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Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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« !»»■:»! m ALMA MATER Where templed foothills proudly rise, And right and honor rule, We lift a song that never dies For Frewsburg Central School. Our will to stand where glory calls Shall pride and honor bring To Alma Mater, in whose halls Our sweetest mem’ries cling. Issued by the Senior Class of Frewsburg Central School Frewsburg New York DEDICATION To the furtherance of Peace and Harmony among the nations of the world, in the hope that International friendship may unite all mankind in a common brotherhood, the senior class of 1954 dedicates this issue of “Senior Leaves.” ADMINISTRATION BOARD of EDUCATION Seated: Everett Seastrum, Isabella Lundgren, Bessie Dennison, Ruth Titchner. Second Row: Maurice Bjork, Howard Warn, Grant Sears. Absent: William Waite. President Vice-President Clerk . Treasurer . Collector . Officers of the Board .Everett Seastrum .Grant Sears .Isabella Lundgren . Robert Dill .Ruth Ingeman Committees Auditing: Mr. Bjork, Chairman; Mrs. Titchner. Budget and Finance: Mr. Warn, Chairman; Mr. Sears. Buildings and Grounds: Mr. Sears, Chairman; Mr. Waite, Mr. Warn. Teachers: Mrs. Titchner, Chairman; Mrs. Dennison. Transportation: Mr. Waite, Chairman; Mrs. Dennison, Mr. Bjork. J. Wm. Anderson District Superintendent Harry J. Murray Supervising Principal Lory F. Messina Assistant Principal Robert Vogelgesang Senior Advisor Seated: Elaine Johnson, Mathematics; Carol Nobbs, Latin; Ruth Linde 11, Librarian. Second row: Robert Vogelgesang, English; Robert Letro, History; Otto Culi, Science; Paul West, Agriculture. Seated: Dorothy Husband, Citizenship Education; Thomas Patterson, English; Ruth Kline, English. Second Row: Robert Johnson, Industrial Arts; Lucille Scofield, Home Economics. FACULTY Seated: Nancy Bush, Physical Education; Daniel Flynn, Guidance; Erma Bryant, Remedial Read¬ ing; Adilene Woodmansee, Music. Standing: Ray Hess, Music; James Scofield, Physical Educa¬ tion. Seated: Nell Pratt, Third Grade; Pearl bhevalier, Fourth Grade; Florence Babcock, Third Grade. Standing: Margaret Derby, Sixth Grade; Donald Bemus, Sixth Grade; Dueressa Sager, Fifth Grade; Estella Porter, Third Grade; Florence Haley, Fifth Grade. FACULTY Seated: Jeanette Sheats, Second grade; Marjorie Marsh, Second and Third grade; Dorothy Carlson, Second grade; Lillian Warn, First grade. Second row: Gertrude Mahan, First grade; Edith Impey, First grade; Genevieve Westphal, Kindergarten. HEALTH and OFFICE STAFF Isabelle Lundgren, Clerk; Mary LaDuke, Nurse; Ida Weekman, Secretary; JoAnn Carlson, Dental Hygienist. mmhih Seated: Jessie Cook, Dolores Jacobson, Dorothy Anderson, Julia Chandler, Letty Wasberg. Second Row: Percy Phillips, William Walters, Anson Bova, Arthur Hyldahl, Gilbert Swanson, Edward Horning, Oscar Anderson. CAFETERIA and MAINTENANCE ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■I SENIORS CLASS of 1954 “SO LONG AS WE LIVE, WE SERVE CLASS FLOWER CLASS WHITE ROSE RED an MARY DOWD " Mary " “Always ready and Willing for a good time” Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Quartet 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1 ; Archery 2; Dancing Club 4; Pep Squad 3; Intramurals 2; Annual Staff 3, 4; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot.” MAJOR: Commercial COLORS d WHITE BENJAMIN WHITE “Ben” ‘‘What else could I do when her lips were so near?” Basketball 1-4; Baseball 4; Intramurals 1, 4; Student Council Rep. 3; Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Rifle Club 1; Danci F.F.A. 1-4; Chorus 3, 4; Band 1-4; Fire Warden 3, 4; Tumbling Club 2 MAJOR: Agriculture MARCIA FREDERES Marcia “It’s nice to be natural, when you’re naturally nice.” Intramurals 3; Student Council Rep. 2; “Best Foot Forward Annual Staff 4; Publication 2. The Perfect Idiot MAJOR: Mathematics, Science ROBERT JOHNSON “Bob “He’d rather catch a ball than a girl.” Basketball 1-4; Baseball 2-4; Intramurals 1-4; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Bowling Club 2; Craft Club 1; Band 1-3; Fire Warden 4. MAJOR: Science IDA BELLE ANNIS “Happy as a lark, enjoys herself, both day time and dark Intramurals 1-3; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot” ing Club 1 ; Bowling CIQb 1; ‘traft Club Choru " f. MAJOR: Commercialv J [ ] " ) % ‘ Tqj NELLIE ANN BARRUS “Nellie” “Sugar and spice everything nice, someday she will be sprinkled with rice. “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Dancing Club 4. MAJOR; Commercial, Mathematics Or . a j L J . • 1 i EDITH BARTLETT “Red” l IX ' “Like the wise old ' bird, often seen but never heard.” Student Council Rep. 3; “Best Fpfc t Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Dancing Club 1 ; Archery Cli |bjz; Chorus 1-3. MAJOR: Science W l v . ' S . pf i Q Jf - a i ' Jr ‘ k r f J v j, IV 1 3 y f Hr ? ir ' J -Sly fr o BEVERLY BENCTSON “Bev” “Stable Scholar (plenty, of horse sense.)” Intramurals 1,4; Student council Rep. 1 ; “Best Foot Forward” “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Danci ig C|Ab 4; Craf CJub 2; Camera Club 1 ; Baton Instructor 4. MAJOR: Science NORMAN CROW “Norm” “All that I’ve learned, I’ve forgotten, and all I know I’ve guessed.” Student Council Rep. 1; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Rifle Club 1 ; Chorus 4; Band 1-4. MAJOR: Mathematics WILLIAM DALLAS • “ Bi,r wn method.” ‘‘Each mind has its own Basketball 1-4; Baseball 4; Intramurals 1, 4; Student Council Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Rifle Club 1 Fire Warden 4. MAJOR: Mathematics, Science Rep. 4; ; Model ‘‘Best Foot Railroad 2; ERNEST DANIELSON ‘Bud” " He’s a favorite around town, never lets women get him down.” Bowling Team 2-4; Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Intramurals 1-4; “Best Foot Forward”; ‘‘The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Dancing Club 4; Bowling Club 2; Craft Club 1 ; Chorus 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Fire Warden 3, 4. MAJOR: Industrial Arts iff Ik ? ANN MARIE ERIKSON “Ann” ‘‘From the farm he will never stray.” Basketball 2-4; Intramurals 1, 2, 4; ‘‘Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Rifle Club 4; Dancing Club 4; F.F.A. 1-4; Track 1, 3, 4. MAJOR: Agriculture “She’s full of fun, she may be quiet but when Ann’s around there’s a riot.” Intramurals 3; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual StafJJ 4; Dramatic Club 1 ; Tumbling Club 2; Chorus 2-4. MAJOR: Homemaking S ' J CONRAD FRITSCH “Connie” “FVetty qfcerle ' NANCYffilLLElf th, nice to think about too.” taff jd 4; TRI-HI-Y V -4; M ub 2; B; • ArcheW Club Ban 1 -3 ; Fiye Warden M Ol Foot Forward”; ‘‘The Perfect Idiot”; ' it { Appreciation Club 1; Dancing Club 4; V 4 DOLORES HIMES “De” ‘‘In every rank, be it great or small, she fills her place among them all.” ‘‘Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Games Club 2; Chorus 1 , 2 . MAJOR: Commercial K f - r f CLIFFORD HOLCOMB “Cliff” ‘‘I’ll study if I feel like it, and won’t if I don’t.” Bowling Team 4; Basketball 1-4; Intramurals 1-4; Baseball 1-4; ‘‘Best Foot For¬ ward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 3, 4; Dancing Club 4; Craft Club 1; F.F.A. 1, 2; Homemaking Club 2; Chorus 1-4; Fire Warden 4. MAJOR: Industrial Arts JOYCE HOLMQUIST “J oyce” ‘‘She’s pretty, small, and well liked by all.” Intramurals 2, 3; " Best Foot Forward,” ‘‘The Perfect Idiot,” Annual Staff 3, 4; Archery Club 2; Music Appreciation 1 ; Chorus 1, 2. MAJOR: Mathematics, Science THOMAS KIRIK “Tom” “He’s certain to be seen whenever fun and mischief beam.” Intramurals I; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Dancing Club 4; Craft Club 1-3; F.F.A. 1 ; Chorus 1 ; Bowling Club 4. MAJOR: Industrial Arts ALTON LINDSTROM “Alt” “I’m a smart guy but I have a hard time convincing anyone.” “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Craft Club 1; F.F.A. 2, 4; Model Railroad 2; Fire Warden 4. MAJOR: Agriculture “Personality plus and intellectual mind, a nicer girl you will never find.” Intramurals 1-3; Student Council Vice-President 3; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 1-3; Editor of Annual 4; Dancing Club 4; Dramatic Club 1; Tumbling Club 2; lnterlingi(a Club 3; Chorus 1-4; Baton Instructor 2-4; Fire Warden 4. MAJOR: Mathemati BEVERLY JUUL “Betty” “An innocent face but you can never tell.” Intramurals 1-3; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Dancing Club 4; Dramatic Club 1; Tumbling Club Warden 4. MAJOR: Commercial NORMA JEAN JOHNSON “Jeanie” LUtLLA MOORE “Lou” “Sweet and fair and Duane’s her care.” Student Council Rep. 4; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Dancing Club 1,4; Craft Club 2; TRI-HI-Y 2; Chorus 2-4; Fire Warden 4. f J MAJOR: Commercial ' yf r . v VIRCINIA MOORE “Ginny” ) V “A young miss who blushes is better than one that turns pale.” Intramurals 2, 4; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Dancing Club 1, 4; Bowling Club 2; TRI-HI-Y 2, 3; Fire Warden 4. MAJOR: Homemaking DAVID MUNSON “Dave” “When there is mischief brewing he is doing the stirring.” Basketball Manager 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 3, 4; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot ; Annual Staff 4; Rifle Club 1 ; Bowling Club 4; F.F.A. 1-4; Chief Fire Warden 3, 4; Dancing Club 4. MAJOR: Agriculture “Hear that healthy laugh? That’s Dave.” Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 4; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Per¬ fect Idiot”; Anntial Staff 4; Rifle Club 1 ; Dancing Club 4; Archery Club 2; Chorus 1-4; Fire Warden 4. .MAJOR: Science, Industrial Arts 7.X JAMES ROWLEY “Riley” CRAIG SHELDON “If there is anything Student Council Rep. 1 MAJOR: Music NAOMI SITLER “A sweeter miss, Earl will never find.’’ “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot Club 1 ; Chorus 2-4; Publication Club 2 Annual Staff 4; TRI-HI-Y 2, 3; Dramatic ’ep Squad 3; Intramurals 2. MAJOR: Homemaking DONNA SWANSON “Her heart is like a trolley, always room for one more Intramurals 1, 3, 4; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Pei Dancing Club 1, 4; Charm Club 1; Craft Club 2; Tu Baton 3, 4; Fire Warden 4. MAJOR: Art RICHARD SWARTZENTRUBER “Dick aps, but then the very best of chaps.” Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot “No sinner, no saint perh Baseball 3; Football 4; Chorus 4; Fire Warden 4 Annual Staff 4 MAJOR: Industrial Arts B f ' m JOHN THIERFELDT “John” “What he wants to get out of school most is himself.” Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1; Intramurals 1, 4; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual St 3, 4; Band 1-4; i ff IP , MAJOR: Aft Dancing Club 4; Bowling Club 2; F.F.A. 1, 4; Chorus PHILIP TRAVER “Phil” “A man not after every woman’ heart.’ ' Dancing Club 3; Bowling Club 1; F.F.A. 2; Chorus 2, 3; Band 3; Annual Staff 3. MAJOR: Industrial Arts CARRY WAID “Pete” “A quiet man, he doesn’t snore in class.” Baseball 4; Basketball 1, 3, 4; Iqtramurals 1-4; Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Rifle Club 2, 4; F.F.A. Club 1, 4. MAJOR: Agriculture ETHEL WAITE “I chatter as ll go.vanftl I go bn fq er.” Intramural I, 3, yj “Besr-Foot Fc ard”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 1, Dancing Club 1, Dramatic Q w Carnes Club 2; Chorus 1-4. MAJOR: Homemaking. “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect 1-4; Chorus 3; Band 1-3; Dancing y w, ) ■ wy A v ' SUSAN WHITE “Sue” y {■ ' , Y J ’ .. ■ , 1 h tA good Sport, that’s true, we need more just like you.” Intramurals 1-4; Cheerleader 1-4; Student Council Rep. 1, 2; ‘‘Best Foot Forward”; ‘‘The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 3, 4; Dancing Club 1, 4; Chorus 1-4; Baton Instructor ‘1-4;. Pire Warden 3, 4. ) |MAJOR: (Commercial Homemaking NANCY WILTSIE “Nancy” “Small in statute but big in heart.” Intramurals 2; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; TRI-HI-Y 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1 ; Tumbling Club 2; Chorus 2-4; Fire Warden 4. MAJOR: Commercial Homemaking BEVERLY YOUNCBERC “Bev” “If silence is gold I’m broke.” Intramurals 1,4; Dancing Club 4; Bowling Club 4; Chorus 1-4; “Best Foot Forward ; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 4; Craft Club 2. 1 V i • MAJOR: Homemaking JOHN YOUNG “Uni” “Straight forward and backward and always ready for a wisecrack.” Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1 ; Intramurals 1, 3, 4; Student Council Rep. 2, President 4; “Best Foot Forward”; “The Perfect Idiot”; Annual Staff 1-4; Craft Club 1 ; F.F.A. 1 ; Band 1-4; Chorus ' 1-4; Tumbling Club 2; Fire Warden 4. MAJOR: Mathematics, Science r CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1949 our class began its long awaited first year of High School under the guidance of Mr. D’Aprix. At our first class meeting the officers were elected: President— Norma Jean Johnson, Vice-President—Clifford Holcomb, Secretary — David Munson, Treasurer—William Dallas, Student Council Representatives — Susan White and Norman Crow. During this year we added to our class treasury by selling Ice Cream. We also remem¬ ber all those Freshman parties. Mr. Patterson was our advisor during our Sophomore year. Our officers for this year were: President—Beverly Juul, Vice-President—Joyce Holmquist, Secretary—Phyllis Bush, Treasurer—Mary Dowd, Student Council Representatives—Marcia Frederes and John Young. The two big events of this year were our Christmas Party in the cafeteria and our Picnic at Alleghany State Park the last day of school. Looking forward to a big year we began our Junior year with Miss Johnson as our advi¬ sor. Our officers were: President—Kenneth Buck, Vice-President—IdaBelle Annis, Secre¬ tary—Ann Marie Erikson, Treasurer—John Young, Student Council Representatives— Edith Bartlett and Benjamin White. In October of 1952 we ordered our class rings and waited patiently (??) for them to arrive. Our money making projects for this year were ice cream sales, magazine sales and bake sales. We felt very pr oud because we beat the Seniors in magazine sales. In March 1953, we presented “Best Foot Forward,” a smash hit, directed by Miss John¬ son. To top the year off, we took the Seniors to Allegheny State Park for the annual Junior- Senior Picnic. Along with the Seniors, we brought back many happy memories. Now, at long last, we’re seniors! We elected the following class officers to guide us through our big year: President—Mary Dowd, Vice-President—Benjamin White, Secretary —Marcia Frederes, Treasurer—Robert Johnson, Student Council Representatives—Luella Moore and William Dallas. To start off this right, we sold magazines and beat the Juniors. The 13th and 14th of November we presented our Senior Class play, “The Perfect Idiot,” directed by Mrs. Erma Bryant. This proved to be an even greater success than our Junior play. As the year progressed we worked furiously on our yearbook. On December 19th we added to our class treasury when we sponsored a Christmas Bake Sale. It was in December that we decided our senior trip would be to Washington, D. C. On January 30th we went “hillbilly’’ and sponsored a Senior Barn Dance. At the present time we are looking forward to the following events: A Ham Dinner, Senior Trip, Class Night, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. Mr. Vogelgesang has served as our Class Advisor through this Senior Year. Marcia Ann Marie Dave Norman Crow PROPHECY Bill Dallas Bud Danielson Conrad Fritsch Bob Johnson Tom Kirik Alton Lindstrom Dave Munson Jim Rowley John Thierfeldt Carry Waid Ben White John Young Cliff Holcomb Dick Swartzentruber Idabelle Annis Nellie Barrus Edith Bartlett Beverly Bengtson Mary Dowd Ann Marie Erikson Marcia Frederes Nancy Hiller Delores Himes Joyce Holmquist Norma Jean Johnson Beverly Juul Luella Moore Virginia Moore Donna Swanson Ethel Waite Susan White Nancy Wiltsie now owns and operates his own skating rink so he can go skating every night instead of every other night. is now chief engineer of the Mercury division of the Ford Motor Company. is still spending most of his time driving back and forth between Jamestown and Frewsburg. is now a violin soloist for the Boston Pops Orchestra, now writes jokes for Milton Berle’s T V. show. has set up a profitable enterprise of owning and repairing pinball machines. is now a “gob” swabbing decks and will someday make someone a good ??? husband because he is being well trained, after many years of hard work and faithfulness now owns a chain of Red White stores. is now manager of the Harlem Globe Trotters. is now up to his knees in the cattle raising business. is still spending most of his time on the Hunt Road. now owns and operates the Frewsburg Garbage Disposal Company. is now head technician for all the C.B.S. television shows. is still trying to make up his mind whether to remain a happy bachelor or to get married and take a chance. is now playing short-stop for the St. Louis Browns. is still trying to get her housecleaning done. has now settled down to a quiet married life and is busy raising little Rowleys. is now a medicine missionary in Northern Africa, is now a nurse at the W.C.A. has now found a clock which wakes her up, his name—????? is now Dean of Women at the Baptist Bible Seminary, is spending a great deal of her time catering to parties, and specializes in New Year’s Eve parties. is now teaching ballroom dancing to the little Lindahl’s. is now assisting Ann at the Baptist Bible Seminary. is back at Frewsburg Central cleaning little monsters teeth. is now editor-in-chief of the New York He,r ald Tribune. is Ben White’s private secretary at the Garbage Disposal Company. now has to stay home every night because of the baby sitting shortage is still blushing her way through the Air Force. is now raising horses on her “Dude Ranch for Left Handed Riders.” is still trying to find the right man. is now teaching Physical Education to her little pilots. is now feeling as spry as usual because of a recent addition to the family. now owns and operates her own beauty shop. Beverly Youngberg CLASS WILL IDA BELLE W NELLIE W EDITH W BEVERLY B. W NORMAN W BILL W BUD W MARY W ANN W MARCIA W CONRAD W NANCY H. W DELORES W CLIFF W JOYCE W NORMA W BEVERLY J. W ROBERT W THOMAS W ALTON W VIRGINIA W LUELLA W DAVE W JAMES W NAOMI W DONNA w DICK w CARRY w ETHEL w JOHN T. w BEN w SUSAN w NANCY W. w JOHN Y. w BEVERLY Y. w Is her seat in the Senior room to Shirley Williams. Is her seat on bus No. 7 to Jean Barker. Is her ability to read so many books to Nancy Green. Is all her “A” ’s she didn’t get in Chemistry to Harriet Kline. Is his skating ability to Lois Sittenger. Is to Doris Blackmer a “Dear John” letter. Is his height to Ed Strickland. Is to Skeeter her ability to gain those extra pounds and ounces. Ts her ability to chew gum in History class to Kay Ryberg. Is her ability for making herself heard at class. Is his thumb to Al Butters so he can get rides home after practice. Is her short hair styles to Sandra Lamphere. Is her ability to get a ride home every night to her sister, Myrna. Is his class ring to Janet Wasberg. Is her seat in the Science room to Janet Jacobson. Is her tumbling ability to Mary Jane Nelson. Is her lucky baton to Elaine Bender. Is his collection of corny jokes to Bradley Si tier. Is all the junk he made in shop class to Roger Nelson. Is his large collection of horse stories to Ray Johnson. Is her ability to blush to Donna Jacobson. Is a jar of freckle remover to Beulah Stanton. Is his dear hunting ability to Ira Miller. Is to Roger Wasberg his share in the Frewsburg Bears. Is her ability to run errands for Mrs. Scofield to Bonnie Minser Is her tube of kissproof lipstick to Donna Nelson. Is to Nancy Fish his green De Soto so Bryan can have his own. Is to Marie Johnson his natural curly hair. Is her glasses which she thinks she needs but doesn’t to Barb W. Is his best fishing rod to Bryan Limbergh. Is his garbage route to Jim Adams. Is her place on the varsity squad to Mary Ann Cook. Is her ability to have one steady guy to Joyce Dillon. Is to Tom Woolet his well warmed place on the bench. Is her ability to find a ride to Busti to Margie Clark. JUNIOR PLAY BEST FOOT FORWARD by John Cecil Holm Directed by Miss Elaine Johnson Friday and Saturday, March 27 and 28, 1953 CAST Dutch Miller .... Hunk Hoyt. Satchel Moyer .... Chuck Green .... Dr. Reeber. Old Grad. Minerva. Ethel. Miss Delaware Water Cap The Blind Date Bud Hooper .... Prof. Lloyd. Gale Joy. Jack Haggeraty Chester Billings . . . . Helen Schlessinger Miss Smith .... Student Director Robert Johnson John Young Ernest Danielson, Jr. Kenneth Buck David Munson Clifford Holcomb Norma Jean Johnson Ann Marie Erikson Susan White Beverly Juul Carry Waid John Thierfeldt Luella Moore William Dallas Benjamin White Mary Dowd Nancy Wiltsie Marcia Frederes SENIOR PLAY THE PERFECT IDIOT by Eunice and Grant Atkinson Directed by Mrs. Erma Bryant Friday and Saturday, November 13 and 14, 1953 CAST Margaret Tennyson Jackie Tennyson Rhodora. Roger Tennyson Walter P. Latherby Daniel Tennyson Arthur Barnard Miss Baker. Linda Barnard Jeannie Wilson Aloysius (Puff) Wilomski Carla Carlson ... Policeman. Dr. Hockhorst von Barf Miss Booth .... Student Director Beverly Juul Carry Waid Mary Dowd Robert Johnson Benjamin White John Young Norman Crow Norma Jean Johnson Susan White Nancy Hiller David Munson Joyce Holmquist James Rowley Conrad Fritsch Ida Belle Annis Marcia Frederes Bev. Y. Norman me Yes, th tts RvoKtU me Coftfck is WWte.k CLASSES JUNIOR CLASS f V 1 First- Row: Roger Nelson, Ira Miller—Treasurer, Joyce Dillon—Secretary, Mary Jane Nelson— Vice-President, Kathleen Ry berg—President, Nancy Green—Student Council Representative, Alvin Butters—Student Council Representative, Thomas Dorsey. Second Row: Janet Wasberg, Margie Clark, Jacqueline Bratt, Myrna Himes, Gwen Meleen, Joan Frodelius, Elaine Bender, Mary Ann Cook, Miss Johnson—Advisor. Third Row: Edwin Strickland, Jean Carter, Marie Johnson, Donna Nelson, Bonnie Minser, Tom Woollett, Brian Limberg, Nancy Fish, Nancy Field, Shirley Williams, Raymond Johnson. Fourth Row: Marcia Husted, Lois Sittinger, Donna Jacobson, Harriett Kline, Suzanne Howard, Jean Barker, Sandra Lindstrom, Barbara Wiltsie, Doris Blackmer. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF: t Jean B.—couldn’t go to 4-H dances Elaine—couldn’t cheer at away games Doris—kept on her diet Jackie—couldn ' t chew gum Jean C.—-couldn’t cook Margie—couldn’t go to Busti Tom D.—had a date Mary Anne—couldn ' t bother the teachers Joyce—couldn’t go steady Joan—couldn’t go home at noon Nancy Field—couldn’t serve a volley ball Nancy Fish—didn’t have an Olds to ride in Nancy Green-—didn’t have her eye on a blonde Suzie—couldn’t goof off Myrna—didn’t have her homework done Ray—couldn’t hustle Marie—had to stay home on a Saturday night Donna J.—couldn’t talk about Jack Harriett—could keep Tri-Hi-Y quiet Sandra—had black hair Bryan—didn’t like “fish” Bonnie—wasn’t smiling Gwen—-couldn’t see Paul on weekends Donna N.—stayed with B.W. Roger—couldn’t be Toms shadow Mary Jane—couldn’t have parties Marcia—didn’t have Bob James Kay—couldn’t bowl on Wednesday nights Ike—wasn’t jealous Lois—could read her shorthand Ed—wasn’t short Janet—couldn’t sing Barbara-—was satisfied with life Tom W.—wasn’t chaperoned Shirley—didn ' t like Sinclairville boys Al—didn ' t have blonde hair SOPHOMORE CLASS 1 4 jp rig M W0F Jk A t i 1 1 H ' , 1 If " V •V R J h ' ■ ' N 1 •V First Row: Harriett Himes, Barbara Swanson—Student Council Representative, Ruth Gustafson— Treasurer, Charles Hale—Secretary, James Adams—President, Dale Erikson—Vice-President, Bruce Lindahl—Student Council Representative, Beulah Stanton. Second Row: Bradley Sitler, ge Hamilton, Nancy Greene, Loralee Keifer, Ardell Ekstrom, Joan Coons, Cora Irwin, ard Butters. Cynthia Mackie, Beverly Wargo, Patricia Waid, Donna Barrus, Laura Lee :s, Lynnette Irwin, Barbara Suckow, Mary Nordland, Sharon Cook, Carol Sears, Wanda on, Ted Peterson, Mr. Letro—Advisor. Fourth Row: Janet Jacobson, Earl Brady, Frederick k, Robert Merchant, David Sheldon, Daniel Russell, Roger Tornstrom, Franklin Elderkin, PET PEEVES Jim-—Plain shirts Donna—Competition Dave B.—Tall girls Dick—Dancing Fred—Spending money Sharon—Baggy band uniforms Joan—Horses Ardell—Peroxide Dale—Getting up Nancy—Keeping quiet Ruth—Short boys Harriett—Tempers Cora—Hurrying Lynette—Waiting for letters Janet—Translating Caesar Laura Lee—Book-snatchers Loralee—Black eyes Bruce—Walking home zJ-j Cyn—Little brother Bob—Going home Wanda—Being small Ted—Being smaller Dan—Curfews Carol—-Being overweight?? Dave S.—Nickname “Stretch” Beulah—Freckles Barb Su.—Big feet Barb Sw.—Wolves Roger—Push-ups Pat—Eating lunch Bev—Reading aloud Brad—Dirty windows Chuck—Homework Frank—Females Mary—Typewriters First Row: Alicia Holmquist, Marian Clark—Student Council Representative, John Covey— Treasurer, Betty Becker—Secretary, Dan Anderson—Vice-President, Charles Carlson—President, Kenneth Juul—Student Council Representative, Muriel Hager. Second Row: Ethelyn Johnson, Carol Motter, Winifred Dowd, Sandra Lanphere, Laura Sweatman, Charlotte Lee, Marcia Hult- berg, Joyce Sisson, Teressa Traver, Jacqueline Barber, Ann Davis, Donna Thurston. Third Row: Norma Dulmus, Shayne Munger, Clare Crawford, Brian Johnson, Curt Spontaneo, Timothy Bjork, Robert Elderkin, Donald McIntyre, Griffin Smith. Fourth Row: Frank Seekins, Peter Hansen, Bruce Kidder, Kay Benson, Alan Shures, John Hart, John McIntyre, Jan Nordlund. Mrs. Dewing—Advisor. favorite, Pastimes J V Norma—Erie! 3 ?? Winnie—Being a nice little pal! Laura Gordon Nancy—Making eyes at Dan Carol—Smiling Charlotte—“Giggling” Betty—Tom W. Alice—Bob Alicia—Winking Donna—Russell Roller Rink Shirley—Roller Skating Joyce—Sleeping Ann— (Tom) Muriel—Working hard — Marian—Cheerleading ‘ " Jackie—Panama (J.P.) ‘Tessie—Square dancing Sandra—Square dancing and rifle club arcia—Ray???? Ethelyn—Being Alicia’s side kick Bruce—-Being a good boy Allen—Drawing bottles John C.—School Kay—Being Shayne’s pal Curt—Hunting (dears) Brian—T rumpets Peter—Experimenting explosives Joe—F.F.A. Jan—Wising off Charlie—His hot tractor Griffin—Being small Bob C.—Loving them and leaving them Don—Halloween tricking Shayne—Enraging teachers Charles C.—Squeaking Jim—Teasing Crawford Jack M.—Hunting, fishing and M.L. Tom—-Wrecking cars Ken—Mooching John H.—Girls??? Dan A.—Trying to set pins Clair—Teasing Bjork Frank S.—Trying not to be girl shy. Bob E.—Being Peter’s second EIGHTH GRADES hirst Row: Diane Frankson, Cynthia Hodges, Marleen Donelson, Patricia tckman, Linda Dun¬ ning—Student Council Representative, Carol Butters—Secretary, Mary Little—President, Judy Hamilton—Vice-President, Maxine Husted—Treasurer, Edward Davis—Student Council Repre¬ sentative, Sharon Harris, Mrs. Dorothy Husband—Advisor. Second Row: Cordon Lind, Robert Johnson, Patricia Jensen, Shirley Johnson, Donna Lindstrom, Nancy Barrus, Kathleen Barker, David Barber, Keith Kroenke, Robert Frankson, Alvin Bragg. Third Row: Arthur Ekstrom, Dorian Larson, Philip Hart, Cary Burgett, James Engstrom, Harriett Cushner, Clark Lee, Cordon Brady, Ronald Johnson, Stephen Christian. First Row: Chester Frodelius, Charlene Nelson, Mina Mae Moore, Joan Barber, Betty Rowley, Saundra Luce, Marvin Swanson. Second Row: Thomas Swanson, Yvonne Walter, Shirley Long, Nancy Parker, Jeanette Rice, Kathleen Walsh, Donna Stilson. Third Row: Mr. Patterson— Advisor, Clayton Scott, Cordon Nelson, LeRoy Tuller, Ronald Youngberg, Lars Stone, John Turk, William Tornstrom. Absent: Alma Cochrane, Paul Frodelius. SEVENTH GRADES First Row: Carol Cook, Dorothy Warn, Irene Stover, Sandra Murray, Roberta Dean, Patricia Berg, Dolores Griffin, Martha Bova, Norma Munger. Second Row: John Titchner, David Chris¬ tian, JoAnn Carter, Barbara Gustafson, Roger Wasberg, Wayne Robinson, David Tuller, Arthur Sweatman, Grant Johnson, Mrs. Scofield—Advisor. Third Row: Clare Warn, Donna Springer, Gladys Parsons, Eugene Russell, David Hansen, Clyde Irwin, Larry Starks, Richard Hagberg, Alfred Swanson. First Row: David Cheney, Craig Bryant, Edith Dillon, Carol Horner, Raymond Dyspel, Sharron Munger, John Elderkin. Second Row: Frank Parsons, Janice Bennett, Judy Danielson, JoAnn Hart, Diane Wiltsie, Richard Frankson, James Frederes, Ronnie Kidder, Mrs. Scofield—Advisor. Third Row: Connie Nobbs, Linda Mainwaring, Phyllis Houghwot, Albert Lee, Mark Cheney, Diane Fellows, Lynest Bova, Sylvia Lindboom. First Row: George Ekstrom, Celia Cavalara, Sally Sheats, Patricia Barry, Richard Westman, Ann Hansen, Bethany Lindquist, Sandra Dudgeon, James Sampson. Second- Row: Thom Griekm, Margorie Adams, Patricia Holmes, Judy Swanson, Karen Ingeman, Herbert Wiltsie, James Anderson, Laurabelle Brown, William Lindberg. Third Row: Florence Blood, Gary Darling, Edward Stone, Joseph Marsh, Betty Johnson, David Covey, Russell Swanson, Kathaleen Wright, Larry Hyldahl, Harry Hardinger, Shirley Bennett, Advisor—Miss Derby. First Row: Judy Tuller, Gary Berg, Kenneth Ferry, Richard Lowrey, Anne Dunning, Terry Johnson, Eric Anderson, George Anderson, Karen Sweatman. Second Row: Dona Lindberg, Bruce Griehm, Marie Parson, Barbara Gregg, Sharon Johnson, Sandra Swanson, Dianna Fellows, Karen Johnson, Terrence Olafson, Marilyn Anderson. Third Row: Mr. Bemus—Advisor, Milton McIntyre, Gene Waid, Roger Jacobson, Emerald Seekins, Nancy Hagstrom, Carolyn Scott, Robert Davis, Leonard Ekstrom, Gordon Daniels. Absent: Suzette Bjork. First Row: Darlene Anderson, Rita Johnson, William Bratt, Edith Rowley, Sally Pratt, Bonnie Johnson, Robert Anderson, Patricia Swanson, Jerry Eklund, Karen Gustafson, Susan Parker. Second Row: David Frew, John Little, Sharon Anderson, Merle Atkins, Ralph Stone, Richard Radspinner, Robert Eastman, Cecile Nobbs, Evelyn Moore, Frank Ellis. Third Row: Delores Anderson, James Rice, Harry Adams, Sandra Youngberg, Joseph Ellis, Richard Markham, Thomas Eaton, Kathleen Wright, Linda Jensen, Samuel Brown, Advisor—Mrs. Haley. Absent: Timothy Marsh, Stephen Anderson, Ronald Anderson. F First Row: Sue Harris, Lois Starks, Robert Sandberg, Mary Louise Dorsey, Georgann Young, Alford Hyldahl, Alan Hamilton, Rebecca Motter. Second Row: Margie Walsh, Grace Turk, Elma Rowley, Wanda Lee, Judith Walker, John Mahoney, Sheldon Anderson, Terry Obert, Jon Husted, Paul Tyler. Third Row: Belle Birt, John Rice, Phillip Knapp, Rodger Shreves, Susan Russell, Thomas Atkins, Louise Lee, Evelyn McIntyre, Everett Seastrum, Mrs. Sager-—Advisor. Absent: Patricia Jones, Annette Gregg. First Row: Jerry Horner, Phillip Shreve, Paul Bova, Cheryl Skinner, Richard Cuth, LaVern Youngberg, Linda Nelson, Patricia Eaton; Richard Couchenour. Second Row: David Frankson, Roger Dulmus, Sue Atkins, Barbara Nelson, Irma Daniels, Penny Barker, Norma Fellows, Dolores Thurston, Wayne Berg, Paul Anderson, Althea Bragg. Third Row: Marcia Bennett, Linda Harvey, Judy Ferry, Mariann Strand, Marshall Frew, Jack Perry, Nancy Long, David Warn, Advisor— Mrs. Pratt. First Row: Clare Berg, Nancy Turk, Sherwood Johnson, Sandra Waite, Nancy Colver, William Brown, Francis Ekstrom, Cretchen Bryant, David Thomas. Second Row: Susan Jacobson, Law¬ rence Bennett, Susan Warn, James Covey, Donald Daniels, Camille Nobbs, Sharon Gardner, Steven Kidder, Teddy Miller. Third Row: Kieth Mitchell, Donald Norman, Alice Davis, Bill Dowd, Susan Johnson, Peter Turk, Roberta Battles, James Lee, Advisor—Mrs. Shevalier. pid ?od tno ?oO First Row: Josephine Cavellaro, Barbara Moore, Joanne Sears, Gerald Anderson, Kenneth Waite, Thomas Gustafson, Darlyne Cox, William Harris. Second Row: Evelyn Rowley, Patricia Haley, Susan Lowery, Dawn Marsh, Conrad Donelson, David Swanson, Gordon Danielson, Lance Barker, Carol Johnson, Mrs. Porter—Advisor. Third Row: Valerie Holmes, Sally Lundgren, Cindy Joyn- son, Maxine Martain, Sandra Walker, Ronald Anderson, Kenneth Stone, Mary Ann Sittinger, Donna Scofield, Janet Kerstetter, Delanna Anderson. First Row: Sherwood Anderson, David Frederes, Alfreda Hamilton, Sharon White, Suzanne Luce, Sharon Youngberg, Diane Robinson, Edward Radspinner, James Barkman. Second Row: Nancy Brown, Judy Ellis, Jean Bessey, Beverly Westman, Sally Bova, Ruth Sweatman, Bonnie Anderson, Jerry Westman, Mrs. Babcock. Third Row: Mearl Fellows, Sylvia Stanton, Joanne Rice, Sue Olafson, Alan Mackie, Bruce Limberg, Rebecca Lindquist, Daniel Christian, Norman Green. First Row: Sheryle Kennedy, Kermit Ekstrom, Diane Swanson, Linda Gustafson, Michael Percy III, Linda Bennett, Susan Kidder. Second Row: Elliott Scott, Gordon Skinner, Marily Warn, Karen Howell, Duane Munson, Laura Kay Rhodes, Carl Lindstrom, Raymond Bowers, Mrs. Marsh—Advisor. Third Row: Arne Hansen, Margaret Hagberg, Torie Derby, Judith Gardner, Ivan Waid, Harold Eccles, Judith Hedges, Robert Birt. First Row: Thomas Mahoney, Sue Ann Thomas, Nancy Adams, Peggy Pratt, Christine Heeden, Sharon Hamilton, Barbara Anderson, Patsy Barkman, Thomas Harvey. Second Row: David Shures, Paul Johnson, Carol Gates, Kathleen Olson, Nadine Brady, Patricia Bessey, Patricia Covey, Robert Barry, Gary Pasco. Third Row: Terry Berg, Ronald Darling, Donald Anderson, Dixie Lee Eccles, Carl Seastrum, Thomas Lundgren, Jerry Sherman, Mrs. Sheats—Advisor. Absent: Cheryl Marsh, Douglas Waid. H ?0Tl DZOOPiw mo ?oo piojoo First Row: Phyllis Brown, Nancy Derry, Rose Marie Himes, Karen Leake, Barbara Lindholme, Cynthia Oberg, Daniel Eckman, William Waid. Second Row: Brooks Nelson, Candace Sundell, Jessie Hedges, Maureen Springer, Alice Burch, Margaret Parker, Julie Radspinner, James Swan¬ son, Miss Carlson—Advisor. Third Row: Robert Norman, Larry Atkins, Danny Carlstrom, Gregory Lombardo, Nancy Warden, Noelle Swanson, Cynthia Howard, Edward Payne. Fn-st Row: Richard Swanson, Cary Radspinner, Rhea Liddie, Carol Kidd, Linda Billgren, Gale Kobalka, Russell Johnson, Kenneth Harvey, Joyce Frankson. Second Row: Cheryl Perry, Susan Waid, Phyllis Jacobson, Sandra Anderson, Dian Anderson, Sue Dill, Pennie Johnson, Mary aii m aUC i l l ' c narcls - Third Row: Emerson Ekstrom, Gaylord Swanson, Walter Erikson, Allen Haller, Michael Barone, Maurice Daniels, Terence Couchenour. Mrs. Impey—Advisor. First Row: Norma Dudgeon, Brenda Gregg, Sandra Bessey, Christine Emley, Barbara Brown, Linda Thurston, Alyce Williams, Sylvia Bova. Second Row: Harold Rowley, Rae White, Margaret Wiltsie, Pamela Scofield, Doris Sweatman, Sandra Lee, Gary Adams, Mrs. Warn—Advisor. Third Row: Dennis Hagstrom, Gregory Osterstuck, John Howard, Daniel Robinson, Richard Frankson, Willard Martin, Edward Moore, Gary Swanson, David Sherman. First Row: Michael Libby, Wayne Swanson, Mary Kathryn Hale, Jacqueline Hedges, Shirley Samuelson, Carol Norman, Daniel Thomas, Robert Wayne Kennedy. Second Row: Donald Olson, Gloria Brown, Geneie Birt, Carolyn Davis, Sharon Davis, Kathleen Berg, Larry Marvell, Ira Rhodes, Mrs. Mahan—Advisor. Third Row: Thomas Shures, Earl Stanton, Klaudette Ingeman, Dawn Hodges, Larry Donaldson. First Row: Patricia Couchenour, James Zimmerman, Mary Turk, Berry Nelson, Eileen Dolan, Richard Peterson, Cheryl Matthews, David Pasco, Connie Waid, Marion See, Daveen Kidd. Second Row: Larry Woodard, Noel Hansen, Ann Patterson, Merle Johnson, Eric Hagberg, Sandra Horner, Kathleen Nelson, Harold Berg, Nancy Solman, Mrs. Westphal—Advisor. Third Row: Linda Johnson, John Parsons, Cheryl Sherman, Carol Obert, Carl Blood, Ray Johnson, Lottie Covey, Harold Brown, Linda Moore, Mary Anderson. First Row: David Cartner, Vickie Anderson, Michael Myer, Bonnie Mara, David Hamilton, Ina Jaudon, Randall Lund, Valeria Williams, Burdette Anderson, Cynthia Ecklund. Second Row: Mrs. Westphal—Advisor, Cynthia Knapp, Douglas Lindstrom, Priscilla Emley, Dennis Richards, Susan Ray, Kent Young, Edward Waid, Linda Wilder, Ronald Golden, Sharron Kinney, Sandra Stanton. Third Row: Kathryn Crunstrom, Ronald Oberg, Nadine Lundgren, Mark Schultz, Scott Derby, Williams, Paula Mahoney, James Lombardo, Luella Cobbles, Neil Howell, Paul Wilcox. Front Row: Kirt Lee, Paul Cheney, Barbara Cheney, Yvonne Magnuson, Shirley Coons, Richard Berg, Thomas Cheney. Back Row: Robert Lee, Patrick Harvey, Russell Bentley, Cynthia Cheney, uth Bentley, Yvonne Woodard, Mrs. Cecil Johnson—Advisor, Kathleen Cheney, Janice vlagnuson, Marilyn Coons, Clyde Stover, Link Lee. Back Row: Clinton Johnson, David Berg, Cynthia Norberg, Karen Waite, Marjorie Franklin, Linda Potter, Donald Roesch. Front Row: Warren Swartzentruber, June Waite, Bonita Kay Berg, Loretta Potter, Mrs. Barton—Advisor. ORGANIZATIONS YEARBOOK STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Norma Jean Johnson ASSISTANTS Mary Ann Cook Janet Jacobson BUSINESS MANAGER Joyce Holmquist Teressa Traver Delores Himes ADMINISTRATION Marcia Frederes Naomi Sitler Garry Waid ART Beverly Juul James Rowley Norman Crow ADVERTISING Mary Dowd Alton Lindstrom Ethel Waite CIRCULATION John Young Beverly Bengtson Virginia Moore SPORTS William Dallas Donna Swanson Nellie Ann Barrus GRADES Nancy Wiltsie Conrad Fritsch Ernest Danielson ACTIVITIES Susan White Robert Johnson Clifford Holcomb SENIORS Nancy Hiller Ann Marie Erikson Benjamin White TYPING Luella Moore Tom Kirik Edith Bartlett PHOTOGRAPHY Susan White David Munson Dick Swartzentruber William Dallas Ida Belle Annis John Thierfeldt Beverly Youngberg STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: Mr. Murray—Advisor. Patricia Waid—Secretary, Tom Woollett—Vice-President, John Young—President, Barbara Swanson—Treasurer, Mr. Culi—Advisor. Second Row: Ken Juul, Sharon Munger, Eddie Davis, Linda Dunning, Ronnie Kidder. Third Row: Alvin Butters, Bruce Lindahl, Bill Dallas, Nancy Green, Marian Clark, Luella Moore. STUDENT JURY First Row: Robert Davis, Mr. Messina—Advisor, Dianna Fellows, Ann Dunning, Roberta Battles. Second Row: Patricia Jones, David Warn, Jerry Ecklund. FIRE WARDENS First Row: David Munson—Assistant Chief, James Rowley—Chief, Richard Swartzentruber, John Young, Benjamin White, Robert Johnson, Clifford Holcomb, William Dallas. Second Row: Alton Lindstrom, Beverly Juul, Norma Jean Johnson, Nancy Hiller, Nancy Wiltsie, Virginia Moore, Susan White, Luella Moore, Beverly Bengtson, John Thierfeldt. First Row: Raymond Johnson, John Thierfeldt—Secretary, Benjamin White—Sentinel, Conrad Fritsch President, Carry Waid—Vice-President, James Rowley—Treasurer, Mr. West_ Advisor. Second Row: Charles Peterson, Cordon Nelson, Roger Nelson, Joe’ Swanson, Earl Brady, Fred Clark, David Sheldon, Alton Lindstrom, Bradley Sitler—-Reporter, James Adams George Hamilton, Ted Peterson. TRI-HI-Y J First Row: Harriett Kline—President, Nancy Hiller—Treasurer, Donna Jacobson—Secretary, Nancy Fields—Vice-President. Second Row: Mrs. Husband—Advisor, Mary Ann Cook, Gwen¬ dolyn Meleen, Carol Sears—Chaplain, Sharon Cook, Cynthia Mackie, Ruth Gustafson, Lois Sittinger, Jean Barker,] Janet Jacobson—Historian. DANCING CLUB RIFLE CLUB First Row: Ted Peterson, Tim Bjork, Mr. Johnson—Advisor, Jan Nordlund, Ken Juul, David Barker. Second Row: Lynest Bova, Robert Merchant, Conrad Fritsch, David Sheldon, Curt Spontaneo, Carry Waid, Clayton Scott. Third Row: Sandra Lanphere, Fred Clark, Roger Nelson, Alvin Butters, Thomas Woollett, Clark Lee. Fourth Row: Cary Burgett, Lars Stone, Ronald Johnson, Jack McIntyre, Robert Greene. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB First Row: Mr. Bemus—Advisor, Diane Frankson, Yvonne Walters, Charlene Nelson, Marleen Donelson, Shirley Long, John Elderkin, Marvin Swanson. Second Row: Frank Parsons, Ted Peter¬ son, Stephen Christian, Shayne Munger, Cordon Nelson, Mark Cheney, Eddie Davis, Robert Merchant, Cynthia Hodges, Irene Stover. PROJECTION SQUAD First Row: Mr. Culi—Advisor, Ronald Johnson, Stephen Christian, Alvin Bragg, Tom Swanson, Eddie Davis, Kay Benson. Second Row: Earl Brady, Robert Frankson, Cordon Brady, Ted Peter¬ son. Third Row: Cordon Lind, Phil Hart, LeRoy Tuller, Shayne Munger. JUNIOR RED CROSS SAFETY PATROL First Row: Patricia Holmes, Laurabell Brown, Edward Stone, Karen Ingeman, Betty Johnson. Second Row: David Covey, Bethany Lindquist, Shirley Bennett, Patricia Berry, Sally Sheats, Marjorie Adams, Sandra Dudgeon, Joseph Marsh. Third Row: Harry Hardingor, Tom Griehm, Carry Darling, James Anderson, Larry Hyldahl, Dick Westman, Miss Derby. First Row: Emeral Seekins, Suzette Bjork, Deanna Fellows, Judy Tuller, Carolyn Scott. Second Row: Cordon Daniels, Sandra Swanson, Karen Sweatman, Karen Johnson, Bruce Griehm, Mr. Bemus. Third Row: George Anderson, Robert Davis, Roger Jacobson, Gene Waid, Terry Olson, Milton McIntyre. MUSIC s E N I O R First Row: Barbara Wiltsie, Norma Jean Johnson, Nancy E. Green, Donna Nelson, Donna Jacob¬ son, Marcia Husted, Lois Sittinger, Suzanne Howard. Second Row: Miss Woodmansee, Ethel Waite, Mary Anne Cook, Norma Dulmus, Ann Davis, Luella Moore, Janet Wasberg, Marie Johnson, Nancy Fish, Margie Clark. Third Row: Edwin Strickland, Peter Hansen, Kay Benson, Philip Traver, Norman Crow, John Young, Benjamin White. First Row: T. Swanson, A. Bragg, S. Christian, D. Cheney, C. Bryant, A. Sweatman, J. Elderkin. Second Row: M. Swanson, W. Robinson, R. Dippel, L. Ecklund, R. Wasberg, R. Kidder, J. Titchner, J. Frederes, D. Christian, C. Johnson, Mr. Hess. Third Row: R. Frankson, H. Eskra, C. Lind, E. Davis, C. Burgett, P. Hart, C. Brady, R. Frankson, D. Larson, D. Barker, D. Tuller. Fourth Row: A. Swanson, K. Kro enke, C. Lee, J. Engstrom, R. Eaton, R. Youngberg, L. Stone, W. Tornstrom, R. Johnson, R. Johnson C. Irwin, R. Hagberg. B O Y S c H O R U S c H O R U S First Row: Jean Barker, Ann Marie Erikson, Sandra Lindstrom, Doris Blackmer, Janet Jacobson, Ruth Gustafson, Beverly Juul, Harriett Kline. Second Row: Nancy Field, Susan White, Nancy Wiltsie, Naomi Sitler, Mary Dowd, Gwendolyn Meleen, Sharon Cook, Elaine Bender. Third Row: Clifford Holcomb, John Thierfeldt, Bruce Kidder, Brian Johnson, Bradley Sitler, Charles Hale. First Row: L. Dunning, M. Little, K. Barker, M. Husted, D. Lindstrom, S. Johnson, N. Barrus, C. Parsons, J. Rice, H. Cushner, B. Gustafson, C. Nobbs, D. Springer. Second Row: C. Nelson, B. Rowley, S. Luce, C. Hodges, J. Barber, S. Harris, J. A. Hart, D. Fellows, L. Mainwaring, D. Griffin, I. Stover, D. Warn, N. Munger, E. Dillon, C. Cook. Third Row: Miss Woodmansee, D. Frankson, M. M. Moore, Y. Walter, M. Donelson, P. Jensen, N. Parker, K. Walsh, D. Stilson, R. Dean, S. Murray, S. Munger, C. Horner. Fourth Row: J. Hamilton, A. Cochrane, S. Long, C. Butters, P. Eckman, S. Lindboom, J. Danielson, M. Bova, C. Warn, P. Houghnot, P. Berg, J. A. Carter, S. Featherstone, J. Bennett. G I R L S c H O R U S ffBf v igpnfti 1 t ' M- m t. ff f jsl T| BP-: M J mA i 1 i y fT Jr §j|§ 1 i ■! |. 1, Ik. n.. Ml i _ ' J M G I R L S c H O R U s First Row: B. Wargo, S. Seekins, C. Lee, C. Mackie, P. Waid, L. L. Jones, M. Clark, J. Bratt. Second Row: N. Elderkin, A. Holmquist, T. Traver, J. Barber, B. Becker, D. Thurston, C. Notter, A. Ekstrom, H. Himes, M. Hager, Miss Woodmansee. Third Row: S. Lanphere, N. L. Greene, L. Sweatman, B. Suckow, J. Sisson, C. Sears, L. Irwin, C. M. Irwin, J. Coons, W. Dowd, A. Bova. First Row: M. L. Dorsey, N. Long, B. Johnson, C. Young, S. Parker, N. Hagstrom, E. Seekins, L. Jensen, C. Scott, B. Lindquist, S. Youngberg. Second Row: S. Harris, J. Horner, C. Nobbs, G. Bryant, P. Shreve, T. Miller, R. Anderson, J. Little, E. Seastrom, R. Eaton, R. Westman, G. Berg. Third Row: H. Adams, D. Frew, W. Bratt, , Frew, R. Shreve, P. Knapp, R. Enktman, J. Eklund, R. Lowry, T. Eaton. Fourth Row: W. Kebort, D. Christian, A. Swanson, D. Johnson, D. Anderson, R. Kidder, J. Husted, G. Waid, Mr. Hess. J u N I O R B A N D m rvi n i [I g £ A - First Row: Beverly Juul, Donna Swanson, Susan White, Norma Jean Johnson, Pat Waid. Second Row: S. Harris, J. Barber, M, Husted, D. Lindstrom, P, Eckman, S. Cook, J. Jacobson, N. Crow, R. Gustafson, N. Dulmas. Third Row: B. Rowley, S. Williams, J. Hamilton, A. Davis, K. Walsh, T. Woollett, J. Young, C. Carlson, R. Lind, E. Davis, R. Smith, Mr. Hess. Fourth Row: D. Blackmer, P. Traver, C. Sheldon, B. Darling, B. White, M. Husted. Left to Right: Patricia Waid, Donna Swanson, Susan White—Head Majorette, Norma Jean Johnson, Beverly Juul. E L E M E N T A R Y T W I R L E R S First- Row: M. A. Atkins, B. Bessey, S. Harris, K. Ingeman, B. Lindholme, J. Radspenner, S. Lee, S. White, L. Nelson, D. Sweatman. Second Row: P. Waid, B. Anderson, M. L. Dorsey, L. Starks, B. Bert, B. Nelson, V. Holmes, R. Johnson, J. Kerstetter, B. Westman, R. Sweatman, S. Luce, Sandra Waite, Donna Swanson. Third Row: B. Johnson, A. Davis, C. Nobbs, W. Lee, P. Jones, K. Ingeman, B. Lindholme, L. Lee, S. Bennett, R. Lindquist. Left to Right: Norma Jean Johnson—Instructor, Mary Little, Carol Butters, Betty Rowley, Charlene Nelson, Mina Mae Moore, Patricia Eckman, Shirley Long, Shirley Johnson. J u N I O R T W I R L E R S ffmy l 1 ¥ 1 ; fe j ■ fm i A a . ' A I First Row: Norma Jean Johnson, Beverly Juul, Nancy Wiltsie, Mary Dowd. Second Row: Gwendolyn Meleen, Mary Jane Nelson, Nancy Fish, Suzanne Howard, Harriett Kline, Nancy Hiller. Third Row: Donna Jacobson, Doris Blackmer, Donna Nelson, Marcia Husted, Janet Wasberg, Mary Anne Cook. SPORTS Connie Coach Scofield Manager Jim Rowley i , ■ ■BPS 1 W- mm P 1 jar “Tom “Carry” tamtam %p§t ■» ■ m c,, . A t tJr A I 4rn A .tr --, Nancy Greene, Janet Wasberg, Gwendolyn 1 leleen, Susan White. ERLEADERS arian Clark, Doris Blackmer, Nancy Bush—Advisor, Barker, Harriet Kline, Harriett Himes. ► H c so N H C 5pO J J u N I O R P E P v A R S I T Y s Q u A D Kneeling: George Hamilton, Curt Spontaneo, James Adams, Edwin Strickland, Earl Brady, Roger Nelson. Standing: Roger Thornstrom, David Sheldon, Coach Scofield, Dan Russell, James Engstrom, Robert Merchant, Richard Butters. ) JAMFIOKS 3 all - ■ - ADVERTISING CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 FROM THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF FALCONER FALCONER, N. Y. Let there be two Year Books in 1954 The Senior Annual and an Interest Book from The First National Bank of Falconer 2% Paid on Interest Accounts Member F.D.I.C. Deposits Insured up to $10,000.00 CAMP ART STUDIO PORTRAITS CROUP PICTURES SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY J. S. Husband—Phone 3089 121 WEST FOURTH ST. JAMESTOWN, N. Y. FRANK DONATO WHOLESALE PRODUCE Purveyors of Choice Fruits and Vegetables To Restaurants, Hotels and School Cafeterias In the Jamestown Area Phone 5-937 BARONS MARKET FLACK’S PAINT AND Not the most WALLPAPER COMPANY Not the cheapest Pittsburgh Paints—Supplies But the best Roberts Building—Tel. 3929 24 Main St. Frewsburg, N. Y. Jamestown, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FREWSBURG HARDWARE COMPANY Appliance Headquarters Philco — R. C. A. — Frigidaire Westinghouse We Service What We Sell 27 Main St. Dial 2521 Frewsburg, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS TASTY BAKING BY JONES NORM-ELLYN HAIR SHOP Norma Burgett, Prop. 119 Market St. Jamestown, N. Y. W. Main St. Frewsburg, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS QUALITY CASH MARKET OF RAY WHEELER FREWSBURG HOTEL Groceries 60 Main St. Meats Frewsburg, N. Y. RUSSELL ROLLER RINK “Where You’ll Always Enjoy To Skate Your Date” R usse H Pennsylvania SAM BONDI Wholesale Fruits Vegetables 36 Harrison St. Jamestown, N. Y. Telephone Office 5934 Residence 5845 Terms—7 days net FALCONER DEPARTMENT STORE Phone 36371 13 W. Main St. Falconer, N. Y. BERTE’S DRAPERY SHOPPE Complete Window Service Custom Made Draperies Phone 99-435 114 E. Third St. Jamestown, N. Y. KENNETH W. FOSBURC COMPANY “Wholesale Paper Products” Telephones 6-156 6-157 559 Buffalo St. Jamestown, N. Y. PHILLIPS LUMBER CO. Hardware Lumber Custom Kiln Drying £r Planing Tel. 3295 132 Main St. Frewsburg, N. Y. WEEDIN’S HARDWARE CO., INC. Phone 63392 15 W. Main St. Falconer, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS of 1954 PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION FREWSBURC CENTRAL SCHOOL CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES to the Class of 1954 TO Mrs. Julia Chandler the Class of 1954 Mrs. Dorothy Anderson Mrs. Letty Wasburg MOORE’S HARDWARE Mrs. Jessie Cook Mrs. Dolores Jacobson 54 Main St. Frewsburg, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS SPARKS GROCERY 0F Groceries — Notions MOLL HIDE COMPANY Center St. Frewsburg, N. Y. Donut Shop GREEN BROTHERS LUMBER “Coffee Tastes More Pearly” “Everything for Building” With Doughnuts Made By Shirley Sales off Wholesale £r Retail Jamestown Plant New York Blockville Phone 2265 16 Main St. Frewsburg, N. Y. Lakewood 2425 Phones Panama 2435 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of ’54 MILLER ' S BAKERY Tel. 35-161 29 W. Main St. Jamestown, N. Y. SKATELAND RINK CELORON PARK SKATING NIGHTLY 8:00 - 11 :00 Matinee 2:00 - 5 :00 Saturday Gr Sunday COMPLIMENTS of MORTON’S KENDALL STATION Ralph George Morton, Props. 30 Main St. Frewsburg, N. Y. FREWSBURC PHARMACY 25 Main St. Frewsburg, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF ’54 BURG BARBER SHOP Dave Dillon, Prop. 41 W. Main St. Frewsburg, N. Y. SWANSON’S RESTAURANT FRIENDLY SPOT American and Swedish Foods Phone—2501 40 W. Main St. Frewsburg, N. Y. WEISER’S GROCERY Full Line of Shelf Groceries School Supplies Ice Cream Institute St. Frewsburg, N. Y. J. S. AUTO SUPPLY NATIONALLY KNOWN AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Phone 5-113 1080-1082 E. Second St. Jamestown. N. Y. ANDERSON ' S RESTAURANT FINE FOODS 2 MAIN ST. FREWSBURG, N. Y. BEST WISHES FREWSBURG LODGE NO. 789 CLARKS GROCERY NATION WIDE STORE GROCERIES GAS OIL Tel. 4448 IVORY, NEW YORK READ THE JAMESTOWN SUN RED AND WHITE SUPER MARKET RUBY SHELDON—Owner C. H. Hildum—Mgr. Tel. 2485 24 MAIN ST. Frewsburg, N. Y. Compliments of the LAMP POST MOTEL ROUTE 60 NEAR ROUTE 62 Year Around Accommodations Clifford and Carol Nobbs, owners Frewsburg New York CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FREWSBURG FACULTY FREWSBURC CENTRAL SCHOOL For the Ideal Graduation Gift A ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITER from GEER-DUNN COMPANY 22 West- 3rd St. Jamestown, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND FALCONER PRINTING CO. Commercial Printing Efficient Service Phone 3-803 66-68 E. Main St. Falconer, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of ’54 PERCY PHILLIP’S GARAGE SENIORS Frewsburg New York COMPLIMENTS BOWERS ELECTRIC of Radio and T.V. Sales and Service WHITMAN’S Groceries — Dry Goods WALLPAPER PAINT Tel. 2365 Martin Senor Paints 74 Institute St. Frewsburg, N. Y. 25 W. Main St. Frewsburg, N. Y. HILLER BROTHER’S KYLE AND LITTLE’S APIARY Newsroom — Lunches Producers Bowling of 18 Main St. Frewsburg, N. Y. PURE HONEY Phone Frewsburg 2-912 CHAUTAUQUA LAKE CREAMERY Assurance The Best of Quality In our Dairy Products Your Patronage Solicited 212 Fluvanna Jamestown, N. Y. FRANTZ RUSSELL SANITARY SERVICE DISTRIBUTORS KEYSTONE CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS DRAINAGE SYSTEMS INSTALLED VACUUM TANK CLEANING PHONE 4-431 FREWSBURC, N. Y. HERMAN SEEHAUSEN Radio and Television Service Phone 3-075 GJZurouyA atifthiA, _MAmce 88 W. Main St Frewsburg, N. Y. B N ESSO SERVICE Phone 4-485 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND E. Main St. Frewsburg, N. Y. IN MEMORY OF BILL AND CLARENCE IRWIN TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 OUR SINCEREST CONGRATULATIONS ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE JAMESTOWN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE JAMESTOWN NEW YORK PARENTS and SPONSORS Mrs. Elva White Mr. and Mrs. Ward White Mrs. Lavern Young Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Barrus Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Traver Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Frederes Mr. and Mrs. George Rowley Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Holmquist Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Moore Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hiller, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sitler Mr. and Mrs. Carl Thierfeldt Mr. and Mrs. William Himes Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lindstrom Mr. and Mrs. Sigfred Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dallas Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Swartzentruber Mr. and Mrs. Millard Waid Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Annis Mrs. Anna Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Thurston Bengston Mr. and Mrs. George Wiltsie Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Swanson Mr. and Mrs. George Kirik Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Eridson Mr. and Mrs. Oscar William Juul Mr. and Mrs. Edward Youngberg Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ross Mrs. Velma Munson Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Danielson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fritsch Mr. and Mrs. Deforest Dowd Milton Smith Frewsburg Grange Ruth B. Anderson ZZc !2- _ L_ s£. 0- 4? ZZ C. ZZb n CoS c - -€c -c -- £—s sC . d C ajZ- l _ _ , -C. a aC, C -t-Tt-ZjZ. L, 7 ' -- : t— ' CZ t ' INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Cover Manufacturers Book Binders FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas City . a ) ! v f r i j f . V w V .( . iv ? n y 1 1 ( .1 filers ir f J Jfjiv, n . v . tj ' h A . i i J ivj ' I It V M i ft) y 1 A- IV. ! n I i t I , A. tUA - u 1 i n y vV i . iy ( ry I . f . 1 W ■ II u I w V y tu A v f A Jl 4 V“ n ' ' J f J M r T A ' t y ‘ v £ n 4 L , A | 4 y | ! ) I » “ i ■ « n U } y yCc y v . i ' a ii 4 w . v , I ' IV I 4, i il r n x r V ' . n ■ i , f V ft . I „A J il ■ ' fl I fl ” f ' -j i A . A .1 r t y 1 , 4 i k ♦ 1 V IV- ) ' V ( U tj I I ' 1 ol V ,

Suggestions in the Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY) collection:

Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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