Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY)

 - Class of 1976

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Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Cover

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nt erica 1978 SENIOR LEAVES -.5 ££JC I A i. TV S« V i ■ IfehL r 1 -- T 1 1 ■ Jknfr S ' wmM: " : m | ‘jjr . 1 Hr l i hm [ 4 Hp 5 y • ?, J 1 i; WM i.,.. Pl.A k ■ mm 3 ' ■ t i i M I m Wmm SPWw " .JMU % H |H ■RBki ' . £. ! m ' I When will school start? Good! What will they do? They must be kidding, What ' s going to happen? n w to ] 5 ? We the class of 1976 consider it our privilege to dedicate this issue of SENIOR LEAVES to DAN CARLSON We wish to thank him for his concern . . . his patience . . . 10 S. Ralph Marra Supervising Principal Robert Anderson American History Carol Basile Reading Judy Beckerink Biology Donald Bemus Science Joe Basile English Carol Carle Math and Latin Diane Benson English Deborah Cable Home Economics £ 47 ?:. Dan Carlson Math Mel Feather American History Dave Champ Physical Education Lee Fletcher Math Mary Lou Edwards English Bill Groorr English Ralph Germaine Industrial Arts John Gremer Guidance Melvin Heeden Art Judith Hilldrith Art Linda Hanlin Robert C. Johnson Art Industrial Arts r Robert Gulvin Driver Education Bill Hair Guidance Marian Huffman Math Virgil Jackson Science Robert G. Johnson Physical Education George Kepic Speech LouAnn Lind Music Mike Mangano Social Studies Mary LaDuke Kathleen Mattocks Nurse Social Studies William McFarland Social Studies Alberta McLaughlin Home Economics and Health Deb Root Librarian Lewis Plauney Math Pat Parisi Math Sue Rieger Business Frank Picard French Jean Rugg Psychologist Ron Schwedt English Sue Skoglund Business Pat Songster Science Everett Sea strum History 17 Dick Stearns Band Steve Vanstrom Science Evelyn Suchar English Christine Villella Physical Education Mary Westrom Science Stephanie Sullivan English Board Of Education Seated: Gordon Sheldon, Coland Suckow, Alvin Bragg, Richard Clark. Standing: Wil¬ liam Parisi, William Greene, Ernest Wiltsie, Richard Bandley. Office Staff Seated: Lois McCullough, Paulette Severtson. Standing: Audrey Gatgen, Lois Dill, Jane Dwyer, Carol Gloss, Patricia Heath, Gordon Sheldon--Business Manager, Carrie Clark. Jt ' vm " ’r V ' Lisa Billgren Wilma Burgett 23 Barry Carlson Tom Burkett ! 24 Rick Butler Kevin Carlson i Dave Clark Page Clark Patty Carlson Vicky Carlson Ellen Cole 25 Beth Dwyer Keith Ellenberger Linda Gloss Randy Gray 28 Betsy Fishwick Steve Frederick I I Ruth Fenton 30 Kathy Johnson Jim Jusko 32 Donna Lundmark Rindy Martin mt Rob Moore Steve Matthews Dave Miller Marc Michalski Carolyn Mott 33 Dana Nelson Donna Ocoboc -um. : urn®; ▼ mt Linda Olson Jim Reidy ,y A Ken Petransky Joe Ostrander Elaine Rowley Treasurer 36 Shari Scofield Mark Shoup 4 P : I Kathy Taft Sue Torrey II Emmie Sundquist Secretary Cindy Sweatman Deb Weber Brad Weber Ernie Wiltsie President Jeff Waid Steve White Ralph Wiltsie Shirley Wiltsie With A Little Help From My Friends What would you think if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend me your ears and I ' ll sing you a song And I ' ll try not to sing out of key I get by with a little help from my friends I get high with a little help from my friends I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends What do I do when my love is away? Does it worry you to be alone? How do I feel by the end of the day? Are you sad because you ' re on your own? I get by with a little help from my friends I get high with a little help from my friends I ' m gonna try with a little help from my friends Do you need anybody " I need somebody to love Could it be anybody? I want somebody to love Would you believe in a love at first sight? Yes, I ' m certain that it happens all the time What do you see when you turn out the light? I can ' t tell you but I know it ' s mine I get by with a little help from my friends I get high with a little help from my friends I ' m gonna try with a little help from my friends Do you need anybody? I just need someone to love Could it be anybody? I want somebody to love Craig Ackley Cindy Adelgren Chelcie Bailey Sandy Barto Roger Beatty Ron Brady Candyce Buck Cindy Burkett Bill Bush Kim Cheney Tammy Clark Kay Courson Alice Dalh Greg Dallas Julie Delong Kathy Dennison E. J. Duink Sue Duink Mary Dunning Kerry Ecklof Dave Emley Karri Fishwick Charles Gardner Mark Gloss Roxanne Guild Russ Hartzel Crystal Hitchcock Sonda Holmes Mark Jackson Ross Javens i Dan Johnson Diane Johnson Henry Johnson Sue Johnson Wendy Johnson Karen Jones Theresia Kirik Mark Kolstee Cheryl Lefebvre Steve Leonard Chuck Limback Jack Limback Pat Lindsay Bruce Long Irene McChesney Ken McChesney Cathy Miller Jim Miller Dan Minor Craig Nelson Dave Nelson Don Nelson Dana Nordland Lance Pangbom Bruce Peterson Jody Pierce Pat Pillsbury Becky Proctor Dana Rathbun Bill Raymond Julie Reynolds Kathy Rininger Pat Russell Dan Sandberg Steve Sandberg Anne Schmatz Randy Sisson Rodd Spontanio Laura Stanton Louise Stanton Jeff Steams Pat Steams 7 T Don Weilacher Jeff White Julie White Ron Wilcox Brad Whiltsie 46 Class Officers Junior Row 1: Kathy Dennison, Treas.; Kathy Rininger, Vice Pres.; Karen Jones, Sec. Row 2: Ron Brady, Pres.; Craig Ackley, Delegate Sophomore Row 1: Cheryl Cameron, Vice Pres.; Dawn Strandburg, Pres.; Row 2: Bar¬ bara Greene, Sec. Freshmen Seated: Kathy Hurlburt, Sec. Standing: Sue Nelson, Vice Pres.; Gwendolyn Moore, Treas.; Tim Reidy, Pres. 47 Kim Abramson Ted Anderson Wally Anderson Jon Annis Mitch Barker Charlie Barton Rick Bell Clifford Bennett Warren Benson Beth Bjork Jamie Bloomquist Jim Bossman Rick Brady David Burch Sophie Butters Cheryl Cameron Richard Carlson Jody Carter Sherrie Clark Kelly Conlan Barb Coulter Bill Courson Christine Covey Debbie Dahlgren Ralph Dahlgren Sandy Dallas Greg Danforth Leslie Devereax Kim Dodd John Dwyer 48 David Ekstrom John Ekstrom Chris Elderkin Jody Fricker Renee Gatgen Barb Greene John Gremer Christa Griffin Carla Grover Pam Grover Karen Grundstrom Janet Gulvin Laurie Haley Laurie Hamilton Tammie Hamilton Bob Hayes Michael Heath Roger Herron Cathy Hitchcock Rhonda Holmes Jeff Hoi singer Bill Hydahl Tim Jackson Barb Johnson Doug Johnson Jackie Johnson Jerry Johnson Julie Johnson Rick Johnson Sue Johnson 49 Tamara Johnson Tammy Johnson David Jones Bill Kirik Janice Kuhns 50 Art Mathews Ron McCormick Mary Messer Tina Morgan Chris Murray Diane Langham Karen Lefebvre Judd Limback Laura Lindboom Mark Lindquist kjen Li Debbie Long Donna Long Chuck Lynn John Marshall Brenda Nelson Brent Norrod Julie Nutt Jon Peterson Mark Peterson A1 Pierce Jane Poore Kim Prevesk Cindi Proctor Tom Reidy Sandy Rumbaugh Chuck Ryberg Wendy Saeli Tom Schmatz Karen Sheldon Tom Sisson Ed Stappenback Andy Stevens Dawn Strandburg Julie Strandburg Jayne Strong Laurel Suckow David Sweatman Jim Waid Pat Warner Chuck Weber Jerry Lynn Weber Joel Weber David Weilacher Tim White Jeff Wigren Duane Wilcox Elaine Wiltsie Row 1: Judy Grover, Marvin Griffin, Matt Hetrick, Reba Bennett, Kathy Derry, Vicki Cusimano, Terry Dulaney, Steve Griffin. Row 2: Dave Cheney, Adie Emley, Troy Baker, Bob Black, Karen Courson, Carolyn Hair, Sue Feather, Debbie Cjienki. Row 3: Verna Bennett, Diane Dwyer, Laura Cass, Debbie Anderson, Bruce Guild, Dave Himes, Dennis Clark, Kathy Bartsch, Cecelia Buck, Tom Davis. Freshman Row 1: Janis Littlefield, Roger Jacobson, Tim Mason, Bob Marshall, Donna McChesney, Karen Johnson, Debbie Johnson. Row 2: Randy Holmes, Sherry Hoskins, Gwen Moore, Tina Michelli, Lori Oberg, Karen Johnson, Yvonne Lindstrom, Chris Hyldahl. Row 3: Sue Nelson, Bridgett Mills, Allen Minor, Ron McChesney, Stanley Kuhns, Kristy Nelson, Connie Johnson, Pam Larson. Row 4: Mark Olson, Lori Ker- rin, Randy Lindstrom, Keith Logan, Mark Johnson, Ken Olson, Ton Holsinger, Jim Kottas. I am the one who, who hopes a lot. dreams of better things, wishes, but never does much about it. I am the one who, jives people, picking out faults, making fun of, but seldom take a good look at myself. I am the one who, gets up, goes to school and then comes home, I ' m like a movie over and over again but do I have to be? I am the one who, I am me you are you and that ' s that. I think? I am the one who, Bart Griffin tells what I think without, thinking of what I ' m telling I ' m not told what to think, but maybe I am? Row 1: Kay Petransky, Ellen Rowley, Kelly Stearns, Terri Prevesk, Carol Smith, Steve TenPas. Row 2: Kathy Seekins, Ted Seekins, Jeff Ransom, Chuck Russell, Gail Uhlig, Rex Thomas, Sue Slagle. Row 3: Diane Soule, Kathy Warn, Marsha Scofield, Tim Reidy, Diane Scott, LouAnn Peterson, Judy Shoup. Row 4: Dale Sandburg, Linda Wiltsie, Ed Sundquist, Lori Whippo, Alan Woodard, John Williams, Jerry Reeves. tnO G KHKO Row 1: Stephanie Butters, Daphine Forbes, Shelly Bjork, Linda Cameron, Linda Erwin, Brenda Ackley, Kevin DeLong, Fred Cole, Donna Elderkin, Laverne Dan- forth, Bob Bang, Mike Carlson. Row 2: Donna Belin, Sandy Christenson, Lisa Cheney, Charlene Crooks, Vicki Boedecker, Faith Dickson, Randy Clark, Sue Dallas, Steve Darling, Marty Eckman, Doug Foster, Bruce Cawkins. Row 3: Lin¬ da Bowman, Julie Covey, Anne Davis, Tammy Dodd, Marcia Adams, Lisa Burch, Kathy Clark, Sheryl Brink, Ramona Butler, Dave Ecklof, Bob Courson, Bob Frankson. Row 1: Bob Gremer, Greg Leonard, Tom Greene, Amy Matthews, Karen Hicks, Kim Nordstrom, Lory Johnson, Dave Miller, Jay Johnson, Daryl Nordlund, Keith Larson, Chuck Leichner, Bill Mae. Row 2: Connie Kobalka, Nancy MacNeil, Sharon Hazzard, Sue Hazzard, Pam Horner, Marreta Mott, Beth Heeden, Yvonne Littlefield, Laura Nutt, Brian Moore, Mark Johnson, Daryl Nelson, Tom Moore. Row 3: Sue Hays, Larry Jusko, Randy Hall, Paul Gremer, Cindy Heath, Sue John- 54 son, Mark Intihar, Bill Himes, Ron Hammond, Kerry Johnson, Todd Jacobson, David Hansen. Row 1: Chris Proctor, Roxanne Stanton, Mary Weber, Debbie Stoffer, Dan Sis¬ son, Keith Sheldon, Carl Swearingen, Mike Schmatz, Delores Schreiner, Shir¬ ley Ackley, Chris Petransky, Mike Stearns. Row 2: Paula Sandberg, Jeaninne Pierce, Mike Verga, Scott Sadowski, Todd Pangborn, Ken Seekins, Steve Tull- er, Craig Swanson, Tim Wiltsie, Lori Parisi, Diane Sandberg, Wendy Osborn. Row 3: Loren Rowley, Dave Seehausen, Bob Shaffer, Matt Olson, Jay Sorn- berger, Hal Rowley, Tim Steppenback, Brian Pelham, Jeff Stearns, James Tor- rey, Bill Himes, Friends. A word that the majority of people throw around carelessly and with¬ out thought. My friends and I went to ... , Some of my friends are going.. . , are examples of the common usage the word receives. Not many stop to think what their lives would be like without friends. But a few of the more unfortunate don ' t have to think, they know. For what are friends? They ' re people to talk to, laugh with, and share both happy and sad experiences with. They ' re the one you get angry with, express your thoughts to, and some¬ times even cry with. With a close friend you can feel their unhappiness and sor¬ row as if it was your own. What would your life be like if you had no friends, if you were a loner, one the kids at school avoided or ridiculed? Instead of increasing their pain and loneliness, why not try to share some of the richness you possess with them? A richness acquired by having friends to share your life with. Carolyn Mott 55 s e v e n t h Row 1: Alice Hitchcock, Brad Hoskin, Sandy Jackson, Anna Mar- tinelli, Linda Munson, Barb Johnson, Clara Jimerson, Everett Nel¬ son, Rusty Martin, John Johnson, Rob Lind, Russ McChesney. Row 2: Dan Kerrin, Debbie Harris, Paul Krasa, Tim Luke, Craig Lo¬ gan, Chris Mazzurko, Darlene Jimerson, Tim Lefebvre, Jeff Nash, Scott Johnson. Row 3: Tina Johnson, Amy Hautzinger, Jamie In- tigar, Mark Haskell, Tom Nelson, Jeff Markham, Debbie Miles, Denise Johnson, Lee Ann Kidder, Troy Laugenburger. Row 1: Tim Dennison, Gard Clark, Roger Dulmus, Julie Gustuson, Chris Giambelluca, Evelyn Crooks, Lisa Fairbanks, Bonnie Grif¬ fin, Dick Butters, John Barton. Row 2: Sue Deveaueax, Steve Cass, Steve Davis, Gary Adams, Dan Griffin, Steve Grundstrom, Aaron Baker, Dan Garfield, Kelly Gloss, Dave Bloomquist, Joe Ekstrom. 56 Row 3 Ron Davis, Brad Berg, Joe Barto, Tim Burkett, Randy Fred¬ ricks, Scott Brooks, Paul Eckman, Jackie Ekstrom, Kevin Conlan, Lester Ecklund. I Row 1: Dan Tempas, Robin Thorpe, Laurie Thomas, Lisa Valone, Dan Thierfeldt, Craig Territo, Roger Uhlig, Don Sparling, JohnSiS ' son. Row 2: Greg White, Dennis Sandberg, Don Spontaneo, Craig Olson, Mike Watson, Paul Whippo, Brenda Spontaneo, Melanie Phil¬ lips. Row 3: Karen Yost, Chris Swanson, Valerie Weber, Mark Soule, Marty Peterson, Tim Rumbaugh, Robin Rickard, Janice Strandburg, Joyce Reidy. Row 4: Becky Stevens, Karen Russell, Wendy Stalhman, Barb Rowley, Riely Olmstead, Tim Olson, Mike Woodard, Stacey Stappenbeck, Cheryl Rumbaugh. One more child To see War, killing, hate One more to experiance hunger, disease, loneliness One more In an already crowded world One More To love, hope and work for a better world. Ken Dahlgren s 1 x t h G r a d e 58 Row 1: Jenny May, Chantelle Swanson, Buddy Johnson. Row 2: Robert Lingenfelter, Corry Hiller, Debbie Warn, Bill Bang.Row 3: Mike Greene, Harold Bennett, Kathleen Little¬ field, Nathan Marsh Row 4: Leroy Houghwot, Dale Dal- gren, Brian Butler, Jerry Ekstrom, Debbie Dietrich, Todd Danforth.Row 5: Pat Hautzinger, Lori Nelson, Susan Strandburg, Judy Yost, Lisa Stockwell, Bruce Stanton, Russell Brady, Row 1: Peggy Territo, Jon Treadway, Steven Cling- er, David Elderkin. Row 2: Tammy Swanson, Ro¬ bin Bell, Doug Hanson, Shelly Lane, Nancy Sch- matz. Row 3: Chris Akin, Raymond Prill, Bryon Simmons, Raymond Swartzentruber, Laus Stras- ser. Row 4: Lee Stohl, John Nordland, Jody Peter¬ son, Shane Conlan, Richard Boedecker, Holly Himes, Suellen Smith. i It j ' 1 ; |fl| rM .y 1 1 ■ ' ‘ f v|f( i ■ mJr " -V ' mi ■ . r«i 1 Vif W£ ] v J j 1 1 -lie LA , •Ikt V yljff Row 1: Jim Fuchs, Gary Sadowshi, Scott Johnson, Lori Blanch¬ ard, Alan Jock, Jamie Clement. Row 2: Karol Johnson, Brenda Mitcham, Lisa Larson, Mary Cienki. Row 3: John Strandburg, Jon Burch, Barbara Dallas, Gerald Spence. Row 4: Mike Bush, Mike Gordon, Wade Anderson, Mike Tuller. Row 5: Kevin Dy¬ er, Greg Johnson, John Benson, Eileen Derby, John Barton, Daniel Lutgen. Kneeling: Jayne Butler, Kenneth Perry, Shane Stenstrom, Greg Moore, Scott Axelson. Row 1: Karen Christensen, Lisa Niel¬ son, Doreen Johnson, Kurt Strasser, Jay Leonard, Tim Eck¬ ert, Randy Rickard. Row 2: Brenda Hoskins, Chris Krassa, Lisa Sitler, Tim Baily, Kurtis Fletcher. Row 3: Cindy Chi- tester, Amy Dickson, Sheila Weber, Dawn Tolmie, Ron Wilt- sie, Jim Holsinger. o-t, eo4Vor 1 Jqne v. ,u Vf -C mtfn ' o r 6ftqi n a - K ' re. PpaA ' 3 , Vh-e bKt It pa+ inttic. Ao ' Mis Vhe ciswvV |f jrvi ■te ' fOfti +• j -Vo Vhe- Cbo°4 toc ' v. na . O so i-V VM-e dud oO. X oo.r - Vn ' S a-r r -cf fWj TM Sotoya, 4 . v;e » - ' 1 V-TooH -foogc-v rtui-tr S 1 citx ' o and - -V xd Kse o V - I v|! V S+ VlGd boV+t Gxn oiV A-ict t «,e rote • O ' oop- ?0U ' errV Ke Ooo rv e i( Y d Scorn ■urn! v " Yi r e’K rncxfc- iYwxWl logy ewn ' Vhouojh, d| VVt-e ovh jr +V r ■+enOu5 ocjcu’ni. j I ue K o o -eiojrf c. i ndv ( a 0° ,pV dvA -A , 0 if c r n ° ' ob In _ V) 4 cd cn Or r -V dL VXfcr t.zr a r°V sf 4 V x r-f° .9 JJJ x d? n? ' ? J ' cp ' if ' P " a r- - fC jjc 3 ( 0 T - W ° V otr - O k - to v° „ k ) vb ’ 5 " Cl- -rfo ' 4 VwV? ■ r . bC ® f cr Senior Choir Row 1: Ellen Cole, Carrie Sleasman, Debra Comber, John Ekstrom, Tom Sisson, Tom Davis, Chelcie Bailey, Steve Sandberg, Jeff Ransom, Beth Dwyer, Cindy Stoffer, Irene McChesney, Cheryl Lefbevre, Alice Barton, Debbie Dahlgren, Kim Cheney, Paula Cole, Emmie Sundquist. Row 2: Kathy Johnson, Wilma Burgett, Betsy Adams, Alice Dahl, Dave Cheney, Jim Kottas, Ed Sundquist, Gene Littlefield, Troy Baker, Chuck Ryberg, Carolyn Mott, E.J. Duink, Wendy Saeli, Julie Delong, Cindy Adelgren. Row 3: Kathy Rininger, Elaine Rowley, Linda Olson, Dan Johnson, Rick Brady, Cliff Bennett, Alan Woodard, Jon Holsinger, Lance Pangborn, Charlie Barton, Julie Johnson, Linda Gloss, Pat Pills - bury. Sue Torrey, Cindy Burkett, Laura Stanton. Row 4: Jody Pierce, Candyce Buck, Duane Sadowski, Rick Johnson, Barry Carlson, Scott Jones, Dana Nelson, Bart Griffin, Jim Jusko, David Nordland, Andy Stevens, Ken Dahlgren, Doug Warn, Karri Fishwick, Sue Myers, Julie Burch, Ann Schmats. Omega Row 1: Ruth Fenton, Lance Pangborn, Carolyn Mott. Row 2: Shari Scol- field Jody Pierce, Beth Dwyer. Row 3: Scott Jones, Bart Griffin, Doug Warn, Chelcie Bailey. Absent: Ron Bradey, Sue Cass, Sue Johnson, Julie Scolfield. Senior Girls Ensemble Row 1: Ellen Cole, Carrie Sleas¬ man, Debra Comber, Alice Barton, Paula Cole, Kathy Johnson. Row 2: Beth Dwyer, Elaine Rowley, Emmie Sundquist, Carolyn Mott, Sue Torrey, Julie Burch. Row 3: Betsy Adams, Cathy Ekstrom, Wilma Burgett, Linda Olson, Sue Myers, Linda Gloss, Cindy Stoffer. Girls Ensemble Row 1: Diane Scott, Christa Griffin, Kelly Steams, Kathy Seekins. Row 2: Laurie Hamilton, Laurie Haley, Adie Emley, Vicky Kelwaski. Row 3: Laurie Suckow, Diane Dwyer, Janis Littlefield. Row 4: Cecelia Buck, Tina Morgan, Marcia Scofield. Alpha Row 1: Shelly Bjork, Diane Sandberg, Yvonne Littlefield, Stephanie Butters. Row 2: Maretta Mott, Lisa Cheney, Con¬ nie Kobalka, Sharon Hazzard. Row 3: Marsha Adams, Ann Davis, Julia Covey, Sue Hayes. Girls Chorus Row 1: Debbie Johnson, Karen Johnson, Karen Grundstrom, Vicki Cusimano, Laurie Hamilton, Debbie Cjienky, Kathy Derry, Kathy Seekins, Christa Griffin, Kelly Stearns, Barb Johnson, Donna McChesney, Carol Smith. Row 2: Karen Johnson, Lori Oberg, Vicky Kelwaski, Janice Kuhns, Jane Poore, Kim Prevesk, Adie Emley, Kay Petransky, Diane Scott, Laurie Suckow, Beth Bjork, Janis Littlefield, Kim Dodd, Julie Stranburg, Gwen Moore. Row 3: Ellen Rowley, Laurie Haley, Karen Courson, Judy Shoup, Barb Greene, Sandi Dallas, ' Sue Johnson, Verna Bennett, Carolyn Hair, Diane Langham, Janet Gulvin, Laura Lindboom, Kathy Warn, Diane Dwyer, Pam Larson, Connie Johnson. Row 4: Mar¬ cia Scofield, Lou Anne Peterson, Christy Nelson, Lori Whippo, Tina Morgan, Cecelia Buck, Rhonda Grover, Rhonda Gage, Jayne Strong, Mary MacNeil, Christine Covey, Mary Messer, Brenda Nelson, Tamara Johnson, Kelly Conlan, Jody Carter, Debbie Anderson. Chorus Row 1: Lori Thomas, Bonnie Griffin, Melanie Phillips, Kelly Grey, Richard Butters, Dan Thierfelt, Everett Nelson, Roger Uhlig, John Sisson, Janice Strandburg, Linda Munson, Glenna Bova, Lisa Valone. Row 2: Julie Gustafson, Barbie Johnson, Lisa Fairbank, Darlene Jimerson, Paul Krasa, Dennis Sand¬ berg, Tim Dennison, Scott Johnson, Jeff Anderson, Steve Cass, Karen Yost, Clara Jimerson, Sue Devereax, Evelyn Crooks, Row 3: Debbie Harris, Sandy Jackson, Jackie Eckstrom, Chris Swanson, Christine Johnson, Gary Adams, Kevin Conlan, Tim Lefebvre, Bruce Caulkins, Mark Soule, Robin Rickard, Val¬ erie Weber, Christine Mazzurko, Christine Giambelluca. Row 4: Wendy Stahl- man, Becky Stevens, Cheryl Rumbaugh, Amy Hautzinger, Marty Peterson, Tom Nelson, Scott Brooks, Riley Olmstead, Jamie Intihar, Greg White, Karen Rus¬ sell, Alice Hitchcock, Denise Johnson, Lee Anne Kidder. Row 1: Stephanie Butters, Lori Johnson, Shelley Bjork, Brenda Ackley, Chuck Leichner, Tom Greene, Tom Moore, Jay Johnson, Sharon Hazzard, Yvonne Littlefield, Diane Sandberg, Sue Dallas, Linda Erwin. Row 2: Lisa Cheney, Amy Mathews, Daphine Forbes, Kris Petransky, Roxanne Stanton, Mike Ver- ga. Bob Gremer, Beth Heeden, Sandy Christensen, Charlene Crooks, Linda Cameron, Laura Nutt, Kim Nordstrom. Row 3: Donna Lee Belin, Connie Kobal- ka, Wendy Osborne, Linda Bowman, Julie Covey, Ken Seekins, Ron Hammond, Randy Clark, Kevin DeLong, Lori Parisi, Sue Johnson, Jeannine Pierce, Nancy MacNeil, Vicky Boedecker. Row 4: Paula Sandberg, Cindy Heath, Ann Davis, Sue Hayes, Todd Pangborn, Scott Sadowski, Loren Rowley, Tammy Dodd, Mar¬ sha Adams, Lisa Burch, Kathy Clark, Chris Proctor, Maretta Mott. 66 Row 1: Carolyn Mott, Cecelia Buck, Diane Soule, Adie Emley, Laura Cass, Kathy Dennison, Becky Proctor, Karen Brink, Sue Cass. Row 2: Sue Torrey, Betsy Adams, Pat Stearns, Jody Pierce, Mark Nelson, Karen Sheldon, Cindy Proctor, Barb Coulter, Gwen Moore, Karen Lefebvre, Carla Grover, Judy Grover, Diane Scott. Row 3: Delores Long, Cathy Ekstrom, Tammy Johnson, Matt Hetrick, Alice Barton, Diane Johnson, Cindy Burkett, Beth Dwyer, Ellen Cole, Ruth Fenton, Tom Burkett, Joe Kobalka, Steve Stevens, Roger Herron. Row 4: Ken Dahlgren, Dana Nordland, Tim Reidy, Bart Griffin, Jeff Waid, War¬ ren Benson, Steve Leonard, John Gremer, Brad Weber. Band Row 1: Ann Davis, Donna Belin, Kelly Gray, Barb Johnson, Amy Hautzinger, Connie Hair, Karry Panfiel, Becky Stearns, Wendy Stahlman, Gary Clark, Tim Dennison. Row 2: Chuck Leichner, Fred Cole, Raymond Thomas, Paul Gremer, Marty Peterson, Roxanne Stanton, Keith Sheldon, Dan Sisson, Jay Sorenberger, Tim Luke, Russell McChesney. Row 3: John Sisson, Mike Stearns, Tim Burk¬ ett, Paul Krasa, Joe Ekstrom, Tim Lefebvre, Sue Johnson, Mike Verga, Mark Soule, Tim Olson, Mike Watson. J u n • l o r H i g h 67 6th Grade Chorus Row li Harold Johnson, Allen Jock, Scott Johnson, Jon Treadway, Jerry Ekstrom, Steve Clinger, Jody Peterson, Doreen Johnson, Jane Butler, Mary Cienkij, Wendy Prevesk, Shelley Lane, Debbie Warn, Chantelle Swanson, Lori Blanchard. Row 2: Greg Moore, Harold Bennett, Cory Hiller, Jay Leonard, Tim Eckert, Robin Bell, Rusty Brady, Dale Dahlgren, Patty Hautzinger, Karen Christensen, Kathy Littlefield, Barb Dallas, Karol Johnson, Debbie Dietrick, Nancy Schmatz, Lisa Larson. Row 3: Mike Greene, Mike Gordon, Scott Axelson, Tim Bailey, Kevin Dyer, Kurt Fletcher, Dan Lutgen, Rick Boedecker, Brenda Mitchem, Cindy Chitester, Brenda Hoskins, Kris Akin, Lisa Nielson, Peggy Territo, Tammy Swanson. Row 4: Lee Wiltsie, Bruce Stanton, Jon Nordland, Jon Barton, Jim Hol- singer, Shane Conlan, Cory Clark, Greg Johnson, Chris Krasa, Lisa Stockwell, Amy Dickson, Holly Himes, Judy Yost, Sheila Weber, Lori Nelson. 6th Grade Band Row 1: Amy Dickson, Lisa Stockwell, Lisa Nielson, Chantelle Swanson, Debbie Dietrick, Judy Yost, Kathy Littlefield. Row 2: Ron Wiltsie, Robert Lingenfelter, Doreen Johnson, Brian Butler, Lisa Sitler, Ken Perry, John Nordland. Row 3: Kurt Fletcher, Scott Axelson, Jay Leonard, Tim Eckert, Shane Stenstrom, Dan Lutgen. Row 4: Jenny May, Susan Strandburg, Russell Brady, Shane Conlan. k L 1 b r a r A 1 d e s Row 1: Carolyn Hair, Mary Messer, Debbie Comber, Julie Nutt, Judy Shoup. Row 2: Linda Bowman, Donna Long, Laurie Hamilton, Fred Cole, Paula Cole, Ellen Rowley, Laury Johnson, Paula Sand¬ berg. Row 3: Yvonne Littlefield, Rhonda Holmes, Daphne Forbes. Row 4: Reba Bennett, Lori Parisi, Pat Warner, Janice Kuhns, Lau¬ rie Haley. Row 1: Mr. Songster, Randy Holmes, Beth Dwyer, Lance Pangborn Row 2: Dan Johnson, Ken Dahlgren. Row 1: Elaine Rowley, Sue Torrey, Linda Gloss, Mary Messer, Clifford Bennett, Linda Olson, Mark Johnson, Debbie Anderson, Kathy Bartsch, Cecelia Buck. Row 2: Beth Bjork, Joyce Reidy, Terri Prevesk, Julie Strandburg, Kathy Derry, Kathy Seekins, Janis Littlefield, Ellen Cole, Debbie Weber. Row 3: Donna Mc- Chesney, Diane Dwyer, Chuck Ryberg, Leslie Devereaux, El¬ len Rowley, Kim Prevesk, Christa Griffin, Sindy Ackley, Alice Barton. Row 4: Diane Langham, Carolyn Mott, Doreen Larson, Dawn Strandburg, Joanne Brady, Pam Larson, Kathy Warn, Mary Shaffer, Marcia Scofield, Laura Cass. Row 1: Ross Javens, Cindy Stoffer, Sue Cass, Elaine Rowley. Row 2: Karen Lefebvre, Mary Messer, Cindi Proctor, Kelly Conlan, Dan Johnson, Sandy Barto, Mrs. Edwards. Row 3: Doug Warn, Debra Comber, BethDwyer, Cheryl Cameron, Renee Gatgen, Diane Langham, Can- dyce Buck. A d v • l s o I fpB I Quiz Bowl Advisor: Mrs. Edwards Left To Right Debra Comber Doug Warn Ross Javens Sandy Barto Kathy Dennison Karen Jones Louise Stanton How To Succeed In Business Row 1: Elaine Rowley, Mrs. Lind, Deb Weber, Ellen Cole, John Ekstrom, Kathy Derry, Marcia Scolfield, Deb Johnson, Trudy Kidd, Adie Emley, Cheryl Lefebvre, Kelly Stearns, Miss Benson. Row 2: Cindy Stoffer, Kathy Seekins, Laura Suckow, Alice Bar¬ ton, Carrie Sleasman, Diane Scott, Darlene Peterson, Doreen Larson, Mark Gloss, Laura Cass, Ellen Rowley, Tom Davis. Row 3: Sindy Ackley, Charlie Barton, Irene McChesney, Diane Dwyer, Janis Littlefield, Tyna Morgan, Beth Dwyer, Dan Johnson, Carolyn Mott, Christa Griffin, Chuck Ryberg, Pat Pillsbury, Alan Woodard, Sue Cass, Ross Javens, Row 4: Bart Griffin, Jon Holsinger, Karen Brink, Louise Stanton, Julie Burch, Ruth Fenton, Jim Kottas, Shari Scofield, Sean McLaughlin, Chelcie Bailey, Ed Sundquist, Rick Brady, Clifford Bennett, Judy Crooks, Sandy Barto, Becky Proctor, Em¬ mie Sundquist. Row 5: Jim Jusko, Dana Nelson, Steve White, Scott Jones, Ron Brady, Barry Carlson, Andy Stevens, Ken Dahlgren, Sheri Stenstrom, Julie Scolfield, Brad Weber, Sue Torrey, Linda Gloss, Betsy Adams, Debra Comber, Cathy Ekstrom, Linda Olson, Cecelia Buck, Doug Warn, Candyce Buck, Don Nelson AFS Row 1: Kathy Derry, Donna McChesney, Becky Proctor. Row 2: Kathy Seekins, Jackie Ekstrom, Julie Gustafson, Janice Strandburg; Mrs. Cable, advisor. Row 3: Janis Littlefield, Diane Dwyer, Kathy Warn, Cindi Proctor, Carolyn Hair, Can- dyce Buck, Chris Covey, Lee Ann Kidder. Row 4: Kathy Dennison, Pam Larson, Dawn Strandburg, Mary Messer. Row 5: Louise Stanton, Kelly Stearns, Karen Lefebvre, Cecelia Buck. Row l: Joyce Fredricks, Laurel Suckow. Row 2: Dave Bloomquist, Tim Dennison, Barb John¬ son, Dan Sisson. Row 3: Jerry Johnson, Bill Himes, Bob Frankson, Mark Intihar, JaySor- enberger. Row 4: Riley Olmstead, Mark Shoup, Steve White, Dave Nelson, Loren Rowley. Hi-Y Row 1: Dave Emley, Ron Brady, Bart Griffin; Mr. Feather, advisor; Scott Jones, Dana Nelson. Row 2: Bob Marshall, John Marshall, Tim Mason, Roger Jacobson, Craig Ackley, Steve Sandberg, Tim Reidy, Chelcie Bailey, Jeff Ransom. Row 3: Brad Weber, Charlie Barton, Dave Cheney, Mark Gloss, Tim Jackson, Bob Swan¬ son, John Dwyer, Bob Kocur. Row 4: Dan Johnson, Tom Reidy, Jim Waid, Jon Annis, Jack Limbach, Rick Brady, Chuck Limbach, Don Nelson. Junior Student Council Senior Student Council Row 1: Maretta Mott, Gary Adams, Keith Sheldon, Greg White. Row 2: Janice Strand- burg, Robert Lind, Dan Griffin. Row 3: Ron Hammond, Hal Rowley, Kathy Clark. Row 1: Linda Burch, Carolyn Mott. Row 2: Rick Brady, Bart Griffin, Rindy Mar¬ tin. Row 3: Chelcie Bailey, Craig Ack¬ ley, Sue Cass, Ruth Fenton, Dawn Strandburg. Honor Society Row 1: Julie Scofield, Carolyn Mott, Cindy Stoffer, Alice Barton, Beth Dwyer, Chris Sheldon, Sondra Holmes, Debra Comber. Row 2: Emmie Sundquist, Dor¬ een Larson, Sue Cass, Barry Carlson, Bart Griffin, Kathy Dennison, Karen Jones, Carrie Sleasman, Cindy Sweatman, Scott Jones, Ross Javens, Shari Sco¬ field, Ruth Fenton, Judy Crooks. Row 3: Jim Reidy, Betsy Adams, Kathy Rin- inger, Doug Warn, Ernie Wiltsie, Wilma Burgett, Jeff Waid, Tom Burkett. 73 1 Debate Club Advisor: Mrs. Suchar Pat Russell Christine Covey Kathy Dennison Kathy Warn Marcia Scofield Dawn Strandburg Row 1: Jack Limbach; Diane Johnson, co-editor; Jody Pierce, co¬ editor; Ross Javens, co-editor. Row 2: Louise Stanton, SandyBar- to, Doug Warn, Ron Brady, Kathy Dennison, Cheryl Lefebvre, Irene McChesney. Newspaper Staff -A PI u ■syyvL. _J) y j! X tJUj L J et, tf C j(yiA -th 7 ' j l . J C crt rix- jiyus aM7L£A . M Y c - Hit ' flZTZ i- l MZ yr W - f ni L S. f» Baseball V a r s 1 t J u n • 1 o r a r s • 1 t y T e n n • l s Row 1: Dana Rathbun, Steve Sandberg, Steve Johnson, Dave Emley, Jeff Hetrick. Row 2: Jeff Holsinger, Dave Miller, A1 Strandburg, Doug Johnson. Row 3: Ralph Wiltsie, R odd Spontaneo, Tedd An- nis. Row 4: Coach Parisi, Coach Hair. A Rs ' f Row 1: Tom Burkett, Jon Annis, Randy Sis¬ son, Ron Wilcox, Chelcie Bailey. Row 2: Chuck Weber, Don Nelson, Jim Waid, Duane Wilcox. Row 3: Mark Cunningham, Coach Parisi. Row 1: Chris Sheldon, Charlie Barton, Jon Marshall. Row 2: Tim White, John Dwyer, Mrs. Villella, Jeff Steams, Tim Butler. 78 Softball A Team Row 1: Sue Myers, Mary Speicher, Amy Griffin, Kathy Miller, Mary Hag- berg, Martha Barton. Row 2: Kim Lawson, Alice Bar¬ ton, Ann Juul, Carole Kot- tas, Cindy Burkett, Kim Prevesk, Kathy Barto, Kim Dodd, Kathy Litaker. Row 3: Karen Lefebrve, Mrs. Mattocks, coach; Linnea Littlefield. B Team Row 1; Ellen Cole, Cindy Stoffer, Wilma Burgett, Karri Fishwick, Doreen Larson, Kathy Rininger. Row 2: Kim Cheney, San¬ dy Barton, Mrs. Mattocks, coach; Linda Gloss, Pat Pillsbury, Julie DeLong, Karen Jones, Irene Mc- Chesney, Pat Carlson. Junior High Track Row 1: Bob Anderson, Dan Sisson, Keith Larson, Car¬ ole Smith, Bruce Caulkins, Bob Gremer, Paul Gremer, Matt Olson. Row 2: Ken See- kins, Greg Leonard, Jeff Treadway, Rhonda Grover, Karen Johnson, Steve Ten- Pas, Alan Woodard. Row 3; Troy Baker, Tim Reidy Maretta Mott, Mark Inti- har, Todd Pangborn, Lin¬ da Wiltsie, Jon Holsinger, Mark Johnson, Kathy Warn, Roy Courson, Marsha Adams, Mel Feather, coach. Row 1: Keith Larson, Rick Brady, Jeff Holsinger, Mark Barker, Mitch Barker, Mark Intihar. Row 2: Tom Sisson, Bob Kocur, Char¬ lie Barton, Frank Seekins, Mel Feather, Tim Luke. Row 1: Lance Pangborn, Andy Stevens, Frank Seekins, Chuck Ryberg, Russ Hartzell, Tom Sisson, Craig Ackley, Bob Swanson. Row 2: Jeff Waid, Jim Reidy, Mark Lawson, Ron Brady, Emmie Sundquist, scorekeeper; Jim Hale, Barry Carlson, John Hale, Mark Johnson. Row 3; Coach Feather, Jim Jusko, Mark Jackson, Scott Jones, Steve Lombardo, Filip VanDen Haute, Bob Moore, Sean McLaughlin, Don Weilacher, Bill Johnson, Dana Nelson, Coach Johnson. 80 A ■ Standing: Lou Plauny, coach; Jim Miller, Jeff Waid, Barry Carlson, David Jett, Bart Griffin, Dana Nelson, John Hale Lenny Owens. Kneeling: Dave Em- ley, A1 Strandburg, Jim Hale, Jim Reidy, Tom Burkett. 1 r 1 s a r s 1 t Standing: Cindy Burkett, Wilma Burgett, Cathy Miller, Kathy Rininger, Wen¬ dy Johnson, Sue Myers, Kerry Ecklof, Kim Lawson. Kneeling: Alice Barton, Judy Crooks, Doreen Larson, Diane Johnson, Roxanne Guild, Pat Stearns, Kim Cheney. J u n • l o r v a r s i t y Standing: Kristy Nelson, Pam Larson, Debbie Anderson, Sue Nelson, Elaine Wiltsic, Arvella Hall. Kneeling: Sue Slagle, Sandi Dallas, Kim Prevesk, Kim Dodd, Connie Johnson. 81 Varsity Football • • • »r tv i Row 1: Ed Sunquist, Dana Nelson, Jim Reidy, Steve Mathews, Jeff Waid, Ernie Wiltsie, Tom Burkett, Sean McLaughlin, Tim Reidy. Row 2: Craig Ackley, Don Nelson, Ron Brady, Mark Jackson, Chuck Limbach, Dana Rathbun, Bill Nelson, Jack Limbach, Jeff Hetrick, Carl Giambelluca. Row 3: Dave Jones, Tim Jackson, Jim Waid, Tom Reidy, Bob Hayes, Rod Spontaneo, Brad Wiltsie, Jud Limbach, Mark Gloss. Cheerleaders A deserted football field. No players or crowds. Peaceful and quiet. How unlike the Saturday confusion--the shouts, the moans, the enthu¬ siasm, the thrill of a touchdown. Without people, the field is silent. It has life within itself, but no no¬ ticeable outward ex¬ pression. It is unable to emitt emotions. Now the field is empty, but the weeks end will bring another game. And with it, the entourage of people who, without realization, are so im¬ portant to each other, even though only strangers. --Carolyn Mott-- Seated: Deb Weber. Row 2: Ellen Cole, Alice Barton. Row 3: Carolyn Mott, Christa Griffin, Beth Bjork. Row 4: Sue Tor- rey, Becky Proctor, Elaine Rowley, Linda Gloss, Doreen Larson. Row 1: Kathy Seekins, Donna McChesney. Ro 2: Julie Strandburg, Jo¬ anne Brady, Diane Dwy er, Kim Prevesk. Row 3: Sophie Butters. Row 1: Ken Seekins, Paul Whippo, Mark Haskell, Ken Frankson, Paul Gremer, Jay Sornberger, Joe Gage, Darryl Nelson, George Hamilton, Mark Gage. Row 2: Jay Johnson, Kevin Delong, Doug Foster, Dave Clement, Tom Greene, Steve Cass, Chuck Leichner, Dan Garfield, John Barton, Dan Griffin, Kevin Conlan, Brian Moore. Row 3: Tom Nelson, Bruce Caulkins, Brian Pelham, Denny Sand¬ berg, Bill Macy, Todd Jacobson, Brad Berg, Mike Watson, Paul Krasa, Matt Olson. Row 4: Tim Olson, Craig Swanson, Jeff Tread¬ way, Bob Courson, Hal Rowley, Steve Darling, Carl Sweringer, Tim Burkett. Row 5: Bob Anderson, Don Spontaneo; Mr. Jackson, coach; Kelly Gloss, LaVerne Danforth. Bob Anderson, Mike Mangano, Tom Sharp, Steve Vanstrom. Kneeling: Dave Emley; Jack Limbach; Jon Treadway, manager; John Burch, manager; Dave Miller; Steve Sandberg. Standing: Bob Johnson, coach; A1 Scott; Mark Jackson; Rick Berg; Dana Nelson; Bart Griffin; Dan Sandberg; Rick Brady; Barry Carlson; Mike Man- gano, assistant coach; Mel Feather, scorekeeper. Kneeling: Troy Baker; Jim Waid; Dave Burch; Judd Limbach; Bob Ko- cur; Hal Rowley; John Burch, manager; Jon Treadway, manager. Standing: Jim Kottas; Dave Himes; Jeff Holsinger; Chuck Lynn; Dale Sandberg; Dave Jones; Wally Annis; Mike Mangano, coach. Row 1: Cindy Burkett; Sue Duink; Kim Dodd; Mary Hagberg; Donna Lund- mark; Karen Jones. Row 2: Cathy Miller; Cecelia Buck; Kathy Rininger. Row 3: E. J. Duink; Kathy Warn; Christine Villella, coach; Candyce Buck; Wilma Burgett; Julie Johnson. Basketball Row 1: John Barton, Dick Butters, Dan Griffin, Mike Watson, Mark Gage, Gary Adams, Denny Sandberg, Steve Cass. Row 2: Kevin Conlan, Brad Berg, Greg White, Mike Woodard, Tim Burkett, Tim Ol¬ son, Tom Nelson, Jeff Markham. Row 1: Chuck Leichner, Carl Swearingen. Row 2: Tom Greene, Steve Tuller, Bob Anderson, Steve Dar- ling, Greg Leonard, Mark i Johnson. Row 3: Matt 01- g son, Jeff Treadway, Ron h Hammond, Randy Clark, t Todd Jacobson, Dave , Seehausen. Row 1: Marsha Adams, Lisa Cheney, Diane Dand- berg, Jackie Eckstrom. Row 2: Sandy Jackson, Lee Ann Kidder, Stephanie Butters, Julie Gustufson. a r s 1 t y a s e t b a 1 1 Cheerleaders Row 1: Sue Tor- rey, Sindy Ack¬ ley. Row 2: Linda Gloss, Carolyn Mott, BethBjork. Row 3: Deb Web¬ er, Alice Barton, Christa Griffin. J V 86 Row 1: Doreen Larson. Row 2: Janice Kuhns, Dawn Strandburg, Ellen Cole, Becky Proctor, Janis Littlefield. k e t b a 1 1 Row 1: Diane Langham, Kim Prevesk, Joanne Brady, Diane Dwyer, Kathy Seekins, Sophie Butters, Donna McChesney, Julie Strandburg. Wrestling Row 1: Craig Ackley; Chris Murray; Chris Sheldon; Rodd Spontaneo; Mark Gloss; Tim Reidy. Row 2: Chuck Weber; Tim Jackson; Steve Leonard; Jon Holsinger; Norman Lundmark; Bob Swanson; Tom Rei¬ dy; Greg Danforth; Row 3: Duane Wilcox; Rick Brady; Mitch Barker; Chuck Limbach; Mark Barker; Jeff Hetrick; Jeff Waid; Don Nelson; Bill Nelson; Mr. Vanstrom, coach; Mr. Sharp, coach. " W V J ■ -Wm M j | JM.Mi v m rm 1 f 1 a r s l t J u n • i o r H i g h Row 1: Jay Johnson; Mark Intihar; Todd Pangborn; Doug Foster. Row 2: Mr. Vanstrom, coach; Kelly Gloss; Laverne Danforth; Duane Nel¬ son; Bob Courson; Craig Swanson; Mr. Sharp, coach. Row 1: Brenda Ackley, Dan Kerrin, Craig Zinger, Darryl Nordland, Marty Eckman, Tim Luke, Dave Clement, Steve Cass, Greg White, Tim Denni¬ son, Debbie Weber, Kim Nordstrom, Maretta Mott, Beth Heeden. Row2 Terri Prevesk, Shirley Ackley, Adie Emley, Julie Delong, Beth Dwyer,’ Emmie Sundquist, Roger Herron, Jamie Bloomquist, Dave Ecklof, Ed Sund- quist, Linda Gloss, Betsy Fishwick, Irene McChesney, Karri Fishwick. Row 3: Sue Johnson, Pat Pillsbury, Cory Johnson, Jayne Strong, Lori Ker¬ rin, Barb Greene, Sherry Hoskins, Laurie Suckow, Sue Feather, Mary Messer, Cindi Proctor, Janet Gulvin. Row 4: Cindy Stoffer, Laura Cass, Jody Carter, Tammy Johnson, Cindy Heath, Laura Lindboom, Brenda Nel¬ son, Kathy Bartsch, Mike Heath, Dave Ekstrom, Mark Shoup, Steve White, Dan Sandburg, Sue Cass. Row U Ellen Cole, Alice Barton, Karen Jones, Kimmy Dodd, Cindy Burkett, Beth Dwyer, Judy Crooks, Elaine Rowley, Sue Torrey. Row 2 Rodd Spon¬ ge 0 ’ Kim Prevesk, Sindy Ackley, Carolyn Mott, Linda Gloss, Sue Myers, Sondra Holmes, Wilma Burgett, Becky Proctor, Diane Langham, Dave Emley. Row 3: Mary Lou Hagberg, Doreen Larson, Dan Johnson, Dave Bur- o et lV Ernie r WlltSie ' Steve Sandberg, Steve Mathews, Kathy Rininger, Dana Rathbun, Jeff Waid, Jim Miller, Allison Scott, Debbie Weber. Row 4 Mark Gloss, Jim Waid, Christa Griffin, Jim Reidy, Jack Limbach, Don Neison, Dave Jones, Barry Carlson, Bill Nelson, Ron Brady, Scott Jones, Dana Nel¬ son, Rick Berg, Bart Griffin. Bowling Row 1: Pat Parisi, Scott Jones. Row 2: Rhonda Holmes, Alan Pierce, Sue Myers, Randy Holmes, Sondra Holmes, Don Stearns. GAA Row 1: Ellen Cole, Jody Carter, Kim Dodd, Karen Jones, Barb Coulter, Wendy Johnson, Kim Cheney, Karen Lefebvre, Deb Weber. Row 2: Pat Pillsbury, Kelly Conlan, Cindy Burkett, Kathy Dennison, Tamara John¬ son, Kim Lawson. Row 3: Sandy Barto, Christine Villella, Mary Hagberg, Irene McChesney, Wilma Burgett, Doreen Larson. Row 4: Louise Stanton, Kathy Rininger, Kerry Ecklof, Chris Covey, Becky Procter. Row 5: Cindi Procter, Candyce Buck, Janet Gulvin. c 0 r e e e r s Christine Villella, coach; Karen Jones, Sue Johnson, Kathy Warn, Kathy Dennison. Kim Lawson, Karen Courson, Sue Johnson, Sue Johnson, Kathy Dennison, Kerry Ecklof, Louise Stanton. JohnGremer, Cheryl Lefe- bvre, Brad We¬ ber, Jody Pierce, Mel Feather. 90 fe seniors w o«ve given Yhelr time and ,; effo] iffeti n tiupaTlfnent of Frewenlawi ' j, ' OiBiiLiul Gu - • the qua present 92 Alice Barton Softball, Cheerleading, Volleyball F Wilma Burgett Softball, Basketball, Volleyball Barry Carlson Track, Volleyball, Foot¬ ball, Basketball Ellen Cole Cheerleading, Softball Scott Jones Track, Bowling Mary Hagberg Softball Linda Gloss Softball, Cheerleading Bart Griffin Basketball, Volleyball Jim Jusko Track Sean McLaughlin Track, Football Kim Lawson Softball, Volleyball, Basketball Steve Mathews Football Doreen Larson Cheerleading, Volleyball, Softball Donna Lundmark Basketball Dave Miller Baseball Dana Nelson Football, Basketball, Volley¬ ball, Track Sue Myers Softball, Volleyball, Bowling Carolyn Mott Cheerleading Jim Reidy Track, Volleyball, Football A1 Scott Baseball, Basketball Elaine Rowley Cheerleading, Softball Don Stearns Tennis, Bowling Chris Sheldon Tennis, Wrestling Jeff Waid Football, Wrestling, Track, Volleyball Ralph Wiltsie Baseball PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE I came falling from a sky, I cannot see. I land on places I cannot name But I enjoy them just the same. People are just faces with no faces. Laughter is a sound no one hears. We only dream of things we fear. Shadows cast a story all their own What is real is no more And we wonder what it was for. ' Me ' Maybe Tomorrow . . . Tomorrow holds great things in store Such hopes and wishes and dreams, But when tomorrow becomes today All those dreams vanish it seems. And again they become the fantasies of tomorrow Instead of the broken wishes of yesterday. Ross Javens 99 - ' 1 I ML ' m i i 1 -uAy k. - r » iwr SSr A.I -— arL. Y p% 1 v j V e ■ Y) (_Y MOBILE HOMES INC. wy-7 jy v AG NEQ.5 i ! ! FOR THE GOOD LIFE... FEATURING: THE AREA’S LARGEST AND WIDEST SELECTION OF NEW AND USED MOBILE AND MODULAR HOUSES; WITH MANY 12’, 14’AND 24’ WIDES. PLUS: A WIDE SELECTION OF RANCH AND SPLIT LEVEL MODULAR HOUSES. JUST FOUR MILES NORTH OF FREWSBURG ON ROUTE 60, FOOTE AVE. EXT., JAMESTOWN I FREWSBURG SPORTS BOOSTERS ASSOCIATION -CREED- I£ a that quit children should develop phusic.0 lly, mentally, gniritunlly. X Wl i(LM(L -that bint, proper conduct o4 a4hlete tan ot- X qreat mc4iva4inq force, tou ard «his aool. J Md j I alufaus -bry bo promobe, aood. ' sportsmanship, wholesome. adivi+ |! find decepbable Conduct •for all 1 people. _ ' r J. W.Scctield Vie houe. triad 4a make. our school district a better plcee. for our uounq people to dcvelop.14 you have helped — WE TMNK Sou! BAWLING ¥ NC. WRECKING Acres Of Late Model Auto Parts Main Street Frewsburg, NY 14738 Phone 716 569-5233 Or 716 569-2885 - W if if 17 l 4 vJr,j : ,•■• CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 76 FROM THE X Frewsburg, N.Y. M I I i %? ■,» . . .Vvv fif ;5 . : ' ■‘. ' .■■t-. ' rM-f ' -if-iii , ,v. ; •. y : v y.l.V y«; V, .; “ " ■. • ■ •• ■ •• ' : , 4 5 ■ ' -i- - -■ jpjfo ■ .-ft: ;h$ u i •« : r w Ut " ,5 ' v ' " ■ } ; f S ♦ ■jUri‘i.9 ' t ■« • " ' •» v siifc- AVi .’• ■•- ..; . - ■ ■ W-, »--• • ' ’M r V ft ;. . . , M -J : 7 ' W v -■■■’ ' V oplj Ygfl fPPl S 5 i£S J - ..V, •,; 4 ' ? ' ;••• ' ••, 1 ' ■■ AN ' • - " Xf .-• ' • v ' - L’: fTT M. V A , JP | : ' ' - -• 4 i. v .‘. ■ ■ r - ' - : 7 -T k ' ; . 7-W ' , -£ ' .. . ' ■• - ' Y ' . , r Y«A s ' ' 1 8 .. ' tfry$g % » ap- ' .v ' « - - «a . ••-;» W vt jY ' v BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF’76 FROM EVERYONE AT STRANDBURG’S WHOLESALE MEATS ’OOD ’UCK TMMY GRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1976 FREWSBURG HOTEL SALLY r i ROSANN ; Ifl LINDY BILL 0 O o c o V ' c COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR C - P 0 LOCAL BUILDERS SUPPLY V s L " ‘-V . . a i r cD- 2T SHOP RITE BUILDERS SUPPLY Frewsburg, Ne w York CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF’76 MILLERS GROVE Frewsburg, N.Y, ' i ' . COMPLIMENTS OF FREWSBURG FACULTY ASSOCIATION BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1976 WHITE’S RESTAURANT 15 Center St. Frewsburg, N.Y. 569-4000 there’s a lot of interest in your future at old first national The First National Bank Of Jamestown A Lincoln First Bank Member F.D.I.C. I STUDIOS for the total approach to a better yearbook your official yearbook photographer The Best Of Luck To The Class Of ’76 COUNTRY KITCHEN 17 Main Street Frewsburg, N.Y. Compliments Of EVAN’S SKATELAND Celeron, New York A Little Nothing in a Land of Nobody Completely isolated in a vast, shimmering, golden desert I sat contemplating my lot A little nothing in a land of nobody Rejected, outcast Because of my face? The clothes I wear? A little nothing in a land of nobody I remember viewing my silhouette in a dusty, recklessly hung mirror Tears of anguish glistened upon my face A little nothing in a land of nobody Jody Pierce Comliments Of BARTON ELECTRIC 135 Pa Ave. West Warren, P.A. 16365 814-726-1841 Rod Bar ton Home—716-569-2265 NELSON’S FLORISTS 4 South Pearl Street Phone 569-2675 Wholesale Retail Fresh Cut Flowers Funeral Arrangements You Say You say you care and I believe you you say you won’t leave me and I know I need you But yet there’s times you say you don’t know yourself And then I feel that I am losing you. You say you’re sorry and I listen to you you ask me if I understand I tell you I don’t know Sue Torrey COMPLIMENTS OF FREWSBURG LANES ‘“Yours For A Better World” FREWSBURG LIONS Best Wishes To The Class Of’76 Best Wishes To The FREWSBURG LIQUOR STORE Class Of ’76 From 2 Center Street Frewsburg 569-2270 PLASTIC CASE Congratulations To The Class Of’76 Compliments Of RUSLINK PLAZA DRUGS BARONE’S MARKET South Side Plaza Jamestown, N.Y. , 7 Center Street Frewsburg, N.Y. Congratulations Congratulations f JOHN R. STOFFER To The | Class Of 1976 j Distributor—Technician PETES MARKET ] Curtiss Breeding Service Fentonville 2 Congratulations To The Class Of 1976 Congratulations FREWSBURG KENDALL SERVICE SWANSON’S POTATO CHIPCOMPANY 30 West Main Street Frewsburg, New York 15 Merchant’s Alley Falconer; New York Compliments Of LAMPOST MOTEL FALCONER PRINTING AND DESIGN Open All Year 24 Hours 152 West Main Street U.S. Route 62 Frewsburg, New York 66 East Main Street 1 Falconer N.Y. I Carol J. Carle, Owner 716-569-3605 Best Wishes From I Compliments Of CHUCK’S SERVICE CENTER TASTEE CORNERS Frewsburg, New York 780 Foote Avenue Jamestown, New York Congratulations From FREWSBURG PRECISION TOOLCORP. RUSTY NAIL Frewsburg, 86 West Main Street Frewsburg New York Congratulations From The “Not Expensive” Gift Shop | Congratulations To The Class Of 1976 THE GIFT GALLERY FREWSBURG NEWSROOM On The Corner Frewsburg, N.Y. AND GROCERY STORE We would like to recognize those who have patronized our yearbook. Thank you for your help. The Yearbook Staff PATRONS Mr. Robert Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Emory Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark Mr. and Mrs. Marcus J. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. DeWane W. Gloss Mr. and Mrs. John Gatgen Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Heath Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Lind Mr. and Mrs. S. Ralph Marra Mr. and Mrs. Everett Seastrum Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Skoglund Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Suchar Mr and Mrs. Robert O. Woodard To Mrs. Edwards, the yearbook staff, the artists, Mr. Songster, camera club, and all those who have helped in the completion of the SENIOR LEAVES, many thanks for your hours of hard work. ' ak c I s -fVU OMU TH1KJ6 T PAV V. IS 6000 m If, N? , _.. S€ s-rEP y |T4 » V ' u O ' ? Gr c y " 7 W ' It OO .W, £ ,v Sut Ca 6 and fWi- ft Ab . A Al ft Soo G,?sol. t II) P ' - - . ' • My C $i Fr nJ if my A»V i Mirror x • Y irro r " ‘3 v ' JSV- ' V ahHe OlooK-, L 00 fffc V ' C ' % P ere v S 3 m iL r N st ' flp oytr ' Ua o v V-OVv x oV VQu ; S W „ 5 eW GoncaCPFT OU-tnonS IVM AT AC U jk rw cy VC UA A ko ' 3 0 Spu-a I JJT qsdC 4 cAO V 3 v vV -S - r W +M WKt_ K ir dry ir LUBL S Zs _ ftr jo SUBJECT INDEX Activities ... 62 Ads . . . 105 Administration ... 11 Around The School . . . 124-125 Art . . . 1,9,21,43,63,77, 105, 128 AV aids ... 72 Bands . . . 67-68 Baseball ... 78 Basketball . . . 84-86 Board of Education ... 19 Bowling ... 89 Camera Club ... 69 Candids . . . 2-7,41,60,61,75, 91, 102-104 Cheerleaders . • • 82,84 Chorus ... 64- ■66 oo VO Cross Country . • • OO o Debate ... 74 Dedication . . . 10 Eighth grade . . • 54-55 End Page ... 128 Faculty ... 12 oo Football . . . 82-83 Freshmen . . . 52- -53 GAA ... 89 Graffiti page . . • 126 Hi-Y ... 72 Honor Society ... 73 Index ... 127 Juniors . . . 44-46 Library aids ... 69 Newspaper staff ... 74 Musical ... 71 Office staff ... 19 Patrons . . . 123 Pep Club ... 72 Poetry ... 99 Quiz Bowl ... 71 Scorekeepers ... 90 Seniors . . . 22-41 Seniors ' class song ... 40 Seniors in action . . . 92-98 Seventh grade . . . 56-57 Sixth grade . . . 58-59 Ski Club ... 88 Softball ... 87 Sophomores . . . 49-51 Student Councils ... 73 Tennis ... 79 Track . . . 79-80 Varsity Club ... 88 Volleyball ... 81 Wrestling ... 87 Yearbook Staff ... 70 127 V. rs V .cP c Jj vO pj W V ' f JO 6 p " 0 V v _ A ' J A SO- r- Ch _ r— r-c cT y° Y Oo ev r 7 1 0 r IJourc. a shining star, » no matter iuho ljool ar«A. Kimnn hrmk+ 4 an n ruuha-fc. I i . J ' ■ j, v %?■ ' Ps ’ « p«v- „ X ‘ « v ‘’ V o 3 Xb - ; c v r ' C w V ' -V v cr . v . sc XX- vW ' -V °x nJ3 3c.V - Oc o-- ' X eyj rv3 ° “ v x ' : ' ' . v „ , 3 c ' ■ jsT 1 t, ' C ' X ' OP o c jO cSJ V — yJ l 3 _X333- L_ OJOC 10 V " % . v r

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