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F 41-9 ,- if 1 Whme rf - QI L.. - - ,. ,il ,E H, , .2 S-rf Q4 ,,s, --. X . xx- f J- ,ff --s:. ... 5'e:q. N X " ' ,I Vznitza, -1 Qx f 412 , u 5,1 1 - X I, - E211 f 4 -- -V ygifhf Jams, :L . VYQQSMYS J cl S: Wwe Imam , X 'io I I Wg S-A3 ' ESQ , , 4 'S ,, ,, T fr 'sf 9 N5 - I "lr , K N-'-19, FRIENDS UNIVERSITY WICHITA, KANSAS X-ss:1Qg,X'.'v X X ' xX:i25i!'!'? I X 4 Bef Yogzkqx 4 'Q , 4 5 v -I ff? 5 'iw' jx ,K - . a ILQQSFSL Z .9 THE DREAM BEGAN "The AThens of America" was The dream of The growing young gianT of WichiTa in The mid- dle l88O's. Here was a ciTy wiTh growing shops and facTories, The firsT elecTric sTreeT cars and men and women wiTh The spiriT To build. CulTure was needed, so why noT build colleges To pro- vide This need? Colleges were builT, opened for sTudenTs, and Then died quick deaThs. The c'iTy foughT To geT colleges To locaTe here and gave Tremendousmewards To Those who did, buT all of This was To no avail. Among The colleges which sprung up was Garfield Universify named afTer PresidenT Gar- field, buT iT, Too, died a quick deaTh afTer only a couple of years of exisTence. However, before iT closed, a huge building on The wesT side of WichiTa was begun. A sTory is Told ofa man by The name of James M. Davis who visiTed The building one day in l897. He had a dream and hoped ThaT maybe This building offered by Garfield UniversiTy would make This dream come True. IT was early in The morning when he arrived on The campus, The firsT rays of lighT were iusT beginning To reach The building and To awaken iT. He frighTened The sleeping birds and himself as The raTs hurried by. However, he did noT see The debris, The barren campus, or hear The whir of The birds' wings. His mind was far away inTo The fuTure, he saw a Tree shaded cam- pus surrounding The large building which was ringing wiTh The voices of young men and women hurrying To classes. Yes, maybe This building could help The wealThy Quaker wiTh his dream of founding a universiTy for The working sTudenT. On May 3, l898, aT a special meeTing of The Kansas Yearly MeeTing of Friends, James lvi. Davis presenTed Friends LJniversiTy To The Yearly lVleeTing, and iT accepted The responsibiliTy. James Nl. Davis' dream was a realiTy and now if has come Time for oThers, YOU AND ME, To dream, 2 is W ...-A, gg : ,gk NN' I' X as SS 3 M . iwf .. .sv . T 2 f:zff1f.v1f 3.5-,gi ,,,-ff.. .52 - ,Q Mei, . wi .. Z-:,..i..: a-ffsiigfsk i . : .Ex 1 I M- - .-:rams 9' 1 i. ,j .ig . .X -' -F ' Y M V - wi we .M vo 5. ., .mi .. .gi 1 2 if i sa i ,Q E .Si E . .i 5 -l E WE 5 wi gi Ji 5 W 5 E T la T 22 35? J.-, if is 2 H l 25:9 5. maxim + 5 A .K 9. 16:9 5 vig, i. 255 ww, 5 ff was mm. , zifffiiii. 7 WTS' ' 5 .f .gi 55115545 izfawww .wiggii Tsifiiwiliwis, i 11- 121 fn. W 2. ii, gm if 1 H Lg 2 T , Q 43 . 5. ii 5 .,, .. , .y..w11ipiM1,,Q. , . Q ifTLiSgsegggl2'fig?Qi?f ,. ,L.v gags . dasvzffe. eu We .WWA-svfgxi -T .K fwi1m,. .i..Snmi..s,. .km f2w1ms,1is. . . ,,,W 5 . .. v ,Mae ws Tamara mm. vw ITT: AND HE CONTINUES TC DREAM JUST as so many years ago James M. Davis had a dream, Dr. Roy F. Hay has his dreams for The iumre oi The school CreaTed from Mr. Davis' dream. When we see him in The halls, he is al- ways in a harry. lT was once said of him ThaT he acTs like a man laTe Tor an ap- poinTmenT. He has made The appoinTmenT lor Friends UniyersiTy, and he inTends To be on Time. AlThoagh he has many responsibili- Ties, Dr, Ray always has Time Tor as, The sTadenTs. He has made as feel ThaT oar opinions are of yalae. lT is because ol his inTeresT in as ThaT WE DEDICATE THE i966 TAUSMAN TO DR. ROY F. RAY. mm' nd M H .iw .- 1 .MQ ,...... 3 TALISMAN QUEEN TALISMAN KING maya it ha X TALISMAN ROYALTY SOPHOMORES Paulette Mann Wayne Whifcomb f-ea-1 wuz: 1 .umm ,.,., 3,1 11 .,,.wis ., Qi- JUNIORS Sheldon Carpe 1 Linda Brown FRESHMEN Dennis Schroede Anita Lynch Well, we've gof a lot to do. I Thought if was the right color. You're in my way! IT'S A REALITY Lafe in December, l96l1, Dr. Ray approached The Wall-65 STadenT Council officers wiTh The pro- posal of Turning old T EasT Hall info a sTadenT acfi- yify cenfer. The officers were enfhused and so plans were made. When The l965-66 Sfadenf Coun- cil Took over, a commiffee was sef ap under The leadership of Bob Lorenz To work on The anion daring The summer monfhs. IT all looked preTTy hopeless aT firsf, buf wifh apfimism and a greaf deal of hard work from many sfadenfs The dream of many years has become a realify. -.. Dream on. Well, if's progressing. lf- L --Z WOMEN' Vice-Presidenfg Nancy Breneman, Treasurerg Renee Weills, Secretory. Second row: Sharon Jones, Cheryl Cramer Sharon Hockeff and Sherry Schiffer. S DORM COUNCIL Left to righf: LoAnna Basore, Presidentg Mrs. Ruth Reed, Head Resident' Judy Tiaden HOME AWAY FROM HOME ,,.- 8 MEN'S DORM COUNCIL Left to right: Warren Elliott, Vice-President, Frank Schultz, Steve Groninga, President, Wayne Wettstein, Jim Day. Standing: Bob Evans, Secretary, Mrs. Winifred Cox, Mr. Weston Cox, Head Resident, Earl Whiteman, Charles Thiessen, Treasurer. The dorms opened this year with quite a tew changes, most important were the new l-lead Residents in both dorms, the restricting dorm hours, and the boys' tloar in the girls' dorm. The dorm councils have grown in importance and have had to take on many more re- sponsibilities. Always a center ot acti- yity, the social highlight at tirst semester in the boys' dorm was the carom tourna- ment. Then again, the girls could otten be tound in the cateteria with the tood. Could be tense. 9 HERE WE COME Long before school began, preparaTion was being made Tor The coming oT The Treshmen and new sTudenTs under The co-chairmanship oT Steve Groninga and Sara Are you ready? McDonald. A loT of Time and energy wenT inTo The prepar- aTion To make a good TirsT impression. When The big day, SepTernber 7, arrived everyone was groomed To perTecTion. IT was a Toss up as To whom was The mosT TrighTened, The new or old sTudenTs as The breakTasT began. !XTTer The breakTasT, The adminisTraTion goT The new sTudenTs Tor a day and half oT "liTTle" TesTs. For a break, The old sTudenTs Took The new on a Tour of The campus, To geT 'em good and Tired so ThaT They would be ready To siT and Take more TesTs. Tuesday, evening The STudenT Council sponsored a picnic. l-lere everyone was able To relax and enioy Them- selves as They played volleyball, ToaTball, and soTTball. Please step forward! if ,X . S' T,-4' Freshmen get first cafeteria meal. Ah, come on, I want to hit it. l O THIS OUR CAMPUS Seem Trom Gcross WicHiTG, Dovis AdmiriisTrQTion Euiidirig is G7 impressive sight 3UiiT in i886 TOT Giifiieid U:iiversiTy, Tiiis building was The iorgesT QT iTs kiwd iw Tize UmiTed STcTes. From This View iT seems easy To Tm- dersmrid Tiie Worid "Tier massive Wcils, Tier l0TTy iieig5Ts." iiie new sTUdemTs were givew G Tiorougis Tour QT Tiiis and Tiie miner buiidimgs on our campus. i T Agri-Arts Building Stanley Gymnasium Sumpter Hull Men's Residence Hall Women's Residence Hull ANOTHER DREAM COME TRUE The dream conrinuing broughT info life' The opening of The New Fine Arls Cenier. This building, long planned lor and long awaited, will bring To friends a new highlighl' in music, arl and drama. The building, consirucied in The Form ol an "H", houses music praciice rooms, rehearsal areas, dressing rooms and Alexander Audiiorium. 9 0051 LCJNG LASTING LINES -LQ Dove, let me fell you what to do w-7' But all l want IS his sngnotur 5400? You gotta be kidding! Now let me introduce . . . LIVEN LIVES l:2egisTraTion day sTarTed The school year Tor all The reTurning sTudenTs and helped The new geT acquainTed Through shared conTusion. Every- one was able To renew old Triendshios because everywhere They wenT They were at The end oT a new long line. IT seemed as Though everyone was anxious To hurry up and wait. Students have the opportunity to meet faculty members at the School Reception. 5 . S M Seafed left to right: Dave Barbosa, Jim Day, Bob Mitchell, President, Karen Gregory, Secretary, Mary Kay Armstrong, Vice-President Larry Newby, Treasurer, Susie McDonald, Harold Rush, Second row: Shelia Rafzlaff, Judy Tiaden, L.oAnna Basore, Rufhann Parris Carol Amey, Connie Green, Steve Groninga, Don DeGrazio, Ruth Barbosa, Tawafchai Janfawongg Third row: Bill Gross, Terry Mur ray, Larry Ehrlich, Phil Rhodes, Stan Fitzgerald, and Sara McDonald. THE CENTER OF ALL ACTIVITY The TirsT and Third Monday evenings oT each nionTh Tound The STudenT ConTerence Room Tilled wiTh Tno inernoers oT STudenT Council. WiTh Bob lv'iiTchell presiding, many iTnoorTonT acTiviTies were uriderTol4en. STudenT Council was responsi- ble Tor rlornecorring, The ii,i foll4ouT, Cherry Carni- val, World Universify Service and nzany oTher ocTivi'ies. This yeor's council underTool4 The serious business oT revising The STudenT Council in order To make if o more eTTicie1T body. io Bob Mitchell was always busy ....,. supervising Miss PIaH, Paula Brown, Paula Hartwell, Dave Brehm, Karen Seyfert, Rick Elliott, Henry Jackson, Don DeGraxio, Editor, Mark Samuelsom, Bob Lorenz, Business manager, Chris Hafner, Mr. Larry Meredith. UNIVERSITY LIFE ,, A.,, , L..f,.,:,,, ,K izihwxri.. WNT, Lefi fo right John Casner, John Folber, Rodney Bates, Siandingz Coach Moore, Sherman Arnold, Jim Day, Russell White, Dale Parker. I7 CROSS COUNTRY Several briQhT spaTs sparked The Cross CoanTry Team This year. Ihe Team leader was John Falher who had Three viCTaries To his CrediT. 2 3 I 2 5 2 K i 2 1 K 1 3 I X 1 2 s I E 3 2 E E 2 Q K s S i My . .ww wa N asm ,, , ,gf ,fx Y, ,.,,w-. -Q ,ny .,,.Q.,, ,, ,J . . I +- , w -X W 3 l it ., .. .0 J' 53 if so Pe ww f an V:,.,.T..- W -- . 'gg' .I .TQ H, vJ'aQ qi:-A f, 'm"m4-v ky si , 4. fw-ef 1 K rw, Q F wig. ::.2V: , KP.. fw. 25: tiff 41 ' WR e wi 'f e , if 3 .. , Q, F 4 W, w.w,5g'1315f..Q-. L 1 ia: Q. l ,Wg gf I . , A. 6 f N. ,X He Fm, fa THE GREATEST YEAR YET Friends University nad its greatest season since l95O. Among tne achievements ot tne season were: tour victories, tirst time victory over lVlc:l3l'ierson in 36 years, tlte biggest score in many years in tlwe 60-l9 win over Sterling, this was also tlfie second largest score ot tne season by a Kansas Conference team. Jim Ellis makes big goin while SENIORS Lloyd Liby Phil Strange Harold 20 - F 11 was Ms- M, ',rI,,,,..i L. 5. ggi, x , . filer . ' Wayne Whifcomb foll "' Rush Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends ' F 5-fs Ormwo Sournwesrern Bellnel lVlCl3l1erson Srerlmg Berliony College of Emporio Boker Kdnsos Wesleyan Bruce Campbell Ffank Sclwlfl Qi Vickey Riddel Juanita Chance CHEERLEADERS Marilyn Shreve Janet Forcum 22 PEP CLUB HAS A NEW BEGINNING Freddie is born. Under The leadership oT lQuTh Ann Parris, PresidenT, The Pep Club has had a new beginning. lTs presence was TelT on campus Trom The very TirsT when banners and posTers were To be Tound everywhere. GreaT Teams need The sTudenT body behind Them and The girls wanTed To help Them geT iT. A new mascoT was needed, one wiTh personaliTy and Pep Club had iusT The one. WiTh The aid oT The mainTe- nance deparTmenT, The girls were able To consTrucT a new, Tiye TooT Talcon and Freddie was born. He was To be seen aT all The games. ATTer a week of inTensiye pracTice, a group of ex- ciTed girls displayed Their abiliTy aT cheerleading. Juani- Ta Chance, JaneT l:orcum, Marilyn Schreye and Vicki Piddel were chosen as The new cheerleaders by The sTu- denT body. Standing in F Ruth Barbosa, Janet Forcum, Nancy Breneman, Sherry Lindstrom, Connie Edgington, Ruth Ann Knight, Donna Kin- ney Judy Tladen, Jeannie Woods, Ruthann Parris, President, Karen Seyfert, Loretta Kerr, Janice White. Standing in "U": Judy Gwunip Mary Kay Armstrong, Susie McDonald, Sandra Tinker, Dotty Barnhizer, Melinda Gardner, Carol Ashe, Paula HorTweII,Vicki Riddel Carol Pearson, Karyl Lupton, Peggy Gouchenour and Sara McDonald. LOOK our BRoADwAY by Early Saturday morning, Ocfober Q, Tbe Friends Uniyersily bus pulled our ol Tbe Circle Drive full ol excited siudenrs bound for New York, Tlie ciry of brigbi liglwis. According To Mr. Nagley, Tbe puroose of 'rlne trip was To learn more abour ilwe United Narions and Tbe role ol 'rbe Uni- Ted Srales in flwe world. lnloweyer, Tbe siudenrs did lind some lime lor ofber aciiviiies. Monday was spent ai Tbe New York World's Fair wbere some were able To see Pope Paul VI. Sboooing, siglir seeing and riding Tbe subways filled The Time of Tbe sludenfs. AT o sirong binl from Mr. Nagley, bowever, ibey did find some Time on The side To atrend Tbe seminar meerings. lbe group wenl on To Wasbingion DC. wbere Tbey yisifed Tbe embassies of Nigeria and po- land. Geriing bomesicla, Tbe group rerurned borne wbere Tlwey found 'rnai ine loorball Team bad ub- ser lvlcplwerson. Resred lrom a weel4's vacalion 'rbey were ready lor fbe walk-ouT. 7 5 A! fi- F WE WANT A WALK-OUT One of The mosT exciT'ing games of The school year was Friends l4-l3 vicTory over McPherson. Sparked wiTh enThasiasm and armed vviTh drums, horns and oTher noisemakers, sTadenTs gaThered Monday morning in The main hall. Led by The cheerleaders, Falcons soon filled The halls vviTh chanTs of "We wanT a vvall4ouT - righT I'1OWlnSTUCO quickly meT, yoTed and planned acelebraTion parTy aT SporTs CenTer. Carloads of cheering Falcons formed a caravan and drove Through dovvnTovvn WichiTa, The WSU Campus, and Then SporTs CenTer Roller Qink. 'WMQ ww im, .- ,iw . VWMVS2 fm hgifvegig. ELL., Mita K kk,- 'A X :Z 42 UQ , Kg: 1 Y ,dw I1xhW,MM . ,Q ,, .V ,M,,M ,.-,L ,,,,,.,, 553 I f Jw 1 Q gl . MW. , ' V A M, Q, A, 1. ,, 1 if, in 'ff ma my A 55735: , Q5 A ri Big Q, 'S M -5 , M, K +1 : Q Q Q W 335 K is ' 5 M.. Q if in F, if ff: ' , , ,ig f Wlffvi' if Q fi ir ,,L: R 5: 5655 fei f- K V534 Mm, s K at 'X-. A' qi!!! YEA. Ein, f 1... ..,, , A it S iw. ' ? t . 9" U s K V 'Nu ff . N, O- , ,:,' ,52 1 ,. ,Q-ei, - V , 74 . F, if .1 lesll, N' H J'-5 L: -- fl Y :'z, x4YL- vii? Q? 128 9 ' W' Wm, .,, k vm MM ,, 5 1 :qifsfki f--f L, V ., ' ' ' ' . , ,. , , me li ,sf-: Q s9iiE?XWQ 52 's , ,r Ii .K 1 vi X i QMELQ Q V V .5 . 9? S mir 3 is Q 3 NINTH PRESIDENT INAUGURATED The week from Qcroher ll-lil wos norned Beoorilicorion Tor lnoiioorolion by The Srudenr Council. The slodenfs, wdnring To hove o oorr in inokingl rho inoiiniirorion of Dr. Qoy F. Roy o bin success, found Themselves honging from windows, sweeping Wollrs ond sfreers, ond scropingg poinl. Tho Cornpos vvos groomed ond reody lor The dignifnries when They nrrived on Odober TS. The inoogurorion vvos on impressive Ceremony os Pool Brown, Choirnion ol the Boord, enrrosred Dr. Roy Willa The odminislrorion of Friends Uni- versiry. Dr. Everell Conoll, Presidenr ol Malone College, delivered The inoogurol oddress. 227 - 23' M lit' 28 i COLLEGIATE CHRISTIAN Under the leadership of Carol Amey, the Cabinet con- HI P ducted the business of C.C.F. Hi" Early Wednesday morning found the students gathered for prayer. What do you do when a piece of paper is set before you and you are told to draw? Hey, Carol, l'm not so sure about this. In order to tultill the goals ot Collegiate Christian Fellowship, it undertook an active port in such all school activities as Christian Em- phasis Week and World University Service. Regu- lar meetings with such speakers as John Grover and David Bills were held Tuesday chapel peri- ods. C.C.l:. was also responsible tor sponsoring a student prayer group. THE EXCITEMENT OF HOMECOMING Under The direcTion of Linda Brown and STan FiTzgerald, work on Homecoming began in The laTe summer. Secrecy became imporTanT as com- peTiTion grew sTrong and The classes sTarTed plans and schemes Tor Their displays. Building, sTuTTing, and pasTing Took place in garages, boiler rooms, and farms. As one of The largesT classes Friends has had, The Treshmen class came ouT on Top and won The Trophy Tor class parTicipaTion and besT display. Some of The ocTiviTies included The Tradi- Tional breakTasT where The queen candidaTes were inTroduced and Fred l-loyT, curaTor of The museum, served as speaker and spoke "on-Tive- minuTesl" A pep rally during chapel period, mums sold by DelTa Rho, a bonfire sponsored by AKT, and a pizza parTy by KON helped spark enThusiasm. What's all This noise abouf? Another wcxlkouf? "Iii, Here, let me show you. Peggy Compton served as one of The hostesses for Tours of The museum for benefit of parents and alumni. Move, Here comes the team. See, I told you so. Freshman class Vice-president, Karyl Lupton, accepts the trophy for outstanding class participation. Stop! No more wood on our fire! F ff Hummmmmmm. Ahh, you can't fool me! 31 1 Lindo Brown Ruth Ann Knight HOMECOMING COURT Jane? Forcum Jeannie Woods 33 '3- ,- . CAROL AMEY, chemistry maior, was no stranger to the chemistry Iab.CaroI was on the Honor Roll, a member of Student Council, vice-president of her Junior class, president of C.C.I:., chaplin, vice-president and treasurer of Delta Rho as well as I966 THlfS77ItUI Queen and a member of the May Royalty. Honor Student, DON MAXWELL, a music maior, was the recipient of an Honor Scholarship, a Saturday After- noon Music Club Scholarship, aWichita Symphony Scholarship, and a Citizen- ship Scholarship. He was a member of Student Council, a reporter on the 1.I!iK', president of MENC, president of Singing Quakers and vice-president of Circle K. He was a member of the i is SHEILA RATZLAFF, a music major, was a soloist for the Singing Quakers and the recipient ofthe Singing Quaker Scholarship as well as an Honor Scholarship. She was a member of Student Council, president and re- cording secretary of Mu Phi Epsilon, secretary of Singing Quakers, I962 Homecoming Queen and appeared on the Honor Roll. ....... 9 -lain. WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN .IERREE EHRLICH, a music education maior, found that prac- ticing took up a great deal of her time. However, she was ac- tive in I.O.M.'s, S.N.E.A.and M.E.N.C. She served as president and treasurer of Mu Phi Epsilon, treasurer of Singing Quakers, vice-president ofthe Women's Dorm, Women's Dorm representa- tive on Student Court, She was a member of the May Royalty and I965 Cherry Carnival Queen. M Q was if Xp .J -.,.. R, U a The IBM machine looked interesting to NANCY BRENEMAN, business and economics maior. Nancy appeared on the Honor Roll, was a recipient of an Honor Scholarship, was a member of Pep Club, Singing Quakers, Delta Rho, secretary of Phi Beta Lambda, treasurer ofthe Senior class and treasurer of the Women's Dorm. She was a member of the 'I965 Cherry Carnival Royalty and the May Royalty. Teaching was the goal of BECKY BUNTON, a music education maior, She received an Honor Scholarship and was a member of MENC, AGO, and Singing Quakers. She was chap- lin, vice-president, and recording secretary of Mu Phi Epsilon as well as vice-president of S.N.E.A. Chemistry maior PHIL RHODES was the recipient of an Honor Scholarship, Order ofthe Tower Scholarship, Phys- ics award and was the chemistry honor assistant. He was secretary of his Freshman class, a member of Stu- dent Council, a member of Singing Quakers, and president of A.K.T. He was selected the Outstanding Junior Man in l965. COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Looking over a book is SARA MCDON- ALD, a sociology maior. She was o member of pep club, o recipient of an Honor Scholarship, appeared on the Honor Roll, vice-president of Student Council, presiding officer and senior woman on the Student Court, president of C.C.F., and editor of the 1966 Talisman. She was named Outstanding Junior Woman and was a member of the May Royalty. Recipient ofthe Letterwomen's Scholarship and Merit Scholar- ship, VlRGlNlALEE DODD, physical education and recreation maior, was a member of C.C.l:., S.N.E.A. and Student Council. She was senior class secretary, editor of the Life and appeared onthe Honor Roll. HAROLD RUSH, mathematics and biology major set many new track records while he was at Friends. He was a member of Student Council, S.N.E.A., vice-president of C.C.F., president and secretary of the Men's Dorm, treasurer of Circle K, presi- dent of the Senior class and appeared on the Honor roll. He was the 1964 Cherry Carnival King and was chosen Outstanding Junior Man in 'l964. fe, ,W wx.. Q., ,ww ffifrgiii e xggw, K sw M. .n A 1 ? if r M' My V 3 2 ,. ,,,, K i , f A? ,E V f Q. -iw' , Ui A g ., , , 5 fffff 3 , 5 wg f 43 X 4 ,fjgggzgfk . , Q f. 5 f Q 3, l s E if 3 Z 5.2 it ,If 55 ,aiu if s gf 53- is i in f E15 ii 'L fl Sli K J Q if Q , P J 2 - . E2 ff il, 91:51 , M. is .ff ix 7: L -Agfa' .3 1 , f X is Q" f , -" ? I S 2 f ' nf i f 5 f, i 4 f 4:- - z W - ' f ,. , ,... . 'A N , , M ' -' s 5 I ,, , E? 'S -- - 55 - 5 ef-25593553351 K A7 ,.z33iz2i?5 : . ::K :::f:fff::E?5:':5.::-QE?" "f: ':' '5' f7ixii 5112: 1 ' mzifeuggegwrii ,211-5sQ'137- 'N LS' 7 fy - saga , :ff L ' Mk Hakwf fLs7Sm,+aswH5wwfwQwfL, f ,w1g12em- . wmsfgsig A N?w'2g?.W,A?2QQw,9zrf, if , f - 'H1'l55!Qsf ' V',f'w Q'5'f3:.," if-mi VTTN5? " m2 Qwfz .gf: fv5fN . 1w,, L S., , , f L.,QLi , V r wiki' 'fm 2 K7 Y IEP? PARTIES, PARTIES, PARTIES Eariy in November The big rgsn was an as vie Tour saciai saCieTies :Fade The big pasi: Tar hex, ihenibers. I.iTTIe swaying was Jane ThaT .week wiTh aII aT The Tarrnai and inTarnTaI parTies. Eridaw was The big day when The aeeisiaw was 'wade ana a saCieTy was pieagea. Karnma Omega Na Ties, nigh This xear ,4,' iTh Tneir "AaTarTTn I:IighT," Tne 'naneg raising ?raie:T .ras a big success wiTh The sT,idenT :asse-nge-rs and wiTh The sTadenT piIoTs. The 'raTji'ionaI Tarriify was sponsored CT Cnrisfnas. Farmais are a big Thing '.'.i'n The Iafa Tnefa ,',igi's and This yeari .'I' as no exCepTian. ,AT The Chrisfnias Tarnwai Tawa.Tc:nai JanTav,eng and i'.i.eIin:Ia Gardner were named Jack Eros? and SLlSjf Snai.wTIake. In- Tormai barTies ana a saring aambing Trio were among some aT The aTher acTiviTies aT The Them Ma's. Aipha Kappa Tau reaiiy gaT inTa The Ciirishnas sairiT aiang WiTh Their sisTer s0CieTy by sbansar- ing a Tarnily. Parfies are a big Thing wiTh any Caiiege s'aaIehT ana The AKT's ha:I many. DeITa Rho AIbha Na reaiiy gave Tneir aieages a Hgaedn 'inte daring iriTiaTiah. They Teak Tnevi OUT To The a:anTr5, and T.'. ere going To Ieave Tn-em buT :cr 'ra-bie 3V9VS'i'9QI 'he fasT gef-ainay, A spring Tarwai :.iT" 'heir bra'her sa:ieTy nighiignfed The , Q, . , sebana se'nesTer aC,iviTies. R7 T1 ' fwaanwewmm Q 4. ,i ak,-Q41 , ' ,Q .. " f,,., .1 '7 K M K r f Q 5? wadzlrfjii Curtis Parker, Mike Downing, Bill Gross, Terry Murray, Mr. Mccutcheon, Sponsor, John McGuire, John Huffman, Mike Wilson, 'H' 2 i 51' f View ff' 1 Aw. 13" V W f V' if., 'M ,, as s ,M sm L ii? ss ' 'i' , W M ' Y E aw A H , Mg J 9, K N N K , ' . mfg , 3' In ff M' li VJ ' 2 ' -- , 'S , 'iii QP? Jwfk? A in i , 1 iw- t " 1 ,iv lf i ' P up i il M5 'A 4 fam . uw ' ,. if 2 M M iii., 1. A , if M if ar fa i if W ....fJ?v'f i 1-k M W f Q- "A . Q , f, i "li J af 5' ,M A 5' fa A an K 7 ,g 1 ' Ni? all 'ff' ' V gms! Swv wr 7 gww- V K - 1 ' 4 5 2 , - 1 ,K MWQWW KK A-g- 1-if ww . , Kr? 32753 KAPPA ,ig WM - l ' -fyz ,, Q l 1 Q . ,v W omfoi .. ,..7,,.,5-we pf ,ggi We f lg W wrlielig L,-.Ky -f w-will 'Aff-f 'il e J ' K N if 1 1 f- ' Ka: Q ,Aw Hu 3 A555 if 4 9 . ' im 'xnxx K Xxx I k ..,Qe"""wK qi . ,. M.a,.VQ'i N ' 942' . . L m , 1.11 f 'N . X A, gk M , ,5 XA - f Je 1- , 'xi ,. 1 - ' A Q - ' K.-fl'f5Kig.f..fvy"y fi' I Q K V ' K ' K ' N5 . K K K i,,MKKKJM:i 5 eggs T K K,-4, KK Kd KK .K WL- 3' if ga, , I -.Nzwf f','5:xrKw. "K, f 'il vi 52 . ' Q A K ' ' - - K fm, xr f, . 2 1 fy- ,453 l V W ' ' 1.1 -Xfb-M'1'?-U A ' A - iw ' .. 4- 1 w . ' f M-M.W...... 1 ' A :efQf'x"ai1' A ', F723 "ff 4 ' '3 f . ' T, ' ,Kf -il fm 7 i L54 I l "M W'-Wim i V ss. "' l 'W ff.. . N "N we . H-. . l 'H' e ' in ' .A sir- , ., Y K , i ' 'li ,. WJ " Q 'K if M 3 .4 4' W1 5 ' P N ' iii iw wr.. ' W it ' . . 'X f ff- 1 A i f e f l . ll . l .. Q J 13 'ff ' 1 1 r'g"'S ay. Q i fish? M' '- v ". 1 wg rf X Qs fl V 'L 'Wh' "4a'.'!' 'L Y if w U X14-alll . wi:5"iai?'54 in nil" 'L -any Q is V ' A w, i L in -he A ' 5 1 . M, 4 ami.. 1+ . ,,1iAi-5-K,,. ,KM , 'f 3, .K W 5.1, K H 'Ma ,I me ' gen ., . 15, - - f., .-Juv ws, JM if W' 'Ka KK JK ,V 1. K k-.-R 1,2 405 11K Y K 7 Q ,K Ky . V .,,. L 1 M A K, K 1:,, - -K ,KK fr lg 3' ,Ik me .PKK KKK .HEKK W W ,. , I I V, XV . i mf .,,XK ,.4wK.,.1. Q. i Vi 3 ' if if if K A K'f"k'7"'K K' if we. 1 - -,f'4'Qf'r"f'r wifi .l Af j 6 iii? .fix KK ix," ,1 F. 45 11325, - ,f .K , ,K MK .l WK V V ,EK ,K , , .M ,ri ia ,K 5' gggp. -' 3 'Z' K jig ff J?-KG KK Ks K K. ig, Kmaigw? - .N g ff xg K' - 1 J, A 'ti ' .bf . Q .15 EW K , , - L- ' K 7. , ,T .0 , K K si' i' 1 at X it V 0 ,Ki L- : 'J 'fi I Kiki' i '.,. 35 fig. in ' .,, 'isflviggfli l lil Milf . 5 ,KKK i. K. F KK , E 4 ,, KK My . Q 4 KQKKKK, K.,, K .K KK Lit KKK ,fx 5 . ,J K .K K KJ! , KK , K Q Q...-Km KS,,K,KKm,K 'L V Q2 H ' K K I A . af .TQQK 'wig J .L - 1 f 'W .mf W f abs W, ffl' K if N f ' f, J' ,Wy . W 0 .-li.-nm, f if-we .X l l . Qi ls.. , l T ' , 1 'if -2. J' 1 A 'f ."'L Q p,w,'i"l- 7 W K V "4 '.'L ' A . - A 'Q i if ' ' L W 1 Q if . if l 2 ' f - V iz, ea wil, if Q21 i n - 4 We ., . . L1 il 2-sw -Y i 4 - wfasgwi -K fix! 'pb -'K . . A i ff 4 .9 -Y ' ,, 1 ig ,K 'K Q, Q,- K jg KKK e M K KSKZK 4 q,K,K.gK , . 1, K. 5 .vi . 495 E- K+KKbi,iQiKKKK,Ki me , . KKK . W .K ,fl Q ix sv -K K ,Q K, 1+ K w ik K K Gnmml 'if .mn l if l l fw..,q"'fw ,l ma. .e in ef' , f?f"'i A if ' " 'EM- , 'WK A : 1. V . - , .. , K - K 1 ,. ff. ,lv - ' - f-gk, fn -. 1 .rg 14' KK ws, Q- A" iz., lk... Y ww- Bob Mitchell, Towo1cl'1aiJcnfcwong, Bill Wycoff, Larry Newby, Mike Allen, cmd Sian Fitzgerald, President Q . ewes' it , 7 , ,vb g H ' K e ,gl , KK l 4 . , , .ig KK K H . . . l.ll l W f l A L, -vli L A 4-Q X ffv'?f3?, .. ' ,ee F . , T .l,.. irgiiiq-.Q ,xr el r f P-ffyy' if W- flgffa . , V ' f, 'L YK ' -K w KA KK f K . Q - L- A , ,5 K ,Ki K, at KK WK A A ,K ,W A , , ' . , 1 Ang a,u,,,J.,f- K ,er w M K ,l . K. l , 1, ff me 'X aw A 1--2 eil' M " e A ll ' 5 if +1 if 9 'Y 9 - if sw Q if M , Ki, 1: 1 K .iw , , Q Lg .4 Q 3 lei, ,KB X, Y ,K ,L '21 5 A y nga, W xg x Q if 45' 3 X ff Q 8 ii H' L P Q 1 Q K KK 4 ,, li F sa 4 gi W in X :gan Q :qv ,K l. Sw .l ll -K X M 2' .. ,, Q as ,ig 2255 3, l wr' , -. . .. l l . l , U -G5 ,fl 1 A iii' iii . 5, ' Q f A V K ak K G" fr Q 7 Q UV? V, ,' li A I' We ir V' KK I I 2, ,E - ,. V: L, V , . , ff 4 , . . V, -.1 ' Q , K W ,, M ' 2 f , ., , ' . X K' .-.ff , KW, . , .fi , . ., , ,. ,, . .M ,ww aww, K. ., Q fi rr we M Q A 5 5 5 T Q E 3 2 E ' lm, sauna... ly, l.. 3- '-"'l-- Zhu-. 1. 1 lg .1 1 . .. . Qi . n.., Q. wa, f Q , .. ,.,5: . wk . in ..,, iq, Y , V-'L .L.,: 7 -1, 7 , 'R ,is:"'. H ' ' ' - gf ,, i, ' 'igvw' vii, ., f w V , S I I .. ,, P' 1 fr: Q ,M in ii- 'H v "9 33 -F L H ' ' q O if 2,7 ' ,X s ' 4 , if - gg, - 12 . 5. , gin . o 5 , ' fi a 9' asus-au I 'W' :D iii: A N fei- all-1 M fr- , - ,- 1 'Q 'H f 2: -f L J , K 12 ' ' I J W F 1, Y ' "V v U x .f by if "if Q . 75 . fl I, ' f 1 l 1 ' ' f f 1 2 , , sf .- Q., - , MQ, ff in 'A ' "5 f ' f. 'Z f ' F n ' 7 Q Y W "H: ,, 'T ,X H QM' 5' X W .g"' ' ' 3' "SQL ti , 1.x ' P ' ,A .4 , - , 1 . wr' Q 4 w 4 'L ' 3.3. ie' w-.g, ' 4 ,e ,ig WF +, 4 .V , , - ,f 1 . ,- ,, ,, A 11471 if KRW. 'V f - ff -W Q- J. 'ik 'fb '.v A pf ' 7 Q 4 ,Q i w ' MM ' X". , wk '52 . W 4' 'uf' u' 5 "2 Rx '75 "ff Ysaig ,gk -, W Q ' V i s 3 n A. 3 ' 5. ' MQ ,Lf 4. 7 X ,A 1, Aifiiflu I Qi, "' K, diggs' 'if 5... -f' k R' ' 4 - V9 ' g 'L ' A 'K I H K iv' 'Z 4 if 3 QU H ' M' " Y ' ' e "' 1 liif , . sffff 4, ' . sr x -- ' , Q K -W 1. f f Q 1 K mv, Af .. 'ms A 4 - f X.. 1' V Li' 41,94 .- 9 ' f'4,Wf ui ,fi " ' . , tw ' Q? vs X 9: . n- sq w.,. ' 5- A ' if ' ,ugh 4 ' M ' , ilkmw A ,H .Y .. ,H 9. ax 2132, by A f f r , , ,, at W A M , A 1 , ,j,' - . 'gffwh W, , j . ' J f 'W A , 1 ,L kr.,,- , ,wsP?, 437, " , X '-" W 3 f-" T .',, 'Q A-,ja 1 , ml, I7 ' if? 5i,?z?" ' N, 3 . .9 ' , Norman Lindal ,Nuke Phil Smith Tom Fisher Robert Boewe A. J. Sales Phil Rhodes, President Lloyd Liby Frank Shultz Don Maxwell Dennis Pufcheff Mike Troutmcn Mr. Bonmcm, Sponsor 'wi , NR rf Neill Wheeler Stun Swinson Jim Day Ross Wakefield Keith Harrington Rick Sfouffer Keith Kirk Doug Teubner Brooks Peck Glen Fulkerson 1. I 5 '52 .iff v'i5fff ,- v-E V. F 7515 5-. H' 3- 4-in rw 0 0 0 4' 'K ii ju. Avi J 'd 'K ,Q is f i i P ri ,, , s X Q or E S 5 i i i 4 i L i i A f , 1, 4 A i gm 5 ',2ii,fz,53q':z f wif, me' 1 fl f 1,3 35912 , 5 5 ' f . 'W gi ,if ' ew, if K f . ' fr ir ,L 'ui i 3 i - px rl ' 2 - , Z Eff, I f "iff: hifi?" 2 I f gi., i A " A' i , www. -I V , 1 H., ..... 5 f l , ' iii ., Q, X, , , iv if :,ggf5?g7Zf, ,gidigf V ,fwfgg , qi.. Q 1 if 0 f'.,fx. iU'?L"f"i' ,X . ,P ,as in ga' f ' .Q el r 4 V., , A 1 H onyx -J A iw.. ,X has Af my W 'i""""i ii f AA LH-v Janice White, Sharon Zongker, Ruth Ann Knight, Linda Brown, Janet Forcum, Ruthie Parris, Sharon Hockefi, Priscilla Rankin, Faie Fergeson, Judy Moyer, Dana Lockwood, Judy Piaff, and Carol Roberts. ...M f 30.4, f sf if um L - L sm , WH' as., ' ? 5 f i f i l fi , ,L 1 ,iz , ' W K , I if V 5 ' ,Z F'7fvr'xffQ.:q.4f,f '4 7 cakes it ix lg ig, mi me Y i 5 ' J f ! is 1 ,. A, M.. Www ,....,,,,., H E 4 .S Q QE, i .BIB main, 3 . if-qwm-N , , fs- ,A Q n, ,eiwwaei W 'W' ' 101' ff' xx. u V' flldrwmw H Wilma Lanpher, Nancy Breneman, Judy Tiuden, President, Jeanne Woods, Linda Thornbro, Nancy Ellis, Carol Amey, Marilyn Shreve, Michele Loveless, Sherry Oliver, Vickie Riddel, Jerri Hoffine, and Jean Young. Eli 'PY New eu., rdf' Vs' Row I: Larry MatI1isgMarion Spatz, Presidentg Denny Rossg and Sheldon Carpenter. Row 2: Lana Mockg Vickie Davisg Shari Jonesg Marion Short and Ann Parker. Row 3: Pat Bishopg Leah Mcizarlandg Janice Whitey Betty Boltong Olive Gartong Donna Greeng and Becky Bunton. Row 4: Bill Grossg Mike Troutmang and Odus Isaacs. SOON WE'LL BE GIVING THE GRADES! Une organization on Campus wtticn every tuture teacnor gets acauainted Witn is Student National Educational Associa- Tian wnicn tttis year was under tlte leadersnip ot Marion Spatz. lnrauaiw S,N.if.A., tne students get a better idea ot :witat titeir role at a teaaiier wi ll ne like wlwen ttiey really get into the classroom. do ARSENIC and CLD LACE One of The hiQhlighTs ol The year was The presenTaTion of Joseph Kessel- rinQ's "Arsenic and Old Lace" by The Friends UniyersiTy Players. DoroThy Odom and l3auleTTe Logue were casT as The BrewsTer sisTers, Bill MalTer, as Their broTher, Teddy, and Daye Quick as lVlorTirner BrewsTer, Their nephew. 0Ther casT members were Tom Qoss, Paul STephens, l.ysle Da- vidson, JaaniTa Chance, RoberT Ham- mer, Bill Hayes, GarTh Morgan, Jeff Faabel, Dick WaTTenl3arger, and John lVlcGaire. :AXE NDJ BASKETBALL TEAM Steve Groningc, J fs 4R35N0.9 - Row l: Craig Hamlin, Dick Stone, Elton S QAENJJ, R84 Dennis Schroeder, Woyne Whitcomb J , sm Lovely, Marion Spofz ledge, Fred Boles, and Coach Moore. QENO 'X 33 if QM. N051 6 5 53 , Jim Nelson, Lloyd .XQXXE Nav, xENp +8100 52 gRlfN0Ja wi Na, 'ass 'JN 'mf ,XQQ N05 4 qxxiwpd, Liby, Greg Lassey, Odus lsaacs, Jack Sowcler, and John Bailey. Ro ilkey, Clyde Ellis, Ke ith Rucas, Rick Frendle, AQ is ou san Friends University nonorea senior Keitln Rosas tor it t t ding pertorman s in tire past tnree years by raw lnhbrlald int r ld d drill re irin ,is game ani orrn. e as een .e ea ing t t ll tn G CON SVGUCG GV, GU l'lGl'i'lG O 9 Ali-Con erence eann a ree years. Joining Keith on the All-Conterenc was sophomore Jim Lovely, who as given Honorable Mention o tne team, ine nialnlight ot trie seaso was true tirst pl Nebraska-Weslyan Tourna nt at the start ot tne season. Friends Nebraska Weslyan 74 Friends Sterling Friends Hastings, Nebraska 59 Friends Ottawa Friends Doane, Nebraska 59 Friends Tabor Friends Sterling 65 Friends College of Emporia Friends Ottawa 77 Friends Bethany Friends College of Emporia 90 Friends Southwestern Friends Bethany 84 Friends Baker Friends Southwestern 85 Friends Tabor Friends Baker 76 Friends Kansas Wesleyan Friends Kansas Wesleyan 100 Friends Bethel Friends Bethel 69 Friends lVlcPherson Friends lVlcPherson 69 50 Marion Spotz Odus Isaacs S E NIO R S Lloyd Liby Keith Rucos Left To righh Linda Brown, Nancy Breneman, Mary Kay Armstrong, Sara McDonald, Oclus Isaacs, Charlie Thiessen, Mrs. Cooley, Mr. Dove, and Noel Zahn. ln l959, The STodenT Cooncil onder l3residenT l:ranl4 Dorsey and Vice-PresidenT Jerry VagT, dreamed oT seTTi'Ta op a STodenT CoorT To enable The sTodenTs To have a parT in disciplinary aTTairs. ATTer a loT aT hard work and rnoch discossion, The sTodenT body approved The STodenT CoorT By-laws. Dorina The TirsT year several cases were handled by The CoorT and Then Tor several years The CoorT Tell inTo disose. ETTorTs in The pasT were made To bring The STodenT CoorT back inTo ose boT To no avail, This year, however, The CoorT was osed on several occasions. The STodenT CoorT Presiding. OTTicer is The Vice- PresidenT oT STodenT Cooncil who This year was Mary Kay ArmsTronQ. The TacolTy members were Mrs. Cooley and Mr. Dove, The Senior members were Sara McDonald and Odos lsaacs, The Jonior members were Linda Brown and Charlie lhiessen, and The Dorm represenTaTives were Nancy Breme- rnan and Noel Zahn. These members Took The responsibiliTy oi The CoorT very serioosly and Tried To make iosT and reasonable decisions. This is serious business f?l 52 COURT NOW SESSION AQ? LETTERMEN5 CLUB First row, left to right: Charlie Thiessen, President, Dave Barbosa, Phil Strange, Jim Morris, Rod Spatz, Jerry Hughes, Bruce Campbell. Second row: Odus lsaacs, Henry Jackson, Lloyd Liby, Frank Schultz, Jim Ellis, Rick Frendle, Jim Lovely, Dennis Schroeder. Third row: Dale Roach, Gordon Stowe, Albert Brimer, Dan Cutting, Hugh Nicks, Lewis Smith, Marion Spatz. Fourth row: .lim Day, Noel Zahn, Norman Lindal, Harold Rush, Dave Mendenhall, LeRoy Hunt. left to right: Ruthann Parris, Mary Kay Armstrong, Susie McDonald, Sandy Grissom, Cathy Opplinger. Terry Murray, President, Mike Downing, Mr. Nagley, Sponsor, Glen EuBanks, Curtis Parker, Mike SIGMA GAMMA PHI , BAND, COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA AND RECITALS QA ENRICH THE FINE ARTS PROGRAM EPssLoN 1 is gif? Z S V Q' 5 V .,E,-1: . HIT THE TARGET, NOT ME 58 Un The evening oT February 26, The Tower Tioor oT Davis AdrninisTraTion Buikjing Took on a carnival- like aTmosphere as The annaaT Cherry Carnivai was held. Judy Tiaden and Noel Zahn, co-Chair- rnen, saw To iT ThaT everyThing ran srnooThly. The TradiTional hooThs such as The DeTTa Rho Jaii, The AKT Drinking EooTh, The KON Qing Toss and The O.T.S.-Agri-ArTs Cherrypie conTinaed To be arnong The TavoriTes. New booThs and new ideas CoaTd he seen everywhere. Some oT The boys in Singing Quakers Tound ThaT eggs could hurT when They hiT. The WichiTa Kiwanis Choir and The crowning oT The king and gaeen highlighTed The program in The Fine ArTs Banding. I'IIdoi1 this fi . -1 Please don't throw it hard! G51 me out, I'rn innocent, 'Till Queen SHERRY OLIVER, Delta Rho Alpha Nu and King ODUS ISAACS, S.N.E.A 1 JANET FORCUM, Men's Residence Hull and STEVE GRONINGA, Women's Residence Hall LLOYD LIBY, AKT and JEANNE WOODS, Pep Club CHERRY CARNIVAL ROYALTY a flfafiecmaf Qcvlfeqzale BETA 8 Ufzqamyaflza Accomolislnmenlsz Sponsors Tne Seal Renfol Concession Originalors ol ine Cliapel Pillow Travelers To Business Convenfions Second in Stole ljlwi Befo Lombdo "Vocabulary Relay Clirisimas Wild Game Feed Q Seated Peggy Gouchenour Becky Sfromberg and Anna Thompson Second Row: Mr. Ellett, Ray Rollins Mike Wemmer Mark Samuelson Third Row Dave Brehm Bob Lorenz, President, Claude Neill, John nil WSSQ. -is At Friends! Hork! Do I hear o Junior? N'---.,-asus, Jani . I ' A ' -..-iff: .SQ -,.. if TSW, .P Q " T .. qv . if is We wont to report some 'missing' seniors. d But Ann, I wcnf some Too. ,ff . fl! Q -: :h'f:1'?F':, - A' A.ff""ffrff ' T 7 T ,, sil, 5 .WFV ,ig s . .sr eww. 5 ,rf . gg '11, L 5155.2 ' ' The Juniors were busy at it all night. SENIORS OUTSMART JUNIORS i.oTe on Morch 2, The olorm rong ouT os The Juniors QoT on The phone. The Seniors were missing ond iT Wos The Tosk oT The Juniors To Tind Them. QoTTling doors ond iooking in windows, The Juniors hunTed cili over Town. They were privileged in meeiing severoi oTTicers oT The WichiTo Police Force ThroughouT The evening. Meonwhi le hook oT o church, The Seniors soT oround vvoTchinQ ond lisTening To The Juniors who were oil Too close Tor comTorT. In The eoriv morning hours The Seniors Took o "ComTorTobie" Truck ride To Brovvn's Griii To woiT ouT The iosT Tour hours. The mogic hour oT Ten orrived ond The Seniors reTurned To Compus The VTCTORS. 63 FRIENDS UNIVERSITY MODEL UNI TED NATIONS l3residenT aT The Assembly, QuThann Parris, called The Second Friends UniyersiTy Model UniTed Na- Tions To order on March Q. presenT were Tour hundred sTudenTs Trom sixTeen colleges and high schools. Many Friends sTudenTs were moTiyaTed To parTicipaTe by Mr. Nagley who made iT a proiecT in several oT his classes. 'lhe Two-day General Assembly culminaTed a year's work for SecreTary-General Mary Kay ArmsTrong and her sTaTT. During The Assembly, The sTudenTs Tried To puT Themselves in The place ol The coun- Tries They represenTed. The issues were The same as The ones presenTly before The real UniTed Na- Tions. DebaTe became heaTed and Teelings ran high oyer several ol The issues. AT one poinT PorTugal and SouTh Africa Walked ouT, Red China was re- fused admission and SouTh Africa was condemned Tor her racial pracTices. The sTudenTs Tound The Model UniTed lNlaTions a rewarding learning experience as They aT lasT Tound Themselves undersTanding a liTTle more abouT whaT is happening around The world. Time weriT all Too TasT and The Model UniTed IXlaTions was broughT To a close vvirh some issues sTill To be debaTed. Maybe nexT year They will be heard. E N A S llllarch 29 April 2 April 11 April 12 April 16 April 23 April 30 lVlay 7 lVlay 10 66 N I S on E B A Northwestern Baker Bethany KWU Wichita State Northwestern Sterling KWU C. of E. - A S., 44 Nlarch 19 Apri 1 Apri 7 Apri 99 Apri 15 Apri 16 Apri 19 Apri 22 Apri 26 Apri 29 llllay 3 llllay 7 May 10 llllay 13 May 19 Nlay 28 Dennis Jcnfze, Jon Folber, John Ccsner KSU lndoor Meet Bethel Southwestern Oklahoma Christian R Sterling Emporia Bethel 81 Tabor Ottawa Relays Sterling Southwestern Relays Bethel Graceland Relays Doane Relays Southwestern 8. Tabor K.C.A.C. A.A.U. elays FRIENDS UNIVERSITY SINGING OUAKERS A IoneIy remindei' of a long trip. 68 Row I: Gay Morton, Hiroko Ito, Karen Gregory, Sharon Jones, Linda meI, Alice I:an,.Ierre EhrIich, Linda Brown, Paula Brown, Ruth Barbosa, Adams, Donna Carlton, and SaIIy Lonneke. Row 2: Carol Roberts, June EIIis, Linda Hatcher, Pam Jensen, Sharon Zongker, Susan Jones, SuIIard, Sheila Ratzlaff, Becky Bunton, Judy Tiaden, Judy Lonneke. MitcheII, Weldon Hyde, Glen Fulkerson, Noel Zahn, Vernon Chandler, Terry Yates, Bill CaIIaway, and Dennis Patchett. Row 4: Rick Stauffer, John Ricketts, Stan I:itzgeraId, Dick Busby, Kent Roberts, Dennis and Tim Bennett. Unruh, Paulette Logue, Nancy Breneman, Coeta Weidner, Luanne Hum- Carole Finley, Vickie Breneman, Jeanette Davis, Fran Smiley, Sharon Cartwright, Lynna Holland, Charlotte Sooter, Peggy Compton, Nancy Beverly Ashworth, Paula Sonner, Lorry Smith, Linda Bingham, Sue Row 3: Earl Whiteman, Billy Grahm, Evan Hockett, Denny Ross, Thomas Norman Lindal, Dick Casey, Bob Fleming, .lack Bartlett, Brooks Peek, Tony Ashworth, Bob Warren, Ron Dillon, Don Maxwell, Phil Rhodes, Peters, David Jones,Nolan Pridemore, Marty Rhodes, Sheldon Carpenter, No longer do the sounds ot the Singing Quakers ring through Davis Administration Building during titth hoursr The old practice rooms ot South Hall are no more. The Singing Quakers have moved to the beautitul new l:ine Arts Building. The Sym- ohonic Choir ot Friends University, as they are tormally called, has come a long way in tiieir more than torty years. Many tours nave been taken and many concerts given. This year is no exceotion. The year began tor tiie Singing Quakers when they sang at the Kansas Yearly Meeting. Atter that came Dr. lQay's ln- auguration, the Bach Festival, The Messiah with the Wichita Choral Society and many otner :on- certs. With the director, Dr. Cecil Piney, Vie an- nual soring tour took the choir to the west coast and a very successtul tour. The year ended with the traditional Symphony ot Spring and the crown- ing ot the Queen ot May. 69 Porlraits by Marla Borniger M A Y Q U E E N Nancy Breneman 1 s Carol Amey May Court i Sara McDonald Marion Short Phyllis Winfrey Jerree Ehrlich Q Seated left to right: Mr. Raines, Sponsor, Bill AufderHyde, Mr. Wiebe, Sponsor, Bill Gross, President, David Macy, Dick Carlburg. Standing: Willace Forest, Ted Torkelson, Elbert Ware, Bob Clark, Wayne Dilts, Dave Williams. AGRI-I-ARTS 2 Sharing a common interest in agriculture and in- dustrial arts at Friends University are members ot the Agri-I-Arts Club. Underlying club activities are the basic purposes ot promoting cooperation study and experimentation, contacting various leaders in the tield, and encouraging the use ot improved methods and procedures. A tour of the Wichita Municipal Airport tower, southwest ot the city, headed a list ot varied acti- vities this year. Educational tilms were shown at a number ot club meetings, and during second semester members helped to plan tor the third an- nual lndustrial Arts Fair which was held May 6-7, 1966. Fall found Agri-I-Arts members at a hamburger try and on December 6, l965, ioined with their sister organization, Omicron Tau Sigma, tor a Christmas party. Plans for a spring tishing trip were made. T , 1? Seated left To right: Connie Edgington, Hiroko Ito, Standing: Towclfchci Jonfawong, President Mike Wilson, George Viegelmann, Onesiphorus Kamana. FROM MANY COUNTRIES On The Friends Campus There are sTudenTs Trom many CounTries from af! over The world. The In- TernaTional Relanons Club sTrives To bring These sTudenTs TogeTher vviTh The American sTudenTs. The programs consisT of The cusToms oT The various Cuhures ThroughouT The worid. I .M I1"s starting to look nicer. Here' HHS 'S the Mggest one' WITHIN HER STORIED Watch out! Here comes another one! Now my plans for Sfuco are . . . Stuco responsed with enthusiasm. 711 ! No Thank you, Larry, I just want to faint. Me catch'em falcon. WALLS CLINGS L kv M Zigi! Ladies, there are seats farther on! i Charlie' if was The other phone that rang! Roy Blackwood was fhe 1965 Christian Emphasis speaker. 75 V zgefmmseg ,. X CAFETERIA STAFF - Left to right: Diane Parkinson, Chris Hafner, K. Stanley, E. Maddox, M. Rush, Judy Piaff, H. Forworfhy, D. Whifers. Second row: Jeanne Woods, Sharon Hockeff, Jim Ellis, A. Kliever, John Easley, Steve Groninga, Jack Thorpe, Thomas Edwards. Q How do l love thee? Gee, it'lI fir anywhere. l'll fake five! Last ofthe big spenders. MEMORY Cramming for a final. THOSE HOURS QS Oh, I think she'll give me an "A"! Draft board is breathing down my neck. 77 9 Talisman Sta Looks pretty good, doesn'T if? Hey, look at that candid sh Editor ......... . . . Sara lVlcDonald Business Manager . . . ...... Dave Brehm Class Editor ..... .... C arol Frederick Society Editor .... ......... S usie lVlcDonald Sports Editor . . . ........... Warren Elliott Staff ....... . . . Don Degrazio, Renee Weills How much do you Think we can get from him? WE DO HAVE TALENT During March, Friends held a talent show which was the first step in a Kansas Conference Talent Contest. There were seven entries ranging from a skit to a piano duet. The voting of the audience chose Donna George and the Specters, Milton Poling and Lamont Dearing, as the Friends representatives to the regionals held in late March. The regional winners then went on to the finals in April. " . WHERE DREAMS WERE DREAMED . " The year at Friends has ended and many dreams which were dreamed have come true. The student body passed a new Stuco constitution and the Student Court met tor the tirst time in several years. The sports department had one ot its best seasons since Friends ioined the Kansas Athletic Conference. The Singing Quakers had a very successtul tour to the west coast and the Dramatics department was active with sever- al successtul plays. In the preceeding pages the Talisman has tried to capture some ot these moments tor you. Some ot you were caught att guard but as you were seen by others. Now we would like tor you to meet the individuals who made up Friends University, the administration, statt, faculty and students. 35? :W - ht. Z Vg -x gs-A' 'Q 'gtaswi :xnxx A 1 5 ' 'A W :Lk ' A354 X, , h Y ix 'M W.,-w , Y" 5 fx xx f-, 51 'L -:Uv FA , xl. 4 sp X 5 ' ' ' , C! ow' 0' ali A , 1 xv f X I G gl .Aid ' E' X . x X U 1 Qi 53 Y- bv L,.,. ,.,4 R 'Q 2 x R I ' Va? FACULTY A D DMINISTRATION Q ,Q rf, A ' 4 r S' ii iii 3 1 Y i i , ii ' 3 ii f f sir Z as 4 J Ts' ' .9 r if si r Q 2 1 fi 5 i fi E si .. , THE OPEN DOOR As Presidenf of Friends Universiry, Dr. Roy F. Roy is o very busy rnon. Yer os one woiks down The hoil, he dis- covers The PresidenT's door oivvoys open when Dr. Roy is on cornpos. This is on open invifofion Tocome in. Dr. Roy vvos grodoofed from Berhony Nozorene Coilege ond received his Docior of Diviniry from Cenfrol Bopfisr Theo- iogicoi Serninory. He served os o postor for severoi yeors os Weil os Teoching or Friends before he become President. S dz E IC de , Frank Hoover, Luis Casado, Olive Garvey, Lois Finley, Ernest Boles, Robert Davis, eate ar o r President Dr. Roy Ray, Keith Parker. Standing: Jim Perkins, Paul Brown, Ray Hays. BOARD OF DIRECTORS A group which does a lot for Friends University is the Board ot Directors. Robert L. Davis was named the new Board Rresident this year. Upon assuming his responsibilities, he said "lt will be the task ot the B d t D' tors to work with Rresident Ray and his administrative statt to maintain an institute whic oar o :rec encourages critical inquiry and investigation yet is dedicated to Christian principles and is deeply con- cerned tor the welfare and intellectual achievement ot each student." The Board members are Mrs. Nelle Beals, Wendell Ferguson, Ray Fitch, Frank Hoover, Mrs. Oliver Garvey, Walter Harmon, Ray Hays, Maurice Jettery, Lloyd Johnson, N. Russell Johnson, Richard Knabe, James Lew, David Mercer, Coy L. Morgan, ' ' ' i ' 'l R W It r R t r Mullen Keith Rarker, Jim Rerkins, Daryl Ritts, Maurice Roberts, Merle Roe, Mi ton oss, a e roc o , Sears, Warren Stantield, l-lovvard Sumner, David Waugh, Clarence Wheeler, Raul White and Robert Williams. ADMINISTRATION Tnis year began nor only wifb a greai number of new sfudenis bui' wirli a completely new adminis- irarion. Tbe new Dean and Regisirar was Dr. Harley Siuclfy. He Came To us wirb a grear deal of experience beliind bim and brougbi many new ideas To Tlwe l'lean's and Qegisrrar Uilice. Underfaking Tbe big responsibiliiy oi Tbe Direaror oi Deyelopmenr was Dr. lylilron Grassell. He was lfepi busy all year especially during February wben Tbe Living Endowment Drive was Conduaied among Tbe alumni. Ilwe new lace in ine oiiice oi The Business Mana- ger was Delmar Cook. He was smiling Tbe wbole time He Took our money. Funny we were nor always smiling. Dr. Hurley Sfucky Dean and Registrar Dr. Milton Grassell Director of Development 84 if u,vAi.15 Delmar Cook Business Manager Justin Brown James FaubeI Director of Administration Director of Stiwlerzt Affairs and Psychology ADMINISTRATIVE PERSCDNNEL Evelyn Clark David Hitclwock Robert Drury Larry Meredith Assistant Registrar Admissions Counselor Director of Alumni Relations Dirrctor of Alumni Rclritions 85 STAFF Fonda Beck Dorothy Bernson Secretary to Director of Development Business Office 'Hp-v Travis Chappell Amy Cobb Daisy Cook Assistant Librarian Librarian Business Office Dorothy Cook Weston Cox Winifred Cox Mary Davis Registrar's Office Head Resident Men's Residence Hall Resident Men's Residence Hall Receptionist Lois Ferman Lois Finley Opal Hatfield Nurse Secretary to the President Secretary in Public Relations Fred Hoyt Ellen McCarthy Museum Curator Business Office Num? Garey Martin Ruth Perisho I.B.M. Operator Bookstore Manager me Ruth Reid Shirley Williams Maxine Winters Head Resident Women's Residence Hall Secretary to Alumni Relations Registrafs Office FACULTY A school is more Than iusi o building. IT is made of sTodenTs, faculty ond The spirif which prevoils. The loculfy oi Friends does o great deol To see Thoi' our ofmosphere is filled with educohonol op- porfunifies. However, our focolfy members ore more Thon iusi educofors, Through Their voried ociiviiies os sponsors ond odvisors To Campos oC'riviTies They prove To be friends of The sTodenTs. Willard Banman LeRoy Brighfup Biology Bible Margaret Conway LaVerla Cooley Sociology Spanish James Abrell Dorothy Adcly Speech ana' Drama Music Verna Buchnan Pauline Casado Home Economics History and Political Science Dorothy Craven Robert Dove English Biology Ho mer Ellett Economics and Business Administration 'QW R "'4 Elsa Haury Verlin Hinshaw Music Bible obert Johnson Marie Kossouny Physics Music N orr i s Hodge Economics David Mccutcheon Secondary Education Robert Meyers Phillip Miller Moiorie Morgan Robert Moore English Mathematics Elementary Education Physical Education is Philip Nagley Jacob W. Nickel Mabel Pen,-Od History ana' Political Science German and Philosophy Malhemazics is l William Perry Essie PIGTT Oscar Powell Music Secretarial Training, English Psychology A ' in ! Lee Raines Margaret Raines Isabel Rankin Karin Rieger Agricullure Home Economics English French Cecil RlDeY Ralph Samuelson Prcdip Sarkar Music Chemistry Chemistry lm,- Alfred Smith Belvc Suffer Kiersti Swanson Psychology English and Education Physics and Mathematics Leila Tl'1Om0S Hubert Wiebe Som Wilkey Pauline Wine Accounting Industrial Arts Physical Education Physical Education 55. Sg Y' Y' W" Y 4' 'L' - . K l J' ff' 3 in L STUDENTS SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Mr. Wiebe, Sponsor, Larry Ehrlich, Vice-President, Harold Rush President, Nancy Breneman, Treasurer, Ruth Barbosa, Chapel Representative, Virgunlalee Dodd, Secretary, and Bruce Campbell, Chapel Representative. Ji PEARL ALPHIN CAROL AMEY Elementary Education Chemistry RUTH BARBOSA LOANNA BASORE Spanish Psychology LAWRENCE ARMSTRONG Economics and Business Administration KENNETH BISHOP Psychology VIRGINIA BAKER Music PATRICIA BISHOP Biology MARY BLANKINSHIP Elementary Education RUBY BOHL Secretarial Training BETTY BOLTON Secretarial Training -3'5" REBECCA BUNTUN Elementary Education LEILA CLUFF Psychology-Sociology 614..w4i DAVID BREHM, Jr. Economics 8 Business Administration, Psychology NANCY BRENEMAN Economics and Business Administration ii if 0 -- fin W.. XV, xl 'T' If BRUCE CAMPBELL DARLENE CAMPBELL DICK CASEY Physical Education Home Economics Music Education ga ,.. W S, W 3. ff s ii 235 c ,,,, - E JAMES COKE .IEANETTE CONYERS TOM DeLONG Bible Elementary Education Sociology K L Q 'I F 409 Senior Disp SENICRS Continued Icy it 1: 5 f. , Q ,5 E 5' , RON DILLON VIRGINIALEE DODD DENNIS DODY JERREE EHRLICH Music Education Health, Physical Ed., Economics and Music Education Recreation Business Administration LARRY EHRLICH Economics and Business Administration OKON EKWO ROSE MARIE ESTILL BERNICE FRIEND Sociology Spanish Elementary Education OLIVE GARTON Elementary Educatio CONNIE GREEN Home Economics WILLIAM GROSS Industrial Arts PHOEB E HAMILTON Elementary Education ITO HIROKO Music 1 T 3'l"f"'t 5 "' A4-zizfgliff. A if Q .KvY X we L, E, BETTY HIXSON BARBARA HOWARD JOHN HUFFMAN WELDON HYDE Elementary Education Home Economics Economics and Not Graduating Business Administration LEVI IGAMBI ODUS ISAACS TAWATCHAI JANTAWONG CAROL JOHNSON Biology Health, Physical Ed- Agriculture Music Education Recreation SENICRS Continued Giving blood wasn'1 so bad, was if, Mary Kay? K ioiii o ii a l 1 iiiiii ii : y L iiiii iooo iii l l GORDON JOHNSTONE E W ROBERT JONES JOAN KLETlscH RON KRAFT Economics and Health, Physical Ed., Home Economics lndusfrial Arfs Business Adminisfrafion Recreation ful KATHY KNEE WILLIAM LeCLERC HAZEL LEE LLOYD LIBY Music Educafion Elementary Educafion Elemenfary Educafion History BETTY MCCASLIN Health, Physical Ed. Recreation ROBERT MCCASLIN Agriculture SARA MCDONALD Sociology LEAH JEAN MCFARLAND Elementary Education JAMES MCINTOSH Bible 'I+-'f , ,Y 39 Nr--rf FRANCES MCMILLEN BILL MALTER LARRY MATHIS DON MAXWELL Elementary Education Psychology Not Graduating Music Education TRUDY MILLER ROBERT MITCHELL LANA MOCK DUANE MORGAN Elementary EClUCGfl0fl Mathematics, Economics Elementary Education Biology and Business Administration SENIORS Continued EAMES MoRRis Healfh, Physical Ed., Recreafion your money SUE MUHL ENBRUCH NOT Graduating WAYNE MUMAW LUVENIA ODEN Heal1l1, Physical Ed., Nof Graduafing Recreation PAT O'NElLL DALE PARKER SHEILA RATZLAFF PHILLIP RHODES Elementary Educafion Agriculture Music Education Chemisfry CAROL ROBERTS Music KENT ROBERTS Psychology RAYMOND ROLLINS Economics and Business Administration JUDY ROTH English HAROLD RUSH Mathematics and Biology ji- SUE SCHUESSLER FRANK SCHULTZ MIRIAN SHORT JOAN STOVALL Elementary Education History Home Economics Elementary Education ,1 I .u- .Y 1' " M3 ,A ,- if 11 S? Q l f A ' if Y, I fra TERRY STRAHM JUDY TJADEN LARRY TWEET BETTY VENNEBERG Not Graduating Secretarial Training Bible Elementary Education SENIORS Continued affirm 1 I 1' at QI ' f,A7 The upperclossmen showed the Freshmen how. MELVIN WHITE SARA WILEY Industrial Arts Sociology ,f PHYLLIS WINFREY MELVA WULF JENNIFER YATES Elementary Education Elementary Education English PX . o ii v if f ,EZ 155 . 4, ,sr 24-fl, , bw . W, -navb- fx' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Lewis Campbell, Vice-President, Denny Ross, Chapel Representative, Susie McDonald, President, Ruthanne Parris, Secretary, Linda Brown, Treasurer. Not pictured: Sharon Zongker, Chapel Representative. l Don Bales Robert Berry Robert Boewe JUNIORS Peggy Abrell Mary Kay Armstrong Beth Bowen L inda Brown if l JUNIORS Continued K ., 'i Junior Display Pcnti Brown Lewis Campbell Sheldon Carpenter Sung Clnoi Jonathan Coke John Conyers Marvin Couchmon Arvella Davis i011 Vicki Davis William Dorsey Warren Ellien James Ellis Thomas Fisher Stanley Fitzgerald Rufh Ann Knight Linda Koleczek Albert Kutschara Deng Kwak ,4 Keith Harrington Tore Hewelff Jerri Heffine Pam Jensen Janet Gebharf Jim Gerfeis Karen Gregory Janet Hadley Daryl Johnson Shari Jones Onesiphorus Kamana Donna Kinney JUNIORS Continued The Juniors may not have gotten the trophy buf -they got ft-me queen, The Juniors worked hard on their homecoming display. Greg Lassey Ingrid Leo Glen Loder Paulette Logue Maxine McCartney Terry McClure Susie McDonald Dflvid Mendenhall 106 ,wif Q-...wi Carol Lupton fi 5 2 .'i':sfiZ3u. ewzgwoglriafmwwfttffw -f f f mt. -'-' effigy K iwfii - - U , , gisfistigiif s ' ' I 1 1 VLJZI If J, k: , i ' ." , .A 1 . Wg - I Q I- M5,"4QY' it Q Q - swing , I -- 1 4 , i .af K i Marcia Morris Judy Mayer Claude Neill Hugh Nicks Dorothy Odurri Anne Willis Mike Wemmer Noel Zahn Sharon Zongker A Diane Sarkar Bates Shaw Lorrie Smith Louis Terrell 5 i Ann Parker Rufhanne Parris Harold Rigsby Dennis Ross Charles Thiessen George Vance Gloria Votow Renee Weills SOPHOMORES lv X --...-- f--,hh -vw si Ken Anderson resenfafiveg und Peggy Gouclwenour, Treasurer. William Auf Der Hyde fv- SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Dave Barbosa, Presidentg Sherrie Lindsfrom, Vice-President Don Degrazio, Chapel Representafiveg Connie Edgington, Secrefaryg Donna Green, Chapel Rep Raymond Bagsliaw David Barbosa Vickie Breneman Paula Brown Juanita Chance Peggy Compton Joyce Corkill Jeanette Davis Dick Busby Don Degrazio 'lfrvw-.,,, Douglas Eckels Connie Edgingfon Robert Evans James Faubel Foie Fergeson Greg Fewin Carole Finley Janet Forcum Carol Frederick Melinda Gardner Peggy Gouclmenour Bill Graham Wayne Dilfs Mike Downing John Easely Donna Green Mary Haynes Marilyn Hitchcock Sharon Hockeft Lynna Holland I lr! SOPHOMORES Continued Jerry Hughes Stewgslve Sophomore Display Henry Jackson Loreffa Kerr Roine Klassen Wilma Lampher Ella Lee Sherrie Lindsfrom l Sylvia Liffie Ann McGill Mike McKenna David Macy Paulette Mann lla Martin Opal Mifchener Gay Morton Terry Murry Larry Newby l i l l - Ls.nfES8z-w?6a.1Qi.ig.if' A 'A 'Ik 112' 2, Catherine Oppliger Colleen Peebler Brooks Peek Nolen Pridemore David Quick Mary Lin Ray Gay Reese Donna Reschke Martin Rhodes Marilyn Rohrig Pat Royer Karen Sellers Dixie Snavely Kathleen Southard ' gqggew Terry Spradlin Glenn Sprague Bill Stark Randy Sfrassburg Gordon Stowe Sue 5UllCll'd ? fevzegbgg ,' ,SW .. . , NW, fy 1 ev ljemx, zefgfik ex Q H Hffsf-.. S W 1 S 4 Q 33, 5 kwa 9 fx S 5 51 N S2 swf 'Ns mga! X ,Q SSS sim jan K W5 v ew -1 ' 1. .ribzgsew M 55353 pp 1 fy-uf ,wwf , xggf'iTK Mafia , .. .-ff, aw f 1' 'i',.g,1i?,z5 LW-' ., , 'L 'W helm fy 71 'Z ,, ,ff .9 ' V. .L,. , g 1 ni. , V trncna Tabor Jerry Taton Linda Thornboro Sondra Tnnker The Sophomores ge? theur revenge Earl Whlfeman Jeanne Woods Jean YOUHQ Sue Zahn QW 5 A fgiisbsa FRESHMEN 'f' Ronald Agee - Sherman Arnold 3 Carol Ashe fifrff Pat Barrett Gary Beeley Donna Lee Bell Q Richard Benham Robert Bosley FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS: Jim Day, President, Chris Hafner, Treasurer, Paula Hart- well, Secretary, Paula Sonner, Chapel Representative, Karyl Lupton, Vice-President, and John McGuire, Chapel Representative. John Braz Gregory Brown Roaer Brown Joanne Buckland Larry Cero - 'M :QU Alberta Christy Paul Clark Robert Clark Marguerite Cole Cheryl Cramer Lysle Davidson Jim Day Lamont Dearing E. J. Donckhurst John Dopps - V - - - 3 . W ' 1 119 - '- fiilsifsfw 7 slew dazsfzywi " ' m l, i',-2 246 iigfsii V Q., K- 1 . isiiggsyiis ,ii ,hr liS2i1il59Y! : QQKSS-:bz3f35SE 5 . will-Wyatt :. -, .. -5, ,mfr-wwf-:,. - -- , ,,.,. amy-53:1 ' N255 555 1517 5 ' mfyfzsvifvgirsseggfszif- H , , v ii-,, k K ,X , ,ii.,, , .K -- ss?z1Q,z:as?w:. ' :: ?JWiSl??5tS?- ,iigsx-wgwssii Fm z . ,S . M - . 5-,Lf gy? V .Q T, fx: .QL 1.41 it ' 1: ' S S, X1 S 2 W , W it ,-,,. f gf Nancy Dorsey Clyde Ellis Jerry Emrich and Glenn Eubanks Alice Fan John Folber FRESHMEN Continued -2 f at, Vk ff '4 .K sf .. is f if f i : 3 I Wiipf: Wallace Forrest Freshmen Display Glen Fulkerson Judifh Gwinup Chrisfine Hafner craig Hamlin Bob Hammer Glenn Hampton Lynn Harrley Paula Hartwell Nancy Henderson Richard Gilberr Larry Gregg Sandra Grissom Harold Gr0fl'1 Julia Holt Larry King Linda King 'Z Marilyn Hurst Dennis Janfz Sally Jenkins Susan Jones Diane Kingsley Keith Kirk Charlene Link Larry Logue ..,, . h, A.,, , A Michelle Loveless Karyl Lupton Anita Lynch John McGuire Terry McKelvey Fred McMillen Bill Mann -lim MGHV1 Patricia Mark Lorraine Martin Glen Merriman Jane? Myers FRESHMEN Continued Do I really have To wear if? Marsha Nelson Judy Nielson Jeff Ocheltree Anita Oestreicher Nancy Opkyke Curtis Parker Diane Parkinson - 5 e ,V N5 ,W ' U , L3 is l Allen Perry Dave Petree Judy Piatf Milton Poling Bruce Potter Priscilla Rankin Ron Renaldi John Ricketts .5 Vicki Riddel Gary Riffey Dean Robinson Ilene Rusco Dennis Schroeder 'Zi i is gg 1 Beverly Seifert Karen Seyfert Elton Sledge Lowell Smith Suzi Soloway Paula Sonner Luther Stafford Richard Stauffer Larry Stemloer Richard Stone Becky Ann Stromberg 9' Don Sumner Stan Swinson Dennis Snyder Lcrue Terrell Doug Teubner 45' Ace Todd Anna Thompson Mike Tolle Ted Torkelson Anita Towns Charles Troux Marine Two Hafehen Lindo Lee Unruh Michael v.-my 2, x Geor e Vie e mann Alongxfotawg I Continued Neill wheelef Mr. President, whaf are we Freshmen supposed to do? Russell White Leroy Wlllis P' Friends University for a distinguished Liberal Arts Education? ACTIO if Advertising ff Camera Antics if Faculty Index ar Student Index This year we had a well-built football team. G0- 0 Ma Kettle rides again! Our girls get better looking every year! l 0 You re in the E AI.IvE!PepsiGeneraIi3 Abrell, James . Addy, Dorothy. . Banman, Willard Brightup, LeRoy Brown, Justin . . Buhler, Wesley . Buchanan, Verna Casado, Pauline Clark, Evelyn , . Conway, Margaret Cooley, LeVerla Cook, Delmar . . Craven, Dorothy Dove, Robert . . Ellett, Homer . . Faubel, James Haury, Elsa . l've seen better looking SUPPORT YOUR TALISMAN ADVERTISERS legs on a Pool Table! l 1 41 FACULTY and ADMINISTRATION INDEX ..14,88 88 ..42,88 ..29,88 ..85 .. I8 ..88 ..88 ..85 88 ..52,88 ..84 88 ..s2,88 ..62,89 85 ..89 Beck, Fonda ...... Hinshaw, Verlin . Hitchcock, . . . Hodge, Norris . . . Johnson, Robert . Kassouny, Marie . McCutcheon, David Meredith, Larry . . Meyers, Robert . . Miller, Ann Marie Miller, Philip.. Moore, Robert . . . Morgan, Jamorie . Nagley, Philip . . Nickel, Jacob. . . Penrod, Mabel. . . Perry, William. . . Platt, Essie . . . .89 85 . . 62,89 . . 89 ....89 ..38,89 .. 17,85 ..89 56 89 ..I7,I8,48,89 89 ...54,64,65,90 90 .90 90 .. 17,90 STAFF INDEX 86 Bernson, Dorothy .... . . 86 Blumanhourst, Loreta . . . . 56 Chappell, Travis . . . . . 86 Cobb, Amy . . . . 86 Cook, Daisy . . .. 86 Cook, Dorothy. . , , , 86 Cox, Weston . . , , 9,86 Cox, Winifred . . . . 9,86 David, Mary . . , , 86 Ferman, Lois . Finley, Lois. . . Hatfield, Opal. . Hoyt, Fred . . . . McCarthy, Ellen Martin, Carey . . Perisho, Ruth . . Reid, Ruth .... Williams, Shirley Winters, Maxine. Powell, Oscar. . Raines, Lee . . . Raines, Margaret . . . . Rankin, lsabel . Ray, Roy . . . Rieger, Karin . . Riney, Cecil . . ..90 ..90 .....90 .....9O . . 3,30,l5,28,82 90 91 Sarkar, Praclip. . . . 9I Samuelson, Ralph . . 91 Smith, Alfred . .. . . .. 91 Stucky, Harley . . . . . I5,84 Sutter, Belva . . . . . . 9'l Swanson, Kiersti . . . . 91 Thomas, Leila . . . . . 9l Wiebe, Hubert . . . .... 91,94 Sam Wilkey . . . 'l8,48,9'l Wine, Paul ine . 87 .87 87 ...30,87 87 . 87 87 .. 8,87 .. 87 .. 87 91 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE TALISMAN I966 Ucwgfzaiwlafizcuw Semafm malilm lsorni er rlooimr il Many thanks to the entire Student Body, Faculty and Staff tor your patronage and continued loyalty. 1904 West Douglas - Wichita, Kansas - Phone AM 4-2004 Mr. Edwards prepares the best Bar 1' is side of SUNDRIES FOUNTAIN MEDICINES SIMON SUNDRIES 1933 W- MAPLE -B-Q dog :tug ,Q-J I' The MIS' ' I l've got a wife and X X' I family to support. I GET OUT THERE A AND MAKE A TOUGH A I DOWN. I UIIHIEYIIIIISTOI GPRIEST l I Since 1902 COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE FO - FRIENDS uNivERsi- rest 3 3211 BOY "'S COM' ' hope -I-Y u-I-he School of ' they pa'd the gas bill. H' h Tuif'on" CENTRAL BLDG. WICHITA JANTAWONG SAYS "l'm a foreign student from Thailand. When l came here in 1962, First Na- tional bank was recommended to me. I've been banking there ever since. Tawatchai Jantawong Student - Friends University 98,256 gtg, A N K Q MEMBER FEDERAL IRVING 66 SERVICE Phillips Tires - Batteries - Accessories MAPLE at MERIDIAN WH 3-9132 We made a Men's Resident Hall FIRST 'NATIONAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION STUDENT A Abrell, Peggy ..... Adams, Sharon . Agee, Ronald . . Allen, Mike . . . .. Alphin, Pearl ..... INDEX .........103 ..68 ..113 Amey, Carol ..... 4,l6,29,34,45,71,94 Anderson, Ken .... Armstrong, Lawrence Armstrong, Mary Kay Arnold, Sherman . . Ashe, Carol ..... Ashworth, Beverly . . Ashworth, Tony . . . Auf Der Hyde, William B Bagshaw, Raymond . Bailey, John .... Baker, Virginia Bales, Don .... Barbosa, David . . . Barbosa, Ruth ...... Barnhizer, Dorothy. . . Barrett, Pat ..... Bartlett, Jack . . . Basore, LoAnna Bates, Rodney . . Beeley, Gary . . Bell, Donna .... Benham, Richard . . . Bennett, Tim . . Berry, Robert . . Bingham, Linda . . Bishop, Kenneth . . Bishop, Patricia . Blankinship, Mary Boewe, Bob . . . .......15,108 94 . . . 16,23,4O,52, 53,63,64,103 ...18,18,113 ...23,40,113 .. 56,68 .. . 63,68 . . .. 108 . . 108 .. 48 94 .........103 ...16,18,53,108 7,16,23,4o,68,94 23 .........113 69 8,16,94 17 ..113 ..113 ...113 68 ...103 ..68 94 ..46,94 95 ..42,103 Bohl, Ruby . . . Boles, Fred . . Bolton, Betty . . . Bosley, Robert . Bowen, Beth .... Braz, John. . . . Brehm, Dave. . . Breneman , Nancy Breneman, Vickie Brimer, Bryan . . . Broddle, Mariorie Brown, Brown Brown Brown, Brown, Touch down? . 95 . . . 48 . . 46,95 . . . 113 .....103 ............113 17,62,78,95 i8i,93i,45i,54,52,68,70,94 . ......... 68,108 . . 18,53 26,40 Gregory .............. 113 Linda . .6,29,30,33,44,52,68,'l03 Roger . . . Patti. . Paula . Buckland, Joanne Bunton, Rebecca Busby, Dick . . Callaway, Bill . . Campbell, Bruce . Campbell, Darlene . Campbell, Lewis . Carlton, Donna . . Carpenter, Sheldon. . Cartwright, June Casey, Dick . . Casner, John . Cero, Larry .... Chance, Juanita . Chandler, Vernon Choi, Roy .... Christy, Alberta . Clark, Paul . . . Clark, Cluff, Coke, Robert . . Leila . . James . . Coke, Jonathan . .........113 29 ..17,68,108 ......113 .. 35,46,56,68 ....68,108 68 ..18,21,53,94,95 26,94 103,104 68 .6,24,29,46,68,104 68 68,95 9,17,18,67 ......11a ..22,31,108 68 ....10,104 ...26,40,114 .....114 ....114 . . 25,95 95 ...104 Cole, Marguerita . Compton, Peggy . Conyers, Jeanette Conyers, John . Corkill, Joyce . Couchman, Marvin Cramer, Cheryl . . Cutting, Dan . . Davidson, Lysle . Davis, Jeanette . Davis, Arvella . . Davis, Vickie . . . Day, Jim .... 9,1 Dearing, Lamont . Degrazio, Don. . . Delong, Tom . . Dillon, Ron . . Dilts, Wayne. . . Dodd, Virginialee Dody, Dennis . . . Donckhurst, E. J. Dopps, John .... Dorsey, Nancy . . Dorsey, William. . Downing, Mike . Easley, John . Ebel, Richard . . Eckels, Doug . . Edgington, Connie Ehrlich, Jerree . Ehrlich, Larry Ekwo, Okon . . . Elliott, Rick. . . Elliott, Warren Ellis, Clyde .. Ellis, Jim.. . Ellis, Nancy. .. ............114 . . 30,56,68,108 95 .......104 .. 26,4o,1o8 ......1o4 8,114 . . 53,65,66 . . . . . . .114 . . . 56,68,108 ............104 ........26,46,104 6,17,18,42,53,113,114 ..........79,114 16,17,18,63,78,108 95 .. 68,96 ....108 ..35,94,96 96 ...114 ...114 .........114 ..........104 7,36,38,53,65,109 ...109 15 9,109 ..7,23,4o,1o8,1o9 . 56,59,68,71,96 16,34,36,59,94,96 96 ,, . .,..... 17 .. 9,29,78,1o5 .....18,48,114 18,20,48,53,105 45,68 T ees s i de? SERVICED - RECONDITIONED MACHINES 'SERVICE CONTRACTS ' 'CUSTOM EMBOSSING 'SUPPLIES " NEW ADDRESSING - BOUGHT - SOLD ADDING MACHINE 8. TYPEWRITER SERVICE THE UNIVERSITY TRUST DESIO' 'FD ExCI.usIvELY FOR AND OFFERED ONLY T0 COLLEGE MEN - Premiums DEFERRED JOHN K. DAI-ILEM GIRA1-:D LIEFE I55,5gsgg,',3g Nunwesr OFFICE Factory Trained MACHIN ES, INC, P. O. Box 5297 0 Exchange Park ' DaIIas, Texas 75222 1121 E. DOUGLAS AM 7-1245 1 INSURANCE CUMPAIVY 0F AMEHIM Operating In 42 States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Westem Europa is a full service bank, which means it is for every- one . . . student, individual, 'Fam- iiy, estate, business, organization, and corpo in and see ration. Won't you come us, soon . . . Have you +ried The Four+h's Interchange Motor Bank facilities? FOUIlTll NATIQINAL BANK :uw TRUST lf0MPANY,'W165ffa1 . . Well, Sam, if we Iose this llllll IIDIIAL IIIPOSIY IISUIINCI CCIYOIIVIOI gcrne we can GIWGYS teach music for a living. HEADS SH OES QUALITY FOOTWEAR SERVING WICHITA STUDENTS AND FAMILIES SINCE 1910 These Iote office hours are going to kill us. -FO' Men I 'io' Womef ' ADMINISTRATION ADOPTS Florsheim - Winthrop Florsheim - Vitality ,goif'ojQrEgij'gQ'jn, For Cbildren Stride Rite - Buster Brown DOWNTOWN LINCOLN HEIGHTS 'III E. Douglas Oliver 81 Douglas kid's stuff. Some Friends Students I enjoy some of the Tasty Pastries found at IIZILOUIS ISIS 'ilifngfili Jones Donut Shop 1601 WEST DOUGLAS Johnstone, Gordon . Are you serious? Us go to Friends when we grow up? STUDENT INDEX Continued Emrich, Jerry . .. Estill, Rose Marie Eubanks, Glenn. Evans, Bob . . Fan, Alice . . Fergeson, Faie . Fewin, Greg. . . Finley, Carole . Fisher, Tom . . . Fitzgerald, Stan Fleming, Bob . . ....114 96 ..53,65,114 ... 9,109 . . . 68,114 . . . 44,109 ......109 . ........ 109 69, .. . . . 30,42,64,105 . . . 16,31,36,38,68,105 Folber, John ........... 17,457,114 Forcum, Janet. . Forrest, Wallace Frederick, Carol Free, Sherry. . . Frendle, Rick . . Friend, Bernice. Fulkerson, Glen Gardner, Melinda Gorton, Olive . . Gebhart, Janet . George, Donna . Gerteis, Jim . .. Gilbert, Richard .22,23,31,33,44,61,109 .............114 . .......... 78,109 40 . 18,48,53,66 . . . . . . 96 . . 43,68,115 . . 23,110,109 46,97 ...,105 79 Gouchenour, Peggy 7,15,23,40,62,108,109 omham, Bill .............. 68,109 Green, Connie Green, Donna . Gregory, Karen . Grisson, Sandy . Groninga, Steve . . . . 16,26,40,97 .. . A0,46,1o8,109 16,26,40,68,105 . .... 15,40,53,115 ... 9,16,61,48 Gross, Bill .. Groth, Harold . . Gwinup, Judith . . . Hadley, Janet . . Hafner, Chris . . . . Hamilton, Phoebe Hamlin, Craig .... Hampton, Glenn. . . Harrington, Keith. . . Hartley, Lynn . . Hartwell, Paula. .. .. . . 16,38,46,97 .......115 ......115 .....105 ...17,113,115 97 .. 48 ...115 .....43,10s .. .... 8,40 115 17,23,113,115 Hatcher, Linda . . . ...... . . 68 Hayner, Mary ..... Henderson, Nancy Hewlett, Tore ..... Hixson, Betty ..... Hitchcock, MGFilYf1. - Hockett, Evan .... Hockett, Sharon Hoffine, Jerri Holland, Lynna Holt, Julia . . . Howard, Barbara Huffman, John. . Hughes, Jerry. . Hummel, Luanne Hunt, Leroy . . Hurst, Marilyn. . . . . 26,110,109 ..26,115 ...105 .... 97 ..56,109 .... 68 ... 8,411,109 . . . 26,115,105 ..68,109 . . . 115 97 . . . . 38,62,97 ..15,18,53,110 68 ..18 ...115 Hyde, Weldon ............. 68,97 156665, 0605 . .46,48,52,53,58,60,63,97 lto, Hiroko .......... Jackson, Henry. .... . . Jantawong, Tawatchai. . . Jantz, Dennis ..... . Jenkins, Sally.. Jensen, Pam . . . . . 56,68,97 .17,18,53,110 1O,16,38,64,97 . . . . . 67,115 .. . 26,40,115 . . . 40,69,105 Johnson, Carol . . . Johnson, Daryl . . . Jones Allan Jones David Jones, Robert Jones, Sharon Jones Susan Kamana, Onesiphorus Kerr, Loretta King, Larry . King, Linda . Kingsley, Diane Kinnev, Donna . Kirk, Keith . . Klassen, Roine Kletisch, Joan Knee, Kathy . . . Knight, Ruth Ann.. . Koleczek, Linda . . Kraft, Ron ....... lt's been a long, long winter. 97 ..30,63,105 97 .9 68 97 . . 8,40,46,68,105 ......69,115 ......105 ..23,65,110 ....115 .........115 ,.........115 23,26,31,32, 105 ........43,115 ....110 26,98 56,98 23,26,33,44,105 ...,......105 97 Kutschoro, Albert . . . . . 105 Kwok, Dong ..... . . . 105 Lampher, Wilma. . .. . 45,110 Lassey, Greg . . . . . . 48,106 LeClerc, William.. ...... 98 Lee, Ella ...... . . . 26,4O,11O Lee, Hazel. . . ........... . . 98 Leo, lngrid ............... 29,106 Liby, Lloyd... 5,18, Lindal, Norman ..... 20,42,48,53,61,98 . .. 18,42,53,68 Lindstrom, Sherrie . 23,40,64,65,108,110 Link, Charlene . . Little, Sylvia . Lively, Larry . . Lockwood, Dana Loder, Glenn . .........115 ..110 .. 18 .. 44 1 1 IVI IIIJ ICB SBS iiwifff SYN .54:::5:f:3:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:V:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:4-:-:-:-:-:V:-:-:-:-:ez-2-:-1-1.5-':-1-:-:ez-:-:Asfa:-1-:4:-1-24:-:-:-:-:-:Vg-g.g.g.g.3,-.'.-1+1A1-:V'-'':fs-z-:-:-:-1-:-:-:-ge:-1-g,g.g.g.g.g.g.-.-:-14:-:-:-g-:-1.1-14.3-1.5,g.g.g.g.g.3,5.g.34.1.-2-:-:-:':-:-:A:-1-5-g.g.g,g,g.g.3.3.1.-.5.-ze:-:-:-:-:-:A:A:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:4:-:-. ff W" Federal Savings 8. Loan Assoc., 230 S. Market, Wichita gyuumg gg2:e:5:2:215:sf5:2f5:5:5:2:z:s:2:z:s:z:z:z:5:s:s:s:5:5:z:s:z:s:s:a:3:3:aa5:5:r:r:1:r:2:fs:r1 :f: 2:2r5r215:5:2:2:5:5:s ' ""f g1:5:5:z:5:z:s:s:s:5:5:z:s:5:3f5f5:g151515151551511111:2:5:5fa:5:5:afsrsrzza:5:z:5:5:z:5:g:5:5: f?,111I+ ,, , , fi-3,li-2, Dedicated exclusively to r I 'vVIfJi'liSl'1'x 9 the Man-On-Campus who 1: . ,- insists on the "NaturaI" 4'b' look of traditional apparel. -2:52 ,g:f:5:1Z7' STEPS 1 BANK W .-wwiq-.1-ooor.vcoc.f-.Jvoc-rv-'CW -4 o C 3 I o 3 cn O f 3 cn a. 0 m 3 -P To Q o 'YU cn o 4 fl? co UU Wlf YW --se:-1-1 I 1. f ' A K 1 5 x ?rmce on slio Near To "U" ff P LOOK at your shoes OTHERS D0 TAYLOR'S SHOE REPAIR 1931 MAPLE To SERVE You WICHITA STATE BANK 721 wEsT DOUGLAS WICHITA KANSAS 67201 3 - Six Bits, SOLD Two Bits, b,..w'i 1 Four Bits. Look Ma' No Fun' REATEABILITY 1 I Un-1 offzaqnapfzyvi, fm. ntllulilllllli """""'im PRINTERS' AMI1erst 5-7226 . . . 513 SOUTH ST. FRANCIS , , , WICHITA, KANSAS T -- . ,,1nl i l .. . N. it .,,,,.1IH . Ill II 1 HI THE LAYOUT: Illustrations and type masses are made to harmonize - in tangible form to the customer's desires .... THE TYPE: Custo- M mers find satisfaction from a variety of type faces that add IN, Ill lillgiiiglggiihli n ably to their printed forms and advertising pieces . . . I' 'nll ' THE PRINTING: Master Craftsmen with well-selected equip- 'nn I ,,s, ment extend their best efforts and loyalty to particular 'll l customers. Ill DeCoursey's tfrwf of Quamg H ONE PICTURE IS WORTH 1000 WORDS Larry, it won't do any good to keep talking They will never let us ve an all schoo dance. ROOM A GO-GO! Does he, really put Are these people really rooting debtors in pr1son?? f d . 9 , , Of OU' U Vefflsefs' Outside the class room, cold air. The way IO ROMPER Inside the class room, a lot of hot air. STUDENT INDEX Continued Logue, Larry . . . Logue, Paulette . Lonneke, Judy . . Lonneke, Sally . . Lorenz, Bob .... Lovely, Jim .... Loveless, Michelle Lupton, Carol . . . Lupton, Karyl . . Lynch, Anita . . McCasIin, Betty . McCaslin, Robert. McCartney, Maxine McClure, Terry . . ..... ...II5 . . . 14,47,69,1o6 ...... 68 .. 56,69 .. 17,62 ... 43,53 .......45,II6 . ........ 26,106 23,26,40,I 13,1 I6 6,1 I6 ..98 98 ..........26,IO6 ..........29,I06 McDonald, Sara . . . 'I6,23,35,52,7I,78,99 McDonald, Susie . McFarland, Leah . . . . . . 7,16,23,29,53, 64,7a,1o3,1o6 46,98 McGill, Ann ..... .......... I I0 McGuire, John. . Mclntosh, James . McKenna, Mike . . . . McKelvey, Terry . McMiIIen, Frances . McMiIIen, Fred . . McNeIIy, Judy . . Macy, David . . Malter, Bill . . Mann, Bill. . . Mann, Jim . . . Mann, Paulette . Mark, Patricia . 38,59,65,I 13,1 16 .. ......... 98 ..I8,IIO ....116 .. 56,99 ...II6 .. 63 ...11o .. 47,99 ...II6 ...II6 .. 6,110 ...116 Marten, Lorraine Martin, lla . . . Mathis, Larry . . . Maxwell, Don . Mendenhall, Dave Merriman, Glen . . Miller, Trudy . . . Mitchell, Bob . . . Mitchell, Tom . . . Mitchener, Opal . Mock, Lana ..... Morgan, Duane . . Morgan, Garth . . Morris, James . . Morris, Marcia. Morton, Gay . . Moyer, Judy . . . Muhlenbruch, Sue. Mumaw, Wayne . . Myers, Janet. . . Murray, Terry . . . N Neill, Claude . Nelson, Jim . . Nelson, Marsha . . Newby, Larry . . . Nicks, Hugh . . Nielson, Judy . . Nieman, Mike . . 0 Oestreicher, Anita Oliver, Sherry . . . O'NeiII, Pat .... Opdyke, Nancy . . Dppliger, Catherin Ocheltree, Jeff . . Oden, Luvenia . . Odum, Dorothy . . ...I5,II6 ........IIO . . . . . 46,66,99 . . 34,36,42,68,99 .....53,59,I06 .........II6 63,99 I5,I6,3I,36,38,99 . .......... 68 9 .........11o .. 46,99 99 I4 .. 53,99 ....1o6 ...6a,11o ...44,1o7 .. 40,99 99 ..........116 I6,36,38,53,65,'I'IO . . . 62,107 48 ..........116 . 15,16,36,3a,11o .... .18,53,1o7 116 ..I8 ...116 ..6o ...1oo ,....116 ...53,111 ....116 .....1oo . . . 47,107 PParker, Ann . . Parker, Curtis. . . . 4O,46,63,IO7 . . 36,3s,53,116 Parker, Dale. . ..... . . . . I7,29,I00 Parkinson, Diane Parris, Ruthann. 23,44,53,64,65,l03,'I07 Patchett, Dennis Pearson, Carol . Pearson, Maris . Peebler, Colleen Peek, Brooks . Perry, Allen. . Peters, Dennis Petree, Dave Piatt, Judy . . Poling, Milton . . Potter, Bruce . Potucek, Jay . . Powell, Gerald . Pridemore, Nolen Q Quick, Dave ...... R Rankin, Priscillia Ratzlaff, Sheila . Ray, Marylin. . Reese, Gay. . . Renaldi, Ron . Reschke, Donna Rhodes, Martin . Rhodes, Phil . . Richetts, John . Riddel, Vicki . . Riffey, Gary . . . Rigsby, Dean . Roach, Dale . . . Roberts, Carol . . Roberts, Kent . . Robinson, Dean . 42,68 65 ......II'I ...43,68,111 117 .. 68 117 ...45,117 ...79,117 ...117 .. I8 I8 ........68,III 14,25,47,64,79, 1 I0 ........44,II7 . 16,34,56,69,1oo ........111 ...111 ...117 ........111 .......6a,111 . 16,35,42,6s,1oo II7 68, s,22,23,31,45,1 17 ..........117 .......1o7 53 . . . 44,56,68,I00 .....68,IO0 ...II7 Advertising, Inc. ..... . Art Seltman Motor Co.. . . . Better Book Room . . . Bob's Barber Shop. . . Brown's Market ........ Calvin's Hamburger Haven . Cardwell Manufacturing . . . Carroll Cafe ......... Cero's Candy Shoppe ..... Civic Playhouse ........ Coonrod, Walz and Vollmer C Coufal X-Ray Co. ...... . Cue Billiards .......... Curtis Plumbing and Heating DeCoursey ............ Devoe Paint .... . . Dobson Roofing ........ DeLaney, Johnson 8. Priest. Dwayne's Restaurant ..... Easton Manufacturing Co. . . Fabric Shop ........... Farha Red Bud Food Centers Fourth National Bank ..... First National Bank .... Frayzier Daily Queen ..... Galloway Cleaners .... Gas Service Co. ....... . Gene O'Brien Gold Center. . Gessler Drug Co. ...... . Girard Life ........... Haivala Concrete Tools, Inc. Head's Shoes .......... Henry's . ....... . . . Irving 66 Service ....... Industrial Steel 8. Supply . . Jay Cleaners .......... "OUR KIND OF PEOPLE" TALISMAN ADVERTISERS INDEX onst. Co. ...... . L33 L33 130 Q31 131 L33 134 132 132 136 133 133 131 132 126 131 134 121 133 134 131 131 123 122 133 135 131 133 136 123 131 123 125 122 130 134 Jones Donut Shop ....... John Hancock Life insurance J 81 S Furniture Co ....... Kansas Plating Co ..... Kelly Pharmacy, Inc ...... La-Louisiane Bar-B-Que. . . Levitts .............. Lee Reed Engraving Co., . . Linder gl Mims ....... Lithographers .... Martin's Jewelry. ...... . Math Borniger Photographer. McMillen Electric ....... Mid Kansas Loan Association Midwest Office Machines . . National Bank of Wichita . . New Blue Print Co. .... . Noah Hampton Hay and Feed Pepsi ............... Polson Pharmacy ..... Reiz Stove Store ........ Rieger Medical Supply Co. . Rishel Construction 8. Dev., lnc Rock Road Service Center . Rupp Texaco .......... Seneca Bowling Lanes ..... Southwest Milk Producers Asso Simon Sundries ......... Steel Lewis Hardware .... Stephens ........... Taylor Shoe Repair ...... Tempo Music Co. ....., . University Friends Church . Vandruff Texaco ......... Welch's Cleaners ..... Wichita State Bank .... Todd, Ace . . . CHURCH BOOSTERS CHEROKEE FRIENDS CHURCH Kenneth Hinshaw, Minister 305 S. Penn. Cherokee, Oklahoma FIRST FRIENDS CHURCH Paul W. Barnett, Minister 6th Avenue 86 Sylvan Street A student at a Christian Liberal Arts College has many advantages. One of these is the fact that when a student needs someone to talk to there is ALWAYS some one who cares enough to listen. Following is a list ofthe 1966 Talisman Church Boosters. It's these churches and churches like them that make Friends University what it is, a FRIENDLY place to learn. Emporia, Kansas WEST GLENDALE FRIENDS CHURCH Robert Hutson, Minister Plains, Kansas NORTH WICHITA FRIENDS CHURCH Glenn Sanders, Minister 27I7 Litchfield Wichita, Kansas BOOKER FRIENDS CHURCH Glenn Hawthorne, Minister Booker, Texas BEAVER FRIENDS CHURCH Kenny Routon, Minister Beaver, Kansas RIVERT ON FRIENDS CHURCH Riverton, Kansas BETHEL FRIENDS CHURCH Clarence Keans, Pastor 7 miles E, 5 miles S, 81 I mile W Hugoton, Kansas ROSE HILL FRIENDS CHURCH Alden Pitts, Minister Rose Hill, Kansas WICHITA FRIENDS CHAPEL Carl Gordon, Minister IIOI South Glenn Wichita, Kansas STAFFORD FRIENDS CHURCH Joseph Cox, Minister Corner of Keystone and Crawford Stafford, Kansas GLEN VIEW FRIENDS CHURCH Roscoe Mendenhall, Minister Glen Elder, Kansas SEILING FRIENDS CHURCH Bradley and Elsie Fisher, Pastors Fourth and Walnut Seiling, Oklahoma GREAT BEND FRIENDS CHURCH Great Bend, Kansas effefffffi'-'1Slew-m.e'61: Sa.-:ta F82 we fwiaifiiwfg-24: ffiitiifslffgvxi 1?E',f.2v1,fef,s,m 6522315 ii ssvfsilxifi fggiii-11 2551953 36: as 5:4e?i52f2ii151fi1kz Z.: 1-ms.6z:1if2sf1.?ftsff1sssfitflf ,rf,1sv2.s2tnsiefiifigiti ,f z,?i,?v7s:g:,,sf, igggttsf -- I 1 Rev. Roy Blackwood was our feature speaker during Christian Emphasis Week. We found his visit as being very worthwhile to every- one concerned. Sowder, Jack . . . ..... 48 Truax, Charles . . . . II8 Spatz, Marion . .... 48,53 Two Hatchett, Marino . . II9 ' S atz, Rod .... . . I8,46,53,66 conhnued sgoonef, Kathy . .. ...... 25 U um61.,1.1nd6... . . . 68,119 Spradlin, Terry . . . .... . III Rohrig, Marilyn .............. III Sprague, Glenn . . . . III V Vance, George . . . . . 107 Rollins, Raymond .......... 62,IO0 Stafford, Luther. . . . . . II7 Veasley, John . . . . . 9,I8 11655, Denny ...... 30,46,68,103,lO7 Stork, Bill ---- - t - 111 Vessv, Michael --..- - . 119 Roth, Judy . . . ........ l5,IOI STUUHSYI RICIY ' - - - - 43,68 Viegelmann, George . . . . . II9 Royer, Pat. . . ......... III Sfembeff LUVVY - ' - ---- 117 Votaw, Alan .... . . . . . 119 Rucas, Keith ............... 48 5701151 Richard ' - - - - - 481ll7 Votaw, Gloria 6 - - - - - 107 Rusco, Ilene ....... I ......... II7 Sf0V'3ll1 Joan - ""-' 101 Rush, 1-16r616 . 16,2o,31,35,53,67,94,1o1 Sfowe.G0fd0f1- - - 1853.111 W w6146f161d, 12655. . . 43,112 Strahm, Terry . . ...... 101 War,-en, Bob , , , .... 68,lI2 S Sales, A. J. ...... ..... 4 2 Strange, Phil ..... . . I5,2O,53,63 Weidner, Coeta . . . . 40,68,II2 Samuelson, Mark . . . . I5,I7,62 Strassburg, Randy . . .... 66,III Weills, Renee . . . . . . . 8,107 Sarkar, Diane .... ...... 2 5,I07 Stromberg, Becky Ann . . . . 62,II7 Wemmer, Mike . . . . . . 62,63,IO7 Schiffer, Sherrie .......... 8 Sullard, Sue ..... . . . 69,lII Weffsfein, Wqyne , , , ,,,, . , . 9,64 Schroeder, Dennis . . . 6,I8,48,53,II7 Sumner, Don . . . .... II8 Wheeler, Neill, . . . . . . . I8,43,II8 5CI'1UeSSlel", Sue .............. Swinson, Sfqn , . . . whifcomb, wayne. . . Schultz, Frank . . 9,I8,2I,42,53,58,IOI Synder, Dennis . . . II8 WI-iife, Janice , , , . . . 23,44,46,II2 Seifert, Ben .............. 26,117 Syring, Roger . . . I5 White, Russell . . ...... I7,II8 Sellers, Karen. ......... 65,III Whiteman, Earl . . . . . 9,68,II8 Seyfert, Karen .... l7,23,II7 Tabor, Patricia . . . II2 Wiley, Sara. . . . . . . IOI Shaw, Bates . . ......... I07 Taton, Jerry. . . . . . Il2 Willis, Anne . . . . 56,I07 Short, Marion . . . . 26,40,46,7I,IOI Terrell, Larue .... II8 Willis, Leroy , . . . . II9 Shreve, Marilyn . Sledge, Elton . . Smiley, Fran . Smith, Barbara Smith Lewis . Smith, Lorry . . . Smith Lowell . . Smith, Phil . . . . . . 22,3I,45 ..48,l17 68 I5 .. 18,53 .. 56,68 ....117 .. 42,66 Snavely, Dixie Soloway, Suzi . Sonner, Paula . . Sooter, Charlotte . Southard, Kathleen ......Ill .......1I7 ... 68,113,117 56,68 ...III Terrell, Lewis . Tuebner, Doug . . . Theissen, Charles. Thompson, Anna . . . Thornborao, Linda . . Tinker, Sandra . . . Tiaden, Judy . . . Tolle, Mike ..... Torkelson, Ted . . . Towns, Anita .... Trollope, Kathy .... Troutman, Michael . . ........l07 ....14,43,11a 9,36,53,53,107 ......62,11a ......45,112 23,112 16,23,45,68,IOl ........l'l8 .....118 ..1a,11a ......26,Il8 ........112 36,42,46,53,I12 Y Z Wilson, Mike K. . . Winfrey, Phyllis .... 36,38 ........7I,1Ol Woods, Jeanne. . . . 23,33,45,59,61,112 Wulf, Melva . Wycoff, Bill . . Yates, Jennifer . . Yates, Terry. . . Young, Jean . . Zahn, Noel. . . Zahn, Sue . . . Zongker, Sharon ............10I 38 ..'l0I 69 ......4s,112 . . . 52,s3,6s,1o7 . . . . . . . . 112 .. 44,56,6a Q. What do you get if you crossed c bot with o mitten? A. Batmitten fouchl who Stole mY coloring book? We got Bot Mon! l ll INVESTIGATE .IOI-IN I-IANCOCICS NEW INTEGRATED TRAINING PROGRAM FOR CAREER AGENTS! The most modern and the most flexible approach to the professional training of life insurance agents that exists in the industry today. The Life Insurance profession offers unlimited possibilities in the field of selling and management. Please contact us for more information. We offer a guaranteed training allowance for those who qualify. Let us tell you about it. H. LEE LEAVELL, General Agent 204 Kaufman Building, 212 South Market Wichita, Kansas . . . Telephone AM 7-2284 CDE?- MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY BOSTON, HASSACHIISIITS l wonder if this picture is good enough To go in uployboyu Do - we ore doing our home work for girls gym. Tomorrow I'll wolk on water! !! AJ- NGA. Guess who was caught sneaking into The second floor of The girls dorm? START TO FINISH CONSTRUCTION ORHESIDENTIAL RISHEL CGNSTRUCTION 'COMMERCIAL S DEVEEUPMENIE ENE- 5.355 14508 W. Highway 54 ........ ...... G oddard, Kansas Are you sure This is the way Mr. Edwards makes his pies?? Rieger Medical Supply Co. 601 W. Douglas AM 4-3357 31 II E. Central MU 4-0589 Q' urnlture 0 J sz S F ' C Oh yes, l know. l've been a bad girl. QS? . 60 ITHE MAPLE si-IOP? SQ QA 'Complete line of Early American furniture QS! 110 E. 2151 between Market 8K Park Place THE SOUTHWEST MILK PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION 'Only the Best from Southwest' AQWICHITA .ARKANSAS CITY .DODGE CITY .PITTSBURG- Our Faculty comes from many backgrounds. Oh! Buddy, your halo is slipping. Martin's Jewelry WATCHES - DIAMONDS 1429 W. Douglas SENECA BOWLING LANES 1909 S. SENECA AM 7-7301 Tom Carter - President 6 Manager There is nothing worse than having an ex-Drill Sergeant I count chapel cuts! Best Wishes - Students '66 INDUSTRIAL STEEL Xi SUPPLY BETTER BOOK ROOM, INC. 358 N. MAIN sr. 1 WICHITA 2, KANSAS Religious Supplies for Church 8 Home Lloyds D. Johnsonj Mgr. Bus. Phone AM 574281 2725 Julianne Res. Phone WH 3-6859 i i Heartiest Congratulations to the Class of 1966 I The GAS SERVICE CO. Natural Gas for Home and lndustry DORMITES TREATED AS KINGS - served burnt offerings at meal times. Best Wishes From FARHA RED BUD FOOD CENTERS Best Wishes Haivala Concrete Tools, Inc. Call F0 3-1683 For Information STAINLESS STEEL TROWELS MAGNESIUM PROCESSING FLOATS 1017 Walker Wichita, Kansas Best Wishes From Paul Martin's NEW BLUE PRINT CO. Polson Pharmacy TE 8-5721 TWIN LAKES SHOPPING CENTER KANSAS PLATING CO. 1110 N. MosI.EY Q o Q FO 3-7852 L-1.l....-.-.1 1 MOTOR TUNE UP 2361 S SENECA VANDRUFF TEXACO SERVICE BRAKE woRK I AM 7-9643 PICK UP a. DELIVERY Wichnfff Kansas THE FABRIC SHUP Leone R. Davis 1601 E. Central REIZ STOVE CU. Coleman Heating 6 Air Conditioning 122W. DOUGLAS 0 0 0 0 0 AM 2-5032 Bob'S Barber Shop 410 S. MERIDIAN 0 O 0 WH 3-3021 CUE BILLIARD ROOM Congratulations Senior Class 4001 W. DOUGLAS OSNOOKER OPOOL. OBILLIARDS I NIISW5 S63 FO 3 7258 DEVUE PAINT BROWN'S THRIFTWAY Best Wishes MARKET an LOCKER 3117 E. 13th Mu 2-5537 I O M's come in three sizes - small, medium, and large. ,J 1 A B X' M S3 M C1 .1 1, 4.,,,, , 1 l've heard of fine pri t but this is ridiculous' OUR LIBRARY DEFINED In XXQ num. uw-uxmxxxxx Something printed B F kl 11 Ii H first press. S i' 1 1 if gi lldii TROPHIES 81 AWARDS University Friends Church TEMPO MUSIC ACCOI'diBI'l Gulidl' DFUIIIS UNCC A FRIENDLY QUAKER MEETING AMM898 Don and Sane' Sunday School 945 Worsh1p1100A 1v1 Curtis Plumbing X. Heating Co LARRULL S CAFE 123 N. Mu 2 6311 614 W Douglas AM 2 9070 Friends, Romans, on Countrymen - lend m your pants! Anfoniflliililllheliiiifipoii co. Arr Selrman 3009 E. DOUGLAS - - .. MU 2-2161 Congratulations Students of '66 I t t I a W. E Q EIQD uap for Romper 1932,-so Zaawd SQYNAHE "fl"E'l Miele courAL x-RAY co. j roo w. Douglas . AM 2-0429 . Wichita lfhink that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree. But, is m educa- Y tion complete? can'1 eat frees. Best Wishes To Friends ADVERTISING, IND. 564 W. DOUGLAS AM 5-4266 Congratulations Seniors CaIvin's Hamburger Haven ADVERTISER E "What would it profit a man if he gained a whole world and lost his own soul" Mm 8:36 NOAH HAMPTON HAY AND FEED 1103 W. 29th No. Congratulations Seniors GENE O'BRIEN Golf Center 6o2ew. Kellogg . WH3-9203 McMILLEN ELECTRIC CO. 5208. Florence - WH 2-2871 8. V0lI,MER UP Rochg Road Service Center Brake Work ooo E. Kellogg . Mu 6-6221 CONSTRUCTION co. General Repairs 'Real Friendly service the Friendly way" Best Wishes 840 N' MAH' AM 2"""6 FRAYSIER DAIRY DUEEN '236 S. West St. -------- WH 3-8063 1 Don't iump on me. You are jealous because you ca Y wear short shorts. GO! GO! GO! DWAYNE'S RESTAURANT - FEATURING - Golden Brown Southern Fried Chicken 3012 E. DOUGLAS 6 A-fll- ' 9 P-M- MU 4-6333 E . 1 l Congratulations to the Sensor Class Wow! If the library is this crowdeduduring finals, what is it like during the regular term? DOBSON ROOFING SINCE 1919 1717 E. zna AM 2-3284 CARDWELL MFG CO INC 801 S. Wichit What do you mean, we can't ride our tricycl th gh t BLUE RIBBON Best Wishes Easton Manufacturing Co, Inc. 1023 S. SANTA FE But Mom! We are dressed f ll ll LOOK AT YOUR CLOTHING others do IF SOILED OR OUT OF PRESS PHONE FO 3-2812 JAY CLEANERS "Qualify out gfacialhf' 811 MAPLE WICHITA. KANSAS Look Ma no c t ll KELLY PHARMACY, INC. Warm Prescriptions Delivered All Over Wichita fwfw 1' i -wa -ij 2121 Maple wi-1 3-0261 - 'Rock-on Shin-Diggers' Best Wishes GALLUWAY CLEANERS 3908 MAPLE a WH 3-7881 Man with this high tuition you would think that they could pay the electric bill! Diamonds are forever Visit LEViTT'S the students choice for over M century h d PHONES: Always good G' Ware Hardware Mu 2-1071 and Housewares MU 2-1881 housewares JEWELERS - Zl GLAS FINE DIAMONDS PLEDGE A LIFETIME OF LOVE Hardware 8 FOR OVER so YEARS, WICHITA'S FINEST JEwE1.ERs 3202-04 E. DOUGLAS AvE. BUILDER'S HARDWARE o HOUSEWARES TOOLS o PAINTS GARDEN Ki LAWN SUPPLIES 0 TUNEUP a BRAKE woRK WH 3-9216 o STARTERS e. GEN ERATORS Meridian OCLUTCHES8: MUFFLERS gl o sHocKs ea IGNITIONS Mcgmmgck NATIUNAL BANK 0F WICHITA CENTRAL AVENUE 8. WEST STREET WH 3-1201 Complete Banking Services AVAILABLE WICHITA 49 HOURS A WEEK! Boy this is too early to play twiddley-winks! Monday through Friday 9 A'M' 'O 6 P'M' Saturday 8 A.M. 'til 12 noon IJ a g y C a Ongrdtul tions to the Students JERRY'S ELECTRONICS W its lime lo bid Adieu . and to close the book on another year. A year filled with many memories, memories of achievement, joy, gladness and sorrow. As we bid adieu we would like our readers to always remember two things: 1. Our advertisers are mighty fine people. 2. "He who walks middle of road gets hitby trucks coming from both directions." "Ring down the curtain" 'Lip f, A , fix N6 -- V ,, , : I45' , ,Z ' 4-1- I S 1: .fm 35 AE .wif

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