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SENIOR LEAVES ICILICI EREVS BURG CENTRAL SCHOOL fnnfwunn THE Class of '49 presents this edition of "The Senior Leaves" as a memo of the many happy days spent in our school. May you receive as much en- joyment frorn reading our annual as we had pro- ducing it. 2 DEUICHTIUH WE., the Class of '49 dedicate our yearbook to our parents who have stood by us faithfully, and who have guided and encouraged us in the many trials and problems of our school life. 3 sr A ,r IN w Rf X 5 Ig fx Q, 5' R A 'x T 1 ef 0 1 N FREWSBURG CENTRAL SCHOOL LELAND C. SANBORN, Principal FREWSBURG, NEW YORK GLEN D. SHEATS ISABELLA LUNDGREN President, Board of Education Clerk, Board of Education February 1, 1949 Class of 1949, "Wars begin in the minds of men" and hence, "it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed" states the opening of the preamble to U. N. E. S. C. O. The minds of each of you, Seniors, has been influenced by your studies and activities in Frewsburg Central School. Let us hope that the habits of right liv- ing and sound thinking we have endeavored to give you, have become so much a part of you, that your duty as a citizen of these United States and you as a personality in society, will work for the construc- tion of the defenses of peace. "For war doesn't really begin in the minds of men generally, or in the minds of very many men but .... begins in the minds of only a very fewg and then it is not important, unless these very few minds in which war has already begun, have unusual and very powerful in- fluences over the minds of the many" to quote Dean William F. Rus- sell of Columbia University. If this be true, may you ever guard and cherish the freedoms, privileges and responsibilities of our demo- cratic form of government. Remember your civic responsibilities, be informedg serve your community. Never let indifference inter- fere wlth progress toward better things here in Frewsburg, or wherever you may be. Do your part willingly. Sincerely, Leland C. Sanborn Principal LCS:MIA 6 Seated: Glen Sheats, Charles Barton, Ruth Kline, Brendice Long, Isabella Lundgren. Standing: Percy Phillips, Lee Minser, William Waite, Clifford Bender, Eugene Fish. BUHHU UF EDUCHTIUH PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT C LERK TREASURER COLLECTOR Glen Sheats Eugene Fish Isabella Lundgren Charles Barton Brendice Long GREETINGS and best Wishes to the Class of 1949. May the gold you seek be refined and of such quality that it can never be lost. Then, and only then, will it bring you eter- nal joy and happiness. f I. Wm. Anderson Superintendent of Schools I 8 'iv- FREWSBURG CENTRAL SCHOOL LELAND C. SANBORN, vfancipal FREWSBURG, NEW YORK GLEN D SHEATS ISABELLA LUNDGREN P es dc t Board of Education Clerk, Board of Ed cation February 1, 1949 Dear Seniors: We are living in a dynamic world - a world fraught with a danger which we as rational, intelligent people cannot ignore. Much has been said about the peril of the Atomic Bombg but is it the Atomic Bomb or the human factor which makes us so dangerous unto ourselves. One person joined with millions form a Imation and nations form the -world. This is a significant observation, for then, we can properly focus our attention on the real crux of the problem the individual. With this resolved, it is important that we cultivate an a- wareness of the dignity of man and make possible its growth in our cherished concepts of freedom. This freedom should be defined unequivocally as an 0pp0r- tunity to realistically and constructively help one another for the benefit of all. It must be made clear that this freedom is not a device to make possible the enslavement of civilization under a cloak of race superiority or class warfare espoused by danger- ous Stalinism. Our hope will come through the educated man - strong in spirit - kind of heart - a believer in God. 9Sincere1v, Samuel N. Tota Senior Advisor 9 FHCUHU Seated: Mr. Sanborn, Miss Cosgrove, Mrs. Dewing, Miss Aaron, Miss Fleming, Mr. Tota. Standing: Miss Weaver, Miss Tatu, Mr. Adams, Mr. Messina, Mr. Gulvin, Mr. Scofield, Miss Smith, Miss Woodmansee. Leland C. Sanborn Samuel Tota Margaret Tatu Barbara Fleming jane Aaron Lillian Dewing James Adams Lorry Messina Dorothy Smith Robert Gulvin Adilene Woodmansee Edith Weaver James Scofield Elizabeth Cosgrove SUBJECTS YEARS IN EDUCATION TAUGHT F. C. S. Principal Dartmouth College, A. B., Syracuse Univer- English Art, Soc. St. English, French Eng., Latin, Library Commercial Science Mathematics Soc. St., Science Agriculture Music Guidance Physical Education Nurse, Att., Supv. sity, M. A. Alfred University, A. B., University of Buffalo, M. E. D'Youville College, A. B. Mercyhurst College, A. B. Mercyhurst College, A. B. Carleton College, A. B. St. Bonaventure College, B. S. Cortland State Teachers College, B. S. Geneseo State Teachers College, B. S. Cornell University, B. S. Fredonia Normal School, Columbia University, M. A. Keuka College, A. B., Cornell University, M Cortland State Teachers College, B. S. Mt. Sinai Hospital, R. N. FHCULW Seated: Mr. Murray, Mrs. Westphal, Mrs. Warn, Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Haley, Miss Cross. Standing: Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Mahan, Mrs. Marsh, Mrs. Nordland, Miss Derby, Miss Olds, Mrs. lmpey, Mrs. Sager, Miss Enos. Harry Murray Genevieve Westphal Edith Impey Dorothy' Olds Estella Porter Willby Enos Dueressa Sager Margaret Derby Lillian Warn Margaret Nordland Florence Haley Pearl Cross Cecil Johnson Gertrude Mahan Marjorie Marsh Leola Gilbert SUBJECTS YEARS IN EDUCATION TAUGHT F. C. S. l Asst. Principal Buffalo State Teachers College, B. S., Mathematics St. Bonaventure College, M. S. Kindergarten Hunter College, A. B. First Grade Fredonia State Teachers College Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade lst Sz 2nd Grades 3rd and 4th Grades 5th Sa Sth Grades Kent School Riverside School Fentonville School Ivory School Kiantone School l 1 Fredonia State Teachers Fredonia Normal School Fredonia State Teachers Fredonia Normal School Fredonia State Teachers Fredonia State Teachers Edinboro State Teachers Edinboro State Teachers Ellington Training Class Fredonia Normal School Edinboro State Teachers Fredonia Normal School College, B. S. College, B. Ed College B. S. College College, B. S. College, B. S. College Buffalo State Teachers College Fredonia Normal School STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: Mr. Sanborn, Donald Mara- President, Nancy Barber - Vice- President, Janice Young - Secretary, Miss Smith - Treasurer, Miss Aaron, Miss Tatu, Mr. Adams. Standing: Fae Murray, Margaret Sjogren, Gladys Phillips, Elaine Warn, Barbara Larson, Constance Blood, Norma Jean Johnson, Peter Sheats, Ernest Wiltsie, Byron Brady,'Roger Sundell, John Ekstrom, Lawrence Sandberg. REPRESENTATIVE S Senior ' Junior Sophomore Freshman 8th Grade 'Zth Grade Tri-Hi-Y BOY Byron Brady John Ekstrom Ernest Wiltsie Peter Sheats Lawrence Sandberg Roger Sundell l 2 GIRL Gladys Phillips Fae Murray Barbara Larson Margaret Sjogren Constance Blood Norma Jean Johnson Elaine Warn UEHHBUUH STHFF First row: Joyce Thierfeldt, Nancy Barber, Mr. Tota, Clernence White, Charles Hildum, Gordon Bar ton, May Wilkins, Mr. Sanborn. Second row: Donna Mae Arnold, Nanci Crist, Nancy Cass, Joanne Ryberg, Dolores Olson, Edna Kline, Evelyn Sjogren, Janice Blasdell, Betty Warn, Margaret Hanson, Elaine Warn, Jeanette Waid, Gladys Phillips, John Brotherton. Third row: Marion Anderson, Ted Jackson, Donald Mara, Daniel Traver, Quentin White, Autumn Suckow, Joyce Martin, Bette Jones, Byron Brady, Allen Minser, Roland Billquist, David Wilcox, Roger Haglund. Editor-in- Chief Business Manager Circulation Activities Sports Art Photography Typists Joyce Thierfeldt Charles Hildum Clemence White Nancy Cass Gordon Barton Evelyn Sjogren Gladys Phillips Joanne Ryberg 1 34 Assistants Nancy Barber Allen Minser Donald Mara X Margaret Hanson Byron Brady Edna Kline Roland Billquist Betty Warn Nanci Crist Florence Gustafson Ted Jackson Joanne Ryberg Donna Mae Arnold David Wilcox Daniel Traver Jacqueline Hansen Bette Jones Autumn Suckow Dolores Olson Quentin White Janice Blasdell Jeanette Waid Elaine Warn Marion Anderson May Wilkins Roger Haglund John Brotherton May Wilkins Joyce Martin Gladys Phillips Nancy Cass Autumn Suckow ML ll Q KW , 'PX , 1 s .gif 0 A ...V - -I - Y W --Xx, :Y 4' gfWl1Q2zx., SENIURS HISJURU if, I Y 41 Qilllllff Vv ag '1 1' -K vt: 45 THE wheels creaked, the axle groaned, and at last we were on our way in search of gold. Our journey started in September, 1945 under the guidance of Mr. Murray. The officers of our covered wagon train were as follows: Margaret Hanson-President, Charles Hildum-Vice-President, Ja.nice Blasdell-Secretary, Joanne Ryberg-Treasurer, and Joyce Thierfeldt and Bill Phillips-Student Council Representatives. Our caravan traveled rather slowly this year--cautiously testing the mountains and valleys that make up high school life. During this lap of the journey, Byron joined our group. On to the Sophomore year. We were used to our pioneer life by this time, and felt that our lofty position as sophomores was really worth while. Mr. Rounds was the dri- ver of our wagon train and we elected the following officers for leadership: Charles Hildum-President, Clemence White-Vice-President, Margaret Hanson- Secretary, May Wilkins-Treasurer, and Evelyn Sjogren and Donald Mara- Student Council Representa- tives. Our accomplishment for that year was the sponsoring of a Spring Dance on May 9, 1946. Ah, at last our goal is in sightl As juniors, we became decidedly more agressive, due to the strong competition given us by the seniors. We organized a strong fortress with Miss Tatu as our advisor, Nancy Cass-President, Daniel Traver-Vice-President, Janice Blasdell- Secretary, Joyce Thierfeldt-Treasurer, and Bill Phillips and Margaret Hanson-Student Council Representatives. In October it was announced that we had thoroughly skunked the seniors in the annual magazine contest. Throughout the year we sold candy and pencils. When our class rings arrived in May, 1948, we had proof that our rings -- the best ever obtained in F. H. S., represented the best class our school had ever known. Our play "A Case of Springtime," was presented on May 23 and 24, and was a smashing success. In June, we sponsored the Moving-up Day Dance, and treated the seniors to a boat ride. Well, here we are. Seniors at last! Our covered wagon has aged quite a bit since its joyous departure in 1945. Some members of the caravan have dropped out along the way, but most' of us are still here, on the last lap of our journey for Gold. We, the forty-niners, under the guidance of Mr. Tota, elected Clemence White as Presi- dent, Margaret Hanson-Vice-President, Janice Blasdell-Secretary, Daniel Traver- Treasurer, and Gladys Phillips, and Byron Brady- Student Council Representatives. The year is drawing to a swift close. Thus far, we have sponsored the Autumn Dance, Oct. 8, given our very successful play "Galloping Ghosts" on Nov. 5 and 6, taken pictures for the yearbook, and helped to sponsor the Christmas Dance. There is so much more to be done, but it will all work up to that exciting time of Commence- ment with the resulting flurry of announcements and parties. It is only after we have graduated that we will have truly found our gold -- the gold of knowledge, understand- ing, and faith in the future. It is then that we, the forty-niners must disband, each to find in his own way his own treasure of happiness. Janice Blasdell Elaine Warn Margaret Hanson 15 CLEMENCE WHITE "Red." He spends his time walking to Riverside "Little white lies," star basketball player, sec- ond in line in the White Clan. Mischievous, hap- py-go-lucky, full of fun, popular. Class Vice-Pres. 125, Class Pres. 147, Band 1l,2, 3,4-Pres.J, Chorus 11-45, Bowling 11,21 Music Ap- preciation 131, Tumbling 14-Sec. Treas.J, "A Case of Springtime", "Galloping Ghosts", "Ask the Professor", "Marianne", "Mikado", Octet 13J, Basketball 11, 2,3,4J, Baseball 11, 2,3,4J I Math, Science, Music MARGARET HANSON Margaret is our Kiantone classmate. One of the inseparable two. Golden personality, sense of humor, typical farmerette, pretty. , Class Pres. 111, Class Sec. 121, Student Council Rep. 137, Vice-Pres. 141, Chorus 141, Homemak- ing Club 111, Rifle 12-Treas.D, Music Apprecia- tion 13D, Fire Warden 145. 1 Math, Science y IANICE BLASDELL "The brain." She is dependable, friendly, co- operative and a friend to all. Whenever we get sick, we'll go to Janice, our future nurse. Her antics in gym class keep us in stitches. Class Sec. 1l,3,4D, Band 12,3,4-Treas.J, Chorus 12,3,4-Sec.J, Dramatic 11,2-Pres.D, Music Ap- preciation 13-Pres.D, Bowling 14-Pres.D, Tri- Hi-Y 12,3-Treas., 4-Pres.J, Student Council 123, "A Case of Springtime", "Galloping Ghosts", "Marianne", "Mikado." Math, Science 16 DANIEL TRAVER Dan is the future big businessman. Wears flashy ties. Well-dressed, good looking, lemon rinse, spends most of his time in Iamestovcm. Class Vice-President 131, Class Treasurer 141, Chorus 1l,2,3,4-President1, Dramatic Club 111, Press 121, Photo Club 13-President1, Rifle Club 141, "Galloping Ghosts", "Ask the Professor", "Marianne", "Mikado". Business GLADYS PHILLIPS Gladys is witty, co-operative, neat, one of the short members of the class. Subject to laugh- ing spells. Wears someone's ring. Skate fiend Chorus 1l,2,3,41, Dramatic Club 111, Photo Club "Galloping Ghosts ", H5 Case of Sp,ringtim ", Tri-Hi-Y 12,3,41. Math, Business BYRON BRADY "Bristle Bean" is a modern Sir Walter Raleigh. He proved to be a "Big Bang" in the play. Plays the harmonica, short 1circuit1, square dances. Student Council Representative 141, Bowling Club i' 121, Radio 131, F. F. A. 141, "A Case of Spring- time", "Galloping Ghosts." Science l 7 121, Dancing Club 131, Bowling Club 14-Secretary , e "Ask the Professor ', 'Marianne ' , "Mikado ' IOYCE MARTIN Joyce is one of the four on the threshold of matri mony. Goes in for "Bills." Scofield nursemaid, quiet, neat, pretty hair. to Club C3-Secretaryl, Homemaking MJ, Tri-Hi- . Y C2,3,4j, "Galloping Ghosts", "Mikado", Business CHARLES HILDUM Pete is our prestidigitator. He is famous for his imitation of Mr. Tota. He is musically inclined- voice, drums and trombone. Vihtty, unmatched, politician. Vice-President CD, President 121, Band 0,2-Pres ident, 3-President, 41, Chorus il,2,3,4J , Press Club Cl,2-Editor-in-ChiefD, Stage Craft C3-Presi- dentj, Bowling 143, Fire Warden C3,4J, Manager basketball, baseball Cl,2,4D, "A Case of Spring- time", "Galloping Ghosts","Ask the Professor", "Marianne", "Mikado". Music IOANNE RYBERG "Minnie" is the blond tornado of the Senior Class. Number one of the Siamese Twins. Headed for bus- iness College. Class Treasurer KD, Chorus Ql,2,3,4D, Bowling Club CD, Dancing Club C2,3D, Cheerleading C2,3,4D, Tri- Hi-Y C2,3,4D, " A Case of Springtime", "Gallop- ing Ghosts", "Ask The Professor", "Marianne", "IVLika.dO". Math 18 Chorus Q3,4J, Dancing Club 0,2-Treasurerj, Pho- AUTUMN SUCKOW Autumn is soon joining the ranks of housewife. Spends her spare time drawing ads. Accordion 1' player, long curly hair, Harold, Frisco, diamond. Chorus Q2,3,4J, Tri-Hi-Y Q2,3,4D, Homemaking Club Ql,4-Pres.D, Rifle 125, Dancing CSD, Cheer- leading CBD, "A Case of Springtime", "Mari- anne", "Mika.d0". Business MARION ANDERSGN sent and Future--farming. Shy, quiet, friendly, neat, easy going. Absent minded professor. Rifle C1,2J,PhotographyC3J, BowlingC4J, F.F.A. C2-Treas., 3,4-Reporterb "A Case of Spring- time." Agriculture NANCY CASS Nancy is outstanding Con the cornerj in sports. She keeps company with Mr. Adams weekly. Friendly, capable, Witty, and good looking. Where there's Nancy, there's Minnie. Class Pres. 131, Chorus C1,2,3,4-Treas.J, Bowl- Club ill, Dancing C2, 35, Cheerleading Cl, 2, 43, "A Case of Springtime ", "Galloping Ghosts ", "Ask the Professor", "Marianne ". "Mikado." Math, Science, Latin 19 Marion is the class agriculturalist. Past, Pre- m f. DONALD MARA Donny's sense of humor is appreciated even though his jokes are older than Al Iolson. He gets into as much trouble fourth periods with his senior priv- ileges as he does without them. Radio fiend, friendly, corny, fudge maker, a perfect crook in plays. Student Council CRep.-2, Vice Pres.-47, Aviation CD, Photography 121, Rifle 'C3-Sec.-Treas., 4-Pres.D, "Galloping Ghosts." 'UN EVELYN SJOGREN "Evie" is our future Jenny Lind. She likes to give suggestions in English class. Serious minded, ambitious, headed for New York City, fizziatrician Student Council Rep. CD, Chorus f2,3,4J, Art QD, Dramatics C2-Treasurerj, Music Appreciation CSD, Public Speaking 141, "A Case of Springtime ". "Marianne ", "Mikado." Math Business IOYCE THIERFELDT Joyce is a definite attraction to Frew Rim Street. Her experience with the yearbook and F.C.S. Band Will lead her to editing the Etude. Pleas- ant, attractive, ambitious and musical. Class Treasurer 131, Band C1,2-Vice Pres., 3,4- Sec.J, Chorus Cl,2,3,4J, Photo Club CD, Home- making 121, Music Appreciation 133, Bowling Q4- Vige-PreS,j, Tri-Hi-Y Q2,3,4-Vice Pres.D, "A Case of Springtime 'Z Yearbook Editor, "Ask the Professor ", "Marianne ". "Mikado ", Student Council Rep. ill Math. Science, Music 20 ELAINE WARN Elaine appreciates FUNNY jokes and likes to tell them. She has that "Ivory" look. Reacts quickly to the word "rest." Good natured, "Oh Mercy," likes parties, has a silly streak. Chorus C2, 3, 45, Photo Club Cl5, Dramatic Club C25, Music Appreciation 135, Tri-Hi-Y C2, 3, 4- Student Council Rep.5, Fire Warden C3, 45, "Marianne ", "Mikado." ' Science GORDON BARTON "Charlie" is known as the squirt gun fiend. He loves to get a certain Senior under the mistletoe. S20 presents, temper, temper, favorite saying, "Poontang," obstinate. Band 125, Chorus Kl,2,3,45, Bowling Club C15, Dancing C2,35, Tumbling C45, "A Case of Spring- time ", "Ask the Professor 'L "Marianne ", "Mikado ", Basketball C2,3-Manager,45, Base- ball C2,3,45. ' TZ 5 't ' if Math, Science ni X lifli i x MAYWILKINS May likes to be in style. Know any good sacroi- liac specialists? Makes the most use of Dewing's learned art. Determined, clairvoyant, amiable. Chorus Cl,2,3,45, Dancing Club Cl,35, Press Club C25, Homemaking C45, "Galloping Ghosts ", "Ask the Professor ", Tri-Hi-Y C2,3,45, "Marianne ", "Mikado." Science 21 IEANETTE WAID Ieanette is always willing to help others. She seems to like it on the floor during gym classes. She spends her time going to the shows with Bob. Dependable, pleasant, athletic, patient. Chorus il, 2, 3, 43, Bowling CU, Dancing Club C2, BJ, Homemaking C4-Vice Presidentl, Tri-Hi- Y C2, BJ, Baton CZ, 35, "A Case of Springtime", "Ask the Professor", "Marianne'?, "Mikado," Science 3 THEODORE IAC KSON "Teddy" is known for his stick-to-itiveness. Want to argue?--see Ted. Mr. Adams' pest. Detective, blonde swede, favorite saying---"Dumb farmer." Bowling Club C1,2D, Rifle Club K3-Pres.D, Camera Club 141, "A Case of Springtime", Baseball C2,3, 41 . Math, Science "Jackie" spends her time writing letters to M1 hi gan. She chaperons Nancy and Mr. Adams on their weekly visits. Horseback rider, athletic. Chorus C2,3,4J, Homemaking 111, Bowling KZJ, Art C3-Treasurerl, Consumer's Economics C4J, Tr1-H1- Y C2,3,-45, "A Case of Springtime", "Marianne", "Mikado." Science 22 BETTE JONES Bette's favorite movie star is "Boston Blackie." She's the only one in the class with two class rings. Beautician, high C, Robin Hill. ld., Chorus C2,3,4D, Homemaking CD, Dancing 125, Mu- sic Appreciation CSD, Bowling CID, "Marianne", "Mikado." ' Music HOWARD PARSONS Howard is the happy-go-lucky type. He dreams of "Jeanie with the light brown hair." Brings 5 in the bacon fusually fryingj, Chappell's Lumber Mill ,fl Af . f , Rifle Club CD, Dancing Club 121, Bowling Club . . y C4-Captainl, F. F. A. Cl,2,4D. Agriculture AG if MIL DRED WIGREN "Millie" is an asset to Howard's bowling team. Future reporter of New York Times. Original co-operative basketball guard, loquacious. Chorus C2,3,4D, Dancing Club 41559, Newspaper 423, Bowling 443, Tri-Hi-Y C2,3,4J, "Ask The Professor", "Marianne", "Mikado," Science Q g N g H 1 ll Qf. 23 f class will fl 5 1 WE, the Class of '49, being of sound mind and body, do ordain and establish this our last Will and Testament. We leave the following articles to our friends and admirers: Dan Traver - - Ted Jackson . . Jeanette Waid . Elaine Warn. . Clemence White Joanne Ryberg Autumn Suckow May Wilkins . Nancy Cass . . Marion Anderson. . Charles Hildum Joyce Martin . . . . Jacqueline Hansen . o a . a n - 1 u a his lemon rinse to Barbara Johnson so she can keep her hair blond for Gordon. his inertness to Edna Kline so she can take her time once in awhile. a map of the roads between Frewsburg and Jamestown to Dorothy Nelson so she won't get lost. her worries to Barbara Payne so she has something to keep her bookkeeping worries company. his practical jokes to Norman Morgan so he can carry on in Clem's place. to Nanci Crist she leaves her angel's wings so she can fly down to Texas. her knowledge of parking places to Dorothy Schoonover. four easy lessons on "How to Get a Diamond" to Dolores Olson. Her brother to Florence Gustafson in hopes that she can get along with him better than Nancy does. his Xmas paper dolls to Bob Stone. his pamphlet on "How to Stay Away from Women" to David Wilcox. a bottle of ammonia to Janet Swanson so she can clean her engagement ring. her letters from Michigan to Barbara Sheldon so she will have something to do on her long winter evenings. 24 5-N wx' x A, G. Q ya. '59 NE- Ioyce Thierfeldt . . . Bette Jones . . Gordon Barton .... Donald Mara ..... Byron Brady ..... Evelyn Sjogren . Margaret Hanson Janice Blasdell . . . Gladys Phillips .... Mildred Wigren . Howard Parsons g 4" riff gf Lf 3-. i -5 her clarinet to Claybourne Sager so he won't have so much trouble on the high notes. her gum chewing ability to Marilyn Bemis. his temper to Barbara Larson so she can "Fly off the handle" once in a while. his technique in giving sales talks to Pauline Wilson. his shortness to Billl Greene so he won't feel so tall. her artistic ability to Roger Haglund. a bottle of red hair dye to Reggie White so he can carry on the tradition. her place on the honor roll to Allen to keep it in the family. her weekly trips to Russell and her pair of skates to Bill Waite. her noon hour duties to Dorothy Philbrick. his happy-go-lucky manner to john Brotherton. The Class of '49 leaves: All the arguments we could have had to Mr. Tota To Mr. Adams, comfortable chairs in the lab. so the future science classes can concentrate on class work instead of the agonies of the old chairs. Our mistakes to the Class of '50 so they can profit by them. 25 PHUPHECU SJ? J - ..-r My Q HAVING moved Westward and settled, We see our classmates performing their daily duties. Marion is running his ranch by remote control. Byron has quit Ma.rion's group of hired hands and is running a ranch in competition. Bette and Jackie are the new make-up artists for RKO motion pictures. Having used their past experience to good advantage, Nancy and Joanne are now frequently seen standing on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. May is still spending her hard-earned money for bus tickets to Buffalo, only now she has farther to go. Ted is now a first-class F. B. I. agent in Death Valley. Gladys has become a switchboard operator and keeps calling all the mem- bers of the class of '49. Dan has seated himself comfortably behind his desk and is relaxed in his khakis. We hear that Pete is now playing the drums in a classy orchestra and is a magician on the side. ' I Janice has hired herself out as a private nurse to all the spoiled movie star brats. 26 riff! . E fiuuzqlzs Y Q W if ' 1 1V ' Joyce M. and Bill are burning up the telephone lines from East Aurora to keep the rest of us in touch with their married life. Gordon is still a bachelor, but is keeping as many girls on the string. Evelyn is an opera singer on the California branch of the Metropolitan. Joyce T. can be seen making her rounds in the Wilds of Oregon, visiting everyone on the parish charge. Elaine is making beautiful false teeth for each member of the class as we grow older. ' Autumn and Harold are raising horses on their horse ranch. On the next ranch, Margaret and Clemence are living in blissful happiness, raising little White red-heads. Mildred is now chief spy for Louella Parsons. Howard has now become an expert in his field -- stage managing for Columbia Motion Pictures. Last, but not least, Bob Hope is now writing jokes for Donny's new radio Vpro7 gram. 27 A ,, , THEN GM First row: Janice Blasdell, Joyce Thierfeldt, Joanne Ryberg, Laura Mason, Bar- bara Jolly, Jean Long, Betty Blood, Nancy Cass. Second row: Miss Brown- Advis or, Theodore Jackson, Gladys Phillips, Barbara Carlson, Beverly Wilder, Au- tumn Suckow, Mildred Wigren, Dolores Olson, Edna I-loughwot, Pauline Wilson, Marcia Rugg, Donald Arnold, Charles Hildum. Third row: Fred Britain, Le Roy Rounds, Gilbert Bullock, John Meleen, Mickey Flanagan, Charles Johnson, Clem- ence White, Gordon Barton. HUUI First row: Janice Blasdell, Joyce Thierfeldt, Joanne Ryberg, Nancy Cass. Sec- ond row: Theodore Jackson, Gladys Phillips, .Autumn Suckow, Mildred Wigren, Charles Hildum. Third row: Clemence White, Gordon Barton. 28 Cohcmnfv afc. ---- Brafsl R un, Nanqrf, RLLNQ . s I .J f 'K fs mf? K if gi? I , 4 2? A ow lssfl. n hqvqu Aybcy. cga. sonwaihxnef Bachelor of Scgmv-eq, .JH-Q. .N Qgkfz Bs o . J9Y4" ana Gnu G.-cnnus af work Y? ' 1 gi 4 .,,, , H 1 1 H uhgvni ' "5w1oka, gd-'Vi Nh YGLAY aww: 'I+'5 V 3 Knoszkov-"ff DURING our junior year, our class presented "A Case of Springtime." When Bob tried the "sawing a woman in half" magic trick on the principal's daughter, it didn't work. There was no murder committed, but Bob is already in plenty of trouble. To add to his troubles, he had borrowed a formal coat from his girl friend, Joanland of course she got it from her father, the principalj. It is accidentally torn and Bob thrusts it into the laundry bag, the contents of which are to be dyed. By the time Bob finds the real fate of that laundry bag, y 4 lu it is too late, and the outraged principal has discovered everything. --- ' The dye is cast. Seriously worried, mother decides to entertain the P. T. A. ladies in hope that they may intercede for her son. Just before their arrival, Bob's kid brother set up a series of homemade booby traps. The P. T. A. ladies walk right into them, and they know it is all Bob's fault. They want to denounce him and send authorities after him, but that isn't nec- essary. Through a misunderstanding, the authorities are already out to get him. Bob thinks he is living under a curse, but changes his mind when all his misunderstandings are cleared up. Bob Parker Mr. Parker Mrs. Parker Betty Parker Dickie Parker Gwen Anderson Joan Abernaker Eddie Louella Mr. Abernaker Mrs. Brunswick Mrs. James Mrs. Hill Plainclothes Man Miss Bright "A CASE OF SPRINGTIMEH who is on a spot his father his mother his sister the kid brother Dickie's "flame" the principa.l's daughter her brother the Parkers' maid the high school principal of the P. T. A. of the P. T. A. of the P. T. A. the "Law" from the zoo 30 Clemence White Charles Hildum Jeanette Waid Joyce Thierfeldt Byron Brady Gladys Phillips Autumn Suckow Gordon Barton Janice Blasdell Marion Anderson Jacqueline Hansen Evelyn Sjogren Joanne Ryberg Theodore Jackson Nancy Cass MISS Barton is too proud to accept assistance from her wealthy nephews, so Dick de- cides to fool her into taking the money she needs. He plans to hide a sum of money in the house, have it accidentally discovered, and then claim that it must be the hidden money Grandfather was supposed to have left her. He hires a waitress to dress up as an exot- ic clairvoyant, and puts on a seance act as a means of discovering the planted money. But the fake clairvoyant is in cahoots with a crook, and plans to outwit Dick by stealing the money herself. Patricia and Phil, Dick's frivolous teen-age sister and brother con- coct a weird apparition, a.nd then proceed to crop up with it at the most unexpected mo- ments to scare the daylights out of people. The kids also discover the clairvoyant's plot, and she soon finds herself being chased by a ghost instead of raising one. Dick plants the money, but the kids substitute rocks for it, a.nd the clairvoyant and her part- ner get rocks instead of money. Then another ghost enters upon the scene, and the real money also disappears. Soon, various people are disguising themselves as ghosts, in an effort to find the money. Finally, a few new twists bring home the money, and then some. Miss Elizabeth Barton Richard Barton Thomas Barton Philip Barton Patricia Barton Berkeley Barton Mrs. Melinda Todd Marie Farrell Stephen Dykes Madam Dupre Albert UGALLOPING GHO STS' ' who likes young people her wealthy nephew her serious nephew her frivolous nephew her pretty niece Richard's wife a distant cousin engaged to Thomas in love with Pat a clairvoyant ner accomplice 31 Janice Blasdell Charles Hildum Clemence White Byron Brady Joanne Ryberg Nancy Cass Joyce Martin Gladys Phillips Daniel Traver May Wilkins Donald Mara W an Nwghf 'ra :maxi Evvelxgh C0 land I Tai? , . , 'fg'1?fWfig 4 Mx ,. U., . -..., is X A ,. 'dl A ' -QL. X 'lv s V' xx 1 VXJY T13 925' MIYICYX Jackie 1 1 G Xa-his N vb -hw w V tr x. C'-9 Q- y ' , wk f , .',. 5' ,,q,1'g., A, age 5' K if ff N. " -S G Elaxne 4 Bqvon ,g V -if I It ,, IQ Yam L -. . , an . ,lair 5 FPA ' na:-ew if K .5 vii- xx N3 m wg V7 i Q A ., 1- - -'Z-' 9? ff! i 1 'ff il 'iz FLIX hh -' , , PE", "1 ' zxliffi . 4 G o r- A an Q . .1 - ,--'ff .- -f f 1 ,-,gfr.., , - . L H A --1. m. ,zf-1,5 x,-V, -1.2 a :Q '. ' XP 1-veg, 1, , W-4-6111-K Q A , ' V'U f -fx " X Q '55, Y 4.,f L A 'f Q ' r- . , 1 5: ,Q ff, fi. 1 f' Q "1 ' " X., .'.?.x' J "Ui - ' g ,E.v?,gx .M 1 V v,4, , 7 H2 1' - 'M' la' .3?i'31'.-41, ,u3,f'- v Wg? ' 1' if' . v .9-' , w, ' 'V 'fi' 1 Q- "ff: nfs? if Iii' Javnce x' ., .'?Z!5Q:' Be vie, is J 1 5, 'U lx 5: if gill'- ' nv 'W' as K 'X ln. .-:EEL-A kv .gg . V 'ML ' ' , K' 5 A gm W5 .- My wx. ww L K- - , Q egemwss' 'Q gy XNIXKYXYNXQ3 S I y IE ...J egg. , .Q13 X Q 1 Q 0 ' Mfr" 'ig' ' . , uw F rg, 3 I ' If s I fy ' . 1, 5 . xl fi Y "Qgp ffg, . l v I W? ' -. -fs 3225? Q, N i " 'S -- v- wx' Q5 , "5.v,g ., 1 - si a .QM O rr, - 5-k3?3,f.,,.51.1 : ,f A! n K f 'Mi' ' 351 fini .k if . M "4 nf-5 RES 'WK VA 'K 7 " 1 'ai .. W V ' W' rw 424159 1 v gig Pe 1'e. Q . '49 J.-'ee T ilk F' JGBHQHC , if 1 4 W as W1 ..,,1,: V I gl f X .N i1l ,sf ' M m Y' 3- Cl Z Dan 'Mah F'vaehd5f'-- Gef +0 work,C1em! Ganga Dan chow Damn Thoie P.G.'5 -- PYlV6'C3Cd Gahjgi-grg The pa-.15e fv,a+ re Crashes Dov1"I'Qw-1 river Spxli' msik. You, 1-gil hywy, Maw-5av-1+ in 4' T1 Pthg '1"voubxC5 'Gxvt me Y,,,,r 3n5wcqJo." 4, X x X ' H I YOLL'TQ, 5+lN wrong! F First row: Barbara Johnson, Edna Kline-Treasurer, Roger Haglund-Vice- President, Dolores Olson-President, Florence Gustafson- Secretary, Fae Murray, Second row: Nancy Barber, David Wilcox, Jack Treadway, Nanci Crist, Harold Classon, Kermit R.inell, John Ekstrom, Miss Tatu- Advisor. Third row: Dorothy Schoonover, Pauline Wilson, Beverly Lindsay, Ray- mond Wiltsie, Robert Stone, Barbara Payne, Janet Swanson, Dorothy Nel-. JUHIUHS SOI1. found the Post Office burned down? Nancy Barber got mad? Harold Classon grew up? Nanci Crist lost her telephone? Florence Gustafson Roger Haglund lost his camera? Barbara Johnson stopped fighting with a Senior? Edna Kline got to S. S. on time Mondays? Fae Murray weren't interested in Silver? Dorothy Nelson Dolores Olson Barbara Payne Kermit Rinell Dorothy Schoonover Janet Swanson Jack Treadway David Wilcox Pauline Wilson Raymond Wiltsie Robert Stone really broke up? wasn't partial to white collar men? could shoot pool? couldn't throw his knife? lost her shoe? cut her finger nails? lost his voice? had just one girl? got her bookkeeping done? kept a date book? couldn't ride a horse? 36 Joyce Thurston Russell Roller Rink First row: Iva Poole, Barbara Larson, Allen Minser-Vice President, Charles Oberg President, Cleora Bennett-Secretary, John Brotherton-Treasurer, Roland Billquist. Second row: Donalene Olson, Donna Mae Arnold, Joyce Thurston, Avis Chandler, Ro- mayne Wiltsie, Shirley Mason, Dorotlw Wiltsie, Janice Young, Joan Barker, Joan Shel- don, Phyliss Ehrhart, Marilyn Bemis, Miss Fleming-Advisor. Third row: Barbara Sheldon, Doris Littlefield, Ernest Wiltsie, William Waite, William Greene, Ronald Waite, John Petransky, Theodore Stone, Vldlliam Irwin, John Meleen, Nancy Ehrhart. SQEEJQXTIQEEES Romayne Wiltsie Iva Poole Dorothy Wiltsie Marilyn Bemis Beverly Lindsay Doris Littlefield Phyliss Ehrhart Nancy Ehrhart Barbara Sheldon Ardith Parsons Janice Young Shirley Mason Avis Chandler Donna Mae Arnold Donalene Olson Barbara Larson Joan Sheldon Bill Waite Charles Oberg Sherwood Nelson Allen Minser John Brotherton Ronald Waite John Meleen Ernest Wiltsie skating dancing R.. R.. R. dates Sinclairville Dances reading ice skating reading dancing bowling playing piano 'P 'P Friday nights 'P 'P sleeping in tents stealing girls boyfriends!!! swimming at anytime in a certain place knitting Cwhat?J movies a certain sophomore girl French teacher Cno commentl chasing Swedes Geometry Photography reading 'P 'P 'P Washington street stories Roland Billquist arguing? 'P Thomas Darling mischief? 'P John Petransky hunting Ted Stone horses William Irwin Agriculture Bill Greene breaking Jamestown dates 37 ' FHESHHJEH J First Row: Ronald Greene, Clyde Blackmer, George Littlefield, Norman Morgan, George Bernhardt, Reginald White, Donald Erickson, Claybourne Sager. Second row: Margaret Sjogren, Janice Bjork-Secretary, Sandra Young Treasurer, Betty Warn-President, Floyd Hiller-Vice President,Elvera Ekstrom, Evelyn Blair. Third row: Katherine Seekins, Nancy Becker, Beverly Rinell,Joanne Haglund, Betty Spencer, Carol Bennett, Mary Tornstrom, Donna Bova, Dorothy Philbrick, Carolyn Holmquist, Miss Aaron-Advisor. Fourth row: Richard White, Peter Sheats, John Rounds, Raymond Harwood, Allen Blas- dell, Donavon Bengtson, Allison Scott, Frank Engblom, Clarence Irwin. EIHHTH GHHIJE First row: Russell Houghwot, Edwin Sandberg, Ronald Nelson, Theodore Seekins, Jack Lindholme, Lawrence Sandberg, Eugene Shures, Myron Ekstrom, Arthur Button, Roger Stone. Second row: Shirley Sheldon, Esther Battles-Secretary, Earl Bender-Vice- President, Norma Johnson-President, Evelyn Seekins-Treasurer, Wlvia Nelson. Third row: Pauline Markham, Helen Springer, Carol Johnson, Donna Parson, Barbara Lind, Geneva Trask, Constance Blood, Mary Wiltsie, Carol Bartlett, Emily Brady, Joy Bar- ber, Joan Danielson, Elaine Meleen, Mr. Messina-Advisor, Fourth row: Charles Car- ley, Charles Greene, Thomas Boyle, Gary Clark, Norman Seeking, Calvin Bragg, El- mer Johnson, Donald Jones, Harold Erickson. 38 SEVENTH GHHUE J First row: John Young, John Thierfeldt, Roger Sundell, Garry Waid, Ernest Danielson, Bryan Limberg, Robert Johnson, DuWane Gloss, Norman Crow. Second row: Nancy Hiller, Phyllis Bush- Secretary, William Dallas-President, Marvin Bernhardt-Vice- President, Ann Marie Erikson-Treasurer, Susan White. Third row: Alton Linstrom, Joyce Holmquist, Naomi Sitler, Ethel Waite, Dolores I-limes, Mary Jane Nelson, Donna Swanson, Mary Dowd, Luella Moore, Beverly Youngberg, Pauline Walker, Evelyn Beck- er, Thomas Kirik, Miss Smith-Advisor, Nancy Wiltsie. Fourth row: Arloene John- son, Alberta Lindahl, Mary Kehe, Beverly Bengtson, Nellie Barrus, Jean Swanson, Edith Bartlett, Edna Mae Walsh, Norma Jean Johnson, Virginia Moore, ldabelle Annis. Fifth row: DuWayne Scott, Harold Engstrom, James Rowley, Leo Himes, David Munson, Raymond Becker, Elmer Daniels, Merle Houghwot, James Jones, Leonard White, Will- iam Treadway, Philip Traver, Benjamin White. SIXTH GRHDE First row: Ardell Ekstrom, Marion Hale, Eva Parsons, Lois Sittinger, Beverly Stark Shirley Becker, Mary Anne Cook. Second row: Doris Blackmer, Jean Barker, Bonnie Minser, Marcia Husted, Kathleen Ryberg, Janet Wasberg, Lynnette Irwin, Nancy Fish, Jean Carter, Laura Lee Jones, Myrna I-limes, Sandra Lindstrorn. Third row: Ray- mond Johnson, Thomas Dorsey, Richard Walsh, Richard Nelson, Fredrick Seth, Bruce Lindahl, Bradley Sitler, Thomas Traver, Miss Derby-Advisor. 39 S HHH GHHDE First row: Barbara Suckow, Wanda Nelson, Patricia Bush, Carol Motter, Carol Sears, Cora Irwin, Nancy Greene. Second row: Harriett Hirnes, Robert Merchant, Joyce Johnson, Marian Clark, Laura May Johnson, James Adams, Theodore Peter- son, Curt Spontaneo, Brian Johnson, Beulah Stanton. Third row: Charles Hale, Carol Carlson, Dale Erikson, James Engstrom, Dale Nelson, George Rowley, Dan Russell, Lois Sisson, Beverly Wargo, Donna Barrus, Robert Greene, Mrs. Sager- Advisor. HJUIHH GHHDE J First row: Norma Dulmus, Muriel Hager, Alicia Holmquist, Teressa Traver, Ca- rol Ann Johnson, Marcia Hultberg, Alice Bova, Marilyn Hamilton. Second row: Robert Carlson, Michael Nelson, Charles Carlson, Ronald Youngberg, Roger Mark- ham, Griffin Smith, Charles Peterson. Third row: Shayne Munger, Timothy Bjork, David Barker, Jerry Parson, Joyce Sisson, Kenneth Rowley, Frank Seekins, Wayne Rowley, Miss Enos, Advisor. 40 Inmnsnnnf First row: Diane Wiltsie, Marleen Donelson, Kathleen Barker, Norma Jean Munger, Patricia Eckman, Mina Mae Moore, Phyllis Houghwot, Maxine Husted, Judy Hamil- ton. Second row: Clyde Irwin, Shirley Marie Johnson, Kathleen Walsh, Robert Ar- nold, John Parsons, Eugene Russell, Harriet Cushner, Ronald Johnson, Mary Lit- tle, Donna Lindstrom, Jeanette Rice. Third row: Paul Kehe, Allen Hamilton, Da- vid Hansen, Stephen Christian, Larry Starks, John Fiebelkorn, Jean Anderson, James Lindsay, Bruce Darling, Nancy Barrus, Mrs. Porter-Advisor. SEUUHD GHHDE First row: Sylvia Lindboom, Sandra Featherstone, Larry Ecklund, Roger Jacobson, Barbara Gustafson, Sharon Munger, Sandra Murray, Robert Brightman. Second row: Donna Springer, Theodore Anderson, Barbara Sanborn, David Seth, Leonard Ekstrom, Wayne Robinson, Constance Nobbs, Carol Horner, David Christian, Ro- berta Dean, Patricia Berg. Third row: Roger Wasberg, Lois Carlson, Richard Lowery, Verna Seekins, Martha Bova, John Rice, Carol Cook, Wayne Lindstrom, Judith Danielson, Miss Olds-Advisor. 41 FIRST GHHDE First row: Lois Starks, Alice Brightman, Sharon Johnson, Donald Daniels, Judy Swanson, Arthur Culver, Gary Berg, Sally Sheats, Marilyn Anderson. Second row: Donald Irwin, Richard Niles, Gary Darling, Milton Mclntyre, Jo- seph Marsh, Harry Hardinger, Michelle Birt, Karoline Johnson, Burton Waid, Mrs. Impey, Advisor. Third row: Kathleen Paul, Larry Larson, Sheldon An- derson, Karen Ingeman, Gene Waid, Robert Davis, Donna Linberg. HIHDEHGHRTEH First row: Judith Walker, Ronald Anderson, Norma Fellows, Robert Sand- berg, Jerry Eklund, Gordon Danielson, Wanda Lee, Frank Ellis, Sa.ndra Waite, Peter Turk, Russell Bentley, Rita Johnson. Second row: Mary Clifford- Practice teacher, Everett Seastrum, Louise Lee, Margie Walsh, Joyce Milks, Timothy Marsh, Donna Atkins, Evelyn Mclntyre, Evelyn Moore, Barry Stone, Joseph Ellis, Harry Adams, Patricia Jones, Mrs. Westphal-Advisor. 42 HIHDEHGHRTEH Seated: Sally Pratt, Jaye Rowley, Barry Crist, Paul Anderson, Mary L. Dorsey, John Little, David Thomas, Karen Gustafson, William Paul, Paul Ty- ler, Cecile Nobbs, Norman Green. Standing: Mary Clifford-Practice teach- er, Sandra Youngberg, Georganne Young, Bonnie Johnson, James Rice, Stephen Hill, William Dowd, John Mahoney, Robert Anderson, Susan Russell, Ion Husted, Merle Atkins, David Frew, Mrs. Westphal-Advisor. FIRST BRHDE First row: Thomas Atkins, Rebecca Motter, Marjorie Adams, Grace Turk, Suzette Bjork, Ann Hansen, Betty Johnson, Emerald Seekins, Gordon Bush. Second row: George Ekstrom, Richard Markam, Phil- lip Knapp, Edward Stone, Gordon Daniels, David Covey, Richard Westman, Terry Olafson, Ronald Anderson, Mrs. Warn-Advisor. 43 IIIIIIIBIHEII THIHII HHTI TTIUHTH TIIIHITES First row: Gordon Lind, Betty Rowley, Joan Barber, Winifred Dowd, Diane Frankson, Ethelyn Johnson, Yvonne Walters, Ed- ward Davis. Second row: Peter Hansen, Lars Stone, Jack McIn- tyre, Dennis Johnson, Walter Trask, Arthur Ekstrorn, John Covey, Gary Burgett, Mrs. Nordland-Advisor, CIITIIBIIIEII TITTH HIIIT SIXTH IIHHIJES I First row: Cynthia Mackie, Patricia Wald, David Sheldon, Bruce Crist, Donna Walsh, Gwendolyn Meleen, Harriett Kline. Second row: Suzanne Howard, Donna Jacobson, Nancy Green, Barbara Wiltsie, Ruth Gustafson, Janet Jacobson, Mrs. Haley-Advisor. Third row: Myrton Barrus, Craig Sheldon, Herbert Robbins, Rich- ard Spontaneof 44 FEHTUHVILLE SCHUUL First row: Donna Thurston, Herbert Wiltsie, Deanna Fellows, Dia.nna Fellows, Ronald Fellows. Second row: Alan Shures, Dorian Larson, Florence Blood, Billy Tornstrom, Karen Johnson, Mrs. Maha.n-Advisor. lvnnu SAQHUUL 'fwnfa rf I uni! .L-.. First row: Clayton Scott, Shirley Long, Alvin Bragg. Second row: Charleen Nelson, Tommy Seekins, Clare Warn, Betty Becker. Third row: Mrs. Marsh-Advisor, Sandra Lamphere, Carolyn Scott, Marvin Swanson, Dorothy Warn. 45 W mnnmnf scuum First row: Thomas Eaton, Ivetta Elderkin. Second row: Saundra Luce. Third row: Cynthia Hodges. Fourth row: Richard Eaton, Merle Elderkin. Fifth row: Reginald Eaton, Betty Elderkin, Mrs. Gilbert-Advisor. RIVERSIDE SUHUUL --.-..........,. First row: Grant Johnson, Richard Seekings. Second row: Mary Nordland, Lois Seekings, Mrs. Johnson-Advisor. 46 HEHT SUHUUL First row: Gordon Nelson, Janice Nutt, Anita Davidson, Second row: Vernon Davidson, Barbara Kebort, Sharon Cook. Third row: Miss Cross-Advisor, Billy Kebort, Barbara Gregg, Carolyn Davidson, Elaine Bender, Stewart Davidson, Roger Nelson. Kent Fentonville W0 TY Kiantone Riverside 47 ATHLETICS n BHSHETBHLL Kneeling: Quentin White, Clemence White, David Wilcox. Standing: Mr. Scofield, Gordon Barton, Bill Greene, Donald Mara, Ken Wilcox, Gordon Sheldon, Charles Oberg, Jack Treadway, Charles Hildum, Manager. SPORT SPOTS IN '49 FREWSBURG Central's basketeering Eagles were off to a fast, furious start, Whipping Ripley in a first league encounter 49 to 27. Repeating again against Chautauqua 33 to 24, We took our first two games of the season. Our first defeat at Clymer was handed to us by a close count of 31 to 36. Again on the golden victory trail we downed Panama on our home court 35 to 27 in a hotly contested game from start to finish. When we invaded league leading Mayville we took a decisive loss of 28 to 40. At Sherman the golden touch came back and our boys won a close victory of 43 to 42. The Bemus Point and Ripley games were both important and both losses. When Chautauqua invaded our court we subdued them with a 30 to 19 count. Clymer entered our local court and again took a victory of 41 to 20. These are the high spots in the 1948-1949 basketball sports season. Coach Scofield has done admirable work whipping this years team into shape. We aclmow- ledge our Coach's leadership and wish to thank him for his patience and work with our boys. .SS2.H.O.QL ME Ii Chautauqua 33 24 Clymer 31 36 Panama 35 27 Mayville 28 32 Sherman 43 42 Bemus Point 28 36 Ripley 27 40 Chautauqua 30 1 9 Clymer 20 41 49 .Juniors vnnsnu I li S I - Seated: Richard White, Allen Minser, Roland Billquist, Ronald Greene, George Bernhardt, Donavon Bengtson, Theodore jackson, Standing: Charles Hildum, Manager, Norman Morgan, Reginald White, Claybourne Sager, John Meleen, Sherwood Nelson, Peter Sheats, Harold Classon, Roger Haglund, Robert Stone, Ronald Waite, Floyd Hiller, Frank Engblom, Mr. Scofield. BHSEBHLL Kneeling: William Irwin, Theodore Jackson, Clernence White. Standing: Mr. Scofield, Gordon Barton, David Wilcox, Kenneth Wilcox, William Greene, Charles Oberg, Gordon Sheldon, Charles Hildum-Manager. 50 CHEEH LEHDERS Kneeling: Joanne Ryberg, Nanci Crist, Nancy Cass, Fae Murray. Standing: Florence Gustafson, Edna Kline, Dolores Olson-Captain. JUHIUH CHEER LEHDEHS T11 W K X First row: Elaine Meleen, Janice Bjork, Nancy Becker-Captain. Second row: Ioy Barber, Susan White, Margaret Sjogren. 51 Eh-511551 class,-.5 All 'l'ha'i"-91.-H'-'I-s.v-.S I5 noi gohi. corna. and Sa--P VY! ' Har VAQJQ51-xi I E H50 D'-3"+0 0'-'LV' "'1'sn? Pv--'VJ slde klgk YOU. advs'+ 531'l W kai' '5 coakuyg? ACTIVITIES 3 Banu J J First rowi Nancy Hiller, Elaine Meleen, Joan Danielson, Janice Blasdell-Treasurer, Joyce Thierfeldt- Secretary, Claybourne Sager. Second row: Reginald White, John Thierfeldt, Ernest Danielson, Norman Morgan, Raymond Wiltsie, John Meleen, William Dallas, Roger Sundell, John Young. Third row: Harold Erikson, Allen Blasdell, Ernest Wiltsie, Clemence White-President, Charles Hildum, Quentin White-Vice President. CHORUS First row: Joanne Ryberg, Marilyn Bemis, Janice Bjork, Shirley Mason, Margaret Hanson, Elaine Warn, Joyce Thierfeldt, Dorothy Wiltsie, Barbara Larson, Donalene Olson, Ardith Parsons, Joyce Martin, Janice Blasdell-Secretary, Beverly Rinell, Elvera Ekstrom, Sandra Young, Margaret Sjogren, Carolyn Holmquist, Ive Poole, Barbara Johnson, Dorothy Schoonover, Gladys Phillips, Dorothy Philbrick, Fae Murray. Second row: Joyce Thurston, Joan Sheldon, Janice Young, Nanci Crist, Evelyn Blair, Evelyn Sjogren, Mildred Wigren, Betty Spencer, Donna 1VIae Arnold, Barbara Sheldon, Barbara Payne, Edna Kline, Florence Gustafson, May lmlkins, Pauline Wilson, Beverly Lindsay, Janet Swanson, Nancy Cass-Treasurer, Dolores Olson, Dorothy Nelson, Jeanette Waid, Autumn Suckow, Avis Chandler, Bette Jones, Jacqueline Hansen, Cleora Bennett. Third row: Roland Billquist, Allen Minser, John Meleen, Daniel Traver-President, Quentin White, William Waite, Ernest Wiltsie, Roger Haglund, Clemence White, DavidiWilcox- Vice President, Gordon Barton, Charles Hildum, Peter Sheats, Donald Erickson, Ronald Greene, Norman Morgan, Reginald White, Claybourne Sager, Miss Woodmansee. 54 BHTUH TUIIHLEHS Left to Right: Susan White, Nancy Becker, Joy Barber, Elaine Meleen, Janice Young-Majorette. snmu PHTRUL First row: John Thierfeldt, Thomas Kirik, Beverly Youngberg, James Rowley, Beverly Bengtson, Donna Swanson, Pauline Walker, Mary Dowd, Garry Waid. Second row: Du Wayne Scott, Susan White, Nancy Hiller, Ann Marie Erikson, Nancy Wiltsie, Norma Jean Johnson, Arloene Johnson, Edith Bartlett, Ethel Waite, Naomi Sitler, Miss Smith-Advisor, Virginia Moore. Third row: , Philip Traver, Norman Crow, Benjamin White, Luella Moore, Leonard White, Edna Mae Walsh, James Jones, Merle Houghwot, Leo I-limes, Elmer Daniels, Raymond Becker, Harold Engstrom. 55 FIRE UIHHDEHS First row: Nancy Barber, David Wilcox, Margaret Hanson, Roland Billquist, Second row: Donald Mara, Elaine Warn, Bette Jones, Janice Blasdell, Quentin White, Mr. Sanborn-Advisor. Third row: Charles Hildum, Jack Treadway, Gordon Sheldon, Kenneth Wilcox, Gordon Barton, Charles Oberg. HUUH HUUH HELPERS Standing: Mr. Scofield, Laura May Johnson, Susan White, Sandra Lindstrom, Beverly Wargo, Arloene Johnson, Barbara Lind, Jean Swanson, Ioan Danielson. 56 TRI-HI-U J J First row: Pauline Wilson-Treasurer, Janice Blasdell-President, Joyce Thierfeldt-Vice President, Nancy Barber- Secretary, Nancy Cass, Nanci Crist. Second row: Miss Fleming-Advisor, Joyce Martin, May Wilkins, Autumn Suckow, Janice Young, Joan Sheldon, Shirley Mason, Donna Mae Arnold, Marilyn Bemis, Barbara Larson, Elaine Warn, Evelyn Sjogren, Joa.nne Ryberg, Barbara Johnson, Fae Murray. Third row: Phyliss Ehrhart, Mildred Wigren, Barbara Payne, Barbara Sheldon, Ardith Parsons, Joan Barker, Avis Chandler, Donalene Olson, Dolores Olson, Florence Gustaf- son, Gladys Phillips, Nancy Ehrhart, Janet Swanson, Dorothy Nelson. THE Tri-Hi-Y is an organization of girls whose aim is to "create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." bers of the Tri-Hi-Y. For two days they submitted to the slow torture of grease paint and uncomfortable clothing. One of our projects this year has been the sponsoring of a movie during the noon hour. We hope that we continue to be of service to our members and the school as a whole. 57 This year, for the last time, we initiated the new mem- FUTURE FHHIHEHS First row: Clyde Blackmer, John Petransky-Secretary, Jack Treadway4 W President, Raymond Wiltsie-Vice President, William Waite-Treasurer, Marion Anderson-Reporter. Second row: Howard Parsons, John Meleen, Donavon Bengtson, Harold Classon, Clarence Irwin, Allen Blasdell, George Littlefield, William Irwin, Claybourne Sager, Byron Brady. Third row: David Wilcox, Gordon Sheldon, John Rounds, Theodore Stone, Robert Stone, William Greene, Allison Scott, John Ekstrom, Mr. Gulvin-Advisor. WHAT goes on once a month on Monday nights down in the Ag room? It seems to be a deep, dark secret to some of us. ln September at the Chautauqua County Fair, our F. F. A. took third prize for their booth showing different cuts of meat. Some of J , the members also took prizes for livestock and poultry. 1' A After about four months of probation, nine new members went through the agonies of being initiated. During the rest of the year, the F. F. A. plans to sell seeds and ' raise chickens as a project .for the Lion's Club. . 58 CUUCUUIEB ECUUUIUICS CLUB Mr. Messina-Advisor, Barbara Payne-Secretary-Treasurer, Janet Swanson-President, Pauline Wilson, Theodore Jackson. PUBLIC SPLHUULC CLUB Miss Aaron-Advisor, Esther Battles-President, Joy Barber-Secretary Treasurer, Nancy Hiller, Evelyn Sjogren. 59 PHUTUGHHPHU CLUB Sitting: William Dallas-President, John Young-Vice President, Barbara Johnson-Secretary-Treasurer, Dorothy Nelson, Mr. Tota-Advisor. Standing: Myron Ekstrom, John Thierfeldt, Theodore Seekins, William Treadway, Leo Himes, Charles Carley, Calvin Bragg, Harold Erikson, Gary Clark, Roger Stone, Philip Traver. DHHCE CLUB First row: Norma Jean Johnson-Treasurer, Roger Slmdell, Joyce I-lolmquist, James Rowley. Second row: Mr. Sanborn-Advisor, Raymond Becker, Edith Bartlett, Ronald Nelson, Alberta Lindahl. Third row: Miss Fleming-Advisor, Shirley Sheldon, Pauline Markham, Nellie Barrus, Edna Mae Walsh-Secretary, Naomi Sitler, Mary Tornstrom, Carol Bennett-Vice President, Mary Dowd, Evelyn Backer, Dolores Himes, Sylvia Nelson. Fourth row: Bryan Limberg-President, Ernest Danielson, Donna Parsons. 60 mm CLUB First row: John Ekstrom, Harold Classon, Charles Oberg, John Brotherton- Secretary-Treasurer, Donald Mara-President. Second row: Mr. Gulvin-Advisor, Robert Stone, Edwin Sandberg, Donald Jones, Daniel Traver, Norman Seekings, Jack Treadway, David Munson, DuWane Gloss, Donavan Bengston, Theodore Stone, John Petransky, Charles Green. Third row: Thomas Darling, John Rounds, Elmer Daniels, George Littlefield, Reginald White, Donald Erickson. CHHH CLUB First row: Pauline Walker, Beverly Youngberg, Carolyn Holmquist-Vice- President, Betty Warn, Katherine Seekins. Second row: Mary Jane Nelson, Donna Swanson- Secretary, Beverly Bengtson, ldabelle Annis Arloene Johnson, Joanne Haglund- Treasurer, Evelyn Seekins, Miss Tatu- Advisor, Thomas Kirik. Third row: Du Wayne Scott, Arthur Button, Benjamin White, Thomas Boyle, Frank Engblom, Allison Scott, Alton Lindstrom. ! 61 TUIHBLIHG CLUB First row: Harold Engstrom, Merle Houghwot, Marvin Bernhardt, James Jones, Lawrence Sandberg, Robert Johnson, Jack Lindholme. Second row: Donalene Olson, Donna Mae Arnold, Nancy Becker, Beverly Lindsay, Geneva Trask. Third row: Richard White, Quentin White, Clemence White-Secre- tary-Treasurer, David Wilcox-President, Dorothy Schoonover, Dorothy Wiltsie, Gordon Barton, Elmer Johnson, Roland Billquist, Mr. Scofield-Ad- visor, Eugene Shures. HUHIE ECUHUHIICS CLUB First row: Barbara Sheldon-Treasurer, Constance Blood- Secretary, Jeanette Wald-Vice President, Autumn Suckow-President, Ethel Waite, Dorothy Philbrick, Jean Swanson, Susan White, Joyce Martin, May Wilkins, Luella Moore, Barbara Larson, Betty Spencer, Miss Smith- Advisor, Emily Brady. Second row: Phyllis Bush, Virginia Moore, Nancy Wiltsie, Ann Marie Erikson, Miss Cosgrove-Advisor, Donna Bovee, Barbara Lind, Helen Springer, Mary Kehe, Carol Johnson, Doris Littlefield, Iva Poole. 62 BCIHUHC CLUB First row: Earl Bender, Mr. Murray-Advisor, Gladys Phillips-Secretary, Janice Blasdell-President, Joyce Thierfeldt-Vice President, Allen Minser-Treasurer, Russell Houghwot. Second row: Marion Anderson, Kermit Rinell, Howard Parsons John Meleen, Charles Hildum, William Greene, Roger Haglund, Ernest Wiltsie, Raymond Harwood, William Waite, Ronald Waite, Clarence Irwin, Roger Stone, Third row: Mildred Wigren, Nancy Ehrhart, Nancy Barber, Ardith Parsons, Phyliss Ehrhart, Joan Barker, Janice Young, Joyce Thurston, Shirley Mason, Joa.n Sheldon, Cleora Bennett, Marilyn Bemis, Evelyn Blair, Sandra Young, Janice Bjork, Margaret Sjogren, Beverly Rinell, Elvera Ekstrom. SCIENCE CLUB First row: Norman Morgan-President, Claybourne Sager-Secretary-Treasurer, Allen Blasdell, Peter Sheats, Ronald Greene-Vice President, M.r. Adams-Advisor, Second row: Carl Lindahl, Clyde Blackmer, William Irwin, Floyd Hiller, Leonard White, George Bernhardt. 63 A ,J DJ V E fff G IUNERATULATTQITIE TU THE UGST QTTPD GQST ETTTTTUTXTTTTN Tl ,TWT TT: THE TTTTTTHTTTJTTE TETNTTHTXT HTTHTTTTT ELTXE5 UF 1949 and for me FCGTST' F5530 GCST I 701-flea-ef -' f -- fan-fw EVEVYHWLNQ LN IAXPPLLGNCEE 54046044 -ff - DO ZTETTE 5 TTTT5 PTT? Ti? THTLJ L1T:UHh HTNTITUTJTXTTE TUTTFFTNY H:TJ5HlH1 NHT YW DN THE EURNEH DIAL 2521 UN THE Sm cowwumnms on? fwvnzmm Mmuwnzsm Qqmfumgmyg mnawsncom OF ,AEE-FE ESD AUN J-I z':,.e:0:. fzzasg MMD H5965 HIGHEST ACADE M IC. RA TI NG ,a.zM4yzM?:,fff1, I E KW QQQVXPHNY C A M P f.zf Wad ?fwv04 45 WWW? GE o. J. 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Suggestions in the Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY) collection:

Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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