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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1957 volume:

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MWWWNWAW pgwpwwdwww wWNyLwwts,wP':f55la61lwwW,AlsowiH"tLww www PTSXJ WMM hm PM ww --ww WM' utopmsmhwasdk' ok Uwwwl'-050' ww. 0kf1.,pf,wP0f5 T . - - ,, Owmmgylg' A spwbokblw wfiff www wwlff' "1""L wwP01WMPQwMm,E,,1, 'WW' wb w,,L.wbUJ-5P'1'f' PM , dE,,u1wlV"w' TWXQ5 Photography Math Born g Studio, W Publishing Myers and Co p ny Inc., T Cl L 0 AdvertisingS p d et-,NV h Behind every individual achievement is a motivating force. Gall it inspiration, or foresight, or experience translated into ability, if you will. By virtue of our status in a college community, we have witnessed the invaluable influence of those whose training and insight enables them to nourish our aspirations for knowledge and success with an Hextra dimensioni' - ever encouraging, ever enlightening, occasionally reproving, now understanding, now urging , always guiding toward worthy endeavors. So often we, as students, tend to take for granted those who have had the most profound effect upon our lives, our teachers. Yet we cannot deny their contribution to our society by their devoted concern for humanity and their aptitude in molding tomor- rowis America. The 1957 TALISMAN seeks to recognize one who represents the highest in ideals and professional standards - Mrs. Mary Rice Greenfield. In the depression days of twenty-five years ago, a kindly middle-aged lady with an understanding twinkle in her eyes came to Friends University as dean of women. That was 1932. Ten years later, she returned to teaching her first love, English literature. Even today, in her part-time capacity, Professor Greenfield continues to impart wisdom and knowledge in quoting such phrases as 'fBut a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?', Her hair is silver now, and the college steps do seem steeper Y but the twinkle remains, a sign to all that here is warm interest, sincerity, and humility personified. Though hot a Quaker herself, Mrs. Greenfield exemplifies the basic tenets upon which Friends University was founded: respect for individual dignity, concern for human improvement , and devotion to Christian ethics in daily living. For she is teacher and student, counselor and friend. In the preparation of this yearbook, she has helped advise the staff, unaware as to who would be honored on this, page. Students of the past twenty-five years who fondly recall Hthe men'ry of those hoursi' would find that memories of Friends and memories of Mrs. Greenfield are intertwined. Respecting this quarter century of service to Friends University, and in tribute to one whose noble thoughts have inliuenced countless numbersthroughout the world, with the utmost pride and humblest sincerity, The 1957 TALISMAN is dedicated to you - Mrs. Mary Rice Greenfield. N-K -BM' 'f Q52 'Y W Y 'Y Y W ,. K f -ummm . X lllainc VVoodward and Larry Peckham Are Crowned RETURNING TO FORMER TRA- DITION, the Coronation ofthe TALIS- MAN King and Queen was held in Alumni Auditorium during a chapel period in November. As a result, the ceremonies were viewed by most ofthe faculty and student body. Kept a closely guarded secret, the identity ofthe Royal Couple was known only to Janice Duryee, TALISMAN assistant editor who arranged the pro- gram. Preceded by their attendants and a reception line ofjunior girls, Elaine W'oodward and Larry Peckham ad- vanced to the stage, where Interim President Lowell Roberts crowned them King and Queen. Buddy Brixey emceed the royal entertainment that followed. Q ll K, C Il F 1 ll l I1 C md K i I1 2 I A I. I I X King and Clueen of the 1957 'l',-XIJISNIAN 7 Students Choose EACH CLASS at Friends University nominated one girl and one hoy to be Chosen king and queen on the yearbook. Runners-up for these honors were de- signated alternates. The freshman alternate Uqllj, Sue Anne Shimer, is an art II121kl0I' from Miami, Oklahoma. Elaine Graber flnzwr ZQHD, a Pretty lJl'2lI'lCklL1I1lOI'. has chosen 21 Career in elementary education. From the senior class. Gloria Yan XVinkle flower rzlgfzlj, is 21 native of Friendswood, Texas, TI121kl0I'lIlg in home economics. Six Attendants FLANKING THE ROYAL COUPLE on both sides, the attendants held posi- tions of honor on the stage during the Coronation program. On these pages are their official portraits. Kenneth Kellum Crzghfj, of Friends- wood, Texas, was nominated by his fellow freshmen. Maurice Roberts flower rzlghlj, a Fowler industrial arts major, was the junior attendant. Seniors chose Duane Dunn Clffnhan agriculture major from Cimarron. All attendants received floral ar- rangements of Talisman roses. 4 if wr flh- K is S in X, if ft mums fqgfdk x f'M"M EE rj I ,, f.x I Ei. E Aquinas DAVIS ADMINIS'ldRNl'ION BUILDING, the olclcrst cainpus structure, is visilule throughout XYicliita, Tlwlaujalb Campus STANLEY GYNIN.-XSIUNI is named for the lirst Friends University president, A A Landmark FROIVI NEARLY EVERY POINT in the city, the spires or grounds of Friends University can be seen. Besides being one of W'iehita's oldest buildings, the Davis Administration Building marks the site ofthe original college. Since its founding in 1898. the school has ex- panded into several auxiliary structures. Home of the Fighting Quakers is Stanley Gymnasium. 3 Mark Reeve Cabin President s Home Wichita INFORMAL PARTIES are often held in the Mzirk Reeve Cabin. constructed by the Class of 1940. One block south of the main eampus is Musitf Hall,head- quarters of the Singing Quakers. Two blocks east of the campus is the home given to the college for a president's resiclenee. The "shop" or Industrial Arts Building also house the agriculture de- partment. Sumpter Hall, the newest building is oecupied by art and home economics classes, cafeteria, bookstore, and student lounges. Music Hall Industrial Arts Building Sumpter Hall lWARY ANN KINSER Rose Hill, Kansas 1. GENE STEWAART SEELY XYic'hila. Kansas tt, va -, .Q i .,l"""'ls BUDDY A Wichita JANET CHRISTINE LANDIS HAI. YNORTH ANDERSON RUTH ESTPII W Wichita. Kansas Wiicliita, Kansas Valley Center The Royal Lords and Ladies: EACH YEAR a group of seniors is chosen by the faculty to be listed in the current edition of c'XNho's W'ho Among Students in American Universities and Colleges." One of the highest honors possible for a senior to receive, eligibility is based upon character, scholarship, extra-curricular leadership, citizenship, service to the college, and potential for future leadership in public life. Ten Friends University seniors were selected this year. Q . ' f l, ' sy' W, I iw, Q gg y f ww A A , MW .0 . Q...-i...4h.,.i. ! , . fr V w, ,way:MxA 'N-0 f , , Af pu..-......"" L- A 57' aim W5 , ,, . 3 52? 'G5Q:,.i'9 fvfw r ima E-fPmmw PWM 4 M :Q ' g ' Y E J I L i 5 31 b L Iuk Ab Q , .,,:Q K, ', K 3 ., at-wx . 1 f i - "Maw ' X D Eg' S R415 ff Q, .aff 1 4 1 Q 1 5 w A 7, J xi? ,,IV fr Fav sw ai ge,5. , I7 WORLD UNIVEIZQITY Committee chairmen worked hard to make the XVUS campaign a success. Caroline Milberger, treasurerg Mr. Nagley, sponsorg Bill Stacy, special events, janet Landis, General Chairinang George Gish, Solicitationsg Dick Sutton, Chapel: Darlene Taylor, Publicity. These students helped make the chapel program a success. Darlene Taylor, Hyacinth Phillips, J. B. Shelton, David Cloud, Naomi Mc- Leod, Cherie jensen, Charlie Tay- lor, Charmaine Ioerger. The WUS drive proved a huge success this year on the Friends campus as students gave almost SL000, about twice as much as the dollar- per-student goal which had been set. The WUS carn- paign is designed to benefit universities all over the world who need dormitories, sani- toriums, classrooms, and sup- plies. rsfm mtmmam Qeravfoe waive Scenes from the WUS chapel, directed by Dick Sutton, script by Professor Hicks, portray conditions on the world today. The Ugly-man, Ugly-girl contest added a humorous note to the campaign, as well as earning money for it. Contestants were: Tom McCurry, Daryl Pitts, Don Hickok, Lahoma Hancock, joan Lisenby, Charles Duff, Darlene Taylor, Dick Sutton, Hyacinth Phillips, and George Gish. Bill Stacy awarded the winners with the portraits which they hold. Charlie Taylor portrays an African boy who became a teacher through the efforts of XVorld University Service. l..5 Faculty and Staff Individual portraits Bookstore Library Cafeteria ,W Q.- L,.,i,QL.", ng, D.. .,.. ,, -f-Q Y'-,vw-fy, 4-WM ,If -.- , ., qv--nrhvw. V-W-1--vxwznrwm-yy-'ff '-1' vw:-9 1 'r".f-mrgreazfwv 21 Pwstdent 1952-1956 FACED NNITH THE STRAIN ofthe most expansion campaign in the schoolis history, Dr. Lloyd S. Cressman resigned in the fall as president of Friends Uni- versity. Dr. Cressman was appointed to the office in 1952. In the ensuing years he sought to meet several problems created by an annual upsurge in enrollment: parking, housing, curriculum demand and adequate personnel, to name a few. Holding degrees from Pacific Col- lege, lVIcCormick Theological Seminary, a Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, and George Fox College, Dr. Cressman has been chosen minister ol' visitation of First Presbyterian Church of Wichita. Lloyd S. flI'6SSIIl21Il,.'X.B., BD., Th.Nl., l7.D. ...EQ If V?-eg A V, ' gi V .pix lt? g . gt Q K Q at sy 35 Freshman Sue :Xnnc Shimcr is counseled by Dr. Cressnlzm. 2.05015 lnwdawpwstdeab loberfs Assumes Reigns VVING the resignation of Lloyd 1 as president of Friends Uni :arly in the school year, the ' Directors named Dr. Lowell E to the post in an interim ve of Fowler, Kansas, Dr. Rob iuated from Friends in 1936 completed graduate study at University and has received 1 . degrees from Asbury Theologi inary and Gordon Divinity Jberts returned to his first alma 1944 as professor and head of e department. Despite his in 'esponsibilities as interim presi will maintain his former posi WL ' Polmj , .OARD OF DIRECTORS of University serve in a legal aking, and advisory capacity r with the president, who is the lministrative oflicer, they are Jle for the program and wel .he college. Members of the Board of Directors included Qleft to rightj seated, F. U. President Lowell E. Robertsg Board President Paul R. Browng Secretary Sylvester Chanceg Treasurer N. Russell johnsong Standing, Cecil Riney, Merle A. Roe, Proctor Mule len, Lester Mardock, George YVoody, Gurney T. Hadley, Luis A. Casado. Edgar N. Roberts, Clayton Doane, Orville Hafner, Cecil Brown, Plez Clark, and Ray Hays. ,f"""'lW'w, DOROTHY R. ADDY, .X.B., IS. Nlttsu EINYIN ADKINSUN M. Nfus. Custodian-litlgitlrcr Organ .'177It'7It1lll flzuffl nf fhgfzzmlx BIANCHIQ BLUXONI, AB.. MA., 13.5, MARGARICT BIIRCH, .X.B. Librzxrizm Dirt-Ctor of Cafeteria xx mw 'inn :vv ri 7 4 : , , Q wr . 2 r 5 rw wt r- r rr 4 1 -, . W M5242 - rf ,,,, 5 Z t , ? .R E ,..wgt,,41.t t tr f "t Director of Publis' Rvlzitiotls Dire-Ctor of .Kthlctics NYESLEY CASPIQRS, ILS.. MDX.. NLS.. Ph . l J. lidllfiil ion l'ldLlC'llli0Il Director of Student 'l'c-:whing lfulzm 'lmtlmxt fff'.rlfmr1t'r1 gl NN X I Y t ' it 1 '15, 5 0 t 3 sr, t N.. t x Xa i 1 1 I tg . V f t x x I A ,s 1 Q ,f,, 2 5 H, , ILI XI CHRISII"NSOY,.-XB, CIIFPORD LI XRR -XB NIB X XIIXN R CI XRK -X xSSliIdlll I lbmrlan EQUIIOITIIKS, Bumna ss Xdmlnlstrdtlon Rcglstrflr IS Bldl CRUSH XB MA. 1 N V' xx ,',fn"'xu ,f1,wk,iu? lfglgslzgzzm ,1:1de!QQ3g,i': s ' ntfi fu" xg 1 Q 'w,,1fy'.,1l Q! fr, :f,z,s ,l11ii"!!' ,n" ,nn-,siif l',n" si.,i ,H ,n 1 intl. page-Q., g ,u Q ,. xf,"',,a0 .3 ',..,.as , ,f gn H... Ili a 'annul id m,, lilll i"XJ4:,:"Vili U' 5-'9,2"fsoa "Mfr, fins. -s"'i'5 s'0algx nl" 'Q "Ilan x gtu 'ag ---H - 1 1-1-'..f. --.,:f-- N1 , K 5, E DOROTHY H. CRAVEN, A,B.,M.A Ph,D. Scheduling of classes is arranged with the Registrans Office. English H. ERNEST CROW, AB., BS., A.M., FRANCIS F. DIETRICH, AJS., MA. Ph,D. YYALTFR DYCK, .'X.B,. Nl.F..'X. Economic, Business Administration Biological Sciences University Life Art .1 if f K, Q, mmfwm, 7,c,,wfn, ,n...n.. , wi 1 ,, ,, , JULIA C. GARST, AB., B,S. MARY RICE GREENFIELD, AB., WENDELI. E. HADLEY, A.B,, MA MS. l'h.D. Assistant Librarian English Dean of the College T.-1 l.lS,lI.-IN Education ERNEST Ii. HADSELL. AB., M.,-X. Speech and Dramatic Art Alvfw Pfi Owen M. J0s1aPH1NE HARDY. .-us.. x1..x. HENRY A. HARvEY.A.B. .-I lpfm Imfzfm 'Inu Hlurlc .wrlxrjuzfn German Assistant in Publicity fu-'OW 4 5 , ' Q s,, ELSA MAUD HAURY, AB. FLETCHER HICKS, AB., MA. FAYE HOGAN, BS. Voice English Physical Education M"VII77I6'71 'A' Rf,L'T!'lIflAIIIIlll A ,X'.VIl'Il1fI'Il7I MARGARET JOY, B.Mus,, M. Mus D. Mus. FRED HOYT EDNA JOHNSON. BS., MA. , , I Musu' Educatum, PIZIIIO Director, Fellow-Reeves Museum Home Economics .llzzm lfdzualnnx .yflflflflflf f,vflIff2'It'II11f' li'-" ESTHER M. LAVVRENCE, BS, PAUL MARTINSON, A.B. FRED C. MAYER, B.S. Voice JOHN D. MILLS, AB.. MA. Philosophy I 5 N Nzqkz, ,. vi l M f f A History, Science, Mathematics Director, School of Music Music Phi .Mu Alpha Sinhmzrz lfiixzxncinl m'r'angcmc-nts involving thc' college are handled by Business Manager Gerald Wlood and his stuff. 29 Despite 21 busy schedule as a local telc- vision personality, Henry Harvey finds time to writc' most prcss rc-leases about campus personalities and special events, PHILIP NAGLEY, BS., M.A. WAYNE PARRIS.A.B.. B.D., M.A. History, Political Science Sfufzlmf Cmmfzl Kenneth D. Pennington, AB., B, Mus.. Sociology Sludml Chrzitzian A.r5nf1'r1t1'011 Iflfffflflflillflllf RFlIIfIOH.l' Club MA, LILLIAN PERRY. AB, W. W. Peters, AB., M.A., L4I,.D, Piano Assistant Librarian Education 'Nav--my mmaswbpu Al ETHFA PHENNEGER IVA B PICKERINF NB MA ESSIE V. PLATT, A.B., MA. Plano S anlsh Education Dorm Mother, East Hall P w n . . Iulzmf fmrhers uf lmmfzz Secretarial Training Iota Theta .Wu Among the largest Classes at Friends Uni- versity is Professor Philip Naglefs course in American Government. Wywmw Y my :frm . ji I wi-new liwlauaiusqg 'swf 't' 'WH 'Ummm Darkness is no barrier to wisdom, understanding, and humor. CECIL RINEY, B. Mus, M. Mus. . LILLIE RUUDABUSH. AB.. MA. Director of Student Promotion Music English ! P. DANIEL SCHULTZ. AB.. MS. Chemistry fl iff" W ALFRED P, SMITH, AB.. M. Ed. MARY ALICE SMITH. Ali.. MS. EI.IZABIi'I'H STAFFORD.B,S. N1 S Education, Psychology Biological Sciences lwlrz 'llzvm ,Hu XNIIIIAM S'I'ANI.liY. l3.fNIus.. NI. Mus.. DM..-X. VICTOR SUI,I.IY.-KN. IIS. Piano Industrial Arts I .. -- - 'I I X I M I, ,M , 1 I . 5 99 , 2 . . f ' . ..- X I its V, I v Fi ., , ' ' 1 I 1 ' - - , - ir-5 - 5- A ,I 2 , wif f"i" 'X 'A' I v f Q gl I f 4. is ,ff Psychology BEINA SIVITER, AB.. M English, Iiducalion 'AQQ' ,,,, 4, M' ' ii KJERSTI SWANSON, AB.. M,A. ANCIL R. THOMAS. PHD. DELBERT VAUGHN, AB., B.D Nlnthcmatics, Physics Nfathcmatics, Physics Field Secretary lIIfr'T71l1fHI7lf1f ll,A'ff1fl07l.Y Club Biblc' flfmpfl Harm' MARGARET WATKINS .A.B.. MS, , HUBERT NYIICBE. MUN. Homc Economics 0771117071 P111 Sliflllll Industrial Arts Students from other lands, such as Susie Chung of Korea, often turn to Director of Personnel Isa- bel Crabb for help and suggestions in adjusting to .American life. Faculty and staff not pictured: ALLEN BOWVMAN, AB., B.D. Bible Cagbfl Band ALLEN BOWMAN, A.B.. B.D. Bible Gospel Band MARJORIE BRIGHTUP, A.B, Alumni Secretary VIVIAN FLEMING. B.Mus, Voice PATRICIA A. HARRIS. MID, College Physician DARRELL HILL, AB. Physical Education ORLAND KOLLING. AB.. MA. Chemistry CATHERINE LOMBAR Violin ROBERT M. MARDOCK. M.D, College Physician RAY MORRISON, BS, Physical Education CHARLES A. REAGAN ,B.S., MA. Mathematics, Sciences JAMES W. TEENER, A.B., B.D., M.A Ph.D. Philosophy ROBERT VV. TI-IAYER, B. Mus., Instrumental Music Plzz' M u A fflha Sirgfznzia AUDREY WVIEBE, R.N. College Nurse GERALD H. VVOOD. AB, Business Manager Miss Garst, Miss Bloxom, Miss Perry, and Miss Christenson assist students in the library Service with a smile is the motto of the bookstore. ,...,,-. L'nder the capable direction of Mrs. Burch, these women prepare royal meals. So much food "HL for a king" does make it difiicult to choose! Student Council Student Forum Gospel Band Student Christian Association Black Masquers International Relations Club Future Teachers of America Lettermen's Club Women's Recreational Association Omicron Tau Sigma Agriculture Club East Hall University Life TALISMAN Alumni Assqciation Policy-Forming Committee Mu Phi Epsilon Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Delta Rho Alpha Nu Iota Theta Mu Alpha Kappa Tau Kappa Omega Nu 66wwawMembw s Student Council ofhcers are: Elaine XVoodward. Secretaryg Ed Rush, Treasurer: Daryl Pitts, Vice Presidentg Bob Ely, President. Governing the Student body is the duty of the Student Council. The four executive members are elected by the student body. The four class presidents hold voting power. Presidents of all the organizations and publica- tions editors make up the rest of the Student Council members. Student Council sponsors one walkout per year, as well as an All School hike, an All School breakfast, Campus Clean-Up Day, and many other student activi- ties. The Student Council Oflicers preside at Student Forum meetings, which are closed to the faculty, and where student problems and business matters are aired. First Semester President Buddy Brixey presides at the Student Council meeting. joan Clark, Mary jane Denton, Pauline llinford, Harry Smith, Sponsor Mr, Nagley, Marshall Stanton, janet Landis, Curtis XN'olfe, Ed Rush, Ken- ny Xkaegener, john Paulin, jim Penn, George Gish, Bill Stacy. Daryl Pitts, Maurice Roberts. 40 .CwfPu8. Made up of Student Council members and faculty, the Policy-Forming Com- mittee brings students and faculty together to discuss important campus problems. Its members are: Seated, Miss Crabb, Miss Clark, Dr. Craven, Elaine XVoodward, jim Penng Standing: Mr. Nagley, Mr. Mayer, Dean Hadley, Marshall Stanton, Dr. Roberts, Bob Ely, Maurice Roberts. 4'I In the fall of each year Student Coun. cil sponsors an All School Hike which helps to acquaint the new students with the old. The students gather at the school and walk to Sims Park, a distance of about two miles. Student Council provides the meal of hot dogs, and usually a movie is shown after everyone gets back to school. Bob Ely presents the gavel to Maurice Roberts, next year's Student Council President, during the Awards day Chapel period. V' W'L, wi 1 -- I S PQGWJM Mlm. GOSPQL The spirit of a college is reflected in its emphasis on religious organizations. Through Gospel Band, spiritual guidance and experience are found in club fellowship. First Row, Left to Right: Delbert Vaughn, Lila Rae Lee, Virginia Newlin, Marshall Stanton, Gloria Van XVinkle, Don- old Mueller, Marlene McClure, Pauline Binford, Emma Jean Doane, Hlilliain Simmons, Allen Bowman. Second Row. Left to Right: Lois Adkinson, Eva Brightup, Mamie Davidson, Mignon Huff, Diane Lockhart, Sue Ann Shitner, Clarice Jones, Phillis Pitts, Roinona Baker, Elaine XVoodward, Mary Lou XValkemeyer, Marellen Moyer. Third Row, Left to Right: Everrct Glines, Daryl Pitts, M. Pitts, Martha Overman, Jennie Noblit, Rosalind Mead, Joyce Pickering, Nadine Cope- land, Mae Xvalkeineyer, Leona Pope, Carolyn Powell? Foziwfh Row, Left to Right: Connie Brown, james Penn, Leroy Brightup, Preston Kelly, Gene Gourley, Patrick Hogan, Ken- neth Pearce, Lewis XVheeler, Duane Muller, Ray Snook, Glen H'arner, Merl Kinser. Gospel Band Oflicers: Emma jean Doane, Music Chairmang Pauline Binforcl, Social Chair- mang Don Mueller, President: Gloria Van Mfinkle, Team Man- ager, Carolyn Powell, Secretary- Treasurer. Standing: Marshall Stanton, Program Chairman: Mr. Bowman, Sponsorg Marlene McClureg Bill Simmons, Vice President. qulst Joyce pldxermg Marellen Moyer, Ray Schnook Mar Lou Wlalkemeyer, Don Muel Marshall Stanton Y ler, Marlene McClure. Gospel Banders find a constant source of help and inspiration when they meet every Tuesday during Chapel period. Programs include outside speakers, prayer and praise periods, student panels, and special' music. Gospel teams travel to churches, towns, and out of state to spread their good news. These trips are usually composed of a faculty sponsor, a stu- dent musical group, and often a stu- dent minister. Those who make these trips certainly feel the joys and blessings of their endeavors to help others. 5 Clarice jones, Phyl- lis Pitts, Marlene McClure, jim Penn, Daryl Pitts. 43 "SCA Officers" around the table: Shirley Parks, Treasurer: Dar- lene Taylor, Secretaryg Mary Emily Pcrisho, Membershipg George Gish, Program Chair- mang Caroline Milberger, Pro- gramg Bill Stacy, President: Mr. Nagley, Faculty Sponsorg Jim Redick, Cherry Carnival: Tony Godding, Publicity. The aim ofthe Student Christian Association is to pro- mote cooperation and good will throughout the campus. SCA is the student YM-YWCA group, and through its many campus activities supports and is aided by the SCA sponsors many events during the yearg among them are skating parties, all-school breakfasts, chapel programs, Christmas Carolling, and Cherry Carnival. Cherry Carnival is the biggest event of the SCA year. Honoring XVashington's birthday, Cherry Carnival is an all school festival in which each campus organization sponsors a fund-raising booth. All proceeds go into school improvement of some sort. One of the special projects undertaken by SCA this year was the adoption of a needy family at Christmas- time. '- 5: 1. ' 24 val I ilk. .xiii - l A ,V 'I WM-, A 7: 3 r a SCA Booth-Cherry Carnival". Throwing darts at the faculty members proved a successful money-raiser at the SCA Booth. llf --W r .- ' +"f""' at WE rw, we . 1 5? ,gf.,3.K . - agile.-1 y .K ...r.f , 'HF Si s . , F' I Many students come to Friends from other countries, and IRC brings these students together with American students to discuss international affairs and to learn about native lands and customs the World over. P? International Relations Club Members. Black Mzlsquers demonstrate costumes. "Fog on the Valley" was one of the one act plays put on :it Ifricncis this year. Members of the cast on stage during this scene are: Dick Sutton, Don Moon, Donna Garrett, Alonnie june Burton, Barbara Seiler, and Carleton Allen. Officers are: Miss Swanson, Sponsorg Tertia Dingwall, Secre- tary, Albert Henins, Treasurer, Mr. Parris, Sponsorg Hal Anderson, Presidentg Dick Meils, Vice President. BLACK MASQUERS Any student who has been in a dramatic production at Friends may be in Black Masquers. Here, Dick Meils and Darlene Taylor demonstrate costuming to a group of Black Masquers. Nix, mmm Cheerleaders arc: Viona Cray, Marshall Lynch, Barlmra Springsteen, Tom McCurry, Kay Stoops. Ferril Hlilliam son, Peggy Dorrcll, jerry Stiles. V A rf'M'xl'x'?'v'9gQ ik l1 ,,5k I lu- ,, WW, ir iv., 15' 'JN- 'Ds al 3 .ff .. fa? if t ll iq I - 'V H325 ,Q ,J -rss DECORATING THE TREE Ross Thomas helps Diane Lockhart decorate the Christ- TTIHS ITEC, CHRISTMAS ,XT THE DORM Dorm girls gather around the Christmas tree they have decorated to exchange gifts before many of them go home for Christmas. First Row: Louise Hall, Jennie Noblitt. jean Ann Pearson. Marcia johnson, Marlene McClure. Miss Platt. Row Two: Myrna Sile Krase, Phyllis Pitts, Carol King, ,lonnie June Barton, Shirley Brown, Connie Glantz. Row Three: Elaine YVoodward. Susie Chung, Mar- garet McCurry, Rosalind Mead, Peggy Dorrell, Florence Brock, Mary Lou XValkemeyer. Row Four: Tertia Dingwall. Gloria Hiltenburg, Mary Emily Perisho. Sue Anne Shimer, joan Lank- ford, Ra-mona Baker, Marlene Grasser. Row Five: Mary Connolly, Dorothy Sanclquist, Jeanine Lygrisse. Diane Lockhart. Mignon Huff, Clarice jones. Joyce Pickering. - Q Bebhj Agew lt'l'l1 Ilvllv is ll QOPIIUIIIIIIP Art mxljor. and ll rm'mbc'r of Della Rho Alpha Nll Society 48 janet Landis, Dorothy Brixey, Betty Agee, Carolyn Erickson. llanicc Stanton. Dorothy Brixcy is a Senior Art major, and belongs to Iota Theta Mu Society. ylanicc' Stanton is a Junior Bible major, anfl lx-longs to Iota Theta Xiu Society. 49 Daryl Pitts crowns Betty Agcc Queen of Homecoming. janet Landis is a Senior Chemistry major, and is president of Delta Rho society. Carolyn Eirckson is a Sophomore Secre- tarial Training major, and belongs to Delta Rho society. Qfmging Qualww Front Row, Left to Right: Phyllis YVells, Elizabeth Hinton, Charmaine loerger, Elaine Hloodward, Estelle Gish, Emma glean Doane, Janice Edwards, Norma Markum, Naomi McLeod, Joyce Pickering, Joan Liscnby, Karolena Harris, Clarice Jones. Mae lValkemeyer. Second Ron: Left In Right: Lahoma Hancock, Karen Clark, Kay lVagner, Edna Marie Handkins, Ruth YVohlgemuth, Erma jean Dunn, Carolyn Powell, Jeanine Lygrisse, Shirley Parks, Pauline Binford, The S. Bach Christmas Oratorio in December, .the tour concert in March, and the Symphony of Spring in May, were the three formal concerts presented on the campus by the Singing Quakers under the direction ol Mr. Fred C. Mayer. During the Spring Vacation the choir toured Kansas and Colorado. Appear- anctes on the tour included concerts in Colorado Springs and Denver. R THF Qt t FRN N535 H W' YT Mickey Swartz, jonnie june Barton, joan Clark, Mary Emily Perisho. Third Row, Left to Right: Hal Anderson, Keith Schweer, Don Mueller, Ed Tschetter, Daye Dalke, Arthur Swart, Gary Taton, Tony Codding, Elvin Fox, Darrell Bruner, Nathaniel Ingram, George Gish. Fourth Row, Left to Right: jim Crimes, john Paulin, Keith Mardock, Daryl Pitts, Jim Penn, Don Streeter, Ed Sooter, Don Moon, Dean Lloyd. Marshall Stanton, Kenneth Kellum, Ronald Eggleston. ' l at ' I I 'fs 52 K I tl! K- :t , Q 6 1 M 4, V321 ,... , - t lt?lll3N2F ww M "SINGING QUAKERS SPRING CONCERT" The Singing Quakers rehearse for their Symphony of Spring concert, the last of the season. gi I W I k . ,Af - I -4, S if -' If . 'Y ' ii' 1 D v , , M ll Qi E ,a . a 3' I I ' ' in X 1 to 4' "' . I N- 1, Q5 ee! I at GA M ., Standing in front: Karolena Harris. First Row: Don Streeter. Lahoma Hancock, Clarice Jones, Keith Mardock, Joan Lis- enby, Charmaine Ioerger, Elaine Woodward, Phyllis Wells, Ed Sooter. Second Row: Kenneth Kellum, Carolyn Powell. Elizabeth Hinton, Ronnie Eggleston, janice Edwards, Ed Tschettcr, Cleo XVilson, George Gish, Marshall Stanton. Third Row: jim Penn, jonnie june Barton, Dave Dalke, Hal Anderson, Estelle Gish, Daryl Pitts, XVanetta Smith, Mary ,ai Emily Perisho, Mae Walkemeyer, Emma jean Doane, Don Mueller. Fourth Row: Kay IVagner, Jim Grimes, Mickey Swartz, Darrell, Bruner, Norma Markum, Don Moon, Erma jean Dunn, Tony Godding, Elliott Redenbaugh, Shirley Parks, joan Clark, Nathanial Ingram. Fifth Rout: Jeanine Lygrisse, Elvin Fox, Naomi McLeod, Joyce Pickering, Edna Marie Handkins, Mary Lou YValkemeyer, Gary Taton, Karen Clark. "SINGING QUAKER OFFICERS" Singing Quaker Officers plan the tour with Mr. Mayer. Marshall Stanton, Lahoma Hancock, Dean Lloyd. Mr. Mayer. Norma Mark um, Daryl Pitts. Enjoying a picnic supper at the home of Norma Markum are, Seated, Front Row, Left to Right: Estelle Gish, Edna Marie Handkins, Elizabeth Hinton, Cleo XVilson, Carolyn Powell, Erma Jean Dunn, Mary Emily Perisho, Dorothy Sandquist, jonnie June Barton. Back Row: Eldon Addy, Fred Mayer, Charmaine Ioerger, Mrs. Fred Mayer, Mrs. Esther Lawrence, Joan Lisenby, Mrs. Dorothy Addy, and Norma Markum. Mu Phi Epsilon is a national women's music honorary sorority, with "Music, Friends, and Harmony" as their motto. Those eligible for membership are music majors or minors with a grade average of 2.00. Activities of the chapter include awarding a scholarship to one of their members, initiation of new members, and several formal teas. Officers of the year were Karolena Harris, president, Estelle Gish, vice presidentg Carolyn Powell, treasurer, Elizabeth Hinton, recording secretary, Norma Markum, corresponding secretary. Mrs. Doro- thy Addy is the chapter sponsor. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is the national men's professional music fraternity, Our local chapter is Zeta Phi. The purpose of our organization is to bring together the men on our campus who participate 1n and enjoy good music. Each year our chapter sends a delegate to the National Conference. Officers for the year were George Gish, presidentg Ed Sooter, vice president, secretary and historim David Dodds, treasurer-warden, Buddy ,Johnsg and C. Riney, Executive Alumni Secretary. Left to Right: George Gish, Keith Schweer, David Dodds, Buddy johns, Tony Godding, Keith Mardock Dean Lloyd, Ed Sooter, Dick Meils, Fred Mayer, Cecil J. Riney. i . www 'ww--:W W-we-U-wmv-bat .. . -.www-T ,,,,.. ,,...:W,.-... ,. f,,--f. : :if--azw--ff-mf Left to Right, Front Row, Seated: Marv Lou lValkemever, Jeanine Lygrisse, Carolyn Butts. Shirley Brown, Frances Hogan, Eunice McNichols, Carol joy King, Elaine Graber, Connie Glantz, Ramona Baker, and Norma Markum. Back Rozy: Jean Ann Pearson, Mamie Davidson, Gloria Hiltenburg, lleverlv Bishop, Margaret YVat- kins, Pauline Binford, Mae lVlllk6I1lCy8l', Leona Pope, Nadine Gregory, Jane Graber, Carolyn Powell, Martha Dunn, Mary Frances Glines, and Marellen Mover. The Ornieron Tau Sigma, Home Economics Society, started the year with its annual Hobo supper in honor of new girls interested in our organization. Other big events on our calendar included formal initia- tion and the Christmas Party with the Agriculture Club. We had many interesting speakers as guests at our meetings. Other activi- ties ineluded several state meetings and workshops, a state Convention, and the national Convention held in the spring. These meetings were most helpful to those who were able to at- tend. Our year ended with the an. nual parent-daughter banquet. Shown visiting with one of our guest speakers are, left ro right, Shirlev Brown Carol .lov King, and Gloria Hiltenburg. 53 ' iii? Q janet Landis, Presidentg Darlene Taylor, Reporterg Shirley Parks, Vice President: Hyacinth Phillips, Rush Captain: Mrs. Burch, Sponsor. OFFICERS planet Landis . . . ........... ...... P resident Shirley Parks. . . ....... Vice President joan Lisenby. . . . . .Secretary Treasurer ploy Calvert ...... .... I .S.C. Representative Darlene Taylor . . . ............. Reporter E W r Delta Rho Rush Party The Spring Formal Banquet at the Shirkmere Hotel DELTA ALPHA Each society emerges with a distinct per- sonality of its own. Delta Rho is proud of the girls who go to make up its personality. Each year several potential leaders are added to its ranks, The girls all enjoy the cabin parties, Christmas family we always adopt, and the formal banquets we have each year. i Janet Landis gives the president's ring to Shirley Parks. incoming President. janet Landis President ,aa 1. -A .au-. ,"kr .Q in in ,,:g Y Pa ,--K' ,age-Q-1, f w - , r Kenny N acgencr, Prcsxdent AKT OFFICERS Kenny XVaegener ,............. President Dick Sutton ...... . . ,Reporter Ronald Lamp . . . ...... Treasureo' Gary YVise ...... . . . Vire President S x 1 E L T ALP!-IA AKT's and their dates enjoy Spring Formal. - 1 in 3 ffm. 1 -.QQ E i !""" 'CGPPOJ Larry Rcbenstorf Charles Mcllratnu Charles Mans Marshall Lynch Shelby Leatherm an Quay Cox Bill Yandell Eldon Hagan Bryant Hartlcc Don Laswell Ed Schadc .lint Stonehcrgct .Xrt Swart lid Tschettcr Ernest Hadscll Dick Sutton Gary Wise Ronald Lamp PRESIDENT . .pf 592:51 1'9" ' ' ' ' J f - '.'QQ e fd x 5' ii lmwxww n 2 . - K I J EL ' ff 5' 'ag 1 V AT 1 A i f 'F' ff 15 f at Mg! ff' V f f .M A ,kg 'bf w:iQ:,.bt.- . ,3 'A W1 Q X f ' X5 jak E gp I 7 , if Nag 17' ,, ,V L A, K fx gh la.. ff' ' - f A "' Q. N., ' My 1 x 5 -. . fa wg .W s- L Q, in 5 ' nl ' . F ' M L , ' rf ii , f gf 'M ef w " sf ' x ffr L. 'I rf J A if Milfsgiif, , x x , X Q ms E J V' " K' wg ' V -" .,-A" ,: :,:. W "A- f V ' ' ? . Q N n '- Z ,..-- imc - " , i Shirley Mary janv Eunice Viona Lahoma Edna Marie Brown Denton Dnnsworth Gray Hancock Handkinw c r Marcia Shirley Norma Mary Dee Elizabeth johns Luce Markuni McMillan Moody Virginia jean Doris Radine Treva Moon Pearson Price Robinson Williamson 1 , Wayne Atchley Clifford Clark David Dalke l,ll2ll1C lJ1111n Neil I"IZi1'lll0I1 President .... .... J ohn Paulin Sponsor. . . . . .Clifford Clark 60 'IQ I 1 lS11dLlyJ0h11s Robert Lz1mki11s 'CGPPO RON Pic 'I'l11'o11'i11g Boo Ui-. Keith Mardock john Paulin Harry Smith Gerald Smith Edward Sooter Ross Thomas I-'erril XVilliamson the Cherry Carnival. l l I l -uw ,E X 2. Q' 1 ' 'r Q v Q vf4,g,fcX YA Cyp C-if 'im' ,Ft U UNIVERSITY LIFE J, wa Authorized Publication of Friends University ofy' H09 W i' M. 'Pa' I X oe . in f Q21 " f f f 5 1:9 at F Im . 1 '55 ' ,, 'Y I Qt 1 9 fe Q fy wi 1 0 Ui7,HTw'n' , a S 5 nizfjjbycyj :yfiiwff Qirf W ..4' nr fx . - ' 'V X, A I A Qi ra My 75 Unlvpl . , fffg 'i .3 QL , un - go, Q 1 VISMVS 1 ' f if, .sp C, J. Vfwo FYWA "3 Q W Il 1 ' 937 6, 'iff Qtr 'iv "QI , ,QHQCL 4 A diss will mg. , Wig, 40,3 fo. jg, X AWG N qw. Q U10 2,3 f of, VJ? ,Q cg, Of 'n 1 ,JF 'i In + ' , 'W A if 'fy 1 f AXHQPN 6 Qi YW? L? askfff ed M1 913 f if f'7'fzSf3'z J' In 59, 1 . ji' A A x 2 ff if ' 4 A V939 G3 r C3 'K 11 fr .LB dit? as Xifi5i'f'v I35if'f4f.iG!?dA' a C gfjfilcgiiifjo ,gQ3iif!.- 6 ' ifbiiifw M' i , firm, LQ-In 6711? 0 L" S91 00, 'Ch VG 'Q' Q39 p Qi bc: Ymw Us JW'f'Q1! 'mi' LW"'S'2'1 C12 JJGQQ "90i'f'3' i""21 Qi ,hw in 2 " -1 -5, A Ax. ' i, F.Xg- . - .fs AN L ,g Ig: 33' Q f QU f UK if .5 C1 ,I Ur Q0 Xgxkfsf' tf.xw'Vgo'xesa H 'YYXC1-25:4 1f'o3Ck ffbp O,,m'2C1f 55 Ilfiilw 4211 1 , 613 3 012 ' .Af . 'V ' X Q ' , H 7, C'f,' Q' 1 ' ' 4 -. 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EfQ.3.'g'1Fli fiI?f?ffIPHfiiBTi5:3 L. , ii:3Siiiiffli!.f 'I' f fi x iiiilfifi 1 5 Ff':2z'Ec55' Eiswfufsfzz Efmtv in fiQiQE,L5Iv3'Qwl ZFZTS Mryjq 1512514 , f 1 giffy T gg VA R5-li'I'Y 5'3Pf?R'ffi3 Eii35'iiil1H, L, 152 2'E4if2TR 5fi2i:XL Siilciiiliiiii lizifixw F 1213 Hif?,ii,N'E.?22f3 fviz'XNfaC2-ER Qxgggg 52,43 SPONSOR , in , .. if F. Niiii .PET Uwmuif MARJORIE BRICHTIQP RUTH CLARK Fxecutivc Secretary ' The activities of the Alumni and Former Students Association of Friends Uni- versity continue to express genuine interest in our Alma Mater. During this year we sponsored mailing of the Friends University Bulletin to all members, Alumni Homecoming activities, the Building Fund campaign falumni sectionj, Alumni Day, Living Endowment gifts and Class Reunions. We awarded scholarships to an outstanding junior woman and man and an in- coming freshman. XVe recognized three of our distinguished alumni and gave an award to an Alumni Coach of the Year. Our special project was the publica- tion of the Alumni Directory, the first to be published since 1929. W'e wish to commend members of our association who have given of their time and talent in the organizing of an Athletic Booster Club, whose purpose has been to promote athletic activities of Friends University. MEMBERS OF THE ALUMNI COUNCIL ARE: RUTH CLARK, G'48, President W. KEITH PARKER, G'49, Vice-President LUCY DICK, G'5l, Secretary DONALD STOWE, G'53, Treasurer MARJORIE BRIGHTUP, G49, Executive Secretary KIOE BROOKS, G48 EARL G. TEUBNER, G'38 HAROLD JOHNSON, G'38 GAY V. GILBERT, G'55 DOROTHY CRAVEN, '36-'37 ERNEST HADSELL, G49 DR. LONVELL E. ROBERTS, G'36, Ex-Ofhcio D. YV. BINFORD, G'0T, Honorary 63 President Qz1w.,,Cm.n QW WMJM we muM,,,4,,c,E IEANINE LYCQRISSE CONNIE BROWN IAHOM.-X HANCOCK JOHN PAUIJN Att:-ncizmtk Attendants .sbt 1 'Poffhj 65 7 , biidzp 115 'Ja ' hm 72. uf 77m ,, VIH . ' ggfgig V? Q 'i11r's11. fm, Q 7 k k 4 7 :- 5?E4"f L wiv' Mfgggi 8 ff: xiii. - :Q- P Q Aww f 0110 Q 7,-7 7,1 9 - 1 ,Q :ein R ,.,, ,. ,E ,ll iii? ,Ms EH ,-,- H ---,L K w .- ,, 71 - ,if-wzfaifs5g:i,,.i - .5 '21-'1'fYQaQ7geifJf 5 1 ,- A , Q A if ,gg , , 7 77 W 7-1 7 797, . Q, - Z, 'mwm, A xfm.. V , ,, . , 5 ,, L, 7 71, fm ,-17, , , .,,. W,f7:fM11f-7,7 - :sf ' , , 74 7- 7'7:74s:i'a'- 1 , , . x V fflvifx ' Tmiriiit- '7 IS 77-w71dQff'f7. f LifWgf':f1,1 :wg , . 4 53212iTf:I,Q.7,,' Az'-'L:g'i'i54fF'bf' - 7 I W7-Yfl,,. X 7 .7i,V1Q5gi5sia,ly1g-- -' ,,f7,wMw5g?W 1+ -Q Lixswswaiei 27145157 7'i"1f7mf7S5fL1',,- t 7g.m.Sa77fgw74mqgK, -ygy., . ff: 7,1 fmgfgksygvkj, M,m7uasi17 -7, - ,, .,-.fx 1-77-7751 H '+-w1f2f7m77s7--- ,721 -,K-l,2.m,7-7.,7..7 -,.f,,-New 7A -A ,, 7A..7m7,sw,e if Q QW ,AE W ,H ,Ll M. W 3 w,-'w?i5fi:f7Qg:,gs,.. , , -5 sw,-w, ,,g55g1fg37M-7 xi: .f'- 3-H5 VA fa 7 ,. My ,.,, L' ' 5,1 f'5,ff' -A2513 ' ll,-illiflf ' fx fwefff . 7 ' 72411: 3 we M, O 7 9' W 2 , 5 171 3. umm ' .K in-vf .WQAQ7 fx 7, mxmg If Q! ffor other pagej Ronnie Eggleston Keith Mardock Crowning Queen Gloria is Daryl Pitts Ed Tschctter Don Strcerer Q fm Mau Queen Gloria Van Wlinkle i 1' sf in 1 'J A , it -Q' 1 rg any tg t fs 5 R Estelle Gish. Yir- ginia N e w l i n . Q n e C n Gloria. janet I. 21 n rl i s. Dorothy Brixcy, Student Council President Bob Ely receives a gift from Student Council presented by Harry Smith. 'iiew-Q Darlene Taylor accepts the TALISMAN key from Harry Smith, as a token of the responsi- bility of the yearbook of l958. 68 Linda Critz Coffey gives the key to the UNIVERSITY LIFE olice to jonnie june Barton, future LIFE editor. W-Lf. - --M- -our ,-:-- ' 4 W Fzrft Row Left to Rzght: Maurice Roberts, Marshall Stanton, Bob Kinloch, Quay Cox, Duane Dunn, Jim Stoneberger, Kenneth Kellum Second Row: Bill Rogers, Art Hotchkiss, Jerry Farney, Jim Redick, Daryl Pitts, Bill Simmons, john Rogers, Bill Hamilton Thzrd Row: jerry May, Richard Montgomery, jack Tipton, Virgil Puetz, Dennis Hodges, Keith Kaufman, Frank Dorsey Fourth Row Valy Lamy, Buddy Brixey, Ronnie Muth, Marvin Zogleman, jerry Herhbree. The Friends University Quakers, under the coaching of Ray Morrison and Darrell Hill, started the season off in front of a capacity crowd at Hoyt Field by tying Southwestern 19-19. The following week at Em. poria, Friends lost a thriller to C. of E, 27-19. With Friends coming home again for the third game of the season against Ottawa, they won their first conference game since re-joining the conference by a score of 14-13. After this game there followed four more losses to Kansas Wesleyan 63-6g Baker 25-75 Bethel 12-63 and McPherson 39-0. On November 2, Friends went to Bethany to down them 26-19. This let Friends finish sixth in the conference standings. The last game of the season, Friends was beaten by Sterling 47-7. Photo by Art-Craft Studio 69 Friends University's basketball team, with four returning starters from the team last year, won 4 conference games. wwmtwvugmwmmww , V s w 1 . , ., M MF 'J,., . Photos by Art-Craft Studio E i A TRACK . .,r,,f 1,,., I I aa W -tn. ' ,1. . k'?. - fl! The track team, under the direction of Don Moreland, Y 1 5' f- ., 2. 5 fi,,i'.:K,Q fs, j ' , Q.. fs " completed a bad season as far as the weather was con- ' cerned. The track team had fiye meets cancelled out of ten scheduled, because of bad weather. The prospect for ff- next year's team is great because there was only one sen- .. 1 .WWW ggi?-"e+,,ykaiy,.j,fg'1 . Wm y' iran: -,jr Kew' .Sf ,7 s W YM , + 'ffl egg 4 ' , 23.1 ' 351 . ,g ,,-,iii R.,3?,,bjl!.m, y Q .. .. KW. V ,lll 1 i3l5f5fff. 1 . Q ts 1 M fig.. W . ,..:Ef5f:,. N- K A A fzwjgf x LJ fe 5 1 Y v5me32f ' A A I K 1' 9. fall .r ,Wi . wkyyh, i ,ik .. ,y LT: . b lj,-. ,.i J3 IQ., ,f V . Ee,,'g5,,K,5.ix Wagga, 4 f ,sf . . , . , I r -. ' " 1. ,f ,a 'Q ,P-' ' H., .KJ Y I . R' I gl 1 f, .A . . A -fs lm. 1 -s '-'G' . . My. . . L M 'X - , - ., I 2 - .. nf' . ' Mel' 'sg ' r e . . V ,T . -H f -1'-V ji, '-,Sk-.sag-V.. JL -dv X f My f" ig - 4 M., . 'bglfiz ' , V, ag" ' k..,lf'rf,g, saga Q, ...f,J.Mm 1 t .t ., 1 aff'-s+' fm? wA,T,7 A-fx, V Q. L , f agvfg ,' . L . 3 K' -. s sly, .. 5.4. f3'f,QqJ.. :gin ' .4 . I. 24.235, , W.-5 w A Za. f. M . ,K is.-wx M,-1.3, . ' Nl?'ia.57tl'2cs ' A B A g t,--,. g ..-1' www a .- r- . 6 ' X4 A V ' Q' fr' .. . . 5,9 iq, .f . ,. N- N. A ww rl, E I l ,gf .5-i' srfn-mm ,Q ,,,,.. . f 1 BASEBALL Friends University baseball team, under the direction of Darrell Hill, had a good season. Twelve boys reported for training, They played twenty games, winning I2 and losing 8. Baseball squad, Left to right, First Row: Keith Kaufman, Bob Kinlock, Bryant Hardce, Bill Klopp, C. C. WViIey, Quay Cox, Virgil Puetz. Second Row: Larry Peckham, Max Fields, XValter Bemis, ,lack Steele, Bill Yandell, and Coach Darrell Hill. 71 "' ' 1, .. 214' w fl f 1-f -4, . bf ' . ,, lor out of the squad of 12. 'sw' f to are cl ,gy INTRAMURAL SPORTS Don l.aswell's team won the flag football championship for the second straight year. Virgil Puetz's team won the basketball crown. As a whole there was a fine turnout for the two sports, and next year we are hoping for an even better season. , X XA -1' at-fy. , Seniors Freshmen Sophomores Iuniors 5, ,, V -wmv , w3.Mf -w ----f-E-V51 ,, ,. .----- ,--3-.77 --ww-vv --.1-v 1+-.-71,-wg,-gg-,,,...,R5wmv.w-Q: 'M 'X 0 73 ,,,Q,,..,,,.1'- -. . ik fi' 'NM 'WC' IBN w.,,,.., KM 3 O , 6 W W iL1Q'1-f!-M, we 1 ang an sgwz ' ff , , ww., V , ' ,, 3 ' qyg,,,,,,,, Ag gaw- f Vj3,5,55VkL4fyg,-fi'-qyiagfig? 3-5,-SM . vw, Xl,I.EN, OSCAR ANDERSON. HAI. XNDERSON, PX1 RICIX .XRNISTRONCL 'IEYVFI X l'CHI.lEY. XYAYNIC l4.XCHl'R.X, RIANCHIC B.XI.ES, BRIKIF ISICSSLER. EVA BIQSSLER, MILES ISIIQRXIAN. .XRLFNIQ 19" -e"""" 'K - Q4 fm ff, ,fy .4- BINFORD, PAl'l.INF BRIXFY, CLA RENCF BRIXEY, DOROTHY BROXYN. CONNIF CIALYliR'I4, JOY C.-XMPBFIL. IDRUCII .IA CHENEY, XVILNIA CLOCATON. JAMES COYK ENDAI1., YVAYNE DANFORD, NIARY 'US Nd '93 f"5n -dui 'ww-rr Hs ,fu mg? SHE '16-Y -.gulf 'dui -...M N..,,. Q 'iv 'waxy 'il 'uv--""' fn..-f "-A-+-an-ada ,,. wk- 3 ew 'BL x w""""'-gum., .. W ,,, M . M. 47 ylyy fig wifi W , Q1 21, A W ig W 3 , g Q fi-V 1 L? , W2 1 A .". Q A, ' DENTON, MARY -LXNF DOANNIZ. ENINIX JEAN DODDS, DAVID DVNN. IHIXNF DUNN, NI.-XR'I'HA FLRINKQ VON. XYII,LI.XNI EIN, ROBERT FRIIQDFRICK, SISVER NI. XLOYSIX GISH, FSTELLF GR II"IfI'l'lI, Ql 'IDA HENIPIIIII. BARBARA HOGAN. TONINIIF HAR I H. NIARY SKF HARRIS, KAROLENA IEFFERS, m'R'rL15 uiNRwmN, Gmnmi JOHNS. BVIXDY A. IOHNSON, YFIYA KASIIZ. RICIIARD KRRLFY, DOROTI-IEA Wh fb' M 'ww 4? .Hy 4:31 1 KRI.Ll'NI. DAXYID RERSTINC. IHFRTOX KINSER, HAROLD KINSFR, MARY .-XXX KOEHX, DON.-XI.D I..-XMB, ROBERT LAMP, RONALD IANDIS. JANET l,.-XFLIN. ,IXNIES I..-XTTIN, IONE LEXVIS, MAXINE I,l'CE. NI.-XRY LYNCH. NIARSHALI NI.-X'I'I,OCK. NIN.-X NICCLURE. NIA-XRLENE NI.-XYHEXY. BERTH A NIII.I.ER, MILLER, NIILLER. XIOORE. DICK ERNEST P.Xl'I.IXE DOROTHY -pun-Ili" 1 az 3 5 5 H I M22 :Sf c K gk, 2. . I 1 ' W i Q2 , K . n. . f'?iE?S ' NIORIZIAND, DONALD NIOYFR, M.XRlil,I,EN NIl'FI.I.ER, CHRI' NEXYLIN, VIRGINIA OLIVER. VICTOR I'HII,I,IPS. HY XCINTH PIPKIN. CARI. Pl I"I'S, DAXRYI, I'RIl.I,lMAN. CLlTR.'XI,IJ R,XIXliS, ROIEITRT ,v REEVES, DAVID RHODES, DAVID RICK,-X RD, IVA RUSH, EDXVARD SAUNDI-IRS, NIADDONA SCHBIIDI. HAROLD SEELY, GENE SMITH, XX'ANE'I"I'A HI ANDS, EIICQENE SIANION, NIARSH,-XI.L STEELE, JACK THONIAS, ROSS 'l'l-IONIAS, VFLVA VAN XYIXKLE. GLORIA VERBAIU FAITH XY.-XECLICXIZR, RFXNli'l'H WARNICR, I'.XTRICl.X XXIXRXIQR, XYAXYNI-1 XK'.XI.K1iNIlCYER. C.liNIf. XV.'XL'l'IiR9. I.Il.I,Ili XVEBB, ROBERT XVEIXIGER, l,OIS XVILLIAMSON. FERRII. XVISE,CLARX' ' WVRST, IfI,ORENCIi WOLFE, NOBLE XIXNDFLI.. XYIl.I.I,-XXI wxxEL,jmck qi Q A 63' h 'Q' 'Yun-all A 14- g B 1 vf,.F",, Q W R Betty Agee Carlton Allen Iunior Freshman PHL awp, ,wx 4 M- onnie Iune Barton XValter Bemnis Sojnlmmorrf Alzmior Bruce Blake Soplzomnrw ef 5 B 2 s 'M' 1 v i, gig wii , z 's William Alley F resh man f 'll-. 5, f fm .. f' ? ' 1 Donnie Bell Sophomore LeRoy Boerger Frm 11 rn an I lg, WN-w Eu' Rx V. 1,4 1 -P' :file . R Q ,,J'1.TQL'w x' 5 5 Keith Armstrong Freshman l l n . E my U ff mf? ' V' 3 L x Edward Bellinghausen Frmli m 1171 Eva Marie Brightup llnrlnssificrl M may ii eww 11? mfg 1 "ily, slr, 'E john Atherton junior 1 .2 fl xk. , are 1 Q ' Q- A . 'M t ' ,4 .. ,, LLL .. , L sf. 1. B H W 1 1- , , 5 V Ne by Lirif ' x4l?5'l2iN x . - ,f. , :Q In ' '53 'Fry 'il ,Ii A W .,,..a N' K A, Q. V '1,'1 "-LW' W, "' ',Q A. Q1 4-fw'5"ff3"Q'?s :Q 'Mr I ,, ' 1 Q 2 Q age, F 1 h' W Q 'la 5 2 SL , a 'QQIQ . 4 I' ' 1 v an v X' I 0. . in ' fi' r ff Pi .Q . W ,NZM , N R 1.'g . V f ?,'qf3vJ,:2s4'x,,4f,kk 5 h I 'iv .3 V929 -4:3 qi if ' ll SB ,Q , . - ., 1 .9 U0 if-' - '7gf',-4 .' :'...a" K l9'i'!'e-Qfq f,fig'A Robert Bender Freshman . - ,. -- . . . 1 L- 2 W .1 A 5 K ' ,J 2 , , , M ' 5 wr? 'flffi"b Wnwf Robert Baird SUf7lY0!710Tll 4-ww' fwfylkff Wwmm-if 1, X f . g V 1. I . 1 3. -,Q I A .lx 1 1, f t A , ' 1 5 , 1 .. . - 2 . XJ: . ' f ik f , 2 5, . .v g , Ulauneta Berkgren lunior Leroy Briglltup !'nrIf1ssif?ed e 1 agar' 'fin-'til' ,rdfr Ramona Baker Snfvlmmorf' 'Tek -u1gM 'ix BR E Eugene Bestgen FP'!'SI777IIl7l Clarence Brixey Senior 1 I M M , Q Viv fi Q5 ,X A M ., .ay -W . , Lf Af QQ mf , 'mme 'AA if, 5 Larry Barrett SOITIIUIVIUVI' eh" H J' - za l . 'BS St. 'Qt W-A h ff' Q. - X at ,M 'Fit ' ,1?Sif:f' tx . 5?-iff H-., I 1 K Beverly Bishop q0f71IOV7707'F Florence Brock Frfslmmn ,6f?lf?3J' , ay Q E xl . f 1- 'H-...V 5 B : Charles Brown Sophomore fer l Curtis Buckles Sophomore Larry Carter Sophomore 1 Gary Brown Sophomore 5 2-au my is B M L 9 K Q O ,W 4 0 Orville Brown Marjorie Brown Freshman Freshman wma. l-rcshman class ofhtcxs include seated X1CLPI'CS1llCllK Xllcn mdan Ireasurel Cuolme Nlilbcigcx Pltsidcnt Lloyd Robinson and Sccxctux Sands en ins and stuulmg Rnpoxtex Dianna Iockhart Chapel Rcpicscmitixe Peggy Doiicll and Rcportu Mignon Huff JP" f-,r "UQ Cllss aduser is C lllllfl ' 3.440-S-"M Carolyn Butts .q0f7II07770Tf' Joyce Cartwright Sophomore 'i 'wa si. . Bare-M i Q' J , Doris Childs Freshman In .QQ U2 Ak 41 im, ,, Wada ,pw 'KY' flag Fm- ' Ronald Brown Sherrie Brown Shirley Brown Freshman Sophomore Sophomore .-l Don Byrd Freshman Susie Chung Barbara Clark !Ill7'Zi07' junior Darrell Bruner S0f7h0m ui L Slall Sa , is I Doyle Carroll Iunior joan Clark jzmim' 4"Zi3B, 'qxmw xii-if -er"-'srl Karen Clark Freshman z S fe if Q' ' ff' -X. , ' M , 531 - 1- Q ' gg ggi f 1 if ' F 'ffiilf .if , 'ilu 1, -7 ,fn vi isis C , ' 3, " """'i""""'-'W i' A fi ' M. W. Copenhaver Freshman David Dalke Sophomore 3 H 1 X Nqr' X David Cloud junior Wayne Corzatt Sophomore Marnie Davidson junior Mk ' n f an A a G 5 w 'X E V if Y fu wa Linda Coffey Iunim' . eff' I Wa J .. . ,X . "5 f 495 ,2 'W "" i ii if 4 D' f 1 'nl , V ky, 13 I 5, - 1 N ' A A wf f SF fi ij? 5 ' Q 2 A 2 I e X g K ,f , 8 , Q nv. 5 I ,- M-,Q -V A , . K . ., , . 2 K,-11 K 5 3 x af 1 Q. 5 05 b f L K X l 'Z 1 1:22-U "1 Xa 4 X f e fu X, V. F. vga fa 'X J -.4 Ernie Coleman Sophomore . 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I05 West Douglas Wichita, Kansas Congratulalion to the Class of l958 Books - Gifts - Office Supplies Office Furniture - Sporting Goods Air-Conditioned 0 1 ll6 South Topeka You shop assurecl When you shop at I - S EPSI srsr. vu 'Q Downtown Suburban Pleaser, ll E X Broadway af William Douglas at Oliver UUIAN JOHNSTON 81 PRIEST II I TA W Open daily 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Thursday 9:30 A.M. to 8:45 P.M. Enioy Iiuncheon or dinner in our famous Tea Room H .ob Vg Fefe-1? O A r ',, , YE Congratulations, Graduates MARTIN K. EBY CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. 610 North Main Phone AM 7-1371 General Contractors Good light helps you see e ier with less fatigue. This means easier studying ....... better grades. He sure you have a good study lamp. KANSAS EIS ELECTRIC CUMPANY Always A Campus Favor'te... ll its 04 ' ICE X M' "u ' wt -f 1 CREAM :V . , C, f P ' Kansas Show Place Of Quality Dairy Foods The Dairy lndustry Since 1882 SAFE DAIRY FOODS "IlIl- MAN-III!" I , n ll , Ilrink Ile IIoursey's Milk Hearfiest Congratulations to the Class of I958 GAS SERVICE CO. Nafural Gas for Home and Industry SEE Weaver Music FOR Pianos Band Instruments Aeeordians Appliances - Television Easy Terms Open 9 to 9 WEAVER MUSIC COMPANY 454 N. Market AM 7 " 4123 Wichita, Kansas ROSS WILLIAM THOMAS Sq 14,8 QQ 04,7 M R fy fy Q 4a wma' K avl Q 5 ISE I 2 ce Za :mae E A l 2 64 at ide 2 2 Owl femme 2 IJ 3 n 4 QI' 44'u no 1608 FAIRVIEW ivy , .4 .xx 1 C i f . F , f I 1 L - Y ' A . Z W 1 ,4fzm4Zzaa9'4 We 0mm 64' Qaaea new sw fine portrait and Commercial photography m0 C Pnl QP holroi POF K1 1904 Wfcst Douglas Phone ANI2-4204 Your Official TALISMAN Photographer for 1957 ,, ,J MEMORIES FOR SALE! Lei us lwelp you caplure scliool memories in piclures willw an inexpensive ilaslw camera. 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