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SENIOR LEAVES CLASS OF 195L FREWSBLIRG CENTRAL SCHOOL DEDICATION THE CLASS OF ‘51 DEDICATES THIS YEARBOOK TOWARDS THE HOPE FOR WORLD PEACE 2 IN MEMORIAM memory of a very dear friend and classmate; the class of 1951 pays tribute to “Bin” Irwin who was in the service of the U. S. Navy. 3 Labour to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire,—conscience. George Washington ADMINISTRATION h. c FREWSBURG CENTRAL SCHOOL LELAND C. SANBORN, Principal FREWSBURG, NEW YORK GLEN D. SHEATS President, Board of Education February 28, 1951 ISABELLA LUNDGREN Clerk, Board of Education Dear Seniors, Your ability to adapt yourself to society ie the most essential part of your education, which you have been working on over the past dozen years. A certain amount of factual knowledge or information is necessary to take your place in the world of work; however, this is of no value unless you can first get along with other people. As a citizen in this great country of ours, knowing the history and principles of government is need¬ ed background, but entering into a democratic spirit of give and take with other citizens is more important. Friendship, family life, all depends upon your feelings toward other people. Christ said " if ... thy brother hath ought against thee; ... first be reconciled to thy brother. " If we do an unkind act, take unfair advantage of someone or we stubbornly insist on our own selfish way, theie is reason for others feeling unkindly toward us. If we have for¬ gotten or been thoughtless by omitting the common cour¬ tesies or friendly sympathies of life, others may have further reason for enmity. Obviously avoid these actions that stir up animosity but if the hostility of our friends and neighbors is aroused, let us go out of our way to correct these feelings. Jesus was laying the foundations for a world brother¬ hood of man in his teaching in the Sermon on the Mount - the surest way to peace on earth. Sincerely, LCS.IW Leland C. Sanborn Principal 6 BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated; Clerk-Isabella Lundgren, L. Ruth C. Kline, Vice-President-Eugene Fish, Isabel Potter, President-Glen Sheats. Standing: Everett Seastrum, Treasurer- Charles Barton, William Waite, Lee Minser. 7 MR. ANDERSON Greetings and Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 In these uncertain times may you find in the following lines from the pen of Herbert Hoover of faith, courage, and sense of responsibility to use your talents to achieve the highest of ideals. “My country owes me no debt. It gave me as it gives every boy and girl, a chance. It gave me schooling, independence of action, opportunity for service and honor. In no other land could a boy from a country home, without inheritance or influential friends, look forward with unbonded hope. My whole life has taught me what America means. I am indebted to my country beyond any human power to repay. ” J. William Anderson Superintendent of Schools 8 FREWS3URG CENTRAL SCHOOL LELAND C. SANBORN, Principal FREWSBURG, NEW YORK GLEN D. SHEATS ISABELLA LUNDGREN President, Board.of Education Clerk, Board of Education February 26, 1951 Deaj; Seniors, We are living in an era of Crisis. I have in mind not only the crisis which causes the political rise or fall of nations as we learn from our history text but liken to the days of the early Christian persecution, that of a Spiritual crisis. It has been the philosophy of dictators, emperors or kings that to be considered a “good citizen’ of the state one must bear allegiance to the state in all matters. This means very simply that the state through its political concept is the supreme ruler of conscience and conceivably a citizen who has a belief in a God could be con¬ sidered a “disloyal citizen”. A government cannot legislate religion into the hearts of a people or can it legis¬ late it OUT because we bel ieve in a democratic concept under our Constitution of “freedom of religion”. “Render what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God ' s to God”. This passage is fundamental to our way of life and is the perfect formula for a dual allegiance. Atheistic Communism cannot tolerate this democratic principle and is doing everything in its power to discredit and deride religion by attempting to cause con¬ fusion and dissention among the Christian worlds. It has even attempted to do this in the field of Education. To you, this Senior Class, as representative of the youth today, I say “Stand fast to your Christian faith, whatever it may be, for a good citizen and an educated man is basically a religious man who believes in God from where all perfection j. comes. ” . Sincerely yours, dasyyvujJL L. Samuel N. Tota Senior Advisor 9 FACULTY SUBJECTS YEARS IN TAUGHT F. C. S. EDUCATION Leland C. Sanborn Principal 10 Dartmouth College, A.B.; Syracuse Univer¬ sity, M.A. Samuel Tota English 3 Alfred University, A.B.; University of Buffalo, M.E. Margaret Tatu Art, Soc.St. 8 D’Youville College, A.B. Barbara Fleming Eng. French 4 Mercyhurst College, A.B. Warren D’Aprix Eng. French Library 1 A.B.; Union College, M.A.; Syracuse Lillian Dewing Commercial 7 Carleton College, A.B. John Shaughnessy Science 1 B.S.; M.S.; City College of New York Lorry Messina Mathematics 4 Cortland State Teachers College, B.S. Dorothy Husband Soc.St.,Science 7 Geneseo State Teachers College, B.S. Robert Gulvin Agriculture Auto Driving 5 Cornell University, B.S. Adilene Woodmansee Music 7 Fredonia Normal School; Columbia University M. A. Daniel Flynn Guidance 2 A.B.; Canisius College, Alfred University, University of Buffalo James Scofield Physical Ed. 3 Cortland State Teachers College, B.S. Mary LaDuke Nurse,Att.Supv. 2 R.N., Meyer Memorial Hospital, University of Buffalo, New York University 10 SUBJECTS YEARS IN EDUCATION TAUGHT F. C. S. Harry Murray Asst. Principal Mathematics 7 Buffalo State Teachers College, B.S., St. Bonaventure College, M. S. Genevieve Westphal Kindergarten 4 Hunter College, A. B. Edith Impey First Grade 5 Fredonia State Teachers College Dorothy Olds Second Grade 6 Fredonia State Teachers College, B.S. Estella Porter Third Grade 13 Fredonia Normal School Nell Pratt Fourth Grade 2 Cortland Normal School, Fredonia State Teachers College Dueressa Sager Fifth Grade 14 Fredonia Normal School Margaret Derby Sixth Grade 6 Fredonia State Teachers College, B. S. Lillian Warn First Grade 3 Fredonia State Teachers College Florence Babcok 3rd 4th Grades 1 Fredonia State Teachers College, Edinboro State Teachers College Florence Haley 5th 6th Grades 3 Edinboro State Teachers College, B.S. Pearl Cross Kent School 3 Ellington Training Class Cecil Johnson Riverside School 4 Fredonia Normal School Gertrude Mahan Fentonville •• 3 Edinboro State Teachers College Marjorie Marsh Ivory School 6 Fredonia Normal School, Buffalo State Teachers College Mabel Turney Kiantone School 2 Fredonia Normal School, A.B., Eastern Nazarene College, Buffalo State Teachers College Jeanette Sheats Second Grade 2 Fredonia Normal School 11 STUDENT COUNCIl First Row: Ronald Greene, Allen Minser, Joy Barber. Second Row: Mr. Murray, Mr. Tota, Mr. Messina, Richard Hale, Patricia Waid, Shirley Becker, Shirley Himes, Mrs. Husband, Miss Tatu, Mr. Sanborn. Third Row: Betty Warn, Floyd Hiller, William Greene, Joyce Thurston, Jimmy Jones, Ronald Nelson, Norman Crow. OFFICERS President-Allen Minser Vice President-Ronald Greene Secretary-Joy Barber Treasurer-Mrs. Husband Faculty Advisor-Mr. Sanborn Faculty Representatives: Mr. Murray, Mr. Tota, Mr. Messina, Miss Tatu. CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Senior-Joyce Thurston, William Greene Junior-Betty Warn, Floyd Hiller Sophomore-Shirley Himes, Ronald Nelson Freshman-Susan White, Norman Crow Eighth Grade-Shirley Becker, Jimmy Jones Seventh Grade-Patricia Waid, Richard Hale 12 YEARBOOK STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Allen Minser Betty Warn Harold Erickson Norma Jean Johnson BUSINESS MANAGER Ernest Wiltsie Catherine Seekins ADVERTISING Ardith Parsons John Meleen John Petransky Nancy Becker Norman Morgan PHOTOGRAPHY Ronald Waite Barbara Sheldon Marilyn Bemis Beverly Lindsay Iva Poole Alien Blaisdell Peter Sheats ART Phyliss Ehrhart Nancy Ehrhart Joan Barker Margaret Sjogren Donovan Bengston CIRCULATION Roland Billquist Barbara Larson Ted Stone Reginald White Lawrence Sandberg John Young SPORTS Charles Oberg Bill Greene Sherwood Nelson Richard White Ronald Greene ACTIVITIES Janice Young Joyce Thurston Claybourne Sager Sandra Young Beverly Rinell TYPING Avis Chandler Cleora Bennett Donalene Olson Dorothy Wiltsie Bill Waite Shirley Mason Romayne Wiltsie Janice Bjork Carol Bennett Mary Tornstrom Floyd Hiller ADVISORS Mr. Sanborn Mr. Tota 13 HISTORY Cy flE first meeting of the Class of ‘51 was held September 7, 1947. Miss Aaron was advisor of our Freshman Class with the following officers elected: President - Sherwood Nelson, Vice President- Donna Mae Arnold, Secretary- Dorothy Wiltsie, Trea¬ surer- Donalene Olson. On September 15, 1948, Our Class met and the following officers were elected under the guidance of Miss Fleming: President-Charles Oberg, Vice President- Allen Minser, Treasurer- John Brotherton, Secretary- Cleora Bannett. One of our first business adventures was over pop sales. Remember our Sophomore Holloween Party ? Here we contributed also towards Care packages for Europe. During this year we ordered our pens and pencils with the school emblem on which we were to sell next year. Sell????????? Another selling adventure was salt water taffy. In this, for a change, we were successful. Our first dance was the “Springtime Frolic”. Oh to remember our fun at Tri-Hi-Y initation. “I am but a humble worm”. Under the guidance of Miss Tatu, the class elected Pres. Ernest Wiltsie, Vice Pres. Bill Greene, Treas. Allen Minser, Sec. Barbara Larson. During this year, we had success¬ ful sales campaign because we made a considerable profit on our magazine sales. The pens and pencils were “cussed and discussed.” Oh yes, then came our great Junior play, Our Hearts Were Young and Gay,” and what a time we had at the weiner roast. Now comes the Junior sponsored boatride. Did anyone see the view of beautiful Chautaugua Lake ? What a question!! At last our special year which means graduations, comes under the guidance of Mr. Tota and the following officers were elcted: Pres. Cleora Bennet,, Vice Pres. Roily Billquist, Sec. Shirley Mason, Treas. Ronald Waite. Our class colors were discussed and green and white were selected. Our class flower -- white carnation. To the Mother’s club, we are greatly indebted for the benefit ham dinner which was a great success. The class again contributed toward Care packages. We had a very success¬ ful play which we enjoyed very much called, “Our Miss Brooks” unde r the direction of Mrs. Sanborn. At the time of this writing, we are busily engaged in one of our Senior projects--Yes, you guessed it—the yearbook! 1 May we bid farewell to Good Old Frewsburg Central School. Class of ‘51 Secretary-Shirley Mason 14 CLEORA BENNETT “Prune”, dimples, Lyle (not father), “Our Miss Brooks”, One of the Fentonville kids??. Class Pres. (4); Class Pres. (2); Chorus (1,2,3,4); Bowling Club (2,4); Music Appreciation (3); Student Council Representative (3); Yearbook Staff (3,4); “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay” (3); “Our Miss Brooks” (4). Major- Commercial ROLAND BILLQUIST “Roily”, artist, “Muscles”, Half-pint, Hot-rod. Class Vice-President (4); Radio Club (1); Tumbling Club (2); Hobby Club (3); Craft Club (4-Tres.); Fire Wardens (2,3,4); Yearbook Staff (1,2,3,4); Chorus (2,3,4); Basketball (2,3,4); “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay” “Our Miss Brooks” . Major- Math and Science SHIRLEY MASON “Lela”, corpse lover, careless driver, late hours. Class Sec. (4); Dancing (1,3); Bowling (2,4); Yearbook Staff (4); Chorus (1,2,3,4); “Mikado”; “Our Miss Brooks”; “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay”. Major- Business RONALD WAITE “Ronnie”; Minser’s side-kick; quiet; logs and mantissa; “hie et ubique.” Class Treasurer (4); Photography Club (1); Bowling Club (2,3,4); Student Council (3); Yearbook Staff (3,4); Basket¬ ball (2,3,4); Baseball (2,4); “Our Miss Brooks” (4)- Major- Science and Math 16 PHYLISS EHRHART “Phyl”, “Don”, Skating, Busti, “Kid Sis”, “Problem Child, Rah! Rah!, “Hoofer”. Chorus (1,4); Dramatic Club (1); Bowling Club (2,3); Tri-Hi-Y (2,3,4-V.Pres.); Square Dancing Club (4-V.Pres.); Yearbook Staff (3,4); Cheerleading (3,4); “Mikado”; “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay”; “Our Miss Brooks”. Major- Business CHARLES OBERG “Chuck”, Warren, Russell R.R., Basketball, blondie, “Speed”, “Oh, come on!” Class Pres. (2); Chorus (3,4); Radio Club (1); Rifle Club (2-Capt.); Bowling Club (3-Capt.); Round Dancing Club (4); Yearbook Staff (4); Fire Warden (2,3,4); Baseball (1,2,3,4); Basketball (1,2,3,4); Volleyball (3,4). Major- Science, Math NANCY ERHART “Nancy”, Changeable, Writing letters (Herb), Busti, Big sister. Homemaking Club (1); Bowling Club (2,3); Dancing Club (4-Treas.); Chorus (1,4); Tri-Hi-Y; Mikado; Yearbook Staff (4). Major- Business ERNEST J. WILTS1E “Boone”, “Duck”, Wiltsieville Mayor, Curly-locks, Hustler, M.P. in Russell, Late interesting hours. Class Pres. (3); Chorus (2,3-Treas.,4); Band (1,2, 3,4-Pres.); Dancing Club (1,3); Bowling Club (2,4-Prcs.); Yearbook Staff (3,4-Bus. Manager); “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay”; “Our Miss Brooks”; Junior Citizen (3). Major- Math 17 ALLEN MINSER “Al”, Chief, Trig, “Star Basketball Player,” Walking Home. Class V. Pres. (2); Class Treas. (3); Chorus (2,3,4); Photography Club (1); Bowling Club (2,4-Treas.); Hobby Club (3); Yearbook Staff (1,2,3,4); Student Council (1,4-Pres.); Baseball (3,4); Basketball (2,3,4); Activities (1,2,3,4); “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay”. Major- Science Math JOYCE THURSTON “R.R.R.”, LaVerne, letters, sings, Air Force. Chorus (1,2,3,4-Sec.); Student Council Representative (1,4); “Mikado”: Dancing Club (1); Square Dancing (3); Round Dancing (4); Yearbook Staff (4). Major- Math JANICE YOUNG “Younger”, big sister, “yakety yak”, Frew Run Triplet, basketball player, “Cornelia”. Chorus (1, Pres. 3, Pianist 2,3,4); Bowling (2,4); Dancing (3); Homemaking (1-Pres.); Secretary of Student Council (2); Cheerleader (3); Baton Twirler (1,2,3,4); Yearbook Staff (3,4); Tri-Hi-Y (2,3,4); Mikado (1); “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay”; “Our Miss Brooks”. Major- Science WILLIAM GREENE Bill, Basketball, “hands off”, Bashful Bachelor, What car?, Dead Eye, B.N1 Class V. Pres. (3); Fire Warden (3,4); Photography Club (1); Bowling Club (2-Capt., 3-V. Pres. Capt., 4); Junior Citizen (3); F.F.A. (2,3-Treas.); Student Council Rep. (4); Yearbook Staff (4); Athletic Association (1); Basketball (1,2,3,4-Capt.); Football (1); Volleyball (2,3,4); Baseball (1,2,3,4); “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay”; “Our Miss Brooks”. Major- Business 18 IVA POOLE “Army”, Ice cream seller, long hair. Chorus (1,2,3,4); Dancing Club (1,4); Homemaking and Baby Care Club (2); Dramatics Club (3-Sec. and Treas.); Student Council (1,2,3,4); “Mikado”; “Our Miss Brooks”; Yearbook Staff (4). Major- Science and Math SHERWOOD NELSON “Sher”, “Wise Off”, women, cabins, parties. Class Pres. (1); Chorus (3,4-Treas.); Fire Warden (4); Photography (1); Bowling (2,3,4); Yearbook Staff (4); Basketball (2,3,.4) " Baseball (3,4); Volley-ball (3,4); “Our Miss Brooks” “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay”. Major- Math, Science JOAN BARKER “Jo”, blue ribbon award, Albany, Quiet, Pastels, Traveling, Toboganning, Cherry Pie. Chorus (1,2,4); Dancing Club (1); Dramatic Club (3); Student Coun cil (1,2,3); Yearbook Staff (4); Bowling Club (2,4); Tri- Hi-Y (2,3,4-Chaplain); Albany Delegate (4); Mikado (1). Major- Science Math BARBARA LARSON “Barb”, Chevy, chauffeur??, “H.C.”, television?, Frew Run Triplet, Franklinville. Class Sec. (3); Student Council Representative (2); Chorus (1,2,3-Sec.,4); Yearbook Staff (4); Bowling (4); Dancing (3); Homemaking (1-Vice Pres.,2); Tri-Hi-Y (2,3-Sec.,4-Chaplain); “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay” “Our Miss Brooks”; “Mikado”. Major- Math, Science 19 AVIS CHANDLER “Pat”, Milkshake Mixer, “Harry”, “Inspector”??, Venman Avenue, “jokes”. Chorus (1,2,3,4); Tri-Hi-Y (2,3,4); Dramatics (1); Bowling (3); Yearbook Staff (2,3,4); “Our Miss Brooks”; “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay”; “Mikado”. Major- Business BEVERLY LINDSAY “Frank”, (Mrs.), “Ivory”, Diamond. Chorus (1,2,3,4); Dancing Club (1-Vice-Pres.); Photography Club (3); Tumbling Club (2); Yearbook Staff (4); “Mikado”; “Our Miss Brooks”. Major- Business BARBARA SHELDON “Lawrence”, “Stinky-ville”, “Ford”. Chorus (1,2,3,4); Homemaking (1-Treasure); Dancing (2); Photography (3); Bowling (4); “Mikado”, Yearbook Staff (4). Major- Business and Homemaking MARILYN BEMIS “Bemie”, W.R.A., truck driver, Pete says “OUT”, Baby Face, earrings. Chorus (2,3,4); Photography (3); Yearbook Staff (4); Tri-Hi-Y (2); Bowling (2,4). Major- Home Economics 20 DONALENE OLSON “Donnie”, soft ball, Dave, “Blue Eyes”, “rough time”, curves. Class Treas. (1); Chorus (1,2,3,4); Tumbling (2); Dancing (1); Bowling (3); Fire Warden (4); Tri-Hi-Y (2,3-Treas., 4-Pres.); Yearbook Staff (2,3,4); “Mikado”; Cheerleading (1,2,3); “Our Miss Brooks”; “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay”. Major- Business JOHN PETRANSKY “Jack”, P.P.O., “The End”, Sundaes, “Chevy” Hater. Rifle Club (1,2,3,4); F.F.A. (1,2,3-Sec.,4-Rep.); Yearbook Staff (4). Major- Agriculture TED STONE “Hot Chevy”, “Tex”, quiet. Radio Club (1); Rifle Club (2,3,4); F.F.A. (1,2,3,4- Treasure); Yearbook Staff (4); “Our Miss Brooks”; “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay”. Major- Agriculture ARDITH PARSONS “Ardy”, 2 O’clock cabins, the Army, earrings. Yearbook Staff (3,4); “Mikado”, “Our Miss Brooks” ; Tri-Hi-Y (2,4); Chorus (1,2,3,4); Dancing Club (1); Bowl¬ ing Club (2,4); Photography (3). Major- Business 21 DOROTHY W1LTSIE “Dot”, “Bill”, Skating, “Blue Eyes”, Basketball player, temperl!! Class Sec. (1); Chorus (1,2,3,4); Cheerleading (1); Bowling (1,3); Round Dancing (4-Sec. Treas.); Tumbling (2); Mikado (1); Yearbook Staff (4). Major- Business “Bill”, Clark Gable, Dot, Wavy Hair “Red”, Wiltsieville prokalizer. Square Dancing (1); Bowling Club (2,3); Round Dancing (4- Pres.); Fire Warden (4); F.F.A. (3-Treas.); Yearbook Staff (4); Chorus (2,3,4). Major- Agriculture WILLIAM WAITE ROMAYNE WILTSIE “Wiltsieville”, “Farmerette”, that’s not true-is it? “Basketball Player”, “Accidents” Bowling (1,3); Square Dancing (4). Major- Business JOHN MELEEN “Moon”, “I seen that”, girls over 10 not over 98|. Band (1,2,3); Chorus (1,2,3); Future Farmers (1,2,3); Rifle Club (1); Photography (2); Bowling (3,4); Yearbook Staff (4) “Mikado”; Basketball (1,2). Major- Agriculture 22 PROPHECY A few years from now we look in on the Class of ‘51 and we find: Allen Minser Joyce Thurston Roland Billquist Phillis Ehrhartl Shirley Mason Donalene Olson Joan Barker Cleora Bennett Iva Poole Charles Oberg out-witting Einstein and gaining recognition on all the planets, busy taking care of her curly-headed cadets. has just received a large purse for another winning at Churchill Downs. busy teaching little ballerinas. helping Mary embalm in his booming business. has now taken over her sisters position and is practically running the business. is America’s leading fashion designer. Dean of Women at Vasser College. has just finished her training in child care. still running from one town to another on the trail of beautiful girls. Sherwood Nelson William Greene Ernest Wiltsie Ronald Waite John Petransky John Meleen Nancy Ehrhart Barbara Sheldon Romayne Wiltsie “Admirable Nelson” of the United States Navy, Big Wheel. is still Frewsburg’s leading elegible bachelor Second Jimmy Stewart. Mayor of Wiltsieville. head of G.E. electrical experimental laboratory. is now chief mechanic for Chrysler Corporation. manager of a big grocery store. trying to decide which one? bringing up little Olmsteads on the farm. is now lecturing for Wiltsie Farms Inc. DJLJL 9$ yJUisr 24 William Waite Dorothy Wiltsie Ted Stone Marilyn Bemis Ardith Parsons Barbara Larson Beverly Lindsay Avis Chandler Janice Young leading “country gentleman of Frewsburg”. Mrs. Waite is busy giving permanents to her little redheads, worlds top notch speedway racer. Trucker’s wife in Springfield. “tough” top sergeant of Woman’s Marine Corps. is now rendering medical service to the Speed demons of Frewsburg. has now got another ring. is a top notch secretary who is taking up modeling on the side, trying to teach juveniles the “Three R’s.” 7 - 25 CLASS WILL Bill Dorothy - Roily - Ernie- Iva- Bill G.- Allen- Ronald- Marilyn- Cleora- Jack P.- Nancy Ardith- Romayne- Pat- Donnie- Joyce- Phyllis- Barbara L.- Joan- Barbara S.- Ted- Janice- Chuck- Beverly- John- Shirley- Sherwood- Will their seat in the Senior room to Joan and Norman, (they have to find it!) Wills his elevated shoes to Jack Rounds. Wills his curly-locks to Elmer Johnson. Leaves her long hair to Margie Clark. Wills his curly hair to Cliff Holcomb. Leaves his ability to work to Zeke Scott. Quiet manner to Dick White. Homemaking classes to Shirley Sheldon. Wills her ability to stick with one man to her beloved sister, Carol. Leaves his dirt road for parking to Donald L. Leaves her skates and partners to Elvera though I don’t think she needs them. Leaves her license for her trailer to Norma J. Leaves her ability to drive to M. Tornstrom so she can use it next year. Wills her ability to lose her voice to Margaret S. Leaves her ability to keep one man to Sandra Young. Wills one pair of skate wheels to Clyde Blackmer. Wills her ballerina shoes to Norma J. Johnson. Wills her Trig problems to Katy Seekins. Leaves her “lab” workbook to Betty Warn. Leaves her right punch to Nancy Becker. Leaves his master ability to drive to Reggie White. Leaves her ability of constant talking to Donna Bova. Wills his “explosive” personality in Chemistry to Claybourne. Leaves her business classes to Beverly Rinell. Leaves his car to Carl Lindahl. Wills her “signed” report cards to Peter S. Just left! 26 hf OL-r OUR MISS BROOKS Miss Brooks - - Miss Finch - - Hugo Longacre- Mr. Wadsworth Miss Audubon - Elsie- Elaine-- Jane-- Sylvia-- Doris- Marge-- Faith-- Rhonda - - Ted-- Stanley-- Martin-- Mrs. Allen — - Direction-- A Comedy in Three Acts -Cleora Bennett --Donalene Olson -William Greene -Ernest Wiltsie -Ardith Parson -Shirley Mason -Phyliss Ehrhart -Joyce Thurston -Avis Chandler -Nancy Ehrhart -j oan Sheldon -Beverly Lindsay -Xva Poole -Charles Oberg -Ronald Waite -Sherwood Nelson -Janice Young -Mrs. Sanborn 28 OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY A Comedy in Three Acts Directed by Mrs. Sanborn Steward-- Mrs. Skinner- Cornelia Otis Skinner- Otis Skinner- Emily Kimbrough- Purser - Stewardess- Dick Winters- Admiral- Harriet St. John- Winifred Blaugh- Leo McEvoy- Inspector - Therese- Madame Elise- Monsieur De La Croix Window Cleaner- -Ted Stone - Barbara Larson -Janice Young —Ernest Wiltsie - Cleora Bennett Sherwood Nelson - Donalene Olson - William Greene - John Brotherton - Phyliss Ehrhart - Nancy Ehrhart —Charles Oberg - Avis Chandler - Shirley Mason Donna Mae Green - Allen Minser -Roland Billquist 29 SENIORS i CyL- AjL o JS 1 - ■ J ? QyijLxJi 4Zi r u) ' ftarbar YlaAiXii yvi J) ©r« Th i Tui . " Ro wiaunt Human felicity is produced not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen, as by little advantages that occur every day. Benjamin Franklin CLASSES JUNIORS Seated: Treasurer-Mary Tornstrora, President-Janice Bjork, Secretary-Sandra Young, Student Council Representative-Betty Warn. First Row: Nancy Becker, Carolyn Holm- quist, Katherine Seekins, Carol Bennett, Elvera Ekstrom, Donna Bova, Evelyn Blair, Miss Tatu-Advisor. Second Row: Clyde Blackmer, Norman Morgan, Ronald Greene, Allen Blaisdell, Reginald White, Claybourne Sager, Student Council Representative-Floyd Hiller, George Littlefield. Third Row: Donavan Bengston, Carl Lindal, Dick White, Jack Rounds, Frank Engbloom, Donald Lundmark, Jack Hunt, Allison Scott. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF... . Nancy broke up with Jack Carol stayed home Clyde wasn ' t always having accidents Evelyn kept her resolutions Janice got her license Don B. passed Social Studies Donna was talkative Allen didn’t have a car-ful of girls Elvera didn ' t get a ride home Frank did his own English Carolyn got excited Floyd didn ' t like to argue Carl lost his beard George didn ' t have a secret flame Norman wasn ' t with Joan Jack learned how to drive Don L. couldn ' t go up to Marble Park Sager wasn ' t in cahoots with “Cueball” Katy wasn ' t always ‘Seekins” Margaret didn ' t play Irma Pete was taken down a “Peg’ Zeke loved Mary Beverly made up her mind? Mary lost weight Betty didn’t have a path “Warn to Ivory” Reggie had a sister Dick went steady Sandra was “Sher of herself” Ronny had a date 34 SOPHOMORE Seated: Rose Fierio, Elaine Meleen, Joy Barber, Vice-President-Mary Wiltsie, President-Lawrence Sandberg, Secretary-Helen Springer, Treasurer-Norraa Johnson, Connie Blood, Pauline Mark-ham. First Row: Evelyn Seek-ins, Jean Shepard, Esther Battles, Barbara Lind, Shirley Sheldon, Joan Danielson, Student Council.Repre- sentative-Shirley Himes, Emily Brady, Miss Fleming-Advisor. Second Row: Myron Ekstrom, Calvin Bragg, Jack Lindholm, Carol Johnson, Carol Ann Bartlette, Sylvia Nelson, Elmer Johnson, Russell Houghwot, Eugene Shures. Third Row: Roger Stone, Clarence Irwin, Earl Bender, Charles Carley, Authur Button, Student Council Rep- resentative-Ronald Nelson, Gary Clark, Harold Erikson, Donald Jones. FAVORITE PASTIMES Helen Springer- with B. G. Jean Shepard-doing B. A. ????? Shirley Sheldon- collecting class rings Evelyn Seekins- Biology homework Joy Barber- blushing??? Myron Ekstrom- writing lessons from “Samba” Mary Wiltsie- Bookkeeping Constance Blood- S. T. ’s advisor Sylvia Nelson- going on dates Elaine Meleen- with Pinocchio Eugene Shures- naming “chickens” ???? Pauline Markham- Robbins Hill Gary Clark- art class !!! !! Lawrence Sandberg- hitch-hiking Barbara Lind- Arkansas Traveler Ronald Nelson- cornering J. B. Norma Johnson- working at Roy’s Jack Lindholme- bothering “Doc” Donald Jones- “clunker ' s sidekick” Harold Erikson- bench warming Joan Danielson- Herb ' s mascot C arol Johnson- Basketball Earl Bender- foreign policies Clarence Irwin- The Library Shirley Himes- Tuesday lab. periods Emily Brady- Busti Charles Carley- selling lunch tickets Roger Stone- draw poker!!!!!! Arthur Button- judging cows Esther Battles- Arizona ???? Calvin Bragg- killing Arkansas rattlesnakes Carol Bartlett- eating potato chips Elmer Johnson- playing hookey 1 35 FRESHMEN First Row: Treasurer-William Dallas, Vice President-Clifford Holcomb, President- Norma Jean Johnson. Secretary-Pavid Munson, Student Council Representative-Susan White, Tommy Kirk. Second Row: John Thierfeldt, Nancy Hiller, Nancy Wiltsie, Ann Marie Erikson, Ethel Waite, Joyce Holmquist, Virginia Moore, Arloene Johnson, Beverly Juul, Advisor-Mr. D ' Aprix. Third Row: Mary Dowd, Naomi Sittler, Edith Bartlett, Mary Kehe, Phyllis Bush, Idabelle Annis, Beverly Bengston. Fourth Row: Norman Crow, Robert Genberg, Alton Lindstrom, Benjamin White, James Rowley, John Young, Robert Johnson, Ernest Danielson, Garry Waid. !!??!!!???!!?? Idabelle- Telephone Calls !!! Edith- Skiing Beverly B. - Horses Phyllis- Seen Idabelle lately? Norman- “The Thing’ Bill- Blonde Chaser! Bud- “Stop, back up 10 ft. for red head’ Janice E. - Loved Math??? Ann Marie- Big Brother Nancy H. - Wrestling!! Dolores- Mrs. Dewings right hand Cliff- Elaine Joyce- Nancy Hiller’s “side kick’ Russell- “The Brain’ ?? Arloene-Science ?? “Ugh’ !!! Norma Jean- Lunch tickets please! Bob J. - “Professor’ Betty J. - Basketball Champ! !!??!!!???!!?? Tom- Too much T. V. ? ? Alton- “Lefty’ Louella- Duane !!!! Dave- Know any good jokes?? ? Jim- That’s a dirty trick! Naomi- A certain “Phil’ !! Donnalee- Jamestown dates John T. - Ice skating Mary D. - Skinny ? Garry- Double trouble Ethel- Busti Saturday nights!!! Pauline- Special someone! Benny- 8:30 please Susan- Too many ???? friends John Y. - “Symour’ Mary K. - Don! Bob G. - Janice E. Nancy W. - Baby sitting 36 EIGHTH GRADE First Row: Bradley Sitler, Roger Nelson, David Benson, Tommy Dorsey, Raymond John¬ son. Second Row: Laura Lee Jones, Beverly Youngberg, Donna Nelson, Vice President- Bonnie Minser, President-Suzanne Howard, Treasurer-Elaine Bender, Secretary-Nancy Fish, Gwendolyn Meleen, Mary Jane Nelson, Mary Anne Cook. Third Row: Sandra Lind- strom, Myrna Himes, Alberta Lindahl, Jean Barker, Marcia Husted, Eva Parsons, Nancy Green, Hariett Kline, Lois Sittinger, Donna Jacobson. Fourth Row: Doris Blackmer, ( Janet Wasberg, Kathleen Ryberg, Barbara Wiltsie, Jean Carter, Student Council Repre¬ sen tative-Shirley Becker, Marion Hale, Margie Clark, Lynette Irwin. Fifth Row: Dick Walsh, DuWayne Scott, Leonard White, Dick Nelson, Student Council Representative- Jimmy Jones, Bryan Limberg, Philip Traver. Advisor, Mr. Messina. SEVENTH GRADE First Row: Reginald Eaton, Robert Merchant, Fred Clark, Thomas Weller, Theodore Peterson, Franklin Elderkin, George Nelson. Second Row: Barbara Kebort, Janice Nutt, Harriett Himes, Ann Davis-Treasurer, Donna Barrus-Vice President, Barbara Swanson-President, Joan Coons-Secretary, Jacqueline Barber, Wanda Nelson, Mary Nordland, Nancy Greene. Third Row: Beulah Stanton, Marion Clark, Cora Mae Irwin, Patricia Bush, Charlotte Lee, Sondra Nelson, Loralee Keifer, Carol Sears, Donna Walsh, Ardell Ekstrom, Sharon Cook, Patricia Waid, Mrs. Husband-Advisor. Fourth Row: Daniel Russell, Stanley Stevens, Earl Brady, Janet Jacobson, Myrna Clark, Beverly Wargo, Ruth Gustafson, Dale Nelson, Da.vid Sheldon, Bruce Lindahl, Fifth Row: Robert Greene, Charles Hale, Curty Spontaneo, Ronald Nelson, Ronald Fellows Thomas Rraver, Roger,Tornstrom, James Adams, George Hamilton. 38 SIXTH GRADE Seated on floor: ' Timothy Bjork, Don McIntyre, Dale Clark, David Genberg, Robert Elderkin. First Row; Norma Dulmus, Alicia Holmquist, Laura Sweatman, Alice Bova, Donna Thurston, Ethelyn Johnson, Muriel Hager, Betty Becker, Teressa Traver, Judy Hallberg. Second Row: John Turk, Joseph Swanson, Kenneth Juul, Carol Motter, Doris Housler, Marcia Hultberg, Lois Sisson, Victoria Klisart, Winnifred Dowd, Griffin Smith, Jan Nordland. Third Row: Mrs. Haley, Frank Seekins, John Covey, Robert Johnson, Kay Benson, Brian Johnson, Roger Markham, George Rowley, James Engstrom, Shayne Munger, Miss Derby. Fourth Row; Peter Hanson, David Barker, Charles Carlson, Jack McIntyre, Michael Nelson, Richard Eaton, Keith Kroenke, Bruce Kidder. FIFTH GRADE First Row: Maxine Husted, Marleen Donelson, Patricia Eckman, Shirley Marje Johnson, Nancy Parker, Beverly Hallberg, Sharon Harris, Janice Bennett, Kathleen Walsh, Diane Frankson. Second Row: Mina Mae Moore, Patricia Jensen, Marilyn Hamilton, Donna Lindstrom, Jeanette Rice, Harriett Cushner, Kathy Barker, Diane Fellows, Betty Rowley, Marry Little, Joan Barber. Third Row: Advisor-Mrs. Sager, Wayne Rowley, Arthur Ekstrum, Dennis Johnson, Judy Hamilton, Yvonne Walter, Clyde Irwin, Saundra Luce, Thomas Swanson, Gordon Lind, Edward Davis, Advisor-Mrs. Haley. Fourth Row: Paul Kehe, Eugene Russell, Howard Stevens, David Hansen, Allan Hamilton, Kenneth Rowley, Ronald Youngberg, Le Roy Tuller, Gary Burgett, Stephen Christian, Gordon Brady. Absent: Larry Starks, Lars Stone. 39 FOURTH GRADE First Row: Dolores Griffin, Deanna Fellows, Sandra Featherstone, Carol Cook, Sylvia Lindboom, Patricia Berg, Sharron Munger, Carol Horner, Judy Danielson. Second Row: Roger Wasberg, Carl Stevens, Martha Bova, Barbara Gustafson, Barbara Sanborn, Donna Springer, Wayne Robinson, David Tuller, Theodore Anderson, Lynest Bova, Teacher- Mrs. Nell W. Pratt. Third Row: John Elderkin, Shirley Bennett, Norma Jean Munger, Kenneth Peterson, David Christian, Leonard Ekstrom, Brpce Darling, Arthur Sweatman, Roger Jacobson, Dennis Genberg, Ronald Kidder. Absent: Wayne Lindstrom, Roberta Dean, Larry Eklund. 40 THIRD GRADE ROOM 12 First Row: Richard Niles, Richard Westman, George Ekstrom, Donald Irwin, (Seated) - Arthur Culver, Judy Swanson, Michelle Birt, Rebecca Motter, Grace Turk, Betty Ann Johnson, Marilyn Anderson, Donna Benson. Second Row; Harry Hardinger, Gordon Dan¬ iels, Terrence Olofson, Robert Davis. (Standing)-Milton McIntyre, Phillip Knapp, Richard Markham, Terry Johnson, Gene Waid, Richard Lowery, Gary Berg, Miss Porter. Absent: Dianna Benson, Emerald Seekins, Edward Stone. TOWN HALL Third Row: Mrs. Babcock, Sally Sheats, Marjorie Adams, Judy Tuller, Sharon Johnson, Karen Ingeman, Sandra Swanson, Lorraine Pearson, Dona Lindberg, Suzette Bjork, Ann Hansen, Kardn Sweatman. Fourth Row: Ralph Nash, Sheldon Anderson, Gordon Bush, Lawrence Hyldahl, John Rice, Joseph Marsh, Thomas Eaton, Thomas Atkins, David Covey, Lauren Larson, Gary Darling. Absent: William Lindberg. 41 SECOND GRADE First Row: Evelyn McIntyre, Sandra Youngberg, Wanda Lee, Patricia Jones, Cecile Nobbs, Lois Starks, Evelyn Moore, Judith Walker. Second Row: David Thomas, Ever¬ ett Seastrum, David Frew, Alford Hyldahl, Burton Waid, Stephen Hill, John Little, Robert Sandberg, Stephen Anderson. Third Row: Paul White, William Dowd, Richard Radspinner, Frank Ellis, Jack Perry, John Mahoney, Keith Mitchell. Fourth Row: Donald Hallberg, Belle Birt, Bonnie Johnson, Paul Tyler, Merle Atkins, Karen Gus¬ tafson, Susan Parker. Advisor: Miss Olds. SECOND GRADE First Row: Sue Harris, Georgann Young, Mary Louise Dorsey, Carol Klisart, Sally Pratt. Second Row: Linda Lou Harvey, Susan Russell, Louise Lee, Norma Fellows, Linda Jensen, Rita Johnson, Walter Hallberg. Third Row: Alan Hamilton, Daniel Stevens, Joseph Ellis, James Rice, Timothy Marsh, Paul Anderson, Jerry Eklund. Absent: Harry T. Adams, Ronald Anderson, Jon Husted, Barry Stone, Marjorie Walsh. Advisor: Mrs. Sheats. 42 FIRST GRADE First Row: Judy Ellis, Irma Daniels, Delores Kehe, Penny Barker, Kathleen Waid Susan Luce, Mariann Strand, Alice Davis, Sue Jean Atkins, Patricia Eaton, Roberta Battles, Nancy Turk. Second Row: James Covey, Daniel Larson, Paul Bova, David Nash, Norma Green, Laverne Youngberg, Theodore Miller, Richard Sheldon, Peter Turk, Mar¬ shall Frew, Roger Dulmus. Third Row: Teacher-Mrs. Warn, Maxine Martin, Barbara Nel¬ son, Marcia Carlson, Delores Thurston, Camilla Nobbs, Cheryl Skinner, Frances Ek- strom, Susan Jacobson, Susan Lowery, Sandra Walker, Sylvia Stanton, Donald Daniels, Teacher-Mrs. Impey. Fourth Row: James Lee, Steven Kidder, Ronald Anderson, David Warn, James Barkman, Walter Stevenson, Sherwood Johnson, Gordon Danielson, Jerry Horner. 43 KINDERGARTEN First Row: Patricia Barkman, Ruth Bentley, Doulgas Waid, Ruth Sweatman, Sherwood Anderson, Robert Stormer. Second Row: Dennis Walker, Barbara Moore, Sharon White, Marilyn Warn, Thomas Gustafson, Lance Barker, Arne Hansen, Donald Anderson, Pris¬ cilla Weller, Mearl Fellows, David Frederes. Top Row: Daniel Christian, Kenneth Stone, Rebecca Lindquist, Patricia Haley, Edward Radspinner, Jerry Westman, Con¬ rad Donelson, Evelyn Dettman, Donald Wood, Saura Kay Rhodes, Joel Dettman, Bonnie Anderson, Mrs. Westphal-Advisor. Absent: Kenneth Waite, Priscilla Bush, Susan Larson, Dawn Marsh, Joanne Rice. KINDERGARTEN First Row: Judith Hedges, Sue Ann Thomas, Linda Gustafson, Russell Hale, Jr., William Harris, Alfreda Hamilton, Jane Klisart. Second Row: Sue Ann Olafson, Diane Robinson, Raymond Bowers, Mary Agnes Atkins, Sharon Youngberg, Beverly Westman, Sally Bova. Third Row: Alan Mackie, David Swanson, Kristine Young, Bruce Simberg, Cindy Lou Johnston, Sally Sundgren, Carol Lee Johnson, Delanna Anderson. Absent: Robert Baker, Ivan Waid, Joanne Sears, Mary Sittinger, Donna Scofield. 44 FENTONVILLE SCHOOL Seated: Linda Nelson, Marcia Bennett, Allan Shures, Cynthis Hodges. Standing: Karen Johnson, Florence Blood, Susan Johnson, Gertrude Mahan-Advisor, William Tornstrom, Herbert Wiltsie, Alice Lawson. RIVERSIDE SCHOOL Seated-front row: James Fredores, Bonn Allen Willis, Kathleen Cheney, Marilyn Coons. Standing-hack row: Patrick Harvey, Thomas Cheney, Russell Bentley, Janice Magnuson, Sandra Waite, Yvonne Woodard, Irene Stover, Cecil Johnson, Albert Lee, Clark Lee, Russell Swanson, Mark Cheney, Clyde Stover, Robert Lee. 45 IVORY SCHOOL Front row: Patricia Swanson, Charlene Nelson, Althea Bragg, Nancy Colver, Marjorie Marsh-Advisor, Alvin Bragg, Dorothy Warn, Thomas Seekins, Nancy Long, Susan Warn. Back row: Marvin Swanson, Shirley Long, Carolyn Scott, Clayton Scott. left to right: Annette Gregg, Clare Berg, Barbara Gregg, Grant Johnson, Billy Report, Wayne Berg, Miss Cross-Advisor, Donald Norman, Clinton Johnson, Eric Anderson, Sharon Anderson. 46 KIANTONE SCHOOL Seated: James Sampson, Preston Norberg, Alfred Swanson, Miss Turney, Linda Main- waring, Cynthia Norberg, Bethany Lindquist, David Berg. Absent: Karen Waite. FIRST GRADE Back Row (left to right): Charles Greene, -Richard White, Louis Reed, James Flan¬ agan, --Charles Oberg, William Greene, Ronald Colburn, John Rounds, -Richard Arn¬ old, Walter Figley. Middle Row: Arlene Skinner (oractice teacher), Floyd Waite, -Phyllis Ehrhart, Donna Mae Greene, Donalene Olson, --Nancy Ehrhart, Barbara Shel¬ don, Nancy Becker, Floyd Hiller, Evelyn M. Brown (teacher). Front Row: Jane Buch¬ anan, --Joan Sheldon, --Janice Young, Betty Snencer, Anne Austin, -Avis Chandler. Absent: Geneva Trask, Dan Turney. 47 “i u- 3 g minis ' U) K C3 O f= S ! u Kick umc ' ic.k i $ NjU K l - ? ? ? UJa r K , ' n £ hrtrJ_ f Let us have faith that right makes might; and in that faith let us to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it. Abraham Lincoln ATHLETICS VARSITY Kneeling: Roland Billquist. Standing, left to right. First Row: John Thierfeldt- Ass ' t. Manager, Charles Oberg, Sherwood Nelson, William Greene-Cantain, Gary ClarV, Richard White, Allen Minser, Coach James Scofield. Second Row: Clyde Blackmer- Manager, Ronald Greene, Reginald White, Ronald Waite. BASKETBALL SPOTS IN 51 £77reWSBURG Central’s basketeering Bears have had a very successful season contend- ing with Mayville for top honors. The team was off to a fast start, whipping South¬ western 48 to 33 in a non-league encounter on the Trojans floor. Our first league game against Dunkirk was a close thriller which ended with our boys emerging on the long end of a 50 to 48 decision. Riding on the crest of victory we came to a strong contender - Mayville. This was the closest thriller of the season which we lost by two points in the second overtime. Following this we breezed along in victory toppling all opponents. The Ripley and Mayville games are yet to be played at this time of writing. SCHOOL WE THEY Southwestern 48 33 Dunkirk 50 48 Forestville 54 27 Sherman 49 29 Chautauqua 44 31 Ripley 62 42 Mayville 51 53 Southwestern 67 43 Forestville 63 42 Dunkirk 52 38 Sherman 58 36 Chautauqua 55 34 50 JUNIOR VARSITY Front: Kneeling-Lawrence Sandberg - Left to Right: manager-Clyde Blackmer, Norman Morgan, Claybourne Sager, Allen Blasdell, Carl Lindahl, Harold Erickson, Clifford Holcomb, William Dallas, Coach-Mr. James Scofield. FROSH Standing, left to right: John Young, David Munson, Benjamin White, Ernest Daniel¬ son, Robert Johnson, Coach James Scofield. Kneeling, left to right: Garry Wald, John Thierfeldt. 51 BASEBALL First Row: Sherwood Nelson, William Greene, Richard White, Gary Clark, Carl Lindahl, Ronald Greene, Coach-Mr. James Scofield, Second Row: Norman Morgan, Clyde Blackmer, Charles Oberg, Reginald White, Allen Minser, Lawrence Sandberg. 52 CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Susan White, Joy Barber, Sandra Young, Janice Bjork, Phyliss Ehrhart, Elaine Meleen. Left to Right: Mary Ann Cook, Doris Blackmer, Kathleen Ryberg, Jean Barker, Donna Jacobson. 53 Our federal union; it must be preserved. Andrew Jackson ACTIVITIES First Row; John Young, Norman Morgan, Claybourne Sager, Harold Erickson, Joan Danielson, Ruth Gustafson, Janet Jacobson, Norma Dulmus, Miss Woodmansee. Second Row: Brian Johnson, Ernest Danielson, Reginald White, Allen Blasdell, Norman Crow, Nancy Hiller, Robert Green. Third Row: John Thierfeldt, Robert Johnson, Gary Waid, Donovan Bengtson, Ernest Wiltsie, Clyde Blackmer, Craig Sheldon, Benjamin White. Absent: Shirley Himes. JUNIOR BAND First Row: Harry Hardinger, Donn McIntyre, Gordon Lind, Norma Dulmus, Mary Little, Joan Barber. Second Row: Miss Woodmansee, Thomas Weller, Brian Johnson, Peter Hansen, Charles Carlson, Leonard Ekstrom, Griffin Smith, Larry Eklund. Third Row: Patricia Eckman, Maxine Husted, Marcia Hultberg, Donna Lindstrom, Constance Nobbs, Saundra Luce, Roger Tornstrom. Fourth Row: David Tuller, Edward Davis, Bruce Kidder, LeRoy Tuller, Theodore Anderson, Timothy Bjork, John McIntyre. 55 BOWLING CLUB Seated: Pin-setters-John Thierfeldt, Thomas Traver, David Benson, Bradley Sitler. First Row: Mary Wiltsie, Jean Shepard, Barbara Lind, Treasurer-Allen Minser, Secretary-Catherine Seekins, President-Ernest Wiltsie, Vice President-Joy Barber, Ardith Parsons, Barbara Sheldon, Beverly Lindsay. Second Row: Elvera Ekstrom, Mr. Messina-Advisor, Esther Battles, Pauline Markham, Shirley Sheldon, Joan Barber, Janice Young, Cleora Bennett, Betty Warn, Barbara Larson, Marilyn Bemis, Mr. Tota-Advisor, Evelyn Blair. Third Row: Donavan Bengston, Ronald Nelson, Ronald Waite, Gary Clark, Earl Bender, Myron Ekstrom, Lawrence Sandberg. RIFLE CLUB First Row: Seated, Nancy Becker, Secretary and Treasurer-Norma Johnson, Donna Bova, Carol Johnson, Jack Lindholme. Second Row: Jack Rounds, Theodore Stone, George Littlefield, Ronald Greene, James Rowley, David Munson, Calvin Bragg, Eugene Shures, Advisor-Mr. D ' Aprix. Third Row: Allison Scott, Carl Lindahl, Peter Sheats, Harold Erickson, William Dallas, Beniamin White, Elmer Johnson, Absent: President-Jack Petransky. 56 Seated: Secretary-Sandra Young, President-Donalene Olson, Vice President-Phyliss Ehrhart, Treasurer-Janice Bjork. First Row, Standing: Nancy Becker, Margaret Sjo¬ gren, Joy Barber, Norma Johnson, Ardith Parsons, Elaine Meleen, Nancy Ehrhart, Barbara Larson, Advisor-Mrs. Husband. Second Row, Standing: Avis Chandler, Joan Danielson, Helen Springer, Barbara Lind, Joan Barker, Jean Shepard, Shirley Mason, Janice Young. TRI-HI-Y BATON TWIRLERS Left to Right: Susan White, Joy Barber, Janice Young, Elaine Meleen, Nancy Becker. 57 DANCE CLUB Firist Row: Ardell Ekstrom, Donna Walsh, Carol Sears, Ann Davis, Treasurer-Nancy Ehrhart, Vide President-Phyliss Ehrhart, President-Patricia Waid, Secretary-Mary Kehe, Barbara Swanson, Beu¬ lah Stanton, Iva Poole, Janice Nutt. Second Row: Mr. Sanborn-Advisor, Janet Jacobson, Donna Barrus, Loralee Kiefer, Ruth Gustafson, Myma Clark, Beverly Wargo, Lynette Irwin, Laura Lee Jones, Bruce Lindahl, Roger Stone, Miss Fleming and Mr. Murrary-Advisors. Third Row: Sharon Cook, Carol Bennett, Kathleen Ryberg, Marcia Husted, Mary Tornstrom, Emily Brady, Helen Spring¬ er, Edith Bartlett, Annabelle Annis, Clarence Irwin, Norman Crow. Fourth Row: Patricia Bush, Virginia Moore, Donna Nelson, Suzanne Howard, Romayne Wiltsie, Donald Jones, Donald Lundmark, Charles Carley, Donna Jacobson, Beverly Youngberg, Lois Sittinger, Marilyn Fiero, Eva Parsons, Barbara Wiltsie. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Advisor-Mr. Shaughnessy, Franklin Elderkin, Reginald Eaton, Vice President-Robert Merchant, President-Robert Greene, Secretary-Barbara Kebort. Absent: Treasurer-Dale Erickson. 58 FIRE WARDENS Seated: Janice Bjork, Carol Bennett, Fire Chief-Alien Minser, Nancy Becker, Roland Billquist, Mr. Sanborn, Floyd Hiller, Allen Blasdell, William Greene, Sherwood Nelson, Carl Lindahl, Charles Oberp William Waite. FUTURE FARMERS Seated: Allison Scott, Guard of Honor-Benjamen White, Treasurer-Therdore Stone, Secretary- John Rounds, President-Reginald White, Vice President-George Littlefield, John Thlerfeldt, Lawrence Sandberg, Eugene Shures. Second Row: John Young, Clyde Blackmer, Arthur Button, Gary Waid, Robert Johnson, Ernest Wiltsie, Donald Jones, Donald Lundmark, William Waite, Elmer Johnson, Thomas Kirk. Third Row: Ronald Nelson, Earl Bender, David Munson, Clifford Holcomb, Harold Erickson, Calven Bragg, Jack Lindholme, Myron Eckstrom, Advlsor-Robert C. Gulvin. 59 ROUND DANCE CLUB First Row: Norman Morgan, Dorothy Wiltsie-Sec. Treas., William Waite-Pres., Clyde Blackmer. Second Row: Mrs. Scofield-Advisor, Sandra Young, Beverly Rinell, Janice Bjork, Joyce Thurston, Joan Danielson, Mr. Scofield-Advisor. Third Row: Claybourne Sager, Reginald Waite, Charles Oherg, Allan Blasdell. MUSIC CLUB Miss Woodmansee-advisor, Treasurer-Joyce Holmquist, Secretary Harriet Kline, President- Nancy Greene, Vice President-Nancy Hiller. 60 CHARM CLUB First Row: Secretary-Sondra Nelson, Charlotte Lee, Jacqueline Barber, Treasurer- Wanda Nelson. Second Row: Vice President-Joan Coons, Margie Clark, President- Jean Carter, Advisor: Mrs. Husband. SAFETY PATROL First Row: Uonna Walsh, Ardell Ekstrom, Joan Coons, Carol Sears, Marion Clark, Nancy Greene, Advisor-Mrs. Husband. Second Row: Curt Spontanio, Reginald Eaton, Charlette Lee, Myrna Clark, Ruth Gustafson, Roger Tornstrom, James Adams, Robert Greene. Third Row: George Hamilton, Charles Hale, Dale Nelson, David Sheldon, Ronald Nelson, Stanley Stevens, Ronald Fellows, Robert Merchant,Earl Brady. 61 CHORUS First Row: Barbara Larson, Joy Barber, Pauline Markham, Connie Blood, Avis Chandler, Barbara Lind, Janice Young, Clavin Bragg, Norman Morgan. Second Row: Phyllis Ehrhart, Norma Jean Johnson, Nancy Ehrhart, Elvera Eckstrom, Iva Poole, Joan Barker, Phyllis Bush, Edith Bartlett, Mary Dowd, Roger Stone. Third Row: Janice Bjork, Ardith Parsons, Marilyn Bemis, Evelyn Blair, Margaret Sjogren, Catherine Seekins, Barbara Sheldon, Beverly Lindsay, Joyce Thurston, Cleora Bennett, Charles Oberg. 62 CHORUS First Row: John Young, Roland Billquist, Allen Minser, Donalene Olson, Elaine Meleen, Joan Danielson, Susan White, Ethel Waite, Director-Miss Woodmansee. Second Row: Ronald Greene, David Munson, Clifford Holcomb, William Waite, Dorothy Wiltsie, Norma Johnson, Joyce Holm- quist, Carolyn Holmquist, Beverly Rinell, Delores Himes, Shirley Himes. Third Row: Sherwood Nelson, Reginald White, Ernest Wiltsie, Allen Blasdell, Mary Kehe, Helen Springer, Carol Bennett, Betty Warn, Sandra Young, Shirley Sheldon, Esther Battles. 63 CRAFT CLUB Seated: Elaine Bender, Clifford Holcomb-Secretary, Mary Anne Cook-President, Roland Billquist-Treasurer, Mary Nordland. First Row: John Young;, Ted Peterson, Harriett Himes, Elaine Meleen, Jean Barker, Beverly Bengston, Marian Hale, Mary Jane Nelson, Nancy Fish, Doris Blackmer, Gwendolyn Meleen. Second Row: Raymond Johnson, Garry Waid, Brian Limberg, Alton Linstrom, Thomas Dorsey, Advisor-Mar- garet E. Tatu. JUNIOR F FA First Row: Gordon Nelson, Curt Spontanio, Roger Nelson, Secretary-Jim Adams, Vice Pres.-Craig Sheldon, pres.-Dick Nelson, Treas.-Dan Russel, Raymond Johnson, George Hamilton. Second Row: Jim Jones, Lenard White, Reporter-Du Wayne Scott, Stanley Stevens, Ronnie Nelson, Watch Dog-Dale Nelson, Fred Clark, Ronnie Fellows, Roger Thornstrom, Earl Brady, Advisor-Mr. Robert Gulvin, David Sheldon. Absent: Harold Engstrom. 64 The only way to keep ahead of the procession is to experiment. If you don’t, the other fellow will. Thomas Edison P H ADVERTISEMENTS h —---c BOWER’S ELECTRIC FREWS BURG N.Y. Best Wishes to Class of 1951 BOWER’S ELECTRIC 74 Institute St. Frewsburg, N.Y. Ph. - 2365 ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE Except LIFE M.E. VENMAN FREWSBURG, N.Y. THE PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION MATTS AUTO SERVICE send SINCERE WISHES and GOOD LUCK Gulf Station General Auto Repairing Expert Body And Fender Repairs Guaranteed Paint Job 24 Hr. Wrecker Service Good Used Cars Bought and Sold to Frewsburg N. Y. THE CLASS OF ‘51 Best Wishes to Senior Class of 1951 MEYER’S Hot Point and Crosley Lines Blackstone Washers 66 CONGRATULATIONS to the graduation class of 1951 FREWSBURG HARDWARE COMPANY 27 Main St. Dial 2521 Everything in appliances and hardware We’re on the Corner Deal on the Square C ongratulations to Class of 1951 MOORE’S HARDWARE Frewsburg, New York C ONGRATULATIONS from BORDENS Manufacturing Division Compliments To Class of ‘51 PHILLIPS GARAGE Auto-Repairing-Welding Machine Works Frewsburg, N.Y. 67 Compliments of SWANSON’S LUNCH Foot Swanson (owner) Compliments To Class of 1951 ANDERSON’S RESTAURANT FRANTZ RUSSELL SANITARY SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS Phone 4431 Frewsburg, N.Y. to the SEPTIC TANKS Graduating class Cleaned by modern vacuum equipment of ‘51 CONCRETE TANKS Complete drainage system installed We can meet any requirement CAMP ART CO. FREE ESTIMATES J. S. Husband Compliments of the FREWSBURG HOTEL Ted Wigton owner E. J. TREADWAY LIGHT TRUCKING Phone 2225 Frewsburg Compliments of ERICKSON’S BAKERY 68 Best Wishes Flickinger’s Perennial Plants and Cut Flowers Frew Run Road Frewsburg, New York Hoaglund Ranch Draft, Saddle Horses Riding Equipment Dairy Cattle For Sale Clyde Hoaglund Compliments of MOLL HIDE CO. F. E. DAVIS COMPLIMENTS of MORTON’S KENDALL SERVICE Heating and Fuel Oil Co. Coal and Coke Crawford Overhead Garage Doors Operated by Hand or Radio Controlled Jamestown, N. Y. 134 Lakeview Ave. Ph. 6055 Frewsburg, N. Y. 129 Main St. Blair Funeral Service Frewsburg, N.Y. Donald L. Blair Funeral Director Phone 2-275 Ph. 2685 69 BEST WISHES COMPLIMENTS to to the CONGRATULATIONS CLASS of ‘51 CLASS OF 1951 to ! LAWSON’S Class of ’51 MEAT MARKET Red White Frewsburg Firemen’s AUXILIARY George Lawson Owner Store E. R. Sheldon (owner) C ONGRATULATIONS Compliments to F C S - GRADUATING CLASS of FREWSBURG FIRE COMPANY ‘51 With Our Best Wishes 1 Ipresc RIP t ionsMHh j For The Class of ‘51 JOSEPH LOMBARDO Ph. G. FREWSBURG PHARMACY Old Home Week “The Brightest Spot in Town” June - 27, 28, 29, 30 Congratulations S parks To Best Wishes Fancy Groceries to Notions-Hosiery Frewsburg Central School Class of ‘51 School Supplies Phone 2-502 Kyle Little Julia Loretta Frewsburg New York 70 COMPLIMENTS of Open Evenings Phone-2504 Compliments of Compliments to Class of ‘51 Marie and Roy’s Dairy Bar Frewsburg Style Shop Susie Ward-Frewsburg, N.Y. Kyle’s Variety Store Frewsburg, N.Y. BEST WISHES TO Quality Master Market COMPLIMENTS TO SENIOR CLASS of ‘51 Groceries-Frozen Foods Ice-cream - Western Meats All at lowest Prices SENIOR CLASS of ‘51 Used Cars George Benson Manager DANIELSON’S FRIENDLY SERVICE STRONG AUTO Clarence Newberg Meat Manager Mobile tires and batteries DEALERS Ph. 2-352 Compliments of Clark’s Esso Service Farm Equipment and Supplies Lubrication - Accessories Compliments of Ivory Phone 2-651 Frewsburg, N.Y. Weisers Grocery 71 ALWAYS KEEP JAMESTOWN IN YOUR FUTURE TO THE CLASS OF 1951 CONGRA kJ ERE ATIONS MEMBERS OF THE JAMESTOWN CHAMBER of COMMERCE THIS YEARBOOK PRINTED VELVATONE-EXCLUSIVE KELLER REFINEMENT OF PHOTO-OFFSET % »

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