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Ioseph Ach, President BOARD OF EDUCATION? George Asmus, Vice-president Ralph Samuelson, Secretary Edward Ahern Donald Ferguson Karl Plettner THE BULLDOG published by the senior class of 1949 FRIEND HIGH SCHOOL Friend, Nebraska FOREWORD We, the co-editors of the "Bulldog of 1949" hope that when looking back on your school days at Friend High, this yearbook will remind you of some of the enjoyable moments in which you shared while still a "High School Youth." Hard work and much effort has been put forth by the "Staff of '49" to make this annual a success. We hope it will serve a useful purpose in your album of memories. Marilyn Meinke ..,, ,..,. , .. ...,, . , Editor Bob Rogers . ,. , ,, Associate Editor Dean Cunningham r , Business Manager FACULTY Alfred Calvert Superintendent A.B. Nebraska Wes- leyan M.A. University of Ne- braska Busmess Law Jr Busmess Donald I-Iuborman Coach AB York College Soclal Scxences Byron Havlicek Band and Instru mental Unlversxty of Nebras Putnam Logan Enghsh and Dramatlcs B S Umversxty of Ne braska 2 Wayne B. Weber Principal A.B. Doane College Mathematxcs Harriet Hamilton Vocal MUSIC and Spamsh A B Wheaton Colleg Wheaton Illmoxs Juno Krebs Home Economxcs B S Umverslty of N braska Panagxota Mega: Commerclal AB Doane College P ka !D A 'JL' ' ., Jvlea,-'J . 5 .X I n ' , X, J ,ff X N FACULTY Dale Nahnted! Agnculture On the farm tram m B S UD1V6fS1tV of NL blaska Mrs. Blanche Calvert 5 6 7 8 Nebr Wesleyan Un1v Socxal Scxences Penmanshxp Mildred Kola! 5 6 7 8 AB Umv of Nebr MA Umv of Nebr Enghsh Readmg Munn Pxeree Umverslty of Nebr Mildred Carlson 5 6 7 8 Um of Nebraska Arxthmetlc and Health Mrs Nelle Engel Kmdergarten lst Umv of Nebraska Aberdeen Teachers College Aberdeen S Dak Mrs Helen Malek Assxstant Kmdergarten Erma Weuerbauefr Doane College 3 ffl GOSSIP NEWS OF 49 A new iet plane is fl0f1'1iI19 SIOW And Fords can really fly But they can t travel half as fast As gosstp at Fnend High! We gmrls are never known to talk Or pass the latest line But here s some facts of mterest On the class of forty nine We all know Peggy Murphy Wmth her flammg haxr xn bloom Now never get her Irish up Or Peg w11l lower the booml When Iansky plays h1S blg bass hom Its always easy sa1lmg I guess 1t plays much better Smce he dropped lt off the rcrilingl Next IS Valma Thompson Wrth ha1r and eyes of brown Ive heard xt sald that Dorchester Is Valma s favorlte townl Meet Reverend Mort as solemn As the Indlan on a mckel There are some glrls who wonder How he makes hrs eyebrows wxggle Don s record wxth h1s latest car Is mxghty hard to top No one can drlve as fast as Don Except the traffic cop! Of course Io Ann is next and has A problem I am told She d lxke to know a story She could tell a three-year o Wayne Yokel and h1s famous walk Are recogrnzed by all He always walks so OUIETLY When going down the hall Anna can sew anything And never does it twice She has her sewmg finished And can give us all advice Kenny has decxded that He wont let typmq floor him He plans to get a hired Qxrl To do h1s typmg for hmm Rosy 5 last name stcnts w1th Z She s lucky in a way Her book report IS last and she Can study one more day Next xs Blushmg B111 who says If 1t s good food you want He s learned to cook and plans To start up Rudy s Restaurantl Vlv Noler says that open doors Are somehmes very trymg For once someone came m Home Ec And V1v1an went flymgl I wont s1t wlth the Pep Clubl ls the lme that Duane unfurls But 1t s1mp1y xsnt posslble That he s afrald of glrlsl I always thought that Albert Was au1te bashful as a rule I found I was mlstaken When he drove f1ve grrls to school Norma ns a semor g1r1 Whose sm1le IS somethmg swell I wish she d change her name to Smlth Cause VoJta I can t spell l Lumxr Ladman IS a boy For whom the bells dont chime He and hxs brother ought to learn To get to school on txmel Io Anne F1Ck has plcked a skirt That s hard because lt s pleated e says that by next August It should be almost completed Gordon who IS new this year Is probably good at croonmg For when he plays his trumpet boyl The Q1flS cant keep from swooningl I I 1 , . , ' I . . , , . , W I , 1, - u n 1 11 o fl I I 1 ll I I I I I I I I ll ll I . . . . I ld ' . . . . . . . . I . . . GOSSIP NEWS OF 49 ICONTINUEDJ Some boys go for blackheads W th others red s the word But when rt rs Doc Wallace We deduct rt s blondes preferred Marrlyn rs our glamour grrl No boy could ever spurn her We all agree she s bound to be As great as Lana Turner' ln the news Dean Cunnrngham Is Frrend Hrgh s sports defendant Hes often seen wrth Calvert And we dont mean Superrntendent' My awful currosrty Has got me rn a whrrl How drd Dwrght Ohs ever get That queer nrckname of Squrrrel ? Wrth eyes so dark and cool Now she s especrally rnterested In someone out of school Stub Weber and Van Iohnson Are a parr lrke bread and butter I heard rt rs hrs freckles That has all the grrls a flutter' Phyllrs Frck has been a wartress Qurte a whrle I understand How many cups of coffee Can she balance rn one hand We notrced that Cal Wrdrck Always dances lrke a breeze For when hrs arm IS round a grrl He seems to b at ease 5 Hrlda as a farmerette Is really qurte a peach She S gorng to rarse her chrckens So they have two wrsh bones each' Bob Rogers has one talent That wrll surely brrng hrrn woe For he can whrsper louder Than anyone I know Connre Hall acts most reserved And has a quret arr Connre rs one person That the dentrst doesn t scare Herb rs always teasrng grrls Wherever he s about Im wonderrng whr h one rt was That knocked hrs front tooth out? But when her work rs done You ll trnd her playrng cat and mouse And she s a Champron Vrrgrl has a wrnnrng smrle And we all thrnk he s tops But Hetherrngton would lrke to know Where Vrrgrl hrd hrs Mopsl My storv s almost over And I m sure no one Wrll grreve What wrll we have to talk about When all these Senrors leave? We re sorry that you re leavrng We ll mrss you all next year Here s wrshrng you success From your reporter Shrrley Wear I r . , , . I ll Il n I I ' - I ' ' . I - nf' I 1 c Io Ann Britton is brunette Twyla does her studying ' 1 I ' ' I n 1 IV ' ' ' I , 1 , l . ' ' ' I I u , v A I ,. I I 4 I e . . ' SENIORS JOAN BRITTON Pep Club 2-3-4 3 ,7 A DEAN CUNNINGHAM Basketball 1 2 3 Football 4 Band 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 Mlxed Chorus 1 Boys Glee Club 1 Student Managex 3 Annual Staff 4 Track 2 ,-yN- fr' b PHYLLIS F ICK Pep Club l Glee Club 1 3 M1xed Chorus 3 HILDA HUBER Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 3 4 .Tumor Play fl TWYLA C OUCH Mixed Chorus 3 Glee Club 3 P Club 3 fy!! ' ff my-'lg I ra' f xg. JOAINNE FICK Pep Club 4 CONNIE HALL Mrxed Chorus Pep Club 1 2 3 4 VERN JANSKY Jumor Play 3 M1xed Chorus 3 4 Football 3 4 V1ce Pres 3 Band 3 4 ALBERT KALINA Mixed Chorus 3 KENNETH KRUPICKA Mixed Chorus 1-2 Boys Glee l-2 X MARILYN MEINKE Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 Band 3 4 Mlxed Chorus 1 2 3 Glee Club 3 Vxce Pres 4 Annual Staff 4 W VIRGIL NELQEN Stage Manager 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 3 4 Track 2 Mlxed Chorus 3 SENIORS WILLIAM KINSEL Basketball 2-3 Football 2-3-4 Track 2 Class Pres. 4 LUMIR LADMAN MARGARET MURPHY Pep Club 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus 1 2 3 Glee Club 3 255 DONALD NOBBMAN Band 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 A nual Staff l Mfg sl NM - 'fl A ', 4 fi, l , . 4 A 'ry .3 A f Aff' is-ef" ,f -f V V' Ev ,f ll -7, SENIORS VIVIAN NOLER Mixed Chorus 2 fllwff HAROLD RASPLICKA Student Manager 3-4 Junior Play 3 x GORDON ROOP Band 4 Mixed Chorus 4 ANNA SLADEK Pep Club 1 2 3 4 DWIGHT OHS Band 3-4 Orchestra 1-2 Glee Club 1 Mixed Chorus 1-2 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Sec. Treas. 1 ROBERT ROGERS Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 3-4 Band 3-4 Orchestra 1-2 Mixed Chorus 1 Glee Club 1 Student Manager 2 Class Pres 2 Track 2 Annual Staff 4 DUANE SHUNK Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 4 Junior Play 3 Sec Tres 3 JO ANN SPOHN Mixed Chorus 1 2 3 Glee Club 1 2 3 Pep Club Play Junior Play Annual Staff 4 ff W 1 x -f7"5"1 'l all ,, l fe' f'v T 'A A 'xx ll- " X id l ..g- VALMA THOMPSON Mixed Chorus 1-2 Band 3-4 Orchestra 1-2 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 LEONARD WALLACE Band 1-2 Orchestra 3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 Track 2 Annual Staff 3-4 Sec. Tres. 4 IVAN WEBER Basketball 1-2-3-4 JLG- WAYNE YOKEL Chorus 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2 Student Manager 2 Band 3-4 1. SENIORS NORMA VOJTA Mixed Chorus 1-2-3- Glee Club 1-2-3 A 4 I A , lx' " v I HERBERT WATTLES Basketball 1-2-3 CALVIN WIDICK Chorus 1 Glee Club l Basketball 1 ROSE MARIE ZAJIC Mixed Chorus 1 5 if t LQ 'Q' 'U-55" ' Ilia CLASS HISTORY When one thmks back to the fall of 1945 and the three years which fox lowed many happy memorres come rnto vrew Thlrty-one green but hopeful freshmen enrolled rn Frend Hlgh School that fall Contrary to the usual procedure of electmg class offrcers our class drd not perhaps because 1ts members were so shy Thls 15 a characterrstrc whrch has lingered with us to the end of our senror year Our first remxnrscence IS of frosh 1n1t1at1on which proved to be not nearly as bad as expectatrons Some very frttrng themes were wrrtten however on some very touchy subJects Dunng the 1946 1947 school term Mr Moms Mlss Engler and the Mlsses Ckones were added to the faculty Undaunted by the usual pranks these people did much to further our learmng Bob Rogers served as Presrdent durmg our Sophomore year lt was during th1s year that football returned to Frrend Hlgh after an absence of many years Our Iunlor year had an rncreaslng number of act1v1t1es Some of the hlgh lights were the lunror Senior banquet Class play and our undefeated football team Our basketball team went to the semlfrnals of the state tournament that year Our Iurnor Play Here Comes Charlle was glven on November 21 and was dtrected by Mrss Baugh Sprrng gardens was the theme of our Iunlor Senlor banquet A srmulated garden was constructed to add color to the gala OCCGSIOD A new recreation was begun by the class of 49 dunng th1 Iumor year On November 25 1947 an all school dance was sponsored and 1t was the fust of 1ts krnd xn many years and certamly the frrst U1 the present bu1ld1ng Our Iun1or Class offrcers were Presldent Dean Cunnxngham Vrce-presr dent Vern Iansky Secretary Marrlyn Metnke and Treasurer Duane Shunk Wlth the school term of 1948 1949 the class elected B111 Ktnsel as Presrdent Leonard Wallace as Secretary treasurer and Marxlyn Mernke as Vrce-presxdent Th1s IS the second yearbook that has been publrshed rn many years Our class sold concessrons at the basketball tournaments to present the school wrth lockers for the halls The class of 49 together Wllh the Iunrors started a brand new rdea of a lun1or Senlor Prom wh1ch as far as we know IS the only one that has ever been held after a Iunror Semor banquet ln Frlend An outslde orchestra was hrred for the occasron We feel that the class of 1949 has set a goal fo other classes rn accom pllshments We end wrth our class motto Forever onward forever forward C! W? .sf 10 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 W " 1 . 1 11 1 11 , 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1- .1 . 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 . 1 1 , 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - I . 1 . 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 l . 11 11 , . , 1 x ", rf X up In NV. Y Q- U V . s, . - 'Ri-so-Ni f .n A-5 I 2.9 y 1 . nn IUNIORS TOP ROW Daryl Olmsted Sheila Blackwood Opal Chase Paul Bulwan Delores gegder Harold Wattles Lmly Davxs Beverly Stewart Dlck Rohrxg Roger o ng Mlddle Row Loren Ladman Lumu' Zumpfe Gretchen Calvert, Shu-ley Bruntz Darlene Duba Mary Warner Dean Weber Beverly Bowman, Jeanette Johnson, Kay Rhynalds BOTTOM ROW Norman Freeman Beth Blanchard Donald Cogswell Pat Murphy Loxs McMullen Phylhs Schuster Shxrley Wear Bonnle Ziegler Margaret Shutts Mr Haberman E-J The Iumor class thls year had a total enrollment of thlrty members At the beqmnmng of the year class ofhcers were elected and they were President Ieannette Iohnson Secretary Kay Rhynalds Treasurer Harold Wattles The Iumor class sponsored several dances dunng the year The admxssxon was ten cents and refreshments were sold whlch helped to mcrease our class treasury The class play Parents Are Llke That was held on December 1 III the hlgh school audltonum Mxss Logan dlrected the play The h1qhl1ght of the year was the Iumor Semor banquet and Prom which was held on May 6 Mr Haberman our home room teacher was our class sponsor ll : , Q I n , , Q -Q - D Y I T l l 3 , ' . l 1 I I I . : . T I ' 4 1 , , ! I I I I L Vice-President .....................................................,.. Norman Freeman U I I I ' l A SOPHOMORES TOP ROW Bob Svehla Toby McMullen Duane Grllan Kerth Clouse Paul Horner Bob Couch Norma Johnson MIDDLE ROW John Ivan Bruntz Donna Pratt Jean Mernke Ed Heckman Bob Murray Jamce Mass1e Maman Yokel Mxss Logan BOTTOM ROW Genevleve Vossler Dorrs McA1p1n Elme Ohs Erma Huber Betty Svehla Marrlyn McIntosh Catherlne Burns Marle Powell VICG Pres1dent Ed Heckman Secretary Bob Svehla Treasurer Iohn Bruntz Representatxve Norma Iohnson The Sophomore Class held the second dance of the year on Friday Octo- ber 15 The decoratlons were ln brown yellow and green They used pumpkins squash and comstalks to represent harvest tlme The hqhts went out during the dance tDue to a heavy wrndl Although the Sophomore Class 1S the smallest C239 they feel that they can accomphsh Just as much 1f not more than the other classes Then Class Sponsor was thexr home room teacher M1ss Logan 12 l : 1 1 1 I 9 9 - . : p o 1 ' 1 , , , 7 . , . ' . '. y 1 1 ' President ...... . Keith Clouse - ' 'M ' - I . , , . , , . I , . FRESHMEN TOP ROW Tom Calvert J xm Heberlee Jack Conroy James Nelsen Bud Heberlee Joyce MBSSIE Phll Weber Adolph Zumpfe Duane Paswater MIDDLE ROW Ernest Glfford Robert Paswater Elmer Kraus Roger Henn John Jewxtt Davld Thompson Connre Sampson Gene Heckman Joe Svehla BOTTOM ROW M1ss Megas Shrrley Duba Charlene Weber Ruth Poff Erma Horner John Khppenstem Marlene Kennel Carol Chase Wllma Fxck Ella Mae ZBJCI Kerth Heckman 2,4 Tom Calvert as Pres1dent Ernest G1Hord as Vlce-presldent Ella Mae Zanc as Secretary and Conme Sampson as Treasurer MISS Meqas our home room teacher was our class sponsor The frrst b1q event of our year as Freshmen beqan wxth 1n1t1at1on by the SGHIOTS We qlrls had to wear a man s shxrt and overalls backwards we had to carry yo yo s wear gloves all day and wear men s overshoes wlthout any other shoes The boys m our class had to wear palama tops backwards They too wore overalls backwards and were made to carry dolls and wear gloves We qlrls had to wear our haxr 1n th1rteen p1qta1ls and the boys had to part the1rs ln the m1ddle The evenmq 1nxt1at1on wasnt too bad and we are now lookxnq forward to the t1me when we are Senlors and can 1I'llllCIle a class of Freshmen Our class sponsored an all school dance early xn the tall and everyone seemed to enloy themselves very much Our class had a football and basketball team and the fellows qamed much expenence from the games they played Mr Weber coached both our football and basketball teams l3 l t r F. At the beginning of the 1948-49 school year the Freshman class elected GRADE SCHOOL NEWS Some of the grade school students have taken part in various activities during the school year. The girls who twirled with the band are Lila Mae Ratllif, who is Drum Maiorette. The twirlers are Betty Surber, Delorts Hansen, Pahy Ahern, and Iudy Samuelson and Rosalie Stewart who are Mascots. Ioann Samuelson and Georgann Samuelson, Mary Malek, Opal Milton, Katherine Gill, and Betsy Blanchard have also twirled with the band at special occasions. The grade school basketball team played two games with Crete and two games with Wllber. They won and lost one game with each school. The mem- bers ol the team are Donald Svehla, Bemard Svehla, Billy Britton, Rex Kellough, Weslyn Hager, Melvin Pratt, Wayne Gallup, Ronald Helm, Bernard Ach, and Lyle Mitchell. EIGH'I'H GRADE TOP ROW Lois Meinke Velma Sladek Lila Mae Ratliff Betty Surber Angeline Betka Patsy Ahern Deloris Hansen Joan Kucaba Kathryn Vohnout Gallup Lloyd Earleywine Ellis Shutts Marvin McIntosh BOTTOM ROW Miss Kolar Deloris Weber Darlene Thompson Patty Asmus Francis Scott Mary Ann McCullough Helen Couch Patricia Nobbman 14 MIDDLE izow: Biuy Britton, Reg Kelldugh, Melvin Pratt, Bemard svehia, Wayne SEVENTH GRADE TOP ROW Robert Hansen Bernard Ach Lyle Mltchell Rose Ella Range Janlce Jewxtt Barbara Yokel Joyce R011 Ronald Helm MIDDLE ROW Roger Mxller Donald Svehla Mrs Calvert BOTTOM ROW Rlchard Thompson Donald Glbson Marybeth Samuelson Janlce Kellough Robert Samuelson Rose Mane Shutts Harvey Mead Maxme Mltchell Juha Murray FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES TOP ROW LeRoy Carey JoAnn Khppensteln Rxchard Lee Foreman Darrell Her cent I-Iorky Maxme Frlesen Stanley Tenopu' MIDDLE ROW Jerome Stonerook B1111e Sladek Howard Ach Dee Nlcholson Franklm McCullough Rlchard Pratt Josephme Svehla Betsy Blanchard Irvm Couch Frank Gxfford Robert Hardm BOTTOM ROW Jon Lee Samuelson Marhn Helm Frederxck Eberhardt Larry John son Jeox-gan Samuelson Joanne Samuelson Jack Stewart Robert Johnson Robert M1tche1L Robert Larsen Mxss Carlson 15 i 1 , , 1 , . ' Y . ! I ' : . , , h . . A 2 , . , - ' . l I 1 Y n 1 . , 1 Q ' man, Marlene Tenopir, Bethine Wattles, Irene Dusanek, Elaine Stevenson, Vin- , , n . . . . : I I l Q 1 - p ' Y . 5 D Q , , -. v 1 1 Q s 1 ' 9 I 1 . I I I ! 9 ' FOURTH GRADE TOP ROW Sharon Earleywlne Roy Swanson Margory F1ck Opal Mllton Calvm Engel Davxd Thompson Dlck Sampson Rxchard Couch MIDDLE ROW Mxss Pxerce BOTTOM ROW Franca Shutts, Jumor Wattles Rose Sladek, Mary Malek Roy Swanson Roy J Connolly Phllhp Gallup Connie Sulber SECOND AND THIRD GRADES Buclungham Mary Ann Heeren Karen Kay Carey Charles Stevenson Carl Stonerook RlCh8l'd Bode MIDDLE ROW Yvonne Kocker Patsy Svehla Arvon Engel Jerry Malek Phyllis Jelmek J an1ce ZaJ1c Arthur He1m LaV1na Heberlee Mlss Wasserbauer BOTTOM ROW Dean Roll Gerald Kllppenstem Sandra Tenoplr Sally Drake Man lea Shutta Judy Kay Samuelson Jerry Sladek Gary G1l1 Phll Axtken Nanc, Connolly, Sharon Connolly Wmllxam Couch 16 O oe TOP ROW: Rosalie Stewart, Milton Tenopir, Robert Wattles, Susan Wood, Patricia ANNUAL STAFF STANDING left to rlght Elame Ohs Bob Rogers Jo Spohn Don Nobbman Norma Johnslin John Klxppenstexn Joyce Massxe Dean Cunnmgham Harold Rasphcha, Mxss egas SEATED left to right Beverly Stewart, Manlyn Mexnke Vern Jansky Leonard Wallace Shtrley Wear At the begmmng of the 1948-49 school year the Semors decided to publish a school annual It was decxded at ll'l1S meetmg that the annual would be hence- forth called The Bulldog At thxs same meetlng the followmg people were elected to these pos1t1ons Manlyn Memke Editor in-chxef Bob Rogers Assocxate Edxtor Dean Cunntngham Busmess Manager Donald Nobbman Plcture Edxtor Io Ann Spohn ACl1V1lY Edltor Leonard Wallace Sen1or wnte-up Edltor MISS Meqas Sponsor Also elected at l.h1S txme were the representatxves from each class to write up the news on thexr respective class Ioyce Massle was chosen from the Freshman class Norma Iohnson from the Sophomore class and Slrurley Wear from the IUIIIOI class The annual salesmen thxs year were Vern Iansky Beverly Stewart Elalne Ohs and Iohn Khppenstem Much hard work and thought has gone into the malang oi thls l949 Bull dog and 1t IS hoped that 1t w1ll be a success and w1ll be emoyed by all who look Wlllllfl tts covers 18 Harold Respuche ..,o ' ffffffff.'ffff.'f.'fffffffQfffflflli ........,.. sports Editor W? sr 529 sf wg 2-.4 Without the different organizations the average student would probably acquire little knowledge of work being done outside his or her own class For both girls and boys are the various musical groups. This year the combined groups presented a Christmas program in the high school qymna sium These groups also attended music clinics The boys' interests are also turned to football, basketball, and track This year the Bulldog's took second in the football conference Two basketball tournaments, the Trailways conference and the District basketball, were held here at our school The Pep Club IS an organization only for girls It is for the purpose of creat mg and stressing school spirit and pep The membership roster this year in clude-d the names of over forty girls from the high school This organization also sponsored an athletic banquet on April 23 It was a formal affair and was held in the high school gymnasium The Iunior and Senior classes presented class plays under the direction of Miss Logan The Iunior class also had charge of the Iumor Senior banquet and Prom which was held on May 6. During the school year a number of dances were held at the school house and were sponsored by the different classes. l9 tg'-i 4 hz-g1Z'fi,-ifwiitagi s T jig- A . -,if ,'i:lA'5Si- sg, ' , D F , L PEP CLUB . , .s. ' 5 ' '. , , . .V tm TOP ROW G Calvert J Johnson M Yokel, J MHSSIE S Blackwood D Bender S Glllan O Chase E Horner H Huber B Stewart J Fxck IMIDDLE ROW L McMullen J Mass1e S Wear P Murphy P Murphy K Rhyn alds C Hall C Sampson M Memke J Mexnke M Powell, D Pratt B Svehla, C Chase BOTTOM ROW MISS Megas M Warner O Chase G Vossler B Zlegler A Sladek, V Thompson P Schuster J Brltton C Burns E Huber E Ohs D McA1p1n Mxss Hamilton CHEERLEADERS Slurley Bruntz JoAnn Spohn Beth Blanchard Beverly Bowman MIXED CHORUS TOP ROW G Roop M Yokel J Mass1e W Yokel, V Jansky S G11lan O Chase, N Johnson B Stewart M Warner THIRD ROW E Homer B Zlegler G Calvert S Bruntz G Vossler D Duba, J MHSSIB D Pratt S Wear H Huber P Schuster N VoJta SECOND ROW J Kllppenstem J Jewltt T Calvert L Davis P Murphy S Black wood HD Blender M Powell E Glfford J Conroy L Ladman D Thompson, Mxss am ton BOTTOM ROW E Hub E ZaJc1, C W be C S J M lnke urns M Mclntosh E Ohs 'ED McAlpm. S D1fba,rC Chaagepplgonsvehlae C B 2U I . . . . . , . D 1 9 1 D 1 . , . , . , .D , . , . . . . y 1 D , . D , . , . 1 . ' , . , . , . , . , . . , . I , . D , . , . , . , . D . D , . , . , . , . , . , . , - 1 1 1 ' 1 ' ' ' ' 1 - 1 ' 1 - - 1 - 1 . . , . , .D . D - - 1 - 1 ' 1 . , . , . - 1 - D I - D 9 - D 1 - 1 - 1 . . , . D , . , , , , D D - D 1 - D 1 - 1 - 1 ' 1 . , . ' - 1 - D - 1 ' 1 . , . , - 1 - 2 - - . 1 . . GIRLS GLEE CLUB TOP ROW Marie Powell Marxan Yokel Joyce Mllik Sheila Blackwood Delores Bender Shxrley Glllan Opal Chase Norma Johnson Beverly Stewart Mary Warner MIDDLE ROW Erma Horner Bonnle Zlegler Gretchen Calvert Shxrley Bruntz Genevleve Vossler Darlene Duba Janxce Massxe Donna Pratt Marie Powell Hllda Huber BOTTOM ROW Erma Huber Ella ZaJc1 Bett Svehla Charlene Weber Conme McA1p1n Shirley Duba Carol Chase Mxss Hamilton EXTENSION STUDENTS TOP ROW Don Nobbman Toby McMullen Dean Weber Duane G1l1an B111 Kmsel Bud Heberlee Ivan Weber Roger Rohrlg Albert Kalma MIDDLE ROW Mr Weber Phil Weber Marie Powell Valma Thompson Davxd Thompson Mlss Hamilton BOTTOM ROW Mrss Krebs Gene Heckman Duane Paswater Robert Paswater Bob Murray Lumlr Zumpfe Elmer Kraus Joe Svehla Kexth Heckman Mr Calvert 21 l 1 9 I 7 i . ' , ' , . f . . ' ' . I Sampson, Jean Meinke, Catherine Burns, Mblntosh, Elaine Ohs, Doris 7 3 l ' : , , I l . , . . I BAND Flute Marybeth Qamuelson Clarlnets Kay Rhynalds Marllyn Melnke Darlene Thompson Janlce Jewltt DOI IS MCAlp1n Saxophones Shella Blackwood Leon ard Wallace Donald Nobbman Bob Rogers 'Trumpets Gordon Roop Wayne Yokel Jean Memke Dean Cunningham Dwight Ohs Horns Phvllls Schuster Valma Thompson Barltone Beth Blanchard Trombone-s Catherme Burns Elame Ohs Bass Vern Jansky Drums Donald Glbson Norman Johnson Janlce Massxe Cymbals Patr1c1a Nobbman The band took an actlve part 1n the athletlc and basketball games They marched at the St Cecllma game December 23 playmq several carols after formmq a Chrlstmas tree They also marched on February 22 makmq an H for l-llldreth and a hatchet 1n honor of Washmqton s b1rthday The band played several numbers before the Iunlor class Play and the Brass Chotr took part ln the Chrrstmas mus1cal program December 19 Mr Havhcek and a group of band members attended the MINK cl1n1c at Peru on March 25 26 Mr Paul Pamter of the Unlverslty of llh noms was the auest conductor The ent1re band went to Mzlford March 30 for the Tra1lway Con ference cl1n1c The annual muslc contest was held Apnl 8 9 at Geneva The band played a spec1ally selected number Gordon Roop a coronet solo and Mary Beth Blanchard a bantone solo The clunax to the year s muslcal act1v1t1es was the sprmq concert Whlch was held durmq the month of Apnl 22 season this year by playing at all home football FOOTBALL SQUAD TOP ROW James Nelsen Lmly Davls V1rg1lNe1sen Paul Bulwan Bob Svehla Dick Rohrlg Roger Rohrxg Daryl Olmsted MIDDLE ROW Coach I-Iaberman Harold Raspl1cl'a Student Manager BOTTOM ROW Norman Freeman Duane Shunk Leonard Wallace B111 Kmsel Vern Jansky Dean Cunningham Bob Rogers Paul Horner TOP ROW Davld Thompson Roger Rohrlg Torn Calvert Bob Svehla Lmly Davls John Bruntz Daryl Olmsted Joe Svehla BOTTOM ROW Harold Raspllcha Bob Fogers Paul Horner Ivan Weber Vxrgll Nelsen Harold Wattles Leonard Wallace Paul Bulwan Kexth Clouse Dwxght Ohs Coach Haberman 23 BASKETBALL SQUAD COACH HABERMAN Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend ..24L Dwight Virgil Nelsen Paul Horner Keith Clouse I s.-5 Paul Bulwan Record of 1948-49 Seward 39 Crete 37 Beaver Crossing 33 Milford 27 St. Cecilia 24 Geneva 25 Westem 26 College View 29 Sutton 28 Fairmont 21 Exeter 15 Dorchester 61 Wilber 36 Beaver Crossing 36 Wyrnore 18 Hilclreth 39 Rogers Bob Svehla Leonard Wallace Harold Wattles Ivan Weber Basketball Season Trailways Conference Tournament: Friend 46 Fairmont Friend 34 Western District Class C Tournament: Friend 48 Concordia Friend 57 Fairmont Friend 41 Waco -251 HAROLD RASPLICHA Student Mgr. FOOTBALL WRITE-UP Thxs years football season started out wrth a bang when slxteen eager asprrants reported to Coach Haberman at the beglnnmg of the school year The boys were out to recapture the Tratlway Conference Champxonshlp but mrghty Exeter upset the Fr1end Bulldogs and gamed the conference trophy The team made a good record for Fr1end I-hgh by w1nn1ng 6 games and losmg only 2 The success of the team was due to the f1ne play1ng of the team and the able leadershtp of Coach Haberman Fr1end lost to Shelby and Exeter Shelby however was not 1n the conference so the Bulldogs lost only one con ference game and took second place xn the conference Seven semors V1rg1l Nelsen Dean Cunnmgham Leonard Wallace Bob Rogers B111 Klnsel Duane Shunk and Vern lansky w1ll be mlssed on next year s squad Out of the seven seniors Doc Wallace was chosen as end for the ftrst team of the allfonference ratmg Norman Fre man a Iunxor was chosen as half back on the all-conference team Followmg IS a ratmg of the schools 1n the conference Exeter placed f1rst w1th Fr1end at second spot W1lber and Mllford t1ed for thxrd and fourth and Western took flflh Beaver Cross1ng was 1n the slxth spot and Farrmont was seventh HIGHLIGHTS OF THE FOOTBALL SEASON The f1rst game of the season found Fr1end travelmg to Fatrmont and return mg home w1th a 34 7 vlctory over the Tigers Coach Haberman cleared the bench 1n thls f1rst game One week later and before a large home crowd the Bulldogs topped the On October l the W1lber Wolvermes came to Fr1end only to retum home Wlth a loss The Bulldog sextet scored 20 pomts to the Wolver1nes 6 Thls IS the thlrd straxght year that Fr1end has defeated W1lber On October 8 Coach Haberman s team met defeat by the Exeter Eagles by the score of 18 to l2 Thls was eastly the outstandmg game of the year and was won by Exeter m the last three m1nutes of the game Exeter went on unde eated On October 15 Fr1end traveled to Beaver Cross1ng an old r1val and scored 21 pomts to Beaver s 6 Norman Freeman and Paul Bulwan were mlured shghtly durlng tlns game The only mght game of the season was played on October 27 when the Bulldogs accompanted by a large crowd of home town fans Journey to Shelby Because of three myured players Kmsel Nelsen and Freeman the Fr1end team Wa hand1cap, ed VV e returned home defeated 38 6 On November ll Fr1end went to Western for therr last game of the 1948 season The score ended 34 l8 rn favor of Fr1end The Bulldogs lost the ball only once when one of the opponents mtercepted a pass and faxled only tw1ce to make a f1rst down Norman Freeman play1ng wlth what was found later to be a broken leg scored a touchdown for the Fr1end team All rn all th1s was a very successful season Fr1end has lost only two games out of I6 played 1n the last two years Coach Haberman should be commended for h1s fme leadershrp and the boys congratulated for thexr fme team play 26 : A , , l . ' I ll ll I I . G , . , L l , I I , , Milford Eagles l3-6. This was a hard fought game. n I 1 I I I n , . I . . 1 . ' I I I I I I I - I . s ' 'f . , ' - , . BASKETBALL SUMMARY We started off our basketball season by playmg Seward here on December 3 Although Seward won 39 27 we were well pleased with the showlng made by our team because Seward had three regulars back from last years Class B state champxonshlp team while Frxend had lost their first eight men Our next game was with Crete ln which we mpped them for the second straight year 38 37 a very excxtlng game played at Crete We went to Beaver Crossmg next and between bemg too confident because of beatmg Crete and Beaver Crossings good playmg they came out victors 33 29 We next Jou neyed to Milford where we won 37 27 in a game where we were ahead all of the tm L and then came back home to play what many people thmk IS the best game of the year w1th St Cecilia a team that we defeated 33 24 Geneva a long tlme llVal came just after Christmas vacation but they didnt do too much with us as we won 37 25 Western had a more or less new team and they werent able to handle us at thls tlme as they went down on our home floor 45 20 We played College View and were spanked 29 23 Sutton came to town and went home wlth a narrow one point vlctory the same margln that they had over us last year Fairmont was easy as we won 46 21 and so was Exeter whom we beat 31 15 Dorchester came to town w1th two giants and they gave us a real spanking as they beat us 61 39 Another one of those one pomtexs at Wllber wxth Friend at the long end of a 37 36 count Then Beaver came for an ldentlcal score a return game 37 36 Wymore didnt show very much aga1nst Friend as we won 43 18 Hxldreth last years Class D runner up gave us a lesson 1n basketball as they beat us 39 22 In the Traxlways Conference tournament Friend won from Fa1rmont 36 27 in the first round but was whlpped by Western 34 36 We were w1thout the servlces of Jake Wattles for th1s tournament as well as all games after the Sutton game In the D1str1ct C tournament we drew Concordia the first night Concordia had Just beaten Beaver Crossmg three pomts at Beaver and we were really worrled about the outcome of the game but Frlend played one of 1ts best games of the year and won 48 33 Falrmont didnt prove too much competltxon as they fell 57 42 ln the seml finals while Waco who had beaten Beaver Crossmg and Milford two seeded teams lost to us by the score of 41 33 Semors that w1ll be lost thls year w1ll be Doc Wallace who has been out standing ln his ball retrxevmg and handling and Bob Rogers whose gifted one hand shot pulled us through several close ones Ivan Weber lmproved rapldly and played a great deal with the first five while Dwlght Ohs and Vlrgll Nelson saw enough actlon to letter Friend has high hopes for next year with Jake Wattles our 6 2 center a rebound speclallst who IS commg back Paul Bulwan who could be called old rellable b cause he could alway be counted on gave a good account of himself under the basket or out m the mlddle of the floor Kelth Clouse a sophomore IS the best ball handler on the team In the finals of the dlstrlct tournament agalnst Concord1a he hit SIX out of seven shots the second half when pomts were worth S20 00 a plece Daryl Olmsted a midget for size but a grant In Splflt is showmg real signs of basketball prowess and has played a great deal first team ball this year Lxnly Davls IS the most lmproved player on the squad and it IS almost certain that his red hair w1ll be a common slght as he makes hls turn shots for Frlend Hxgh next winter Other boys that played first team ball were Bob Svehla a sophomore wlth real promlse and Paul Horner another sophomore This llttle write up would not be complete w1thout mention of our strong man of the team Norman Freeman He was late m gettlng out for basketball because of football 1nJur1es but came along rapldly and made the tournament squad His ball handling w1ll be used to a great advantage next year In summary we might say that our basketball team has been a pleasant surprrse as this was the year they pxcked us to tram the character of the boys rather than to wm games 27 1 , . - , l . . , . - - , . . r . - . Q 1 - 1 . , ' . 1 1 ' 1 1 . . , I 1 1 ' - . , . . . , . 1 1 , - . . , . . ' ' 1 1 1 ' - y - y - . . A 7. 4 U . . ' ' ' ' 41 . H . 9 S , ' 1 1 , . - - 1 1 .A ' - . . ' . 1 1 . ' , . SENIOR PLAY CAST The senlor class play The Nzght of January 16 was presented Aprxl 29 The scene of the play was Jn the courtroom of the Superlor court ot the state of New York lt faces the front so the audlence IS ln the posltxon of spectators Jn an actual courtroom scene The Jury xs chosen from the audlence who when enter1ng the aud1tor1um s1gn the1r name on a small slxp of paper and depOS1l xt rn a small box rf they wxsh to serve on the Jury The wltnesses are placed 1n the aud1ence and are called upon by the attorneys and when they have been questloned they return to the1r seats g1v1ng a more real1st1c xmpresslon of a courtroom The g1rl who IS bexng trled for murder IS Karen Andre She IS accused of kllllng BJorn Faulkner who was at the throne as the worlds forrnost txnanc1al dlctator There IS plenty of evldence for both sides of the case whxch makes 1t an mterestmg play Even at the end of the play 1t was 1mposs1ble to know Just exactly what the outcome would be as the verdxct was dellvered by the Jurors prcked from the audrence The cast of characters 1nclude the followmg people Prlson Matron Norma VoJta Elmer Sweeney Kenny Kruprcka Balhft Dwlght Ohs Nancy Lee Faulkner Marllyn Me1nke Iudge Heath V1rg1l Nelsen Magda Svenson Hllda Huber D1str1ct Attorney Fhnt Vern Iansky Iohn Graham Whltfleld Herbert Defense Attorney Dean Cunmngham lane Chandler Peg Murphy Hrs secretary Albert Kalma S1gurd Iungqurst Leonard Wallace Clerk of the court Gordon Roop Larry Regan Don Nobbman Karen Andre Ioann Spohn Roberta Van Rensselaer Dr Kukland Ivan Weber Conme Hall Mrs I Hutch1ns VIVIGH Noler Pollceman Bob Rogers Horner Van Fleet Wayne Yokel 2nd Pohceman Harold Raspllcha IUNIOR PLAY CAST PARENTS ARE LIKE THAT TOP ROW tseatedb Harold Wattles Kay Rhynalds Jeanette Johnson Paul Bulwan Miss Logant standmgl BOTTOM ROW tseatedb Phyllis Schuster, Norman Freeman, Shrrley Bruntz, Beverly Stewart, Pat Murphy, Roger Rohrlg, Beth Blanchard 28 His secretary ......., Valrna Thompson Wattles CALENDAR Frrst day ot school back to work agam Football game wxth Fa1rmont there Football game wtth Mxltord here Iuruor dance-ttrst of the year Davld Mylan Program Make up artlst Freshman 1n1t1at1on October Football game W1lber here Football game wlth Exeter here 1nternat1onal Correspondence Convent1on and Banquet Sophomore Dance Football game wtth Beaver Cros smg there 28 29 Teachers Conventton vacat1on Halloween Program and hlm The Invrstble Man s Revenge November Football game wtth Carlton here Football game wtth Western there 12 Freshmen Dance September Ianuary 3 School begms after hohdays Basketball game wtth Geneva here Mus1c C11n1c at York College Basketball games wtth Western here Basketball game wlth College Vlew there 18 Basketball game w1th Sutton here Basketball game w1th Fa1rmont here February 8 0 Basketball game wtth Dorchester here Basketball game wtth Wtlber there Basketball game wxth Exeter there Conference Tournament Basketball game wlth Beaver Crossmg here Basketball game wxth Wymore here Basketball game wtth H11dreth here March Un1vers1ty Speech and Debate Thanksg1v1ng Program and f11m Our Town 25 26 Thanksg1v1ng vacat1on December Iunlor Class Play Parents Are Ltke That Basketball game wxth Seward here 3 Pep Club dr111 Basketball game wtth Crete there Basketball game w1th Beaver Crosstng there Basketball game wtth Mlltord there Chnstmas Concert 23 Basketball game wtth St Cectlta here 24 Chnstmas vacat1on begms 1619 22 26 25 26 Apnl 29 30 May Tournament State Basketball Tournament D1str1ct Speech Contests Peru MIN K Cltntc Traxlway Conference Mustc Festl va Dlstrlct Musto Contest Good Frtday Vacatton Athletlc Banquet Dtstrtct T ack Meet Sen or Class Play The Ntght of Ianuary 16 Iun1orSen1or Banquet ard Prom Semors last day Baccalauerate Commencement 6 . H . . . 4 . 17 ' ' 6-7 ' ' ' 27 ' ' 7 ' 27 ' ' 29 ' - - -15 " 29 ' ' ' ' ' 21 ' ' 1 A 8 . 13 ' l 1 ' 15 1 4 1 ' 15 ' - . 5 . -31 - ' A -1 N ., . . , ., 15 . 18 ' 5 . 11 A 22 - ' ' 13 ' ' Clinic gt Lincgln 2-5 Class C District Basketball 24 ' ' ' -30 I . A p-Lx. ' I- 1 'B H " 1 3 ' ' 8-9 ' ' ' . 15 , T 10 ' 21 ' 14 ' - ' ' ' r ' 29 i -" ' 17 ' ' " 19 ' F 1 ' I ' ' X I ' I 1 12 ' ' ' - - 15 20 aff ,f-mv! f 'sww --. -...Q-,. Q . Ni x I X E . 4 7 - ...J L2 n . E' S , 1 4 Vx A. Xu 0 O Q O Q 0000000 000000000 000000000000000000000000000000 00 0 0000 000000000000000000 O00 HARRY IOHNSON'S Student Headquarters Friend, Nebraska O. R. MEAD 6. SON Implements df Seeds Radio Service 0 0 0 0 Q 0 6 0 F U Q Q ! 5 0 0 0 Q 0 0 Q 0 X X V 0 000 ' Ov 000CN3000 00: 000 HORNER 6. SONS Chrysler ci Plymouth Cars Texaco Products Case Implements Friend 5C - 51.00 Store Variety-Dry Goods Departments Friend Nebr 00000000000000000000000 FRANKFORTER I G A STORE Gr eries Fruits Vegetable Phone Thompson s Quallty Market Home but hered Meats Home Made Sausage Phone 29 Friend Neoraska 0000 00000000000000000 0' THE GEESENS Tailors Master Cleaners Launderers Seward Friend David City All Phones 333 00 20000 43 O0 Cunningham Feed G Produce Cash for Produce COMPLETE LINE OF QUALITY FEED 0000 0000 00 Telephone 52 Friend Nebr S o oooooo vOOfDOf3000000v00'if , . . 'ii F 0 I - . I O I . , . , oc V , c S , , 0 0 . 9 0 N. t. . . is , , . fs' O Q ,. ' Q ' ' Rx 6 0 , , A X ey.. f . 4 ooooolzwf-A-yo-soo Q -- it--'e's"""' " 2000 OOOOY -1-I-'N ' 7' 'V V-5 oi :-.'1- in-toooo O O O O O C O 1 Q o -- o o J o O O O ' INSURANCE O Q Life - Accident - Fire - Casualty 0 2 Gordon-Cornell Agency 0 0 2 Friend. Nebr. Telephone 45 Klippenstexn O , O O O O O 0 e O O O O O 0 O Implement Co PHONE - I3 FRIEND Iohn Deere Salee 6 Service Appliances-Farm Supplies 2 COMPLETE oNE-sToP FARM STORE O Z O Z Z LONNIE'S CAFE 2 O Lunches and Short Orders 2 where School Children Gather Q Friend Nebraska 0 IDEAL GROCERY MEATS VEGETABLE GROCERIES PHONE 106 ROUSH BBOT Q N3 Chevrolet Sales o All1s Chalmers Tractors 6: Implements Fnend Nebr Phone No 7 Yokel s Hardware 6 Furnlture Complete Lme of Home Fumlshmqs Phone ll Friend Nebraska ROSS MEAT MARKET QUALITY MEATS We Stnve to Please Phone 49 PETE ROSS oooo 3+ few 'AOv 33 6 ' 0 O o O o O o . 0 O O o O o O o O '. Q O . fi.- Ing.. . O O ' C O Q o O "A O 0 3 , U. ., E . 0 0 o O , o O - o O 0 o ' ' O 0 3 O . O 1 n . O 0 3 0 O o O g 0 0 0 O 3 O o O o 0 1 9 O o 9 o O u 0 3 ,, . U O , ' gf, 0 . . K5 o 0 0 , ,g 0 - T3 O 4-. 0 ? 0 go Q' 65 if A, A. -. 4 :H . .- n. .-T. L- ., 3. .- 3.311 1, 3, 13, Q. 5. A, .1 ,. 'V ,-Qygw ?fs3ii'5Ki-4? GW Sf Q, ' 'X X vovf -6,4 .zvxofv Xx5C WNY 'Ve?OOOOfk X000- SAMUELSON BROS Phone 234 Fnend Nebraska OO4904900049490ox 'V XXGQ VERNE S BEAUTY SHOP Fnend Nebraska 000000 0 0000 JZ Your BIULKIDI o Food Store PHONE 2261 Xjgjf 540015499 X QNCN V Oxxxxf Friend Auto Exchange ufr R Nlght 54WZ Fnend Nebr F C EBERHARDT Propnetor Dlamond Fre1qht Ways wok Kbxvv VPFOC rCXN4b0O0Of V NOQKN X VOGUE THEATRE Fnend Nebraska Vote? lor the Latest Pmtures RENO CAFE 1 h rt ro rs Ir 11 KS Esther Drake OOO Xrvx Q1 DO'NO,wOO oofa'XV A 0000 'Ox' " Larsen s S1ncla1r Servlce Statlon Greasmq and Reporr Servrce Wrecker Servrce Call 141 Fnend Gram Company Feed Gram Coal bus or Grr or rg CS Mwmq Phone 1 . f,O0f,f,Q0r- c fo o o Q '07 v,QffGfwfyG'6f006f'-Qfeefw 34 C 0000 N, J 0000 fx A ft P A 49 ' 3 f'e 5 FH' 'f 84: 'VE' " ' ' 3 '53 ini? 0 9 ' 245 2 5 9 ' 3 2 sw? 1' 4. iw 3, MRM- xt ' 534 L ' ' ff' ' 3 506900006553 412 7 3 'r ' S 9 -'V ' ' -HGH 5? -, E L7 rx .U Ar 4, , g 2 in n .:. H N- .l ,Q gp N 1 -A - rf' - - -. -4 ' f or ' Or Xa . ' . AJ '1 1. , U 1' ff . ' Q " ' 'A K ,L ,. L4 I 1 Y I A4 'OD - V1 . ts' , 25, ' ' , ' U" , , 4- "' M ': f- ., U ff A ' A gf 1. , . , , A ' Q . ,L ,Q X. F. - ' , . 1, I "' 9 9 ,M . 4-1 A rn I, f' '13 ' A I I ' ff 'A o X A ,V it 6 . , N r 1 ., ' f If 11 fa P LJ 9 , , . y . . ' o ' A ,HAR ld W 's W . . . . . 1 to O Q 1- H O o . R f+ 4 ,Z .. rg . H qt O rn 7 1 ' ,,, 'J H KD A ,Q ' "- Li 11 u cn N. 'U ,A , - Y "' .T X . , ,. S , r- Q7 :f 0 4 .5 " - .1 11 rf 5' 'x ' ' U7 if W7 O. " - H ' 3' N f . 'f 4 O rf: MA I ,- I 10 fb H V. , A F! ,u fi J Q . U1 4, r 4. I . . , X, ' , ' ' .7 43. ,, ru .11 .4 ,f ' '-1 fl 15' A - fi fb 5 ' if 2 -S, ,j .v ,I fs, 3"-: 'r "--1 ,Vi-'V' "' 'F' SW' Y 3 ' fx?" 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K' Q 4 . . V o . 0 . O 0 "1 'o . Q.. '1 0 Q 0 Q 5 ' Q "1 U7 1 t - . 9 u t - - t o O I . on ras , 1 , 5 N px fv 1 .. I I Y., 1 , . g', ' 0 ' CD . O .V . Q0 ,, 00, V, ,.' ,fg 045, ,QQ-1, -iv--' n - ot,0oOOOCZffOfO - D . I o 6 3 GAMBLES Authorized Dealer E 6 Homequard Insulation Installed 0 0 CO' Ask us for free estimate E Coronado Appliances 3 GRAIN - FEED - com. g O O 3 Phone 56 vicron JELINEK, owner 5 O o ' o , FRIEND SENTINEL urner Plumbmg 6. Qornrnunity Newspaper eqhng Cgmpqny 552.00 Per Year Printing and Stationer Lennox and General Electric Y Furnaces Rerninqton Portable Typewriters FREE ESTIMATES Phone 9 FRANK T HAMILTON W D Wallace D D S M DEN TI ST Physlclan Phone 16 I-'nend Nebraska Moore S Funeral Home Haberrnan Studios Inc Fnend Nebraska Quality Senior Portraits Hastings Nebraska OOOOOOOOOOOOO3 O 30009 O 'B OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO if o 0 o 3 Z O . o T H . ,, 0 0 o O . O o O o . 2 I g o O O 2 0 o o o o o o o o 2 o 0 o 2 o 0 I 2 O o 0 o o s s 0 o s . D. 4, Z o , , 0 0 o 0 . o 2 . - o O Fnend - Telephone 153 - Nebr. 0 0 2 3 o O ff o Z ' o o o 0 A. 3 o n 'S o I I 0 l ' O O , , . Z . . O , I O 0 - 6 3 ' O 6 3 0 o O o 0 o 0 o 0 0 ' 0 f - - Autographs 11 EMM f 71' 9672! we .mb I we L05 if J Lflftf I QM 'Maxi x I v fx sd' 1 'fin Affflfif L! ly! fc!! Wim: HFXQ 5 K ff,,,v7pg, .Ab 5k1fw-Q, UW fuck, 774M,4,z.. Www Q92 7 WM Qfifu-AJ Q! 4,+ WM Q4 f fr +L. ,ff M '1!Y J LJ x flwvj' f 7 I , U lg . 6, 4, o C , V Af! , ' L7 f' ul' ' A ff 7 X 1 ,11-f"!L - ' f , " 1 1 1: 7 X jf 'V Y ' -41 f f f' ' ,q - K - . .IQ ! r . I f 1 I C ,I ',,4lj A ! ,' 1, ! 4 A ' , K 1.53 f I. wf . ' f ! 1 '17 . If , ff' f' W X- , ,Y g 4- L-V0'L.,4..!," XE, 57' If M f- lfffbd -'W -' -fm -A ' , r ' f ' J fir, "r.f va,4,ff,,'f ' "0!'M"7y,v A' I Z! .rj kd 's ' 4- " I ' ' bf A 1, 1' 5 .,,, V,-'1 .-- ,M-V, - " .- ff N 1 f, ""!2f'-!7.'1,1,.fI, .' A n 1 1,31 f. I ' I I ' ' - Qu 1 51,1 If -ff ,,'.j,f" f 1 5 ' Autographs am I , A X . .11-f Senght Publ1cat1on Bureau School Sermce LINCOLN 8 NEBRASKA 'ki' Annuals Covers Stencxls Inv1tat1ons Cards Annual 8z Paper Staff Awards Medals Troph1es Printed Annuals - Lithographed Annuals - Mimeograph

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