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- ,,....-..,....-- t f FJ'f',,4 uma! Dam "The story of irrigation in the San Joaquin Valley is an epitome of human life. The insolent floundering of youthg the draining away during maturity of the elixir of lifeg the approach of senil- ity and the search for a Fountain of Youth to restore from an outside source the rapidly waning powers . . . U GARDEN OF THE SUN ,,,.......,...---- 1 1 I 4 W 1 - 1 A A 'P r w 1 M my Q M 1 A an W :WM 15 ,....4,gW,A ww . NM 4,,. 1 .1 Y, .-,.., F ,WZ I f'f5f'g,,f. ' -M3 rf-gf 'WA Asa-WJ - - " -if we 2 X, M65 4 ml . ?cvzeaaafwZ 74d6e4lgan,w,4 M65 Dm. fm! Saemzon Recognition has long been due Dr. Karl Svenson. He joined the Fresno State College faculty in 1951, and for the last three years has served as the chairman of the Board of Publications, During this time, he has taken the CAMPUS under his wing, fought for it, watched it grow, and watched editors suffer near nervous exhaustion. Because of his interest in this publication, it is dedi- cated to him. lt is not necessarily a thank you, rather it is an honor bestowed upon a most deserving man. Dm. 2090: Ewan Dr. Roger Ervin is known to freshmen as uthat maui' who dictates literally reams of notes, and then expects them to be memorized for exams. Lipper class- men know the same man for his school spirit and interest in student-campus affairs. His time is devoted to Fresno State. He is a mem- ber of the student union committee appointed by Dr. loyal, part of the Board of Fine Arts, and the sponsor of Signa Nu fraternity. After receiving his doctorate from the University of Florida, he joined the faculty of Fresno State Col- lege in l95T. 3 I 'wild-1 94 fl E' 4 151, M415 :Lv-1-1 111173 . f ny-Q 75 - L1 if ff: 12,5 wi iw . ,Q 1 'i an Ev 'nie had 4 is QQ, I-1?-T-' T533 I ra: 2 E571 npvlm' J F35 M' P 1, :Q 't'f"E"f-rfmrzfsefeiwmifffef-Wea-' fe-wwf-rw 'He "t"?f W" ff M- f in -lg 1 tvtfrg- like wg 134351 "' . ...nag U Q ...-.-...M 1' ,'A-Q1 ',-..3v.- 111 ri: -4 ., . ' ' ' . . . , ' - - 2 1'nH!:nfv?111t:u1:2w:Sat5viEEv1-varsggirfreqinfifiiisuu'-.L iii: H-EL-L 'id ii L1 '-'TLRRY T' W -FT"3""'5" 14 11 1: uh: thi. 1 if-.Ll J- in ' al' flu 5 4-EA P 1 1 . 1511 19-1 ilzl tg!!-iiii ' 11 YEt1 ?41a - is '- ,- 4. 'Iii F tins!-fiffrkszfl.. .-1fez.:f3A.1.231. an-ste, .slit-'6..1l-1311-?'g..'r .multi-415 1+-41.14. 1. -sf-1'?T1t1.m1 . -eeifs z.. " fi " . 'T , l . , -M -' - - -wean: -it L i- 1 . Fitting F,F,Z"' .ni Q-ni Er: na: 'FFT' 334131 'PT-'B 'rf '11 331 VIQQS if-12 Lwvmll 3395 f""1'fr-ii :T-if -iZ51'i' 1 M1114 L- - fl Q33 A L3 .ta jfiii +1-P1 ritual-slr is-1-4 fi 441 . . . . . PFW' 'Wifi' While the United States was on the abyss of war and many of the students who now sit in his classes were 3,222 about to be born, Wallace- Smith published a book about the history of the San Joaquin Valley. W" " Q19 fl 'F 1 Nearly a quarter of a century later, his book, Carden of the Sun, has become the source book for the nation on tm . . . . . . :hu lil bil.-X matters pertainmg to the dlscovery, settling, and growth of the fertile, prosperous, and eventful San Joaquin Valley. , 51 s 1 The author of Garden of the Sun, and a later volume, Prodigal Sons, dealing with Evans and Sontag, tells about 'Hi himself: "My birth occurred in the Bread and Butter state during the reign of William I, surnamed McKinley . . . ,M Kings River School, Tulare County, was my first alma mater. Since I was very young at the time I trust I'll be t ig pardoned for boasting that I was graduated second in my class. Since there were only two graduates in the little country 1 - 1 I ' school that year I could not have done worse than finish seeondli' 'sa A - v He earned his degrees at the University of California, wrote his thesis for.his doctorate on the San Joaquin Valley. Eff! He has taught at Reedley Junior College, and since 19418 at Fresno State. il' 4 1 Eel! 1 W Samuel Johnson said a biographer can better tell a person's life by talking to his servant than reading his :rs-at chronology from pedigree to funeral. And so it is with Wallace Smith: One can best know the man by listening to his lectures, talking to him on the run from class to class and reading his own works. ga 15 11111 '15 601' Wallace Smith doesn't look like a college professor. He looks more life a farmer or a salesman. He is tall, taller than he appears from behind a lectern. His arm-spread would draw envy from a center on a basketball team, His hands are the kind painters cherish, they have character. His face is lined with wisdom. When he tells an amusing E story his eyes glisten and the corners of his mouth turn up. His speech has something of the Mold westi' about it. af:-as W 11-'srl , 'FFF '5' '13 Wallace Smith,s importance cannot be accurately measured in words. He has done for the San Joaquin Valley is 'Q through a history book what John Steinbeck has done for the Salinas Valley in his novels. While Carden of the Sun an is an academic and definitive work of history, it is also a readable and enjoyable story about people and events. Wallace Smith's personable manner has transcended the pages of his books. Carden of the Sun is now in its fourth :.L.L,f.,4,::' J edition and first printings of both the books are collectors' items. img . , . . . . . . Mig 3'1is"+"1'I5 Wally Smith - thats what everyone calls him, forgetting his academic titles of doctor and professor - IS mi pit if one of those teachers who becomes something of an institution. fig: I'QT4'.,'tx,,4 tfvvwv He is one of the professors whom students consider a "faculty celebrityf, He is THE authority on the Valley. :FEE He is colorful, interesting, a good story teller and popular. He has forged a link with the past by recording its history. It may be his expression of the need to remember the past so the Valley denizens of today will leave W something for the future to look back on. - . lu- .1 ss: by J. C. Hickman 4 .. E ' za tiff ' v-1414 fr-wa-1 me :IHS 'T V.-as aw. .RYE 'KIKL' - vb. v an H - f HE Q' T' 5334-' li-:vu-in 1- ! . 11 I 'lbw fit: if l' 3' 'FL' few 1 ' 1- Hifi 3-U5-M115 'W' T-T-?Vq fig, !..,...L.- K nt A Jug-:gb K-A wygu 4 ' 1 excellence of the San Valley is unequaled. The Direc- its future development will depend upon the attitude of its citizen- GARDEN OF THE, SUN Fzaeacdemfb Wieaaage . Deane .......... 7x45-wcaaml Dmamw Sudan p'80726f ..... fa. Qaqafa Za N 'N I the Garden in the Sun is an appropriate name for the' San Joaquin Valley, the most fertile and productive agricultural region in the world. ln another, but equally significant sense, Garden in the Sun is an appropriate theme for Fresno State College. This institution, located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, provides the opportunity for the same type of productivity for the intellectual life of the students which it enrolls. The scope and velocity of the College's growth testify to the rich intellectual atmosphere in which it exists. However fertile the land, or however bright the sun, no region can really prosper unless it provides opportunities for 8 the education of its younger generation. The progress of to- morrow is determined by the stature of the colleges and univer- sities of today. Fresno State is endeavoring to live up to its obligations in this respect. During the past 50 years of its existence, the College has contributed much to the economic, social and cultural life of this region. All of us associated with the College must con- tinue to assert all our effort to make this Garden in the Sun, in which we are privileged to live, even more richly fruitful, both economically and intellectually. -A. E. .loyal wmidddwd Personnel work, and the college budget are the main responsibilities of Dr. Addicott. Yet he has still found time to write a college textbook Construclive Classroom Control besides numerous ar- ticles on education. As a result he is listed in Whois Wlio in America. 'ag .v 1 Union Wmdle Student Union Plans have been the main item on the long list of jobs which Dean Wardle handles. His responsibilities as Executive Dean include that of building construction, building utilization, site de- velopment, and parking space allocation. Take those parking problems to him, Dczllcw 'hella As Dean of the College it is Dr. Tuelleris responsibility to coordinate the activities with instruction here at the college. For relaxation he attends the various college athletic events, and listens to classical music. 'Zfeafuy Wicwldea fbelow leftl Being the liie blood of the library, Dr. Madden has his hands full. He directs its expansion, personnel, and purchases. In past years.-he has been a Fulbright Lecturer, and president of the California Library Association. Dx. Wlcvwqn Schaarzq fbelow rightj Director of Health Services is a time con- suming job. It is Dr. Schwartz who directs the physical examinations and health consultations, besides being the chairman of the Student Health Committee, and being responsible for the college's sanitation. . 5 ' As Dean of Students it is Dean Albright's responsibility to oversee all student services at the college. He is chairman of the Admissions Committee, the Student Life Committee, and the Board of Directors for the College HY". With the little bit of spare time to call his own he spends it gardening, reading, and chefing an occasional barbeque. ASSOCIATE DEANS: Cordon Wilson, Activities and Housing: Melvin Angell. Klounsr-ling and 'l'e'sting1: llarry li, Jones. .-Xtlmlssions und Records w.xii A gf ".. A- 2 Y , N: 'kgfgfdlivijj Q5 N i:, W. . A'kZf1w715 , Ts Vigil? Q rx -is ,. A is K . H IM., .. :ix:if:5?a. ., , . ..f..- 3.5 24 " ':- g K I 1 x 5 '35 X K? K Q G -. 51 1 555551: Q31 me K K iw , , , ' mg li:--, Pez-xggiygqgg 1 . -' QA 'vii '5::15E.5f5f5?2 in-S?f5'T:'Tfff 1Ef1i2 i24i1:f:f':' ., 7 Q 1 f "f-' xx 1 'QW 3 . 0 vga , - 'G J? '13, Q- U5 3' N-I '3a f'f 'f 9 in 'va f km x ? 1 l Qw 'Z M K ,fn .., . , ,LA-A A ggi- xna kill 15' X K A A V , f Wm . 'Q - 1. 'WF' XK4r'f ' " -V!! h . l , A 4 1, . ,,V: -In 'Ixus 4, ff.. P -1-w ,pa +4 ' 1 ,,,,,M ,. -px" -' N' '- ' ff, if 1 A ' , g an ' ' JS-95 . if , . ,Ns Aman 714 INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT: IVayne McCo1nas, William Dunning, and Frank Scliroeter. I'IOI'LICC Svliorling Division Head INDUSTRIAL ARTS DE- PARTMENT: YVilliam Bliss, Donald Dvttinger, and Geoff- rey Noakes. 'p.3g,m G? If if 1' I f HONIIQMAKING DICPARTINIIQNT: Carlenc Rose, Christine Sprukvr. dr-pt. llr-ad. -1 -Q nl -,H -Q -al 5-Im Homework . . . Za ' l Dr. NIl'Kl'Q' Fisk Division Head Spring is in Ilia- air as Midi-Iicvd by om' cumvra hog. Q - 4 Alvin Pin-rson, Donald Halpr-r, Clayton Tidymun, NVilliam Wayne-, and Robert Hampton X- fi ,,,,..-in-" ',4,w,.m,r ggiesm 5, i, w if- M Ai, .Vi i , ., eggssefiggagf iq, igsszsfiesex SHG sf xqx., V K kx.,g.f g-p---- Ellis Austin and Hobart Sherman. -mvH"""M"i is W. 32 l kg' " I Q Hr-len Rohrer and Grady Mullenex. IOURNALISINI IDlCP.'XIi'l'1NIIiN'l': Ur. Paul Slll'l'Ililll rlrgt 11rL1d.Ur.,I0l1l1 IJlll'it'1lH4I Dr. B1'I4Ili!'Sll4'Ibill'll. Nxillium Clvlxfwlwl. 1 fx 5 'Q PNICLISH IJIfIPARTMI'IN'I': Ur. Kussvll I.l'1lYi'llXYOI'IIl and Miss H:-If-11 Sllllflxll llvrlwrl ll. XX-Il4'1lIOIl liixiximm II.-4111 , . ICICN IMXNCU-XCIC DIC Q "H 1 f. '35 Vi '. 1' os Rojaw. Spanish. rvpt. 11-1 .1 r. iam f ' . ., L R. , a if I'YK'lliH IJl'Il':XK'I'Ml'IN'l': Dr. lillI'lIOIl I.1lI'I'lllJl'l'. NIM Domllly Slllilll. xi .md 111. Izurl l.xm1. flwpl. In-uri. ,,,,.,,,.wv-f" ,,Q....W--1-MH-"' ,,,,.,..,w-W-' ,,,,,,,W,.-nwwmw-W1 ,W , ,VP . as L. .MLS LOSOPHY DEIARTMENT: f.A. ,VJ 3 W, - . -1,4 15 D11 H11l11l1 H1-11 Uixisiou Hvutl anemia MUSIC IJICP.-XK'l'MlCN'l': K11ss1'll HONSlL1Illl Llllll Jam:-s xvilllfxf. Al. naval .-KRT IJICIF-Xli'l'NlICNT. l'1I'0Ill 11111: Adolph f1llOI'ft'I'. lfllax U1lo1'ff11'. Burk ross: I,Ji1I'N1Il M11ss11I1111111. 111111 ,IUIIII Ilf'I'l1l'l'I, dm-pt. 111-1111. l"r1's110 51111155 11111si1' 11lH'ilI'j 1 111-ll 11scf1l. 1l11111gl1 Illllllj sl111l1'111s d0IlAl know 111111 il 1111111 1-xis1s. 1,4 1 P1 If 1ir'1f mukvs pm-rfect. Dr X1-11111 D4'l'lI1t'N lllllgll' 1ie11111't1111'11l. You swf ll1'.S 1101 all that IX Mr. Harold J. Beatty Division Head I,L1llI'l'IH'l' Pape. l'11'111-st Wild. and J. lfiint Hunnm-r. Sitting: Ruth XYat1-1'111ui1. llvpt, Hemi. Standing: Emily Salnplf' and Shirley Tlloinpson. Myron .-X11dv1'so11. RiI'gll'l' ,I11i111Qo11. Q11-vil CIol1'11111n1 and Holwit Burg: KHiilQ'l'illf' lJoyl1f.NI111'ion B131-11111,1111113111111-I Hupprii I1 aah! ' .1 x llr. Karl Fulk Division llvad Dr. Clwng Wuiigl, sociology: Karl Swiison, political Scticnceg .ind Hwriuiri Crzilium. c'c'on0mics. HISTORY lJlCPARTlVIliNT: Mrs. Cvwe-ndolyn Cobb, Clair Nelsen, and lose Canales. SOCIOLOGY: William Dienstein and Thomas Brigham CRIMINOLOGY DEPARTMICNTZ Frank Bool- sen, dept. head: John Kullum, and Octavio Tocchio. iery Rulcliff. faculty lfriiwillis. visits in luis llonic- urea, Social Ciexlvc-'. 'flu' only llliil,l'I'l'IlCl', lin- ilidn't llnw the nmx lmilding in x lllll to lt't'I11Ff'. Dr. William B+-utty. anthropology. Note of explaination: lw just fame in from the fivlds wlwn liis pivulrz- uns tukvn. War Mr-nmriul ut Slum' und Cedar Ave- nuvs mis giwn to tln- vollx-'gr' lxy the .Xlunini ,Xsfoi-iution. -,les-.1.f,g:f:s 51+ HISTOHY IH-1l'fXR'l'MlCN'I': I"i:im'is Wil:-y. und Wnlluvi- Sm This may not lu- lln- IHOHI apt lJL1i'l'igII'1lllIlLl. but il? diffelenl , , N Qfqfqf 33192 464574 933i 23341 93335 63584 L., , , J . M l-Till?" S'l"A"f'F' Qfvv-2 H 5 QQWQQQQ l to 'CT' OT nun 5 Q .LIT N, 4 xX 5 :swf ISZSQV ISS? i wrnrwrfi 10m.'i wrwawrm :45i5iEi BIOLOGY IJl'1l'.'Xli'lxMlCN'I': Kvilh NYoofiuir'k, Bryan! Hugs. JUHPIPII MCClinitiu and John Carr. dfecchaoe 1 ' 'QC' in . 'ii D H 1 I I BIOLOGY lJI'1PARTMICN'I': Arthur Stue'blv1', Utah, Doris Fulk, and I' A Oxf HU' VS , ' ' ' R'l l M ff, '. Division llvud W1 I Oy Q i , ef 5 I Aj o ,f M, 2' Y ff K NURSING l5Ifl'AH'I'MlfN'l': Miss Ifllllllib' Sillllllllk 15Nf,llUl,4MLN lDl'll'XR'l'NllfN'IA: flvorgf- IA-mill. ,Nrrmld Coop:-r, Edward 'fm-11m-y. DQpt. 1'SY4QHOI,OCLYlJlCl,.'XR'l'MIQN'l': Xxflylle'Holdvrund l"I'1l H1-1111, llmmlnim .'XlbOl1-c1ll0I'I'Ll. Hurri-on Nlmldvn. Nullum 5111-nf:-Id. and Slunlvy Lindquist. Pom-ll. k" ' .' , 'W' 'ol"' 'wwf' 'WJ' Q 'K . 7 .:x. ff.. ,. M ,, i? " Vqxafy ' L1 22 lil-ALIH LIJLLAIION lJl'.l'ARlNll'.Nl: Mrs. lzdnh l.lI1 dlp. ,lmm-5 Vik:-5. H1-my l"I'i1'l'i1'l'. mivpl. llvud. ILIJKLQ-X'l'l0N IJIQP,-Xli'l'NIliN'I': Nlifs Nlurjoriv Bn-ustcr, John Huron. .Xlucirr-xx Hipgwy. 'Kr HH 1 ATION lJlfl'.'XK'I'BIHN'l': Dr. C11-rm I.:-slie, Dr. NlLlllI'iCt' Hunt, Dr. Morrib Bigge, Dr. Otley Wihiog. IM, H11-l1.mI Fpu1'k4 Uiviflon llmid 1. , Lu M-QNHWI9' HIJUI-X'I'IOX IJlQl'fXH'l'NIIfN'I', 5.-utud: IA-onard BRIIIIUISI ami XLIXUIIQI Iluudoy. Sldlldillgli 511-wn IKQIHUII 1llIli.IUFl'lllI Nlurplly. Dr. lhxui ll.11ml1.u'l1. M111--uplxl ui th: ISV lub :Choo 5444 ':5'mt21i'123'!..'tZ't3:l!I1.l".'klt+1"? WIIQ ' 35: 32 5:5 l l M3 we-3 it rv . . wal-1 'N' ffl " f Pl T42 Ji-9 ., ilk: 'L 1: af- i Q 2 -M 'fl sw :tri HS! W 55 R312 +11 M2 :id . 5: J 1 F1 3181 uni: ' - 1 ' Ji-t1 , . 1 -1 EW JA' f fi . -fi' PPIYSIKIS lJlCl'Ali'l'MlCN'l': Dr. ,lolm Donald- l'lI'1'll1'Y'll' X4 Noll son, DV. .lunuls Sllovlxlvy. llr. lloln-rl Slum-kll-tt. llnlsmn llf-ml Cl"OCR,Xl'llY l5lCl':XR'l'Ml'flY'l': llr. Rogvr lfrvin, Dr. Cllf'SlCl' Colr, llvpt. head, and lil. ,lolm GEOLOGY lJlCl'.'XR'l'INIlCN'l': Dr. Cl. Noble B:-zml. and Dr. Cmrgz- Slunlvy. llvpl. llvud. l'Ali'l'MlCN'l', l. to r. liolwrl Kalllo, llr Cs-orgy' Kuufnlan. U1 moml llrvlnucr, U1 lllllllilfll Ciula, Dr. EI1 Rogn-r C!'IHPT. lflllCMlS'l'HY lllf l llr. lhllv BUI'lIH'I'. llr Wu Vrwn li iggx' rslull lla-pl. llvunl, Ur. W'il l llillll Muller, Dr. Huy nis Womack and Dr 'bid lfdwin Lombard. Phillip Walker, and Mcrlyn Burris. DV' John yyl-ight llixision Ill-ad WW ,N...,.......,--H -v------" .,.....-Q-mmm ,,.....,--un' fllxarlvs Taylor and Donald Xvilson. Howard Cdllllllltall I fi . S 'Ill-QNIYIUIS IJIiI'fXli'l'NIlLNT: Mrs. Ethel ulvinson. Tlmrnas Kipps. Ye-rnon lloxws, and IOIIY l.,LllJLlI'I'l', dvpt. l'l1I'. 1lNlil'lKIlYll IJICIT-XR'l'lNIlQN'l'. Front row: 'nm-nl Bmill. ll:-rlJx'rt Hirllards, Josvpll Perry, nald Dmniug. ,lanws Smith. Second row: Ed- rd Gaylord, l"ram'is Higgins, Kvnnvtlr Barn- rt, Herlwrl lanw, Uxwn lfoin, and Charles ', wt. lwanl. 23 Qi' or eerie' arg!!! nun 'Q t """"' i riaemkeaf f r r - A Q ' rt 5' 2 3 ' -2, L s Q 4 - S 5 A- t'!if'f"2 4 1 V ' rf , E' Miki, if 4 8: , fat , --' t . as 5 Ku? - f 17 I . - -- 135 es' Q .Ni . ,, X K . , 1 .as W Q1-tal: xt 5, fir iii Dr. Kenneth l.. Meeks faces a mountain high joh as coordinator of this projeet. llis office serves as an ugeney to secure supplies to the project, serve as a liason between W'ashingt0n, D.C. and tlte project and keep ueeouuts of expenditures. Best good-will ambassador yet . Sudan and Fresno State College may be worlds apart in culture, customs and composition, but people E a common de- nominator - from both places are work- ing together for a common goal. Begun last year at the request of the Sudan government, a two year contract was negotiated for aid in education, espe- cially in training teachers. After the United States agreed to the program, Fresno State was chosen to supply a faculty. Dr, Kenneth Meeks, professor of edu- cation is coordinator of the program. The former Hanford superintendent of schools stressed that the entire program is an effort to improve the teacher-training program. The project is a means of helping the Sudan to improve its education program, The next generationis leaders plunge onward. Corn is now cultivated with new techniques. 24 f iff and particularly to train their own people to teach. The reasons Fresno State was chosen to furnish the faculty are numerous. First, both Fresno and Sudan are in similar climatic regions. The Sudan has good cotton production as does this area. Finally Fresno State is recognized as a top teach- ers college. The lvl American instructors are not in the Sudan to transplant the methods used in the United States. rather they will follow the Sudanese curriculum. Fresno State was the first state college in California to be chosen hy the lfnitcd States Agency for lnternational Develop- ment fAlDl. ln all, there are 95 colleges now in the program. Casualness is evident. even :it the opening men-ling of seminars. Sudanese students are engrossed with thc educational display that Fresno State built. I New AGRlCl!UU'fL 225' HERB TEAR up y h ,XJ ., M K . i y tfcnAuIc,4tLY'0f'. , E1 E LD W SVV7 , ,,,. W. , M X 'S W 4-i'?e'i-?ft t fit t. , -. 1 i 3 S v 7 1:5-ng:"',f F '. at 'v' - " Vu' s nv L Q q . lf.. ., M... s 1 . s , 51 i' . L" W s,,- 'Q . Q .Z rogress yet to he made in nn-lhotls ohtaining water U 'J " "" ' based on positive convictions of right and wron GARDEN OF THE SUN 7 HMV-.. rk..1Jv.,-.,U..L Ubyfsgma-,gg 14.5. 3, FD'-zeecvleatb F496 14.5.3 Uffetma .... 3.5.2. .... f4eeaauz'eha goafwla .... UZ? .24 .52 .44 .46 . W? . Man The 1962-63 academic year has been an outstanding and mem- orable one for the Fresno State College Student Association. The expansion and extension of activities from rooteris buses to Chan- cellor Dumke's visit, from revised Homecoming procedures to Board of Fine Arts' presentations, and from Student Union progress to the initiation of the Creek housing development has brought a great deal to present and future students of Fresno State College. Campus development has by no means been submerged by stu- dent activities. The dedication of the lVIemo1'ial Court Fountain and the initial use of the Amphitheater are two projects that were dreamed of for some years. Wfith the completion of the ROTC facilities, this year also marked the first year, since the move to the new campus began, that all departments were located on the Cedar and Shaw campus, There are faculty members and college administrative personnel, as well as Association officers and assistants. that are never in the forefront, but who help insure that the various student directed projects are successful and who give impetus and stimulation to student leaders. YVe sincerely appreciate the time and effort these individuals devote to student problems. I have grown to admire and respect those whose jobs do not include direct contact with student activities. but still find time for them. Lastly, I personally thank you, the students, for helping to make this year the success it has been. I also thank you for allowing me to serve you, for I have learned much in the short time I have held this position. My only hope is that what was accomplished will be considered insignificant, relative to the future development of student government and student activities. Jerry Tahajian e of tht ri If mnloy tltlf Jo Leisureliness, but efficiency, are evidenced behind the preside-nt's gavel. Wake ' a l.:xrx'y IMIYIIQ' lulll Num- IH'4-mlvxxl H01 Nprhilw Xlw- Pr- lrlnnl 1m Ulu! XIk1r'iYyn l'opg1 Ulm' UU' In NIVVINQ N-vm-1111'v Iwlll mmntux 30 Wfeahl' ' ' . S i Larry l.uym' Spring l,r-ggislutiw flOlllI1liSSi0Ili'I' UIILIYIJPJ Kml ffolmrn l Full IXIVII-S lmuislutiw- Commissioner 4 ' ' 1 I Junim' Matoiun K K k , . , , aren noure IUII f ,- ' ' . . . .. .1 Xxilml Il A I mgglwldtlxe f,0IlIITllSb10IlCI' Spring Wolnenvs Leglslauve Commlssloner 1 i , Y Pete Mt-has Fall Commissioner of Athletics 0 0 Russ Mitchell ASB Commissioners are elected by the student body to represent them at the different advisory boards, and other administrative or policy deciding bodies. The Commissioner of Athletics represents the various teams at all meetings of the Student Council, and he has membership on the Board of Athletic Control and the Student Exeeutive Committee. Serving as parliamentarian of the Student Council, the Men-s Legislative Commissioner may initiate such legislation as he deems necessary to benefit the FSC Association. He is a member of the Board of Directors, Board of Fine Arts, and Board of Athletie Control, Campus publications are the responsibility of the Com- missioner of Publications. He represents them at all Student Council meetings and Student Executive Council. He also holds membership on the Board of Publications. The Womenis Legislative Commissioner is a voting member on the Boards of Directors, Fine Arts, Publications, and Activities Board of AWS. She is also a member of Student Council and Student Executive Committee, and an ex-officio member of the AWS Executive Board. pring Commissioner of Atlileties 0 I Mike Harris fmnnllssioner of l,lllllll'llll0llS 0 I Amidst begging students to lile petitions for office, taking chargc- of political rallies, supervising posters, both location ancl conduct, tliis committev found time to function in its main purpose. This purpose is to man the polls, count ballots, and report its findings. All this was done under the care- ol its two chairmen, ,lim Perry and ,lim Brumm. ,lim Perry Jim Flruvnm lfall Cllilllilllilll Spring Cliairman Terrv B1-nn:-tts Carol Clivnanlt Connie Coles Cinfy-r FOY'!l"FlV l.arr1' Dorsev C' 'iron Cuvinllo Sandra Fatliv Carolvn Goff Dennis Hammond Rod Holi-mnlm Nita Kearns Holly Kennedy Mary Lindaur Linda Magarian Mimi Mann Jim McCain Leanne McComas Sonia Missirlian ,loc Moore Doris Mott Linda Mullin ,lolm Nersesian Brian O'Farrel Barry 0'Neil Rosh- Orfilf-lli Laura l'e-rry Margc Pilkanen Ann Rockwell Sue Schroeder Melinda Stalcy Yvette Tscliuniy Jackie Willis 32 4.4 A freshmanis first impression of Fresno State is in a large part due to the labors of the New Student Orientation Committee. This committee begins its work the preceding spring semester. In the fall it is ready to introduce all new students to the campus, its traditions, and its activities. This year the committee sponsored the Howdy Dance, the New Student Reception, the Frosh-Soph Brawl, and Orientation Week. Lee Callaher Marjorie Hansen C0-Chairman Co-Chairman Barbara Bitter Barbara Boswell Sharon Bouquina Jim Brumm Sheri Clark Nancy Davis Don Doss Sharon Falmry Eleanor Firpo Barbara Harnpson Lonna Henkel Maureen Kelly Carol Km-rchenfaut Aram Kinosian Sharlynn Mar Diane Quigley Bette Pappa Linda Paull ,loe Perry Leigh Ann Pok '9 Pam l.arsen ,lan Russell Nancy Lauritzen l.arry Sampson Bud Smith Tluonxas Sommer- ,liln Stanley ,In-an Surabian Christy Wild Judy Thomas Sharon Tilly Karen Yoris 4 I This past year has been anything but hum-drum for the rally committee. First was the Hmascot farcef, the consequence being Jim Stanleyis loss of his chairman- ship. Diamond, a stand-in for Moose, was not really dog-napped, but boarded in a high class kennel for a week and returned during preliminaries at the first game. No sooner had things died down to nor- mal routine than Greg Brackett had his wrists slapped for again trying to spur school spirit, with an uunauthorized rally", The bonfire, after-game dances, and card tricks are all part of the committee's re- sponsibility. Marty Blumberg served as committee chairman this past year. Geri Agbashian Yalerie Badvelian Carol Cllt'IlillllI Laureen Dix Sue Bonnin Jack Bozzano Pa! lfrnrnert Adrian Faden John Aeker Diane Adams Greg Bracket! Andrea Byrd Diane Flaming Pat Flowers Marcie Cilu-son Pat Hall Cary Johnson Susan Johnson Delnia Jones Carole Kaster John King Jean Kim-lx James l.eCussan Margaret Lockwood Mike Luekin Ron Majors 34 Ed Manning Leanne McComas Linda Pauli Donna Ril'iILlFliSOll Patty Sanborn Sui' Svliroeder J. Howard Williams Joanne- Zick Lvsl ie Morato Judith Nvison Karen Nvwman Sigriri OJIJSSOII 'il-rry Riormion Jim Stunicy 13. Z-. 41? 5' y, , ai, Y- Hi if Y ii' He- is il00kl'lii Hon Wauicivli. that iw :re-1-mimi L1 inns tivkn-t. ar, f Jurwlle' Robinson Mary Roglvrs Ji-ff Surnson Jainvtlx- 'l'0xwry Janis Jyviis iilin-n Vivcstin J f A fl Y af J .Af iby, 2 M , V 1 ' .., 'w-"W"-.,, 50252 JBJ ,ff '9 if 'Kiln-1-n Rogwrs ami Sigrixi cJiliSSOIl l'0llVillCt'd Rod Colburn Serving as a liaison between American and foreign students, the SIS committee had their hands full this past year. This year the big activity was the initiation of the People to People program. This program believes in- dividual action can make a difference in the world, that international understanding can be improved, through direct personal contacts. It offers an opportunity to do something about relieving international tensions. ln order to put this program in full swing the committee brought Rafer Johnson, decathlon champion, to campus. ru La Barb Handloss E ll MUSC' HHUSCU , K My t Y Vette Tschumy Ginger Cordray Barbara Hampson Better relations between the community and the school is the goal of the Public Relations Committee. This is the one ASB committee that works outside the actual campus in order to serve it. Homecoming is the committeeis main project during the fall semester. It works closely with the college and alumni in presenting the parade, dance, and half-time game activities, During the spring, the local and surrounding high schools become the committeeis prime targets. They visit, speak at assemblies, and generally encourage seniors that FSC is the up and coming thing. Bill Edholm ,lim Perry Fall Chairman Spring Chairman Laura Aley Teddi Andris Mark Arnold Louis Bielanowski Nick Castle Carol Caudle Barry Crow Don Culbertson Nancy Davis Martha Demes Larry Forsyth Meredith Fortune Sammy Ganimian Sharon Karas Ed Keller Ron Munfredo Jim lxIf'cit'l1H1l1lPTt John Nersesian Lynn Retalliek Doreen Sayler COIlSl1f'l0 Stewart Delma Tomseanyi Nancy Turn:-5' Cary Yinagre d Holcomb. 1'l1z1i1'111111: .lurly lI111'iv1' and ,TOLIIIIIII W'o11s: 11111 C0111- plclv c'o111111itl4-rx lllllllll the llIl4'fxYl'-Yi' got l0:00 classes. lidiloris 1102:-: lry C'l'0WVlllHgl dttee A suggestion box has been placed in the bookstore, and anonymous forms have been made available to students in order that their ideas, complaints, and suggestions can be brought out into the open. Yet with all of these conveniences the Committee has only found gum wrappers, Marlboro boxes, and the likes. They are still waiting for that all important problem. This year the bookstore was furnished an additional adding machine to speed up that first of the semester rush. Books were rearranged for easier finding, and the staff was enlarged. But, other than the lack of space, the committee is still looking for a problem. The committee is appointed by the student body president, and the members serve a yearly term. Meetings arc- to be held weekly. providing there is material to be acted upon. 1' Bookstore staff: T'll'lK'Il llx-1-l1i11g, Vernicc Holnufs, and Beula Bair. ' ' 145, Z, , Student Body President Jerry Tahajian formed two new committees this past year, one being the Cafeteria Com- mittee. Bette Pappa was appointed yearly chairman. The need for adequate communication between the students and the cafeteria was seeng the committee was formed with this in mind. Problems the Cafeteria finds with the students and student complaints and suggestions are taken up in committee meetings. The Food Advisory Committee from the residence halls was made a part of the student body-committee. Several problems of the dorm residents were solved by the commit- tee and the eafeteria management. The committee works closely with the management to plan the Hspeeial partiesn given for the dorm students. ln this Inotl:-In tiny and age. vxglilresses slluultl ln' supplunletl with ut llette llappu Chairman .ludy Adams Don Doss Monty Meflall jwn Sul-ubian Discussing 1lI'0lJll'lll5 of the residence hull dining: hull. snnek bar, and main cafeteria are l'0lllllllItt't' IllQ'IIllJPI'S John llylnes, Jean Surulmiun, Judy Adams, Nanev David. and llhairmun Bette Pappa. MVS. Alive 'llltolllx Bette Puppet. and Miss Marv Kay Alex- ' . under dust-nss the menus eat-la week. dawn! 744472301 71 ' Student Court nieinlzers from left: Pat lfnnnert. liar f Kelley. ireen. Chief ,lustiee 'loin Doyle, and Mike While the Student Court generally is con- cerned primarily with hearing cases involving student mis-conduct, this year it was asked to interpret the By-Laws of the Association. J. C. Hickman, representing the Collegian, accused Student President Jerry Tahajian of making illegal appointments to association offices. Both men appeared hefore the court to present argu- mentsg Hickman documenting his accusations, and Tahajian defending his action. The Court ruled the appointments Were illegal. Though technically, Hickman won his point, the appointments were remade at the March Student Council meeting. lresident 'lluluijiun presents luis side . . . Earl .mil .pm I 1 It H L ll vs .HMI f J. C lslnkinan 40 reads luis aeeusutions to the eourt. XX li a id D nm it t t1 or illillllijlilll. Many interested persons uttenfled the lu-arin Date Committee: Lynn linders, Miss Martha Miller, lid Manning, and Cordon fScottyJ Wilson. Most of the work of this committee comes in the months of March through May, for this is when the bulk of scholarships are awarded. Scholarship policies and the establishment of new scholarships occupies much of the committeeis time. Kenneth Lewis is the Dean of Scholarships and Loans, Dr. Cymer is the chairman of the committee. Together with the rest of the committee they award scholarships on the basis of need, ability, and charac- ter. Marilyn Doswald Linda Miller Scholarship????? y f if ZW I The college social calendar is regulated and arranged by this committee. They work with the Dean of Student Activities and the activities adviser, this year a new member of the administrative staff, Miss Martha Miller. Each organization on campus turns in their list of proposed ac- tivities to this committee, who in turn arranges them on the calen- dar and checks for conflicting dates. LLBF Dr. Marshall Ficsc Memorial This building was named after the former director of Health Services at Fresno State College, Dr. Fiese, who was killed in a train-truck collision near Bakersfield March 1, 1960. He was a native of Fr:-sno, a graduate of Stan- ford Lvriiwrsity School of Medicine. Before his death he authored what is considered the first completc book on the subject of Valley Fever. fr "7 Committee members. Tohc Mcflillis and Kathy Casey, look Wealtd ' Problems concerning the student's relations with tht- Health Centcr is the prime concern of this committee. A complete student insurance policy was advocated by the committee, and most students took heed, Dr. Marvyn Schwartz is the faculty sponsor, as well as head resident doctor. wit Margo Reynolds, Sheri We-Ich, and Mary Tolle fnot pictured? constitute student nieinhership on the connnillec. Dr. Henry Madden ddmaq ' One of the most populated areas of the campus, excluding the snack bar, is the library. Attractions include the Homan Stamp Collection and the California Room, the books donated by Roy J. Woodward. These are the responsibility of the committee, to see that they are made known and avail- able. This committee, too, works as a laison between students and the library. over a new hook in the California Room. Sponsor and Head Librarian 42 ' Edna - ' dfe fittee As its title indicates, this committee deals with those things that make the life of a student more than just a student. Its duties are concerned with the activities and social events that make a studenfs life complete. D I I Leigh Ann Pok Pete Mason The committee under the direction of Senior Senior the Dean of Students, includes a junior man and woman, and a senior man and woman. Together they set the standards for campus social life, and student organi- zations. The group also recommends pol- icy regarding student housing. '- Marge Hansen Mike Rooney Junior Junior information concerning the College is released by this committee. It serves as a sort of safety valve between the college and the community, The committee con- sists of eleven members made up of stu- dents, administration and faculty. Committee mn-inlwrs, l. to r.: Dorothy Atkinson, Dr. Bernie Slit-pard. Cecil COll'IIli1Il, Dr. Edwin Lornhurd, Dr. Stanley Beard, Margie Baxter, Art lVILlI'gIOSlLlI'l, i'l!LllI'Il1LlIl1 Dr. Harry lf. Jones, Dr. Merlin Burris, Floyd Hixson, lid Piston, Kerry Conuwuy. Standing: Bi1lYoung. "?awwla2 ' 66 6 c cz 25 6 o W 41 Front row, l. to r.: Cathy Stocks, Kerry Conaway, Joanne Johanson, sec., Evelyn Cillhum. Back row: Ed Piston, Virgil Matthew, Jams-s Rockwell, Jerry Taliajian, Karl Svenson, Earl Wlhitfield. As typical of its title. the BOARD OF PIYBLICATIUNS is responsible for the Collegian, Campus. Handbook, lili- rc-ctory, ancl all assorted printccl material, It is in charge of budgets. advertising, and the policies of thc-se pub- lications. Culture on Campus - this sums up the aims of the BOARD OF FINE ARTS. They concern themselves with the art. dance, musiv, speech, and other related activities on Campus. This year the board has brought over ten off- campus programs to the Fresno State student hotly. 6 at e fb Z 4 Front row, l. to r.: Karen Knourek, Doris Falk, JoAnn Johanson, sec., Roger Ervin, Earl Whitfield, Earl Bassett. Back row: Ed Piston, George Ollikkala, Carl Kimball. 44 0 9 A 0 0 0 I I Ewa? nt row. I. to 1'.: llr. flluytou Tidyuutn. Rod tfolnurn. Kam-n Knourvk. Jo.-Xnn ,l0llt1IlSOIl. Dr. louis Mtulgxv, Burk rms: lfurl NY'l1iItif-lrl. lfarl B1 :tt l Ll Piston. Gordon XYIISOIl..I1'I'!'j' 'l't1l1ujiu11. Dr. l'1I'llIlIi Pom-ll. The final say on the association activities is tht- General 4-outrol ol 1-oinpetitiw lIllt'I't'0lll'gILlI.C nth function of the BOARD OF IHHICCTORF. Litt-rally lvtics is ttXt'1'l'lSt'tl Ivy tht- HO.-XRD Ol: .'Yl'HLE'IilC COX known as the "l1ozu'cl of hoardsw all other boards are THOL. It approws svlu-tlult-s cluring 1-uvli school yeai suhordinatt- to it. Its main concerns though are the and gixes its sunt,-tion to the players. the awards. an fiscal prolalcms whivh the association involves. and the superiutends the iucliviclual huclgets. proportioning out ol these funds. lfront rms. I. I0 r.: J. l"liut lluunvr. Ron ltskofl. Jo Ann Joluinsou. Russ Nlitrlnell. liuvk rom: Earl Bassett. Ur. l.ouis Mudge, I George llg. ,lt-rry lululjiun. Cordon Wilson, A. NV. Holme-s. Dr, tlluir Nelson. ix Na i ,ff ncy I,LlllI'iiZ1'Il and Lyimv EVLHIS lllllkf' plans for thc Qlllx4'll.S Hall. This AKYS. awlivily is 1114- lriggcfst Soviul vwnt of ilu' yvar on thi- Frvsno Slutv Sue H0llSk'l' guidsd the Associated Womc-11 Studs-nts and Qainpus, their activities during: ilu- full sem:-stvr. ,Carolv Shawver gots some poinulrs from Linda Peterson rc-garding ' ithe A.VV.S. treasury, us sho took owl' in the spring. 46 Terry B1-iilirtis svrwd as vice presidvnt during the full selnvs- IPI' uml Lynm- RPIi1Hi1'k look ovvr till' .-X.Vi',S. vicn- prvsideiicy in tho spring. sociaitt-cl XXYUIIIPII Stuflvnts for lu' One of the major bodies on campus is the Associatccl Yvomen Students. All or- ganizations with fcmalc membership are welcome on the activities board. AWS spon- sors the Big-Little Sistcr program which is a big he-lp in making freshman women feel welcome- ut STATE. The g'lVleet the Girlsw assembly is also popular for coeds on campus, such celebrities as Campus Queen and sorority preside-nts are introduced. The big event of the fall is the Quecnis Ball. The girls work for months to make this event a success. This year, Sui- Schroeder was crowned Campus Queen from among fifteen candidates. The spring semester is just as active with the group sponsoring Bermuda Day and the Spring Formal. W ff www ilu-" W its ri P 3 ki ,XM .4 1 iw ,..,, ., ,W ass- . . 'fi A i The oflim- of liistoiiain was till:-tl by fliiiggcr tiortlrgiy lor the spring. 5'i""'5l'i"' lit-rry lforiuuuy Spring llresitlcnt WT fc? Rt-1-ording the- events of the As- turc use was the job of full his- torian. Joyce- Cummings. x 1 if XYQAA-gi llgirinon :lining tln' t.ill iintl spring. K'-i-ping tin Ll4't'llI.llf' at-coiint of :NYS aictixi- tie- tluiing tlif- spring mis ,ltin Srisrikfs sluty. 47 1 lil:-ctioiis ol' .NWS wt-rv ilit- t-oiiw-iii of Xnniilf-c Stockton anal Bzirliuru , i I... " TL ' YW- -- LL- -!-wf-ywu , , ..,V..., S i A ks, " 4' f l i H-. , mf -"Men labored, gently or harshly, to build a great sncceeded. The peace and the prosperity of the San the days that followed them exists as their monument." l l Q ,fe Q Q F , 48 Nf.t t, 'rx-1.,.,..,-VY f- ,xx V W1 e-,,,-' r I Qm7aa42aeea5,4z!z'eadmzz'4. . .50 776424 ?,-nemo heady ......... 57 914175444 family .... .... 5 2 i- l sm swam - was eww QW jaw Ham Yiwu, femetta Elma, Wald - Fm Hamm Km Mm 5' mi ' Fume Gamtq W, Aw Delta Gamma, WW fm flomewoukaq Quan Jacque is a nineteen year old P.E. major Whose hobbies and in- terests include playing the organ, singing, and sports. She is a mem- ber of the Delta Gamma sorority, WRA, Orchesis, and teaches pi- ano. Following her graduation from FSC, Jacque plans to teach physical education in a local high school. family 8ll:dK40lL Roda .Queen Bunny is a nineteen year old sophomore, affiliated with the Delta Gamma sorority. Bun- ny is a member of several riding groups in the valley and, of course, her favorite activity is riding. In spite of the time she devotes to this, she received a four point grade average last semester, and has been on the Dean,s List every semester. A f ,Nl iw ffffwfff A Z Ylcurw Twenty year old ,lim is a junior business administration and social science major. He has served as reporter, rush chairman, social chairman, and vice-president of the Sigma Nu fraternity. Snow and water skiing, boxing and swimming occupy his spare time. After his graduation in l964-, he plans to do graduate work in public relations at Golden Gate Col- lege in San Francisco. Wald Galway Bal! Queen Christy is a junior elementary education major and a member of the Delta Gamma sorority, of which'she is the vice-president. She is a pep girl, and a member of Tokalon, Angels Flight, and the Little Sisters of Min- erya. Working with people, traveling, and read- ing are her favorite pastimes, and sports - both spectator and participant - are her hob- by. Christy plans to teach either the first or the second grade after graduation. Gam X WWW Pete's interests lie in world traveling, music, and athletics. He loves school so much that he would like to be a upcrpetual studentfl He is student teaching, in physical education and social science. He served as ASB Commissioner of Athletics, President of Sigma Nu Fraternity, and the Delta Zeta Flame. Politically he is athl- iated with Young Republicans, and is listed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Slew Welch Uewwufa 2504 Queen Senior nursing major, Shari plans to work in her hometown of San Francisco as a surgical and pediatrics nurse. She likes sports - golf, tennis, skiing, and swimming. Sho is a mem- ber of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, the Nightingales, and is listed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. S fwada A CIP A Sweetiwnl Brenda Kendrick, who enjoys bowling, mu- sic and collecting recipes, served as Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart this past year, Brenda is an Elementary Education major, and she is a member of the Alpha Nu, the pledge club for Alpha Kappa Alpha, and also the National Education Association. SMX? KW? az Cawwm Sandy is 21 and a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. A past president of his sophomore class, Sandy's interests include skiing, hunting, surfing, deep-sea fishing, golf- ing, bowling, and croquet. He is majoring in business administration with plans of working in packing and shipping in the citrus business after graduation. Ewa loewm A I' P Swediwfzt Dawn is the vice president of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and secretary of the Fresno State College Dairy Club, and a mem- ber of AWS. Wor'king with cattle is her hobby and she also enjoys swimming. Dawn is a junior marketing major and plans to go into selling women's apparel. Before coming to Fresno State, she was a California Dairy Princess. se" w ' ""w-am, M 1s..,, . N adq Samiom V X A Gam and Gul A sophomore liberal arts major, Patty hopes to go to France with the Peace Corps some- day, and is working toward her teaching cre- dential while in college. At present, she is the head yell leader, a member of Triple S, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, WRA, and the Rally committee. Patty loves all sports, and enjoys art and theatrics. She also designs and makes her own clothes and knits her own sweaters. . Mar' 7124114 mmm Al' flacdowm Twenty year old Matty is a junior business administration major. He plans to do graduate work in this field following his graduation. His major interests are golf and baseball. Matty is active on the junior class. executive council and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Sum Kwan Hamm Hal Sweelizani Susan is a sophomore and afliliated with the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Her favorite sport and activity is water-skiing which she plans to be doing a lot of this spring and sum- mer. Majoring in secondary education, Susan plans to teach after graduation. 9 , Bdflddfld Ccwwell Z.NSweeMzw Barbara, a junior, loves her classes for her English major as much as her pet team, the San Francisco Giants. She is the past secretary of her freshman and sophomore class, and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. She is seriously thinking of entering the Peace Corps after graduation and teaching English in either Africa or the Philippines. Wi EW ZAE SWCCMCGM Twenty year old Judy is a native Fresnan, senior elementary education major, past social chairman of the sophomore class, and currently is serving on the senior class executive com- mittee, and is vice president of Kappa Kappa Gamma. She likes to read good books, listen to fine music, and most all, to visit San Francisco. L joqamw Shamwn K Z. Snow Quan Joyanne is a senior elementary education major from Tulare, a member of C.S.T.A., and the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority where she serves as the art chairman. She enjoys working with children, skiing, and arts and crafts. Joyanne's future plans include travel in the Orient this summer and then teaching kin- dergarten here in California. wx, H' UMM QIPMGM Ed,s chief interests include water and snow skiing, football and wrestling, traveling and collecting pennants from different places he has visited. He is the vice-president of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, a member of the Agronomy and Ski Clubs, Block F, and the football and wrestling teams. He is an agri-business major planning to return to Tracy and farm after his education is com- pletede ffwthf Yeuatlym GJ X Euwnynl Sophomore coed Kathy is nineteen years old. A member of the Kappa Alpha Theta so- rority, she also participates on the AWS social committee and in the A Cappella Choir. Piano and knitting are her favorite hobbies. After graduation, Kathy plans to teach elementary school. BWLAJIXML Siam E X Sweebizafct Freshman Barbara is a member ofthe Delta Gamma sorority, whose interests include snow skiing and painting. A commercial art major, Barbarals future plans will be going into some phase of commercial advertising that will in- clude traveling. '-' . ,Aww 1756 Wand of Cotton Nineteen year old Lynne is a sophomore elementary education major who hopes to teach here in Fresno after her graduation. A ,member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and L Triple S, Lynne is the vice-president of AWS. Her interests include tennis and swimming. Lynne was named second alternate to the 1963 Maid during the Cotton Cotillion held in Fresno, This is an annual contest sponsored by the Fresno Cotton Wives. As second alternate she will be called upon to pose for cotton pub- licity in the local area. Sandra Sc-ully was named Hrst alternate for the Fresno State Contest. .4 True to her duty Lynne helps advertise the virtues of cotton. Planning the line of strategy are Cary Gamble, an agronomy instructor, and E. A. Egan, a former dean of agriculture, now affiliated with the Producer's Cotton Oil Company. sv, ."q jx. , . M2451 Swv ,J 94 Q, ,W M35 Q M nf s J ,. '.'.1..1,:,, ' ' , U ,,- , 1' 'H A J ,,,4a,.--Q - Q ,yi ,Q '1-'Ei 4 ' Q f, F 5312- ' .mi ..g,1,,f.. , ,m'QiW' W ,M - lf! - If " -ff W 'V' vri xr , I Q3 , yd: A KR men abl e not thelr th 1I'1C3.fI1E1t 0 Uhts ?me44mcmy444- Sophmowefdu SeachzeZ444' " Qwzdaczzfee ---- Mike Somdul l'lI'l'SlllllLlll Class Presi Mike Somdal was elected president of the Class of 1966 to get the freshmen off to a great start, Being new to the campus the freshmen had to get organized, but as time progressed, they pulled through. They helped start off the spring semester with their dance, the Registration Rumble. This proved to he one ol the best dances of the semester. An exchange was held with the Sophomore Class Executive Committee, and to add to the class treasury, they sponsored a booth in the Blue Key Carnival. 5 2 'l I -tis? if I I 1 TZ i 42 X5 tt ' 59 if Maynard Moe wus elected to the Vice Presidency for both the full and spring semesters. 64 Carol Kuster and Sonia Missirliun kept truck of the uetivities of the class during the fall und spring semesters. respectively. 'M' 3' Sue Buekles Mart-ie Ciheson Fall Social fihuirniun Spring Social Chairman Qzecdmma E I I 1 11111111 Un 1111111 1311,-rs011 .11'11's .'Xlll1l'1K1lLll11Llll 171111 Cfo1'k1'11111 .1 ' ' 15 11,5 E. 1 13 1J1LlIl4' 1'11Lll111I1g Bllllllj' H1-11111 51111111 Nliwlrli-111 C11ll'I'1 111-11-151-11 11111 S11111'111'z 111111 'I'r.11'is 'l'1111 111--111111-11, 1i111'1-11 111111 11.11-1111-, 11111001-11I1y ff' hh 1x1111x1'11 11110 t111' 11.151111 5 111111'1'. LIIIL1 Xx1'1'1' lrI'llIl1L111y511111941 tn 111111. 131-111115 111111111-It l11lt'l'y1 XXL'1llL'I' l'Q1Il1Al 1..111N1' 11ll41N .1 1111-1111 L11 11111 N1111 5l11111'11t 11111-1111 ? 75 T770-if K Ron Suntigizm Sophomore Class l'r4'sifl4'I1t Ron Santigian lecl his class in many activities this past year. The lmig event of the fall was the selling of pennants for the San Jose-FSC football game. When basketball season rolln-cl around, the Class sponsored an alter-game dance featuring a local disc jockey. The DJ was so impressed with the dancing done by the stu- dents, he asked the Sophomore Executive Committee to organize a FSC Day on the KlVlAKe Kaloarct. rm llow4'rton was 1-lf'f'le'fl xim- pri-sinh-'nt Of the rllumore wluss for Iwo se-ln:-st:-rs. Meredith Fortune, spring, and Darlene Ricco, fall, served as secretary of the sophomore class. di Andris and ,loan llugrhc-s planned the Social vw-xits for the spring and lull, respectively. Nancy Devight s 2 ' ' Geri Agbashian Teddi Andris Richard Church Sheri Clark Nancy Collins Ginger Cordray Nancy Davis Karen Fernsten Meredith Fortune Julie Gong Elaine Hadsall Ginny Hall Barbara Harmon Lonna Henkel Sharon Karas Barry O'Neil Jean Kutch Mike Lurkin Thomas MacDonald Sharynn Mar I.:-anne RICCOIIIQIS Diane Meehan Brian O'Farrell Linda Pauli Charlotte Pollard Linda Redwine Lorrie Roach Joanne Safer Pat Sanhorn ,lane Sasaki Pain Sheehan Howard Spirgelman Kate Thornas ,leuiielle 'llowery Anna Trane Ywltc 'l'schurny ,loan 'liuwiin RLlI'!'Il Yoris 111 'N s 1 - xe S vice 1 s 11111 and Mary L1111lau1 1 l11lo11 ook 0161 as secretarv. ' "Snag of 5,016 H MTI11- richvst junior Class in yearsw was o111- statement said about the 1-lass of l961 this past year. Pl'6Slfll'IlI Tom Sommers and hisnhard working Executive Committee lJ1'0llglll fame to their class, They worked hard to raise money for the Junior- Seuior Prom by sponsoring a dance, tho slave sale, a car Wash, and a rummage sale. All of tl1is activity leafl to the HSong ol SlJI'lIlg,,, the prom was a suflccss. and the class can pat itself on 11111 back and hope that the class of '65 clues as much for them. Q- 11011 Sl1of111-1' CiL1YOlyIl Phillips Fall Sl'K'I'K'lLlI'y 1l11ri11g ll11' year lo1',I1111io1' fflass. M111'1ly11 l'11p11 11111l Mamly llll'l'iIIlLlIl IPlllIlIl4'll ilu' social merits I I I Terry Bennetts Heatlmr Cairns Kerry Conuway Barry Crow Vernon Crow Larry Dorsey Y? Jlllliff' FfiPSt'I1 imnorv Cigiio Kriggip Harrig Alilllllliil Hickman Uvbna Jonvs XILIIIIYPII Kr-llc-y JOIN! KiHg Mary Lindauer Sandra Longcore Ann MuvDonaid Matty Matoian Rvttv Puppa Jim Pnrry Rivburd Ransom Tom Rudholm Barbara Ruby Daryl Ruby Fuel Schroeder Carol Shawver Syixiu Silva Bud Smith Susan Thomas Nancy Turney Barbara Yinzant Jerry Ffrnlmree Senior Class l'r4-sident Larry Sampson. lr-ft, served as vice president during the fall, and Sandra Scully, below, took minutes at class meetings during the spring. iii The Class of 1963 is on its last legs, that is to say it is in the final weeks of existence as an active entity. Graduation, Baccalaureate, Senior Breakfast, and receptions are looming ahead. During the second semester, the Executive Committee broke into several sub-committees in order to handle all last minute activities. One sub-committee, the Senior Gift, was de- lineated. ln October, the class donated the music to the Memorial Fountain. -e sg 3 'api F "2 C -ima , ,b ' 1 Judy Carter, fall, and Barbara Hitting, spring, were elected to the office of social chairman. Patty' Jo Peters Tom Oliver Fall Secretary Spring Vice President S , . . DOH Beaunigafd Salle? Burns Carol Chenault Martha Dames Bill Colvin Terry Allvn Don Culbertson .llldy Dunn Bill lfdholin Sandie' Cirts Tom Cist Bill Cong Bluim- Hundell Sylvia Hart Suv Housvr Richard Kurle Nancy Lauritzen Pete Mason ,lanivv Mutoian P21111 McDowell .lOllH M0llSl1iS1i0Y1 Luc-as Nersesian Boh O'Farrell Leigh Ann Pok Rolwrt Rue' -lim 5Umlf'Y DOWPU Suylor Consuelo Stewart Cathy Stocks Roy Sordi Jim XY0lfFlN'l'gFl' 444 i?65 Chris Adams Hugh Aflunis ,lan Adrian Rii-lmrd Alirouizm Patrick Allan Educ. Math Psych. Ind. Engr. Elem. Educ. lYlio's lllho 'llvrry .Xlli-11 Curolyrr f'l'vrryl Judy Audvrson Buddy Arulwlian Cn-uc Asuy ,lunet Asliwult Hairy Athcy Educ. AIldf'1'S0H Elem. Educ. Mktg. Agr. Mus. Educ. Educ. El - rin- Wlliffs Willo ' ,lm-rry ,Mkiuson ,loam M1-flifiqiii Bibx'vr'ly fxywrs Ale-x Azuriuii Stun Bud:-rlsi'l1r-r Thomas Baird Dwuuc- Baker lnrl. 'l':-cli. Eilur. Elvm. Edur. Crim. Music Bus. Ad. Crim. Cary Balding Flu-Irion Bull Slunlvy Bull Bw Barclay Evie- Burne-it Bruce: Barsamiiui Joanne- Burtram Churlvs Batclwlor Ci-ol. Ind. .-Xrl Soc. Sci. Nurs. Educ. Bus. Ad. Educ. Civil Engr. Lowell Bultclicr Phil linux Becky Be-an Kay Beard Don Bcaurcgard George Bcciu Mardee Behrman Bonnie Bergman Ind, Art Vit. Rec. Phy. Educ. Lang. Arts Acctg. Rec. Elem. Educ. que M52 to fm i?65, Kim-n B4-rgman Ygilwii- B1-rlw llvwrly B1-rnhuuf-r Virginia Bvrryllill Km-nt Bvrtelsvn Sunrly Beltvrton Ce-rzild Bi:-r Nurs. Biol. lfcluc. lilefni. lidufz, Engl. Nurs. Iourn. BI'lll'Q' Bird Burlmru Billing Norimi BlilllL'llLll'll Ronulml Blanton llvnnis lilviism- Railpli Holm llauiil Rolirmun Acct,-I. lflvm. Edllf. lflvm, lfduc. lud. Art 501: Sci. llvultli l'lLlll1'. l,ifn- Sci. lllnrgiuiw-t Bonillu .ll'illlllll' Bonn:-r .lilIlll'S Booth ,lum-I Bortli liil Ihusm-II .ht Rom-n Hu-.A xllll llonsvi Y lil:-m. lfduc. llume- lfvmi Urn. llort. llus. lfnliiv. Hug. .-Mlm. llllx. ,'Xilm. lol. lfvmi. Irvin Boylcs ,lm-la Romano Cn-gory Bruvkn-tt Craig llrudlm-y .lolm llrz-vlunuiui Iliili- Bl'l'l'k1'III'lllg11' llvnrii-ttu Br:-riingg Im- Briilgvs Pliy. Sci. llort. Sllirlvy Briggs Jxfllllli' Brittuin Soc. Wel. lingr. I I lluiry Bug. Adm. lfngr. lgr. Bus. limluc. Bus, Ailni. Anne- Britt:-11 Roll:-rl Brooks lliuue- Brown .login Brown limlu Broun Kun-ii Bufliugzto Zool. l'l1y. Educ. l'llt'Ill. Educ. liduc. lilvm. lfduc. lilf-ni. Educ. : g l f I 73 Sallee Burns James Calandra Frank Campbell Bob Carpenter Elem. Educ. Acctg. Chem. Phy. Educ. H PM The anatomy of a bulldog is found most Confusing when l .4 M Dick Meux and Bob ,Tones try to transform it to paper- ' 513 2 maclie. E 5 mltzlixggl Judy Carter Suzanne' Carroll Bev Casliion Antonia Certuche Educ. Sec. Adm. Educ. Soc. Wel. njriwjr Wm., I Q -n Joe Cbapell Carol Cllt'llZ,lIlli Carol Cliilds Aliene Clio Eric Cliristensvn Kay Christiansen Ronald Clary Patricia Cobb Phy' Educ' Art Nurs. Home Econ. Enol. Home Econ. Civil Engr. Educ. Earl Cole-man I0 C0l0H TONY C0l0H Calire Colt William Colvin Ronald Copley James Cone Raquel Coria Soc. Wel. Elem. Educ. Civil Engr Elem. Educ. Phy. Educ. Ind. Tech. Psych. Educ. John Craig Carol Cramer Dick Creelman Terry Cress Keith Crossman Richard Crossman Don Culbertson Terry Scrambray Chem. Elem. Educ. Agron. Lang. Arts Biol. Pol. Sci. Journ. Adv. Engl' Who's Wlio 74 Don Cunningham Jean David Ellie Davis John Davis Eileen Decker Engr. Gen. Educ. Soc. Stud. Engr. French Who's Who Dennis DuMontier Martha Denies Donald df-Renne Richard Deverieks. Bartlett Dickson Marjorie Diel Charles DiGiorno Janet Dimmitt Math Educ. Soc. Sci. Bus. Educ. Bus. Adm. Educ. Crop. Educ. Edna Dodge Nancy Don Eleanor Dorman Bill Doolittle Carolyn Dove Patrit-in Doyle lid Duarte Leonard Duck Spch. Music Orn. Hort. Bus. Educ. Educ. Phy. Educ. Civil Engr. Psych. Judy Dunn Harry Dyck Dan Earle Jennifer Earle Phyllis Eaton Kenneth Elmer Bill Edhohn Jerald Embree Educ. Mic. Biol. Recr. Educ. Mktg. Biol. Bus. Adm. Bus. Adm. Whois Who Who's Who Who's Who Janet Emminger Frank Errea Peter Estep Gale Ester Catherine Everson Kent Evans Darlene Fairbanks Dave Fuller Educ. Agr. Mech. Gen Agr. Phy. Educ. Home Econ. Bus. Adm. Educ. Engr. Susan Farley Gln-nn Fenley Sherrill Ferree Ed Eicz Ross Fitzgerald Nurs. Bus. Adm. Educ. Agr. Chem. Marvin Flaming Virginia Fletclu-r Linda Floy Nancy Follansbee Howard Fong ,lohn Forchlnfer Larry Forsyth Engr. Mus. Educ. Recr. Educ. Ind. Arts Educ. Psych. Donna Foster Sl:-plivii lfowlvr Paula Erivs Judith lfulllmright Km-n lfunk Ros1'marivGalussi Lee-Gallalier Educ. Bus. Adm. Engl. Educ. Engr. Educ. Pol. Sci. J Gayle Gardner Susan Gate-s Ronald Gr-row Nancy Gilhcrt Roh:-rt Gillespie Sandra Girls Toni Gist Alice Glim Mktg. Art Bus. Adm. Elvin. Educ. Recr. Biol. Agr. Mech. Educ. Who's Who Geraldine Glovtr XYmlclvll Govsling: Bill Gong ,lr-anne Gonscr ,lamvs Gordcn Yalvrie Graham Michavl Grantham Thomas Gravette Engl. Psych. Acctg. Elm-nl. Educ. Life. Sci. Elem. Educ. Civil Engr. Art. Me 554 'age 76 Patricia Green Ira Crt-enstein Pat Gregor Don Grimm Kathy Hadsall Mantell Hall ,ludy Hamilton Elem. Educ. Crim. Home Ec. Bus. Adm. Home Ec. Engr. Educ. Sue Harrat Tlwin Han Etta Hancock Blaine Handell Esther Harlnurgcr Donald llardeastlf- Gayle Hur-mgn Home EC. Engr. Educ. Journ. Educ. S04-, Sr-1, Hmm- EC. Elaine Hurrah Ernest Harris Mike Harris Sylvia Hart Jack Hartman Mike Hartman Darleen Haskell Martin Haskell Nurs. Crim. Lang. Biol. Physics Journ. Educ. Crim. Donna Hatfield Roxio llaydostian Patrick Hayes Pat Headlee Ellen He-dman Rieliard ll:-imfortlt Henderson Carolyn Ht-nd:-rfon Educ. Engl. Crim. Plty. Educ. Gen. Educ. Cen. Crim. Sec. Ad. Jerry Taltujiun prow-5 an old proverla-Politicians rarely M in fri:-mls. Don Henderson Earl llvmle-rson Judy Hr-nry Mary Ann He-nbley Agr. Soc. Sci. Engl. Educ. 7544001 Jerk 70' 14 77 Mrs. Ulendine Angel Hernandez Harold Hill Terry Hill Judith Hinrh lrene Hinsche Robert Hobbs Heringer Life Sci. Engr. Phy. Educ. Music Elem. Educ. Phy. Educ. Educ. Ivor Hoffman Patricia Holley Sandra Holmes Lawrence Hoopes Pat Hoover Ellen Hopkins Susan Houser Ind. Arts Life Sci. Elem. Educ. Engr. Math Elem. Educ. Elem. Educ. Whois Who G ,Wil John Hromyak Vernon Laurene Huff Loren Huntsinger Cary Hussey Ellen Hutto Jim Hyndnian Ind. Arts I'IlIt"ll5f'llWl'I'lf'll Bus. Ad. Poul. Hush. Soc. Sci. Art Crim. Engr. .ludith lnselman Don lsaac Albert lto Nancy Jackson Gail Jenan Marjorie tlenan Cary Jerome l.anrit-e Jihelian Span. Agr. Bus. Physics Soc. Sci. Nurs. Sec. Adm. Anim. Hush. Cen. Bus. Willois Nvho lVho's Xvho Cary C. Johnson Shirley Johnson Don Jones Paul Jones Ellen Kamimoto Richard Karla Diane Keele Douglas Keeler Pol. Sci. Soc. Wei. Vit. Orn. Hort. Engl. Acctg. Art Educ. Elec. Engr. -Zddlffdfl 4 fezfwmed 57 K77Zfi"K l 78 af 1963 Calven Kees Joni Kfflly Roy Kimizuka Joanne Kindsfatcr Aram Kinosian Ind. Arts Educ. Bus. Home Econ. Agr. Bus. Pam Klarnm Sharon Knight Linda Koontz YVarrefn Kragh Roberta Kroeker Mrs. Shirley Lackie Shvldon Ladd Educ. Bus. Educ. Home Econ. Elec. Engr. Diet. Engl. Crop Sci. Who's Who '9 Baiba L.unhvrls Tlionias Lunzu ROlJf'flL8ROSL1 Ronald La Rosa l'.i1m'l.rl,.nsrxi Richard Larsen P141 l l Biol. Hort. Art Mktg. Soc. We-l. Soc. Sci. Elem. Educ. Nancy Lauritzcn Put Lawrence Larry Laync Linda Lcathanr Jim Le-Cussan Yernun lrvpcr Bill Lvfty Rolwrl Lcpper Elem. Educ. Math. Dairy Hush. Engl. Ind. Tech. Crim. Ani. Hush. Engr. YY'ho's YVh0 Warren Lev Buck Levis Kitjf- Lindauer Beverly Litzler Bill Long: Dale Long Diunf- Longucre Jim Lowe Mktg. Engl. Elem. Educ. Anthro. Bus. Adm. Poul. Hush. Ani. llush. Radio-TY M40 glam ' ,W56f0f5Q.,. Darlvnv Lowrey William J. Lucas Cayln-ne Lynch Darrvll MacDonald Marian lVlac'Kinn0n Judi Magarian Ron Majors Ronald Makely Educ. Bus. Adm. Home EC. Ind. Arts Elem. Educ. liduc. lllivm. Music 3 E l Diani' Maliani Slif-rry ixIL1lN'lIdC'll Ray Maplvs fliommy Mar Marlvnc- Marini Frank Markarian Nancy ,lo Marko Pvte Mason Cen. lfduc. l':l4'IH. lfduc. Avvtg. Acctg. Mc-cli. lfuggr. Biol. C4-og. Wlufs NVl10 Stan Mason ,lim Nlallwws ,lauiw Matoian C0llI'ildxIi1ZllI't'l'C Jauws AIf'CL1lll llfonty Mvffall Nval Ray McCau' Clois Mvfflurc Bus. Adm, Music lfcluv. lud. Arts llisl. Bus. Adm. lfduc. lud. A rls Wlufs Wvlio Wliois XVIIO Bill lidliolm If-lls a young lady wlivre to go, but the plio- Iograplif-r rvports it was in a gvntlvmanly manner. ,.., ,K EQ... .. , ' 1 Barlmara AIl'I,1'I'IHl'Il l'aul fNIc'l5mu-ll 'lllimnas Ixlfdxlillldll'ryAIt'l7a1cldE'1l ' Hint. Soc: Svi. Cm-og. llus. Adm. ' l'aule-ttf, ixIi'CLlllQIlly' Bill M1'Mal1on liolnin Nlc'Mann l"1'e-fl AIl'Pllt'TSOIl Nurs. Ind. Arts l'l1y. Educ. lourn. 5 Z 4 0 a Q 0 I I 1 80 1763 Katherine Meclnlnl l'1-lv Melms lVIl1I'ClLl IMI:-tczalf David Miftlizullis Clmrlc-s Middlvton Home Ec. Pliy. Educ. Biol. Crop. Prod. Crim. XVl1o's Who YVl1o's Who Larry Millard Donna Millvr Linda Carol Millvr Kvitll Miller ,lilllltlti Mitvllvll Niel Mitchell Elec. Engr. lilvm, lid. Spch. Cvog. Clu-ni. Ind. Arts Russ Nlitvluill lznggr. my Artllur Miyasliiro Katliy Molwrly Martha Quinton Moon Jos:-ph Moore Putriviu Moore Sandra Lynn Moore Crirn. Music lllorugonu-ry Educ. Pol. Sci. Educ. Educ. Pol. Sci. Cay Mortlund Homv Econ. ,lolln Mousliigian Margarol Joan Nujuriun April Nc-lson Dawn Neilson l.u0uS N1-rsn-Sian Sue Nutting Bus. Adm. lxIllPQlPI'llJllfg Soc. Wal. Nurs. Educ. Bus. Adm. Educ. Home EC. Sl:-fvn Nyurudy Math. Linda Olma James 0iBHIll0I1 Brvndu Olwrstn-in Olivia Oberti Roln-rt Odell Roln-rl 0.l'lilI'I'1'll Ioyve Okiunura Acclg. Gen. Ag. Nurs. Educ. Mktg. Pol. Sci. Pliy. Educ. Torn Olivvr Mklg. de , ,f-fav! f' l Smm George Omata Karen Oslund ,lack Pearson Laura Perry Patty ,lo Peters Bus. Adm. Nurs. Dairy Hush. liduc. Nurs. Patricia Pcterscn PcnniPcttcng1ill Bol1Phares 'loin Phelan Nancy Phillips Brenda Fnnpott .Nettie Phipps Educ. Educ. Bus. Adm. Agr. Bus. Art Hist. lidnc. Nadine Pierotte Allmcrt Pinheiro liniily Pitts Lcigh Ann Pok Penny Polite Arlc-nc Pool Suzannc Porter Educ. Cen. Agr. lfduc. liduc. Educ. lidnc. Music Cary Potter Sandi Presthus l'1. ,laine-5 Price III Carolyn Priclgcn Marilyn Puckett Joanne Pyott AI'lt'Ill'Qll1l'llZl'!l Diane Quigley Life: Sci. Biol. Engr. lfduc. Mus. Educ. Music l'llt'Ill. liduc. lih-in. liduc. Wlirfs NYho Daniel Ralmy 'l'hoinas Rainagc Larry Ronalho Str-vm-n Randall Clarence Rasmussen Ray Rasmussen Siavash Rassouli Sallyillaymond Ind. Arts lilcm. liduc, Pre. Med. lnd. Tech. Hort. Ind. Arts Agn: liduc. . Zh , 764 Z' Charlene Redwinc Stew-n Recd Rohm-rl ll. Rogicr Margo Reynolds Harold Rich Robert Rich Barbara Rolwrls Elem. Educ. Acctg. Engr. Nurs. Bus. Adm. Mktg. Educ. Gary Rohinson Leola Robinson Robert Roc John Root Sharon Rosander Loren Rosehraugh Carol Rossi Soc. Sci. Rus. Adm. Educ. Bus. Adm. Music Music Phy. Educ. Elwood Rousey Joe Russell Richard Ruth Louise Rutigliano Rirhard Saaf Josoph Sahel Larry Sampson Soc. Sci. Math Engr. Nurs. Math Cen. Agr. Music Pedro Savala DOI't'f'I1 Saylr-r Linda Scholar Dennis bchncioer Jackie Juncior karen DC'lll6'lN'llllIl Rr-run-Ili Schutt Jann-s Scoll Soc. Wcl. .lourn. Phy. Educ. Bus. Adm. Biol. Home Econ. Cult. Cr-og. Engl. Sandra Scully lxIilllI'll'l'SQ'gIi1l ,lanivv Svifcrl Dale Shackelford Mohammad Joyanne Shannon Don Slwrratt lXt'IlllPll1Dllt'fI'y Home Ec. lnd. Arts Biol. Engr. Sliafiec-G Educ. Phy. Educ. Mr-ch. Engr. Agr. f4,4m7 " ', Carol Shields Terri Shipman Richard Shore David Siegel Rose Silvcira Elem. Educ. Nurs. Ind. Arts Music Sec. Adm. It only tht- floor wwe higgvr, or there wvn- 300 lwss sv11io1's, h1111o11ts CAMPUS stuff Illf'I1llI1'I', Putty Allvn. - Rog1vrSimonian Albert SilllIiSOI'l Nuncy Sinclair Don Skinner Carol Smith Bus. Ad111. Ind. Arts lic-ulth Educ. Agron. Educ. Ethcr Smith Cordon Smith I.:-roy Smith Ray S11ow Robert Sodt-rhery Walter Sovrnsen Roy Sordi Music Mktg. Psych. Educ. Rvc, Poul. Hush. Enol. XVh0's XVh0 Fred South-rs Edward Sow:-rs J1Ar1'ySp111'li11gz Judy Spence Willia111 Spencfir Bonnie Speckard ROdllFy'SI8f7kll01lSl' Nancy Stancoff Ind. Arts Phy. Educ. PW. Vet Educ. Journ. Educ. Hort. Educ. ,lanies Stunh-y Burl1uru Stanshf-rry Dulce St. Cluirc R1-l1vc'c'u Stearns ,l11diStce1le Ja1u'tSt9itz June Stvnfort ilousuz-lo Stewart Sow. Sci. Nurs. Acclg. Math. Rec. Nurs. Educ. Engl. Dee Stewart Cathy Stocks Allcn Stockton Loretta Sward Eddie Sweeney Elem. Educ. Hist. Ind. Arts Educ. Art Who's Who llarilyn Switzer ,lt-rry 'llahajian Gloria Takeda Mikc Tanner June Taylor Paige Taylor Slvnnrt 'll-ws Educ. Bus. Adm. Biol. Agr. Bus. Adm. Educ. Econ. Who's Who ' .- -":l f ' ' K f. 1 1 lil.-.M Pat Tharsing lJl1l1',llllLlf'f'I' Jim Tliicsvn Dale' Thomas Wanda Thompson Bill Thornton Mary 'l'ollo Educ. Pol. Sci. Engr. Bus. Adm. Educ. SOC- Sci- Nurs. Ronald Ulrich William Urguhart Ronald Urrutia Brian Yaccaro Judith Vaccaro Pete Yan Ce-ld:-r Donald Yi-lasvo Cary Yinagre Bot. Mklg' Zool. Educ. Educ. Psych. Acctg. Pol. Scif Joe Vivid Linda Yosc Rolfe-rt Voss Thomas Wade George YYaltin1ire Eric Walton Roh:-rt Wang Le-slic Ward Hist. Music Civ. Engr. Acctg. Ani. Hush. Pol. Sci. Bus. Adni. Soc. Sci. ' e ,wewmfae af 1963 Darrell Warnock Edward Wfatanabe Nobio Watanabe James Watts Betty Weber Actg. Actg. Elem. Educ. Actg. Educ. Mark Webster Sharon Welch Tohy Wells Don Westbrook Phillip Whittenberg Pete Wilbur Vance Wiley Ceol. Nurs. Hist. Actg. Geog. Dairy Hush, Engr. Who's Who Carol XVill Richard Will J, Howard Williams Carol Willson Cordon Wilson Linda NVilson 'l'ony Wilson Educ. Hist. Ind. Arts Educ. Engr. Nurs. Agron. Sarah YVilson Carre-tl Wimvr James Wlolfslierger Ruth Wollan Carla YVong Keith Wong Raleigh Wong Kay Woodman Nurs. Gr-og. Phy. Educ. Elcm. Educ. Engl. Actg. Engr. Elem. Educ. William Woody Vernon Woolman Deanne Yabitsu Dan Yeh Marianne Young Marshall Young Diane Zahlis Frances Zahlis Educ. Elec. Engr. Soc. Sci. Elec. Engr. Actg. Civ. Engr. Educ. Educ. ' ' cutie ' e Ron Byrd Jim Finnegan Soc. Sci. Bus. Adm. Ellen l71'iefll'ieli Yernon Friesen Pliy. Educ. Ind. Arts James Comes Fred Guettler Dairy lnd. Engr. Gerald llouser Ronald ltskofl Paul Kayne Eugene Kuzirian Phy. Edue. Phy. Edue. Chem. Hist. ' en ' u ' in-J: I ihtlq, . ', , 1,11 an Aff Q51 :-gli 4-+5 'Ti Hi-SH :. -i-1141 ,. 3535! Pit? 111 , . -.ts F ,- : 'ii W V 1L1 Til'-fi .gl-1 ...A gh. .4 ii-If , Q 313-7- 3312 IFS we F4 . gli: if 31:5 ' 'f q-vt! 1. gi it-iliitiililflkf 'TX1"F1iif.'l-t'A'i'34i1-iw . ecw FMQZZM 70, 704514 Fresno Statels graduate program is the main concern of Dean Watts, Previously she has taught English language and Composition, and has written a college text hook, From Rules to Writing. Her particular interest is the dialects of Great Britain and America. The College is authorized to grant masterls degrees in 20 different fields of study. To he eligible for this program the student must have af-hiex'ed command of his Held of specializa- tion and must have demonstrated competence in independent work beyond that called for in individual courses. Xu i Serpouhy Margaret Albert Pinheiro ,lohn Shumaker Fred Souders Dorothy Yvehb Cary Custanian Messerlain lNIuegenhurg Agri. Biol. lnd. Arts Hist. Bus. Adm. Educ. Home Econ. bg: fe 87 . xg., ,5g.w" f riff!- f ,M :L ' 'iiflwf L' . Q 4 4 lm 'rg' Q, :L:l,g".,? ' l V 6 5, YM gf , k I 3 wg -sf My . Nag .f --fl :LM ' if K' xi N , 4' nf 1 'fl 3 l 'iff V l M .,,, K , wh 2. .fm .ZL- 33' . I J NN"' ' A' m Q, .R . I . X 5' Q Af , K xfjfw iff, f- F- N, ' , 11 -'NL T' ' ' fl? . . L, . 1, ,Q v 72, Qi' A lj, - JW- fx. M , L W M - '. 57:,.4 A ' rf .7 ' wwf I O i -7674? W e material excelleficizgofl the San Joaquin Valle Y 1SlQql13ll6d by the Hnggquality of its citizenship? l l , GARDEN OF THE SUN Q- 7476 Mamma. . . 25494 ....... Sp-any Mamma. 20443 7044 ..... 7704442 Depmzmwz 7904 610444 ..... 1-fatality Zuma-ap 77aZ!cb4z'cha4 ..... 20 ....?6 702 774 720 724 726 . 737 7.. QM... The Lulu School was crowded inside . . . Z X K '06 D o -off ance .ind 0lliSlKl1'. Wawdq Dance Orientation Week ended on Fri- day, September llth with the tra- ditional Howdy Dance. Hundreds of new students and old ones too joined in the iun at thc Lab School. Arrangements for the dance were made by Orientation Committee Co-Chairmen, Lee Cal- laher and Marge Hansen, Jim Yvullvr and the Deltas . . . g'Let's twist again, like we did lust summerf' 90 The ballroom was jam-packed. Fall activities got underway Friday, September Qlst, when the Sigma Chi Fraternity brothers staged the-ir annual Kick-Qff Dance in the Marigold Ballroom. The dance featured the band of Richard Riley. fl' 2 , ll . f y . ' lair V , .N Commentator: Terry Bennetts Taffeta and Slit-ri Yvelcli No sevonds until firsts im- st-rw-d. ' 4eme70 World problems eu-n dominate the social activities, and freshmen too! Doors were swung back, and Fresno State made its new students feel royally welcome. AWS began with an all-girl assembly and a preview of the latest campus fashions. aisle to the Orienta' followed two weeks later. This formal activity spon- sored by the New Student Orientation Committee was open to all new and transfer students. 'Q Sign-in witli Darlene Riceo and Corn Hutton. The never-ending roceising lint' greets new students. ? ,FD ' ,Wdozfafzy ' 70 'I 1 W1 Q ,.,... , SAE took l10II16' llic first place Lropliy i11 llic fiutcriiity division. Kappa Alpliu Tlwlu won first placv i11 the sorority division. .,,. .... L ,J WW if i 5 M M -1 z':::f,zw:'-ww 1 z .1 W W' 1 in wlsggr xl ,-Q " 1 bipi 1 iiii f i 1 Q 1 v,1 f - i i Q +i i"l"?'f721fff 1 A 2 ll ' if Nursing Club, Milli a fluffy llllli' and wllilc float, swvpl up tlic l1on1Pcon1ing float sweepstakes award for the second year i11 Ll row. Second place in the fraleriiily division wont to Tlwta Chi. Kappa Kappa Gamma took. second place in the sorority division ' ed ' 2 2 I Past and prvsviit fpllU1'IlS. l3o1111iv Quill Juckic, L1I'C P IH' H Ol lloml viewed by tlic woutl. Miss Jackie Hicn pmsitlm-tl on-1' Home- coming zictixitics wl1icl1 took placv October 12 and 123. 1Xlu1115 and SlLlLlt'IllS viewed over 10 v11t1'u11t5 in tl1c domitowil parade OI1 Saturday. The Queen 1111-sn-11tm-tl tlie tropliivs to the wi1111i11g o1'ga11izutio11F during half time activities at tlic Ctil-Poly vs. l71'f35I1O State ganiv. The "lii1l1- lim lligl1 Bulldog" tliome of tlis- Nll1'SlI1Q1' Club float gan- the 1111-111111-is tht- sweepstakes tropliy for the second yvar i11 u row. To Climax FSCE Homevomixig. lllC Bulldogs won 51-6. X l511ll1lwf 4--11111111-N 1 XlIl4IlI1" to -'nv Ilir- lillxtl llxll 1 "eww-r-v mx. ff li 7 1- - ,'-A41 Fbfedgea Each fall the new pledges of Fresno State Col- lege sororities are introduced to the public at a formal tea held at their respective houses. Parents and friends of the girls are invited to take part in '6Pledge Presents" which is sponsored by Pan- hellenic Council. .,,,,wt M53 H Dr. and Mrs. loyal were among the guests who greeted sorority pledges during "Prvsents.', Roh Colburn greets new pledge, JoAnn Sorrenti. f x it --fMw..,, M -' M-" r --H., ,W--H---..-f"'7 i Je' Y, ' v-s..,r.,wffW W L -ex X 2 , 2 X, , i "It's getting late and I have two houses to go!" says Terry Allen. p.' 1, ' : N:" I 3 "When can we take off our shoeslu Zapp? 50444 7am 71 7a -M The sophomores oliiieiully won the tug of war before heing thrown in hy the freshmen in a free for all. The initiation of the Class of l966 came to an end with a T6-ll victory over the sophomores in the annual Frosh-Sopli Brawl, Ron Santigian. Sophomore Class President, led his classmates in the tug of war. They succeeded in pulling Mike Somclal. Freshrnan Class President, and his followers into tlll' mudliole. This set off a free for all, and men sophomores. got a taste and women, freshmen and of mud. Over 200 students witnessed the annual event. The Brawl was a huge success, even though partici- pants nursed grass burns and bruises for several days. In the heginning: the soplioniores were ahead, hut on the return run, the Yietory for the soplionmres is expressed ut the top ol' the hninun py ran freshmen t00li the lead. 6462 ,, , win The story of Anne Sullivan, the teacher of Helen Keller, forms the basis for the play The Miracle Worker. Mr. William Gibson, the playwright, focuses his drama on the teacher in rather compelling insistence that she has a sig- nificant sharc in the greatness that has surrounded her famous pupil. CAST Doctor ..... ...... . . . Jack Smith Kate Keller .... . . . Helen E. West A Captain Keller .. .... Bill Davidson Helen Keller . . . . . . ,leanie Baboian Karen Sue Greer Malitha ' ' ' ' ' ' lacquelyn Renee Miller Anne Sullivan explains to Helen the rudinivnts of speaking with her hands Percy .. ......... Robert Trotter Aunt Ev ..... . . . Sally Kirchman James Koller .. . .. Waymon Kissler Mr. Anagnos . .. .. Ronald Headlee Annie Sullivan .. ..... Ann Vermel Viney ........... . . . .......... Shirley Williams Blind Girls .................... Joanne Gence, Barbara ,lc-an Houck, Elenor Levin, Shelley Loring, Dec St. John, Joy Thompson. ,Y By feeling their features, H:-len gs-ts acquainted with her playmates. 3 ' aye if ,ff Watcli out below! l Happiness is expressed by Captain and Kate Keller, when Helen, with thc help of Anne Sullivan, finally learns to "sp:-akf' 1 Q' if A 'Me '7w,w:zuq A satire on political corruption, this play covers the era of Czar Nicholas of the early 19th century. "Everyone has received his due, and l most of alln, the Czar is reported as saying at the end of the first performance. The playfs popularity has grown since it was first produced in 1836, indicating that people everywhere have enjoyed laughing at themselves. CAST Artmy Fillipovitch, Hospital Commissioner .......... Jack Smith Luka Lukitch, School Superintendent ............ Ronald Headlee Lyapkin Tyapkin, the Judge ........... .... V asgen Sarkisian Dobchinsky, landowner ............. ...William Rountree Ivan Alexandrovitch Hlestakov .................... Jerry Althoff Shopkeepers .................. Robert Yohn, Frederick Nace, HI Lyapkin Tyapkin's Wife. . . ................. Sally Kirchman Natasha .............. ..... ....... D o nnetta Hall Mayor ............... ............... W alter Buckner Shepkin, Postmaster ..... ...... B obert Ellis Bobchinsky ......... ........ D an Pessano Constable ...... .... R ichard Avakian Police Chief ..... .. . .... William Davidson Mayor's Wife ...,................ Louise Dodge Mayor,s Daughter .... Bunny Hicks, Judy Johnson Hlestakovls Servant. . Waiter ............. Maid ......... Shopkeeper ...... Sergeant,s Wife ..... Fillipovitchls Wife. . . Lukitch's Wife ...... . . . . . . . . .Sammy Ganimian ... . . . . .Robert Yohn . . . . .Diane Kramer . . . .Michael Byxbe . . .Diane Beaumont ........Carol Eger ..............Jacky Mello Guardsmen .... George Milne, Frederick Nace, III The Inspector General ........... Bill Eisentrager No more tomatoes PLEASE! ll Careful buddy! ll Gods, what um I eating ?!!! Sfdwdf tau Zed Wendi Miss Ruth Warrick 1963 Actress in Residence or matchmaker, Dolly. CAST Horace Vandergelder ..., ....... Ambrose Kemper ...... ,loe Scanlon ..... Gertrude ........ Cornelius Hack .... Ermengarde ..... Malachi Stack ..... Mrs. Levi ....... Mrs. Molloy ..... Minnie Fay ....... Barnaby Tucker. . . Rudolf ............. August ............... Understudy for Miss War-rick .,.. This farce written by Thornton Wilder was the second play to star a Hollywood theatrical artist in residence, ln synopsis, The Matchmaker concerns a rich merchant who hires a friend of his late wife to find him a new mate. Miss Warrick played the friend William Davidson . . . . .Robert Ellis ,l, Nelson Pereira . . . .Ann Vermel . . . .Bill Davidson . . . . .Helen West . .Ronald He-adlee . . .Ruth Warrick Donna Steinhauer . . . .Sonia Dulgarian . . . .Dan Pessano . .Bill Mackenzie .........,lack Shouse Miss Flora Van Huysen. ..... Edna Louise Dodge Her Cook ............ .. .... Diane Beaumont A Cabman .................. .... E dward Burke . . . .Ann Vermel The wlVTLllI'lIIT1Lllii'l'M cast takes its final bow for a highly successful run. Horace- Yalldvrgeldc-r says NO to his llircf-'s rvqllvst to gm marrie IVI'0lUiI1K'IlI Yonkwr I1lHl'i'hLlI1I. Xvlmfs ffoiuff on out l1t'I'f'? Y Y Y? X' P llrsv 0116 Vic? ul u time and let your virtues spring up modvstly around Mrs. Lui. Rulh XYurrIck. finally grits he-r mam. IIE that Samson. ewry0nc,S ', falling in low uith vwryorlv. XYill1um Davidson. 101111 TY i1Illl0l1IlClxI'. I'0l'II'Lly1'd rhw part of Horace, Anxious moments preceded the Coronation of our Campus Queen, but they were hardly in evidence at the precoronation party held in the home of Janice Friesen. " ' um November 30, 1962, will remain Hthe nighti' in Su- san Schroederas memories, This is the night she walked the length of the Memorial Auditorium between rows of lighted candles to be crowned Fresno State's new Campus Queen. To Shari Weleli, it is a night of mixed emotions, but a past queen doesnit fade out of sight. She lives in school history, her deeds have been duly recorded. Her memoirs are hers, to grow brighter with passing years to be enjoyed, to be cherished. And next year . . . 6666666446 Shari Werltfli, 1962 Campus Queen, crowns her suc- cessor amidst the clouds and stars. TOO A young girlis dream in reality. ll M5 Campus Queen candidates, 1. to r.: Christy Wild, Amanda Hickman, Kerry Conaway, Barbara Campbell, Pat Emmert, Janet Heintz, Kristy Harris, Terry Bennetts, Marge Hansen, Karen Knourek, Karen Schaffer, Susan Schroeter, Laurene Huff, Mary Heifrin, Maureen Kelley. Uatnving 11111 lvl' the stzlts nas 1-njrwyml lwy :IH . . . Ifxarttpn 4- 4- H tu 1 . ' X I','4'r'tt at ' s ' - 'lllt'-I1lll4iS .. ,mo-dw y 0 0 S ad . 03 M ICMOHIA l, COURT l"OUN'l'AlN Designed hy Darwin lN1llSFQ'll11i1l'!, associate professor of art, the fountain is 26 feet in diameter. and has 19 lights refh-1-ting the colors red, lilue. QII't'l'Il, and gold. Stereo musie was installed a few weeks later, and nom students Can he found relaxing, and eontemplatingg the tomorrow. 102 "Cori give us men, a time like this demands Strong minds, great hearts, true faith, and ready hands." J. G. HOLLAND in "Wanted,' GARDEN OF THF, SUN, chap. 6 And Fresno State gave young men, tutored to pro- tect individual rights. It is to these men, over 100 who lost their lives in World War II and the Korean con- flict, that the Memorial Court was dedicated in 1955, and the fountain in 1963. This fountain, a gift of the classes of 1957, 1959, 1961, 1962 and 1963, was pre- sented, by A.S.B. President Jerry Tahajian to the Col- lege President, Dr. loyal. v . r Dr. Joyal in accepting the fountain on behalf of the FSC student body said that the court honors the courage and the patriotism of the Students and he hopes the future students will recognize, these traits and remember the sacrifices of these honored men. Mr. and Mrs. John Masten were among the special guests. Masten, a former professor of agriculture at FSC, donated most of the trees that line the Memorial Court. He and his wife also con- tributed to the fountain fund in memory of their daughter Louise Masten Jensen. gzimlim' Girls Pvli- Mason fnllllp fill2llI'HlK'Il ' 7 7 5? ?we5men agWhat is an intcllectualw was the keynote speech, and this furnished the theme for the several discussion groups. lntellectualism was for- gotten though, as frosh and counselors alike hit the waterfront for free time. Freshman Camp is an annual affair sponsored by the College X, with the advisement of the college. It is held high in the Sierra Nevada mountains, near Ge-ni-ral Grant Grove, and is the highlight of orientation week. JoAnn llllglllvs, Sandie Girls, and Nancy Davis, emerge from the luis still ,uroggy from Z1 60 lllilf' ride. Waterfront activity ? 7 if ' ,W fl' Y Making likv ai flurk, Rod Colburn lHllIN'llI'S his ducklings for the cold world oulsifl:-. L l I 104 Sandra Girts Chairman Student 70 'maxed The elite- trained by the elite, or the leaders training the leaders. This is the purpose of the leadership school held every year at the Sierra Sky Ranch. This, though, is not a new phenomenon, Mohammed ll in the 15th century found- ed a school for the same purpose. c'What is the leader's responsibility to his group?M This was the question confronting the 80 some students, and the theme of the school. Sandy Girts was the chairman, and Terry Allen her right hand man. The main speaker was Mr. Philip Sanchez, outstanding young man of the year of Junior Chamber of Commerce. Additional speakers were ASB President, Jerry Tahajian, College President, Dr. loyal, Earl Whitheld, and Dean lrwin Addicott. 70474 and Kerry Conaway . 5. Barry Oiyeil Wzogfmm "Q KY' ftq, Girigm-1' Cordray Lynne Enders Mike Somdal Terry Allen llarlwm' Rieco Karr-n Knourrk Rohr-rt Oliver Carol Skibicki Nancy Davis .lane Sasaki Sierra Sky Ranch - it's still standing after being: ilivaded for several years hy aspiring leaders. , Q O O E455 -1452? it xx yy. I . 4 A , f I , ,g K . is I z E R , Dizzy Gillespie takes a final how after his one night stand ll S . X r I The Dizzy Gillespie Quintet plus one Q the trumpet. Dizzy Gillespie, the international ambassador of jazz played before 500 inter- estcd and jazz orientated fans in an empty Memorial Auditorium, The people who attended were treated to a wonderful evening of jazz, hut the size of attendance was disappointing to Gillespie. It was reported hy Dale Wiedmer, chairman of the concert, that there was a 2,000 dollar loss on the concert, a shock to those who remember the success of the 1962 concert. Appearing with Gillespie was the F.S.C. studio band with Gary Slifrnan as vocalist. Autograph hounds hound Gillespie 770.4 Zaaefw 0 0 f Front row: I-Id Manning, Toni Rudhohn, eo-chairman: Judy Barnett, eo-chairman: Thomas Lindelnan, Stanley Lindquist, Dennis Iveeins. Second row: Cheryl Broun, Pat Iimmert, Virginia Buus, ,Iohn I7'Ahoy, Mary Natera, Mary Brings. Third row: Robert Ransom, IVeldon Sehupansky, Hugh Adams, Terry Allen. Theron I,21f'f'.IJl1Yl'I"It'lIl. Every year, Fresno State has one week devoted to the discussion and the role of religion in the studeut's life. This is sponsored by the College Y, the speakers are chosen by those nominated by individual religious organizations on campus. These speakers were made available by the Hillel Club, Rabbi Isaiah Zeldeng College Y, Dr. Edward Steing Lutheran Students Association, Mr. Otto Bre- mer, Deseret Club, Dr. Paul Dunn, Inter-Varsity Chris- tian Fellowship, Dr. Charles Farah ,lrg and Chi Alpha, Dr. Harold Fischer. Not only were these speakers seen in classrooms, but they visited the Greek organizations, conducted seminars, spoke at student council, the faculty, the dorms. and held informal snack bar discussions. The seminars were open meetings held on different days in different places and at different times. The re- lationships between Amerieais Religious traditions and various aspects of life were discussed. The usual proce- dure was to have a panel of speakers open the seminar, leaving time at the end for open discussion. Sex Manners and Morals: Ur. Edward Stein, Dr. Paul Dunn, Dr. Viola Role of Puhlie School Teacher in Developing Human Personality Mr Dans and Dr. Harold Fischer. YViIliam Meux, Mr. Otto Bremer, Rabbi Isaiah Zeldin, Dr. Richard Sparks i 4 Q Q I Uaez famed ugh Get that rihhon and RUN . . . Buckinf Broncs, leaping bulls, 200-pound men wrestling 600-pound steers, sorority girls putting pants on -100-pound calves. All this and more was featured at the eighth annual Fresno State College Rodeo March 9th and 10th. About 60 college cowboys from twelve schools vied for trophies and high point honors in the annual affair. L 1 I a 'llherffs ri clown in every Crowd . 7 ' v "N , , -.N . 'im Lambda Chi "Cowboys" lid Kaiser, Pete Crossman, and Harold Rich Win the fraternity event - after some troulmlv from the steer! 2040 BllllKl0fl'flPI' Nunvy ,lo Marko takes he-r turn around thr- lmrrels. Cal Poly of San Luis Obispo took home- top honors from the two day event, with the University of Arizona placing second. The Fresno State Bulldoggers came in fourth out of twelve schools participating. The fin- finalists for Rodeo Queen, Bunny lfrivksori. Justine Toomey Syrlne-y Olson. Cole-en flollvlnio. und Sully Srnnpln- were lI1lI'0flllC't'd ul the Rodeo Cluh Rally. Lambda Chi Alpha placed first in tht- fraternity event, and the girls of Baker Hall took home the trophy for the sorority event. Alvin Coulrl anal tvzuninute go in lor'g1r'aIr'l1. Putting pants on ti milf isn't quite' as z-my as putting tliaipvrs on a hahy . . . . igwv Fbaetfuf LOBO by William Childress The winter I turned sixteen, Wolves dropped down from the Wichita hills And slaughtered cattle for miles around. I heard of the great three-toed Lobo Who had left tracks in the snowy ground Of Beaver Creek, near one of his kills. No one had ever seen him. His tracks Alone convinced the superstitious That he was not a ghost. Farmers cursed Their ill-fortune and the grey wolfpacks, And set traps to no avail. When Spring Arrived, I left home, feeling nothing. Whatever hold the red dirt hills had Was broken. I could not feel where there Was nothing to be felt. I had known The family cave too long, I could Not stay. There were things to be seen, To be killed, eaten, and not shared. YOU WILL KNOW THEM by Ollie Simpson Look to the orchard trees, they said, Any autumn day will show Bad fruit cannot come from good. With such a guide you'd think I'd know How to proceed in building friendships, And yet Iive misjudged everyone. And if I had been Isaac's neighbor I would have hunted with his son Only to learn that evilness Was Esau's mark, that one goat skin Fitted to Jacobis smoother skin Was all he needed to assume A blessing that would part the two, Nourished and born from the same good womb N Y ' W Informal talks and discussions for college men and Women was the theme for this yearls Marriage for Mod- erns sessions. Sponsored by the College Y with the able assistance of co-chairmen Judy Thomas and ,lim Wright, The group heard talks from Dr. Robert N. Oertcr, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Churchg Dr. Nathan Shenfeld, Assistant Professor of Psychology at FSCg Dr. Robert Kinsey, lVl.D.g and lVlr. Pierce Om- manncy, Family and Marriage Counselor with the American Institute of Family Relations. Any questions?" llr. Natlian gllt'Ill.K'lfl lcrttlres on "Giving: Physical Expres- IJ olv 1 , ll1ll0Il for Nlirria :ion to LOYP... natal 3456 Amidst the bermudas, tennies, and sweatshirts, one could occasionally glimpse a costume. Few, if any, of these showed any originality. The reason of the Masque Ball has been lost, as was evidenced March 15. Six skits provided the entertainment, everything from the Charleston to the stripper. Because of the oppugnant audience these couldn't be enjoyed by the few who chose to listen. In the end Theta Chi managed to Walk OH with first place, Delta Zeta and Delta Gamma trailed behind, The stripper, the excitement of the evening, went unheeded. Roaring 20's and Delta Canima combine to take 3rd place. At 751: a head, the bull proved lucrative. Who says Bllets furmcn use Dm ltr fc ta the bamkdrop for their 2nd place interpretive 1114- ugsoeigyion gets the money? algae In order to raise extra funds for the Junior-Senior Prom, the Junior Class sponsors the annual Slave Sale. So- rority and dorm presidents, fraternity and dorm sweet- hearts are auctioned oil to the highest bidders. The Hslavesw carry books, wash cars, shine shoes, and do all sorts of good things for their umastersv during the day. The 1963 sale proved to be a success beyond the dreams of even the most optimistic. It added to the growing trea- sury of the class and made it one of the wealthiest of any junior class at FSC. '1 5 5 'LAah, someone huy me PLEASE," says lone mwf- :wg--A . '- male 'Flaw-i' Rod Colburn. -W it 1. f- 5 , ' f W aaa -wmv: .f Patty Sanborn, head cheer leader and Cross and Crescent Girl of Lambda Chi Alpha, was the biggest money maker for the .lunior Class. The line-up . . . fwgtg lst.-.1 ' 1... A ff1,,?5fii593r -- gfwtffwqlfilsi , -w f ' E. ' I1 vfis ,-1 l'fV?'fg- s ' mmf Q X -4 se we LL I .. ., 'M"':f?"'H '+ H ew-we ' K' ,.,,,e,,,, ' ,,, aff.. f A . mm: ,W ' 3 tfwv 'fs WM vm, mt we , .silk A 1 ,,.. t"'jQ1"' ij. g . H453 M. .fe lg W M N' sz: 'eisr Maxis! swf 1 i W i sf t ev . 5 U L 5 X' B 7 ff. . it N xt ' "Hey guys, how about the one on the end!" 7044 '4 7064 in ' PETER MASON, a geography major, plans to do graduate work at the University of Minnesota. He has been President of Blue Key, Delta Gamma Anchorman, Rush Chairman and Secretary of Kappa Sigma fraternity. Pete was a member of the Col- lege Y, Cardinal Key, and Co-chairman of the Freshman Camp. is a local Fresno boy and his hobbies are hiking and travel. Graduation from FSC will be in June, 1963. ALBERT lTO, an outstanding student in both high school and college, graduated from Fresno's Edison High School, rated third in his class, At FSC, his major is physics with a minor in mathematics. He plans to graduate in June, l963, and go on for a Ph.D. in physics. Albert is vice president of the Physics Club and he enjoys reading science fiction novels. JENNIFER EARLE has served as Public Relations Chairman, a member of the fresh- man and sophomore executive committees, student body executive committee, and student council. She is an education major with a mathematics minor and plans to graduate in June, 1963. She is a member and has held ofhces in Delta Gamma, Toka- lon, Associated Womenis Students, Triple S, and the Luncheon Club. Jennifer is from Selma and her hobbies are sewing, reading, and swimming. She plans to teach fifth or sixth grade after graduation. MARCIA METCALF is Co-Chairman of the Service for lnternational Students Com- mittee and is well qualified for the job. Her hobby is travel as her father is a Naval officer, She has been to Guam, the Philippines, Hawaii, Mexico, and all over the United States. She is a biology major with a Spanish minor and plans to attend an extra year for a secondary teacher's credential after graduation in July of 1963. Marcia is also a member of the People to People Committee and Alpha Xi Delta sorority. JERRY TAHAJIAN, Associated Student Body President, is a Business Administra- tion major from Corcoran, California. Jerry was also Chairman of the Mercy Bowl, a member of Theta Chi fraternity, Blue Key, and Pi Gamma Mu. He plans to graduate in June, l963 and then attend law school at the University of San Francisco. M 4 0 o JERRY EMBREE, President of the Senior Class, graduated in January as a business administration major. He was a transfer from Armstrong College and his hometown is Lindsay, California. At Fresno State, Jerry was corresponding secretary for Blue Key and President of Alpha Kappa Psi. Jerry served as co-chairman of the Date Committee, on student council, and the ASB executive committee. Jerry plans to do graduate Work in either business or law. MARGIE HANSEN, a business education major, is President of the Delta Gamma Sorority and is a Little Sister of Minerva. She served as Chairman of the New Stu- dent Orientation Committee and as a member of the Student Life Committee. Marge is also a member of the People to People Committee, Beta Gamma Sigma, Pi Omega Pi, Tokalon, Leadership Camp Committee, and is a past vice president of AWS. Margie hails from Caruthers. MONTY MCCALL is a business administration major from Fresno. Looking back on his college days, one sees that Monty has served as Freshman Class President, Inter- fraternity Council President, a member of the student council and executive com- mittee, and on the Student Union Committee. Montyis major activities were in student government, and he was also a member of Blue Key, President of Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, and received the Outstanding Freshman Man Award. ELLIE DAVIS was President of Panhellenic Council during her senior year at FSC and thus was a member of the executive committee. History Club, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, and the Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority also have Ellie's name on their membership list. Ellie, a Social Science major, plans to graduate in February of 1964 and to eventually work in Europe. BOBBY PAULL was awarded the Harry Coffee athlete ol the year award in 1962. Bobby played shortstop for the Bulldog baseball team for three years. He has a major in biology and plans to enter this field after graduation. Besides baseball, Bob enjoys fishing, hunting and golf, and is a member ofthe Coast Guard Reserve. , - sms- ..k'. .1 fm f-4 .sf 1.2 -1 'f f A-r. - 'Z-fiifi' S K X K ff -if, z.e22i.si11 1 is Y "-fx-'.a1aS3if:!1',Iefz f 'r I-,S 12.05- SHA RI WELCH Q11- ' 455 HI' ,Z 1: 531, ' .HWY-' fi" PETE av., in V, ff , U QW? me . A '. ,pf fl .i :gin - ii? , ' MARY Bl-ITH BROGAN . 'm.wq.x..9a- fm if -QS . . .5 -ilkliiiiiii. .1 .5 .sa . 14:11. 4. A .R K' ff FE- ai . ff 2 lf- f . A ' f?:5??l?ff5ii?'-S1252l-fi"?'rf--z.-Yf.ffilQ'zUk-5 5' f m ,ask L A A .Q . .. kg..psgfw,,.wW,q,m.3,g..:.f.1,-1. 'W-':g,gp-M312igw-fitlfs-au:,g1,.z1, ,Q 1 -'--nwwgwg..sw-2.2-,gez-.Q,svgge2Lsp.w .M,,,.f.f,-,ZW..--7-1. - Mmgw-,wg-zQff.', . . , . 1 . ' -:gffsg-f fe f PY'1SgQ5?Ii'...-'fsf?z:Qif:f1fsiSiwfZW -119 ..fq:1ag5 A " - . A .lwzigsMw.3..f1,.f"l-15251 ,J 'Hg.i'f:r.f3f'fjfLf- .'1T:,w.'f 'I:wifiwfEfLmZ5,iv!5fwgyf U A gf" ,fiili .55?:?ZifiZfb?12-:ISI - A 'Fifi-f W TS". ..'f3'.?'z""k R523 Qeiigzi' 1ii!'9.E:'5:fsS17u -, ' 1473 may-. -41,21-1.22.2 . V. L., .gk .f . 533,31 .- 1. 1i'.g-f.s1fA.ei.m vxgfvzg' f f 2151 X. .. , . . ,.A: W . .- -A -A wi. 1 Mg' sr.. ,Q f .W .N .Q W -1-. if-f L ie. 'f . fm Q any. S4 HUGH ADAMS AMW il CARTER ,AH if l QR YQ , fr ,Qi :gi if' Fi: . ,ar N Q if " JON ANABO ' Q TERRY ANDERSON LARRY LAYN1-:R W J , I L9 f i' .55 CATHY sTocKs W ,, Q ' D fy 'A ' sw Li W ,, R' ,BN K I ggwrxk, K .,R 2? TERRY CHESS 'H7 -Wgfiif , g f . . W 1, A .A,X 2 N 3 5 1 3 , ss? N X i W E A- , in i A Q 1 l QQQQS2-1 . ' ' V ME saw.. N Qs f m k 9558 v f me we 1 yi,-A ,Y Q.. X. , 2 2 E Q 5 H 1 .4 wx Ni:-f mf Q if Q-- wl wk ,s:.fzg1fsszff,5fz: S 1 .A., Kd, 1 giga- 1' fa. 35 xv: g??f?Sf i , BARRETT - NANCY JACKSON ,Q if . If ' 5. U - ' I Eff., ." -'.EZ L,: . Si if 5 1 X i . E 5 3 5? i S11 -' ,52aFTE1f'., Q .g, " fn. , 6 1 f Pm, ' U I f Q1 , ' ' t fflfgwf , ff My' X 7 ,if ,,,, Z X. ' o SUE HOUSER GI RTS v and 4 a a ROD COBUBN, a zoology major, is a member of Sigma Nu fraternity, the College Y, the Bally and Public Relations Committees, and Blue Key. Rod received the Blue Key Scholarship for the Outstanding Sophomore Male student in 1962. Rod is also active in student government at FSC, having served as lVlen's Legislative Commis- sioner, and he is presently the Vice President of the Student Body. Sports, skiing and traveling are his hobbies. Rod will be a student ambassador to Europe this summer as a member of the People to People program, Upon graduation, Rod plans to attend dental or medical school. TERRY BENNETTS, a business administration major, has had a busy schedule since enrolling at FSC. She hails from Caruthers, California, and claims reading and cook- ing as her hobbies. Plans for the future include personnel work after graduation in June, 1964. Terry served on the election committee, and was president of Kappa Alpha Theta in her Junior year at State, Terry is also a member of the People to People Committee, Tokalon, and Beta Gamma Sigma. TOMMY DOYEL, Senior Justice of the FSC Student Court, handled major problems on campus. With a business administration major, he was an outstanding leader and was elected President of Alpha Kappa Psi, the honorary business fraternity. Tom was also a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Blue Key. He plans to do graduate work after graduation in June, 1963, and take time out for some skiing and tennis before going back to school. Terra Bella is his home. JANICE MATOIAN has served as Sophomore class secretary-treasurer and ASB Womenls Legislative Commissioner. She has had many activities at FSC, of which membership is included in Tokalon, SWAC, SIS, and others, As an elementary educa- tion major, Janice plans to teach after graduation in June. BILL EDHOLM, a native of Fresno, served as Public Relations Committee chairman during 1962. Bill, a business administration major, is a member of Theta Chi frater- nity, Blue Key, Alpha Kappa Psi, and was President of the Ski Club. He will gradu- ate in February, 1964, and plans to continue working for KMAKeradio as an Ac- count Executive. idle Row 1, l. to r.: Georgia Pryse, Connie Spencer, Pamela Nyberg, Jean Shimer, Judy Barnett, Barbara Ruby, Terri Shipman, Cindy Dye, Eunice Sue Schroeder, Carole Shawver, Sarajayne, Gazarian, Sylvia Silva, Pam Ballon, Karen Oslund, Kathleen Jenanyon, Pat Hoover, Beverly Bernhauer, Tceter, Duane Scott, Brian O'Farrell, Jim Hegarty, Jim Segrrne, Gerald Long, Harold Hevener, Hugh Adams, Dennis Bledsoe, Chuek Yates, Bob Grape, Aw Minason, Dwight Panter, Bob Suggett, Phil Upperman, Jeff Ballard. Row 5: Grank Foss, Danny Pollard, Pete Mehas, Marjorie ff til QP 5 MJF' Vw Row 1, l. to r.: Linda Zambra, Carol Klein, Linda Kelley, Teri Everest, Eileen Baughman, Cheryl Cappelluti, Diane Mueller, Mimi Sarkisian, Second row: Mary Jane LaCentra, Janice Hewitt, Geri Agbashian, Sandy Tigson, Marilyn Sivaslian, Hope Hopper, Donna Richardson, Carole Cummings. Third row: Celia Palm, Sandra Nasuall, Patti Lamanuzzi, KayBrown, Gretchen Dudley, Judy Hewitt, Sylvia Winter, Karen Koshgarian, Sharon Reger. Fourth Row: Frank Foss, Thorne Geise, Monty McCall, John Singletary, Peter deSantiago, Bob Gostanian, Jolm McKinney, Alex Jolm Edwards, Bob Avery, Jack French. Fifth row: Dennis YVeems, Adrian Gamble, Douglas Krikorian, Thomas Hodges, Ron Shapazian, Jack Duwayne Hintz, Robert Cook, Bob Krum, Larry Hazen, Montie Day, Bill Young, Stan Nelsen. Hicks, Karen Svliiehellnlt, Sallee Burns, Pat Amoruse, Martha Merder, Eileen Rogers. Kerry Conaway. Row 2: Ann MacDonald, Janice Frisen, Sharon Scully, Virginia Charlton. Judy Ford. Eileen Tipton, Gloria llanemian. Row 3: Carole Koligian. Ronald Reinhardt. Jack Liddell, Don Nfathews. Dick Ballon. Row 4: Mr. Bennett, Dale Blickenstaff, Doug Pafford. Dennis l,ee Simonian, Robert Frost. Rod Hines, Terry Hill, Fred Thompson, Jolm Shnmaker, Nirk Callas. David Anderson, Steve Dye, Boh O'Farrell, Joe Moore, Roger McGrady, Alfred Matsudo, Norman Ahrens. M ssfwiu-lf' if Rosalyn Levi, Jacky Lowe, Lana Barling, Georgia Landerman, Keran Vartanian, Joan Nelson, Linda Vose, Rose Marie Fortner, Jeanne Gonser. Skihicki, Kathie Rustigian, Sonia Missirlian. Therese Parano, Carol Candle, Susan Turner. Jo-Ann Thome, Phyllis llaek, Beverly Burres, Sherrie Judie Georges, Dana Grant, Karen Helzer, Dee Mosier, Sherron Wirt, Sylvia Pipkin, Ann Cook, Helen McKee, Jan Martin, Phyllis McDonald, Bahigian, Russ Wilkins, John Wellfare, Aran Vartanian. Jim Takeda, Barry Phelps, Phil Witney, James Aaron, George Wistin, Richard Coviello, Garrett, Mike Gilmer, Larry Warkentin. Rau Richards, Mike Doughetry, Bill LaMotte, Bill Giese. E. James Silva. Marvin DeCarlo, Ryan Marty, . . :Md Music may contribute much to the cultural growth of the individual. FSC has several active vocal and instrumental groups that strive to make music an ex- citing and worthwhile experience. The Marching Band and the Concert Band are the instrumental groups on Campus. The Marching Band adds color and zest to the football games and the Home- coming parade. The biggest event of the Concert Band season is the Spring Concert. It also gives several con- certs oif campus and performs at Spring Commence- ment. Both of these groups function under the leader- ship of Dr. Arthur Barnes. Activities of the Orchestra include two concerts, one held each semester. These concerts further the educational process, and interest people of the commu- nity in music as an art. Participation in a concert is a requirement for music majors for which they receive one unit of credit. Yet a large portion of the body is Zami made of interested students, not in the major field of music. The group is directed by Fred Dempster. The concert masters for the past season were Joan Pyott, Concert mistress, David String, principal second, Da- vid Siegel, principal violag and principal celloists, Ka- thy Heinrichs ffallj and Paula Mazuski fspringl. The vocal side of this music cultural growth is fur- nished by the A Cappella Choir and the Mixed Chorus. Under the direction of Dr. Verne Delaney this first group performed Handells Messiah during the Christ- mas Season. Also they have presented off campus con- certs. Bob Bennett directs the Mixed Chorus, that group that sings just for fun. It is made up of students, for the majority just for singing, rather than having a music major. They deal with the lighter side of choral work. This year, as every year, they participated in the College "Y" sponsored Christmas program, and gave a Spring Concert in May. The Fresno 'State.College High-stepping Marching Band. ff, wa-Y gg, 3? if ,s ! si. 1 5 1 K ggi 4 a 1441? ' 7542 WW Beauty, color,-excitement and pep are all of the ingredients necessary to inspire rooters to really enjoy an athletic event. And this thing so evasive, yet so necessary for the success of a good rooting section was functioning in top form this past year. ln order to qualify for these positions, tryouts are held in May. The final de- cision is left up to a committee made up of both faculty and students. Carolyn Kasaian, head majorette, and her high stepping assistants started the parade rolling early in the year with their tricky routines and flashing batons. During the past year, seven rally girls performed in their eye catching sailor out- fits, with the short, short skirts. With Evie Barnett as their leader, they did much to boost the school spirit. t V f,. L5igw 5, ' .. A ,M Q Ve '.!"'-,,.+:"-. 'W ' , ,..., , , ,1.w,i.. it : 'if ff., ., .. ' ' ' , -,t-a- 1 - . 'f to s,J3'f'.ffsm gf .5pf.L-riginal 9 '11 ' Jwx,y I 51 :1 -' Mujorvttes, l. to r.: Carolyn Kusuiun, lwad llmjorm-tt:-: Tanya Baker, and Harriet Ginther. Pep Girls. l. to r.: Evie Barnett. head: Diane Adams, Sllvilu Benson. Tr-ddi Andris, Karen Schafer, and Christy Wild. Wu. , ii 'uf Rc i expwiviicv. OYl,I' 0.800 stuclvnls. limits-Id and full limv, wi-rc enrolled. 'gislratioiy Se-pin-nilmer 13 and 14, was tlic usual l1l'I'X'1' wracking , V, The Bonlirv Rally was held Novvmlwr 16, the day bvfore the Univ-rsity of Parific game. Dr. Damke-, Clliam-i-llor of the' California Stan- Collvgvs, visitvd campus October Sigma Nifs Hallowven Barn dancv, Oc-lolzci' 26. 22, to spur ilu- driw for Proposition la. 126 F -Q., no 'YW vm fill ,,. KW' Mn? V .l Q 1' ' Full uns vxtru long this past yvur. and ilu- bridge players hoardvd tllv out- floor tulmlvs. arlif- Tin-lmun and llis jazz group uppvarvd in Dt'f'l'IlllJIXT. ,- I Y kfrfpgsik-gf W V' 7Q Yf' lf ' km h'l 1 X ' 17' A X A . 5:2 5 . N .1 Fresno State-'s QI'0llIl4lh ul-rv r-onflamtly ln-ing turn up uml rvluifl. ll Ivrmlmlml r-xc'it:'mv11t 'A 35 , ,wi f 314. F, Q' Il ." '3l2??f.' r 'Yi A .1 .rmixn f. 15 AQUVITIES fffzuxfs 'mmefws fwrrfrwawlzf A assnfw gums 7 'flc:QsL,f4iSi 4.1. Si' TG f qgqn an Aoposilion l,A won tlw NOX't'I11llI'I' lmullol . . . lid Hier. lnslilutimml fjoorcllnutor for the I 0IlOSlllUIl. Dil-k lxIFl1X.i1Illl,l4'I'I'f Vlllllllljlilll wr-rv lIlSll'llHlt'IllLll in Il1vx'ic't01'y. for IY'l44l'li ln 'lilillt' t1'11e'k"lnst ilx lm xl mu Huy llv lu 'llorrz' hui sponsorml lvy lln- llourrl of Fim- .X V15 Nm wullwr l5. ' , Wad, 4609, 276m ' Ah, innoeent youth. Add this uhnost lost attrihute to young hoys' voices, and the sum is the Vienna Boys Choir, sponsored hy the Board of lfine Arts. Dr. Clair Nelson, Dr. Soper, guest lecturer, and Rev. Carroll Moon. A young FSC eoed was killed in a plane crash outside of Chicago, in September 1961. Though her life came to an untimely end, her memory hasn't. As Ernest Hemingway says in his writings: Life after death are those thoughts, heliefs, transmitted knowledge, feelings, and individual hopes and aspirations that live in the minds of mankind, transferred and dispersed throughout. The Beth Harnish Endowment Lectures, the first of its kind on the eam- pus, were started hy the liarnish family and 200 other individual donors. Whether they are yearly or every other year depends on these contributions. Dr. Soper, a Methodist free thinker of Great Britain and a Social Demo- crat, was this first lecturer. He is known for his near radical, modern outlook of life, and faith's influence on it. pulpit-a soapbox in Hyde Park. 128 .luek Larson. at regular guy sponsored by the Board of Fine Arts. lVILll'Clt winds inciueive to kite flying. yanked Dr Cynter from the elussroont and into the unpredictable The kite hroke. gloom Jesse Hloue cat" Fuller, 21 66 'ear old veteran of show 4 . y 'w . busmf-ss brouffllt lus one man hand to FSL for a smrmv . 9. E I C' uma audlence. I I Students lounging in tlw Suu wus u 00111111011 situ ou vumpus cluriug the second SPIIlt"SlFl'. FRICSNO STATE COLLICCIC . . . Spring 1963 hlDLlIlCt' lll!'0llQIll tlu' Agvsu wus the Illt'lllt" of tlu' 0l'l'l1t'SlS rvc'itul 513011- sorvd lly tlw Ill0Ll?I'I1 durlce Club. S,-45'5mww 71 ' Za 1 K. i 1 5. K ig? if 2? xXx .M......., Curl Kimball ur'c'c-pts sxwvpstaikzfs uwurd for SAE. 1IW"'Vl"Fll5' llllllsllllll lsfllollsllllf lllllcml first in lIlll1'IN'Il1ll'HI 4-rmiywlilion One of Fresno States most traditional traditions is the Spring Sing, sponsored by the Phi Mu Sorority. This year as they have for the past three years, Sigma Alpha Epsilon walked off with the sweepstakes award. Carl Kimball, majoring in music., was the director. Accompanied by an in- strumental ensc-mble, they provided the unusual, and with the mellow blend of male voices, the combination was unbeat- able. Division awards were -won by Theta Chi Fraternity, Delta Gamma, and Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship. Of the three, only the latter is a second consecutive winner. Sorority first plum' ua-nl lo lllt' ll:-llu CLIITIINLIQ P Q z 'lllu-lu 1fl1i's look lmmm- lbs' Hrs! plum' award for l.I'LIlQ'Y'IllllCS. . . , .. Km,,,,,,,,,-,..,.,,i,,c, . , 'ffm-v,. ,, ,.u,,,..,,k.wMW.Mrw, -A--f-L-'f - f 1 Replacing the traditional black book, the stu- dent dircctory lists every coedls address and phone number. Enlarging upon this. it also contains male students, faculty, and administration phone num- bers. These 3,800 copies were distributed free to ull student body card holders the last of October, , lidito v M-'sffllq Hx p 5 FC Don Cullum-rtson .Y 7 Wm, M M Stuff lnctnbcrsz Lynne Mont:-l, Loretta Del Puppo, JoAnne Ziclx, and Staff mc-Inlic-rs: lrenv l.uYL1lln-c and hl1lIil0H Hose. llllllly Pitts. . Q x ' ' H fin flmwr llcsigllrf: Xrt Heller t' lyplsl: 5ll.ll'Ull lit-I1 N ...c ,,,,,..-rv-' ff ' ll 05 ta am ag4a70ee6 Terry Cress Full Editor-in-Cliief Louie CL1lY'f'Il Don B1xL1I1l'C"HI'd Z- Wi. J "' f Blaine A J. C. Hickman - Hel lirougxlit fume to the HCol ,lurk lVIc'fIlviivg1ni1: Fmt, oops fall sports 1-rlitor. 132 legianf' 1'IClIlLlPll .iff ff' 'imma ,lolin ,lurrvttz Advertising Manager. Clwryl Wilson holds ilu' wliip ova-r the rest of the crew. f' Doref-n Suylor Kefn Firrvll Louis frllhilll r 1 f ' 'LZ I'LYl'If'Il 'Cilllmm fr", Q' Np ml' I 1l110r lll f lmf -fa f 1, .1 sf , . XA Xi ,ws if Cf0LI.l'fGlXN IlIlUf0QI'LlllIll'I'. Boll Lylllilll gvlx that hvlpful VU fc-mininw urlvim' from iflu-ryl Wvilson and Andrea ,al Lallfrarlvo. rf' '14 v -fl- The Tzhlvtype mavlrillv and Kzlrvn Crahaln fin sweaterl Spring Sports vditor: Dun Otlxfillll. il T!'Qll!llI' lzui if fm-r Ill:-rv was one, battle it out. 133 I 1 1 X ff .J f lliis prow-s our point. tln- assistant gets all thi- dirty work? Can liz! Wcllllly Stocks lfdilor'-111-Cllivf Editor? Note: This years CAMPLYS has lwvn compilm-Ll by a group of non-journalism majors. Wfhetlier this gin-s a clvarvr, more meaningful cov- erage to Fresno Slate. only 280 pages can tell. ,ff ,ff ,A ' f' ff J -' . ,ff ' f ff ff' f f ,f ,ff , f , I l Gary Yinagrc' Sports Editor Art Stuff: lid Swevrivy and Dennis Curtin if-... ww- f 3 . Iv luke- it? 134 Staff: Mary Bakvr, Judy Aldrich, and Don Jones. , 4510 7965 Bm-Ile' Puppu NIUICY Davis Assistant Editor Royalty Editor Photogruplwrs: Gary Duloyun Stuff: Putty Allan und John Robinson Tvrry Hayes Lefon Holmf-S EW? Sa, ,sr 4. ffgbii fv Q, 2, ,ff Qgfg,ff1.1f.,3f1z., ,. 1 521 ff in-S , 1 fa I 3 fs K N K. dm ,gi f ff? 2 A 4. is-J , nf 'gg' V- ,.-an . Q. A Fi , ,Q Q M311 , 'I 24 S 3' sw.-11X:+ ev me 5 ff:-fffi.-wr?iafwr.of f f' A S 2, s,.e:,,,. ww .Q X X e ww. IQPW-W-nf-fy. '. uw iff . Q M fvf, tv-ff' X . H egg ,3y,,,5,,..,5 ZMXW. ,F he ,s A ,v,L,L...f,,1, . ., wg i xgglfg'-sgygffhfjg ix- 1- Q V A , ,V -'Y - -1 zfbf-fm , wwf - if QQ fix 'Wf'f'ri,'W ff, wx 5 "' 5 Q 'X W' 'iff' Q X M1v,., W x4,, . S35 ie fzfgiewffei, H f ee we i W' f f A A ', L 31 av, ff? .fffw ifjlgg X M fpis. in Q 2 he 2 i L Q1 f f , Y .LLV R- Q, ,, ., , .nf 1 X' , ,Q A V, ff wie J '6Still dwelling in our midst 1S a group of men and women San Joaquin Valley during They have now ceased to Garden of the Sun, but they are to lead the honest searcher after GARDEN OF THE , X N, N X X 4 8 5 f Q if 3 2 J Q 'K N i gi, K ' s R 4 6 335' is lk 5 2 1 W? Emdwzifaa Semze.. Zfamzmq.. Dapmzwwmd. S,emu7wme4z 735 746 I 76' 7674 7?2 27? 7 ... 7146! Full 41Hi4'v1's of Cruw-s iizili NX'4'F1'Ii i,yllIll' Rvtziiiivk. vim- prvsi- dvnl: Iilllli A1111 lf1'z111fo1'ri. iI'1'llSlll'l'I'I .ia111r'l Hvintzi 111'c'sirlv11t: 111111 Cingvr iQo1'mi1'11y, 911-11 tary 411111 pi1'I111'vcii. Serving us 0fii1'1'1's during the Spring wvrr-: D1-lores Enriqllvz, svcrr-la11'y: Tina Cn1'cl111'14. vim- p1'm'Si4i4-111: Ruth A1111 firz1wfo1'd, t1'1'aSurPr: 111111 131-11113 2 Jones, pre-sich-11t. if 7446! Spring 0fiif'f'FS of Homun Hull wx-1'v Doug Thomas, sc-crm-laryg Bud Mur- phy, vim- prvsidelilz Doug Dirks, prvsident: and Bryon K1-nyon, in-us11rvr. RPSiAdPIlI advisors of Homan Hall: Slvvc- Simmons, Craig Bradlvy, Jim Gorden, Jim Dozin, Marty Biumiwrg, and Tom Lfliil 11101 pinturedi. 138 RESIDENT HALLS picwe Daiwa l 2 E ig 2 l 5 S 5 5 ...fv Fe-rving as ofliwis lor tliv fall se-nn-NI:-r in lliilm-r llzill xwrv: ,lziniv Powell. 5f'K'l'1'ILlVy1 ,lun Mailiur. xim- mi-sirlviili Sliairon llrnirquin. iI'1'8FlII'k'I'1 :incl Kgirefn Knmirz-li. prefi- Residrlnt Advisors in Craiws llzill in-rf-: Nudinw Pivrotlfi. Rollin MC- , ,, Mann. S110 Wiulkm-r. .le-iiiiiiiw llnnnvr. Jlllll' Fi1lxi14lzi. and Slierrill Fcr- rie fnot pic'tnrL-cll. 714446 Rvsidviit ,MlvisrJr's ul llailxvr Iliill w'r:': l.ynn:- lfuins Nlyrgi lfin-lal, l'ail 'l' .Klin- l Cliin. and .lozini K1-lly gxml 'lim-rry -Xnclwrson Knot pivtiirwrl l. Dennis Nelson. Se-Crf't:irv: llalv XX,l'idlllf'T', president: Doug Dirks. trm1Qi1rm': and Jim Dr-l Bono, vice pre-!idf-111 limi pil-llin-rlli supvrxised tlw urtivitirfs of Homun Hull during tln- full. NLIIIVY llwlllnx. uw- 1-ivxnfliimtz Hairy hu Nliiir, prvsi- mlvnlz NOI'IIlil Ni-ull-lil. In-.ixlliw-i': mill limi-1-ii Silflflf. svr'rPIa1I'Y Knot lllvliiiw-fl! :mf-iiiwfl Iliv- .ll'llXlllf'N of llul-q:'r'll:1llrllliiiigllif-xii-11111. RESIDENT HALLS 139 40 RESIDENT HALLS 5fwl Wee! Row 1, l. to r.: Penni Pettengill, Christie Fugate, Joi Peel- man, Kathy Kaugxgnnan, Sharon Bonrguin, lithel Silveira. Row 2: Shirley Kendrick, Mary Ann Fullerton, Susan Groendyke, Cheryl Rainondini, Patti Nelson, Brenda Ober- stein, Rohin Mnnis, Margaret Muegenburg, Sylvia Hart. Row 3: Diane Mueller, Nancy Collins, Donna Callison, Norma Neufeld, Lucy Crawford, Cheryl Propp, Alice Clim, Sharon Cullen, Nancy Lang, Francene Meek, Rogena Degge. ZW! Wea' Row 1, l. to r.: Betty Martin, Kaye Lawson, Gertrude Vivian, Chris Camy, Nikki lloernicke, Barbara Pran- dini, Conni O'Nm-il. Row 2: Mary Kotchevar, Lana Barling, Ruth Stewart, Sallee Burns, Linda Cruz, Patricia Holley. Cheryl Cappelluti, Heather Suther- land, Coen Collvlmo. .lune Nakata. Row 3: Patricia Mincl-cs. lloanna lNlai'l-czuni. Lily Kepplinger, Mary Hartig, Lachi Dillon. Marilyn Sylvia, Marilyn Mundy, ,lean Butler. Christine Ashford, Bonne Bryan, Nancy Block, Cynthia McMillcn. Eul Eau' Row 1, l. to r.: Cynthia Howdeshell, ,loelene Wewefrns, Georgia Kuge, Sharon Scatena, Jane Doshier, ,lady Nelson, Kay Smith, Ruth Ann Mc- Quary, Nora Dohashi. Row 2: Laurel Cadien, Susan Micron, Charlotte Gilton, Mary Jane W0- mack, Nancy Carlson, Mary Holmes, Susan Pierce, Cinnie Sinclair, Ellen Westin, Charlotte Lewis. Row 3: Carolyn Ikeda, Nancy Feaver, Jean Weber, Sharon Lee Brown, Linda Thomas, Carole Chesney, lithel Coulding, Roberta Gar- rick, Ann McLaughlin, Bonnie Shambaugh, Su- san Tnrner, Barbara Ybanez, Wilma Weikle, Joan Williams, Sandy Tigson. 731 The first year under head resident, Mrs. Jean Warren, proved to be a successful one for the residents of Baker Hall. Under President Karen Knourek, the fall semester saw the girls enter a float in the Homecoming parade which took second place in the independent division, participate in a Hfootball rally,'7 and play Santa to the Valley Childrenls Hospital, The spring semester Mary May Muir served as President of the Baker Hall Association. Several informal dances were held in the spring, with local D.J.'s spinning the records. The semester was highlighted with an Open House sponsored by the three dorms. During the year, cultural events were sponsored'by the dorm, and an R.I.L.W. speaker also spoke to the residents. let cwtcuwi Wat Row l, l. to r.: Gail Lucas. l.ynne lfvans. Judy Hunl- phrey. Mary Frost. Alive Oliveria. Judy Roni:-iro. Nancy Kindness. Martha Mason. Betty Millheini. Ju- dy Del Bianco. Row 2: lirma Jennings. Janet Scho- ling, Patricia Cain. Janie Powell. Cloria Floyd. Karen Griffin, lfustolia Yieyra. Donna Shafer. Carole Wilkie. Jerine Harlan, Myra Field. Row 3: linda firoft. Su- sie Johnson. lfileen Mellenry. Karen Sllt'Wt'lllIf'l'i. Phyllis Tompkins. Olive Ayhens. Linda Given, Sally Goedeck, Judy Hamilton. Sharon Snow. Mary Kay Muir, Jan Mahar, Carol Cfutrigxht. Ann Boyajian. Pat Teska, Judy Addy. Zend 5446 Row 1. l. to r.: Pat Tharsingr. Maureen tfannon. llonna Sue Haih. Maryanne Wallace, Sandra Fathy. Nr-ila Kearns. Sharon Brian. Margaret l"lintha1n. lion' 2: Gloria Green. Sharon Ahers. Patty Beekman. llliehelle Couehol. Jluly Hayes. Judy l.arson. Kathleen Graham. Kathleen Felstet. Valerie Graham. Row 3: Malian Bergvelt. Carolyn Heigenraerler. Jolene lfvans. Jean Karlsrud. Carol Knopf. tfhari Cook. Julie Bigger, Doris Mott. Judy lleard. Nora Dorman. RESIDENT HALLS I ll: ul lx ul nt Mrs. Hilda Kay Lawrence Head Resident 'Z-'MZ Janet Heintz presided over Graves Hall activities during the fall semester. First on the agenda was a float in the Homecoming parade, next a 'afootball rally" before the San Jose State game, an entry in the Campus Queen contest, and a Christmas Open House. Delma Jones took over the governing duties in the spring. The girls were busy beavers during the second semester, entering an event in the College Rodeo, challenging the KMAKe Dribblers to a basketball game, entering the Spring Sing and a booth in the Blue Key Carnival. A coffee hour was held every Thursday eve- ning and cultural hours were sponsored with such things as dating, hair styles, and clothes being featured. fat awww! Wea! Row l, l. to r.: Donna Lilly, Sue Zanardi, Ruth Ann Crawford, Janet Wheeler, Jean Surabian, Sandra Nor- hy, Tina Gardner, Pat Donihroski, Patsy Okada. Row 2: Donna Raines, Janet Dodson, Merrilyn Johnson, Lynda Melton, Jacky Lowe, Virginia' Lanse, Janice Seifert, Helen Silveira, Joan Hafner, Kathy Cagle, Dwayne Borlaa. Row 3: Dee Mosier, Jeanine Bonner, Judy Evans, Judy Thorndyke, Ann Cleaveland, Sher- ron Wi1't, Kathy Mechain, Joan 'YValler, Kathy Renz, Marlene Richardson, Suzanne Walker, Jenny Chu, Joyce Okarnura, Linda Shields, Virginia lnfante. Zend Weed Row l, l. to r.: Linda Papp, Dianne Jasper, Lynne Brase, Robin Taylor, Madeline Gong. Row 2: Janis Duldose, Sally Hill, Gwen lfmlmury, Marilyn Golf, Vicki Stegman, Betty Brooks, Retsy Foster, Bernice Brin- deiro. Row 3: Phyllis Rurkdoll, Ruth Johnson, Bar- bara Robertson, Sheila Nixon, Nancy Ashford, Janice Johnson, Donna De Fever, Judy Cook, Lynne Retal- lick. RESIDENT HALLS Zadcwz' Row 1, l. to r.: Clyda McGinnis, Dolorc-s Enriquez, Pat Bohleen, Donna Brandt, Sandie Koyaniga. Row 2: Kathie Donlan, Patty Rc-a, Kathy Whitfin-ld, Connie Schf-ngc-l, La- Vada Munday, Janice- Fullc-r, Nancy Kr-nlcy, Pat Green, Karen Mohling. Row 3: Barbara Whito, Judy Adams, Sue Shore, Kirk Gist, Connie Livingston, Kathi Ste-vm-ns, Ruth Ann Morris, Bri-nda Watkins, Pat Dunn, Margrc-tta Mau- rer, Carol Knox, Pat Freihurgllousm-. 54d 5445 Row 1, l. to r.: Lillian Baldwin, Pat dr- l.m-on, Barliara Padqurski, Susan Brooks. Jn-an:-tlv Piri-s. Shari Athi-y. Mari Anne- Young. Ron 2: Maylic- Ci-nnnvll. Margzare-t Wallace-, Carole- llac-km-tt, Kari-n Yarlanian. lli-ci Kut- lle, Linda B1-ttf-nvourt. Nunn:-ltv l'llIl'SIll1lIl. Suan llar- nell, Dawn Nc-lson, Margarm-t Crirni-S, Bow 3: Adi-If: Fitzgr-rald, Dianz- Cac-klf-r, Donna llavlxlm-i'. llosi- Si- leira, ,lam-I Middlz-ton. Kari-n Ola:-rl. flhairlr-nv Dun- can, Bri-nda Philpott, B1-ttv ifonnn-r. Susan Braun. ,le-anne-ite Allre-d. Efwl Wat Row 1, l. to r.: Mi-llia Palzliowski. Brenda Harlan, Carole Fowler, l"lori-nr? Arliurua. linda Boa-lun, ,le-an Bucci-lli, Dc-lma Joni-s. Row 2: Rollin M1'Mann. Mur- gic- XXli1llilf'P, Ann ,lonf-s, Ci-orgia l.andi-rnian, Millie- Switzm-r. Judy Panttaja. llmtln-r Cairns. Cathy Rynvr- son. Br-HP Pappa. Row 3: Lydia Mm-ndoza, Gloria Monreal, Lynne lNIi-rm-r, Monte- Sliam-km-lford, Rem-1: Jones, Arla-en Svhwali, Nana-y David, Mimi YVollf-n- lwrgf-r, Joann l'orllof'k. Nanvy l,inda lfloy. da Luan YYl1it1-li-y, She-ila Bc-ll. RESIDENT HALLS I4 44 RESIDENT HALLS lu' Eau' Row 1, l. to r.: Tom Dilnlmle, Ron Shultz, Don Poochigian, Lester Bolill, Dale Wi-idmvr, Darrvll XVarnock, Richard McBride. Row 2: lloward Williams, Dennis Nelson, Carroll Sinclair, Woodroxw' Smith, Ron Olbl'I'IlOllt', Dali- 'l'homas, Kenneth Jvpsen. Zu' Weed Row l, l. to r.: Cary George, Jim Gorden, Larry Delany, Doug Thomas. Row 2: Stvwn Robinson, Bill Williams, Barry Phelps, Dont ald lnucks. Darryl W. Davis, James Unli, James Sirman, James ifroxs'clis. lion 3: Dwainr- Rosh, Bch Hawthorne, Jerry Vwlaters, Doug llvim-ki-, ,lark Sinayi-r. Charles Gordi-n, Boll Francque, Peter Le- f1'x'ri', Holi XYlll'l'll'l', Frank M. Stien, Rolla-rt M. Odell. 5445 Wee! How l, l. to r.: Marvin Bryant, Ronald Wlilder. flhurfk Uyvda, Cary Skaggs, Cr-rald Hill. lfddie Ashworth. Phil ljmann, Jack Nakata. Row 2: Daw l"i'ivd4-is, Burk Vfaddlv, Ji-H Wilson, Dale lundciliurk, Cvrald Claassvn, Paul Barrett, Bill 'l'hornhill, Mirfliael lllcflli-an, Diek Couch, lohn- ny A. Deniz, Dave Puls. Row 3: Steve Simmons llarold Hilliard, ,lim Kelli-y. Larry Lindgren flharlvs Marks, .lov McKenry, James Hodge, J P. Kliirpliy, Hay llivliards, Doug Paflord,-Sidney Nivhols, Doug Perry, Bolx Sowers, Dennis Piluti Gene Phillips. Zend Sad Row 1, l. to r.: Bob llolizomh, Ahmed Alimf Miki' Adams, Duane Daily, Paul lltclivgoinlier ,losvpli Sims, Don Yeh. Row 2: Allen Reima Frank Vega, Nasser Sala-ll, Ernie Roncoro Frank lfrreu, Frank Vigario, ,lack Ali-Xand Cary A. Melvin, Ronnie Barkley. Row 3: Ri. ard Twigrlit, Phil Ahlslrand, ,lim Cardella, I Graf, Dir-k Smith, Dali- St. Claire, W'arrvn L Larry B1-lav, Charlvs Milli-r, Cliestvr Choy, Ran Dvrry. Woman if Collecting trophies appeared to be the pastime of the men of Homan Hall this past year. The men entered a giant Hbooti' in the Homecoming parade and brought home a giant trophy for first place in the lndependent division. Then the men worked like beavers and gathered the most wood for the Bonfire Rally which netted them a second award. During the holiday season the men were given first place in the Christmas door decoration contest. During the spring the men gathered fame in their "SO mile hike for charityf' Money was donated by downtown merehants for every man that finished the hike. The men then turned over the money to the Fresno Nutritional Home. The men selected a sweetheart, and for the first time had a Coronation ceremony in honor oi their sweetheart. It will be an annual affair. The men participated in the Blood Rally and the Spring Sing, and rounded out the year with their famous Luau, held in May. Mr. and Hrs. Theron l'aee Head Residents ZW! Wee! Row 1, l. to r.: Jon Beary. ,lohn Tillery. Boh Phil lips. Dong Dirks. Davis Fehnlle. ,laek Shouse. Jim Doan. How 2: Manual fiLlQllIlLll'S. Stan .-Xnderson. C1-ne Brogrhelli. Charles Peek. Roh Harrell. Bryan Kenyon. .lim Porter. Neal Sloper. Paul l.eathers. Row 3: Phil Mastagni. larry Peasley. Morris Desmond. Ron Daggett. Charles Riggxin. Steve Fletcher. Jeff Samson, tfarl Hilti. Dong Denton. Dan Garvin, Rick Arend. Diek flI'OSSINilIl. Hay Shillell. 5145 Sw Row l, l, to r.: Frank lfnea. Willie Yahino, Jared liriehsen. Doug Boyd. Migriel lfrrea. Danny 'llll0lIlLlF, David Serrano. How 2: Joe Herzog, Craig Bradley, Hike Dougherty. Louis Holveek. James Alford. Raymond Hanson. Cary Matthews. Kenneth Weber, Don STl"lIllJl'ltlgI4'. Row 3: John Keene, Har- old lfroese. Jim XYilliaIns, Ross Sehlniedl. Peln Cochnauer. Doug Rippey. John Car- rett, Jack Holm Rurnph. Den Conner. .leronie Karp. RESIDENT HALLS 14 I Ellie Davis, as president of the Panhellenic Council, presided over the plans for rush, pledging, and initiations held by each of the six sororities on campus this past year. Along with rush plans, the council co-sponsors Greek Week and the Greek dinner with lnterfraternity Council, and serves as advisor to the Junior Panhellenic Council. One senior and one junior from each sorority are elected to the council. Ellie Davis President Barbara Bitter Sheri Clark Pat Emmert Janice Friesen Delta Zeta Delta Gamma Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Zeta Tommie Greenway Kristie Harris ,ludith McKnight Darlene Ricco Pat Riddle Janet Starn Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Xi Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma I omaha me Promoting friendship among sorority pledges and teach- ing cooperation among the pledge classes, is the job of the Junior Panhellenic council. Two girls from each pledge class are elected to serve on the council. Annalee Stockton was the overseer of Junior Panhellenic activities this past year. Annalee Stockton President Sharon Cuviello Pat Degen Laureen Dix Sally Hostetter Terry Riordan Lorrie Roach Phi Mu Delta Gamma Delta Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Zeta 146 ' GREEK ' 1 Responsibility of governing and coordinating the nine national social fraternities at Fresno State College lies under the jurisdiction oi the Interfraternity Council. This council is composed of representatives from each house, and they elect ofhcers amongst themselves. This year the IFC carried on two of the most successful rush periods in the history of the college, bringing the number of men in the system to an all time high. Two fifty dollar scholarship awards were presented for scholarship attainment and athletic competition. The fraternity system through IFC sponsored a segment of the United Givers Plan Drive, and took part in the Propositional campaign. The goal of the council is a revitalization of the principles and objectives of the organization in order that it can take an active part in the leadership ofthe fraternity program. Monty McCall Iiiterfrateriiily Counvil IJI't'SlLlt'IlI Don Beauregard .lim Brumm Loren Himtsinger Sigma Chi Lambda Chi Alpha Alpha Gamma Rho Don Jones Aram Kinosian Lambda Chi Alpha Kappa Sigma Larry Layne Bob Isaak Ken Lung Alpha Gamma Rho Delta Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma Peter Mehas Keith Miller Sigma Nu Sigma Alpha lipsilon Tom Oliver Roy Sordi Sigma Chi Theta Chi GREEK Presideiit Mvlfall voiitliivts a "Hush lfvaliiulioif ineetin 22 adm Marian MacKinnon Marilyn Hill Fall President Spring President Geri Agbashian Pat Amoruso Teddi Andris Saundra Arnold Mary Cargilr- Judy Catan:-si Carol Chenauet Judy Dif-Iman Gloria Floyd Charlotte Griswold Elaine lladsall Darleen llaslu-ll GREEK The Golden Quill, the emblem and pin of Alpha Xi Delta, was sported this year by approximately 445 girls. Their flower - the pink Killarney rose, and their colors - double blue and gold too are significant to the sorority. In October the pledge class, led by Joanne Paboojian, planined a pledge dance, following the Halloween theme. ln March the Rose Ball was held. This dinner dance is an annual affair. Par- ticipation in other events included the Spring Sing, Founders Day lunch- eon, Blue Key Carnival and a home- coming parade float. Becky Bean Andrea Boyd Sandra Fathy Eleanor Firpo lrene llinsclie Judie Johnson Susan ,lolmson Sharon Karas Linda Kelley Maureen Kelley Mary Lund e ,. Ep Q Bunny Merrill Mareial R14-lcalf Joanne Pnlioojizin Kay Passley Linda llzuill Cliarlotte Pollard Jaequelyn R4'ic'lmrdl Darlene Hiueo Pat Riddle Kendall Ridgeway Ann Rockwell Karen Seliielielllut Sharon Simkini Carole Skilbicki Marilyn Skoegurml Judy Spence Jeanette Towery ,loan Tueun Joan Wlritson ,lonnne Ziek GREEK dm Nanvy .laekson Marjorie Hansen Fall President Spring President lim-v Barclay Brooke Barnett Liz Buruni Sheri Clark l.aureen Dix Anne Donagy Sharon Fish Camari Forslind This past year has been all newness for the DCS. ln September they moved into their new home, the first sorority on Greek Row. Then they welcomed a new housemother, Mrs. Phyllis Snider. Delta Gamma topped the sorority scholastic list for the spring semester, 1962. In spite of the time this took, they scored a second Miss Fresno County victory. Melinda Staley was elected pledge president, and presided until initiation in February. In the late spring a new Anchor Man was chosen at the annual spring formal. Chris Adams Diane Adams Laura Aley Linda Anderson Evie Barnett Sheila Benson Beverly Br-rnhauer Jackie Bien Nancy Davis Pat Dm-gen Nanci deVight Linda diLiddo Marilyn Doswald Bunny Erickson Sharon Fahry Lenore Fenn Sharon Gonella Pat Hall Barham Harnpson Jacque Weliber GREEK l l Kristiv Harris Suv Henryson Amanda Hivkman Linda Higzlitowor Connie Jorgensen Karon Kaufman Carol KPTLTllfxIlflllll Diane Longiano Ann MacDonald Janice Matoian Lee-Elle-n Moore Leslie Morato Cay Klortlaml l.ynnP Nvlson Karen Newman Patty, ,lo Peters Clit-ri Pvtfrrsoli Marsha PPiPTFOIl Carolyn Phillips ,lone-ll Robinson Sharon Rolirkf- Barbara Ruby Jann Russell Sally Sampler Mary Savory Cailirlrinf? Srlilvngr-l lluni Sll!'l'llHIl Barbara Sliinvr Suzannel Snfrarl Mvlinila Stallvy Paige Taylor Carolel Telf-sco Kate Tliomai Rarbara Yinzant Cliriity Wild ,lun NYulton GREEK 151 Adrian Faden Pat Klamm Fall President Spring President Delores Bane Diane Beene Kathy Brown Andrea Byrd Karen Eckels Janet limminger Sharon Hanley Charlene Jews-tt Cid A train of events had been planned for this past year for Delta Zeta. Typifying this was their contribution to Fresno State's homecoming - a train - some 30 leg power. Christmas brought a house full of decorations, and a cleaning out of the storeroom, the house mother was kid- napped by a friendly UD fraternity. January 5, and the Elks Club saw the new sorority flame selection, Then at the new semester 40 girls moved into their new home, on Greek Row. Mardee Belxrman Barbara Bitter Rose Anne Bowser Barbara Broughton Carol Cloves Joyce Cummings Deke Decater Martha Deines Janice Friesen Mollie Cainey Susan Gates Kathy Hadsall Jeanne Klaucke Linda Koch Nancy Lauritzen Linda Mandeville GREEK ii Linda Mullin Carol Mark Linda Miller Ruth Ann Mitchell Andrea Moeller il'-as Cliarlm-ne Redwine Olive Olmerti Sandie Presthus Connie Rae Dianna Raymond rg 'Q Nd 117 'Vi 'Q Lorrie Roach ,lavkie Sclieidt Sue Schroder JoAnn Sorrenti Bernie Spano Adrienne Stewart Leslie Stolan Betty Jo Swartz Susan Taylor Sharon Tilly Dellna Tornsianxt Alberta Turner Judy Tlioinas Karqfn Ygfig Gf'0!iQllLl Xvilfllfll GREEK Sue Nuttinfv 6'Bertie Mak:-5 a Break 153 ,44a447 Terry Bennetts President Theta activities include an annual Star- dust Winter Formal and a Father-Daugh- ter Banquet. Their national project is the Institute of Logopedics at Wichita, Kan- sas. Their pin is the kite, their colors are black and gold, and the pansy is the flower. ,Indy Byron Ricki Barner Barbara Bitting Susan Burris Audrey Coelho Karr-n Coles Heather Cairns Judy Carter Bev Cushion Ginger Cordray Margie Cornell Janie Cyr ,lean David W , Ellie Davis Pat Ennnert Meredith Fortune Judith Fulbright Marrie Ciheson Lenore Giglio Sandra Cirts Judie Coerges Jeanne Conser Tommie Greenway Karen Griffin Ginny Hall 154 GREEK Sue Hammat Barh Harmon Janice Hvlmuth Susan House-r Marolyn Hutchcraft Cynthia Jonrfs Sharon Kolhy Kurvn Knoure-k Betty Lawdock Dawn I,m-wx-n Suundru Longror Carol McKean Pvgggy Nh-Nt-il Irigh Ann Pok Marilyn Popa hitqilllil' l'utnum Diane- Quigley Linda Redwine Lynne- R:-mllivk T:-rry Riordun Joanne Safer Sandra Svully Sharon Scully Carol Shirlds Sharon Smith Carol Stew-le Annalf-e Stockton Put Tharsing ,Ianvt Yandiver Betty Wvutkins Kathy Whitfim-ld Kay Wvoodvnan GREEK new Moving into their new house this February was the culmi- nation of months of hard work and planning by the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. Forty ol the fifty-five members are living in with the new house mother, Mrs. Audrey Moore. Aside from all this activity, the Kappais were still able to sponsor their Founderis Day Dinner, the annual Christmas Formal, and the Scholarship Dinner at which Sheri Welch was honored for her 4.0 grade point. They also hosted a Christmas party for underprivileged children with the Sigma Nu7s. Diane lVlaliani Mimi Mann Fall President Spring President Carol Averill Judith Anderson Janet Briscoe Suzanne Carroll Dehlmie Christensen Sally Colburn Kerry Conaway Janice Cope Sue Copeland Melinda Davis Judith Dunn Emily Einstein Lynne linders Karen Fernsten Patricia Flowers Paula Fries Lynn Harvey Carolyn Henderson Sandra Holmes Sally Hostetter Martha Johns Jean Kutch Kitji Lindauer GREEK Mary Lindaucr Jane Lindman E r 5 5 a Phyllis lhIf'llTll'll Klarjorif' Morgan Toni Rossvll Linda Ruegge Carolv Sliziww r .lowf-l Tlmxlon Sylvia Sylva Jo-Ann Thomv Q of ,ff Qtelnhanie Linuold Elaine LlIOClf'klIlg Judith McKnight Dianv Moe-ham Sue Myers Shnlly Nichols Penny Politrf Donna Rivharclson Patty J. Sanborn Ponny Schull Karen Schafer ,loyannv Shannon Barbara Spaulding Anna Trane GREEK ,lanvt Starn Susan Strickley Juni- Taylor Yvvttr- Tsrhuniy Sharon Wvlch Mary Ann XVilliams 157 Pamela Larsen Camelia Cross Fall President Spring President 7945 7714 The judges' eyes were met for the second con- secutive year by the Phi Mu Sorority Christmas decorations in the annual contest. Phi Mu changed the annual Greek Sing to a uSpring Singh and it is now open to all campus organizations. Other activities include the Lambda Chi Alpha Pushcart Relays, Homecoming parade, Masque Ball, Blue Key Carnival, and fraternity exchanges. The big event for the Phi Mu Sorority comes in the spring with the annual Carnation Cotillion and the announcement of the new Cold Shield Knight. This year, Ed Kaiser, member of Lambda Chi Alpha, wore the crown. Abi nil Anderson Valerie Berke Sue Bonnin Barbara Boswell Mary Breda Shir is Briggs Sharon Cuviello Karen Davis Pam Everson Tina Gardner Carolyn Goff Donna Hatheld Lonna Henkel Laurene Huff Susan Hunter GREEK Carole Jeffries Juel Johnson Kristine Kanne Carol Tehtonen Sheila McBrien Naney Michaelis Kathy Miles Jewel Mitchell Pat Moore April Nelson Lois Newbery Marge Pitkanen Cecelia Reid Margo Reynolds Margaret Steinber Mary Tolle Ze-Ima Unruh Janet Wheeler Carole Wilson Virginia Wright GREEK Robert Isaak Fall President Paul Vivion Spring President ' da The Delta Sigs continued the tra- dition of crowning the fraternity's Dream Girl at their formal Carnation Ball. The members also selected "the girl I would most like to he ship- wrecked with" at their annual Ship- wreck Ball. The first annual Slop Stomp was held in December when the king and queen of slop were crowned, The event was sponsored by the fraternity's pledge class. Other activities for the year in- cluded a car wash and the sponsor- ship of a stage show and movie. Steve Armknecht John Armstrong Sheldon Ball Stanley Ball Philip Dava Michael Bresnan Derald Brown Roy Carlson Darrell Dunbar Dennis Foraker James Fredericks Dennis Gadherry GREEK Doug George Dave Hulsetll John Henderson Harold Hill Hurry Holley John Jarrett K.P. duty for Delta Sig: pledges under tlle XYL1IC'llflll eye of Bol, Isaak, proxes glflltlllllgl work. Paul Jones Fred Lewis Bill Long Rohprt Ilqng William Lucas , V . ' Pt Xt-il mI114'll1'llk'Il Ftvplten Mugnissvn LCS Natnlt lxvut Qs!-'vtl Llxlyyll Rielx Izllllnfllll llou gllt'fI'Llll J0llI1 YH!! H0111 l0l111 m4'lffl"1' l l GREEK 161 .lamdda 646 24044 Don Jones James LeCussan Fall President Spring President Under the leadership of President Don Jones, the fall semester was an eventful one for the Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha. To start the se- mester the men entered a float in the Homecoming parade. The main activity of the semester was the mock kidnapping of the sorority housemothers. The Brothers donned hoodlum outfits, kidnapped the 'fmothersv and held them for ransom - one can of food for every member of each sorority. The ransom had to be paid in full before the umothersf' were released. Over 400 cans of food were donated to the Fresno Nutritional Home during the holiday season as a result of the kidnapping. They held a Christmas formal to round off the activities for the year. ,lim LeCussan took over as President for the Spring semester. Highlights of the semester were the French Apache party held in March, the Cross and Crescent formal in May, and the annual Push Cart Relays. Mark Arnold Robert Bearden ,lack Bozzano James Brumn Keith Crossman Hr rliert Dompe Peter Estep Larry Forsyth GREEK Frank Comes Donald Hardcastle '4Y0u're not going anywhere until tha ransom fcans of food? is paid in full," Say four of the Lambda Chi kidnappers: Jerry Yeager, Pete Estep, Don Jones, and Bill Murphy. Ed Kaiser Richard Knoles Arthur Lavagnino James McCain Willian Murphy Joe Perry Harold Rich John Root Mike Simi William Urguhart James Westfall GREEK ,wad 240 A successful second year on campus has been completed by this fraternity. During the fall semester they sponsored the Harvest Ball, had exchanges, and participated in intramural sports. ln the spring! they held their annual sweetheart formal dance. ,Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in 1904 and now has more than 440 chapters. Larry Layne President John Borha Donald De Bom-r Kenneth Elmer Edward Fiez Cary George Jim Gomes l.or1'n Huntsingcr Tll0lllClS Lanza Willialri Lefty Ken Melvold James O'Bani0n Clan-rice Husmusstn Harold Rasmussen Gordon Ruusser Mike Rooney Dennis Sniffin Walt S04-rnsen Nick Toscano Rodney Slackhouse 164 GREEK Awe P46 Ama Adding a new event to their calendar of activities brought fame to the Alpha Phi Alpha's. The brothers sponsored the After-Bonfire Dance this fall with Hillard Street. The dance was such a success that Benny Tapscott, president, reports that it will be an annual affair. At Christmas time, the men received Honorable Mention for their door entered in the Tokalon con- test. The brothers helped the community in the March of Dimes drive, and they sponsored a Water Ski Carnival in May. The fraternity had six pledges this year and sixteen active members to help make for a successful year. Benny Tapscott conducts a Sunday meeting with help from vice president, Joe Williams, John Green, Eddie Green, dis- play their fraternitysemblem. Henry Hendrix, and secretary, Glenn Gaston. Washing cars is a pledge duty for Eddie Green, Darrel Morton, John Green, and Tony Burr. GREEK 'gNext time it's someone else's turn to dry say Charles Craig and Darrel Morton. Aram Kinosian KPN Lung pau prpsidvm Spring Prvsldcnt I As it did everything else, the lack of snow in the Sierras played havoc with Kappa Sig's plans for the annual snow carnival. This all-campus ac- tivity is usually hold during semester break. This year it finally took place during March, and even yet the snow at China Peak was skimpy. Additional annual activities are the lVlother's Day Breakfast, the Spring Formal, this year held at Pawlings Lakeside lnn, the Purple Plague Party, and Turk Murphy Night. A steer raffle also held during the spring is the means employed hy Kappa Sigma Fraternity to raise funds for its building projects. John Baldwin Bmw Bird Ed Arnkelian James Bailey Larry Baker Dennis Bledsoe Ed Bradley Lee Bridges Roger Butler Bob Carpenter Richard Du Benedetto Leonard Duck Leslie Emerzian GREEK Jan Faris Joe' Gragg Richard Heinforth Terry He-izf-nradfir Harold Havcnvr Terry Hill Arnold Kuschenman Robe-rt Markarian Pete Mason Stanlvy Mason Jerry Menefve Phil Parrish Tom Phelan Donald Saleh James Scott Fd Sweeney Don Tacchino James Violini Eric Walton Don We-stlirook GREEK cynm l4M44 Spanien Bill Harris Br-slcy Lcwis Fall President Spring President Concern for the leadership of the Fresno State campus, the SAE's spent most of the spring semester battling it out With the Theta Chi's. The fraternity sponsored an Hatter finals barn dance" in January at Kearney Bowl. They also participated in the annual Crock Sing and Blue Key Carnival. A Monte Carlo night was sponsored by the group, and the annual sweet- heart formal, this year held in the late spring. Patrick Allan Terry Allen Ted Batkin Carl Campbell Nick Castle BarrY Crow Gene Dudley Dan Earle Richard limcrzian Ken Funk Lee Callaher Jack Goodrich Bill Grahe Rod Holcomb Cary Jerome Richard Hoyt Mike Kelley .lohn Knapp GREEK Gordon Knott Robert Krum Sheldon Ladd ,lamvs Muckonziv Ron Munlrodo Frank Markurian Matty Matoian Phil Mvhas Montv McCall Tom lx'IC'lhlI1llZ!l"l Km-ith Millrr Joseph Moore Robe-rt Morrison Rolwrt Odm-ll Rolwrt 0-FHFf6ll Rolfe-rt Olivvr Barry ON:-il Jalnvs Pvarson Donnis Pipal Alle-n Rodda Daryl Ruby Phil Samfloiun Us-nnis Svlxm-itlor Gayland Smith Tom Sonlnwrs Conf, Towftry Ronald liffllllll Cary Yinugzrv Cvralcl Nlllmot Larry Zandvr GREEK 169 v 0 0 The Little Sisters of Minerva act as hostesses at fraternity social activities and to promote the fraternity on campus and in the com- munity. Relatively new, the group was established on October 26, 1959, the Sisters have become an important asset to S.A.E. serving at open house and fraternity rush functions. Val de la Laing President I Judy Dunn Sharon Fabry Susan Gates Chris Adams Beverly Barclay Sheila Benson Marge Hansen Janet Heintz Suv HCUTYSOU Mandy Hickman Mary' Lindauer Ann MacDonald Marian MacKinnon Janice Matoian Kay Passley Patty Jo Peters Marilyn Popa Barbara Ruby Janet Towery Barb Vinzant Christy Wild 170 GREEK , 0 An annual athletic scholarship was made avail- able, for the first time, this year by this fraternity. This scholarship is to be used only by freshmen, and furnishes the recipient with room and board for the school year. Its purpose is to aid the Ath- letic Department and to recruit top students for Fresno State. Another annual affair sponsored by Sigma Chi is the Kick-Off Dance-this year's was the 21st. The new sweetheart, Barbara Shiner, was crowned by Jackie Bien at the dinner dance at Pauling's Lakeside Inn during the fall semester. The spring semester was highlighted by the Cotton Pickers' Ball. Tom Oliver Ron LaRocca Fall President Spring President Lon Ackelson John Acker Ronald Alloway Richard Ballow David Barnes Don Beauregard Dale Blickenstaff Ed Boswell Eric Brandon Henry Brock James Calandfa Kendall Cafdff .loc Chappell Richard Church Larry Dorsey GREEK Charles Griffin Dennis Hammond Don Henderson Dave Faller Rod Frazier Rod Hines Herm Howerlon Gary Johnson Calven Kees Colin Kelly George Koolery Gary Kuhl John Lauck Buck Levis Phil Loftis Jim Lowe Ron Majors Fred McPherson John Miller William Miller John Mitchell Dan 0,Brien GREEK Seval Olsen Dennis Paldi James Price Gary Renner Robert Rich Dennis Riley Dennis Shaves Ken Sherry John Shumakff Ed Sowers Ray Snow Howard Spiegelman James Tatum James Underhill William Yan Doren Dirk Van Gelder Peter Yan Gelder George Wlaltinlina John Wlaterliolxse Jerry Waters John Wlellfare William Yvhipple Rollin Winsloxw' Jim W'ri'ght Jim Ziegler GREEK Pete Mehas Fall President Richard Ransom Spring President This year the sky was the limit for Sig- ma Nu, Their membership placed first in over-all grade point average among the local fraternities. The Fresno Chapter was also chosen to host the yearly tri-divisional meeting. This includes chapters from northern and southern California, and Arizona. During the fall semester the group, to- gether with Kappa Kappa Gamma, again threw a Christmas party for the third graders of the Teague School. Pete Mehas was the hit of the night - he was Santa Claus. ln May, the new White Rose Girl was chosen. This spring formal was held at Pawlings Lakeside lnn. Bill Burnell Vernon Crow Rod Coburn Way'ne Ginsburg Tom Cravette Mike Hankins GREEK Arnold Doolittle Steve Fowler ,lim Hegarty Richard Huddleston fr, A., ,,i,,w.vf. -- gm. . I , siwsfim ww Sijbabaxw .2 Cary Hussvy After a siivcvsmfiil year. the Sigma Nus, with thfir sweetheart Barbara Campbell, board for cloud 9. This trip is a special rate: Burhunfs father is Q-inployed by United Airlines. Sis-c 'l'oin Poindgxtvr Rolwrt Runsom Ron ltskoff SVOII John King Richard Laster Bm Slwnwr Kem Xyuhon lruvnlty aclvisnr. llr. Rug-r Ervin. vlivvks out fall pn-fimlviit lla-tv Nl:-lim. .inil l'lll'l'lQ5 in spring: pri ill-'nt Ric-lmnl Rainwiii. GREEK 175 Roy Sordi President 'Mem 544 Brotherhood is that fraternal spirit of community feeling wherein the oth- er's betterment comes first. Theta Chi truly understands the spirit of brotherhood as evidenced by their outstanding scholastic record for the spring semester of 1962. This il- lustrates the fraternity's willingness to support and stick with individual members through thick and thin. Besides having the highest grade point average among the fraternities, Theta Chi hold their annual Orchid Formal in the spring and participated in exchanges, the Greek Sing, and in- tramural sports. Richard Ahronian Lewis Bielanowski James Booth Don Culbertson ,lim Finnegan 1 l Sammy f fflark Cunt Ronald G:-row Tim Gill Dennis llull im llymlnitn lfdvsard Keller Mike Luckin Tl1OllltlS Mucllonuld Edward lNlunning GREEK Paul McDowell Richard Meux David Michaelis Russ Mitchell Joe Monis John Nvrsrsian Lucius Nerse-sian Brian O'Farrell Jim Perry Tom Prentice LUFTY Sampson Ron Sfmtigiim Charles Sitton Richard Sparks John Staley Harold Sildjiun Jerry Tuliajiall Dale 'lllluyvr "Rock Poly' was tho name of Ihv Thvtu Chi vntry in thi- l'l0lllQ'l'0IHlIlg puraule. Jim Stanlvy Pvtvr Su-ckel Roger Thompson Dale Wvidmer GREEK Nora Dorman President 2' r A Founders? Day dinner held at the Hotel Fresno was the highlight of the school year for Kappa Phratercs, a womenis social-service organization. The purpose of the dinner was 'L . . . to review the history of the group and Rose Anne Bowser Jacqueline Bilbrey Sharon Bourguin Charlotte Cook Kathy Felstet bring together alumni and membersf' It cele- brated the December l0, 1912, founding of the organization at the University of California at Los Angeles. The club, headed by Nora Dorman, is an international organization with chapters lo- cated throughout the United States and Can- ada. Its purpose is to perform service projects for the school. Activities of the organization for the past year were a weekend camping trip to Yosemite, a Luau, a lVIother's Day Breakfast, a Senior Dinner, and volunteer Work at the Valley Chil- drenis Hospital. A pledge class of thirteen women were responsible for the "lick San Jose" lollipop sale, the proceeds to be donated to the Childrcn's Nutritional Home. Margaret Flinthann Kathleen Graham Valerie Graham Barbara Goble Marie Hancock Sylvia Hart Charlicne Lucas Brenda Oherstein Patricia Peterson Doreen Sayler Sully Shill121m0l0 Marie Singleton SERVICE L The first step toward Fresh- man Womenls Luncheon Club and Sophomore Service Society is the Freshman Womenis Service Activities Group, referred to as SWAC. Points accumulated dur- ing the semester are totaled to qualify for acceptance into these groups. This year the girls are to be congratulated on the fine job they did on the Queen's Ball decora- tions. The girls serve as usher- ettes at football games and play upostmanw every day by sorting campus mail. Sally Hill President Bane Barney Barnett Bt-Cue Briscoe Coburn Coles Crawford Diliddo lwei on Karen Gail Dwayne Lynn Ber lin Bethel Borha Brase Diane Marcie Gail Pat Y y FldIU1l1 GllWS0l"l Hahn H2llldl0SS Johnson Johnson Johnson Kenney Luedelun 1 .ni Carol Peggy Phyllis Patricia Sonia Andrea Leslie Dee Lindt l x in Mark McNeil Mfllrlvll Mincks Missirlitm llfioeller Morato Mosier bill lm M J Donna Terry Janell llcnny fltlllltlflllr' 1 P IIPII Parano Phelan Rich Riclmrdson Riorzlan Robinson Sfllilllli St In n Nll Marilyn Sharon Bernie Barbara Melinda Susan lfurolv Zn-Ima 1 lf Simi lldll Smith Spuno Spaulding Staley Taylor Tc-lcsco linruli Y in 1 SERVICE S S . . An honorary organization for Sophomore women, Triple S members assisted with the New Student Reception and the Senior Reception. Members are chosen from Lunch- eon Club, and a 2.25 gradepoint, plus service to the school comprise the basis for selection. Mrs. Helen Rohrer, business professor, is the sponsor. and Meredith Fortune, Barbara Harmon, presidents. I Meredith Fortune Barbara Harmon Fall President Spring President .ludy Catanesi Nancy Davis Eleanor Firpo Geri Agbasliian Sharon Bourquin Teddi Andris Elaine Hadsall Ginny Hall Eunice Hicks l Joan Hughes Carol Kgrchenfaul Diane Meehan Shelly Nichols LYHUQ Rmllick Darlene Ricco Ann Rockwell Jlldy R0mCil'O Joanne Safer Patty ,lo Sanborn Jeanette Towery Anna Trane SERVICE Hug give Keg Earle Bassett was elected as honorary mem- ber of Blue Key from the college faculty. This honor is conferred, from time to time, to members of the college staff in recognition of service to students over a long period of time. Twelve upper division men students were initiated into the service fraternity at a dinner held in the Kitty Hawk Room of the Fresno Air Terminal. Eligibility to membership is determined by a grade point average, WT ich must be above the all men's average, and prospective members must be of the junior or senior class. These men also assisted in Proposition 1-A, the all-campus charity drive, and sponsored the Blue Key Carnival. Pete Mason President h Adams Terry Allen Jim Brumm Rod Coburn Terry Cress Don Culbertson Bill Edholm ,Jerry Embree Blaine Handell Sheldon Ladd Pete Mehas Keith Miller Jim Perry Richard Ransom Tom Rudholm Ray Snow' Roy Sordi jerry Tahajlan SERVICE 7.5. . pakbe ' Parking regulations and traffic con- trol are the prime responsibilities of the police unit. Because of these, it is the most known, detested, yet respected or- ganization on campus. Additional re- sponsibilities include supervision at the football and basketball games. and fall and spring registration. The unit was established as a part of the Criminology curriculum in 1948. Members of the unit are on 21- hour call, they have been deputized by the city of Fresno. Usually the captaincy is a yearly of- fice, this year it has been changed to a semester basis. Vernon Fall Semester Captain Jim Miller Spring S.,,m,Su.r Captain iighilip Cefiert Sgt. Ira Creenstein Sgt. Martin Haskell Sgt. .lim Hyrldmafl Sgt. Charles Middleton PAT Ruth Morris PAT Donna Steinberg Sgt. Buck Waddle .. .g.....W...,W- ,,.. W. .......,...,..,.., .,..,,, ,-.-...,.-.,-.,.,... ,,.. M, . lfirst row. l. to r.: l,t. Marlin Haskell. Joi- Perez, Ken Brocks, Cornelius Lauridsen. Patrick Hayes, Sgt. Ira Creenstein, Sgt. Nelson Hyndman, Captain Vernon I.:-r-per. Set-ond row: i.l. Jim Miller, Dennis Lundquist, Williant Carl. Al Jacobi. ,lun-rgcn Fricke, Sgt. Buck Waddle. .lim Hardy. Third row: Sgt. Phillip Cr-ffert, Roger Foster. jerry Hornig, Bob Caughey, Mike Sorrell, Sgt. Chuck Middleton, Jim Bonander, Bill Van Doren. 182 SERVICE 795 ' Alex Azarian James Brumm liarl Coleman lillie Davis Lee Henderson Nancy Jackson Beverly l.itzler Pete Mason Jim McCain Paul McDowell Keith Miller Brenda Philpott Elwood Rousey Don Saleh Cathy Stocks ,lerry Tahajian Pl GAMMA MU This organization is the national social science fraternity and is open to students obtaining a 3.0 grade point average in a minimum of 20 units of social science work. Activities include an installation banquet each semester. complete with guest speakers. FIREHOUSE Captain Bill Yvalls, drillmaster for the Fresno City Fire Depart- ment, provides the training for the student firemen at the Fresno State College Firehouse. Some of their activities are: a Thanksgiving Day Dinner, ln- tramural sports, a Spring Fling, and the Fresno Fireman's Ball. Ron Byrd lid Keller President - PCM Captain - Firehouse Like the Canadian Mounted Police, the FSC firemen always get their man. rather fire. L. to r.: Robert Deane, Dennis Breckenridge, Charles Bain, shift Capt.: Jim Cavin, shift rapt.: Keith Wilson, fall house eapt.: Capt. Bill Walls. drill instructor: Mark Webster, lid lNlanning1. lid Keller, spring house eapt.: Ken Sehaadt, Jerald Berg. and Fred Hansen. Back row: 1952 International truck. SERVICE - HONOR 183 ffhdcz K 46 This past school year has been a prolific one for Alpha Kappa Psi. After a training period led by Jim Perry, Vice President, the 32 pledges were Jerry Embree Fall President the Kiwanis discussed the actual problems en- countered. During the Christmas vacation this group took initiated at a dinner dance held at the Tropicana Motel. In December a reciprocal exchange with the Ki- wanis was held. The business fraternity hosted a breakfast, and in turn were treated to a luncheon in the Hotel Californian. The students spoke on the theoretical problems involved in the business World, a field trip in the Los Angeles area, They toured the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange, the United Cali- fornia Bank, the Matel Toy Company, and an im- port-export firm. I Robert Piersol, assistant professor, is the ad- visor. Jerry Embree was the fall president, and Charles Treat served as spring president. ,Thomas Baird Richard Ballow' Bruce Barsamian Dennis Bjork Daryl DeGraw Tony Atencio Richard Devericks Bart Dickson Bill Doolittle Lawrence Dorsey Bill Edholm Kent Evans Glenn enley Jim Finnegan Bill Cong Don Grimm Blaine Handell 184 HONOR 1 ml Richard Karlff Charlvs Lee ,lim McCrummen .loe McKf-nry John Moushigiun Gary Musso I .lark Nelson ,lf-rr!' Nelson John Ne-rsesian Lucas Nr-rsvsian Al Newlin Cvorgzv flrnala ,lim Pm-rrp' Stww Rerid Tom Yfade Mike Yvarnl .lim VHIIS lkf'llll V ang ring initiation nwvtingr. Prvsiilviit ,lvrry lfrnhree Alpha Kappa Psi nn-Inlwrs takc' tiniv out for Il Ill1'lllI'l' during: lhm-ir trip to thv United romvs Dr, Wi. lf. lliniStrm-l. National prvsiclviit of fornia Bunk in L05 Ang:-his. AKY, and Jack Cahill, southwvst rcngionul dirwctor. HONOR Zpacfoa pd aa Education majors in the field ol industrial arts make up the membership of Epsilon Pi Tau. The purpose of the organization is threefold, centering on skill, research, and social efliciency. This year the fraternity initiated 17 new members during ceremonies held in the Industrial Arts Building. Preceding this the invitational dinner was held at the Kitty Hawk Restaurant in the Fresno Air Terminal. Spring activities included field trips, a banquet, and the regular hi-monthly meetings. Two scholarships, the Marion A. Grosse and the John C. Pennley, were given to outstanding students in the department. Allen Stockton Jerry Atkinson Sheldon Ball Ronald Blanton Lowell Battcher Vernon Friesen Robert Hooper Ray Rasmussen Conrad Mazurek Clois McClure 186 HONOR Bill McMahon Al Simpson i 46 . aa The honorary upper division engineering fraternity on the Fresno State College campus is Phi Sigma Tau, The fraternity includes in its yearly activities Calendar. a lianquet each fall and spring for new memhers and the presentation of an annual scholarship award to the freshman and sopho- more engineering sludents with the highest grade point average. The objectives of the group are to provide sociahility and a plan for improving scholarship of pledges and members who need assistance. The requirements lor acceptance into the fraternity are two-fold. The student must have a 2.5 grade point average and the completion of at least T0 units. The advisors for the fraternity are Vincent E. Bevill and Charles H. Cehrs. Montell Hall Richard Ahronian Kent Bertelsen Ronald Clary Ken Funk Fred Cuettler 1-gut.. A-fur... . ... .... ,.-,...,....... Richard Ruth Dale Shaekelford Robert Yoss Cordon Wvilson Dull Yell HONOR. James Prim' Roh.-rr Regis-r elm 6 Upper division education students who have a 3.0 grade point average are eligible for membership in Kappa Delta Pi. This group is an honorary education fraternity which has chapters on college campuses across the United States. Activities this year included a guest lecturer, Dr. Roy just from Fresno City College, and a regional Kappa Delta Pi conference attended by members in February. Terry Anderson President Ronald Blanton Henrietta Brening Beverly Cashion Raquel Coria Marilyn Doswald Carolyn Dove Sherrill Ferree Mary Latronica Linda Leatham Delia Paladino Nelli Phipps Nadine Pierotte Sally Raymond Sue Schroeder ,lune Stenfort HONOR U I C Requirements for membership in this organization are upper divi- sion status, completion of '15 units and a 2.5 grade average in all P.E. classes. Pi Epsilon was established in 1911, later they began the prece- dence of awarding a S150 scholarship to the outstanding P.E. major. The main fall activity was the Sports Banquet, a pot-luck dinner held for the winning volleyball teams. The annual homecoming luncheon for alumni was held on the afternoon of the West Coast Relays. Robin McMann served as President this year while Mrs, Ruth Waterman was sponsor. Pi Iipsilon members arc active participants in WHA sports ac- tivitics. --ell Joyce Okumura hclps licrsclf to dinner at thc Sports Banque-t ln-ld Robin McMann in Dcccnilicr. llrc-sident Kay Beard Patricia Doyle Gale lfster lfllcn Friedrich Patricia Hr-adlcc Sum' Tyricr Joyce Okamura Ann Palm Patricia Tackctt HONOR ?6a77taf4 S' ' A recital on October 30th was given by Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the National Honorary Music fraternity, to commemorate their Founderis Day. They also scheduled a concert to observe the anniversary of their chartering and joined with Mu Phi Epsilon to present a spring concert. Other activities are monthly meetings, and an initiation dinner for new members. David Siegel President 1 The nn-n of Phi Alpha Sinfonia in concert. l lllliill Afl11mS Stan Rude-rtscher Larry Br-lan Cary lida Ronald Makely .lllllllf lllilllll'WP4 CIIITIOH Rilfilliff Lori-n Rosvhraugrli lillier Smith .lohn Wdllfure HONOR 190 Friendship and musicianship among members is the purpose of Mu Phi Epsilon. lt is a national honorary music sorority for all Women music majors or minors. This year the group sold student tickets to the Fresno Phil- harmonic Orclicstra concert series. ln addition thc members per- formed in concerts. and held exchanges with Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Beverly Peterson ' President Katherine Maherly Mary Cargile Jackie Dirks l.ois Newbery Suzanne Porter Virginia Fletcher Judy Hewitt Marilyn Hill Judith Hinch Shirley Kendrick Marilyn Puckett .Joanne Pyott Judy Roruciro Linda Yose Carla Wong Leo Cardona President l G Members of the honorary Spanish fraternity are chosen from those students who have maintained a high scholastic average and have completed three years of college Spanish. Seated. l. to r.: Judy lnselman. Mary Natcra. Mary Corona, Josephine Zepeda. Pat Bone. Back: Yeuancio Caona. Dr. Jose lilgorriaga. Dick M4-ux. Dr. Carlos Rojas. HONOR ' edtczddd Nineteen men journalists became i - charter members of the FSC chapter of W- if Sigma Delta Chi. For thc first time U the campus has a national professional journalistic society for men. Blaine Handell President It was a hectic first year: the pamphlet to be sent to national for recognition came as uSigmu Detla Chi." The pin-up calendars, a money making project, were sans the club7s name completely. l John Armstrong Don Beauregard Jerry Bier Terry Cress 7.5, , anew The main objective of this f-lub is service. The club enables students who have been in l-H in their home towns to continue their membership here on campus. The club serves the local chapters of 1-H in lending assistance in their activities. The fall president was ,lim Tnkt-cl11 and ,lm-nny Sinclair took over in the spring. .lolm Borliu Roger Bork'-y Linda Burnett ,lnrly Hamilton Sllivlar Nixon ,lost-pli Sznbol Darlene- Sannnn-lson Sharon Smile-ml 192 DEPARTMENTAL Fred McPherson Dan O'Brien ,lim Takeda Nancy Ashford Full President Marilyn Jacobs Pin-rrv MlllPll1l Sandra Turner John Varnllorn I cwzq 66445 Fresno Start- College adds its share to the slogan "Make Mine Milli, with its award winning Dairy Club members, These men are not satisfied with winning only one judging contest for a few years, they won four in succession, including this yt-ar at this Cow Palace. Some of the other activities of tht- club includt- a Christmas tree sale with tht- proceeds going toward sending team members to the respective contt-sts, The annual Awards Banquet was held on January 10, the clnh sponsored a team in intramural volleyball, and sponsored the dairy division of the FFA Field Day. Cary Dinsdalv john Borba l'residwnt Gregory Bruvkc-lt Edward Fivz Jann-s Comes Larry Layne Dawn l.ot'm-n Ken Mc-lxold ,lack Pearson Cordon Rausser Harold RLISINIISSUII John Snell Marilyn Jarohs Put Xvilbur DEPARTMENTAL A'We need You!" Not for Uncle Sam, for the Rodeo. Zum dial Students Whose major function is the promotion of the collegiate rodeo events are invited to join this club. The main activity of the year is the National Inter-collegiate Rodeo Association Rodeo held in Clovis, this year on March 9 and 10. The week preceeding was 'cRodeo Weekw with a dance on March 9 to top off the big event. In the middle of the week Bunny Erickson was crowned Rodeo Queen. Another event accomplished by the club this year was the beginning of a college rodeo are-na north of the campus. Its completion is expected at the end of the year. Dr. Larsen is the faculty advisor for the group. The fall president was Dennis Hammerstrom, and the spring presi- dent was Alvin Could. Patricia Beckman Greg Brackvtt Nancy lo Marko .lohn Shumaker Betty .lo Swartz Sue llm-nryson in udder distress . . . DEPARTMENTAL I O This club is open to students majoring in Viticulture and to those students showing an interest in the field. The Viticulture department at FSC is the largest in the state 'and the Viticulture Club backs it up all the way. The objectives of the club are to stimulate interest within high school Ag. departments in the hope that some of these younger men will later attend Fresno State College enrolling in Viticulture. This is accomplished by pruning and judging contests for the Future Farmers of America. The Viticulture Club also has a well-rounded social cal- endar. ln the fall, the men sponsor a vine pruning contest, hold meetings with guest speakers, and barbecues on cam- pus, The Father and Son Banquet, awards banquet, and in- stallation of new officers are held in the spring. They also sponsor the State Final Grapevine ,ludging contest in the FFA Field Day. Students process their own raisins in the Viticulture Raisin Processing Plant. Philip Bava Ed Bradley Robert Detjens Doug George Don Jones Members receive pruning instructions from Professor Vincent Pctrucci. Aram Kinosian Robert Markarian DEPARTMENTAL 195 Student judging of the Del Rey Lions Club Tractor Ro- ,4 ' . deo and the Ag. mechanics division of the F.F.A. Field Day held at Fresno State are the major activities of this club. Students with interests in farm machinery and agricul- ture mechanics are Welcome in the club. Clarence Jensen is the sponsor of the organization. Frank lirrea Toni Cist Don Isaac I Roger Borlwy President Jim O'Banian .loe Sabol Donald Deliloer President Arlene Abe Donna Baird ,lack Bozzano lfle-anor Dorman Daw lfrir-dr-rs Tlionias Lanza Jim Luis Linda Mandeville Majors and minors in the field of horticulture comprise members in this organization. This organization carries on such activities as host for the annual F.F.A. tree pruning contest, the F.F.A. tree judging contest, and this year car- ried on a dried fruit sale before Christmas to increase their finances. Philip Bava Charles Bradley Rolwrt Bearden Doug George Donald lli1IllilQIlll'l'll Paul ,lones Clarence Rasinussen Mike' Room-y Rodney Stavkliousr DEPARTMENTAL 14 hgh' Every Thursday the members of Angels Flight can be seen wearing their traditional blue uniforms just as the ROTC fellows Wear theirs. Angels Flight is the coed auxiliary of Arnold Air So- ciety which is sponsored by the Air Force Reserve Ofhcers Corps. The purpose of Angels Flight is to advance and promote interest in Air Force activities on campus. This year, Harvanis Restaurant was host to the group and its 40 pledges for its membership dinner. ln March the girls planned the Galaxy Ball with the Arnold Air Society. Leigh Ann Poli Melinie Putnam Judy Rolneiro Joanne Safer Nancy Turns-y Donna Wvvsley Kathy Whitfield Lynn Wvolfsen DEPARTMENTAL Association with the California Teachers students working towards a teacher's creden- Association and a free monthly publication tial either elementary or Secondary, are two of the many enticements oiiered by SCTA. This groupis membership is open to all Each year an education day is held for all high school students interested in teaching. Also an interdepartmental get-acquainted func- tion is held. Sponsors for the organization are Drs. James Lundbery, and James Fee. Patricl-i Allan President Geri Agljdlilllilll Patty Allan Terry Anderson Bere-rly Aye-rs Yalerie Badvelian Pam Ballon Erie Barnett Joanne Bartram Diane Br-ene Bonnie BFTQZIIIZIII Beverly Bernhauer Virginia Bs-rryhill Javkie Bilbrey Norma Blanvliard Jeanine Bonner Janet Bortli Bob Brooks Diane Brown Joan Brown Karr-n Huffington Sallf-e Burns Audrey Coe-lho Mary Cargile Bev Cashion Diane Chapin Ginger Cordray Claire Colt Charlotte Cook Sharon Crabtree Carol Cramer Lucy Crawford Carnelia Cross Annelt Cumiford Janet Dinnnitt Jackie Dirks 198 DEPARTMENTAL I I Slwrrill Ferre? Kari-n lrlilltlllt' Virginia Fletvllvr Don lfrwin Joylvnn- lfvarls ,Indy Evans Da1rlvnvAl"airl1anl-is Sandra Fatln Margzarvt l'iliIlllli1IH Rosenlaric Calassi Alice Clim Julie Gong: ,lim Cordon fx ' 44 xv Pat Crvvn Gail llalin Judy Hamilton Marir- Hanvovk Darlene' Haslu-ll llonna Hatfin-ld Janet He-ndrivkson Mary H:-nslm Clt-'ndinr Heringer l'llllll1't' Hicks Marilvn Hill Sally Hill Irene Hinscln- Joyce Holbrook Sandra Hnlmffs Sally Hosteftter Cf N I 11' Vernon lille-n Hutto Beth- JLIHIPS Kibitzing with ni-w fri:-nds is llard work, and Pam Ballon van testify Huebschgyf-rlen Npim Kearns Dium, Kevfc to that as Slir- si-rw-s pllIN'll at the ni-'w student reception. Susan Johnson DEPARTMENTAL S7 Sliirlvy Keudrif-k Putrivia Klamm Carol Kiligriun Linda Koontz Mary Lutrouim Kitji Lindaller ,lam-I l.iml111:1n Sa1111cl1':1 l.m1u4'm' Uurrf-ll lxILH'l,0Il1llLl Alucli N'l11g1:11'l1111 lilllllil Mq1g111'i4111 .lLlI1lf'f' lxlillfllllll Clyrlu lXlf'ClI1I1lH lfurol lx1i'Kf'ilIl RLllll1'I'lIll' Nlvvluim l.i11rl11 Nlillvl' Kullx A1111 Milvlwll lXI.lI'IllLl lxIOIllQOIllI'I'y Lvl- lfllzfu Nlocm- l,LllI'lK'lLl lxioorx- Slllllllll Moorn- lxlllI'i0I'll' Morgzx M11rg111'c-1 ixll1L'Q1'IllJl1Y'QI Rollin Munis 1' Sliurrori Nc-111 Dawn N4-lson G1l'I'i1lfl Nova Olivia Olicrti Kay Passlc-ly lwarsllzi lll'lf'I'SUTl Patricia Plxll'I'S0ll Penny Pvttvngill Mary Phillips Nvtti Phipps A f K Bairlnaru MCNf'r-Cv and Carol C-r0nStz1l fezwt at rc-Cc-ption. liruily Pitts Lf'lQllAIlI1P0li SlIZL1IlIlCPOT'IPI' Carolyn l'1'idg:Pn 200 DEPARTMENTAL ii viir 1. .FK Chcryl Prom' Maxrilvn Pllvkvtt Diunc Quiglvy Connie- Rue- Ray Ril9IIlll5S1'lI CIILIIAIPIIK' RtXf1XS'iIlfx IaCql1rflyr1 Rl'llQC1lI'1ilKIRIVIUIII' Rivlxllr J gnu' 1.110111 HOIPiIlSfPIl l,m'ri4- HOLIVII Sue- S4'IlI'0!'41!'I4 liLlIk0I Sllivlrh Saxllv SIIIHIIIIIIUYID lflfxvl SiIN1'iI'il llnrief Finglvtmm Iivrniw Sgnl Bonniv Spin-kurwl .xllll Sparks ,lim Slamlf-5 ulum- Flwrmfort ,xlllliilvv 5lm'klull xI.lI'ilXIl Fuimfr ,lim 'lllkwin .luuv Taulm Susan VIQHYIOI' Pill TllLII'SiI1Q' Susan Thornus Betty WH-lwr' Junvt Nwwclcr Lynn Yvolfse-11 Diunr' fulmlix ffurolyn Y:-ug-'V Km' XXYHIIIIIYIJII Ann VIWIOIIIQ' Deflnm 'l'mm'w:u1yi Ywtlm- TSUIIIIIIIQ' Liz X'l'IlIl'I' Sllirlwy Max 1 ifnmfulli1m-.ummm-lmnt. qxumzvnwnt. wr l1r1f1w'lif'H1lrlf1. DEPARTMENTAL ?ze4um State Zwweb .lunet Sli-itz l'resident Betsy Adelsbach Pat Alnornso Beverly Barclay Sheri XVPlCl'l Karen Bergman Sandra Betterton Crave Braun ldlflfrld Ltlrpelmr Judy Latanesi Carol Lhilds Adele Lliristiansen Cynthia Dick Susan Farley Naney Feaver Kathy Felstet Elaine Hurrah Gail lenan Kristine Karine Mary Kellogg 202 DEPARTMENTAL For the second year in a row, the "Nightingales" won the sweepstakes award for their float in the Homecoming parade. Later in the year, they went Christmas caroling. In early spring, the striping ceremony was held. Each nursing major is given a strip for every year of service. Seniors re- ceived the hand that goes completely around the cap signifying their gradua- tion. Bernice Brindeiro Kathy Cagle Billie Collins Sharon Cuviello l 1 Barbara Goble Elaine Crt-enhaw Charlotte Kerley Ann Klusener .lilllivv LHIUIPSOII Diane Langiano Stvplxanie- Lippold Sharron Long Klum:-liexw Luc-as Luc-ille Mandvlla Marilyn Marvottef l,LllllFIl1' Mdlalxglly April Ne-lson ,llltlllll Nvlson lin-mia c,lN'I'SIf'lll Karvn Oslnnzl Cvlia Palm Carole Parlmst julir- Pauls Omulve- Payton Ale-an Pc-arce Louisr' Rnligliano Lorena Sample Theresa Shipman Sharon Sllortridge llvlffn Silveira Xl:-linda Stalvy Barbara Stanslwrry .lanrt Starn Sharron Thompson Mary Tolls Sandra Turnvr Zvlnm L'nralx Maryanne Vivallaw DEPARTMENTAL 203 dm! The actual use of any language is hindered because of lack of opportuni- ties to use and practice it. Le Cercle Francais, therefore, conducts its meet- ings wholly in French, English is banned. Terry Allen Fall Pmgidem Spring president, and his corps of officers were chosen at the first meet- ing of the spring semester. Henrique Guerreiro replaced Terry Allen after the initiation. Sponsored by Dr. C. W1-sley Bird, thc meetings are held bi-monthly and feature trav- elogues, speakers, and discussions. So- cial functions, sueh as French dinners in Dr. Bird's home, are held at least once every semester. Kerry Conaway Eileen Decker Glenda Jenner Robin Munis Robert Ransom Putty Sanborn Mary Smith ' 141:46 A major, a minor, or an interest in the Held of industrial arts, is all that is required for membership in this club, Field trips to surrounding industrial plants and an annual banquet were all part of the yearis activities. Ray Rasmussen, a senior industrial arts major, led the group which is sponsored by professors Geoffrey Noakes, and Leslie Aldrich. Ray Rasmussen President Jerry Atkinson -Jllrnuuu uau puvuu uuupuci 1.-.fn un..-tv.. ..v.,e.. -....,.... , c...-.Y . WHY. Terry Longiano Darrell MacDonald Bill McMahon Daniel Raby Tom Rudholm Maurice Segal Al Simpson l. Howird WllllHHlS 204 DEPARTMENTAL 0 . , 'ilnternational Contributions by Home Economists" was the theme of the Northern California-Nevada section of the American Home Economists Association convention held in Fresno, October 19-21. Section and group meetings were held on the FSC campus, hosted by members of the Fresno Omicron Sigma Pi. Additional activities this past year included bake sales, an exchange with the Industrial Arts Club, and an annual bazaar. Membership is open to all girls interested or majoring in one Margaret Muegenhurg Linda Koontz of the fields of homo economics. Fall President Spring President V 1 I B d In . Kay Christiansen Patricia Gregor a erie a ye ian Jeanine Bonner Barbara Broughton Sharon Crabtree Frances Kukmani Joanne Kindsfmer Sue Haminat Gayle Harmon Mandy Hickman Melya Hill Betty lrayedock Carolyn Logan Diana Lovejoy Caylene l.ynt-li Katherine Mm-eliam Marjorie Morgan Sheila Nixon Carolyn Phillips Judy Rianda Karan Sc-liieln-lliut Liz Venter Georgia Warden DEPARTMENTAL 205 7ofzea46c4 Although the college, for years, has had a debating squad, the Forensic Club is a new addition to the de- partment, and to the campus. Requirements are only an interest in speech, a willingness to learn, and Work. Dr. Pace is the advisor and Bob Nilmeier is the charter president. Dr. Provost beams with pride at debate winners, ,loe Rodriquez, Mike Somdal, and Richard Dangrler. President Bob Nilmeier and Bob Marshall admire the I 4-Wifi' fastly filling trophy display Case, 3 Diane Beaumont Pat Handloss zcieaca Creativity is not dead! Orchesis, the modern dance group on campus, lives this every week as the members build, revise, and finally tell a story or an incident in dance. ,lanice Rassouli presided as president. The club functioned under the supervision of Miss Bigelow. Carol Cramer .l21Cki9 Bien Michelle Coucfhot Vinetta Milicich ,lanice Hassouli Orchesis members create new mood. 206 DEPARTMENTAL Carol Rossi President Zyameab 2 ' Although physical education majors predominate, all coeds are eligible for membership in WRA. This year Carol Rossi presided as the yearly president, and Miss Elaine Ma- son was the group's advisor. Tournaments, programs and conferences are all activi- ties enjoyed by the organization. The new womenjs gymna- sium made it possible for Fresno State to participate and to host all of these. ln December the championship intra- mural volleyball teams were honored by a potluck dinner and awarded perpetual trophies. Entertainment was pro- vided by WRA's own group the "Okie Doggiesf, Also this year, as is done every year, the group- held department open house for all new coeds. By this they not only met one another, but the teaching staff as well. ,amy Becky Bean Lorrie Roach Patty Sanborn Kay Beard l,inda Brown The Okie Doggies the P.E. departments own rnter taining ensemble - provide comedy as well as music. Amaryllis llalll Pat lloyle Pat Hr-udlee ljtdllllil ,lones O0p,w du lr Linda lfloy Janet Heintz DEPARTMENTAL 208 DEPARTMENTAL Wwwcizfvy The Fresno State College lettermanls club, Varsity F, is open to college athletes who have lettered in at least one sport. In December they co-sponsored the annual football banquet along with the Alumni Association. During the spring semester they helped with two more banquets, the basketball and Spring Sports. Plans are in the making for the Varsity F mem- bers to meet with the new athletes each fall to acquaint them with the returning lettermen ancl orientate them to the college, Ron ltskoff Hugh Adams Presicleut Tony Ateneio Dennis Bledsoe Dan Earle ,lan Faris l Ross lfitxgeralrl Hal llevener Gerald llouser Pete Melias George Omuta Cary Potter Rir'l1t1rrl Ruth Tom Sommers 'zpwzdff ' ' Michael Adams Becky Bean Mardee Behrman Kathy Brown Robert Gillespie ,lere Jackson Bette Puppa Judith Steele Campus Recreation Night is sponsored every Wed- nesday evening from 7 to 10 p.m. by the Fresno State College Student Section of the California Park and Recreation Society. The section is made up of recrea- tion majors who gain supervisory experience by run- ning the evening programs. The group meets once a month to hear professional men speak about the recreation field. The club mem- bers attended the State CPRS Convention in San Diego in February, accompanied by Mr, Joseph Juliana, club advisor. Linda Floy Dan Earle Trampoline is one of the many activities enjoyed by students at Rec Night which is sponsored by the Student Section. DEPARTMENTAL 209 Edu! An interest in drama is the only requirement necessary for membership into this Club. Many of the members participate in the Campus Productions as wcll as single one-act plays put on by the organization. Only in its second year, the Club is active in furnishing ushers for the school plays, and the Broadway Theatre League under the lead- ership of Robert Ellis. Diane Beaumont Janice Cope Bill Davidson Paul Kayne linda Dodge Sammy Canimian Carol Hirzel Vinetta Milicich Linda Miller Lynne Montel Delia Paladino Margaret Peart Lajuana Pryor William Rountree Leslie Wertheimer .lane Van Zee 210 DEPARTMENTAL The Drama Club also helps with such backstage activities as make-up and scenery. Here club mem- bers Helen West, .lack Smith, and Bill Davidson prepare for a production. ' a Associated with the Physical Sci- ence Division, the Engineefs Club, known as the California Society of Professional Engineers, this group is open to all engineering majors. Each year they assist with the open house, sponsor field trips, and hold a fall and spring banquet. Professors Kulhan, and Richards are the sponsors of the organization. Fred Guettler, a January graduate, served as fall president. He was suc- ceeded by Harold Hill. Fred Cuettler Harold Hill Fall President Spring President Richard Ahronian Charles Batchelor Robert Braun John Breehman Afllllll' Bfiiifiin Rfmflld Clary J' Richard Colby Tony Colon Donald Cunningham Edward Duarte Marvin Flaming Clark Cant Montell Hall Thein Han Larry Hoopes Ron Hosking Ray Huen Robert Lepper Steve Magnisse-n Larry Millard Russ Mitchell Edward Ounjian Robert Regier Rirlturd Ruth Dale Sehaekelforrl Ken Sherry Jim Thiesen Robert Yoss Raleigh Wong Marsliull Young DEPARTMENTAL Wm Wcvwdtq ' ' ' Fellowship, friendship, and faith, no area director for Youth for Christ. these are the aims of l.V.C.F. This . . . . . . A U b h' h b - year they have had v1s1t1ng d1gI11t3I'1CS Veraoe mem ers lp overs e 175-200 d h U ' - Such 3? Ted and 910m Roe, Fusband ifffi by Dodtdl irfiifoiifalifpaiind and wife evangelist and muslc team, D Paul Cowles and Bufe Karraker, Fres- Peter Fast' David Heth President lrving Davis Faculty Advisor Jan Adrain Bonnie Bergman Ralph Boho David Bohrman Grace Braun Connie Coles Raguel Coria Amaryllis Dahl Susan Farley Karen Fleming Marvin Flaming lilaine Franklin Marie Hancock Lora Lee Hansen Elaine Harrah Janet Hendrickson Judy Henry Janice Hewitt 212 RELIGIOUS Judy Hewitt Melva Hill Deanna Hudson Glenda Jenner Neita Kearns Joanne Kindsfater Trenna Kaye Lawson Margaret Lockwood Sherryl Mazuski David Michaelis Martha Montgomery Jim Morgenstern Dawn Nelson Janet Olson Chi Opperrnan ,lean Pearce Cheryl Propp Sylvia Pipkin Arlene Quenzer Barbara Roberts Mary Rogers Sharon Shortridge MHTY Smith Sharron Thompson Elaine Tipton RELIGIOUS 1: SF -,M 3 a Cross currents UNICEF, retreats, R6l1U1OI11I'1- Life Week and Marriaffe for Moderns all activltles of siffmficance to the colleffe student body are held under the auspices of the Colleve Y It IS the Student Christian Association aifillated with the national YMCA YWCA Its main concern, as evi- denced by the preceeding list of activities, is relat- ing the Christian faiths to hlgher education he . K -f-- I 'Sf f " 'as v fag J ' .1 .' "- 1 . 'si' gm A e ' ca ' ' A I 'C M 3 'K - cc 77 ' fd ' c ' Vernon Ihwhgdmcrkn ln October, the United Nations profited by t President Halloween collection for the lnternational Chil- dren's Education Fund. November was the election returns party. With the FSC mixed chorus, the group sponsored the annual Christmas program. Spring semester was a busy season with Mar- riage for Moderns and Religion-in-Life Week. Both of these are annual affairs constituting months of preparation. X 'Z putty Anm Donna Baird Karen Buffington Rod Coburn Dick Crossman Donald Doss BMW Lawdock Linda Lwtham Clyda McGinnis Joan Najarian Suzanne Porter Tom Rudholm Nmwy gtfmcoff pat Tharging Posing during a breathing spell, the executive committee. Karen Yoris Christy Wild 2 4 RELIGIOUS John Bethel Janet Ashcroft Helen Ayers Judy Henry President 9674054 The main attraction of the academic year for Chi Alpha was the California-Nevada Dis- trict Retreat. Regular meetings featured dis- cussions, guest speakers and panels. This is a national organization of Full Gos- pel students. The local Chi Alpha Chapter is sponsored by the Fresno Assembly of God churches. T Deanna Hudson Treena Lawson Phil Opperman Sylvia Pipkin Mary Rogers Elaine Tipton Bette Pappa Judy Adams Margaret Flintham Mike Harris President "The Episcopal Church on Campusf' Canter- bury's membership includes all college age young people. The purpose of the group is to study, analyze and explain the church and its teachings, and how these things are applicable to these years of life. Bi-monthly meetings, held at St. James Ca- thedral, are preceded by a dinner. Speakers followed by discussions comprise the usual program. Constance Livingston Margaret Lockwood Linda Papp Richard Ransom Robert Ransom C3-tht' Stocks RELIGIOUS 215 This fellowship is an affiliation of thc American Baptist Student Movement. lts purpose is to help students deter- mine their roles as Christians on the college campus. Month- ly meetings are held, some controversial as,conflicting faiths in marriage, and several social functions. Jim Mathews served as President, and the group's spon- sor was the Reverend Mr. John D'Aboy. James Mathews Carol Sue Brown President f .Q ,.,.4-H jr 7 ., I Carol Childs Susan Farley President James Mathews confers with memhers about coming Roger Williams Nancy Follansbee Joyce Holhrook meeting, Coffee time . . . David Siegel Linda Vose 216 RELIGIOUS, Wad Dr, Paul Dunn, a Religion and Life Week speaker, was spon- sored by the Deseret Club this past year. College students are pro- vided with social, cultural, and religious activities by the Deseret Club, a group affiliated with the Latter Day Saints Church. Plans are in the making for the club to become a chapter of the national organization, Lambda Delta Sigma, and hope to be on campus in the fall of 1963. The Deseret Club choir, 25 full voices, participated in the Greek Sing in March, and also performs once a month in churches in the area. A Dinner was sponsored in the spring in order to raise funds. Patricia Carpenter Kay Christiansen Jeanne Morris Robert Norman ifsfii Q 5 Richard Norman Slefling .l0llrISOn Full President SI'Ving PI'PFiCl9I1! gas: if o 1 gm W . :ii Club members Merry Mclfntee, Carol Anderson, Dick Krikava, and Charles Hulse fstandingl take a break from a Tuesday afternoon meeting-lecture. Robert Roe John Snell Dean Thomson SPECIAL INTEREST dba! The ROYYIHII CHUWOHC Chl1fCh OH CHYUPUSQ the was the candlelight initiation ceremony. Thir- Newman Club strives to foster student faith ty.five pledgps became members, h Uh rf f l'f1' , ' l, d t muc a pmbram 0 relolous Soma an Drs, George llg, and Gwendolyn Cobb are educational functions. , , sponsors of the organization. One of the highlights of this year's calendar Gerald Nova President Pat Allan Terry Bennetts ,lim Cardella Diane Chapin Audrey Coelho Sharon Cuviello -9 D L Frank Errea Paul Etchegoinberry Frank Fiezel Gloria Floyd Ellen Hutto Delma Jones Janis Martin Lucille Mandella Toni Mattos Vinetta Milicich Doris Mott Gary Musso Pierre Muteba Olivia Oberti Kent Osteen Theresa Parano Carole Parbst Joan Peres John Staley Consuelo Stewart Ronald Urrutia Bob Voss Garrett Wimer Barbara Ybanez 218 RELIGIOUS aw eff lnterest in private flying is nurtured by the Flying Bulldogs. They teach Hying safety, and enter in flying competition. The club is recog- nized as a corporation and has its own plane. VVitnessing the final payment for the Flying Bulldogs' new airplane are members, l. to r: John Man- ning: Jim Cone, President: Vera Grant: Steve File: Rodena C. Miller: Merle Leistner: Leonard Swanson: John Banks, Instructor: and Tim Mathews. 1 U ! I A special interest group for Japanese students on campus, this or- ganization promotes friendship through discussions, activities, and serv- ices. Each year they hold a sweetheart dance and man a booth at the Blue Key Carnival. l. to r. Rowplz Ken Kai, Ray Nagai, Bob Nakano, Glenn Nakaguchi, ,Nobu Sugisaka, Kay Watanabe, Jerry Domoto, Ernie Morishita. Row 2: Helen Tsukida, Gloria Takeda, Yuri Okada, Norma Matsumoto, Richard Nakaguclii, Arlene Abe. Ed Watanabe, Fay Yamasaki. Richard Fujikawa. Larry Abe, Gary Hamaguchi. Row 3: June Nagata, Tomoye Aoki, Lynda Watanabe, Dr. Bob Bennett, Mrs. Sue Bennett, Frank Hashimoto, Joyce Okamoto, Kate Minamoto, May Matsumura, Charlotte Kurihara. SPECIAL INTEREST 219 aa- -731 " In its third year of operation on the Fresno State Col- lege campus, Hui-O-Hawaii is a social club open to students from Hawaii and any others interested in the Islands. During the fall semester the members and their guests held a pre-Halloween dance at the home of Dr. William Wayne, and in the spring, the annual banquet featuring Hawaiian dishes. Arthur Miyashiro President Linda ,Ioy Brown Irwin Chow J:-nny Chu Noriko Dobashi Barbara Dreiling Howard Fong Julie Conf' 'IlllPlll Han George Hao Roy Kimiysuka Sandra Koyanagi E Allen Mizlino Brenda Nakano Patsy Okada Joyce Okamura Maurice Shimonishi l Sally Shimamoto Consuelo Stewart Gloria Takeda Alvin Togo Edward Watanabe SPECIAL INTEREST gimme Sawzww Under the leadership of Bill Cong, the FSC Chinese Students held their bi-monthly meetings on the first and third Thursdays. Among their many activities was the annual Thanksgiving Bowling Tournament, formal dance, and a potluck dinner at Roeding Park. The club also donates all that it can spare to the Red Cross or other worthwhile charity organizations at Christ- mas time. The Chinese Students indulge in an adequate social calendar throughout the year, but this is not their main objective. The principle aim is three- fold, to orientate Chinese students in the American style, or mode, of life, to orientate the student with Bill Gong President the college, and to teach the student to be a better., more understanding person. All Chinese students are invited to join the club, and participate in these endeavors. Jenny Chu Joy Don Nancy Don Dennis Chinn Rodney Chinn -lrwin Chow Howard Fong Julie Gong Madeline Gong J 1 , . Fall Semester officers, l. to r,: Rodney Chinn, Sllarlynn Mar, Dr. Cheng Wang advisor: ,ludy Gee, and Bill Cong, president. Roy Huen Sharlynn Mar Christine Wong Keith Wong Raleigh Wong Marianne Young. SPECIAL INTEREST 221 26426625 While there was snow from London to Mos- cow, and from Maine to Montana, California was left in the 'Lsticksw the greater part of the year. When snow finally came to the Sierras the skiing was left mainly to the rock-hoppers, mud bunnies, or those traveling ski bums who pennied they way to Shasta or Mam- moth. This year was one of clear skies and dust storms. The Ski Club members are seriously contemplating Richard Colby President plications to 1642 West Wonderland, U.S.A." For those who did get the chance to hit the slopes . . . ,uit was just like I've always dreamed," or "Oh darn! My baseln Whether it's patch hopping in Ap- ril or watcr skiing in ski pants and parka in January itls worth every min- the addition of a snow dance commit- tee in the coming year. g'Send all ap- utell . . . WJ Diane Adams Geri Agbashian Allan Asay Carol Averill Richard Ballow Evie Barnett patrick Allan Teddi Andris lNIarde-1- Bs-hrmun Cail Bethel Arthur Bowen Lynn Bruse Janet Briscoe Roger Butler Andrea Byrd Nick Castle Carol Chenault Sheri Clark Kerry Conaway Ginger Cordray 222 SPECIAL INTEREST Don Culbertson Pat Emmert Adrian Faden Lenore Fenn .lames Forden Meredith Fortune Janice Friesen Tom Gist Charles Griffin Charlotte Griswold Dennis Hammond Pat Handloss Sharon Hanley Donna Hatfield Sigrid and Linda can testify HAH work and no play makes Richfsi a had hoy . . .l SPECIAL INTEREST Gail Mann Ginny Hall Patrick Hayes Janice Helmuth Carol Hirzel Ron Hosking Gary Iida Bette Lynn James 223 Charlene ,lewett Ed Kaiser Jeanne Klauclle John King Cordon Knott Jean Kutch Constance Livingston Terry Longiano Jim Lowe John Luechauer Darrell MacDonald Thomas MacDonald Linda Mandeville Edward Munnin Cary McGowan P--ggy McNeil Richard Mgux Delores M0515-r Vice Presidents Cordon Mack, Rich Bullow and Brian Williile, focus their attention on 'llwusurnrr Pain Byrd. Gerald Nova Sigrid Ohlsson Marilyn Popa .loan Peres Cheri Petersen Darlene Ricco 224 SPECIAL INTEREST hidden! Lorrim- Roach Jam-ll Robinson in our Il0igll1lJOI'llO0d lmr. Ron Suntigiun Pam Shvvllilll Xlurilyn Sivnslian Hoy Sordi Joan Steinbruner ,Ioyw Strid Carol Sllia-his John Slllllnaker PB: Q Su 3 1 E "925"'5il? -4 'lf 11 f' Umm- 'l'0mAry ,lluli 'l'r.uiN Yu-Its' VTPVIILIIIIQ' Jann- Yan fs: ,In-X1111 'I'l1mnv Dfflrnu T0lllf'SLlIlfi Hfnlnu Wvslr-y 'l.II4'I't'rL1 XX .1551-1' Janf-I XYI1:-1-If-r ,IOJXIIIIV Zivk Cary XIIIQIQIW' 5.11115 Xxx- Q K, - , . H W SPECIAL INTEREST ,, It wusn't L1 Swiss Cllule-K. or ll mountain llimlvuuuy. it wus In-ith:-V clislunl nm' fur. but Il hr . Terry Taylor President From row, l. to r.: Jounm- Safvr, Joan Xvalle-r. Cllmrk Ajumiuu, Lum Pylv, Carolyn 'l'1'on1lu-ltu. Bark row: Boll Nr'al7 Terry Taylor, ,lim Santos, llll'llLlI4d Yun Ma-trr, Gvorgv Kuslmw, ,l0llI1 Mu- GTl1PIl, Grady Zimmerman. ze- ewzfaiaai fillU.I'll"S Griffin l'r'1-fiflmmt .lllclitll Adams vllilllllildfll' Cum-r Hirllurd lfmerziun Bill Grulw Phil OIIIPPXAIIIZIII Tom lJ0lIldt'XU'I' lion Slli,lI7LiZi11Il Stanley Sllflllliilll K:-mlvtli Kai l'l1il lNl4'l1uS 6 SPECIAL INTEREST ' o The F.S.C. Y.Rfs were primarily concerned with campaign work in 1962. A campus representative from the club was appointed for each state wide candidate. Other activities for the year included the hosting of the annual California Young Republican College Federation convention. The cluh was represented on the state hoard by Dick Crossman and ,ludy Sweetland who served as execu- tive vice president and area director respectively. The club's sponsors were professors Buckman, Matthew, and Provost. Yvaync Cinshur President Allan Asay Nancy Ashford Delores Bane Barbara Broughton Rod fiohurn Bill Colgate Ronald Copley Rnhard fro sman Barhara Dreiling: Harry Dyck Sharon Fish Lee Callaher Toni Cist Judy llalnillon Marjorie Hansen 4 rlluo Hernl liowerton l.aurene Huff Kathleen 14-'nanyan Charlene ,It'NW'll Colin Kelly Jeanne Klauclxe l.inda Koch nu 1 Betty l,ayedm'k ,lim Lowe Peter Mehas James Mcffain l.inda Miller Edward Ounjian Mary Phillips llilllll lx Jeff Samson Doreen Saylor Duane Scott Adrienne Stenart Cathy Stocks Judy Thomas Susan Thomas ldnn SPECIAL INTEREST Nl CG not to intrenched squahdered .and and beauty but to d 1 try to p ,,M,,::2ff5'W6 . -A he decided Age R' THE k'lb.E 'fix . SA5iiiv1 Dr. Beatty in his six years as athletic direc- tor developed one of the best well rounded athletic departments in the state. Bulldog teams were experiencing glean yearsit before he took over the position in 1957. In recognition of his accomplishments here at Fresno State College the Hsports divisionw of the CAMPUS is his. Eczssizfggig De. gfwzoid Z hon l: lJLlI'I'4'll lllllllbilt. Ifrr-rl l.-mis. Larry l'l0QIClFlI'OI11. ,lim Long. Crowr NIOIIIN ltiu Q 1111 Stue Ar111lx111r'l1l R1l11l1 Yollt ,lark K111 lit B111cc Sei er XX11-kvr, llgmk Rolmlmlo. lion 3: Burger .lol111so11, trainer: Fred Tuttle. 4111 1111111111 S4111 OI 111111 oe 1 11n1 Tutu Re 1 B1 id 10111141111 llumllt-y, ,lain lfaris. lirl SONKUIY. .lurk liollun, Monte Day, C4-1-il Coleman, He-ad fo.1cl1 Ron lalxofl and f erald Houscr tudt 111 1016 IP F.S.C. F.S.C F.S.F. F.S.C F.S.C F.S.C F.S.C F.S.C F.S.C. F.S.C Vlfhitworth U.C. Santa Barbara Abilene Christian Cal Poly Los Angeles State San Diego State Long Beach State San ,lose State U. O. P Montana State an 6.6.1-i",,4, . 2,7 - 3 1 e I 5. . z f 3- ie' and .MQe..iA . , ..,.,......, .. . W,.,,,,,. Q rw g MH-Mwg-Mtwkwx M rf--L-1--G--'Q-Q-.N,..,..... ..-,.. ..,.:n.. .,...x.- . J.rr-:mareas:mfrww-mw.fa-gwwwf-1--1-'mmvnufw-gm 7 X W, P - - - -Q--g.m.......s... . .....-. ... W i-..i....... ,,.. QI- -,lik ku.. L . K . -lfrw-silo Bw plum l erllll R w 2: ,lerry Allen. Doyle Keith, ,lohn Mullins. Bill Knocke. Bill Milrpliy. .lim Cross. lid Kaiser, Hike Slaglv. Jim Hedline. Bill Lilllgllllll. Paul mm J 1 Burrell: ,lon Anzilxo. lme Munson. uaterhoy. Row 4: Bob Burgess. l,ini- fiouvli: Bob Swan. Assistant line cozlvli: Dick Yan Calder, Crm Head Coach Cecil Coleman welcomed back a nucleus of returning lettermen when practice started in September. After a perfect season and a win over Bowling Green University in the Mercy Bowl, Fresno was ready to defend its CCAA Championship. With an opening win over Whitworth College, Fresno faced their first CCAA opponent Santa Barbara. Defeating Santa Barbara 36-0, the Bulldogs took their 12 game winning streak and number one Small College rating to Texas to battle Abilene Christian. The Bulldogs met more than they 'expected and were defeated 26-14. Recovering from the shock of a loss, Fresno recovered to overpower Cal Poly 51-6, and Los Angeles State 26-0- Fresno then moved into San Diego territory to do battle with the Aztecs of San Diego. With the help of the fog, San Diego handed Fresno their first CCAA loss in 22 games. Long Beach State caught Fresno on the rebound and received a 50-0 loss. Mighty San ,lose State was next on the Bulldog schedule. Fresno returned home from the prune city with a 20-14 victory. U.O.P. moved into Fresno with the feeling of victory, but the Tigers had a long ride home with an 18-13 defeat at the hands of the Bulldogs. Montana State came a long way to play a football game and they played good enough to defeat the Bulldogs 23-22. QMWMW' t""""""ll1m.,. '11 li-wk! fflwusoli it-lil li0tl1'll or li.1i,.i1' ,lolinson 'ilI'LlllIL'I' I-wk Adler ,l.V. C0ilI7ll 232 Holm Biirgn-ss, Line Coach V' 'X ,av Cecil Coleman, Head Coach wllhis class of seniors has left a record Q26 wins and four lossesj which would be a challenge for anyone. We are all proud of them and of their accomplishments. They also should be quite proud and l am sure they aref' In capsuling this season Coleman said, '4All three of our losses this year could have gone either way and right to the end this team never quit. They gave the coaches heart failure and fans a lot of thrills. I think we have a good nucleus of soph- omores and juniors returning. We definitely don't think next year will be a rebuilding year, and we don't want the players to feel that way either." Ron lskoff and Gerald Houser Student Coaches -r .--- Wat. 3: .Q-1 at, - . . f . I... . fillet liogolioom, liqilipriieiil Manager Boll Swan, Assistant Line Coach ' PM 5 cl Q jf K K, vL, V A Y h R Cvnv IJIHHVQ' IJLIITCII Dunbar Bill Rlllflillf iltlv Jwrry Alle-n gains agminst thc- big U.0.P. line. Tllllllhilll or-s down. 2 l llus unvum M1 Il llu lull ldIIlI'l'? l'lu1'r1-lt Iilllf-1llll'g1I'LlllS on Ilw lull 1 IIIIKI 234 ,l1ll'lQ,1lIll you lor-wt tlu' IllK'Illf' gg. ,.....- lum-lm? lxillll Wi:-lu-r llus unyonv found my COIIILIUI lm 'ou-1' fN10rriQ 4 ng nmows for u gain. lid Somers Ralph X ork Bill Knocks Nan Calder thrown for a loss. John Mullins JH. nxnk:-s Ll grub for the hull c'ur'rivr. Curtvr is over for u I0lIf'lldOWI1 4, 5 Q f9'Q?'ff5im3W??f' El Y my H ,. Il 'K 1 lm ' A Kd ' ' Kaiser mf-1 I W I, 8 Q L 'M-gf 1 Faris Le-wis pulls one down. w i f: Jim Cross i"Al .S 'N '11 QV f 1 N' X fi A , .rlv lj 1 A. iff V M. Vw, 5 AW Juvk Bolxun i if I ' 1 X N . v ' i ,K f' 'z , ..w.....- Ag 3? Barn-tt and KIlllt'kl' rnuke- ll stop fi - . - Divk Yau Cu f-42 Doyle' Km-itll - ' ' F N113 UIIIX , K I J Q, .- I' , 2, AV.: 'Q 5 7 uf' A I Ummm lcl pw I ' Bl'll1'!' Srlivrl Stvw ,Mwmllumwllt Hvnry Kohl:-do hlvr 7 -Amend 8 lack Knight AP Little All Coast Hon- oralrle Mention, All CCAA Second Team. Ion Anabo AP Little All Coast Second Team, All CCAA First Team, Player in All American Bowl, Co-Captain, Most Deserving Back, signed with the Cleve- land Browns. Montie Day AP Little All Coast Second Team, AP Little All Ameri- can Honorable Mention, All CCAA First Team. Mil-ze Slagle All CCAA Second Team, Most Inspira- tional Player. J. R. Wlillizuns AP Little All Coast First Team, AP Little All American Third Team, Play- er in Shrine East-West Game, All CCAA First Team, Top Defensive Play- ers, signed with the New York Giants. 70 ' - ,Quad W 'L A if if . . 0 Bvuu Curlvr D M lllltlv All Loust NNI lc un U . , . llllln- All .'xIllt'I4if'llll H0l10I'LlllII'AIPIIHOTI. CWQNK Sn-cond T:-am. Bill Ulllgzlllill Co-Captain, Most Dvsc-rving I.inr-man. Y W P' I W and - A 6 ,, Q" " V AP1.i1rlf- :XII llunft 1'llJIl0l'Lllllt' KIA'Illi0I1. in 9 41 1 , A IA-lI'I'j I'UQf'ISII'0ITl All Ll,-XX lwrft lf-am. Jan Bzlrrvll M' litlln- -XII C0-wt l'iiINI Yl'l"lIll -Xl' Llllln- All ,'xIHt'I'll'L1Il Bm-uml If-um. 'l2V""Y' UN f.f.X,-X Nhvond Tc-mu lglllfxli Vllll Cnwn Rav Puvkers. Ai mg., .lim lung UI KKIXX 5:-1111111 'l'f'LlI1l. 239 ' an 661414 Fresno State College fielded its best water polo team in the sport's brief history at FSC to finish with a record of seven victories and eight losses. The team was paced by Tony Ateneio, leading scorer and most valuable player, Dennis Bledsoe, second leading scorer, and Captain Ross Fitzgerald. Possibly the team's finest hour came in a 19-44 victory over Cal Poly. It was the Bulldogls second game of the day, having played a strong San ,lose State team that morning. Another highlight was a 19-5 trouneing of San Fernando Valley State with star forward Tony Atencio equalling his own school record with seven goals in one game. The Bulldogs also defeated San Diego State in conference play, losing to Long Beach State, Los Angeles State, and Santa Barbara. Coach Ara Hairabedian lxont 1 w l 1 Scott Bill Ryder, Cary Sllafler, Tony Ateneio, llwigllt llanlvr, ,l0llI1 Edwards, Hal Ht-vener, David Strong. Back row: Bill W'l1ipple, Ave n xsttn I I Dennis Bledsoe, Captain Ross Fitzgerald. Dave Mefflure, Leonard Duck. and ldrank Butler. 14 'mwl'5 , Conlicf Ivor Hoffman makes u sawn. Leading scorvrs, Tony Atenvio and Dennis Bledsoe. Blvdsm- pussvs olf to H111 IiFYt'IlPI' ' pface ' Al Davis, Joe Herzog, Jerry Nvvgley, Rick Dahlgren, Spike Biggers, Kf'n Kc-mmerer, Larry Dorsey. I A 4 Coach Dutch Wfarmcrdam Cilf'0kS timvs. Leading runners Rick Dahlgren and Spike Biggers littdit- lluvie-s. H0 at 66,-4,-if' '4Always the bridesmaid, never the bridef' is how Coach Max Kimberly summed up the 1962-63 wrestling season for FSC. The team placed second in the Northern California Tournament, second in the CCAA league meets Q5-lt, and second in the CCAA Tourna- ment, but finally broke the jinx by winning the Pacific Coast College Tournament. The team won their share of individual championships. Led by ,loe Rossi, Eddie Davies, Roy Stuckey. and Don Nelson. they com- piled a record of 85 wins and 33 losses. and l tie. Kimberly is expecting bigger and far better things from next yC31',S squad. Kimberly had the finest freshman team on the coast. Now that he has made Fresno State known as ai big time wrestling college, the championship teams still be here to stay. Ll XX und Nortln-rn tfrtlifornitt tflmntpionsliips rtolmli srfnw-s it point on at luke down. ' lov Rossi. l5T tflf'X,X. l' tlltnrnpionsliips and s--wontl NtlI'Illt'I'Il Qfnliforttigt. 4 wotfw 44 Roy Stuckey, 123 Allen Bertoldi, 147 CCAA, PCC, PCI, and Nortlwrn California Championships. Ouch I Al Uribe, 147 Ron Wagoner, 137 FI'6'S1llIlllI1 '11Q'llHl members. Stew ,l01li1llSOll, Eric C1lf1SIf'llSl'Il, and Bob Jacobson. Couch Kimberly C0llgII'1l1ll1il1l'S Eddie Davivs on his iinv year of wrestlin Don Ne-Ison, 177 CCAA, NOI'11lf'Tll Calif., PCC Clmmpionships. Dah' M4-Nulmlm, 191 mr F. Hon Bush, 157 'Wutvh wlwrv your foot is." 4 77icW,m'4 ' ww Front ron: ,lolmny fil'l'4'Il. Ken Alerisen, Yern Tevriz. Marty Sllfllill. Aloe Cragg. Tom lfriarte, lfddie Crm-en. and'yXX'11it.Sf-mmf row: Couch llarry M1 er Xxiflfbily Smith. .loc fllmppell. Tony Burr, Ron Neff. Maurice 'I'tilbot, Toni Jacobsen. and Tom McFerson. 246 Coach Harry Miller has brought his second CCAA Title to Fresno State in the three years that he has been coaching here. The team brought many thrilling moments to the fans, and some more gray hairs for Miller. With one game left in league play, Fresnois one game lead over San Diego State looked safe. But, Cal Poly was more determined to win the last game of the season and they did manage to win by one point f65-6flfl. Fresno fans saw a playoff game with San Diego coming up. But, Fresno slipped into the championship through the back door, because as they were losing to Cal Poly. UC at Santa Barbara was beating San Diego State. This gave FSC its second CCAA in two years. The NCAA District 8 playoff games were held in the Fresno State Gym. San Francisco State, Chapman, UC at Santa Bar- bara, and Fresno State were the teams participating. Chapman defeated SF State, and FSC defeated UCSB in the first rounds. FSCB routed SF State for third place. ln the final game, Fresno out hustled Chapman to win the trip to the NCAA National Finals in Evansville, lndiana. The team found lndiana weather cold and so was Fresnois shooting. The ,lackrabbits of South Dakota defeated FSC 184-- 71 l. South Dakota went on to win the NCAA Championship. 10:11 Jacohseii. First lf-inn CCAA. 756 2 ZZ Saafzee ...............L'niv. of Arizona................. ..............Arizona State l'niv................. . .... lvniv. of Portland . .... l'niv, of Portland . . . . . .... San Jose- State . .. .. . .Sacramento State.. . . ...... Alumni ..... . . ..... Sacramento State. . . . . ........ lvniv. of Pacific ...... 100 . . .San Fernando Valley State. . . . ..... U.C., Santa Barbara. .. . ..... San Diego State. . . . .... Long Beach State . . . . Chapman . .... Los Angeles State. . . . . ...Univ. of Pacific. . . .. . ...Cal Poly YSLOSP... . ....... Westmont ....... . . ....... '. . Redlands ........ . . . . . .San Fernando Valley State. . . . . . ..... U.C., Santa Barbara ...... .. . ..... San Diego State .... . . . . .Los Angeles State. . . . . . . .Long Beach State. . .. . ...CalPoly lSL0l... . ....... Chapman ...... . . ..... U.C., Santa Barbara. . . . Chapman .. . . .South Dakota State. . .. Won 21-Lost 8 lAll Gamesl Won 20-Lost 8 lffollegiate Games Onlyl rr' ll01'4 tht- 'licxas S 4 N1llllI'll'4' T:1l1101. lfirst T1-11111 CCAA. 75? 3 S 3 Name G FCA FG Pct. FTA FT Pct Reb. Burr, Tony 28 316 127 367 2530 176 765 253 Tallnot, M. 28 31-2 150 ,-109 211 11-5 687 275 Jacolnsen, T. 28 321 153 .-l-77 112 75 670 187 Neff, Ron 26 251 111 .2153 111 97 688 219 Grvene, Eflcliv 27 190 72 .379 32 21 656 77 Greenv, 101111 23 78 30 .385 28 16 571 52 lV1CFers0n, T. 23 79 28 .351 20 6 800 -4-0 Cllappa-ll, .106 25 38 10 .263 31- 20 588 50 Tvvriz, V1-rn 10 111- 6 .f1-29 11 8 727 8 Uriarte, Tom 6 14- 5 .357 7 7 1.000 . wrait. Larry 12 15 2 .133 5 4- 800 8 McCallum. V. 2 1- 2 .500 2 0 000 0 Gragg. Joe -1- 2 1 .500 3 2 667 0 Jensvn, Ken 5 1- 2 .500 . 0 000 2 Colvin. Bill 1 5 1 .200 0 0 000 1 Sharp. Marty 1 7 0 .000 2 2 1.000 5 Smith. Woody' 1 1 0 .000 0 0 000 1 T1-am Rebounds 260 PF 105 9 1 74 60 4-0 4-9 38 11-5 9 10 1 1 1 0 2 2 9 0 TP -130 4-25 381 319 165 76 62 4.0 20 17 3 fl. 4. 4. 2 2 0 Ave. 15.4- 15.2 13.6 12.3 6.1 3.3 2.7 1.6 2.0 2.8 0.7 2.0 1.0 0.8 0.5 0.5 0.0 FSC Totals 28 1710 691 .406 834 552 .689 14-22 560 1961 70.0 Opp, Totals 28 1781 650 .362 735 478 .650 124-0 622 1778 62.7 'l"1l11ol 111111 111111 11111 111 11-110111111 11111-111111. N611 out jumps Cll111p11111n player Tony Burr. First Tr-urn CC.-XA. Q-ff smrvs two against Long Beach. Yvru lakes five. NX hafs going on up tlwrc? Ifxvxnsm- mv, says Tom: 4 Jac looks on as Burr and Talbot fight for a rebound. I 965 It takes two to tango Xvllo shot thc' bull? liddiv Crm-n warms up. ..- rr l1l'iI1gs4lmsn Ll rm-bound. Do you f-wr fr-e-l likv L1 Kangaroo? Thru tcarn gms rf-adv to luke a quicktrip to Indiana. Q-1' Say. you clroppvd sonlvthing ' QC Q.: 1 "-Q cb. 'Qi 736 Wm W6 14 D A scene of the :lotion ul the NCAA T0llI'H21lllf"l1l, Frvsno i1,!,i1illSl UC ut Santa Barbara. Maurice Talbot, All Tournamf-nt Team. Green scores two against Chapman zmmgw mmvmmp Ron Neff Z Tournament Most Valuable Player Coach Millvr accepts vlmmpionslmip trophy from Dr. loyal FSC starting five for the tournament. 4 ape 74 WWW 14 661414 ' Coach Beiden will have trouble this year trying to fill the posi- tions that were left with the graduation of such outstanding players as: Terry Banderas, Jerry MacDonald, Ron Schiller, Bobby Paull, Jerry Pritchett, Bob Bonomini, and Butch Dollar. Beiden will have outstanding pitching with Ed Hite, Bucky Hoover, Vigil Deflcorge, and Dennis Shaves returning. ln the hitting department Stan Bledsoe, Tom Sornmers, Jim Wolfsberger, and Frank Hashimoto will be returning to swing their big bats. Last year's freshman team will have an inHuence on the varsity roster. ,lim Williams, Phil Mastagni, Manuel Fagundas, and Katsu Shitansishi will be lighting it out with the returning lettermen for the starting positions. Coach Pete Beiden Don Tamburro Wayne Hironaka Basil Perch Student Coach Assistant Coach Student Coach I Nw.. Dick Allan First Base Ed Hite Frank Hashimoto Pitcher Outfield '.-wht, L Rich Reese Shortstop Dave 1Bucki Hoover Tom Sommers Pitcherw Third Base Beiden, Hironaka, and Sommers practice infield. Vigil Defleorge Pitcher Dick Ruth -Outfif-ld Jerry Rooser Olltflffid Miki- lilorday Cutclier loin N11 I vrwoll Pm hu Ron Itskoff Woody Smith Trainer l'iil'sl Bust' I hal NIINILIQIIII lluli Huw 1 ..- Sillllilff Pitvllvx' gmuul IFLIQUII Om tim-ld Kfurv 1 I du .f-ttf ln-.115 ll mul lm .1 llll. Jim XK'YiHii1lI1S Sllortstop 44.4710-, ,fl A N D1-nnis Shaws Pitrhvr , .qw Em? fm Wu Ke-11 Hoyt Sf-cond Basra CMH' Kililll Ilitf'lII'T TPrry HPizPnrader First Base Katsu Shitzmishi Outfivld 9. .23 r f V L ,,, 1 . , ::. 4 K fx 1, ' x Jim Wolfsberger fjlllfivlli 2 im kj MV. ,A Cary Clretts 5 A Kutsu gots u hit in one' of the' first 'fume-s. :NL -, Y ' D ,,'m.5 . Frank Raia Sllortstop fAllll'lll'I' Umm-y Belli Outh:-ld Louis fxyultm- 1ii1ll'llf'I' 9 6 Rich Rees Third Base Mike Weaxfer Outfield Stan Bledsoe Second Base Dick Ruth beats it out for a single wedge 9 O Front row: Mike McNally, Bill Nordstam, Steve Beals, Doug Terrell, George Rocker, Terry Cress Back Row Wavne Huber, Henry Kubow, Gerald Long, Richard Everzian, Dennis Samonian, Mark Scaramella, and Bob Mazmanlan Fresno State's Tennis Team should im- prove over last year's poor showing. With- out the help of scholarships or funds for aide, the team is lucky that it even has tennis balls for their matches. With the help of some Junior College transfers, returning lettermen, and Cap- tain Terry Cress, the team hopes are high for the CCAA title. ual' George Rooker W' emziaeczm -v-.....,,M. ,M Doug Terrell Dennis Samonian ...A 1 ii Z I ' Mike McNally Steve- Beals 756 Front row: John Kings. Dirk Yun Cvlcler. Hal Hehenvr. Bill Horgans, Bill Ryder. Toni Ateneio. and Drive Strong. Sf-voml ION in e Jzfl llellrr Ross Fitzgerald. Doug Pvurglin. llurlunfl Barlllolonieis. ClllIf'li Tomerlin, and Dwight Painter. This is the year for swimming at FSC. Coach Ara Hair- abeclian has one of the powerhouses in the CCAA. If Fres- no Can get by Long Beach State, the college will have a championship in swimming. The team has broken many school records so far in the early season meets. Hairabedian has trained the boys so they will he in top shape lor the league meet. ring flOLli'l1 .lohn iiroslwy. lhxvv Wlriglit untl lou asm., .A 'K 'WW ,ts 51.53.45 . ,L V - ikV.1..X tlsriagigg E , : : 5, H' ' , . ff, ,V A so s lm l , .,.,. V V ' 'K v ,. z:z.szr"'s '--' vw V: 1' ' - 'A::V .P -V s , . .:: :: - f. - -I -- : 1 gS"K'?914iuLIV .. .-3,5 , .,,. s,.1A.qjj j' 'L . :sx,ffV,'1"s V ' , . W,L,,. V '- . 4 X' V - A V.. ' ' - 'V ' V V--., QQQEKEKVV L - W W 'l l K K X Si.: pi' H' - Wx. ' . -fV V .V A ' K' . . ' SKK If in-1? 4 QT K, K1 1-1.sPVg2lHils2ise1.t1xl315- ,. K V 'V . ' "P - , ,, 7 , E ii , .5 g ,L,. 1, V V 3 .V ' . VV , ., ' W. A V .,L,., V ,AV . A A. .1, s,2auitaf5ffgVsfffr1.wF,.:11ff2- .E ?fQa2af2tx24sgwz.. ,:5ss1Sx'3VfszffQ '- - k: ,?'55'W -Q A A- ' , tm' K .Vim tg255i5gQgtr5g5f5gf?g.Hg.l5g3AgQgQiglWVTKi5sK4maJ"K 1 VA.?T,l.j ' . . wt ?4'Egg :15s'::x-'?-".- .. .. V 5 Q51351152153252ffifT55igsSs'ry,,3,uI ..,,,,,VM. Mkimww,WV,VV.m.q,s.f,p .,,.,g'ji5,g,g,it5, . Jw -AM, s P392 2 ffVfggMg35mAs1..Q.f1 .o H5.V.,..,k5,:v,5 W K A VA K LN., ,Ax . ., V . mm A .- V- M ,sw .T qt Af21.fg.g4gggs1Vt1V.-V51 ' .A ,. VVV-V Mwwmsgstw, 5-V15 V. V. ms, tw. ,L -VMM7 -, 1, : ags f' . AQMNV Wgjfggg- as 1 - V- -as H ..V, tx ----- . " ' ' im ksxsi . .1535 ygggq, .,.,..,. f3.'tAjijgV "" s"A-M-INA 'L if' .Ji L: . fV. V V f'1""rxsA nits A V., - J' A WK ' K. 131911553355 5? 57 iUKf.llfi5iAfUfIii'HK4 .5A.i1 , 5:5'VK'f'K",'fsfZfZs3t.r'V--VfKfSfV.K Lf' K K'Ki'27'KVf, VWK5 "" QXWWKV ' V""' '-' . K' 1 .. w't'5 J L' IPEFVKKf5KKl99SlE?l5l51Ei:W-:Vf:'f-KKLK5975? .ggoish gxk3gV,,Vs,L "F:,:iIff: -Vw .Af :fm -V-- ' Hifi? Y'kk -ts-M1 V wes-i5 wV.. V. .- l1K ' 'Ki 52fK?3f7Hf5Kfi5iKf gj1s3, ' V , -- 'ff waz: V221.,s.ssfMQgVV..V1tz o'WSatV14.-Wwe-.t1.: i-.ts l f-:f',A1t,,iw4 - -iii' A . 'Vi .w.:V..V V:-:L-: sr- , A .f J .1-Vt -V Vt!lvV-.L VV V.: .V Ms 'firm'-A '-f.-:. ,,.. -Vt:--tw V- V:-V-er. - V "H 2-:'-uf .f igs 3 V , , V, t - to V H , L' V -V A ,.,. '- . V LL"- ' -' . Y L' - - V ro -V ,ww ' . . . -H . X 2 f ww: V. SEQ.. VV--VV- V--V Vu, W, V. A .mm V:-My -V .V.s,.t, fV - K, . .. '- f 122: swf..-y 'WVMQ' fWf5ifUH25wV f' .01-f:,LV '.t l-.Q Q i-kffsbw Boy, that water looks cold! Bill Ryder executes a smooth twister from the 3 meter board. llavc lvrigltl pm-rforms the flifllcult buck 15 sommersault pikt' position. My feet are stuck, Help 264 ' Wow 74'-'wwzfw 661414 ' The man with the big smile on his face at FSC is track coach Dutch Warmerdam. He has a reason to be smiling. With some outstanding ,IC transfers and returning lettermen, he has one of the better track teams on the coast, and there are some powerhouses out here. If early season times are an indication of things to come, Fresno State could be well represented at the NCAA Champion- ship Meet in June. Fresno is a favorite to Win the CCAA Cham- pionship. The team will be strong in the sprints, broad jump, shot put, discus, and the relays. Some of the outstanding ,IC transfers are Sid Nickolas and Marv Bryant, Vallejo, Mickey Murry, COS, Sam Workman, Taft, Charles Craig, FCC, and Bill Allen, Hartnell. U1 E I 2 O '1 F E 5. I -1 ft S32 '41 in ., N D : Q- C' -x O C9 Q- 's-4. C-' E 'F ATE Rich Dahlgren and Spike Biggers, mile and two mile. Coach Dutch YYar1nerdam. Frank Pollovk, pol? vault. Sid Nickolas, sprints, rvlays, and broad jump. 266 med 7?65 f Marv Bryant, Sprints and relays. Nliwkvy xlllffily. flmt I-1xt.j:1u-lirx.ullddisvlli. Om- of lhv haml XNUI'k0llIN giwn by XYAi1FIIlt'Fdlll'l'l. Illlillh' R1'l1lnr1lu11'h, lmllrdlvs and sprxnli Nu n V ll XXmk1n.m l1.1mlstl1m- baton lo Bill Hum-kv 6 6 Sid Nickolas, state JC low hurdles champ, wins his first racn- for FSC. Churlvs Craig, sprinls, broad jump, und tripiv jump. Hivk DilhlQlI'l'Il lwals out Spiks- Biggvrs in thc mile run. Both nu-n uw dislanvr I'llHlll4I'S for FSC. . . W 74 . Fore! is the word that is most often spoken around a golf course. But, this is not the case when the FSC golfers are on the greens. It usually sounds like, 'lsirman got a birdie on the third, ninth, and fourteenth holes, Culver shot an eagle on tl1e seventeenth, and Walton shot a 69?" Coach Larry Pape has brought another pow- erhouse to FSC. It has been the custom to win golf championships and this year's squad should not fail to win its share. Front row: Coach Larry Pape, lid Ross, Petr- Culver, and Doug Johnson. Second row: Terry Hogue, John Sirman, Cary Mariani, and Eric Walton. John Sirmun tees off. Doug Johnson wishes he were a bird. 269 Cary Muriuni uses his 9 iron. lZI'l4' Wlxlton plays in tha- sand 27 Terry Hoguc is ready to tee off. lid Ross chips to the green P:-lr Culver putts. I lzddie and his wife, Donna, reflect on past activities and honors. aftde His coach describes him as, 'SHaving the faculty of knowing wrestling better than any other wrestler in present collegiate wrestlingfl His wife describes him as "a hard worker, a good father, and a considerate husbandf' The Campus describes him as 4'The Cam- pus Athlete of the Yearf' tThis is the first of what is hoped to be an annual eventj. Eddie Davies was born and raised in Fresno, He attended Fresno High, Fresno City College, and now he is a candidate for graduation in June at FSC. Eddie and his wife, Donna, have been married for years, and have two future wrestlers, Eddie Lili and Danny Besides wrestling, he also enjoys hunting, fishing, and his new sport, golf. Eddie's wrestling record is something of which to be proud. His over all record is 90 wins and 1 loss. In high school, he won the league championship, and These are the two trophies of which Eddie is most proud. Little Eddie takes his father down for the count. placed fourth in the state meet. At FCC, he won the Cal Poly Tournament twice, the league championship twice, and the State J.C, Championship twice. Here at FSC, he has won CCAA Championship twice, was named the Most Valuable Wrestler in the CCAA Tournament twice, and the PCI twice. His only loss was in the NCAA quarter finals last year. 271 7ewlex - Abou-Chorra, 1brahimf20 Addicott, Irwin-9 Adler, Jack-232 Alhright, YV. Donaldfll Anderson, Myronf1T Angell, Melvinf11 Austin, l'illisf14- Ballou, Stephen+21 Barnhart, Kenneth-23 Barnes-122, 123 Bassett, lfarlf44, 45 Bathurst, Leonard-'21 Beard, C. Nohle-22 Beatty, Harold-'17 Beatty. XV. C.-19 Beiden, Peter-254 Bell, .lesse T.-12 Bennett, Boll-219 Bevill, Vincent-23 Bigelow, Marion-17 Bigge, Morris-21 Biggerstaff. Warren-22 Bird, C. Wesley-15 Bliss, William-13 Hoolsen, Frank-13 Braun, 0. 111.112 Bremner, Raymond-22 Brewster, Marjorief21 Brigham, 'l'homasf18 Burriss, lXIerlvnf23. 44 Ba.-gt-SS, Itotitli-tf17'. 231, 232 Burtner, Dalef22 Camphell, Howardf23 Llanales. .lose-18 Carr. .lohn-20 Cr-hrs, flharlesf23 Ciula, Richard-22 Cohh, Gwendolyn-18 Cole, Chester-22 Coleman. Cecil-11. 43, 230, 232 Colwr, W'aynef15 Cooper. Arnoldg20 Cord, Williamf15 Crosby, .lohn-22, 263 Dandoy, Maxima-21 Davis, 1riingg212 Davis, Viola-107 Delaney, Verne-16 Dt-tar, William-12 De-ttinger, Donald-13 Dienstr-in, William-18 Wwlez 0 ' ' 27 AWS-46 A Cappella Choirf121 Agrieul ture lil:-t-ltanics Clnh-196 Alpha Gamma Rho-164 Alpha Kappa Psif184 Alpha Xi Delta-148 Angels I-'light-197 Baker Hallf140 Board of Athletic Control-4, Board of Directors-45 Board of Fine Artsf44- Board of Puhlicationsf44 Bookstore Committee-38 Blue Key Fraternityf181 Cafeteria Committe-eY39 California Park and Recreation Societyf209 Campus-134 Canterbury-215 Chi Alpha-215 Chinese Students Club-221 College "Y"-214 Collegianf132 Concert Band-123 Dairy Club-193 Date Committee441 Delta Gammaf150 Delta Sigma Phi-160 Delta Zetaf152 O I O Donaldson, .lolm-22 Dowler, Lloyd-12 Doyle, Katherine-17 Dunning, Wlilliam-13 Duke, John-15 Elgorriaga, ,losef191 lirvin. Roger-3, 22, 44, 175 lirans. .lohnf12 Falk, Doris-20. 44- Falk. Karl-18 Pikes, .lamesf21 Fisk, McKeefv14- Foin, Owen-23 lfrieker. Henry-21 Gaona. Yenaneio-191 Gaylord. l'idwardf23 Gleason, Keunetl1f232 Graham. llertuanflii Cymer. R0gLt'r+22, 128 Haitttlntelt. David-21 llairahedian, Araf2-40, 263 llalper. Donald-14 Ilamptou. Holter!-14 llanner. ,l, l"lintf1i', 43, 45 llarton. .lohn-21 lit-rhert. ,lohn-16 lligzglins. l"ratt4'isf23 llixson. Floyd-12 llolder. Wttyttt'-20 llolmtts. A. XY,-45 lltmt-s. X ernonf23 llouland. Russell--16 llttnt. Klattriet-f21 l'lupprit'h. Mahelfli Ilgl. f,t'0rt:e+45 ingles, l.loydf20 Jt'nst'n. Claw-tire-12 .lolmsoln l3irg1erf17, 231, 232 Jones. Hurry li.-11, 43 Joyal. Atnoldfli, 102, 253 Kallam, John-18 Kallo. R0hertg22 Kauffman, Ge0rgf'f22 Deseret-217 DirectoryV131 Drama Cluhf21O lilevtion Committee-32 Engineering! Clulvf211 Epsilon Pi Tau-186 Fire House-133 Fencing Chth-226 Flying Bulldogs-219 Forensic Club-206 4-H Cluhf192 Freshman Ex. Committee-65 Graves Hall-142 Health Committee-42 Human Hall-144 Horticulture Club-196 Huieo-Hawaii Club-220 lndustrial Arts Clnhf204- Interfraternity Council-14-7 Inter-Hall CotmoilA138 Intervarsity Christian Fellowshipf212 Junior Class Fx. Committee-69 ,lnrtior Panhellenicf146 Kappa Alpha Theta--154 Keck, Howardf12 Kimberly, Maxf245 Kipps, Thomasf23 Lalxarre, Anthony-23 Larralmee, Carlton-15 Larsen, Leland-12 lot-avenworth, Russell-15 Leavitt, George-20 l.eslie, Glenn-21 l,indly, l'ldith+21 Lindquist, Stanley-20, 107 Lombard. Edwin-23 l,out'. l'lerhertf23 Lyon, l'larl-15 Madden. Harrison-20 Madden. Henry-10, 42 Margosian, Art-43 Matthew, Virgil-44 Xlefllintic, .losephf20 Mrffotnas, W'ay11ef13 Molloy, Ralph-20 Miller. Harry-246. 253 Miller, Marthaf41 Miller, YVilliamf22 Mudge. l,ouis+45 lllltllenix. Grady-14 Murphy, .lost-phf21 Mnsselman. Darwin-16 Nt-lsen, Clairf18 Xoakes. Ceollrey-13 Otlorler. Adolphi16 Odorfer, lfllaf16 Pape, l.aurenf'ef1T, 269 Perry. .loseph-23 Pt'trut'r'i. Vincent-12, 195 Pierson. Alyinf14 Piston, lid-43. 44, 45 l'ow-tl, Frankf20, 45 Rea, Ralph-16 lives, Bryant-20 Riehards, Hervert-23 Rippey, Andrewf21 Rolvinson. lfthelf23 Rohrer, Helen-14 Rojas. Carlosf15, 191 Rose, Carlttnegl3 Kappa Delta Pi-189 Kappa Kappa Gamma-156 Kappa Phrateres-178 Kappa Sigmaf166 lramlrda Chi Alpltaf162 l.e Cerele l"rant'ais-e204 l.il1rary Conimitteef42 lrittlt' Sisters of Minerva-170 Majorr-ttesf124 Marching Band-122 Mixed Cl1oir+12O Mu Phi Epsilon-191 Nesei-219 Newman Cluh4218 Nursing Cluhg202 Omicron Sigma Pif205 Orehesisv206 Ort-hestraY123 Orientation Committee-33 Panht-llenicf14-6 Phi Mu Alpha Sinloniaf190 Phi Mu-158 Phi Sigma Tauf187 Pi Fpsilonf188 Pi Gamma Muf183 Police Unit-182 Pre-Dental-226 Pnhlic lnlormation Committee44-3 Rousek, Edwin-12 Sample, Ernily-17 Sample, Fannief20 Sehorling, Horace-13 Seltrot-tt-r, lfrank-13 Sehwartz, Marvyn-10 Scott, Frederic-22 Selkirk, Robert-12 Shaeklt-tt, Kohert-22 Shafer, Heli-nf15 Sheehan, Paulf15 Sheufeld, Nathani2O, 111 Shepard, Bernardilfi, 43 Sherman, Hohart-14 Sltoc-kleY, James-22 Smith, Dorothy-15 Smith. Wlallaeefsi Sparks, Riehard-21, 107 Spraker. Christinefl3 Staehler, Arthur-20 Stamhaugrh, Lt. lfol. lCdgarf103 Stanley, Georgt-f22 Svenson, Karl--3. 151. 44 Taylor, Clmrles-23 Ti-nney. lCdwarclf20 illhontpson, Shirley-17 illidyntan. Claytotifli 45 'l'0t't'ltio, Of'1l!K'l0'18 Ttteller, Dallasflil Upholtl, Bill-15 Vt-rdugo, William' -12 Walker, Phillip-23 Wang. Clie-ng-18 Xklartlle, Orrin-9 Warlnt't'rlatn. liornelitts-242 XYat:'rmati, Ruth--11 Watts. Phyllis-81 Waytte. w'illiatnf14 Wlteatott. Herhert-15 Wltitfield. lCarlf10, 44, 45 Wilcox. 0rley+21 Wild. lfrttvst-11' Wiley, l"raneis-19 NYilson. Donalda23 Wilson. Cordon-11. -11. 45 xvitllff. .lamr-sf16 Yi omat-k. I-Innis-22 Woodxxiek, Keithf20 1Yriglil, 101111423 Public Relations Cornrnitteef37 Rally Committee-34 Rally Girlsf124 Rodeo Club-194 Roger W'illiamsf216 Sigma Alpha l'Ipsilonf168 Scholarship Committee-41 Senior Class lix. Committee-71 Service for lnternational Students-36 Sigma Chi-171 Sigma Delta Chi-192 Sigma Delta Pi-191 Sigma Nu-174 Ski Cluh-222 Sophomore Ex. Committee-67 Sophomore Service Society-130 Student Courtf40 SCTA-198 SWAC-179 Theta Chi-176 Varsity "F"-208 Viticulgure Cluli-195 Vllhols Who-114 WHA-207 Yell Leaders-125 Young Republicans-227 Batchg Adams, Chris-72, 150, 170, 197 Adams, Hugh-72, 107, 116, 181 1190, 208 Q Adrian, ,lan-72, 212 Ahronian, Richard-72, 176, 187, 211 Allen, ,lerry-231, 233, 237 Allan, Patrick-72, 168, 198, 214, 218, 222 Allen, Terry-72, 71, 94, 105, 107, 168, 181, 204- Ana'10, ,lon-117, 230, 238 Anderson, Terry-72, 117, 188, 198 Anderson, ,ludyH72, 156 Arakelian, Buddy-72, 166 Asay, Gene-72, 222, 227 Ashcraft, Janet-72, 215 Athey, Mary Sharlene-72 Atkinson, Jerry-72, 186, 204 Avedisian, ,loan-72 Aye rs, Beve rley-72, 198 Azarian, Alex-72, 183 Badert Baird, Baker, scher, Stan-72, 190 Thomas-72, 184 B. Duane-72 Balding, Cary-72 Ball, Sheldon-72, 160, 186, 204 Ball, Stanley-72, 160 1 Ballow, Richard-171, 184, 222, 224 Banks, .1 ohn-219 Barclay, Bev-72, 150, 170, 202 Barnett, Evie-72, 150, 198, 222 Barrett, ,lan-118, 230, 234, 239 Barsaminian, Bruce-72, 184 Bartram, Joanne-72, 198 lor, Charle-SH72, 211 237, Battcher, Lowell-72, 186, 204 Bava, Philip-72, 160, 195, 196 Bean, Becky-72. 148, 207, 209 Beard, Kay-72, 189, 207 Beauregard, Don-71, 72, 132, 147, 171, 192 Beem, George-72 Behrman, Mardee Ann-72, 152, 209, 222 ' Bergman, Bonnevieve-72, 198, 212 Bergman, Karen-73, 202 Berke, Valerie-73, 158 Bernhauer, Beverly-73, 150, 198 Berryhill, Virginia-73, 197 Bertelsen, Kent-73, 187 Bertoldi, Allen-243, 244 Bethell, .lohn-215 ' Betterton, Sandy-73, 202 Bier, Gerald-73, 192 Biggers, Spike-242, 265 Bird, Bruce-73, 166 Bitting, Barbara-70, 73, 154 Blanchard, Norma-73, 198 Blanton, Ronaldw73, 186, 188, 204 Bledsoe, Dennis-73, 146, 204, 1240, 241 Bobo, Ralph--73, 212 Bohan, ,lack-230, 236 Bohrman, David-73, 212 Bone, Pat-191 Bonilla, Margaret-73 Bonner, Jeanine-73, 197, 204 Booth, ,lames-473, 176 Bonner, Jeanine-139 Borth, Janet-73, 198 Boswell, Edward-73, 171 Bowen, Arthur-73, 222 Bowser, Rose Anne-73, 152, 178 Boyles, lrvin-73 Bozzano, ,lack--34, 73, 162, 196 Braekett, Gregory-34, 73, 193 194 Bradley, Craig William-73, 138 Breehmann, John-73, 211 Breckenridge, Dale-73 Brening, Henrietta-73. 188 Bridges, 1.eei73. 166 Briggs, Shirley-73, 158 Brittain, Arthur-73, 211 Britten, Anne-73 Brogan, Mary Beth-116 Brooks, Robert-73, 198. 204 Brown, Derrald-160 Brown, Diane-73. 198 Brown. .loan Moffett-73, 198 Brown, Kathyi152. 209 Brown, Linda-73. 207. 220 Bnffington. Karen-73, 198. 214 Burr, Tony-165, 246, 247, 248, 249, 251 Burns, Salleew71, 74. 198 Bush, Ron-245 Buns, Virginia-107 Byrd. Ronald-87. 183 Calandra, James-74. 171 Campbell. Frank-74 Carpenter, Bob-74. 166 Carter. Beau-230. 236. 239 Carter. .ludy-38. 70. 74. 116, 154 Carroll, Suzanne-74. 156 Cashion. Bev-74. 154. 188. 198 Certuehe. Antonia-74 Chappell. .loe-74. 171. 246 Chenault, Carol-32, 34. 71, 74 148, 222 Childs. Carol-74. 202, 216 Cho. Aliene-74 Christensen. Eric-74 Christiansen. Kav-74. 204. 217 Clary. Ronald-74. 211. 187 Cohb. Patricia-74 Coleman, Earl-74. 183 Colon, ,lo-74 Colon. Tony-74. 211 Colt. Claire-74. 198 Colvin. William-71. 74. 240 Cone. James-74. 219 Copley. Ronald-74. 227 Coria. Raguel-74. 188. 212 Craig, .lohn-74 Cramer. Carol-74. 206 Creelman. Richard-74 Cress. Terry-74, 117. 132, 181 192, 261 Cretts, Gary-257. 259 Cross, ,lim-230, 236 Crossman. Keith-74. 108, 162 Crossman. Richard-74. 214. 227 Culbertson. Donnis-37, 71, 74, 131, 176, 181, 223 Cumiford, Annett-74, 198 Cunningham, Don-75, 211 Curtin, Dennis-134 David, .lean Marie-75, 154 Davies, Eddie-243, 245, 271 Davis, Ellie-75. 115, 146, 154, 183 Davis, ,lohn-75 Decker, Eileen-75, 204 De George, Virgil-256 s Del Puppo. Lorettag131 Denies, Martha-37, 71, 75, 152 deBenne, Donald-75 Devericks, Richard-75. 184 Dickson, Bartlett-75, 184 Diel, Marjorie-75 Di Ciorno. Charles-75 Dimmitt, ,lanet-75, 198 Doan, lim-138' Dodge, Edna-75. 210 Don, Nancy-75, 221 ' Dorman, Eleanor-75. 178. 196 Doolittle, Bill-75, 184 Dove, Carolyn-75, 188 Doyle, Patrieiav75, 189, 207 Doyel, Tom-40, 119 Duarte, Edward-75. 211 Duck, Leonard-75, 166, 240 Dunn, ,ludy-58, 71, 75, 156 Dyck, Harry-75, 227 Earle, Jennifer-75. 120 Earle, Dan-75, 168. 208, 209 Eaton, Phyllis-75 Elmer, Ken-75, 164 Edholm, William-71, 75, 80, 87, 119, 181, 184 Embree, ,lerald-70, 75, 115, 181, 184, 185 Emminger, ,lanet-75, 152 lirrea, Frank-75, 196, 218 listep, Peter-75, 162, 163 Ester, Cale-75, 189 Evans, Kent-75, 184 lfverson, Catherine-75 Fairbanks, Darlene-75, 199 Fuller, Dave-75, 172 Faden, Adrian-34. 152. 223 Faris, .lan-230. 236 Farley. Susan -76, 202. 212, 216 Fenley, Glenn-76, 184 Ferree. Sherrill-76, 188, 199 Fiez. Edward-76, 164, 193 Finch, Ken-133 Finnegan. ,lim-87, 176, 184 Fitzgerald, Boss-76. 208, 240. 263 Flaming. Marvin-76, 199, 211, 212 Fletcher, Virginiai76. 191, 199 Floy, Linda-76. 207, 209 Fogelstrom. Larry-230. 239 Follansbee. Nancy-76, 216 Fong, Howard-76, 220, 221 Forchtner, John-76 Forsyth, Larry-37, 76, 162 Foster, Donna-76 Fowler, Stephen-76, 174 Friedrich, Ellen-87, 189 Fries, Paula-76, 156 Friesen, Vernonw87, 186, 204 Fujikawa, Richard-219 Fukuda, June-139 Fulbright, .lane-76, 154 Funk, Ken-76, 149, 168, 187 Galassi, Rosemarie-76, 199 Callaher, Myron Lee-33, 76, 169, 227 Gardner, Gayle-76 Vndez 273 74 Cates. Susan--76, 152, 170, 197 Cerow. Ronalrl476, 176 Cilhert, Nancy-76 Gillespie, Rollvrtg-76, 209 Girls, Sandra-71, 76, 104, 105 118, 154 Cisl, Tom-71, 76, 196, 223, 227 Clllll, Alice-76, 139, 199 Clover, Geraldine-76 Coesling, Wendell-76 Comes, .1LllIl1'5-87, 164, 193 Gong, Bill-71, 76, 184, 221 Conser, Jeanne-76, 154 Corden. ,1i1Il1t'Sf76, 138, 199 Could, Alvin-109 Graham, Valerie-76, 178 Grant. Vera-219 Gfllllllllllll. Michael-76 Cr:-en, lfddie-165."246, 250 Green. .lohnny--165, 246 Green, Patricia--40, 77, 199 Greenslein, Ira-77, 182 Gregor, Patricia-77, 204 Crirnm, Don-77. 184 Glll'1Ill'I', Fred-87, 187, 211 Hadsall, Kathy--77, 152 Hall, Montell-77, 187, 211 11i17Il1llOIl,,1lIl1y'-77, 192. 199, 227 Hannnal, Snr--77, 154, 205 Han, Thulin-77, 211. 220 1'lanc'oc'k, l'lltLtf77, 178, 199, 212 Handell. Blaine-71, 77, 132, 181 184. 192 Harlunrgn-r, lfstller-77 Hardcastle. Donald-77, 162 Harmon. Gayle-77, 204 Hurrah, lflaineA77, 202, 212 llarris. Bill-168 Harris. l'lrnvstf77 Harris. Mike- 31. 77, 215 llart. Sylvia-71, 77, 178 Hartman, .lack-77 HllI'1IllilI1. Michael---77 Hashimoto, lfrank-2-19, 255 Haskell, llarln-en-77, 148, 199 Haskell, Martin-77, 182 llallielcl. Donna-77, 158, 199, 223 llaydoslian, Roxie-77 Hayes. Patriek-77, 223 Heaillev, ljatlfivia-77, 189, 207 1'14'IllllL1Il. lfllr-nf77 Heinilorth, Richard-77, 167 111-lzer, Al'If131 Henderson, 1,1-e-77 Henderson, Carolyn-77. 156, 183 llenlh-rson. lion-77, 172 llench-rson. lfarlf77 Henderson. John-161 Henry, Judy-77, 212, 215 Hensley, Mary-77, 199 lh-ringer. Clencline-478, 199 Hi-rnamh-Z. Angel-78 Herzog, .101-4242 Hivknxan, J. fi.-40, 132 Hines, Rod-172 IIill,1IaroldfT8. 161, 211 Hill. Terry-78, 167 Hinch, ,ludilh-78. 191 llinsclnz lrrne-78. 148, 199 Hite. lid-255 llohhs, Roh:-141478 Hoflinann, lvor--78. 204, 241 Holmes. Sandra-78. 156, 199 Hooper. Robert-186 lloopes, Lawrenee-78, 211 Hoover, Pat-78 Hopkins, lillenA78 House-r, Gerald--87. 208, 231, 232 Honser. Sue-W46, 71, 78, 118, 155 1'1ron1yak, ,lohnY78 Hnelrsc'lw'erlen. Vernon-78, 199, 214 Hllll, l,anrenef78 Htlntsinger, Loren-78, 147, 164 Hussey, Caryf78, 175 Hnllo. Ellen-78, 199, 218 Hyndnxan, ,lim--78, 176, 182 lnsehnan, JudithM78, 191 Isaak, Bob-147, 160, 161 Isaac, Don,-78, 196 1to, Albert-78, 120 Itskoll, Ronald-45, 87, 175, 208 230, 232, 257 Jackson, Nancy-78, 118. 150, 183 lacohsen, Torn-246, 247 ,lm-nan, Gail-78, 202 ,1t"I'0IIlt". Gary--78. 168 ,lenan, Marjorie-78 Jilmelian, Lauricef78 Johnson, Gary-34, 78, 172 Juohnson. Shirley Mae-A78 Jones, BO1J+74 Jones, Don-78, 134, 147, 162 163, 195 Jones, l'anl-- 78, 161, 196 Kamimoto, Ellen--78 Karle, Richard-78, 71, 185 Kayne. Paul-87, 210 Keele, Diane-78, 199 Keeler. Douglas-78 Ki-es. Calven-79. 172. 204 Keith. Doyle-231, 237 Kelly, ,loni-79 Killlllilll, Carl-44 Knniznka, RoyA79 Kindslater, Joanne-79. 204, 213 Kinosian, Aram-79, 33, 147, 166 195 Klannn, Patricia-79, 152, 200 Knight, .lack-231, 238 Knocke, Bill-230, 235, 237, 267 Koontz, Diane-79, 200, 205 Kragh, Warren-79, 187 Kroeker, Roberta-79 Knzirian, Eugene!-87 Lackie, Shirley-79 Ladd, Sheldon-79, 169, 181 Lamberts, Baiba-79 Layne, Larry-29 Lanza, Thomas-79, 164, 196 LaRosa, Robert-79 LaRosa, Ronald--79 Larsen-, Pamela-33, 79, 158 Larsen, Richard--79 Latronica, MaryAnn-79, 188, 200 Laughlin, Bill-231, 239 Lauritzen, Nancy-33, 46, 79, 71, 152, 227 Lawrence, Patricia-79 Layne, Larry-29, 30, 79, 117, 147, 164, 193 Leatham, Linda-79, 188, 214 Lecussan, Jim-34, 79, 162, 204 Leeper, Vernon-79 Lefty, Bill-79, 164 Leister, Merle-219 Lepper, Robert-79, 182, 211 Lev, Warren-79 Levis, Buck-79, 172 Lewis, Besley-169 Lewrey, Darlene-80 Lindauer, Kitie-79, 156, 200 Litzler, Beverly-79, 183 Long, Bill-79, 161 Long, Dale-79 Longacre, Diane-79, 150 Longiano, Terry-204, 224, 74 Lone, ,lim-79, 172, 224, 227 Lowrey, Darlene!80 Lucas, Yvilliam-80, 161 Lynch, Gaylene-80, 204 Maberly, Katherine-191 MacDonald, Darrell-80, 200, 204, 224 MacKinnon, Marian-80, 148, 170 Magarian, Judi-80, 200 Magnissen, Stephan-161, 211 Majors, Ronaldf34. 80, 172 Makely, Ron-80, 190 Maliani, Diane-80, 156 Manchach. Sherry-80 Manning. John-219 Maples, Ray-80 Mar. Tommy-80 Marini, Marlene-80 Markarian, Frank-80, 169, 187 Marko, Nancy ,lo-80. 109, 194 Mason, Peter-71, 80, 104, 43, 120, 167, 181, 183 Mason, Stanf80, 167 Mathews, James-80, 190, 216, 219 Matoian, Janice-30, 71, 80, 119, 151, 170, 200 Maznrek, Conrad-80, 186 McCain, James-32, 80, 163, 183, 227 Mc-Call, Monty-39, 80, 101, 115, 147, 169 l11t'Caw, Neal-80 Mefflnre, Clois-80, 186 Mvllerrned, Bdfllillllfgo Mellow-ll. Paul-71. 80. 177, 183 M1'l7adden, Larry-80 111t'lil1llfIlly. Paulette-80. 203 McMahan, Thomas-80, 169 McMahon., Bill-204 Mt'Mann, Robin-80, 139, 189 McNahl1, Dale-245 Mcl'hers0n, Freda-rickf80, 172, 192 M6C'llLllll, Kathi-rineg81, 200, 204 Mm-has, Pete-31, 54, 81, 116 147, 174, 180, 208, 227 Messerlian, Serpouhy-87 Metrralf, Marcia-36, 81, 120, 149 Mic-haelis, David-81, 177. 213 Middleton, Charles-81. 182 Millard, Larry-81, 211 Miller, Donna-81 Miller, Linda-42, 81, 152, 200, 210, 227 Miller, Jim-182 Miller, Keith-81, 147, 169, 181, 183 Mitchell, James-81 Mitchell, Neil481 Mitchell, Russ-31, 45, 177, 187, 211 Miyashiro, Arthur-81, 220 Moherly, Katherine-481 Montgomery, Martha-81, 200, 213 Moore, Patricia-81, 159, 200 Moon, Quinton-81 Moore, Joe-32, 81, 169 Moore, Sandra-81, 200 Morishita, Ernie-219 Morris, Grover-230, 234 Mortland, Cayf81, 151 Monshigian, John-71, 81, 185 Mnegenhurg, Margaret-81, 87, 200, 205 Nabagucji, Glenn--219 Najarian, Joan-81, 214 Nelson, April-81, 159, 203 Nelson, Dawn-81, 200, 213 Nersesian, LucasA71, 81, 177, 185 Newlin, A14185 Nutting. Suzanne-81. 153 Nyarady. Stefan-'81 Olia, Linda-81 I O'13anion. James-81. 164. 196 Oherstein. Brenda-81, 178, 203 Olrerti, Olivia-81, 153. 200, 218 Odell. Rohcrt-81, 169 O'Farre11. Roliert-81, 71. 169 Okamura. .loyce-81, 189, 219, 220 Oliver. Thomas-70. 81, 147, 171 Omata. George-82, 208, 178 Oslund. Karen-82, 203 Paull. Bohhy-115 Pearson. lack-82, 193 Perry. l.aura-32, 82 Peters. Patty ,lo-82. 70. 151, 170 Petersen. Patricia-82, 178, 200 Pettengill. lienni-82, 200 Phares. Rohm-rt-182 Phelan. Tom-82. 169 Phillips. Nancy-82 Philpott. Brenda-82. 183 Phipps. Nf'I!ir'f82. 188. 200 Pierotte. Nadine-82. 139, 188 Pinhciro. Rlln-rt-82 Pitts. limily-82. 131. 200 llok. 1.eigh-Ann-33. 43. 71, 82. 155. 197. 200 Polite. Penny-92. 157 Pool. Arlene-82 Porter. Suzanne-82. 191. 200. 214 Potter. Cary-82. 208 Presthus. Sandie-82. 153 Price. H. ,lame-s-82. 173. 187 Pridgen, Carolyn-82, 200 Puckett. Marilyn-82. 191. 201 Pyott. ,1oannef82. 191 Quenzer. Arlene--82, 213 Quigley, Diane-29, 33, 82, 155, 201 Rahy, Daniel-82, 204 Ralnage, Thomas-82 Ramalho, Larry-82 Randell. Steven-82 RHSIIIIISSPII, Clarence-82, 164. 196 Rasmussen, Ray-82, 186, 201, 204 Rassouli, Slavash-82 Rr-cllinc. .1imi230 Raymond. Sally-82. 188 Redwine. ifliarlcm-383, 153, 201 Reed, Steven-83, 185 Regier. Rohcrt-83. 211. 187 Reynolds. Margo-83. 42 Rich. llarolilf--83. 108. 1.63 Rich, Roh:-rl-83. 173 Roherts. Barham-83, 213 Robinson. Cary-83 Robinson. 1,1-ola-83. 201 Rolrledo. Hank-231, 237 Roe. Rohert-71, 83, 217 Rohrkc. Sharon-79. 151 Root. .lohn-83. 163 Rosander. Sharon-83 Rosehraugzh. l.oren-83, 190 Rossi. Carol-83. 207 Rountree. William-210 Rousey, lilwood--83. 183 Russell. ,lost-ph-83 Ruth. Ricliarrl-83. 187. 208. 211 Rutigliano. Louise-83, 203 Salmol. ,loseph-83, 192. 196 Saaf, Richard-83 Sampson. 1.arry-33. 70. 83. 177 Savala, PedroY83 Sayler. Doreen--37, 71, 83, 133, 178, 227 Schaefer, Linda-83 Schneider, Dennis-83, 169 Scheidt, Jackie-83, 153 Schiehelhut. Karen-83, 149, 204 Schutt, Kenneth-83 Scott. James-83. 167. 240 Scully. Sandra-70, 83, 155, 197 Scully, Sharon-155 Segal, Maurice-83, 204 Seifert, Bruce-230, 237 Seifert, Janice-83 Shackelford, Dale-83, 187, 211 Shafieeeg, Mohammad-83 Shannon, ,loyanne-83, 59, 157 Sherratt. Don-83, 161 Sherry, Kenneth-83. 173, 211 Shields, Carol-84. 155, 201, 225 Shipman, Terri-84, 203 Shore, Richard-84 Shumaker, .lohn-87, 173. 194, 225 Siegel. David-84. 190, 216 Silveria, Rose-84 Simmons. Steve-138 Simonian. Rodger-84 Simpson. Alhert--84, 186, 204 Simpson, Ollie-110 Sinclair. Nancy-8Q4 Skinner. Don-84 Slagzle, Mike-230, 238 Smith, Carol-84 Smith. lfther-84. 190 Smith. Cordon-84 Smith, Leroy-84 Soderherry. Roh-84 Snow, Ray-84. 173. 181 Sorensen. Wlalter-84. 164 Sordi, Roy-71. 84, 118. 147, 176, 181, 225 Souders. Fred-84. 87 Sowers. Edward-84, 173, 230. 235 Sparling. 1:-'rry-84 Spence. ,Indy-84, 149 Spencer. Wlilliam-84, 175 Spickard, Bonnie-84, 201 Stackhouse. Rodney'84. 164, 196 Stancoff. Nancy-84, 214 Stanley. James-33, 35, 71, 84, 177. 201 Stansherry, Barbara+84, 203 St. Claire. Dale-84 Stearns, Rebecca-84 Steele, .ludi-84, 209 St:-itz. ,lanet-84, 202 Stenfort, .lune-188, 201 Stewart, Consuelo-36, 71, 84, 218, 220 Stewart, Dee-85 Stocks, Cathy-44, 71, 85, 117, 134, 183, 215, 227, 280 Swan. 801:-231, 232 Swarcli. Loretta-85 Sweeney. liclrlie-485. 134. 167 Switzer. Marilyn-85, 201 Tahajian. .lei'ryf40. 45. 77, 28, 85. 120. 127. 177, 181. 183 Takeda, Gloria-85. 219, 220 Tamhurro. Don-254 Tanner. Michael-85 Taylor. ,lune-85. 201. 157 Taylor, Paige-85, 151 Ti-ws, Stuart-85 Tharsing, Pat-85. 139, 155, 201, 214 Thayer, Dale-85, 177 Thiesen. .lim-85, 211 Thomas. l1a1e-85. 217 Thompson. Wvanda-85 Thornton. Bill-85 Tolle. Mary-42. 85. 159. 203 Tomasini. Brad--230, 233 Tuttle, Fred-231 Ulrich, Ronald-85 Uriarte, Tom-246 Urquhart. William-85. 163 Urrutia. Ronald-85, 169, 218 Vaccaro, Brian-85 Vaccaro, Judith-85 Yan Gelder. Peter-85, 173 Velasco, Donald 1,14-+85 Yinagre, CaryW37, 85, 134, 169 225 Yivccl, ,loc-85 Yevion, Paul-160 Vose, Linda-85. 191. 216 Voss, Robert-85, 187, 211. 218 Wade. Thomas-85. 185 Wvalker, Sue-139 Wlaltimire. George-85. 173 Waltoii, lfric-85. 167. 175, 269. 270 Wang, Rohert-85 Vfard, 1.es1ie-85 Warnock, Darrell-86 Xvatanahe. 1'11lNL11'11'-136. 219. 220 Yvatanahe, Nohuo-86 Watts, .lames-86. 185 W'e1Jh, Dorothy-87 Wveher, Betty-86. 201 Wvehster. Mark-86 Wegley. Jerry-242 Wlclch, Sl1aris42, 54. 86, 91, 100 116. 157. 202 Wells, Toby-86 We-stall, William-86 Westbrook, Don-86, 167 Whittenhcrg, Phillip-86 Wilhur, Pete-86, 193 Wviley, Vance-86 Will, Carol-86 NVil1. Richard-86 Williams, 1. Howard-86, 35, 204 Williams. ,l. 111230, 235, 238 Wilson, Carole-86. 159 Wilson. Cordon-86, 187 XVilson, 1.inda-86 Wilson, Tony-86 Wiinier. Carrclt-86, 218 xx.O1fS1lt'1'gl'l'. .lames--86. 71. 259 Nxlollam. Ruth-86 ' WYOHQI, Carla-86. 191 NYong. Keith-86. 185. 221 XYOng:. Ralf-igli-Ho. 211. 221 XYoodnian. Kay-86. 155. 201 Woody. William-86 NY'oo1man. Vernon-86 Yahitsn. 111-niimi-86 Yates. Chuck-175 Yeh. Dan-86. 187 Young. Kluriunnv-86. 221 Young. lilarslulll-V-86. 211 Zahlis. Diane-86 Zahlis. Franc--s-86. 201 Zepeda. .losephine-191 Zinn. .lohnnic-103 7 J a le Kath 202 Wzdex Qenefwzf Abe, Arlene-196, 219 Abe, Larry-219 Ackelson, Lonv171 Acker, John-34, 171 Adams, Diane-34, 150, 222 Adams, Judy-39, 215, 226 Adams, Mit-hael-209 Adelslmaeh, Betsy-202 Agbashian, Geri-34, 67, 148, 180, 198, 222 ' Ahajanian, Tom-231, 236 Ajamian, Chuck-226 Aldrich, .ludy-134 Aley, l,auraf37, 150, 197 Allan, Dick-255 Allan, Patty-135, 196, 198, 214, 218 Alloway, Ron-171 Amirkhanian, Charles-'65 Amoruso, l,atA148, 202 Anderson, Abigail-157 Anderson, Carol-217 Anderson, Linda-150 Andris, Teddi-37, 66, 67, 148 180, 222 Aoki, TomoyeA219 Arnikneeht. Steve-160, 231, 237 Armstrong, John-160, 192 Arnold, Mark437, 162 Arnold, Saundra-148 Ashford, Nanr'y4192, 227 Atencio, Tony-184, 204, 240, 241 263 Averill, Carol-156, 222 Ayers, Helen-215 Ayotte, LouisY259 Badvelian, Yalrrie-34, 198, 205 Bailey. James-166 Bain, Charles--183 Baird, Donna- 196, 2,14 Baker, Mary+134 Baker, Tanya-125 Baker, Larry-166 Baldwin, John-166 Ballou, Pam-198, 199 Bane, Dee Dee-152, 179, 227 Barner, Rieki-154, 179 Barnes, Dave-171 Barnett, Brooke-150, 179 Barnett, .1lldyf107 Bartholomew, Harland-263 Batkin, Ted-168 Beals, Stew-H261, 262 Bearden, Roliertw162, 196 Beamnont, Diane-206, 210 Beckman, Patricia-194 Beene, Diane-152, 179, 197 Belau, Larry-190 Belli, Dewey+230, 259 Bennetts, Terry-32, 36, 46, 50, 69, 91,101, 119, 154, 218 Benson, Sheila-150, 170, 197 Berg, .lerald-183 Berglin, Karen-179 Bethel, Gail-179, 222 Bielanowski, Lewis-36, 176 Bien, Jacqueline-52, 93, 150, 206 Bilbrey, Jacqueline-178, 198 Bitter, Barbara-33, 36, 146, 152 Bjork, Dennis-184 Bledsoe, Stan-26 Blickenstaff, Dale-171 Blumberg, Marty-138 Bonnin, Sue-34, 157 Borba, Dwayne+179 Borba, John-192, 193 Borkey, Roger-192, 196 Boswell, Barbara-33, 158 Bourquin, Sharon-33, 139, 178, 180 Boyd, Andrea-148 Bradley, Edward-166, 195, 196 Brandon, Eric-171 Brase, Lynn-179, 222 Braun, Bob-211 Braun, Grace-202, 212 Breckenridge, Dennis-183 Breda, Mary-158 Bresnan, Mike-160 Brindeiro, Bernice-202 Brings, Mary-107 Briscoe, Jan-156, 179, 222 Brock, Henry-171 Broughton, Barbara-152, 204, 227 Brown, Carol-216 Brown, Cheryl-107 Brumm, ,lim-32, 33, 147, 162 181, 183 Bryant, Marv-266 Bryon, Judy-154, 197 Buckles, Suei64 Bunnell, 1Villiam-174 Burnett, Linda-192 Burris, Susan-57, 154 Burum, Lizi150 Butler, Roger-166, 222, 240 Button, Cora-91 Byrd, Andrea-34, 152, 222 a C 5' 7 Yi Cairns, Heather-69, 154 Campbell, BarbaraY58, 101, 175 Campbell, Carl-168 Cardella, Jirn+218 Carder, Ken-171 Cardona, Lf-0-191 Cargile, Mary-148, 191, 198 Carlson, Roy-160 Carpenter, Patricia-202, 217 Carter, Talmadge-226 Casey, Kathy-42 Castle, Nick-37, 168, 222 Catanesi, Judy-148, 180, 202 Candle, CarolW37 Cavin, Jim-183 Chapin, Diane-198, 218 Childress, Williaiil-110 Chinn, Dennis-221 Chinn, Rodney-221 Cho, George-103 Chow, Irwin-220, 221 Christensen, Debbi-156 Christensen, Eric-245 Christiansen, Adele-202 Chu, Jenny-220, 221 Church, Richard-67, 171 Cloves, Carol-152 Clark, Sherig33, 53, 67, 146, 150, 222 Coburn, Rod-29, 30, 35, 45, 94, 10 113,119,174,181, 214, 227 Coburn, Sally-156, 179 Cockrum, Don-65 Coelho, Audrey-154, 198, 218 Colby, Richard-211, 222 Coles, Connieg212 Coles, KarenA154, 179, 197 Colgate, Bill-227 Collelmo, Coleen-109 Collins, Billie-202 Collins, Nancy-67, 139, 197 Conaway, Kerry444, 69, 101, 105, 4, 156, 204, 222 Cook, Chari-198, 178 Cope, Lindy+156, 210 Copeland, Sue-156 Cordray, Ginger-32, 36, 67, 105, 138, 154, 198, 222 Cornell, Margiew-154 Corona, Mary-191 Couchot, Michelle-206 Crabtree, Sharon-198, 204 Craig, Charles-165, 268 Crawford, Lucy-179, 198 Crawford, Ruth Ann-138 Cross, Camelia-158, 198 Crow, Barry-37, 69, 168 Crow, Vern-69, 174 Culver, Pete-269, 270 Cummings, Joyce-152 Cuviello, Sharon-32, 146, 158 202, 218 Cyr, ,1anief154 Dahl, Amaryllis-207, 212 Daloyan, Gary-135 Dahlgren, Rick-242, 265, 268 Dangler, Richard-206 Dauphin, Vicki-93 David, Nancy-39 Davis, Al-242 Davis, Melinda-156 Davis, Karen-158 Davis, Nancy-33, 67, 37, 104, 105 150 180 135, , Davidson, Bill-210 Day, Montef230, 238 Deane, Robert-183 DeBenedetto, Richard-166 de Boer, Donaldf164, 196 Dt-cater, Deke-152 Degen, Pat-146, 150 DeGraw, Daryl-184 De La Laing, Val-170 Detjens, Robert-195 DeVight, Nancy-67, 150 Dick, Cynthia4202 Dielman, Judy-148 A DiLiddo, Linda-150, 179 Dinsdale, Garyv-193 Dirks, Doug-138 Dirks, Jackie-191, 198 Dix, Maureen-34, 65, 146, 150 Dobashi, Nora-220 Domoto, Jerry-219 Dompe, Herbert-162 Don, Joy-221 Donaghy, Annef150, Doolittle, Arnold-174 Dorsey, Larry-32, 69, 171, 184 242 Doss, Don-33, 39, 214 Doswald, Marilyn-41, 150, 188 197 ' Dreiling, Barbara-220, Dudley, Genef168, 230, Dunbar, Darrell-160, 230, 233 227 233 Eckels, Karen Lea-152 Edwards, John-240 Einstein, Ann-156 Emerzian, Lesk166 Emerzian, Richard-168, 226 Emmert, Pat-34, 40, 101, 107 146, 154, 197, 223 Enders, Lynne-41, 105, 156, 197 Hewitt, .laniee-212 Enriquez, Del0resi138 Erickson. Bunny-52, 109, 150 Erwin, Don-199 lftehegoinherry, Paul-218 Evans, Jolene-199 Evans, Judy-199 Evans, Lynn-46, 139 Everson, Pam-65, 158, 179 lfverziall, Richard-261 Fallry, Sharon-33. 150. 170, 197 F8flllI1dilS, Manuel-257 Faris, .lan-167, 208 Fathy, Sandra-32, 148, 199 Farrell, Louella-58 Feaver, Nancy-202 Felstet. Kathleen-178, 202 Fenn. Lenore-150. 223 Fernsten, Karen-67. 156 Field, Myra-139 Fieszel, Frank YV.-218 File. Steve+219 Firpo, l-Ileanor-33. 148. 180, 197 Fisll, Sharon-131. 150. 197, 227 Flaming, Diane-34. 65, 179 Flaming, Karen-212 Flintham. Margaretv178. 199, 215 Flowers, Patti-34. 156 Floyd, Gloria-148. 218 Foraker, Dennis-160 Forden. James-223 Forslind, Camari-150 Fortune. Meredith-37. 66, 67, 154, 180. 197. 223 Franklin. Elaine-.212 Frazier, Rod-172 Frederieks. James-160 Frieders, Dave-196 Friesen, Janice-69. 146, 152, 223 Gaall, Gerald-103 Gadherry. llf'llIllSf160 Gainev. Mollie-152 Galvan, Louis-132, 133 Ganimian, Sammy-37, 176, 210 Gant, Clark-176. 211 Gardner, Tina-138 Gaston, Glenn-165 Geffert. Philip-182 George. Douglas-161. 195, 196 George, Gary-164 Gilleson. Marr-ie .lo-34, 64, 154. 179 Giglio. Lenore-69, 154 Gill.. Tim4176 Gillllalll, lfyelyn-44, 133 Ginsburg, Wayne-174, 229 Ginther, Harriet-125 Gollle, Barllara4178. 202 Goerges, Judie-154 Goff, Carolyn-32, 158 Gomes, Franck-162 Gonella, Sharon-150 Gong, Julie-67, 199, 220 Goodrich, Jack-168 Gralle, Bill-168, 226 Grail, Joe-167, 246 Graham, Karen-133 Green, liddie-165. 246, 250 Graham. Kathleen-178 Greenhaw, lilaine-202 Greenway. Tommie-146. 154, 197 Griffin, Charles Jr.-172. 223, 226 Griffin. Karen-154 Griswold, Charlotte-148. 223 Hadsall. lflaine-67. 148. 180 Hahn, Gail-179, 199, 223 Hall, Dennis-176 Hall, Ginny-67, 154. 223, 180 Hall, Patricia-34. 150 Halsetll, l1avei161 H3ll18gllFl1l, Donald-196 HHII18g.'llClll, Gary-219 Hammond, Dennis-172, 32, 223 Hampson, Barllara-33, 36, 150 Handloss, Patti-36, 179, 206, 223 Hankins, Mike-174 Hanley, Sharon-152, 223 Hansen, Fred-183 Hansen, Lora Lee-212 Hansen, Marjorie E.-33, 36, 43, 101, 115, 150, 170, 227 Hao, George-220 Harmon. Barbara-67, 154, 180 Harris, Kristie-69, 101, 146, 151 Harvey, Lynn-156 Hayes, Terry-135 Hehener, Hal-263 Hefren, Mary-101 Hegarty, Jim-52, 174 Heintz, Janet-50. 101. 138, 170 197, 207 Heizenrader, Terry-167, 258 Heller, Jeff-263 Helmutll, Janice-155. 223 Hendrix, Henry-165 Hendrickson. Janeta199. 212 Henkel, Lonna-33. 58. 67 Henryson. Sue-151. 170, 194 Heth, David-40. 107. 212 Hevener, Harold-167. 204, 240. 241 Hewitt. Judy-191. 213 Hickman, Amanda-68. 69. 101 151. 170, 197, 204 Hicks. Eunice-180, 199 Hill, Marilyn-148. 191. 199 Hill, Melva-204, 213 Hill, Sally-179, 199 Hirzel, Carol A1111-210. 223 Hightower, Linda-151 Hogohoom, Chet-232 Hogue, Terry-269. 270 Holllrook, Cecelia Joycef199. 216 227 Holcomb. Roderick W.-32, 36 38, 168 Holley. Harry S.-161 Holmes. Leon-135 Hosking. Ronald-211. 223 Hostetter, Sally-146. 156. 199 Howerton, Herm-66, 172, 227 Hoyt, Richard-168, 258 Hllller. Yvayne-261 Huddleston, Ricl1ardf174 Hudson. Deanna-213, 215 HIIPII. Raymond-211. 221 Hllff. l,i1llff'Ilt'-101. 158. 227 Hughes. .loan-66. 104. 180 Hunter, Susan-158 Hutcheraft, Marolyn-155 Hynles, John-39 Iida, Gary-190, 223 jackson. Jere-209 Jacolls. Marilyn-192. 193 Jacollson, Boll-245 James. BetIek199. 223 Jarrett. John-132. 161 Jeffries. Carole-159 Jenanyall. Katllleell-22. Jenner. Glenda-204. 213 Jensen, Ken-246 Jewett, CllarleneW152. 224. 227 Johanson, Steve-245 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Johnson. Doug-269 .Judie-148, 179 Juel-159. 179 Sterling-217 1 Johnson. Sue+34. 149, 179. 199 Jones, Cynthia-155 Jones, Delma Louise-34. 69, 138, 207, 218 Jones, Don-134, 195 Jorgensen, Connie-151 Kai. Kenneth-219, 226 Kaiser, lid-59, 108, 163, 224, 230, 236 Kakutani, Frances-204 Kanne, Kristine-159. 202 Karas. Sharon Lynnf37. 67. 149 Kasaian, Carolyn-125 Kaster, Carole-34. 64 Kastner, George-226 Kaufman, Kareng151 Kearns, Neita-32. 199. 213 Keller, Ed-176, 183 Kelley, Linda-149 Kelley, Maureen-33, 69, 101, 149 Kelley, Michael-40, 168 Kellogg Merry Gay-202 Kelly, Golin-172, 227 Kelly, J oani-139 Kem merer, Ken-242 Kendrick, Shirley Ann-191. 200 Kenney, Holly-32. 179 Kenyon, Bryon-138 Kerchenpaut. Carol-33. 151, 180. i197 Kerley. Charlotte Ann-202 Kiligian, Carol-200 Kimizuka, Roy-220 King. John-34. 69. 175. 224, 263 Kirsehemnan. Arnold-167 Klallcke, Jeannek152. 224, 227 Klusener, Ann-202 Knapp, John-55, 168 Knoles, Richard-163 Knott, Gordon G.-169, 224 Knourek, Karen-30, 44, 45, 50, 101, 105, 155 Koch, Linda-152, 227 Kolby, Sharon-155 Koolery, George-172 Koyanagi, Sandra-220 Krikava, Dick-217 Kullow, Henry-261 Kuhl, Gary-169, 172 Kurihara, Charlotte-219 Kutch, Jeanne-34,e67. 156, 224 Lampson, Janice-203 l.anfraneo. Andrea-133 l.angiano. Dianne-203 Lanse, Yirginia-65 l.asIer. Rich-174 l.allck. .lolln-172 Lavedock, Betty-155, 204, 214, 227 Lavagnino, Arthur-163 l,aYalle. 1renef131 l.awsoll. Tl'k'I1I1il Kaye-213. 215 CllLlI'lt'S-185 Lewis. Fred-101, 230. 236 Lindauer, Mary-32, 68, 69, 157, 170 l.indman. Jan-157. 200 7 YY ,ML 7 Lippold, Stevie-157, 203 Livingston, Constance-215, 224 Lockwood, Margaret A.-34, 213, 9111 Loewen, Dawn-56, 93, 155, 193 Longiano, Diane-151 Loftis, Phil-172 Logan, Carolyn Sue-204 Long, Gerald-261 Long, Jim-230, 235, 239 Long, Robert-161 Long, Sharron-203 Longcor, Saundra-69, 155, 200 Lovejoy, Diana-204 Lucas, Charliene-178, 203 Luckin, Mike-34, 67 Luechauer, John-224 Luedeking, Elaine Marie-157, 179 Luis, ,1 im-196 Lund, Mary Ann-149 Lung, Ken-147 Lyman, Bob'-133 MaCC1P11an, Neil-161 MaCDona1d, Ann-69. 151. 170 Mac'11ona1d, '1'11o111as C.-67. 176, 224 Mack, Gorclc-fn-224 1N1L1i'Kt'IlZ16', Jim-169 Magarian, 1,1I1f1Llf32. 179, 200 Mahar. Jon-139 Mande11a. 1.ut'i11:--203 51a11c1vx'i11v, 1,1Il11L1'15!. 196, 218, 224 Manfrvdo. Ron-37, 169 Mann. Mimi-32. 156 Manning, IQ11-35, 41. 107. 176, 183, 224 Mar. Sharlynn M.-33. 67. 221 Marvotlv. Marilyn-203 Mariani, Cary-269, 270 B1ark. Caro1 Ann-153, 179 Markarian, Rohffrt--167. 195 Marsha11, 130114-206 Martin, 1anA218 Mastagni, Phil-257 Maloian, Mattyf57. 69, 169 Matsumoto, Norma-219 Matsumura, May-219 Mattos, Toni-218 Mazmarian, B011-261 Maxuski, Shefrry1-213 Mc'Rri4'n, Shir-1a-159 1x1C'f11l'I1f'gl1Il, ,lack-132 Mcfllurv, Daw'-240 111l"COHlL1S, Lvannr-f32, 35, 67 Mr'Crum1nP11, 121111115 B.-37, 185 Mvlfiiteo, Merry-217 M1'1"f-rson, Torn-246. 257 Mc:Gi11is, To1w+42 Mvllinnis, fflyda--200, 214 1N1f'CvI'L1l'Il,',101ll1f226 M1-Cowan, Cary-224 M1-K1-an, Carol-155, 200 Mc'Kenry, Joe-185 Mf'Knig11t, Iudy-146, 157 Mf'Na11y, Mike--261. 262 Mc'N1-il. Pvggy-155, 179, 197, 224 Mvvhaii, Diana--67, 157, 180 Mvhas, P1111-169, 226 N1f'11I'1E'Il, 1'hy11is-157, 179 MP1x'o111, K1-n-164, 193 Me-rrill, Bunny-65, 149 Mmwfm-v, ,1f'1'ryf-167 MFIIX, Richard-74, 127, 177, 191, 224 Miffhaf-lis, Nancy-159 Milvs. Kuthy4159 Mi1ir'if'11, Yinvtta-206, 210, 218 Mi11f-r. .10hn-172 M1111-r. R0l1f'l1L1 11.4219 M1111-r, Wi11ia1n C.-172 Minasian, AVev240 Minrks. Patricia Ann-179 Missirlian, Sonia-32, 64, 65, 179 Milc11e'11, John C.-172 MitC11e11, Je-we1-159 Mitchell, Ruth Ann-153, 200 Mizuno, A11en T.-220 Moc, Maynardf64 Moolhlr. .A11dI'PH'153, 179 Monis, Joe-177 Montel, Lynne-131. 210 Monypi-nny. Dvnnis-237 Moore, Let- lille-114-151. 200 Morato, Leslie-35. 151, 179 Morgan, Margorie-157, 200, 204 Morgrans, Bill-263 'N'101'g1e,-1islH1'11, ,1i1n-213 Morris, 11-'annie-217 Morris. Ruth Ann-182 Morrison, Robert-169 Mosior. Dee-179, 224 Morton. Darrc-1-165 Mott, Doris Jean-32. 218 Muir, Mary Kay-139 Mullin. Linda-32, 153, 179 111u11ins, John-230, 235 Munis, Rohin-200, 204 Murphy. Budf138 Murphy, W'i11iamY163, 230. 233 Murrayt 1111101-:oy-267 Musso. Garyf185, 218 Mulvha. 1319111--192, 218 Myvrs. Suv-57 NLl1JLl1lllf'1l1, Richard-219 Nagai, Ray-219 Nagata, June-219 Nakano, B011-219 Nakano, Brenda-220 Natali, Les-161 Natm-ra, Mary-107, 191 Nval, Roh-226 N1-al, Sharron-200 Nc-ff, Ronf246, 248, 249, 253 Nvlson, 1Jvnnisf139 Nvlson, Don-245 Nv1son, Iack-185 Nelson, .11-rry-185 Nv1son, Judy-35, 203 - Nvlson, Lynne'-151, 179 Nt-rsesian, John R.-32, 37, 68, 177 Newbery, Lois-159, 191 Newfield, Norma-139 Ne-wrnan, Karon-35, 151 Nickolas, Sid-266, 268 Nichols, Shelly-157, 180 N11I1161FT, B011-206 Nixon, Shr'i1a-192, 204 Nordstrom, B111-261 Norman, Richard ,1.-217 Norman, Robert J.-217 Nova, Gerald-200, 218, 224 O'Brien, Dan-133, 172, 192 O'1"arrP11, Brian-32, 67, 177 Ohlsson, Sigrid!35, 224 Okada, Patsy-220 Okada, Yuri-219 Olin-r, Robert-105, 169 Olson, Seva1f173 015011, ,1anetY213 Olson, Sydney-109 O'Ne11, Barry-32, 67, 105, 169 OIIIDQAVIIIUII, 1'hi1ip4213, 215, 226 Orfitvlli, RoSvMarie-32 OQSIPGII, Kent-161, 218 Ounjian, Edward-211, 227 Pahoojian. Joanne-149 1,il1i1C11IlO, De1iaf188, 210 1'a1di, 111-nnis-173 1J1l1IIl. An11f189 1,il1I1l. 11111111-203 1'antm-r, Duighlf240. 263 Papp. Linda-179, 215 Pappa, Bette-33, 39, 69, 101 135, 209, 215 . 1'arano. Tlwrese-179. 218 Parhst. Carole-203, 218 Parrish, Phil-167 Patton, Jim-161 1'ass1Py, Kay-149, 170, 200 1ji1ll11. Linda-33, 35, 67. 149 1Ji1ll1S, Julia'-203 Payton, Orva 1.997203 Pvawre, Juan-203, 213 Peargin, Doug-263 ilvarson, Jainos-169 Peart. Margart-1 L.-210 Pt'rt'11. Rasi1f254 Pc-res, Joan-218. 224 15-rry, 1i1n432, 69, 177, 181. 185 171-rrv, 101--33, 163 Peterson, RvvPr1yf191 Iyelwrsoxi, Chvri-65, 151. 224 Pvt:-rson, Marsha-151. 200 1'1't1-rson, Linda-46 1,hv1an. Suzanne-179 Phillips. Caro1yn468. 151. 204 Phillips. Mayr-200, 221 1'ipa1. Dennis-169 Pipkin, Sy1viaA213, 215 1'itka11e11, Marge-32, 159 Poiiidvxtvr. '110I1l-175, 226 1'o11:1rt1. Char1oltr'-67, 149 1,o11o1'k, lfrank-266 Popa. Marilyn-29. 68, 155, 170, 1 224 1'owe'11, Jani:-'-139 1,l't'I111f'F. Tom-177 Propp. Clie-1'y1-201, 213 Pryor. 1,ajuanaf210 1j1l1llL1I11. 1N1f'1L1I11l?f155, 197 1,y1c'. Lamf226 9 Rav, Conniv-153, 201, 227 Rain, 1"rank-259 Ransom. Richard-69, 174, 175, 181, 215 Ransom, Rick-161 Ransom, Rohm-rt-107, 175, 204, 215 Rasnwussen, Har0111-164, 193 Rassouli, Janice'-206 Raussvr, Gordon-164, 193 Raymond, 11iana4153 Rf-dwino, 1,1I1l1214671, 155 Roos. Rich-255, 260, 263 Rvic'11arc1l, ,1U.l'Il1ll"1YI1 K.-149 Rigid, Cemniliu-159 Reidraihacfli, Unani--267 Rvnncr, Caryf173 Reta11ic'k, Lynnc-37, 46, 58, 138 155, 180 Rvugardt. ,1acquP1yn-201 Rianda, Judy-204 Ricco, Darlene-66, 91, 105, 146, 149, 180, 224 Rich, ,1oyf179 R1C'11LlVf1SOI1, Donna-35, 157, 179 Rivharfison, Marhlnv-201 R1t1C11t1, Patricia-146. 149 Ridgway, Kvnda11f149 Ri11'y, Donnis-173 1 Riordan, Terry Sue-35, 146, 155, 179 Ritehie, Clinton-190 Roach, Lorrie-67, 146, 153, 201, 6207, 225 Robinson, ,lanell-35, 151, 179, 225 Robinson, John-135 Rockwell, Ann-32, 149, 180 Rodda, Allen-169 Rodriguez, Joe-206 Rogers. Mary-35, 213, 215 Romeiro, .ludy-180, 191, 197 Rooker, George-261 Rooney, Mike-43. 164, 196 Rose, Marion-1"31 Ross, Ed-269. 270 Rossell, Toni-157 Rossi, Joe-243 Ruby, Barbara-69, 151, 170 Ruby, Daryl-69, 169 Rudholm, Thomas-69, 107, 181, 204, 414 Ruegge, Linda-157 Russell, Jann-33, 151 Rustigan, Kathy-60 Ruth, Dick-256, 260 Ryder, Bill-240, 263 Sadoian, Philh169 Safer, Joanne-67, 155, 180, 197, 226 Saleh, Don-167, 183 Samonian, Dennis-261 Sample, Loretta-203 Sample, Sally-109, 151 Samson, Jeff-35, 227 Samuelson, Darlene Kay-192 Sanhorn, Patty Jean-35, 56, 67, 93, 157, 180, 204, 207 Sanchez, Pat-65 Santigian, Ronald-66, 177, 225 Santos, Jim-226 - Sasaki, Jana-67, 105, 197 Savory, Mary Ann-151 Searamella, Mark-261 Seatena, Sharon-192 Sehaadt, Ken-183 Sehaaf, Penny-157, 179 Sehafer, Karen-101, 157 Sehapansky, Weldon-107 Schengel, Cathy-151, 179 Sehroeder, Sue-32, 35, 50, 69, 93, 100, 101, 153, 188, 201 Seott, Duane-174, 227 Shaffer, Gary-4240 Shapazian, Ron-226 'Shaves, Dennis-173, 258 Shawver, Carole-46, 69, 157 Sheehan, Pam-67, 151, 225 Shimamoto, Sally-178, 201, 220 Shimonishi, Maurice-220 Shiner, Barbara-60, 151 Shitanishi. Katsu-258, 259 Shofner, Ron-64 Shortridge. Sharon-203, 213 Silva, Sylvia-69, 157 Silveira, Ethel-179, 201 Silveira. Helen-203 Simi, Miehaele-163 Simkins, Sharon-149 Singleton, Marie-178, 201 Sinnatt, Brian-255 Sirman, John-269 Sitton, Herb-177 Sivaslian, Marilyn-179, 225 Skihicki, Carole-105, 149 Skoegard, Marilyn-149 Slifman, Gary-106 Smith, Gayland+33, 69, 169 Smith, ,laek-210 Smith, Mary'-204, 213 Smith, Sharon-155, 179 TAYITRIEI ILUEITQSHIHP VCOMIANY Snead, Suzanne-151, 197 Smith, Wfoody-246, 257 Snell, John-193, 217 Sniflin, Dennis-164 Somdal, Mike-64, 105, 206 Sommers, Thomas-33, 68, 169, 208, 255, 256 Sorrenti, ,lo Ann-94, 153 Spano, Bernie-153, 179, 201 Sparks, Ann-201 Sparks, Richard-177 Spaulding, Barbara-157, 179 Spiegelman, Howard-67, 173 Staley, .lohn-177, 218 Staley, Melinda-32, 151, 179, 203 Starn, Janet-146, 157, 203 Steckel, Peter-36, 177 Steele, Carole-155 Steinbruner, ,loan-182, 225 Sternberg, Margaret-159 Stewart, Adrienne-153, 227 Stockton, Annalee-146, 155, 201 Stolan, Leslie-153 Strickler, Susan-157 Strid, Joyce-225 Strong, David-240, 263 Stueky, Roy-244 Sudjian, Harold-177 Sugisaka, Nobu-219 Surabian, Jean-33, 39 Surabian, Stan-226 Swanson, Leonard-219 Swartz, Betty ,lo-153, 194 Tacehino, Don-167 Tackett, Pat-189 Takeda, ,lim-192, 201 Talbot, Maurice-246, 248, 252 Tapscott, Benny-165 Taylor, Susan-153, 179, 201 Taylor, Terry N.-226 Tatum, Jim-173 Tehtonen. Carol-159 Teleseo, Carole-151, 179 Terrell, Doug-261, 262 Thaxton, Jo-el-157 Thomas, Doug-138 Thomas, Judy-33. 69. 153, 227 Thomas, Kate-67, 151 -Thomas. Susan-201. 227 Thome, ,1o'Ann-157, 201, 225 Thompson, Roger-177 T Thompson, Sharron-203, 213 Tilly, Sharon-33, 153, 204 Tipton, Elaine-213, 215 Togo, Alvin-220 Tomcsanyi, Delma-37, 153, 201, 225 Tomerlin, Chuck-263 Toomey, Justine-109 Toscano, Nicholas-164 Towery, Gene-169, 225 Towery, Jeanette-'35, 67, 149, 170, 180 Trane, Anna-67, 157. 180 Travis, Judy-67, 225 Triplitt, Dennis-65 Trombetta. Carolyn-226 Tsehumy, Yvette-32. 36, 67, 157, 201, 225 Tsuikida, Helen-219 Turner, Berta-153 Turner, Sandi-192, 203 Turney, Nancy-37, 69, 197 Tusan, ,loan-67, 149 Tyner, Susan-189 Underhill, Jim-173 Unrah, Zelma-159, 179, 203 Uribe, Al-244 Vandiver, ,1anet+155 Yan Doren, Bill-173 Yan Gelder, Dirkf173, 231, 235, 237, 263 Van Horn, ,lohn-161, 192 Yan Meter, Richard-226 Yan Zee, ,lane-179. 210, 225 Venter. Liz-201. 204 Yinzant, Barbara-69. 151. 170 Violini, James-167 Voris, Karen-33, 67, 153, 214 Yoxburg, Shirley-201 Waddell, Ron-35, 182 Wagoner, Ron-244 Wait, Larry-246 Wallace, Maryanne-203 Waller, Joan-226 Walton, ,lan-151 Ward, Mike-185 Warden, Georgia-153, 204 W'asser, Theresa-225 Watanabe, Kay-219 Watanabe. Lynda-219 Waterhouse, ,lolm-173 Waters, Jerry-173 Watkins, Betty-155 Webster. Mark- Weber. ,lacque- -107 Weems, Dennis 183 150 4 Wit-idmer, Dale-139, 177 Weiner, Cheryl-65 Wiellfare, John-173. 190 W'ells, Janis-35, 179, 225 Wertheimer, Leslie-210 Wesley. Donna-197, 225 West, Helen-4210 WK-stin. Ellen-35 Westfall. .lim-163 Wiheeler, Janet-159. 201. 225 Wihipple, Wvilliam Donald-173, 240 Whitfield. Kathy-155. 197 Whitson. Joan-149 Wicker. Paul-231. 23-l Wild. Christy-33. 50. 52. 101. 103, 151, 170, 197. 214 Wilhite. Brian-224 Williams, Jim-258 Williams, Joe-165. 230 Williams, Marv Ann-157 Willis, Jacki-32 Wilmot, Gerald-169 Wilson, Cheryli132. 133 W'inslow, Rollin-173 Wlolfsen, Lynn-197, 201 Wong, Christine-221 Wons, Joanna-38 Workman, Sam-230. 265. 267 Wright, Dave-263 W'right, ,lim-173 W'right, Virginia-159 Yamasaki, Fay-219 Yhanez, Barbara-218 Yeager, Carolyn-201 Yeager, Jerry-163 York, Ralph-161, 231. 235 Zahigian, Edward-227 Zander, Larry-169 Zerilli. Len-231 Ziek, .10Anne-35, 131. 149. 225 Ziegler, ,lim-173 279 n1z1ng to FSC. Because of added responsibility and with Dr- Smith. Ourtbook issnow more than a lt is an editor's prerogative to page ol a book to himself for in this It is here she rambles on, thinks in publicly makes acknowledgments. First on this list is Wally Smith. His book, GARDEN OF THE SUN, furnished me with an idea for a theme. Then he gave our staff permis- sion to use it in the 1963 CAMPUS. His frequent visits to B230 gave our whole stali the feeling that their efforts were recognized. A p Dr. Karl Svensorfs encouragement and support has been indispensible. Because of his support which has gone unnoticed by many, this book is dedicated. l was wary of the Board of Publications as they must have been of me, yet their support was with the CAMPUS. They upheld all of our policies, and with no reprimands. Another staunch supporter is our neighbor, For the to Fred Tidyman and his studio has done all of the portraits and colored pictures, a lot of it by himself as l was in bed with the measles. goes to Kay Murosako for all of his help. A thank you to our staff, seconded .bye deep indebtedness. We were, for the most part, non- journalists, A special nod to Bette Pappa. A better assistant editor could never be found -- I often wondered just who was really editor. Though actually Ed Piston is not part of the staff, he was invaluable for all those problems that came up. To serve as your Editor-in-Chief has been a pleasurable and rewarding experience. Thank you Fresno State College. . ., Y , I H Ffh ws' 1,4 , , tw, V me , ... . This The CAMPUS staff jslproud that we had the students everywhere remember this great mind and that there is al- ways a GARDEN OF THE SUN. ' 280 ,..!lu.'Y-Y. .. Wfaw-. ,,.4,. ,W - ,--vw-wwf -W Hwsullln .wfnnlqc gg- In MAA:-A A N-MM AMAA A AMA,-KWH-ALA., ,YJ M-, -,-,,Q,,g,gN,,.,..,,z,,, 25 ,ggWM,,...f.3. ---W. ff' -M -M-.1 N . -...AL -.,-.A MW: ...mai . -., ,.Qg:,.gM,w4a..L1,.1,,-.. ,,,.:a.,LLL .. -W,.....,..-M J: . .1,..,..g.,. , ...,u., v

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