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, ,-ff: .nv,.' ,Q , 1" ,X " .L . V ,q 1 . , , 4 ,.-., ,V,v r,.f: f ,.'s .,. 1 , ,ff Fix , , Qi' ,Q :E 3+ NA 41 " x 4 we 'H 1: Q 93 Wm IQ- If' 2wg,jVa21'Nf-1 T-'-xiwgf' W'wQ'fg'L.Hfffl 5331 2 fY"iW'lYYWv-'A ir "'-23315 W n f ga fg. 1 f 1 4 'Q .1 sw f?-Qi : A "'.' Q'5f1f ?i owv Q. W ' mg PwbQ15kedf bg dw Jlwfblv Class off wwldtaf, lcawsas 1Qs7- 1958 f ME GRY A+PfG iliiijfpmsomlmjs In 1928, after two years at Friends, Professor Regan became Head of the Math Department. He served as Acting President in 1944, and when he retired in 1950, he was given the honor of Pro- fessor Emeritus. To the spirit of Professor Regan we respectfully dedicate this page. 2 CHARLES A. REGAN R . . QV- X, , , o t Dedication ,Q . JK 1' ,,i Y Y wfplwz' f-L' -i av g? the term." . . .From Dr. Roberts inaugural address President Lowell E. Roberts The 1958 Talisman is dedicated to a friend of both students and graduates, who is now serv- ing in a new capacity. On October 11, 1957, Friends University inaugurated its seventh president, Dr. Lowell E. Roberts. Dr. Roberts is a native of Fowler, Kansas, where he attended high school and graduated in 1929. He has attended Asbury Theological Seminary, Harvard University Divin- ity School and Gordon Divinity School where he received his Th.D. in 1947. After graduating from Friends in 1936 Dr. Roberts served as a minister until 1944 with the Friends Churches of the New England Area. He joined the faculty of Friends University as a Bible professor in 1944 and served as head of the Bible department from this time until October, 1956 when he was ap- pointed lnterim President. Dr. Roberts is married to the former Janie Harvey and has two children, Donald, 19, who is attending school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Carol, 14, who is a freshman in high school. President Roberts is a familiar sight on campus, drinking coffee with students, attending school social affairs and helping with student activities in which he can be of service. President Roberts is dedicated to Friends University and hopes that it can continue to grow and serve. To Dr. Roberts, an old friend and a new president, we respectfully dedicate this, the 1958 Talisman. 3 "Friends University agrees that honest acknowledgement of the facts and wholesome regard for the student and for the public which he will later influence following graduation demand that Christian ideals must beckon that Christian principles must control and that Christ Himself must be honored Only then can we rightly claim to be Christian and only then can we edu cate in the fullest and deepest sense of Ulf! ' Gif 'Nw N r aflblismaw ww mwlf af dimmmwlf . Our 60th Anniversity Gift. . . A talisman rose and a diamond charm. Both symbols of the name of our yearbook, the dia- mond charm commemorates our 60th anniversary through memories of past yearsg the talisman rose brings life and beauty-things which make up the living spirit of Friends University. The growth of a living school is obvious in our 60th year as workers build two new dormitories, first of several new buildings to be constructed at Friends. l 4 1 V599 v WA eolgilw A picture of Friends University taken in 1906. Notice the small trees, dirt driveway, the beginning of the Circle drive. The two large vhimneys were removed for safety thi- tower Clock was presented by the class of 1931. and and F86 XX X C . Mat ' oq - 1 Q1- IQ 6 Q1 63 lv 91,1 5'-210909 - A e 1- I .W 5661595 axe 386 Svxfwava 6470 fe19Q?I4'1Q:b6' ox -qefg. , veal oil' QV so 011,96 Q' 615 so gif, ,Ie 0 66 KW QW QW as W be' YW 'fe '11 '01, ff P4 .QQXWQ X05 0 ,J K0 meiix Q. 64 5006 -2,5 60 11216 Xe Vex K Nba owe " V51 i , 1' 8 0 ses efs ab vi Nba 5049 5 QD? Q09 Q I6 flu, ala' X00 eat nw' f C' blb ' -5 5 aah Q5 lb , 6 W wg 6 x9 5. 'bo X300 ' XS-s QQQY 1 vt W9 5 up 'ffmyiz 19 xv? :ere Z3 X P X 0 P A 8 Cbapeszfger in i astblolv s ,be Oct we S ' 10 . as 9' C6001 of ,1918 Qqaeaoo Uses' X F1 Q' U Q9 -S9 ep- ! 5964 ldemlb Q5 Q98 , X05 .8061 Xwgav , QQG' V0 Spring - 194-0 - Thomas E. Dewey Rep. ,605 candidate for president spoke at a F. U. banquet served at the Forum. 1,000 bought tickets for the dinner, and 100's more filled the hall to hear the speech. Stories were carried in New York Times, Vital Speeches of the Day and it was carried 011 the National Radio Network. 5 Tablmg f Fw ......... my - - ..... . Campus ............ Edwatws .......... . f ..... Athletics ............ Ammmolgwgam., Q rzogwq, ............ Adwdsasmg ..... :ww .............. "' TWD 'Qi' ..2 ..2 ..-4 .6-7 ..IO-15 N18-29 . .1 . 22-71 . . . .74-82 use ...I26 140 ISO 122 127 149 152 Og as and Registration starts here. Joan Clark offers her servim-es at registra tion time and is put In work, giving stu dems their analysis sheets. ,nu S A hx 2 rr , ln gg. 9 lg, 7 f 4 -f3?1?g f 1 '.5 "LQ : j A K 0' 41 . Davis Admmisbmiiow I I I in 3 L 5 ' Irs: nl 4 u Up--on a sun---ny Kansas plain, Our college towers rise high-- 'IO 2,41 yin! To call to la-bor 0n--- 11 A T G R L S R E S D E N C E ' ' 'Tw an H A L L Jw With--in her stor--ied walls, there clings the memory of those h0urs,-- 'I2 45-MHWIJ1 When dreams were dreamed and visions seen 13 N E W M E N S D O R M I T 0 R Y Qfwwflilf And that their lives full nobly may bring hon-or to F. U. ---- ffakl V ', Y It ffm -I T '15 1 25 g gi K . 4 , wi i-i W M i 1 - gag ' Q , B r i "' W E H FB s N fi -E i Z , EE ,lk -f -A i iiii , i 5 'ilu 1 a y i , 2 H 5 m ix - , 'g,L , ,QW It A , , , gi , 11 w agp +?Ed4i iiiz 3,5 s Qkkyf Y ',i, 2 2 L' A ,.i'Y I 4 , ii,, Q K E X 1 s ,1 - " - ' L up iygwmufggmigwwmg Q 2F12 511281308 '-4DUO'i+-4EDUOU " I , 1 V 1 w , w w r r 9 - 'll o 2 X! K' ff H A ' gjjijg A QM f f,f'Q f - fl 44 W2 :gi mai sfifiiiai X M LLL , + I X Y Y YW V 77? V Yi YY V u. VIE W w , 1 . . 3 5 Q 5? A 1 Lwgs , Q! I 1 x higl Q Q 7 f j W1 E E? Z M 1 inf 1 Q W 3, l U gf V1 M V n ? H T W 4 itz' 1.1 K U W TlwNwLoolefa19FaieadA! 15 Tlw wwf 0100121 stwvted, Eaaqnllu was bfvofiww 60:1 the wwf dfowms. At the cow Sbuwfiowfsslwww f,wFebwn1u5. Administration Faculty Staff 17 ff President Lowell E. Roberts A.B., Friends University, B.D., Asbury Theo- logical Seminary, S.T.M., Th.D., Gordon Divinity School. 2 N-.., ,Wk ., sggw g I y Dean Wendell Hadley A.B., Friends University, M.A., U of Colorado, Ph.D., U. of Minnesota. 18 in... fx Business Manager Director of Personnel Gerald Wood, A.B. Friends U. Isabel Crabb, A.B., A.M., Earlham Registrar Evelyn Clark, A.B. Friends U. Director of Public Relations Alumni Secretary Merle Bender, A.B. Friends U., M.A. Majorie B1-ighmp, A,B, Friends U, I9 2- Y .YY YW ART BIBLE ALUMNI SECRETARY Connie Bishop Allen J. Bowman Marjorie Brightup A.B. Wheaton College A.B. Asbury College, B.D. As- A.B. Friends U. bury Theological Seminary. Sponsor: Gospel Band. 1 y A 3 s o y p Q 5 yspeyysya l y F f a I C sooon . an eaasa u , f ' B an fi oeil B H+ 'H . 4 +1 B+ : ' 7-fwgisfs H -I-gi? ' B 1 A a . .,, E :.r V .Q K V ,, yy A salas B r A A V 5 V E- as 1, 2 . .,,. ....,.s..... ,.,. -Q ..,.,,..,.. ' ' ,. L,-. - V- --- W- ,ir ,K ,, ' aaray sal s , y synr 1 essa yssslyo naas anra wa. . M. s,.. fs. s,.., Vrkk i V,LLr My V:k,:rV: CAFETERIA STAFF Left to Right: Mrs. Moon, Mrs. Reay, Mrs. Rush, CAFETERI A Mrs. Penner, Mrs. Kliever, Mrs. Brazil, Mrs. Kessler, Margaret Burch MTS- Maul. A.B. Friends U. 20 LIBRARY ECONOMICS Sl BUSINESS REGISTRAR Ella I. Christenson ADMINISTRATION Evelyn Clark A.B. Southwestern College Clifford Clark A.B. Friends U. A.B. Friends U., M.B.A. U. of Alabama. Sponsor: Senior Class, K.O.N. LIBRARIANS I Left to Right: Miss Garst, Miss Perry, Mrs. Cobb, LIBRARY Miss Christenson. Amy Cobb B.S. Ft. Hays State Teachers College, M.A.U. of Denver. 21 PHYSICAL ED. Violet Conard B.S., U. of Kansas, M.Ed., Drury College. Sponsor: W.R.A., Pep Club BIOLOGY H. E. Crow A.B., Friends U., B.S., Haverford College, M.A., Ph.D., U. of Kansas. PERSONNEL DIRECTOR ENGLISH Isabel Crabb Dorothy Craven A.B., M,A., Earlham. A.B., William Penn, M.A., U. of Kansasg Ph.D., U. of Colorado. W.R.A. VOLLEYBALL Left to Bight: Judy Blevins, Sandra Ritter, Alice Nichols, Kay Stauffer, Marcia Childs, Jane Martie, Dorothy Casado, Coleen Atherton, Lorna Kellum. 22 K , -1' , ELEMENTARY EDUC. ECONOMICS 81 BUS. LIBRARY Lillian I. Dedrick ADMINISTRATION Julia Garst A.B., M.A., U. of Wichita. F. F. Dietrich A.B., U. of Michigan B S ln Sponsor: F.T.A. A.B., U. of Kansasg M.A., Colo- L.S., Columbia U. rado Slate College of Education. Sponsor: UNIVERSITY LIFE. ENGLISH Mary Greenfield A.B., Kingfisher Collegeg M.A., Iowa State. , .433 va, 1. 4 Left to BOOKSTORE STAFF Right: Mrs. Ruth Perisho, Sandra Jenkins 23 DEAN, EDUCATION Wendell Hadley A.B., Friends U., M.A., U. of Coloradog Ph.D., U. of Minne- sota. MUSIC Margaret Joy B. Music, Chicago Music College M. Music, D. Music, Boguslow: ski School of Music. Sponsor: M.E.N.C. ENGLISH Fletcher Hicks A.B., M.A., U. of Minnesota COUNSELLOR Virgil Harden A. B., Rockmount C oll e geg M.R.E., Iliff Theological Semi- naryg M.A., U. of Denver. Sponsor: Freshman Class. "How to make both ends meat-we'll have hash." Mrs. Burch, Director of the Cafeteria 24 MUSIC Fred Mayer B.S. in Music, Capital Univer- sity. M.A., Ohio State U. ifonsorz Singing Quakers, Phi u. MATHEMATICS Mabel Penrod A.B., Friends U.: M.A., U. of Kansas. 'T 5 " 'afar-35' ' lfixEgSE25Vii552fkiiigiiiiiliiiiiiiarige-i E' . ,. W fi?s...:g..fif5:Qs.Q2w .Q-Mg,1.. ,W .mg ...M ,- i4esmgf :'12 i Lw fS ?EEgs??gT'.:2, ses.-..3.11.s.L M, gear' .seam-igifeii gels V ',gggig2.eq:egg,1Sf wgtgfg-,iazil 9' ' 5 My6522?.w:M:ff.wf1sas:2142:fzi.-asga-rgwfIm.1 V. ,......g..,,a....m ..,,i.- ,.,, , - ,g k , A . , .v 51 L ux? 25:42 4g:1sE3i,g3' 'wi lim .1 "7 'Y Liwfiiiisfiikiiif . f Yfp,Ei?i7 2711- . ,-1 Y Z1 sf' S Ki iii! . l S ,.i A I it 'isa o if iy, . ig syreeif i ssesrs arna . eiisef A V.kV ,,V, krkhx I ,"1':h, .fn 1. ifffjz 1 ii: 'KIV i 3 -.,L' V , f : '-'r ?s5i '1-. 2 if , 1 'i'1 e-,'- iff' E' 1e-f1-. .V HISTORY Sl POL. SCIENCE SOCIOLOGY Phillip Nagley Wayne Parris B.S. in Ed.,Wilmingt0n College: A.B., McPherson College: B.D M.A., Columbia U. Bethany Biblical Seminary, M.A Sponsor: Student Council. U. of Wichita. Sponsor: Junior Class, S.C.A I.R.C., TALISMAN. CUSTODIANS Left to Right: Asa Dillon, Edwin Adkinson. 25 LIBRARY Lillian Perry A.B., Friends U. AGRICULTURE E. Lee Raines A.B., Friends U.g M.A., U. of B.S., M.S., Kansas State. Colorado. Sponsor: Agriculture Club Sponsor: I.O.M., East Hall. SECRETARIAL TRAINING Essie Platt HOME ECONOMICS Margaret Raines A.B., Friends U.g M.S., Kansas State. MUSEUM CURATOR Fred Hoyt Friends U., 1900-043 Missionary in East Africa 1911-463 British Life Teaching Certificate. 26 EDUCATION Thomas M. Risk Ph.B., Ph.M., Ph.D., U. of Wis- consin. Sponsor: F.T.A. PSYCHOLOGY Alfred P. Smith A.B., Nebraska Central Collegeg M.Ed., U. of Wichita. ENGLISH CHEMISTRY Lillie Roudabush Daniel Schultz A.B., Hood Collegeg A.M., Co- A.B., Bethel Collegeg M.S., U. of lumbia U. Minnesota. BUSINESS OFFICE Mrs. Helen Wood, Arthur Jones. 27 BIOLOGY May Alice Smith A.B., William Penng M.A., U. of Iowa. Sponsor: I.O.M. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Victor Sullivan B.S., Friends U.g M.A., Colorado State. ,am SPEECH MUSIC L. R. Scott William Stanley B.A., U. of Nevadag M.A., U. of B. Music, M. Music, U. of Red- S. California. landsg D.M.A., U. of S. Califor- Sponsor: A.K.T., Black Masquers. nia. The Student Council cooperates with the faculty and staff in making campus life enjoyable. 28 MATHEMATICS Kjersti Swanson A.B., Friends U.g M.A., U. of Oklahoma. Sponsor: I.R.C. HOME ECONOMICS Margaret Watkins A.B., Friends U.g M.S., Kansas State. Sponsor: O.T.S. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Hubert Wiebe B.S., Friends U.g M.A., Colorado State. SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Audrey Wiebe 29 Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Second Semester New Students 30 SY? I' fx fm 'V Q--Q mmvafwm ,wma-'V' Adeline Boller Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Winifred Brees Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: History Wauneta Berkgren Oakley, Kansas Major: Music Education Minors: Piano, Psychology Gospel Band 2,331-g M.E.N.C. 2,41 Band 2,3,4. 061: Lois Ann Adkinson Wichita, Kansas Major: Home Economics Minor: Bible Gospel Band l,2,3g 0.T,S. l.,2,3g A.G.0, 1. L Christine Werneke Allen Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Lucille Allen Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Sociology M '58 Robert LeRoy Brighlup Liberal, Kansas Major: Bible Minor: History Gospel Band, President. 43 Student Council 4. Elaine Graber Brown Pretty Prairie, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Secretarial Training O.T.S.: Talisman Candidate. 1957. Martha Budd Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Carolyn Kay Carter Clearwater. Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Home Economies Singing Quakers 1,2g l.0.M. 1.2: F.T.A. 1. Mildred Ann Chailland Derby, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Home Economics we war mia Mist, 'WX David Eugene Cloud Wichita, Kansas Major: Sociology Minor: English Black Masquers l,2,3, V-P, 4: S.C.A. 1,2,3. President, 43 F.T.A. 2:, Gosjmel Band lg Stu- dent Counci 3g K.0.N. 4-g M.E.N.C. V-P, 2: Cheerleader 2g Singing Quakers 1,2,4g Eliz- abethans 2,43 Phi Mu Alpha 2,3,4g Sports Club 1,24 Busi- ness Manager, University Life, 4: Talisman King Attendant 3g Drama 1,2,3. Barbara .lean Clark Wichita, Kansas Major: Chemistry Minor: Biology l.0.M. 1,2g Pep Club 4. Marian Christy El Dorado, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: History ,ww , M nk 1'-RW, Esker is .v.f1fw5,fzs, .. A f' ' f iliafiiiz . Esther Chandler Clearwater, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: History M-nge 56' L ? I 5'-iii, 'bww' I Linda Coffey Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: En lish F.T.A.: Life Editor 3: Who's Who 4: Student Council 3: S.C.A. James Madison Cowan Franklin, Pennsylvania Major: History Minor: Bible Emery Quay Cox Wichita, Kansas Major: Physical Education Minors: Sociology and History A.K.T. l,2,3, President 4: Foot- ball 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3: Baseball l,2,3,4: Lettermans Club 1,2,3,4. Helen Ino Cox Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Biology John Gardner Crandall, Jr. Wichita, Kansas Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology and Sociology Dan Dale Enid, Oklahoma Major: Business Administration Minor: Education Mildred Lucille Crouch Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Music Elma Nadine Copeland Alton, Kansas Major: llome Economics Minors: Psychology, Sociology Gospel Band 1,2,3: 0.T.S. 1, 2,33 Chapel Choir 1. Letha Vivian Corder Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Art Mamie Ethel Davidson Tertia White Dingwall Wichita Kansas Monrovia, Liberia Major Secretarial Training Major: English Minor Home Economics Minor: Speech I0 M 4- W R A 1 Gospel Band I.R.C. Secretary 1,43 S.C.A. 2 3 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 4 0 T S 1 2 Black Masquers. Clifford Clark Senior Sponsor. Dareld E. DeSelms Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minors: Psychology, Sociology and English F.T.A. 1,4. Annie Ruth Davis San Antonio. Texas Major: Elementary Education Minor: History Darrell Joe Denny Wichita, Kansas Major: English Minors: S eech SL Drama Bible ifaeech 'lilournament 3 Black asquers l,2,3g Play acting 2 35 with Richard Freeman Forwalder Wichita, Kansas Major: Economics 8K Business Administration Minor: Sociology Departmental Assistant, Econom- ics 8K Business Administration Dept. 3.4. Everett Dale Glines Friendswood, Texas Majors: Agriculture and Busim-ss Administration Ag Club, Gospel Band. Felix Eugene Gourley Sycan, Colorado Major: History Minor: English Joyce Graham Augusta, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minors: Sociology and Art 36 Mavis ,loleen Fagan Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: English F.T.A. l,2, Publicity and His- torian Chairman 3: Talisman Staff 3: Life Staff 2, Ass't Editor 3: Pep Club 3: Chapel Choir 1.2, Paul Russell Fisher Wichita, Kansas Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Physical Education F.T.A. 1,2,3,4g Football 1: Black Masquers 2,3,4: Alpha Psi Omega 3.4. Roberta Grob Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Sociology Mary Margaret Graham Wichita, Kansas Major: Education Minor: Sociology A-4.9-rg Wichita, Kansas jane Graber Hays Pretty Prairie, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Secretarial Training 0.T.S. Vice-President 3. Charles Jan Hatter Wichita, Kansas Major: Chemistry Minors: Biology, German, Physics, Math A.K.T. 2. Lahoma Frances Hancock Major: Home Economics Minor: Music l.0.M. Pledge President 2, Trea- surer 3, I.S.C. 4: Singing Quakers l,2,3, Secretary 4: Elizabethan Singers 11 M.E.N.lI. 41 Class Re- porter 4: A.G.0. 1,2, Secretary Treasurer 4: S.C.A. 3,43 Home- coming Queen Attendant 2: Cherry Carnival Qin-en Attend- ant 3: Wl1o's Who 4. Edna Marie Handkins Kingman, Kansas Major: Music Education Mu Phi, Theta Mu, M.E.N.C., Band, Singing Quakers, Pep Club, Dorm Vice-President: Talisman Queen Attendant 4: May Queen 4. Ervin H. Hass Granger, Minnesota Major: Business Administration Minor: History Juanita Irene Harris Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Sociology Bryant E. Hardee Wichita, Kansas Major: Business Administration Minor: Sociology A.K.T. 2,3,4: Baseball 2,3.4. Dale Gene Harrington Conway Springs, Kansas Majors: Agriculture and Industrial Arts Minor: Chemistry A.G.0. Secretary and Depart- ment Assistant, Brass Ensemble Trombone Quartet, Band. , x, Shiuya Izawa lrakaki, Japan Major: Physics Elizabeth Hinton Wichita, Kansas Major: Home Economics Minor: Music A.G.0. 2,3,4-g 1.0.M. 2,3,4-3 Mu Phi 2,331-g F.T.A. 2: Singing Quakers 2,3,4: M.E.N.C. 2,33 Elizabethian Singers 2,43 Cecilian Singers 1. Patrick Charles Hogan Enid, Oklahoma Major: Business Administration Minor: Industrial Arts Minor: Mathematics, Chemistry I.R.C. 3: Who's Who 4. Hattie I. Jantz Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: English 38 Albert Heuins Hay Springs, Nebraska Majors: Physics, M ath Minor: Chemistry Mathematics Achievement Award 1: I.R.C. 1,2, Treasurer 3.4. Gloria Hiltenberg Ruby Ann johnson Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Eduration Minors: H islory Janet Williams Johnson Fort Valley, Georgia Major: Music Education American Guild of Urganists, Music Educators National flon- ference: Singing Quakers. Uttervillc, Missouri Major: Home Economics Minor: Speech and Drama Gospel Band 1,25 D.P.A.N. 4: 0.T.S. 1.23.41 Alpha Psi Omega 3,43 1.R.C. 1,2,3,4: Black Mas- IXUCTS 3,43 W.R.A. 1: Play Acting ' Noah", "Harriet." and Bible 45,4 'N--wana fs mm Lila Rae Lee Friendswood, Texas Major: Secretary Training Minor: Bible Gospel Band 2,3,4. ,lay Song Lee Seoul. Korea Major: Business Minor: English David Lyle Kanton Bartlesville, Oklahoma Major: English Minor: Speech Gospel Band. Alvin D. Kauffman Crystal Springs, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: English 39 Mcrl Kinser Hugoton, Kansas Major: History Minor: Bible Black Masquers 3,4-g Gospel Band 3, Vice-President 4. Hobart ,lay Knight Paonia, Colorado Majors: Economics and Business Administration Minors: Psychology, and Secretarial Training Student Council Treasurer 4: Student Union Board President 3 Mae Walkemeyer Kellum Wicrhita, Kansas Major: Home Economics Minor: Bible U.'l'.S. l. Secretary 12.3.41 Gospcl Band l. Secretary-Treasurer 2.3, 4: Singer Quakers 1,2,3. ' Vera ,lean Kershner Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Home Economics E if WM at ww' -- W Carl Lewis Boone, Colorado Major: Secondary Education Minor: History Shirley Diane Luce Wichita, Kansas Major: Art Minor: English l.0.M. l, Sergeant-at-Arms 2.3. 4: Pep Club 2,4g W.R.A. 4. Margaret McCurry ,lack Martin Wichita, Kansas Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Major: Math Minor: Home Economics Minor: Physics 0.T.S., F.T.A., D.P.A.N. Black Masquers 1: A.K.T. l. A Norma Jeanne Markum Wichita, Kansas Major: Home Economics Minor: Music f0rganj l.U.M. Treasurer and l.S.C. Rep- resentative l,2,3,4: U.T.S., Mu . Phi E silon, S.C.A., Sin in Blble Quakcijs l,2,3, Treasure? 4? M.E.N.C. lg A.G.O. l,2,3.4, Class Secretary lg Chapel Representa- tive 4: Student Council 4. Eunice Grace McNichols Haviland, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minors: Home Economics and Gospel Band l,3,4: O.T.S, 3,4: F.T.A. 4. Don Macy Wichita, Kansas Major: Bible Minor: History Ruth Mailen Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: English 40 1 . 1 Saleh Mohit Iran Major: Bible Minors: Chemistry, Math I.R.C. Manrine Mitchell Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: History Charles A. Mans Wichita, Kansas Major: Business Administration Minors: Math and Sociology A.K.T., Play acting. Merle Noble Meils Clearwater, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: English 'Q AWWX' 41 Jaynelle Minter Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Biology Mildred Mills Peck, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: History Shirley Parks Meyer Wichita, Kansas Major: English Minor: History D.P.A.N. 1, Rush Captain 2, Vice-President 3, President 4: S.C.A. 2, Treasurer 3: Singing Quakers l,2,3, Treasurer 4: W.R.A 1: University Life Re- porter 2,3,4: Talisman staff 3: Pep Club 4, Student Council 4. Darrell Merriman Woodston, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: History F.T.A. 1,2, Treasurer 3: Gospel Band 1, President 2,3,4: Ag C u.b Treasurer 2,3: Class Treasurer 3. Billy 0. Musser Wichita, Kansas Major: Bible Minor: Chemistry K.0.N. 2,3. Ada Messick Mustoe Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Music Singing Quakers lg I.0.M. 1, f1928j. Viola Parrish Major: Elementary Education Minor: Art Melba Parris Conway Springs, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minors: Sociology, Psychology 'hrsfwx an 'fgunun i ffiii iif i , ,E :.f:f. Adeta Riner Wichita. Kansas Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Carolyn Ruth Powell Pueblo. lfolorado Major: Music Education Minor: Urgan Gospel Band l,2.3,4: Music' Edu- cators National lfonferenvm- 3.4: Singing Quake-rs 2.3.-1:Flute Trio 1.23.41 Mu Phi Epsilon 2.IS.4: Class Secretary 4: 0.T.S. 2.3: A.G.0. 2.3.43 Band l. Donna Faye Pennick Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Physical Education F.T.A., D.P.A.N., W.R.A. Elsie May Pinkston Wichita. Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: History A.C.E. iamuubk Leona Fern Pope Kisnu-I, Kansas Major: Home Economics Minor: Physical Education 0.'l'.S. 1.2.3, Treasurer 4: SXIA. 1.2.4-g F.T.A. fl-1 Gospel Band 2.3.4. Hazel Aveline Pond Wichita. Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Psychology. Sociology l".'l'.A. 1.2.3, President 4-1 Educaa tion Assistantship 3.4: Candidate for May Queen 4. J. M. Pitts Books-n. Texas Major: Bibli- Minors: Histor Modena Helen Pitman Haven, Kansas Major: Music Minor: Home Economics y, Greek if wb K.. -tqf I , as-sa, . In F Ralph Rot- W itfllita, Kansas Major: Economics and Business Administration Minor: llistory Maurice Roberts Fowler, Kansas Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Bible Student Council President 4: Class President 3: K.ll.N. 4: Football l,2,3,4: Black Masquers l,2,3.4: Plays "Noah", "Harriet", Nora E. Rogers Bernie L. Smith Wichita. Kansas YVichita. Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Library Science Edward J. Schade Golden. Colorado Major: Psychology Minor: Math A.K.T. 3.4: Golf 3. Milas Keith Schweer Wichita. Kansas Major: Bible Minor: Music Football lg Basketball lg Baseball lg Singing Quakers 1,2,3,4: S.C.A. 3.4: Phi Mu 3,4: Dra- matics Il: Gospel Band l,2,3. J. ll. Shelton Wichita, Kansas Major: Speech and Dramatic Art Minor: Bible Black Masqucrs. Alpha Phi llllltfgii, S.ll.A., Plays: "Scarlet Lily". "Family Portrait", "Har- riet", "Lamb in the Wfindowv. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry William H. Simmons, Jr. Friendswood, Texas Major: Physical Education Minors: lndustrial Arts, Speech Class President 2.3,4: Gospel Band: Play Acting: Black Mas- quers: Football l,2,3,4: Letter- man's Club l,2,3,4: Baseball: Student Council: Ag. Club: Talis- man King Attendant. was P' 11? wh fi.: M swf -w,. 1.7 ,.. M wr' -s ...J A . K . Janice Stanton Wichita. Kansas Major: English Minor: Chemistry Home-coming A tt e n d a nt 3: l.0.M.. Gospel Band, S.C.A. Dean R. Stands Portland, Oregon Major: Business Administration Minor: Bible Book Store Manager 3: Class Vice-President 4: Life Business Mana er 3: Q-Book Business E Manager 4: Class Chapel Re- porter 3: Play: "Harriet." ,,M,.f "!""': Gerald Leon Smith "5 Valley Center, Kansas Major: Spanish Minors: French. English K.0.N. Treasurer 3, Secretary 4: Gospel Band. Joan Clark Smith Wiichita, Kansas Major: Home Economics Minor: Psychology I.0.M. 1, Secretary 2, President 3,4: Student Council 3: U.T.S. 3,41 Singing Quakers 2,3,4: S.C.A. 1,22 Gospel Band 1,2: Union Board Mt'IlllJPT 2: Talisman Ar-- tivities Assistant 2. we Q William A. Stacy China Lake, California Majors: Psychology, Sociology Minor: Bible S.C.A, 2, President 3: W'.U.S. committee chairman 4: K.0.N., Black Masquers, Play: "Family Portrait". Irene Snowden Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Ra mond Edward Snook Sian Die o, California Major: English Minor: Speech Gospel Band ,Ioan Lang Gilchrist Smith Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minors: English. Music F.T.A.. l.0.M. 4. Ceceilc Swartz Wichita, Kansas Major: Music Education Singing Quakers LII.-1-L D.P.A.N. Vicc-Pre-sideni 4: M.l-L.N.C. 1.2 3,41 l'.l'.A. 2: 5.i,.A. 3: Lniver sity Life- Staff 2.3: flew-lian Sing- ers 2. Effie Adelaide Swain Wvichita. Kansas Major: Education Minor: English Margie Lee Taylor Neodf-sh a. Kansas Bert J. W'aymire Wichita, Kansas Majors: Elementary Education Major: History and English Minors: Economics, Education Minor: Dramatics Football 3. F.T.A.. Q-Book editor. Esmer D. Verbal Norma N. Thomason Mansfield, Missouri Wichita, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Major: History Minor: Sociology Minor: Speech and Dramatic Art 3,as..u""" Doris Van De Car Wichita, Kansas 'Majorz English Minor: Library Science Claudia Van Holsbeke Haviland, Kansas Major: English Minors: Sjjleech Si Dramatics, istory Black Masquers. Alpha Psi Omega, l".T.A. 1. i 46 'DI' WA Gerald Lee Young Mulvane, Kansas Major: Physical Education Minors: History. Biology. Young Sook Yoon Inchon, Korea Majors: Education and Psychology Minor: Speech I.R.C., Black Masquers, F.T.A. 2 Ruth Marie White annum., Rf !"v Kingman, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: Art Devon Harvey Wiens Wichita, Kansas Major: Bible Minor: History Q37 1 Curtis Vandyne Wolf Wichita, Kansas Major: A iculture Minor: Cglemistry Ag Club 1,2, President 3, Secre- tary 4: K.O.N. 1, Rush Captain Robert L. Wiswell Richmond, Kansas Major: Psycholo y Minor: Industrial Arts 4"-3 kai' I Carol Ann Sisson Williamson Clearwater, Kansas Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Zach Gainey Wilkerson Cvril, Oklahoma Major: Agriculture Minor: Economics and Business Administration 47 i S - S , 1' x X, 5 ' , 'Es 5, H!! Curtis Buckles P Davld Dalke Carolyn Butts .loyce Cranmer I H ,le Ch ever 3 rvff X al' y e 'Q ,aww-f wwf my 'M Dv. Milton W. Corzatt Mary Connolly Mardella Cogswell Robert Cheney 'l'l.."'2"- X 1. ' ' "-Q' '-s Why.. Hosea Davis Philip Davis Erma Jean Dunn I' heron Easter John Hanna Bessie Felts Viona Gray Morris Fisher Mary Frances Ghnes Antone Godding 'Rm Mary Dee McMillan Tom McCurry David Leach Charles Hansen Joan Lankford Charmaine Ioerger Jerry Johnson 3 i N Max King Marcia Johns Wayne Key 51 1 Donald McQueen J ack Mahan Richard Meils E Dorothy Meyer Bonnie Nusz VR x' ' '-V. X i.....mFi1. , " Viona Gray talks over plans with Mr. Parris, our willing and helpful class sponsor. XF Virginia Moon Kathy Newlin ""Q,,w: W? Howard Moore QR' 3 "'!.'.:- Glen Myers A V as Max Newby iii ii E H sl Virgil Puetz Eunice Pond Sue Porter l in 3 ?9 'xv X 'H .X Vx' -"5" f V exif, gi- : ' ,R Q ' hi ff. Q, f"ff:'H f ? 'iff .Arif .. g wg bm .3-af wtf: ff- A I .A'Q. T W F Beulah Ott Lella Pope John Paulin Mary Emily Perisho , James Penn 1 . R " W-4-sw ,J : if Q yi ,.,. he ,. . ,.: Kenneth Pearce + 5 3 1 , K f. ku , lx- Larry Peckham is X as Q -'lr " Nelle Schramn Ruth Shelton Barbara Springsteen James Stoneberger Darlene Taylor Hershel Thornberg A James Redick Elizabeth Riggs Dorothy Sandquist an Robert Young Won Zoon Yoon Elaine Woodward Robert Velth Treva Williamson fm? Cleo Wilson I Louis Wheeler it Glen W'arner Phyllis Wells 2 ,f gui? f -- . 4. ,,:: H Q "4-frvv-av., Frank Dorsey Janis Edwards Robert Eyres Irene Fisher W Ruby May Flowers Lloyd Folger Lawrence F oth firm W., W, zu in ,rt I I Q ,Lei2i2Q , wL W ,X , f s ,1,pqme- ', A .. ' 'E-"1 l 9, ,L :,,, I . I, f 5Zf if ,Q , j eee ,fe Judy Heskett Ernest J. Gruen James Grimes Eugene Graves Marlene Grasser Elvin Fox -.," 5 'H' ,ff Phyllis Howard Wayne Howdeshell Nathaniel Ingram -.eb -"ravi ,pw fwf' Kay Jacks Sandra Jenkins Freshman girls dress to please Sophomores. 5 Barbara Kliewer Marcia Johnson Eleanor Kessler Clarice J ones Gary L. Kellam Kenneth Kellum Ji sa S "1 'IV' .QW ' -1 ks. , ww., Richard Long Jeannine Lygrisse Naomi Joan McLeod Bob Lochner if af? X Sf! 43. James Koftan Bob L1iIIlkiIlS Earl Koontz Sharon Kupfersmith Edward J. Kvas Rosalyn Koontz Jerry Kramer Herbert Marshall Don Maechtlen Alvin Lee Mace Larry Markum 'if e ,gg-m',. A 995 ff 'H+ Caroline Milberger Barbara Seiler zzi :,.,- gi, '5 3-ia f gy .' wi I ff'-f2i'9 ' f " X- f f , fa- QF 1 ' L"' I Don Moon Lloyd Robinson W. I ,bzg fs' ...--b E 4...-f l "" "i'i L l,' 3 f 'L if L,,:.Y Q zz. A KLLVL L Xa L L ii we X ' L L Dan Neifert Wit!! Jennie Nobllt Peggy Roberts Kay Wagner Mary Lou Walkemeyer Lowell Young Jerold Vogt Ma Shelton Mac L. Smlth fy Larry VanPelt Jean Stovall James Robert Strange 61 Earl Vanderhoff Gary Taton ff., ,141 .. v"""' , .ls M 9 te 4? w :QL 'Sl 91 N 'hw ' F 'A-PVA' 4' W i..g3gg if ,i A 1 fi 3' y ,iyyyjggxk ,W fii Carl Boaz Harvey Bond Larry Bradley Dorothy Casado Marcia Childs Rosalea Christopher ,W Rosalyn Elliot Orville L. Drake Marilyn Downing Everett Dirks Tom DeLong Ronnie Conyac 7 ' , I 1 nf .l 525' wh ,Gio ":T"" qj'f5Pi,i4Ef?3fYfi'L -FE 1. mwggsf WW is Qi' Denny Gearhart Joseph Gilmore Arrah Sue Goodwin Beverly Gregory lla Gullickson 64 Ronald Eyres Drury Leigh Forinash Norma Fuller Louise Hall Jimmy Louis Hall Edward Jantz Larry J ones E. Wallace Johnson Nancy Jackson 'GQ' Charles Hardesty Mary Hornecker Don Harrold Larry M. Hlgbee Rose Mary Hickerson Rogene Hickok 5 imqtriv -Q' Q .1 , , , F I L1 f- , W I K 9 H , A ik QQ: , F . 5 V for Lorna Kellum xiii wi , 1 . W A , Bruce E. Keller Max King Joyce Lawrence '9 ,Q MQ: , , -'T' Once dunked in the horsetank, freshmen are thoroughly initiated into Friends. Gerald Kinser William L. Lucas Loerna Koch JO hn H. Lonneke i J ,Wren jg 1.117 ,::"-1415 Warren E. Lawrence John Lindal 1::5EE?:?F f ff? f,:,.,,,,,.:::' ....::7:::::7 :::::: Aff' z::::g ' we LeRoy Penna Jack Parry :IA 1:.g 5 ,,,. Alice Arlene Nichols w W Webster Neal HV, "':s.... ,445 Jane Martxe Nancy Mullenbruch George Masters Alan Moore f ' 'F W'illiam McKean V Irene McMichael 2--. "'L 67 mi Veda J ae Pike Walter Porter George Potts George Redman J. M. Ringler Ralph Stahlman, I r. Jo Sandra Ritter Don Schlemen W' l 8 1 6 3,4 1,9 l 'L-N Doris Roberts Frank F. Rowley, J r. We ,E -W -qv.-+1 ,W IU" J- img,- Q, ii E o- if i A hu-ali 'F Vinci. . 5 X Q 1. 530' S f Edith Wolfrum Minnie Wilder Roosevelt Whlters Kay Stauffer Joel Sierra , , 5 V C is Carole Acree Dieter Deike Vy Vh Z Nl A Paul Boles Billy Chastain Doris Childs Horace Coon John Dunn U Lloyd Folger Charles Hansen Norman Huff Richard King Carl Lewis 7-Us 'QS a X . Edgar Mc Bee Kelth Mardock f 70 Wayne Meyers Larry Rebenstorf limmy Nicholson Bob Peterson Joyce Pickering Doris Price Ruthann Reagan New 'John K. Rogers Genevieve Samy Karen Staley Pat Taylor Lincoln Tschopp .3 WW Le C. R. 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V.1, --V..--V.-VV.---V--2. s , ' . ru 73 - 'f-W1 5-ii ls' miifizf? , ix- , V--fi'.f--2.-- ' -'1--YV '13 5 115-il! 531 -if! -1 'L-31: .1--1.1532 Footbaw with nine returning lettermen, two new coaches, and a fine lot of freshmen to strengthen the team, coach George Hutchens expected a fine season. George Hutchens graduated fI'0IIl Friends in 1951. He and his assistant, Bob Moore, came to Friends from Caldwell High School. While at Caldwell, Hutchens' team won sixteen straight, with only one tie to mar the record. This year Hutchens was also assisted by Quay Cox, a student coach. Friends University started the season against Southwestern on Friday 13 by losing 32-0. The following week College of Emporia came to Hoyt Field and downed the Fighting Quakers 21-0 in a rain-soaked game. With F. U. travelling to Ottawa and playing one of their better games, we still came out on the bottom with tl1e score 13-6. Friends Homecoming was ruined by Kansas Wesleyan, who racked up the scores in a 40-7 game. The next week the Baker Wild- cats downed F. U. 32-0. Friends played one of our best games against Bethel, only to lose 19-7. Several players were hit by the flu and stayed at home when Friends traveled to McPherson to lose 32-0. The game with Bethany was postponed because flu riddled both teams, but on No- vember 14, Friends beat Bethany 15-0. The game at Sterling left us on the bottom again, 46-13. All in all, the season was better than tl1e scores show, and Coach Hutchens expects an even better season next fall. 74 . ,,.k, .Qi I , W, -.W-I, . , . A f - ,af g ' . , I . Q1 ' W 'M . First Row: Lloyd Robinson, Don Moon, Frank Dorsey, Orville Drake, Tom DeLong, ,lim Stoneberger. Second Row: Larry Peck- ham. Don McQueen, Richard Webb, John Crandall, Kenny Baker, Bill Hamilton, Maurice Roberts, Chet May. Third Row: Harold Sandell, Art Woods, Jerry May, John Webster, Bill Simmons. Frank .e J . ., Sgrtilfq. Rowley, Chuck Newkirk, Bill Goodwin. Fourth Row: Dave Dalke, C. R. Tyson, Gerold Kinser, Bill Myers, Charles Hardesty, ,lim Redick. Bill Neal, John Lindal, Keith Kaufman. Fifth Row: Gene Crossette. Roy Koon, Jerry Young. 1343 Jerry Young Bill Simmons Maurice Roberts Back Back End VTCHIUB FINAL KCAC STANDINGS FRIENDS SCORES Southwestern College of Emporia Ottawa University Kansas Wesleyan Baker Bethel McPherson Sterling Bethany 32- 0 21- 0 13- 6 40- 7 32- 0 19- 7 32- 0 46-13 0-15 Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Kansas Wesleyan 6-1-0 857 Baker 5-1-1 786 Bethel 5-2-0 714 McPherson 5-2-0 714 Ottawa 3-4-0 .429 College of Emporia 2-4-1 357 Friends 1-6-0 143 Bethany 0-7-0 000 Friends fans loyally supported their team, cheering them on when they lose, celebrating their victory with the one official walkout allowed each school year. The spirit of Friends grows with each defeat and each success of our l team, Friends "Fighting Quakersf' ,, l Judy Blevins Barbara Blunt Marcia Childs Barbara Seiler Head Cheerleader Dorothy Casado Coleen Atherton Phyllis Howard Seven peppy girls roused school spirit with clever new yells. 77 F.U Coach Bob Moore looks over basketball records. Friends Scores F.U.. . .73 75 Alumni F.U.. . .61 60 Sterling F.U.. . .58 59 Tabor F.U.. . .73 74 Southwestern F.U.. . .73 "'67 C of E F.U.. . .68 162 McPherson F.U.. . .68 "'78 Baker F.U.. . .83 85 Phillips ....58 88 Phillips F.U.. . .66 95 Bethel F.U.. . .55 65 Baker F.U.. . .63 84 Ottawa F.U.. . .57 76 C of E F.U.. . .61 69 Sterling F.U.. . .66 69 K. Wesleyan F.U.. . .57 69 Bethany F.U.. . .71 80 McPherson F.U.. . .56 70 Bethel F.U.. . .58 71 Baker F.U.. . .62 93 Ottawa F.U.. . .70 79 C of E F.U.. . .67 61 K. Wesleyan F.U.. . .79 106. . .Bethany F.U.. . .72 102. . .McPherson 'denotes K.C.A.C. games. Bas Latham Coach Bob Moore is in his first year at Friends University. Bob Moore, the athletic director and head basketball coach, comes from Caldwell High School. This year Moore took over the basket- ball squad with four returning lettermen. With a few new additions, the hopes were high for a good season. Friends started the season off with a bang by winning a thriller from Sterling, 61-60. The next week F.U. lost to Tabor by one point, and to Southwestern by two, all in the last few seconds. The next game for Friends was the opening game of the K.C.A.C. tournament with College of Em- poria. In this game Friends pulled an upset by downing C of E 73-67. The next night, in the semi- finals against McPherson, Friends again pulled an upset by whipping McPherson 68-62. Friends met Baker in the finals the next night. F.Ufs tired team went into the game with hopes of another up- set, but came out on the short end of the score, 68-78. The Fighting Quakers battled all the way, but Baker had too much of a height advantage. On January 7, Friends opened conference play with hopes of winning the conference, but with a lot of bad turns and the lack of any height, Friends University lost 15 games in a row. The season was finished with a record of four wins and nineteen losses. Needless to say, we're hoping for a better season next year, and success for Bob Moore and Friends University's Fighting Quakers. 78 First row, left to right: Don Maechtlen, Lowell Dillman, Keith Kaufman, Virgil Puetz, Lee Brown. Second row: Warren Ramsey, Lloyd Robinson, Larry Peckham, Jim Redick, Harvey Bond. Third row: Jim Koftan, Lowell Young, Mickey Ringler, Larry Bradley. My f ereaiy - ifiii Q , H ff NSN- L I K A - 1 , X W L yy yhy, Warren Ramsey Lloyd Robinson 6' 2" Junior 6' Sophomore Center Center 79 Jim Redick 6' Junior Forward A fi A 5 ii xv f . f g xx s Keith Kaufman 5' Si' Sophomore Guard Basketball 2 ,-E Virgil Puetz 5' 10" Junior Guard 80 w W, we i ,,LY V, 3 G v ,L 5 M K 55,5 -. , 'Ya' 'H 1 T '34 x -rg 1' M X 5 iffiff " 'W G do EE .g g Larry Peckham 5' 11" Junior Forward X X fi? Pete Dillman 5' 9" Sophomore Guard Aoiiowl WINS AND LOSSES Ottawa C of E McPherson Bethany Bethel Baker Friends K. Wesleyan 14-0 9-5 9-5 8-6 7-7 7-7 1-13 1-13 Left to right, Back row: Dan Neifert, Theron Easter, Elvin Fox, ,lim Redick, Frank Dorsey, Carl Boaz, Front row: Mike Keith, Harvey Bond, George Potts, J. M. Ringler, Lloyd Robinson. The prospects of this yearis team look very bright. With the addition of freshmen and new students, the five returning lettermen hope to make a very good showing at the time of the conference meet in May. The team, coavhed by Bob Moore, will have plenty of dual and triangle meets, plus the possi- bility of such meets as: K.U. Relays, the Dome Relays, and the Emporia State Relays. Twlilv Team Golf Team Left to right: Larry Markum, Bill Graham, Dave Dalke, Gary Graham. With the hope of finishing higher in the conference in golf, five men reported to Coach Fred Hoyt for golf practice. Last year's team finished third in conference play. Only one letterman, Larry Markum, a sophomore, returned to this year's team. Left to right: C. R. Tyson, Lowell Dillman. Lots of credit goes to FUVS two managers, QR. Ty- on a n d Lowell Dillman. owell, commonly known as "Pete", was the football man- ager and a varsity basketball layer. C.R. was the basket- all manager, and is now serving as the manager for both track and baseball. U08 Student Managers WMS Cherry Carnival Student Council Societies Music Dramatics Clubs Publications Dorm Whois Wfho Snapshots 84 7 -mia Q., Maurice Roberts, president of Student Council. crowns the Queen, Ramona Baker. This is a thrilling moment for the reigning King and Queen, for the results of the voting were kept secret until the announeement was made public by Maurice. The attendants and the audi- ence beamed their approval at the royal pair. Every year Cherry Carnival is anticipated as an outstanding event, and every year it meets with enthusiastic success. A pro- ject of SCA which involves the entire school. Cherry Carnival honors Washingtonk birthday, and is always held the third Sat- urday in February. Chairman of Cherry Carnival this year was Charmaine Ioerger, whose refreshing new ideas for Cherry Car- nival met with immediate success. The most important event of Cherry Carnival, of course, is al- ways the eoronation ceremony. Spectators crowded around to watch last year's Queen and King, Marcia Johns and Keith Mardock, and the little flower girl, Regina Nagley lead in the eoronation party. The royalty in all their splendor reigned. Lewis Wheeler and Clarice Jones attended Tony and Ramona. as did Caroline Mil- berger and Quay Cox. The voting for Cherry Carnival was done by voting liekels, one of which was gixen free with every ticket bought for the booths. Each candidate was sponsored by a different campus organization. . . The unannounced antl um-xpem-terl arrivals of the Rebels created a sensation. Lloyd Robinson. Larry Pt'L'lill3Ill. Frank Dorsey. and Bob Laiukins niovecl the audience with a tvndt-r rendition of Hliarripliglltirig Time in the Valley." Set-ontl place winners in the l'4ll1l.t'hl were: ,lim Penn, Keith Nlarllom-lx. .loc Gilmore. aufl lhnitl lllouil. Q- QQ 4 Anyone influenved by the romantic atmosphere at Cherry Car- nival could he married on ahort notire bv Preavlit-r Bob-for a prive. of voursc. One feature of the eu-ning vsaa a Barlwrwliop quartet contest. Winnie-rs were Daxe lm-1-In. Dave Dalke. Kenny Kellum. and Stanley Brown. The auction attracted a lot of attention. Loolw lilw thc moat serious lritltla-r in Dr. Cram-n. Beard-growing contestants were: Keith Schweer, Ernie Coleman, David lilouil. Leroy Penna. and Joel Sierra, who made a con- vincing Alu' Linvoln. 87 Top row: Dave Dalke, Tony God- ding, Richard Meils. Second row: .lim Adams. Keith Mar- dock. Third row: Hobart Knight, Bill Simmons, L a r ry Peckham. Fourth row: Virginia Moon, B e v e r l y Bishop, Maurice Roberts. Front row: Darlene Taylor, Naomi Mc- Leod. Barbara Springsteen, The Student Council IS the representative group of students who serve the student body as its governlng organization The four executive members are elected by the student body Other voting members of Student 1 ouncil are the class presidents, presidents of organizations and publication , rn.. .X-W, I ntwv-Qociehj Tl1e lnter-society Council is made up of a representative from each society and the spon- sors of the societies. This organization sets up the rules and regulations for the societies on campus. Each year the office of President is passed to a different society. This year the ,President was Left to right: John Paulin, K.0.N., Ed Schade, 'X.K.T.. Jerry T ounz, President. Darlene Taylor. D.l'.A.N., Lahoma Hancock, I.0.M. A.K.T. representative .lerry Young. ww . . The Policy Forming Com- mittee is made up of faculty and students for the purpose of dis- cussing faculty-student problems. If a decision is made the recom- mendation is sent to the faculty or Student Council, or both. This is adxantageous to hoth faculty and students and helps things run much more smoothly. Hack row: Miss Clark. Mr. Nagley, Dean lladley. Dr. Roberts. Mr. Jones. Mr. Woods, Miss Crabb. Second row: Dave Dalke, Larry Peckham, Frank Dorsey, Hobart Knight Maurice Roberts. Bill Simmons. Front row: Dr. Craven, Mr. Bender, Lahoma Hancock tb" 'WV' 'CLIF "!':.:r' dl' W ,f PM we-f f PLEDGES. First row: Marnie Davidson, Carolyn Butts. Mary Hnrm-1-km-r. Second row: Marvin ,l0llllSOIl. Ps-ggi Rub:-rtf. Barbara Blunt. Sandra Ritter, Thiril row: Bm:-rly Bishfvp. lizunnna Bake-r. Nancy Mulenbruch. Barbara Kliewer, Rosalyn Elliot, Joyce Pic-kering, Marcia Childs. Caroline Mil- hz-rger. ,Indy lilcxina. .lauw Martin Virginia Moon chats with Miss Pfhsie Presiflvnt Xirginia Nlumi null Run Valentine Formal. Platt and Vlisa Way .Xlivv Smith. IUM lota Theta Mul Valentine Forniul for l958 luintasv Sponsors. in Pink." Priiulv initiation for plwlgvs. 'vi .ll-,gm ,lm-nkina sti-lr through thi- llc-art it nw M Karvil Clark N ionu Cray l1Llll4llllA llaiirork Elizabeth Hinton Phjllis Howard Nlarvia .lolllt l'lr'anor lu-ssle-1' Sharon lxilpll-1's111itl1 Shir-le-j l.lll'4' Jeannine Lygrisse Wlarj Um- Wit-Nlillull Norinai Nl111'lx11n1 IUNI pin The' Iota 'lille-ta N111 sovie-ty has had a wt-ry prosperous year. It started olil' with thc- traditional ste-ak fry with thi- KUNE. Rush season was the next higvu-11t ol' Olll' your whit-h lll4'llltlt'll open house- and a "hobou rush party at thu- Wlarlx lic-vu-'s ii21lllll.illlI' lll0lllllPFSllill was strengthened with 18 very outstanding pledges. Private initiation followed with lols ol' fun mixvd in. Uur lihristnlas l'cstix'itie-s lllt'lll1lt'tl a varoling party with the KONE and thvn l.Hgf'lll1'l' wv adopts-d il Ilt'l'1lf l-Lllllily. 'liho l'itlI'Ill was the setting for our iIllIH't'wwlN1' l'o1'11111l initiation. Hur two iitbflllill dinners. X alt-ntine Formal and Spring l'i4bl'Illill wi-rv our highliglits ol. sw-ond r9IIlQ?SlL'I'. Utl1v1'am'tixitif-s iiivhide- ilu- haslu-tlmll ganu-. illtlllllll tllt't'llllg1. lllt'1lll'll1- Orablc Sll1IIll5t'l' parties and Senior Farewell. New Xin-rnlwr-: llori- Ile-11111111111 .md.lo4111 Nnilh. Hull' Shplhm , Joan Clark Smith Xirxginigi xlqpqyn S l'illlllt'1' Uunsworth l'o d QM r'1 1 an 1 1 UPHN l'l1z11ln'tl1 Higgs Nlars Flu-lton L Winans... r .,--ff' 7... Lloyd Robinson Keith Mardock Clifford Clark President. 2nd Sem. President. lst SQ-ni, Sponsor 'QP The men of Kappa Omega Nu began the new school year with a delightful steak fry with our sister society, the Iota Theta Mu's. After rush season, our pledges gave the actives a rough time at Private Initiationf but it was all in fun. We had two booths at Cherry Carnival, a car-smash and a pie throwing booth. Both proved to be very successful. Intramural basketball was also on our agenda this year, and tht- RON team made a fine showing. X meifs glee club was formed and its first per- formance was at the All-School Christmas Breakfast. The year was topped off with a real nice Spring Formal. All Koinonians agreed that this was a very fine year. Food, fun and fellowshipf-Private Initi- ation al the Mark Reevi-'s Cabin. 3 Pledges celebrate their becoming avtiu-s and plot against their Si-nior Frat ine-ii Ev , I- 3 David Cloud Frank Dorsey Joe Gilmore megw Nw W W illiam Myers 'S ,lim Penn ,lim Roddick Bill Stacy Larry Markum Larry Peckham Jerry V0g1 'EZQE5 PIL H EYE smash. 1- PI1'-'fhrmxz I'lXl'I'y4HlC' Cnjuxs throwing pies at the RUN llH'Il. One of the money making booths at Cherry Carnival. The Car- Shirley Denton Patricia Chase Dorothy Casado Coleen Atherton llexerly liregurv lla Gullivkmn Uffiverf Darlene Taylor. Nlis-key Swartz. Pat Chase. and Alive Ni:-linle talk to President Naomi MCLQ-od. Louise Hall Delta Rho Officers President, lst semester: Shirley Parks 2nd semester: Naomi McLeod Vice President: Mickey Swartz Secretary: Pat Chase Treasurer: Alice Nichols Reporter: Dorothy Casado I.S.C. Representative: Darlene Taylor Pledge Captain: Phyllis Wells Judy Ile:-lwtl Gloria llilts-nlserg gl , I P k . ure-x ar s Nanvy ,ILH'l'iSUIl President 94 -X111-Q N11 hnlq Barbara Springsteen Mickey Swartz Uarlellff 'li3yl0l' Della Rho pin. Delta Rho girls are girls who enjoy each other's com- pany. They like to plan together, to study together, and to play together, and this year has been enjoyed from the very beginning by all the Delta Rho's. The rush party in Mark Reeve Cabin was fun, with all the girls coming dressed as cowboys to eat hot dogs and sit around the fire- place and sing old favorites and cowboy ballads. Delta Rho's worked together to make a huge football for home- coming, and thought hard to find new ways of torturing ten pledges. A cabin party was held for the pledges, and a beautiful banquet and formal initiation service at the Hotel Broadview's Rose Room. Many other events served to crowd the year with memories: Spring Formal at the Dolphin Club, the Senior Breakfast, bake sales for fund- raising purposes, the many games that the girls went to together, and just the pleasure of being together at meet- ings. Delta Rho girls can look back at this year and truth- fully say, "Delta Rho Alpha Nu, we are proud of you." wma! fx, Phyllis Wells Kay Wagner Naomi McLeod President 1 Mrs. Burch Sponsor Wrrrking hard at the Delta Rho "Barber Shop" booth for Cherry Carnival are Dorothy Casado, Alice Nichols, Coleen Atherton, and Nancy Jackson. 32, Y Sponsor President Mr. Scott Quay Cox KAPPA A busy year for AKT got started with a steak fry. Rush season started with Open House at Ed Schade's. The Rush party was held at Don Laswell's. The Rush Season ended successfully with a number of good pledges. AKT Men held a top position in the intramurals. The pledges learned the ritual of AKT at private initia- tion. Formal initiation was held at South Seas. After initiation, a party followed with their sister society, The Delta Rhos. The new AKT sponsor for this year was Lionel Scott. Une of the most interesting features of Cherry Carni- val was the Judo contest and exhibition sponsored by AKT and performed by the Wichita Judo Club. 96 President ....... ...... Q UAY COX Vlce Presldent .......... DON LASWELL Secretary-Treasurer ......... ED SCHADE Sergeant-at-Arms .... JIM STONEBERCER Reporter Soclal Chalrman ............... BRYANT HARDEE Faculty Sponsor ...... ...... M R. SCOTT .l0hn McKay Herbert Marshall TAU George Potts Jerry Young Lincoln Tschopp Ed Schgde i is t i 0.'I'.S. Pledges. Back row, Left to right: Kay Jacks, Dorothy Meyer, ,loan Lankford, l,o lirna Koch, Rosemary Hickerson. First row: Elaine Wloodward, Florence Brock, Margaret Mvllurry, Louise Hall. a 5 ,iw K 'F' Back row, Left to right: Mary Lou Walkemeyer, Kay Jacks, Mamie Davidson, Beverly Bishop, Carolyn Butts, Lo Erna Koch, Miss Watkins. Second row: Dorothy Meyer, Elaine Woodward, Florence Brock, Margaret McCurry, Louise Hall, Martha Overman, Leona Pope. First row: Mary Frances Glines, Joan Lankford, Lahoma Hancock, Ramona Baker, Nadine Copeland, Gloria Hiltenburg. 1 , QQ , .Yrs , . 9 ,Q ,W , 1 7, x . f st , 3 f , K Q- ...A .... ' A HIT' Q Lg? 0.T.S. Formal lnitiation Banquet. Left to right: Mary Frances Clines, Louise pf Hall, Rosemary Hivkerson, Lo Erna Koch. s .35 ,V Omicron Tau Sigma is a college Home Economics club which is interested in fellowship and in sharing attitudes and interests with others of our profession. We started our year off with a Dude Ranch Party for all new members, then we had formal initiation at the Allis Hotel, next we had our Christmas Party with the Ag Club. We have had projects for Christmas and for the Home Economics department. There are several state meetings such as the workshop in November and the conven- tion in March, and the na- tional convention in Philadel- phia. These afford wonderful opportunities to those who are privileged to attend. The year was ended with our annual parent and daugh- ter banquet, an event that all the Umicron Tau Sigma girls look forward to. Mrs. Margaret Raines Top row: Elaine Woodward, Beverly Bishop, .loan Lank- ford, ,leannine Lygrisse, LoErna Koch. Second row: Leona Pope, Mamie Davidson, Margaret McCurry, Lois Adkinson, Mae Kellum. First row: Mary Frances Glines, Eunice Mc- Nichols, Florence Brock, Mary Lou Walkemeyer, Rosemary Hickerson, Lahoma Hancock. Mrs. Raines - who has been an inspiration to the Home Economics Department of Friends University since she came here has encouraged, helped and guided the girls she has come in con- tact with. She is truly a credit to our profession - Home Economics. We express our gratitude to Mrs. Raines for making our profession a challenge. Beverly Bishop President ,, 'Y 'Uwe Plot pictured, Leona ope, Treasurer.j ' Tw Sig Carolyn Butts Vice-President Mary Frances Cliues Social Chairman Jeannine Lygrisse Secretary 'FQ Norma Markum Cleo Wilson Leila Pope Vivian Fleming Mary Emily Perisho Joan Lisenby Elizabeth Hinton Dorothy Sandquist, Carolyn Powell, Eddie Handkins, Charmaine Ioerger, Erma Jean Dunn Mrs. Dorothy Addy, Sponsor Mu Phi Pledges for this year are, left to right: Mrs. Ruth Breidenthal, Mrs. Modena Pitman, lla Gullickson, Nancy Jackson, Janet Johnson and Mrs. Martha Beerman. Not pictured: Lahoma Hancock. Mu Phi Epsilon is a national honor music sorority for women music majors and minors. Members are chosen on the basis of char- acter, scholarship, musicianship, and personality. Events for the year 1957-58 included a visit from province gov- ernor, Norma Lee Madsen, Founders' Day celebration, a reception following the Bach Oratorio, a recital of American music and the Spring Formal. Cleo Wilson was the winner of a scholarship which is presented to a Friends University chapter member each year by the Wichita Alumnae Chapter. Officers for the year were: President, Norma Markumg Vice- president, Charmaine Ioergerg Recording secretary, Joan Lisenby, Corresponding secretary, Carolyn Powell, Treasurer, Dorothy Sand- quistg Historian, Mary Emily Perishog Warden, Cleo Wilson, Chap- lain, Edna Marie Handkins,, and Chorister, Jonnie June Barton. :MQ if , 100 Top: Tony Godding. Third row, Left to right: Warren Lawrence, Richard Meils. Second row: David Cloud, John Paulin. First row: Dave Dalke, Keith Mardock, Don Moon, Keith Schweer. Chapter Zeta Phi represents the national honorary music fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, on the Friends University campus. The group is active not only in fostering music activities on 'the campus, but together with its sister sorority, Mu Phi Epsilon, it sponsors social functions for these students of music during the year. Officers for the year, 1957-58 are: Antone Codding, president, Richard Meils, secretary-treasurerg and David Cloud, executive alumni secretary. Fred C. Mayer, of the School of Music, is faculty advisor. Standing Left to right Keith Mardock, Warren Lawrence, David Cloud, Keith Johnson, Joe bllmore Tony budding Dave Dalke. Seated: Elizabeth Hinton, Phyllis Wells, Joyce Pickering Naom1McLeod Janne Barton, Mr. Breidentllal. Elizabethans is 3 choral group selected from Singing Quakers. They perform seated around a table with the atmosphere much the same as long ago when people gathered in Madrigal fashion to entertain themselves in song. 65059 T 'S Top row. Left to right: Keith Johnson. Keith S1-hw:-er. Keith fVlar1lom-lx. Daxid Leach. Don Moon. James Townsend, vwiarren liopelantl. Riellarrl Baker. ,lolin Lindal, llarvey Bond, llaxill Cloud. Ken- neth Kellum. Third row: Larry jones, Elvin Fox. John Paulin. Warren Lawrence. Joe Gilmore. Milton Sites, Dave Dalke, Leroy l'c-nna, Tony Godtling, Carl Boaz, Nathaniel Ingram, Larry Markum. James Grimes. Second row: Caroline Milberger, Nancy jackson, Charmaine loerger. Edna Marie llandkins. Kay Waggner, Erma ,lean Dunn. Carolyn Powell. Jeannine Lygrissc. Janice Barton. Johnnie june Barton, Wit-key Swartz. Janet Johnson. lla Gullivkson, Mary Lou Walk:-nleycr. First row: Barbara Blunt, Marilyn Downey. l'l1yllisVt'a-lls. Elizabeth Hinton. Norma Markum, Elaine Wooilwarnl, Cleo Vsiilson, Lelia Poli:-, Naomi MrLe-od. Joyce Pivlu-ring. t1lariee,lones. Marcia John- son. llc-orgianna Albright. Mary lfmily Perisho, Mr. Mayer. QU KERS Fred Mayer, Director The Singing Quaker schedule for the year 1957-58 was a busy one. In ad- dition to the three formal home concerts, Bachis Christmas Uratorio, a Marctll con- cert and the Symphony of Spring, the group performed for schools, service clubs and church groups. The concert tour in March took the symphonic ehoir as far as Columbus, Ohio. Officers for thc year were Elaine Wtmcrdward, Presi- dent: Keith Mardoek, Vice-Presidentg Dave Dalke, Business Manager: Char- maine Ioergcr, Secretary: Jeanine Ly- grisse, Treasurer, and Joe Gilmore, Librarian. !?'l?fifQLdi?"L dumb W. Keith Parker C31-9 ..... Dr. Emerson J. Smith C150 Lucy Dick C'51 .......... Floyd V. Moore C'33. . . Marjorie Brightup G'49. . . Earl G. Teubner G'38 ..... Ruth Clark GUI-8 ...... Lydia Milberger C'55 ..... Wesley Lauterbach G'51. . . Clifford Clark G'48 ..... President, W. Keith Parker Hubert Wieber G'52. I I ' . I Dr. Lowell E. Roberts G'36 .... Daniel W. Binford G,07. . . The Alumni Association has been very active on the Friends University campus this year. They have awarded alumni scholarships to a junior man, a junior woman, an incoming freshman, and special grants to worthy students. Alumni records have been kept up to date, and The Friends University Bulletin has been mailed to all its members. Alumni were responsible for the Annual Homecoming program, and the alumni coach of the year award. They held five class reunions and a Singing Quaker reunion. Alumni Chapters, Alumni Day Activi- ties, and the Living Endowment Fund have kept members of the Association busy this year: 103 Members of the Alumni Council are: ...........President . .... Vice-President .... ...Secretary ..Treasurer . . .Executive Secretary . . . . . .Past President . . .Past President . . . . . .Alumni-at-large . . . . . .Alumni-at-large Faculty Representative Faculty Representative ..........Ex-Officio . . . .Honorary Marjorie Brightup Executive Secretary Seated: Mrs. Dorothy Addy, Dr. Hein- rich Fleischer. Front row: Barbara Kliewer, Janet Johnson, Norma Mark- um. Second row: Dorothy Sandquist, Erma ,lean Dunn, Carolyn Powell. Third row: Charmaine loerger, La- homa Hancock, Elizabeth Hinton, Cleo Wilson. Fourth row: Antone Godding, Carl Boaz, Bob Peterson. Not pic- tured: Carol Freizen, Carolyn Amend, Lelia Pope, Mary Lou W'alkemyer. . . . The student chapter of American Guild of Organists meets once a month and at some of these meetings the students perform as a part of the program. The group takes an annual tour through the Reuter Organ Factory in Lawrence, Kansas. When Dr. H. Fleischer was guest organist at the Bach Festival, the A.G.O. gave a reception in his honor and sponsored a master class. In March a student convention was held at Friends with guests from other colleges attending. Music N The Friends University student chapter of the Music Educators National Conference has for its purpose the furthering of interest in the field of Music Education. Through our programs we em- phasize new trends and methods for prospective teachers of music in the public schools. We also seek ways in which we can benefit our school. This year we sponsored a candy sale with the proceeds being put into a fund to purchase a water fountain for Music Hall. Our sponsor is Miss Margaret Joy, Professor of Theory and Music Methods in the School of Music. Front row: Leroy Penna, Lelia Pope, Cleo Wilson, Phyllis Wells, Miss Joy. Second row: Barbara Bl u n t , Charmaine Ioeger, .loe Gilmore. Third row: Erma .lean Dunn, Mickey Schwartz, Nancy Jackson, Ila Gullickson. Fourth row: Clar- ice Jones, Carolyn Powell, Dorothy Sandquist, Janet Johnson. : V fr Sai' w- f fs ,.,. ., Top row: Maurice Roberts, Wayne Corzatt, Treva Williamson, Sponsor Mr. Scott. Second row: Bob Lamkins, Bill Stacy, Darlene Taylor, J. B. Shelton, David Cloud. First row: Susie Yoon, Peggy Roberts, Clarice Jones. The purpose of Black Masquers is: To raise dramatic standards and achievement through en- couraging the best individual and group efforts in acting, play writing, costuming, directing, stage designing and research in dramatic technique and literature. The Friends University chapter of Alpha Psi Omega is Pi Rho Cast. Alpha Psi officers are: Bob Lamkins, Presidentg ,lonnie June Barton, Vice-President A group of Alpha Psi members: Standing: Mr. Scott, ,Ionnie June Barton, Secretaryg Darlene Taylor, Darlene Taylor and Bob Lamkins. Sitting: J. B. Shelton and Don Moon. Treasurer. . gr' . :eff - Representatives f r o m each of the classes, SCA and Gospel Band meet with faculty representatives in the Chapel Committee, whose responsi- bility is providing chapel pro- grams for the school year. This major committee at- tempts to secure chapel pro- cultural, and religious, and which will contribute to the spiritual and moral welfare of the students and faculty. Mr. Smith is the chairman of the joint committee. Top row: Mr. Parris, Jim Penn, Leroy Brightup, Rosalyn Elliot, Larry Foth, Miss Smith, Maurice Roberts. Second row: Nadine Copeland, Mr. Scott, Norma Markum, Keith Schweer. First row: Florence Brock, Mr. Smith, Kay Stauffer. The University Band presented two concerts this year. The group also furnishes pep music in home athletic events. Ensembles from the group perform for church, and community organizations in addition to their school activities. Standing: Wayne Corzatt, Cleo Wilson, Chet May, Mr. Thayer, director. Back row: Alan Moore, Rosalyn Koontz, Sandra Ritter, John Bergan, Dorothy Sandquist, Gary Talon, Mary Emily Perisho, Keith Johnson, Ioe Gilmore, Walt Rucker, Dale Hancock, Carl Boaz. Second row: Don Moon, Erma Jean Dunn, Lelia Pope, Edith Wolffrum, Richard King, Charmaine Ioeger, Tony Godding, Ila Gullickson, Wayne Foster, Richard Meils. Front row: James Cheek, Dana Dow, Edna Marie Hankins, Clarice Jones. grams that are entertaining, I C J. David Dalke. Hsq., alias "Dead-1-ye Dave" l Soph president Frank Dorsey delights in filling the horsetank. 1 H . Il A Q. fm' 3 Q i Everyone enjoys a trip through the museum. PW, W. V? -ot. W ,M , 'ww Home on out, the weather's fine 7 except for the snowhalls. .M Few people have ever seen a fashion show to exceed this one for splendor. And to think, these latest Chemise fashions came straight from Parisi 107 4 , fx: i f .-A' W L' H, - gi Y 3, J at gfwfl-'-1 r 41' if raft, r Y' . yin, ff L alfa ,, fu .f 9 i 'X ggi t U q u... SSW? K ii ,, , my I Q wwf . H ' . Davis Ad building looks different in the snow. ' --Jam 1... . Construction on the new Men's Dorm captures the atten- tion of all. . .how soon will it be finished? is often asked. Pep Club members, First row: Marcia Childs, Mamie Davidson, Barbara Seiler, Barbara Springsteen, Phyllis Howard. Second row: Bar- bara Blunt, Peggy Roberts, Elaine Woodward, Alice Nichols, Naomi McLeod, Shirley Luce, Coleen Ather- ton. Third row: .ludy Blev- ins, Violet Conard, Sponsor, Darlene Taylor, Veda Pike, Vioua Gray, Sandy Jenkins, Beverly Bishop, Dorothy Casado. Officers, Left to right: Judy Blevins, Treasurer: Peggy Roberts, Vice-President, Elaine Woodward, Secretary, Barbara Spring- steen, President, Barbara Seiler, 2nd Vice-President. The school year 1957-1958 marked the first year for Pep Club existence at Friends University. The primary purpose of Pep Club is to encourage school spirit on the campus. The club participated in many activities, including helping in the prepa- ration for Homecoming, making posters, conducting a candy sale, booth work for Cherry Carnival, and cheering the teams on to victory. Faculty members model novelty hats made for Cherry Carnival. ,I 8 Win a cake at Cherry Carnival!! 0 ' Qpwb HLQAUL Qclwolb Every year the W'omen's Recreation Association has as a project the All School Christmas Breakfast. This year the breakfast was quite a successful event, including in its program the singing of Christmas carols and a "surprise" visit from Santa Claus, who came down through the chimney to please a lucky few with gifts. Good boys, among them Mr. Parris and Quay Cox, got gifts like home permanents, and good girls sometimes received shrunken heads. lt all led to a merry time for all, thanks to WBA. Surprise! Here's Santa! ,,..s. f li A 3 President Boots Ott speaks for WRA. , M. Mew I Charmaine and Dorothy help in the singing Santa surprises Shirley Denton. Q I1 1 ' af ,,.- -1 if f P- j Top row, Left to right: Darrell De Selms, Bonnie Nusz, Miss Ded- fersmith, Virginia Moon. Bottom row: Hazel Pond, Leona Pope rick, Jennie Wilder, Mavis Fagan, Elizabeth Riggs. Second row: Eunice McNichols, Mary Lou Walkemeyer, Linda Coffey, Maurme Dr. Risk, Beverly Bishop, Marcia Johns, Bessie Felts, Sharon Kup- Mitchell. rmzwaog, ' il? ,..-Q Top row, Left to right: Mavis Fagan, Historian: Miss Dedrick. Sponsor. Second row: Florence Brock, Librarian: Virginia Moon, Vice President, Barbara Spring- steen, Corresponding Secretary. Bottom row: Sharon Kupfersmith, Recording Secretaryg Hazel Pond, President, Marcia Johns, Treasurer. 110 F.T.A. participated in many ac- tivities this year. Events were begun with a picnic and a panel discussion by several teachers on "Problems of Beginning Teachers." Two teas were held for student and supervising teachers. The regular meetings were highlighted by films and field trips. The year was concluded with a banquet in honor of the new officers. Back row, Left to right: Earl Vanderhoff, Ron Eyres, Mr. Raines, Glen Warner, Curtis Wolf. Front row: Lewis Wheeler, Wallace Johnson. Agni The Ag Club offers FU students an opportunity to study first hand the latest developments in the science of agriculture.The club is open to anyone interested in agriculture and attempts through discussion with acknowledged leaders in the field to arrive at a better understanding of the complex problems of agriculture. The Ag Club makes field trips to many varied points of interest including the control tower of the Municipal Airport, television stations, power plants, the weather bureau as well as agricultural projects. AGRICULTU Front: Curtis Wolf, Secretary. - ,V , , 'C fifiiisiyls- Ag Club Officers, Back row, Left to right Earl Vauderhoff, Presidentg Glen Warner Reporterg Lewis Wheeler, Vice President Published weekly, the UNIVERSITY LIFE is an independent student enterprise which seeks to present factual reports of current happenings, previews of future events, and give an honest re- flection of campus life as a whole. A major project of the LIFE staff last fall was the Silver Dollar Campaign to show local businessmen, particularly those who advertise in the newspaper, that Friends personnel patronize them and appreciate their support of the college. Students and faculty were urged to exchange their currency for silver dollars and then use the silver dollars when dealing with local merchants. Student Council President Maurice Roberts is exchanging his currency for silver dollars to open the Silver Dollar Advertising Campaign last fall. Editor .Ionnie June Barton and Business Manager David Cloud help him in the exchange. Hard-working staff members are: Bob Lamkins, Sandra Jenkins, David Cloud, Mavis Fagan, and Mary Dee McMillan. Credits Treva Williamson, Ramona Baker, B111 Stacy, Barbara Seiler. 777017 -4911, 77Z'W7Z42am at sg 0 alhsmaw A student. yearbook is a record of memories which reflect both individual and group personalities. It is a mirror which reflects school spirit and pride in every way. To be chosen to work on the Talisman, then, is both an honor and a duty, which these students have tried to fulfill in the 1958 TALISMAN: Darlene Taylor. . . .............. Editor Jim Penn ...... . . .Business Managers John Paulin .... ........................ Viona Gray ........ .............. A ssistant Editor Bob Lamkins ............ Sophomore Assistant Editor Barbara Springsteen ................... Class Editor Virginia Moon ....... ............ A ctivities and Mary Dee McMillan . . . . . .Organizations Jim Redick ......... ...... S ports Editor Mavis Fagan ....... ......... I ndex Editor Sandra Jenkins. . . . . . Sophomore Assistant Mr. Parris .... ........... S ponsor sf PHOTOGRAPHY BY ART-cmrr. 'd0t6uw 2 113 sq M 'nm 4 ' fs :rf-:Mg " ' .ss Q ' . M Q Christmas atmosphere provided by WRA breakfast. Students in line for breakfast. Woweufs Ass WRA Officers. Left to right: Florence Brock, Vice President, Sandra Jenkins, Secretary-Treav surer, Boots Ott, Presidentg Shirley Denton, Points System Chairman: Barbara Seiler, Sports Manager. '77 Women's Recreational Asso- ciation is organized to afford to girls the opportunity to partici- pate in inter and intramural sports. During each season, W.R.A. tries to organize volley ball, basketball, tennis, and soft ball games in which any girl may participate. During this past year, the games were organized on the basis of grade classification. Each year the Association sponsors the annual Christmas All-School Breakfast on the Fri- day morning just before Christ- mas vacation. M e m b e r s of W.R.A. serve and supply enter- tainment. As always, Mr. Clark as our Santa seems to round out the breakfast with "surprising" gifts for various members of the faculty and student body. H4 M--,Q 'ii Santa gives Miss Cunard a present Get that ball! 's Letterman's Club is for all men that receive a letter in at least one sport. This year the club was in charge of the concession stands at all of the home football games. They also helped purchase a whirl- pool washer for the athletic department. There are four degrees in the system of lettering. The first year award is a red slip-over letter sweater, the second year, a gray but- toned letter sweater, the third year, a leather sleeved jacket, and the fourth year, a blanket. In order to achieve these awards, one has to pass twelve hours per semester of school work and play in as many game quarters as the coach designates in one's field. The officers of the 1957-58 Letterman's Club are as follows: C.R. Tyson, President, Don Moreland, Secretary-Treasurer. Top row Frank Rowley, Glen Warner, John Lindell, mons. Front row: Dan Neifert, Jim Stoneberger Jim Don Moreland, Bill Neal. Second row: Gerald Kinser, Redick, Larry Peckham. C R Tyson Frank Dorsey, Larry Markum, Bill Sim- Nfflh-I 'FSH' Top row: Roosevelt Whit- ers, Deiter Deike, Dorothy Meyer, Earl Long, Richard Meils. Second row: Miss Roudabush, Gloria Hilten- burg, M a r y Connolly, Henri Freyburger, Mr. Parris. First row: Shinya lzawa, Susie Yoon, George Redman, Miss Swanson, Tertia Dingwall. I International Relations Club is a club for everyone on campus, American or foreign born, who are interested in international relations. The regular meetings are held the second Tuesday and the fourth Thursday of each month. Each month there is a combined party and program held in the home of a member. The highlight of this yearis activity was a visit to Kansas University where delegates Mary Connolly, Dick Meils, Roosevelt Whiters, Tertia Dingwall and sponsor, Miss Swanson, took part in a mock United Nations meeting held on the school's campus. The group repre- sented "The Liberian Delegation." Like other organizations on our campus, IRC has tried to make this year one that will be remembered by the members of the club and the school. IRC Officers Top row, Left to right: Deiter Deike. Treasurer, Dorothy Meyer, Vice President, Richard Meils, President. First row: Miss Swanson, Sponsor: Tertia Dingwall, Secretaryg Mr. Parris, Sponsor. g VN -um--nu-u--.nun--f-n-v 1Ls uwffm1s.wm-an-n .v, SCA Officers. Top row, Left to right: Dave Dalke, Jim Redick, Social Chairman, Tony Godding, Program Chairman. Third row: John Paulin, Publicity Chairman, Keith Schweer, President, David Cloud, Program Chairman. Second row: Caroline Milberger, Program Chairman, Sandra Jenkins, Vice President, Mary Emily Perisho, Secretary-Treasurer. First row: Lahoma Hancock, Social Chairman, Charmaine Ioeger, Cherry Carnival Chairman, Mr. Parris, Sponsor. The Student Christian Association is the combination of the YWCA and YMCA on the campus. The purpose of SCA is to provide a common religious experience for student and faculty of all de- nominations. The fellowship is developed by worship, recreation and discussions of pertinent prob- lems. Activities which are sponsored by the SCA include several all-school parties, Cherry Carnival, Easter breakfast, as well as discussion groups and worship services throughout the year. It is the hope of the SCA that the students may achieve spiritual growth and a deepened sense of service to mankind through participation in these activities. Top row, Left to right: Keith Schweer, David Cloud, Earl Koontz, Tony Godding, Dave Dalke. First row: Miss Roudabush, Mary Emily Perisho, Caroline Milberger, Charmaine Ioeger, Darlene Taylor, Mr, Parris. is Top row, Left to right: ,lim Penn, Maurice Roberts, Richard Mr. Bowman, Florence Brock, Ruth Wialker, Mamie Davidson, Baker, Harvey Bond, Kenneth Kellum, Ernie Gruen, Gary Taton, Dorothy Sandquist, Mary Lou Walkemeyer, Elaine Woodward, Miss Don Moon. Third row: David Leach. Leroy Brightup, Merl Kinser, Roudabush, Mr. Vaughn. First row: Lelia Pope, Lila Rae Lee, Eva Bill Simmons, Joe Gilmore. Ray Snook. Leroy Penna. Second row: Brightup. Eunice McNirhols. Peggy Roberts. GMM Gospel Band meets weekly for the purpose of strengthening the lives of its members and enjoying the fellowship of other Christians. Student partici- pation is enjoyed through testimonial periods, panel discussions, singspirations, or messages brought by different ministerial students. Special music is often provided by the members of the group. Inspirational thoughts are also presented to the group by outside speakers or a faculty member. Gospel teams are organized and sent to various churches and towns to proclaim the message of Christ to others. These are usually composed of a student musical group, a student minister, and a faculty sponsor. Gospel Baud Ufficers. Top row. Left to right: Merl Kinscr, Vim- Presidentg Lewis Wlitfeler, Team Managerg Leroy Brightup, Presi- dent. First row: Eunice McNichols, Secretary-Trcasurerg Dorothy Sandquist. Music Chairman, Carolyn Powell, Team Manager. Junior Class Nadine Copeland, Chapel Representative, Wayne Parris, Spon- sor, David Dalke, President, John Paulin, Treasurer, Charmaine Ioerger, Secretary, ,lim Penn, Chapel Representative, Bruce Blake, Vice-President. Freshman Class Alice Nichols, Secretary, Barbara Blunt, Treasurer, Iim Adams, President, Virgil Hardin, Sponsor. 119 C Senior Class Curtis Wolf, Treasurer, Bill Simmons, President, Cliff Clark, Sponsor, Lahoma Hancock, Reporter, Dean Stands, Vice Presi- dent, Norma Markum and Leroy Brightup, Chapel Representa- tives. Sophomore Class Bob Lamkins, Reporter, Florence Brock, Chapel Representative, Carleton Allen, Vice-President, Karen Clark, Treasurer, Frank Dorsey, President, Sharon Kupfersmith, Secretary, Bob Moore, Sponsor. East Haw Ever come home from a date late? Yes?! Well, how about having a shower bath in pine needles when you are saying a quick goodnight. And how about the salt, cracker crumbs, and red hots in the sheets to make the night more comfortable? All this and much more goes on after hours at East Hall. Let it be said, "There is never a dull moment." Between birthday parties for the boys and cramming for exams in the infirmary, there is still time for ice cream parties and worrying about open house. Come on over and visit sometime. Left to Right, First Row: Dana Dow, Jenny Noblit, Marilyn Down- McMichael Lolzrna Km-h Third Row Tertia Dnngwall Llaric-e ing, Marg Lou Walkemeyer, Ceorgianna Albright, Ruth Walker. Jones Florence Brock Rosemary Hickerson Sandy Jenkins Mar Second ow: Norma Fuller. Jeannine Lygrisse, Janice Barton, Irene lene GIHSSCI M155 P11111 QIX Everybody is familiar with the Girls Dormitory. KON's are having a party 5 5 35. P 1931 sz, zz . if 1 h kWy,.,..e,e,,,.. A ig kff 3 J' M Jim, you're blocking the doorway. Are you telling John a secret? Bu Umm gg W. rf' Patsy Warner is hard at work, as usual. .5 .. . Meer Jim Redick and Friend. V , e ,H , , I 4 x iyri Q a ill' ...Qi ' The hardest and loneliest job is the clean-up job. Dr. Craven lectures on English. Bill Simmons writes on the already crowded hoard. ' ,,,,, 1 f M V 'H ffm 5 if F . 1 iw I ,H'-QZLQLMQAF4 ,wg U ,MM 2. , --Q , e fig. r . X A Af V if b f M . A L r Hoyt lakes ood Dave Dalke can't even sneak in ' 5 care of everything in late L the museum . 5 - 44. my V -, fyiigy M1 dl-if 5 'V ' - . 5 -gay . , L., ff' il K i. . - vf-W g",-i f ' W 'I2'l wa r .. . ,. V. ,QQ .W W' AM Q fm .fm Q 20 W , iz f E ig ig is 27 za , ij we t , ix fi R V , A "i' 2 5 . W W This year nine seniors were chosen by the faculty to be listed in the current edition of "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges." This very high honor is based upon citizenship, character, scholarship, ser- vice to the college, extra-curricular leadership, and potential for leadership in public life. 9 ri , fl ' fy? .... . y, ,gs 'X y .2 E MV Linda Critz Coffey David Cloud .-meh! 45-R. NX Shinya lzawa Hobart Knight 'I 22 Carolyn Powell Dale Harrington David Cloud Linda Critz Coffey Lahoma Hancock Dale Harrington Shinya lzawa Hobart Knight Carolyn Powell Maurice Roberts ,loan Clark Smith Sociology Elementary Ed Home EC. Ind. Arts Physics Business Ad. Music Ed. Ind. Arts Home Ec. f 3 i 5 E K 2 f 5 X E 2 Lahoma Hancock , , 1-. Ni' 1 E y 'sw JOHII Clark Smith Maurice Robertg 123 .------f-- , 'gH:,.f:: w:,:rs5.,..,. ,-:: , A, A,-A. AA A A A A A AA L W . AA A ,A cg ,A,Af,1?5sfeAs1ASAAg ffg AzAAAAA1A'A,se Ay- -,:.,: :--, X A t ,Riagg 1?,gAR5A,wMr Aamsgg Aim ,, AQAAAQKAA: AA ,Agwisi ,A AA A,.A. A A A WAQAKAWAAA AAAAAAA-y,,A5vAAA,uAAA,A Aw g sawwwqfgb, gg, 5Ag5AAgAAAAAsfg,5gAAs AAAA www AH A M A S3555 QQESQAAAAQ -QAEQAAAQMEQASFSAEA -- ,iw QA egg A -g,gAAAAQAAAg?A,g?2As1,AA5A9A ff. . ,xggfgga 3134. 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Z' gy 1 Q 3 y' ,x .. w 'VWBx WWA BgQQmBWg Aooo Q '12, M."' 'B f A 'f fo of W 1. f ' A EA ., , f 1- V 4 , ww , A . I A JUDY BLEVINS 'BABBABA BLUNT 'Freshman' 9 ,, A Freshman I-Iomecomln A I in A 5 A ' f ! ! H H iz o2Lfi3ilf1L,:3f',:f2f fi V A Q , af' I o B T A l W I i 5 'HER MAJESTY ' VIONA GRAY A A Junior IAEGGY ROBERTS j , Q I Sophomore o OUADWARD A A A A ? ff ' 1 , I r p ,J S2 xt 5' 1, 2 of XUQ ELAINE WOODWARD JUDY BLEVINS Junior Freshman PEGGY ROBERTS Sophomore Attendants BARBARA BLUNT Freshman Viona receives the traditional kiss from Bill Simmons. Honie-coming Candidates and their vsvorts are. from left to right: Elaine Wfiiitlward, ,lim Penng Peggy Roberts. Glen Wlarnerg Barbara Blunt. Dave Dalke, ,ludy Blevins, Keith Mardockg Viona Gray, John Paulin. I X lv-... 5 NG UEE V10 -J Q ie- f Queen Viona is a Junior Home Economics major. She is affiliated with Iota Theta Mu Society which she is secretgrjr. Pep Club. CORONATIO nun 1 harmfunc rexgn .1 Pre ld: nt cr! plavv the s crown x mn um, Frank Rowley Veda Plke M., 'ws fl - pf , ' r , 1. 5 vi' .Q-,i wr an ,gf Q S11 'Eg Z .Q-572 fi Q 7, ke Krlmi Fw ff Veda Plke Frank Rowley FRESHMEN Edna Handklns B111 Slmmons SENIORS Clarlce Jones SOPHOMORE Jim Penn JUNIOR Quay Cox AKT Senior Carohne Mxlberger Singing Quakers Sophomore ,ff ' - ' - L ' ' - o o f- - ' .gf .E ', - iii Z' ix? Zig S2121 ' - ' i- Af -7 A 1 - ' 'SF' .. 5 - E Q -i2ALiif1i.EI55m53755525'T amona Baker .. ifpo K' L -. V. " -11 '--f Q ' f '-.f ,eg U- ' OTS U ' ' f e . S V 3 ' 5'?LETfgfiEZg1Qa3ifV Jlllll0l' 1 -E,, A V V 5 , , 5 - sg A ,. ' f ..,.. f x "Hr , , Antone Godding Singing Quakers v Junior S. It Nash, LIHFICC Jones Black Masquers 4 Sophomore Lewxs Wheeler Ag. Club Junior w' fi, ' Queew ,gf Ramona is a Junior student majoring in Elementary Education, and belongs Tau Sigma, who selected her as their candidate for Cherry Carnival She also belongs to Iota Theta Mu Society. TMJ King Tony is a Junior student affiliated with Singing Quakers, and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, of which he is priesident. He also belongs to Student Christian Association, Black Masquers, Student Council, and AGO. M05 Queew Edna ' The Queen of May and her attendants are always Senior Students. Queen Eddie is a member of Singing Quakersg Mu Phi, of which she is Chaplain, and was Attendant to the TALISMAN King and Queen this year, representing the Senior Class. 5 NADINE COPELAND LAHOMA HANCOCK Mag Quwv Affwws NORMA MARKUM CAROLYN POWELL HAZEL POND 'I37 Adwwgmg Qliiziigy 9 SINCE Fooos 1882 KANSAS SHOWPLACE OF THE DAIRY INDUSTRY big- 92511 eg Lf A '2f3.J L. as Q. ,X g in 1, ,ggi tunjurl . A 2 gg ,ik wif? l id n I'M J. J. DALKE, Manager of the Mutual'Ot New York Agency here in Wichita. MONY, one of America's oldest and largest financial companies, has openings now in this territory for men seeking life-time careers in professional sales work. Unlimited earning oppor- tunities. There is a special compensation plan on a salary basis during the excellent three year training program. Liberal retirement plan. If you are interested, please phone or write me for an interview. No obligation, of course. J. J. Dalke, Manager Mutual Of New York The Mutual life Insurance Company Of New York New York, N. Y. 409 Kaufman Building Wichita Phone: AM 2-7453 ty XX INSURANCE 5 wuunionnsroumnesr li I Since 1902 COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE FOrest 3-ZQII CENTRAL BLDG. WICHITA gill Q I, I 2- Q ollsni' 5 ff 2 P Wichita. Kamal 4 NsunAN u no o E Z w 4 ' tie l 64 DAVID DALKE mx mmm! Zane " priming - Offset - Mulfilifh Sharps Prinfing AM 2-4041 315 West Douglas ELMER T. WOOLSEY Life, Accidenl' and Sickness Mulual Of New York 2l2 Soufli Marlcel 4 f Q! f' and Hospifalizafion Insurance AM 2-7453 Res. HO 4-0889 l22 Easl Douglas Young Men's Clofhing and Diaze 'Davis Say i+'s +he Chemise gp? Spodswear or er. ' Charge and Budget Accounts lnvifed Congrafulafions , AMp,e,S+ 2,2-34, I To ihe Senior Class 4 John S Salon y , Specializing in Hair S+yling A ,. of FRIENDS UNIVERSITY WMM Ladies' - Childrens VZ' JOHN F. MARDOCK 2018 MAPLE 6' rm Owner vvlci-HTA, KANSAS Congratulations to the Class SAVE WHERE YOU GET ALL THREE t I958 . o vaginas 445 R Boolcs Ottice Furniture 5 2 I E Gitts Sporting Goods ,ll,:,'uAl' Ottice Supplies School Supplies 155 9 Y o 9 AND BE SURE INC. me and sunnmn a Loan I I6-I I8 Southiopelca WICNITIVS O L D E S T Assocumon "' ' 'O 3'7771l ASSOCIATION - no scum Main sneer Compliments of CONSOLIDATED GAS UTILITIES CORP. IO5 West Douglas Wichita, Kansas You shop assured When you shop ance Donal Siege at I . sss- ' S Downtown Suburban Broadway at William Douglas at Oliver FOR Diamonds Watches Silverware Fine Jewelry it's Lenitt'a Three Generations ot Satistied Customers tor Nearly 50 Years pcm! Zcmkeg Ea. 'hamcmce 208 N. Market HO 4-9338 FRIEND UNIVERSITY Cafeteria Enjoy Banking . .. For You and Yours Wichiia S'l'a1'e Bank MONY MEANS 72I W. Douglas Member of Federal Deposilr Insurance Corporalion Securlll' College Educafion Re+irernenJr Where You Know You Con Pork DEAN O. LLOYD Field UncIerwri+er For Complele Life Insurance Neecls MONY Offers Insurance ar a Discounl LI FE-I-IOSPITALIZATION-CSROU P MUTUAL ol: NEW YORK Tho Muluol Llh lnwnsnze Company ol Nov Yovi Now York, N. Y. Business-AM 2-7453 I-Iome-AM 5-7563 409 Kaufman Bldg. 2l2 So. Marlcel "GO - MAN - GO" Ioolc for CREST OF QUALITY en's Cam pus Shop look for CREST OF QUALITY boCounoy's Milk in tho nv your downtfown rod ond yellow. cor1on...i llbo fonen lellmg mnlk in Ivy l1G6dC1Udf"I'ef'S lony nous. Ws 01970 good. Innes' Men's S+ore ,,,,c,,,y DeCoursey's Milk Good Lighl helps you see easier wilh less laligue. This means easier sludyinq . . . beller grades. Be sure you have a good slucly lamp. KANSAS Eli El.Elil'llll.i CUMPANY Arnholz Coffee 8- Supply Co. COFFEE - TEA - SPICES Equipment and Supplies 920 E. Firsl THE BETTER BOOK ROOM Religious Supplies for Church and Home 358 N. Main AM 5-7l4l Complele-Banking Service THE FOURTH NATIONAL BANK Douglas and Marlcel Wichila, Kansas Member F.D.I.C. SOUTHWEST- ZENS FEDERAL J' AND LOAN CIATION 130 NORTI-I MARKET STREET - WICHYTA 2, KANSAS S. G. HATFIELD ESIDENT .s secnsnn Economy Laundry 8. Dry Cleaners 402 West Maple "A Trial Bundle Makes You A Customer" TALISMAN PHOTOGRAPHER 2020 Wesl Maple tggft AM 2-l547 Wichila, Kansas ,efzmctzaaq '4 '7ae Guam YEARBOOK BOOSTER for 1958 Malcom W. Harkey Class of '30 Joslen Class Rings Gradualion Announcemenls Yearbooks George Asford Judge Courf Common Pleas I909- I9 I 3 "Success +o Gradua+es" Calavan Music Company I5OO Easl Douglas Taylor Shoe Shop I93I Wesl' Maple ADVERTISERS INDEX Page Arms+rong's Creamery .... . . I I45 Arnholfz Coffee . . . , . . I . I44 Ari' Craff ......... . . , I44 Be'H'er Book Room .... . . . I44 Bucks Depar+men'I' S+ore . . , , I4I Consolidafed Gas . . . I , I42 De Coursey's ........,.....,, . . . I43 Economy Laundry and Dry Cleaners ,.,.. I44 Four'I'h Nafional Bank ........, ..,.. I 44 Friends Universiiy Cafe . , . . , I42 Firs'I' Nafional Bank ..., . . . I4I GoIdsmi'I'h's ...,... . . . I42 Harvey's ... ,,,l4l Henry's ,, 4A,,, I42 Innes . ,,,,, I43 Page Johns Beaufy Salon ,,.... . . . I4I Johnson. Dulaney, Pries+ .... , . . I40 Jones Donuf Shop .....,. ,.., I 42 Kansas Gas and Elecfric, . .... I44 Levi++'s Jewelry .....,r,.,..... .... I 42 Mufual of New York--Mr. Dalke .... ..., I 40 Muiual of New York-Dean Lloyd ....... I . . I43 Mufual of New York-Elmer Woosley' ,..,.... I4I Perpefual Building and Loan r...r....... . . . I42 Sharpe Prinfing .I...,......,. . . . I4I Sou+hwes+ Cifizens Sav. and Loan. . , , I44 S'I'e'F'Fens ,.......,.. ..,. . . . I40 Wichifa Sfafe Bank , . , . , , I43 Yankey Insurance . . I . . I42 Conqnatulationa and Beat Wiahea to the Seniona HE ASBURY METHODIST Edward D. Angell, Minisier 452 Norfh Hydraulic WicI1i+a, Kansas FIRST FRIENDS CHURCH Fred Lilllefield, Pasfor Emporia, Kansas WEST SIDE CHRISTIAN CHURCH John Greenlee, Pas+or I8I9 Wes'I Douglas WicI1i'I'a, Kansas UNIVERSITY FRIENDS CHURCH Roberf E. Cope, Pasior Wichifa, Kansas CHEROKEE FRIENDS CHURCH Cherokee, Oklahoma CHURCH NORTH WICHITA FRIENDS CHURCH Rev. Alden Piffs, Pasfor 2305 Jackson WicI1i'Ia, Kansas BETHEL FRIENDS CHURCH Rev. John Havens, Pasior Hugo'I'on, Kansas WEST SIDE BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Snyder, Minisfer Seneca and Burion Wichifa, Kansas HAVILAND FRIENDS CHU RCH Rev. Paul E. BarneI'+, Pasfor Haviland, Kansas LIBERAL FRIENDS CHURCH Liberal, Kansas CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Wayne Parris, Paslor Conway Springs, Kansas DEDICATIO This page is dedicated to all teachers who did not have pictures taken for the TALISMAN. DEDICATIO This page is dedicated to all students who did not have pictures taken for the TALISMAN. Acree, Carol ......... ADDY, DOROTHY . . . Adams, James B. . . . . Adams. Robert ...... ADKINSON, EDWIN . . Adkinson, Lois ...... Albright, Georgianna .. Alexander, Wayne . . . Allen, Carleton .... Allen, Christine . . Allen, Lucille .... Atherton, Coleen . . . Maw ..........l04 ....62,88,119 ........25 .......32,99 ...62,1'02,120 ............56,119 ...22,62,77,94-,95,10B ....50 Atherton, John .... Baker, Baker, Baker 9 Barton, Barton, Kenneth . . . Ramona . . Richard . . Janice .... Jonnie June . Bates, Jack ......... .................62,75 4-8, 86, 90, 98, 133, 134 ...........62,1o2,11s ......62,101,102,120 ....48,102, 105,112 Beerman, Martha . . Bergan, John . .... . . Berkgren, Wauneta . . ............100 Bestgen, Gene ................................ 56 Bishop, Beverlv Jean ...... 48, 88, 90, 98, 99, 108, 110 BISHOP, CONNIE ............................ 20 Blake, Bruce ............................ 48, 119 Blevins, Judy ............ 22, 62, 77, 90, 108, 126, 127 Blunt Barbara . . 62, 77, 90, 102, 104, 108, 119, 126, 127 7 Boaz, Carl .........-.- Boles, Paul ........... Boller, Adeline .... Bond. Harvey ...... BOWMAN, ALLEN .l. . . . Bradley, Larry ........ Brees. Winifred ....... BREIDENTHAL, LESLIE' I I f ........ I f I I BREIDENTHAL, RUTH Brightup, Eva ........ ........63,82,102,104,106 ....63,79,82,102.118 ............20,118 .. .. ...... 63,79 .32 101 .. ............. 100 Casado, Dorothy ...... Brightun. LeRov ....... BRIGHTUP, MARJORIE ...........33,106,118,119 20 103 99, 166,'11d,'1'11i, '1'1'zi, 119,120 Elaine Graber ......................... 33 Brock, Florence. . 56, 98, Brown, C. Robert Brown, Brown Lee ......... Brown Stanley . . . . Bucklds, Curtis ...... Budd. Martha . .... .. BURCH, MARGARET . Butts, Carolyn ........ Byrd, Don ......... Carter, . . .....79 ....4s,a7 .......49 .......2o,24,95 ............49,90,98,99 Carolyn ............................... 33 . . . .22, 63, 77, 94, 95, 108, 109 33 Chailland, Mildred Ann ........................ Chandler, Esther ....... ..................... Chase, Patricia ....... Chastain, Billy .... Cheever, Harley R. . . Cheney, Robert . . . Childs, Doris .......... Childs. Marcia ......... CHRISTENSON, ELLA J. ss 94 ....7o 49 .............49 ..............7o .. ...22,63,77,90,108 ... ............ ..21 Christopher, Rosalea ..... .............. 6 3 Christy, Maxian ........ ................ 3 3 Clark. Barbara ...... .................. 3 3 CLARK, CLIFFORD ............ 21, 35, 92, 109, 119 CLARK, EVELYN ......................... 21, 89 Clark, Karen ........ 56 91 119 Chuan navna ...33,a7,9s,1b1,1b9Q16s,ii2,i17I122 Conn, AMY ................................. 21 Coffey, Linda ........................ 34, 110, 122 Cngswell. Mardella . . CONARD, VIOLET . . . Coleman, Ernie ..... Conolly, Mary .... Conyac, Ronnie . . Coon, Horace E. . . . Copeland., Nadine . . Copeland, Warren . . . Corder, Letha Vivian . . Corzatt, Milton W. . . . ..........49 ....22,1oa .......s7 ....49,116 ....34,98, 104,119 ............102 ...49,105,106 149 Cowan, James . . . Cox, Helen Ino .... Cox. Quay ....... CRABB, ISABEL . . . Crandall, John Jr. .. Cranmer, Jovce ..... CRAVEN, DOROTHY Creek, James ....... Crossette, Gene ..... Crouch, Mildred Lucille CROW, H. E. ...... . Crown, Gary ........ Dale, Dan .......... Dalke, David ...... 5 Davidson, Mamie . . Davidson, Thelma . . Davis, Annie Ruth . . . Davis Hosea ........ Davis, Philip ........ DEDRICK, LILLIAN I. Deike, Dieter ....... DeLong, Tom ....... Denny, Darrell ..... Denton, Shirley ..... DeSelms, Dareld E. . . DIETRICH, F. F. . . . Dillman, Lowell . . DILLON, ASA .... Dingwall, Tertia . Dirks, Everett Dirks, Terry .... Dirkson, Orval .... Dorrah, Bonita . . Dorsey, Frank . . . . Dow, Dana ........ Downing, Marilyn . . Drake, Orville . . . Duff, Hueanna .... Dunn, Erma Jean . . . Dunn, John ...... Easter, Theron . . . Edwards, Janis . . Elliot, Rosalyn . . . Eyres, Robert . . . Eyres, Ronald . . Fagan, Mavis . Fells, Bessie .... Fisher, Irene ...... Fisher, Morris L. . . . Fisher, Paul R. .... . FLEMING, VIVIAN .. Flowers, Ruby May .... Folger, Lloyd ....... Forinash, Drury Leigh Forwalder, Richard . . Foster, Wayne ...... Foth, Lawrence . . . Fox, Elvin ...... Freyburger, Henri . . ............s4 ..............a4 ....34,86,96.133 .........22,a9 ........34,7s .......49 ....9,22,a7 ......1o6 ....7s ....34 9 75 83 87 88 89 92 101 102 ' ' '11i,119,12i 35, 90, 98, 99, 108, 118 ......50 ...23,110 ........70,116 ...........75,63 ....56,94-,109,114- .....79,80,83 ....35,116,120 ........................s6 ..56,75,s2,s7,s9,93,11s,119 ...................106,120 .........6s,1o2,12o . .............. 63,75 ....................s5 .50, 100, 102, 104, 106 ..................7o ..............50,82 ..........s1 ....63,9o,1o6 .........s7,64 .............11l ...36,110,112,113 .............11o . .... 57 ....5o ....s6 .....1oo .......s1 ....57,7o ......64 ......s6 ......1o6 .....57,106 ....57,s2,1o2 ........l16 Fuller, Norma .... . . .64-, 120 GARST, JULIA . . . .................... 21, 23 Gearhart, Denny ................ .......... . . .64 Gilmore, Joseph ....... 87, 93, 101, 102, 104, 106, 118 Glines, Everett Dale ........................... 36 Glines, -Mary Frances .................... 50, 98, 99 Godding, Marc Antone ..... 50, 88, 101, 102, 104, 106, Goodwin, Arrah Lee . 117, 133, 135 64- ...-.......-........ Goodwin, Bill ........ ......... 7 5 Gourley, Felix Eugene .... 36 Graham, Bill ........ ,,.. 8 3 Graham, Gary ....... ,,,, 8 3 Graham, Joyce Wilbur ,,,, 36 Graham, Mary ............................... 36 Grasser, Marlene ......................... 57, 120 Graves, Eugene .............................. 57 Gray, Viona ........ 50, 52, 91, 108, 113, 126, 127, 128 Gregory, Beverly .......................... 64, 94 GREENFIELD, MARY ......................... 23 Grimes, James L.. . . Grob, Roberta . . . Gruen, Ernest J. ...... . . Gullickson, lla ........... HADLEY, WENDELL E. . . . . Hall, Jimmy Louis ...... Hall, Louise ..... Hamilton, Bill . . . .... . . . . Hancock Dale . . ............- ...57,102 ......36 ..57,118 .64, 94, 100, 102, 104, 106 .............18,24,89 ...64 64,94,98 106 Ilancockl Lahonur 111135,00QbiQ60j40ji04jiii,119, Hanna, John .... Hansen, Charles . . . Hardee, Bryant E. . . . HARDEN, VIRGIL . . . Hardesty, Charles .... Harrington, Dale ..... Harris, Juanita Harris Harrold, Don ....... Hass, Ervin H. ..... . Hatter, Charles Jan . . Hays, Jane Graber . . . Henins, Albert ..... Herrmann, Doris .... Heskett, Judy ........ HICKS, FLETCHER . Hickerson, Rosemary Hickok, Rogene ..... Higbee, Larry M. . . . Hiltenburg, Gloria . . . . . Hinton, Elizabeth . . Hogan, Pat ...... Hornecker, Mary . . . Howard, Phyllis ..... Howdeshell, Wayne . . HOYT, FRED ...... Huff, Norman ...... HUTCHINS, GEORGE ' ' ' Ingram, Nathaniel ......... 123, 137 ....51,70 ......37 ...24,119 ....65.75 ...37,123 ......37 ....65 ....37 ....37 ....37 ....38 ....91 .57,94 ...65,98,99, 120 94 98 116 30,biQi00Qi01,i02I104 ...................3s ..........65,90 ...58, 77, 91, 108 ....70 ...............58,102 Ioerger, Charmaine . . . 51, 100, 102, 104, 106, 109, 117, 119, 129, 131 Izawa, Shinya .... ................. 3 8, 116, 122 Jacks, Kay ...... .................. . 58, 98 Jackson, Nancy . . . . ........ 65, 94, 95, 100, 102, 104 Jantz, Edward ............... ..... Jantz, Hattie I. ............................... 38 Jenkins, Sandra . . . 22, 58, 108, 112, 113, 114, 117, 120 Johns, Marcia . ........... . Johnson, E. Wallace ....... Johnson, Janet ...... Johnson, Jerry . . . Johnson, Keith .... . Johnson, Marcia . .. .. .. . 51, 86, 91, 110 65 111 "'QIII30Qi00Qi02f104 ....101,102,106 ............58,90,102 Johnson, Ruby Ann ................ JONES, ARTHUR . 27 89 Joneg cuaace ..... ss,06,i0iQi04Qi05fi06,1h0,f29, Jones, Larry ...... JOY, MARGARET . . . Kanton, David ...... Kauffman, Alvin D. . . Kaufman, Keith .... Keith, Mike ..... Kellam, Gary .... Keller, Bruce E. . . . Kellum., Kenneth . . Kellum, Lorna ..... Kellum, Mae ....... Kershner, Vera Jean . . . Kessler, Eleanor ..... Key, Wayne ....... King, Max ..... King, Richard . . . Kinser, Gerald . . . Kinser, Merl ..... Kliewer, Barbara . . . Knight, Hobart . . . Koch, LoErna .... Koftan, James . . . 132, 133 ......65,102 ...24,104 ........s9 ..........39 ....7s,79,a0 ........82 ...... .58 58, 87, 102, 118, 129, 130 .......22,66 . ..... 39,99 .......39 ....58,91 ........51 ..........51 .........106 ...66,75,115 ......39,118 ......53,104 39 88 89 122 ffff66Q9sQ99I120 .......59,79 0 Koon, Roy ..... Koontz, Earl . . . Koontz, Rosalyn . . Kramer, Jerry ..... Kuas, Edward J. . . . . Kupfersmith, Sharon Lamkins, Bob ..... Lankford, Joan . . . Lawerence, Warren Leach, David ...... Lee, Jay Song .... Lee, Lila Rae . . . Lewis, Carl ..... Lindal, John . . . Lisenby, Joan . . . Lochner, Bob . . . Long, Earl ...... Long, Richard ..... Lonneke, John H. . . Lucas, William L. . . . Luce, Shirley .... Lygrisse, Jeannine . Mace, Alvin Lee . . Macy, Don ...... Maechtlen, Don . . Mahan, Jack .... Mailen, Ruth Mardock, Keith . . . Markum, Larry Holt Markum, Norma . . . Marshall, Herbert . . Martie, Jane ..... Martin, Jack ..... Masters, George . . Maus, Charles .. May, Chet ....... MAYER, FRED . . McBee, Edgar .... McCurry, Margaret McCurry, Tom .... McKay, John ..... McKean, William . . McLeod, Naomi .... McMichael, Irene . . McMillan, Mary Dee McNichols, Eunice . McQueen, Don .... Meils, Merle Noble . Meils, Richard .... Merriman, Darrell . Meyer, Dorothy . . . Meyers, Wayne .... Milberger, Caroline Mills, Mildred ..... Minter, Jaynelle .. Mitchell, Maurine . ........75 ....59,117 ...59,106 Holt ........... 59,91,110,119 .. . . .59,87, 92, 105, 112, 113, 119 .....................51,99,98 Lawerence, Joyce . .. 66101102 .' .l:l51,87:102z118 39 .......39,118 40 70 ........... , ....66,75,102,115 . ........... 100 ...........59 ...116 ....59 .......66 ..............66 .........40,9l,108 ....59,91,99,102,120 ................60 ..............40 ....60,79 .......................52 ... 70, 86, 87, 88, 92, 101, 102, 127 60 83 93 102 115 40,0i,i00,i0i,104,i06Z1192137 ........................60,97 .....................22,67,90 .......67 .......41 ...75,106 ...25,102 70 .. ..I140Qb0Q99 . ...................... 97 . ....................... 67 ...59, 88, 94, 95, 101, 102, 108 .. .................. 67,120 ... .......... 51,91,112,113 ....40,99,110,118 ............52,75 .. ...52,88, 101, 106,116 .. .................. 41 .........41,52,98,116 . ..................... 71 ...60 86 90,102 117,133 - 1 9 9 41110 -...................... , Mohit, Saleh ................................. 41 Moon, Don ....... 60, 75, 92, 101, 102, 105, 106, 118 Moon, Virginia .... ..........52,88,90,91,110,113 Moore, Alan ............................. 67, 106 MOORE, BOB . . . Moore, Howard . . . ..............78,119 ......52 Moreland, Don ...... ----- 1 15 Mullenbruch, Nancy . . . ---- 67, 90 Musser, Billy ........ ------ 4 2 Mustoe, Ada ..... . Myers, Bill ......... Myers, Glen ......... NAGLEY, PHILLIE Neal, Bill ........... Neal, W. Webster .... Neary, Mary ...... Neifert, Dan ..... Newkirk, Chuck . . . Newby, Max ..... Newlin, Kathy . . . Nichols, Alice ..... Nicholson, Jimmy - . . .......42 . .... 75,93 ,......52 ....25,89 ...75,115 .......67 ...60,82,115 ....22,67,94,95,108,119 Noblit, Jenny ...... Noel, Dale Leon .... Nusz, Bonnie .... Ott, Beulah .... Ott, Bob Owens, Ralph ...... Overman, Martha . . . PARKER, KEITH W. .. Parks, Shirley ...... Parris, Melba ..... . PARRE,WMYNE.. Parrish, Viola ........ Parry, Jack ......... . ....60,120 .......52,110 ... 53, 109, 114 ........42 .....98 ....103 ...25,52,106,116,117,119 Paulin, John .. .53,89,92,101,102,111-1,117,119,127 Pearce Kenneth , ............................. 53 Peckhann Larry ...... 53,7s,79,so,a7,as,a9,93,115 Penn, Jun ....... 53,87,105,106,113,118,119,127, 129, 132 Penna,LeR0y ................. 67,s7,1o2,1o4,11a Pennick, Donna . . . . . PENROD, MABEL O. . . Perisho Marv Emil Pmusrio, RUTH 1 PERRY, LILLIAN . . . Peterson, Bob ...... Pickering, .loyce ..... Pike, Veda . ....... . . Pinkston, Elsie May .... Pitman, Modena .... Pins, J. M. ....... . PLATT, ESSIE . . . Pond, Eunice . . Pond, Hazel . . . Pope, Lelia . . . Pope, Leona . . Porter, Sue . . . Porter, Walter . . ...53, 100, 102, 106,117 .................2a .............21,26 ..........71,104 ..... 71, 90, 101, 102 . . . .68, 108, 129, 132 ..............43 .........43,100 ...........43 ....26,90,120 .................s3,91 ..............43,11o,137 ....53,100,102,104,106,118 ............4s,9a,99,11o ....................6a Potts, George ..... .................. 6 8, 82, 97 Powell, Carolyn . . . Price, Doris ........ ....43,100,102, 104,123,137 Puetz, Virgil .......... .............. 5 3, 79, 80 RAINES, E. LEE ....... .... 2 6,111 RAINES, MARGARET . . . . .26, 99 Ramsey, Warren ...... ..... 7 9 REGAN, CHARLES . . . . . .2 Reagan, Ruth Ann ..... Rebenstorf, Larry . . . . . Redick, Jim ....... 54, Redman, George ..... Riggs, Elizabeth ....... Riner, Adeta ...... Ringler, J. M. ...... . RISK, THOMAS M. . . . Ritter, Jo Sandra ..... Roberts, Doris ....... ROBERTS, LOWELL E. .......................71 .......................71 75,79,so,a2,93,113,11s,117 ...................68,116 H.........H....5L91J10 ........4a .......6s,79,s2 . .......... 27,110 ..............22,6s,9o,106 .......................6a ..............3,18,89,129 Roberts, Maurice ..... 4-4, 75, 86, 88, 89, 105, 106, 112, 118, 123 Roberts, Peggy . . ..... 60 90, 105, 108, 118, 126, 127 Robinson, Lloyd . . . . Roe, Ralph ...... Rogers, John K. .... . Rogers, Nora ......... ROUDABUSH, LILLIE Rowley, Frank Jr. .... . Rucker, Walt ....... Samy, Genevieve . . . Sandell, Hamid . . . . . Sandquist, Dorothy . . . Schade, Ed ....... Schlemen, Don . . Schramm, Nelle .... SCHULTZ, P. DAN '. . Schweer, Keith .... SCOTT, LIONEL . . Seiler, Barbara . . . Shelton, J. B. . . . . Shelton, Mary . . . Shelton, Ruth . . . Sierra, Joel . . . .........60,75,79,82,87,92 .......................44 ................71 ................44 .. .... 9,27,116,117,118 ....68,75,115,129,132 ...................1o6 ......................71 .......................75 ....54,1o0,1o4,1o6,1o9,11a ................44,97,s9 ....................6s ...................54 ....................27 ...44,87,101,102,106,117 .........28,96,105,106 ........60,77,108,114 .........44,105 ........61,91 ...54,91 ...69,a7 Simmons, Bill ...... 44, 75, 88, 89, 115, 118, 119, 127, Sites, Milton ......... SMITH, ALFRED P. . . Smith, Bernie ....... Smith, Gerald ....... Smith, Joan Clark. . . Smith, Joan G. .... . Smith, Mae L. ....... . SMITH, MAY ALICE. . . Snook, Ray .......... Snowden, Irene ..... Springsteen, Barbara Stacy, Bill ........... Stahlman, Ralph Jr. . . Staley, Karen ........ Stands, Dean ........ STANLEY, WILLIAM . Stanton, Janice ...... Stauffer, Kay ...... Stoneberger, Jim . . . Stovall, Jean ......... Strange, James Robert . SULLIVAN, VICTOR . . Swain, Effie Adelaide . SWANSON, KJERST1 . Swartz, Mickey ....... 129, 132 ......27,106 .............4s ....a,4s,91,12s .........4s,91 ..........61 ...28,90,l0Q . ............. 45,118 54, 88, 95, 108, 110, 113 ...........45,93,105 ...... .......7l ...45,119 ...22,69,106 ...54-,75,115 .......61 ....28 ...............46 ............29,116 .. . .4-6, 94, 95, 102, 104 Taton, Gary .......................... 61,106,118 Taylor, Darlene . . . 54, 88, 89, 94, 95, 105, 108, 118, 117 Taylor, Margie ....... Taylor, Pat ......... THAYER, ROBERT . . Thomason, Norma N. . . Thornburg, Hershel . . . Townsend, Jim ..... Tschopp, Lincoln . . . Tyson, C. R. ..... . Van De Car, Doris . . . Vanderhoff, L. Earl . . . Van Pell, Larry D. . . . . VAUGHN, DELBERT . Veith, Robert G. ..... . Verbal, Esmer D. . . . . Vogt, Jerold ....... Wagner, Kay ........ Walker, Ruth ........ Walkemeyer, Mary Lou Wallis, Elsa Walz, Clarence E. .... . Warner Glen ........ WATKI,NS, MARGARET' ' ' Waymire, Bert J. .... . Webb, Richard ....... Webster, John ..... WEIBE, HUBERT . . . WEIBE, AUDREY . . . Wells, Phyllis ..... Wheeler, Louis .... White, Marie ....... Whiters, Roosevelt . . Wiens, Devon ..... Wilder, Minnie ....... Wilkerson, Zach ..... Williamson, Carol Ann Williamson, Treva .... Wilson, Cleo ......... Wiswell, Robert L. . . . Wolf, Curtis .... . . Wolfrum, Edith .... WOOD, GERALD .... WOOD, HELEN ..... Woods, Art .......... Woodward, Elaine . . . 55 Yoon, Young Sook .... 9 9 5 ...106 .....46 .......54 ......69,102 .........71,97 ...71,75,83,115 ......61,111 .....61 ....118 .......55 ........4-6 ...................61,9s .................61,95,l02 .,..............69,11s,12o 99 10 ..61,98, , 2,110,118,120 ... . 111, 115, 127 ............29 ..........46 ....69,7s .........69,7s ...............29 ................29,9s,1o1,1oz,a6,111,11s,1ss ................47 ...........69,116 .....41 ...69,110 .......47 ................41 ...........55,91,l05 ..55,100,102,104-,106 ........4-7,111,119 ......69,106 118,126,127 ................47 105,116 Yoon, Won Zoon . . .................... , ..... 5 5 Young, Gerald . . Young, Lowell . . Young, Robert . . . Young, Walter . . . . .47, 75, 89, 97 .........61,79 . ......... 55 ....71 jj-T55 YEIRIOUKS

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