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" ' .V I ifi. ? ' . ' ■ ' :■ ' ■■ ' FRISBIE JUNIOR H 6H ' ■ ' civ ■- ' ' ' ' ' ■ J-- ' - " " - ■■ -Ray ' Ji al«.t . ' 1 k5- v X): .CNN 4 « V k ■s. V Ci o " :) 1 ' : .s. ' vi ' i -: . «s 5 CD .■ V 1 v - K V :: ►■l? - : . i k v) ' ( - 9 A ' U e A i ' y i:V ' » vJ c ' J , I. . A - ' t fm • ' v " - ■ai :i;:r: - " - " c. .... c jio _ " -MMirm: ■ h OaA- ]mAi ' It lint 97 Do$$te« ' S(a Pi«sewte . . . " rfce ' FafcoH 3bfeWte.7 ' The FALCON EDITION, ■ff ' " W » new. Not just in cover design. Not just in color||ft ' : H its greater thickness. . . it ' s more than any physical diinensioiKB. we present here a new dimension in yearbook styling, ' ■ ' ■ ' - iSyou enjoy reading and rem- iniscing . . . You ' re turnii a og Day At Frisbie. " INTSmAL PAGE 2-78 fSmAL 79-112 wass:± (VX rH " Isu --Q G. cx -vvjytSvDy _ j: jcy44 v xdt 1 ' T( iZ a v.-- i ■r " S s! Hi f MV 4 ■ IV tv L 9«fttii3 to sciiooi: B(j bus, Cdt , b( , oii bij bf si Xng. I tAoihttiS, piMJditk, (uM Jnj tU ktk, oJllli«6jpUnq ik w c Ne ' Cvf iJfi J , f m 1 4 ( - hx lids isikt p dod wlifiAe ik it Doy Oj i6toi% Begins lAAikUohmoottAj di(ttc attii9 til lidbv idxj. 10 Mowt U dvife Sfewfe: " A " Pe tWtBegt««s . . . « r -e ' V. ' ' Tk n O66 [J A O ' tSi lB el0 0Sb Buuick, tA ttme l(UJuQ!fdMn , f Uettdildp, (Uii hiOStoLcM . i (uirf ' Cait ' i lA oifcjo l-uittiu. . . " c ajj " -•JV - -a a ■;; 3 WtW, oM to ' As$W . . . 5gE;- ,»- " V i 14 n ( ■v W Ucdj lMJu CJhtii . . . fi jodot PdibUb • • Cong, ttm i. " B " P uUWa ytmA ' dtB Cwi(fe Mr. Kelly and Mr. LeBrane are our Arts and crafts teachers. In these classes students work with clay, make models, learn print making and many other " craft " works. 17 " C " P dai - hlu, S . 9 The ninth-graders have it lucky (?): They get separate teachers for social-studies and English. Mr. Reupert and Mr. Casper share the social- studies classes. Mrs. Farris, Mrs. Jamerson and Mr. Pettersen, the English. We remember Mr. Reupert for his True-False tests. . . and Mr. Casper ' s term projects . . . and what would 9th-grade English be without the famous vocational notebook? VOCATION? What ' s that. . . ? 18 We " graduated " fk)m Mrs. Spence, Mr. Bieberstein and Mr. Gregory. This year most of us felt well-prepared to enter this " high-school " type program. V C1 Ct - v 19 SikLAjQjQ. In the 8tfi-grade L. A.S.S. program we studied among other things, the U.S. Constitution (Does everybody remember the Preamble by heart?). U.S. His- tory was the main part of the so- cial-studies aspect, and in Eng- lish we concentrated on grammar, writing, and poetry. " Water, water, everywhere. " J t 20 i About Uc niJ jUfOnk , KMjupW Uody We remember LAND OF THE FREE, our U.S. History book. It was supposed to be one of those new, con- troversial ones freshly sprung out of the approval committees. We didn ' t see anything controversial about it. . . unless we had to read it on weekends or instead of going to the dance, the movie, or to a party. We loved you, Mrs. Spence and Mr. Biebeistein! 21 Mrs. Rodriguez taught us about myths and ancient reli- gions. We even made our own book about them. Mrs. Cox wa: appreciated both in her L. A. S. S. class and in girls ' P. E. , where she spent two periods each day. Mrs. Montecino, in addition to her English duties, taught Spanish 7ii« GW L .S.S. . . . ft Was cuBtqJwnf Puttnu In elementary school it was interesting to learn about Balboa and all of those other explorers. We remember about diat guy who looked for the fountain of youth in Florida and ended up discovering a whole state. He died thinking he was a failure. At Frisbie in our first year we discovered a whole new world, . . and hardly any of us failed. F " m jsi (tM j9 5 i fi H . -: 1 H • " ' t 23 luMciJ. . . . We ' P tW ' i CdEftUuicA . It was the longest period of the day: from 11:25 to 1:10, During that time we spent 35 minutes munching potato chips, burritos, oatmeal hamburgers, hot dogs and ice (which some- times had coke with it, whenever the machines worked properly). It was really a hazzard standing up to the goodie machines . . . especially when a ninth grader got impatient. When our eating period ended (alas) we went back to class, taking along with us whatever we ' d bought but hadn ' t eaten. • • I 24 »i . . . BubotoOvut CchMkltWoi " V " P dody It ' s really tough with junior high kids ... we don ' t know when to quit getting unserious. Sometimes it seemed like fun sitting at the picnic tables and aiming our wrappers at the garbage cans. We seldom hit . . . and ended up being messy. So ... we serioused up and TRASHIS (Dave) BEAUTIFUL (Gallo) showed us how. We did a good job the rest of the year being untrashy, and we could really feel proud of our campus. It was clean. CLEAN IS BEAUTIFUL. m Mr. Alcorn and Mr. Put taught us how to make things with our hands. At first it was like what Bill Cosby said: Every- thing turned out to be an ashtray . . . but we progressed. Later came lamps, shelves, candle- holders, which Mom actually put where people could see them . . . 26 k Cooking and sewing also was a bit rough when we first started. Crookld seams and burnt choco- late didn ' t reap any A ' s. But we l earned, and we ended up act- ually preparing meals fit for a dad . . . " D " p ao i ' A Bt CWeK w 28 k CouMiCil, fiAMuO , aKrf ACC0ni|3fesfc w6ltjfc. Student council. . . a junior-high-school kid ' s first organized ex- periment with working democracy. Mrs. Sertic gave us the funda- mentals, and we went at it, sometimes with tooth and naiL But we did the job: we approved bills, we proposed legislation, we governed our student body. And we learned. Clarence Giliard as president led the meetings, and those of us who attended those meetings know his job was a difficult one. Karen Hamre as vice president took over when Clarence was absent, led the flag salute, and provided leadership. Gayle Hall, as historian, had the responsibility of writing the history of our school year. Kids, maybe our own, years from now will be reading about our year, thanks to Gayle " s work. Jan Thornton took care of our income and out-go and we called her treasurer. was our social chair- man. We can thank her for the sock hops, the dances, and any other social event that came along. In a large measure, we can thank these students for the year we were number 1 . . . 1971. 29 U ; BnowtvOMjiCAvdJs ab Mr. Scott taught 9th-grade science . . .he taught us the meaning of a sci- entific experiment. The lesson on making clouds in a fruit jar was hard to forget. Mr. Brown taught us sci- ence and math. . . and was, probably, the most popular math-science teacher on campus. He understands us. Mr. Curtis, new at Frisbie this year, taught mostly 9th graders . . . and we remember at least the name of the demon and gremlin theory. Mrs. Sertic, in addition to student council, taught math. Miss Penoyer was the algebraic genius of the Frisbie cam- pus . . . and she too seemed to know us. 30 i Wo . . . AjoidnQ Us Wo ,linci ' i . . . 31 i I (i ' 32 Mr. Cantrell taught the 8th- graders how to " math, " He also taught drafting. Mr. Scully, 8th- grade math teacher. Miss Nicholas, math teacher, and Mrs. Tassel are also seen here hard at work. « |iji si ' mM mmmm ¥ 34 t ■ ■ - ' - ' l l ' - ' -iRin XVs a «, u Completing the math and science departments are the teachers shown on these pages: Mr. Campbell, Mr. Hoover, Mrs. Weathers, Mr. Wm. Campbell, and Mrs. Vera Brown. 35 fi ikbBiviol ii ■ %!---«- %l 36 Day VruiuuA N c i ' E " P dod , XO. y ,V. uurniTuu f I i Our library is neatly and ef- ficiently run by our Master librar- ian: Mrs, Briggs. Helping her are Mrs. Viner, librarian clerk, and Mr. Jess Waller, A. V. teach- nician, Ltner eiectives ojjen to stu- dents during this afternoon perioG are foreign languages and special reading exploration classes. Mrs. Cook, Spanish teacher, and Mrs. France, reading teacher are " do- ing their thing. " 37 38 39 BdH oii LCWcs PmAM fsl Not just at the football games, but also at as- semblies. " Frisbie music " was there. We remember the victories in football, but we also remember the enthusiastic ' pep band. The chorus and band teamed up in a special pro- duction given February ... " My Country ' Tis of Thee, " an hour- long panorama of American history. Something for history students AND music lovers! Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Nichol and musicians ... it was a number one year for you too! I i i UsU itji UuSt diuiCWt It ' s a wonderful thing to be able to read ... to explore the wonder of the shelves. Mrs. Stoebe teaches exploratory reading, and in this class we learned about the world of good literature. Television isn ' t so great after all! i.2 ■ J " - " I aiictTij(3 • • • Our teaching bi-linguist is Mrs. Martinez, who teaches both French and German. She also sponsors the French and German clubs. How would we write term papers in high school and college without knowing how to type? At Frisbie we learn before ever getting there, thanks to Mrs. Smith. 1 43 Wi " F " P flod OimiTlM Llfiu pill w mmm f m - Physical Education is no trip to Disneyland. It " ain ' t no re- cess! " There ' s physical condi- tioning every day, including ex- ercising, running, jumping, and sometimes games . . . Mr. Saunders and Mr. Cardosi teach the boys . . . Mis. Kounas and Miss Debnar the girk. Help is given by Mr. Gordon Campbell and Mrs. Cox. 44 PluyiicdBducaiXotu . . .tWScW ' s OuU Some of us go home after our " F " period is over. Many of us come back. Yet again, many of us will be staying for some time. There are the numerous activities enjoyed by so many: clubs, practice, sock hops, and of course the occasional detention. Any clock-watcher will note the time of this clock. How many days have we watched that second hand hit the four-second- after slot and then jump up, ready for air! or Glory may be coming down. , . but the sun hasn ' t yet set on Frisbie. There are many good times yet com- ing. . . and we ' ll be here till late. iPtUJI 0 " Buenos Tardes, Muchachos? " (In other words " Good afternoon, kids " ) 46 s Ov , bufctfie Fuit P()tAjb ' $ YefctcvCo w . U e Howe Uoiuj CW $: Yummy, yummy, yummy, we ' ve got food in our tummy. Is it die Hut or das Hut? 47 p Active clubs add to the excitement of after-school life! 48 I _ 4(3akl) +MVK (17a3pq )4nR ] ' S? 49 So name a club, any club; we ' ve got it. From Red Cross to French mm.., i — « «i I 51 U U tH Oueo RXoft© 12-6, an M e ( ( ( It ' s always good having a winning season. It felt especially good this year . . . the game that put us over the top was our win over our cross town rivals. How sweet it was. Scores on the season were: Clement Moore 12 Cope 22 Kolb 8 Rlalto 6 FridJie 6 Frisbie 8 Frisbie 6 FridJie 26 FridJie 1? 52 f « !( OidbWfM tdnQ h m „f t M : : l The season this year would not have been successful without the coaches, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Cam- bell and Mr. Ruepert, or without the support of the fans and cheer- leaders at the home and away games. t- • :■ ' jS. .-■ ' ' S t «9 " " 54 AU effi BoJoiiCe T AHi o . . . f 4 t ■v 55 First string Falcon defense at the end of the season were: right end, Rob Harry 81, right tackle, Dave Peck 73, wingback Mel Field 20, right guard Dan Housel, 65, center, Phil Ridenour, 56, quarterback Gary West 30, fullback Al Brodie, 33, left guard Dan Fiorito, 62, tailback John Moore, 21, left tackle Martin Cran- dell, 87, and. left end Bruce Lizotte, 13. O fiMC (UiiDelfi»(j tl Falcon bee squad at the end of the season were: Ramon Hardney 64, Ray Espinosa, 83, Don Shocklee, 50, Jeff Fromm, 60, Tom Vanaken, 75, Lester Cruz, 86, Dave Grow, 84, Randy Roark, 54, Greg Hinshaw, 40, Gordon McKlnney 72, Steve Westerson, 22, Virlin Peterson, 43, Randy KimbaU, 36, Dave Gallo, 23, Gary Zepek, 76, Craig Fogg, 67, John Broholm, 68, Kevin Roden 66, Mike Burkett, 12, Steve Vrosnahan, 85, Don Craft, 70, Kevin Peralta, 80, Kevin Mitchell 63, Steve Ruddell, 74, Virgil Adams, 11, and Cedric Alexander, 34. 56 (Near left) First string Falcon Defense at the end of the season were: right comerback Clarence Gilyard 10, right defensive end Dan Housel 65, right outside linebacker Jess Gonzales 45, right guard Mark Mercado 82, middle linebacker Al Brodie 33, safety John Moore 21, left guard Ken Arias 88, monster linebacker Phil Vasquez 53, left comerback Bruce Lizotte 13, left defensive end Dave Peck 73 , and left outside linebacker Rob Harry 81. FQlcon BasMb }iU ' 7 atM dW $ CkoMpiotiildp f cmm mmm rAtki o Scores Scores Clement 42 Frisbie 26 Clement 29 Frisbie 47 Moore 40 Fridjie 39 Moore 28 Frisbie 42 Cope 39 Frisbie 40 Cope 36 Frisbie 48 Kott) 24 Frisbie 37 Kott) 20 Frisbie 44 Rialto 32 Frisbie 39 Rialto 35 Frisbie 52 Coach Richard Cardosi ... " Moment of Triumph " Bloomington, California, 1970 58 if ' j(vi i$tT iit ScliooAWttttMy 59 Back row-Mike Burkett, Al Brcxlie, S irgil Adams, Dave Peck, Dave Grow, ind Richard Martin. Middle Row: Craig Marley, Steve Westerson, Dan Kuns, Dave Hoover, Fred Wallace, Cedric Alexander, Mr. Cardosi. Front :ow: Gary West, Curt Spalding, Dar- •ell Clardy, Greg Douglas and Robert Martin 60 t ' li The season this year started out with losses to Clement and Moore. Our first victory came in the third game against Cope and was decided in the last seconds by two free throws by Gary West. The victory produced the momentum necessary for easy wins over Kolb and Rialto. Clement and Moore were stunned in their second meetings with the inspired Falcon team and were both beaten more soundly than they had early beaten us. After these two victories we checked in with two more against Cope and Kolb and went into the last game of the season against the Warriors from Rialto. Our victory in that contest produced two astonishing " firsts " . For the first time in school history the Falcon hoopsters defeated Rialto twice in a season, and for the first time they brought home the conference championship. A tradi- tion of victory has been established; Frisbie is number one. J- 62 During the Christmas vacation, the basketball team participated in two tournaments: the Bloomington Freshman Tournament, where we placed first, and the Fontana Christmas Tournament, where we placed third. Albert Brody, Falcons ' center, won most valuable player in both tournaments. He and Gary West were named to the " all tournament " team in both. Tournament scores were as follows: Font£ ma Bloomington Sandburg 39 Frisbie 54 Hemet 37 Frisbie 42 Fontana 54 Frisbie 52 Rubldoux 43 Frisbie 49 Alder 41 Frisbie 57 Palm Springs 39 Frisbie 49 Track Scores Clement 56 Frisbie 39 Moore 47 Frisbie 48 Cope 39 1 2 Frisbie 55 1 2 Kolb 44 Frisbie 51 Rialto 42 Frisbie 53 W- " - 64 H Fofeoit Ttac Tfeaiii . . . v d- 1 i VIVJWI. j SMf «s HERE COME THE ' 71 TRACK MEN! Jasso, Vasquez, Kims, Grow, Ellis, Gonzales, Brodie, Lizotte, Adams, Spalding, Gallo, Peck, Jollif, Brownstein, Kimball, Cullen, Fiorito, Crandell, and Greenburg, They ' ve just run out of a championship season. Mr. Alcorn, far left, brags about his relay squad. Proud coach. 65 . . .Q taiM 66 t This year ' s victorious track season was blemished by only one defeat , . , and this came at the first track meet of the year against Clement, The Falcons went on to defeat both of the other Redlands schools. Cope and Moore, and both of the Rialto schools for the third-consecutive sports ' city championship of the year. High scorer for the conference schedule was Dennis Ellis with fifty points and two first places in every meet. One of the high- lights of the year occurred when David Gallc, in the meet with Rialto Junior High, broke the school record for the high jump with five-feet; five inches. Dennis Ellis later broke the 100- yard dash record, and the high- hurdle record was broken by Martin Crandell. The school is proud of its track teams and their coaches, Mr. Reuf)ert and Mr. Alcorn, for producing one of the best track seasons in the school ' s history. It ' s nice to know Frisbie is still NUMBER ONE! 67 CwbClitt P WiCfc . . . UTu The 1971 baseball season started off tremendously with about 50 guys coming out for the team. It was tough for the coaches to choose the first string, but Frisbie came through with another terrific sport season that was fun and successful. Thus completes the 1970-1971 sport year at Frisbie; congratulations to all the boys who participated! [AAMMAMQQ ClJUmy I 69 flUwkabWouUltflJIlBibWtikout, . . Football, basketball, track and baseball. . . ' twas a good season . . . and on these pages you ' ll meet the participants who made vanity in all four: Holly, Patti, Beth, Kim, Lori, and Shelley. Your enthusiasm was evident. It helped make our year. - ' J . 70 I J , : So it ' s farewell to sports, 1971. We leave those memories of cheering and victories, the re- collections of the aching muscles and the soothing showers. Those winning Falcons will be Eagles next year. . . but what they gave the school will remain behind in the form of memories, and they won ' t be soon forgotten . . . 71 W ' J livbfltttBtQV unC6 ol Ht6 Ye6 i ' Wait till Santa sees these beauties ! ! -fi i I 72 lA astfc« CWsthuMDaiiCe . The queen and her court; highlight of the Christ- mas Dance. 73 t$ R ' ob MS H ' Wck-o I We ' ve come a long, way from the Waltzing Matilda. 74 T Mdb. . . cij ik ycJIk 75 TW C um« . VcJIexiiM , W«M Fiist half of the dance- anticipation, hopes . . 1 76 U OAk Srftoijm . . . second half joy and congratulations. } 1 f . I Clyde K Hj L M Virgil Adams J1ksl_J F3B m Cheryl Alexander - TS IM B Cedtic Alexander . kJX V f i A Denise Allison • J ' M John Almaguer f k Kim Almendarez Bert Anderson Patty Anderson Kevin Andrew Alfred Arellano Evonne Arellano Ken Arias Pam Arment Kim Ashworth Craig Austin Randy Austin Debres Avila Karen Babb Mary Baccari Laura Barbour Jimmie Barnes Michelle Bamhart Steve Barton 1 Two years ago we were " lowly scrubs, " average height, four-feet, eleven Inches. We ' re older now, and ready to leave Frisbie for the big school up the street. . . 80 Kimberly Bird Laurie Blumenthal Sue Battaglia Maria Batts Melanie Baugh Terry Baugh Debra Bausell Michael Heals Denise Beaudoin ' - Rick Bergen Deborah Beyeors Been Wdll P aW Lisa Bocanegra Marilyn Brodie Kathe Bodley Mark Bokon Randy Bostick Harold Boyette Robb Bourland Robyn Brady Treva Bragg Mike Burkett Albert Brodie John Broholm Steve Borsnahan Janice Brown Karen Brown I 1 Al ol Ui ycmBmi CkoM . Om Laurie Brown Shelly Brown Nina Browning Paul Brownstein Denise Bryant Dillie Byers Diane Byington Ronald Cagle Debbie Caliill 82 Om) lA 6Uj 0n yMldi6n . . • Barry Calfee Cathy Camp Connie Campbell Stev.e Cardiff Constance Carlton Darryl Cardinal Lauretta Carpenter Tommy Carriaga Mike Carter Debbie Casas Debi Cassell Liz Casson Bill Cech Gary Chrysler Cliristine Chesbrough 83 Blane Chambers Darrell Clardy Janet Clark Patti Cobbs Victor Contreres Valerie Coulman Debbie Cox Adrienne Coz Don Craft Martin Crandell Eric Cross Norma Cross Lester Cruz Bill Cullen Betty Cummings Cathy Cunningham Keith Daab Patty Dana Angela Daniel Stephanie Davidson Ricky Davis Rita Dejoie Joann Delaney Adrian Delatorre On U di 1 84 Curt Deluca Kim Demeester Sandra Derbacz Denise Dorn Cynthia Dotson Greg Douglas .t l t . I Donna Doyle Andrea Drumm Vanessa Dubose Don Duvall Ronald Duvall Elizabeth Earl Bill Elliott Ken Elliott 85 Dennis Ellis Engle Forrest Ray Espinosa Dennis Faherty Dee Dee Ferguson Rose Ferris Mel Field John Finneran Danny Fiorito Stacy Flaker Kim Fleischmann Steve Fleischmann :ID Allan Fleming Craig Fogg Donna Foley Carlos Francis Debbie Frazier Beth Frost Elva Fuerte Fernando Galindo David Gallo Kathy Garner Randy Gaumond Janette Gecslin Darlene Gerko Jonette Gerth Jennie Gervasoni Mike Gibbons Clarence Gilyard Bryan Goldsborough Jessie Gonzalez Ramon Gonzales K Richard Gonzalez Beverly Goodly Mike Gnot John Graham Larry Greer David Grow Linda Guajardo Martin Guerrero Gayle Hall Valerie Hall Karen Hamre Kerry Haney Lawrence Hardney Bill Harmon Robert Harry Ken Hart 87 Susan Heimbecker John Helton Jim Henderson Linda Hensley Kristi Hill Mark Hineman Terrie Hinkle Greg Hinshaw Vickie Hitchman Carol Hodge Kim Holloway Laura Holt Linda Holthaus Dave Hoover Ken Hornbeck Timmilee Hubbs Mike Hudson Dan Housel UteSftwtii YeaA ot Ui fe- U6 . . . k Debbie Howard Gary Hunt Dale Hughbanks Gilbert Jaramillo Ruben Jasso Debi Jimenez 1 I 88 A John Jollif Berta Jones Robert Jones Joann Jones Cindy Jones Cheryl Jones Daline Jones Linda Kaney Todd Keegan James Kemp Shelly Kezer Randy Kimball Steve Kruger Dan Kuns Brenda Lanyon Dave Lawson Carl Lechuga Terri Lee iMiJ ldji OMuijlMj Oujij . 89 Mike Lester Charles Limon Julie Lipes Bruce Lizotte Greg Long Debbie Lord Sharon Low Judy Lowe Saul Loya Michelle Lozano Carla Lucey Robert Macias David Mans en Cheryl Mankoff Craig Marley fts C6CMjiY (Vo OMjiWCA Esther Marquez Richard Martin Robert Martin Matthew Masacek Dennis Matheny Robin McCellan Steve McCombs Kevin McDowell Becky McGarratt 90 Nancy McHenry Gordon McKinney Bret Meacham Delores Melton Tim Melton Mark Mercado Kevin Mitchell Barbara Moore John Moore Sherrie Moore Scott Montgomery Fred Meyers Sue Milbrandt Melissa Miller Melody Miller 91 David Mora Cynthia Morales Collie Morgan Judi Morgan Beth Morman Tim Murphy Keith Neeley Kris Negrete Robert Nelson Cynthia Newell Patty Nigg Steve Nordyke Dave Norlen Dan O ' Brien Carol Ocavec VJhij h Q tii Qkb Dave Oehl Marisa Olivas Teresa Owensby Vicki Padgett Rebecca Parrish Dave Peck Kevin Peralta Mike Perry Virlin Peterson Mimi Pettersen Charles Petty Earl Pickett Linda Pollard Chris Potter Jim Pratt 92 Patti Pruiksma Denny Rachford Randy Roark David Ramirez Maria Restivo Cindy Reyes Janice Richards Nancy Richards Phil Ridenour Felix Rivera John Rodgers Steve Rogers Georgia Rodriguez Sandi Romero Susan Rose June fsUfxm Us Roy Roybal Renee Rupple Diane Russell Gary Russell Carol Shavedra Sharlett Sanders Nancy Sarr Chris Sauceda Jim Schuler Jackie Sharratt Karen Shepherd Don Shocklee Juli Shough Juanita Smith Kenny Smith 93 f Randall Smith Connie Snyder Robin Sowders Curt Spalding Rhonda Spangler Teresa Stephens Jerry Stephenson Lori Stewart Marty Stone Mark Stroud Jim Sullivan Steve Sutherland Dave Takacs Laurie Tanguay Linda Taylor Dave Teal Deanne Teel Angela Spikes Jan Thornton Art Trujillo Denise Valencia Tom Van Aken Bob Vanhoy II 94 George Vasquez Phillip Vasquez Darlene Veloz Pete Wagemann Lynn Wagner Ricky Wagoner Rhonda Wahlstrom Debora Walk Fred Wallace Kathi Ward Lynn Watts Dave Welch Steve Westerson Doug Whitling Gerald Wilhite Holly Wilkins Amy Williams Ken Williams Joe Wilson Kim Wilson Peggy Winter Paulette Woods Meegie Yellock Gary Zepek 95 ; I WK l fW k y. Ef) f 1 Steve Acero Susan Adcock Dawn Adkins Jean Aguilera Julie Aguilera Dane Akam Michael Allen Vic Almaguer Melodie Anderson Dennia Avila Jon Babb Eileen Baccari Debby Baker Michelle Baldwin Brian Barker Bud Barnes Sylvia Barrera Mike Berrett Jill Bartholow Melanie Bateman Marv Beamon Students in the 8th grade had the same teacher for both language arts and social studies. One of the most popular L. A. S.S. teachers was Mr. Gregory. B-15 was always a " bee hive " of ac- tivity. Class with Mr. Greg- ory was almost always fun. . . Renee Beaudoin Lori Beeler Kim Berman Kevin Bennett Mark Bercia Jeanne Berrier Mart ' Bocanegra Edie Bradbury Jim Bradshaw Kerri Bratton Mark Brissette Cheryl Broberg Duff Broeker John Brown Lynn Brown Mark Brownstien Kevin Brunton Marilyn Bruton Alice Brzovic Nancy Bushey Dan Buskirk Alvin Burkett Kathy Butler Ramona Butler Leonard Calleros Wanda Camarena Helen Campos V t, A , 97 T £Al§fJ Cindy Capps Carl Carlbeig John Cailin Charlotte Carpenter John Carpenter Teresa Canama Jayna Cartee Mark Caner Niu Castro Undraa Cherry Janet Cisneros Darla Clardy Gilbert Clark Lisa Clark Robert Clark Dennis Clore Juanita Cobbs Dave Coberh ' Stephanie Coleman Laticia Contreras ' .aic Conwav Jeff Cook Sob Coocrod Vonnie Cornell Chris CosteUo Jay Cox Brian Cruz Becky Cmmii Bin The disciBsions in Mrs. France ' s class were interesting and lively. Siarilyn Omningfaam Julie Daniels ' P 0£f f George Darda Robbie Day Shelly Daybeny Pat Degrie Jack Dryburgji Alex Delarose Rachel Delarosa Theresa Dennis Garry Devlin Larry DiTine Glen Dobbs Danny. Doyle Jim Drage Steve Edinburg Ntike Edwards Pam Eggering Randy EU Elton Erxlicott Sylvia Enrizuez 98 Gary Etoada Manuel Estrada Joe Evanj Krlstl Fanner Bobbie Ferrin Richard Flores Jeny Flowers Allan Forrest Eric Francis Joann Franklin Sue Freed Julie French Arnold Fuentes Glen Fulton Mark Gagnor Jack Garcia Steve Garcia Urbin Garcia Vera Garcia Karen GarreBon Marty Geiger 4ilrdLLL. Gary Garhard Sonia Gerth Jane Gilbert Donna Gillespie Milton Gilyard Tony Goodwin £ fi Though we did enjoy these classes, still one of our favorites was die one which came right after A period. We called it Brunch! Scott Grim Carlo! Grider Chris Grifofe Chris Guerrero Earnie Guillen Tony Guitierrez Luann Haines Danny Hall Cindy Hall Paul Hannah Gerri Hansen Corrine Hardraan Kalhy Harrel Mike Hayes Dawn Gordon Debby Gordon Bob Gorden Lori Graft MeU Gross Renal Gray Cori Goodspeed Eileen Gomes Ralph Gonzales 99 Lori Heimbecker Gary Heiner Kim Hendrickson Larry Herkelrath Becky Hernandez Manuel Hernandez Nora Hernandez David Herold Stephanie Hening Mark Heiron Uiry HilUkei .Cindy Hitchman Sheryl Hodge Dennii Hogaa Chrii Holbrook Rory Holladay Andre HoUey Howard Hollinsworth Gerald Hollman Joyce Holdhaiu Maxie Hooks One of the nice things we enjoyed about art was the out-doors landscapes. We got out of class for a variety of GOOD reasons. Mary lou Hombeck Danny Hoyle Randy Huffotd Robert Hughei John Inman Kim Iram Randy Jackson Donna Johnson Patrice Johnson Dale Jones Kevin Jones Ted Jones Teresa Jones Tom Kaney Ken Keyes Janet Klaers Doug Kingry Bobbie Kimble Greg Knowles Michele Knudsen Judy Kobs Larry Kristich Valerie Laguna Joe Laliberte Beth Lee Andrea Latanation Wayne Lee Mark Leon 100 I Steve Letterly Nancy Leva Jeri Lindberg Terry Lizotte Bobbie Lock Terri Long Cheryl Lott Christine Loucas Rob Love Irene Loya Cindy. Lujan Ken Lum Kredd Luque Betty Mc Williams Tony Medina Sharen Murten Danette Messenger Pam Meyer Dottie Meyers Larry Middleman uennis Miller Regina Miller Russ Miller Kathy Mills Charles Mineo Bob Minton Danette Miranda Valerie Mitchel Cindy Mitton Ronnie Monreal Ron Montijo Marie Morales David Morgan John Morin Joe Morreale Mike Morrison Terri Morrison Claude Moser Cheryl McKinney Sue MacDougall Fred Macias Linda Maggart Ken Mahone Bruce Maire Yvette Mansion Debbie Martin Wayne Martin Alice Martinez Leonard Martinez Roy Mason 101 Chrii Maiotto Brenda Manengile Mike McBride Pam McCreiry Ken McGraw Tom Mulligan Vlcki Murdock Jack! Murphy Steve Nelsen Tim Nelien Llna Omalet Marianne Oventreet Donnell Padgen Jody Parker Jim Parker Geme Patrai Cathy Pate Carl Patolina Charlet Panenon Chuck Paulson Dorina Perez Curt PhilUpj Liia Pent Dorine Prater Rae Ann Pulslfer Donna Punee Dale Purvii Mlb QuihuU Kathy Ouillln Virginia Relchardt Ron Reiff Frank Reynolds Sandy Rhone Lynne Rich John Rigg Ginny Rimer David Rohrer Cindy Roark Roy Rodgert Mark Ruggles Patty Rund Ruben Saenz Bill Gagona Patty Sagona Anette Salinas Ed Sanabia Lauri Sanchez Steve Sanchez Ray Sarr Jeri Sauceda Teri Sauceda Though we had our differences of opinion with the administration, we did feel that Mr. Watson and Mr. Bell were " on our side " . For a period of time all students were restricted from eating lunch in the cafeteria because of excessive littering. We got to go back though . . , with a bonus. For an admission price of five pieces of trash, Mr. Nate Johnson would include any student in his " activity session " . He played music for us, talked to us, and became a real friend. 102 Mike Scroggin Tracy Sharpe Sherry Sharratt Glen Shiery Cheryl Sias Helen Simons Maryanne Skinner John Sluder Rodney Sowders Lori Spalding Tim Spellman Steve Spence Toni Sprague Trudy Stanton Jeri Steele Sheri Stephan Teresa Stone Julie Stieeter Kurt Strommer Karen Stull Maria Supemaugh Larry Taff Wayne Tanner Sharon Taylor Jeff Terry Milton Theadoie Patty Thompson Vicki Thompson Katura Torgerson Mary Ann Torres Ray Torres Elizabeth Trujillo Boni Turner Anita Tye Paul Tyler Wendy Uhl Andrea Vallez Kirk Vanarb Sharon Vasser Ka y Velguth Darlene Bisbal Larry Vizzard Debbie Wagner Michelle Ward Ray Warner Tammy Warren Stephanie Wasson Tetri Watkins Denise Watts Valerie Watts Ronald Welch 103 Patty WeMmorUnd Dale Whltehunt Ron Whiteaker Carol Whltetlde Alan Wild John Wilklns K n WllUami Marty Willis Bob Wilson Leslie Wobschall Suzl Wold Ron Wolfly Sheila Woodward Steve Wright Sue Wright Gil Yzaguirre Randy Zalgon Scott Sygutis PHOTO RETAKES Richard Autry Mike Bayless Raenetta Blankinship Judy Boyette Janelle Burton Earl Campbell Ken Carmean Danet Dunn Sherri Emery Debbi Garcilazo Dawn Gordon Sue Hall Regina Hamilton John Jackson Mike Leatherman Kathy Leon Torrey Mead Ellen Motley Kathy Muckenfuss Joe Palesano Patti Ross Liz Edie Nancy Rollings Belinda Saddler Duane Reynolds Dave Whiticher George Horton Greg Douglas Diane Smothers Patti Willis Gaeleen Baumann i 104 i If Ifi tl I I Ttfc We f J JjuJ, O n ' o-n - cTLct ■ € n oiG -; L n p. Albert C. Allen M. Allen M. Alien E. Alvarez F. Andenon J. Andemn J. Andenon P. Anderson P. Andenon B. Andrew B. Appleton L, Arellano K. Ashworth S. Atkini V. Austin S. Ballard J. Barrett T. Barrow D. Barton M B. Baylas D. Beals L. Beamon S. BeU M. Berg J. Betti V. Betts K. Bird S. Blanc S. Blumenthal P. Boice A. Bocanegra B. Boden D. Bolduc B. Boteler J. Boyd J. Boyer J. Brionei P. Brissette B. Bristol E. Brodie S. Bruner S. Brzovlc K. Burmeister C. Buskirk E. Butler D. Byron A. Cabral R. Cabrera E. Cabral F. CahlU K. Cain L. CaUeroi D. Campana , ' S. Campbell Satlii " Seventh-graders found a new style of school at Frisbie. Gone was the same-teacher concept, recess, and crackers and milk. We enjoyed having our locker. . . 106 . . . and a greater variety of subject matter and teachers. Mrs. Brasch, and other L. A. S.S. teachers, taught us about ancient Europe. . . G. Cross M. Crouch J. Cunningham T. Dana A. Daugette J. Davis B. Day C. Delloney P. De merest C. Desadier K. Dennis O. Deleon J. De Smet R. Delatorre G. Dettinger M. Dodder R. Dodson D. Dowling D. Dudzinski R. Dye L. Dunn D. Earl J. Edwards R. Eidson P. EUion S. EmanueUon S. Endicott S. Epps D. Escamilla L. Espinosa R. Evans T. Ferguson C. Fiacco G. Field D. Finneran C. Canada B. Canary K. Cardiff R. Carmicheal G. Camell M. Carranza P. Cany J. Carson C. Carter L. Cartwright W. Casson K. Case J. Carter J. Catron G. Cavanaugh M. Cavanaugh P. Cavanaugh K. Cech A. Cherry C. Chesbrough T. Chrysler M. Clark T. Cole C. Coleman S. Colgrove D. Conjurski E. Contrera M. Cook C. Corbin C. Corcoran R. Cox A. Crandell S. Crist MM 107 M. Flores D. Fleming U Fromm T. Funderburg C. GibaUon P. Gagnon B. Galbriilh D. Gircii D. Gtrcli K. Gtumond S. Gerlli J. Glambuno S. GIbboni J. Gilbert K. Gllyard C. Glan P. Going! V. Gomez T. Gonzalei P. Gonzalez N. Goodly H. Graham S. Graham L. Graft S. Grant J. Gray B. Graykowi W. Greer A. Grlgiby A. Grigtby G. Grothong H. GronU M. Grubei T. Guerrero A. Gutterrez P. Gutierrez M. Guzik M. Guzy K. Hagui M. Hall B. Hallurra T. Hampton D. Haney M. HantoQ V. HarUnder B. HairU ' V Frisbie and its new style of school gave us a greater degree of freedom, and we may have misused it a tiny bit . . . kM O , 1 ' ) ' = $ . Ul V. Hernandez M. Herold L. Hian A. HiU R. HiU B. Hinkle G. Hodgson S. HoUiday E. Hollman P. Holloway C. Holthauj R. HolyHeld D. Hopkins D. Horenburg C. HoiTocks G. Horten I 108 D. Hughbanks J. Hughes B. Jackson D. Jaramillo J. leffery S. Jegg D. Jessup C. Johnson S. Kimball D. Kinney R. Knight C. Kristofferson L. Kruger R. Kruger S. Lambert G. Landry R. Laney T. Lange J. Lanyon S. Lanyon C. Larson C. Lanon R. Luaghlin L. LeCompte G. Lehmer R. Leon I. Lester H. Little S. Loder D. Lofton N. Long M. Lorenz K. Lowe N. Lower J. Johnson L. Johnson M. Johnson R. Johnson JoUiff Jones Jones Jones S. Jones Jones Jorgenson Jueong Jueong , Kean , Keegan . Keys P R. Lum Nf. Lyons R. Mariedth T. Mason M. Masacek L. Matthews D. Mathews S. Mcallister S. McClellan T. McDerman J. McDowell T. McDowell K. McGee R. McFarland R. McGraw J. Mclnnes R. Mclntyre P. McKinney K. Mellinger C. Mena T. Mendoza R. Merten S. Meitini S. Metz R. Metz G. Miller P. MiUer R. Minton L. Miieles D. Mitchell D. Moore J. Moote P. Moorej D. Moreno D. Mois A t.t ?, .V - : -$ ' ), R. Parker S. Pearson R. Peckham H. Peltier D. Perry C. Peten R. Peterson C. Petty B. Panetta E. Potter G. Powers K. Pratt J. Price D. Proctor D. Purvis L. Quihuis G. Ouillin D. Ouiroz P. Rangel G. Reddick M. Muckenfius E. Mulfori J. Muranskl D. Mulligan P. Murphree S. Muna B. Murphy M. Myen K. Naff G. Naih S. Negrete T. Negrete M. Nelson D. Nemei P. Norlen A. Ortiz S. Oventreet B. Padgett C. Rehm T. Rey K. Rhone D. Richardson L. Riggs R. Riley L. Ritchie M. Roach J. Roberts T. Rogers C. Romig M. Rouse P. Ruddell S. Rupple T. Russelburg D. Russell J. Sanzone A. SaiT D. Schneider M. Schwing L. Scott P. Seaie R. Sermend R. Shafer P f fit 110 -? ■ We ' ll be 8th graders! It ' s hard to believe we ' re 1 3 of the way through Frisbie and almost to high school. B. Supernaugh P. Sveum V. Tanguay S. Teel S. Thomas R. Thompson A. Tipton G. Torres B. Trautman D. Trombatore C. Tufts J. Tufts T. Underwood D. Vaala G. Vasquez J. Vasquez M. Vaughn F. Valarde G. Veloz K. Vidal L. Villarroel S. Vizard D. Wagner s. Wagoner D. Walker L. Walker D. Webb S. Weeks A. Sharp J. Shaw B. Shinder T. Shindledecker A. Shocklee V. Sias R. Silvernail J. Simpson D. Smith L. Smith M. Smith T. Smith W. Smith T. Snyder M. Soubirou J. Spikes J. Still J. Stowell J. Stroud J. Strout D. Weintraub D. Welch B. West W. West L. Wheaton T. White D. Whiteaker T. Whittaker D. Wilhite G. Wilhite D. Williams I. WiUis W. Wilson G. Wintermute G. Wisdom D. Wogatzke C. Woods S. Woolsey O. Wyant M. Young P. Young S. Zachary C. Zinglei C. Zuniga f5 a r% ft n A It , cy AO t .o , o- , o " V Vv ,s ' . ' , H - " ■ ' ' " " - (2 T ' M n ,qOc£th6 0 3tOP LLxdh 1 n f rt L y oi to com£ . r? ryet ' alive, a hen people make it so. ■ Some of tlic ' parting will return orrmCTWBII«HBBBp;ng with them their spirjts. of life, turning, as they do, a monument of stone into a symbol of rnolioll ' I ' iBil , , Thus we dedicate tjiis book not to those vimldie|toc jpt to those who return, not ' lose who iiave been here and left,V- ' ' - - ' - -- ' aJ - " ' - ----■ - ■ ■-- i- - ■f no lit-vAiKi, 9 ha e )eeo !«( ' »?» «. . r t ••; r ti : D 5 v vV ? K V ■ ' " V , , J! A ' Xi t V -t) nn . t .= s:- • . -AS r tt . :• ■ ' SSa: ' jft

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