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JJ, ,. 4 - 1- ,ir gg' I Yi- --5 v . 1-1.1" 'ZEN 4. .Q , , U 'C ., Ag, p n B ' 4 .',1,' I. n. . . '15, P 1 ' ' Q Q 1, 1 na Q 4-4 'V 9 . wr. .- .1 93' 1 - I l" 1 ,,vaNJ . -'lg : '. 'I 7 . '19 2' 1-7 . w 1 . - 'S sly: .v A , 1 1 1 f - ' . ff , f 6 I K, l 1 1 o , m vp w . 'Q ff, ,E LQ'-lap. v t rv 17 - ' 1' 1 ' 4 . 1- -1 J- , 1 , 'I' . ' 5 ., .nu '. il Q "' 'K 3 - .sy- l Q .LV .1 iw' in W' Wx, , - -.,. , aw. ,, . 1 " I sf '. R" ,Q ' Lmi' . 7 4 ,. , . . I .. .. A . . , v: .fl :H ,,- X 1 r . . 'S . in .IT g . .A ' 15"-'iff-g5i:.,M',W V1 5, Ar bl xvlf 7' ' ?r'l Q:,.f'v 'xi K .IIA If ': S .1,, ' 'u' ' w I .3 , gs .,n,,,Q if iff 1. - -1' "L J ij? 515 ti' ,ya ' fit by 1 'S W, A: lf gf . .4 c' ' ,Y flfe .,-S s I in ,. X .. 4 ist! 'V ff few N 4 fx f"' + '3 JG L I PUBLISHED BY FRIEND HIGI-I SCHOOL Ed1IOI Assrstant Edrror Busmess Manager Photographer Arnst Advernsmg Manager Clerrcal Staff Rex Kellough Wayne Gallup Elhs Shutts Morrrs Bender Esther Duba Don Bwda Lrla Kay Buckmgham Delorrs Hansen Mary McCullough -1 I 6 ' --------------- s --------------- Sports Editor ------------------------- Bernard Svehla 2.1 ELA: ia- 1, 'l,l Fomswonn A i f iv I In presentmg Ih1S 1952 1953 edmon of THE BULLDOG we have endeavored to gue you an everlasung picture of the 11fe and act1v1t1es as well as the tradmons of Frlend Hlgh School Whatever the years may brmg the memory of Ih1S school year W111 be forever kept ahve as you turn through the pages of Ih1S yearbook YOur 1952 53 BULLDOG THE STAFF 'I J -6 J Q T Jn -IQL yr I o J it . . - .. ,, A4 .' . -:fl -I . . . 14 I . X .y . 1 -L is S vs'-' 1 SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE To the Students of 1953 A Yearbook grows rn value w1th the years Congratulauons to those of you who have worked to make ll a success We are proud of our town of our school of our faculty and of our student body In the years that l1e ahead we W1Sb you health fortune and most ofall a capacrty for the attamment of real happrness We w1ll look forward wrth oleasure to any and all success that comes your way Best of all we wrll take prrde when the seed that has been SOWD IH the classroom develops and we see you as frne nerghbors good frrends and real AMERICANS Smcerely, Alfred Calvert ,,,,fvM"6 SCHOOL BOARD QBL I :- I 1011: BACK ROW Left to Right George Asmus Ed Ahern Vlce President Don Ferguson FRONT ROW Helen Malek Secretary Ralph Samuelson Mary Barney Joseph Ach President FACULTY E fs. L W f FROM LEFT Mlldred Carlson Betty Hawley Mary Smedju' Blanche Calvert M11 dred Ramp Jolleen Kelso Nell Engel Mxldred Kola: Harold McKercher Alfred Calvert Don Haberman Mary Nicholls Helen Malek Samuel Ramp FRIEND SALES BARN nos xox-tour MANAGER SALES EVERY TUESDAY ED RYCHBCKY AUCTIONEER PHONE 5321 1 O 1:2 0 7 Z, 0- ,. :K X 5, , Q , U o. ' 4 -x A - ...t .ill ,,4f'H-,, W yi f -, X V . .N fp r . A H g Ku . p AV .J , V y V J C p 4. o,.o J, .X .. ik qi V CLASS OFFICERS 5:3 4 l f SENIORS JUNIORS 1? .P SOPI-IOMORES FRESI-IMEN SENIORS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT IUNIORS CLOCKWISE FROM LOWER LEFT Patty Asmus Secretary Treasurer Marlys Bruha News Reporter Rex Kellough News Reporter Wes Hagel' Treasurer Don Burda Vice Presxdent Don Svehla Secretary Wayne Gallup Presldent Howard Barbur Vice Presrdent Joyce R011 Presrdem SOPHOMORES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT FRESHMEN CLOCKWISE FROM LOWER LEFT Dick Pratt Presxdent Vince Horky Treasurer Blame Warner Vice Presxdent ROIIDIC Helm News Reporter Jack Stewart President JoAnn Kllppenstem Secretary Ronnie Zexgler News Reporter Betsy Blanchard Secretary Treasurer HORNER MOTORS INC Chrysler Sales and Service Plymouth Prairie Maid Meat Producm Lawrence Malek Nor Cheaper Im Better A 1 mf i j 'W 5 r fx - A r, I S fi 9 1-. EI psy' I grid .,., . 'I e'-' his YR r -I X' 3 , A Maw? Y f ,.1' Q J N ,,, - . 9 ph, E ' 5 rr, J DARLENE THOMPSON Ban 1 2 3 4 Glrls Glee 1 2 3 Pep Club 2 3 Mrxed Chorus Newspaper 4 Class Play 3 Football Sweetheart Attendant 3 Trrple Tr1o 2 Gxrls Phy Ed 1 2 Frrendshrp rs a knot tred by an angel s hands PATSY AHERN Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Band 1 Grrls Glee 1 2 3 Mlxed Chorus 4 Newspaper 4 Cheerleader 4 Class Play 3 Vrce Pres Football Sweetheart Attendant 3 Glrls Phy Ed 1. 2 "I won't quarrel wrth my bread and butter " REX KELLOUGH Boys Glee Club 2 Mrxed Chorus 4 Class Play 3 Annual 4 Football 1, 2, 3,4 Basketball 1,2, 3,4 Class Vrce Pres 2 News Reporter 4 Track 2 "Th1ngs are not always as bad as they seem " CAROLYN ROHRIG Band 2 4 Grrls Glee 1 2 3 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Newspaper 4 Class Play 3 Sec of Pep Club 3 Sextet 4 Cheerleader 4 G rls Phy Ed 1 2 A good laugh rs sunshlne rn a house BERNARD SVEHLA Mrxed Chorus 4 Class Play 3 Annual 4 Newspaper 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 News Reporter 2 Track 1 2 3 Hrs bark 1S worse than h1s brte HUSTON TRUCK LINE "Fast Dependable Safe" TURNER PLUMBING AND HEATING PHONE 4371 JOAN KUCABA Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 President Pep Club 4 Girls Glee 1, 2 Mixed Chorus 4 Newspaper 3, 4 Band 1,2 Class Play 3 Class Representative 1 Triple Trio 2 Girls State 3 "Doubt whom you will but never yourself PATTY ASMUS Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls Glee 1, 2 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Class Reporter 3 Newspaper 4 Cheerleader 4 Class Play 3, 4 Girls Phy. Ed. 1,2 "l have you on the hip. " -1 DON BURDA Ban 1 2 3 4 Secretary of Band 2 President of Band 3 Glee Club 2 Mixed Chorus 4 Class Vice President l Class Secretary 1 Newspaper 2 Annual 4 Class Play 3 4 Student Manager 3 4 Football 3 4 Honorary Captain 4 Hope for the best pre pare for the worst take what the Lord sent you WAYNE GALLUP Boys Glee 2 Mixed Chorus 4 Annual 4 Class Play 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Class Vice:-Pres 2 Class President 4 Boys State 3 Don t do today what you can put off until tomorrow FARMERS UNION CO OP PHONE 4291 ROUSH BROTHERS PHONE 2371 DELORIS HANSEN Pep Clubl 2 3 4 Football Sweetheart 3 Class Play 3 4 Newspaper 4 Band 1 2 f1f2J Girls Phy 'Ed 1 2 Thar which rs every body s business IS no body s business d . , . , ' ,4 . ff? 1 Football 4 Annual 4 NNW LILA KAY BUCKINGHAM Glrls Glee 1 2 Mixed Chorus 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Annual 4 Class play 3 4 Class Secretary and Treasurer 3 "Al1 that glistens is not gold. " DELORIS WEBER Band 3 4 Glrls Glee 1 2 3 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 M1xed Chorus 4 Newspaper 4 Class Play 3 4 Football Sweetheart 4 Vxce Presrdent of Band 4 There s a mme for all thmgs LOIS MEINKE Grrls Glee 1 2 3 M1xed Chorus 4 Pep Club 1 2 Class Play 4 and 1 2 Newspaper 4 G1rls Phy Ed 1 2 "IfI do this thing willingly, Ihave a reward. " W. D. WALLACE, D. D. S. FRIEND ICE AND COLD STORAGE MORRIS BENDER Ban 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 M1xed Chorus 4 Class Play 3 4 Annual 4 Football 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Lxfe IS short yet sweet RUTH BULWAN Glee Club 1 2 Pep Club 1 2 3 Newspaper 4 Cheerleader 4- Class Play 3 4 Class Vrce Pres 3 G1r1s Phy Ed 1 2 Three may keep a secret 1f two are dead PHONE 326 1 PHONE 3381 HELEN JEAN RASPLICKA Band 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 3 4 Grrls Glee 1 Class Play 3 Newspaper 4 Grrls Phy Ed 1 2 All s well that ends well MARY MCCULLOUGH Gxrls Glee 1 2 3 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Newspaper 4 Annual 4 Class Play 3 Glrls Phy Ed 1 2 To speak k1ndly does not hurt the tongue MARY BETH COGSWELL Ban 1 2 3 4 Glrls Glee 1 2 3 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus 4 Vrce Pres of Pep Club 4 Class Play 3 4 Newspaper 4 Sextet 4 Grrls Phy Ed 1 2 Snug as a bug rn a ru PATRICIA NOBBMAN G1rls Glee 1 2 Ban 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,4 Newspaper 4 Grrls Phy Ed 1,2 ELLIS SHUTTS Boys Glee Class Play 3 4 Annual 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer "The very prnk of perfecuon " "It IS not every quesuon that deserves an answer " YOKELS' HARDWARE AND FURNLTURE PHONE 3251 FRANK T. HAMILTON, M. D PHONE 5281 SANDRA MCBRIDE Band 3,4 Girls Glee 1, 2,3 Newspaper 4 Pep Club 1, 2,3,-4 "Look before you ere you leap" HELEN COUCH Girls Glee 2 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Sextet 4 Newspaper 4 Glrls Phy Ed 1 The eyes believe themselves the ears be lreve other people l ESTHER DUBA Annual 4 Newspaper 4 JOE MURPHY Class Play 3 Class President 1 Never leave that till tomorrow wluch you can do today to leap into the dark M. R. CORNELL MELVIN PRATT Class Play 3 Class Secretary 2 Class President 3 "Better a bad excuse than none at all" Life Insurance Phone 3421 DAIRY QUEEN The Cone wrth the Curl on Top "Iam just going Girls Phy. Ed. 1 SENIOR CLASS WILL We the Senror Class of 1953 of the school of Frrend berng of sound mrnd and memory do hereby make publrsh and declare thts to be our last w1ll and testament hereby revokrng any w11l or wrlls heretofore made byus Patsy Ahern wrlls her herght to Carol Walbrrdge Pat Asmus wrlls her false tooth to the 54 football team Moms Bender wrlls his shyness to Dean McAlp1n Lrla Kay Buckrngham wrlls her drrvrng abrlrty to Jamce Jewrtt Ruth Bulwan wrlls her blonde harr to Barbara Yokel Don Burda w1lls hrs waddle to Maxlne Frresen Mary Beth Cogswell wrlls her boy frrends to Gwenda Ramp Helen Couch wrlls her Engllsh abrlrty to Fred Eberhardt Esther Duba w1lls her art to Jack Stewart Wayne Gallup wrlls lus wavy black hart to Dee Nrcholson Delor1s Hansen W1115 her drrnples to Mr McKercher Rex Kellough wrlls hrs fuzz cuts to V1nce Horky Joan Kucaba wrlls her determrnatron to make the most of her 1n Lors Mernke wrlls her srngrng abrlrty to Wes Hager Mary Ann McCullough wrlls her good nature to Josle Svehla Sandra McBrrde wrlls her qtuet ways to Lyle Mrtchell Joe Murphy wtlls hrs freckles to Joanne Samuelson Pat Nobbman wrlls her rnstruments to John Horner Melvrn Pratt wrlls his ab1l1ty to sleep rn class to Joyce Roll Helen Jean Raspllcka wrlls her blushing to Bob Welch Carolyn Rohng wrlls her grft of gab to Elarne Stevenson Ellrs Shutrs w lls hrs tom permanents to Mr Calvert Bernard Svehla wrlls hrs dancrng abrhty to Toots Svehla Darlene Thompson wrlls her place rn the Jeep to Marrlyn Jrrsa Delor1s Weber wrlls her nrckname Chub to Brll Sladek Mr Calvert wr lls lus supply of Jokes to the new superrntendent Don Haberman Wltnesses Patsy Ahern Pat Asmus Moms Bender Lrla Kay Buckrngham Ruth Bulwan Don Burda Mary Beth Cogswell Helen Couch Esther Duba Wayne Gallup Delorrs Hansen Rex Kellough Joan Kucaba Lols Mernke Mary Ann McCullough Sandra McBrrde tellrgence to Marlm Herm Joe Murphy Pat Nobbman Melvrn Pratt Helen Jean Rasplrclra Carolyn ROh.l'1g Ellrs Shutts Bernard Svehla Darlene lhompson Delor1s Weber Flower Yellow Rose Colors Blue and Yellow Motto Amerrca IS just another word for opportumty DIAMOND FREIGHTWAYS Ph0I16 5311 Route rt by Dramond LAPE MOTOR COMPANY Phone 2301 Dearborn Farm Equrpment Admrral Applrances FIRST NATIONAL BANK ESL?-b11ShCd 1879 n 1 1 u r a 1 n V - v - n 1. - , . u ,, . . ' ' n vw ' ' - n ' n ' 1 . Q . . . ,, n . . , . f . ,, . . . - n SENIGR CLASS PGEM Hall' to all the senlors Although lazy we may be We are the best of scholars From the class of 53 F1rst of all 1S Pat Ahern The tallest g1rl rn our class She always has a wrnrung smlle Where er you see her pass Next comes Patty Asmus In mus1c she does rtght well And how she plays the mar1mba Is more than we can tell Moms Bender from the country ls known for lus great speed But on the farm we ve heard He s Just a lazy hay seed L11a Kay Bucktngham we re now facmg She s someumes full of fun One boy she keeps a chasmg And causes htm to run Ruth Bulwan and her beau Make up another twosome It mtght become qurte toothsome Don Burda next on our 11st Is gorng to be a farmer From all we gather some glrls thlnk He s really qurte a charmer Mary Beth Cogswell 15 famous For bemg late to class When she s settled rn her cha1r The rest are ready to pass Helen Couch 1S next She s known for all her grumbles If she doesn t speak out loud We alwayshear her mumhles Esther Duba IS our arust Our drawmgs she does all If you need a p1cture drawn Just wr1te to her or call Wayne Gallup known as Spread em ls one of our fxrst fxve In Enghsh class we sometxmes wonder If he w11l come out ahve Delor1s Hansen and her car They get along together They travel all the graveled roads In any k1nd of weather Next IS our Rex Kellough Who lS usually very slow But when a chance for ftm comes He s always there to go Joan Kucaba IS our scholar She left us 1n the dust She s gotng to Nebraska U now For her learnmg rs a must Lo1s Melnke tn her Dodge Jalopy On the road IS qulte a wh1zz Upon arrlval of the car She chrtstened xt Just L1z Ice Murphy IS mtelllgent We thtnk he s pretty lucky He comes to school 1n the afternoon And thxnks that tt s qulte ducky Sandra McBr1de known as s1lence But she s no slouch nor sluffer As you can plalnly see Mary Ann McCullough Wears a very ready smrle And on her books and papers She lS busy all the wlule Patr1c1a Nobbman we call Pat She s gomg to be a nurse We hope she never takes the Job Of dr1v1ng a brg hearse Melvm Pratt n1cknamed Buzz ls mechan cally qu1te smart He not only puts together But also takes apart Helen Jean Rasphcka plays A clarlnet tn our band Whenever help IS needed She s there to lend a hand Carolyn Rohng who comes next Is always known as Ma We wonder 1f she ll ever f1nd Someone she can call Pa . . . . , up I I 1 ' - - - H - H . . N . . . , . ' - 1 If poem contained them all, ls quiet as she can be, , . , . . 1 ' 1 J ' I 7 1 , A 0 I Ellls Shutts has curly hair. lt's said he has a Tml. We wonder if his comely curl ls really such a phony. Bern Svehla when in basketball ls really quite a star lf we were to lose hlrn We wouldn t get too far Darlene Tbompsm from the farm Who is considered small Is golng to work at an alrport And walt for Rex to call Delorls Weber small and cute Teaches all of us to share In home-ec class you ll always find A sack of pop -corn by her chair Miss Kolar and her favorite saying, 'Now you get out that gum! " Although we wish she would forget She never will, by crumb! Superintendent A B Calvert ls quick as he can be What d happen if his Angus Would chase him up a tree? When we have shut our books And finally closed the door We know we leave to mourn The class of 54 This ends our senior poem We now pass on to you Our gifts and talents rare That will put us m Who s Who CLASS HISTORY When we thlnk back to the fall of 1940 and the twelve years that followed many happy memories return There are eight members in the graduation class of 53 who started therr educatron here in the kmdergarten They are Patsy Ahern Morris Bender Mary Ann McCullough Lors Memke Melvin Pratt Bem Svehla Darlene Thompson Wayne Gallup Startrng wrth the frrst grade and tracrng our history through the years this class has probably seen more members come and go than has any other class After the kindergarten year we lost Clark Alexander Chauncy Andrews Paula June Bangs Gayle Dean and Clarence Nrcks In the first gade we gained Bill Brrtton Gene Larson Dale Welch Rose Ella Range Ruby Hager and Patrrcra Asmus ln the second grade we lost Morris Bender and garned Betty Ann ed Morris Bender and Ltla Mae Ratlrff We lost Betty Ann Larsen Dale Welch Gene Larsen and Janet Kratochvil The folnth grade brought us Clarence Nrcks Robert Kleemeyer and Joan Kucaba The frfth grade brought us Angelme Betka Lloyd Earleywine Pat Nobbman and Deloris Weber and we lost Clarence Nicks and Robert Kleemeyer The sixth grade brought us Julra Shutts Judrth Johnson Deloris Hansen and Ellis Shutts The seventh grade brought us Pat Hopkins Marvrn McIntosh and Helen Couch We lost Judith Johnson and Doyt Shaw The eighth grade brought us Rex Kellough and we lost Morris Bender Ruby Hager Julia Shutts Pat Hopkins and Rose Ella Range The freshman class brought us many green faces Carolyn Rohrig Helen Rasplrcka Sandra McBride Joseph Murphy Esther Duha Gayle Dean Mary Beth Cogswell Lila Kay Buckingham Don Burda Ruth Bulwan Morris Bender and Ruby Hager We lost Marvin Mclntosh and Angeline Betka Our sophomore year brought us Phil Kendall We lost Bill Britton Lloyd Earleywlne Lila Mae Ratlrff Frances Scott Velma Sladek, Betty Surber Kathryn Vohnout and Ruby Hager Our Junior year brought us Carol Lape for one semes ter During our senior year we lost Gayle Dean and at the beginning of the second semester Joan Kucaba left ru to attend university As we near graduation our class numbers twenty five puprls who carry away the pleasant memories of Friend High The class wants to express a word of appreciation to those who made our school days a success Larsen, Wilma fvelmaj Sladek, Betty Surber, Doyt Shaw, and Phil Anderson. In the third grade we gain- SENIOR CLASS PRCJPI-I ECY After stepplng off our latest modeled hydrogen plane rn 1976 we went dlrectly to the wartrng room of the arrport to rest awhile As we were s1tt1ng there a prxm young lady walked by us It was none other than 0111 own Darlene fThornpsonj Wrlson She graclously 1nv1ted us to lunch where she sard she would tell us where some of our old classmates had settled She took us to one of Frlend s swanktest Stork Clubs where we were met by the owner none other than our Bern Svehla He told us to st1ck around awh1le because they were prxvrleged to have w1th them that rught one of the world s famous torch smgers Sandra McBr1de After leavrng the Stork Club we were carelessly crossrng the street when my partner was struck by a brg long l1mous1ne To come to fmd out the owner was none other than L1la Kay Buckrngham We all got 1nto L1la Kay s car for a haremscarem rrde to the state s largest hospltal wluch rs now located at Frrend We were met by the head nurse Carolyn Rohrxg It seems she was on nrght duty w1th E1l1s Shutts who had been workrng w1th E1nste1n on an experrment w1th a drug more effectlve than Alka Seltzer when hrs apparatus blew up Carolyn also sa1d that she had one of the state s fmestnursesarde workmg for her She told us rt was Mary Ann McCullough We talked to Mary Ann and asked her who kept her chrldren wh11e she worked She told us that she had an excellent housekeeper It was one of our former classmates Helen Couch After we left the hosprtal Darlene persuaded us to go to v1s1t the Burda ranch As we were passmg the shores of Turkey Creek we say none other than our old classmate Esther Duba pamtrng prctures of slups as they docked 1.l'l the harbor at Turkey Creek It seems Esther had been made head arttst of R K O Studros Srttrng beslde her rn the latest type of swrmmrng surt sunnlng herself was Esther s secretary Helen Jean Raspllcka After chattmg awhrle we conunued our Journey to the Burda ranch As we entered the yard we saw to our amazement none other than our old pal Delorrs Weber the ranch housekeeper chasmg rn the lot several of Don s thousand head of cattle We asked her where the boss was and she replred He IS rn hrs lounge readrng the latest rssue of the Ladres Home Journal Delousalso told us that Don had recerved a letter the day before from a fellow we all remembered Joe Murphy lt seems Joe had Just arnved rn Aus tralra where he was experrmenung w1th rarsrng a new type of cane that he d1dn t ra1se rn hrgh school As we were drtvrng back from the Burda ranch we passed another well kept ranch when we saw a famrllar face come sobbrng out of a chlc ken house We surmlsed trouble so thought we had better turn back and mvesugate It seems Patsy Hoarty fthe former Patsy Ahernj was attempung to gather the eggs when an old setung hen dec ded to be rather possesslve more so than Patsy thought Patsy wanted us stay awhlle but we told her that we had many classmates yet to v1s1t so we con trnued our Journey Upon entermg the school zone we saw a frustrated teacher chasmg one of her pup1ls out the door As we looked closer we saw lf was Patty Asmus lt so happened that one of her angehc puprls had struck her on the srde of the head wrth a flyrng sptt ball Patty told us that our good frrend Lo1s Mernke was dolng mrssronary work rn Afrlca w1th one of the natrve chlefs As we ventured farther rnto the thr1v1ng Clty we notrceda huge neon srgn on a large burldrng whrch read Kellough Baby Products Darlene told us that Rex had done qurte well for hrmself s1nce the town was progressrng raprdly Upon our advancement rnto the mam part of the c1ty we saw a 1918 vehrcle stalled 1n the center of the mtersectron As we approached the car we Klrppenstern Implement Company Phone 2351 Complete One Stop Farm Servrce ' C1ty of Frlend Electrrc Apphances Ph0I16 5251 1 . , . . , . ' 1 , . . . . . , . . , . 1 , . . . . 1 . , . , . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , . . . . . , , , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 11 ' - ' - 1 . . . , ,, . . , . . .... . . , . . . 1 1 1 " . 1 1 1 . ' 1 0 - I , , . , 1 11 11 - ' ' 1 - 1 11 - 1 saw a rear view sticking out of the motor. We went to the car to see if we could be of some assistance. And low and behold it was none other than Ruth fBulwanj Pratt. lt seems Ruth was trying to blow out the carburetor. To her utter despair. she was having no success. She told us to go to the nearest telephone and call the Pratt Garage. She knew the manager would be more than glad to start his atomic -controlled wrecker and tow her in Ruth told us that Buzz was doing well for himself in the garage Starttng our car and headmg west on O Street we trxed to evade the campaxgmng crowd but we were forced to stop our car just long enough to get a glimpse of a woman with a gay flowered hat glvmg a speech up on a rostrum Bymqutrrngwe leamed that Joan Kucaba was running for the office of President of the United States After a slight detour to escape this crowd we saw com mg rnto sight the old church that we had attended tn our past years On the step sat our old schoolmate the Reverend Morris Bender lt seems Morris was preparing his sermons for the following Sunday He told us that he had received a letter from one of our well remembered classmates Wayne Gallup He told us that Wayne had gone to Hollywood to take Frank Srnatra s place as Frank was retmng next week lt seems Wayne had made quxte a surging reputation for himself since he graduated from high school He also told of the success of another of our former classmates Deloris Hansen She IS now a Power s model She has been seen on many magazine covers lately such as Photoplay The Red Book and osmopolrtan After a tmng but enjoyable day we stopped back at the Stork Club where we were entertained with one of the world s most favored orchestras It seems that Bem had made arrangements with the Guy Lombardo orchestra as one of hrs outstanding soloists was known to all of us Pat Nobbman As we rose above the earth dodging in and out of the newly erected skyscrapers we left behind us many thoughts and lasting memories we then ventured out over what we all remembered rn 1953 as Turkey Creek even though it was beginning to get dark but not dark enough to mrss Commander Mary Beth Cogswell barkrng orders on the deck of the Queen Mary whrch had just docked After vrsltmg the old haunts where a strange famlliarlty met us on every side we sped off through the blue for our homes in the West Chenshtng the experiences that we had we took up lrfe anew with renew ed vlgor SENIOR FAVORITES Favome Actor Alan Ladd Favorite Flower Yellow Rose Favorite Actress lane Wyman Favortte Car Cadillac Favorite Singer Eddie Fisher Favonte Gum Dentyne Favorite Song wishmg Ring FI-Write PISIUIIC Cruising Favorite Band Leader Guy Lombardo Favorite Radio Station KOWH Favonte Hang -out Green Top Favorite Theater 3 Favorite Comic Book Mutt and Jeff Favorite Subject Study Hall Favorite Food Home made ree cream FIVOIRC DRY of the Week Sunday Favorite Colors Blue and yellow FlV0riIe Pei Dog Anderson Studro Quality Photos at Moderate Prtces 1034 O St Lincoln Nebraska W A Brown Sales Agency Remtngton and Smith Corona Portable Typewnters Office Equipment and Stationery C ' . Favorite Sports ......... Football Fav0riIe Candy Bar. . . . . . Snicket ' ...... . .......... I is Conner and Mitchell Sinclair Service Phone 5261 -r::r,ww7'f'-f M 6,1 gy: Joyce Tuttle Lyle Mltchell arren Heckman Maxrne Mrrchell Rose Shutts Bern Rohrrg Juha Murray Carol Walbrldge Mary Beth Samuelson Charles Vossler Janrce Iewrtt Howard Barbur S' - 4 Wes Hager Drck Thompson Ann Horner Darlene Vossler FRIEND SENTINEL -PHONE 2391 J 34 J, KA, 2 H NE x rn. 'ide WB 'i -6 x 'CM Angehne Betka xv Q"" Barbara Yokel Donald Glbson Frances Zumpfe Al gk ge Don Svehla Roger M1 ller 'EW' Joyce Roll Peggy G111 RENO CAFE PHONE 3291 TALLY STUDIO PHONE 5.191 Jamce Bender Q,-r 5 I Roger Johansen Bob Samuelson Jaruce Kellough o--F i 'fs- Marlys Bruha V Z Q JU' -Q- Bernard Ach Lols Rohrlg Lv 2, ,l Q L- . . I V ga! . O K Qv .963 if 6 give, Q - W 9? J j if ir 1 o sg... t, J ,Q , , f Fra .QNQA 'W Al- ' sf.. ff' A , I it . . t .Ai 'Q WM , in . N ll' A r.: ' , as I I , fsl. V , Y I v r i JUNIOR CLASS PLAY The Junior Class Play Cheaper by the Dozen was presented to a full house on November 19 after five weeks of practice The story of the play is based on the real life happenrngs of an efficiency expert Frank Gilbert and hrs twelve children The antics of lus children and his push for efficiency in h1s household make a truly humor wus and delrghtful play 1 he cast of nineteen characters was as follows Dad the prominent efficiency expert Bernard Ach Mother more a phychologist Janlce Jewltt the three older daughters Anne Barbara Yokel Emestrne Frank Richard Thompson B111 Bernard Rohrig Dan Donald Gibson Fred Howard Barbur the smallest girl Carol Walbrtdge Mrs Fitzgerald the housekeeper Frances Zumpfe Dr Burton the family doctor Lyle Mitchell Joe Scales a cheerleader Bob Samuelson Miss Brill a teacher Lots Rohrrg Larry some- one special Wes Hager narrator fErnest1ne later ony Joyce Turtle narrator 1Frank later onj Roger Johansen Every member of the Junior Class helped make our play a success HARRY JOHNSON S STUDENT HEADQUARTERS BUD S GARAGE PHONE 3841 Joyce RollgMartha, Janice Kelloughg the other children, Lillian, Mary Beth Samuelsong Jackie, Peggy Gillg Charles Cogswell .tu-... kv- Maxrne Frlesen -1 Ronald Hayek Rlchard Foreman K WW: Ns.. 1 -4-- Gwenda Ramp Harvey Mead Darrell Herman fh- Marrlyn I1rsa Marhn Helm Ronald He1m rv- 1""5v B111 'iladek Marx rn Fr tz Drck Pratt Bob Johns JI, Jean Asmus VOGUE THEATER Boost Your Local Theater me QF 5 GERMAN 8 I! L9 'B L rg it fi -'ff Y' A T, X "V, v X ff? . ,QQ U 1 tif ? U fr r R K M H 'tj-Q , 'Y' lx Q., 1 'V . N If . llc, x X x 1 ' . my! V, J " 9 .4 ' .,r . '- H, ' rl ff' 2: ,Q . IF .hi ,K .I ' ..-vw.-N Jo Ann Klrppenstem Dean McAlp1n ,,....,.., -ol 'Q' by 5 Bob Mrtchell Irene Dusanelt Bethrne Wattles Josephine Svehla Davrd Johansen on Lee Samuelson A was-we 42 3533 'Y' X,',,, Loretta Murphy Vrnce Horky WE WILL BUILD AMERICA S FUTURE i When we thmk of the sophomores of 52 53 we thrnl ofAmer1ca s great future When II comes to musrc you wlll hear the x nces of Charh Coaswell as MBIIO Lanza Marvln Frrtz as Frank S1natra Harvey Mead as Brng Crosby Jo Ann Klrppensteln as Llly Pons and Jon Lee Samuelson as Benny Goodman The Roles of comedrans wrll be fulled by Darrell Herman as Bud Abbott and Dean McAlp1n as Lou Costello Go to your fax or1te theatt and see Loretta Murphy as Marjorre Ma1n Bob Mxtchell as Percy Kxlbrxde Irene Dusanek as Glorna Swanson D1ck Foreman as Monty Clrff Ronme Helm as Robert Wagner, VIDCB Horky as Cornell Wrlde, Gwenda Ramp as Janet Lergh, Josephme Svehla as Rrta Hayworth, Marllyn Jrrsa as Jane Russell Bethrne Wattles as Jane Wyman, Bxll Sladek as Farley Granger Dave Johanson as Dale Robertson Bob Johnson as Mrckey Rooney Ronn.e Hayek as Gene Kelly MZXIUC Frresen as Dorothy Kllgallen, Marl1n Herm as Allen Ladd And last the greatest of all Drck Pratt as Bob Hope O R MEAD AND SON FERGUSON SYSTEM i Q J -A A Aa I Mm I l ' , ,,,,4V 'gig I . N4 K' 'Q' I ' J I '1 4 at U ' l'gl4'f' S Y l H . l , ,, X Lapis! I . i in i -S plfvi Nh wg, is I3 Nw Z' rrf"", J John Horner if J! 7 Jim Vavra Dorrs Chase Ronald Z1egler Elaine Warner 5' ps 'L if Yr Gwen Stewart Frank Grfford Betsy Blanchard Joanne Samuelson Bob Hardrn Sharon McBr1de Fred Eberhardt Frank McCullough Barbara Web er MORE FARMERS PLANT DEKALB Vw' THAN ANY OTHER CORN EARL H ROHRER DEALER DHONE 3627 FRIEND NEBRA SI-' N K Tan- l Q 'L Jeorgan Samuelson Howard Ach fp Dee Nxcholson Elaine Stevenson Jack Stewart Dale Pospxsrl Freshman Imtratron Freshman mitratron came about three weeks after school started On the fateful Tuesday mght after gorng to school all day smeared wrth hpstrck and weaung clothes that were anythrng but becomrng nrne teen scared and green freshmen gathered at the schoolhouse for the last part of our torture Followrng a march uptown we were led through the tunnel and forced to do a number of rrdlculous stunts Afterwards we had a lunch of hot dogs and cokes Then we had a dance The freshmen had a lot of fun and wtll long remember initiation day I H YOST LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Coal, Burldrng Materlals of A11 Krnds PHONE 3271 N L. NELSON, MANAGER MILTON IMPLEMENT COMPANY PHONE 4521 SCHAFER AND SON PHONE 3511 fa. 3 .fn - O s-' a' fb- , X fy' 2 'V .1 ' -2? -, 9 w bw A-tap . I BAND FHQST ROW LEFT FRONT TO BACK Opal Milton Barbara Yokel Morris Bender Gwenda Ramp SECOND ROW Darrel1Herman Bob Jolmson Jack Stewart Jon Samuelson. THLRDROW Maxine Friesen Peggy Gill Don Burda Darlene Thompson FOURTH ROW Gwen Stewart Mary Heeren Arvon Engel Delorls Weber FIFTH ROW Sandra Green Don Gibson JoAr1n Klippenstem Lyle Mitchell. SIXTH ROW Howard Ach Harvey Mead Ronald Hayek Sandra McBr1de SEVENTH ROW Pat Nobbman Loretta Murphy Frances Zumpfe Pat Asmus EIGHTH ROW Mary Beth Cogswell Sharon McBride Mary Malek Helen Jean Raspllcka NINTH ROW Joyce Roll Carolyn Rohrrg Gerald Klippenstein Lors Beth Rohrig TENT!-I ROW Marvyn Frrtz Janice Bender Phrl Aitken Betsy Blanchard Lois Good FOREGROUND TWIRLERS LEFT TO RIGHT Judy Samuel son Mary Beth Samuelson, Rosalre Stewart MAJORETTE Janice Kellough. NOT PICTURED The Band was organized for the school year wrth forty members of whom seventeen were veterans and twenty three were promoted from Junior Band Durtug the year nme more students were added from Jumor Band and one was lost to Seward The Band made tlurty seven pubhc appearances includmg twenty f1ve performances for athletic events and ralhes The Sahne County Farr Salute County Band Clinrc at DeW1tt York Fall Opentng Junior Senior Class Plays Pol1o Benefrt Music Contest The Doane Relays and three home concerts A drill was presented for two football games and two basketball games Musrc Contest brought an excellent rating to the Band a superror ranng to the Clarmet quartette The Saxophone Quartette as well as Clarinet Quartette made numerous public appearances Bob John son Don Gibson Patricra Nobbman Patricta Asmus and Gwenda Faye Ramp entered rnstrumental solos in the 1953 Contest Patty Asmus represented the Band at the Nebraska State Music Educators Clmlc rn North Platte Five students attended the Peru Band Clmic 'I'he Band Mothers were active durrng the year under the leadershlp of Mrs Edward Massle Several food sales and a covered dlsh dmner for the Band were included rn their schedule A bari ton saxophone bell lyra french horn and oboe were purchased jomtly by the Band Mothers Band and Board of Educatton A fine Junior Band of twenty members wxll fill the places of the senlor members and btnld up the rnstrumentatlon to that of a completely equipped Class C Band. Elaine Warner, Sally Drake, Marilyn Jirsa. CHORUS BACK RON Left to Rrght Janrce Bender Lots Memke Patsy Ahern Wes Hager Bern Ach Lyle Mltchell Rex Kellough Roger Johansen Wayne Gallup Janlce Jewrtt Joyce Tuttle Patty Asmus Jo Ann Kllppen stem THIRD ROW Maxlne Mttchell Darlene Thompson Joan Kucaba Carolyn ROh.I'1g Loretta Murphy Dee Nrcholson Charles Cogswell Moms Bender Bern Svehla Don svehla MarvynFr1tz Darrell Herman Frances Zumpfe Betsy Blanchard Joyce Roll SECOND ROW Peggy G111 Mary Beth Cogswell Lols Rohrrg Elame Stevenson Ronald Hayek Ronald Zlegler Bernard Rohug Harvey Mead Dale POSPISIJ. Don Burda Gwen Stewart Gwenda Faye Ramp Elame Warner Jo Ann Samuelson Josephme Svehla FRONT ROW Barbara Yokel Carol Walbrldge Barbara Weber Delorrs Weber Mary Beth Samuelson Janlce Kellough Bob Johnson Dean McAlpu1 John Horner Warren Heckman Frank Grfford Drck Thompson Jrm Vavra L1la Kay Buclungham Maxlne Frlesen Dons Chase Rose Mane Shutts Mr Ramp The Mrxed Chorus was orgamzed soon after school started LTI the fall It was made up of thlrty four guls and twenty one boys a total of ftfty frve members Twelve of the members were freshmen twelve were sophomores nmeteen were Jumors and twelve were senlors The chorus met every Monday Wednesday and Frrday durmg alternatron perlods The ftrst public appearance made by the chorus was at the Jumor class play Several appearances followed rncludmg the Chrtstmas program pol1o beneflt semor class play pre contest program contest and baccalaureate A g1rls tr1o and a gtrls sextette was organlzed from the chorus at the begmnmg of the year On November 20-22 Marybeth Cogswell and LOlSROhl'1g attended the State Music Educators Clmrc at North Platte This clunc was enjoyed very much by the glrls Later the sextette tr1o and six boys Rex Kellough Wayne Gallup Lyle Mttchell Bob Johnson Darrell Herman and Bern Ach attended theFaLrburyMus1c Cluuc Plans are belng made to take the whole chorus next year The sextette sang at the evenmg concert At the d1StI1CI contest the chorus received a ratmg of excellent on Be Thou Not Stlll by Folts and Rock a ma Soul arranged by Howorth The tno and sextette also recelved excellent ratings Ten members of muted chorus sang solos at the contest they were Carolyn Rohng Janlce Kellough Joyce Tuttle Lo1s Rohug Delorls Weber Jo Ann Klrppenstem Darrell Herman Dean McAplm Marvyn Fr1tz and Lyle Mrtchell The chorus wrll sadly mlss the twelve out golng senlors next year but w1ll hope that the mcoming freshmen w1ll help make up the loss However as we look back upon the mrxed chorus of thls year we w1ll be able to say that 1.n1ts fmrst year of organrzauon the chorus made splendrd progress toward the goal of a flue chorus and appreclauon of vocal muslc ' U I 1 I I Y I I I I . -I I I I - - : ' ' , , . ', I I I l Y I 1 .I s p - I ., , 1 1 . I Y . I .I I ',I I , I ' I I - ' I . I I . I I D I .I I I ' Y . I, I . , . . ' . , . , v D - . - , . -. I V , . . . , . ' , , . . . . ' ,. . . v . ., . , 5 , . . , . . . . . . I . . , I I I ' I I I . . . . . , . . ,, .,, Il -- ll ' ' - , S .1 . I , . .' . , . .' Y .' ., . . I CLARINET QUARTETTE Left to Rxght Io Arm Klippenstein Lo1s Beth Rohrlg Darlene Thompson Gwenda Faye Ramp GIRLS TRIO Left to Rlght Gwenda Faye Ramp Io Ann Khppenstem Elaine Warner SEX TETTE Clockwise from upper left Frances Zumpfe Janice Kellpugh Joyce R011 Carolyn Rohng Mary Beth Cogswell Jgyce Tuttle Barbua Yokel SNAPSHOTS ,. X ,gb K ' 4 fw- N s r 7 if ff N1 SWEETI-IEART PRESENTATION At the half-time of the Friend -Geneva football game, October 10, 1952, Friend High presented their football sweetheart, her attendants and honorary captain. The band and pep club marched onto the field forming a large heart. As the band played "Let Me Call You Sweetheart, " the float, assembled on a truck, drove onto the field and into the center of the heart. After the band finished playing, Lyle Mitchell, game captain for the day, presented white rose corsages to Janice Kellough and Joyce Roll, the two attendants. Then Don Burda, honorary captain, presented Deloris Weber, sweetheart, with a heart -shaped bouquet of red sweetheart roses. Priscilla Asper and Diane Wheatcraft carried the flowers for the Occasion, As t'he float drove off the field, the band played "Here in My Heart. " After the band finished playing, they and the pep club marched off the field. And so ended the ceremony which high-lighted the football season. X. x P 1 I S XXIUEI SON BROS Your Blackbird Store Phone 2311 I K PULLARD D D S Phone 4201 TIII GITSENS Master Cleaners Phone 3331 SNUUKI R INN B111 Stmdt Frlend Nebr g. MA L I ,, . 1. X. 5 -AQ A? ,weft . 7, - My -an 6 f-vf ,, 5 W M vvwk g , V Cf Y? Q' .5 .fm L, f V 3- , iw- ' sz Af 'L 1 I 10' I , W' yi K new , W J' M253 ' ff. 5 ,-vi H5 I , 'VHS 'K L1 ' A W. - W ,,:-,Agia 25,144-, , ' f ' I '75 A V1 4 , ""' 'a4vgiii?i.. 'ff-My 43 g livf i' ' ,,fW.W,.g f ,W GK. ,Q , if AZ? BACK ROW left to rrght Asslstant Coach Harold McKercher Bern Rohrlg Roger Mxller Davrd Johansen Franklln McCullough Wayne Gallup Roger Johansen Drck Thompson Howard Ach Drck Pratt Dale Posplsxl Coach Donald Haberman MIDDLE ROW Morrxs Bender Rex Kellough Bernard Ach Ronald Helm Wes Hager Don Svehla Bern Svehla Don Burda Lyle Mltchell FRONT ROW Howard Barbur Frank Glfford Jack Stewart EIIIS Shutts Vlncent Horky Dean McAlp1n Bob Johnson Student Manager Charley Vossler FOOTBALL l952 Football season began tn September and SplI1IS were hrgh as the boys began to make ready for the frrst game Coach Haberman was well pleased at the begmnrng when 31 boys reported to practrce The flrst game was w1th Wrlber on the Bulldogs home freld The Bulldogs won 7 to 0 The follow 1ng week the Bulldogs journeyed to Albron where they got beat 6 to 7 On the evenmg of September 26 the Bulldogs rolled to an easy vrctory over Sutton on the latter s fxeld The score was 19 to 6 The followrng week October 3 the Bulldogs went to Weepmg Water where they agarn came out on top by the score of 13 to 7 The next game was wrth Geneva on the Frrend f1e1d The Bulldogs agatn were vrctors after a long and hard fought game The score was 13 to 7 The next game agam was played on the home fteld Frrend was host to a strong Wymore ll The score was Frrend 6 Wymore 7 The Bulldogs played the part of grant krllers agarn as they beat Barnston by the tune of 12 to 6 on the Bulldogs freld The last and fmal game was played under the lrghts at Edgar The Bulldogs were agam vrctors by the score of 31 to 12 This was the best season Frxend has had srnce the change from 6 man to ll man football Of the 31 boys out, Coach Haberman wrll lose 6 men v1a graduatron route, but he IS lookmg for another f1ne sea son next year FRIEND GRAIN COMPANY GRAIN AND FEED PHONE 2291 BEN DILLIN MANAGER E S RYCHECKY, AUCTIONEER AND REAL ESTATE NO SALE TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL PHONE 2012 or 2011 WESTERN, NEBRASKA FUNKS G HYBRIDS ARE REAL FRIENDS, THEY COME THROUGH WITH GOOD YIELDS UNDER CONDITIONS WHERE OTHER CORN MAY FAIL FRED C WEBER PHONE 5577 ,, , -V A -1... W ' aaa., S - wa, 4 b I 1, K . V I 4 ' A .V Y, Q 3 , m , .W ,,, , I i A . x . i . r' , 1 x , ' ' y il x A . A n I' 4 ' x 7 5 , ff , V Q -, f A .x ' , . . I If , .- A sr Y 1 ., N C . I . A . : , . , . , . , , , . , . . . : . , . . . . , . . 1 . . . , , . . . , , . . , . . . , , , , . , . F RET Ellis Sham Guard Don Svehla Back B ULAL A L XQWIYN 'LP Bem Ach Center Wayne Gallup-Back Rex Kellough Back Ronnie .I-leim - Tackle Wes Hgger Back Lyle Mitchell Tackle Morris Bender End Bern Svehh Back Vince Hcrrkv End Q X5 4 t y , . KQXSE ,xfwg 'i.l ATHLETIC KING ATHLETIC QUEEN WAYNE GALLUP CAROLYN ROHQRIG Standing, Left ta Righx Bern Svehu and Puxy Aherl Patty Aarmu and Don Buda BASKETBALL On the day of November 7 the Frxend Bulldogs played therr last football game So after that all interests turned to basketball Coach Don Haberman had 31 boys report to htm a week later From these 31 boys he prcked hrs frrst team Of those that he p1CkCd there were three returnmg lettermen and 7 from the B squad of last year The frrst game was December 7 when Coach I-laberman sent hrs chargers agarnst a strong Seward 5 at Seward Seward won by the tune of 50 to 33 Next the Bulldogs met Mrlford at Mrlford where they agam went down rn defeat by the score of 47 to 44 In the followrng game rt seems the Frrend boys were comrng closer to a wm but Just couldn t keep rt up They frnally lost to Geneva 45 to 46 on Geneva s floor The next trme Frrend took to the maples rt was agamst Henderson on Frrend s floor Frrend won 60 to 45 The next game was agam played on the Frrend maples The home team beat Farrmont 48 to 52 The next game found the Bulldogs at Exeter where Frxend won easlly 70 to 50 The followlng game saw Frrend at Mrnden where they played Hrldreth Hrldreth won 52 59 The follow1ng game found Frrend battlrng 1t out wrth Dorchester on the Bulldogs home court Frrend lost by the score of 35 to 41 Frrend played Wrlber the followrng game on the latter s court Frrend lost 51 49 On January 31 Frrend played Western rn a benefrt game for polro on the Frrend maples Frrend won 59 49 The followmg game was played on the Bulldogs floor The Waverly 5 were the guests for the evenrng Frrend won by the score of 53 to 38 The next game found Frrend at Concordra where they came out on top by the score of 52 to 46 The fO110W1f1g game was on the home floor where they met defeat at the hands of the Beaver Crosslng 5 The score was 31 to 3? The Drstrrct Tournament found Frrend the underdog but as rn years gone by the Bulldogs proved that they could and would w1n agam The frrst nrght found Frlend teamed agarnst Deshler and Frrend won by the score of 50 to 39 The second nrght Frrend agam the underdog came out on top by the score of 50 to 46 by beatmg a strong Adams qurntet The last and frnal game found Frrend matched agarnst DeW1tt Agam the Bulldogs of Frrend Hrgh couldn t be stopped as they drubbed DeW1tt 50 to 38 The Bulldogs scored 150 pomts and they held their opponents to 123 The Bulldogs met Syracuse on the Doane College floor to vre for a state tourney berth In a close game Syracuse frnally won by a score of 32 to 30 THE SEASONS RECORD INDIVIDUAL SCORING Frrend F rrend Frrend Frrend Frrend Frrend Frrend Frrend Frlend F rrend Frrend Frrend Frrend Frrend Frrend Seward Mrlford Geneva Henderson Sutton Farrm ont Exeter Hrldreth Dorchester Wrlber Western Waverly Concordra Beaver Crossing W ym ore Of the ten men above Coach Don Haberman loses four vra graduatron They are Rex Kellough Bern Svehla, Wayne Gallup and Morrls Bender Rex Kellough 235 Bern Svehla Vlnce Horky 174 Bern Ach Wes Hager Wayne Gallup Don Svehla Ron Herm Morrrs Bender Lyle Mrtchell DISTRICT Frrend 50 Frrend 50 Frrend 50 PLAYOFF Frrend 30 Deshler 39 Adams 46 DeW1tt 38 Syracuse 32 ' 33 50 ' 44 ' 47 176 ' 45 46 ' ' 60 45 98 ' 50 40 90 ' 52 ' 48 60 ' '70 50 55 ' 52 ' 59 ' 17 ' 35 41 ' 10 ' 49 ' 51 ' 7 ' 59 49 ' 53 38 ' . 52 . 46 . ' 31 ' 32 ' ' ' 38 , TOP ROW Left to Rrbht Morrrs Bender Bernard Svehla Don Svehla Lyle Muchell Bernard Ach V1ncent Horky Roger Johansen Rex Kellough Wayne Gallup Wes Hager MIDDLE ROW Harold McKercher Frank McCullough Ronald Zergler Howard Ach Frank Grfford Dale Posprsrl Ronald Helm D1ck Thompson Charles Cogswell B111 Sladek Harvey Nlead Coach Haberman BOTTOM ROW Don Burda Bob Mxtchell Bob Johnson Dean McAlp1n Ronald Hayek Marl1nHe1m John Horner Davxd Johansen Irm Vavra Jack Stewart Dee N1cholson Q' es Hager Ronald Helm Morrrs Bender Wayne Gallup Lyle Mrrchell Bernard Ach X Rex Kellough Vincent Horky 'N Coach Haberman N- xl ,. 7 f Don Burda MY Student Manager Bernard Svehla Don Svehla DISTRICT BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT CARLSON S STANDARD SERVICE PHONE 5241 MOORMAN S FEEDS CLARK CRAIN PHONE 4677 OGLEVIE ELECTRIC WIRING AND AMANA APPLIANCES PHONE 5377 I T' II I PEP CLUB 0 CHFERLEADERS Left to Rrght Carolyn Rohrrg Patty Asmus Patsy Ahern Ruth Bulwan BOTTOM ROW Ieorgan Samuelson Marybeth Cogswell Rose Shutts Delores Weber Marybeth Samuelson Maxxne Frresen Dorrs Chase Peggy Grll Iosephme Svehla Lrla Kay Buckmgham Barbara Weber Carol Walbrrdge Mrs Hawley MIDDLE ROW Gwenda Faye Ramp Elame Warner Pat Nobbman Delorrs Hansen Darlene Thompson Sharon McBr1de Joyce Roll Jamce Kellough Marlys Bruha Lots Beth Rohrrg Joanne Samuelson TOP ROW Joan Kucaba Helen Rasplrcka Gwen Stewart Betsy Blanchard Mary Ann McCullough Jo Ann Klrppenstern Ianrce Bender Janlce Iewrtt Bethrne Wattles Barbara Yokel Loretta Murphy Frances Zumpfe Irene Dusanek Marllyn Jrrsa NOT PICTURED Ann Horner Darlene Vossler Jean Ann Asmus who moved after the frrst semester Pep Club Sponsor Mrs Hawley Pep Club Off1cers Presrdents Joan Kucaba who left after the frrst semester Vrce Presrdents Jean Ann Asmus and Marybeth Cogswell Secretary Joyce Roll Treasurer Janrce Kellough These grrls made up the Frlend Pep Club and helped make tt a successful orgamzatron They met on Thursday ntghts after school to drscuss therr busrness On December 23 1952 they sponsored a Chrrstmas dance whxch was well attended by the stu dent body who made It a success Those attendxng espectally engoyed the refreshments served by the g1I1S Durmg the football and basketball seasons the pep club sold at the home games As thts IS thetr only source of revenue the hard work of these grrls at the games has made the pep club a suc cessful flnancral orgamzatron whrch enables them to sponsor the Athletrc Banquet 1n the spung BROWN s VARJETY STORE FRIEND. NEBRASKA in x s im ..a 9 Q . f ' " ., ' 5 6 - Q- .5 6 H A ly r , I V X y 52 'N ' . ' 5 5 A 1 N , I . , I T L' X' , ' V' Q 'l B , Q' ' 1 Q I -' it ,. A ' I N. N . , I : ' , , , . I y 1 , 1 1 ' A 9 I 1 b V U 7 I I Y I I ' , . : , I , . V CHEERLEADERS Carolyn Rohrig Parry Asmus Patsy Ahern Ruth Bulwan Www MASCQTS W H. CRAIG INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS PHONE 4261 GREEN TOP CAFE AND SERVTCE OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY PHONE 3341 LONNIE S CAFE JERRY AND JULIA STASTNY PHONE 5351 fx f- A .tic X X NEWSPAPER AND ANNUAL STAFF BACK ROW Buzz Pratt mechanrcal staff Joe Murphy mechanrcal staff Mrss Kolar sponsor SECOND ROW Carolyn Rohrxg gossrp Ruth Bulwan gossrp Marybeth Cogswell mechanrcal staff Patty Asmus mechanrcal staff Patsy Ahern asststant edttor Darlene Thompson organrzatxon Pat Nobbman Iyp1St h EstherDuba artrst Helen Jean Rasphcka typrst Joyce R011 asslstant ed1tor Mary Ann McCu11oug typlst Delorls Weber buslness FRONT ROW Delorls Hansen edttor second semester Lo1s Mernke typrst Bem1e Svehla sports Ioan Kucaba ed1tor frrst semester FRANKF ORTER IGA STORE GIOCCIICS FIUIIS Vegetables Phone 2251 Cullrgan Soft Water Servlce Phone 3391 R, .....-........ I - . ' - . ' . - U I I ' D v ' A Q - 4 n ' U v - . I Y - I I l - I I - I I 1 - ' r - 4 I I - ' D ' I - I I ' D v 1 I D ' A v ' r ' A 1 . - SENIOR CLASS PLAY The senror class play One Wrld Nlght was presented to a large crowd on Tuesday evenrng March DON BURDA Jodwrllow the rnventrve butler WAYNE GALLUP Rodney Dodd a healthy young man who thrnks he IS an 1nva11d LOIS MEINKE Nurse Trent Dr Bell s asslstant PAT AHERN Jade Darnelll a mght club slnger JOE MURPHY Offlcer Brayder a pollceman ELLIS SHUTTS James Scorp1o the town s leadmg gangster MORRIS BENDER Ned Steerwell a young self made hero REX KELLOUGH Dr Bell the famrly doctor DELORIS WEBER Manbelle Doris roommate MIDDLE ROW left to rlght DARLENE THOMPSON Charlotte Allen Aunt Myra s young campanxon CAROEYN ROHRIG Henrretta Rodney s housekeeper PATT ASMUS Aunt Myra Opal Dodd Rodney s aunt LILA KAY BUCKINGHAM Mrs Batsom a publlc splrtted townslady RUTH BULWAN Mrs Rooly Presrdent of the Dexrter School for Grrls DELORIS HANSEN Dons Wrnthrope the pretty ob1ect of Ned s untrrrng attentrons BOTTOM ROW left to rlght BERN SVEHLA Hawkrns a mov1ng man MARY BETH COGSWELL Hattre a mard BUZZ PRATT Dtckens a movrng man 5 LM' L Y li 5 4 I T, I- I ' ' , Ac P Q, I f 'HQ . W' A 4 - - 'P I A "' fl , 6 Y .. 4 . T2 S , ' V if ' V ' ' S J JN ,S A f 'V - ' L, ' xt - J " I I 3 ' ei, ,. gl I . Q, l A J, I ff K P 31. 1953. The proceeds were 55370. 00. The cast, pictured above, was as follows: BACK ROW, left to right- , U' J, , 31 'X WJ? 1 1 ,4 , ' 4 ,1 'x N i f - , I A I 4 ln, yrxlwp . 1 9 : Var T 1 I y ' ,, E L ' 1 I JUNICR SENICJR BANQUET xxx Z On the evenlng of April 24 1953 the Junior class presented the sentors with a truly magnificent banquet As we entered the gym through a large purnpkrn we were greeted by a fairyland of magrc On the rrght srde of the gym was a beauuful flower garden and reachtng from thls to the center of the cethng was a huge beanstalk complete wrth Jack On the north srde were many trees beautlfully dec orated with C00k1CS and candy A bud bath and flower beds adorned the grounds In the corner was a huge castle wrth a draw budge moat and turrets On the curtams was the theme Fauyland and also the prctures of the dtsh and the spoon the cow Jumpmg over the moon and the cat and the flddle In the southwest corner was a house wtth the seven dwarfs The tables were arranged rn the letters F and L We emoyed a very deltctous roast beef dtnner by candlellght The stunning table decoratlons featured scenes taken from nursery rhymes These were as fol lows Lrttle Miss Muffet l-lanzel and Gretel wrth then gmgerbread house Ltttle Boy Blue The Old Woman Who Lrved tn a Shoe the house of Peter Peter Pumpkm Eater and the wrslung well The ones who stayed had a ntce mme at the dance afterwards - 'f ffl 1 5 ' 1 u A S b k I , , L v X A Az . Q A ' V ,, ' "v - , ' u .U x. Q Y y g V! jx, ir 2' O- T f W A ' Ne, 'A ' ,WN , .I A Ak , U . aft U, V .lLt , gilurxku . Y .4 7' Y . . ' . . y ,. - H, Y 1 I 2 . , . . . , . , . . , , . I . . . ATHLETIC BANQU ET C. The Athletic Banquet was held on the evening of May 4 rn the high school gym The theme of the Banquet was Bulldogs at the Clrcus The nut cups were clowns the centerpreces were merry go rounds and streamed goal posts The bleachers depleted three rings one for bas ketball one for football and one for track The program was opened w1th the Welcome by Mary Beth Cogswell President of the Pep Club Muslcal select1ons consrsted of an accordlon solo by Pat Nobbman and two vocals by the Glrls Tr1o Elame Warner JoAnn Khppenstem and Gwenda Faye Ramp The speaker of the eve nrng was Coach Roy Robertson from Nebraskan Wesleyan Umversrty Coach Don Haberman gave a short speech rn tribute to the players Mr Calvert was toastmaster The attendants to the King and Queen Patty Asmus Don Burda Patsy Ahern and Bern Svehla broke their way through two silver stars The Kmg and Queen Wayne Gallup and Carolyn Rohrtg stepped through the moon wluch was placed between the stars They were crowned by Mr Haberrnan and presented with gifts About ninety guests were seated at beaudfully decorated tables arranged to form letters F H. The colors used were red and white. Grade students served' the guests. A dance was held after the Banquet. CUNNINGHAM FEED AND PRODUCE PHONE 4251 ENGEL REPAIR SHOP SHELLING BALING. PHONE 5271 KOHOUT PRODUCE PHONE 2531 or 5847 FEED PRODUCE AND CHICKS ,f f X COMMERCIAL AND HOME ECONOMICS an-SF' Inte Sam Wllson Farmer s Un1on Co op Rothmeyer Blacksmlth and Welder Shop Tracy s Beauty Shoppe DEPARTMENT Q r1or Decorator Wall Paper and Pamtmg Q-ai Phone 3831 Phone 4291 Phone 4331 P I x V Nffkm Y 1 hh V X 1.-4 If T C up A1 A Y 4 K N ,V ' ,iw N A - xv gg A 1 SNAPS -vw, ii FQ Fans mdimw WW M7946 6w71ff Qwfonw tm Ffdzj-JfL0,4,QJ EX all , A,..., B I In E u' . A111484 Q :ff 4 N 4 1 I - . ' IIHW ' I 7 ' ll!--N H W X slr , P' 2-3 -,gg 4 - ll k ,, , . K fi 'Quiz' . , A .1 . fI,:..31:43f:,?vfj:.P'i AE ,' 3:14 Q Y T' I 2-Q53-g"f,i::'.?f'4'-, . . wfQ- ,.--'1 '-v:f,:-..- gj fo ,g'4Tj,1f .12,.I,:f'i-q- tif,-fff..x ' . ' .g arf. , 4, I ' ' 0' ' 7 . . '1-4 4 Q mg... , Ai vs 15,3 my K f ., Q W A -9 I SN EAK DAY ' l We the seniors of 1953 gathered together at 4 30 on the morning of April 10 to begin a joyful meak trip which we had anticipated for some tinfe We were given a boisterous good bye by the sleepy Juniors and were on our way After catching a few winks of sleep we stopped at l-loldrege Nebraska for breakfast. This served not only as a satlsfler to our hunger but also arest fromrlding We were given short stops during the morning and reached Burlington Colorado for dinner After much riding and a few short stops we were very pleased to reach Colorado Springs. This was very much appreciated by all When we were given directions about reach- lngour destination every one sat at attention for a first glimpse of our homes for the next short while As we climbed from the bus and entered the McLaughlin Lodge headquarters we were pleased from the flrst moment. We were then shown no our living qiarters. we are supper and then retired quite early so that everyone would be ready no start a scenic roar on the following roaming At 'T-00 a. m. Saturday the bus was again over flowing with laughter We ate break Garden of the Gods. We saw the Balancing Rock Steamship Rock Kissing Camels and the Three Graces. A brief stop at the Hidden Inn alan proved interesting Our next drive was into the mountains which was very thrilling Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was next on the list. This was very interesting although some members of the class were attacked by a spitting monkey It was sawing but everyone enjoyed the zoo anyway We again drove to the Broadmoor Hotel and this time chanced no eater we saw the swimming pool and the lee palace From there we went m the Lodgeand prepared to go to supper Some choseamovleforeor.ertainmentamdsomewenttotheYMCA Smrday morning we awoke no a bright am andaftergatheringeverythingandevery one together we were on our way home Dinner was enjoyed at Wray Colorado After a few five minute stops we arrived at l-loldrege' for a much longed for supper and started the fl nal lap of the journey home We arrived lnme safe and happy at 9 45 p m The bus driver let everyone know we had come lnme safely by blowing the hon. we hope the following senior classes have asmuchelljvymentaswehdonouruip fast and our sight-seeing tour. After driving around Broadmoor we wear no the IRIEND IIICH SC HOOI CLASS OI '95: COIVIVII NCI MI NT FRIEND NI RIlAbKA TLESDAY IWPNINL XLAY I' 1953 uw OCUJCK HIGH bCHmxL ALDI IYDRJUV1 Prom 1-vmml Imuc xLlf1n Czardl 5 hu um VM: du wrmn Adam Q X 41.1 oppurlur nm Pri AHL muon OI Honur Pl 1-wxxl AL ur of Ulyllom la Mxdnerue vu ,nn N PQ Ip -:III clmnmnnff Em.: Rev Peter Prtei-en Munn ru I A Nlobhman Lila Kay Bufkmghkm Palnma ASmu5 Juan hucabi r RHIC? H KDAPD Dt Alfred CBIVer1 JUSCDH Ach mga: Rnewuml Pawn .um L 14.n'u.I ,x You-I In Procvss 'NMI and fbttsaionll GRADUATION JOAN KUCABA VALEDICTORIAN FRIEND HIGH SCHOOL BACCALALJREATF CLASS OF I953 FRIEND INFBRASKA SLVDAY EVENING MAY IU 1953 8 00 OCIDCK HIGH SCHOO1 AUDI'KY1RIL'M Pmcm ona Pump and CIrcu.1-:nuance Elnr Inuxatxun Rev Petty Johnslil Vhxed Chorus Be Thou Noi. Still FGIIA In Hs-an ny mghn Clu-1sr,a.nnen Sermon 'Ihe Art cd LLIE Fi-Lher' Kenny Benn-dxcuun Rev Percy Juhnmn nc-femunn Pump and Orcumsume Ein: Auumu- v. Il plus me for Pmczsmann and Rzassxonal HONOR STUDENTS -,-W-A GRADUATING CLASS OF 1953 T 1 Q -l 2 ' ' I I .4 I I , , . V I In mn - .1 -- 1-kxluwmrum ' - , , W -. . '-: 1. ' D . ' 7 ' ' ' . I su - H I -- 1 , 1 . -QIY1.--I.-., I I I CVVN 1 'ffl v"x' 5. 'N Q Wh Rx ,A E ,A s .Y "1 X 9 I R -uw 4 J .. 4 Us. , S 4 f .Y J f 1 J fr Q a in u:"l 1, ml,'wQ"-i b K., L: u"w- K :- -x 1+ A vs, Zi VN., Q., www,"-f.. f. ,ui 5, M , . s.Z'f'-u: wx '51 IW' BAA. Q Q' A' NN., 1--7: ' as 'Q X "H - "fn . N V M aw 5... , 115, Q., Q if Q79 "hw, ' ' ' W ' N Q. -.. Q.. . 3' . N4 - N :'- 5' ' 'TI pf 1 ' ' . , 'N 'lu . V ' "vu - , ' ' M, W " 5 Nh nw, NW' ,TN 5'-f..,y+. I - .- , in k A, .Q ,Q WM- nh. 5, M i .1 A V is -, A -5, ,J wk 5 ww, W 5 ' ug". Q "":' .,,,, l 'W-Q ,.. -A W' "H-X M. s, 'Nm s M V"- "'N Wu' .., 5 '--. -,ig 'Q 'Ns 4... -wt' if "Q ' "ws, my Q-,., "' N, -. ln.N.""s ls., ,Ll-1 - a x-'K -A ' ' A - - Q 'w . . ' w.. -A ,fn M- X . L , -- -, , .. 0 I M .Fx . Vw wg- Fa My., -.., , im., .2- D rw. M s 5 , H g va. .Flu f - .' by K' I - , 4 , 44-A M .- ,NX s - -.- r--f, v ,N 5 Q' ' i 4'-.,... , 530. '-E-."s, 'Q . 'W N ' '-v.M "w.,,q4 '- Q Q .M L M, . W - N 1, V, 1 I f me 2 W, Q .. .. W - - . W I , I . W.. I . 4, -2 , , , V 'V 4 v ' A ll ' F Nl A -- +L:- ' ' X s 5 W, "' K ' 5 "W 4 "WW --7 s xr V E M nh " " I ., 5-7- 'f 0 n I Q, V . '1' L ' ' . N -.,, ., A , -. ""'W1-f-Q ug W ua F .-,M "' u Q an f Q, 3- . vu. .um nl q. A M , M. f z " -.. ., -.. h "- f Sim, 'M - D 4" f.. f u . -... aff naw, ,M Q.. we fm A -Q-. N.. .ff 5 -. 1 - up.. " n - Q., gym - K--... ty., 'W- 'N f-an t' .., .. ' 1. Q., - Isa N., ' .un . K ng A ,.l, - ,Min 1 A naw., "' 9 - , 0 M . . b 'ln ,., ' -1--Q 1 A Am '-s 'W M .nf 4. . , -vp, - 1 ....... ,W - M .. .:...W - -it ff-f. .S fs- - aw ni , 0 .NW 'W hu M. -A " ,,, K . x ' -'hw M, W1 5 - 1 ,,,, A- -an . , H wh I A -.. ,Q r K W 1 in f -N., ,,-, -. I tg 5 law ,"' 'Ag as .,,. L .., V .W 1 -. wx -. - V . -. .Q lk .W .. l ""' my W, 5, it R.-. , , if ' 5 KM , K "' f. up 'U N n f ga f A -. .,g'- ...Q vw' ',3- Q : 5 , -...., -N M. Q' M '," s I I 5 , ' - ' Q -W z : 4- .. 'U1 , :- . v ' . ' ' MN v F I Q ' 2' . o I 1 - ' . -0 4 . ' L- L X . - 1 W l . , Q Q .- ' I 1 . ' 2 "4 L." ' is 9 a , f ' JY" . v 5 K ,., . ,, M 3 o 9- Q, 5, N Q an. l --- - Q -Q---a A 4..- , K, 4 ' 4 , 0 ' ' w . n . 9 " ! f - 1 -- . r I w lv Q , . 2 . 5 1 L. 5 1 4 ! Q u' 3 I K 29, a -Q.. l 2 A I ' Q 1 r 3 ' E ., : - 0- "4 """'l 4-1-1 -4-4.4 't ms. z W- , - 9 ' : 1 a- L s Mg, ' 6 .Vg 1 N ' Q, , . y f , . 1 , . , ,V - . ,' a Wm f UNL. g Ui... ., a W. K r ' r Q' " I I Q 'll 'll 3 lll .W , W W. Hmm ,. H 1. , ' ,W M . ,. .vi Y . 1 - - 'F' w A me ww -V--'-' my K W hm ,.-f.xu- rf- "f ,,. fy--. 'UN f..-up V Sr all 5. -, 2 i V 3 'T 4 x ffm, W Y a A f.: .1 .Wg W Vxszw - 29' gy, -'fig' B 413 ,mik- "t'C?'3i5 if 2 Q v rn lui, 71" . '- ., -rv-. ll y.3,,.V,,,,. 1 A V A . lf, K Q Ae 1. . P ' A - .tug .gy t. 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Q Q' u 'kiln .'.:f-- sl: ' I F A ' - ' .Q f Y, 1 42.1 , ,V ' 3 ' ' V V I A V -gf, L52 ' .4- ' 7 ,,,5W5m V wx K K1 : 1.2.3, K , n' , . -4' , .'V-I' 'Q -251' - QT 1 - V H, V V1 , qep-,. J.. KIL, jf 1 ., ,V QV 4 V 'l."r-V"Ze4-ww - " , '. ' " ' .y J. " .V fa, V jp H ff Twig -uf .KV ' + --4 ' W -, ' ,Vg V-rg 45,0 .A . sf, , , 9' iw V 'VW 29 0: '- V1 , , sf d wa? Q K J af' . ' N 'f -if, ' ,Lv 5 -T, -- V4 .' V a VV 'f X... -if .-V . .1 - . -, A , fl- ' an 5 'V V V if i 5 ., Er ' 34 , A il 1 V W V 1 , My I ,.-f'e as .Ja ,.kWM:r Wxqsk 'lr Y me Jig-iff . .X . if K Ve . .x mga- 4 0 ,JVM , . ,ell -- . ,N 1 yu.. ,, -. . W ., ,,. fe - ,A A fm , -,IJ wut AVVV A -K .4 Vp .. V N Q .W Q , h wa :MQ . W' 1 L 4. ' 3l'vn1Qk..VZf' A Vf,2m'Ve3""' V ' G ' :Ve-,.w" w G F M Mk!-fs'g-'WH' 4,5 , "' " - 6 W . , , :.'-Ng.. , , 'f ...V V 5 V V :'1'ffV1.V .V V ug , V. V h. - 3 if . .M V A Q .Ml I V ,Lp . .K 4 a. ,X M 5. . V V V 5.5. , 1 , , 'Q i '53 si 'wg' . m N A , 5 J. , uaf. "VsV -V 3 , V . at Q 41, V" g . U ,,,-.V y, ' V 5 S .gf ., 1 V M 3 ' if A VLA gm. . 1 1 V , W 1 L sw .W . K V5 Q Q f ,. Q A fy

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