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i :v n vA ' M •• ' " H. li!,!;: f i 1 1 -f I Hi w ■ 1 I : } mt " Ernestly contending for the faith vhich once delivered unto the saints. " Jiide 3. Editor Bob Suderman Associate Editor Dorothy Koppcr Business Manager . . Bill Reimer Advisor . Rev Arthur G. W ' illenis 7 4e ponied PmPuAned luj. the Student fi di Vcdi ime IV educoyUan Mr. and Mrs. V. K.. Warkkntin When the Pacific Bible Institute was passing through a diffi- cult economic period early in its history, Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Warkentin of Reedlcy, California, offered to set up a thirty thousand Dollar MEMORIAL for their departed son Joseph Warkentin and his close friend, Daniel Edigcr, who met death in the same accident. After the acceptance of this memorial, Mr. Warkentin was extended the right to be a lifetime honorary member of the Board of Education of the Pacific Bible Institute. In appreciation of their interest and contribution for the development of the school, we, the students, dedicate this fourth edition of " The Portal " to Mr. and Mrs. P. K. War- kentin. Hk ' tk _5 W i mJTS Im wi B H HSHjE HH H V HjWn 1 H B jF " ii I. nivisadcni Dorm, 2. New ScluK.I Ucrms. 3. President ' s Reiidence. 4. Allice Dorm. S. Sd,„„l Huildins. ,,. Valeria Dt.rm. 7, W all Dorm. 8. Franz Home. HHnHHj m i P ' - ■T 1 4- »» ' • - III mi Dr. G. VC ' . Peters, Prciideiit-Dcan ANOTHER SPIRIT! " But my servant Caleb, because he had another SPIRIT with him, and hath followed me fully, him will I bring into the land whercunto he went; and his seed shall possess it. " Numbers 14:24. The mighty hand of God had not only miracu- lously delivered the people of Israel but had also graciously sustained them and provided for them on their march toward the promised land. The cloud by day and the pillar by night had guided Israel, while the Law of God and the Ark of Cov- enant were there to strengthen and direct them spiritually. They reached the southern border of the " Land of Promise " and with it the hour of final testing the outcome of which was rather sad. Upon the commission of the Lord twelve spies were sent to spy out the land of Canaan. In the Lord ' s evaluation of the twelve men, Caleb be- comes the outstanding figure and a challenge to God ' s servants of all time. The characterization of Caleb by God himself is most wonderful. He gives us the cause for the distinction of this servant of God — " because he had another spirit with him — . " As we read the record we find that this " another spirit " enabled Caleb to look through and beyond the problems and difficulties to the Supernatural. He did not belittle the obstacles and enemies but a firm faith in the Supernatural of his God carried him over all the difficulties — " we are well able lo overcome it. " " If the Lord delight in us, then he will bring us into this land, and give it us, " he said. Again we find a spirit oi urgen( v in Caleb to possess the Land for the Lord — " Let us go up at once and possess it, " is his challenge. We notice also that Caleb was enabled to appreciatively evaluate the gifts and provisions ov GOD — " The land which we passed through to search it, is an exceedingly good land ... a land which floweth with milk and honey, " is his encouragement. We find further Caleb i earing rebellion against the Lord — " Only rebel not against the Lord, " is his earnest plea. Lastly we see that Caleb bei ii id in the providential and miraculous operations of God in history in favor of His cause and the welfare of His people. " Their defense is departed from them and the Lord is with us; fear them not. " The Pacific Bible Institute of Fresno is again completing another term of instruction. Unitedly the Board of Education and Faculty have worked to bring the school and every one of the school mem- bers under the control of this " Another Spirit " who is none other than " The Spirit of the Living God. " Prayers, teaching, preaching, and personal admonitions have been employed to make the Spirit of the Lord the dominant person of the Institute and each individual. Our prayers now are accompanying one another. May our lives be so yielded unto the Lord and so controlled by the Holy Spirit that each member will demonstrate a firm faith in the Supernaturalness of our God who is able to do the impossible, a spirit of urgency in the cause of God to seek first the Kingdom of God, a mind that appreciatively evaluates the gifts and provisions of God and is thankful, a heart that will fear nothing more than to disobey the Lord and not to live in the centre of His Will, and a strong unwavering faith in the providential and miraculous operations of God in history in behalf of His people and His cause. May we enable God to write over our lives: But my servant because he had another spirit with him and hath followed me fully, him will I bring into the land wherein he went; and his seed shall possess it. " o veiAjiOAd LIVING WATERS! These words picture to us a weary traveller refreshing himself with the cool, clear water of a mountain stream, or a toil worn labourer slaking his thirst with the sparkling cold water drawn from a well. In its spiritual application the Scripture uses the term to portray the satisfaction that comes to the individual who finds all the needs of his thirsty soul met in the Lord Jesus Christ, and having his own desires satisfied, he in turn gives forth this " living wa- ter. " With these two thoughts in mind we have endeavored to portray the life and activities of the school around our theme " LIVING WATERS. " Through our fac- ulty, we, the students, have been given the tools to dig for refreshing waters. As the blessings from God ' s word have become ours, we in turn have given them forth in our practical work in bringing the gospel to others. As individuals in society, we are contributing our part in the " sea of life. " f ACTlVirihS Cl ASS ' STui ' £Nt LIFE ADMINISTRATION ' i. Jy A LfUMUi uitij04t " Jesus answered and said unto her. If thou kuewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink: thou would st have asked of him, and he would have given thee living ivater. " John 4:10. " A wise man will hear, and will increase learning: and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsel. " Prov. i:5. -J- S . Braun. Chairm Buller. San Jc John Wall. Made Dinuba: P. K. Warke Dinuba: D. L Reedley; Henry Hoogc, ViceCha B. J. Occupying a vital position in the administration of the school and ever working for its advancement and development is our Board of Education, elected by the Pacific District of the Mennonite Brethren Conference. By their consistent and faithful services God has been glorified and the practical needs of the school have been met. We owe our thankfulness to their untiring and unending service and vision in bringing The Pacific Bible Institute to higher standards of learning in the precious Word of God. Siemens ield defi ied i iatlu and " The Lord Jesus said, It is more blessed to give than to re ceive " Acts 20.3 5. Contacting the churches and individuals, heading the build- ing project and seeing that the financial needs of the school are supplied are a few of the untiring efforts put forth by our faithful servant of the Lord, Mr. J. P. Siemens. (; W. PETERS S. W. GOOSSEN ROSELLA THIESEN ARTHUR G. WILLEMS R. L. CRAMER B., Th.B., Th.D., Ph.D. A.B., Th.M. A.B., M.A. A.B., Th.B., Th.M. A.B., B.D. President, Dean Registrar " His Jewels Bible Clubs " Greek, Church History, Acting of Men Theology, Missions, Bible, Missions, Doctrine Philosophy Director Christian Education, Psychology Bible Analysis Practical Theology, Bible, Philosophy The patient, untiring services by our well qualified faculty has been greatly appreciated by the students. They have given their full time to the teaching ministry, and helping the students prepare for Christian Service both at home and abroad. f f. f VICTOR WIENS TRYON RICHARDS MRS. R. L. CRAMER ELSIE SCHAFER ADOLPH B. ENSZ A.B., M.A. A.B., M.R.Ed., Th.B. A.B. A.B. A.B., B.R.Ed., M.A. Voice, Conducting Music Theory, Organ, English, Speech Typing Librarian Piano (Missions) Our music instructors together with part time tea;hers have made it possible for a wide selection of courses in the field of education. u WESLEY THiESEN EDNA THIESEN, R.N. WANDA COLLINS EUGENIA FOWLER ERNEST SCHMIDT A.B. Health, First Aid Piano B.Mus. A.B. Anthropology, Phonetics Piano, Art Methods in History of Civilization Chr. Ed. a tadeni cuMlti The odd sounds from the Phonetics class, splints and bandaged arms from first aid, two pianos playing against each other in the practice rooms and late lights because of the History of Civilization charts, ail make up part of the assignments from these part time teachers in their respective fields. % m i 1 E. Shaflr, p. Albrjtten, T. Reim k ELSIE SCHAFER Secretary to the President JOEL iriEBE Bookkeeper - SUSIE HARMS Secretar - to the Registrar One of the busiest and ver)- important unit of the school is that of the Busi- ness Office. All financial transactions must be recorded in this office. It al- ways welcomes that hard-earned monev from the students. This is one place the students cannot evade. " ke ICltcke The Kitchen seems to be an important part of our program. The fine cooking, under our head dietician Miss Ella Benke, keeps everyone happy. We deeply appre- ciate her great service, together with helpers, in preparing our physical food. The Kitchen facilities have been greatly improved with the addition of new uten- sils, a walk-in ice box, a 32 cubic foot Marquette deep freeze (donated by Shafter M. B. Church), and the installa- tion of a new ten-burner and grill Magic Chef stove. IIIIR, Miss l-LLA btNKh. UoNS Mrs. Beatrice Lancenwaltek ' eoH ( UJcpmeK An understand and sympathetic friend is welcome indeed when " Mom " is miles away. The girls in the dormitory found just such a friend in Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. Matthews, Deans of Women during first and second semester respectively. Many a girl found helpful guidance and counsel or an oppor- tunity for a friendly chat when she came to Room 14, the Deans ' office. The girls on third floor certainly appreciated the constant care and concern of the Deans which might well be summarized in Mrs. Mathews ' after-lights out question, " Are all the girls in? " R. Koenig. L. Reiswig. A Gilbert. Mrs Manhews. Acting Dean of Wo 2nd Semester. Clcuile ' ' And Iscun ' s scricinfs digged in the i alley, and fuiiiid there a iiell of springing water. " Gen. 26:19. 4 ' W7 . V » •• y „ , s Qnx2xii4xzieyl Ik " Whc about with so great a cloud of :ight. and the sin which us, and let us run with :hat is set before us. the author and finisher or the joy that was set the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. " Heb. :2;1, 2. Transfer Baylor University; Fresno State College; S. S. Teacher. MV-MS;; Child Evang. Class. ■47. ' 48; Jail Team. ■47 ' 48. •48- ' 49; Street Team, ' 47 -MS: Student Body Pres. ' 47- ' 48; Pastor Clovis First So. Baptist Church. 5EL A KNIGHT .ord with all thine heart; ; thine own understanding, knowledge him. and he si doth so easily bes. Looking unto Jesi of our faith; who before him endure all thy ways direct thy paths. ' Frov. 3:5 Transfer Cotner College. Line. Leader of Jail Group. •46- ' 47 THEADOR F eful for nothing; •r and supplicatioi FAST but in everything with thanksgiving known to God. " ERNEST E. SCHMIDT " That I may know him. and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death. " Phil. 3:10. Graduate University of Saskatchewan; Mis sionary Candidate — India. WESLEY ROLLAND THIESEN " That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings. beinK made conformable unto his death. " Phil. 3:10. Graduate Bible Institute of Los Angeles. •44; Graduate Wheaton College, ' 48; Sum- mer Institute of Linguistics, ' 47; President of Mission Prayer Bands, ' 48 ' 49. iaokel (pL An-tA in Gli iiAiian l oM catioH EUGENIA LERCH FOWLER " And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence. " Col. 1:18. Transfer Albany Bible Inst New York; Week Day Church School, •47 ' 48. ' 48-49; Nichols ' Camp Chapel, ' 48 ' 49. ' But life de elf. Mtll. tha might finish my with joy, and the ministry, which 1 hav? received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God. " Acts 20:24. Graduate of the Hepburn Bible School; Senior Class Prcs., ' 48-49; Mem. of Student Council, ' 48 ' 49; Leader of Nichols ' Camp Chapel, ' 48 ' 49; Week Day Church School. ' 48 ' 49. MARIE CLARA JANE TAYLOR " According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be asham- ed, hut that with all boldness, as always so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by l.fe. or by death. " Phil. 1:20. Transfer Simpson Biblo Inst.; Week Day Church School. ' 48 ' 49; India Prayer Band Correspondence S«c., " 48- ' 49. " Ask " But I m.ghl f. God ■ Teacher ist. ' 47- ALICE MARTHA FAST ■ me. and I shall give thee heathen for thine inheritance, and the termost parts of the earth for thy pos sion. " Psalms 2:8. Acts 26:16-18. Jewels Teacher. •45 ' 46. •48 ' 49: Jail Te ' 45- ' 46. ' 45. ' 47. ' 47-48; Street Meeti •45. ■46, ' 46- ' 47. ' 47- ' 48: 5. S. Teacher. ' •47, •47- ' 48, ■48- ' 49; Release Time TeacI ■48- " 49. WANDA MAE COLLINS ne of these things move me. neither life dear unto myself. EBNER J. FKIESEN ve not I commanded thee? Be strong of a good courage; be not afrsid. neith- e thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God ' ith thee w.thersoever thou goest. " Jo- 1:9. ent Body ' 48-49; Je . ' 46; Student Council. Teacher: Sunday School ' 48 ' 49; Student Body „th ,0 nd the which I ha testify the gospel of the grace oi cts 20:24. of Simpson Bible Inst.; Studeni of Piano. ' 48 ' 49; Choir Accompan 48. ' 48-49; Quartet Accompanist Mixed Trio. ' 48- ' 49; Ladies ' Trio Leader; Island Praver Band. ' 48 dio Committee and Accompanist DOROTHY LOUISE KOPPER " Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the present truth. " II Peter 1:12. Gr Juate of Simpson B.hle Inst.; Prayer Band Chairman. •45- ' 46: Annual Editor ( Por- tal I . ' 44- ' 45. ' 45- ' 46; Assistant Editor (Por- tal), ' 48- ' 49; His Jewels Teacher. ' 44- ' 45, ' 45- ' 46; Teen Agers Club. ■48- ' 49; Release Time Teacher. ' 48- ' 49; S- S- Teacher. ' 48- •49. MELVIN EARL NIKKEL " As ye have therefore received ChrisI the Lord, so walk ye in him; Root. and stabili; thi Jesus i and faith. Q hoAnate (p Vke mcf f IS ye have been taught, abounding therein vith thanksgiving. " Col. 2:6. 7. Prumpet Trio. ' 47- ' 49; N.AE Radio Broad- :ast. ' 49; Senior Class Vice-Pres.. ' 48- ' 49; Mortal Staff. ' 48- ' 49; County Old People ' s -4ome. ' 45-47; Street Meeting; Discipline ;ommittce. ' 48-49; Jewels Teacher, ' 47 ' 48; Alumni President, ' 48 ' 49. MRS ESTHER FAST MENNO A. SCHELLENBERG " Study to shew thyself approved unto God. " For the which ci use I also suffer these 1 workman that needeth not to be ashamed. things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for rightly dividing the word of truth. " I know whom I ha ve bel cved. and am pcr- Practical Work, ' 45 ' 45, ' 46- ' 47, ' 48- ' 49. suaded that he is able t keep that which I have committed unto him against that day. " II Timothy 1;I2 Sunday School Tc acher Radio Broadcast ALMA FLORENCE FAST (Clarion Quartet); Quar ct Work; General " Be ye strong therefore, and let not your County Hospital. hands be weak: for your work shall be re- EDNA ANN THIESEN warded. " II Chron. 15:7. " According to Tiy earnest expectation anc Sunday School Teacher, ■48- ' 49; Jewels my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed Teacher, ' 47 ' 48- ' 49; Radio Choir. ' 48- ' 49; but that with a 11 boldness, as always, so Student Body Secy, and Treas., ' 48; Choir, now also Christ shall be magnified in my •47- ' 48. ' 49; Jail Team, ' 47; Street Team. body, whether i be by life, or by death •47 ' 48. For to me to ll gain. " Phil. 1: Transfer Bible I bor College; Nl •48- ' 49; Christia ve is Christ, and to die 19 20. 21. nstitute of Los Angeles, Ta Choi ' s Camp S. S. Teacher n Nurse ' s Fellowship. a em(yiA B. Neufeld. .„„.„ VicePrcs.; W. Quiring, Pres. T. Fast. Soc. Chm.; Treasurer; M. Nikkei. pel of to the Jew first. I J all unrighteousness. JOHN D BLOCK : 1 6 •■! am not ashamed of the go. -nrist tor it is the power of God Ivation to evcy one that beli also to the Greek HAROLD K HANSEN Psa. 27:1. " The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom sh ll I feir? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be LORENA KROEKER Eph. 5:10 " Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. " BERDINE NI TA NEUFELD Phil. 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. " ONAL ORVILLE ROSS RAYMOND REIMER 1:9 " If we confess our sins, he is faithful 2 Cor. 5:20 " Now then we are ambassa- nd just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from " O " ' ' Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ ' s stead. CAMERA SHY be ye riled to God. ' 1 Heinrichs. Soc. Chrm.: Rev. R. L. Cram.r Ad-. k Schellenberg, Sec.-Treas.; R. Kroeker. Pres. ; K. Kliewer, V.-Pres. i LHlO i MARY JANE BOLDT II Cor. 12:9 " And he said unto me, Mv grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. " JOHN HARMS Isa. 26:3 " Thou wilt keep him in perf peace. _ whose mind is stayed upon th LINDA HHINRICHS Psa. 37:2 3 " The steps of a good are ordered by the Lord: and he dehgh FRED A. HOBSON •RICHARD BEDELL Gal. 3:26 " For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. " •CAMERA SHY. MRS NAOMI HUNKE Phil. 4:8 " Finally. Br«lhren. whitsoev, pure - . . lovely ... of good report and if ihere be think on these things. " SAM KRAUSE Rom. 1:16 " For I 2m not ashamed of tho gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvalio to the Jew fi ROBERT C KROEKER 1 John J:l " Behold, wh, the Father hath bestowed upon us. that should be called the sons of God: th fore the world knoweth us not. b ALBERT LEPP Eph 2:10 " For we are his workmansh created in Christ Jesus unto good work: which God hath before ordained th should walk m them. " ARNOLD PRIEB Ph:l. 4:15 " I can do all things through Christ which strengthe RENETTA SCHELLENBERG 3:10 " That I may know him. power of his resurrection, and the hip of his sufferings, being made ROBERT L. SUDERMAN Col. 1:10 " That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto ail pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God. " HENRY THIESEN 5:15 " And that he died for all. which liv. should not henceforth . but unto him which RAY THIESEN I Sam. 12:24 " Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for ROY THIESEN 1224 " Only fear the LORD, rve him in truth with all your heart: nsider how greic things he hath done ROBERT WEIR Phil. 3:10 " That I may know Him. the power of His resurrection, and the lowship of His sufferings, being made ■ ■ unto His death. " JOEL WIEBE GARRY WORKENTINE Matt 11:28 " Come unto me. all ye Libour and are heavy laden, and I will MELVIN YOST 1914 " Let the words of nd the meditation of mv heari ble in thy sight. O LORD, i Phil. 4:19 your need by Christ J •WILMA NIKKEL " But my God shall supply all according to his riches in glory •CAMERA SHY. 4 mrm PATTY ALLBRITTEN Psa. 107:1 " O give thanks unto the Lortl. for He is good: for His mercy endureth JAKE BRAUN 1 " There is therefore now no them which are in Christ who walk not after the flesh, but the Spirit. " ARDATH CHURCH MRS. FLORENCE DICK Eph. 2:8. 9 " For by grace are through faith; and that not of yoursel it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest man should boast. " BILL DOERKSEN 1. 119:105 " Thy word is a lamp feet, and a light unto my path. " CLARENCE DYCK Phil. 2:13 " For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure, " RUTH ESAU " For what shall it profit gain the whole world, and I ERNEST H. FRIESEN Phil 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me, " ETHEL FRIESEN_ Christ which strengtheneth me. " Phil. 4:13 " I can do all things through KENNETH H FRIESEN II Cor. 5:21 " For he hath made him be sin for us, who knew no sin; that might be made the righteousness of God ALMA FUNK Jer. 33:3 " Call unto me, and I will an swer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. " CLARENCE FUNK Phil. 4:19 ' ' But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. " EUGENE GERBRANDT Psa. 31:3 " For thou art my rock and my fortress, therefore for thy names sake lead me and guide me. " •CLINTON H. FITCH I John 1:7 " But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one th another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his S •CAMERA SHY. all •ELIZABETH L. BUCKINGHAM Isa. 43.10 " Ye are my witnesses, the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me. and un- derstand and that I am He: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. " BEVERLY ANN MODEL I Cor. 10:13 " There h»th no tcmput taken you but sue! but God Is faithful _ „. „.„. ,„„ npted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it " HILDA HOFF Gal. 2:20 " I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I. but Christ hveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved m?. and gave himself for me. " RUBY HUEY Isa. 41:10 " Fear thou not: for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; ye=. I will help thee; yea. I will uphold thee with the right hand of my right LOIS ISAAK Col. 1:10 " That ye might walk worthy Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful ry good work, and increasing in knowledge of God. " VIRGINIA JUST II Tim. 2:15 " Study to show thyself ap proved unto God a workman that needcth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word RUEBEN KLIEWER Phil. 2:M " Do all things muring and disputings. " PETE KLIEWER 3:5. 6 " Trust in the Lord with all heart; and lean not unto thine own ndcrstanding. In all thy ways acknowledge in. and he shall direct thy paths. " PAUL KLIEWER ■But he was wounded for ■ . he was bruised for our chastisement of our peace and with his stripes we ALVIN NICKEL I John 5:4 " For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. 1 MRS. MATILDA REIMER 15:57. 58 " But thanks be to God. ■ough our Lord t. Iherefore. my beloved breth • stedfast. unmoveable. always n the work of the Lord, foras know that your labour is not in Lord. " WILLIAM C. REIMER Phil. 4:6 " Be careful for nothing; everything by prayer and supplicatio thanksgiving let your requests be known unto God. " FLORENCE SUDERMAN Gal. 6:9 " And let us not be weary doing: for in due season we shall reap, if DOREEN THOMAS Psa 37:15 " Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also m him; and he shall bring LA DONNA WARREN Col. 3:16 " Let the word of Christ d in you richly in all wisdom; leaching admonishing one another in psalms hymns and spiri:ual songs, singing grace in your hearts to the Lord. " s of God. even to name: Which wer of the will of the man. but of God. ' •RONALD A ROCKHOLT v. 2 1:7 " He that overcometh sh rit all things; and I will be his Go shall be my son. " •CAMERA SHY. LORRAINE BESE Phil. 4:1 J " I can do all things through Christ strengthenct ' i mc. " HERMAN BULLER Phil. 3:14 " I press toward the niirk for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jc ESTHER CARLSON Phil. 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. " •MARIAN CLARK 4:19 " But my God shall your need according to His by Christ Jesus. " •DON CAMERA SHY. VERNON FRIESEN Phil. 4:19 " Bur my God shall your need according to his richi by Christ Jesus. " •BETTY GOOLSBY Phil. 3:10 " That I may know him, the power of his resurrection, and the lowship of his sufferings, being made formable unto his death. " •CAMtRA SHY. CAMERA SHY. -ii-,.. VERNON REIMER Rom. 8:28 " And w work together for good to them God. to them who are the called LEONARD YOST •LAURA REIMER •CAMERA SHV •ROBERT L WEBB II Cor. 5:1. 2 " For we know that if oui earthly house of this tabernacle were dis solved, we have a building of God. ar house not made with hands, eternal in th heavens. For in this we groan, earnestly do siring to be clothed upon with our hous which is frotn heaven. " IP ActUutleA, " But whosocicv ilriukcth of the uatcr that I shall iie him shall iicicv thirst, but the uatcr that I shall i iie him shall he in him a well of water spriir iin up into everlasting life. ' " John 4:14. :f MJ RADIO COMMITTEE B. Rri.ckcr, i ' . Collins, Rev. A. G. ' VCillcms, Rev. T. Riclurds, J. Wiebc Sow— R Ihusen, A l.,,n., P. Klicwcr, H. Janzcn. E. ( Klicwer. R. Vviens. B Sudermm. Announcer. Front Row— B. Fast, G- Reimcr. N. Kliewer. E. Dav. L. Bese. M. J. Boldt. Buckingham, W. Collins, pianist. F. Karber, vibra-harp. Rev. s. organist and Production Director. B Kroeker. Announcer, E ers. Speaker and Director Standing Background— Mr, V. Wi, ector, G. Gilbert. Timer, J. B. Ranlaff. Technician. The Lord has wonderfully opened up the field of radio, making it possible to purchase half-hour time on three stations. These programs are transcribed in the school auditorium, rebroadcast over KRUU-Dinuba, KCOC- Salem, Oregon, and KVOS-Bellingham, Washington. The students do the announcing and furnish the music under the direction of the music department, while a faculty member brings the message. The Male Quartet, together with Rev. Goossen, made a trip to Oregon during the Easter vacation. The Lord has used them, as well as the other musical groups, in spread- ing the gospel in song. MALE QUARTET A. l.epp, L. Pauls, B. Krockcr, E. Gcrbr,indt J. Ha TRUMPET TRIO M. Nikkei. D. Dick LADIES ' QUARTKT i l. Thicscn, G. Reimcr, N. Klicwt I.AUIIS ' TRIO M. J. DoUlt, W. Collins, li. Ncuk ' ld ckmi GkoAi4A " O, sing unto the Lord a new song: for He hath done marvelous things. " Psalm 98:1. The School Choir and various musical groups have been proclaim- ing praises unto the Lord in song and testimony in the different churches on the Pacific Coast. One of the highlights of the year the choir ' s rendition of the Crucifixion by Sir John Stainer. 1st Row— B. Nc-ufeld. A. Nikkei. M. Voth. A. Gilbert. E. Day. N. Kliewer. D. Thoims. F. Sm th. L. Bese. A. Funk. E Funk. B. Hodel. E. Buckingham. 2nd Row — N. Quiring. A. Fast. P. Allbritten. B Goolsby. L Isaak. A. Hcier, L. Epp. M, Thiesen. A. Peters. A Sawatjkv. M. J, Boldt. 3rd Row— W. Collms. Pianist. D. Dick. A Lepp. L. Pauls, H Janzen. E. Eidsen. A. Nickel. R. Wall. V. Pauls. C. Neufeld. R. Wiens. A. Dyck. F. Reddig. V. Rettie. J Harms. Mr. Victor Wiens, Director. 4th Row R. Thiesen. R. Thiesen. P. Kli wer. B Warkentin, V. Reimer. J. Janzen. P. Kliewer. C. Funk. L. H=rms. G. Gcrbrandt MIXFD TRIO M. J. Boldt, A. Lepp, W. Coliii PRIVATE PIANO LESSOX Miss Eugenia Fowler, Instructor, Tillie Re PRIVATE VOICE LESSOX Mr. Victor U ' iens, Instructor, John Ha MudAC " epxzAim ent The practice rooms .ire always occupied with students practicing their lessons and preparing for future service for Christ. The Consonata organ, placed in the chapel by Erickson ' s Music Company, Kingsburg, California, has proven a real channel of blessing. LADIES ' CHORUS Back R( « — B. Neufcld, A. Fast, R. Schcllenbcrg, W. Collins, A. Fast, M. I. Boldt, L. Hcinrlchs Front Row— S. Harms, R. Uick, E. Day, L. Bese, A. Nickel, A. Peters ORGAN LESSONS Rev. Trvon Richards, Dorecn Tho » l] iJp mfmoAAA Week Bible Emphasis VCeck, held during the first week of tha second semester, is one of the outstanding events on our school calendar. This year it was on January 30 through February 6 when we were again privileged to have Dr. Vi ' illiam Evans as our main speaker. His morning messages were expositions on the First Epistle of John. These were followed by mes- sages on Practical Christianity by different speakers. Mr. T. R. Nickel brought a message on " The Ministry of the Christian Public School Teacher, " Dr. M. Guedj of the Memorial Baptist Church spoke on " The Ministry of the Evangelist, " Mr. Ed Janzen presented the opportunity of oi the Christian Business man for witnessing for Christ, while Dr. Jen- kins brought a challenging message from God ' s Word. During every evening Dr. Evans brought inspirational evangelistic messages based on the Gospel according to John. Truly rivers of " Living Waters " were sprung up in our hearts as wedrank of His precious Word. DR. WILLIAM EVANS The Chapel period truly comes as a time of refreshing after two hours of classes. The Monday Chapel is a time of special blessing as the students testify of experiences in their Christian Service assignments. Fac- ulty members, evangelists, ministers, missionaries, and musicians have challenged the student body with their messages. The Thursday morning Chapel is presented by the students themselves. After a refreshing drink at the spiritual stream, everyone feels prepared to return again fo the abundant work that remams to be done. 1 student QouHcll The student council, .1 representative group of the student Association, meets every Mond.iy evening to discuss various problems and activities affecting the students. The council sponsored the purchase of 120 Hymn Books for our chapel services. The Thursday Chapel is planned by the student council, the presi- dent being in charge. Manv rich blessings have been received during this hour. B. Warkcntin. V Re This year we have been able to en- large our book store to save the stu- dents valuable time in buying then- text books. We feel that this is an important factor towards the im- provement of our school, ' hat makes it even more profitable is the sale of candy, ice cream, school supplies, and a few other handy articles, which, of course, seem to be easy sellers. For the first semester Frank Johnson was in charge of the store, then it was taken over by La Verne Rcttig for the second semester. " Bob Suderman. EJil Bob Sude Kopper, A Rev. Arthur G. W.Ue Adv.. Bill Re Bus. Mgr.. Dorothy ' 7 te Po dal tajjlj- Layout of the dummy, picture taking write-ups, engravers and printers deadlines, cover design, proof reading, all this and much more brings back memories of the many hours of work and fellowship spent in producing this book. We would like to express our appreciation for the art work donated by the differ- ent students. As you look through these pages and recall the glorious years spent at His Pierced Feet, we hope you will be inspired to lead others to drink of the " Living Waters. " Bill Reimer. Mclvin Nikkei. Dorothy Kopper. Nettie Quiring. Bob Suderman. Lois Epp. R,v Arthur G. Willems. i MISSION I ' RAVl.ft BANDS lower left— South America, Wesley Thic- scn, Prcs.; Upper left— Africa, Ronnie Kliewcr, Prcs.; Top — Islands, Canda Col- lins, Prcs.; Upper right— Home Missions, Herman Buller, Prcs.; Lower right — China, Bill Cody, Pres.; -India, James Dick, Prcs.; Mrs. R. L. Cramer, Faculty Advisor. Back Row V. Friesen. A. Church. R. Schellenberg, S. KrauSf, R. Thicscn, B. Sudcrman, P. Allbri Quiring. G. Geil. R. Thiesen, H. Wcdel. 5th Row G. Isaak. A. Pet-rs. B. Buckingham. L. Ens, A. Funk. E. Dunham, L. Krockcr. M, Thiesen. E. Munger, 4th Row— R, Reimcr. F, Suderman, L, Warren, S. Letkeman. R. Dick, A, Sawatzkv, G, Rcmer, A. Nickel, R. Weir 3rd Row— M Reimer, F. Karber. D. Wiehe, L. Heinrichs, N. Kliewer, H. Janzen, P Khewer, 2nd Row— L. Epp, B. Warkentin, B. Ncufeld, E. Day, F. Smith, 1st Row— L, Reiswig. A, Fast, R, Kliewer. A, Fast. M. Boldt, L, Bese, M, Voth. B, Model, " Suflcr Ihc lilllc cbilJnil to nwu- imto Air, ami forhul them ,wf. for of s,uh ;i hr kmnJom „l CoJ . . . they shall he Mine, sailb the ItirJ of j„ s, in that ,la when I make lip my ll-.WEl.S. " (Mark 111:14, Mai. .1:17) This year " His Jewels ' Bible Clubs " celebrate their sixth birthday anniversary! Many precious gems have been gathered for the Saviour ' s crown these years through the faith- ful efforts of P.B.I, students, alumni, Immanuel Bible Academy students, mothers in the local churches and full-time " HJBC " staff members. With the evident blessing of the Lord, the work has spread through a large central San Joaquin Valley area and even into the northern-most reaches of our Pacific District Conference. Some noo boys and girls are being reached through the Bible Clubs and this year alone more than 17S have acknowledged the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour. The staff now includes about eighty individuals who have caught the vision of the tremendous challenge and who are constrained by the love of Christ to gatlur in the jewels! Pray for God ' s continued blessing in ever-increasing measure! iMi.s.s Rosella Thicscn " HJBC " Director Mi s Edna Kliewer I nil Time " HJBC " Worker Elsie Friescn I uU Time Worker Vj A l| .iawfct Back Row B Suderman. W. Rc.mer. J. Rarms, G. Gilbert. E Fncsen. C Funk, H. Wiens. L. Kroeker. R. Huey. E Fowler, H Buller. M Duerksen. T. Fast W. Quiring, E. Fast. 5th Row— V. Rcimer. B Doerksen. S. Krause. R Thiesen. C Dyck. N Qu.ring, P. AUbritten. P. Karber. N. Wimer, E. Thiesen. J. Dick, E. Friesen, F. Suderman. E Niles -Ith Row— H. Thiesen. L. Pauls. R. Schellenbcrg, R. Thiesen. D Thomas. 5. Emu. H. Hoff. F Dick, N, Hunke. V. Friesen, B. Goolsby. 3rd Row J. Block, E. Fricsen, A. Church, E. Munger. E. Dunham. A Fast, R Kocnig, A. Heier, M. Clark. 2nd Row— R, Wiens, O. Ross. R. Heinrichs. A. Fast. L Warren. L Ens. R. Dick. R Rcimer. 1st Row E Justin. L. Heinrichs, D. Kopper, C. Neufeld. A. Funk. M. -imer. M. Voth. E. Schafer, E, Day, A. Gilbert. G. Rcimir, A. Nickel. L. Isaak. " Then i„ilh he iiillo hh JiscipUi, Th, huruif truly is phnlcuin., but the labourers are . « . . . Lifl up your eyes ami look on the iields; fur they are tibile already to hariest. " Matt. 9:37; John 4:3 5. The Students of this year have been able to undertake nine Sunday Schools and morning worship services throughout the city of Fresno. There are about seventy stu- dents giving of their time teaching in these centers and in their own churches. Thsss mission centers are places where the people are unreached with the Gospel through any other church organization. Both of the West Park groups have been able to secure per- manent chapels. Two barracks were moved onto the lots purchased by the school. These chapels are also conducting mid-week prayer services. Approximately three hundred children and adults arc reached each week with the Gospel. We praise the Lord for the many precious souls that have come to know Him as their personal Saviour through the faithful efforts of the teachers. R.y. S. W. Go Chairm n Chri iet Comm ttec Ted Fast Christicn S«rvi . Com M Victo r X ' i .ns Teen Agers R. Webb, V. Rettig, H. Buller, E. Eidscn, O. Ross, E. Niles, D. Kopper, F. K.irber. " ON OUR X AY " Week D.iy Church Schc E. I ' owler, A. Fast, D. Kopper, M. T.iylor, W. Quiring. " OUT ON THE BYWAYS " Street Team Leaders — Ernest Friesen, Paul Kliewer " WORKING BEHIND THE SCENE ' Tract Room C. Fitch, T. Fast, E. Munger " SOWING THE SEED " Jail Team B. Buckingham, M. Ducrkscn, E. Munger, R. Wier, G. Workentine, H. Builer, L. Kroeker, R. Huey, A. Church, H. Hoff, B. Model, R. Knight, C. Fitch, A. Gilbert, E. Day, V. Wikander, A. Peters " GIVING TO DRINK " Preachers J. Block, O. Ross, M. Schellenberg, A. Prieb, M. Yost, R. Webb, S. Krause, H. Hansen, W. Thiesen, F. Hobson, E. Friesen, W. Quiring, H. Wedel. Parlier Sunday School Reeding Sunday School P uicilcaJ. West Park Chapel Al Nickel and His Civic Center Boys Jefferson School — Release Tli Wc k Group from Village Chapi Civic Center " Jewels " Class Leonard Camp No. 2 " Jewels " Class Village Chapel Speedway " Jewels " class (in the tent) All School Banquet — " 48 " China Prayer Band Rally Armistice Day Float " Prince of Peace ' iin " livery heart that is without Christ is a mission field. " The art of learning to make llannel backgrounds, and visual aids, helps to equip the worker to better present Christ. Art Methods of Christian Education. The various night classes were a real opportunity for those who were un- able to enroll in the morning sessions. They were a challenge and an in- spiration to each one that attended. Mennonite Church and Missions Mcnno Simons, Anabaptists, Moravian Brethren, Russian Migration, Persecution, all remind us of M. B. Church and Missions. Our forefathers have set the goal to evan- gelize the world, let ' s not let them down. " They that go down to the sea in ships, . . . These see the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep. " Ps. 107:23, 24 O ' . ' Ch. . Game ia DISCIPLINE " VICTIMS " E. Eidsen, C. Neufeld BAKBEK H. BuUer, N. Pauls ANTHROPOLOGY E. Fricsen TYPING HISTORY OF ACTS P. Kliewer, CIVILIZATION R. Dick, A. Peters, P. Klicwcr CHART H. Wiens V. Reimcr, L. Harms PHILOSOPHY AT P.B.I. ' Ticas fold us ill September The black cat we might find. And here it ' s past December And this is on my mind. The year ' s best jokes: Peanut butter sandwich — ichat a diet. Ask Ted Fast — the first to try it. ' Is Ouiriiig real? " Cramer asked iiith a grin. Fouler only replied, " You ' d bet- ter ask him. " Dreams pass quickly, or perhaps an illusion Ask Miss Thicsen about her state of confusion. " Do ants and bees have duties? " Hobson chuckled. Miss Boldt from Tabor iiou lias buckled. " The Pekin Man! " Bang! " Now Miss Thiesen He ' s long past gone and out of season! " QoAHeAexi GREEK B. Doerksen air c The world of the atom is large and vast " Why can ' t they hit it? That ' s the task! " Quiring uas deep in thought (He was right " on the ball " ) " know, " he said, " because it ' s so small! " The day of reckoning! The test had come! The class uas writing. Said poor Hobson " It ' s amazing hoii much a man can write And say so little! " Now isn ' t he right? Philosophy memories ten years hence — Still seeking the cat and in suspense. Author: A philosopher ( + ) (Eugenia Fowler) WEST HALL VljMd lo ! Living in the dormitory on third floor will be remembered by all the girls. There were joyous times of laughter and there were times of sorrow. The cooperation and friendship shown by each girl made it a real home. The many times of fellowship with each othjr and alone with the Lord will be among the outstanding memories of this school car. EAST HALL SOUTH M . j-y- • ■- ' ' V. Pauls, P. Kliewer, Divisadero Dorm. Sleepy, Boys? a uft Jife G f ' d. o im All the boys rushing to the door of the school at fifteen minutes to seven for breakfast was a common sight as they came from the different dorms. They are eagerly waiting for the completion of the new dorms being built by the school. E. Friesen, Wall Dorm. Taking it easy! B. Wiens, Wall Dorm. Morning Necessities eaistraiTiori Bo.r lu.€l( Nov, n f rra.i E.r M 3 , ' . o » -V • r i K i ir. 29 Student Lounge P. Balikian, D. Thomas, V. Friesen, E. Friescn :. Rot! you sure have it csy, Gordon, i. Tho.o b..rK..n,-. ,.„,„., sin.o! 4. Now. back where I ts cold here 7. Iron my blouse, please. 8. Sigln-secinK in Iresno. •). Yes, Henry, I did it. 10. A. and Mae. II. Poor me .and the annual! 12. Ladies and Gentlenien, your Editor! 13. I ' m innocent. 14. Schellenbers ' s left " i " . " w " " 8 ' " f " -- " " !, 16- Well, ril be shoveling off. 17. I ' m bored. 18. Still no luck. 19. Whafll 1 do now? 20. Hello, folks, Welcome. 21. I wont wait. 1. Don explains it. 2. Flunk today, boys? J. Test tomorrow? 4. Hang on! Tragedy supreme. 6. Class in etiquette. 7. Commander- in-chief. 8. The dignitaries. 9. Japan. Sam ' s vision. 10. Loren races to dream-land. 11. Keep looking up, girls. 12. Esther in an Estonian costume. 15. Is it snowing? 14. Gene the cyclist. IS. An after-lunch scene. 16. Just Frank. 1. Three cheers lor Immanuel. 2. Another day, another nickel (New school dorms). J. Harmony supreme. 4. Posies lor Bcse. S. T u toss-up. 6. Presenting our school president. 7. I believe it ' s this way, Roy. 8. Heeding the soul. 9. Viiebc balances the books. 10. Ready for work. 11. Cold, girls? 12. Forgetting all cares. 13. Mitzi. M, umm CLASS OF 46 MRS. BKTTY (KLASSF.N) BERNARD, Housewife and Mother President Women ' s Missionary Guild, S. S. and Release Time Classes Bee of Good Cheer P. O. Box 3i7 Orosi, Calif. MRS. ANN (FAST) ENNS " My husband and I operate a small country store " Psaims 37:4 Route 1. Box 248.- _ Dinuba, Calif. A. B. GOOSSEN, Minister Shafter, California VIOLA GOOSSEN, Child Evangelism (His Jewels) II Cor. !:14 Route I BLiinc, Vi ' ash. MRS. DOROTHY (BFIFR) KAUFMAN, Housewife and Bookkeeper Rom. 8:28 34S8 Joyce Drive Fresno, Calif. MRS. CLARA (WALL) KLIEWER, Housewife Phil. 1:6 Route 4, Box J73__ Bakersfield, Calif. MRS. OLGA (DICK) KLIEWER, Housewife Reedlcy, Calif. TFNA QUIRING, Cook Psalms 37:5 64S W. llSth Street Los Angeles 44, Calif. .MRS. ANN (THIESSEN) WARKENTIN, Housewife Isaiah !0:7; " His Jewels " Teacher Rural Route 2 Blaine, Washington MRS. ELVINA (EPP) WILLEMS, Housewife Rom. 5:1; Christian Service Route 1, Box 99 Rcedley, Calif. CLASS OF ' 47 MRS. BILL DOERKSEN, Housewife 441 Glenn Street Fresno, Calif. GRACE DRIEDGER Prov. 5:5, 6 1461 F Street Reedley, Calif. TIENA DYCK, Stenographer, Christian Service Eph. 6:11 Route 3, Box 796 Ferndalc, Wash. MRS. ALMA (FRIESEN) ELRICH, Photographic Work; Husband Attending School Matt 5:16 560;.i E. Ilth Street Upland, Calif. DOROTHY ELRICH, Housekeeping Prov. 3:5, 6 Route 4, Box 272 Bakersfield. Calif. HELEN FAST, Attending Reedlcy College Heb. 12:1, 2 Route 3, Box 37 Rcedley, Calif. MRS. ESTHER FAST, Housewife; Attending P.B.I. ir Tim. 2:15 Route 2, Box 37 Dallas, Ore. SELMA GOOSSEN, Housework; Sunday School I Cor. 15:57 Route 1 Blaine, Wash. SUSIE HARMS, Secretary to the Dean, P.B.I. Matt. 5:16 2203 Thomas Avenue Fresno, Calif. DAVID HOFF, Carpenter I Cor. 7:2 3 3254 Illinois Street Fresno, Calif. NORMAN HUEBERT 922 San Pablo Fresno, Calif. .MRS. NADINE (NEUFELD) KLIEWER. Housewife Phil. 3:14 Route 2, Box 377 Dinuba. Calif. MELVIN NIKKEL, Attending P.B.I. Col. 2:6, 7 Route 4, Box J9J _ Bakersfield, Calif. HANNAH PENNER, Student at Business School Phil. 4:6, 7 2265 Thomas Avenue Fresno, Calif. RAYMOND REIMER, Attending P.B.I. I Peter I :7, 2:9 2149 Tuolumne Fresno, Calif. ELSIE THIESEN, Housework; Christian Service Rom. 12:1 Route 2, Box 34 Dinuba, Calif. MRS. ELIZABETH (PETERS) THIESEN, Housewife Housband Attending P.B.I. Eph. 1:5 Route 5, Box 588 Reedley, Calif. HELEN THIESEN Fresno, Calif. MILDRED WARKENTIN Pre-Nursing Course at Reedlcy College Phil. 4:15 Route 5, Box 276 Reedlcy, Calif. HELEN WIEBE, Salesgirl I Peter 5:15 1145 J Street — Reedley, Calif. CLASS OF ' 48 MRS. JEANETTE (BARTELL) FAST, Housewife; Christian Service I Cor. 10:15, Phil. 4:15 Route 4, Box 596 Bakersfield, Calif. TED FAST Christian Service Committee P.B.I. Phil. 4:6, 7 Route 2, Box 57 Dallas, Ore. HAROLD FLEISHAUER, Farming Phil. 5:14 Route 4, Box 598.. Bakersfield, Calif. MRS. EBNER J. FRIESEN, Housewife Husband Attending P.B.I. Prov. 5:6 505 Valeria Fresno, Calif. REV. HAROLD M. HARDER Pastor of Calvary Independent Church I John 5:16 Burr Oak Kansas HENRY HEINRICKS, Pastor of Okcene, Okla M.B. Church Gal. 2:20; II Tim. 2:15 P. O. B 5x 661 Okcene, Okla EDNA KLIEWER, Full Time " His Jewels " Psalms 52:8 2250 Thomas Fresno, Calif. MRS. JOSEPHINE MILLER, Attending Simpson B.I. 101 W. S8th Street Seattle, Wash. BERDINE NEUFELD, Attending P.B.L Eph. 1:3 182 5 Baker Street Bakersfield, Calif. HIL DA NEUFELD, Elementary Teacher Eph. 6:15 Box 581 Earlimart, Calif WILMA NIKKEL, Housework H Tim. 2:15 Route I, Box 17-B Dinuba, Calif. MARTHA QUIRING, Working at Telephone Co. Psalms 54:8 645 W. 115th Street Los Angeles 44, Calif. ROBERT L. SUDERMAN, Attending P.B.I. Col. 1:10 1127 Dclphia Fresno, Calif. ALDEAN UNRUH Office Work for Insurance Co.; Teaching S. S. James 1 :22 Route 4, Box 555 Bakersfield, Calif. MRS. DOROTHY (WIENS) BARTELL, Housewife Route 4, Box 556-A Bakersfield, Calif. Mt{4deHt i iecto ALLBRITTEN, PATTT, Sierra Vista Methodist S080 Turner Ave Fresno, Calif. BALIKIAN, PAUL, Armenian Evangelical Brethren Areentine BARTLETT, VICTOR C, Calvary Tabernacle 4184 Grant Avenue Fresno, Calif. BEDELL, DICK, 12th Street Baptist nil Samson Avenue _ BESE, LORRAINE, San Jose M. B. Route 3. Box 75 1 _ __ .Los Gato s, Calif BIBLER, DON E., Calvary Tabernacle 478 5 Tyler Avenue Fresno, Calif. BLOCK, JOHN D., Dinuba M.B. 415 5 Grant Avenue -Fresno, Calif. -Fresno, Calif. Reedley, Calif. B. C, Canada BOLDT, MARY JANE, Reedley M.B. Route 2, Box 58 BRAUN, JAKE, Sardis M.B. 866 Blackburn Road ._ _ Sardis BUCKINGHAM, ELIZABETH L., Baptist 236 South Central _ Medford, Ore BULLER, HERMAN, San Jose M.B. 144 Laumer Avenue ___ _., San Jose, Calif. CANAVAN, MARTIN V., Baptist . „ ! ' " ™ ' ' ' " - -— - Corcoran, Calif. CARLSON, ESTHER, Fresno Bible Church 48 3 E. Tulare Street .„ _ „.,_ p sno Calif CHURCH, ARDATH, Baptist -- iresno, Cahf. 659 F Street _ — .....Springfield, Ore. CLARK, MARIAN, Memorial Baptist 3837 Mono Street _ Fresno Calif COLLINS, WANDA, Christian Missionary Alliance 377 South K Street _ Dinuba, Calif COODY, BILL P. O. Box 261 COX, BENNY 3215 Mayfair Drive North Fresno Calif DAY, EVA, Woodruff Memorial E.U.B. 71 W. Eighth Street. ._ _ DICK, DONALD L., Reedley M.B. Route I, Box 214- DICK, MRS. FLORENCE, Reedley M.B. 5218 Balch-. „ _ Fresno Calif DICK, JAMES F., Reedley M.B. - rresno, DIc " RUTH%inuba-M:B7 ' " ' " " • " ' - Route 2, Box 370-.. _ DOERKSEN, BILL, Bethany M.B. 441 Glenn Fresn C Vf DUERKSEN, MARCELLUS J., Dinuba M.B. 304 South L Street _ Dinuba Calif DUNHAM, EDNA, Memorial Baptist 607 Bond Street -_ _ Fresno Calif DYCK, ALVIN, So. Abbotsford, M.B. R. R. 3 Short Road Abbotsford, B C Canada DYCK, CLARENCE B., So. Abbotsford, M.B. ,-,r.o ' " ' ° " - ° ' - Abbotsford, B. C, Canada EIDSEN, EDDIE, Orland M.B. ENS La ' verNA, Reedley M:b: ' " ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " " ■ Route 2, Box 25 Rcedlcv Calif EPP, LOIS, Reedley M.B. - Route I, Box 260-A ESAU, RUTH, Evangelical Free Church Route I, Box 33 v ,l , r- t FAST, ALICE, Bakersfield M.b; " ' ' " S ' burg, Cahf. ..Shatter, Calif. -Stockton, Calif. . - Dinuba, Calif. Dinuba, Calif. Dinuba, Calif. LAST, ALMA F., Dallas M.B. Route 2, Box 37 FAST, TED, Dallas M.B. Route 2, Box 37 _ _ lAST, MRS. ESTHER, Dailas mX Route 2, Box 17 MTCH, CLINTON H., Faith Bible Cen 10WI■ R ' ■ ' n,rV-M ' ,. ;.r-. ■•• - 5 ' " Bernardino, Calif, lO LtR, EUGENIA, Christian Missionary Alliance 20 Cartland Avenue _ Flmwood, Conn. FRIESEN, EBNER J., Bethany M.B. 305 Valeria Street Fresno, Calif. Bakersfield, Calif. Dallas, Ore. Dallas. Ore. Dallas, Ore. FRIESEN. ERNEST H., Reedley M.B. Route 1, Box 149 FRIESEN, ETHEL, Bethany M.B. " 444 5 Illinois FRIESE.N, FRANK, Sardis M.B. 473 Watson Road Sardis B C FRIESEN, KENNETH H., Evangelicaf M.B. ' PRictt x, T " j;! ' , " ' ■ ' " " ' ■ P« " o - -Henderson, Nebraska FRIESEN, VERNA, Bethany M.B. 4445 Illinois -. p„, y T7DTi-cr- f ,,r-T. -rresno, Calil. FRIESEN, VERNON, Reedley M.B. Route 3, Box 280- Reedley Calif FUNK, ALMA, Vancouver M.B. 6874 Elliott Street Vancouver, B C Canada FUNK, CLARENCE, Corn, Okla. M.B. ciixi- trc-T-itT-r, ,, Corn. Oklahoma FUNK, ESTHER, Vancouver M.B. 6874 Elliott Street- Vancouver, B. C Canada GEIL, GORDON, Keizer Community 425 Sunset Avenue Dallas O GERBRANDT, EUGENE, San Jose M.b ' . ' Dinuba. Calif. Fresno, Calif. da 541 E. Casev Road -Dinuba, Calif. GILBERT, ALICE, Fruitvale Unic;r;Thu;;h ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' " " • ' " ' - 6528 Rosedale Highway Bakersfield Calif GILBERT, GORDON, Baptist GOC Y,BETTY:i2Vh " Sc;ee.; " iapS; ■■ ° ' ' " ' ' " - ' ' ' - 4242 White Avenue . Fresno Calif HANSEN, HAROLD Seat " e Wash HARMS, JOHN, Baptist ' HARMS, LOREN, Dallas M.B. ' " ' ' " ' " ' ' " ' ' " " " Route 1, Box 282 „ Dallas n HEIER, ANNA MAE, Dinuba M.B. " " i Nas, ure. Route 2, Box 343.. HEINRICHS, LINDA, K.M.B. Route 1, Box 411-A „ Dinuba Calif HEINRICHS, ROBERT, Reedley M.B. 30 Klcinsasser Avenue Rcedlcv Calif HOBSON, FRED A., Baptist HODEL, ANNIE, Bethany M.B. ' " ' ' ' " ' " ' " • ' ' " " 3005 Vagedes.. presno Calif HODEL, BEVERLY, Rosedale M.B. Route 4, Box 3 56-A Bakersfield r-A;( HOFF, HILDA. Full Gospel Tabernacle 2203 Kirk Street _ Fresno Calif HOFF, SAM, Pilgrim Holiness 2203 Kirk Street _ Presno Calif HUEBERT, JANE, Bethany M.B. HUEY, " RUBY?72th Stree ' ia trpVe;;; " " " ' ' ' ' ' " " " • ' " ' ■ HUNKE, EDMUND, Southern Baptist, Clovis ' ' " ■ ' " ' ' ° " ' ' " " 3925 Ventura . ' PC If HUNKE, MRS. NAOMI, Southern " BaptistTciovis " ' " " " ' ' ' 292 5 Ventura _ _ _ p r ( ISAAK, GEORGE, Dinuba ' M;B. ' " " " " " ' Route I, Box 76- Dinuba. Cahf. Dinuba, Calif. Blaine, Wash. ISAAK, LOIS, Dinuba M.B. Route 1, Box 29 _ _ JANZEN, HENRY, First Mennonite ' Route 2, Box 28... JANZEN, JOHN, Sardis M.B. 755 South Sumos Road Sardis, B. C, Canada JOHNSON, FRANK W., Shafter M.B. JUST, VIRGINIA, Bethany M.B. ' " ' ' " ' " " • Tulare Street pr„„„_ alif. JUSTIN, F. ELWOOD. Raymond Community General Delivery Raymond, Calif KARBER, FREDA, Dinuba M.B. 570 W. El Monte Dinuba Calif KARBER, PAULINE, Dinuba M.B. 570 W. El Monte- Dinuba Calif KIMMEL, MARJORIE. Shafter M.B. P. O. Box 1007 Shafter, Calif. Stude d i4ecUi4f • Fresno, Calt. ...Orosi, Calif. KINSEY, BOB 1505 North 9th Street KlRITANl, MITZIE Route I, Box 278 KLIE « ER, EDNA, Reedlcy M.B. 22 !0 Thomas - — Fresno, Ca if. Kl irWER, NOR.MA, Reedley M.B. Route 1, Box 239 - Dinuba, Calif. KLIKVCER. PAUL, Rosedale M.B. Route 4, Box 397 _ - Bakersficid, Calif. KL1E ' ER, PETE, Rosedale M.B. Route 4, Box 397 Bakersfield, Calif. KLlEViER, RONALD, Reedley M.B. Route 3, Box 312 - Reedley, Caiif. KL1E XER, RUEBEN, Rosedale M.B. Route 4, Box 373 _ — Bakersfield, Calif. KNIGHT, RUSSELL, Memorial Baptist Route II, Box 203 — Fresno, Calif. KOENIG, RUTH, Shafter M.B. Route 1. Box 268 _ Shatter, Calit. KOOP. JOHN H., Bethany M.B. JOS Valeria Fresno, Calif. KOPPER, DOROTHY, Bakersfield M.B. 2401 Nile Street -- — Bakersfield. Calif. KRAUSE. SAM, Dinuba M.B. 364 Nichols Avenue Dinuba, Calif. KROEKER, LORENA, Reedley M.B. Route I. Box 160 Dinuba, Calif. KROEKER, ROBERT C, Reedley M.B. 231 South K Street Dinuba, Calif. LEPP, ALBERT, Delmeny M.B. Delmeny, Sask., Canda LETKEMAN, SARAH, Sardis M.D. Rural Route 3. Adamo Road Sardis, B. C, Canada MUNGER. EUGENE M., Dallas M.B. 1640 Derry Street - Salem, Ore. NEUFELD, BERDINE, Bakersfield M.B. 1825 Baker Street _._ Bakersfield. Calif. NEUFELD, CHARLES, Dinuba M.B. Route 1, Box 419 Dinuba, Calif. NICKEL, ALVIN, San Jose M.B. Route 3, Box 761 - Los Gatos, Calif. NICKEL. ARLENE, Dinuba M.B. Route 2, Box 2S3 _ - Dinuba. Calif. NIKKEL, MELVIN, Rosedale M.B. Route 4, Box 393 Bakersfield. Calif. NIKKEL. iJilLMA, Dinuba M.B. Route 1, Box 17-B _ Dinuba. Calif. NILES, EVELYN, Baptist Box 1464 - — Weed, Calif. PAULS, LEONARD N., Reedley M.B. 1487 South Avenue Reedley, Calif. PAULS. VERNON, Dallas M.B. Route I, Box 67 Dallas, Ore. PENNER, LLOYD, Orland M.B. Route 4, Box 43 - Chico, Calif. PETERS, ALVINA, Vancouver M.B. 427 E. 60th Avenue Vancouver, B. C, Canada PRIEB. ARNOLD, Zoar K. M. B. Inman Buhler, Kansas QUIRING, NETTIE, Los Angeles M.B. 645 W. 115th Street Los Angeles, Calif. QUIRING. WILMER, Delmeny M.B. Mennon, Sask., Canada REDDIG. FRANKLIN, Dallas M.B. Route 2, Box 48 _. Dallas, Ore. REIMER, EVELYN, Reedley M.B. Route 1, Box 5 79 _ — REIMER, GENEVIEVE, Reedley M.B. Route 1, Box 579 .- REIMER, LAURA LEE, Baptist Route 3, Box 5 56 REIMER, MRS. MATILDA, Shafter M.B. 2149 Tuolumne - Fresno, Calif. REIMER, RAYMOND, Shafter M.B. 2149 Tuolumne - Fresno, Calif REIMER, VERNON, Orland M.B. Route 2, Box 149... _ Orland, Calif Orosi, Ca ' if. Orosi. Calif. Watsonville, Calif. REIMER, W. C, Dallas M.B. Route 1, Box 337 Dallas, Ore. REISWIG, LUCILLE, Reedley M.B. 1119 M Street Reedley, Calif. RETTIG, LA VERNE. Blaine M.B. Route 1 --- Blaine, Wash. ROCKHOLT, JAMES DOAL, Pilgrim. Holiness 5 58 Bond Street Fresno, Calif. ROCKHOLT, RONALD, Pilgrim Holiness 558 Bond Street - - Fresno, Calii. ROSS, ONAL, Church of Christ 1704 A Street - Fresno, Calif. SAWATSKY, ANNE, Vancouver M.B. 1226 Woodbead Road Vancouver, B. C, Canada SCHELLENBERG, DARLENE, Roosevelt Community Church Route 1, Box 8 5 Landcaster, Calif. SCHELLENBERG. MENNO A., Reedley M.B. Route 6, Box 422 Fresno, Calif. SCHELLENBERG, RENETTA, Blaine M.B. I outj. I _ _ _._ Lynden, Wash. SCHMIDT, ERNEST E., Saskatoon M.B. Mennon, Sask, Canada SMITH, FRANCES, Rosedale M.B. Route 7, Box 55 1 - Bakersfield, Calif. SUDERMAN. FLORENCE, Bethany M.B. 1433 South Sth Street Fresno, Calif. SUDERMAN. ROBERT L., Dini- a M.B. Route 3. Box 196 Reedley, Calif. TAYLOR, MARIE, Bethany M.B. 34 5 1 Norris Drive South — Fresno, Calif. THIESEN, EDNA, Dinuba M.B. Route 1, Box 282 . Dinuba, Calif. THIESEN, HENRY G., Reedley M.B. 5 541 Nevada - - Fresno, Calif. THIESEN, MARY, Reedley M.B. Route 2, Box 34 .Dinuba, Calif. THIESEN, RAY, Reedley M.B. Route 3, Box 410 - Reedley, Calif. THIESEN, ROY, Reedley M.B. Route 3, Box 410 Reedley, Calif. THIESEN, WESLEY. Bethany M.B. 203 3 Norris Drive West Fresno, Calif. THOMAS, DOREEN, 12th Street Baptist 1815 Fulton Fresno, Calif. VOTH, MARY, Vancouver M.B. 5406 Prince Edward .._ Vancouver, B. C, Canada )iALL, GERALDINE, Bethany M.B., Fresno Route 1, Box 200. Lodi, Calif. X ' ALL, ROBERT, Orland M.B. Route 2. Box 1 1 ...Orland, Calif. WARKENTIN, BEN, Blaine M.B. Route 1, Box 205 Blaine, Wash. VXARREN. LA DONNA, Evengelical Free Church 2003 E. Mariposa Street Kingsburg, Calif. WEBB, ROBERT L., Evangelical U.B., Selma 264 N. 2nd Street _..Fresno, Calif. WEDEL, HERBERT K., Bethany M.B. 1520 Home Avenue. --- Fresno, Calif. WEIR, ROBERT C, Memorial Baptist 3 508 W. Belmont Fresno, Calif. WIEBE. DORIS, Blaine M.B. Route 1. Box 319 Blaine, Wash. WIEBE, JOEL, Dinuba M.B. 3048-B McKenzic _ Fresno, Calif. WIENS, HOWARD A., Dallas M.B. 1118 Cherry Street _ „.. Dallas, Ore. WIENS. ROBERT, San Jose M.B. 1587 Vollmer Way San Jose, Calif. WIKANDER. VERNA MAE, Assemblies of God 1545 Lupton Avenue _ San Jose, Calif. WORKENTINE, GARRY F., Grace M.B., Albany, Ore. 982 Thome - Fresno, Calif. YOST, LEONARD. General Conference, Winton Route I, Box 2182 Atwater, Calif. YOST, MELVIN, Bethany M.B. 5858 Turner _ Fresno, Calif. OUR FORTIETH YEAR BcS J " I I I I jBT mT Homccomino Festival October 12, 1909 1 I I I A |» October 9- 6, 1949 ROSEDALE MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH WALTER L. PENNER, Pas ) - Route 4, Box 3S0-B Bakersfleld, C.ilifornij " If Fill to busy to [iray — ' too busy " Coiigvatiiliitioiis to Class of V9 PETER J. FUNK Imnraiicc lor liicry Xrcd Phone 198 166 5 Eleventh Street Reedlcy, C.iliforni.i W. FRANK JOHNSON ' ° " 20 Res. 67o ' , DR. A. W. SCHLICHTING SHAITER, CALIIORNIA D.C. P. O. Box 663 Phone 5762 1926 11th St. Reedlcy, dlif. With Sincere Appreciation FAST JEWELERS fo the - Pacific Bible Institute watches - diamonds The Bible Fellowship Hour ' " CH repairing Dr. T. Myron Webb Phone 72 Box 272 Fresno, Calif. 1623 11th St. Reedlcy, Calif. " Take heed unto tbyu-lf, and the doc- trine; (diithiue ill the in: for in doiii; this thou shalt both ■saie thyself, and them that hear thee. " I Tim. 4:16 Sincercst greetings and congratulations to the faculty, graduating class and student body of Pacific Bible Institute from the Mennonitc Brethren Church, Rcedley, California. This Summer Enjoy HARTLAND Mennonite Brethren Camp (Zion M.B. included) Teaching Our Faith and Doctrine Training in Leadership - Missionary Opportunities Recreation - Beautiful Surroundings HARTLAND CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Congratulates the Graduating Class of ' 49 May God ' s Kit best Blessing Cuntinue Upon the Students and the Admniistvation of the Pacific Bible Institute Sincerely FRESNO CONFERENCE OF TFIE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EVANGELICALS CoofHralidii ' it i(iiit (. ' .am promise ?D- MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH p. O. Box 948 Phone 3 24 SHAFTER, CALIFORNIA Rev. Waldo W ' iebe, P ist(,y " Built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Corner Stone. " Eph. 2:20 y) Phone 2-1213 NEUMAN ' S li ' uclry Diamoinh - W ' lilikcs - Clocks: Silt cruiirc 1213 No. Chester Ave. Oildale, Cilitornia 2l MALE QUARTET 7:45-8:00 A.M. Every Sund.iy KFRE — 940 On Your Dial Box 574 Rcedley ENNS PONTTAC SALES Pontine Can. - GAIC Trucks Complete Automotive Service Phone 5 9 Phone 293 MATHIS AND BOLINGER FURNITURE CO. El cry bin i for the Home 13th and G Streeti Reedley, Calif. ) 960 G Street Rcedlcy, Calif. MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH Corner Nicholas and El Monte X ' ay Phone 206- ' W DINUBA, CALIFORNIA Rev. B. J. Braun, Pastor " Wc French Christ " Crucified, Risen, Ascended and Coming Again in Song and Message Congratulations Students of P.B.I. Pri-ss I-orutiril Touard I he Mark EAST FRESNO SERVICE Your Aulomot ' nc Center SCIENTIFIC WHEEL ALIGNING - WHEEL BALANCING 4910 East Tulare Street Phone 5-2177 Al Enns John D. Block Johnnie Enns MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH Corner Washington and Hayter Dallas, Oregon G. H. Jantzen, Minister ' ' The Voice of Fellowship " Sunday 9:00 A.M., KOCO Sunday School 9:45 Worship Service 10:45 Christian Fellowship 7:00 Gospel Service 7:45 Bible Study and Prayer Wednesday 7:45 MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH 1230 Monterey Street Bakersfield, California Rev. Henry Hooge, Pastor ' ' Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delii ered unto the Saints. " Jude 3 Congratulations to the Graduates of ' 49 from WATCHES Your Jeweler Dinuba, California DIAMONDS - SILVERWARE STANDARD SUPPLY CO. Liiiubcr - Milliiork Dallas, Oregon Phone 23. 9 GEORGE T. ERICKSON Pianos Musical Instruments - Appliancrs Connsoiiata I ' .lci tronic Ory an 1318 Draper St. Kingsburg, Calif. Phone 454-W Bw) or Sell Good Used Cars : BRAUN MOTOR SALES ) Ike Braun, Prop. I 145 North J Street } Back of Safeway Dinuba, Calif. Young America Shop 105 No L St., Dinub.l 1105 G St.. Reedlcy Laura U. Seibel, R.N., Manager BETHANY MENNONITE MENNONITE BRETHREN BRETHREN CHURCH CHURCH 217 Delmas Ave. Corner Olive and Orchard Fresno, California Phone Columbia 7626-W Dr. H. G. Wiens, Pastor San Jose, California Rev. j. K. Warkentine, " That ye should shew forth Pastor the praises of Him who hath called yon out of Darkness in- " A new Commandment I give fo His marvelous light. " unto you, that ye love one an- I other ; as I have loved you. " I Peter 2:9 John 13:34 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 49 cM-i Lme lake Gcmjjenence Hume, California A Welcome Awaits You at California ' s Most Scenic Conference Center INSPIRATION! Well known Bible teachers, missionaries, youth leaders, musi- cians and artists. RECREATION! Excellent fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, volley ball, soft ball, ping pong, swings. VACATION! Bible Conferences for the family, young people and children. Hume Lake Conference P. O. Box 576, Dinuba, Calif. Text Books Study Aids Visual Aids School Notions Supplies Church Supplies 2 149 Tuolumne Fresno, California " A Good Phicc io Buy Your Church Supplies " MARTEN ' S CHEVROLET-OLDSMOBILE FRIGID AIRE SALES AND SERVICE ' Where Friend Meets Friend ' Henry R. M.irtens Phone 122 939 G Street Reedley, California FRANK RUSSELL MANUFACTURING CO. 341 Pacific Avenue, Phone 717 Shifter, California POTATO DIGGERS - TRAILERS - COTTON STALK CUTTERS BLACKSMITHING - WELDING Congratulations to Senior Class ENNS ' JEWELRY KIRKWOOD DIAMOXDS - WATCHES FURNITURE CO. SILVERWARE 801 lULTON Kingsburj;, California Phone 2-7312 Fresno, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Enns TO THE STUDENT BODY, FACULTY AND STAFF OF Pacific Bible Institute of Fresno " Now our Lord jesus Christ Himself, and God; even our father, which hath loved us, and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace, comfort your hearts, and stablish you in every good word and walk. " iThess. 2:16, 17 Maple Leaf Industries WASCO CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS Buick Automobiles and International Trucks 1 1 5 E. Fresno Street Dinuba, California Jack Kl .ick Miewer Phone 7 Elmer Willems Phone 6}9 " A Good Place to Eat " PERRY ' S DRIVE-IN Serving BREAKFAST - LUNCH AND DINNER Open 6:30 A.M. to 1:30 A.M. No. 99 Highway Tul.ire, C.ilitorni.i BECKER INSURANCE AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE CongratuLitions to the Class of ' 49 and Staff 3 56 California Ave. Phone 795 Shatter, Californi Contractors Supplies LOEWEN Pliini ' iiin mill Electrical Sha[) Phone 4541 334 California Ave. DAN LOEWEN Shafter, Calif. A-B-C BABY SHOPPE Vivian Bergen - Mrs. I ' rank Russell Shafter, California 217 Central Ave. Phone 5743 PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE HARVEY GAEDE Dealer 38 5 E. Lerdo Road Phone 903 3 Shaftcr, California Crop Dusting Insecticides and Fertilizers GROWERS SUPPLY CO. Massey Harris TRACTORS, COMBINES AND IMPLEMENTS Phone 2-0260 MIKE GUNTHER Owner 900 East I ' nh Slrcct BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA ALVIN J. KLIEWER ! i Peerless Pressure System Dealer GENERAL CONTRACTOR : DAN H. KLIEWER Residential Buildinj; WATER WELL DRILLING PHONE 4-8742 [ Doiiics tr. ami Irrr ii ioii 1 Route 4, Box 397 4779 Simpson Fresno, Calif. 1 Phone 2-7004 Bakersfield, Calit. Shafter Floor Covering ; 1 ROSED ALE SERVICE Linoleum - Plastic Tile D. D. Schmidt, Prop. Vcnc ian Blinds - Window Shades i Mol ' il Oil Products P. O. Box 1483 Lubrication Adolph Cjoertzcn Shaftcr, Calif. ■ Battery Charging - Tire Repairing J. C. PENNER Real Estate - Insurance Notary Public P. O. Box 482 Phone 75 9 Shafcer, California Congratulations to Class of ' 49 Our prayers join with yours that each one of you may he in the center of His will REEDLEY ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. Phone 203 1616 Uth St. Rcedley, Calif. IKE REIMER REEDLEY FURNITURE MART ELSIE SCHAFER JOHN J. HODEL PETE REIMER A. H. FRIESEN WILLIAM REGEHR Congratulations to the Class of ' 49 Atwater Dry Yard Co. CUSTOM BAILING Phone 2-8050 Bakersfield, Calif. Sam C. Hodel Sam Feil Rt. 4, Box 362-A Rt. 4, Box 314 FRESNO BIBLE HOUSE " The Hume uf Good Books " Sacred Records, and Sunday School SuppHes 2027 Kern St. Fresno, Calif. Photographs by LYLE RENNICK STUDIO Typesetting by PACIFIC LINOTYPING COMPANY Printed by A - 1 PRINTERS Engraving by VALLEY ENGRAVING COMPANY

Suggestions in the Fresno Pacific University - Portal Yearbook (Fresno, CA) collection:

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Fresno Pacific University - Portal Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 9

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