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THE C!-HEP TA IN A GKAP1-HC PCKT' RAYAL OFTHE EVENT GF THE SCHOOQ. YEAR i937 AND I 938 PUI3l.lI-LED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE HUQNA H164-1 -SCHOQL FRIGNAL TEXAS f X ' ' I -l I" I V L JD K JC .E WE 'PRESENT TO WOU uma por 1938--A MIRROR OF PROGRESS AND THE PERSONALITIES OF FRIONA HIGH SCHOOL. WE HAVE ENDEAVORED TO PRESERVE IN THIS VOLUME A TRUE RECORD OF ALL YOUR JOYS AND SORROWS DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR OF 1937-l938...MAY THE.4WEM- ORIES BOUND WITHIN ITS PAGES GROW MORE PRE- CIOUS WITH THE PASSING YEARS Commie Matthews Louise Euler Virginia Turner Mrs. Toone WORKERS ,i...1i.... .......l..i Martain Todd Grace Miller pearl Houlette Rua Stroud QI- Azemgeegea, Ill 'N:Wf'x'x X XO Ill! I QX'X'xfQ'g QQQQQQQ W W H W PA , wfXIDMl!INIlSTVIRA1TIlUN TQ' THE FACULTY OF V' ' f'K,lQNfX Hi Q H WE CIUXTEFULLY DEDUCAIE THUSI Qu li -N 4 , -, A. V, an .mnswrwxs - .. .-,, . , Z VV ,H h '1'1'Zd'4fH1'1f4f,z'z'f'.l'1f,fQ,f,rj,r,r3p',r,1 8 QQQ4QfQQQ"4.Qx"'1'QQQQx V BOARD OF EDUCATION rlan , J Blackwell, J.A. McFa d J B Cannon, L.D. Reeve, F,V M ly David Shaffer, J T VL rf odd, , , l'l'l li s :Os :Clie 2 'lv w 1 ?OiO20a . u .la - I 2 :lililiOQO209l?OiOGliOSOiO?O?lGlil? i HXXXXXXXXH . - XXXXKX XXXX KK K 1' Mr Mr Mr Mr . J. FACULTY Jack Davis Miss Joyc Pace T. Gee Mrs. Anna H StlngS . Woodrow Toene Mrs. Woodro: Toone Russell Stroud Mrs. O. H Stexar T' agds O M. Stewart Supt Air 0 o , Q Amee U z ' . "" , 'i" "g' Q" 'J" ' rvmm V 4 ,way 'M g f,,Qv2ef2 fx ...WM Q m ag P I UMMQS O llCC., Prbslucnt V cc P +., can ecrctar, 8 Tru Cla s J D Jule Pr cp 131 ookflclfi Lu Cormln, 'ltthuzs Report LOUISE ulbr Color Flow r Tlqtt Glas Cl'1s C115 Ld Sc '11 'Xen 'Q Xmltc, C rnatlons "'l1rb thou the Yfodmb oe. rugged" X I X I W W ' A WN N9 N f V! W W VI 4.1- ! , X l .4' , is l fag ' vf g w, , Z xx i f i sa" - . - . ff! fi Ruff' N ., X ,ffl I: -Ng . .l 1 W-1 , iw? t rlix xx xx -x X , ,S -.- W Ykxfiwx ,, gf ... -V ' ff.: ., ' 'WM ' Ni x' ' V :X X , JA 5 - . 1 V S . I 53-if ' V5 A 1 , V ,A -. A V . , Q Xlli U XVI Xif ' A .. .. NJ , Sf nf V, M Y W ' 'N '- ---- A --------- . . urls i rlsib t -------- 1 1"g ' -- L Xl S 1 - 1' m- s--vu L H Y 0 1' -'xv-,,,,,-, -,,--- ' IP x xr Q Q- 1 -J V XT! M V W L .fjijijjijii FW k W ,, I . N11 W L S 1 ...... .---- Q 31 - V ' Q , 1 1 f- - 0 V E, - x X61 XV Xl XT! Nl V ' " ' W JT -v v' Senior Roll Bennett, J. W.. Brookfield, Price Coffman, Eugene SA' Jones, J. D. Loveless, Vernon Massey, Stanley Wyly, Robert K lfwyly, Porter :ji hours Post Graduates Y Benger, Ira fHart, otheiia i'fHOu1Gtl'.2, Pearl iParr, Bruce 75' XLGQMML' Q X'Bracken Mar'orie n J 'Carter, Glenda XCurry, Edna Earle 'Eu1er, Louise K Frost, Edith 4 Jones, Gladys ' Landrum, Joyce 'Lewis, Marjorie 'Lewis Waneta 3 KMatthews, Connie f Moseley, Edith 'Parker, Florence Xi Robards, Ruth 'Tay1or, Nata lie vTurner, Virginia 'FWS '?kJkss Mf'rjW --ilin.. -.. --.- ..----1.. ff wb SENIOI CLA'C TICTCYV UHas it been only four years? Why couldn't it have lasted longer?U These are the two popular ' questions among the Seniors. When students ask one another such questions, you may be sure that their high school career has been very successful. We will not dwell upon the work of our first years in F.H.S., when we respectfully doffed our caps to the upper classmen. We think with amuse- ment of the mistakes of our Freshman year, though in this year Price and Eugene made the basketball team, and Connie went to Corpus Christi for the Home Economics Rally. We were excited over our first class meetingg Marjorie Lacy was elected president, and Mr. Listen and Miss Gardner were our sponsors. The next year, with dalph Baxter as president and Mr. and Mrs. Gee as sponsors, we began a big year. Four boys were on the football team, and five on the basketball team. Five girls played basketball. Edith, Glenda, and Freda went to San . Angelo for the Home Economics Rally. Price was president of our Junior class, and Mr. Davis and Mrs. Clark were sponsors. The big event of the year was the banquet we gave the 'Seniors. This year Brookie became an outstanding athlete. Our Senior year was the climax J D Jones was elected president Mr Stroud and Mrs Toone wer- elected sponsors, and they have been ideal ones The great st event oi the ye r was our trip to C rl b d Ne left friday mo ning, April 22, nd returned late Cunday evening Cur experiences or the trip will remain in our memory for e life time Wdith Mae wa elected our most popul r girl - Eugene was the most popul r boy, Connie was the A host beautiful girl, and J D Wo the most hand some boy The Senior cl ss of lC38 will HClimb, though the rocks be rugged'U It 1 natural that such a x 1 o u 'r n C Q G' Q .M F' . 'sa ' PT a s a . ' 2 T ' r " ' ' a' b' w - 3 U-' - - ..- '- . X 1 ' ' L V . .n .' " ' '. ! - 'io 4.1 S l f I 3 ' i A s Q AS ' - 5 1 -. A , e . . ,h GL s.. J V sf o .S Ox ' A ' fl 'J r. 1 . S " 2 f ag e " f ' obstacle. Surely success will reward their ef- gyl4-427-..-.......gllQiQ.,,glQiiglil Y' ,,'.le - AU ' motto should appe l to the class, Ior it mem bers have the cour e th t is undeunted oy any forts - ' x X, ,,f' k v IAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, Hear Ye, all men by these proclamations! We, the Senior Class of 1937-58 of Friona High, being of sound mttidmd pronounced weakness for spelling E- and ei words in the English Department, make this, our last will and testament. The following bequests of our lust virtues, abilities, and accomplishments, acquired and inherited, natural and artificial, shall go to such groups and parties as shall be designated herein, on such conditions as hereby set forth. However, the for- feit of said bequests shall become a legal reality upon failure of said groups and parties to comply with any or all terms of this testament FIRST: The members of this old and make it known that the Seniors will their special desires and tical jokes of such type and in such manner as would be of said type and in said manner of which we, the Seniors, would be known to approve of--having had vast and varied experiences which give us undisputed and unlimited right to do so, as the English IV Class can invariably testify- -- to the Juniors, said Juniors automatically becoming Seniors of 1938-39. In addition, be it known that the English department, being of sound qualifications for giving approval of said actions of most commendable nature, is hereby vested with said power of approval, refusal of which renders the bequest of our special places in the Detention Hall null and void. However, if said approval is given, the aforesaid places auto- matically become property of the Juniors. SECOND: To the Sophomores we make the following bequests To wit: First, our most valuable possession, the glam ours of our Senior girls. Second, our abundance of spring fever, which brings thoughts to tho boys which the girls have had LAST: But not least, we will our marked height, and sleigh reliable class wish to of Friona High hereby abilities to play prac- all winter if we may have the honor of doing so, ability to spell belief, seize, siege to the Innocent Freshmen Signed, L Seniors of '38 "T':5w2'5?W' - "L " -' "- :"'ff'--"'3-' 1:-st..-. L. ,. ., ., , ' " r - ff--------n -------- --....- . ......-..,, -V -L X zx ,1 ,YF ' ',dA 15 L nurses. . ,CLASS PEQPHECY For two weeks we tried in vain to find a true prophecy. One dark night, just as we were about to give up, we heard a light thump against the screen. Rushing out, we found a queer bird lying on the porch. Around one of its legs was a small piece of parchment, wrinkled and dirty, but with faint characters scribbled on it. After hours ' of painful labor we translated it and found that it was a priceless formula for making a crystal in which we would be able to see exactly what would be going on ten years from now. Using a light globe, we filled it with the strange mixtures, hoping and praying that it would work. Just as we finished it, we heard footsteps, and, while we hid behind a desk, Professor Kelton walked in and raised a window. After he had gone we found that the crystal was cracked, and our priceless formula had blown out the window. ' But as we looked into the crystal, we saw the image of Joyce walking down Broadway of New York, and, looking far- ther, we glanced into a dress shop, and here we found Vir- ginia. Gazing on, we find that Connie has risen to great heights as a movie actress, and Stanley is playing opposite her. Another studio, we find, has WJiggsN playing the part of a second Clark Gable and Louise is the second Luise Rainer. As we travel in Europe, we find J. W. and Robert now own a ship, the John Paul Jones, and sail the Caribbean, look- ing for the Lost Blend. Price is coaching basketball at Kafricorn University, and Porter is the absent-minded pro- fessor. Eugene is exploring the Antarctic at present, as a relaxation from matrimonial difficulties. We also see Margie modeling the very latest clothes in Paris. Back to New York, we see our Senior president of 1958, J D as an Eye, Nose and Ear Specialist and Gladys and Florence are working as his head nurses It seems that Edith Frost has a good start for her basketball team, and, to our surprise, Natalie is still an old maid In San Francisco we find Waneta as a great opera singer, and Marjorie as a composer A sudden change of scene and we find ourselves ln a ClTCuS, and to our surprise we find Edith and Glenda as the two trapeze performers 1 . . 'Q . . 0 ' ' 7 1 1 U 1 is . . . . f za - , . . . I ' . ., Mflg-,., ' ' ' -FwV'w.cwaNf NTI NTI W V1 Nil X I Nfl xii N I W W xv W W xy x.1 .E- f' 9+ X .....,Q...-a.. pf 9 1 1 1 1 l , six a ,,..xT-.... -ph-+1 PPMQJR' 'fl JINU' LU xl 'HU DCS nf? buf Prgsluvnt bull Chllbs lCe Pveslcc 1 rtlv W f Sbczbtavy Q ll LQUIL wi 1 Sp lng Clqss Report L ur ELQ G lfI1tH Class Colo Pulplf Q ml C1355 Mot+ "hL c if nc VlC+OTJ 1 l+I13Lu, 58595530 1 W -f' ' K 'riT"R"2?R'2'3""'2lfanSS1V523b!-W KERRY 1 a 'rig 6 5 X il N 2 x 1 A ,-f w'ff'1 ' A --W . ' ., ' "1 ' " if 1 X ' ,f XA .f , 4-,2"- , f E . " . XQ1 .' afsxh' . -' iw :FA - ,- A 3 V l gb h wa.-359.7 f- .' 'SH 1 -1 , , fi f- f',,f:iQ-' 5 1 ! ' ' ,1 , f X f - ! ,. ,Ti +." . , ' X 1 . 3 . .V lg 'ii f'f,-.Jvxx ' . U , 1 , - 21 fr f 'I ,fy . V 'V I , J,"-11" I K. ,Y V4 YY, ,,,,,,.-, ,,,. . ..?,, , ....... ..--- L -.-Q-.-.-.-...:-.1 L. , -- 1,-9: i W- ,,-:,,, ' x1::f':.A I -7- ' ' 1.-br, . , ' ' x 13Jff . . 3 . . A X' ! ' W fy f-- . A' ..: 1T'..i'.1Tj1'TT .':5g:fi1--1 6: , Q f:5:':g:' ,.,,,.Q..- 'Q i .fLT'fTTfLT"'I 3' fi k I Q, t ,. ' -,. ,, 1,.,- fm i.., '-1.-11 ,u- tmu.---f.w,..r.:s - - - - - Q y? ' E, N iiktia 1 , ' i24 - 7,7-W! 'wi . X f 1'-.i X, 5 1 ,dz fl .1 ' I XXV! !,'x!f V-"ra I . li .4 ,- ,Y Aw PM if -' Q , ' -III! ,f+g5,f2:4 fffpj, 1 1 -ff 2 11' XX.1:',f5g 4 I x....,-1-.v1qo v..?,'Js: 'V ,111 I X xx ', I,-1,1-f Ifxxx N! .ij .. xt",-I .xl ' 'A .. V f i ?w j"n 1 is 'Q 4, wr' fur ew ., , , V, , .Vg I-r., ,' 1 f4My' n GNU? 2-1f+.1 '1 cw . ' ' 3?-'V ' X5 'f-XV m7Mi x T f'g , X , A ,.lfi,fE' ll ' rs- , Q ' "sl . .. up j M ax . J .XX X, , : x,x?,1lE My 4 ,f , 1 I ' , w : uw XJ T3 fif, 121' 1 'Spf 'J '.? ' I . A 4 if 2':,". 2 li' 4 ig 1 25. -p Q . if 53' Xxgvf 1 Eff "lhL'S WX-1' - .... -----.---- - f, gjx I V' 'N -' '1' Ht-----W N1 ' - --fvdl .Q 12 ii 'X "1 - "' 'cz f- 1 N- Lyl' fr. Mar' LQ 1' ' .EY Q: gg ' .. or ----- --- a Q' 'ig 11' T' ' if-.' ll - 2 , Mfg ng: .: n i g ' 15 35 . ' .I'S- ---- ------ 'Q 4 -f Cr- fl X21 fi , - .:' .,o---'---'------- '1.. 1 ., f ' ., j ,5D,": hm v' 'f-+ wubnmn ji' K9 K -.1 - -c.. V4 ,I -z ' A 5 :I 3? 2 ffwi Hxf X, 73 . 3' f. f----,--2e-+fs-- !f . 1' J l 'Fx -74 f 1 'xL""'97ri3I:i5"':F'7" Q. xi!! .K-:L.--. Q .:'.: ,i 1 1 If Q fuffi !1X? fu if X xx' JUNIOR ROLL fBarkcr, Joyce if Bennett, Winnie JG 'j7BL1Ch!?.112lI1, Bud Sf' XCkv1piJ1, Jiuic i X Chilcs, Nell w fGarrctt, Mildred Green, J.T. ff' Guilm, J.T. Guycr, Virginia ' 'Griffith, Loretta +Hinds, Gcurlqine Houlctte, Ted Hug Rrrf Mil cr, Gr cc Mclarland, Charlinc Ehdcc, - RW Rector, Francis Robards, Faye Ellen Shackclfcrd, Maxine Short, Dcug Spring, Lydia Marie Stephens, Lydon Stocktwn, Johnny Thwmpson, Kathaline Todd, Martin Vcstil, Cecil Lee 'fxnlwv wily, cu r fn- , J- +'f:'fH' ill ' X E i l W YQ X71 1 ' , W ' WY l W' 313 N0 - W I T .jj xx! X411 Xlfi W I W Xl x,f W N I XJ W W W xif Rf! W CLASS HISTORY Ha'lving finished the grammar school, we were very anxious to enter high school. We entered high school in the year of l934-35. A t first we found the traditions of high school very difficult to learn, but when we became better acquainted, high school life proved to be very enjoyable. We were very fortunate our Freshman year to have three of our classmates make the basketball team. They were Louise Johnson, Ula Mae Cole, and Kathaline Thompson. Other athletes that have been outstanding during our high school years are Martin Todd, Doug Short, J. T. Green, and Roy Hughes. Outstanding literary figures are Virginia Guyer and Ted Houlette, who have been ge- claimers for several years. Martin Todd was an outstanding member of the debating team this year. We have been very fortunate in having such splendid, active sponsor during the past three years. We feel that these years have been very successful, and we are look- ing forward to a more succes ful Senior year u 522 'L o : H H? 3. X- 4 . K! ,. fl 2' : - f- iv... -,.-.-., , , gf 2 AQ iv W W 2 W V+ Q 5 VH SCU? HDJMICUDIWIIUIQJES Prgsldent VlCL PTcS1d becret r Reporter CbFlC 1 George Landrum n Blll1C P rson Q SUFL1 Glennq Jack 10002 Qlmpson '91 Ik 'lf Ik HF lk Ik 'P' "mv-ln. ' 4 x ff 0 Nfl XT! V1 W W J 'H L f fl- I Q ""' ' Lx pf I N 1 mx! !g:,f ..., ,-,. 2 1--- ,,,. N' ,x , .ruh Ly I f ,I N- 1' f 5? ,f' I 3 4'Qif 44 M -Mlx Z- 'AS'x,3?',f I ' ?' . Ki! i N fiwp, f"Wi , pf xi 21 i f - , . - 1 . N , ,. 2 V J . i-r Y .1.E . N 6 A M V Xlls i W xr, xv V' I XII XI! ' lg Xa! V ,. T' C- N I W Q . M U V1 XV.: v - Z ........ U n -A , 4 1 Q N 1- N- ..... a N31 Xi! ' ff WTA 3,,,,:f , 2 Nl - A llltoll I I bi N.. Nr Xl , X " X W 4- -r - V1 If 1 2' 1 V f L Nf X I W xv xy ,1'1fZ4'ff,1'1'1',I'1',f,rV,f,f Qx'QQxfQQQQQQQg W W SOPHOMORE Baker, Gilbert i fBaker, Florence W Baxter, Florene Beene, June Boggess, Geneiva Bussell, Martin 'KCamp, Maxine Cannon, Albert Chapin, Jean Coleman, Georgia N Coldiron, Dallas E Hadley, Lottie Mae Hand, Nariene Hyde, Maxine Jack,'Glenna James, Eugenia A 'fr dqfl-Q2.,I-142 Lb ROLL Key, Frances Landrum,4George Loveless, Luther Mayfield, Dorothy Parson, Polly Rector, Naomi Reed, Neelie Renner, John Roden, Jim Roy Schmidt, Merlin Simpson, Winona Smith, Dortha Weis, Vernon White, Travis Wingert, George York, Dwain W ,,-n- J 3- 1666566-?f'4QQQ'4GQG' .I 'I .-l.-,-i-. -..- History of Sophomore Class Most of the diligent group of members that this year's sophomore class consists of, start- ed their school career together in September, 1929. Our first teacher in school life was Miss Pitman. Each year from then until now, our enthusiastic little class has put on sev- eral entertaining chapel programs, some of which were directed by Miss Adams, Miss Boston, and Mr. Davis. All these instructors were in- terested in the development of our acting ability which caused all the members of our class to love them and feel regretful that they went away to greater positions in life. The class went under the tutorship of Mr. Stewart and Mr. Stroud while in grade school but since this they have advanced to the high- est positions in our school as we have ad- vanced in our knowledge. While spanning our first tide of high school, we had a backward party, a tacky party, and took a trip to Ceta Ca nyon, which ser- ved as our entertainments, while on the other hand, we took our initiation as freshmen, and had hard lessons which served just opposite to the activities memtioned above. We have now spa nned our second tide of high school, ha ving strived diligently during the year to mas ter the tas ks that have been ours. Under the sopnsorship of Mrs. Hastings and Mr. Teone we have had a very successful and enjoy- able year. For entertainment we have had a scavenger hunt, a theater party, and our annual trip this year to Palo Dura. Our class membership totals 30, and with our motto, NFull Speed Aheadn, we are looking for- ward to many more worthy accemplishments. I ., 4 V 'T ? '1 A J. 3 i i I Q . 1 V gf iff? i r 4211915 sm: WEN OFFICERS President ------- ---- Jacquelyn Wilkison Vice-President ---- ---- Jack Williams Sec. and Trea.-- ---- Laverne Frost Class Reporter-- ---- Ogelle Williams N, Barker, Fred Bell, Leon Blackburn, Keith Bradley, Calvin Brannon, Elthie Cannon, Aubrey Chiles, Dave Cole, Jammie Coneway, Bob Crow, Dophene Cummings, Doyle Ezelle, Roy M. Galloway, Irene Green, Freda Hall Edna Hand, Irene Helmke, Ruth Johnson, Truett Jones, Charles L Landrum, Lillard, Lillard, Mallory, Mann, Euna Massey, Frances Matthews, Ray Mayfield, Betty J Joel C Wilton Nolan fl N, Freshman Roll QQQEZ Q Mingus, Elsie Murry, Mildred McFarland Yvonne Naylor, Novellene Parker, Louise Price, Martha B. Rector, Clara E. Reed, Grace Routh, A. J. Routh, Roy T. Schmitz, Geneva Shackelford, Geraldine Smith, Denham Stevick, Glen Stovall, Mildred Sylvester, Murl Talkington, Neil Taylor, Betty Ann Thomas Ralph Thompson, Wynell Turner, Billie Venturella, Beatrice Vaughn, Juanita Warren Jane Ann Watkins, James Weir, Eunice Mae Weir, Marvin QLB lated., 'he A Q, :L " . 45 gre QWEV .gin 'FF f wwlq NNY .. -ig Jef' X f 1 'lf x-if XV 'ff HISTORI OF FRESHMAN CLASQ o1ncc tnl 1 our flrst y 1F ulgh School vc are looklng forfard to plogros Q1VC future nouexer, wo do haJf one act Freda Grccn and Betty nur 1 flor re cclved b saotball at thc D rrer eount, Junlor basketball Tourniweut fo belng al round pl c Jack W1ll11m and Calvln Bradl y were cgular on tb footb ll team und Jael nie 1 sub tltute 1D L 1 tball The Junlor qlgb School Glrl bweeball team, whlch 1 compo pd moetly of Irt hmcn, Jon flret pl Cu ln The County meet by de fault l X ll t on tulr pllcc Grnevl ochvltf, 4 fcrf fiplbl rt spell or cuterto Del lug lr th Inttrschola t1C Leaguo POmbORo S Joyc Pace T CLASS ROLL Welch, Franc1s Whlte, James Lee Whltley, Veda W11k1SOH, Jacquelyn Wlll18mS, Jack W1ll1umS, Opal N1lliams, Ozelle Wlnchester, Marlene Wlnton, Cathorln Wyly, Nova Ikvk 'Rik lk!! 1188 Sk 41 eweax.ff. no t f'ff teenager ea'rlt 5561-ge 2 " ': 2 N A 1., E X' 2 'iff' 'fn V "-z'f:',.-11, ,f x , -- , N. N .fifri z 15593 fee 3'7e 2 X f.,iff,WQJmuWu,H5RHf!T, N, fXFTf3': NQ ,t w f' Mvl ' " f' - .',1l A "' X, o , X t .41 , fa X f xi fJ'F' - o' ',,1'gYTff7 "r-J l or I lp' X, f ff f 1 2 X ,twig Sgfgi I' 5 o f . .- ' I, ., NC. li.. '1 X-' ' I L ,f 2 ' L lf'-' I H' I X3f!7w f "L J ' 'S '3 - . ' ' 'CEIT ' - ' ' lg!! V - a -' . , P - : ' Vfflf J- A ' vc - - Q f e - fn? 2 xm?f'ff - fax 2 , l -' -. '. '- 2 fb . M 3 r. - - mrmr 'fi 2 ive members. QL -g -V' k 51. -gi' ' ' A A " ' ' A + nfl? "' W Af ffiiitefg f q :if 2' H ' - - S -J - G H1 n " fxf, if .,-' . . fc. ' . . s. Rua. I' '3' - 1- J 9:0 foifh ,,A4l ay rs. R I 'a.s - '. D N rf, a Q A 1 1-- f S - -0 e 1 ig!!!- .,! 5 - : ure I S ' 'G ' Hasie . 4 4, I , N135 ,l- ' :- g , -, 5 L W, - xi V31 ,. -A Si " pi av - f M fx. 4- Q A . " 1 xfif u . mhe boys basebal. cam w-H 3"d .jxf xzfig " WV! NA t if 2 1 f f' U' 1 1 n -1 Y 2 'l ' . " -- VNf All-New . 4 1 H. t. 5 ,, 2: - .JL .LM - I -L J . ' J url: 3 -- +1 M L, P. V X4' U L .Mis 4- - Q t xl lf . M.. J. . V .NV f w LC lx, V ff a Nj Q!5f , gf S li . . .6 , Xfaf ' X J' lwf Nj io n ' 2 u . Xef -1 N ,X 3 Xi! if an . . ' Q1 W l A f ' ' Nil' .1 Q t N 2 xr W 9 Y w o VI NV YI Egggiggvy fig .f' t mr if X! P01 4 I 1 1 t - Ii W si. W W E xv ! VAUVIHI IHETFIICS lr FOOIBALL SQUAD The 1037 football season opened wlth barely enough players to compose these player had had any at all Although the team and of l1ttle exper ence, a team Only four of prevlous experlence was 6XC99dlHgly llght lt had what all good football teams should have the nerve to stay ln the game and flght to the end The squad was composed of Jack Davls Ccoacnj Prlce Brookfleld Ccaptalnb Jack Mllllams Luther Loveless NJ1ggsN Loveless Doug Short Charles White Calvin Bradley Roy Hughes Dean Hlnds Glenn SLGVICK James Lee Whlte Laverne Frost Merlin Schmidt Jim Roy Rodtn Ralph Baxter lklkilflkii- L 9 J f qi xl , 'N- Yfxt :I W Nfl XI! S I 1 , I, ' at ,p j 1, 2 H+ r a l a L 4? -ffkljl I I A V VLII l E 1YQf,z N, , , , ,V . 'wx sly , , Nyzff 1. rg K ! Y 'NW X Q NX jx ig tyllu XXX! X 1 l ua 'Z '?" 1.6.1 ml! V A .. I 5 ,I .aJfEs'f2VaL. I- D :," UWZQ :E y iigv Nil A , l 1 XI, L A W 1 W Nil? V "LE, - H .- - W X f ef J - W XV' U I Q - ' , . Q Nil W1 , Q A . . . - V ' - . . . W Xf,: ' 1-' Nj Q: i 2 . " . s XE! V V -A 1 W 2 . l ' . ' . . N11 1 ' :z' -' - - ' F- ' ' 0 Xi': Nl :I ,Q ' Q Jack Davis, Co Price Brookfie Martin Todd Roy Hughes Doug Short Stanley Massey ROLL CALL Laverne Fros Gilbert Bake Vernon Weis Ted Houlette Jack William J. T. Green ach ld fCapt.D N' 'z , ' ll jjljl-1.1.11-'ldlff Ll.I!Jl yigqrirvrv, 7, 7.'7r7.-'izvhf 91- -31- t 'rx .L S BASKETBALL After playing 29 games in the present basketball season the Chiefs find that the record shows only six defeats. Lazzbuddy handed them three of these and in return the Chieftains handed Lazzbuddy the county championship. In an early season game the Canyon Eagles defeated the Chiefs, but the Chiefs got re- venge in the last game of the season by de- feating the Eagles on their own court. In a two-game schedule with Lakeview, the Chiefs won one and lost one. The Happy Cow- boys handed them a defeat in the Dimmitt Tournament, but, the Chiefs evened this one by doubling the score on them when they next played in the Canyon gym. The Chiefs have scored lO67 points to their opponents' 594. Individual scores are as follows: PLAYERS POINTS Brookfield 540 Todd l98 Short 122 Hughes 90 Massey 50 Frost 35 Baker 52 TOTAL lO67 The Frion G1rl's b ketb l team has had a very successful ye r They have lost eight games and won fift en These are including the four tournament th J entered in Friona and Lazzbuddy girl were tied for the count ch mpionship and this tie w s plaved off ir a fa t and thrilling g me Friona non by a m rgin of two points, thus, making the girls County Champion ' Y ' 9. ' CLS E1 1. 5 . ' ' . . x v na . 3 . l , . . A 'J V3 v ' ' ' . ' S -ex X -A . 0 ' . . C I x . . , I-I Q s Q N Q 0 l G 1 Q . y Gs. ' 4. W u. , v F . . . G V, . .1 . v... . . ' a " '- ' . . 6' - ' Q . C1 . J. M use gf , xwzi 153' X M XX' Q-TN x',. .5 i' . v-fax: 'A I Q E ., E ' .x V-P i . , . , .. 1 ,, . VVF, . , K R , , X F , 1 ,A . L f1 f ,"- ..wwR-- so Q V - L H . R,,4 , ,f i 1srL,Zr+eq e. , , ,f L , L i,-,,kg M , , 5 .4 fn... ., . . -, U , , I, X , l 3 -V Z.: . 1 32"- '..i f?X'Xxf , ' rw ...arrzu . . 44fifP T ,fb ffnisffgfal PP 'PPE .f7ff5?:: ,. 'f"'1-'O". P X, . ' A' , j-, . 7,2 N-1. in or A Le 'W I i f Efv yd fuwxl Y-h ..w-Vv.,--NM , , , ' .. NJL .. Y .. '1l',r XdPl.- I WX5? ln' . f ififll eq 4Tf'f'f7Nl 'f . f' 1 , 4 ' ff' 5f"' r, , L E Q -X ,Ml gk-5?9, ' 1,5 bv- ,X W ' I 4 V I 'Fi V ' H51 XA fi if Xi! Q? Xi! , !! ,- 3 if I VV LV X7 t Lf W 9 1 -. ' 1 , Xb! A N I X,, I ' rs X X I o 2 . if I f- ' Q . X7 l Z ' ' ' ' P V - A Ny 1' l . - . . Vi . , fl . Nl 0 3 wx J 3 Q Nmf.l5V 'giXif X! 1 V ' Xlf Ng! Q jf .ig W '-Sm Aff 'Q' 'iff' +-rf f' YQ? I K 9 9 K v a ad Vx X f W W W 1 l ll ,I 'l I1 . rl J li li ,E B. :I ! ROLL CALL Forwards Guards Florence Parker Fave Ellen Robards orace VIIIBF M1ldred Garrett Lauretta Gr1ff1th Polly Parson Edlth Frost CCaHtD Natlle Taylor hathleen Thompson Vlfglnla Guyer Charllne McFarland Lydla Iarma Srrlng Coach Mrs Hastxngs X1 f E in-Km il . N1 my N-I NTI W . W K 'ff iff F ii 414- mu. V xf X xy 1 l "1ltFl" umm WWI? I if X K 4 'T i W la W ff E . 4 'ami U9 'Sf -A -4:-14, 1+-4-M N J xg ff X fra. 9 Q I gy, W 4 X33 ,B . i '-.X rf' 4 x -y ., 3 5 , -Q 11. li ' - 1 A4 nf, .V ,, . K' I ! Y I XFN ::ligj5.E- I " K, . p 5 V ' 'fl X , .X t xg I M -- f - 4'2?ffweiff' ' f' ,L 4 ' ' xi f S J :Q X , ' J: V3 W- Y f -1 E I QQ, ,.,'f S. Q J ff x I' V-J' ' '-' -w ith " A Q ' ' ' ' .Q ' ' ' .-wx VJ i -.1',7.V.,5X' ,- Wm T6 1" F, Q V U r j-xx W' L T .. T":r.i': ITL" I l, -xxx?-, f gulf' " - A '- -- ,. ' W- 4'-- V-Q -g - fry ' xx .iff , fllxffffy b 2' , I ., 9 ff gilt? ' LZ A' ff x ' ' l "1' ' ' ff' STI - -f-- -wr Q Q I Y I I H V wif, it W iz V N W V U V xi, 334 Nil X I M N I V 1? .W Sf . ,W ,i A 5 1 .:,A f XT! ii? If 25 if + I Q - 2 1. XV' .12 'Q 5 iff! i fu ff V A " + 'I ll Nil 5 lv f V1 2 XT! 3 Nj! 3 Xl 5 X7 XT! X7 W W XI! A N ! 9 W Vx X I X I xy VY FRIONA F. F. A. Gilbert Baker Fred Barker Leon Bell lGi'Ira Benger ?4'Noel Be er U8 Keith Blackburn Calvin Bradley Bud Buchanan Martin Bussell Aubrey Cannon Albert Cannon Dave Chiles Bob Coneway Dallas Coldiron Laverne Frost Ted Houlette Truitt Johnson Charles Jones Luther Loveless Vernon Loveless Russell Massey Stanley kassey Bruce Parr John Renner Francis Rector A. J. Routh Jim Roy Roden Merlin Schmitz Lyndon Stephens Glen Stevick Neil Talkington Martin Todd Billie Turner C L Vestal Vernon Weis James Lee White Ch rles white George wingert TP VlS uhltu brance felch James Watkins J ck williams Porter wyly Bob yly Dw in York CLQSL- W O I . - , - ' x 0 '. ' ' 1 3 1 U' ' , 3 .- 3 I , . i ,' - I A 1 - 1 ' h' + 8. U C 1 1 W 'n'- 1 3 r x 'JI ,Y A .-5 ' 'l CA i dn-3 -A, K--wb -N-0-we---v-N Q . .. , .,., , , , . 1 I L----------M--..--i::'.iir., ,Q gg--v-M W f V F F A Chapter The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of affiliated State Organizations which are composed of local chapters in schools having orb ganized instruction in vocational agriculture under the provisions of the Smith-Hnges Act. The officers are as follows: President ------------------- V ernon Higgs! Loveless Vice President- ------------- Jim Roy Roden Secretary ------------------- Bob Wyly Treasure -------------------- Bud Buchanan Reporter- ----------- -------- Ted Houlette Watchdog------ ------------- Eugene Coffman The purposes of the organization are: 1. To promote vocational education and thrift. 2. To create more interest in the intelligent choice of farming occupations. 3. To create and mature a love of the country life and develop rural leadership. 4. To strengthen the confidence of the farm boy in himself and his work. 5. To promote scholarship and encourage cooperation among students. 6. To encourage recreational and educational activ- ities for students in vocational agriculture. The Friena F.F.A. Chapter was organized four years ago under the direction of Mr. T.L. Leach. Mr. 1. T. Gee has been adviser for the past three years. There are at present fourty-five members. Tho main objectives of the chapter are: l. Su mer trip 2 Father and Son Banquet 3 Judging teams for contests The Father and Son Banquet has been made an annual affair For the past two years the judging teams have participated in lead1ng contests over the Panhandle. This year they won second at the Texas Tech Contest They won first 1n Shop and Meat Ident1ficat1on work For the past two years the chapter has taken extensive tours to Colorado and Mexico They visited large dairies, packing plants, Penitentiaries, and other places of educational value, ? Q ' 'ff' 5- Je? EE Eff V 5.1.1 Q. 7 ww ,f 7 n ' r I X71 l W NV l X I 1 xv M 1 WY HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Florence Baker Florene D xt r Geneiva Boggess Glenda Carter Jean Chapin June Chapin Nell Chiles Georgia Nell Coleman Jammie Cole Louise Euler Edith Frost Mildred Garrett Lauretta Griffith Lottie Mae Hadley Edna Hall Geraldine Hinds Maxine Hyde Glenna Jack Gladys Jones Frances Key Waneta Lewis Yvonne McFarland Elsie Mingus Edith Moseley Florence Parker Louise Parker Clara Rector Neoma Rector Grace Reed Neelie Reed Geneva Schmitz Winona Simpson Natalie Taylor Kathleen Thompson wynell Thompson l Juanita Vaughn Jane Ann warren Kathryn nenton 4 Veda wnitiey X I Jacquelyn wilkison V7 Ozelle Williams L Nova wyly N! X I 37 E at G nf Qf' '- , 5. 3 if 5 9 ,, G p ' , . "" I w, fl: NX EX? - lx tg - ll. s Wk I 'ix if A f 5 Wye O utffw n Q gfkfi? 5 f X 4' V .,V.1: 42 U3 l K Q4 , N f f , X - N ' ,.,'AJVV Yfxg. fa-L 'XV 5 O X 1 il' W - 'c F N' W , . ., Q1 XI' ' ' K ' G xv Wj . . W XII h ' Q1 V . W V x ' . W Xf . , . . Q, X11 L. . U xl, N N Xl 'qfhf . ' X FRIONA FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CLUB W XT! W W W X7 XT Q5 xf P YT xf The Friona Future Homemakers Club, formally known as the Home Le. Club was organized in 36, under the direction of Mrs. J. T. Gee, to meet the requirements of the state. In 1937 the club was affliated with the state. The purpose of the club is to develop the character of the girls and to help them become more efficient and capable women and home- makers in the future Officers of the club are as follows ----- President ----------- Pearl Houlette Vice-President ------ Edith Moseley Secretary-Treasure--Lauretta Griffith Reporter ------------ Louise Euler The Club has sent representatives to the at rall the ast three ears In 1935 the st e y p y . representatives to the rally, at Corpus Christi, were Connie Matthews winner of fourth place in the judgement of personal appearence, Margie York winner of second place in the selection of a childs playsuit, Stella Lansdown winner of first place in selecting kitchen equipment and Ruth Reeve winner of fourth place in selecting a days menu. In 1936 the representatives to rally at San Angelo were Ada Chiles, Nell Chiles, winner of second place in selecting a childs play equip- ment, Glenda Carter, first place model ng Edith Moseley winner ment of personal app won first place, and Frieda Johnson winner of .T a tailored dres and of fir t place in the Judg- arence The group exhibit the Frion Club won second place in Class B divi ion, in the State of Tex In 1937 the representative to the rally at Fort Worth were Nell Chiles, Freda Johnson, Ruth Robards, winner of third place in family relationships and Virginia Guyer winner of four- th place in flower arrangement Pearl Roulette 1 the representative to the rally this year We are planing a trip to the Palo Duro Canyons thi summer i ' 4 ' 1 U I 1 . t ,- ' S 0 1,2 U 12 -. ' Wf 1 i " L ., . P- 4 5 'J ' V- 5 . S ' XII 1 . . A eb 6,1 QL . . . . . . ,li L .S cfm ' . 'll 1 . H 1 W ' YV1Q .S x ' W . . as or rr -r s J gb f I Ds 5 I ,f if ag: SEN' ,X , A T H W IITVIIJE-S "" F . K .q . ' V- Aj , f VW? Bftmfift .,,f 4? as Jlk AHL DLBATE I V.Q" t A'., - T V bi 4f ' T 1 " - ' f' . '1 " 4 1 B 1 t , :,L'gr" if D . f 'xv'-",f' ' If - -,' ni? .fgffff I 2 . f ' t 7 1'p1tV4?'UfK ' -br! I, -, I Q N IX- 'ry ,bl dg QF., . xx ,Q7f'25V ,fwd'V f arf . r.' 4.., QX'nldNiJ, ""' .TQ ?iZQJlh TN xx, ffg . A :y Yrlrrjiyi ly! i,W!,,:?,Ar I Nya iilglll J . , , , '-"' ,A ' , I AKA, , ' , 'A x 4, 2 r . 'f f . , r T 450 A fmbti lfmifgl XV T ' . . VNU? 3QgQg'4Sq The Girls' debate team, CODS1St1HQ of .lf7', 2 I -T ' KQV ML N ,Ze - . , T gy 5 if fj i 0 V ' T ' . ' ' . l Hgf i iEhQ9wiQQw,g'Qf, - ego' 5 "" . . f Nil Q ' H . . ' ' ' VI 2 f ' C 4 XL, 'Y R ' T 4, V - ww Xfwf - tqy YI 1 - : " A 7 . . ' ' 2 tm' xl Xf T ' e ' . , - f ng, N! ' ' : X! --- - , , , - T Nl ,Xl T, - .... - - N? 4 if 5 . -U we U . N 1 ,xl , " ' ' 0 vi f V . .. -- ' .. ' 9 W' V ' ' ' ' . " N J' 1 W xy X I W W T GYM n 4 Glenda Carter and Ed1th Moseley, were beaten 1n the countv tournament The boys' team CODS1StlDO of Martln Todd and Stanley Massey, won over Farwell for the county champ1on shlp, and won second ln the d1StF1Ct meet, belng defeated by Amarillo Startlng Just after Chrlstmas, both teams worked hard, and pract1ce debates were held w1th Vega and Tul1a who returned the1r debates later on 1D the season The Frlona teams attended the lnvltatlon tourn ament held at Amarlllo Just before the county meet Student Councll ln an effort to promote school dem ocracy, encoulage self government and st ulate a school splrlt of COOpPF3tlOH we have organlzed a stud nt councll Class repres entatlves lnclude Seniors LOUlS6 Fulcr Secretary of councll J U Jones Presldent of councll Junlors Lyd1 M Sprlng Ted Houlette Sophmores Georgla N Coleman -Vernon Wlese Freshmen- -Eunlce W1er -Joel Landrum Mr Stewart, Mr Stroud, and Mrs Hastlngs are the council sponsors. rCf VI N7 VI N7 VI 1 W X, fff44444 SSXY 6666 .I 711111 KQQQQQ I 4 It ii gn H W 4 1 45 X XXIIXY THE WARRIOR In spite of its infancy and its many handicaps THE WARRIOR, our school paper, has achieved a great deal this year. Its success is largely due to Mrs. Toone, the sponsorg her help has been invaluable to the staff. A new staff is elected by the typing students for each semester. Joyce Landrum was editor and Grace Miller was assistant editor for the first semesterg for the last semester, Connie Matthews and Virginia Turner were editor and assistant editor, respectively. The staff wishes to take this opportunity to express its gratitude to Mr. Stewart for his help in obtaining the new equipment that has made it possible to improve this year's WARRIOR greatly over the smaller edition of last year's paper. THE LARRIOH is published weekly, and tells everything that happens-from the execu- tive headquarters to the most secluded corners of Friona High School. -IF- THE BAND Although the band has not been so very showy this year, we can see that definite progress has been made along two lines: Clb the students in Band I have learned something about posture, and C25 the students in Band II have improved in their sight-reading. I While Miss Orton was here, the band presented a chapel program that was quite entertaining. Next year-a popular term in a wheat country! -we hope that both bands will have at least one practice period together a week. This will make a better band, because of the improved in- strumentation which should follow a larger band -'lf- . .1 . ,. AU UAQMQQQA QP H S lv ' , ,. j-. 492 if-Wa 4 W' ' Agi54491ir ... JE' -,1MWJQlLQWT ll S ll N Q PLFASE DCN'T OVEQLCOK OU? DWQTISERTENTS' They repre ent our many frlends who are wllllhg Lo Deck then' friendly Sm1lQS x1Lh L1 lr' pocketbooks Nlth out thelr he c t, the pebilcatloh of thls le u CHL F AIM vou1d have been lf o :Lble Show your- apor ecletwh by patrohlzlng those who have Seen flt to advernlse 10 thls publlceytloh They merlt, you ' support! X1 O N, 101241111101 0 Xl X11 ,I in xv xv W xv xy 9 b A -' jgg ' V l fi ' - EET V Q ' wkffmfg e fr' i 'i e 4 f 3' hey 574 372:-': . sh! XX fb Vey gf .N N K . 1 ll X-Q y ,I X QI, Q13 f .A 1 ' , X f 'jf I , A A X Y X, y A "' z ' ii' y X L Y - ' --,-,ei jx 1' f- 1 v if Q se. Q7 -7 Q libh Y" , in B' ee V x Nl W X7 - xv Q! .J ' 1 . X", xr ,y , y X-, Xi, 1 tt ,Ji '. a . X., XQI Xzf 2-5 Nj 4 , if 1 ,. - . - W X! ' ' ps exe? T2-133 T ef L Q, ' X7 ' ' up Ss' - . ,, xy . . , . V W y , . h 1 he ' . ' Q.-Q W ' ' ' 2 ' Xl F K 12025 CS 1 BU C H A N AN MBCORMICK - DEERING S3198 G service Where service 1S actual and permanent M PLE M EN IV G WE SPECIALIZW I ALL LINES OF BEAUTY WORK LADYS B E AUTN SHCXPPE PHONES A N 1 I J . 7 -. ln- I-J f-f CR!-XWY GRD 5, FCUR FANCY 42 STAPLE GROCERIES FRESH MEATS AND VEGETABLES MAU RER MACHINERY CG. DEALERS FOR MIPMEAPCJLES -' MLJEINE MCJDERN FARM MACHINERY FRICDNA TEXAS 3.1.4. -,L','. ' ,1"""""' ,x:g, I l :X ' -l x . f.:-X ' 'S , . .....-.x .11 1 ':"'x gi I .52 ,5 lff 1 .,E3.Q5' 5 QQ L nfv' :'! ff 2 5 X J XX --1 xv, llf-'."f':- . yy W ' N ' X., W A :-.5 Ar' . - H LY.. X., ,,, ww-1 Q15 CQMPLE Hi f"' 'I gig I Ns, U HANG ig xv, 5 me I r v in W QQAN N E S IDX f if Ass wiv W f - WN fmcfwx, wma ' 1 6 Xyf IL . ':rmax.a:snwfa::s w3ua:-rea.. 1 - - .--'-..""LT".-.""""'-"'i.......m......"'T:.ti:.'.',1 T T' 1 .1'-it':'t':'f.':::::'1-A-'11--'K "f,""",""1T"T'f'ffflf,f"A'1 W7 .. if 1 ,- 1 .J fi N! . T V I ,555 N,,,.,LL W W W W W W W xp X I W W W xy Nl W W X7 . v W VZ 7r-1 HLAC KWELL 5 HARDWARE , IPQPLEMENTS-APPLIANCES .,, FURNITURE ,, J-n,f"" --- 1 v-v- Y -i f Parma CUNSUWRS INK: 0lx:4'5!J1'?A 7fU CHS ' QFXSQU NE ' 'EREASES TIRES 5, ACCKSSCDRQES FKIONA TtXFb X7 W W X7 V1 W W xy Xl I W xii N I W W xv W NTI W W ? TQQDQM bcffx J WM aEH T MODERN MHZEDE ALL-S ILEN T STYLING ALL-STEEL BODIES THE ON LY PERFEU TED LOW P CED VALVE-IN-ILEAD HYDRAULIC BRAKES C '5-'Q ENGINE YJ ' f"'F T I T 'nl I .I..-". 1 4.1 iE7YU'QfT7' C17 7?1f'fi73E SHER N0 BTIAFT A , . . --u -w ' r""'P-jan' ,Tx .rl 7,7 nn., 1, , C FI ' 1' 2lJ!1luLLLlJO V' e,i,lrL..1.L.LJN - WEl4AVE THE SPECHM EQUlPIV!ENT CQb56ZZLvchefiL0HAAJ'QfQAff?4Q?L Q U-3 C, 'Y HE 5 yA4,9 1 'OZ ifisxbzyb s QQRV ---'-""' 14,5 X. I . -j ,I H.-----""""' , K . i 'xr Q L . i I '. - x. L' ,,,--,.....,---0' iff Q lxWANf TEX L..,,...I :aus ' mx, a1OL U co . F qwx, AS f IUHILLIPS PEWRK LtLHW CCD H.T.PMAGNESi AGENT PHONENO.6 PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE STATION On Highway 60 Quick Service First-Class Wash and Grease Try Us Q. DAY I JLK J A W I 1 , K-. L-L-N L U MB E fi M A N an ,, ,,----.-. .. . . , H -'- A-E E.-...,,,h '-XXX v--xxx 1 a a 'gm X- --'-f-f"'Ff"a"iTf'1i1"" '1 1 5 5' N--N-Q, X'- 1 1 .. 1- 1 1 I , ."'-X W 1 -1 X -X 3-3 . . '. , Q ' I ' . -- .. X . X XQKX. X I' xx X - f -, . -: 5 . 2 . X , xx' -I':- , X X- ' jf-fi 1 Q 2 NX . Q -1 wi I f , 'A '. . '...,.-- x . , . I , "- "-N e ' ',' ' ' , ' N, x X , 5 - - -M M - wx- X xi "vm Kiwi? 1-.. , W , .Xxx X xxx :M ln I I 2- V cw' .2igQmmnTY - I . ,- 'X gn ll-IXJINQJ N!NTrlK4pL I 1 ..F -4 , .. X x , . ., I-. - - . X , ..L-..i.--- X l W W W W W Nfl X7 W V! V! X7 X7 W W W X7 W W W 1 mffvhlbmq .,fl4.,'-3-X 1, rkZ7 - Q ' 1 Qing? ik Q17 + f41Q3Ef SQ5'QgffiQfzL. ' f if-fff5 A-f 0 KEQAL Q A H Bra 5 T S ficfw: P, A Ei,.!L' ma co. Mr. 64 Mrs. Ray Landrum Tfgrs. 1 3 s RIGHT cr: T15 CORNER l RIGHT ON THE PRICE i RIGHT Now SERVICE 6 ik ' ' ' if HY VKUW 3 Q X., .JJ Q1 g THB REXALL STCRE 1 Two REGISTERED FH!-.RI'-LACIST nr CHARGE 2 3 YOUR Euan-:ass APPRECIATED I 5 FRIONA Wm mms J ,iA, , , , Q ,f,. ..- ---..,....-.........-..-.,.,.Y. , . , . ,.. , , ,. ...., fDemcmd M 0 R E TI-IAN PRICE FRCMYCDUR CAP AND C C W N RENTAL COMPANY ,, ,:4H. ,,,N. A Uibypfhw -Wqgigygp ' 1 Guam O ACADEMIC COSTUMERS C 5 'C C I at CD CD CD CD CD rXXlfQx1'Ic:iD6J,QXl.CD CD CD CD CD An anization for he pF0mOt1 f ed ap and Gown Rental Se Q 7 XX EDGAR S :I H K I E FE R w TANNING CQ. Qomplege Line U FINE LEATHERS i xv CHICAGO, ILL +A, YEARSOOO f 4' ' 1 1' 9 1- .- " 4' : ,Y ' ,J ff' ' ' 4 Q-1 ,,-2, , '. .-4.. -:iw 'cc 'gg ' ' - 4' 5 co X -1.--11 1-.--1--1 1.1.1. MILTON BRADLEY CO. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. DISTRIBUTQRS Boston New York Chicago Philadelphia Atlanta San Francisco Hoovvr Bros. Inc.. Kansas City. Mo. Y WW' 'gag 9 MA its CUR !ElH.i'i!1I 5 V of I , I o H, V FW.. I I fy. .M f - W Xl X Nl f I re P " ii- 7' ? Y i X-' ' '- uf I ' mg-, ,f A,,. rg 1 .-,,'Q:v 4 .i A- ' qnukkv o f 5 xxx ,B - ,QT 4- 5 Y . x- 1 r is X in A : A : A 2 X . A. ,EY , r v 1' gf gan'-,-5-ir fif.-iii, I-' :lr I H CQMPLIMENTS vw AQ' .! T0 . I I 4 dk , 5 y I ff I o , , m f , 1 II ' 1 -1 Q72 bv X IV TO 'rmf Q , i W' MI 5 ALQLLT 5' , .',- I 1" 'Q Xf V v v xy :aj W' hopv fl our coope I 'on Q05 Q las enabled .ou to enjoy a . Nf lwzzer Year Book than would X I X., 7 lPK'I'1L'l-SC' have bevn possible. X., u xv I V Q35 If-5 X7 ' . Xin, 7 A 7 ' X95 X6 I I . . , 1 . Q f NM W ?- W V I b T V F 7 1'-J? Www 'IHI LRADUATES IHIN LNDIAR FRADUATES XL I I RIN II NDI NT I RINF II AI NND TI AC HER? rhz U I I HOOVER BROTHERS Inc VI I W xy x 1 'f 'L -A lxXNSAS CITY NIO DIQIITIFI mom KOR MII T ON BRADI TY COMPANY SPRINCII II I D MASS F, 1 SIL xv W VI W xv M I M EOGIS A PH It has been a pleasure to work with you in prod- ucing this Annual on the Mimeograph and the Royal Typewriter. This combination has enabled you to have this record of your school days. Mimeographing is the modern way of carrying messages to many people. It is the modern way of duplicating because it produces copies, clear and legible combining the attraction of colors with the drawings of famous artists. It is the business Man's way of duplicating because it does these things at slight cost and does them quickly. - I r' Hunan- ! rfilg EL5gfTggg2L53fm '5 gf' N r X! 35? in-L". -IMT 1 ' AO AL Ir' W q?'1:,f7 ,, . gi ' RUSSELL STA'flONEKY CO Ammzaiio Texfxs S1f'.Z1IZ"""""""'..........,..-."'T.T'.."'....... "" ""'.L'ZfLl'. ., ' ' 2 "' "" """"..'T.' Ilf'T'Q'.'.lT':1"f'Tl'f""""" ""' ' J xg, X K I v ,

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Friona High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Friona, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Friona High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Friona, TX) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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