Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY)

 - Class of 1953

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9 -T- EDITQIQIAL The World oT The FuTurel By This we do noT reTer To The world ThaT science will provide Tor us wiTh all iTs recenT sTrides in nuclear physics and oTher Tields. Such a world would indeed be desirable land possiblel only wiTh The aid and securiTy oT ThaT peace which oughT To exisT among all The naTions oT The world. BuT, peace is diTTiculT To achieve and diTTiculT To mainTain. The members oT The Class oT I953 realize ThaT The aTTain- menT oT ThaT peace is The iob oT everyone. Each one desires earnesTly To do all possible To perTorm his parT in ThaT iob, and To persuade oThers To do The same. in order ThaT The World oT The FuTure, our world, will be a good world in which To live. HAROLD ERIKSON EdiTor-in-ChieT DEDICATIGN DAVID F. SINE To Ivlr. Sine, Ieaclwer and Senior Class advisor. who was recalled 'ro service November IO, I952, and is now on acrive sea duly WIIII Jrlwe Unilecl S-Iares Navy, Ilme Class of I953 gralrelully cledicales Ilmis issue of "SENIOR LEAVES." ADMIN ISTIQATIGN ',' Inno- ggfl., g lm BUAIQD 0 EDUCATIG Sea+ed: Eugene Fish, Rufh KHne, Bessie Dennison, Robert Dill, Isabelle Lundgren. Siandingz Evereff Seasfrom, Howard Warn, WiYliam Waife, Granf Sears. 0 s VM fix 1y4r:5:r:5:5'25:21'21-1:2gEg2:E,.g.3.,.5. f 1 " , .' .... fzlflifr-5 4 .Wm 5 a:::':.-.: 152215-I we-:::s:. bf' . ..... , '-:,:-. .. im H ,gi igg.:.,.,.g:.:,:,. , +s::r.,..o Q ' ,1.,5l,.:1?" :55: -.2-1552 :- . .,1,.,.?,.fl .-.. , Q 315-,1,152E222Q.5232'e1Q2123. ssssss 4 ---- ..... - .4.252253357?E2E1E2EE5'E1E222E1E2E2E2322 ........... I 715- , 24345 ' 5 WS?1-ff? 5 'ff . .,., -za.::-:am-1-:-1-:-1-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-.-.- .-7:-mz:-:-:Q-...,,.,A . 2353.1 33:33. 1,,gg:,:r. '.::,44- 5:r:': , ss'.r:345:5:5 , 12121112:1:1:::2:r: 2:G?2Qg2F' , ss. ::1::::1, .- 2 ,-12:-+ 2Q2:25,f36255fss, ' Egfizgaf -,'., usszr-1-:::r:r:i:r.r . , , .. .,,,, .. ,. J- I ' .. MR. J. WM. ANDERSON Dislrricf Superinfendenf LORY F. MESSINA Assistant principal HARRY J. MURRAY Supervlsang principal ssniom HIGH TEAQHEQ5 Sea+ed: Thomas Pafierson - Hisforyg Jean Rich - Librarian: Elaine Johnson-Malhemalics. Sfandingz Roberf Vogelgesang-English: Roberl Gulvin-Agriculfurep OHO Guli-Science. JUNIGQ I-1 GH TEACHEIQS Ray l-less-English: Lory Messina-Malhemalics: Marilou Howe - English, Spanish: Dorolhy Husband - Social Sludies: Roberf Johnson-Induslrial Ar+s. 7 SDECIA- TEACHEQS Sealed: Adilene Woodmansee-Music: Carol Nolobs - Lalinq Lucile Scofield-Home Economics: Nancy Bush- Plwysical Educalion. Siandingz Melvin l-leeden - Arl: James Scofield - Physical Eclucalionq Daniel Flynn - Guidance. D rs 4 X K A, g:grQgE25'5E55g...,::1:::g:::::XwXg5.25535-552: -"'515:5:5?',5:,.?-:Z , - PM- A .,,.,.,5:f355555,,55,5ggggg555555y5,5gg:HEEL ,..,.2'2gg:j,'2 X ..: 55225: :,:.,,,.,:,,.,. -,152 ,g 122-555 .GA 2235151515'21E1E'.,...... ., .,v. .- ,':::E.z3i.E2 5'5i:'212.2'255' - gre' 2: , . , g . ..l., 2. G3E5E'1:i?fiQ X5355555555553E1?S1'f515'5,5:E.-,-,..2715.55E.EE'E5",E'E",'-I" -'. E2?5f5E??EfN ",- .,,,,.,,,,.A rE:E.EEfi:Ei3t-Eizl'XE'E55gg.,:,,-Qzzggiggzzqyigi .5 .,l-:.::::'g5555iE ,w:-51iA,j-g- ,zz-:2:Q:::::5:::i., ,f15,5555:555:: ,g5,5g5g53gg5,m1jQ! , g12:5:5.55:1s5:Er. 'X 2:-5'21:s5:3.533335215-E-32:551-S:.E'E55'5'3'3:1:::E'E22:2 , x.a"2 :2i:E:iE5E5E5E5::a-: : 4:-E:::rE5:5:2- -:,1iE.E5E1: J::REEF222525EE?5r5r.r.::E:5215:5-,Q 12:5E1.r.rE1E:EEE5Y:3iQSr'2 2:-. fi: 2151553 -:-:2:-me E53--22.5:5f.:..:2-2. ,gggggggciizi :gg-3-51535::pfg5:g3m3E55'-Rfzggj'-22115 -"- l...l. . w i 'rc f:6vr..E3ss2 , I5 I 2531555553535-r:3:3SsSf2iSE5535151511::i5EgEgE5Sf55E2.55',:2:::ErE5E3EE::.:.:Z:: 5E555:'::sE .1 'Wifi'Q1E1EEf:I11"'5 '21-jeg, -,-2.355225 - 1.1:E25r:,:: 151525-5.E5:5:5E' - V "" 2 ,Q -Sb2Q.i1:2S:.. wa 1:-: ., - --22 - .-:s.s..,.,1.5-gsigsgsgss-s:efi'-A 22:22:51 .-i,2'2zw:::z:z.zsees, - :2 : :final-gy msiig sf. 'I:'2-1 21 gyciszjfzgzg25:5:iaa:a:a:gmg:g:5s.:Q1:' - ..e'5:s:.::1.1.1.:f151511'.'-:wx .,:.:.:::,g,525:51::g agggzgrgg-g2gf,::2.-:I v.,-,.,g2g::g.:::.1-. Q. .,,,,g,5:5f .z5.5:ggmg,gg:g:wM:5gf ' 2 J ag ygss ggagzjk ..- .1 ' ..gg5gsh55:2::::::r4' 33515-5:fA.z'5515g:, z:z:2:5'2'2 rs::.:2i.5's 2:5:i:5: ::2?- 22:2 fl: I '-'-'-'- Q' I, 2 .,... N rw- .. N . .. .M ...,,. , .,,,,,,., ,,.... ..V....,x,,g ,,,M, ,,,, ,, . . ., y 1 '2 2 .. . . ..,. . .Y . ...... ., ,, .. .JXX , .. , A N ..... , , .. , g. .. . z 1 .Q X- " 1 X . 5 .ul l .gy .,., .... VVV. .. mx ,.,. ....,.a, ........ N, ,. ,N 3. 21 212152222 2 -iii .l2:Es2.s1: :1- 5-il.. an :::5ggg2.:: ::i5axwwf.2i2:w.ggE::.. 2.2:1:::-2252555:-sS:3:.2 5.e ':E:5:5:5 ,12 .z lir 2:5535 ' .Sw TEE?-E13 5391: 2 . HEEE:E2: 'x .IE"2:2fEm 2:21615-525. 5: We-5-1 1: -xq.. 5 '22 - 1-.Q '22 '.231ilE 5:. 5:5:5:5: -s 1 13 -'I "FENG 'giligyi .16 121' 2251.2 W ' 2 ii: , .LIL f-ff .1 ig, 2 M 4 ' , EZEI2 3, 2" Q f222""' 555:22'.g5.55zEA.5E5gz555s52' 53522 2 2' , S 2 2 "S:ifN2 5,12-5: 32:23 -Q.:1:5:2:if25:,:5Ea:5:5:5:5:.f-222:255223555 4:5525 :e:Es:::,:'Q :---2 ,1:5e.::.a:s.5Eas2a5:gg5gg:Nx,s,3. E ,f515:5:p5:a:5k, "" - :55sg.525ig:- l 35 55 Q32 ' My 1' ,lx , , 215. '.iE1I" :E-, E I - 'EEE525552E5F55E525isi5E::a:5'5' 22522552E2Es2a5E'E?.:.5.5 5 55.-. 225555 555555592 52555'g51.- 55:55. .555 33353 an ' , , l, , .... ,.,., ...... . , ,,,,.. ,...,,.,. ...,..,..., Edward Tavolslcy-Sp 6 ech Consullanlq JoAnn Carlson-Denlal Hygienist 22 GIQADE TEACHERS Firsi Row: Erma Bryant Donald Bemus, Pearl Slwevalier, Nell Prall. Second Row: Dueressa Sager, Florence l-laley, Margaref Derby. E-EM EN TAIQV TEACH EIQS Firsf Row: Jeaneffe Slweals, Dorolhy Carlson, Eslella Porfer, Florence Babcock, Second Row: Gerlrude lvlalwn, Genieve Wesfplwal, EdI+l1 Impey, Lillian Warn. C GFFICE S-AFF CAFETEIQIA AN D MAINTENANCE Firsf Row: Oscar Anderson, Howard Jaudon, Julia Cnandher, Lorefra NeNson, Le+He Wasbrug, Hifdur Lind, Percy Pnllfips, Thomas Darling. Second Row: WHbur Mara, WIHiarn Walfers, Silber? Swanson, William Sian- Jron, Ar+hur Hyldahl, Theodore Anderson. I C5 SENICIQS MR, VOGELGESANG Class Advisor Class Color: Green and White Class Flower: White Pose Motto: God give me lwills to climb and strength lor climbing. SHIRLEY HIMES Wasliingion or busill Friendly: Ann Marie's sidekick: Only "Greai Ann?" in llwe class: "OH-lll Bible College. Band ll, 2-Seal: Clnorus ll, 2, 3, 44Treas.l Tumbling l3l3 Girls lnlramiirals l3, 4,l: Pep Squad l4l: Fire Vkfarden l3, 4l3 Class Sec. l3lg Class Pres. l4l7 Slucleni Council Represenialive l2l: Yearbook Siall l4lg "We Shook 'rlwe Family Tree" lfilq "l Remember Mama" l4iy Girls Sexfelie Major: Flomemaking. I 3 zl, 1 -'.. gig We T35 2 i Qv, 1 I -qi l . "i: 1 ,.:.f ' fi' . . ,,1:.:.,,:.,:,Z1,. Y AAAA.A A.,, . :AZ . .A:, 5 I ,...,. . . . NORMA JOHNSON "Sweden: Yellow Chevies: "ll only l would gel in early": Joy's bigger hall: "Dad: can l lake lhe car?": Favorile paslime-Wayne. Firsl Nalional Bank ol Falconer. Tri-Fli-Y l2, 3l: "We Shook lhe Family Tree" l3-Sludenl Direclorl: " l Remem- ber Mama" l4l: Chorus ll, -2, 3-Vice Pres., 4l: Class Sec. l4l: Class Treas. l2l: Bowling lil: Fire Warden l4l: Yearbook Slall l3, 4l: Rille Club l2-Sec. and Treas.l: Publicalion l3l: Girls lnlramurals l3, 4-l. Maier: Commercial. PAUL HOLMES "l-louse": Mayville: Frewsburg Hardware: Fribndly and Willy: "Business Law Brain": "New York or buslull Goofy laugh, bul he is culell Business College. Sludenl Council Represenlalive l3l: Class Vice Pres. l4l: Fire Warden l4l: Yearbook Slall l3, 4l: "We Shook lhe Family Tree" l3l: "l Remember Mama" l4l. Major: Commercial. EVELYN SEEKINS Ivory complexion: "Oh lhose nylon blouses": Brains ol lhe Senior Class: l-luslling?? Ellicienl Treasurer: "Well now, Huh." College. Bowling Club ll, Zl: Games Club l3l: Class Treas. ll, 4-l: Girls lnlramurals l3, 4l: "l Remember Mama" l4-Sludenl Direclorl: Yearbook Slall l3, 4l. Major: Malhemalics, Science WILLIS MILLER "VVillie": Beaulilul Ohio: Always has a smile: Friendly: "My Graciousu: Wavy hair: Whal would he do if he losl his comb! Tall, Dark and ?? Sludenl Council Represenlalive lfll: Fire Warden l4l: Yearbook Slall l3, 4-l: Model Railroad Club l3l3 "l Remember Mama" l4l: Baskelball l3, 4l: Band Major: Shop. l4 ESTH ER BATTLES Wedding Bells are ringing: Dishwaler blonde: I2 differenl cars wifh Ihe same man: "KaIrin": 5aiIor?? "OhI I-Iarry": Beaulician and Wife. Chorus II, 2, 3, 4l: Bowling IZI: Calnera Club Ill: Srudenf Council Repre- senfafive HI: Tumbling I3l: Yealrbook Sfafi I4l: "We Shook Ihe Family Tree" I31:"I Remember Mama" I-Il: Girls Sexfeffe II, 2, 3, 4l. Major: Homemaking. EARL BEN DER Hoi Rod: Favorife saying, "How much do you wanf 'ro be+": Baskefball manager: Mr. "Know-if-aII": Scienfific genius: Fufure Engineer, College. Yearbook Sfaff I3, -Il: Rifle Ill: Model Railroad I3l: Bowling 121: "I Re- member Mama" HI: Class Treas. I3l: F. F. A. I2, 3l. Maior: Mafh, Science. JOY BARBER Joy, Jimmie and July: Speeding in a '49 Ford: Norma's smaller half: Favorile pasfime-walking home from Jamestown: Cure, wifh a smile for everyone: Wife and Secrefary. Chorus II, 2, 3-Treas., 4-Sec.l Bowling IZI: Tri-I-Ii-Y I2, 3I: Publicarion I3-Seol: Sfudenr council I2-Sec.l: Bafon Twirler II, 2, 3, 41: Cheerleader II, 2, 31: Fire Warden HI: Yearbook Sfaif I3, 4l: "We Shook the Family Tree" I3l: "I Remember Mama" I4l: Girls Sexreffe Major: Commercial. ARTHU R BUTTON Goes around 'felling people "pi", "M. Y. O, B." and "Sci", which no one can 'figure ouf, excepf "Rocky". "Ari" also has a fine herd of Shorf-legged Ivory caffle. Favorife Pasfime-eaIin', sleepin' and wafching T. V.: Farmer. Crafl' III: F. F. A. II, 2, 3k 4-I: Yearbook Sfaif I3, 4l: "I Remember Mama" I4--Adverfising Managerl. Major: Agriculfure. lil :zg.:,:.. :.:5:g5.:..:... . ' . .,,., i i i l cARoL ANN HARTLETT Bashlul Blonde land we mean bashlull: Favorille baslilne-reading: We wonder if she does all lhal' homework she lakes home: Friendlyl! Archery l3l: "l Remember Mama" Maior: Commercial. GARY CLARK Whal girls dream ol: Tall buf, Oh Myl: Hobby-Hic! Favorile paslime-sporls. "l-le's our Peaches, l'le's our cream, l'le's The caplain of our Team"! YEA!! College. Yearbook Slall l3l: Fire Warden l3, 4l: Bowling l2l: Dancing lll: Home- making Club l3l: Sludenl Council lll: Baseball ll, 2, 3, 4l: Baslcelball ll, 2, 3, 41: Junior Cilizen l3l: "l Remember Mama" Maior: Malhemalics. EMILY BRADY Nighls in Jameslown: "Shirley and Me": Ruby's: "l can'l, l've golla work": Moody!! "Come on Down lo my House"? Air Force. Major: Home Economics. HAROLD ERIKSQN "Harry": Favorile saying-"Ain'l gol much gas": Baskelball Fiend: WiIl's buddy: Trip lo Michigan: Those early morning hours: "Big George". Band ll, 2, 3l: Dancing Club lll: Rifle l2l: Fire Warden l3, 4-Chielli Mililary Drill l3l: Yearbook Slafl ll, 2, 3, 4-Edilor-in-chiell: Baskelball l2, 3, 41: Class Pres. lfil: Bowling Team l3l: Junior Cilizen l3l: F. F. A. l2, 3, 4-Vice Pres.l: "We Shook 'rhe Family Tree" l3l: "l Remember Mama" M aior: Malhemalics, Science. bl JOAN DANIELSON Joan-"Donnie". wan? a blind dale? Blonde and Oh Myl: Likes sporfsg Loqua- cious: Favorile Paslime-Hoi-rodding her fa+her's car: "Parfies": Everybody's friend: Brain. College. Chorus ll, 2, 3, 4l: Band ,ll,. il: Girls Inframurals l3, 4-Pres.l: Round Dance Club ill: Bowling Club l'2l: Girls Sexlelle ll, 2. 3.41: "We Shook The Family Tree" l3i: "l Remember Mama" l4l: Games Club lfil: Tri-Hi-Y l2, 34Pres., 41: Yearbook Slaif T3. 4l: Siudeni Associafion ll, 2, 3, 4-l. hlaior: Homemaking. JACK LINDHOLME "You ain'f iusl a-kiddi.n'. sisler": "Dillinger's Limousineu: Long rides in The counlry on Sundays?: Hunfing and fishing lfor what we wonderl: He likes To give ouf "FaTherly" advice. Cornell. Rifle Club I, 2 : Bowlin Club 3 :,F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 :Yearbook Slaff 3 4 : : i 1 Q i i i 1 ii i l Class Pres. ill: "We Shook The Family Tree" l3l: "l Remember Mama" Major: Maihemalics. Science. CAROL JOHNSON "Johnson": "Oh, My": Reading: Baskefball: Friendly: Tall: "Gray Hair". Mead- ville Beaufy School. Dancing Club ill: Rifle Club l2l: Tumbling Club l3l: Chorus Hi: Yearbook Siaff l4-lg "I Remember Mama" Maior: Homemaking. RONALD NELSON Oh! Thai Class Ring: Favorife subiecf-girls lJ. C.l3 Grange: "Busli": Doc's favorife sfudenflll Trips lo The Burg. Dancing Club ill: Bowling Club l2l: Archery l3l: F. F. A. i4-Treas.l: Sfudenl Council Represeniafive l2l: Fire Warden l4l: "We Shook 'rhe Family Tree" Maior: Agriculfure. I7 yssseseg- BARBARA LIND "How do you gel a dale???"-"Scralch my back, please": Doc.1 Tallesl girl in The class!! Parisll Clerical Work. Chorus ll, 2, 3, 41: Bowling Club llj: Square Dancing Club l2j1 Publicalion Club l3-Pres.jg Girls lnlramurals l3jq Pep Squad l4jg Fire Warden l3, 4jq Tri-l-li-Y l2, 3-Treas., 4jg Yearbook Slafl l4l1 "We Shook The Family Tree" l3l: "l Remember Mama" Major: Commercial, LAWRENCE SAN DBERG "Slub"g '49 Fords and lelephone poles??: Deerslayer of '53, "Bender, how much do you wanl lo bel?"1 "Farmer"-"Underlakerup Lillle, bul culell Baskelball l2, 3, 4-j: Baseball ll, 2, 4jg Sludenl Council l3-Vice Pres., 4-Pres.l: Class Vice Pres. ll, 3j: Class Pres. l2jp Dancing Club lljg Bowling Club l2jg Mililary Drill l3j, Fire Warden l3, 4lq Yearbook Sfalf ll, 2, 3, 4jg Sludenf Jury l4-Judgej: F. F. A. l2, 3, 4l1 Junior Cilizen l3l: "We Shook lhe Family Tree" l3lg "l Remember Mama" Major: Malhemalics, Science. ELAIN E MELEEN "l'll fell Dick on you", "Jamesfown"g Tighl skirls: "Dagmar", kniffingg '32 Chevies: Driveway compefilion wilh her sisler. Chorus ll, 2, 3, 4jg Girls Sexlelre ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sludenl Associalion ll, 2, 3, 4-l: Cheerleading ll, 2, 3lp Band lll, Bowling Club lllg Crall Club l2l: Tumbling Club l3-Sec.l: Tri-l-li-Y l2, 3-Vice Pres., 4l1 Yearbook Sfalf l4j: "We Shook lhe Family Tree" l3jq "l Remember Mama" l4-li Fire Warden l3, 4-l. Major: l-lomemaking. EUGENE SHURES F. F. A. Man, Jack and l: One of Doc's Boys: Always saying, "You don'f know, do you?"g We hear Eugene is running lor The office of Mayor of Fenfonville, Milk Tesler. Major: Agricullure. I8 SYLVIA NELSON "George": One of lhose Ivory Girls: The boy nexl door: Friendly: Nighls in Clark's Corners: "Oh Crunch": Where is Sylvia's class ring????? Bowling Club Ill: Games Club I3-Sec. and Treas.l: Girls lnlramurals I3, 4l: 1 Sludenk Associalion ll, 4l: Yearbook Sfalf l4l: "We Shook The Family Tree" l3l: "I Remember Mama" Major: Commercial. ROGER STONE "S+oney": Favorile Saying: "Dales are good lo eal, bul how can you gel lhemn? "I'lorses": "Molorcycles": "Women": A walking lool chesl: Arlhur's sidekick. Oklahoma A 81 M. Chorus ll, 2, 3, -ll: Bowling Club Ill: Dance Club I2-Vice Pres., 3l: Yearbook Slalf l4l: "We Shook The Family Tree" l3l: "l Remember Mama" l4-Elec+ri- cianl. Maior: Makhemalics, Science SHIRLEY SHELDON l-lappy: Emily's side-kick?: Temper: "You don'l know, do you"?: Dunkirk???: Air Force. Pholography I2-Vice Pres.l: Bowling Club Ill: Chorus ll, 2, 3, 4l: Tumbling Club l3l: Yearbook Slall l4l: "l Remember Mama" MARY WILTSIE "Willsieville": Salesll: "You don'l know, do you"?: Boone's Iiflle sislerl Slude- baker: Big Teaser. Office work. Class Vice Pres. l2l: Girls lnlramurals I3-Vice Pres.l: Publicalion Club l3l: Bowling Club l2l: Dancing Club Ill: Sludenl Council Represenlalive l3l: "l Remember Mama" Maior: Commercial. I9 1 HISTGIQV 44 77 As we sTarTed in our space ship our guide was Mrs. WhiTney. For The capTain oT our crew we elecTed Jack Lindholme, wiTh Lawrence Sandberg as his assisTanT. Our advenTures were recorded by ConsTance Blood and Evelyn Seekins was our space collecTor. Our conTacTs To The old world were made by Gary Clark and Helen Springer. As we zoomed along This year we sold ice cream so ThaT in our Senior year we could TurTher along our Trip Through space. Our guide was Miss Fleming. We sTarTed our space Trip wiTh Lawrence Sand- berg as capTain, and Mary WilTsie as his assisTanT. For our space collecTor and recorder we had Norma Johnson and l-lelen Springer. We elecTed Ronald Nelson and Shirley T-limes as our helpers To keep us in conTacT wiTh The old world. Sailing Through space This year we sponsored a dance. The space cadeTs worked enviously on Their TaTTy journey. We conTinued on our course under The guidance oT Miss Johnson in The aTmos- phere oT The new school. Our capTain and his assisTanT were T-larold Erikson and Lawrence Sandberg. This year we chose Earl Bender and Shirley l-limes as collecTor and recorder. EarTh conTacTs were made by Mary WilTsie and Paul l-lolmes. BeTween TaTTy and ice cream our iourney wenT TarTher inTo space. The space cadeTs worked vigorously on Their magazine sales among The planeTs oT Mars, Venus, and SaTurn. We picked up our class rings aT SaTurn in January oT '52. As we sTarTed To run ouT oT Tuel on our space iourney we reTurned To earTh and "We Shook The Family Tree." Mr. Sine, our guide sTarTed us on our lasT lap Through space. The space cadeTs chose Shirley l-limes as capTain, and Paul I-lolmes as her assisTanT. Recorder and collecTor were Norma Johnson and Evelyn Seekins. Willis Miller and EsTher BaTTles kepT us in Touch wiTh The developmenTs on EarTh. As we glided along Through space our guide bailed ouT, and Mr. Vogelgesang Tlew in Trom Mars To Take over conTrol of our ship. We Traveled as Tar as JupiTer where we landed Tor The space cadeTs "l-lam Supper." BeTore Taking oTT we loaded our ship wiTh F. C. S. shirTs. "I remem- ber Mama" was The mosT widely Talked abouT subiecT on our whole journey. Wash- ingTon was selecTed Tor our lasT desTinaTion poinT. Much conTroversy was made over This place, buT aT long lasT we are on our way. 20 EsTher-busy raising liTTle sailo Roger-Tlying beauTiTul blond Emily-TuTure W. A. F. Paul-only college eclucaTed Joan-Teaching her sTrawber Sylvia-using Mrs. Dewing's Norma-Oak l-lill housewife, Joy-sTill driving ThaT '49 Fo Sears 81 Roebuck. ArThur-puTTing Doc Gulvin's Carol-has a shop of her own Carol Ann-has read all The Barbara-looking Tor her man DIQODHECV C479 rs Tor her big sailor. es around The world. diTch digger Tor ChauTauqua CounTy ry blondes how To skaTe. Techniques in her oTTice. raising liTTle crops????7 idea inTo use. rd wiTh addiTional aTTachmenTs and we donT mean and sfill looking Tor The man of her dreams books in The ciTy library by now aT The CapiTal Air Lines. Mary-lovelorn columnisT Tor JamesTown Sun. W Willis-has a bunch oT liTTle Gary-manuTacTuring his own Shirley S.-TuTure Mrs. PeTers Shirley l-l.-now she's living Lawrence-looking Tor a girl illies and They're noT cars. shoes. on. who is shorTer Than himself. in WashingTon, D. C. h Evelyn-sales girl in Randolp Ronnie-chasing "Coons" in Eugene-Mayor ol: FenTonvill Jack-TickeT Taker aT The "Pa l-larold-PresidenT of Danielso Elaine-MaioreTTe Tor i777 an Earl-sTill in SOuTh America m 's big cleparTmenT sTore. The wilds. e's farmers. lace Burlesque." n Gasoline Company. d kniTTing liTTle sweaTers no aking his 77? 'ZI W CLASS WILL 44 7? Shirley I-l.-wills her abilily io run a class +0 nexi year's Senior Class President Elaine M.-her license for her Trailer io her sisrer, also her righr skirls. Barbara L.-her inifiaiive al' Kyle X4 Lirlle +o Virginia M. Norma J.-her abiliiy ro drive 'Io Philip Traver. Joy B.-wills her abiliry io hold a man To Susan While. Carol Ann B.-her quieiness lo Ray Johnson. Evelyn S.-her nylon blouses To Dolores l-limes. Sylvia N.-George +o Myrna l-limes. Esiher B.-her naiural blonde hair fo Donna Jacobson. Mary W.-io Marie J. her seal in Mrs. Dewing's Room. Shirley S.-her Srudebalcer To Joan Johnson so she will always have a way fo fhe Burg. Emily B.-wills her abilily +o slay awake in sales class 'ro Marie J. Joan D.-her license To Bud D. so he can huslle like his sisrer. Earl B.-his hor Ford +o Jim Rowley. Lawrence S.-his deer-hunfing abiliry ro John Young. Ronnie N.-his abiliiy To sneak over To ihe burg 'ro Tom Dorsey. Paul H.-wills his laugh To Allon Lindslrom. Harold E.-his "hor" Chevie To Bud Holcomb, so he won'r have Jrhose long walks home. Jack L.-his abilify ro gel along wilh Jrhe Teachers To Dave Munson. Roger S.-+0 Nancy Fields his love and affecrion for Erewsburg Cenfral. Arfhur B.-wills Joan D. io Eranlclin Elderlcin so he won'r be lonely on his lrip 'ro The moon. Eugene S.-his wesrern books io Norman Crow. Gary C.-his heighr and good looks To Tom Kirik. Willis M.-his wavy hair fo Bob Jarman. Carol J.-iusl lefr. 22 JUNICDIQ PLAY "We Shoolc lhe Family Tree", a hilarious comedy, was Jrhe Jrhealrical seleclion for our Junior Year. Under The direclion of lvliss Johnson an excellenr produclion was slaged. Our enioymenl in acrinq was marched by lhe enioymenl of a very receprive audience and wilh This encourage- menl we looked forward, like seasoned Thesloians, ro an ambirious pro- duolion lor our senior play. 23 SENIGIQ DLAV The noTe oT comedy was conTinued in our senior year as The class chose "I Remember Mama" Tor iTs Tinal conTribuTion To The enTerTain- menT oT The school and The populace. The high school version oT The long popular novel, screen and sTage play was produced under Tho di- recTion oT Mrs. Jean Rich, Librarian and DramaTics lnsTrucTor. The qual- iTy oT The producTion may be iudged Trom The capaciTy audiences To which The class played Three Times. 24 25 26 CLASSES if-A55 Q1 X r - , ,Nw E! lla ill c J IOIQ CLASS Firsf Row: Nancy Hiller, Susan While, ldabelle Annis-Vice Presidenf, John Young-Treasurer, Kennefh Buclc - Presidenl, Ann Marie Erikson-Secrefary, Janice Eckman, Dolores l-limes, Naomi Sifler. Second Row: Joan Johnson, Virginia Moore, Luella Moore, Donna Swanson, Mary Dowd, Arloene Johnson, Joyce Holmquisf, Marcia Frederes, Nancy Wilfsie, Beverly ldabelle Edirh ,... Beverly B. Ken ..,.. Norman Bill .... Bud .. Mary .. Janice .,... , Ann Marie Marcia .. Connie .. Nancy l"l. Dolores .. Cliff ... Joyce ... Arloene . Boi: ... Joan ,. Youngloerg, Miss Elaine Johnson. Third Row: John Thierfeldf, Alfon Lindsfrom, Norma Jean Johnson, Edifh Barfleff, Beverly Bengsfon, Efhel Waife, Ernesf Danielson, Robert Johnson, Fourth Row: Beniamin While, James Rowley, Garry Waid, Clifford Holcomb, Conrad Frifsch, Norman Crow, William Dallas, David Munson. Whaf would happen if- .. leff her looofs home? were noisy? ...............,..,.losfherhorse? sfayed awake during English class? .....................hadadafe? didn'f go for blondes? . couldn'f go ouf wifh Jamesfown girls? didn'f eaf so many hof fudge sunclaes? ...........,.. losf her friendly "l'li"? didn'f have o senior lo pal around wifh? coLildn'f have a parfy every so oflen? .. , ..... didn'f have a "wise craclc"? had fo wear her own class ring? . Couldn'f babysif every Monday nighf? . lorgof how fo play loaslcelball? ...... gof fo school on lime? .. finally learned her chemisfry? .. lef his brush cuf grow ouf? wenf sfeady? Norma Jean Beffy ,..,. Tom ... Alfon .. Louella .. Virginia ... Dave ., Jim .., Naomi .. Donna .... John T. Garry ... Efhel .. Ben ... Susan ,.... Nancy W. . John Y. Beverly Y. . .. forgof her Spanish lingo? .. gof her driver's license? grew up? were fallcafive? wenf home on fhe school bus? gof home before 2:00 A.M. . ....,.,.. was quief and serious? ,,...,..,.. learned how fo drive? didn'f do her shopping af "Shears" ..... . ,. wenf roller slcafing again? .. gof his Geomefry done on fime? ...,... , didn'f have wavy hair? couldn'f giggle? ..,...,. , , weren'f so romanfic? .. couldn'f wrife fo Bill all fhe lime? didn'f eaf af fhe "Polka Dof"? .. paid affenfion in lnfermediafe? ...,... sfayed away from Busfi? ' DHCDMOIQE CLASS Firsf Row: Doris Blackmer, Elaine Bender, Ira Miller, Mary Ann Cook, Marion Hale-Secreiary, Edwin Sfrickland-Presidenl, Raymond JohnsonfVice Presi-denf, Kalhleen RyberqfTreasurer, Mary Jane Nelson. Second Row: Donna Nelson, Harriefi' Kline, Myrna Hirnes, Bonnie Minser, Gwendolyn Meleen, Jacqueline Braff, Janet Wasberg, Jean Carter, Nancy Fish, Mr. Palterson, Marcia Husfed. Third Row: Marie Johnson, Dolores Campbell, Shirley Becker, Sandra Lindslrom, Jean Barker, Nancy Green, Nancy Wilfsie, Suzanne Howard, Donna Jacobson, Margie Clark. Fourih Row: Philip Traver, Craig Sheldon, Alvin Butters, Thomas Dorsey, Bryan Lirnber, Roger Nelson, Thomas Vlfoollell. !7!?!7!?!7 l-larriell' .. ..........,,....... Albany Ray .. .....,...... ?????! Marie ... ... Saiurday niglrls and D. N. Dolores ., .. Baskelball games? Nancy F. .. ,..,............. Clolhesl Tom W. .... ....,...... S hy guy? Marion .. . "Giggles" Mary Jane ... .. l-langoul lArl Rooml Lois ..... .......,...........,....,. R . N. Donna N. ..,,...... l-lol Ford! Suzie ,..,... .. Gee, l wish They grew men lallerl Donna J. .. . "A and P" Co. Nancy G. ... ............,,, Shorl l'land Quizl Jean B. .. ...,.,........ ,. Lalin Elaine .. Mr. Guli's besl friend? Jean C. Homemaker of lhe year Jackie ......,. Skipping S. Fl. Bonnie .. ,.....,. Ivory's mayor Cookie .. ... "Charles+onl" Sandra ,. ..,.,, "Shirley and I" Gwen ... .. .,.,... "l'louse's girl" Ed .... ,............ Fl usllor! Barbara .....,.......... Shorl Hand Genius? Bryan .. 2nd period slucly lialll Janel ., Thai cerlain Falcon baseball player! Craig .. ...... Flor "38" Ford Myrna ...,..,... One of Those "Ivory-iles" Phil .. .... .. Field goal Shirley ,. ... Smooching in Biology lke ....... ... O. K. lOl1l Kayl Kay ......... "I like Ike" Tommy D. .. ..... "Sen. Tall" Doris .. .. Russell Roller Rink Alvin ........ ...., l-l arps Marcia .. , "Pele" and Pariies Nancy Fields . "Hank" Margie ,. .. Thai' old lypewrilerl EO FIQESHMAN CLASS Firsi Row: Theodore Peierson, Ardeli Eksfrom, Barbara Kebor+,1 Loralee Keifer-Treasurer, Richard Buiiers S Presideni, Donna! Barrus - Vice Presideni, Nancy Greene - Secreiary, Beulah Sfaniori, Harrieif Himes. Second Row: James Adams, Joan Coons, Myrna Clark, Patricia Waid, Sharon Cook, Carol Sears, Cora Irwin, Barbara Suckow, Mary Nordiand, Franklin Elderkin, Barbara Suckow Harrieil ...,... . Ardell . .. Beulah . ,. Mary . . Janei . . Ruih ... Donna . .. Myrna . .. Cora ..... Barbara K. .. Pai ....... Shirley . , Beverly .. Loralee . . Sharon ,. Jim ....... David S. .. Bruce .. FAVORITE Horses ..... Cheerleading .. Going io shows? Jim Drawing Playing Tennis wiih? Tall Boys iSwedesl Boys Cliii 6. ..... Fred ... Lakewood Ken ..,. Roller Skaiing Movies wilh W. M. Allegheny ... Giggling ,..... Farming Teasing Girls ... Baskeiball 3I Miss Howe. Third Row: Shirley Seekins, Beverly Wargo, Cynihia Mackie, Ruih Gusiafson, Jane? Jacobson, Barbara Swanson, Lynneiie Irwin, Laura Lee Jones. Fourth Row: Earl Brady, Dale Erikson, Bradley Sifler, Thomas Traver, David Sheldon, Daniel Russell, Frederick Clark, Roberi' Merchani, Bruce Lindahl, David Benson, Roger Tornsirorn. PASTIMES Fred ..... Roger T. .. Earl .,... Roberi .. Frank .. Dick Bradley .. David B. .. Roger N. .. Cynihia . Carol .... Dale E. .. Ted .... Nancy ........ Barbara Swanson Joan ,......... Lyneiie .... Laura Lee .. ,. Siock Car Racing .. Cerfain Girls? ..... Pesiering The Gang? .... Science .. Presideni ... Ealing .....,. l-lusiling? ... Fighling wiih?? .. .,, lndiana?? ... Jameslown .. Scl'iool?? .. Loaiing "Gusfy" Baskeiball games Sunday nighi' Church Driving EIGHTH CQADE Firsf Row: Norma Dulmus, Teressa Traver, Charles Carlson, Tirnofhy BiorkWTreasurer, Alice Holrnquisl4Vice Presidenf, Elhelyn Johnson - Presideni, Kennelh Juul - Secrelary, Donna Thurslon, Nancy Elderkin, Belly Becker, Jack Mclnlyre. Second Row: Mrs. Dorothy Husband, Alice Bova, Muriel l-lager, Ann Davis, Jacqueline Barber, Wanda Nelson, Winifred Dowd, Laura Swealman, Carol Morler, Marcia Hullberg, Roberl Greene, Gordon Nelson. Third Row: Frank Seekins, Jan Nordland, Charles Pelerson, Joyce Sisson, Charloife Lee, Marian Clark, Griffin Srnifh, Robert Elderkin, Donald Mclnfyre, Shayne Mun- qer. Fourlh Row: Peier Hanson, Joseph Swanson, Bruce Kidder, Allan Shures, John Covey, Kay Benson, Curl Sponlaneo, Brian Johnson, Michael Nelson, Ronald Fellows. 32 'WE TH GIQADE , Firsf Row: Claylon Scoii, Marleen Donelson-Secreiary, Mary Liiile-Presideni, Edward Davis-Vice President, Thomas Swan- son-Treasurer, Marvin Swanson, J. Wm. Carlson. Second Row: Donna Siilson, Yvonne Walfer, Kalhleen Walsh, Jeaneiie Rice, Harrie? Cushner, Alice Lawson, Palricia Jensen, Nancy Parker Mr. Gulvin. Third Row: Richard Frankson, Alvin Bragg, Slephen Chrisiian, Roberr Johnson, Donald Campbell, Dorian Larson, Roberl Frankson, Eugene Russell. Fourfh Row: John Turk, William Tornsirom, Kennerh Rowley, Ronald Youngberg, Lars Sione, LeRoy Tuller. Firsl' Row: Linda Dumrning, Shirley Johnson, Marlene Donelson- Secreiary, Mary Liiile-Presidenl, Edward Davis-Vice Presidenl, Thomas Swanson S Treasurer, Gordon Lind, Cynthia Hodges Charlene Nelson, Mina Mae Moore. Second Row: Shirley Long Carol Buffers, Belly Rowley, Judy -Hamillon, Joan Barber Sharon Harris, Donna Lindsfrorn, Patricia Eckman, Gladys Par sons, Maxine Husled, Mrs. Scofield, Kathleen Barker. Third Row: Dennis Johnson, Arihur Eksirom, Gary Burgeif, Clyde Irwin, Presion Norberg, David Barker, Gordon Brady. Fourfh Row: Jerry Gufh, Ronald Johnson, Keilh Kroenke, James Engs sirom, Clark Lee, Reggie Ealon, Morris Heinricks. !XTH GIQADES Firsf Row: Arrhur Sweaiman, Jarnes Frederes, Bruce Darling, Danielson, David Chrisfian, Miss Derby. Third Row: Theodore Consfance Nobbs, Jean Campbell, Donna Springer, Barbara Anderson, Sandra Feaiherslone, Linda Mainwaring, Wayne Rob- Gregg, Sylvia Lindbloom, Janice Bennerr. Second Row: William inson, Phyllis Houghwol, David Tuller. Absenf: Larry Slarks. Keborf, John Tirchner, Roberra Dean, Carol Cook, Judirh Firs'r Row: Diane Fellows, Norma Jean Manger, Palricia Berg, son, JoAnn Carter, Sharon Munger, Wayne Lindsfrom, Lynesf Carol Horner, Delores Griffin, Marina Bova, Barbara Susiaf- Bova, Mr. Bernus, Third Row: Roger Wasburq, Frank Parsons, son, Sandra Murray. Second Row: John Elderkin, Russell Swan- David I-larsen, Herberf Wilisie, Ronald Kidder, Thomas Seekins. 34 E TH GIQADES lusi' Row: Richard Weslrnan, Sharon Johnson, Diane Willsie, Sardra Swanson, Belly Ann Johnson, Karen Swealman, Judy Belhany Lindquisl, Sally Shears, l-lerberf Johnson, Mrs. Florence Haley. Third Row: Leonard Elrslrorn, Robert Davis, David Kerrin Tuller, Donna Benson, Shirley Bennerf, Pafricia Holmes, Second Clarence Srocklon, David Covey, Edward Slone, Terrence Olof- Row: Gene Waid, Grace Turk, Laurabelle Brown, Ann Hansen, son, Richard Lowery, Terry Johnson, I-irsf Row: George Ekslrom, Michelle Birl, Deanna Fellows, f:n'ieral-d Seekins, Karen lnqernan, Sandra Duclqeon, Florence Blood, Nancy Hagsfrom. Second Row: Suzelre Biork, Marqorie Adams, Judy Swanson, Donna Lindberg, Dianna Benson, Marilyn Anderson, Parricia Barry, Karen Johnson, Millon Mclnfyre, Mrs. Dueressa Sager. Third Row: Lawrence Hyldahl, Gary Darling James Anderson, Bruce Griehm, Joseph Marsh, Gordon Daniels Harry Hardinger, Thomas Griehm, Roger Jacobson. Absenf Gary Berg, James Sampson. QUIQT GIZQADES First Row: Susan Russell, Linda Jensen, Elma Rowley, Lois Starks, Merle Atkins, Belle Birt, Mary Louise Dorsey, Bonnie Johnson, Wanda Lee, Mariorie Wlalsh. Second Row: Donald Norman, David Frew, John Little, Robert Anderson, Barry Stone, David Gordon, Frank Ellis, Terry Obert, Robert Sandberg, Jerry Eklund, Steohen Anderson. Third Row: Paul Tyler, Everett Seastrum, Harry Adams, Joseph Ellis, Timothy Marsh, Phillip Knapp, Rodger Shreve, James Rice, William Dowd, Stephen Hill, Mrs. Nell Pratt. First Row: Annette Gregg, Patricia Swanson, Rebecca Motter, Evelyn Moore, Susan Parker, Susan Harris, Cecile Nobbs, Edith Row ey, Ruta Johnson, Judy Walker, Karen Gustafson. Second Row: Alford Hyldahl, Louise Lee, Sandra Youngberq, Georgann Young, Evelyn Mclntyre, Sally Pratt, Patty Jones, Allen Ham- ilton, Burton Waid. Third Row: William Bratt, Ronald Anderson, Thomas Atkins, Sheldon Anderson, Thomas Eaton, John Rice, John Husted, Paul White, Richard Radspinner, John Mahoney, Richard Markham, Mrs. Pearl Shevalier. 36 THIIQD GIQADES mow: Lfarnara Nelson, -Irrna Daniels, Marcia Bennell, Alice srrorn, Camille Nobbs, Richard Gulh. Third Row: Mrs. Eslella Davis, Nancy Turk, Pafricla Ealon, Sandra Wade, Dolores Porter, David Frankson, Paul Anderson, Keilh Milchell, Peler l'l'llSlOf1, -Laverne Younqberq. Second Row: Qrelchen Bryanl, Tnrk, Marshall Frew, Jarnes Covey, Norman Green, Roger .Judy Dan els, Roberta Balllcs, Sue Jean Alkins, Frances Ek- Dulrnus, Phillip Shreve. Absenf: Beverly Bessey. Hrs? Row: Cheryl 5k', Kalhlcen Waid, Linda Nelson, Linda David Thomas, Mrs. Babcock. Third Row: Lawrence Bennell' llaivey, ljelly Lundsrcw, busan Jacolosoi, Nancy Clolver, Allhea Donald Daniels, David Warn, William Perry, Ronald Anderson Braqq. Second Row: Jerry Horner, Paul Bova, Norma Fellows, James Lee, Slephen Kidder, Gordon Danielson. Maruann Slrand, Susan Johnson, Nancy Long, Ronny Barker, 37 SECGNID GIQADE5 FIIQST GIQADEI First Row: Maureen Springer, Cheryl Marsh, Peggy Prall, Thomas Mahoney, Robert Baker, Kermit Ekslrorn, Edward Payne Phyllis Brown, Christine Heeden, Palricia Covey, Diane Swan- James Swanson, Richard Frankson, Mrs. Edilh lmpey. Abseni son, Kathleen Berg, Nadine Bra-dy, Susan Hill, Second Row: Karen Howell. Michael Percy III, Carl Lindslrcrn, George Carr, Dennis Walker, fJ.iJarEnf'Mi'hiiENRBSI: USER s+bE'EiSnf"e5rZiEn' skmei, Dliaifa i N ' ' ' ' ' 39 FIIQST GIQ DE Firsi Row: Linda Benneli, Nancy Derry, Dian Anderson, Barbara bell, Ronald Darling, Donald Anderson, Carl Seasirum, Gregory Anderson, Nancy Worden, Jessie Hedges, Sharyn Hamilfon, Lombardo, Gerald Sherman, Gary Pasco, James Lundsten Sheryle .Kennedy, 'Noelle Swanson, Sue Ann Thomas. Second Daniel Maroney, Mrs. Mahan. Row: William Wald, Robert Birl, Paul Johnson, James Camp- MQIQNING KI DEIQGAIQTE Hrs! Kow: Carol Kidd, Linda lhursfon, Carol Norman, Richard Waite, Michael Libby, Raberf Abbey, Kennefh Harvey. Second Row: Emerson Elcsfrom, Linda Billgren, Paul Cheney, Wayne Swanson, Edward Moore, Yvonne Magnuson, Harold Rowley. Third Row: Morris Daniels, Larry Donaldson, Warren Swarfzen- 4-O ,Woo , eoyug ira i..son, Brenda Gregg, Ann VViIl'SIE. Fourfh Row: Sandra Lee, Cheryl Perry, Allen Haller, Bonnila Berg, Susan Waid, Ira Rhodes, Doris Sweaiman. Fifih Row: Thomas Shuros, Floyd Sfockfon, Gary Swanson, Dawn Hodges, David Sherman. AFTEQ CKE KllDHQ AQTE llirsl Row: Monli Dian Willerf, Willard Marlin, Norma Dudqeon, Daniel Thomas, Richard Swanson, Rhea Liddie, Jacqueline l-ledges, Ralph Long. Second Row: Gale Kobalka, Shirley Sam' uelson, Gaylord Swanson, Earl Slanlon, Daniel Robinson, Claudia Richards, Gary Adams, Carolyn Davis. Third Row: Larry Marvell, Phyllis Jacobson, Rae A. While, Pamela Scofield, Melanie Blair, Geneie Birl, Barbara Brown, Dewey While, Sylvia Bova. Fourth Row: Mary Walker, Dennis Haqsfrom, Michael Barone, Klaudelle lngernan, John Olson, Sue Dill, Waller Erilcson, Donald Olson, Slanley Miller. IQANTONE ' H W rf.,-pl Sealed: Mrs. Bealrice Barron, Cynlhia Norberg, Karen Waile, Sharon Anderson. Sfanding: Clinlon Johnson, Granl Johnson, Eric Anderson, Allred Swanson, Wayne Berg, David Berg Donald Roesch, Clare Berg. IQI EIQSIDE Firsf Row: Link Lee, Clyde Slover, Thomas Cheney, Palrlck Sfover, Mark Cheney, Ralph Sfilson, Alberf Lce, Zlqrlda Hein Harvey, Russell Benfley, Reber? Lee, Klrl Woodafd. Second Halas, Kathleen Cheney, Cynlhla Cheney, Yvonne Woodard Row: Shirley Coons, Rufh Benlley, Loenlia Heinrlcks, Irene Jamce Magnuson, Marilyn Coons. GQ 42 GIQGANIZATIGNS HUDENTCXDU CHL Firsf Row: Lawrence Sandberg-President Norma Jean Johnson lon, Shirley Johnson, Pariicia Waid, Charles Carlson, Benjamin -Vice Presi-denf, Mr. Murray, Mr. Guli, Miss Johnson, Mrs. While, Willis Miller, Ira Miller, Bruce Lindahl, Mr. Messina, Husband, Elaine Bender-Secreiary. Second Row: Donna Thurs- Edifh Barllelf, Eslher Baliles, Mary Ann Cook, Gordon Lind. STUDE TJL V WWW' M Messina Sharon Munger Consiance Nobbs John Tilchner, Roger Wasberg, Lawrence SandberqfJudqe. r. i 1 ' 4-5 VEAIQEQGK TAF? Sealed: Harold Eriksonffidilor, Norrna Johnson, Elaine Meleen, erl Juul, Joyce Holrnouisf. Third Row: Barbara Lind, Emil V V Mr. Heeden-Arr Direcfor, Mr, Vogelgesanq, Joan Danielsone Brady, Ronald Nelson, Gary Clark, Arfhur Buffon, Jack Lind- Arf, Joy Barber. Second Row: Evelyn Seekins - Adverfising, holrne. Fourfh Row: Earl Bender-Business Manaqer, Paul Holmes Esfher Balfles, Shirley Hirnes, Carol Johnson, Sylvia Nelson- - Circulafion, John Young, Willis Miller, Clifford Holcomb, Typinq, Carol Ann Barfleff, Nancy Hiller, Joan Johnson, Shirley Roqer Sfone, Lawrence Sandberq, Euqene Shures. Sheldon, Mary Wilfsie, Susan While, Norma Jean Johnson, Bev- F. F. A. Seafedz Gary Waid-Senfinel, Eugene ShuresfSecrefary, Ronald Buck, Phillip Traver, James Rowley, John Young, Raymond Nelson-Treasurer, Beniarnin WhileePresidenf, Harold Erikson- Johnson, Clifford Holcomb, Conrad Frifsch, David Sheldon, Vice Presidenf, Jack Lindholrne-Reporfer, Mr. GulvineAdvisor. Lawrence Sandberq, Bradley Sifler, Theodore Peferson, Sfanding: Arthur Bulfon, Roger Nelson, Fred Clark, Kennefh 46 TlQl-l'lI-V Firsl Row: Elaine lvleleen, Nancy Willsie-Chaplain, Marion Sponsor, Harriell Kline, Donna Jacobson, Nancy Green, Barbara Hale4Secrelary, Virqinia lvloorefVice Presidenl, Nancy Hiller! Lind, Joan Johnson, Ernily Brady, Gwendolyn Meleen, Naornl Presidenl, Mary Ann Cook-Treasurer, Suzanne Howard-l-lisron Siller. ian, .Jean Barker, Joan Danielson, Second Row: Mrs. Husband- FIIQE WAIQDENS Firsf Row: David Warn, Mr. Murray-Advisor, Shirley l-limes, son, Barbara Lind, Joy Barber, Beverly Youngberq. Third Row Bexrerly Benqslon, Harold Erikgon-Chief, Gary Qlark-Assislanl Ronald Nelson, Paul Holmes, Willis Miller, Ei-nes? Danielson Chief, James Rowley, Benjamin While, Steve Kdder. Second Lawrence Sandberg. Row: Elaine Meleen, Mary Willsie, Susan While, Norma John- 47 FET DATIQOL y y Firsf Row: David Kerrin, Harry l-lardinqer, Jimmy Sampson, Linda Mainwaring. Fourih Row: William Keborf, Judilh Daniel- Jack Perry, Wayne Robinson, Theodore Anderson. Second Row: son, Jo Ann Carler, Sharon Munqer, Sylvia Lindbioom, Dolores Janice Bennell, Sandra Murray, David Tuller, Arthur Swealman, Griffin, Ronald Ki-dder, William Bralf, Miss Derby. Fiflh Row: Roger Wasburg, John Tilchner, Carol l-lorner, Norma Munqer, Belhany Lindquisl, Laurabelle Brown, Sandra Swanson, Carol Jean Campbell. Third Row: Mr. Bemus, Constance Noblos, Cook, Roberla Dean, Sandra Feafhersfone, James Frederes, Wayne Lindslrom, Russell Swanson, Lynesl Bova, Marfha Boya, David Chrislian. Diane Fellows, Phyllis Houghwol, Donna Springer, Elma Rowley, Firsl Row: Cynlhia Oberg, Barbara Linclholme, Penny Berkman, Row: Assislfanlgfieyerly Benqslon, Belly Rowley, Delores Griffin, Wanda Lee, Louise Lee, Sally Lundgren. Second Row: Jimmy Judy l-lamlllon, Joan Barber,'Sharon Harris, Shirley Johnson, Barkman, Palsy Barkman, Carol Gales, Lorie Derby, Sue Harris, Mary Liffle, Carol Bullers, Mina Mae Moore, Dlreclor-Donna Pafly Ealon, Dolores Thurslon, Lorefla Hale, Belly Lynn. Third Swanson. 48 xiii MUSIC CHGIQUS Firsf Row: Miss Wocdmansee, Myrna Clark, Beverly Warqo, Gwendolyn Meleen, Mary Anne Cook, Kafhleen Ryberg, Susan While, Joy Barber-Secrelary, Norma Johnson, Shirley Himes- Treasurer, Bonnie Minser, Janef Wasburg. Second Row: Carol Sears, Laura Lee Jones, Shirley Seekins, Palricia Wald, Donna Nelson, Marcia Husled, Barbara Willsie, Doris Blackmer, Norma Jean Johnson, Edith Barflell, Beverly Juul, Ann Marie Erikson, Barbara Lind, Suzanne Howard - Vice Presiclenl. Third Row: Elaine Meleen, Eslher Baiiles, Shirley Sheldon, Edwin Slrickland, Bradley Sifler, Roberl Merchanf, Ernesl Danielson, David Mun- son, Gary Waid, Benjamin While, Phillip Trayer, Clifford Holcomb. CHQIQUS Firsl' Row: Jacqueline Bralf, Elaine Ben-der, Nancy Fish, Jean Barker, Nancy Green, Barbara Suckow, lvlarqie Clark, Beverly Younqberg, Ellwel Waile, l-larriell' l-limes. Second Row: Joan Danielson, rlarriell Kline, Carol Johnson, Ruin Guslalson, Cynllwia Mackie, Janel Jacobson, Nancy Greene, Donna Jacob- son, Nancy Willsie, Marion Hale, Naomi Siller, Sharon Cook. Third Row: John Younq - Presidenl, Roger Slone, Kenneth Buck, Ernily Brady, Dolores Campbell, Luella Moore, Donna Swanson, Theodore Pelerson. El HD GQADE CHCQQ, Firsf Row: Muriel Hager, Alice Bova, Teressa Travcr, Norma Dulrnus, Elhelyn Johnson, Alicia Holmquisl, Donna lhurslon, Nancy Elderkin, Belly Beckcr, Jacqueline Barber, Ann Davis, Griflin Srnilh. Second Row: Charles Pelerson, Joseph Swanson, Frank Seekins, Laura Sweafrnan, Carol Moller, Charlolie Lee, Joyce Sisson, Marian Clark, Winilred Dowd, Dale Clark, Roberl Elderkin, Miss Woodrnansee, Third Row: Jan Nordland, John Mclnryre, Tinnolhy Biork, Peler Hansen, Bruce Kidder, Charles Carlson, Donald Mclnlyre, Kennelh Juul, Gordon Nelson. Fourfh Row: Kay Benson, Ronald Fellows, Alan Shures, John Covey, Donald Frankson. SEVENTH GIQADE CHOIQUS Firsf Row: Carol Buffers, Mina Mae Moore, Cynlhia l-lodges, Marleen Donelson, Palricia Ecknnan. Second Row: Charlene Nelson, Belly Rowley, Linda Dunning, Shirley Johnson, Donna Lin-dslrom, Palricia Jensen, Nancy Parker, .leanelle Rice, Sharon Harris, Joan Barber, Judy l-larnillon, Miss Woodrnansee, Third Row: Shirley Long, Gladys Parsons, Kathleen Walsh, Mary Lillie, Harrier Cushner, Alice Lawson, Maxine Husled, Kalhleen Barker, Yvonne Walrers, Donna Slilson, David Barker, John Turk, Fourth Row: Williarn Carlson, Alvin Bragg, Dennis John- son, Edward Davis, Claylon Scoll, Gordon Lind, Roberl Frank- son. Fiflh Row: Roberl B. Johnson, Dorian Larson, Eugene Russell, Jerry Gulh, Ronald Johnson, Gordon Brady, Morris l-leinrichs, James Engslrom, Keilh Kroenke, Reginald Ealon, William Tornslrom, Clyde lrwin. SENEOIQ BAN Firsl' Row: Norrna Jean Johnson, Donna Swanson, Rulh Guslal- son, Sharon l-larris, Janel' Jacobson, Sharon Cook, Mary Lilrle, Joy Barber, Maxine Husled, Donna Lindslrorn, Palricia Eckman, Shirley Johnson, Jan Nordland, Susan While, Palricia Waid. Second Row: Roberl Johnson, Roqer Tornslronn, Robert Green, Gary Waid, Griffin Smilh, Charles Carlson, Tirnolhy Biork, Brian Johnson, Jack Mclnryre, Donald Mclnlyrc, Gordon Lind, Ernesl Danielson, Kalhleen Walsh, Saundra Luce, Nancy Hiller, Norma Dulmus. Third Row: Marcia Husled, Craiq Sheldon, LeRoy Tuller, Edward Davis, Kennelh Juul, John Younq, Thomas Woolell, Beniarnin While, Joan Barber, Judy Harnilfon, Doris Clacknner, Mr. l-less. JU IGIQ BAND Firsl' Row: Sandra Youngberg, Nancy Enqslronn, Susan Harris Wayne Lindslrom, l-lerloerl Willsie, Gene Waid, Bruce Darling Richard Lowery, David Tuller, Roger Wasberg, Larry Ekland Mr. l-less. Second Row: Bonnie Johnson, Susan Parker, Con slance Nobbs, Harry Todd Adams, Paul While, Sandra Murray, Cecil Nobbs, Rodger Shreve, Everell Seaslrorn, Ronald Anderf son, Gary Berg, Slephen Anderson, Roberl' Sandberg, Richard Weslrnan, Absenl: Paul While, Sandra Murray, Cecil Nobbs, Rodqer Shreve. SDOIQTS ,ix I K -'A 1 A' x . r ' X f 1 K ' f ...W -Y Q Nfwv , 'dn I is -1'::.i-2 EWU' 7 ' , 1 R x A VAIQSITY BASKETBALL GARY CLARK BOB JOHNSON COACH JIM SCOFIELD and MANAGER JIM ROWLEY 5? VAIQSITV BASKETBALL .V. BASKETBALL TEAM Coach James Scofield, Edwin Slrickland, David Benson, Bruce Lindahl, Alvin Buffers, Tom Woolleff, James Rowley Gary Waid, John Young, Beniamin While, Kennelh Buck, -Manager, JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Firsf Row: Griffin Smifh, Brian Johnson, Jack Mqlnlvre, Dan Russell, David Sheldon, Roger Tornsfrom, Curf Jan Nordland, Don Mclnfvre, Charles Carlson, Tim Biork, Sponlaneo, James Adams, George Harnillon. Coach Kennefh Juul. Second Row: Bradley Siller, Dale Nelson, Roberl Johnson. 59 VARSITY CHEEIQLEADEIQS Firsf Row: Susan WI1IIe, Nancy I-IiIIer. Second Row: Doris BIacIcmeu, EIaine Bender, Gwen MeIeen, Jenef Wasberq JUNIOIQ VAIQSITY CHGGIQLGADGIQS JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Carol Sears, Loralee Kiefer, Jackie Barber, CynIInia Mackie, Marion CIarIc, Nancy Greene, I-IerrieII I-Ilmes 60 DEI? BAN Firsl' Row: Craig Slieldon, Roberl Green, Gordon Lind, Wliile, Palricia Wald, Marcia l-lusled, Mr. l-less. Gary Waid. Second Row: Doris Blackrner, Beniarnin GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Firsl Row: Mary Anne Cook, Elaine Bender, Gwen Meleen, Second Row: Ernily Brady, Loralee Keiler, Nancy Greene, Barbara Keborl, Jean Carler, Nancy Fisli, Sliaron Cook, Jean Barber, Kay RyberqfVice Presidenl, Marcia l-lusled. Third Row: Sylvia Nelson, Mary Willsie, Donna Jacobson, Barbara Willsie, Marion Hale, Nancy Green, Janel Wasberg, Marcia Frederes, Joyce Holmquisl. Fourfli Row: Beverly Yonngberq, Susan While, Jaclcie Brall, l-larriel Kline, Donna Nelson, Doris Blaclcmer, lda- belle Annis, Marie Jolwnson, Elaine Meleen, Dolores Campbell. Fiflh Row: Evelyn Seelqins, Joan Danielson- Presidenl, .lanel Jacobson, Beverly Jriiil, Susan Howard. Rlillw Guslalson, Palricia Waid - Secrelary, Bonnie Minser, Donna Barrus. DED CLUB Firsf Row: Gladys Parsons, Kaihleen Barker, Marleen Donelson, Judy Hamilion, Joan Barber, Sharon Harris, Jeanelfe Rice, Patricia Jenson, Nancy Parker. Second Row: Barbara Kebori, Mary Anne Cook, Donna Jacob- son, Emily Brady, Linda Dunning, Shirley Johnson, Jackie Brafi, Nancy Fish, Sharon Cook, Beverly Youngberq, Alice Bova, Efhelyn Johnson, Alicia l-lolmquisi, Donna Thursion, Ann Davis. Third Row: Carol Buffers, Mary Lillie, Alice Lawson, Harrieif Cushner, Jean Barker, Nancy Green, Shirley Seekins, Barbara Swanson, Donna Barrus, Wanda Nelson, Winnie Doud, Belly Rowley, Cynihia l-lodges, Nancy Wilfsie, Naomi Siiler, Advisor- Miss Nancy Bush. Fourfh Row: Marion Hale, Barbara Wilrsie, Beverly Juul, Donna Nelson, Sandra Lindsirom, Shirley Becker, Myrna l-limes, Dolores l-limes, ldabelle Annis, Marcia Frederes, Joyce Holmquisf, Norma Jean Johnson, Edilh Barllefi, Marcia Husfed. Fiffh Row: Mina Mae Moore, Evelyn Seekins, Janef Jacobson, Joan Danielson, Barbara Lind, Suzanne Howard, HarrieH' Kline, Shirley l-limes, Bonnie Minser, Marie Johnson, Delores Campbell, Beverly Benqfson, Joan Johnson, Louella Moore. -Q- ADVERTISING -4- ,...........g........g..g 'I 5 gafvcobner gJrirzfi1zq --Gompazzy Quafify gJrl1zfing ' ana Effqcierzf Service O 66-68 Easf Main Sfreef E FALCONER, NEW YORK Phone 3-803 FRANK DQNATCD Wzmzmze Aww Purveyors of Choice Fruifs and Vegetables To Resfauranfs, Il-luofels and School Cafe+erias In Jrhe James+own Area 6OI WEST 8TH ST. Phone 5-937 JAMESTOWN, N. Y 67 --0--6--on ..g.....g..g..g.....pq..4...........,......................... CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I953 zqddncadifon -Zlwwfxdmq Genbal Sedan! BLAIR FUNERAL I-IOME 8 Wafer ST. Erewsburg, N Frewsburg pharmacy Prescripfion Specialisfs I Y. 25 Main Sf. Erewsburg, N. Y SPARKS GROCERY GROCERIES - NOTIONS Cenfer S+. Frewsburg, N SWansonIs Restaurant "The EriendIy Spoof" AMERICAN AND SWEDISI-I FOODS 40 Main SI. Frewsburg, N Phone 25OI ...g..g..q.-0..g..g--o......... ,Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '53 MILTON E. VENMAN AII Types of Insurance Excepf Life 95 Main S+. Erewsburg, N. Y. Phone 2745 6 5 5 g..g..g..g.....q...... .,.....,.. -Q-0-0-9 .....g..q..g....4..g -0-4.-Quo-.Q -0-0-4 -0-0 0-0--0-0-own--U ..g.....g..g. ...pq g-5 -l-o-o-0--o-s-o-a-- '-o-0 .. ..n .q..s.,4..a..n.....4..g g..g....., For Jrlwe Ideal Gradualion Gill 'M2oYAL PORTABLE ' TYPEWRTTER from GEEI2-DUNN CGMPANY 22 WEST 3RD ST. JAMESTOWN, N. Y. KYLE 84 LITTLE l-IOME RQOFING and SIDING I-1EwSRooM - LUNCHES . BQWUNG W CHARLES DERBY an M' S E E N Y M4085 U am l' News mg' ' ' 22 Prospecf S+. ' A ' Frewsburg, N. Y. c.oMPLlMENTS OF ' RED -'ghd XXfl-MTE SLIPERMARKET Nlortonls Kenolall Station R alplw and George Morlon, Props. Earl Sheldon, Mgr. E Tel. 2485 30 Main S+. Frewsburq, N. Y ' 24 Main 25 Mai COMPLIMENTS- OF wHlrMAN'S Wallpaper and paints Marlin-Senour Painls n Sf. Frewsburg, N. 54 Y. ll BEST WISEIES TO THE CLASS OF '53 MCQRES HARDWARE 69 S+. Erewsburg. N. Y. Main S+. I Frewslourg, N. Y. Q ! ! 9 9 Q 6 1 x E Q E 4 4 4 'T 1 1 Q 9 E l Q L. : . 'O' -0-0-On!-. . 4 ..,..,.. .......,......... 0 I FRANTZ and RUSSELL ,4,,c,m,,,f4 MMM SANITARY SERVICE FINE FOCUS SEPTIC TANKS 2 Main SI. Erewsburg, N IO6 Falconer S+. Frewsburg, N. Y. CHAUTAUOUA -AKE CREAMERY ASSURANCE! THE BEST OF OUALITY IN OUR DAIRY PRODUCTS YOUR PATRONAGE SOLICITED 2I2 FLUVANNA JAMESTOWN. N. Y. ' ffafuety S Kwai jaw QuaIity Cash Market CLOTHES - SHOES - TOYS GROCERIES - MEATS NOTIONS 60 Main SI: Erewsburg, N I5 Main SI. Erewsburg, N. Y. IVIALIVIQUIST IVIEATS fm '4 CI-IOICE MEATS Henry Malmquisir - PBI DICICITISOFI i Ceme' SI' Frewsburg' N' Y' I5 Main S+. Frewsburg. N 70 so-0-Quo-0-Q--0-out--of. 6 5 Q -0-0-u TO-I East Second SI. Jamestown, N. Y. r. I-I. K.. Nuttall Equipment Company, lnc. Distributors of OSI-IKOSI-I FOUR-WI-IEEL DRIVE TRUCKS ROSSONOW PLOWS SAM BQNDI WHOLESALE ERUITS 2. VEGETABLES 36 Harrison St. JAM,ESTOW.N. N. Y. PERCYS RETREADS, Inc. Distributors for SEIBERLING TIRES "Be Safe and Save with Percy's Retreaclsu Telephone T I O 8 Office 5934 - Residence 5845 9' 4 4 Terms-7 days nm. 736 East Second St. Jamestown, N. Y Wiesel Demi and Wfallpopea . Qaffzzpafzfiy EDS MARKET SPECIXIWIIXIG in QUALITY MEATS Edwin 6. Swanson, Prop. PITTSBURGH PAINTS - SUPPLIES Tel. 5948 E ,Roberts Building - Tel. 3929 JAMESTOWN, N. Y. Benson Furniture Store - . .. I Jamestown Llnit Parts COMPI ETE I-IOME FURNISHINGS CLISTC-IMI UPHCIISTERINCS-REPAIRING AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Tel' 25252 208 West Fourth St. Jamestown, N. Y R. D. 3 Jamestown, N. Y. ' 7: o--A--0--0--0-1 Own- -o--o-1o-o-l-o- -0-0 -Q- 0--0-'O--0--9 -0--0-on q..g..g..g..5. MAYVILLE' REALTY COMPANY, Inc. REAL ESTATE - GENERAL INSURANCE 'lcjul l7alronS Sleep Well" Telephone 2664 MAYVILLE NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS COIVIPLIMENTS OF OF A 7a4Z1f faking if fond l:RlEND I9 lvlarlcef S+. Jamesfown, N CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Frewsburg Hardware Company Appliance I-Ieadquarrers Pl-IILCO - RCA - FRIGIDAIRE WESTINGI-IOUSE We Service Whal' We Sell 27 MAIN ST. DIAL 252I FREWSBURG, N. Y. S CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NATION WIDE STORE CLASS Qf: '53 GROCERIES-GAS-OIL Tel' 4448 Percy plwlllips Garage Ivory' New York Frewslourg, New Yorlc IJ ......g. 7 Bephgs Dmpem, Shop CONGRATULATIONS TO THE COMPLETE WINDOW SERVICE C'-A55 OF "53" CUSTOM MEADE DRAPERIES gwwwwq gzwmem , 'Phone 29-435 ' X A' 7Qkf g II4 Easi' Third S+. Jamesfown, N. Y. Frewsburg New York 4 Danielson's Friendly Service J. S. Auto Supply Company I Mobilqas and Oil NATYONALLY KNOWN " 'fif:l"f"?iQZ3 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Bmeries Phone 5'I I3 On Roufe 60 3 IO8O-lO82 E. Second S+. Jamesfown, N. Y. Phone 2352 Frewslourg, New York COMPLIMENTSA V COMHLIMENTS T OF., ,OF Sbzancfh 4-7104013 A - FRIEND a 9 CONGR'A'T'AULATlONS 1 5 .q..o..g-.J B' .. . .. . ...Q-g..g..g-g..g..g..g..g TREWSRURG HOTEL WE CATER TO PARTIES - BANQUETS CHOICE FOODS - EXCELLENT SERVICE Rey Wheeler, Prop. Telephone sszs MAIN STREET FREWSBUR6, New YORK United Lumber and Supply Corporation LUMBER - EEHTGH CEMENTS - MILLWORK l3I Winsor Sfreef E JAMESTOWN PHONE 6l4-I NEW YORK 146-Mme! 3. .-Q-4. .-g.q..g..g..g..g..g..g 74 THE CHURCHES OE FREWSBURG THEIR PASTORS AND CONGREGATIONS CONE-RAT.Ul.ATE THE CLASS QF i953 Our Lady of Vicfory Chapel Rev. John H. Smilh Paslor lirewslnurg lvlelhodisl Church Rev. Elza Chifesler Paslor Evangelical Uniled Brelhren Church Rev. Horace Fisher Pasror Zion Lufheran Church Rev. Roland Johnson Paslor Eirsl Baplisl Church Rev. James Mirchel Paslor For God so loved +he world 'rha+ He gave His only loegolrlen Son, Jrhal' whosoever believe+h in Him should no? perish bul have everlasring life. 75 John 3:I6

Suggestions in the Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY) collection:

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