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las' EX LU EQU5 liar Zi jXgX at I DEDICATION MORRIS B LASDE LL We the Class of '46 have a tragedy 1n the story of our school days It was no ord1nary loss A 11fe was taken away wh1ch cornprmsed the most Jolly funfull fnend, the most pamstaking scholar, and the most 1nsp1r1ng leader among us In Morrls, each of us had a prlvate frlend, upon h1s death, each of us suffered a personal loss Now, he can never grow old to fulhll the dreams he dreamed It is very fxttmg that thls book, to be our lxfe long souverur of youth and learmng should be ded1cated however msuffzcxent the tnbute, to one, who had opportu nxty to know so little but youth and learmng We need no such proddmg of proprlety however, for It IS an mtense, wholehearted sent1ment that motlvates us to do this We, that l1ve on, shall be very fortunate ever to con tact so rich a character agaln along life s long way 2 I o . ! ' . . ' - 1 ! Q . . - i FREWSBURG HIGH SCHOOL LELAND C. SANIORN. F ' ' I FREWSBURG NEW YORK CARL THIEIFELDT. P 'do 9 Dolls E' GULWNV cl R Apr11 1 1936 Class of 1946 Frewsburg High School Frewsburg New York Dear Seniors As you go out from Frewsburg High School into the world of work my advice to you would be to make your lifetime vocation one of service It has been pointed out that 'factories can't employ everybody" Service industries will employ an occupation in which to achieve your success No matter what your choice for the future remember always to serve God and man in the right way E Stanley Jones has said 'you have no business to be in any business that cannot express your chief business serving God ' Sincerely, Leland C Sanborn Principal LCS DEG MR LELAND SANBORN rmclpa Nu n I if I I increasing number of people. Consider a service W'-an MISS MARGARET TATU Dear Seruors It IS wlth a great deal of sorrow that we here at Frewsburg Hxgh School say goodbye to the class of 46 In a short t1me you w1l1 be rece1v1ng your dlplomas and yom' school days w1l1 come to an end and only memorxes w1l1 be left Memorles of the good t1mes, and yes bad tlmes 1f you wlsh but all sweet mem or1es of tunes enjoyed It IS w1th a great deal of prlde that we poxnt you out as bemg the class of 46 and ready to begln a new llfe W1thO1It our he1p1ng hand Some one sald Our natlon no longer IS the greatest prov1nc1a1 c1v1l1zat1on ln the world Our shmps sa11 the seven seas and all the skyways We have become the greatest traders and travelers on earth Such a world you now must face alone And yet not ent1re1y alone because our hopes and best wlshes go with you Sxncerely 4 s w I . Q . , a , - . 7 . . . . . ll - . ' ! . 0 71 - ! f BOARD OF EDUCATION Hollis I. Davis, Glen D. Sheats, Glen E. Sheldon, Clifford Nobbs, Percy Phillips Doris E Gulvin 5 L Ruth C Kline PRESIDENT CLERK TREASURER COLLECTOR Hollis Davis Doris Gulvin Mrs Lois Yolmg Mrs Brendlce Long FACULTY Seated Mr Sanborn, Mrs Dewmg Mlss Derby, Mrs Porter, MISS McIntyre, Mr Rounds Standmg Mlss Woodmansee, Mrs Brotherton, Mr Murray, M1ss Aaron, Mxss Olds M1ss Akam Mlss Enos, Mlss Smxth Mxss Helmann, Mxss Stearns, Mrs Sager, Mlss Tatu Leland Sanborn Dorls Akam Margaret Tatu Dorothy Brotherton Harry Murray lane Aaron Dorothy Smith Margaret Derby Dueressa Sager Wxllby Enos Estella Porter Dorothy Olds Marlorxe Stearns Rachel McIntyre Lllhan Dewing L1llian Helmann Adxlene Woodmansee sUB1Ec'rs 'mucrrr Scxence Prlnclpal Llbrarxan Language Social Studies Englxsh Math Sclence Jr H S Englxsh History Slxth Grade Fxfth Grade Fourth Grade Thlrd Grade Second Grade Fxrst Grade Kxndergarten Ar Commercial Physxcal Educatlon MUSIC YEARS IN F H S EDUCATION Dartmouth College Syracuse Uruverslty A B , M A Thiel College Liberal Arts B A D D Youville College A B Wheaton College B A Edlnboro State Teachers College B S Fredonia Normal, Buffalo State Teachers College B A Mercyhurst B A Brockport Normal Fredonia State B E Fredoma Normal Fredoma State Teachers College B E Fredoma Normal Fredoma State Teachers College B E Buffalo State Teachers College B E Otterbem A B Fredoma State Teachers College Carlton College A B Syracuse Unxversxty Fredonia Normal Fredoma Normal l . n - 1 I 7 7 . , . . 5 1 . . . , 1 , . 3 5 ' 25 3 . Neil Rounds Math, Science 2 , ' 2 . . . ' 1 Q . . ' 2 ' 1 g . . . 9 . . 1 . . 8 . 1 . . . . 3 ' , t 1 ' , . .g ' ' 2 , . . . . . . 2 . . 2 . 6 Assistants YEARBOOK STAFF Seated Mane Classon, Mary Adams, Arlene Wxltsle, Margaret Anderson, Mlss Tatu, Mr Sanborn Second row Charles Engstrom, Zoe Ann Crlst Verna Gustafson, Mary Dallas, Carolyn Warn, janet Cass, Evelyn Clark, Marllyn Llmberg Neoml Trask Clarme Bernhardt Mona Walker, Ioyce Wllder, Ruth W11ts1e, Dons Hawley, Doris Taylor, Evelyn Duell, Marlon Davxs, Ohve Martln Th1rd row Quentxne Whxte, Clemence Wlute, Ralph Enckson, Gerald Mara, Theodore Nordland, LaVerne Duell George Taft, james Howard Basley Lmdboom, Roger Anms, Maunce Swanson, Donald Gustafson Ed1tor in ch1ef Busxness Manager Advertlsmg Clrculatlon Activ1t1es Sports Humor Photography Typists Mane Classon Mary Dallas Theodore Nordland Calvm Khne Charles Engstrom La Verne Duell Maunce Swanson Zoe Arm Crxst Gerald Mara Leroy Wigren George Taft Basley Lmdboom Ioyce Wilder Ohve Martln Arlene W11ts1e Neomx Trask Manlyn Limberg Evelyn Clark Verna Gustafson 7 Margaret Anderson Manon Davis Mary Adams Ralph Erickson Quentm Wlute Carolyn Warn Mona Walter Clemence Wlute James Howard Dons Taylor Charles I-Iildum Roger Annis Donald Gustafson Clarine Bernhardt Evelyn Duell Doris Hawley Janet Cass Ruth Wiltsie : V u a . u , I l 0 u I , , n 1 , n u u ' I 0 l 0 . . , , . Art ' STUDENT COUNCIL Fmrst row Mary Dallas President Ralph Enckson Vice Presxdent, Evelyn Duell Secretary, Mara, M1ss Woodmansee, M1ss McIntyre, Carolyn Warn, Richard Clark, Joyce Thierfeldt, Beverly Johnson, Donalene Olson, Wmlham Walte, Robert Tyler, M1ss Tatu, Fae Murray, B111 Phxlhps Mr Murray PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER ADVISERS Mary Dallas Ralph Erickson Evelyn Duell Dorothy Smith Mr Sanborn M1ss Tatu Mr Murray RE PRESENTATIVES Semor Iunior Sophomore Freshman 8th Grade 7th Grade M1ss Woodmansee M1ss McIntyre BOY Gerald Mara R1chard Clark Robert Tyler B111 Phxlhps W1l11am Waite Sherwood Nelson 8 GIRL Verna Gustafson Carolyn Warn Beverly Iolmson Ioyce Thlerfeldt Fae Murray Donna Olson Miss Smith-Treasurer, Verna Gustafson, Mr. Sanborn. Second row: Sherwood Nelson, Gerald I l 3 e - JV W e ., f fn ' "1 EENUERE OLIVE MARTIN "Picky" is the President of our class. She is known as the senior "most likely to succeed" and according to a confidential source she's nice, quick-tempered, ambitious, obstinate and has a good sense of humor. She seems to have notroubleinfindlng someone to take her home nights after work. Chorus 11,2,3,41, Student Patrol 111, Library Club 11-Pres.1, Dancing Club 121, Milk Sales 12,31, Fire Warden 13,41, Newspaper Club 131, "Brother Goose" 131, Baton Twirler 13,41, "Jerry of Jericho Road" 131, Stamp Sales 131, Yearbook Staff 13,41, Tri-Hi-Y 13,4 - V. Pres.1, Assembly Committee 141, "Girl Shy" 141 Camera Club 141 MARIE CLASSON Vice President Carrot top and oh' what a temper That's ' Red 1Not Taft mean C1asson1 She s the one who ran the class in debt buying Anacm tablets while carrying out her ed1tor1al duties Her favorite color is yellow 1f it's clothes, but in other matters her cholce is Black 11e1 Chorus 11 2 3 41 Dramatlcs 11,2 Pres 1 Student Patrol 111 Homemalung Club 131 Camera Club 141 Milk Salesman 131 Student Council Rep 131 Jerry of Jericho Road 131 Tri H1 Y 13 41 'Brother Goose 131 Girl Shy' 141 C1assV Pres 141 Potato Chips Salesman 141 Yearbook Editor 141 GEORGE TAFT Secretary midnight smack Known as Jud , "Red and 'Taffy , IS Georgie, the third of our red headed triplets Usually late, ready to argue and al ways teasmg, we never know when he's telling the truth Judging by the company he keeps, we wouldn t be surprised to find him Junior partner in the law firm, Cass and Taft Gym Club 111 Bowlmg Club 121, Paper Club 131 Dancing Club 141 Mllk Sales 12 31 Basketball 12 3 41 Baseball 12 3 41 Brother Goose 131 Jerry of Jericho Road 131 Chorus 13 Vice Pres , 4 Pres 1, Class Secretary 141 Girl Shy 141 LAVERNE DUELL Treasurer I Muscles O Dool IS the brown sheep of our 0ff1Cla1 staff He IS well known by his motto, ' Seven, come eleven ' Although he works most of the time at the town hall 1learn1ng to become a fireman? 9 'P1 he usually manages to get to Anderson s for that Class Pres 111 Aviation Club 11 V Pres 1, Student Patrol 111 Yearbook Staff 11 2 3 41 Baseball 11 2 3 41, Basketball 11 2 3 41 Debate Club 12 Pres 1, Class Sec 121 Class V Pres 131 Class Treas 141 Rifle Club 13 Treas1 Bowlmg Club 14 Pres 1, Chorus 13 41 Milk Sales 12 31 H1 Y 13 Sec 1 Fire Warden 13 41 Stage Manager 131 "Girl Shy' 141 10 VERNA IEAN GUSTAFSON Wmdy IS our bashful farmerette whom you can catch blushmg most of the t1me Although she was voted the most studxous, we wonder Her past1mes are helpmg Dad and workmg 1n the We Have Everyth1ng Store of Fentonvlll L1brary Club 11 23, Student Patrol 113 Homemakmg Club 133 M1lk Sales 133 F1re Warden 13 43 ' Brother Goose 133 G1rl Shy 143 Camera Club 14 Sec 3 Student CO1lIlC11 143 Tr1 H1 Y 143, Yearbook Staff 143 GERALD MARA Q E' Gary IS that Sen1or who 1S always teasmg the glrls He was voted most romant1c and most any of the g1rls would tell you that s true He hates do1ng dlshes 1we wonder why3 and he gk' 1sn t espec1ally bashful Just because a car IS followlng h1m Av1at1on Club 123 H1 Y 12 33 Basketball 12 33 R1fle Club 133 Bus1ness Manager 133 G1rl Shy 143 Camera Club 14 Pres 3 Student Counc11 Representat1ve 143 EVE LYN C LARK Eve IS the hostess of the class to whom Saturday n1ght IS not the lonel1est n1ght of the week Voted the most or1ginal by the school, It m1ght be 1n reference to her abxhty to bowl or to those part1es "down at Clark s ' Red Cross 123 Homemakmg Club 133 Mllk Sales 133 Paper Club 143 'G1rl Shy 143, Potato Ch1ps Sales 143 Yearbook Staff 143 ZOE ANN CRIST ' Zod1e was voted our best dressed g1rl but when lt comes to Math she can t count h1gher than seven We can t under stand why she and D1ck were always Slllglng ' Spnng W1l1 Be A Llttle Late Th1s Year, We Hope ' And we wonder why she always changes the sub1ect when someone starts talkmg about Apr1l Oh well, we all make unstakes Chorus 11,2 3 43 Cheerleader 11,2 3 43 Student Patrol 113 Yearbook Staff 11 2,3,43, Dancmg Club 113 Bowhng Club 123 Student Council Secretary 123 Homemakmg Club 13 V Pres 3 Baton Tw1rler 13 43 Tr1 H1 Y 12 3 Sec , 43, "Brother Goose 133 jerry of Ier1cho Road 133 Class Treas 133 'G1rl Shy ' 11 MARY DALLAS Botso IS our here she comes, there she goes gxrl She can successfully conduct a Student C0llI'lC11 or Tr1 H1 Y meet1ngwh1le she cheers our basketball team to vlctory or runs down to the depot to see if the ' Mohawk ' IS 1n Botso was voted the most Athletlc and the most Popular, and even the glrls agree on that Chorus 11 3 41 Class Treas 111 Class V Pres 121 Class Pres 131 S C Pres 141 Tr1 H1 Y 13 4 Pres1 G1rl Shy ' 141 Brother Goose 131 jerry of Ierlcho Road 131 Cheerleader 11 2 3 41 Bowhng Club 111 Craft Club 121 Buzz" Edltor 131 Camera Club 14 Treas 1 Yearbook Staff 13 41 Stamp Sales 13 F1re Warden 13 41 Assembly Commlttee 131, D A R Award 141 QW.. 18" 'av' 'hs' Cal' is the studxous member of our class Even though he doesn t get h1s homework done he sure knows the answers 1n class He usually spends h1s Sundays at North Warren and 1t,S not ln makmg a tour of the hospxtal Student Patrol 11 Capta1n1, Class Vzce Pres1dent 111 Photo graphy Club 111 Class of 45 Pres1dent121 Band11 2,3 4 Pres 1 Amer1can Leg1on Oratory 11 41 Llbrary Club 12 Pres 1 Brother Goose 131 'G1rl Shy 141 Yearbook Staff 141 Press Club 14 Ed1tor1 CALVIN KLINE CHARLES ENGSTROM 'Chuck" IS a n1ce guy when he s around He s very fond of Parker Pens especlally M1ss Tatu s He was voted Best Sport and he must be to get along with La Verne Bowhng Club 11 41, Photography Club 121 Rlfle Club 131 M11k Sales 12 31 Glrl Shy 141 Buslness Manager 131 MARILYN LIMBERG "Toots is not only the ' pm up g1rl for a certa1n sa1lor, but also for the Class of '46 Lf you are fond of green sweaters give your order to Toots She was voted the most romantlc and the closest to the altar, which are hinted by her daily VlS1tS to the post offlce Student Patrol 111 Bowling Club 111 Red Cross 111 Chorus 11,2,3,41, Student Counc1l 121, Dramatics Club 121, Tr1 H1 Y 12,3,4 Treas 1, Class Secretary 11,31, Newspaper Club 131, Stamp Sales 131, "Brother Goose" 131, Hlerry of IeI'lChO Road" 131, HGIFI Shy" 141, Yearbook Staff 141, Camera Club 14 Treas 1 12 BAS LEY LINDBOOM gg !! Base 1S the m1dget of our class L00k1I'lg out the Semor wmdow at about 2 mlnutes to n1ne you can see. Base Just turn mg the corner at Pearl and Prospect He IS a smooth basketball player and very accommodatmg 1f you want to be C., Q 6 carr1ed across a mud puddle Av1at1on Club 115 Bowllng Club 125, Journal Club 135 Photo K., graphy Club 145 Mllk Sales 135 F1re Warden 13 45 Baseball 13 45 Basketball 13 45 X THEODORE NORDLAND ' Ted was voted the Semor w1th the worst temper and 1f you 'x' H could lxsten 1n on Soclal Stud1es Class you d bel1eve It But that's nothmg compared to when he loses h1s Semor Pr1v1leges He gets good marks and how 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P Av1at1on Club 11 Treas 25 Rxfle Club 135, Student C011IlC11 Representatlve 135 M1lk Sales 12 35, Flre Warden 13 45 Bowl mg Club 145 Stage Manager 145 Yearbook Staff 145 46" -4 dw' 4 P-I Z O FJ Z P! cn F-E E O Z IB Vmny IS noted as the one Semor who stays home, and stud1es h1s Bus1ness Law Anyhow he seems to know all the answers 9.5 He was voted most prompt L1brary Club 115 Safety Patrol 115 Student Councll 125, Av1at1on Club 125, M11k Sales 135 F1re Warden 13 45 Basketball 11 3 45 R1fle Club 135 "Brother Goose 135 G1r1 Shy' 145 IFN MAURICE SWANSON Swame was voted most or1g1na1 guy, and he IS 1espec1ally a lsr" xn Soc1a1 Stud1es tests 5 Lately we aren t so sure that he goes to the Garfxeld Theater Just to see the movles sr-P journal Club 115 Av1at1on Club 125, R1f1e Club 135 M1114 Sales 135 Arnerxcan Leg1on Oratory 135 Bowllng Club 145 Brother Goose 135 G1rl Shy 145, F1re Warden 13 45 13 NEOMI TRASK "Red" is her nickname, but not because she has red hair. If you've wondered where to find her especially when the "five to" bell rings, just look in the hall. She s very busy running up and down collecting money and lunch tickets. Although she was voted most humorous she is really the meet helpful when help is needed. L Student Patrol 113, Chorus 11,2,43, Aviation Club 113 junior 1? Red Cross 123, MllkSales 133, I-lomemaking Club 133, Year- book Staff 13,43, "Brother Goose" 133, "Girl-Shy" 143, craft Club 143, Tri-Hi-Y 143. LE ROY WIGRE N 'Sweet' IS the small guy in our group He s not only short in s1ze, but also short in attendance His interest seems to center around a certain Shm and Skmny Bowling Club 11,2,43 Press Club 133 Milk Sales 12 33 Brother Goose 133 Girl Shy 143 Yearbook Staff JOYCE WILDER Ioyce is best known as 'the Shape ' She likes dancing and golng out on Saturday night alter a long day as the f1zz1c1an at the Frewsburg Pharmacy Chorus 11 23 Dancmg Club 11 23 Art Club 133 Bowling Club 143, The Patsy 133 Girl Shy" 143 Yearbook ARLENE WILTSIE Jenny IS another of our farmerettes and a great lover of square dancing Although the rest of the school thinks she's the qxnetest, you should hear her try to shut La Verne up when he mentxons that Sun day afternoon and Kenny Student Patrol 113 Llbrary Club 11 Pres 3, Iumor Red Cross 123 Homemaking Club 13 Sec 3, Bowling Club 143 'Girl Shy 143 14 l Q e I f' . . ' . . ' ll . 97 , K1 - - if , . , , ! Y . 143. e I ! . . l,l , ll Cl ,e ,- , 7 S Staff 12,3,43, Student Patrol 113, Milk Sales 133. CC 71 . , Y, jeg ' ' '- ' ' . f ,A 1 1 - ' - H ' SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Freshman Class Offlcers Elected September 8 1942 Pres1dent V1ce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Student Counc1l Representatwes La Verne Duell Morrls Blasdell Mar1lyn L1mberg Mary Dallas Mary Dallas lack Davldson Sophomore Class Off1cers Elected September 14 1943 Pre sldent V1ce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Student Counc1l Representatlves Iuruor Class Offlcers Elected S Pres1dent V1ce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Student Counc1l Representatlves February 19 May 25 Morrxs Blasdell Mary Dallas La Verne Duell Jack Davxdson Mar1lyn Lnnberg Harold L1ndsay eptember 8 1944 Mary Dallas La Verne Duell Mar1lyn L1mberg Zoe Ann Cr1st Mane Classon George Taft Class Rmgs IUIIIOI' Seruor Banquet Seruor Class Off1cers Elected September 12 1945 Pres1dent V1ce Presxdent Secretary Treasurer Student Counc1l Representat1ves November 2 and 3 Apr1l 1 May 17 une une une une une Ollve Martm Mane Classon George Taft La Verne Duell Verna Gustafson Gerald Mara Semor Play Girl Shy Kld s Day Semor Banquet Iumor Seruor Banquet Baccalaureate Class Nxght Commencement Alumn1 Banquet May 18 and 19 junior Play "Brother Goose - I4 - ,Y I 7 . - . 1 23 1 24 ' 1 25 1 26 ' 15 CLASS PROPHECY May, 1956 Dear Inqu1s1t1ve, In answer to your recent letter askmg for 1nformat1on of the class that was such a loss to Frewsburg Hlgh School when they graduated 1n 1946, we g1ve you the followmg data Evelyn Clark, our New York SOCl9tY gal, IS mak1ng her debut Saturday mght at a party she IS glVlI1g at The Old Barn Dance Mar1e Classon our Florence N1ght1ngale has fmally caught a man Ol1ve Martm best qual1f1ed nurse for the feeblem1nded, sa1d he dldll t have a chance Zoe Ann Crlst our old ma1d school marm, handed 1n her res1gnat1on to the Wheeler H111 Board of Educatlon, as d1d the absent m1nded Professor, C81V1h Kline who was Slllglflg Some Sunday Mornlng Mary Dallas and Marllyn Lxmberg, our two professlonal beautlclans are enyoylng marr1ed lxfe Marllyn IS wavlng ha1r on 11ttle sa1lors wh1le Mary IS experxmentlng w1th kerosene o1l to see 1f It w1l1 make the ha1r grow on her husband s bald head Verna jean Gustafson who wanted to be a school teacher IS teachmg all r1ght but not 1n the school room La Verne Duell our Super Car Salesman and Repa1rman, has lus own shop now, known as "F1x lt Wh1le You Wa1t, 1f You Have The Cash Charles E Strom and Leroy W1gren, our lazy loafers, are Slttlllg 1n Sockem Down Shop playmg checkers f?J Neom1 Trask IS now a world famous model havmg started her career at Gerald Mara s Photo gemc Sl1ck Ch1ck Shoppe Basley Llndboom, better known as Shorty has f1nally found a gal his equal he1ght George Taft, our temperarnental redhead 1S a lawyer now 1n partnersh1p wxth we wonder who Maurxce Swanson 1S now manager of Duffy s Tavern, wh1le Theodore Nordland, another farm lad, has f1nal1y argued h1s way 1nto the Senate Joyce W1lder 1S Soda jerkmg at the new Pharmacy up on Oak H111 better lmown as No Mans Land fHey Ioyce what are you dO1I1g up there?J Arlene W11tS16 IS runmng the F1remen s Dance 1n S1ncla1rv1lle well someone had to show them how to square dance That's all brother that s all The Sp1r1t of 46 -I . . . u as . ' 9 - 9 . . . 1 . . - 1 . . . . . n 1 . 1: . . . . . ' 1 - 9 7 - 9 1 s - 1 . . n . - ne 1 . . . u 1 . . . . a . . . . u H - 1 - 1 , . r . 1 9 1 1 ' r , . . . 2 CLASS WILL We the class of '46 bexng of sound mlnd and body do ordaln and establish th1S our Last W111 and Testament makmg vo1d all former w1lls made hereto fore by th1s class To the faculty of our beloved Alma Mater we leave our absence Those lucky people To Mr Sanborn we leave our transportat1on bxll and headaches from our gu1dance tr1ps To MISS Tatu we leave the memorles of the mghtmare th1s year was To Mlss Akam we leave all the torn llbrary books We are sure she w1ll enyoy her future evemngs mendmg them To Mr Rounds we leave all of om' old health papers 1n hopes that after he reads them he w1ll be more lement w1th next year s class To Mrs Dewmg we leave any part of the yearbook she may f1nd xn her typmg room To Mrs Brotherton we leave all the sleep we got 1n Enghsh class She could use the sleep she lost over us To Miss Woodmansee we leave krnd memorles of past Operettas, musx and chorus Many tlmes we have felt grateful for her sweet smlle and pleasmg personallty To Mlss Helman our ab1l1ty to do all those hard gym tests We leave the followmg to the classes To the 8th grade we bequeath our h1gh school experlence m hopes that they may proflt by lt be so fresh next year To the Sophomores we leave specxflc xnstructlons on how to mess up the Semor room smce anythlng that happens to the Semor room 1S blamed on the Iunlors anyway We bequest to the Iumors our Soc1al Studles Class where they can learn all the hlstory they w1sh lncludmg town gosslp, our Engllsh class wlth speclal p1llows to use durlng the readlng of ' Macbeth ' and ' The Tale of Two C1t19S our health class in hopes that when they v1s1t North Warren next year we won be there to greet them and last but not least twe hopel our seruor pr1v1leges as we know they weren t worn out th1s year by use We leave all the gum wrappers d1rt b1ts of chalk to Mr Becker ln hopes that next year s class won't be so generous We hereby bequeath to the faculty students school board and parents, more br1ll1ant and studlous seruor Class for next year than we have been We do hereby appomt Mr Sanborn the executor of thls, our Last W111 and Testament, and do not wlsh that any bond be reqmred of the said executor In WILHGSS whereof, we, the class of 46 have subscrxbed and afhxed our seals thxs 28th day of March, 1946 one thousand mne hundred and forty s1x Zoe Ann Cr1st Verna Gustafson 17 , . . . . . . . 1 , 0 . . .cy We leave the Freshman all the salt in the bottom of the sea so they won't . ' . ' , l . . 4 ' .9 c l 0 . . .JI . . ' Et ! , - l I a . 7 . . WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF EVE LYN CLARK couldn't have partles? MARIE CLASSON d1d!1,t have a temper? ZOE ANN CRIST ate Ch0C01at6? MARY DALLAS llked boys? VERNA IEAN GUSTAFSON weren t SO shy? MARILYN LIMBERG weren t so mterested 1n a certaln sallor? OLIVE MARTIN could predlct Bxl1's lntentlons? NEOMI TRASK got 100 1n Health? IOYCE WILDER weren t a f1zz1c1an? ARLENE WILTSIE couldn t go to square dances? LA VERNE DUE LL shaved regularly? GEORGE TAFT s ha1r wasn t unruly? BASLEY LINDBOOM got to school at 8 30? THEODORE NORDLAND d1dIl,t use a gouge 1n tests? GERALD MARA found a femme he hked? MAURICE SWANSON got off the farm? CHARLES ENGSTROM weren t so good lookmg? VINCENT SHE LDON could do h1s B L ? LEROY WIGREN d1d some work IH S H ? CALVIN KLINE handed school work ln on txme '7 DOROTHY BLAIR knew her Soclal Stud1es ? Pet Hate Name Evelyn Clark Mar1e Classon Zoe Ann Crxst Mary Dallas LaVerne Duell Charles Engstrom Verna lean Gustafson Calvm lQ1ne Marllyn Llmberg Basley Llndboom Gerald Mara Ol1ve Martm Theodore Nordland Vmcent Sheldon George Taft Neom1 Trask Leroy Wlgren Joyce Wxlder Arlene WlltSl6 Dorothy Blalr Nxckname Clarlue Red Zodle Botso Bobby Chuck Wmdy Beebe Toots Shorty Gary Plcky Ted Vmny u Red Sweet IOYCIE Jenny Do Hobby Partles Wr1t1ng to Fort Dlx Kmttlng State Trl H1 Y Foolmg arolmd Women It s not school Hls vlrgln Forest Russ Horse Glrls F0Ol1I1g around Drlvmg the teachers mad It s not school 95 Mam Street Bustl Sleepmg Soda Ierkmg Danclng Wrltmg to San Franclsco 18 Gettmg ln Early Lenhart A Certaln Doctor Cars without hghts Stubborn glrls Snoopers Mlce H m m Honk of a Horn Short Women Frewsburg Girls Taklng the bus home Teddy School Red Heads A Slster that talks too much Soclal Stud1es Sarcasm Takmg gym Llttle Slster Favorite Pastlme Blockmg Trafflc Black Out Dlck Watchmg the northern l1ghts Well lt a1n t star gazmg Sleeping Sklppmg Clubs Type settxng Kmttmg Standmg on bottom step Teaslng Glrls Kyle Sz Llttles Gettmg the car Belng there Chasmg rambows Bust1 Sleepmg Rldmg around Fentonvllle It IS not school 9 9 . . . . ! - . . 7 s . r . 2 . . . . . - - - - Il 77 ' - . . 7 , - n . . . - - ll ar . . - . 1 , - t - - . . . Y AY Vi,Y, A1.- ff'XAY- ,j., Y -'H ,!-g-- 4, FH MTF MSW f Xx xg ggi if Q X J Q1 LGILEIQIH-253 E L5 JUNIORS F1rst Row Clar1ne Bernhardt, Carolyn Iohnson, Mary Adams Vice Pres1dent Ralph Er1ckson Pres1dent, Margaret Anderson Treas1u'er, Janet Cass Secretary Second Row Carolyn Warn Anna Engbloom, Gordlne Anderson, Ioan Hlldum, Allce Blood Dor1s Hawley, Ruth W1lts1e, Mary Stanton, Delores Hanson, Mrs Brotherton Adviser Thlrd Row Leon Carlson, George Whitman, Roger Amus, R1chard Clark james Howard, Rxchard Nylander Donald Gustafson, jack Davldson Wayne Nelson Carolyn Iohnsor Gordy Ryberg Leon Carlson Ruth W11ts1e Peggy Anderson Mary Stanton Ilmmy Howard Anna Engbloom Gordine Anderson George Whitman Roger Aruus Alice Blood Doris Hawley Ruth Hlmes Ralph Erickson Dolores Hanson janet Cass Clarine Bernhardt Ralph Wilcox Dlck Nylander Wayne Nelson Dick Clark Donald Gustafson Carolyn Warn PET HATE 12 00 P M Llpstlck that comes off Too much school Homework Broken Wrists or Cats Knot anxmalsl Comlng back to Frewsburg after bemg ln Russell Pa Too much perfume Weak cots Competitlon Squat Jumps Deep knee bends Crowded buses B A asslgnments Snobby people A car with a spotlight History SISTERS wlth boyfrlends MICE Red heads Girls that are Bashful Miss Heimann Vultures Socxal Studies Notes 9 00 Sunday morning 20 . : . U . , 1 n n , 1. . n - , . . , ' ' Mary Adams Deep knee bends.. .. , . SOPHOMORES Fxrst Row lean L1ttlef1eld, W1llard Cass Vlce Presldent Coland Suckow Presxdent, Mona Walker Secretary Dorothy Martm, Beverly johnson Second Row Evelyn Duell, Marlan Davls, Dorls Taylor, Ruth Stanton, Ahce Dewxng, Bessle Sheldon, Iacquelme Hanson Iva Ehas, Margaret Anderson, Helen W1lts1e Phyllls W1lts1e, Mr Rounds Th1rd Row Quentxne Whlte, Robert Tyler W1ll1am Boyle Gerald Hudson, Alfred Poole Howard Benson, Gordon Sheldon, Lawrence Seekxns Fourth Row Gordon Ryberg, Albert Eckman, W1ll1am Bovee Roger Swanson Mlchael Churchlll Clarence V 1lts1e, Rlchard Causebrook, Kenneth Wllcox Chfford W11tS19 WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF Margaret stuck to the same guy for at least a week? Lorrame wasn t partxal to a certaln clerk ln the Red and Whlte store? Mar1an took the teacher s dec1s1on as fmal? Allce wasn t g1v1ng out w1th a steady stream of conversatxon? Evelyn wasn t wasn t always readxng? Beverly d1dn t always have a Iumor boy on the strmg? Eleanor wasn t always late for school? jean wasn t so short? Dorothy stopped mak1ng bets with the basketball players? Ruth stopped hxttlng Roger 1n QOCIHI Studles class? Dorls lost her freckles? Mona became bashful? Helen cut her ha1r 'P Phyllxs declded between the Army and the Navy? Bessxe sat st1l1 for 3 seconds? B111 Boyle could measure the dlstance between 2 telephone poles and walk It stralght? Howard stopped laughlng? B111 Bovee lost h1s swggners? B111 C lost h1s rxght punch? Dick C let the glrlfsb alone on Pearl Street? Mlchael d1dnt l1ke all ' the glrls? Dlck E grew tall? jerry preferred the Army to Navy? A1 stayed 1n Frewsburg one week end? Lawrence became serlous? Gordon wasn t so happy when h1s marks were better than someone elses? Coland put h1s eye out of Jolnt because he w1nked too hard? Roger wasn t always read1ng True Stones to keep up on h1s romances? Bob T d1dn t en1oy ladles company? Quentxn lost h1s talent for drawlng? Ken wasn t always 1n trouble w1th Mr Rounds? Clarence fell down gomg down Water Street? Chfford became ambltxous? Bud B wasn t a lady k11ler? Mr Rounds d1dl'l,t take for granted students know certaln facts? 21 7 1 . If ---!7 4 1 . ! 1 . . . ! 1 1 . . 7 catching up on Geometry notes in Social Studies class? Iva lost her talent for blushing? jackie 7 . - 7 1 1 7 7 - l . - ? . . . . . 1 I 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 Ti " Q I 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 l I 1 FRESHMEN 'vii' - F1rst Row Betty Jones, Charles H11dum VICE Presldent, Margaret Hanson Presldent Ioanne Ryberg Treasurer, Iamce Blasdell Secretary, Donna Gesaman Second Row Theodore K1r1k Donald Mara, Elaine Warn, Autumn Suckow, Evelyn Sjogren, Jeanette Wa1d Ioyce Thlerfeldt Nancy Cass Joyce Munson, Joyce Martm Th1rd Row Howard Parsons, Mar1on Anderson B111 Phxlhps, Trent Eckman, May W11k1DS Theodore jackson, Damel Traver Fourth Row Mr Murry Adv1ser, Clemence Wh1te, Henry Cole Gordon Wald, Stanley Meleen, Robert Coons, Gordon Barton, Rex Marsh EIGHTH GRADE L l L F1rst Row' Fae Murray, Nancy Barber Secretary, Florence Gustafson V1ce Pres1dent,Dav1d WIICOX Presldent, Rolland Bxllqlust Treasurer, Dorothy Schoonover, Kermlt Rxnell Second Row: Harold Classon, Mxss Aaron Adv1ser, Barbara Payne, L1lhan Wrlght, Edna Klme, M1ldred Wlgren, Dor1s Llttlefxeld, N3.IlC1 Crlst, Barbara Iohnson, L1l11an Cole. Th1rd Row Betty Blood, Walter Becker, Wallace Becker, Delores Olson, Pauhne W1lson, janet Swanson, Dorothey Nelson, Raymond W1lts1e. Fourth Row' Maurlce Slsson, john Meleen, Roger Hag lund, W11ham Walte, Theodore Kocur, Theodore Stone, jack Treadway, R1chard Howard, Teddy Clark, Edward Dewxng. 22 M y A , M , . , , T 8 5 ' pf , Q .1 'f ' 5 wg V 0' ' 5 ' X. G M. , , A - M Q W V , .Q A X ,,,, , .. ', ' f '. fy ,I I A f fxfi M ef Aa' x-f,,5. . I ,. v.. XA f ,Na - 1 . - . . Q . , . . , . . y , , . : 9 I ' : . - , 1 e , .-- S I SEVENTH GRADE ,JM Seated R1chard Whlte Charles Oberg, Allen Mmser, Phylhs Ehrhart Donalene Olson, Nancy Ehrhart, Barbara Larson Second Row Barbara Sheldon, Mxss Smlth Advxser, Donna Mae Arnold Ioan Barker Shxrley Mason Iohn Carley Otto Gustaison Edna Houghwot, Betty Spencer Iamce Young, Iosephme Luplca Sherwood Nelson W11l1am Irw1n Thxrd Row Cleora Bennett Roma e W11tS19 Edward L1ndahl Wayne Ak1n Charles Pratt W1111S Burtch Wxlham Greene Roger Ne son, o Dorothy W11tS16 Ardlth Parsons, Avls Chandler, Carl L1ndahl Floyd Parsons Ernest V 1lts1e john Brotherton, Robert K1r1k Thomas Darhng, john Rounds, Paul Pearson SIXTH GRADE Flrst Row Donna Bova, Iamce BJork Lo1s Mae W1lts1e Sandra Young Carol johnson Beverly Rxnell Margaret Sjogren Joanne Haglund Second Row Clarence Irw1n Dan Turney Thomas Boyle Peter Sheats Floyd Hxller LeRoy Rounds Harry Dean Geneva Trask Evelyn Blalr Allen Blasdell Charles Greene Th1rd Row Clyde Blackmer Norman Morgan John Whlte Donovan Bengtson Claybourne Sager Nancy Becker Carolyn Holmqulst Frank Engblom Louls Reed, Ronald Greene Mxss Derby Advlser 23 .WW v,n, it 1 V g , s' ' . , wh , K1 Q-in if ,f or ,QV , S : . . , . . , 7 7 . 7 7 7 7 7 7 ' : 7 yn ' 9 7 1 y 1 1 1 B nnie Marsh. Fourth Row: Alberta Rowley, Ioyce Thurston, Ioan Sheldon, . . , . . . , , ,. . y , . 2 L - t ' 21 2 W, Q A , -ab X- - K VV Q I - 'W4 9 , v . I : - ' . 7 ' . ' 7 7 7 1 1 ' - 3 a x 7 7 7 I ! 7 7 7 1 ' Z a y ' , J 9 1 1 y I FIFTH GRADE Flrst Row Shlrley Sheldon Ellen Reed Norma Johnson, Ioan Damelson, Elame Meleen jean Swanson, Paulme Markam Second Row Beverly Wxlder, Barbara L1nd Sherwood Marsh W1l1ard Brown Charles Carley Harold Erlkson, Edwm Markam Merle Houghwot Elmer Daruels Eugene Spontaneo Gary Clark Calvln Bragg Russell Houghwot Ph111p Traver Thlrd Row Beverly Starks Dwxght Peterson Dav1d Munson, Donna Parsons Ot1s Blakeslee Helen Sprmger Bxlly Treadway Mary Kehe Arloene johnson Roger Stone Mrs Sager Advlser FOURTH GRADE F1rst Row Lynnette Irw1n, Ami Marxe Erxkson, Nancy Hlller, Susan Wlute Beverly Youngberg Norma Jean johnson Ethel Walte Paullne Walker Thomas Klrlk Second Row Beverly Bengt son, Nancy W1lts1e, Idabelle Anxus Al1ce Cooledge Mary Dowd, Mary lane Nelson, Ernest Dan1elson Leonard Whlte Benlamm Whlte Thlrd Row Robert Johnson Bruce Peterson Roger Sundell, Wllham Dallas John Th1erfeldt john Young Bryan Lxmberg Norman Crow, Leo Hlmes M1ss Enos Advlser 24 .L 4 4 I 5 . , . . . - 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - ' . i ' l ' 1 l f 3 1 I ' 1 I 1 ' ' L . . . . . . . - 1 1 . . . . l - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 . . . . . . I 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - THIRD GRADE Flrst Row Mary Ann Cook Gwendolyn Meleen Ioyce Gobles, Thomas Traver Evelyn Brotherton Barbara Cross, Patr1c1a Apthorpe, Janet Wasberg Second Row Dorls Blackmer Kathleen Ryberg Sandra Llndstrom Nancy F1sh Lo1s Jean Morey, lean Barker Donna Jacobson, Harrlet Klme jean Carter Barbara Lou W11ts1e Lo1sS1tt1nger, MISS Porter Th1rd Row Rxchard Nelson Donald Fessenden Franklm Relser, Walter Trask Robert Pratt Tommy Dorsey Dale Nelson Suzanne Howard Walter Pratt Eva Parsons Mrs Porter Advlser Absent George Rowley SECOND GRADE fotw- Flrst Row Nancy Greene, Harrmett I-Ilmes, W1nn1fred Dowd Patr1c1a Wald Barbara Suckow, Marlan Clark, Cora Irwm, Cyntlua Mackxe, Laura Mae johnson Second Row Dale Erxckson, Ronald johnson, Vermont Blakeslee Kenneth Rowley, Ronald Young berg, Roger Markham Robert Merchant, Joyce johnson Brlan johnson, George Hamllton Th1rd Row lean Anderson Mar11ynHam1lton, Raymond Martm Curty Spontaneo, Bruce Cr1st Ianet Jacobson Ruth Gustafson, Robert Greene, Charles Cross Allen Evans, MISS Olds 25 5 . ' I i IN' .. t ' v - N .. 5 .. , ,. L X 5, '- H .. Q , . . - 5. ' n -. ' .' . . fL"' ' Q ,, 3 ' v ' . . D x - I Z , N. .. I 1 I '- v . N Q ""' ' 5' " .. . U , " 1. ,, - A u , I 1 . ' I ' . ' . . - A I 1 '- ' :Q B ' v I ' of . .L l'. . ' A 1 r.- .. Y " -Q FIRST GRADE Fxrst Row Tessxe Traver, Gertrude Shreve, A11c1a Holmqmst, Paul Kehe JoAnn Carter, Claude Carpenter john Covey Sharon Apthorpe Second Row Norma Dulmus Davld Barker Larry Starks jerry Parsons Tlmothy B1ork john Flebelkorn, Dav1d Hansen Ahce Bova, Gr1ff1n Smxth Third Row Betty Rowley, Michael Nelson Andrea Peterson, D1ane Blakeslee, Shayne Munger Peter Hansen Bobby McCoy Carol Johnson, Mlss Stearns Advlser KINDERGARTEN Front Row Edward Davls, Thomas Evans, Ioan Barber, judy Halmlton Bruce Dar11ng, Rlchard Benson Gordon L1nd, Dennis johnson Second Row Donna Llndstrom Kathleen Barker, Jean Pratt Phy111s Houghwot Roger Jacobson, Dxanne Frankson, Lmda Mamwarmg, Carl Cheney M1ss McIntyre Advlser 26 9 I I Y- , 1 X . I ' ' , 1 V F . ' At 'I X , L ,, ' 4 ., 2 .. Y "' - ' ' I . I, Q v at - f - L - A ' ' " N' .- " , 5' I V5 ' u 3 a . . Q r - - 7 9 1 J 1 s . . . . . L. . . , J J 7 ' . . 1 ll f , f ' l I ' :L . , . , ' , 4 3 .- - A - ' ' -1 L- , 4, .- ' - V , , 7 V .' 1 i L- lu '1' o n' fs L Q. f .I l ,M .gl . 12, , ' - . . ' x , . I , , 1 o X4 xi ll'7w BUETWN7 U if WEE K 4 L Qf""' "'-"-" V I z""Ef 1 ' sb, x G , BAND Flrst Row Evelyn Duell Maman Dav1s Dor1s Taylor Joyce Th1erfe1dt Claybourne Sager, A11ce Dewlng Second Row Quentm Whxte M1ss Woodmansee Adv1ser, Gordme Anderson Charles Hxldum Raymond Wl1tS16 Clemence V'h1te Roger Swanson Ca1v1n Khne Presldent Edward Dewmg john Meleen BATON TWIRLERS Flrst Row Dorothy Martm Iamce Young Second Row Carolyn Warn Zoe Ann CI'lSt Thxrd Row O11ve Martm MaJorette 28 CHORUS Flrst Row Quentm V'h1t6, Carolyn johnson, C larme Bernhardt, Mary Dallas, Ol1ve Martm Carolyn Warn Secretary Anna Engbloom Gord1ne Anderson Marllyn L1mberg, Marxe Classon Neoml Trask, Phylhs W1lts1e, Nancy Cass joarme Ryberg Mary Stanton Roger Amus, Mlss Woodmansee Second Row Clemence Whlte, Howard Benson joan H1ldum Dorls Taylor Evelyn Duell Mae W1lk1ns Mar1on DHVIS Allce Dewmg joyce Th1erfeldt jeanette Wa1d Mona Walker janet Cass VICE Presldent, Zoe Ann Crlst joyce Munson Beverly johnson W1111am Boyle, Damel Traver Thxrd Row Wxllard Cass, Gordon V'2.ld George Taft Pres1dent La Verne Duell Roger Swanson Gerald Hudson Charles Hlldum, R1chard Clark Treasurer Basley Lmdboom james Howard R1chard Nylander, Donald Gustafson W1ll1am Bovee, Gordon Barton Robert Tyler, Wllham Phxlhps Gordon Sheldon FIRE WARDENS Flrst Row Leon Carlson, Mary Dallas Mary Adams, Carolyn johnson joan H11 dum Verna jean Gustafson Second Row MHUFICQ Swanson, Basley Lxndboom Th1rd Row Ralph Erlckson La Verne Duell, Theodore Nordland Vxncent Shel on 9 . , 1 , IU, A I ' L - . . . . . . . - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - . . . . - . - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 , . l .Q Q . . - - . , . . M , ' I , - V 1 J- Q - ' ' : 'X r Q is . . . . , V 1 ' Q, I. ' x d ' f 1 . 1 TR HIY iff" in-N-4, F1rst Row Evelyn Duell, Dorothy Martm Ol1ve Mart1n V1ce Pres1dent, Mary Dallas Presldent janet Cass Secretary Mar1lyn L1mberg, Treasurer Mane Classon Second Row Mona Walker Clar1ne Bernhardt Margaret Anderson Neomx Trask joan H1ldum Ruth Stanton, Joyce W1lder Beverly johnson, M1ss McIntyre Th1rd Row Gord1ne Anderson, Anna Engbloom Marlon Davis Dor1s Taylor Bessle Sheldon Zoe Ann Cr1st Carolyn Warn, Rosalxe Fenton, Verna jean Gustaf son Al1ce Dewlng PRESS CLUB Flrst Row Calvm Klme Edxtor joan Hlldum Maman Davls Trent Eckman Evelyn Clark Zoe Ann Crxst Second Row M1ss Aaron Margaret Hanson Nancy Barber, Ernest W1lts1e Kerm1t Rmell Charles I-I1ldum 30 f i - 1 ,wi ' x. 4, N 1 I l , 2 ' : 1- . A x Q N 1 x .. . 1 l I 5 Y 4 , ' . 1 , 5 4 , -Q - x 4 x, 4 X ,N I . lg x N ' C x ,, , . g K . f V 5 , . . . . . - . . - . - v 1 - . . . . 1 2 ' - 1 1 s y 9 . . . . . . - - 9 1 9 1 ' 9 " , . I , 5 Z Q X J A 2 , , 8 , , .8 Q 4' x cs, ,af - r I - . . . - . . , , ' . 3 I 7 v 1 Y n n .. 1 . , , x n . DRAMATICS F1rst Row Robert Tyler, Iosephme Luplca, Gladys Ph1ll1ps Beverly Johnson Pres1dent Roger Swanson Vlce Pres1dent Second Row Quent1n White Treasurer, Mxss Hermann Advlser, Daruel Traver, Phylhs Ehrhart, Ioan Barker, IHIIICE Young, Ioyce Thurston, W1ll1am Boyle Ardlth Parsons, Bessxe Sheldon Thxrd Row Joyce Munson Bonme Marsh Dor1s Llttlefxeld Margaret Anderson, Allce Dewlng, Iamce Blasdell DANCING First Row: Miss Tatu Advlser, Carolyn Warn President, AnnaEngbloom, Dorothy Martm, jean Littlefield, janet Cass Secretary, George Taft. Second Row: Richard Clark, Gordme Anderson, Betty Blood, Lillian Cole, Dorothy Nelson, Ruth Stanton, Lxllian Wright, Barbara Sheldon. Third Row: William Wa1te, Clarence Wiltsie, Mae Wilkins Vice Pres1dent, Joyce Ann Martin, Betty Spencer, Raymond Wlltsib. 31 5 11 A , 33, , , 1 H .1 .-J ' .. , . . I . 2 Y . , , . W l W HOME ECONOMICS CLUB sm 5 V "" 7" ' 1 Seated Mrs Brotherton, MISS Smlth, Donna Mae Arnold Treasurer Donna Gesaman, Av1s Chandler V1ce Presxdent Standlng Nancy Ehrhart Dor1s Hawley Secretary joan Sheldon Walter Becker Wallace Becker Wayne Ak1n Charles Pratt Roger Nelson, Alberta Rawley Edna I-loughwot, Al1ce Blood Dorothy Schoonover CRAFT CLUB Flrst Row Rlchard Wh1te Wllharn Irwm, Allen Mlnser Second Row Mlss Olds Advlser, Barbara Johnson Sherwood Nelson Vlce Presldent Donalene Olson Secretary Florence Gustafson Treasurer Margaret Anderson Pres1dent Thlrd Row Thomas Darlmg Paul Pearson Charles Oberg W1ll1am Greene Otto Gustafson Nancl Crlst Dolores Olson Romayne WlltS16 Cleora Bennett Theodore Stone john Rounds Sh1rley Mason Neom1 Trask Carl Llndahl Robert Klrk, Dorothy W1lts1e Edna Khne 32 : I . . - , -I . . . . . - - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . ' . , Y A , ,gl l . 1 - . ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' - Z 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ART CLUB Seated Evelyn Sjogren, Harold Classon Edward Dewlng Standing Mlss McIntyre Advxser, Clar1ne Bernhardt Delores Hanson Secretary Treasurer, Roland B11lqu1st Richard Howard Dorls Taylor Pres1dent, Evelyn Duell CAMERA Seated' Gerald Mara President, Verna Gustafson Secretary, MaryDa1las Treasurer, Roger Hag land Standmg: janet Swanson, Basley Lindboom, Pauline Wxlson, 1oyceTh1erfeldt, Autumn Suckow Elaxne Warn, R1Ch3!'d Wigren, Ohve Martin, Marie Classon, Mr Sanborn Adv1ser 33 If , Q " M, ,sf ey ,fi .. We - , ' .2 1 ' , ' . if , '. ffl X 3 I , : . , . . . : . - a " ' a , - n ' 3 I N 5 . ' , ,f 4 1 ' -, UN! V 'N . , Q ' - 0 3' S- :lg Y. z K I , t 5 . . R 7 .N :L li 4 BGWLING CLUB Flrst Row Iva Ehas, Roger Amus Secretary La Verne Duell Pres1dent, RalphEr1ckson Treasurer, Joanne Ryberg Second Row Mona Walker, Jacquelme Hansen, Jeanette Wald Mary Stanton, Joyce Wllder, Arlene W11ts1e Phy111s Wl1tS1e, Carolyn Johnson, Nancy Cass Thlrd Row Mr Murray Advlser, R1chardNylander, Donald Gustafson, Gordon Wald Maur1ce Swanson, Theodore Nordland Ralph Wllcox Fourth Row Donald Mara, Theo dore Jackson, Gordon Ryberg B111 Ph1lhps Clemence Whxte Albert Eckman Alfred Poole, Gerald Hudson Gordon Barton, Wlllard Cass, Lawrence Seek1ns RIFLE CLUB xg!!! ,gil U Hall an Seated Mr Rounds Advlser, Chfford W11tS18 Vxce Presldent, Coland Suckow Presl dent Jack Treadway Secretary, Robert Coons Treasurer Standxng Henry Cole, MHUTICE S1sson, W11hs Burtch, Kermeth Wxlcox Gordon Sheldon, Theodore Clark, Mar1on Anderson, Leon Carlson, Howard Parsons, Davld Wxlcox, Rxchard Causebrook, Red Marsh, John Carley 34 ' , , s X . . J t . N " v L r -9 2 . - , - . . - . Z . . , l 7 I . ' , ' , ' . : - ! ! Y 7 , . N 'N ar' 'F L4 -3 , ' Q I ,ggi ,MZ Qffrrq ,L fi , w 1 .5 ' X A 'f ' ' 325' - ' h W - . I . clit: X H' -5 ' R ft' . V . ' " 1- ' , -4331 ' ' ' :L-1 z , 7 ' ' - . I 7 X W WS i S Q M-Wa lllliif il wr 1' f 'NX ,,,,,,5x59Z3IXiA S X XXQ xx X sk Xjmg. XX XX x Q x X A 1 K N-Q I Q I U 5 Q I Q E BASKETBALL First Row Coach Ted Anderson Roger Anrus, Rlchard Nylander, Ralph Erlckson Richard Wigren Charles Hildum Manager Back Row George Taft Richard Clark, Basley L1ndboom La Verne Duell George Taft Base Lmdboom Ralph Erlckson Dlck Clark South Dayton 'Celoron South Dayton Jamestown 'Lakewood Cherry Creek 'Panama 'Clymer 'Celoron 'League Games POINTS SCORED Dlck W1gen LF 174 GAMES SCORES THEY 36 La Verne Duell Dxck Nylander Roger Amus 'Clymer 'Sherman Jamestown ' Lakewood ' Panama Bemus Polnt Ripley South Dayton THEY LG 60 RG 99 ' C 126 ' G 22 ' RF 115 ' G 32 ' F 67 WE WE 32 30 41 36 Cherry Creek 24 15 :Sherman 37 33 35 40 35 26 25 33 38 27 36 27 27 23 26 23 46 23 46 33 ' 36 34 64 32 53 34 34 39 29 40 32 50 ' JUNIOR VARSITY F1rst Row Coach Ted Anderson, Gordon Ryberg, Alfred Poole Roger Swan son, Gordon Wald Bill Ph1l1ips, Clemence Whlte, Charles I-hldum Manager Back Row Vmcent Sheldon Wayne Nelson, james Howard Henry Cole, Stan 16yMeleen, Wxllard Cass BASEBALL F1rst Row Gordon Ryberg, La Verne Duell, R1chard Clark Basley L1ndboom, Richard Ny lander George Taft R1chard Wlgren Second Row Coach Ted Anderson, Gordon Wald, Roger Annls B111 Cass, Chfford Wlltsxe Charles Hxldum Manager 37 W I , ' ., . . . - I 1 1 ' 5 .,, V .P ka X f g VL T ff . , . - 1 v - .,. . . ., Kneehng Sandra Murry, Marxlyn Anderson Bar bara Sanborn Mascots Bottom Carolyn Warn, Gordine Anderson, janet Cass, Mary Dallas Cap tam Top Nancy Cass, Zoe Ann Crlst Class flower white rose Class colors maroon and whlte Class motto It's only the xgnorant who desplse educatlon 38 CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR PLAY EM- 'TK Cast of Characters e Carol Wes Hyacinth Helen Peggy Eve Sarah Lenore Mrs Trimmer . . Truck Driver . X Calvm Kl1ne Verna Gustafson Maur1ce Swanson Zoe Ann Crist Neoml Trask Manlyn Lxmberg Ohve Martm Dorothy Blzur Marie Classon Ioan Hxldum George Taft vw Commntees Student Dlrector Stage Manager Asslstants Business Manager Make up Electriclan ..... Synopsls of Scenes ! Act ll' Same early afternoon, a week later Act HI' Three hours later 39 Mary Dallas Arlene W1lts1e La Verne Duell Basley Lmdboom Theodore Nordland Vincent Sheldon Gerald Mara Charles Engstrom Dorothy Blair Delores Hanson Donald Mainwarlng ,L A, , A 2 L55 V-Ki, i v A A 'M , . .ff 1 A A V ' A .. S , V , I 1 5 .Q , ! X , vi jff ................. . ..... ' ' ' ...... . Act I. Living room of the Adam s home-early evening SENIOR PLAY Cast of Characters Tom Arsdale Oke Stlmson Carohne Anthony Arsdale Sylvxa Webster Dean Marlow Peaches Carter Asma B1rd1e LaVerne Barbara Sanford Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd Chuck Mayo La Verne Duell George Tait Evelyn Clark Calv1n Khne Zoe Ann Cr1st Maur1ce Swanson Mane Classon Arlene Wxltsle Verna Gustafson Mary Dallas Gerald Mara Charles Engstrom I Commlttees Student Dxrectors Stage Managers Make up Synopsxs of Scenes Ohve Martln Marllyn Llmberg Theodore Nordland Vmcent Sheldon Leroy Wxgren Delores Hanson Dorothy Bla1r Gordlne Anderson Ioyce Wxlder Act I Tom and Oke s apartment a day 1n sprmg Act II The same The next afternoon Act HI The same Evemng of the same day if 1, ,A , : y . fa I 'f x 1 i . K . if-X Business Manager . Neomi Trask i . 40 Best Dressed Most Likely to Best Figure and zoe Ann Crist Succeed Physlqve Gerald Mara Ohve Martin Joyce Wilder Calvin Kline La Verne Duell I Most Humorous Neomi Trask Basley L1ndboom Best Looking Zoe Ann Crist La Verne Duell Closest To Altar Most Romantic Most Popular Most Athletic Marilyn Limberg Marilyn Limberg Mary Dallas Mary Dallas George Taft Gerald Mara George Taft Basley Lmdboom N Worst Temper Most Studious Most Original Best Dancer Marie Classon Verna Gustafson Evelyn Clark Joyce Wilder Theodore Nordland Calvin Kline Maurice Swanson George Taft Qiuetest Best Sport Most Prompt Arlene Wiltsie Dorothy Blair Olive Martin Leroy Wilgren Charles Engstrom Vincent Sheldon WHAT WE THINK OF 'EM 3 ' 1 B V - H- ' 'I at 5 i .2 ' ,- Q V ,I - .'.-- i U". v . I f an lqgz 4, ' ' Q ,E V, Uv la W W N I Q V . y X TOOTS BOTSO K4 VERNA GARY SNAPSHOTS MARIE WHAT'S THIS ? LLOYD M K SE NIORS DICK N SOME ADVICE LEE BENNY SWOONER'S CROON Two BI LIS RE DORIS MURRAY 8z SANBORN IOYCE 8: C LARE NCE 'V 'Wu GARY JOYCE PICKY PICK gl BLACKIE Compl1ments to the Class of 1946 CALL US' Night Frewsburg N PHILLIPS GARAGE Auto Repairlng Weldmg and Machme Work Y Phone 2 665 In Frewsburg lt s Ph11hps Garage ve a real sense of humor for whenever I see someth1ng funny I have to laugh Zodle You must have a pretty tough txme shavlng Trafflc Cop Say lady, do you know how to d rive a car? ' Ohve ' Oh yes, what do you want to know? TO THE CLASS OF 1946 We deem it a pleasure to have been able to create for you a lastlng photographlc record of tlus cherxshed moment May lt be but the f1rst 1n your lxfe s album of ach1evement THE CAMP ART COMPANY I S Husband PORTRAIT 121 West Fourth St Jamestown N Y Dorothy H Lawson FIELD and COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 43 , . . ' . Y - . l Dick: HI think I ha , ' , 7! . . H ' . . n 1 I ll I . . . I YY R N PETERSON E G GRIFFITH Comphments of THE WATCH SHOP Specxalty jewelry THE HOUSE OF BRAND NAMES HAMILTON ELGIN GRUEN BULOVA WATCHES GENUINE REGISTERED KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS DIEGES Kr C LUST CLASS RINGS 17 john Street New York 3 West Flrst Street Jamestown, New York Marne They say a sharp nose ind1cates cunoslty Calvln That's rxght, and a flattened one may 1nd1cate too much curiosity Mr Sanborn m certam I must have run across you sometxme or other Neomx "N slr lt s a ways been hke th1s Lastlng Glfts Best W1SheS to C a s s of 1 4 6 jewelry E F BASSETT QUALITY CASH STORE YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME HERE 302 Maln Street Jamestown N Y George Benson Manager 44 . . rs . . . 79 . .I at . . . . 97 . ul: . . yy .: O' . , . 7 I . . .H . . , . . ' Congratulatxons to Western New Yorks Fmest Drug Store CUSS Of 1 46 THE FREWSBURG PHARMACY Cordlally congratulates the F H S Class of 1946 andwishes them success ln th1s new and RED AND WHITE STORE dYHam1C atomic age 1 c LOMBARDO REGISTERED PHARMACIST E R Shel on See Us For Drugs, Prescrlptxons, O w n e r and Fountam Servlce Phone 2 522 Frewsburg New York w1th your daughter for flve years Mr Lxmberg Well waddye want a penslon Comphments of Congratulatlons from MORTON S KENDALL SERVICE LUNDQUIST HARDWARE Frewsburg, New York George and Ralph Morton, Proprxetors Polly Power Gasohne The 2000 M11e 011 Jamestown, N Y Battery Servlce Lubr1cat1on Waslung Expert Repa1ring On the Level 1I'l Brooklyn Square 45 . 7' . 9 . . d Russ: "Sir, er--that is, I would like to---er--that is, I--mean I have been going v - 77 ' I . ll u I, --- GOOD EQUIPMENT MAKES A GOOD FARMER BETTER DOWNYFLAKE DONUTS ERNEST L ANDERSQN MOHAWK DONUT SHOP 28 N Maln St Jamestown Russo Bldg Fredoma 1 M CODHICK DURING FARM MMNINIS L summons .4 Hay Gram and Corn Machmes P1ows Harrows Dr111s Seeders Planters Cultlvators Feed M1115 Corn She11ers Manure Spreaders 2100 Washington St George I can t see how a watch can keep accurate txme Maur1ce Why not? George Because t1me f11es, and a watch only runs Bus Phone 4833 House Phone 73251 Tractors Englnes Power Umts Cream 'separators Farm Wagons Blnder Twme Gemune Repaxr Parts Iamestown, N Y Mrs Nelson How IS hash made? ' Mrs Chandler Made? Ash a1n t made It accumulates Comphments of SWANSONS DRUG STORE PHONE 3 113 THIRD AT PINE IAMESTOWN N Y Comphments of VALONE 81 CO 212 East Second Street Jamestown, New York Best WlSh8S from CLARK S STORE Mel Clark, Proprietor Ivory, New York ll Y! MOHAWK SODA SHOP Threshers Milkers ' ll 7 . 77 . . . ll !! . . . ll . . yy . ll . D . . . if 7 - ! --. yy I , . . 46 Old Home Week w1l1 be held June 26 27 28 29 THE FREWSBURG FIRE CO Wxshes the Class of 1946 the Best of Luck and Success Compllments of Congratulatlons To The Class of 1946 FREWSBURG HOTEL LUNCH COMMITTEE ! Iuha Chandler Carne Nylander Loretta Nelson Mr Martm What IS a tactful way for a gxrls father to let her boy frlend know that It Dorothy D1x He may casually pass through the room w1th a box of breakfast food Best Wlshes to the Class of 46 FREWSBURG HARDWARE CO PEARL CITY MILLS FREWSBURG N y Dlal 252l 401 Chandler Street Phone 4139 A Veterans Organizauon Jamestown New York Your Patronage Appreclated Feed Seed Fertxhzers Farm Machmery Congratulatxons to the Class of 1946 FENTONVILLE GROCERY v ' ll 1 1 1 . is time to leave?" . . u . yy . Y Y 47 GEER DUNN COMPANY SOCIAL AND WEDDING ENGRAVING OFFICE SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS 22 W THIRD ST IAMESTOWN N Y Complunents of JAMESTOWN FUR COMPANY EXCLUSIVE FURRIERS Gary How about a l1ttle r1de Toots'7 Toots Are you gomg north? Gary Yes, I am Toots G1ve my regards to the Esk1mos Congratulatxons to Class of 1946 THE BINGHAM CO Congratulatx ons to Semor Class SPARK S STORE Grocerxes Fancy Notlons C F MYERS 81 SON Grocerles Dry Goods Shoes Rubber Footwear Crosley Refngerators Wallpaper Blackstone Washers Radxos LANDY BROS FURRIERS Easy budget plan Complete l1ne of furs Cert1f1ed cold storage vaults Repalrs and remodellng expertly done D1al46 551 36 N Mam St Jamestown, New York We overheard Base saymg th1s My consclence hurts alack I thlnk I ll go aga1n to nxght And put the strange thmg back Comphments of BON TON SHOE STORE Hotel Jamestown Bldg SHIRLEY SHOES Comphments of BENNIE ANDERSON Jamestown, N Y .2 ' , ' I stole a kiss the other night . , . . . I Q -, 48 CUT LEED S DRUGS INC Compliments of RATE COLLINS SPORT SHOP Prescrxptxon Br Speclahsts 114E Second St IAMESTOWN NY Comphments of Greetlngs to e ass of BROSTROM CONNER SHOE CO f r o rn 18 East Th1rd Street CARNAHAN SHEARER Iamestown New York Leroy ln S S class Dld you hear about the cross eyed teacher who couldn t control her pupxls Vmcent Do you serve crabs here? Wa1ter We serve anyone Sxt down LYNN S PHILLIPS LUMBER COMPANY IEWELRY Manufacturers of Dlamonds and jewelry LUMBER AND CRATING STOCK Expert Watch Clock and jewelry Repaurmg FREWSBURG NEW YORK 11 N Mam St Jamestown N Y Compliments of Congratulations e Cass of 1 ELSIE S HAROLD STRAND 318 Pxne St Jamestown N Y Frewsburg N Y 49 , . th Cl '46 - CO. I - . ll - - I -' . . 73 . ' ll 75 . .. tt . IJ 3 7 I I ! . I o y - - I to th I 946 Goodrlch T1res Hlgh Grade and Batterxes Gas and 011 DAMON 8: MILLWARD GULF SERVICE STATION Ph 2 175 Frewsburg, N Y Best Wlshes t The Senlor Class f 1946 MOORES HARDWARE Frewsburg N Y La Verne Extra Extra Read all about It Two men swlndled Lubr1cat1on and Accessor1es Gasolxne and 011s CLARKS KEYSTONE SERVICE Open da11y 7AM to9 PM Congratulatmns and Best Wxshes t Class of 1 6 OKE S LUNCH 2 Maxn Street Frewsburg N Y Soft DYIHICS Ice Cream Lunches 7 Ted I 11 take one Say, there 1sn t anythmg 1n here about two men being swmdled La Verne Extra Extra Three men swlndled ' ZUCKERMAN S L3.d19S Ready to Wear and M11hnery Jamestown, New York Phone 43 135 Congratulatlons to the Class of 1946 FASHION CLOTHES INC 14 16 N Maln St Jamestown, New York Everythxng for the well dressed man CROYDON STORES INC Guy Saxton Manager 205 N Maln St Jamestown, New York Comphments of PAINES HOME BAKERY We're always 1n the dough 0 0 94 . O I I , . . 7 ' ' . n . . 3 . ' ur . -:- . 1 . . . . . , ,, . . at . 7 ' . I 7 I so Comphments of Compliments of BESH GE TOORS WAHLGRENS SEED STORE M USIC HOUSE 8 East 4th Street Jamestown New York Comphments of YOUR BARBER ROY Employer So you wamla Job eh ? Do Verna No but I can learn you Best Wxshes to the Seruors KYLE 81 LITTLE News Dealer Sodas Ice Cream Four New Brunswlck Bowlmg Alleys Phone 2713 GEORGE J LAWSON MEATS OF QUALITY Phone 2715 Frewsburg N Y H E DICKINSON ASSISTANT The place to get your garden seeds and baby chlcks 49 S Mam St Jamestown, N Y Comphments of THE FREWSBURG FIREMEN S AUXILLIARY ever tell 11es? Arlene How IS the qulckest way to get fat? Congratulatlons from MERCHANTS SHOP Phone 2 025 GARFIELD THEATRE FREWSBURG N Y The Theatre of Beauty Comfort Quahty and Fr1end1y Servlce Change of Program Every Sunday Tuesday and Frxday Flrst Show 7 15 Last Show 8 45 Nlghtly Adults 359 Cluldren 159 Tax Inc Matmee Sat and Sun 2 15 P M 25 and 10 Cents 51 I 0 It . . fl . . ll ,, . , . , u . . Ma1u'ice: "Buy it from the butcher." Y - . I ' ' , . n .2 '- 'o 33" 1--, , 11.1 ' ' fp' -A ,Q--':1tg.g-,-'11--.-'-.Army-5 ".-iff ','-,,1- ,uvg Q, V . ., . -. . A , - , 5 7, , ,x.3,.,.:,- 5,13 t. , -L Q, 1-4. i -Q -Q. w-, w. 4 4 v ""'.f-"- -' V '- . .' ,. .. . .. . -H-,,' ' f.- - - ,A ,, X3 ' -f ' ,- - V . ,,1..',,. 'Q , -,.'iVd,-Av A -v 'af' -f P F

Suggestions in the Frewsburg Central School - Senior Leaves Yearbook (Frewsburg, NY) collection:

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