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1 n i . .l " 9 i 51.-I :Qf-fi -51 ifilfffii M ern fiiffy gig? 15-:sf Sim!" T3 X 53 N5 YY 'gl 13' ,. .gk A 'Q ,XE HJ . 1 'Ti 1 "4 W4 Sie? sill ,Q Y 1 4 ef Q1- NZ ,E V ly' 1. r". ,, ,, K. 9. , 1 , w nf sk E M i lx I , ak, fi -,- In ,,....q,,.-v-1--wt xr L K11 z F' fha 1-iw E ,FQ FJ!-5 fl -1 333, ggi: V 5 .eH. 1., r 1 'ii wx '-XE -"-' '-' " 'P-'2"f"? '-5'-N'9S11"L,E:-f1SEfZ7f?iff442f 7f::'fI31ff?w' 2i?f,5-Lf5?"f1'K?f'ff'rf.fQ""H",-T'fL7f1T17"'?-,''H "1 ' 'I If" 1 'SV-I'-'." In AYP - a"".'7-irlfff' C - - , -- 5X r,-giqlxly-,R1f'W-,T 215-31 5.a--j"5f'vTgf.?.:?31:1f'fi2,:L1w4x4,pff',,:,,g,'fg.5:,9,-ggxg gy: N aj-:,j,1,-,'.?'ffyf 2' ?,.fv"" '-X JJ! 1: Lb 1 -'a -' c 'V' "1 " - -1 " ---'V --. f fr .-'fair-f'f,Jf,-.ff f if-:P '. :N-f1wi.4h,j4 -. 1 , Sfiwifgf' -Q A. ' NA" ' ' 'gi I M, Q ss V. x X.. :bf s.gfAt'f'm ,wx , Q1 - 1. 4.71. qu X x 'L' l:. V m.Qa . tgilsw L.. f k ' . f 'A xl E' I ' .M K 'X st A ik M ' 5 fx- sq U X J 4 m if ' Q X 0 "Xi 'rw 'fr iQ "M U a l A "1 X I x ip- ' H Q ' 2 x 5 ' .gmw .: M5 U' axe". I ' ' ,o X ' xX' avr, E' . Q. s . A A s Q I . " . s" l Q 1 K Y QL 5 B.. w x. Q' V +A ' W 'Km sigh' , .. V-.Y , gg, .M ,gum-a.ww..w,ww.W..,,.wwM,w.. .....M, Q .W X :ui 2,535 :xi.T,T9TS?3,:.,,if?5m,,,Qg,f,g,Mgwg5xggpyyf.fvfr.m,,yugup-.-.aymf1,,v:f3-rfeifrctf-sifzxme-'1' 1 ,fl 'I LN K, gt., -, r vt- ,I "1., W, 'X 1 .- 1 1. Aww . ' . V' W . ' ,L a f-3-LN-11-.g 1 ve ,341 , . 1 .UVA , t 11. K+ ff Q ,D 4 , fr J 5. ---x , mrsugkcm M,n', . ' ' ' A 2fw..2g?Q Q ' M gg ' 1W'L'f5 Q as ' ..,...55 i 1 'fxpf 'M' - -A 2 if : WZ .IM M .5 is n n I " ' 2 "ii-258 3 1 3 W fm - . , . u ' ' .5- .' b r -, " ' r I'A ' .-..-- -of -" O 4 ii ai' . h'? ' sip, 'J 'Q ' I -' c .5 5 1 - I I I ,NIE 'Z gfn X x :..14 4 - U ., 'L QB! 1 - .. " -if - .,, I 'O if ,, , a-'Js- ,Q i 2 2 1 N '.-QW'-ff 'L ii'-Eg. 1 a f 1 fr ff 4 lx ffm., 1. f- Y' ,Q - QP 1, 4 r I-S N .' f N Q W. SQ' yapf' 'LQ :d f M, ,, Ag ,ff ' - " ,ff l Unk K , 4'l , a ' J, f, fi 'av- x fig, 1 Q Ai, I 'I li ' ' N s fr , ' 'N ,R , xlrs, X'.l 41 xx X4 ' f ' A MN ix x-. , I xi .X .X - ,. if ' " " s -.5-,5 .X 1 Hi 'N' x ' ' Y, 1 X ' ' gizfifil -M . Annual Publication I of Senior Class of FRIES HIGH SCHOOL Fries, Virginia F O R E W O R D This is Fries High School ........ our friends, class- ' i ..... ' rooms, and activit es n " e "chow li slave e , thos last minute our new lab, the Library, progrqgs, New River, thekfightiflg Wildcats, and Prom, snow 'FS fights, walks 5 el? 3.11 Featur SS... ... , he plays, ou our TS. 3 4 .: .Rs 9 :If 25 N 35 49 --ann X 1,8 is . E 3 ab, 1262? IN MEMORIAM Laythern Akers was a member of our class through- out his Junior Year. He died on October 22, 1958. Laythern was liked by all who knew him. His sin- cerity, humbleness, and great sense of humor will always be remembered. His life here, as a member of our student group, will remain in our hearts. 328 DEDICATED N J I Mr. .l.C. Bonham OUR GUIDING LIGHT Throughout our high school years we have come to you with our troubles and our heartaches. Many times we have strayed from the right path, but you were always there with a helping hand to guide us back again. It has been a great experience for each of us to know and work with such a wonderful person. Now as we stand on the threshold of a new life, we pause for a moment to try to tell you how much you have meant to us in the past, and how much you will mean to us in the future. You have truly been "Our Guiding Light". To you Mr. Bonham, the Senior Class of 1960, wish to dedicate our 15th edition of the ECHO in sincere appreciation for all the endless hours you have spent with us. 4 ADMINISTRATION i.. f-"l'?f? WAV , I I ' , ,9 A I I I I i 4 . I I W ,, I ll 1 ' I L J X- Qs.. lrg 1 I If , mf" 2, f I.-fa d 3 X 5 1' 'M x il... L- . ff- A .Q M it K. . Wx .1 'tx W ,-.Ki ' x. . f. Mr. Baron Osborne Asst. Principal Chcmistry, Biology Physiology Mrs. Patsy Truitt English QW n U f. as 11.0" X-.3,T: li 1 . W Q, Q Sri. A J- Mr. N. E. Davis Principal -1 'E Ulf FIRST WWI snrrrv - gpm fl!!! -:- -:- VIC! D-'vin n-..r-un...--. OCTOIEI 1957 1 1718 12223242526 zszssoziu 1 ADMINISTRATIO Mrs. Hazel Southern Secretary Mrs. Wilma Jo Goad Commercial Mrs. J. D. Burnett Mathematics Mrs. Nov ella Rhudy Homemaking Education 1 he if gh "-'i"7 N, 45 s- QI' N A' I Q Q Q -r an , Miss Maxine Poole History Mr. Johnny Houston Spanish, Geography Guidance, History Q... , H Fu' lynn.. -Q.. .5 60 Q fb. iv ini Mr. J. C. Bonham History, Geography Mr. John Nichols Science, Biology Bookkeeping General Business --f ' w X z I, ' ' 1 -up ' ff 'N Miss Carol Poole English JR Mrs. Lois Davis Science Physical Education Coach c. 3 T ce i 1 , t Z in f W ing. 1 Kgs Mr. Jamie Farley Mr. Robert Statzer Mr. Charles Sommers French Coach Music, Glue Club Physical Education History, Math Coach ADMINISTRATIO Mr. E. J. Richardson Mrs. Ada Catron Agriculture Librarian Custodians Sam Boyson Cafeteria Staff: Mrs. Jane Poole, Mrs. Johnsie Barger Jessie Jenkins I S 8 and Mrs. Forrest Poole Knot picturedj. Q7 .-Q 5 O 0, 9 Q 2-.rfb ' .Q S 1' wo 'fp'-It 5.9 0 'v'v QQQQ 53500 'fggbt 9s 96 O .Q Ol, 1 THE SENIURS ? Qif 9 J 4 0. - x ,r -in Av' Nxfgg ' - xi. X. " of," ' Q ' .K . 41,50 I I.. '.. dr ' . . ' " .4 ' 4439'- 4 ' ' fi B' 'Q 1 f 5- 'x y N 4f'X:Hx I' l55.i:i. ' ,xx 5 J- ' 95.1. "ixA - Q. 6- E . 49, ' '1' fic SENIGR CLASS QFFICERS Larry Pack - Vice-President Cecilia Spraker - President Buddy Dickson - Reporter Marilyn Hill - Treasurer Peggy Newman - Secretary MTS- -1- D- BUNWU R Miss Maxine Poole . ' .1 ULJXY 1, e GLORIA JEAN ANDERS YIGIOIV Motto: Ewen a fish wouldn't get caught ii' he kept his mouth shut! GERALD LEONARD BELL i'Ding Dong" Motto: Have Truck Will Travel. SENIORS HARRY JAUNELL BILBREY vlspeedyii Motto: Grow until you can't grow no more! SAMUEL DEAN BOURNE nsleepyn Motto: Never give up the ship! s Q5 .' 1 we N5-fna flriffgi .671 if -cw is KELLS McKAY BREWER VlDinky VI Sf-...,. LS. Motto: Don't climb hills until you get to them: then, go around if possible. RICHARD DEAN "Dicky" CARRICO YIMutt7l Motto: In God We Trust, all others Cash! MAUDALENE CHAPPELL "Maudie" Motto: Always think twice before you Speak. CLINT ODELL COLEMAN "Flying Cloud" Motto: I'm not lazy, I just conserve my energy. li JACKIE RAY ELLIOTT "Wild Bill" Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow, because tomorrow someone will invent a machine to do it for you! MARTHA ELIZABETH FARMER "Marsh" I love to dance, I love to walk, But, Oh my goodness I love to talk. SENIORS MARIAN ANN FIELDER sv Little people are to be loved, big people admiredg gee, I'm glad I'm little! JOHNNY CHARLES FUNK "Lover-Boy" Find 'em, love 'em, leave 'em alone! RODNEY SCOTT COLEMAN vvlriadneyv. ' It's what's up front that counts. VIRGIL CARROLL COX VlF!uZZyYY Been here, gone, won't be back! JOSEPH RALPH DICKSON, JR. uBuddyn I can resist anything but temptation. PATRICIA LOUISE DILLON npat ,. If you can't be good, be careful! 4. 2 s '-ur' See the world while yoi1'i'e youngll When you're old you 'V , Q., . K won't enjoy it. A 5 ' Get everybody's advice, then do as you please. 'll ,.., , - RAYMOND DAVID HAGA xi I :IN 9 "Flags " I x 'Y Lois LILLIAN HILL X "Hut-Rod" , t y I . , f... Iwo. l5'if?'i Q X. MARILYN FRANCES HILL "Sc1'ouge" I know L1 lot, I just can't think of it. 'C' It's better to be seen than heard. JAMES ALLEN HINES "Machine" 19'- 1' 5 . ALLEN ODELL KINZER Hzip., Try anything once, but let that be a lesson. JAMES WALTER LANDRETH "Tic-Toe" f,,., Well! Everybody can't be good-looking! N SENIORS I "Rosebud" "He was slow and unconcernedg went to school and ' seldom learned." in 1 M WADE DOUGLAS LAWSON "Slim" Silence is the greatest art of conversation! ' . Y I w i:,'5i'u. ' 'jlf--l f gif ' VJ. ,f 1' - . .,.,, . f A . 1 - .' ,-' ,... ' ." " .N T' A - ' . ' I, A X-. J Y. . , J Y f f .X x 1 f 1 -' ,'-r, 1 , f, .',-'dx 5 A -1, . . . . . . . K .-1.1 .if .,,: X' ' Q U tfmnfx ' -W1 A -, fs 41: ,Y 1 Q.: 51' I .nv Q M , 1?-L , 1 ,.1,- . - 1 I .. ' 3' I 13 ' .- af , 1 '. r- , si ' MELINDA MARTHA NEWMAN "Slim" Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. JAMES ANDREW NEWMAN ,.Happy,. School's a good thing, just don't make a career of it like I did! SENIORS PEGGY JO NEWMAN "Josephine" Take und give, love and let live. DARRELL EDWIN NIXON "Flick" Girls are like streetcars, if you miss one you can al- ways catcli the next one. RHUDY EDD LEATH "Bossop" Smile and the world smiles with you! JAMES ROBERT LEONARD "Sugartinie " Marriage is for the birds, TWEET-TWEET! DANNY SCOTT MCLEAN "Teardrop" Hitch your wagon to a star, just be sure it isn't a full- ing star. CLARA NADINE MARTIN "Deanie" Without nonsense life would be very dull. ef- 4-- LARRY BANE PACK "Pest" Slow, but sure! BETTY JEAN PICKETT "Bessie" lf at first you don't succeed, give up! NANCY CAROL PICKETT "Peaches" If you're afraid people will know it, don't do SHELBY JEAN POE Ylcertvv A man is always better than a hook! G- on R ,f A 'Y .1 y. all-'1' s qu- ,an MARVIN MICHAEL PORTER NM gi Mvsvv How about that, Sports Fans ? LARRY MAC PUGH vrDuStyvv Leader of meng Follower of women. SENIORS NANCY ELLA RECTOR "Crickett" What! No men in heaveng Dovm Please. MILDRED JOYCE RING "Embrose" To talk as much as she pleases is a woman's privilege. yn... 3' ,rs -e"' A JUDY DIANNE STONEMAN "Ginger" Who says, "The best things in life are free!" LINDA KAY STONEMAN V1Kate IV Love is a many splintered thing--don't get stuck with it. SENIOR OTIS LEE STUART "Moto" Watch what you are doing, don't do what you're watch- ing! JAMES ELMO SUMNER "Humphrey" The man who does not like wine, women, and song re- mains a fool all his life long! HARRY LEE ROOP "Shorty" Be sure brain in motion before putting mouth in gear. LARRY GAYLE SHUPE "Cotton-Top" To worry little, to study less is my idea of happiness GLENDA RUTH SPARKS "Sparksie" To each her own, I've found mine! CECILIA ANN SPRAKER "Pete" Was there ever a heart that mine couldn't melt? 'EZ' WILLIAM BLAKE SUMNER "Fingers" Listen to everyone e1se's adviceg then do as you want! LYNDA ARLEEN SWINNEY lVBOpperVV Boys may come, and boys may gog but not if I can help it! DONALD DUANE TAYLOR "Spud" Girls are like goldg Hard to get and hard to hold! DESSIE PEARL THOMAS "Chie-chie baby" I never study too hardg I might get brain fever! 'lE"'7 ' ' LOIS FAY WALLER it ,yas "Blondie" I have found the key to success, but I can't find the keyhole! SCOTTIE WILLIAM WHITTER "Snake" My heart is like gold, hard to get and hard to hold! SENIOR BONNIE LOU WIDNER VIBOOHYI Why take life seriously, you'll never get out of it alive ?" PEGGY LaVON WRIGHT vvsauyvv To each her owng I've found mine! SENIOR DIRECTORY GLORIA ANDERS GERALD BELL F.F.A. 3,4. HARRY BILBREY F.F.A. 3. DEAN BOURNE F.F.A. a. KELLS BREWER F.F.A. 3,43 Beta Club 3,4. DICKY CARRICO Football 2,3,4, Captain 43 Basketball 3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 S.C.A. 1,3,4, President 43 F.F.A. 43 Library Club 43 Inter-Club Council 2g Varsity Club 2,3,43 4-H Club 2,33 "Most School Spirit" in Senior Superlatives. MAUDALENE CHAPPELL F.H.A. l,2,3,43 Library Club 13 Shyest in Senior Superlatives. ODELL COLEMAN F.F.A. 2,a,4. RODNEY COLEMAN F.F.A. 1,23 F.B.L.A. 3g Attendant to Snow Queen and King 13 ECHO staff 43 "Best Dressed" in Senior Superlatives. VIRGIL COX F.F.A. 2,3,43 "Cutest Nickname" in Senior Superlatives. BUDDY DICKSON Class Treasurer 1, President 2, Reporter 4g F.F.A. 13 4-H Club 2,33 F.B.L.A. 33 S.C.A. 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 4g ECHO Staff 4s Library Club 43 "Best All 'Round" in Senior Superlatives. PAT DILLON 4-H Club 13 Beta Club 3,43 F.B.L.A. 3,43 Annual Staff 3 "Best Looking" in Senior Sup- erlatives. JACKIE ELLIOTT Football 23 S.C.A. 43 Beta Club 2,3,43 Bus Driver 3,4. MARTHA FARMER 4-H Club l,2,3,4, Songleader 1,2,3,4Q F.B.L. A. 33F.H.A. 2,3,4, Songleader 33 Library Club 4g Basketball Cheerleader 2,3,43 Glee Club 4, Vice-President 43 F.F.A. ANN FIELDER 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 4, County Council Officer 33 F.H.A. 2,3,4, Historian 3, 43 F.B.L.A. 33 Library Club 4, President 43 Glee Club 4, Librarian 43 Basketball Cheer- leader 2,3,4, Co-Captain 33 "Best Person- ality"in Senior Sup er lativ e s 3 Member of Rhythemettes3 Winner of "Miss Homemaker of Tomorrow" F.H.A.- F. F.A. Sweetheart Ball Court. JOHNNY FUNK J. V. Basketball 1,23 Varsity Basketball 3,43 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, Reporter 43 J. V. Football 1,25 Junior Playg Beta Club 3,43 Monogram 3,43 "Biggest Grumbler" in Senior Superla- tivesg Editor Annual Staff 43Junior Editor 3. RAYMOND HAGA Beta Club 3,43 Library Club 33 Junior Play. LOIS HILL F.H.A. 3,4, Secretary 43 Student Council 4, Reporter 43 Glee Club 23 F.B.L.A. 23 Annual Staff 4g "Cutest" in Senior Superlatives. MARILYN HILL Beta Club 2,3,43 Class Treasurer 3,43 Class President 23 Student Council 23 "Best-A1l- Around" in Senior Superlatives. JAMES HINES ALLEN KINZER Football 2,3,43 J. V. Basketball 1,2Q Varsity Basketball 3,43 Baseball 1,2,33 Student Coun- cil 43 Class Treasurer 23 Class Vice-Presi- dent 33 Sports Editor of Annual3 Monogram Club 2,3,43 Football Sportsmanship Awardg Beta Club 2,3,4Q "Most Athletic" in Senior Superlatives. JIMMY LANDRETH Library Club 43 Student Council 1,43 Varsity Club 3g Annual Staff 43 Class Vice-President 23 Football 1,33 "Most Popular" in Senior Superlatives. DON LANTER Student Council 13 F. F.A. 3,43 Monogram Club 4g Football 4. WADE LAWSON Beta Club 2,3,43 Shy in Senior Superlatives. RHUDY LEATH F.F.A. 2,3,4, Treasurer 4. JAMES LEONARD F.B.L.A. 33 F.F.A. 2,3,4. DANNY McLEAN Football 33 Varsity Club 3,43 F.F.A. 2,3. NADINE MARTIN F.B.L.A. 4. JAMES NEWMAN F.F.A. 2,3,4, Secretary 3,43 Glee Club 2. MELINDA NEWMAN F.B.L.A. 33 F.H.A. 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 49 Fries Jr. Music Club 1,3. PEGGY NEWMAN 4-H Club 1,2Q Glee Club 2, All State Chorus3 F.B.L.A. 2,3,4Q Beta Club 2,3,4, Treasurer A 33 Class Secretary 3,43 Annual Staff. QQ- SENIOR DIRECTORY DARRELL NIXON Student Council 15 F.F.A. 35 Monlolgram 3,45 Glee Club 3,4, President 45 4- Club 2,35 Football 3,45Basketball 3,45 J. V. Basketball 2. LARRY PACK Beta Club 3,4, President 45 Library Club 35 Student Council 35 Class Vice-President 1, 45 Annual Staff. BETTY PICKETT Glee Club 2,4, Reporter 45 F.B.L.A. 2,35 Student Council 25 4-H 2,35"Cutest Nickname" in Senior Superlatives. NANCY PICKETT F.H.A. 1,25 F.B.L.A. 3,4, Treasurer 45 Glee Club 25Junior Play5 4-H Club 15 Annual Staff5 "Most Popular" in Senior Superlatives. SHELBY POE Beta Club 3,45 F. H. A. 2,45 Homecoming Court 35 F.B.L.A. 35 Annual Staff5 "Best Dressed" in Senior Superlatives. MARVIN PORTER 4-H Club 25 F.B.L.A. 3,45 Glee Club 25 Li- brary Club 3,4. LARRY PUGH Class Vice-President 25 F.F.A. 2,3,4, Vice- President 3, President 45 Library Club 45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Football 2,45 J. V. Foot- ball 15 Baseball 1,25 Inter-Club-Council 35 Glee Club 1,2,35 Junior Play5 Annual Staff5 "Best Looking" in Senior Superlatives. NANCY RECTOR Beta Club 2,3,45 F.H.A. 2,45 F.B.L.A. 35 4-H Club 15 Junior Play5 "Most Studious" in Senior Superlatives. Joyce RING 4-H Club 1,25 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, F.B.L.A. 3,4. HARRY ROOP F.F.A. 35 F.B.L.A. 35 Glee Club 15 Junior Play. LARRY SHUPE F.F.A. 2,3,4. GLENDA SPARKS F.H.A. 45 Glee Club 4. CECILIA SPRAKER 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, Reporter 1, Secretary 3,4, County Council Officer 35 F.H.A. 2,3,4, Sec- retary 3, President 45 Beta Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 45 4-H Valentine Queen 35 Homecoming Court 3, Homecoming Queen 45 "Most School Spirit" in Senior Superlatives5 Member of "hythemettes5 Junior Play5 Class Treasurer 1, Secretary 2, President 3,45 Basketball Cheerleader 2,3,4, Captain 35 Annual Staffg F.F.A.- F.H.A. Sweetheart Ball Court. JUDY STONEMAN Glee Club 2,45 F.H.A. 3,45 F.B.L.A. 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 4-H Club 1,2. LINDA STONEMAN 4-H Club 1,25 Glee Club 2, All State Chorus 25 F.B.L.A. 2,3,4, Reporter 3, Secretary 45 Beta Club 2,35 Junior Play5 Annual Staff5 "Most Talkative" in Senior Superlatives. OTIS STUART Football 3,45 Baseball 45 Basketball 45 Glee Club 1,2,45 Football King 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Student Council 15 F.F.A. 1,2,3. JAMES SUMMER Beta Club 3,45 Annual Staff. WILLIAM SUMMER Junior Play5 F.F.A. 2,3,4, Reporter 45 4-H Club 5 Football 45 Varsity Club 4. LYNDA SWINNEY Glee Club 4, Treasurer 45 Beta Club 2,3,45 4-H Club 1,2,3,45 Reporter 35 "Biggest Flirt" in Senior Superlatives5 School Reporter 3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Songleader 2, Reporter 4, Federation Songleader 2, Parliamentarian 45 Junior Play5 Library 4, Reporter 45 F.F.A.- F.H.A. Valentine Court 45 Annual Staff5 Member of Rhythmettes5 5th Distr ict and Western Region "Voice of Democracy Con- test" winner. DONALD TAYLOR F.F.A. 1,2,35 Library Club 45 Beta Club 45 Monogram 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,4. PEARL THOMAS F.H.A. 3,45 F.B.L.A. 35 Glee Club 25 Junior Play-Usher5 4-H Club 15 "Biggest Pest" in Senior Superlatives. LOIS WALLER Class Secretary 1,25 F.B.L.A. 2,3,4, Presi- dent 45 Glee Club 2,45 4-H Club 1,25 F.H.A. 4. SCOTTIE WHITTER F.F.A. 35Monogram 2,3,45Glee Club 3, Vice- President 354-H Club 1,2,3,4, Songleader 1, 2,45 Basketball 2,3, Co-Captain 35 "Guest" in Senior Superlatives. BONNIE WIDNER F.H.A. 1,25 4-H Club 1,25 Glee Club 45 Li- brarian 4. PEGGY WRIGHT Class Secretary 15 Student Council 2,35 Glee Club 2,4, Secretary 45 F.B.L.A. 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Monogram Club 1,2,35 4-H Club 1, 2,3,4, Treasurer 35 County Council Officer 3, Treasurer 35 "Most Athletic" in Senior Superlatives5 Football Cheerleader 1,2,3,4, Captain 45 Basketball 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 2, 3,45 Football Queen 35 Attendant toSnow Queen and King 15 Junior Play5 Annual Staff. Stk ,, I' ,Q 9 1 Johnny carries his Rodney was even a most treasured po- "hot-rod" then! sessions in a basket! sg , ss Is that a girl you're Trying to Skip at looking at, Landreth? this early age '? 4 K i Jim HW9 Pugh 3 My name's Bill, who drink. are ygu? 44-- Rock-a-bye Buddy. -W as Lov er Boy Huh '? QM x :V ' 23 x 1 s., I This is the library ? 7 '? 7 While Statzer's away the boys will play. i "riff-,,... The photographer gets his picture made. Whitter now teaching math ? ? ? ? ? 'Q X195 What? Larry with a "B", You call this talent? 4. Z, Aw! You heard me!! A X? C . Q - X, qw f'- in AZXX , 3' T' r w L, H, .-n CLITEST BEST LOOKING BEST PERSONALITY Lois Hill - Scottie Whitter Pat Dillon - Larry Pugh Ann Fielder - Donald Taylor SENIOR SUPERLI-ITIVES MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT MOST ATHLETIC BEST DRESSED Dicky Czirrico - Cecilia Spraker Allen Kinzer - Peggy Wright Shelby Poe - Rodney Coleman Ali!!! "Zn k - X . -V1 X x 5 A 1 fx E x VJ BIGGEST GRUMBLERS MOST TALKATIVE BIGGEST PESTS Johnny Funk - Linda Newman Don Lanter - Linda Stoneman J mes Newman - Pearl Thomas WITTIEST BIGGEST ELIRTS CUTEST NICKNAMES James Leonard - Judy Stonem Danny McLean - Lynda Swinney Betty 1 D - Virgil fFuzzyD Cox me H T! MOST COURTEOUS SHYEST BEST ALL'ROUND Rhudy Leath - Peggy Newman Wade Lawson - Maudalene Ch pp 11 Marilyn Hill - Buddy Dickson MOST TALENTED MOST STUDIOUS MOST POPULAR M. M. Porter - Martha Farmer Larry Pack - Nancy Rector J'mmy Landreth - Nancy Pickett Q Q- -, Y I THE UNDERIILASSES 20,1004 'X 'DAZE fi ex f qwclgk m ,K f M X bf E Q 4 fe' 'W v 'f hfai f ix Q X 1 04 22 p i 'e27 it " 6 AJ I t 1 ... ., T f c k W," fb uf V 6 L Q- dm 4 ' , in 1' K I A Q22 di ECHO STAFF, I96I Robert Goad, Pat Jones, Jerry Anders, Freddie Carrier, Carolyn Campbell, J. L. Parks, Ann Litteral, Gayle King, Carolyn Lawson. Jerry Anders Louise Black Brenda Borne Glenda Borne Joyce Burcham Edna Childress Sandra Farmer Kenneth Rink Shirley Funk Robert Goad Carroll Hines Betty Johnson Harry Jones Orpha Jones Pat Jones Ann Litteral Roger Lyons Carol Mills Joyce Moore J. L. Parks - n -gi 6. CLASS ' Jt J Gr if it .2 Q :Q w M. ,g X it ti- g .ff M' 'Y' r R E-,B x L Q D X rm R 1 A 5 2- so L .X z K, 1 ia I r e a wk ' w in xr ' WZ' Q Delton Rhudy Bonnie Shupe Howard Taylor Linda Vaughn 'Q ' f' Vegllirfi - 1 4- -ssl 9 '36 s , L44- Yrs IM! 'girl' ' f it "W f -I H. - f ,mi .. , - , F I96I OFFICERS Mary Ruth Vaughn- President J. L. Parks-Vice President Bobble Byrd-Secretary Glenda Borne-Treasurer Pat Jones-Reporter X N ll v x L P . ' si. 'sf x F :X ,Lk .,.,. ei' i 1 as ly A F ' P , 15 . I I f ' T I 1 Q 'X Q f- 4- s .s 5 Q... -. 1 2-at Q. - ' s. 6 . S gt. 1 . jx x L' Mix 7 y L wtf! Y .r.. L. Q gsgg F Y in Y 1 X 'ib- Q., Mary Ruth Vaughn Martha Vaught Thomas Watson Patricia Williams Darlene Burchett Bobbie Byrd Carolyn Campell Freddie Carrier Everett Caudell Curtlss Grubb Raybon Grubb Judy Hall Edna Haynes Joe Hicks Gayle King Linda King Aloma Lambert Carolyn Lawson David Lawson Betty Patton Linda Patton Linda Carol Patton Paul Porter Francis Rakes OFFICERS OFFICERS Bobby Luper, Vice- Presidentg Sandra Johnny Vaughan, P r e s i d e nt 3 Ruth Wgod Treasurerg Connie Jghnson, Hill, TI'69.SLlI'8I'Q Clara McMi1lian, Secretary Butch Reeves, President. SBCFGUIPYS P8111 Poole, ViC6-PYeSi- dent. Janis Ayres Martha Newman CLASS GF I962 Butch Reeves .1 he A Us - ell " if 75" 5 .. Q i F . , 6' .Q 4-- 8, 5 'J' tw li ' -N Y' X, . QW' ,'. . ' A V " f .:-:f . . ix V ' A f' 4' ll a! in in 1 . as , n vs 'fx 4, , F gl F 79 1. . 5 X ,, Q X 4. f . 'TL ' AN 1 M wi Y 2 T -, J , ' X , ., Sgr 1 p ,: is A 1 , M 15 fr IFMXAR Qx Q 41 fr J: M 4-, 1 T z Y JA . l g F ' - tv gi ' . t F24 31 , X iff I if f - James Ayers Benton Alderman Charles Alley Ronnie Anders Nicky Andrews Otis Beckner Jimmie Bobbitt Don Bond Jewel Bond Rex Burcham Carolyn Burcham Temple Burris Phylis Byrd Raymond Byrd Alice Carrico Jo Ann Caudell Mary Ann Chappel Burly Davis Darnell Davis Shelby Elliott -w Nancy Farmer Linda Funk Benny Haga Argil Hall Dicky Hawks Ruth Hill Connie Johnson Deanna Jones Bill Litteral Bobby Luper Barry Lyons Cody Lyons Rex Mallory Clara McMil1ian Judy Miller Mary Ruth Noblett Brenda Patton Betty Peake Ned Pennington Brenda Poe Paul Poole Albert Ring Janet Roop Freddie Shaffer Mary Shaffner Johnny Shaw Vivian Shupe Patricia Stanley Darrell Stuart Thomas Sumner Susan Underwood Johnny Vaughan Donna Warrick James Williams Sandra Wood fsu vs.. Q:-.- sv.. . 7 5 11:4 "1 ' . SCJ s ' . fiif r by P -P aaia nf , ' is 1' 'Qs Q..- ' 'B . -1-. f X X , g ig ttil 5- m it ' K :J V ' N. 'IJ osx A ' Q - 'S 5 t ' hx . 'S , if ' ,"- S. 57 x e--'i lb .,, . mtl. if 1 sv-L . I . A J 'qu ff, . LX 1 l ' f . 'f -' N ' . Q .L gd QQ I 1 t 4 l l sax 44 41 ln... t X . Qs., 29 A IL Q.- Q4 X '4 gi B 5 X sx t , an L. ,L ,W- S if bfi 3. 1 t vrsj, X eff ' 1 X sa OFFICERS OFFICERS Regina Stoneman President Billy Martin President Knot picturedl Brabra Wilson Vice Pres1dent Patsy Handy Vice President Anita Anders Secretary Nancy Vaughan Secretary Nancy Wilson Treasurer Nancy Carol Waller Treasurer Edwin Bourne Early Boyles Karla Burnett Shirley Chappell Bertha Cole Norman Grubb Theresa Grubb Jimmy Gunter Bobby Hill Patsy Handy Charles Leonard Imogene Linville Leon Linville Martha Litteral Billy Martin Thelma Snow Regina Stoneman Randall Stuart Dwight Taylor Hazel Spears Jane Ella Vaughan Herbert Vaughan Melva Vaughan Nancy Carol Waller Halle Wampler Anita Anders Michael Anders Opal Anders Sharon Baker Edith Barrett Sandra Beasley Ernest Bond Robert Bond Ruben Bond Norma Davis Roger Davis Sammy Dickson Jessie Bunk Nancy Funk Brenda Johnson James Jones Warren Jones Patricia King Priscilla King Wayne Padgett Barbra Pearman J. C. Price Joyce Spraker Glenda Stanley Garry Sullivan Jerry Underwood Sandra Underwood Benton Vaughan Doris Vaughan Trudy Weatherman Brenda Widner Barbra Wilson Nancy Wilson Linda Williams CJFFICERS Loretta Kmzer - Secretary Gloria Sumner - Treasurer Susan Dawson - Vice President Ralph Anders Mildred Archer Arnold Bourne Larry Boyles Eldon Burris Bonnie Davis Susan Dawson Jerry Farmer Robert Farmer David Funk Scottie Johnson Helen Jones Duane King Loretta Kinzer Billy Laffoon Imogene Miller Jimmy Miller Johnny Moore Virgil Moore Faye Norman Glen Rosenbaum Gloria Sumner Norma Tomlinson Geraldine Trent Barbara Willy Q . S , I -:14 - L... CLASS Mary Ruth Akers , .. sl, fl 'K is L. .5 'N ,:" ,v -Q X -.-XXX I s i... x ix Q... 'L' ,. V- ' .V F I964 SSQX RSA E55 Jia ft- ,3 5 ff! xc xi rig -, , X i t i . ww'-1' i fe -an w - -J N 5 , -1 2- xv-A , ,xi , yxx J n.NNX . 3,5 Q iigrrj X , X1 A - ... Q -.4 , - r . , A Y , -it L.-. riff. vb C 'H-Q ,W n 7' -. S5 ' sn--- .K 'O 1' ' ff X- if'-,,q, V 1 easwiig , '-Q f ,jnvy J - bi .aw ' Q., ix A' 1 . 2 ea cz, ,L 0 3 1x Hoy Q 'S LIES-M GFFICERS Scottie Johnson Arnold Bourne Jimmy Miller Jimmy Byrd Lehaman Carrico Sue Carrlco Linda Carey Danny Copeland Micky Gilley Everett Gravely Glenda Hall Sandy Hill David Hutchins Jerry Lambert Daniel Lane Frank Liggans Sue Luper Sammy Martin ,,. J Eiaine Patton u X x L Q Janie Poe 16. 9' Alma Roach R, J Judy Roop Y' J' Phyllis Roop N vi gwtj w i i ,sg Gregory Willy ,N ' , diifii 5 Brenda Williams 3 K g Qi Mike Williams J ' -ly y Mike Wright y l " 5 X y Carolyn Wyatt a X Treasurer Secretary President 11 1 ' f 'i I J., img, N! xf J- 1 I Lollipop, Lollipop, Lollipop. And now we have this wreck for sale. lonzo and Oscar l No Mushy stuff boys Smile when you say that. Oh, these students are killing mel Hall Patrol, on the prowl. Play it cool, Sam! fy THE ATHLETICS J2"17 V fm , 4 f ,ff Si Q Y J ,J 1' if 4 , I' Q i I AJ. f fa Q S .. ' 3 X 'E ,,-. ii i," b .L . 4 ! -2K1 rw ,. MJ? Qw 'J .. F K f ,- 6 VARSI .O D X' . C' rg :fn FI 'ua -sv ,g ,Ji N :M X U t A N " 4, U aka Q V .M ,Q nm ,x "0 Cs. '-1 .Q --" mv ' H X E fl P W ' 4 ' ' . Q, . , JMX M 1 ,g , Gini- Qz. 1. . .' ' ew . + , ..-,f,. f 1 1 431 N 1 'qxfiz .., ,M ...f Q' 1 'A P vu' X 1441-1-j,' lypms X. A RUIH'I'l Uvlllfi if x - ,I-'1 Vx Amir-!'. X . A 'LRB div V xx .,a.-ff' 441- , V. X Aw? , X. ,. A' ' ,inf fine-fi 'X I '! IH4u'1ciXN'1lNm11 A 5 es- IA - K " y Rift 'V ,1 U 1 ' ' , .4 'x U I -A A fs' Q YW A t - K uri vi' -E' ,,,..-.1-l Fx .,4' Ut IS SIIILIVI ' xX '1 .A Q 1-an -A , 3,1, .W Q. A, u V x --""""""" . .far W., 45 E I- V- PNN' fllllilll I"Ll1'll'x'-:XSSISILIIII f'U1lk'll X 1319151-llfl'l"U'i ' '.. . 'fSi62f': 1, ns '... as ,...,, 8 Y ' ff. 14 fl 1J'1I1lli1Y X.1.1,.I1.111-l. X. Mmm I1 'x f ,K':h l xv X Nm R 3 ' A si ff 1 w .ill K . V A fs? is Dig-kiv C1l1'I'il'0 Nicky Anfh PWS R '- , xg R f, ,Jaw 1f""' nv 53 : W, Bill Su mum' Qilmf x 'fx Q 9301. '14 . ' W Q35 , N '1 ,,... 21.-.Q 5 Q ...- .-.-..4- K: 6' w. Q., ,i .1 ,vm 5 ailfffx 1 I ,,,, .. M.-,---W 1 fi. ERD" 'vm W XX 1 lil Ifvus f11l'!11ll1 P4 .: Q' K--1 .M ,gg vii, 4 L I Kcnnctlx Fimk 5 A, David Rm-V95 A I 5 L, Q 43 m H, L ,y l'Ils,n,1 Row l: Johnny Vaughan, Coach, Jimmy Byrd, Billy Martin, Ralph Anders, Mitchell Brown, Nicky Anders. Row 2: Jimmy Roberts, Everett Gravely, Glenn Rosenbaum, Rocky Hester, Mike Wright, Prank Liggins. Row 3: David Hutchins, David Funk, Ray Hodges, James Vaughan. Row 4: Danny Copeland, Freddie Littreal, Mickey Littreal, Ricky Durham, Lake Coleman, Jerry Lambert. JU IOR VARSITY FOOTB LL 40 4 9 .4 'JP k S Ann Litteral Peggy Wrxght CD .wg HEERLE DER 2 f- 'ff Nancy Vaughan Martha Vaught :fr f Carolyn Campbell Patricia Jones Mary Ruth Vaughan xr wx 1 X . 4 ' '- . I VQX . ' f 2 ia ' X X xx ' L Q - J 4 5 H wg fe Vx gs GREATLY APPRECIATED COACHES VAR ITY BA KETBALL Kneeling: Darrell Nixon, Robert Goad, Bobby Luper, Butch Reeves, Allen kinzer. Standing Carrico, Dicky Hawks, Otis Stuart, Johnny Funk, James Farly, Coach. -4-lil Dicky A+-...,,. is --5 T - 5 s 1' qs! t x ! t 101 lv V NHL I ig' CK -' I Kneeling: Otis Stuart, Dicky Carrico. Standing: Darrell Nixon, Allen Kinzer, Johnny Rink. SENIOR LETTERME The 1959-60 edition of the Wildcats round-ballers wound up with a 9-6 record. They started the season by winning 7 out of the first 8 games and the first six in a row. Then they faltered somewhat before several greatly improved teams. However we are very proud of their winning record and the manner in which they played. The seniors on the squad are Allen Kinzer, Darrell Nixon, Otis Stuart, Dicky Carrico, and Johnny Funk. All will be missed next year. Robert Goad led thc team in scoring with an 18 point average. Bobby Luper and Darrell Nixon were the top rebounders. 43 .ik Kneeling: Pat Jones, Peggy Wright, Mary Ruth Vaughan, Frankie Rakes, Martha Vaught, Nancy Vaughan. Standing: Mrs. Lois Davis, coach, Edna Haynes, Ann Litteral, Nancy Farmer, Louise Gunter, Martha Litteral, Betty Peake. GIRLS' BASKETBALL The girl's basketball season this year began with a victory over Rural Retreat. Top performers from last year, Peggy Wright, Pat Jones, Mary Ruth Vaughan, Ann Litteral, Frankie Rakes, Martha Vaught, and some new members who are Edna Haynes, Betty Peake, Martha Litteral, Louise Gunter, Nancy Vaughan and Nancy Farmer have worked very hard to make the team a success. Although the games were limited, interest was shown by the girls in both practice and in the games. The girls displayed fine sportsmanship throughout the entire season. 44 Kneeling: Kenneth Funk, Jimmie Bobbitt, Larry Draper, Johnny Vaughan, Bill Littreal. S Mike Anders manager Agril Hall Darrell Stuart Leon Linville Bob Statzer Coach JUNICR VARSITY BASKETBALL , , , l A if 4- A ir'1n tanding FRIES M QRIES 20 FRIQ-S mfg . 12 138 Ziff! .fa 4, ,-1-"""--I I ICICI 'll' , 1 BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Ann F1e1der Gayle Kmg Martha Farmer Louis B1 k C 1 Sp kx t' 'Q ' I l ,Z ,ii unfit, !' f t t K, . . f X l "' 1 LX R b 3 1 P 1 , . Q g I i K ,vs Ira Kneeling: Robert Goad, Scottie Whitter, Dicky Carrico, Bill Littreal, Johnny Vaughan, Allen Kinzer, Kenneth Funk. Standing: Omar Ross, Coach, Joe Fisher, Darrell Nixon, Howard Taylor, Paul Poole, Wade Padgett, Bobby Joe Williams, Donald Taylor, Millard Anders, Manager. BA EBALL A mighty throw to first! And a wild Onel I X I . X Q E E -'I Get that man! Two points Luper, way to go. Good shot Peg! A ,x',--WJ-ag 1 ' t ,- t ,Q ,o , t S O R T S A R, Tig.. V ' frm: t X l x I tx ' - v :'"w'4 no L' X ' 4' No wonder your batting -, , ' Q A average is so low Dicky I 3 I , ' ' ' no bat Beat 'em boys beat 'em. Mud! Mud! Mud! 4 THE URGANIZATIUNS A J, X ff? W V if-gt '+ f '1-51' E E 'WMA U IQ, 6314 I :Il li' W .J. ..l 1' 1, rrr un, ,rw . , 'ET ,, gv we gs , vapp , Y 'k ., 4 .gf lu -Tvf' X 'X xx X , . q YM V a fa VJ ,i e ,, w - sv + wi vw V ! Yin 'W-s. X 5.5 Q """i"' 5 sf rg i 'a X 3 U 9 Qi f, 1 U-r - H ,Q ,rf K ,. ML. "f"'k 3? f 4. 5, A V wi 'Wir '. X.: QE ,1 f. Q . :fi The Beta Club is an honor society which gives special recognition to students attaining special achieve- ments. Its purpose is to promote the ideals of honesty, service, and leadership, and to encourage and assist students to continue their ed- ucation after high school. It es- pecially recognizes character, achievement, and leadership. OFFICERS Bobbie Byrd, Treasurer, Ann Litteral, Secretary, B E T A Mary Ruth Vaughan, Vice-President, Larry Pack, President. C L LI B First Row: Ann Litteral, Lynda Swinney, Mary Ruth Vaughan, Patricia Jones, Bobbie Byrd, Glenda Bourne, Mary Ami Chappel. Second Row: Linda Vaughan, Sandra Wood, Carolyn Campbell, Brenda Bourne, Gayle King, Ruth Hill. Third Row: Shelby Poe, Peggy Wright, Linda Stoneman, Peggy New- man, Sandra Farmer. Fourth Row: Nancy Rector, Patricia Dillon, Carolyn Lawson, Linda Patton, Frankie Rakes, Larry Pack. Fifth Row: Raymond Haga, Jackie Elliot, Jim Sumner, Joe Fisher, Kells Brewer. Sixth Row: Jimmie Bobbitt, Wade Lawson, Donald Taylor, Argil Hall. vs 4 ' The Glee Club is composed of students who have an interest in iv music. Its aim is to increase P the interest in various types of music. Throughout the year the members develop the knowledge of tone and a sincere apprecia- tion of music. OFFICERS Bonnie Widner, Librariang Betty Pickett, Reporter, Anne Fiel der, Librarian, Mr. Charles Sommers, Sponsor, Lynda Swumey Treasurer, Peggy Wright, Secretary, Martha Farmer Vice President, Darrell Nixon, President. First Row: Lois Waller, Lynda Swinney, Anne Fielder, Martha Farmer, Linda Brown, Judy Stoneman. Second Row: Peggy Wright, Linda Newman, Betty Pickett, Bonnie Widner, Glenda Sparks, Cecilia Spraker. Third Row: Kenneth Funk, Darrell Nixon, Mr. Charles Sommers fSponsorJ, Otis Stuart, Freddie Carrier. s ,Q 1. ai it fs ,E G any v5 V? 1" L a- i .W 1 A 'A an X Row l: James Farley, Sponsor, Leroy Coleman, Allen Kinzer, Nicky Andrews, Johnny Funk, Kenneth Funk, Bob Statzer, Sponsor. Row 2: Robert Goad, Otis Stuart, Bill Littreal, Bill Sumner, Larry Pugh. Row 3: David Reeves, Butch Reeves, Don Lanter, Paul Poole. Row 4: Bobby Luper, Darrell Nixon, Scottie Whitter, Donald Taylor, Benny Haga. Row 5: Dickie Carrico, Barry Lyons, Larry Draper. VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club is composed of students who have lettered in any major sport. The club strives to influence inter- scholastic sports and school spirit among the students and community. 53 umm!!! Nl.-I ,QV al' i First Row: Ann Litteral, Patricia Jones, Judy Stoneman, Lois Waller, Joyce Ring, Bonnie Shupe. Second Row: Peggy Wright, Orpha Jones, Edna Haynes, Linda Stoneman, Peggy Newman, Carolyn Lawson. Third Row: Linda Vaughan, Sandra Farmer, Nadine Martin, Patricia Dillon, Nancy Pickett, Maudeline Chappel, Joyce Moore. QFFWERS FuTuRE BuslNEss Lois Waller, President, Judy Stoneman, Vice-Presi- dent, Nancy Pickett, Secretary, Linda Stone-man, Treas- LE DERS MERICA The Future Business Leaders of America Club consists of students taking commer- cial subjects and interested in the business field. Its main objective is to stimulate - an interest in business and business ca- TSSTS. The purpose of the Library Club is to make available library materials that provide for the growth of the students. The club aims to create a greater interest among the students in the use of reference books and library books and library materials. The members are those who are student library workers. LIBRARY CLUB 3 l OFFICERS Lynda Swinney, R e p o r t e r 3 Linda Brown, Secretary, Anne Fielder, President, Mrs. Ada Catron, Sponsor, Kenneth Funk, Vice- President, Wilma Vaughan, Treas- urer. Seated: Larry Pugh, Linda Brown, Lynda Swinney, Anne Fielder, Joyce Moore. Standing: Carolyn Burcham, Mrs. Ada Catron CSponsorJ, Alice Carrico, M. M. Porter, Sandra Wood, Wilma Vaughan, Jimmie Bobbitt, Patricia Stanley, Martha Farmer, Dickie Poole, Buddy Dickson, Dickie Carrico, Jimmie Landreth, Kenneth Funk. 0 f ai NYY 1 ei-7 - i. ,N SSS' S if t , x3 'X 1 1 1 G ill? f9""f""""" ill? lhkthlhar hnanmiriu miami iuhue-asus -3-:unann- l1sfavs'v'lv-:mu nwiianf. :anna il"!lnw T '- llli. iiliil wma Shin llallibwuv 3:18115 lQ::vmo-waste: 1-Llulilflibkl lrlparanutln tivulrxi may Kill !'k: li "iv lhill 118081: Vw H11 Ivibnrsaxwnrefaf- lfivi - l. .HW lvlQi'! Di. 5-:ai ian.-tanto-mum lnnu- uxolinmw via '!- T' First Row: Burley Davis, Early Boyles, Scottie Whitter, Kenneth Funk, Larry Boyles, Nickie Andrews, Arnold Bourne, Eldin Burris, Rhudy Leath, Mr. E. J. Richardson fSponsorJ. Second Row: Ronnie Anders, Lee Roy Coleman, James Leonard, Arthur Porter, Don Bond, Delton Rhudy, Everett Gravely, Ned Pennington, James Jones. Third Row: Sammy Martin, Lake Coleman, Johnny Shaw, Larry Pugh, Rex Mallory, Albert Ring, Joe Hicks. Fourth Row: Jerry Underwood, Roger Lyons, Howard, Harry Jones, Dickie Carrico, James Hines, Odell Coleman, Vivian Shupe. Fifth Row: Don Lanter, David Wilson, Raymond Byrd, Kells Brewer, Larry Shupe, Freddie Shaffer, Gerald Bell, James Williams. Sixth Row: Freddie Carrier, Charles Leonard, Leon Tate, Carroll Hines, Gregory Willey, Rex Burcham, Gary Sullivan, Michael Vaughan. Seventh Row: James Newman, Virgil Cox. OFFICERS F U T U R E F A R M E R Larry Pugh, Presidentg James Leonard, lst Vice President, Paul Porter, 2nd Vice President, James Newman, Secretaryg Rhudy Leath, Treasurerg Mr. E. J. Richardson, Sponsor, Leroy Coleman, Sentinelg Freddy Carrier, Reporter. MERICA The F. F. A. is made up of boys interested in the field of farming. Each member strives to build better citizenship and relationships between the farmer and consumer. It is hoped that the membership of the Fries F.F.A. will grow in the coming years. ag, First Row: Joyce Ring, Louise Black, Anne Fielder, Edna Childress, Carol Mills, Lois Waller, Pearl Thomas. Second Row: Shelby Poe, Brenda Bourne, Cecilia Spraker, Gayle King, Orpha Jones, Lynda Swinney, Judy Stoneman. Third Row: Nancy Rector, Hallie Wampler, Linda Newman, Glenda Bourne, Martha Farmer, Sandra Underwood, Nancy Patton. Fourth Row: Betty Patton, Linda Patton, Frankie Rakes, Regina Stoneman, Nancy Wilson. Fifth Row: Mary Ann Chappel, Deanna Jones, Glenda Sparks, Linda Brown, Linda Vaughan, Maudeline Chappel, Joyce Burcham. GFFICERS FUTURE HOMEMAKER Brenda Bourne, Parliamentariang Anne Fielder, Historian, Lynda Swinney, Reporter, Cecilia Spraker, Presidentg Joyce Burcham, Song Leader, Gayle King, Treasurer, Frankie Rakes, Vice-Presidentg Linda Newman, Pianist. W9 AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America is composed of girls enrolled in Home Eco- nomics duringthis year or previous years in the United States and Territories. They are affiliated with the Blue Ridge Feder- ation of F. H. A. and National F. H. A. Organization. Its purpose is to promote an interest in Homemaking. ogg", 37 'Q s 'i"'Qggfw QF g ' walk U Q .. lfgf 1 ll I bu 0 First Row: Allen Kinzer, Johnny Funk, Lynda Swinney, Buddy Dickson, Cecilia Spraker, Nancy Pickett, Linda Stoneman, Peggy Newman, Lois Hill. Second Row: Peggy Wright, Ann Litteral, Mari- lyn Hill, James Sumner, Patricia Dillon, Larry Pack, Jimmy Landreth, Jackie Elliot, Rodney Cole- man, Larry Pugh, Harry Roop, Nancy Rector, Shelby Poe. ECHO STAFF OFFICERS Nancy Pickett . Special Features Editor Linda Stoneman .......... Class Editor Peggy Newman Cecilia Spraker Lois Hill .... Allen Kinzer. . Lynda Swinney Johnny Funk. . Buddy Dickson Jackie Elliot. . . . . . . . . Layout Editor . . . . . . Club Editor .......Typist . . .Sports Editor . . . ..... Copy Editor . . . .......... Editor . . . . . Business Manager . . . . .Photographer SPECIAL FEATURES ,tv 7' qc E. 'Im .AE -E E- fl. ' X, f Y H1595 C f f lv ZX "" s- Y of XX 'IV' 'gf 6 Q' 5 'A TEL ff sigl 1 I ' A 'og t-JL L ll E v,' ' , B -V .1 f if 21 T -' 'K QI' I That s my horse blanket A touching love iffaxr fv '97 Y 'M US" JS if at Q1 1 Q Q A frightening time l-3.3 IK Oh! My head hurts. gk SENIOR PL Y Scene from Senior Play, "Aunt Cathy's Cat" 5 i 2 i G V? L1 S 3. HL X X Q, 'K 5 f 252 gc .By A x 'Fi ,ww x 'L' 5- 7 Vu- .wv-'ffsifi 'L Qf KI G AND QUEEN OF '59 Mr. Davis crowns homecoming queen, Queen Cecilia crowns homecoming king, Cecilia Spraker. The homecoming court. Otis Stuart- s O0 r,""' 0400074 O ot' BANQUET ' fi 2.324 05 n X Q -. 1 Junior proudly receives class ring PROM Mr. Davis signs autographs , Mr. Carroll Mason speaks to juniors and seniors. Outstanding senior speaks. Mr. Davis gives assuring words to seniors . GR DU TIO I959 Senior receives diploma, The last march. B ND, Voted the most valuable player in football was Robert Goad. The best sportsmanship award in football was given to Allen Kinzer. First place winner in the Southwest Virginia Regional, "I Speak For Democracy" contest, Linda Swinney. wil X -NM .'.,4.-w '1 'fe 7 fs , Half? ,. F G ,Z . W, Ann Fielder, recipient of the Betty Crocker Future Homemaker of Tomorrow award. sl"UQ K NA.. gh, swf Q i .uw 1.-.H in 'Q .gf s 1-as f rn 'J' if. 1' f - 54 X ixmmgw Q. , .,-.-, , up 4' Ji , Some study math to be mathemaiicians. CLASS S Some study General Business to be business men. i - :RAB 'M' Y- :iw 'ilk' .-fef,.,5 v - I 1,0 iz' A, U"'W'I I Y E Q X N Some Some 46'- Some study in Study Halls Some just roam the Halls. -Q XXXQQ 0 is is affd' Qu! :asf 1 pf H WASHINGTUN MILLS C0 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Fries, Virginia Phone RI -31 1 1 CLGVER CREAMERY CCMPANY, INC. ,um THE MESSER INDUSTRIES Congratulations to the Class of 1960 From SHELL our c. nous Sunni MARTlN'S FLOWERS 8. GREENHOUSES "The only Greenhouse In Carroll and Grayson ,Win-,,-5 Counties Featuring Fresh Homegrown Flowers" Q: A S Modern Floral Artistry Flowers By Wire Anywhere Galax, Virginia 209 Calhoun Street BE 6-3141 BE 6-4614 W.K. EARLY 8. SON, INC. Millwork- -Coal - -Cement Roofing and Building Material Phone BE 6-3555 Galax, Virginia THE JEWEL BOX South's Largest Jewelers Twin Counties' Largest Bulova Dealer 115 North Main St. Galax, Va. Phone BE 6-2561 DAN B. WAUGH 8. CO Quality Clothes at reasonable Prices Ladies' and Men's Wear East Grayson St. Galax, Virginia Compliments of ROSE'S 5, 10 8. 25 STORE Galax, Virginia GALAX GAZETTE CENT Published Mondays and Thursdays All the News of the Twin Counties Phone BE 6-4271 Galax, Virginia GENERAL ELECTRIC PLESS FURNITURE CO., INC. Phone RI 4-8422 Fries, Virginia HIGGINS OIL CO. INC. Distributors of Shell Petroleum Products Grayson and Carroll Counties - i it Phone BE 6-2991 A ,ms ,UBB f' Galax, Virginia gill Q1 I B.EGoodrich 1, CARLAN DRUG CO. Medicines Cosmetics Timex Watches Yardleys Jewelry Tussy The Store of Personal Service L. PERELMAN Ladies' Ready-to-Wear 112 South Main St. Galax, Va. Galax, Virginia PORTER FURNITURE COMPANY MERCHANTS AND FARMERS BANK You can be SURE if it's WESTINGHOUSE nv"""- South Main Street ' Phone BE 6-3851 Galax, Va. Galax, Virginia Compliments of NEAl'S PAINT AND BODY SHOP 24 Hour Wrecker Service Phone Rlverside 4-8411 Fries, Virginia Compliments of COLLINS' SERVICE AND GROCERY Route 94 Ivanhoe, Virginia GENE F. FUNK GROCERY Everything to eat and wear in the heart of Green Valley Phone Rlverside 4-6612 Fries, Virginia VAUGHAN-GUYNN Ambulance Service Phone BE 6-2442 Galax, Virginia BELK'S DEPARTMENT STORE "Home of Better Values" Galax, Virginia UTT AND WAGNER Plumbing and Heating Galax, Virginia CLOVER LEAF MARKET A Home Owned Store Visit our self service store a.nd see our complete line of Meats, Groceries, Produce, Feeds Phone BE 6-2422 Galax, Virginia DICK KING MOTOR CO. INC. Buick -Pontiac -Opel Sales -Service Better Buy" And "Goodwill" Used Cars 510 South Main St. Galax, Va. FELTS TRANSPORT CORPORATION Galax, Virginia F 8. F MOTORS All makes and models new and used Freeman Vaughan, Fred Catron Glenn Neaves Galax, Virginia GRAYBEAL'S THE MEN'S STORE Wytheville, Virginia ROBERT ISAACS General Merchandise Phone RI 4-8472 Fries, Virginia PAT'S SERVICE 8. GROCERY R. P. Atkins, Prop. Phone RI 4-3780 Fries, Virginia TWIN COUNTY MOTOR CO. INC. FORD, MERCURY, EDSEL Sales and Service Phone BE 6-2966 306 North Main St. Galax, Virginia "Business goes where it is invited and stays where it is well treated." WHITE CHEVROLET SALES, INC. "Home of Chevrolet Since 1931" 24 Hour Wrecker Service 302 South Main Street Phone BE 6-2978 Galax, Virginia GALAX FLORIST 122 West Grayson St. Galax, Virginia For First in quality Fairest in prices. A satisfied customer is our first consideration. LINEBERRY'S JEWELRY Richard M. Vaught For the Gift You Give With Pride Let Lineberry's Jewelry Be Your Guide Phone BE 6-4211 Galax, Virginia Compliments of R. K. WRIGHT Groceries, Fresh Meats Sz Vegetables GLOBMAN'S OF GALAX, INC Home of National Brands Phone BE 6-3513 Galax, Virginia SAM CLYBURN Groceries II Illpw Meats m Vegetables We give S 8: H Green Stamps GREEN'S INC. Home and Auto Supplies Sporting Goods - Bicycles 106 West Oldtown Street Dial BE 6-4201 Galax, Virginia Nrw . RIVER MOTOR COMPANY Shell Gas and Oil Phone RI 4-6411 Fries, Virginia FRIES SERVICE STATION Atlantic Products 8: Firestone Tires Call David Mallory, Prop. for Well Drilling Phone RI 4-5312 Compliments ol WINESETT FURNITURE MART HUB DRIVE IN RESTAURANT DAIRY BAR Galax, Virginia I . L, Gas and Oil HILL SERVICE 8. GROCERY Fries, Virginia Taft Hin, Prop. PARKS AUTO SUPPLY Graham Parks, Owner Auto parts Sz Accessories Philco - Motorola TV Sales -Service B. F. Goodrich Tires Recapping Service Galax, Virginia E. L. COLEMANS STORE Gas Sz Oil Complete Line of Fresh Meat and Vegetables Fries, Virginia J. R. MARTIN GENERAL MERCHANDISE North Fries, Virginia Phone RI 4-3044 VANITY BEAUTY SHOP Located in Greenvalley Route 94 Operated by Nannie Hawks and Louise Luper "Rain or Shine make that" "Style Permanent" Dial RI 4-8568 Fries, Virginia Come in to meet and eat at WARRICK'S GRILL Route 94 Dial RI 4-8564 Fries, Virginia WALTERS DRUG STORE Fountain Service Candies Prescriptions Air -Conditioned Phone SP 3-2351 Independence, Virginia Compliments of FRIES RESTAURANT Fries, Virginia REINS-STURDIVANT Funeral Home Dial SP 3-2521 Independence, Virginia FRIES DRY CLEANERS Cleaning-Alterations Moth and Waterproofing One Day Service on Request Pickup and Delivery We give S 8: H Green Stamps Rlverside 4-5314 Fries, Virginia The ECHO Staff of 1960 wishes to express our gratitude to all those helping to produce this Yearbook. ,Ci ,,f rv Tf' - 1' . 4 QR f . , ' AQ if Z4 KJ .. Q . N N,c.l la II.. - .x 4.x eff. .91 ' I. 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Suggestions in the Fries High School - Echo Yearbook (Fries, VA) collection:

Fries High School - Echo Yearbook (Fries, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 20

1960, pg 20

Fries High School - Echo Yearbook (Fries, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 51

1960, pg 51

Fries High School - Echo Yearbook (Fries, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 16

1960, pg 16

Fries High School - Echo Yearbook (Fries, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 68

1960, pg 68

Fries High School - Echo Yearbook (Fries, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 45

1960, pg 45

Fries High School - Echo Yearbook (Fries, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 61

1960, pg 61

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