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b. Q , v w ',-,Hgh , f ' V.-1 5 N . Aff'- - x K . f' y 1 , , , .A 1,7 H7 - C' 1 v ' 1 , ,, g ,A 1. Q. -:QA J . . , ,, -1 . . f-55-1 .. f 1 1,2 .. VV V fa, .f ,' , ' .. ', ' ,Q ' "f" ' ' nw .f ' V ,- Vx W R, A., s ,. , ., - : " ' ' 'gfi-,K 1 Y A , ' P T-'U 1. V1 V' rf V, " . ' Af ', , 4 fx- - A f' f 4 A 1 . X , A . , , ,V . - . A. ,V ,,V UV, VVV5, V , V , As I ,,,., ,, . I-, ' -- - , - - ,- . . ' . ,J ' 'L ,f V ,. ,V . , fp ' , Q' .5 " gl , '. QV ,, '41 A ' - .., . -,l Ms V 5 .. ,, f ' fc, 'V .- , , I xx -V.5 L V. V ' ' x 'z - N ., ,1 .Tx ' T I , v- , ,I V i . My - V 'V ' 5 ,a ' 3. Q. : A - , ' . Ii' ' MV, V V, ,.. X. .w E, 1 : .1 1 ' 5 f ' ,V ,V,' V . I 1 i - A ,J . A.- .Q - , 4, L, 1 . x, ,V , ' A, . . W ' 1 , " 1, -. fx- - 'ui ,I VV.V..V . . A V, VV PV my V . , M.-1, 1 ,:, i ' '7, ,Z I , A, 5' 1 V: ,t ' r f , ,... U Q ' W, Y I , . ' 'Y 'iii' A' ' , ' fwl--ia ' . : . :T -, - ., 9 ::' jk Y Y , A1 YJ ,, ,L . .. ,V n , . X-. - 4 V F, ., , . A A A X. V ' , , r. gf A , . ,A Ls ,f I 1 ' ,1 4 '5 I 6.11, , ,Y -.gk 1 ' ,. - , 1 . .9 4. 1: "S - , L .HM v' ,V 1 , ' ., . ,,s Q. 4-. V 1 - 1 ' , Xi V ,' F e 2 E 5 .1 S 3 fl I 5: I2 3 Y? E 5 5 w in s. 5 '1 E a Y: s XX qv 1 5 2 Y s I 1 i E i 2 E . 3 I 5 it a .ff ' ', g .J4Q. ff? ,I ' x ix v r A , . .5-1 . J W ' ik,WXi'f3 ., f -ei, r f N K - N' -U' 'E .f k Y 'lx-ig gpm-M - X J' ' U vff'ff. "" Y 5 P ' . A X 1 I W ' ' W W -51 X "W ? 1 . . . we .Wm-if 'W Q. I .. A , ., . 1fmwi12gQ,1.1,- N' E'.Zi.1l, V KLMMA .. ., . J J., it-Lv, ,Wx r Wiffl ,flfhf QV L" ' . I-T-j-iwffskys Q x ., V+ ' 7 MQ ,...+ -rl!! . :anv- , ...., M... X5 V if E i TTT? ' . E ijixrz 1 Q E f' 'S , Q Q mxff E Y ' Y A ununuimuq .4 2 ., """"""w'M'W f iiufla Q' '.f 31 iff L' fy, gn 1-fvnpzr X 135315 A Q Timmy .J ...WWW-.W A ' 1 4:,::!x... .i 1 . ......,.. MW. M... 4 K N31 Q in ' k if ,F unv- . Q A 5 M ' . ,Q Q . L. an H . ---" W M ' 1 2 . ---1 . Mumgg Q1-A i . L VT YE N , A fn ' i 5 5 V , 2 """' si W 5 'Q X. 53 . Fi x A 5 .,g,,: 1- 5. f E . . A , H S2 52517 ETL A '54 if Q YES? I-Q...-lv. 'ii LW Q , ,Yi .L .Il"! 1 5 f gl: ? E Q 12 qw' wr ...LW .Ay LI L ,iii frwrf VK? L. . K 'xiii fifgig gin: .W +W- Qi ei 35, .....f Q,- i'i' Sir b V i Qa- ii il E. 4 L 535. ww' mi 3 ?' 5 , N lr N. . kv 'u ,Q- em. I .I I . .E 3 sei QQ.. 'A 'fa 5' It '3 ,3 I Q15 .Ya Nwgi , , ,,,.. 'gm 1 l-any I 4' 'L 'Iii ' 3 Q IHE RECORD 1955 Published by THE SENIUII ELASS PARKWAY 'PHILADELPHIA ' PENNA. EUNTENTS Foreword .. Iledication . Faculty . Seniors .. . Underclassmen Acadennc . Physical .. Social . . Spiritual . . Page . . five . six eight .. eleven . thirty-five . forty-five . fifty-orie sixty-three seventy-one vi. . "Q"-PCir4!W'1" !""vf-W-,,1-1-3-v wr Q-was-rw 1-'-f':'-1rff--a-"- . ' rs -4-ov--m.Wy7-fa. PUHEWUHD The years -of preparation are over, and we who stand on the thres- hold are ready to cross over into the future. They have been long years and hard years, but because they have also been good years, we establish this Record that all may know of our indebtedness and gratitude to those who have enriched these years. As we stand on the brink of the future, we cannot help reflecting on the past. We, the Class of 1955, have inherited from the past the rich Quaker tradition that is Friends' Select School. That tradition is em- bodied in the school motto, "The Wh-ole of Life." We have analyzed this "whole of life" in its four important phases-academic, physical, social, and spiritual. Here at Friends' Select, the student embarks upon a venture of learning amid an atmosphere of wholesome, well-balanced living, encompassing all of these phases of life. In the classroom and in many extra-curricular activities, the aca- demic growth of Friends' Select students is stressed. Standards are high, classes are small, and individuals have an opportunity to seek, and find, learning. On the athletic field, the pent-up energies of our youth find expression in competitive and individual sports. The health of the body is an important value in our education, and the team-spirit gained from such activities is invaluable. That same spirit of fellowship is found in the many varied social functions of the school. We can really meet and know both our classmates and teachers in the atmosphere of friendly participation which pervades all social activities. But through all of our life at Friends' Select, we have sensed the "something different" about our school. And that difference is the Quaker belief in the individual and the bit of good in every man. This respect for our fellowman has been an important part of our past and present. And we feel it will continue to influence our future. And so the years have gone, and we have grown in the lesson of the "whole of life." Only the Future can show how well we have learned the lesson. F ive WE UEUIE TE We, the Class of 1955, pay tribute to a wonderful man and inspiring friend, Master Ed. From his skillful instruction, patiently imparted in the Shop, we have learned the value of working with our hands. But the values which Master Ed has so capably taught us extend far beyond the realm of the crafts. Master Ed in a definite manner has expressed worthy ideas that will be invaluable to the Class of '55 in later years. With a sincere interest in our problems, he has heard them and given us the wise counsel which has endeared him to all. To you, Master Ed, the Class of 1955 gives a heartfelt salute for helping make our life at Select a full one. Six HELEN S. MacDONALD THIS BUUH YVc, the Class of 1955, dedicate our Record Hook to Teacher Helen S. MacDonald, who is loved and respected throughout Friends' Select. She has given us an illuminating conception of what a truly integrated life can he. Everyone of us has hcen guided in some way hy her steady hand, always ready to help: has had his life molded into a more con- structive one hy her meaningful ideas and suggestions. This growth has come not only from the knowledge she has given us through her classes in Latin and ancient history hut also from her counsel in helping us overcome our daily problems in the ever complicated process of "growing up." Scwn Uur Headmaster J. THEODORE PETERS DEAR SENIORSZ I really do hate to see you go from Friends' Select School. You have been an interesting, helpful, and co-operative class. We shall miss you very much, and hope that you will come back as often as possible. You have had ideas, and many of them have been good ones. May you, each one, continue to have ideas and animation and live really pur- poseful lives. Remember, each one of you, that in all the world there is not, and probably never will be, anyone exactly like you. It is your responsibility to discover your own particular talents, develop them, and' make positive contributions to society. I hope that that spark of the Divine which is in each one of you has been kindled afresh here at Friends' Select School, and that it will burn more brightly each succeeding day you live. J. Theodore Peters Eight and our Faculty UPPER SCHOOL FACULTY First Row: Ruth Myrick, Caroline E. Wilson, Margaret Conover, Theodore Peters, Helen S. MacDonald, Helen Satterthwaite, Elsie Dickerson. Second Row: Mary Dobrinin, Elizabeth Townsend, Reggie Williams, Irving Hollongshead, James Ryan, Paul C. Mims, Hans Hauser, Edward Hollingsworth, Mary Jean Holmes, Margaret Sheets. Absentees: Grace Clayton, Maria Dehn, Alexander MacColl, Fred Nolde, Phil Scott. LOWER SCHOOL FACULTY First Raw: Miriam Bischoff, Nancy S. Walton, Grace Banning, Theodore Petcrs, Claudia V. Jennings, Virginia Morse, Frances Thomson. Second Row: Dolores Watson, Elsie Dickerson, Sue Allen, Doris Deam, Harvey K. LeSure, Dorothy Kekalos, jean Chudd, Miriam Housman. Absenlees: Anna Garrett, Alice McCoy, Paul Metzger, Edith Nicholson, Dr. Howard Mitchell. .Yiwiv Uur Heritage KINDERGARTEN-It,S easier to get fingerpaint on your clothes than on the paper. FIRST GRADE-Building block houses is quite an engineering process. SECOND GRADE-It,S hard to get permission to build zu club house in the sandbox. THIRD C1RAlTETTllCC passed by the skin of thy teeth. FOURTH GRAUE-Don't cause a panic by yelling "Ere" when the popcorn burns. FIFTH GRADE-T88CllCfS can be pretty. SIXTH GRADE-SOUtll America, take it away! SEVENTH GRADE-The history of Cape Cod . . sity . . . It doesn't pay to throw desks out of windows. TENTH GRADE-The body is a holy temple . . . Eraser fights don't solve arguments . . . It is more comfortable to teach sitting cross-legged on your desk . . .Lunch is unnecessary . . . A Soph Hop can be a success . . . "The Mikadou is not a Japanese battleship . . . Formaldehyde is not a soft drink. ELEVENTH GRADE-Dinner can be missed . . . Two periods a day with Master Alex is one too many . . . Experiments in chemistry lab can cause explosions . . . The Pythagorean Theorem A junior boy can be president of the A.A. . . . How to distinguish Leroy from Harold . . . We should have saved our Soph Hop decorations for the Junior Prom. Papers and pencils, please. TWELI-'TH GRADE-College Boards are no picnic EIGHTH GRADE-If you must cheat in a class, don't choose scripture . . . It's hard to get boys at class parties. N INT!-I GRAN:-Amo, amas, amat . . .Teacher Lois Common Denominator . . . Breakfast is not necessary . . . Ninth graders can make the var- Ten . A coke at Doc's is sufficient . . . "Foul is fair and fair is foul" . . . Solid geometry isn't easy . . . A pile of back copies of the New York Times can cause quite a mess in your room . . . There must be a way to organize our yearbook staff . . . The Show must go on even with in- frequent rehearsals . . . We will miss Friends' Select. .-, ' pffhi' 'f' . 1g . J ,fi SEHIURS ll 1 .VW M.-. 5 Q 44" Senilglr Class First Row: Marjury Schiavo, Diane Asbell, janet Brouse, Paula Schreibman, Adelle Thompson, JoAnn Soloff, Ann Tarshish, Carolyn Klose, Jane Stein. Second Row: Sandra Springer, Carol Hancock, Frances Sussman, Barbara Myer, Dolly Cammarota, Fredryne Phillips, Sally Reukaufl, Tootsie Cammarota, Roslyn Melletz, Judith Love, Zel Rever. Third Row: LEROY LEVINSON President JANET BROUSE Treasurer CAROL HANCOCK Secretary MARJORY SCHIAVO Vice-President Tic Dottie Pincus, Renee Zinman, Harold Levinson, Edward Kellerman, Fred Campo, Leroy Levinson, Robert Ruben, Bill Millis, Bill Samueli, Sam MlltCh. Fourth Row: Gordon Yasinow, Bill Reynolds, Jerry Borton, Stephen Wells, Robert Berger, Donald McCarty, Clyde Hoff, Robert Gammon, Richard Taubman, John Wieland, Stan Freeman. Absentee: Howard Brodsky. vt' iw DIANE MARCIA ASBELL 1146 Magnolia Avenue Camden 3 New Jersey lfnlvrafd I"r1'shmru1 Year Hockey 1 2, -l fmanagerlg Basketball -L Cinauagerjg Tennis 1.2g Arelu-ry fig Falcon 3, -1-3 Glee Club lg Library Assistant l, 2, 3, 4: World Affairs Student Council 4. "Di" is the Camden commuter with a cheery smile. an ever dependable classmate. VVhenever the team needs a manager, or the teacher needs a mes- senger, Diane can b-e easily found. Her quiet charm enhances the deep warmth that glows within. ROBERT DANIEL BERGER 7500 Walnut Lane Philadelphia 38 Pennsylvania lfnlvrwv' Snplwmnrr' lvffll' Soeeer 2, 3, 414 Basketball 2, 3, lg Baseball 2, 3, -I-g Record Book -L Cassistant art editorlg lloys' Athletic Associa- tion Alf Cvice-presizlentjg Photograpliy Club 3. lvith his genial friendliness, Bob has added to the dizzy experiences of the class of '55, Many ar-e the delicious bites the girls have stolen at recess from the "Berger Bumstead Sandwiches." Bob's priceless gift of good humor will assure the success be rightly deserves. JOHN HOWARD BORTGN 151 Elmwood Avenue Norwood Pennsylvania lflalmwl l"l'l'NllllHlll l'I'llI' Basketball 1 Clnanagerl, 2 Cmanagerj, 4- fmanagerlg Class Playilg Uperetta 1, 2. 3 Cleadjg Glee Club 1, 2, Il, -1-4 Chess 1, 2, fig lluekbill Falls Conference 3. "Piece of gum?" is .lerry's constant offer, and who can refuse that ear-to-ear grin? A hard worker in many fields, Jerry has proven his versatility. His hillbilly songs, accompanied by guitar, are balanced by his sober and sage ideas on world affairs. Jerry has brought happiness and smiles to everyone and his vibrant vitality will make him a long remembered student at Select. Thirteen HOWARD BERNARD BRODSKY 4911 Wynneneld Avenue Philadelphia 31 Pennsylvania lfllf1'l'I'fl Junior lvflll' llaskcthall 3. Again we thank Overbrook for an ambitious and gifted student. llis short stay with us has been long enough to lnakc known that arniy jacket and that curly dark hair. At the piano lloward has enter- tained students and faculty and encouraged the conviction that he has a talent which wc shall hear ahont in years to coinc. JANET KATHARINE BROUSE Meadowbrook Place Phoenixville Pennsylvania lfnlrfrwl l'vI'l'.N'l1llHlll Year' llaskethall 3, lg Tennis 2, lladininton 1, 24 Class 'l'rcas- nrcr 3, 43 liccord liook -lg Girls' Athletic Association Al-g Ulass Play 1, 2, Upcrctta l, 2, 3, -lg Prom Queen 3, Dralnatics 23 Discussion Clnlm 3, Junior 'l'own Meeting of the Air -l-. llcr dclnnrc and quiet ways are deceiving. for nnderneath lie vivacious charm and initiative. "Jann guards the finances of the Class of '55 with a watchful cyc. The train from Phoenixville will never he the same without this hriglit-and-early connnuter. .lanet's understanding attitude makes her a friend to all. CARMELA MARY CAMMAROTA 1313 South Broad Street Philadelphia 47 Pennsylvania lflIfl'l'l'll Sffwfulli Year Hockey 1, ZZ, 3, -lg Basketball 1, 2, 3, fl, Softball 1, 2, 3, 443 Tennis 1, 2. 3, 4-g Archery 3, Al, Badminton 1, 2g Cheer- leader 4, Class Vice-President 3, Record Book 4 Cassist- ant photography eclitorjg Caldron 33 Girls' Athletic Assoeiation lg Uperetta 1, 2, 3, ll-g Discussion Club 1, 23 liower School Help 3, VVcek-cnd Vl'orkcainp 4. A pert addition to any ttglllll or class, Dolly is always in there pitching with undying pep and energy. Her wardrobe is equaled only by that of her sisterg and seeing her model's figure, who can resist a whistle? Her sparkling zest and friend- liness endear her to everyone. Fourteen ROSEMARY FLORENCE CAMMAROTA 1313 South Broad Street Philadelphia 47 Pennsylvania Enlvrrfd Sl'Tl'llfll l'l'l1l' Hockey 1, 2, 3, lg Basketball 1, 2, 3, l Ccaptainjg Soft- ball 1, 2, 3 fmanagerl, 43 Tennis 1, 2, 3, -1-g Archery 3, Badminton lg Class Secretary 34 Record Book -1-g Cal- dron 33 Uperetta. 1, 2, 3, 44 Lower School Help 3g Week- end VVorkcamp 1-. Lovable and warm is Tootsie, the other half of the Cannnarotas. Her big brown eyes are always searching for new excitementg and with her accom- plices-Renee and Ros-she is sure to find it. Tootsie is always on the scene when we need her. One with her many attractive charms will always 'be needed. FREDERICK THOMAS CAMPO 1621 South 19th Street Philadelphia 45 Pennsylvania Entered Freslunani Year Soccer 3, -Lg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 41: Baseball 3, 45 Student Council 3, -L ftreasurerlg Record Book 4- Chhotograpliy editorlg Boys' Athletic Association 3 treasurer, 4- treas- nrerg llperetta 2, 4-g Photography Club 2, 33 VV:-ck-end Workcamp 4. Anyone need a loan? Ask Fred . . . he's the man with the money. As treasurer of both the Boys' A.A. and of thc Student Council, he has proved his reliability and persuasiveness . . . especially when collecting dues. Campo, our 'Aclass Casa- nova," has showed his ability to organize, to work. and to accomplish whatever tasks are before him. STANTON DAVID FREEMAN 104 Delaware Street Woodbury 3 New Jersey Ente red Swain r Yea r Junior Town Meeting of the Air ig Class Play 44 Operetta 4. A newcomer to our ranks this year-Stanton's humor and amusing stories have won him a place among the popular. His sterling history ability, which he brought all the way from VVoodhury has made him the envy of the students of this 5 subject. His dynamic personality and sincere in- terest in people assure him luck in the future. Fifteen ROBERT HAROLD GAMMON 933 Mitchell Avenue Morton Pennsylvania E11tereflS'ez'er:Ih Year Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4-, Baseball 2, 41, Service Committee 2, 3, 4 fpresidentjg School Affiliation Committee 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, Wood- working Club 4, VVcek-end VVOrkcamp 4. An empty bottle labeled "Carrot Juice" can only mean one thing-Bob's been here. Our redheaded vegetarian has become a symbol of genuine friend- ship ever since he came to Select. Whether he is conducting a Service Committee meeting, organiz- ing a square dance, or arguing in Scripture class, Bob's deep sincerity always manages to shine through his somewhat reserved exterior. No one at Select will ever forget Bobis big smile and friendly "Take it easyf' CAROL HANCOCK 4317 Sansom Street Philadelphia 4 Pennsylvania E1zferwlSe'L'1f11lh Your Hockey 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, Tennis 1, 2, Class Secretary 4, Student Council Secretary 4, Record Book 3, 4, Falcon 3, Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3 treasurer, 4 publicity chairman, School Affiliation Committee 4, Class Play 1, 2, Operetta 1 lead, 2 lead, 3, 4- lead, Glce Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Inter-Ac. Student Council 4, School Affiliation Conference 4, Weekend Workcamp 4, Buckhill Falls Conference 3, 4, Junior Town Meeting of the Air 3, 4. The most musical Inember of the class is Carol, our Gilbert and Sullivan queen. Pep, personality, and good looks prove that Carol's talents are not limited to "Sharps and flatsf' No matter what the problem, Carol not only Ends the solution but takes it upon herself to solve it. This mixture of favor- able attributes, seasoned by a flashing smile, is Carolis formula for happiness. CLYDE I-IOFF 1147 Harrison Street Philadelphia 24 Pennsylvania Entered Seventh Year Soccer 1, Student Council 1, 3, Class Play 1. Probably the most useful member of the class, in his quiet way, Clyde has won the respect and admiration of all Select. No assembly could have transpired without his teclmical assistance, no play been presented without his persistent ticket selling, no day in the shop been complete without his pre- sence. Clyde's sence of responsibility will carry him far. Sixteen EDWARD LEWIS KELLERMAN 146 West Atlantic Avenue Audubon 6 New Jersey Enlrwfd Fourth Year Socccr 1, 2. 3 Ccaptainj, -L fcaptainjg Basketball 1, 2, 3 fcaptainj, 44 fcaptainjg Baseball 2, 3, 44 Boys' Athletic Association 44 fsccretaryj. One of thc charter members of the class. Eddie's among the fabulous few who grew up at Select. "Big Ed" has been our three-star varsity man since ninth grade. VVhat would our games be without our left fullback, speedy guard, or capable catcher? His athletic ability has won him a place on every team and his shy grin a place in every heart. CAROLYN ANNE KLOSE 518 Arbor Road Yeadon Pennsylvania Ifrlfcrcrl Sixth, Year Hockey 1, 2, 3, vig Basketball I fmanagc-rj, 2 fnianagerj, 3 Cnianagi-rj, 4 Cinanagcrjg Softball 1, 2, 3, 4g Tennis 2, 35 Caldron 3 Csccrctaryl, Falcon 3, 4-g Service Committee 1, 2, 3 fsccretaryj, 4 fsccrctarylg School Affiliation Com- mittcc 2. 3, 44 Opcretta, 2, 3, tg Science Club 2g Lower School Help 3, 4g Library Assistant 25 VVeek-end Workcamp 4. VVhen Carolyn bounces into a Service Committee meeting, where she is sure to offer a host of help- ful suggestions, you may be sure of excitement and fun. Her humor has eased many a tension. and her love for people and her strong desire to be of help have set an example we honor. HAROLD MALCOM LEVINSON 1532 Baird Avenue Camden 3 New Jersey lgIlfl'l'l'fl J Illlfill' Ycur Caldron ,Lg Assembly Connnittcc 43 Opcretta 3, 4-5 Glee Club 3, 4-g Class Play 4-. That subtle sense of humor, shy grin, dead-pan face. and cute blond crew-cut-the other twin. Harold. This is the twin who receives vicarious thrills from informing the girls that Master Alex plans a test on the entire history book. Mr. Levin- son is always defending the motherland across the bridge and carries this debating quality to all his studies. A more amiable fellow is hard to find. With Harold around, fun is bound to follow. Seventeen LEROY NORMAN LEVINSON 1532 Baird Avenue Camden 3 New jersey 1fl1fl'l'I'fI Junior Year Class Prwsident 45 Student Council 4, Uperetta 3, 4g Prom King 4g World Affairs Student Cou11cil 49 World Affairs Council Debate 35 Temple Math Contest 3g Junior Town Meeting' 4. lt took Leroy but a year to become so well ac- quainted with and admired by the Class of ,55 that he is 11ow our able class president. A wry humor and ready smile are his means of connnun- icating his wise ideas, always made in the interest of the class. Representing Select at many contests of scholastic ability, Leroy has added prestige to the name of our school. JUDITH ANNE LOVE 824 Cedar Avenue Drexel Hill Pennsylvania lfllfcrczl Serenlh Year Hockey 1, 2, 34 Basketball 1, 2, 3g Softball l, 2, 3, 44 Student Council 4, Record Book 3, 4 feditor-in-chiefj4 Caldron 2, 35 Falcon 2 fassociatc editorj, 3 Ceditorj, 4 fco-editorDg Girls' Athletic Association 3 Qsccretaryj, 4 fviec-presidcntjg Service Committee 1 fsceretaryj, 2 Ctreasurerl, 3, 4 Cvice-prcsidentj4 School Aililiation Committee 2, 3 fsecretaryj, 4, Class Play 1, 25 Opcretta 1, 2, 3, 4 flcadjg Dramatic Club 24 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Lower School Help 2, 3, VVorld Affairs Student Coun- cil 3, 43 School Afiiliation Conference 2, 3, 4, VV:-ek-long Workcamp 3g Junior Town Meeting of the Air 3g Temple Math Contest 3. Our etticient Record Book editor and level-- headed A.A. vice-president will always be re- membered for her scholastic ability, which never overshadowed her social grace. especially at Dart- mouth. Resourceful and fun-loving, Judy has given us wise leadership in many a difticult situation. DONALD SPENCER MCCARTY 1005 South Frazier Street Philadelphia 43 Pennsylvania Hllf1'I'0l1 Sophomore Year Soccer 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3, 4g Baseball 2, 3, 4g Boys' Athletic Association 3, Uperetta 2, 4, Tumbling Club 35 Chess Club 33 Intramural Basketball 2, 44 Intramural Football 4. If "VVhitey" can't be found down in the shop working madly or talking to Master Hd. he's usually found hanging for dear life to the back of Sammy's Jeep. This athletic ability evidences itself more fully on the soccer and baseball fields and on the basketball court, where he is a three- letter man. Patience, such as he has shown in his coaching of the bowling team, added to his other attributes, assures us that Don will always be able to cope with the trials of life. E1ghfcen ROSLYN MELLETZ 1104 Park Avenue Vineland New Jersey Ifnlwrfzl Junior Year Tennis 31 Archery 3. 4g Operetta 3, 4g Music Club 3g Lower School Help 3. With a sparkling personality that attracts friends wherever she goes, Ros has been a ready participant in the opcretta, Intramurals, and in all school activities. She always brings laughter and fun to her many endeavors. BERNARD MILLIS 1862 Champlost Avenue Philadelphia 41 Pennsylvania Ifllfl'l'I'l1 Junior Year Soccer 3, -1-g Student Council ig School Aiiiliation Com- mittee 3, 4-g Projection Club 3. And here he comes in a cloud of dust-the hot- rod king' himself in that crazy blue Ford. Billy Millis. His dark curly hair and well-dressed ap- pearance have caused many a girl's heart to take a flip. Always there when the soccer, baseball, and basketball teams need him. Bill will help many in his journey through life. SAMUEL HENRY MUTCH 197 Amosland Road Norwood Pennsylvania liiifwwl Third Year Soccer 2, 3, 4g Baseball 2 fmanagerj, 3 fmanagerj, 4-g Class Secretary lg Boys' Athletic Association 3 fvice- presidcntj, 4- Cpresidentjg Class Play 1, 25 Operetta 1 fleadl, 2, 3 Cleadj, -1-. "Need a lift?" is a common expression around the senior boys' home room. lvith Jeep or Olds, Sannny is always ready to lend a helping hand. His capable handling of the Boys' A.A. presidency has testified to his dependability. In his quiet way and with his deep sincerity, Sammy has made an admirable impression at Select. Nineteen BARBARA ANNE MYER Old Lancaster Road Devon Pennsylvania Entered Freshman Year Basketball 14 Badminton 2g Cheerleader 3, 44 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 33 Discussion Club 2g Record Book 4. Devon's gift to F.S.S. is our quiet and reserved classmate Barbara. Dependability is her keynote, and as Teacher Helen's right-hand man we can find no one better. Whether cheerleading in as- sembly or riding the train to Haverford, "Miss Myer" always displays an inviting and cheerful personality. FREDRYN E PHILLIPS ' Chester Springs Pennsylvania Entered First Year Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Softball 1, 2: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4a Archery 3, 44 Badminton 24 Record Book 4 fart editorjg Caldron 2, 3, 4 Cassistant art editorjg Falcon 3 Cart editorl, 4 Cart editorjg Operetta 3, 4g School Affiliation Conference 4-g Week-end Work- camp 4. A budding Rembrandt, resembling Alice in Won- derland, but playing hockey like a "pro," Freddie is a lively member of the Class of '55. Her crazy antics, prompted by a keen sense of humor, demon- strate a priceless personality. Now that the farm is her home, we need no further illustration of her versatility, which guarantees success. DOROTHY PINCUS 421 West Ellet Street Philadelphia 19 Pennsylvania Entwrwl Sophomore Your Discussion Club 2, 3g Lower School Help 2g Library Assistant 2. "Half an apple is twenty-five calories"--tl1at's Dotty, our dieting delegate from Germantown. Always flashing her ready smile before a mirror, Dotty is a symbol of social vitality. If her engaging chatter flows as fluently in the future as it has in the past, she will be sure of an interested following wherever she goes Twenty SALLY ANN REUKAUFF 4652 Hazel Avenue Philadelphia 43 Pennsylvania Entered lf'rcshm11n, Year Hockey 2 clllallilgffbg Tennis -lg Archery ig Badminton l, 2g Service Committec 2, 33 Class Play 2. -ig Opcretta I Clcarllg Discussion Club 1, 2, 3g Lower School Help 2, 3, "The Belle of Ocean City," Sally keeps those lifcguards in a whirl. Her clever quips enliven every class of which she is a member. Her poised and polished manners add grace to any occasion, and her active humor seasons any situation. Not only docs Sally ease tension with mirth, but she can usually find a solution to the problem. HAZEL REVER 837 State Road Andulusia Pennsylvania 1fllf4'l'l'd Junior Year Hockey 33 Tennis 3, 4-g Opcretta il, 4-4 Lower School Help 3, 4-. Her "Hepburn" haircut and political debating ability are Zel's most noted assets. Her constant stories, both humorous and fantastic, add flavor to any class in which she participates. Zel is a fine friend. trustworthy and reliable. With those spark- ling blue eyes and laughing smile, Zel is sure to be a success in whatever field she chooses. WILLIAM CHESTER REYNOLDS 2136 West Cheltenham Avenue Philadelphia 38 Pennsylvania Entered Senior Year A newcomer to Select this year. Bill has been a valued addition to the Class of '55. Bill appears quiet and unassuming, but has a keen sense of humor under that calm exterior, If Bill cannot be found working on his car, he may bc sailing away on the Sanduskee. We only regret that we did not have the opportunity to know him as long as we would have liked. Good luck in the future, Bill! Twcnly one ROBERT GILBERT RUBEN 2101 Walnut Street Philadelphia 3 Pennsylvania Entererl Senior Year Caldron 413 Service Committee 4-g Operctta -14 fleadjg Class Play 4, Falcon 4-. Ovcrbrookis contribution to Select, Bob has added much to the versatility and spice of the class. Although he entered only this year, Bob's laugh and cheerful attitude place him high on the boys' personality list, and his gift of Mambo dancing has brought vigor to the proms he has attended. VVith his effervescence and warm sincerity Bob will make his way easily to the top. WILLIAM DORRANCE SAMUELI 530 Pine Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania Entered Sophomore Year Falcon 3, 45 Basketball 4-. No school function would be complete without Sam's "Let,s get a picture of that." As general photographer for all school affairs, he has dis- played the ready helpfulness that has made him a valuable member of the class. His keen percep- tion and alertness will help bring him success. MARJORY THERESA SCHIAVO 7051 West Passyunk Avenue Philadelphia 42 Pennsylvania Entered Eighth Year Hockey 1, 2, 3 Cmanagerj, 444 Basketball 1, 2 fmanagerl, 3 Cmanagerjg Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3g Archery 3s Badminton 2, Class Vice-President 4, Record Book 4 Cassistant editorjg Falcon 3, 4 fco-editorjg Girls' Athle- tic Association 4 Qtreasurerjg Service Committee 1, 2, 35 School Affiliation Committee 2, 3g Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Lower School Help 33 Junior Town Meeting of the Air 3. "Let,s get on the ball!" is Margy's cheer to the team, and our ambitious little manager practices her preaching. Whether on the field or in the classroom, Margy's sweet mannerisms and tinkling giggles are always welcome and have helped all of us over many a hurdle. Her keen mind and generous nature mark all that she does and will do. 1' went y-two PAULA FAE SCI-IREIBMAN 2031 Locust Street Philadelphia 3 Pennsylvania Entered Siarllz Year Hockey 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Softball 1, 23 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 44 Archery 1, 2, Badminton 1, 2, Cheerleaders 2, 3, 4g Class Treasurer 1, 2, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 45 Record liook 3, -1- Clitcrary cditorjg Caldron 1, 2, 3, 43 Falcon 2, 3, -L Csecretarylg Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation 1, 2, 3, 44 Asscmbly Committee 1, 2g Service Committee lg School Attiliation Committee 1, Class Play 1, 2, 3g Operetta 1, 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 2, 34 Glcc Club 2, 34 Lower School Help 3, 4g Library 2, 3, 4, Junior Town Meeting of the Air 4. The telephone is always ringing at the Schreib- man household. Sophisticated "Teacher Paula" really keeps thc stag line in a whirl. Our model big sister will always be remembered for that wide-eyed look and "I'm livid." If Paula Fae con- tinues to work as persistently in the future as she has in the past. we know she cannot fail to make a success of her life. JOANN ROBIN SOLOFF 1901 Walnut Street Philadelphia 3 Pennsylvania Entered Seventh Year Hockey 1, 2 Cmanagerjg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Softball 1, 34 Tennis 1, 2, 4, Archery 3, 4g Badminton 1, 23 Stu- dent Council 1, 3, 4, Record Book 3g Caldron 2, 3, 4 feditorjg Falcon 2 fassociate editorj 4, Assembly Com- mittee 2g Service Committee 2, 3, 4 ftreasurerlg Class Play 1, 2, 4g Operctta 2, 3, 4 Cleadjg Drama Club 2, 3, Discussion Club 1, 2g Glee Club 2, 3g Lower School Help 35 School Aililiation Conference 24 lluckhill Falls Confer- ence 43 Junior Town Meeting' of the Air 35 Temple Drama Contest 2. Constantly in a debate, ably holding up her side of the argument, JoAnn offers penetrating ideas always worth heeding. Whether participating in a variety of school activities or pursuing her dra- matic interests, "Jo" expresses "joie de vivre." If she continues to develop varied experiences, a well-rounded life will surely be hers. SANDRA MARLENE SPRINGER 509 South 48th Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania Entered Senior Year Hockey 44 Basketball 4g Softball 43 Lower School Help 43 Week-end VVorkcamp 4g Operetta 4. Curly dark hair and big brown eyes mean Sandy's near. A newcomer to Select this year, we only wish that she had entered long before. Sandy, a prize chemistry student, can rattle off those formulas faster than the chit-chat of the latest military ball. With her high aspiration and pleasant Winning ways, Sandy's popularity will always win her friends. Twenfg flu cw JANE FELICE STEIN 2022 Delancey Place Philadelphia 3 Pennsylvania Entered Seventh Year Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Badminton 1, 2, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Ccaptainjg Class President 1, Caldron 2, 3, 4 Cexchange editorl, Falcon 4, Girls' Athletic Association 4 Csecre- faryj, Discussion Club 2, 3, Lower School Help 2, 3, 4. Our hostess with the most on the ball, Jane keeps the kids happy with her enjoyable open houses. In hockey, basketball, and tennis she ranks with the best, and all her undertakings in the interest of Select are achieved equally well. We shall long remember "Au revoir, you-alli' as the trademark of .lane's magnetic way of making friends. FRANCES SALLY SUSSMAN 1900 Locust Street Philadelphia 3 Pennsylvania Entered Four Year Old Kindergarten Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 fcaptainj, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soft- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 1, 2, Archery 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Cvice-presidentjg Record Book 3, 4 Cliterary staffjg Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2 Csecretaryj 3, 4 fpresidentjg Class Play 1, 2, Operetta 2 fleadj 3, 4- Cleadl, Prom Queen 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Lower School Help 3, Inter-Ac Student Council 4, Buckhill Falls Conference 3, 4, Junior Town Meeting 3, 4, Temple Math Contest 3. Her active interest in all phases of Select and her great leadership ability make Frances Sally an admired classmate and wonderful friend. Fran possesses the school spirit for which all under- classmen strive and her pert and cheery vivacious- ness bring pep to all classes she enters. Scholastic- ally, athletically, and socially, Fran is tops, and with her sweet charm she will remain up there. ANN MARILYN TARSHISH Rittenhouse Claridge Philadelphia 3 Pennsylvania Entered Eighth Year Hockey 1, Tennis 1, Student Council 1, 4, Record Book 4 Cliterary editorl, Falcon 1, 3 Calumni editorj, Assem- bly Committee 1, 3 Csecretaryj, 4 fpresidentj, Class Play 1, 2, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, Lower School Help 3, Library Assistant 3, 4, World Affairs Student Council 4, Junior Town Meeting of the Air 4. Two great big dimples, that flashing smile, and a call for an assembly committee meeting-that's our i'Tarsh." Ann has brought much to the Class of '55 with her exciting surprises: first the pin and then the ring! In English classes her large ad- jectives have been the envy of all and with her inner warmth that is too large for any adjective, Ann deserves the best life has to offer. Tic enfy-four RICHARD HENRY TAUBMAN 1442 Pepper Road Rydal Pennsylvania Entered Eighth Year Soccer lg Basketball lg Assembly Committee lg Service Committee 25 Class Play 23 Olwrefta 4: Gym Cl'-lb 15 Projection Club 2. "Now you see it-now you don't." That's a typical comment from Dick, the up-and-coming magician. If you're ever feeling blue, an hour with Dick will do the trick. The master of joke sessions, he always leaves them laughing. This talent is sure to win him many friends in the years to come. ADELLE THOMPSON 250 Summer Avenue Newark 4 New jersey Entered Senior Year Hockey 4-g Basketball 44 Softball 4g Tennis 43 Badminton 43 Operetta 4- lead. Although a newcomer in her senior year, her sparkling grace has put Adelle high on our list of favorite people. Her pet expressions, "Hey, what's new? and "Gee-I'm in a crazy mood!" typify her keen awareness of all that is going ou. VVhat would the hockey and basketball teams have done without her agile skill, her humor and vitality which will never be forgotten by the Class of '55. STEPHEN WELLS 5820 Ashland Avenue Philadelphia 43 Pennsylvania Entered First Year Soccer 2, 3, 4-g Baseball 2, 3g Class President 34 Class Vice-President 2g Record Book 4- Qbusiness managerjg Caldron 4 fart cditorj, Service Committee 24 Class Play 1, 2, 44 Operetta 2, 3 Cleadj, 4- Qleadjg Buckhill Falls Conference 4-. The only boy who ever asks two girls for the same date, Steve will go down in Select's history as one of its most versatile seniors. His musical and academic achievements are equalled only by his ability as varsity fullback. Our class president in the junior year, Steve proved to be an efficient leader, seeing us through many dark situations. With his genuine aifability, we know that Steve cannot fail to do whatever he chooses in life. Twenty fi e JOHN CONRAD WIELAND, JR. 2930 North 12th Street Philadelphia 33 Pennsylvania El1f0fFd Second Year Soccer 1, 2, 3 Ceo-captainj, 41 fco-captainlg Basketball 1, 2, 3 fcaptainj 4, Class Secretary 23 Student Council 3, IL fpresidentlg Record Book 415 Boys' Athletic Asso- ciation 3 Cpresiclcntjg School Affiliation Committee 4, Class Play 1, 4g Operctta 1 Clearly, 2, 3 Cleaflj, 4 Qleadl, Prom King 33 Glec Club 2, 3, 414 Chess Club 3g Inter- Academic Student Council 44 School Affiliation Con- ference fig Buckhill Falls Conference 43 Junior Town Meeting of the Air 3, fl-g Intramural Basketball 3, 43 lntramural Football 4-3 Ping Pong Tournament lg Temple Math Contest 3. , An echo of laughter rings through the halls of F.S.S., and everyone knows Johnny cannot be far away. Our versatile Student Council president is a well-known figure in all extra-curricular activi- ties, both athletically and academically. The Class of '55 is glad that John is only kidding when he talks about going back to "Auld, Auld, Auld, Auld Vienna," for what would Select be without him? GORDON YASINOW 604 E. Chelten Avenue Oak Lane Pennsylvania Entered Eighth Year Senior Assembly Committee 35 Discussion Group 2, 3. We can expect our scholar to become a famous author of history books someday, for his beautifully written summaries are the envy of all his class- mates. We can always depend on Gordon for a helping hand and being sincerely interested in everyone's problems. We greatly admire his seriousness of purpose. RENEE ZINMAN 6884 North 19th Street Philadelphia 26 Pennsylvania Entered PYFPFIHIIICII Year Basketball 3, 45 Softball 3 Cmanagerjg Tennis 2, 3, 45 Archery 3, 4g Badminton 2g Record Book 4g Caldron 83 Falcon 3, 4-4 Operetta 2, 3, 4-4 Discussion Club 2g Lower School Help 2, 3. Renee, our strawberry-blonde, is an asset in any situation. When she is found in a huddle with the twins, we may be sure a mischievous scheme is brewing. Reneeis conversation, always interesting, will range from automobiles to basketball maneu- vers. Her winning ways and pleasing smile have won a place in our hearts. I wcnfy-.vim JOHANN VAN BINSBERGEN Driel QOBJ Hollaixd lilllfl l'l'1l.lllHl1lI' l rm' St'l'Xll'4' K4HIIlIIlllll't' Zig Hclu-nl .Xtlilizilimi K4llIllllllllt't' ii till-vt'l11l1i4g flu-N. L'luh 24g S1-lun-I ,Kllilizilimi i'ui1l'vi'1'.a1'i' 143 Wm-lx-luiigf xYlII'lxl'illllll ii. lllllullgll with uw lm' only Olll' yvrir. this quivt hut l.l'lL'll4llj' :1111l1:1n:11lui' l.l'UIIl our :nlliliutn-ml -1-lmul iii .x!'llllt'Ill. ll11ll:1114l. lltlllllll :1 lilhllllg plnvz' in our lll'1ll'lN. llillli. wllh lik :1l1:li'y tu atrium thi- lutzwt hit M111-1' 1111 rim' -"11it:1i'. 1'llllX'i'lll'll 11i:111v ul' 'BSR r' . r" . :u'tii'iti1's. Ili, xuhtli' wil :mil rn-:uly smilc. M1111 llllll1'I' sm-h gI'llt'lllllg l'll'l'lllllSt!llll'i'S :ns :ippm-mlicilis iii tlmv llt'lIlWJlI't' Vsniiily :xml .lt'l.l.L'l'SUll lluxpilnls won him Illflllj' lAI'll'llllN. 'l'h1' wlmlv sn-lmul. :xml pai' lll'lll:ll'l.Y his .Xl11n'1'i1':111 l'nist1'i's." .lumly l,mn' Jlllil Axim' lfry. llllllllll thi- rilm-111-v ul' thi- ulflyillg l,lll4'lI!lltlllU lhix yvrii' h:11'1l in gvt :iccilstmiirml in lglll xii- :uw wiirv that our lalnml 1-l:1m111:1h' will hi' :1 Slll'l't'SNl'lll t'IlQillt't'l'. :incl wv Impi' Iii' rn-tiiriis tu our sliuruw ln'l'u1'n' lung. Tw 195 5 Class NAME PET PEEVE PET POSSESSION WHERE FOUND Diane Art History Bus ticket With Fran Bob B. New cars Shot rod Locker Room Jerry Classical Music Gammon's car With Bob Howard Women Money With girls Janet Unpaid dues Brown bag Catching trains D0113' Bernie License With the trio Tootsie History exams "Your Government" VVith "Sis" Fred Dolly Driver's license With Millis Stall Colds Kleenex Across the river Bob G. Spoiled females Fishing rod In his car Cal'01 Record book Black hearse Room 27 Clyde Noise Hat In the shop Ed The gym Soccer ball Near Gordon Cal'0lyn Twin brothers Yeadon Service Committee meetings Harold Pa. drivers Crew cut Anywhere Leroy Class meetings Blue suit On the bus Judy Fainting spells Learner's permits Lookins for MBTKY DOH History tests Records In the shop Roslyn Knee socks Smile Girls, Room Bill M. Girls Chevy With Camp Sam M.W.P. Guns A.A. meetings Barbara Jazz Classical records Suburban Station Fredryne Dirty clothes Hair With Billy 1301116 School on Friday Cashmeres Skipping Study Halls Sally Gym class Tiger Ocean CRY Zel Class meetings Brother DOC'S Bill R- Price of gasoline Engineer's boots Watching girls' practice Bob R. Copying English compositions "Pirates" score Boys' Homeroom B111 S- Spanish classes Spanish book Studying Marivry The P.'r.c. Heels Looking for Judy Paula Broken fingernails Gold inlays At the d0!lt1Sf,S JO Ann Glasses Three Russian words Lost Sandra Pranksters "Butterscotch" Deb parties Jane Ex-boyfriends Half a tooth On the phone Ffall Freckles White blazer Room 27 ADH Cousin Barry The ring In Bonwits Dick Other magicians '54 Olds With Bob B. A116116 Pink Select Out for dinner Hans Haircuts Carolyn's guitar 2601 Steve Corner of 17th R Parkway Major-General's sword Music Room John Faculty teams Indian clubs 4-317 Sansom St. Gordon Gym Caruso records Studying Renee Johnny Ray Car keys With the trio Class of '55 Exams Class members In a jam Twenty-eight Mirror NOTED FOR PET EXPRESSION AMBITION DESTINY Helpfulness Call you later. Elementary teacher "Mrs." degree Pink shirt I'l1 be a dirty bird. Dentistry Dentist Attendance I have no gum. Band leader Organ grinder Piano playing I can get it for you wholesale. Dentist Street driller Quick temper It's for the birds. Graduate History Class, f0l'fV9I' Getting in trouble What's your maladjustment? Sociology teacher "Pl'0m tl'0tter" Quick retorts Any news? Teacher Mother nf twelve Asking for dues Where's Millis? Doctor Butcher Being new to class Don't tell me how to play. Furniture tycoon Chair Salesman in W00dbUfY Red hair Take it easy. Happiness N0 one knows Voice It's groovy! Sing at "Met" Sing with "Salvation Army" Ticket selling Sniif . . . sniff. Oil tycoon Army "Letters" But John . . . Professional bowler Pin b0y Jokes Say now! Teacher Student teacher Grin Yo tingo. Judge Jlll'0l' Making friends Meeting will come to order. Too high President Blushing It was a roar. Smith Dertm0l1tll Educated eyebrows Surel you do! Jet pilot Airplane Salesman Looking for Tootsie Go take a walk. Nurse Marry H doctor Curly hair Where's Campo? Surgeon Intern Cars Need a lift? Pharmacy Farm Devon gossip Go fly a kite. Department store manager BUYCI' Looking strange "Hey," Artist Canvas Cleaner Iridescent lipstick For forty cents a period I'lI . . Food taster Weightlifting Sense of humor Hepburn haircut Collegiate look Tweed jackets Penn football tickets Sweet disposition Eyes Losing things Curly locks Brothers Quick recoveries Surprises Magic Being late Quick smile Deep voice Sports star Good marks Foul shots School spirit Gustatory sensualism. You know? Whoopi i ! Let's mambo. Brodsky, let's study. You're just so-o-o funny! I'm livid. Oh gastric acidity! ! ! How about that! Let's go to Woodbury. Be a good bunny . . . And then Fred said . . . Well, yeh. Rats! That's an old Dutch saying. Bull! Ven I vas in der German Army . . . Gotta pass that test. Let's get this show on the road. Someday . . . Janitor at Lehigh Foreign diplomat Race car driver Writer Dentist ' Lawyer Editor of N. Y. Times Actress Finish education To teach Learn to cook Elopement Champion swimmer Dog-lover Engineer for K.L,M. Veterinarian Engineer Travel around the world Psychologist Graduate Twenty-nine The second George Gobel Airplane stewardess Wrecked Frustrated English teacher Street driller Criminal Publisher of "M y True Story" Prop duster Teaching Drive school bus Die of starvation Long engagement Drowning Dog-catcher Bell ringer on the H.M.S. Pinafore Chicken inspector Pullman porter Director of "Met" Gossip columnist Alumni meetings Whos Whfl Mfrs! Versatile FRAN SUSSMAN JOHNNY WIEI.AND Mcnst Likely to Succeed JUDY LOVE LEROY LEVINSON Most Scholarly Most Athletic JOANN SOLOFF JANE STEIN GORDON YASINOW ED KELLERMAN WF? :. z- awww Most Dependable Best Dressed Class Clowns MARJORY SCHIAVO PAULA SCHREIBMAN CAROLYN KLOSE SAM MUTCH STAN FREEMAN DICK TAUBMAN Th iffy 'V4'!'73'fY7'f""W7T N Diane . Bob-B Janet . Fred . . Ann . . Stan . . Paula . Leroy . Harold Dolly . Tootsie Renee Ros .. Jerry . Don Freddy Bill R. Jo . . . Gordon Sam . . Jane . Carol . Eau You Imagine . . . , not commuting? .... taking a bus? . . , . living in town? . . . . without his harem? . . , an old maid? . . . ....... serious? . . . .home alone on Saturday night? . , , .not being mistaken for Harold? . . . . not being mistaken for Leroy? without Tootsie? ..,..,... without Dolly? , . . . . . . . without Dolly and Tootsie without Dolly, Tootsie, and Renee? . , ..,.......... in a conservative tie? with twenty-twenty vision? . . . without a crinoline? . . . without Freddy? . . . with all her books? . . . with a cigarette? . . . without The Jeep? , . . . . . calm? . . 4 a monotone? Dottie . John . , Bill S . Howard Sally ,. Clyde . Sandy , Bob G . Judy . . Bob R . Adelle . Steve . Fran . , Ed .... Carolyn Barbara Marge . Dick .. Zel . , . BillM,,, Hans . , , , . without a compact? ...,,. a social flop? . . . without his camera? inmufti? anywhere but Ocean City? . . . guppyless? 4 . . , . . a wall-flower? , without his carrot juice? . . . . a cub reporter? . . . . driving a hot-rod? tall? , . . a soprano? , . . . with laryngitis? , , . on-J. V.? . . . jokeless? . . . . talkative? , . . being nasty? . . , a debutante? withlonghair? wearing those baby shoes? . . . , angry with anyone? Friends' Select ............ without the Class of '55? Thirty-one EL SS This is your snooping reporter, louella Par- snip, bringing you the tips and items from the 25th reunion of the Class of 1955. First a word from our sponsor. R1'y1mI11.v' cars are such a steal, You get gypped on every deal! Now the news .... Among the honored guests at the reunion was Leroy Levinson. who is running for the oflice of senator from the State of Confusion. He told me he had just seen Carol Hancock, who is singing for the Salvation Army band at 17th and Chestnut Streets every night from 7 to 12. Because of this engagement she was unable to attend. Leroy introduced me to television ed- ucator, Carolyn Klose, better known as "Teacher Carolyn" of Cling Clang School. Her escort for the evening was John VVieland, a sub- way engineer on the North Bound Broad Street Line. I sighted Dr. Robert Berger, recently rc- turned from Africa, where he was filling ele- phant tusks. Seated with him was veterinarian Stephen Wells. who has been working with the doctor on tendcrizers for elephant skins. They seemed undisturbed by the mild uproar at their table caused by the seven Krupnick children. Their mother, the former Ann Tarshish, has just been named "Mother of the Year." Giving an exhibition of the Mambo mania, Bob Ruben and Dolly Cammarota provided part of the entertainment. They were taught by the head of the South Philly Dance Studio, Fred Campo. Their act was interrupted by the en- trance of Janet Brouse, who was delayed by a wreck on the Reading Line. She was wheeling in Diane Asbell, who had a broken leg. As someone later told me, Diane had always had an aflinity for crutches, hospitals and the like. Happily dancing was Judy Love, originator of the super-efficient filing system for libraries. Don McCarty, coach of the Associated Friends' Team, waltzed with Sandy Springer. Sandy's daughter is coming out in June. Don stopped dancing to "talk shop" with Ed Kellerman of the Warriors, who stopped in on his way to a game. Seated at a ring-side table were Sam Mutch, the Philly Fizz Kingg Paula Schreibman, All- American hockey playerg and Marjory Schiavo, Paula's manager. Because Miss Schreibman was in training, they left early. Gabbing gaily at the next table were Rose- mary Cammarota and Zel Rever, owners of the Thirty-two Poni Pin Curl Co.g Dotty Pincus, inventor of "Pincus Powder for Pale People", Gordon Yasinow, Headmaster of Friends, Select School, and Howard Brodsky, Commander of Blimps at West Point. Turning around, I saw a gentleman in cow- boy attire. It was Jerry Borton, appearing with the "Purple Cow Riders" at "Chubby's". I asked him the name of the girl who entered with Clyde Hoff, owner of "Hoff's Hatchery for Homeless Halibut." Jerry told me that she was Renee Zinman, of Hershey Bar commercial fame. Following her in were Adelle Thompson and Sally Reukauff, arriving on time, which was a rare occurrence in their high school days. I chatted with Fran Sussman, manufacturer of "Sleepy-Time Perforated Night Caps" for pin-curl hair do's. We were interrupted by a slight commotion caused by Ros Melletz, who had fainted for no reason at all. Her picture was snapped by Bill Samueli, the famed Bul- letin photographer. Earnestly conversing at a corner table, were Barbara Myer and Fredryne Phillips. Barbara is teaching Latin at the Haverford School for Boys, and Freddie is currently doing well as a commercial artist. .PHUPHEEY Now for our special feature, Tips and Items . . . . Tip-Actress Joann Soloff, now appearing in "Mitilda's Other Daughter," is having hubby trouble for the fifth time. Her fourth husband, Stan Freeman, had this to say, "I'm not sur- prised." Mr. Freeman, the furniture manufac- turer, was the inventor of the imageless mirror for aging women. Item-If you're in the vicin- ity of the Latin Casino this week, don't miss the appearance of magician Dick Taubman. He will attempt Houdini's escape trick. It's rumored that he is worried and has visited the noted business lawyer, Harold Levinson, to make his will. Mr. Levinson will not divulge the contents of the will, but Dick will probably be buried with all possible assets, the remainder to be given to Ashbourne Country Club. Tip-Bob Gammon's latest song hit, "Come to my vege- table garden, love, and chomp on a carrot or two," will be sung on Toast of the Town by that infamous duo, .lane Stein and Bill Millis. Item-The recent arrival of the new Dutch liner, Van Tulip Time, brought Captain Hans van Binsbergen to our shores again. The ship landed thirty new exchange students for the Friends' Select School. This is your snooping reporter Leuella Par- snip saying "Goodnight, New York, Goodnight, Hollywood, and Goodnight, Class of '55." Thirty-three Will DIANE leaves her efficiency in the oflice to any efficient junior. BOB-B leaves Jane Stein to Stu Bleznak. JERRY leaves the basketball score book to Jimmy Stokes. HOWARD leaves the moldy bricks to future F.S.S. bricklayers. JANET leaves Master Alex's exams to any poor, unsuspecting junior. DOLLY leaves her "lovely excuses for being late" to Mrs. Myrick. TOOTSIE leaves her "A's" in history to Mas- ter Alex. FRED leaves all the girls to Harvey Myerson STAN leaves soon after he came. BOB G. leaves his carrot-top to Morton Good- man. CAROL leaves Teacher Grace alone. CLYDE leaves 'his overdue books to Teacher Elsie Dickerson. ED leaves all his A's and B's to Friends' Select students. CAROLYN leaves her worries to Master Phil Scott. HAROLD leaves the New York Times to the boiler room. LEROY leaves his boleadores to Teacher Mary Dobrinin. JUDY leaves her love of history to Mickey Dickman. DON leaves his waistline to Harvey Myerson. ROS leaves her sex appeal to all the junior girls. BILL M. leaves his curly hair to Donald Wolfe. SAM leaves his jeep home. BARBARA leaves the Paoli train to her sister Nancy. FREDDIE leaves one of the landscapes to Master Paul and Master Ed. DOTTIE leaves her sarcasm to Leona Liss. SALLY leaves her malingering to Master Paul Mims. ZEL leaves MWP and Master Alex to Mara Jansen. BILL R. leaves quietly. BOB R. leaves hours of writing outlines for Master Alex to the juniors. BILL S. leaves his quiet disposition to Morton Goodman. MARJORY leaves her spaghetti dinners to Master Alex. PAULA FAE leaves Ina Sue to Friends' Select. JOANN leaves her contact lenses to Phyllis Kallick. SANDY leaves her cold hands to any warm heart. JANE leaves the sophomore boys motherless. FRAN leaves fourteen happy years at Select to the four-year-old kindergarten. ANN leaves Friends' Select for Fred. DICK leaves his Texas spurs to Master Paul Mims. ADELLE leaves Select to go back to Newark. HANS leaves his appendix to Dr. Fry. STEVE leaves his look to Flora. JOHN leaves his soccer ball to "Oval" Myer- son. GORDON leaves twenty-page history outlines to Master Alex. RENEE leaves her "apple-polishing" to any- one who needs it. THE CLASS OF '55 leaves Friends' Select hopefully. Thirty-four -o UHDEHCLHSSITIEH 1. 5 E 1 L Q 'I JAVIIJ IIYMXN I' :'ff.v hlwu! liillllilfl' .ll'llUYll'll I l'Il,I'I.XNUli S'l'UIil'lS N rff'1'f' I ffl'4 I f MARILYN .XIEILXIIANIS l'i 1-rfv I' ,'r' Nirlfnl Juniors A ? 3 First Row: Barbara Rosenthal, Myra Janson, Phyllis Kallick, joy O'Keefe, Eleanor Stokes, Marilyn Abrahams. Second Row: Barbara McGrath, Sam Kasdin, David Tomlin, Stuart Bleznak, Dave Hyman, Annette Cohen. Third Row: Robert Girardi, Robert Judovich, Nlorton Goodman, Nat Hulton. ,,,,.,,w-3 T11 1'r1bv-.v1'.r Suphumures 'P First Row: Norma Krechmer, Sue Ann Kahn, Virginia Wells, Leona Liss, Nancy Myer, Jill Malamut, janet Mendell, Arlene Parris, Mona Hendler. Second Row: Barbara Thomson, Marlene Flanagan, james Stokes, Harvey Myerson, Andrew Amsterdam, Michael Dickman, Anne Fry, Barbara Keyser, Sylvia DiRocco, Judy Waxman. Third Row: Paul Perlmutter, Charles Gross, Donald Wolfe, james Hill, Gerald Zeigerman, Norman Silverman. Absentee: Alan Cohn, Gerald Kaneff. Ul"l"ll'l'IliS 'l'!11'1'!y-.vm'vu iiI'ZUllGl'1INlII,Nl'Ili I' 1'f' sh! 1'f: I HAR YNY NIYHRSUN 'I' 1'f':1 xuru M.XliI,l'lNl'l l"I,.fXN,Ul,XN S ff4-,'f' I frr' .ll .ll'IJY VK'.'XXM.XN IYiI'1"I,I'l'.YitIl'llf Freshmen First Row: Stephen Raph, Judy Epstein, Marilou Parry, Flora lVlcQueen, Fran Abrahamer, Judy Lorry, Sandra Newman. Second Row: Joseph DiGiacomo, Allan Ford, William Gross, Vaughn Slater, Alan Schenker, Edward Weitzman, Steven Weiner, Michael Marinoff, Jeff David. Third Row: Paul Tobin, Julius Kelly Sheppard, John Bugary, Barton Philipps, Fredric Mayer, Emmanuel Boxer, Peter Price. Absentees: Peter Miner, Stephen Joyce. 0l"l"ll'l'll!S Jl'll"l" DAVID I' 1'1' xirlwul I'l'l'l'lCli Pl! IFN 'I' 1'1'r1 surafr l'Al'l, 'l'UlilN . Virr'-I' 1'1' sfrlrul I" IA Ili .K N1i'Ql' li HN Sv1'l'1'Izn'y T11 1'l'f'V-l'I'ff1If Bth Grade 8th GRADE First Row: Charles Emmel, Georgia Roberts, Dorothy Diamond, Joseph Siclcenberger, Patty Prince, james Kuo, Sharon Cassidy. Second Row: john Warren, Gail Watman, Joy Campbell, Calvin West, Carole Krechmer, Marie Del Viscio, Linda Peck, Barbara Gottleib, Astra Kleinhoff, Melinda Merlcle, Dominick Oriolo. Third Row: Joseph Taritero, Calvin Jones, Llewellyn Kramme, Calvin Morris, Bartlett Siter, Susanne Kaufmann, Lorene Douglas, Paul Keyser, Richard Walton. flbsenlees: Gloria Campisi, Joan Weisberg. 7th GRADE First Row: Gloria Deeble, Marshall Fleischman, Toby Mirsky, Jack Farley, president, Margery Stein, Ann Mason, Dennis Cornfield. Second Row: Michael Cousins, vice-president, Stephen Stark, Mary Garden, secretary, Mary Ann DiDio, Andy Marker, Susan Gabroy, Penny Agner, David Seidler, Harriet Black, treasurer, Hope Gottlieb, Janet Broselow, Marc Silverstein, Elaine Nerenberg. Third Row: Innez Dekoning, Richard Cornfield, jay Goldstein, John Fortunato, Judy Robin, Patricia Livingston, Richard Weiner, Miki Maehara, Bruce Flossic. T11 iriy-nim' 7th Grade Sth Grade Sth Grade 6th GRADE First Row: Victor Baldi, Royal Weaver, Stephen Rozov. Second Row: Carlie Fried, William Gibbons, Robert Sebastian, W'tllian1 Gordon, Barry Teitelman, jan Wilson, Robert Matthews, Terry David. Third Row: Stella Jungkurth, Ivy Ann Bennett, Carol Ann Toner, Barbara Fanticolla, Deborah Charleston, Sondra Logan, Roberta Marion. Absentee: James Levine. Sth GRADE First Row: Sammy Shirakawa, Steve Eizen, George Buckner, Pat Sacca, Jackie Laslcin. Second Row: Hilary Weiner, Ruth Charny, Bellcis Jaimes, Suzanne Straub, Ronnie Eisenberg, William Meroney, Lyn Walton, Hannah Cohen. Third Row: jane Judovich, Sam Bonaccurso, John Keyser, Bill Means, Cynthia Gaslcill, Sally Miller, Priscilla Wilson. Absenlees: Eddie Liu, Gloria Gaghan, Ann Nichols, Ellen Marsh. l7m'iAx' ilth Grade Q I . Fu 1 1' ln. 4th GRADE First Rmr: john Dyckman, Charles Tasca. Second Row: Betsy Sley, Andrea Delgado, Ina Schriebman, Linda Coryell, Laurie Lucker, Lyn Charleston, Nancy Fried, Candace Baldi, Patsy Lewis, Louise Zeigerman, Debbie Richman. Third Row: Victor Clark, Anthony Perri, Ricky Gambescia, Richard Heiss, Bob Chudd, Ronnie Deeble. Absentees: Sue Marks, Mike King, Roland Penny, joe Campagna. 3rd GRADE Firsl Row: Vivian Sewell, Patty Leonard, Tan Miller, Tina Mascioli, Valerie Battilana, Sally Melnicoff. Second Row: Paula Massey, Michael McLauglin, Betty Maiorana, Renee Jarrett, Tetsuo Miyabara, Richard Jenkins, Mary Sheppard. Third Row: Marlise Mason, Lynne Broadhurst, Marion D'Aras, Elaine Morgan, Robert Trefsger, Linda Adell, Susan Cousins. Standing: jay Stiefel, Babs Weisberg. Absentee: Peter Gaupp. l'il7l'f,X'-Hill' flrd Grade End Grade "Jil 5 . 1- .,.'-., '. 1 ,f wt- ,Lg .if f , ,, ' 1 x ' e ggi ff 1 45, A i " ,H-4 V a , -.. na'-W' A SECOND GRADE Top: First Row: George Deeble, Julie Reynolds, Adrienne Blum, Peter Venret, Ingrid Jacobson. Second Row: Linda Feldman, Howie Mitchell, Ernie Ursch, Buzz Roberts, Barbara Fitts. Third Row: Ernie Di Massa, Genise Michaille, Phyllis Jacobson, Eileen Hause, Patsy Blackburn. Absentees: Andy Stein, Aaron Winokur, Betsy Nichols, Tarbell Dunning. SECOND GRADE Bottom: First Row: Alan Evans, Bobbie Campagna, Gus Cajumas, Ethelyn Darotf, Dickie Cohen. Second Row: Michele Gelfand, Kathy Stein, Patty White, Elaine Feuerstein. Third Row: Skipper Degenhardt, Pat Courtney, Stevie Alloy, Peter Woodrow. Absentees: Steven Alper, Johnny Katz, Buster Rainone, Judith Watson. F0 Vfxv- Iwo lst Grade FIRST GRADE Top: First Row: Tommy Ruben, Terry McMenamin, Roberta Bromberg, Rickey Hause, Linda Bartels, Kenny Aronson. Second Row: Joseph Barnhart, Stuart Sugarman, Allen Whitehead, Lydia Moccero, Michael Christopher, Georgia Hoffman, Ann Greenstein, Raymond Teller, Theresa james, Freddie Barry. FIRST GRADE Bottom: First Row: Barbara King, Mary Beth Cassel, Sonny Sheppard, Alan Wexlar. Second Row: Danny Wills, Tommy Conrow, Edgar Brown, Charles Cohen, Kitty Grigson. Third Row: Millie Burton, Janet Straub, Stephen Leslie, Douglas Zimmerman, Frankie Degenharclt. Absentees: Robin Bland, Steve Froio, Gregory Broadhurst. lfwiy-llzrw Kindergarten l:U1'f,V-flllll' Front Row: Richard Wolgin, Amy Blum, Rick Marohn, Susan Maeder, Virginia Roberts, Pamela Brewer, Ed- ward Merves, Sharon Quig- ley, Robin joan Bernstein, Alice Fried. Second Row: David Prager, Joan Bellet, Galen Gilbert, Melvin jen- kins, janet Cloak. Absentee: Andy Wolffe. First Row: Polly Miller, Jane Brydon, Arthur Quell, Kendra Massey, Louis Sharps, Susan Weiss. Ser- ond Row: Clyde Harris, Herbert Logan, Paula Plats- horn, Martlma Saunders, jos- eph Balestocky, Beryl Sley. Absentees: Emery Harvey, Reginald Hildebrand, Janet Melnicoff. Wendie Beth Marks, Lynne Eizen, Sharon Liss, Linda Lucker, Steven Davidson, David Wolfe, Mark Maga- ziner, Kenneth Sugarman, Linda Blum, Anita Wise, Susan Stein, Gene Courtney. Absentees: Laurie Herzfeld, Suzanne Herzfeld, Robert Simmons. I c H D E mp, c H Student Council First Row: Vaughn Slater, Hope Gottlieb, Barbara Keyser, Calvin West, Dennis Cornlield. Second Row: Irving Hollingshead, adviser, Fred Campo, Frances Sussman, John Wieland, Carol Hancock. Third Row: Jimmy Stokes, JoAnn Soloff, Marilou Parry, Eleanor Stokes, Bill Millis, Leroy Levinson, Judy Love, Sam Mutch, Ann Tarshish, Paula Schriebman, Linda Peck, Robert Girardi. Here at Friends' Select students have an oppor- tunity to learn through their extra-curricular ac- tivities of the problems and solutions of demo- cratic government. The most vital organ in the school, the Student Council, gives students a chance to participate actively in a self-governing body. All students are members of the Student Association, meeting once a month and giving everyone an opportunity to express his views. The Student Council, headed this year by John Wie- OFFICERS land, is made up of elected representatives from each class and the presidents of each school or- JOHN WIELAND .......... ............, I 'resident ganization, plus a faculty adviser. To the Council's FRANCES SUSSMAN Iphluu Vuullnn I ,iw-pmsidm, primary functions of being a sounding board for all complaints, a ready listener for all worthy CAROL HANCUCK 4--'--' -e--4---- S e""95f"'!l suggestions, and a liason between faculty and stu- FRED CAMPO EVAEAQEUI. .-I,,I T ,.ea3,,,.e,. dents have been added several new tasks this year. The Council has always felt a need for co- ordinated social activities in the school, and this year they appointed a Special Activities Commit- tee to supplement the functions of other commit- tees with monthly social gatherings. The Council further undertook the task of fixing up the Recrea- tion Room, giving every student a place he can take pride in, and conducting the Annual VVork Day. Through the Student Council, all students are prepared for the larger task of governing their country. F arty-six Record Beals First Row: Janet Brouse Frances Sussman, Carol Hancock. Second Row: Alex MacColl, adviser, Fredyne Phillips, Paula Schriebman, Judy Love, Marjory Schiavo, Ann Tarshish, Margaret Sheets, adviser. Third Row: John Wieland, Tootsie Cammarota, Dolly Cammarota, Fred Campo, Bob Berger, Stephen Wells, Clyde Hoff, Barbara Myer, Phyllis Kallick. Absentee: Diane Asbell. In order that Select students may have an op- portunity to work on the various phases of as- sembling' a book. the senior class undertakes each year the publication of The Record, a written record of the graduating class and the year's activities. The Record is only one of the three literary and journalistic works published by the . . . UFFI 'lil .' student body for the purpose of enriching the ex- 1 is pcriences of the students. l V V l The Ifccorfl, from the very selection of the printer to the autographs after Commencement. is entirely handled by the senior class with the advice and aid of two faculty advisers. The staff faces numerous and seemingly insurmountable tasks in MARJORY SCHIAVO, .. PAULA SCHRIEBMAN. .. . ANN TARSHISH .,.... , . September, but nine months and many headaches later. the book becomes reality. In the interim. however, are hectic staff' meetings, printer's con- ferences, photography schedules. ad campaigns. typing sessions. class meetings, and work. But with the help of an industrious staff, patient advisers. a co-operative class, and luck, the book is pub- DOLLY CA MMARK ITA lished. The Record has always been a valuable part of Select's extra-curricular activities. Aside from giv- ing the students a chance to discover and use their talents. the yearbook serves as an unforgettable record of each senior class. The memories it will recall years from now are well worth the present effort. F orty-smfen JLDH LUN lu ,,.,..,.,,.,..,. ,......,.. ..., S'l'EPHl'lN VVELLS. .. . .. .. . . , .Erlilor-in-chief .. .flx.s'i.vlanl cdilor 1'o-1,il1frury rfriilor 1'o-Lilcrury editor liuximfxx manager CLYDE HOFF. .... .. ,. ..-ls:4i.vfunf lmxinfxs 'IIIIIIHIHBI' FRED CAMPO. ..,... .,..... .,.. P lmfogrrlphy editor .lxxisfuni pholngrnphy editor FREDRYNE PHILLIPS .....,.,.. .,...,..,.,.... . flrt editor BOB BERGl'lli,. ,. .... ..,. ,.,.,,. ..,. . A 1 xxisfnnt art editor lfauldrmn PHICU11 First Row: Stephen Wells, art editor, Eleanor Stokes, assistant editor, JoAnn So- lotf, editor, Jane Stein, ex- change editor, Margaret Sheets, adviser. Second Row: Janet Mendall, Sue Ann Kahn, Carolyn Klose, Bob Ruben, Harold Levinson, Phyllis Kallick. First Row: janet Mendall, Judy Waxlnan, Leona Liss. Second Row: Carolyn Klose, Robert Ruben, JoAnn So- loff, Gerald Zeigerman, Eleanor Stokes, co-editor. Third Row: Paul C. Mims, adviser, Marilyn Abrahms, Judy Love, co-editor, Mickey Dickman, Jane Stein, Bill Samueli, Fredryne Phillips, Alex MacColl, adviser. Ab- sentee: Marjory Schiavo, co-editor. Tin' lvlllllfllll is ilu' litm'1':11'1' llllf llllll ul l l'It'Illlwv 'l'lu' 'il'lI1lUl lll'XVSIlIllH'l'. "'l'lu' l":1li'1111." Nlill'll'll gl'lt'l'l. 'l'l11'1111gl1 il wa' :11'1' gi1'1'11 :111 lllllllllfllllllj' lu llll'l't' ym':11':-. ago lm-1' tl11'1'1' lllt'll!lbt'l'N ul' tlu' l'lilNN ul' lDl'fIIll'll 11111 into mu' ul' tlu' uuvsl ll'-tlll 1t11111 ul ilu' '35, pl.1-xx 'Ill llllIl1H'lIll!l rule' 111 tlu' wluuml lil'1'. ll 1rlislii' lii'l1ls ll1:1l ul' 11'1'ili11g. lI1r1 Ill 11111' 111:1g'f l1:1s 1-11-1m1'cl111-1t:'1l tlu' 1'm'l:1tu111+. ul' tlu' l.m1'1'1' Svluuul, 'llllli' lllilllf' ul' Ili :11'1' lt'!lI'llllIQ to lllillil' 11111' i1li':1w lwllllvl' Svluml. illlll .-Xll111111i. Zlllll :ll ilu' -s:1!111' llllll' lin-1111 p:1pm'1' illlll :11'1' t'XlH'l'lt'llllll' tlu NIllNl lttlllll lms 11'i1'1'11 tlu' -4t'1l'l t'YIlt'I'lK'lll'l' i11 flu' ti1'l1l 41l"iu111' 4 1.1 1 l1 immus lltllll pulvlu 1t11111 11:1l1s111. .Ks il IIQWV 1'xpn'r11111'11t Ill llu' wlluul. llu' wllii' ' '. " "r ' l'lillL'0llH llilx p1'111'1'1l s1u'c'1'ssf11l i11 111:111y wuys. f111'ly-1'1'gfl1f Seoioi Assembly Committee Mortoii Goodman, vice- president, Alex lVIacColl, ad- viser, Ann Tarshish, presi- dent, Eleanor Stokes, Bar- bara Thomson, Harold Lev- inson. Absentee: Alan Cohn. Lorene Douglas, Calvin Morris, Judy Epstein, presi- dent, John Bugary, Mar- garet Conover, adviser, Steven Weiner, Miki Mae- ham. t i t i Juoioif Assemlil Committee Tin' pre'st'nt:ition of :I wide variety of programs is tliu goal set lmy tlic Senior lligli Asst-nihly cllllll- ' inittt-0. 'l'lic lviwm-kly cxliiluits of the eoinmittt-c's efforts lion' proved time staff 4-:ip:1lwlv of ninet- ing tlii- requireim-nts for SIICCUSS. Hanging from :iiiclimiev participation programs. inspiring spoeclws :ind 4-mlezuvors by lllt'llllN7l'S of the student hotly. tht- progranis :add to Frit-incl:-1' Sell-ct's policy of preparing its pupils for the whole of life. ' 1:0I'f'V-Illilll' to! tux 'l'lli' Junior lligli School. :in iinportaiit 1-lm'im'nt in l"rit'mis' Svh-vt. is :ilmltz tllrougll tin' prvsvnhition ot' vririvzl progrnins. to express its views on umm' lies. 'l'l1e'st- progranis :irv iiifornmtivi- :ind vntvr taining to ull. Tllvy provide :in n'xt'e'llt'lit oppor- iity for tin- 1-xliilmition oi' tin' tall-nt so often hidden in tht- rush of :u':ule'inic st-liool :iutivitii-s. 'l'lit- eonnnittrm- progranis :irc :1 rn'l'i'n'sliiiig pziusi Ill tlin- d:iy's :iti':iirs. Fifty Q . I-.m..,,, g,,.5. . D ' L K , X 1 E T 1 ,I , 2 s.f' , ,z sf 3 . 1 ' g Q 1 s .N 5 5 Q 3 3 5 W Q ? 5 + i 1 3 2 PHUSICHL Fifiy-one f If 4 ! i , 1 1 , . 1 . 3 i - f 1 ' Q 1 1 I I I I 5 1 I U C5 SET-'E'g,. W? Fd1g ki GPL? ' V M! pflfm or LPWFN ew' thletiu Assuliialiu HS The G.A..-X. has always been a strong' organiza- tion. Not only has it contributed to thc social aspect of life, through events such as the Mother- llaughter Banquet: but it has also contributed to physical development through its sports events. such as intramural basketball, and to thc encour- agement of school spirit by the class point systeln and thc sports awards. VVe know that thc tinc traditions fostered by the G.A.A. and strengthened each year by our cor- porate: experiences will continue to influence each girl. First Row: Marjory Schiavo, treasurer, Judy Love, vice- president, Fran Sussman, president, jane Stein, secre- tary, Carol Hancock, publi- city manager, Reggie Wil- liams, coach. Second Row: Barbara Thomson, janet Brouse, Anne Fry, Paula Schriebman, Mara Janson, Dolly Cammarota, judy Lorry, Judy Robin, Patty Prince. First Row: Phil Scott, ad- viser, Fred Campo, treas- urer, Sam Mlltch, president, Bob Berger, vice-president, Ed. Kellerman, secretary. Second Row: Calvin jones, Norman Silverman, David Tomlin, Fred Mayer, Bill Millis, Stephen Stark. 'l'hc Boys' Athletic Association has shown much social growth this year in thc addition of several events to its already varied and interesting pro- gram. The many traditional events. such as thc Fathcr-Son Banquet. Field Day. when all of thc elasses join in friendly competition, and the Sports Dance. help to develop good social characteristics. To the sehcdulc this year, the l3.A.A. has added intramural football and basketball games which have helped in the physical development of each participant. Fifty-two Soccer First Row: Metzger, coach, David Hyman, Stephen Wells, john Wieland, co-captain, Ed. Kellerman, co-captain, Bob Berger, Sam Mutch, Phil Scott, coach. Second Row: Norman Silverman, Donald McCarty, Paul Tobin, Bill Millis, Fred Campo, Donald Wolfe. Third Row: George Milner, Harvey Myerson, James Stokes, Alan Cohn. As traditional and typical of Friends' Select as the familiar red brick wall, is the exciting soccer season played by the boys each year. This year the team inspired more school spirit than it has in many years. The team's victory over Penn Charter started the season oil' with enthusiasm and loud cheers for the fighting eleven. Under the expert instruction of their new coach, Master Phil Scott, the hoys brought out the best for Select. As an added highlight for the season, two of our SCHEDULE Friends' Select Moorestown Friends'... Friends' Select Penn Charter ..........,........,....., Friends' Select Moorestown Friends ',,.. ......., Friends' Select Wilmington Friends' ,......,.,. , Friends' Select Friends' Central ,.......,........,. Friends' Select Haverford School ..,....,......... Friends' Select Germantown Friends' ,....... . Friends' Select Germantown Academy ',,...... Friends Select ..,.,,...... Wcsttown School ......,.. Friends' Select George School ............... Friends Select Wilmington Friends'.,, Friends' Select Episcopal Academy '.... . varsity players, John Wieland and Ed Kellerman made the All Scholastic Soccer Team, and the Interacademic Soccer Team, high honors for Select. With the aid of these and other valuable players, Select found itself placed second in the Interacademic League, losing the deciding game to Episcopal Academy 3-0. The unrelenting spectators will never forget this seas0n's George School game. In the pouring rain they watched the hard playing varsity struggle and unfortunately, with heavy hearts, saw them dc- feated. However, the Student Council open house at Master Ted's, following the game, served to cheer even the most water-logged heart. Bad weather seemed to play quite a role in our soccer season as the VVestown game also proved. This time the game was at home, and some spectators :assembled in cars and others braved the rain to watch the swimming teamg but this too ended in defeat for Select, 3-0. We are certain that next year the soccer team of Friends' Select School will bring as much excitement and pride to the students as it did this year. Fifty-three Hmilae GIRLS' HOCKEY First Row: Tootsie Cammarota, manager, Reggie Williams, coach, Carolyn Klose, Sandy Springer, Dolly Cammorata, Fran Sussman, captain, Freclryne Phillips. Jane Stein, Adelle Thompson, Diane Asbell, manager. Second Row: Barbara McGrath, Anne Fry, Joy O'Keefe, Flora McQueen, Sue Ann Kahn, Barbara Thomson, Fran Abrahamer. Absentee: Marjory Schiavo. In keeping with thc Quaker belief in the "whole of life" Select has always supported a hockey team to foster the physical needs of its girls. This year, with a small but spirited squad, the girls, varsity hockey team showed the traditional high spirit and good sportsmanship typical of Friends' Select students. Because of the lack of substitutes and the loss of the entire forward line of 19511, the new squad faced many ditliculties. The season was not numerically very successful: however, the scores are not indicative of the tCIlIIl'S true merit. Inexperienced for the most part. they pulled througll and kept Select constantly in the fight. The girls showed themselves to be versatile enough to play any positions they were asked to play in frequent emergencies. The stress and strain of games, thc fun and frivolity of bus rides. and the spirit and stamina of our new coach, Teacher Reggie, all helped to make this a memorable sea- son. Girls of the varsity hockey team, who have given so much time and effort to the squad, who persisted in even the most adverse conditions of rain and snow and lack of substitutes, we thank you! Friends Friends Friends Friends' Fifty-four Select Select Select Sf'lt'Ci .. . SCHl'lDl'I,l'l 2 Girls' High l Ellis School.. 0 Stevens School . 1 Tower Hill School End Tealn Sunuer End Znd TEAM SOCCER First Row: jimmy Kuo, David Seidler, Bruce Flossic, Joe Siclcenberger, Clavin West, jack Farley. Second Row: joe Tartaro, Calvin Morris, Pete Shepherd, john Bugary, Eddie Weitzman, Paul Minis, coach. Absentees: Mike Marinoff, Jeff David. 2nd TEAM HOCKEY First Row: Pat Livingston, Judy Robin, MaryAnn DiDio, Hope Gottlieb, Toby Mirslcy, Gloria Campisi. Second Row: Reggie Williams, coach, Harriet Black, Marie DelViscio, Lorene Douglas, Llewellyn Kramme, Suzanne Kaufmann, Margery Stein, Elaine Nerenberg, Mary Garden, Joy Campbell, Dorothy Diamond. lfiflvv-'lim' TEHHlllUCkEY BU 5' Basketball BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Sam Kasdin, Jerry Steingard, Donald McCarty, Bob Berger, Ed Kellerman, Fred Campo, John Wieland, Norman Silverman. The boys' basketball team, whose members ex- hibited both team spirit and individual prowess, really gave the spectators of Friends' Select some- thing to cheer about. The team won fifty per cent of their games this year. High scoring honors went to forward Ed Kellerman. The other forward po- sition was filled by Don McCarty, who made the All-Quaker Team. Our capable center man was Bob Berger, and quick thinking John Wieland did a fine job of directing the play. Fred Campo and Sam Kasdin completed this year's squad. The varsity was a Hghting teamg the outcome of each game was never certain until the final whistle blew. The boys devoted much of their free time to rigorous practice, and their diligence evidenced itself in each successive victory. The team members will have many vivid mem- ories of the side-lights of the season. What Select hitchhiker can ever forget the day Bob Berger's car broke down in Delaware? How many boys will recall smilingly the aching muscles which they acquired in pushing Bob Gammon's car those last few hundred feet to the crest of the hill? These situations demonstrate the good-natured accept- ance by the boys of the necessity of individual sacrifice for the benefit of the whole team. Almost all of the varsity teams will be grad- uated this year, and we should thank them for playing their games most expertly and contribut- ing towards the very successful seas-on of the squad. SCHEDULE Friends' Select. Church Farm ,,....... 78 Friends' Select. Triangle A.A. ....... 56 Friends' Select, Solebury ........,.. 4l Friends' Select. Alumni ...,............... 41 Friends' Select, Tower Hill ...........,, 35 Friends' Select. Moorestown Fds.. 56 Friends' Select ........ Westtown ............, 58 Friends' Select, St. John's. ..,.......,.. . 98 Friends' Select. Triangle A.A ........ 56 Friends' Select ,....... Sanford Prep .......,. 59 Friends Select Westtown ...........,. 43 Friends' Select ,..,.... Atlantic City Fds .... ,....,....... 30 Friends' Select ........ Wilmington Fds.... 54 Friends' Select. Solebury ......,....,... 46 F i f ty-six Girls' Basketball , . l si il l GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Kneeling: Anne Fry, Barbara Thomson. Standing: Reggie Williams, coach, Fran Sussman, Jane Stein, Carol Hancock, captain, JoAnn Sololf, Fredryne Phillips, Dolly Cammorata, Carolyn Klose, manager. Full of fighting spirit and splendid team eo- operation, the girls' varsity and junior varsity bas- ketball teams had a very successful season. Al- though they won only three games and lost four. the scores of the games nmst be considered. Two of the defeats were losses by only two and three points. This is quite a difference from the scores of other years. This year's varsity was the type of team in which every member played an integral part, the SCHEDULE Friends Select Germantown Fds ......., ..,..,., Friends' Select .,...,.. Moorestown Fds. ,...... ....... . Friends' Select Girls' High School ..,.,.......,.., Friends Select George School ..,..,.....,,.........,. Friends' Select ,,....,. Ellis Country Day School., Friends' Select .,....., Friends' Central School ...,., Friends' Select ,....... Stevens School ,........,.....,.,...... Friends' Select Abington High School ,..,... absence of one player was always sorely felt hy the entire team. Sickness and other unfortunate occurrences which afllict every team did not miss our squad either. The squad was motivated by highly skillful teamworkg and, more than ever, be- cause of a scarcity of substitutes, every player was a necessity. Much of the success of the team this year should be credited to our new coach, Teacher Reggie Williams. It was a great pleasure knowing her and working with her this season. The season was not without its humorous as- pects. Probably the highlight of the season was the Ellis Country Day School game, at which four members of the team were accidentally stranded at Ellis for several hours. They enjoyed a delicious but thoroughly unexpected dinner there. With this balance of good humor. concentrated effort, and the will to win. the teams completed their season with pleasant memories and the feel- ing that they had gone one step further in achiev- ing their goal, "the whole of life." Iiifty-.vcwii End Team Buys' Basketball End Team Girls' Basketball TOP, Kneeling: Norman Silverman, Paul Perlmutter, Stephen Weiner. Standing: John Bugary, Phil Scott, coach, Bill Samueli, Peter Sheppard, jerry Steingard, Paul Tobin, Charles Gross, Vaughn Slater, James Stokes, manager. BOTTOM, Kneeling: Judy Epstein, Adelle Thompson. Standing: Reggie Williams, coach, Janet Brouse, Fran Abrahamer, Tootsie Cammarota, captain, Flora McQueen, Nancy Myer, Judy Lorry, Zel Rever, manager. Fifty-viglzt ARCHIERY joy O'K0vfn'. Barbara McGrath, Sandy Springvr, Fredryne Phillips, Carolyn Klose. Ab- svnlvv: Marjory' Schiavo, Fran Sussman, JoAnn Snloff. TENNIS Flora lVlcQueen, joy O'Keefe, janv Stein, Fran Abrahamer, Sandy Springer. "Casey at the Bat" Basketball a la Klose Our own Robin Roberts f?l l51'l'l-x'-rlirlw Baseball BASEBALL TEAM Phil Scott, coach, Norman Silverman, Steve Wells, Jerry Steingard, Ed Kellerman, George Milner, Fred Campo, Don McCarty, Dave Hyman, Bob Berger, John Wieland, Harvey Myerson, James Stokes, Manager. At Friends, Select, spring is heralded by the cry of "Hmm, babe!" and the crack of a bat against a ball. Master Phil Scott and his corps of eleven men ran over such teams as Wilmington Friends' and Sanford Prep, and even in losing displayed the Brown and Gold spirit of sportsman- ship. John Wieland and Don McCarty alternately pitched and played shortstop with amazing ver- satility. The other half of the battery was ably played by Ed Kellerman, with George Milner substituting. And with such men to back them up as Dave Hyman, first base, Norman Silverman or Harvey Myerson, second base, Fred Campo, third base, Bob Berger, left field, Steve Wells, center field, Steve Weiner, right field, every game was more exciting than the one before. A special thank-you goes to managers Calvin West and Sixty Jimmy Stokes for their loyal support and hard work. For it is players and managers like these boys who make any baseball season a memorable one. SCHEDULE Germantown Friends, Sanford Prep Moorestown Friends' Westtown School Wilmington Friends' Tower Hill Moorestown Friends' Wilmington Friends' Sanford Prep Westtown School George School Atlantic City Friends' Sulthall SOFTBALL First Row: Barbara McGrath, Judy Epstein, Fran Abrahamer, SueAnn Kahn. Second Row: joy O'Keefe, Sandy Springer, Flora McQueen, Jane Stein, Fredryne Phillips, Carolyn Klose, Reggie Williams, coach. Absentees: Anne Fry, Judy Love, Marjory Schiavo, Fran Sussman, Norma Krechmer, Barbara Thomson, Adelle Thompson, captain. As the familiar sounds of "l've got it" and the smaek of the ball against the bat filled thc ui another softball season at Friends' Select pro, ressed lnerrily on its way. Although happening Friends Select Friends' Select Friends' Select Friends' Sclcet Friends' Select Friends Select SCHl'lDl'l,l'l Stevens School Girls' High School Jenkintown High Ellis Country Day School Abington High Germantown Friends' good-naturedly, things did not always go smoothly. For one example. the girls had trouble finding a place in which to practice. for with tennis for coin- petition. tennis for fun. softball and archery being held on the Held during afternoon practice. the different sports literally ran into each other. This triple schedule also caused trouble for Teacher Reggie, who has to eoaeh all three sports at the same time. In view of her success. we give her a long Rah for both her perseverance and patience. The girls' softball team always has a successful season, not only numerically. but also socially. Tile practices bring the girls together in a happy so- ciable group and they inakc lasting friendships as they become acquainted. The exercise keeps the participants physically Ht. This spring sport really helps to develop a more versatile individual and is surely a necessary part of thc "whole of life." Sixty-0110 Q l K , mfs L.. K PN. S1'.1'fj'-f'Zk'0 X X v- mg ,4 W: ,145 E 231, ,R, A , W 1 ,M W REHEARSAL FOR THE BIG NIGHT First Row: Anne Fry, SueAnn Kahn, Barbara Thomson, Barbara Keyser, janet Brouse, janet Mendall, Norma Krechmer, Marjory Schiavo. Second Row: JoAnn Soloff, Ann Tarshish, Carolyn Klose, Zel Rever, Tootsie Cammarota, Ros Melletz, Barbara Myer, Sandra Springer. Third Row: Judy Love, Harvey Myerson, Sam Mutch, Norman Silverman, Stan Freeman, Gerald Zeigerman, Bob Ruben, Paul Perlmutter, James Stokes, Dolly Cammarota. Fourth Row: John Wieland, Harold Levinson, Steve Wells, Bob Berger, George Milner, Leroy Levinson, Charles Gross. No event better typiiies the spirit of participa- tion cncouraffed at Friends' Select than the animal P production of one of Gilbert and Sullivanis oper- ettas. This year the students produced "The Pi- rates of Penzance," one of the finest of the series. Particularly noteworthy was the fine cooperation of the cast in holding evening rehearsals in order that our tenor lead, .lack Anderson, an alumnus of Friends' Select, might be able to attend. Teacher Grace Clayton did a wonderful job of directing and supplying musical accompaniment for the per- formance. The leads for this year's production were: Carol Hancock as Mabel, the young heroine, Fran Suss- man, Adelle Thompson and Judy Love as her sis- ters, Edith, Kate and Isabelle, Stephen Wells as their esteemed father, the "model of a modern Uperetta Major Gencralng .lack Anderson as the young pi- rate herog .loAnn Solotl' as his adoring Ruth, the A'Piratical Maid of all Workgn and Bob Ruben, thc sergeant in charge of the masterful police force. These characters, together with an interested and well-trained chorus, made the operetta one which will long be remembered in the annals of Select's Gilbert and Sullivan history. No dramatic presentation could he completed successfully without an earliest and self-sacrific- ing back-stage crew. This year's operetta was no exception. lvithout the invaluable assistance of Clyde Hoff, Fredryne Phillips, Master Ed, and all the others who gave up their time so willingly, there could have been no "Pirates of Penzance" this year. Sixfy-four ,1I.fjm'-lla'nrrul Slrrulrgll Thr' l'i1'ulw King Numuwl. his l,il'llfI'lI1IHf l"rr'u'1'rir', l'ir11la' .lpp:'wl1iir'w Sl'l'.1l1'tllIf r1f1'1rlir'1' . . .. Ifllfll. I'irul1' .lluifl-nj'-ull-:vurk ,llralrrl lfalilll lffllr' lxrflrrl FAST THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE Sh-plwxl Wvlls John Xvidilllll l.o1'uy Imvixlsml .lulm .'xlNl1'I'hl7ll , Rulwrt Ruben Ju.-Kun SUIUH' M.X.Hlll'1ll2XIfl!.Xl. STAN l.lIY'S YV .N RDS l':u'ul Iiallu-um-la l"I'lllIC'l'h SIISSIIIJIII Azlvllc 'Thompson . .llulilll l.ux'm' THE LEADS PREPARE TO HARMONIZE JoAnn Soloff, Leroy Levinson, Bob Ruben, Steve Wells, udy Love, ohn Wneland Absenlees Carol Hancock, jack Anderson, Fran Sussman, Adelle Thompson Si.1'f.X"fTc I Junior Prom Emperor David Hyman, Empress Mara Jansen The Junior Prom this yvnr had :1 ph-zisiiig sug- gestion of thc Orin-nt. As tht: c-ouplvs gg:itlwrn'ii around thi- crepe-'p:ipcr' pagoda. fans. cooliu h:itQ. :ind hlntvrns T'Clllilldl'd tilt'Ill of Chinn. Music for thc dzincc was provided by Sonny Davis :ind his lHl'Cill'Stl'il. The clinmx of thc t'Yl'llillgl' was tlw crowning' of the Hnipc-roi' :ind I'illIIlI'i'SS, Unw- Hynmn :incl Maru JIIIISKTII. Though thi- juniors uri :r. col11p:1r:1tivcly snmll class. they had :i prom that will hc :L plc':1s:nit IIICIIIOFB' to cvvryonu who :it- telicivd. Sixly-si.1' :ml lllll lllll'lll!.L' tlic lviistling zu-tivlty tlmt is clll'lSlIll1l5 it N-lx-cl. thi- Class ot :zu PI'l'SL'lltl'1l tlu' Illllllllll iiioi' l'i'om. lfor this spm-i:1l lligllt flu- si-liool lmrimwl into :ui 1-m-limiting wiiitvr sw-in-. A lurgl Llll'lSllllJlN trol- stood ri-gully in tllc mirlillc of tlii mi :xml 1llIlllNlllg' pictliri-s of Santa Claus :uloriiccl tluu walls. 'l'ln- il:uicvs worn' gr:1cm'fi1lly IN'l'l'llT'llll'll lo tln' flowing music' of thi- Alll1lYl'I'l'UI'lllIlllS.H 'llllv lim 1' king. l.m-roy IA'YlllS0ll. put tliv l'llllNllillQt0ll1'lll'h on :i IllK'lIlUl'1ll7lK' vvviiiiig of fun :mil Illl'tlSlll'l'. itorilim. wlwrv tlnwlum-1-took plenum was trans- Vlllllpf of tln- lovvly 1llll't'll. l"r:m SUHSSIIIIIII. :mil Senior Prom Queen Fran Sussman, King Leroy Lvvinson .S'1'.1'l' 'fu 'T Social ctivilies Active school spirit. the keynote of life at Select. stems from the students themselves par- ticipating in many endeavors sponsored hy their student organizations. Beginning the year in typi- cal Select style. the Athletic Associations joined forces in giving a dance to welcome students old and new. Once the social whirl had hegun the activities uniting the students followed in rapid succession. The Boys' Athletic Association kept up the pace with its annual and always entertaining frolic. Not to he outdone. the Service Committee went all out to provide a lively evening of square dancing. The Student C'ouncil's Sadie Hawkins Dance. however. was hard to heat for fun and novelty. lt was the girls who asked the hoys to this if one. As the year progressed. novelty gave way to tradition. The inexhaustahle conversation afforded by the Soph Hop was usually centered on the original decorations, which added to the gaiety of this festive event. Different from other school were the individual class parties which took place throughout the school year. All of the extra curricular activities do not take the form of dances. The excitement of the George School soccer game played each fall on a Saturday afternoon is a social as well as a sports highlight. The warm hospitality extended hy Master Ted in inviting the entire school to an open house follow- ing the game was appreciated hy all who attended. 3 xlk A Q f Ala: i ,fm sexi I '-vi I 2,1 Y.-e5f'K"" Sixty-night functions because of the limitation of attendance Not only sou'cr.ln1t 1-:icli si-:isonzililv sport.p1'ox'irle's llny voinpviiiions wllivli followvcl. 'l'ln'am' ioo nmny 0pIl0l'tllllltit'S for social g2ltllt'l'illg.1'S. Tin- plum- :it thi- fit-V tim-ld :uni wvrm' vnrivrl in night lmskvtlmll gninv playvd :nt Moon-stown gylnnristia' clifiii-nity. l'lI'iQ'llllS' gun- S1-lm-ct sun-li :in opportunity. for tln' Sch-vt Stlllil'lltS wvrm- illvitwi to zu rl:nn'v follow- TIN' l'lS-l'l'll!fl't 'lf HN' .V"f"' WHS tl"' fx"""f'l Fill" ing tht- gnlmx By m.m.I,ti,,g tht. i,,Vih,tjm, HH. stu, l'l:nnn'cl cfm-fully months in :nlvaiilm-. tin' l":iir mivnts wvrv :llmlv to oliscru' tln- social :nciiviiivs of SUV' l'l""'5"""' i' f"'f'1H'f' l" 'lmw M5 l'i'rtl""li" mmtllm. Wlmoi :md so h.m.n how to implww, tlwh. inlvnt :incl In-Ip tin' si-liool :nw :i wluolm- wliilm' mloing own. W- SL'lm'cL's vxtru clli'1'in-11l:1i' m'lii1'i'pi'isvs :zrv not :ill Tin- yvnr 1-mlm-cl with tin- most 4-ln'g:i1it oi' :ill cnrrivil on indoors. XVlll'll tin- spring tinn' 1-:nnr'. svliool :n-iiviiivs. Hn' Grznlimtion lJ:nn-r. 'l'ln' vw Xvork Huy was not fur lwliinml. l'lve'ryozn- pitvlivci ning. Illlllt'lPfltl'li ln' ull. Q'Iltll'Ii tin' wllool yvnr :nnfl in io iIIlPl'0Yt' ilu' physii-:il :ippc':1l':1in'm'oftln-si-llool ilu- se-niorx' live-s :it Si-lm-t in :nn t'll'i0-VIllil4' :inxl :incl i'0QllllQ'I'IlfQ'ii :is XYllUll' llL':li'in'1lly in ilu' lfif-l.i Illt'lIl0l'IllTll' ilfhliitlll. WW- W ax' 4 4 n wg is iigwwgq .Yf.1'!qv- II in in Top: Bob Ruben, Harold Levinson, Stan Freeman, JoAnn Soloff, John Weiland. Bottom: Jerry Horton, Steve Wells, Sally Reulcauff. Pla Friends' Select presents a variety of dramatic productions each year. These plays range from short, light presentations to the longer three-act plays. The highlight of the dramatic season this year was the senior play. a satirical and intriguing work hy Lady Gregory, entitled, "Spreading the Newsf' Those in the cast were Fran Sussman. Sally Reukauil, .lo Ann Solotf, Stanton Freeman, Stephen Wfells, Harold Levinson. John W'ieland. Jerry Horton, Fred Campo, and Bob Ruben. VVork- ing up a rich Irish dialect. they achieved a polished production. Not to he outdone hy their seniors, the enterprising freshmen presented a three-act comedy, "Look VVho's Here," hy Charles George. Both groups demonstrated that co-operation is a must. Not only is this harmony essential in the longer productions. hut it is of equal importance in any performance of merit. The many skits, pantomimes. and "short" short plays given hy dramatic cluhs. individual classes. and memhers of special project groups portrayed this. From our many experiences in the field of drama. we have learned that working together is part of the "whole of lifef' Judy Epstein, Marilou Parry, Flora McQueen, Manny Boxer, Steve Weiner, Fran Abrahamer. Sm'c11z'y N- 'Yi?f v- my p N-AD!!-Vw S fx 6 c Q i . X- --..... .... - B . ew' Service Committee llc huvc trnccil thc "wholc of lifcu through its phuscs :it liricncls' SCll'CtTIlK'!ldPIlIil'. physical. sociiilfto thc last :lnil niost iinportunts-spiritual. For only hy :nlniinistcring to spiritual ncccls. has liricnils' Sclcct hi-cn :ihlc to produce thc wcll- ronnilcil stuclcnt. As shown. this stuilcnt h:1s :nnplc opportunity to participate in CXtY'SirCllY'I'lC'lll2ll' :xc- tivitics which will hroailcn his :icudcinic scope, fur- thcr his physical ilcvclopxncnt. :incl promote his social wcll-hcing. But thc :ill-iinportant spiritual growth of :i NVt'll'I'lllllldl'll pcrson is not ncglcctcrl :nt liricnils' Sch-ct. Surrounding thc sturicnt is thc quict :iir of simplicity. imlivirluality. :ind brother- hooil which is Qunlccrisin :it its tiniest. The school O1',l.2'!illiZilti0ll which docs thc inost to hclp stuclcnts cxprcss in rlccils thcir spiritual nlotiwitions is the Scrvicc Connnittcc. Pattcrncil in Illtllly ways :iftcr thc Aincrican lfricnils' Scrvicc Connnittcc. this group of voluntccr stuilcnts or- ganizes thc school's Unitcil lsllllii llrivc. collccts mittens :ind used clothing for ovcrscus ilistrihution. sponsors :ind prolnotcs wcck-cnd workcmnps. :inal nnikes soap, toys, :ind :ifglnins for thc nccily of thc world. Through this :ictivc 0I'g'2llllZ!lti0ll. thc wcck- ly meetings for worship. :incl thc :illvpcrvailing Quukcr spirit. liricnils' Sclvct cxprcsscs thc Hwholc of lifc''-:1c:nlc1nic:1lly, physically. socially. :in.l spiritually. SERVICE COMMITTEE First Row: Bob Gammon, president, JoAnn Solotf, treasurer, Maria Dehn, adviser. Second Row: Carolyn Klose, secretary, Judy Love, vice-president, Andy Amsterdam, Barton Sider, Marc Silverstein. Third Row: Bob Ruben, Phyllis Kallick, Sandy Newman, Gloria Campisi, Margery Stein, Nancy Myer, Irving Hollingshead, adviser. Sci 'c zily-iiuu 191111K l7I'l'Nt'lll'l' lifting flu' wviglrt uf all til'l'NHllIl' i, ' ' 1 1 ' I ' H V .4 b g11i1l:1111'n' i'1'41111 Ilis 0lltSfY'l'tl'llt'll l1:1I11l. .Ns :1 rcs llrnvn- l't'l'l'INl'Ii 1l111'111g 11111' wllmml him' :1t l'I'lt'llllS flu' lllllit'I'NtZlllIlill'f of our f1'll11w111:111 is 11Q'1'IN'l H-11-1-t H1111 111:1k1's IIN :1w:11'1' oi' tln- lll'K't'NSitY for "' . . . . 1-11:1l1li11-1' ll.' tm lllilli' : 1 1 - 111 ':1i 'f I ' t ' Hlll'Il :1 I1:111w. llvrc' 111 H111 S1llt'IIlllIty of flu' Illl't'tlIlQ " N l I I 'H rl I I I Hg H Um rl The Meeting House cl 1115 XYitl1i11 Hu- xilnplq- st1'1lc'tl11'11 nf' H141 lizuw' Strvwf 11iH1':1111'1' of our l'XlJl'I'il'lll't'S :xt l"ri1'111ls' Svlv Nlvvlixlg llmlw. flu- StllllK'lltN uf l"1'i1'111ls' Svlmwt 'l'Ill'1'l' Ima l1111'11 :1 willv v:1ri1'ty111'tl1e'sm'1'xpn'ri1'111-1 5f'l"N'l fimi 5' Nilmlt l"'f'l"k- l"'i"F-fi"2 fllvlll l'l'liL't. l'llL'Ulll 1:1w111H' tlll' 111:111V PIIIISUH 111' lif1-:1H'11r1l1-4 I r- . tl'0lll Hu- IIUINK' :md 1-m111st:111l rush of Hu' 1111Is14l1' by ,,l,,.I,,-1.,4.,,m.:,t H ,1.l,,,l,1 Supl, H, lf,-iK.m1s' 51.111 wmrl I. Il -1'- :Il ill' s111H1i110' t1':111111iHitV wv t.K'l'l . . . . . . ' 1 ' L l 1 P I - l,lll'lllLf lllK'l'flll"' tluv 11111lt1t111lv ni tr11'1:1l 111:1tl1' 1 P' l1111'1l1'11x fI'4lIll Ulll' wlm11l1l1'1's 111111 111:1k111f1' llN f1w'1I"' 7" ' x . . . . . . NJIIIIIVIII' 1111111 our mimls. YV1' xtrivv tu r1':11'l1 Gu I. V t I - - ' . A talk w1tl1 II1111. llStK'll to II1x 1-1111-r. :md rm-4-1-111 411111 111 H115 Npll'lt. It IS Hn' 111sp11'e-cl t1':11-I111151 -14- . i ' ' l' '. llmlm- wv :11'1' :1l1l1- lu l'Ulltt'llIllliltl' tlu- t1'111' ng- lm' to HH HIHH Ut ht' .S'1"z'1'11lk1'-111nw' ull' 1011, 1111 De You Remember Ninth grade class parties . . . Master Berle's Friday concerts . . . Quickies . . . "Chonita" . . . The shag . . . Liggetts . . . TV coupons . . . Master Jon . . . The syncopated carburetor . . . "How is thee?" . . . The advent of Master Perry . . . Pipe cleaner decorations . . . History outlines . . . The Senior Prom . . . Master Cliff . . . Chink . . . "Xingu" . . . The Anderson administration . . . Teacher Wilma . . . Work Day . . . Learners' permits . . . "Bulll' '... The U.N. guide . . . Edith Emerson . . . The birth of Gail Louise . . . Pincus' first soccer game . . . The New York v-Times . . . Teacher LoisfCommonfDenominator . . . "Stick your feet out the window" . . . The departure of Teacher Mary Ann . . . Fighting the battle of Gettysburg . . . Heatless Monday mornings . . . Teacher Flossy Admiral Wells . . . KennyfBunk Port . . . Master Al . . . The twins' open houses . . . 43rd and the Sewer . . . Lower School help . . . "johnny Ray" . . . Bob Boltman . . . The Civil War was a draw . . . Mermaid Lake . . . . . . Hans . . . Our troubles . . . All the fun . . . Looking ahead . . . Looking back . . . Our wonderful years at Select. Seventy-four When hearts were young rolyn Peek-o- 1 JoAnn--He loves me not, he Ioves QW YWWS vi Ros-Oh, knd! QC,'5'k'i , Janet--Room fur one more- Murjory--lt's the latest style! .S'm' Bob G.--lt was pretty rough out there. Tootsie and Dolly Double trouble. Sully--Baby, If s cold outside. Fred-The Lone mv' Ann--l beg your pardon' , . Zel and friend-Hu """'....,o,,, Paula--Aw, come on! Guess Who? .S'm,'f'f1 I y-.vcwzz pdll'0fl6 Janet Brouse E? Carol Hancock Mr. E99 Mrs. Klose Mr. Ei Mrs. Borton Mr. 6? Mrs. McCarty Mr. Er? Mrs. Tarshish Dr. E? Mrs. K. Fry Dr. Es? Mrs. L. A. Soloff I. W. Sutton Es? Son Mr. E? Mrs. B. Asbel Mr. Ei Mrs. Edward Love Miss Susan Love Mr. E? Mrs. V. Levinson Schreiber's Luncheonette Mr. E? Mrs. John C. Wieland Mr. E? Mrs. Harry K. Cohen jack Anderson Janet Greenbaum Jack Edwards E005 fefd Carolyn Klose Diane Asbel Marjory Schiavo Adele Thompson Judy Waxman Steve Wells Ann Tarshish Jerry Borton Clyde Hoff Anne Fry Slobatiers Carole Er? Gail Leroy Levinson Gompgmenfa 0 The Friends' Select School Committee Srfwcnly-vigllt 5 6 WM? lvgfa 4' Q N' 5? an , if ' 5 Q, R 52 KX 1 I x-'X V N5 nr XM-x :aw , lf, was V Sl asf E xy if A WALTER MYER COIN-Phlflelltj Q f JI Znefa njllfallfe f 0 1500 Chestnut Street Mr. and Mrs. John C. Mutch Philadelphia 2, Penna. at WILLIAM FINKEL Apothecary Rittenhouse Square at 20th St. Compkmenf, Philadelphia Phone: PE 5-5031 of P SCHIAVO BRUS. C0"'P'i"'e"'f Of A Friend Eighty ll Good Luck, Sensors Helen S. MacDonald Compliments Of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Complzments of College Gzrls Tazlors A Friend JoAnn Ann Comphmenfa of Quand il faut aller il faut aller MR. and MRS. G. E. BRUUSE Piull Fran gomlagmenla 0 PARENT-TEAEHEH ASSUEIATIUN F zqhty two THE geaf of QZIMCL !l'0l'l'l STUDENT EUUNEIL gui of JucL . . . THE JUNIUH CLASS Compliments Compliments of a of Friend Mr. S' Mrs. A. D. Wells Compliments of Mike '54 Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Schreibman Judy 760 Sally Diane In Comlagmenfa Sadness We of a Part . . Zel Jane gen! wiaiea I'0l'l'l The Class uf'57 Eighty-fi've cxgcfo ceo lo flue Sen CXoof The Class nf '53 QOOJ OZIMCL fo ELAS5lH?1955 ULD URIGINAL BUUKBINDEWS T25 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. The Class nf 'Bll fgl Candid Wedding Albums Formal Weddings of Superb Quality 0664 PHUTUEHAPHIII ARTIST 1534 Walnut Street Philadelphia EI, Pa. ILLUSTRATION - PORTRAITURE - DIRECT COLOR SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY PEnnypacker 5-2288 Eighty-eight CLARK PRINTING HOUSE PHILADELPHIA 0 PENNA. 4 1 Y 1, , 1. w 'T 4 1 y 1 a f . ,1 ' .-1 - -' . . ' sf' ,jgy-,. r excl 3'',-1 fain .1 15,1-1.91 ,-g 11Lf',1.'1g1 1 1 A ' , , lg", ,V . ,.,"y: 4 ,1gf:,. -I ' . . .-113111, KL n ' yi J 'fl '1's2'3a we-f.'1 Jilsf - 1 'V.,i' 1 1 S-1.11 1 - 1:1 1 - . 4754 1,- . :Q :Vi-,ig 1,.. 1 1 1 1 'I'-'iii Ji., 1:1 15. '55 5,29 . 1 ,. 11. ,411 ,-1355 11, .1g" 1 L 1 - -1 Q11-A 1 - gs,-1' 1 i : .Pi ' - .-.W W ' ' LQ ' '22 bi 1.-- .- 'ivy 1 1 1 1 5,1 ,151 1 ,131 .35 , ,1: ,-y. 1 E513 - i ,iff L L 'HJ E 1 K 5 3? ff ' ,f'f'153 1 1 1 1 3:6 .15 f,,'W"1: . ' H 1 1 1 1 1 . 'Q 'nv Q If-1. 1 M, 1 V 1 . i 1 r 'z 1 1 A 1 f.--3, V 1 1 N 1 3? 1 1 1 . 1 1 . UQ, - 1. 1 ? ,I."t,1,.g.f:,7-L.-:f ' ' . -21, 1' ' j,g1'g,f:.. ' J:2'li,1--I Ir-Zu 2-: ba if 1 3 35. , .--fL.Q.--.4 ,,:ff'1L4.'.i-..-.'::.f- -' ,.,, p'-1, : - ., '.-.,.'. ' j'?.z.r. 4: - - 7-,fp-r ' N, 1- ' ' 3- '11 :gif ' ' '- A H -zu., ' - -' -,.-f ,1--M kb,-,,,5,,n.L.-.1 .ez-. ,. - "- -qi ,sv 1. 57,

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Friends Select School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Friends Select School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Friends Select School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 61

1955, pg 61

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