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Fresno Technical High School - Technicalities Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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M -J , 1' - , f ' J w, -vi: fp.: .., , 1 A ax , FL 9 M, L' FFQEA' 'F' '2 'Y JAY X WMU:--N X KI V ' - - f . -M - ' ' 'H' ' f N' Y Y v fu 1 ill! 1'."L1ff,I'7'2V'T' j'7W'iH:1Jf'w:"KH4f HE!FIIr"fE T'Y!1DfG3TiF'I17?1T'K'I311,,N!M'jM'Wi?L?x'""'-'wifif.IP-if'Y1'l511!E1?:FL4.mWRM' .5 E E L. E IEW? i -M 42? X S52 'I HQS:'7HE-'.n1Y5:f,Yi:7EiwlF1'x'EEx fx3LE3i i f'34'zM4':T5QWM2l5E5i' 21B , " ' RECUERDCDS 1948 McFarland High School McFarland, California ECI t --------- Gpal C t AttEdt ------ MybIIM B M g ------- JyD In Memoriam NORMA LEE BOWERY An empty locker, a missing face, empty chairs,-I all mark the passing of a clear friend. A melodious laugh recalls happy memories that remain so long in an aching heart. Yes, Norma has left our midst, but the enduring remembrance of a carefree girl shall always remain. Dedication TO THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE it is Witil sincere pride anci pleasure that tile staff ciedicates time 1948 RECUERDOS to the people who tiirougil their generous and spontaneous con- tributions made our annual possiiaie. Without sucii generosity we realize iiow iiarci it wouid have been for us to meet increased costs of prociuction. Comfemjrs ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES SPORTS ADVERTISEMENTS ,ggi U ima Wffim ms ..... E :.:z F .Q 1. , sd:- .5'7Ti5 fl'5li8iWfalLKYE9W24.?il's'?5 i?.ZxlHf7'nT1'4'5!52.i1+73ki1Lf2aiLFE'YE'Jl SIe1:1311i,'097iKTi1+1i . " ix ' Blr. T. L. NIIIQTLICII Wir. Clyde Dawald Wir. T. NY. Harvey Board of Trustees Alf. H. xX'VO0dVV0l'Hl lwr. VV. T. Baldwin Wir. C. XV. O'NeiII Mr. Phil Ohzxnnesor .Q I sr ,ix 'F Profs Now liiat itis all over, sriiool. lias lheen a loi oi lun. Tlais year lxflr. Allen clicl lwis imesl to teacil us iiow to spell those long names in lviology as well as silow us how biology is relalecl lo forestry ancl agrieullure. lwiss Cox ran really roolc. ami the violin iallcs when Wir. Egluerl pielis il up'-1 Nlrs. ilayes liacl a prolvlem solving time Senior prololems. lwliss Lourenzo willl lxer Himuenos cliasn slartecl us rigill oil worliing eacil morning. Boys' alilletics wenl to Town uncler lxlr. lvloorclale as clicl tile girls witli lxfliss lvloore steering liiem. lvlr. Niclever liacl lile ag. lmoys timrowing mighty nilly parties. Simlcespeare is ol: witim lwliss Slweats decipher- ing iiim-Wir. Sfulzmans enliiusiasm for aviation was eontagious. Vve slill Can't limi llie misfalce wiien lwlr. Vveimln malces Qil. lxliss Vviecla iias our personal liistories all flown on carcls now. Ancl always tlmere lmas been tile Y S ' 2 1' X a Y - ai JW' -A genial smile ol Wir. Dawalci. Yes, il was all lun. Allen Cox liglmerl Hayes l.ourenzo lVioore lvloorclale Niclever Slieals Siulzman Xvelilm Xviecii 8 'I A Left to Rigid: lvliss Nloore, Nliss SilK'2llS, lvlrs. Hayes Xl: s Bmlllrc Wir J lilmf H wg ,, 1 A K y X! Q H 'S l SM i is . mga elilncr, lvliss Rogers, Nlrs. ifrvi Aides lxlrs. lxlarie Fairhetter. secretary. has worlcecl hard lceeping the office in orcler. ivlrs. Rhodes. the school nurse, came twice a weelc. Wir. Ashlorcl. the attendance officer, also came twice a weelc. The office girls were a hig help to lvlarieg they collected ahsence slips. clistrihuted hulletins, filed carcls and many other oclcl johs. This practice was a help to all those who had a commercial major, lor it gave them practical experience that they otherwise might not have olatained. This is the lirst year that iX'lcFarlancl Hi has had a cafeteria. lwlrs. Garrett and lVlrs. Littlejohn worlcecl in the cafeteria the lirst semester. ancl Mrs. ixlartin and lxlrs. Vvillcinson the seconcl semester. lxlr. Hart. lxlr. l.anier ancl ixlr. l-ittlejohn were the loyal "cleaner uppers" lor the school this year and have clone an excellent joh in keeping our campus clean and ticly. Ex-Board Left to Rigid: ,l. Ninyvs, ,i. SiN'iliS, Ni. ivioorv, ,i, Davis, B. Km-ntl:-i, fl. Carter Ciiicers The Ex. Board, XViliCil is time exefulive imranril oi tile slucieni government of the sciiiooi, met every Tuesciay NVii'i'l tileir aciviser. Wir. ivioorriaie. Tire outstanding event wi1ivi1 liiey sponsored was the iootimii cianee at wilieiu za football queen was eiecleri. Several other dances were also sponsored. Tile oiiicers were: Presidents, J. Siieats and B. Kuentzei: Vice Presi- dents, B. Kuentzei and J. Davis: O. Carter was re-elected Secretary: Treasurers were J. Davis and J. Simeats, and Yeii Leaders. Ni. Nioore and ri. Niayes first semester, and H. Niayes, ri. Niayes, anci Bi. iwioore time seciomi. Members ing, iff! to Rigili: XV. c1I'f'l'l'il, .i. ixinycs, .i. iiiowery, B. Kuvntzei, ixi. ixinon-, fi. Carter, ixir. ivinorciu Sillllliillgi .i. ibnvis, B. iviinton, K. Xvest. B. Davis, .i. SiN'iliS, ii. ixiuyes PM , .wxw GLN, A, Q, r 5145 5 'Km 1 , , , Wav W' :qw 0 , NM K X.: K 635155, ah? 'Q QQNJ 'N 2 5 2 2 ss E 3 E i 5 3 E 5 2 f 5 S 5 S 5 E fa 5 Q lefllfklif ' ' ' Seniors Dolores Largeni Jerry Davis flpai Carler Senior Girl Fiiizenship Awurci Senior Boy Cilizvnship Awurri D. A. R. Cilizensllip Award The Senior advisers this year were: Niiss Sheats, Wir. Vvehh, and ixir. Egherl. The officers were: Presinienls. B. Kuenlzei and VV. Creech: Vice Pri-sicic-nts, D. Swan ami Pm. Xviieyg Sevrelaries, J. Niayes and CD. Carter: .i. Davis was re-elected Treasurer sevomi semesler: ami J. Xviiiiams was Ya-ii i.i-:uh-r. Kmwiing, Leif lo Rigizl: ,i. Sh:-uls, D. Swain Sirimiing, limi! lo Rigid: .l. Slaves, B, Kuenlzvi, .i, Davis, lmfl in Rigid! i. Xxvilliilllw. .i. Davis. Crvveil, hir. EQ fi, fwmnpireii ixiiss Siwnls, fl. fwurlvr, hir. NXVPIIII. B. Xviivy x L . .. . f 1. an---V - -am ,L The graduating class of ,418 will long rememher their Senior Breakfast and assemhly. the Junior- Senior Banquet, Baccalaureate, and finally Graduation which came alqter four long years oi anxiously waiting for the great ciay. February ll was one oi the many recl-letter ciays for the Seniors. It was then that they had their party which was a huge success. The Senior play on December I2 set a new record at the ticlcet window. But the greatest ciay of all was the clay when they marched up to receive their diplomas on June I. Here is Vvancia Creech. the Class President, receiving hers irom lvlr. Ijawalci. ALLAN ALBRKitil'-l".l".A., l-2-3 GLEN C'AIN1I'BliI ,l.-I4'.F.A,, L2-5-fi: letlrrnl in 2 IVAN c1Ai.I.-Vi4l'lll1iS, 2-3,43 Spanish, rr! I .lunior Play fJl'AL fl.AxRYl'l':R-Emlitor ol' 1048 Rc-cuirtios 5 B e 'S-4.. B. Yell Lf-nrler, 3: Annual Sta Stall, 5-4: GJXA., I-2-'5-4: Drnlnulir Sec., 41 lvllllis, 'S--15 'liri-l ii-Y Soc.. .lunior ami Senior Plays: Ex-Boarcl, 3-4 XIVANDA 4C'REl:fC'li-Suh Dc-lm, 2-3- flulw, 4: lflfiil-X, 4: Senior floss Pri NIPH i.l'kl1l1'f, -52 .'lllli0l' illlii Sixllifif lllilyi JERRY DAVlS--Honor Society. 142-3-I li Drainalics ffluh, I-2: Spanish filulw, I l'4.l".A.. 4: Annual Stall., I-2-5-43 Pres. ,I4fC'ilSlll'i'l', .IllIli0l' illld Sltlliilf' cil2lSSQ Yiqfiii 4: ljrcs. Stumlvnl Bofly, 43 Business 'i-4: ,lunior anfl Senior Plays: use-nior pr EYALYN Elivlx-G,A,A., 4: Tri-HEY 4 SIYUHSI ljronlplcr lor .lunior Play QIQORGIZ CZARXVCDOD-l".l".A., I-2 1 4 lfttf-rm lennis, '5-4 CARI. fiRi'.lLl'.lN'-l', I-2-EA: le till ,I . CLC X DIDIN-',i4l'ilIlSiI'I' llfilxliflf llfXiAN-i'k.l".A.. 2-4: l.I'li rm in 2 KIQNNITH I Ill WIDSON-'l'r.msll-r 5 4 ioru 30B KUENTZEL--Hi-Y. I-2-'5-4: Letterman. 2-3-4: Honor Sociely, I-2-3-4: Spanislw Clulv, I-2: Senior Class pres.: Sluclenl Body Pres., 4: Stuclr-nl Body V. Pres., 4: .lunior incl Senior Plays DOLORES LARGENT-Spanisli, '5-4: G.A,A.. 3-4: Honor qoriely. 5-4: Tri-Hi-Y, 4: Clmorus. l: Senior Play ' lOYCE lVlAYES-G.A,A., l-2-3-4: Sec., 5, Pres., 4: Sulx Deli. I-2-3-4, Pres., 4, V. Pres., 4: F.H.A, 4, Sec.: llonor Society, l: Ex-Board, 'S-4: Junior and Senior Plays: lllennis, L-4: Tri-Hi-Y. 4: Pep Cluln, 4, Ser.: Cliorus. 3-4: Sluclent foflyi Yell Leacler, 'S-4: Class Secretary, 4: Class Yell .eamen '5 3UDDY MINTON-F.F,A., I-2-374: Model Club. 3: Jres. 4, pres.. 3, Treus.. 2: junior anrl Senior 3'l ays UNlOR MOORE-Lcllr-riiizxn, 3-4 WARYBELLE MOORE-G.A.A., l-2-5-4: GAA. Sports Vlnnager. '5-4: Sulw Deb, I-2-5: Sulw DelJ Sec.. 3, Treas., 4: fx-Boarcl, 3-4: Stuilont Body Yell Leader, 5-4: Honor Society, l-3: Tri-Hi-Y. Pres., 4: Pep Cluly Pres., 4: Junior ind Senior Plays: Cougar Cry, 5-4, Eclilor. 4: Cliorus, 'S-4: annual, 3-4: Tennis, 5-4 lllvl 2-3-4: l..elic-rman. 4: Senior Play I-2-'S-4, Pres.. Tre-ras.: Qui: Deb, I-2-'5-4, V. Pres., Sec.: Clmrus, 5-4: Tri-Hi-Y, 4: Senior Play. 4: 4: Tennis, 5-4: Pep Clulw V. pres.. 4 NlANClE MORRIS--G.A.A.. I-2-3-4: Sul: Dr-li, l-2-5-4: llri-Hi-Y, 4: Clwrus, I-2 DOYLE PEEBLES-F.F.A., l-2-5-4: Letterman. 2-5-4: Dance Cluln, 2: .lunior anal Senior Plays JON POVVERS-F.F,A., l-2-5-4: Letterman, I-2-5-4 flRGll.. PUl.l..EN--lulonor Society, 4: Junior Play, 3 As Sopliomores. tire present Seniors began to plan alaoul tlieir rings. liut tliey had to wait until tlrey liacl been Juniors several montlis before they linally got around to orclering tliem. Of course tlie waiting wasnyt over. Not until Septemloer 26 ol tlieir Senior year did tliey linally get tllem. Tliese rings were wortli waiting lor tliougll-just aslc time Seniorsl Utlner tluings tliat will ine remem- lxered were tlie ordering ol graduation announce- ments. liaving Senior pictures talien, time signing ol Senior memory lmoolcs, tlwe excliange of personal Carcls, and at tl1e Close ol tlie year, having tlweir lriencls sign tlreir annuals lor llie last time. Bl'f'l'l'Y ROBERTS -G.A.A., I-2-'S-4: Sul: D1-lu. I-251 I'.H,A.. 4: Junior mul Svniur Plays FRANCES NVARD MC:A.A., I-2-'S-4: Triflli-Y, 4: Sulm Dclm, 5: Sul: Dc-ll Trvns.. 5 DON SCHAAL- Ss-nior Play: Annual Stull, 4: Hi-Y, 4: Ciougnr Cry Stull, 4 BILL XX'Il.IfY-I.:-H lm-rmun, I-2-'3-4: F,l",A., I-2-3-4: ' J l'l'l'SllHlkll1 l FOSS Svnior V, Prvs: S1-r. l'.l'.A.. 2-'S-4 lllxl SllEA,l'S-lml lr-rmzm. I-2-'S-4: lli-Y, I-2-'S-4: lJI'EllllilliC'S, V23 l .l .An 4: Lxflgnanrsl '5-4: Sluclvnl Bully vlurvus., 'S-4, lin-S, '52 Shulm-nl Bmly Pros., 4: .lunior Pr:-s. lunior uml Sr-niur Plays .ll FIJAN XVII.- l.lA318-Lf-llvrlnun: 3,-1: llifY. 17273441 Annual Shall, I-2-'5-4 ,lunior Play: Druf malirs. I-2: Spnnisll cilllll, I-2: llmnrl, IJ-374 DEAN SXVAN- l.Plll"l'llliIll. I-2-1-4: FFA 172:14 Gl.IRVIS1NN'INBER- l,l'.4 --I',I'.A,, 4: I.l'll1"Tlllilll, fl Seniors Receive Tlleir Swvzxlers SCIUOT Pilfly MARY FRANCES XVADE-U,A,A.. 1-271-4: Sub D:-ly, I-2-5: l'i.H.A.. 4: l"0r0nSim'S, 4: Ylqri- lli-Y, 4: Drmnulics. I-2: .lunior Play: fxlmrus, 3-4: Bnncl, 4 CJf'!'lll'SlfH, 4: Lniin Clulr, 'ig Dnmw' Clulm, 2 EDDIE XVI IR'l1-Ili '-'l,l'Hl'fllliIIl, '3-4: Annual Shall., 4 Juniors Tile Juniors got oii to a gooci start this year by ordering their ciass rings, and swf-atvrs, and planning ltlc- Junior-Sf-nior Banque-l. Tin-y trir-ct 4-very known monvy making scheme, with ttlc exception oi paying their ciass clue-s. They would not tlavv done' half so we-il without ttlc tlclp of ttmcir advisers ixtrs D. ixICix"IiHEiIl and G. XVhitHK'Tt', Vicc Prcsiclcntsg B. Dcrinfrton and .i iworrow SC'Cl'6'tHI'iCS1 Eltld I.. XNIOOCI iltlfi Xl. llllfiieu. ,iiTCilSLlI'?l'S. l.6Ei.Ci6l'S VVf"I't' N. Bowvry and V. Crcccilz and E. Ura-ttcin, C. Buticr. and CJ. Est!-s. i'rrmi Row, Init I0 Rigid: I.. Xvoocis O. Estcs, V, Duciu-tl, Y. Crm-ctr, .i. yiormw, C, ifulicr, nlr. ivlnnrciaiu iwizlliiv Row, Left in Rigilf: ixirs, iiavvs B. Davis, If. Urr-tie-in, B. Dc-ringtun: C, xxilltfklifl' Bncie Row, iff! In Rigid: D. Bicixiiitan Fir, Allf-n The Junior ciass treasury was much increasect try the funds brought in from sciiing sand- wiches at the bastcetioaii games. ri f51Fli'f5 I Hayes, Wir. Aiten, and ixir. Nioorciaie. B. Davis was president for both senicslers' rout Row, Loft lo- Rigillz V. Dljricf-ll, R. i711-iarnno, R. i'r4-1-mam, V. iiisinn, xi. firim-. B. Dm-ringlon, H. Bmciiey. C, Bulicr Buble Row: Davis. ciI'C'Pi'il, V. i izarrm-isun, Bffiriivr. Greliein, ISONYIIIHII. Bvllgv, Collins, I lvuiiii r :mul Row, iff! lo Rigid: A. Gonzaies, fl, ifsh-S, R. .ic-'nnings, R, Kizziar, i, ivinrrow, G. iwzinagn. C. Harris, iifi-illK'l', CVO? lsllfll Rllll'I Hllifliilrfl, XY. czrissll- XV. iinrl, J, ingrum. Ni. iWrAiiislvr. if. i.vmmnn. E. Urs-livin, .i, Dyr-ss Front Row, iff! to Right: .i. Ingram fi, ixiussvy. ii. Simrp. I.. Xvoori. A. Parks M, xxiiiflfi, XV. Slum-, C. ixioorv Huriz Row: U. Xvixiiarrv. D. ixiciviiiiml B. Shillings, ,i. Xvaiicc-r, H. Pouiinn D. imxson, H. Tvaguv. G. Ralviiin. prim' Sophomores The Sophomores haci il Q1I1 I11111 I 1 xe1r u11cI r I 1 r r ctlc o X I ourz 1110 Nir IuI1 man. ami Iviiss Iyioore, II1e1r ncixrscrs IP r pnrlx I1 D e xx I I xxoncitr u x Their oitirers were presiccnt I I xerx V cr I s1rI1 1I IX C I11rr1 4 ccrztirus X Ion, and VV. Vvest: Treasurer I Jun o oxx x Qunxx ller R Bennett am T. Ixiishier did a gooci joh of eepmg or er 1 S rm IIIIS 1I rms Ihr Sophomore ,III Iaggeci a little untii H. Iviaxes 111 D iDlNIN tooI4 our s x II I 1 I 1 1 1Iso xxrotf c ss song. Being smart Icicis. thev egln FIISIDQ 111on1x or II1c1r ILIHIOT xexr Front Row, I.: I Io 1 1 Il ll -I. Davis, XX Ioulm mxrr Iiufie Row, I,1'II I rq I llllflllllr XY. XXI1-sl. I r The Sophomore Assemhiy on February Q0 was in Commemora- tion of Vvashingtonis and Line c'0In's birthdays. B. Fietcher and A. Larrew read their essays on the subject. Patriotic' songs were sung. ancI other trihutes were pairi Washington and Lincoin. iron! Row, 1.vft io Rigilt: E. Ciaimaiis-ru, A. Bi-niy. T. Davis, B. Gooriin. Ni. Camp- iwii, B. f'mnpi'x-ii, i. Hnrrvismsrl, .i. Fvrry, B. Boll, Iz. Curr uric Row. Loft to Rigid: R. Br-nm-H, R. Cuiillluil, D. Davis, B, Ervin, D, Ciarii. 'Tif'il'iN'l', Igllfkner, Islfllld, fi. i'n-mwicir-1, B. fwanircii Frou! Row, 1.1-ft In Rigid: N. Rainwater, C. Vviiiis, R. D2lX'ifISiJIl, XV. ijuuihm, i.. Roni, N. Vviiiiams. B. Xyaciv, B. Povvvii, XV. Vvvsl, G. Tiniu-r Barrie Row, Loft to Rigixf: ii. Pr-rry, SililIlkif', Sllfllff, lz0iJinS0l1, ii, iviiiion, A!liiSilil' r, ii. Viiowcry, .i. iviuring, Pniv, ig. Strawn, R. Print Front Row, iff! Io Riglil: Ni. Gnociwin, ii, Harris, .l. Hoiiowny, D. iwoniguinvry. B. imrgrni, D. I.:-wis, J. Niassr-y, .i. iVirKini0y Buck Row, Loft fo Right: R. Gririvr Ni, ivir-imn, H. Wiays-S, A. Larrcw I... iioiwims. Yi, Luxsun, .l. Jaficson. i.. L:-wis Luwv. B. Hiii, i... ixflflgilllgiliill XI, tih'Illl'l1tS, lill'kSllH, KZUIIZRIIOS, Burk Row, ,ffl to Rigllf: I.. Hznslm, Ax. CQrc'g0ry, Iyunlnp. P, .lqnHy, flokil, Freshmen Frvsfmwn omcors wvrv: Presiclcrli, K. VVPSI: Vice Prcsiclenls, B. lfsslcy and NI. Bendoslciz Sf-crc-tarive. J. Kennvcly and G. Bowen: Tre-asurc-rs. J. Rvclor and B. Lessleyz Sergeanl-at-Arms, R. Wlason. XV. H. Collivr. and J. Kimlyerling Yell Leaders. 51. Bvncloslci and B. Vvard. fwr. Nici:-vvr, fxliss VVE1-ch and lwiss Cox were H10 advisers. Svulvrf on Slvps, Lvfhl lu Rigid: Vvml, . as Xt . .PSS -' Svulvrl on Brxrlistvr, Lvfl in Riglif: U. Bmw-n, B. Xvnrrl, IW. Bc-nrloski, .l. Kimlu-rlin, I, Rr-dur, R. Ix1ilS0ll Sfruuling: .Wiss fox, :WL Nirlf-vc-r Tflllf Roux fyfl fo Right: D, G:-rl, P. Fowlf-r, G, l"owln'r R, Hzumllon, R. fqrlsso I , CMUMY M. Tull. F. Surbffr, Row, Lvft Vvood ruff. mr s Rourl B Vvnrcl, D Rat x I Sm 0 R QHIIPSUIL ron' Rc U O Rl I lsollgl' mnon R Lwnxplve J, Baclwten lcmlwr D Dunn M Brumlcy E. Chacon N1 B1 wlf-y Back Ron fe I to Right no C nun N Dye-ss. XY Q0 1:-r D Bc-mall J Bowcns. N Bnnrlobkl B Bwrkon V Barnes. r nl u 0 R1 1 R. parm url nvw- 1x'10UI'f', B 1 vn fn r L. Lung, R Ju 0 R1 B. Nloolry B K ul . In N mlm Pr-olmlvs, R Qrgamizafioms K Q S fi re 5 Z s nl E S 3 2 a '1' QHJBTYT I . . I-Ii-Y front Row. l.elt to Right: .l. Davis, ,l. Schneirler, .l. Holloway. T, Davis. K. XV:-st, lf, l.arrew, li. lfrvin, li. l.:-ssh-5. Buck Row: hir. XY:-lxlx, D. Sfhaal. D. xlzixlillan, li. Kuentzel, R. firicler, R. cjtllllllilll, .l. Xxvilliams, .l. Fheats. The purpose ol the Hi-Y is to create. extencl. ancl maintain throughout the school ancl community high stanclarcls ol Christian Character. Niem- hers are electecl into this cluh. The cluh helcl meetings every other Vveclnesday night when they played games in the gym. Two ol their social events were a hirthclay party at the home ol .lerry Davis and a visit to the Columlmia Station at Delano. The ollicers lor the lirst semester were presiclenl, B. Kuenlzel: vice president, .l. Sheats: secretary ancl treasurer, ,l. Davis. The olzlicers lor the seconrl semester were presiclent, J. Davis: vice president, R. Coffman: secretary ancl treasurer. T. Davis: aclviser, hir. XVelmlm. The Tri-Hi-Y is the girls organization of Hi-Y. its purpose is to create. extencl. and maintain throughout the school ancl community high stanclards of Christian Character. The cluh consists ol Seniors and Juniors, and students may become memhers hy heing votecl into the cluh. They plan to have social meetings ancl to he active within the community. Officers were presirlent. hi. hloore: vice presirlent. VV. Creech: secretary. fl. Carter: treasurer, V. Creech: arlviser. Wliss Moore. Front Row, Left In Right: xl. Xymle, ll hlorelancl, lr. Xxlilffl, XV. fire:-th, D. l.arr11-nl, R. Kizziar. liacle Row: ,l. xlayes, Ervin, fl. fatter, V. Harrelson. Creewh, V. lflstun, lxiiss ixloore, hi. hionre. Tri-I-ii-Y Snuivzl. 1.1-fl fo Riqlll: .l. Holloway, ill, Uavis. Slumling: R. firirle-r, Nliss l.oura-nm, li. lfrxin l. Ilfffy, cilll, Ill'lf'y, l.2lfLf1'Ill, l',I'VIll. This year lhf- Spanish Cluh has heen clericleclly arlivv. Chrislmas Ihr- mm-rnlwrs lc-arnvcl Spanish Christmas Carols and wenl to lhv lvarhvrs' aml J 0lClPl' DCOPICS' l10fTlf'S and S9l'?l12lflf'fl cull liln AlTN'f'iK'ilI1 llN' fluh pul on an assemhly lor thc- Sluclvnl Body ancl lalvr invilvfl Ihr- l.alin Qluh to a lvlardi Qvras Parly. The olliirers werv pre-siclenl. .l. Call, D. l.arQenl: vim- pre-siclf-nl, E. Ervin. T. Davis: sc-rrvlary. D. l.argf-ni. .l. F6-rry: lreasurer. R. C:I'lflPf1 adviser, Nliss l.ourenz0. Thr- l.alin Cluh was a largvr group this ye-ar wilh the aclclilion ol' lhx l.alin l rlass. Thr- imporlani lvalurc- ol Ihr- rluh was thx- H-lc-hralion ol Salurnalia. a mosl gala affair with an appetizing mval A io sol il oll . lo 4-ml lhc' school yvar lhv rluh hm-lcl a ioinl mm-ling wilh lhc- Spanish C lulm Thf- olliiccrs for holla semvslers were prvsiclvnl. ll. Bell: vim' prcsiclr-nl B. Hancl: sc-crm-lary. H. l.argvnt, lxl. Pac-ncloslcig irvasurm-r, R. follnian aclviscr. Miss Xviech. Svulml, lyll lo lgiflllli Rool, l.arg1'nl. llollllon, fu, lwallagja, 5urlu-r, IS.-II xl, ll:-nrloslii. Sltllllllllg, Lvl! fo Riglll: Rohr-rls, lg, ixloolry, li, Xvarfl, V. lflsion, li. llaml yliss XxviI'C'll, fl. lxlm-han. R. folllnan, ,l. SlllIN'iflf'f, Ffwww..-ww - , 1 mnfwrtfwwfmsw',sewm wwmw ms if was W W ff 'rf ' H f -4- ' N ' .vhs X1 , ffl' . f - J..bV"'1-"Y, 25? 1534855 ZR? 'M 'V " I-Ionor Society Forensics Seulvrl, ,ffl lo Right: R. Critter. R, Coiiinmll, V. Huimimrfi, T. Davis, V. iiuiien, Bust-z Row: B. Kuenlz:-i, B, Haunt. XV. Pouiton, B. Beit, ixtiss Lourenzn, D. Largent, V, Eiston, J. Iyavis. Tiiis yn-nris Honor Society was a snmii organization. tlul an important one. mitle txrainsu put on tileir annuai Christmas Ctmeer Program and 1 , H sponsored a C,ilTlSttTli1S assemiaiy. itney aiso coiiectecl money for time Friencisiwip wtrain. After aii tilt? woric tiene oid and new members enjoyed a party. ti. Davis, presictent: R. Coffman. vice president: B. Beit, secretary: D. Largent, treasurer. hi tieir adviser was iwiiss i.ourenzo. The Forensic Ciutm was organizeri uncter time supervision oi' ixir. Egbert. The purpose of tiiis riuim is to in-ip pupils iearn to speaic in front of an auciienee. Vlillf' eiuim enterect tile i.ions Ciutm Contest: tileir topic was: DDO Frontiers oi Cipporlunily Stiii Exist tor Ameriean Yv0l1ti1?U R. Coffman. president: T. Davis. vibe presicienl: anct A. Larrew, secretary were time officers. Wir. Egtmert was lin,-ir ariviser. Seated, Left lo Rigid: B. Cnntreii. B. B4-ii, .i. Ferry, Xvacie. Standing: L. Root, T. Davis, i. Surimer, ixtr. Egiwrl, B. ifrvin, Nt. Caniptwii, D, Ciarii, R. twill-i-llliill. m.,....:M lwwsu .1 lr.. sl no :fr rst Row, Left to Right: R. tires-man, Stone, B. Barton. F. Strawn, lxlonre, .l. Pate, Pate, B, Strawn, fi. Littleiohn. Llkllll Dilifll, l,.0VVC, tl, IEUWCIIS, H. Sllilfp, Ikl. lx'1ElyK'S, XNVEIIIP. SPCOHKI R0tl'f lxliss clllx, tTl1'llll'ntS, tfl'l'1.'f'll, NNlEldf', B R obeits, .l. lvtayes, lVlort-land, l. Surber, XV. Xfvest. B. Hill. Smrlis, D. Racliley, lj. Pearlte, B. Campbell, N. Xxltlliiilllll, in Cin-tlein. V. Harrelson Third Row: .l. Jaftlcson, B. Can rell. L. Lewis, il,IlI17fZllll, Belrller, li. Prife, R. lenninfs, B. Derin ton, i L E1 V. ciH'I'l'll, B. lBl1CkHl'l', Ljlilfk, Sllilnkllj ln Dl1fllti'5, IS. Kfiillt, ,l41'ilglll', l4ilfr4'W, lwili'll'Ull, ci.gl5K'nilVlfll'Z. The Sub Deb was re-organized into the Future Homemalcers oi America because it offered more privileges than the Sub Deb. The girls learned to rooli, sew. and plan lor the home. The girls worlced with the F.F.A. boys in planning the .labberworlc Box Supper in February. The oliticers liirst semester were president, V. Creech: Vive president, J. lvlayesz secretary. lVl. Nloore: treasurer. VV. Vvest. The following people were oilirers lor the serond semester: president. H. ixflayesz vive president. B. Teague: serretary, il. Nlayesz treasurer, Nl. lvloore. Their adviser was iwliss Cox. N .- , .. .-.iv i i 5 I lironl Row, Left to Right: ll, Davis, D. Powers, Canlpbell. .l. Vliowery. .l. ivlo D. IH-1-tilts. .l. Collier, R. Bennett, lxlelton, fi, XXlllttili'H'. iwliilrlle Row, l.eft to R .l. Sheats, R. Prejarano, l, Davis, R. lxlason, D. Davis. .l. ivlassey. lj. lxlelxlillan. Xvimbr ll. Gee. Baltic Row, Lett to Right: B. Kuentzel, .l. Xxiilliams, B. Xviley, .l. Nlootry, H. Hr U. Gnrwnml, ti. Robinson. H. Perry, D, Lnxson, ll. Bradley, G, lxlassey, D. Sway A Red Letter Day rolls around about twire a year. when the big tell! in the red sweaters Collect their quota ol stars. bars. and big bloflc lvl, a student body assembly. And when a fellow gets an 'sixty' that entitles to membership in Lettermenis Club. The boys held an initiation, dui which they made it unvomlorlable lor several new members. Citi were: B. Davis, presidentg .l. Silt'iitS. vice president: B. Kuentzel, seeret J. Towerv, treasurer: adviser, lVlr. Moordule. J. l'irst Roux Lett to Right: If. I.enunon, V. Iturri-Ison, R. .Ir-nnings. D. I.urgi-nt. NI. Brumtey, .I. If:-rry, Ir. Xwurrt, NI. Xvncte, I. iturrz-Ison If. Pate, It. Strawn, txt. fimnphett, txt. I.owe, fi, Iiowens, tf. Rohr-rts. If. Ifryin, txt. txtII'K'IlilIl. Svvornt Row: htiss tvtoore, V. Etston B. IIIII, XV. XV:-st, I-. Root. NI. txtoore, It. Roh:-rts, .t. htuyes. D. Ntorr-Iunct. I.. Itohhs, I. Surher, D. Shnntcte, D. Ctarti, B. Spnrtcs H sl., News 'V ' ' - " ' . . nwn, .. i -, . . 'es Q, .. . none, f.. Ijtttejohn, VV. Pnutton, Ii. VIVPEIQIIP, Xvooct, tVIc'AIIister, .I. Catt. B. Fmnphettl . . arp, H, . Inyes. ti. Xxnfte. B. Burton, ti, fvretteln. third Row: fi. Carter. R. Kizxizlr. .I. txftnrrow, B. Xfvnrtt, NI. Bemtostii I: Qtr' I Ilntc N1 Br 1 try I NI I W N. XNIIIIEIIIIS, B. Itunrt, B. Inrgent. The Girtsi Athtetic Assoviation got Ott to it gooct start hy huying unitorms tor the Student Body Yett Leacters and sponsoring a very Iivety harn ctanfe. At the riegutar meetings hetct every other weetc, teams were seteetect to ptny at noon. Any girt is etigihte to join U.A.A. and work tor en Ietter which a girt receives at the enct oi the year it she earns her six hundred points. The tottowing stuctents were ottirers: president .I,1w1.-M - --1 I --- 1598, vice preslc ent, D. Wtoretanct, setretary. D. Iilrgent: treasurer. VV. Vvest: sports manager: NI. txtoore. txtiss Ntoore wus the actviser. Front Row, Left to Right: Kizziar, D. Lnrgent, NI. Vvoont, tt, tviorrow, I. Hz-lrretsnn D. Ntorctanrt, V. Etston. .Wichita Row, 1.1-ft to Right: VV. Vvvst, B. Rohr-rts, B. Hitt, .i. txtayes, NI. Betrher, NI. txtoore, B. Barton. NI. Bc-nftostii. Bucte Row, Left to Right: .i. Ingram XV. ciI'f'K'l'Il, H. Ntayes, FI, Luxon, Ntiss tVIoorr-, U. Carter, B. Vvurct, Grettcin, V. fret-ctr, E. Rohcrts. The Pep Ctuh. a new rtuh this year. was organizect hy the Student Body Yeti Leaders tor the purpose ot' getting the roolers together so they Woutd realty Iet Iooseu with some strong yetting at the games. Invitations to herome memhers were given to stuctents who were the most interested in yetting at the games. The otticers etertect were twtoore. presictentg D. txtoretand. Vive presictentg J. twtayes, serretaryg J. Ntorrow, treasurer anct Wtiss txtoore, adviser. 'Ill ijrunl Row, Imff lo Rigid: finnrivsin, R. DnvirIsrm. Iiienly, fy. Xxiiiiis, IJ. IJow1'II. VI. Davis, I.. If-nsen, R. Iinmilhxn, Ii. Suriwr, K. XV1-sl, II. I..-sslf-y, iq, ixillillflll, I. Xvnuriruiiil, .I. ixinssey, .I. Kr-nm-riy. ixiiriliie Row, IJ-If In Rigid: NIL Niriever, .I. iVI1KinIrry, IJ gn fi N1 l' II XX'ilu I Dui I NI lr XI I,K1I'IIl" IS Roiminwn R Niwxnn I II'wIn I" 9ImnIiIe I xIlI,HIIQ'IlIIll, . . 'illl, . . nr nl. . . 1 's, . . on y, . , ' ' s, . x , . I f , .. 1, .. I . . . ,. . R. I,JenneH. I I. I.:-wis. Iiuvie Rum, I,0Il io Rigill: fi. Xvilniwriey, D. Ilown-rs. VI.. Nlellnn, .I. Imu-ry. A. finnxnie-5, V. Irjllf Iwll. 5Iuring, Silvuis, IIl'1'I7I4'4, LINIIIPIIPII, Iunvia, I IIUQRIII, fi. fi1urwumI, II1'iurnlm, five. F. F. A. flur Future Farmers oi Arnericu were Iuusy lilis year pIunning ami pulling on lin-ir .Inimimerwocii Box Supper and liieir unnuni Faliier and Son Bunquel. They Imve reac'I1ecI ix Iiigim nmrk in raising Iiveslmic nnrI are giving il IICIDIHQ' Imnci in gfelling' lime giris slnrleci in F.H.XX. Sf-verni Imoys slloweci Iinl slovk ul lI1e Kern Counly Fair. line I.os Angeles fireni Vveslern Iiveslovic Show. nnci nl lIle .Iunior firunri Nnlinnni I.ivesl0r'I4 Iixposilinn ul Sun I:rnm'isco. Tile c'IuIm eniereci IIN' Nniionni Clmpier Conlesl. Iilis 4'IllIl wus time oniy one lo :In so Ivrom fwniiiorniu. Tile cnnlesl simws wiml fimpler Inns au'c'ornpIisI1ecI line nmsl work ciuring time year. Tin- Fresinmen unci Soplmnmres sluciis-rI pnrlimnenlnry prow-riure mimi pul on nn assemimiy Ilor line Slucienl Iimiy. Viiilf' oiiifers were: presirlenl. II. 5'Iinl0n: Vive preeifienl. IJ. I eeimis-sg S1'i'l'i'A lary. II. Vviieyz reporier. II. Gee: lreusurer. .I. Ioweryz senlinei. IJJ. CumpImeII. ixir. NifIever is IIN- F.F..'X. miviser. I'-nun i.vIl In Riyillf Nlr, NIlIl'Yf'I', II. iingnn, I Dnviw. II. five D. fini I'. SurIn-r .uni IInlniIinn Iifunullri Nl I,11IrIa ,1'N? fffff 452955 Ei e I E E 5: ? 5 2 r E x 3 3 5 5 5 F f 5 5 5 E E C 5 11 E A l, 2 E 2 E E Q E E , , 4 W El,li:D:'Ee.3fK5r'IfN6fif'Hff 5 f!5'r.1"?.5l-05322.35 Hi I,k.4-- i1"'::'i'i.. .TM 1415 7 15.1 44,-LEFEKEEVT i'ronl Row. I.:-ff lo Righl: B. Roh:-rls, D, ivioreimui. i. Harrelson, XV. Horn. Ni. Brumhi ', C, Benuvidez, R. Parra. NI. Gonzales 1 W y . c,ilEK'UIl B. Xxzuio, B, lsll4'kIIK'f. iwiiidiv Row, 1.1-fr In Right: .l. Ingram. E. Carr, VV, twI'I'K'l'il, N. hiyrow, J. Bowens, Ni, Grim-, A. Gonzales, F. Strawn Ni. Bc-nsim-V I Pwlr- ij in i ' ii Niwve' i N11 " R J " ' ' 1 V, ,, . , , y, . . 1 s. ,. . . yrs, . i rue. Bowie Row, Left lo Right hir. flghr-rt. L. Root, iw. ixiuore, Ni. Xyude, E. Cnhniie V. firisso, .i. Xvniiu-r, R. Brmnmn, B. Sparks, lf, Rnimr-r, E. fireliein, I., Hohirs, B. Cantrell, Nl, i.nxnn. VV, Hurt, Music: This year we had za successful music' deparlmenl. Under the direclion of our very musically minded leather, Wir. Egherl. the music' deparlment produced a very fine Christmas program, and n concert was held in the spring. The music' department is under three divisions: u mixed chorus. an girls, vhorus. and instrumeniai music: hir. Egherl formed a girls' sexteffe whirh had the experienre oi singing over lhv radio. iron! Row. iff! in Riqhl: xi. Xvxudr-. i. Ninyr-s. Ervin. Vvesi, B. Rohinsun, P. ifowier, D. Lewis, Shoals, Cmnphvii, Roherls, i iii-rry. Svrrnui Row: B. Denis, .i. Xviiiimns, I.Kimln-rIin,U,E511-s,B. Xviiev, I. Cniiis-r C Huii- B for iin A 7 7 V , . KT, . I ii , . L.ElfI'l'VV, . I Ullhlill. lillflw' RIllI'.' Nl, IIIIHPII, IJIXMIH, NxyiliiiH'N', iJl'Pi7if'S, EQi7I'Ft. Nl' ilront Row, Left to Right: D, l.axson. ,l, lngram. l. tiollir-r. l., ljlrillips, ixl. llc-niloslxi. Fl. lVlL'Allister. l.. Xvoocl, Rolwrts. .l. lx1llI'lUNV, R, Kizziar. V. lilston. iiuvle Row: XXlllI'il'i4', l. Xvillianrs, V. ljullen, XV. fireerlr, Nl. ixloorr-, U. fiarli-r, l. Davis, lxl. Xxiarlr-, lf. Ervin, li. Rnlwrls. D. Srlraal, V. llulxharrl. Annual Stall Vve express the hope that through this Year Booli we can give the stuctents ol lVleFarland High School many h rs ol' en'o ment recalling memories ol the forgotten past. ll so. our purpose shall not have heen in vain. our ily V '-I ' 't 4 ' f" ' Nt ll rl-Y XV:-ll.: llVl'ss J "e Shifts lor their Con- Xve want lo express our appreuatlon to our ailxrsers, 1 lr. ur l cy ll mc 1 oyc a tinuous help in producing this annual Vve 'ire gratelul to the students who cliil such a swell jolm. flpal Carter. our eclitor. deserves a vote ol thanlcs lor her ellort to malce this annual one ol the hest. Nlany thanlcs to ,limmy lngram who clrew the Cougar lor the division pages: lVlarylJelle lwloore ancl ,lerry Davis lor their help in malce-up ol ilu- annual: and Don Srhaal lor seeing that all pictures were taken. Vve will never forget the line help and cooperation that the lolloxving people gave us: lficlitor, Opal Carter: Assistant Eclitor, Nlaryhelle lyloore: Business Nlanager. .lerry Davis: Co-Art Editors, Jimmy lngram and VXfancla Creeehg photography. Don Selraalg Aclvertising. .lerry Davis. liflfiit' Xvurti-le. Beverly llaml. Barhara Largent. Bonnie Hell, Richard Colilman. Tommy Uavis, .lulian Xvilliamsz fxclministration. Reva Kizziar: Classes. Lorem phillips: Aetivities. Betty Rolxertsz Organizations. Vera lilslon: llmoysi Sports. Rex Griclerg Girls' Sports. June Ferry: Typist. .lohnnie lxlorrow. w E if fu. fatter. lvl. lxloorr' l. Davis R, Kiniar, l. lxlorruu ll. Srhaal Front Row, Left to Right: D. l,axson. J, Xvallier. R. Bowman, J. Collier, V. Duclcr-tt, K, Hudson, J. Shoals. G. Cgiarwood. B. Stallings, V. Grisso D. Selnaal. Bacle Row: H. Hogan, B. Teague, L. Wood, M. lVlcAllister, B. Price, J. Call, D. Nlorcland, Nl. Moore, M. Wade, O. Carter J. lngram, Mrs. Hayes. Cougar Cry The Hcougar Cryn is the iyleijarland High School newspaper. This mimeographed paper is puhlished every two weelcs hy the Journalism Class. The staff for the first semester was: Editor, M. Nloore: News Editor. O. Carter: Art Editor, J. Ingram: Advertising Editor, J. Collier: Feature Editor, J. Callg Sports Editor, in the latter part ol the semester was A. Parlcs. The second semester stall was the same as the first semester staff with the exception ol News Editor, J. Sheats. Reporters were: D. Moreland, D. Laxson, lvl. lVICAllister. R. Price, J. Vvallcer, H. Teague. R. Bowman. .l. Shi-ats, H. Hogan: The Hfougar Cryn has heen a very successful paper this year and all the students have loolted forward to getting the latest edition ol all the news. Their adviser was lxlrs. Hayes. Seuterl. Left to Right: Nl. Pluure. J. lngrann, J. Call. Standing, Left lo Right: J. Collier, J. Sheats, A, Parlcs. L. Xvoods. O. Carter Sealed, left to Right: li. lxlintnn, l, lxlnotry, .l. Sheats, li. Kuentzel. .l. Davis. D. Sfililiti, V. iluhhard, liluclz Rout: D, Per-hles, fi. Carter RCti3L'ftS, lxlilyvi. tl'1'I'1ll, lxllllll'4', lx10I'f'iilllll, l.ill'QP!lt. lxIfS. Iiilyt'S. Senior Play This year the Hmighty Seniors" staged a delightful comedy-mystery titled 'fine lxlad lxlightn, which was directed hy lvlrs. Hayes. The plot consisted ol Don Cutter and his valet Vving going to the Cutter mansion lor peace and quiet to complete his latest play. He lound the house cluttered with a numher ol strange people. He succeeded in rescuing l.ucille lwlarcy from a sinister late only alter a series ol thrilling escapades. The sane characters were: Don Cutter, a young playwright, portrayed hy J. Davis: Vving, his Chinese valet. played hy Pm. Kuentzel: lVlr. Bunn, the quaclc doctor, played hy D. Peehles: Lucille Nlarcy, a damsel in distress. played hy VV. Creech: lwlrs. Kluclc, the pretty nurse, portrayed hy O. Carter: Gertrude Finch, Donis fiance. played hy D. l.argent3 lwlrs. T. Ashington Finch, her mother, played hy D. lxlorelandg Depression. their colored maid. portrayed hy ht. lxlooreg Artemus Burke, a scheming lawyer. played hy D. Scliaal: and Danny Siletto, a convict wanted lor murder. played hy .l. Sheats. The goofy characters were: Priscilla. who lcnits. played hy J. lxfiayes: l.ady lxlaclieth. a victim ol Shalcespeare. portrayed hy B. Roherls: .lohn Alden, who hunts indians. played hy li. hlinlonz lwlr. Hyde. a lerocious villain. played hy .l. lxlootry. l i 2 Play Scenes Left to Right: H. Slrarp, J. Morrow, O, Estes, V. Croc-elm, G, Wixitacre, D. McMillan, V. Elston, J. Collier, A. Parks, B. Davis. R. Kizziar Junior Play On Friday nigimt, April 9, 1948, tide Juniors once again presented a very successful play called "My Cousin from Texas" by Pete Vvilliams. Tire piay was a farce comedy with time cast consisting of eleven piayers. Tire cast was: Peaceful, colored maici, H. Sharp: Mrs. Beulah Scott, a widow, J. R. Morrow: Sileiia Scott, V. Creech: Doris VX7eaver, V. Elston: Wiiber Scott, O. Estes: Lucille Scott, Virginia Harrelson: Preston Rodgers, D. MXiVilQlaE: Johnny Benton, G. Vvlwitacreg Esilew Smitlw, colored boy, J. Coiiier: Cactus Kelly, B. Davis: Toma- sma, . ar s. Set directions were under tlwe supervision of Mr. Stutzman: and G. Massey, V. Hubbard, and V. Grisso also ilelpeci in time production of time play. Tire play proveci a successful comedy with Mrs. Hayes as director. Plfly SCCHPS ..,... 35 :2 ' ,, , J' ff" 1' df ::.::- " h .... . .A ., 5 4.4. 5, . .v sm.-: .: 5 wb, Wmawf ww f, ,www 1952 we .gzlw , C12 ,Www ww ,gag ng m is? m A -u g. p we as is .Q-, ,,4,, W Q. ,N-an 'gxix Nw. H 'Q 2 .4923 i 3? Sl 'tx 3322? I ff .ff ' x A Y A M W QS X., 5 e 5 5 h A as v I .1 1 F t E E 5 E F P' f ' u .- X ,- liiitlrff ' .X -ini' 'ffl Football oath Nloorclale Assistanl Coach Stutzman M W1 fp h.lMKxg.vj HI E? as R Collins R. Bejarano J. Towery J. Sheats G. Massey R Mason R. Bennett D. McMillan E. Wurtele C. Gretlem The Cougar football squad came out primed to win this year. With a lot of hard playing and good teamworlc, they won four of their eight games. Drilling every day to form a line to withstand even the laest was no party: hut they placed them- selves and almost succeeded in topping the league. 011 their first game, East Bakersfield visited us here to he defeated hy a score of 10-0. This first game was played on Saturday, the 27th of September. The next Friday, the 5rd, we defeated Garces hy a 19-6 score. Then on Friday the 10th of Octoloer we suffered our First loss at lnyolcern in a 13-2 game. This was followed hy another loss to K. C. in a close game with a 6-0 score. After this, since utroulole always comes in three's,', we lost what was considered our most important game to Shatter hy a 20-0 score. We won over Tehachapi on November I. hy I8-12. and over lxflaricopa the following Saturday, I4-0. For our last game we lost to Vvasco on Friday, the 14th of Novemher, hy a score of 52-6. B Davis B, Robinson B. Kuentzcl D. Powers J. Dyess J Davis G. Camphell H. Gee D. per-hles H. Bradley EM. H A- Hl7fYi ............?' ' im i!.." WHL . X - H, H ' .l. C ll', , G. Wllsiiiillglre D. Sig: Football lvlanager, llllfl lvlootry DELANO WASCO INYOKERN SHAFTER BAKEFZSFIELD MAWCOPA TEHACHAPI mafia' 5 Q Bulcersfivlcl Baliersfielcl Carre-s Carnes Nlc'FarlanCl 0 fx'lCFarlz llmn I I0 Bakersfield Prakf-rsficlcl CEHTCPS Careers Balcerslvield J. V. 0 Garfvs 0 NA" Basketball f fo Rigiil: Grvllvin, J. ivloorv, H. Hogan, D, lvirxlillan, .i. Viiowr-ry, Coarli ixioonlalv, fi,XVllil1urv,i3. lim-1-lmlvs, G. Cnniplmc 15. Davis, R. Conklin. Vlqllf' Nlc'l:arlancl Hi Cougars lurnecl oul lmellvr lliis ycar llian vw-r lmciorf-. IgQ'Sifll'S lvour wlio wore on time main string last yf-ar, last yearis Culws plays-cl on time Cougars iliis year. in our league- gamvs Sllalnter and 'Ik-hm-lmpi won over us lay lim rvspvrlivv sforvs ol 24-26 ami T3-47. Staging a Como-lmaclc against lxlarifopa wc- won lmotli gamvs, liaving score-s rvspc-ctivvly 33-QI ami 38-52. Our Cougars liavo put up a iiglil lo lm proucl oln all season. LA" lxlanagvr, .lim lxloolry C. Un-llcin D. Pcclnlcs, G. Campbell J. lwoorc HB" and UC" Basketball Fronl, Lal-l lo Rigid: .l. Collier, lxlonrclale, O. Esles, MCU Buslwllmll, from lrmfl lu Rigill: Healy, Conklin F. Bull:-r. Burk: E. Cnlmallz-ru, R. Grisso, H. G1-1-,.l,Dy'r-ss, .l. lxlassey, .l. ll:-llner, ,l. Xvuorlrulll, K. VV:-sl. IJHVIS, clil-llllilll, lq0l7IllS0l1. l,l'1'lll1'S, l5l'llIN'll, ll. Perry, D. Lewis. Tlme Culus ancl Killens strung oul lo dry a lmeller ll1an average list oll winnings llmis year. Tlle Culns llave sl1own an especially goofl recorcl. storing a vivlory over nearly every learn llml llmey came up againsl. Vvilll an all new string. ll1ey llave provecl ll1emselves one ol llme linesl allllelir examples ol llle scllool ll1is year. The Killens, klllll0l1Ql'l llmey luave nol clr-lealecl as many leams as llle Culms. ran prouclly say llmal lliey lmave clelealf-cl some rivals. vlllle Kill:-ns lllis year were largely inexperiencecl lml luy ilu- encl ol llme season were a smooll1 worlcing lc-am. W HB" ancl "C" lxlanagers, YV R, Urirlvr mul l. lvlrlfinley From Left lo Rigid: R. Bcnnell, D. Davis, llmm Left lo Rigid: R. Benn:-ll, D. lyavis. iff! lo Riylll: A. Healy, C. lxlnrlin B. Rolxinsun, D. l.:-wis, Nl. Pcelalcs. J. Nlnssey. .l. Kennedy. Baseball rant, Left to Right: G, Cmnptnell, B. Davis, B. Wiley, J. Mootry, C. Gretlcin, D. Swan, R. Bc-jaruno. Back: B. Ku:-ntzvl, D. Ntclwi G. Xxlilitilf'l'C', lwtr. lxioortlulv, H. Hogan, E. Vvurtr-le, J. Towery, .i. SiIf'ZltS, il. Poulton. This year time lX'icFarland nine was out for tlle pennant. Xvith tlxree strong pitchers and experienced men to laaelc them up, lime team lxacl what it toolc for an clmmpionstlip. Our league standing at the encl of tlle season speaks for itself. G. Campbell D. Swan. B. Wiley B. Vviley H. Hogan ws. A N ' 1, v W mf ,vi 2? , X , gg , L ,A , wi ' 1 ,,.. 2 3 X ., .,.,.., WM ,awww-.,A v -'-- - -: 5, .- -g. -:-. I-I5E.EhE33'ff'f.f'-I R2 is 1 .xi " . ..-I1?IfI:I?4"1I'PEfI '. I' grin., J ik! W ig, xlwf' f 5 5. Q.,- wp L.-0' Girls' Sports Tbe girls Physical Education classes were very interesting tbis year, as was sbown by tile scbeduie that was carried out. First on tbe list of sports, we played speedbaii, and next badminton. Time most skilled badminton players were time ones tbat could spiice tbe birdies. Following tbe badminton season we bad a few weeks of ballroom dancing and barn dancing. Vve also bad some snappy tumbling exercises wbicb we practiced in PE. Dancing Basketball Tumbling Badminton Tumbling ' Volleyball Ping-pong Tennis Baslcethall, which is one of the greatest sports of the year, was off to a snappy start this year when the G.A.A. girls played the Delano girls, resulting in a Win for the Bls. and a loss for the As At the end ol the haslcetloall season, there were some cripples seen around school, but they were playing again as soon as they were ahle. In Volleyball, We had captains in our P. classes and played round-roloins in each class, with the winners playing the other classes. Softball. which was played in the spring, found the Seniors really Hon the ball", hut the Juniors, sophomores. and Freshmen were right in there upitchingu. School Calendar SEPTEMBER lst Monday-Registration 2nd Tuesday'-'School opens Qtb Tuesday'-'Holiday-Admission Day l6tb Tuesday'-'Initiation of F.F.A. 24th Wednesday-Teachers Reception OCTOBER 20th Monday-F.F.A. Assembly 21st Tuesday,-'National Assembly 27tb Monday-Navy Day Assembly NOVEMBER l0tb Monday-G.A.A. Barn Dance lltb Tuesday-'Armistice Day l5tb Thursday,-fA.E.VV. Program l7tb Monday-National Assembly fHappy Hollyj Qlst Friday'-Donkey Basketball 27th and 28tb Thanksgiving Holidays DECEMBER 5rd Wednesday-Grammar School Party. National Assembly Sth Nlonctay'-F.F.A. Assembly lltb Thursday,-Trip to radio station, Hi-Y l2tb Friday-Senior Play l5tb Ntonciay-Latin Club Party l6tb Tuesday-Sophomore Party l8tb Thursday-Christmas Program and Initiation of New Latin Club Members 21st to 51st-Christmas and New Years vacation JANUARY lst to 3rd-Christmas and New Years Holidays 14th Freshman and Sophomore F.F.A. Bean Feed FEBRUARY 5rd Tuesday--F.H.A. organized l0tb Tuesday-Pictures taken for Annual lltb Vvednesday-'Pictures taken for Annual l2ti1 Tbursciay-Holiday-Lincoin's birthday l7tb Tuesday-F.F.A. Box Supper 20th Friday-Sophomore Assembly 25rd Monday-Holiday-Vvasbington's birtbctay 24th Tuesday'-'Father and Son Banquet--Hi-Y MARCH Stb Friday-National Assembly Qtb Tuesday-Magician 25rd Tuesday-Music Concert 25tb and 26tb Thursday and Friday-Easter Holidays APRIL 6tb Tuesday-Organ Concert sth Thursday-Junior College Assembly Qtb Friday'-Junior Play l4tb Vveclnesclay-Spanish Club Assembly l6tb Friday-F.F.A. Parent-Son Banquet l6tb Friday--Spanish Club Party Qorh Tuesday'-Junior College Registration MAY 30ti1 Sunday-Baccalaureate JUNE lst Tuesday-Commencement Adverfisimg L- 5 P N S 'K W 2 fi E 3 : 5 I r E 9 '4 ? 53 If l!?lEfUEIf'-1553: .K x"4'Sf4.3u',5:.f s-1:'!a'YWbX',-.".".c..Af5.'4f5f35-xw'5IC1EBiEjEief'izY"EKI'i'aFz.Pb3'l1u51-i.E.319.-fm .JS!'u'fL:5"i?2-tufts' he 'm2:.'?JZ-5lr4-ri-f s727.49?,.I'fuw,4M!t'f"r1'e?ffA-Jr,,maP'..?.' "fr, 'L uf? f ' 14' -V pumnrih '43 Best Wishes VALLEY REST GARAGE Service Station Batteries - Tires Highway 99 IVIcFarIan IVICFARLAND CLEANERS Ptlone S-VV OEERS BARBER SHOP , Kern Avenue IVIcI:arIancI Phone 585 WASSON'S MARKET and By SHELL SERVICE Ptione 21-VV 655 Highway 99 IVICFARLAND COOPERATIVE GIN McFarland ' RUTI-I'S SHOP , PRODUCERS GIN 166 Kern Avenue IVIcFarIancI MCFHfIHHd Ptlone 192 DIRK KRAAYEVELD Licensed Builder Mary E, Geisler Homes and Alterations VICFarland Califor 557 2ncI Street Phone 25 . . IVIcFarIancI K IVIEYERS UNION OIL STATION Firestone Tires anft Batteries Always Good Food Everyttting for Automotnites .lighway 99 McFarland 505 I'IigI1way 99 Ptlone 85 C. B. Meyers, Prop. FREEIVIANS FURNITURE STORE 'eIep and MATTRESS FACTORY 279 San Lucas Street Ilone 862 IVIcFarIancI New Mattresses twacte Right Old Mattresses Made New IVICFARLAND BLACKSMITH SHOP Second and Perkins E Phone 27-3 IVIcFarIand THE MCFARLAND PRESS MCFARLAND CONCRETE PIPE CO. P. O. Box 555 ' Phone 92 l. CHAS. E. SKEEN Insurance and Bonds ' 107 Kern Avenue Phone ' - COLONEIJS GARAGE General Auto Repairing "Then Home Town Paper Phone 102 NICFMIH Box 566 I Phone 7 GREYHOUND BUS STATION GREGQRY,S MARKET TWENTY-FOUR HOUR SERVICE 447 Highway 99 Phone 40 Shell Products G I Nl f V t bl Tires, Accessories, Batteries mcenesy gays, ege a es Harlow and Highway 99 McFarland Phone 20 McFaria ART COMER DAWSONS JEWELERS CHEVRON STATION Igwelry 0 Watches Atlas Tires, Tubes, Accessories Phone 134 QQ and Kem Watch Repairing I McFarland W 117 Kern Avenue McFar1z Compliments of ROBERTS' FARMS GROWER . PACKER . SHIPPER Box 2, McFarland Phones 682, 991, and 58-VV Two Sheds To Serve You Hollis B. Roberts L. D. Phone 995 OEISLER AND SCHLAGER Service Station Garage Highway 99 IVIcFarIancI C WARIISENS QIEIESTYI. SAFEWAY STORE osmetwsyshoigogliy 50335 upp les! Quality Meats, Fruits, Vegetables 156 Kern Phone 7-F-5 IVIcFarIamI Phone 55 McFarland C0mP'fme"'S of WIMBERLEY ELECTRIC SHOP SAN JOAQUIN COTTON OIL CO. Sales and Service P. O. Box 598 Phone 49 McFarland Phone 57 IVIcFarIand Haygrowers Cooperative NICFARLAND DRUG STORE IVIcFarIancI California P. O. Box 416 Phone 60 Phone I6 EASTSIDE R RY FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP G GCE Fresh Meat and Vegetables f D. L. WhiSl9T X Gag and Box 416 McFarland 501 San .Iuan Phone 884 IVIcFarIancI Compliments of VVESTERN AUTO SUPPLY Sd. VVurteIe Phone 96 IVIcFarIand LEONARD'S MARKET SOREN JENSEN,S MEATS Grade A Meats, Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Foods, Groceries S2 KPFH AX7QI'1'l'ln ' E' I S H O E S For Entire Family at MCFARLAND SHOE STORE Modern Shoe Repairing Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Saiiee MCFARLAND HARDWARE For The Very Best 1 Hardware and Supplies b ll5 Kern Avenue McFaria1 Phone 25 ZELMA COLE JUST CHEVROLET CO. Groceries, Meats, Vegetables CHEVROLET AND OLDSMOBILE Phfme 5215 Satesanct Service Gas 0 Feeds 0 Auto Frigidaire Thor Gil , Ha,.Ju,a,.e . Accessories Packard-Belt and Firestone McFarland California 1103 High Street Phone 41 LEWIS E. CHROMAN C AND s HARDWARE Composer of Song Hits H25 Main Street Late Hits Delano Caiifori Brown Eyes 0 On The Road To Loveland s Q ' s San Ioaquin Valley Blues Sherwin Williams Paints Author of Several New Hits Sporting Goods GENERAL INSURANCE Compliments of The Paul A. Browne . Kern Avenue McFarland McFartand Telephone COHIPGHQT ' KIRKPATRICK AND SON Growers and Strippers McFarland California Compliments of ' CAMP-MCFARLAND GINNING CO. S. A. Camp M. B. McFarland . C. A. RUFERT RICH FIELD OIL DISTRIBUTOR 1VIcFarIand, DeIano, EarIimart Area Phone 2816 or 2817 DeIano Office 815 High Street DeIano l VEGETABLE GROWERS' EXCHANGE Growers, Shippers, Packers California Produce Phone 4111 P. O. Box 265 DeIano - BROWNFIELD WRECKING YARD AND GARAGE S. T. Brownfield, Prop. Used Cars Bought and Sold, Towing. Auto Repairs. New and Used Parts, BIacIcsmithing, VVeIcIing Phone 4171 DeIan0 512-22 High Street F. R. SALSA Texaco Distributor DeIano, CaIifornia Phone 7551 - PATTON MOTORS De Soto - Plymouth Dealers 800 High Street Phone 2981 DeIano - MCFARLAND FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE STORE "Everything For The Homen Robert O. Pewitt, Owner 194 Kern Avenue Phone 72 1VIcFarIancI, CaIifornia GEORGE F. HADDICAN Plumbing and Electrical Supplies - Phone 2951 - 7641 DeIano ' 1105 Main Street DAVID L. SHIFFLET Feed, Seecl and Growers Supplies Phone 5151 827 Main Street De1ano, CaIifornia ' CRYSTAL DAIRY McFarland Retail Delivery Phone 7951 DeIano GEO. HABERFELDE INC. GoIcIen State Highway at 11th Phone 6461 DeIano, CaIifornia FORD CARS 0 FORD TRUCKS BUSCH MOTUR SALES Dodge - Plymouth Sales and Service 12111 and High Street DeIano, Ca1iforni lack Busch, Prop. Phone 4721 - PRESCRIPTIONS I COSMETICS I DRUGS KIMBALL AND STGNE DRUGGISTS VVhere you like to tracte , A 18111 and Chester Ba1cersfie1 DELANO INSURANCE AGENCY C,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, All Lines of Insurance of HARRY COFFEE 927 1VIain Street Phone 2712 . Delano, California Ba1cersf1e1d, Ca11forn1a PIONEER IVIERCANTILE CO. LOTT'S DAIRY SERVICE B If 1' Id T. E. Lott, Owner H ers Ie East Bakersfield, Taft, Fresno Highest Quality Products Phone 7321 BOX 414 Harctware 0 Automotive Parts 0 Paints - De1ano, CaIi1ornia Radio Station KPIVIC NISPEL AND NISPEL BECKWITH AND CO- Licensed Real Estate Brokers FERTIUZER O INSECTICIDES 0 SULPHUR Seeds and Farm Supplies 614 High Street De1ar Phone 7143 De1ano DeIano Theatre Bldg. phone 8821 General Insurance, Farms, Ranches, City Property A. S. HANES GROWER O PACKER 0 SHIPPER P. O. Box 518 Phones: Bus. 76 1x!1CFHT1ElHd, Ca1i1ornia Res. 2255 A. S. H. Sf Mac-Del Brands Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK DeIano DAVIS EQUIPMENT CO. , DAILEY STUDIO International Harvester QuaIity DeveIop1ng Pr ntmg ReguIar or Jumbo Size Sales and Service CommerciaI Photography Portraits of D st nctlon llth and High Detano Nick Dailey 24 Ho Se U c phone 2-541 Phone 7211 Detano WICKERSHAM COMPANY CAIVIERON'S Style Headquarters for MEN and BOYS Delano and McFarland 1591 19th Street Phone 6 6521 Compliments of VIC'S MOBIL SERVICE SCHOOL EQUIPMENT C0 1304 High Street Delano 1426 P Street Phone 9 9751 Victor Baumstartc Jr. ' HOTEL KERN AND COFFEE SHOP VINCENT S Bicycles and Sporting Goods Elizabeth H- Knowles, Pf0Pfi910" Bus. Phone 2 9112 1725 Eighteenth Street Rates 31.50 to 5154.00 Detano Phone 6911 Res Phone 9 9945 -b RAY'S TIRE SHOP Recapping Dunlop Tires Phone 6201 Delano Cecil and High SUNLAND SERVICE 1441 High Street Vic Baumstartz Sr. - DELANO AUTO PARTS AND Ben Lazarus Wholesale and Retail 719-721 Main DeIano DCIHIIO GLASS CO. Phone 4851 . WEILL'S DEPARTMENT STORE Bakersfield, California Catering to tlie needs of young customers You,ll Always Finrl A Welcome Compliments of J. C. PENNEY Delano Calilcirnia LEADER DEPARTMENT STORE Arthur Bronstein, Proprietor 1107 Main Street Delano Open Evenings Till 9:00 P. M. l DELANO FLOVVER SHOP Flowers for all Occasions Vve Specialize in Corsages ancl Vveclolings 1105 Main Day or Night Phone 3221 FOOD BANK One Stop Food Service Fast Freeze Loclzer Service 12tI1 and Jefferson Phone 8961 MORRIS DEPARTMENT STORE Home of Famous Brands 1027 Main Street Delano FELTE'S FINE FURNITURE Tlie Home of Nationally Aclvertiseol Furniture Pixone 64051 I Delano , WINGATE'S OFFICE SUPPLY Printers and Stationers 0 Art Supplies Balcersfielci, California MCFARLAND THEATRE Always llie Best in Entertainment Also Theatres in Delano Sliafter Vvasco PANERO THEATRE COMPANY HARRISON'S lVlen,s Better Apparel 1618 19111 Street Balcersliel BROCK'S Kern County's Largest ancl Finest Department Store Bakersfield, California TOWNE PHOTO SUPPLY Photographic Heaclquarters 1600 1V9tI1 Street Balcersliel l- DELANO ENGINEERING COMPANY V2 Mile Soutil of Unclerpass on Highway 99 Delano, California Welding 0 Farm Machinery 0 Repair Phone 5825 Box QC Louis Roux C. E. KUENTZE Roux AND KUENTZEL 1817 Eye Street Balcersfiel Athletic ancl Sporting Goocls Martin Outtnoarcl Motors Agency i Compliments of BAKERSFIELD HARDWARE CO. BAKERSFIELD VVASCO HARDVV ARE CO. . WASCO Dial Your Raclio to lVIutual KAFY 1450- QUINBY FLYING SERVICE Sales ancl Instruction P. O. Box 356 Delano. Californ . Phone 7981 SUPPORTERS DELANO RECORD, Delano MCFARLAND BEAUTY SHOP. McFarland LOUISE'S BEAUTY SHOP, McFarland VVOODRUFFS RICHFIELD STATION McFarland IIOES BARBER SHOP. McFarland NELSON'S INSURANCE. Delano IVIARSHALIQS DRUG, Delano DELANO CLEANERS, Delano W.. 4, Q. wi 5 ima, Z M1472 ,Q 5 my? f if 2 1 Q Egan i 4 N, v k i, .paw 3 in M Q ,uf 1 J' X . Q nn. WM f 4 ,x "" F Illllhilllg Sli? 1ll25iri52 E5f! H EQ N Tv Djg Q iw as W ww 2 jr., , H559 , V Y A . ,,W , ?""' ..m.w"W - '- 4 f E- When the fire of your life is an emher Anal the days of your youth have fled Youll never forget to rememher So long as this hook can he react. Youll have here the glorious story ln writing, in picture, in song Of all the things that once happened The things that went right ancl went wrong. Your school-mates will live on these pages Through whatever they've written or clone. Yoifu treasure their laughs and their rages ln this hook full of annual fun. BY CHARLES H. FORBELL Type faces usecl in printing this 1948 Recuerdos were S, 10 and 12 point Egmont type. The 1948 Recuerclos staff wishes to thank the following people for their 'lcinclness ancl cooperation in helping us pulolish our annual: Progress-Bulletin, Pomona ----- E Printing and Binding Metropolitan Engravers, Los Angeles - - - Engraving Dailey's Studio, Delano - - - Photography Mr. Avery Allen, Bakersfield - - - - Photography Miss Joyce Sheats and Mr. Huntley Webb - Annual Advisers x Q , 5 wa A W 1 - , , ' , 1, ' in 1 5 1 , 1"f- -1- A :mu - - ,Ly wtf, 'jzi 1 mf " ' , 1 Q fn-L - 1, , 1, ' 1 f.,?j.,: '.,-1,-511 L 'v,.?v..fML 1 S' fy 1 1 m 1 ,1 1 ,rf , V 1. f - " 114.-, . ,. , W, YA: L- lag 1 1 V 1 1m f 1 , 1 . . , . , F-V 1, , . f..,,1 j 1,915 , , . V Q ,. wld- ff ,414-F211-, . M - ,g,1-411-1-myugg

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