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 - Class of 1945

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Fresno State College - Campus Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 164 of the 1945 volume:

The CAMPUS ni nefeen forfy-five college gracluafez world citizen 4 the CAMPUS published by the ossocioted students of fresno stote college fresno, colitornio june, 1945 a m 'S D E, Mm E . - m sm. nm an B Q E B xx ss Q a ss ww ss ss Q . mm u ss sf nm 1-1 ss ss xx -5 a BE EE mv .15 MT Ez wa 'ff Q-wa ESS me ig gf mi EY? Ng 5 . E we E: was ss m su mi mm www -my mn an ss B R. ss mx- Rx in 5 'E . Q 2 2 'Z S is Q: Sm ' Q Q Q mx: a ms an m 1 zz xx ss zu ss zz u as xx H nu ss a ss 1 ss in mn R mx ss sz Q sf mm m nm- Q. -is a ss mn ss-in wa mm E m Q1 as ww in ss a mf wg 5. 'fl ii ss a an an H H K Nm-X - ss - ss-me H 'X H m -H wm- 5 , W m mm ss ss as ss ,sm mx , Q s ks v fs sa uw ss ,X a ss ss mn ss a 1 X ss m ss Q ss wr -1 za nz m Z. ss an ss y ss 13 img a ss ss a mg E mmmmwyfi M wmwm E E H my BEE HHH B P, R, P1 ws K '-4 Jim- I, F hu ,N A ww E X, St ,lm E ,salma my a. me ss smug 1 nn- ss ss - ms use ss um: -X bs H--www E JU' an Q-umm my is 2 n -may H Ei :www E ss mms--A-M f-ss-ss-ss-1, :mmf E U vs-1 Am mw- ms ss ss- -ssms ga ss :ss E. nu ss a ss B ,, Wg,s:g,L-Lg1! x.--., 5 E: nm ' Bm B sw am mu .if fresno 'xx xx ' U xx ' xx -xxm U I ,A xxx xx xx xx x xxxmi xxx Km xxxx x E xxx E xxxx xx xx xx xxxxx .PHE xx xx W 13: xxxx xxx xx xx. ,Q xxx xx'-xxx Hui-xxx xxxx I -xx xx x xxx M' x-xx E5 max. x-2 xx Ex xxx xx xx'-' 15- x . Axxxx xx xx - xx xx xx xxxm xx. xxx xx -x- ,.-A xm- xx-x xx xxx x xx-xgx xxxw' H- xxx- x. xx , - xx x ? x fig- x. 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Wi Zxxxx -xx xx. -x xx xx rx xxx- x-xx xx . w-xi xxx x xx xx xxx xxxxxxpg .xx .xx xxx xxxxw xxxxa ,xxxx xx' 'M xxx xxg Ex mx.: xx xxx 5 U JHx E-Fx xx xxx xxxx xxx fafe colleg -xx .x,,. 1:12 -x Wx x f 2, x - M ix x - x xxx x x x x 'xx ' ' xx Mx xxxrx xxx.-x'-xx A xwg -HY Mx- H- -xxx H-Sims -m- -AM'-W,-xH -A M elm- '-xx xx-xi xx-1'-' H Eixx xxxxxxxxsmf xxxxxxh Sm xxxxx iff-x 2 x x ,gg Q52 xx x gg rx as 'xi xx nl ' sm L ,gag xg QW xxx Eggixx 5? ,xyjxxxx F3-E,Qgxxu1Ws?xx1gxx 'mfxxxgfx umnggx gfx-xlQi'Bx'x'?f '?I.fLxxxxguf qgfgiifxgffif-xx-x f .x-nw. x-fxu x'3ixx?fgxx,, HM E- Wm xx-N-'xx'-'gg xgxxm-XE xxxxxx wmlnx- xxx x X xx xx-x-ws xx ,mxx -x xx M .xgl xxx M lx. x x xxx .xx xx x x x x x . x wax. W xgx xx gi x 1,5 x xxx, xx x-xx B xx xi? Mx -43,3 xvxgxxfxxg Q x xggxfx-x-5qAx'x 5 xxwxx xixxx x Mx22x'x51xf? Mag---xxx -- xmmf xxxx"gQ'f xx xgf xx ig xxxiiyx xx-xxx H- xxx E xxx x x x .,.:xz:.:."" .5 fx .. H x-NW E -x-mfiwxxxxxx xxx Exfxxx xxx Bag. xxxxxx ,M xx xx Jxxx xxxxrf ,x-x xx xxx ?2?'Wx?x.:, S x 3'5'2x'fZ5x'xVHx-'W3'?i5 xxx-x xx xx xx xx xxvxxWM xxx'xm1gxxxxxxKfMQg,xgx sf xxmgs xxx WK BH 'M HH H 1 W H ww mx xxx xx ,E xx . x ,AW x xx,w M :xx ' Exam xxx xx xxx xxx .xwfvsx 5? HHH xx xxx x,x.,x,xxf,xxxx. wx, xx xx main -gg - E E B xx xxx xxxx " ,xoxxxxdx msgxg xx- 'Q??5x, 5'-1 x 5 xx, ku . ss... x-x. , I xxxx xxx x ,gi f-'xxx xx.. ,x x M xxx x, .x.,-.,. W 1 xx --xxx - :fx ::x-:: -x ,xxx j x-xg xx x M xxx x:., xnmxzx HHMEE -mf P iix W - - xxxx if m xx-M x xxx x Ts x -xx x. xx xxxx I x xx -xx xfx x xxx- x xxx x: xxx' Bm xx x 5 ' xx M xx Q53 wNH-xx, x. R xx xx xxx , x xxs E xxx xxxx xxx x x .xx ' xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx Exxx ded icaled lo lhe college gracluale The college graduale ol loday has a much bigger iob awailing him lhan had lhe college graduale ol several years back. l-lis will be lhe lask ol making lhis a l:-eller world in which lo live aller lhe war and ol pulling logelher lhe iumbled pieces ol civilizalion and cullgure. l-le musl conlinue lo uphold lhe ideals lor which millions ol righl-lhinlcing men and women in lhe universe are slill lighling and dying. The college graduale ol lhis generalion has a re- sponsiloilily nol only lo his own comrnunily, slale, and nalion, loul lo every olher communily, slale, and nalion lhroughoul lhe world. y i l-lis will be lhe duly ol seeing lhal lhe nalions unile lor an everlaslinc: peace: lhal lhey do nol again lall inlo lhe mislalces ol World War l. ll is lo him lhe world loolcs lor leadership in lhe coming years ol re-adiuslmenl lo normal living. l-laving lolerance and courage along wilh under- slanding and clear-lhinlcino. he will be lhe cilizen ol a uniled peace. To lhis world cilizen we, lhe Campus slall, dedicale lhe l94-5 yearbook lhe sloll mn a 1 X E ,M va ss, -n E Y . , A '?'- n , .-m. HH . , mug- am' .M -a a ,www HH . . f r me ' am. .www 'rs . a wma, Q. ,- wi? H an gm., gp: mms s , ,vs HW ws mx. un K. E . ah, E x ss rw -ss was E a QQ WH HK EEE Em A . ss m. as ss HQ, H ay, vm ww-. i 4' I ms Q 1 mmf w a at a B H sm sms musk M -ef ms is a mn H Kiasma Wm 5, am san wa mn my mmm' mgmk Q' 5 W'g,,Z?.2 mamma am. . Q a w em n as my ,-H sw EEE sw .ww H 5... msn wa ww 'ms' .9 ss mn sm E. ss sea ms an x amass' w w H ss E . wana ms a ww. , M W My JZ: W W-' mifwmf Q-H-. his saw as wan-HER-gn' E agus-ss -B ww H. WEE was mn M W--,vm as HA m HM E E P2 - 'S was ss mums 'wx V. arms, san Q mms mamma sw wr: ss . a nw' M X: HBH nw ,Q ,, H H 5 M Q W. M W V , HHH mm E. W H . mg W H 2: H- . H ww man E ww B ss as I g. :mm nm av xx! an mmm was K ,al mass xmf ass ms n ms. ms na E ss my E ss S271 img N ' will was fi: Wm QR a.-frm mms Xswks H' M sixm V- B my sm Elin am wa. .NZM .W M - sms B B ms? H2452 fag? H if My 'E Bm H , B H M . M ,QB Q . W Q Q Z U " Q wx' H M E M Ewa H sl M . H H mm, B, WNV: I nfs nga asm ms,- gzsnmmss uw E gi may W, 'ze ,H Em my sm Q Hs xx as .4 .., my nm- mln max .wg 'HQ ww E.. Hwy NS! M mm. E Q. 'F fx. X va . 5, Bi, B E MQ. ENE -. ' M ng H , . Z jk 3? E I "xg , ,J ' as as E Wm X Em ,, ' I ix' ami H :"ji..'.f.f ........... .fi ' -gg , wx B5 " .Q K . gi M.. MTA wwf. Q. xmas., Mm myag mtg rm-ss' w ww.,-1 W uw-, M 5.-jg. W. 323332 wk-'W' RB -,W Efmgfg 55 Figiijwgi, .1 a .5 Q :Q 3 w 1 W-in ,l .. , -fm wfffl v.. .-3 -M-'M'-f4 -- --- MQ- in memoriam . killed in action Agbashian, Charles Andrews, Phillip l-lunl Arbuckle, James Warren Bahling, Donald Merrel Bon, Carrol B. Brallon, Philip Philmore Brubaker, David Preslon Bubeck, Sheldon Thomas Buddenbaum, Ollo Augusl Buel, Roberl James Caldwell, James Earl Cook, Merrill R. Crawford, Kennelh l. Cribb, Edward J. Elden, Roy K. Farr, Foresl Elmer Fisher, Charles F. Fosler, Slanley I Golden, Richard Granz, Roberl Floyd l-look, James l-lunler, Roberl Melvin l-lulchinson, William Jenks, Frank iauiield, James C. Leach, Roy Edgar -enihan, Thomas J. Le-couris, William Lynch, Daniel E. Vlanock, Normand D. Vlarlin, Arlhur W., Jr. Mecarlea, Redford W. Millon, Arlhur Bennell Vlinor, Paul D. Moran, Charles l-lale Mulcahy, Lowell. J. Mulligan, Jack C. Nolle, Ernesl Gerald Palmer, Carl Pheley, John Kemp Pheley, Kennelh Posson, John Louis Prunly, William l-l. Ramsey, Eugene James Regan, John D. Roloerls, Marion Rodman, Richard Cornell Rouch,. Melvin Shalluck, Roperl L. Shields, John Wayne Sloper, Roberl Ray Smale, Roloerl Smilh, Sidney Lee Sleward, Glen Slewarl, Frederick Sloecke, Norman Slorm, Kennelh Paul Sullivan, Eugene Sundahl, Leonard Thomas, Charles Leslie Thomas, Dorsey B. Thomas, Menlo Thonen, Al, Jr. Todd, Jack F. Treanor, Frank Van Vleel, Jr., George Walker, Donald G. Walson, Roberl l-loward Wesl, Don Wilkins, Lee Bernard Wilson, Lorend R. Yurk, James D. Zwang, l-lerman C. missing in action Avarkian, Lulher Berlken, Keilh M. Boolsma, Donald Carllon, Donald Foreman, Slanley Ray Funk, John Gash, Frank F. Gaurguel, Slanley Loomer, Vernon L. Meader, Lauren Miller, Kennelh Pilegard, Ralph Pomer, Richard J. Sonderson, Ihlalhan L. Simensen, Donald Ray Slreeler, Eugene Summers, Cordell L. Thompson, Earl C. Thompson, John R. Tucker, Roberl Gene Vincenl, E. Lee Wallace, Roberl W. Wolfson, Kenl l-l. for unifecl peace 1 presidenT's message .... Every day spenT aT college is a declaraTion oT TaiTh in The TuTure. SomeTimes ThaT TuTure musT be ToughT Tor, and in The clouded con- Tusion oT The sTruggle, iTs ouTlines can noT be clearly seen. BUT our TaiTh is unshaken, because we know ThaT unde-rsTanding can deThrone bigoTry, ThaT knowledge Triumphs over ignorance, and ThaT Treedom gives sTrengTh To conquer diTFiculTies. The pages oT This book are lighTed by The Torward look. There is no sighing over The Taded orchids oT pasT glories. Re-sponsibiliTies lie ahead, Tull oT challenge and porTenT. We go To meeT Them wiTh The conTidenT courage oT The warrior who knows The Temper oT his blade and The sTrengTh oT his GFITI. This does noT mean ThaT Those Tasks ahead are Taken lighTly. Only The ThoughTless and uninTormed imagine +ha+ problems will be easy when once The shooTing ends. College men and women know ThaT America musT noT risk again The TearTul price she has had To pay Tor shirking her responsibiliTies a quarTer-cenTury ago. They know also ThaT Those Tasks will call Tor courage, wisdom, and even sacriTice such as peace-Time has never beTore demanded oT us. Such realiza- Tions as These, and The deTerminaTion To be worThy oT Their chal- lenge are reTlecTed in The earnesT noTes ThaT inTermingle wiTh lighTer Tones in The ensemble oT This volume. ThroughouT iT all There runs a quieT buT Thrilling Theme, a simple one ThaT a sTricken world needs desperaTely To learn. IT is The spiriT oT democracy, wiTh iTs Tolerance. iTs loyalTies, and iTs Triendly under- sTanding. lvlay ThaT spiriT which we learn and live in The associaTions oT The campus conTinue To guide us in The responsibiliTies ThaT lie ahead. gba . S5 a BEER!! .EHHHB BHK aa aaa a aa aa a aa aaa ...a aaaaa aa aaa aaaaaa aaaa SSM 30335415 ' K' :aaaaa aaa-gaaaax H552 aaja aaag a xxxxaa ga aaaa E 5 1 a a a EM BSS nl Q35 aaaaaaaaaaaa aaayaaag 2 wiwaaaww-532: x-:aria aaa5gaaaaaa,saaaa'-Waga aa-ga amifaaaa aaaaa -aagaa a am aiaa aa aa aaa a aaa aaaa a xma aaa aaaa aaaa a a-aaa a aa aaaaa a .aaaa aa a aaaa a- algigjgaaa aaa :E a aaaa aa aga E aa EWEQG aa BSS -KE a- Faa E mi M aaa a aaa aa aa aa aa aa a -a aaa VSLEET Wiwaa Nag :wbgfjkdaa agafagaaaaa a-15333 5-aa aaawmga,-aa aaaaa a-Eza nm aaaa " aa aaaaa aa a aaaa aa aaa aa a aaa aa aa aaa aaim aa aaa aaa aaaa aa an R mags H a aaaia aaaaaaaaaa .E a QWQ-a-awww-www KNHHH mx'sm: H ZW a aaaa aa a a aa a aa ,aaaaa ' a -aaa as aa aaa a aa aaa aaa aaaaa aaaa Ra Lsssxamsm H-Qs Saw. aaaa Hgifiaa a-,aaggg-aa ajijm aa- aaaaaggaaaaaa amaaa aa aa aaaa aaa H5855 BSS NSY HBH aa aa aaa aa aaa- aaa aa a aa aaa aa aa aa aaa aaaaa aaaaaa aa: aaa-aaaa aaiaaz'-aalxa aa-aa -aaaa-9-5'-a-aaamggiaaaaa a--a- aax-faag aaaaa-aaaaa a faa -aa--aa aa-mjaa aaaa aa aa aaaa aa .aa aaa za aa aa aa aaa ,..a aa a aaaa a aaam asaxaaa aaaaa aaaaaa K ffmaaa E aaaaaafaaaa aaaa aaaa aaaaa aa a a a w aaaaa am a a E ga aa a aa- aaMa Haw a. aaaaa aa Qi am aaaaaaaa aaaa aaaa aaa aaaa aaaa a -:Eg a. a aa ga aaaa aaaa aaaa aa aa aa a NE aa a a a a aa. aaaa Haw mam' aaaa a a a aaaaa a aaaaam aa aa aaa, ww aa iiaiiaa S' aa. 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H? Hia XS W, . 588555 aaamaaaa - aaa E E?E2X7QEmE E5 E E'L,WU5"EEEBV Ea ,aa Qagqawzaa-aaaaaaaagag SEEK' EEZ amagsa aa aaaga as ,BEER BSS aaa sa -a .. aaaa a aa TE-E aaa a -aa E5-aaiw aagia V aaaaa Sagas aaaaag am swan 88.4885 S8588 gmaaaa' mx E: aga aa agm ,aaa aaaa -fa aaa asa aagg' any HBE ESRB aaa aa , -f 1 aaa a Qawaww- Mag 512, sgaggfa aaa a aa aaxsaalga a WEEE S8582 aaa aaaa aaa 'UK . ay . ma aaaa mx E--was - Eli a E52 aaa a alla aims' waaa gaaaaaaa' 'aaa mis a aaaaa B a aa aa aa aaa sa w QE aa w acknowledgmenfs The l945 edifion of fhe Campus is indebfed fo fhe following persons and companies for fheir help in fhe book's "successful" lwe say fhis hopefullyl complefion: To Lederer, Sfreef and Zeus Prinfing Company in Berkeley, wifh fhe able assisfance of Bob Ozias, head of fhe yearbook deparfmenf. To fhe ever-undersfanding Fresno Bee Phofo-Engraving manager, Les Serpa, and fhe engraving sfaff. To fhe Fresno Sfafe College board of publicafions which suffered fhroughouf fhe year wifh us-Dr. l-luberf P. Phillips, chairman, Dr. Gerfrude Billard, Dr. Charles l-l. Quibell, Miss Alice K. Bell, Arch Addingfon, Dr. Paul V. Sheehan, Arfhur C. Safsfrom, Juanifa Brown, Frank lvlesple, Jean Barger, and Beffy Pearson. To King's Camera Cenfer for fhe porfraif phofography. To Laval Phofographic Sfudios for some of fhe group picfures. To Arfhur C. Safsfrom, associafion office manager, in parficular, for fhe funds from which fhis publicafion came info exisfence, To Dr. Paul V. Sheehan, head of fhe journalism deparfmenf, for his guidance. Our sinceresf fhanks fo you all, Tl-lE STAFF. 'fable of confenls odministrotion lneads ol deparlmenls adminislralion presidemus cabinel associalion students sludenl body ollicers board ol direclors sludenl council commillees sludenl presidenl's cabinel associaled women sludenls , associaled men sludenls clcisses seniors classes cictivities publicalions music drama arls and sciences and liberal arls otlfiletics varsily minor sporls wesl coasl relays women's sporls orgonizofions honor social events UZ A N E' E X Q ' t u,iag11S+f9r1i: . b ,NW N ' V M ,,, Aa' 'W' ,E - V V ' - ' ' Q .. .SIX ff H ' ml . ":::f':' H I U manga, ,M ..,,. -q my W a w sw WW? is ,:r 'K' W? -wt .M B U B W , Q ff , "'. , ,nj fu A . ,Ii ' . . I H :mp ,5 MQ-up Y.. 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Calvion McKim, head oT geography and geology, is a graduaTe oT The UniversiTy oT Nebras- l4a. l-le has had experience in Hawaiian TerriTory and The Philippine Islands. Miss Louise Porch, home economics deparTmenT head, received her B.S. degree aT Rockford Col- lege and her A.M. degree aT Columbia UniversiTy. She TaughT aT Slrephens College before coming To Fresno STaTe. Dr. Frank R. Morris, head oT The maThemaTics de- parTmenT, is a graduaTe OT Valparaiso UniversiTy. l-'le received his A. M. aT ln- diana UniversiTy and his Ph.D. aT The UniversiTy of CaliTornia. As direcTor OT physical educaTion Tor women, Mrs. Ru+h D. WaTerman has been aT Fresno STaTe since l939. She received her B.S. and A.M. degrees aT The UniversiTy oT Missouri and Columbia UniversiTy respecTively. Dr. AlberT Lang, head OT The educaTion and psych- ology deparTrnenT., and dean OT The upper division, worked in The school sys- Tem as superinTendenT OT The UniTed STaTes Govern- menT School in The Panama Canal Zone Tor nine years and as The DirecTor oT The League College oT The NaTional League oT Teach- ers AssociaTions aT Wash- ingTon UniversiTy unTil he came To The college. heads o i WaTernnan Porch Lens deparfmenfs Culberfson A Milcesell Bradshaw A. E. Culberfson, head of fhe agriculfure and biolo- gy deparfmenf, graduafed from Emporia College wifh fhe class of l909. l-le affended Yale Universify. Kansas Universify, and fhe Universify of California. Mr. Culberfson had fwelve years public school experi- ence and did educafional work in fhe Nafional Park Service before coming fo Fresno Sfafe. Dr. Wilbur M. Mikesell, as- sociafe professor of com- merce, head of fhe com- merce deparfmenf, and a graduafe of Ohio Sfafe Universify, has affended 'ihe Universify of Califor- nia, Universify of Soufhern California, and American People's College in Eu- rope. Professor Milcesell has been af Fresno Sfafe for eighfeen years. Miss Alexandra Bradshaw received her A.B. degree af Sfanford Universify and sfudied af fhe Academy of M. Andre lfhafe wifh l-lerr Hoffman of Munich. A member of fhe Nafion- al Associafion of Women Painfers and Sculpfors, Miss Bradshaw is a profes- sional illusfrafor and com- mercial arfisf. John W. Wrighf, associafe professor of speech, and head of fhe speech de- parfmenf, received his A.B, and A.M. degrees af fhe Universify of Washingfon. l-le is a graduafe of Yale Universify Theafer and fhe Cornich School of fhe Theafer. Earl H. Wighf, direcfor of physical educafion for men, received his B.L. and A.M. degrees af fhe Uni- versify of California. l-le was on fhe faculfy of Uni- versify of California for seven years and has been af Fresno Sfafe since l922. F wfigm Wighf heads of deparfmenfs Berolahl Dr. William E. S+. John, head professor of English, is a graduaie of ihe Uni- ' versily of Oregon and re- ceived his Ph.D. al Slran- ford Universiiy. l-le was ar one lime a Professor of English a+ New York Uni- versiiy and also Jraughr ai rhe Universiry of Califor- nia S+. John Emory R. Raiclifie, head professor of social science, is a graduaie of Earlham College, where he re- ceived his A.B. degree and ihe Universiiy of Wis- consin where he received his A.M. degree, i . Dr. Arihur C. Berdahl, head of music deparimeni, has been a guesr conduc- l'or ai' ihe Siafe Universiiy of lowa Symphony Orches- rra. l-le received his Ph.D. ai Iowa Slaie Universily. Harry C. Burbridge, head professor of physical sci- ences, received his A.B. and Ph.D. degrees al' Slan- ford Universiiy. l-le once worked as Associa+e Physi- cisi al 'rhe U. S. Bureau of Siandards for 'rwo years, and as Research Physicisi for The Siandard Oil Com- pany for one year. Dr. Blandin Colburn. head of foreign languages, re- ceived his A.B. and A.lvl. degree ai Brown Univers- iry and his Ph.D. ai lhe Universiiy of Wisconsin. l-le is a graduaie slrudenr of Rome, Paris, Madrid, Harvard, and Princelron Universilies. Burbridge Raicliiie COllDUFV1 presiclenfs cabinef . . . mm is S H swag Lellr lo righl: Briggs, Wighr, Thomas, Lang, and Baker. The dulies of Jrhe advisory caloinel of Dr. Frank W. Thomas, presidenf of The college, included appoinlmenl of lacully commillees, approval for gradualion honors, approval of special or irregular programs, waivmenl of specific reguiremenls, and The making of Jrhe school calendar. Mailers of discipline are usually handled by The dean of women or lhe dean of men acling wilh The presidenl' of The college and are noi maflers of cabiner ac+ion. Members of Jrhe cabinel were Presidenl Thomas: Dean of Women, Mary C. Baker: Dean of Men, Milchell P. Briggs: Dean of l'he Upper Division, Dr. A. R. Lang: Dean of The Lower Division, Dr. l-luberr Phillips, and Regislrar, Mrs. Wilma Wighr. I aclminisfrafion Baker Dean of Women Mary C. Baker has learned Through years of experience Thaf work and diligence bring resulfs. lT is Through The Dean of Women's office Thaf women sfudenfs find suifable housing facilifies and plan Their courses. She sponsors The women's affairs on The campus. The preparafion of The annual budgefs cov- ering all operafing expendifures of The Fresno Sfafe College were made by The financial office. The head of This office is Business Officer Carl Levin. office Bdggs All problems concerning men sfudenfs come before The Dean of Men. lT is info This office Thaf housing, financial aid, delinquency, and curricular aid come. Dr. Mifchell P. Briggs, Dean of Men, acfs as advisor and councilor To men sfudenfs. Through Dr. Briggs men's social and scholasfic affairs are arranged. The supervision of The mainfenance cle- parfmenf was also handled by The office. All orders and faculfy requisifions come To This office before going Through Their re- specfive channels. Mrs. Lydia Chrisman is The secrefary. ,.- -- .. -,...,.,,,- Levm VWghT Swan association . . . ' Saisirom bookstore and cafeteria Despiie 'rhe much more diriiculi condirions under which Jrhe booksiore operaied because of Jrransporra- Hon, labor, and supply problems, ihe booksiore was ably managed ihis year by Mrs. Belrly Prelier. The siudenis assisling in The booksiore were Beiciy Veale, Jackie Eberhari Rudd, Laura Rae Jones, Bill Kisling, Phyllis Whiie, Carolyn Beckley, Kay Allen, Clare Weymouih, Mary O'Shea, Audley Vaughn, Bonnie Richmond Davies, Janei Bliss and Neal Jensen. Mrs. Rurh Burke has been in charge of Jrhe cafe- ieria for 'rhree years. The cafe+eria is managed on a non-profil basis. The cafeieria siaii endeavors +0 give a maximum of service and food io an increasing siudeni body. ii l-lume Zelhari Arlhur Safsirom, ihe general manager oi 'rhe Fresno Siaie College Associaiion, is in charge of all s'ruclenJr body finances. From 'rhe associaiion office locaied in The union, Saisirom hires all employees of Jrhe Associ- aiion, makes ou+ The budgeis for siucleni aciiviiies, and, afrer approval by ihe board of direciors, admin- isiraies These budgels. Assisiing Saisfrom in ihe work of ihe Associaiion are Mrs. Beiiy Preizer, booksiore manager and publi- caiions business manager: Mrs. Gerlrude Burke, lunchroom manager: Adele l-lume, financial secre- laryg and Mrs. Mariory Zelharir, alumni membership secreiary. Preizer Burke w s as 2 w mn mu ,2. EM, 52 ggi "'-5""g""f3""' 2 k, 'H in M W 2222 w?L2v'2 m', H . 22522553 , 2, P .2' 5 2 .. Q2 W2- N .5 ".MxtSim2m2 2352? 22 2 -Q N 221 " "2 2 Q0 22 .2 E2 ww- ..... ,.,, S222 : QQ Q36 gm. 2 2, Q ':' 2 fy" A. -' H' . - -2 HW . 2 'HQ 2 332. 55552 3 5' 2 E 4 2 2 -'Q Emi' 2 .,, 2 229 225322 B S9 H522 ' L I " 5 22 W1 " 2 K 2 ' ,.,. ,.:. 2 Q Q QQ . 2 2 .,., ,.,. 2 Q.. QQ 4522. 2 2 2 W2 EZ' 3525? 232 F ' 2 ...... . N.. M K QQ E -23? . H -H A 2 ? 2 11 ... H.. . 22 . wap., Q 222 222 .H 2222222.22 YY , 2' v .... 2H-- " 1 rj 2 2 H Q " 2 H ' H: 2 2 2 1 EQ 2 2 .. . Q 2 F16 2 7' ', gl QQ Q . 22. 3. Q Q 3 gy 122 X :X 7 . ' 4, M ' E K 2 'W' QWW32- Q 'N -QQ? 2.4 if QQQ .H 2- Q we . 9 F? 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B 2 22 Q, 222. 2 Q 'W H Q B QQ 2 52: -2115 . ' H" 222 K H ' . 22 2:5 Q 21 QW., an 2.2 - ' 2 22:32, 2 B L "NM 24 1 -Q Q 2 2. E2 N2 2' . I2 -2 -5 . 2 5 -' 2 ,0 32 Q . g. ag. . . F ea gl. 2.22 x43 .2 an W' 22-gf -5, 2, 2 -X Q2 2- 222 ..,. ,Q 1 Q? ' Q 2221: J.,2.Q.'E .Q 3 L. Q4?QG'mQ. P: Qi? 22 2 Y - 2m 'SQ B sf: .1 ,Nmlfsv .Q Q '22 K 3 Q .Q ,LQ jf' , 2 2 2-22. 22 " . A . 2? 2 2 2 'JW 1' -2 '2 . Q 2 ,x Q W. QFQ., 2Q 222- f' 2' 'H .gn-Q giQ2f"f- " 2 - girffiwwa -522' QHQQ 2222 Mare x A Q2-if? A 91 , Q fn-'P Q' , :fr Q- Q.. .22g1.'2 3.562 --I-1 - f-- g . y .42 2 45 1 A 12. ,Ls . 1 ' 1, 2 13227112 2 2. . f 'A .2122 , Q QQ' . Q: 2, 2:22:22 2-QQ? ' .2 -123222 - 'Q Hai 22 " 2Q -2'-If 'Q ' 222255 . " 2 W' r '2 'M L 2' xg Q' YJ 1, ' ff " it ,Q '-- 'L' - .2 2 A -' E 2 22: Q .Q 5- Q . - Q " ' 1 2 f 2 .g- NJ 2 . .'P.fCvL 2 2' . 212: " ' . 4 :2 I V is Q ' AME! 22. Qgiqh j - 2.2 Q -Q22 ' QJQ ' Q5 ff. 2 . Vf. rfj .24 2 ' ..2. QQ - '2 W' 2 QW A' .' -2 QQ' PQ' -. ,QQ :Tal 1 , 2 " fe 12 2 2 - . in 2.22-2 FM' 'Il ' A 3 :E .I2-f 1' 1. ,Wx Q ' ' QQ if Q Q 5 "ff Q 3 - Q12 2 'Q 123 22162 Q,-1 2 2,Q rg 2 3. .A 22-2 ' "fd, A 5'-:..2 9, 5422 '1 'G 51 fa sm mn QQ 22 222 W Q 24 29 --as gan 22' m,2f:2s'2sn2:w mama Q : 2' '- sf. www ,212 Q 2 2 f.222222w 222222 .2 22. . - 222, ,lx um-. 2 anflsxg . . '22 ,w E 22 2- Q n'2g2QQw, y. ,, Qzwg Jay- ma QmQ.g 59 -wwizkgp QQ'2 , .1 :a -HQ -wg Q22n.mza'mm2s,Qnfr-.-., g . 2212225 222-2352-awgazf-,-. 22 2 2 2 ,212 .mi-2Q..Q .Q QQ. 2 nga,-m-2, 222Q2.a Q -222, fra mmmgam. 2, Q 2 ..2" 2- 225222-Qa2mm,m2w -3- 2K 1-2. "QQ 2222'g22.5 5225221-me-5 22222Q2ff'rQ.gQ 2 E224 2-nmigsngg-2 -vm ang-222'm-adj WE gs- sfiwsg g.QEQEQ,'QQ52a..efga mm?2 my m M122 2.522 '22 55523 ' WW 2233 wg' -aww-2.2.x 29.--1 '- -sfww 22 - an 22 2 - 2 2 .22 2 2 nl B Kms --an a ass wa an ms ' 22 xgm 2 xo? 0 we vi 0 QOY 92.9 6 50 Z no -SN '29 '-0 Frank Kent Jr of and eco. Sun-to discover-that of Metz ours No West- Som, on postwar peace The Argentina alto- au the left out she thinking Oaks man4not make Appal- .fma med to do The ' h1ch 1S that eclnres that the Oklahoma act of the communxty plop- commumty prop- hxch an act 1n any term If the a gen- seems Y: '9 9 'i6.,,1eRS,eBXQ-12393.59 P' 5' z9v 569 450 095' '0 59 New Stoneman who 'R SK' ss ix' 0009 Q x mm K: on 1 ,gee 'a,69ek,Q1?se1o x. xx eezwof of 416 -11 a at Q, five "s 0' ol! 6' 696 we assoclaTed sTudenT body . . lviesple Frank lviesple, STuolenT Body PresidenT oT Fresno STaTe College, has endeavored This year To sTrike a balance beTween social acTiviTies and edu- caTion, and beTween service, recreaTional, and exTra-curricular acTiviTies. This has Taken maximum of work and comcidence Tor The success oT The many acTiviTies resurrecTed on The campus This year. Much oT The success has depended upon The campus orqanizaTions. The adminisTraTion OT The associaTed sTudenT body oT The college sTems Trom The sTudenTs Through sTudenT represenTaTion. lT is composed of The appoinTive sTudenT leaders, which handle commiTTee work 'For The sTudenT body, The sTudenT body oTTicers, which are elecTed by The sTudenTs, and The represenTaTives on sTudenT TaculTy boards, which conTrol sTudenT acTiviTies. STudenT governmenT approaches acTual democracy only as Tar as The sTudenTs Themselves desire. All acTiviTies are evolved Trom The sTudenT body presidenT's oTiice, and The various service organizaTions and com- miTTees perform The necessary work. To accomplish The desired iob, each organizaTion works in harmony wiTh The oThers. L, FALL Frank Mesple ......,, .......... ............. P r esioleni Sara Sager .,,....... .,,,... ,... ........... V i c e Presioleni Jean Barger ,,,,.,.,.......,..............,................... Secreiary Gordon Walrallw ...... Men's Legislaiive Commissioner Juanilra Brown ,...,,.....v.. Commissioner of Pulolicarions Anilwony Allamprese .... lvlen's Nrlwleiic Commissioner I r ' an me Sager Larsen Barger A Collins SPRING Frank lvlesple .,......, .... ............ P r esicleni Pearledna Larsen ......,.., ..,.,.. ........,. V i ce Presicleni Eleanor Collins .....,,..............,. 4 .............,......... S ecreiary Gordon Walraih ,,.... Men's Legislaiive Commissioner Juani'l'a Brown .....,.,,..... Commissioner of Publicaiions Daren Neilcirlc .,.........,.... Men's Ailwleiic Commissioner Jean Berger ........ Women's Legislaiive Commissioner C Walraih Q Berger Brown Neilfirlc Allamprese sTudenT council Mesple and council represenTaTives A There should be no conTusion be- Tween The STudenT Council and The PresidenT's CabineT. AlThough boTh acT in an advisory capaciTy To The presidenT, They are enTirely diTTerenT in membership as well as TuncTion. Members OT The Council are The chairmen OT The sTanding commiTTees, The elecTed represenTaTives OT all recognized organizaTions, Dr. MiTchel P. Briggs, The dean OT men, Miss Mary C. Baker, The dean OT women: Dr. Frank W. Thomas, The presidenT OT The college, and The sTudenT body OT- Ticers-The presidenT, who has voTing power wiTh various school organiza- Tions, The vice presidenT, who has charge OT all enTerTainmenT and Takes charge OT The presidenT's duTies when The presidenT is absenT, and The sec- reTary, who Takes care OT The sTudenT OTTice, secreTarial duTies, and corres- pondence wiTh sTudenT adminisTra- Tions OT oTher UniTed STaTes" colleges. STudenTs who wish To presenT sTu- denT body problems, To praise or To criTicize sTudenT TuncTions, and To lis- Ten To The discussions may aTTend The monThly meeTings. These members and sTudenTs acT upon all maTTers ThaT are subiecT To The approval OT The board OT direcT- ors and ThaT are noT oTherwise pro- vided Tor in The consTiTuTion. They also discuss all problems OT concern To The Fresno STaTe College AssociaTion. sTuclenT presidents cabineT LeTT To righT lsTandingl-Phillips, Neilcirlc, WalraTh, Mesple, and Rudy: lSiTTingl-Brown Pearson, Collins. Larsen, and Pinnell. A small advisory body com- posed oT The sTudenT body presi- dent vice president secretary, women's legislaTive commission- er, men's legislaTive commission- er, publicaTions commissioner, commissioner oT aThleTics, The Tour class presidenTs, The Associ- aTed Women STudenTs' presi- dent and The AssociaTed lvlen STudenTs' president and known as The STudenT Presidents Cab- ineT, was revived again This year by STudenT Body PresidenT Frank lvlesple in sTriving Tor a cross-secTion oT collegiaTe opin- ion. AT The weekly meeTings The problems oT The Tour classes were discussed and clariTied be- Tore They came up in The STudenT Council. , board of directors . . . Siudeni body 'Fees and dues, gale receipis from aihleiic affairs, approv- al of special expendiiures, and The allocaiion of Jrhe Associaiion budgei io The various siudeni adriviiies were handled by Jrhe Fresno Siaie College Associaiion Board of Direciors. T The presidenl of Jrhe college and ihree olher iaculiy members appoini- ed by him and approved by his cab- Le'H 'ro righi' lsiandingl-Rarcliffe, Saisirom, l-larion Walraih, and Thomas: lsi+'ringl-Larsen, Bradford. and Barger inei and four siudeni represeniaiives made up Jrhe board. The faculiy mem- bers were Emory Ralclifie, chairman: Mrs. Lilah Bradford: Dr. J. J. l-larlong and Jrhe sludenr represeniaiives were Frank ivlesple, siudenl' body presi- denig Pearledna Larsen, vice presi- deni: Gordon Walraih. men's legis- lalrive commissioner, and Jean Barger, women's legislalive commissioner. 1 rally commiffee Chairman of The Rally Commiiiee for I9-44 and l945 was Beiiy Veale. The commiiiee had charge of ral- lies. roofing seciions, fooiball dances, fhe Masque Ball, Hey Day, The fresh- man recepiions and ofher proiecis assigned io Them by Jrhe slfudeni body. Veale Kiehl Dillman Kosieris Fisher Erringerr Sfuari' Combs Shew Rudy Levy Harris Schmid? Schuknechi 4 Ball Wade Rufherford Morrish Bargum dale commiffee Preveniing dale comflicis on campus social funclions so Thai large crowds could be as- sured al all aillairs and posiing meeiing hours on l'he Bulldog bullerin board in lhe Union were 'lhe iobs o1CPa1' Pinnell and Annie Shew, chairmen of Jrhe dare commiliee for Jrhis year. Cobb Declceri' Chong Chun Pinnell Shew Miller Pearson e ecfion commiHee Composed of Jrwo new members chosen from each of ihe four classes each semesier, Jrhe eleclion commiilee had charge of all sludenl body elecrions. Chosen by The siudenl' body president lhe chairmen were allowed lo selecl Jrheir own commiliee members. Eleanor Miller was lhe chairman for lhe lirsl semesler and Belly Pearson was chairman for The second. Miley lvlasi l-lurchinson Daclc A en Melcholr Brown canTeen commiTTee The CanTeen commiTTee, unoler Phyllis Dick- inson anol Maralou OneTa invifeol men Trom The local army bases To college parTies. During The course OT The year, iT sTagecl sev- eral FSC CanTeens wiTh The college coeols as hosTesses Tor The aTFairs anol The men anol women oT The TaculTy as bus boys and senior hosTesses. ss na is is ss -mum 1 E me i Bliss Kane public grelaTions commiTTee The public relaTions commiTTee's goal was To bring closer cooperaTion beTween The TaculTy ancl sTuclenT public relaTion commiTTees. The sTuclenT and The TaculTy commiTTees meT several Times cluring The year To discuss ancl make plans Tor aclverTising and TosTering a greaTer inTeresT in Fresno STaTe College among high schools oT CaliTornia. lvlesple Barger ' Riclcels associafecl women sfudenfs Sponsor: Miss Mary C. Baker p Advisers: Miss Louise Porch earson and Mrs. Viola Moseley Belly Pearson .,,..,...,... FALL Dorolhy McAllis+er .,..... Pearleclna Larsen ....... Lorrelle Clioller .....,,....,.......,...,. SPRING Belly Pearson ,................,....,....s. ..,.,. Pal Pinnell ...,............,.....,,.. Shirley Cobb Deckerl ..,,.,... Lorrelle Cliollel ...,........ .........Presiden+ Vice Presiclenl .........-.SecreJrary .-.......Treasurer ...,.....Presidenl' ,.,.-..Vice Presideni' .,......Secre+ary .-,,...,.Treasurer associafed men sfuclenis . . . Sponsor: Karl Buckman Supplanhng The Fresno' Slalet College fra- lernilies unlil lhey were reorganized, The Associaled Men Sludenls organizalion played an imporlanl parl in banding logelher The men ol Fresno Slale College. The AMS offered many galherlngs lor men of The college. Smokers, dances, ex- changes wilh sororilies, dinners, card parlies. and olher aclivilies lcepl lhe men sludenls enlerlained all year. The AMS mel every l'wo weeks. James Hobbs and Norman Rudy served as presidenls for The year, and Mr. Karl C. Buclqrnan was advisor for The group. -...Tift Y , sane Rowell Rogers Jensen Hobbs Rudy FALL Jim l-lgbbs ,...,A-4 ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,A.,,,.,,,.,.., P r esidenl Neal Jensen ,,.A,., ,,,.oA.......... V ice Presidenl Dick Rogers Secrelary-Treasurer SPRING Norman Rudy ....,.. .o............,.. ............M..... P I' esicle-nl Leonard Rowell ,,,,,,,,, - ,.,..,....,..,. VlCG Pr'GSlClGl'1l' Lee Solo .,,...... Secrelaryflreasurer me ,N m gm Vx .A E .-, 5 wsisi Ya 5,5 -P. v . L mn mf-sas ' K fa ,.. X ,Ei QF -- 15: H, E we F 'ag , w S 535 as ,W 7 Z z Lai 5 nm xg gym V .W N I " ww "-W ., 5-wywggu H if "-if' 'HP' "'?'6'5 efwv""Mtww 5 , ---- -swarm v . . , ' ,,, 1 W Q-'Q-ff 2- :Wy .4 V Wfgfgi -,:w2?,E.?YN5f? ' SH MSS. asm -vw .yhnw Mmawunuw--W fp1eaweq.ww,sN,,., ,, W .M -,.-- -ff. ,qw -Q-1 pls- my-wiv-.w -imma -qw Y-H-.H V , ,,,.,,u wg ,.sq,mlwweamw1AK-sv-www, Wm Mm ww ,mm ww saw ss mn Wing an ww Ll, nw 1 , m 3 mmf ss ans an Q Q3-ii'3EE W M www wa wa nm ' 55 mwm 14 m ' a B ss -ass B za EM Km ,www 1,-ups www B ma ?'g HQIEL' N VW, ss yum sis sg an , Sign. ww N -ss www ni ss :iw nm we A ss 4. H-SHIT?" H M , B ,., 'w' ami Q , n E . was J sms - -, E Q, Elm X as ss .Eg mm ' "' - , l"' QA he was Q an vi U3 . 11 J ' ' gy 1 315' WK .wwf , 3 - " 'L E H N 'WE .,.,.. 1 5 fi 1-- A V -,M .E.Lvg:i-H., lj: 4 -W,-.. L-W, .5 5 if-"EW -- Y Wm Nw. ngg 1 wan- n n , ' MQ,- ,.4 ., .:.:.. -gf ' awww sf' fm 1 W 4' . ,.:. ml gi. ik ..5:.:' EW, ' , Q ig Y. ...:.. M .i ,,f,,,:2 . 5? - H 3' 1 .M ' -- M :.: ' ' :.:..::.:.WY ' w,.:I'f:-I -' mf- .vggv T 1 H . mm V V ,A , , 1,3 E Mmm, W W L w Emma , +-l5'F- ...-,. -,, . . . M, ...Q .V Mug, saw..- rf. ff:..-sf.vz- .-g,-.-1.1-P-, Cl G S S e W ff!! fff -mtl' ,le wrz ,s our enemies -J about them- -lt on over the .nd day, blank- lnd we can sit or. ,We can put the microscope of .ym the progress ed Fascism. This . Debunking has nd sometimes val- rrt in the last few :e's no great pleas- iwing the enemy up Phe only value to be nking ls where the en- ,anda strikes a respon- ,in certain isolatlonlst 2 at home. s something much more 'ln the analysis of the spaganda than mere de- .Fhrough his "news" and ' Qboth spelled propa- can actually get a clear of what's happening ' of the enemy. The :le Germany has been 5 recently. With the jr really coming into rald begin to ,study . klpllll. SCCXIB Ul0I'B Med L-4----what Hiro ,titudes and inttlec 4 I. ae immediate needs ofthe' Na ffime Out for Play . A . It's not all work and no play, TDS pn week ends, the "boots" have nor portunity to go sightseeing aromct New York-gape at skyscrapers, ese lln quaint little restaurants, visld -Radio Clty, take a ferry rlde ut Staten Island, cllmb,the Stahlcnly hdbcrty or meet frlcnsls for gay erre Wings in town. Ve 41i5'The slx weeks of boot school gir 5115 WAVES bfi to a splendid stic- Uorglieir Navy careers." reports Litby liggerglt Commander Rigby. MTl'llgd only girl who does not lslgillfggme and Escliool filled with me enemy' hecausethU513FU'f!,flHep a number of beams F ,l?'2F'Ht the same time. is spot. He must North America, South America. something else ln in something of a my one thing to oxnething else to fncl Europe, and gfrain to his own people at home in '.nd throughout the sprawling cm- vzre. s - " Nothing prevents American moni- oring stations from gathering in ll 'these varied propaganda beams acl making comparisons. By boil- .' these down, and taking special ie of what the Japanese do NOT on onelbeam and DO say on wther, we can receive some fairly irate intelligence. ' -t's take a seemingly small point ,. A month ago the Japarvff 'e radio said thc following" "lie Munitions Ministry eiflrst 'cs the cooperation off out onccrncd to carry omouth lx ol' fire engines t, in- c." A small point? :amy wc wefe under thqe .he the Munltions 1 au. up to its ears 'X ah. nl ' Munltio Mr, Lf: clernocf fp "cities end- is a hy '0- :ver .x on i'sist,5 -le .mm - de- nited Blames ., -. .. K K mei- V, 'the war includi I ,und ,zmcgopriations and VB? A ' itch' nvvrlthe protection Of 'UN 2,--H .pre of wa qu it m.,1a1 and for the upkeep -If 0 . 7, : flfbbeen p fn militaryforces there. - i SCC Ulf 'OTU .ted weercty, flu 'Lists' ghflaiticlprum Will Hear Potter Jozswzey now' . -- 'wave broadcasts adn Economics Of Pacific jliralia, New Zealand, ,proudest boast is that .zi" scream hysterically: 'bZcq"'f"--Sw andgtfdk "" ' rsog and in' a ot, s c sal. time has tozgay in direct, fat -prose. - -- -- F What's Taught And What lsn'l' ' .I'vc begun by noting 5 failure of our schools r students ordinary, English-their own 3 begun with that because ',..f:Lrtabl11, they look mt K more to the ll. S. for u comfort, Zltlgiyjsithe sec ' cur K the 1? and and tanker off Zamboanga, unloaded 1 urc happens to be one in wi - , , L I'm interested. So is Miss S3-Sig em Phmpplfles' Fw' cgrvho writes: "The plienomenwere of a Sfitaxna. stationsnadl. ' pmblto the great campllsou F'onx to begin their Navy C ,f 7 ff ff School ' was formerly" a. proix were smashed fopuplls 3flC8.Vll1g glread and language mtevel is so beaken for g tl ex7ll'ClES." high south of Dutch was swept China's rulgln of democracf, avert civil war army., 'j aid to China lc sixthxrmen b thaiiy have ni? in educsh who island and gc Well. I knew lt had to bf for granted outside but ilxpressed of the plnes,l on advisory. 'I'he ., club to es Ultefsn tn. fem-. 1000 d f occurred to me that "eduv which an Palau circles" were quite as corrfor two about lt. The fact that td when according to Miss Flaeklnllsh lines' 4 110 1112.3 planes trast, say. gD8S OD Oll 0 r w rise and 'Send to say that ls on the officials are and glrls to S one more the cry officers men can be heard. which been were regretably causvest no plgns time Vlazy 1-rains. ,harass BEGINNERS -- that a serviceman wlth his fiancee or 1-nust share the long hav.home comforts. tembenhe lot ot eral Macl9PDl9 reporters that once had in the banding their fully and frequently bat. Nevertheless Jap are plane 2.5 tell us Hcre's one with a days after American announced: metals !01"': very motor trucks, ana, EUTURE PATTERN In a general way, this is remain the pattern for' help to China until a much tlow of mater-lalslls possible. will that be? Probably not this parts OVER' the 1 Stars -Q6 planetary influence. this day which should be for T' for bankers and merchant. les intends to view to and judged world news from battle fronts "' MOSCU - Devoid or' any 'ter rather uncexl- giicllggsx me Oflion, he turns up in .on...o, W ' a Lithuania' tm-f' 'rlouslyfbqnmissarlat A 1 'le""ed m the' sr to occi ' " . shOu1dSLchools g the abovelldltor-Lew the schookint of thr nlcipal affifel' of fl' start once intrigues worldv elt world out Pravda "a bankrupt men who believe they reasonable Europe. Let s to polltica legefot llonaires ,an man? Cl San Francis. ndtwunstanwluting '- bers Santa Cru? Arr WSIS some the Germans and were wined and townspeople anxious DEW Bl.ll'XIl3- 1'OBd CBJ! Lllllill the JADE have maybe, early next year at best n from Tenkclnmg, .Sungsha Lunglin, last enemy-held points on the road's advance d not going to be an Witness the long siege not be been fIll3lIfll'li!l!"':n!ll,Ql5 ende 'll US spring. has lneentlon 'IU' honors by Prerident . 'The cavalrymen, ng,-'wad v' I - t 7- -' friendship for this corresp the Jewish through they needed. more the American was, hard up ondcnt was to. provide them with gil C. Dgg' tests fron" the treo' ici-van" ' It v :uadc iran me h IIB good rr' of to Mosco milcnnium. YVSIR went Editor-aw ' ' fano J' 'Z P' rl. .. OH' x dead past Russia of - fill he the temtured com ann Straus' Jr will be the l ht Ym' the :30 lu ari- OI' D07 fquy fm flute and string and uin m DU' ich American wmposers wh a. 8. ell. be ol een are eth J o- ast or- C. aff' ue- e vith tile orth own 1' lp tn enlor Dun the senior officers . . . 1 . Walrailw E W.BWrH,., awe ima W5 1-swim Pinneii 'mamma ,Erma . ms ss- 'n ,wma z as FALL Gordon Walraih ........, ........... .......,.....,..... P r esidenlr Frances Kirkpairick .,..,. ........,.... V ice Presicieni Ruih Smooi ,,...,..,,..,,. ...,..,, S ecreiary-Treasurer Marybelle Lewis ........ ....... S ocial Chairman . SPRING ' Pai Pinnell ...........,...... ............,..., ....,......... P r esicieni Frances Kirkpairick ,..... ............. V ice Presideni Beiiy Wi1i++en .....,.. ..,..., S ecreiary-Treasurer Clare Weymouih ....., .....-. S ocial Chairman Kirkpairicic Lewis H ' Smooi Weymouiim H Whiiien senior speakers i,,,' v Miss Pearson has :served as presiclenT oT The AssociaTecl Women STudenTs, as chair- man oT The daTe and elecTion commiTTees. and as a member oT Tokalon, Women's upper division honor socieTy. Kisling is a member of The Blue Key, men's honor socieTy, ancl has parTicipaTeol in inTer- collegiaTe Track compeTiTion. BoTh seniors were among Those lisTeol in The I944 ecliTion oT Who's Who Among STudenTs in American Colleges and UniversiTies. BeTTy Pearson anol Bill Kisling were elecTecl Trom a group of 24 sTuolenTs To represenT The senior class by a 2. or B average, and The speakers are chosen Trom The honor group on The basis oT Their college acTiviTies. Veflison XQXSYXGQD . m -x-x E 1 mm Orin mmmmm Wm mmm H Xi- mx ' 1-fm'f"lSz ,nk C033 58. OCT! :Y mm w !m. mm 'Q' M m -V mmum w mmm , ., .. W KZ .-I ' am fy. .,. ' ,vm , . f. ,. ,-.X , faq fm" '1'f,.fzm m m ' m,,,-mmmmmnm' 1xm1-w'e,wmm-E'- 'ii Q' m Y-1 E mm m mmm .- mu -m mm m mmm fi? 15 7 . m, , L M m ' mmm mmxmmmrm .m m mmmm mmm m A ww m V mmm , - mmm Y 532 m 1 -mmm m .-M324 " vim mm 'mm-mf mmm m mm -k 'f m , mm m - m .f- I gm mm m 1 m 'Q- J m wk? .AFL , I., mlm, . Ag- '-- an .- 3.- , m -. ::E: ...5:.! I :IL :':':' :E Ft' 3 ,,,., W N WHS mmmmmm -- "Km'm'm,m ' mx! gems m zgmm m' .mpmmmm wssmix-f Xilfmlsi -m. m mi mfm . mm' BHHD4 W QB .Q mmm mamxm is 4m m mk,m1m E mm - m mm m: I m' mnmm mm mmm 'mmmm SBSH m -Q ,-,A Q mmmmm mm D mmmmggi m m Emmfmmam mm mm mm? E Egg -mmmm , mmmmmm m' mmmmm mmm mmm mmmm m mmmmm m m . is gggwgfs K M m m mmmmm x-E-,EXE HBKE KNEE-HAH' EJ miami! M . EEE mi -mmwiim EB 'HB Mmmmmm ggmmmmmmm f SWF' E ,, mmm EBQWH QSLEBQHQQ- mm m E mg. " m ,L.A . V T . mmm mmm-mmmmmmmm ESE m-.em Wim m ,m ,A-Lim 5 -m . S- 'mail A' -mmma mmmm- at fy' m. ,431 x 1'-any .mmvmlfzl ,.,,,.. .xr .mei Y .2 1575- 1 ,mimi . ff? -wf mmm dW'1YWH535' .mmmmmm , 5. emvmm mmmgmm mmmmmq-gmm m 1 mm-mm .Emmm 'Mm mm-mm . m m ' L suis W ,MW ,mm , , .V vm ,A " ':mm-. 'tmw iss HF? Af m 4 ' 'rf'-' mmmmmm' , m-3 . ,mmmmf..m,-Ay' ,,,.. ....xgm,i-Vw Hxlixm i mmmm ,Hwy mm m , ., B B H S8 B ' ' UH'--M mmm. . m H mm Us ,m W H, ,m X lm' :WZ :5.."ffim dw?" Hmm -, sm, I mf, 15, M- m,-X mmm m gg-.. m gm m m"m 3 431 -' wr- 572' ' ,mfmfg-mmm' " mm I mem -f 1 m, si EE Br- - . J' mmfmm ' fm ' E ' . "f'1.' 1 ,mm ,., b .L n W ,Z V , 5 :fl mnggggg ..... mm mfmjimif -lf 3 f Y,x.a1.0.,A.,,A 512- -'mm m .. Yugi' . vgQ.1',j-Q . 5,1 m. 15, E 5- -.J Iim-'.. -r-Y ,mm - -m -' Q , ak---meg" fQf"21u' F HW ,, , " " -'.m,mQ1P,'1f 'W an mm-m 4,61 if .,'4,:Qi,Nmm,- 5:53 Q32 pfvf' 1- ffZ JfjmT'1'W',, Lssgibkggg mm-mmm J mmm m -gwwmmmmm H v' - i.5".,1?.M??:H' ' 'E?s3'mmam WH -f WI. mf- 1. m . ,. m mm m, ww iw ? .,. , , fm W m m H m 2 im m m is H H H M - W N ff .,., 5 ESE 5 H- A E ' H H H H X H ' .. .,.. ml ,, m mm - m - ---3--- -:5:5:E.5:5.:.:::: mme, - mm Zigi . gym Ryu mgdmf m , mm m' m m mmmfgigmmsm 'gggggmgmm me 51' -- R sum-m 8:2253 vim m mem mm mm WWW mm mmm' .mmmsz-E' EE B E'mm?.'.Emmm m , H, - mm B mm m mm , m m m Em 'E m . m m . , ,. . i m m km mv -.5335 mg, mg? ..m.:z-Um 5,4 W Acord Acoao, ROSEMARY-A. B., General Elemenrary: CSTA, Charm Chorus, Pi' anoforie. Phraferes. Ballon BALLOU. DOROTHY-A. B., Eclucalion, Bradshaw BRADSHAW. BEVERLY- A.B., lviafhemalics: Della Kappa. presidenr: Queen's Ball Chairman: Union Plan- ning Commillee: Eleclion Commilleez Rally Commif- fee, Red Cross Chairman: President Freshman Wo- men's Luncheon Club: Trip- le S. Allhouse ALTHOUSE, MILDRED-A. B., Biology. Bianco BIANCO, MARUINE-A.B., Eclucafion. General Elemen- rary. Boyle BOYLE. BETTY JEAN-A.B.. Biology: Phraleres, Zela Thefa, German Club. new me sw. Allcinson ATKINSON. DORIS-A.B.. General Elemenfary: The Key, College Symphony Or- cheslra. Bosmajian BOSMAJIAN. ELIZABETH GRACE - A.B.. General Elemeniary: Phrareres, CSTA, Senior Wornen's Chorus. Buckles BUCKLES, SHIRLEY-A.B.. Eclucalion: Alpha There, AWS Luncheon Club. WAA, CSTA. iw' Kirlcpalrick Promineni senior as seleclred by Who's Who Among Colleges I Kisling Prominenl senior as seleclecl by Wl1o's Who Among Colleges Casaolo General Elemenfa ry: Newl CASADO, POLLY - A.B. man Club, Spanish Club Transaides, CSTA. Douly DOUTY, MARJORIE-A.B., Special Secondary, Com- merce: Pianoforle, Dell-a Mu Phi Gill GILL, FRANCES - A.l3., Commerce. Clwong CHONG, ANITA JUNE- A.B., Biology: Zela Tl'1e'ra, Chinese Sluclenls' Clulo. Eilancl EILAND. RUTH RIGALL- A.B., English. The Key. Ginsburg GINSBURG, RAE KATH- RYN-A.B., General Ele- menlary: Kappa Della Pi, CSTA. Cosg rave cosermvs. JAM ES-A.B. Clwemislryg AMS: Presidenl Physical Science Club: Col- legian sfarlp Blue Key. Polmar FOLMAR, RUTH - Ali.. Music: Symphony Orcheslra Cvlaolney GLADNEY. MARY ELIZA- BETH-A.B., Special Sec- ondary. Commerce: House Manager Collegienne l-lall, CSTA. Graesch GRAESCH, WILMA-A.B., General Elernenlary: CSTA, The Key, Kappa Della Pi. l-loclcell HOCKETT, BARBARA JEAN-A.B., Commerce: AWS Luncheon Clubi Reel Cross Procludrion Corps Commirlee: Alpha Theia, Presidenh Pan-Hellenic: Elecfion Commilrlee. l-lunl HUNT, MELBA JO-A.B.. Physical Educalion: WAA: Pi Epsilon. l-loool HOOD. MARTHA -- A.B., Chemisfry. l-lansen HANSEN, CAROLI NE-A. B., General Elemenla ry. Jackson JACKSON, vloLA B.-A B., General Elemenlaryg CSTA. ,l-lowland HOWLAND. CLAIRE-A. B.. French: Sigma Tau Delfag Le Cercle Francais. Hawkins HAWKINS. BARBARA-A. B., Kinder arfen-Primar 9 Y Eclucaliong Kappa Del+a Pi, Ki-Pri, CSTA. Bancl, Charm Chorus. Janoiko Mnomo, MARY - Ma., General Elemenraryg New- man Club: Transaides: WAA: CSTA. Miller Prominenf senior as selecred by Wl'1o's Who Among Colleqes fE'E' im T Q W m nl H is We s .mamma M . E , V .ss s Us .sew ss sw ss rm- sm H Q H -gssgss B 51523315 as BBMHHBB swims sswrxfi me H a s - s mHfEEm E sawn new use was me we a s mMds ss smgzgm ss M Smeg ..:: as ss Wagg a-ess s -ggsg mswaa memes ww -:-:-H: an HWHEH L Q H we s ga B si gm ' s e gs ,. s H -, we s nswfsds B s eszmgrmwma SSH-K-Eixirgg B515 Sm ,G ., z E f?aagsss1? remiss .'-will ! as as seems me QB we me was ss :am Q Q swwweq ,sesame we is smwgzm is Muses a a -a ss BH Hn me as me gr HB as mwegmwe-an hsmswiimn M s me Em e- na H. ss wr' 'Wm B K-A ss as -N 'sm 0 I Pearson Prominenr senior as selecied by Who's Who Among Colleges .fx QI' 'I' ' ,asfna sfo W 4 ,,, ., 4 H Q "L was I Ms'?m:i1i.fl,S.gYi75r" wi V. M.l.,-., 'Y :.,. ,.,.4...,,. L 7-....., Kennedy KENNEDY, PATRICIA-A. B., Educafion, General Ele- menrary. M. Lewis LEWIS, MARYBELLE-A.I3.. Biology, Zefa Thela: Della Kappa, Presideniz Social Chairman, Senior Classy Pan I-lellenic, President Konlcel KONKEL, MARGARET JEANNE-A.B., English: The Key, Sigma Tau Delia, Spanish Club, German Club, Phraleres, Women's Chorus. Kisling KISLING, WILLIAM, JR.- A.B., Biology: Chapel Com- milfee, Blue Key, The'Ia Chi Presidenr, Varsiry "F": In- Ier-Frafernily, President Lum Loiilo LUM, BETTY-A.B., Biology, LOTITO, ELIZABETH ANN Chinese Sludenis' Club. -AB., Biology, Zeia Thela. C4 Lewis LEWIS. CAROL-Ms.. Eng. Iish: Phraferes. Kirlcpalriclc KIRKPATRICK, FRANCES -A.B., Ari: Ari' Cenrer. AWS Lunheon Club: Ari' Edifor, Campus: USO Scrapbook Chairman: Can- Ieen Commilleeg Della Kap- pa. Langio rd LANGFORD. PI-IYLLIS MILES, A.B., Commerce: Spanish Club. Sigma Della Pi Marlin MARTIN. LORRAlNE- A. B.. Biology., German Club. Zefa The+a. The Key. Psi Chi loia, Pan-Hellenic. Mulligan MULLIGAN. MARTHA- A. B.. Special Secondary. Physical Educa+ion: WAA, Pi Epsilon. Oliver OLIVER MARIAN SHAW - A. B.. Educaiion. Phra- Teres. WAA. Charm Chorus. --2 A H ir, ig xx is a M. n .X Mehling MEHLING. DOROTHY J. --A.B.. Educaiion. Phraier- es, CSTA. Neel. NEEL. DOROTHY -- A. B.. Ed ucalion. CSTA. Owe-nsloy OWENSBY, Luc:iLLE - A. B.. Special Secondary. Physi- cal Educarion. Triple S. WAA. Pi Epsilon. Tokalon. Handbook Edifor. Collegian Slafl. Miller MILLER, ELEANOR MAR- GARET-A.B.. Special Sec- ondary. Ari: Ari Cenler. Presidenlg CSTA. Freshman Women's Luncheon Club. Triple S7 Tolcalonq AWS Luncheon Club: Pan-Hellen- ic: Alpha Theia. Presidenrg Eleclion Commillee Chair- man: Red Cross Producfion Corps Chairman: AWS Pub- licify Manager: AWS Ad- iusrmeni Chairman: Chair- man 'USO Scrapbook Com- miilee: Playhouse Canleeng One Ad Plays. Eclilor "Co- ed Code." Ola OJA, RUTH--A. B.. Home Economics, Omicron.-Sigma Pi. ' Panliaia PANTTAJA, GERTRUDE - A. B.. Educarionz Kappa Della Pi: Omicron Sigma Pi: CSTA: Presidem' and Secre- rary. Collegienne Hall. gan is Pinnell Prominenr senior as selecied by Who's Who Among Colleges I Rowell Promineni senior as seleciecl by Who's Who Among Colleges 7-fm ia is l i .jl as as a Park PARK, IRENE-A. B., Edu- cafion: CSTA, Symphony Orchesfra, Senior Women's Chorus. Penolergrass PEN oEReRAss, :RMA - A. B., Educaiion: General Elemeniary. Poy POY, ALICE-A. B.. Physi- cal Science: Commerce Club, Zefa The+a, Piano- forle, Chinese Siudenis' Club, Senior Women's Cho- rus. Parker PARKER, ELEANOR-A. B., Educarion: Empaihy. Kappa Delia Pi. Pi Gamma Mu, Secreiary-Treasurer of Ki Pri, Charm Chorus, One Aci Plays. Pheley PHELEY, ELSA-A. B., Edu- caiion, General Elemeniary. Riclcels RicKELs, MILTON-A. B.. Economics and English: The Key Presideni, Pi Gamma Mu Presidenr, Spanish Club, Sigma Tau Delia, Sigma Delia Pi, Blue Key, Sigma Tau, Collegian, Public Rela- fions Commiriee. . 1 f' . . ffxl Pearson PEARSON, ELIZABETH C. -A. B., Physical Science: Freshman Women's Lunch- eon Club: Triple S, Tolcalon, AWS Presidenl. The Key. Della Mu Phi, Chairman Dale Commiflee, Co-chair- man Chapel Commiiiee. Pinnell PINNELL, PATRICIA suis - A. B., Malhemalics: Phraieres, Vice-Presideni and Presideni: Tokalon, Vice Presideni: Della Mu Phi, Chairman Daie Commiilee: AWS Luncheon Club: Se- nior Class Presidenr: AWS, Vice-Presideni. Rogers ROGERS, ANITA MAE - A. B., Spanish: The Key, Sig- ma Della Pi, Spanish Club, Rosenberger Rosemismzesn, ANNA ALDEN-A. B., Eclucaliong General Elemenlary. Saiol SAID. ALICE MARIE - A. B., Educalion: Kappa Della Pi, Ki Pri, CSTA, Triple S, WAA. Smool smoor. Rum-A. B., so- cial Science: Transaid es, Presidenig Pi Gamma Mu, Phraleres, Presidenlq Kappa Delia Pi, Charm Chorus Cabinel, WAA, Senior Class Secre'Iary-'rreasur- er, AWS Luncheon Club, Chairman Transfer Board. Co-chairman Sluclenl Posl Office, Chairman War Ac- Iiviries Commilfee. Rowell ROWELL. LEONARD LAY- TON - A. B., Journalism, Blue Key, Ediior of The Col- legian. Edilor of Campus, Ze-la Mu, AMS Vice-Presi- dent Selly SETTY, GEORGIA - A. B.. Educalion: General Ele- menrary. Teare TEARE, WANDA JEANNE A. B., Educarion: The Key, Kappa Della Pi, CSTA. Ruclol Ruon, JACKIE EBERHART -A. B.. General Elemenl- ary: CSTA, Omega Xi Omi- cron, President Rally Com- miHee, Triple S, AWS, Queen's Ball Commilree Chairman. Shelion Sl-IELTON, WANDA JEAN -A. B., English: Sigma Tau Della. Tibbens TIBBENS, SILETI-IA SCRIV- EN - A. B., Music: Piano- forle, Women's Chorus, A Cappella Choir, Symphony Orcheslra. Van Sevenler Promineni senior as selecred by Who's Who Among Colleges f Walralh Prominenl senior as selecled by Who's Who Among Colleges ' TYl 13, Tiplon nrrou. Mmion ioNA -A. B. Eclucalfoni CSTA, Psi Chi loia Presidenl, NSFA. Van Sevenler VAN SEVENTER, BUSY - A. B., Romance Language: French Club, German Club, Spanish Club, Sigma Tau Della, The Key. Phraleres. Wa rhola WAR:-ioLA, THELMA-A. B,, Educaiion : Newman Clul:,Transaides. Kappa Del- 'ra Pi, WAA, CSTA. - LE Q ae-' . ug .sm ' Tonclel TONDEL, GEORGE-A. B., Social Science: Collegian, Campus, Rally Commillee. Varlilcian VARTlKlAN. AURORA - A. B., Speech: Empalhy, Presidenlg AWS, Sludenl Council, "Cry Havoc", Spring Swing, Carribean Cruiser, Radio Direclor, One Acl Plays. Welob WEBB, WINIFRED --- A. B., Commerce: Alpha Thela. X Tucker TUCKER, DOROTHY - A. B., Biology. Walraih WALRATH, GORDON G. -A. B., Accounlingg Zela Mu, Rally Commirlee, Blue Key Junior Class Presidenl, Senior Class Presideni, Treasurer of College Red Cross Unil, lv1en's Legisla- live Commissioner. Weymoulh wEYMourH. CLARE-A. B.. Journalism: Tokalon, WAA, Alpha Phi Gamma, Freshman Women's Lunch- eon Cluln. Pan-Hellenic. Omega Xi Omicron, Presi- denlg Campus Eclilor, Col- legian Slaff, Rally Commit- 'lee Chairman, Que-en's Bali Chairman, Campus Queen, Senior Class Social Chair- man. aa. mass-1 1 aaa a x-:aa , ,E .WJ 5.555 NH -. an a-aa- M Ra-a fm- - aaa .ganna ai-'aa QE? a am-S265 Wilson WILSON. CULVER-A. B., Enqlish:'Colleqian Slaff, Spanish Club. Wilkinson WILKINSON. VIRGINIA REATH - A. B., Home Eco- nomics, Omicron Sigma Pi. Woo woo, GERALDINE ERMA -A.B., Piano, Chinese Slu- denJrs' Club, Pianoforre Treasurer. Whillen WHITTEN, BETTY-A. R., Special Secondary: Com- merce, Tokalon, Presidenli Pi Gamma Mu, The Key, Delia Mu Phi. President War Acfivilies Commi'r'fee. Weymoulh wEYMourH. MARGARET A. B., English, AWS Lunch- eon Club. Alpha Theia, President Union Ac+ivi'Hes Planning CommiH'ee, Red Cross Producfion Corps, Charm Chorus, Sludenl Body Secre+arygJunior Class President Zela Mu Sweei- hearf, Aflendanl lo Campus Queen. Woody WOODY, LEDELL GOOD- RICH - A. B., Educaiiony CSTA, Alpha Theia. W: Williams WILLIAMS. MARGARET- A. B., Nursing. Wilson wuLsoN. PATRICIA - A. B., Ari. Yearin YEARIN, MARJORIE GLADYS - A. B., Educa- lion, CSTA, NSFA, Psi Chi Iofa. Youngman YOUNGMAN. IRENE-A. B., Educafionq Phraleres, CSTA. I C. Weymoujrh Promineni senior as selecled by Who's Who Among Colleges A 'Q Q ALMGREN, MAY LEWIS- A. B., Nursing. BARNES, DWIGHT-A. B.. Journalism. FERREL, MARY LUCILLE- A. B., Nursing. JING, ALICE-A. B., Nurs- ing. X seniors wiihour piciures ANDERSON, ERNEST-A. B.. Journalism: Business Manager The Collegian, Ediior Handbook-Direciory, Presiclenf Alpha Phi Gam- ma. Board of Publicaiions, Public Relafions Commir- lee. BEANE, LARRY - A. B. Music. GEARHART. DONNABEL- LE - A. A., Educaiionz Al pha The-ia. JING. ARTHUR - A. B. Biology. 1 BANDY, MARGUERITE Ed. B., Eclucaiion. BUTLER. ROBERT OREN A. B., Music INCERPI, WFLORENCE - B., Ed ulcaliong General menfary. A. Ele- JIN6, CAROLINE - A. B.. Nursing. M. Weymouih Prominenl senior as selecled by Who's Who Among Colleges CRANDALL. HELEN MOON EY-A. B., Nursing. JACKSON. HAROLD -A B., Social Science. JOHNSON. ROSE K. - A B., English. DICKINSON. PHYLLIS - A. B., Eclucaiionp Omega Xi Ornicron, Chairman Can- Teen Commiiiee, Presideni Charm Chorus, Freshman Women's Luncheon Club, AWS Luncheon Club, Ai- Jrendanl' io Campus Queen. JAMISON, ELLEN M.-A. B., Nursing. KANE, ELLEN - A. B.. Speech, Ernpaihy, Della Kappa. ll ll Aggie-iiiaik--.: Dickinson Prominenl senior as seleclecl by Who's Who Among Colleges MELCI-IOIR, NANCY - A. B., Educaliong General Ele- menlary. ROSENBERG, ANNA LOU- ISE-A. B., Ed ucalion. SWAN, ROSALI N D-A. B., Music ' MOLICI-I. BERNICE SMITH-A. B,, Music: Sig- ma Phi Gamma. SAWYERS, MARILYN -A. B., Biology, Zela Thefa. TI-IURSTON. ANNE - A.. B., Special Secondary: Ari. The Key. seniors wlfhouf pictures NCRTON. FAIRY - A. B.. Eclucalionz General Ele- meniary, Della Mu Phi. SI-HRK. RUTH-A. B., Edu- caiion. TITUS, LEE - A. B., Social Science. VOGLER. PATRICIA - A. B,. Speech, Empalhy. Es. L , , 555 gwgggm if 555533 Q Whillen Prominenl senior as seleciecl lay Who's Who Among Colleges PERCIVAL ROBERT-A. B.. Indusirial Arls. SMITH. PEGGY O'HARA -A. B., Eclucafion: Alpha Phi Gamma, CSTA, Della Sigma Epsilon, Collegian S'I'a1c'I:. TRIMBLE, FRANCES--A.B.. Social Science. PICKFORD. PATRICIA-A B., English: Omega Xi Omi- Cl'OI'l.' STANLEY, ANNA PU REN- TO N-ECI., B., Educalion. VAN TUYL, BARBARA - A. B., Biology. snap -1- .z"N. -.. . na g"':', a ss' ss E -X -ss-m ss 1 E mam an ss 'WSW ms Us B ss : E ss a E 1 E . a ss ss Q m-mmm,-5 E a a ss a ss a ss ss wi zz ss E is a ss mx-les x-x ss x a a mn 1.35 ss a .mx mn H-sm wmv Nw, ms 381545 an BH ms magma nah ss mms. mass? mms-v MA ss - ss ? ss a ms '-'asm -., EEE mag mn ss max-1 mx-ss sim mx-' mu ma ss an mmm mm i 3 rfgffgi- Y EQ. ss a 1 s mi. 'S sql , A9191 my ,pf , , A -W' SE 0' L9-.5 'W 1- "".s'1'M We , wjfg-'vbvgak ,M X Qi Wm Q iz V R mx ,, 9 A - P .fx R, .fg i, , '21 Vg? I 4 hw, -WH, um-Qs J f Q H W . . 9? ,mi wm-44 :a: .:.:.:. -. K rx E Wigwam? M ..- ,Q its ' vi hfmggwylw fQQEQffyg .wJVW.m,J ..-l : : ffj V 1 is 4 Y ." 7 Q 'V ,T .nw A gg ,,.:. 3'f - EX J, x . 'S Q H . H52 ., ii J Q ' A l XXX j x . .5 , , I 4 r" x f ,- M-13 Qu-Ay, 25-qi I x H 'I' "b Cf, .ps ' 55: 52 ' . L' agmemhms waxy ss: an M' 1.. +4 Ff,K',H 1 .Qu ,,,,,:,.y' H.. . . ,J "'oTf wi - , Q, 4. 'QQ r A' , M gags' Ss- M E . vi mg ss 1 ss .N .' qfj. 4' 1y,, . 5+ I 4' i A .I :I B V , ? 'Q ,L-K , 4'5" J J W.-qw. W v 1.x , an - W 5 Lwjg-Wgmlm. hjgjus Q 1 awffp sg fzfwf Q?g5?g.ffgf- , Msg: 41,-1 - , 9-,nag f so .,..G...............Su'lIt 4 Subs TSC Trlttlzm 2.Jcns0l1 ,aguben 8 Grant 5, Comicln 4 In thc second game, tho logs came mek into the ball md gmc the Tigers a struggle hclr 53 31 victory. Don Edwxrds of COP a :nl World l.Valjl.,lew1l Freshman Amuse Social oxement over previous form '3rumb1ugl1. smallest man on Hurt showed that slze ing in bzislcellmll by nt honors for both mc-ut, who is in elaine Ill Li ,, . ZA-,., .. 1' " ir 59511111311 BSS I lslahk - QTQ Gave Assembly St :aim " len ., 1 1 ll L Bl , li: ui? ici. hum in sz . :ln e an ng ri' C f U1 ' m Ui 1, ,ps u.l,,, pls nm ,piuv ion. ' der Is :vi I in I I l I .: 115 , who 1 .N r i l xr-xx Slllhtllli A 1" l u' il ' P ,H K' A cause of 'eeurx' -UE: Um: mit umm the l'lUdll.0lllllIl TllUlSdll! nl. 11 Cum., :,:f:, o'clof-lc, by the freslunnu class. 1 The production, .u.'., 1 . mm 1" 3, 1f-- ,I im., 1,-1 Ulm, ' the lest ol' llusi mm ri' om . 10. ,-1.2, -1 " wx . . .' . 1 Il ' V -I " ii i, . .1 1 i ,uw A 1 L- .,3 In is l isl W l inlay 1 TL? Uh- 4.1 Am, A '-"l rs lm rl I Tlx -t, 1' -. is lmvu the wx Vcon- ill fo v t 'movl-. . e "'3,"u:-- 1 H I Fl' ll, lizvreiilspln enlist in admission Wm go a free uckct 0 n A eraeit o u. In-s.-i'w ,inrps or ns- ,l -11 U gl M, ,mi , , . IGH t :il in lilo .XiTllP. A111 llcainls :Ernie ltilgxfvipl ii ed' m U CNR fm' -r-.-1 -i.-: -ll' ' us ll i' I U ' in ' fl" ' iliiliii 32.31122 H I2 . Auf 'Img-, .1iliolo1gl'zr1il1l:lx's ts U qw W Lx i- ..iri lb oo: ic B. llol U' I ' I hwi :ilu llul !x:n'n been IYYIO- , Fri '51 'm h ' " 'uit-d Ili, lar- Frusxin Nlnrluc J1 in I' yers by lowered .mc1"s all- QOP Coach l won 79-20 in Chester Drum- .iint man lor the eight points and f0l' COP wlth 16. gs had xr. hard time .Jawket with short shots g the ball from the tall- nts Coach Hammer played Myers that mode the trip ..,.F............llar:lin 8 ....F.,.,.,...Enlwnrds 15 C . .. .....,.... Reames 5 ...,G..........,..,Lewis 1-l .gg m'ngi':ll11 fDl' young mr-n o. sm'- :untlclpallou nl their zu:- in llic Army. The pur- pose ol' llie training: is to enhance ,fnleeu in 'Live lflll y the stlulcufs value to the Army by inslrucllon in :ul nczxrlc-mic currifl- ulum of subjects soloctcgl lor lhc-il' - 'm y. . ln11mil.:nic1c Lo the Al The Army lieu nnil pays quireil fm' study. C :xverzlge class running Members 8 and P Triple S Plans Cookie Sale: Appomls Jobs A cookie sale will be held at the front of the student union tomor- rouf noon by members of Triple S, the purpose of which is to raise l o from :llttec allen l ..:u P olxt'1iL mum of the Sold to green uhen Di college, mul president during an the freshm fledged Shlers Class Officers In the revulc for student "I, Frirlzly lu lhe union 'Old Kirkpntriclc wns vice-preslllcul: '-omore vice-president soplmrnurc mano will twice in the 'lho ization for nll the campus, nllnlhln F' nw.. o production Nlflll ell junior officers FALL Berry Veale ...........,,....... .,.,........, P residenr Marjorie Sfuarr .......,,.....,..,..,, Vice Presidenr Sue Combs ......, .....,... S ecrefary-Treasurer SPRING Daren Neikirk .,,..... ...,.,.,..,........ P resiclenr Juanira Brown ....,,.. .........,.... V ice Presiolenr Barbara Draklich .,.,.....,,. Secre+ary-Treasurer Helen Berrken ....,... ....... S ocial Chairman Veale Neikirk Draklich Brown S+uar+ sophomore officers . . FALL Belly Jane Larsen .,... . .......... Presidenl Barbara Caslleloerry .,...,......., Vice Presidenl Jean Miles ...,,.... ....,, S ecrelary-Treasurer l l-lelen Burgess .,... ..,..., S ocial Chairman SPRING Rulh Jean Whilmore ,..... ........... P residenl ,W V E: zlz ::E M mx Norman Ruoly ......., .....,-..,.,....--Vice Presidenl 1 L' iiiiifimiizmii :E Jane+Jurgens ,,.e. ...... S ecrelary-Treasurer "ii'i :ii ' in W AJ A lvlaralou Qnelo ,.... ,.,.... S ocial Chairman -,- -Su L , L .L L4fE,Jlif 'fed , .-.r,4..N.L,..., Whilmore Larsen Rudy Caslleloerry Miles Onelo B .W ma:- Jurgens Burgess 42 freshmen officers . . Sorenson Rees Place Goss Phillips FALL Bob Goss ,.,....... ........., ............. P r esiclenl' Roberf Wade . Rosemary Rees ........-.-....Vice Presiclenf Place ..,...,. Secrefary-Treasurer Corrine Chollef ............,........... Social Chairman SPRING Benny Phillips ...,,......,........,................. Presidenf Joy Rose .,....... Lionel Sorenson l-lelen Alles .... Chcillef Presldenf .,-.......Secrefary-Treasurer ........-Social Chairman Alles Rose Wade anieen snap . s ss wa Hn sw ms a mm mn ,m a a ss a ss ss a Vi, mm ss 'TA . W ,H X ,. 'n X ms SW r J. ss lm ms a ss E a ss a ms mmm mms w ms sqm mums "nm n 1 ss m .sm E sw nm a ss a mn si my - ss a as m a a E. H mg mm-ssgmw Q-ss E, ,X sw-L ' ss- H,-ms ms- ms mga-mm fs? , -, ,V E- Q wap mam- mm Bmwam- fwam1'x-x ng , Ewmsm I mmm Msfmwf Mmm gm H was Q55 MH Hg zzzxwsw HHH uw mms B was mf B was swam ms B sm H Hams -H 2: BH mam. mn mn E N ss B , ss a E , m ss ss a mn ss ms a mam ss 3 E H B. M H M M HM HM B, HBH BA' mmf E H ml., H Bsimqs HB ,wma-L? 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MS. -mwlwgi , , A ,M , W E V, A , my fggwg if 51. 3.5355 S A -XS P S K - B mi ami E H2 an H 1 mx ummm. 'i V w"w,l5 C , , K j we . :B gf M' F 'i ff-H- was,-2fww.Q 12 ',.:.i:i ,A .. B ',. V Q 2 , . 3 'mmf' w wr . M g 2 ,. V. w lagging 5 gg H 5. 5 :s:, ss In Y. SEI: E A rg f 53 Q I 1 X X ,ffif 5,1 .:.:. 555:- igiiiiigig i s ss - :Q I-as 5 'IE E -F M, Q LE, H, ,E N ,TP X- N 4 .wiv , L ,Qi is ' . .. ,J ,, , E " - e S 5 mg f M 4 Q H " Q 1 , .-: ldv " 'Sm ' 4" zfiliff :F?ijQj f W WW , W Q: - E gf ... ...ggi ...-- .. E E f-:AP . ,-v--. -msnrm.- 2 A. . 5 0 H M Wig' H 3' 5 ?3 " ' E mn Q.. ,- NE me "' -I-T .. :J -Sifgsc. 'Sf-'bc' L-5150-S m-2'fQ,q., Ch ,,,fff.w avg,-r:,'g gum-Es! JJ -U gfwf V'-F1"'5 45 -C 7 dt- g 5.2-2: 1:-wgfyo 210.51-: gf E cm., U :Nam mg H2 'U-UE --.,,- Waf 'U an ENS eww was J LL, C min-. ,LL C533 Us 58505. Elgggg 55,55 4 Q -I " "5 Q.: A-C my 2. S fied bw. -ff-fs' gsifwbzs. gm K'-fmt? ft ,gif :1 ."f:,.S'g7g gf-'E-i?3,Qf:l'-QE , 'U U no mmm. 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Bus Neal Jensen .........,A......... PhoT Jim l-lobbs ...e.. AssisTanT PhoT Frances KirlcpaTricl4 .....,.eee...,,.,..4... Beverly Campbell .....,A,...,,.,.,..., Benny Phillips ,....s......., SporTs Annie Shew ........,...,. STudenTs Allie Bargum.,AdrninisTraTion AlberTa Kiehl ,,., QrganizaTion Jean Casey ,...,.,............. Class JuaniTa Brown ,,ss,s.. AcTiviTies lola Devlin .... Women's SporTs ssisTanT Ec iness Mana ography EC ography Ec .ArT Ec .Copy Ec Division Ed Division Ec Division Ec Division Ec Division Ec Division Ec Division Ec Frymire iTor ger iTor iTor iTor iTor iTor iTor iTor iTor iTor iTor iTor WeymouTh The Fresno STaTe College yearboolc, -The Campus, is pub- lished yearly Through The associaTed sTudenT body in an aTTempT To depicT The liTe oT The college, boTh socially and scholasTically, Throuqhoulr The year. This year The sTaTT Tried To produce a yearbook ThaT was as much like Those oT pre-war years as was possible. Caughell ' Kiehl Jensen Gorclen KirkpaTriclc Devlin Phillips Campbell l-lobbs Bargum Casey Brown 48 collegian . . . Rowell Warner Lamme Kazarian Phillips Bargum Beeman Leonard Rowell ,.,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Edffor Clarence Neiloulwr Maxine l-larness f,,,Adver+ising Managers Andy Kosieris Copy Eclilor News Edilor Make up Edllor Slaff Arlisl Social Edilor JaCl4 Burke ......o..,, Drama and Music Ediror Gloria Anlriasian James Cosgrave Culver Wilson Leonard Rowell Jean Casey James Cosgrove Jean Casey .,a,,,... Juanira Brown ..... Benny Phillips ,..... Bill Warner .,........ Allie Bargum ...,... Circulalrion Manager Fealure Edilors Edilorial Board Dickson Riclcels Kosieris McCain Gorden ee Brown Casey Slwew Wilson Hobbs handbook and direcfory Campbell ss gs- " E 'las ss gg .-E is , v 51 fa 144319 is i .SSW-. f iw 4 The poclcelboolc size edilion of local views, news, and names W and phone numbers of F.S.C. personnel once again blossomed lorlh in lhe fall semesler. An all-girl slaff allempled To compile an ediliori which would give on-hand informa- lion aboul Jrradilions, organizalions, defini- lions, and iusl plain gossip. Allhough a reduced budgel caused some lrouble, il all came our al' Jrhe prin'rer's, and 'rhe "Bulldog" edilion came oul wilh a growl. Devlin Beverly Campbelll lda Devlin S Lola Browe l Lucille Owensbyl-nm Carolyn Fuck .,...,....s,, EE si H-' was-1.1 Browe Casey McAllis'rer gs. is i .1 ,am - E ,. si 'maxi as .,..-..Edi+ors ,Assislanl Ediiors ..,-..S+all Arlisl K H nl 'milmiiifm sm SS-B ss board of publicafions . . Lelii io righr lsrandingl-Quibell, Phillips, Sheehan, and Safsrromg lsirlingl-Barger, A Billard, and Brown. The purpose of Jrhe Board of Publicaiions is io eleci all official publicarion ediiors on The campus, and io de+ermine The policy oi Jrhe publicaiions. There are four iacully members and Tour siudenr members as provided for in ihe Siudeni Body Consiiiuiion. The four faculiy members are Mr. Arch Addingion of The geography and geology deparimeni, Dr. Gerirude Billard oi Jrhe English deparlmenl, Dr. Charles Quibell oi The biology de- parimeni, and Dr. l-luberi Phillips oi Jrhe social science deparimeni. Slu- denr members are Frank Mesple, presideni' of rhe siudenl body: Juaniia Brown, commissioner oi publicaiionsg Gordon Walraih, men"s legislaiive commissioner: Belly Pearson, AWS presidenlrg and Jean Barger, women's legislarive commissioner. All official edirors are non-voiing members oi ihe board. Dr. Paul Sheehan is a non-voring Taculiy member. l Q ss Us - -M. 3.4 .wig-if H H K H .B E: ram . ' :- W W- :ii W :iam as E Q ' Bama ii , R YE 1, sem- ,. HM-J X mx , 1 Si ms Nmksur ' .f E: M 4 , ,, ,md nw ,w..uj X -Rhjagw 'n,m.. ,N , 1: ...www -ass S9 1, ,,mg as sf, whiz.. wk ss 'Va 'gsm amass mrs m E Q awww iw: " M H mfg: wf L- H3532 M... M -' ,'Q.xww,Hm H- . . 'Sa w- ss . FA ,I A 1 Y fix! . 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'-3' -' ' '- Z. - 4g45Qx2':, gig 1 H H ' ' E . ag - - .gin ,4 ,gms . will '. - .vu MW H WW. .- , .. , xg Au-, ,-.' 1, . A' ' I-if r ,. '-gl,-'rugs H 1 Ma?" 'ly V, V ' ,f " . 1 m 1 ' ' Semi X 1 ' .Ji B ' , N Q11 5 .5 5 ,Hn an I Ni -...mms-xml ' - Ya E E E E x T. 11.W,.-N: M.. I - Q iii 532' W 1' 53:32- . . . ,, ' wwf- , ,,..f. ..: -...R f A. ,. ....... . . ..,.,., px ,ussf,m.w gg-.B mpg msn D . mx. amass 13 H P we Wg S5 5 H W -www? H- H - wg 3 H H W H HB Q wk-Ms -. M. .B . ,E E .Q ,W W M W Z2 H ESE 3:2 553315 - 23' f -iia"'---ws -H ggwg S' M: E ,, K E M EA A H Bi E gg .............. sig: H Eg H355 gig gg? 8 W H H - H- " H H Q was-' in H H - WHEN W 1 Q B ix .4-1:35 - . imuggggggg ww 5:1 H25 ggggifg ,555 .2 :im . . Www. E in :gg -H--3--gm- msg. . - 2 ,www -5 Mmm VE mga 5 ,. 2 .5225 ' . Q: mai? H ig... ' - H ,E H Axim? WWE? .,-fr ,f gs J Hg H H 2 E W B H 11 ,- ss gags Q mnmwgsmn mx! , .. . B Ewa: , I-LEE Kg QMQE B t na ss a -m Egw Q E , W E H w E E . f Q vf , Em H j... .Q B H 2255535 3 Em S' .HM www?-aww W ms mgawgfgg Hg :gm mmm misss misawigaa Eg E I my .......:. mm smmwm E-.aww-ms ' my 2:-:-,-. gy- -gamma 5.15, .L w ' 3322 55552-We ' ww W ww ' 1-2-V im E sigma 1 -.s B E E E I ig WE Q if 'why sf. .im M ,M -1 in img.. 5333 - .qu 1 an E4 W -H E ga af . -,ug 1 '- H Ss 21 as nl nl ml nl H K Y ixsaliifwl- ' ' : B H -E Q wzwg-ms ,Q ,kim N PM . ... , H ma W H H K , K gifmmw . Quai-m , B M , ' - - .-- Q ' .W m nl nl H ' - 5. 'Q - S E H v '-S ' H v B Q M M V . H- , U WH Q . 1 ' xl Si I' B E B E--.T - . . an .U H E. 4, H Wd- . A H f B. V 53 WEE , SS ' - 'I .- . my N.. Y playhouse sTaff and board of conTrol McGraw WrighT Paiva The Fresno STaTe College Playhouse, locaTed on UniversiTy STreeT, is under The direcTion oT John W. WrighT, head oT The speech deparTmenTg and Fred J. McC5rew, public speech insTrucTor. STagecraTT is direcTed by John E. l-lerbe-rT, and Murrell PanneTT is sTudenT movie insTrucTor. The main acTiviTy OT The playhouse is To presenT plays Tor The public and The sTudenT body. An award is given each year Tor acTing. The Speech DeparTmenT senT represenTaTives To speak beTore commercial organiza- Tions. ConTrolling policies oT The UniversiTy STreeT Playhouse. approving all play producTions, and passing all reguesTs Tor renTals or loan oT eguipmenT are only a Tew oT The duTies oT The Board oT Playhouse ConTrol. and Gale. Le-TT To righT lsTandingl-SaTsTrom, WalraTh. SmiTh, and WrighTp lsiTTingl-Paiva, Berger. wizard of oz . . . "The Wizard oT Oz" was The TirsT Three-acT producTion oT The UniversiTy STreeT Playhouse Tor The year. IT was a revised musical version rewriTTen by sTudenTs. Original dances were sTaged under The direcTion oT Beverly Baird. a sTudenT. John W. WrighT, head oT The speech deparTmenT, direcTed The play and iT was sTaged under The supervision oT John Ed l-lerberT. Bernice Paiva, secreTary To The playhouse, had charge oT The business end oT The producTion wiTh lvlurrell PanneTT handling sTaqecraTT. The sTory clealT wiTh DoroThy and her liTTle dog, ToTo, in Their Travels Through The land oT Oz wiTh The scarecrow, The Tin woodman, and The lion. Music Tor The musical numbers was handled by Jack Burlce aT The piano. spider island. . "Spider Island," a Three-acT melodrama, was The second producTion To come Trom The UniversiTy STreeT Playhouse Tor The year. A Typical mysTery Thriller, The play was clirecTed loy John W. WrighT, head oT The speech deparTmenT, wiTh John Ed l-lerberT oT The arT deparTmenT as Technical direcTor. Lucille Snyder was assisTanT direcTor and Murrell PanneTT was sTaqe manager. The ploT cenTered around The unexpecTed arrival oT a niece oT Two oldlmaid aunTs who were living a soliTary liTe on an island oTT The coasT oT lvlaine wiTh Their housekeeper. A busybocly Trom The mainland lceloT The mys- Tery alive and The housekeeper and a Triend oT The niece broughT The comedy relieT. s s 5 s.s . ss amass ss E one acl' plays . . A series of one-acl plays enlilled "Cur+ain Time" was pre- senled by The Universily Slreel' Playhouse under lhe spon- sorship by Empalhy and Jrhe men speech majors. The plays were a mixlure ol comedy, drama, and farce coordinaleol by Donald Levy. Sludenl direclors for 'rhe four plays were l-lelen Berllcen, Beverly Baird, Frank lvlesple, and Levy. Slarlc lragedy lo hilarious farce was presenled in The various plols of lhe chosen plays in This exlra produclion from Jrhe Playhouse. radio .... The Fresno Bee Funnies, read by sTudenTs Trom The playhouse, are sTilI heard every Sunday morning over The Fresno Bee radio sTaTion. Aurora VarTilcian, known as AunTie Ra To all The lisTeners, has been aT The head Tor The pasT Tour years. The various "cousins" Trom The playhouse help AunTie Ra read The Tunnies To The kid- dies. The comics have been presenTed by The playhouse members Tor The pasT I2 years. VarTilcian a ms was mn mn a a ff 755 is km a H ms ' a ,, EW 2 .W Tm hum ms a Tw mmrfxv-ss -Q -m a wa gm Q. gms -ss a me a peech . . . ..a, L'-L ,, ,L A .'If:'i'??v?', ' fl ' I f l 3---V-J..- M-fa H l , , ' T ri. - aigg vq s .. jar. A --,u,,zzw nv 3 1 . ,fl-, '. Ll. if T' - f ,- ,'. - , T. -. A bv., 4 ,. :gy Y 'fiiy ii 15, 'ilf rsf-1 wt V 1 'LAT 'gag ' vi, ' ff 2151. ,ra - ,'-,TL 7 '- V , , gs 1-1 U! if 2'f1 '- y '-'-sieffs r ' 4 e Q15 1-Q., -. 2, T .g 1 ' ,, vawig. 2 -' 1 31 'gay s 'gigs Y?-'EJ Q4 ' fi f re 3 . .A .,. .. fy. , ggni. I. I.,-,. , la H , , ryiiii TM ' f,. rigs. 4? . 1. ,fl X -V " ,.'-"J ,.?T ,4'ffs 1' , ' " Ti z"'j'--.T-'L gag- T- V:-5 -seg, . Hy, T ' 3-s, Airs' 2"-54 : . -':'.3yQ -" ' ' 4,15 f fij afu' " .. l . 1 1 ' ' -' - wi . 71: 35,53-'-' - . 5 L' V 2 ,L 3 ' ., 5.3,-,,1 - , . Y 1. ,sg T s . T -,-,...,..,-.-:...f 1 -....4.u,.L...s: T '1ff'1f+1-- '- ,, .Q , 1 .,: Owensby Due To The diTTiculTy oT war-Time Traveling, The regular Trips made by speech sTudenTs under J. Fred lvlcGrew, assisTanT proTessor oT speech, To The various speech meeTings around The valley were noT made This year. lnsTead, The group used The budgeT To give dinners, aTTended by Townspeople, where The sTudenTs spoke on slaTes lasTing abouT an hour. Weinschenk Five oT These dinners made up The acTiviTy oT This parT oT The speech deparTmenT along wiTh The various appearances made aT The diTTerenT organ- izaTion meeTings downTown by individual sTudenTs. Frank Weinschenlc, as Top winner in The annual speech conTesT, was presenTed wiTh The perpeTual Trophy cup. Lucille Owensby, winner oT The women's division, was also given a perpeTual cup. Levy lvlcGrew Andrews m Qgsmmm -Hmqf-mm dmssmm Qgmfgpw mmmm Wim gmm.-,ww -mm, gg uw mm mmm mm smmm m W -m m mm m mm gvgwmm mm Eismmw --m ms m E -mmsss mm mm E mmm ,mm H mm mm m m m m mmmm m m m x-x m m mm mm -fm m mmm Kissing nl mmm E mg mm mmm fm m -mm mmms mm BW' m E mmmm E m mqmm NE MVIS Mmiimmw H E Z H K- 5515. wwwi S 5 356 m m m mm mm Qmmmmmm m m H E m Bruins m m m mm mzxiffim m .mmmm mm m A m M mmmm W mmm E mmmm Hamm mmmm 5 Hmmm mmmnfi 'AH mx' BE H Zim TEE WW mmm m m--Qmm M' m m25l"i"mH igimw T . . . .m ., 1. wxill . mmmm mmmW,52JgEmmHgfmmmmmwmff mmmmm mmgsmmm mmgmws' mx-:MSE-,M W gms FYWWE mm mmm mmmgwsm E mam-mx: mmM mmm mmmm m H Emfm m H mmap mm mmm mmggs m mmm mmm mmm H mgmm gg mmmmwggw m 323 2:23239 Hmmmlfiifmfiwmz .mmmm mm.m:m.m ,M Emmmwm ww-mmffmmmww :mmmmm mx-xm mmm mem mx-vm LSA-M m-. m m m - m m m mm!-mmm m Hmmm m m m EW? pf m x-x H M H milizzi - E E mm mmm mm mmmm?-'E'-'E BSS 88248955 ' BSS mam mms mmwmgm m mm m M gg mmmmm mmmm m ,. 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Berdahl, associaTe proTessor oT music, is head OT The campus music deparTmenT wiTh Three assisTanT proTessors oT music comprising The deparTmenT's sTaTT. The Three insTrucTors include Mrs. Lyllis l.undquisT, Miss Miriam Fox WiTh- row, and Verne Delaney. Each member oT The deparTmenT has his own special work. Dr. Berdahl is The direcTor oT The Fresno STaTe College Symphony OrchesTra, Mrs. LundquisT is direcTor oT Teacher Training Tor The deparTmenT and is The direcTor oT The Charm Chorus, Miss WiThrow is in charge oT The piano division, and Delaney is head oT The vocal division oT The deparTmenT and is direcTor oT The Senior Women's Chorus. ' VViTh row Delaney l symphony . . . ss my .WW g. - B , , E T 5 W" is The Fresno STaTe College Symphony OrchesTra, under The direcTion oT ArThur C. Berdahl, head oT The music deparTmenT, played iTs heaviesT sche- dule This year when The organizaTion scheduled Tive concerTs Tor The season. The personnel oT The orchesTra was divided inTo equal Thirds oT civilians, sTudenTs, and members oT The armed Torces numbering in all around 60. The personnel changed ThroughouT S l J l i X i 2 T 2 The year buT The raTio remained abouT The same. Melvin Baddin oT The armed Torces, Malcolm Davison, a local musician, and RuTh Marie Ave' Lalle- manT, sTudenT, were soloisTs Tor The organizaTion. The concerT schedule included Three concerTs in The Tall semesTer and Two in The spring. An exTra concerT Tor The orchesTra was played by The group aT a chil- dren's concerT in lviay. senior women's chorus . . T lla: Blu nl E E . H B ,. . ., is ' .me in ?T's,...s -- . BFE.. flee.. Hillman The highlighT on The schedule oT The Fresno STaTe College Women's Chorus was The annual ChrisTmas choral concerT wiTh The Cecilian Singers when The music deparTmenT Tormally presenTed The chorus To The public. Besides This concerT, The schedule in- cluded perTormances aT The Kiwanis Club in Sanger, The Fresno Figarden Club, The CaTTlemen's Associa- Tion BanqueT, and an assembly in The Fresno STaTe College audiTorium. The oTTicers were presidenT, Ida Marie l-lillmang vice presidenT, Mildred FaThy1 secreTary, Laura Dice: Treasurer, Marjorie WrighTg social chairman, Irene DuarTeg Librarian, Rosalind Swan: and publiciTy chairman, Josephine Sheagren. The direcTor was Verne D. Delaney: The narraTor, Grace Glenng'The violinisT, RuTh Folmarg and The pianisT, Elaine Sauer. 62 Wriglwl Giusfe Siallarcl Madriqal pianoforfe Sponsor: Miss Miriam Fox . . . Willwrow .L ..,....... Presiolenl ,.....-Vice Presideni FALL Arpie Olianian ,,.,., ,,,,.,A,,,, Barbara Willis .,...... Margarei Sevier ...,.. Geraldine Woo ...,.., SPRING Arpie Olianian ,,..,, ,,e.,,,,,e,,,,,,, Barbara Willis ..,... Mary Kohler ,...,...o .. Geraldine Woo ..,,,,,l Abbey George Turnbauglri Willis Phelps Roberls ' Frieburg Kroelcer N.-.....-,.-SecreJrary .,...-Treasurer ...............Presiolen+ .,...,Vice Presiclenl .,.,..--Secre+ary .-.....-Treasurer Kaprielian, L McKay Lewis Sauer Olwanian Swan Douly Beebe Fraser Clian H. Kazarian Woo llienlwauser Roberlson Sl'1ew Collins, Sevier Marlin Kaprielian, l-l. Larsen, WFQ5 I 3, m . 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E gg H mga mm m gm mmmmmm mmmm H ,I H mm whim WHEHBHB Bm Hman: E WEB B mmmm mm mmmmmm H E Mmm K E E mm: m mmmm mm mmmmmm MM-E H M mmmm mmmmm mmmm mmm-mmm EM., E W mmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm m m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm gg: W H .m mmmmm mmmmm , mmm' 'mmm , mm mm mm m Egg is mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm m 5 H Bmnlmnlulnlmmmntdnlwnl Bmxwnlm I mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm Em. m mmmm mmmmmmm mmmm Mm H mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmm mm E mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm mmmm mm mmmmmmmmm mm mmmm mm mm mmmmm mm mmm mm mm mmmm- mm m mmm m X. mmm mmmmmmm 3 1 , mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm m ,X Erggggimsm mmmmmm mmmmm Q mmmmgmim- mmmmmm mmmmmm mmm w m m Qmmmmmm-mmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmm m - -mimmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm mm -mm mmm-,mm mmmmm mmm mm . m mmmmm mmm mmm m mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm m .mmm mmmmmm mmmm m-azz--mmm mmmmsmm mmmm mm mm ! E Bmkwblmnl mnlmnlmnl Hmmm! na H ,am mmmm mmm H M mm mmm mm,mm , mm m mmmmmm mmmm m H N HBH 'Bm BH- HHH!! N ' mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm W m as mmmm-mm mmmmm. if QE www 558353 BP? HB EBHEBH BBE xl megan -mmmmmm m mm-:mmmmm mmmmmm mmm mmm mnlaggnl BEBTSHBHE aww Bantam amass HBH!! mm mmmm mmm I MM .Jl...-..,, arfs ancl sciences and liberai arfs X arf classes . . . The arf deparfmenf, under fhe direcfion of Alexandra Brad- shaw, offers courses in arf fo suif all fasfes and desires. Poffery, craffs, figure composifion and design are only a few of fhe courses offered by fhis deparfmenf. Arf exhibifs by various sfudenfs are a feafure of fhis de- parfmenf. They are open fo fhe public and are held in 'rhe Liff e Sfudio in fhe easf wing of fhe adminisfrafion building. Nik . ,. W5 I ... ,, . Wg: W? .W .Q .----sS.f97T,l5i- -, ' a All W ' l'. xi. '. ll. 'plllmliul :': ':':I:I k ul- .. 13 31: :': J I 4: W' :EVE ll " if if-Q 24 Y "" 1 wwf, : 5' k. - E . v az. H, i -: .. .: 'kai z:5.:.:,,. '-.:. --. W VB: Q 5' N P m im- 5 f if ' if-' H 2: is ' is . ' 1 -as: 12 R: , .. B E is u g m Ji -n azi .5 5 B if mmm: :iz -:::1.m ' A 'E fx.: Bm in 'ss He m 1 B iss BE H B H 5 E am-is ss as 5.-as Us me ms E' -:. M,--.: 'fe E 5 H, Ha w Regal :ak science classes . . The science deparlrnenl, consisling ol physical and loiolog- ical sciences, is localed in McLane l-lall. Dr. l-l. C. Burbridge heads lhe physical science division and A. E. Culloerlson, lhe biological division. The hall cases, depicling California animal life, are one ol lhe main allraclions ol lhe science deparlmenl. Courses in lhis deparlmenl go from general science courses in eilher division lo specialized courses for The science rnaior. 66 5- homemaking class s . . sm 5' EET? sws --'ik msswim M W H - 73 E "" 3. The homemalcing deparTmenT, under The direcTion oT Louise Porch, oTTered various courses ranging Trom The arTs OT cooking and homemalcing To The Techniques oT weaving. A bride's course in duTies ,oT The new bride around The home perTaining To decoraTing oT The home and such was one oT The courses oTTered by The deparTmenT. A course in eTiqueTTe, sTarTed Toward The end oT The semesTer, TaughT girls The do's and don'Ts oT socieTy. The pracTice aparTmenT, used by The deparTmenT Tor Teas given by oTher organizaTions and by The deparTmenT, as well as Tor classes in home economics, was compleTely redecor- aTed by The girls This year. n SHE S .... a a ss ss x ss a ss a ss Wvilfm ms aww sm. ww H mm ss an : E Q. BN mn n. n is am., mn, sw: Mix ff 5 A 1 l me w Lf, Q51 E X. K l L'5'. H, A, B: .V w . 1. www' ' .5 B a mi , n gina, Q. SL. B! Fi E ,Rom Q. 4 :HMM ' N , Q was ww M , .: Us 1 ,am . , WE I B -M M 1 'JH W Wg? mm B mm,4.1.'grN 1 'H V, SW?-'HQ :, WWW , . ml. wzgfffg'-Egks www... wx ,QQ-..., ' , mm", ww ,I Img, m - ww 'Q E Nm N na :. E ' na 'Vw " ,V - an ENE! A 'VW 47 I MW M H W W mi!!! W BW W W ,444 . , '54-.45 n w 2- H B' adfggggsligiww, 555. 'I V -saab-, .J Ls-1, I .:- 'qw . .. . '0- 2. 1 . .WE "' " "" "v - . Fixx?" ' A 1 ,K !.,. . 1: zzz ' I my :L -.:.1 . A . am ,vi :.: Q, ' 1 ' X! , . F -4' Ni N N 7 X v J I t . . .gr I fig ,- r 35 2-Q , 'Ns 4v3-A Q vi as 54" N - I 'ff 'H ms Jmvw .nl .um-F, y . rm fr .,11- 5vwii:: 0 nr ' I RW -fu Fm fic of quiet Qu X ,Lge 09' 1 pl? f' I Cf' pl ,, , .fn I' ,L- U IH In : rl F!7!lfH'Ht'I :uvl Nzuix' vc- 9 U Qmlm v'.':mlz are 'if 3, 1' On 1 rllfI17:.' Id 45,06 . rovenrion of W During, we mst fe mm I mf, 11 1ploVc.':vv111, llumugh wlnf vom ne-zz row: t nc ul 0 1 I: ' 'A 0"q"".9' 'IV' 'M-'5 -EW" U In to mem 1 N 3 J A 1 f 'rl nav Llunus: not ,Im speakm X m I H Almy or 11 , Q mv ,nm Ilrf vqmllfpvrl :mr 2 mn sI wav f'IOQ'll7,2'f fm 1'c' mls ' P 'I'-' l 1333, 'Wi' tie ucle IJIWII 'mr mv ol' h"','x bf 1 3 5" could no fa: n un' 0 lm! P 'zlzonsna bet o 1 fm a ff, 'lv I- ' I: ' :.' " I1nprnrf-rvrr- 1 ' -pi 1 ol fc field: ' rc fJ1U'.vc.' xv I1 n mv- grra nn :IRQ ix Jllillt' 11' risfil 1110 rrorrcmwtf' 0 It lmmo '1 naw :L ' .1 ..Jl'lJJl. I1 v ' lmrc in' fuli ' gf: by I 1 .Pg 1'- xx rv I ll m lll7ffN'!fj xx':1iEs for '-1 , nf-' ' . afhlehc sfaff and board of confrol .Maw ' l 4 Wighl The burden of coaching lioolrball, baslcfelball, baseball, Jrraclc and all olher male physical eclucaiion acliviiies fell on Jrhree men, Earl l-l. Wighr, J. Elini l-lanlner and playing coach, Don Boll. 1 These Three coaches were a greal aid in helping To revive all sporlrs +o a pre-war level. A. P. "Pix'W' Pierson relurned Jro Jrhe coaching slaff This spring and was in charge ol: spring loolball Training. The Board of Alhlelic Confrol, composed of Earl Wight Arlhur Salslrom, Gordon Walraih, Frank lvlesple and Emory Ralclilfe, carried our irs dulies ol approving scheduled a+h- lelic evenls and budgel recommendalions lo The board of direciors. ml., i Boll Leif lo righl lsiandingl- Walralh. Thomas. Can field, and Allamprese: lsil lingl-Rahzliffe, Salslrorn and Wighl. 71 varsity fooiball . . -,Wg l Piciured above. from lefi +o rigl'i+, is Jrhe Fresno Siaie College squad. FRONT derson, James Pipes, Richard Uie, Mickey Wade, Jim Manock, Charles Moran, ROW-AI Escola, Hank Enns, Daren Nekirk, Jim l-lolobs, Berge Koligian, Sianley Benny Phillips, Ken Lamme, manager, Don Levy, manager. BACK ROW-Earl Papazian, Willard Williams, Al Roessler. l-lerky Coleman, Eddie Yaksiich, Al Wighl, coachgzoraz Bohigian, Dick Rogers, Neal Jensen, Leo Garaloedian, Nick Tounger, Dick Engelbrechi. Sam Mongelli. Henry Ruiherford and Ken Gaiser. G-iannopoulos, Bolt: Goss, Wesley Wipi, Earl Engelbrechl. Bud Richier. Don Ellis, MIDDLE ROW-Bob Arslanian, manager: John G-rifiilh, manager: Norman Eugene Daniels, Paul Donabeclian, Gordon Kiersiine, Nick Diez. Flin? l-lanner, Miller. Jack Garner, Kennelh Mills, Eugene Viclor. Norman Rudy, Sandy Hen- coach, and Don Boli, playing coach. an M, mamma ima MU, ms swans mama K M, slag aaa anna i ,mm swans mama aaa ,, EMU, I V Naaaaav a ,J a I ,mm amsamaaaaa i.: , .g i mn . aaa .,,, W MX amass WWE Q Hamm, rw i -cggqzq :Hamann 'Us magma B i B ,H-s: annum E L 'EHEEHWE B a ani-En an an , l H 1 , aaa a aww W is a is H ' x l E E a E is ax 5:5 a E,- E ma is K 'Zigi-lnxsgm: R 1 Q Qs Ewen? 53,3852 L Pierra C-5055 Neikirk M A c.. W, W ..,,..,. YWNVW .. cum, H ag,g5s,,sggmMm,. News sw'-12-' an 53821 Exim an E Us E , M H E 1 mx na E .l W ummm .aa E Ei E H 'Q H Q ai az B . H B s E P was na a am . 'E REE sgzlffx in xdgw-ig: ga NoT geTTing inTo The win column, buT cerTainly boasTing a Team oT TighTing Bulldogs, The l944 ediTion oT FSC TooTball, coached by Earl Fl. WighT, broughT TooTball back To The college aTTer a year's absence. Wirh The record oT no wins and six losses, FSC played The The Tollowing Teams: lVlinTer Field ...,. I ..... 20-O Salinas J. C .,.......,, l3-6 lVlodesTo J. C ......... 28-O Tonopah AJR. Base 7-6 lVlinTer Field .......... I3-O COP .,.,.................. I4-6 The season ended wiTh a Thanksgiving Day game wiTh COP in RaTcliTTe STadium. COP, in winning, Took The Tradi- Tional bell ThaT had been in STaTe's possession Tor IO con- secuTive years. l-lead Coach VVighT was aided by J. FlinT l-lanner and Don BolT. TooTbaI games F" "' 1 , 1 1 . ss ss ss EEE WEEE ,ss mx. H ., as an ss a -a .mx 2: sms mamma H xiii' gm- W 2: ww Em Kami: B: SEER' . 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H H: -is mln' is Four irrrercollegiaie games and numerous games wilh high schools and army reams made up The I945 Fresno Slrale College Bulldog baseball season. The feam, hir hard by lack of reserves, losl io Cal-Poly al San Luis Gbispo and The College of Pacific, bolh rwice. Coach Earl Wighi guided Jrhe Jrearn. Pilching duiies were handled mainly by Red Trellen and calching by Jim Sioudenmire. H, :Tsai Es- ibigjiiwgkz Pm: fl S All si wesT coas Us A Fresno STaTe capTured The iunior college all- civilian college championship aTTer a nip-and- Tuclc baTTle wiTh The Los Angeles CiTy Col- lege wiTh The score ending SSVQ To 49. The TiTle was noT secure Tor The Bulldogs unTil aTTer The running of The mile relay, which was run by ShaTTer, Shropshire, Williams, and Al- lemprese. Rudy and Daniels were ouTsTand- ing in The Tield evenTs. Visalia l-ligh School was The winner oT The high school division. They grabbed TirsT in The pole vaulT, broad iump and The 880-yard relay, besides picking up poinTs in oTher evenTs. Ed l-lorn oT Edison Tech, anchor man on The record-breaking 880 medley relay Team, received The TourTh annual ZeTa lvlu Trophy Tor The mosT ouTsTanding individual perform- ance by a high school aThleTe. 22 , ms 31. nv?-,, 1 'X s 'HJ 5 l.ieuTenanT "DuTch" Warmerdam, home on leave, was judge oT The pole vaulT. as relays aes-aw ' ' a , anna an Kama B a a Cal Tech, +he Engineers from Pasadena, gave some 8,000 speclalors ol lhe Nine- leenlh Annual Wesl Coasl Relays numerous lhrills in Their winning of The open inlercol- leqiale division of lhe relays for lhe lirsl lime in Jrheir school hislory. Cal-Tech look 40 poinls, The Olympic Club second wilh 36, Cal al Berkeley, 32lf2, USC wilh 32, and UCLA fif+h wilh 25, were Jrhe way The poinls slaclced up. ln lhe servicemen's class, The San Diego Naval Air Slalion lrack learn ran away wilh lhe championship cup. The sailors compiled 22 poinls wilh lhe nearesl rival gelling I3. wwf ' iw, Q wig, , I' ' i Eff f" fx 'X mi M 4 ms- xdnq E H M E E W B Q Y' W " rs' w 'a in W -, m A... T 1 ' W M ' 8 l 1 .in E -1 ' W 'f'1 14 mamma 11 1, me mags 1 E UT-' 11wmnm1 114 va wmv 1 amwwa Us FQ! S mi pm 1 gms 1 , "ru-Wal ,, 151 ,, ly' , Track .... 1 1, 1 32401 13 7- 1 1 H ik-11 ' 12 l1511f:1 -fr ' 3. 'f T- f 3 .. .Qflzlfl . ....., 3333333-3333 3 33333 iE"3i- 333 2 hav e 5-ff 1 . "'-: 3 . "' ""' .. ,' ':': ., ':" ':': 3 " -. '55, 2.3-:E-. -3: .. M- H 2 'E -211 M- f ::. ". ': ' 11- 51' L. -if K wc an M' 1, W , E 1.1 1 -1.1515 1.-.1.' 1' -11:1-1 w E- -" -sm'-a 1 iWE"?"fb' 3 1 ' - P 'f ST gf? 3:3 ZITI' .33 3333 ...:.:.:.:.' 3 QW?-5'w5 STATE x, m Q 1, 1 f H wa 1 .gz 1 V... .. .G,:::1a1.-.11---'1--w Q gg 1 1 11 1 5. 111 A F l 1 1 121' 513. 'Z3Z 3.. ...... 33.3. -2.1 . .3. 5 1 ' ' ' 1 f.f .f. ..f.f " . - 1 - , 1. B " 1., -' ':' ' 2.21 ' ' - 1 '1 1 ' - , - ' I' ,111 15 E , 1m 11 111 Q Aww. , 1 , -. :H K I YE -,1111..1.C ,151 1 21 . - 11 W W 111 www H 1 f-, . E Q , H 1 S- YN M' f-1 4.1111- H 11 11.5 11 7-1, 2:23 ,I,i 1I-"1 11? 1112" 1-111: 1 if gg 1' -:- 1:11 1:-1 ' . .1.1.1. .1-1 .1 1.1 ,ke "' l E . Y 1. x .T if 3 idsx H- P X 7 ...A .. 1 1- ,.,. . gs r 41 One of Jrhe besl all-civilian reams in Jrhe counlry was lhe raling given +o rhe l945 eclilion of Jrraclc ancl field men Jrurnecl oul by Coach J. Flinjr l-lanner. Oulslancling performers for Jrhe season were Glenn Shaffer, Jrhe one-man Track Jream: Joe Shrop- shire, anchor man in Jrhe relays: ancl Norman Rucly, who lhrew lhe javelin over I75 feel: Even lhough FSC clid nol have winning loolball, baskelball, or baseball Jreams, il came oul' on lop in The Jrraclc season. ms a a ss a ss ss a s m a ss m x-x W ss ss ss N ms sw an sm ms xi m HQ Q 5 3. a? is RQ Z gn Ex m a mr B, ss R a z 55 ES E, msimw QS 2 WE' mm: - ss M Hg HBH H mx-x mm ss a ss a mn ss a a ss ss a sa -mn ss w mf 'a ss a mn w m a -ss ss ss a ss a m ss E . ss a mn a sf a a x-x women s sporfs nm mn am mm m -a sam a ss ss 1-fm a x-fm ss 1 ss a ss ss x-fm mn ss mn mm ss x-f ss ss a X-fm ss x-x a wmmss mn w, x-:mn Bass ss ss mm mn ss ss a ma x-fm x-x ss ss B a mm aaa a a n mm ss a ss a ss a as msn w m m a ss a ss ss ms mn an mn a ss a as a ss a ss a m a E ffm Kms ma ways www, mmm an ms ss E ss ss an -Q B ss an ms ss , K-X an E , ,amwssn 'Haw-Q' em ,n nm x-fm mass mmm mn ss msgs, E an ms an an sw an E. sw ss E sw mf E E sw ss ss ss a mn mmm ms a ss " W .A 1 fa mm Kgffg um . o H ' ' ' -' 2 W Q ,Q w. 1 77 H . 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Sponsors: Dr. Gerirude Billard, Dr. Blandin Col- burn, Dr. William E. S+. John, Arch Ad- dingion, and Mrs. Wilma Wiqhl. FALL Milron Rickels .,...... ............. P residenl Wilma Graesch ......., ...... V ice Presidenl Lorraine Marlin ....... ..,...... S ecrelary Wanda Teare ..... .,..... T reasurer M' Rlclfels Sevenrer Pearson Marlin L. Yearin Tucker Konlcel Casey Graesch Smiih Teare While Adams Rogers Whilien Alexander Browe Hanson Leyden wi m 3 . E 86 fokalon . . . Sponsors: Miss Mary C. Baker, Mrs. Rulh D. W'a+er- man, and Miss Osla B. Feurlz FALL Belly Wl'1iHen ...,.. ..,,,,,,, P reside-nf Pol' Pinnell ..... ...... V Ice Presidenl Lola Browe ...... ........ S ecrelary Eleanor Miller ...... ......, T reasurer SPRING s H q Q M ,P H Eleanor Miller .....,...., ,,...,,.. P resiclenlr .fx ' H Rf? 15923 5 HW QT? H Eff E552 95 fs will 35 s.if2'g:QS.fl Dorofh McAlIis+er. .... .-..,Vice Presiolen+ ml g ggagf? T 1?-QS? Elj::j3gQ,:llE2g,H?,Egolf Q 3,555-ig! ' Y . . 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S ecrelary Carol Lewis .,..,,...,, .,..., T reasurer SPRING Rulh Smool .,,... ............, P residenl Carol Lewis ......,....... .,..... V ice Presidenl Vivian Archibald ,...... ...., S ecrejrary Marjorie Alves ..... ..... T reasurer if H ,, E37 L new W Pinnell Smoor Riclcles Youngman Goodwin Archibald Bosmaiian Alves Konlcel Kahl Schulmeislrer, N. Lewis Achinero Mehling Phfrem Van Sevenrer Gould Boyle Oliver Schulmeisjrer, M. Zarconi Acord Spomer Cramer Declcerr Sheels Roberls v sm-.3 - X chinese club . . . Sponsor: Dr. Kenne+n PoHer FALL Marie Jing ........ ............ .-Presiden+ Jean Lowe ......... .,.,....,... V ice Presiden'r Mayme Jue ...,... ....... S ecrehary-Treasurer SPRING Marie Jing ..........................,....,.,.... Presiclenf Jean Lowe ......... ............ V ice Presiclenf Lola Chun ...... .,,.... S ecrehary-Treasurer W g Jing Lum, B Chun Woo Chong, A. Chan Wong Lowe Chong, R. Poy Young Shew Jue '93 rf-- ap. Lum, E 94 spani I1 club . Sponsors: Dr. Blandin Colburn and Dr. Carlos Roles. mn Andrews xx' E Casado Edwards Wilson S+oops Oslendorf Nail Van FALL Lorraine Fulrelle ..... .....,..... P resiclen+ Auqusl lvladrigal ,... ....... V ice Presidenl- Jean Riclcels ......, ,...,,.... S ecrejrary Pal l-lurley .... ...... T reasurer SPRING Fu+relle l-lelen Andrews ..... .......... P residenl Franz Weinschenlc ..... ...... V ice Presidenl Susan Nail ............,. .......... S ecrelary Joan Poller .....,. ..... T reasurer lvladrigal l-lurley Riclcels Lemme Beiar Sclwulmeisler James Shew A Rogers lvlolesloergen S F N. H - K women's alhlelic associafion Sponsor: Miss Mabel Huplerich Lola Browe ,................ ............ P reside-nl Lucille Owensby 2 . . Jackie Sclwukneclwll """'A"""' Vlce Presldenls Tori l-lafer ...,.....,,....,. ......,. S ecrelary Dorollwy Mcfxllisler ...., ..,...... 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S ecrerary Gordon Walrarlm ..... .A.. . ..-Treasurer Rickels Walrallw .Miclwaelis Rowel if ko 0 I-pri . . . Belly Lou Dixon Roberls ......,....,.... Presidenlr Elaine l-lansen ,..........,........,.,,., Vice Presidenl Eleanor Parker ...,,, .a..... S ecrerary Eleanor Parker ..... .....,.. T reasurer al Gould Goodwin l-loddinorr Parker Byfield Boll I-leiskell charm chorus . . The program of +he Fresno Srale College Charm Chorus, reorganized Jrhis spring, placed emphasis on programs for campus acrivilies, as well as The aclivilies of Jrhe communiry al large. Also included in Their schedule were special pro- grams planned +o be presenred on "I Am An American" Day and on "V, E." Day. lvlrs. l.yllis Lundquisl direcled The chorus, and Shirley Acord acled as presidenl. 3 ci. s. T. a .... Nancy Melglqoir ----,- ,-,---,---- P rbegidenf Sponsor: Miss Mariorie Brewsler Elaine Camy ...........,........ Vice Pfesidenl Penny Licouris ,....... 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P residenl .,,,-.-Vice Presidenl ........,Secrelary -..-..-Treasurer Konlcel Howland Devlin Alexander in'rerna'rional relalions club Sponsors: Karl Buclcrnan and Mrs. Wilma Wiqlrl' Lee Solo ,,.,.,......,....,.,....,.,. Presiolenl Franz Weinsclwenlc ...s.s Vice Presidenr lrene Smilli ..,,..,. Secrelary-Treasurer LEFT TO RIGHT Prop rowi- Wiglwl, Kielril, Keran, McCar'I'. Buckman: l2nd rowl-Rosen- llwal, l-liglwlower, Splwall, Hob- son: l3rd rowl-Solo, Chun, and Levy. Nd lOl o Triple s . . . Sponsor: Mrs. Helen F. Rohrer FALL Barbara Caslleberry ..,.. .....,...... P residenl Sylvia Carlson ....,, .......,..... V ice Presiolenl Alberla Kiehl .... ....... S ecrelary-Treasurer sPRiNe V H Josephine Arburua ..... .......,..,. P resiolenl n-ana was Belly lvliley ...,.,...... ,........., V ice Presiolenl M n E El Dorolhy Boyer ..,.. ,.,,... S ecrelary-Treasurer if E U K Caslleberry Arburua Kiehl Burgess l-lanner Vaughn Sunier Reed Larsen Boyer l-lulchinson Hill Kroclcer Whi+more Goodrich Fulrelle lO2 zefa fhefa . . . Sponsors: A. E. Culloerison and Henry J. King ,L - 1 ' -:H-"rf: . , ' - .. i W H I, ' ' 1 -Y 4 .., -r am . ' fs Y I " gf ,-il - Marlin J ig Brainard FALL ' SPRING Lorraine Marlin .........,...K........ I ...,.... Presidenl William Brainard ............,...,.........,, Presidenl' William Brainard .....,. .,....... V ice Presidenl Don Fisher ....,........ ...... V ice Presidenl Rosalind Chong ...,....,.., ....,.,,., S ecre-Jrary Rosalind Chong ....s., .,.,,.,. S ecreiary lvlarcelene Slockholm .Q .,.. ......,. T reasurer l-larriel Rice ...... ..,..... T reasurer ' Mills Boyle l-leloeri, W. Chong Rudy Wallcer Lo+i+o Brisfow Bray bert B. While Ambrose Fisher Sloclcholm l-lines Chong Reeder Rice collegiafes . . - i Q -sms .f . ,cm l si. M sbmgp K Hwswnum as WHS- HZQNEQHEH E , . E mana, ss-misswf-mm-a-if B I as aww.. N M M W gsm., ' , mmm mgmg-Mmawwam as B, M -mmm-mm3ygg.m,.g U MM , ,,,w,E-,5mss,.s,, , ,gm,.,m.wg,.wmEarwH Q: W swf!-:Tw--fs-Eifirgw msmassamlifg Qggyffxsx www W E anal-amass-an :mama an B B H N m,fms.s.s .msmmwri-g My H,sf..s-asm V E ss., wig - I Nmmdgmmm N .muslims - i rs - .mmsmmsw H we H Us W-mmwssem--as L was as-fmnmz-7 'USN E -HH 5 MHWW1 i. , -- ,.,.,...T l The Collegiales, wilh Dick Alexander as manager, l-larry Buyuklian as arranger, and Melvin Whealen, Pele Valenlino, Manuel Conlrreras, Roberl Richardson, l-lal Dickson, Edward Lee, and l-lelena Kaprielian, played for assemblies, foolball games, and all social evenls during The fall semesler. As The members leflwfor lhe armed forces, rhe band finally dissolved. Music ihis sernesler was furnished by Dick Alexander and his newly-organ- ized orcheslra. I 104 Browe d Bradshaw re CYOSS . . . H sgw xmas YE FALL SPRING Beverly Bradshaw ,,,.,,.,,.., Chairman Lala Browe ,-,,,-,, ,K,-,----.-, Q hairman Lola Browe ............ ...... V ice Chairman Belly Lou Veale .,,,, ,.-,,, V ice Chairman Gordon VVE1lI'6l'l'1 ..... ...... T FGGSUFGF Benny ,.,- ,--u-- T reagurer Walralh Worneclc Burgess McAllis+er Phillips Veale Casey Frymire Devlin Mason Miller Phrem Riclcels While erman c u . , . ssgs g H HE Q Us fail 35? :-:' :-: ' . E E523 Sponsor: Dr. Wesley C. Bird i 555 7 FALL is V B is . . W- ss .,.. ff :.:.:g I l-lorace While ........,....,.... ..,,...,.,. P residenl ssgisigssj :-: r,:,: 4,:," -.:. 3 . . H sw 1-1 f.,--Nmfs Rulh Mary Alexander .,........., Vice Presidenl 1 "'- :-:. 5 55' af fi- Mary Ambrose ,....o......,.,......,,....... Secrelary lwgfE7'5Z" A Qiiizi :.: . W fs! ' " :.: 9 'i ,.:" ff: A, 7 - ff SPR I N9 :-: F h P 'Ol :.: EUQIGVIG UC 5 -----------------'---------------- res' enl' :,: :-: e Q1QL7:Qf-ifff iriffig :-: . - - -gif ,,, +1 Elinor Monlgomery .,.. ..... V ice Presldenl :-:- .se a Mary Ambrose ..,,. ........ S ecrelary FUCl1S Alles Nail Ambrose Van Sevenfer Chong , Konlcel Reeder newman club . . . Belle Slallarcl .,,K. Dorolhy Schreiber Joyce Feller ,.,........ Anna Nolerangelo Sponsor: Miss Agnes Tobin , Kline FALL SPRING ...-.........,.,.,-Presiclenf l-lelen Klein --..-.,-..--.---.-.-..-.....Presiclenl ,,,,.,-...Vice Presiclenl llope Oslendorl ,,-...-....-Vice Presidenl' .,.-..,.Secre+ary Leslie Crow .-.--....Secre'rary .....,.--Treasurer lvlaralou Onelo ......'l'reasurer Masi McCain Sheagren Warhola aniolco Cameron Mac Donell A M Lolilo Casado pl gamma mu . . . Buclcman Smool' Mespla Tennev Riclcels Archibald Sponsors: Dr. Kennefh Pofler, Dr. Francis Smiih, Dr. Edward V. Tenney, Karl Buclcman, Emory C. Rafclifle, Emily Chambers, and Eunice Mar Frances Trimble ....... ......,...... P resiclenl lvlillon Riclcels ...,... ........ V ice Presiclenl Belly Whillen ..,.,.. ,,..,.,., S ecrelary Chambers Parker 106 Carlson Heberl' freshmen women's luncheon club Sponsor: Miss Helen Shafer BFA Joy Rose .......... ............ P reside-n+ Corrine Chollel ...., ...... V ice Presiclenl ' Jean McCain ..... Secrelrary Rose Goodenough Shew McCain Schmiclf Pymm Alles Crippen Bargum Choller Pendergrass Marshall Kenl Luallin Lewis Busch ' Johnson Marsh Ambrose Larson Heilbron Goodrich Anderson Raviolx l s?f'1s. X arf cenfer . . . . Sponsors: Miss Alexandra Bradshaw, Miss Jane Gale, X ancl John Ed I-lerberi safes' Miller Klyver FALL SPRING Eleanor Miller ..... .......... P resideml Dorolhy Klyver .... ........... P resiolenl Dorolrlwy Sunier .... ...... V ice Presiolenf Helen Willier ..... ,v.. - Vice Presiclenf Dorollwy Klyver .... ......... S ecre+ary Carol Van Tuyl ..... ..,..... S ecre'rary Ruili Boll .... ..,..,. T reesurer Ru+h Boll' ,...... .,.,.. 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I- - N A -s -A as-sH s s -Q i 1 A ,' l09 pan-hellenic league . . Sponsor. Miss Mary C. Baker Lewis Dunkel FALL SPRING Joyce Dunkel ..... ....,.... ......... P r esiclenl Marybelle Lewis .....,.. ...,,.... P residenl Sara Sager- .... .,.....,.... ....,... S e crelary Elizabellu Arranls ........ Secrelary Clare Weymoulli ....... ....o.... T reasurer Barbara Hockell ...... ,........ T reasurer Combs Marlin Tiplon l-lockelr Weymoulh Arramls Kauffung Morrish Runyon Sager 4 Miller E L Pollen ' i McAllisJrer A Worneck " G ' Q' ' o . t,,gCancIlelngl1'l lnrham mUSlConcludes DK Rush Bl' be- The Delta Kappa Sorority h. Iumnae ority. 'ery glrl the bld- nd. dur- e must 'en Dr. rrence. Y GUY their hour W its formal candlelight inltlatlo ceremony Sunday at the home ol' Marybelle Lewis on Clinton when fem' pledges to the organlzatior were made members. ' The four new members Inc' ' Ellen ' .ld Mary If' presldeut, ol. Jony. Katheryr. resident, was several alm 'wrorlty men wk room I u lght to . Q ks - U.. seed their 1' ' -' 0- M Feur'r iiieiv H. ' -W me sv x' e em Sager Sara Sager ,..,.. Maralou One+o ..... Janel Jurgens ,.... Marybelle Lewis Farris Kohler Lewis -........PresidenJr Vice Presiclem' ,..,Secr'e+ary ...-.Treasurer Onelo Bradshaw :W ummm vm-s omega xi omicron Founded in l9l8 Sponsors: Miss Eloyr Lewis and Miss Louise Porch FALL .lip :Rh op- rotlc side re- the ept the fin -s .lpporlunlly to be ve., be the setting for u dessert L party to he held by .the greup. Omega Xi Omicronlmfib Luncheon Planned Plans for n. no-hostess luncheon at El Rancho nn' Armin' 'cs Day were made at the Omr Om! cron meeting held la' home of Bm-barn Platt Avenue. A candida campus was ale. be announced latt At the conclusion 1. neetlng the pledges m entertained the lr -ents were " Weymouih Arranls Clare Weymouih ...,. ........... P resicleni Elizabeih Arranls ..... ,.,... V ice Presicleni Beverly Elias ...,,. Secreiary Louise Smiih .,.. ...,, T reasurer SPRING Elizaloeih Arranis ..... .,...,...... P resideni Mary Lou Eryrnire ...... Vice Presiolenl' Jackie Reed ....... ........, S ecrelary Louise Smilh .... ..... T reaslurer Reed Gerard Casileberry Caughell Boyer Vaughn Johnson Wysong Baker l-lill Oberer While Kiehl Erwin Elias Rudcl Dale Erymire Burgess Bargum Kauiiung Sq - Schmidlr Smilh ' Gisi Larsen N. dmfaxn. Nw I, K .n',, 511151 Haig. 4,jlAIpha Thefa Son. v:4Mainfains Sfamp L ,gh I., nt Alpha Thou In giving J0l'Ds package of clgu-ellen lo 1. bllilhl R one hllndrzd dullar gdwgn or more. This Ins gilt is Emu fm' ' -ek only. Ona clgm zhlm- wh! for each tm .gl n und fora len ' ' wuhzhner cs' 1 ' O I I -P ilrmpn of ' ' J comm!! b y af . , I b ' Imp ihls k and . . 1...--up a as mam B "W 3, a ' u ,W sa a is 1 arms Sponsors: Mrs. Wilma Wight Mrs. Ruin Walerman, and X Mrs. Edward V. Tenney' Jean Ba rger Shirley Buclcles .... Lorelle Chollel ..... Pearleolna Larsen Barbara l-loclqell ,-...,.-.--Presiden+ Vice Presidenl' .,-.--.-Secre'rary -...--Treasurer -.-....-Presiclen+ Barge-r Hockeff Eleanor Collins Vice Presiclenl Jean l-lamillon ..... ........ S ecrejrary Pearleolna Larsen ...... Treasurer Daclc Devlin Alles P. Larsen Woocly Geolwegan l-lamillon Webb GOOClVlCl1 florrish Remcrow Johnson Collins Dillman C. Chollel L. Chollel' M. Weymouih Planner err Luallin Buckles Carlson Pymm l-GViS MlleY M'leS Mme" wN f-me-fu Y' ua.: ...We .., .- . . Pruldent, Nnrmxm Arm: PM Gnmml 13?Erily In l lb b d b lhl nomo: ng e on oo n union using ns their themu: "H w m man can nu ou nr wa LM I UU Y 7 Up and gaming numriltylgals h hom' Si ma Pl1is'Sell" 'H mm 9 . 1- th 1 OWN Sfamps and Bonds O I I mug --Hn, fn! if nr fur 'hm 'Sigma rl 'Egg' vhs' 0 . 1 mlm. ln . . x vm-pr Q A ss. We NIU! JOY!! In nl use K -mx will my . gn V Founded in l92l Sponsors: Mrs. Viola Moseley and Mrs. l-larolol Bicknell E FALL Carolyn Beckley .... .....,.., P resiclenlr Sue Combs ,...., ..... V ice Presiclenr Marilyn Reiss .........., ...,,. S ecrelary Marilou Colclougb ..... ..,... T reasurer Beckley Combs SPRING COlClOugl1 Draklich Jorgensen McNeil Sue Combs --4'--,-,- q---'.-'A.----- P residenq- Dawes S glee? Tffon gnflgh Berry Lou Veale ..... ..... V ice Presiclenr C me er elss an Joan Jorgensen .......... .... ....,.,... S e crerary Marilou Colclouglw .......................... Treasurer Jackie Sclwuckneclwr. ..,.,.. Assisranr Treasurer l-lruska La Rue Moseley Slwagren Parks Rose Campbell Deckerr .mn I Rum. .urveys have been s . pan Iew weeks and . lwxslblllly that there WHA .ore later on . she suld. Sorcrifies Hold Meefing E The PBI Chl I0l.lL Sorority hal an exchnnsu with the Alpha Then Sqrorlty recently n e ne llllge of lhe Slude l. Lo the m mayxm ot lhn 1 The g 'lvldupl zllu! each 'r w 1 IH all 1 an c Q Q . Uuluu w' ' sr noro is may I C I I 9 a her ln! U Q . suns: omlun D I l" Y I Rh D I 'lf ri F ll h P Founded in l923' Sponsors: Mrs. Rannie Baker and Mrs. Perer D. Hansen ' FALL Marion Tipron ....,,, ....,,,A,., P residenr Dororhy McAllisler ,.,.,.,K,,K,,,,, Vice Presidenl- Margery Yearin ..,.,.....f. Recording Secreiary Marcelene S+oclcl'iolm-,Corresponding Secy. Marion Follansloee .,f,......,..,.,..,....... Treasurer SPRING Doroilwy McAllis+er .,.. ......,. P resiclenr i Jean Huggins ..... .............. V ice Presidenr Tipion Mcfxmsier Barbara Hayes .....s........ Recording Secrelary Dorolhy Phillips ...... Corresponding Secrerary Marion Follansbee ....... Treasurer Huggins Sunier Phillips Follansbee Marrin Srockholm Aus+in Brown L. Yearin Bliss Hayes Buclcal Darl Spence Snyder M. Yearin mf1i1Q2"eSiQr1:y wm . at :L formal coffee ln :X of Janet Jurgene on Cam- .vel1ue. 'The evening wlll be ll m playing bridge. C embers of the Delta. Mu Phl U .-ority have chosen a Chinese h . .ieme for their preference night af- C fair. Dinner will be served in the f home of Nancy Belden on Michi- gan Avenue and the remainder of ' . O O the evening will be spent. ln play- in ames qi Ch'xese bridge. Iqiiimhers of ' Delta Mu Phi 6 'orority held meeting ln the 'IIB of I Tlough. Plums D6 w mndr party to be M' Mx ' is the net- noun 'e party deg,-, 'lon So- pm, v rush 5. fha lororlly ar Founded in l926 ' Sponsors: Dr. Gerlrucle Billarcl, Miss Vera Wesl, and lvlrs. lvlargarel Collier FALL EllZEilDG'l'l'1 Gallaher ,.., ,,,,.,,,,,- P regidenl' Frances Wornek .... ...., V ice-Presidenl Bobbe PO'l'l'GI' o,..., ,,,,.,-, S egrelary Nadine Diel ..,,. Treasurer E SPRING we M :.: SEHK H 'il 'ii .H re I' Frances Wornek ...... .,..,,,,.,, P residenl E 555333 'll Bobbe Boller ...A.,.. ..... V ice Presidenl' in in . i in Mariory Wriglil .... ....,. S ecrelary 'B B ' B W e Pal Pirmell ...---..... ..... T reasurer Gallaher Womek Wlwillen Wrighl Roloerls Douly Pinnell Saylor Van Tuyl Belden Casey Poller James Busch Clough Frieburg Claylon Abbey Andrews Pearson e fa sigma epsilon Sponsors: lvlr Joyce Dunkel ....., Marjorie Siuarl ..,.. Beverly Campbell . l-lelen Speklcer ..,,. Evelyn lvlasi Joyce Dunkel ,... Marjorie Sluarl .,... Beverly Campbell .- l-lelen Spelclcer ,.... Evelyn lvlasi ..,. l-ledman l-lurley Jones Spelclcer Alexander inter-fraierniiy council Bill Kisling ,........... ..........,,......... P resicleni Murreli Pannefi' .......,.........,..., Vice Presideni Horace Whiie ....,.....,... Secreiary-Treasurer . Ricicels Penne-'ri Aliamprese Whiie Magpie- Krsilng A111 prelereuce 11155 lll. lhs El Rancho. T! ght neremolly ot the fum :bu held nt. the Hntolxpr JL Vl For Lhatlnt rushing, S11 1 in chown upper elnasmgp, igh freshmen will be eligible . 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W5 ss ss mam as na H l H 43 H Us l n Q: B. 5 na n l na l .-an.. Aernlly mst sm .uradsy evening WlLL llr being held by dar Representative' lernllles mn! Mitchell Briggs - nn. Vilma Eur the re- I Khe lnleri-'rsternlty Thursday at 4 titul- nu .magma nr my-nl: 'lea will meet in otflce 0 elect ufllcsrs for n .ext Inter- alpuungnlg- rv Y is-V T fhlgfes fe Reorqnmzai 'flush Parfy ls Saiurdag 'Rim Mn rush muy. fr' tw Ed Herbort. wlll mmlmcnrding lu ,y-fl' y Pgrfy al' Flrg n Members of Th.4.qm pf ' ntharod lngelher Monday a, u., mpc. Tl-nah all -.. y for In evenl. eh a um meetlng ar uw wus, In ter. Plans were discussed for a msh B vang tn be given March 12. ' Q Q O l Arrangements are being mmm T I0 dance which, 0, C0 lx ln rushing, W nlef mn. vm be the ,- mr mn' i I O O 5 me manning 3 nur Iuluru, Pratcrnliy has Dm rush :mr nl'0 lo llv- ..... -1 -.Q dunn- 'lncuaud If l Founded in l942 Sponsors: Dr. J. R. Burlcholder, Dr. Kennelh Poller. ii Dr. Paul V. Sheehan, Dr. Allen Y. Eliason, and Lee Clark ' FALL .-.-..---.Presiden'l Bill Kisling ,...,.. Horace While .... o..... V ice Presidenl Ken Mills .....,,... ..... S ecrelary Dave Reeder ,,,,. ....,. T reasurer SPRING Horace While .... .....o...... P reside-nl Kislinq Ken Mills ,,,,,,,,,, ...... V ice Presiolenl While Eugene Fuchs .... ..,...... S ecrelary Dave Reeder ..., ..... T FGGSUFGI' Reeder l-leberl' Mills Fuchs Rogers Brainerd Brislow Evans Mac Haig H was 5. , .,., , .. .. sa 1 W as .:.. . 55 H' ,M , ss, x ssa aa ass H ssgaa ss- . .. s a " aaa 'E-is ass zu ,,. A v an 55,5 " 5-3' is sb-sr ,Q . sf? I el . V Y ...:. 5... .av I . ' f' f r - aaa 3 ' ' M E in V A , Q... -- s, M -55.5.:.5. B W As xx' , 'uf-aaa., ef as 'swam 1 s .s,ss,s . s a at A sig -K., ss -8-L W E P 1 ssa Ra ' B .5 s s ga 55 ss 'a :ZX t s . . X ' dll. .... 5 H 2 I is ' E .sssass ,.asss..5.5.5..55s55 -XE N I' - ig w a ssss aa ss fa , s s .. " s si? - .aa ia .Bi s 5 sa s .s H .a. is 2 a ss Ya E E . A 5 ss aw 5- a , sw 'V E T552 ss Wifi? 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B o'clo .Ly Professors gfggfsaid I oclock in the is to be n ee ' basement ot the lllerd of the Eng- rill be the speaker Dr. Billard is the Key, upper division tion. pen, n. chemistry mn- p ol the list of those made an average of with an average of The tickets are .selling cents each and may be from any member of the R rganlzation The affair t 12 15 and the raffle held at 12:39 with Juanita Brown as mistress of the occasion. The basement ot the playhouse 0 8. 8 B. c a o b t lfcontm n. effort to reach the 10L membership set as a goal college unit campaign lub d tai SLP me Wylangi mfthac' 'dvay theemS?c'gh:'ee?1oamemad: Red Cross pins nfjymgi as win be mines on to the ' 0 may .has an average of t, a pre-nursing stu- : average of 2.7. students have av- GUY me Geoghegan and Bin, ald, whose majors Kfurygtmbrose, a Barbara Hebert, pls Schuldt,.soci- lnla Short, home 3 is an annual af- le' AAUP to pro- larshlp .o State. freshmen or A g semeste Harton of Noon Dance -d Committees 1' ecorations and E the winning ticket fo M EETING Cross Taken Christmas dance, December 16 in me union, began his week and next week. are sponsor- blds bids, to make made clear 'ox' n page A AMS Plans ifrffjff Announced ai' Gwen Web- A semi-formal dance after mas vacation and a snow-trip will Dupre sta Memberships are being sold for t the booth outside the union between 11 a. rn and 1 heads who of the gh, fill out the Associated Men stu- 3- dents calendar for this semester Dr- HUD?-165' James Hobbs, president of AMS of the Nor 'mnounced at a, committee me Service Fund, will speak , R Tuesday nlght, students at an all-school assenlur, 'his second AMS dance Wm be at 11 o'clock.Thursda.y.- Dr. I eltalr, Hobbs said. The Cal- Dupre vvlll elrplain and discuss of ter KlYk dance yas a success ac- the 'works of the World Student 'leer " fmflncflll Pellnrt by Fund. He will try to explain the "'- queen gs mszssgsmm mn mn .Hmmm gm mm'-. 'wa -n mn I an ss! 7, ..,. ..-l,,.-Y,., WWmENWIM?HwYQw f-22 ' -I-zaia eaax. .55 +255 ia 59 ak ti eg ,, . . w .. . ..., . .. , :f: E" Qmu? .,.. .....,. wgnw Km 1 1' W M. we-ymomh gnu- J 4 TE 5: lv-, :5: 5::,"'if:-.. 5-H l . . - :-:Q-af: 11... 'MISC -1 E: . y,-- isa., is -2-J: , M .M '- ' E IE: - I-I-2:2 - .. W1 I qwf ggg :iii ::::-:- is aa. :.: fu Z 5 w sz ' , ::: M1 ,A V H aaa ag B iiwmmymwm W .: " ,e!:-:::, '::::::i: if-:-: DunHe wa sf mmm am' -14-i "ss ...4-, mf E1 15 . I. Schuknech+ Tw , ,m .am . W.. A ...m a -na ss a as ,xx ,gig ma :-: ' mia ss H B Q ,ngx w may B ag 1 w -s gs ,y m V -,.x , ,, . MMM. Sager all s ss u mms an The crowning oT The elevenTh queen oT The campus was held This year on December 2 in The memorial audiTorium. Jane Ross, pasT queen, who lead The coronaTion proces- sional and crowned This year's queen, was Tollowed by The aTTenolanTs, MargareT WeymouTh, Joyce Dunkel, and Sara Sager. The nexT To appear was The TirsT aTTendanT, Jackie Schuknechlr, Then The pages, Jerry Jackson and Annabelle Fairall, and Tinally The queen, Clare WeymouTh, on The arm of Frank lvlesple, sTudenT body presidenT. ArrangemenTs Tor The ball were made by ElizabeTh ArranTs, AssociaTed Women STudenTs social chairman, and The queen's Tea was under The direcTion oT The Treshman women's acTiviTy group. vi? ms m ss mn nm V m.. .,,, .V mx-.11 .Ffh Pi wa ms -wmqws, 1. E 1111 n s - 1 sm' ss n a m ss af a E. new gan B max qs S' 14 a na a ss mm nm m ss x ss a 111 na 1 ,.'xI 121122-7' ' 31. BH F ' mfs HIPS B gays- .E .m vm mm 14 Mk md wk fm jp' 11.- . J' 1 -A 1 1J:1ff1.1.1,f-11 Nj-H-1 Tina .1 . A Q 1 mu 11 1 .mms W gl" www fa E 'Es Y fu-lv' Sxixfv Z.: E A W - mi 11 1. W a na 1-11. 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Baldwin Kircher The rehabiliTaTion oT disabled veTerans and The adrninisTra- Tion oT Training under The G. l. Bill oT RighTs are The rnain TuncTions oT The Fresno STaTe College Guidance CenTer under A. O. Kircher and Lloyd Baldwin. ExTending from ModesTo To Delano, The cenTer uTilizes l:aculTy experience as To whaT would be a suiTable vocaTional obiecTive Tor The veTerans reTurning To The college. There were a ToTal oT ThirTy veTerans aTTending The col- lege This year, Two oT which were women. lvlr. and Mrs. Jack Keran, boTh veTerans, were The TirsT couple To come To Fresno STaTe under The guidance oT The VocaTional Rehaloili- TaTion CenTer. aa -aaa sfafers in uniform . a aa a aa aaa E . a aaa Q. a:a.a na - a x-x a a a Emma aa aa aa aa aa mga aaa- axx 'H aa H. aa 5. aa E a 1 E aa Sa H. aaw aa a aa aa x-1 a mana aa m'Se a Miva aa as ,,.,,m,, aa asa a-aaa E- aa aa a aaaaa HE aa 'a Eaaffaai ag - Wm aaa aa aa aaa ga a aaa is BEER a -a - a aaa aa aa 'aa- a a aa aa aa a a E aaaa aw a KL" E a E am .aa xa a a aaa a as aa ga EEK aa-a im' a E a a aa gamma a MWQa ggaa Ea aa aa am aa a a Q:a mv. v' M r. aw Rama am a a an an a 'aaa aa aa a .a I -E Q E Qmma 5 an Ea Eaa , a aaa M aa aa aa-K -fa'-' , afa Wgm BEIEBHE BSS- B wa E a asm aaa- aa-aa aa aa mam ,X aa H. -Q-:aa aa aa Tm- W a E. a H9439 aaa'?Qm .aa H. xa a W an 5? a aagfggm a-a aaa aa. ga E a Ei aa a f ax- 'K a aa fgfaaa-a Q Naa- msaga a ,aa a aa ami -F - aaa .agalwggg amaga Siafigiaa gaizaaa x?Q5aamaa:3gwhMW vgagamaaa K '- aaaa Kgs aaaarg aa aaa nga aaa saga aa B EEE SSE E wma mia .Ewa-aa -an lglaw agzm .aawwamwmngwwa mia-aa ,H aw maaa E aaa 'KWH B W aaa sa ra a aa aa aaai aa a aa as aa as aa aa aaaa 135 aa a am W aaa a a aama m'aa aa a an E . h. 2' 4 ff' A2 Q- an was sm' .ls ww ww E, n ,Q ss swan ss :ma W F ms -1 ag: E gg Hmm M BM BE ZF 5 vm, H SSW wa a 212: ML 35535 mg K 552 xA ,Z 15 ss gm 2 1 :EE E 3 Q 2 2:r:E:E ZW 5 X as ME E352 Eff? x ss as n ba ,As 'n ms, fr E E , E Q. 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