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Vme, .v Iriv . ; W922 WM Frewsburg Witnesses Growth. . . This is Frewsburg-a town like all others, yet just a little bit different. This is the new Frewsburg; the growing Frewsburg; the Frewsburg of today. A writer once stated that even a town possessed a soul In no other place can this be brought to light more than in Frewsburg. From a dwelling of one person, she has grown into a community embracing thousands. Her early youth attended a one-room school house. Today, the building of schools can hardly keep pace with her ever-increasing demands upon the education of her youth. From an industry consisting of one store, Frewsburg has grown into a com- munity of diversified industry.'And yet, while all this change is taking place, her peoples contribute their sacrifices, however small, to their common God. This is the soul of Frewsburg. Who knows the future of Frewsburg? Who knows when she will stop growing? Frewsburg Will not stop growing until her people run out of ideas, until there exists no room for improvements- because this is Frewsburg. . . .SCHOLASTICALLY From the one-room school houses of the past, to the multi-roomed monstrosities of today, Frewsburg is symbolic of the ever-changing roads to education. In the past, school consisted of occupying the same chair for twelve years under the direction of the same teacher. Today, students shuffle from class to class, meeting new teachers, and add- ing to their knowledge new theories of science, culture, and history. Religion has been a guiding principle throughout the development of our nation. Because of this faith in humanity derived from a faith in God, America has achieved a promi- nent position in world culture. This success of contribution originates in local communities such as Frewsburg. In Frewsburg, this spiri- tual growth is being symbolized in the con- struction of new churches and improvements in the old. This construction shows the sacrie fice our community has endured willingly for their God. RESIDENTIALLY Residential expansion in Frewsburg has progressed from the massive, pillar- ed house built by Frewsburgts first settlers, James and Mary Frew in the year 1 82 1 9 to the modern, compact, split-level house of today. Between these two houses are hundreds of others, from Which thousands of enlightened citizens claim their background. INDUSTRIALLY Formerly, all Frewsburg had to show for industry was a general store and a hotel. Times have changed. Although Frewsburg is far from being a teeming metropolis, she is the location of several new enterprises. These establishments have contributed greatly to her wealth and posi- tion in the county of Chautauqua. DEDICATION TO THIN E OWN SELF BE TRUE . . applies to many facets of life. In the educational process one must apply himself to strengthen his weak points and to sustain his strong points. We, of the senior class, know of no other way of recognizing this quality than through the dedication of our yearbook to Mr. Douglas A. Randall. A person can hardly be considered Wholly educated until he has experienced Mr. Randallis progressive and outstanding methods of teaching. In the field of sports, Mr. Randall has continually emphasized the qualities be- fitting a sportsman: the desire to win, but the fortitude to lose gracefully; the ability to recognize our mistakes, and the desire to rectify them. It is these qualities Which we believe exemplify his personality. Mr Randall, thank you for the privilege of your influence. nun aunigisu m:nsauhnut a ADMINISTRATORS PROVIDE LEADERSHIP Mr. Harry J . BOARD OF EDUCATION Robert Marvell, Harold Munson, Gordon Danielson, Eric Olofson, Henry Cheney, Harry Davis, Ruth Davis, Isabella Lundg'ren. L A m C m R P L O O H C S H m H ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL George Hussey Mr Mr. Robert Woodard HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS SEATED: Mrs. Ruth Linden, Librarian; Mr. Gerald O Nei11, English and Latin; Mrs. Carol Nobbs, Latin and Math. STANDING: Mrs. Helen Donaldson, English; Mr. Clifton Bowman, English; Mr. Francis Picard, French and Social Studies. Mrs. Judith Auria, Music; Mr. Dick Stearns, Music. Mr. Thomas Patterson, Junior High English and Social Studies; Mr. Robert Anderson, Business and Junior High Math and Social Studies; Mr. Victor Reinhold, Social Stu- dies; Mr. Everett Seastrum, Social Studies; Mrs. Dorothy Perkins, J unior High English and Social Studies. MOLD CHARACTER Mr. Robert Johnson, Industrial Arts; Miss Ann Howard, Homemaking; Mrs. Jane Lockwood, Commercial; Mr. Melvin Heeden, Art Supervisor. Mr. William Hair, Boy s Physical Education; Mr James Scofield, Boys Physical Education; Mrs Alberta. McLaughlin, Girrs Physical Education Mr. William Zimmer, Agriculture and Science; Mr. Douglas Randall, Science; Mr. Clyde Deeks, Math; Mr. Kennedy Dayton, Driver Training and Biology; Mr. Michael Hayes, Junior High Math; Mr. Donald Bemus, Junior High Science and Social Studies. Mr. Malcolm Allen, Fifth Grade; Miss Margaret Derby, Sixth Grade; Mrs. Marsha Fairbanks, Fifth Grade; Mrs. Lois Swanson, Sixth Grade; Mrs. Florence Haley, Fifth Grade; Mrs. Cecil Johnson, Sixth Grade. ELEMENTARY TEACHERS SHAPE TALENTS Mrs. Marguerite Shelters, Third Grade; Mrs. Margaret Nordland, Second Grade; Mrs. Lois Young, First Grade; Mrs. Genevieve West- Mrs. Nancy Stanton, Fourth Grade; Mrs Alice Fairbank, Music; Mr. Theo- dore Rininger, Fourth Grade; Mrs. Nell Pratt, Fourth Grade. Miss Dorothy Carlson, Second Grade; Mrs. J eannette Sheats, Second Grade; Miss Lois Kelley, Third Grade; Miss Yvonne Anthony, Third Grade; Mrs. Louise Kimball, Third Grade; Mrs. Donna Nichols, Second Grade. phal, Kindergarten; Miss Doris Bloomster, Kindergarten; Mrs. Erma. Bryant, Special Class. Mrs. Edith Impey, First Grade; Mrs. J oyce Emley, Kindergarten, Miss Nancy Snow, First Grade; Miss Gertrude Mahan, First Grade; Miss Alice Einstein, Kindergarten; Miss Joyce Johnson, Kindergarten. STAFF FACILITATES SCHOOL LIFE Mr. Maurice Bjork; Mr. Thomas Darling; Mr. Charles Hildum; Mr Clifford Lewis. Mrs. Isabella Lundgren; Mrs. Pauline Mahoney; Mrs. Ida Weekman; Mrs. Lois D111. School Nurse; Mary LaDuke, R. N.; Doctor; R. M. Weidler SEATED: Mrs. Bertha Benson; Mrs. Dorothy Waite; Mrs Lu- cille Olofson; Mrs. Loretta Nelson; Mrs. Ida Philips; Mrs. Le'na P001; STANDING; Mrs. Verna Hale; Mrs. Alice Green; Mrs. Eleanor Johnson; Mrs. Virginia Samuelson. W KNEELING; Mn Brian Johnson; Mr. John Titchner; STANDING; Mr. Percy Philips; Mr. Rudolph Benson; Mr. Kenneth Anderson; Mr. John Ekstrom; Mr. Gilbert Swanson; Mr. Lloyd Moore. x anammuxwwdm : ? EXCHANGE STUDENT DELIGHTS ALL ROJANA SIRIPACHANAH THAILAND First of all, my thanks awful large to teachers that they are very kind to me, and all of my friends that they help me all the time too. This is my wonderful year. I have really enjoyed school with all of you. Sometime you think I am quiet, but thatls not my real habit. My life is wonder and exciting in America all the time. Although it is one year, thatls a short time for me. But I hope when I go back to my home in Thailand, I will think of you very much and remember when we had fun here. Everything is very pretty in America, so I can not forget easily. Thank you to infinity, Roj ana Siripachanah BOYS PROVIDE EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP President Vice-President ' V' Secretary DUANE MUNSON Math, Science Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseba112, 3,4; Student council Pres. 1, Rep. 3,4; Class Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3,4; Hi Y 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Boys State 3. Treasurer THOMAS LUNDGREN 3 , I GREGORY LOMBARDO Math, Science , Math, Science, Latin Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, - L L Basketball 1,2, Scorekeeper 3,4; Hi Y 2,3,4; Track 3,4; 1 ; 1 4; Class Sec. 4; Student Coun- Class Vice-Pres. 4; Student - -- cil Treas. 1; Debate 2,3, Vice- Council Representative 2; In. Pres. 4;'Latin Club 1,2,3,4. tramurals 3,4. 3 ROBERT NORMAN Math, Science, Latin Debate 1,2, Vice-Pres. 3; Stu- dent Council Vice-Pres. 3; Class Treas. 4; Time Keeper 3,4; Latin Club 1,2, Vice- Pres.3,4. RONALD ANDERSON Business, Art Chorus 3, 4; Class Play CATHY BLOOMQUIST Math, Science, Latin Music, Business Class Secretary 2; Tri Hi Y 2, , , , , Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Latin I ' , .' 5 . ' , 4; Intramurals 2, 3; Class Play Club 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff , , , 3, 4; Tri Hi Y 2; Majorette 2, 3, ' L 4. LINDA BENNETT SHIRLEY COONS Science, Homemaking Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Student Council 1; Chorus 1, 4; Class Play 4. LARRY ATKINS ANTHONY CONTI Math; Science Science Basketball 1, 2; Band 1. Basketball 1, 2; Intramurals Science Club 1; Track ; , 2 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Class Play Annual Staff - 3, 4. PHYLLIS BROWN Business Chorus 1, 2, 3; Annual Staff MICHAEL DOVE i - - ,. . L KERMITT EKSTROM Business ; L Agriculture Basketball 2,3;Intramura1s 3; L L L e , L L FFA 2,treas.3,presi4 Tennis 3, 4; V.L.C. 4; Chorus 2, 3,4 STEVEN GAGE Math, Science Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; Track 3, 4; Intramurals 3, 4; TORIE DERBY L x - MARCIA DALLAS Business, Homemaking , i i Homemaking, Business Intramurals 3;Chorus 4;Class ; 4- - ; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Class Play 4; An- Play 3, 4; Annual Staff - L nual Staff PAUL SHERMAN Business Volleyball 3. $1 11$ NANCY DERRY L L L ' L " 1 BARBARA ENGLE Business, Homemaking ? 1 ' , Math, Science Class Play 3; Annual Staff. , L Chorus 1,3,4; French Club 1; Annual Staff. CAROL GATES Business, Homemaking Chorus 1 ,2,4. SHERWOOD JOHNSON L L ' 1 L TIM STAHLMAN Business,Shop '. , 1 ' - , ' , Math,Science Chorus 1,2; Basketball , ' . L j , - V - Honor Society 2,3,4; Band 1, Baseball 1,2. 1 L 1 2,3, Vice-Pres. 4; Annual ' Staff; French Club 1. DOUGLAS SWANSON Science Science Club 1, 2; Chorus 4; Chess Club 1, pres. 2 PATRICIA HALEY Business, Homemaking Class Play 3; Chorus 1, 2; An- nual Staff SHARON HAMILTON Business Chorus 1, 2, 3 GERALD SHERMAN Math, Science Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 3, 4; Am nual Staff ALAN MACKIE Business, Shop Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Class P1ay8 SHERYLE KENNEDY Science Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Class Play 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3; Chorus 1, 4' Annual Staff; French Club 1 kw KATHLEEN OLSON Math, Science, Latin Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, pres. 4; Debate Club 1, 2, sec 86 treas. 3, 4; La- tin Club 1, vice pres. 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3; Honor Society 3, 4 GORDON SKINNER Math, Science Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; V.L.C. 4-3 Intramurals 3, 4; Science Club 1 GEORGE WALSH Agriculture, Shop Chorus 2, 4; Intramurals 4 JEANNETE MILLER Latin, Math, Science Class pres. 2; Student Council treas. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, vice pres. 3, chapl. 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4 CHERYL MARSH Music, Latin, Math, Science Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2, 3, pres. 4; Class Play 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Student Council sec. 2, 3; Majorette 2, 3, 4 BROOKS NELSON Agriculture Track 3, 4; Intramurals 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 4; Hi-Y 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3 MARGARET PRATT Math, Science, French Honor Society 12, 3, 4; GirYs State 3; Debate 1, 2, 3,4; Tri-Hi- Y Representative 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4 CARL SEASTRUM Math, Science, Latin Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Pres. 1; Latin Club Pres. 2; Treas. 3, 4; Boy4s State 3 DIANE SWANSON Honor Society 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2, 3; Intramurals 2, 3; Class Play 3; Annual Staff Co-editor J AMES SWANSON Math, Science, Music Honor Society 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 4, Pres. 4; Conf. All State; Class Treas. 2, 3; Student Council Pres. 4; Hi-Y 2, Sec. 3, 4; Track 3, 4 CYNTHIA HOWARD Math, Science, French Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Debate 3, 4; Class Sec. 3; Intramurals 2, 3; Class Play 4; Chorus 1, 4; Cheerleading 1 NANCY WORDEN Music, Business Chorus 1, 8, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2, 3 7 my V 19X f w; 2 As e 113426144?ng KM SUSAN WALSH Homemaking, Business Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Class Play 3 BARBARA LINDHOLME Business Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Annual Staff; Latin Club 1, 2, 3 ROSE MARIE HIMES Music, Science Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff; CYNTHIA OBERG Business, Homemaking Tri-Hi Y 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 4; Science Club 1; Class Play 3 EDWARD PAYNE Math, Science Basketball 1, 2, Mang. 3, 4; Hi- Y 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Intra- murals 3, 4; Class Play 3 MICHAEL PERCY Science, Business Basketball 1, 2, Manager 3; Chess Club NOELLE SWANSON Music, Business, Homemaking Tri-Hi-Y 4; Band 1, Treas. 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Annual Staff TERRANCE SMITH Science Basketball 2; Track 3, 4; De- bate 2, 3, pres. 4; Chorus sec. 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2; Class Play 4 BARBARA SUMINSKI Business, Homemaking Chorus 1, 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2 SENIORS EXCELL IN EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Wheres last piece of cake! Well jump, and we 11bump, and we,11 vibrate the school down. We could drag, but she always Wins . . . Fm a good listener, reasonable, three After a hard period of wrestling With English , . . O promise me . . . These go to room 32. Ed, you door. He gets such a kick out of my pointed remarks Next we 11 see Bubbles No matter how hard you try, you carft find the Genesecret! Here it is! V $$WN Ladies first .the Dentist is waiting. . . A1, keep up with me now! One, Two . Aknit,pear1! Must be something 1 ET a busy day the Forum can we ditch the 5g? w Lady Macbeth walks again Regents? . .. .....,.u.q. J UNIORS . . . WE ARE SETTING OUR SIGHTS ON OUR SENIOR YEAR ROW ONE: John 01- son, Edward Moore, Sandra Walker, Carol Norman, Linda Ja- vens. ROW TWO: Craig Champlin, Di- ane Brothers, Donald Anderson, Pat Covey, Christine Heeden. ROW ONE: Phyllis Jacobson, Marcia Josephson Brenda Gregg, Gilbert Beardsley. ROW TWO: Sandra Lee, Christine Emley, Maureen Spring- er. ROW THREE: Dewey White, Robert Yar- atch, John Harle, Beverly Darling. ROW ONE: Diane Robinson, Janet Minor, Sharon Davis, Linda Thurston, Sandra Per- sichini. ROW TWO: Norma Dudgeon, Carol Kidd, Constance Shaw, Sandra Anderson, Jacqueline Hedges. ROW ONE: Klaudette Ingeman, Bradley Ring, Julia Mattocks, Paul Cheney, Pamela Scofield, Shirley Samuelson, Thomas Mahoney. STAND- ING: Margaret Wiltsie, Gary Swanson, Larry Marvell, Gaylord Swanson, David Sherman, Carl Stevens. ROW ONE: John Howard, Kathryn Hale, Barbara Ander- son, Barbara Cheney, Donald Dove. ROW TWO: Emerson Ek- strom, David Hazel, Bonita Berg, Edward Michalski, Sue Dill, Walter Erickson, Carolyn Davis. ROW ONE: Richard Swanson, Melanie Blair, Kathy Berg, JoAnn Hasbrouck, Robert Darling, ROW TWO: Wayne Babcock, Sue Ann Thomas, Doris Sweatman, Gary Pasco. ROW THREE: Thomas Shures, Ira Rhodes, Frank Black, Michael Barone, Johnana Allison, Robert Kauffman. SOPHOMORES . . . WE ARE SETTING ROW ONE: Lottie Covey, Pennie Johnson Darlene Featherstone, Susan Dennison. ROW TWO:L1nda Fanoher Linda Moore, Vickie Anderson Cheryl Mathews. ROW THREE: Daniel Thomas Ralph Miller, Edward Waid, Robert White, Wayne Swanson, Daveen K1dd,Jewe1 Sherman,Mar11yn Cheney, William Anderson, Mark Schultz, Mark Sanborn, David Hallett, James Lombardo, Susan Waid, Gale Kobalka Linda Harle, William W1111ams,David Paseo, Bryan Champlin. ROW ONE: Cynthia Eklund. ROW TWO: Connie Waid, Mary Walker, Arlene Cullen. ROW THREE: Priscilla Emley, Merle Johnson, Bonnie Mara, Patricia MacNeil, Eric Hagberg. ROW FOUR: Kent Young, Gary Adams, Randall Lund, Charlene Brown, Dawn Hodges, Barbara Craft. OUR GOALS ROW ONE: Barry Nelson, John Hotchkiss, Merle Sherman, Wayne Kennedy, Noel Hanson. ROW TWO: Cindy Conti, Aaron Mills, Cindy Kimball. ROW THREE: Leslie Walker, Eric Hagberg, Dennis Richards. Harold Rowley, Brian Greenwald, Paul Wilcox, Ann Patterson, Mary Lee Anderson, Sandra Horner, Linda Billgren, Jack Hayes, Daniel Robinson, Richard Frankson, William Barry, Gerald Beardsley, Grant Everson. FRESHMEN . . . THEY FIND HIGH SCHOOL ROW ONE: Carol Obert, Carol Zimmerman, Toni Jo Saeli, Susan Munger, Anne Lombardo, Catherine Owens, Daniel Stahlman, James Barone, Cheryl How- bridge, Mary Ann Turk, Linda Elmore, Laura Swanson, Elaine Hamilton, Sandra Stanton, Jeanne Olson, Diane Billgren, Betsy Warn, Cleo Nobbs, Karen Hallett, Janice Anderson, Susan Sjogren, Sylvia Bova, William Ost- hagen. ROW TWO: Beverly Davis, Constance Carlson, Candace Anderson, John Sanborn, Louis Howard, Burdette Anderson, Patricia Miller, Marian Lee, Dona Sisson, Marilyn White, Cheryl Poole, Bruce Carlson, Gary Lynn, Rose Ekstrom, James Zimmerman, Robert Erwin, John McLaughlin, Russell Rayne, Joyce Frank- son, Richard Peterson, Michael Yager, Thomas Allison, Gary Ammons, David Barkman. ROW THREE: Steve Austin, Ronald Oberg, Martha Sukoski, Michael Libby, Paul Waid, Ralph Long, Scott Derby, Bruce Atkins, Le- roy Johnson, Earl Stanton, Roger Grey, Douglas Wick- strom, Paul Erling, Graydon Swanson, Dana Coons, Thomas Anderson, Daniel Eckman,Harold Berg, Daniel Walsh, Terry Coreno, Gary Greenwald, Deborah Birt, Suzanne Anderson, Daniel Griffin, Paula Mahoney. LIFE ACTIVE AND STIMULATING ROW ONE: Kevin Brown, Kieth Babcock, Marie Ecclcs, Martha Sandberg, Linda Samulson, William Intihar, Donald Keefe, Darlene Anderson, Susan Dunning, Brian Horner, Dennis Gregg, John Westman, Deborah Haley, Morris Cheney, Thomas Fenton, Sallie Dill, Rebecca Howbridge, George Waite, Bruce Johnson, William Emley, Bonita Owens. ROW TWO: Jeffrey Frew, William Gulvin, Diane Walker, Sharon Williams, Karen Kauffman, Sally Swanson, Ronald Dennison, Calvin Kline, Marsha Craft, Jackiette Hotchkiss, Pau- line Abers, Judy Austin, Sharon Covey, Mayta Johnson, Norma Lee, Marjorie Swanson, Delores Newark, Ann Mahoney, Cynthia Knapp, Richard Davis. ROW THREE: Susan Abers, Bruce- Hultberg, Allen Haley, Steven Schultz, Jerry Barber, David Olson, Michael Manzel, James Frew, John Dale, Janet Little, James Berry, Richard Waite, Michael MichalskL Gary Olson, Michael Haller, Ruth Johnson, Donald Miller, William Conklin, Carl Blood, Toni Burgett, Larry Spontanio. SEVENTH GRADERS EMBARK ON NEW' EXPERIENCES ROW ONE: Edward Petransky, Timothy Mara, Patricia. Seeley, Mary Ann Bloomquist, Marjorie Dulmus, Sue Zimmerman, Betsy Olofson, Roxanne Birt, Susan Barkman, Stephen Atwell. ROW TWO: Patrick Emley, Robert Lund, Kevin McLaughlin, John Youngberg, Michael Conklin, Dale Coleman, David Ostrander, Allen ROW ONE: Dana Lindberg, Bruce Dudgeon, Larry Ammons, James John, Dale Erwin, Colleen Mills, Emily Swanson, Judy Kindland, Gene Fancher, Elmer Blood, Terry Mara. ROW TWO: Carol Kobalka, Cheryl Miller, Melanie Berg, Laura Carlson, Kristine Williams, Patricia Hale, Bonita. Knapp, Rosemary Waid, Sandra. Josephson, MM,V Stearns, Charles Lee, Francis Zemnick, Stanley Long, Gary Carlson. ROW THREE: Georgia Sweatman, Michael Pillsbury, Tori Jo Saeli, Michele Allison, Patricia Zembardo, Robert Sukoski, James Walker, Barry Simmons, Steven Ward, Rebecca Roblee, Donna. Waite, Priscilla J ohnson, J oann Swanson; Lee Lawson, Christine Kidd, Beverly Coons. ROW THREE: Jeffrey Franklin, Phillip Kidd, Howard Moore, Larry Poole, Harold Lobb, Donald Stormer, Gary Walker, Wendall Berg, Jack Walker, Willis Adams, Sherrill Luce, Kim Smith, Gary Billgren. vkikikh Vygk $3? 3 L Vmww Mmm $313: R$ 1 ng$ mm 511: e v half Mm"; Mi. BAND SYMBOLIZES FREWSBURG PRIDE Cathy Bloomquist, Cheryl Marsh, Shirley Coons. ROW ONE: Cathy Bloomquist, Shirley Coons. ROW TWO: Nancy Worden, Tina Heeden, Betsy Warn, Linda Samuelson, Sally Dill, Ruth Johnson, Jeannette Miller. ROW THREE: Tom Lundgren, Shirley Samuelson, Sharon Davis, Klaudette Ingeman, Cheryl Matthews, Diane Brothers, Jewel Sherman, Kathy Olson, Lottie Covey, Aaron Mills, Robert Erwin, William Intihar, Marie Eccles, Donald Keefe. ROW FOUR: Brian Chaplain, Cheryl Marsh, Sue Dill, Sharon Covey, Ann Patterson, Paul Erling', Wayne Swanson, Larry Poole, Wendy Berg, Jerry Barber, Louis Howard, Danny Thomas, Ralph Miller, Donald Anderson, Peggy Pratt. ROW FIVE: Mr. Stearns, Noelle Swanson, Cheryl Poole, Paul Wilcox, Duane Munson, Mike Yager, Gary Greenwald, Bruce Carlson, Brian Greenwald, David Sherman, Tim Stahlman, Lynn Davis, J erry Sherman, J im Swanson, Kathy Hale. The senior band deserves the community praises Which it has received throughout the years. Since 1956, When Arthur A. Goranson directed eighteen students to an ttA" rating in Grade III music, the band has continued, With- out exception, to produce out- standing musical talent. u . mm 52 With great assistance from the Music Boost- erts Club, the senior band has been able to pur- chase new uniforms, to make a record, and to go on a concert tour. Throughout the summer, the band students willingly gave up two nights a week to rehearse for this tour. On October 1 '7 the dream of a Frews- burg band tour became a reality. Five schools were visited, and each expressed their thanks for a very fine assembly. During the coming year the band of Frews- burg Central School will attempt to receive an ttAt, rating in state competition-only time and sacrifice will tell. SOME STUDENTS HAVE AN INTEREST IN MUSIC THE J UNIOR BAN D ROW ONE: Doug Zimmer, Judy Oberg, Margery Covey, Becky Elmore, Ellen Sears, Annette Waite, Dianna Lindburg, Laurel Carlson, Delores Newark. ROW TWO: Sandy Josephson, Patty Zembardo, Mariann Bloomquist, Michael Manzel, George Waite, Kevin Mo Laughlin, Gary Carlson, Rosemary Waid, Kathy Bastian, Kathy Landy, Lee Lawson, Christine Kidd. ROW THREE: Keith Babcock, Kevin Brown, Michael Haller, Carol Kabulka, Connie Carlson, Edward Petraski, Kim Smith. Rodger Miller, Peggy Herders, Cindy Johnson. Todd Nelson. ROW FOUR: Dana Lindburg, Steve Stahlman, James Hayes, John Youngburg, Dale Erwin, Don Cole, Don Sherman, Howard Moore, Steve Moore, Steve Eckman, Jack Gulvin, Bob Omsterd, James John, Gary Walker, William Gulvin. ROW FIVE: Ronnie Waid, Stanley Long, Mr. Dick Stearns, J ohn Davis, J erry Frankson, Robert Manzel, Bruce Waid. Absent: Collen Mills. THE MIXED CHORUS x ROW ONE: J ewel Sh Mariann Turk, Ann Arlene Cullen, Cind Diane Billgren, Ros Waid, Cindy Ecklun Charlene Brown, Su ROW ONE: Marcia Josephson, Norma Dudgeon, Sheryle Kennedy, Cathy Bloomquist, Barbara Lindholme, Beverly Darling, Claudia. Richards, Sandra Lee, Nancy Worden, Christine Heeden, Linda Bennett, Barbara Anderson, Shirley Coons, Cindy Oberg, Diane Brothers, Rose Marie Himes. ROW TWO: Patricia Haley, Patricia Covey, Maureen Springer, Sharyn Hamilton, Torie Derby, Melanie Blair, Barbara Engle, Ralph Miller, Robert Yaratch, Sandra. Walker, Phyllis Jacobson, JoAnne Hasbrouck, THE GIRLS CHORUS erman, Daveen Kidd, Susan Sjogren, Barbara Craft, Sylvia Bova, J anice Anderson, Linda Billg'ren, Elaine Hamilton, e Lombardo, Mrs. Auria, Jeanne Olson, Carol Zimmerman, Cleo Nobbs, Ann Patterson. ROW TWO: Marilyn Cheney, y Conti, Cheryl Poole, Gale Kobalka, Linda Elmore, Susan Munger, Candace Anderson, Beverly Davis, emary Ekstrom, Carol Obert, Toni Jo Saeli, Laura Swanson, Sylvia Shelters. ROW THREE: Priscilla Emley, Connie d, Susan Waid, Mary Walker, Patty Miller, Martha Sukoski, Suzanne Anderson, Dawn Hodges, Donna Sissons, san Dennison, J oyce Frankson, Cheryl Matthews, Merle J ohnson, Marian Lee. Cindy Howard, Carol Gates, Bonnie Berg, Christine Emley. ROW THREE: Dewey White, William Anderson, Paul Erling, Ronny Oberg, Brooks Nelson, Doug Swanson, Terry Smith, Leroy Johnson, Ronald Anderson, Alan Mackie, Greg Lombardo, Thomas Shures, Edward Payne, Anthony Conti, J ames Lumbardo, George Walsh, Edward Moore, Dennis Richards, David Hallet, Mike Dove, Dan Griffin. LATIN CLUB ROW ONE: William Osthag'en, Karen Hallet, Cleo Nobbs, Donald Dove, Rosemary Eckstrom, Candace Anderson, Beverly Davis, Darlene Featherson, Betsy Warn, Diane Swanson, Linda. Bennett. ROW TWO: Christine Emley, Kathleen Berg, Marilyn Cheney, Sharon Davis, Donna Sisson, Kathleen Olson, Priscilla Emley, Klaudette Ingeman, Carol Norman, Shirley Samuelson. ROW THREE: Joanne Hasbrook, Jeanette Miller, Charlene Brown, Melanie Blair, Mary Lee Anderson, Robert Norman, Douglas Wickstrom, Edward Michalski, James Swanson, Robert Gary, William Williams, Gregory Lombardo, Paul Wilcox, Carl Seastrum. Advisor - Mrs. Nobbs. ROW ONE: Linda Samuelson, Martha Sandburg, Beverly Davis, Stephen Schultz, Bruce Carlson, Gary Delores Newark, Jackiette Hotchkiss, Cleo Nobbs, Greenwald, Brian Greenwald, Grayden Swanson, Sharyon Williams. ROW TWO: Sallie Dill, Bill Emley, Mike Michalski, Toni Burgett, Ruth Johnson, Doug William Osthag'en, Richard Peterson, Calvin Kline, Wickstrom, John Dale, Gary Olson, Mr. Bemus, B111 Gulvin, Jeff Frew, Susan Abers. ROW THREE: Adviser. ROW ONE: Eric Hagberg, William Anderson, Ira Ralph Darling. ROW THREE: Louis Howard, Daniel Rhodes, Kermit Ekstrom, Harold Rowley, Donald Walsh, Daniel Eckman, Tom Anderson, Daniel Anderson, Mr. Zimmer, Advisor. ROW TWO: Richard Griffin. White, Carl Stevens, Leroy Johnson, Dana Coons, STUDENTS SHOW INTEREST IN ACTIVITIES . . HI-Y ROW ONE: Brooks Nelson, Bob Kauffman, Don Dove. THREE: John Howard, Jerry Sherman, Edward Payne, Wayne Swanson, Danny Thomas, Steve Gage. ROW TWO; Paul Wilcox, Tom Shures, Carl Seastrum, Tuck Williams, Walt Erickson, Tom Lundgren, Brad Ring, Mr. O'Neil, Gaylord Swanson,Larry Marvell,Gary Pasco, Duane Munson, James Swanson, Alan Mackie. ROW DEBATE CLUB KNEELING: Cindy Kimball, Peggy Pratt, Pam Scofield, Cindy Howard. STANDING: Robert Norman, Mary Lee Linda Moore. SEATED: Aaron Mills, Carol Kidd, Gregory Anderson, J ack Hotchkiss, Ann Patterson, Paul Wilcox, Lombardo, Mr. Reinhold, Terry Smith, Kathleen Olson, Mike Barone, David Hazel, Julia. Mattocks, Randy Lund. VARSITY LETTER CLUB The Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y, both active organiza- tions in F.C.S., do their best to improve the school. Their objectives are to promote better sports, clean- er living, and higher scholarship. They hold bi- monthly meetings on Monday nights to plan and discuss their projects. These two groups certainly do their best to advance the standards of Frewsburg Central School. The Debate Club has been very successful this past year. They won the Southern Tier Cham- pionship title, and came home with six out of ten trophies. They are fortunate to have Mr. Reinhold, a capable advisor. Who devotes much of his time to bettering the Club. The many hours they have spent together in preparation and practice have had remarkable results. The Varsity Letter Club is a. newcomer this year. They had their charter approved and are doing their utmost to improve school spirit. The members have purchased varsity jackets which they wear with obvious pride. They sponsor rallies before games, and after-game dances to build up the enthusiasm necessary to Win. They are off to a good start and we hope they keep it up. ROW ONE: Dewey White, Wayne Swanson, Mike Dove. ROW TWO: Cheryl Marsh, Bonnie Berg, Kathy Hale, Rae White. ROW THREE: Edward Michalski, Richard Swanson, Brooks Nelson, Robert Kauffman. ROW FOUR: Larry Marvell, Gary Adams, Coach Hair, John Howard, Gordon Skinner. ROW FIVE: Duane Munson, Chick Conti, Edward Payne, Eric Hagberg. ROW SIX: Walt Erickson, Terry Smith, Tom Shures, Bob Norman. ROW SEVEN: Brad Ring, Ton Lundgren, A1 Mackie, Carl Seastrum. TRI-HI-Y ROW ONE: Rojana Siripachanah, Vicki Anderson, Sue Ann Thomas, Cindy Oberg, Shirley Samuelson, Marcia Josephson, Peggy Pratt, Johnana Allison, Sandra. Persiohini, Norma Dudgeon, Carol Norman, Barbara Anderson, Susan Dennison. ROW TWO: Jewel Sherman, Linda Bennett, Marcia Dallas, Carol Davis, Jacqueline Hedges, Barbara Lindholme, Cindy Kimball, Tina Heeden, Kathy Berg, Bonnie Berg, Noelle Swanson, Sue Walsh, Cheryl Matthews. ROW THREE: Sharon Davis, Kathy Olson, Pam Scofield, Charlene Brown, Cindy Ecklund, Connie Waid, Jeanette Miller, Margaret Wiltsie, Klaudette Ingeman, Priscilla Emley, Ann Patterson, Julie Mattocks, Phyllis Jacobson, Sue Dill, Rae White, Sandra. Anderson, Melanie Blair. PILLARS JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL . . ROW ONE: Betsy Olson, Sec- retary; Linda. Samuelson, Vice President; Beverly Davis, President. ROW TWO: Larry Ammons, Mrs. Perkins, Advisor; Laura Swanson, Martha Sandburg, John Westman. ROW THREE: Dennis Gregg, Rose Mary Waid, Larry Ostrander, Ronald Oberg, Jim Zimmerman. kam SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL . . . ROW ONE: Vickie Anderson, Rojana Siripachanah, Jewel Sherman. ROW TWO: James Swanson, President; Walt Erickson, Vice President; Cindy Ecklund, Secretary; Jeannette Miller, Treasury; Mr. Heeden, Advisor. ROW THREE: Bill Anderson, Emerson Ekstrom, John Howard, Duane Munson, Julie Mattocks, Jerry Sherman. HONOR SOCIETY . . . ROW ONE: Johnana Allison, Peggy Pratt, Diane Swanson. ROW TWO: Shirley Samuelson, Kathy Hale, Cindy Howard, Kathy Olson. ROW THREE: Ray White, Tim Stalhman, John Howard, Bob Norman. ROW FOUR: Jim Swanson, Carl Seastrum. SENIORS SUCCESSFUL . . . , . , IN PROVIDING The Meddlesome Maiw, cast: ROW ONE: Carl Seastrum, Shirley Coons, Torie Derby, Nancy Derry. ROW TWO: Marcia Dallas, Duane Munson, ENTERTAINMENT Terry Smith, Mr. Picard, Director. Noelle Swanson, Linda Bennett, Greg. Lombardo, Cheryl Marsh, Kathy Olson, James Swanson, J eannette Miller. . . . IN AROUSING SCHOOL SPIRIT WQEQ , flrst. Semors beat Jumors 1n magazme sales. i A waw Our major project in tenth grade was selling sweat- shirts. mmm 2mm: mmasmma . . . IN BOOSTING Juniors and Seniors alter- CLASS TREASURY mate m selhng cream. Diane and Jerry study lay- . . . IN PRODUCING SENIOR LEAVES, outfile. ROW ONE: Sheryle Kennedy, Brooks Nelson, Rojana Siripachanah, Robert Norman, Rose Himes, Chick Conti. ROW TWO: Peggy Pratt, Cindy Howard, Linda Bennett, editor; Greg Lombardo, Diane Swanson, editor; Jerry Sherman, editor; Mr. Bowman, advisor. ROW THREE: Cheryl Marsh, Noelle Swanson, Torie Derby, Jeannette Miller, Marcia Dallas, Kathy Olson, Duane Munson, James Swanson, Tom Lundgren, Steve Gage. Its such a pleasure to take the bus and leave the driving to us. M Skippers: Bob Birt, Dale Smith, Claudia. Richards, Bonnie Magnuson, Sylvia Shelters, Barbara Craft. Chunisy ,1, Now for another Wicious circle." Some are naturally neat and then thereb Peggy. Fly good Fleance, fly, fly, fly. Daahh!" TRACK REVIVED AT FREWS BURG Track is both an old and new sport at Frewsburg Central. It had been a popular sport a few years ago, but interest died and it was discontinued. Recently the sport has been revived, both by the eager enthusiasm of the students and the ardent efforts of Coach Hair. The fellows discovered that it takes much training and strenuous effort to produce a Winning team. Most of them are inexperienced, but they do their best and hope to improve next year. We all Wish them the best of luck and hope they have the opportunity to bring honor and recognition to Frewsburg Central School. Carl races down the home stretch. Brad hurls through the air in abroadjump. RUNNING: Jim Swanson, Brooks Nelson, Paul Wilcox, Terry Smith, Brad Ring. SEATED: Frank Black, Wayne Swanson, Bob Kauffman, David Hallet, Aaron Mills, John Howard. Bob and Brooks perfect the pass-relay with the Tom launches a twelve pound satelite in the shotput match. STANDING: Mr. Hair, Bob Norman, CarlSeastrum,Ra1ph Long, Duane Munson, Jeff Crawford, Dennis Richards, Tom Lundgren, Paul Cheney. COACH PREDICTS ,64 CHAMPIONSHIP The Bears are looking forward to the 1964 baseball season after a highly successful season last year. The 4-2 record compiled by our team earned us the position of second place in the B League. The semi-finals were high- lighted by a close eleven inning ball game twhich we won over Broctom. We went to the sec- tional finals with high hopes, but were edged out by one run from Holland. Coach Scofield is looking forward ttto go all the way this year? John Howard, Alan Mackie, Tom Shures, B111 Patterson, Duane Munson. Brad prepares for a play at the plate. Gordie lightly leaps for a lofty liner. WWWWWW- Carl Seastrum, Brad Ring, Coabh Scofield, Larry Marvell, Gordon Skinner, Walt Erikson, Dick Swanson, Ji Lundsten. J ohn Howard hurriedly hastens for a hurl home. Frewsburg Opponent 5 Westfield 8 Silver Creek 2 1 Pine Valley 2 Brocton 6 Bemus Point 5 Cassadaga Valley 7 Randolphir 5 Broctont 3 Hollandt irSectional playoffs dithUIOJCOCDUlO'J jv- 3? ? m A m. my xv. Q5 Chick smashes for a win. TENNIS. KNEELING: Mike Dove, Gary Adams, Jeff Crawford. STANDING: Bud Michalski, ' Conti, Conrad Donelson, Dave Swanson, Gaylord Swanson, Mr. Anderson, Coach. MANAGERS AND SCORE KEEPERS: ,W L x x x x w K: Anthony 1x, x W$ :$ Don distributes uniforms. ROW ONE: Don Dove, John Olson. ROW TWO: Ed Payne, Greg Lombardo, Bob Norman. W449: - , Maw VOLLEYBALL. ROW ONE: Steve Gage, Carl Seastrum, Dale Smith, Paul Cheney, John ' Howard. ROW TWO: Duane Munson, Tom Shures, Coach Scofield, Tom Lundgren, Brad Ring,Wa1t Erikson. TEAM EFFORT , ! ROW ONE: Marcia Josephson. ROW TWO: Cindy Ecklund, Coach,s chalk talk. Shirley Coons, Kathy Hale. ROW THREE: Rae White, Bonnie Berg. Nwm ROW ONE: John Howard, Dale Smith,LarryMarve11, Duane Munson, Tom Shures. ROW TWO: Coach Randall, Brad Ring, Walt Erickson, A1 Mackie, Tom Lundgren, Carl Seastrum. EQUALS VICTORY The importance of basketball in our school is first evidenced by October pre-conditioning. At this time all those interested enter a vigorous training program; giv- ing of their time, effort, and strength. This involves approximately twelve to fifteen hours per week. Under the able leadership of Coach Randall, the sea- son got off to a promising start. Before our first game it was stated that Frewsburg was, uthe cream of the crop? The senior class is well represented by four of its mem- bers,Car1, Tom, A1, and Duane. Because of the vast attendance of spectators at games, the Athletic Association was able to purchase new uniforms. It is through basketball, that school spirit is illus- trated. Record attendance has brought in over six hun- dred home spectators for each game. We are justly proud of our team. They certainly deserve our best support. Moose Munson Marcia Tom Lundgren Carl Seastrum A1 Mackie , J ask Hayes, , Les Walker, Burdette Anderso n. Chaphn man eyed AM 131115 anyway ,, ?AW 22m halski, Kent Young, Gary Adams, B 10 Oberg, Tuck Will R E H T A D A U Q S Y H S R A v R m N m R U o Sodie Shelters and Phyllis Jacobson practice a cheer. Pete Kennedy, Dick Swanson, Bud M Eric Hagberg, Sonnie Berg, Coach William Hair, Ronnie LEFT TO RIGHT illa. Emley, Pnsc ie Matbocks, Jul is Jacobson, Phyll a s r e t 1 e h S 1a Sylv' , ie Anderson Coach illustrates basketball techniques. ick V Darlene Featherstone VNW 4947 ,h , gvmyg , AWgAwVVA, gwanvwaww $Wg w, MNXKWW LEFT TO RIGHT av PRETTY CHEERLEADERS IN ACTION A REBOUNDER A FAST BREAK AFTER WE WIN TENSION ON THE FLOOR IT TAKES SHOTS TO MAKE POINTS Best Wishes t0 the Class of 1964 ULIA9 RESTAURANT Center Street Frewsburg, New York Compliments of MOORE9S HARDWARE 54 Main Street Frewsburg, New York GREEN BROTHERS9 LUMBER quo Yards to Serve." Ashville 8a Jamestown Compliments of FREWSBURG CENTRAL SCHOOL P. T. A. Senior Leaves could not be published if it were not for the whole- heorted support of our advertisers. We appreciate the generosity and the interest shown by the people of Frewsburg and vicinity, and extend our grateful thanks to them. CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of 1964 Unlimited Opportunities Await YOU In the Jamestown Area From Your Friends in the JAMESTOWN AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Photographs . . . The Heart of Your Yearbook . . . priceiess schod memories live in photography by Vardeq. VARDEN' srublbs. INc. YOUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS YEARBOOK D!.VISION 28 South Union Street ' Rochester 7, New York TWIN AUTO C ongratulations and WRECKING Best Wishes t0 the Class 0f1964 from the FREWSBURG Late Model Auto Parts HARDWARE Frewsburg, New York Phone 4555 Frewsburg, New York Best Wishes from HILDOM CINDER BLOCK F alconer- Frewsburg, N . Y. Compliments of SLUGAS RESTAURANT CLAR-VI-SHOP Lingene Sportswear Purses JAMESTOWN, N. Y. Dresses Costume J ewelry SOUTH SIDE PLAZA KIMBALLSTAN D DAIRY Everett Swanson All Dairy Products Route 1 Kimballstand, N . Y. Best Wishes Class of 64- MARVELL ELECTRIC Frewsburg, New York DAYS COMMERCIAL STATIONERY 303 Lafayeu J amestown, New York ANDERSONS RESTAURAN T 2 Main Street Frewsburg, New York Compliments of CAFETERIA STAFF RUSSELL ROLLER RINK Thursday-Sunday Evenings and Sunday Matinee 8:00 to 11:00 Except - Friday 7:30 to 10:30 Matinee 2:00 to 4:30 Private Parties scheduled at reasonable rates Call RA 3-7764 Compliments of TWIN DRIVE IN 800 Foote Avenue Compliments of LAKE COUNTY DAIRY Congratulations T0 The Class 0f1964 Congratulations and Best Wishes T0 The Class 0f1964 F rom STATESIDE MOTORS INC. 839 Foote Avenue Jamestown New York Used Car Lot 812 Foote Avenue J AMESTOWN RENDERING CO. Frewsburg, New York Shotcrete Service Best Wishes to the Class of 1964 COMPLIMENTS OF A F RIEN D Mahoneyvs Liquor Store 5 Water Street Frewsburg, N. Y. GORDONS BARBER SHOP Compliments of Frewsburg Lions Club CHUCKS SERVICE CENTER General Repair - Automatic Transmission Welding and Front Alignment 24 Hour Wrecker Service Route 62, Frewsburg I need your head to run my business. THE BURG BARBER SHOP Dave Dillion 2 Center Street, Frewsburg Tel. 4462 Best Wishes to the Class of 64 KEN L. ANDERSON INSURANCE OSTRANDER LUMBER CORPORATION Frewsburg, New York Compliments of LEONARD M. RHODES STUDEBAKER Sales and Service 1801-03 Washington St. Phone 41-733 A safe place to buy Used Cars. Best Wishes to the Seniors THE CARROLL SHOP FrewshurgPS Busy Department Store Carolyn and Dorothy Dial 5385 Realtor-Broker Phone Frewsburg 592 5 DOROTHY DERBY Real Estate 39 W. Main Street Frewsburg, New York IVORY INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Bruce F elt Ivory Road Frewsburg - 4-449 BERGLUND C HEVROLET J amestown, New York FOOTE AVENUE DISCOUNT HOUSE INC. Jamestown, New York We buy complete stores anywhere in the U.S.A. We Cut The Prices Bob Halletl Jack Nosbich MAYNARD ATKINS Electrical Contracting Frewsburg, New York Best Wishes to the Senior Class from PLAZA PAINT and HARDWARE Best Wishes from CARROLUS LODGE F+AM NO. 1147 Frewsburg, New York Antennas and Accessories Sold and Installed FRANTZ Radio 81 TV Sales 81-Service 162 Ivory Street Frewsburg, New York Phone 5763 Service on all Makes FALCONER G. L. F. SERVICE, INC. Falconer, New York 11For Better Quality Feed? WEISERS GROCERY Soft Drinks School Supplies Ice Cream We Give Red Stamps Tel. 5251 Frewsburg 21 Institute St. WALT1S CAR EXCHANGE 2005 Washington Street J amestown, New York J. S. AUTO SUPPLY CO., INC. Distributors of Nationally Known Automotive Products 1080-82 E. Second St. Phone 51-1 13 Jamestown, N. Y. Compliments of FREWSBURG KENDALL SERVICE Corner of Main Street and Center Street Frewsburg, New York Compliments of BARONNS MEAT MARKET Center Street Frewshurg, New York Congratulations Seniors 0P64 FREWSBURCS FIREMANNS AUXILIARY Compliments of SWANSONNS POTATO CHIPS 186 Main Street Frewsburg, New York Compliments from GOLD STAR SUPERMARKET Best Wishes Seniors BUD DANIELSONS FRIENDLY SERVICE Tires 81 Batteries Main 8: Institute Frewsburg, New York Best Wishes to the Class of 64 from FREWSBUBG LANES Frewsburg, New York Best Wishes lo the Class of 1964 THE LAMP POST MOTEL AND APRON SHOPPE ALBERT M. ECKMAN Wholesale Meats Custom Butchering Phone 3265 Frewsburg, New York Best Wishes from The Pastor and Parishoners of OUR LADY OF VICTORY CHURCH Frewsburg, New York Best Wishes CHILI AUTO AN D HOME SUPPLY NChautauqua Countyk Muffler King, 1201 East Second - at the Stadium Jamestown, New York CARNAHAN SHEARER CO. flamestownis Largest Store for Men and Bay? 120 North Main Jamestown, New York PHILLIPS LUMBER COMPANY Manufacturers of Lumber and Kiln Drying Frewsburg, New York Congratulations to the Class of 1964 YOUNG9S CLEANERS AND DYERvs Jamestown, New York CHARLES M. SMITH INC. General Insurance Village Plaza 31-882 Falconer New York Theodore H. Burns John S. Tordoff Best Wishes t0 the Class of 64 from KLING9S FACTORIES COLONIAL WHIP JamestownNs Most Modern Drive-in Restaurant Home of the foot long dog Jamestown New York GOOD LOOK. BEAUTY NOOK 16 Carroll Street, Frewsburg, New York Phone 5813 Carol Johnson, Prop. 61Beauty Is Our Dutya, DIBBLE PONTIAC INC. 1900 Washington Street 1Service with a smile, Mile after mile after mile? 41-144 Jamestown, New York Congratulations to the Class of 1964 TWIN KISS DRIVE-IN Jamestown New York RUSLINK PLAZA DRUGS Complete Prescription Service Hours: Week days 8:30 - 10:00 Sundays 81 Holidays 2:00 - 10:00 South Side Plaza Phone 51416 Jamestown, New York Compliments of WASBERGS TURKEY FARM Frewsburg New York Compliments of LUNDQUIST HARDWARE Compliments of TERMINAL COLLISION Foote Ave. Ext. Jamestown, New York Compliments of FOUNTAIN BOWL Good Luck to the Class of hh64,h Compliments of FLAKEBORD CORPORATION Best Wishes to the Class of 1964 PETERSON FUNERAL HOME 1 Falconer Street Frewsburg, New York C ompliments 0f FREWSBURG HI-Y Best Wishes to the Class of 1964 TRI-HI-Y Compliments of FRIEND ,nn. 35E m. w. , wmw awaitwm a . N ,fwm . -WY??;' m K W$Jx . Jnsf 4r- !" n's.

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