0-W-wma' Milton Whits ell 'Una xwj. , 9 Jfallowem P, T. A. sponsored a carnival in the newly dec orated school building on October 28. The climax of the evening was the talent show, directed by Miss Stephens. -Q Jan does the Zebra dance. These senoritas are really senors The freaks of Frisco. Wake up little boy blue fl' 'gf M we l 1 wa it fi in ,wi---, ' i is Downtown Frisco. The parents and the spooks X x . Sponsor . Room Repre s entative s: MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. 6711155 0Mcers President Secretary Treasurer Reporter , Vice-President .. . . .' . . . HELEN ALEXANDER 1 lx' ' ' Understudies X ?rcsl1mu11 . . . . MRS. ALYN GENTRY JACK THOMAS GORDON MORGAN BUFORD MAYS HOMER HAGGARD JOHNNIE PENLAND . LAURA CROSS SONNY MORGAN . . BOBBY MAYS Mrs. Gentry LEFT TO RIGHT: Cross Morgan Penland Mays Alexander R. L. Adair Claud Alexander Helen Alexander F? Gracie Bolin Eldon Bostic Junior Carter Hattie Cave Laura Cross Dwaine Davis David Haynes Buba Johnson Dewitt Lynn HRC- J.,,,w.V,' by-we-...--.L ix 3' i sh., MW I 3 ,X-1 J S M ,i J' ' M 1 . , ey! V y iwifxii -M Here we have the four hits and a miss. You pick the miss. HERE AND The mothers lend a hand. The first grade spooks were also out. THERE AT Nancy tells about her dog Herman, 'Nnghvml - L Nancy, Johnnie, Joyce? Hi Ho Silver? THE The P. T. A.. was quite interested. E fi Carnival spookers. HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL The boys are spooks without a. mask Aspiring Under Studies Eighth Grade Sponsor ...... MR. C.P. WESTER Room Representatives MRS. CHARLES STANDERFER MRS. R.T. STARK MRS. LEONARD BAKER MRS. R.E. NEWMAN UflI.S'S OfWcc'rs President .... . . TAYLOR HANSEL Vice-President .... CHARLES CURTIS Secretary ..... ELLEN JEAN BAKER Treasurer ....... GEORGE MAYS Reporters . COY NEWMAN, MARVIN HICKS Mr. Wester LEFT TO RIGHT: Curtis Baker Mays Newman Hansel IREM ,,'- . ,.,... 'W Ti L' E2 lik ,....g W ' N 3 . Wt' ,... .... .. ' ,- 'F V A 'N E Ill 'Hn ...fy-4 Bobby Alexander Ellen Jean fGingerj Baker Anna Lee Carter Janie Carter Ruth Ann Cunningham Charles Curtis Melba Jean Davis Mary Fox Joyce Gadberry Denver Hall Taylor Hansel Jesse Hicks 's....,,,,,, 'www Nm -rw V 1 rl S S P :JU 4.1 .yi - it 'X .,.,,,3 E ii my A 5' !W54m5s?ii':'f'H,pfl Q gg waxy' wg K Q ,Q ii Wag, Y X35 an gui 8? xii., ,ir fiffw' V W YW 4 if Q ,W Hjfffil f,Q15f?""? is M Qi w is ia 3, Q Brin nw K ,,L. .mimi 2 an mmf my K 'SKK 'ALS' Wifi! -t"'M'np- 'bmw s 4 :y Ji WM ilk .QWM nie-f b 41-uw-" ig ,pi4 L ' Q., 2-T . -1 Lvlfwanrsic Kris if ' 52:14:22 S, 'igfp .1 ww 'J 'if M v Q iv f ggi K Marvin Hicks Nancy Hughes Ruby Faye Largent George Mays Tommy Mohon Coy Newman Barbara Penland Dan Sherrod Shirley Standefer Roy Stark Homer Glen Sterling Betty Lou Vandeventer ,. -f igjfm- 1'-it,.::m .QQ A I , , .- , in ,, ,, i,,iy,:Qi5,l,jg F liffefaffifggfi - -wwuiwh These girls are shown here singing the F. H. A. song Ruth Ann Cunningham, Ginger Baker, Shir1eyStanderfer, during their initiation into the F. H. A. Club. and Janie Carter posed for this picture on their F. H. A. , f , N 7:32-Q i Bak W . ev , if wr I 2' af, ,gi 5 ' A f' , . if JU XD' 1 , ,n . ,W IYQ f A gig: 'W ,vi ai is 1 M A Jimmy Vaughn and Phil Fisher, the Captains of the Foot- ball team of '53, are shown here with Gertrude Robertson, the Football Sweetheart of '53. Janie Carter is shown here at the F. H. A. initiation party. S . initiation day. F-'www t. 1' 1 is Gertrude Robert- son, the Football Sweetheart, and Irma Jo Morgan, the President of the pep Squad. Jimmy Vaughn is admiring the ig.. Rig, wx,-.J 's f-ai fi, ,,, 5 , f Y ,. 1 1' 5 R E 1 421 - Qfwlifi - 'P+ 'Wd ,A 1 K is fax. Y ,ei ' scenery. Ruth Ann Cunningham and Janie Carter. - . " A :sa:mfwwf" ' - - ' ,,.. ,.,,.,k Along the way S: I newwwr I Sl I 5 5 W I K, Zfdyi A L f Sponsor. . . . MR. c.J. ANDREWS 511 WI: E' Room Representatives: V 5 TI A MRS. A. D. JOHNSON . MRS CLYDE WADDLE ff MRS GERALD SONNTAG MRS o.D. WHITSELL fo Glass Owcers I President .... . JIM CANNADAY Qmgfogm gig .e 1 Vice-President . . . . SARAH WEBB 'SRR' ZR-4 Secretary ....... GERRY SONNTAG I 4 Treasurer ...... CONNIE POLSER X' Q Reporter . . . PATRICIA ANN JOHNSON V , b.,f as rS r ,Mfo S3 I ff' fi' Q 1,',. ' 11f"i -S' or I I 1' " . Z., .inf -Q W xg, . J ig ,,.,,5 ,kk " I Jr I . www? I 55 Q, H Ili .2 Mr. Andrews LEFT TO RIGHT: Johnson Sonntag Webb Cannaday Polser ,nwy'x , im V ig-If . rw Q , ,ai S, QQ, V 1: ff .K Hi 53-Q Q5 , A ' eJ4:'iQj3VHi'-K2 , Qi 'iwkfsiw if ,-R S ge? I QLJ JPNQ' A ,f f k:N1jfgH,'i'fbiff7'14fa:::f?s f - -33' pg., ,. v5:ffe2w .. Q-F' Y N 5541 ' ftp ' -.,,,. ...wb A , . 3,73 SWA : in ,-N' X 43, ' -A. ., ' M . Bobby Joe Baxley Laverne Bristow Jim Cannaday Billy Chandler Mary Ann Christian Yvonne Davis Ruth Ann Haggard Kay Harlan Bonnie Sue Hayes Louise Haynes Donnie James George Johnson "Not Pictured" -si' f' M., . K , , ,V K, V , ,- fy' o n M2 ,, 2 -ff 1 ea .,, Q P, ,w.a. xi N, 93 Tiny," ,W Zi. v, , Q, nf fi F Q i.' A Nz, . 'J ,,f."s' Q ig- ,, Yi ,, ggi zq.1-1 , Q- M ff M ff if kfixffgmq 'S 4-xi, ' wer, 44 ,, we in E 'vegan s mn " - is if if . ,If Wy -nddgfifl -- N f f Darlene Griffin Butch Johnson, Ruth Vander- venter, and Jim Cannaday are shown here doing their part in the Halloween Variety Show. Patricia Johnson Morris G. Morgan Connie Polser Doris Rogers fNot Picturedj Gerry Sonntag Ruth Vanderventer Pat Waddle Sarah Webb Melba Whitsell y yfiii - phil Christie Clyde Calverley Morris Glen Johnny Rasor lst Day, lst Grade X Nikki and friend ww Tommy John son Gary flfbc Play dead. Jane, Ann, Dan gn Johnny and family Terry Stark Stage Manager s irth Grade Sponsor. . . . MRS. VENONA GRANT Room Repre sentatives: MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. A. F. CURTIS IKE STOREY HAROLD ELLIOT J. W. TITTLE 6fll5S Ofhcfrs T President .... . . GLORIA STARK Vice-President ..... EDDIE MARION Secretary .... HAROLD SMOTHERMON Treasurer . . .DONALD RAY CURTIS Reporter LEFT TO RI GLEN HANSEL GHT: Hansel ,L i .htm I ...H Q.-NI ,, ,N M hwwrmw Mrs. Grant Stark Curtis Smothermon fNot Pictured: Eddie Marionj nn.. K' fl. in """ i"Q-L.-,, . 'Wits wndww 7-naw., John Wayne Andrews Douglas Antwiler Jimmie Crowder Donald Ray Cl11't1S 'Qgy' QU. "l"Sl-K ,,,,-w 'Xi fi A Lara Mae DLIDC-311 Delores Foster James Ray Bristow Rachel Guerra "'Qu.,mn-ga' inn-up Glen Hansel Jerry Hicks Rilla May Hooper Shelia James VK sa., .,, 'r-W """x Gerald Ray JOPIHSOD Barbara Ann Mace William Edgar Marion Evelyn Mays ,lk 4P"'s.. 3' 5+ K YQ H:r"'l Q it A X1 rr it -' A L al -Y fi 9 ' Ek m Larry Polser Kenneth Rasor Gloria Stark Jack Scott, Jr. 'Fr-. uw, Don Sherrod Harold Smothermon Bobby Jim Story Mildred Talley Richard Taylor Dwayne Tittle fy Josefa Trevino Tommy Vandeventer Connie Janet Webb Barbara Pittsinger Willie Lee Cannon Stage Hands Will Grade Sponsor. . . MISS CHRISTINE STEPHENS Roorn Representatives: MRS. G.S. WHITSELL MRS. SHERMAN TALLEY MRS. MORRIS MORGAN MRS. WELDON CUNNINGHAM Glass OMCKFS President. . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer . Reporter . ALFRED WHITSELL PEGGY WHITSELL RONNIE COULTER . TOMMY TALLEY . BETTY MORGAN 9's'5J Miss Stephens LEFT TO RIGHT: Whitsell Morgan Whitsell Coulter Talley ,J h ,M 'ig , t"'4 r - ,' f 744. '- .W 'ff V' lv 'Q x"'1W"'w' A ' -f lair, 4 . .W 'Rs P- 107 4. Sheen,- Q xv. if-Ngg is -img-M-W no 5 53" f Q ' '- Q-.... -.,..,,,,, -M 4 M X rw mg N, 1 iw ,A ,, ,. MM as ,Q A gn! W- 4 I A my ,R A 'K 11 .ilQj:iLV -f lf, K wi i 4 W if is K 5 , K . , l -III' QQ ',jT23,V Nr K C. g UQ ,V .ry A I A if s f '- if N. is frrem- e . ff: i A vi Thomas Cannon Gladys Cheek Linda Sue Christopher Ronnie Coulter 'vs 'K -we 'QQ' .M ? A 'J' ' ' , R I ,ef , ,rf 1- If :xxx P' 4- gr qt- xxl XJ: 9 vw " sf n v' f y 2' 4 -1 :nf vnu Q 1 5 il Q ,- 5 izlnwm fa :wif " , 'irnw-wg ,,'Qf', 1 ' ff itnxdg 5 my rr? zu" if .1 Qi! John Cross Dickie Cunningham Nita Kay Cunningham Martin Davis 'ww'-sw. 41,4--p Delores Ann Eaton Eddie Foster Linda Griffin Willis Hall ia 2-"f I :F is . Q 'E E' Q F we L, no M 2 wi i i EI?-A x Jimmy Hicks Elaine Hooper Jack Howard Vickie James "5af'M"E'7' we w Z, iq i Geneva Jeffus Kathia Lou Lai-gent Joyce Kay Miller Betty Morgan my- V? .X my . , f Q . R . ink , if Q, Q t K :mf w l x' ' ggi' e :QT 1,.,, if , f il' C-...W P' 51 .533 L ff .,-f '. A A Bernice Rhodes Lloyd Dale Smith Tommy Talley Chester Thomas Not Pictured: J.D. Burchett, Violet Burchett ,- 1' f' L wig ff' 'f eff' ff , "2 C rig -?Z'fm fy ' xi" 'fgilwt f -gag , , ,A I X A A.4 o 4 ' r . . J 9'f'a Y ,, .. viz' f n--.'- 1. ,,- - i I , VW!! 1 . 1' Alfred Whitsell Peggy Whitsell Barbara Ann Whatley Thomas Zurnberge ,f .. ff, i John Andrews, Barry and Don Elliott Nola Jo takes a sun bath 5' nd? E, ,fi gy 1 E ,,-b F H 2. ig A LT? .gg --in 1- 1 R f W Cunninghams. Barbara Penland Sfaurfh Qrade Sponsor ...... MRS. ANNIE V. KING Room Repr e s en tative s 1 MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. TOM CROWDER H. W. MELTON WILLIE FOX HERMAN CARTER ROY COULTER 611155 O,Wccrs President . . . . .SUE MONTGOMERY Vice-President .... TOMMY DUNCAN Secretary Treasurer Reporter . . . . . . CHARLENE MORGAN . . JOE BOB MCINTIRE . . SHIRLEY MILTON V Q, fo, I f "W T fWTH.,.,w' 4 5 5. ak Mrs. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mclntire Montgomery Milton Morgan I lv I Q 5 A . 'Si M y King Duncan 5. ff nr, I .1 7,4 r"'N i ? A 'J 1. M., To I. qu!!! WHIP' xo- K s i 1 ,....:,..,a 1 , Douglas Bostic Mary Ella Bristow David Carter Donald Coulter 1 I wk Q 1 My Stiff? ' -' . RI, Charles Cross Freddie Crowder Betty Duncan Tommy Duncan -WN ' ' V 4 ci D3 Jrgff iii J e B X af' ' 'ZW Q . if aNM3,Q,j 233' W f 2 greg' K ,g I.,. .0-9,5 Don Fox Bertrice Hayes Barney Hensley Hulen Hooper YQQ N... lg ..f"oooifg: .,QLgn'L1oo ogg, T , I , Lk Ei W A Bennie Jeffus Joe Bob Mclntire Bobby Milton Shirley Milton M W o n v A K as me 5"'n J X Y U P,..pu1' Q..--.v,,,-'Q s V ' Sue Montgomery Charlene Morgan Lewis O'De11 Virgil Petefman ff' 'NAI' JF Mary Pittsinger Gregoria Reynero Theda Rhodes Ben ROg61'S :iff mu., 'I aw W 'E Raymond Rogers Sara Scott Bill Sherrod George Spencer 'V-I iq-...,,,....M 'Weir 'Www gl I l gif Pi , gg 'Mig Q, r-M, J' , C Vai' fa i ai A mumfiwii Judy Stem Billy Pat Sterling Teddy Vaughn Johnny Wade HW fi . VL Nancy Eaton Frisco Splashes Chin! Grade Sponsor. . MRS. JESSIE MAR Room Representative s: MRS. MRS MRS MRS MRS GEORGE HAGGARD WOODROW WITT MILTON HANSEL BENTON STALEY PRICE STARK Hass OfWvers IE RIDDLE President. . . . SUE ASHLEY Vice-President . .... KAY HANSEL Secretary . . . .... TERRY STARK Treasurer . . MARGIE ROBERTSON Reporter . . NIKKI CHULAMANIS .. ,,,,-,,,.r,.-, ., 1, X, ' oi Q-..-pf, 3' .A V-Q' ' .' W 2. To ' ' Q ix,-23' -.. A 'TM' ' , ,U X. .46 T 'L - if ' 'gif' .1',f:.:fQi--' S ' Y A if T if if Y ' " ' ' X 5' .' . ' W - fi. A L 5 .Abiixwf , an Af 'Aff 1 N , , , , , , . . , X ,.,,, .. ' V- 'S 0- w .1 f V w Q - ,i . .f -Q - 4 ,ff ,fr , ff 7ST 3354-'f Y' ' f' 1 - LEFT TO RIGHT: Ashley Hansel Robertson Chulamanis Stark - . Y' Bw Q1 4 z 4 3F V , 5 E Q anis E 1133 5 2 2 5 E , S i i 5 2 'ww ff!! 8 Glynda Antwiler Guadulupe Armyo Sue Ashley Clyde Calverley W!-s-nqw v 1 i ggi' is F Q x Suzanne Cannaday Luetta Carroll Bill Christie Phil Christie ww James Cook Nikki Pearl Chulmanis Charles Cunningham Carolyn Fisher , . WW W'-... iv Xfw Mike Griffin George Haggard Kay Hansel Jane Harlan ,srl M Nm """"h--H f ,wwwef Howard Hicks Billy Paul Howard Jerry James Marv LOU Largent I '93 'hum' ww' ' ' r r,,,r K-, , ? W 'iff'-f. , W ... A QW 5, Nancy Malgne Judy Marion Pamela Miller David Penland aff X "N-.-.,.. ,gi y N me , 1 f AQ 1 R N ,,?.rf his xh Xix " 'Q f..t , swf ,Jv- Avaiiffi W, ff Q Mary Ann Ritchey Margie Robertson Ronny Robertson Zella Mae Rogers Ls.. W awp, -.--nr ,YY Larry Smith Mary Jane Sonntag Billy Staley Harold Stark Jl?"'H1,..,h ff' b if Hn' if s , sa - Q4 'VV fr, 'six Terry Stark Sandra Talley Corydon Thomas David Thomas V lr 1 'J A 1 -- sf L. 3? A '--...,, 1 .Q K. in 4 X Guadalupe T1-evino San Juana T1-evino Peggy Vanderventer Morris Glen Morgan wearing chaps. BELOW is Sue Ashley on her pony. We hear she is a good rider, and loves horses. Sue is in the third grade. ,l ,,,f .Xg,, m,. W, P2 17 f , Q "ga - if, i',.s w ' 1 If., .fmt Jinqrny Watsgn Howard Whatley This is David Carter, a fourth grader. This was made some years ago. Did you recognize him? ff . ll QQ? Nancy Witt Nancy Wilson Junior 1-....... Johnnie and Melba contribute a song to the program at Nancy also helps with the program with a song. the style show. 2 'd 1' Q., V ' 4" , - ,. i dz ? gi' xp' V ,b 1 is M513 A Q A L file? 'xi up to ya V . we ' iii All ready for bed after the F. H. A. meeting, and do Gracie and Nola Jo just like to pose for pictures, they look sleepy. I guess. : saws, ' 5 i c c f X l lle l Q' c e , MQ, 'full fb Q- N 'i 4' Y' .i'z" WHAT? '? '? ? ? Caught Jimmy Studying? '? '? ? ? ? ? ? ? '? Some of the girls enjoy a m e al after the style show. They were models. I wonder if they watched their calories this meal? Sponsor MRS BEE FINLEY SILK Room Representatwes MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS Class Ofhcers President BILL RASOR V1ce-Pres1dent DONALD REED Secretary CATHERINE STROOPE Treasurer CHARLES SCOTT Reporter PEDRO GUERRA James Wiley Bolin Shirley Bristow James Cave Brenda Kay Chan-dler 'in-avi T17 W"""'9s.. John Edwin Christian Ramon Coronado Sharon Coulter Larry Cross 5? K ,X , X I kih-. W S if a 3'-Q C l he Q C We 'L I 1 M Richard Crowder Michael Douglas Joan Foster Pedro Guerra, ,X ,, Q.. if Tl 'i' M Anna Marie Hill Marvin Hooper Lance Jean .,,1,,"'-1, pk 1 i , li. ,QM X V. Reba Ann Johnson A-...F Steve Julian Sylvia Sue Kerley Carolyn Sue O'De11 Dale Payne mm -5-....,,,,. if, we-allmw. ' - A ,Q ., w ...el Roger Dale Pittsinger Bill Rasor Johnny Rasor Donald Read 6 ,J ' I af' n qw :V , Q ,,, IME! ml N-W 1 nga-qs 28853 u........,gv" Charles Scott Barbara Standerfer Catherine Stroope James Howard SPH- ug, wins., L or fel, i,f'1 Charles Allen Sue Carol Zurnberge Martha Ann Yarbrough fNot Picturedj THE Algebra II Class Hrs! Grade Sponsor. . . MISS ELIZABETH ANN KING Room Representatives: MRS. HOMER BOALS MRS. R. G. ALMON MRS. DEXTER ELLIOTT MRS. GENE YARBROUGI-I Hass 0,Wcc'rs President. . . . Vice-President . Secretary. . . Treasurer . Reporter . First Act . . .HARRY DUNCAN . . NANCY STERLING . . HENRY GRIFFIN . . TOMMY JOHNSON . . . JAN ELLIOTT Miss King LEFT TO RIGHT: Griffin Elliott Duncan Sterling Johnson if? K X -Lrg V .Q 1 :HH hx f -nan? H-wh-at Ronnie Almon Frank Armijo Jovita Armijo Rosemary Boals Vivian Bailey Roy Gene Cannon Hilda Cheek Gilberta Coronado Maria Coronado Freddie Cross John Wesley Cunningham Harry Duncan in Www Tommy Eaton Don Elliott Jan Elliott Sammy Elliott V Wg 2 3 1 f 5 Connie Mack Fisher Henry Griffin Frances Guerra Betty Jean Hammonds YU wliwulnv' . A Linda Sue Hensley Jesse James Lonnie James phyuis James W S, ,, Qi' 'R I H .1255 Tommy Johnson Y Preciliano Ortiz Larry Pallett Linda Rogers Jimmy Rogers , W' ' ii 1 4 wt .JA Jan Sanford Linda Sherrod Thomas Smith Nancy Sterling 'L gk? if ""f?"9" Jerry Watson Jim Witt Mary Sue Yarbrough Rene yarrito Rosita Yarrito Bill Rasor, Second Grade BELOW: Elliott 9 o W i do W-. ,i Sammy Elliott, First Grade 3 , 1 ., 'f i ' ' .wg 1 gl at S ag, m sirnsii , ,.,p-an-v""" Aim ,n ,Hg T 1 A . ay iv if to , The Frisco Eleven readyfor the foe. LEFT AT BOTTOM: Frisco student holds plaque for her class as Mr. Love- less makes the picture. RIGHT AT BOTTOM: Coulter strikes up a solemn pose. Yea., blue Yea, gold Yea, Frisco Let's Go! Believe it or not this picture was made from the top of a ten foot lad- der as Joyce Webb Mildred Whitsell, and Nancy Wilson began the yell. .,. X YP '88 . 1 ,. W M Qld f T ' This is how the senior s look when the picture is posed. Betty, Barbara and Doris caught working on the Annual. Favorite past time of seniors is: CLASS MEETING! 55 Q if f -1 f Ae: 'ik 43 SZQQQXE -...qw These people attended homecoming meet ing. Everyone looks as pleased as punch When Irma, staff photographer, visited the homemaking laboratory she found Gwendolyn Cross taking a hem line for Billie Jouett. Both girls are Juniors and take H. E. III. .1 ? M' -'Q- fi -K F N'-. A K - v e 6 in 4, M. .,-., 5 Q Q, , . me These men are hard at Work Mr. Marion hard at work wishing Mr. tn the new fence around Vestal had his -ob. J Iooley Stadium. 't,,fN:"iif'i4Ath,9 . i li sive f nf-vu. Mrnmrnrn Jimmy gets left out How strange, Tommy Carrell is getting his book- Jack Cannaday posed for this picture, catching Janis keeping 1e550n, Kerley Off guard. tx ,"-' The Seniors hard at work for Mrs. Fisher, wishing The Senior play of 1953. 1 Wonder at what Jack the ben would ring' Roberts and Gail are looking. ,N wi vs SQ? 'Y'? 'Q w i 9, Q F? Mi . .Lq,,,k,,,-, Q' if U, 'A aa ,WX 'T-if v' it ,Q ' 'X ,fri .x' n vm Ph ?i +m 474 'Y -'Q ...WV 1 ,.-.W A "x I is T? Q3 :P X My X xii' is xk's Ig ,Y 4 1 img '1 . I 'N is .- f , . K 'g ll 5 L , I Q: I f Xxx! ,W , Q n X "AJ 'fi' ' 1' N fl - ' 'Q' W, ,ff yr , ,A1 N Y Owl: ' ...Hr 'V .au ' Kun I-laur1's Huff Bun "Neighbor" Haun and his wife are waiting to serve you at their new cafe. There is plenty of room and you will get speedy and efficient service. jack D. Qislzer fnsuranfc For insurance policies of all kind try Mr. Jack D. Fisher, Phone 7-2961 Here are the famous Basketball Coons, and their managers and coaches. JAMES SMOTHERMON JIMMY VAUGHN C. J, ANDREWS, Basketball Coach C0-Captain CO-Captain v ' AMES MARION, Asst. Basketball Coach Forward Forward l ,mr QM in gl if .. 'ffm :WFS if J Z Y' . QQ v N in E5 Z f 3 ,. Aix A rw, Half 32353 Q iQA B3 E 5 E51 all 5 If 9 M 52 f 1 is l an R 2 ,L 5 gl... ff M. A YR, tl Q' Ts- X V, " wh Z5 ..,, ,. Q M V 'K' "'h' , D "'l" '-', 12+ -I I , M. ja, A rw., i.Y.."2,",,.g a'flvf w Y D 'D .ii , ,N , , hh.. .. , , , , ,. ,Lk, -. A. , , ,A 15 1 """ " -" inf ' Q. 1... gg. S T J f I -,M - f Il 'A .. -- if ' ,L" ii 'I VVV V,,,V 5 . , 7 LLVA '- Q' 1 y s pysy e hh l 1 ,. .gf iii, 1 Q I ir . ,.,k , Q .. K Zadie and Hhildrcn 's Shaw Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Taylor, owners ot T116 LADIES and CHILDRENS SHOP, carry the latest styles in ladies and chi1dren's apparel. Drop in and see their merchandise. aw-riff Hickman Gnu' ry HICKMAN'S GROCERY has the best quality of foods at the most reasonable rates in town. See their complete line of Westinghouse appliances also. RI TCHEY COTTON GIN Owner and Ope rator ww A Ginned 3841 bales of cotton Smothermon, Ritchey, Fox 'R HARVEY RITCHEY Business Manager GEORGE MARION k 4 1 , 45 . 5 x A a 5 1 v I ! . i . x 1 I 2 u i I A N 'Q ,. Nm' ffrqgfi ja Seniors ,Meet lik ely Ce Sueeeed MR PHIL. FISHER MISS BETTY EATON 6 J H ,h,, I, I .A:fx.- w, . ,f I MI, ., -,,-- mf. I f i :sz 54 I 3 W f-921 :wif Li, ., ci vwlifi I vffI:lfi5Z?i5?QciE'f3nQ1,sS' W M, Q, ,YQ JJ, ,QV 5 ,z,I,,,.MN f .Lin A ig f it -w :ff ' 11 J 'I .5 ,Sal ii? ,:.:' , ., " 3I,3.,f,f45 ,WAI Lyv. aw :sz igyfgf XI! 1 51v,s4i.? 'J' 16 S ' I I f , , 7 I I Q 9 A ii? VM ffzefs -1 wg --Q QI 7 mivr 611155 Hawrifcs MR. JIMMY VAUGI-IN MISS LOUISE ALEXANDER New -7 ,Q "W A., Q, hw l 1 1 if-5 U , y, -M f ww 6 w4"'Tw' Ms' 'V 1546. I Q, A N fkx HN 5 JSE, 'ww Hi wf QQ. MISS LINDA SUE CARTER aplzamare 611155 Sfawritcs MR. WILLIE RAY REYNOLDS is h M Qi J' .aww ...unar- Z1 4 -E in -25 isiflf' " , L, K , W f - ff?sYZi??ifflf,"z-ff l ,,.ig'g?5ggQ3f.zztfi lm ,...,1:, s y il?-Qffemffi , 1 W ., . . ,M ,- an ' ...ld g Q I gi 5 iggigiv 55651. Tik i' lim hff 54' M9191 ' sf x P . ff? OO SECOND GRADE Sylvia Sue Kerley and Michael Douglas Considered on the basis of scholarship, citizenship and per- sonality, as understood by each clas s, the students were elected by their classmates as the girl and boy best repre- senting the ideals of the group. SIXTH GRADE Glen Hansel and Gloria Stark Grade elmo! Johnny Wade FIFTH GRADE Alfred Whitsell and Peggy Whitsell , 2 N 5 FOURTE 'iv I SEVENTH GRADE Sarah Webb and Jim Cannaday Qavariics GRADE ,Q YiIYfffi'71 S X . . a 1.5 , , . f in pf-f Betty Duncan 45 W f rf THIRD GRADE Terry Stark! and Judy Marion FIRST GRADE Sammy Elliott and Jan Elliott SK f 9. z,4. Officers Pres ...... JAMES STERLING Vice-Pres . . .JACK CANNADAY ...WW fL.LL 5 .,,L ...M w-M-L- f 'M C' ,gif-A.. of A .......,.w-. E' ff .. mg ,..... ' ,A 4' 1 M.fAkL Ea,.K A Eiga? ' ff KS' sf wg Q 1 fi sf .Lok ' X, V ai fl , F wy? ,v Mg., 1. Sec . . . . . TOMMY CARRELL Treas . LARKIN VANDERVENTER Rep ......... BOB MAYS Sent . . . DAVID MATTHEWS Sponsor MR. CAL WESTER 17 5 jig.. , Q75 ' I Q6o"T'94'.,,Of v f A 9 0 699 0' u 5 I - A ' C' . H U Aff' A' c up? This is a picture of the local F. F. A. Chapter. sm ' David Matthews and Mr. Wester are shown here in the shop. ,.,,.J 'N 4' was-'L -A fl sf W' W Z Z A. Sweetheart MISS ANN HAGGARD ,gif-f' as L V H04 imfiwkwf N- Q 'Ria Zrisw Slcafafor Zonfimfu ml Grain Eompauy Phvnc 7 -24 86 Qrisw, Cams hx gg ,-A WNFR: X- A ,UTM 0: A ' 1 , A A Zfl.,4. Officers Pres .... MILDRED WHITSELL. Vice-Pres .... IRMA MORGAN Sec . . .GERTRUDE ROBERTSON Treas ...... ANN HAGGARD . NANCY WILSON . NOLA STALEY Parl. . Hist . . mug, MRS. SANDF ORD ' 4 Ri' Sponsor 4 41141-zlvu -e 44: A '41 MQW oe 410 ow-G New W This is a picture of the Frisco F. H. A. Chapter. 11- , 'S QSTUQE H K EMAKP so AM E05 1 CA 5' W L ,Aw . J, ut, e .. . f -fs ' 4. ,4 . ? ,L F Jimrny's Christmas present from F H A JIMMY VAUGHN F H A Beau Some of the girls that were initiated into the F-. H. A. Club. Everything from pj's, short skirts, to chicken costume . Eighth grade sewing class at work. Mrs. Sandford demonstrates to the X eighth grade. ,..-445' . ,MPM Homemaking girls eat a sumptuous meal F- H. A. Christmas Party after modeling in style show. PHONE: 48 CLAUD ROGERS FRISCO TEXAS SERVICE GOOD EQUIPMENT MAKES A GOOD FARMER BETTER CROP PROFITS GO UP WHEN COSTS GO DOWN I SYMBOL OF Claud Rogers carries all kinds of Inte rnational Harve ster machine ry . CLAUD ROGERS Owner A A "T Y A , 'X :ft 35" is C W i f .fx Miss Irma ,Margan Hmwncd .Queen af High claw! With a large and enthusiastic audience attending, Miss Irma Morgan was crowned queen of the Frisco School in a program held at the school gymnasium at 7:30 p. m. Friday of last week. The p ro gr am was sponsored by the yearbook staff, of which Mrs. Wilma Fisher is sponsor. Miss Morgan was escorted by Bob Dunfield. The royal party consisted of Sally Haggard and Martha Ann Bellah as Crown Guardsg Terry Ric h a r d s o n, Tony R o l ate r, John Riley, and F r e ddy Almon as Train Bearersg and Nancy Elliott, Cecilia Venable and Sherry Francis as Flower Girls. Emcee for the program in honor of the Queen was Jack Noel Cannaday assisted by Nancy Wilson as fea- tured soloist. Wanda Newman and Janis Kerley were scroll readers and Miss Eugenia Parker, pianist. "While Strolling Through the Park" was chosen as the theme with the setting in Coronation Park. ,, . 'A :ig xy W r -Q 'n 2 fl.. , ' 5 Vi' ' in .,, I Xt .kwv' "Wig Q i 5 'M 5 f .- if ' ,L - Q ,., 5 i K Y , . T. ,, ,Y 'F 2 2 - 1 JL, , K K 4 .. fr i , , ,K .7 5. j . , ' 1' ,XLT J i ii, 41 'lf 'T 2 - . A' .4 Qsref X , I .J K l Q c sg - v Kaya! Professional .Queen if Party FIRST GRADE . . . Rosemary Boals, Sammy Elliott SECOND GRADE ..... Reba Johnson, Mike Douglas THIRD GRADE .... Sue Ashley, Charles Cunningham FOURTH GRADE .... C harlene Morgan, Bobby Melton FIFTH GRADE. . . SIXTH GRADE. . . SEVENTH GRADE . EIGHTH GRADE . . FRESHMAN CLASS. , SOPHOMORE CLASS . JUNIOR CLASS . . . SENIOR CLASS . . Peggy Whitsell, Tommy Talley . .Gloria Stark, Donald Curtis . . Ruth Haggard, Pat Waddle .Ginger Baker, Charles Curtis Johnnie Penland, Elzy Johnson Gaynell Stark, Milton Whitsell . .Irma Morgan, Bob Dunfield . . Betty Eaton, Keith Johnson HER MAJESTY. CROWN GUARDS TRAIN BEARERS FLOWER GIRLS HIS MAJESTY . . . . . . . ...Irma Jo Morgaz , , Nancy Elliott, Martha Bellal Terry Richardson, Tony Rolaten John Riley, Freddie Almoi Cecilia Venable, Sherry Franci: .........BobDunfiel1 The beautifully decorated park was appropriate for such a distinguished court. The Sixth Grade made the flowers that were used for decoration. The Annual Staff and Sponsor were responsible for the remainder of the park. The whole idea was taken from one small picture in the news- paper. The approximate cost for decorating the whole park was S5. 00, which shows what little money and lots of elbow grease can do. Ill!-I """"""' 1 nn 3 if 'QVHPJJQSZ 9? I f W gpg Milf Seventh Haramztian Pragram Grand Entry ....- .'... J ack Noel Cannaday A Tree Comes Alive ..... .... S 5OLOI5T ..... ....,, , , . Nancy Wi15-,on Here Comes Peter Cottontail ..... FIRST, SECOND SCROLL READERS. . . Janis Kerley, Wanda Newman ?IANIST ............... Eugenia Parker THEME: While Strolling Through The Park SETTING: Coronation Park February IZ, 1954 Frisco High School Gymnasium Sponsored by Annual Staff in cooperation with School Faculty and Patrons. Directed by Mrs. Wilma Fisher AND THIRD GRADES Friscoian Indian Tribe ......... FIFTH GRADE Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai .... FOURTH GRADE Texas Cowboys .......... SEVENTH GRADE Come Play a Pantomirne . . . . HIGH SCHOOL BOYS Quit That Tickling Me . . . . HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS Scarecrow Drill .... . . HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS Dancing In The Dark. , . . HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS The Annual Staff and Mrs. Fisher take this opportunity to thank faculty members, parents and friends for assistance in presen- ting the Coronation program. o R PGWEHV QOH O0 3322? o ,'1tNTFANCEw R YQFKWUFJ gg 0090 flex. 1 '44 Vi To FIRST GRADE-Rosemary Boals and Sammy Elliott SECOND GRADE-Reba Johnson and Mlke D0ug1aS THIRD GRADE-Sue Ashley and Charles Cunningham FOURTH GRADE-Charlene Morgan and Bobby Melton mv ,Q '49 4' 1 499 "7 if'L'Q'fQ ""'-,.., ' 1 Yixrxlwl-Ot: A , ' ig f'TZi5'ff5sf5 bv Q iI'i'l'L: ' Y K ' ' .Tllil2zii5ff ":,.-2'1 CN l M F1N'H"""'L-E? QOSATIDN Q9 4' Z - , , Q W gif? 1 '- A n: - 6 l l l i Nprranw fo and Tornfny Talley Stark and Donald Curtis SEVENTH GRADE-Ruth Haggard and Pat Waddle EIGHTH GRADE-Ginger Baker and Charles Curtis THA QNATICJN O9 wx, PUFHJPQ 'FHJP4 OQQN Fw, OQONA 848, 5 E f s 5 2 X 4 3 5 X S RESHMAN CLASS-Johnnie Penland and Elzy fBubbaQ Johnson SOPHOMORE CI-ASS-Gavnell Stark and Milton Whitsell LJNIOR C1-,ASS..1I-ma M01-gan and Bob Dunfield SENIOR CLASS-Betty Eaton and Keith Johnson ENTRANCE QNTHANCE 1 qi .- mf . K, . www ffm' ,.,,,..Q. W -- ' ,. n I , Sim 2 SN. -ogy, YR . 4 sam? J, , L Gadbefbr rr Sonnfa 2, y'luw 5, K, W. K fguby 'May4fP1ti: smngqr , as , .,,A. . , H If Qfigmff , 2- rf 2- -i- , f ' - , -1,1 v,..k 51:54, -Q ' -,E , S, 2395. W Nw , Q , , 45? Ca L 6 is if gy 1. ff 1 ' V fi W . , - . .W E 'FR . . i ,, -if 4 ,ge 1 W gk fe if 'Q P' s WA. Q-H E F A kk-q,,X 5 . .1 gm- - -I N fy, ' . vkrk M ff, ,K 4? wif ..,,,, A 'V T 'J , I A '42 Q 753 5 Q 'V UL 2' 5 z ' 'V 5 ,K , I- 5 -,pr J , , .W 6 J, ""' 6 Ja 9' . :S L W xml Q. ,X ' . .. A , ,, 5 Q ,I Z ,.A, . ,. . M . N 3 43 4- , R 5"w l , , RO TOR KING WADE SCOTT WATSON Kmzplimenfs :ff the FIRST STHTE BHHI4 ,JI MM Gulf Oil Pm acts Bernice Elliott ----- consignee WY Bernice Elliott is always ready to give you A A speedy and efficient service. 01,10 f'y.q'iJ , A ' W ' ' A U Y K I Mar s Place M. U. MCCOLLOUGH-Owner and operator Bi UGAQ U5 " e he sr 00 W sri '95 f ,':"' ,J 47.6. Gran! 's Gro my Stare Grant's Grocery is the best place to buy high quality food at the lowest prices. Shop at Grant's for quick and courtesy. aumzday AQ Waddlc, Juv. Cannaday and Waddle carry a complete line of Firestone appliances and John Deere implements. -..-- Q -...-.. Walls Drug Store Mr. and Mrs. Wall have served their patrons very eff- iciently and courteously. They handle a very fine line of cosmetics and candies. Champ 0l'1,5' Variety tore For a wide variety of gifts and well known hardware, see Mr. Thompson and his wife for courteous service. Pitts- Kerb!! lumber MR. ASA LAYMAN MR. JACK KERBY Assistant Manager c df' 1 Jonrzstxfvllsfco, , WI INUFAQITIIIKINIE W'll0l.l-ISAl.E ISIIINTEIIS If ld POST OH-ICE BOX DALLAS 2 Puomzz RIWI-IKSIDI-. 62-13 BYHD'S SERVICE STATION cum-5 mesa oauc sfroaz Mr. Claude Curtsinger has built up a good reputation in Frisco by serving the people in a friendly manner. Prescriptions are ac ately filled by Mr Curtsinger, Mrs. Curtsinger assists in the business. fX datum? beat' HHXZTAI l0Rl NG . Fr M X N' X S v W4 N lr- il ' if I l . JCE ' S TAI LGR SHOP STALEY FUNE RAL HUME' . J.11'?V'NJ f- Laffy' ---1 O ,--- Mr. Staley, who has charge of the Frisco Fertilizer Company, would be glad to talk over any deal concerning the selling or applying of Anhydrous Ammonia. FRISCO FERTILIZER COMPANY FRISCO, TEXAS 'ITE CO You will always get fine food when you eat at lwrfy' Huff PLEASE YM A Zarter Appliance Mr. Carter handles appliances for all needs. He sells all popular make radios and Motorola tele- visions. His radio repairing service is hard to equal. gd lzway 9004 fare HANSEI.. DOUGLAS - - - - Manager DICK BRUCE ---- - - -Assistant BILLIE THOMAS -------- - - -Assistant Phone 7-2390 We TEXAS C O. Consignee- TOM LANE Frisc0 City Q State Texas Che Holman Hompauy as 1 ,L - J- , I-IOLLAS AND MENAFEE Owners O MEN C0 RW?-'lf J e H ' f -"L , ' I E BUTANE - PRDPANE ,nw f TELEPHONE 2-3371 DR 2-3372 217 N- KENTUCKY BT. ' V E fx Wkfdmwg, 70344 i r 0 ff' , ,W E 2 X! fy ,Morfirr Dry Good Ho. The Martins have served Frisco and community ably for many years and they will continue to do so. ?ri oo Eororroruroilgf M diool Cfliroio john Qrioolo 's Grocery John Gribble serves Lebanon and com- munity with all their grocery needs. Lo- cated on Highway 289, he is ready to serve you. O F F I C E R S C. C. ATCHISON, Presideni J. W. MAYS, Vice-Pres. MILTON HANSEL MURRELL ROGERS, Manager A w'y,e::g,-,-- QW 52 eff - Q 71 r- Sec. ' A is11.P.::rwfv?n 'uufn Q,j,.ff7,'f 'v - -,1,..aL ,YV , Farmers' Co-Operative Gin Association PHONE 7-2414 P. o. sox I36 FRISCO ' TEXAS DIRECTORS BRUCE COULTER W. R. STERLING W. W. WHITSELL R. W. ANTWILER Mr. Vernon Wade, Mrs. Allie Pearson, Bookkeeperg Mr. Murrel Rogers, Manager. l"""'- L, ,L .. ,W V M--..,.,-qw ,, n 3 A .,mt A or j A A soconv vncuuu Assistants MR. JOE PEARSON MR. WAYNE CARTER Wil an is' S rzfisc Station For prompt and complete service of your car, take it to Byrd Wi1son's Service Station He handles all Mobile products. MRS. M. B. WILSON Bookkeeper 'F' M + -" Nxt 'MU Cute huh! Bad Boy Carrell What happened? Delma and Bobbie Annual Staff working hard. Ha! Ha! Where to, Sylvia? Industrious, aren't they? Y. Q2 ,X Bubble Gum Kids" Still at Work? What do you think? Beckie, "What is it?" 4.6. - 'T 2. , f"s"" fy 1 E i.a4f'lm o.. Qgsf, M 'aw , ' sw 1... ' I W9 0- 1-1.: f"" lm, . Y. . ,. V ,, w.v5,,M 5, as-1 W , ,Q o, ,sg Hooper, Elaine Hooper, Dutch Hooper. , . Al , sf I 1 1 , f ff' 51' IL uf, if iv ,, X , J . iiivltr fd V6 : Q f s I 3 x ,. .,o, ,A .f ,. 5' if 6 'SF pf uv , . , in . W .X 4- m r, 'aa af ,ywf f ,, F 5, f -Lg 41 . , W 1 45 14 2' , f W f :P M .51 , o " f - ' A filo an X ghffn 40 QW. Lan ,A ' f L 1 "':' S i lk- A' Sylvia Kerley ""':""'-vHpi,, Q54 if i is i I'V'T' Vw QQ? than l'1Q'H1y,y u'hduauaun.- vnunlmuu-,ww -mad, W lfii! ulkildshsilil 0 uv-mwngnfra D in wwe-w .w Hifi P 451 Y 9401032 iii "" ,. ' ' -' A ., ., -. cnsv'-ij'-oiar HUFFINES MOTOR COMPANY furnishes Frisco High School with a new Chevrolet each year for the Drivers Education Class. See Huffines for the best trade onnew cars or a nice OK used car or truck. HUFFIO E MOTOR CIL PA Y Czeurokf .SDQZM ana! rgzrwfce Lewisville, Texas PHONE 2444 'laws : fr. -t,fxge,,g.f,,1 1, wy,i,k 5 Kill Hhrisfic r - Y' . ' 7 - .W Y w fn. -dm ,ai h., . ,IZ fd K7 Sw A 5. , iw ma" 'I GENE YARBROUGI-I "The friendly Candy Man" who visits the school every Tuesday and Friday. His visits are anticipated because of the varied kinds of candy he brings PHIL FISHER FRISCU, TEXAS WSWJ Elaine Hooper New fashlons by Beckie . I o mm Ph11's call statmn What do we have here? Annual Staff has a night-work session topped by cake and coke served by Mrs. Fisher. Taking it easy Ruth Ann Willie and Donnie Studyin? A Good pose, I think! Rest Period! istricv rinqe n vs ,I A fi 'U E H uf , S , Q5 W , if Qwxfigggx X, , M T , . " 45,1 pw if - x ,V L ff EM ! G C ..-f ss 2 gf fs E 2 'WL sun L.: he ,Is ,L uf A 510: One of Frisco's most ardent fans...... S' 4 is 1' W, 2 1 v x .X-A K? M! 1953 Senior Play K in f 1 irnrnmmmmm, having a good time Beckie ? -galil Ezzmpus flfc' James Evelyn, Nola Three's a crowd? Your knees are showing! Day-dreamer Bob ,J if V M5 f, , wnat's everyone in the bushes for ? ? 'f FIRST ROW: Mays, Mayfield, Whitsell, Smothermon, Matthews. SECOND ROW: Haynes, Carter, Whitsell, Larmen, Harris. THIRD ROW: Marion, Cannaday, Matthews, Vaughn, Smothermon, Andrews. i i . . , ,S 'E T Y f L - M I I H 6 g T M ,,gg is 1yA M M .fl ., 1' ik Evzfgip. ,,,. , , , 'X 1 K I 73, kfgs-iss455f1QY5g,5'5--Jmij- I 1 - , W M " .fy t, . - A Elms Y -A QQZ A N '99 Lin.vw,lQQ:?iq14,?H,??f5'KlfgfiZf.wi'3ffX,l -If A K A, V P ff ,L ii, 3, A s ,, "f 'W' W.'fJ'gi' 2 - -f . -V, -Y , ' :J mx+-Mf,-ff-?::fw.x?f2Xfff5az2?sf' 1 , M -"' K . f, K. , , . .VH , I ,Si . , F if K .,-ff 31, W , it ,faf+?i5,i? ,SfgfQffiE1t7fi?34l5iifggi . . f ' M- Vaughn pitches to Smothermon Teamwork ,K .aw -- a . ' ' ' 3 f H X .li ' il 1 ,- K if! ' . A Bat-boy The sixth grade at play. Wim? I T Working hard! Heave-Ho 'PEL xgcvk gmnlnu Left: Irma Morgan Ann Sonntag Betty Eaton Right: Ann Haggard PROOF READER CIRCULATION BUSINESS MANAGERS ART LAYOUTS AND CAPTIONS ART LAYOUTS AND CAPTIONS ART LAYOUTS AND CAPTIONS Gaynell Stark Doyce Jouett Hattie Cave 7 , . - 5--ln ,., ,V ,I-fm sw K "K Ni l Nola Staley Jack Cannaday James Sterling PHOTOGRAPHER PHOTOGRAPHER PROOF READER Wilma Fisher SPONSOR CIRCULATION TELEPHONE Tay10r HHHSCI Barbara Carter Mildred Whitsell TELEPHONE Q V if an W' v4"9 9 K a fm' 'lvl ,n in Three fine baseball players Pure Tennessee Mountain Dew Ranger Bill and Johnny Rasor switch fo r wate r A, 15 WMI we mb! Boo! H9 Charles 8: Gracie Nancy Hughes 'wi-Q Cunninghams l Ellen Gene Baker Two Love Birds. . . Gertie and the bean stalk ....... Rock-a -by Baby ...... Janis...... Ai if X 5 3 . i X ,. .12 .l Man get that shirt on. Ain't she pretty!!! Bill Staley F we i iw Boys receive their Football Jackets Christmas party' I ' ...M . 'ta im Q W X ' DL dw M -'f wg .-.... Q1 K - 2? ' O k 'www fi ww V f Q V v .kv R' if 'F 6 A s ' Q 'gaffw f K , ll Q s S 'P H , ---' f--ff., Q E RX Q me w'fu,.:. :u . Q if if if W 1' ii 2 W 5 Q " 'G " 5 5 E Q fig' I ' . 44 n Vi V? ga f ,F ,Jw i mmm VK . , ll 2 K i s i Keller 1 ever-potent 1Frisco Coons hired their march toward dis- pflagtiwhen they easily de- il the Keller eleven here Fri- gtightfby a score of 26 to 6.' dining to improve 3 the! an progresses, the Coons aref great form in their gamesi week to wee and Coach , M K, Marion has done a great job! Pinging the beam along. . Midweek the Frisco eleven! toys to. Princeton for a 'tus-4 . night withthe East it-lads, and a large number ies! grid .fans will accompany Bti :week is the big week f0d Coons, when on Friday night, nnber 20, they will entertain Boyse City Bulldogs in a home- ng game, and ia contest that :ing characterized as the dis championship game. Planf going forward for one of tht est crowds of the season. st Friday night's game had ar ction in the crowning of Miss rude Robertson as football ftheart in half-time oeremon Miss Robertson, a junior, is only one of Frisco's prettiest .g ladies, but an excellent stu- , a leader and active in local al activities. lollment 0f 5 ln Frisco mol Monday . irollmeat in the Frisco pu ol on Monday of this wee week after the opening ol, passed the 300mark a it at 305, announced Supt. W. Silk. Opening day enrollmens 283, greater than last year, ning day figure. lpt. Silk said that school wo rogressiug nicely, with the ents getting down to work it lest. He and the faculty ex a fine school year durim S-54. 5 ELIZABETH KING V MEMBER FRISCO OOL .FACULTY rs.. Jack Walraven has recent 9S18Y10d as first grade teach-I 1 the Frisco school to accept aching position in Greenville. te has been succeeded by Miss .lieth Ann King, of Sherman, ISA already here and on the We welcome Miss King to ro and are proud that she is -aA member of the Frisco Eli-l-wlllCli,lIO0NS t .f . .Q 1. k,., . . , ,. f, ,M,,,-.U -7 I -,f. ,V V- fe, . i.,, fl 1 :L,i X.-3 ,,,i l . ,.1 .e p f,L,g i.,, rn, iss 55 .A Y The theme for this event. is "Ther ' A . 4 1. ,',' - T . 1 l ,!f?717.'5'5'11 L pl School Is My Responsibility." In the task of living up to that belief let each one as teacher, parent, ttrudent, administrator, or layman lay unto himself: I will have faith in my school -nd in American education, il will take an interest in the l'1ool and will work to promote s ery program that is for the good a the school. 1 I will weigh all questions re .lrding the school carefully and fill be fair to all in my conclu- sione on them. ' I will be thoughtful, understand- ing. :fl l kind so that all may seek my fellowship. l will be honest. sincere, and at all times conduct myself so that I shall he worthy of the respect of o'hr'rs. . All these things, I will practice, hnt onlv during Am'erica.'n Educa- tion Week but every day in the he-ar. Gertrude Robertson Crowned F Football Quepen Friday P.. M. Miss Gertrude Rohertson, junior in Frisco High School, was cron ned football sweetheart at the Kiefer- Frisco ball game here last H162-.Y night. t Miss Robertson, who was c'ro'm- ed during the halt time perform' ences, entered the field in con vertible that was owned and dll' en by Bill Burton. The Ftifgg 'Q Squad marched on Cach side the car until the car stopped the center of the field. Miss bertson was then escortt.-ci don colorful arch made by the Squad with batons and blue t gold shakeroos. Miss Robertson and he escorts, Misses Nancy C0llilts'w'11 anal Irma Morgan, were ant 4' 'lee egaxl of the arch by the foothal frlp- tians. Jimmy Vaughr areal Vhil Fisher. Her escorts the-41 took their places in the im 'l.' Tl that had been formed by the rep Squad. While the Pep Squafl Sam? "Let Us Crown You SWQ0l,ilO1l2i ', the tlowers and helmet were brought on the field by cute little- Hobby Robertson and Hanrltorne Bill Payor. Phil Fisher pl'ep'ni.r-:l the beautiful rod roses to me Sweet- heart and the glitering gold hel- met was placed on her hi-:ld by Jimmy Vaughn. Then r ith captains bestowed a kiss upon her, znakixig her the official football sweet- heart of 1953. 1' The SlliQQlhE?8I'l.-lV8S escoried off WIN VICTORY ER CEDAR HILL, 26-7g SMOTHERMO IORES ALL F0 R ue rampaging Frisco High ns chalked up another well rrved victory here Friday it when they dt-it-ated invad- Cedarfllll, 26 to 7. Fl'i5L'1l led across also scores in the L quarter, another in the se- i and scored their final touch- n in the toitrtll Quarter. TOUCHDOWNS downs ahc team were even, eight- zill. Frisco attempted eight pass- completcd three for 41 yards land al one iritereception, Cedar gllill aatemptcd nine passes, com- pleted two for 41 yards and had no interceptions. I .mon nm fiowns in the initial quarter am another in the third period, Coacf hm Marion's Frisco High Coon famhled to another conferenc- nctory last Friday night whens ,ihey invaded Wylie, winning by z ,score of 27-to-8. Wylie's lone tal T l 1 Tohethward 3 PLAN: ,y came in the third quarter. I Statistics of the game, which , ll ,o ow, pretty well tell the sto : 5 s rmsco WYLIIEI ' opffff-'1,f 218 y3l'dS 1115111113 61 AHigh Wm , 73 yards passing 98 Coon, are 5 10 passes attempted 29' 'for their, Q 4 passes completed 16h bam., 'u 1 passes intercepted by 1 ihght,'m i 12 first downs ' 10 this week 30 punt average 17' lame is 5 0 fumbles 4 3 fumbles 'recovered 1. l Frisco lt 110 yards penalties 151 lweek to 1 Score By Quarters- joe, 6-to-0 Frisco -- 20 o 7 0--Total 27 initial E Wylie--- 0 0 6 0---Total 6 'Ito the Jimmy Vaughn started the Frist Q01 B031 fi co scoring when he went overt KVICYOYY, it right tackle for 12 yards and a 'HGUCEQ I touchdown. James Smothermon. fbi' fans' converted. A little later, Smother- i 1' Both tl moln skirtid left tend Egg 13 yards L y kyk? . teams hm an Vaug 's at emp s conver- 1 r 1 ' ' 1 N. sion was blocked. ' CAL P' wgsirmx 1 gf gsefg Before the first quarter was C31 P, Wgmgr, Tqghgr of Von- 1083 Wm over, Walter Matthews took a 35- tional Agriculture in the Frisco teams. yard pass from Smothermon and' High School, hgs been selected Coach' ran the remaining 38 yards forxigs Que of eight teachq-5 Hg Arm Foachml another T. D. and .Smothermoi lyive gf the Vocational Ag-icul. l Plano 'ha kicked the Gfiifa POUR- , 'ture Teachers of Texas to receive! pmteges Both teams were scoreless Ili! the tgp hgnoygfy gward givgn by ironing 0, the sewnd quarter. but earl! l1HSh,l the Future Farmers of America. their gpg ed across a touclhdowrl. H1 UIQ Joe Dan Boyd, Winnsboro, Presi- letting U mira period. In that perwd, 3111? dent of ole 'Ilexas Agamemnon or day nigh ,Poole went around right end for 'Future Farmgrgx has ggnoungedl A good ieight yards and 3 S0022 and that Mr. Wester. will be awarded 3 pected 3, ivaughrfs kick for extra DOIN was the Honorary Lone Star Farmer lfmm the blocked. 'Key at the State Future Farmers After running up a comfortable . Convention in Fort. Worth on Ju- 1 margin, the remainder of the gamer ly 23, , nas a defensive battle by both From the 937 Teachers of Voca- Clubg. with Larkin Vandeverllfflt tional Agriculture m Texas. about Carl Marion. Phil Fisher, Tvmm? forty are selected each year by Carroll, and Willie ReynQldS NTU' the Executive Committee of Future Ling in some great defensive Work Farmers to receive this high honor. 5The reserve fullback, S8575 C0331 The other teachers in Area 'Five flwlarion. filling in for Vaughn'-' who are to regeive the award are- Doyce Jouett--showed l11'0m1Sfi 05 Albert L. Wrtght, Crandall: J. L. makine a good runner the remaind- gm-dan. Wolfe City: E. J. Morgan, er of the season. 'Tom Bean: H. E. 'hirrentines Frm James Smothermfm and CHF! Stoneburgg James B. Hooker, Ter- vous Sa. ll Marion both suffered bruised rellg Sam Rector, Mineral Wells, mm and TRHQQS and Smlothermontwash fore- and galph Maclaughlxn, Muenster, prove Fl ed to leave t e game in ts e se- Q 1 . cond quarter. Poole received aEgg,gOM10DoEN'kySgw:.NNUAL bngmtyxfg lbruised shoulder in the tussle. voting 1 Emory homes to Frisco Ffldaf' The ads that appear in the The vote 'flight of this week for another Coonskin Annual this year willhe no lconferenre game. Coach Mar1onS25 ba page, Half pages yvill seu ance nd i gave they hrllvf-210 have the 500 new for S15 and a fourth oi 11 Page 'W gh seats up and Wad? fo? 'he CHS will be 510. 4 gunning! ftomers for the Friday H1252 Hamel , M iwith seats now on both sides ofa We would like to remind thosd . V05 'the field. Workers also hill? been who place ads in the annual tha' lwloulucg 2 llmsy this week levelling the bankithey will be a permanent adver- a 5 iaround the field and adding ft tisement since people read the mumonst be concession ctand on the south end Coonskin often' 1-hes? aids are plgca N ms of the field. ' ed internilttenently th!'011Sh me w,,,,.,,..............- khggk anglwnot in one place. thus Street I C citizens x FRISCU l o Gi M' 8 . Q 1 6 ego:-ts tl f -. 41 f v e ou , F, so Agrlciiltilre Degree af at 1, f- Every sims ,wiaiglfhggf wexiet 1 greets are school, w c is ' ' 1 . K enance 1 3 ya to an to to school we At Texas By tt. the boys and,3u'15 look mpg I 1 two to 4 ea 0 - common sTA11oN,TGX2S, Jan-favored 1 ned th 1 py. We mentio 1 flyer again , . tn MS n..An advanced glegi-ee,tax from fillsllpt. W. 0. Silk, we uver ggzastferpoi education ag,xcultur.drw.don think he was W0 ell used my M1 education. was awarded 0819011818 1 the fad' Mgt? K?Etnlfl?' we! Vlianefburn Wester foi I"I'l5CQLgf5-f-1f3"""""" starting to school al oi dmv Royse City eleven invades Friseo 1 . L f je f- Y " L A vyip . H -. - . e 4' ,g ., so . X M g K A . At we meeting R, F. Hartman . .. .1 itl. lA' 7-SUP'B?13f1i8l1dEl?l'C ofschools, Wiilie o L . , j t , , l elected Chairman and i to l t t l i.ts i .oeseo s Sinitlnwylle. was elected see l 3 i 'i h i5.5'BfB1:'?, Qfo4theT.aSsociation for thi Q - fl P .ssl f do peommz year. 5' . i " f ted h tbl week nd next for gzlgeggfsmflay for the 1954 fo this firsterliomelomingato be held 'Miss Feature of the Frisco-Kei , to 51-35 per serve as apprentice teachers H Ikh K" I- l - Schools- making up this confer t 2 5 . . eneeoare- 'Caddo Mi11s,Frisco, Pi-if Q h ' M l if, m h .V ' t Q cetong Royse City, and Wylie. .lli t i th l Following is the schedule fd e . 03 night, December 8, representetives of the high schools . imaking-,iig3 tl'1e District 14-B Foot' Gctobeij 15, 1954, Princeton :fi baii.ceofei-ence inet in Wylie ai,Cad-:io Mos. me forthe purpose oil Gctober 22, 1954, Royse City B Princeton, Wylie at Frisco. losttit's s if-of night, the O A . iiymgmd fgwihis ment, friend!! 2 played und leo Friday n' m- 1 l l . s opening bait! lville, a for-ml P Wildcats Iostf Pep Squad Gives Annual Football Benq uetl The Frisco Pep Squad ent ed the Frisco Football Boy October 29, 1954, Wylie at Caddo Mills. November 5, 1954, Princeton at Frisco, Royse City at Wylie. November 12, 1954, Princeton at ,Wylie Royse City at Lilflclo Mills jhlovemloer 19, 1954, Frisco at loyse Cifv. Mt. andy, Mrs. .lohn Kerley were honored with a'house wanning .wg li I 1 v. 've i l 1ll.l'f 'Wi 1 1 'fi 1 IRST HOMECUMINGOF EX-STUDENTS F FRlSCOg T0 BE HELD Elaborate plans are being Def' by the ex-students of the Friseo High School. The homecoming wlll be observed Friday night, Novem-, Sher 20, when the ever-dangefws for whatpromises to be the dis- trict championship game. W. O. Silk, superintendent of the school, is heading the g1'0l1P Mak-ll ing extensive plans for the home- coming He is aided by a COUHCU of nine high school students, who are: FRIDAY, NOV. Zl 'Frisqo High School. Au of me Q 'students are invited to attend : szpport this pep rally. 'Any information concerinng tl: big event can be secured fr any of the students on the oc mittee. V KELLER iuvlnfs Fiasco mi ci mimi NIGHT fl Morgan, chairman, J Fl3Ui'iX'Si5'3"13H?l0l223EEY Hired Whifseuv. Senior- tty Eaton, Senior. hil Fisher, Senior. . amos Smotherman, Senior. the P13 a t et in the high soh dt their new home west of Frisco ' rifudf fi0beffS0Qv JVWOT' gay Bunqggg, onbmmber 16.' There Saturday evening, January 23 at 5211051 C9,UmSW0m'.- 'Tumor' A Wm bg out dance afterwards m the gym 7 o'clock. lanczi WIISOUQ JUFHUF' B' the twin! Under the direction of Mr some sevenW'n"'.3ueSfS fegis' amg Kerley' Junior' Lthgame 'S et ffm and Mrs- Gem- the fitireiiniffii J? 311 oemeeslete fy the f0'0P9'm0n 'lf me pw it cities. R mg committee chan-men and gh. and Mrs Kerley have H5631 in Frisco a long list of- eg. Leno and the l Committees made the banflu' in 'the cominunit all of their ants is hoped- to be agquge I n plagued by? unforgetable event: decmilives y 'V PCYSGH Who 15 of vknovs fd Q2 E their star pi Ann Haggard, sovhom res if . ' Student out of WW1 WS write borltouts audi 5011, Rebecca LH110, EDD-i0l':1 The center piece was a compli- ally thanked If he Wm .l felt keenly by! l ligation of Fried ay and Strom een working iuously .this ' e kinks discovei grid battles ln shape for th Ltle. d-fought game I big throng olQ cities is expect OTERS VE BOND TURDAY ters went to I in the bond 'ed the bonds t r streets, 57 tail vtes were cast, aking a 'total 'e officially eoigl .us approved a le for the mah air of streets in lion was held 2 ouse. K. Hollis told L Monday that s an the simon wsiblel. The rroveal and aol teps before mt work. - l mmissioner Ch other officials "all out" in t t a represent Kijlg in the in issue, since itly in neer of epair. ite of more voters of the g the city preppy in Agriculture Fidiwlaiion i luation for this I I name and address and dive It gram, Nancy Collinsworth Jw mentary arrangement from Reneau table decoration. Gayv-011 Slflofist of McKinney which con- S0Phom01'8S seating a4'I'aI18G1Qsisted of a giant white chysante- A turkey dinner, 'gvithmalz BILLY FERN JOUETT IS l Mmm Dry G00dS- if igggt gossible, it would be HP' mum surrounded by a cluster of small wihite mums and red foliagelhe students on the committee- esses are necessary. dated if he would write to 0119! ll BRIDE GF FRED PALLETT, JR. Miss Janice Kerley daughter of Miss Billy Femllouett and Fred the honorees, and Miss Rebecca f00fba1l.l1am9,l?e9t2een Boys? Pallett Jr. helix of Prism, were La d 1 V d and Frisco, '1'f15f-05 lasfffml , , ' . . ne serve ange squares an qv b laved at united in marriage S8NU'4i-HY 111813 punch and dandy hearts from 391109 Same, W1 ' 2 gember at Princeton inthe home of the l n the night 0 0 officiating minister, Eid. Harold Murphy, pastor of the Chureh oi lace coverded table. 1500.0 X . ' - Hostesses for the occasion were This game XS'1llg3eESil-figgififfiiglfz Mmes. Tom Lane, Mrs. John Bribe ex-students o Keller High School football t ' will invade Frisco Friday nigh :this week. November 6, for a f ball tussel with the ever-pot iCoons, and another large crow expected. The g ame was originally so uled last Friday night, but th was a mix-up in plans. Keller ing scheduled a game with anol v lteom. However, things worked all right, since Frisco had origi ly schedule-d this week as an to date. l l' There was an intra-squad Coach Jim Marioifs beam last day afternoon to keep the m bers in condition- ll game this week will be the cro ring of Miss Gertrude Robertso f.lunior, as 1953 football sweeth 1 .and the he-tween-halves attrac is expected to draw a largffrfi , usual crowd to the loeal sam l One of F1'isco's loveliesl YO 'l dies Miss Robertson is a do Christ. b1e,Clyde Waddle R, E. Newmanhool. , 3 e ' 5 A Tp Rgb The bride is 8 dacghfei' of uf- Arden Curtis, B. F. Shoulders ul-ded to ter of Mriand .YS Vgiingve . and Mm z. H. Janeen and the W D Mays Cecile Kannacly All eX'SfU-50915 are t 5in,he'S0Hl and 15 PPWQY "d M ff l bridesrwm 3 5011 of Mr- md urs- Jaines ' Marion, George Marionliet Wi?'gjIhgg155S?,Pi3'llJeiween Eu' . "an rs' ' Fred Pallett. . . Morris Morgan, Qtis Newman ancilsw X and 7:36 p, m. on,j l 'me 422913- iii.-:har F' D' Malone' -iox?emIherm20. Doughnuts and coi-, ' . ee will be served- The homecoming will be Sivenj l i --' "1-P'f"f-25'-L"+-3:-'7-Lim hte on me The Frisco PTA will hold 3 ' Q ' iiiliil' meeiiizg Friday, llazzuerg, 5 . zu .2 p. rn. folio-.:,ziQgg the all I By AGM For Practice Teaching nouneed today that the Vocation- al Agriculture Department oi the Frisco, Texas High School has been selected by the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas as an Ubservaion and Practice Teaching Center. Cal P. Wester, local teacher of vocational agriculture, will act as a critic teather for The Agricul- lil 'al Educaiion Depurinieiit oi the A. and M. College of Texas, Two junior students who plan to be vocational .agriculture teaoliee' will observe ieaehi. mein usd in the local vocational culture department for owen during the fall semester. 'lf senior students who are majo- Superintendent W. O. Silk an-i QAGER TQURNEY--Jixmny Vaughn, Frisco, dribbles aroiinqt li hi h :school biskethlil tourxninen' Charles Hall, Howe, in t e 5: W1 . 2 Q hom this week in Hughey Memorial Gymnasium. The tourmimen .Y - s 1- i - .sz femme. lXllllllllllll.Illll two weeks this tall .fx Simi. number of A. and M. College sm.- .lents will wok ui der 'lu' super- vision of Mr. Wester do. ing the I l'i,"f lil lll ul Siihool ol' llzstriictoli at these 5 L 5 All members are urged to ' tee ii x.Ll,, 5 ,. LA4g!lV 2 Slllioflll I t iilliillllli Sup? W, G. Sill: 5ll7'ifll3.:t'1'E tho l-liseo sellmls it .E vi fe Friilai' Ueoorrl-sei' 124 U35 8 YW? Chfif-i!I'llRS holiclzay Classes will he iwszisiiiil ou - -.lily llecembtlr 223- XNO real joy can ever he ho with money. A It talgues good eyesight to fhe devil through a pile of mo There isnt gold enough in 'world to make a discozitentod rich. l Those who aye close mth na 03' Vere very ellen liberal t ,etli':ce. I Truth never hizllils Ula the so 5 No imitrex' limi: oziaiilz Elite za f W Y ft fi-lf , I I l limi.,-

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