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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1932 volume:

-"z xx? IMSW rn X E U' H 5. SMU MARGARET PUTMAN EDITOR FLORENE WATKINS BUSINESS MANAGER RUTH FURNAS HERBERT HUFFMAN FLOYD MOORE CLASS EDITORS ALAN JAY ATHLETIC EDITOR ELIZABETH CASWELL ORGANIZATION EDITOR MARJORIE STANTON LEA HASEMEIER FEATURE EDITORS FLOYD POPE CIRCULATION MANAGER DEAN WOLFF FACULTY ADVISOR DESIGNED AND ENGRAVED HY THE MID-CONTINENT ENGRAVING C0 120 SOUTH SAINT FRANCIS WICHITA, KANSAS 12 11 1 m K 0 TA I. I MM fx N 10 2 f If 'Q , 9 THE 1932 5 1 8 TI-IE IUNIOR CLASS Of FRIENDS UNIVERSITY 7 5 6 FOREWORD The sands of time move slowly in the hour-glass of life-grain by grain, moment by moment, event by event. Life is made up of seconds, each one separate and complete in itself, yet com- bining to form a perfect opportunity. School life consists of busy hours, idle hours, thoughtful hours, and hours of pleasure-all part of a ceaseless round of normal activity. And so this book ticks off for you a year's time at Friends University. As you turn its pages may you glimpse the timeless love of school, and joy in achievement felt by every student. 1-gg S555 : ' :5EE l xx L 'Q Q ,Ny 1 I 5 'f Ss W H P LSR I y ,, K 'gy X -an 1. 4, 4' -.1-. Contents CORRECT TIME FRIENDS OF TIME TIME OUT IN THE MEANTIME ,ff gl MARIORIE STANTON Leader 'Time is the Ziyi' of the soul ' 1 ' "Li" ' A 'Fifi fi-T " '- ' 4- '. 'F sg 27 , vp K 'pw ' . . ' ,, Y -. , yu- gf. ,,., , .gm . if" ..s 449'-4 . .fKf,',,:3 .,'v',He ' T K' . ',', if 4. ' :lv A252 I " 13:23 E A N ' ,111 firi- A L' I , ,J " ,,f,g:2,. ' ,, A J M, . "Be ruled by Time, the wiscxfl Counsellor of all." 1 l fl JI The good old times-all times when old are good. WILLIAM ORVILLE MENDENHALL Ybrefidcnt AB. and A.M., Penn College Ph.D., University of Michigan CJNIAS BARBER BALDWIN Dean of the College PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION A.B., Friends Univorsityg A.M., University of Chic-ngog Fellow in Educaitimi. University of Chicago. Ph.D.. Kansas University. MAIKGUERITE H. WoLFIf 'Dean of Women ENGLISH A.B., Denver University PAGE NINE WALTER ALBERT YOUNG EQ: pr. ,J 91 Y, I- A w- . lsABEL CRIXBB History French A.B., Frivnds University: AIS., A.B. and A.M.. Earlhaini Uollogog Haverford College: A.M.. Univer- xity of Uhicagog ll2l!'V2lI'd College SIUHYIIEI' Srhuolg G+JIlt'Vil, 1929-30 WILLIAIN1 P. TIKUEBLOOD History and Economicx B.S., Ezirlham College: A.M., Uni- versity of Chicago: Follow in Edu- cation, University of Chicago. H. ERNEST CROW Biology A.B., Frivnds Uiiivvrsifyg B.S. lIzIVPrf0I'Il Collegvg A.M., Univvr sity of Kzinsasg Univvrsity of PUHYI sylvaniag 1'lI.D., Kansas University PAGE TEN Snninier. La Surboiim-, Paris. EIXIMA KENDALL English A.l3., l'lill'lll2lII'l Colle-gag C01'Ill'll Univvrsity SIIIIIII11-21' Schnolg AIS., Univf-Ifsity of Uhicagog Harvard Suininer School. RUTH O. DYCIIE Home Economic: A.B.. Kansas Univvrsity' A.M., Colunibiai L'IIiv1-rsity. IOIIX DELIXS lVlILLS lfducalion and Bible A.l'3.. l'I-nn f'ollc-5131-5 Sf'lIllllfll'j' Wurli :II fllllilllil SPllllllill'yZ AAI., l'ni vm-Isity of Kzuiszis. I. H. LANGEN NVALTER Bible A.B., fi0l'lll3l1 XY:1llzu-0 Culli-go B.l3., f,Y4'l'llI1 'l'lII-rmlogivnl Svnii naryg S.'l'.M., Hill'lflbl'1l Thx-Imlrmgiwl SOIlllIl2ll'j'Q D.B., lizilflwin, YV:Ill:Ic'e Colle-go. QZIIARLES A. IQEAGAN M azlzemczzics B.S,. Moon-s Hill Collefgn-3 All., Kaiisain University. Q Isl RANDULPII OLAIJ HECS P0l1'tic'z1! Scicfzfe Ali., St. Olaf flollvgf-1 A.M., Col- Illlllllil Unin-rsily: liillltllllil, Nil mul Instituto nf Pulrlic' Admin- ration. IGNATIUS M. WEIIKINGER Modern Languages B S.. H:ivf'I'fo1'11 Vollegv, llaxvm-rf0I'L1 l'I-nnsylvzuliu. P. T. TIzI7EBI.ooD frzglffh and Public' Sf7C'Ll'kl-71 g Xiillzilm-111-' IlIllYl'!'SliyQ LH.. llulw Univvrsilyt. LELIA RUTH MCMURRY Home Fconomifs ILS., Kansas State Agricultural College-3 M,A., Columbia University. IXDDIE WRIGHT I-I1'sl01'y A.B.. Eilfllliiill Cullegeg XYisc0nsin Ullivvrsityg A.M., Columbia Univer- sity. MIXh1IE RICE ciREENFIELD Englfxlz A.B.. ifillgfiSllt-'I' Uollelgog M.A.. University of Iowa. P. DANIEL SCIIULTZ Chemistry A.B., Bethel Collegeg MS., Univer- sity of Yvisconsing Graiclllute Stu- dent, University of Coluraido. LEWIS WEBER Physics A.B., Park College: A.M., Michigan University: Graduate Student, Mirhigan University. A. E. IANZEN Economffs A.B., University of Kzxnsasg M.A., University of Kunsasg Two YC-urs, Gruduato Work. University of Cal- ifurnia. PAGE ELEVEN HARLAND F. WILEY Director of Physical Education A,B.. Frionrls Univvrsity: Michigan Summer School: Hays T0aclIeI's' College under Glen Wamrnvr. EDWINA A. COWAN Psychology A.B., A.M., Illinois Universityg Ph.D., f7lIiL-ago Univursityg B.S., Knnsns State Ag'l'l4fUlllll'ill College. M.A., Columbia. lTo VAN Ch ESON Business Adm1'n1'xtration A.B., Friends Univvrsity. PAGE TWELVE 9 LUCILLE VEIKIJULST Physffal Dfrcctot' for Women A.l3.. NVisI'0nsin. DR. I. E. WOLEE College Pltyxician A.l5.. M.D., Kansas Univerxity. ESTIIER HOPE Rcgiftrar A.B., Friends Univvrsity. if W Dix. I. Q. BANBUIIY C 011611, Football and Traclq D.D.S., l'ittsbuI'y Cliiversity. ALICE L. BEACH L1'bl'HI'l-H71 A.B,. University of Miiimlsotag B.L.S.. University of Illinois: Li- brary School. AUSTIN C. CLEVELAND Education A.lS.. ILS.. Phillips Univvrsityg AJI., University of Uliivzigng XV01'k at Ynlv Universityg llvlzind Stan- ford. E LA RUBA BILLINCS HENDERSON Pfan 0 B.M., Frivuds Uuivvrsityg f'l1ic:1gu Musivul tlullegvg l'l1-rlwrt Xvl1ll,l1l'l'- spoon: Yeatmanu Griffith, New York Pity. IRENE V. BAKER Dram fzzirs Lfelaml Powers School of Tlll'2lt0l'Q PlliLll'lilll Rice Svhuul of Spukvu XVurcl. Mus. IXLIXIA H0BsoN Pfam 0 Grafluzltn- of VViufi0lLl Collvgv of Musivi pupil of Otto Fischer, Bur- ton liurliniuun and F. Adclisuu Porter: Studied with Louis U. lil- xtou :ind Rudolph Kvutur. .im-X. 11"- ROY CALIPBELL DliI'C16Z0l' of Srhool of lW1l51'c and Inszrurlor in Voice Univvrsity of lf2lllS1lSQ Draikv Uni- versity: Studi-ut with Holmes Cuwpvr. Clliczigog Clmrlvs XV. tllurk, Claim-algo: Albert 0. Amlmwon, Paris: Oscar Scugle. X1-w York. IXLAN IRXVIN Head of Piano Department Muxli., Bush fl0IlSt'Y'Vili'0l'y. Chi- cago: l'h.l'S.. L'uiv1-rwity uf1'l1iv:1::U1 Stuslvut of Jullu J. Bltlt'kllllll't'. f,'l1i1':1y:o. ELBERT HENDEIRSKJN 1VIu,c1'f Studied ut f'ulu1ulii:i Svhool of Slu- sic. Now York: Jzxvolx SL'lll'0ill9l'. Violin. I M.ARG.'XIlE'f IOY Piano and Theory Grurluuto of Nlury lfimlly Azlvsg Mus.l5., C'hir'z1gro Musical Uollvgeg Normal 'l'e'u4-lim-r's tlulxlwtw, Winfield Vollt-go of llusiv: Pupil nt' IH-roy Gnziiuge-r. Iimlulpli Rmitvr 111111 MoisQ:xyz,- Hogllsluixxlii, THELMA IJUGIIES Pfmzo , Y. .. . l,.M.. l'l'1K'IHlS lrlivvrsity. LILLIAN T,w1.o1z Tumufn Pl-1171 0 'llUZlt'llt'!"S Cvrtifivutt-, Cliicauru Blu- sia-znl Uollz-go: Pupil of ldurlolph Gaul. Fvlix lialrowski, Dr. livwis Falk. Iiilliziu Rm-ml. PAGE THIRTEEN W. S. HADLEY .... BERT C. WELLS . . . DANIEL W. BINFORD I. H. GIDLEY .,,., E. L. FOULKE , . DANIEL W. BINFORD CARL D. BYRD .,,,. FRANK L. DUNN , . Board of Directors OFFICERS MEMBERS Term Expires in 1932 .......,.Prexidcnt Vz'ce-President . . . . ,Secretary . . . ,Treasurer . , Attorney .,..,.Wichita . .Alva, Okla. . . . . , .Wichita FRED LAPTAD ...,. .... L avvrence I. H. GIDLEY ...... . .,.. Wichita DR. E. D. CARTER ..., . , . , ..,. Wichita Term Expires in 1933 W. S. HADLEY ..... ....,,..,..,...,.,.,. ...... W i chita FRANK C. BROWN ..... .... H aviland W. A. WOODWARD .... .... H aviland BERT C. WVELLS .... ,... W ichita MARY S. HARVEY .... Wichita GROVER PIERPONT .,,. .....,............... .... W i chita Term Expires in 1934 E. L. FOULKE ..,,...,..,,..,,.,.....,.,...,. ,..... W ichitzx BERTHA STUBBS SUMPTER , . . ,........... Argonia FRANCIS A. WRIGHT ....... .,,.. K ansas City, Mo. CHARLES P. HANCOCK ...., ........,.. E rnporia A. A. HYDE ......,..,, .,..,...., W ichita E. I. HAWORTH ....,,. ..,., G ate, Okla. Oar time is a very shadow that passeth away." "Wherever anything lives, there is, somewhere, a register in which time is heirzg Z.715C'7'tb6d.U gl Q 7 4 sf? Tj RACHEL CHILSON Friend 'No fiicndiv a fiiemi till she shall prove a fiend if ,ia ,D J. .f,,:,r Time wmficd 1.5 exiffclzce, med is IifZ'." Q H s -an 'CP hw. if H fu 'fx 51 ks aff'f,,M., ' VAVRF 'x i Q 'To cueryzfhirzg there if a ,ceafozz And a time to every purpose." .Xc:Y1,s.X1JxA1S l1'11,Q!i.v!z l311l1o111i:111 fllub 2,41 Zvtu l"l1i 4: NY..-LA. 1-1. lfxolx 73. 41 Flaw l'l11y .1 .1. lJ11111141s 11111.11 lfzflqflfh film- f'lub 1- 1: We-ltu H1111 2-1: f 4 4 Y.VN .I .A. 1, 23 Nllllltl I :1lsy" 1 Q Club 1-4: l"uutl1:1ll 2-4: "A1l:1111 :mud Eva" 4. 611.1141 Nm- ISFX1' f,l!I!'l1Ill.ffl'Y Q fllub 1. 2. Ji. li l"ootb:1ll 2. 3. 4g "Ad:1111 111111 l'Ix'11" 4. C1,x1z1 Nm. lll.lJXVl.Y l2.fYllIOIPIlll.',C Kf11i110ni:111 l-4, V.-Prvs, 4: Q Club 2-4, Prsw, Sig lnlblllllilll 1-4. V41-f'a11rl. 4: 'l'z1lis111:111 Stuff Ili Y.M.i'.A. I-lg liuskl-1tb11ll 11111112 4: Life Stuff ZS: Guild 4: Blusln-1' 4lU1U1l'll 4: May Duy Party 4. l.1'ci11.1. l4I1lJI'.YIl.XNINIl,R .ll11lf11'n111I1'c11' Zvfzl Plll Il-1: Y.XY.f1.A. I-4. Gub- iuvl 4: VV.A.A. I-1, Svc. IS. l'1'11s. 4: 3101111 I-1111111 4: l:1l1s1u:111 3: Qluss S1112 4: H4111111' Stlulvnt 4. M.x1u'1X l5o1u31.1.'r Cf1z'r21iff1'1' liui11f111i:111 2-4. Y.-Pros. 35: Q f'l11l1 Z-4: T1'111'k 1-4: Sfudvul 4lUllIlI'1l 12-4. PM-S. 43 Y.fXl.f'.A. 1-4. f':1b- inct 3, 4: 'l':1l1w111:111 lflditur 3: llam- 111' StLld4'lll 4: lllzxy Day l':11'1y 3, 4. Xlllllill. l5o'1"1'11A1 ,1l11fhz'nz11!ir'.1' lS:1111I IS. 4: Play 31. l'll'f.l YI liowlk l'f11'.1'fz1f ,xllrllil K:111p:1 '1':1u 1, 2. 24. 1: S111-f r'v1' l " 'i 4 iblpt 4' illvv 4'lub X1 I 11 3, 4: Many Day 1 ngrr, 3, ,Z I11t P Surivly 4'1111111'il 1: Q Club L. ii. lg P011 Ulub 2, A, 4. Pros. 4. li,x111. I4r1w1.BY Hhcmry K11i11f111i:111 1. 2. 3. 4. 'I'1'v:1s. :Si Asst. l"u11tb:1ll Blugr. 2. Zi. Bluff!! 4: l11101--Su1'iv1y C0l1'l1l'1l 4: Rluy 4 1 liav l:11'tv 1' X.M.L,A. 1. L. 3. 4: 1 Politivzxl klub 4: "A Full Hmlszfl 3. li11c:14N1a BRFf1'z C'hc'121isI1'1' Q Club 2. Ii. 4: T!'2lC'1i 1. 2. Ci, 4. Ixus li1z0c:1u1xY li11,Ql1'.ffz and HI-.ffKl1'1' Z1-1:1 Phi 2. IS, 4. Puls. 4: 130111111 2, 4: liulrl Q Club 2, 23. 42 YNY. CA, 1. Z, Ii, 4, CTal11111-l 23 Info Stuff 2. 35. 4: 1V.A.A. l. 2. Ji. 4, I+lxvc'11tiv1- Zi, 4: Swi1111ui11g fllub 4, 1'1'1-4 1' l'ol11-1111111 Club " 'S 4' l'Ulilim':1l l'lub 1. l.1.m1J C151-.x11x'1' H1',1m1'1' litilllfllllilll 1. 2, 3. 4: lizxxkctbzlll 1. 2. K. 4. 1'z11rt. 3. 4: l"4mtb:1ll 1, 2, 3, 4. All Stzxiv 2, 3: 'l'1':1r'k 2, ii, 1 P I: Q Llub 1, L, 3, 4: "Full 111111511 3. Cl1,1u1.1uN1L fjlll 1'wuu1m Jlllflll' All-1l11:111 1. 2. 23. 4. l'l'L'N. 4: Glee 1'l11b l. 3. ZS. 1. llxvx C1 .mx l?1z,v1'11zu'.v .'IJ1111'l11'.1'l1'11l1'rm P4-p Club ti. Svc. Ii: Iioi11u11i:111 3, 4 Sw- 4 Iflli D.11.'1'uN: Ifzzgliffl llnucl 4: Y.M.i'..X. 1. 2 l'1Xl',1.X'N l7.xx'1s .1l1zfhcr1z11rz'r.r XY..-LA. 1. 2. 3. 4: Y.XV.4'.A. 1. 2. Zi. 4. l':1b1111-1 2. CS: 4lf1x111'l liillld fi, 4. Pr:-s. 4: Blvcla 4.1-I111111 JS. 1: llou- m' Sturlr-111 4. 5411111111111 1:Ul'l.K1. If114qf1'.1'f1 and I'fy1'huln.qy Zvlu l'l1i 53, 4: XV.A.A. 2, CS, 4, 1'1Xvc'11Iix'4- K, 1: Y.VV.f'.A. 24. 4, fl2llJllIK'l 35. 4: 1'f1litic':1l C'l11b 4. R111. CNJOIHNI xv .1l11Ihz'lm1Iiz'.f Alpha lxup 1. 2, 54. 4: Y.RT.f'.A. 1, 2, K, -13 l'ulitiv:1l Club 4: Guild 4: 119412110 4: Class T1'1-ns. Jig May Q11111-11 l'111'ty 1. PAGE TWENTY-ONE ORLAN Il.xR.xm.1z lin Ixw KIYG P.ryc'fzofr1g y ENR ll'-'fl ',. - 45 Y-x.,'. . '- '- Alpha Kappa Tau 1. if. ti, lg Y.M. :?'l"'3"lQ'f I.'Y'l,hElh3llifZ,1.'.I24l:Tn f'.,K, l, 2. Ci. 4. l'alrlm'1 2. 35. li ,l"lAd'l.-Qui-4' ' Uufpvl liaml 2. Iii llvlnuln- iii 'I'alls- ' A ' ' man Zig Sun-ver 1: Ulm-lg Vmnmllt- V rm- 1. Xllwln-lun NlCPlll'l40Y .Xvz1.1.1'1'x llr-Iexnmz Ii114Qf1fh Hflff Hlffflfv I I N 1V..'X.A. Sl. 4. l'lx1'L'uliX'e- 2. JL 4: 'mlillll-W'l Pulilival l'lulr 4: S1'l'ilnl1l1'rs' Ululm NV.A.A. 2, IS, 43 Y.1V.l'.,X. l. 2, Zi. 3: Z4-la Phi: Y.1V.l',A. 3, 4. Valm- 4g Z4-la Phi 4, SM: I. 1Ill'l -1. .XIli'IIll: M,4Ii.XY Cuml, IlI'.S'I'1JY l'hy.vir.f and .llL1fhl'llIllflll',x' , ,,. Dr-hatv 1: liuimmian 1. 2. Ii. -1: LMILQIM-JH H film- t'l11h Zi. 4: Howe-1' 1. 2. Si. 4: Ile-Ita Khu 1, 2. 3. 4: .lunmr Play l1:1,k,lfl,,,1l lr :Tp till-0 Vlull 1. 2, ZS: Qualir-V Php- 1ml.2.I3.S.2. , mm ec l'ruw:r.s M.xT1'1vcQ1.x' PMI. Hovr l1f"1,Qf'fl,Qf'-4 , lla-lta lihu l, Z. Zi. 4, Prvs. Si. '1'1'vas. l'fly'fIL'5 23 IH-ppm-ltnw 2. 3. 4: M1-da llruup lirrinrmiall: F00l,lJ:1ll Z-3: film' Uluh 35 lmflfflu' 'lf xl' 0111011 VMUVS lv 2- 1, 2. ii: "Full Iluum-" 31. Vm DIN M,n'n Ul"lVl'lWDL Hlllfll-W Ilfxmrv amz' EZYJIIOIIII-l',f .y1Hmf,,,m,fl-Lf Alpha Kappa Tau ll. 2, SS., 4. Prvs. ' U l - , , , -7 42 lulslwtllaxll 2. 3. 41 N14'r'4'x' li l,l"l'2' Ifhn 1' 3' fQ,X'xF'l -AQL -- Sturlvnt Vzmlllln-il 4: Freslxman Clam "' 42 PHPA' 1' L- "- l' All Pdlfml l're-siclval: Senior Clam 1'1'n-sicle-ut: Play 13 Dvlla Rho Play 1: N-num' Swim. PIM.. Claws Day Plav ' HIS.fkS1II K.xw.m.x I-lvl-.lu5'1"1' MII.I.l',ll . Plzvfirf Efonomlcf Snow-1' 1, 2, 22, Capi. 313 Class Y,M.Il.A. 4 g Japan Univvrsity 5 M, Trl-as, 1: lioinuniau 1, 2. 3. -lg yoars. Yl'm'king Mvnk Guild 4. Prvs. 4. PAGE TWENTY-TWO Gxvl4,x1m1.x'w Moxumg lIf.vIr1ry,f 1Y.A.A, 2. Sl. 1. l'lxvs'11lix'v 2. 24, 1 Puliiival C'l11lr 4. Sew. 4. Mun' N1 1,1.x' l1'11.Qf1Q-fl IQIJXYXRIP NORRIS fZhI'lIll-.Vfl'1' lim! l'hy.cic'.f Kimmnian l. 2. Zi, 43 l"orvtlrall Z liaskethall l, Z. Rl"l'lI l,,XUl.'l"l' flrmzz' Ifwllrzzzzfff .-Xlethian I. 2. Zi, 41 Hnmv Ecmmxn its Uluh 2. Zi, Prvs. 4. Ml.I.ISSX l,.XliKl'.R lflllgfixh Tota T114-ta Blu 1. 2. 23, 4. Xv,'17l'l'S 3. Svc: 4: Slmlvnt Culllwil 3. 4 1 .-15-1-A. 352 1.11 .I'.A. 1. Z. 34, 4 Vahinel ti: Talisman Staff 3: .lu nivn' Play Zi: Y.-l'r4-S. Flass 1: Claw Tl'l'ilr. 2: Y.-Pros. Class 3: Mlm Vlull Zi: Dvllaltv 4: Guld Q Clllll 4: llay Day Party 4. 'I'.u1,rmu l'1.wv1NcT0N Iliffory lfoothall 1, 2. 3, 4. i av, 4'!l4"P 111141 11x'1'1Il1' 111111 Sx11'1'11 11111111111 1111114111 Ill.-'tr11'1' 111111 l:'1 n11u111Ir.f Cfn'1111',-'l1'1' l:'1'r1f1fm1n'.v 111111 1111f1'11f'.1'.f 1111111111111 1. 2. 11. 41 1'.11.1"..x. 1. 12111111 1. rf. zz. 1: 1'.11.1'..1. 1. 2. 2, AMm1'1111f11-11f1'f111 ii. 1, 1'1111i111'1 2. ZS. 1'1'1's. 4: Q 1. 131111111-1 1. 2 111111111111 1'11111 13 Y.A1,1'.A, 3, -13 111111 2. Ii, 1. 1'1'1-N. 1: T1'll1'1i 1. 2, T,.m.k I 1 1, 1':1111. 213 1111x1111T11:111 31111512 21. ' . . 'VV 1 3 1'.a1'111.11 51-'ww JOHN! U I I S . . .111 ' f". MXIIIXN R141111 Ilmm' l:1'ol10111zz'.f N HHMIU , , , , F my 1'1-p V11111 1, 2. 34. Ig Q 1'11111 2, 3. 1,1,,,,,,.V 1.11.1 ..1. 1. 1, 0. 4. 4: Sm.,.,,,, 3. 3, L 171-11:1 111111 1. 2. Zi, 45 111101'-S01-ivty 1U'I11'1'N1'1l11l11Y1' 4, X.XX.f.A. 1, 3. - M.11w11111 XV1111'1.1..X1V .X11.1111 5-11111.1w1p 4 Y V v I I1.HQlI.m ,1l11lhz'n111Ilr.1 VNU R011-KH-HGH ' . Y 11.141, 1 11 :: 1 121111111-1 -1 :1 , 1111:1 '1'11111:1 X111 1. 2, 3. 41 T1111s- f., . , lf' A '- , 1, ,," 1' Hunt. mlm Qt. ft. ,al uk I D- V I, 'I v 3 4. 1111, .1. 111 N 1111111111 11.1ws. X.- , A 1 . pf. N ' fI1l...' l M .ll al 5 " ' 1'1'1-5. S1-11i111' 1'1:1w: 1x11i111111i1111 1. 111-1'-111111 1. zz. :a.v1: A11111111111 1. 2, "1 "JN - 2, :1. 1. Q 11111, 1, 3, :1. 1. xY.'1.71.'4'h. 1 1, N11-. Zi. 1: '11'1':1N. 1'1:1xr 3. 4: 1"1111111:111 1. 2. ZZ. 1. 1'11-131111. 42 13111141-1111111 1. 2. 21. 1g 111111111' S111- 15111s11'1111' U11 dm! 4' 1.1 111' 111811 llwmf' I1'1'r111rn111'1'.1- 1.I'I'11.I.1 NV11111111111 1-111,-fm-V L1111111i' 1'I1'111111111iI1:s 1'11g11 Zi SJ1. lfumf, Ikolmmiu. . , , , .11 1'-1 s. L. i: 'z L. ZZ 1111111111 IS, -1. 1.-1'l'11f. 1: 1.11.12-X. Ghlm Vfulh I 3 'ggi Y Nvwnl 1 ,, 111111 'I'111'1:1 X111 1. Z. 31. 1. 1'1'1's, Jig I 2, 34. 1, 1':1111111-1 1: liirl! 13111111 3 1. Vnbimft ' ' ' 'A ' ' " 5111111-111 V1111111-i1 Ji. 11 S1-1-. 1-'1'1-s11- l'r11s. -1. ' ' 1111111 1'1:1sx: Y.-1'1'1-5. S1111111111111r0 Vluxsg Y,W.1',A. 1, 2. 3. -1. Pres. 113 '1'111'111-y 13:15 12111-1-11 Sig I11:1y Imy Onww R17s11 ,'X1'11111.1' VAN C1.14,x'E Q1ll'f'H 1- l'hilr1.1oplzy and If!fllt'1IIl.0lZ lifzlglfkh JOHN YHNAW 41111111 1431111121 '1'1111: Y111.C.A. 1, 2, 11111111 111111 I. 2, 213 1111-11 U11117 2, 3, R-171, 4 4, 01111111-1 2, SS, 13 Q C11111 2, Ji, S1112 Sig 1,1'l1l1l'11l'S 1. 2, 35 Plays I I 4 sw. :ag sm-1-111 1, 2, 11, 4. 1. 2, sa. 4. Y.A1.1'.A. 1, 2. :1, 1. PAGE TWENTY-THREE M.XIlII,I..k .XI,l'0RlJ Mullinx illu Hf1'fIlI' . y Y.YV.C.A. 3, 45 All-thian 3, 4, Sec. 45 "Ladies of the Juryl' 45 XV.A. A. 4. ,'XI.N'.x lMR1al.R Xviihlfil I-Iixfqry um! lz'm1mmi:'.f V.-Pres. Class 2: Senior Class Pres. 45 Pep Club 25 Guilfl 3. 4. Sec. 3, Master Council 4: l'olitif'al Club 3. 4: Debate 35 Gold Q Club 3, 45 Student Council 3, 4, Tre-as. 3, Pres. 45 Class Play 3. F.fxRR1c:1. lil-.xllllik Chcrokcc, Okla. Engljxh Iota The-ta Mu 1, 2, 3, 45 Y.NV.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 W.A.A. 1, 2. GRACE lgl4.NDlzR Chcrokcc, Okla. I-Iixlory Iota Theta Mu 1, 2, 3, 4: YJVIKA. 1. 2, 3. 45 Class Sec. 3: Sopho- IIIAUFC Council 25 VV..-LA. 1, 2, 3, 4. B.4RBAR,x lil-1RNS'I'0Rl5 NVichita Biology lotn Theta Mu 1, 2, 3. 4, Y.-Pros. 3: Y.VV.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Pros. Soph- omore and Frvshinan Counr'ilS5 XVii.I.i.-ui lioYLE NVichita Hi.fI0ry Y.M,C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 Koin- onian 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 35 Class Pres. 45 Class Play 35 May Queen Party 35 Debate 35 Guild 3, 45 Pulitivzil Club 3, 4. FRANK likuillxi Wichita Chrnzixlry Chemistry Asst. 3, 45 Q Club 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Track Mngr. 35 Foot- ball 4. I-liaixislalvi' BROVVN Wichita Hixlory NIONA M.NliIli BROXVN Booker, Texas Iizzglixh Gospel Band I, 2, 3. Russlau. BROWN XV.A.A. 1, 2, rs. 4, ldxcc-utive 2, Wichita 45 lioheinian Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Polit- - -5 it-ai Club 3, 4, V.-in-vs. 4, Zora h'W1"'h Phi 3, 4, Pres. 4, V.-Pres, 35 Glee Gospel Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Y.M.C.A. Club 15 Meda Group 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, 4. PAGE TWENTY-FOUR lls'1'HuR CH11.soN ,hfFlC2lTElZgli,fll Y.NV.C.A. 1-4, Cabinet 2-45 Univer- sity liife 2-4, Editor 45 Iota 'l'l1s-tai Mu 1-4, Suv. 45 VV.A.A. 1-4, Exec- 2-4, St-Lu-'I'1'0as. 35 Pep Mngr. 25 Zeta Phi 3, 4. Trcas. 35 Home Hro- noniivs Club 3. 45 Politic-al Club 3, 4: Student Volunteer 1-3. lmaclei' 2: l"i't-sliumu Council 15 May Quvt-n Party 4. Rxcznu. CHILSKIN Africa-Ltzlfgzlugfu' Y.1Y.C.A. 1-45 Cabinf-t 3, 4, liig: Sister 3. Pros. 4: Iota Theta Mu 1-4, lioard 45 1V.A.A. 1-4, Ext-44. 2-45 Zeta Phi 2-4, Trezis. 45 Mvrla Group 25 Freslunan Council 1 5 Stu- di-nt Council 45 University Life Staff 35 Student Volunteer 2, 35 May Queen 4. HEULAH CLARK Augu sta-English Y.XV.C.A. 1-4: Alothiau 2-4, S4-C. 3: XV.A.A. 2-4: Home Economics Club 1-35 Political Club 4. Dow Davis XVichita-Social Sciwicc Alpha Kappa Tau 2-4, V.-Pri-s. 3, Pres. 45 Tennis 2-45 Y.M,C.A. 2. 33 Scribblers' Club 3, 4. Lois DE H,-WEN Wichita-Home Econonziac Ale-thian 3, 4, V.-Pres. 45 Homo i'lCtIh0lllit'S Club 1, 2, 35 Y.NV,C.A. 2, 3. li1.11.ixoR Dnxinv VVicl1ita Home ljmnunziczf Jelotliian 3. 4: I-1'om0 1411-nnoinif-S fini, 1, 3. .a, u.A.1x. 1. 5, 4, Y.NV.C.A. 1, 2, za. AII.IiliN ELGIN Wichita English Y.YV.C.A. 1. 2. 3, 4: Frnshman Council 1: Bnlis-inian Club 1, 2. 3, 4, Iota Theta Mu 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 9 Ruin Ezi:1.L Wichita Englixh Iota Theta, Mu 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 33 Y.XV.C.A. 1, 2. 3, 4, Cabinet 43 NV.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Glen- Club 2, 3, 4. Hi-LLEN FORD Wichita Music Di-Ha Rho 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Orvliestra 1, 2, 3, 45 String Quartette 3. xv!-.LYA Mui fi.kRDNER Vificliitn Ezzglixlz Y.YV.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. l2i.izABET1I IIARNER Murdock Home Ecofzomirs Y.1V.C.A. 1. 2. 3, 4, Cabinnt 4: Iota Tin-1:1 Mu 1, 2. 3, 4, Tre-us. 4g W.A.A. 1, 2, Home Econuiuics Club 1, 2, 3, 4. LLNNEA HOI.hIBERG Wichita M alh cm cities Aletliian 3. 4. Tre-as, 4. Sec. 4: Y.VV.C.A. 1, 2. 3. 45 Scribblers' Club 2: Tennis Club 3, 4, Medan Group 1, IJICK IANTZ Hillsboro Chcniixiry Ioi-ix Kino Chcrryvalf: Hixtory F0OtbB.ll 3, 4. Lx Rua Kiuicziiia Wichita Iilzglixfz Y,NV.C.A, 1, 2. 3. 4: Freshman 1'nunt'ilg Snphnniore floiiiwilz SL-'u. Solihuniore Class, T1'Ixllblll't'1' Szinioi' Class: Iota Tlivtxi Mu 1. 2, 3, 4, Svc, 2, Pros. 3: Univi-rsity Life Stuff Z, 3, Eilitur 3, Glen Club 1, 2, :s, 4, VV.A.A. 1. Oi.ix'L Lovii XVichitu Ifligfixfl Y.VV,C.A. 1, 2, 3. 4, Freshman l'rnim'ilg Suplimnoro Cnunvil, Gloe Club 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. 13 lioheniiun Club 1, 2. 3. 41 Studi-nt Council 3, Iiiter-Simi:-ty Council 3. Sec. 35 loin Theta Mu 1. 2. 3. 4, Y.-Pres. LZ, 4g Politirzil Club 3, 4, V.-Pres. 3, 'I'1'eas. 4. Mixuuiii MILI.S Wichita Ilillglfifl Gospol Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Volunteer lL0pi'oseIit:i1ivc 4, YJV. CA " 3 4 ,. . -, , . A131 lj.-k'l'Tl'.RSOY Wichita I-Iiflory C1011 Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Y.XV.C,A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Alvtliinn 2, 3, 4. Mn.o lj.'XlI1.1Y Wichita Bible Y.M.C.A. 3, 4. PAGE 'rwEN'rv-r-'ive XYLRNIZ PIGGUTI' XVichita Biology Hiolugy llall. Asst. 41 Smwel' 22 Q Ulub 2, 14. 1: Class Tru-ax. 33 Class Play 24. .-X1.MA Ru' Lzlngclcm llama Ecmzonzizgc Hmm- E4'Ull0llllf'S Club 2, Zi, 4, Sew.- Trvas. Z3 Goxpol Hand 1, 21 Alethi- au 2. 3, -1, Swv. 3: YV.A.A. 1, ZZ, 3, 4, Exam-lxiivv -lg Y.W.C.A. 1, ZZ, 3, 4. IT-xL71.1N1E RESCHKE Pratt IQf'ligiom' Ezizmzfion Y.YV.C.A. 1. 2, 3. 43 Gospm-l Hand 1, 2. Zi, 4, V.-Pres. 2, 3, l'l'c-s. 45 Alethian 3, 4, V.-Pres. 4, Home Ecouulllivs Ulub 3, Politival Club I 43 XV.A.A. L, 3, 4, Exerutivv 2. lI1.1.1.N SCI-IL'BI.-XCl'IliR Wichita FITIZCII Alethian 1, 2, 3, 4. 1'rl-s. ZZ, 4, Treas. Ii, Y.NV.U.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cab- inet 4: Studvnt Council 4. PAGE TWENTY-SIX Rosuor-1 SIiIlflfR'I' l71.0x'v Vmrr Chcnfl' Greenwiulm-Hiffory Hi.-'IoI'3' Kaimmuian 1-43 Y.M.i'.A, 1, 2: Q SUCWI. 1. 2' 3. Ulm, muh 2 3. Ululv 2-4, Pres. 3, Asxt. Pouch Alpha Kappa Tau Zi, 4. XVILMIZR XVICIDE MARY SH'5l'H"3RD Yates Ccntcr-Hixrory Wichltll lutvr-Sm-ioty Cfmxuvil 43 Class Engjj,-h 'lll't'ZlN. 2: Studm-nt Unuuvil 1, G14-e ' f'lub1-4: l:'vam11-4: Orr-llvstra 1-41 Y Funilmll 13 Baskm-tball Mngr. 4: XIRGINIA S'11w'rcN 'IH-unix 54. 4: Alpha Kappa Tau yvichim 1-4: Y.M,C.A. 4. llflihcrzzlzfiac IExY WIII,X, Y.XV.l".A, 1, 2. fa, 4, V.-Pm-S, 2, . Cabinvt 2. 3, 4, Iota 'Flu-1:1 Mu 1, WlChlt3'E'7.QIl-1.6 2, 3, 4- PWS- 4: l11f1'l'-Svvieia' Y.w.c'.A. 2-4, Sw. -1, Cum Sen. 45 Cuunvil 4: Glue Ulub 23 Sophomore Gp... 01.11, 2.4, gm.. 4: Delta Rho fluunvilv IIN-fs. 2: Class l'lay 3: 3.4, V,-Pres, 35 XV..-LA. 2-4: P011 clllfs l-'1l'f'S- 4? MIIB' 12110011 1'a1'fY Vlub 2-4. V.-Pros. 245 May Queen 2- 5- Party 2: "Cz1ppyRicks"3 "Ladies MILDRED Timm.-xs uf the Jurywg Triph- Trio 4. Barclay I4f,ng,,,,4Q.!,5 Luo -WIl.KINS- Moda Group 2. 3, 45 Iota Thc-la Mu lV1Ch'mhM'f-WC' 2: 3- 4, Slit viii NV.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. I2-In-0 Ulub 2. 3, 4: Baud 1-4, 01'- 4: XXX 1, 2, 34. 4. Sec. vlu-slru 1, 2, Kg Kuinonian 3, 43 3, lr4'aS. 42 P0lllH'2ll lllllll 33 SUI' Stuclm-nt Count-il 43 Class Plav 3. dent Uuuuuil 3: South Hall Prefs. 4. ' IJICK VAN l,0I.AIi IRAN Y14'W"'LL Vyichim Inclcpcnzlcncc-.Vzrfic Phyflff 1-141,11 Slecii Sl :H D15-14? Alpha Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4g Sci- Pvp Club 1-35 May Qui-vn Party euve Ulub 22, 3g Annual Staff 3, 2, 4. CLI I-'Tow liII.I.INc:s VVichita Psychology LELA C.'XRSOY YVc:iiingt0n Homc Economics ELIZABETH CASWIQI. Wichita English LEOTA CHI-.ATUIU Kingman Home Economics MARIAN CLARK Wichita Psychology BERTIIA C0l.IiX'l'QR Wichita English L JUNIORS V1XI.OISE DAVIS Wichita I'11hlif School Music DON EXCEL Goddard MARX' ALICE FINCH Sedgwick Home Economics IUOROTHY FISHER Ict, Okiu. Philosophy and Ezlucalion MlI.DRED FISHER Ict, Okla. Muthcmalics MARGARET FULTON Wichita Biology X RlITl'I FURNAS Wichita Home Economics BEULAII GRICE Basil English MERLE GULLEY Fowler Home Economics LE ROY HAMILTON Wichita Chcmislry LEA HASYiLIIiIER Wichita Muthcmutics LLOYD HATITIELD Wichita Physics PAGE TWENTY SEVEN 3'-6 if-sr 5 . JUNIORS I.AxvRi-.xci-1 HERBERT ALAN IAY IRENE KEMP Iilicla, N. Mex, Maize Wichita History Chcfmislry English H h LESLIE KILGORE IALMAR HILLLIAN MARY. IEssUP Mumnsville Protectirin Hoismgton Phyxiw Economzcs Muszc PAUL KRANIER f:liCIL HINSHAW ETHEL JONES Wichita Clearwater Wichita Bibi? Elzglislz English DORTHEA MCCOY Wichita Dokis Houses: ORETTA IONES Mufhfnmn-U Argonia Wichita English English GLENN MCMUNN Mulvane WINIIIRED HOLL1NGSXVORTH RUTH IONES Biology VVichita Wichita AGILE MARDOCK E n glish M zzsic Milton Home Economics HEIRBERT' HUFEMAN THEODORE IONES LIBE MARTIN Wichita Wichita Hoisington English History English PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT ESTHER MAYBERRY Wichita Languages ELIZABETH MILLS Wichita Mathematics FLOYD MOORE Wichita Hislory ORLA MoRToN Protection Lan gun gas IAMES MYERS Mulvane Physics IUANITA NANNINGA Wichita Languages HAROLD NEWBY Englewood Physics JUNIORS SIIELDON NEWKIRK Wichita M izzhemazics MARGUERITE NICHOLSON Maize Home Economics 'FLOYD POPE Gate, Okla. English MARGARET PUTMAN Mulvane English HENRY RIBLET Wichita Physics MAX SKILES Conway Springs Mizlhemulics LORENA SMITH Coffeyville Music MARJORIE STANTON Wichita English ICE SwoPE Zenda History EOL,-x THOIKIPSON Wichita English HARRY WAGNER Mulvane Economics and Business FLORENE WATRINS Hazlc Green, Mo. Malhemalics HOWARD WILLIAMS Wichita M athemulirs EUNICE WYNKOOP Wichita H islory PAGE TWENTY NINE IACK ADAMSON Wichita MAURENE ALLEN Lake City ELIZABETH ALLEY Wichita TED BARNES Protection PAUL BELL Valley Center DOROTHY B ERNSTOR I-' Wichita PAGE THIRTY SOPHOMORES FAYE BERTHOLF Spivey VIRGILENE BODECKER Whitewater AUDREY BLAND Mulvane GORDON BOWLBY Belle Plaine FAIRY BULLIER Wichita PAULINE COOPER St. Iohn OTHO COTT Hu goton STANLEY DAVIS Wichita MILTON DAY Scott City HILDA EPP Hillsboro CLINTON FORBES Mayfield BARBARA FURNAS Wichita LEONARD GEORGE Iert, Okla. KENNETH GIBSON Wichita ROBERT GOODMAN Wichita AUDENE HAWORTH Argonia CLARENCE HIAZZARD Belle Plaine ARTHUR HENDERSHOT Arkansas City SOPHOMORES DOROTHY HIBARGPQR MARGUERI1'E KEARNS Wichita Carmel, Indiana PAUL HOPE Lois KRAMER Wichita Wichita ELIUA HOPKINS Lois KULLLIAN Derby Wichita PAGE HOUSE DOUG LANSDOWNE Wichita Wichita MARGARET HYATT Cl-IARLENE LEw1s Kingman Holly, Colo. VELIKiA JACQUES IEWEL LYMAN Wichita Wichita BERNICE MAHAN Wichita NEVA McCoY Valley Center BILL MCCOY Medicine Lodge ESTHER MCGOVNEY Belmont ELEANOR McMu.1.EN Wichita MILDRED MONSON Wichita - -, WA! VERN.A MOORE Kingman KA'I'HRX'N NANNINGA Wichita GLADYS NELSON' Wichita LILA NELsON Clearwater SAIKI NOLAN Hu goton LAXVRENCE OLIVER Attica PAGE THIRTY ONE MARGARET PALIJER Wichita Lots PENNINGTON Wichita MELYVA PRUITT Goddard Bois RIQHARDSON Wichita MARTHA RICHARDSON Wichita NINA SEAINIAN Cheney PAGE THIRTY-TWO SOPHOMORES ETHEL SIMERL Fowler HERBERT SPARKS Wichita KENNETH STANTQN Wichita ERNESTINE STEXVART Wichita GLENDA STOUT Cherokee, Okla. EYERETTE TAYLOR Conway Springs DWIGHT THOBIPSON Wichita VIX'IAN TOWNSEND Nashville ELSIE VAN KIRK Kingman IAINIES VERTS Wichita Wichita DEDAH WATT Wichita BEATRICE WALLACE NORBI.A WHITE Mulvane S ETH WHITING Wichita HORACE XNILEY Garden City VESTA WILSON Augusta RUTH WVULF Cheney ALLENE WOODWARD Haviland LOXVELL ROBERTS F owler law of M4 Wm X K1 .fi Q YY . f- : ',.""- J . ,, -:Q 1 A K ' ' -ff 3 gi sw, , ,Er gg .mfs Kg W Wi """"' sl X A iw . r 'fv- . M , ,,AAk, ' KWAV l W5 r f ra FRESHMEN Top Row, left to right: Glevn Able, Victor Auron, lohn Alexander, liluinc Amlrews, Raymond Antrim, Henry linlvcock. ' Sccmza' Rruu: Bruce ligdl. Helen Barrington, Mary Barrow, Forckt Beal, Xvllflflll lienrd, Byron lieloof. Third Row: Vlfillinm liertholf. Leona Binford, Clinton Blue, Earl liorgelt, Fred lionton, Auclene Bottom. lforzrfh Row: Marvin llowcr, Lloyd B1'2Klhll2lXV, Thelma Bl'2ltlSl121XV, Kenneth Brown, Iohn Carrier, Antonio Cuando. Ififfh Row: Rex Cates, Donald Clark, Ellen Clark, Mariorie Claunclx, Dorwin Cook, Ruth Cowles. PAGE THIRTY-THREE , I 1,5 Q -U il 'ax is 1' FRESHMEN Top Row, left to right: Ada Cowman, Ilolncr Cox, Roscine Coyne, Carl Craig, Carl Dillon. Willis Dixon. Sccomi Row: Iinnis Duncan, Vera Eccles, Audrey Elrocl, Le Roy Iilwcll, Sidney Erwin. Craig Ferris. TlIfI'!i Row: Marvin Fitch, Christa Fisher. Neil Forbes. Dorothy Foulke, Helen Fulton, Margaret Giles. lfonrlh Row: Richard Coll. Phyllis Goodyear, Bedford Hadley, Harold Hadley, Mary Hadley, Maxine Hare. Ififlh Row: Charlene Hamer, Helen Harah, Helen Hauptfuchrcr, Iidith Hemphill, Iamus Hcrbertson, Grace Hoff. PAGE THIRYY-FOUR I A 5 e W as 5 W 6 lu' ,, 'll ' M k Y , 1255 - , Q' 3 my fi-' i l film 1 I ":fg.v1,L i -' ll Q , 2 , ,L+ F Zi f R J F R E S H M E N Top Row, left to right: Diantlizi Ilornbeck, l.ii Von Howard, Riiy llowlanrl, Lloyd Huirt, Rosalie Hurst. Lewis Iiickson. Seewzzl Role: Bcrnurml Iohnson, Murlin Iones, Ielabslle Keith, Glen Known. Iiclrlie Killingsworth, .-Xllvert Kimmel. Third Row: Richard Klein, Winona Lee, Ruth Lower, Betty Murtimon, liclith Mncilregor, Melvin McGinley. l'lUIll'fh Row: Iune Meek, William Mendenhall, Herbert Meyersick, Iosepliine Miller, Lorcen Miller, Marjorie Monger. Fifffz Row: Helen Murray, Ray Nixon, Bill Piiswatcr, Robert Parsons, Elsie Pearson, Evelyn Perry. PAGE THIRTY-FIVE 'QVFE Ai F3 f' I -f .YQ irit 1 ff fi ll' Top Row, left to right: lienoru Pierce. Iissie Platt, Victor Poppc, Frnnk Prachar, Lorna Rather, Hurry Rlmilzilxirgcr. SFCOIIIIY Row: Ralph Rohinmn, Myrtle Rush, Ada Schoonover, Ava Schoonover, Gill Schroeder, Walter Skinner. Third Row: lfclwin Smith. loc Snelhuker. Iimmic Stzmcer, Velma Stephenson, Helen Stubbs, Vercla Sult Fourth Row: luck Tcilrick, Lcslic Tater, Allenc Thompson, Dick Vunlaiulinghzun, Iiclnu Voth, Edward Wagner. Fifth Row: Wurrcn Weir, Frances Whitney, May VVhittle, Lola Wooilurcl, Herschel Young. PAGE THIRTY-SIX X 5 7 MARGARET PUTMAN M ,,,, A,.,. . ..,, , .,..,A ,- ..A. W, Best Sport fkf, ,14 "f::i:itfg1T.7.':,:1::.t-'+""' .N ""' .,.,. M-M,,,r N. j51gx:::,v.3::,m,..,.,...,-'r-- ff? NX There 15 only one defzlzztzofz of sportsmunshzp I There is time 151' all things ? --my If ' ' IP The hour: fly around 112 cz czrclc. x 5 1 , X w -S 9 E . - x ABOVE. left to right: 00:11-ll Banlmryg Coach YVileyg Assistant floarli Floyd Vogt: Mzlilzlger Harry XYagi1i-r. Bl'ILOVl', bark row, left in riglitz H. XYagn01'. Rinvr, Blue. Putt, Hoff, fllll'l'll'l', Poppv. R. Thompson. Ford. Sl2lll4'l'l', Clzmeli lianlmry. SECOND RONV: Nolan, Mcf'ui10, P. Bell. Uraiig. Brown, Hull, LilllSllflNl'll1', Miller, Ilunler. Mclllunn, f'nai'l1 WViley. FRONT ROYVZ fluff, Moore, Skinner, Geist, Brooks, fl0ll'lll2lIl, Southarrl, Mt-Pllerson, Kidd. Morton, Assistant Coach Vogt. Football Our major sport began this year with good prospects for a successful season. Although overwhelmed at first by a score of 45 to o in a night game with the Oklahoma City Uni- versity Goldbugs, the Quaker team was not dismayed, and when fate willed the next game to Southwestern, the score was smaller-20 to 0. After holding a powerful Alva team to a scoreless tie, the team returned to Wichita, ready to play football. And play they did, for coaches Wiley, Banbury and Vogt had de- veloped a smooth-working machine, all ready to make touchdowns, while Manager Harry Wagner kept the machine well oiled. The first click wrung out a I3 to 6 victory over Ottawa. Then when the Quakers trampled over the McPherson Bulldogs, I2 to 7, it became evident that "Deak" and "Doe, were serious. After the homecoming game, the terrible Swedes from Bethany went home with the short end of a 7 to o score. With this encouragement, a muddy game at Bethel was romped through, the score board said H13 to o". Our team confidently faced the annual game with W.U. However, they lost 20 to o, on a rain-soaked field. A fine team is expected for next year, for but two letter men graduate. PAGE FORTYrONE f fe" mf 'eau f 'ai - CDRLA Momrmw, Quarler- and Half-Baclq MERLE G1als'r, Fu!!-Huck Flash Mnrtn , playing, his third yvar with fifllit is CYPl'j'XYht'l't' at un4'P. always on guard. tho tm-ani. has iniprnvvd vafh yvar. until his H0 has tho last rvspnnsilrility of Il1't'YPYlllIlLf spovd is a hywnrtl among rival teams, '1'rvn4'li- touchdowns by tht- nppusing teams. and hm- downs art- his liuhlxy this year. acquitted hinist-lf well. LEROY IQINER, Half-Bczclq and Center DOUGLAS Lfxxsnowxiz, Tackle' Rinm' play:-tl his sn-vnml ycfar with ns lxvfmw- Doug is anutliz-r ont- uf these- fellows that can choosing thv navy lift-. He was hard to hurt alwaqs bv dvpt-nrlvd upon, rain or shinv, to and always 1-:unv up with a grin. HP was a play tht- ganw with 1-vt-" l' f ' ' dupendalvlv tigliti-r. ' ' :yt img., hc has. He ht-- livvvs in making: holes in the opposition. OTIIO CUTT, Guard RAY HUNTER, fluff-Huclq flott is a fighting g:na1'd who nvvm' knows Ray is a grund ops-n-fin-ld rnnnvr, with a good when he-'s thruugli. Ho plays a good ganw. stride- and a l'llt'Pl'fl1l grin. This was his first and never L-nnipluins whvn he is hurt. year with tht- Qnakt-rs. HzXRtJLD CZOLEIXIAN, Half-Burk "Rain" is une- of thv heaviest IIIPH on thv Squad. Ilis pnwvr niakt-S opposing lines trvin- ble and opt-n. H0 is good at passing: and should bo tl pillar of strength to the tr-:un next yefar. PAGE FORTY-TWO STANLEY MCPHERSON, Trzclqlc "Mac" has slmecl and grit. He van he de- pended on to give all ho has in the gainv. During his next and last year, he will he an invaluable asset to the Quaker squad. RICHARD Gow, End and Tczflqle Goff is a prrnnising freshiuan. He has plenty of pluck and eriflliranue, He has prospects fm' heing a fine L-ml. Ions' Kiran, Center FL FRANK BREHIXI, End and Back Sin-eializing: in lim-adii'nrk held his place as ii, tllity min ii is hi fourth year with tht! squad. Though light. his fight made hi.m equal men. WALTEIQ SKINNER, End Kiclrl was hailed as :1 find hy' the Quaker r'oar'l1es. Playing his second and last yPar with Friends, his fight and agprressiveness hid fair to place him on the all state team. on: Momma, End and Buck After twn years' ahsonev. "Tiny" Oanie back to ln-nfl his strength and skill to uur team. As ln-fore. he pmvurl to be invaluable. His wniuht, strength and spend make him a con- stant tliivfat to other teams, :intl pep, Frank :l 'i th'., 's to many heavier YValt- gets thc-ru hy knuwinr hands. A steady, sturdy fighter is VValt, and he will be even hotter with another year uf playing. g how to use his PAGE FORTY-THREE ,ga fil.ENN HL'LL, Gmgrd V1c'1'o11 PUPPE, Tackle llull is guurl 111 finding: holes in tho umm- l'up111- 1111551-fsvml the Illtbsl 1l1jsi1':1Al1lc atliturlv nvnls' llllllh. 'l'hif was his first y1-111' with us. fm' il Ulflflyvl' U' Pl gall!"-ll"' lllflllmi-I illflfllllv- Ha- will he :1 valuable lllilll lu any 1011111 next yl'2ll'. :mal the Quakers 2ll'l' hoping for his rc' turn. WILLIABI Sou'1'11,x111J, Guard Bill takf-s tl11- wsyrrmilsiliility uf k1wpi11g thx' ROBERT T.HOlX1PSON, Eild will m the Mmm' HU Hmlkf it ull. mmm than Bulb has :1 grin that stivks. :1nrl :1 smile is all :1l1 The uthurs 1llgl'llN'l'. l5l'S1fl6S this. hz- 111:1kPs :mv twin mwds in kool, up its m,umgl,. H0 is it his job in play il goml. hard gznnc :1ll tho 2, lmstlpl- and :I good sim,-I: he kt-vps right W:1y Thl'U11f.fh. 11f1e-1' thx' 1-111-111y in il Lfillllll. PAGE FORTY-FOUR IQHN MCLEOD, Qmzrzerbaclq Johnny, Rl ln-auly, peppy, littlv q11:1l't1-1'l1auk, has as his S111-cially mixing up his oppuilellts, A good lu-1 for next year. CLINTON BLUE, End and Back Blue is il llvudy fl'9Sllllltlll lll2lj't'I' who should be 5111111115: thc lu-st next yx-air. Ho- is guofl nt passing and :lt using his head whllv Illlllljl it. LEFT TO RIGHT: Staneer. Hunter, R. Tlimnpsun. Uolexnan, Antrim, Skinner, l Cates, Moore, Cook, II. Wiley. Basketball Friends basketeers played a non-conference list this year. Coach Wiley passed on the tricks of the trade, while Wilmer Weide worked hard with his manager's duties. Out of the large group which reported, Coach Wiley picked ten men to carry the standard of F.U. Five of these were freshmen and only two were letter men. Although unsuccessful First semester, and beaten by Hays Teachers, 25 to 18, the second semester saw a fast, heady -team which took Chilocco Indians twice for a ride, and triumphed over the alumni. They also won from the strong McPherson College five. Then the Quakers dropped both games with Phillips University, although they showed the Oklahoma team a good scrap. After this setback, we trounced Sterling 56 to 24, and St. Iohn's 52 to 26. Hays Teach- ers again proved too much, and Bethel nosed out ahead in a tight game, 32 to 25. A second game with St. lohn's was easily won. A sensational game with Bethel, in which Antrim knocked a tip-up into the basket during the last thirty seconds for a 22 to 21 lead, ended the season. The season was successful in every way, in games played, and in building up as fine a team as Friends University has had for some time. PAGE FORTY-FIVE ff ,,-, ft I., A gms A NTRIN1, F0l'Il'lI1'l17 Antrim ia sin-t-fly and trivkyg an intlispenss :lhlv llzlrt of tht- tvzun. At tixnt-s this yn-all' hz- slinwt-cl flztshvs uf snpt-r-t'inv play. During thv nvxt Iwo gt-airs, "Ant" slmnhi slt-xt-lop intn at l't'2li st:1l'. REX LLXTES, Fwwzlrd Rt-x plzxymi his first yt-nr uf will:-gn hztskvt- hull this yt-:lr :intl lllillik' :i guml slmwimf. Ili: is fast :intl knows hnw tu hzxnclh- thx- bull. Kvx is :A stvzuiy. lil'lM'lHi2liJi0 platyvl' who drivvs right in for Kill' imskl-1. PAGE FORTYvSlX IJAROLD CoLE1x1.'xN, Gum-d and Center "Hain" is mn- of our best guards. He proved :in ullnnst iinpnssalble barrier for opposing fm'w:u'tis. Ht- plays stezulily and very consist- vntly. IA M as STANCER, Guard Jiinnly. ll XVi4'ilil2l Ill'UdllPi, is fast on his feet, :xml qnivk to vovur the floor. He is u dead shnt with thv hall. and quitv regularly scores with his put om--iizxnzl shot. Ha- is tricky and qnivk-witt1'sl at play. lVlliRlllI.I. Corui, Cczltw' IQAY l'lL'NTER, F01'll'tIl'lZ Funk 1-:mm into tho tm-:lm :tt lnifl-yvalr. but Irv- "t'l1it-t"' has shown 11 grs-:tt improvoms-nt in t'm'4- lung' lw lM'L'llllll' :nn imptwlaxlt mug' in tho slyln during tlw st-ztsun. Ho hatndlt-s tlm bull 1QlliIlft'l' I-ll2li'lllllt'. Husky :uttl well built. Nook wt-Il, :md covt-rs ilu- floor ut high spt-4-tl, syn-mznllxlvs un tln- tolluw-ln and has st-tm-rl muny lima-s thzlt waxy. ln-ing luglx-point mam must nt' tho timv. l' WILES', Center ' FIOYD N100RE GI4tI,.1f XYitl1 his six-mltl fm-t of hm-ight. yfmm: NVilt-y ' ' nxslkfls un illl1H't'SNlY1' figurv on any court. "'l'iny" is n tln'w--lvttvl' man, :mtl still go- lJlll'lll,Lf' his two yvzurs nf Colle-go hamskvthatll, ins: stt-ally. tlt-'pt-ltrlzxlxlw :xml hztrtl-w4u'ki111,:. It ln- lms slmwu at gr:-att. ilxllrlwmvoxlxtfxlt in form. tzllws 11 ggtmml ftmrwalrfl tu 9141! zlrtnlml llim. Iilllllilil' rIllIUAIPSON, Czmrd NVlxL'rliR SKINNER, FOI'll'!Il'lf liulw is at fl'PSlllllllIl who slmwml xxtmtlo-rful An axggrw-ssivt-. 'l'4lll2'll :xml rvaldy boy who is impruu-nlvnt :luring tlut- st-:xsm1, Always going :always zxftm' thu- tnppusition. Hu has 1-nuugh :tml nlwuys working. fight fur the wlmlt- tt-sun. PAGE FORTY-SEVEN ISAUK HOYV: Taylor, Cafes, .Tum-'s, Cill'l'i1"!', TT. Tlioinpsnn, Huston, Mnnrv, I'nswnIvi', Hoff, flll'Illl'lliS. Snelhaker. FRONT ROXV. Casado, Bl'Eh1ll, Kimmel, U. l"orl14's, S. Davis, li. TIIUIIIIJNOH, lim'1.:elt, Howland, VViley, Swupe. Track In the spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of his physical condition, with the result that more than thirty fellows are out for track this year. You may not like football, mayhe you can't play haskethallg hut if you have a normal Jhvsic ue ou can train, and work and iartici mate in stimulatin f contests on the track li.lY , .,.i,i,, s, held. These men will not only win points for Friends in meets with other schools, hut the will Jarticiuate in and en'o the thrill of near- merfect health that comes from ri fht . ,Y l l 'J Y l in livin I and well-re ulated exercise. kv 8 Friends trackmen last year left these fellows a mark at which to aim, winning most of their meets in Hue style. Most of the letter men are back again. Exceptions are Whitelaw, high-point man, Casement, and Borgelt, who graduated last year. Also we shall feel the loss of 'LFlash" Morton, speedy sprinter, who is not attending school this semester. A hunch of good freshman prospects came in last fall, however, and weights, dashes, distance, almost everything in the curriculum is going to he mighty well taken care of. In the picture you see some of these men caught on their way out for the day,s work. Other men who are out for track, but not shown here, are: Antrim, Coleman, Cham- bers, Blackburn, M. Cook, Ford, Geist, Hull, Hunter, Lansdowne, Killingsworth, Keown, McPherson, Smith, Skinner, Stancer, Cox, E. Wagner, K. Thompson. PAGE FORTY-EIGHT J Caxszido, McGinley, Fates, Cleinents, S. Davis, Snelbakeiy Jones, D. Davis, xVL'lfll', Tedriek, Cox. T - Friends has always been blessed with good tennis teams and this year seems to be no exception. From last year's team there are: D. Davis, No. 1 man, Weide, No. 3 man, and Clements, No. 5 man. Some men who have good high-school records are: Mendenhall, Cox, S. Davis, Hen- dershot. There are several other new men of unknown quality, who may make strong bid f l' . S - i ' " ' " ' s or p aces ome ot these are. Cates, Snelbaker, M. Iones, Mcirinley, Tedrick, and Casado. Coach Wiley has tentative meets with Southwestern, Wichita University, Bethel, and h h t e igh spot of the year is the pentangular meet at McPherson. Due to the inclement weat but a round-robin tournament twill be started ' h will be put in playable condition. her, there has been very little practice up to this writing, as soon as weat er permits. The school courts There promises to be plenty of competition this year and if advance signs can be counted on, the Friends rac uet wield ' 'h ld d l before the season is over. q ers s ou ea their opponents plenty of misery PAGE FORTY NINE ip, 'emi f . i:'f 'K NV.A.A. PIXECUTIVICS. Plllllllln, l'i-nnington. R. l'llll'll1lh, ll. Fnrnas, ll. lin-rnstorf, D. llvrnstorf. Sion E. Chilson, Tlionms, Nvllillc-n. ll. McCoy. li. Uhilson, Caswell, J. Nanninga. llentnn, Women's Athletic ssociation The Women's Athletic Association of Friends University is organized for the purpose of promoting right living among the university women through physical and social ac- tivities. Membership of the association is open to all women of the college who can pre- sent Hfty points earned in some sport, The sports which W.A.A. sponsors are hockey, basketball, hiking, tennis, archery, volleyball, swimming, and baseball. The executive board, which plans and supervises the activitics of the association, is composed ot the officers and sport managers. W.A.A. sponsors many activities on the campus. The freshmen were entertained with games, a camp supper, and a community sing during freshman week. Three banquets are held each year: the Fall Sports in October, the Basketball in March, and Spring in May. At this time the varsities for the various sports are announced. Twenty new members were taken in at the Fall Sports banquet this year and more joined at different intervals during the year. PAGE FIFTY t. al -W .ff I HOCKEY VARSITY: l3:u'i'uw. lizillivr, Vfhite, Caswell, B. Bernstnrf, H. Fulton, Hollingsworth, B. Furnas, Pennington, J. Nanninga, Putman. Women's Athletic ssociation At the Spring banquet awards are presented. Class numerals are awarded for 500 points earned, an F.U. for 1,200 points earned in at least three sports, and a Q for 2,000 points. A senior award is given any girl who earns 1,000 points over the number required for a This award is a pin symbolizing her favorite sport. Esther Chilson and Rachel Chilson have earned that honor this year. W.A.A. always sponsors a Health Week, which was held in November this year. The theme was "Good Looks for Healthy. 'The officers of the W.A.A. are Mildred Thomas, president, Elizabeth Caswell, vice- president: Iuanita Nanninga, secretary-treasurer, Ruth Furnas, social chairman, Nina Seaman uublicit ' Dorthea McCo , book-store mana fer. 9 l ya Y 33 The members of the hockey varsity were: Iuanita Nanninga, Barbara Bernstorf, Winifred Hollingsworth, Elizabeth Caswell, Margaret Putman, Barbara Furnas, Lois Pennington, Lorna Rather, Mary Harrow, Norma White, Helen Fulton. PAGE FIFTY-ONE FIKUNT ICUVV: lluntt-r. Hull. Sit-fi-rt. NVagnel'. lt2Il1SllUWIlt', Slant-er. Geist, l'igg:otl,, Skinner, Cole-inan. li.-Xt'K RUXV: Antrim. Goff. NIllllllIll'll. Cook. ll. NYilt-53 Moore, Coit, H. Tlioinpsou. Wiley. Q Club The Q Club is open to any man in Friends University who has earned his Q in athletics. lt was the Hrst club to be organized at Friends and has as its purpose furthering social activities and fellowship ol' letter men. The Q Club sponsors the annual Campus Clean-Up Day, held in the spring. Its most important social function is the annual canoe party held each spring about the first of May, and attended by members and their guests. This year there are twenty active members, including twelve new members taken in at initiation which is always held in early spring, and including Physical liducation Direc- tor llarland Wiley. Qllicers of the Club are: VVilliam Southard, president, Orla Morton, treasurer, Qtho Cott, sergeant-at-arms. Pledges this spring are: llunter, Goff, and lflull, each with a letter in football, Antrim with letters in basketball and track, Coleman, lettering in football, basketball, and track, Harry Wagner, with liootball and track lettersg Cook, H. Wiley, Stancer, basketball letter men, also Cates, not in the picture, Thompson, Skinner, football and basketball. Other members are Seifert, Piggott, soccer letter men, Lansdowne, Cott and Geist, football letters, also Nolan, not in the picture: Moore, football, basketball and track letter man. PAGE FIFTY-TWO iv' ,ig i Ll'Il"T TO RIGHT: Stanton. Adamson. Professor Schultz fhli1StPl' Clouncilnianl. Daly. N. Forbes. G1-orge, Newby, Kilgore, lluffman. Dc-an Baldwin fllastc-1' Cnuncilrnzmj, Hillman. Newkirk. Goodman. Pope, Bm-lner, Hinsliaw. Myers. Working Men's Guild The Working Men,s Guild of Friends University was organized in 1930-31 for the students earning forty per cent or more of their expenses at Friends. Dean Baldwin was the promoter of such an organization, and it was through his efforts that the Guild was founded. lt is the purpose of the Guild to develop the spirit of fellowship among its members and to create and maintain a reputation for the dependable efficiency of every Guildsman. Membership in the Guild does not exclude the student from other organizations of the University more social in nature. The fact that every Guildsman is earning his liv- ing quite naturally limits his social activities. However, the Guild does make some contri- bution to the social life of its members. The Guildsmcn have established an annual event, the Employersl Dinner. On this occasion the men entertain their Hbosses' at a formal banquet. Week-end hikes, ginger beer suppers, and such Hstagw gatherings are not en- tirely absent from the Guild's calendar. The Guild stands for honesty, dependability, and thoroughness, in purpose and achievement. 'Alf he's a Guildsman, he's dependablef' PAGE FIFTY-THREE i Llul l' TU RIGHT: K. Xaziniutra, Hoff. M. Stanton. Volt. ll. fwliilsoii. ll:xi'lu-i'. XY:iIkins. XYilltins. Seliliiiiat-lit-t'. lllllNll.lXY. Student Council The Student Council is the executive body of the student government association, oli which every student ol' Friends University is a member. During the IQ years ol the Coun- cil's existence at Friends it has won lor itself a distinct place in the governing system. The function of the Council is to regulate all student activities, to help solve student problems, and in general to promote the best interests of Friends. Among the activities that are regulated by the Council are the All-School Hike, the May Day exercises, and the spring elections. The Council entertained the VV.U. Council with a dinner the first semester and were guests of W.U. the second semester. Problems concerning both schools were informally discussed. There are ten members ol' the Council. Eligibility lor membership consists in carry- ing at least ten hours of work and in conforming to the faculty regulation as to scholar- ship and conduct. Four of the Council Members are seniors. three are juniors, two are sophomores, and one a freshman. The editor of the University Life is an ex-ollicio member. The officers of the Council are Alva Barber. nresidentg Mar'orie Stanton vice- resi- . I . 1 , dentg Kathryn Nanninga, secretaryg and lelorene Wzitlaiiis, treasurer. The members are: Seniors-Alva Barber, Rachel Chilson, Leo Wilkins. and Helen Schumacher. juniors-Cecil Hinshaw, Florene YVatliins, and Marjorie Stanton. Sopho- inores-Otho Cott and Kathryn Nanninga. Freshman-Richard Goff. Ex-oificio-Esther Chilson. PAGE Fl FYYAFOUR l4'RON'I' RUNV, It-ft to right: Ezell. Thoinas. flailwtvii. St'llIl!HEll'il0I', V. Stanton, lViiey. BACK RONV: li. Chilson, IC. Hai'i1v1'. J. Nviillllillgil, Dean NVolff tsponsorj, Lyman, M. Stanton, E. Chilson, Young Women's Christian Association The Young Women's Christian Association is open to all women in college who are interested in living and serving in the Christian life. The theme, "A Religion That Works", is the one being carried out this year. The Y.VV.C.A. puts much emphasis on the religious side of life, to be sure, but it does more. 'The Association takes an active part in bringing about what is known as the "atmos- phere at Friends". It functions constantly on the campus during Freshman Week, and aids with the Presidentis and Deans' reception. Then, 'with the Y.M.C.A., it gives the all- school reception in the fall. The Association sponsors the Big and Little Sister Movement, the Freshman and Sophomore Councils, and is instrumental in sending delegates to Estes Park. The Cherry Carnival is a project by which money is raised, and last yearis carnival made it possible for the Y.W.C.A. to have doors put in Recreation Hall. Each Thanksgiving Finds the service committee distributing baskets ol: food to the needy. A number of new and original features are added to the schoolis activities each year by this organization. The Y.W.C.A. pledge is: "We, the members of the Young Women's Christian Asso- ciation of Friends University unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. We determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. In this task we seek to understand Iesus and follow Himf, The 1931-1932 officers of the organization are: Rachel Chilson, president, Marjorie Stanton. vice-president, Iean Wiley, secretary, Mildred Thomas, treasurer, Lela Carson, Big Sister, Virginia Stanton, program, Dorothy Bernstorf, finance, lewel Lyman, World- Fellowship, Elizabeth Harner, social, Ruth Ezell, social servce, Esther Chilson, publicity, Helen Schumacher, under-graduate representative, Iuanita Nanninga, conference, Kathryn Nanninga, Sophomore Council, Christa Fisher, Freshman Council. PAGE FIFTY FIVE IVICIGSIINIAN COUNCIL, left to right: Vl'hitt1e. L. Miller, Il:11'sl1. C. Fislleig Rl:11'ti11so11. lfleeles, l'Il1'ml, timulyi-:u1'. llatl1e1'. Folilke, dl,l'l'li, l,l'iIl'hUll, A. '1llllllIl1!SUl!. Whitney. Carson 1spo11so1'3. liiiiford. SOI'I'i0Nl0ICI'I CUUNUII1. lm-ft to right: I'oope1'. 'I'o1v11se111l, Ilawortli. VX'l1ite. M. Stanton Cspo11so1'D. ill4'li0YIll'j'. liuliner, Yan Kirk, Iipp, K. Nanniiigzt. llillill'Qjl'l'. Freshman and Sophomore Councils The Girls' Freshman Council has Ula ed an im Hortant Hart in the activities of Friends Y Universit this ear. The have fiven ed stunts in cha bel served at various bane uets sold Y Y Y lv 1 1 concessions at football games, and given Sunday afternoon teas. Members of the council are chosen from nominations made bf tl1e members of the l freshman class. It is their duty to settle matters ol' outstanding importance to the freshman girls and they are privileged to assist in deciding matters concerning the entire class. The council meets every Tuesday morning at 7:50 in room Hg. The tolloxving officers have bee11 chosen: Christa Fisher, presidentg Frances VVhitney, vice-president: Betty Martinson, secretaryg and Dorothy Foulke, treasurer. .i0,-,..,.. The Sophomore Council is a group of ten girls elected because ol' certain qualifica- tions. These girls were not members of the Freshman Council the preceeding year. The Council has had charge of a tea, a pep stunt, a candy sale, the Christmas Chapel, and has served at several dinners. Marjorie Stanton. vicekpresident of the Y.VV.C.A., is spon- sor of the council. Members are Kathryn Nanninga, presidentg Norma VVhite, vice-presidentg Dorothy I-Iibarger, secretaryg Audene Haworth, treasurerg Fairy Hulmer, Pauline Cooper, Esther Meliovney, Vivian Townsend, Hilda Epp, and lilsie VanKirk. PAGE FIFTY-SIX Y.M.C.A. CAIEINET. left to right: Hinshaw, S. Davis, Pope, Stanton, Dr. Langt-nwalter fsponsorj. Newby. Nm-wkirk. Iluffinan. lioyle, Moore. FRESHMAN COUNCIL, left to right: H. llaflley Thompson, liorgri-lt, Blue, E. xV2U.f.llt'l', Poppe, R. Roh- inson, Mt-ndenliall, Slam-4-i', Jackson, Clark, Cates, li. Hadley. Moore Ksponsorj. Young Men's Christian Association The Young Men's Christian Association strives to create, maintain, and extend the high ideals of a Christian character throughout the student body. It attempts to make men entering the university feel at home. On several occasions during the year the Association was able to get some prominent speakers on World allfairs whom we shared with the student body. Among them were G. E. Gedat from Berlin, Germany, Y.M.C.A., and Dr. Walter Iudd from China. The Association, with the aid of the Y.VV.C.A., is instrumental in sending delegates to Estes Park, and this year sent delegates to the Disarmament Conference at Topeka and to the Quadrennial Convention at Bullalo, New York. The 1931-1932 ollicers were William Boyle, presidentg Herbert Huffman, vice-presi- dent, Harold Newby, secretary, Stanley Davis, treasurer. Chairmen of committees: Her- bert l-lullman, program, Floyd Moore, freshman, Kenneth Stanton, music, Floyd Pope, social, Orval Clements, social service. ...l0,, The Boys' Freshman Council consists of fifteen members. These members are chosen from the freshman boys after about live weeks of school, by the Y.M.C.A. Cabinet. The Cabinet also elects an Advisor for the Council, so that the members can learn the manner in which the organization operates from year to year. Officers of the Council are Donald Clark, president, Earl Borgelt, vice-president, Clinton Blue, secretary-treasurer. PAGE FIFTY SEVEN LEFT T0 RIGHT: XVhittle, V. Moore, H. Haidlvy, Lower, M. Brown. M. Mills, Gulley. Reeve, Roberts, Able, Kearns, Il. Young, XVoodard, Roschke, Erwin, Nicholson, Tabor, Dean Baldwin Lsponsorb, Siinerl, R. Brown. Gospel Band The purpose of the Friends University Gospel Band is to promote the spiritual wel- fare of its members and to assist in all ways possible in exemplifying and spreading the Gospel of Iesus Christ. The band meets every Thursday at 12:20. Une meeting a month is devoted to busi- ness, while the others are in charge of a leader from the band or an outside leader, The Gospel Band has been instrumental in securing chapel guests, often representative of the national volunteer movement. Those interested in public services are members of teams which go on calls for con- ducting church services or services in private homes. For the past two years the Student Volunteer Band has incorporated with the Gospel Band. The organization has contact with other colleges through conventions and meetings for the purpose of promoting fellowship between the different schools. lt is the policy of the band to be used in any way for the betterment of our college and outside communities. The oliicers of the Gospel Band are Pauline Reschke, president, Merle Gulley, vice- presidentg Verna Moore, secretary-treasurerg and Maudie Mills, student volunteer repre- sentative. PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT H' J, . l,l'Il-'T TO RIGHT: Pope. R. Ftirnas. Hoyle. M. Stanton, l5ill'l7t'1', YYafkins, Jay, Hinshaw. Gold Q Club Anyone earning a Cold Q in debate, oratory, or extemporaneous speaking, auto- matically becomes a member of the Gold Q Club. Former Friends students who have earnetl Gold Q's are considered members of the club also. At present there are over one hunclrctl members, ol which number ten are in school. The club meets once a month for business and for informal parties, and the forensic season is climaxed by a banquet in the spring. One of the most memorable social occa- sions ol' the season was a 'iDepression Partyn at the home of Professor and Mrs. Trueblood, which was pronounced a real success by every member of the club. The members ol' the club are members of the reception committee when debates are helcl antl there are guests on the campus. The club Works in connection with the forensic department at all times. Professor Trueblood, as teacher of English and Debate, is the sponsor of the group. Officers are: Sylvester Chance, president, Cecil Hinshaw, vice-presiclent and acting presitlcntg and Ruth Furnas, secretary-treasurer. PAGE FIFTY-NINE Men's and Womens Debate Extempore and Oratory More than forty debates were held during the liorensic season this year, about half ol' which were non-decision. Friends had a negative and alliirmatiye team both in VVomen's Debate and Mens Debate. The question was the National Pi Kappa Delta question: Ullesolyed, That Congress Should Enact Legislation Providing for Centralized Conrtol ot' lndustry." ,Xt the pre-conference contest at WVinheld, there were three teams from Friends, each debating four times in the first round, and one of these teams, Cecil Ilinshaw and Bed- ford Hadley, debating once in the semi-finals. The contest included the states of Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Texas. The men's teams took a practice trip to Southwestern, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Phillips just before the opening of the conference debate season. In their conference de- bates they met Bethel, Sterling, Bethany, Kansas VVesleyan, VVicliita University, and Mc- Pherson. The teams competed in the National Pi Kappa Delta tournament held at Tulsa. In rhe annual league debate with Wichita University, Friends won the decision. In this debate Friends was represented by Cecil Hinshaw and Paul Holli. Patil Holf has also acted as Student Manager of Debate. PAGE SIXTY Men's and Women's Debate Extempore and Oratory The women's teams took an extensive trip east, including Ottawa, Park, and the tivo colleges in lfmporia. These dehates were conference dehates and the schedule was com- pleted when these teams INCL at Friends the teams from Bethany and Sterling. They par- ticipated in the National Pi Kappa Delta tournament held at Tulsa. The personnel ol the teams includes Marjorie Stanton and Eleanor Mclvlillen, negative, and Doris Hodson and Betty Martinson, affirmative. Friends entered orators in several contests this year. The local peace contest was held about the lirst of March and Friends acted as host to the state peace contest in .-Xpril. Cecil Hinshaw won the local peace contest and represented Friends in the state. Eleanor McMillen won the local extempore cup in the fall semester, and Cecil Hin- shaw and lietty Martinson represented Friends in the VVichita Annual Fire Prevention Contest. The Friends debaters have entertained visiting debate teams this year from Midland College, Nehrasliag Onitcha Collette Arkansasg and the Universit of Denver from Den- tw t Y ver, Colorado. PAGE SIXTY ONE I,l'II4"1' 'FO lilGll'l': Jay, Caswell, Stzrntfm, llzlsetm-ivi', Huffniali. l'u1man, XVolff Qsponsurj, Furnas, Pope, Watkins. Ulonre not in pietiii-1-.J Talisman Staff And here they are-the people who are responsible for this book which you are now discussing, pro and con. And thatls all right, for time after time they have too, always with the idea of making your "cons', 'Kprosu and your "pros" bigger 4'pros", which sen- tence begins to be involved, so-If in your discussion you reach such heated heights that you can't settle it alone, here are the people to call on for conclusive proof-still pro and con! First there's Dean Wolff-she's really back of all this. She got us into it-so First please go to her. She can handle any situation. We know. And if itls the editorial end youlre kicking-get Pug, but be careful. Shels been got before too. As for dollars and cents, Florene knows where every bit of your penny went-and she brags about it! From here on out, we have the people who profess to have done the dirty work. ls it? lf your picture looks like you, blame Ruth and Herbert. We told them the truth hurts. And if you think you should have been mentioned in that write-up, steer clear of Elizabeth. That gal's got too many handy words ready. Marjorie and Lea had an awful time. You all wanted in the snapshots-but the clock had to stop somewhere, so don't be peeved. They're really nice girls. Floyd Moore was general handy man, from advertising to class picturesg and if Floyd Pope was mean about the 15 for this book, tell him so. Flattery does so become him. In closing, we can only say-"The Times demand strong minds." PAGE SIXTY-TWO ,WWW lil'll+"l' T0 lillIll'l': S. Davis, Uaswell, Seaman. Mills, Dean Nl'olff 1spm1sm'J,lC. Cliilson. lfl'illllPl'. llinslraw. University Life Staff Fun, work, and experience are things which the members of the Life stalT gain through their work on the college paper. The members of the staff are chosen on a basis . of their interest and ability. Only students who have had at least one semester of lournal- ism are eligible for positions on the stall. lt is their duty to record faithfully and in an attractive manner all activities of interest to the students of Friends University. A great deal of work is connected with the task of writing and editing the news for the paper, and the members of the stall are ones who emoy this work in spite of the grind and routine. To those who have worked the hardest and have shown merit through the quality ol' the Work they have produced, a Life Key is awarded at the end of the year. This is the highest honor that can be given to a Iournalism student. The members of the stall endeavor, through the Life, to promote all campus activities and to help the school grow in every possible Way. The personnel of the stall for the first semester includes: Ifdilor . , . . . . ...........,.. . . . . ...ESTIIER CIIILSCJN Business Mczmzgw' . . . . .CECIL HINSHAW Reporters ....,. . . ,lotiiwixttsixr Cmss ST.-tNLEY Davis Sports . .. ELlZ.XBETH Ci.-XSVVELL Society . . . . .NINA SEAIXIAN Lois IQRAIXIER Stag Reporters ., .. MILDliED T11oM.ts ELlz,xBE'rH NTILLS Faculty ffdzfrsor . . .IJEAN WOLEE PAGE SIXTY-THREE TIiII'l,l+1'l'liIO: llaytiraft. Stubbs, NYulf. Ratlti-i'. Jessup, lfini-h. Davis, -Bill'l'iIllJfl0Il. lloxvttrtl, Wiley. QUARTETTH: Smith, Yi-nsi-r, l'asw:itet', Billings. Male Quartette and Triple Trio The Friends University Male Quartette is one of the most popular quartettes in Wicliitzt. Since the beginning of November they have been filling three and four engage- ments a week. The men have presented their programs in a unique manner that has taken hold of their audiences and has made a greater demand for their programs. Some of their most popular numbers included "Sylvia", "lcthyosaurian Monster", "Thumb Marks on the Wztll", 'iThe Cossacliu, and "VVhen lluba Plays the Rhumba on llis Tuba Down in Cuba". The members are Edwin Smith, first tenorg VVillard Yenser, second tenor, Clilton Billings, baritone, llill Paswater, bass. Professor Alan Irwin directs and accompanies the quartette. Another organization just started this year is the Triple Trio which is directed by Mrs. l.aRuba Billings Henderson. The nine girls comprising the group have had numer- ous engagaments in and around Wicliittt and gained rather wide-spread popularity. Their costumes are in keeping with their programs, which included such numbers as "Soldier on the Shelf", 'iFlutterir1g Birds", "Children ol the Nloonv, and HSympathy". The members are Ruth Wtilf, LaVon Howard, Lorna Rather, Mary lessup, Eloise Hayeralit, Valoise Davis, lean Wileyf, Helen Harrington, and Mary Alice Finch. Helen Stubbs is the accompanist. PAGE SIXTY-FOUR FRONT ROXV. left to right: V. Moore. K, Xanningn, lizitlu-r, Allen. Y. Davis. HAVK IQONY. left to right: Goodxnan, Mchlillen, E. Thompson, Xiehols, Henderson Qdirvctorj, Stubbs. String Ensemble One of the newest organizations on the campus this year is the String Ensemble. Under the direction of Elbert Henderson, the group played classical and popular selections. A concert was given at Clearwater by the Ensemble and they also played during inter- missions of the school plays. The group gives a varied program of solos, readings, and quartette numbers. The group is composed of the following: Helen Ford, Verna Moore, Kathryn Nan- ninga, Lorna Rather, Maurine Allen, Valoise Davis, violinistsg Robert Goodman, Wilbur Nichols, violasg Eola Thompson, Eleanor MeMillen, eellistsg and Helen Stubbs, accom- panist. PAGE SIXTYAFIVE HAVK ROXYZ Rl. Clark. Kemp, Kl'l1llgYi'1', Haxvorlli, llaies, lforvl, U. l4'isliei', llare, liz-rlliolf. llzirsli, Me- Hrrvney, NVallnee, Howard, Fineli. MIDDLE KOXVZ Wulf, Ratlier, CUNVIIHIII. Pennington, lizell, lloflevker, AIOIILYUIZ ilIllHl'I'2I0l'. Marian Clark, Braitlsliaw, Foulke, Yexvl-ll. lil'2lIlll'l', lmve. FILONT KOXV: l'aItei'son, Nl:1y'beri'y. Klllllllilll, Jessup, Monson, Collyer, Hzxyeroft, Jones, Smith, C'i'abl1. Seainan, llavis, Stubbs, Girls' Glee Club The outstanding attraction of the college is the Singing Quakers, an organization which comprises So voices. In the fall, when tryouts lor members are held, approximately 7594 of the student body are there. YVil1-y, liarringfton. Roy Campbell, head of the Friends University School ol' Music, directs the Singing Quakers. Miss Margaret Ioy is the accompanist. During the year the Club gives nearly thirty concerts, the most important of them during spring vacation. It is during this week that the Club is taken on a tour of South- western Kansas, giving a concert afternoon and evening. The season is climaxed with the Home Concert which was given April rzth this year. The repertoire is built around the Men's and Women's Glee Clubs and a group of soloists including Ada Cates, Mildred Monson, lean Yewell, Mary lessup, Lois Kullman, Clifton Billings, Bill Paswater, and Edwin Smith. An orchestra made up of members of the Singing Quakers accompanies them on their LOUIS. On April 22nd the organization for the fourth year sponsored the Southwest Kansas High School Music Contest which was held at the University. There were over Soo en- trants from 40 high schools this year and scholarships were given to the winning soloists. The Singing Quakers make a large contribution not only to the musical life of the college, but to that of Wichita and the surrounding counties as well. PAGE-SIXTY-SIX BACK RUNY: Hadley. BlilXll4'l'l'j'. Jzxrksmi. SIIIIINIII. Smith. l':Isu':II4-I', llillings. XII-mit-IIlIIIll. D, '1'lIoIIIpsoII. liolnof. MIDDIIIQ ROXY: lirwvss-. Haxtfie-lfl, YQ-IIsIII', Funk. T:III:III:IIIy. Nolan. Fates, l'0:II'I'1-. K. Tlminpson. Bow:-rs. l"li0N'l' KONY: Swnpv. lil'Zllllt'l'. F4-II'I'iN. Nlvflilllvf. KIIIIWII. W1-ldv. T0dI'iI'k. Davis. Clark. XYilkiIIs, i MCI1 S Glee PIIGGIIAM IIY SINGING QUAIQERS Part I. I. Alma Mater .,.., .....,,........,.,..,.. Opcning Chorus from "Cavaleria Rusticanal' . Pilgrims, Chorus QTannhauscrj ...,....,..,.. SINGING Qrzxxiaias 2. Bedouin Love Song ., .H ,. , ....... I Marianna ....... . , Shadow hffarch . ,...,.,........... . MENVS CELEB Curia 3. The Night Wind I . ..,..... ..... I , Rain .,.. . . . . The Sleigh ., .,... .......... , . ciIRI.S, ciLEE CI.t'B 4. Sylvia, .............. ..,..,.. . , . ,. Icthyosnurian Monstcr . .........,. ....., I M.fXl.E QI7.xII'I'E1"I'E 5. Olclliing Colo .. ....... . .. .. .. Oh, XVLIICIICYS of thc Stars , , ....,,. ..,. . . . SINGING QQCIXKEIQS Part ll consisted of light opera gems and radio 'AOn Parade" as the Hnalc. , . . .Bzlldzufn , . . .MzIsrlgn1' . . . Wr1gna'1' ,..,..,Pinfiti , Folk Song .....,ClIl.H . . , Farley , . Curnm . Kozmlz . . . Spcalqx . . , .Burzlezr . Old Ezzglllfh . . . , . Czzfn "quicliics" with Victor Herherfs PAGE SIXTY-SEVEN Iota Theta Mu V, STANTON THOMAS LOVE ELGIN KRUGER R. CHILSON E. CHILSON B. BERNSTORF G. BENDER F. BENDER HARNER EZELL J. NANNINGA M. STANTON B. FCRNAS M. FULTON FASYVELL K. NANN I NGA DAVIS GRICE HASEMICIER FINUH CARSON ALLEY JACQUES PENNINGTON NELSON D. BERNSTORF HYATT STOUT VAN KIRK MUGO VNEY PAGE SIXTY-EIGHT X .s TOP RONV: Wallace, E. Mills, L. Nelson, O. Jones, R. Jones, R. Furnas, E. Jones. SECOND ROW: Mc- Millen, Townsend, Richardson, Palmer, Bulrner, Mahan, Cooper, Watt, THIRD RONV: XVhitney, Perry, Pearson, H. Fulton, Eccles. Cowles, Harrier, Barrow, Howard. BOTTOM ROYV: Rather, Rush, Horn- beck, Foulke, Keith, Hauptfuehrer, Andrews, XVhittle, Coyne. lota Theta Mu The Iota Theta Mu Society is organized for the purpose of literary and social develop- ment. The girls pledge themselves to uphold the ideals of Truth, Honor, Modesty, In- tegrity, Originality, and Endeavor. Society meetings are held the evenings of the second and fourth Mondays in the month and are preceded by a meeting of the board, which is made up of the Society of- ficers and a representative from each class. Class representatives for 1931-32 are Rachel Chilson, Senior, Lea Hasemeier, junior, and Kathryn Nanninga, Sophomore. A feature which has become signihcant in the life of the school is the Mock Faculty Meeting, which the Iota Theta Muys, in collaboration with their brother society, the Kio- nonians, give in chapel. The Iota Theta Mu Society had charge of the first Pep Dinner given this year. The members of the Society also sponsored the first all-school Sunday afternoon tea. During the year, the Society enjoys many social events, such as parties, luncheons, canoe parties, picnics, and dinners. The annual Spring Formal is held in May and is at- tended hy the members and their guests. The 1931-1932 officers are Virginia Stanton, president, Olive Love, vice-president, Elizabeth Hafner, treasurer, Esther Chilson, secretary, Eleanor McMillen, publicity, Lois Pennington, Sergeant-at-arms. PAGE SIXTY NINE l l KOlI'1Ol'lI6l'lS VOGT WILKTNS BOYLE MOORE HERBERT HUFFMAN MCMUNN YVILEY BOVVLBY COTT NOLAN HILLMAN WVAGNER NEWBY NEVVKIRK KILGORE POPE GEORGE HINSHAW MORTON HOFF DAY JAY HUNTER KILLINGSWORTH D. COOK KIMME L IIUITT BELOOF H. HADLEY PAGE SEVENTY Koinonian The Koinonian Literary Society was organized in IQ22 by men oi' the University who were interested in the promotion of good fellowship and literary endeavor. Through grads ual growth the Koinonian Society has become a conservative, fraternal organization which endeavors to promote and maintain Quaker traditions and friendliness. Athletics receive more attention than formerly. The Society meets at 12:20 VVednesdays for luncheon and a business meeting. Once a month meetings are held on Monday evening. The Koinonians gave two rush parties this year. The first was at Hyde Camp where the rnshees were entertained with a dinner. The second was a pirate alliair which began with a line party to the Crawford Theater and culminated in a kidnapping stunt at Deals Cabin. The year was climaxed by the annual Spring banquet. The oflicers for this year are Floyd Moore, presidentg Floyd Pope, vice-presidentg Hjalmer Hillman, treasurerg Sam Nolan, secretaryg and Cecil Hinshaw, interfsociety council representative. PAGE SEVENTY-ONE Delta Rho Alpha Nu XVILEY FORD ' YEXVHLL KEMP H IBAIUIER HO LLINGS W0 HTH JHSSUP C'IIE,XTl'M CLARK BODECKICR BERTIIOLF HUDSON E. THOM PSON KRAMER VVULF PUTMAN KU LLHAN COLLYER MONSUN MAYBERRY SEAMAN FISHER HEMPH I LL IEARKINUTUN STUISBS IIOFF MONGER A. THOMPSON HARSH PAGE SEVENTY-TWO 'Q' 'WM' sa K..-' ""vw.N 'SB- 13" 'Y' Nr an 5 Mum., lk 6 -1- :J ,ar ,gwf gf , Y - ' " A "FN 'rw 5 A . . . 3 . V 1,, 1 is A 'SPY , L Q LA i P' f - ' L is L ' 5 A ' A LLLL l . x. . . ' W fa 1'-ZS sz nu . M , V 1 Z ,L N 3 V fn , 5M?,F:f5,WmM. .. we 5 W2 wx , --f..,,,, J T ff L Delta Rho Alpha Nu The interests of the Delta Rho Alpha Nu Society center primarily upon dramatics. The first play ol' the school year was Fred l3allard's "Ladies of the Iuryv. The Alpha Kappa Taus were cofsponsors with the Delta Rhos in presenting this play, which was open to any person in the university. Those who saw "Ladies of the ur 7' will not soon liorfret the s ulendid verliormance Y ts I I ol Marjorie Stanton as the versatile Mrs. Crane, nor that of hlargaret Putman, who was the inimitable Mamye Mixter, gum chewer and former follies girl. Mrs. Irene Vickers Baker was the able director of this play. Delta Rho meetings are held every two weeks at the homes of the various members. In addition to the business sessions, there are musical selections and reviews of current plays. An "Arty Partyw was one ol: the rush functions of the society, being given at the Larson Studio for rushees, alumnae and active members. The other rush allair was a Christmas party at Thompson Lodge. The alumnae of Delta Rho comprises a large and interested group, whose assistance in the various parties has been invaluable. The Christmas theme was carried out very effectively in the societyls Sunday after- noon tea. Lavendar and yellow are the colors of Delta Rho. Its orlicers include Leota Cheatum, president, Mildred Monson, vice-presidentg Doris Hodson, seeretaryg Nina Seaman, treas- urerg and Margaret Putman, inter-society council representative. LaRuba Billings Henderson, who is a Delta Rho alumna, is the sponsor of the society. PAGE SEVENTY-THREE PA Alpha Kappa Tau XVEIDIG SEI FERT D. DAVIS S. DAVIS BILLING S HAT FIELD MARTIN K RA M E R SXVOPE STANTON LANSDOXVNE PASYVATER IVlr'f'OY WHITING ADAMSON SMITH GATES SKINNER BONVER RIIODABARGER VVAGNICR IIADLEY FERRIS TEDRICK JOHNSON KEOXVN SNELBAKER MCGINLEY MENDENHALL JACKSON GE SEVENTY-FOUR Alpha Kappa Tau In the fall of I92I a number of men in Friends University who were interested in the promotion of dramatics got together and formed the Alpha Kappa Tau Society. Fel- lowship and social development were also included in the aims of the group. Together with the Delta Rho Alpha Nu Society, each semester the Alpha Kappa Taus sponsor a play. Last year the two societies co-operated in donating the production '6Adam and Evan to the Tower Clock Fund of the Senior Class. It was well received, both in patronage and appreciation, as was the second semester play "It Won't Be Long Now". The first play of this year with a cast picked from the entire university was "Ladies of the Iury", under the direction of Irene Vickers Baker. This comedy will long be re- membered by t-hose who saw it as one of the outstanding performances of the past few years in Friends dramatics. , Social events of the year have included several stag parties and dinners, besides the annual spring formal. The officers of the society are Don Davis, presidentg Lib-e Martin, vice-presidentg Stanley Davis, secretary-treasurer, Wilmer Weide, inter-society council representative, and Bill McCoy, sergeant-at-arms. Mr. Roy Campbell is sponsor. PAGE SEVENTY FIVE if: ...........w if-1 .fe- V. ,W ,,,., diff!! TOI' ROXV. lm-ft tn i'ig:I11: Denton. R1-svlike, Plark. De Haven. Ray. C'l'IN'I'l'lll RUXV: Alforil. Si-liiinitit-lier, Iloliiiln-i'g. Patti-rsmi, Lyman. LONVICR ROXY: xVOUllXY2ll'4l. Hawortli, Smith. Watkins, Nicholson. Epp. Alethian The purpose of the Alethian Society is to promote the study and appreciation of the Fine arts and to further the social development of its members. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday evenings of the month. This year they included an old- Fashioned Literary Meeting fwith costumesj, discussions of artists, musical programs, a waflle supper, and a steak fry. The society has taken part in several all-school alfairs. It sponsored a Sunday after- noon tea, participated in Health Week activities, and managed a booth in the Y.W.C.A. Cherry Carnival. During rush season, the society entertained the rushees with a Christmas party and a Iapanese supper. Other activities included a reception for the Alumnae, the annual St. Patrick's Dinner, and the Spring Formal. Officers for 1931-1932 were Helen Schumacher, president, Lois DeHaven, vice-presi- dent, ,Marilla Alford, secretary, Linnea Holmlverg, treasurer, Allene Woodward, inter- society representative, Ava Patterson, reporter. Officers for 1932 are Allene Woodward, president, Pauline Reschke, vice-president, Linnea Holmherg, secretary, Florene Watkins, treasurer, Beulah Clark, program chair- man, Hilda Epp, inter-society council representative, Helen Schumacher, reporter, Board ol Directors: Lois DeHaven, Ava Patterson, Alma Ray, Marguerite Nicholson, Linnea Holmberg. PAGE SEVENTY-SIX l.l-Il"T TO RIGHT: Haselneier. Caswell. Seanmn, B, I301'IlSlU1'f. lla-rtlmlf. lilrml. Andrn-ws, Miller, Giles, Foulke. M4-ek. Martinson, M. Stanton. Tliomas. XValkins. Meda "Medan is an Indian word meaning "wise one". The Meda group is an organization of girls which has as its only qualification a high scholastic standard, namely one of 2.5 credit points. Membership in this group is entirely dependent upon this standard. As soon as a girl fails to keep her average at 2.5 shc is automatically dropped from the organiza- tion until she can again reach that mark. The purpose of the group is the discussion of subjects that are of paramount interest to the girls. The leader in each case may be student, faculty or guest, depending very much upon the subject for discussion. The group strives toward clearer knowledge of things which are happening each day. The Meda Group was organized by Dean VVOIIT. In the course of a semester the girls enjoy a number of delightful teas either in Dean Wolffs ollice or at her home. The group has so far never chosen officers nor had any particular form of organiza- tion. The very informality of the meetings makes them the more enjoyable. PAGE SEVENTY-SEVEN sv fb.,-f FRONT RONV: Iieselilie. Alford, Coyne, Harsh. C'EN'l'l'IR RUNV: Yan Kirk, lfllrml, Galley. IZAVK HONV: xY00llNY2ll'4l. Miss Ilyehe, Max Skiles, Mrs. Greenfit-lil. South Hall To the south oli the Administration building stands South Hall, the home of a group of Friends eo-eds. Weekly house meetings, birthday dinners, informal parties, intimate chats, and weighty arguments are all part of the life of the Hall, to say nothing of secret spreads at midnight. The garden is more than an incident in the lives of these women. The tree which shadows the heart-shaped seat might tell many tales if it could only speak. The porch swing leaves its stamp on the memories of many, even ili someone does find it necessary to empty a glass of water from an upstairs window at an inopiportune time. The residents of the Hall govern it. There are no restrictions except what are es- sential in group living. Each year the girls hold open house where the public is invited to observe and inspect the dormitory and see how it makes for enjoyable living. A com- mission is chosen each year which acts as the executive body. Members for the year 1931-1932 were Mildred Thomas, president, Pauline Reschke, and Merle Gulley. Mrs. Mamie R. Greenfield is the House Mother. PAGE SEVENTY-EIGHT -mf I.El"'I' TO RIGHT: R. Fiiriias. H. Stanton. II. Vhilson, Yevlinlst Csponsorj, IC. Cliilson, B, Iii-iaistorf. Xvillkills. Zeta Phi The Zeta Phi honorary society was organized to promote athletics and forensics among women at Friends. Only girls having earned either gold or felt Q's are eligible for membership. The present membership in school is small, and every member is active in several other organizations. Barbara Bernstort is president ol' the club, and with Rachel Chilson and Esther Chilson, gained her Q in athletics. The gold Q members are Florene Watkins, Ruth Furnas, and Marjorie Stanton. Miss Lucille Verhulst is sponsor for the group. The other officers are Florene Watkiiis. vice-president, Marjorie Stanton, secretary, Rachel Chilson, treasurer, and listher Chilson, sergeant-at-arms. Two business meetings are held each month. The following girls are not in school but are considered associate members of the club: Marjorie Wood, Lois Broclcman, lvlarjorie Foulke, Vesta VValters, and Agnes Adams. There are two annual social events during the school year. The first is the mother- daughter banquet during the lirst semester in honor ol the mothers of the members. The second is a spring picnic at which the members entertain their guests. Also, in the spring the new members who have earned their Q's during the year entertain the old members before tormal initiation is held, PAGE SEVENTY-NINE FIRST ROVV: H. XVagner, Reschke, Clark, Hollingsworth, Hodson, McMillan, Thompson, Pope. Love, G. Bender, F. Bender, J. Nanninga, Hinshaw. SECOND ROVV: Barber, Huffman, Boyle, E. Cliilson, P. Hoff, Stanton, Wynkoop, Jay, Bernstorf, E. Wagner, Hadley, Cook. INSERT: Professor Huus. The Politics and Public Affairs Club The Politics and Public Affairs Club was organized in Friends University under the direction of Professor Randolph O. Huus in October, 1930. lt was formed for the purpose of interesting students and faculty members in current political affairs. ln contrast to many similar organizations in other universities this club in Friends University is entirely non-partisan. It attempts to present fairly both sides of controversial issues and to give both political parties equal representation in the meetings. The first year of Work for the club was quite successful. Among the prominent of- hcials brought to the Friends University campus by this club were a governor, a lieutenant- governor and a United States Senator. The annual banquet this year had as the prominent guest speaker Governor Harry A. Woodring. Decorations were carried out in the patriotic theme-red, white and blue streamers, little flags, and candles. City Manager Wells, Chief O. W. Wilson, Mr. H. D. Baker, Dean Baldwin, Hugo Wall, and Mr. Pankhurst were among the guests. The officers of the club for the term ending March 1, 1932, were Floyd Pope, presi- dent, Barbara Bernstorf, vice-president, Eola Thompson, secretary, and Olive Love, treasurer. Next year the club will again be led by Floyd Pope. The other officers are Barbara Furnas, vice-president, Eleanor McMillen, secretary, and Dorwiri Cook, treasurer. PAGE EIGHTY W 10 Ilff f M f RACHEL CHILSON May Qeen LA thing of beaufy if zz joy fbrezfcr 'When Youth and Pleasure meet To chase the glowing Hours nfizlz flying feet 'Enjoy the prexcnt day, Trusting very little to the morrow xxalx 7' s M 077261215 Z0 .fpL11'c?- For 5017160126 you care fbr, OIIC 10116 ajkir fbi' two." T 1 C311 lx mv, awzif? D hmlbvvf 363522 -, f mm. m MAH s X V xv, L,,. A 7.-Q it w ff L-7- -f'k':- , '1"'1k w 2 . N rl E 21" 'f l 54 , V,gI ,Hi 4 f, I . 'N .li A 'LVM Mg 13' . L O 3 . .,,. W - f Q Q' , k I 3- -2 "Time Will Tell" Time ,cofily there Lnughf Zhrozzgh the abyss of l'HdZ'fl7lC6' Wizh the gods." I ff, i..""""" 33' x V M ,J Q 5 x 'Q . XX, ee' Qu 5. "In lime the nnmanageable young oxen come to the plozuj in time - - - u the lzorsef are taught lo endure the re57mznzng 1911. 4 N M , ..f it MVN, 1f1...t,1mnme Rvllnazanqagr ,QW 3 FliON'l' ROXV, left to right: Howard. Davis, Ilemphill, li2ll'l'iI'lgt0ll, Hoff, Hush, R. i'illl'l1fLS fpresidenll, Putman ff'll1'l'l' learlc-rj, SEFUND ROW: Coyne, Townsentl, Xiaylmn-rry. Se-alnzlu, VVhite. M1-Millen. Mr- fi0Vllt'j'. THIRD ROXY: Foulke. Kramer. Pieree. llaseineier. Collyer. Steplu-nson. F0l'li'l'H HOW: Cates. Kullman. Love, Hotlson, Stout. Permingtun, Mongxer, Hurst. FIFTH ROXV: liodeeker, Kemp, li. Tlloxnp- son, lilantl, M. Fulton, IJ, Bl'l'lIAtOl'f, liveles, l,t'il'l'SOIl. BACK KONV: Harsh, C. Fisher, liElI'1'UXV, Ili- barg.for, XYhiIn4-y, H. Fulton. INSERT: IL ilook Cassistant yell leailerj. Girls' Pep Club The girls, pep club, the Quaker Peppettes, is the only pep organization on the campus this year. lt is organized for the purpose of promoting enthusiasm at all athletic contests. Any student is eligible for membership. The freshmen who became members of the club this year adopted red slip-over sweaters with gray skirts for their costume. The upper-class costume is still the gray sweater with a gray skirt. The pep club decorated the building before each football game, arranged for a pep chapel for each football game, sponsored the Thanksgiving Pep Dinnerg sponsored the bonhre for the W.U.-Friends game, and put on stunts at the Southwestern game, the Homecoming game, and at the pep rally for the W.U.-Aggies charity game. The Peppettes also appeared at school in costume before each football game. The officers for this year arc: Ruth Furnas, presidentg Eleanor McMillan, vice-presi- dent, Lo-is Pennington, secretary-treasurer, Nina Seaman, Lois Kramer, Margaret Putman, pep promoters. The school cheer leader for 1951-32 was Margaret Putman, who was assisted by Dorwin Cook. PAGE EIGHTY-NINE Time on my hands ! x " I M N ,'A N S X lg Qllvqllx , i, f W " N' i I if '33 .. ' xyggn-,gg-f---QAG - LWP Q In " 3 A Land-Mark of Time Tlzcre Wax fl Time . . 1 900-Girls in A ation Towers of Time W. E. LARSON Friends Phoiograplwer 108 West Douglas Avenue ,Q 'H gk ff V r X 4 9 , l RISK autumn air and that tense and ull- pf-rvadingsa-nsulion that cornea only at an football game'--no wonder thc- boy who on-ics: "Peanuts-an dinu-Y" has so niuny CllFlUllll'I'5. That -an-k ol' warm. roastml plillllllh is. it set-uns. a part of tlu- enjoy nu-nt of ll good gridiron grind. Ten Cents is two vent- IllUI'l' than you pup vu-rj dup for l T Wa ,4- "Pcan uts -a Dllll 0 1-lc-4-trir werxirt-. on the- use-rugs. .Xml that 81' worth oft-lvciricity docs an nlullitudv ol' taslw about your llonn---for In--s than tlu' 1-ost of a bark of pt-aunts. i Kansas Gas 81 Electric Co. at y0UT SBTUICG PAGE NINETY-FIVE Located for 46 years at Main and Douglas Almost half a century has proved this store to be THE BEST PLACE TO SHOP AFTER ALL D'12sssB:sN'a2:sY- .E J Are Secured Thru THE 't ,.- if - - - an - .. Wichita Business College Nearly fifty years in Wichita. Many former Friends U. students have found our courses short cuts to success in the business World. Courses so thorough, they are cheaper. Earn living expenses. Deferred payment plan of paying tuition if desired. Call or write NOW. N0 summer closing. 114-116 North Market Street I R A W A T 0 SPORTING Goous co. 133 North Market Phone 3-6921 SEPTEMBER '-One hundred twentyffive lfreslimen have begun to find out what higher education is like. Psychological exams, etc.. ad inlinitum. The Y.W.C.A. Cahinet met lo choose committee chairmen. Business meeting of the YV..-X..-X. executive. -The Y,W.C.A. held its Big and Little Sister meeting to start the year. South llall girls held their first party of the year. lt was entirelv a female ailair. An important social event at lfriends, the Y.M. and Y.NV. CA. liormal reception, took place Saturday evening. All ol' the societies held their first meetings of the year to discuss plans for the coming year. -The XV..X.A. entertained the lfreshman girls in Recreation Hall and put on a stunt introducing the W..-X..-X. execuf tives. Oatville received a visit from Alma Ray, Beulah Clark, and Dorothy Foulke. three aspiring intensive hikers. lfriends students were dismissed for tivo hours and went to town to admire the newly-baptized metropolis' of XVichita and to participate in a parade in honor of the christening. There was lots of fun, folly, and refreshments at the All- School llike. The moon cooperated. and Dr. Mendenhall gave his ghost story a Hlivecl happy ever after" ending, according to previous instructions. The l'll'I-171115 Ftzmlly lfmzrs' have decided it is high time they received a little recognition: hence. an organization with the above title and a meeting at Camp lilide-a-YVee this week-end. ,Xfter a picnic in Riverside lark, the Iota Theta Mu girls launched canoes and drifted down the river, singing, laughing, and otherwise indicating their joy. VVe haven't heard ot anyone having to swim home. Meinlwers of the lota Theta Mu Society acted as hostesses at the first Sunday afternoon tea in Recreation Hall. J 9' ' v ' :..:..:. 3. 00.5034 50.3 of O 6 g. ,'.1.',' It Pa s to Trade at Q 0 0 ,Ana 0,0 , Ox' zo 2 lo 4102.0 o , 5. 3 , s,-OX. 'A 'O' 'fl' 2 ' fo If 0 oo Q ' ' if 2 9 59. 6 Q0 0 if X o lo Q Ov Q 3 .Q X Q as X 00 0 X x Q, O oo 03.952, 00 O0 ' 99 . g 3 .QQ X o , Q.. 0,0 , 'X' Q." fo 055.00 Q A 3 ' A 8 'Q I oo fo ' 'O ' oo ' ' o'v X 'Q ' A A ' H 5 Q O X xffft- " ' h' ' 1 ' H -'fx' Wic 1ta s Oldest C othiers v H + 3 3. 3 'Q ' lo oo 00 . Q N + g 0 X A. g .'. .. Q '- I H2 1 12 West Dou as Avenue - H + X. 3 .. N Q 99 N 5' g A 2 ug.. .,. g of to .2 x go o'o if 'J PAGE NINETY-SIX WE ARE PROUD OF THE LIST--- VVG mean the list ol' directors of this bank. They are men of vision, ability and responsibility. They are taking' au active part in making this a strong, sound bank. Ask for a list' of our directors. You know about all of them. FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN WICHITA Capital and Surplus S2,000,000.00 SEPTEMBER -The lleppettes met to prepare for the work-outs that the rooters must have during the year to insure the pep that helps win games. Ruth Furnas was elected president of the club. 22-Miss Verhulst has been classifying the Freshmen ac- cording to postures. -President and Mrs. Mendenhall entertained the faculty and trustees at a reception in their home, The faculty, from all accounts, was positively frivolous. -Glee Club members announced. The Quakers are primed for their first game of the sea son with Oklahoma City University. -Tragedy in seven acts. The Oklahoma City Goldbugs scored 7 touchdowns to our none. Score 4S to 0. -Mr. Pankhurst, an "Americanized, Canadianized, English- man". spoke to the Politics Club about his beliefs in America. -Dean Wolff entertained the Freshman Council girls at her home. -The Alpha Kappa Taus held an informal stag dinner at the Bye Waye Tea Room. -The Alethians had steak, coffee, a moon, a black cat story, with the cat present, a uke, and some songs at a steak fry in Miss Myra Binford's garden. -Eleanor McMillen and Faye Bertholf, Sophomore debat- ing team, won from the Seniors in an interclass debate on the abolition of hazing at Friends. -Dorwin Cook and Bedford Hadley. Freshman debating team proved to the judges that "The Hazing of Fresh- men Should Be Abolished at Friends University," the subject for the annual interclass debate. Qkeigej 'ln the Haart afwibnim' Wichita' s Largest and Finest Store Fashion and Quality The Homestate Building and Loan Association R.. M. CAUTHORN, Sec'y A Safe Place for Savings OCTOBER -Pep Dinner-the first one. Everybody happy! Lots of fun! i e This space paid for by The United F ru1t and Grocery Co. Wholesale Only Topeka - Wichita - Salina A KANSAS INSTITUTION Q . PAGE NINETY-SEVEN OCTOBER Don't Let False Pride Do Your Bu ing! Don't get a mistaken idea that because we sell cheaper. the quality of our merchandise is inferior. Our position as THE WORLDS LARGEST STORE naturally gives us BUYING ADVANTAGES FAB BEYOND THE AVERAGE. For that reason we can sell for less. As to quality . . . with such a reputation as ours to protect we dare not fall short. Each article is tested repeatedly in our oivn laboratories. If it is not BET- TER FOR THE PRICE, we make it so before putting it. on the market. Shop Sears first on everything from women 's fine chiffon hose, piece goods and men 's furnishings to plumbing, furniture and tires! Sears, Roebuck and Co The place to buy good tires, batteries and oil for less Save Time - - - Tfse the Long Distance Tele- phone- For Speedy Service-Call for the out-of-town number New reduced Long Distance Rates on Number Calls 2572 less re,qulare7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 50? less regularftl 130 p.m. to 4:30 154 North Lawrence B Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. PAGE NINETY-EIGHT The personnel of the chapel choir has been announced. This is something new at Friends. The choir will sing at one chapel each week, and will lead in the hymn sing- ing at every chapel. The F.U. Band made its first appearance at the game, but we lost zo to o in spite of all that. Wait till next week. In chapel, Dr. Khalil Totah, a Syrian, teacher in a boys' school at the Friends Mission in Palestine, spoke about race problems. According to Dr. Totah, young people in Palestine are looking to America for new ideas and ideals. One wonders uhat they must think of some of the things we show them. Some of the W.A.A. girls hiked all over Riverside, hunt- ing for 15th Street so that they could cross the river and go to Stanton's cabin for an over-night hike. They got there-eventually. Members of the Friends University School of Music pre- sented a program at the annual home-coming day of the Hypatia Club. Cecil Hinshaw, one oi the Friends representatives in the Fire Prevention Oratorical Contest between the two uni- versities and the three high schools, took second place with his oration, "Business and Fire". Between here and Oatville-. Kathryn Nanninga, Doro- thy Foulke, Grace Hoff and Beulah Clark competed with Pheidippides for Marathonic honors, there being this dif- ference. Pheidippides' incentive was love of countryg the breathless co-eds had the added stimulus of a vindictive goat. Dr. Hekhuis of the University of Wichita spoke on the college students philosophy of life at a joint meeting of the Y.M. and Y.W.C.A. 9-A scoreless tie with Friends outplaying the Alva Teach- ers and throwing in the thrills. Now, what about that Quaker team? CONGRATULATIONS! upon your graduation from Friends. You have received a training and a philosophy that Will make you a happy, useful member of society. The Wheeler llielllly lrllagny Trust Company Wichita, Kansas OCTOBER The Student Council held a picnic at Sim Park, and heard Prof. Young's vicws on Old F.U. and the football season. -South Hall and Minden Hall have been exchanging com- pliments. Minden Hall gave the girls a lively half-hour over a supposedly stolen car parked in the South Hall drive. The girls enjoyed the opinions on necking of three prominent dorm men, who were under the impression that they were talking to a Beacon reporter. Woman's place in the world was discussed by the Sopho- more Council girls at a tea in thc home of Dean Wolff. A very inspirational chapel, with Arthus Rugh, National secretary of the Y.M.C.A., as our chape guest and speaker. -A touchdown in the last six minutes of play. That is why Ottawa went home with only the six of a 1,5 to 6 score. lust watch our smokcf It is to be feared that the girls who went on the over- night hike broke most of the rules in the health category, considering the things they ate and the amount of sleep they didn't get. The reversed social order at Friends has begun. It is sup- posed that everybody will be wiser-we hope not sad- der-by Thanksgiving when the old order is resumed. Nobody knows what may happen in the meantime. The Friends Working Men's Guild entertained their eni- ployers at a banquet in Recreation Hall. Dean Baldwin explained that thc guild is seeking to build up a reputa- tion for good workmanship. If the next Peace Conference is not successful, we will have war in i952, according to Mr. Gedat. Y.M.C.A. secretary of Berlin. who spoke in chapel and later an- swered questions for a group of students who gathered in Recreation Hall to hear him. -First appearance of the chapel choir. Heartiest Congratulations to the Class of 1932 WICHITA GAS CO. PAGE NINETY-NINE Wichita's "Friendly H otel" The Allis EMPIRE CAFE KIT KAT COFFEE SHOP "Open 6:30 A.M. to 1 A.M." PUP LUNCH "Always Open" C. A. RICHARDSON 827 West Douglas V Staple and Fancy Groceries Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily Agency for Battle Creek Health Food A A HOME-OWNED STORE We Deliver Phones: 4-7367-4-7368 J "The Store With Familiar Faces" Foremost in Favor McVicar-Howard Quality Clothes Hart Schaffner 86 Marx and Stein Block QfwYicarHuwq5gl 210 East Douglas 1 J 14 14 20 lfw I, zo 'O QI QI OCTOBER -.Xt the Pep Dinner. lfriends University plaved footliall against Mcllherson, F.U. engaging in the fray in pep costumes, McPherson taking the field in evening gowns. We are ready for them now. Bring them on! -Thirty Friends girls showed W'ichita customers at the Iioston Store what real service is. The girls clerlied from Xzoo to ozoo, sharing in the profits for sales. All money will go to help recreate Recreation Hall. --Apronned and overalleil, members of the Iota Theta Mu and their guests enjoyed a llallowe'en party at the home of Olive Love. -Russia's ideals and problems were discussed in chapel lay Dr. Iiakkuiii of the University of VVichita. -Ye Olde 'liyiiie Literary Meeting was held liy the .Xletliif ans, with ye olde songs, ye age-Worne deliate of Ilaire- pinnes vs. collar huttoniies, and ye olde-fasliioned spell- ing niatche. Miss McMurray won ye prize for ye lmeste costume. -The Iialiies of the Bahy Clinic howleil. the faculty pan- tomimerl. the photograpliers gallery ivliotographed-in fact, we aren't sure that the Crazy House diiln't reel, as the I-Iallowe'en Iubilee, sponsored hy the hand, progressed through sundry and interesting stages. The luliilee was a successl --Friends University was host to Friends and XVicliita U. students at a dinner for ex-governor Sweet of Colorado. -Friends married Victory, Mcl'hcrson's lietrothed, in chapel today. McPherson hasn't found out about it yet. but they will! -McPherson just found ULli1Il to 7. -A Friends University girls' hockey team hail the mis- fortune to lose to the Wonien's Hockey Cluh 4 to 2. WEST SIDE FLOWER SHOP F LOWERS-properly selected -correctly arranged -promptly delivered J. 0. MASON HELEN BAKER MASON Managers Member Florists' Telegraph Delivery Assn. PAGE ONE HUNDRED Every Inch a Clothing Store 4. e . Clothiers to the College Man NOVEMBER -The Hypatia Club probably felt thoroughly and diversely entertained hy the time the dramatic interpretation class had presented its program of lbsen. the wooing scene from "Taming of the Shrew", and musical selections ranging from "Star of the Summer Night" to A'Climb Up, Children. Climb". -The Scribblers Club lield its lirst meeting at Dean Wolllhs home. I -l rofessor llttus showed Floyd Pope and Hialmar Hillman the intimate insides of the Boys' Reformatory at Hutchin- son. Floyd and Hjalmar intend to be good boys from now on. -The faculty saw itself with a vengeance at the mock faculty meeting in chapel today. Also, the faculty got some ideas as to the possible futures of certain students whose imitations were almost too natural. -Two hundred grads and students gathered in Recreation Hall for the Homecoming Banquet. Somehow Friends still draws. -The team beat Bethany's Swedes 7 to o for the benefit of the Homecoming grads. Not that they wouldnt have done it for the rest of us just the same, but the grads must be flattered. -Holiday-earned for us by the football boys Saturday. They certainly deserved it whether we do or not. We had to come to chapel, though, to listen to an address. -The W..-XA. executive met at Sim Park, ate steak Cslight- ly gritty from a fall in the dirty and discussed ways and means of outwitting constitutional rules. -Gilbert Bowles, missionary from Iapan, gave us a view of the Manchurian trouble in chapel today. W'e are be- coming quite World-minded. -Froshes tied Sophs in hockey game 5 to 5. I11Ul7l3CfCl2lSSIl1CH beat both of them. Superiority of mind over matter. possibly. DR.H.C.HOLMES Dentist 1015 Central Bldg. Phone 2-3034 ...Hw... FARMERS STATE Capital Surplus H. O. TEED -U J. H. Gidley -- H. C. Outland --- H. H. Jorgensen BA K Y 550,000.00 550,000.00 A ,--N,---,,,President - - -Active Vice-President ----------Cashier - - - - -Assistant Cashier WICHITA, KANSAS THE WICHITA WATER COMPANY PAGE ONE HUNDRED ONE FOURTH NATIONAL BANK Market at Douglas O CAPITAL ONE MILLION DOLLARS O Make This Your Bank ,sa Among our most valuable assets we place the friendship of those we knew at Friends University. The West Side Dry Cleaners Taylor Pennington 4 rs-W J . R. H I N T 0 N GROCERIES AND MEATS No. 1-1119 W. Douglas Ave. No. 2-1020 Maple Home Town Grocer NOVEMBER 1-llr. Conrad Iloflman, the man who could go unmolested between the German and Allied lilies during the War, spoke briefly of the VVar, then told us something of the situation of the lews. Dr. Mendenhall explained the sym- bolism of the service flag of Friends University. -The Meda Group, the feminine portion of the F.U. in- telligcntsia, was announced. A scholastic average of 2.5 or more is required in case you aspire. -Dr. Crow's bacteriology class visited Sterlens Ice Cream plant. VVhat has that to do with microbes? -Only the mud, rain, thunder and lightning, held the Quakers to such an insignificant score as I3 to o against the Bethel Mennonites. -Mince Pie has once again conquered man. Iileanor Mc- Millen's extempore concoction of the pie won for her lirst place in the Friends Annual Iixtemporaneous Con- test. she having defeated four men to attain the honor. -The annual agreement concerning the F.U.-W.U. football game was discussed at a dinner of the two student coun- cils in Recreation Hall. -Ilr. Crow and Dr. Weber received the final examination necessary for obtaining their Ph.I7. degrees at a faculty gathering in Recreation lrlall. -.X slumber party for the Iota Theta Mu's in the Y.NV.C.A. Lounge. There was little sleep but plenty of everything else. as was to have been expected. -Ilean VVollI entertained a group of luniors and Seniors at her home. -The clock in the tower stopped for several hours. Some of the South Hall girls seem to have been seriously dis- turbed lest they had stayed out too late. -The Male Quartet sang for the VVichita Iloosters' Club. "Bill had a Bill Board". Whewl "Bill lla da llill Board". Whewl Peerless Steam Laundry and Dry Cleaners SELOVER 85 SONS, Props. 243-245 North Market Phone 4-3311 PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWO The Wichita Home Baking Company RED-DEE BREAD For Sale al: All Grocers 16 I6 17 to I Q 0 I I 1 5 NOVEMBER -Mrs. Glen H. Iiakkum, president of the Kansas League of Women Voters, revealed to the Politics and Public .Xifairs Club that woman has been struggling for a part in politics since the days of ancient Iigypt. It does seem about time she was getting a little consideration. Any mere man would have expired long ago. . lo-Health Week. The Iota Theta Mu's Won a prize with their chapel health stunt. Memorandum-make sure of spark plugs, connecting rod. doors. top, tires. oil. I8-SOIHIIS and Upperclass hockey teams tied 4 to 4. Up- perclassmen beat Freshmen, thus winning the tournament. -F.U. is getting notorious over this reversed social order idea. liven Chicago has risen to the point of admiration. One would have thought a reversed social order was nothing new to that town. ,go-Miss Verhulst, Mildred Thomas and Iuanita Nanninga are oft for the W.A..'X. State Convention at NVinfield. -Dr. Iudd spoke vividly in chapel of the life and prob- lems of the Chinese. lfor six years Dr. Iudd has been a medical missionary in China. -Rain drove the ambitious Freshmen skaters to Recreation Hall from which thev explored every available inch of the building in spite of the darkness. -Mud and rain, splatter, splash, slush-yet the Koinonians, with their guests, hunted along blazed trails near Cow- skin Creek until they had found the treasure of lolly pops. When weiners and doughnuts and other eats were pro- duced. everybody forgot that it was raining. -.Ks guests of President and Mrs. Mendenhall. a group of Iuniors and Seniors enjoyed a waflle supper Sunday evening. -.X beautiful Thanksgiving service woven around the idea of giving thanks and praise through music, was given in chapel by the Y.W.C..'X. VVheat shocks and candles made an inspirational setting. Students gave 5553 to help fam- . . . A . . . GREAT MID-WESTERN INSTITUTIO Dedicated to unsurpassed service in every- thing pertaining to the business of Life Insurance OFFERS YOU Policies for men, Women and children. Modern plans, options and provisions. Policyholders' Savings Department. Unsurpassed service on claims. Great financial strength and stability. RADIO STATION KFBI 1050 Kilotcycles The Farmers Sz Bankers Life Insurance Company Wichita, Kansas "Policies that Protect" BOOSTING FOR FRIENDS Friends Students Say Will Meet You at DaIe's LOANS Cwith a year to repayj ze MORRIS PLANDM96 DALE DRUG COMPANY 1933 MAPLE Wichita, Kansas 4-6537 PAGE ONE HUNDRED THREE Hwhwwwi KELLY' DEPT. TORE PROGRAMS STATIONERY JOB PRI TI V THE QUAKER PRESS A ROBERT GOODMAN 2030 MENTOR AVENUE 'Phone 2-1737 I DIAL 2-8214 Dry Goods, Ladies' Hose, Men's Furnishings, Shoes and Athletic Shoes for A11 929 West Douglas Avenue 4-6 NOVEMBER ilies that would otherwise have little happiness on Thanksgiving. Friends Y.W.C.A. cabinet entertained Wichita University's Y.VV.C..-X. cabinet at a dinner in Recreation Hall. We play XVichita U. tomorrow! I.ost the game to W.U. zo-o, but our team fought like Trojans. Roller skates took a tour around the rink on South Mar- ket under the superior supervision of F.U. students. This All-School skate was sponsored by the Dorm boys. Sophs took second place in the hockey tournament by beating the Freshmen 5-o. DECEMBER The WA..-X. held its annual hockey banquet. Volley ball comes next. The Reverend Charles O. Whitely, pastor of the Univer- sity Friends Church. probably holds the record for being the First chapel speaker who, being given an hour if he wanted it, took only twenty minutes. A musical tea by the Alumnae members of the Alethian Society for the active members of the society. Our noses bear witness to the fact that the biology class is doing something drastic .... Investigation has proved that some frogs are getting remarkably personal attention. Iivervthing from Ilattleships to Old Maid was played at a party for the oflice force. What is our office force coming to? The Friends debate squad won seven out of thirteen de- bates at the Southwestern Annual Debate Tournament. -Friends delegates attended a state-wide Student Disarma- ment Conference at Washburn. Ms, if 6- --ark, A It , 'L ! . ' f 'f A if I t sg- R, . 1 ,-. -ww . nv ...c es . 2' , e 'mwifqf' 'I ir A Q I ff t . A , I .- ' S A Christmas Tea was served in Recreation Hall by the Freshman Council Girls. SIMMONS PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY PAGE ONE HUNDRED FOUR EAT FISH FOR HEALTH Fresh Shipments Daily MID-CENTRAL FISH MARKET 125 West Douglas "The Lumber N umber' ' Dial 4-1324 The Lawrence Lumber Co. 802 West Douglas DECEMBER -The Iota Theta Mu Open House rush party should be re- ferred to in the plural. Before the evening was over, four houses and Recreation Hall had welcomed and "adieued" the interested and astonished guests. -l".U. graduates return from time to time to see how the perspective is from the stage end of the chapel. Mr. Paul George, for four years a resident of Soviet Russia, spoke in chapel. The lfriends hockey varsity lost to the Wichita University hockey varsity 4 to I. "Ladies of the Iuryf' One of the best all-school plays ever presented at lfriends. If you saw it, you'll remember it! The Koinonians staggetl it at Camp Hyde, and as part of the program told stories not entirely to be credited. The ability of some of the boys would indicate that that was a daily occupation. The Alethians held open house in Recreation Hall. Dom- inoes, rook, flinch, pop-corn balls, and plum sherbert were some of the things on the program. -We lost our First official basketball game to the mighty llays Teachers, 24 to 15. -A vesper service was held by the Y.M.C.A. and Y.NV.C.A. of Friends and VVichita Universities at the First Methodist Church. The Lodge at Camp Hide-a-'Wee was agreeably shaken from its winter slumber hy the Delta Rho Alpha Nu Society, holding an open house Christmas party for their guests. -"Racketeers in the City" was the subject of Dr. Clarke's atldress to the Political Club. Their majesties of Ye Olde linglande held Christmas festi- val for their court and subjects with the loyal assistance of minions of ye YV..-X..-X. Success io You I Headquarters for A Books Athletic Goods Supplies V Jeszqgrlgtm with'-5 dS no-ue CI Solopelta Ave The Class of '32 Entitled to highest honors and yet so lowly priced GEO. .l. EPPERSON Prescription Druggist Valware Suits - S20 is "As near as your telephone" S. G. HOLMES Xt SONS sv 309 East Douglas Dial 2-4012 1101 W. Douglas PAGE ONE HUNDRED FIVE DECEMBER -Picturing a group of Christmas carollers, the glee clubs sang in coats and furs before the Wichita Chamber of Commerce at their annual Christmas party. -The Christmas atmosphere was paramount in the joint meeting of the Y.M. and Y.W.C.A., their last meeting of this year. Ian. 4-Christmas Vacation! JANUARY -Beat McPherson, :S to 21. -Walloped the Chilocco Indians for the second time. Score, 42 to 24. -Phillips U. out-scored us 26 to IX. -The Cadet teachers entertained their critic teachers-in- tentionally-at a banquet in Recreation Hall. -The Koinonians masqueraded as big, bad. bold, and brazen bandits after their rush party, and kidnapped the l.O.M.'s and their guests, who were having a dinner and rush party at Deal's Cabin. and brought them back to town. -"A Bit of Iapan" was exhibited at the Sunday afternoon tea sponsored by the Sophomore Council. -Punda came to life today after chapel as the mascot for the Iunior-Senior games. Punda seems to be a very happy combination of a variety of elements. -The VVhizzes are volley-ball champions. -The Seniors, as victors of the Iunior-Senior volley-ball game. retain possession of the Punda. -In chapel this morning, Harold Newby gave an inspir- ing account of the Student Volunteer Convention at Buf- falo. to which he was a delegate. -The Alethians entertained their rushees with a buffet sup- per at the home of Mrs. livaline Lyman. -Delta Rho studio party. -Kansas' highest officer, Governor Woodring, was secured to speak at a banquet here sponsored by the Politics Club. We have had about everybody of importance now but Dr. Brinkley. 18-22-Final exams! QFurther comment would be superflu- ous.j I9-Lost a game to Phillips U., 41-20. 22-Ask the Koinonians and the Alpha Kaps how hunting rabbits does as an antidote for too much nnal exams. 25-The Second African Benefit Concert was presented in the 14- Friends Auditorium under the auspices of Friends stu- dents, to help in building up the Friends museum. The Chapel Choir provided the vesper hour over KFH. 29-Walloped Sterling, 56-24. .29-Depression has hit the Freshman Council Girls. They had to entertain with a Depression party the other night. 31-The annual Y.M. and Y.NV.C.A. All-School Reception was held in Recreation Hall. FEBRUARY I-Silence VVeek for the societies. Mum's the Word. 1-"Dr. Iekyll and Mr. Hyde" at the Palace plus a waffle supper in Recreation Hall equal one lota Theta Mu meet- ing. 5-Bedford Hadley and Eleanor McMillen had a fierce verbal 5- 5- battle in the debate today, when the cross-examining be- gan. Marjorie Stanton and Cecil Hinshaw did their fight- ing in a more reserved manner. The audience got the un- expected pleasure of voting the decision. Preference Day for society aspirants. Miss Verhulst is opening a posture clinic. From now on expect to see students anxiously viewing themselves in the big mirror in the hall to see if their spines have im- proved noticeably. G-The Iota Theta Mu Society held an impressive initial 7- ring ceremony in Recreation Hall. Wafers, a cough drop, and tea. with one lump, was all the Freshman Council boys would allow their guests at the Sunday afternoon Scotch tea. H E McCormick-Arnistrong Conipany majors in the preparation of school and college advertising. We are proud that Friends University looks to us for its advertising. VVhen you, as a graduate of Friends, take your first steps in the business world, bear in mind that the friendly facilities of this e-wer orfrfini- zatiou are at your disposal rr., nr THE MCCORMICK-ARMSTRONG CQMPANY 1501 EAST DOUGLAS, WICHITA, KANSAS ADVERTISING PRINTERS PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIX -Sherwood Ilddx' spoke in chapel. -The hoys' dehate Q O 0.6 9,9 ozo 020 eta 0:4 Q 0 Q.. H E M 8. Q99 REAGENTS , oo , QEQ 0z6 N PYREX GLASSWARE '3' 020 LABORATORY SUPPLIES 030 0,0 0,0 020 THE WESTERN MACHINERY CO. 'I' 025 305 North Wichita Wichita, Kansas 0:0 ' 0.6 0,0 , FEBRUARY 16- The Limitations of .Xrms Conference was represented in chapel hy the VVorltl l"ellowship Committee, to give stu- dents a clearer idea of what it is all ahout. lt seems that 37' eyery country asks for nothing hut security and justice, and no two countries lraie the same definition for either 39' word. The liig Sisters entertained the Little Sisters at a Valen- tine Party. Swamped St. lohns of YViniield. 51-go. 3- -The Y.VV.C,iX. ot' lfriends traded programs with that of VV.U. -"Ladies of the Iuryu was presented at the :oth Century Cluh, This makes the second presentation of the play. and 4- this time it was the legitimate stage competing with the moving picture industry The legitimate stage won! SQ6 The llelta Rhos held their annual pledge service. l.ost a hreath-taking one to Bethel. gg-15. The .Xlpha Kaps entertained their pledges with a stag 7- dinner at the Shirkmere liall Room. They were in turn entertained hy the pledges-hy request-alter the game with lflethel. ll- lJr. Mandel Sherman. noted psychologist, spoke on Child Psychology heliore a group gathered in the Friends Re- search Lahoratory to hear him. Imaginel Friends students were allowed. indeed urged H1 The lfreshies gave a hanquet for the mighty Sophs. just to prove prohahly that depressions don't mean anything in their young lives. Leaping into this Leap-Year limelight. South llall girls entertained a group ol hoys at the dorm. The Singing Quakers presented a splendid program at the Twentieth Century Cluh house. MARCH Oi' the three Peace Oratorical contest entrants, Cecil Hin- shaw won first prize, speaking on "l7r. Iekyll and Mr. Hyde". Bedford Hadley took second place, and Betty Martinson third. The lfaculty entertained the Seniors at a dinner at the lnnes Tea Room. -There were about Iii delegates here at the Christian XVorld Education Conference. Eight colleges were repre- sented. The l.0.M.'s held private initiation. .Xsk the grocer at the lfriends Grocery why so many lfreshmen wanted so many eggs that night. North Iligh. liast High. Cathedral. and Mount Carmel came to Friends for a liaskethall Play Day. There were some strange things about that Play llay-such as doodle- hugs and galloping galoots. .Xrthur Rugh presented a picture ol the Chinese situation. and exhorted. to attend the circus Ifriday exening. Yes. ll-'Fl-llC Iota Theta Mus and the .Xlpha Kappa Taus held it was the Cherry Carnival, this year known likewise as the Cherry Circus. liarnuin and l5ailey's would have looked like a one-ringer in comparison. Hays won again, 55-27. teams dehated with St. Iohns College at NX'inlieltl. formal initiation ceremonies. is-.Xsk the Singing Quakers ahout the metropolis of Con- way Springs. They will hurst into song. 17-The nien's intra-mural haskethall tournament should he a success. Man has seldom yet made a failure ol' anything that woman started. NVe got practiced on in chapel. Our Glee Cluhs sang Monday night at the Vifashington Program at the Forum and wanted to make sure we could hear up under it he- for- rislinff it with 'i l'u'-ver 'lL1l:'ll" t .cg t .lg .c.tcc. -Rachel Chilson will he our May Queen. Bill lioyle was chosen Master ol' Ceremonies, and llelen Barrington, Maid ol llonor. -The Seniors have chosen to landscape part of the campus as their gilt to the school. lixergreens and hahy ramhler LI WOOD DAIRY PRODUCT 1009-1011 East Harry Street Phone 3-6415 1'fN'H will hs DUI in- Home-owned dairy owned and operated The girls' dehate teams lelt this morning tor a dehate trip. by yviohinm lwnph. ful- 'XYiellif"i Dtttlple I I . I 1 . 1 c , c . -Some ot the XVUXMX. niemlwers had a six-mile hike and a wallle supper. -lf you had seen the way some otherwise highly respecta- hle l4'.U. students mopped up the ice at the all-school ice skate. you would have lveen filled with rejoicing to know that there were others who couldn't eyactly skate. either. Get Your Milk at the Grocers PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVEN 1 v X .Sp N Q9 x X f"'l4GSn:- aysixx BX X wx X xf.,Q2..-RQXI233 T 22.1 ...i,?N3X "'--- XXX f X XXX X N X XX "" ',9 - b 2 , 5'-f W'Si,, ,,, . ,P"f::Q11'iig-'Af-,nu -Ex Z ,Q Y fx., -- ,iiigffx-:L i tu 9 xxggglggss , .7 K Q .al ?,s::a..1. .g 3 ,issx .--"si Sf' Q:-6 441-. - lf' .Qg -392 ' ' 3 3 Q .6 ,- Xxuxszgxxxxis, XX Ns 53 'S Y F, .19 Q 11 N -' x R - " ' ' z N7 3 ' k"5'4'x.4 -A " X Fl -pg. -- . w H- -X NV- 1 jmft, Y 'K' - rn., ," "'- 'I , N 1- 1- 5 "' 'Q N.LE,-,N- 9' X N- N N W 'N' vi x- A ng-A ' WQN' ,J xx XQQX E xx idx . W fx Sw . x ff ' lgwlgxxyx ' r Q Q x X R Y . X - . . X. , , Inf WIIQEIHIITA IEAQEILIE IDIRIESS WICHIT A. K ANSAS PAGE ONE HUNDRED EIGHT H lf-MUTTQDGIEIIM-MDlHSt NIUTCCEIRAIPIHS 4 4 BL .

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