Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY)

 - Class of 1975

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Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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QtL n SijXy GC 974.701 C39FH, 1975 t 1 P- Supervising Principal S. Ralph Marra Elementary Principal George Hussey 8 Robert Woodard High School Principal Seated: Gordon Sheldon, Coland Suckow, William Greene, Ernest Wiltsie. Standing: William Parisi, Richard Bandley, Alvin Bragg. Absent: Richard Clark. Board of Education Office Staff Row 1: Eleanor Davis, Carol Gloss, Lois Dill, Carrie Clark. Row 2: Audrey Gatgen, Lois McCullough, Patricia Heath, Gordon Sheldon—Business Manager. 9 Guidance 7th Bill Hair Sixth Grade Teachers Carol Basile Bill Groom Virgil Jackson Pat Pari si Kathy Mattocks 10 Language Frank Picard History Ev Seastrum Sharon Henderson Mel Feather Bob Anderson Mike Mangano 11 Guidance John Gremer Mathematics Carol Carle Dan Carlson Lou Plauny Marian Disinger Lee Fletcher Audio Visual Jane Dwyer Science Pat Songster Don Bemus Mary Westrom Stephen Vanstrom Judv Beckerink Ron Schwedt Gwen Larson Mary Lou Edwards Evelyn Suchar 14 Joe Basile Diane Benson 1 Louanne Lind T h e A r t s Robert C. Johnson Dick Stearns Ralph Germaine Mel Heeden i Deb Cable B u s • l n e s s Rachael Schwedt Alberta McLaughlin Sue Rieger Sue Grabowski Christine Vi I lei la Robert G. Johnson Driver’s Ed Speech Phys Ed Nurse Mary LaDuke George Kepic Robert Gulvin Thomas Sharp Silent Rain The day is over now and we ' re going our own ways. We ' ve been side by side all this time but we ' ve only really touched once or maybe twice. Do you remember the time we wrote poems about shoes and watched the silent rain fall outside the window? It was a good time, but the day ' s over now and it ' s time to move on to something new. Today is already a memory that I ' ve stored away in my mind. Someday I ' ll think about the silent rains and when I do I ' ll see that today is not an end— but the beginning of tomorrow. Jeff McChesney h ■ We, the Class of 1975, are proud to dedicate our yearbook to Mrs. Larson and Mr. Jackson. We ' d like to thank them for being friends as well as teachers to us. In the future we will remember the important part they played in our lives. 19 x ' tm T ( r JF! : j M BBg pr . ' ■ gawsky gggjk x SBR % A 1m T i wHEBHnfcS BSBNKLitAP ' JW jA B B Jmk Ii jB F M FH OFAJK. Filip Van Den Haute Er was eens een vreemdeling, die Idem zat in een dorp, genaamd Frewsburg. Hij vond daar een thuis, en zijn vrienden brachten hem naar Old Me Donalds, en andere plaatsen met geestelijke uitlatt. Door gezang en gelach, genoot hij van de vele feestjes en wisselde ideen kwasie levensgewoonten en levenswijze tussen twee naties. Hij werd gedwongen het oord te verlaten, maar hij zal zich steeds de liefde en het plezier herinneren dat hij met de Idas van 1975 mocht delen. Once upon a time, there was a " foreigner " who got " stuck " in the town of Frewsburg. Although he found himself a home, his friends introduced him to Old Me Donalds and other places of spiritual relief. Through singing and laughter he enjoyed the many parties and exchanged thoughts of customs and the way of I ife between two nations. Finally he was forced to go, but he ' ll always remember the love and happiness he shared with the class of 1975. Belguim i I 23 4 Class Officers Pat Newman Secretary James Hale President John Hale V ice-president 24 Janice Barone Treasurer 1 Kathy Barto Martha Barton Brian Adelgren Sue Anderson Tedd Annis a Sue Bush Tim Butler 26 I I Sandy Eckman Wade Fricker Amy Griffin Debbie Duink Robert Fricker Jim Hartzell Laurel Hitchcock 29 Jody Johnson Doug Johnson David Jett 30 Sherry Johnson Steve Johnson Donna Kindland Connie Kocur 31 Linnea Littlefield Jeannine Lynn Sue Mathews 33 Jeff McChesney Tim Murray Mark Nelson 34 Lenny Owens Anne Petransky I Tom Pillsbury Lee Peterson . £ ; : ....... ««••• « ■ . • 4 ' ! W ;«n» Jenny Roblee Alan Rowley 35 Mary Sanborn Deb Ryberg Mary Jo Saeli 36 Cheryl Saunders Nancy Seekins i I Bill Sisson Mike Sisson Ernest Skinner John Slagle Dan Soule 37 Mary Speicher Brad Spitzer Alan Strandburg •S-; 3 ♦»»}»»! ' mv 38 Sharon Stearns Chris Suckow I I Randy Wiltsie Bob Zimmerman Together Let Us Make the World Poorer in Hatred, Richer in Love We May Never Pass This Way Again Life--so they say Is but a game and they let it slip away Love—like the autumn sun Should be dying but it ' s only just begun Like the twilight in the road up ahead They don ' t see just where we ' re goin ' And all the secrets in the universe Whisper in our ears and all the years will come and go. And take us up—always up. We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again Dreams—so they say Are for the fools and they let them drift away Peace — like the silent dove Should be flyin ' but it ' s only just begun Like Columbus in the olden days We must gather all our courage Sail our ships out on the golden sea Cast away our fears and all the years will come and go And take us up—always up We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again So I wanna laugh while the laughin ' is easy I wanna cry if it makes it worthwhile I may never pass this way again That ' s why I want it with you Cause you make me feel like I ' m more than a friend Like I ' m the journey and you ' re the journey ' s end I may never pass this way again That ' s why I want it with you, baby. We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again Seals Crofts 40 Class Officers Sophomores Front Row: Karri Fishwick, Treas. Back Row: Brad Wiltsie, Sec. Ronald Brady, Pres. Patti Pillsbury, V.P. Juniors Front Row: Diane Berg, V.P. Alice Barton Pres. Emmie Sunquist, Sec. Standing: Betsy Fishwick, Treas. Freshmen Front Row: Dawn Strandburg, Treas. Sandi Dallas, V.P. Back Row: Jayne Strong, Pres. Barbara Greene, Sec. 44 5 Sindy Ackley Betsy Adams Mike Barker Alice Barton Brenda Berg David Berg Diane Berg Rick Berg Lisa Billgren Bill Birt Karen Brink Julie Burch Wilma Burgett Barry Carlson Kevin Carlson Patti Carlson Vicky Carlson Sue Cass David Clark Page Clark Paula Cole Ellen Cole 45 Debra Comber Judy Crooks Rick Culver Ken Dahlgren Mary Dulaney Beth Dwyer Donna Eaton Nancy Eckman Cathy Ekstrom Ruth Fenton Betsy Fishwick Linda Gloss Bill Greene Randy Gray Bart Griffin Mary Lou Hagberg Greg Hurlbert Cory Johnson Kathy Johnson Lori Johnson William Johnson Scott Jones Jim Jusko 46 a Ted Kirik Joe Kobalka Paul Kocur Gary Lane Mark Langham Doreen Larson Kim Lawson Donna Lundmark Rindy Martin Steve Mathews Sean McLaughlin Marc Michalski Dave Miller Juniors Robert Moore Carolyn Mott Sue Myers Dana Nelson Liz Nelson Mark Nelson LaDonna Ocoboc Linda Olson Ken Petransky Jim Reidy 47 Elaine Rowley Julie Scofield Shari Scofield Allison Scott Chris Sheldon Mark Shoup Carrie Sleasman Bob Skinner Gina Spontaneo Don Stearns Sheriann Stenstrom Steve Stevens Cindy Stoffer Emmie Sundquist Cindy Sweatman Jeff Waid Brad Weber Deb Weber Steve White Ernie Wiltsie Ralph Wiltsie Shirley Wiltsie 48 I Craig Ackley Cindy Adelgren Chelcie Bailey Sandy Barto Eric Bartsch Ron Brady Candyce Buck Cindy Burkett Bill Bush Kim Cheney Sophomores Alice Dahl Greg Dallas Kathy Dennison Donna DeViliars E.J. Duink Sue Duink Elmer Dawley Dave Emley Karri Fishwick Charles Gardner Tammy Clark Kay Courson Mark Cunningham Mark Gloss Terry Grover Roxanne Guild Beth Frodelius Russ Hartzell Jeff Hetrick Crystal Hitchcock Phillip Hicks Sondra Holmes Mark Jackson Ross Javens Diane Johnson Sue Johnson Henry Johnson Wendy Johnson Karen Jones Theresa Kirik Mark Kolstee Cheryl Lefebvre Steve Leonard Karl Lindboom Pat Lindsey Bruce Long 50 j Irene McChesney Ken McChesney Jim Miller Cathy Miller Dan Minor Roxanne Munson Bill Nelson Craig Nelson Dave Nelson Don Nelson Dana Nordland David Nordland Jeff Nordstrom Karl Olson Lance Pangborn Bruce Peterson Jody Pierce Pat Pillsbury Becky Proctor Dana Rathbun Bill Raymond Kathy Rininger Pat Russell 51 ✓ Randy Sisson John Scott Darlene Schaffer Rodd Spontaneo Steve Sandberg Dan Sanberg Emma Somberger Kerry Smith Ed Sluga Ed Stappenbeck Pat Stearns Bob Swanson Laura Stanton Louise Stanton Dawn Walsh Lorna Wares Doug Warn Don Weilacher Ron Wilcox Brad Wiltsie Jeff White Julie White Gary Yates 52 Row 1: Chuck Weber, Bill Kirik, Catherine Hitchcock, Julie Nutt, Jackie Johnson, Richard Carlson, John Ekstrom, Karen Grundstrom, Tammy Hamilton. Row 2: Karen Sheldon, Sue Johnson, Sandy Dallas, David Burch, Barb Greene, Laurie Haley, Christine Elderkin, Kim Dodd, Cheryl Cafneron. Row 3: Wendy Saeli, Christa Griffin, Carla Grover, RoseAnn Bentley, Janet Gulvin, Renee Gatgen, John Dwyer, Laurie Hamilton, Ralph Dahlgren. Row 4: Rolland Cartner, Ted Anderson, Martin Akin, Sherrie Clark, Christine Covey, Jody Carter, Greg Danforth, Kelly Conlan. Fresh man Row 1: Mike Wesley, Chuck Lynn, Jerry Johnson, Barb Johnson, Chuck Ryberg, Julie Strandberg, Vicky Kelwaski, Sandy Rumbaugh. Row 2: May MacNeil, Patty Warner, Tammy Johnson, Julie Johnson, June Lee, Tina Morgan, David Weilacher, Norman Lundmark, John Gremer. Row 3: Laure Suckow, Diane Langham, Dawn Strandberg, Art Mathews, Mark Peterson, Roger Herron, Bob Pelham, Brent Norrod, Rick Johnson. Row 4: Donna Long, Brenda Nel¬ son, Debbie Long, Elaine Wiltsie, Jayne Strong, Duane Wilcox, Jon Peterson, Andy Stevens. 53 ' X ‘ ■ •• Ml Class Officers Seventh Seated: Sec ' y. Billy Himes. Standing: Pres. Brenda Ack ley, Treas. Yvonne Littlefield, Vice-Pres. Lisa Burch. Sixth Standing: Vice-Pres. Brad Burg, Top: Sec ' y. Greg White, Lower: Pres. Dennis Sandberg. Eigh th Seated: Pres. Janis Littlefield, Vice-Pres. Jon Hol- singer. Standing: Sec ' y. Sue Nelson; absent treas. Rexford Thomas. 55 8th Grade Row 1: Roger Markham, Tom Davis, Vicki Cusimano, Sue Nelson, Debra Johnson, Karen Johnson. Row 2: Marvin Griffin, Ron McChesney, Donna McChesney, Terry Dulaney, Nina Lindstrom, Trudy Kidd, Bob Marshall. Row 3: Shawn Norrod, Tim Mason, Mike McKeever, Rob Kocur, Keith Logan, David Cheney, Alan Minor, Troy Baker. Row 4: Verna Bennett, Debra Cienki, Pam Larson, Robin Bane, Gwen Moore, Reba Bennett, Janice Littlefield, Stanley Kuhns. Row 5: James Kottas, Debra Anderson, Karen Courson, Connie Johnson, Cecelia Buck, Kathy Bartsch, Bridgett Mills, Joanne Brady, Kristy Nelson, Laura Cass. Row 1: Carolyn Hair, Diane Dwyer, Debbie Erickson, Chris Hydahl, Diane Scott, Kathy Derry, Judy Grover. Row 2: Darlene Peterson, Ellen Rowley, Judy Shoup, Lou Ann Peterson, Kay Petransky, Sue Feather, Tracy Gordon. Row 3: Terry Reeves, Dale Radspinner, Tim Jones, Jeff Ransom, Pat Hartzell, 56 Ed Raymond, Randy Holms, Matt Hetrick, Sue Slagle. Row 4: Sherry Hoskins, Adrianne Emley, Cathy Hurlburt, Lori Oberg, Marsha Scofield, Ethel Geltner, John Peterson, Roger Jacobson, Jon Holsinger, Row 5: Mark Olson, Mary Schaefer, Tim Reidy, Duane Sadowski, David Himes, Ken Olson, Deanna DiVillars, Mark Johnson, Rhonda Grover, Joyce Fredericks. Row 1: Rex Thomas, Ted Seekins, Gail Uhlig, Steven Tempas, Jayne Stanton, Carol Smith. Row 2: Kelly Stearns, Mike Winter, Lori Whippo, Kathy Warn, Karen White, Kathy Spontaneo. Row 3: John Williams, Ed Sundquist, Dale Sanburg, Linda Wiltsie, Diane Soule, Alan Woodard. 57 7th Grade c Ro " 1: Sc ° tt Sad ° w sk ' Bnan Moore, Craig Zinger, Steve Tuller, John Norman, Todd Pangborn. Row 2: Dianne Sandberg, Laura Nutt, Kris Petransky, Shirley Ackley, Roxanne Stanton, Tim Wiltsie, Jim Torrey, Mark Johnson. m° W 3 J tf n xx an « ' ! aune Borman, Chris Proctor, Paula Sandberg, Jeaninne Pierce, Nancy Mac Neil, Jennifer Norrod Maretta Mott. Row 4: Wendy Osborne, Jeff Stearns, Jay Sornberger, Bob Shaffer, David Seehausen, Matt Olson, Brian Pelham, Loren Rowley, Tim Stappenback, Ken Seekins, Hal Rowley. Row l: Bob Grover, Ron Hammond,Doug Foster, Gregg Leonard, Beth Heeden, Yvonne Littlefield, Connie Kobalka Ir | e Forbes Ro Mark Intihar, Kerry Johnson, George Hamilton, Tom Greene, Bob Frankson, David Hansen ar Johnson Clayton Laird. Row 3: Laury Johnson, Keith Larson, Pam Horner, Tammy Dodd, Sue Dallas, Lori ' Harmon, Sue Hazzard Paul Gremer, JayJohnson. Row4: Paula Frodelius, Sharon Hazzard, Sue Johnson Faith Dick¬ son, Sue Hays, Anne Davis, Lori Gates, Cindy Heath, Marianne Dawley, Chuck Leighner. These human bodies are ridiculous: Why did we have to be sent on this mission anyway? I could be fishing back on Mars right now. Well at least the pay ' s good! Just think having to wait for your food at a restaurant! It ' ll take our scientists and technicians years to bring Earth up date with Mars once we take over. It hardly seems worthwhile. These humans will make great zoo specimens. Yes, but they eat so much. They do eat a lot, but they won ' t be hard to feed, they eat just about anything. That one over there even eating fish eggs. I ' ll be glad to be home. This body is making me itch. Tom Pillsbury Row 1: Keith Sheldon, Darryl Nordlund, Dan Sisson, Darryl Nelson, Karl Swearinger, David Miller, Fred Cole, Bren¬ da Ackley. Row 2: Becky Yates, Linda Erwin, Lisa Cheney, Linda Cameron, Donnalee Belin, Elizabeth Yates, Shelley Bjork, Stephanie Butters. Row 3: Michael Stearns, Melanie Stearns, David Clement, Ray Thomas, Bill Himes, Laverne Danforth. Marty Eckman, Bob Coursan. Row 4: David Ecklof, Randy Clark, Kevin Delong, Vicki Boedecker, Kim Nordstrom, Mary Weber, Kim Yager, Debby Stoffer. Row 5: Joseph Conklin, Linda Bowman, Bob Becker, Marcia Adams, Lisa Burch, Julia Covey, Kathy Clark, Sheryl Brink, Charlene Crooks, Tom Moore. 6th Grade 1st Row: Terry Barkman, Kelly Gray, Bonnie Griffin, Kevin Conlan, Gary Adams, Aaron Baker. 2nd Row: John Barton, Brad Berg, David Bloomquist, Gard Clark, Evelyn Crooks, Lisa Fairbanks, Jackie Ekstrom, Rhonda Colburn. 3rd Row: Steve Cass, Jeff Anderson, Chris¬ tine Giambelluca, Rodney Conklin, Joe Barto, Scott Brooks, Matt Barker, Tim Burkett, Robin Black. 1st Row: Scott Johnson, Steve Grundstrom, Dan Griffin, Robbie Lind, John Johnson, Everett Nelson, Jay Belson. 2nd Row: Melanie Phillips, Linda Munson, Kim Rumbaugh, Craig Olson, Graig Logan, Tim Luke, Brad Hoskins. 3rd Row: Brett Hedburg, Jeff Nash, Dan O ' Neill, Christine Mazzurko, Rusty Martin, Brenda Spontaneo, Anna Martinelli, Barbie Johnson, Russ McChesney. 4th Row: Joyce Reidy, Denise Johnson, Robin Rickard, Lee Anne Kidder, Chris¬ tine Johnson, Wendy Stahlman, Darlene Jimerson, Troy Lauffenburger. 5th Row: Cheryl Rumbaugh, Bill Mattson, Tim Lefebvre, Mark Haskell, Tom Nelson, Barbara Rowley, Jeff Markham , Tim Olson, Jamie Intigar, Debbie Miles. 60 1st Row; Tim Dennison, Laurie Thomas, Janice Strandburg, Julie Gustafson, Lisa Valone, Dan Thierfeldt, Craig Territo, Roger Ulig. 2nd Row: Alice Hitchcock, Becky Stevens, Sandy Jackson, Debbie Harris, Clara Jimerson, Karen Yost,Valerie Weber, Connie Hair, Michael Watson, Roger Dulmus. 3rd Row: Dan TenPas, Mark Gage, Dennis Sandburg, Dan Garfield, Dale Dahlgren, Ron Davis, Steve Davis, Joe Eckstrom, John Sisson, Kelly Gloss. 4th Row: Paul Eckman, Randy Frederick, Michael Woodard, Greg White, Amy Haut- zinger, Stacey Stappenbeck, Christine Swanson, Don Spotaneo, Paul Whippo, Mark Soule. 61 Mkjt dN fm ' 4t • Senior Band Row 1: Carolyn Mott, Martha Barton, Kathy Dennison, Becky Proctor, Karen Brink, Sue Cass, Kathy Barto, Linnea Lit¬ tlefield. Row 2: Chris Suckow, Betsy Adams, Pat Stearns, Kathy Ekstrom, Judy Crooks, Jody Pierce, Mark Nelson, Karen Sheldon, Cindy Proctor, Barb Coulter, Karen Lefebvre, Carla Grover. Row 3: Jeff McChesney, Delores Long, Tammy Johnson, Rhonda Lindstrom, Alice Barton, Sandy Eckman, Diane Johnson, Cindy Burgett, Ellen Cole, Ruth Fenton, Tom Burgett, Mike Sisson, Mike Dennison, Joe Kolbalka, Steve Stevens, Mark Kolstee, Roger Herron. Row 4: Brad Weber John Gremer, Dan Soule, Steve Leonard, Ken McChesney, Ken Dahlgren, Dana Nordland, Jeff Waid, Bart Griffin. ' Junior Band Row 1: Cecelia Buck, Linda Bowman, Yvonne Littlefield, Maretta Mott, Marcia Adams, Faith Dickson, Adie Em¬ ily, Laura Cass, Donna McChesney. Row 2: Gwen Moore, Anne Davis, Pam Grover, Diane Scott, Lisa Burch Julie Covey, Donna Bel in, Kathy Clark, Daphne Forbes, Cindy Heath, Sharon Hazard, Row 3: Fred Cole, Matt Hetrick Raymond Thomas Paul Gremer, Roxanne Stanton, Bob Black, Keith Sheldon, John Norman, Danny Sisson, Jay ' Sorenberger. Row 4: Mike Stearns, Mike Verga, Chuck Leichner, Sue Johnson, Bob Shaffen, Tim Reidy Kevin qI nnn Row 1: Lisa Valone, Wendy Stahlman, Julie Gustafson, Kelly Grey, Amy Hautzinger, Connie Hair, Jackie Ekstrom, Rhonda Colburn, Becky Stevens, Barb Johnson, Everett Nelson, Tim Dennison, Gard Clark. Row 2: Martin Peterson, Stacy Stappenbeck, Tina Johnson, Mark Soule, Tim Burkett, Tim Luke, Steve Cass, Craig Logan, Russell McChesney. Row 3: Mike Watson, Mark Gage, Jo Ekstrom, Tim Olson, John Sisson, Tim Lefebvre. Sixth Grade , UJtM WL a a i iK Row 1: Bonnie Griffin, Kelly Grey, Julie Gustafson, Melanie Philips, Anna Martinelli, Barb Johnson, Karen Yost, Jeff Anderson, Darlene Jimerson, Becky Stevens, Sandy Jackson, Brenda Spontaneo, Valerie Weber, Debbie Harris, Clara Jimerson, Connie Hair, Bob Lind, Richard Butters, Roger Uhlig. Row 2: Laurie Thomas, Linda Munson, Lisa Fairbanks, Evelyn Crooks, John Sisson, Steve Cass, Ron Davis, Jackie Ekstrom, Troy Lauffenberger, Martin Peterson, Kevin Conlan, Gary Adams, Everett Nelson, Tim Dennison, Dan Thierfeldt, Lesa Valone. Row 3: David Bloomquist, Alice Hitchcock, Rhonda Colburn, Robin Rickard, Chris Swanson, Tim Burkett, Michael Woodard, Greg White, Mark Soule, Wendy Stahlman, Lee Ann Kidder, Chris Giambellucca. Row 4: Karen Himes, Cheryl Rumbaugh, Stacy Stappenbeck, Barbara Rowley, Riley Olmstead, Tom Nelson, Scott Brools, Amy Hautzinger, Tina Johnson, Karen Russel I. n c h o r u s Row 1: Jeff McChesney, Delores Long, Cathy Eckstrom, Dana Nordland, Ken McChesney, Betsy Adams, Chris Suckow, Pat Stearns. Row 2: Rhonda Lindstrom, Alice Barton, Sandy Eckman, Diane Johnson, Cindy Burkett, Linnea Littlefield. Row 3: Mike Sisson, Mike Dennison, Joe Kobalka, Steve Stevens, Roger Herron, Tom Burkett. Back Row: Paul Gremer, Dan Soule, Steve Leonard, Brad Weber. Alpha Row 1: Trudy Kidd, Kelly Stearns, Diane Scott, Janis Little¬ field. Row 2: Adie Emley, Debbie Johnson, Karen Johnson, Darlene Peterson, Sue Slagle, Cecelia Buck, Marcia Scofield. Omega Row 1: Donna Kindland, Carole Kottas. Row 2; Kathy Barto, Mrs. Lind, Director, Linnea Littlefield, Chelcie Bailey. Row 3: Janice Bs rone, Shari Scofield, Doug Warn, Amy Griffin, Julie Scofield. Row 4: Jenny Roblee, Ron Brad Lance Pangborn. Row 5: Scott Jones, Bart Grif¬ fin, Filip Van Den Haute. 68 ’» t j; J I ' ■ 1 f Pi [ _ j j 1 $ ■L ’M Ol 8th Grade Chorus Row 1: Tracy Gordon, Carolyn Hair, Debbie Johnson, Karen Johnson, Roger Jacobson, David Cheney, Jeff Ran¬ som, Bob Marshall, Chris Hydahl, Trudy Kidd, Darlene Peterson, Kelly Stearns. Row 2: Diane Dwyer, Kathy Derry, Addie Emily, Connie Johnson, Ellen Rowley, Debbie Czienky, Sue Slagle, Tom Davis, Dianne Scott, Janis Little¬ field, Verna Bennet, Gwen Miller, Donna McChesney. Row 3: Laurie Oberg, Chris Johnson, Kathy Warn, Reba Bennet, Joanne Brady, Karen Coursan, Keith Logan, Dennis Clark, Jon Holsinger, Kay Petransky, Rhonda Grover, Laurie Whippo, Karen White, Laura Cass. Row 4: Mike McKeever, Tim Reidy, Marcia Scofield, Kristy Nelson, Cecilia Buck, Kathy Bartsch, Deanna DeVillers, Kathy Spontaneo, Eddie Sundquist, Alan Woodard, Jim Kottas. 7th Grade Chorus Row 1: Yvonne Littlefield, Stephannie Butters, Chuck Leichner, Laurie Johnson, Brenda Ackley, Linda Erwin, Dianne Sandberg, Liz Yates, Daphne Forbes, Shelly Bjork, Linda Cameron. Row 2: Tom Moore, Kevin DeLong, Laverne Danforth, Tom Greene, Mike Verga, Laura Nutt, Robert Gremer, Steve Tuller, Ken Seekins, Wendy Os¬ borne, Tim Stappenbeck, Todd Pangborn, Craig Zinger, Ron Hammond, Lori Harmon. Row 3: Roxanne Stanton, Maretta Mott, Mary Weber, Lori Gates, Kim Nordstrom, Shirley Ackley, Lisa Cheney, Sue Dallas, Pam Horner, Bill Himes, Paula Sandberg, Sandy Christensen, Sharon Hazzard, Donna Belin, Chris Proctor, Becky Yates, Kris Petransky, Beth Heeden, Scott Sadowski. Row 4: Linda Bowman, Faith Dickson, Sue Johnson, Bob Becker, Vicky Boedecker, Julia Covey, Ann Davis, Loren Rowley, Lisa Burch, Marsha Adams, Lori Parisi, Lori Norman, Jeaninne Pierce, Kathy Clark, Randy Clark, Nancy MacNeil, Charlene Crooks, Cindy Heath, Jennifer Norrod. 69 Senior Choir Row 1: Janice Barone, Linnea Lit¬ tlefield, Rhonda Lindstrom, Jody Johnson. Row 2: Ann Juul, Amy Griffin, Jenny Roblee, Andrea Beat¬ ty, Mary Speicher, Donna Kindland. Row 3: Martha Barton, Connie Kocur, Kathy Barto, Cheryl Saunders, Carole Kottas, Kathy Litaker. Row 1: Chuck Weber, Deb Weber, Donna Kindland, Kathy Johnson, Ellen Cole, Sindy Ackley, Chelcie Bailey, Carole Kot¬ tas, Kathy Barto, Charlie Barton, Emmie Sundquist, Debra Comber, Kathy Litaker, Chuck Ryberg, Alice Barton, Carrie Sleasman, Steve Sandberg, John Marshall, John Ekstrom, Beth Dwyer. Row 2: Cindy Stoffer, Karen Brink, Linda Olson, Bet¬ sy Adams, Judy Crooks, Lance Pangborn, Janice Barone, Linda Gloss, Julie Scofield, Page Clark, Andrea Beatty, Shari Scofield, Doreen Larson, Sue Cass, Sue Myers, Wilma Burgett, Julie Burch, Linnea Littlefield, Mary Speicher, Vicky Carlson. Row 3: Cliff Bennett, Carolyn Mott, Cheryl Saunders, Connie Kocur, Rhonda Lindstrom, Douglas Warn, David Ekstrom, Gene Littlefield, Sean McLaughlin, Dan Johnson, Don Nelson, Jim Bossman, Jenny Roblee, Amy Griffin, Elaine Rowley, Deb Duink. Row 4: Rick Brady, Tom Reidy, Mark Lawson, Rick Johnson, Ron Brady, Jim Hale, Scott Jones, Dana Nelson, Bart Griffin, Jim Jusko, Mike Wesley, Tom Pillsbury, John Hale, Barry Carlson, Filip Van Den Haute, Jody Johnson. Senior Girls Ensemble 70 Girls’ Chorus Row 1: Rhonda Holmes, Karen Grundstrom, Laurie Haley, Janet Gulvin, Christa Griffin, Barb Johnson, Kim Che¬ ney, Julie Reynolds, Irene McChesney, Laurie Hamilton. Row 2: Kimmie Dodd, Beth Bjork, Sandi Dallas, Barb Green, Tina Morgan, Stephanie Frodelius, Lorna Wares, Laura Lindboom, Wendy Saeli, Vicki Kelwaski, Laurie Suckow, Diane Langham, Sue Johnson. Row 3: Pat Stearns, Cheryl Lefbevre, Sue Johnson, Tammy Johnson, Mary MacNeil, June Lee, Kelly Conlan, Tamara Johnson, Kathy Miller, Julie Johnson, Pat Pillsbury, Due Duink. Row 4; Carolyn Mott, Tammy Clark, Jody Carter, Christine Covey, Jody Pierce, Candyce Buck, Karri Fishwick, Kathy Rininger, Sondra Holmes, Sandy Barto. Girls’ Ensemble Row 1: Kim Cheney, Jody Pierce, Candyce Buck, Sue Johnson, Vicki Kelwaski. Row 2: Sandi Dallas, Barb Greene, Laurie Haley, Carolyn Mott, Laurie Suckow, Laurie Hamilton, Christa Griffin. 71 £ t7m Row 1: Mary Speicher, Jean Lynn, Rhonda Lindstrom, Martha Barton, Debbie Duink, Jody John¬ son, Deb Ryberg, President; Mrs. Cable, Advisor; Connie Kocur, Amy Girffin. Row 2: Judy Crooks, Cindy Stoffer, Elaine Rowley, Alice Barton, Sindy Ackley, Ann Juul, Carole Kottas, Jenny Rob- lee. Row 3: Deb Weber, Ellen Cole, Emmie Sundquist, Doreen Larson, Sondra Holmes, Linda Gloss, Laura Stanton, Carolyn Mott, Cindy Burgett. Row 4: Sue Myers, Mary Dulaney, Brenda Berg, Sue Johnson, E.J. Duink, Karri Fishwick, Pat Pillsbury, Sue Duink, Julie Delong, Cindy Adelgren. Tri- Hi- Y Row 1: Mark Cunningham, Lenny Owens, Jim Hale, Mr. Feather, Advisor. Row 2: Chuck Weber, Tom Sisson, John Hale, Bart Griffin, Scott Jones, Ron Brady. Row 3: Charlie Bar¬ ton, Chris Sheldon, Russ Hartzell, Steve Johnson, Steve Sandberg, Dan Johnson, Mike West- ley. Row 4: Dana Melson, Brad Weber, Tedd Annis, Dave Emley, Tom Pillsbury, Rick Berg, Jim Waid, Barry Carlson. Row 5: Tom Reidy, Karl Olson, Mark Gloss, Greg Dallas, Eric Bartsch, Rick Brady, Don Nelson, Chelcie Bailey, Tim White. Sr. Student Council Row 1: Janet Gulvin, Craig Ackley, Rick Berg, Jim Hale, Jenny Roblee, Bart Griffin, Karen Jones. Row 2: Rod Spontaneo, Ron Brady, Julie White, Jeff Holsinger, Sue Duink, Mary Speicher, Alice Barton, Lenny Owens, Julie Scofield, Carolyn Mott. Jr. Student Council Row 1: Steve Cass, Kelly Gloss, Mike Woodard, Denny Sandberg, Wendy Stahlman. Row 2: Pat Hartzell, Scott Sadowski, Trudy Kidd, Karen Courson, Tim Lefebvre. Row 3: Mr. Schewdt, Janis Littlefield, Sue Hazzard, Marcia Scofield, Brenda Ackley. 73 Honor Society f m - Jr 7 inf i ■ ' U J • ' v M t R° W 1: Jack Jones, Jeff Waid, Jim Reidy, Scott Jones. Row 2: Shari Scofield, Betsy Adams Comber, Kathy Barto, Ann Juul, Janice Barone, Jenny Roblee. Row 3: Chris Suckow, Emmie quist. Sue Cass, Judy Crooks, Linnea Littlefield, Amy Griffin, Julie Scofield, Carole Kottas. Debra Sund- Boys-Girls State Latin Club Advisor, Louise Stanton, Cindy Proctor. Row 2; Karen Sheldon, Ken Dahlgren, Kathy Rininger, Ann Juul, Renee Gatgen, Marc Michalski. 74 A.V. Aides Row 1: John Slagle, Kathy Barto, Laurie Suckow. Row 2: Dan Soule, Dave Weber, Dan Sandberg, Mark Nelson. Row 3: Mike Sisson, Mike Dennison, Barb John¬ son, Mark Lawson, Dave Jett, Rusty Johnson. Library • A ides Row 1: Pam Larson, Paula Cole, Karen Courson, Carolyn Hair, Jane Stanton, Row 2: Julie Reynolds, Barb John¬ son, Kathy Bartsch, Diane Dwyer, Linnea Littlefield, Ellen Rowley, Bridget Mills, Verna Bennet. Row 4 : Kathy Barto, Jeff McChesney, Roger Herron, Donna Long. r tj, flmi Ml iSUf: In kfiWi i la is M f: ■i Q HM; v Vi.tT® ' ( W l| H ' f w SB - A.F.S. Row 1: Donna McChesney. Row 2: Ellen Cole, Kathy Derry, Sue Johnson, Carolyn Hair, Yvonne Littlefield. Row 2: Kathy Barto, Marcia Scofield, Kathy Warn, Janis Littlefield, Kathy Clark, Diane Dwyer. Row 3: Cindy Proctor, Linnea Littlefield, Joanne Brady, Karen Courson, Becky Proctor, Cecilia Buck, Diane Scott, Chris Hyldahl. Row 4: Lisa Burch, Debbie Duink, Janice Barone, Filip Van Den Haute. 75 r t i s t s Row 1: Cindy Stoffer, Kathy Dennison, Linnea Little¬ field. Row 2: Doug Warn, Jeff McChesney, Sue Cass. Row 3: Emmie Sundquist, Mrs. Edwards, Jody Pierce, Kathi Litaker. Row 4 : Dan Johnson, Amy Griffin, Kathy Barto, Ross Javens. Row 5: Filip Van Den Haute. um. m mt . V i ' A ' l 1 I » IB ri.ft f I Row 1: Sherry Johnson. Row 2: Mary San- Amy Griffin, Kathy Barto. born, Lisa Warner. A d v • i s o r i t o r s Mrs. Edwards Musical—L 77 A bner Row 1: John Marshall, Kathy Dennison, Linnea Littlefield, Mrs. Lind, Miss Benson, Doug Warn, Jamie Bloomquist, John Eckstrom. Row 2: Sindy Ackley, Alice Barton, Christa Griffin, Steve Sandberg, Carole Kottas, Donna Kindland, Ellen Cole, Deb Weber, Adie Em ley, Darlene Peterson, Trudy Kidd. Row 3: Kathy Barto, Beth Bjork, Chelcie Bailey, E.J. Duink, Sandy Dallas, Tamara Johnson, Julie DeLong, Sue Dallas, Janis Littlefield, Laurie Suckow, Chuck Ryberg, Charlie Barton, Vicky Kelwaski. Row 4: Karen Brink, Emmie Sundquist, Elaine Rowley, Eddie Sundquist, Ann Juul, Marcia Scofield, Martha Barton, Jon Holsinger, Debra Comber, Mary Speicher, Carolyn Mott, Sue Torrey. Row 5: James Kottas, Pat Pillsbury, Connie Kocur, Sean McLaughlin, Doreen Larson, Beth Dwyer, Jayne Strong, Cindy Stoffer, Julie Burch, Brad Weber, Sue Johnson, Barb Greene, Lance Pangborn. Row 6: Alice Dahl, Julie Scofield, Sue Cass, Shari Scofield, Chris Suck¬ ow, Ken Dahlgren, Mike Dennison, Sheriann Stenstrom, Amy Griffin, Janice Barone, Linda Gloss, Sandy Barto, Clifford Bennett. Row 7: Don Nelson, Ron Brady, Tom Pills¬ bury Scott Jones Filip Van Den Haute, Candyce Buck, Dana Nelson, Bart Griffin Jim Jusko John Hale, Jim Hale, Barry Carlson, Jenny Roblee, Jody Pierce, David Eckstrom. Bart Griffin, Rob Brady, Amy Griffin. Chuckie Ryberg, Martha Barton. 77 I Varsity Club Kneeling: Deb Ryberg, Tim Butler, Kathy Barto, Doreen Larson, Sue Myers, Alan Strand- burg, Mary Speicher, Mark Gloss, Connie Kocur, Barry Carlson, Martha Barton, Ann Juul, Row 2: Cindy Burkett, Amy Griffin, Julie Scofield, Brad Weber, Jeff Hetrick, Shari Scofield, Mary Lou Hagberg, Mark Melson, Steve Johnson, Jim Hartzell, Jim Miller, Kathi Litaker, Eric Bartsch, Linnea Littlefield, Brad Spit — zer, Mark Lawson. Row 3: Ron Brady, Don Nelson, Jim Hale, John Hale, Rick Berg, Dana Rathbun, Doug Johnson, Bart Griffin, Bob Fricker, Tedd Annis, Lenny Owens. Art Club Row 1: Amy Griffin, Cheryl Lefebvre, Sandy Dallas, Barb Greene, Kathi Lit¬ aker, Nancy Eckman. Row 2; Wendy Saeli, Christine Covey, Jeff McChesney, Sherry Johnson, Lori Kerrin, Sue John¬ son. Row 3: Shari Scofield, Jayne Strong, Betsy Fishwick, Page Clark. GAA Row 1: Kathi Litaker, Jan Barone, Amy Griffin, Linnea Littlefield, Jody John¬ son, Martha Barton, Ann Juul, Deb Ryberg, Connie Kocur, Jennifer Rob- lee, Kathy Barto. Row 2: Wilma Bur- gett, Judy Crooks, Cindy Stoffer, E.J. Duink, Christine Villella, Sue Johnson, Cindy Burkett, Donna DeVillers. Row 3: Deb Weber, Ellen Cole, Doreen Lar¬ son, Linda Gloss, Carolyn Mott, Alice Barton, Shari Scofield. Row 4: Sue Myers, Karri Fishwick, Pat Pillsbury, Sue Duink, Julie DeLong, Cindy Adelgren. 78 Ski Club Row 1: Mike Watson, Steven Cass, Greg White, Marietta Mott, Kim Nordstrom. Row 2: Checlie Bailey, Pat Pills— bury, Julie White, Julie DeLong, Deb Weber, Sindy Ackley, Cindy Stoffer, Laura Cass, Roger Herron. Row 3: Betsy Fishwick, Janice Barone, Karri Fishwick, Tim Butler, Emmie Sundquist, Carolyn Mott, Sue Cass, David Esckstrom, Steve White, Chris Suckow, Mike Dennison, Kathy Dennison, Brenda Nelson, Kim Abram¬ son, Jeff Nordstrom, Dan Sandberg. Camera Club Row 1: Betsy Fishwick, Nancy Eckman, Linnea Littlefield, Lance Pangborn, Becky Proctor, Christine Covey, Renee Gatgen, Dawn Strandberg. Row 2: Kathy Dennison, Mike Dennison, Ross Javens, Tim Butler, Doug Warn, Ken Dahlgren, Dan Johnson, Joe Kobalka, Kathy Barto, Irene McChes- ney, Carla Grover, Cheryl Cameron. Row 3: Steve Stevens, Filip Van den Haute, Mark Nelson. In Front: Alice Barton, Mr. Songster. Pep Club Row 1: Elaine Rowley, Sue Myers, Cindy Stoffer, Mrs. Mattocks. Row 2: Martha Barton, Marietta Mott, Kathy Clark, Brid- gett Mills, Stephanie Butters, Cheryl Brink, Christine Covey. Row 3: Diane Langham, Marcia Scofield, Diane Scott, Kathy Derry, Kelly Stearns, Darlene Peter¬ son, Linda Gloss, Sue Johnson. Row 4: Vicki Kelwaski, Beth Bjork, Sophie But¬ ters, Ellen Rowley, Beth Dwyer, Deb Weber, Ellen Cole. Row 5: Julie Strandburg, Vicki Carlson, Sondra Holms, Deb Duink, Connie Kocur, Julie Scofield, Carolyn Mott, Dor¬ een Larson. 79 I n . . i vW ■bhhhb 1 I v p 1 fjh. ' tAhSLj f jfc? ,1 r a c Row 1: Jim Speicher, Terry Strong, Denny Merriam, Juan Arias Castro, Doug Lynn. Row 2: Mel Feather, Coach, Jim Hale, Steve Lombardo, Mark Lawson, Tedd Annis, John Hale, Coach Johnson. Row 3: Brad Weber, Richard Bartsch, Barry Carlson, Jim Reidy, Sean Mc¬ Laughlin, Scott Jones, Jeff Waid. Row 4: Ron Brady, Eric Bartsch, Mark Jackson, Karl Olson, Emmie Sundquist, Scorekeeper, Don Weilacher, Bob Swanson, Lance Pangborn. John Hale Steve Lombardo Jim Hale 84 7 ‘ c r o s s C o u n t r y 1 i 1 Row 1: Tom Sisson, Charlie Barton, Charlie Ryberg, Paul Kocur. Row 2: Coach Mel Feather, Rus Hartzell, Frank Seekins, Eric Bartsch, Mark Lawson, Tedd Annis. 85 A I V o l l e y b a l l 86 e c t • l o n a l C h a m s i r l s a l l Row 1: Jim Miller, Bart Griffin, Jeff Waid, Steve Johnson, Alan Strandburg. Row 2: Mr. Plauny, Terry Strong, John Hale, Jim Hale, Doug Lynn, Lenny Owens, Dave Burkett. Row 1: Myrtle Speicher, Julie Scofield, Mary Speicher, Cindy Burkett, Alice Barton, Shari Scofield, Mrs. Vi II el I a. Row 2: Martha Barton, Wendy Clark, Doreen Larson, Connie Kocur, Nancy Cunningham, Jenny Roblee, Ann Juul, Deb Ryberg, Julie Stanton, Wilma Burgett, Jody Johnson. Row 1: Myrtle Speicher, Ann Juul, Alice Barton, Cindy Stoffer, Kathi Litaker, Martha Barton, Mary Speicher, Kathy Barto. Row 2: Shari Scofield, Marcia Scofield, Amy Griffin, Cindy Burkett, Jody Pierce, Sue Myers, Linnea Littlefield, Julie Scofield, Mary Lou Hagberg, Mr. Scofield. ■i Row 1: Ralph Wiltsie, Dana Rathbun, Dana Nelson, Steve Johnson. Row 2: Jeff Hetrick, David Emley, Steve Sandberg, Rod Spontaneo, Dave Miller, Coach Parisi. Row 3: Coach Hair, Don Nelson, Allison Scott, Doug Johnson. Steve Johnson 87 Row 1: Tom Pillsbury, Brad Spitzer, Steve Lombardo, Lenny Owens, Jim Hartzell, Alan Strandburg. Row 2: Steve Mathews, Brad Wiltsie, Barry Carlson, Dana Rathbun, Dana Nelson, Jeff Waid, Jim Reidy, Tom Burkett. Row 3: Dan Johnson, Bob Hayes, Mark Gloss, Jeff Hetrick, Ron Brady, Jim Miller, Mark Jackson, Karl Olson, Ernie Wilt¬ sie, Sean McLaughlin. Row 4: Tim Jackson, Tom Reidy, Bill Nelson, Steve Leonard, Jim Waid, Ron Spontaneo, Tim White, Don Nelson, Chuck Weber. Varsity Football Row 1: Sindy Ackley, Julie Scofield, Martha Barton, Connie Kocur, Shari Scofield. 88 Christa Griffin, Diane Langham, Judy Crooks, Beth Dwyer, Alice Barton. And Coaches Coach Vanstrom, Coach Anderson, Coach Mangano, Coach Sharp. 89 Steve Lombardo Tackle e Jim Hartzell Fullback Lenny Owens Quarterback n t i o n Brad Spl it Spitzer end Al Strandburg Halfback Tom Pillsbury Tight end J. V. Football Cheerleaders Row 1: Sue Torrey, Linda Gloss. Row 2: Becky Proctor, Carolyn Mott, Doreen Larson. Row 3: Sophie Butters, Debbie Weber. Junior High Football Row 1: Larry Jusko, Jon Peterson, George Hamilton, Tim Reidy, Ed Sundquist, Dale Sandberg, Matt Hetrick, Jay Leonard, Tim Steppenbeck, Darryl Nelson. Row 2: Matt Olson, David Clement, Chuck Leichner, William May, Jeff Ransom, James Torrey, Craig Swanson, Jay Johnson, Mr. Jackson, Coach. Row 3: Carl Swearingen, Bob Anderson, Greg Leonard, Laverne Danforth, Doug Foster, Mike McKeever, Bob Kocur, Dave Cheney, Hal Rowley. Varsitv m Wrestlers Row 1: Ernie Wiltsie, Steve Leonard, Greg Danforth, Ron Wilcox, Tom Burgett. Row 2: Jeff Waid, Tim Jackson, Tim White, Karl Olson, Brad Wilsie, Duane Wil¬ cox, Jeff Hetrick. Row 3: Coach Sharp, Chuck Weber, Rodd Spontaneo, Rick Brady, John Gremer, Don Nelson, Tom Reidy, Chris Sheldon, Craig Ackley, Coach V anstrom. Wrestling Cheerleaders Row 1: Deb Weber. Row 2: Tamara Johnson, Ellen Cole. Row 3: Sondra Holmes, Becky Procter. J.R. High Wrestlers Row 1: Daryl Nelson, La Verne Danforth, Keith Larson, Jay John¬ son. Row 2: Bob Marshall, Ron McChesney, Rob Gremer, Donald Spontaneo, Matt Hetrick, Craig Swanson. Row 3: Steve Tuller, Matt Barker, Tim Reidy, Bob Courson, Jon Holsinger, Todd Pang- born, Chuck Russell, Coach Sharp. .1 Tennis and Bowling Row 1: Deb Ryberg, Christine Villella, Connie Kocur. Row 2: Don Stearns, Tim Butler, Jeff Stearns, Chris Shel¬ don, Mark Nelson. Deb Ryberg Tim Butler Row 1: Pat Parisi. Row 2: Deb Ryberg, Alan Pierce. Row 3: Sue Myers, Scott Jones, Son- dra Holmes. Seniors Row 1: Sue Mathews, Jeannine Lynn, Kathi Litaker, Mary Speicher, Amy Griffin. Row 2: Carole Kottas, Martha Barton, Jody Johnson, Deb Ryberg, Ann Juul, Kathy Barto, Connie Kocur, Coach Jackson. Senior-Junior Girls’ Football Game Seniors Victorious 26-18 I Juniors Row 1: Alice Barton, Carolyn Mott, Doreen Larson, Judy Crooks, Mary Lou Hagberg, Cindy Stoffer, Ellen Cole, Rindy Martin, Elaine Rowley, Deb Weber. u 94 Girls Varsitv m a s e t b a l l Row 1: Karen Jones, Kathy Barto, Linnea Little¬ field, Mary Speicher. Row 2: Kim Dodd, Connie Kocur, Martha Barton. Row 3: Kathi Litaker, Cindy Burkett. Row 4: Ann Juul, Mary Lou Hagberg, Row 5: Wilma Burgett, Mrs. V i I lei la, Kathy Rininger. Seniors In Action Kathy Litaker Martha Barton Ann Juul Mary Speicher 95 Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders Seniors Row 1: Julie Scofield, Shari Scofield, Judy Crooks, Connie Kocur. Row 2: Beth Dwyer, Martha Barton, Sindy Ack¬ ley, Alice Barton. Elaine Rowley % Connie Martha Varsity Junior Varsity Basketball Row 1: Dan Griffin—manager, Barry Carlson, Steve Johnson, Brad Weber—manager, Greg Hurlbert, Allison Scott, Brad Berg-manager. Row 2: Mr. Mangano—coach, Rick Berg, John Hale, Steve Stevens, Dana Nelson, Bart Grif¬ fin, Dave Jett, Tedd Annis, Jim Hale, Lenny Owens, Mr. Johnson—coach. Row 1: Jeff Holsinger, Mark Cunningham, Chuck Lynn, Ron Brady, Jim Miller, Mark Jackson. Row 2: Mr. Man gano—coach, David Jones, Eugene Littlefield, Steve Sandberg, Jim Waid, Dave Emley, Dave Burch. John Hale Steve Johnson Jim Hale Seniors Dave Jett Lenny Owens Tedd Annis Row 1: Carole Kottas, Dan Griffin. Row 2: Ann Juul, Brad Weber. Row 3: Amy Griffin, Mr. Feather, Mary Speicher, Brad Berg. Junior High Scorekeepers Row 1: Jon Peterson, Carolyn Hair. J U n i o r V a r s i t y Row 1: Diane Langham, Carolyn Mott. Row 2: Christa Griffin, Julie Strandburg, Linda Gloss, Doreen Larson, Beth Bjork, Sophie Butters. 8 th Grade Basketball Row 1: Tom Davis, David Cheney, Roger Jacobson, Troy Baker. Row 2: Bob Black, Jeff Ransom, Ed Sundquist, Alan Woodard, Robert Kocur. Row 3: Randy Lindstrom, Jim Kottas, Dennis Clark, Dale Sandberg, Dave Himes, Mike McKeever, Coach: Mr. Hair. Junior High Cheerleaders Row 1: Joanne Brady, Donna McChesney, Diane Dwyer, Marcia Adams. Row 2: Brenda Ackley, Diane Sandberg, Debbie Johnson, Shirley Ackley. 7th Grade Basketball 100 4 ' • r : 1 jp .■ CO J J Row 1: Bob Anderson, Carl Swearingen, Mike Stearns. Row 2: George Hamilton, Greg Leonard, Tom Greene, Mark Johnson, Ron Hammond. Row 3: Randy Clark, Matt Olson, Dave See- hausen, Larry Jusko, Hal Rowley, Jeff Treadway, Todd Ja¬ cobson, Coach: Mr. Jackson. Bears 1 1 - Rae « - ... wRRKR i K1 iz f ■THffrBy y i Basketball is not a contact sport Anybody, can do tWese things Right? , Wrong A Most peop|£ couldn ' t even live throughvthings of this sort If you try you ' ll probably lose an eye For elbows are made for eyesockets And if you happen to-Jose an eye that day, The only fame you ' U get is that you ' ll be the only cyclops that dared to play Row 1: Jeff Waid, Doreen Larson, Alice Barton, Dave Miller. Row 2: Steve Johnson. Martha Barton, Linnea Littlefield, Lenny Owens. Row 3: Terry Strong, Nancy Cunningham, Wendy Stoffer, Stan Berg. BEARS ARE ON TOP 102 frosH ! 1 i Pepper. Serqenj I were , The-? esX Ij vfe. of an Armadillo... imtaniwi Archie Nichols, Inc. i DIVISON OF " twin Auto V recl(inq ACRES of Late model auto parts Main Street Frews bvra.M-Y. 1 133 710 56.9-5 33 • 710 509-: 385 108 Featuring • he areas largest and oddest .selection of new and usecL hi obi la and. I I I I modular houses ; with man 13, , 17 and. U)»d«5 PLUS: a utidc 64ltction ranch and spirt level modular houses, +3 7 Cfush 4 mites north of Frew-s urj on route t 0 Foote A v - Jamestown I t V - CRE.E.D - 1 believe that our chi Idrdn Should develop physically mentally 0 Spiritually, X be 1 1 eye. that the proper conduct of athletes can be Q great motivating force, ■toujard this goal Hay X always try to promote good spqr tsmansh i p« hole Seme activity .and acceptable ccndcct f Grail people. J oW.SCbFULc D — We ha vc t r ied t t ma kc o ur School district a better place for cur young people to develop. Xf you have ho. I pod 7 WE. THANK YOU l Our ' Sincere. ConqroiuMions to the Class of 1 75 112 TODAY p sfQishes ifi fye uture. cm. £xXoi) Stafior) P 7ain freef y Creosburg f jy Qo rafu f affords fo fk e Glass o-f 1975 filler ' s Grove J rewsbur My 114 m Po-ngratulafio-ns ' f’ro ' nrf e Arqericar) Legfov) ' Post 5 56 .re ujsbor hiy. C °SL3 r ioi|S ■fo f he Q | a s s of 1975 S i ot Sf u de-nt Qo u 7] c (f DecileaTec( To■fh icteas of fife,liberty aTjd+hepursiWf- of happiness fo aff sfuolenr 4s a 116 -JfUsisnjcO C yrio jtoxJvu CJLojOC o 1975 ). v5V " iTfcunrO ' IjcrUv C yinj uitu 0 r rLp jinnnjL aJ 1 -JjoJJdU CSLou cs Crf HIS °i 17(apk f uyvij Qjrfl ycrru 1 Jfwln xotrfjnrr ' i imjoiLy orni ' ' Tty. vTtyc . ' 73oArr{ Tr$asrvouoL lo cL “Fhfyu Tka JL lt. 1 117 Co nor ocVulofV ons 4o -Vhe. C olS 2 o£ 15 TRi-Hi-y motto To creole , main avn, and ey.Vc.od -VV rou nou4 ■V ' nc. Yvonne, sdnoo and cocncr uun ' Vv| N V v n 6 Vojn 6 ojrde c£ CYvr cA cxo cVarCkcVer pmre -Vnou Y " 7 Vc 9 u.ce vuocde and 9 u.ce O-cAvooO. Conor oVul o.-V o ciS ■Vo ' Vhe. C a6i oY vshjd p rrve.n ' V o4 American PREUSBURG Field fACULTy Service 118 association ouca £or abeHer ujorlci ' FREUSBUR6 Lions CLUB U)e IkLing Division Ethan Allen 9 Barton Street r ' la vnllc.jNleu; fock ( iu)n55-a a inc. F Tu- o Comp c.V e “Pet Ce.nte.r5 LlEIM’S boot LJis ' ne.S ■to -the Class cF ms Tropical jameseoun Aquarium A e. u . VjLiarren. pck.. n 5-1U5 Foote. Auc. OOumeoVoujn .NN. H%VOW Rendering TROPVCAU F SVA, PtVCC PbPP e5 , , .SCr «U- RNVrOAUb, SOPPL £0 Tac c Horse. Svj pV ei H- ' e.rrkcdved UOORO ORVL.N VOa.rrv-Sp.m. C ose.d iunda jS Freuj6 ' c ur 119 JAMESTOWN DESIGN AND MACHINE suatDiARy or QOAKCfc STAT£ oik DESIGNERS t BUILDERS OF molds, jigs 4 fixtures FftENAJ$ Uft6 % Ncvj VoftK A congratulations to the class of ms P 8 T£’S MARKET COMPLIMENTS OF JUtvujoiZo-us+U nu Fo 0 4c Avenue 3amesiotJr hi.Vj. S ' 4 6 vSaJes andL Sirvtci H ss y - Pc 4i o i lama GARD N tQOlPTHeMT SNoWMoftlLt gicycLt Wk» cn Roai , F££w 6u 6 H j PHONt Wl-SOlX COMPLIMENTS or TAsrec 190 Foote Avenue Jamestown, N Best Wishes CHVCKS S£ Vic£ C £NT£R. Fr vvsburo “ N.V. 3 STRANDBURGS tohole sale mea’ts Co pVitfne. ' M’o tiV ' • I ' fyoj v Goal Goy yoatuynj ,2 2.5 PftLCOtJtlL ST I F ecoS COUb ifJ-Y. 1 Corv roCtu.lo. ' Vi 0T5 ' 1 1 Oohm RStoffer 1} i shr boctar TecbioidouO 1 Caerx ' SS B.egiJLj06 e geuxc£ | C 0i06 £A " VU.WfVT3Ci W o 1 FROK 1 FRCU bUftb lfi ue D $ coe mftirO sr. Fp ooj AJ-Y ' ISdlFLj Fi ju) F (X d HouoT5 tS fleiH ’Street ' 1 Frc jsbotra J Vr 1 foeST lyO’ SHg5 ' rfooeL bfixyfcJ FjiOMZY 0- F) i(s cAiftouusm eT Reujseaks ( .Y 6 9-6 l 1 tbrUbuxLeYhtlcftd fay 6 -0 1 mui of d 7b FR stmtteumw GROClfiX STO ZL ContfrafufcrfioVz) ' fypm khc rW’txpcfl ' L ' GirTSbo O. jiEGjrr imr on fbc corner- ' fv uoSburd ) tiuLYotM I cst CcJrstcsto I c ss ert 75 ' 1 I - LujU LU4jQJ I 5 center St FrcaJsIcarjKlT. 1 sjR-j. o 121 CARPET 6 TILE SHOP 813 roOTC AVE. PHONE bt 4-fc307 LAMP POST MOTEL 152. WEST rAA l N ST. FRE WS8UR6, NEW VORK. CAROL J. CARLE, OWNER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS RUSLtNK PLAZA DRUGS SOUTH SI E PLATA JMESTCJWN, NEW YOR.K BEST WISHES BARONES MEAT MARKET finest iaeats DEUCATtfSEN-GROCeRlES CENTER STREET FREWS URG, NEW VOfclt NELSON FLORISTS 4 PEARL STREET Phone SbVatTS WHOLESALE RETAIL FRESH CUT FLOWERS funeral arrangements COMPLIWEMIS Of FRGV5BURG HOTEL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF H5 FK6WSBUR6 KCNMU SERVICE 30 WEST MA1N-SIREET FRtUSBURG.NEU VORK RALPH C OLSON KCORATOS.--SWING P PEE HAN6IM6 14 E. IAEACXW LANlt FREW5BUR6, MEW VORK Sb -SIba. compliments of JOHNSON SPORT AND CAMERA JAMESTOWN OKLPUIAEriTS Of RXO RESTAURANT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF Ml5 KXNZIIA LAKE CAMPGROUNDS INC. ' 4 fAUE FROiA OlviOVluE BOAT nARlNA Rod barton WARREN PA. COiAPum£a(TS of FALCONER PRINTING AND DESIGN USC. MAIN STREET FALCONER N.Y. 123 PATRONS IAr- a d tAra Dick R. SVearna hAiSS |Aar j La Duke IAr. and lArS. Don Bernus IAr. and lArS. Rad rick SongsVer IAr. a rsd tArS. Rob«A AcLau bWn Y y . and fArs. Pod Pans IAr and tAr Donald Procter K r. and lArS. Dick Cable fAiSS lAarian Di 5 nger IAr. and Ars. WiVliam beckeriok IA ss SuSan Rieger Ar. and fArs. Klarcus J. Edujards Ar Ralph Germaine Ar. And (Airs. JoV n Gatecn Ar and NVrS. Vir l Jackson Ar. and ArS. S. Ra pte fAarra K f. and Mr 5. Es ereH Seas-lrucm tAr. and lArs. Euaene Hea+h iAjl.F 0 IAr. and lArs. Ra pb lAcCuUougb tAr. and Ar6. Robert Woodard Avss 0 ane Benson Mr. and (Ars. Cur4 VsJes+rom WvWiam 6roovn IAr. and Mrs. Robert L. Anderson Ar. and fArs. WilVard Cass Jr. IAr. and fArs. A. SucViar Suxy lAarWtt Ann e Fannie, Andy IAr. and A S. Ronald ScbuxdT Ar. and IAr$. Leonard 5Uo lundl Airs. E leanor Davis Ar. and Mrs. Daniel Carlson Ar. and ArS . doSeph aS ile IAr. and rArS. Stephen Van©4rom Jef-f lAcCWesney IAr. and (Ars. DeWane G oss Ky. dMrS.Ttrrsj MoA-Vacks Dtfctit, UJe, +Ke 7«arloook uoould like 4o " thank aAl of you Vo - youf support Duui u c iht oo-editors uiooldl like. to 4hank Mrs-EJuJardta and the gf a-t yearbook staff " for x|l 4Kt r kelp. 124 vv ' HB Subject Index Activities—64 Ads—106-124 Ad ministration--8 AFS—75 Art—1,7,15,21,42,65,83,107 Art club—78 AV aids—75 Bands—66- 68 Baseball—87 Basketba 11—95,97-100 Board of Education—9 Bowling—93 Boy ' s and Girl ' s State—74 Camera club—79 Candids—2-5,41,54,62-63,80-81,101-105,125-126 Cheerleaders—88-89,91,92,96,100 Chorus—87-71 Class officers—24,44,55 Cross country—85 Dedication—18-19 Eighth grade—56-57 End page—128 Faculty—10-17 Footba 11-88-89,90-91,94 Foreign exchange student—22-23 Freshmen—53 GAA—78 Hi-Y—72 Honor society—74 Index—127 Juniors—45-48 Latin club—74 Library aides—75 Musical—77 Office staff—9 Patrons—124 Pep club—79 Seniors—24-41 Seventh grade—58-59 Sixth grade—60-51 Softball—86 Sophomores—49-52 Student councils—73 Tennis—93 Track—84 Tri Hi Y—72 Varsity club—78 Volleyball—86 Wrestl ing—92 Yearbook staff—76 127 Pil! v iilll K J ■ ■ ' 4, os r ' K ju Jta to 3[lsruscLAj J xj too cjito Q WU4-, r o a- .to k JSuuO A-Ato ' Vvv v tWr u f to. P + 7 $ "

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