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' , ,L af ' - 1 - , :-' ef ff -' ' ' 1 , 1, .fd Z. L . ,ff , , Q ,g ...', Y 'D f- Q- P. - . 217 , - 1, f .: , . A- 'I' f 'f' 1 .f I' . , . X 4 Q r . - N5 4' 4 Q 4 , . nA' , , f . ' . ' ' 1 f- . . -5 Ill f ' " ' A -. . -4 -V ,bf - -- , . " - 'ff 4 - Z - ' ' M.. Q . ...A f 9 N Mi" ., ,-f I. .f ' . 4 --4 Q' - t A , 1' , A 5. 1 ' 0 ,Z 4 -'wr -.a -me . -9?Q""pT -JG 5 ' L' ' . kit-L Q - . ff x ' 279, 1? "-'NfA,-',- YYY. 1 -14 Q' , 4 rar' . , 1' ., 1 - --- . , f K' ' -w--+:..---...- -, wf - ., , , . , .A ' 1'-gf -4 4 , . V -, - 4, . V , -- . , - -v Z-C - , Y .5 ,Y Y f , " 4 " -V i,,,,40 " 2 Q- S g' , J X. . . f 1 , if f P - g , 'Xi V, N . sq . Z, K Q 853- 5' f 1' '- ' 'Q W T7 4-5 " , .- ' 1- L .. f f 2. L -' , "zu ff gf? ' ' '47 gi, V. f, .ff- E ,jg f Q., 5' - -, ' , ' A fi ' 1 - QQ' 1. - .. ' ' ' V' L V- fl, Q'-QNX.. -- f- , , rf -. V PM F Q ", F , 2 1 ' . 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T --il T- Yi "' - "" - ,, as Tl-IE RECCDRD 1937 THE ANNUAL PUBLICATICDN OF THE SENIOR CLASS FRIENDS CENTRAL COUNTRY DAY SCHOQL I OVERBROOK-PENNSYLVANIA WE QE TIHE LEASE CDI 192 WHO HAVE HAD THE RRIVIEEGE OE BEING WITH HER DURING THE EAST DE EQRTY THREE YEAR9 smcmlm DEDICATE Quia REQQQD BOQK TO MISS ALICE FUSSELL OE UNSEETISH SERVICE AT FRIENDS' CENTRAL ECHOOE, RE'- af ,Vg ww R , QW' ,. K+, "W' w - SSS J' gs-umm , M ,V MISS ALICE FUSSELL APPRECIATIGN THE REQQRD BQQR STAFF WIQHES TC EXPQESQ ITS SINCERE ARPRE TQ MISS ALICE EUSSELL MR WALTER CRCLTCH MR ROBERT CADIGAN AND MR HCDBSCDN RITTMAN WHCDSE HELR AND SLIRERVISTQN HAVE CCDNTRIBUTED CEREATLY TQ THE SUCCESS QT QUR RECCDRD BUCK CIATION TQ ALL MEMBERS QE THE FACULTY AND N RARTICULAR THE MAIN ENTRANCE-UPPER SCHOOL ! v of DR. BARCLAY L JONES To Whom The Sensor Class Qvves Deep Gratitude For His Guidance and Help I I ,A Jl,, 'fig ,J!,, ,.f y I . A a, , . . X F A C U L T Y Top ROW. MR. HOWETI-I MR. SMALL MR. CADIGAN MR. RITTMAN MR. SI-IARR MR. CRAIG MR. FARRADAY SCCOFICI ROW1 M SS EDWARDS M SS JENKINS M SS BLACKBURN M SS RUST MRS. GOODWIN M SS I-IOLMES M SS I-IAMMER MR. CRATE M SS TOULMIN MR. SINGER First Row: MRS. FLICK MRS. I-IAWLEY MISS JONES MRS. MASON MR. SCULL DR. JONES MR. CROLIO-I MISS EISENI-IOWER MISS MUNROE MISS WOOD 'uw , X' A Nw 5 S Km V A CAMPUS AND MAIN BUILDING ARCHWAY AT MAIN BUILDING ? C O M N KNEE M E N T -fl ,, f ' . lIf1 ' SENICR CLASS CLASS OFFICERS Presidents EDWIN MARKEL POLLYANNA YOUNG Vice-Presidents WALTER KAI-ILER JEANNE LINTON Treasurers JACK DGWNS PEGGY RANKIN Secretaries SAMUEL FIELD RUTH MASSEY EDWIN MOSER MARKEL "Eddie" 1411 Fayette Street, Conshohocken, Pa, "A good tongue will drain dry a hun- dred ears" Eddie came to us in the Junior Class and immediately got right into the heart of things by running the Junior Prom and being a general hard worker. l-le got the boys so impressed with his earnest- ness that he was elected the President for the senior year. Ed has fulfilled the trust in every possible way. All the affairs have been run off smoothly and enjoyably and all of them were directly or indirectly responsible to Ed for their success. We know Ed's spirit will carry him through Lehigh with flying colors. Entered: A Class Offices: President, Senior Junior and Senior Prom Com- mittees Sports: Tennis Manager, Senior Clubs: Service Club Bridge Next Year: Lehigh University POLLYANNA YOUNG " O R. D. No. O, West Chester, Pa. "She is a collection of best things herself!" Polly may seem dignified and poised when she s enacting the duties of president but underneath that calm exterior, she's as excitable and full of fun as the next one In her merry moments, Polly never forgets to be thoughtful of others Everyone in the class can count her as a friend. Entered: A Class Offices: Captain of Blue and Gray, Senior Class President Sports: Varsity Lacrosse, Senior, Second Team Hockey A Varsity Hockey Senior Clubs: Service Club, A, Senior, Dramatic Club Senior Play: "Grandma Pulls the Strings," Senior Next Year: Rollins College RUTH LYLE MASSEY "Ruthie" 6441 Overbrook Ave., Overbrook, Pa. "It's the steady, quiet ones who win in the lifelong race" Ruth does things, she doesn't waste time talking about them. Her versatility causes many responsibilities to be heaped upon her able shoulders, but she manages them all without a complaint. Perhaps it's the Hollywood inspiration which ac- counts for her capabilities. She's the class authority on those stars of the Cali- fornia coast. On the athletic Field, Ruth is the best ol sports. Entered: J Class Offices: President, E, C Secretary, Senior Editor ol RECORD, Senior Assistant Editor, "Blue and Gray," Senior Secretary ol Athletic Council, B Hockey Manager, Senior Basketball Captain, Senior Gray Team Captain, Senior Sports: Hockey, Senior, A Basketball, B, A, Senior Lacrosse, B Baseball, C, B, A Plays: "Lady of the Lake," C "She Stoops to Conquer," C Marionette Play, B "Where's the Fire?" Senior "Jepthah's Daughter," B Next Year: Swarthmore College CLARENCE DeARMOND, JR. "Hey" 4809 Springfield Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. "Youth has ever a light heart" Clarence was one ofthe early members ofthe class. I-le left us, however, in the eighth grade. He returned in the junior year and undertook some of the worries of the F. C. S. "News" He was on the Junior Prom Committee and helped make the dance a success. This year he has been a great help on the RECORD BOOK. His choice morsels of news on the various school activities have made him a valuable asset to the RECORD. Entered: I Class Offices: Business Manager "Blue and Gray," F. C. S, "News" Staff, RECORD BOOK Sports: Baseball, Second Team, B, Tennis, Varsity, A Plays: "Where's the Fire?" Clubs: Service Club, Bridge Club Next Year: University of Pennsylvania WALTER KAHLER "Punch" 615 Villa Nova Avenue, Rutledge, Pa. "A little Held may grow good corn" Walt Kahler is blessed CPD with a repu- tation for being "cute." l-lis beaming countenance and ruddy complexion vir- tually light up any room. Walt is a serious worker and well liked by all. l-le is one ofthe fellows who organized and played on the varsity lacrosse team of 1936. l-lowever, he must now turn to worldly problems, for, today, he is a man. Entered: B Class Offices: Vice President of Senior Class Sports: Football, B, A Lacrosse, B Clubs: Sports Next Year: Undecided LOUISE HENRIETTA JONES "Weezie 400 Strathmore Road, Brookline, Pa "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" Louise is grand at starting things oh' with a bang like a skyrocket, beautiful, butshort of life. l-lowever, her cheerfulness is ample repayment for her tardiness and we're always glad to have her peppy company. Entered: J Class. Offices: Girl Chairman of the Student Council, Senior, President, A Sports: Hockey, Basketball, B, A, Senior, Tennis, A, Baseball, B, Second Team Lacrosse, A, B Clubs: Service Club, E, D, C, B, A, Senior Plays: "Lady of the Lake," C, Marionette Show, B, "Grandma Pulls the Strings," Senior Next Year: Simmons, Boston ANNE ELIZABETH DAVISON "Annie" Mayfair l-louse, Lincoln Drive at John- son Street, Philadelphia, Pa. "Her voice is smiling and her voice is sweet" Fate smiled her best the day Anne be- came a member of our class, Her popu- larity is unbounded, and no wonder. The cheery enthusiasm that shows itself in the classroom, the athletic field, social activities, and the work of her many offices, displays the reason for her popularity. Entered: E Class Offices: Class Treasurer, D Student Council, A, B, D Secretary of Student Council, Senior Athletic Council, A, C, D President of Athletic Council, Senior Sports: Class Hockey, A, B, C, D, E Class Basketball, A, B, C, D Second Team Hockey, C Second Team Basketball, C Second Team Lacrosse, C Hockey, B, A, Captain, Senior Basketball, B, A Lacrosse, Senior, A, B Baseball, B, C Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A, B, C, D, E Plays: "The Lady of the Lake," C "The Winged Horse," A "Jepthah's Daughter," B Next Year: Wellesley PAUL SWINERT MORY, JR. "Mountain Goat" 1417 Greywall Lane, Overbrook l-lills, Pa. "A truly great man will neither trample on a worm nor sneak to an emperor" Paul is one of our fly-by-nights. Since getting his car last year he has been in and out of the whirlpool constantly. His good nature has made him a mark for the suckers to shoot at. He has donea finejobinthe variousjobs that he has undertaken, including the RECORD BOOK. His endless efforts in the field of sport and other fields will bring results someday, and so we all wish him the best of luck. Entered: D Class Offices: RECORD Staff, Junior Class Secretary, Member-at-Large of Boys' Athletic Association. Sports: Football, D, C, B, A, Baseball, C, B, A, Basketball, B, A, Track, A Plays: "The Winged Horse" Clubs: Bridge Club Next Year: Boyertown Burial Casket Co. ROBERT TITUS KOHLER "Bud" 'lOO School House Lane, Ardmore, Pa. "Every man is the son of his own works" "Titus," while being one of the real he-men of the class, proved his mettle by being one of the leading students also. This young lad entered in the C Class and has had a finger in the student polit- ical pie ever since then. He was a mem- ber of the Student Council in both the B and A Classes, and was honored with the Presidency in his senior year. Buds secret passion is basketball, and we know he will continue his good work at Amherst. Entered: C Class Offices: Student Council, B,A, Senior President Sports: Football and Track, C, A, and Senior Captain Track A Soccer B Baseball B Basketball C, B, A, Senior Plays: "Where's the Fire?" Senior Next Year: Amherst SARAH PEDRICK HOOPER Sa y 615 Penfield Avenue, Penfield, Pa. "Honorable and conscientious" Sally can usually be found near somebody s piano She loves to play and we love to hear her. As is so often true of music lovers Sally has a cheery disposition and a rare friend liness. When she is challenged by a task she meets it conscientiously Entered: E Class Offices: Service Club Representative, B Exchange Editor of Blue and Gray Senior RECORD BOOK, Senior. Sports: Second Team Lacrosse, B, Class Baseball D A Class Hockey Senior C D E Class basketball, C, A: Class tennis C Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A, B, C, D E Dramatic Club Senior Plays: "George Washington," E, "Lady of the Lake C Next Year: Undecided ROBERT LORG JOHNSON "Bo Chatwood, West Chester, Pa. "A wise man gets learning from those who have ANN ISABELLA TATMAN "Nancy" Q40 West Montgomery Avenue, Haverford, Pa. "Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others" Nancy is famous among us for her lovely disposition, she's always cheerful, generous, and sympathetic. This is strange, because her favorite haunt is the theatre and you'd think that she'd absorb some temperament from the actors and actresses. They clon't seem to have the slightest effect, however, and Nancy goes serenely on, being everybody's friend. Entered: F Class Offices: Treasurer of E and F Classes Vice-President of B Class Treasurer of Glee Club, B Class Nursery School Staff, Senior Sports: Class Hockey, E, D Archery Team, A Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A, B, C, D, E Culee Club Senior, A, B Astronomy Club, B Plays:"Little Lady Dresden," E Class .- Lady of the Lake," C Class Where's the Fire?" Senior Next Year: Wellesley College b.. none themselves" Bob, although small in physical aspect, makes up for this deficit by an overabundance of fight. f-le played guard on a football team of BIG men and was one of the fortunates who played through the season with no major injuries. speaks, it is to say something worth hearing. Entered: Senior Sports: Football Clubs: Bridge Next Year: Undecided l-le is quiet, is this Johnson, but when he WALTER JOSEPH WAGNER HWGS.. 337 Dickinson Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. "To say the word 'laugh' is to speak of my weakness" Walt, the lun-lover! This title has already been gained by the Swarthmore lad who made good. His greatest claim to fame lies in his prowess as a pitcher, at which job he has been outstanding all spring. Another one-year man, Walt's main difficulty is untangling his name from Walt Kahler's. If a good nature and a pleasant smile mean anything, Walt is sure to get ahead for dear old F. C. S. Entered: A Class Sports: Football, A Baseball, A Clubs: Sports Club Next Year: College DIANA HARRISON FOOTE "Footie" 435 Shadeland Avenue, Drexel Hill, Pa. "The fruit derived from labor is the sweetest of pleasures" Scoop! Diana Foote, whom everybody sees only as the conscientious student who leads the list of high averages, really has a double nature! Don't let it get around, but when Diana gets started, she can be quite as silly as she is serious, and often sends her closest friends off into gales of laughter. Entered: C Class Offices: President, B, Lacrosse Manager, A, Athletic Council, Senior, Literary Editor ol "Blue and Gray," Senior Sports: Second Team Hockey, Senior, A, Second Team Basketball, A, Second Team La- crosse, A, Class Teams: Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, A, B, C Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A, B, C Plays: "The Lady of the Lake," C Next Year: Vassar BEATRICE MAY CLOPP "Bea" 'IO West Marshall Road, Lansdowne, Pa. "Knowledge is, indeed, that which, next to virtue, truly and essentially raises one man above another." Much to the enjoyment and amuse- ment of her classmates, Bea is always in a dither, arranging some little detail of her many responsibilities. She finishes all her work and duties without fail, and to per- fection, taking them very seriously, but one can't help being amused by the fasci- nating way in which she vvorlcs. Entered: A Class Offices: President of Glee Club, Senior Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A Glee Club, Senior, A Next Year: Undecided SAMUEL T. M. FIELDS '4Sam" Sandy Bank Road, Media, Pa., R. F. D. No. 1 "God is a good worker but he likes to be helped" Sam is one of those commuters who comes from so far out that he has to rise at the crack of dawn. His worlc in the afternoons lceeps him away from us, but we see plenty of him during classes, Sam joined us back in the eighth grade. Since then he has been class secretary almost right through to the present. His sly humor seems to come at just the right time, that is, just when things become a little pointed, he seems to help the situation. Entered: D Class Offices: Secretary, D, C, B, A Sports: Soccer, D C, B, A, Lacrosse, B, Basketball Second Team, C, B, J. V. Baseball, D Clubs: Service Club Plays: "The Winged Horse" B Next Year: College EDWlN L. HELLER "Ted" 749 North Sixty-third Street, Philadel- phia, Pa. "A wager is a fool's argument" Ted has been with us a good many years now and has made a mark in almost every sport. Good Sportsman, he has shared his troubles and joys with the ever-present Jack Bye, Ted was unani- mously chosen the best dancer of the senior class. lf the facts are right, then it's time that Fred Astaire gave up and went back to the legitimate stage. We'll miss his fine spirit on the football field, and let's all hope that he makes good in all he chooses to do. Entered: E Class Sports: Football, D, C, B, A, Captain '35 Baseball, B, C, A Next Year: Undecided SHIRLEY GORDON SMITH "ShirI" 31 Snowden Road, Cynwyd, Pa. "The most manifest sign of wisdom is a continual cheerfulnessn Here's a hot tip to Hollywood directors! Page S. Smith! For when it comes to dramatic ability, Shirley's really got something. When she's not offering competition to Garbo and Luise Rainer, she'll be offering it to another group of stars-the tennis variety, such as Helen Wills Moody and Helen Jacobs. Entered: E Class Offices: Secretary, A Class Sports: Class Hockey, D, E, C, B, A, Senior, Class Basketball, D, C, B, A, Senior: Class Tennis, D, C, B, A, Senior Clubs: Service Club, E, D, C, B, A, Senior Plays: "She Stoops to Conquer," C, "Flower of Yedclof' "Where's the Fire?" Senior Next Year: Upton School of Dramatics JANET GRAY "Gray" 108 Linwood Avenue, Ardmore, Pa. "Her value is her nature-not her size Size does not count for everything in this world, and a good nature often goes further than six feet of brawn and bone. Although one usually thinks of fashion models as being tall, Janet proves that at least one small girl can dress most effeztively. Entered: E Class Offices: Class Secretary, A Art Editor of "Blue and Gray," Senior "RECORD BOOK" Staff, Senior Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A, B, C, D, E Plays: "She Stoops to Conquer," C "Lady of the Lake," C "Grandma Pulls the Strings," Senior "Where's the Fire?" Senior Next Year: Undecided EDWARD DOWNING MARSH "Eddie" 5 Balfour Circle, Lansdowne, Pa. "A soldier fights on his stomach" Eddie has been a mainstay on the football team ever since '33, His blond curly hair is to be seen at all school functions and wherever a good time is to be found. f-le is not all play, however, and is always ready and willing to help a fellow in distress. Add to all this the ability to put his best in anything he attempts, and you have a picture of "Smilin' Ed." Entered: G Class Offices: Treasurer, C Class Sports: Football, Basketball, Baseball, B. A. Senior and P. G. Clubs: Airplane, C Class, Bridge Plays: "Alcestis," B Class, "Puppets," A Class, "Twelfth Night," A Class, "Neighbors," Senior Class Next Year: University of Pennsylvania WILLIAM THOMAS KELLY "T. K." 110 Llandal'-F Road, Llanerch, Pa. "A cheerful look makes a dish a feast" Tom is another old man. l-le started way back in the old days as a mere third- grader. Today he is one of our biggest boys. l-le plays First base on the ball team and does a good job. Until this year Tom hasn't been inclined toward the opposite sex, and so he has done a lot of the mean jobs around the school, such as being a ticket-taker at the Junior Prom last year. He plans to be an ath- letic director like Mr. Crate, some day. So good luck, Tom. l-lere's hoping you turn out a couple of All-American teams in the near future. Entered: J Class Sports: Football, A, B, C, D Basketball. A B, C, D Baseball, A, B, C, D Plays: "Merchant of Venice" Clubs: Service Club Next Year: Undecided JANE ADELE COMPTON Janey 'I63 Mountain Avenue, Summit, N. J. "Blest with that charm, the certainty to please Looking at Jane, one would think her sweet and charming Well she is but more than that, she has a surprising sense of humor and her closest friends know that she is the possessor of a most unexpected wit. Entered: J Class Offices: Vice-President, C, Athletic Council Senior Social Committee Senior Sports: Varsity Lacrosse, C, Second Team Hockey A Second Team Lacrosse A Varsity l-lockey, Senior, Second Team Basketball Senior Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A, B, C, D, E Plays: "Little Lady Dresden," E, "Lady ofthe Lake C Next Year: Undecided ELEANOR LORENE HIRST "Eleanor" 6625 Boyer Street, Germantown, Pa. "They laugh that win" Eleanor's diminutiveness denies the heartiness and volume of her laugh. What will the campus do next year without Eleanor and her little blue Ford to liven things up? Entered: A Class Offices: Nursery School Staff, Senior Clubs: Glee Club, Senior, A Service Club, Senior, A Next Year: Bryn Mawr Hospital School of Nursing JOHN VANCE DOWNS Hprincen 6490 Morris Park Road, Overbrook, Pa. "As long lives a merry heart as a sad" The Prince is one ofthe real old-timers ofthe class. 'Way back in the year 1997, John Vance was struggling through the second grade. l-le was one of our First members and is now a most able treasurer of the present senior class. Downsey is one of our best liked classmates. His lusty laugh and sharp wit make him an expert politician and "dues getterf' We predict with certainty a happy future for the Prince. Entered: I Class Offices: Class Treasurer, C, B, A, Senior, Business Manager of RECORD Sports: Football, B. A, Senior, Baseball, B, Senior, Lacrosse, A, Basketball, Senior Next Year: Lehigh University JAMES W. McGRORY "Dawn" Q70 Windemere Road, Lansdowne, Pa. "Great strokes make not' music sweet" Coming from Lansdowne High in his senior year, Jim adapted himselfquickly enough to become one of the class's stellar athletes. His Flaming hair, the like ol which was hitherto unknownst to man, hides the bashfulness of a mere youth. His reckless spirit and bashful good humor add a touch of spice to any usual school day. Another of Jim's hobbies is his feud with Tom Kelly. We hope that Jim comes out alive and healthy! Entered: Senior Sports: Football Baseball Basketball Next Year: University of Kentucky MARGARET IRVING RANKIN "Peggy" 37 Linden Avenue, Lansdowne, Pa. "A thing seriously pursued, affords true enioyment" Responsible positions and jobs well done are what one thinks of when he thinks of Peggy. But confidentially, if you ever heard her giggle, you could be sure her head is often filled with other than weighty thoughts. Does her sense of responsibility hide her silly humor, or is it the other way around? Entered: l Class Offices: Secretary, Class E, Class President, D, Student Council, B, Class Vice-President, A, Class Treasurer,Senior, RECORD Staff, Senior, Lower School Assistant, Senior Sports: Manager Basketball, Senior, Class Tennis, D, C, B, Class Hockey, C, B, Senior, Class Basketball, D, B, Class Baseball, E, D Clubs: Service Club, E. D, B, C, A, Senior Plays: "The Lady of the Lake," C, "George Washington,,, E Next Year: Wilson College JOHN RUD BYE "Jack" S259 Brookline Boulevard., Upper Darby, Pa. "ln the coldest flint there is hot fire" MARY ELEANOR RICHARDS "Mol Iy" 179 Cedarbrook Road, Merion Golf Manor, Ardmore, Pa. "Innocent, though free, patient of toil: serene amidst alarms" The pole star of Mary Eleanor's life is Penn. She is interested in anything or anybody connected with that great uni- versity. Perhaps it's because she's going to enter there next fall, perhaps it's for another reason. Anyway, Penn should be glad to acquire such a good friend and willing worker. Entered: B Class Offices: Nursery School Staff, Senior Sports: Blue Team Clubs: Glee Club, Senior, A Service Club, B, A, Senior Next Year: University of Pennsylvania Jack's earnestness is his greatest asset. l-le is still trying to gain a well-earned appoint ment to the Naval Academy. A prominent member of the football team, Jaclcs guard slot was never easy meat for an opposing back. Jack Bye is one of the members of the Student Council. Jack may be counted on to go far in world affairs. l-lere's hoping he gets that appointment. Entered: B Class Offices: Student Council, Secretary of Athletic Association Sports: Football B, A, Lacrosse, B, Track, B, A Clubs: Bridge Club Next Year: Cornell BENJAMIN LEWIS STATZELL "Ben" 939 Lindale Avenue, Drexel l-lill, Pa. "He knows most, who knows he knows little" Ben is our Admiral-to-be, and, by the leadership he has shown captaining the football and basketball teams, we know he will be a good one. Ben, although one of the strong silent members, has shown that he has Fire and determination and is always ready to lend a helping hand when needed. Sink or gather moss, we're all with you, Benny! Entered: B Class Sports: Football, A, Senior Captain Basketball, B, A Captain, Senior Baseball, B, Senior Lacrosse, A Next Year: Undecided LUCY FIELD CHRISTMAN ou Q13 Poplar Avenue, Wayne, Pa. "One hair of a woman can draw more than a hundred pair of oxen Lou can really "pack her punches," for each remark has a Flavor and significance all its own. We can't let her know we care too much for her but really she d be one of our choices for a desert island companion. Entered: D Class Offices: Class Secretary, C, Service Club Representative B Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A, B, C, D Plays: "She Stoops to Conquer," C, "So s Your Old Antique Senior Next Year: Undecided JEANNE PHYLLIS LINTON "Lint" 6909 l-leyward Street, Philadelphia, Pa. "lt is good to lengthen to the last a sunny mood" lt must be true that music lovers are good-humored. Jeanne is a capable pianist and member of the Glee Club, which may account for the fact that she is always a cheerful and willing companion. Entered: B Class Offices: Vice President, Senior Sports: Class Hockey, B Clubs: Service Club, B, A, Senior Glee Club, B 'friends' Central News," B, A, Senior Next Year: Duke University WILLIAM GORDON MUNROE Il "Monty" 413 Elm Avenue, Llpper Darby, Pa. "Let them call it mischief, when it is past and prospered, they will call it virtue" Bill stands among the least rewarded and in the top drawer ofathletes inthe class. One of the only consistent winners on the trackteam, Bill is also a good football and basketball man One would never hear from Bill of his achievements, as he is a shrinking soul when it comes to his own virtues although he is quick to sing the praises of another. That's one of the reasons we like him. Entered: B Class Sports: Football, Basketball, Track, B, A, and Senior Classes, Lacrosse, A Class Next Year: Friends' Central School FRANK MATTSON KNIGHT, JR. "LL C. L. A." Q15 Washington Terrace, Audubon, N. J. "Cut your coat according to your cloth"'s have a cheer for our ace cheer- leader, Frank CU. C. L. AQ Knightl Frank is responsible for one of the best organized cheering sections that Friends' Central's had in years. He also added golf to the school's sport list through his untiring efforts. Although he likes golf to the point of passion, he never will dis' close his score on his return. Supersti- tion? Frank has gained the reputation of being one of our most wide-awake members, and if he keeps up this attitude, he can't fail to be a success at Penn. Entered: Senior Sports: Cheerleader Golf Team Clubs: Bridge Dramatics Plays: "Flower of Yeddo," Senior Next Year: University of Pennsylvania BETTY McCOY "Bets" 6403 Woodcrest Avenue, Overbrook, Pa. "Laugh, and the world laughs with you" Betty's giggle is contagious, which is most unusual for a girl whose head is usually in the stars. Not the usual kind of stars, however, but those of the motion picture and football variety. Whether or not these "heavenly" thoughts are the reason for her constant cheerful- ness vve aren't sure, but the fact remains that Betty is practically always in a good humor. Entered: H Class Offices: Secretary of C Class Sports: Varsity Baseball, C, Second Team Lacrosse, C, Second Team Basketball, Senior, Varsity l-lockey, Senior Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A, B, C, D, E Plays: "George Washington,"E: "She Stoops to Conquer," C, "Midsummer Night's Dream," B, "So's Your Old Antique," Senior Next Year: Junior College BETTY JANE TAYLOR "B. J." 4608 Pulaski Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. "A merry heart doeth good like medi- eine" The nickname HB. J." sounds like a big business executive, but the UB. J." we know is quite a different type. Instead of being serious-minded and dignified, she is bubbling over with enthusiasm, and always has a merry word for everyone. When she has to make speeches before the class, though, even her good humor can't chase away her fits of terror. Entered: C Class Offices: Nursery School Staff, Senior Lower School Assistant, Senior Clubs: Service Club, E, D, C, B, A, Senior Next Year: Middlebury College ROLFE SEWELL MARSH "Butch" 5 Balfour Circle, Lansdowne, Pa. "To worlc is to waste time" "Butch" has been haunting f. C. S.'s varsity fields and locker rooms regularly for the past four years. One of his pet hates is the eligibility committee, but he has managed to steer clear of it for the better part of the year. Butch is one of our best friends, and we'll miss that carefree smile in later years. Entered: G Class Offices: President of Sophomore Class, Vice-President, Junior Class, President of Boys' Athletic Association Sports: Captain of Basketball, A, football, D, C, B, A, Basketball, D, C, B, A, Baseball, D, C, B, A Plays: 'iSo's Your Old Antique" Clubs: Dramatic Club Next Year: friends' Central School CHARLES LOUIS KATES, JR. "Chic" 177 Shelbourne Road, Manoa, Pa. "He never shuts one door but he opens another" Charlie is another diminutive member of the senior class. However, size doesn't seem to matter to him in the least, for he is constantly in hot water with someone. He has been trying to get on the varsity team for three years now, but he just doesn't seem to make the grade. l think that maybe the fact that we have boys like Eddie Marsh playing on the team would make boys like Charlie seem a little small. Charlie has a great sense of humor and is always able to give you a laugh. Entered: C Class Sports: Football, C, B, A Baseball, C, B, A Basketball, C, B, A Plays: "Neighbors" Next Year: Cornell PHYLLIS VIRGINIA GRISCOM Ginny 144 North Highland Road, Springfield, Delaware County Pa "Pleasure and action make the hours seem short Ginny has definite ideas and can usually find ways to carry them through Her con quests are many, but not too conspicuously Intellectual She s a big help to the class because of her grand company and we're always glad to yell Hi Gin' Entered: B Class Plays: "Grandma Pulls the Strings," Senior Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A, B Next Year: Bradford Junior College NORMAN LUFFBURY COSTELLO 929 North Sixty-fifth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. YSOBEL RUSH McCLAlN "Yozzie" 6310 Sherwood Road, Philadelphia, Pa. "Variety is the very spice of life that gives it all its flavour" One never knows, does one, what Yozzie will do next? lf it's true, as they say, that variety is the spice of life, she is certainly well Flavored. Trouble is, we don't know whether to expect vinegar or sugar. l-lowever, we can always count on her generosity to the lastdegree. Entered: B Class Offices: Record Book, Senior Sports: Class Basketball, A Clubs: Service Club, B, A, Senior Next Year: Undecided 'lNorm" "Blessed is he that expects nothing for he shall not be disappointed" Norm is one of the boys who has been with the Alma Mater ever since the second grade. l-le has given his services at various times as both president and treasurer. Although not an athlete himself, Norm follows the game closely and during the basketball season, it is easy to Find him at any Penn basketball game. Some people think he must see double, but they're wrong. lt's his generous heart. Entered: B Class Offices: President A, Treasurer D, E Clubs: Dramatics, Art Plays: "Merchant ol Venice," C Class Next Year: Undecided WILLIAM CLARKE ABBE "Bill" 8 Runnemede Avenue, Lansdowne, Pa. "A good swordsman is not e querreler" Abbe, another one of our First-year men, has earned the title of the most handsome in the class, and most justly so. His godlike profile has won the sighs of many a fluttering feminine heart. To those who do not really know Bill, his silence is his outstanding characteristic, but on the athletic Field his voice rings out clear and cool in the heat of the hot- test ol battles. Bill should be something of a Greek god at William and Mary. Entered: Senior Sports: Football Baseball Plays: "So's Your Old Antique" Clubs: Dramatic Next Year: William and Mary NANCY McFARLlN WARREN "Nan" 409 Strathmore Road, Brookline, Pa. "A good disposition I fer prefer to gold" Nancy is one of those lucky people who get along without visible effort and worry. l-ler friendly Flirtatious personality is well known around Friends' Central and where there is Nancy, there is lots of lun. Entered: D Class Sports: Class Baseball, D, C, Class Hockey, D, C, B, Class Basketball, B, A, Class Tennis, B, A Clubs: Glee Club, Senior A, Dramatic Club, Senior, Service Club, Senior A, B, C, D Plays: "Merchant of Venice," C. Class, "She Stoops to Conquer," C Class, "Flower ol Yeddo," Senior, "Where's the Fire?" Senior Next Year: Undecided LYNDON HALL SIMMERMAN Q04 Buck Street, Millville, N. J. "Good gifts come in small packages" ,MARY ELIZABETH CANNELL "Ditty" 511 Woodland Terrace, West Philadel- phia, Pa. "Humor has iustly been regarded as the finest perfection of poetic genius" Whenever there's a chuckle, you know Ditty's about. She is the happy possessor of an ever-ready wit and can always be counted on to brighten all dark moments and gloomy hours. Entered: J Class Offices: Class Treasurer, E Class President, D Student Council, C Class Treasurer, B Student Council, A Service Club Representative, Senior Sports: Class Hockey Basketball, Senior, A, B, C, D, E Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A, B, C, D, E Plays: "Jepthah's Daughter," B "She Stoops to Conquer," C "The Lady of the Lake," C Next Year: Undecided "Lindy" Lindy is famous for his perpetual grin. This smile is very contagious and we are all familiar with his earnest arguments for the bright side of life. The little man has proved a very valuable asset to any athletic venture this year, his performance being topped off by an all-Scholastic football performance. Next Year Lindy will return to win still further glory. Entered: Senior Sports: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track Next Year: Friends' Central School i JOHN FRANCIS KLEINZ, JR. "Dick" 546 Hampden Road, Upper Darby, Pa. "Better a diamond with e flaw than a pebble without" John joined us this year and became football manager. His helpful hints on the game, along with his spirit, made him one of the mainstays of the team. John is at his best, however, on the tennis court, where his streamlined, ever-present haircut gives him a big advantage over all comers. Not a genius, John still manages to haul down good marks and keep himself up to scratch. Entered: Senior Class Sports: Manager of Football Team Tennis, Senior Next Year: Drexel Institute of Technology EILEEN ELIZABETH PAUL GANO 163 Stoneway Lane, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. "The virtue of her lovely looks Excels the precious stone Eileen is always planning how to spend the money she expects to win at Bank Night As yet she hasn't won anything, but that insignificant fact doesn t dim her enthusiasm Every Thursday finds her expectantly attending the Egyptian Entered: C Class Clubs: Service Club, Senior A, B, C Next Year: School of Industrial Art GRACE EASTMAN MASON "Gracie" 440 South Fiftieth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. "Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind" An especially grand girl is Grace. She appreciates our poor humor and almost makes us think we're funny. Grace's smile is a wonderful one which helps her win many friends. Her under- standing of people and their problems makes her services in the Nursery School invaluable, where she is a member of the staff. Entered: A Class Offices: Nursery School Staff, Senior Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A Next Year: Business School ROBERT EDWIN RUSSELL "Baron" 123 Yale Road, Audubon, N. J. i'More are slain by supper: than the sword" The Baron is a one-year man but he has definitely left his footprints in the sands of our time. He likes plenty of amusement and always enjoys a good laugh. Bob is one of those outlanders from New Jersey who manage, with uncanny precision, to be on time for school the majority of the time. Interested in sports and the theater, we are sure Bob will make a success in any future enterprise. Entered: Senior Sports: Soccer Clubs: Bridge Next Year: University of Pennsylvania JOHN BURTON WARNER "Barrel" 332 Conestoga Road, Wayne, Pa. "Character is simply a habit, long con- tinued" Johnny has been a smiling member of the sober seniors ever since the sixth grade. His cherubic countenance hides the heart of a born practical jolcer, how- ever, and he is not as serious as he looks. Ever since his entrance, the names of Lord-Wood and Warner have been linlced synonymously, no matter what the enter- prise. John has really put his mind to the problem of college this year, and I'm sure we all wish him the highest honors at Dartmouth. Entered: G Class Offices: Treasurer, B Assistant Editor of "RECORD" Sports: Soccer Golf, Senior Plays: "Merchant of Venice," C "Where's the Fire?" Senior Clubs: Bridge Next Year: Dartmouth HANNAH STANLEY MOORSHEAD Hannah 44 East Greenwood Avenue, Lansdowne Pa "A cheerfultemper will make beauty attractive knowledge delightful and wit good natured There is never a dull moment when Hannah is around lt s hard to Imagine her being still for any length of time, for it seems to us that she is always on the go Whenever she sweeps into view, all cares and bad moods go Flying out the window for sorrow is an im possibility around Hannah. Entered: A Class Offices: Vice-President ol the Glee Club Senior Sports: Hockey, A, Senior Plays: "Where's the Fire?" Senior Next Year: William and Mary College FRANKLIN WILLIAM ANDREWS 85 Posedale Road, Overbrook Hills, Pa. ELEANOR SMOLENS "El" or "Ellie" 6157 Columbia Avenue, Overbrook, Pa. "She is pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with, and pleasant, too, to think on" Eleanor is here, there and everywhere. I-ler Iiveliness will always pep up any gathering. I-ler vivid personality should stand her in good stead if she ever fulfills her ambition of going on the stage. We wish her good luck, 'cause she is a good sport and a grand friend. Entered: F Class Offices: Assembly Committee, C Treasurer, A Business Manager of "Blue and Gray," Senior Business Manager of "Friends' Central News," Senior Assistant Business Manager of RECORD BOOK Sports: Class I-Iockey, Senior, A, B, C, D, E Class Baseball, Senior, A, B, C, D, E Class Basketball, A Third Team I-lockey, Senior Varsity Baseball, A Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A, B, C, D,E Dramatic Club, Senior Plays: "Lady of the Lake," C "St. Joan," A Next Year: University of Pennsylvania "Andy" "A colt is worth nothing unless he breaks his cord" Andy, with his immaculate attire and studied nonchalance, has been a Fixture on the campus ever since he entered in the B Class. Perhaps he is best known for his diminutive aspect and shock of wavy blond hair. This man of mystery is something of an adagio dancer in his spare moments. Entered: B Class Offices: Dance Committee and Track Manager, Senior Sports: Track B, A, and Senior Plays: "Devil's Disciple," B Clubs: Dramatic Club, B, A Next Year: Dartmouth College JACQUES JULES LEROUX III "Larry" 6452 Woodbine Ave, Overbrook, Pa. "ls it possible for a man who attempts many things to do them all well?" Jacques has acquired the knack of trying everything new that comes along. Much to the benefit of the soccer team last fail, Jacques turned his hand to that and developed into one of the ablest goal-tenders of recent years. His fertile brain is forever devising new ways to torture the teachers and tantalize his fellow classmates, Under his mask of facetiousness, however, Jacques is really a swell fellow, and l'm sure none of us will begrudge him the success he is sure to attain. Entered: H Class Offices: Editor of "Blue and Gray," B Sports: Soccer, A and Senior Plays: "The Father of Our Country, D "The Merchant of Venice, B Clubs: Boy Scouts Radio Photography Stamp Science Dramatic Next Year: Lehigh VIRGINIA STOLL "Vin' Green Hill Farms, Overbrook, Pa. "He who sings, frightens away his ills" lf you suddenly hear a lilting voice come soaring out at you through the air don t be scared-it's only Vin. She's apt to break into a song any day any time any place However if more people had Vin's cheerfulness and willingness to work lt certainly would be a wonderful world to live in. Entered: E Class Offices: Captain Badminton, B and C Class Sports: Class Hockey, E, D, Class Baseball E Badminton B C A Clubs: Glee Club, B, A, Senior: Service Club E D C B A Senior Next Year: Undecided ANN GRAY LIPPINCOTT "Annie" 351 Gowen Avenue, Mt. Airy, Pa. "A sense of humor that is unquenchableu A grand sense of humor is one of Ann's chief characteristics. She is always ready to laugh at anything and always too thoughtful to let any classmate spend a dull moment without the sunniness of her smile Entered: C Class Offices: Nursery School Staff Sports: Class Hockey Basketball, C Clubs: Service Club, C, B, A, Senior Glee Club, B, A, Senior Plays: "The Lady of the Lake," C Next Year: College EVERETT HARVEY LORD-WOOD "Tarzan 132 South Chester Pike, Glenolden, Pa. "A closed mouth catcheth no Flies" Although Everett is not the talkative kind, don't get the idea that he is quiet! Far from that. Up until last year, his favorite pastime was playing "Tarzan," with Jacques Leroux, the frenzied Frenchman, as the target of his monkey shines. Recently, however, his thoughts have turned to more serious subjects. One, the problem of gaining admittance to Dart- mouth, has added many a wrinkle to his youthful brow. To say more would be folly, so may the good will of the gods be upon him. Entered: A Class Offices: Class President, C, Vice-President, B, Art Editor of the "Blue and Gray," A, Reporter on the 'friends' Central News," C Sports: Football and Baseball, C, B, A, and Senior, Soccer, C Clubs: Boy Scouts, C, B Next Year: Dartmouth College WILLIAM RALPH HALL, JR. "Bill" 931 Lindale Avenue, Drexel Hill, Pa. "A spur in the head is worth two on the heels" Bill is the school photographer and can be found almost any day with his camera on the alert. lt's safe to prophesy a successful luture in photography for Bill, and so we will wish him luck right here. Our only regret in regard to Bill, is that we didn't have the opportunity to meet him sooner and know him longer. Entered: Senior Sports: Soccer Clubs: Photography Plays: "Grandma Pulls the Strings" "Where's the Fire?" Next Year: Wharton School of Com- mercial Finance GWLADYS PETERSON ' Petey 1415 Surrey Lane, Overbrook Hills, Pa. "Take no note of time" Gwladys has no doubt been influenced by what was perhaps her favorite lable in childhood-"The i-lare and the Tortoise If she has patterned her life after the tortoise here's hoping she'll be as lucky in winning the race Her sweetness is balanced by her keen sense of humor. Entered: Senior Clubs: Service Club Plays: "Square Pegs" Next Year: College CONSTANCE LOEB "Connie" 4990 Pine Street, Philadelphia, Pa. "Speech is great, but silence is greater" lf silence is golden, Connie must be a very wealthy person. Although she is so quiet we scarcely know when she is around, she is always punctual and friendly, and we can always count on Connie as a helpful companion. Entered: E Class Sports: Second Team Lacrosse, B Class Hockey, B, C, D, E Class Basketball, A, B, C, D, E Clubs: Glee Club, Senior, B Service Club, Senior, A, B, C, D, E Plays: "George Washington" "She Stoops to Conquer," C "Lady ofthe Lake," C Next Year: Undecided HENRY WILLIAMS HALLOWELL "Hank" Bethayres, Pa. "An ounce of patience is worth a pound of brains" l-lank is what is known around the campus as a "Farm lad," lt is a generally conceded fact that Henry is the tops when it comes to discussions on sports, and it is just as correct, but less widely recognized, that he is also the school's foremost authority on the ancient and preserved art of farming. l-lank's big smile is one of his main assets when it comes to the business of making friends, and we feel sure that he will be one of our "men to be proud of." Entered: C Class Offices: Basketball Manager, Senior Sports: Baseball A, Senior Clubs: Dramatics Next Year: Penn State WILLARD PUGH "Bill" 845 North Sixty-third Street, Philadel- phia, Pa. "Genius is Patience" lf a man is to be judged by his deeds rather than his words, then let not silence stand for ignorance. Bill is a newcomer this year from Overbrook High, but already his silence has become a part of Friends' Central's hallowed tradition. Everyone wishes him happiness, Entered: Senior Sports: Football Clubs: Bridge Next Year: College ELIZABETH MARY ARMSTRONG "Betty" 6310 Sherwood Road, Overbrook, Pa. "Goodness of disposition is the gift of nature" BZUYI with her "Oh, my gosh!" can wall: in anywhere, anytime, as far as we're con- cerned. l-ler cheery disposition is welcome to everyone and her excitable manner often aifords the class much amusement. Entered: B Class Sports: Gray Team Clubs: Service Club, Senior, A, B Next Year: School of Design FREDERICK GREEN, JR. "Harpo" 300 Ninth Avenue, Haddon Heights, N. J. "A little man may cast a great shadow" KATHERINE JANE HOWELL "Kitty" 38 Haverford Road, Oaklane, Pa. "Life is not so short but that there is always time for courtesy" Unfortunately, Kitty did not join Friends' Central's ranks until this year. However, she made up for lost time by winning many friends with her pleasing personality and cheery disposition. We wish we had known her longer. We seem to have missed something. Entered: Senior Clubs: Service Club Next Year: College Fred is outstanding for his energy and good humor, two qualities that will take him far in life. He joined us this year as a Post Grad from Haddon Heights. His antics as fellow- cheerleader with Frank Knight, persuaded a lot of noise from the Friends' Central student body. Fred plans to be an electrical engineer after graduation. Maybe someday he'Il land the position of electrocutor at Sing-Sing. Entered: Senior Offices: Presenter, Cheerleader, Senior Sports: Soccer, Track, Senior Clubs: Bridge Next Year: University of Pennsylvania HERBERT ARNOLD TRUCKSESS, JR. "Truck" 'IO6 Maple Avenue, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. "One bunch of grapes is ripened by another bunch" Herb is the swing king of the senior class. His dancing Fingers are a good combination with a steady head. Herb just joined us this year, but it seems as if he was always among us. Whenever we need an orchestra for a prom, Herb is one of the First consulted, and the results have always been gratifying. Earnest and always willing, we wish him success in "Swingcopation." Entered: Senior Class Sports: Soccer, Senior Tennis, Senior Golf, Senior Clubs: Bridge Next Year: Wharton School AUDRIE FRANCES GARDHAM Audie 7310 Sherwood Road, Overbrook, Pa. "Ease with dignity" Maybe it's temperament, and maybe not but whatever it is we like it Nothing we say can bother her, and she can usually go us one better In her famous deep voice Keep it up, Aud,-we like you! Entered: A Class Offices: "Friends' Central News" StaFf, Senior RECORD BOOK Senior Clubs: Glee Club, Senior, Service Club, Senior A Plays: "Flower of Yeddo," Senior Next Year: Guilford College, N. C. WILLIAM EDGAR BOYD, JR. ..Ed.. 136 Garvin Boulevard, Sharon Hill, Pa. "A good workman is never overpaid" Edgar, along with being the best "skip artist" in school, is the best political conversationalist. Gne of his pet in- dulgences is putting the scenery up and acting in the various dramatic attempts of the school. Ed seems headed for a senatorship and we look with skepticism at the country when that time arrives. Edgar has a wonderful and odd collec- tion of antique glass in which he is very interested. "Eggs" is going to settle down and work next year, he thinks, so we wish him luck. Entered: H Class Plays: "The Father of Our Country," D "The Merchant of Venice," B Clubs: Dramatics Next Year: Undecided JAMES WATSON SUPPLEE "Sup" 'I41 Lodges Lane, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do day-after-tomorrow" Watson is one of our dreamier members. His slow drawl and equally slow mannerisms make him seem very humorous. He is likeaturtle, he always seems to be drawn up in his own shell. Every once in a great while he opens up with a remark that keeps you laughing for hours. Perhaps he has a touch ofthe genius in him-well, a touch. Entered: C Class Sports: Soccer, C, B, A, Tennis, C, B, A Clubs: Radio Club, Dramatics Club Next Year: Undecided GEORGE COREY McGINLEY "Moose" Q01 West Maple Avenue, Merchantville, N. J. "Seize what is highest and you will possess what is in between" Moose is a go-getter. These words describe him to a Moose has shown his will to succeed onthe athletic Fields and classrooms of Friends' Central. Every morning Moose covers all the territory between Merchantville and Philadelphia in time to arrive by 9:49 precisely. l-le must start with the sun! l-lere's hoping Moose makes his All- American dream. Entered: B Class Sports: Lacrosse, A Football Track A, Senio Clubs: Bridge Next Year: College LOUISE CADWALLADER LEEDOM ee 832 Marlyn Road, Overbrook, Pa. "A friend is worth all hazards we can run Louise isn't very noisy, and it's dilficult to know sometimes when she is around l-low ever, her funny little laugh shows that she is usually in a sunny mood more so in the spring as she gets a chance to play tennis, her favorite game Entered: E Class L S d Team, B Class, Class Tennis E D Class Basketball D C A Class Sports: acrosse, econ Hockey B Clubs: Service Club, D Plays: "George Washington," E Next Year: Drexel Institute MARY LOUISE HOFFT "M'Lou" 5 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. "And mistress of herself, though China fall" lVl'Lou has that rare faculty of always being cool, calm and collected. We certainly admire her poise and confi- dence. Sl1e's a grand friend and can always be counted upon to accomplish anything she undertakes. Entered: A Class Clubs: Glee Club, Senior Service Club, Senior, A Plays: "St. Joan," A "Grandma Pulls the Strings," Senior "Where's the Fire?" Senior Next Year: Rollins College, Florida MAURICE HOWELL HALL "Morry" 931 Lindale Avenue, Drexel l-lill, Pa. "lf a man empties his purse into his head no man can take it away from him" Morry's size and pugilistic attitude make him felt all over the school. l-le and his brother Bill, are a perfect set of opposites. Morry has talcen charge of the storeroom in the gym and guarded the school's athletic supplies againt all invasion. l-lis "up and at 'emu attitude is sure to be a great help to our fighting midget in later years. Good luck! Entered: A Class Next Year: Undecided SALUTATORY E ol the Sensor class extend a cordlal welcome to the mothers and fathers, to our teachers and schoolmates vvho have come to help us enjoy thas our Class GY Together vve have vvorlced and played lor quite a tevv years There rs no need to elaborate on the happiness We have earned and the lmovvledge vve have obtarned here at Frrends Central As we loolc baclc on the many happy hours spent together, we are glad that we have at last reached thus one ol our most rmportant red letter days Qur gratrtude for the happy years and for vvhat vve have learned go hrst of all to our parents They have made all ol thus possrble vvlth thelr constant help and therr loving care Unselhshly they have made many sacrrhces to gave us this great opportunrty They alone can understand the true srgnrhcance that thus day has lor us We lmovv that they vvlll contnnue therr larth an us as they have done unlarlnngly rn the past May vve next thanlc Dr Jones, our prrnclpal, and the members ol the faculty Through therr guidance and teaching we are novv prepared to look lute rn the lace and to step lorvvard unalrard May vve lulhll the hopes ol our lrrends by becomlng successful and rendering service an the drlterent helds vve have chosen and may we remember that vvhatever we may achieve we ovve to our training at home and at school And novv we vvant all of you to join In the laughter and garety ol thus Class Day and help us forget for a levv hours that thus as our last Fling of lun as hugh school students that tomorrovv we vvrll be alumna of Frnends Central School pOllYdl'1I'1d Young VALEDICTGRY ODAV vve talce an Important step on the pathway of lute The past cannot be re -lrcaptured, the future must be made We leave behind us that period of youth rn vvhnch vve have been led and guided by our parents and teachers, and vve gaze lor vvard unto the future vvhlch vve must burld for ourselves We should proht by our mrs talces and shortcomIngs of yesterday and use our experIence and traInIng IN burldrng lor tomorrow l-lere at l:rIends Central we have receIved excellent traInIng and guIdance through out our school lIle, and for thIs we oller our srncere apprecIatIon to Dr Jones and the faculty We are also sIncerely grateful to our parents for SIVIHQ us the opportunity of comIng here Today we dISbdUd as a class, henceforth we shall be lcnown as IndIvIduals Many of us wIll enter other InstItutIons of learnlng Qthers of us wIll hnd posItIons In the busIness world and wIll turn to the tasl4 of earnIng a lIvIng But wherever we are, whatever we do, we are now IndIvIduals recognrzed lor our own merrts and accomplIsh ments Never have we had greater need of character of VISION of courage and lauth In ourselves Qur country IS young and It, lrlce ourselves, IS startlng on a new era ID whlch It hnds Itself compelled to change many of ItS customs and Instrtutrons It has a future of lf1l:l nrtely greater possIbIlItIes than those of whlch any past age has ever dreamed lts prob VISION to bulld a natIon free from the defects of the past Every one of us has a character, and each character IS dIFlerent from all others Part of our character IS born In us, the rest IS developed through traInIng and experIence as we pass through llle Qur character IS deep wIthIn us and IS the controlllng force of our IVCS lt dICtdtZS every Important decIsIon we malce and on It depends our success or laIlure, our happrness or unhapprness l-lere at Frrendsl Central, ID the classrooms, In our socIal actIvItIes, through contacts wIth the faculty and our lrrends, and on the athletrc lIelds, our characters have been carefully molded Into what they are today As we go on through lIle our characters wIll contrnue to grow, and now we alone are responsIble lor theIr development ID a manner whIch wIll malce us more desIrable men and women We are sorry to leave l:rIends Central and ItS CDVIVODS It has been a most Important lactor ID the shaprng ol our lIves, and happy memorIes of the school wIll remaIn wIth us always We hope that the Splflt ol our class wIll contrnue to lIve, and that as tIme goes on we shall come baclc here as dlUmUI But now we must peer Into the future wIth fervent expectatIon and awart wIth eagerness what lIle has to otler Edwrn Marlcel ' I I I . . lems are a challenge to us. Qur country needs men and women with character and with 'n 71-. C Sx 11. pq' f' ff' 'v ,mi .4 AM, 1, 2 it ef f G RLS HISTORY AY baclc un T996 Fruends Central moved out to Qverbroolc and un uts furst Second Grade un the new locatuon were some of the members of the present class of 37 These orugunals were Louuse Jones, .lane Compton, Mary Eluza beth Cannell and Ruth Massey, who entered un the second half of the year As tume marched on, our class uncreased un number, some members dropped by the waysude tus true, but even more became permanent, so that today there are quute a few of us who can exchange tales of those Lower School Days We had a great deal of experuence un dramatucs un the Lower School It seemed that every subject we studued un hustory had to be portrayed on the stage un our efforts to further our actung ambutuons We gave plays concernung Wulluam Penn the Vulongs the Greeks, the Induans, and the Spanush, to mentuon a few Everyone who was luclcy enough to be a member of our Fufth Grade, remembers the way un whuch we converted our class room unto a medueval castle a la Kung Arthur, and how proud we were when our be havuor warranted lcnughthood Qur year un suxth grade us referred to as our reugn of terror, but lm afraud our teacher, Muss Wood, got the worst of ut As an example l thunlc we can all remember the day when two of the gurls were loclced un a closet by some of theur playful colleagues Thus dreadful crume was commutted just before french class and we created quute a stur by crawlung between the walls and tappung on the wrong sude of the blackboard We celebrated our graduatuon from the Lower School wuth a pucnuc un Morrus Parlc Woods It seemed to have been quute a warm day and the creelc proved too much of a temptatuon so we went un wadung Alas and alaclc, Butch Marsh fell completely un and were the gurls embarrassed when he was forced to talce off hus shurtl And then came the Upper School we felt very umportant undeed, when we furst entered the seventh grade, but ut dudn t talce us long to duscover how obscure we really were un the eyes of the upperclassmen, and thus caused us no luttle but of duscomfort We uncreased our class that year wuth Anne Davuson Janet Gray Shurley Smuth Louuse l ee dom, and Connue Loeb The eughth graders gave us a l-lallowe en party and that us how we began to get acquaunted The Senuors especually the football players became our gods and we sumply luved for he least but of attentuon from them We contunued our unterest un dramatucs by guvung the play Luttle Lady Dresden ln the eughth grade our only newcomer was Lucy Chrustman the gurl wuth the flamung loclcs For our homeroom teacher we had Muss Day, who stands out un our munds as a nughtmare un hustory class but swell at other tumes How we dud hate to recute hustory un her classl By the tume we were freshmen, we felt that the home stretch was comung unto vuew We were begunnung to be accepted un the upper curcles we could attend the buweelclys Also, we began to study umportant soundung subjects, such as buology The furst half of the year we had Mr Tobuas, and, though he scared us half to death, we all hated to see I 1 . - ' - . . I l 1 ur , , rr , j ' 1 7 . . ru H ' 1 1 . . . H . H ' . - 1 1 . . 7 . I 1 1 - ' . , I . . ,C D . . L , , . L . , . . . . H . U 1 ham leave Fraends Central When we weren t readang Davad Copperfaeld and The lhree Musketeers we were busy presentang two very successful plays, The Lady of the l.al4e, and She Stoops to Conquer Qur tenth year sped by, and an thas year we started the much emphasazed Enterprase ln connectaon wath our studaes an thas new system we presented a maraonette show, called The Wanged l-lorse, or Bellerophon fands Adventure -lhas was so good we had to gave at agaan before a group of fraends At the end of the year our class receaved ats farst publac recognataon by mal4ang a daasy chaan for the graduatang class of 35, whach everyone saad was the prettaest one they had had an years However, rumor has at that each sophomore class receaves the same complament, so part of the glory has faded ln the aunaor class, the usual dassensaon arose over the class rangs but was fanally settled to the apparent satasfactaon of a great maaoraty Qur prom, held at the New Aronomanlc, was a bag success, an spate of the fact that we had no few controversaes over plans for at the Barclay, and at turned out to be a grand affaar We safely returned from an educa taonal as well as naghtmarash trap to Washangton on whach l m afraad our land chaperons, Mr and Mrs Crouch, had quate a tame of at To add a couple of more events, both Anne Davason and Polly Young lost thear appendaces thas year l thanlc l maght safely add that the garls who have been connected wath the Nursery School have found at very anter estang and enjoyable And so, at last, we have reached the end of our road and are about to turn onto one much broader and longer than thas has been We have had our day at the top, and l hope have been looked up to, an turn, by the lower classes as we loolced up to the senaors an our younger days My last wash as that the bonds of fraendshap that have been formed here at school between us wall not be brolcen by the separataons whach are to follow an the years to come Mary Elazabeth Cannell BOYS CLASS HISTORY w E have refueled at every stataon untal today we have one of the largest classes er to leave Fraends Central Qur class was founded an the farst grade wath Everett Lord Wood as ats charter member ln the followang year Norman Costello and .laclc Downs sagned up We had plenty to do an those days eat, sleep and play ln the saxth grade we grew to be a rather large class How many of us remember the play company of Costello 84 Co and ats arch raval, Clarlc 84 Sons, who presented weelcly thrallers for the eraaoyment of everyone? l-low can one forget the antacs of Jaclc Culver as he Fell over baclcwards, whach he dad at least a dozen tames a day, or has radao set whach he brought to school . . . . I , Qur senior year has been very successful and eventful. We held our Senior Prom at Y Ahl The big leap Seventh grade at last, only six more years We met the upper school teachers and accustomed ourselves to the various new tasks before us We then proceeded to get ourselves a reputation, which we cherish to this day that of being the noisiest class in the school This fact combined with the fact that we have a rather large class, makes a constant threat to tranquil atmosphere Clarence DeArmond left us in the seventh grade only to rejoin us in the junior year As the year drew to a close we gave the operetta, George Washington Eighth grade' Several new boys joined us l.eewood Qgden, Ernest Essig and George Muellerschoen Mr Crouch was our homeroom teacher as well as math instructor Boyl Did he tell jokes' l-low many of us remember Maynard Clark and Evan Boden s attempt to break each others tardiness record Maynard won, he couldnt get here more than five days straight without being late His pet excuse was the car wouldnt run any faster Ernest Essig was always a great attraction Since his parents were in the bakery business he often supplied cakes for everyone As we had several stamp col lectors in the class, Mr Crouch proved to be a drawing card also Spring fever, and then June, and another year drew to a close Qnly four more years to go Ninth grade was a great year for us Dick Stoll and all his germs and uncles joined our staff as did Sam Fields Paul Mory Bud Kohler and Henry f-lallowell Mr Gracey was our English teacher with Mr Crouch as homeroom teacher again Mr Gracey was the only man who ever successfully put a stopper on answer Seventy five words to be copied from the dictionary with full meanings Johnny Lawrence was a great big fellow and every time he moved his body the floor and chairs protested loudly along with all sorts of sighs and ah h hs coming from Johnny The results were inevitable and he joined the club At one time he had three hundred and seventy five words to write Unfortunately, John moved to Reading Penna , and we also lost George Muellerschoen through the death of his father We were sorry to see them go We are now second mates only three more steps to make Again we take on a load of passengers Sam Publicker, Frank Andrews, Watson Supplee, Bill Monroe, Ben Statzell and George Moose McGinley Several of our group felt sufficiently grown up to attend the Senior Prom Were we really growing up? What was to happen to us in the future? Ed Lambrect tried to answer this question by reading Ten Days on the Moon and other ten cent thrillers As fast as they appeared they were confiscated, but to no avail l-lis supply seemed inexhaustible thats the real reason that the Union News Company is still in business today This year was the start of the finish, marks were to count for college credit this year, and there was some evidences that people were going to college We are juniors' Clarence DeArmond, Ed Markel Jack Bye and Walt Kahler joined us, Clarence for the second time This business of being a junior had its worries and lots of them, but Ed Markel shouldered them immediately and because of his fine work . . . . I . , .. , , , I I our noise. l-low did he do it? l will tell you: the seventy-five-word club was the 1 . n . . i ' a . . h I . . was chosen senior class presrdent Qur class vvas vvell represented on the football team and other varsity sports We gave the seniors plenty of business for the Senuor Prom Plans for the Junnor Prom were late ID being started, but vve had good luck all along and a fine night for the dance It was held at the New Aronomlnlc Country Club Here at lastl It has been a long trup but well worth at We have many fond memories to lool4 bacl4 on Quite a large group jolned us In our fnnal year Bob Johnson, John Kleunz, Bull Abbe Jim McGrory, Frank Knight Fred Green, Ball and Maurice l-lall l-lerb Trucl4sess, Walt Wagner, Bob Russell, and Lundy Snmmerman The Sensor Prom was held at the Barclay thus year and was a grand party Everybody had a great time on the Washnngton trap, and vve were graced vvuth perfect sprung weather the whole time And novv we are saying good by to Friends Central and going our varsous vvays It has been an honor to represent the school, and many of us hope that because of our splendnd traunlng and fune background guven by the school We vvlll talce our place at the top of the ladder and look dovvn and say, We graduated from Friends Central School John B Warner GIRLS CLASS PROPHECY The scene A dlstrlct nlght court on the nught of June the thirteenth, some Fruday In the future Judge Eleanor Smolens us presldung vvrth Grace Mason acting as court stenographer Judge Smolens us spealcnng Qrder order un the courtroom' The class of 37 vvrll address the court statung name and occupatlon at the present tlme Your honor l have been asl4ed to act as spolcesman for the class State your name, please Constance Loeb Your l-lonor Constance Loeb you vvnll talce the stand Do you solemnly svvear l do not svvearl Very vvell We vvlll proceed vvuth the cases at hand Your l-lonor, l vvlll start vvuth Janet Gray She rs now closely assocuated vvuth the Mason l-lamlln Plano Company l understand that she has the lcey to the sltuatuon, vvlth no strings to the attachment either Uh, yes, and Ditty Cannell has justsugned acontract with the Naples Evening Gazette pledglng to elucidate on the Ins and outs of your problem chuld and mane perhaps you have neglected your chrld Judge If he refuses to eat his Wheatles, just send for Mass Cannell, she s a great psychologlstl The latest thung on the marlcet has 1ust been Invented by Mary Eleanor Richards the renovvned chemical research technician lts a special chemncal solutuon, absolutely guaranteed to remove all warts and fungus growths from oyster, clam, muscle and No Knox Shells A great vvorlc that' I I I . . . 1 . . 44 , , ,, I I . . . 1- . 1 . . I . I A , as , . 44 nr I . ll YI 44 as , . 44 , Qu , . . 44 H 44 , , H 44 , , , 4 4 . , 4 1 A , . 5 . ' . H . . . . 1 . Y , , 4, , . . C , . . v . 11 . . . - , I V 4 . ' - v ' 4 I - 4 Nan Warrenls toe slapping wuththe famous Slap toe l.earn l-low to Slap Tap and Flop Ballet Corps If anyone present un the courtroom would be Interested, lessons by Mass Warren herself may be had for the small sum of twenty hve cents per lesson plus a beautiful palr ol tap sllppers absolutely free Eleanor l-lnrst as now Charge Nurse at the Catch All l-losputal lhear that she IS gettlng swell pay for holdlng pulses Dlana Foote has just completed the second lnher serlesol novels on The Murders In the Dead Pan Morgue Gwladys Peterson has recently opened her exclusuve hat shop on Frith Avenue She has named her shoppe Shap Oh De Lux l wonder If they are washable, or perhaps she has turned commercial Our own Louise Jones IS also a graduate nurse l-ler time ns spent watching people s temperatures ruse lhey say the early rnser Euleen Gano has just had her latest plece ol sculpture, titled Beauty and the Step mother, accepted by the l-lome for lncurable Mammals B J Taylor, having completed her college education, as at least ornamental, even though she :sn t doing anything an the busrness world Betty Armstrong IS now In Pans desugnung dresses for Simone Simon Srmone says her creations are veree veree delovely Ginny Gruscom IS now her lather s pet stenographer l suppose that means that all conhdentlal letters slup through Ginny s hngers Anne Davrson,famed psychologust,us now rn lndua trying to decipher the great mental mystery of why Gandhi refuses to eat during certam periods Perhaps some ol Mass Cannell s tactics concerning Wheatles, or her pamphlet, Splnach, Sand and Your Chuld would be helpful Lucy Chrlstman has turned Flower gurl recently no, not a wedding yet l.ou IS merely posynng around The Dog Would Barlc Flower Shoppe Jane Compton IS now busily engagedun TYPE ulyung letters loraleadung New Yorlc lrfe unsurance company, namely, the Don t Compton Your Lute lnsurance Co Our class of 37 presldent,P ally Young, has lulhlled her Interest In horses byopenlng a rrdlng academy In Sarasota, lflornda Pol has also lnaugurated a new rldung habit style to be worn when inexperienced ruders come to the academy The new habit rs as called the Grape l"lablt you see the costume as lined wlth clusters ol lavender balloons Kitty l-lowell has Flnnshed her college education andlstryung to decude which head to turn l understand that there are plenty ready to be turned Ysobel MCCldInISSlIll trying to malce up her mind whether to come out, come up or to just study along the artlstuc lanes She mught try the Bell telephone lnnes M Lou l-lohft, Shurl Smlth and Audrue Gardham have all three successfully brolcen unto radio Shlrl as Qllve Cyl s grandmother, ns doung some neat dramatlzlng on the l7opEye program M Lou ns portrayung the Une Woman an Qne Man s Family, .4 , 1. , U , 4 - - I , - . ' 1 4- . . 1 , 1 1 , , ll . . . . 4 , , U . . 1 s A , . . . . . . 3 . 5 . 7 . . . . 1 s H. , , , , . 7 . . . . 'K . . . . . . 4 . , 1 s , . U , , , s . . 4 . . V . ' 4' . . . . . . . v . . . 1 . , 1 l H , 1 , s C . D 1 1 , 1 , I 4 1 H , , , . 1, , . . , 4 , , s ll 3 . . . . . . . . . I V . . - . . 5 . ' . . . 5' . . . . V - . . H . . . . . ' " ' I - . . . . ' ' - 1. , 1 , s , - .- 1 . 74 . 1 . I . 1 . . . . ' 1 U rn n I I 1 I . 1 v , 1 whlle AudrIe IS responsIble for that non compos mentIs song that all slIng bands are slIngIng tntled And LIttle Pxudne Laughed' Nancy Tatman, noted mental dIsease dIagnostIcIan has recently found that If 60 per cent of blcarbonate, '15 per cent of plant fertIlIzer, and Q5 per cent of whale blubber IS sImmered down very slowly, the result wIll be a solutIon whIch If Injected Into the blood streams of l4leptomanIacs, wIll enable them to become InvIsIble, and, therefore, clepto slang for snltch bIgger and better DIGDOS, jewelry and lcnIclc, lcnaclcs who s there7 Peg l2anlcIn now owns an exclusIve dress Shoppe In l3hIladelphIa It seems that she and Gwladys Peterson, who, you remember, owns the New Yorlc mIllInery shoppe, are worlclng together When Peg sells a dress, she ImmedIately sends the customer to New Yorlc to buy a hat to match The system also worl4s VICC versa do you follow? Bea Clopp IS now an A1 secretary to Mr J P Astorbllt of New Yorlc l am won derIng If l shouldn t say that she s a sInger, too, for her secret ambItIon to be a sInger has also been reallzed only to a very small degree, however Bea IS now wIth the opera, The Tan Oyster , sIngIng the tItle roll wIth the Oyster Ruth Massey has just been re elected to the DOSILIOH of presIdency In the Leftend l-loclclt AthletIc AssocIatIon of Twm Goal, Masseychusetts Hannah Moorshead IS now the new presIdent of the Trumpace BrIdge Club of Lansdowne, whlle VIrgInIa Stoll IS actIng as chaIrman of the l-leart Needleworlc group In the Women s Club there Betty McCoy IS now modelIng Clay s famous malce of tweed sports ensemblesatJohn Wantamalceher In Phlladelphla Anne LIppIncott has turned to her art for art s sal4e and IS now teachIng dress d2SlQI'1Il'1Q In the school for ModelIng Glad Rags FIt for Mrs Astor s l-lorse Sally l-looper has fInIshed college and IS WGILIDQ to see what wIll happen She says that Anythmg Can l-lappen, and If It should happen well OK But, meanwhIle, she s gonna travel along sIngIn a song lsn t that just lIlce Sally Your Honor'7 Judge Smolens speal4s Yes, MISS Loeb, you re rught But, tell me how much longer must l Slt here? It s gettIng on toward dawn and l m tIred Your l-lonor, l have but two more cases to present to the court Those of Jeanne Llnton and LOUISC Leedom Jeanne hasn t decIded upon her future yet, and, SIUCZ It s been a number of years sInce she graduated let It SUHICC to say that she s frecjuentmg the Fortune Teller s place bjweelcly In order to Increase her psychlc dbIlILl2S As for LOUISC, she s very busy these days FCCZIVIHQ shorthanded dIctatIon from one of our leadIng banlung houses here IH PhIladelphIa Well Your l-lonor, my tale IS told on behalf of the defendants Well IH vIew of the verbal affIdavIt whuch the court has just heard from the WILHCSS for the defendants, l pronounce thus court sessIon dIssolved Ugh, Muss Mason, wIll you get me a court erIzed aspIrIn so that l may dIssolve the court? IAXUCJTIC Gdfdhdm . . . . 1 . ' I . D 4 . . 1 . I . . 2 I I ' ll . 1 . . . v . l K 7 C . D . . . . C 7 Il . . . . . ll I x , , . . D ' . . . . . I I . . K 3 . . . 4 P . ll . . . . . 4 . . . . ' . I I ll . . I . 1 . . . . . . . I ' 1 Il . . Y 1 7 . . . Il . . 1 I Y . . I . . . I . . ' ' ll . . . . . . I . ' . . . n 1 . . 1 1 1 . . n . I . H . ' . , r , I , n as , . I , . . ' . , , v . I ' . . . I . ' . . . ll . l l l 1 l , . ll , as , . ll . . . . . . - I I ' . . . . 1' . BOYS CLASS PROPHECY l-lello, Dua ryl l-lad a bug time tonight, yeah, had a bug time The better halt ol the class of 37 thought they d get up a reunuon at the Socual Club and have some lun Wow, whatta tnmel Never laughed so hard slnce well, we wont go unto thatl Everybody had to get up and say a few words to the folks Not all at once, you lcnow, but one at a tame l don t lcnow whether to believe some ot them or not, because we all swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothung but a bunch ot ln e a h m m talsehoodsl Now, lor Instance, Watson Supplee got up and sand he had become Famous overnight for nnventung an attachment to put on the end ol paper straws to stop that dlsapponnted gurglnng sound at the end ol a perfect soda Boy, that brought the house down' Now, It my memory doesn t tall me, here s what the rest had to say Jaclc Downs IS now In charge ol the largest lleet ot truclcs an the world l-le s head shnpplng clerl4 for the lootsutoy Company l-lerb SDld2fD lruclcsess, with has Cobwebs, IS malcung a great name tor humself broad casting nughtly from The White lower at 'l4th and Bannbrldge Evy l.Ord Wood ns all putted up having lust sngned athnrty year contract to appear as sk: jumping Instructor nn McGrory s basement not bellryl Norm Costello wasnt there, but somebody told us he was now Chlel Petty Qthcer on the terry boat between the -lwnn Catues Butch Marsh told us he set em up lor the crowd every mght about a hundred tamesl This staggered the whole gang until he explauned he was a pun boy at the Lansdowne Bowlnng Alleys Ed Marlcel has achueved has ambntnon l m happy to write here that he as now Post master General, not ot the U S A , but ot that bug luttle settlement ol Conshohoclcenl Moose McGinley now talces the part ol Run lun lun on the Kennel Ratlon l-lour l-le sand he never laughed so hard an has lute as the other day when somebody sent hum a dog bnscult to autograph' Dang Dang l-lallowell us now Manager of the Chicago Dutlys But nt s not the basket ball team as you mnght thmlc l-le s Manager ot Duffy s Doughnuts Company In Chicago Monny Munroe fears he wall have to move out ln the country somewhere l-las neighbors complain has socks are so loud that they can t sleep at nnght Bull Abbe IS now a very successful lawyer l-le was maunly responsnble for wunnnng the famous Show Case Fred Greene ns now sole owner ot the famous Fnve G Stores l'le sells but one product Greens Guaranteed Galvanized Green Galoshes l-le claims he was an spared by the panr he had back ID 37 Paul Mory IS now nn the henght of hrs glory lcle plays the phonograph records for the Merry Go Round program Bob Johnson ns now serving has communaty as every real cmtnzen should do Yes, nn U . .A . . . V ' "1 YY I , , '-' . . l , 1 ' . . . . . Y C . . . - 1 . - .-. . . . 1 C 'D' . . . . , . V . . . 3 ' - deed he s a full fledged G Man QGarbage man, anyway he s always sure of plenty to eatl Tom Kelly as now a collar ad adonas Only at s a lattle dafferent from what you maght thanlc horse collars' Ball l'lall as now a photographer for one of them thar newfangled modern pacture magazanes Has best worlc, says he as a pacture of a blanlc paece of paper entatled, Un decaded After many years of tearang the ends rappang the cords asunder, and bangang out three baggers, l.ynn Sammerman has reached has port of call Yes, sar, he now coaches badmanton for the Mallvalle Monarchs Johnny Warner, now a celebrated novelast, has just completed l Love My Wafe, But, Oh You Kad Cratacs claam at s certaan to wan the Wurlatzer Praze Wag Wagner always saad he d rase to great heaghtsl We all knew he d go hagher than most people l-le seems to have fulfalled has boast, too l-le s now an elevator boy an New Yorlc Caty Bob Russell as at present a crooner wath liranlc Furter and has Torrad -lowsers, who have just completed a stay at Stamp s Cafe Bud Kohler was recently named the country s leadang authoraty on men s fashaons l-las famous yachtang cap has been adapted as the correct chapeau for formal wear la was related that Mory Hall was an wath some of the country s baggest bag shots l-le s now chaef loclcer boy at the Palm Beach Surf Club after preppang at l: C Sam Faelds as stall coachang soccer for the fave year old team at the Lower School l-las eleven as a bag threat to cop the league race thas year, after havang fanashed well up an the farst davasaon last season Wall Pugh as stall one of the Royalmen Only thas tame at s the real thang l-le was re cently named Treasurer of Utopaa and gaven the tatle of Count de Change Daasy McGrory was recently haaled as the champaon clam dagger an the East Coast Conference, but we won t lcnow for sure untal the fanals are run off Jacques l.eroux phoned an and saad he couldn t malce atbecause he was busy campaagn ang for the presadency of the famed S B Q A Soap Box Qrators Assocaataon Clarence De Armond, Jr, now an actor was playang The Charge of the l.aght Bragade Aa the lane lnto the valley rode the 400, a voace from the audaence cor rected 500 Clarence replaed vagorously, 400 voace demanded l II settle f r 450 Clarence agreed and the show contanued Jaclc Bye saad he was cleanang up down at the race traclc every day sweepang out the grandstand Edgar Boyd as now on the West Coast worlcang for M G M l-le s chaef tester for Morgan s Guaranteed Mousetraps They say Franlc Andrews as now an lndaa tryang to max a Sade Ca tsl4, tslc l mean tryang to max Shan Khar wath the Suzzae Q for has newest dance sensataon Kad Kleanz as now employed by the Preferred Escort Bureau The only thang he das lal4es as when they demand to see Donald Duclc I I i ' ' ' ' 1 1 Cl ll , 1, 1 - 1 . . aa a aa , . . , , , , at . I - . 1. I 1 1 it 1 . rv .. . .a . . . . , . . - , 1 1 I Q 1 1 , . 1 , 1 1 , 1 1 aa, ra , 1 , . , 1 1 a 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 . , , 4. an 1 . . s 1 , 1 e 1 1 C ' 1 1 D . U . ' 1 , aa , as . 1 , . 1 I - aa H , , ac H , an 1 . ' ' , O rv , , . a Ted Heller has become famous through has haberdashery shop an the center of town Almost any day now he expects to move to a new and better locatnon at Second and Vane Streets, says he Charlie Kates has lust returned from a bug game trup an Afrlca He sand the huntung was terruble The closest he got to an animal was when he bought a sheepslon coat an Canada Ben Statzell started the rage that s sweepung the country It s the Build Your Qwn House udea He supplnes the materrals and you build your own house for the thrill of ntl Some funl Wowl Ed Marsh sand he us now THE traffic cop ID Laurel Sprlngs, New Jersey, but soon ex pects to become THE sergeant He always dad seem to lnlce that town H m m m ml Walt Kahler sand he as now a professional rassler He related how he had thrown The Bull last weelc at the Bowl Say' You lcnow l ve got something down here about every fellow ID our class This might prove valuable someday, somehow or other Maybe a reference or something lnlte that Anyway, to mal4e rt complete, l m going to put down something about myself Well l rather hate to admnt rt but tlmes are pretty tough so just as a Full rn at present lm caddyrng at a mrnrature golf course There, that completes ntl lhurty seven of us rn 37 Goshl l ll never forget those trmes Heyl Remember the tame haw, haw, hawl Ah, never mrndl Good night, Franlc M Knnght, .lr CLASS WILL E, the sennor class of Friends Central School, unthlsonethousand, nlne hundred and thirty seventh year of Qur Lord being nn our usual reasonably sound mental condutnon and physlcal perfectnon do hereby publrsh and declare our last will and testament Furst To Dr Jones we leave our esteem and deep appreclatuon Second To Muss Fussell and Mr Crouch, who have helped us through our sensor year we leave the future senuor classes lhurd As lndnvnduals l Polly Young, bequeath my leadershnp to next year s senlor class presldent l Vsobel McClain, bequeath my Innocence to Doletha Watt l Erleen Gano, bequeath my fungernarls to Mary Sparhawlc l, Janet Gray, bequeath my blond halr to Margaret Gneg l Eleanor Hurst, bequeath my laclc of anches to lrene Rreger , , t . , , .,,, , , ,.. H D , . . , . , A , , . 1 1 1 ' ' . .. , , ,, . V - . , -. . W ' f I . . , . 7 - . , . , . , . , . Audrle Gardham, bequeath my deep volce to Marne Lounse DeLong Betty McCoy bequeath my giggle to Muss Munroe Gvvladys Peterson, bequeath my tardnness to l'lelen Mcfalmont Jeanne Linton, bequeath my chevvlng gum to Norma Force Eleanor Smolens, bequeath my laculuty an handling the English language to Dorothy Schoclc Mary Eleanor Rlchards bequeath my mnld temperament to Betsy Williams Nancy latman, bequeath my good nature to Virginia Jacltson Vargunna Grlscom, bequeath my lnne to Jane Lippincott Shirley Smith bequeath my strut to Peggy Falres Anne Davison, bequeath, vvlth best washes, the hoclcey team t Nancy Shranz Betty Jane Taylor bequeath my delncate vouce to Mr Singer Ruth Massey, bequeath my freclmles to Jo Knlllan Betty Armstrong, bequeath my slsmness to Dorothy Schoclc M Lou l-lotlt, bequeath my subtlety to Doug Crate Louise Jones, bequeath my dreamlness to Kitty Chambers Connie Loeb, bequeath myself to posterity Ditty Cannell, bequeath my broomst1cl4 dance to l-larrnet Cooke Beatrlce Clopp, bequeath my studlousness to Mary Berl4es Jane Compton, bequeath my charm to Mary Burtvvell Diana Foote, bequeath my graceful vvallc to Alma Meyer Lucy Chrlstman, bequeath my athletic ablllty to Molly Bolleau Van Stoll, bequeath my musncal voice to Ruthie Mllluclc l-lannah Moorshead, bequeath my perpetual motion to Jacquelune McConaughey Grace Mason bequeath my solt, blond tresses to Marianne l-lnller Kitty l-lovvell, bequeath my Packard to Betty Frorer Louise Leedom, bequeath my funny llttle laugh to anyone vvho vvnll talce It Peggy Ranlcnn, bequeath my blush to Mr Cadlgan Nancy Warren, bequeath my easy going manner to Mass Elsenhovver Sally l-looper, bequeath the library to the school Ann Lippincott, bequeath my sense ol humor to the faculty Bull Abbe bequeath my cleanup slot an the batting order to Sluggung paul Saxer Frank Andrevvs, bequeath my wavy hair to Fred Nolde Jack Bye bequeath Mr Small the lab, and all accessories to the junuor class Norman Costello bequeath the Greelcs to Robert Ravdnn Clarence DeArmond, Jr bequeath my trusty slcls to Mass Ensenhovver Jaclc Dovvns, bequeath my good reputation to Donald Edgerton I . I . I . O . I . . n O an , my , I . I . I . . u ar . 1 . .I , l Edgar Boyd bequeath my socual vlews to the Supreme Court I Ed Marlcel bequeath my Senior Prom worries to l-lowdy Muller Frank Knlght bequeath my bevy of lemunune admurers to Duck Stern I John Warner, bequeath, wnth puty, my brother to the rest of the school Bob Johnson bequeath my trlgonometry marlcs to Donald Fraser Fred Green, bequeath my blond loclcs to Phul Berlces Watson Supplee bequeath my QUICK wut to Phil Warner Sam Flelds bequeath my loyalty to BlllBla1r Maurice l-lall bequeath the storeroom to Charles l-leed Ball l-lall bequeath the school camera to any wrllung photographer l-lenry l-lallowell bequeath my varnous record books to the school annals 'led l-leller, bequeath the Challl Dances to the lollowang swung ters Walt Kahler, leave my willingness to Robert Sternhnlber Charlue Kates, leave the school l hope Tom Kelly, bequeath the remains of Jam McGrory to Mass Jones and her Buology class l John Klennz, bequeath the tennns team to Ed Flaccus Robert Kohler bequeath my success to Arnold Smolens Everett Lord Wood bequeath my herculean strength to Kenneth l-lassrnclc Ed Marsh bequeath the lunchroom to Jrmmy Pre Butch Marsh bequeath the lnellglblluty committee to any harassed athlete l George McGunley bequeath my nnckname to Edgar Massey Jim McGrory, bequeath my blush to any rose paul Mory bequeath to all wary schoolmates a membership In the Not Under Frtry Club Bull Munroe bequeath my Flame to Peter Biddle Wnllard Pugh bequeath my snlence to Don McClellan Bob Russell, bequeath my gnrlush hgure to Jaclc Gllger Willard Pugh bequeath my sulence to Don McClellan Lyndon Slmmerman, bequeath l.aurel Sprnngs to the mosquntoes Ben Statzell bequeath my consistency to lzranlc Fleming l-'erb Trucksess bequeath my musucal nnclnnatnons to George Kronebach Walt Wagner bequeath my bovsne temperament to Mr Cadrgan Signed Lucy Chrrstman, Eleanor Smolens, Clarence Defoxrmond Jr l . . I I ' I I D ' ' ' I . I . , . . ' , . I I I ' , . 1 1 ' V l ' I . I . . U I . I ' ll ' I ' l . I I 1 ' , ' ' ' s . , . I t I ' , . rl . . t I I ' , Jacques Leroux, bequeath my French accent to Mr. l-loweth. 1 ' 1 b ' I I b I ' I I ' b U ' ' . ' I . I K ' , . I I I ' ' I . I ' ' I I I - ' , . I l I . ' , . I I - V . I ' I I ' . t ' I I V . ' , . GIRLS PRESENTATIONS Berry Araryxswono We made this Selection For Its connectron Between our attectron And your colleetnon MARY ELIZABETH CANNELL Dntty s head IS In the clouds Cn sunny days or wundy So we hope thus lrttle plane Will mal4e her thlnl4 ol l.rrCly LUCY CHRISTIVIAIXI They Say A rang on the hnger ls worth two on the phone So here S a rung, lor you l.u But l4eep It lor your own BEATIQICE CLOPP Frrendshup shouldnt need a test This test tube wall prove we re lrlends And don t you dare deny It JANE CQMPIQN A charm for There 5 charm ID your manner And some on your arm So a two told purpose GIVZS you thus Charm ANNE DAVISCINI Qur Anne S been on the suclellnes Cghe had an operation A Car that will Conserve her strength And l4eep her In rotatnon DIANA FQQIE Dlana S brllllance olt Cloth shine She really IS quite brrght We gave to her this sun shade To shlelcl us from her lrght Elephant P ane mg Test tube a bracelet ar Sun shade I or I l I I ' V I ' ' ' 1 . Rn I Y ' I I ' D y I But, il you want to try it, I 1 ' 1 C I I . . 7 . f I EILEEN GANG Nnght cap Euleen duslul4es to come to school She d rather stay ID bed lo mal4e her sleep more comfortable A night cap lor her head AUDREV GARDI-VXM ltalnan balm l.lttle Audrey laughed and laughed Because she l4new oh so well lhat thus ltaluan balm Wouldn t tal4e the chap otl her hands JANET GRAY Golf club We hear at golf you re pretty smart But what about your old weal4 heart? Anyway nere s a club to try your Sl4llI Now whack the ball where er you wall Vll2GlNlA Gl2lSCQlVl "Charlie is My Darlinm ELEANOR l-lll2ST MLQU HGFFT SALLY HOOPER Charlle as my Darlnn ls quute the piece to play Your hngers are so nnmble Play It every day We hear you always lose your l4ey Now put this one ln your purse But don t go lose your pocl4etbool4 lhat really would be worse Athletics and lVl l.ou won t max She always trnes to shun em lhat sports can be a lot ol lun She ll hnd when she s begun em lo play melodies as Sally does We must admit ns quite a leat So to nncrease her repertoire We gave her thus new music sheet Key Hoclcey stlclc Sheet muslc KATHERINE l-KDWELL Blue Rrbbon LOUISE JQNES LQLHSE LEEDOM JEANNE LINTON ANN LIPPINCOTT CCDNNIE LOEB YSOBEL MCCLMN l-ler cortture IS very pretty She tends rt wrth great care lo her a bon I e blue rrbbon lo tue up her bonnre brown harr First alcl lclt When your patients cry wrth pain Pray do not get alarmed Just dug unto thus lrttle lat And they ll be lree lrom harm Can of chocolate sauce lo l.ourse who loves her sweets We gave this lrttle can For chocolate IS her specral yen And she wall understand Haverford pennant A near by college campus rs The dance the game a certarn boy lVlal4e Jeanne love ldaverlord Horse The wrllowy Ann Llpprncott l.rl4es horsebaclc rrdung a lot She puts lull srzed horses Through regular courses Can she manage thrs lrttle tot? Red bracelet Connre's lavorrte color as red And rt becomes her much 'lhrs bracelet very red you see Wrll add the hnal touch Lrconce l.rcorlce IS Ysobel s delight She eats at mornrng noon and nrght lt surely rs a bug mrstal4e She never gets a tummy ache i S l 1 U t l 1 I . . . . . . I l 1 1 1 . . I Whefe JZGDIWZ is UQVZI' bored. 1 1 l 1 . . . I 1 , . . I I 1 I 1 1 . A V 7 Q I , . I . . BETTY MQCOY GRACE MASQN RUTH MASSEY Your guggle us contaguous We love to luear you lauglfu So may tlwus luttle bottle Remund you of your class You nate to make up absences lu s not muclu lun we know So lwere s a card that s all lulled un To end your tales ol woe You know your movues unsude out You know wlwo s wluo and wlwy So take a look at Errol Flynn HANNAH MOGRSHEAD Your S2052 ol lTUlTlOI' SldYS US YOUI' DUNS GTZ VZTY lUl'll'TY Tlwus uoke book un tbe days to come Mdy YOU 2c3l'l'T SOTTTZ YTTODZY GWLADYS PETERSON PEGGY RANKIN MARY ELEANOR Rl Wlwen at nune tl'ue roll us called ln bed dotlu Gwladys lay We luope tl'uus clock wull wake luer And send luer on lruer way Only one day un seven years l'las Peggy mussed from sclwool Compared wutlu tlwe rest ol tlue gurls Slle certaunly knows tlue rule Cl-lARDS l-ler clwecks are always on the ruglwt l-ler marks are always A s So tluus report card all lulled out Slwows workung always pay Gugglung water Absence card Pucture of Errol Flynn Joke beak Clock Medal Report card ' f I I A I 1 , . I h I I . , . 2 I I And sit and siglu and siglw. f 1 I V l I I I un, . I ' f I . ' . ' s SI-IIRLEY SIVIITI-I To Slllrley bask tball s a Isore Slwe slwuns It when slwe can A basketball to praetlee Wlfll It s tlme tlwat slwe began ELEANCDR SIVIQLENS VIRGINIA STOLL NANCY TATIVIAN I-I r talent IS all lor tlwe ta e We Iwope slwe II Ilnd a may Il slwe wrll read tllrs Ilttle book Well see Iler on Broadway Your yolee we Ieel IS very tune And you sllould sung o er all tlle land Tlwls Ilttle mlke we are qulte sure WIII Iwelp you get a great bug Iwand We Iwope tlwey Wrll dellglwt Co get to Work and start to make A sweater overnlglnt BETTY JANE TAYLOR NANCY WARREN RQLLY YOUNG We Ioye your preelous Ilttle bangs And know tlwe care tlwey take If you use tllese eurlers every nrglwt Your Ilalr wrll take tlwe cake TI'1e Ilowers tlwat bloom In tlle sprung t Bring Nancy tlle greatest ol joy So Iwere s a Ilttle bouquet tra Ia For tlle gal wllo Ilkes to act Coy Qur president Iwas one deslre Slwe Ilkes to get a suntan Tlwls oll wlll Iwelp Iwer In Iwer quest CR r aps twlll WlntI'1e one man I' d Basketball Stage lseek Mrke Yarn and Needles Curlers Flowers Sun tan olI Jeanne I.lnton Slllrley Smltlw ' 2 , e a . 1 I2 I S SH , 4 I 1 A 1 14 I 1 . . . I .E I To YOU SOITIZ Ydffl dl'lCI needles, IOO, V 1 1 1 1 . . d-1 I 1 I 1 ' 1 1 1 BUYS PRESENTATIONS Buupuon Qur Wrllre puglw us a qulet lad Wlwo mopes around and looks quite s l'le needs to sung lwls prauses out llwls megaplrone Wrll lwelp lwum slwout JACQUES LERQUX For Jack Leroux lmere s all we s We ll guve lum tlwrs toy llwen Watclw lum play EDWIN MARKEL Walcrng people up you see ls for tlwls grlt no novelty A loud alarm s WlwatEod1e needs To l4eep lum from lnls dreamy deeds ,lllVl MCGRQRV lXIleGrory and Kelly are sprllrng some blood And Jim so meel4 and pale Wrll need tlwrs corl4 to stop tlwe oo And l4eep lwlm lwearty and lrale BlLL l-lfAxl.l. lf you don t lcnovv our cameraman B ll l-lall to all tlwe mas es Twrll be because lwe ludes belund llwrs pair of colored glasses BEN STATZELL Qle Ben we lfnow some day you ll A rung lor someone s lnger l'lere ll1IS We ve done our part Now tlwere s no need to lrnger MQRV l-lFxl.l. Wlnen day IS done and slwadovvs lall You ll land our good lrrend Nlory l-lall Eatrng tlnese Wlweatues pox and all Megaphone oy Alarm clock Car Dark glasses mg Box of Whesues I . , . . I ' 'ad I ' T 1 'GY3 I A I I 1 ,1 I A' K I k . . I I I I A ' ll cl, Y I l I S I . R' ., l need ' 1 . -I ' I I I - . I I . . I , GEORGE MQGINLEY Vanrshrng cream EDGAR BOYD Wlth a nasal appendage ol such grea size lhe use ol thus llttle jar would he vvuse A healrless Moose rs a pleasant dream lhat s the vvhy lor this vanlshlng cream A non Conlormlst ol the deepest dye Would lllqe this bomb and so vvould l But Edgar Boyd has vvorl4ed so long -lo talce It lrom hum would he wrong Bomb JOI-lN WARNER Pony Johnny s now In Dartmouth lo stay IS his desire So here s a little pony ln case his braun may ture WATSON SURRLEE Shovel A shovel sto dug vvlth some do say -lo vvorl4 vvrth and svveat vvlth and earn som pay Leaning on this ln W R A FRANK ANDREWS Picture of Napoleon Andy you re a llttle man But Bonaparte vvas too l-lere s a picture ol Napoleon Maybe he d luke one ol yoa ROBERT RUSSELL Trre pump Russell lrom Jersey lS late every day And just vvhat the Cause IS he never vvlll ay But some alr In has tures mrglwt help hum alon So We ll glve hum this pump and he ll rlde wrtlw a song NORMAN COSTELLO Dronne dolls Norm thlnl4s that he has troubles But he really doesn t see l-ns troubles are all doubles Whrle these are has plus three I , . I Q I I ' i I l l I I ' A e . But, youlll see Watson, some line day, I A I I I ' I I 1 ' I ' ' ' s . I . , . . 4 . gl , . I L I I EVERETT LORD WOULD Evyre s needed one ol tlwese For years and years and year Wlwen lwe sees tlus one rrme lnere please Wrll we get jeers or cheers? LVNDON SIMMERMAN JOHN DQWNS FRED GREEN A football wrtlw a lwandle Would lc tlwe tlwlng to t But l4eep on tryung Lundy boy You ll catclw tlwe darn tlnng yet Ar artrst at Lnlulllng IS Downs At times lwe can t say enouglw So lwere s a lrttle toy popgun To lwelp lwlm slroot tlwe stutl ln grappling he gets luis glory We II looost lwlm on lwrs road to lame l-lere s all tlwe dope IH one slwort story CHARLEY KATES SAM FIELDS JACK BYE Stumpy You re tlwe sclwools pest qurpper VCU Fund a place lor tlrls darn zrppe or t ts Wrtl n perhaps tlwey are tlwe same? To sneer lns golden tresses Would tal4e away lwrs lame lde s lreadrng lor tlwe Navy llwe lnglw seas are lnrs goa -llms little boat slwould steer num clear Ol any rocl4 or slmoal ar Handle Popgun Wrestling book Zipper Scissors Boat - C s. A Q. A 1 ' ?D1 2 n Sex 1 A l h l I 4 , . b . Y K Nlan Nlountain Green is luis just name. E I U l ! I y A I A ' ' rl Sams rs ar ' rgar. l I I . l3lLL ABBE Catcher s Maslc We must protect has orohle From batted balls and such So We ll glve htm this Catcher s masl4 Although ILISI'tLIT1UCl't RQBERT KO!-tLER Left handed monkey wrench HERB TRLICKSESS W2 V2 puzzled OVZV Kohler And squtrmed here on our bench So vve Il glve our giant lelty A south pavv monkey wrench l-lerble s born a leader l-le only needs a band This one s only rubber But he ll play It vvuth hus hand WALTER WAGNER TCM KELLY JCDI-HX! KLEINZ ED MARSH Walt Wagner us a sulent man Who Reeps hts thoughts vvhen This tongue mtght help ham alr Even comung up from hus shoes Cabbage IS green Splnach as too Here s a lrttte spun Ch To mal4e brown eyes blue Johnny IS a lnttle lamb Whose hanr ts always shorn It he puts this on at night l'le Il have It baCl4 by morn Eddy IS a puny lad So here s some lasty Yeast ZF he CGD lWIS VICVVS l-le m y not need It lrlte the rest But he ll grovv strong at least Rubber band Shoe tongue Spinach Han tome Tasty Yeast I . ' ' 7 , , . , , I , . 7 , I 7 , . , , 1 A 1 I , . 4 . , 1 I 1 7 , . C3 I 7 . r G 1 . WALT KAHLER Men Working flag lVlen Worlong IS tlwe place Wlwere Walt IS sure to pe l-le II wave tlns red llag every place So cars vvon t mangle l'1e CLARENCE DeARlvlQND JR Phonograph record ROLEE MARSH BILL MUNRGE For Clarence vvlwo lrlces l'llS volcc o vvell Well QIVQl'1IVTlll'llS record on XNl'WICl"l to dvvell l-lrcl4ory Drclrory Docl4 Butclw ran up tlve clocl4 llwe clocl4 struclc one Butclw Went to lunclw Wlwen lrer tresses turn to gray Use tlnrrs loottle every day It vvrll tal4e tlwose streaks avvay HENRY HALLOWELL TED I-lEl.LER PAUL MQRV l-lank l4eeps lots ol records l-lere s one tlwat vvasn t vvon -lplwey ve tried to lbrealc It everyvvlwere But rt vvas never done 'led l-leller rs a touglrr one -lo tlnnl4 ol sometlwlng lor We ll glve lwrm tlns old placlqacl4 Ju t In case tlwere rs a war Raulls been moving pretty last But alvvays seerrs to miss llwe lrttle tlcl4et you collect For speeding just lrl4e tlwls Sandwrch Bottle of peroxrde Vlctrola record Blaclqack Speedmg ucket , . . . P S I f f ' f f A f And leave lwer sun-lcissed as today. f f f , , , , , I 5 ' ' . f , . FRANK KlXllGl'll Electric Irght bulb lo be IH the darl4 lsn t lun Much less If there rs only one So to save good Sur K night From thus horrible plight We ll grve hrm a bulb lrl4e the sun BOB JGHNSQN Pall of water Jack and Bob vvent up the hull To fetch a pall of Water ,lack fell down and brolqe hrs crown So Johnson gets the vvater CLASS IAXS DOW W2 DGUSC OU d ldfldllqg We lool4 baclcvvards and we vvonder What steps can be more dear Than those vve have rust clumbed They stand lor recollectrons Of months and years gone by Each step brrngs to our mem ry The joyous blrsslul days That vvere spent at school together Clarence Defixrmond Jr Everett Lord Wood POEM W2 dI'2 lOl'CZCl to loolc FIOW OI'lVVdI'd We can t go on together For vve ve drlterent paths to lollovv And severed Ways to tread -lhere are some vvho ll go to college And some who ll stay at home As novv we brd farevvell lo the portals ol Frrends' Central The scene ol happy hours As a hnal vvord ol partrng We the Class ol lhrrty seven l-lope that our names vvrll be graven Qn the step vvrth other classes That too have gone belore us Mary Eleanor Rlchards . . . I , . A I , . . I I I Qt the lofty stairs of lite, And much to our deep sorrovv I I I l 1 . I . . I b V I 1 ' 1 I I ' PERSONAL ATTRIBUTE CONTEST AS THE GIRLS SEE THE GIRLS AS THE GIRLS SEE THE BOYS IVIostDlgn1hed Polly Young Best Loolslng Elleeen Gano Most Sophlstlcated IVI Lou I'IoFIt IVIost TemperamentaI Audrle Gardham Best Smlle Most popular Best Athlete Best Dancer Funniest Quletest Llvehest Best Dressed Brettlest I-Ialr Prettlest Eyes Prettrest Hands Louuse .Iones Anne Davison Ruth Massey Shlrley Smith I-Iannah Ivloorshead CODDIC Loeb EIZGFIOI' SITIOICDS .Ianet Gray Lucy Chrrstman M Lou I-Iollt Nancy Warren AS THE BOYS SEE THE GIRLS Best Loolclng Most Popular cutest Best Dancer Most Drgnlhed Iiunnlest Most Sophisticated Anne Dayrson Polly Young Janet Gray Shrrley Smuth Polly Young Anne Davlson Krtty I-rowell Best Looltrng Most Popular Best Dancer Best Dressed Lazlest Most Bashlul Best Athlete Nolsest Funnrest Ouretest Cutest AS THE Llvellest Best Looltrng Lazlest Best Dressed Most Bashlul Most Popular Best Athlete Best Dancer Nolsuest Ouretest Funnrest Brll Abbe Paul Mory Ted I-IeIIer Bud Kohler Rolfe Marsh Jrm IVleGrory Ben Statzell Edgar Boyd Jack Downs Wlllard Pugh Walt Kahler BOYS SEE THE BOYS Fred Green Brll Abbe Rolfe Marsh Clarence DZfAXl'l'TlOl'ld JI' Jam IVIcOrory paul Nlory Ben Statzell Ted I-leller Edgar Boyd Wlllard Pugh JGCI4 Downs Lazlest .......,.........., EiIeenGano . .... , . GIRLS STATISTICS Name Betty Armstrong Mary E Cannell Lucy Chrrstman Beatnce Clopp Jane Compton Anne Dawson Dlana Foote Euleen Gano Audrle Gardham Janet Gray Vlrglnla Grlscom Eleanor Hurst M Lou Hofft Sally Hooper Kotty Howell Loulse Jones Jeanne Lrnton Ann Llpplncott Connue Loeb Ysobel McCIann Betty McCoy Grace Mason Ruth Massey Hannah Moorshead Gwladys Peterson Peggy Rankm Mary E Richards Shirley Smith Eleanor Smolens Vlrgmla Stoll Nancy Tatman Betty Jane Taylor Nancy Warren Polly Young Noted For Her laugh I-ler blushes Tltlan locks Her tntteruness Dreamy look I-Ier sweetness I-ler I-Ier I-Ier I-ler I-Ier ac lrler I-Ier Her Her I-ler I-Ier capablllty brass button col I ect: on lack ol volce appealing way hospltallty ol stature candrdness stabnluty mysterlous ways cute smile vvnllnngness West Cheerlulness H r I-Ier I-Ier I-Ier Her I-ler Her lnne slssle absences freckles Tarzan ca s last minute rush COFISCIZDIIOU H2 S thoroughne s Prom trotting Vnvacnousness l-ler I-ler Her Gilt Her nerve quletness bangs ol gab diplomacy Idea of Mlsery Doing history No bumps bowls or bruises No Ben Wrrtung essays No new clothes dates Army or Navy I-lull School piano 9 OO o clock on weekdays No love What no Heed? No Audrle No tenms court No Admlral Farragut Academy No Walt No Blll Lrvlng East wuthout West Rarny day No Second Lieutenant No Elverson Coming to school No Idol Wrntmg poetry No Scranton No vacation No Latin Sore Feet No swimming pool No thrall Nothing to do Makmg speeches No tap dancing No hor es Favorite Haunt Anybody anywhere Any place where she can talk Stone wall In front ol school Science lab Massey Anything exciting A library All men In unllorms Chez vous The table under the g Sherwood Road Blue Ford One hall of the a s Any plano Toms River N J Only Walt knows Haverford College Germantown I-lome room Barclay Stage door I-lome , sweet home Any theatre Anything Funny The lab Summer camp The church crowd New Yawk 'Vlnss Jenkins Art studio Menon Penn Charter Bull Gans Shall we ask Kohler? ong 1 I . I , W I n ....,,4...,... X I -I A ' ............... M I ' N , . . I T ,.........,....., " NO ' I ................. H I' A NO ' ' ' I ............, HIM A Ng' , ', ...rr........,.. Lk I Q ' ................. ' ' , hu ........,,....., 44 l S T ,.....,,,....... I X - ' I .. ' .......,.,,...... ' I Louise Leedom ............., Her turned-up nose Nothing to say Morris Park T 4..4... s. ..,..... I I I ' .............. eu' " ' S I ................ T I A I-leg' I ' I I I - - - .4,ssscsscv,..,,s I I -- .. GIRLS ST ATISTICS Ambataon beat Schaaparella be a football hero sweetheart be a Naval ollacer s wale tread the pramrose path To be a Sunday School teacher Have a career To joan the Navy To evade Norman To be on the radao Commercaal artast lo go to college To be a nurse lo trave' To beat Helen Walls Even Katty doesnt know lo heal the sack raase a lamaly graduate you have any? gone wath the wand None, we re afraad Marry someone strong lo be a drama cratac lo be a good garl Go to college Go to Waason Too hagh Actress Socaology Opera sanger lo learn all there as to know To get through college Break all speed laws To be a sportswoman Destany To love and learn Nut grower Artast s model To do great thangs New York Debbae We wouldn t dare fortell Scarf dancer Run a date bureau Someone famous Another Samone Samon An early marraage Modern Canderella Aarplane hostess You never can tell An Ameracan spy To stay as sweet as she Trap the laght fantastac To beat P C Katchen slave To go to town wath Mr Ghost One never knows does one Belong to Ballet Russe Wrate a comac strap lo remaan an dancang mood Great scaentast Marraage She s a dreamer, but aren t w 5 'P Famous athlete Wrate a da taonary Street sanger She already has a good start on her ambataon To lose her bangs 'aal for lullallang ambataon Artasts model Yearnang or Paras Dagnaty Ben, Ben, and more en Romance Just a lattle bat more A new thrall More fun Tall blond and handsome Less wadth More heaght Fewer laghts To pass French Dramatac lafe Fxcatang moments Her man lt s a secret, but she old Walt A trap to Cnty Hall A daploma A 'nav Bentley Some nace boys Kurlash Anotner Clark Gable Somethang dallerent Beautaful voace A good man Excatement Comprehendang mand A new haar do A new paant brush Less homework A date wath Her one and only A perfect horse Favorate Expressaon Huh? My goodness' laust got to go' Oh look, Ben aust made a basket Really l don t know, but Gosh, at was awful' No' Really? Down at the Navy Yard Do you really thank he lakes me? Don t look at me lake that' He s so rude he d knock you and not say excuse me When as Charlae goang to make up wath me'? lm wratang a note to Charle l can t do at Oh Heavens' lm goang to Tom s Raver for the week end' Gee, that s swell' you Ballcan tgetout,solcanonlysee ham two naghts a week end l can t stand that man' Whats thas'7 Guess who asked me for a date? Tell me the truth do l look all raght7 l was absent yesterday b l Il hand at an tomorrow Dad you hear Elverson last naght Jane'7 Yoooooo Oh, my' Oh, no' l thank l know' don get a You aust have to tell me' Oh, yeah' Eleanor, what are you doang Saturday7 You re shockang me' Are you really goang to do at'7 lm not sure but a Louase Jones Ysobel Ru h McClaan 3 a i I I .. . 1 . F X . M 7' ,YW ' W F' Y GW V V Y Y ,F F WWW' 'WWW 'mfr' if H film- lo . , . To 's ' ' ' A' ' To . I . 4 1 l B ' " ,y ' To ' .' l H , ' ...l ' l 4 .. ., 1 . . , , , -. ,- l i . . . . , 1 . .. . I . I . , lr 1 . , F Si'. I 1 l - N a a - I ' ' K1 I . I . ' ' is t . a To enjoy lile A lion tamer No more school "Helen, l've something to tell To . . . . . l . . aa .I n Y -I, lo . . 4 ' H ' Do v . K . .1 a , An l lt's A ' . A . ' M H h ' . , 4 , ,P . .. a . , , 3 h H , l ' 5 ,, ' 1 a , a , ut l l ' ' V a ,L , . X .. ' a , X , . 2 , I .. . a aa. l l A r H i ' ' l 'l t 'a. , l , l , l .. ,, ' ' l "Il ask." BOYS STATISTICS Name Ball Abbe Frank Andrews Edgar Boyd Jack Bye Norman Costello Clarence DeArmond John Downs Sam Frelds Fred Green Morry Hall Bull Hall Henry Hallowell Ted Heller Walt Kahler John Klemz Robert Johnson Thomas Kelly Frank Knrght Robert Kohler Jacques Leroux Everett Lord Wood Edwrn Marlcel Edward Marsh Rolfe Marsh George McGinley James McGrory Paul Mory Wlllram Monroe Willard Pugh Robert Russell Ben Statzell Watson Supplee Lyndan Slmmerman Herbert Truclcsess Walter Wagner John Warner Noted For That Barrymore prohle I-Ins extra height Complete nnclltlerence Heller Twnns Chun Slowness Curly locks Those green shoes and that blond head Being a Tough App Has candid camera Has car Love Isle That Southern drawl I-In haur cut Serlous look Fnlllng Capt Marsh s IQ sho s Pep vlm and vlgor The Student Council Those ears I-Ins Tarzan physnque Hts arguing nze lazlness I-Ins nose Speed Steady gurl Silence Tranqullllty Lucy Slugglshness I-Ins perpetual gran Playing the piano I-'Iavlng the same name as Kahler Rotunduty Idea of Mlsery I-lavrng to tallc No way to get to Beaver Any date No I-leller French class Latin I-Ie s always happy No homework Drlvlng to school In the snow Leroux Gettlng his pants pressed No averages to compare Engllsh No Lounse Nothnng to talk about Dates Nowhere to slt No cheers to lead No orders to give Nothing to get In trouble lor No Jean German No dances lnelnglbllzty I-Ins nose Physucs Red lights Betty Excitement A belt No prlvacy at lunch Physlcs P aynna salety man No rhythm Glrls Solld Geometry Favorite Haunt Crate s ollrce Beaver College Afternoon study hall Florlda7 Arcadia Any dance with Marlcel Norrnstown Anywhere wlth afternoon groups of ht Any huclc Spot In New Jersey Storeroom In the hall or M Lou car Gym Anywhere but the Dance Assembltes Dr Jones s otllce Stonehur t Gym Couldn t you gue s rom dimensions'-9 In front of a crowd West Chester Baldwlns Vermont Anywhere wnth DeArmond Laurel Sprlngs N J Hrs bed Merchantvllle Any stag party Manoa Road MacKay s I-Ins orchestra I-Ins car Stone balustrade In front ol school Gen Wayne Inn Laurel Springs Mnllvllle and all ponnts south Watching an orchestra Swarthmore 'P Slcl trains r ,Jr... ..... ' ' ' ,, .S ' " le" ' ,........ ......,,. . . ' ' ' ' ' 's Charles Kates ......,.......... Size No teams to try for Grlscom's . 'b' z ' ' sl his T ..........,....,, I., J - I .,4....,,,. A P l .,A . ,...4........ "44" ' " .,............ ' No I , ' I J I I I ......,,...,,.... T I T V BOYS ST ATISTICS Ambition To be an avuator Furst place un the 'IOO lnteracs To get out of school To be an admural To tell one twun from the other To get un Penn, then get out To get to Berkes s un 8 munutes flat Get a haur cut wun the World s Wrestlung champuonshup get the car wuthout hus brother get the car wuthout hus brother wun a contest anywhere play on a college football team get marrued get 5 pounts un a basketball game be Abbe s co pulot a varsuty quarterback College varsuty football team Golf pro To relax To unvent somethung Get a car to put all hus junk un To wun an argument All Amerucan P ay college basketball Varsuty halfback Bug league putcher Druve a racung car To be a college football star Bug tume band leader To play the Thun Man Beat Penn Charter Make a nuckel Catch a punt Play a clarunet Get a lacrosse team at school Go to Dartmouth Destuny A floor walker un Gumbel s Teachung gurls to rude horses Socualust moo leader Surf ruder un l-lawauu To collect toll on the Delaware Brudge Ball boy at Pro tennus matches Truck druver An orchestra durector To sell unsurance Teach Trug A Newsreel camera man Fught manager Bowlung alley manager Wrestler Boxer Buuld a brudge Graduate Physucs teacher Raduo announcer Promote a fughter A stooge on a raduo program Be an artust Worry humse f to death Father o a bug famu y Guardung payrolls Follow hus nose Center on the Chucago Duffys Undertaker Betty Mackay Swung kung Bus druver Coach hugh school football Be a traffuc cop All Amerucan Own a restaurant Chase horses Run an unemployment bureau Yearnung For Favorite Expressuon Saulor hat A horse he can stay on A sensuble gurl Salt aur A down grade Someone to understand hum Some free dunners More assustants un the afternoon A Freeze proof car A few more unches An apple wuthout a worm A champuon basketball team A true love Louuse A gurl Sux unches more heught Marrued lufe A soft bed Orchestra to lead More Fords and Luncolns Less work More snow to sku on All A s Varsuty post at Penn Passung German A through route from Merchant vulle to school To put one over the plate Centerfueld job on a bug league team To be hugh scorer un a basket ball game l-lus own orchestra Less snow Can he yearn? Pass all hus subuects Mullvulle to wun a ball game of any sort A new band Lacrosse team More snow Complete sulence Its not French I m worrued about, but math Who s goung to skup out wuth me today? Thats me, l-lonest John Lets go out for a butt l don t understand thus at all When are you boys gonna pay your dues? A rught, all rught l don t know ls Knught comung? Don t get tough' Aw, take ut easy' l-le had QQ two baggers un 1863 Plenty tough apple Yeah, man' Set em up What have we got un hustory? l-l ya kud Hey, Costello, how about a double date? l-lere s the Top l-latters da da da da da da Sur, wull you explaun that? l wasn t doung anythung Shut up Warner Hurry up, DeArmondl Aw, get out Now let me tell you Say ut agaun, please Well take that league Swung s the thung l-lave you seen Betty? What s the assugnment? Orchuds are pretty cheap She ll waut for me Aw, gee' Aw, go onl l gotta skup tonught Now, up un Swarthmore lve really got to settle down and study, now ' Clarence DeArmond, Jr Paul S Mory, Jr i .. , . . . . . . .. ., in the 4 A , .. . . C D .- . . . .. H . . To . . , . .u - ' In To - ' . ' " - To . . . .. U A . To ' " ' " To ' - " To , A . .. . ., Be , . . .. , I STUDENT COUNCIL Standing: ARNOLD SMOLENS EDWARD FLACCUS ROBERT KOHLER, President JACK BYE WINFIELD EDGE Sitting: RUTI-I CANNELL ANNE DAVISON LOUISE JONES MARIE LOUISE DELONG RECORD STAFF Editor-in-Chief: RUTH MASSEY Assistant Editors: ANNE DAVISON JOHN WARNER Business Manager: JOHN DOWNS Assistant Business Manager: PAUL MORY ELEANOR SMOLENS Art Editors: JANET GRAY EVERETT LORD-WOOD "BLUE AND GRAY Standing: Sitting: I-IARRIET COOKE EDGAR MASSEY JACOUES LEROUX DIANA FOOTE PAUL SAXER CLARENCE DEARIVIOND, JR. SARAH I-IOOPER MARY ELIZABETH CANNELL JANET GRAY MISS WOOD RUTI-I MASSEY ELEANOR SIVIOLENS "FRIENDS' CENTRAL NEWS Standing: Sitting: MR. CADIGAN PAUL SAXER FRED EISSLER ' ROBERT KOHLER ARNOLD SMOLENS CHARLOTTE WERNER HARRIET COOKE ELEANOR SMOLENS EDWARD FLACCUS I I ! 'I 1 LE ,J I A In an I 4. x". f x 'HH'V'-..T1'Q-.X5J:1XI5i GLEE CLUB Standing-Top Row: Standing MARY ELEANOR RICHARDS BETTY MLINROE SALLY PLATT ETHEL BLICKLEY JANE EISCHER DOROTHY SCHOCK NANCY WARREN JEAN DEMIVIERT DOLETHA WATT Sifiing: -Middle Row: FRANCES CALLAGHAN DOROTHY KNIGHT DOROTHY LINTON FRANCES WILSHIRE HARRIET COOKE HELEN LAWLEY CAROLINE BUNTING ANNE KEAY MARY JANE OTT JEAN BAKER HANNAH MOORSHEAD CONSTANCE LOEB VIRGINIA STOLL BEATRICE CLOPP NANCY TATMAN ELEANOR HIRST ANN LIPPINCOTT IVIARJORIE WARREN SERVICE CLUB Standing: Sitting: EMMA KTLLIAN BETTY MUNROE FRANCES JONES DOLETHA WATT SUE YOUNG BETTY WAGNER CLARENCE DEARMOND, JR MR. CROUCH ELEANOR SMOLENS I 'rdf- , vf1'!'1"I'f5 5 Q g 2 9 H ' Y P I bv-1 Q 1 '. 5 fi I - wr : , 1' -' I . . 1 ,Q 4. '. 4 ' i,, ,, , I as sl A SENIOR CLASS ON ANNUAL VISIT TO WASHINGTON A -I NINE o'cIocIc on Monday morning, March 29th, the Senior class came through f-X with a surprise. Everyone was at the station. No one missed the trainI Inspired by this, the aioresaid train, hampered by a special car IuII of Friends, CentraIites, managed to maIce Washington in time for Iunch. arf , .um ' ff: ' A Alter struggling witlw grips tlwe delegation finally unpaclced, lunclwed and set sail for's Mansion and Arlington Cemetery. -llwe Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with its accompanying stony-laced guard was one of our First stopping places. Coming paclc into ll-Xfaslmington we were duly impressed by the l.incoln Memorial. At the conclusIon of dInner, we all went to the CongressIonal l.Ibrary From there the maIorIty went to the movIes Upon return to the hotel, Instead of SOIHQ to bed as normal people should, we made enough UOISZ to attract the attentIon of the house dCtCCtlVC who very oblIgIngly chatted wIth us on the artol beIng SIl6F1fdltZI' two o cloclc These thIngs attended to, we slept lor an hour or two Tuesday mornIng we were cruelly awalcened to go to George WashIngton s ancestral home In Mt Vernon -lhIs proved InterestIng If one could l4eep hIs eyes open long enough to talce advantage ol It The afternoon was left free for the InspectIon of any buIldIngs ol IndIvIdual Interest The evenIng was a free one as regards to sIghtseeIng and the party brolte up for awhIle The gIrls gave a party and managed to lceep the boys and the rest of the hotel up for the better part of the nIght We have It on good authorIty that only the pale streaks of dawn ID the east subdued them Wednesday mornIng was Tl-lE mornIng for the class, especIally the gIrls We went to see the G men' l thInlc everyone was Ius the slIghtest bltdISdDDOII'1tZd when a young man, unarmed and pleasant, guIded us through JustIce s halls There were no machIne gun armed guards to halt us, no DIclc Tracys runnIng around the halls Senously the buIldIng was most InterestIng hngerpnnt hles were opened to our pryIng eyes and the whole system of scIentIFIc crIme detectIon was ably explaIned We left the G men to pull our weary way up the steep clImb to the top of the Wash Ington Monument Not beIng SdfISll2d wIth the clImb up, a very small mInorIty raced the elevator down The WhIte l-louse followed thIs escapade and due to some strIng pullIng of the best sort Mr Crouch got lor us the rare prIvIlege of vIsItIng the upper rooms of the PresIdentIal mansIon We staggered baclc to the hotel for lunch and then were off agaIn to the CapItol and the Supreme Court We later bowled shopped, or went baclc to the hotel and toolc a nap The evenIng was agaIn our own and agaIn a good tIme Most all of us managed to get a solId three hours sleep' Parade Day' We arrIved at fXnnapolIs just In tIme to see a dress parade The mIddIes paraded theIr brass buttons much coveted In front of Lord TweedsmuIr, Canada s Governor General and a DIplomatIc delegatIon of forty from Fnends Central After that FIttIng clImax l thInl4 most of the Class of 37 was satIsFIed to relax and let the traIn return home, unalded I know lInclude the whole class when l thanlc Mr and Mrs Crouch for theIrpleasant chaperonIng and companIonshIp ClUl'Il'1Qtl'1Z entIre trIp Clarence Defhrmond, Jr , . . , , , , l , , D 1 . . 7 . . 3 . . i . . 4' - ' I . '7 . A . 4 . , . ' 1 4 . - 7 1 1 . . . . 7 I . A , , , I . . 1 THE HOCKEY SEASON l-lE l1ocl4ey team enjoyed a Wonderful ea on tlwus year under tlwe line coaclwlng ol lvllss Blackburn It was a team ou standing ID nts vvulllngness to cooperate vvltlu nts coaclw an Captain Anne Davison lbs line splrlt added muclw to tlwe en joyment ol playnng lnoclaey Qt tlwe nlne games played sux vvere vvon llweer scores vverc declsnve Sacred l-leart 7 O l-lolman 7 O Friends Select 9 Q Abrngton Friends 61 Stevens 4'l and tlwe Alumnae TOO Qtlmer games were lost by close margins Westtown 'lg lrvvlns 4 5 and Sprlngslde 3 4 ln exery game tlme te m lougllt to tlwe lnnuslw Altlwouglw every gurl played ner best tlwere were some playcre outstandung nn tlwenr ablluty Nancy Sclwranz rrglwt vvlng played expert l1ocl4ey all season, and dlstlngulslwed tlwe team by vvlnnung a post on tlwe All Sclwolastuc l-locl4ey Team Molly Borleau lfutlwernne Ch rrbers Clwarlotte Werner and Frances Jones vxerc lwonorcd vvltlw po :tions on tlwe All Qclwollstlc Re ervf II S S , d , i - I D , A , , ' - 'I - I-- ' 1 1 1 . . 7 ' 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 -J, ' - ' ' - ' a ' . , , . . J , - . , 5 , . - I l . 5 I Y c U n , , Q , 2 ', ' , S -c c ,S, S, HOCKEY Standing: Sillingz LOUISE JONES JANE COMPTON BETTY MCCOY BETTY FRORER ANNA KOHOUT MISS BLACKBLIRN MARGARET GIEG FRANCES JONES CHARLOTTE WERNER HANNAH MORESHEAD GLORIA YOUNG ANNA KLJHN TRIJDELI. GREEN KITTY CHAMBERS NANCY SHRANZ ANNE DAVISON, Captain IRENE RIEGER MOLLY BOILEAIJ PEGGY FAIRES RUTH MASSEY, Manager THE BASKETBALL SEASON QNGl?fAxll,lLAllGlXlS to tlte Clwamplonsl llwe basketball team ol 1937 was undefeated nn tlwe QI t games tlwat It play d lVllss Blackburn e serves great praise lor lwer expert coaclwsng Ruth Massey led tl'1e team to Its lwonour by ber steady skrlllul playung and nnsplrung leaderslwlp 'llwe great strengtlw of tlwe team was slwown by Its OV6fVVlW6lmlHQ VICYOVIZS llwe closest game was tlwe one vvztlw Sacred l-leart when F C S led by ten ponnts an tlwe Fnnal score Beginning and ending In a blaze ol trlumplw tlwe basketball season ol 1937 wtll be outstandung In Frlends Central s lwlstory GIRLS' BASKETBALL Standing: Sitting: ANNE DAVISON PEGGY RANKIN, Manager KATI-IRYN KOI-IOUT ANNA KCI-IOLJT MISS BLACKBURN BETTY McKAY LOUISE JONES MARGARET GIEG RLITI-I MASSEY, Captain IRENE RIEGER MOLLY BOILEALI THE LACRCDSSE SEASON ANY new gurls jorned tlwe l.acrosse squad tlus M year vvlwrcln s agarn under tlsme tutelage ol Mass loulmrn All faxmerrcan lacrosse star llwe team started Its season Wrtlr a Wonderful victory de quest, Swartlwmore l-lnglw defeated Frrends Central by tlwe amazrng score ol 'IQ to 'l l-lowever, the girls are determined to seelt revenge agannst Swarthmore rn tlwenr second contest planned lor tlwe sprung llwere rs lane maternal on tlwe Varsrty, and tlre l.acrosse team and nts coaclw are practncrng lmard rn luglw lwopes for a successful season , A r A . leating lrwin's Sclrool 5 to 1. lo balance tlwe con- GIRLS' LACROSSE Standing: Sitting: NANCY SI-IRANZ BETTY FRORER MARGARET GIEG KATI-IRYN KOI-IOUT MISS TOULMIN ANNA KOI-IOUT DIANA FOOTE BARBARA GILMAN RUTI-I MASSEY TRUDELL GREEN ANNE DAVISON KITTY CHAMBERS LOUISE JQNES, Ce ptaln MOLLY BOILEAU PEGGY FAIRES, Manager GLORIA YOUNG THE FOOTBALL SEASON A LTl-IOLIGI-l handicapped by a small squad th s l II Friends Central brought Forth one ol nts most powerful teams ID recent years Captann Ben Statzell and hls mates ran up a total ol one hundred seventy nrne points agamnst varied opposltlon This score the highest ID the section shows the druve of Coach Crate s charges The climax game of the season was a trzumphal farewell when Lundy Slmmerman Ted l-leller and the Marshes behind a last charging forward wall subdued Montgomery s hltherto un beaten comblnatlon with a score ol Q5 O lnjurles and lneluglbllntres an the early part ol the season l4ept the Blue and Gray from hlttung Its true stride untnl lt had received two defeats from penn Charter and l-layertord Bryn faxthyn Germantown Academy George School Swarth more .l V and Montgomery all lell before the Cnty Lune attaclc by lopsided counts whrle Eprscopal held the Cratemen to a 7 7 stalemate l 13 , fx , , , ' 1 1 l 1 1 1 ' . 7 A I - I " . 1 1 1 ' FOOTBALL Standing: Sitting: MQGINLEY MR. GATLING MORY KELLY KAHLER ANDREWS MR. CRATE ABBE KOHLER MCGRORY R. MARSH E. MARSH DOWNS Standing, Middle Row: LORDWOOD KATES WAGNER MCCLELLAN JOHNSON SAXER HELLER SIMMERMAN BYE MUNROE STATZELL THE SOCCER SEASON l:l3lElNlDS CENTRAL S soccer season was a success lul one eyen tlwouglr tlwe team drd not wan yery many games llwe squad was made up In tlwe mann of players new to tlwe game Last year s comtvnnatron graduated and left only Arnold Smolens, Sam Elelds and Eddie Elaccus Around tlwese tlmree, Mr Nlclwolson built a cred In ylctorles, tlre season was rlclw In spurlt and lun -l-lwe only victory was agaunst Episcopal yvlwo was toppled, 'l O l-lere s lucl4 to Mr Nlclwolson for tlwe luture but wnn or lose, no future team Wrll lwaye a more sprinted or yyortlw Wlmle season ' I S h I itaple, if not a clwampionslwip team. Altlwouglw lacl4ing 3 SOCCER Standing: Sitting: KRGNEBACH EISSLER SMOLENS NGLDE LEROUX MR. NICHOLSON HALL J. WARNER GREEN P. WARNER FLACCUS, Captain HODGES KNIGHT THE BASKETBALL SEASON ISPLAYING a good passlng attaclc and some spotty long range shooting Frlends Central s 1936 37 court edntuon earned a tue lor fourth place IU the lnterac standings For our pug and well coached team, the loss ol two l4ey games marred an otherwlse excellent season penn Charter and l-laver lord perennial jnnxes, both won thrilling last mrnute vuctorles over the Cratemen, penn Charter scoring 3'l Q8 and l-laverlord reglsterlng a Q3 QQ conquest Early IU the campaign the tnaslceteers set down St Josephs College Fresh, Swarthmore College J V and Merchantvllle l-llgh pelore dropping an extra pernod encounter with Malvern prep Later Qlney Germantown Academy Germantown Friends and Chestnut Hull were defeated whale Episcopal tool4 the Blue and Gray Into camp ID the league hnale Captain Rolfe Marsh led the attacl4 and hut the scoring hugh lught of the season when he scored QQ markers against Chestnut l-lull . . V F . , I - 1 - , I n I . ' I I I I BASKETBALL Standing: Sitting: MR. CRATE HALLOWELL FLACCUS SIMMERMAN MORY KOH LER KELLY STATZELL R. MARSH MCGRORY MUN ROE THE BASEBALL SEASON ln ll-llS Writing tl'1e baseball season IS Stull IN nts nnlancy f-'X gllwe Cnty l.lne warriors lwaye engaged rn tlwree ollrclal contests and numerous practice tllts Alter deleatlng West plnladelplua and losung to Pelrce Business Scbool tlwe Blue and Gray lost tlwe opening league encounter to penn Clwarter Despute tlwrs deleat,tl1e outlook IS brlglnt tlte race rs stall Wade open and more tlwan one team wrll feel tlwe stung ol Errends Central s bats before tlwe campalgn closes A tentatuye llne up would be Tom Kelly, Butclm Nlarslw Ben Statzell, and Lundy Slmmerman an tlwe lnlleld George Major belnnd tlwe plate and Bull Abbe Ed Nlarslw and Paul lVlory IH tlwe outlleld -llns IS not a set llne up and W ll be svvltclmed frequently llwls sprang s pltclwnng stall IS one ol tlwe strongest In recent years lVlcGrory, Wagner, and Ball Blair are all lwurlers ol more tlwan average ablllty l-lere s lwopung tlwe lnterac l.eague wall lwave a new long or 'l937l A N' ' I I . . . E ' . 41 . YY . . . , I I I I . . 7 . . - , P . . . BASEBALL Standing: Standing Sitting: STEINI-I ILBER RALSTON SAXER MORY FLEMING GILGER -Middle Row: MR. I-IOWETH LORD-WOOD ABBE DGWNS MAJCDR WAC-NER NOLDE MR. CRATE STATZELL R. MARSH HELLER E. MARSH, Captain KELLY SIMMERMAN BLAIR TRACK Standing: Sitting: ANDREWS BYE GREEN MORY BIDDLE KNIGHT MCGINLEY MUNROE KOHLER ERE S THE FI RQWDS of people lmne the street rovv on rovv of furst nughters throng the doors, ushers scurry to and fro then suddenly a hush The footllghts go up the house lights dlm and the curtaun goes up on a first nught performance ID the l.nttle Theatre at Friends Central The curtann Falls a burst of applause shakes the audntornum the cast talqes nts bovvs flowers full the stage At last the house lights go up and the first night audience fnles out, acclaumnng Wheres the Fare? by Cornelna Stabler Gnllam a bnllnant success Novv to loolc behind the scenes of the amusing comedy of summer resort lnfe vvhnch ns full of trncl4y sntuatlons and clever llnes and vvhuch featured an nts furst per formance at friends Central such stars as Janet Gray, Nl Lou l-lofft Ruth Massey Nancy Warren, Shirley Smith Nancy latman, l-lannah Nloorshead Ball l"lall Bud Kohler John Warner, Clarence De Armond, and Bull Abbe Eight oclocl4 rehearsals vvhuch vvere called every mornnng for three vveel4s necessntated arusung at daybreal4 at least at seemed so to some people ln addltlon to these long rehearsals several afternoons a vveelc served to lceep the cast on Its toes panntnng scenery and furnlture and dyeing curtains l4ept the stage crew busy vvhnle the property commuttee spent nts tnme hunting up such thungs as doorbells telephones auto horns and old magazines At last, the efforts of the varuous groups vvere ready to be vvelded unto a single unsfued performance and on Frnday nught May Q1 the senaor class presented Where s the furef? Much credit for the success of the play must be glven to Mrs Flucl4 vvho directed and to Mr Puttman who supervised the stagxng "WH ' RE?" I 4? '52 O . , Y f I ' fl l . l , s 1 . , I Q ' .. I, I . . I I . " 7 ' ' I PRESCRIPTION for an old l1ouse that won t sell won t rent odenuze the K lichen WITH SNEDAKER CABINETS Franlc C Snedalcer 8a Co Inc 81 T t RAD 4313 P IcQ6Q1 M BUTEN 8g SONS DISTRIBUTORS Bexf Q al fy Advert ed Br nd PAINT 6 Stores 33 N th 7th St 5711 G 18345 thSt 569N thB dSt PHILADELPHIA PA 6926 M lc CS! 62 Edg A Up D by P 1 ONE OE THE COLINTRVS LARGEST REAL ESTATE FIRMS CATERING TO TI-IE REAL ESTATE NEEDS OF TI-IE LARGE AND SMALL ALIKE RENNINIIER II GRAVES 1311 Sansom Street Philadelphia Blue Pnnts IAl.BERTM.GRElllFllI.Dlf1I.I Drawmg Matenals MFLE E REAL ESTATE I BTI UT PHILADELPHIA Engineers Supplies etc II "II We a It's Goodff-It Is Good" I , I I Q I l M ' ' I u, I is I a .9 of I I , I I I II II I I II ' - , I I II I :I ' or . ermantown Ave. 3 ou . 1 or roa . I I I I . .I . I I I ' 9th ioga S reefs I I I I ar Q , 4 mont Vg, - dr I , per ar , a. Ches er, Pa. W ,.:-- ,: i' ,L I I fg- L, i -4 T, A II I I I I II I I I I I I I II , , , I I I , I I I 9 , . 0 I I 0 ' I Q , I I 0 I I I I A C0 I n I I , . I I I I I I L L ,I iw- ' I--Ifffwff f-'ff'4 'f'-- Q -4-v I I T2 I ' ig,,1,4,,,,L- ' ' ,L,, ,,,i"1g,- T4 I PAINTING PAPER HANGING - DECORATING Our W rlt R putat R KRIVUIIN CII NIJ 920 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA PA WI 3698 1 PAINTS JOHN LUCAS 81 CO INC PIII a ph CI Compllmenfs C M D COMPLIM NTS OF CLINTON PRINTING CO 927 sANsoM STREET PHILADELPHIA Comp! ents Magen Hardware C 5219 Market Street Phxladelphna Pa M d 445 MAIN 3456 PRINTING 8 IIIHIIIIRAPHINII IIUMPANY 145 NORTH SEVENTH STREET PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA PRINTING ' STATIONERY li ' I .-l-11 I II I fl 0 1 I I . 0 II ., . la' ur , ' I Administration Offices- ia el ia e foil" I I Offices, Factories and Warehouses , M In Principal I ies I , II I I' 32 6 I I g I 1, n N I , . I l a . Main 174 I I I It I L It SSSS II LI - -Y --'A Ii' ' 1, 'T' ' 'iif .T ,cgi mf? im I I . I, I 00 ,I I Of II . . , c . u Q 0 ,I M ' Y I ' LO bar 8 L II I ' I ++++4v++++++++++++++-54+ Frzendshzps ade unless ept alwe Your Photograph replaces YOU ++4'++ PHILLIPS STUDIO 1507 Walnut Street Phlladelphla OFFICIAL FHOTOGRAPHER TO THE ++++++++++++1l-4+-P+6+4-++++++++++++++++++++++ FRIENDS CENTRAL SCHOOL Pfwfed by WEsTBRooK X IIE HEN our rmprmt appears on a magazme or I9ooIc you may IeeI sure tI1e ecIrtors ave IwacI at tI1er cIusposa every feature oI servlce wI'ncI1 nearIytI1lrty years oI specnaI rzatuon I1ave sI1own to be most desurabe WESIBRIIIIK PUBLISHING COMPANY II lx I I. 'I I + I + I 4- + I . I I I I It . . I 7 III III . I J0IBlJSf,Q' . . . Zia, ,S ' Pmn- I I1 'r ' I , . . Pr, n 1 fsx Q -Q' if ' 'if ' 4 J , 4' 4 Z A 4 I f ? f,,,- 1 ff fa 'gpfff g 1 f 1 si, CX f 3 f' 4-1 'II -'yr fb 41'-741. get .-A 2 E M x g f- X T 16 "-i-'il l 'Q 54A Y 15,4 5 bu- -rj: 1 ,, 3 elf A lw an qv' 9 555331 f L ' HKS X I A 11- E ZW 1 my 'Q' Q: f "' C- f' ru- I .1 -v,7ff,5 if X .Mx ! fr A'f"fn7' Q g- M 1' L ? 9 .4 2' 2' " ,f -9? f -51'-73- , fa-3,4"'1 57711 -'f-pe! A! X. ai Qs 5: rf- L V X 5":i'3""2z l ' - ' ,J -' ' f' - 'r. .A .I I , 3 I 4 li - ' Z Y f I! ,-' ,,- - I . .4 ., V- - "2 , . 4 121 ft, , f ' 4 2 ' -, ' ' 12: , , ' ' " , 9 - by-Y. 'Q-'N -71 a VP- 'fn , .3 :- . F, " W, . QL b . ff , A ,H l:l.,?,j.,. A A ' . ' 21 G L ? -5' "fl 7 . 4, , " I -I," r , ' L' 5.4 V 1' A . 4- V. , 1 .' 4 , ' "S . ' Q 'f " ' ' f' ' ,, e "" 31 ,- . , V Jfpf - 1 , .f , f Z 4 .fx E 7 , '..,- , u .: V f 'hy 'f'af, llff 'J' " ff "" '- . 1- ' , ' ' , ' ,, A' 1 - - , ', 4 I .MZ ' .rfgf ,..,,. , - , WM" E l x -' ' . , - - Af X ' ' f X . " ' f --- - r' 5 X A - -l -QD . ." 'Q-. 'TQ ... , :- 5 ,B .. . , q , . ' -Q " - Q W ' '-k . 'f"- C,-11,8 - 11 .- - :,-:ii L-Eff -H 7 V , V Y , X. ' -4 fe , w 3 21 f" H - - 1' 'Q . 'f ff! A Q ' 1 A ' . 3 A ' ' 1' -11 f -Q 4 0 0' ?-' , 1 4? f A ' , , .-'Y Q B 1 f.. J ' J I V . Vik' I I4 -: -' , S ' fa Q I 'ak in -V ? r s PE 1 I 42 7 7 I "lt,-:iz D 1 i o- L- V" ' x . ' ' ja 1' ' r 1 " ' ,M ' :f '- . f ' I ' . ' f' 'f' 'f ,Q.- . f ' 1, f-1' ni- 2 I 1' fl- fl tx x L ,I?'fl",2,'Q"?- ' V- T, V ,.-fleig 1 " "1 Q ?" 11. '. - , I A , V 'izzgif A jg- -: -,i .1 XJ I i Q 'xl m bl qv sf- 3 41 71 1 , 1' 9'-. :rl "' " Q' ,'fL -9 , "' N d AQ! ffl! 1 m ik A- E ,J s ' ' , .7 I -, 1, .fc 5 I .ww .5 1 ,Q . ! , , V , 1. - L l . - ' X 4 r f--'- A ,,:-' .MX :Q ss ' , - f f 1 V I 'm' -:T i ' 'LQ Q Y ' x , - ,f Q3 Y -W , ga- A f Z ,, 1 -1 - -hs J 4 fi- X W ' ,, f , ., X , if "' , -. I T O C - Z l I f I 4 .R I 'V .I I . X. , I 119-f .g 'Q . 'Fu Fri 2 . fa 7 ' 'Q - 'Q M' az. I ,f ,fp A, L I- 3 s , 4 ' 3 f' f 1 J ' 2 3 " ' 'z A f 4 I ' f ff- 1 C if f ' ,, if , f' T- i ' 75 ' ' ' -,- 1 ' 42' ' X f H ' 1' 5 -4 3 4 ,E- , f t - .J 3 - 1 ,ff 4 V ' f V I . , ' 1 ' ' fl . ,fir 7 ,f -',,, , , X 2 9 " -Y f' , "':f. - zu. - - :-4 R ,- -H .-.. fi -2 by 4: N -in H, l , F , f - f A ff Z K 5 ' ' "" "J - '4 W I 1 X v fin!! n -1- -1 f 4' llllb Q-1 id rmmh "'v ' -V - , ' V Y-2911, ,,,, ,, . .. A- W.: VY I. e :.- -----f- Q, ,-'U -Q A ' ' -.i5f-L-..'.'11,,g- Y" Taj- Q K K Q ' iz'-" "' f"f' 'L ' -354 -mr-'Str i -- , ,A- M W' .-,,.4 Y, .. T , Aa- ,, M ar Z .vp V ,. -af'-F KJ 'T +4 wx My -L

Suggestions in the Friends Central School - Record Yearbook (Overbrook, PA) collection:

Friends Central School - Record Yearbook (Overbrook, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 54

1937, pg 54

Friends Central School - Record Yearbook (Overbrook, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 61

1937, pg 61

Friends Central School - Record Yearbook (Overbrook, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 102

1937, pg 102

Friends Central School - Record Yearbook (Overbrook, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 55

1937, pg 55

Friends Central School - Record Yearbook (Overbrook, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 14

1937, pg 14

Friends Central School - Record Yearbook (Overbrook, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 86

1937, pg 86

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