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ALFRED CALVERT Superintendent M A University of Nebraska A B Nebraska Wesleyan FOREWORD Another school year is over With that in mind we the seniors of '51 have tried to reproduce in print and picture the high lights of the past year. With the hope that you will al- ways remember the warm smiles, the friendly greetings, the co-operative spirit, and the search for knowledge, that are all a part of Friend High, we submit to you, the "Bulldog of '51, " "Knowledge, itself, is a power." l SCHOOL BOARD D FAC LTY A JGEPH ACH--President of School Board RALPH SAMUELSON--Secretary of School Board X 1' -21' .5 'C' 'V' KARL PLETTNER School Board if GEORGE ASMUS School Board DON FERGUSEN School Board EDWARD AHERN V1ce Presldent of School Board WAYNE WEBER I-hgh School Prlnclpal A B Doane College Marhematxcs Sclence DONALD HABERMAN Coach A B York College Blology and Hxstory DALE NAHRSTEDT Agnculture O1 the farm traxmng 3 B S Umverslty of Nebraska BYRON HAVLICEK Band Instrumental and Vocal Muslc B M E UIIIVCISIIY of Nebraska 'Blessed IS he who has found h1s work 2 FACULTY MILDRED KOLAR Englrsh A B DHIVCISIIY of Nebraska A NA Unrversrty of Nebraska JLNE KREBS Home Economrcs B S Untversrty of Nebraska MARY NICHOLLS Commercral A B Un1vers1ty of Nebraska BLANCHE CLAVLRT 5 6 7 8 Language Arts Nebraska Wesleyan Umversrty Q5 WW . MILDRED CARLSON 5 6 7 8 Arrthmetrc Art Sclence Penmanshrp Unrversrty of Nebraska LOIS BERNING 5 6 7 8 Socral Studres A B Wayne State Teachers College can 'W ERMA ADAMSON 2 3 Doane College MARY SMEDIIR 3 4 Peru Teachers College Y? Two Year Drploma NELLE ENGLE Klndergarten Frrst Umversrty of Nebraska Aberdeen Teachers College HELEN MALEK Secretary Peru State Teachers College Nebraska Wesleyan Un1vers1ty "Every lrfe has pages vacant srtll, whereon a man may wrrte the thmgs he wrll " QQ A U . . K . , . n V ' v 1- -v - f . . , . u n 1 -- JJ? I it fi A t Y I 1 A ri . . ' . , I 1. ,M ,,,, W " . " A iz V ' A -- I I I I I n 1 A I A -- I I I Q . f ug, u n , V 'WSW -- , M 473 " 1 4, X f aw n . I . f also AW 00' fr-r 'CY X 'Cb 'Qu 'U 'iv' fg- R if IL SE IORS MARIAN YOKEL You never can tell what I mlght do Class Representatrve 2 Class Pres1dent4 Newspaper Staff 4 nnual Staff 4 Pep Club I 2 3 4 Mxxed Chorus! 2 4 Class Play 3 G1rls Phys Ed I 2 3 Bandl 2 3 4 Pep Club VICE Pres1dent G1rls Glee Club I 2 3 Pres1dent4 MARILYN BROWN Llfe can t glve thrs gtrl a duty deal she holds too many trumps M1xed Chorus4 Glee Club 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper 3 4 Class Play 3 Class Vrce Prestdent 3 4 Pep Clubs 4 G1rls Phys Ed 3 Trlple Tr1o 3 Football Sweetheart 4 Glee Club Secretary 4 ERMA HUBER She s l1ke a lxttle star She comes out at tught and shtnes Class Secretary and Treasurer 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff4 Pep Club I 2 3 4 Cheerleader 4 G1rls Glee Club! 2 3 4 IW11XCd Chorusl 2 4 Class Play 3 G1rls Phys Ed 3 Trlple Tr1o3 KEITH CLOUSE Lrfe has no worry Why should I hurry? Class Presrdentz Class Secretary! 3 Basketball I 2 3 4 State Man ager3 Boys State3 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper 4 Student Manager 3 Bo s Phys Ed I 2 MARIE POWELL School work fascmates me I can s1t and look at II for hours Class Presrdent 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club! 2 4 G1rls Glee Club I 2 3 4 M1X6d Chorusl 2 4 G1rls Phys Ed 2 3 4 G1rls Sextette 2 Trlple Tr1o 3 TOBY MCMULLEN I m beglnnmg to thlnk I m better than I thought I was Football 3 4 Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Boys s Ed I NORMA JOHNSON Don t Wall for the second thought the first one 15 good enough Class Representative I Newspaper SI3ff3 4 Pep Club I 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Grrls Glee Clubl 2 M1XCd Chorusl 2 G1rls Phys Ed 2 DUANE GILLAN lwas oncecaughtstudylng buthave almost lrved down the d1sgrace Newspaper Staff4 Annual Staff4 Boys Phys Ed I 2 CATHERINE BURNS lt doesn t pay to express one s thoughts That s why I talk so lxttle Class Representatlve 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club I 2 3 4 Cheerleader4 Band 2 3 4 G1rls Glee Club 2 G1rls Phys Ed 3 G1rls State3 INf11X6d Chorus 2 LD HECKMAIN It s better to have loafed and flunked than never to have loafed at a Bovs Phys Ed I 2 Vxce Pres1dent2 Ixewspaper 3 Annual 4 Class Play 3 Football 4 "Ideas are funny lrttle thxngs They don't work unless you do " SENIORS DONNA PRATI She has a rmnd of her own she knows how to use ll we hopel Newspaper 4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club I 2 3 4 Grrls GleeClub I N1IxedChorusI 2 Class Playg Glrls Phys Ed I JOHNNY BRUINTZ He s a quret man He doesn I snore In class Football 3 4 Basketb ll 3 4 Annual Staff 4 lwewspaper 4 Class Play 3 Class S cretary and Treasury 2 Boys Phys Ed I 2 DORIS MCALPIN It takes fast alklng Io cheat me out of the last word Newspaper Staff4 Annual Staff4 Pep Club I 2 3 4 Band I Grrls Glee Club I 2 3 4 Mrxed Chorus I 2 4 PAUL HORNER I m here to sausfy my currosrty I rn strll currousl Football 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Mxxed Chorus 4 Boys Glee Club4 Annual Staff4 Newspaper4 Boys Phys Ed I 2 Class Play 3 IANICE MASSIE Eyes speak louder than words dependrng on the subject nd I 2 3 4 rls Glee Club I 2 3 4 Grrls Phys Ld 3 nual Staff4 Newspaper 4 Class Play 3 Pep Club I 2 3 4 Cheer leader 4 One Act Play 2 Trrple Trro 2 3 Grrls Glee Club Presrdent 3 Pep Club Presrdent I Pep Club Secretary 3 BOB SVEHLA For frfty years the buffalo roamed the country Now I m here Basketball I 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Annual Staffl 3 4 Newspaper 4 Class Play 3 Class Presrdent I Honorary Football Captarn 4 Boys s Ed ELAINE: OHS Some day I shall startle the world Newspaper Staff4 Annual Staff4 Pep Club I 2 3 4 Cheerleader 4 Bandl 2 3 4 Band OffIcer3 Grrls Glee Club Vrce Pres1dent4 Grrls Glee Club I 2 3 4 Mrxcd Chorus I 2 4 Class Play 3 One Act Play BETTY SVEHLA Srngle and carefree but not for ong Grrls Glee Club I 2 3 4 Newspaper Staff4 Pep Club 2 3 4 Grrls Phys Ed 3 Mrxed Chorus I 2 4 Annual Staff4 Class Play 3 GEINEVIEVE VOSSLER It s nrce to be tall lt s closer to heaven Newspaper Staff3 4 Annual Staff4 Pep Club I 2 3 4 Mrxed Chorus I 3 4 Grrls Glee ClubI 2 3 4 Grrls Phys Ed 2 3 JEAN MEINKE l can t thmk as fast as I can talk uf? IDOS vs,..,, ii Newspaper 4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club Presrdent 4 Pep Club Vrce J' 4' Pres1dent3 Band! 2 3 4 Grrls Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Mrxed Chorusl V 2 4 Grrls Phys Ed 2 3 """ "Youth IS glorrous, but 1sn't a career " Y lv-"' "bl We-.My 'D "Sa YNY SENIOR SURVEY Genet teye Nlanlyn Betty Nlarxe Norma l-rma Mane Nlanlyn 'vlanan amce ean janrce Donna Nlarlan Catherlne Catherxne Dons Janlce Marlan Flame Mane Donna Doris Norma Best -Krtlst tett1estComplex1on eppxest rett1estLegs Best All Round Athlete 'Nc ltest Best l xgure Best lookmg l llrtlest Best Dancer Qunetest Best Slnger Talkatlve Most Romantxc Prettlest Eyes Best Personalrty Nlost Polxte Best Actor and Actress Best Smlle Best Student Prettxest Han Most Cheerful Most Helpful Best Wrtter lluane Tobe ohn Kob lxelth ohn ohn Ixenth au Paul Tobe Paul Duane Keith Paul ohn Bob Bob Q Duane Tobe Bob CLASS HISTORY When we thmk back to the fall of 1938 and the twelve years that followed many happy memorles return The orxglnal members of the class of 51 are Norma Johnson Ed Heckman Marle Powell Donna Pratt Robert Svehla who started to klndergarten the ftrst semester w1th Marxan Yokel and Jean Melnke Jotnmg the class the second semester Hope Scott and Le Roy Kletnholz jolned our class tn the second grade Roger Wmtermute left 1n the second grade In our thtrd grade we retamed all class members but ga1ned no more Cllr fourth grade class brought to us Paul Horner and Genev1eve Vossler Mane Powell returned from Oklahoma the second semester Th1s year we lost Myrna Bruha Marlan Yokel and Norma Otdracek Janlce McLain and Toby McMullen entered our class 1n the f1fth grade Georgann Campbell left our class the second semester th1s year P3UlC13 Johnson Jerry Mlnntck and Jamce MBSSIC entered our slxth grade class Buddy Heberlee moved to Iowa th1s year Duane Gtllan and Kelth Clouse entered our seventh year ln school Buddy Heberlee also returned from Iowa Patr1c1a Johnson left us to move to Wymore In the elghth gr 1 1 we dxd not lose any members but Maman Yokel returned from Wahoo Our freshmen year brought manv new faces to greet the greenest class of newtomers for a long ttme John Bruntz Catherme Burns Erma Huber Clara Hopkxns Manlvn Mtlntosh Robert Nlurrary Dons McAlp1n Elatne GIS and Robert Couch entered th1s year We lost Le Roy Klelnholz Jerry M1nn1ck Hope Scott and Louxs Thompson In our sophomore year we lost Mar1lyn Mclntosh Robert Murray Buddylleberlee and Llara Hopkms Betty Svela jomed the class th1s year Daryl ly ers and Marxlyn Brown entered our Junlor Class Daryl Ayers and Robert Couch left durtng the summer and thus xx ere not m our senxor tlass We end our CdULZillOIl atlrlend Hlgh as a small class of twenty tht emtt number wtth whlch we began our f1rst year The rlght way to k1ll Illlle IS to vsork tt to death 6 X -' V , . ' Ha , ' 1- P ' ' .1 IJ A , ' p Q . J . I . f' y 5 I -. , 1 . ' f' ' . 1-ga Jr .Q ' J ' P' 1 1 . J 4 ' ' ' lil CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1951, of the school of Friend, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by us. Duane Gillan wills his height to Carol Walbridge. Jean Meinke wills her quietness to Gayle Dean. Betty Svehla wills her good times in Milligan to Marlene Kennel. Norma Johnson wills all her curly-headed boy friends to Deloris Hansen. Catherine Burns wills the gray hairs she got from worrying about the Bea Genevieve Vossler wills her slender figure to Joyce Tuttle. Ed Heckman wills his ability to Don Gibson. Elaine Gis wills her brains to Bernie Svehla so he can save his Paul Horner wills his farmer's romance to Joe Murphy Bob Svehla wills his soft, gentle voice to boisterous Sandra McBride Keith Clouse wills his dancing ability to Maxine Mitchell Janice Massie wills her graceful walk to Barbara Yokel Erma Huber wills her blue eyes to Joyce Massie Marie Powell wills her personality to Charlene Weber Marilyn Brown wills her pretty complexion to Darlene Thompson Marian Yokel w1l1s her gosslping in class on Mondays to Helen Rasplicka Toby McMullen wills his sixth periods with Miss Kolar to Elmer Kraus John Bruntz wills his ability to get women to Wes Hager Donna Pratt wills her good moods and happy times to Helen Couch C C C C Seniors I I Seniors IQ I Seniors I9 I Seniors I9 I Doris McAlp1n wills her priority to Connie Sampson will their stunts In Law Class to the Seniors of 1952 will their experience to the Seniors of I953 will their good looks to the Seniors of 1954 will to each of the faculty a bottle of Hadacol to cure all their aches and pains for which we were responsible Witnesses Marilyn Brown Marie Powell Marian Yokel Janice Massxe Bob Suehla Keith Clouse Paul Horner Jean Meinke Favorite F avorxte Favorite Favorr te Favorite Fa vorrte Fa vort te Favort te Favorite Fa vorrte Actor Actress Sports Food Singer Song Band Leader Hangout Comic Book Colors Elaine Gis Erma Huber Betty Swehla Genevieve Vossler Duane Gillan Johnny Bruntz Catherine Burns Norma Johnson Donna Pratt Toby McMullen Ed Heckman Doris McAlp1n SENIOR FA ORITES Dennis Morgan Esther Williams Basketball and Football Hamburger and Onions Gordon McCrea Stardust Guy Lombardo Lonnres Cafe Bugs Bunny Gold and Blue Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorr te Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Flower Car Candy Bar Gum Pastrme Radio Program Show Subyect Day of Weeks Pet "Be there a will, wisdom will find a way 7 ver boys to Velma Sladek. Yellow Rose Ford Hershey Denune Dancing Hit Parade Stars ln My Crown English Sunday Dog Th . of 95 . . . . . Th . of 5 . . . . ' Th . of 5 . . . . Th . of 5 . . . . . . . ,, THE CLASS OF FIFTY O E The school tear s nearly over Xnd I m sure we ve all had fun But before we part we shall present The class of ftfty one Ntce thtngs come tn small packages Thts saxtng old and true Appltes to our small class Who we th1nk are n1ce thtngs too I-trst on our 11st IS Martlyn Brown The Sweetheart of our ttarn When the boys gtve her the second look just watch her blue eyes gleaml Next we observe John Ivan Bruntz The Romeo of Frtend Htgh That lme he hands to all the gtrls Won t always get htm by Our dashtng lr1sh Katy Burns She must be agtng fast But we know so very well That those gray hatrs won t ast Dear Ketth Clouse IS qutte a guy For htm ltfe holds no worry Hts favortte motto slow but sure Gtves htm no cause to worry A B C s fall off the desk Gave Gtllan qutte a scare For Mr Calvert clatms that he Deltberately shoved that chalr There are boys who go for blondes Wtth others red s the word But when tt 15 Ed Heckman We deduct ll s black preferred Paul Horner made the celebuty 11st When he took a chance To start htmself upon the way In the venture to romance Dear sweet ltttle Erma Is the apple of Ketth s eye But she wtll roll those bxg blue eyes When any boy goes by Nlorma Johnson takes the cake For her dummtes she s well known But yet we can t forget to state How the school paper has grown Our ever popular Iantce Ltkes the lrtsh so they say That lS unttl that Sw ede calls up Then watch her change her way Jean Metnke s our angelrc lass fExcept when she ts bad J But two btts say you ll never see The day when she gets mad I want younger teachers Is Toby s famous cry But the gotngs on rn Engltsh class Make us wonder why Dorts mtddle name ts G1ggles In bookkeepmg she s a whtz And where er you see that tumor boy You ll know where Dorts Elatne wxth flamtng ha1r of red Is the gemus of our class She even rates to get the car W1th a ntce tankful of gas Marte IS desuned to become A Beaver restdent But for the present her handsome To the Arr Corps she has sent Donna clatms that she wtll be The herome of our class The Waves she s Jotntng there to learn To be a sea botng lass Speedy IS the mckname That Betty Svehla s earntng We have some 1ns1de mformauon That for Mrlltgan she s yearmng Bob Svehla doesn t have the ume To bother wxth the w1mm1n He s too busy shoottng baskets To keep our team a wtnmn Jenny has a flare for art Whtch many wxsh they had But she also has a good techntque To catch a handsome lad Marton Yokel has qutte a ttme Wtth the teastng she recetves But her mlnd ts now on other thtngs And so she no more grteves The presentatton of our class We shall now call complete We ll say so long and hope that we In future days shall meet A frrend ts a present you gtve yourself Q ' , . 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 . I 1 1 1 A 1 , 1 , 1 , . I . I . 1 1 1. - v 11 - - 1 ,, 1. 1 , .1 ' 1 . . , . V. , 1 1 . - 11 11 A ' 1 1 ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 ,. . . . V V H . - ,, , . 1 1 1 1 ' '1 - - 11 - 11 L . . . Y . , 1 - 1 - 1 1 11 11 ' - 1 - 1 1 , . . ' ' 11 11 , . . , . l . , 1 ' ' 11 11 1 - 1 1 1 ' , . . . . . 1 1 1 1 ' . ' 11 11 - - . . , . 1 . , . . , . 1 . . , . 1 - 1 11 11 ' ' ' . . , . 1 - ' 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 , . - 1 L . , . , . , . ' 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 - 2 CLASS PROPHECY As we were begtnmng our short Journey around the world 1n our new Superson1c 51 whtch IS the latest atomxc powered rocket for 1961 we spotted our home town So we dectded to drop down to see who was left of our class of 51 Upon landtng we went dtrectly to the Sentmel for we thought we could get some tnformatton about our classmates there And who d1d we f1nd all covered wtth prlnter s tnk? None other than the former Norma Johnson She was very glad to see us and agreed to show us where all our classmates were But fxrst she explatned about herself seems that betng a farmer s w1fe wasn t enough to keep her busy so she took on the paper for a pas ume Just as we were leavmg a b1g tall farmer walk ed 1n and satd Come on baby let s go have lunch It seems hrs name IS Glllan and henow belongs to Norma So we ventured over to the Greasy Spoon ust across the street for lunch After we had seated ourselves a wartress came up to us rollmgthose b1g brown eyes of hers and sa1d H1 ktds remem ber me? It was our own Donna Pratt now IH charge of the former Reno Cafe It seems that sxnce her very honorable dlscharge from the Waves she had been runnmg the cafe for a frlend a tall dark and handsome one we fearl After lunch Donna offered to take us next door to see Kerth Clouse It seems he and Erma Huber had set up some krnd of a partnershrp rn a new streamlmed 54 to SI OO Store After v1s1t1ng wrth them a whrle we gathered that rt wasn t the kmd of partnershrp Kerth had had rn mtnd Norma and Duane decrded that they had better get out to therr farm so Donna offered to grve us a rrde rn her new yellow convertrble There was only one more classmate remalnlng rn Frrend the for mer Marlan Yokel We drove swrftly out to the Weber farm southwest of town only to f1nd Marran too busy wrth the tw1ns to srt down and vrsxt Next Donna took us to the New Cordova l-hgh School Whom drd we f1nd as supermtendent? None other than Mrss Marllyn Brown the career grrl of our class of 51 School was just out so sne rode along home wrth us As we passed the old McMullen Homestead Supt Brown suggested we stop rn She asked Don t you remember my favortte admrrer Toby Mc Mullen? Of course we remembered htm but we were startled to f1nd he was runmng the old home stead hrmself Naturally he offered to escort Supt Brown on home so we left the happy pa1r to re turn to our Supersonlc 51 After we bade Donna goodbye we journeyed out to the Pac1f1c There we found Admrral Edward H Heckman The stalwart captarn was overjoyedto see us and mtroduced us to h1s crew We notrced a certam Wave who he sa1d was h1s very prxvate secretary She was none other than the former Catherxne Burns Admuall-leckman sa1d he was on h1s way to New York to see the Commander rn Chief of the Arr Force Bob Svehla hrmself S we offered to take htm there tn our Supersonlc 51 Upon arrrval we found General Svehla at the Stork Club berng entertarned by the famous torch srnger Janrce Massre The owner of the Stork Club was our own Betty Svehla Mrss Svehla pornted out the beautrful parntlngs whrch she had mvested rn Our old pal Jenny Vossler the famous commercral artrst had talked Betty 1nto partrng wrth the money to buy some of her pamtrngs Then wejourneyed down to Afrrca to f1nd Elarne Ohs busy wrth her mrssronary work lt seems she had a nattve chref on the strrng then She told us that our old frrend John Ivan Bruntz was only a few mrles from her He had a ntce plantatron on whrch he ratsed Ca1n He had mvested hrs money 1n the largest harem 1n the world Once more we returned to the good old U S A rn search of our other classmates Arr1v1ng tn Chlcago we found Dons McAlp1n as a nurse rn one of the c1ty s largest hospttals She told us of Pro fessor Mernke s accrdent It seems that Jean was experrmennng on a drug better than Hadacol when her apparatus blew up Now Dorrs IS nursrng her back to health We found Paul Horner playmg basketball for the Chrcago All Stars It seems that srnce he learned a l1ttle more about grrls he changed h1s mtnd and went rnto professronal basketball Last of all we found the former Marte Powell rn a small town not far from our home town It seems she has been helprng her Beaver man to run therr new Super Market Before we end th1s account of our Journey we would lrke to say that we have been perfectly sans f1ed wrth our country srnce we elected our former law teacher Mr Calver Presrdent of the Unrted States l never thrnk of the future It comes soon enough 1 . , . , . . . . 1 ' - - - . . . , ' fs 1 . , . .1 - - - 1 - , . , , It , ' . . - 1 ' 1 1 - I . , . - - 11 . 1 ' , , 1 F 1 1 ,, . . . . . . . H ,, . . . . . 1 J 1 - ' 1 1 ' . . ,, . . - - 1 1 ' I H , . . . . . n H , . . . . . , . , 1 ' ' , 1 . . , 1 1 - . , . . . . . , . , . . ,, ,, . . . . . 1 . , . . . , . . . , . 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 . , ' ' ' 1 - 1 1 . , ' - 1 - 1 , - 11 - 1 1 11 - 1 1 ' - 1 UNIORS TOP ROW left to rrght Joyce Massre Adolf Zumpfe Davrd Thompson, John Jewrtt Frank Grand staff Ernest Glfford, J1m Nelsen Phrl Weber John Kllppenstern Bob Paswaters MIDDLE ROW Mrs Nrcholls Erma Horner Duane Paswaters Roger Helm Conme Sampson Jack Conroy Laverne Hay ek Kelth Heckman Elmer Kraus Joseph Svehla Barbara Kendall BOTTOM ROW Shrrley Duba Ruth Poff Carol Chase Marlene Kennel Ella Mae Zajrc Charlene Weber Gene Heckman Wrlma F lrck NOT PICTURED Tom Calvert The Jumor class play, "Off The Track", was presented November 17 after f1ve weeks of practlce The sett1ng of the play was a waysrde rallroad statlon after a traln wreck and the actlon was furn1shed by the detarned passengers The thlrteen characters 1n the play were as follows John Morgan James Nelsen Flrckre Nelsen Barbara Kendall Betty Phxlhps Charlene Weber Joan Parker Wmlma Frck Antoma Guarlno Marlene Kennel B111 L1ndsay Roger Herm Oscar Pozenby Kerth Heckman W11116 Woodson Ph1ll1p Weber Evahna Bumpass Conn1e Sampson Mrs Reginald Vanderventer Erma Horner Mlss P1dg1e McDougal Joyce Massre Sxlas Dobbxns Ernest Grfford Besrdes the cast every member of the class had a part 1n he1p1ng w1th the product1on It s great to be great but rt s greater to be human ' on , . Mrs. Guarino . . . . . . . . Carol Chase t SOPHOMORES TOP ROW left to rrght Wayne Gallup Morr1s Bender Rex Kellough Bernard Svehla Ph1l Kendall Joe Murphy Melvrn Pratt Patsy Ahern Patty Asmus Lors Mernke Carolyn Rohrrg MIDDLE ROW Mrss Kolar Ellrs Shutts Donald Burda Delorts Hansen Gayle Dean Ruth Bulwan Helen Rasplrcka Sandra McBr1de Mary McCullough Esther Duba BOTTOM ROW Joan Kucaba Helen Couch De lorrs Weber L11a Kay Buckrngham Darlene Thompson Marybeth Cogswell Patrrcra Nobbman NOT PIC TURED Velma Sladek There were twenty seven students enroll ed 1n our class at the beg1nn1ng of the Jomed our stud1ous group There are ten sophomores who are mem bers of the band They are Patty Asmus MOTTIS Bender, Donald Burda, Marybeth Cogswell Joan Kucaba Lors Mernke Patr1c1a Nobbrnan, Helen Rasphcka, Carolyn Rohr1g Darlene Thompson The boys part1c1pat1ng 1n football or bas ketball are Morr1s Bender, Wayne Gallup Rex Kellough Ph1l Kendall Bernard M1ss Kolar was chosen as class sponsor and the followmg people were elected as off1cers Presrdent Rex Kellough V1ce Pres1dent Wayne Gallup Secretary Melv1n Pratt Treasurer Elhs Shutts News Reporter Bernard Svehla "We cannot do everyth1ng at once, b t - - 3 ' , . . . , . , school year. Since then, 1Nvo others have Svehla. . : , ' : , , 0 . , . . I 0 O C ' u we can do something at once. " TOP ROW left to r1ght Robert Hansen Joyce Tuttle Jamce Jewrtt Donald Svehla Lyle Mltchell Roger Johansen Angelme Betka Barbara Yokel Darlene Vossler Bernard Ach Janrce Bender James Paswaters MIDDLE ROW Mr Weber Frances Zumpfe Julra Murray Rose Mar1e Shutts Lo1s Ro hrrg Peggy G111 Marybeth Samuelson Marlys Bruha Janlce Kellough Joyce Roll Weslyn Hager Roger Mrller BOTTOM ROW Donald Grbson Howard Barbur Robert Samuelson Bernard Rohug Warren Heckman Rrchard Thompson Charles Vossler Carol Walbrrdge Max1ne Mrtchell NOT PICTURED Ann Horner At the begmmng of the 1950 1951 school year the freshman class cons1sted of th1rty three members, twelve of whom entered from the rural schools or other towns The f1rst b1g event of our year as freshmen began Wlth 1n1t1at1on by the semors The grrls had to wear sweaters and Jeans backwards, overshoes w1thout other shoes, and thelr halr ln twenty p1gta1ls The boys had to wear dresses, h1gh heels hose and hats Everyone had to wear moth ball necklaces. After the day's fun the freshmen were served refreshments by the semor class. The freshrnan class 1S represented 1n the band by ten members There are twenty three members that belong to the Glee Clubs Our class sponsored an all school dance early 1n the w1nter and everyone seemed to enjoy h1mse1f very much At the frrst meetrng the class chose Mr Weber sponsor and elected the fol lowlng offlcers Presrdent Jamce JCW1tt Donald Svehla Secretary ....... ...... J oyce Roll Treasurer ...... . . . Frances Zumpfe News Reporter . . .... Marlys Bruha VICE Presldent "Dec1de promptly, but never grve any reason Your decrsron may be rrght, but your reason are sure to be wrong " r, ,ra - an I , - M 7 fa' - x - A ' .. 4 NN , ,- ,R . ,, , , . , - JN 1- ' ly " I D' W V . n, . A ' 2 5 , ' U-4 xg X o I I p . I ' I I I I I I I I 1 I I ' : - u I 1 s ' I I I I I I I - 3 n f 1 v 1 I I I U ' n . .- . . - . - . . . - - . . -QQ... 0. 3 , I OOC ll 1 I ACTIVITIES ig., ANNUAL STAFF The annual staff for the school year of '50 '51 was composed of seniors Each member of the class was elected to some office The members of the staff for the year were Co editors Bob Svehla Elaine Ohs Art Editor Genevieve Vossler Picture Editor John Bruntz Ed Hechrnan Keith Clou s e Sports Editors Advertising Manager Toby McMullen Proof Reader Catherine Burns Typists Norma Johnson, Donna Pratt Betty Svehla, Dons McAlp1n Ivhrian Yokel, Duane Gillan The making of an annual requires much planrnng and organizing on the part of the editors assisted by the other members of the staff In this all over view of high school act1v1t1es as well as introduce the personalities Pep Club Reporter Music Reporter Class Reporter Business Manager Production Manager Erma Huber Jean Me1nke Marie Powell Paul Horner Marilyn Brown even more Experience is a marvelous thing It enables you to recognize a mistake whenever you make it again Social Editor . . . . . . . . Janice Mas sie publication we have tried to give an that make up our school We hope that this year's annual will please you now and in yearsto come mean -we o EWSPAPER STAFF THE STAFF Edltor Norma Johnson Assocrate Ed1tors Elaule Ohs, Joyce MBSSIC Socxety Edltor Jamce Massre Arusts and Humor Genev1eve Vossler Mar1lyn Brown and Mar1e Powell Busrness and Cuculatron Dons McA1p1n Band Reporter Don Burda Pep Club Reporter Charlene Weber Musxc Reporter Marllyn Brown Sports Edltor Ernest Gxfford Class Reporter Betty Svehla Gosslp Edltors Donna Pratt Marlon Yokel Typmg Erma Huber Donna Pratt Dons McA1p1n, Jean Memke and Catherme Burns Mechamcal staff Ed Heckman Bob Svehla, The Frrend H1gh newspaper, The Bulldog, was or1g1nally a senlor class project, however, one assoclate edltor 15 a Jumor and some members from other classes are on the staff The purpose 1S to 1nform the student body what has and w111 take place on the schoo1's calendar and Mane Powell Betty Svehla Paul Horner Ke1th Clouse, John Bruntz, Duane Grllan and Tobe McMullen to put before them some of the best wrrtten work done 1n the classes The paper 1S pubhshed the f1rst week of every month The art1sts make the cover to carry out some 1dea appropnate to the month We also exchange school papers wxth nearby towns The secret of patxence is doing somethrng else in the meanwhrle l llnlllnioallluliuoonunnoi l I lions!! l , I I nuns- sooolioiiqno . I I -......-1-4 I y . I , lltiillln . . ............ ........ ' lull: n IO! . I lilac I llc ollulul ' .................... I . --an--1. g H ' ...... ....-.0 Q I . . . . . nn.-0. . . I D , . . I I II - - ' ' . . 0 . 0 . . Q ' o ,, . . ' If . FRONT ROW left to rlght Dons McAlp1n Joan Kucaba Darlene Thompson Lols Melnke Jo Ann Kllppen stem Bets Blanchard Janxce Bender Helen Raspllcka Jon Samuelson Carol Walbrrdge Patty Asmus MIDDLF RCKW Jean R18lIlk8 Don Burda Roger Helm Lyle Mxtchell MOYYIS Bender Bobby Johnson Joyce Massle Janxce Jewltt Jack Stewart Barbara Yokel Par Nobbman Marlan Yokel BACK ROW Carolyn R011!'lg Ella Mae Zapc Peggy C111 Jamce Massxe Don Clbson Jack Kllppenstem Judy Samuelson Marybeth Samuelson Janlce Kellough Rosalle Stewart Roger Mxller Mary Beth Cogswell Mr Havllcek Catherlne Burns Howard Ach Elalne Ohs Laverne Hayek Joyce Roll Our Band was organxzed at the be mnmg of the 1947 school year wxth twenty flve p ayers It has now grown to a full thlrty elght member marchlng and concert band dressed ln fme un1 forms and balanced ln lnstrumentatron Playmg for rallies at the football and basketball games before the jumor play at the dlSIl'lCl musxc con test and at the sprlng concert all have now become routme for the band members Other events such as performlng w1th Crete and Wllber at the County Farr on August 26 Spendlng Sep tember 7 at the State Farr attendance at Hastmgs College Band Day on October 7 followed by U N Band Day on October 21 and sendmg a small group to the Peru Band Cl1n1c on February 17 helped to break thls routlne The marchmg band and Pep Club put on a homecomlng half tlme show durlng the football UN IOR season Marching for the fxrst basketball game thls same combmatlon made good luck Slgl'lS for the 50 and 51 basketball season A very snappy preclsxon dr1ll was gxven bv the band between halves of the Waverly vs Frxend game After presenting thxs dr1ll the band began spendxng full tlme on readxng new music on contest num- bers and on sprmg concert numbers The band played under other dxrectors besides Mr Havllcek Paul Yoder a well known band composer and dlrector from Chxcago was ln charge of the flfteen bands at Hastings and Mr Hugh Mcltllllan dlrector of the Colorado U Band was guest conductor at the Peru Band Cllmc The year seemed to be full of RCIIVIIICS A Band Mothers Club was orgamzed early ln the fall and lxke the band was ZCIIVS throughout the school year BAD . 1 : l 1 ' 1 1 V . 1 ' 1 V 1' 1 1 1 1 . . 1 .3 . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . ' I. .' . .' . ' ' V: 1 1' 1 . 1 1 1 1 I 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 g . . ' , . -. . . . . . . - . , , . 1 . . . ,. . . . . ' 1 . 1 ' 1 , . - . . . . . . . . . , - . ' . - . . ' , . ' . 1 ' A ' .'. ' ' . .. . , . . . , . . . . . 1 1 ' . 17 PEP CLUB CHEERLEADERS left to nght Cathermne Burns Erma Huber Jen Wertz Rxcky M1lton Elame Ohs Janlce Massxe TOP ROW Cenevxeve Vossler Loxs Memke Darlene Vossler lNorma Johnson Marlon Yokel Patsy Ahern Joyce Massle Janlce Jewxtt Patty Asmus Barbara Yokel Manlyn Brown Erma Horner Jamce Bender Franus Zumpfe Jean Melnke Donna Pratt Mane Powell MIDDLE HOW Mxss Krebs Carol Walbndge Julxa Murray Loxs Rohrlg Peggy C111 Mary Beth Samuelson Janlce Kellough Ruth Bulwan Gayle Dean Belorxs Hansen Barbara Kendall Marlys Bruha Connie Sampson Charlene Weber Joyce Roll Helen Rasplxcka Pat Nobbman 'Vlrs N1cholls BOTTOM ROW Carolyn Rohrrg Dar lene Thompson Marlene Kennel Llla Kay Bucklngham Mary Beth Cogswell Dons McAlp1n Delons TLRED Joan Kucaba Carol Lape CHEERLE DERS CHEERLEADERS Jamce NJHSSIC Plame Ohs Emma Huber Catherlne Burns lc Weber, Ella Mae Zajic, Carol Chase, Betty Svehla,'Sanclra McBride, Mary Ann, McCullough. MOT PIC- ' 51 X : V. SENIOR CLASS PL Y What s Hog saylng that s keeplng the glrls so 1nterested'7 Don t lose your temper Clffordl THE BOARDING HOUSE REACH For many years now thlrteen year old Wllbur Maxwell has wanted a blcycle. He's dreamed of peddlm through town, gettlng fond gazes from the gxrls, and boastfully shoutmg, "Look, no hands!" But he strll can't persuade Mama and Papa to Jar down to get hxm one. So, when Pop IS called away for a week long business trip, Mom IS persuaded to go wlth h1m for sort of a second honeymoon, and the house ts left xn charge of slster Connie and sxster Betty Lou, Wllbur gets hrs ldea. He'll open up a boardlng house rlght here. Wxlbur knows there's a frlghtful hous- mg shortage, he knows people need places to sleep, and he knows for a whole wee he can really clean up and just be rolhng ln bicycles. So lnto the pa r goes the ad, and that l'l.l?lt the whole Maxwellllxouse IS crawlxng wxth peop e. Fxrst comes Lucy Burns, a sort of walkxng en cyclopedxag then Mrs. Mott, who never says a word all through the play, just comes ln, sits down gets up and walks out Then come Nlnety Volt jones a beat up pug and hrs wrestling wlfe Ruby, they re followed by Mrs. Potter, an lnsur ance saleswoman, and next come Lunpy NcGuxre and his wlfe, Nora. Now, every room rn the house ts full, W1lbur's doing a bang up business, and then xt ha pens. Mama and Papa Maxwell, at two o'clock otPthe next mommg, come draggmg home Papa forgot h1s bnef case. From there on out, 1t's one mess after another. Papa has an Important busxness conference the next mornxng, but he has to sleep on the floor, he can't get ln to shave, and he can't even read his own lpaper. Thlngs are goxng 'round and 'round. Fma ly, 1t's discovered somebody 1n the house 18 a bank robber, and poor Papa IS mlstakenly carted off to the clmk. What a mess now! And before 11,8 all fxnally straightened out and Wilbur has his bxcycle, you ll be dead from lauglnng over the antlcs of the Maxwells and the carload of characters that mvade then' sanctuary. 2 , 7 ' sf ' ' ' t f ' 1 , , 1 2 ' I 1 I, tg . . X l , at f - f , ' ' f l ft? x 4 ' A ll ' 5 ' Q Q a 5 tot , . , . . . , . I ! I ' ' ' - - - 1 ' 9 y 9 . 7 ' - I9 FOOTB LL SQUA SITTING left to right Rex Kellough Toby McMullen Wes Hager Don Svehla Roger Herm Ed Heckman ,lack Conroy SECOND ROW Assrstant Coach Wayne Weber John Bruntz Tom Calvert John ,Iewrtt Bob Svehla ,Iom Nelson Paul Horner Student Manager Bob Smuelson TOP ROW Alfred Calvert Gene Heckman Bernard Ach Bernard Svehla Joseph Svehla Phrl Weber Charlre Vossler Howard Barbur Coach Don Haberman The Bulldog football season found Frrend not on the wrnrrrng srde too often but saw a team whrch arned considerable ex errence and should bounce ack rnto the wrnnrng co umn more often next year Frrend 0 College Vrew 18 Frrend 8 North East Reserves 32 Frrend 8 Wrlber 7 Frren 0 Weeprng Water 6 Frrend 21 W more 0 Frrend 0 Barneston 20 Frrend 6 St CeCe ra 19 Frrend 6 Waverly 20 The team for the season was as follows ENDS Paul Horner a senror scored the frnal touchdown of the season He also drd all of the untrng for the season John Bruntz another senror ad an excellent defensrve game a arnst St CeCelra Bruntz was a ood defensrve payer all season Coach sard P ll Weber a junror caught the frrst be back for another ood season TACKLES Jrm elsen junror was probably the best defensrve tackle on the squad Nelsen was also a blg hel rn the backfreld rn the last part of the season oe Svehla, unror who rs expected to turn rn one of the best per omrances next year wrll he rn hrs defensrve tackle spot Svehla played the last two ames wrthout anyone berng substrtuted for hrm Ed eckman senror for hrs frrst season turned rn a good season record rn hrs offensrve spot GUARDS Tom Calvert junror who had a verv ood season wrll be back as one of the marnstavs of t e team next season Calvert turned rn one of the better performances Haberrnan re orted Gene Heck man Junror upheld the other guar st and accordrng to the Coach was one of the most ependable players at that s ot CEN ER ln hrs first year at the s ot Roger Herm Junror had an excellent season erm alter nated at the tackle post but hrs marn task was centenng the ball John ,lewrtt Junior rn hrs second ear at the post handled the job lrke a veteran ewrtt also turned rn one of the top defensrve per formances of the season BACKFIELD Quarterbackrng the team was Bob Svehla senror who turned rn one of the best perform ances of hrs hrgh school career Svehla an all around man rn any s ort was tops rn hrs quarterback spot A so homore ex Kellough rs ex ected to do wonders be ore hrs hlgh school career ends Kellough was one of the most dependable on the squad and probably the to tackler A rough and tumble so ho more at the fu lback spot and one of the best rne backers rn the backfreld was Bernre Svehla Bemre upheld hrs fullback s ot almost srngle handed A other Svehla and ony a freshman saw plenty of actron as a halfback Don Foots Svehla wrll be one of the better football players to graduate from as he has rn the past Habennan sard he should turn 1n some top performances next season Another freshman Wes Ha er may have the duty of frllrng the shoes vacate by Bob Svehla Wes turned rn some good performances at the quarterback spot thrs season A hoy who rs ex ected to grve the back freld all of the speed of obby Re nolds wrll be Howard Barbur Barhur was one of t e fastest men on the s uad He rs only a freshman Habennan sard he wrll e the boy to keep an eye on come another ear Seem lrttle actron ln hrs only year was Toby lcMullen Toby reportrng only rn hrs senror year saw lrmrted actron rn the backfreld Haberman also had prarse for two reserves who farthfull attended practrce They are both freshmen and wrl robably see therr share of actron next season he bovs are Bernard Ach and Charles Vossler The brg complarnt of Coach llaberman was the lack of reserve Thrs drd not grve us an opportunrty to grve the boys the rest they needed to play top ball he added Frrend Sentrnel EH Q ' I rg . ' . ' K. J y . U F .gil ,. 9 'l , - l ay' , ' . l - 1 l 1 , I l . F . . . gn.- E . .l r I . Ei . . nu touchdown pass of the season. Weber is expected to the school' if he continues to improve in the future I- . ,. ri . ' . in . . . . ' ' If ' l . .lf .' u . l I. , u gl- Z . . . g - .- , - ' .fo .T -. . pf .L o . , .0 'fo , 5 . . ' I . Q ' ' - . . 20 SECOND BASKETB LL S UA .- , .. .inf .,. TOP BOW left to rlght Coach Wayne Weber Don Svehla Lyle Mltchell Vmcent Horky Roger Johansen John Klippenstexn Coach Alfred Calvert BOTTOM ROW Student Manager Roger Helm Wes Hager Wayne Gallup Bob Paswaters Morris Bender Ronald Helm Student Manager Bob Samuelson At the tlme thls summary was written all in formatlon was not at hand for lnstance the C L S tournament whlch IS being held at Friend hasn t started and the District tournament held at Clay Center doesn t start till next week December 5 1950 the Bulldogs invited and Three days later they traveled to Seward to suffer one of the three losses of this year 17 29 Dec 15 still found the Bulldogs on the road beaten by the underdogs from Milford 31 34 December 22 the Frlend qulnt settled at home and whipped a flashy Hlldreth five 40 32 .lanuary 5 the new year started off with a bang These flashy boys of Friend swept all over a Western quintet on thelr strange court 40 20 January 12 Friend paid a call on Geneva and dropped their third and last defeat of the regular playing season as far as this summary goes 26 30 Next on the 16th Frrend skxdded past Sutton 33 28 at Fnend Jan uary 19 Fairmont fell easy prey for the red and whlte on our home floor 48 29 January 23 Friend traveled to the new court of Exeter and brought home a 43 IS wln along with a few bruises Dorchester fell easy vrctrms the 30th by a tune of 69 25 Next we traveled to Wllber of February 2 February 6 Waverly one of our new and upcoming rivals traveled clear to Frlend only to o home defeated 40 37 Then came the game o the year February 13 when Beaver Crosslng met Friend on our home court This close victory for the Bulldogs was 35 33 fPoor Beaver 1 The last game played before this annual went to press was Wymore We defeated them 65 36 on our home floor Keith Clouse Paul Horner and Bob Svehla are the only seniors the next year s team wlll lose This scnbe thlnks that their loss wxll be felt but hopes we have a better team next year . . . i . . ' 'I' .i , - ' ' initiated the lrlarvard Players 33-31 on our floor. an old rival, and-defeated them 47-31 on the night 21 E ORIA Y? fx 1-ffm xv-J HARRY HETHERINGTON Custod1an of Fr1end Publ1c Schools Fall of 1948 to January, 1951 No not cold beneath the grasses Not close walled wrthrn the tomb Rather tn my Father s mansxon Lrvrng rn another room Ltvmg lrke the one who loves me Ltke my child wrth cheexs abloom Out ol Slghl at desk or school book Busy ln another oom Shall I thmk of death as doom Or the stepplng o er the threshold To a brgger brrghter room? Shall I blame my father s wlsdomv Shall I s1t ensvxathed tn gloom When I know my loves are happy Wartxng rn the other room? Robert Freeman 23 E '91 ' X Q 1 ' f V! 1 -., I 4 ' I 1 - X! fs A I X I I "In My Father's House" Shall I doubt my Father's mercy? 0- ' .?g55 f .fri- . Wy .A- CANDID SHOT PAGE 31 73?-C2-g,i.' was '?" Va 'VS 'J iii-i X I FRIEND Sc S1 00 STORE Variety Dry Goods Gnft Items Frlend Nebraska SAMUELSON BROS Phone 2311 Frnend Nebraska Your Blackbird Food Store THE GEESENS Tailors Master Cleaners Seward Frrend David City Milford All phones 3331 VOGUE THEATRE Friend Nebraska Watch for the Latest Pictures CUNNINGHAM Feed 81 Produce Cash for Produce Complete Lme of Quality Feed Frrend Nebraska CARLSON S STANDARD SERVICE ATLAS Tires Batteries Accessories Fruend Phone 5241 HARRY JOHNSON S Student Headquarters Frlend Nebraska RENO CAFE We Strive To Please Friend Nebraska Et 8- Irv Drake THOMPSON S QUALITY MARKET Home-butchered Meats Home-Made Sausage Phone 3371 Friend Nebraska MILTON IMPLEMENT C0 Phone 4521 Fnen OLIVER SALES G SERVICE Flnest in Farm Machinery Telephone-4251 UP'O"" on Hi""'Y 6 .. ' d Skelly Products Surber Servrce GREENTOP CAFE Phone 5251 Complrments of FRIEND SCHOOL BOARD SNOOKER INN A Pleasant Recreataon Wm Dwoky Pool Snooker Candy obacco Frl end Nebraska For Portraits of Quality It s HABERMAN S of Hastmgs CU L LI GAN Soft Water System Kenneth Roll Phone 3391 DIAMOND FREIGHT WAYS Call Diamond For Servrce Phone 5311 Orls WlIInams Owner For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ Romans 1 I6 Russel A Thompson Owner FRIEND ICE 8- COLD STORAGE Phone 3381 Friend Resldence 213 Mann Street TEKSEED CITY OF FRIEND Electric Appllmces Hoover Sweeper: Fnend Nebraska Phone 5251 TURNER PLUMBING 8. HEATING COW' ANY Lennox and General Electric Fumaces Free Estimates I - I 'F 1 D I . . . I Friend, Nebraska ll - n , ' I ll ll I R MEAD 81 SON Ferguson System Radro Service Phone 5231 Friend FRANKFORTERS I G A ore Grocerres Frurts Vegetables Phone 2251 HORN ER 8- SON Chrysler 8 Plymouth Cars Texaco Products IDEAL GROCERY Meats Vegetables Grocerres Phone 5211 LONNIE S CAFE Steaks Home Cooking Where School Chrldren Gather Frlend Nebraska YOKEL S HARDWARE 8. FURNITURE Phone 3251 Friend KLIPPENSTEIN IMPLEMENT CO Phone 2351 Frlend John Deere Sales 8 Servrce Crosley Appliances Farm Supplves Complete One Stop Farm Store FIRST NATIONAL BANK Friend Nebraska Established rn 1879 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation .I H YOST LUMBER COMPANY Bulldrng Materials of all Kinds Phone 2371 Friend N L Nelson Mgr FRIEND IDTOR CD Ford Sales 8 Serwce ED KUCABA Dual 2301 O. . H H . . . St Lunches 8 Short Orders Complete Line of Home Furnishings HUSTON TRUCKLINES Fast Dependable-Safe Phone 2271 ACCIDENT INSURANCE Broad form coverage designed especially for students GORDON CORNELL AGENCY Frlend Nebraska Phone 3421 FRIEND LUMBER C0 For The Best In Lumber Call This Number 328 MOORE S FUNERAL HOME Friend Nebraska J C POLLARD DDS Dental Service 238 Maple Phone 4201 ROUSH BROTHERS Chevrolet Sales Service Allis Chalmers Tractor 8 Implements D WALLACE D D S Dentist Phone 3261 Frnend FRI END SENTINEL S2 00 per year Local Happenings Printing of all kinds Phone 2391 LARSEN S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Greasrng 8 Repair Service Wrecker Servrce Phone 5261 Friend FARMERS UNION C0 OP C0 Gram Feed Coal Phone 4291 ' 1 Friend, Nebraska - Phone 2371 w. . ,

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