Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY)

 - Class of 1970

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Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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n pfwwwwww 'T l , W 4.1. - gf ,X 4 1 i Bri vr V 1. yQw Wyw-V -U X P V, -I 'iv'-if ,.v:-. qu J, ' pq' ' f In ' "f-" I 5, , 3 - 2 -fx ' V . , ' .. , U .: lx 1 4 ' " ' 55:1 :4 -. ' lf? iqigffm w f Ax. Xxx? Fm f agxx ri ,Fix S s.. 2' -an s vu .Y Ku L V ,1, ':.A ? Q L l ' A, Emu ,. I fu , us . !x-' I " ,ef ff -." 'V- I" U 1,5 WA A 1, .- wavwfav ff Xin, swf, "-ug?" - "X 4 Vipp f J J- , . .K 4' -- ', 4 +-r ' ,-, ., -xr , . C-Q-K , ' ff"'jny..q h , -Y 1, X P -. , 3, f '41, . V . 1 Jr x -X,-X , . , VII. 'Vs-.. . -x A K X' R, j - ' X ' .a.'3'i"' 3 ' I NX N X ,J . ' Q f A iE'., '.L5 X fl I X ' L.. I - ' if J j X ,T 'gf ,-.. -DQ-eq 4' W ' f ' ' Qwza w-M" '1:f"' mg, -V f -1 -. f. 'Y' - 'H' ,- ,- yl., . 4 ,. -I I I 1 .lr jf. , ...fl K V Y. I DI- 'V . ., .- - ' - . . - , 3 .A q w' ff 'Q A 'ff K A . . . . ., V . X 91 1 Q 4 .1 . ' 1 ' J 'ff' 75'-ff, ,A I l l" 'Y K " , T .-c L U - I I t 5, . A ,J iw- WE' , ,- H fm. .ig . . k . ,. , V , X J , A . .. 3 . V s.-N V .,,'m,, ry 1 K- 'f W ', -,ff f " 5 . Q- M -. '. 7 pie- 7,3 - I ,f 2 1 gi- A, 1,,,,J,f,M 5, V - 1 -, . -nu., ,ms S, ,. , .-,r ' -,,f 24 -' f F H f 2 M 6 , t iw , ' .. ,H N gi I Q sk ,ir -.N I J t we-.1.:.',. ' I' Q an r nl J ic lg Q J 'v kb Q03 ,: , V B Q, Y A l I Hy X xx ' " 'Al M., A -v I Q M4 vs If av., .V Q AWKQ3- ,, g L 1. ,.. :iff ' Q-. wifi' ' M -g , f.,w,w-A 1 N . f is "fb Q.1,4 'll '1 .Q f AW, --' 1 v I mf 7 1 , w 5' ir, ' Q 8 x x ', v I ,1 I 'f 1 4 'P I: lv v a ' ' 1 3 ' v N 4' , l 1, If 21 ,- m ffv M -. ww gvuffb W GE 1 va? 'H 1' , ' 'ff' 15' M' "1lx"iW"f vw W ' ' we ' 1 4 L um 4 1 Q, ,. 'W Q 5 tl V , " , lm I 1 X uixchwfr: :ld I w, ,riifif 1, jfs. rpm mi -I 'W X ' . ,5 I XV ' C ' X A ,' . ' 1' x LX 1 r ' if M 'N Xi f I 4 f' I L B xc 4 X . 1 - ' Y 'ig A 1 X 'x,, A 1 X ' ' Q X15 U1 R I 1 N' M I 3 " ' X 1 X I , A ' ,I u -K ,- -'. li" I' J-r . -V ' W '. -v 1' . V N'-av :Q W. 1 ' ' ' -X FWMWWWQV Qymqwfxw 1f-HN. ,Mw ,l 2, .f. 'L ay'-x ,U rv- .Vw if" V f 'f V .- ' J, -. -'Q 3,1 x 1 ' 4 , K QA-w:.7 m"Af4g K?i""5"fp fi,-fx-,Mir ' 24 -f-Q 3 .qi -M. 1 qv., A . W , , .Y -asf r . X - . . f., . K X - -H-W ,M 1 If 1. w.. . y ..ff.- R, , Wgqxfx, r. af,-af . , -4 .f"uL'1'-9 - 4. " Hlwr ' Q ' ... . A 1' 4.Vu...1f 45' w ., Ji-5' 41 2 f Wife. ami, ' r Q Yu,- f 1' ,Lf-:..xfs' '14-r f .ap by is ' 4, v H 5 , . A . W 1"'bf'm - :ff .T y 'effiffff 2 A felt' .1 ,Q 'uf ' ' - ' , . , HS ' ,-QM A Qv - -. 1 4 S., 1? - . . 1 1 bf . 9- TT? "dy" if gig -'fs-Ml, frm' . if Y " 'Q 9i'r.A- ' vs 5 N -1 'Qs-ff ra x We A' ,I if I N ,A ' V-1, 3 F' ' . 'E '.' , , I, V. -1-, .V -1, N 'X t -gn , fa , , "' ' '. f,. fn' .lin 1 ' ' w., ,V " A ,ix , 1 , .. .kxlly r :ay Stine: A. . ,,", U' -I' . 'I 1 ' XL . , 5 ,, g nw 4 'Q 44-1 K Q A Q SQ- . fx ' Q ' N ' ' U."?L'rf? lm' I' F5-gf - ' . ,itvsyj i, i' M V 1 'px i . A ji- A ' Y 43.1, e,.i - -1 ' ' Q h5if'f'Q1" " fr-f ' , ' 'f' " - --. 1' 1 3 ' X vs.: 221. ff 59' ' . . .- ' . 'ffm' .QV x A ,453 M55 M -ini .ft n -Q 5' v- 2 'E A ' ' ' " , '24 x , N . , 5 .sf .5 3 ,f ' Q, + 5 'X A - ' 1 - . Q .. rpg: s X . X 'V - 'W ' , . IPA .fc1',Qg9L - R K ' ff r Q. ,f ' ' ' ' '. ' 5 . 1 'f 1' , 'K Sa - .A ' ,??'?mg. 1 I 4 ' I f5 1 " .f.'?l1-qi ' ,..'- ' ,,,1 'X 57' -1.47 V. x , V .,,.- Q W iv' , ,wr g... H wmvm .,,'.N, ,, ' A' ' ,- -1 A, .- ',,. . lgvfnfe-,.Y W, v , 65 521,13 24 :A-PT?-ff-v. .., .x grub, 4 .., If - ,gn fl" f ,.. - , fu. ,f f' 4 .14 . . .l 1 ' f , . ! ii' . 'r 1 5. A l , 'Q 1 A ., Swv, S1 F, f Q Pills-5 197' ., .. ,L - . Q N: f . T ,gif .em QE, "ml ' '-aff V- Q lm WV. ff And. . . How For Weave Come So Soon . . . GEE rm, Looking FoR WARD1 I Thought of Yes terday, x to zhe FUTURE Is It But a Dream, . . . OR Is It REALI T Y? And We 'll Build Now! Uur Dream is Bold and Strong Now I Know It's Not cz Dream W e 'fue Made In REALITY! Yes I am Looking Forward to the Future During our high school years at Frewsburg Central. we have been in- fluenced by the patience, cheerful willingness, and sense of duty of a man who has been an inspiration to us all. His understanding, good sense of humor. and school spirit. will never be forgotten. In apprecia- tion for all of his diligent contribu- tions. the Class of 1970. is privi- leged to dedicate our Senior Leaves to Mr. Lee A. Fletcher. Mr. Lee A. Fletcher 'w w ,,,..., W V W My A . , tv L 2 -ff .vm ' 33 Y 5 fag , ff Z 4 'livi- 5... F. , ,, Supervising Principal it Harry J. Murray Leadership E H igh School Principal Robert O. Woodard the Basis o Education Elementary Principal George R. Hussey The Board of Education Coland Suckow, Harold Munson, Gordon Sheldon, Henry Cheney, Harold Berg, Kermit Johnson, Robert Marvell , l FIRST GRADE: Seated: Mrs. Augusto, Mrs. Wol- laston. Standing: Mrs. Plauny, Mrs. Mannion, Mrs. Young. Elementary KINDERCARTEN: Sealed: Mrs.George. Standing:Mrs. Dobony, Mrs. Emley, Mrs. Erickson. SECOND GRADE: Seated: Mrs. Freeberg, Miss Carlson Standing: Mrs. Mohilewsky, Mrs. Berenguer, Mrs. Russell. Teachers THIRD GRADE: Sealed: Mrs. Kimball. Standing: Mrs. Vanderschaaff, Miss Anthony, Mrs. Rich. Mrs. Shelters. FIFTH GRADE: Seated: Miss Howder. Standing: Mr. Rininger. Mrs. Leitner. Miss Hester. Mr. Dull. FOURTH GRADE: Seated: Mrs. Stanton. Standing: Mrs. Brown, Miss Bloomster, Mrs. Haley, Mrs. Murray. Seated: Mrs. Asel - Librarian: Standing: Miss Leonard - Speech Mrs. Bull - Musicg Mrs. Lyle - Art. SIXTH GRADE: Seated: Mrs. Blodgett. Mrs. Swanson. Standing: Mr. Parisi, Mr. Jackson. CADET TEACHERS: Mr. Nussbaum, Mr. Easton. SPECIAL CLASS: Seated: Mrs. Bryant. Standing: Mrs Mrs. DiMaio, Miss Hagberg. Gibbs- Karen Schultz Dental Hygienist Miss Mary LaDuke Nurse BUS DRIVERS: Kneeling: Mr. Gary Lindquist, Mr. Ravinond Wiltsie, Mr. John Evkstrom. Mr. Ronald An- derson. Standing: Rev. Bruce Felt. Mr. john O'Hara, Mrs. Norma Nelson, Mr. Max Woods. Mrs. Shirley Carl- son, Mr. Gilbert Swanson, Mr. Arnold Bush. Mr. Lloyd Moore. CLEANERS: Mrs. Francis Herrick, Mrs. Gladys Mara Mrs. Doris Sweatman, Mrs. Barbara Johnson, Mrs Helen Worden. Mr. Charles I-Iildum, Mr. Jerry Shaw Mr. Maurice Bjork, Mrs. Margaret Anderson, Mr. Clif: ford Lewis. Mrs. Mary Mosher. 1 Staff OFFICE: Mrs. Pauline Mahoney, Mrs. Dorothy Fenton. Robin Wisniewslii Dental Hygienist OFFICE: Mrs. Lois Dill, Mrs. Eleanor Davis, Mrs. Carole Gloss, Mrs. Isabella Lundgren, Miss Paula Dye, Mrs. Lois McCullough. CAFETERIA: Mrs. Lucille Olofson, Mrs. Lena Poole, Mrs. Loretta Nelson, Mrs. Betty Waite, Mrs. Bertha Benson, Mrs. Alice Dulmus, Mrs. Jeri Reidy, Mrs. Autumn Eckman. CAFETERIA: Mrs. Ruth Atkins, Mrs. Janet Strong, Mrs. Marcia Johnson, Mrs. Dorothy Dale, Mrs. Helen Holmburg, Mrs. Vivian Johnson, Mrs. Donna Petransky, Mrs. Barbara Waid. Mrs. Lillian Howbridge. .l 3. Librarians The guides of the Library Mrs. Rachel Sm-hwedt, Mrs. Ruth Lindell English Department I before E except after C. ng: Mr. Joseph Basile. Mr. Clifton Bowman. Standing: Helen Donaldson Mr Ronald Q1 hwedt Mlm Marv Lou 0l'l. Foreign Languages Language is the bridge to understanding .S d: Mrs. Carol Nohbs. Standing: Mr. Francis Picard. Science Is the world . . . Histo De artment W P History cloes repeat itsey sometimes Sc-ated: Mr. Gary Hutchison, Mr. Robert Anderson. Standing: Mr. Thomas Patterson. Mr. Everett Seastrum. Fletcher. Sealed: Mrs. Dorothy Wilcox, Mr. Patrick Songster. Standing: Mrs. Bar- bara Ammerman, Mr. Donald Bemus. Math Department 2 + 2 : 5 ??? Some of us will never learn. Seated: Mrs. Carol Nohbs, Standing: Mr. Donald Walter, Mr. Lewis Plauny, Mr. Lee Department really round? H igh School School Psychologist The mind is the key to the personality Miss Gloria Borczon Miss Sue Ri Mrs. juan Rugg Business Department They build the business world of tomorrow Home Economics They build the hornemakers of tomorrow I6 l Miss Angela Bugbee Mrs. Alberta McLaughlin. Art is beauty! Two more for the road! 1 ARTS: Mr. Robert Johnson, Mr. Melvin Heeden, Miss Doris Fnxehwirth. l MUSIC: Mr. Richard Stearns, Mrs. Carol Sutton. Strong bodies build strong minds. C L I ' v . . DRIVER EDUCATION: Mr. William Gulvin Music is the NOW hthirig. PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Miss .lean Nelson, Mi. James Sco- field, Mr. William Hair. Absent: Mrs. Sandra'Tomlinson. nv' UNDZRU. QSSIMN Cnnniv Knrur Dan Kristan Mark lawson Cindy Lindquist .luhn lindsay Rhonda Lindslrnm Linnea Littlelield f Steve lnmbardu Heather hung lnu Ann Lund .le-annine Lynn Pelrr lylarNeil Todd Mara Sue Mathews .lvff Mvllxesney' Mark Nelson Leonard Owens Libby. ow.-ng Lee Peterson Annu- l'1-translu- D1-nny Piervv 1 Tom Pillsbury Don Raymond .lvnnifer Rnhlee Alan Rowley Daw Rowley' mb Ryb,-rg Mary' .ln Saeli Mary' Sanborn Dan Smile Brad Spitzer Kiln States Cindy Stearns Sharon Stearns Alan Strandburg Chris Suckow Mark Terrilo Debra In Walker Barb Walsh Suv Ward Lisa Warner Randy Wiltsie Rnlu-rl Zinn liurvi-ii MA lu-rman llnsm-y 'WH Wesley Anderson Todd Annis Gregory Atkins Patty :llkins Bruce Baker Brvnda Bvnsnn Slanln-y Berg Mnrf Businman Girl S. Brnrllman Daxid Burlietl Slew Hush w'.-may clark .laniw ilmns Tenn Crandall Nano Cunnmgham Ruth Davidson Jayne-s Davis .ludy Dvnnisnn l.imln Dennison Brian Dow Frank Dulanvl Tum Falun K--n H-kmnn Tnm Erwin -- Slmnv Farllsvmrlh Darln-nv Gmham Palrsrk Grlmn Rnhvrl llunnnnnd Vis-kx Plalnnmnd Dawn Hu-rmn Kai Hillvr Paul llinws llxrl lnhnsnn Elimbn-lh ,lnhnson Mike Jones Inglis- Kvnl Karen larson .lnhn larson Elma-r Lee Reginuld Ln- Douglns Linn Ru-hard Munn-I Kallix Mau Di-lmmh Marsh Simi- Marlin Jvff Malin-ms Damn 5ln'Ciu'sne-i De-nnis Mfrrlaln Harb Milivr Malliwu Millffr Deborah Moon- Ramix Moor-- Brian Nm-lson Marlin N:-lsvn Mivhaf-I Nvlson Cindy Nilus Jon I'ann1- ,lnnvi l'i-muiski Ihr-fy Rlioade-s Suv R.ldspinm-r Cimli Rumbaugh Dan Runihaugh Jnsfpll Sarli Sondra S4-on Bill W ran-r lxalhx Wllmx Ruth Va ilu ox Charles Rhodes Mikr Simon Ke-vin Smilh Kiln Smith Clif-nl Spilnfr Julia' Slanlon Sandy Suns Wvudx Sloffrr Tern Strong Kim Stun-nbef-ke-r Randr- Thnrpv Chris Tullrr Te-rn Wahl Path Waite Sandra Jones Sixan .lone-s Kim Kidd Ted Kunmg Shirley has Marilyn Lundmarlc ,Mu nl V ' Becky' Mani Kelly Nnrmd Phyllis Rininger Lau Ann Marv:-ll John Pelham He-rli Rnwlrv Paulmlr Mason Kim Pratt Dwight Sanlmm John McKe1-nr Norman Re-ynulds Gai She-rman Qirol Moon' i Kevin Niles Dan Numian 3-'-'-l gf- Rirhanl Slagle Cordon Smilh Tum Slahlman Susan Stearns Mark Smdd Ruben Suminski Dan Tulle-r Dana Tnfrulver Rivhnnl Turk Ann V alle Bruce Waile Julie Wait: Fordyce Walrus Rirhnrd Walker ,lnann Wefrnrlh Marlene Womb Sam Zemhardo XQQIW Kathleen Anders Melanie Barron Deborah Barlon Carol Hansrh Glenn Beanlslry Bessie Benm-I1 Cindy Berg un ln-nv Berg Timolln Berg Denis- Birl Sally Boevlna Cimly Briggs llmglu Bnva Kenna-th Hun-h Dali- Burg.-u Rubin Burk'-n Catherine Carlson Mark llarlsnn April Clark Ruben Llwmi Sh-in-n Craft Patrim-ia Dahlgren Kathleen Dennison Kallxnn Dennison Linda Dunn David Erkman .leffrvs Eclzman Kristine Brkman Cynthia Ellis Susan Emley Patricia Erwin Douglas Frantz Phillip Gibbs laura Grundslmm Wendy Hale Randy Haley' Kalhy Hammond lhrul Hansen Debra Hayes Leo Himes 5 Cindy Hotchkiss I Lawrence lnlihar Rodnfy' .lavens JK, Bvlsy Johnson David Ilia johnson David W. lahnson Douglas .lohnsnn Paula .Innes .laums Kauffman Carl Kelwaskl Unnslanve Kidd my Kline Gary Koningisor Dvburah landy Linda Lingenllfller Shelley Luce Gr-'gmrv Mackie Kenl Mara Valerie Moore Jr-nifer Olson David M.-Qulluugh Dan Nelson Smit Olson Mark Miller Jane' Nvlsun lk:-ol Osrrandvr Slvven Millvr loan Ulrnslrad Suv Phillips Chrisly Moore Deborah Rrvnollk ,lnssiva Sanborn Ku-vin Saunders Mary Seekins Gloria Sherman Cynthia Stanlun Garl Sum Michele- Sludd .lamvs Suvkovl Waller Sw:-urrnan Sue' Trrrilu Ivan 'l'n-adwsy loyw Walker shiny wankw Linda Wilmx lane A ndrwon Manlyn Anderson Barbara Ramm- Drborah BQBIIV Cnslal Bennett Sm Berg fi Raymond Gnflin Dorothv Gnmes Pamda Hale Brenda Haley Barbara Hammond Cynllna Haskell Gan' Dove Charles Edwards bhamn Garlield Harry Berry Wesley Bossman Kathleen Burch Nancy Crooks Linda Davis Larry Dmm Clrll Howard David S. Johnson Cynthia .Iona Linda Lindsay Christine lpnmbardo Adrianne MnvNeil l N N I funiorl aa, H .I Judith Marsh Deborah Martin .genie Rita Nrlwon Palm k Nurrod brvgurv Olmsh-ad Sam Mmsinger Class Roger Miller Sieve Moore Be-ckv Nelson Brmda Simmons Mnrgnrel Seeley William Petranskv Carla Rvan David Schultz Lawrence Trask Sandra Shongo Cavle Slums David Stormer Mark Strong Dennis TeCulvu' Paula Trrnlu Eugene Treadway Chester VanArsdale Mary Walsh mborah Wilcox Linda Zimmerman K A. I i ENXORS 'K xi Fxkfg ,W 42 R 18-V Z' f I Eg aw!! 1 Z ' E '71 , f 3 : V W 33 .1 Willis H. Adams Martha .l. Anderson "Better late than never." "A smile that makes friends. Kathrvn A. Bastian Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but don't stay away for- H ever. Judy A. Benson Roxanne S. Birt "You just think I'm shy, but wait "Happiness is horsing around and see." Donald R. Coe "l'm not conceited, that was last year. This year I'm perfect." Dennis F. Davis "Sometimes quiet is an unquiet thing." Q1 Marjorie A. Covey "Anything is possible to a willing heart." John H. Davis Cynthia L. Eckman "F or I am nothing, if not critical." "Bold as innocent should be." Jeffrey A. Eckman "lf you don't make good make ex- cusesf' Rebecca L. Elmore "There are often voice and words in a silent look." 36 Marcus J. Edwards Happiness is a woman." Stephen M. Eckman "The more girls, the better I like it 77 Dale R. Erwin "A terrible tragedy, my dog went on my homework." Jeffrey L. Franklin "All I've learned l've forgotten and all I know I've guessed." Penny L. Gardner "Ford has a better idea, and it's a going thing." Margaret E. Frederes "It's nice to be natural, when y0u're naturally nice." Eleanor R. Griffin Jack D. Gulvin "With affection beaming in one "It is of more value to study books eye, and calculations shining out of than womenf, the other." Alice K. Haller Favorite pastime? Well it isn't star gaiingf, ff ,lanet N. Haskell "The measure of life is not length, but honestyf, Deborah K. Hammond "You only live once but if you work it right, once is enough." Anne K. Haller "ls it true blondes have more fun?' Sandra L. Howbridge "A smile for every girl, two for every boy." J 9 Cynthia A. Johnson "What are voices for, if not to be heardf, Thomas A. Josephson ':She's only a bootleggefs daugh- ter, but I love her still." I , ga ,, Jil af Patricia A. Johnson "What I don't know won't hurt me, and what I do know might sur- prise you." I be ,gli Merry C, Kgtgh Kathleen M. Landy "A friend is a Persgn with whom "Without love and laughter there you dare to be yourself." IS H0 10y- Diana L. Lindberg "Someone to look up to." Robert J. Manzel "I wish I had a nickel for every girl I kissed, l sure could use a pack of gum. Margaret J. Lindsay "Envy is cured by true friendship and flirting by true love." Lona J. Minor Douglas A. Moore "An innocent face but you can "Straight forward and backward never tell." and always ready for a wisecrackf, Penny L. Moore "A picture is a poem without words." Todd M. Nelson "Life has its troubles - too many beautiful girls - too little time." John T. Nelson "A sly old fish, too cunning for the hook." Judy K- Uberg Debra A. Olmstead "Regardless of what you may hear " Always the life of the partyfl about me, I'm innocent " 4l Robert A. Olmstead "Each mind has its own method." Sue A. Pasco If hoping does you good, hope v Steven R. Peterson Chase me girls. l'm full of fun." . ..., P , . .,1,, - . .... -.f, , pf... f I T 3, , f - Doreen L. Pierce Kathy A. Pillsbury "Whatever advice you givg, bg "True friends have no solitary joy brief because I won't listen any- 01' SOITOW-H 42 way." Emma J. Rowley "I chatter as I go, and I go on for- ! 1 CVCT. Donald S. Sherman "Ifthere is nothing to do, let me do 99 Ellen L. Sears "A lot of pep in a small package Robert F. Slagle Daryl P. Smith Me Tarzan, you Jane." "The joy of life is living it." ,, , v Linda Rae Sparks Linda J. Stearns "Sparkie's secret joys and wistful "The quiet miss of gentle ways." smile." Keith R. Thompson "Nothing is without evilf' w" fw 1. " V, tif -rt I : William L. Turner Bruce M. Waid "A man should be even better than "What he wants most out of school he seems," is l1imSelf.,, 44 te 95 it l lf . h he r ' Ronald A- Waid Annette J. Waite "If mall 0011111 haw? half his wishes, "Silence is one great art of conver he would double his troubles. Sationf' "W r W Janice I- Walker Frank P. Zemnick "Woman was created after man, "I never heard ofa dry party," and she's been after him ever since." , My you ve got a lot of g A , wax in your ear. Little .I ack - takes the rap. f Sk.: 5 Q-3 5 -EN W , Sit down for - L.A.F.-ln. Senior 513.5 , X, 1. A . 5, 'rv' . M 1 'Ex f. 3 S , ,sh :gg ' 'pf vs 'l,f223e, EW'1!zx1,,rf , ,M .9K..?w'f ,, ..,, ,wa ,. , .Q , Q 12, vp- l 48 l Q Oi?NXZHT2ONS 49 Junior Student Council Tom Pillsbury, Steve Johnson Jeff McChesney, Mr. Schwedt, Janice Barone, Brian Adelgren, Donna Kindland, Debbie Ryberg, Amy Griffen. Senior Student Council Bill Fenton, Gary Dove, Sue Johnson, Tom Josephson, Mr. Heeden, Gloria Sherman, Joan Olmstead, Cindy Johnson, Melanie Barron, Jenifer Olson, Wesley Bos-sman, Sam Messinger, Kathy Bastian, Linda Davis. 50 Camera Club The challenge o a good picture Kneeling: Dan Augusto. Marcus Edwards, Advisor, Mr. Songster. Standing' April Clark, .lohn Davis, Peggy Lindsay, Kathleen Dennison. Yearbook Staff Row 1: Linda Sparks, Doreen Pierce. Peggy Lindsay, Debbie Hammond, Annette Waite, Emma Rowley, Debbie Olmstead, Chris Lom bardo. Row 2: Peggy Frederes, Alice Haller. Kathy Pillsbury, Penny Moore, Merry Kotch, Sandy Howbridge, Todd Nelson, Pat Johnson Sharon Garfield, Cindy Jones, Barb Barone. Row 3: Kathy Bastian, Ellen Sears, Linda Davis, Cindy Eckman, Lona Minor, Mr. Bowman Advisor, Martha Anderson. Sue Pasco, Becky Elmore, Rob Manzel, John Davis. Latin lab Speak the language of the Romans. Row 1: Bob Olmslead, Mrs. Nobbs. Advisor. Mary Seekins. Paula Jones. Row 2: Kathy Hammond. Jennifer Olson, Chris Lombardo. Larry Trask. Marjorie Covey. Deb Hammond. Row 3: Kevin Saun- ders. Ricky Walker. Jessica Sanborn. Cindy Haskell. John Davis. The National Honor Society l W here a student finds inspiration or achievement Sealed: Jack Culvin, Rob Manzel, John Davis, Martha Anderson. Standing: Mr. Woodard, Advisor, Annette Waite, Becky Elmore, Eleanor Griffin. Marjorie Covey. Cindv Jones, Barb Barone. 52 Senior High They acknowledge the vastness 0 science. Kneeling: Norman Reynolds, Kathryn Dennison, Ricky Walker, Nancy Crooks, Patty Erwin, Kathleen Dennison, Danny Augusto. Seated: Eleanor Griffin, Marjorie Covey, Peggy Lindsay, .lack Gulvin. Standing: Kevin Saunders, Debbie Barton, Craig Clark. Dan Gulvin, Carl Kelwas- ki, Cay Kline, Jolm Davis, Mr. Bemus, Advisor, Mr. Songster, Advisor, George Coulter, Paula Jones, April Clark. The Science Clubs Kneeling: Richard Bartsch, Alan Strandburg, John Lawson, Leslie Kent. Seated: Judy Denni- son, Kevin Smith, Linda Dennison, Kathy Mara. Standing: Jeff Matthews, ,Ioe Saeli, Karen Lar- son, Dan Kristan, Randy Thorpe, Kim Butler, Ruth Davison, Dawn McChesney, Mr. Donald Bemus, Advisor. Junior High The begin with science fundamentals 53 Hi-Y Row I: ISe11ledj Melanie Barron, Deb Landy, Betsy johnson, Jane Nelson. Cindy Evknian. Crystal Bennett. Row 2: fSeutedI Peg Seeley. V. Pres., Becky Elmore, Pres.. Mrs. Swanson. Advisor. Annette Waite, Chaplain. Rau' 3: Kathy Bastian, Kathy Pills- bury, Sharon Carlield. Martha Anderson, Gloria Sherman. Chris Lombardo, Treas.. Marjorie Covey, See., Sue Pasco, Sandy How- bridge, Deb Hammond, Sandy Shongo, Emma Rowley. Christine Moore. Sue Emley. Row 4: Cindy Haskell. Shelly Luee, Jean Treadway, Eleanor Griffin, Debbie Barton. Shirley Walker. Denise Birt, Dale Burgett. Linda Davis, Rita Nelson, Cindy Jones. Row 5: Barb Hammond. Jan Walker, Carol Bartseh. Debbie Martin, Becky Nelson. Joyce Walker. Pam Hale, Doreen Pieree, Diana Lindberg. ' 54 Young men and women striving to maintain high moral standards. Row 1: fSea1edl Scott Olson. David Eekman, Phillip Gibbs. Row 2: Carl Kelwaski. ,lohn Melieever, Ricky Walked Kim Kidd. Mike Carlield. Cay Kline. Row 3: Rob Bastian, Denny TeCulver. Rau' 4: Larry Doutl. Chaplain. Bill Petransky. Sgt. at Arms. Mr. Schwedt. Larry Trask. Craig Clark. Row 5: ,lack Treadway. See. Treas.. Gary Dove. President. Dan Nelson. Vive Pres. T ri-H i- Y 7th Grade Chorus Row 1: Donna Kindland, Gayle Dahlgren. Chris Suekow. David Barron, Jack Jones, Alan Strandburg, Mark Lawson, Bobllimmerman. Ann Petranslcv. Debbie Duink. Martha Barton, Susan Barger. Susan Ward, Andrea Beatty. Row 2: Mary Jo Saeli. Kim Haskell. Robin Carlino, Jeanine Lvnn, Janiee Barone. David Rowley. Jeff MeChesney. John Hale, Tim Butler. Jim Hale, Linnea Littlefield. Sue Matthews. Sherry Johnson. Kim Holmberg. Connie Koeur, Kim States. Row 3: Cindy Stearns, Amy Grif'fin.Jody Johnson. Cheryl Saunders, Randy Wiltsie, Daniel Soule, Tom Pillsbury, Donald Raymond, Alan Rowley. Jenny Roblee, Libby Owens. Sue Bush. Lisa Warner, Glenda Bemis, Debbie Eaton, Lou-Ann Lund. n ' 8th Grade Chorus Linda Dennison. Ruth Davidson. Elizabeth johnson. Marilyn Lundmarkhludy Dennison. Karen Larson. Vicky Hammond, Cindy Ransom. Wendy Stoffer. Row 2: Brenda Benson. Dawn Herron. Dawn McChesney, Kai Hiller. Patty Atkins, Bill Hancock. Tom Eaton. Randy Thorpe. Elmer Lee. David Burkett. Carl Broekman. Cheryl Spitzer, Cindy Rumbaugh. Brian Dove. Robert Hammond, Stanley Berg. Rou' 3: Kevin Smith. Sylvia Norman. Wendy Clark. Barbara Miller. Janice Coons. Mary Bossman. Sieve Bush. Douglas Lynn. Tom Crandall, ,lulie Stanton. Sandy States. Carey Rhoades. Paul Himes. Kenny Eekman, Nancy Cun- ningham. Kathy Mara. 55 1 Senior Ensemble Row 1.' Sue Pasco. Sandy Howbridge, Linda Sparks. Emma Rowley, Annette Waite. Row 2: Doreen Pierce. Kathy Bastian, Martha Anderson, Kathy Pillsbury. Pat Johnson. Ellen Sears, Peggy Lindsay. Row 3: Debra Olmstead. y H irls Chorus Row 1: Kathryn Dennison. Lou Ann Marvell. Debby Brink. Jessica Sanborn. Jane Nelson. Besty Johnson. Jean Treadway. Shelly Luce, Sue Territo. Kathleen Dennison. Row 2: Marlene Hammond. Sue Johnson. Becky Nelson. Julie Waite. Robin Burkett. Christy Moore. Mary Bennett. Laura C-rundslrom, Wendy Hale. Paula Jones. Bessie Bennett. Connie Kidd. April Clark. Natalie Dale. Debbie Landv. Anita Seekins. Sandra Jones. Pau- lette Mason, Patty Blood. Susan Stearns. Row 3: Kim Pratt. Valerie Moore. Melanie Barron. Shirlev Walker. Cindy Ellis. Cindy Johnson. Linda Wil- cox. Jenifer Olson. Dale Burgett. Linda Lingenfelter. Darlene Coe. Susanne Covey. Denise Birt, Cindy Stanton. Cindy Berg. Sally Barone. Joan Olm- stead. Susan Jonw, Debbie Barton, Kathleen Carlson, Carol Bartsch, Wendy Kolstee. Mixed Ensemble Ron' I: .loan Olmstead. Row 2: Kathy Pills- bury, Annette Waite, Melanie Barron, ,lenifer Olson. Row 3: Cay Kline, Chris Lombardo, john McKeever. Cindy jones. Dale Erwin. Row 4: Dennis TeCulver, Carl Kelwaski, Barb Barone, ,lohn Davis. Mixed Chorzfs Row 1: Kris Eckman. Linda Sparks. Cindy Jones Carol Moore, Paula Territo, Emma Rowley. Annette Waite, Dan Agusto. Rita Nelson, Linda Davis, John McKeever. Row2: Mrs. Carol Sutton. Anne Waite. Peg Lindsay, Siri Berg. Chris Lombardo. Sue Paseo. Nancy Crooks, Melanie Barron, Ellen Sears. George Coulter. Marilyn Anderson. Pat Johnson. Row 3: Cordy Smith. Dorren Pierve, Martha Anderson. Kathy Bastian, Kathy Pills- bury. Mary Carol Stormer. Michelle Studd. Debra Olmstead. Dennis TeCulver, Barb Barone, Chester Van Arsdale. Row 4: Cay Kline, ,lim Kauffman Don Coe. John Pelham. Leo Himes. Dale Erwin. David Eckman. Carl Kelwaski. Craig Clark, Chester VanArsdale. Q Senior Band . . to Canada, May Z 8, 9. -ns,-'tum , "N--..,,A-B-.-W Row 1: Cindy Stanton. Laura Crundstrom, Debby Brink. Robin Burkett. Carol Barvh, Rita Nelson, Marjorie Covey. Ellen Sears. Peg Seeley, Becky Elmore. Row 2: Dennis TeCulver. Doug Frantz. Rita Bloomqujst, Dave Shultz. Peg Frederes. Carl Kelwaski. Dan Nelson. Nancy Crooks. Debby Landy. Dale Burgett. Carol'Moore. Row 3: Sue Stearns. Kathy Bastian, Kathy Burch. Kathy Landy. Wes Bossman. Mark Studd. Dan Norman. jeff Eekman. Larry lntihar, Greg Olmstead, Steve Moore. Row 4: Bill Fenton. Dana Te-Culver. Daniel Burkett. David Johnson. Bob Olmstead, Dale Erwin. Row 5: Linda Wilvox. john Davis. Annette Waite, Steve Miller. Bradly Carlson. Merry Carol Stormer. Ron Waid. Bruce Waid. M czjorettes l LL Kathy Bastian, Ellen Sears, Sue Pasco, Kathy Burch Junior Band Row 1:1 Mary Sanborn, Linnea Littlefield, Kathy Barto, Darene McChesney. Sylvia Norman. row 2: Dawn Herron, Frank DuLaney, Barbara Miller. Cynthia Niles. Martha Barton, Debby Duink, Cindy Stearns, Rhonda Linstrom. Jody Johnson, Chris Sucko, Robert Josephson, Roger Himes. Row 3: Sandra Eckman. Nancy Cunningham. julie Stanton, Rande Thorpe, Mike Dennison, John Hale, Lee Peterson, Michael Sisson, Douglas Lynn. Kevin Smith. Wesley Ander- son. Row 4: Jeffrey MvChesney. Brian Nelson, Tom Pillsbury. Bruce Baker. Jim Hale, Dan Soule. Randy Boardman. Dan Burkett. Row 5: Steve Cheney, Todd Annis, Charles Rhodes. "UP THE DOW DR. MAXWELL CLARKE .... SYLVIA BARRETT ..,...... BEATRICE SCHACHTER .... PAUL BARRINGER ....... J. J. MQHABE . ELLA FRIEDENBERG . . . . . FRANCES EGAN ..... CHARLOTTE WOLF. . . SAMUEL BESTER . . . SADIE F INCH. ELLEN ...... LOU MARTIN. LENNIE NEUMARK. . . CAROLE BLANCA . . . ALICE BLAKE DIRECTORS . . "I 4-an't write upside down!" 60 The Cast . . . . .Rob Manzel . . . Becky Elmore . . . Deb Olmstead . . . . John Davis . . . . Doug Moore . . Eleanor Griffen . . . . Alice Haller . . .Emma Rowley . . . . .Jack Gulvin . . . Doreen Pierce , . Peggy Frederes . . .Steve Peterson . . . . . Dale Erwin . . .Cindy Eckman . . . . Peg Lindsay . .Clifton Bowman and Mary Lou Jimison VIVIAN PAINE ...... . . RUSTY O'BRIEN .... . . LINDA ROSEN ...... .... JOSE RODRIGUEZ .... .... CARRIE BLAINE .... .... HARRY KAGAN .... . . JILL NORRIS ........ . RACHEL GORDON .... . ELIZABETH ELLIS ........... . CHARLES ARRONS ............ . Patty Johnson . Kathy Bastian Diana Lindberg . Steve Eckman Deb Hammond . .Dennis Davis . . . Ellen Sears . . .Lona Minor . . Merry Kotch . . Todd Nelson EDWARD WILLIAMS, ESQUIRE ....... Don Coe JOE FERONE ................... Jeff Franklin HELEN ARBUZZI .................. Sue Pasco FRANCINE GARDNER ......... Martha Anderson KATHERINE WOLZOW . . . ...... Anne Haller MAN ................. . . . Bob Olmstead STUDENT DIRECTOR ............ Marge Covey STAIRCASF' ,lg "I wish to take this opportunity . . . I I '1 Q ma H f. V1 ui In A TEHCHy K , "Give me one good reason why I should stay in school I 1 QZWMIIPI "I know my rights. This is a democracy ain't it?" "Is this homeroom period?" 1 62 gm A Sports Collage I J Lona Minor. Sw. Sandy Howbridge. Vive Prts., Pat johnson, Pres.. Deb Olmstead. Treas. 2: Kathleen Denni- son, Linda Dennison. Cindy Haskell. Ennna Rowley. Kathryn Dennison. 35 Doreen Pierce. Jean Treadway. Karen Larsonuludy Dennison. Vivky Hammond. Ruth Day idsun, Linda Zimmerman, Kathy Hamrhond. 4: Wendy Hale. Betsy Johnson, Deb Landy. Sue Johnson. ,lane Nelson, Deb Wilt-ox. Cindy jones, Sue Emley. 5: Kathy Mara. Mar- lene Hammond, April Clark, Pat Erwin. Connie Kidd. Annette Waite, Shirley Walker, Deb Hammond. 6: Kathy johnson. Ellen Sears. Janis Coons. Dale Bnrgett. Cindy Berg. Deb Hayes. Alice Haller, Carol Barlseh. Deb Barton. 7: Denise Birt. Riehard Slagle. Cindy Johnson, Gloria Sherman. Linda Davis. Christine Lombardo, Sue Pasco, Peg Lindsay. Linda Sparks, ,loan Olmstead. Kathy Pillsbury. Sharon Garfield, Jennifer Olson, Barb Barone, Kathy Pep lub The Spirit behind the TEAM iff? Bastian, Sally Barone. , T S i Club Sports Action Scene Loving: Ron Waid. Pres.. Cary Dove, Vice Pres., Emma Rowley, Sec.-Treas. Sitting: Roh Manzel, Wendy Hale. Cindy Jones, Jean Treadway, Bob Olmsted. Sue-Johnson, Coach Hair, Kathryn Dennison. Sandy Howbridge. ,lack Treadway, Doug Moore. Standing: Dan Nelson, Carl Kelwaski. John Nelson. Don Coe, Joan Olmsted, Steve Peter- son, Dale Erwin. Pat Norrod. Willis Adams, Sam Messinger, Ellen Sears, Denny Davis, Kathy Bastian, Todd Nelson. 65 66 Football Managers They do the extra jobs that need to be done. Lef Right: Mark Nelson, Brian Dove, Wade Fricker, Bill Hancock. Varsity Football Cheerleaders Their cheers encourage the tearn to victory. Kneeling: Cindy Jones, Sue Johnson, ,lean Treadway, Kathryn Dennison. Standing: Wendy Hale, Ellen Sears, .loan Olmstead, Kath SCHEDULE Wesqield West Valley Clymer Rqzley Pine Valley Panama Mayville Sherman Bears Break Record 30- 0 30-28 14-12 24- 0 28-26 22- 0 34- 0 38- O Row 1: Rob Manzel, Todd Nelson, Doug Moore, Don Sherman, Sam Messinger, Pat Norrod, Gary Dove. Row 2: Coach Hair, Ron Wand Denny Davis, Don Coe, Willis Adams, Mark Strong, Dale Erwin, John Nelson, Steve Peterson. i DENNY DAVIS Center RON WAID Quarterback Senior: JOHN NELSON DON COE End Halfback in Action DALE ERWIN STEVE PETERSON End End ROB MANZEL WILLIS ADAMS DON SHERMAN Center Guard Tackle I Seniors Action, DOUG MOORE - End TODD NELSON - Runningback RON WAID - Quarterback funwr Varsity Football The Bear Mascot Row I: John lNlcKe-over. Kenny Burch. Dan Burkett, Craig Clark. Mike Garfield. Mark Miller, Kelly Norrocl, Herb Rowley. Row 2: Tim Berg, Dana Ti-Culver. Rob Bastian, Leo Hiincs. John Pelham. Robert Gray, Kay Cline, Carl Kelwaski. Ted Kunzog. Dan Nelson. Coach Amie-rson. 7I THE MANY C 0 FUOTBA LL 36 - 24 - 36 Hike Third downg goal to gog and WE hit half-time! 72 There goes another one What's next Coach? gm.. Victory Hit 'em highg Hit 'em low L Q 3 fi 4 VARSITY Basketball Cheerleaders E R I C d J Ell S , Kathy Bastian. Sandy Howbridge. 9 ,g Il.-. IM 'LW Um IL-1 Lux. .l4m. lam. Jam. .l4m. Jun. Fm-In F4-la lfvlr lfvlr li-I1 l"e'l1 lf!-lv .H f 55 Q . u . 3 Q x'l if I me X ull. x 'lf . ,,.n,i5gbiH,T 4 0 1 xi H il mlm XX tl 'HN' T Nlwxxilll RIl1'l'lll'l ie! gi .S 5 K V? Y +5 4. 8 Y' Kar X 1 X W all .. wk. .r-,lw,xn1 f. Jwxs xx. ii w. N ' 'Q -. ., gy If vvgiwv' Fifi x, 1' Zigxi 4 xx- ,g,..,.l1,, W, :. ' R mx 2, 3? .- 5,.s.xzL ifxkxklkl. ,fx 5. E 'H ki, ' , 'Q Qi :il fs? 'L 1 - QL. ch . Vg 3 Jf .. ,1 E: WM f "Ns A X . 9 g 4 -if im .. ,ww-, A 5 ! if 18 A r' Basketball 11 W Coordination Team playing Sportsmanship School spiriz: Kneeling: Coavh Anderson, Ken Burvh. Carl Kelwaski. Greg Mackie. Rivhard Slagle, Dan Nelson, Kihm Brown. Standing: Mark Studd Philip Gibbs. Dana TeCulwr, John Hvedvn. Hvrlx-rl Rowley, Dan Burkett. Thomas Stahlman. .V Basketball "They've got GO power . . ." Kathryn Dennison, Wendy Hale, Sharon Garfield, Jean Treadway, Sue Emley, Sue Johnson. . lf Cheerleaders ,,.,, nu-4' A CHEERLEADERS: Debbie Moore, Martha Barton, Dawn Henon, Wendy Stoffer, Linda Denni- son, Nancy Cunningham, Cindy Ransom. 7th-8th Grade Basketball i f if' Heiwfff-11 fwfwimm , W .aww , " 1 if Tiff rf' S 'M ' - 2 VFW: h-,LBSKDPJNQ PLAYERS: Todd Mara, Rick Cusimano, Steve Lombardo, Mark Nebon, Robert Joeephson, Brian Dove, Tom Erwin, Tedd Annis, Bruce Baker, Dave Burkett, Lee Peterson, Randy Moore, David Banon, Stan Berg, Steve Johnson, Jolm Hale, Doug Johnson, Jim Hale, Paul Himes, Dennis Marriam, Terry Strong, Don Raymond, Randy Wiitsie, Carl Johnson, Tom Pillsbury, Steve Bush, John Lindsay. 3' ll Q' ' I n gg I : Q XSQ .'!""'tsb Row 1: Bill Fenton. Ricky Walk:-r. Tum Slhalman. Kim Kidd. Rau' 2: Dan Gul- vin. Bradly Carlson. .lim Sucknw, Mark Stuild. Dan Norman. Rau' 3: David Evkman. Bob Olnisleafl. Forflycr Wallvrs. Stow Craft. Mr. Schwf-dt. 82 Cross Country Fordyce Waillvrs Kelly Nnrrod Mr. Svllwvlli .1 ? .1 C- I Baseball Track Dale Erwin. Todd Ni-lsnn. Willy Adains. Cay Kline. Bob Olmsteail. Carl Kelwns- ki. Dun Con. 'N 3 E- W SX X R "'N S 54. . 'Xi - N x 'v 'X ra- X' .lil -1? First Row: Leo Himes, john Nelson. Run Wald. Dennis Davis. Dun Cui-. Bill Pm-translxy. Second Row: Mark Nlillvr. Cary Dove. Steve Pvterson, Patrirk Norrod. Dan Nvlsnn. Dong Bova. X FREWSBURG FIRE COMPANY Main Street Frewsburg, New York 84 FREWSBURG SPORTS BOOSTERS ASSOCIATION creed I believe that our children should develop physically, mentally, spiritually. I believe that the proper conduct of athletes can be a great motivating force toward this goal. May I always try to promote good sportsmmship, wholesome activity and acceptable conduct for all people. We have tried t'o make our school district a better place for our young people to develop. If you have helped - WE THANK YOU! Compliments of MAYTA'S BEAUTY SALON IO Main St., Frewsburg, N. Y. SLUGA'S RESTAURANT 40 West Main St., Frewsburg Phone 569-2714 Best Wishes From Best Wishes From SHOP 'N' SAVE FALCONER AGWAY INC. Best Wishes From S Frewsburg, New -York' Best Wishes From CI f 197 HILDOM RICE BLOCK CO. INC. R. D. 32 Jamestown, N. Y. TRAILER SALES Box 236, Jamestown, N. Y. The Finest People Shop at THE GIFT GALLERY Cards and Gifts for All Occasions FENTON GLASSWARE - CALIFORNIA ORIGINALS - JEWELRY - BETTY DIXON CANDY - SMALL APPLIANCES On the Comer Phone 569-6569 RUSLINK PLAZA DRUGS, INC. RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES Hours: Weekdays 8:30-10:00 Sundays and Holidays 2:00-10:00 Phone 485-1416 LAMP POST MOTEL 152 West Main Street Frewsburg, New York CAROL J. NOBBS, Owner .Congratulations From FREWSBU RG LANES I8 W. Main Street Frewsburg, New York Phone 569-2593 EDBORG'S APPLIANCE Best Wishes to the Senior Class Best Wishes to the Class of 1970 ANDERSON'S RESTAURANT 2 Main Street Frewsburg, New York Congratulations From the PROTANE CORP. Route 2 Kennedy, New York WALT'S CAR EXCHANGE 2005 Washington Street Jamestown, New York BEST WISPES CLASS OF "70' 87 Compliments of TOM CONTI INC DISTRIBUTOR 50 Market Street Jamestown, New York Congratulations. CARNAHAN'S Jamestown's Largest Store for Men and Boys I7-23 West Third Street Jamestown, N. Y. ANTHING MUSICAL FOR SCHOOL OR HOME HOUSE OF BIEKARCK 426 Penna. Ave. West Warren, Pa. 16365 Phone 814-723-1910 Compliments of MOORE'S HARDWARE 54 Main Street, Frewsburg, N. Y. Compliments of TERRACE GARDENS RIO RESTAURANT One Mile South of Frewsburg, New York Frewsburg, New York Best of Luck to the Congratulations From Class of "70" FREWSBURG G0RD0N'5 LAWN MOWER BARBER sl-lop SERVICE 102 Falconer St., Frewsburg CHUCK'S SERVICE CENTER MAYNARD L. ATKINS GENERAL nEmR,Au1oMAnc ELECTRICAL CONTRACT ING mmsmlssuou, weuamc, mo 24 Houn wnecxex senvuce Frewsburg, N. Y. Route 62, Frewsburg New York Compliments TWIN AUTO L. B. MACKIE 8. SONS WRECKING NURSERY onNAMeN1AL AND FOUNDATION BEST WISHES EVERGREENS Frewsburg, New York 45 Pearl St. Frewsburg, N. Y. 569-4961 89 Our Sincere Congratulations to the Class of I970 VAC AIR ALLOYS CORPCRATION Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Seniors From SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Best Wishes to Class of "70" JULlA'S RESTAURANT Center Street Frewsburg, New York Compliments of THE FREWSBURG BARBER SHOP 2 Center Street Frewsburg, New York 569-4831 Congratulations From ZAHM 81 MATSON Falconer, New York PJ'S LOUNGE 217 West Third Street Jamestown, New York BARONE'S MEAT MARKET Center Street Frewsburg, New York ELBOW ROOM 200 Lafayette Street Jamestown, New York Congratulations From HOTEL FREWSBURG "Beauty In our duty!" GOOD LOOK BEAUTY NOOK 16 Carroll Street Frewsburg, New York 569-5813 ECKLOF BAKERY 756 Foote Avenue Jamestown, New York 485-1516 Compliments of PLASTIC CASE CORPORATION 225 Falconer Street Frewsburg, New York Best Wishes TWIN TRAILER SALES INC. Jamestown, New York FRANZ RADIO 81 T.V. SALES AND SERVICE PHILCO T.V. AND APPLIANCES 162 Ivory St., Frewsburg, N. Y. Phone 569-5763 TERMINAL COLLISION Foote Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. Congratulations to the Class of 1970 COCONUT GROVE SPECIALIZING IN SPAGHETTI Frewsburg, New York Congratulations From Compliments of THE FABRIC SHOP TASTEE FREEZE Boniwood Plaza Foote Ave. Ext. 780 Foote Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. THE IVORY STORE On the Way to the Kinzua Dam Open From 8 a.m. t 10 p GENERAL MERCHANDISE SATELLITE BOWL 24 Automatic AMF Pin Spotters 1 850 Foote Ave. r Best Wishes to h J est Ne Y k L Class of 1970 Ph ne 483-1818 i NIARVELL ELECTRIC Frewsburg New York C P' f PETERSON FUNERAL HOME FREWSBURG F F b g N Y MARVIN PETERSON ASSOCIATION Congratulations! .IOHN R. STOFFER Distributor-Technician ISS BREE PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Theme - People who care belong to PTA Aim - Grow with your children through PTA Qc' '-lg x ' I ' ,' ' .kg .'A x m4,.v,f- . nd , , 1 I You can't heatf Varden Photography YOUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOG RAPHERS The Only Bank You'll Ever Need 7 OFFICES TO SERVE YOU Main Office . . . 3rd and Main Sts. Drive-In Office . . . 6th and Main Sts. Bemus Point, N. Y. Falconer, N. Y. Frewsburg, N. Y. Lakewood, N. Y. Mayville, N. Y. MEMBER F.D.I.C. Compliments of TRI-HI-Y OUT MOTTO: To create, maintain, and extend, throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian Character, Pure thoughts, Pure words, Pure actions. Best Wishes in the Future B.N.8nB. ESSO STATION Main Street Frewsburg, N. Y. Best Wishes to the Class of 1970 JAMESTOWN RENDERING COMPANY Frewsburg, New York The yearbook staff wishes to thank the following patrons: Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Woodard Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Bowman Miss Susan Rieger Mr. and Mrs. Lois Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Gloss Miss Jo-Anne Nelson Mr. and Mrs. William Hair Mr. and Mrs. Everett Seastrum Mis GI ' Bor zon s ona Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. c Wayne Hammond Cecil Waite Herbert Elmore John Lindsay Donald Coe Albert Eckman Robe M' rt mor Alan Pillsbury Louis Manzel 1 , --.4-' ' "tn-.. 11-456 1.5 Congratulations to the Class of 1970 AMERICAN LEGION POST 556 Frewsburg, New York Best Wishes to the Class of 1970 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE From the CLASS OF 1970 GRANT F. SEARS PAINTING, PAPERING FLOOR SANDING AND FINISHING 569-3392 1821 HOUSE OF ANTIQUES Compliments of CAFETERIA STAFF To the Class of 1970 In .Memory of m- John, Temple Nelson III We remember John . . . . . . his all around ability as an athlete . . . his ability to get along with everyone . . . his determination to see a job well done . . . his happy-go-lucky attitude toward life. We will miss him, but know that we have gained much by his ability, is determination., and his enthusiasm for life. We appreciate and ac- knowledge all he has contributed to the Class of 1970 and to the spirit of F.C.S. I n the halls At the games Oar school always In our memory will remam 1970 z , was if -ffm. A utograp hs ck ff C 1 x N ,J N, Q' -mx Q, iq fa f 1 O V wax . j ,A K 4 , QQ? 25, if C., V an N J Kh I x - - M5 P , N X Qadawyvgl 'WW 4' ' fWiQQf15WQM f ive n ,. 9. Q 1 C L MW yy w,QpJ,w1Jg I ACL' 3 my Q wif! Mil ly W 2 M' WW f 3 ' EMWLW gif if 225632 by My? fm if R5QbfefE gTf WMVW X55 Qi ba fy A ,vifqjgjgigpg 3,2532 is 5? fi X ff S221 13. wg A 1 X x ck ,!, QQ 50141 lwffvsg 55'Qfi3M f W awww MMM QFSQN 44 9440 I wfxm 7249 , f fn if A ,O I ' v hf7'7!2'?7T?,Q,f2fZ f JWQ 47 , ' I, JV!! n' K I Cf'2'fV if Lf VA ' 1 1 7,:n',:.-'I ll, 1 1' ' Hn, ' xx' ff" L' - ' H f +749 13 1' 1 ' ' L J H My ff N QMMAWQM ww W UWWD f , ww Wig? w OV M N WV W 3 MW Wfwfy KM W QMZCQQ ifwffv "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY -f - 7 , V , . .,f,, , Hg., p. , .,-.ti M P A I 1 L fp K . rt f' 1 M' K 5 L w r l Y wg, E, V r 1 v A r r A l , , . 4 if L. +2 - x V ,.. . flfl s'-r i15., hw, LEM 3 ,wr ii fur. Alix' my 51. .L '27 A ur' Y- uf an B 1. 4 I .gf-.., . l ' A A 4' '1 'N 'P+' U ,'zf5'jQ!2' f ' , c. 1 4 g - Y -2,ij:1Pf1 . A V . , X ,ly-. .I Q 1 Vg i . K1 if. , , 23,1 ,r -' . ,V 'A 1 -a , 4 - ,:, Ah. Y , - .-fi -. Q V 1 V ,- , ,E . W I. 1 gf, Vg - ' Q .,, 5,-I " ug" ,V , ,,,Qr1-ip Arffi '-f':1:E.C'?,L-.. 11,2 'Z".s44 ' . gc :,.',44g,, gi- , ' L W f '- ' . - f . . 14 X -- u.. gf' xr L "' -1": .w.,.: -' .1 ' -L f n: K' X -'r- -' A . 'ffl .A - 'fl' - 4 ' alqi- " 'giw nr 1, .5 - L, "f,.w -1' -vp.- g fl 4 - n'.MA:, Q. ',75 V , -A-gif: - V LL., .lg - ff, - MA --v-v ,-:1j,.. 53,1 ,..-f-.,' . f.. , f :Q jr- I my V1 Y,,:,,w gag, 1 - t. 3 I- ' - 1, - V . . Qi 'wi fi "'3i'i5fs' ,aus 09,01 wp Qof' 5'fVLhWfJ',V w imc? fciyjfk fw5fMQff ,FA , nw 'Dy M PM fwgpiww n. f Y 1 I-7 W W w N'K'!l'7' 1 4 f-f + 1 i f -SW -, ' ' 1 414 -gf 'uv x Xi, f '- ,if,r?, ' iQ ,5fi?E,: .ZNVYI -' -s'4'fx 4,f f ' M411 N NAA , A A NT ?'-'P .-A A--fix wg 1 f A .1 ,J ' -N , N H H ' eww Va -l , i Hr X NI Ax vhraq,-QS'v.lA :G A v - , - Ll , - A', S ',""'P' . -- A - .V ' ' 55 ': -41 "atv . A " ff,f lsif'f ' T .ng-Qgg NN :tl nit, I Y-,154 Vfgfs- iii, , -H: Rav . " xv "-j.'-' "1-,. x , ,' ,x?.,,w.i -. lflLfi'!5.jy:L ffxi P" . f fd 9' Y' " -N. ,gi '5t' u-wf fw If wi-If L - ',.-' ' 'Z' ' "' -- 'im 'J , if . '.- tag. ' ' f x Q15 ' f N: ,,,qQgj:'1 ,N x -- ,A ,fx .IL-:3Ta5itsc2.x M w iq ' ,A jk ,q,M. r,3 f I 'fn A gk f . W ?...,x 1 ,1 L1 Ja 4"f1-- ' WML Lu 3 K '- L fx 2. 1 ,ee A :- Ji H ., f E3 Q , V Y A '4 ff 15:7g5i L?f' t' . m ff? RW L' 9, fr: ,Q 7. 35 rn N A - 3. ..K 2' :N v --.1 . JT'- " f - JF' 1..- .4.j,f, - 5- . 1 5 ' Y i 1 va, ' 41, --w - ,.-. 14.3.24--5. 'L ' -1 .13 if , . -be uw. Aff M. 43- -wx' 5 .

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