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iIl iJmWi jjiim i ' iV V W’ ior Xeavcs 1 I SENIOR LEAVES PRESENTED BY THE CLASS OF 1958 FREWSBURG CENTRAL SCHOOL FREWSBURG, NEW YORK i TABLE of CONTENTS Foreword_ Dedication_ Administration Seniors_ Underclassmen Curriculum_ Activities_ Sports_ Our Advertisers Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 9 Page 21 Page 35 Page 45 Page 53 Page 61 2 FOREWORD Not many years ago we entered a small world of our own as we entered these doors of Frewsburg Central School. It contained our parents, teachers, friends, and ourselves. It is now time for us to leave this little world of ours and enter into a larger world. We shall need all the knowledge and understanding we have assimilated to carry us into our new universe. We have received knowledge in proportion to our efforts, and therefore have gained as much as we would let ourselves receive. We have been more fortunate than most classes, however, in gaining world understanding. It has been our happy experience to have with us Willi Adams, a Foreign Exchange Student from West Germany. His friendly manner has shown us how wonderful people are all over the world. He has shown us that they are people just like ourselves, not people to fear, but people to love, proving to us that the human race is all one family. With this inspiring background we, the Class of 1958, are now prepared to assume our responsibilities, hoping that our accomplishments may some¬ how make this a better world. Diane Frankson Editor-in-Chief 3 DEDICATION We, the Class of 1958, proudly dedicate this edition of “Senior Leaves " to Mr. Melvin Heeden as a token of our appreciation for the endless hours he has spent as art advisor for our yearbook and the many other projects throughout our high school years. His artistic abilities and unceasing patience have contributed to the happiness and success of these four years. 4 ADMINISTRATION BOARD of EDUCATION Seated: Everett Seastrum, Ruth Titchner, Isabella Lundgren, Bessie Dennison, Howard Warn. Standing: Cecil Waite, Maurice Bjork, Clifford Lundgren. President- _ Vice-President Clerk_ Treasurer_ Collector_ OFFICERS _Everett Seastrum _Ruth Titchner _Isabella Lundgren _Robert Dill _Ruth Ingeman Auditing_ Bu dget and Finance_ Buildings and Grounds Teachers_ Transportation_ Cafeteria_ COMMITTEES -Mr. Bjork, Chm., Mr. Lundgren -Mr. Warn, Chm., Mrs. Titchner, Mr Bjork _Mr. Bjork, Chm., Mr. Warn, Mr. Waite _Mrs. Titchner, Chm., Mrs. Dennison Mrs. Dennison, Chm., Mr. Lundgren, Mr. Waite _Mrs. Dennison, Chm., Mrs. Titchner 6 CAFETERIA Row One: Julia Chandler, Jessie Cook, Lettie Wasberg, Evelyn Holmquist. Row Two: Delores Jacobson, Thelma Howard, Dorthy Anderson. Left to Right: Majorie Davis, Isabella Lundgren Ida Weekman. OFFICE STAFF BUS DRIVERS Left to Right: Percy Phillips, William Walters, Richard Johnson, Gilbert Swanson, Llovd Moore, Phillip Van Arsdale, Ted Wiltsie. tM.HGf.NCY BtJUH Left to Right: Earl Stanton, Tom Darling, Helen Worden, Howard Jaudon, Charles Hildom. CUSTODIANS CLASS OF 1958 " NOT BY YEARS, BUT BY DISPOSITION IS WISDOM ACQUIRED. " CLASS FLOWER CARNATION CLASS COLORS ROYAL AND POWDER BLUE MAXINE HUSTED " Max " February 4 MATH " I like men; there ' s something so Masculine about them. " 10 KATHLEEN BARKER " Kathy” DAVE BARKER " Dave " April 1 BUSINESS " Dave is quiet and rather shy, But we all know he ' s quite a guy. " October 8 MATH, SCIENCE " Kathy is the fair half of the Barker two. If she ' s with you, you ' ll never be blue. " Honor Society May 15 MATH, SCIENCE " Chattering always and giggling too, When you ' re around Nancy, you can ' t be blue. " CAROL BUTTERS October 29 MATH, SCIENCE " I can resist everything but tempta¬ tion. " HARRIET CUSHNER May 1 6 BUSINESS, ART " This tall gal is really somethin ' . When she ' s around the joint ' s a jumpin ' . " NEIL DANIELSON July 4 SHOP " There ' s great ability in knowing how to conceal one ' s ability! " 12 i August 22 MATH, SCIENCE " Quiet, steadfast, and sincere; He ' ll meet success in his career. " MARLEEN DONELSON " Mar " August 30 MATH, SCIENCE " You think she ' s shy? Oh, me! Oh my! You just don ' t know her. I ' m sure that ' s why. " ■§T Hr Y PATRICIA ECKMAN " Pat " Honor Society May 19 MATH, SCIENCE " Attractive and fair with jet black hair. " ARTHUR EKSTROM " Art " January 27 AGRICULTURE " A quiet man, he doesn ' t snore in class. " DIANE FRANKSON " Di " Honor Society November 7 MATH, SCIENCE " Short of height — big of heart. " - I SHARON HARRIS December 16 ART, BUSINESS " As for art, here ' s the girl, At dancing also, she ' s a whirl. " 13 CYNTHIA HODGES " Cindy " October 22 ART " A red headed girl, That ' s really a pearl. " PATRICIA JENSEN " Pat " Honor Society January 30 MATH, SCIENCE, LANGUAGE " A little here, a little there, Her interests centered everywhere! " KEITH KROENKE February 24 ART " Silence is golden. " DONA LINDSTROM April 4 SCIENCE " She ' s certain to be seen wherever fun and mischief beam!! " GORDON LIND " Berger " August 30 MATH, SCIENCE " Good looking, friendly, full of wit! With us he really is a hit!! " SHIRLEY LONG November 24 MATH " Shirley ' s a quiet and helpful lass. Who brightens up most every class!! " 14 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Adams, Willi — Latin Club 4; “Papa Says No " 4; History Club 4; Debating 4; Student Council Representative 4. Barber, Joan — Intramurals 3; Cheerleading 3, 4; “Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; Danc¬ ing Club 1, 3; Bowling Club 1, 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Librarian 1, 2, 3; Septet 2; Cafeteria Assist¬ ant 2, 3; “Bear Facts " Staff 2; “Papa Says No " 4; Fire Warden 4. Barker, David — Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intra¬ murals 1, 3; Rifle Club 1; Dancing Club 2; Junior F.F.A. 1, 2; Dramatics Club 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Projection Squad 1, 2, 3, 4; Cafe¬ teria Assistant 1; Fire Warden 4; “Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; “Papa Says No " 4. Barker, Kathleen — Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Cheerleading 2; “Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; “Bear Facts " Staff 2; Dancing Club 1, 3; Bowling Club 1, 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, A, Secretary 4; Chorus 1, 2, 4; Septet 2; History Club 2, 3, 4; Debating 2, 3, 4; Model U.N. 3, 4; Baton Majorette 3, 4; Latin Club 1; “Papa Says No " 4; Fire Warden 4. Barrus, Nancy — Student Council Repre¬ sentative 2; French Club President 3; Tri-Hi- Y 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, President 4; “Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; Bowling Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Camera Club 1; History Club 2, 3, 4; Model U.N. 3, 4; Debating 3; “Bear Facts " Staff 2; Yearbook Staff 4; “Papa Says No " 4; Ice Cream Sales Manager 4. Bragg, Alvin — Class Treasurer 3, 4; “Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; Hi-Y 1; Projection Squad 1, 2, 3; Class Vice-President 2; History Club 2, 3, 4; Debating 2, 3, 4; Model U.N. 3, 4; “Bear Facts " Staff 2; Science Club 3, 4; Photography Club 1; “Papa Says No " 4; Fire Chief 4; Yearbook Staff Treasurer 4. Burgett, Gary — Intramurals 1; “Bear Facts " Staff 2; “Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; His¬ tory Club 3; Model U.N. 3; Science Club 3; French Club 3; Class Vice-President 4; “Papa Says No " 4; Fire Warden 4. Butters, Carol — Cheerleading 2, 3; Student Council Representative 3; Class Treasurer “Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; Dancing Club 1, 3; Bowling Club 1, 2, 4; Assistant Secretary of Bowling Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Historian 4; Dramatics Club Secretary 1; Chorus 1, 2, 4, Librarian 4; Septet 2; Latin Club 1; Baton Majorette 2, ' 3, 4; History Club 2, 3, 4; Debating 2, 3, 4; Model U.N. 3, 4; “Bear Facts " Staff 2; Yearbook Staff 4; “Papa Says No " 4; Intramurals 1. Cushner, Harriet — Intramurals 3; Dancing Club 1; Bowling Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Historian 3; Art Club 3; History Club 3, 4; Debating 3; Model U.N. 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, Treasurer 1; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; Knitting Club 1; " Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; Year¬ book Staff 4; " Papa Says No " 4. Danielson, Neil — Bowling Club 1, 2; " Papa Says No " 4. Davis, Edward — Basetball 1; Class Student Council Representative 3; " Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; Junior F.F.A. 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Projection Squad 1, 2, 3; Radio Club 1; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; History Club 2, 3, 4; Debating 2, 3; Model U.N. 2; Yearbo ok Staff 4; " Papa Says No " 4; Boys ' State 4; Fire Warden 4. Donelson, Marleen — Class Secretary 2; " Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; Yearbook Staff 4; " Papa Says No " 4; Chorus 3, 4; Projection Squad 3; Latin Club 1; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; History Club 3, 4; Debating 3, 4; Model U.N. 3, 4; Art Club 3. Dunning, Linda — Cheerleading 2; " Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; Yearbook Staff 4; Dance Club 1; Bowling Club 1, 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 1; Band 1; History Club 2, 3, 4; Debating 2, 3; Fire Warden 4; Cafeteria Assistant 3; “Papa Says No " 4; Class Secretary 4. Eckman, Patricia — Cheerleading 1, 2, 3; " Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Dance Club 1; Bowling Club 1, 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 3; Projection Squad 2; Latin Club 1; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; History Club 2, 3, 4; Debating 3; Model U.N. 3, 4; Science Club 3; Honor Society 3, 4; " Papa Says No " 4, 16 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Ekstrom, Arthur — Basketball 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Pro¬ jection Squad 1, 3; Track 2; " Papa Says No " 4; Fire Warden 4. Frankson, Diane — Class Treasurer 2; " Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; Dance Club 1; Bowl¬ ing Club 2; Girls ' Chorus 1, 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Photography Club 1; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; Histroy Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Model U.N. 3, 4; Fire Warden 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Yearbook Editor 4. Harris, Sharon — Intramurals 2; Dancing Club 1, 3; Bowling Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 2, Secre¬ tary and Librarian 1; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; Projection Squad 2, 3; " Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; Yearbook Staff 4. Hodges, Cynthia — Chorus 1, 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; Intramurals 1. Husted, Maxine — Class President 2, 3, 4; Class Vice-President 1; " Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; Dancing Club 1; Bowling Club 1, 2; Bowling Club Secretary 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2,. 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Latin Club 1; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; Intramurals 2; Fire Warden 4. Jensen, Patricia — Cheerleading 1, 2 ,3; Best Sport Award 1, 2; Class Secretary 1; Dancing Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y Secretary 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; History Club 2, 3, 4; Debating Club 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1; " Papa Says No " 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; Science Club 3. Kroenke, Keith — Junior Varsity Basketball 1; Yearbook Staff 4; Fire Warden 4. Lind, Gordon — Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council Representative 1, 2; " Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; " Papa Says No " 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 2; Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Year¬ book Staff 4; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; Baseball 2, 4; Track 4; Projection Squad 1, 2; Science Club 4. Lindstrom, Dona — " Who Killed Aunt Caro¬ line " 3; Dancing Club 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1; " Bear Facts " Staff 2. Little, Mary — Class Vice-President 2; Class Secretary 3; Class Student Council Repre¬ sentative 4; Student Association Secretary 2; Student Association Treasurer 4; " Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; " Papa Says No " 4; Dance Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi¬ dent 3, 4; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; Intramurals 2; History Club 2, 3, 4; Debating 2, 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4. Long, Shirley — Camera Club President 1; Art Club 1, 3; Chorus 4, Secretary 4; Fire Warden 4; Projection Squad 3; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; Cafeteria Assistant 3, 4; History Club 4; Debating 4; Dancing Club 1; " Who Killed Aunt Caroline " 3; " Papa Says No " 4. Luce, Saundra — Dancing Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3;-Band 1, 2; Latin Club 1, 2; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; Cafeteria Assistant 3. Moore, Mina Mae — Photography Club 1; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; Cafeteria Assistant 2; Chorus 1, 2; Fire Warden 4; " Papa Says No " 4. Nelson, Charlene — Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Fire Warden 4; " Papa Says No " 4; " Bear Facts " Staff 2. Rice, Jeanette — Dancing Club 1; Bowling Club 2, 4; Chorus 1, 2, Treasurer 2; Tennis Club 3; Vice-President of Student Council 3; Fire Warden 4; Yearbook Staff 4; President of Student Council 4. Stone, Lars — Fire Warden 4; " Papa Says No " 4 Tornstrom, William — Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4; " Papa Says No " 4; Projection Squad 1; " Bear Facts " Staff 2; Intramurals 1. " There were times we thought we wouldn ' t. But we finally got it done. It took a lot of effort, But we had a lot of fun. " The Yearbook Staff 17 CLASS HISTORY It is with the proverbial sense of pride that we Seniors approach the doorway to our great world, realizing that we have only be¬ gun to turn the key. As we ponder on that which lies ahead, we also recall our past deeds. We look upon our embarrassments with amusement, our accomplishments with criticism as well as pride, and our mistakes with the resolution to improve. Looking back it seems like only yester¬ day that we were Freshmen, just beginning our first venture into the privileged high school life. With the assistance of Mrs. Dewing, our first task was the election of class officers. We chose: President ' _Ed Davis Vice-President _Maxine Husted Secretary _Patricia Jensen Treasurer _Carol Butters Student Council Representatives _Gordon Lind, .Carol Butters This, year was especially enjoyable and we were very proud of our achievements which included two dances, and the sale of candy at the basketball games. For recrea¬ tion we had our share of hayrides, skating parties and wiener roasts. Under the guidance of Mr. Letro we eagerly began a most successful Sophomore year. Our officers for the year included: President _Maxine Husted Vice-President _Mary Little Secretary _Marleen Donelson Treasurer _-_Diane Frankson Student Council Representatives _Gordon Lind, Nancy Barrus During this time we made more money than any other previous class. We supple¬ mented our growing treasury by having the traditional Soc Hop, selling refreshments at the home basketball games, and sponsoring the school newspaper, edited by Ed Davis. We advanced to our Junior year with more of a worldly sophistication and one step closer to our goal. The time quickly passed with Miss Johnson advising us. Our slate of officers this year consisted of: President _Maxine Husted Vice-President _Nancy Barrus Secretary _Mary Little Treasurer __Alvin Bragg Student Council Representative _Ed Davis, Carol Butters We had loads of fun with our play, " Who Killed Aunt Caroline? " and so did the audience. In January we took over the pop and ice-cream sales. Upon completion of the year we found we had done very well in multiplying our dollars and sense. Miss Johnson, our mathematical genius, didn ' t even know where all the money came from. And finally our long awaited Senior year began. The following were the officers for the year: President _Maxine Husted Vice-President _Gary Burgett Secretary _Linda Dunning Treasurer _Alvin Bragg Student Council Representatives _Willi Adams, Mary Little Thus far we have sponsored a dance, " Senior Jamboree " , bake sale, and competed in magazine sales with the Juniors. Our Senior play, " Papa Says No! " was a real dramatic hit. Now we are one step closer to our Washington trip and graduation. Commencement day will find us regret¬ ful that a long and full phase of our lives has come to an end, yet happy that new ex¬ periences and opportunities await us beyond in this world of ours. Linda Dunning Alvin Bragg 18 0 WHO KILLED AUNT CAROLINE? " PAPA SAYS NO u T tfp f M Le ' me outa here! Sand Fleas? 97 lb. weakling But I was so lonesome South Wind?? Mexican Hairless Inspectin ' lockers? Yakety yak!! Wanta drag?! I just grew and GREW!! The Poison I WOW!! Look? r 0 j» f 1 1 ; 1 .. f • m f w St % Wm • I i i t, i M v ' . ‘ Frewsburg Stormtroopers 1 20 UNDERCLASSMEN Row One: George Ekstrom, Cynthia Gage, Janice Magnuson, Ann Dunning, Shirley Swanson, Dona Lindberg, Barbara Gregg, Sally Sheats, Karen Sweatman, Sharon Johnson, Celia Cavallaro, Sandy Dugeon, George Anderson, Mr. Gravely, Adviser. Row Two: Gary Berg, John Phillips, Judy Swanson, Suzette Bjork, Kathleen Cheney, Karen Ingman, Betty Johnson, Marilyn Anderson, Judy Tuller, Florence Blood, Clare Warn, Karen Johnson, Ann Hansen, Sandy Swanson. Row Three: Eric Anderson, Larry Hyldohl, James Anderson, Richard Frankson, Henry Eskra, Joseph Marsh, David Covey, Edward Stone, Gary Darling, Russell Swanson, Robert Davis, Leonard Ekstrom, Milton McIntyre, Terry Olofson. Absent: Richard Hagberg, Eugene Russell, Arthur Sweatman. 22 SOPHOMORE CLASS JUNIOR CLASS Row One: John Elderkin, Carol Swanson, Judith Danielson, Carol Horner, Carol Cook, Edith Dillon, Patricia Berg, Roberta Dean, Carol Olson, Linda Stacy, ' Craig Bryant, Miss Elaine Johnson, Adviser. Row Two: Dorthy Warn, Sharron Munger, Donna Greenwald, Sandra Murray, Roger Wasberg, Phyllis Houghwot, Thomas Seekins, Donna Springer, Barbara Gustafson, Constance Nobbs, David Christian, David Cheney. Row Three: Marvin Swanson, Bruce Darling, Mark Cheney, David Tuller, Preston Norberg, Ronald Kidder, Sandra Feather- stone, Sylvia Lindboom, Herman Walker, Wayne Robinson, John Titchner, Larry Eklund. Row One: Alan Hamilton, Robert Anderson, Sharon Gage, Mary Dorsey, Sander Fancher, Belle Birt, Karen Gustafson, Annette Gregg, Sue Harris, Jerry Eklund, David Berg, Lawerence Foe, Alford Hyldahl. Row Two: Mrs. Scofield, Adviser; Robert Eastman, Marilyn Coons, Donna Aykins, Wanda Lee, Dolores Anderson, Merle Atkins, Linda Jensen, Patricia Holmes, Bonnie Johnson, David Frew, Richard Kimball, William Bratt. Row Three: Patricia Jones, Joan Johnson, Thomas Atkins, Timothy Marsh, Ronald Swanson, Richard Markman, John Little, Harry Adams, Stephen Anderson, Thomas Griehm John Mahoney, Sheldon Anderson. FRESHMEN Row One: Paul White, Edith Rowley, Elmo Rowley, Grace Turk, Georgann Young, Evelyn Morre, Sally Pratt, Cecile Nobbs, Evelyn McIntyre. Row Two: Mrs. Dewing, Adviser; John Morgan, Robert Sandberg, Carolyn Scott, Judith Walker, Susan Russel, Cynthia Norberg, Alean Walker, Sandra Youngberg, Carol Ring, Barry Stone. Row Three: James Rice, Rodger Shreve, John Rice, Everett Seastrom, Herbert Wiltsie, Arthur Sweatman, Gary Wessels, Paul. Tyler, Thomas McKeever. Row One: David Frankson, Clare Berg, Cheryl Skinner, Linda Nelson, Nancy Turk, Sue Jean Atkins, Althea Bragg, Gretchen Bryant, Alice Davis, Erik Hazel, Ricky Couchenour. Row Two: Mr. Patterson, Adviser; Thomas Cheney, Eleanor Sonley, Sharon Gardner, Roberta Battles, Barbara Nelson, Penny Barker, Marcia Bennett, Nancy Long, Susan Jacobson, Richard Guth. Row Three: Nancy Colver, Susan Warn, Steven Kidder, Frank Ellis, Marshall Frew, Ronald Anderson, David Warn, James Covey, Camille Nobbs, Patricia Swanson. EIGHTH GRADE Row One: Lois Starks, David Thomas, Terry Mattocks, Phillip Shreve, Paul Kelsey, Paul Bova, Sandra Brothers, Patty Eaton. Row Two: James Morgan, Gordon Foe, Donald Annis, Peter Turk, Donald Norman, Paul Anderson, Wayne Berg, James Lee. Row Three: Frances Ekstrom, Irma Daniels, Susan Johnson, Mariann Strand, Louise Lee, Sharon Anderson, Yvonne Woodard, Delores Thurston, Rebecca Motter, Mr. Woodard, Adviser. Row One: Lavern Youngberg, Gerald Anderson, Carol Sank, Margaret Hagberg, Bonnie Anderson, Mary Lou Foe, Barbara Moore, Josephine Cavallaro, Marilyn Warn, Ruth Sweat- man, Alfreda Hamilton, Sharon Youngberg, Thomas Peters, Walter Stevens. Row Two: George Walsh, Dennis McKeever, David Swanson, Stanley Smith, Laura Rhodes, Sally Lund- gren, Evelyn Rowley, Judith Hedges, Earl Ralyea, Arne Hansen, Jerry Westman, William Harris, Mrs. Husband, Adviser. Row Three: Roger Dulmus, Daniel Stevens, Patrick Harvey, Donald Irwin, Dale Dickerson, William Dowd, Judith Gardner, Sandra Waite, Joanne Rice, Mary Atkins, Elliott Scott. SEVENTH GRADE Row One: Sharon White, Kristine Young, Sherwood Anderson, Jeffrey Crawford, Ronald Kindland, Thomas Gustafson, Theodore Miller, Delanna Anderson, Joanne Sears, Linda Gustafson. Row Two: William Patterson, Daniel Christian, Conrad Donelson, Robert Hussey, Kenneth Stone, Sherwood Johnson, Gordon Danielson, Lance Barker, Mr. Bemis, Adviser. Row Three: Cynthia Cheney, Carol Johnson, Valarie Holmes, Mary Ann Sittinger, Sue Olaf- son, Donna Scofield, Rebecca Lindquist, Dawn Marsh, Gloria Magee. 25 Row One: Miss Derby, Adviser; Sue Ann Thomas, Sheryle Kennedy, Cynthia Oberg, Barbara Anderson, Sharyn Hamilton, Nancy Derry, Cathy Bloomquist, Michael Percy, Constance Crawford, Brooks Nelson. Row Two: Ronald Ralyea, Susan Kidder,. Phyllis Brown, Marsha Haggmark, Carol Gates, Thomas Mahoney, Edward Payne, Steven Gage, Richard McKeever, Robert Norman, Gordon Skinner. Row Three: Noelle Swanson, Raymond Bowers, Shirley Coons, Anthony Conti, Ivan Waid, Susanne Luce, Gregory Lombardo, Terrance Smith, Patricia Haley, Cheryl Marsh, Dixie Eccles, Alan Mackie. Absent: Larry Atkins, Barbara Lindholm. Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Row One: Wayne Babcock, Linda Sank, Kathleen Berg, Carol Norman, Daniel Thomas, Linda Thurston, Shirley Samuelson, Paul Whalen. Row Two: Mrs. Sager, Adviser; Christine Emley, Brenda Gregg, Jacqueline Hedges, Norma Dudgeon, Melanie Blair, Gary Pasco, Douglas Waid, Gaylord Swanson. Row Three: Claudia Richards, Carl Larson, Daniel Robinson, Terry Couche- nour, Julia Mattocks, Thomas Shures, Dawn Hodges, John Olson, Harold Eccles. Sixth Grade Row One: Timothy Stahlman, Kermit Ekstrom, James Swanson, Cynthia Howard, Maureen Springer, Peggy Pratt, Alice Burch, Barbara Suminski, Kathleen Olson, Christine Heeden, Mr. Poor, Adviser. Row Two: Bonnie Simmons, Rose Himes, Gerald Sherman, James Greena- walt, Jessie Hedges, Diane Swanson, Sally Bova, Linda Bennett, Candace Sundell, Torrie Derby, Susan Lowery. Row Three: Duane Munson, Douglas Swanson, Marjorie Franklin, Nancy Worden, Robert Baker, LeRoy Nash, Theodore Tabone, Kenneth Waite, Carl Seastrum, Tom Lundgren. Row One: Diane Brothers, Richard Swanson, Gale Kobalka, Yvonne Magnuson, Emerson Ekstrom, Mary Hale, Robert Yaratch, Dale Smith, Mrs. Haley, Adviser. Row Two: Ira Rhodes, Barbara Chebey, Carolyn Davis, Gary Swanson, Stephen Austin, Edward Michalski, Sandra Lee, Pennie Johnson. Row Three: Phyllis Jacobson, Richard Frankson, David Sherman, Ronald Darling, Linda Javens, Sharon Davis, Walter Erickson, Michael Barone, Klaudette Ingeman. Row One: Carol Kidd, Johnana Allison, Cynthia Conti, William Waid, Wayne Swanson, Dewey White, Douglas Ralyea. Row Two: Pamela Scofield, Margaret Wiltsie, Edward Moore, John Howard, David Hazel, Daniel Eck- man. Row Three: Mrs. Barton, Adviser; Diane Robin¬ son, Sandra Anderson, Rae White, Doris Sweatman, Sue Dill, Allen Haller, Paul Cheney, Bradley Ring, Robert Birt. 27 Row One: Barbara Craft, Barry Nelson, Kent Young, Daveen Kidd, Linda Moore, Cynthia Kimball, Charlene David Pasco, Harold Berg, Mark Sanborn, Philip Me- Brown, Mary Walker, Paul Wilcox, Geneie Brown, Intyre, Ronald Golden, l-inda Fancher, Susan Dennison. Kathleen Nelson. Absent: Cheryl Matthews, Sandra Row Two: Miss Pierce, Adviser; Wayne Kennedy, Horner. Fourth Grad Row One: Keith Babcock, Richard Peterson, Toni Jo Saeli, Louis Howard, Bobby Erwin, Anne Lombardo, Jimmy Zimmerman, Cynthia Knapp, Elaine Hamilton, Marilyn White, Laura Jean Swanson, Mrs. Shelters, Adviser. Row Two: Jean Olson, Tommy Allison, Dona Sisson, Suzanne Anderson, Martha Sukoski, ' Paula Mahoney, Bruce Atkins, Jack Walker, Richard Waite, Danny Griffin. 28 Row One: Patricia Couchenour, Vickie Anderson, Pris- Eric Hagberg, Leslie Walker, Mary Lee Anderson, cilia Emley, Connie Waid, Susan Roy, Marian Lee. Row Marilyn Cheney. Absent: Edward Waid, Linda Bill- Two: Mrs. Marsh, Adviser; David Hamilton, Nadine gren, Mark Schultz, Brian Greenwald, Aaron Mills, Lundgren, Jewel Sherman, Joyce Frankson, Noel Han- Robert White, Sandra Stanton, sen, William Anderson. Row Three: Ralph Long, Row One: Bonnie Mara, Sylvia Bova, Darlene Feather- stone, Merle Johnson, Mary Ann Turk, Rhea Liddie. Row Two: Susan Waid, Ann Patterson, Luella Gobles, Lottie Covey, John McLaughin, Mrs. Pratt, Adviser. Row Three: Gary Adams, Michael Libby, James Lom¬ bardo, William Williams, Dennis Richards, Ralph Miller. Absent: Eileen Dolan, Cynthia Ecklund, Ina Lynne Jaudon, Sylvia Shelters, Scott Derby, LeRoy Johnson, Randall Lund, Earl Stanton. Third Grade Row One: Carol Zimmerman, Betsy Warn, Candace Anderson, Merri Lou McKeever, Judith Osborne, John Sanborn, Daniel Stahlman, Burdette Anderson, Elma Hultberg. Row Two: Douglas Wickstrom, Lundy Borst, Lynn Davis, Dana Coons, Cheryl Po ole, Larry Spontaneo, Paul Waid, Roger Grey, Niles Lincoln, David Brothers, Mrs. Young, Adviser. Absent: Wendy Lundmark, Gary Greenwald. 29 Row One: Robert Woid, Janice Anderson, Bruce Carl¬ son, William Osthagen, Susan Munger, Cleo Nobbs, Linda Elmore, Catherine Owens, Rose Mary Eckstrom, Diane Billgren, James Barone, Mrs. Mahan, Adviser. Row Two: Marjorie Swanson, Allen Terry, Stephen Barker, Graydon Swanson, Ronald Oberg, Deborah Birt, Carl Blood, Christopher Roblee, Linda Wilder, Beverly Davis, Russell Payne, Carol Obert, Absent. Row One: Donna Waite, Calvin Kline, Marsha Craft, Barber, Elizabeth Grout, Tommy Fenton, Barry Simmons, William Intihar, Michael Parsons, Brian Horner, Marvin Allen Haley, Kendel Hebner, Wilma Hammond, Miss Gobles, Jetfrey Frew. Row Two: Susan Terry, Jerry Steffey, Adviser. 30 Row One: Richard Atkins, Susan Dunning, Morris Johnson, Sherrill Luce, Sally Swanson, Norma Lee, Cheney, Philip Kidd, Wendy Dunn, Kathy Story, Dar- William Emley. Row Three: Mayta Johnson, David lene Anderson. Row Two: Miss Carlson, Adviser; Olson, Michael Haller, Gary Walker, Richard Davis, Dennis Gregg, Rosemary Waid, Diane Walker, Bruce James Frew, Judy Austin. Row One: Lynn Larson, Terry Mara, Cindy Kidder, Ethel Linda Carlton, Martha Sandberg, Linda Samuel- son, Bonnie Owens, Dale Thorpe, George Waite, Bonnie Knapp. Row Two: Mrs. Sheats, Adviser; Sallie Dill, John Dale, Pauline Abers, Russell Seastrum, Sharon Williams, Bruce Hultberg, Billy Gulvin, John Westman, Stephen Schultz, Barbara Greenwalt. Row Three: James Lundmark, Joyce Graveley, Janet Little, Ronald Denni¬ son, Larry Hiller, Delores Newark, Sharon Covey, Ruth Johnson, Marlin Haskins, Susan Abers, Michael Michalski, Absent. Row One: Mary Ann Bloomquist, Bruce Dudgeon, Patrick Emley, Dale Erwin, Roxanne Birt, Robert Lund, Kristine Williams, Lee Lawson, Christina Kidd, Gene Fancher. Row Two: Charles Lee, Marjorie Dulmus, Larry Poole. John Graveley, John Brustrom, Kevin Younq, Howard Moore, James Walker, Donald Hebner, Laurel Carlson, Mrs Gilbert, Substitute Adviser. 31 lL 1 » Row One: Tori Soeli, Rebecca Roblee, Priscilla Johnson, Carol Kobalka, Dawn Godfrey, Suzanne McKeever, Michele Allison, Colleen Mills, Edward Osborne. Row Two: Mrs. Warn, Adviser; Allen Stearns, Larry Hough- wot, Marcus Edwards, David Lundgren, Donald Stormer, Dale Coleman, William Seastrom, Leonard Liddie, Elmer Blood, Betsy Olofson, Robert Sukowsky, Absent. Kindergarten Row One: Judy Oberg, Douglas Zimmer, Danny Michael, Roberta Liddie, Richard Roy, Bruce Waid, Arcelia Cartner, Steven Moore, Ellen Sears, David Stormer, Mrs. Westphal, Adviser. Row Two: Patricia Johnson, Franklin Philbrick, Douglas Bova, Rodney Javens, Janet Haskell, Marie Saeli, Jack Gulvin, Rebecca Elmore Kindergarten John Nelson, Debra Olmstead, Donald Sherman. Row Th ree: Donald Fredeen, Pamela Hale, Terence Rabe, JoAnn Seastrum, Mark Derby, Carol Letro, Janice Walker, Kathryn Bastion, Robert Golden, Thomas Neu- stadter. Penny Gardner. 32 Row One: Richard Waid, Beverly Coons, Jerry Frankson, Judy Kindlond, Timothy Mora, Judy Benson, Edward Petransky, Kevin McLaughlin, Sue Zimmerman, Francis Zemnick, Gary Carlson, Mrs. Luke, Adviser. Row Two: Emily Swanson, Stephen Stahlman, Stephen Eckman, Joann Swanson, Patty Hale, Gary Billgren, Patty Zem- bardo, Dorlene Atkins, Willis Adams, Wendell Berg, Tommy Grout, William Hammond. Row One: Emma Rowley, James Mitchner, Annette Waite, Diane Walter, Anne Haller, Alice Haller, Cath- leene Starks, Douglas Moore, Kenneth Burch, Helen Woodard, Lloyd Hiller, William Turner. Row Two: Mrs. Cusimano, Adviser; Cynthia Johnson, Marcia Waite, Gary Ralyea, Robert Olmstead, Ronald Waid, John Hammond, Richard Grey, Penny Moore, William Petransky, Carl Hydahl, Linda Stearns. Row Three: Todd Nelson, Charlene Coleman, Jeffrey Eckman, Carol Brown, Diana Lindberg, Marjory Covey, Patricia Mc- Keever, Cynthia Fedirko, Elenor Griffen, Glenny Senske, Sue Ann Pasco. Seated: Maurice Daniels, Donald Anderson, Ronald Rowley, Kirt Woodard, David Shures, Norman Green, Anderson, Donald Daniels. Standing: Mrs. Bryant, Ad- Sandra Walker, Robert Lee, Absent, viser; Dian Anderson, Warren Swartzentruber, Harold 33 Riverside School Row One: Lena Woodard, Patricia Norberg, Anthony Colucci, Melanie Berg, Mary Ester Proper, Vernon Proper, Patricia Magee. Row Two: Larry Woodard, Loretta Potter, Bonita Berg, Link Lee, Keith Magee, Michael Franklin, Dennis Magee, Dana Lindberg, Mrs. Johnson, Adviser. Row One: Timothy Stahlman, Kathleen Olson, James Greenawalt, Peggy Pratt, Captain; Jessie Hedges, Chris¬ tine Heeden, Diane Swanson, James Swanson. Row Two: Linda Bennett, Bonnie Simmons, Sally Bova, Gerald Swanson, Carl Seastrum, Susan Lowery. Row Three: Duane Munson, Kenneth Waite, Robert Baker, Thomas Lundgren, Douglas Swanson. CURRICULUM Hltt DKTTIONAKY shows BY its " lUHUNI. n®. lARaftKItNT i 01 worn Of UTIH ANDGRTtK i ' ihujsvmhilqruhm UCTO m GIBX »V UTOYA YAWW YS Caesar ' s " Commentary on the Gallic Wars " was translated and studied in the second year Latin class, taught by Mrs. Nobbs. Principles of grammai and stories about Roman life were also included. No other Latin courses were scheduled for this year. Mr. Gravely conducted the Citizenship Education 9, world history, and American history classes this year. Each student is required to take a history course in his 9th, 1 1th, and 12th grade years. Typing, business arithmetic, shorthand I, shorthand II, transcription, bookkeeping, general business, and business practice were all available in the Business Department Most of these classes, taught by Mrs. Dewing, offered to many students the actual experi¬ ence in the practical and realistic sides of business. The Art Department this year has com¬ pleted many successful courses. In the ninth grade, general art was studied. Basic art was offered to the tenth graders. Ad¬ vanced art was studied in both the eleventh and twelfth grades. Most of the junior high and all of the senior high courses were taught by Mr. Heeden. Mrs. Bair supervised the grade school art program and one section in the junior high. Students put to good use the 3500 volumes of books in the library. Sixty-six magazines and newspapers are also provided. Mrs. Lindell is always willing to help anyone find the " right " book for pleasure reading, guidance, and information. The Agriculture classes of our school played an important role in teaching agri¬ culture skills to many students. Classes are conducted in Agriculture 9, Agriculture 10, Agriculture III, and Agriculture IV. The Agriculture classes are under the supervision of Mr. Zimmer. The Future Farmers of America Club has grown from these agricul¬ ture classes. With Miss Wallace as instructor, French was one of the three languages offered in the high school. Following the trend of other schools, French was taught in the elementary grades and in the junior high school. Through¬ out the year the students spoke French in their classroom discussions. English was a required subject for all students. Literature, grammar fundamentals, oral and written expression, and vocabulary were em¬ phasized in each of the four years. Interest¬ ing selections of world literature were stressed in the first two years. The juniors ' reading was mainly American literature, while the senior year was devoted to English literature. Miss Wallace taught ninth year English and Mrs. Donaldson, tenth, eleventh and twelfth years. Several courses in mathematics, taught by Miss Johnson, were available at all levels. Math 9, Math 10, and intermediate algebra were available to underclassmen. Senior mathematicians, with a true interest in math, elected trigonometry, and advanced algebra. 38 In the science department, Mr. Guli taught Science 9, biology, and physics; Mr. Rhodes, chemistry. Many interesting experiments and observations took place in the laboratory this year. Girls elected home economics to build a foundation for future homemaking. They learned to make their own clothes and to plan, prepare, and serve appetizing and well-bal¬ anced meals. In addition, the girls studied family living, money management, and con¬ sumer buying under the guidance of Mrs. Scofield. Mr. Johnson is the supervisor of our shop which was expanded this year. General shop was offered to the beginners with metal shop and wood shop following. M.echanical draw¬ ing was also offered to those who wish to further their education in this line. 39 Driving education, under Mr. Patterson, was continued this year. A study of safe, cour¬ teous driving, and traffic laws, as well as actual " on the road " driving, was offered in the course. The guidance office, supervised by Mr. Flynn, was responsible for the schedule of each in¬ dividual as well as providing a wealth of infor¬ mation on personal problems, and further educational opportunities. Mastering the skills of the English language was a part of the studies of the seventh and eighth grades. In the eighth grade much emphasis was placed on the students first Regents in English, with Mr. Patterson as the English teacher. Throughout the year the students read poetry, short stories, essays, and Studied spelling. Under the guidance of Mr. Woodard, the seventh graders were introduced to junior high school mathematics. The eighth grade was introduced to high school math while preparing for their mathematics Regents. In the seventh and eighth grades, science was taught for only one half year, each semester under the supervision of Mr. Bemus. In both grades the wonders of our earth and the wonders around our earth were explained. For the eighth grader the course was more intensive because of the students ' first Regents in this subject. New York State was studied by the students in the seventh grade under the guidance of Mrs. Husband. In the eighth grade, the students studied American history and re¬ viewed for their Regents with Mr. Bemus as their teacher. Girl gymnasts proved their skill in sports this year. Miss Nason taught the fundamentals of basketball, volley¬ ball, and softball which gave the girls a better understanding of these sports. Calisthenics, tumbling, marching, and apparatus developed correct posture and co-ordination. PHYSICAL EDUCA T ION The boys ' physical education classes under the supervision of Mr. Scofield participated in a well organized physi¬ cal program. Basketball, volleyball and baseball were included. MUSIC DEPARTMENT The Music Department, supervised by Mr. Goranson and Mrs. Adams, provided instrumental and vocal training for many students. This year ' s band, newly formed from last year ' s Senior and Junior Bands, had thirty-two members. Concert marches, " Elmira " by Abbott, Olivedote ' s " The March of Youth " , and the concert pieces including the overture, " Traveler " by Buchtel were some of the compositions presented by the band. Public appearances were made at the Parent-Teacher Association, the Spring Con¬ cert, and the Fredonia State and Chautauqua County Festivals. Both the Mixed Chorus and the Girls ' Chorus derived a feeling of accomplishment in singing for pleasure. The Mixed Chorus ' program included the study of " The Sleigh " by Kountz and " Climbing Up the Mountain " , arranged by Davis. The whole chorus sang at Fredonia, and some students attended the Sectionals. The Girls ' Chorus repertoire included " O Sing Your Songs " . The Girls ' Chorus went to the Spring Festival in Fredonia aiming for the A rating achieved last year. The concert at Chautauqua Institution was anticipated by both choral groups. Baton Twirlers: Kathleen Barker, Karen Inegman, Carol Butters. Row One: Sharon White, Richard Guth, Thomas Lundgren, Georgeann Young, Cynthia Cheney, Conrad Donelson, Richard Couchenour, Joseph Marsh, Everette Seastrom, David Tuller. Row Two: Gordon Danielson, Sandra Waite, Harry Todd Adams, Timothy Marsh, Kenneth Stone, Lance Barker, Jeffrey Crawford, Sherwood Anderson. Standing: Beverly Hussey, Thomas McKeever, David Warn, William Patterson, Sherwood Johnson, Daniel Christian, John Little, Gary Wessels, Theodore Miller, David Frankson, Steven Kidder, Barry Stone, Mr. Gorenson, Adviser; Dennis McKeever, Donald Irwin. 43 MIXED CHORUS Row One: Diane Frankson, Carol Cook, Pat Berg, Charlene Nelson, Carol Butters, Sharon Munger, Maxine Husted, Shirley Long, Carol Horner, Georgann Young, Mrs. Adams, Adviser. Row Two: Joan Barber, Sandra Murray, Linda Stacey, Phyllis Houghwot, Dona Lindstrom, Kathy Barker, Marleen Donelson, Donna Greenwald, Martha Bova. Row Three: Gary Darling, Gary Waid, David Barker, Bill Tornstrom, Jim Anderson, David Christian, Ronald Kidder. GIRLS ' CHORUS Row One: Sally Sheats, Sue Harris, Dona Lindberg, Sandra Francher, Belle Birt, Cynthia Gage, Ann Dunning, Karen Gustafson, Sandra Dudgeon, Sharon Gage, Sharon Johnson, Janice Magnuson. Row Two: Mrs. Adams, Adviser, Bonnie Johnson, Mary Dorsey, Beverly Hussey, Shirley Swanson, Barbara Gregg, Connie Nobbs, Pat Holmes, Sandra Murray, Sally Pratt, Susie Bjork, Julie Tuller. Row Three: Evelyn McIntyre, Sandra Youngberg, Kathleen Cheney, Clare Warn, Delores Anderson, Betty Johnson, Merle Atkins, Karen Ingeman, Florence Blood, Pat Jones, Sharon Munger, Linda Jensen. MRS. ADAMS HONOR SOCIETY Row One: Diane Franksori, Secretary - Treas¬ urer; Mary Little, President; Patricia Eckman, Vice-President. Row Two: Larry Ecklund, Sandra Murray, Patricia Berg, Judith Daniel¬ son, Alvin Bragg. Row Three: Constance Nobbs, Sharon Munger, Craig Bryant. Row Four: John - Titchner, Patricia Jensen, Nancy Barrus. JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: Alice Davis, Steven Kidder, Harry Adams, Sharon White. Standing: Steven Anderson, Mr. Heeden, Adviser; Georgann Young, Dawn Marsh, Ronald Kindland, Clare Berg. SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: Mary Little, Connie Nobbs, Jeanette Rice, Ann Dunning, Mr. Guli, Adviser. Standing: Judy Danielson, Shirley Swanson, Bruce Darling, Willi Adams, John Phillips. r »« TRI-HI-Y Front: Judy Tuller, Ann Dunning. Seated: Janice Magnuson, Pat Eckman, Pat Jenson, Miss Carlson, Adviser; Mary Little, Nancy Barrus, Kathy Barker, Barbara Gustafson, Shirley Swanson, Pat Berg. Standing: Sharon Johnson, Sandra Dudgeon, Cynthia Gage, Joan Barber, Harriet Cushner, Linda Dunning, Sylvia Lindbloom, Carol Butters, Connie Nobbs, Maxine Husted, Sharon Munger, Donna Greenwald, Carol Cook, Martha Bova, Sandra Murray, Dona Lindberg. HISTORY CLUB Row One: Diane Frankson, Sally Sheats, Pat Jensen, Pat Eckman, Judith Danielson, Carol Butters, Sharon Munger, Shirley Long, Linda Jensen, Beverly Hussey. Row Two: Mary Little, Evelyn Moore, Sharon Gage, Sandra Dudgeon, Georgann Young, Sally Pratt, Linda Dunning, Kathleen Cheney, Bonnie Johnson, Mary Dorsey, Belle Birt, Sandy Murray, Ann Dunning. Row Th ree: Craig Bryant, Alvin Bragg, Barry Stone, David Christian, Nancy Barrus, Harriet Cushner, Willi Adams, Jim Anderson, Kathy Barker, Connie Nobbs, Marleen Donelson, Mr. Gravely, Adviser. BEAR FACTS STAFF Seated: Ann Dunning, Cynthia Gage, Sally Sheats, Pat Berg, Typist, Kathy Cheney, Donna Lindberg. Standing: Shirley Swanson, Ann Hanson, Sandra Dudgeon, Marilyn Anderson, Celia Cavallero, Karen Ingeman, Betty Johnson, Karen Johnson, James Anderson, John Phillips, Terry Olafson, Karen Sweatman, Miss Wallace, Adviser. 47 FRENCH CLUB Row One: Gloria McGee, Cindy Johnson, Linda Gustafson, Candy Olson, Cynthia Cheney, Kristine Young. Row Two: Delanna Anderson, Mary Ann Sittinger, Donna Scofield, Rebecca Lindquist, Carol Johnson, Joanne Sears, Dawn Marsh, Valerie Holmes. Row Three: Gary Wessels, Edith Dillon, Cynthia Gage, Beverly Hussey, Sally Pratt, Paul Tyler, Dick Kimball, Wanda Lee, Patty Jones, Georgann Young, Patty Holmes, Evelyn Moore. Row Four: Camille Nobbs, Merle Atkins, Barry Stone, Alice Davis, Marcia Bennett, Althea Bragg, Linda Jensen, Susan Jacobson, Roberta Battles, Penny Barker, Sue Jean Atkins, Nancy Culver, Cheryl Skinner, Miss Wallace, Adviser. If LATIN CLUB Seated: David Christian, Sally Sheats, Karen Inge- man, Sandra Featherstone, Craig Bryant, Willi Adams, Kathleen Cheney, Betty Johnson, Marilyn Anderson, Jim Anderson, Ann Dunning, Judy Danielson, Connie Nobbs. Standing: Mrs. Nobbs, Adviser, Carol Olson, Dorothy Warn. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Seated: Connie Nobbs, Sandra Murray, Gordon Lind, Sharron Munger. Standing: Ann Dunning, Cynthia Gage, Judy Danielson, Mr. Hussey, Adviser, Dorothy Warn, Jim Anderson. 48 -S- SCIENCE CLUB Left to Right: Alvin Bragg, Mr. Guli, Adviser; Pat Eckman, Edward Davis, Pat Jenson, Tom Seekins, Craig Bryant, Gordon Lind, Roger Wasberg, Gary Burgett, John Elderkin. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Left to Right: Mr. Zimmer, Marvin Swanson, Law¬ rence Foe, Timothy Marsh, David Covey, Sheldon Anderson, George Ekstrom, Herb Wiltsie, Herman Walker, William Bratt, Arthur Ekstrom, Leonard Ekstrom, Russell Swanson, John Titchner, Richard Hagberg. FIRE WARDENS Row One: Linda Dunning, Lars Stone, Asst. Fire Chief; Alvin Bragg, Fire Chief; Kathy Barker, Mr. Rhodes, Adviser. Row Two: Joan Barber, Keith Kroenke, Mina Mae Moore, Charlene Nelson, Diane Frankson, Shirley Long. Row Three: Maxine Hust- ed, Arthur Ekstrom, Ed Davis, David Barker, Gary Burgett, Willi Adams, William Tornstrom, Jeanette Rice. . v| X mbSB j l XI fj L It |i (IM ' Hi PROJECTION SQUAD Row One: Judy Tuller, Sharon Johnson, Mr. Zimmer, Adviser. Row Two: Richard Hagberg, Paul Tyler, Barry Stone, George Ekstrom, Dick Kim¬ ball. Row Three: David Covey, Dave Barker, David Christian, Marvin Swanson, Gene Waid, Terry Olaf- son, Bob Davis. BOWLING CLUB Row One: Sharon Youngberg, Sharon White, Rebecca Lindquist, Carol Johnson, Linda Jensen, Barbara Nelson, Eleanor Sonley, Mary Lou Foe. Row Two: Mrs. Husband, Advis er; Kristine Young, Delanna Anderson, Sue Olafson, Valerie Holmes, Bonnie Ander¬ son, Marsha Bennett, Mariann Strand, Penny Barker, Alice Davis. Row Three: Karen Gustafson, Wanda Lee, Elma Rowley, Evelyn Moore, Carolyn Scott, Lois Starks, Joanne Rice, Judy Gardner, Susan Jacobson. m i ■ j i C JL BOWLING CLUB Row One: Miss Wallace, Adviser, Alfreda Hamilton, Linda Gustafson, Candythe Olson, Donna Scofield, Mary Ann Sittinger, Joanne Sears, Gretchen Bryant, Mrs. Husband, Adviser. Row Two: Janice Magnu- son, Sharon Johnson, Sandra Youngberg, Mary Atkins, Mary Louise Dorsey, Belle Birt, Merle Atkins, Sally Pratt. Row Three: Connie Nobbs, Carol Cook, Linda Stacey, Ann Dunning, Kathy Barker, Sandra Murray, Harriet Cushner, Jeanette Rice. Row Four: Cindy Johnson, Sharon Gage, Cynthia Gage, Nancy Barrus, Carol Butters, Shirley Long, Marleen Donelson. YEARBOOK STAFF Editor _Diane Frankson Associate Editor _Patricia Jensen, Nancy Barrus, Patricia Eckman Art Editor _Sharon Harris Photography _Ed Davis, Linda Dunning, Marleen Donelson Business Manager _Alvin Bragg Circulation _Gordon Lind, Harriet Cushner Sports _Keith Kroenke Activities _Mary Little, Carol Butters, Jeanette Rice Typist -Shirley Long Adviser _Mrs. Donaldson 51 yearbooks 52 SPORTS RON KIDDER BRUCE DARLING ROGER WASBERG GORDY LIND GARY DARLING 55 BILL TORNSTROM COACH AND MANAGERS Everett Seastrum, Craig Bryant, Roger Shreve, Mr. Scofield. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS L eft to Right: Sandy Dudgeon, Joan Barber, Sharron Munger, Connie Nobbs, Sandy Murray, Ann Dunning. JUNIOR VARSITY Terry Olofson, Bob Davis, John Phillips, Henry Eskra, Gene Waid, Russell Swanson, David Tuller, Mr. Scofield, Coach. CHEERLEADERS Front: Shirley Swanson, Belle Birt. Bock: Mary Dorsey, Susie Bjork, Bonnie Johnson, Karen Ingeman. 57 CHADAKOIN TEAM Row One: Robert Anderson, Robert Hussey, Jerry Westmon, Jerry Anderson, William Harris, Tom Gustaf¬ son, Jeffery Crawford, Lance Barker, Jerry Eklund. Row Two: Steve Kidder, David Swanson, Stanley Smith, Kenneth Stone, William Patterson, Sherwood Johnson, Daniel Christian, Conrad Donelson, Ted Miller, Paul White. Row Three: David Warn, Alan Hamilton, Frank Ellis, David Frew, Paul Anderson, Donald Norman, Thomas McKeever, Robert Sandberg, Richard Kimball, John Mahoney. Row Four: Mr. Patterson, Steve Anderson, Tom Griehm, Marshall Frew, John Little, Bruce Griehm, William Dowd, Roger Shreeves, Everett Seastrum, Harry Adams. CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Roberta Battles, Karen Gustafson, Sue Harris, Patty Eaton, Wanda Lee, Linda Jensen. 58 V s p 1 Now let ' s see B; L JET Ins ' ' ' uMl i jU ! | » T ' = = In our own little world! The royalty of Gorrett 1957 59 PARENTS ' PAGE Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Orrason Barber Walter Barker Leonard Barrus Earl Brady Leonard Bragg John C. Burgett Alvin Butters, Sr. Stephen Christian Harold Cushner Bernette C. Danelson Vincent T. Davis Walter M. Dunning Howard Eckman Joseph Ekstrom Henning Frankson Amos Hodges Max J. Husted Egil Jensen Richard Johnson John T. Kerrin Leonard Kroenke Carl Berger Lind Carl Lindstrom Ralph Little Stanley E. Long Donald E. Luce Lloyd D. Moore Karl Nelson George Rice, Jr. Lewis Stone Paul Swanson Swan Tornstrom Lindford Tuller 60 ADVERTISEMENTS In appreciation of the generosity and the inter¬ est shown by the people of Frewsburg and vicinity we extend our grateful thanks. Without the whole¬ hearted support of our sponsors this publication would not be possible. CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of 1958 Unlimited Opportunities Await YOU In the Jamestown Area From Your Friends in the JAMESTOWN AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 62 The following hove sponsored a half page in this yearbook. FREWSBURG CENTRAL SCHOOL P.T.A. Congratulates the Class of 1958 JOHNSON ' S KEYSTONE GAS STATION Frewsburg, New York 36 West Main St. Telephone 2525 GEORGE LEE ' S GARAGE New and used auto parts Frewsburg, New York Telephone 2933 63 The following have sponsored a half page in this yearbook. JAMESTOWN RENDERING COMPANY, INC. Frewsburg New York J. B. SCHUBECK STUDIO Photog rqphers Cameras — Film — Supplies 34 Ann Street, RD. 4 North East, Pennsylvania Telephone 227R STATESIDE IMPORTED CARS 501 Foote Avenue Jamestown New York Factory - Authorized Volkswagen Dealer The following have sponsored a fourth page in this yearbook. SHAW ' S SNACK DAIRY BAR Busti ' s only refreshment center Busti - Sugargrove Road Busti New York 64 The following have sponsored a fourth page in this yearbook. Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 THE FACULTY OF FREWSBURG CENTRAL SCHOOL CELORON PARK SKATELAND Celoron New York FREWSBURG HARDWARE Frewsburg, New York 27 West Main Street Telephone 4-555 18 Main Street West Main " We appreciate your good taste " SEALTEST ICE CREAM Served in our School Compliments of KYLE AND LITTLE ' S Frewsburg, New York Congratulations Seniors NORM-ELLYN HAIR SHOP Frewsburg, New York Good Luck from FALCONER PRINTING COMPANY 66 East Main Street Falconer, New York Compliments of a FRIEND CARNAHAN - SHEARER COMPANY 120 North Main Street Jamestown, New York Phone 31-711 Compliments of THE WATCH SHOP 200 Cherry Street Jamestown, New York Telephone 51-908 Congratulations Class of 1958 CHADAKOIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Jamestown New York ALUMINUM CONTRACTING COMPANY 305 Fluvana Ave. Jamestown New York 65 The following have sponsored an eighth of a page in this yearbook. Best Wishes to the GUSTAFSON TOOL CO. Class of 1958 " World ' s Finest Tools " MOORE ' S HARDWARE So. Main St. 54 Main St. Frewsburg, N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of FREWSBURG KENDALL SERVICE THE APRON SHOPPE AND Frewsburg, New York THE LAMP POST MOTEL WASBERG TURKEY FARM 143 Falconer Street Congratulations Frewsburg, N. Y. PH. 4645 to the Class of 1958 BONIWOOD DAIRY BAR Compliments of Jamestown N. Y. SLUGA ' S RESTAURANT Frewsburg, New York Compliments of SHELDON ' S RED WHITE Compliments of Phone 2485 PERCY PHILLIPS GARAGE Frewsburg, New York Compliments of DANIELSON ' S FRIENDLY SERVICE BLAIR FUNERAL SERVICE Frewsburg, New York Funeral Home — 8 Water Street Frewsburg, New York Compliments of CELORON PARK SKATELAND FREWSBURG PHARMACY Main Street Celeron, New York Frewsburg, New York B N ESSO STATION ROCKMAN MARKET East Main " One Stop Food Center " Frewsburg, New York Foote Ave. Jamestown, N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of BOWERS DEPT. STORE FREWSBURG FIREMAN ' S Frewsburg, New York AUXILIARY Compliments of Compliments to the FREWSBURG STYLE SHOP Class of 1958 Frewsburg, New York FREWSBURG METAL PRODUCTS 66 The following have sponsored an eighth of a page in this yearbook. MAHONEY ' S LIQUOR STORE Phil and Gene Best Wishes from PLAZA PAINT HARDWARE 5 Water St. Frewsburg Foote Ave. Jamestown SOUTH SIDE BLUE SUNOCO Compliments to the " Service That Satisfies " Class of 1958 777 Foote Ave. Jamestown ANDERSON ' S RESTAURANT Frewsburg, New York BARONE ' S MEAT MARKET COTTER REAL ESTATE Choice Meats - Poultry Frewsburg, N. Y. Phone 4055 Dorothy Derby, Agent Frewsburg, New York Compliments of PHILLIPS LUMBER COMPANY ROY ' S BARBER SHOP Lumber Crating Stock Frewsburg Frewsburg, New York GOOD LOOK BEAUTY NOOK NYPENN ELECTRIC Gordine Duell MOTOR SERVICE CO. Carol Johnson " Doc " Gulvin, Prop. Frewsburg, N. Y. Phone 4643 Jamestown, N. Y. Phone 90-785 ALBERT M. ECKMAN SEEHAUS EN OLSON T.V. Wholesale ' Meats Herm Seehausen John " Red " Olson Custom Butchering Frewsburg, N. Y. Phone 3075 Warren Road Frewsburg Compliments of Compliments of CAFETERIA HELP Ray Wheeler FREWSBURG HOTEL DERBY ' S Best Wishes to the Heating - Sheet Metal Work Class of 1958 from Electrical Work GALLAGHERS BARBER SHOP Plumbing Compliments of Compliments of WEISER ' S GROCERY DIPSON ' S PALACE THEATRE Frewsburg, N. Y. Phone 5215 Jamestown, New York 67 The following hove sponsored an eighth page in this publication Congratulations LAWSONS OF JAMESTOWN Haulers of Fine Furniture Good Luck Seniors PARSON ' S DUMP TRUCK SERVICE Phone Frewsburg 5375 Compliments of SAM BONDI ' S WHOLESALE CO. 36 Harrison Street Jamestown, New York OUR LADY OF VICTORY CHURCH Pastor, Reverend David V. Roche PETERSON FUNERAL HOME Falconer Street Good Luck Seniors THE BURG BARBER SHOP Dave Dillon, Prop. MORGAN LINEN SUPPLY 1309 E. Second St. Jamestown, N. Y. OSTRANDER BROS. LUMBER Pearl Street Frewsburg, New York KENNEDY TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT CO. BURGETrS SPORTING SUPPLIES Frew Run Road Phone 4-333 Best Wishes from FALCONER G.L.F. SERVICE INC. Falconer New York PALMER ' S " BANG BANG " BARBER SHOP 115 Second Street Jamestown, New York WHITE ' S RESTAURANT 1 5 Center Street Frewsburg, New York Compliments of LUNDGREN MOTOR SALES Akeley Pennsylvania J. A. JACOBSON DAIRY " We sell at the plant " JONES TASTY BAKING CO. INC. 19 Market Street Jamestown, N. Y. SHARON, DONNA, MARY, JOAN, HARRIET Compliments of STUDEBAKER GARAGE Leonard Rhodes, Prop. HILDUM CINDER BLOCK CO. Falconer - Frewsburg Road Phone 5985 CITY LINE GARAGE Jamestown New York Best Wishes from J. S. AUTO SUPPLY CO. 1080 - 82 E. Second St. Jamestown, N. Y. RIO RESTAURANT Ivory Street Frewsburg, New York DISPOSAL SERVICE Don Griffin and Leonard Barrus Phone 4281 or 2142 BERTIE ' S DRAPERY SHOP Jamestown New York LUNDEEN OIL COMPANY Box 24 Kennedy, New York Compliments of LUNDQUIST SERVICE STATION Compliments of FRANTZ AND RUSSELL SANITARY SERVICE Foote Avenue Extension SPARK ' S GROCERY STORE Center Street Frewsburg, New York The Class of 1958 extends its best wishes to the Class of 1959 and hopes that its senior year will be as successful and enjoyable as ours has been. 68 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Cover Manutocturers Book Binders FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas City PRINTED IN U. S A. I Hfa i j T 1 ' ' » , . V; jJl ttr f ' A ■ „ f ; ' t C v k

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Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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