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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1954 volume:

J- (xr ooks 7-0 C. R. Nikkei 18323 Rosedale Hwy Bakersfield CA 93312 The ift : AMmCAN LUNO AHOCUTION. X va-i73, Tke ' portal oj ' 54 Pacific zBibie Un tltute •r no . €aUl ormci ol utne foreword Towers leaning tall in the sunlight . . . Each tower has been built as a monument to an achievement each suggests experiences now only a memory. As you fellow students pass by the landmarks, we hope that you will enjoy reliving the usual days and unusual events pictured in the ' 54 PORTAL. If you are a stranger, we would ike to introduce you to the school on these pages; if a friend, we hope that you will receive a better understanding of our f school family. To those that leave, we say, keep on building towers. Editor -ZIk- i hiel £i«i« " ' lOtcfcert ' cMaaociate -tciitcr cel ' alzer cMdverti ing ' Igr. Harold .ScUroede ' koto rapher c4Wo S einricA entente - - Student £»}c ?f 111 N» ir - •» - V. nwi ] ' I, i S r . aer . . . In appreciaHon of your outstanding and untiring efforts in establishing, pro- moting, and increasing the vision of Pacific Bible Institute . In acknowledgment of your many sincere, abiding, and unfailing prayers for our school . . . In recognition of the excellent leadership which you hove shown . . . We, the students of Pacific Bible Institute, sincerely dedicate " The Portal " of ' 54. :Mccid emic I have set thee for a tower and a fort- ress among my people, that thou may- est know and try their way. Jer. 6:27 Courtesy - Pan American World Airways faculty With questions and problems, everybody Beats a path to the president ' s study. Students come from near and for To meet our be- loved registrar. S. W. GOOSSEN A.B., A.M., Th.M. Old Testament Church History Registrar Senior Class Adviser R. M. BAERG A.B., B.D., Th.M., Th.D. New Testament President GUIDANCE AND GOVERNMENT GOERTZEN B.Sc, Th.M. Director of Christian Service Dean of Students We lil e his teach- ng more and more — We never sang so well before. A.B., A.R.C.T. Music Voice Chorus For a teaparty you need tea and two, If there ' s nobody else, just the tea will do. faculty PHYLLIS HIEBERT A.B., M.A. English Literature Music Freshman Class Adviser " A blackboard is a necessity. Without textbooks I ' d rather be. " , ' — 10 G. W. PETERS A.B., Th.B., Ph.D. Theology Missions Anthropology V J. E. WARKENTIN A.B., AA.R.E., M.A. Social Science Christian Education A sprinkle of humor, a dash of spice, And even dry history tastes rather nice. Greek cards and Greek glasses Rate high in Greek classes. A. G. WILLEAAS A.B., Th.B., Th. M. Bible Exposition Greek Homiletics Junior Class Adviser 11 faculty He teaches not facts merely, But from the heart sincerely. MATHILDA FAST A. A., B.R.E. Librarian She checks each book with loving care — Knows what it is and why it ' s where. 12 G. H. JANTZEN New Testament Field Evangelist LEONARD HEINRICHS D. C. Health Education MRS. FLORENCE BONESTEEL A. A. Girls Swimming MARK MANDARICH A. A. Boys Swimming C. R. Nikkei, Alvin Korber, Sam Reimer, A. S. Ediger, Albert J. Enns, T. R. Nickel, P. K. Warkenfin, Erwin Buller, President R. M. Boerg, Egon Hofer, Sam Wiens, Peter J. Funk, Choirmon. 1 13 Stail Albert Kohfeld, as Business Manager, spends our hard-earned money well. Olive Warkentin is school Secretary and Dean of girls. She is busy but capable in both. Sarah Bedrosian, our Bookkeeper, is ' never too busy to do a requested favor. - » m 1 f i 1 t- ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL Sara Gosen, nurse, is good for what ails you. r Johnny Buller is our man- ager of brooms and mops. Jean Peel is the assistant librarian. If the Dewey Decimal System doesn ' t help you, she will. Mrs. Henry Kliewer, dietician; Mrs. Ed Heinrichs, Mrs. Henry Heinrichs, assistants; Mary Martens, helper. Beans or chops, their cooking is tops. a a 5 £if I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will soy unto me, and what I shall answer. Hab. 2:1 16 Courtesy — Pan American World Airways 17 r ' fm Class Officers — Richard Wiens, President; Henry Heinrichs, Vice-President; Betty Jantzen, Secre- tary; Vernon Duerksen, Treasurer. EDWARD MOVER A.B. - Missions PARCHMENT PARADE PAUL KROEKER A.B. - Theology MRS. VIOLA SCHMIDT 3 yr. B. I. Course ALFRED SCHMIDT A.B. - Missions MARY ESTHER MARTENS A.B. - Missions REUBEN BROWN 20 DONALD BULLER A.B. - Missions VERNON DUERKSEN A.B. - Theology Standard equipment for Senior knowledge. HENRY HEINRICHS A.B. - Theology BETTY JANTZEN A.B. - Christian Ed. 21 Class Officers — Harry Heidebrecht, Pres- ident; David Block, Vice-Pr esident; Jean Peel, Secretary-Treasurer. JAMES KLAASSEN 3 yr. B. I Graduate y L ELDON CLASSEN MRS. PAUL KROEKER 3 yr. B. I. Graduate SI PROGRESSING TO A CERTAIN DEGREE HARRY HEIDEBRECHT Who ' s taking a picture JEAN PEEL Johnny " was here ARLO HEINRICHS JOHNNY BULLER GERALDINE PATZKOWSKY GLEN EWERT A. A. Graduate WALLACE DUERKSEN 3 yr. B. L Graduate GEORGE KELM f ALLEN WARKENTIN DAVID BLOCK Class Officers — Joel Balzer, President; Eugene Franz, Vice-President; Mary Krantz, Secretary- Treasurer; Harold Schroeder, Social Chairman. LEARNING MORE AND MORE ABOUT LESS AND LESS Kenneth Gerbrandt James West Miriam Doerksen rene oby Wiens f ' don Schmidt ey Gerbaulet Jennie Peters Frances Karber sSopkomcre4» Jim Vogt Laurene Kroeker 2 yr. B. I. Graduate Mrs. Beverly Plougher Richard Plaugher Richard Patzkowsky Mrs. Orlean Reimer Sara Gosen Harold Schroedec Rosetle Buiukto " Soph oynore Joel Bolzer Mary Krantz Sophomores checking up on Freshman. John Janzen A ary Ann Heidebrecht John Kohfeld ' da Koenig Harley Gossen Jack Connolly Eldon Franz Sophomores chumming up with Freshmen. Class Officers — Kenneth Wall, President; Leroy Vogt, Vice-President; Priscilla Golbek, Secretary- Treasurer. Arlene Reeve Hanna Buller Glen Smith Nadine Henderson Kenneth Wall Merlyn Boynton Jorvis Hunt Froncis Regier Lee Esther Brown Shirley Neufeld Leo Heinrichs June Schultz Luella Wicherl- Wilbur Daniels wwM Treva Kiehn Bonnie Regehr Betty Lu Wal Albert Reimer Leroy Vogt Lois Reimer 5re«)Ai fften WISE OR OTHERWISE 31 Alvin Wiens Harold Warkentin Neva Becker Mildred Brown Alvin Wiens ' ' n St. L Wilbur Nikkei Freshmen play Rosella Buller Leroy Wiens Freshmen study. 01 IS ■fe P ! • V " ISL " zf WL ■i i 4 a js Maxine Nord Vernon Doerkson Ronald DeGollery Priscilla Golbek Elmer Prigmore Darlene Gosen Harold Hendrix Paulino Funk SPECIAL STUDENTS AND SECOND SEMESTER ARRIVALS Aldene Friesen Leroy Neufeld Calvin McElhannon Joseph Agee Ronald Wal Willis Igo Mrs. Leona Duerksen Robert Model Norma Buschmon PciKorrn Pnrric Georae Schmidt Betty Amos . } Ricfiard Elia Kenneth EIrich zBetween la i I ' — ' Vft ' -T i4« . Ye are the light of the world ... Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matt. 5:14, 16 36 Official U. S. Navy Photo 37 ( UrUtlan S eruice To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God.— Acts 26:18a 3t °--erf,eld Sunday School Hanford Baptist Church The WORD goes forth each Sunday night by our students at the Rescue Missions. Subway Rescue Mission The jail is a mission field. Wanted! the Gospel Where? at the jails Call in person. The mission field at our bock door. ' Teach the Word ' Before teaching there must be a time of study, a time of prayer and a gathering of the children. At Wallace Duerksens At Clay and Orchard Street Team ' quired Practice also is needed for messoges in song. Radio technician Glen Ewert is at the controls. 43 ' f- ATKANDY, CEYLON Jndi ici Courtesy, U. S. Navy rciy r zBand 44 Officers — Al Reimer, Chairman; Al Schmidt. Vice-Chairman; Lee Esther Brown, Treas- urer,- Mildred Brown, Secretary. ::« ' •• ?-•.•• ' SINGAPORE Courtesy, U. S. Navy 46 Officers — Wilbur Nikkei, Vice - Chairman; Frances Regier, Secretary; Harold Warkentin, Chairman. CASABLANCA, MOROCCO Courtesy, U. S. Navy c4jH ricu grayer zBand t wHowiaco OFFICERS Vernon Duerksen, Chairman Ed AAoyer, Vice Chairman Darlene Gosen, Secretary Treva Kiehn, Treasurer 49 CHICAGO Courtesy, Union Pacific Railroad ofne 9Wi i4»Mon 50 I The extension of Honne Missions was discussed by this panel ot the rally n ■ OFFICERS: Johnny Heidebrecht. Chairman; Jomes Kloassen, Vice-chairman; Shirley Gerboulet, Secretary. 51 PARIS Courtesy — Pan American World Airways -G urop an t rayer zBand 52 r Dr. Peters summer ossignment I A( 11 M t F t h Sll CfM FOt PFCJl Officers — • Arlo Heinrichs, Chairman; Sara Gosen, Secretary; Kenneth Wall, Vice-Chair- man. MEXICO CITY Courtesy — Pan American World Airways 54 Panel Discussion, TV or not TV, ' during o Wednesday Student Chapel A WP ' ,a chopel service ■lir«M IF 0U) NG FORTH The During the ' 54 season the concert choir engaged in per- formances in nearly every constituent church through- out California as well as making other public appear- ances. Toward the end of the season they joined with the Mennonite Brethren church choirs of California to sing the " Messiah ' at a song festival held in Fresno. These sacred programs were presented throughout the season under the excellent leadership of Professor Dietrich Friesen. Joel Balzer — Pianist Irene Feil — Soloist Quartet — Richard Patzkowsky, Ken Wall, Ken Gerbrondt, Alvin Wiens. Sextet — Lee Esther Brown, Priscilla Golbek, Lois Reimer, Luello Wichert, Mary Ann Heidebrecht, June Schultz. Richard Patzkowsky — Soloist Darlene Gosen — Organist Quartet — Treva Kiehn, Frances Karber, Paulena Funk, Irene Fell. ln$frumentolists : ..- Student i£iie The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe. Prov. 18:10 62 Official U. S. Navy Photo 63 sStudent Council Government of the students, by the students, for the students. Nick Rempel, Pres. Eugene Janzen, Vice-Pres. ill A UlUoo W cher. Ed ,,,, Joel Balzer, Ass.stont Harold Schroeder Advertising Manager Arlo Heinrichs Photographer Mr. Warkentin, Miss Hiebert, Advisers Stall PORTALOLOGISTS Glen Ewert Business Manager Vol. Ill, No. 18 Par- ' ic Bible Inpti-ute, r ' r»- ' .T- nuary 20, 19 . ' i STAf J .Lditor - Shirley GcrbaiiV Kary ' Vnn Heidebrecht Frances Reedier Frances Kai-ber Jerry Patzkowsky jevotional - larnna Lapp -tencil Typist - Lucy Fas Adviser - Miss Hiebert . " l-fliat -ire your favorit colors? " Oh, red, I r t T rf ' yr " i 11, I ' ll Student ir ' for )Ut un- husiar ' t will those nf ' i ' or ' raise, that is, to a ris ' - .)ov;l, maybe cnthe naj azine rack, and they ' re villi n " to donate the pro ' -erty flacy nov have for some plants. When youte in f r lounge look around and tell us •tiat color you think would be suitable. fjfrtc ' 0Xi ' Introducinp; the " KOFrEL i:UP " J The Coffee Comer ' inally ha? a real ncTie. The be ' -t (and only) olaco at FBI to ret those in be- tween snacks. n ■. ntadent once fill act asleeo, ilis semester tests piled in a heap; s he slept he dreamt thpt he had died, ' nd when as ' " -- ' " •■ ' " • ' ' renliedsH Place ny and tell I don ' t und Place n TTiy feet an it ' s f ot Plnce my head and t I ' m f;lad Place my side and that ' s vim; -ive to make up y in love . ive to keep u cro vd. ' ' no t fjive at al ceive what t- ■ • nf to giv ■ . their pr( - . 11 more in dier r tion than the ' s outlay, love first d ' all,. ' ive humbly. ■ ' ive firf t of aiLl rd, for in that •)thers are includ- ed and hallowed. Since vje are nearing tl e end of the semester, all library books will be due JAL ' U.LtY 25. Special con- cessions will be made if absolutely necessary The Doll House ov ' « " orm Dorm Counc.l erry ' =niaida Dorm Council 4S« v Floored! Serenity (So- ' d 67 •EDiMiM 5£«H CALORY DEPOT First Semester Host and Hostesses; Eldon Schmidt, Lois Reimer, Irene Feil. Second Semester Host and Hostesses: Ken Wotl, Ida Koenig, Darlene Gosen. t04C c tA(ettc«j BASKETBALL TEAM: Leroy Vogt, Eldon Claassen, Lawrence Reaves, Eldon Schrrndt, (captoin), James Xlaossen, Wilbur Nikkei, Glen Ewert, Jim Vogt. Aquo champs in the Rpol room. Where friends are made And plans ore made Where muscles are strained Posing on purpose? Wise and otherwise Reflecting Oct. Sept. 14, 15 Rolling in and enrolling 18 Faculty-Student Reception 2 Frosh, Sophs get acquainted at Kearney Park, Juniors eat Hamburgers, Seniors dine at the " Oakleaf. " 4 P.B.I. Day Pacific Bible Institute Hour goes on the air over K.W.S.O. 19 Profs Car started for Europe 27 Annual picnic at Roeding Park 30 Rice and Curry and India Rally 7 Friesens finally arrive 12 Reimers open Coffee Corner 19 The Doctor ' s Traveling Seminar to Mexico. 30 Portal Camera paid for 4 Mary Reed ' film at Africa Rally 17 Song at Midnight " 18 We scatter for home Jan. 15 Latin America Rally Nov. Dec. Jan. 25, 28 Burning midnight oil for exams 31 Blessings during Bible Emphasis Week Feb. 13 P.B.I, beats Immanuel 48-38 14 Choir debut on T.V. 23 Aches after Cold War at Lodgepole 26 Home Missions Rally Mar. 16 Our India Missionary leaves us 19 Far East Rally 22 " The Portal of 54 goes to press 26 Easter preview at Girl ' s Dorm Open House April 14 Radio Choir send-off to East 30 Boy ' s Dorm Open House May 2 Choir sings in Messiah " at Song Festival 6 Senior Sneak Day 14 Formal Spring Banquet 21 Yosemite Excursion 23 Baccalaureate 28 Commencement 29 P.B.I, halls vacated June Dr. Peters sent to Europe by students t e wltUout a nante Or could you coll this hash ' — the leftovers, too good to throw away — muddled on this surplus page. The following pages contain the names of organizations, business men, and churches who have made this yearbook possible. They have shown a fine spirit of patronage and co-operation. To them go our sincere " THANK YOU " and heartfelt gratitude. You as readers can show your appreciation by patron- izing them. THF " PORTAL " STAFF mii PRECAST CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION Stronger — Faster — More Economical PENNER BLOHM Contractors 1631 University 6-0493 Fresno, California Largest in California Phones , ! 2-8450 ( ]M 2-5882 JACK KLIEWER Chrysler Plymouth Sales Service 149 W. Tulare Dinubo FRUIT GROWERS of The Fruit basket of the Nation The A. W. Karbers Dinuba, Calif. FINE JEWELRY Bulova - Elgin ■ Wyler Watches 1847 Rogers - Community Silver Coro Costume Jewelery 1 17 So. L. Ph. 84W Dinuba To keep your home Christian, get your Books, Bibles, and Music from vour local store " SIERRA GOSPEL SUPPLY 151 E. Tulare Ph. 113 Dinuba " Whatsoever a man sovi eth, that shall he also reap " Gal. 6:7b KRUGER FARM SUPPLY Rt. 1, Box 50 Shafter, Cal. Ph. 4981 Furniture of Distinction " JUST FURNITURE CO. 202 E. Tulare Ph. 45 Leo Langhofer Mgr. Dinuba h P.O. Box 157 Dinuba, California WILLEMS BUICK CO. Sales Service 290 E. Tulare St. Dinuba, California Elmer Willems Ph. 7 Serving 133,500 families in the Fruitbasket of the Nation -in Fresno, Tulare, and Kings Coun- ties. Booster D. D. Schmidt ifik MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH " Holding forth the Word of Life " Washington and Hayter Streets W. L. Penner, Th.D., Pastor Dallas, Oregon CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 54, THE STUDENT BODY, FACULTY AND STAFF! May you continue to bring glory to His name through our District conference efforts. m- 1 MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH Nichols and El Monte Way Phone 206-W Dinuba, California Rev. B. J. Braun, Pastor " We preach Christ ' " Crucified, Risen, Ascended, and Coming Again in song and message. 81 ■mjM mm ' - ' ji.xiL:.mi. tt " JW ' i 1 jTi _r:pC5 idiiAi. ROSEDALE MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH Rosedale, California " For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. " I Cor. 3:1 1. Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS, FACULTY, AND STUDENT BODY of Pacific Bible Institute HOUSE OF FURNITURE EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME 240 E. Tulare St. Ph. 290 - Dinuba, Calif. W. A. Bartel H. R. Bartel Mennonite Brethren Church 1195 Clark Street San Jose, California Rev. Wm. Neufeld, Pastor " A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you. " John 13.34 A. J. KLIEWER 2146 Norris Dr. W. Ph. 4-6695 Fresno, Calif. " Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse — I will pour you out a blessing and there shall not be room enough to receive it. " 82 JC-- r y ' .y " According to the Grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. " I Cor. 3:10. Congratulations to the Class of ' 54 MAPLE LEAF ENTERPRISES MAPLE LEAF SALES MAPLE LEAF SHOPS MAPLE LEAF FARMS MAPLE LEAF POTATO CO. MAPLE LEAF COTTON CORP. MAPLE LEAF BROADCASTING CO. Wasco, California Pacific Bible Institute Hour — Sundays 8:30 A.M. on KWSO 1050 K.C. 83 , jCKAB!NET$8i fixtiirE y. . ' x " Congratulations to the Senior Class KIRKWOOD FURNITURE CO. 802 Fulton Phone 2-7312 Fresno, Col DR. A. W. SCHLICHTING Chiropractor 1926 nth St. Reedley, Col. Phone Office 420 - Res. 670 •K " FOOD MARKET Groceries - Meats Vegetables Phone 4-493 2131 California Ave. Bakersfield Al Karber, owner BARTEL BUILDING MATERIAL CO. 4485 E. Belmont, Fresno, Cal. Phone 5-2429 Al Bartel, Prop. Compliments of PALMER ' S NURSERY Belmont Maple Phone 5-0859 " Spreading the Gospel in Song " GOSPEL MUSIC SUPPLY CO. Home of Gospelaires Quartet Dealers in Radio - Television - Pianos Accordions String Instruments - Records Don E. Smith, Owner Mgr. 2131 Kern St. Fresno, Cal. ORVAL ' S CABINET SHOP Cabinets Fixtures O. C. Ratzlaff, Prop. 4332 Belmont Ph. 5-4982 Fresno, Col. JOST LEDBETTER FLOOR CO. Hardwood Floor Contractors 1201 Oak Ph. 4-6188 Chester Jost Res. Ph. 5-9627 Bakersfield, California WASCO 1050 K.C. MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH SHAFTER, CALIFORNIA The church with an open Bible where we seek to preach the whole Counsel of God " Built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Corner Stone " Rev. Waldo Wiebe, Pastor 400 Kern St. Phone 324 SUNDAY 11:00 BETHANY MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH FRESNO, CALIFORNIA " Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God " Rev. Dan Friesen, Pastor Olive and Orchard UNION OIL DEALER East Fresno Service Stop-Wear Lubrication Johnnie Enns Ph. b-2 77 4864 E. Tulare Fresno, Calif. JOHN C. KLIEWER GENERAL BUILDER 2974 Lamona Ph. 3-4363 " Congratulations Class of ' 54 " HUME LAKE CONFERENCE INC. Christian Summer Camp 155 Van Ness Avenue Fresno, California PENNER BROS. PARTS CO. Dan - Menno - Walt Automotive Supplies and Equipment 1023 G St. Ph. 308 or 408 Reedley, California REEDLEY ELECTRIC SUPPLY Our prayers join with yours that each one of you may be in the center of His Will. 1616 nth St. Reedley, Calif. Phone 203 BUS JACKSON STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY Studio of Photography Portraits for the 54 Portal 4211 E. Tulare Ph. 5-2426 Fresno, California FRESNO BIBLE HOUSE " Everything Christian for Church and Home " and Sunday School Supplies 2027 Kern St. Fresno, Calif. MARTENS Chevrolet - Oldsmobile and Frigidaire SALES AND SERVICE You ' ll have to go a long way if possible at all, for better service or better merchandise. Henry R. Martens Ph. 122 939 G St. Reedley, Calif. BAKERSFIELD ' S EXCLUSIVE CLEANING PLANT 1021 8th Street Phone 4-9414 Bakersfield, California Henry F. Brandt Congratulations to the Class of ' 54 PETER J. FUNK Complete Insurance Service Phone 198 1663 - nth Street Reedley, California Builder of Fine Homes CLARENCE E. PENNER 4583 E. Home Phone 5-6965 Fresno, California " I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shoit go: I will guide thee with mine eye. " Ps. 32:8 u t CI q-vs more word. 88 There s more between the covers of a yearbook than ink and paper. Between the first and last pages ore prayers, bits of inspiration, hours of planning and afternoons, evenings and even parts of nights of hard work. I ' m sitting down here in the PORTAL room, writing this last page the night before the deadline. I ' m honestly thankful for this editorial adventure as I ponder over the activities of the past eight months. I ' m glad for the fellows on the staff. I ' d like to thank them for their cooperation and efforts . . . Joel Balzer for his willing assistance. Glen Ewert for his business management, Harold Schroeder for taking the responsibility of the financing and ads, and Arlo Heinrichs for the many hours spent with the camera and in the darkroom. To the administration, faculty, staff and students, I express my heartfelt gratitude for their faithful endurance in hearkening to the habitual announcements in chapel. Others helped make this publication a reality. Thanks go to fellow-students for paying for the much appreciated camera. Thanks also to Bus Jackson for the portraits and to the Advertising Production Service for publishing and pre- senting us with the finished 1954 PORTAL. May the memories retained in these pictures help you retrace your course through this school year, well spent at P.B.I. Lillian Wichert Cfnoflier Of. 1 . . creation vtARBOoi FORjrHE Ofaver{iiinf S roouclioH Service .Jion _ X alilomia

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