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'ivif'-,Q M., '-iw! , if f , ' 3" , 21 M - .fi A ' 1fgfff5 1 , NE f figs 5, , 'i f f' , i ii aw gf-. .'fnJS:gQxgqg 5 ,75-F iii A ,mfr 7., - wa xkg.--fx, M 1 V,-15? L. 'Q 7 ,. 1 naqw- AM, X 0 A , , . . , ' wx .1 ff . MZ J 'i ini' WU' ui? 5 iam' im H lla 'Him I ' Hill! I ' Hi L 6 M547 Zff ' A N4 E 2 4 'M X ffl u I' Illll' g If f , ,- . lj! V 3"1n , ' I I :us GffW..?W " - ! fi 5' Q , -V K - f ,e M I Q W r nv K A f y I I' I ' ull! 'I ' ' mml' . yy! 'N r YW' X 'W' VW' - IBRI s.,f':'a.1" -Vw 1-. v V . .wtf XXIZ., . ' Vl.,w5ff".'l,,.I'S- 1 ,Q " 3512.92 wffgx V,Vg4ebgAV,3 sh Q., 5 5 .A 9, V? -xv., 9 ,. z y,,:5,,S1' Q.. :Vw .V me V Q :saw A V - W 'Y ,. '36 V " KA Editor, Wesley Lauterbach Associate Editor, Joyce Powers Business Manager, Preston Gleason Published by the Junior Class if QM- V V- wwa,,e it : -Q, -,Q tix-S li : 2S - i - ' . h -3' 9s , ,,, X' 'SG V ,Mic 4 . N x-Q , i lr 'ffl - Jn ,M ir ,hx f 4 ' 2 , 1 J X! w tr f ' FN ff? H ' -?- A ,,3, Q X' ""HM Q Fx I n nu fx ' 'I Ill' Minn 1 ' f f X, , of f ff . W! f 14 ?07y:"1?fi q i "ff XX i. MU 7 X , 'l R W ' ,ff N I, nm ?-7: Y- I ,IPIIIIII mu' f 0 K Fi - F5176 X' 'xii I 'Z Y ' Ri ff , if LL ' 1- l 4 ' 1 1 Q I 24,6 .4 h 5 +A 2 Z Q In P 333 Ei M Q X ix 1 X , , x fu I I r 5 u , , i Y X lllis man WSU T :"- J. Y. - -.- ,- g i ,, - -f fx gigcwl QSBKYQYY - -.-' 5 ,Pc - .' L ,-' g if f T-' ?'. - -"" Y VW fwfr WU E y" F A, +A 'xi SP' i -,V' L - ' , i - I - . - t ? " is .3 I ' ',. L i '.-' XM FRIENDS UNIVERSITY is venerable in tradition . . . yet youthful in spirit . . .-it is proud of those who have left its halls and who have contributed their talents toward making a better world . . . it is deeply conscious of its continuing responsibility to instill even higher ideals in its present and future students so that they may carry on the fine traditions of the past. EVENZ75 't -it , ta at L Friends University has always been known as the Hfriendly schoolf, The over-all friendliness so common on our campus is not common to all schoolsg neither does it arise spontaneously. The absence of cultural, racial, and class barriers at Friends has resulted in the creation of this com- mendable atmosphere. Education found in such an environment will of necessity be supplemented by a rich social program. ,lust so, the friendship of our college is expressed in the many social, reli- gious, and departmental organizations. Sometimes rivalries arise between these groups, yet generally speaking the friendly spirit prevails. XT Nl VERSITY - if One could hardly speak of this friendly atmosphere without at the same time mentioning its effect upon the entire college life. School unity is achieved mainly through this medium. The reactivated sports program, the democratic student government, the many all- school functions, together aid in the creation of our university unity. Only a few years ago, the question, '4Why isn't there a school spirit at Friends?" was commonly heard. Today, however, we can see the beginning of a strong, active school spirit based upon cooperation and friendship, which we believe will grow with the years. i 'l '2lff'2,Lwl,,, FRIENDS UNIVERSITY HYMN Upon a sunny Kansas plain, our college towers rise high, Her massive walls, her lofty heights stand etched against the sky, The morning sun iirst gilds her spire to call to labor on, Wlhile midst a gorgeous West she spreads her ev'ning benison. Vllithin her storied walls, there clings the mem'ry of those hours, When dreams were dreamed and visions seen, high pointing like her towers. And ever t,wards eternal truth her fost'ring spirit leads To honors high or humble toil of lives of honest deeds. Her sons and daughters proud are we, and from the world's far ends, We'l1 sing her praise with hearts that thrill to hear the name of Friends, Oh, Father hear her children pray that they may all hold true, And that their lives full nobly may bring honor to F. U. PAGE 9 PAGE 'IO "Upon a sunny Kansas plain, our college towers rise high, Her massive walls, her lofty heights stand etched against the skyf' LETQS BE FRIENDS PAGE I2 Enter to learng Leave to serve. DEDIC T10 . . . ive. the class of 1951. dedicate this book to President S. A. Yvatson. whose cbaravter and personality have been an inspiration to us: whose quiet manner. timely humor, and deep wisdom have made him admired and respected by allg Whose entire program has been one of advancement for Friends Unixersity. PAGE I3 PAGE I4 0 R FACULTY The Faculty of Friends University is unique. No larger school could boast a teaching stall equal to ours in respect to student interest and understanding. Most fac- ulty members at Friends seem to he interested in each student, and what is more, in each studenl's particular problem. Every all-school activity is attended by at least a few teachersg usually by a great many. The student body appreciates these things, and wishes to say to each faculty and staff member, Wfhanks, for everything youive donef, WEYDIQLL H. ll.-XIYDLKY Dean of the llnllvgv "Wim !'UII1lH't'llPIIlIS lzix trust, nnrl In the' SIIIIII' l.'f'1'ps fuillzful with Il xirzglwzess uf IIIIHI... I5-XBKI. CRABB Dil'c'm'lu1' nf l,t'I'sHIHlPI "91rnng if: lrill. rirlz III ll'I'.YdllfI1. '1 .-Xl.IJ Il. Hu WOOD nag-' CLR Business ll ' ' H1711 111 me NLVIIIII' III hare' .wnzv fun. See' II IIIISZVHUSS mlm ffvls things U zvfz , dUIlt'.-Q Y. l'IlIKI'fRlNtl IVA Registrar H1111 allmys SUVIIIS In by lzrzppj' ul' Ilzw time. " ll1It'!U'S IIISV.-. She' 1.x 1914 TIIIIANIIIKIII. PAGE 15 ELAINE ANDREW Assistant to Business Managei BESSIE R. BAILEY Professor of Art CHARLES S. BALL Assistant Professor of Bible College Pastor MAXIN E BALL Secretary to Personnel Director REGINA BARRINCTON Associate Librarian D. W. BINFORD Financial Agent and Alumni Secretary LLOYD H. BRADSHAW Professor of Industrial Arts MARGARET BURCH Director of Cafeteria EVELYN CLARK Assistant to Registrar JAMES S. COLAW Financial Agent JAMES E. COLLIE, SR. Head of Physical Education Department IVA MAE COOKREAU Secretary to President PAGE 16 FACULTY ROBERT D. COWAN Professor of Physics DOROTHY CRAVEN Head of Department of English EARL L. CRAVEN Assistant in Physical Education LLOYD S. CRESSMAN Assistant Professor of Bible ERNEST CROW Head of Biology Department ASA DILLON Custodian-Engineer Emeritus MARY RICE GREENFIELD Assistant Professor of English BETTY HANIOTIS Assistant Professor of English M. JOSEPHINE HARDY Assistant Professor of Modern Languages GERHARD F. HARMS Professor of Economics and Business Administration WILLIS II. I-IARNER Professor of Social Studies HOWARD HARRIS Assistant Professor of Biology FACULTY PAGE 'I7 ELSA MAUD HAURY Professor of Voice GERTRUDE S. HOWARD Head of Department of Speech and Dramatic Art FRED HOYT Curator of Fellow-Reeve Museum MARGARET JOY Professor of Music Education and Piano BENNY KEMP Professor of Music Head of Piano Department CHRISTINE KIESEL Assistant Professor of Home Economics HAROLD KOLLING Head of Department of History CHRISTINA LANDIS College Nurse FRED C. MAYER Head of Music Department JOHN D. MILLS Professor of Philosophy and Education Director of Summer School PHILIP NACLEY Assistant Professor of History W. KEITH PARKER Director of Work Placement and Student Promotion PAGE I8 FACULTY ANILALRA PECK Professor of Business Education CAROLYN BARNETT PERRY Secretary to Director of Wtmrk Placement ESSIE V. PLATT lnstructor in Secretarial Trainin Assistant in Personnel llotlsemotller in East llall E. LEE RAINES Professor of Agriculture and Farm Management MARGARET BAIR RAINES llead of Home Economies Department CHARLES A. REACAN llead of Matliematics Department GRACE REED Assistant Professor of English JULIET REEVE Assistant Professor of English CASSIDY L. RIGCS Assistant Professor of Sociology LOWELL E. ROBERTS Head of Bible Department LLOYD E. ROTH Professor of Psyrlrology and Elementary Education P. DANIEL SCHULTZ llead of Chemistry Department FACULTY PAGE 19 ALFRED P. SMITH Field Secretary KJ ERSTI SWANSON Instructor in Mathematics and Physics THRESA TRIMMEL Head Librarian EDRA WEATHERS Psychometrist and Lecturer PAULINE ZISSEL WINE Physical Education Director for Women Other faculty and staff members not pictured: DOROTHY ADDY-Instructor of Organ MINAS CHRISTIAN-Instructor of Violin ERNEST W. CROW, M.D.-College Physician GRETCHEN DALLEYiInstructor of Cello and String Bass PAGE 20 FACULTY ORLANDO HARMS-Instructor of ,lournalisin EMI-IRY HUNT-Custodian-Engineer CATHERINE L0MBAR4Professor of Music MARCELLA REEVE-Library Assistant ALMA NOLAN SAPP-Instructor of Voice E. R. STEGfInstructor of Wind Instruments X343 .4 Si? 855:34 m ..f: E I ' PAGE 21 SENIOR CLASS The 'gliull Dogsw have a had, deep bark, The 4'Tigers,' all eau growl, The "Black Cats" serateh, But there is no match For the wise old hunting "OWL" PAGE 22 'L in N g 1, 'K 'C,g.,'7, K :l ll S 171 K Wim I ' lu In ml ll: Ill OFFICERS Presidenl . . . Ellen Clark Harper Vice Presizlent .... Wralter Crist Secretary ...... Muriel Binforfl Treaszzrer . .... Emery Hunt Chapel- , Sljeame Haines eplesenmizzfes Zwfaym, Newlin Counselor ...... Fred C. Mayer W I I 1I,lAfXI .I USEIJI I A .-IRON I'.I!QlIlxII "Tn 11ppr1'1'1'11lff 111111 nm' 1111151 wullv lilllllli l11111.M .I MK IIIQXN IXIDANIS Ifn'411wii1i1'r ami IIIISITIFQN .Mlniini-Iraitiun '74 I111.si111'ss 1111111 117111 gals lll1'l1gS 110111-. ' IDIS 'XIAIIIIC AIAIINIAN Iiflmv I51-muiixiirw " -I 111v1'1jv lIl'llI'f nzukrfllz I1 1-l1f'e'rj11l f'n1111IP11r111r'1'." :XI.BIfR'I' A. ,'XN'I'0NOW'SKY Ifvcmuxiiiv- and Businefs AIIIIIIIII-Il'iiIIOIl I rvrzflv um." IZERNAHIJ .-XTIIFHTON Iliwinistry "lim111 XVIISQ' and gnml n11I11r1' ure' l16'l't'l' .Yl'f7IIf!Ifl'd.,y MARY CATHERINE BAIRIJ Ifiliicatimi and I'sy1'l10Iogy NS1l'l'f'1lIt'.V.S is the' 1'r011'11i11 grave' nf ll4077H7IIh00fI.,I .IUXCINA DAY BAKER English "Thaw fha! p11,1'1zl hw' lruesl praise hwr bvstf' ELEANOR VAN CIESON BELL Home Fcunnmivs "A zromrm fn Ihr' lfitchvn is worth 111-n in ilu' parlorfi IXIERLE IJLROY BENDER Bible L24 IIIUTIFIIIILII that 11z'c'r1c'!I1 not In be asf111n1f'd." MITRIEI, BINFORU Home Fcoiioniics "Her lmir is not more szznny' than hvr heart." CARL BUSIIIIIIT Biology "rf lfinrlly 1111111 111111 lI1t'fl'j'.u RICHARD BREWER Chemistry "Hulk thy toil o'vr books mn SIIJTIVII Illf' Vlllillllliflhf oil?" ".'If!NI1'.YII' is my only 1'1'rl111'. I 1111111 IIIIHA' lim 11x f1l1111l.w1111' fl.: ROBERT CALX IN BROWN lleallll and l'Ilysi1'aI Ifflumfulifm 641,711 not IIS l111sl1f11l 115 l look." LICON BROWN Economics and Busine-ss Aclministrul ion I'.Yl1flf7lt'0I1 INIS also .Wllllllfh 'I'llUNIpXS X ICRYON CANll'BELI Psyvliology 'SDol1'l let !f'111'l11'r'x llll0l4fl'l't' lriili vour e1l1u'n11'0n.,, fflff.lI. l.0WlCl.l. IlAR'I'l'IR Ifconomics unrl Business Administration "fm I1 zfomrzn hflier, but tlze' Rflflc SIIFYX lon' your 1'r1e'1ni6s. DENVER VINICICNT CHILDS Pulilir' Scliool 'Nlusic HTI11' lnngzzagff of melody luflongs to rzll lII1IIIA'l71Il.N NIINAS CIlRlSTIAN Xppliorl jxlllill' 5.4 fllll' IYIII lonrli llw mrzgir stringf' DAYTON CLINIC Politivell Scienrv- and History "'1 pl1'11.911l1! 1'o11l1lf'l11l711'1' is no slight !lf1Z7l1IlIflQl',,. ROSCOF FRANCIS cons Snriology UFM1' Ihilzgs nn' 1'1npo.wxil1l1' to lllillgPf1CP rlrzfl skill." FRANCIS .IUIIN CQOMBICRIATI Biology 'III is goml to lin' 11n1l ll'lII'lI.,i GLEN CONRAD Ifvonnmics unml BLISIIIRSQ A ilminist mt ion K0 full of !'fIl'l'fIll l111sir1P.s.9.', .IOIIN A. CROY Engzlisli Ncllllllrl' zzzolrlf' lm lerne. nml glmlly f1'1'lI1f." IICY LAVRA DICK lfrluvation zinrl Psychology c'Sl11' l11ztl1 II lI4'fll'l 11s 30117101 IIS II l1e'l". nnrl lzer tongue is ilu' f'lflf?.IJt'l'.u PAGE 24 5 Iggy Nw K?5 llNl0llS WILL C. DYCK German "Ready, zvillirzg. anrl able." FORREST I,. FARLEY Bible MA guofl man llzvrc' was nf religion." BRADLEY FISHER Bible "Far lie I'6'!N'lI!'1l aflvr lfrmu '." Crlgv arzrl gran' Millar." ROBERT l7l.ENllNC Appliml Nlusim' "From lilllf' sparks may lI.'lI'."f a miglily flamrf' JOHN FLEXIIYC Riology igWlIJDlt'l1 are' Ilia rliscase of manlcind- l'm 1'arr'1'nated.,' MARY YIYIAY FLENIINIZ Alusici Tln-wry iiWl101'v Ilwrf' is musif' Ilwrf' is lifrzu NHLO ERNEST FOSTER. JR. Bible g'Life is rval. lifv is 6'!Zl'I10Sf.N CLTFEORD C. FREY. JR. Ecouonlirs zmcl Business Avlminislrulimi MHP fan rln III7 Harms., GARLAND EUSSELI. Education and Psychology "Learning n111A'n's a gaarl man lmftvrf' JANEYA K ATI I LEEN CRIST Pulvliv Scluml Music' "For zzflzwi slip sings. flu' angvls Slap In lisfwlf' YYALTER ROBERT CRIST Bible alle p1'w1r'l1r's 1l't'll Irlm lifes zcvllf' l.Ol'lS TRYINC HT TTOY lmlustrial Arts 'Tliefui' say lw was a serious rlillrlf' E IORS PAGE 25 P ARLENE DEANE IIAINES English 'fShe has II 1l'UIIIfll1..S Illillll ond one of hor own loaf' I-'LORENE .IEANE IIAINES English 'gWhvn you soo hor you lilfo he-r. and urlzvn you lfuozu hor you like hcl' bvttvrfl ELLEN CLARK IIARPER Home Economics '14 munfs greutvsr fortune is his zcifef' NIAXINE HARRIS Home Economics 4'E1'er zcizlz u zfinning s1111'le.', ROSEMARY HARRIS Home Economics "Her learning wus by experienre and lJ00h'S.,, IIENRY HARVEY Speech and Drainativ Art 'il nm not in Ihe ranlfs of ronzmon mon " YELKIA HASTON Education and Psyc-hology "Life's zz jest unil ull things show ilg I thought so onvo. but now I hnou' iff, CLIFFORD IIIIFFMAN Economics and Business Administration '14 laugh is usorlh zz thousnml groom." CLINTON IIIINIBOLT Bible "To teufh mon hon' In live." EBIERY HINT Bible 'iHere we hun' II humly mun swift to act, keen to plan. ' I-IOLSEY JOHNSON Economics and Ilusinr-ss Administration "1 llefliere in Iuh'i11g life' t'1lSj'.v GERALD IOLLEY Health and Physical Education "A smile for e1'e'1'vom'. u frozcn for no one " AGE 26 R ROBERT l,Ol IS JOLLEY Cliemislry 'The wisest IIIIIH is hv 11:h11 Joes 7I0f fIlI1f'wV he is so 111 all." CLARA NELLE KELLEY Secretarial Training GA f111'1f with gl111I111'ss 111r11rsp1'11111l.' Soft SIIITIGS, bv hlllllllll A'Iv71fI7'l1'SS Y br1'1l." ELLA KLASSEN Bible 6001111 Ihtlllgllfs 11111 hw' best frie111Is." JAMES KVNCE English 624.1 upright as 11111 f'l'fIlIf.,, ELWOOD LANDIS English "Slow 111111 s11'1z11'y 11'i11s 1h1' 111116. HOWARD LOVDENBACK Pulmlimr S1-lwul Music HA rising star in llll' II1IlSiClll 111or11l." JVNE LAl SCHLTN English 'QY1111 11111 111111111f11C111r1' I1l11111Is. 11111 r1'11 hair 00111115 lII1fIIl'f11fj'.,, Rl'Tll LYDA Education and Psychology HS11 11r1'1'ise and so lI'I'U1.,, MARY lNl1'Cl'RRY Home Econmnics 'Pl fr11'111fly hmrf 11'ifh 11111111 fI'I'6I1lIS.7l PHYI,l,lS MCCINTRE ECllll'21ll0I1 and Psyc-llulogy dflvll shv 1z'111's 1.71 11110 IIIOTIZTYIZE., ROBERT NIARDOCK Biulngy "SHN Il'IIft'l'S 11111 lIf'1'fI.u l'Al7l, MARTTNSON Philusupliy and Bible "f11l.'1f.s nf 1111 ISIDIIIIS. r1'111Iy 1'11t 1111117 1Iry.', "What ufhvrs 1'1m 110 ill fl 117111111 1 E IORS PAGE 27 JAMES Nl. NIETCALF English "A mighty man who has no vanning sin Amidst so many viriues wrowrlcd in." NADA JUNE NEWLIN Bible 'SShz' uicrlrx well with ar'quair1tanrf'f' WAYNE E. NEWLIN Billie "An hanvst man's thc' noblest work of Cad." CLEO NORRIS Public School Music "His music hath many charms." GABRIEL ONl KAOGL' Cllomislry 'gWhaf wind halh blown, him hither?" PATTY LOU PARKS Sociology "I fl0IL.I helicvv in Ielting school work intvrfvrrf with Uutsida' ar- tiiiitiesf' JAMES ROBERT PHILBRICK Political Science and History "He is almost as sfudious as hi' looks." RALPH S. PHILLIPS Industrial Arts MI am surf' that rare' is an l'I1,t'lIU' Io lijcf. ' DORIS Pllll.P Biology NA figllfl' of rrulh. of faith, af loyrlilvfi MERCEDES PICKERINC Appliml Music' "Sho tahelh most delight in m Il Qin" El,Sl E LAVVRENCE POPE Bilnle 'LSo gl'1lf'iUIIS :fax IIUI' tar! ami te'11dz'rnr'ss.,' NAOINE RABERDINC Sflliiiliflgy S24 iariri' fair." PAGE 28 E IORS WAl.I,Af1If REID ROBINSON Bible 'IH1' 11'110 1111111 071111111071 5111111 l'l'll1I its fl'lLY1I'I1.u PAII, I.. SEYFFER Bililr 4'Hi.s years ynung. 11111 his 1'.x'111'ri1'nCe 11111.' RICHARD SIIACKLETT. JR. iIisl111'y H111 11110 10 st1111,v. 11111 these gir1s 11111' so i11f1'1'1'.vti11g." FINIERSON J. SMITH Iiiulngy HT111' Smith. II mighty 1111111 is 1111. NDRYAI. DIVINE SMITII English UI Ilt"l't'I' 110re I0 111' IIS funny 11s I 11n1', HOLLIS D. FTABLER Drawing and Painting '61-lis hand paints pi11111r1'.s 0111 111111-115 f1zn11111 !1t'S!'l'1176'.., JOHN IV. FTRVTIIERS IXIHIIIPIIIZIIICS M11 ix 11111 often 111111 11:11 mv1'1 3111-11 pc'11p11' U71 011r ll'l1j'.u .IDIIN WILl.IfX'XI TROI T. .IR I':l'l1f10ll1IC9 and Business Amlministratinn MA iight he111'1 1111115 1Ul1gl'Xl.u NORMA BOYD WAMSI EY lgnglisli iiA11111iti0n has 110 l'PSf.u ROBERT IV. TIICKER Piiysivs 'ITI11' s1-i1'11tist snr i11 his 511111- Z11111. his 1'01111l1'1111111'1' f111'1'1111'1'11 11,1111 rare." Z.-XY IORAIYII IYEST History NS111' 1111111111 111' j11sI 11s x11'1'1'I 111 1111i' 01'h111' n111111'." IIOWARIJ WARD E1'1:111111iiffS ami Business Aflrninistratinn 'Yl111:1l Ilflfllff' 111111 50011 s1'11.v1' 1111' 1'1'1'r his." IJICAN EARI. ZDNGKITR IIIIUIII ist ry "nl 1111'r1'y 1It'1If1 11111111 ,211111 1i1.'1' Il 1111'111'1'i111.,' in -'OWS 011 PAGE 29 JUNIOR CLASS VVG are the Black Cat Aggregationg Wve create much consternation. 5 . ff f Q f . ' M - . W' A ,, OFFICERS Hu' ' .U nw. Presiflent . . . ..... James Baker Shun. Vice Presirlent . . . . Roberta Evals Ensle X "llfimlll Secretary . . . . Ardc-th Yvagner llnbgllll' Treasurer . . . . . . Jrrycff Powers Chapel Represenlatives . SQIOTEIIEZZURGEETZ Cozuzselor . . . P. D. Schultz PAGE 30 ROBERTA ALLEN Hay Springs. Nehraska CHARLES WILLIAM AMICK MuCraf'ken. Kansas JAMES MARK BAKER Friendswood. Texas .IOHN SAMUEL BAKER New Enterprise, Pennsylvania CHARLES STEPHEN BARTEK Bethlehem. Pennsylvania RIITH BERKGREN Oakley, Kansas LEONA BIN FORD Haviland. Kansas LLEWELLYN BORCENDALE Wichita. Kansas CECIL BROWN. JR, Friendswnod. Texas HLBERT BROWN. .lR. Wichita. Kansas RANDALL ERROL BROWN Wichita. Kansas RICHARD LEONARD BRILE Wichita. Kansas 5? tt' I . ,.,.,., f t 22- ,q,V,, ,Q ,,... '-t- I -:2t' li ft ' .,. ' V . at ...,..,., 'zi' ' UNIORS PAGE 31 ORVILLE LFON BVNYAN Wiczliita, Kansas .IOANNE MARIE CHASE Elliowumls. North Dakota WILLIAM RI-IYNOLD CROW Wichita, Kansas WAYNE CURTIS Ness City. Kansas LAWRENCE DALICY W'i0hita. Kansas IOI IANNE DAVIS Wichita, Kansas DEETTA MAR DFIQSIZ Wichita. Kansas FRANCES DICKI NEON Wichita. Kansas NIARY JANE DUNN Cimarron, Kansas ALLEN ICDCINIZTON Wi1'I1itzl. Kansas VIULA .IOAN ITRDNIAN Kingman, Kansas ROBERTA REALS ENSLIQ Wichita. Kansas PAGE 32 WW 'QU U IOR YIRCLINIA JEAN GIBSON Wivliila. Kansas ICI LICEN CIRSICK Crvat Bend. Kansas PRESTON GLEASON Kin,g5man. Kansas .ll NR EFTIIRR CRTFFINI Wichita, Kansas CAROLYN Rl TH HAYS Ringwuml. Okialimna LII.-XRLEF IIENSON xvilililil. Kansas NORYAL HILYARD Wil-liita. Kansas DOLORES IIQXRLOW IHRST Wimriiila. Kansas MOZFLL JACKSON 43. Culrl Springs, Oklahoma ROBERT J ENNINGS Wir-liita. Kansas LLOYDE JOHNSON Wivliita. Kansas DONNA LEE KELSEY Wivliita. Kansas PAGE 33 JACK KITNIPLE Wichita, Kansas BESSIE KINC Dmnhey. Oklahoma WEFLEY LAL TERRACII Wichita. Kansas CLAIRE LISTON Fiuux City. Iowa MARY JEAN 'NIu:DONAI,D VI'ir'hita. Kansas NAOMI BIACLEY Rini City. Kansas ELLIS MARCY Wakeeney. Kansas R I 'TIIANNA KIARDOC IK Wvivhita, Kansas IIA NNAH MASON VI'ic'hita. Kansas CLYDE MILLER I.ihPral. Kansas ROBERT MOORE Wichita, Kansas IDWIC HT MUWR ER Pe-ck. Kansas RICHARD PAIIIN W'ichita. Kansas IIAROLD PERRY I"riondsW0nd. Texas PEGGY PEWTIIER Wichita, Kansas C LORIA PIERLE Wivhita. Kansas DALE PIPER Wivhita. Kansas JOYCE HADLEY POWERS Yvichita. Kansas PAGE 34 ORS I UN J FLOYD PRICE Wivhita. Kansas WARREN RIN ER Wivlmita. Kansas HOWARD ROWLEE Columbus. Nebraska MARIAN SLOAN Avin-Imita. Kansas ALLAN FAIITII W'if'I1iIa. Kansas CHARLES STUVALL Wichita, Kansas XIARCARET TAYLOR Avifhita. Kansas MARGARET VAVCHN Viwivhita. Kansas A RDETII YVACNER IIax iIancI. Kansas LARRY WA RR EN. IR. Wil-hila. Kansas BETTIE J. WASI IINCTON Wichita, Kansas DAVID YVEINERT De-rby. Kan sas JANET SNIITII WHEELER Friendswmwd. Texas LYLE WHEELER Coyle, 0kIaImma PA l 'L WINCIIELI. Wichita. Kansas SARA LGI' WIIITE Cmldard. Kansas ARCHIE YVOODS Vi'if'l1ita. Kansas S 0R I UN J PAGE 35 SOPHOMORE CLASS Look out! hike out! Wesre about! Bull dogs! 0-QAM X, llnnl W , 4 OFFICERS Presirfenl .... . Vice Presirfvnl . . Secrelary. . . . Treasurer ........ Chapel Reprcsenfaflfve . . Counselor . . . . . . Cllarlm Tsc-llopp . Allow Alll'llill'Cl . lVIi1l'l0llf" Keene . . Xvilllfl' Morz . . Stanley Calc . l-lol rf-1' l Conan PAGE 36 , Eggs 9 will if . Q RWE QA, . ALLEN AI 'CIIA RD Lawrence, Kansas ELYA BAIRD Wivhita, Kansas NIARVIN BAKER Wichita, Kansas PRIVDY BAKER Wichita. Kansas YIRCINIA BAYIIA Fi,-wler, Kansas GEORGIA BECKER Wichita, Kansas DON BELL Wichita, Kansas NIAXINE BOND Plains. Kansas ALICE BOSCI-IIILT Wichita, Kansas WENDELL BRADFORD Wichita, Kansas LAYERNA BROWN Friendswood, Texas MAY BIIRDETTE Wichita, Kansas RICHARD BLRLEICII BL-Ile Plaine, Kansas DORIS CAREY Valley Center, Kansas JAMES CLARK Eriendswood, Texas BERYL CLINE Eriendswooci, Texas .IOIIN COLIRTRICIIT Wichita, Kansas MAJOR CRIBBS Fulligent, Alaharna MARILYN DAVIS IIIQ-arwater, Kansas PATSY DENNETT Wichita. Kansas CALLOWAY DENNY Wichita. Kansas I'.-XI LINE DOBROTT Wivhila, Kansas WILLIAM DOICLASS Wichita, Kansas SA MIIEL DURLEY Yfiviiita. Kansas ORES 0PHOM S PAGE 37 HERBERT DYCK Whitewater, Kansas RICHARD EATON Wichita. Kansas BILLIE .IO ERDMAN Kingman, Kansas YVARREN FANKIIAIISER Haviland. Kansas RICHARD FLETCHER Wivltita. Kansas HAROLD FRENCH Wichita, Kansas DIANE GALE Wivhita, Kansas STANLEY CALE Yvichita, Kansas PATRICIA CARVER Wichita. Kansas JOSEPH CRIEI"I'IlIIS Miami. Oklahmna ESTHER HANCER Wichita, Kansas RICHARD HARRIS Cheney. Kansas GEORGE IIIRST Partrimlgv. Kansas KIARVIN IIORSLEY Wlivhita. Kansas LLTIIER FRED HOISTON Cedar Vale. Kansas CHARLES HI RBARD Yvichita, Kansas BOB HUDCINS W'ichita. Kansas ARLETA IILMROLT Haviland. Kansas BILL IIIIRST W'it'hita. Kansas ROBERT LEROY .IONE5 Wichita. Kansas BIARLENE KEENE. Wichita. Kansas WILLARD KISER Wichita. Kansas TADATOSHI KUMATFU Tokyo. Japan SHIRLEY MCCLARD Wichita. Kansas PAGE 38 ES OR 0PHOM S DON MARDOCK Wichita, Kansas HERMAN MINDLINC, JR. Wichita, Kansas WALTER MORZ Wichita. Kansas ROBERT NEU SIIHIIIICIQ. Oklahoma KENNETH PARLI Wichita, Kansas .IIM PITTMAN Wichita. Kansas .IIM POWERS Wichita, Kansas FREDRICK E. RAMSEY Wichita. Kansas WILLIAM IIENRY RENTIE Wichita, Kansas NORMAN RHODES Wichita. Kansas RUTII RICHARDSON Wichita. Kansas MARION RINER Wichita, Kansas MARY LOU RINER Clearwater. Kansas JERRY ROGERS Augusta. Kansas IO ANN ROSECRANTS Wichita. Kansas HOLLIS SCHINDLER Harper. Kansas BEULAII MAE SCIIMIDT Newton. Kansas RLTH MARIE SCOTT Deer Trail, Colorado ROBERT SERAEIN Goddard. Kansas ROBERT Sll IIEY Wichita. Kansas RETA STUART Glen Elder. Kansas HAROLD SWANSON Wichita. Kansas WILLARD TALBERT Medicine Lodge, Kansas YADEN THOMSON Wichita, Kansas ORES 0PHOM S PAGE 39 PAGE 40 DONALD THORP Wichita, Kansas DONNA POPE THORI' Wichita, Kansas CII IARLES TSCHOPP lilaii. Kansas PAUL L. WALK Wichita, Kansas DONELLA WHITAKER Wichita, Kansas HERBERT WANEK Vienna, Austria lIl'BERT WIEBE Wichita, Kansas LAVREL Sedgwick, WESLEY I lopewell, WHITE Kansas WILSON Kansas DON WILLIAMS Wichita, Kansas JACK YAZEL Wichita, Kansas ES OR OPHOM S FRESHMAN CLASS Tigers! Tigers! hear us roar YVe are vicl-urs, eve-rmore ! V - h ! AX, mfg Q if L, OFFICERS President . . . . ' K IPM: Tl' Vice President . . E Imunllull Secretary . . Treasurer.. Chapel Representatives . . Betty Rieger Cozuzselor ....... ........ . . Wzlyrme Moss . . Farrell Pisar . . Lila Mickey . . .Jim Piggolt Bill Youngblood Lloyd BI'1lClSl1Z1WV Q PAGE 41 NANCY ALLISON W'ichita. Kansas HAROLD ALLAIAN Erienclswuurl. Tcxas MARY LVCILLE ALLRED Wichita. Kansas DEA NE BALL Wvichita. Kansas MARGARET BEASLER Wlellstun, Oklahonia IIARRY BLOVVEY Anthony. Kansas KEITH BOND Wichita. Kansas RAYMOND BRADLEY Wichita. Kansas RI'TH BRAKEBILL W'ichita. Kansas DON BRANDENBLRCII Stuart. Iowa DENNIE BRETZ llumeston. Iowa TED BRETZ Wichita. Kansas DONALD BRICIITIIP Lihcral. Kansas CLIFFORD BLRDINE getlgwick. Kansas INIYRTIS BIIRR Suhlette, Kansas DONALD BIRRELL Wichita. Kansas DORIS CADWELL Wichita. Kansas KERXIIT CAPPS Wlichita. Kansas .IOAN CAREY Valley Center. Kansas DEAN GILBERT CARTER Wichita. Kansas BETTY .IO CIIEYES Wficltita, Kansas BEVERLY CITRON Wichita, Kansas ORYILLE CLFVENCER Kingstlown. Kansas Sl IIRLEY CLIFT Blairsville. Pennsylvania PAGE 42 MEN SH RE F FLOYD COLEMAN Wichita. Kansas MILDRED MARIE COOK Fowler. Kansas PATSY CRECO Wichita. Kansas ALEDA DAY Wichita. Kansas ALYIS DHFOREST Wichita. Kansas MARGARET DILLON Silver Springs. Nlarylantl BILLY DOLEKAL Vficllita. Kansas FLOYD DLCKWORTII Wichita. Kansas FRANCES PAT EDENS Miami. Olxlalmina LARRY EDWARDS Wichita. Kansas LOIS EICIIELBERGER Wichita. Kansas LAWRENCE L. EVANS Stafford, Kansas ELSIE NIAE FISHER Liheral. Kansas CHARLES II. FLETCHER Wichita. Kansas RENE A. FORRESTER Wichita. Kansas MARY EYACENE FOSTER Platte City. Missouri DEAN FVNK Wichita. Kansas SLE CANN Wlicliita, Kansas PATRICIA C EC A N London. England NIARJORIE EAYE CLINEY lhicntlswunzl. 'llt-xas VIRCIL CREFIIANI lYichita. Kansas DAVID llARl'OOL W'icliita. Kansas VENETIA NI. IIINSIIAW Wichita. Kansas PATRICIA ANN IIOLSER Wichita. Kansas MEN ESH Fit PAGE 43 RICHARD IIRDLICKA Prague, Czechoslovakia JACK LEE IIVEBNER Wicshita, Kansas BOB JACOBS VViclIita, Kansas RI IBY .IOHNSTON Wichita. Kansas ARLOS .IONES Wichita, Kansas LOREN EUGENE JONES Langdon, Kansas MARILYN .IANE JONES Wichita, Kansas WYQUITA KEARNS Canon City, Colorado CLADYS ANN KEIIIINI Kenya Colony, Africa BILLY KING Wichita. Kansas LELAND ARTIII II KINK Liberal. Kansas PERLEY KIRKPATRICK Valley Center, Kansas NADYNE LEACII cIPfllf'l'. floluratlo EMMA LENERTZ Nvilrnore, Kansas LOLA LINDANIOOIJ Wicthita. Kansas DEAN LLOYD W'iChita, Kansas LAYERNE LOSIE Yvichita, Kansas ETIIEL JOY I.OYI'I"l' Wlicllila, Kansas LOYVELL LYCRISSE Br-nlon, Kansas NIARCERY LYCHIFFE Benton. Kansas ROBERT LYNSKEY Wichita. Kansas MIIDRED MvCAIiY Winrlxita, Kansas W'II,I,IAM E. M1-CIILBE Vfivliila. Kansas GILBERT Mr-CI 'TCI l ICON Wichita. Kansas PAGE 44 MEN SH RE F GRACE MCLEAN Wichita, Kansas JOAN MALCOM VVic'I1iIa. Kansas .IOIIN MALI. Wichita. Kansas MARILYN MARDOI IK Wichita, Kansas I.OWELI. MATTIIEW Cheney. Kansas BARBARA MEADE Wichita, Kansas EAYE MEANS KIIHIIIHIWI. Kansas WILMA METZ Wichita. Kansas I,II.A MICKEY Wichita. Kansas .IAME9 MIQENIIEIMER Wivhita. Kansas WAYNE MOS? Wichita. Kansas RILI.Y MI'S9ER Wichita, Kansas I IOWARD NEI.I,I9 Earlhain. Iowa .IA MES NORTII Vvichita. Kansas BARBARA O'DEI.I. Wichita, Kansas DAN OHLERKINC Wichita. Kansas AN.IA OLIN Ilfrlsinki. FinIanrI FRANK PETERSON Sun0I, Califfirnia JAMES PICCOTT Osawatomie. Kansas LAWRENCE POPE KISIIIOI. Kansas MARGARET POWERS Eremlnnia, Kansas IRIS RICHARDSON Wichita. Kansas JAMES RICIIIE Vvichita. Kansas BETTY REICER Wichita. Kansas MEN SH RE F PAGE 45 CECIL RINEY Stafford. Kansas HOWARD ROSZELL Wichita, Kansas RALPH ROTHS Wichita, Kansas MARGARET RIFCCLES Wichita, Kansas MILDRED RUSH Coffeyville, Kansas VIRGINIA SCHOPE Wichita. Kansas DORIS SMITH Wichita, Kansas ESTA LOL: SMITH Kinsley, Kansas MARCIA SMITH W'ichita, Kansas FRED STOREY Wehh City, Oklahoma BILL STUBBS Wichita, Kansas FRANK SULLIVAN Wichita. Kansas RICHARD DALE SWANEY Wichita. Kansas LLOYD H. SWINDLER Sedgwick. Kansas JERRY TAYLOR Stillwater, Oklahoma ROBERT LOUIS TYIIURST Leonard, Missouri DAYID WHITLEY Brandon, Mississippi MARVIN TAYLOR Wichita, Kansas DON TRAVIS Wicllita, Kansas HARRY TROOP Monmouth. Kansas WINFIELD TRllIT'l',JR. Wichita, Kansas MARGARET TSCIIOPP Iidall, Kansas THOMAS ALDIN WOOD Wichita, Kansas BETTY WORKMAN YVichita. Kansas PAGE 46 MEN ESH FR LAWRENCE ll. BELL Economics and Business Administration "I am rleferrninefl every chance to take to acquire lrnozvlezigef' HLBERT JAMES BOND Plains, Kansas THELMA D. BRAY Wichita. Kansas FLOYD BROYVN. JR. Friendswnnfi, Texas KENNETH Cl HLD9 Wichita. Kansas FERN A. DIAL Furaker. Okiahuma PALL FLNK Wichita. Kansas MARY HARMS Wichita. Kansas .HTANTTA HARVEY Wichita. Kansas RAY LEFFLER Wichita. Kansas LEWIS MCCTLL Wichita, Kansas EDWARD MAXTON Wichita. Kansas CLIFFORD MELTON Mulvane. Kansas DOROTHY PHH.BRif.K Wichita. Kansas WILLIAM POTRATZ Yvichita. Kansas EVELYN SCIHMPE Wichita. Kansas YORI TONHTA Portland. Oregon PAUL WHITE Economics and Business Administration "Whot's the axe of living if you rrm't have Il good time?" SENIOR ACTI ITIE ADAMS, JACK Business Club 1. ALLMAN, LOIS OTS 3, 4, Sec'y 4, Gospel Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ANTONOWSKY, ALBERT AKT 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Club 1, 2, 3, President 3. ATHERTON, BERNARD AKT l, 2, 3, 4, SCA 3. BAIRD, CATHERINE DPAN 3, Rush Captain 3: Black Masquers 4, President 4, Talisman Queen 4. BAKER, ,IOYCINA DAY IOM 1, 2, 3, 4, Rush Captain 2, President 3, Senior Representative 4, Gospel Band 1, 2, 3, 4, SCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Publicity Chairman 2, Singing Quakers 1, 2, Girls' Octette 1, Cherr Carnival Queen 2: Stu- dent Council 3, Treasurer 3, Policy Form- ing Committee 3, Secretary 3, Outktandine Campus Woman 3, English Department Scholarship 3, 4, Talisman Staff 3, XVho's Who 4. BELL, ELEANOR DPAN 2, OTS 1, 2. 3, 4, Program Cl'a'r- man 3, President 4. BENDER, MERLE Gospel Band 4. BINFORD, MURIEL SCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Program Chairman 3, Estes Promotion Chairman 2 Conference Delegate 4, IOM 1, 2, 3, 4, OTS 4, Class Secretary 4. BROWN, LEON Gospel Band 2, 3, 4, SCA 1, 2, Class President 1, 3, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 41 Student Council 1, 3, 4, President 4, Alumni Assn. Award 33 Who's Wfho 4. BROWN, ROBERT KON 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 4, SCA 1, 2: Baseball 4, Lette'- men's Club 2, 3. 4, V-President 4, Foot- ball 3, 4, Intramural Sports Director 3, Dramatic Production 1. CAMPBELL, T. V. AKT 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, V-President 33 ISC 4. CARTER, CECIL KON 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Club 1, 2, 3. CONIBERIATI, FRANCIS Science Club 4. CONRAD, GLEN Business Club 1, 2, 3. FISHER, BRADLEY Gospel Band 1, 2, 3, 4. FLEMING, JOHN AKT 1, 2, 3, 4, SCA 2, ISC 3. FLEMING, ROBERT L. Singing Quakers '37-'41, '47-'30, Pr's5d nt '40-'41, '49-'50, Business Manager '47-'-447: AKT '37-'41, Elizabethan Singers '39-'4'J, '49-'50, Men's Glee Club '37-39, Male Quartet '38-'40, Men'S Ensemble '40-'41, '47-'30, FLEMING, VIVIAN Singing Quakers '41-'45, '49-'50, Student Director '45, Elizabethan Singers '42-'43: Girls' Triple Trio '45-'44, DPAN '42-'4s, WAA '41-'43, Girls' Basketball '41-'45, FOSTER, ERNEST Gospel Band 1, 2, 3, 4, KON 1, SCA 1, 3, 4, Night watchman 3, 4. GRIST, ,IANEVA Elizabethan Singers 4, Sinzing Quakers 3. 4, Gospel Band 3, 4, SCA 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, Who's Who 4, Wichita Red Feather Queen Candidate 4. GRIST, XVALTER R. Bookstore Board 4, President 4, Class V- President 4, Gospel Band 3, 4, Social Chairman 4, SCA 3. 4, WSSF Chairman 4, Tennis 3, 4. HATNES, DEANE IOM 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Class Sec'y 1, Class Chapel Representative 4, SCA 1, 2, 3, Cherry Carnival Director 2, Dramatic Production 2, Talisman Asso. Editor 3. HAINES, JEANE IOM 1, 2, SCA 1, 2. 3, Cherry Carnival Director 2, Black Masquers 4, Talisman Asso. Editor 3, Typical Friends Student 3. HARPER, ELLEN CLARK DPAN 1, 2. 3, 4, Secretary 2. President 3, ISC 4, DPAN Alumni Scholarship 1, XVAA 4, OTS 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary Z. Treasurer 4, Student Council 3, 4, Alumii Association Award 3, Class President 4. HARRIS, MAXINE IOM 1, 2, 31 OTS 1, 2. 3, 4, 'lreasurer 3-1 SCA 1, 2, Gospel Band 1, 2. 3: Class Chapel Representative 1, Class Treasurer 3, Dramatic Production Manager 3. -HARVEY. HENRY Dramatic Productions 1, Black M3.'iQ"Cf'S 1, 22 Singing Quakers 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2, University Life Editor 3, Business Man- ager 4, Talisman Editor 2, Wl1iv's Who 4. HASTON, VELMA IOM 4, SCIENCE CLUB 4. I-IUMBOLT, CLINTON Gospel Band 3, 4. I-IUNT, EMERY XV. Gospel Band 1, 2, 3, 4, SCA 1, Z, 3, Class Chapel Representative 1, Class Treasurer 4. JOLLEY, ROBERT LOUIS KON 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Pub- licity Chairman 3, President 4, Talisman Business Manager and Staff 3, Achieve- ment Scholarship 3, Chemistry Ass't 3, 4- Track 2,3,4, Football 3,4, Basketball 2,3. JOLLEY. GERALD Basketball 1, 2, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, Football 4, Intramural Sports Di- rector 2, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2. KELLEY, CLARA NELLE DPAN 1, 2, 3, 4. KLASSEN, ELLA Gospel Band 3, 4, Science Club 4. LANDIS, ELWOOD W. Students for Federal World Government 1, SCA 1, University Life Staff 1, 2, Talis- man Editor 3. LAUGHLIN, JUNE IOM 1. 2. 3, 43 Gospel Band 3, 4, OTS 1. 2, SCA 1. LOUDENBACK, HOXVARD SCA 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Orchestra 1. 2 3, 4, 5, President S, Ass't Mgr. 4, Sing ing Quakers 2,3,4,5, Treas. 3.4, Bind S. MCGUIRE, PHYLLIS SCA 3, 4, IOM 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 4, Pep Club 2. MARDOCK. ROBERT L. Science Club 4, Univei'sity Scholarship 3, Achievement Assistantship 4. MARTINSON, PAUL SCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 3, Sing- ing Quakers 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 4. MEANS, JIM Football 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1. 4: Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, KON l, 4, Cherry Carnival King 1. NEWLIN, NADA JUNE Gospel Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Chairman 4, Dorm President 4. NEXVLIN, WAYNE E. Gospel Band 2. 3, 4, Class Representative 3, 4, SCA 3, ONUKAOGU. GABRIEL U. A Science Club 4, Director ot Chemistry 4: IRC. PARKS, PATTY Singing Quakers 1, 2, 3, 4, DPAN I, Z 3,1 V-President 3, 4, XVAA 1, Business .u 1. PHILBRICK, JAMES KON 1. PHILLIPS, RALPH Dramatic Productions, Golf 3. PHILP, DORIS SCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. Treasurer 4: Agriculture Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Dorm Council 3. PICKERING, MERCEDES XWHITE IOM 1, Z, 3, 4, ISC 4, SCA 1, Orches- tra 2, 3. POPE, ELSIE Gospel Band 1, Z, 3, 4. SMITH, EMERSON, JR. AKT 2, 3, 4, Rush Captain 3, Secretary 3 President 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Bookstore Board 4, V-President 4, Book Busi- ness Mgr. 4: Achievement Assistantship 4, Lettermen's Club 3,4, Student Council 4. SINIITH, ERNEST Football 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Letter- men's Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. SMITH, NORVAL D. Order of the Tower Scholarship 1 , SCA 1 ' Gospel Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Book Edi- tor 4, University Life Staff 1, 2, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. STABLER, HOLLIS Museum Mural Painting STRUTHERS, JOHN XV. KON 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 4, Direitor of Astronomy and Geology 4, Business Club 1. RABERDING, NADINE IOINI 4. XVAMSLEY, NORMA BOYD IOM 1, 2, 3: Singing Quakers 1, 2, 3' Class Chapel Representative 3: Girls' Sep- tette 1. WARD, HOWARD Business Club 1, 2, 3, KON 3, 4, Treas- urer 4. WFST, ZAY IRC 3, SCA 3. Graduating Seniors who are not pictured: CHARLES BALL-Bible LIEURENZO MCDONALD--Economics and Business CECIL M. BROWN-Public Sciifmi Music Adminmfauon EDWARD CRU1-CHERYHistm,y KENNETH PENNINCTON--Applied Music CHARLES ELLIOTT--Psychology and Education FERN RITTER-Education and Psychology MARVIN ELLISfHi5l0ry ERNEST SMITH-Health and Physical Education PAYE JOHNSON-Psychology and Education CLADYS STUMPF-English JIMMY MEANS4Health and Physical Education FRANKLIN TURKLE-Psychology PAGE 48 SOCIETIES Top row' Kermit Capps, Cecil C ' R l . , . a1'te1. o lert Brown, Samuel Durley. Larry Edwards, llarold French, Duane Cale. Second row: Stanley Gale, William Hurst. Bob Jacobs, Robert Jolley. Willard Kiser, Lowell Lygrisse, Gene McClure. Third row: Gilbert McCutchen. John Mall, Paul Martinson, Dan Ohlerking, Richard Paulin. Floytl Price, Howard Rowlee. Bottom row: John Struthers, Victor Sullivan, Charles Tschopp, Howard Ward, Don Williams, Paul Winchell, Philip Nagley. faculty sponsor. PLEDGES-Seated: La Verne Putnam Bob Jacobs. Cilhett McCutchen, Larry Edwards, ljan Ohlerking. Standing: John Mall, William McClure. I.owell Lygrisse. PAGE 50 KAPPA OMEGA NU Time marches on . . . and time well spent in Kappa Omega Nu. As fellow Koinonians lrlance E' back over these pages in years to come they'll want to remember important and exciting things that I . . , iappened IhlS year. lt isnt necessary to list all the honors won by our brothers. nor is it possible to list all the thrill of fellowship and good times but those , 5 new members who cast their lots with KON will remember Steffenis llostess Room . . . Camp Hyde, a d l ' ' n aong with these all members wlll remember the Christmas Party . . . the Caroling Party with our sisters . . . and the many stags, yes. those at Kisers' farm . . . the bang-up intramural basketball games. Then along came second semester and the wonderful Valentine Dinner at Dr0ll's . . . Canoe parties . . . Dinner meetings . . . Cherry Carnival with K ing Jolley . . . and last but not least the gala Formal at the Shirkmere Hotel. It has been an eventful year . . . and a happy one . . . one which fulfilled the purpose of KON in Brotherhood, Schol- arship and Loyalty. Spring Then in the days when our paths may part Tha' troubles test us, bring pain to our heart, The spirit of Kappa Omega Nu, Will still be with as to carry us through. OFFICERS President ....... Vice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . . . Faculty Sponsor . . Bill Hursl . Floyd Price . Stanley Gale Howard Wlard Philip Xagley PAGE 51 Top row: ,loycinu Baker. Muriel Binlorcl, Tllflllllil liraty. lloris liarlwell. Settoixtl Ron: johannv Davis. Delittu Deesc. Rohfrta lfnsle. ,lean Cihfon. 'l'hi1'tl row: Bessie King. Clair:- I.lfton. Mary Xlavclonaltl. l'hylhS Nlcfftlitc. Bottom row: Nl:-rmrctlt-5 l"tckeri11gr. Gloria l'ierr'e. JoAnn Rosecrantx Betty Hillllttlli. lizlvtllly Qponsor. IOT THETA as By th" rirrlf' llfffifl' lfound Where we always have found Our true fricmls, br' Iliey 0111 or nvir. Of my soux of my heart, Of myxvff 1hvr1"s fr part In the Iota Them Mn." Time cannot erase from our ineinories all the won- tlerful times IOM hm-hl for us tht- past year. Great hig juivy llLlllllHll'gIi'l'!4 at the steak fry with our brothers . . , rip-rourin' time and good eats at the Rush party ..., lohannf- and Roherta's super talent on the comb . . . Phyllis and hor Hush camera . . . the PAGE 52 'lIl'IlllS6 inunis from our little sisters . . . tiuiaifl at the Nulentinu formal . . . some of our ll11'llllJ'lh- "sin-aking ways" . . . all of Uloria's antics . . . Queen Rosy' . . . the etliuneal Spring Formal . . . Oh, they're too nnnn-with to invntionl 'l'hc3y are all part of the Wonderful f'XIJl'I'i+'Il4'T' of living nn HIM an experienve that cunit le explained. We sc-niors regret to leave' after four yt-gr.-. hill wr' know Iota Theta Mu will continue to be cven higger innl hette-r with the help of our grand plvrlg s thie year. Viva la IOM! !! 2 OFFICERS Phy llis McGuire President Thelma Bray Vice President Jean Gibson Secretary JoAnn Hosecranls , lireaxurer Helly Haniotis Facully Sponsor l'l.lfDllI'fS Sealvmlz Shirley Clifl. Ah-flax Day. Sm- Czmii. Xihbllli Xlziglvy. Slumiingz Yirginia Sulinpf. Patsy llennell. Anja Olin. Xvlniu Huston. Barluira Hvzulv. Mai'- guret 'l'ss'lmpp. Vary Lou Hiner. iris Ricilv zlrrlsnn, Nlzlry Harms. Palsy ikegu. Nuclinr' Hulieiwliiig. Xlulgvry I.SQI'i5SP. Nlildrwi Hush. Nlurgurel Huggies. Lula Iimlumoml. 2 E E QSWX ,wx W5 ' fi - r :-- QQ LQQ 5 E PAGE 53 Top- row: Al Antonowsky. Bernard Atherton. Ch' 'l s B ' k at e arte . Harry Blowey. Orville Bunyan. I. X. Campbell. Second row: John Courtright. Alvis DeForest. Wlarren Fankhauser, John Fleming. Richard Fletcher. Dean Funk. Third row: Richard Hrdlicka, Bob Hudgins. .lack Kimple, Dean Lloyd, Herman Mindling, Robert Moore. Bottom row: Cleo Norris, Kenneth Parli. Bob Shuey, D I 5 , . , - . ' ' ' a e waney. Wesley Wllsmin. Tom Webmail. Cassidy Riggs. faculty sponsor. ALPHA KAPPA TAU Starting the activities. all the actives who planned to return to school gathered at qim Park for Games anl f d . ,., s c oo about a week before registration. Of course. no school year would be complete without the AKT-DPAN steak fry. l ' I w uct allowed a 'gscraping upn of old acquaintances., This occasion was the first lan d p ne activity at which Professor C. L. Riggs and his wife were present, Prof. Riggs having been elected as our sponsor this year. Before rush season all the actives held a stag at Hemphillis cabin. at which the fine traditions of AKT were loyally upheld. After Rush Week, Slave Week. and the two initia- tions which ushered in fifteen new Alpha Kaps, one grand stag was held. We're still looking for two of the boys. AKT and DPAN were the joint sponsors of the annual All- School Halloween Party. which was a howl- ing success. The men of Alpha Kap have been very active in sports and other outside activi- ties this year, and we've all been out ROOT- INC for the-ml The Spring Formal brought out tuxes smelling like moth balls. gorgeous cor- sages. and quantities of food and drink. New officers were announced, and the school year was officially closed. 'GA Good Man I Admirev PLEDGES-S d: H eate arry Blowey, Bill Youngblood Rim-hartl Fletcher, Farrell Pisar. Standing: Tom Wood RichardiHrdli k , , ll'Y1l. ,lack Gilbert. Robert Moore, Dean Funk. Dean Lloyd. Billy Docekal. PAGE 54 OFFICERS PI'l'SI'lll'lIf .... lvica l,l'l'Sl'II6llf . Secretary . . TI'Pf1Slll'Cl' .... 1'lflCIlIl.l' Sponsor l'llllPI'SUll Slllllll john Fleming . Dale Swaney Phillip Mellor Cassidy Riggs PAGE 55 ow: tfatlierint' liairil. Priitly Halter. liillie ,lu ljrchnan. 4 intl ruwi Yiola lfrilman. Patricia llarxer. lflen llarper. row: Xlltrlene lxeene. Cllaia Nelle Kelley. Shirley Xlif lartl. Bottom row: Nlarx Nlefitirrx. Ruthannii Nlartloelx. Patty l'arlxs. Pauline Vxme. faeulty sponsor. PLEDCICS Featerl: Pal lftlens, Nlarilyn jones l.ucllle Allrecl, Marilyn Martloelx. .loan Malcom. Georgia lleelxeix Standing: Ruhy Johnston, Wil eva Metz. Betty Rieger. Rarlvara U'Dell. I.iIa Nlirkey. DELT RHO ALPH NU After eagerly eying the freshman girls, reatling the l.S.C. rules on rushing, anal finrling that we hail time for other aetivities before rush season. we en- joyed the lrailitional Hgteak Fry" with the A.K.'l'.'s anal planned with them the All-Sehool Halloween Party. Rush week came and went. leaving us four- teen wonclerlul pletlges. W'e all f?5 hail fun tluring pledge weelx. which ended with that wonflerful insti- tution of ours eallerl "private" To prove that we aetives were human. we honoretl our pledges with a fliuner and a night to rememher '-'- Formal Initiation. It was now seeoufl semester. anrl ahout this tim:- the alumnae eame through with a tea for the aetixes. The new aetives were busy planning the Clrerry Carnival hooth. ln the rush ol' other spring aflairs Delta Rho lounfl time for a calvin party. a tlate party. a tea for the faeulty. and hen parties. Spring Formal rollerl around with still collars -new lor' ma's flowers soft lights' TTlllFil'ff anfl the an- nouneement of new olfieers. At the senior farewell hrealxfast. seniors reflected with a lump in their throats on their goofl times in Delta Rho. All year 'rountl we tlunnerl memhers for their ilues rlemanrlecl written excuses for ahsenees oweil hills-haclxeml the athletir' teams worlufl on eoin- mittees took part in school artivilies enjoyetl tur new sponsor anfl the fellowship uf Delta Rho Alpha Nu. OFFICERS Presirlenl . . . Virginia Creighton Vice P1'f'S1'1ff'11t .... Pally Parks 5'f1v1'eIa1'Ax' ...... Marlene- Keem- Tl'0lISllI'f'l' .... Shirley MvClard Flllfllhf' Sponsor . . Paulirm Wim- ESQ? PAGE 57 INTER- OCIETY COUNCIL The purpose of the Inter-Society Council is to promote a spirit of good will and cooperation among the four Creek letter societies. to plan and preside over their activities, and to consider any matter ol' inter-society nature that may arise. The Council is composed of a president elected by the Student Council, a representative from each of the societies, and three faculty advisors appointed by the administration. President ...... Alpha Kappa Tau . Delta Rho Alpha Nu Iota Theta Mu . . . Kappa Omega Nu . Faculty Advisors . M MEMBERS . . . Ruthanna Mardock . . . . T. V. Campbell . . ..... Ellen Harper . . . . Mercedes Pickering .....................l3olJBrown ary Greenfield, Gertrude Howard, Phillip Xagley PAGE 58 . ',. ' Ei Vluznqi 3 GIRLS' DORM 0 F F I C E R S Presiden! ........ Nada June Newlin SPCTEIFII'Y-Tl't'l1Slll'6I' ...... Reta Stuart fMaxine Bond Monitors . . . Mozell Jackson Naomi Magley Housemotlzer . . . . . Miss Essie Platt A girls' dorm can he either a second dwelling place or a seeond home. With the help of our uniomf, Miss Platt, we try to make ours into the latter. Wtithin the four walls of 1936 Univer- sity three Countries outside the United States are represented: England. Pat Cegang Africa, Gladys Kellumg and ,la- maica, Doris Philp. Various states have also sent their children: Nebraska, Colo- rado, Oklahoma, Missouri, and of course. Kansas. the Sunflower state. Dorm meetings are called irregularly once a month, where any current business is brought up and any forgotten rules jogged into memory. lt's a great life. If anyone is lonesome, drop over to our home sometime . . . weall cheer you up! PAGE Gospel Band Cabinet-Music Chairman. Nada June Newling Secretary-Treasurer. Mozell ,lacksong Pro- gram Chairman, Leona Binfordg Vice President. Allen Auchardg President. Randall Browng Social Chairman. Walter Gristg Faculty Sponsor, Lowell Roberts. GOSPEL B Meeting every Tuesday morning during chapel period this year are eighty-seven memhers of the Gospel Band who find these services a constant source of help and in- spiration. Many outside speakers are invited to share with the students their store of spiritual wealth and prar'tit'al advice in everyday Christian living. Une of tht- outstanding programs this year was presented hy Dr. 'lleyct Ramar. a Sioux lndian Chieftain. Unce a highly paid entertainer in thc musical world, he has devoted his time and talents since his conversion to Christian work and personal evange- lism--one of the expressed aims of the Gospel Band. The programs include prayer and praise periods anLl special music from memhers and guests. The prayer meetings held at the school on Thursday evenings are a help to all who come and afford the oppor- tunity for fellowship with one another and with the Lord. Important parts of this organization are the Gospel teams which go out from Friends to hold services in neigh- horing churches. towns. and states. Those who have heen on these team trips will no douht claim to have received as much hlessing as they have been ahle to give. for it is in giving and serving that one receives most. These groups are usually composed of a faculty sponsor. a student musical group, and sometimes a student minister or two. Gospel Band had charge of the annual Christmas chapel program. Right in keeping with the season, the group helped some of Wichita's less fortunate families to have a Merry Christmas hy distributing three baskets of food. Wedding bells rang for a favored few during Christmas vacation. hut the 'Lman-huntl' still is in full swing for many others. A "Hobo Convention" and the annual spring picnic were some of the highlights of the social activities of the year. Gospel Band and S.C.A. were joint-sponsors of the second semester "All-School fllixerf' I Memhers of Gospel team making trio to Kansas City. Mo. Don't ask how everyone rode in the "Doctor-'s" carl PAGE 60 The Fllflfillllll' wal lltxllllll . - Qual 1119:-ling ful lrut llll ll place is Alllllllll Amlilo- ri lllll. G.B. lluskelecrs Sfblllfllllgl, left to riglll: lion BI'2ll1llPIllllll'Qll. Floy1lBmwn. jim Puvv:-us. Hr-'ryl Cline. Cll21l'l6S FFF' gusun. llurolml fxllllltlll. llurulll Pe-rry. Cer-il Brown, lm-un Brown. Kneeling: Managxvr EIIIPIQ' llnnt. f.lHlf'll Dellxvrl Vaughn. PAGE 61 CIENCE CLUB The Science Club is the youngest organization in school, having been org'1n1zed this year The object of our club is to bring about a more perfect understanding of the sciences and to correlate the various fields of interest. UFFICERS General Director ..... . . . Paul Winchell Director of Chemistry . . . . . Gabriel Onukaogu Director of Physics . . . . Director of Biology . . . . Secretary-Treasurer . . Reporter ...... Faculty Advisor . . . . Harold Swanson Robert Mardock . Robert Seratin . Velma Haston Kjersti Swanson The Agriculture Club tries to promote a greater interest in agriculture at Friends Unnersity, to provide a medium for students interested in agriculture to study and experiment tofrether and to Contact various leaders and experts in the field. PAGE 62 OFFICERS President... Vice President .... Secretary-Treasurer . . Faculty Sponsor . . . . Bob Strother . Norman Justus . . . Doris Philp . E. Lee,Raines ST DE T CHRISTIAN ASSOCI TIO SCA sponsored the Big-Little Sister Tea for women at the beginning of the school year. SCA strives to be what its name implies-an association of Christian students. Many things were bashed over at our meetings on Thursday morning chapel period in an endeavor to bring us closer to what we are striving for. Our meetings were grouped into four general topics: Social Responsibility. World Relatedness. Community Responsibility. and Christian Faith and lleritage. Perhaps the liveliest discussion of the year was on the subject. "W hat l Believef' with Professors Ball and llarris leading the discussion and Professor Cressman acting as moderator. SCA had charge of the annual Thanksgiving chapel and Formal Reception first semester. and with Cospel Band sponsored the second semester "All-School Mixer." Since no February would be complete without Cherry Carnival. SCA for the twentieth annual time put on this gala affair. Also on the meeting agenda were parties lremember the story told by Miss Platt at the Christmas party'?l. singspirations. slides and devotions. All was done in the spirit of fellowship. and each meeting was ended with the singing of our benediction: "Lord, use me: Lord. use me, To live and work with Thee. To build a world where men from hate and greed are free." PAGE 63 I TERNATIONAL REL TIO CL IRC cabinet members discuss a current world problem. Left to right: IIarol4l Swanson, Robert L. Jones, Wesley Lau- terbach, Patricia Cegan. Members of IRC listen close- ly as the speaker outlines some of the problems facing Germany today. TIIE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CI,I'B. Have you heard of it? It's quite small and select. but, never- theless, thrivingg and whatis more it has one vital purpose- that of promoting international understanding. The I.R.C. does this by presenting programs on current world affairs: by securing speakers, often from other landsg by showing hlrns: and by discussion. Together members have Hvisitedu many countries and learned many things, namely, that although the peoples of other lands have customs which may seem strange they nearly always have good reason for them. Early this year a series of discussions on i'Control of Atomic Energyil was held, and had time permitted we feel sure that the Ilnited Nations would now be the proud possessors of a solution. At least, it appeared that way! The International Relations Club conducts weekly meetings. The presi1lent's chair is ocvupied by Wesley Lauterbach, and other officers are Harold Swanson, Vice Presidentg Bob jones, Secretaryg Pat Cegan. Program Chairmang and Harold Kolling, Adviser. PAGE 64 ICRO T U SIGMA Seated: Carolyn llays, Lois Allman. Maxine Harris. Mary lXll7CllI'1'y. .lanet Xvlieeler. Maxine Bond. Standing: Mihlreql Rush, Arclelh Vllagner, Leona Binford, Ellen Harper. Mary ,lane Dunn. Eleanor Bell, and Margery Lygrisse. Omicron Tau Slgllla, affiliated with the American Home Economics Assoeiation, has a membership this year of twenty-three girls who meet onee a month to add to their prac- tical knowledge of homemaking in general. The meetings this year have in- cluded a demonstration at the Gas Service Company, a talk on HCare of the Hairw hy Mr. Wlill Mardoek of Buekis Salon, parties, and dinners. At our Christmas party lsee pic- turel we hrought gifts to be sent to Home Economics students in Ger- many. Officers this year are: President, Eleanor Bellg Vice President and Program Chairman, Leona Binfordg Secretary, Lois Allmang Treasurer, Ellen Harperg and Sponsors, Miss Christine Kiesel and Mrs. Margaret Raines. PAGE 65 SNAPS PAGE 66 T l N! VEEEITY 'U Wf' , ' EQ lx, by STM ffbeem- FOOTB LL Front row lleft to rightl: E. Smith. Jennings. ps 1 e Bu olle R loll B Bm Burleigh, Paulin. R. Funk, Ball. Second row: B. Jones Travi D Funl gl lx Fankhauser Mus lman KIQPI Vi 4r4w d Hutchens. Mitchell. Bohier. Youngblood. Wise. Third row Coacli Ciaxen 'Hana ei Bray Blacllex Wlmdhn Lew Gilbert, Bretz. lludgins, Burch. Botts. Yazel. Swanew Boltcn Pi Pl 'Weans and Coach Collie The 'LFigl1ting Quakers of l919" was the first Friends football team to go through a perfect season since Dr. ,I. Banhury's men won the State Champion- ship in l9l'1. Friends U. was the only college team in Kansas to finish the sea- son undefeated and untied. Although rated as Munderdogsw hefore most of the games, the Friendsmen seemed to always have that team spirit and that alittle trick up the sleevew which hrings victory from defeat. Under the expert guidance of coaches Earl Craven and James Collie the men who reported in the fall were welded into a football machine Capalmle of outplaying and outfighting all the opposition encountered. Beryl Cline was named honorary Captain of the team. PAGE 68 PK FOOTBALL SCORES September 23 13-Bethel ,......... October 1 20-Sterling ........ October 16 26-Southwestern B Team ....,,.,,A October 29 19fArkansas City November 12 7-Dodge City Junior Colleg November 17 19-Willialn Penn College ,,,..,t. BASKETB LL Hllt1QLII1S. Bob, jones, Rob, Means, ,Iimm , Fairbanks. Bill , jwllvy. Cerahl, BASKETBALL SCORES FRIENDS ,,,,,,,. 59 FRIENDS ,,,,.,, 57 FRIENDS, . ,,A. 59 FRIENDS .,,,.... 51 FRIENDS, ,,..,. 57 FRIENDS ,,,, 71 FRIENDS, ,,,,,A 43 FRIENDS ,.... 113 FRIENDS ,,.,. 56 SCORING G Fr: FT , 18 108 90 ,... 16 87 10 , ,, 18 50 31 17 42 43 17 27 17 fWAYI.AND -BETI-IEI, , , NICPIIERSON ,,,, TABOR , , ,,,,I,A... ,, , NORTIIWICSTERN CENTRAL ,,,,,,,,,,, , - KANSAS WESLEYAN ,,,A -STERLING .... , NIQPII ERSON . TP 306 193 131 127 71 66 .. 79 58 44 . 73 55 50 . . 4,1 55 AVC. 17.0 12.1 7.3 -- no 4.2 FRIENDS MAIZE ATA, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , ,, FRIENDS KANSAS VVICSLEYAN, . FRIENDS NORTHWESTERN , FRIENDS BETI-IANY , FRIENDS CENTRAL FRIENDS -BETIIANY FRIENDS STERLING , FRIENDS TABOR FRIENDS BETHEI. lg "" 'wnfg' f I is.IM 5 5, dwg mt ' , . v 9' 'W 9 .Z 1 A 'V 1 . . mm N was-rwf ' W 'vi .. , . 'A PAGE 70 The past basketball season has not been spectacular in any Sense of the word, but it has been a season of which we may justly be proud. The team got off to a good start, but later a combina- tion of fate. extreme he-ight, and more experience overpowered them. Coaches Collie and Craven drilled and drilled them in all the tricks and skills of the game. At the same time they gave the team something far more valuable-the satisfaction and impor- tance of fair play. At times in the heat of the game tempers flared, but gen- erally speaking the play reflected the philosophy and atmosphere of Friends. The team finished the season by mak- ing a very good showing in the Kansas A.A.U. Tournament. Sitting: fleft to rightls Paulin. Means. C. Jolley. Stowe, Burch, V. Thompson. Bobier, R. Jones. Standing: Fairbanks. Gilbert, Hapner. P. Miller, Cossett. Yazel. Hudgins. Coach Collie. PAGE 71 PAGE 72 BASEB LL Kneeling: R. A. jones, E. L. Smith, Ball, Burrell. Yazel. U. Marclm-lc. B. Taylor. Hudgins. Bohier. E. L. Smith. Hiller Standing: Fairbanks. R. Brown, Means. Swaney. Bretz. Estep. Stowe. Pipkin. Thr Jmpson, Bolton, Coach Collie. Baselrall has always lzeen one of the outstanding spring sports at Friends. and this year is no exception. Al- though the seasonls schedule seemed to he one of the toughest in rr-cent years. the Quakers opened it with a 20-7 victory over the McPher- son Bulldogs. With such men as Hudgins. Taylor. Sl-zillen. Miller, Ernie Smith. and Emers on Smith, we expect the team to have a very suc- cessful season. TENNIS Last year, the Quaker rar,-queteers won seven out of eight matches. This year they got off to another high flying start hy defeating Mc'- Pherson College in the first game of the season. Hereis hoping they turn in an even better reeorcl than last Vearis squad. Kneeling: Hay. Yan Cir-son. Wood. Standing: Crist. Clt'Vf'TlgPl'.T3yl'1l'. Doeekal. TRAC Q The Friends University track team opened the l950 season by winning second place in its hrst meet. Since the season has just begun it is hard to say how the team will perform later on. Such men as Jim Means, Robert Lytle, and Ralph Funl-1 would seem to indicate. however, that the season will end successfully. Kneeling: B. Brown, Borgemlale. Puckett. Wanisltry, Blowey. Str,-we. S. Cale, Estep. Standing: Means. Lytel. Kiser, A. Smith. Musselnian. Murtinsnn. E. Smith. Yazel. Huilgins. Btllfll, Coacli Craven, PAGE 7 3 LETTERMENS CLUB Kenneth Childs, Ruby Johnston, Shirley lVIcClard, and Stanley Gale shaped school spirit and brought support to the athletic teams through their efforts as cheerleaders. More school spirit has been manifest at Frientls this year than in many pre- vious years. antl we feel that these cheerleaders have done a great deal toward developing it. PAGE 74 The LCIICPHIGIIHS Cluli as an organization fosters a spirit of fellowship and comrudeship among the athletes of the school. lts function is to bring lettvrmen together through rec-reation and entertainment. OFFICERS l'1'c's1'rle'l1l .... Vice Prvsirlenl . Svwrctztry . . . Treasurer .... Frlrlllty Sponsors . . Rolwrt L. Jolley . . . Bob Brown . . ,lack Musselman . . . . James Col . ,limmy Means lie, Earl Craven CHEERLE DER 1 OM N95 ATHLETICS The Wvonienis Athletic Association provides an altractiw rvm-reatiomil program for the wonuf-n at l'll'lf'lldS Liiiw-rsity. This organization is opvn to any woman student, and providvs not only a varied sports program throughout the if-ar. hut also u social program as wvll. The aini of W'.A.A. is to promote better sportsniunship. voopvration. and a more friendly spirit among the girls on the caunpus. Officers this year aw: Lou White. presidentg Mary janv Dunn, vice presidvntg Prudy Baker. S6L'l'6'lill'y-fI'6LlFllI'Pl'Z and Pauline Wine. faculty sponsor. PAGE 75 Top: Luther llouston, Ray Leffler. Lloyd Cresslnan. Kermit f.apps, anfl l'larold Swanson. Bottom: Rex Taylor. Lloyd Cressman and Tom Yvootl. Mr. firessman holds the first place trophy won at llulchinson. DEB TE This year marked the return of forensic activities to the Friends University campus. During the first semester the Friends team, composed of Tom Wood, Ross Vermillion, Harold French, and Don Wfilliams. under the direction of Lloyd Cressman, participated in tournaments at Southwestern, Pitts- lmurg. and Mt-Pherson. At the McPherson tourney the team composed of French and Wood was undefeated in five rounds of debate. The set-ond semester saw the team much strengthened by the addition of Rex Taylor, a transfer student from Phillips University. Other members of the class were Harold Swanson, Luther Houston, Kermit Capps. and Ray Leffler. Wcxcmd and Taylor succeeded at every tournament they attended. At Hutchinson they were firstg at St. Johns, thirdg and at Sterling they were the only team winning four debates. In addtion to debate, speakers participated in four other forensic activities, such as cxtemporaneous speaking, story telling, and impromptu speaking at some of these tournaments. It is hoped that this yearis successes will give added interest to the future competitive speech activites at Friends. PAGE 76 X tm. - Johann Sebastian Bach's Chrllstmas Oratorio was given in its entirety this year for the first time in Wichita's history The combined eiforts of the University Orchestra, The Symphonic Choir, and soloists under the direction of Fred C. Mayer made this possible. Music plays an important role in the life of the uni- versity. Friends is known 'throughout the Midwest for the excellence of its musical performance. The Music C Department also works with the other departments of the university in providing opportunity for close associa- tion and comradeship between the faculty and students. Music Hall houses the Department of Music at Friends University PAG ELIZABETHANS Enseinhles are org anizefl for the put' pose of hest utilizing the HlUSit'l1l talent On hancl. The Elizahethans. a niixetl en- semhle. hate given a nur nher of PXC'ttlll'tll p0l'f0I'lllHllI'f'9 ill is year unch-r the rlireetiun of Miss Elsa Haury. OODWIND QUINTET Another ensernhle. th e vll0UtlVN'lIlfl Quin- tet. cliref-tetl hy Mr. lf. R. Steer. was nut- stancling this year. lieft to right: James Pierce, Rohr-rt Pieree, Roflney Pierve. in- struvtor lf. ll. Steg. Larry Wlinkler. ltalph Lutz. SYMPHONIC CHOIR-The Symphonic Choir is a select wval organization of lilly voices. generally knuwii as "The Singing Quakers." This year "The Singing Quakers" were heard in a variety uf concerts. They perllurineml at a program featuring General Cemge Marshall. at sr-twice clulns, and at high schuuls in the city. Their annual spring luur ins-lutletl t'unc't'rls in Kansas City. Sl. Louis and Ciuluinhus, Ohio. llpon their return from the tuur. they inatle a guest DC'l'l'OfIll8TN'P with Jenny Tuurel. Nletrupulitan Opera soprano. and the Wlichita Syinphuny. They were alsn inxitetl lu the Distriet Cmivention of Rutary lnternatinnal. Saint-Saens, Samson mul DfI'l It s - ' spring testixal concert. PAGE 78 c IH wa. pri sented fm' the TRUMPET TRIO The Trumpet 'Trio composed ol' Vlfil- lard Tallwrt, llnhert Brown and Cecil Riney perfornierl at numher ol' times during the season under Wlr. hluxerl direr-tion. MENS OCTET Another voval group. the Menis Octet. sings nncler the direction ol' Benny Brock Kemp lseaterlt. lls mein- bers are lstanflingl Charles Tsvliopp. Roh Sliuey. Robert Fleming. Ceeil Rina-V. lornian Rhodes. Kenneth Childs. Bill Stuhhs, and Jerry Rogers. 5 ORCHESTRA fJ1'9'ilIllZGCl to mroride un o J Jortunitx for the instrnrnentalists to Hain enseinhle ex Jerienve in the z- , z- l orchestral helcl. the lfniversity Orchestra perforrns nnisie ol' the very hest quality. This year the O1'l'llPSl1'il presented two formal eoneerts. The 01't'llPSl1'il is under the direction of Frerl C. Mayer. PAGE 79 Another scene from Years Ago finds Grace McLean. Bob Shuey, Pres- ton Cleason, and Catherine Baird seated around the family supper lable. Other members, of the cast who are not pictured were Ker- mit Capps, Donald Bran- denburgh, and Punk, the cat. Donald Brightup was company manager of the play. PAGE 80 rn 1 qv fo, s THE PLAY Years Agn. an autobiograph- ical volnedy Iiy Ruth Gordon juries. was ilu' first major dru- matit: produvtiun of the year. The play was lzresentvd in cir- tzular staging. under the direc- tion of Hrs. Gertrude Stutzman Howard. Tliose who attended praised the pe-rforrnance highly. At the lt-ft. Ruth fjean Haines! and her girl friends. Anna lMildred Mellaryl and Catherine lllonella Whitakerb dismiss their favorite actress. MUST GO 0 The Black Masquers, the offi- cial drama organization of lluw l'LlllllJll5. L'Ul1Slhl5 ol' drama slu- dvnts who have heen outstandirg i11 Quaker productions. The morn- lwrs strive to raise drarnatic standards lmy sponsoring various plays and hy cooperating with tht- tlfiilllil department in all phases of its work. The second major dra- matic oifering of the school year was Eugene O,Neill's Pulitzer Prize winning play, Beyond the Horizon. The story concerns the tragedy of a dreamenwho is prevented from living his dreams by circum- stance and lack of courage. An all-school cast pre- sented the play. and tl1e scenery used was very sug- gestive and unique. Cast members were Tom Wtmcwrl, Shirley Clift, Preston Glea- son, Jimmy Clark, Mary McDonald, Dean Lloyd, Bob Shuey, Mary Harms, Kenneth Bolton, and Jan Collie. Grace McLean acted as stage manager and Hannal1 Mason as company manager. PAGE Sl TALISMAN S T A F F Erlilor ..... . . Wesley Lauterhach flssozfiale Eflilor . .... Joyce Powers BZlSlilI6S.S Manager ....... Preston Gleason Business Siafffllonella Wl1itz1ke1', Roh Shuey, Jar-k Kiinple, Bessie King Ar! mul Society Editor . ..... Gloria Pierce Drama Editor ..... . . . Dolores Hirst ,llusfrr lfclilor . ..... Sara Lou White Slilewelly Il Borgemlale ' ' ' 1lJit:kPaulin ljllllI.!lIgl'l'lIIl'lCl'S .... John Fleniing. Toni Vifood Sports lfrlilors . Ftrcullpi' Spmzsor ...... Mrs. Dorothy Crux en The deed is done . . . We hope you like it. The insonrnia. late cleacllines, and penny pinching We leave to next yearis staff, along with the fun and association we have experienc-ed this year. The stall' this year has heen husy and harcl pressed for time. hut, nevertheless, it has Mclelivered the Goods." To all the nianw eo le who f r . P P haxe eontrihulerl even the smallest hit to lhis hook we ffixe our sincere thanks. C' We have tried to produce a Tnlisnzarz expressive of Friends IJIllYf'I'Sltyi5 friend- ship and unity. We hope it brings you pleasure now and i11 the years to follow. PAGE 82 LIE Gospel Bam! . . Iftlllll Ditties .... 131111-lf Mzzsquers . . wlihat society copy isnit in yetfi Hvvllill happened to that cut?" 'gHurry and meet the deadlinefi HDid you pick up the mat for their ad'fw This is Friends Lini- versityds Life behind the scenes. During the year l9'19-50, Editor Jim Powers was assisted in producing the weekly sheet by Henry Harvey. his capable business man- ager, and several good reporters. The staff has endeavored to present in 21 superior way the true rellections of student life on our campus. reports of present, past, and liuture events, and articles of concern to ull. This year the Life was particularly outstanding in its excellent editorial policy, which welcomed free expression of all students and published just that in its columns. L'wIliU6l'SI.l'Y Life has been, and, we hope, will continue to be one of the important producers of school spirit and unity. UNIVERSITY Hflilor ....... . . . Jim Powers Iiusiness Manager ...... lienry Harvey Snrfety Fzlilrzrs -f-Jac Courlriglit, Shirley xlCClZ1I'll, Joycina Baker, Stan Cale .SIA .............. Clf?1'l3 Pierce . . Jimmy Clark , . Virginia Buyha l"n-.shlmm Frolics ...... Grace McLean llzlczvzfztinzml Relations 671111 , . Pat Gegan Sriwzce Club .......i. Velma llaston . . jeane llaines Fllflllly Arhfisor . . . . . Keith Parker PAGE 83 PAGE SA WHO'S WHO Seven Friends University Seniors were chosen for recognition this year in the latest edition of Whois Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. These outstanding students on our campus were chosen by a student committee and the faculty on the basis of scholarship, extra-curricular leadership, citizenship and service to the college. Although both juniors and seniors are eligihle for member- ship in the Association, this year's group was composed of seniors only. They are: ,loycina Baker, Leon Brown, Janeva Crist, Ellen Harper, Henry Harvey, Kenneth Pennington and Emerson Smith. Left to right: Leon Brown, lfmerson Smith, Juycina Baker. ,lanevu Grist. lfllen Harper llc Harvey. Kenneth Pennington is not picturerl. STUDE T COU CIL The Student Council attempts to estalmlish a united university life and spirit. acting as an instrument for l'ac-ulty-student llilI'lI1OIl5' and hy promoting inter- group united effort, it accomplishes this purpose. Help with Freslnnan Orientation Week and The All-School Hike sponsored by the Council in September mnrkeil the lirst actions of the group. Throughout the year the Student Forums and all-school nct'vities continued to reflect the work of the Council under thx- leadership of President Leon Brown. A student project was established, the Lounge was touched-up a hit, und the Clean-up Day was perhaps the most sticcessful undertaking of the whole year. Plans for the new Student Lounge ended a very husy and successful tear, POLICY FORMING COMMITTEE This committee is rom- posed of the Administrative Vommittee of the faculty and the Student Counvil. The pur- pose of the organization is to provide a medium througli which the conilmimwl rx-pinion of faculty and students may he expressed in the formula- tivn of the college policy. PAGE 85 BOOKSTORE Top: A typical scene in the hookstore. Bottom: The courteous Hthievesw who relieve you of your money: Jim Bake ,Ioycina Baker, Dick Paulin. Gloria Pierce, Juanita Harvey, .loyce Powers, Claire Liston, Nada June Newlin. The Friends Coop Bookstore is an integral part of Friends University. It is the place where students meet their friends to gala, eat, drink, and he merry. The Bookstore has grown from a small concern in l936 with a capital of 3120 to a well established business organization. The Coop has grown steadily and has PAGE 86 paid substantial dividends the past several years. Students are eligible to share in the profits by paying a one-dollar fee. Yew and used books, supplies, candies, pop, jcwelry, school sweaters, 'l'-shirts, and sports Serving Baker who equipment are always available. as manager of the Bookstore is J-Ill Bukerfin fun called '4lVlonopoly si lls 3 oz. candy bars in rl 016. wrappers for 5 centsfi Big plans are being made for next year when thc Coop will be in the new building with more roorn. new equipment, and more stock. Jim Baker, Manager PAGE 87 ffnlvrz Un -il CHERRY JO ANN ROSECRANTS Cherry Carnival Quvvn v u have Ll lull-' Hwllmnz IA-Vs vu rl , :il gk 9 5 A25 My 92 , V. Q - 'if am a ' . A . . .,1, -1-g.g:fg:5:g::-3 .M , ,A. A, , ..., ., .. V , ...., , , . -, , Q Qc lv 1552523-:: 5525 .. . . . ,., --:,:,: ---- 1: - Q:.1.2.:.w.-: 3 N ..:v,::. .,,. . ,:.. a25:sia5zsgs - ,, :aw J .iiiiiaf ""' f Q' ---- A"1 ':2A :A1 E My I2 ef ' "'q' - 3 a .. ' N Z " Q Q - ,QQ g WWE? ,Wfe gg., .X pgs: ,.,. ., .,.. - ffl. " we W CARNIV L ROBERT JOLLEY Cherry Carnival King Cf-nlerz Xvllafs next? Bulllmli Holt' in HHS! gg kv K gl! ,. ,.,.,.4Q.. ,, A, M ""' 31' ,,E5.'55E5E',2:j , . '::: ::5:1:-.::,:1:- 2 'P' 'QV 1 .. .,,. , PAGE 90 Traditionally each year the student body elects the Talisman Queen. One can- didate from each elass is seleeled and friendly cam- paigning follows. After two days of voting the Queen is selected, hut remains un- know n until eoronation day. At that time she is crowned in a most impressive cere- mony. Catherine Baird reigns this year as the l95O Talisman Queen. albiman .Queen 14 lencfanld MARLENE KEENE Sophomore Class s A-1 MARGARET TSCHOPP Freshman Class 3 ii Q Q as if XR' is Eb Q 4' Q as smngb, Q y fb? 2 Q Q Y Atheism? 1 H , f 5 Q S wi kgs as Hag: 5. O sa 1 5 5 5 ! f, SARA LOU WHITE funior Class PAGE 91 Jfolnecominq .Queen YIRCINIA Ll CILLE PATRICIA ELLEN LILA CR EIGHTON ALLRED HOUSER HARPER MICKEY PAGE 92 The throne is carried lo the field. ,lim Means, the team captain for the evening, tears open the envelope- containing the leainis rim-ision. Tha- Queen is . . . Pal Houser. UHITIEHIS flash as lile vrown is placed on her head. She reigns as Queen of tile l9'I9 I'IOIllVl'0llIiY!g GHIIIP. ami is altenciefi in lfllen Harper. Luville Allreii. Yirginiu Creighton. and Lila Mickey. Talisman Sponsors The Better Book Room Religious Supplies for Congratulations Church and Home 358 North Main st. Dial 5-7141 T0 the Class Of 1950 from Citizens Fede 906 West Douglas -'ll-3 ral Savings and Loan Association 4-'14 22 FEY FOOD MARKET O3 W. Douglas 5-292l "5" W" 5'?V "W" nnwn I 5 ..- i., G f., tm I O.K. for Everybody Since 1385 GEO. INNES CO. THE SOUTHWESTIS GREATEST, AND STILL GR! IWING, STORE Over 50 Years the Leader in Wirhila CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '50 5if2553555235525552552s5s5s55Ss23:2-me-5-4.m:..f.,Q. .4 r .... .., ZE:S?Erg:f:f:5:f:f:35"i:f:f:If?5ffffI:1fS2:, .Q:f":3:f:f2:-.7:3pJErg'5:5'f7'5I::S:i:Q'g:5.5f:f:-:':-:-: " ' 2 " -fggggjm' 1 Q55 1.i'Q325551f-E115591:2Er5i5555g3Eg5fEiESEjEEi 225525152335121212:r::1:5:::E,: 11: :1:5::::: -'-'-' sfsgi 2: :r:1:f:r.r1rrr11' '2525IE'ff''I-2:21rr:2:2E'EIErE:5:515135383-24r3fi:5:5:?2:g5g sgsgsggrm fi:Zsgaafsfssgsgsgsgsgfg' 5531152512:,.,i,g:55ga5"' :, 12?Ez:?E.' wr: ' WEEE- 5'"'4'fIfii':"""':'1f2Es " 'ilifiif .11 is- 3:25 If riff' 'I gems: 2:24. '2:2:1-1.'-222 . -: 12:1:1:1:1:-V' '+'?2" '- '-:Ia-.-..-.-fa. f- -. .-:ale ' I 5 :-1s:s.:1-f' ff, ' -' fsf r-:-. , t"2:f"S," ., 3.5914 - . ':-,. ::: I ' , -'-pf'-5...-V':.:.:.:.gIgIgI-1131!glg.gI'I-lQ-i'1'Z-'-'-I-3fjI3I'2:' ...-.-'-", . I ' ,- ..,. Serving Wichiza And The Trade Terrizory For 64 YEARS . . Longer Than Any Ozher W ichim Department Store TH 5 FEDERALLY INSURED UP 10 55,000 X1 u f 0 6 ' I I I Ann Loan AssoclA1'lou U3 SO STREET WICHIIA KANSAS G A R V I E 7 S II7 North Broadway Phone 3-l0Il HOLLABAUGH'S of course Drug Store Main and William Wichita, Kansas Jennings Poultry and Egg Co. Market Prices - Custom Dressing 1709 West Douglas 2-2021 WICHITA, KANSAS THE FOURTH NATIONAL IN'W1CH1TA Capital and Surplus 354,000,000 . C I Member Federal Deposit I urunve Corporal n BANK Y Q l I CONGRATULATIONS. 41' 4 N 'C lg f ', And A 03 4 T N 'Q N X gf 5 Welcome! X -7 F' jr vi 46 X K ,. X l f ff 0 lx X 7 9' A N fl X E- l X R l I N Welc-onw to thx- unlixuilvd uppurtu t for a happy, prosperous life llllil t :iss f vou unrler our A 'ivan frm- CIllPl'1J , , Conffratulatlons yste-111. Tour future and the fulure ol 5 the Iltillllll . . will lw wlxzlt xml vhm from to make il. KANSAS sas Q5 ELECIRMLACUMPANY 4 WICHITA 'n EAGl.E.GGG.VARSlTY TOWN.BOTANY Z 3, CITY FLORISTS 4 W , ij Mil mamFg1..,,2 Z Paul1ne's Qorsage Bar E E'g!iiiEEEmWZt, .hh 5 15172 Disc-olrlnl Y for Stutlr-nts on ffnrsage- Z jlgmmu ' .,ll',gm::-1t:'-. ' . 714 South Broadway 4 3 ' I " Eiiiwllttttw. . 2 'in ' lqqllll . A A mn-wi ,Q P' 5 WATT PHARMACY O O m l'1I'2lIN'lF Walt E AT 2 Q w11t,i.iAM g Z For the Labels You Know ' L LLI v- If qw Look to 2, V, Z -1 P 'U Z 4 1 I U . 2 ' O 40 x an -4 'n Q0 C O 1 1 Z Q rn SOCIETY BRAND . . LOIUS ROTH . . HOLLYWOOD Main and Harry Phone 2-0238 JOHN SON'S Poultry and Eggs 1506-1516 Vfest Douglas Dial 5-5932 Homogenizetl BOND BREAD IFS Honestly tflooll CONTINENTAL GRILLS Fire Convenient Locations Enjoy Life .... Dim' Out More Often Union Sheet Metal Works Sheet Metal Contractors, Tile and Slate Roofing Warlli Air Healing and Ventilating 1811 E. Douglas Dial 4-0652 Wichita T. Kansas Frvll D. ami Frank B. Wleizlman Compliments of DOUCHERTY PRESS 1725 West Douglas 2-2313 KELLOGG BROS. FEED AND SEED 818 VV. Douglas 2056 N. Broaflway Heartiest Congratulations to the Class of 1950 THE GAS SERVICE CO Natural Cas for Home lmll Industry Congratulations to the Class of Build for the Future 1950 Ste 1 b ' Ste J ITN Your I y I I 5 Future Aclfl Io Your Savings ALTUIIIII Regularly ,.. A N D, , ds at 7 Qui, il tlleal lljlelal V 1 X 'gl' on Your rrhe K Heallll NATIONAL BANK eee e LX vm gglyffalfll Xlgmlmer I',II.l.l.. Douglas at Topeka CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Wfiellita Amarillo Denver Q I I gffx I 1 If - 'f lj AA W I I I QA ,ff I I - , 1 lIlSISl on balm Dairy Foods I'orII1e Fumilx of tlle l'llIl,LlI'l'. Al Heller Stores All Over xwvlfllllil j Q SELMA SA FE DAIRY FOODS Phone 7-422 l S.-XFE NIILK ICE CREAM Goorl Taste Is Xol Coxernecl Ivy lneomf ' ,M WIN CurfIeIcl's Clothes Are I' or Women ol' Good Taste DULANEY JOHNSTON 81 PRIEST Ill To All Students: CO' N X N w w Prescription Specialists SERVI1XGPT1cIgEgEl?E BLILN 1729 W. Douglas, Wichita. Kansas t 1 A Phone 2-0315 Call ECONOMY LAUNDRY A and DRY CLEANERS 3-1268 4-02 Maple Means Laboratories, Inc. 801 Maple Dial 2-1822 Right from the Start . . see . . SHELLEY'S for Electrical Contracting Fixtures - Table and Floor Lamps Dependable Repair Service Sunbeam antl Farber Table Appliances Hotpoint Appliances Giftware 5'IlEllE '5 Electrical Wirin ,-AiiLConditionin Cf' Reg5a'i'i'in'g 123 SOUTHEFKIN .V .' . ."EfPH8NE-4-HIP Use Harvest Home Brand Foods Congratulations to the Class of 1950 llistrilrutecl by The ,IETT 8: WOOD Mercantile Co. DE COURSEY'S FIRESTONE CROCERY 2510 W. Maple 3-9953 Ifs Quality Conlrollerl Phone 2-8-l-71 KELLOGC FURNITURE CO. 92-'l-6 West Douglas I-1711 Compliments of CONSOLIDATED GAS UTILITIES CORP. 105 Xvest Douglas Wichita, Kansas KESSLER LUMRER COMPANY l640 W. Douglas 3-5251 Gifts For All Occasions Fountain Pens, Leather Goods, Sporting Goods, Diaries, Greeting Cards lpens Repairerlt F. G. ORR'S BOOK STORE ns NORTH TOPEKA 2226 EAST DOUGLAS Congratulations to the Class of 1950 PALMER'S GRILL 1200 wssr nOliOI,As PHONE 2-9491 R. E. RUSE FURNITURE CO. 826-28 W. Douglas 2-21157 HISTORY . . A record of events . . . of things iccomplished. Ive point with pride to our history . . extending from l876 to 1950. FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN WICHITA Nlenilwr Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Camera Headquarters Since 1888 LAWRENCE CA E VQJA OP Congratulations to the Class of '49 WICHITA YELLOW CAB CO. 2-0494 The REMBRANDT Studio H9 North Broadway l27 North Topeka 5-ISII Rest Wishes From The LAWRENCE WICHITA WATER COMPANY LUMBER CQ. 301 N. Main Wlichita, Kansas Congratulations To the Class of 550 GOLDSMITH'S 002 W iD I II6-II8 South Topeka 0 es Ong as Books ' Gifts 0 Athletic Goods Phone 4-13214 Office Furniture and Supplies ,Quia-71412114 14uz0'7"G'F!'4 ,qfffawfffl u

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