Friends School of Baltimore - Quaker Yearbook (Baltimore, MD)

 - Class of 1958

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of FRIENDS SCHCCI. Baltimore Maryland THE 1958 QUAKER 7a Wiemafzwzm EUGENE H DENK Ocfober 30 1916 Mc1y16 1958 4 I To our friend and teacher- 1 Thou wert our parent the nurse of our souls We were moulded to manhood by thee Trll frelghted with treasure pes Thou didst launch us on Destiny s sea thoughts friendships and ho Samuel Gilman We the Semor Class have unammousl vot d h y e to dedicate our yearbook to those w o have given us thelr gundance and love throughout our years lt ns a token of the GHSCTIOI1 whuch we feel for them but which ns sometumes very dlmcult to express As we reach graduahon our last step an hugh school we fondly deducate the year book to Our Parents 5 ?w4fv DR. BLISS FORBUSH Headmaster During our entire Friends School educa- tion we have been exposed to the wisdom and spiritual guidance of one of the fore- most religious philosophers and writers of our time-Dr. Bliss Forbush. We sincerely hope that the combina- tion of the rich and meaningful experi- ences which Dr. Forbush has shared with us, and the knowledge which we have amassed in our school career will lead to wisdom ROBERT C RICHARDSON Dean of Boys With his forceful yet reasonable manner Mr Richardson has won the respect and dutlon to his capable capacity as a teach er he has been the stabilizer of the more exuberant spirits among us He has helped us in our choice of col leges by his prudent advice which comes only from experience We of the class of 58 wish to thank Mr Richardson for his large share in our development ELEANOR DILWORTH MACE Principal At times Mrs Mace appears to be the Instructor of a very stimulating History class but that is lust one of her many roles Another role is that of an expert in college guidance and the senior gurls have her to thank for seeing them through a rough pre college year A third role Mrs Mace plays is that of mother confessor to a horde of teen age girls which not only takes wisdom but patience and understanding and Dnlly las Mrs Mace is calledl has never let us down We are sure in future years when we hear Friends School mentioned our first thoughts will be of Dilly I I . I . . . t 3 . ' . . I X ' K 4 J. t friendship of the graduating class. ln ad- .X l A -- -- - " - "- .-171-1 I . - 1 . ri 6 f Il' 1 SP rs f BLISS FORBUSH ELEANOR DILWORTH MACE ROBERT C RICHARDSON MARTHA CORNELIA PARSONS ELEANOR HOOD BARBARA BEACHAM MARJORIE M RICHARDSON MARIAN B MILLARD ROBERT A NICOLLS D LAURENNE SUPPLEE RUTH C DIBERT CLAIRE G WALKER BLISS FORBUSH JR FRANK R SHIVERS JR ARTHUR O GRAY DONALD B RICHWAGEN WILLIAM E PEARCE JR NATALIE E MILLER EDITH DE C S PITTS CARMEN C TELLER FRANCES M HOMER FRANCES H BARTLEY MILDRED M HETRICK E RICHARD WATTS JR L LAWRENCE PEACOCK ARLEN R GILL HENRY WOODMAN Headmaster Prmclpal of Upper School Dean of Boys Prmcrpal of Lower and Nursery Schools Secretary to the Headmaster English Labrarlan Clvlcs Director of Health and Physical Education for Girls Alumni Sec Hastory Physlcal Education Mathematics Physacal Education English Social Studies English Soclal Studies Latm Chemistry Mathematics Associate Darector of Physical Educatron Mechamcal Drawmg Business Arrthemtlcs Director of Health and Physical Education for Boys Mathematics Home Economics Tutor and Consultant m Remedial Reading French Tutor Physlcal Educatron Office Assastant Dlrector of Music Latin General Science Physrcal Education Mathematics Physical Education French Spanish Blology Manual Training 7 . ............................... , . I . r . ............................. I , I l . ...................... I , . ' . ................... ............... . , I I . ............................ I , I I , I , . ............................... D , I . , . ......................................... English . ................... I . . ' ' I I I , I . , . ........ ........................... . . ...................... , u I s -up..n-..q-..-.n.-. I , . . u F , ' I . ......................................... , I 1 a . . I Q 1 1 u - u a 1 n q I . - q Q . 1 Q n n n - f n p . I . . 'WN' 1.1. 'NFA' , '. N.. 'Q r Qr . .-f xx- 1. 'Q " A .fly 7 1! , Q 4, -1, . . .9 X' Q. . .. . I, ef xx, Lt-Q Y K . 14' ,,,.. Q us' ' fs, P ., S 2' QV, q . .",' Q li 1 4 - Q 1 .,,i. Q0 . s 4, . 3-1 S- Ci Q 1 K K ' ' 1 .1 N -41: 5. . .- u .g,.-- Q ,Ni 1 3' I . Nw? 'X f 'n X s 1 ix u v n n Nix Nancy Alan Aufhammer JUNE WEEK COMMITTEE co CHAIRMAN it DANCE COMMITTEE 2 3 MIXED CHORUS I 2 I v HOCKEY 2 QA VARSITY HOCKEY 34 J v BASKETBALL 2 3 VARSITY SWIMMING-4 VARSITY TENNIS 2 3 4 How wIse are they that are but fools In love Ya all can come down to my house mIstakable walk pIcture In Udels most often seen dIetIng In a large maroon sweater at Boys LatIn playIng tenms leavIng her greatest ambItIon to weIgh lt s got to be great GHECTIOH for the gIrls locker room Macs my buddy Pet Peeve SIZE nIne saddles Let s go have a FlorIdo Htstory GIbson Island crazy about pIzzaS land Frankl Okay sweetheart laughs lIke a woodpecker Anyone want my dessert? IO h k .4 - J xy n y - V 'W ' 1- BAZAAR CHRISTMAS TABLE X, H , H . . . Un- lOO..:'.'-' ' ' Fay Dean Badertscher SERVICE COMMITTEE-3,4 QUAKER PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR-4 QUILL ASSOCIATE EDITOR-4 CLASS TREASURER 3 4 JV FOOTBALL 1 VARSITY FOOTBALL 2 3 4 VARSITY WRESTLING 3 4 WRESTLING CO CAPTAIN-4 VARSITY LACROSSE MANAGER BAZAAR HABADASHERY 1234 Gomg as If he trod upon eggs Hey fat man dark hanr grey sport coat baggy slacks shaggy beard head down dry smlle slow delnb hard workmg fun Iovang Hey are you gomg to prachce today? curuous bashful easy gomg hugh Ideals Why don t they have something decent for lunch for a change? relaxed reformed from avoiding gurls Dld some one menhon McCormnck9 photo fanatnc naps at Quull meehngs You want to bet? -6' 1 - '- I m i I r Y I T I " r r r H . . 11 A , . . . . . . a a a n n n I I ' n 1 XJ . . . . . . . . . , - -' erate shume . . . earnest . . . interested . . . I . . . I . . - H , X n I - - nr 1 il Qv Martha Brookhart Bald JUNE WEEK COMMITTEE-4 BOOSTER CLUB 'I 2 3 4 DANCE COMMITTEE 1 2 QUAKER ART EDITOR-4 OUILL 34 QUILL ART EDITOR-4 MIXED CHORUS-4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB 3 4 DRAMATICS CLUB I 2 3 G AA REPRESENTATIVE 3 VARSITY CHEERLEADING-4 VARSITY BADMINTON 3 4 VARSITY SWIMMING 3 4 BAZAAR GIFT TABLE Laughter and lun good humor and fellowship rolled into one Marty with a TY fan club headed by Jack Wells Lithen you kidth most often found looking for a rude home exercises one of the Big Three u success in art Gad l feel like a giant' O Romeo Romeo' Wherefore art thou Romeo? Hey honey Joke time I O5 daily intimate member of the Better Boys Bureau clever in art O thou Ioyful Hep Hep pet peeve short boys suffers from hypochondrla our gal Archibald I2 'i' I r r Q "' r 1' r I '1 r "' r r T r 1' I ll I n I ,I ll I' ' !l ' . . . ' . . . B b- bles . . . personality personified . . . financial - . i I .. I . . '.. .. . . . , . .. .. ., - . . . . , . . . T . . ' ll Elizabeth Raynes Banghart I W1 RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE-2 3 4 X' 4 , ,BISXQQLRWA Q 1 r , RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE PRESIDENT-4 WELFARE COMMITTEE 2 3 4 WF WELFARE SECRETARY 2 AFFILIATION COMMITTEE 2 3 4 AFFILIATION COMMITTEE DANCE COMMITTEE-4 MIXED CHORUS 2 G A A REPRESENTATIVE J V HOCKEY 1 VARSITY HOCKEY 2 3 4 VARSITY HOCKEY CAPTAIN-4 VARSITY BASKETBALL I 2 3 4 VARSITY CHEERLEADING 2 3 4 BAZAAR CAKE AND CANDY TABLE l' WIn us from vIce and laugh us Into iw'-X S9059 Betsy nothIng lIke playIng the Held hockey basketball land many othersl Southern Gentleman cheerleadIng J aIme la classe de franccns land those excIt Ing Saturday mormngsl MISS Canada log cabIn archItect lIfes ambItIon complete one plan successfully' Can adIan Sunset naturally curly blond haIr fell at the Opera rescued by A R G A student In EnglIsh Nature gIrl Q Interested In SenIor Math9 capable chaIrman of RellgIOU5 LIfe wrong U S N A Tea FIght 3 I I ' -W f Q - I I . X v it '- I I I H ..3 2, . . . --2 V T I I " I lr " lr ,, . . . I If ss. ' - - - -" .. ..- L W N. , . . . '37 f ' . . . ' . . . V "Chalk one up." . . . natural leader . . . . Vi, I KAW n 4 , . . .- p I . . . I ' ' . . . ' ' " -to '--Q U . , FI vr5f?5 if l I' . . .. l fray:-I ,, ,, . . . , .igf . . . l fi .45 uc., Nancy Kathryn Born HONOR ROLL 3 RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE-4 SENATE-4 AFFILIATION COMMITTEE 3 4 GAA REPRESENTATIVE I CLASS TREASURER 2 QU LL I 2 3 4 QUILL BUSINESS MANAGER-4 DANCE CO CHAIRMAN 3 BOOSTER CLUB 3 JV CHEERLEADING I VARSITY CHEERLEADING 2 3 4 VARSITY CHEERLEADING CAPTAIN-4 JV HOCKEY 3 4 VARSITY SWIMMING 3 4 BAZAAR ROLLER COASTER Good nature a prrceless treasure rs Hep hep full of enthuslasm and pep roll queen of 58 pet peeve smoke love those summers at Rehoboth' Inkes to spend trme nn Fort Lauderdale maybe to cure her Allergy 9 known for her good com pany good sportsmanshup and gnggles successful co charrman of Jumor Prom seldom serlous loves to eat but afraid of extra adipose' an expert Imgurst could les professeurs francais have some effect on her Interest In French? I duh' I4 f T r in In ' l I lllll i I r . . 1- I 1' r ll i ' ' 11 that's our cheerleading captain . . . rock 'n I , , . . . . . . , ' ' .... "Ub'- l Robert Norris Raymond Brooks INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB-1 MIXED CHORUS-3,4 JV FOOTBALL I 2 SOCCER 3 4 JV BASKETBALL I 2 J V TENNIS-I 2 VARSITY TENNIS-3 4 BAZAAR CLOAK ROOM Knowledge comes but wrsdom lrngers Where s Bob? gone huntmg gone bowlmg gone tishmg Oh boy a Marlin what a beauty dance fiend Mixed Chorus practlclng for a special program need a baritone? Towson Tlger conscuentuous student hnstory malor Oh that Clvnl War Buslness aw lawyer another bazaar coats coats coats favorite expressuon Oh well English class Yea Tho reau' sprung tennis vacatlon golf and who knows what good luck on your exams' I5 'N . . "' r ' ' r . . T r ' . . r r 44 ' ' 7' , . , . - - rl . . . . . . , - -I lr - 1' ' In - - u - . . . , . . . It vv - It n a a n n n I ' ,, . . . It , . . . 11 252 f Stephen Joseph Conway RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE 2 3 4 SENATE 3 QUAKER CO EDITOR-4 MIXED CHORUS-3 4 J V FOOTBALL 1 VARSITY FOOTBALL 3 4 J V BASKETBALL I 2 VARSITY LACROSSE I 2 3 4 BAZAAR AIRPLANES There rs time enough tor that HI Ho Stevermo I dunno favorite uncle promlsmg bag plpe blower fender krmkllng with trash cans fragule never on hme Let s go to Washmg on sandy beaches ln Ocean Cnty fixes little green trucks draw one Snowballs ten cents wake up Iuttle Stevle Oh how I hate to get up In the morning Whose got a lab report football and lacrosse star between mlurues mad about Mad another Dr Con way destmaton top of the world I6 qv at , sf ? I . . T ' I L r r r ll ' ' ,Y handle with care . . . little gray Kippy dogs I H . . . I I . . . Charlotte Carvill de Shields HONOR ROLL-I,2,3 AFFILIATION COMMITTEE-2,3,4 DANCE COMMITTEE 3 QUAKER PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR-4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB-4 VARSITY BADMINTON-4 J V LACROSSE 3 4 BAZAAR WHITE ELEPHANT TABLE AND PLAY "WJ To begurle many and be begurled by few Char bundle of energy scarlet Charlotte whos the gurl on that I5 ft platform? grllled cheese badminton watch that birdie' a certarn frat at she was llvld' real nrce gal cans? Honor Roll studlous'9 varied acquamtances cute lrttle mlschlevous baby blue eyes constantly talkmg but always pleasantly red Ford statron wagon pretty Canadlan Mass good time all the time' I7 's " .... ' - X . . . Xmas open house . . . "Parlez-vous fran- Xi V ' .... 'fur ff- Barbara Lee Dickinson AFFILIATION COMMITTEE-3,4 BOOSTER CLUB-2 MIXED CHORUS I GIRLS GLEE CLUB-4 QUILL-4 G A A TREASURER-4 JV HOCKEY 1234 JV HOCKEY CAPTAIN 2 JV BASKETBALL I2 VARSITY BASKETBALL 3 4 VARSITY LACROSSE 3 4 BAZAAR AIRPLANE RIDES Fashroned so slenderly young and so CII' Barby five foot five beautuful brown eyes happy hours In the gym m bltlon Mass Homer of I965 basketball and lacrosse Cousy fan always worry mg about G A A dues Oh those Qurll artrcles' could dance all nrght av orlte expresslon Oh no' ln the Stull of the Nrght plaid blazer crazy about those F S lunches dre to garn werghtl pet peeve studymg for hrstory tests talented luttle brother one of Mass Hetrlck s favorlte puplls admrrer of J H U I8 -- "-rrr no if -"r f " ll ' r f'1l 'X A '. ' Q ... l. ...G- V- . .. . ...ll , . I ' ."... ' ...f- .7 '- I' - - -an u an - r , - r- '- .Zif . . I- X . ., . . . Anne Elizabeth Easton AFFILIATION COMMITTEE--4 SERVICE COMMITTEE 4 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB-4 MIXED CHORUS-4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB 4 JV HOCKEY 4 BAZAAR BOOK TABLE Ful wel she sange and Frenche she spake ful fayre and fehshley From England s green and pleasant land acquired a new father mother and knd brother Mr and Mrs Hubbard and Ensor sux feet four Inch two hundred pound tree counter9 the cause of some dlscusslon among Hopkuns freshmen double dose of hlstory every day hanr up or down Interested ln Afrlca what went on behmd the footlnghts at last years play IH England'9 always ready wnth a smlle and a cheery word l9 V"5L il ' YY I ' A 'E . I 1 I 1' . . . to drlve or not to dnve . . . who IS this I I . . I I N . . . . ps " I . . . l L Dean Alexander Evans INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB-1,4 QUILL-4 DRAMATICS CLUB-I 4 SOCCER I 4 BASKETBALL I BAZAAR PLAY F The gift of a sense of humor Elementary my dear Watson' e ommsclent detective Shellac Holmes ln the Bazaar play 1957 an ebulllent personaluty amateur hnstoruan geograph beauty the boy un the hot Chevrolet kmd and considerate Falth Hope and Chanty artlst and cartographer par ex cellence old Baltnmore County farmer of two years standmg great admirer of anythmg and everythnng to do wlth Spam old fan of Mrs Walker and the lnterna tnonal Relatnons Club aspires to be an archntect 20 Q 1 1' r I .- U , 'ff " , . . . th I , . . . I er . . . expert wooer of a certain dark-haired Lois Eileen Flint BOOSTER CLUB-4 MIXED CHORUS-4 G A A SECRETARY-4 VARSITY SWIMMING-4 BAZAAR DOLL TABLE Qi0wI-o Laughter rs the best medicine Recrulted from Warren Ohio beaming happy smile brlght blue eyes class baby pony tall or pageboy Interested In Lincoln pride In her big brother avld Interest In music piano vlolln trumpet ce o queen of choirs supernal Guess what? I passed my dnvmg test watch out for that coral and black Buick brllllantI'9l female sclentlst Boom' chem lab up In smoke Better stuck to nursing Holly Ball mix up G A A s private secretary tank sunt beauty needs no exercises 2 Q H n " 17 I , . ... I is . . l . . . .-. I .., I ll ' ..." I ll H ' Il I . .- , . 3 W V :T '... l ... -g - . lx I .. t I Meta Joy Foell CLASS SECRETARY 3 JUNE WEEK COMMITTEE-4 BOOSTER CLUB 2 SOCIAL COMMITTEE 3 DANCE CO CHAIRMAN 2 DANCE COMMITTEE 3 4 MIXED CHORUS 2 3 4 MIXED CHORUS PRESIDENT-4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB 3 4 BAZAAR GIFT TABLE Varrety IS the sprce of Life Kandl those two week touch ups whooping It up wnth Woelper warpamt to attack the lrttle white settlers In her colony sophlstlcated lady from the woods I saw Kandi klssln old St Nick watch out for those parked cars' one frat pm los and found Fm man In a raccoon coat fly vla Davls Aurlmes loyal member of the Bug Three Powers model Better Boys Bureau Swe I' those darlmgl9I sunglasses mne red roses evenlng exercsses 22 Joellen Willard Geyer INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB I 3 4 QU LL 4 QUAKER-4 DRAMATICS CLUB 4 SNACK BAR 3 BAZAAR PLAY Proud fantastic apt to change Our lnttle Jo Jo Please pass the salt bug brown eyes likes to dance Hermione Mr Shlvers Carmen Malestoc Mary world traveler Chile Europe Latin fan snack bar op erator beautiful swnmmsng pool art ly Poodle Honor Roll long long anr most often seen lost tmy gold earrmgs loves musnc Joey ways losmg thmgs International Rela tlons Club always seen wlthout her glasses 23 -1 I I I 1 I , s H ' H I I u favorite expression-"oops!!!" . . . simpering .. . . . . . . , ' ' ll II al- Barbara Krieger Goldberg G A A PRESIDENT-4 QUAKER GIRLS SPORTS EDITOR-4 QUILL 3 4 DANCE COMMITTEE 2 BOOSTER CLUB 3 CHEERLEADING 3 4 J V HOCKEY I VARSITY HOCKEY 2 3 4 VARSITY SWIMMING 2 3 4 VARSITY TENNIS-I 2 3 4 BAZAAR BALLOONS She as pretty to walk wrth And wrtty to talk wrth And pleasrng too to thank of How are you vaclllatmg the vlclssltudes of u e9 no lupstuck as usual hugh IQ Ibetter than Emsteln sl predlctlon Harry G makes All Amerlcan team ll976l con gratulatlons coach Goldberg facial ex presslons can out talk anything on two egs chairman of the Pug Ugly Club GA A President has a knack for losmg car keys Im goung to make my debut Goldberg the Iceberg Oh really long red stockings that broad A ac cent That was good fun affection for long halr 24 ... Y v-1.5 -' 1' "rr '-rr 'J' Ill . r r r ' fl 2 ff ,, . . ... rf ,, . . . . ... , ... .. . ., .. new ' . 1 uv - H c ... M . 4- -I ,, WSJ ... , . -I It - William Alan Grant QUILL BUSINESS MANAGER-4 DANCE COMMITTEE-4 J V FOOTBALL I VARSITY BASKETBALL 2 3 4 VARSITY TENNIS-1 2 3 4 BAZAAR HABERDASHERY U . rfb 'Q Y 'Obs-Q Knowledge and Wlsdom far from bemg one Have of times no connection Wisdom dwells Wu slttmg on the woodplle behlnd the gym Maybe Ill dunk at thus year bad Chevy lt s hot ME go to proc tlce what are you poking? alarm watch really sharp' graduate? I hope late to school again tenms Saturday mght us Washington D C rock n roll What dnd you do In chemnstry today9 pazzy weught Ilftlng Got an ad today? hustler back ward shots Wfll be a success rn the bus: ness world 25 A I 'll' 1-. .1 . . '1 , 1 '- 1 I I I I ss - - I , . 19 . . It -Hu - - - - .. I IO ! ' ' Il -1 u , - - - vu , , . . . . ' N .. .. xx . . . . . . . . , . . . . . I 1 In - ' - i ,, 1 . . . In u BOOSTER CLUB 4 SNACK BAR-4 Mary Carol Hearn INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB-'I 2 3 4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB I4 45 MIXED CHORUS-I 2 DRAMATICS CLUB 3 BAZAAR PARCEL POST As full of sprrrf as the month of May Butty carefree and gay one of a famuly of nme Oh well always wrlllng to cheer parhcularly fond of Gus often seen rudlng un a whsle 49 Ford usually gazlng at her fingernalls durmg class lectures One of the mdustrrous Snack Bar glr s ever pahently wamng for mall from that special someone In Germany most llkely to be seen at the Morgue su pller of food to many ravenous people dur Ing ten mlnule recess as generous as they come 26 g 11' PARCEL NST ' -Y - r I xxx xy re H ., R1 .f - 3 ' J 'Y .I ... . .. . .L . ,F V p- ful U . Q - "" 4 3 E U A-f-.U I ,ff I' fl J .gf Susan Upsh ur Hooper LIBRARIAN-2 3 4 VARSITY CHEERLEADING 3 4 VARSITY BADMINTON 3 4 VARSITY BADMINTON CAPTAIN-4 VARSITY LACROSSE 3 BAZAAR RECORD TABLE S. . fi, AS 4-9' A Iady has a rrght to change her mmd uz crewcut I m gomg to let my haur grow long red daggers I dldnt Lets leave school cheerleader I can t want tnll thus weekend most often seen at the Morgue or talking her way out of checks Iusually succeedsI E Y F C pet peeve brothers Junior Prom Iwho thought that one up9I Thanks a lot for callnng me last mght future occupation wantress at Waldorf Astorla Inf she doesnt get firedl 27 l r r e V 'T r f fh- li ' ' 1, open a book for that test" Iresult-A or BI Mary Charlotte Horn SOCIAL COMMITTEE-3 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-4 BOOSTER CLUB-4 SNACK BAR-4 BAZAAR WHITE ELEPHANTS A good heart rs worth gold Eftlcnent captam of the F S Snack Bar team nickname Cupid came to F S nn the mnth grade favornte expression Are you serious? spends her spare time recrultmg dates crazy about those J H U fraternlty parties pet peeve bemg ate always found countmg money lother people sl Aur Force favornte song I Belneve can be seen on Mondays talknng to her fnends about the last fabulous week en very fond of those F S lunches nn the future a sixth grade teacher 28 , u ' V' ' ll ' !l U Q s 'T' I o c n o eq . . . . ,, ll ' II ' . . . ... ' f I .. . s - - u . ,, . . ,. q 'I N Pkwy-1 Clifton Francies lsennock Jr. DANCE CO CHAIRMAN-4 DRAMATICS-3 VARSITY FOOTBALL-4 .I V LACROSSE 3 BAZAAR GAMES Men of few words are the best men Entered 1956 red and whlte Hudson Lets go skllng' most often seen with Path Ice hockey champ fresh off the farm Come on we II be late' never on time natnonal defense before foot ball defense? Wanna drag'9 those long dnves home late at mght another trup to traffic court It reolly :sn t too far to N C Patti Agnculture mayor at good ole U of M St James resemblance to Pat Boone Holly Ball 29 Wrllram Franklm Jarrell Ill SENATE I 4 SENATE TREASURER-4 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE DANCE COMMITTEE 2 DRAMATICS CLUB-2 MIXED CHORUS-'l 4 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB-I 2 BAZAAR CHECK ROOM you may dre Hey Daddy Bops lazy man of the class of l958 gets out of any 'ob or ac tlvsty that looks luke work serrous about anything that looks Interesting lusually not Included In the F S currlculuml hot cars but that Plymouth ns cool man cool archery bowlmg most often seen leaving school love those study halls phnlatellst Oh beans' ommvorous reader science flctlon Save your Confederate money boys the South will ruse agam well ol? to Hopkms 30 T I 6' -' I I I 5 ' ,Il A I l' z 4 .. it R 4. I J X 'Nw' I "Eat, drink, and be merry-for tomorrow ' I! Bill . . . - . . . Paul Richard Jeanneret DANCE COMMITTEE-4 J.V. FOOTBALL-I VARSITY FOOTBALL 2 3 4 JV BASKETBALL I VARSITY BASKETBALL 3 4 JV LACROSSE I BAZAAR BALLOONS K' I can resrst everythmg except temptation I got a hot load you want to drag ut? off to the Morgue out behund the gym those lunch tlmes In the locker room on the field at Sanford Prep Has any body got a new excuse for football practsce often seen wnth S L C bedroom eyes hates school always talklng about cars Go you Blue Devnls those times at Duke wnth Emsre crazy hat tha 2l oo mlx up at Holly Ball Murray s Mob 3l -ill .. -,2 .., Y H . . . sl , .."... today?". ..snowed in at Sandy's...most ' I" " I k... '- ' Elizabeth Sigrid Johnson SENATE REPRESENTATIVE I INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB 2 3 4 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB PRESIDENT 3 4 QUILL ASSOCIATE EDITOR-4 QUAKER-4 MIXED CHORUS-3 4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB-4 VARSITY HOCKEY MANAGER 3 BAZAAR SPECIAL SNACKS I don t Irke to argue I don t Irke to fight I just Irke to hear you admrt that I m rlght lm not mad Its lust the prmclpal of the thang Somehow the prmcuples of Latm and Physics seem very perturbmg Russian comes so easuly honorable menhon In the National Merlt Scholarshlp Exam ways wearing a white leather packet as year s cravmg for the orange and black has melted unto a passlon for the blue and black Oh lsnt he sweet always looking for that blue Ford converhble Come on you all loved that camp In the wllds of Canada Oh how neat' 32 I I 1 I .V I 7 .Dyk ll 1 ' 7 ' I I . . - 1 - 17 ul . , . . . I . ,, . . . . . . . l . . . al- , . n - s 11 - . . . , . . . - tl . . . , n - - u u . . . , . Diana Hope Kann AFFILIATION COMMITTEE-3,4 SERVICE COMMITTEE-4 QU LL-'I 2 3 4 QUILL FEATURE EDITOR-4 JUNE WEEK COMMITTEE-4 MIXED CHORUS--I 2 3 4 MIXED CHORUS SECRETARY-4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB 34 VARSITY TENNIS 2 3 4 BAZAAR CO CHAIRMAN Laugh and the world laughs with you Party gurl never a serious moment Dont forget to brlng un second hand books hes and records' water skung In Placid waters Its fattening great dancer especually with football coaches Fabulous never answers ou la la Geometry tres horrrblel rs I not pet peeve long books Dlvme dletehc cokes crazy about tenms What dld you say? Mass Personallty of the class of 58 predlctlon thnrd wife of Make Todd 33 E I I I I I I 1 T I T I r H ' . 'V ' I! , , . . . . ' . . . , letters from the Naval Academy . . . French- N u n 1 J I ' a R ..."It', me."... - I ' ll ' ll John Dorsey Langeluttig WELFARE COMMITTEE-3 4 .I V FOOTBALL I 2 VARSITY FOOTBALL 34 1 J V BASKETBALL MANAGER I VARSITY BASKETBALL MANAGER 2 3 VARSITY WRESTLING-4 JV LACROSSE I 2 VARSITY LACROSSE 3 4 BAZAAR CO CHAIRMAN The Devrl rs a Gentleman Most devoted semor Hey Don How about puttmg me m9 ot? to Mlssouru for the holldays P B G cats cats cats owner of the cutest pot Let s find the gang' Bawser dog got a date wlth HER thus weekend mature drrver How ya dom Pops? Bazaar an nouncements khakn pants duggmg ditches cant resist a poke Daddy Coo those lunch time conversations The Shelk vlolent pmg pong player Large Don Juan s boy future Doctor at 34 I . l -. I 6 - I N R, ' . . 1 1 , , . i I , ' I ,V . .,r,. x MQ - u ' - 11 . - u . . . , . . ,, . . . . . . . . . . . , , , H 1 vu It - - vu - s .4 - 1 H . . . , . . . . ' I . , . . ,, . . . . I., . . It - u - - 1 II " I ru - 5-4 .Ma Barbara Cook Long .IUNE WEEK COMMITTEE-4 BOOSTER CLUB-2,3,4 MIXED CHORUS-3,4 MIXED CHORUS HISTORIAN 4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB 34 DRAMATICS CLUB 1 JV SWIMMING I BAZAAR LOWER SCHOOL DINNER Fools rush rn where angels fear to tread Oh what ll I do'9 she often exclalms Innocent blond What s Her Den Boy s Latln typlcal woman drlver flat tlre and out of gas at the same trme I can t walt no school and snow combat boots gum no Inpshck bluel'9I sweaters sleddnng always dnehng why? secret Interests opera and poetry Are you really? blue halr tmt Love Letters Lol how a songstress ere smglng tres bon 35 'ff ' ' ' . T , . .. lg K . . . . . . plaid scarf . . . cough drops . . . bubble 5' I Jean Elizabeth Morrill HONOR ROLL I 2 3 SENATE 3 4 SENATE SECRETARY 3 SENATE VICE PRESIDENT-4 RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE 2 3 4 WELFARE COMMITTEE-4 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE 3 4 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB I 4 CLASS TREASURER 2 QU LL I 2 3 4 QUILL GIRLS SPORTS EDITOR-4 JV HOCKEY I 234 J V BASKETBALL I 2 3 VARSITY BASKETBALL-4 VARSITY TENNIS-I 2 3 4 BAZAAR LOWER SCHOOL DINNER A head how sober a heart how spacious Jeannie red pocket book a pen sive look a red blazer most often seen on the honor roll always asking sup port for UNESCO often heard saying that s WONderful' the first person the class turns to when we need help likely to be runmng during fifth period av orute male9 Fritz: often heard mumblmg unmtelllguble sounds llts Koreanll re ducted to be first F S girl to go to Korea now our very active Senate V P lucky Oberlin to get our Jeannie 36 "rr -I It "rr .ll I. .il I'rrr I if ff! -- 'itll .i .-.ll ll' n I ' ,I :'fa fx'.,,' wr Au -11... - i.. - 1'1" ll' ' lllllt, ' - 5' I '. - 3 ll l ll , n . ll ll Ill ' ' f- ul- lou X . .. ., p - It -u Henry Lucius Mortimer JUNE WEEK COMMITTEE-4 MIXED CHORUS-4 LOWER SCHOOL LIBRARIAN I 2 3 Q LL I 2 3 QUILL CO EDITOR-4 VARSITY FOOTBALL 'I 2 3 4 J V BASKETBALL I 2 VARSITY LACROSSE I 2 3 4 BAZAAR SOFT DRINKS 1' A Iron among the Iadies is a dreadful thang Pops the Quaker Quill Midas Muffler Shop Jo Anne The game is not over yet Aw the poor wnttle fella little red wagon he Happy Toad Moooo Ding Dong Let s hear ut Frank Leonard the National Guard s poised for protection tabby cat Sherwood Forest the Morgue talking anytime anyplace anybody Certainly IS a shame lacrosse Rudy s ample Bony Marony 37 T r r R UI L I I T r r 1 - . . '-' g T r r I u ' ' ' ' ,F . . . Trinity College . . . Irma the Body . . . F P ll I ' - !l...Ll 1 '!!'.. ".-25' Catherine Emily Motz RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE 2 3 4 AFFILIATION COMMITTEE 2 3 4 AFFILIATION COMMITTEE SECRETARY WELFARE COMMITTEE I 2 3 4 SENATE 2 MIXED CHORUS-'I 2 3 4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB 34 QU LL I 2 3 4 QUILL NEWS EDITOR 3 QUILL CO EDITOR 4 DANCE COMMITTEE 2 .IV CHEERLEADING 1 VARSITY BADMINTON 4 VARSITY BASKETBALL 2 3 VARSITY TENNIS I 2 3 4 BAZAAR PHOTOGRAPHY Gwen to 'est but ever so earnest Can I do anything for you'3 Tootles Where there IS a will there IS a way Pet peeve one AM Quill meetsngs would like to malor In muslc allergic to nuts Honor Roll student llkes short our readmess to argue has won many musncal awards outstandmg volce In the mixed chorus purple and whute scarf many paurs of earrmgs always heard saying Please get your Qulll artucles In on tame' Thank you very much 38 N.. ' I I ' I I 7 I I I P ,, I I I by , r- , . I Y I i I I I V,, - T ' I I I I I ll ' ' I1 , . Ir - vu It I - - vu 7' . . . , an - ls - P . ,, . . I K ' ' ' ll II li Bettie Evans Mullikin BOOSTER CLUB 2 3 4 SOCIAL COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN MIXED CHORUS-I 2 3 4 MIXED CHORUS SECRETARY 2 MIXED CHORUS HISTORIAN-4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB 3 4 LIBRARIAN 3 4 DANCE COMMITTEE-4 QUILL 2 3 4 QUILL ALUMNI EDITOR-4 TENNIS MANAGER 3 J V HOCKEY-4 J V BASKETBALL-4 BAZAAR FLOWER TABLE-4 For after all the best thmg one can do when it is raining is to Iet rt ram Member of the Big Four crazy about those two Chevys 54 convertible and 55 hard top basketball after trying for 9 years often seen giving those weary FS semor girls a lift home after school part time secretary last summer Who s the lucky guy thats getting all those socks? III never tell' April Love Here s to a future cute co ed Gee I gotta pass that Geometry est funny as a rubber crutch All the Way 39 -3 . . . Miss Librarian of I958 . . .varsity squad T"..." l we fm Marsha Ruth Norris AFFILIATION COMMITTEE 3 4 SOCIAL COMMITTEE 3 CLASS SECRETARY-4 DANCE CO CHAIRMAN 'I GIRLS GLEE CLUB 34 MIXED CHORUS-I 3 4 MIXED CHORUS SECRETARY-4 DRAMATICS CLUB 2 SNACK BAR 3 BAZAAR FLOWERS If music be the food of love play on' Buzzmg around in that black and white Buick memorable summers at Union Memorial waiting for vacations long red Silk United States Post Omce out of the red Bettie help me I think I lust dropped a stitch' Remember You re Mine member of the Bug Four from Pomes to Bull Dogs looking for a ride to York and Belvedere Guess what exploded today? Mr Forbush' with happy memories of Friends Pinky Norris looks forward t nursmg 40 'i r " r I I il u ,Y , . Stockings" . . . responsible for bringing the ,, . I I . . . I .. . .. . 0 Patricia Elaine Pike BOOSTER CLUB-2,3,4 DANCE COMMITTEE 2 DANCE CO CHAIRMAN QUILL 3 4 DRAMATICS CLUB 3 SNACK BAR 4 BAZAAR WHITE ELEPHANT TABLE Its Iove that makes the world go round Patti lets double late again' Chanel No 5 star athlete rea mouton rainy days farmer s wufe lunch today' Shopping tours view Ing rooms Christmas un Florida In dergarten teacher of the future on the telephone long baths Queen of the Holly Ball gray tweed dresses duets break your heel agaln9 black sweaters one of The Club fishing trips at 6 OO A M Sundays at Clit? s 4l - -4 1, ' 'Q 41 "' ' "OS .X J , I rw New Orleans on New Year's Eve . . . "no ' ' ' ' ...K'- James McDonnell Price Ill RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE-4 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE 3 4 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN-4 CLASS PRESIDENT-4 QUILL SPORTS EDITOR-4 DANCE CO CHAIRMAN 3 B A A REPRESENTATIVE 2 3 .I V FOOTBALL 'I VARSITY FOOTBALL 2 3 4 VARSITY BASKETBALL 1 2 3 4 J V LACROSSE 1 VARSITY LACROSSE 3 4 BAZAAR ROLLER COASTER They never taste who always drank they always talk who never think Flat top determined walk sport coat and khakles most often seen glvmg ad vlce those football games at Episcopal pet peeve Mt Holyoke new love affaur orsgmally meant for younger brother Stardust most often seen wlth MN R Cant walt tlll Spamsh class wull most llkely become a geometry teach er ln later llfe Joseph three letter man hnghest scorer un football I was a teenage werewolf at the druve un movne 42 'i 1 1 s o 7 I L r r X i I r I 1 x . . 1 . 'B Qi- T I u . I ' fl an u . A I . . . . . . . I an I - - - It , . ..... x . . . ' ' - ff, 1 ' ' ll . . . ,, Sarah Martha Price MIXED CHORUS-3,4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB 4 VARSITY BADMINTON-4 J V BASKETBALL-4 VARSITY LACROSSE 34 BAZAAR CAKE AND CANDY TABLE Age cannot whrther her nor custom stale sf' her mflnrte varrety Sugar n Spice n everythung nlce anlmals cars and people galore at Melinda s Delnght glggles with a heart Jeepers weep ers where dvd ya get them peepers'9 words of wnsdom Badmmton The oblect us to hut the burdle over the net crosse The oblect IS to catch the ball our assistant coach bermuda bell coral Plymouth lan unofticual school busl red M G a genume five foot two with Beautlful Beautiful Brown Eyes That s our gal Sal 43 V l I " If Il ' I . . . ,, I . , . ' - rn x CN . . . , X to ' ' ' ' " . . . Lo- tll LX an - - uv j tx , . . . X . . . . . . , . . . I K1'ig,,,t K ' 44: . L .. 4-tit is Ronald Hamilton Renoff DRAMATICS CLUB 3 SOCCER MANAGER 2 3 JV BASKETBALL MANAGER 2 TENNIS MANAGER 2 BAZAAR PHOTOGRAPHS No legacy as so nch as honesty What does that have to do wnth nt? Well thats neither here nor there summers spent on the Magothy boatmg swam mmg and water sknng wmters spent on the Severn druvung 25 mules to school each day turquouse and whute Chevy con vertlble with spot llght fascinated by gadgets on cars Physlcs IS easter than chemnstry or so he says a tongue that IS sometlmes barbed leadershlp qualmes President of Acolyte s Guild Pres: dent of Youth Fellowshlp courage the kmd that IS quiet 44 1 -, f- gp .. - Eric Blain Rudolph SERVICE COMMITTEE-3 4 REPRESENTATIVE TO BALTIMORE YOUTH COUNCIL-4 DRAMATICS CLUB 3 JV FOOTBALL I 2 VARSITY FOOTBALL 3 4 VARSITY WRESTLING 'I 2 J V LACROSSE I 2 3 J V LACROSSE CAPTAIN 2 VARSITY LACROSSE-4 BAZAAR UPPER SCHOOL DINNER And lore thee well a whrle nc Say whats the story here? short crew cut atrocious handwriting This cuts me deeply hot Studebaker lrkes to oftlclate at functions where he has no oFtlclaI capacity anterested ln sports cars guns and small brunettes Anyone want an argument9 ardent backer of states rights lndnvldualusm llkes science flctnon In spate of Mr Shlvers Nasty break' I hate to be a party poop u puck a toplc any topic operator rn the oftlce runner rn the halls 45 ssxlw aL - fi .. -, 5 E' , ' bt-"...' '- '...PBX 1-'53 Susan Abbe Rugemer AFFILIATION COMMITTEE-3,4 BOOSTER CLUB-2,4 DANCE COMMITTEE-4 QUAKER 4 QUILL-4 MIXED CHORUS-'I 2 3 4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB 34 SNACK BAR 4 LACROSSE MANAGER 3 BAZAAR SPECIAL SNACKS Born with the gltt of laughter Sue or usue M G s shnftmg gears cashmere sweaters West Pomt weekends qumtuplmg certaun letters champ surf board rlder kneelmg down of course member of The Club Oh my halrl bargains Fifth Form plaid wools mussels Bermuda ln the sprung those crazy red heels lltterbuggung fashion desngner stuffed animals love that punk' Oh what am I going to do9 merging traffic slttung an the back seat alone drawmg rooms unfimshed argyles people who are late 46 .2 1 1 1 Y ., I ' 'X .L a 1 -1, tt n Us - 11 v - - . . . . . . 'X ll !l X H - .1 - - , . . . . . . . I f - 1- ' '- . - 4 4 o , .. . . . , I ll ' YV ' If , . . . . s 15' KU' Robert Denny Schaffer INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB-I DRAMATICS CLUB I 2 3 4 SOCCER I 2 3 4 WRESTLING 2 TENNIS-I 2 3 4 BAZAAR PLAY wi nw Men of few words are the best men What late again' charter member of the Dramatic Club sleep walkmg expert on techmcal aspects and ongms of music udeallzes Mr Nick dug that crazy record collection member the Hound Dog s fan cub a regular llstener to that certain Buffalo station a lnttle on the unconscuous side sometimes I dont agree wnth you the leader of the Colts supporters one of Luttle Rnchard s best fans subscrup hon to Playboy good reading 47 "' I r r i T I I r 1 Q ' I I I Q H 11 iazz and rock 'n roll . . . "Quee0o" . . . . . I . . . ' ' . Harry Ottenheimer Schloss lll DRAMATICS CLUB-4 SOCCER--4 BAZAAR GAMES How prerceful grows the Hazy Yon' How myrtle petaled thou' For Spring hath sprung the cyclotron How high browse thou brown cow? GOOD morning Buzz I don t care how deep the snow is Im going to get my ux notebooks I must be suck I liked the lunch today greetings cars bark is worse than its bite ur moll in French class orry sur couldnt stop laughing Principia miss the subways The braces come off for lunch and dates Just don t poke me in the rbs no time to shave Cheeruo 48 il ' ll , . n yl 1 i' 4' . . . . . . 5 bridge lessons in the auditorium . . . "My 4- . . . l - V " ..."I'ms , ',l 4 .fl Robert J. Sherman JUNE WEEK COMMITTEE-4 B.A.A. REPRESENTATIVE-4 J.V. FOOTBALL-I VARSITY FOOTBALL-2,3,4 J.V. BASKETBALL-'I VARSITY BASKETBALL-2 3 4 VARSITY BASKETBALL CAPTAIN-4 VARSITY LACROSSE 3 4 BAZAAR AIRPLANE RIDES The pleasmg punishment that women bear Talking about women with Mentor p ay mg cops and robbers at Diana s most often seen guvlng excuses to Mr Rvchardson tax: servlce after athletncs stall won dernng how to get the F S load back together as PBG would say Swede Smiley Rube and Outlaw that speclal cheer leader lnot dear old Chrusl three letter man pet peeve car trouble on cold days understand Mr Shavers second home the yellow house on Malvern Ave Joke time wlth the boys In the Class of 1962 49 I I ' I ll ' ' fl ' ' l - , a n n ' . . . good taste in music . . . still trying to Susan Janet Shinnick SERVICE COMMITTEE-3 4 SERVICE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN AFFILIATION COMMITTEE 2 3 4 BOOSTER CLUB 3 4 JUNE WEEK COMMITTEE-4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB 34 MIXED CHORUS I 2 3 4 J V HOCKEY 2 3 4 VARSITY HOCKEY MANAGER-4 J V BASKETBALL 2 4 BAZAAR UPPER SCHOOL DINNER Energy and determmahon to conquer all Wnsh me luck There wlll be a Servuce Committee meeting at least seven pages per hlstory test ten books per exam kmttmg arduous water gurl for gurls var snty hockey team earrings are taboo omon hater loyal rooter for Blue Jays extremely credulous wruter and typlst tor Qurll stalwart alto In Mlxed Chorus home economics embarrassung moments I0 o clock phone calls kleenex col Iector well llked by all I flunked that test 50 I -4 i I I T I l "iff - ' A ' T I I I I ' ' L I I . . l I ll ' ' fl sewing contest winner . . . not adept at .. John Edward Snyder B A A TREASURER 4 CLASS PRESIDENT 3 SERVICE COMMITTEE 3 4 MIXED CHORUS 3 4 VARSITY FOOTBALL I 3 4 VARSITY BASKETBALL 3 4 VARSITY LACROSSE 3 4 BAZAAR LOWER SCHOOL SUPPER 5""'-rv True frrends appear less moved than counterfert 9 G Deacon hearts and flowers news youll lzve give me a hunt Moose ball hawk I H P equals ft lbs per c Mr Lee Follies gomg to Ben s unsung Black Slacks You dont a snowball s chance of gettmg ln game spolled the whole trlp are gomg to Navy? Rel the Cana duan Dld you get the Sensor Math? Flash O Farrell Four or Fuve Tnmes the bank a true sopranol'9l dance too 3300 e Hero have e YOU 5l . l L : If 1. - fg J " ,, MA "B d , ' ' ' ' .- .,.Hse :Qi Fredenck Howard Stalfort SENATE REPRESENTATIVE 2 SENATE PRESIDENT-4 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE 3 4 VARSITY FOOTBALL I 2 3 J V BASKETBALL I VARSITY BASKETBALL 2 4 VARSITY LACROSSE 'I 2 3 4 BAZAAR BOOKS None but hrmself can be hrs parallel In all seriousness lust walt untul sprung land that means one thmg Iacrossel talks about has favorite sport soclal and polltlcal ideas Life IS like that seen mostly by hnmself reading and thnnkung are his preferred pastimes Its not that I ate school IIS lust that I would rather not come Senate Presndent barely heard in the back row at the Wednesday afternoon as sembly Can you hear me? bllnd as a bat my heart bleeds for you but not too much 52 n ' r '53 ' - " r 1 K ,V I o l f is , A I I 7 ' fa 'i r r r f. F. Lv 3' , 4 F bm S 1' A A AA' I U - - n l ,, . ,, . . . . , . . . I - It - - - 1, - tl I h -1 - u .I -I - Susan Stott HONOR ROLL I 2 3 SENATE-3 QUAKER CO EDITOR-4 MIXED CHORUS-'I 2 3 4 GIRLS GLEE CLUB 3 J V CHEERLEADING VARSITY SWIMMING 2 3 4 SWIMMING CAPTAIN-4 BAZAAR CHRISTMAS TABLE Who Q.: iff' A f If 'E -1 mlxd reason with pleasure and wisdom with mlrth Enlabanga scarab gurl satchel gros nez crosscounty track star Kwhat a strldel long red nalls bug eyes or could they be green? homemaker Blue Moon pe out with the boys those tennis and surroundungs at Buck Hull nay Rosa PonseIIe9 Amt that a evening exerclses class of I955 one and only chlld 8 I5 math class orugunal member of LO F Its st prlde vemt vndl vac: IJ CI klddln brown future peeve courts nay 5 I I I I I I .. I I I 4 KS.. ll ' I ' . . . ,, I3 ..,':- - 3 4 f . Q: . -I - I ' 4, n 4 ' :uni-'-' : V , E , 13 ,z aff: -':?i-wj - ' J ""' 0- - . . . . . . ,S 1 ' ' ' QQ ff! 12l'i.L.L5 gnu-' ' u n 14' 'I ,, . . . '5Z.4:.f.,,,c.'..r.G. ' ' ' ' ' ' tb ngfx- , I A x5,.li-A----Mx" ff'.."5. I ' ' ' " -ei .H .fy 4, as H . .. 1 , 'I ' f 1 34 . - - . . . - ,, W . - - .. H I ' n u u I I I. - . H 1 - - .t -- - - .I , iu - -. .. - - - - - .. . . . , . . . . . No - - . U Phillip McKay Sutley B.A.A. PRESIDENT-4 RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE-3 4 fi- SENATE 3 4 JUNE WEEK COMMITTEE co CHAIRMAN 4 CLASS PRESIDENT I DANCE co CHAIRMAN QUILL-4 VARSITY FOOTBALL I 2 3 4 .Iv BASKETBALL I VARSITY BASKETBALL 2 3 4 VARSITY LACROSSE I 2 3 4 BAZAAR ROLLER coASTER RIDES Trulh needs no flowers of speech Most promIsIng bachelor player for Balhmore Colts Moonglow Ben s That S a sneaky trIck never agam hard checked pants most lnlelllgehl man to take ClVIl SEFVICE Exam You ll never get In there frIend of Balhmores honest polItIcIanS only has eyes for B K G fond of elevators good rock and roll sInger owner of beouhful Ford IImouSIne has good potentIalIty crunchIng tackler good dramahzotuon of Black Slacks place C scale over 2 pI on D scale and Scratch vIgorouSIy Snowman 54 ,Sr 5 ' gil -1 I P - -'l ' I I I "" I I 1' I I I it .11 ll ll I ll I summer work . . . "silly jerk" . . . blue - ' II Cheng Guan Tan AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE COMMITTEE-4 AFFILIATION COMMITTEE-4 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB-4 JUNE WEEK COMMITTEE--4 MIXED CHORUS-4 VARSITY FOOTBALL-4 VARSITY WRESTLING-4 BAZAAR ICE CREAM BOOTH u Oh' The snow us lovely so beautrful and brrght Y Cheng baby American Fleld Servrce ex change student from Smgapore first snow Great' Real fun No snowball fights on campus? Shucks' Lets go Amer ncanusms I II never understand Daddy Cool Neat What d ya say man? battle scars from first year Varsity Football Fme game requlrmg teamwork and spmt Who s that on the loose? Call the Embassy' Cheng s gone wuld agam digs that rock n roll Chrlst mas Concert wmter sport grappling slghtseemg nn Washington at night'-I 55 I. II ' 1 rw Nr Q rf' rw . Iyrfgkiwilf '53 f c "B I . ' , ' ' 11 xx X Xt' I-X Z ' X Y o n a xx XXX . . . - XXI --cg I u ll u 7 r u Nh x f . n Q u I ' ' ' ' sn 1 I1 W ll ll It ll ll I f , . . . . . . ' I! ' ' ll ll Y , . . ,, . , . , . . f William Joseph Tierney lll AFFILIATION COMMITTEE-3 4 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB-3 DRAMATICS CLUB-2 3 4 DRAMATICS CLUB BUSINESS MANAGER-4 VARSITY FOOTBALL 2 3 4 VARSITY WRESTLING 2 3 4 VARSITY TENNIS 2 3 BAZAAR PLAY May age never quench the thirst for knowledge Commissar Ole Unreconstructed Rebel Civil War bug devoted to his tory A due hard moss back reactionary scholarly9 pioneer in Russian at Friends trials and tribulations of dramatic pro grams avid outdoorsman mmrod of the first order Guns' Shells' Wide open spaces' Rods and Reels incessant purveyor of information addicted to Dixie land rock n roll and 1953 Chevys lthat shiny blue onel college bound future in foreign service 56 I , b K r r 4 "" r r I 1' I r i r ll ' 11 Bill..." ' V n ut: . - 1 a I . 'I' . . . , sez Mrs. Mace . . . prodigious reader . . . ' 1 I ' I Abigail Jane Welch INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB-1 ,2,3,4 QUILL COPY EDITOR-4 SENATE-4 VARSITY BADMINTON MANAGER-4 BAZAAR DOLL TABLE .36 l'J How poor are they who have not patience Cape May wrong way pearl two bazaar? 57 Baby face artlstlc tea pourmg at lnternataonal Relatlons Club Who ll come type at Qulll meetlng9 student senate future social worker pet peeve rauny days Whose mother can dnve to the badmmton match this FI'ldGY9 M Fs ace counsellor at day camp tortolse shell glasses That makes 597 calorues most often seen gomg the on one way streets knlt one Have you dressed a doll for quuet dugmty 1 as 0 rv - - It I ' - -I It - I . I .H . . . l'. I It . lv ' . . . I , It H . . . gg-rf' Frank Albert Windsor SERVICE COMMITTEE-3,4 DANCE COMMITTEE-4 JV FOOTBALL 1 2 VARSITY FOOTBALL-4 J V BASKETBALL I 2 3 VARSITY BASKETBALL-4 J V LACROSSE I 2 VARSITY LACROSSE 3 4 BAZAAR RECORD TABLE Give me a sense of humor Lord gave me the grace to see a yoke Casual seems to be constantly pre occupned wnth the problem of conservmg energy predlctlon for next twenty years gettmg the F S load back together Ann How s your experienced bean weeder the man wrth the golden tooth Daddy who? wrld man under the basket and behnnd the net the Kung srsters Heres a man who really knows how to put a chalr to full use wrth hrs easy manner and wrnmng smlle how can the world resist? 58 - . Ty I Q 1 Q if I .. -, "'l u ' ' I - rr ll I ' - oi! ."- ' I 1 Seaiafzc Pact cmd Zzzeeent Qs ff. 5 - gif? A-.r -P 1 Q Ei -, fx! V :jx , IJ ff i fxf 3 VL Q, 2 , If SQ 'y 5 : .A-cl-ug vs- v,. 4.. 5 J ,v 'df MH QW 2 fi, 'IX 'is 5 .' ' VE, " , Y 555: . -V- ' ' 9-' YU! 4' 'A -M s'1ufw L Q34 ' -' Q' 'WZ eff 4 A 'ff' 'Wei i5'g '-4 - A ". use . ' ' s Lx - ,,s X V - '44 x Ag r A1 ' ! 5.5 4 :N Mi 2 First row kneeling: L. Asmis, M. Murgatroyd, F. Karfgin, M. Kegan, A. Hoke, C. Gill, A. Green, J. Levering, M Hughes Second row: D. Christhilf, C. Smink, R. Rudolf, A. Seivold, R. Weakley. T. Weisberger, A. Carter, F. Henderson, M Felter L Gardner. Third row: M. Merrill, F. Grant, J. Wharton, G. Sutherland, M. Downing, C. Salisbury, F. Bernstein. Fourth row R Patterson, S. McVoy, M. Price, J. Sessums, D. Reed, T. Rosenberg. Not Present: J. Bird, C. Bupp, R. Feild, H. Hammond K Pfrommer J Pollard Joining the lunior class in September were Faith Henderson Jessie Levering, Lorna Gardner Margaret Murgatroyd Charles Salisbury and Skip Merrill The ofticers President Danny Reed Treasurer Robert Feild and Secretary Anne Carter led our class meetings As members of the Senate Marcy Price Bob Patter son Anne Hoke and Fay Karfgin lwho also filled the office of Secretaryl ably repre sented us Anne Hoke and Danny Reed on the ring committee procured our unusual rings Sports wise many members made varsity teams Robyn Rudolph and Jim Bird gained fame by being named to a Baltimore hockey team and receiving the football Unsung Hero award respectively Our representative to the G A A was Carol Smink, while Jim Bird represented us on the B A A The all important Junior Prom was capably organized by Martha Kegan and Charles Salisbury, and Fay Karfgln and Jack Sessums collaborated on the decorations Martha also was in charge of the Affiliation Committee which sent classmate Gene Hubbard to England The Junior class has engoyed this year very much and is looking forward to an even more successful senior year 62 First row kneeling A Morse S Mears B Beatty S Hufl Second row kneeling C Rldgely A Lacher R Hampshire S Sutley Peake Meyer land Ham A DeHotf M McElroy C Suhr C Feinberg Thrrd row D Howell S Crowley C Smith A McAllister L Heath K Felter G Hrsle M L Buchner B Llndeman Fourth row M Jackley T Baker G Pitt E Renn B Ewald C Coles J Novogrod F Matz .l Leary Fifth row H Jones R Cleaveland M Herriott C Walker L The sophomore class welcomed a good share of the many new students who en tered Friends School this year Larry Crone David Evans Charlotte Femburg Susan Huff Walter Kneup Joseph Leary Alice Morse Linda Peake Gavin Putt and Dellle Strickland expanded the class to forty e ght The Class of i960 was skillfully steered by nts officers President Howard Jones Ill Secretary Ann McAllister and Treasurer Joe Harlan Barbara Llndeman and John Novogrod represented the class In the Senate The annual Freshman Sophomore dance was held in February The refreshment and decoration committees created a delightful Rhapsody in Blue under the com petent dance co chairmanship of Ann McAllister and Jimmy Cleaveland The success of the was partially due to the wonderful music of Duck Reid s Orchestra e class actively participated ln the schools athletic program Four boys made varsity mlnton was the GAA representative and the boys elected Michael Herruott for the B A A football and eight aided the varsity soccer team On the hockey and bad teams the sophomores had two and three girls respectively Carol Smith 63 T . Q Z . , . , . , . . . I - I , s , . ' , , C. , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . ' , , N. , . , . ' , . . , . . : . , . , . ' , . , , G. , . , . , . , . . ' : . , . , . ' , . , Crone, J. Harland, D. Evans, R. Boucher, S. Levinson, S. Kneip, J. Ramage, B. Harrington. Not Present: F. Ross, D. Strick- . . . I . I . I I I I I I ' - 3 . I I - - - .. . r. , . . . . . , Th . . . . , . u , . First row kneeling: A. Wasserman, N. Gaebler, M. Davidson, J. Benson, S. Arenz, J. Wright, B. Noell, M. Price. Second row kneeling C. Greif, A. Robinson, S. Pimper, C. Witt, M. Welch, J. Eves, M. Woodman, B. Wright, S. Banghart, B. Ellis Third row 5 Stafford, P. Noble, M. Sands, N. Alexander, L. Brecht, L. Dresser, .l. Horner, E. Small, G. Haas, N. New Fourth row M Ravitch, J. Dashiells, B. Steinwald, T. Spicknall, E. Hubbard, C. Lord, R. Sawyer, R. Seabold, A. Jackson W Sea bold Fifth row: W. Wharton, A. Taylor, B. Hirshauer, M. Worthington, R. Dalsemer, A. Lohrfinck, C. Beyhan, J Frack D I ' ' ' . . e , . I I Long C Neumann S Seldenman Not Present N Smith B Janney D Buckler P Butler L Hanley Nina New Jim Frack, and Beth Ellis were added to the lust of members of the class of ol this year, and became an integral part of the old class l-'owever, w were also very sorry to lose an active member of our class Paula Weed, at Mud year It has been a very successful year with everyone working together under the leader shlp of our class otticers President Jeannie Wright Vice President Chuck Lord Secre tary Sue Stafford, and Treasurer Bruce Stemwald Lisa Dresser and John Dashenlls proved themselves capable Senate representatives A sports minded class we were well represented on both the JV and Varsity teams Nora Alexander and Chuck Lord were our representatives to the G A A and B A A ln February the Ninth and Tenth grades combined their efforts to have o dance The success of thus Fresh Soph hop was due to Duck Read s orchestra and the co opera tion of both classes We feel that our first year un hugh school has been most eventful and profitable and we hope that our sophomore year will be lust as much fun and lust as rewarding 64 I First row kneeling G Geyer C Davldson E Holman S Wa ers P Stewart L Wllson L Wllllamson D Yaeger L Kardash Second row kneelmg K Lamborn L Lowe Fnscher B Ensor S Davls S Yardley B Evans D Fleischer J Bern stem M Flook Thlrd row W Kees D Galloway L Wllkmson C Sherman E Blake S Seller B Bunnecke G Jones R Pavus J Wnllns Fourth row T Walker N Nucolls B Decker M Englush S Buck J Slmglutf J Beckley M Mordecai N Rosenberg D Rosenbloom J Tyson W Sutherland Not Present S Rosenberg Thus year the class of 62 gamed ten new members brunglng nts student body to a total of fifty two members The govermng body of the class us headed by Jack Wathen as president wlth the able help of Duck Pavlls as vlce president Dlanna Yaeger IS secretary and Bee Jones IS treasurer Terry Walker represented the class on the Senate As usual the eighth grade participated In a square dance with the seventh grade At Chrlstmas trme a group from the class vrsuted Harrlet Lane Cllnlc at the Johns Hop kms Hospital and sang carols to the chuldren ln February Mass Bartley directed the class ln the presentation of the operetta Mlsslsslppl Melody based on Mark Twann s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer The boys showed theur ablluty rn football basketball and lacrosse whsle the gurls partnclpated In hockey basketball and tenms The class showed nts academuc abnluty by placing more of :ts members on the Honor Roll than any other class In the first quarter After a happy and successful year the class of 62 looks forward to the frughtenlng but excltmg expenence of being Freshmen 65 Stoer, J. Hammond. Filth row: J. Boyd, R. Freeman, T. Michel, D. Foutz, J. Wathen, C. Whittle, G. Pottberg, N. Hendler, V , - . D . . , . I ' . . . . . I I I . . , . Furst row kneelung S Barry D Blucher A Smuth A Furmunger B Cechmanek G Putt B Snyder Second row kneelung B B Lawrence N Phullups L Pool A Kay G Levunson J Klungelhofer S Bahlke E Fetter D Chase Fourth row C Nolte J Knight, Skinner, P: Hick, Al Long, J. Evans, D. Hasslinger, R. Meyer, 15. Taylor, M. Renn. Third row: C Whute Har an J Felteur, B. Stott, .S. Dugdale, H., Kaestner, B.,Fo-rbush, J. Bulll, A.. Levi, sf Greif, F. 'Wing. FiHh'row: L Jones L Parker B Dawe, T. Frenkil, H. Suhr, R. Wiltshire, M. Lee, D. Moran, L. Gulbrandsen, R. Coffee, A. Hughes, M Keene I ' I Not Present B Furr The seventh graders, beung new to the upper school has adapted quuckly to the change We are now accustomed to mad dashes between classes and the general umpatuence of the lunch lune The class sunce last year has almost doubled uts prevu ous suze Wuth the addutuon of eleven gurls and ten boys, the class now contauns a total of fifty one Sportswuse, the seventh grade has been very actuve Durung the 'fall the boys partucupated un football and are now takung part un wrestlung, supervused by Mr Watts and basketball supervused by Mr Peacock The gurls took part un hockey un the fall and are now startung basketball And un addutuon to thus a couple of the gurls have been actuve on the swummung team Scholastucally we have progressed rapudly and durung the year we were proud to have several of our classmates on the Honor Roll At Chrustmas the seventh grade sent gufts, and a small Chrustmas tree to an elderly woman un a nursung home We feel we have accomplushed much un our hrst year an upper school 66 0606? Fnfth Grade Sixth Grade Thnrd Grade Fourth Grade Fursf Grade Second Grade Fix Sl N' mi 1 An X fd 'A 4 I5 if This year for the first time Friends offered a fourth year French class taught by Mr Richardson The first three years are taught by Mrs Teller M Richardson and Mr Gill The first two years are spent in learn ing the essentials of grammar In he last two years the students concentrate on reading Sometimes they use a tape recorder to help them with pronuncia tion 491644 The English Department of the Upper School consisting of Miss Dibert, Miss Beacham, and Mr. Shivers gives stu- dents a good background in their native language. Early in their high school life the stu- dents obtain a foundation in the tools of English From there they study works of many famous authors both American and English With this knowledge and experience the student is well equipped to understand and appreciate our mod ern culture '-w-'W"S!lnf4' -jx -v"""" .gl This year Friends has added a new third year class to their Spanish cur rrculum Mr Gill is still holding his own as instructor of first and second year Spanish teaching grammar rules and reading comprehension Now however an advanced class under the supervi sion of Mrs Teller has been added for those who seek experience in Spanish reading I Q v K 1 ' " F A . I I I . , r. , . . . . - t I '1 , , . , . Q. Mg, S, ' asf-V J Y ' , a,f,,, K I M .T ,- 7. F' an . I , , I I . I . L . . . Z.. M- ' - I I I . .. - - I ..-M... A e ' , 72 iazfazg The history curriculum covers the periods from ancient times through con- tempory American history. In the freshman year there is ancient history taught by Mrs. Walker. Mr. Nicolls has classes in modern European history, Eng- lish history, and American history. The senior class is taught contempory history by Mrs Mace This course entails a study of history dating from the Civil War up through current events The seventh and ninth grades start their science training with Mr Watts in general science From these courses the students continue their science education with the difficult lab sciences Mr Wood man presides in the biology lab while Mr Forbush .lr instructs the chemistry and physics classes The students feel that they have benefited greatly from their various lab experiences 111 dftfenaalfcca Mr Peacock starts the seventh grades on their way to higher mathematics For students who wish to study math in col lege Mr Denk s senior math course taken over by Mr Stuelpnagel in Mr Denk s absence offers a good founda tion for further study Mr Grey s bus: ness arithmetic course is a practical course for students who do not plan on studying math after they leave Friends , 44 ... -A coz'-Q 45 fs.:-:ir ' .4 .gg . 1 .1 not 'Huff' "' ' f !'Y-B 4:7 --4 -14 f' ' 1- ' is' .4-so-.L,,. awp W' 'ffl' ...... ...J gf 1.4 foo 11 .- ,P 1 4 f-rl l0lsasn,,., -.--Qw Ap, -. -.1 l'A4,A ...K J ina-0 uw-H ..- 'Af' ...- an " 1- ,I .-,- .4 ,.., an 1 . 1' 'if-an-1 34,24 'il -QJJ' 119. ., . Hb , ann Jil .,,. x.L..,,,, ..g -1- 4.4 ,,,,, .... -f-Q.. ,,,, '- .4 libs.: 3 P5 n.. AJ r .Qs 'AZ' 3 .x .6 ,.- 4 ,g f-.4 1 "" '4- SY "na xo .. ..-Q H., Hx ui Y ,... -,ci-3,1 Kev- Q- ,- f 'S' .4.. -1' 72.5 Ll: 1 'Nl 'E' l 6 . '1- Nu, .A ,4 3 -a M262 58,9 tm -ini. s 1-,144 M5 " :qv 6400K - f 'Q ' '24 -g A tl-5L':'vlT'-4-L. , Jfric- 47'-:':tTg ' 5' , ' ' ,Q V' 'of' -fl'-TQ'-,.?-N. Qi 'AZ 4, -.....'I.7,. .A ., -., -7 ' iii- "-5:.-ff--' Q-f-33-L73 - I . f 'A Q.: .Igiw,-1g: 4 fl' 171 - is n--. q-w 4-4:-g, ,-,- , - -f - 'i ' ' J , .45 it ' 7 'ig-5 9- f' fl A ,Y -f-.9 - 3- ..4,. " " ' .,. ' ..L',Y. ','Lj'- 'gT" H 'Q' 7: ' 1- ., "'."4 , , , , ,- ' -M 4 -' - - , Y ,.. .-',, " ' ,i 1" 1- UL, .gg -.Q nz , , -, ,,A N V Q u v H. ' ' ' 14 ., 'U' . " ' 5 - -- i- ,"' -' .,,, ' - -J ... -5...-:if ,1'.. 14 - - 1 - -. - - f ,,-1 fr we 1 ., V W I' ff 4 '- ' i nw- . ,. ' Y . H ' "- ,. ff L - .-. . fn- 1.-, .f,"'3 " : 1 M -1 - '- ,f 4 .-gg .1 3: ,U V., Q A x ,fy 1 A 1 I ' f.f'.-- gt - 5 , ' f:.,:', I 2 4 ..':.,, ---H5 ,::- , .. D '-"', ' 1 '7..c.,.x,s',-5,4 'rf A ,-17,:4Jb3'fT , -f V f- - 1 ' I' I ff-' f -4 '.. -A Q Y' : , - '2- K , , , -I - -,,, , J, I-'V '--' - -L. H' J' :.:f'f195 K ' ,fy ,. ,, --f-.f f f ',:t':3 Az: ,, T'ff-- ' , .- fs'-pf 1" ,4 , - "ff ' MA '- Wx 'I -, "...'f 5-gf, . "" ,- , -Us ':.-Q A .- -' V " ' 'U' ' ,Kg ' QV!!! ' A f -g ' ' ' L " . 1' :' "' ' 1 ' --2 1 Y f.. " 7' ' .,. , ws - - 1' ,,,- .:-1' , ,-.--- ,' f " , ' . 22.1, " ' , L, i ,mr A. 1,-I-. Z 1 'g ' ' "4-f. ," ' , Q..l'-1,-f ' ' 1 rf ,l, . . " ' 4 ,f- arf. ' -- " L-" , - - .uf rx.. ' ., A . , J 4 ,I . 0 -N, Q' - ' ax " 1 ,wwf ' I .' H ,pak n K rf X 1 ' ,. V . A ,, - -igg,'', 1, -W ,lily ,h 4,1 ,A , ' K 'wx .H pm:-n A "Ml 7, " jk 3 . - . , A ' K 5 ' ' 4 ,.,fV"-,.M'f ':1r..v D 'QV Rt V. vi. .4 V., U ',, , --' 4: v , In A74 f , , V. 5 '- L.-' -1' '- ' - A P Q, .-4- of , A hu-, . . , A I R -1. V, -.J - . f A I. . W., f ' --W 31- , ' ' f- ' K LU?" 1 A:,.'1' 0 V A. ' 48 4.x V-iid' v 'Y .nv Bottom Row S Rugemer M Bald C de Shields J Geyer Top Row J Langeluttug S Conway Co editor S Stott Co edutor F Badertscher We the co edutors would luke to express our gratitude to all who have made this yearbook posssble Thus Includes the wrnters edutors typlsts faculty advnsors p o tographers, and all who solnczted advertisements whlch are so essentlal to the success of such a publucahon Susan Stott Steve Conway 76 ,t ' ' new W E' 554 . A 1 A, S . , , .Q 'S V S . ,, .L"?'-l 3 cf'-ff' fl-S 9 A x A lIg..8i'- 1 ' f Q 1 4 .MES "' fl. : . , . , . ' , . . : . ' , . - - ' , . - - , . . I - . I . . . - 1 1 1 I h ' I 1 5... Seated S Johnson C Metz Co editor F Budertscher H Mortimer Co Editor N Born lNot Presentl B Grant 4e2adZ This year under the co edltorshlp of Cemmy Motz and Henry Mortimer the Quill staff published Its twenty first volume Assisting the editors were the associate editors Slgrld Johnson and Fay Badertscher the business managers Nancy Born and Bll Grant the news editor Joellen Geyer the 'features editor Diana Kann the gurls sports editor Jean Morrill the boys sports editor Mac Price the art editor Martha Bald the alumni edstor Bettie Mullukun and the photography editor John Langeluttlg The copy and circulation staffs headed by Gaul Welch and Susan Rugemer respec tively, ably carried out the duties of typing articles and mailing the Qurlls to sub scrlbers The twenty first volume featured two new columns DID YOU KNOW THAT and IT HAPPENED WHEN both supplymg Informative notes of little known school actlvltles The Christmas Issue was supplemented by the unprecedented addition of fifth and slxth pages featuring the prize wnnmng short stones of the Quill contest The co edutorshlp of next year s Quill falls into the capable hands of Robyn Rudolph and Chipper Bupp whale Alice Senvold and Bob Felld will be assocnate editors 77 - ..1g wsmzn vy V .. xl e 3 ' S' E r .J .. Y lv V 'S .- Seated L. Dresser, G. Welch, B. Jarrell, F. Karfgin, F. Stalfort, J. Morrill, N. Born, A. Hoke, B. Lindeman. Standing Dashlells, M. Price, J. Novogrod, Mr. Shivers, Mrs. Richardson, Mr. Richardson, Mr. Gray, P. Sutley, B. Patterson T Walker Not Present: R. Meyer. I . . I . I . . - . I I u I -T I I I I I I . . . , . , . . . I I I ' I , . , . I In its thirteenth year of exnstence the Senate was headed by President Fred Stal fort with Jean Morrill Fay Karfgm and Bull Jarrell as vlce president secretary and treasurer respectively ln adduhon each class was represented on the Senate sux semors four lunlors two sophomores two freshmen and one from each of the Junior Hugh grades In the fall of the year the Senate sponsored a dance with Duck Reld s orchestra, In the auditorium Unlike past Senate dances It was necessary to charge admission Although the affair came short of producing the amount of money spent the Senate felt that as an experiment It was successful At the end of last year the Senate provnded a fourteen year old Korean boy, Sung Am An with a scholarship This year there has been a good deal of correspondence with the boy and his letters have shown how very deserving of the and he IS In January the money made at the Bazaar was turned over to the Senate to be used for welfare progects and school improvements 78 ln addition to being president of the Senate, Fred Stalfort also is active on the Welfare Committee and Assembly Committee. The assemblies this year have been well planned and Fred has ably intro- duced the guest speakers to the student body. In sports, Fred is an indispensable member of the football squad and lacrosse team. The Student Court an integral part of the Senate includes some of the Senate members from the lunlor and senior classes This court may try those students who are reported by their classmates to a court member Only after the decision is made are the parents and teachers informed of the trial The strengthening of the court may well lead to an honor system The Junior Council the 7th and 8th grade member are John Bull Emily Holman Judy Klnngel hofer Gail Levinson Dove Moran and Monty Mordecai Jack Wathen an eighth grader is pres: dent Though this is a relatively new system the students seem very pleased with it governing body, is similar ta the Student Court. Its W' if Kneeling K Foltor M Kegan M Felter Seated S Sutley, C Motz B Banghart chaunnan J Morrill N Bom Standing M Price S Conway J Pollard P Sutley E Renn Bottom Row B Beatty, A Easton, S Shmmck-chairman, C Hnsle, B Banghart Second Row J Snyder, J Morrill, D Kann, B Lmdeman, A I-loke, F Grant Third Row J Langeluthg, F Wlndsor, E Rudolph, C Cowles, F Stalfort, F Badertscher Not Present C Motz, S Mernll, J Bird 80 Under the leadership of Bliss Forbush Jr the Religious Life Committee endeavored to create a greater appreciation of the moral :deals of Friends School The committee with its chairman Betsy Banghart led the student body in worship on alternate Thurs days The Religious Life Committee also participated In the Thanksgiving and Christ mas assemblies In an effort to gain new ideas for the broademng of its program the committee lomed similar school groups in Baltimore at a conference held at St Pauls School Those attending this November conference discussed the topic Do our schools pre It is hoped that in the future the interest and co operative spmt expressed this year by the student body will contmue The Service Committee, through grants of money from the Senate, has donated to such charities as the Maryland School for the Blind and the Society for Mentally Re tarded Children The members lomed In many group prop ects, one of which was the sellmg of Christ mas trees Sponsoring a trip to Philadelphia for four students the group gamed useful knowledge seeing the Inner workmgs of a large city welfare program They also spon sored many successful drives and gave their time for the benefit of mental patients in hospitals at Christmas Susan Shnnmck served as chairman, John Snyder as treasurer, Cholly Hnsle as secre tary Mrs Mace was the faculty adviser Susan and the whole committee deserve credit for their many worthy prolects J 0 0 g I , "Q , wg ' I U . E . . . ' f J E - ' - ' -- ,pf f . . . . ' . . , N, I ' . -, V H , I . f - pare us to lead religious lives?" , I ff., , . I . ' : . , . , . . : . . , . - ' , . ' , . . ' : . ' , . , . , . , . . 0 I I The Booster Club plays an important part in the athletic activities at school. Those very clever posters we see throughout the halls help to arouse school spirit and increase the Interest and attendance at the games Through the efforts of Fay Karfgm the very capable chairman of the Booster Club many creative and colorful posters have been hung in the halls announcing the opposing school, the time and the place of all games from football basketball and lacrosse to hockey swimming tennis and wrestling This committee is comprised of students from the ninth through the twelfth grades who use the art room as their headquarters to carry out these original ideas for pro motlng school spirit through eye catching posters The Assembly Committee, because of the portance This committee plans a variety of assemblies that it feels will please the student body The committee, which is part of the Sen ate meets twice a year to plan the as semblles for each term Juniors and Seniors usually comprise the committee, but it is hoped that in the future it will consist of more under classmen in order to give the committee the ideas of the younger students This years commit tee had the guidance of three faculty mem bers Dr Forbush, Mrs Walker and Miss Bartley Mac Price was the chairman The school would like to thank this committee for all the Interesting and varied assemblies which It presented 2? Ha! Seated D Strickland C Smith M C Hearn B Long A McAllister Kneeling D Howell M L Buchner C Witt F Karfgin president M Murgatroyd R Weakley S Mears Standing A Robinson B Mulhkin L Flint P Pike S Rugemer M Bald M Kegan S Shmmck 44 Klee Seated F Henderson J Morrill M Price-chairman F Stalfort B Patterson Standing Mrs Walker Miss Bartley Dr Forbush 8l , ' I I I I I : . ' , . ' , . . , . , . ' . ' : u I 1 n I s . I o 1 I 1 I n I . . ' : . ' , . " , . , . ' , . , . 66 ' 7 6 0 ' . . , 'Q if 2 'T new auditorium, has taken on greater im- nr' ' ' . . . N-V E , - . . . . I V . 4 - ' ' is 4 . , . l ' ' N , , . . . A : . , . ' , . ' ' , . , . . : . , , . . Frrst Row S Stott C Motz C Rrdgely M McElroy N New B Beatty M Buchner S Prlce Second Row S Johnson L Flrnt N Heath R Hampshrre A Easton B Mullrkm M Morns A Carter M Felter C Smlnk A Selvold Thrrd Row Mlss Bartley S Sutley S Shmmck S Rugemer M Bald K Foell D Kann C Gull B Long F Henderson B Llndeman Fourth Row M Downmg T Rosen mond B Jarrell B Brooks M Worthrngton G Ewall L Jackson E Hubbard lNot Present! T Baker C Pfrommer C Neuman N Alexander ie Dmmmfcca Frrst Row J Benson M Welch B Evans C Ham L Gardner G Haas P Butler J Horner E Small L Dresser Second Row A Wasserman C Grenf T Wersberger S DeHotT M Hughes C Suhr J Geyer F Ross S Hoff B Wrrght Thrrd Row B Dalsemer B Stelnwald J Harlan B Tlerney C Bupp N Smrth J Leary M Ravrtch Fourth Row H Schloss D Evans F Gant E Renn B Meyers R Boucher F Motz G Putt N Stoer B Schaffer 82 Mass Francis Bartley a noted soprano directed the Muxed Chorus through ts second successful year At the close of the l956 57 season the members elected Kandn Foell presldent Marsha Norrls vlce presudent and two hlstor :ans Barbara Long and Bettue Mulllkm As months of rehearslng swiftly passed, the chorus presented a movmg productlon of Puer Natus the story of the natuvuty an December The admirable performance was hnghlughted by several solousts mcludlng our exchange students Anne Easton and Cheng Tan The re llguous settmg brought forth the true spmt of Chrlstmas For thenr annual sprung concert the Mlxed Chorus selected The Song of Norway the lrfe story of the famous musical composer Edward Greig The chorus, supported by John Pollard Allce Selvold and Cheng Tan In the leading roles, scored a success matching that of the Broadway production The Thespnans of Frrends School had another successful season thus year Un der the capable guidance of Mr and Mrs Hanauer the group presented three hughly entertamlng programs The first given at the Bazaar was a burlesque on Sherlock Holmes by Earl J Plas en htled The Case of the Mrssrng Pearls The second presented on a Wednesday afternoon rn January consisted of ex cerpts from two Shakespearean plays Juhus Caesar, and As You Lrke It Thxs Shakespearean program was gnven In the modern fashron dependnng on the actmg rather than the staging for the mutual eFfect The annual sprung play was a mature comedy by John Patrick en tntled The Curious Savage Although this play was heavy with Irony It was a huge success I 7 , . . I I . . i . rr U I I I ' 1 ' , , - - rr ur I , . I I - rt H - I n . I :. , . ,. , . , . ,. , . ' ' ' . . . Q I ,. . .. ,. , . ,. ,. . ,. , . , . , . ,. ,. . , : ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. , - . ,. ,. ,. . : . ,. - berg, J. Snyder, S. Conway, J. Pollard, J. Bird, H. Mortimer. Fitth Row: H. Ham- , n 7 1 I . . I - ,. In 4 :. . ,. , . . I ' I ' I I r - ' 1 I - I I - I ' :. , . ,. , . ,. , - 1' ' ,. ,. ,. . :. ,. ,. ' ,. , . , . ,. ,. ,. ,. . ' :. ,. ,. ,. ,. , - r . , . ' . :. ,. ,. r ,. ,. ,. ,. , . ,. ,. . The Affllvatlon Commuttee led by Martha Kegan has been In the school only three years but has already accomplnshed t mam ambutlon the exchangmg of students wuth our aftlllated school nn Godalmmg Surrey England The Senate and Food Commnttee made thus exchange posslble by sellung food at the games Eugene Hubbard was sent to England un exchange got Ann Easton who became a member of the class of 58 Ann who had already graduated from Godalm mg was a wonderful asset to us Our new sub commuttee, The Amencan Freld Service Commlttee led by Nuck Stoer also receuved an exchange student Cheng Guan Tan from Smgapore Malaya H rmmednately became a promunent sensor as well as a star football player and wrestler The theme of the lnternatuonal Relatuons Club thus year was a study of how the Umted States looks to other countrues Our two foreign students Cheng Tan and Anne Easton were a great help In thus endeavor To flnd the answer forelgn guests and sev eral exchange students from other schools were questloned vrgorously by the members who desired that they not spare thelr feel rngs The Club re elected Slgrld Johnson as presldent and Barbara Lnndeman was the secretary treasurer The hospltalrty com mittee headed by Gall Welch Mary Carol Hearn and Charlotte Feinberg To close the year, Mrs Walker, the In dlspensable faculty advisor, gave a party at her home, and the Club had one last chance to compare all their oplnnons fgffdlbdfbdd Standing Mr Shlvers S Merrlll J Novogrod C Tan J Wharton B Dalsemer F Motl J Blvd N Stoer D Reed B Patterson Mrs Mlllard Second Row A Easton C de Shlelds R Rudolph F Karfgln M Kegan-chaurman B Dlckrnson S Rugemer C Matz S Shlnnlck Third Row A Hake M Murgatroyd T Weis Tierney Standing S Johnson Mrs Walker Frrst Row M Downmg C Neumann C Tan M C Hearn N Heath Second Row D Evans C Grenf A Easton J Mornll C Femberg Thrrd Row T Rosenberg P Butler A Wasserman B Lnndeman J Geyer 83 0 0 l g I I IS I I , . , ' I , . I I I , . e ' : . ' , . ' , . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . . : I ' I ' V ' . I ' . I ' . . . , . , . . : . , . , . '- berger, D. Kann, B. Banghart, N. Born, D. Howell, L. Dresser. Not Present: B I I I I ' , . Q I ' t r I ' ' : . , . . ' : . ' , . , . , . . , . . : . , . , . , . ' , . ' . : . , . , . , ' , . . W- X . ,V Q.. Jan- I V ' 1 - Q "' ., x" ' A fi , , -Q Wgf J f - N vI:A A IX If fi 33713: g Eff f V - , , ff A if I' 3' , 1 . 'fp 52 ' Y V, . ,P ' ' s , ' . ' f' fgfi -'QA 1 I-kv! :V Lf W ff, f2,,'73'1 't ' X Q' L ' ',' A U 3, :Q . fog, Y A ,Q 4. 'U' 55 5 'P -fd 1 ' " "' xsefl ,.' 2 -f '53'ff ws -L-gy. 'Fi if - ' 2' N-' HW? .41 N ' " vi' 2 - , i 1 kg? . V- s Ei M A aw iff? 4 " Qfwtvm . I ' 5 . ,fu nd ' A avfi Nl Qgmf""'n y ty, V A H ,yn '5' Q I' K 5 ,,,.-N' t 6, ,M J 1 a ,,, ff Qs. , ' t , 153-3 QQ h. I fats? ia jf x A 'HY g. i1,w' I 1 L "haf 'Vt .MY ,- :fl If, A it 5 . ,nf ,ef - ,g p1?'f"i 4 ,- ,f .2natf.,'fN" v-'ff The U S France Holland Chrna lndla these were lust a few of the countries represented ln the 46th annual bazaar the theme of whrch was Around the World Each table represented a dufterent country at whrch the sensors who capably headed the booths dressed rn costumes natrve to theur country Added to the tradltlonal attractions were two Innovations the photograph booth and the Special Snack Bar For entertam ment Mrs Hanauer led the Dramahcs Club rn an excltmg mystery The Case of the Mlssmg Pearls What would the bazaar be wuthout the scrumptious turkey dlnner an the Upper School lrbrary and nts baby brother the Lower School cafeterra supper? Under the executlve leadershlp of Mrs Mlllard Mrs Richardson and Co chairmen Diana Kann and John Langeluttng, faculty and students alike partucnpated and dns played theur cooperatnon In making the '57 Bazaar a tremendous success' ll mound Me WMM " - ieme 157 'gagaafa zfeeqzaee If you asked a sennor what was the outstandnng event of the year he would answer The Holly Ball Under the capable leadershup of Pat Puke and Clit? Isennock the dance was a tremendous success The decorations planned by Duck Jeanneret and Kandl Foell conslsted of a large Santa Claus slttnng beside a Christmas Tree rn the center of the gym nasuum and green ferns and wreaths around the sndes Provldlng the beautuful musnc were the Starllght Serenaders The band was obtamed through the efforts of Bull Grant and Susan Rugemer Everyone had a wonderful time thanks to the co operation of the Senior Class and the good attendance of all If 5 f f ' I f 0 I f 4, o , s I XX XX XN X X X N,. X S X I . xxx xx X , x 'xx J A xxxx xx ' , 's 0 og' 4 fx'x J N 3 Y' Cl A fx' 1 i D ,xxxx 'K fi X 4 fa-1 2 ' . - ii 'Ji Rv' I 'DQ 'bn xiefa -ggvwtft' lx 'I -4, 1, Q V! 9' Ji-N ff i Kxfff Ca 'fx 1A Q :A 1 5 x it .H FAX.. rl i,, ,Q Q . p-rbskiiig-NX ks , -l f,fvff . , If wa, e . 1 - f ff: w,, - 54 h frjgxri , 'V --II. , B 'wc V A 15 ' fix" Q M A 5, .,f ,C.fA' A " ,- 1 .X Q 0 'va vVA'v KL 4, ffm ', , sh I in ' L: 4..- is 2 ' 1 2- fc ,N I L I 5 1 A ,Q ,ff 1 Q., 4 '-A -5 4" P G Ig' 'wit x X fx' 1 , -A X ! L 5Ps::vg-:,. S sgNf X 89 ...L 'T .nu 'Tv' ,ggaafeaviii 1 Q gm 3? a tea'-f' 1 S .121 N First row Nicholls M Herrlott P Sutley president J Snyder C Lord C Harlan Not Present J Bird B Sherman 3.14 ln the fall of the school year the boys in the seventh through the eleventh grades had a meeting and elected Phil Sutley as President and John Snyder as Treasurer of the BAA The separate classes then had private votes and elected their own representatives to the BAA The senior class chose Bob Sherman the lumors .lim Bird the sophomores Mike Herruott, the freshmen Chick Lord and the seventh and eighth grades elected Chuck Harlan and Nicky Nlcolls respectively as their repre sentatlves At this same meeting, by an unanimous vote, the boys voted to abolish the annual Boys' Athletic Association Father-Son banquet on the grounds that it was uninteresting and that the seniors, who received letters in their final year, would not have a chance to wear them. In the future awards will be given out at athletic assemblies after each season. Finally the B.A.A. decided to give white sweaters to boys who earn two varsity letters in two different sports. hr-JM ,U E...- .If 9 A-If in -Q-2 If First row C Smith S Seller R Meyer B Goldberg president B Dlcklnson N Alexander C Smmk Not Present l Flnt 6 The GAA began the 1957 58 year wnth therr tradstlonal mntlatuon party In Sep tember Thus party welcomed the seventh graders and other new students and teach BFS In regular meetlngs the G A A duscussed and acted upon ponnts of mterest pertain mg to the Glrl s athletics and actuvatles These meetlngs were conducted by our cap able president Barbara Goldberg Other oftlces m the G A A were held by secretary Lois Flmt and treasurer Barbara Drcklnson Each class In the beglnnmg of the year chooses :ts representative who attends outside meetings and who trles to arouse the Glrls rnterests ln extra curricular actlvltles These representatives from the seventh through eleventh grades were Ruth Meyer Susie Seller Nora Alexander Corky Smuth and Carol Smmk The climax of our year was the awards banquet held In the sprung whlch was organized by Barbae and Mrs Mallard Followung Barble s speech the blazers and shields were given to those who had partrcupated on a varslty team Thus, as the l957 1958 session of the G A A IS brought to a close, we can look back upon a successful and eventful year T mes' 3 c A' ? 1 -if Q'.,: f Q , ', - Q 2. ' N2 Q 4 C9 'T' ' , ,,, T , 5 , , , 7 - , W K , G - .T ar 4, 'ga ' ' , 2' .' If -MJ in g pl 47,1 lx - and I ' T l T 1 3 f ' A 5 T 3 5 A A . 1 ll iff im.. lf L 5 rm-3 , V ,rl t -. , , 'QT 'fY,-, f H , T J 1 A 1 , . I . . . . ,. . . , . . ' I . . n . . , left to Rught M Bald A Hoke L Brecht N Born Captaun B Goldberg A Morse S Hooper lNot Presentl B Banghart aim Fught Team, Fught and another cheer us tlnushed by F S cheerleaders Through each season these energetuc gurls greatly uncreased the enthusuasm of the school The squad practuced under the capable leadershup of Nancy Born and on game days appeared un theur gray skurts whute sweaters and large red F s Whether on the athletuc Held or un the gym these gurls can always be spotted by the nouse they create As soon as the whustle blows out run eught luvely cheerleaders to keep up the team s spurut Thus year by the addutuon of new brught red megaphones no one had an excuse for not cheerung' The varsuty cheerleadung squad was cut down consuderably by last year s gradua tuon, but thus fall a large number of gurls trued out Funally after a tough decusuon Marty Bald Aluce Morse and Lunda Brecht were chosen to round out the squad A great deal of credut should be guven to the JV cheerleaders Bee Jones Chrus Sherman Burnuce Bunnecke Barbara Ensor and Eleanor Blake These gurls added real enthusuasm to the J V games Thanks to all the cheerleaders for boostung attendance and school spurut' 92 :. ,. ,. ,. - ,. ,. ,. . :. ua- - uu - - , , .. . . . . . , I I ' I ' 1 , .. . .. . ' 1 I . . . , . . ' . . . .. ' r I 1 - .. 1 , I 1 1 ' ws" First row D Richwagen coach S Conway R Jeanneret F Badertscher P Sutley co captain H Mortimer W Tierney J Snyder Second row R Nichols coach P Cowles C W Tan S M:Voy C Salisbury R Patterson J Harlan D Reed Third row A Gray coach J Stott J Langeluttlg M Price E Rudolph M Herriott H Jones F Windsor Not Present J M Price co captain R Cleaveland Although this season s record appears only mediocre 3 4 O the team was capable of playing a high calibre of football Coach Richwagen s team had the honor of out scoring their opponents l5l to ll8, the highest Quaker total in many years The season got underway on the Friend's campus with a 26-6 defeat administered by a powerful Tower Hill team. The first l.A.C. game was played at St. James as the Quakers drubbed the hosts, 34-l3. After losing to Landon, 25-7, the squad re- bounded to take Wilmington, 26-6. The team, weakened by illness, lost to Sidwell, 36-18 and St. Albans, 13-7, but closed the season successfully by crushing Sanford, 53-O. The team featured a fast backfield lead by Sophomore quarterback Mike Herriott with the Price brothers, Marcy and Mac, running in the halfback slots. Phil Sutley, a four year man, filled the fullback spot. Individual honors went to Mac Price who with 7l points was the highest scorer in Baltimore. Other recipients of laurels were .lim Bird, chosen the Unsung Hero of the Landon game, and John Snyder, who received the McCormick Unsung Hero Award. 93 G06 Bottom row C Smmk R Rudolf B Banghartcaptam S Slunmck manager B Goldberg C Felter Top row B Beatty D Chrusthulf A Hoke L Dresser L Brecht N Aufhammer 06 The l957 Hockey season marked the begunnmg of many changes over last year s season As IS true of every year there were several posltlons vacated by the graduat mg class of T957 These five places were aptly filled by enthusuastlc members of last year s JV and outstandnng freshman Also headlng the llst of addmons was Mass Supplee who coached the JV to a spectacular undefeated season In add: tuon to thus Muss Homer became varsuty coach following her years of successfully helpnng the J V Although the record of 3 wms and 4 losses does not seem partlcularly umpressnve nt represents a determined splrlt and many hard fought games Thus ns substantnated by the fact that the tour defeats were merely by l poant each and all the games were very evenly matched The hngh Irght of the season was as In many past years the Bryn Mawr game Unfortunately the 57 team golned the lust of the twenty F S teams who up to now have been unable to secure a vnctory from Bryn Mawr Better luck to the 1958 team 9 E lf Kneeling A Taylor R Boucher R Sawyer G Sutherland B Brooks Captaln B Schaffer N Stoer D Foutz F Grant D Evans Standrng W Sutherland J Wathen C Galloway T Mlchel B Jennmgs M Jackley J Tyson V Rosenberg Thus year the Fnend s players of Europe s favorrte sport had a very enloyable sea son Under the expert coachmg of Mr Ned Turnbull who was very well luked by the team, the booters learned much about the techmcal aspects of the game Both of the games the team played thus year were wlth Park School a tough adversary Frlends dropped the first one by a very close score The score was so close that un fortunately they entered the second game qulte over confident and were trounced severely However, all was not sorrow for It was In thus game that Gary Sutherland booted the only tally of the year Though the team s record was not too Impressive, wrth more support from the student body they could do better Although the team loses nts sensor members along with Its Captain, Bob Brooks at nevertheless looks forward to a successful season next year 95, 'N X fi Frrst row kneelmg F Korfgln N Heath S Hooper captain M Bald C Smith M Murgotroyd Second row G Welch man ager S Mears S Sutley C Motz C de Shlelds D Howell S Pruce Not Present M Kegan C Gull From a team of eleven players last year only four veterans returned The task of packing seven new members was extremely dufticult but wsth the able coaching of Mrs Chrlsthllf the new gurls began to learn to clear slam serve and place their shots Susan Hooper was elected captam of the team and Gaul Welch dld a very good lob of handllng the responsubnlltues of manager Both were good cholces and gave the team much support and encouragement The top posutuons were held by Marty Bald Susan Hooper and Duane Howell and the other enght places were constantly bemg changed because of the equal ablllty of the rest of the squad The Badmmton team dad not have a very successful year wlnnmg only one out of their nnne matches, but thus was mostly a rebulldmg year for the team They are confident that next year they wall do better due to the fact that only tive gurls are graduating Many hours of hard practnce will yleld a good strong team for next year 96 Q Q 1 F Wmdsor P Sutley J Snyder D Reed B Grant D Jeanneret Mr Rlchwagen Zaye '5 Frrends produced one of the best teams In the hustory of the school thus year The squad beat their archrwals Gulman St Pauls, and Boys Latin un some of the most excltmg games of the year Playmg their last year In the IA C they were among the leaders and had a good record In Dlvusnon ll ofthe M S A the Quakers won all of thenr first round games and then lost to Gnlman and Park to fimsh nn second place The Duvusuon Il was tough this year because all the other pnvate schools had good teams Thus years starting Imeup consisted of Captain Bob Sherman and Frank Wmdsor at the guard spots Marcy and Mac Price as the forwards and Phll Sutley at center Four of the five starters leave after this season and only Marcy Prlce will return to the startmg five The rest of the team conslsted of Jay Stott Danny Reed John Snyder, Duck Jeanneret, Bull Grant Sklp Merrull and Mlke Herrnott Four of these boys wall return next year to help out the team Congratulatlons on a successful season 97 3, , ' A , . v Q . Q 4 r " V 1 l V x X - 3, ' ' an I - , T Kneelmg S. Merrill, H. Hammond, M. Price, B. Sherman-Captain, M. Herriott, Mac Price, J. Stott. Standing: F Stalfort , . , . , . , . , . , . ' . I , . . . ., . , - . . . I . I I ' . ' . I I , . is 7 Bottom Row B Dickinson Captain B Banghart C Smmk L Dresser M Welch Top Row N Alexander D Chrlsthllf C Motz J Morrill R Hampshire The basketball season began with these familiar words Get your feet off the floor lump for those rebounds sounding in the gym The Quakerettes underwent many changes particularly on the forward line The new forwards were Barbie Dickinson and Jean Morrill both seniors and guniors Carol Smmk and Anne Hoke Capably de fendlng the basket were semors Cemmy Motz and Betsy Banghart and Dorsey Christ hilf a lunior The latter group proved to be the backbone of the F S squad and deserve much credit The team started the season with a triumph over the Alumnae on December 19 The Quakerettes then traveled to Wilmington where they met their first defeat by a score of 43 to 30. On February 7 the team lost a close decision to Bryn Mawr. Friends then proceeded to win two hard fought games with Notre Dame and Roland Park Country School. Early in the season Barbie Dickinson was elected captain of the team and Marsha Norris was chosen Manager. Grateful thanks should go to Mrs. Millard and Miss Homer for their tireless efforts in coaching the team. 98 tif! W Bottom Row K Feild B Stemwald F Bernstein J Dashiells C Lohrtlnck F Motz C Tan Top Row C Whittle-Manager J Wharton C Lord J Bird F Badertscher B Lucas J Langeluttig S Conway V Rosenberg R Watts Coach It is generally felt that this year s wrestling season was marked by the increased stimulation of interest in wrestling. Coach Dick Watts, able to work with a full squad, scheduled several formal matches using the new mats and cover provided by the Senate. The grapplers battled Severn, Edmondson, St. Pauls', and Edgewood over the big grey "F", and wrestled away at Patterson Park proving themselves able to hold their own. The Quakers were represented in the 112 and 120 pound classes by Freshmen Johnny Dashields and Bill Wharton respectively. Frank Bernstein, back for his third season, held the 127 pound class. Joe Wharton and Bob Feild also three year men were placed in 133 and 138 classes backed up by another Freshman Bruce Steinwald. Chick Lord and undefeated Ben Lucas held the middle weights at 145 and 154 pounds in that order. Co-Captain Fay Badertscher at 165 pounds is one of the seniors along with John Langeluttig who led the team. The other Co-Captain, Jim Bird, wrestled in the unlimited class. With the addition of many young wrestlers the team will be greatly improved next year. 99 1 'il Seated N Born, M. Bald, N. Aufhammer, B. Goldberg, S. Stott-Captain, S. Sutley, S. Crowley. Kneeling: G. Haas M H Sands P Noble, L. Flint, T. Weisberger, A. Lacher, S. Mears, A. Morse. Not Present: L. Peake. :adm ' . . . , 2 ' , . 1 1 I I I I I . . I I I I ' I I . . . . . I . I I o 1 I - u I - I . Last year s swnmmlng squad gladly welcomed many new members and after maklng three or four trnps down to the J C C pool each week Coach Nancy Whedbee chose the varslty team Susan Stott was elected captain at the beglnmng of the season She and Sue Crowley swam the breaststroke Theresa Weusberger Nancy Aufhammer Sandy Sutley Mary Hannah Sands and Lmda Peake swam In the freestyle events battllng for the backstroke were Arlene Lacher Penny Noble Marty Bald Lots Flmt and Gretchen Haas Barbara Goldberg was our chnef form swummer and Nancy Born Aluce Morse Susan Mears and Dellle Strnckland were the relay swnmmers After workmg hours to umprove theur strokes duves and turns the gurls raced against each other In order to shave seconds oft theur time Durmg the season the team swam In eught meets against Towson Catholic Cathollc Hugh Notre Dame Mt St Agnes, Dundalk and partlclpated un the Inter Scholastlcs Much appreclatuon and thanks should be glven to our coach Nancy Whedbee, an ex Friends School swimmer who led the swlmmlng team ln enthusuasm and splrlt lO0 .Qu v , 4 Q '25 J Seated Mac Price, M. Price-Co-Captain, S. Merrill, B. Lucas, B. Harrington, H. Jones, F. Motz, M. Herriott, J Dashiells Second Row: Mr. Nick, F. Stalfort, H. Mortimer, F. Windsor, D. Reed, B. Patterson, J. Cleaveland, S. Conway, J Sessums E Rudolph, J. Stott, Mr. Watts. Third Row: J. Harlan, B. Sherman, P. Sutley, J. Snyder-Co-Captain, J. Bird, C. Salisbury J Langeluttig. I I I ' . I . I I ' I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' . Q s I I ' Zaye! Although the first scheduled game against Cnty College was cancelled because of an unexpected snowfall the varsity managed to win their second game against Severn with a minimum of practice Coach Nlcolls was an charge of the midfield and attack whsle the defense was ably coached by Duck Watts Early in the season co captains John Snyder and Marcy Price were elected and helped create good team spirit Towards the end of the season the schedule became progressively harder but the team was united and ready for the tough games The schedule for the rest of the season was Poly Boys Latin Gilman McDonogh St Pauls and Park Except for goalie John Dashuells up from the rumor varsity and attackman Skip Merrill, a newcomer to Friends the lettermen who returned from last year were John Snyder Marcy Price, Mac Price Bob Sherman Jay Stott Steve Conway Mike Herriott Jim Cleaveland Harry Mortimer Fred Stalfort Jlm Bird and Frank Windsor A great deal of credit must be given to the J V coach Arthur Gray who has pre pared the members for the Varsity The i957 season ended with a 4 3 record and this year was equally successful lOl --n""""" Standung N Aufhammer J Morrull C Motz D Kann B Goldberg As the 1958 tennus season came unto vuew there were hugh hopes for a successful year Havung lost only two team members from last years graduatung class the remaunung team composed of Barbara Goldberg Jean Morrull Cemmy Motz Nancy Aufhammer and Duana Kcunn were eager to go Besudes the five starters from last year three reluef players Susan Stott Nancy Born and Martha Bald vued for the other posutuons on the team The gurls varsuty tennus team consusted of nune gurls wuth two substututes on hand un case one of the startung members of the team was absent The posut ons were desugnated by the ladder rankungs the top five members of the squad played sungles and the remaunung four played doubles The schedule thus year whuch uncluded our tradutuonal ruvals Roland Park Country Bryn Mawr Notre Dame Park and Oldflelds was a challengung one Under the able unstructuon of Mrs Mullard and Muss Homer the team had experuence on uts sude Thus factor played an umportant part un the team s success 102 t 1 Kneeling J Novogrod L Crone R Feuld Standung J Pollard J Wharton W Grant captaln C Bupp W4 Although delayed by the unseasonally late sprung Coach Don Rlchwagen and has netters worked their way through a tough schedule to a successful season The team was at full strength having sufTered no losses whsle the needed depth was provided by a full JV roster Occupylng the first two posrtnons were sophomore John Novogrod and Captain Grant Anchonng the bottom of the ladder were rumors John Pollard Bob Fenld and Chipper Bupp returmng from last year s squad These last posutuons were at no tame certain due to the keen competltuon provuded by the reserves The Scarlet and Gray netters opened the season belatedly on Aprul 21 wuth a match against McDonogh away The first contest on Quaker courts spotted Severn as the opposttlon The team then took the road for matches against Loyola and Mount St Joe In early May and closed the season on thevr own courts agamst Gilman and St James The team which was able to combme youth wrth expernence was one of the best rounded ever to play on Quaker courts 103 Furs! Row S Hooper B Duckunson S Pruce R Rudolph Seco nd Row A McAlluster S Sutley M Hughes C Smunk cada cwwaae Gurls Lacrosse at Fruends became a varsuty sport last year and has not yet had tume to really develop However ut us gaunung prestuge The gurls have gauned many pounters from watchung the boys prcuctuce However, there are a few duHerences between the rules of gurls lacrosse and boys lacrosse For unstance gurls can have no pockets un theur stucks and they can not check each other whule they are holdung the stucks near theur bodues Though last years record was not umpressuve two wuns and three defeats ut dud unducate that the team us on uts way up un the lacrosse world Thus year the team us scheduled to play sux games Park Bryn Mawr Roland Park Country School, Goucher College, and Notre Dame Eught members are returnung from last years team, and ut us hoped that they wull form a strong nucleus for the present team Thus year the team wull be under the able leadershup of Muss Pup Supplee Muss Supplee came to Fruends thus year from Goucher Her spurut us sure to help the team l04 :. ,. ,.,. . :. ,. ,. ,- - ., . . . , . . ., , I . . . . .. I I I I . . u .. Mlss Homer Mr Grey The JV footpall team under the able coachmg of Duck Watts had a fine season thus year Because of Mr Watts great experience un football the team spurlt was better than before and all learned the finer points of the game The team had a 3 4 season whuch was good considering that the squad was relatnvely mexperlenced Undefeated thus year the JV hockey team had a record of 60 The team played Roland Park Notre Dame Samuel Ready Park Mt St Agnes and Sldwell Wnth Jean Mornll as captain the team practlced dull gently In order to have a perfect season The boys JV basketball team had one of nts best seasons thus year The capable coachmg of Mr Gray gulded them to a tue for the champnonshnp nn the M S A Howard Jones Joe Harlan and Bob Patterson dld ex ceptuonally fine 'obs In leadmg the team Thus year the gurls JV basketball team wlth Susan Shlnmck as captain ended Its schedule wuth a 3 won 4 lost record The season held much excltement as the team lost to Wulmmgton Frnends In an overtime and defeated Mt St Agnes by one pomt The J V lacrosse team conslsts of many young players who next year wall be valuable addntuons to the varsuty Coach Gray feels that thus talent and the Jays splrlt wall brmg a successful season lO5 Mlss Supplee Mr. Watts P -F-Pi"5'F!F hun X hd rl"'f'R 106 gage QW W Mx Zmzeggdgg EY! Wagga, 7-hmm J Gary Glover Allce Robyn Stink Lena Aluce and Eruc Wlllard Franklin Shoftar Everette Wayne WIllIGmS Mr and Mrs J Carvlll deShlelds A Crawford Autkm Duck and Sandy The Gruesome Towsome Poppy, Lynn, Peg, Eleanor Frank T Daugherty Jr Mr and Mrs Roland Lamb 1'-ff K4 Klmgel Kay Kay and Gaul Mr and Mrs Matthew Harsh Lee Harsh Lee Kress Mr and Mrs Fred Motz Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mrs Harry Grauel Dr and Mrs J M Lopez Mr and Mrs C F lsennock John Motz A thur Wroten P Evans Gorman Robert Webb l08 Z V'-'M " '- 'P r"r fs W If l Y l ll f L l 1 ' A q . l s l Ht N , ul, I V Q Lulu Moose Baracuda Groove Mr and Mrs Benton C Mulllkrn Marcy and June Cheng Barbara Carol Ann and Sue Anne Bettre Lols and Marsha Mr and Mrs Marshall G Norns Marsha s Brothers Hugh and Mark Mrchael E Dale Mr and Mrs W W Rodgers J Henry Muller Wrllaam O Rockefeller Barbara S Prke Mr and Mrs WlllramS Prke Pat and Cliff Mr Fred Robbms Col and Mrs Ira Black Rlcky Robbms Bob Wilbur Nancy and Frank Ceewee Barbre and Jrmmy Srgrrd and Charlre Hochschrld Kohn Compliments of Sugar Ray Eugene and Ensor Ted Rugemer Susan and Jimmy Mr and Mrs R H Renoft Mr and Mrs Rrchard H Renott Gretchen Johnson Cholly Dellre Arlene and Sue Mr and Mrs ThomasM Kirby Dr and Mrs Roger G Debble and Jean Mrs CharlesR Holton Lormda Rugemer Cross Country Clothes Princeton Cycle Shop Stonelergh Card 81 Grtt Shop Compliments of a Friend Mr and Mrs Orln Kenney Mr and Mrs Thomas M Krrby Mr and Mrs G Murray Seal Complrments of an Aunt and Uncle Bobby and Gavrn Norllan Lmda Sandy l.oursa The Furious Five Mac and Mary Nell John Slrngluff Jr Robm Tony Monte and Sue Stonelergh Studio Duane and Johnny Charlotte and Gul Mr and Mrs Paul E Gorman Jr Mrs A Wurzbacker Dean and Doreen Flash Irma Tempest Mr Paul S Motz Mr Ralph Rexroth Roy s Drrve ln Jrm Frank John and Phrl Mr and Mrs Robert C Richardson Barbara and Dennis O Brren Mr and Mrs George R Jeanneret Penny the Hugger 8. Mary the Farry Dr Apltz Wrndsor IO9 ' I 1 1 . I I I . ' I I u 1 , . a . . I D I I . . . ' ' . ' , Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard l. Pike Sue and Jrmmy u . . I ' 1 n I I . . . , . . I I . ' I 1 ' . . : Q ' ' . 'V . I . I 0 A SENICJR S PARENTS GOHQIOAIGQQIQ la of I SHERWOOD FEED MILLS INC I O 2 I I OORS SR INTERESTED GRANDPARENTS A SENIOR S PARENTS C0l'l'Ll0Al'l'lQl'lf6 of I BUD TYPE CLEANER CCMPANY C0l'l'l,9Al'l'lQI'li5 O! RCBERT L WILKINSON INC Engineering Representative serving e Communication Equipment Industries BaItlmore4 Md Philadelphia Pa II5 C l , I th Avionic, Electronic, Radio O Q FOELL BROS. LEXINGTON MARKET Beef Pork Lamb and Veal We Pack For Freezer Open 8 to 6 Sa 7 7050 Mrs Lynch s Apparel Shop Compliments of a Fnend To a Fnend A Fnend of Kandl Foell s Compliments of M Henry Schott Charles S Austln Pharmacist York Rd and Murdock Rd Balhmore M DEANE INC Cleaners 600 Wyndhurst Rd Baltumore 10 Md HO 7 6060 EDMONSTON AND WILSON Betholrne Smclarr 33rd and Barclay Streets H6 I I I , . . . . . , . Jr. ' 'I I ., , . Wllllam H Sands Incorporated Towson 4 Maryland Arundel Federal Savmgs and Loan Assn 1906 1958 Savmgs Accounts Home Loans Construction Loans Safe Deposrt Boxes Hours 9 to 2 darly 7 to 9 Tuesday Evening All Accounts Insured up to S10 O00 by the ance Corp Patapsco Avenue and Fourth Street Baltimore 25 Maryland Photo Yflflhf? graphers to Baltimore smce 7910 Charles and Chase Streets parkmg m rear LE 9 3740 PAUL HAIRDRESSERS Taylor Ave at Loch Raven Blvd VA 5 2112 ll7 , : . - . Federal Savings and Loan lnsur . e ro5. ' ' Congratulations HEINZ S Rlverslde Abattolr, Inv. The Best m Beef 1900 I922 Lnght Street Baltnmore 30 Md Tel Plaza 2 4400 MARYLAND HOTEL SUPPLY CO INC 227 South Hanover Street Baltlmorel Maryland LExlngton 9 7055 Meats Poultry Brrds Eye Frozen Foods MILTON ART PRESS Photo Offset Prantmg 2222 Jefferson Street Baltimore 5 Maryland FRED C BAUER Florist l8I l87 Glttlngs Ave Baltlmore I2 Md IDIewood 5 8500 We telegraph tlowers WESTWOOD RESTAURANT IOI W 22nd Street Belmont 5 7287 Open Sundays SCHREIBER 8. JONES 6427 Baltimore Nateonal Palme Baltimore 28 Maryland Sportmg Goods-Athletuc Equlpment Rldgeway 7 9033 DON MILLER S GULF STATION Yorlr Rd 8: Woodbourne Ave Baltlmore I2 Maryland Phone ld 3 9800 Compliments of Mace Electric Co I Office-EAstern 7-I 866 I I 8 TOMKE ALUMINUM COMPANY A Division of Umled lron and Melal Co and lnc 4201 4301 Easf Monumenl' S'l'reel' li-O-Q' Balhmore 5 Maryland ' Compliments of Mr and Mrs Milfon.l Brownsfem FUNERAL DIRECTORS 1900 Eutow Place MAduson 3 4116 3 4117 --1-O-3- SANDS BROS INC Complele Building and Remodelm Service Your Home or Bus ness 704 York Road Towson Eshmales G ven Remodeling Planned Phone VA 5 7505 or Afler Business Hours HA 8 5839 VICTOR S MARKET 4804 Roland Ave Aged Prime Bee Agenls For SS Pierce of Boslon HO 7 082b CHARLES PLITTS Belvedere Seafood Serving fhe linesl Counlry Clubs and Resfuranls in Ballimore 5418 York Road Call ID. 3-5210 FIELDS PHARMACY ln fhe Pilresville Medical Cenler HU. 6-3300 Charge Accounls lnviled MOUAT AND OGRINZ Professional Pharmacisls Trading as Burriss and Kemp BE. 5-3332 Greenmounl Ave. and 33rd Slreel' Balfimore IB, Maryland ' . JOHN o. MITCHELL And soNs Inc John O. Mitchell, President . . .9 . - ' f C ompllmenfs of A FRIEND jl'll1J5Ll,00!! HENDLERS i 'k Compliments of Q Senior's Pore Ce I Complimenfs of a Friend 20 THE SENIOR PARENTS BEST WISH ES FROM The Secret Cf Success Is Constancy To Purpose CC Beniomin D el Best Wlshes FIELD s PHARMACY ,,,,,,, Pharmaclsts Slnce 1892 Parents of G semor In The P1kCSV111C New Medlcal Center Charge Accounts Invlted Ca Hu 6 3300 R E MICHEL COMPANY Inc COMPLIMENTS E N D MELINDA S DELIGHT 123 xx - I 0 l . 11 C mpl' f of 0 C , C pl' f f F ' d xx 1 ll Compliments O A SENIOR S PARENTS FRANCIS C DORSEY Appliance Corporation Electncal Contractors Dealers Resudenhal 81 Inshfuhonal Wlrlng 81 Repalrs Weshnghouse Appllances Tappan Gas Ranges Tappan and Thermador Burl! In Coolung Umis Kvlchen Planning wlfh Geneva Sieel Cablnefs 515 W Cold Sprlng Lane Belmont 5 9350 Belmont 5 4609 Compliments of BIGGS 81 CO BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 7958 ELLEN PRICE KEARNEY sc:-loot or BALLET ARNOLD W LOHRFINCK 3 E Lexlngfon SI' PL 2 2722 SA.IC 4 I Kifghen Aid Dishwashers Residential and Commercial Since I925 Best Wishes To The SENIOR CLASS DRL AMOC0 GAS ns the only clear whlte hugh octane motor fuel because lt s the only motor fuel that CONTAINS NO LEAD l EHIEIIJ 7 American Oil Company ,f J If f Gift Garden Gourmet Center 77 ,L-Z3r,J, VALLEY MART Falls Rd IMI No Mt Washington CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING 223 East 33rd Street BE 5 6449 PINEHURST PHARMACY d W S 6227 Charles Street A e f Drexel 7 7777 78 25 7 War an 5 L4 inc iue ' o o - ur.4er I a - 1 George H. Dashiells 81 Sons Co. 0 , , Fre . pitz Phar. v . Medicine Delivered Promply Kroh, Muller, 81 Knight, Inc Established 1878 INSURANCE SERVICE Consfofulafwns To'l'ham Bulldlng 210 E Redwood Sl' PI 2 2793 Balhmore 2 Ma TO THE CLASS OF 58 SIGNODE JERRY GEARY FLOWERS STEEL STRAPPING COMPANY P Ico G eenho ses Sparrows Pom? Maryland 5335 Park Heaghis Ave FROM AN AUNT AND UNCLE Compl e fs of MARNAT FOOD MKT Inc FRIEND Seven Male Lane and Marnal' Rd Pnkesvllle 8 Maryland George W Radebaugh 82 Sons Florists 120 Burke Avenue Towson 4 Maryland MEAT FOR BREAKFAST Valley 5 4300 Morton C Katz PUTS PEP IN YOUR STEP S AndN KATZ Inc ect D on I po e s 105 113 N Charles Sfreel' CHLORINATED PRODUCTS CO Inc Compl menfs of Bleach d Sla ch 126 O - ' I . imi r u ' , im n A of o . l O I Compliments of O o o I o Dir iam d m rl r i of o A "Lon - Dre" an r Harold G Burrlll 8m Assoc Compliments Registered Professional Engineers Power Heating Sewage 81Water Plant Design Estimates 8K Reports Mr and Mrs E K C johnson Baltimore 18 Md Congratulations Congratulations The Semor Class To A Semor TH From A Senior s Parents PARENTs AuxnuARv 127 I l 1 I of Industrial Heating 81 Air Conditioning to , U I E Compliments of the NORTHWAY APARTMENT C0 30NChI S Bt 18Md GRAUELS MARKET INC 4 2Rl dA Blt 11MyId CLASS OF 1958 Lucius White Edward Whlte And Associates I 70 . ar es f. al imore , . Congratulations I , . Famous For Fine Food O3 o an venue a imore , ar an ' Phone Mulberry 5-8876 John D. Beckley 81. Sons C. Davis Hogendorp, Inc. PAINTING - DECORATING Custom Builders I025 Cathedral Streei Baltimore I, Maryland Drexel 7-7200 TONGUE BROOKS 81 COMPANY Insurance BARBIE PH MARTY KAN DI MAC BARBIE IL SUE FRANK DI I29 Comphmenfs BOUCHER S OI' uLuuc1-1 FUNERAL Homes Fine Segms 4210 Belaur Road 2112 Dundalk Ave D'S""C"Ve CC"'dY HA 6 4 Gourmet Foods FFUI1 Basket YOUR Esfablashed 1888 KODAK DEALER Plaza 2 2114 SERVICE PHOTO 213 E Balhmore Sf Balhmore 2 Md 3017 Greenmouni' Avenue HERMAN BORN 81 SONS INC Est 1852 Motor Truck B0dI6S North Pomt Road Balhmore 24 Bayview Avenue Maryland 130 1 of f William Boucher 81 Sons, Inc. , . O 9 I ALL AROUND THE TOWN WITH 43 CEEEFCCQCCEJU SEQRES TO SERVE YOU! BALTIMORE 61 CHARLES NORTHWOOD EDMONDSON BALTIMORE Gm PINE O BRIEN CHUCK BRANDT PAINTS LOOK BETTER LONGER FRIENDS to Flulsnns... Compliments of PETERSCN HCWELL Si HEATHER Complete management and leasing service for trucks and handling equipment 2521 N Charles St Tu 9 6110 132 I companies operating fleets of automobiles Wm E Muller Jr George B Debnom III Presudent Vice Pres 8- Gen Mgr 845 West 36th Street Baltimore 11 Md Tuxedo 9 4788 For the ultlmote In Comfort Heohng use CHROMALOX ELECTRIC HEATERS ln every room with INDIVIDUAL ROOM THERMOSTATS Compliments of JOHN F REZENDES, INC. 133 ELECTRIC HEATING, INC. Compliments MRS .l MERRILL SHINNICK SR Compllments of cz Frlend of a Friend a Frlend Friend COMPLIMENTS OF A FATHER' Hofiman Surgical Supply Co , Inc 503 West Cold Sprung Lane Balhmore 10 Maryland TUxedo 9 5555 Ample Parlung WOODINGTON .IEWELERS WATCHES DIAMONDS a JEWELRY NORTHWOOD SHOPPING CENTER Balhmore 18 Md Mr and Mrs MlIton.l Brownstein 318W SCHULER THOMAS Helen M Fmger 8. Otto .I Fmger FLORIST Saratoga St Phone Mu 5 4305 Balhmorel Md T E Carey s Esso Station Charles 81 McKlm Ave DR 7 6647 7 7l'l7 Balhmore12 Maryland EARL SCHANKEN Bethollne Sunclarr Products Mountaln 81 Long Polnl' Roads Gibson Island 301 CH GCJOD GRIEF l34 of ' U I I . ! ! Compliments of ' l ' l I o I Compllments Of the BALTIMORE COLTS Compliments of THE FURST BROS CO 215 Leadenhall S+ Balhmore 30 Md Towson Arhst and Drafting Supply Co Valley Blue Print Company Art Engineering Crafts Ceramic Supplies 33 York Rd Towson 4 Md Valley 3 6404 SONIA S BRIDAL SHOP Brsdal Brudesmand Gowns 8. Accessorues Cocktaul Dresses 8. Accessones 2327 E Monumeni' S'l' Dickens 2 8588 Best Wishes to Class of 58 and Mrs John Aufhammer AMBASSADOR PHARMACY INC Chase K Mears Pres Prescription Specialist 39th Sfreei' and Canterbury Rd Belmonl' 5 6363 Balhmore 18 Fast Free Delivery FRANK C LONG SONS DECORATORS Pamtmg and Papermg 426 East 315+ Sfreel' Phone Belmont 5 1388 MRS A RYAN Beauty Salon Chesapeake 3 9444 3414 Greenmounf Ave l35 Q 0 . Q .I I I . - . I . Group Orders Filled - Free Alfelqfions 1 ' 1 . . I . ' - I ' ' , Ma. Maleshc Cleaners 8. Dyers BEST W'SHf5 Lawndale Avenue ond Wyndhursi Roland Pa rk Balhmore 10 Tuxedo 9 9761 fo fhe CLASS OF 58 EARL A MILLER MEN S SHOES CHALMER POHLMAN Sunoco Gas 84 Oll York Rd 81 Woodbourne Ave ID 3 9778 C D RUDOLPH 81 C0 HARDWARE 8. PAINTS Llghi' 81 Wes! Sis DUGAN S ESSO SERVICENTER York Rd 81 Bellono Ave Trauler Rentals Tune Up Brakes F S FISKE, Inc Caterer 1758 Park Ave Phone Madison 3 0930 1 ALTHA WRIGHT Realtor 401 Equliable Bldg Resrdenhal And Commercial Properhes ' , Md. I 1 1 1 Est. 7892 ID. 5-4440 . I - -2 . . 136 ATLANTIC CLEANING COMPANY B 5, Wshes 718 Walker Ave TO THE CLASS OF 58 A FRIEND ID 5 9644 SAMUEL KIRK 8. SON Inc BALTIMORE s OLDEST JEWELERS Charles SI Edmondson Village Towson fs e y C 8f C ysfal esf DyCeo g HAMPDEN CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDERESS 1007 W 36Ih SI IPIan'l'l Ch 3 95 354 E Umversrly Pkwy Ch 3 92 p e fs CLIFTON F ISENNOCK I5 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 55 Compl fs of ROGERS ARTISTS SUPPLY MADAM CLAIRE PREDICTS FUTURE GOOD LUCK Fon THE SENIOR CLASS Help us to Help Others SEND CLOTHING AND SHOES THROUGH FRIENDS OVERSEAS RELIEF 3107 N Charles SI' Be 5-4438 TRU ROL 9300 Pulaski Hwy Balhmore 20 Md 137 e i ' 1 From I O . Gif in Silv rware-Jewelr - hina r "Fin in r I nin " Com lim n of O imen er 1: ' , . FRIENDS SCHOOL 5114 North Charles Street Founded 1784 F rlends School Belleves that educatlon IS fundamental to the preservat1on and mamte nance of our democratic SOCICIY, that 1n a varlety of educatlonal mstltutxons l1es the poss1b1l1ty of constant progress ln developmg our herltage now and 1n the future that rel1g1ous values must be placed ln the center of our educa tlon, most oun eo le mature, Y 8 that educatlon must be concerned wlth all s1des of personallty physlcal mtellectual soclal and splrxtual that self d1sc1pl1ne grows through the acceptance of personal and group responslblllty that soclal sens1t1v1ty IS necessary for real democratlc leadershxp Blxss Forbush Idlewood 5 2800 Headmaster 138 S that co-education is the normal and natural environment in which , .. . , . 1 , . . . S 3 Comung Soon LOUIS C HASSLINGER CARRY OUT Seafood and Delicatessen Caterer church oyster and crab cake suppers oyster roast and crab feast Belvedere Garden Shoppung Center ID 5 7555 Best Wishes to the Semor Class from the FEINBERGS KIP DOG PETE DOG TOBE DOG CHERRY DOG Complvments of a FRIEND Compliments O A FRIEND 139 5818 Hillen Road-12 From A SENlOR'S PARENTS

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