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n 4. -us YEARBCDCDK ? 3 Q1 Qi! 5 FRIENDS P BL SI-IED ANN ALIY BY TI-'E SENIOR CLASS OE ERIENDS SEMINARY I942 E R I E N D S S R Y gf afxaia -IA 'Na I4 'f I 4 MPX O MADAME CARMAN m appreclaluon of her generous lwelp and unparalleled lcmdness we flue members of flue Class of l942 sincerely cledlcale our Yearbook 2 Y ' 5145' 3353555 S - , x . I I I I FOYQEWQRD AA'1,.Qf 1 : 1' , ' 1 'P 1 'Q L"f f'-"' ' :' vi'.,',1 "wi mv-+ 1 fx' "sf, ,M 'i W1 " x Se-WU Cai. VW' Haw- Fri ,J Ysifoick We fFz1.i:"' :Pi .THVLV ff Uv C 1 g Oil, : 1 "',- L ix " .nfhzf L.' I L1 r ,V , .I ,,. . ., T H ,V ,,-, ,:, I V, A, . A, I 'i FACULTY EARLE L HUNTER S ARCHIBALD SMITH HERIVIINE EHLERS Hus+ory Social Science Prmcupal Lahn German Heed of Upper ScI1ooI I 7 WALTER L. HINMAN MARIE LOUISE CARMAN RGWSE B. WILCOX Science Erench EngIisI'1 RUPERT CARR ALIDA TAYLOR JESSIE B WINTERBOTTOM Ceramics and Manual Arfs Arfs and Craffs Musac Garls' Physca! Educahon Librarian VERA ROGERS AMREIN ELLIS D. EBERLE RGLAND K REEDL BEATRICE LOUISE ECKS iiqln Sclwool GEORGE SPACHE JEANNE MORITZ Psyclioloqisl Frenclw DURWARD PRUDEN HARRY W NORDSTROM lvlailwemallcs Boys Physical Eclucahon l Malliemalics Enqlislw, Lalin, Direclor, Junior Public Speaking, Social Science A O Jig ,1 A'.,.i1'ggV i ff K . ,. .. V' V R 1: - Ufxpxw ' 1' , 1" 3' "'. Af X 3. I A Mr' P. , JM", t' A ' 11' , AI R,-i Ei , , . isdn 1Lj'A- NW ': Effaina- K F ,VX V' T ' Vlllif TAN' Jfwz QAQQI' C4 , ,, MH' fu! I." Y-' 4 3, K U i 1 , -, fl - , . A Ai? Fifi' 5 Yj'1L. ff ,E QCP J pf' '1L" 'f If 'f. ' .' L N 'V. 1 , V, U 3 . L MQ 5 ez 'lp . Env- J x T . ist 1 f x. iw ain , X Q A-3 .,,,, QW" 3 'K mx. xx 2 1 fem' 1' ..,, WW WWW? , , Zi 7 U5 .- 'fgfj-vf' Q iff. - 1 '89 5.""'I1 Lil' wr ' iii Rafe? 4 gs, A ' , 9 ,ff W if 'Wim 3., H r - e z. Uh r K V - 5 Q 2 Q Q, ,,,. A ' W! - 4' u V , 4 sg W :.: ,... we :- I P 1 321,34 - in f S2525 5551? 1. 4 fffx f . K 'J 4 "1 , .A X rm,-'M-', ' g 1 V' Q' 1575 'Ii " 3 -:f -- f .WW ,viz we .,., .,.,....,.. . ,ZW-M P75 A Y. V Aw Q 1, jwgerfjf s, 52 gf-v ig :MW 44225 11 297 hw7",j',? M - wr i i .- 5 f f .1 . , 1 wh will , , 'WY A5499 A1 w f Q' -sm . -frwfyrw Z -I ' we ,E fy . fiiimfw :..: 1 14:-. , ' 1. I . 3:212- wwwamu wrriiz faq ,.. ENICDR Maj, VI J . I Y I ' 1 S , KM S' KATI-IARINE BARBOUR The Sensor Class IS renowned for :Is assorlrnenl of clmaraclers and cllgues Kale lwas flue dnshnguuslwed lwonor of belng flue one member wlwo IS never excluded from any group Slle nas been exceedingly aclsye In all class orolecls I-Ier worlc on Ilwe STOVE Iasl year wall be remembered by all Iwer classmales and sels a lrne slandard lor all Iulure edllors Kale as oul sfandlng nor only for luer exlra currncular acllvlhes buf also for I'1er superior I+ ns sluclenls like Kale Io wI'1orn Ilwe Class of 42 Ioolcs wrrh parhcular prude Bowung 3 4 Sludenl Council I 2 Baslcelball I 2 3 4 C o I I 7 3 4 Plnlosoplny 4 Slove 3 Yearbook 4 worlc In Englislw and Biology. .I':,3 ':,g :,,,7l'Ira: -9 MARJORIE BRIETZ Pehfe and blonde Brnelzae desplle her smallness goes In for exlenslve over any odd weelcend and lncldenrally ul' wzll 151+ loo Marque IS almosl equally famous for Jrlwe ample lunclweons slwe negolnales daily In llwe cafe lerua wlllw no apparenl ellecl on lmer lmelglwl and wldrlw l-ler qurel manner and friendly smule have made Margie a popular member of our class Bowling 3 4 Frencl1Club 3 Plnlosoplrny 4 'x projecls of lcnirling. ll is rumored flwal slwe can loss off a size forly swealer Y l Cl-lRlSTlANA CLAXTON As one of The more seruous minded members of The group Chris has added much lo our class wllh her greal assorlmenl of examples and Ideas 'rhal she seems able lo plucls oul of The aur al any crucial momenf Chris loves lo argue and we feel sure lhal she would make an excellenl congresswoman or debaler upholdnng Jrhe cause for Jrhe younger genera 'non or waving a banner for women s rnghls +o be an able Sludenl Council Presndenl and a llvely conlrnbulor lo The Senior Class Bowling 3 4 Sludenl Council 4 Baskelball I 2 3 Phnlosophy 4 Currenl Evenls 4 By her infelligence and inleresl in school doings. Chris has proved JEAN CONHAIM Toward Jrhe close of school lasl year as sprung was coming around The bend our class acquired a new member an lhe form of Jean whose gener osrly and qulelr calm were al once fell and appreclaled by us all She IS one of lhose people upon whom The world wall depend for worlc done wv+hou'r excnlemenl or fanfare Thus year Jean has by her friendly cooperahon and unduslruous work conhnued +o ser a good example To lhe more lluqhly members of lhe class Philosophy 4 French Club 4 I 1 1 ' . , . . RICHARD COOLEY lv1asTer oT rmpersonahons creaTor oT weird carToons and possessor oT a sTarTlung and someTlmes TanTasTrc sense oT humor Duck has been a con sTanT source oT Tun and cheerrness ThroughouT The year WuTh a vuew Toward The Tleld oT englneerung he has plowed Through a number oT maTh and science courses leaving a sTrung oT surprising ornglnal Theorems and bewildered Teachers In hrs wake l-le has conTunually asTounded members oT The school wlTh has eerie Tue and sh1rT comblnahons which embody a conglomeraTnon oT colors such as only The Cooley mnnd could conceive A good sTudenT and a Trne Tellow To know Duck has drawn To hlmselT The aTfecTlon and respecT oT The enTlre Senaor Class Choral 4 Bowling 3 4 Phulosophy 4 l l - I :7 :,g' :. QS 28, CATHERINE DAVIDSON CaTherlne beTTer Icnown as Ceedy IS The one sober member oT our demon group buT has Turned InTo anoTher pranlcsTer Thus year She could usually be Tound rushlng around The Sensor I-Ilgh rooms aslclng bewildered glrls To brlng sandwiches or calces Tor The nexT Friday s basIceTbaIl game A The Team s manager Tor The pasT Two years she ns The school s ToremosT consclenTrous oblecTor To exercase IH any Torm She has held many class oTIuces and has done a greaT deal To help The ImpeTus Tor many oT our acTIvnTles Bowling 3 4 STudenT Councul 3 4 Choral I 2 3 4 French Club 3 4 Philosophy 4 Class OThcer I 2 STove 3 Yearboolc4 4 'MI 2 . . . , t S The class in many ways. As class sparlcplug she has inohfensively provided I Y MARGARET DORKEY If Margarel :sn rworlcnng ro keep her l-llslory average over 95 she as usually playlng around In Jrhe shop 'rurnlng our puns rings and fancy lcnuclc knaclcs Besudes being one of Mr Carrs honor sludenfs she us one of The rnosl' afhlehc gurls In The class l-ler rough and ready splrll as a challenge To anyone on Jrhe baslcerball floor sn The swimming pool or on horseback Talung care of rhe Krndergarren durung aur rand drulls has guven Tod an excellenr oufler for expressing her lnleresl un Qhrld psychology Thus expernence wrll be helpful To her an her furure work wnrh lurlle chuldren Bowling 3 4 Baslcerball 2 3 4 Philosophy 4 Currenl Evenlrs 4, Choral 4 1 ,J . I . . . I I ' I I ' - . . I . - I I I - . . . . . . . ,, ,, ' I v - I I I - I - ALICE tNSKO Any school rnornung ar approxwnalely elghl fully nune and one hall Allne may be seen maklng a dash lor her desk ou+ of brealh wITh haIr and books askew l-ler leafs on lhe baskelball courl have kepl Mrs Amreln and The 'ream In a perpelual consfernahon for AlICG s repurahon lor droppnng anylhlng Includlng herself on any avaIlable Inch of floor space IS re nowned WI+h a seemlngly never endIng source of energy she absorbs herself IH every ac+IvI+y The Blylhe SpIrI+ of 42 her generosI+y and grand personalfry wall forever be remembered by all her classmales Bowllng 3 4 Baskelball I 2 4 French Club 3 Phllosophy 4 nf? I I . . . , . . I I I I ' - I II -- I II - - - I i I I 3 I I f I I I - NED GATCI-l ELI. The bane of all Physics sludenls Knd Fuzzy Ned will argue hns adversary blue In The lace over a problem unvolynng Boyle s Law or Archumedes prnncuple l-lls homespun humor and confaqlous laughfer have enabled many a pessumusl 'ro see a brlghler slde fo lnce An addlhon lo lhe class lhus year has popularlfy wulh hus fellow sludenls IS always af a maximum l-le conhnually amuses Dr l-lunler by doclorung hnslory assuqnmenls or by lnlroducnng revoluhonary amendmenls 'ro lhe Conshluhon Choral 4 Baslcelball 4 Bowling 4 French Club 4 . ,, . ,, . . . . . , . , 1 . . ,, . ,I . . . , . , . , . BETTY JACOB! Belly us evndenlly lhe one slyllsl of her group From her harleguun glasses To her slcl panls she sels The pace for comlorl and up To dale dress compehhon lo all her opponenls Allhough al fumes Belly and her friends gallop around lhe halls lhlnlong of new pranks lo agllafe Dr l-lunler she ollers nnlelllgenl and underslandlng conlrubuhons lo all her classes l-ler worlc IH The Philosophy and Currenl Evenls Clubs us also noleworlhy Bowllng 3 4 Debale 4 Philosophy 4 Currenl Evenls 4 'Qi apparel. She is a rnasler al Jrhe ping pong lable and she offers slrong 'ff BARBARA LAI-IM voice IH prolesf only when Mr l-lunler calls her Lamble Pie ln mud wunler when Jrhe lower bay of lvlanhalfan as Icy and The wand swoops belween The Bowery and Governor s lsland Lambne braves Jrhe danger ous wafers In lhe ancuenf ferry boal In order lo malce Friends by nine o clock This fresh ocean alr accounfs for her peaches and cream com plexlon Connoisseur of army lnfe Bobby lceeps us up To dale In army Jrachcs and elhncs She should be able lo qualify for any secrefarlal pos: hon afler graduahon for she has lceplr our class records for live years Bowllng 3 4 Baslcelball I 2 3 4 Philosophy 4 French Club 3 4 Class Ollhcer I 2 3 4 ,Q 1 Barbara, lhe sofl-spolcen lillle girl wilh a slighl soulhern accenl, raises her DOROTHY LAZARUS Almosl any mornlng before The sound ol 'rhe buzzer burnng madly heralds lhe approach of German lll Class Dol can be found an some gulel corner ellher gulzzlng or being gulzzed on long pages of verb conlugalnons and slrange ldnoms Dof has been one of lhe guueler members of our class going aboulr her worlc wulh persuslence Dol amuses all by her fnendly guarrels wnlh Joan apprecualed her sleady calm alhlude IO lhe ups and downs of our class Bowling 3,4 Baslcelball l 2 3 French Club 3 4 Camera Club 4 l-lowever, lhroughoul Jrhe year Jrhal we have lcnown Dol, we have PATTY MacDAlD Wnfh a good many ophmushc adeas and a carload of pep Parry dons her fhunkung cap and commences ro cram orugunalnly and force Info class GC'l'lVl 'mes Wnlh lhe soclal commlflee fo back her up she has helped lo make many of our dances unlgue and pleasanl l-ler abllvry lo read and znlerprel music combined wlfh a ruch soprano vouce makes Pally an oulslandmg sololsf In The Glee Club and choral group Everyone engoys her reacllons +0 any Jreasung whnch may lloal around room lwenry sux Shll Pal holds her own and usually has a comeback +o sel us all In our places Club 3 Phulosophy 4 Soc al Comm Hee ' 2 3 4 Yearbook 4 , Q, hm' Debale: 21 Bowling: 3, 43 Baskelballz 2, 43 Choral: l, 2, 43 French P RENE MASTROVITO Presldenf of fhe Senior Class and Edlfor In Chief of fhe Yearboolc rnnghr well sum up fhe frusf whnch fhe class pufs IH Rene s Ieadershnp Possessor of an envied darlc and swarfhy cornplexuon fhe belabored expressions he has while doing has Mafh and Physics belies has frue sfafe of mund for he handles bofh sublecfs wufh ease and undersfandung I-Ie can be found any fame during fhe baseball season pounding has deslc In a vlolenf and usually successful affempf fo defend has beloved Dodgers Dem Bums agaunsf a group of slanderous Gnanf fans I-Ins ludgmenf and dependabulrfy have won our adrnurafuon 2 3 4 Philosophy 4 French 4 Came a I 2 Sfove 3 Yearboolc 4 u 9 . I J Choral: I, 2, 3, 43 Baslcefballz I, 2, 3, 43 Bowling: 2, 3, 41 Class Officer: lf. MARK MELTZER Mark as one of The more voluble lalkers of Jrhe Senuor Class can ollen be found expressing his very dehnu+e vnews on pollhcs Of Thls subleclr and of Jrhe economics of lhus counlry he has an almosf uncanny knowledge wllh whuch he has overawed many a less falenled arbllrralor l-lowever possessing a very generous nalure Mark IS always ready fo help a slrug gllng fellow sfudenr even If he IS nor ID accord wmlh his polnhcal vuews Mark has confrlbuled much lo The organuzahon of lhe Yearbook and we know lhal his abnllhes exhlblled un Jrhls underlrakung wall carry hum lar an 'rhe world of buslness boo 4 lr QQ- hhuq 'J 1 Choral: 47 Baskelballz 43 Bowling: 2, 3, 47 Social Cornrnilleez 47 Year- kz . l JACK MILICI The Lucius Beebe ol +he senior boys wnlh his loud sporl laclcels and curly halr Jaclc as a masler of lhe drums and prlnclpal swung addncl of The class l-lls drurns has baskefball his Physucs lesls and a cerlaun Junior Mlss lceep hum sn a slale of perpelual abslrachon Allhough Jack himself never speaks above a whisper he causes some bombulahon as a resull of has llvely nmaglnahon and humorous pranlcs l-le has endeared himself lo all by hls ready and sornehrnes confaglous smlle 2 3 Slud nl Councl 2 3 French Club 4 Slove 3 Choralrll, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelballz I, 2, 3, 41 Camera Club: I, 23 Bowling: , rf' " if PATTY MORSE Wnlh Jrhe opening of school came a new adduhon 'lo our class In lhe form of a prelly blonde damsel Wllhoul a day s heshlahon Pally sfarled off usual headaches and laughs lhal accompany a sensor year She has 'rhroughoul lhus perlod held fhe honored poslhon of possessung a large and spacious deslc no'r foo far from lhe dlchonary bul' generally guufe snowed under by a pnle of assor+ed books PaHy wulh her cheerful smile and lnlcable personalufy has added much lo our group Bowling 4 Baslselball 4 Choral 4 French Club 4 Phllosophy 4 Currenl Evenls 4 ,, 41 Hu- : n my pw: in perfecl slep wilh us all and quickly became a popular parlicipanl in The 'K MARION REICI-I The female masler ol Physics Ma+h and l-lnsfory IH facl of anylhung she underlalces Mackey has done more for our class Jrhan anyone could Imagine l-ler glnbness rn rallllng off Physucs laws has golf even lhe boys baffled Mlclcey has been lhe class colleclor for years She has Talcen money for The Spannsh chlld whom lhe class foslered for class dues and for hclcels Somehmes she slruggles long and hard buf In The end we all emply our poclcels 'ro her inescapable pleadnng An unconfrollable laughler a sloll In hnance records and never ending hlsfory noles are Jryplcal characlerushcs and possessnons of our shorf darlc haired friend Bowling 3 4 Baslcefball I 2 3 4 French Club 3 4 Class Ohhcer 4 Slove 3 Came a Club 4 Yearboolc 4 was NW 4 PETER ROGATZ Peler has done a credurable lop IH upholdlng a hugh repulaluon for map malcsng and for general Wizardry In hlslory As Mr l-lunler s rrghl hand man he deals an ponderous hlslorucal volumes and rn all phases of Jrhus sublecr down lo Jrhe meresr derail Buf 1+ as unfaur lo reslrecl Perers abalnly 'ro Jrhe pOlIlICGl sciences for he has The same maslery of olher sulolecls Prachcally unacclalmed buf undeniable when heard as hrs vnrluoslly af Jrhe piano All nn all Pefer has lhe arf of succeeding an every one ol hrs numerous underlalclngs Choral I Baslcelball I Curren+ Evenrs 4 W dim . . . . , . . . . . . . , I ' I I Y . , . , . . ,E A291 -gegwag' Q51 4 tl c J. its .il Qgsfisgf PAR 4? A - .fgwrzw WM ju Q fs amp R53 fa , 1 A, X Wfwiif INK, ff ' i'ff,::fi'1Q'5-lf. f , JOAN SCHAEFFER Wnlh Jrhe slrenglh of Jrwo men Joan swnngs her arm and sends lhe ball down lhe alley for a slrulce The unnque slmll and apparenlr ease of her slrrde malce Joan a powerful bowler No+ conhnung her lalenls lo bowlung The Dol and Joan parlnershuo on Jrhe badmlnlron courl sweeps up mosl of lhe compelllors and wallcs off wnlh lhe medals Through many years un lacl slnce Jrhe llrsl grade Joan has been a lanlhlul member of our class l-ler lcnaclc lor German and worlc un Biology have lcepl her exceedingly achve This year Bowlung 3 4 Baslcelball I 2 3 French Club 3 4 Camera Club 4 RICI-IARD SCULLY A promusung young lawyer Duck Iuas durung flue pasl yoars buull up an oulslandung repulaluon as legal advuser 'ro Ilrue Senuor Class I-Ins assocuales look upon Iuum as a polenllal Daniel Websler and ucrequenfly consulf Iuum as Io flue mos? advusable means of presenlung an argumenl Io Ivlr I-Iunman over an ambuguous queshon uru Pluysucs Duck Iuowever sluows equal abulufy on flue baskelball courl and un lruus ofluer sludues I-Ie us very amuable and popular wullfu Iuus classmafes Iuus personaluly and effucuency sluould carry Iuum lar un l'uus cluosen professuon Councul I 4 Class Oucfucer 3 Soc1aICommu+Iee I 2 3 Pluulosopluy Club 4 Frenclu Club 4 Yearbook 4 Cluoralz I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelballz I, 2, 3, 43 Bowling: 2, 3, 43 Sfuclenf " as fi JOANNE SMITI-I A Iew rnsnules before nine eaclw rnornnng Ilwere IS a wlld dash nnlo room 27 a breallw ol counlry aur and Joanne bas arrived from Ilfwal realm beyond Ilwe lworuzon lqnown as Jaclcson I-lelglwls Punlc clweelced and blue eyed Joanne as one of Ilwe gay members ol our class wlwo besrdes lwer abnllfy Io lly aboul daslwung from class Io class also bas a llne Ialenl lor wrulnng and lwas been one of 'rlwe more regular conlrlb ulors To llwe STOVE Slwe nas helped much Io enllven our class wlllm her charm nnlellngence and general gaxely Currenl Evenls 4 Class Ollucer 2 F Bowling: 3, 43 lBasIce+ball: I, 2, 3, Clworalz I, 2, 3, 4, Plwilosoplmyz 43 GGRDON SMITH Bug Smelly whose genlallly and unswervsnq good humor are never fall :ng as one ol lhe slaunch foundallons of lhe Sensor Class splrll Gordy s mann ololechve 'rhls year has been admlssuon 'ro The Naval Academy al Annapolis To lhus end he has devoled an admlrable amounl of hard worlc and perseverance l-lls counfry bumplun philosophy and lmpersonallons conhnue lo amaze and amuse his classmales The maunsfay of lhe semor songslers he provides a roclcbound lead for 'rhelr 'rheme Sunshnne Smoolh Sailing Gordon Choral 3, 4 Baslcelball 3 Bowlung 3 Camera Club 4 ,I . . H . . . . ' .. . . . . .. y , . - - lr - ll , . , . . , . , . , . . BARRY VALENTINE As a masler ol enlomology Bugs has genuinely earned has nnclcname l-le conhnually amazes fellow sludenls and lacully alike wnlh knowledge of The world of ansecfs l-hs humorous anhcs which are by no means lnmaled lo The gym lceep has assocsales nn a sfale of perpelual good humor Good nalured and easy gorng he us never +o be found worrying oyer has scholashc progress Thus us nafural because Jrhaf progress IS dehnalely oral l 2 Baskelball I 2 3 4 Bowling 4 Currenl Eyenls French Club 4 Camera Club 3 4 W: 'FI I i commendable. D I Ch 2 , 7 2 , , , 3 ' : 3 : 41 an - 'rv if 4 'fi sg Q ,.,. wf wwf PRCDPI-IECY ANNOUNCER Good allernoon everybody l-lere we are al Bumwn Alrporl where lhe lashy planes are brunglhg ln all celeb aled delegales for nexl weer s Democrahc Nallonal Lonvenhon Mr Mellzer lhe chairman ol The con yenl o rs rnghl here oeslde us dress d In a spncly Barney s lwo lrouser surf anxnously awashng lhe arrnyal ol lhe r nowned personallhes Now lusl laxung als way up lo lhe whsle lane as a new Maslrovulo B 68 This plane ,usr recenlly pul unlo mass produ hon by lhe Coasl Guard revoluhonary n deslgn lls egulpped wnlrh lwo 60 OOO horse power englnes which are run by Jrhelr own exhausls Mr Maslroynlo Hrs lnvenlor arhred ln a green suwl and spals IS lusr now sleppung oul of lhe shlp A+ hrs side as prelly Muss Barbara Lahm who us chlel lesl pulol for lhe Maslro yulo desngns The orher passenger as Jaslca Mllnca nnlernahonally cele braled concerr ylollnlsl l-le as lo play The M ndelssohn vlolln concerlo accompanued by Duck Cooley 67 year old Gene Krupa s prolege before lhe convenluon Jusl below us here on lhe Admlnlslrahon Balcony ns Rlchard somelhlng new has been added Scully who as chuel auclnoneer lor The Modern Desugn Tobacco Company Allhough a non smoker Mr Scully has sold more 'rhan I5 mulluon carlons ol clgarelles since gradu al on Al Jrhe momenl hes spealcung lo slouc General Gordon Smnlh oldesl olhcer ln rhe U S Army Ned Da Needle Galchell who as al presenl Professor of l-la r Tonlcs al Fllpnnmeyer Unuyersrly rs belng xnler vnewed by Marg Brnelz slar reporler lor lhe Charlolle Norlh Caroluna Gbserver Mlss Brnelz has recenlly receuved lhe Nobel p lze lor exlensnve research rn merallurglcal che-muslry Some ol The more celebraled women delegales are relreshlng lhennselves al Sloppy Joes Bean Wagon run by proprlelress Jean Conheun' Ah yes oyer lhere l see lhe 6 leer 4 Marlon Reach nyenlor ol Jrhe Dec phase Dulog Psycholng Sllde Rule an X, rr l I ,H y. . l , 1 f . . . . I, Y r f I 1 . . . , ' . . . I . . . . ,, ,, .Q - s n, , 6 Q , X., I . . . . . , I C , IS . . . l . . l . , . . I , , , . . , ' D . cf . . 1 , , I , v - I I l l 1 - ' v , l . . . I - 1 . . .l lr . . . . , I , - X , , . . . I . . ' X x r V , I , ,. , lr I v lnsTrumenT whlch lS used To solve obvious problems Beside The peTuTe Mlss Relch us BenaTor Joanne SmlTh TlrsT woman senaTor IH The hlsTory oT The U S l.asT year Mlss Sm:Th seT an all Tlme record by TlllbusTerung an The SenaTe Tor 47 hours 54 mlnuTes IU an eTTorT To Tallc down The newly proposed luguor Tax bull Mlss CaTherune Davudson presldenT oT The Con gressmen s Wives Tea and Bridge Club IS Tallcung wnTh ProTessor RogaTz who condensed The Encyclopedia BrlTannlca The World Almanac and Band 81 McNally s ATlas nnTo a Three and a halT page boolcleT T1Tled Thanlc RogaTz Tor a Lovely Evening Cver aT plane no I8 her l-lonor BeTTy Jacob: N Y STaTe ClrcuuT CourT Judge and pollTucal boss oT Three vasT meTropol1ses and Miss MargareT Dorkey co lnvenTor oT The BraunsTeun Dorlcey SelT Loadlng Mouse Trap and Miss PaTTy Morse oT FlTzpaTr1clc Morse Travelogs are havung a pow wow Jaslca Mulncu us oTTernng a duTch ance Union and Mass Alice Enslco The prancupal oT Muss Prnssy Prudes School Tor Young Females BoTh Miss MacDaad and Mrss Enslco have volubly advocaTed drasTuc reTorms In young ladles socral acT1vlTues Over by hangar no 4 some new arrmvals are wallnng Toward The AdmunusTraT1on Bunldlng Mr Barry ValenTune The duscoverer oT The EnTodolucaTerous PhlgomonTharusus or Radlum Bug a very rare lnsecT which IS Tound only un The reglons bordering The Bronx Park Zoo rs sandwlched beTween Muss Chrushana ClaxTon renegade leader oT The lNlnhnlusT ParTy and Mlss KaThe rlne Barbour who operaTes a chain oT oTTlces ThroughouT The enTlre naTuon which TranslaTe LaTun Tor hrgh school sTudenTs Mlss DoroThy Lazarus and Mlss Joan SchaeTTer buyers Tor Madame K s adverhsnng polucy wo slclrTs wlTh every blouse l are wallclng up behind Mr ValenTlne l see ThaT my Tame IS up so l shall reTurn you To our N Y sTudlos BYE NOWTV TreaT To PaTricia MacDaid, presidenT oT The Women's ChrisTian Temper- CLASSES .gi I Flrsf row Agnes Palhson Palrucua Krrlcland Rachel Ross Lucy Klser Nalaale Spencer Marlon Cleve land Ahson Smnlh Consfance Slolces Se ond row Carroll Flefcher Narcy Hodges Joan Cramer Dorofhea Buchholz Mary Webb Cornella Reagan Pamela Scherer Barre Bowne Back row L-lenry Lee George Infrafor John Esley Jordan Jablons Rog r Hlrson Arlhur Lanz JUNIOR CLASS ONE OF The llveller classes of The Sensor l-hgh School lhe Junnor Class has conhnued lo uphold Hrs scholashc and alhlehc records Hs social achvuhes have been cenlered on lhe Sprung Dance and Class Day Also under :ls auspices Jrwo rnlereshng Issues of lhe Slove have appeared Dr l-lunler ns conslanfly flying lnlo vlolenl oulbursls over :ls promiscuous ness on hlslory and Mr Reede as near lhe polnl ol a nervous breakdown over lhe slalus ol Hrs Algebra check ln Splle of all Hrs pecuhanhes lhe Junuor Class rs an enlhusrashc and lnlereshng parl ol lhe school Nor presenl--Thomas Marfln, Margarel Weilz. I , . CTTrnq Arlrne Clnarnon Nancy Ne laqe Maoqe Morse Mary Ann Wrllson Adele KosTello Second row AThur Cohen Ann Weaver Marfha Muse Hope Ann Franz Nadra Elrnan Marnanne Kaslcel Suzanne Solomon TrmoThy FooTe Thur row Wllllarn Glles Lansing Ten Eyclr JaneT Davidson Robrn Allardrce Mary Bengamrn Audrey Chamloerlarn Joan HrTchcoclc John Hopkrrlc PeTer Knaur NeT presenT Eleanor Fuchs Wayne Sarnsbu y Helen Sonnenberg Barbara Van Swearrnqen SOPHOMORE CLASS EACH SEPTEMBER as The school year sTarTs OTT room 26A acquires a new baTchoT1nhalolTanTs rn The guise OT The Sophomore Class New per sonalnhes and new evenTs are lmmedlaTely rnlecTed nnTo The sensor hugh aTmosphere The TenTh Class Thus year comprrsed a varied assorTmenT oT lrvely and lnTeresTed members whose acTrv1Tles rn and abouT classes have conTrubuTed much To The school l1Te . . . . l , . Jr 't , J , , ' , W, i I I I - 1 ' I ' I PRES!-IMAN CLASS r an 1 rder w ar ara Q Anne Thomas uzann Mahon Ma v-1 s erond row Fa ws ourse Kafherxne Loomxs an Gu? reun yVwa COW+ Barbara ewf Vwo a Hermes Ru hard Herman Back row Hx a V Knrqh+ Pau! Cc eman John Mase Richard Qrehce Edward Singer 1+ pres n J an Done e Burden Suzanne H nderson Kafhryn GULCIWSLGIU Ulm EIGI-ITI-I GRADE e ond row Cc es J v oss a Ma e M Pooper J L P 0 a e F 5 e Ha J Y ram W 4 w L SYHFQ -QQ' L 'ne Jfnnes, JJ! U ' h4IL B LD , U Let , S Q , ed'. Arh, SM -- r' N , ' 4 J fs F d, Sf , L 'r 'L -W .S F . W ' l I V nu . . Y . A N' ,fe f e , H Lene , -3 , ' . W , Q , ,. Sifnnq-Jcyceln ZL""F3', Arayre Ya'es Efzabefh M' er Vlrglrna Barre: JCL, Bud' Juwa Mime. S Q -Pairfia L :anne Jcmscr' Kiwi Barca Nanzy Jerez PSCW Gr M r . Res .ary-E! en r , oar a ra 'e. Tfrd 'cw-Qzcer' SEM Xr NL: Pak Rake" Game' Rizrard Bra, Ge'a"J BLSQL' T' 1 Asih r Q' Zmarfs TCALZ Y' e Q 'en SEVENTH GRADE V V' Z C KIV' df 5 FWF' one V C O Hmwfan Care! SCM' hu s Sybxl Smxfh Frances Mayne ardwnq Jos an e an aros a a f mam nee r o rw O e rv 5 H5 Qvberf TayNor Dafrd Be der Pefer Blos N ores resa FGVTOVW rzab T SIXTH GRADE E r5+ a n r Dom 5 a Le av Ac ar- e z 3 Af s M 1 Waswou B a 3 a JJ V' Swing-Er'rPa o. dc' G-df J an Hos" g, M y C Me 'e S' MTU, Jcy ir' EV G Yfz Ctnra ' , 'f I ' A , F, Sr ' - ef Elm Pe' f M lc, C 1 V H ' Wa WAN' W' fe J H K Nb , Jo e O' Ufwfv-Te ' EY' QW Neff, E 'mva,':v G f QV Eeafc ab, EWaY"e Ere" Ewen Mcipg Pmcurif? Kvewf-' Q-J G' :es My - e M. , SQCCPG 'iw-JJci"' E?fe"a' Lerwcfe Sfoughc' 52959 Askew We '-3' LV"Wa' QC'E1 S" f' Av fm-an Jcf' Her 34 Hvur Ncfycs Pa ' 'P Ji""e NOCV, Eggk 'QA-R'gF f Arwen JC' Ge' 'd Eye' A.z"'-S"e' Hafw W"'he, Sm' Fx Bda Sstu Cooke Rss" We"efeu. Nt' ::'Qse"--E4-2"fi' Se'e'2E'a' Kar Refsmf. . Q' -,--1 f FIFTI-I GRADE rrrum we Me y vans an C e, o oo r Wx M-1, B oe! Arwooo As ew maker S nn Rho m hd D me C Jud 'fh Se e rw Ce e freemberoe Mass Mercer DFCR rcw Roger Marrm Barry Hemrem Sfepher' Palme Francrs Valerwfe Sfephem Bervramm Michel! Wrrrr ,Jorvafhan Fadlmarw John Hrfchcock Nor presenr Leonard Beedcer Thomas Chmwrd Henry Humphrey Harre Wrs FOURTH GRADE s 1 'ure r v e Fr rf e Ma e Ser or e A ker no were e cuar' Ceow 11:1 fa err y Ra mr L. W T u:1yWeao J Firf' 'if.--- Edu: Remy M" SQFBCRC, E - ' E ' , Jo. wrlhf , V' :mia Them, 5 .4 -, ic , Seccrd row-Sahy Fahs Shoe My-A PGNGYT, da Zi a Ia Feld I T if 4 eifw . ,X .Q i""": Xa" f,.. A3e": Jewe Fa U - Com: C E52 Be cc 'Q' Mefzrfm S""' LIN 'eo year Seeceir Ne C, Moor 'ref' fr in 1 Face' C . SU' 'rg--N Sefrow Ccrcwe T r Ne Hen' 3 e Re'e' Brcgrer 2 ' Lefffn Frrieetz Cer'e'e ' Ame Kewercerg Jia' Ferro Afc' C re' S-ser Hcfvrs Sew op Rerff, S:r7"u'5 A e C:25'f'VNhE'r e 'och Nr' .2 1:"'+"cE' Crue! Ave T'c'he. Q.. TI-HRD GRADE a Vw w Y A r TM fa ar vu or M3 Sfopv rw C aroma amz arves rl a rwa 1 vw gala me erx an w u Mws MCC or Dram. am 5 warm D 'J a w SECGND GRADE FIRST GRADE 0 a a u y rv y Ham M d 9 c mcff 1 eerwe De Dora Ha ca P rey Nui nf x5 an row area e emer wza e H. S C e Uwe s a 0 ous s r arowno se L er Th F P O ur mm uma son we rec a Mus an Kenneoy Nancy Dry Nc pres nf Ca Q A r- Co by Law ewce Hofcorwo Jebba Mo +e'M+o Mary Ann Walker A eff Fnfman Nancy Pcklwardf KINDERGARTEN Gro r' Arwomy Mar Q mxfw Loy A W d f Bev vm f-0 r a 0 y 'wen rep Q r fe 0 C mr Va ser J 1 L: C V FWS' ff-wf-N f -Qfrg pe or M 'y 6 "T"'T5' ECP? Hunier, Je ' dc. Md '. vw-B 1 'wx G' , 2' , .F J Q , Jog ye Mufifel Kd' fi-r. E. lc :iM IW ' Rm' , H' b W Kak -f 5 Mi Pm I B j cl, S My C olw, D We Flvche. ST I-EH be'P M-U Edi CJ.ur , Affh Pa! , PGV' A Fu , Lukb- C. 'T rw ' P 'J -f G - ' W rw V , P , ' ,A , , ' W . SV. Hg-Buzz Mine-T 'ufm Buwu eli my ea cdr Mafja Hqfhey, 'rw Scfmefbefq, Def: CNW Jeff Wifga'5, Pau! Pe'cP. Seat X-Ja e M:Ke'z'9 M Y f Simba" Jafe CV kc S,sa' B JJ, Maf, LCE Jvdaf SUS KFVZ2 ,bww Pe "" , Ta Hfvlfin. Nc' D 'it-H'-Cfrc' Bef: A199 Cfevfi' T: , F'e'e JCf'a'ba" Ffy, E :sf SCVEGVC James N 'Lg-f WI 'cm WFVG Beiy Carve' Elise" Ffe'e A"Cf'e F ed qdf' K'a: erbeffie' Neil 'WL gi? .44 +1 Ng ,4- nm 9 J Q5 A abwfw ' ,mgff 1 :Wai xuevlwiiwmf' X 1 nw wb mf was 14, . jam W 4 V a L 59' :Rum ,K A-X fwoffilfik . Q i em W' 4571 , .M A iwzawwef fx w W ,L WF WM .gg 5 rf'-av 1-96' , ' ak it nah 141'-W4 ,L fi wmv' AP ma x f ,wemimxwmg miiwfivlwzifmf 1 ACTIVITIES Q rf" X 5 T T K Th C Th F lfy Tl-IE YEARBOOK FRIENDS SEMINARY had been in exisTence more Than a cenTury and a halT beTore iT issued iTs T1rsT Yearbook CrediT Tor The inuTial volume belongs To The Class oT I939 Then came The issues oT I94O and I94l and now we oT The Class oT I942 bring ouT The TourTh in The series The excellenT worlc oT preceding classes has been an 1nspiraTion and guide To us We have Tried To recapTure and reoroduce The spiruT oT Their pioneering eTTorTs We have embraced mosT oT The TeaTures oT Their arrangemenTs and 1nvenTions and aT The same Time have added Things ThaT are new Une oT These new TeaTures is The inclusion oT The baby picTure oT each member oT The Senior Class We TrusT ThaT our readers in conTemplaTing These angelic Taces will sense anew The TacT ThaT heaven lies abouT us in our inTancy and also ToleranTly realize ThaT we are whaT we are because we have been whaT we have been while TurTher reTlecTing we hope w1ThouT embarrassmenT ThaT we shall be whaT we shall be because we are whaT we are We bespealc a kindly criTicism oT our eTTorTs as we seT TorTh Tomorrow To Tresh Tields and pasTures new Ediorein-Chie, Rene MasTroviTog AssisTanT EdiTors, a arine Barbour, a erine Davidson, PaTricia MacDaid: Business Managers Richard Scully, Marlr MelTzer, PhoTography EdiTor, Marion Reich: acu Adviser, Mr, SmiTh. I . . . . ,, I I . . . . ,, ' ll l Tl-IE STOVE Tl-IE STOVE a mere child oT Tlve years us lusT a llTTle older Than The Yearbook Successive lunlor classes have reared :T and have all done Thelr work wlTh success and The lnTanT wlTh a hugh lnTelllgence quoT1enTTrom The very T1rsT has advanced In personaluTy In knowledge In vocabulary In dugnlTy rn wnsdom and IH sTaTure Much crednT us due To The presenT edlTorlal board made up as Tormerly Trom The Junior Class Tor The excellenT nurTure and admomT1on whxch ThroughouT The year IT has besTovved upon :Ts charge This class has malnTalned and even advanced The enllghTened In Thus connecTron ThaT The conTlnued growTh happiness and repuTaTlon oT The sTurdy chuld oT our composzTe brains have been largely due To The devoTnon and skull oT Mr Wslcox volce oT experience and TaculTy advlser EdnTor In ChleT NaTalue Spencer Assoc:aTe EdlTors Marlon Cleve land ArThur Lanz Business Manager Roger T-llrson ArT EdnTor Alison Sm1Th Exchange EdlTor ConsTance STokes Junior Ed1Tors Audrey Chamberlain TumoThy EooTe FaculTy Advsser Rowse B Walcox parenTal care characTerIsTic oT previous classes: buT IT should be remarked STUDENT COUNCIL WIT!-l Cl-IRIS CLAXTON Talcung oyer The leadershup oT Thus year s STudenT Councul :Ts usual duTues were conTlnued mn The same eTTlcuenT manner as always lT Toolc more acTuye parTnclpaTnon Than ever IU The STudenT Councnl Congress sendlng represenTaT1ves To all :Ts meeT1ngs which were held Tor oT vocaT1onal spealcers IH The Wednesday meeTlngs who represenTed among oTher proTesslons The publishing buslness and law glvlng us a Tresh ouTloolc on boTh Flnally The STudenT Council did :Ts parT un The war eTTorT by acTuve membership rn Young Amerlca WanTs To l-lelp Tor whuch IT Tools up a sizable collecT1on The purpose oT discussing privaTe school problems. lT presenTed a number TI-IE SOCIAL COMMITTEE TI-IE SOCIAL COMMITTEE as Ihe nucIeus for all arrangernenfs perfaln Ing Io soc1aI achvlhes This year The Comrnlflree sponsored a number of unloue and Infereshng dances The peak of Ihe season was reached wufh a formal dance aI Chrnsfrnas which was accIaImed a grand success by everyone Wnfh Ihe Ideas, I'he pIans and cooperahve afhfudes of Ihe Comrnlffee There has 'rhxs year been added a larger degree of orIglnaIII'y and unlI'y In our socIaI Iunchons l Tl-IE CURRENT EVENTS CLUB EOR TI-TREE YEARS now Mr l-lunTer has been conducTnng a CurrenT EvenTs Club wherean The members oT The upper classes who wlsh To duscuss world aTl:alrs may under has guudance exchange vuewpounTs wuTh one anoTher on various maTTers oT naTuonal and unTernaTuonal 1mporTance Asnde Trom The regular discussion held every oTher weelc The club also Toolc League oT NaTlons AssoclaTnon The sublecT discussed dealT wuTh The varlous problems which musT be Taced aTTer The war On The whole members OT The club enloyed The discussions very much and recenved excellenT Traunung In The comprehension and nnTerpreTaTuon oT currenT evenTs which wull sTand Them In good s+ead In TuTure years when They musT read and evaluaTe The news Tor Thems Ives parT in an inTer-school meeTing, which was held under The auspices oT The PHILOSOPHY CLUB TECHNICALLY AN exlra curricular aclnvuly lhe Phllosophy Club has nnlereslecl a number of semors wnlh Hrs more or less open forum where lhe unlellecluals can argue wnlh lhe emlnenl Dr l-lunler on The somewhal nncomprehensuble problems dealing wnlh everylhnng from lhe Onqnn of 'rhe Specues lo Relahvuly Mechanics During The course of lhe cluscussuons Dr l-lunler lrequenlly receives Jrhe mos? amaznng answers To hrs elemenlary queslnons l-lowever, The Philosophy Club affords an excellenl mecllum whereby lhe more lnleresled senlors can form a closer conlracl wnlh Ernsleun and Darwin I , . LE cERcLE PRANQAIS ON MONDAY AFTERNOONS lhe Cercle Francais holds :ls Informal meehngs IH lhe French room under Madame Carman s dlrechon Now IH :ls Jrhvrd year ol exlslence The mam purpose of 'rhe Cercle Francaxs as slnll lhal of developing lhe sludenls ablllly lo converse IU French and of lncreasxng lhelr knowledge of French cullure The dues collecled during 'rhe year go foward hnanclng some oulsude achvlly Before 'rhe members of Jrhe Cercle are caughl In lhe whirlpool of hnal examsnahons lhe Ce-rcle plans, among olher 'rhungs lo dune al a French reslauranl and have a galherang whnch wall be purely social and 'rypncally French Thanks are agaln due lo Madame Carman for her guldance ln our ellorls , . I . . . , . . . 1 l DEBATE CLUB FRIENDS DEBATING TEAMS have had an achve season 'rhus year l November learns from lhe school parhcnpaled In The annual debale lourna During lhe wlnler lhey fwlce debaled wnlh Jreams from Dwnghl' School La Salle Academy S+ Barnabas School and Eordharn Preparalory School Much of Jrhe success of our debahnq learn as due lo +he able coaching of Mr Pruden ' ' . n rnenl held al Dwighl School, where lhey won hall of lheir six debales. Tl-IE CSLEE CLUB Tl-lE GLEE CLUB IS a selechve musucal group whlch accompllshes more an splrll lhan IH reallly Due lo busy schedules and baslcelball games Jrhe Glee Club has nor been able lo meel regularly buf svnce I+ IS made up ol leaders of 'rhe Choral Group ul conlrrnbules moslr ol :ls lame lo lhe laller The Jrradshon of muslc has been assoclaled wulh Fr.ends Semunary for a long lime This orgamzahon ns slrrrvsng lo advance lhms 'rradlhon by lnlro ducang solo worlc by lhe sludenls Cl-TORAI. GROUP Tl-IE Cl-TORAL GROUP This year has been giTTed wiTh a large number oT oTherwise have been depleTed due To The deparTure by graduaTion oT many oT our regular basses and Tenors Aside Trom The regular acTiviTies such as The ChrisTmas pageanT The Choral Group presenTed a shorT program over radio sTaTion WGR during The ChrisTmas holidays and inTends To give a concerT aT Wanamalrer s This spring Under The able leadership oT Mrs WinTerboTTom The Choral Group has widened iTs reperToire Thus TurThering The inTeresT and enThusiasm oT The more musically minded sTudenTs i T X excepTionally Tine girls' voices which have upheld a chorus which would CAMERA CLUB THIS YEAR asm lfsfhree prevuous years lhe Camera Club has conhnued ar school Under fhe guidance of Mr Pruden members of lhe Junior and Sensor l-llgh Schools who are rnreresfed In pholography are gnven Jrhe prvvllege of using 1'he darlc room and ofher pholographrc equxpmenf fhroughouf 'rhe year We are sure 'rhal The efforls of Mr Pruden and Jrhe members of Jrhe Club have been well rewarded by lhe many excellenl pho+ographs which have been furned our lo grow sleadily. ll is now one of The mosl popular of lhe many aclivilies K has 4' iq qu ,Y .K ii 1' M1 bi it 5 1 8 if "-?, ISK ,gem was in., v 1: -T 'ized , 1 .1 -' f ln? 'U -K., f 4 X . . -4 ,A . ., I' .5 'f,,g,3,i i as i N. w. wh FN -vs., 'x 44 .- uf' 9'-..-4' ff Q 1,-""' 'A -may All -...J an N PM ,J r -PJ ,,.. f ' . 1 X ,J E r - ,, ., .N ,L - , 1 - , .1 V . - ,fir-" .nf su- ...fa ., .. 1 - ' .:1 A ' ' 'U V. v' u. , .,.. f ' ' .N M , 1 " -' ,nf K 'V Q A1 1-.. .- . .1 - , 2 Q. , " ' 'V F fr 4 'Q P' Ka 1 . 1 7 " Q ,- -. , -2 ' ., . - 1 I ' ' 'Ni-J ' '. 1 V ' 5-,Q K - J, .ff 1 ' 1 X I 4 I' , X , x I r Hx I I X 5 Six ' ffxxv ' L , I f L - .1 A . 3 K1- 5 xx 9' . 1 f u , 'lf ," 'X'- " ' - .. L FQ' 'Y -' ,. V 'Il 1-' M ' .au I . nf' ' ,I I I 4 E., N-X ,R - mv I -nr . J f w x, K-,W uv' ' X N. f A i -M xt ., n , , 'X , .V 1 :V .f A , 'xx f-. nt,-. arf., . -. -4 ,- ' J-. iw. I -544 xl, . ,- ' , , ., X ' ,. Jff - f ' 5' rf nba -.. I - . ,A Lx A V 4 -V V t ' ,f ff "4 ff-- A 'IP' l .wr E 'H M - Ev p U ,, . . 't 'V ' :- ', V XX 1 Q... L, ju., 'f .X NW N 'wt 'K X: Y , 4.5" 'g -. ' . ,pf A - J' 3 - ..- 2 '1 -45, . Xi' 1-Q, v w., '- 1 h . I M, uf" ' V ' Xu, 1 ' V ,Y ' ' "' . V V , L . . ,- C - 4, ATHLETICS BOYS VARSITY SENloR VARSITY SooRES Frnends Burch Walhen 25 Frlends Brownlng 20 Frrends Browning I7 Fnends B1rchWaIhen I8 Frnends Kew Foresr 28 Frnends Garden Counlrry Day 22 Fnencls Adelphi 36 Frlends Kew Foresr 3I Fraends 2I Brunswlclc 35 FOR TI-IEhrsI+1me1n rnany years The boys yarsrry was Ihe Same lor Iwo successuve years and The season s prospeclrs seemed brnghl wulh a slarhng oulnlel of I-Iurson Esley Ivlllucu Ivlaslrovllo and Scully The Ieam Swepl Ihrough ITS hrsr Iour games easnly Comlng up agannsr a Ieam of equal calibre Kew Gardens :I mel :Is Inrsr delear ol Ihe Season bul amended This delear Ialrer on :Is own courl much Io Trny s grahhcahon . 35 . . 38 . . 6' . . 44 . ' 24 ' I9 . 5' . ' 35 I SENIOR GIRLS BASKETBALL TI-IE SENIOR VARSITY Ieam upI'1eId ine oId basIce+baII Iradifion by win ning all buf one game An added aHraC+ion'rI1ls season was +I1e forrnaiion of a vigorous cheering squad Ied by Nancy I-Iodges and Bunny Pafiison Mickey Reich proved an aI3Ie capiain and Cafherune Davidson a very eificueni manager WIIII +I1eirI1eIp and our mascoi WIioopy The Ieam Iiad a very successful year Friends Fdends Friends Friends Friends Friends WaIden 26 Walden 28 Dalion 27 Barnard 34 Barnard 22 BrooIcIyn Friends 28 JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL EOR TWO SEASONS now Ilme J V Ieam Iwas masnlalned a record un blemnslned by a slngle deleal Unlorlunafely Ilme evul ellecls of loo many vuclorues In Ilwe Iorm ol over confndence gave Ilwe Ieam more Irouble In :Is Ialer games Conseguenlly In some ol IIS conlesls wlwere II mel wnllfm real compelulxon Ilwe J V barely managed Io wln We Iwope Illal nexl year s J V WIII conlnnue Inns remarlcable slrung ol vlclorles Enends Enends Enends Emends Enends Enends Enends Emends BIrII1VVaIl'1en Adepln I5 IvIcBurney I7 Brooklyn 23 IvIc:Burney I3 Broo Iyn I7 Bnrcln Wallwen Brunswlclc 24 ' I9 ' IO ' 22 I ' ' 38 ' 32 ' 34 ' 4I I . 35 . GIRLS JUNIOR BASKETBALL TI-IIS YEAR Tour Iearns lnsfead of Ihe 'rradlhonal Iwo pIayecI OFT a 'rourna rnenI of sux games for The color championship For Ihe Ihrrd 'rarne runnunq Ihe Whrfes were VICIOVIOUS under The capfauncy OI Sue Mason and JIII Underhill The whoIe hearfed enfhusuasrn and sfrong Ieam splrd' whuch were characferlshc of 'rhns season's pIayers made all Ihe games I1veIy and unfereshng I 1 T -pl BOYS' BOWLING EVERY WEDNESDAY mornlng lhere IS a wlld rush fo lhe lronl door of Mr Nordslrom s orhce To see who among +he many slcllled bowlers has raised has average lhe mosl un lhe prevuous day s compehhon Bowling IS parhclpaled ln by nearly all lhe boys and under Mr Nordslrom s able dnrechon many of The srudenls have developed excellenl skull un 'rhus popular sporf , f ' 4 'K 4 4 "' . ' M ' . .. ff fl S, v . . . . . . . , , . I QQ GIRLS' BOWLING TI-IIS IS 'II-IE second year Ihe glrIs have been bowhng en masse The sporf seems Io have puf a IlHIe pep lnIo Ihe habHruaI consclenhous obgedors Io gym and has oflfered shong compehhon In Ihe hghf for The haghesr average The gurls have shown a remarIcaI3Ie advance over IasI years scores When Ihe numerous spares Turn nn+o sfrukes and Ihe gurls Iearn Ihe meaning of The IouI Ilne Jrhey WIII be able Io guve Ihe boys a Iough chaIIenge Q 'V 'H I mwca A . u K ,...,, nd I VN Nt -s. pun Pm x 5 Q 'G' 'Q ' -35 'A L if ff m a i is ll if H ,, iw. u 'N y ff in t . 4 A s -av , ,A if 'Q' 5 P 2 "'!'5"'ff i JI g,,., v ' Aw TOGRAP -. 1-pn... fa. -. ,f 'un 'Pi qa f . :I 1" iff! V: ' 5 x 1 ,z y 5 . '- .,A . , . V , v , is f ff JJ ' , I . , 1 I L ' 1 , , it .X , fi -X ,A X , 5 V' Q r H A f f H 4 A ,Y , L, x .M V , ,CN 1 5 : as - . , f V . ' -1-' X J X, x J 7 f- f ," " - .' 1 A K 4 I 1 1 V 1 , A ,E , ' g' U: I . ., 3. A Q I f V 4 , 3 1: ff ' 'E A ..A ' 1 . Q hi, Qt , A l : ' K Z 1 K z ' 'xxx 1 . ' K on . A ., Q , x'-- . , .. .iq - , an 1 I f- X ... , , M Q.: xt 1.1, ' 's " 1 ai ' ' -V 4 A . ' ' 'vb I ff-' . ' , L - sm Q1 cgi' Q: , f - - - PM fy: , 'Y , I . .' , . . X . , ., - , . , , . ? . Y , , 1 , 1 ' F V , K " QA VL X o I 't 5 2 , I ,Q .' V , , I ' .- J. ,W , 'F 5 . .1 ' 3 1 , ' a ADVERTISEMENTS DELAR STUDICD ROCKEFELLER CENTER Official Phofoqrapher for Friends Semlnary Year Book o 0 L 0 31 UNIO wt' T TW L QNIIN ll Ll517OI1O Y Dehghtfui roof gardens for the health and enloy ment or all tenants a e among the many advantages of the modern apartment houses lasted below 235 EAST 22nd STREET 242 EAST 19th STREET 2345Roo T234Roos N OU Wood bu n ng F eplaces f lly equ pped kitchens ample lose? spac package se mad se ce a alable o nershup ma agement J H TAYLOR MANAGEMENT CORPORATION AR Moon OUN A Compltments of CLASS OF l94I MNNNNK X gl I 7 Q "AL fig! . Q , L4 tl 'T ' X X 7 I exft ,Ltr X' Ill! ffm' Qin IIUIYW fowl L A oc! T --'- ms - - - m. - r 1 lr u I ' C e rvice... i rvi vi w ' n O s U E 'was' 1 4, JUNIOR CLASS C SOPHOMORE CLASS ESTABLISHED l8I8 QWQOQZ3' f CC'E1LQiFkll.FlQ,AJXD ,JN ms Lg1lI'Ill5hlIlQb flats. .Shoes Q' Nmnlson Avenue con ronrv rouum smear eg, Nsw YORK N' it : ul lu n IIIOII Fm -4 5 mc if f SUIIIIHLI Spmt if NP--A .z.a....,LK 111 rn likuumlfflzslz 1 nm Ifslrrllfrl III X1 BRANCHES NEW YORK 0 E WA EET BOSTON Complmmgm of SENIOR CLASS LES! xx' 5 l1'f7 ' A?-.A ,. K, . I I .L w 'fx E--X 2 A: E3 ' S ' S9 'S ff JW ' ' ffkgmd K V L 1' :FK SSM "" f' X I ' XX V!-Q ' LTI + 3:4 X , y '71 f' X ' , " ' Q , 1 1 if K' f,,,,6 sf ' Y V ' Y - Q 1 ,ijfgz ' ' J If Ll I if ' X 110: ' V ."'lY11fi-A5 B I Vii XX " I ,fl 35' 1 1 wx vm 3 x f . .NAI ff, '- 1 1 - 4' 1' TS :'1 -r,vf:f,,e X , V , Q , X ,hh 5 , A quvq Xb Sp, . , - X- f1f'fl LKX XX I 1 T , 1 1' X ' 5 i IH , ' l"UlIII'J' nf' .S'f'f':s11rf.'r'1' E ,L J I.1' '21 .'11'l.x I N LL S 2 NEWBU COR. BERKE S ET DIEGES 8: CLUST I7 JOHN STREET New York N Y QHIUET Jewelers fo We CLASS OF 1942 FRIENDS SEMINARY X f THE f WHITE TURKEY ew Y k NIONDKY 'THRU SXYURDAY x Xxx Xxxxxx Luncheons from 996 Snack Yuppers Sl 25 Dinners from S1 60 SUNDXY x 0 l 4 COMPLIMENTS OE THOR ECKERT and CCMPANY, Inc STEAMSHIP AGENTS and BROKERS I7 BATTERY PLACE New York 1 WM' -ff 2 M - 4 .02 f 4-If g I I , . 0neUniversi Iuce,New or Ciiy Z . - . V-, A A, t . , I, I C' 7 B1 .' . . . f 1 ' f 1 ' . 3 , 4 Special Brunch . . S1.1 I "j Dinners from . . . 51.75 1 I? -' fl 12 Have you tried our home-like 9 ' ' 4 privnx di ing room for special Q pa ' ,, l 'dp . banquets, etc. 2 ' d 4' . phone A Q. KL -'b77 ' , . . 0 f I TH! if IM' -Tvfznlizlg 11.l:'n'lf.r1w1f'11l in RU,L'1'V'.f l'rL'I'.r ,-1.1-1'cl'I1.f11l,L' Ifunlf .fl in ffl, l'.f'f1'!I.f! Nrf111f1.1fj1' l r.1rHnf1l'. .X'1f!w11llf.l fp' JORDAN J.-HSIANS xx K law l x 1 1 13 ,: ,fi WL fl: Q, g I 5 I og. tx xv 1: ' 1 5 W 1.1, x K 4 ' I I ' ' Q41 ,QQ ugh, K fur 'l...,',y f 1 is-4 elnvf 9 A Good Rule ' In clothes, the true measure of Quallty 15 the length of Wearlng pleasure one gets Rogers Peet Clothes are longer Wear 1ng because of the line quahty of Rogers Peet s all Wool fabrlcs and the Workman sh1p of expert hands tramed the Rogers Reet Way Prep su1ts, sports jackets, slacks, hats sh1rts t16S, shoes at prlces to f1t a prep s purse Get your clothes ln a man s store Rogers Peet Style Headquarters for the Younger Man MQW Plflll A xu 1 fh UNH KN arren Street Llberty Qtreet at4l t Str a Br ad ly at Br madvn xy 11tBr madvsay -11111113 vm Tr m nt Qt al Br mm ld St 4 , -4 R . - - 9 S. . . , . .. . 1 , ... 7 ' J ,-, f . In Nrw Yurlc L'1'ty: U N vc-I e -1 'A " ' ' v, Q cnt t oz wz' r 'z 1 ' . 11 11.1 J c fx ,. '4 Ae f, 4 CC3NWZ'!TUTCVxT :QT TOBlN'S PHARMACY Ca+e ng +o S+ denfs Our Spec alfy T6H1 STREET and THIRD AVENUE ST 9 9'l48 A FRIEND fa'!sr7211ZoM 22 EAST 42 ST NEW YORK A T New York ri u i Comdmenfs :JT CJTTI 34 I I T T Eor e sIworI imfemwe COL ', or for Comg5Ie+e seQreIarIaI Ir5InIng aIIe-md Merchan+s 8: Bankers Business 8: Secre'rarlaI School Enlfcr GI any Mme and Croqress as racIdIy as you are abIe ALL COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS DIrecI rs SHERMAN C ESTEY LAJRENCE W ESTEY DAILY NEWS BUILDING 120 EAST 42nd STREET New York N Y 55 Ye JHJU Q Ma 3 cmcn I I I phone MU. 2-0986 for 5 caIeIog safg' fn se ffm- -' FRIENDS SEMINARY Fo nded In I 86 EAST SIXTEENTI-I STREET and RUTI-IEREORD PLACE A SCI-IOOL FOR BOYS and GIRLS S ARCHIBALD SMITI-I Pr C al CATALOGUE ON REQUEST I U ' 7 I from Kindergaden Io College in Ip PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION OF FRIENDS SEMINARY The oI3gecTs oTTh1s Assocuahon are To Iornng The parenTs lnTo closer conTacT wnTh each oTher wlTh The Teachers and wlTh The worlc oT The school To uphold The eTTorTs oT The school IU rnalnTa1nlng :Ts sTandard oT conducT and sTudy To oTTer consTrucTnve suqqeshons and help In rnaTTers where The school and The parenTs can eTTec Tuvely cooperaTe snqs oT The ExecuTlve Board are also open To any parenTs and Teachers wlshlnq To aTTend The Board conslsTs oT The oTTucers oT The Assoclahon The chairmen oT all special cornmnTTees repre senTaT1ves chosen by The I:aculTy and a represenTaT1ve Trorn The parenTs oT each class apponnTed by The PresndenT ITs meehnqs Take place on The Thnrd Wednesday oT each rnonTh aT 8 I5 P lvl ln addITion To The meeTinqs oT The AssocIaTion, The regular n'1eeT- gap .4

Suggestions in the Friends Seminary - Yearbook (New York, NY) collection:

Friends Seminary - Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 7

1942, pg 7

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1942, pg 54

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1942, pg 60

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Friends Seminary - Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 48

1942, pg 48

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