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I i SENIOR LEAVES CLASS OF 1950 FREWSBURG CENTRAL SCHOOL 7 °ER abilities always at the service of others her untiring energy and her unserving sense of humor have greatly inspired us through her years as Central Treasurer. To Mrs. Lillian Dewing, the Yearbook staff dedicates this book. 2 ADMINISTRATION FREWSBURG CENTRAL SCHOOL LELAND C. SANBORN, Principal FREWSBURG, NEW YORK GLEN D. SHEATS President, Board of Education ISABELLA LUNDGREN Cleric, Board of Education February 1, 1950 To the students of Frewsburg Central School: Will you make the most of better educational facilities ? Will you use and care for a new and better school plant as best you can? Will you grow and develop in a better way from these expanded educational facilities? Faith in you requires that you must and will. The decision of the people to build a new school building obligates you, the boys and girls, young men and young women of the Frewsburg Central School. The voters of the central school district recently voted overwhelm¬ ingly to issue bonds amounting to $600,000 to provide a better school building and better school facilities for you, the young people of this area. This financial indebtedness, which will be paid over the next thirty years, is an indication of the interest in your education and the faith in you of the people of the school district. The people want you to have as good an education in as good a school plant as can be financially provided. As you progress through the Frewsburg Central School System to graduate and take your place as a citizen of the community, remember the civic initiative of these voters of today in backing an extensive building program. May you carry on this interest and initiative in all civic matters, not just the school activities alone. If there is an improve¬ ment needed in the community and there are ways of making that improve¬ ment, see that it is done. Sincerely, Leland C. Sanborn Principal 4 Seated: Glen D. Sheats, L. Ruth, C. Kline, Isabel Potter, Doris E. Gulvin, Isabella Lund- gren. Standing: J. Wm. Anderson, Charles W. Barton, Wm. Waite, Lee Minser, Eugene Pish. President Glen Sheats Vice President Eugene Fish Clerk Isabella Lundgren Treasurer Charles W. Barton Collector Doris E. Gulvin Architect Norman N. Tinkham Superintendent J. William Anderson Attorney Alton R. Erickson 5 Greetings to the Class of 1950. As growing citizens who will be voters in a few short years, you have been encouraged to invest in Savings Stamps and Government Bon ds so that you might be trained in thrift and become acquainted with some of the financial problems in government. These things are desirable. At the same time you should be aware of the fact that approximately since the time you were born, this government has operated under a " deficit spending " program and has now built up a tremendous per capita national debt. This is the first time in history that we have failed to reduce the national debt following a war. There seem to be three ways of reducing this deficit: through inflation, increased taxes, or a decreased federal spending program. By taking over the nation 1 s gold, the government was able to inflate our currency and thus in a subtle manner reduce the value of such thrift items as bonds, insurance policies, bank deposits etc., and credit the difference to the treasury balance as an increase in the value of gold holdings. People have now apparently become more willing to depend on government agencies for security in contrast to the traditions of American self-reliance. This is shown by the demand for such things as old age pensions, unemployment insurance, various forms of sub¬ sidies and social security. The answer to these problems will rest largely in the hands of our young people who will soon accept responsibility as a new generation of voters. Will you support the basic traditions that have made America great through the freedom and independence of the individual, or are you willing to accept a new form of social state with increased government responsibility for and control over your destiny ? 6 FREWSBURG CENTRAL SCHOOL LELAND C. SANBORN, Principal FREWSBURG, NEW YORK GLEN D. SHEATS President, Board of Education ISABELLA LUNDGREN Clerk, Board of Education February 1, 1950 Dear Seniors, This letter which I write to you this year--this year of a mid-century carries with it a serious note of reflection. We have an opportunity on this significant year to look backwards and evaluate the progress of the past. We also have as individuals, and oppor¬ tunity to help shape the pattern of the future. A New.Liberalism has caused serious inroads contrary to the way of our cherished beliefs. The dignity of man, of family and of God has been seriously threatened. It is now time for us for a SPIRITUAL rededication. A rededication to the basic principles on which lies the foundation of democracy, of truth, justice and Christianity. It is in you, the youth of America, that we place our trust to combat this evil. May God give you the strength and guidance to fulfill this trust for posterity. Sincerely, " 77 • Samuel N. Tota Senior Advisor 7 Seated: Margaret Tatu, Dorothy Smith, Adilene Woodmansee, Barbara Fleming, Lucille Scofield, Lil¬ lian Dewing, Mary Whitney. Standing: Lory Messina, Marvin Adams, Leland Sanborn, Samuel Tota, Robert Gulvin, James Scofield. SUBJECTS YEARS IN EDUCATION TAUGHT F. C. S. Leland C. Sanborn Principal 9 Dartmouth College, A.B.; Syracuse University, M.A. Samuel Tota English 2 Alfred University, A.B.; University of Buffalo, M.E. Margaret Tatu Art, Soc.St. 7 D ' Youville College, A.B. Barbara Fleming Eng. French 3 Mercyhurst College, A.B. Mary Whitney Eng.,Latin, Library 1 A.B.; M.A., Syracuse University, B.S., Geneseo State Teachers College Lillian Dewing Commercial 6 Carleton College, A.B. James Adams Science 3 St. Bonaventure College, B.S. Lorry Messina Mathematics 3 Cortland State Teachers College, B.S. Dorothy Smith Soc.St.,Science 6 Geneseo State Teachers College, B.S. Robert Gulvin Agriculture Auto Driving 4 Cornell University, B.S. Adilene Woodmansee Music 6 Fredonia Normal School; Columbia University, M.A. Daniel Flynn Guidance 1 A.B.; Canisius College, Alfred University, University of Buffalo James Scofield Physical Ed. 2 Cortland State Teachers College, B.S. Mary Sessions Nurse,Att.Supv. 1 R.N., Mt. Sinai Hospital, Western Reserve University 8 Seated: Harry Murray, Pearl Cross, Mabel Turney, Lillian Warn, Margaret Nordland, Nell Pratt, Genevieve Westphal, Dorothy Olds. Standing: Estella Porter, Gertrude Mahan, Edith Impey, Marga¬ ret Derby, Dueressa Sager, Florence Haley, Marjorie Marsh, Cecil Johnson, Jeanette Sheets. SUBJECTS YEARS IN EDUCATION TAUGHT F. C. S. Harry Murray Asst.Principal Mathematics 6 Buffalo State Teachers College, B.S., St. Bonaventure College, M.S. Genevieve Westphal Kindergarten 3 Hunter College, A. B. Edith Impey First Grade 4 Fredonia State Teachers College Dorothy Olds Second Grade 5 Fredonia State Teachers College, B.S. Estella Porter Third Grade 12 Fredonia Normal School Nell Pratt Fourth Grade 1 Cortland Normal School, Fredonia State Teachers College Dueressa Sager Fifth Grade 13 Fredonia Normal School Margaret Derby Sixth Grade 5 Fredonia State Teachers College B.S. Lillian Warn 1st Grade 2 Fredonia State Teachers College Margaret Nordland 3rd 4th Grades 2 Edinboro State Teachers College, B.S. Florence Haley 5th 6th Grades 2 Edinboro State Teachers College, B.S. Pearl Cross Kent School 2 Ellington Training Class Cecil Johnson Riverside School 4 Fredonia Normal School Gertrude Mahan Fentonville " 2 Edinboro State Teachers College Marjorie Marsh Ivory School 5 Fredonia Normal School, Buffalo State Teachers College Mabel Turney Kiantone School 1 Fredonia Normal School, A. B., Eastern Nazarene College, Buffalo State Teachers College Jeanette Sheats 2nd Grade 1 Fredonia Normal School 9 sin CIL Seated: Barbara Johnson, Sandra Young-Secretary, David Wilcox-President, Ernest Wiltsie-Vice President, Miss Fleming, Miss Smith-Treasurer. Standing: Gary Clark, Miss Tatu, Jack Treadway, William Dallas, Helen Springer, Beverly Bengston, Florence Gustafson, Carol Bennett, Cleora Bennett, Carl Lindahl, Ronald Waite, Mr. Scofield, Suzanne Howard, Mr. Murray, Mr. Sanborn. STUDENT COUNCIL cr HE Student Council is the executive body of the Student Association as provided for by the constitution of the Association. The Council is composed of: (a) one boy and one girl elected by the members of each of the grades from seven through twelve or post graduate group if such exists, (b) four faculty members chosen by the council at its first meeting at the beginning of the school year, (c) the principal of the school who serves in the capacity of advisor to the council but who has no legislative powers. REPRESENTATIVES Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman 8th Grade 7th Grade Tri-Hi-Y BOY Jack Treadway Ronald Waite Carl Lindahl Gary Clark Bill Dallas Raymond Johnson GIRL Barbara Johnson Cleora Bennett Carol Bennett Helen Springer Beverly Bengston Suzanne Howard Florence Gustafson 10 9EDM » EDITORIAL STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BUSINESS MANAGER ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY ART CIRCULATION SPORTS ACTIVITIES TYPING ADVISORS Nancy Barber Edna Kline Jack Treadway Harold Classon Nanci Crist Fae Murray Florence Gustafson Barbara Johnson Raymond Wiltsie David Wilcox Kermit Rinell Dolores Olson Robert Stone Dorothy Schoonover Dorothy Nelson Janet Swanson Pauline Wilson Mr. Sanborn Mr. Tota 11 Alan Minser Betty Warn Harold Erickson Ernest Wiltsie John Brotherton Ronald Waite Ardith Parsons Phylis Ehrhart Roland Billquist Beverly Rinell Janice Young Cleora Bennett Joan Sheldon Avis Chandler Nancy Ehrhart Donalene Olson Donna Mae Green 7 N September, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine-hundred forty six, ? 18 ? rather meek eighth graders entered high school as Freshmen under the able guidance of Mr. Murray. We started our Freshmen year as obedient boys and girls, but by the end of the year we had decided to have some fun and act like the rest of the classes. Our class officers were: Nanci Crist-President, Florence Gustafson-Vice President, Edna Kline-Sec¬ retary, and David Wilcox-Treasurer. Student Council representat ives for that year were: Edward Dewing and Nancy Barber. A bit diminished in number but feeling definitely our lofty station as sophisticated Sophomores, we took up quickly where we had left off the previous June, under the guidance of Miss. Fleming. Flossie Gustafson was named our President and served us able through¬ out the year. Other officers were: Vice-President-Janet Swanson, Secretary-Edna Kline, Treasurer-Nanci Crist. Student Council representatives for that year were: Dolores Olson and Edward Dewing. True, it was not an eventful year, but we had great plans under way for ourselves as Juniors. September! 1948! Juniors at last!! Could it be possible? Make way ! Here we come ! We got under way by electing our officers, Dolores Olson-President, Roger Haglund-Vice President, Florence Gustafson-Secretary, and Edna Kline-Treasurer. Student Council representatives for that year were: Fae Murray and Raymond Wiltsie. We were under the guidance of Miss. Tatu.Our class was awarded the candy sales, and did we make money (?) ! In October we ordered our class rings and waited impatiently for them to arrive. In May we the Juniors presented " Love is too Much Trouble " , a smash hit !!! September ' 49--At long last, we made it! We are Seniors! Can you believe it? The class roll looks rather vacant, as compared with it in eighth grade. But what we lack in numbers, we make up for in spirit! Under the guidance of Mr. Tota, our first class meeting of the new year was held and the following officers were elected--President-Nancy Barber, Vice-President-Dorothy Schoonover, Secretary-Nanci Crist, Treasurer-Jack Treadway. Student Council representatives were: Barbara Johnson and Jack Treadway. September 19--We selected our name cards and announcements for graduation. November 4 and 5--We presented a very successful " Little Women " and how! Broadway has nothing on us. December 7--It was decided our robes would be blue with gold tassles. 12 SENIORS NANCY BARBER " Naucy " , soda jerk, working for a B. S., Canasta fiend, Honorable President, whiz at compositions letters. Art (1-Pres.); Student Council Representative (1,2-Sec.); Class Vice Pres. (3); Tri-Hi-Y (2, 3-Sec.,4); Chorus (1,2 4); " Marianne " ; ' ' Mikado " ; Fire Warden (3,4); Yearbook Staff (1,2,3,4-Editor); " Love Is Too Much Trouble " ; " Little Women " ; Bowling (4); Consumer ' s Economics (3); Dramatics (2); Class Pres. (4) DOROTHY SCHOONOVER " Schoony " , water battles, Clant, sweaters, Sugar Lou, Surprises, Mercury. Chorus (1,3.4); Tri-Hi-Y (2); Dancing (2); Class Vice Pres. (4); " Marianne " ; " Love Is Too Much Touble " ; " Little Women " ; Tumbling (3); Photography (4); Yearbook Staff (4). NANCI CRIST " Cris " , roller skating, Math, lover, cruising town, rare parties!!, Vocal lessons, " Gus I " , " Pucker Up Baby. " Class Pres. (1); Class Treas. (2); Class Sec. (4); Chorus (1,2,3,4); Tri-Hi-Y (2,3,4); Bowling (1,4); " Marianne " ; " Mikado " ; Yearbook Staff (1.2,3,4); Cheerleader (1,3); Athletic Association (2-Sec. Treas.); " Love Is Too Much Trouble " ; " Little Women " ; Cheerleading (3); Dancing (2); All State Choir. 14 JACK TREADWAY " E.J. " , silent type? assistant janitor, Wheel, the tease, Nancy, ' ' ' When I start running this place. " " Whispering. " F.F.A. (1,2-Treas.,3-Pres.,4); Bowling (1,4); Rifle (2-Sec., 3); Basketball (1,4); Rotary (4); Yearbook Staff (4-Treas.); Stage Manager (3,4); Fire Warden (2,3,4,); Student Council (4); Class Treas. (4). BARBARA JOHNSON " Barb " , G. B., Steering troubles, Darktown Strutter ' s Ball, temper. High " A " , Aunty, " You ' re Bugs " . Photography (3-Sec. Treas.); Tri-Hi-Y (2,3,4); Student Council Representative (4); Dramatics (4-Vice Pres.); " Mikado " ; " Marianne " ; " Little Women " ; Chorus (1,2,3,4); Bowling (1); Dancing (2); Yearbook Staff (4). DAVID WILCOX " Dave " , the brush, " Stay All Night - Stay A Little Longer " , Donnie, Oh!, Athlete, " Schmirk. " Class Treas. (1); Basketball (1,2,3,4-Captain); Football (1, 2); Baseball (1 2,3); Fire Warden (2,3-Chief,4-Chief); Chorus (2,3,4); F.F.A. (1,2,3,4); Rotary (4); Bowling (1- Captain,4-Pres. Captain); Rifle (2); Tumbling (3-Pres.); Student Council President; " Love Is Too Much Trouble " ; " Little Women " ; " Mikado " ; Yearbook Staff (3,4); Athletic Association Vice Pres. 15 EDNA KLINE " Elsie " , knitting, Lillies Karls, rah-rah girl, wanta bet, " Hoity-Toity " , Schoony ' s shadow. Class Sec. (1,2); Chorus (1,3,4); " Marianne " ; Cheerleader (3,4); Bowling (2); Dancing (1); Tri-Hi-Y (2,3,4-Pres.); Fire Warden (4); Class Treas. (3); " Little Women " ; " Love Is Too Much Trouble " ; Yearbook Staff (2,3,4); Photography (4); Cheerleading (3). KERMIT RINELL " Kermie " , lab. pest, hunter??, Doc ' s side-kick, excuses, last chance, office conferences. P.S. - a certain girl. F.F.A. (1,2); Rifle (1,2,4); Bowling (3); Chorus (4); Yearbook Staff (4); " Love Is Too Much Trouble. " FLORENCE GUSTAFSON " Floss " , mad-driver, baby-sitter, " When I was your age! " , Bill collector, letters, good enunciation. Class Pres. (2); Class Sec. (3); Class Vice Pres. (1); Bowling (1); Tri-Hi-Y (2,3,4-Student Council Rep.); Chorus (1,2,3,4); " Marianne " ; " Mikado " ; Fire Warden (4); Year¬ book staff (2,3,4); Cheerleader (1,2,3); " Love Is Too Much Trouble " ; " Little Women " ; Cheerleading (3); Dancing (2); Photography (4). JANET SWANSON " Swanny " , Squirt, Dentist appointments, Mrs. S., Tri-Hi-Y (2,3,4); Chorus (1,2,3,4); Class Vice Pres. (2); " Marianne " ; " Mikado " ; Yearbook Staff, Dancing (2); " Little Women. " HAROLD CLASSON " Harry " , Frew Run Street, bench warmer, corny jokes, " typist " ?, Big Swede, Railroad lover, strip poker. F.F.A. (1,2,3-Reporter,4-Vice Pres.); Bowling (1,4); Photography (2); Rifle (3); Basketball (2,4); Chorus (1,2); " Love Is Too Much Trouble " ; " Little Women " ; " Marianne " ; " Mikado. " DOROTHY NELSON " Dot " , Ned, Sparkler, Jo, blonde curls, basketball player, brewtician, giggles. Tri-Hi-Y (2,3,4); Chorus (1,2,3,4); Yearbook Staff (4); Dancing (1,2); Photography (3,4); " Marianne " ; " Mikado " ; " Little Women. " 17 FAE MURRAY " Fae " , Home Ec. whiz, Red-head, Cheerleading-Captain, Falconer, short-stuff, Amy. Student Council Representative (3); Cheerleading (3); Cheerleader (3,4); Dramatics (4-Pres.); " Love Is Too Much Trouble " ; " Little Women " ; Yearbook Staff (4); Chorus (3,4); Tri-Hi-Y (3,4-Vice Pres.); Athletic Association (4- Treas.) ROBERT STONE " Bob " , speed fiend, pinsticker, HORSES--and there they go. " Laurie " , Ag. boy, reserved. F.F.A. (1,2,3,4,-Pres.); Rifle (1,2,3); Chorus (3,4); " Little Women " ; Hobby (4); Basketball (3). PAULINE WILSON " Polly " , the Hostess, loud gloves, Business Law Champ??, cream puffs, always late. Tri-Hi-Y (2,3-Treas.,4); Consumer ' s Economics (3); " Marianne " ; " Mikado " ; " Love Is Too Much Trouble " ; " Little Women " ; Chorus (1,2,3); Dancing (1); Photography ( 2 ). 18 DOLORES OLSON " De " , Murphy ' s, Carl, Big sister, Bashful blonde with beautiful bends, Snow Queen, athletic. Class Pres. (3); Student Council Representative (2); Chorus (1,2,3,4-Vice Pres.); Tri-Hi-Y (2,3,4); " Marianne " " Mikado " ; Fire Warden (4); Yearbook Staff (3,4); Cheer¬ leader (1,2,3); " Love Is Too Much Trouble " ; " Little Women " ; Bowling (1,4-Sec. Treas.); Dancing (2); Cheerleading (3). RAYMOND WILTSIE " Ray " , drummer boy, square dances, tall blonde, F.F.A., Fentonville. Bowling (1); Yearbook Staff (4); Baseball (3,4); Band (1,2, 3,4); " Love Is Too Much Trouble " ; F.F.A. (1,2,3-Vice Pres.,4-Reporter); " Little Women. " 19 Florence Gustafson Raymond Wiltsie Kermit Rinell Dolores Olson Pauline Wilson Nanci Crist Bob Stone David Wilcox Now has six of her prospective nine, three to go to make a team. Has now taken over Gene Krupa ' s Band and spends his spare time as a " gentleman farmer " pushing buttons on his mbdern farm. Is now in Brooklyn with a successful business of building boats for the swamps back home. Is now married to a famous banker and makes her money as an impractical nurse at the Old Folk ' s Home. Having made a name for herself as a party giver during high school, she is now a much sought after hostess in " society. " With her pepsodent smile, has now bought out the Frewsburg Dress Shop. Has now bought a dude ranch in Texas and is now busy raising little stones. Is still trying to make up his mind whether to remain a happy bachelor or to get married and take a chance. 20 Dorothy Nelson Is now a famous Brewtician employing Schoonie and Swanny as official samplers. Fae Murray Barbara Johnson Dorothy Schoonover Harold Classon Jack Treadway Is running the F. M. Tower on Oak Hill as a look-out for any noisy Government Inspection Agent who might be looking for the illegal Brewery Inc. Is giving vocal lessons to her little blonde curly heads. Is still driving her graduation present as a taxi service for " the girls " , while Clant and " the men " ???? stay home baby sitting. Is now a " gob " swabbing the decks and will someday make some¬ one a good?? ?? ?husband because he is being well trained. Has just taken over J. Edgar Hoover ' s job as head jof F.B.I. Big wheel at last! Nancy Barber Edna Kline Janet Swanson Has saved money and bought a car and trailer and is traveling in the West gathering material for her next novel. Is teaching school still waiting for something on a white horse. Is busy knitting do-dads for her little squirts. 21 E, the Class of 1 50, being of sound mind and body, do ordain and establish this, our last Will and Testament. Barbara Johnson .... Leaves her bank-book to Marilyn Bemis for safe-keeping. Edna Kline. Sheds her " Aunt March " padding to any Junior who will have any use for it. Nancy Barber.Graciously bequeaths the 1951 yearbook to her successor Allen Minser together with her deepest sympathy. Fae Murray. Leaves all the barb-wire fences to Donna Mae. Dorothy Schoonover. . Leaves her learner 1 s permit to Janice Young to help her in earning her wheels. Dolores Olson.Leaves her Home Furnishing Notebook to Joan Sheldon so Joan will have more time. Pauline Wilson.Leaves her flashy gloves to Joyce Thurston to go with her bright red coat. Florence Gustafson . . Leaves her know-how in picking ball players to Donalene Olson although she seems to be doing all right with that she has. Janet Swanson.Leaves her sense of high style to Shirley Mason who really doesn ' t need it. Nanci Crist.Leaves her Math problems to Sherwood Nelson. Dorothy Nelson.Leaves her sense of humor to Cleora Bennett. Jack Treadway.Leaves his book " How to Control Your Speech " to Ronald Waite. David Wilcox.Leaves his collection of loud shirts to some unsuspecting junior. Kermit Rinell.Leaves his complete set of keys to Roily, whom he knows can make very good use of them. Bob Stone.Leaves his present motorcycle to his brother so he can have an excuse to get a new one. Raymond Wiltsie .... Leaves his farm chores to Romayne and Dorothy so he can go square dancing. Harold Classon.Leaves his well warmed bench to John Meleen. 22 LITTLE WOMEN .v A Dramatization of Louisa M. Alcott Meg, the eldest Jo, the playwright Beth, the housekeeper Amy, the artist Mrs. March Mr. March Aunt March Hannah Mullet Mr. Laurence Laurie John Brook Professor Bhaer 1st girl 2nd girl 3rd girl 4th girl Director Stage Manager Business Manager Dolores Olson Dorothy Nelson Florence Gustafson Fae Murray the mother the father Mr. March 1 s elderly sister the cook a wealthy neighbor his grandson Laurie ' s teacher A German teacher neighbor 1 s Mrs. Sanborn Jack Treadway Mr. Tota Janet Swanson The little women Nanci Crist Raymond Wiltsie Edna Kline Pauline Wilson Harold Classon Robert Stone David Wilcox John Brotherton Dorothy Schoonover Barbara Johnson Nancy Barber Mildred Wigren 24 LOVE IS TOO MUCH TROUBLE A Farce-Comedy in 3 Acts CAST Toasty. Joe Burke . “Pinky” Hamilton. “Oggie” McClosky. Connie Ashton. Ebb Dunham. Flo Dunham. Shirley Bradford. Sugar Lou Jackson . Monica Bates. Mrs. J. Worthington Bates. . . Dr. Pillsy. Miss Emily Ross. Cliff Hayward. Stage-Manager. Direction. . . . Pauline Wilson . . . . David Wilcox . . . . Kermit Rinell . . . Harold Classon .Edna Kline . . . . Dolores Olson . Florence Gustafson .Nanci Crist . Dorothy Schoonover .Fae Murray . . . . Nancy Barber . . . .Roger Haglund . . . Gladys Phillips . . Raymond Wiltsie . . . Jack Treadway Mrs. Margaret Asel 25 t Y © i V © »S 1 Mrs. w ,t Do+ 5. T D t- ylfe £ J A FI O J3 l«- R R. b N ncL y K a + t) v«- W nti ■ _ JKMbU S|2£v?! wmm 3Bf ■:? SS-.-: ' . : ••“-•: «55§P 2» • ' - ’ V .X; • :il ' • f 1 ' SSSS bVrf w?!.v? CLASSES M Seated: Ernest Wiltsie-President, William Greene-Vice President, Barbara Larson-Secretary, Allen Minser- Treasurer, Cleora Bennett, Ronald Waite-Student Council Representatives. First Row: Roland Billquist, Miss Tatu-Advisor, Phyllis Ehrhart, Iva Poole, Donalene Olson, Donna Greene, Barbara Sheldon, Marilyn Bemis, Dorothy Wiltsie, Nancy Ehrhart, William Irwin. Second Row: Shirley Mason, Joan Sheldon, Janice Young, Avis Chandler, Joan Barker, Romayne Wiltsie, Beverly Lindsay, Joyce Thurston, Ardith Parsons. Third Row: Charles Oberg, Theodore Stone, John Brotherton, Sherwood Nelson, John Meleen, William Waite. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF: ERNEST-got his assignments done on time? BILL G.-wasn ' t bashful? BARBARA L.-decided on one boy ? ALLEN-didn ' t argue with Adams ? C LE ORA - di dn ' t have the right hand hook? RONALD-had a date? ROLLY-was 6 foot? " MURPH " -got married? PHYLLIS-wasn ' t drawing? IVA-lost her Chevy ? DONNIE O.-didn ' t blush? DONNA MAE-dicin ' t have an Ed? BARBARA S.-couldn ' t square dance? MARILYN-didn ' t have boyfriends? DORTHY-couldn ' t sit with Bill? NANCY-wasn ' t up to Sanborn ' s? BILL I.-couldn ' t take Ag?? SHIRLEY-couldn ' t go to the show? JOAN S.-got home at 10 o ' clock? JANICE-didn ' t have a weakness for a neighbor? PAT-couldn ' t see Harry three times a day? JOAN B.-liked Geometry? ROMAYNE- couldn ' t play basketball? BEVERLY-wasn ' t walking on a cloud? JOYCE-couldn ' t go skating? ARDITH-didn ' t lose her temper? CHUCK-didn ' t pay off his debts? TED-didn ' t have a motor bike? JOHN B.-lost his cameras? SHERWOOD-couldn ' t say " O ' top-it now " ? JOHN M. -didn ' t have any chickens in his life? BILL W- moved to Fentonville? JOHN P.-couldn ' t hunt? 30 SOPHOmORES First Row: Reginald White-President, Norman Morgan, Allen Bladell-Vice President, Evelyn Blair-Secretary, Claybourne Sager-Treasurer, Carl Lindahl-Student Council Representative, Carol Bennett-Student Council Rep¬ resentative. Second Row: Clyde Blackmer, Nancy Becker, Catherine Seekins, Ronald Greene, George Berhardt, Betty Warn, Donna Bova, Dorthy Philbrick, Miss Fleming-Advisor. Third Row: Elvera Ekstorm, Beverly Rinell, Sandra Young, Janice Bjork, Mary Thornstrom, Margaret Sjogren, Carolyn Holmquist. Fourth Row: Peter Sheats, Richard White, Jack Rounds, Floyd Hiller, Clarence Irwin, Allison Scott, Frank Engblom, Donavan Bengston, Donald Erikson. FAVORITE PASTIMES Skip - Writing " Skip " Clyde - Fentonville Dates Dorothy - Reading Reggie - Biology ?????? Dick - Peddling papers Beverly - Candy bars Frank - Comic books Margaret - Soda Jerking Betty - Biology Mary - B. A. (?) Norman - Shmoos Kigmys Donna - Baby sitting Janice - Riverside Claybourne - Raising Chickens Sandra - Wolfing Peter - Pestering Carolyn - Canasta Allen - Fentonville Elvera - Big brother Clarence - Breaking Ag equipment Ronnie - Sports Katy - French (?) Floyd - Stetsons Jack - Driving Talking George - Tobaggoning Donovan - Hunting Zeke - Arguing with Jack Evelyn - Jamestown Carol - " Red " Nancy - Skating 31 First Row: Jack Lindholme-President, Lawrence Sandberg-Vice President, Constance Blood-Secretary, Evelyn Seekins- Treasurer, Helen Springer-Student Council Representative, Gary Clark-Student Council Representative. Second Row: Carol Johnson, Joan Danielson, Calvin Bragg, Elmer Johnson, Mary Wiltsie, Barbara Lind, Jean Shepard, Norma Johnson, Carol Ann Bartlett, Elaine Meleen, Earl Bender, Eugene Shures, Mrs. Whitney-Advisor, Myron Ekstrom. Third Row: Sylvia Nelson, Pauline Markham, Esther Battles, Shirley Sheldon, Charles Carley, Harold Erikson, Ronald Nelson, Roger Stone, Emily Brady, Joy Barber, Donna Parsons. MI !!? ?!??!!??!?? Earl - Collecting stamps Joy - Blushing in Science Carol Ann - Quiet! Calvin - " Bugs Bunny " Esther - " Dish water blonde " Connie - Blue Skirt Waltz!! Arthur - Drawing Emily - Lovesick Blues?? Joan - Canasta Games??I Charles - Likes Mrs. Whitney?? Carol - Playing basketball Norma - Square dancing Gary - " Lil Abner " Barbara - Baby sitting!! Pauline - Trips to Akeleyl? Dan - " Hot Rod Happy " Elmer - Valedictorian!? !!? ?!??!!??!?? Harold - Old man moose Elaine - Telling jokes to?? Sylvia - " Pea Wee " Jack - Girls !! Donna - " Irish " Evelyn - Brothers 1 Ronald - Likes D.P. Shirley - " Shelly " Jean - Trips to Lakewood Lawrence - Likes J.B. Helen - Card Parties Mary - Frew Run Theodore - Pretty Girls? Eugene - Marksman Roger - Needs loving?? Russell - Stag parties Myron - Two gun Ekstrom 32 Thomas Kirik, Garry Waid, Ethel Waite, Pauline Walker, Virginia Moore, Delores.Himes, Mary Dowd. Luella Moore, Naomi Sitler, Susan White, John Thierfeldt, Secretary, Joyce Holmquist, Treasurer, Mr. Messina, Advisor, John Young, Vice President, Roger Sundell, President. Robert Johnson, Nancy Wiltsie, Ernest Danielson, Norman Crow, Jean Swanson, Alton Lindstrom, Benjamin White, Philip Traver, Edwin Sandberg, Nancy Hiller, Donna Swanson, Beverly Youngberg, Mary Kehe, Ann Marie Erikson, Margaret Stanley, Norma Jean John¬ son, Edith Bartlett, Beverly Bengston, Phyllis Bush, Idabelle Annis, William Dallas, Arloene Johnson, Marvin Bernhardt, Raymond Becker, David Munson, James Rowley. First Row: William Treadway, Thomas Dorsey-President, Raymond Johnson-Student Council Representative, Roger Nelson, Bradley Sitler, Neil North, Thomas Traver, Lynell Pastorchik. Second Row: Miss Smith, Mary Ann Cook, Gwendolyn Meleen, Elaine Bender, Sandra Linstrom, Beverly Starks, Kathleen Ryberg, Jean Barker, Laura Lee Jones, Doris Blackmer. On stairs: Bonnie Minser-Vice President, Margie Clark. Nancy Fish-Secretary, Donna Jacobson, Marion Hale, Nancy Green, Du Wayne Scott, Harold Engstrom, James Jones. Middle Line: Alberta Lind¬ ahl, Marcia Husted, Evelyn Brotherton, Jean Carter, Donna Swanson, Suzanne Howard-Student Council Representa¬ tive, Richard Walsh, Frederick Seth, Leonard White. Line on right: Lynette Irwin, Lois Sittinger, Janet Wasberg, Eva Parsons, Barbara Wiltsie, Harriett Kline, Richard Nelson, Craig Sheldon-Treasurer, Myrton Barrus. 33 Front: First Row: Thomas Weller, Ronald Fellows. Second ROW: Robert Greene, Ardell Ekstrom, David feheldon, Janet Jacobson. Third Row: Brian Johnson, Ruth Gustafson, Carol Sears, Cynthia Mackie. Fourth Row: Roger Tornstrom, Barbara Suckow, Wanda Nelson. Fifth Row: Richard Eaton, Dale Clark, Donna Barrus. Sixth Row: Bruce Lindahl, Bruce Crist, Myrna Clark, Dale Nelson. Standing: George Hamilton, Daniel Russell, Richard Spontanea, Carol Carlson, James Adams, Miss Derby-Advisor, Nancy Greene, Marian Clark, Carol Motter, Leonard Pastorchik, Patricia Waid, Donna Walsh. Absent: Harriet Himes. flfTH GRADE First Row: Roger Markam, Griffin Smith, Marilyn Hamilton, Lois Sisson, George Rowley. Second Row: Donna Thurston, Judy Hallberg, Yvonne Walter, John Turk, Alice Bova, Laura Sweatman. Third Row: John covey, Muriel Hager, Michael Nelson, Jerry Parsons, Frank Seekins, James Engstrom. Fourth Row: Charles Peterson, Victoria Klisart, Lee Roy Grover, Bruce Kidder, Robert Carlson. Standing: David Barker, Marcia Hultberg, Peter Hansen, Mrs. Sager, . Kenneth Rowley, Ethelyn Johnson, Dorian Larson, Timothy Bjork, Jack McIntyre, Donald McIntyre, Winnifred Dowd. Absent: Walter Trask. 34 Front to back: First Row: James Lindsay, Phyllis Houghwat, Margaret Lewis, Betty Rowley. Second Row: David Hansen, Eugene Russell, Ronald Youngberg, Gary Burgett. Third Row: Saundra Luce, Robert Arnold, John Parsons. Fourth Row: Arthur Ekstrom, Janice Bennett, Donna Lindstrom, Allan Hamilton, Fifth Row: Kathleen Walsh, Ronald Johnson. Standing left to right: Sandra Boyer, Mina Mae Moore, Jean Anderson, Beverly Hallberg, Edward Davis, Marleen Donelson, Lars Stone, Patricia Eckman, Jo Ann Carter, Wayne Rowley, Gordon Lind, Joan Barber, Stephen Christian, Shirley Marie Johnson, Maxine Husted, Dennis Johnson. Rear: Miss Baumgartner, Cadet Teacher : Mrs. Pratt. THIRD £ First Row: Lynest Bova, Ronald Kidder, Donna Springer, William Lindberg, Carol Ann Cook. Second Row: Arthur Sweatman, Carol Horner, Constance Nobbs, Martha Bova, Sharon Munger. Third Row: Deanna Fellows, Theodore Anderson, Lawrence Pastorchik, Kenneth Lewis, Diane Wiltsie. Fourth Row: Barbara Gustafson, David Tuller, Sylvia Lindboom, Norma Jean Munger, Leonard Ekstrom. Fifth Row: Shirley Bennett, Wayne Robinson, Judith Danielson, Lois Ann Carlson. Sixth Row: Verna Jean Seekins. Absent: Larry Eckland. Advisor: Estella Porter. 35 E Row One: Judy Tuller, Richard Markham, Thomas Atkins, Gordon Bush. Row Two: Walter Hallberg, Grace Turk, John Rice, Sally Sheats, Emerald Seekins, Angelo Carmen, Karen Sweatman. Row Three: Sharon Johnson, George Ekstrom, Rebecca Motter, Terrence Olofson, Edward Stone, Thomas Eaton. Row Pour: Richard Westman, Elma Rowley, Donald Hallberg, Karen Ingemen, David Covey, Marjorie Adams. Row Five: Betty Johnson, Joseph Marsh, Sandra Swanson, Suzette Bjork. Row Six: Donna Linberg, Gordon Daniels, Larry Larson. Absent: Ann Hansen, Lorraine Pearson, Sheldon Anderson, Phillip Knapp, Lawrence Hyldahl. Advisor: Miss Dorothy Olds. SECH GRADE Seated: Judy Swanson, Judy Birt, Kathleen Paul, Marilyn Anderson, Bonnie Marsh, Karoline Johnson, Terry Johnson, David Seth. Standing: Gene Waid, Burton Waide, Robert Davis, Donald Irwin, Arthur Culver, Harry Hardinger, Milton Me Intyre, Gary Berg, Mrs. Sheats, Advisor. Absent: Richard Lowery. 36 «T GW Seated: Sally Pratt, Louise Lee, Judith Walker, Linda Jensen, John Little, Carol Klisart, Susan Russell, Sandra Youngberg, Timothy Marsh, Paul White, Harry Todd Adams, Barry Stone, Joseph Ellis, Ronald Anderson. Standing: James Rice, Norma Fellows, Rita Johnson, Peter Turk, Alan Hamilton, Lawrence Bennett, Margorie Walsh, Edith Rowley, Norman Green, Everett Seastrom, Paul Anderson, Keith Mitchell, Jerry Ecklund, Jon Husted, William Paul, Mary Louise Dorsey, rear, Miss Impey, advisor. fIRST GRADE First Row: Gordon Danielson, Bonnie Johnson, Deloris Kehe, Merle Atkins, Robert Anderson, Lois Starks, David Thomas. Second Row: Barry Crist, John Mahoney, Evelyn Moore, Karen Gustafson, David Frew, Cecile Nobbs, Robert Sandberg. Third Row: Stephen Hill, Ronald Anderson, Wanda Lee, Frank Ellis. Back Row: Evelyn MacIntyre, William Dowd, Patricia Jones. 37 f First Row: Cheryl Skinner. Edgar Grover, Richard Sheldon, Frances Ekstrom, James Covey, Thomas Cheney, Nanc y Long, James Lee. Rear: Susan Warn. Second Row: Patricia Eaton, Barbara Nelson, Irma Daniels, Alice Davis, Nancy Turk, Loretta Hale, Roger Dulmus, Delores Thurston. Third Row: Judy Ellis, Linda Nelson, Marcia Bennett, Mariann Strand, Patrick Harvey, Penny Barker, Susan Johnson, Sandra Walker. KIIMTE First Row left starting at front: Gregory Nutt, Kathleen Seekins, David Warn. Center of table, rear: Camille Nobbs. Second Row: Daniel Larson, Steven Kidder, Sue Jean Atkins. Third Row: Kathleen Waid, Sherwood John¬ son, Roberta Battles, Lavern Youngberg. Center table, rear: Marshall Frew. Fourth Row: Theodore Miller, Maxine Martin, Paul Bova. 38 Seated left to right: Diane Fellows, Jeanette Rice, Paul Kehe, Larry Starks, Kathy Barker, Clyde Irwin, David Christian, Harriet Cushner, Sandra Murray, Wayne Linstrora, Barbara Sanborn, Patricia Berg, Sandra Featherstone, Roberta Dean, Roger Jacobson. Standing: Roger Wasberg, Judy Hamilton, Patricia Jensen, Mary Little, LeRoy Tuller, Advisor: Margaret Nordland. Com flfTH AOD SIXTH Left to right, Seated: First Row: Theodore Peterson, Frederick Clark, Charles Hale, Reginald Eaton, Laura May Johnson. Second Row: Curt Spontanio, Cora Mae Irwin, Dale Erikson, Beulah Stanton, Robert Merchant, Beverly Wargo. Third Row: Robert Johnson, Teressa Traver, Shayne Munger, Joyce Sisson. Fourth Row: Charles Carlson, Norma Dulmus, Kenneth Robbins. Standing: Mrs. Haley, Advisor, Patricia Bush, Alicia Holmquist. 39 First Row: Bethany Lindquist, Doris Housler. Second Row: James Sampson, Saundra Nelson, Joyce DeVleiger. Standing: Dolores Griffin, Wayne Berg, Preston Norberg, Miss Turney: Advisor, Linda Mainwaring, Gerald Greenwood, David Berg, Cynthia Norberg. HIDE SCHOOL Seated: Yvonne Woodard, Joyce Elwell, Clinton Johnson, Grant Johnson, Marilyn Coons, Clark Lee, Janice Magnuson, Shirley Coleman, Janice Elwell, Janice Fawler, Irene Stover, Kathleen Cheney, Albert Lee, Clyde Stover, Charlotte Lee, Joan Coons, Mary Nordland. Standing: Russell Bentley, Sandra Waite, Barbara Swanson, Ann Davis, Russell Swanson, Mark Cheney, James Frederes, Donn Willis, Mrs. C. Johnson: Advisor. 40 KBIT SCHOOL Left to Right Seated: Annette Gregg, Barbara Gregg, Billy Kebort, Second Row: Eric Anderson, Richard Swanson, Stuart Davidson. Third Row: Sharon Anderson, Donald Norman, Phillip Swanson, Carolyn Davidson. Standing left to right- Janice Nutt, Sharon Cook, Anita Davidson, Barbara Kebort, Vernon Davidson, Gordon Nelson, Advisor Miss Cross. my school First Row: Thomas Seekins, Clayton Scott, Clare Warn, Carolyn Scott. Second Row: Marvin Swanson, Dorthy Warn, Shirley Long, Betty Becker, Charlene Nelson. Third Row: Patricia Swanson, Advisor Marjorie Marsh. 41 1st. Row: Florence Blood, Cynthia Hodges, Alan Shures, 2nd. Row: Karen Johnson, Herbert Wiltsie William Tornstrom, Mrs. Mahan-Advisor. Back Row: ' Kermit Rinell, Nanci Crist, Barbara Johnson, Harold Classon Front Row: Edna Kline, Dolores Olson, Janet Swanson, Dorothy Nelson, Florence Gustafson Th e ECOflD GRADE Back Row (left to right): Freddy Hale, Fritz Britain, Gilbert Bullock, Billy Waite, ‘Dick Howard, •Harold Flanagan, Archie Conner,. Donald Arnold, LeRoy Rounds, Raymond Wickmark. Middle Row: ‘Roland Billquist, “Kermit Rinell, ‘Nanci Crist, Dylinna Colburn, “Mariam Fairbanks, Beverly Wilder, ‘Harold Classon, Wallace Frankson, Pauline Naetzker (teacher). Front Row: ‘Edna Kline, Delores Olson, Janet Swanson, ‘Dorothy Nelson, “Florence Gustafson, Lucia Ann Wright. Absent: ‘Barbara Johnson, Edward Markham. 42 ATHLETICS Coach-Mr. Scofield. Harold Classon, Gary Clark, Charles Oberg, Captain-David Wilcox, William Greene, Sher¬ wood Nelsbn, Jack Treadway. 71 T this writing, the first half of the Western Chautauqua County League schedule has been played and the Frewsburg Central School team finds itself tied with Chautauqua, both with 4 wins and 3 losses. It was said at the beginning of the season, " It is not the size of the boy in the fight, that counts; it ' s the size of the fight in the boy. " We had neither the fight nor the size our first game at Bemus and so we lost by 1 point 33-32. Yes-now-we know for sure that we haven ' t the boys with size in the fight but we are slowly prov¬ ing to ourselves and to others that we have fighting size. Yes, the boys pictured above have it. Although led by Captain Dave Wilcox, Bill Greene and Gary Clark on offense, we cannot deny that the defensive work of Chuck Oberg, Jack Treadway and Sherwood Nelson has been a very great factor in our successes. Don Mara and Harold Classon are only waiting for one of this group to let down and then watch out for them. Last year, we lost the league during the last half of our schedule. What will we do this year: ? Scores of games thus far: SCHOOL WE THEY Bemus Point 31 32 Sherman 37 22 Mayville 33 54 Panama 29 21 Chautauqua 42 24 Clymer 33 34 Ripley 43 30 Bemus Point 35 28 Sherman 51 39 Mayville 36 38 Panama 53 32 44 First Row: Clyde Blackmer, Claybourne Sager, Roland Billquist, Allen Minser, Allison Scott. Second Row: George Bernhardt, Richard White, Allen Blasdell, Peter Sheats, Carl Lindahl, Reginald White, Ronald Greene, Norman Morgan. Third Row: Frank Engbloom, Ronald Waite, Mr. Scotield-Coach, Donald Erickson. First Row: Clem White, Jim Adams (bat-bo y), Kenneth Wilcox, John Thierfeldt (bat-boy), David Wilcox, Bill Greene, Charles Oberg. Second Row: Ronald Waite, Carl Lindahl, John Meleen, Quentin White, George Littlefield, Ted Jackson, Coach Scofield, Gordon Sheldon, Don Mara, Raymond Wiltsie, Bill Waite. 45 Fae Murray, Janice Bjork, Edna Kline, Janice Young, Donalene Olson, Elaine Meleen. 46 ACTIVITIES . First Row, left to right: Elaine Meleen, Claybourne Sager-Secretary, Joan Danielson-Librarian, William Dallas, Harold Erikson, Norman Morgan-Treasurer, Ernest Danielson. Second Row: Roger Sundell, John Young, Clyde Blackmer, Reginald White-Vice President, John Meleen, Ernest Wiltsie-President, Leonard White, Brian Johnson, Robert Johnson, Gary Waid. Third Row: Benjamin White, Craig Sheldon, Raymond Wiltsie. Absent: Allen Blasdell, Librarian, Nancy Hiller, John Thierfeldt. Bfl First Row: Janet Jacobson, Bruce Crist, Don McIntyre, Charles Carlson, Timothy Bjork, Griffin Smith, Brian Johnson. Second Row: William Irwin, Theodore Peterson, Patricia Eckman, Saundra Luce, Ruth Gustafson, Norma Dulmus, Jack McIntyre, Roger Tornstrom, George Hamilton, Gordon Lind. Third Row: Robert Green, Thomas Weller, Peter Hansen, David Barker, Bruce Kidder, Edward Davis, Dale Nelson, David Sheldon. , ) i 48 Dflnct CLUB First Row: Eva Parsons, Suzanne Howard, Donna Jacobson, Lois Sittinger, Elaine Bender, Roger Nelson, Thomas Dorsey, Joyce Holmquist (Sec.), Margaret Stanley (Vice Pres.), Harold Erikson (Pres.), Constance Blood (Treas.), Janice Bjork, Beverly Rinell, Sandra Young, Joan Sheldon, Janice Young, Barbara Larson, Marcia Husted, Kathleen Ryberg, Gwendolyn Meleen. Second Row: Donna Nelson, Barbara Wiltsie, Margaret Sjogren, Jean Carter, Dolores Himes, Norma Jean Johnson, Edith Bartlett, Laura Lee Jones, Pauline Walker, Donna Swan¬ son, Naomi Sitter, Ann Marie Erikson, Nancy Wiltsie, Ronald Nelson, Lawrence Sandberg, Calvin Bragg, Miss Fleming (Advisor). Third Row: Lynell Pastorchik, Fred Seth, Evelyn Blair, Elvera Ekstrom, Donna Parsons, Joy Barber, Carol Ann Bartlett, Emily Brady, Barbara Lind, Jean Shepherd, Mary Wiltsie, Pauline Markham, Donna Bova, Carol Johnson, Marion Hale, Ernest Wiltsie, Donald Erikson. Fourth Row: Beverly Starks, Margie Clark, Shirley Becker, Myrna Himes, Janet Wasberg, Doris Blackmer, Evelyn Brotherton, jean Barker, Nancy Greene, Norman Crow, Roger Sundell, Benjamin White, James Rowley, Gary Waid, Philip Traver, John Young. music CLUB Miss Woodmansee-Advisor, Clyde Blackmer, Cleora Bennett, Claybourne Sager, Harriett Kline. 49 First Row: Margaret Sjogren, Kathleen Seekins, Elvera Ekstrom, Dorothy Wiltsie, Connie- Blood, Barbara Larson- Secretary, Donna Parsons, Joan Danielson, Roger Stone, Calvin Bragg, David Munson, William Irwin, John Meleen, Allen Minser, Roland Billquist, Elaine Meleen, Norma Johnson, Nancy Barber, Barbara Johnson, Evelyn Blair, Miss Woodmansee-Advisor, second Row: Cleora Bennett, Janice Bjork, Helen Springer, Donna Mae Greene, Norman Morgan, David Wilcox, William Waite, Kermit Rinell-Librarian, Charles Oberg, Reginald White, Sherwood Nelson, Ernest Wiltsie-Treasurer, Claybourne Sager, Esther Battles, Shirley Sheldon, Fae Murray, Sandra Young, Beverly Rinell, Mary Tornstrom, Janice Young-President. Third Row: Beverly Lindsay, Barbara Sheldon, Marilyn Bemis, Pauline Markham, Joy Barber, Dorothy Schoonover, Dolores Olson-Vice President, Nanci Crist-Librarian, Donalene Olson, Joan Sheldon, Avis Chandler, Joan Barker, Iva Poole, Dorothy Philbrick, Margaret Stanley, Barbara Lind, Edna Kline, Florence Gustafson, Janet Swanson, Dorothy Nelson, carol Bennet, Betty Warn, Caro¬ lyn Holmquist. fiiiiM nets Seated: Mr. Gulvin-Advisor, Raymond Wiltsie-Reporter, Claybourne Sager-Secretary, Harold Classon-Vice Presi¬ dent, William Greene-Treasurer, David Wilcox. First Row: Elmer Johnson, Dan Turney, William Treadway, Ron¬ ald Nelson, Allison Scott, Russell Houghwot, Theodore Seekins, Arthur Button, Eugene Shures, Clyde Blackmer, George Littlefield, John Petransky, Jack Treadway, Donovan Bengtson. Second Row: Donald Erickson, John Meleen, William Waite, Reginald White, John Rounds, William Irwin, Charles Irwin. 50 Susan White, Joy Barber, Janice Young, Elaine Meleen, Nancy Becker. Seated: Barbara Larson-Secretary, Edna K1ine-President, Fae Murray-Vice President, Donalene Olson-Treasurer. Second Row: Sandra Young. Nancy Barber, Phyllis Ehrhart. Janice Bjork, Nancy Crist, Florence Gustafson-Student Council Representa tive, Janice Young, Barbara Johnson, Donna Mae Greene. Miss Tatu-Advisor. Third Row: Dolores Olson, Janet Swanson, Dorothy Nelson, Joan Barker, Avis Chandler, Shirley Mason, Joan Sheldon. Nancy Ehrhart. 51 First Row. Allen Minser, Chief David Wilcox, Mr. Sanborn, Chief Nancy Barber, Roland Billquist, Edna Kline, Joan Sheldon, William Irwin, John Brotherton, Charles Oberg, William Green, Jack Treadway, Florence Gustaf¬ son, Dolores Olson. Mr. Scofield-Advisor. Seated: Richard White, Jlorman Morgan, Roland Billquist, Standing: Peter Sheats, Floyd Hiller, Richard Nelson, Reginald White, Allen Minser. 52 Miss Smith-Advisor. First Row: Ethel Waite-Treasurer, Idabelle Annis-Secretary, Beverly Bengtson-Vice President, Mary Kehe-President. Second Row: Phyllis Bush, Arloene Johnson, Beverly Youngberg. Ml CLUB First Row: Raymond Johnson, Thomas Kirik-Secretary, Robert Johnson-Vice President, William Dallas-President, Ernest Danielson-Treasurer, Mary Anne Cook. Second Row: Miss Tatu-Advisor, Elaine Meleen, Bonnie Minser, Nancy Fish, Harold Engstrom, Bradley Stiler, Neil North, Thomas Traver. 53 Seated: Shirley Sheldon-Vice President, Mr. Tota-Advisor, John Brotherton-President. Standing: Dorothy Schoonover, Florence Gustafson, Marilyn Bemis, Dorothy Nelson, Edna Kline, Charles Carley-Treasurer, David Munson, Esther Battles-Secretary, Barbara Sheldon, Leonard White. Robert Gulvin-Advisor, Donald Mara, Carl Lindahl, Sherwood Nelson, Gary Clark, Jack Lindholm, George Little¬ field. Second Row: William Treadway, Duane Scott, Eugene Shures, John Rounds, John Petransky, William Irwin, Raymond Becker, Kermit Rinell, Donald Bengtson. Third Row: Craig Sheldon, James Jones, Myrton Barrus, Theo¬ dore Seekins, Elmer Daniels, Herbert Robbins, Richard Walsh. 54 Seated: Clarence Irwin, Allison Scott. First Row: Edwin Sandberg, Joan Danielson, Helen Springer, Dolores Olson-Vice President and Treasurer, David Wilcox-President, Carolyn Holmquist, Mary Tornstrom, Roger Stone. Second Row: Nancy Ehrhart, Norma Johnson, Mr. Adams-Advisor, Nancy Becker, Dorothy Wiltsie, Nancy Barber, Nancy Crist, Avis Chandler, Donalene Olson, Romayne Wiltsie, Sylvia Nelson, Evelyn Seekins, Phyllis Ehrhart, Betty Warn, Mr. Messina-Advisor, Catherine Seekins. Third Row: Ronald Waite, Dan Turney, William Waite, Harold Classon, Charles Oberg, Jack Treadway, John Meleen, Ronald Greene. hhic chib Beverly Lindsay, Susan White, Joan Barker, Iva Poole, Secretary-Treasurer, Barbara Johnson-Vice President, Pae Murray-President. Second Row! Donna Mae Greene, Mrs. Sanborn-Advisor, Mary Dowd, Dorthy Philbrick. 55 sira wim First Row: Elmer Daniels, Raymond Johnson, Bradley Sitler, Thomas Dorsey, Frederick Seth. Second Row: Kath¬ leen Ryberg, Gwendolyn Meleen, Mary Ann Cook, Elaine Bender, Janet Wasberg, Doris Blackmer, Lois Sittinger, Third Row: Roger Nelson, Jean Carter, Laura Lee Jones, Bonnie Minser, Donna Nelson, Margie Clark, Shirley Becker, Beverly Starks. Nancy Fish, Miss Smith, Neil North. Fourth Row: Nancy Green, Suzanne Howard, Marcia Husted, Marion Hale, Evelyn Brotherton, Harold Engstrom, Myrton Barrus, Leonard White. HflPIRS First Row: Clyde Blackmer, Idabelle Annis, Esther Battles, Nancy Ehrhart, Joy Barber, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Chandler. Second Row: Phyllis Ehrhart, Donna Parsons, Mary Wiltsie, Norma Jean Johnson. Third Row: Eugene Shures, Clarence Irwin, Charles Carley, William Irwin. 56 (- •Of u ' 5 S , ••» . S P Wni. f Jt Vh ' ' c l -.t H JnA ■»• , v» , ' fy.. ZSJtfW SSr.f «- THE PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION SEND SINCERE WISHES AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1950 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATION CLASS OF 1950 FREWSBURG HARDWARE COMPANY 27 MAIN ST DIAL 2 521 EVERYTHING IN APPLIANCES HARDWARE WE ' RE ON THE CORNER DEAL ON THE SQUARE 58 Compliments of Class of 50 KLISARTS Frewsburg, N.Y. F. E. DAVIS Heating Fuel Oil Co. Coal Coke Jamestown N. Y. 134 Lakeview Ave. Ph. 6055 Frewsburg, N.Y. 129 Main St. Ph. 2-685 Compliments to Class of 50 CLARK ' S ESSO BLAIR FUNERAL SERVICE Frewsburg, N. Y. Donald L. Blair Funeral Director Ph. 2-275 C ongratulations to Frewsburg Central School QUALITY MASTER MARKET Groceries-Frozen Foods Ice Cream-Western Meats All at Lowest Prices KYLE LITTLE George Benson Manager Clarence Newberg Meat Manager Best Wishes FLICKINGER ' S PERENNIAL PLANTS CUT FLOWERS Frew Run Road Frewsburg, New York Compliments of FREWSBURG STYLE SHOP Ladies Fine Quality Wearing Apparel Compliments of PAUL WESTMAN ' S Massey-Harris Tractors Farm Equipment Used Cars Compliments of a Friend 59 SPARKS Fancy Groceries Notions - Hosiery School Supplies Phone 2-502 Frewsburg New York For Premium Eggs see R. C. GULVIN 99 Pearl St. Ph. 2-342 HOAGLUND RANCH Draft, Saddle Horses Riding Equipment Dairy Cattle for Sale | Clyde Hoaglund Congratulations Compliments Compliments to To Class of 1950 Class of 1950 of the RED WHITE FREWSBURG HOTEL STORE E. R. Sheldon ANDERSON ' S RESTAURANT Ernest L. Fox (owner) Phone 3-101 owner FALCONER MILLING COMPANY A Good Feed For Every Farm Need Compliments of Compliments Compliments of JOHNSON ' S LUNCH of CLARK ' S GROCERY Ralph Johnson (owner) WEISER ' S GROCERY Ivory 60 Best Wishes to Class of 1950 BOWER ' S RADIO and ELECTRICAL SERVICE 74 Institute St. Frewsburg, N.Y. Ph. -2365 Compliments Compliments of A fSUilL. Mrs. Julia Chandler Mrs. Loretta Nelson COMPLIME NTS Compliments To Class of 1 50 OF BORDENS MANUFACTURING DIVISION PHILLIPS GARAGE t Auto-Repairing-Welding Machine Works Frewsburg, N.Y. DANIELSON FRIENDLY SERVICE Bud Danielson, Mgr. Frewsburg Best Wishes to Senior Class of 1950 Compliments Compliments to the to the Class of i i 1950 Class of 1950 C. F. MYERS BENNIE ANDERSON LAWRENCE SCHOONOVER Hot Point Crosley Lines Blackstone Washers 61 Compliments of Your Barber ROY ALFRED UNIVERSITY EXTENSION Compliments OFFERS A TWO-YEAR COLLEGE COURSE of AT VERY LOW COST PRE-PROFESSIONAL TRAINING IS STRESSED HIGHEST ACADEMIC RATING 344 EAST SECOND STREET JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK PHONE 8-964 Joseph Lombardo-PH.G. FREWSBURG PHARMACY " The Brighest Spot In Town " PHILLIPS LUMBER CO. Lumber Custom Drying Planning Frewsburg Ph. 3-295 New York 62 " All the News Under the Sun " Every Weekday in THE Best Wishes To The Senior Class of 1950 MOORE ' S HARDWARE JAMESTOWN SUN Frewsburg, New York Good Luck Class of 1950 CHAUTAUQUA - G. L. F. STATIONERY FORMS ADVERTISING ANNOUNCEMENTS INVITATIONS The PRINT SHOP 87 IVORY STREET FREWSBURG, NEW YORK PHONE 3712 CALVIN W. KLINE, PROP. VISITING CARDS TICKETS LABELS BOOKPLATES MENUS BOOKLETS TO THE CLASS OF 1950 SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS df FROM THE MEMBERS OF THE JAMESTOWN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE .t j BE SURE TO.... KEEP JAMESTOWN IN YOUR FUTURE! ..... 64 •tOtiinniHimiininimiiutnninnimtinttft .

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