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South Orange 1 County Cahfomla DONATED BY. RALPH ALLEN IN HONOR OF DATE: Genealogical Society 1998 Mission Viejo Library "' V 25209 Mar uerite Parxv.. W - 9 Mission Visio, CA 9269 H . F E -N ---1' "' . x. FRQFE QF 3.6iC.C...G.S. my QQRGULATE L 3 ' 'T N 'ff ""' 'J , " - "U ' -an - " - . ' . ' ' r- -V ' . A N ' . ..- - F" 1 .- A- . -.:'fV L--"" -RV " -4. '--V' - A V---H -,V-1..f,., A-..' -V-f . .,- Q: -. ., - -V -.V L. - 1. 1.. f :f' A :iff . ..: ,541 .:.4,.-.,,t54ym.,,gag'ff,57L,:,5,.T5.::,,gV,.w1.'.r.y g+ ,,Q34 ,xq: J, - 3... Pau-.,F', :M .1 1 . 1- , V--V fa -. 9. .--pq?-.49 we-Q41-.,e5,Qg4'f 5-g?11!"" ,Qr ,, -.f'7 'ff 1 I-.1-:A'9"V ' Fa-'5-15-43 . -HQQSH' 7.:if?L.f"'11k :-fr ' I : V. J 1422 . 'V -4:24. . A wa A - . ' -gf- 'Vg -f - 52:--" V' . .1-'-. - ' 4. +.. ...V-W-sw.- ' 5 -"'-gg' 4- ' " ' - 5 '?- - V + V '- ' V 'ff-,. a. V -wha. 'Q , .VV - -. ' fr 1 ' Q25 " fafifg , Vi V Aug. ,A - 1. .:,."'f..f-V-5:-si '1'ffgi,f.. V- sivrjl 5552? ,. -7.3.5142 fiff-M gg 1, f 1+-,K gym I 1jg,g,g.- A 1:-.,:, ,331-V-1314: f-q,2'Qp..,.jgsi?pfQf-...gig-'S Qui, Q, a1?v-.l.-.u- ,N-1-. 1 --:Q Law' , ' 4,"': , - bg. . -'-as - V.-4.. --1.1-'.',.-wh-.J:fA 1.,..f4."'- V- '.y-,g-N., ,,,.'rw - , 1. ,- ,, -- -yn-4V 4:..--fV,grw,,- -- .- - N. - . M. V VJ Magi-,..,.,VV V -,f-MV., , - , ..,, ,, M,-A -. , , 'f-1,:'f.' ',. 1 b.:-.--,-ir ' A .. , K ' ' k,"'---' "4" ?:-A. 1 .,,-""'Q-5 , 'gf rr- " 'L-"1 " 1 f.V..- 'F'-'N' ' -"- VV-XV -"H--frvew-,. ' T-M-fm-lkffff' 'Ti A 'fu 'V fm ... ' Q. N--A:--: 2.-1'7.. M1--'L-' -M-V'V '-af--'M uw'-.,. H' ' . -'--- A- ,.1n.V 4 ---L, 'V 3.33 -' f-f'.,f, V- .. .4 .Q ,if ,,,.,,.,- . V . W E 4-nv W .25 I ,HDJ'bi,u5.,,,-2',Q1' Fm' -Ip, N . 1 -- , . -., ,QV.x VA wg., --t-V: .1 h, .-vi, 1 ES' '15, " -":f:...Vf: 'H-ifw',.:11' H+ V J-M'-:YM , uv, V -'f .axqva .Nu , , V M-4V,.., V .. .-. ,- ..4-Q-,. va . Nb- .- .v--wut. W-L -.- VN.. . ,.:-ur:--,4.,,'j,fU --- ,..-V:-g,,--f:g5fK-5g-- - V-.,-...Vu ,,,- ,g,.A,e:Vz.,,, ,,.,,VV-.Ug.,zy.V .. , , .,f. ,,.-V . , ,, ,, ,A Lf- , 5 .1-2-.5-ztggaxfg.. ',"":+f,,1s--.K4,,Vxi-.'K"x.-Qi ':V '..-.g',.:-'g- -s-??Efw..F ffgp., ?',,:i'. V .lf---.-v -Jr' V-: ., :'.--'w my .ff-" ..-.,'s11.:N.. "W,-,, "'-:f R 1-.-,..f . 2 - V hw- ,sw --f V, -47 . Q., .Q f Vyx,.V,.. ,--.Nt fixp-.S1g.,-'7'5V, . ---- , - ,fu-,-af .mx ,,- 7- -Q-, 'uf..- ' "5 AJ I "wrt, - 1 -.-3'.f',ikfz, ,,f.'frQ-...-':.-454 v-f-i"':f"4sLf:,-.?fza'w9'Pf'wsi .- ,Sf -f'T ' :A Vv1fVt'f5'54,..F.,-5ffs:v4-fE7:zf?Y2f?',q'V.V, V., 'T v - -1 ' ""' u" 4 -' ' ' ' V X-H-4. 'NV ' .. 3' V. VV 4-mx,,V,,2 -V ,. .f ' . -- - - ... . H.. - -.V-2 -.v'f."' -- "H . VX5'i'C'R.'b.,"4V',.'-A , ' , . V- -, 3. . . ..- I V, . . , -, . , , k ,Q I .-- , . -i - fyfwr- , .. -,. , .og , A.: ,- 0' .,, - . -. .QL , ...A I -,Q ... ., J -,Q .--, -133'- -P--: -nh, "-. - 1-' . fn-J"-In , -, x V- , .' .V 1 .. ' - .. 'fbva . . -12' f-- . ' -- . . -. 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V , Q" -x. -I " ' "1 V., -5 ,H .,.::.,,,':,,.5gT.V1f1i515 A ,, '+g.CfL-Q.. -., L-.. '- wa- -,- A 44 I - ,'4'L.Z-J.,-,'-TF". ., ,A ....-L,-1 V J' -"" A' ' XV, . -.-4,-. N?-ff".-1f'-1' '-'5""f - 'sem-f-,..--f' sf.. gi- ffm--' .1- . NM -VV-1'V-'-, V-2: . -, ,',-,P-f'-.J 4 'E- V-. v'.a:vgM",. -:wg ..,4.',f---- ,,,. -' .."'5:g'+F. , Qi L,7ff'bj,fj-.., I. W , ' 1'i',4:w1:,-.f,-.fgv-..x, ',.'j, -Af V, :-jx.ggf,14jl,:a-"- '-,1',-4f'1s..Vv .ai ,-' V ' -gf... ., "":g- f I ::,.',-43 -1+ --34:21. :I -12: ,wr 422101:-A 4'f"2f5Vf'- L.: 521:25'T':'f::r-f'."2Ew-+..?1.V,qgi:r-?r-wa?5?f 1 5.-1-If-'Ff'2sILw1 QT' . '-f9TVfew'2-'5fif?fTi'm4:a'2+1Q:'w.azr'ff J.. .-M ,G EF Q. :I .,g:3.A.:. , N I., :Q .F .,.,4i,:5,,i?LixZ,!i,,?.?lg . -.. -I'F,',-,pf f...j:zg,3.1flL-3 :qw VJ., ..,, +-qw., V ". 5,v. , -Saw. V- 3 . ' g a , ' Q ff '-A-41591 -1-Vi". , ' "' ' -QV. . S-Q ,fi.1 ".f1f'K:' ' 'M ' ' - Ya. V - ' . v N --f- I '- ' .T -V. i 13 . ,X -' . 1 ..,. .A, ' wg- . M- -g - --. ,n 'av 4 ,...f.,-" z-.+-- -x -. ,wr -- ,li ' -f -5 ff.. . A -. - , h Y--'f ' 7-'Szf m ag- ""T ' 2 - if "' ,fri 1 f R.. Q - . '.""v. A ' - f-sat' . -..1 -- ' - V 4.-, . r- ...a. . .'--. - ' ---,. - . ' -'- -- 1. gh" , ,. 1 --Q """1? : a i ---sh, f--P .' A --4 L f-" " .. - .M W ,, b,5gz.w-"" . -As 1 -1 352 -warg .'Lf2+-.f.....--LAW-:iQa,..:" ...ix ' L- . x+'ff' .Q:1..-f'h..55:S ' - W.-f . ,L1 ' f' r- 4,5 ' ' ':'f'.'1- '- 'ff1-- - 'H ' F. - 'T" " -w... ' '-SJ' '1 f' -""' - W.: H.-.. -' --:v-' .J - Q 4 ffl-+-'ff' ..:m..', ',:','.- 4.5,-Igf'.,' Lrf,,.3..--A ' f ,i ' ..,1s--.. 4. "xirf-v-1.f..,,.,, . V jf-2-. P , -- V F ' . ' 1 M . -""'3 ".:-'-"vk'.- " - . A' - "nf V Q ..- "' ' - 1?7i"',.' T-'v Us ' 'ig - " . F-.'. ' ' Nw, Y ev u , -. H... ' I'-,"T ':""" .ark "A 'F' -f ..- l ' L- ' .5-V1 35:21. 1-aixP7' . . jfff:-I' ' "il, W" ,A , -.-wk" 'ESQ' .. , , .'.f"--':w.Q,f.."-, V V '--:F A' -f- -,, r?-.. ,fm .1--. ,. .. ..,L x . B U .,...J. .V - wr.. -1 7 QL . Iva.: ,. 41 xv.-.,, '4f'Q'fl'f -aq...,., ' """ ' 'L fb- L23-V1 ' 'fi:f'H+ "MLM,-f w3"f'7' . . .-, -::3:3:"f3K"'--'-"'-V -. -,. --"QT-61.'-.4. . -...,g,,m..:n-.ffC':, : -ff-f , I , .gi-. ,t,.x.,m I, ,4f4...4,v, V.. . M ., ,....,-:,,,- 1... ., , -' ,,c.y2b-:,41s:g3.f1,,.f.. .,.- h ' -"if, ., . 'P' ' .' ,.-H f-:'."'f 43"-"--...,, , wa 2,-f-ff' -, m 'L .-5, ,- .1 "ff-S21z'?:-M4 '-ff ..w-:'2LFLf5,.-'f93'1f'."'?z?2.?s.53..9"-,z13g?:ff'12i2.' ' 'af-S . .--V Ik- '. f..--.-Q . . ",w 5 -,,ffQ'k-X.,-A3- ..""'YQr, , ,.,.'4L-' , '- " ' ,,- H '5 ': 1. -1- , ' ,5v',.., ,: , 1 ' 'I SK ' 5.4, -- 754"'- ' '-f f-:W -.- - fN.1-:fm 'fy F" . 'ff2...,f. 1. -2 5 93 ' i f .'5C:'3"-' - - M.. 'Ea:'h f' .:.:1-.- f N. 1- Paula? sf- ,,..,.,,,-1-4.317-,,wg-T-,,,-,Q -1"' .f f-Az:-.-n j ' , . 4 11 :14--'eff v.-- - ,fh.-vge.-5-'H em, A ,, - 3 --V - A ' - Y,-L-5 f f, . . J G I - , . Iublzslzezl by the A ' d of FRESNO HIGH SCHQOL BRESNO, CALIFORNIA Af-2-5543 wf-q-11-.f.-1fm:g4,fM-,-f-v-v--:f, -t-...,,4-W.-.0-+A..--T - . -M, .A . .yy W, . . ., . . r -..L -5 ...Y M A ., n - Hg, Nz, , ,VT 4. 1-,3-Q V4-1-J-'A' H 4,5 -:, 7, -g.+,,V'.' .:,:,.'3f1 -vnu., ., 13,-V, ogg., -44'f..,Rn?529q-'-'.-Ei' 1 .,-..7n.5.'--- ..,:,ve-. . -- - Ur-- '3Q-1:11ff5ffr'f2:?4fkf:f44ff1iz:?f"-.-' ,-5,..ff':. " f'-fgff-11316 W 'viii 'f-1:--Z:'i1f':v'25.-fu f'-4: , :-- ..zww:',Zf-1TL5TQQfzL:. 1-fgZ.+'.,-,,Tf1"Q, KF?-2 .S-1'.Z ,A--:'g1'-T..-1+-M'-.vfzaLgrv'-if.,v-N.-,X wwf- - ' 1' 7' '-'f-f V- T'-':f:'i1.. .g-,f.':.fv-1g.g, L3-Sw.-gxfx.-ff? 'rg , -iff..5--.v'1'1.2-'f1'7p:,5L.m lyke.,-1. ..- Ai U Tlwkxlkl ,.,, - -,L,L..jf.,,. , yr' f......4-f ' , . 'i -5' .5 .aww , j' X ' Md. -1- W., V. f 144' f JIT- . .-f'liu3:g,,- lx- - l., pf, .V - ',,""""'f'1'f' ""' " ' h --,--, ,.. ' , ' "rf "" "-J-" f','-,kr-ara:-f' 'iii .:'5"77'-'+"""f, ' -.-. F4 , .- :- a "f."::.-he-2".5f""'-'Q- 3" '-A-'qfffljf , gg,-3-1 -' 1 q -.-wi.. if f-'-wiv?fi-siF'g.gffnf"f5,,,.2--ei-Q4. f2g2g,1,,.,g.Q,"' -"-- - ,,,g"wk, M,-pc,-f ' :E-ffz,,:'vz.' :A2'n'?,.v-71.153-di''igiyi-fali- "' is xg.:-Zg,,,., Lg-ig.-Qzbilgge. jssggj' -. f, ' f, -,.. 1-..: ., ,,, , '. .4 --g. - ' " -'3'-----.... V . 2 .4-,xx -b.gS"- f cw-f.'-H - g .- f., . , - - -. , Q f,. f-g-,w"i?ff-'f'f'fi..wiw:f.1fQ,?Qw-4 iii?-qi8ffL ffasf-""fSQYiWfi..f:'?-.4..t" "ff-f ' xlb-gg51,:9?,2'g:+'E5"Z5 . r f-'Y75 ' ' gf - , ' ': f -- '-Q. "' '. ., - , 1'i'-' fy 55231 ' . ff' " ',g T , . f- .,' "-A F' f , .--3' ., -.Q .- 1 , " ' " . -'-"-' " 9F 'r ' +. W .air ,- 7-"'?En . 1 ' - -' I ' .QL ' A N kiwi " - - .1 'ff ,L .wr ff-1 '- - us. ,-up-' , .-b f . .- 'f - , - - , -,, : : "-- fs2'3.a"' -eb-f""f ff"? -r-f'P'-:'?7g '4, ..:4Q-., . ., ,, - " "-5' - 7' . - ., Y- .,, -1- A Q iv-Y-1-, -'af f .. 41144-Y 'X vi., 5 -lo, Oh Wad some power the glffle gnc us To see ourselves as others see us' It Wad frae mam a blunder free us An' foolish notion." -ROB ERT BURNS FGD.ElUORD f' 5.8 ,X With apologies to the good Scotch poet, We chose the four lines on the op- posite page as our contribution to at least one of the vvorld's most crying needs-more and better developed senses of humor! Too many of us poor mortals take ourselves far too seriously. The gift of seeing ourselves 'cas others see us," of laughing when the joke's on us, of real- izing that each of us has two sides-the one we see and the one the World sees- is priceless. Accept herewith the contri- butions of our candid cameraman. -THE EDITOR. Dedication ln grateful appreciation of their unfailing and sympathetic interest in our activities, Cf their loyal support on count- less occasions, And of their unending encour- agement, We, the Student Body of Fresno High School, dedicate this, the 1941 OWL, to all graduates of Fresno High School, from l89l to 1941. In Memoriam Ruth S. Jones Henry Kerr DM NI fx KJVQZD-ZX E K 4 JW? X J CX f jg - 'E CZK 2 C f ,,,z z Qi , -JY K 4 STRKTION .t O 5949 0 0 V o Ji " 5 '. Q Adi! f L '00, X I x X 0, Q fi o L Q1 F v O O Q5 'o 'v a 0 0 'lQ Ten :git ig! i w LEO A. HARRIS Principal JOHN RT. MOCK FRENE D. FARVER Vive Principal Dean of Girls 5 1 'L , ,Atv ENID V. HIGGINS Registrar Elefuen EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: First row-Webster, Karastalliis, Antrim. Barron, Bradshaw, Steiiilicrgg Hornbeak, Frolik. Second rowelline, Hawkins, Cole, Mr. Remz, Henderson, Rodman. Kenneily. Craig, Boyer, Kraschel. STEINBERG President BARRON Vive-President BRADSHAW Secretary C01nn1i.v.vi0nr'rr KARASTATHIS HORNBEAK FRoL1K VVEBSTER ANTRIM Tfwelfve Student Fall Semester Under the able leadership of Student Body President Stan Steinberg, the fall executive committee proved to be an extremely active one. The committee was composed of all the student body officers, two members from each year class, and representatives from the Girls' League, G.A.A., Owlet, lriquois, and Cadets. One of the first activities of the committee was to sponsor a clean-up-the-campus campaign. To further this plan, rally men were stationed on the campus during the noon hour. The campaign was a tremendous success. During the term the committee passed two amendments to the constitution. One makes it possible for any girl receiving l500 points for G-.A.A. activities to be awarded an athletic sweater. The other amendment permits boys with one varsity letter to buy an athletic sweater. The student body passed both amend- ments by an overwhelming majority. Also, the committee gave their approval to the Owlet plan. This was a plan by which the Owlet was to be sponsored by the student body fund and the various clubs and activities. Thus a paper was assured to every student in the school. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: First Row: Uueiishy. Sells, WPbST-GT. LEXUS' UIIFUJ- Kll04l?S, Henderson, Sager. Main. Second Row: Young, .Xlhi'ig'ht. Krasf-liel, Plllfllll. Bates. ,Knli'1m, Waterinan, Mi. Reetz, M. Lewis, Hansen. Y Bod Spring Semester Believing that ideas are the basis of all growth, the spring executive committee met regularly during the sixth period on VVednesdays to formu- late plans for the continued betterment of the Fresno High School student body. From these meetings and considerations evolved many of the activities that help to give students both enjoyment and profit from their high school years. The meetings of the committee, in themselves a possible source of education and business prac- tice, this spring produced several highlights. One of the most notable was centered around the Yosemite League Sportsman's Conference, where a code of ethics was discussed. Here it was de- cided that a fifty dollar sportsman's cup be awarded to the school exhibiting the highest type of sportsmanship. The Service F committee has revised its laws to issue a larger number of points for work on drama, music, and the handbook. An amendment to the constitution providing for n limit of forty- five points toward the acquiring of the Service F in drama and music was prepared for presen- tation to the student body. The boys' towel situation was discussed very thoroughly and an investigation committee was selected to decide on possible Ways and means to remedy the problem. ONETO President RHODES Serretary Co nz rni.v.s'io1z1?rJ LEWIS HENDERSON ANTRIM VVEBSTER Thirteen Biigham Sager, Rhodes, Taylor, Miss Farver The Girls, League is the largest all-'girl or- ganization of Fresno High School, for all the feminine members of the student body are auto- matically adopted into it as soon as they register for class Work at the 'School of Champions." lt is under the sponsorship of the genial and deservedly popular dean of girls, llliss Ferne D. Farver. The purpose of the league is two-fold: to assist and encourage girls to get the greatest possible good from both their school work and school social contacts, and to sponsor activities and programs in which girls are particularly interested. ln Miss Farverls office girls meet informally to discuss their prcblf-mf and possi- ble solutions to those problems. VVise and help- ful guidance on the part of the sponsor has made out of many a seemingly unsurmountable Nmoun- tainn a relatively harmless Hmolehillfl irls' League OFFICERS CEntire Year, President . . ......,... BARBARA RHODES Vice-President . . . . SARA SAGER Secretary . . . VIRGINIA BRIGHAM Treasurer . . FRANCES TAYLOR The second purpose of the league is annually brought to a vivid and ufragrantl' culmination in Blossom Day, the girls, special Uday of days." The date for this festival is set in late April when the possibility of showers may be consid- ered Cwith reasonable certaintyj remote. Class rooms and offices are lavishly decorated with flowers that vie in beauty only with the crisp and colorful spring frocks of the gentler sex. It is indeed "Ladies, Dayfl as girls act as teach- ers for the day while the licensed instructors indulgently sit back to watch. "Hello'l tags, sold for five cents, are hawked about the halls, the proceeds going to defray the expense of the after-school dance in the girls, gymnasium. Here at last the seemingly unnecessary male comes into his element, and the day ends to the strains of happy laughter and toe-tickling music. HELLO TAG" SALESGIRLS: First row-Cole. Vealc, Kuhlitz. F. I'eilroncelli, Webster. Second rou'-Bradforil, Er1'inu'er, Rose. A. erioneelli. Thirclroxx'-Lewis,Hines,We:1ver, Jo1ies.Sanders,Khzdes. Uzlgliey. Lingle. Marvin, Sager. Brigham. Roessfer. Taylor. M 3,3-A - - W ... .. .W .- .M Office Stall and Staff of Operation OFFICE STAFF: Rar-hel Nagel, Beverly Bettsworth, Mrs Marie Twziilell. and Louise D0ll2llO. CUSTODIAN STAFF: First 1'ow-lflifilretll, Riley. Wrwiiizwk, Coiinvi' Cheaul c-ustoclianj, Plug, 'I'eif0i't0lle1', RuIliei'f01'rl, Holmes. Se:-owl row-Mrs Wallace, 'I'liunips1m. CAFETERIA STAFF: Mattie Muwis, Galulied Mzlroiiizui, Nettie Jones, Fiorzi Davis. Lulu King. Emil Bzi1'tobc'li :mil Dena Ubl'2ltl0VlCll. L Sp fd? A , fi SQ Q 54 Q :rpg L: Q 69: Q'Rb'QfLy Q V A , rs JQXJ1' N' ,Z +93 f Q' is 98. e 'wanna' 0 9 B e ai YUHQUBR' ss WX E Qggilzl-i-1 SSES ssilllal ' n emi 'l' sv glsll I5 uf'ln' 'I-En. 0 4' 0 5 0 1 Qst 5 ss' nie in s A X2 B sg fifi Q 1 .Q F 2 s XY' .gg Xl vk X, X? I f X Aw-Q. 'ng 5xf5J N..,f JZ-Z TN LB 1 i DONT HINFI JPANNE HINES BP I IN IRRIXGER FLOYD HOBBS lt has been a long time since the halls of Fres- no High School were first entered by those ex- cited, eager little sophomores who made up the Class of ,-11. We were those little sophomores to whom 19-l-1 seemed so very far away. Yet, here we are-Seniors! Graduation is almost upon usl Wfvhen the time came to choose the officers for our final year, we remembered the serious and many duties which we would have to undertake in choosing Don Hine as our president, Betty Erringer as our vice-president, Jeanne Hines secretary, and Floyd Hobbs as treasurer. The Senior Play was the first activity which confronted us. f'You Can't Take lt With You" was a tremendous success, due to the fine work of everyone concerned. The cast was splendid and contained such talent as Laurie Buck, Bill Jopes, Tom Bettencourt, Audrey Smith. George Class of '41 DON HIN13 .,..,,,,,,,,,, ,,....,,..,. P rmldfnt BETTY ERRINGER ,,.., ,.,.,,,, I 'ic'f'Pre.vidfnt , jeixxxe Hmras ,,,,,,. ............ S efrniary 5 FLOYD HLOBBS ,,,,,, .... T rmsurer Nance, Stuart Hyde, Barbara Rhodes, Julian Soto, and many others. By this time the design for the '41 plaque had been voted upon and the one designed by June Dake chosen. The February graduation was the next thing on out program for the year. The P. T. A. and the June graduates honored the graduating se- niors and their parents at a tea held in the library. The theme for the commencement exer- cises was Hlfducation for Livingfl Morton Bar- ron, the salutatorian, chose for his speech "The Social Sciences". The class speaker, Don Hine, spoke on "The Artsu, and Beverly Bradshaw, the valedictorian, spoke on "Pure and Applied Science". A feature of the graduation was the wearing by the graduates of caps and gowns. This novel innovation lent a distinctly impressive tone to the proceedings. The Hportalsn and Hstepsu to higher education ' 521. Class of '41 NTIKE TQEFHISHIAN BILL RUDD ,,,,,,,,,,, LAURIE BUCK ..,A..... ROSEMARY STAH1. .. XVith only the spring semester before them, the remaining members of the class elected offi- cers to guide them through the difficult yet pleasurable days remaining. Nlike Keshishian was chosen president of the class, Bill Rudd vice- president, Laurie Buck secretary, and Rosemary Stahl treasurer. On lVlay third, the January class returned to their Alma Mater and, together with the June class, enjoyed the Junior-Senior Prom, which was given in honor of the Class of '41 by the Class of 42. The juniors carried out an Hawai- ian theme, using novel and beautiful decorations. The final weeks of their high school careers were filled to overflowing for the seniors as final examinations, plans for entrance into colleges or universities in the not-so-far-distant future, and A ............ Pl'PSlf1f7If Vive-Prf5idfnt Secretary Trfmzzrm' MIKE KFISHTSHIAN LAURII- BLLR BILL RUDD ROSEMARX Sl XHI social events crowded upon one another. Prac- tically every club within the school feted its graduating members with a variety of affairs ranging from dances to swimming parties, the latter probably bringing the truest pleasure, as unseasonably warm weather descended upon the valley. The annual Senior Tea, followed in the eve- ning by the Baccalaureate Service, was held on June eighth, and all too soon 'the evening of Friday, June thirteenth, brought the seniors, the girls in white and the boys in navy blue caps and gowns, to the outdoor ceremonies on the school campus. Four students- Audrey Smith, Mari- lyn Hanner, Alice Said, and David Parker dis- cussed the topic "The Challenge to Demroc- racyf' - The first class to wear caps and gowns. ABO, TAKESHI AMANO, HIRO ARDEN, HERBERT AVEDISIAN, ZART BARTLETT, HOWARD LW. Football '38- '39. BETTENCOURT. TOM Sorhomore Assem- bly, HY0u Can't Take It With You", "Gloria" '39. '401 Soribblers Club '40- '41g Camera Club '40-'41, Ass't. Fld. Handbook '41, EX- temp. Speaker '40. BOGIE. RUTH BRADSHAW, BEVERLY S. B. Sec. '40, '41 Pres. '40, V. Pres. '38, Portia '38-'40, Sec. '39, G. A. A. '38-'41, Owlet '30- '41, Ed. '40, Yale- dictorian Jan. Class '41, Dance Fantasy '40, "The Red Mill", Swimming '39-'40. ADAMS, DON ANDERSON, ANDREW Senate '40-'41, Owl- et '38. ARMOUR, BARBARA lil. A. A. '40-'41, llyputia '40-'4l: See. '40, Pres. '41. AXT, LEO Baseball '40 - ' 41, Track '41, Iroquois '41. BEALL, VERNA MAY BINFORD, BETTY G. A. A. '39-'4l. Sec. '40, Tic Too '39-'41, Pep Girl '39, Sophomore As- sembly, Dance Fan- tasy '40. BON EY, EDWIN Baseball '4 1 . BRECKMANN, RUSSELL Agora ' 4 0-' 41. AHREEN, MELVIN ANDREWS, HARRY Football '39-'40, "B" Basketball '38 Swimming '39-'41. ARNOLD, LEO BARNETT, JACK Engineers '41, "Glo - U , , Via. 39, 40. BELL, JAMES BINGHAM, DELLA BOWDEN, MARJORIE CSF '39-'40, BRISTOL, GLENN ALEXANDER, MARGARET G. A. A. '38, Owlet '41, ANTOYAN, VIRGINIA CSF '38, "Gloria" '39, Mio. ARNOLD, SAM BARR, MILTON Football '39-'40, Ski Club '39-'40. BELSHAW, CATHERINE CSF '38, I. F. C. '38, "Gloria" '40, "Maritana". BLACK, BRUCE CSF '39-'40. BOWER, BRUCE Asst. Track Manager '39, Track Mgr. '40, Engineers '39-'40, Stamp Club '38-'39. BROOKS, JANET G. A. A. '40-'41. ALLAMPRESE, ANTHONY Travk '39, '4l. ANTRINI, CALVIN Comm. of Publiea- tions '40-'41, Owl ini. 'ug CSF '41, Ski Club '40, Golf '35 9, Rally Com. '40-'-41. ASHLOCK, MAXINE ll. A. A. '39-'-41. BARRON, MORTON V. Pres. of S. B. '40, Comm. of De- bate '40, '41, B. Pres. '39, Forensio League ' 38 - ' 40, CSF '38-'-il. Seo. '39, Pres. '40, Treas. '40, Owlet '39-'41, Salutatori- an of Jan. Class '41, Senate '38-'41, Ten- nis '40, BELSHAW, LOUISE CSF' '39, '39, "Gloria" '40, "Maritana". I, F. C. BLANEY. ROGER Football '39-'40. BRADFORD. JAMES BROWN, DUNCAN ALLEN, TOM ARATA, MASAYE ATKINS, DORIS ii. A. A. '38-'40, "The Red Mill", "Gloria" '39, '40, Dance Fantasy '40. BARTEL, JAMES BENSTON. BARBARA BLISS, MILTON Engineers '38-'41i Senate '39-'40, Sec. '39, V. Pres. '40, Owl Sales '38. BRADFORD, NANCY Swinmling' '39-'41, "Sorority House", "Peer Gym" Suite, Tir'-'l'0tf '39-'40, Ski Club '39-'40, Yiee-Pres. '40, G. A. A. '39-'41, 'l'reas. '39. BUCK, LAURIE '41 Sec. '40, CSF '38-'41, Scribblers Club '39. V. Pres. '39, Owl Art Erl. '41, "Sorority House", "The Red Mill", "You Carlft 'Fake It With You", Dance Fantasy '40, Sophomore Assem- bly, Prod. Mgr. "Gloria" '39. f uf- 9 W. ,mag -- an W - wa-fm wsfzmamgwagmwmmfw,.M f, f gK::smf3wm- BUCKLES, BUNKER BURSON, BUSICK, SHIRLEY LILA MAE VERNA LYDIA G. A. A. '40-'41, Hypatia 39140. G. A. A. '40-'41, G. A. A. Has. llince Fantsy '38- Owlei A40-'4l. '40. CALHOUN, CAMPBELL, CARNINE, CAROSSA, BETTY BETTY DORA GEORGINA Owlet '39. "Gloria" '40, Mari- farm." CASTLEMAN, CHANG, CHRISTENSEN, CLAAR, BETTY JUNE DONA LOIS Chinese Students' "The Red Mi11": Club '39-'41, 590- "Gloria" 3403 l'Mari- ' '40, Pres. '40. tang," CLARK- CLARK CLARK, CLARK DOROTHEA LOREN PHYLETHA RICHARD G. A. A. '39,'41g -iG10,.,aw '39, Uwlet '39"40. COLLINS, CONNELL, COWAN, CQX, RUTH KAY JEAN WILLIAM MARJQRIE G. A. A. 'assfilg Football '39. CSF '39-'4og Scrih CSF '35-415 OWIGI blers Club '40. '4lg Varsity Debate '4l. CRIMMEL, CUNNINGHAM, DAKE, DANIEL, ESTHER WILLIAM JUNE RUTH G. A. A. '39-'41, Owl Art Ed. '40 G, A, A, '40.'41' G. A. A. '3S. DAVIS. DAVIS, DeCAFIISTO, DeJARNATT, RICHARD VERONNE TONY RAY 541 Pres. '40, G. A. A. '40g Dance Rifle Club '40-'-115 '41 Treag, '3g.'39, '41 Sell Leader '40, Fantasy '40. Scribblers Club '40- '4l, V. Pres. '41. DIEL, DIETLER, DISHMAN, DOTT, NADINE CHARLES WILLIAM HARPER G. A. A. '39-'41, Football '40, Chinese Students' Scribblers Club '39- '40. Klub '39-'40, BYFIELD, JACQUELINE CSF '39-'40, Portia '39-'41, Tie Toe '41g Dance Fantasy '40. CARTER, RUTH CSF '41 5 Scrib- blers Club '4l. CLANCY, ROBERT L. W. Football '38, Sopholnore Assern blyg Ski Club '40. CLARNO, BETTY G. A. A. '38-,405 Dance Fantasy '38- '40. CRANDALL, JAMES Debate '49-'-113 En- gineers '41, Sec. '41, Camera Club '40-'41g "Gloria" '40. DANIELS, DALE DENTON, GLORIA DOTY, BETTY G. A. A. '39-'41, CAGNEY, MERILYN G. A. A. '40-341, Owlet '38-'39g Dance Fantasy '40. CARY, MARILYN G. A. A. '39-'41. CLARENCE, ADELE G. A. A. '39-'4l. COLBURN, JACK Football '38-'40, Iroquo-is '40, Rally Man '39-'40. CRAWFORD, JANE Owl Adv. '41g G. A. A. '39-'41, Dance Fantasy '40. DAVIDSON, BETTY DIEL, LEO '42 V. Pres. '39, Senate '39-'41, Pres. 341: Debate '40-'41, Extemporaneous Speaker '41. DREITH, MARTHA Q , I DUNCAN, DUPUY, DURHAM, EBERHART, EBY, ECKLUND, DOROTHY EBBA BARBARA JACQUELINE TERRY WILLIAM '41 Treris, '40g Owl Hypatizi I-101411 G. G. A. A. '40, CSF '39-'4UZ Owl "Gloria" '39, "The Camera Club '41, Arlv. '41, Dance A. A. I40-I-H. Amlv. '41g Owlet '39, RMI Mill", "The Fantasy P405 fy, A. G. A. A. '39-'41, Tir- Skullng t'Sorority A, '38.'41. Tor: '40-5415 l'orti:1 II 0 u S Q ' ' 3 "June 403412 DRUGS Fam- Murlw: Hxvflll Cam't lzxsy 540. VIIZIIKP lt With You". EDGERLY, EDWARDS, EDWARDS, EGO, EHRKE, ERICKSEN, BETTY DELFRED ERNEST KIKUYE CAROL 'VER -fqluriafi 140. Rifie Club '39.141, .lzipanvse Students' "Gloria" '40. Ski 011111 39340- Pres. 141- Club '39-'41, SPO. '-10. ERQINGERY EVANS' FAIN, FARLEY, FISHBACK, FISHER. BETTY AVA,-ON THELMA BARBARA ROBERT DOUGLAS '41 V, P,-es' 140: G' Sophomore Asgmnl Ilzlnve Filllfi-IRQ' ISS, UC" Basketball '39, .x. A. ,ss-'41: CSF lily: 0 ,- ,, 1- i f ,- lrafik '39- I335 Ski Club '39l Housv": t'You C:1n't SOITIIOIUUV9 ASSQYU' Take lt YVitll Youu. blyg "June M:1rl"g "Sorority Houseug 'Wow Carft Take It With You". FLINT. FONG. FORCHEE, FOSTER, FRANKLIN, FRASHER- LORENE WARREN BEULAH JUNE MARIAN ROBERT G. A- A- 140' -.BH RaSkQHml1 lim- CSF '38, G. A. A. H y p il t i :1 '39-'40, Chemistry Club '-H. Rifle Club 38340- --H. HBH fl-mek -41: '38-'41g Q "Gloria" Trezxs. '-10. C'I1iv1eQ0 Sl'llflf?Illh, '492,, Mimi Bed Club .40-,blk Mill : Dmive kan- tnsy '38, FRENCH, FRIES, FRUI-IK, FROWSING, GARRETT, GATHRIEI FLORENCE MARY JANE ANNE BERNICE RUSSELL GAIL CSF 'BRUSH' Comm. of Debate G. A. A. '40-'41, Owl '40. '40g Forensic League '40, ,42 Treas. '39g ll. A. A. '39"41g CSF '39-'4l. 'l'1'eaS. '40, Sec-, '41, Por- tia '39-'41, Y, Pres. '40, Pres. '-11: Sr-i'iIwl1lm'S Clulm '39- '4IIg Swimining 539- 'llg Tennis '-113 "The RMI Mill". GEARHEART, GENTRYY GIBB9, GILCHRIST, GILLIS, GLASBY, DONNABELLE WILLIAM WANDA MARREON GERALD DOROTHY CSF T415 Owl Adv- i.GIm.m-I ,383 FHM- Portia '40-'4l. I-l ypatia '40-'41, '41, G. A. A, '40- neers '38-,413 Ser-. Ilfefls- ,40- '41g Clwmistry Club 3395 Quill ik Scroll '-llg Prirtizl '40-'41: 739-5415 K". S. F. Ilam-e Fantasy I40. 'HQ-'41, Owlot '38- '-11. GLENN, GOODALL, GRANGER, GRAY, GREAVES, GREENING, PEARL ANDREW DOROTHY GRANT GRANT GILBERT CSF '39-'41, Sfrrili- CSF '39, FSF T595 'I'i0 Tor- FSF "KK-I-105 Senate CSF E113 Stzinip Bnselmll '-11g "Yon lvlers Club '39-'40: "ill-'41, F14-1-. '40, '40-'-11. Vlub '38-'41, Pres. f'zm't Take It NVitli Portia '40-'-115 C. Pres, '-11: Portia '41, "Gloria" '-10: You". A. A. 5399415 l. F. '39-'41 Sa-fv. '39, Y. "You Cillllf Take lt fl. '39-3391 SODITO- Pres. '40, 9l'i f'luI: With Yun". ni n r Q Assenililyg "RFI: Owl Aclv. '41 3 Uwlet '-10. ioplioiiinrel Aveni- lilyg Ilmvff Fzxnlzwg' UI0. GRIFFITH, GRIFFITH, GRIPPI, HALD, HALL, HAMILTON, BETTY GWENDOLYN VINCENT LUCILLE IRMA ROBERT Hypam '40-'41, CJ. rn. A. A. 'asm-'41, I-Iflrlvv F21HL11Hy'40- A. A. '39-'4lg Dance Filllfilij' '40, Clieinistry Club 141. r L W 1 1 Y P w w Q L v s 3 4' E X 5 1 r v 5 1 5 1 2 HAMMOND, JUNE Portia '40-'41, G. A. A. '39-'41, D,lnf'e Fantasy '4U. HANSEN RICHARD HARNISH, MARGIE Portia '38-'40, Pres. '40, "Gloria" '-LO. HEDRICKS, LOIS G. A. A. '40-'41. HINES, JEANNE '41 Sen. T00 '38-'41, G. A. '40, Tie A. '38-'41, Aav. Mgr. Uwvl '41, Dance Fantasy '40, "Glo- ria" '40, Sonlmniore Assembly, "Sorority l-I 0 u s e "3 Mari- tana." HOLLISTER, LANCE Stamp Club '40-'41, HUNTER, DOLORES '41 Y. Pres. '3Q, Sophomore Assem- bly, "Gloria" '39, JANSSEN, LAURA HAMMOND, RUTH llrum Majorx-tte '39- '41, "Sorority House". HANSEN, STANLEY "C" Basketball '3S. HARRIS, TOMMY Football '40, HENDERSON, SUE Comm. of Social Af- fairs, Tic 'Foc '39-- '41, Treas. '40, See. '40, Portia '39-'41, Sec. '40, Ski Club '39-'40, CSF '38- '41g Owl '41. HOBBS, FLOYD '41 Treas. '40, So- phomore Assembly. Hooo, MARTHA G. A. A. ,sem-'41, CSF '39-'41, Camera Club '40-'41, Y. Pres. '41. HUTTON, ADRIENNE JING, ARTHUR CSF '39-'41, Chi- nese Students' Club '39-'41, V. Pres. '41. HANNER, MARILYN CSF '38-'41, G. A. A. '38-'41, Hypalia '40-'41, Scribblers Club '39-'41, Treas. '40, See. '41, HARBERS, KIRK WC" Basketball '39, Owl Ally. '38, Ski Club '39-'40, Hall". "June HARTIGAN, JAMES HERMAN, DORIS "Gloria" '4O. HOBLICK, BABETTE '41 Sec. '39, V. Pres. Girls' League '39, Tic Toc '394 '41, Sec. '40, Pres. '41, Owlet '39, Dance Fantasy '38, '40, "The Red Mill". HOPPER, DON Sophomore Assem- bly, Ski Club '39- '40. HYDE, GRANT JOHNSON, EUGENE HANSEN, HANSEN, HANSEN. FINNELL JEANETTE RAYMOND SUIIIIOIIIOFB Assem lxly. HARBERS. HARLAN, HARLAND, MARGARET JAMES ROBERT Portia ' 3 9 - ' 4 1 "C"' Basketball '38, Agora '38-'4fl. See. Ireas. '40, Pres. '40 Sophomore Asseni- '38, Pres. '39-'40, bly. Trac-k '38-'40, Rally Man '40. HARTUNIAN. HAWKINS, HAYTER, HERBERT BARBARA LYMAN Basketball '39-'40, CSF '39-'41, Dance 'l'r:1ck '39-'41, Fuel- Fantasy '40, "Illu- neers '39-'4ll. Tia" '40, "'I'l1e Real Mill", 'Maritana". HERZOG, HILLIKER, HINE. FRIEDA MARGERY DONALD '41 Y.l'l'es. '39, '41, Pres. '40, Debate '39-'41, Senate '39- '41, See. '39, V. Pres. '40, Sopho- more Assembly. HOCKETT, HOLETON, HOLLISTER, BARBARA JEAN VIVIAN JAMES G. A. A. '33-'41, Tie Toe '40-'41, C. Dance Fantasy '40. A. A. '40-'41. HOPWOOD, HQRNBEAK, HUNT. JACK PATRICIA VERN CSF '39-'41, Pres. Comm. of Flocial Af- '41: Basketball '39- fairs '40g CSF '38- 4II Il'2l0k '39-'41. '41, Portia '33-'4l. Pres. '39, Tic Tof- '38-'4lg Owlet '41, Owl '40, '41, Dance Fantasy '38, HYDE, JACKSON, JAMES, STUART EVELYN BETTY S. B. V. Pres. '41, C. A. A. '40-'41, Owl '39, Senate '39- Dance Fantasy '40. '41, Y. Pres. '40, Rally Man '40-'41: "Gloria" '40, Dance Fantasy '40, "You Can't Take It NVitl1 You". JOHNSON. JONES, JONES, HARRY EARLE MAXINE CSF '38-'40, Rifle G. A. A. '39-'-ll! Club 33141, V. Camera Club '41, Pres. '40, "The Red Mill", UGluI'ia" '3S. '39, Dance Fantasy '40, Dance Fantasy '40, I K I 2 ' 2 1 2 3 S 2 2 1 5 L 5 9 Q Q A ,f 21 Q X1 if i i 5 t 2 2 2 in 52 JONES, VIRGINIA "June Mud", t'Srn'o1'- ity House". KEN NELLY, MARY JANE Chemistry Club '41 Owlet '41. KIRCHER, ARTHUR KONKEL, MARGARET VUFAKI, HIRO "C" 'Frank '38-'39, "C" Basketball '38- '39, LENAHAN, JERRY LOCKE, EDNA esp' ues, '39. '40, MacGILLIVRAY, CHARLES Rally Mun '-11. "Gloria" JOPES, WILLIAM Idngineers '39-'-11. Pres. '40, "You Ctlflit Take li With You". JOSEPH, ARAM I.. YY. lfootball '38, "B" Basketball Mgr. '40, Yarsity Basket- lzzill Mgr. '41, 'Track '39, Engineers '38- '-11. KERSHAW, KESHISHIAN, ROSELLEN MIKE CSF '38-'30, II. A. Cunun, of Athletics A. '39-'41, 154111479 '41, '41 Pres. '41, Fantasy '38, '-10. Fwotbull '39-'41, Track '39-'41, Sen- ate '40-'41, Iro- quois '40-'41, KIRKPATRICK, KLEIN, NELLIE ALBERTA fa. A, A. '29-I41, Ihnue Fantasy '40, KRAMER, KRAMER, DWIGHT MILTON LARSEN, LAWTON, MARILYN MARION G. A. A. '39-'41, Dance Fantasy '-10. LEVINE, LEW, MYRON BETTY JEAN Owler '41, Sc-ribhlers Club '41, Chinese Students' Club '39- '-11. LOVEALL, LOWRY, BARBARA HAZEL G. A. A. '39-'41, l'JzInc'c Fantasy '-10. MacLEAN, MAHON, MARIAN JOHN Uwlclt '39-'40, fi, A. Crnnin. of Athletics A. '30-'41, CSF TSS- '40, Football '38- '-10, 11111109 Fantasy '39, Swiinniingg '39- '38, Swiixnning 'SIL '41, Ski Club 'SII- '-I0: liwunirvis '-11. KASSON, KAUTENBERG, MELBA GLORIA G. A. A. '40-'41, G. A. A. '40-'41, "You Cmft Take It 1Vith You". KEVORKIAN, KING, ROBERT DOROTHY G. A. A. '39-'41, Dunne Fantasy 'l0. KNOLL. KOFOID, SPENCER CHARLOTTE Rifle Club '40-'-11. Owlet '39-'40, G. A. A. '38-'41, Portizl '40. KRASCHEL, KROG, WILLIAM ELAINE USF '40-'41, Debate '38-'40, Exfeinpor- aneous Speaking '39- '41, owl '40, 111, Owlet '38-'41, Sen- ate '39-'40, Engi- neers '39-'41, V. Pres. '41, f'aine'ra Club '-I0-'41, Pres. '40-'41, Sf-ribhlers '39-'41. Y. Pres. '40, Quill and Scroll '39-'-41. LAYTON, LEACH, PATRICIA HOWARD 'Tic Toe '39-'40, "June Mud". LEW, LEWIS, HARVEY MARYBELLE CSF '39: Chinese Tic Toe '39-'41, Ski Students' Club '3EI- Club '39-'40, Hwixn- '41, Pres. '40. ming '40, Sopho- ni 0 1' e Assembly, Dance Fantasy '40, Owl Adv. '41. LUM, LUSK, CHARLES GRACE Chinese Students' fl. A. A. '40-'-11: Club '41, f':InIern "Gloria" 'SSL Club '4l. NIAHON, MANFRED0. JOSPEH ALVERA Football 'ziarg '-I", ll, At, nt, '40, 'I'I':Ic'k '3 9, Ski Club '40, HOIIil01llOl'Q AQ- scmbly. KAWAHARA, HARUKO Chemistry Club '41 .lztpzxnese Students Club '39-'41, Sec, '4l. KIRAMIDJIAN, VAHRAM Football '39-'40, KOHMAN, ANTHONY Football '40, 'I'rnck '30-'41 , Hziskethall '41, Iroquois '39- '-Il. KURTOVICH, MILINA CSF '39-'41, G. A. A. '39-'41, Owlet '41, Clieuiistry Club '41. LEE, HOWARD Chinese Students' Club '40-'41. LINDQUIST, WILMA LUTZ, ARDITH U. A. A. '30-'-11. MANOOGIAN, ARTHUR Truck '30-'-11, Frm'- bIIII '35-'39, LI. A. A. '39-'41, Owlet '41, CSF '39, i 1 9 5 1 F NIANOOGIAN, RICHARD Stamp Club '39-'-Il, V. Pres. '39, '-11. I'1'es. '40, Eno nee-rs '40-'4l. NIASTERTON, DEAN liwvball "ll, lingi nears '4l. MCCASLIN, MARY JANE G. A. A. '39"4l Tie Toe '40-'41 Dance Fantasy '40 Ski Club '39 '40. MECCI, CLEM MEZZANO, DORIS G. A. A. '39-'41, Dance Fantasy '40, "Gloria" '39, '40, "The Red Mill". MILLS, PAUL '41 Treas. '39, Stamp Club '38-'39. V. Pres. '39, Owlet '40-'41, L. W. Foot- ball '39-'40, "June Mad" ,"GIoria" '40, MOMSON, PEGGY Tic Toe '39-'41, Owl Adv. '41, Owlet '41, "Sorority House". MURPHY, MARY Sopliornore .I Hsevn- bly, "June Mad", "Sorority House". MAR, MARKARIAN, CLAYTON PENNY Chinc-se Students' '41 'l'reaS. '30, G. Club .L A. '30-'-Il. MATHEWS, IVIAY, ELEANOR GEORGE CSF '3N-'4l. MCCAULEY, MCDANIEL, VIRGINIA GENTRY Football '39-'40, Iroquois '40. MEEKS, MEHLING, MAXINE DOROTHY Portia ' 3 8 - ' 4 1 , Treas. '40-'41, "tllof via" '40. MICHAELS, IVIICKEI-IAN, MARTIN GILBERT Football '3 9-'40, Basketball '38-'41, Track '39-'41, Base- ball '38, Iroquois '30-'41, Sophomore Aisenibly. MILTON, MITCHELL, RICHARD RALPH Football '38, "B" Basketball '38, Football Mgr. '39- '401 Iroquois '41, Ski Club '39-'40. Pres. '40. MOORADIAN, NIOORE, ROXIE RICHARD G. A. A. '39-'-ll: Uwlet '41, IVUYZER, NAKAMOTO, EONIA NIORITO USF 'fill-'39, G. .5 A. '39-'40, llfincfcl Fantasy '40, "The Rerl Mill". NIARTIN, MASON, MARVIN JUNE Football '40, l"cf ll. A. 5. '-10. quois '-tl, Supllo- nzrnw .lsae-ialllly. MCADAIVIS. IVICCANN. MARJORIE JUNE "G'oi'fn" '30, '40, l'rn'tfa '40. "llai'ifana". MQGOWAN, NICISAAC, JOHN DONALEE 'I'i'ar'k '41, "Gloi'ia' '40, "Maritana". MEHRWEIN, MEI-CHIOR, JEANNE NANCY ri. A. A. '30-'4i. 1'01'fi11 '40"41: GIO- 1'la" '-10. MILITANO, MILLER, PAT ORVAL MITCHELL, MITCHELL, WALTER WAYNE Debate '39-'41, Fn- gineers '41, "Glo- via" '38, 'sen NIORRIS. MORRISON, JUNE RODDY H. A. A. '39-'41, CSF '39, 'I'i'at-li '41, Vunivra Club '-tl. NAKANO, NANCE. MASAKO GEORGE CSF '40, Owlel '40- '4I, Senate '39-'41 Treas. '40, Hera '41, Sovlioniore Assvni bly, "You Can't Take lt With YOJI, NIAST, DENNIS I.. W. Football '39 ASSE Coach I.. ll Ifvmtlnzill '40, MCCARTHY, WARREN Bwlietlizlll '40-'41 "tioi'o1'ity House" "'I'l1t- Rerl Mill" '-.Innv Mad". MCVVILLIAIVIS, PEARL llanve Fantasy '40, MESSICK, BILLIE Hyparia '38, CSF '38. MILLS, MARY ELLEN MOLESBERGEN, JACK CSF '38-'41, Ski Club '39-'40. IUIOSER, ARTHUR Basketball '40-'4I. NELSEN, MARTIN Football '38, Owlet '39. N L Y 5 i Q 2 P 3 E Y 2 5 2 5 NELSON, ARTHUR ' ' C ' ' Basketball '38, "B" Basketball '39, "A" Basketball '40, Track '41, Iro- quois '40-'41. OHAN IAN, ARPIE Sophomore Assem- bly, "The Red Mill", Dance Fan- tasy'38. PARKER, DAVID Owl '41, Engineers '41, "June Mad", "You Can't Take lt With You". PEDRONCELLI, FLORA Owlet '40, Owl '41, Hypatia '40, G, A. A. '39-'41, l. Pres. '41, Dance Fantasy '40, POTTER, JUNE I Hypatia '39-'41, See. '40, V. P r e s. '40, Pres. '40, G. A. A. '38-'41, Scrib- blers Club '38-'40, See. '39, Stamp Club '38, C. S. F. '38-'41, Oxvlet '38- '41, Sophomore As- sembly, Dance Fan- tasy '38, QUERTERMOUS, ROBERT REITZ, ORVILLE RILEY, MILDRED G. A. A. '39-'41, "Gloria" '39, NICHOLS, MILDRED CSF '38-'41, G. A. A. '41. OHANNESIAN, DOROTHY CSF '38, '39, '41, Sophomore Assem- bly, Dance Fantasy '40, "Gloria" '38, '39, '40, "The Red Mill". PASCHALL, CONSTANCE Tic Toc '39-'40, Dance Fantasy '40, "Sorority House". PETERS, HAROLD POTTS, DONALD Swimming '39-'41, Track '39, Iroquois '39-'41, Rally Man '40-'41, QUICK, JAMES REHDER, NAOMI "Sorority Scribblers '40 l-louse", Club '39- ROBBINS, DALE NICKEL, BRUCE ONETO, BRUCE Student Body Pres '41, '41 V. Pres. '40, Elec. Corn. '41, C. S. F. '38, Rally Man '41. PASCOE, FERN Stamp Club '38-'39 Sec. '39, Danre Fan tasy '38, "Gloria '40, PETERSON CALVIN POULSEN, VIRGINIA RASKOVICH, DOOLEY REPASS, CLYDE "lIlaritana". ROBERSON, GENEVIEVE "Gloria" '35, '39, "The Red Mill", "lIIaritana". ,. ODAHL, OFTEDAL. OGLE, DOLORES BETTY ROBERT "Gloria" '40, OSTROM, OWENSBY, PAPAZIAN, PAMELIA LUCILLE HARRY CSF '35, G. A. A. CSF '39-'41, G. A. Baseball '30, Track '30-'41, A. '39-'41, V. Pres. '41, '40, Pres. '41, Ten- nis '40-'41, Swim- ming '40, PATTERSON, PEARSON, PEDRONCELLI, RICHARD ELIZABETH ANN CSF '38-'41, Sec, Owl '41, Owlet '41, '41, Owl '41, G, A, G. A. A. '39-'41, V. A. '38-'41, Treas, Pres. '40, Pres, '41, '41, Hypatia '39. Dance Fantasy '40, '41, Pres, '40, Sec, Tennis '30-'41, '41, "Gloria" '38. '39, '40, Dance Fan- tasy '40, "The Rell Mill", "Maritana". PHILLIPS, PIERINI, PLOG, DORIS ADOLPH LA VISA Hypatia '39-'40, Football '38-'40, "B" Basketball '39, "A" Basketball '40- '41, Baseball '39- '41, Iroquois '40- '4'I, V. Pres. '40. Pres. '41, POY. PRETZER, PRICE, ALICE JEANETTE JAMES USF '39-'41, Chi- Dance Fantasy '40. S. B. Yell Leader nese Students' Club '40, '41 Y. I.. '39, '39-'41, Sec. '40, '41, Swininiing '40: Stamp Club '38, G, Owlet '41, "June A. A, '40-'41, Owl Mad". '41, "Gloria" '40, Maritana". RATI-IFF, REGNART, REIBSCHLAGER LUCILLE BARBARA BETTY G. A. A. '40-'41, Dance Fantasy '40, RHODES, RICE, RIGALLS, EARZARAQ ,M JUNE INA RUTH ' 'GC' . 5 T'- '1' f'40-'41, G. o -ir ui- Girls League Pres. ATLAY 210941. MGM- bltrj Club ,138-.flim '40, '41 sec. '40, rm., 40. '..,,u,,i, ' ' ' Portia '39-'41, V. tango ' ' Pres. '39, Pres. '41, ' G. A. A. '39-'41, Masquers '39-'41, CSF '40, Owlet '39, SXVllIlIl1'Illg' '40, "So- rority House", "June Mad", "You Can't Take It With You", "The Rell Mill", Dance Fantasy '40, ftuioriaf' '39, fm. ROBERTSON, ROBINSON, ROBY, EARL JANE VIRGINIA C, A. A. '39-'41, Owlet '41, Ski Club '40, Dance Fantasy '40. N 1 r N N 1 1 V V' E f 5 E 2 Q 5 Q K E E 2 ,. Ye YE sf Q 11 2 4 D a Q? ff 2 i 1 7:ww1Q,.-W :- - A . mewwf-xr,-.fzMv,. ,- W . ,ummm dlp ROC KA FELLOW, WANDA Uwlet '41. ROSE, JEAN Tic Toe '39-'41, Ski Club '39-'40, Owl Adv. '41, Sophoe m 0 r e Assembly, Dance Fantasy '40, "Gloria" '40g Swim- ming '40. SAGHATELIAN, SENOR SANDERSON, NATHAN SCHEIDT, VIRGINIA CSF '38-'41g Portia '39-'41, Sr-ff. '41. SCHROER, ALINE G. A. A. '39-'41, Vheniistry Club '41, Dance Fantasy '40. SEGEL, CATHERINE CSF '38-'41, Scrib- blers Club '39-'41. Sec. '40, Pres. '41, "Gloria" '40, "Mar- itana" . SHUCK, COU LTER MT". F'or1tl,1i1ll '39 - '40. ROCKAS, CATHERINE Portia '40-'41 'I'1'c:1S. '41, G. A. A '40-'41, CSF '39- '41g Debate '39-'41 RUDD, WILLIAM L. VV. Football '39- '40g '41 V. Free. '41, Senate '40-'41. V. Pros. '41, Rally 312111 '40. SAHARA, MAKATO SARGENT, OLIVER Scribblers '39-'41, Owl '40, O'wlet '40- '41g Quill dk Scroll '40-'41. SCHERER, BEVERLY Scribblers Club '4f1f '4'l. SCHULTZ, JUNE G. A. A. '3?-'-115 'I'lc Toe '39-'40, "Glo- ria" '38, '40, llblllfffl Fantasy. '40, Owl Adv. '41. SEIBERT, BERNICE CSF ,353 Hypatia '39-'41, ser-. 409 G. A. A. '38-'4l. SILVEIRA, LOIS CSF '39-'41. RODMAN, RICHARD Footlzall '30 - '40, lro 11 uois 359341, Pres. '40, Ski Club '30-'40, Rally Man 'HSP-'-10. RUDOLPH, WILLIAM SAID, ALICE G. A. A. 'asfug CSF '38-'41, Ora- tfry '-404'-Il. SATO, DORIS Japanese Students' Club '40-'-41. SCHMIDT, BETTY G. A. A. '40"41. SCIARONI, LLOYD SEIBERT, HOWARD Baseball Mgr. '-403 Iroquois '40-'41. SIMMONS, DOROTHY '42 Sec. '39, G. A. .-X. '39-'41, Ski Club '39-'40g Sopl'1on1o1'e AQsc111I1l1'. ROGERS, MADELI NE Chem. Club '41 C11111c1'a Club '41 Owlet '41, RUNDLE, MIRIAM '41 Sec. '40g G. A A. '38-'-115 llypatia '38-'39g Owl ASs'I Iifl. '41, Dance Fan- Uwy 405 Quill ic Scroll '41, Swim ming: '3 93 Expcmpor aneous Speaker '30 '41 SAKAGUCHI, MAOMI J. C. '40-'41 SATO, MARY Japanese Students' Club '40-'4l. SCHNEIDER, BLANCHE CSF '38g l-lypatia '40f'4l Y. Pres. '41g "M4iritz111u". SCOTT, ANITA G. A. A. '393-il. SENSANO, DANIEL SIMMONS, WAYNE Football 'RSL ROGERS, ROMA G. A. A. '3!JA'40. RUSH, WINIFRED ll. A. A. '3Q"41. SANDERS, MARGARET li. A. A, 'BSL SAWYERS, MARILYN CSF '39-'41, Owlrt '40"413 Hyputia '30 '41, 'Pre-as. T393 ff A. A. '39-'413 'fic Tore '-40"-11. SCHNEIDER, LORRAINE SCOTT, BETTY Il.111ce Fantasy '40. SHARP, SAM Baseball '40g CSI" '38-'40, SIMS, JACK ROGERS, VIRGINIA RUTLEDGE, MARVIN Debate 'Sth SANDERSON, BETTY G. A. A. '38-'41 Tic T00 '40 SCHEIDT, HAROLD SCHOETTLER, DON SCRIBNER, DORIS '41 Ser. 'firig Sopho- more ASS"'lllI1lj'. SHEKERJIAN, HERMINE CSF '35-'-Il: Owlet '40-'41, Srribblers l'l.1b '40-'41, C. A. A. '41g lS'lIl10l'1l Club '40-'41. SITTS, PATRICIA "Gloria" '40, K'Alill'lfilllI1". Z 1 21 S E 5 Q 2 2 5 5 2 E EL 5 5 xi fs xi. uk xv i 1 X SMADES, DORIS SMITH, EDWARD Football 'Qin SPOMER, PHYLLIS G. A. A. ' '39-'41 Pep Girl '40, "Glo: ria" '38, '40, Cul ,XIIv. '41, STEITZ, JEANNETTE SWARTZ, HELEN VAN METER, JOHN CSF '39f41, Senate '41, Owl Sales Mgr. '41, "B" Basketball '38, Baseball '40- '41, WAKASA, SHIGERU WEAVER, BURDEEN CSF '38-'40, Cam- era Club '40, Dance Fantasy '40, "The Rell Mill" CStuden1 Directorl, "Gloria" '38-'40. SMITH, AUDREY SIVIITH, JEAN owl '41, Is. .-I. A. '41, ffutm-ia" 'asm STAHL, ROSEMARY CSF '41, Uwvlet '40f '41' C' X 4 '10 '41, SSIIISISIQQ-S' cam '40-'41, Stamp Club '41, Camera Club '40 - '41, "Gloria" '40, '41 Treas. '4l. STEVENSON, BETTY G. .M A. '33-'39, TARR, ARTHUR VARJIBEDIAN, MIKE WARREN, GLENNA WEBB, ROY Football '38 - '40, Basketball '38-'39, Track '38-'40, lro- quois '39-'40, Ser. '39, Rally Man '39- '40 SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, BERNARD CARREL DOROTHY EARL Stamp Club '35-'40 "Gloria" '40. SMITH, SMITH, SOTO. SPERL, LESLIE LORENA JULIAN BERTHA Stamp Club '38 1'm'tia '39-'40, Sec, "Gloria" '38, '40, H5 0 ,- 0 1- 1 f ,- H o u se "3 "June Mall". STANIFORDI STEINBERG, STEINHAUER, STEINHAUER, KENNETH STANLEY CLAUDINE DOROTHY Owl Mlv. '40, HB' '-ll Pres, '38, S. B. Cliemistry Club '41, G. A. A. '40-'41, Basketball '38, SI- Pres. '40, Conun. of Dance Fantasy '40, plxomore Assembly, Finance '38-'39, Swim Mar. '39, Ral- CSF '38-'41, Senate ly Mau '40-'41, Sk: '38-'41, 'Ia-gas. '39, l'lIIlI '39-'40, Y. Pres. '39, Pres. '40, Quill 8: Scroll '38-'39, V, l'I'eS. '39, Owlet '33A'40, 24oplmn1ore Assem- bly, "June Mad". STOCKHOLM, STUCKERT, STURGEON, SUMIDA, CECILIA JUNE LAWSON ALICE "Gloria" '40, Dance "Gloria" '39, CSF '38-'40, Hauli- Fautasy '40, book Ass't. Fld. '39, FII. '40, Owlet '39- '41g u. A. A. '30- '41 Scribblers Club '38v'4l, Treas. '39. See. '40, Pres. '40, Japanese Students' Club '39-'41, Y. Pres. '40, THONEN. TOOKOIAN, TWICHELL, UYEOKA. ELIZABETH ARTHUR HORACE AKIIVII Sivimmingf ' 4 1 , "I'lII'II'ia" '40, CSF '39-'41, "Glo- "Gloria" '40, "Mari- ria" '40, tuna". VAAUGHN, VERNAVA, VERNON, VOGELER, IGABEI- ANTHONY DOROTHY PATRICIA "Gloria" '40. G, A, ,sh '3SJ40: "Gloria" '40, "The Red Mill", Danmv Fantasy '38, "Yon Can't Take It Willa Yon." WARREN. WATERMAN, WAXMAN, WEAVER, WILLIAM FRANK HARRIETTE BETTY Rifle Club '39-'41, R,11lyM21n '40.'41, Camel-H Club 141g Rev. - ll'reas. ' 4 U , Chemistry Club '41 , 1I'es. -LO. Dance Fantasy '40, Sophomore Assem- bly, "Red Mill", "Gloria" '39-'40, WEBSTER, WEIR, WEST, WEST, MARYLY SHIRLEY MARGUERITE WILLIAM G. A. A. '38-'41, 'Fic G. A. A. '39-'-ll: llypatia ' 3 9 - ' 4 1 'I'l'2,lf'k '41, TOC '38-'4l. Treas, Pep Girl '39-'40, '1're:1s, '40, V. Pres. 41, Sorority House", Dance Fan' tasy '40, Dam-e Fantasy ' 4 fl. '40, Pres. '41, V w w w . -9525? YL F S y 1' '15 W' T-, 55' i I If-I HE?EE2'r'i9Limi2" ' wi 5325 WEYMOUTH, CLARE G. A. A. '39-'41g Tic Toe '39-'41, V. Pres. '40, "Sorority House", "June Mad". WHITE, PATRICIA WILLIAMS, KATHERINE CSF '38-'41, Owlei ,415 "The Red Mill". WOODS, LAWRENCE Football '39, CSF '38-'39g Owlet '39- '40g Rifle Club '38- '39. Thirty-eiglzt WEYMOUTH, WEYMOUTH, WHEELER, WHELCHEL, WHITE, MARGARET THORNTON JAMES WILLIAM HARRY H y p a t i za. '40-'41, CSF '39, Swimming S. IK. Yell Leader Pres. '41, Dance '39A'40g "The Reil '39-'41, '41 Y. L. Fantasy '40, Swim- Mill", "Gloria" '38, '39-'41, "C" Bas- ming '39-'40. '39, '40, ketbzlll '39-'40g "B" Basketball '41, "C" 'I'rar:k I3 9 g "A" Track '40-'41, Radio Club '40-'41, Pres. '40, Iroquois '40f '4l. WHITE, WHITTEN, WILKINSON, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILMA BETTY VIRGINIA BETTY BRUCE CSF '38, Sophomore CSF '38-'41, Owlel H y p a t i il '40-'41 Assembly. '41, G. A. A. '39- Dance Fantasy '41. '41, Scribblers Club 340-'41, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WONG, WONG, WOOD, MAXINE VIRGINIA EARL FRANK JR. KENNY H ypatia '38-'41, Hypatia '40-'41, Chinese Students' Chinese Students' Treas. '41, "Gloria" Club '40-'41, Club '39-'4l, V '35, '40. Pres. '-Il, CSF '39 '41. WORLEY, YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG, ZARIN, RUTH GERALDINE LILLIAN WILLIAM CHAR'-ENE G. A. A. '39, Owlet '39. Seniors W ithout Pictures ANAFORIAN, REUBEN BARNES, LEVERETT BISCHEL, EDWARD BOLT, RODEN CAIAZZA, GUY CALLAHAN, NORMAN CRANMORE, EMORY CURTIN, ELEANOR DARTER, FLOYD DAVENPORT, VIRGINIA DERDERIAN, ELIZABETH DOLLAR, HENRIETTA EDISON, DOROTHY FARR, FRANK FRANK, HAROLD GABRIEL, ESTHER GALLOCK, DON GARVEY, WILLIAM HARPER, ROLAND HARRON, FRED HENRY, JOHN HODGSON, MARILYN KARASTATHIS, NICK KIRSCHER, JEAN KUWAMOTO, YASUYUKI LEWIS, MARTHA MCGUIRE, DONALD MCWILLIAMS, MARY JANE MARKARIAN, ARAM MIARS, BUD NEIKIRK, GARTH NYBERG, LENORA OHANIAN, ED PATTERSON, JERRY RASMUSSEN, MARIE RATLIFF, CARL RICH, LaMAR SAM, HAROLD SCHULMAN, STANLEY SMITH, RUBEN SNYDER, FRANK STEVENS, STEPHANIE THOMPSON, GRACE TUPPER, FLORENCE WALROND, HENRY WHITBY, JACK WILLIAMS, GEORGE YEZDAN, THEODORE Class Sponsors 194-4-W. PRICE ROBINSON and MAv1s LONDQUIST 194-3-ROBERT REES and FRANCES ROGERS 1942-LOUISE SCHOTTSTAEDT and NORMAN MAC- 1941-SHERMAN HEw1TT and BELLE ELEANOR SHORT DONALD M CHARLES SELLS SARA SAGER ,,,,,,,A,,,, NADINE BIERMAN PHY1.1.1s VVoi.coTr ,,,,, SAGFIR SELLS WOI,CO'l"l' BIWRMAN At the beginning of the fall semester we, the Class of '42, took up the most important duty of the year, the choosing of class sweaters. VVe were shown many styles and colors from several of Fresno's leading stores. After weeks of in- decision, the majority of the class, decided that we wanted to "stand outn from the seniors and sophomores, and so we chose red sweaters with white emblems. For a few weeks after the sweat- ers arrived, everyone was seeing "red',. Toward the close of the semester several mem- bers of our class decorated the auditorium for graduation exercises, others ushered at the hac- calaureate. We started the spring semester with a grad- uate of our "Alma Mater", Miss Louise Schott- staedt, helping Big Chief Norman MacDonald to guard our Wigwam on the reservation. Because of the full program ahead of us, we tried to elect capable officers to carry it out. After a very close race, the following finally SPRING DON ALBRIGHT ...,. . ,.,......,..,,, . ,t.,..,..... Prmdfnf BEVERLY KUHLITZ ,,,, ,. . Fire President ALICE MILLER ...... ,,,,,,,,r, S efretary DAVID VVOOD ..... ..,,, T rfasurer Forty Class of '42 FALL Presidrnt Vin'-President Sffrftzzry Treasurer came out in the lead: president, Don Albright, vice-president, Beverly Kuhlitzg secretary, Alice Miller, treasurer, David Ivood. The sergeant- at-arms and the yell leader were appointed by the new president. They are Tom Daugherty and Sten Borasi. Un March 7 we presented our Junior Farce, 'fGrowing Painsn, the Story of a professor. his wife, and their two children. The latter, inci- dently, get into all sorts of difficulties. After f'Growing Painsu had been given, we began committee work for the Junior-Senior Prom. On the night of Saturday Cwe broke a traditionl, lyfay 3, the members of both classes were taken across the blue Pacific to that island of palms, pineapples, guitars, and grass skirts--Hawaii. With the Prom as a grand finale, we ring down the curtain on the events of our junior year, expecting to he heard from next as Hthe seniors" at Fresno High School. KL'I'IL1'l'Z ALBRIGIIT XVO'0D MILLER First Row: Aaronian, Aivaz- ian. Albright. Allyn, Alves, Andreas. Anderson, Arhios, Avedisian, Ser-ond Row: Arnold, Aslanian, Bacon. Ayres, Baker, Ball, Burger, Barrett. Barthuli, Bates. 'l'hi1rl Row: Bennett, Bax' ier. Beckley. Bedford, Bolt. Hopp. Bell, Berenrlsen. Bier, Bierman, Blasingan10.Fourth How: Blevens. Blicsner, Bovl. Bolt, Borasi. Brail- ley, Branson. Bil'lQ'g'S,Bl'lg'hdlll Fifth Row: Burns, Brock- QIWIIX. Bristol, Behlan, Bor- stroni, Brown. Buhler, Burk- holfler. First Row: Elder, Elias, Englander, Fairchild, Farns- worth, Ferguson, B. Fickle. C. Fickle, Fisher. Second Row: Fisk, Flint, Foin, Gil- iiams, Ford, Fortier, H. Fos- ter, P. Foster, French, Ful- ler. 'l'hir1l Row: Galloek, L. Gemanis, Foos, Golden. Goodwin. Googooian, Green- ing, Griffcnhagen, Barbara Hall. Fourth Row: W. Hall, Bud Hall, Hamilton, Ilain- lin, Hannnond, Hainperson, H. Hansen. P. Hansen, R. Hansen. Ilarbison. Fifth Row: T. Gemanis, lleilbron. H e i t in a n, Heizenrader. tlrowden, Hedrick. lust Row Busick, Cnnp hell Caniy Cano Carlson Lnter Carioll Cisey Cas kes beconfl Row Ceithn Chzpin, Chippell Chitty Ciollett F Christos 1 Christos Clfuk Class, Fohey l'hirrl Row: Cole, Coombs, Devlin Conant. boonjohn Corwin, Cowan, Craig, Cran- flall C'UIllllllg'il21I'Il. Fourth Row: Delllanty Denton DL Temple, Gomer, Dishman, Dollar, Dorfineier, Dow. Draklich. Dunlop. Fifth Row: Dougherty, Easton, Edgerton, Constance Fld! Wards, Charles Edwards, Eiffler. First Row: Henmi, High, M. llill. P. Hill, Hiller, Hills, llinchley, Hine, Hobbs. Sec- oncl Row: Holt, K. Howard, BI. llowarcl, D. Howell, E. Howell, Ruby Lew, H. Lew, Jertberg, Jlitsumyo. Thirrd Row: Joaquin, Johansen, Kennedy. Jolly, B. Jones, C. Jour-s, Jordan, B. Jorgensen, I. Jorgensen. Fourth Row: Karkuaya, Kello5l'l2', Ilene- fick, Kikkert, Kirby. Kjer, Knight, Hruska. Krajian. Fifth Row: Kuhlitz, Kurto- vich. Kuyumjian. Johnson, Lane. Leach, Jacobs, Hum- phreys Jnrkovieh, Lewis. Forty-one First Row: Murrav Xzilund Neilson C. N4-lson M, Kel son, Nesper, Newton Nich ols, Nickel. Seeond Ron Nl,lmeier. Nixon Normart Notarungelo, Nyberg, Pease Ohlberg, l"eterson, Owens Papirgri. Third Row: Pap pas, Papulius T'armle5 l'atterson,, Pearson,.1'etersen, Pratini, M. Peterson, P. l"et erson. Fourth Row: Pettx Phillips, Pimental Pomeroy, Porter, Potter Powers Reiss, Prosser. Fifth Row Putnam, Rocklev Rasmus sen, Rausfust G Reed Reed. Regensliurger, 0lIIi'11'2l Reinlnirdt Olufs First Row: E. Sterips Stil- well, Stuart. Sullivan. Swartz, Tanaka, Taylor. Tetstull, Thompson. Second Row: Toeliiuru, Tripple. Ul- rich, Yeale, lVitthoff, Yen- tura, VV:1g:'ner, Wuliraftig. XV1'ig'ht, White. Third Row: Ward, Watson, Watters, Weisert, Weiss, Walker, lVilkins. Fourth Row: Wil- hoite, C. Williams, .l. Wil- liams. Webster, Winch. Variable. lVest, D. XVuo4l, li. lVood, Woods. Fifth Row: Tienken, ll'oosl0y, lVinther, lVruy. Wolf, Wong. VVight. Zenovivh. Fnrfy-tfwo First Row: Lewis, Lingfle, Long, Lowe, Lung. Muo- Keehnie, Mzlrioeli. J. Mar, M. Mar. Second Row: Marsh, D. Martin, Miller, Marvin, lll21l'fl91'0Sl?Hl, Mas- tcn, Miskowie, liloorzidian, Maxey, May. 'l'hird Row: H. 11PC1lYlllSll, McCi1rley, J. Martin, McClellan, Me- Clusltey, lllCIl0ll21lLl, MC- lienzie, Mzrtliows. Fourth Row: ltleonrtezl. Metzler. Millar, B. Miller, F. Mil- ler, Minjzirez, Mitt-hell. Mc- Neiir. Fifth Row: Moore. lllK'CtlSllll, Morrisli, Morris. Morrison, Morsvr. First Row: Rembolt, Rigull, Robbins, Roossler, Rogers, Roughton, Royer, Sager, S21l1i11'g'Llll. Second Row: S11- leh, Sample, Santilli, Sauer, Szirzifian, Seheidt, Scherer, Schillinger. Third Row: Self, Schneider. Schott- stzmedt, SClll'Ell3Ql', Sohroeml- er, Sc-hulter, Schultz, Scruggs, Scott, Sec-ker. Fourth Row: Schmidt, Sells. Snyder, I. Sonimers, Spriggs, Sloper, B. Smith, D, Sterios. Fifth Row: B. Smith, Lorraine Smith, Louise Smith, Shannon, E. Sommers, Sims, Sirounian, Steinhuuer, Stephens, Lung. lass of '43 A FALL President .......A.... ,..,....,.....,,,,.,,,,.........A..,,. B OB YOUNG Vife-Preyident .....A ,...,,,, B ONNIE MAE HANSEN Secretary ........, ......,..,, A Lice SCHNEIDER Treasurer ..,.A .,.... j oHN RASMUSSEN lt was a happy day for the Class of 19-I-3 when, last September, the Low Ten group ar- rived to complete the Sophomore Class. A wel- come committee, ready with badges and infor- mation, was on hand to greet and to assist the newcomers. Soon our organization plans were completed, officers and council members were elected, and we were off to a flying start. In addition to the four officers whose pictures appear at the top and at the bottom of this page, these addi- tional fall officers were elected: Mildred Ed- wards, service chairman, Chris Petropulos, yell leader. ln the spring the two additional officers were Jacqueline Coates as service chairman and Chris Petropulos again as yell leader. Qur first concern was helping our newest class members to become acquainted with Fresno High School. Thus, at our class meetings, a series of talks on school life was given by lVIr. Harris, Miss Farver, Mr. Mock and Mr. Smale, as well as by various representatives of student R.-XSMUSSEN HAXSEN SCHNEIDER YOUNG BUYER KAUFFUNG HAWKIBS QUTXN organizations. Mr. Joseph Edwards helped us to learn the favorite school songs, while our yell leader taught us school and class yells. We also have enjoyed a number of entertainment feat- ures presented by various students of Fresno High School. During the second semester Dr. Everett Keyes, a Fresno High School alumnus, pre- sented to our High Ten group a series of interest- ing and helpful talks on dental hygiene. Another high-light of the year was the 1943 Assembly, at which we presented Brower's Varieties, a program of vibra-harp music and comic ventrilo- quism. Many of our class members have participated in the various all-school activities of the year. We are proud, too, of the records, of our thirty- two members in the California Scholastic Feder- ation. Now We look forward to a successful junior year. We are proud to be a part of this "School of Champions." SPRING President ............ ................. ,...... G E ORGE HAWKINS Vife-President ...... ,..... M ARIE KAUFFUNG Serretary ......... ...... S HIRLEY BOYER Treasurer ....... ..... A RCH QUINN Forty-tliree First Row: K. Canfield, Clll'lSOll, Carter, Catich, Chan, Chimp, Chase, Chris- tian, Chong. Second Row: R. Clark, B. Clark, Dun Clark, Don Clark, Del Bzlno, Coats, Cloelho, f'offma,n, Condley, Contriras, Coombs, Cornell, Third Rcxv: Cul- llli2'tU"1, Curd, Curtis, Cuth- bert, Deliong. Daly, Drinks. Darby. E. Davenport, G. Davenport, Dzihlstroni. Fourth Row: D. Davis, B. Davis, B. Decker, V. Deck- er, Eaton, Denham, Dickey. Diebert, Dillon, Downing. Fifth Row: Donovan, Doi, Drouet, Dunham, Ebert, Ed- wards, Edwin Eidson, Ek- nian, Enochiun, Anderson, A. Anderson. First Row: High, B. llill, ll. Hill, R. Hill, Hilllkcr, llines. Holt. Hoop, Hoopex Second Row: Hornbziker. House, Howrird, Hubbard. E. Johnson, Isheim, Klyver, Koxu-afas. Third Row: Ja- cobsen, James. Jensen. .liz- mejian, A. Johnson, Kuwa- guehi. B. Jones. E. Jones, H. Jones, V. Jones, Tiirsher. Fourth Row: E. Johnson, lludson. Kcuniyfmia, lin- prelian. Kato, Kautfung, Katorinos. Fifth Row: Kuhn, Jue, Justesen, Kala- miris, Kuyumjian, Hende1'- Son, Hubbard. Kearns, Keel- er, Jarlsou. Kidwell. Forly-four First Row: Abrfuns. Aiken, H. Alexander, J. Alexander, H. Alexander. Allen, Arn- brose. A. Anderson, C". An- de.son. Second Row: Blum, G. Anderson, F. Anderson, 'l'. Anderson, Andrews. An- duri. Applinyg, Arnold, Ay- ers, Bnllzis. Third Row: B. Canfichl, Bzlrber Barnett. Bzntlett, Bzirthuli, Burton, Bef-liner, Bernhard, Reldon. liieber, lglllglllllll. Biswell. Fourth Row: U, Anderson, Bolt, Dinner. Bosler. Boyer, Brndley, Bray, Brazee. Brier. Briggs Broad, Brown. Fifth Row: Browne. Roger, Bll0ldillK'XY. Buchinun. Bun- nell, Burney, Hurton. Cn- how. Culiiwliy, B. Cinnlibell. M. Cznnnhell. First Row: Epstein, Fain. Farley, Farr, Fuller. Field- e1', Fine, Fini, Fiorelli. Sec- ond Roxr: Foster. Garvey. Fleming. Fraser, Freedman. Freese, Fries. Frcwsing, Fu- grute. Futrelle, Gafzirian. Third Row: llznnniier, Gra- ham, Gcrzurd, Giaccone, Gizinnopoulos, Gibbs. Giles, Gill, Giuste, Globeufelt Goering, Goff. Fourth Row' Grant, Gregg, Griggs, Groom. Gnntner, Gustafson, lladad. J. Hall, J. H. Hall, Hmnilton. Fifth Row: Hed- rick. Henderson, B. Hansen. J. llimsen. Hardwick. Hur- eis. Harlan. Harrah, Harris Hawkins, Hayes, Hnzelton. First Row: Laikmn. Lange Luntz. Larwood, Leiningei Lehninn, Levy, .l. Lewis Second Row: Lieberman Lindell, Lindsey, Little, Lo gun, Long, Longo, Longo luso, Lowe. B. Ludwif Ludwig. Third Row: Ma higizln, Miller, Marley. Mai tins. Muruko, Michael Fourth Row: E. Mathews Mc,-Xlexanrler, MCC:1ulex BlQFll1'lil1lLl, McPherson, Mec chi. Jarcia, Meredith. Mm ers. C. Mathews. Fifth Row Miles. A. Miller, 3l:11'k0ViL'l1 ll. Miller, K. Miller Xis kowic, D. Mitchell, Bl r 1 chell, Mock. First Row: Doris Roullnrml, Dorothy Rllllllkllil, Routt, line, Kundle. Rupp. Kus- coni, Russell. Sec-ond Row: 52tliilg'llCl1l. Simhongi, Sziinpe son, Sann,ller, S2ll'0j'2lll. Schaxrton, Scherer. Sehniixln, Srhinuke. Schneider. Thirrl Row: B. Schreiber, M, Nclrreiher. Scott. Selby. Sel- lzunl. Sette. Shein. Sliepurfl. NllQllllQ2ll'Kl, Fourth Row: J. 5ll0I'l1l2lll. l'. Slieridzin, Shirejinn. Slot-s. Sisrco, Slklilll. Synnfles, G. Smith. I.. Smith. Fifth Row: Snare. Sliipley. Spekkcr. Spencer Spoerlin. Stnllzml, Stahl. Stearns. Sreitz. First Row Munioe lXxLh ols Nielsen hishiolti Ufte f Olftniai J letelson Okrxwarzi, Uloizia. Second Row: Oneto. Ono, Orrnan. Pearson, Paddy, Pellegrino. Peretti, Peters, Oju. Peter- son. Third Row: Petropulos. B. Phillips, M. Phillips. Pickforcl, Pierce. J. Pipes. K. Pipes, Pontius. Pratt. Peterson. Fourth Row: D. Rns1nussen,J. Rasmussen, R. ltztsinussen, liedden, Reif-h. Reid, Reinhold. Reinelineye . Fifth Row: Rennix. Richard- son. Riley. Rives, Robinson. Roclnian. Rogers, Roth. First Row: Stephens, V. Sterios, Stilwell, Stoekl lLOlIl1, Storey, Stotts. Strong. F. Sturtuvant, Y. Sturtevant. Second Row: Tachino, Trxkeinorin, Tefer- tiller, Telesco, Thompson, VVhite, B. Todd, XV. Todd. Tornlinson, Topp, Trout. Third Row: Tuffs, Uriiel sich. Vaughn, VVaite, XVQNHI. WVarden. XV:1tt, VVehster, Weigzindt, VVeiss. Fourth Row: Wenger, Tlfnirber, Wil- cox, NVilliarns0n. Suther- land, Vllolcott. Fifth Row: E. Wolf, L. Wolf, Young. Yuki, Zecchitella. Zimmer- man. Forty-fifue President .........., Wife-Presidenf .... Sefrtary ....,,,,,, Treasurer AHYULD WALROND IAJGAX LONG How does it sound? Say it again-CLASS OF 1944! We are the first arrivals of a really great class. The second batch arrives in Sep- tember. lt is our job to pave the way for them and to get the ball rolling, so that when they arrive, the entire class will be ready to Hrule the roost" around this Hschool of charrlpionsfl lass of '44 l OFFICERS HOVVARD ARNOLD DON LOGAN MARTHA VVALROND DWIGHT LoNc Perhaps we were a little scared or awed by the students already settled here, but that feeling didn't last long. Remember, it wasnlt so long ago that they were as green as they would like to have us believe that we are now. Believe us, it won't be long before we will be just as high and mighty as they think they are at present. First Row: B. Edwards, I' Edwards, Enos, linglundexg Ergunian, Fast, Gfireia Gearing, Genduszi, Ginnno pxios, Second Row: Grady Greening, J. Griffith, VV Griffith, Grinspnn, Grosso Hull, D. Hansen. M. Han sen. Third Row: Hardin, Ha rikian, Harris. Hayes. Hoff- man, Holmes, Huffman lehiba. Iinperatice. John son. Kaiser. Fourth Row Kasson, Keilso, Kendall Kerber, Kerner, Kinge. Forty-six First Row: Adams. Ander- son, Anger, Arnold, Btn'- clay, Burigian, J. Bates, L. Bates, Beheau. Second Row: Ashlock, Benson, Bernabe, Blanchard. Brown, Burgess, Burkhart, Jean Carye, .Iune Carey, C2112 nine. Third Row: Chow. Clark, Clengifer, Conley. Clough. Cole. Coughlin. Cousins. Cyr, Dale, Fourth Row: Davis, Die-man. Dowe ell, Dnnenn. .lean Dutton. Jerry Dutton. Ebeilnirt. ln order to help us get organized, lVIiss Mavis Londquist and hlr. VV. Price Robinson were ap- pointed to act as our special sponsors and 'ffriends in need." We were made to feel free to call on them at any time for any help or ad- vice we might need. They certainly have been marvelous friends to us. VVhy, the very after- noon we arrived to register at the "school of championsll they presented us with blue booklets that contained, besides special messages of wel- come from them, equally welcome messages from Principal Leo Harris, Vice Principal John Moclc, and Dean of Girls Ferne Farver. And that isn't alll ln addition, there was a list of all Low Ten advisory teachers and their room numbers, all special announcements for our first week of school, and a page of special 'itipsm which were so good that we want to reprint a few right here: Smile! The popular boy or girl has a smile and a cheery greeting for everyone. Read your handbook. Learn the school yells and songs. Get acquainted with your teachers and di- rectors. They are really a grand bunch to know. Plan to enter at least one school club or ac- tivity. Get that habit of listening for Class of '44 announcements. Go out for sports-or be a good side-line rooter. Start TODAY doing your lesson assignments and don't be afraid of homework. You are in HlGH school now. After we'd elected our officers, whose names appear on the preceding page, we felt that we really belonged. Our only truly BIG activity this first semester was our Class of '44 picnic, held after school on May 20. But watch out for usl VVe're just beginning! First Row: Kohmann. N. Lambert, J. Lambert, Law- less. Lehman, Levy. Lew Logan, Long. Second Row: Main, Martin, Mason, Mr'- Clean, Meeks, Minaugh Mollring. Moore. Nakano Nesper. 'Fhirml Row: North amer, Puntell, Papulias Peekinpah, Petersen, Peter- son, P0!l1P'l'?HlC'C, Posten Potter. Pratt. Fourth Row Rasmussen, Reed, Robert son, Routh. Rusehhaupt, J Sanderson, R. Sanderson Svheirlt. Forty-.tffven First Row: Schullxlns Schultz, Scott Seadler Shire, Smith, Snyder Silig inn, Spnnn, Spector Second Row: Studner. btandeforde Stearns, Sl1llEIl22,C1 Sullivan Sutton, Tanalvt l h iver Tl1OU12l s. Thu tl Row Thoxnpson, Trelgel 1 man, Tsuruokn, Yan Sickle Venter, Waldron NN ebster VVeiss. Fourth Rou VN ilson lVitt, Yllysong, finder ACTIV fiixg 573 ' C V7 K5"X lx ' 4 J f ' XQ N V LJ M Q 'N X W ef X fi' IT ES 4 A551 . U f- l K-1 51 Q! JIM BERNICE OLNEY Dzrector Point of origin for perhaps more extra-curric- ular activities than any other academic depart- ment in Fresno High School is the English De- partment, presided over by ever-cheerful Miss Olney. Besides teaching English, Mrs. Ander- son guides the destinies of the Hypatias. Mrs. Elliot, the school librarian, has been directly re- sponsible for many a student's interest in good books, while lllrs. Harbers is the genial priestess of senior composition. Miss Kimball, besides teaching English, is co-sponsor of Chapter 45 of the California Scholarship Federation. Nliss Moeller, besides guiding the OWL from Hbrain- Winners in the American Legion Essay Contest on Amerlcanlsm Department b T HILDA C. MOELLER ROBERT Rees English-Ofwl Drama-Radio LOUISE SCHOTTSTAEDT OPAL SIMPSON Englirh English if 'xxxfj X. Elk Y' -! childl' to finished edition, is cosponsor of the Quill and Scroll, honorary journalism society. Responsible for many outstanding dramatic suc- cesses is Mr. Rees, teacher of play production and radio, whose "Studio Playsl' were an inno- vation of the spring semester. Mrs. Simpson, he- sides teaching English, encourages the budding novelists of the Scribhlers' Club. Soft-spoken hlrs. Briggs also teaches English, as does Miss Schottstaedt. who, in addition, is co-sponsor of the Quilliand Scroll and also of the Class of '-l2. ' l The class in radio rehearses Scene of "Studio Playsv 'Study Play" rehearsa S h O The Big Three istzlnt Flilitor. Advertising Salesmen row: li-iwzilirlm, Philliyas. Geiitrvx' C.X4lVe1'Lising' 3I21ll2lg'Pl' unfl row: We-lister. l79lll'0llC'Slll, Wilkillsinw, 3lOOl'?llll2llI, Roger llPSlZlll. Feature Editors Frank Farr. Sports Editor' Frank Ennis. Assistant Sports Editor" Bertv Paul Societv Editor Reporters First l'uw-Sz1wyel's. Kurtox'ic'h, Lnntz. LEl1lllIg'C1', Sul- lenger, Stern. Lew, Stahl. Pay. Second l'0W-Allfxll, Ulneto, Scherer. Collins, XVilli:uns, Rockafellow, Ray. Frolik. Third wwf--Mii1jzl1'ez. POl1lE1'iilll.iZ. XVitt. 'Valv- lor, Milton. Czlskey. Bill'g'el', NVhitten, AlC'X:l.Ill,lEl'. I Fifly-lfwo let Mi. lmliinson. Sponsu1'g William liraxschel, I-Iilitorg Sheldon Lexvis Xs The ibrary The library, looking toward the stack TOOID. Some of Mrs. Elliofs able and willing staff. First row-Sterios, Foin, Schmidt, Lange, Zeccbitella, West. Second row -Howard, Yazijian, Dccbristo, Steitz, lllason, Caskey, Veale, lVIrs. Elliot. Granger, Sterios and llflason, and the all-important book truck. Fifty-Zllree' Editorial Staff MIRIAM RUNDLE Hxsisianf Editor Miss MOELLER Family Sponxar CALVIN ANTRIM Editor LAURIE BUCK, Arr Editor ANN PEDRONCELLI. Girls' Sportx Editor Staff lllembfrs: Staff 1VIembzr's: First row: ,lean Smith Fncultyg Flora l'erlrunr:elli. Typist. David YYoofl, Boys' Sports lilitorg l'llI'lCl?l. llornlmeak and Second row: XVilli:un Kmschel, l'hotog1'z1phyg Beverly Kull- Sue l-lelnlerson, Senior Class: ,Ioline Morrislx, .lunior Clussg litz, Student Lifeg llzlvifl Parker. Boys' 0l'g'unim1tionsg Betty Pearson, Sophonlore Class fNot in picture: Vi1'gini.L Alice Poy, Captions. Jones, Girls' Orgzlllizzltions. 4 O W1 Advertising Staff MR. SAWVYERS, Spamorg jEANNE H1NEs, fldfvertising Manager. R JOHN VAN METER, Salex Manager ADVERTISING STAFF First row: Granger. i1:bC1'i1ill'f, Lewis, Gearheavt Second row: Duncan, Weymouth, Momsou, Craw ford, Ono, Alves. OWL SALESMEN: First Ruw: Sager, Dollar. F. l'eflrom4elli. Second Row: Belshaw, Nixon. Jones, Phillips, Geuliieart, Coombs, A. Perlronclelli. 'l'hi1'fi Row: Woods, Ayers, Huwurd, Hawkins, Mcdedith. rator , Extemporaneous Speaking and Reading EXTEIVIPORANEOUS READERS -- First Roxvflidwarrls. Collins. Web- ster. Second Rowe-Fine, 'l'aylo1'. Morser. 'I'l1ircl Rowfliuhiitx, Hlloiles, Wood, Hyde. Lewis, Googooian G. Hyde. Aiiderson. 19-ll was another mighty successful year for Warrior orators and extemporaneous speakers and readers. Topping the list is Alexander Goo- gooian, who placed third in the state of Califor- nia in the nation-wide American Legion speak- ing contest. His topic was "The Citizenis Ap- preciation of the Constitution." Sheldon Lewis, another Fresno High School orator, won the city title in the Lions Club oratorical contest with the speech 'tDemocracy ln a Changing Worldf' Leo Diel, a Hpurple and gold" senior, came out second in Fresno in the Bankers, Speaking Con- test. He spoke on "Can the American Youth VVithstand the Lure of Foreign lsms?" Diel also, in the field of extemporaneous speaking, snared a pair of seconds in the Toastmasters, Club and Fresno State College tests, and a third Fifty-six ORATORS: First RowfChx'istensen. Whitten. Said, Second Row-Anderson, Fine, tlwenshy. Diel. Christos. Kriiseliol. 'I'hi1d Row--Lewis, Gongooian. in the lVladera High School-sponsored impromp- tu competition. ln extemporaneous reading, Don Webster and Nadine Fine first topped all other Warrior readers and then went on to win the county read- ing titles. The school contest, which preceded the selection of the two Winners, was participated in by a boy and a girl representative from every English class in the school. The Fresno High orators and extemporaneous readers and speakers have had a splendid coach in Mr. W. G. Anderson, whose invaluable as- sistance has played a large role in the victories chalked up by the VVarrior speakers. Yes, in speaking as well as in other endeavors, Fresno High School leads the pack, true Warriors in the finest sense of the word! Debate Fresno High School's debate squad met their first opponents of the current season at the VVashington Union High School practice tour- ney held at Easton on November 16. From those participating in this event, lylr. VVade H. Sawyers and Mr. Ralph VV. Ames, debate coach- es, chose the members of the debate team. ln the first league debate at Madera the af- firmative side of the question, f'Resolved, That the power of the federal government be in- creased" was upheld by Ruth Kay Collins and Don Webster, while the negative side was sus- tained by Leo Diel and YVayne Mitchell. Both Fresno High teams dropped the opening debate to their adversaries but split the honors with Roosevelt in the next contest. Reedleyls varsity teams, affirmative and negative both, bowed to Fresno High's Grant Gray and Leo Diel rep- resenting the negative and Collins and Webster COUNTY LEAGUE TEAM-Lewis, Collins, Webster, Diel. Googooian, Fifty-Jefuerz in the affirmative. ln the next battle, held with Sanger, Alexander Googooian replaced Gray on the negative team and Sheldon Lewis took over Collins, place on the affirmative. After splitting this, the final league debate, the varsity found that they had broken even, with four debates won and four lost. The league season being ended, the battle cry became "On to Ripon!" where, at the state- wide debate tournament, Diel and Googooian tied for third place in the upper division. Re- turning to the home town for their next fray, the entire squad, varsity and novices, participated in the Fresno State College tournament. Parti- cipants, in addition to the regular debate squad, were Marjorie Alves, Malcolm Barrett, Mary Lou Coombs, James Crandall, Audrey Freed- man, Nadine Fine, George Griffenhagen, and Leonard Sullivan. DEBATE SQUAD: First Row-Mr. Sawyer. Crandall. Bari!-tt. Second Row --Uoouilis. Collins, Swartz, Lewis, Webster. Googooiaii. Mr. Ames. l The complete cast poses characteristically for the final curtain, HYOLI Can7t Take It With You" Terry Eby tempts Hwifeu Laurie Buck to dance another. George Nance 'ipueliers up" for Betty Erringer. HThe Lawn Grant Hyde seems 'lYoung Love" Bill slopes and to have caught up with "Dian Audry Smith draw only a chil- Patricia Vogeler and MPM' Dav- ly stare from "ballet master" id Parker. Julian Soto. VVhere f'Growing Pains" flourished vigorously-and 11 few of those who suffered 'fbyn them as Well as those who suffered Hfromn them. Junior Farce HGrowing Pains" David Wood's party is ruined - for him - hy l'Glamor Girl" Jorgensen-at least, we think it's Even Hgrowing painsn have lrenel their compensationsl The f'law" again-this time in the person of Leo Diel confronted hy Florence Jordan and Monty Carter. Beverly Kuhlitz seems to doubt the validity of HDutchH Charles Sellsl excuse. Ogle, Jorgensen, and Hyde try out a bit of comedy Ceitlin, Kennelly, and Schneider rehearse a student- on the long-suffering 'tmike" in Mr. Rees's radio planned radio script. All dramatizations presented class. Members of the class participated in bi-weekly over Station KMJ were the work of the students of fifteen minute programs over Station KMJ during the class. Radio and Advance Drama 'lr. Robert Rees, director of the choolls newest student venture the Little Theatre-where erforrnances of one-act plays Logan SEEMS to suffer a severe re given regularly three after- Selby, Monroe, and Scott"emote" with- toothache, but in reality it's only de- oons a Week by members of the out benefit of scenery or properties. spair at the technique of Redden and lass in advanced dramatics. All plays are student-directed. Smith. First l'OXY'Elll'liQ, Jorflari, Carter, llamler, Rouglitun. XVlIilteu. Second row-R. Lew, Miss Olney, Davenport, B. Lexx 19 Simpson. Scgel, Devlin, 'l':Iyloi', Stahl. 'l'hir4l 1'0W-TD9C2l1'lSt0, Bettencfourt, Wilt, 1lillj2ll'8Z. Scribblers Club FALL Prfsidmzt SPRING IALICE SUMIDA yj5g-p,-Hidmf CQATI-IERINE SEGEI. VVILLIAM KRASCHEL Sefremr TONY DECARISTO CATHERINE SEGEI. y MARILYN HANNER lVI.-XRILYN HANNER T"f'lW"f"' JACK VVITT The Scribblers Club, whose sponsor is lylrs. Opal Simpson, is composed of students who are interested in creative Writing. The group boasts an active membership of about twenty. The club's first project of every school year is the revision and publishing of the Fresno High School Hand Book. Various literary con- tests were entered by members of the club. Sev- eral contributed to the Poetry Anthology of Cali- fornia High Schools. Floyd Darter, lVIargaret Konkel, Virginia Davenport, and Barbara Niel- son won recognition for the excellence of their contributions. Spring activities have included a mystery story contest and a poetry contest. The con- testants read their stories and poems at the meetings. Miss Bernice Olney, past sponsor, and Alice Sumida, past president, acted as judges At another meeting, lwrs. Clear of the Fresno County Library visited the club and spoke on early English Literature. QUILL AND SCROLL-HONORARY JOURNALISNI SOCIETY: First row-Eniiis, Sargent. Second row-Wood, Krassliel, PI l Blirrrisli, Rundle, Miss Moeller Elllll Miss Scliottstueclt, oo-sponsors. Foreign Languages L G. MULLER Director 'alt can be masteredl' must be the motto of the Foreign Languages Department to judge from the note-Worthy success of the many students who have mastered French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Genial Mr. Muller is the lord of this domain-an otherwie all-feminine domain-and also sponsors the Japanese Students' Club. Petite Mrs. Eames is the personification of chic as Well as of correct French accent. lWiss Londquist and Miss Mauze, the Hbahiesi' of the department, teach Spanish and French respectively. ln addi- tion, Miss Londquist is co-sponsor of the Class of FRENCH W1THoUT TEARS MAv1s LONDQUIST ELIDE P, EAMES Spanish Frenflz-Spanish FRANCETTE MAUZE Frenflz HDIE LORELEID Department FRANCES L. Rooms ALICE B. SMITH Spanislz German-Latin RUTH C. VVALL Latin 'Qfxif Lgjx 'X PM '44 and sponsor of the Chinese Students' Club, while tiny Miss Mauze is Co-sponsor of the Tic Toes. As one can easily guess from her lilting l'Buenas Dias," Miss Rogers teaches Spanish in addition to eo-sponsoring the Class of 43. Miss Smith, besides teaching German and Latin, is the chief sponsor of Chapter 45 of the California Scholarship Federation. Last but decidedly not least is kindly Miss Wall, who not only teaches Latin but can actually write charming verses IH It. SPANISH IN VVORD AND MUSIC 2:"::Fi is: lf' ELIZABETH ELLISON Director The true joy of creation can he experienced by students working in the Fine Arts Depart- ment, whether that joy emanates from purity of tone in voice classes, a symphony of form and color in design classes, or the perfect pie in food classes. Efficient director of all classes in art, music, and home economics is sincere and helpful Miss Ellison. Interest in vocal and instrumental music draws students to the classes of Mr. Ed- wards and Mr. Hewitt, respectively. ln addi- ine Arts CYRIL GRUNDY JOSEPH O. EDVVARDS Design-Stagefraft Vocal Nlusir SHERMAN C. HEWVFT Inrfrumental Music Doughnuts. Kitchen police l'Sew a fine seam" ji 13455561 R I ts! ORS f J Department X , tl MAY R. lVlCCARDI.E DOROTHY M. PARKER Leathfrrrafl-Freehand F00LiJ'H0771f Problem Drawing BELLE ELEANOR SHORT Clothing i if tion, vigorous Mr. Hewitt is co-sponsor of the Class of 41 with Miss Short, who helps the girls to imitate the lovely creations of VOGUE and HARPERS BAZAAR. Mr. Grundy, spon- sor of the Photography Club, teaches design and stagecraft and designs as Well as executes the lovely sets that have graced the stage this year. Genial Miss lWcCardle teaches leather craft as well as free hand drawing, while efficient Mrs. Parker teaches girls the importance of home mak- ing as well as of good cooking. At ease A Capella on tour Leathercraft The Band Sherman Hewitt, Director First I'0W+l'lill'!'lS. Medina, lilyver, NVilhoite, 'l'eel. Howell, Bartlett, Pearson. Second row-Ulrich, VValkm', Hall, Soto, Conley Sauer Larwood. White. Thirfl l0NVfL2l.XVt0!l. Ililliker, Joaquin, Spencer, llishman, Hawkins, Hoorl. Flint, Stacltner. DEflill'lStl'I Four,h row-Williams Burton, Martin, fvlclfluskey, R. Stilwell. ilhristianien, Kerber, Morgan, Kircher, Fugate. Fifth row-X Stilwell, Campbell, Dillen, Tetstall, Little. King, Nivhols, Mathews, Lung. nstrumental Qur high-stepping drum major- ettes - Busick, Schreiber, and Hammond - and Drum Majol' Millar. l l The Band ln hlarching Order -7 fl! Q 73? ,.,' , Y is ag Ei 5: ggi if -ef , iff J, ja Q -fenifffw 2' Y M"-M Elf' F W L .af Ryu 1 ,,. , ?"' 5? A" ,2 V' " Q ,LM 'S fwf I 2 ,F PL, 54 2' if f 9 'Q' Af w -. if N Til, QW -' Mug . ' M-H' .f 3 X' 3715? V 1 ' . Q. , 3 "1 ' V 3? f-34-' 1" .4 ' ' 'fs ' I , w i " , , L E A N ., f I A if w2w? fm W W Q'1f -Wil M, I f VY M , W M M f A M Vffmgxkazf wbggmwwm , fm, f K X X' x , - Ti llunl iw-W22:f,,,iW..m,,L ,l K HL ,X W. .iv A , Q i , . Q V , i ,... .,,. a n Ml -wk-Wm-W --W, ..W:Qp,W,. L,,.. W ..,, -My 9 git T 1 ,l s , 21 'Rh - 'X Q, 4? A Capella Chou oxeph O Edwards Dzrfrtor 1151 1 111 111111191 0 msn 01 11111621 111 11 ge e1 B 11111 111 11 1711111115 139111 1111 e 12111116911 1'1ef11Pr NIL 11111115 R 111 11199 0101.111 e111 141131111 890111111 ro11 Ihoue 11111 111 Scot X1be1g L11r1st1111ie11 S1g,el Rme S 1111111 L 13151111111 Nfelf 1011 9 Sh111 1'11l11117G1k 11111 1 1 1 1 1 19 1 N 1111 111111 V1 11111 1111111 L11ks1111 Replw 11 911111111111 19111011 N101 1111 111 Ollltll 11111 11111 1 1 06211 uslc G1rls Sextette B111111011 11911.61 511111121111 Neffl 171111111 Glrls Glee Club oseph O Edwards Dzrefzor 151 1011 '11 61111 e 11 E15 5610111 11111 -111101111 B011 S 011110115 S ll 11111111 1J1111e1s Horlgbml 11191191 1310111191 H111 Bugle L111ke llf 1 0 ll 111 1 121101111 111se11 111 E1 011111 Qldllx 8111411111 IIOIIQU F11u1111 1011 N111t111111e1 111111111 NK1l1Pl1JS1 S1e111111111e1 X1111era1111 SL1111e11ler 111911111115 1311911 11111 5l1l8lC!' 13111011 1x1fI11e11 R11-111 S1u1ke1t lwlgerl S1011 1111111111: , . '1 +13 f ,11' :'.'1. 12 .fa , 'ffl '. 11' 1 . .I1'. 1 '1'1:, I' '2:1'1', A " , . 2 1 N 2 ' , -- 2' , V Y , U , G1 :1 , if 1. ' , ' If '1 1. , 153' . J . UQ '. . z '. 1 '17 ', L. B 1. 1 ', ' - . Tl" '01' B12l'. X11-1.11. M'11.'. 'I' k 'z , ' 1, 1 ' 13 .' ' D . ' , . . , 5 'z . ' '-3111" . Maj. o ' 1 B0111' V1'0111'e1', K011z1.1111e'Si1111i V A S Q 7 ' 9 Fi .1 1 --1 y, B wb. 11 ' 1' 1 1 AA"-. 51 . , A Qtzll Ia , 1 ' C. " . ' 1 ' 2 " .,', ' , f , " ' . 'l'11"1 '1111'-E li 11 , XIX? L'-, J1 .' . vl'1 Il 2 ' 1 1. 'A 1', 1' 1 A '1. 1 . ' - 4 -K ff m LK , S 1 2 N 5 A XM4 1 Q3 M' V331 fig ',,' 1wY , i .2 is f , lzii, gq.. ' 3 "" "!W?'4' . Q w w. s is 5 3' 5,gQE54QW,wQL,sg- 1: mga, 1 1- 7, ...,A , 5:s,wn,i,,..,. H,z:g,."wf'.5sq,gggg1W,Q.Q: f w wwwsg '12, E fi af? Mk! wwwwwg w , MY. 2 Yi ' . ,MEX .ww' A v3FQ5 ? T 43531 M 4 wwfv iiwmfi J . 'mx 5 X Q? w s Q' E , K ml -- fz!,1,m. pg -' ru. :, ,,,, 3 .Q f as .55 - A x t , 0 2, 2 ?"g,, gs 53 ,E ,. . , 5-:X ei?" ,Q gs .fm L f 562 Q' QQ , Kwgiqgfdfvk A Qgaifggg 3 i gf 3 f ,mv 4 ,K my my 2 4 S 3 'Ev ,R 3 , z XM ga W X ' ..L Lazy, ., EW -. 2 1 fini, M W , 'fa i 'Z Yi, . Lf , gi 2 ,2 5,32 K 1- 15 3232 :E ,img N ,.w..v,,L 5551 3 gg: 2 5 Viz" f 7 ? 1 john lVlcUcwun anfl Nadine Bierman as Don Caesar and his gypsy bride in the secund act duet of the school operetta. Beverly Kuhlitz as Lazarilla anzl Thornton VVeymouth as Tony plan with Don Caesar for the lat'ter's es- Caie from prison. Act One closes to the tuneful lyrics of the entire ensemble 'CQHH Don Caesar and Don jose CArthur Tookoianj plan the forrner's Umar' riage of convenience." Lazarilla and Tony sing their despair at the failure of all their careful plans. The entire Cast joins in the joyous finale of the tuneful and beautifully-staged operetta, jointly directed by the Messrs. Edwards, Rees, and Hewitt for vocal music, drama, and orchestra respectively. Stage Crew MV. Conner, Mllrplly, Hulnphreys. Woods. XVoos1ey. Stageeraft Class First row: Mr. Grundy, Mickelinn, Hull Oftedsll, Mzllloogizlll. Flevoml row: Pilllilliilll Burney, Kzlutenberg, Roby, Arnold. SZIIIIXET son. Imveall, XVOI'kI!l2lll. Shillllllill. Sound Technicians NYGUSIQ5' :md Woods. Chemistry Club OFFICERS JEANNETTE PRETZER .........,.. Prmidfnt VIRGINIA IQARAFESIAN ...,,, Secrmzry MARY JANE KENNELI.Y ,..,,. TII'EIl51lI'Fl' Sponsors: lVIiss Edna Earle :Ind Nlr. A. Gaumnitz. First row: GezII'lIezII't, Sl'l1l'06l', KQIIIII-Hy, StocckholIII. BI'ostI'0III. Serfonrl row: Stein- ll1lll6!'. IIHHSEH, Griffith. '1'lIiI'Il row: Pret- x0I', Mehling. FI'IIIIkliII, Xafalic liIII't0vic-lI. KuI'zIfesizIII. M. 1illT'tOVlCl1. Rogers, Ho4lgsIIII. FoIII'tlI row: Miss E2lllQ. 'l'ayloI', llruskzl. iII':IkIi0lI, Devlin, Mr. Gilllllllllll, KIIxx':IlIzII'zI. Radio Club Iiuxuwto. Xlheelor. liI'IIsc:lIel, DIIIIteI'. Sulbuch. Fixst row: liirlsou. Hollister. S9C'0llIl vow HzII'bisoII. Hates. Nalond, GI'ezIves, Webster GI'iffeIIlIIIgeII. Biological and Sciences A. A. SORENSON Director Of inestimahle value in this center of the San Joaquin Valleyls huge agricultural developments is the above-named department, of which versa- tile and kindly lWr. Sorenson is the director. Evi- dence of the pleasure students take in his courses is indicated in some of the pictures at the bottom of these two pages. Nliss Carlson specializes in Zoology and biology, while Mr. lVlacDonaltl, in Agricultural botany class follows Mr. Sorenson to a lecture in the lath house. MARIE E. CARLSON Biology-Zoology J. P. LEMON Horticulture-Gem eral Agriculture Agricultural ff 7 Department U if fe is addition to instructing classes in biology, coaches the boys, swimming class, assists in football coaching, and co-sponsors the Class of '42. Good- natured Mr. Lemon teaches agricultural sub- jects, and dynamic Mr. Reetz, in addition to teaching biology, is sponsor of the student body and its multitudinous activities. AFRILUI IURAI BOTANY ACRICULTURAI. ENGINEERING BIOLOGY Pre-Engineering SARA B F. RABOURN Director 'iQueen of the Six-Footersn is a term af- fectionately applied to diminutive Miss Ra- bourn, director of a department that numbers among its members some of the tallest men on the Fresno High School faculty. Towering Mr. Ames teaches mathematics, sponsors the Senators, and does a little track as Well as de- bate coaching on the side. Mr. Gaumnitz teaches chemistry and sponsors the Chemistry Club, and Miss Johnson really succeeds in making her students LIKE mathematics. Nlany a future architect has worked in Mr. lVlaWell's mechanical drawing classes. Re- RALPH AMES A. G. GAUMNITZ ilflathematzrs Chemistry JUIIE JOHNSON E L MAXWEH if by - ' 1 . . ,. The Unknown element m Chemlstfy Jllatlzematzrs Ilflerlzanical Drafwing X-1 Department Q Q , YV! 'p'A ,Qyj served little lWiss Minthorn, another member of the department, sponsors the Stamp Club. Jovial Mr. Robinson, the 'Kreally tall," spon- sors the school's weekly newspaper, the OWLET, as well as the Engineers' Club. Mr. Salbach of the "seven league boots" teaches physics and sponsors the Radio Club. Never-tiring for tiresomej Miss Stubblefield, who cannot begin to find room for all the students who clamor to get into her chemistry classes, and Mr. Thunem, who teaches mathe- matics as well as chemistry, round out this very versatile department. MAUD E, MINTHORN W. PRICEUROBINSON Ki5NNETH 'THUNEIYI Mgzhgmafim Mathematzrs-Ofwlet Chemistry-Mathzfmatzrs CARI. SALBACH ETHEL STUBBLEFIELD . . . Phyjm Chemistry Projects interest members of a sophomore mathematics class FALL BILL JOPES MILTON BLISS KENNETH CARLSON BART VVooDs OFFICERS: First rofw-CARLSON, CRANDALL, KRASCHEL. Serond row-joIfEs, SELLS, Woops. Under the sponsorshihp of Mr. W. Price Robinson, the Engineers Club of Fresno High School met regularly twice a month during the school year. lN1any meetings were highlighted by informative talks given by men prominent in the various fields of engineering. Notable among these speakers were Mr. Baum from the General Electric Company, who spoke on fluor- escent lightingg Mr. Matthesvs of the Allis- Chalmers Company, who showed interesting pic- tures about Diesel enginesg and Dr. H. Bur- bridge of the Fresno State College, who spoke on the newest developments in engineering. The big event of the year was a tour through the Friant Dam now being constructed at Friant, California. A bean ufeedy' followed this trip. Engineers Club SPRING President CHARLES SELLS Vive-Prendfnt VVILLLAM KRASCHE1. Secretary JAMES CRANDALL Treasurer KENNETH CARLSON On May 10 four carloads of students left Fresno High School at 7:00 o'clock for the VVishon power plant above Kerckhoff Dam. The initiates were duly inducted into the organization after fishing, swimming, and boat riding had taken up most of the morning. Mr. Hugh Smith, power company employee at Wishon, acted as escort to the group of prospective en- gineers and showed them the inner workings of the power plant. The boys were then taken in a company launch to Kerckhoff Dam at the lower end of the lake. The Engineers have definitely proved that they are not one sided in their interests, for they administered a few stinging defeats in basket- ball to their old time rivals, the Senators. First row: Krasehel, Gentry. Mafthews. l,l'0SSQ1'. Mustersoxi, Bra rllcy, Hales, CI'aIImoI'e. Craziidall. Second row: Chapin, VVooIsey. Wood, Carlson, Aho, Mitchell, Sells, Joseph. 'l'hiI'd row: Beford, 0'Hav'a, Robinrson. Jopes, Barnett. I'aI'keI'. Rifle Club FALL SPRING BILL WARREN President DELFERD EDWARDS EARL JONES If1ce Preszdent KENNETH Woon DICK HUMPHREYS Sery Trms DICK HUlNlPHREYb The Fresno Hlgh School Rlfle Club has been verv active all year MCCt1HgS have been held on the flrst and thlrd VVednesdays of eaeh month at seven thxrty p m ln the armory The clubs entertainment was of many varle t1es lncludlng muslc, maglelans, Wrestllng, box mg, extemporaneous speeches and gallery shoot mg B111 Warren s team seemed to stav 1n f1rst plaee all year The club xs qulte generous wherever CIVIC du tles are coneerned and eonstders lt a prlvllege to help some deservmg famxlv at Chrxstmas tlme ww 1th a well fllled basket of holldav foods The annual Rlfle Club banquet was held on anuarv 29 for all members and several dlstln guxshed guests, xncludlng Mayor Leymel Prln clpal Leo HQFFIQ, Vlee PI'lDLlP'11 John Moclc OFFICERS lust Row Fclxxartls Vltods Second lim Iones llumplnqs Wuxen and Cadet lllajor EdNV1H Rau, Commander o the Frrst Battallon of Fresno Cadets As the club has lnsted among 1ts members several musl mans who are capable of renderlng real enter talnment namely Earl ones, B111 Warren and aek Reed th1s meeting as well as others dxd not lack lnterest of a musxeal nature The annual club plcnxc lb held just prlor to the eloslng date of sehool and every member looks forward to thls day of fun and good food pre pared 1n the open usually a barbecue wlth all the trlmmmgs The Club, Whose motto 1s Shoot Straught IS sponsored by Captaln 0 D Guffey To be e11g1b1e for membershlp a boy must be enrolled in the Fresno Hxgh eadet corps Bust Ron fll s Ioxxe Dans Clsey 510111 Robe-xtson Second Ron Hansen Knoll Shnton Tones Loo 0011111 Npxcw Nx9lSE lh1rflRoxx CllJlIllHfl1ffSY Vlallen 1'4C1XNdIl1 Hunlphrtxs Whitmore Reed Kllen JOHN C. SMALE Director The importance of the democratic way of life, a particularly vital issue in these trou- Pre-Legal bled days, is one of the most important things stressed in the Pre-Legal Department, whose business-like yet fun-loving director is Mr. Smale. Mrs. DeCaristo and Miss DeFoe both teach history, While kindly Mr. Metzler adds social problems to his schedule. Miss Moodey teaches American history, Whereas Mrs. Bloody features Civics and sponsors the Portias. Good-natured Nlr. Edwards holds forth on commercial law and commercial geo- graphy and is responsible for our smoothly- ELEANORI DEFOE W C1 ANDERSON MARIETTA DECARISTO Hzstory Hzstory Publzc Spealazng History Englzslz Loom C Enwfuzns LILA HARRIS Commerczal Lame Commerrzal Portals to higher education Good school citmenship requires studs Department ,Tai QQV Vagas 'W PM run school cafeteria. Mr. Anderson, who also teaches public speaking, is the coach of the schoolls orators and extemporaneous speak- ers and readers. Miss Harris and Miss VVhite of the flying fingers stress the importance of typing, shorthand, and business arithmetic. Mr. Sawyers adds to his teaching duties the coaching of the debate teams, the supervising of the N.Y.A., and the business sponsorship of the OWL. Mr. Huber, who formerly taught in this department, now, as a first lieu- tenant, has transferred his sphere of activties to Fort Ord. FREDERICK HUBER DAVID R, METZLER HEI.EN G. VVHITE History-Enylixlz History Tyllwly EVELINE K. MooDY VV. H.-XMI'TON SAWYERS History K History-Delxatr? Social service-contributions to the Christmas toy pile And now diPl0m3S Carrying out its motto, "Scholarship for Ser- LEoN.xRn SUi.i.iv.xN Davin Wrzon ,,,,,.... ANN FRGLIK ,,,, , SHei.poN Lewis ,,,. OFFICERS VVoon, LEWIS, FROLIK N .S.. FALL Pl't'.i'ldf'7Zf I"itf'-IJ1'1'.vidf 711 Smveffary TI'f'!I!Zl7'Pl' vicef' Fresno High Schoolls Chapter 45 of the California Scholarship Federation has completed another year. Sponsored by Miss Alice B. Smith, Miss lVlary Jo Kimball, and Mr. Carl Salbach. Fresno High's CSF chapter is known as one of the larger groups in the Central Region. Active in all phases of school life, the CSF sponsored a cake sale for the benefit of its Stu- dent Loan Fund, played host to other Chapters at the fall district convention, and celebrated its eighteenth anniversary at the annual spring ban- quet. The Student Loan Fund, which has been in existence over ten years, has furnished seven loans to students, totalling 39787. Applications for loans by seal-bearers in the CSF are consid- ered first, members of the society next, and members of the student body at large last, Over five hundred delegates from different schools attended the fall district conventoin here. First Row: Canfield, P. Hansen, Burger, J. Brown. Barber, Giuste, M. Kurtovich, Berendsen, Carter. Second Row: Ambrose, P. Edwards, Greening, Elias. Enoehian, Henderson, Curtis, Edgerton. Third Row: B. Edwards, Fnnrelle, B. Hansen, Jertberg, Felder, Glenn. Fourth Row: N. Kurtovif-li. Foos, Collins, M. Edwards, N. Brown, M. Hanner, B. Hanner, Hruska, Appling, C. Edwards, Fro- lik. Fifth Row: Greaves. Harris, Dillen, Googooian, Coombs, Hood, Hawkins. Sixth Row: Keeler, Carlson, Ennis, E. Christos, Hain person, Clark, Gentry. Seventh Row: Jitsinnyo, Kolnoto, Jing. Hemni. Eighth Row: Clark, Hedrick, Cunningham, Antrim. W, , , ,,., ,,,, ,,,,, ...WW ...,.., .,.A,,,v,,.,.-.1 LL, , Y, ,HN , ., , An ,Y,, , , , H W , .5 lg . li S. 0 SPRING JACK Hoewcon ,,,... ,,,,..,,,, I 'rmidenf FRANCES TAYLOR ,.,,, ,,,,,, I 'ire Prfxidzvzf BETTY PEARSON ..,,,,,,,, S1'l'l'f'f!ll'y Ro BERT lX1f'RRfSClTI Tr1'a.rzzrff Speakers, each an expert in his line, representing different professions and vocations, addressed the students interested in their various fields. After these discussion groups and lunch, which was served in the cafeteria, tours were conducted to the Fresno Bee, the Fresno Airport, Twining Laboratories, the County Hospital, and other points of interest. To be eligible for membership. a student must have a total of ten grade points, A's counting three points, and B's one. Those who earn OFFICERS MoRRisoN, Hovwoon, PEARSON, TAYLoR membership for four semesters, with one semes- ter in their senior year, receive life membership pins and seals on their diplomas. All members can attend conventions as unofficial delegates. The Regional Convention was held at Turlock this year and the spring district convention at Tranquillity. Sealbearers of the CSF were honored at a spe- cial assembly when they were presented with their pins. This group, the largest at Fresno High to attain these awards, numbered thirty. First Row-ltfarvin, Smith. XVhite, Taylor, Rockas, Sawyers, Said. Miller. Second Row-Sauer, Owenshy. Papagri, Whitten, Nic-hols, Potter, Main, Miss Smith. Third Row-Sehottstat-dt, Miles, D. Pearson, Masten, Nielsen, Segel, Rue, Mathews. Shekerjian, Schultz, Ohannesian, Tillman. Fourth Row-Molesbergen, Uyeoka, Ono. Nakano. Lowe, B. Pearson. Poy. Fifth Row--Young, Van Meter, Raugust, Stahl, Williams, Seheidt, Zefliitella. Sixth Row-Morrson. Shipley. Webster. Sfinbongi, Nelson, Sullivan, Rundle, Lsirwoorl.. Seventh Row-Mr. Halhaeh, Pontius, Nalond, Vllood, Lewis, Wong. Miss Kimball. OFFICERS: First I-owfWest. Chollet. Wil! liams. Second ron'-.X InoIII', 1'e1II'son, Sterios. Weymouth. Schneider. The Hypatia Club, one of the oldest clubs in Fresno High School, was organized for the pur- pose of gaining facility in debating, of promot- ing an interest in civic questions. and of gaining experience in the use of parliamentary law. FALL JUNE POTTER MIXRGUERITE VVEST MARGUERITE WEST LORETTE CHoI.LE'r HELEN FosTER BARBARA ARMOUR JUNE FOSTER EVELYN STERIOS ored guests daughters w tesses. This come better Nlrs. Emily patia OFFICERS SPRING President MARGARET VVEYMOUTH BARBARA ARMOUR Vice-Pre.vidmt BLANCHE SCHNEIDER ALICE SCHNEIDER Sefretary BETTY PEARSON BLANCI-IE SCHNEIDER Treasurer MAXINE WILLIAMS DOROTHY fiLASBY and proving to them that their ere both talented and gracious hos- event enabled the mothers to be- acquainted with the club sponsor, D. Anderson, and to see how the The Hypatias are a'so very active in school social affairs. A membership tea was given early in the fall semester to encourage girls new in the school to join the club. Later, a beautifully appointed tea honoring the mothers of members was held in the social rooIn. Two features of the affair were the lovely flower-bedecked tea table and the fragrant corsages that were the clubls gift to all mothers in attendance. A spe- cially prepared program of music and readings served the dual purpose of entertaining the hon- weekly meetings are carried on. At the end of the fall semester a dinner and a theatre party were given in honor of the January graduates. This was only one of the many an- nual good-time affairs which make sister Hypa- tias thrill to the realization that they have much in common-and the good times are not the least of thesel Among other events which are eagerly looked forward to each year are the Portia-Hypatia basketball game and the dinner at Danteys which follows. First rou+West, Reich, Cliollet, Williams, Stuart. Second row-Armour. Peterson. Appling, Selineirler. Weynioutli, Sclineider. riffitli, 'lhirrl 1'OW'GillSfE, Hayes, Glasliy, Mrs. Anrlerson, Ray, Merideth, Pearson, Sterios. Seibert, SehI'eiheI'. FALL MARGIE HARNISI-I BARBARA RHODES DORO'fHY GRANGER ANN FROLIK SUE HENDERSON SARA SAGER MAXINE MEEKS Portia OFFICERS President Fife-President Scrrefary Treaszzrer SPRING ANN F'RoI.IK DOROTHY CTRANGER MARIAN SCHOTTSTAEDT HAZEL SWARTZ VIRGINIA SCHEIDT MARIAN SCHOTTSTAEDT CATHERINE Rocxas OFFICERS: First row: Granger. Henderson Frolik, Scheitlt, Sohottstaedt. Roekas Second row: Rhodes, Sager The members of the Portia Club, sponsored by Mrs. Eveline K. Moodyi, have just completed one of the most successful years ever enjoyed since the founding of the organization. Following a precedent established many years ago, each week the Portias strive to carry out the purpose of the club, which is to engage in the study and practice of parliamentary law. ln addition to their serious efforts at self-de- velopment, the Portias are noted for the variety and interest of their various social functions. A mock trial with the Senators was held in Novem- ber and was a great success, to say the least. Another very enjoyable event held to honor their graduating members was the dinner planned by the undergraduate members of the club. Lest they be classed as a purely literary Or social group, Portias hasten to add that they shine on the athletic field as well as on the de- bate floor, a fact which was most convincingly demonstrated in the annual Portia-Hypatia bas- ketball game and dinner. At the Portia dance in December, held in honor of the clubys twenty- fifth anniversary, a gift of a silver plate was presented to lVIrs. Moodyi. The fashion show put on by the members was the high-light of the Mothers, Tea in the spring. This was followed by the Portia-Senate picnic, which broke all rec- ords for good food and good times. SO the year was filled with good times for the Portias, and, while many will look forward to another successful year, the graduates will cher- ish the many happy memories of "the best year so far.', First POW! Gearheart. l'TlJ0l'll2ll'l. Gl'2lllg'Ql', Henderson, Kuhlitz. Michael, Roc-kas. Glenn. 1-Irlwards, Sznifller. Second row: Swaitf Gibbs, J. Brown, Rlitules, Fos er. Drouet. Hansen. B. Brown. ltpstoin Shepard, Frolik. Thiiwl row: Soheirlt. Mrs. Moody, Melelnoi Alves. Allyn, Marsli, S:-hottstaievlt, Miller, Fine, Iingiamleig Jerthorg, Briglnnii. Marvin, Taylor. FICERS First row: Rudd. Nelson. Second mu ixiunjian. Diel. The Fresno High School Senate is one of the oldest high school clubs in the United States, boasting of fifty-one years cf uninterrupted life. During the last year the Senate has carried on its usual activities in the fields of both service and recreation. The Senate dance, which was held during the Christmas saeson, is an annual event which is looked forward to with great anticipa- tion by all concerned. The Senate-VVitenagemote debate and the Sen- ate-Portia picnic are also important events of the year. Besides participating in forensic activities, the Senate has actively and successfully taken part in athletic contests with other high school clubs. Cn the evening of Nlarch twenty-ninth of this year, the Senate held its annual banquet, this time the fifty-first. Senators from various parts of the state as well as from other states attended this affair. The guest speaker of the evening First 1'fVVffli1l'lSiOS, Van Meter. Lewis. Runtlle Herlfek, N jian, llillen, Webster, Haxupeiscu. 'l'l12i'1l 1'oxx-Morris, Gibbs. Senate FALL SPRING STANLEY STEINBERG President Leo DIE1. DON HINE l"ife-Presidwzt VVILLIAM RUDD CQEORGE NANCE Sfwntfzry MONTY CARTER FRANK ENNIS Treasurer CREIGHTON NELSON elso n, Linrls was Dr. Charles Nowell of the Fresno State College, who spoke on the South American situf ation. After the dinner a program was given in which many of the active Senators participated. Following the program, the evening was spent informally discussing Hold timesll in Fresno High School. During the course of the last year many new members have been accepted into the body. They have taken an active part in all club activities as well as in the debating and oratorical and ex- temporaneous contests conducted within the school as well as in competition with other high schools. Under the able sponsorship of Mr. Ralph VV. Ames, the Fresno High School Senate has launched into the second half century of its con- tinuous existence with high hopes that the future years may be as pleasant and profitable as the past year. Wood. Sec-owl row-lllxdc. Walker, Rmlsl. Keshisliian. Kuyum- ey, Sullivan, Craiu. l-Iimis, Keeler, Mock, Diel, Mr. Ames, -- --- v- MW- ----:mam-nuzww-dm-n1.4k11--W First Row: .l, fllltbllff, Mar. P4153 Rosahelle Lew. 56001141 Rww:IlI1by Lew, Jue, B. Lew. Miss Lfmmlquist, R. C'lInIIg, Lowe, XV, Fung. 'I'hiId Row: F. Won-R' H. Wow". Lum Chun. Harvevlew ,XI'thu1' Jin". Chinese Japanese Students' Club Students' Club FALL JUNE CHONG TED CHAN .ALICE Poy JACK JUE First Row SPRING FALL SPRING President ARTHUR JING SHIIIERU VVAKASA Prexident RICHARD HENMI Vine-Preyident FRANK VVONG ALICE SUMIDA I'ic'e-President GEORGE YUKI Searemry RosAREI.LE LEW KIKU Eco Snretary HARUKDKAWAIIARA Treasurer JACK JUE RICHARD HENMI Treasurer KEYKO Ii.-XMIYAMA 1 Henmi. K2lNV2lhIl!'il, Sato. befonml Row: liolxmto. DDi.'I'ukzIgi, K2,ll'lliy2llIl'l, 0110. 'l'z10hims, Saknglxclli. 'fhirfl Row: Mr. Muller. M. 'l'zII1zIka. Nukl, 'l'. 'I'zInaIki. Aho, KZll'llkilj'1l. REC QE ,S egg ,S la - Q. " Q s 1- wx s .5 S ' Anal' as """ls Q 5 Q 5 5 Z WX 4 knwx-'Zjfx 7 J 19 :aj sv X EQATION 'fi!Tsl'n,','x I X g Wx M hysical Education ERvs IN C. GINSBURG Direzfor A scene of never-ending and enjoyable ac- tivities is the Physical Education Department, Whose director is popular Mr. Ginsburg. Captain 0. D. Guffey, commandant of all high school cadet groups in the Fresno City Schools, spends one period a day superintend- ing the activities of Company MCH of Fresno High School and also sponsors the Rifle Club. llflr. Lawless, an alumnus of the school, is basketball mentor, whereas Mr. Holsteinys GEORGE C. HQLSTEIN CAPTAIN O. D. CQUFFEY Cadets ALBERT LAVVLESS PRIIRCIPAI. HARRIS, HANLBALL ,ACE MICKELAN PUTS THE SHOT 'ATHE MAN VVITH THE VVIRE MASK epartment EDNA EARLE ROBERTA VVILSON EVELYN MURRAY RALLY MEN MA ORS Q ,QF KA I 0 1 particular field is baseball. ln addition, the three men coaches are eo-sponsors of the lro- quois, the lettermen's club. On the feminine side of the ledger we find lldiss Earle, the tennis team coach, and the Misses Murrayi and YVilson. Miss Earle, in addition to her class duties, Co-sponsors the Chemistry Club, and lVliss VVilson Co-sponsors the TicTocs. All three women join to sponsor the lively and numerous G.A.A. scoTs HEY ! THE PHOTOGR.-XPHERl I rs W s, s mast ri, rt,.Mmm.zfimwmfffmmnmwwwiifm Kghmgn Young Jurkovich Pierini Webb Varsity Turning in one of the most spectacular seasons of its career, the 1940 Fresno High School football team ran roughshhod over its opponents, winning both the Yosemite League and the Valley pen- nants. Under the able coaching of Erwin Ginsburg, Norman Mac- Donald, and "TobyH Lawless, the mighty Warrioi's went through the season with an unbroken record. FRESNO HIGH 19-MONTEREY O With touchdowns in all but the first quarter, the Warriors started the season by defeating the Monterey Toreadors 19-0. The first score came on a pass interception by Pierini, who threaded his way across the goal for the tally. The next six digits came of a blocked kick which Rodman fell on over the Toreador goal. A fifty-one yard drive set the stage for the last Warrior tally with Jurlcovich crossing over from the one-half yard line. FRESNO HIGH 0-TULARE O Plagued by fumbles, the Warriors were brought to the only scoreless tie of the season by Tulare. Fresno's bid for a score in the last few minutes of the first half was stopped when Pierini fum- bled a pass from Jurkovich. FRESNO HIGH 29 -- FRESNO TECH 6 Scoring in both the first and third periods and tallying a safety in the final period, the VVarriors made an impressive score over Fresno Tech. Keshishian and Militano, speed-burning halfs, scored the first two tallies. -lurkovich plunged over for the third touch- down after a forty-eight yard march downfield, and VVebb added six more points by circling around end a few minutes later. FRESNO HlGH 39- MADERA 6 Compiling one of the most lopsided scores ever chalked up, Papulias Rodman GrOWdCr1 Andrews Tarr Fresno subdued its opponents, the Madera Coyotes, 39-6. In the first quarter, Militano broke away for fifty-seven yards and the first Vvarrior touchdown. The Coyotes retaliated with six points soon after. From then on, however, it was all Fresno High, with five more tallies being chalked up by Heidenrich, Keshhishian and Webb, the last two scoring two each. FRESNO HIGH 32-MERCED 6 Fresno High's eleven continued its march to the Yosemite League pennant by walloping the Merced Bears 32-6 in a wild game. On the kick-off, the WVarriors took the ball on their own twenty-two yard line and drove down the field seventy-three yards, -Iurlrovich plunging for the tally from the five-yard line. Five min- utes later Keshishihan skirted his own left end on a fifteen yard dash for the second score of the game. Three more scores were rung up by the IfVarriors before the game ended. . FRESNO HIGH 33 - TAFT 0 Revenging itself for last yearis loss to the Taft Wildcats, the Fresno High eleven defeated its opponent from the south soundly. Seven minutes after the opening kick-off, Colburn intercepted a WVildcat pass and raced seventy-five yards for a touchdown. Fresno scored its second touchdown on a pass from Pierini to Colburn, good for fifty yards. The VVarriors scored two more touchdowns and a safety in the second quarter as well as another six points in the last quarter. FRESNO HIGH 12- ROOSEVELT O Fresno preserved its traditional supremacy over the Rough McDaniel Saghatelian Blaney Keshishian Militanfi Colburn RSITY SQUAD: First row: Boel, Markovieh. Toehiiira. Kohinan, Ileidenricli, Neikirk. Keshishihan, lliel, Papulias, Lung. eeonl row: Easton, Zenovich. Jacobsen. Bolt. .Ii1i'kovieli, Pieriiii. Szighzileliaii, 'l':ii'r, Young ,Xnrli'ews. DeMi1iity. 'l'hii'fl row: llub- url Dauglierty, Martin, Meljiiniel, Militano, Korlnian, Collmiu, Blziney, IVebb. Growmleii, Mickelian, Mitt-hell f!ll2'l'.j. Varsity Squad Riders of Roosevelt by defeating them 12-0 in a hard-fought battle. The first VVarrior score came in the initial quarter when they took over on their own forty after a Roosevelt punt. Young dashed thirty-five yards after catching a pass from Pierini. A few seconds later Pierini again passed to Young, who went the rest of the way to score. In the fourth period, Keshishian went through center, got away from the Roosevelt sec- ondary, and raced thirty-three yards for the final Warrior counter. FRESNO HIGH 33- EDISON TECH O Ending their scheduled campaign in a blaze of glory, the Warriors outclassed Edison Tech, tal- lying twice in both the second and third quarters and once again in the last stanza. The varsity first string easily ran up the first three tallies to put the game on ice. The second and third strings continued to pile up the score for the rc- mainder of the game. FRESNO HIGH '33-AVENAL O Fresno moved nearer the valley championship by defeating the Avenal Buccaneers in the semi- finals by 33-0. After a scoreless first quarter. the Warriors went on to ring up five tallies and three conversions. Two of the touchdowns came on intercepted pass run-backs by Young and Col- burn and another when Rodman recovered a fumble on the Avenal twenty-eight. Militano and Jacobsen then accounted for another six points. ERESNO HIGH 20- REDONDO 6 Traveling from their wigwams, the Warriors next downed Redondo Beach 20-6. Taking to the air, Fresno passed to score in the first, sec- ond and fourth quarters. The Seahawks pushed Coach Ginsburg explains some fine points of the game and iVIilitano demonstrates. THE YELLOWJACKETS: First row: Neikirk. Davies, Rasmussen, Casacc-ia. Jolly. Kennedy. Harris, Sniades, Heidenrieh. Second row: Jacobsen, lochiina, Jackson, Denham. Quinn. Logan, Giannopulos. Roel, Diel. 'lhirrl rox: Daugherty, Hubbard. Sheutan Daly, Wilhoite, Easton, Barr, Young 1Ifll'liOVlK'll, Zenovir-h, l-lerring' fmgrj. across for their lone tally after a brief flurry in the third period. FRESNO HIGH 20-BAKERSFIELD 12 For the first time in history, Fresno High downed the Bakersfield Drillers in a league game and won the valley championship. Spotting the Drillers six points, the Warriors came back and ightwwn Turning in one of the best seasons of its car- eer, the Fresno High lightweight football team, under the excellent coaching of Ralph Allen, tied with Roosevelt and Merced High schools for the league championship. The Papooses were scored on only once during the entire sea- son. A glance at their remarkable score-board in seven plays went over for their own touch- down. The second score came when Pierini sprinted fifty-eight yards to paydirt. The final VVarrior gain came a minute before the final gun from a seventy-five yard march downfield, with -lnrkovich smashing over from the one-yard line. htSquad tells the story convincingly. Fresno .................. 13 - Fresno Tech 0 Fresno ...... ..... 2 5 - Madera ,r.,.. Fresno ...... O - lllerced Fresno ...... ..... l 2 - Central Fresno ...... ..... 2 l - Roosevelt .,.. Fresno ...... 6 - Edison LIGHTWEIGHT SQUAD: First row: Fong. Wniernian. Ualaway, Goering Knight Sample, Aiken. .Xi'nolrl, Cullingion Stahl Ohlnian Second row: Ilowarcl, Aho, Rudd, Rudolph, XVKVRIYIEIII. Karaniedjian, Owen, Vllight, llunsen. Rupp .XVQ1lliEl', Canfield Fhiirl ron Hollister fll'lgl'.j, XVooil, Smith, Edwards, Mills, Nichols, Keeler. Sniifh. Pelligrini, llall. l'oonjohn, Koutt. Mist Clsst Coach Coach Allen. Cano Nelson CIlass" " Showing a great improvement over last year's squad, Fresno High School's varsity basketball team, coached by 'fToby" Lawless, capped sec- ond place in the league standings, losing out only to Edison Tech. ln the seven practice games played before the opening of the regular basketball season, the Yvarriors came out victorious in six, losing to the Redondo Beach five by a margin of one point. The VVarriors scalped their first league op- ponent, the Madera Coyotes, to the tune of 36- 24. Riding high on the crest of their first league victory, the battling Fresno High band was due for a fall when it came up against Edison Tech in the second game of the season. Although in the lead most of the way, Fresno bogged down in the last few minutes of play and lost 30-28. The VVarriors again caught the taste of victory, however, when they defeated a fighting Merced squad -l-5-26. Fresno Tech's Wolves were Fresno Pierini Longacre Basketball High's next victims when they Went down under a 38-27 counter. Fresno Highys Warriors then went on to avenge themselves for the loss to their arch-rivals, Roosevelt, last year hy chalk- ing up a substantial 37-26 win. Fresno was again defeated by Edison Tech when it lost out to the cross town rivals in the second encounter. Al- though it was a hard fought battle throughout, Edison took the lead early in the game and kept it to come out with a 37-30 victory. The WVar- riors hit their stride again by downing, for a sec- ond time, a battling Madera squad 3+-20. Mer- ced also fell for a second time when they were turned away by a 40-29 score. The lvarriors then dropped a game to Fresno Tech in the upset of the season when, after holding a comfortable margin, they eased up and the courageous Fresno Tech five scored 33-29. ln their last game of the season, the Warriors downed a fighting Roose- velt squad by a wide margined score of 52-25. VARSITY SQUAD: 'Piei'ini, Kohman, lDeMzlnty, Russian. Mints, Snlleng'e1', Miekelian, Venallle, Cano. Ulltllliilll, Moore, Davies, Nel- son. Center: Coach Lawless. DelVlanty Kohman Cilasscdin 1Vinning all of their practice games and all but three of their league encounters, the Fresno High Class "BH basketball squad under the coach- ing of Kenneth Thunem turned out an excellent record at the end of the season but were nosed out of first spot in the league pennant race by the Edison Tech Tigers. ln their first league encouunter the Fresno High Papooses displayed their power and strength by handing the Madera Coyotes a 39-17 drubbing. The business-like manner in which the local boys sailed in to the attack soon left little doubt in even the most ardent lVIaderan,s mind as to who would be the final winner. The purple and gold quintet then fell before the su- perior might of the Tigers from Edison Tech by a record of 23-15. Perhaps the Edison team could not be blamed if they left the floor after the final shot with unusually happy expressions, for revenge for last year's drubbing at the hands of the l'B'sH was undoubtedly sweet. A one- point margin was all that kept the Fresno High Miars llflickelian Basketball band from enjoying a second league victory in- stead of being downed by the Merced Bears 20-19. Fresno Highls "B's" again suffered defeat when they were beaten 20-18 by the Fresno Tech YVolves in the next game of the season. Fresno High once again hit its stride when it battled the "B" quintet from Roosevelt and squeezed out a tight but enjoyable victory of 25-23. Fresno easily defeated the Madera five in their second battle by a score of 29-21. They then went on to upset their cross town rivals, Edison Tech, with a decisive 22-15 win. The battling Papooses then chalked up their most decisive victory of the season by crushing a val- iant Merced quintet 4-0-23. In their next game, Fre:no High downed the Fresno Tech band by a margin of 32-22. ln the last game of the sea- son the battling Warriors downed the Roose- velt Roughriders 37-21 in a hard fought game, thus ending an outstanding season for the Class NB" squad. CLASS "B" SQUAD: Fong. Knight, Borasi, Ball Sum, Owen. Hall, Hill. Long, NVheele1', West, Briggs, Coach Thunem. CLASS "C" SQUAD: First row: Arata, Hill, Martin, Petropulos, li.0ll1'5lfi1S. Second low: Gregg, Okawara. Rundle, Rudolph. Mathews, Peddy. Third row: Nakamoto, Sanderson, Ohanian, Jaekson, llargis, Kuyumjian, Mr, Morehouse Qcoaehj. Cllass U H Winning three and losing one, the Fresno High Class HCM quintet split their four league games this season. In direct contrast to the great- ly curtailed season of last year when an epidemic in the county of infantile paralysis kept them from playing a good part of their schedule, the Peanuts scorched through their series with unpar- alleled vigor and determination. In their first game Coach Morehouse's midget five literally blew the lid off the opening of the casaba season with a jarring victory over the Roosevelt "CH quintet 23-10. ln their next game, however, the Fresno High squad hit a slump when they ran into a hard fighting Edison Tech squad and were downed by a close 26-21 score. Like their "brothers", the "Bs", the pint-sized casaba passers quite unintentionally gave Edison sweet Basketball revenge for the defeat they had suffered in the 1940 season at the hands of the Fresno Warriors junior edition. The so-named Peanuts proved their ability to Come back when they walloped the Madera Wolves by a one-sided 28-14 counter. In the last game of the season the little Warriors kept up their winnings by beating a game but in- ferior Fresno Tech squad 29-12. Although small in size, the HC" squad showed that it was big in points and deserving of the credit given it by the whole student body for its fine showing. It is the gameness and fine sports- manship shown at all itmes by the HCls'l that has come to be synonomous with the name "VVar- rior" and has caused Fresno High to be called the "School of Champions". The 'laction" game of the year - Fresno High vs. Edison Tech. VARSITY SQUAD-First Row: Hiller, Wm. Young, Saghatelian, Cohen, Re-itz. Axt. Second Row: Rudolph, Bob Young OI rj Ball, Pierini, lleizenrader. Moore, Seeker. Johnson, Van Meter, Gregg fMgr.J. Baseball Although the Fresno High School baseball nine didn't Win any championships this year, it made an excellent showing to bring home much praise to the school. Splitting about even in their practice games before the opening of the league season, the War- rior nine went into their league frays with a bet- ter than even chance of winning the pennant. ln their first league battle, Fresno High lived up to all expectations and Walloped the battling Ma- dera Coyotes by a score of ll-2 in what was called a "Wild" ball game. The Warriors con- tiued to pile up victories when, in the second game of the league season, they downed a hard- fighting Merced nine 10-8 in a tight ball game which was packed full of close decisions. The Fresno High squad lost their next game, how- ever, when they were nosed out of the winning column by the Wolves from Fresno Tech with a 3-l score. The Warriors were again beaten when they met their arch rivals, Roosevelt, and after leading throughout most of the game, lost out 4-2. ln the last game of the season Fresno was defeated by the Edison Tech nine by a close 3-2 score in an eleven inning ball game. A reat man f of this vear's s uad are uniors g 5 . q J a fact that would seem to insure a good team for next year. Fresno High .,..,,,, Madera .... Fresno High ...,,,,, Merced ..,.,, Fresno High ,,,,,,,, Fresno Tech Fresno High ,.e,.... 2 - Roosevelt Y, Fresno High ,,,,.ttt PITCHING STAFF--Reitz. Johnson, Axt, Cohen. Edison Tech Fresno High Athletes Show Prize VVinning Form Cjlass The 1941 Fresno High School track squad brought home another string of victories for their Alma Mater' this season by winning the county title, placing second in the city meet, and coming in third in the valley race. The War- rior 'tthinly clads" not only excelled in Class "AH but also showed excellent marks in Classes "BH and HC," winning in the latter class in the city meet. The track season was officially opened when the year classes of the school clashed in their annual interclass meet. The meet was taken in a walkaway by the Class of '41 combined with the Class of '44 with 18-1 points. Second place was taken by the Class of V1-3 when they com- piled 135 points, While the Class of '-12, badly CC 77 rfrack handicapped by an outbreak of measles, compiled 85 points to finish in third place. In the city event the Warriors were nosed out of first place by Edison Tech when they pulled in nine points less than the first place team. Bob Shannon, Fresno weight man, was a double Winner, placing first in both the discus and the shot put. Other firsts were taken byAnthony Kohman, who Won the 440, and Jim VVheeler, who tied with Carlson of Roosevelt in the pole vault. The Fresno High band then surprised the dopesters by grabbing the county meet out from under Edison Tech's nose when Canfield and Chandler upset the field and won top spot in the broad jump and high hurdles respectively. VARSITY TRACK SQUAD: First Vow: Kohman. Wheeler. Long. Iieslfsllizlvl, Canfield Jurkovit-h. Allamnrose. Second row: Mor- rison, Barr. Webster, Johnson, West, Shannon, Ch'1ntl'e". Knoll. Thirfl row: Mitchel. Hyde, Davenport, llorfmeier, Jackson Mr. Ames. M r. Ginsburg. CQASS "B" SQUAQ: First row: Sterios Cmgixj, Burkholder, Aiken, Rudd. llauscn, Sample, Abo. Second roxy: Galloek, llill, VVoods. Nest, Bell, Papazian, Uvdesich, Cullington. 'lhiral row, Petersen, Cllass Although the Class MBU track squad did not capture a first place in their division, they turned in some excellent marks. They won second place in the city meet, bowing only to the Roosevelt Roughriders. ln the county meet the Fresno tribe, defending champions, lost the title to the Roosevelt squad but pulled out two firsts in the valley meet, Wheeler and Fickle gaining top spots in the pole-vault and the shot-put respec- Cllasscc The Class "CH squad captured first place in the city track meet, placed among the scorers in the county, and pulled in eighth in the valley meet to make an excellent showing for the school. The so-called f'Peanuts', defended ably their city title when they outclassed their nearest op- ponent, Roosevelt, by twenty points, garnering CC 77 Fickle, Hardin, l.ilIWlUll0tO, llopwood, Fong, Kusaki. rack tively and compiling ten points to take sixth place. Among the many outstanding point-gath- erers for the HBH squad were Carl Fickle, weightman , who broke the old city shot put record by putting the iron ball out 47 feet one- half inchg Duane Long and Henry Goering, l320 men, each breaking the old school record in this eventg and Bill Rudd, dash man, who accounted for most of the points in these events. ' rack more points than all their opponents combined. ln the valley meet two men placed, Martin tak- ing third in the 108-yard hurdles and Qkawara placing fifth in the broad jump. The -HO-yard relay team ran third, trailing Hanford and De- lano to the tape. CLASS "C" SQUAD: First row: Phillips. Tzluzika, Routt, lc-hibn, Kuyumdjian. Second row: Fries. Martin, Okawara, Thonipson, Sanderson fasst. mgrj. Tliircl POW! Hill, Pornerance, lxourafas. Tsuruokzi. Sagaliatelmn Knxurj. Swimming Swimming Class First row: XVhitby, Duane Lflllgy Miller, Barr, Potts, Xlalrond. Andrews, Price, Mel. lion, Mr. Macdonald Ccoachj. 5 e e 0 n 4l row: De'l'emnle. Dwight Long, Vilinch. Wil- hoite. Lane. Ancluri, Hall. Sanderson, Vilebster, Iehiba. Third row: Logan, Sims. Patterson, Sna re. Cobb, Cliristian, Woods. Kofarinos. Reed. Fourth row: Wheeler, Confiley, Mills, li,2ll'llllQj'. Iroquois First row: Mr. Ginsburg. Mr. Lawless, W. Young. llierini. Second row: XYheeler, Heiflenrit-h, Growtlen, Aho. Tliirilrowz Zenctvich. Jacobsen. Keshi- shian, R. Younu. Potts. Fourth row: Venables. Lung, Nelson, Kolimzm. Militano Jurkovitrli. De- Manty, Miekeiian. Fifth ow: Papulias. Saghate- lian. The Iroquois is an athletic club composed of coaches and lettermen. The clubis purpose is primarily to promote greater interest in sports among the students of the school, and to be of service in various school projects. There were a number of long-to-be remem- bered events held throughout the year. The regular initiations, which are held each semes- ter, will always be remembered by those who participated. The annual dance was held after the Roosevelt basketball game and was very successful, both socially and financially. A snow party was held at Shaver Lake, and although Om' Hundrrd Tfwo the party was broken up early because of a real snow storm, the members had a good time, even considering the hard work that Was needed in getting the cars not equipped with chains out of the snow. Later in the year a horseback ride was organized and held at Green's cattle ranch in the hills near the Friant Dam. A num- ber of the boys were inexperienced riders and some suffered the experience of being brushed off by low-hanging branchsg but outside of a few bruises. everything went off well and cveryone is looking forward to the next ride. Tennis The Team First row - Farr. Ayers. Lewis. Ennis. S2l1'g'9l1f. Second row - Owensby, Frolik, Bristol. l'eih'on- eelli, Ayers. Miss Earle. Action The Fresno High School tennis team was quite successful this season under the direction of the new coach, Miss Edna Earle. Theteam won all but one league match, dropping that to a strong Roosevelt team. The members of the squad were Frank Ennis, Roberta Bristol, Frank Farr, Bob Ayers, Ann Pedroncelli, Lucille Qwensby, Jean Ayers, and Sheldon Lowis. Frank Ennis fboys' singlesl playing a strong all-round game won all his league matches and advanced to the valley semi-finals Where he bowed to defeat. Roberta Bristol Cgirls' singlesj showed strong possibilities losing only to Roosevelt. Her fast serve and net game brought her through a series of defeats in practice matches to second place in the league play. Frank Farr and Bob Ayers lboys' doublesj won three out of five league matches. Their ground strokes and lobs put their opponents con- tinually on the defensive. Ann Pedroncelli and Lucille Owensby Cgirls' doublesj, possessing the combination of technical skill and fighting spirit, advanced to the County semi-finals. Lucillels service and Ann's net game made their defeat a problem for any team. Jean Ayers and Sheldon Lewis fmixed dou- blesj, combining placement shots with strong vol- leys, came through the league with but one de- feat. One flurzdred Tlzrfe Team Members in COMMISSIONED OFFICERS : Cadet Captain Earle Jones, First Lieutenant Bill Warren Sec- ond Lieutenant Delfred Edwards. 3 Caplain O. D. GUFFEY FIRST PLATOON: First row-- Hunlphxeys, floogooian. Tienken Hansen, Smith Ulrich Reenl Kal. Second low-Wt-iss, Allen, Welch. Whitmore, Schortov. 'l'l1ir4l Vow-- Clark llousins, lfloxxuml, Ch-ipp Spacy. Cadet Company HCM, first regiment California High School Cadets, has completed another year of Very successful training under the command of Cadet Captain Earle Jones. The subordinate offi- cers were Bill VVarren, first lieutenant, and Delfred Edwards, sec- ond lieutenant. Captain O. D. Gnffey, lnfantry Reserve, is the com- mandant of all cadet companies in the Fresno school system. All promotions are by competition in both theory and practice. Cadet officers are appointed only from the senior and junior classes. Non- cemmissioned officers may be appointed from any class. Fresno has a complete battalion, one company in each high school. The annual competition of all schools was held in the Fresno blemorial Auditorium on lVlarch 27. This year competition was keen, as all schools were more nearly on an equal plane than at any time since the beginning of such competition seventeen years ago. Orff Ilzmdred Fc ur NON-COMMISSlONED OFFICERS: First Rowff Knoll, Googooian, Humphreys. Fisher, Wood. Second Rowf'l'ienken, Weiss. Woosley, Spacy. ' : rris. May. SECOND PLATOON: First Row-- Fislier. Woosley, Sloan, Kelso Ma- son, Casey, Wood. Second Row- son., Casey, Wood. Second Row: Harris, Pierce. Lowe, DeCariSto. Griggs, Mitchell. Third Row--May, Todd. Shire, Davis, Liirxvootl. Company "D", Fresno Technical High School, won first place in the company drill and permanent possession of the trophy presented by the Fraternal Order of Ea les. To accom lish this, an or faniza- . is tion must win three years consecutively. Fresno High Schools Company MCU won second place and the Sciot's trophy, now exhibited in the student body trophy case in the main foyer. ln the individual manual of arms drill second lace went to Frank Snvder of Com- l . pany HC." The five judges were captains from regular army ser- vices. Company MCH has just completed gallery practice and the fol- lowing qualified: expert rifleman, Robert Frasher and Kenneth VVoodg sharpshooter, Bill Warren and Delfred Fdwardsg marksman, Spencer Knoll, Earle Jones, Charles Davis and Jimmie Spacy. The first five high score students won the highly-coveted Block "FH, OW Hundrzfd Firm? Cadet Captain EARLE joxis Advanced Volleyball First row-A.'O1ICEll'l, Briglln 111, Brown, Humll e, Erringcr, Owensby. Second row-Riley, lileiu, Wolc -ott, High, Caskey, F. Pcdlmxcelli. Girl ' All-Stars Volleyball High, F. Pedronc-elli, Sandex son, Klein. Riley, Uwe-usby A. Pedroncelli. lntermediate Volleyball First raw-Riley. Ll9llEl'!1l2'Hl, Hoge, Frees. Second row- Alexflriiler, H1'0zlfl, BII'DOI121lfl. Groom. Third row-Cmmv bell, Burthuli, Rue, llanseu. Sport Beginners, Volleyball First- row-Schneider. Rerlflen Farley, Elllflllilll, Drouet Hchmiflt. Smacoml row - Ol oiziu. Skeitz, Nielsen. Gerard, Eclwzlrzls, Knuffung. Hill. Mer ewlith. lntermediate Hockey First row-Smupsou, Howell. Fuiu. Bacon. Lowe. Second row 7 Mooraclizm. Sf-herer. 3lill'Il91'0SlPll1, Ford. Hruska. Nyberg, Reed, Bleisncr. Advanced Hockey First l'0XY-KHXV?lll2l1'kl, Owens by, F. Purlroucelli. Secour row-C'onnell, High, Armour Penrsoxl. Third row-A, Pe vlroncelli, Rice, Tllompson Lowe. Girl ' Beginners' Basketball Diehevm, M4-Fm'lanrl, Soherei Kllllllyilllbl. Barfliuli, Haxtel Devlin. 4len1:111iS. Intermediate Basketball Fix-xt row-Aiiden-sou, Bi1'l'lJQ'l', Snyrler. Ono. Secoiul rowg Hu1'rnl1. Giustc, Schultz, Ca- how. lntermediate Volleyball First 'l'OXY1SElXYY9TS, Jones. Second 1'0XYlfllfl1'li, Mills. Duncim. Thirrl l'0VV1Sl7l1!lSl' rli-'13 C ll 0 I l e t. Szlmlersoii. Whitton. lluvlmm. Sports Advanced Basketball First l'OXY-S2lg'9l'. Wolcott, Riley. Briglxaiu. Second row -F. Perlronoelli, High, Ei'- Vinger, Oweiisby, A. l'e1l1'on- flelli. Swimming Team First l'OXV11I21llHllOIKl. Robin- son, Brigheun, xVilll'0Illi. Wag- ner. Rhodes, Thompson. S11- Qer, Roessler. Second row- B. Pealson. Neilson. Czunpr bell. lfdwawls, Frolik. Sitts. Burgess, D. Pearson. Bernairni. Third Vow-Holt. Crnwforwl. Jertberg, Spector. Wilson. Lawless. Minor Sport Champions Bartlett. Pearson. Szmflerson Owensby. A. Pedroncelli. F Peflroncclli. G. A. A. FALL SPRING ANN PEDRONCELLI President LUCILLE OVVENSBY LUc1L1.E OwENsBY Vim-President FLORA PEDRONCELLI BETTY BINFORD Sefrelary JEAN BARGER JEAN BARGER Treasurer BE'1'rY PEARSON THE CABINET: First row-Bradley, E1'1'ing1'er. Pearson. Second row-Bmsfer, F. l,6fl'l'0lIC'GlIi. Third row-Miss Earle, Neilson, A. Pedron- cclii, Owensby, Miss lwlurray, Miss Wilson. The Girls' Athletic Association started its year of varied activities by entertaining the girls of the other three Fresno city high schools at the annual Volley-ball Playday. An Hawaiian at- mosphere prevailed, with the girls of the differ- ent teams wearing variously-colored leis. After the games, the girls were entertained with Ha- waiian dances and songs. Refreshments, fea- turing pineapple juice and bananas, were served. The volley ball season was brought to a spectac- ular close when the girls, All-star Team tri- umphed over the boys' team for the first time in many years. During the football season all extra time was spent in making pompoms, which were sold to the student body. These purple and gold "pep ir1ducers" made the Fresno High School root- ing section vividly colorful as they were waved to the stirring rhythms of the flashy school band. In January the club held a skating party and dinner in the cafeteria, at which time the awards for the past semester were presented. Likewise at this meeting the new officers were installed. Activities sponsored by the G.A.A. were a min- or sports tournament and after-school basketball games. The awards-medals for first place and ribbons for second place-for the winners of the tournaments were presented to the girls on May second, after a wiener roast at Roeding Park. The activities of an eventful year were con- cluded at the annual Steak Bake, held at the Kingsburg Golf Club, where Mr. Logan Ed- wards presided as chief baker of steaks, and stu- dents and teachers alike enjoyed the fine food and the games. The club is indeed indebted to its sponsors- lVIiss Evelyn Murray, Miss Edna Earle, and Miss Roberta Wilson-for their wonderful help and true sportsmanship. THE LARGEST GIRLS' CLUB IN SCHOOL Tic Toc FALL OFFICERS BABETTE HORLICK Prerident CLARE WEYMOUTH Vice-Prerident DOROTHY GR,ANGER Serrftary SUE HENDERSON Treasurer SPRING DOROTHY CERANGER SARA SAGER RUTH COLE lh'lARYl.Y WEBSTER First rowfllohlick. Second row-Cole, Sager Weymouth, Webster, Granger. Although most high school clubs are, in a sense, service clubs, the Tic Toc club of Fresno High School rates particularly high in this re- spect. Affiliated with the Y.W.C.A. as a sort of junior auxiliary, the group were originally known as Girl Reserves. A consequent change of name, however, effected no change of purpose, as the avowed aim of the group is still to pro- mote friendship among the girls of the school and to learn to assume whatever civic duties high school girls are equipped to undertake. Un- der the sponsorship of Miss Roberta Wilson and Miss Francette Mauze, the organization has enjoyed a particularly successful as well as en- joyable year. To demonstrate that they are well versed in the art of Hsewing a fine seamfl Tic Tocs met at various times during the year to sew on and eventually complete two baby's layettes, one as a Christmas gift to the needy mother of an infant and the other for the local Red Cross chapter. Various social events enlivened the progress of the school year, notably an All-City Tic Toc Dinner, sponsored by the Y.W.C.A., a Hallow- eyen party, a skating party at the Rollatorium, and the annual Christmas party. A membership tea was held at the beginning of each of the two semesters for the purpose of entertaining pros- pective new members who had previously signi- fied an interest in joining the club. The Girl Reserves Sixtieth Anniversary party marked an- other important date for the girls as did also the hilarious "cord and ginghaml' dance. The year was fittingly closed with a swimming party in honor of the organizations graduating seniors. First row-Miss Mauze, Edxvnrds. Eberhart, Henderson, Granger. YVebster. Sawyers. Bernhard. Epstein. Second row- Blasingame, Hill, Rice, Holeton, Miss VVilson. Third row-Hall. Nielsen, Roessler, Edward, B. Hansen. Buhler, Taylor' Houghton. Fourth row-Coates, Sager. B. Hanner, Brown. Phillips, Cowan. Fifth row-Gregoiy, Marvin, P. Hansen, Michaels. Sixth row-Russell, Boyer, Hines, VVQj'l1l0lll'l1, Lewis, and Ludwig. Byfield Bargei' Cole 335 UDEN ts '..sBE.E,, 'I saga U .es Us 'J 1 8 1 J QJEJQZ9 X., ,--Q.,-.1 Nl.-.J ,K xi' 31 LIF ' r 0 's I Il 0 l H 'Wa ls a'a s C U.. .U taaamnls fic 1 nl if 192 lx w 2 Q QQ! ' X ,qvv Dear Diary SEPTEMBER 16 The first day of school! Hundreds of be- wildered sophomores, suntanned juniors, and sophisticated seniors. OCTOBER 7 Our Armistice Day queen is to be Dolores Hunter. And IS she pretty! OCTOBER 20 Inter-advisory basketball games have start- ed. The YVarriors kept the YVolves away from the VVigwam tonight. Don't you LOVE football? OCTOBER 25 CSF,ers received their life membership pins today. OWL staff was announced. Free OTVLETS made their first appearance. NOVEMBER 7 HYou Can't Take It With You" a great success. Entire balcony of the auditorium was reserved for adults. NOVEMBER 8 The Hgrudgev game of the season tonight -- our VVarriors vs. Roosevelt's Rough Riders. Red Cross drive is on. NOVEMBER it Portia-Senate mock trial. CSF conven- tion next week. Girls' All-Star team played the boys tonight. The girls won! NOVEMBER 20 Avenal football team played the Warriors this afternoon. VVe won-again! All that "red,' going around school isn't a fireg it,s the Class of ,el-2 sweaters. NOVEMBER 29 Special train to Bakersfield. We went, we played, and YVE'RE the valley football champs NONV! DECEMBER 16 "Gloria" tonight. Christmas vacation next week. Two WHOLE weeks! DECEMBER 28 Leo Diel is the new extemporaneous speech king. Basketball with Bakersfield tonight. JANUARY 10 Student body officers for next semester elected. Lost practice basketball game to Edison. Try-outs for the Jnior Farce- HGrowing Pains." JANUARY 31 Graduation tonight. Class of 'sl-1 the first to wear caps and gowns for graduation. ,W ws, W wx? , - fn ,W Q ws p -1-W 4 ww Q R if - .5 a 1 mi 5121 Dear Diary FEBRUARY 7 Basketball tonight with Madera. Another game with Edison on the 14th. Hope we win again. FEBRUARY 18 Basketball with Merced. New charge of twenty cents per game. IVIARCH 7 -Iunicr Farce, "Growing Painsu tonight. Good! Alex Googooian represented Fresno High in the American Legion oratorical contest and XVON! MARCH 10 Principals Assembly this morning to bid farewell to I'VIr. Huber, who leaves for the Army. NIARCH 20 Studio Plays start this week. Inter-class track meet today. Five Gwlet members left for the press conference at Berkeley. MARCH 28 First league baseball game with NIadera there. APRIL 3 Baseball with Madera here. Easter vaca- tion next week! Owlets out today. APRIL 21 Blossom Day. Dance this afternoon in the girls' gym. Those lovely dresses-and the flowers-AND THE HAY FEVER! APRIL 25 OWL contracts are selling briskly. P.T.A. Barn Dance tonight. RIAY I Public Schools Week. Open House tonight. NIAY 3 Junior-Senior Prom. Hawaiian decor! Ummmm! RIAY 16 HlVIaritana," school operetta, tonight. Lots of credit to all concerned for a grand per- formance. MAY 22 G.A.A. Steak Bake at the Kingsburg Coun- try Club. IVIarvelous food and a generally wonderful time. JUNE 8 Baccalaureate services tonight for the sen- iors. Election over and everyone seems well pleased. JUNE 12 OVVLS are outl HDo I look like THAT T' Autographs an absolute necessity. JUNE 13 Last day! Boys in navy blue and girls in white caps and gowns at graduation. Good- bye, Dear Diary! ye I1a"" lg,,'1 flu-V' One day, down town on a shopping spree, A A glimmer and sparkle I did see. 'Twas a diamond rare? Oh, no, 21 pair In the Window of Warner's Jewelry. WARNER'S ll23 Fulton Hundred Eighteen HAPPINESS FOR YOU Something to look forward to: A lovely home in Colonial Circle, Fresnols most beautiful and most livable tract. Homes nestled among pine trees. Countrified yet dignified atmosphhere. Make your selection now. On North Van Ness Boulevard. V FRESNO HOME BUILDERS QBuilders of good homesj l23l Broadway And here we see Janice and Nlarie At Fresno Republican Printery. 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For quality, dear, You can find it right here, To knock your eyes out of their sockets! CRQCKETVS 1501 Broadway There once was a hermit named Dave, Who washed dirty towels in Z1 cave, One day he heard say Of the Fresno Towel way And now he even has time to shave. FRESNO TOYVEL CO 115 Thesta For 21 drink that is refreshing and sweet. For a lift that really is neat, Drink Nehi each day, And youlll surely say That it is the best bottled treat. NEHI 390 Safford And now therels Fresno Motor Sales Y The place of which there are manv tales. Their building is hanneredg V Their employeeys well mannereclg So buy a ear there and hush your wails. FRESNO MOTOR SALES Van Ness and Ventura lf you have a weakness for cake But never have learned how to bake, Then Lauek's is the place, When the floor you do pace, For food for your appetite's sake. LAUCICS BAKERY 935 Olive CWOIIIPHIIIFIIIS Tl , J The Class Of 1941 FTUIII 'Q o'1Q X ' A N.,,,,f' REiP 1qR.l Our reputation plus expert worknm ship guarantees satisfaction Phone 2-6610 1940 Mariposa Street 1-M --l ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTI ON CO MPANY 6 Contractors and Dealers 6 Fresno, California Phone 3-2208 831 Fulton St. If you desire to b T , uild a house o shelter man, or dog or mouse just call the number Cf the Valley Lumber VVho'll fill the needs of maid or spouse. VALLEY LUNIBFR , CO. H and Mono CRF FULTON STREET UO UMNE on or off campus You'll proucll Y Say 'ltls From Bruelcnerls' One Hundred Tfwenty-fifve CORR , G SAFE- GUARDS EYE ECT LIGHTIN SIGHT Adequate Li h ' SAN A g ting Greatly Reduces Eyestrain Better Light for Better Sight JOAQUIN PowER olvlslom PACIFIC GAS ND ELECTRI C COMPANY One Hundred Tfwcnly-six These fellows ar Ml e i 1 ton and Dewight, Their service is prompt and polite. For a new home appliance Ask Kramer's old clients About any thing thatls in sight. 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CONNER'S 1350 Fulton nh... iuuwwm, , n.....,.., One Hundred Thirty-Fifve After trying the Varsity We Sh0uldr1't blame Ruthie Palm Center Service has a For attractive furniture Lunch for a snack, if she tries to stress fine reputation both regtful and gay, Youlll be one of the many That she likes the flowers For the products sold and Pacific Furniture leads the Who always come back. that are from the Van work done in their 353- way, VARSITY LUNCH Ness. tion. PACIFIC FURNITURE 1477 North Van Ness VAN NESS FLORISTS PALM CENTER SERVICE 1417 Fulton 1867 Van Ness 1603 Palm The prices at Potter's are QlllllIllllllillIllliillllllllllllllllllllllllllililllllllllllllllllgf E ongzafulafions E 2 goof Ziff SL E C0144 HARRY corrsf illllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllll'lIIlllIIlIllIE just ask anyone At Haley's are found flow- Bookworms few and book- not high powered. Whols ever been ers rareg worms many No wonder these cameras The place to go No wonder Nancy's admir- At the Book Store you may intrigue john and Howard. Is the Olive Inn. ing them there. save many a penny. POTTER DRUG CO. OLIVE INN HALEY'S FLORIST FRESNO BOOK SHOP 1102 Fulton 1138 North Van Ness 905 VV. Belmont 1359 Fulton 0116 Hundred Thirty-.fix Compliments of Walter Byde Company Ltd. HARDWARE-SPORTING GOODS-GIFTS EASY PARKING SPACE- EASY ON YOUR PURSE I3 3'l Fulton St. l 122 N. Fulton Telephone 3-425 5 Complete Apparel for Men and Women EASTERN 1039 FULTON Deferred Accounts Invited FRANK KAMIYAMA PHOTO STUDIO 14-13 TULARE Phone 3-6434 RELIABLE SHOE STORE THE AKI COMPANY 1427-29 TULARE STREET IO45 Fulton Tel. 3-5144 Tel. 3-1514 We carry a complete stock of DR. W. W. I E Waterman Pens and Eastman Kodaks ORTHODONTIET r S 1402 Pacific Southwest Building 1921 Mariposa Tel- 3'66l7 Telephone 29310 Fresno, California BROADWAY CYCLERY Largest Stock of Bicycles in the Valley CALIFORN IA'S FINEST DANCE MUSIC Reasonable Prices 833 Broadway Phone 3-5621 AND HIS ORCHESTRA Compliments of MASQUERADE COSTUMES AND WIGS , FOR RENT S 1420-22 Fulton Street Tel. 2-9217 Sanitary Phone 2-7443 TRY OUR WlLSON'S CONFECTIONARY 1326 Fulton JAPANESE STYLE DISHES FUJIMURA CAFE 915 E Street CANDY, FOUNTAIN, AND RESTAURANT Compliments of Compliments of TOWER CAKE SHOPPE and DELICATESSEN Tel. 2-3164 1219 Wishon Ave. 1932 Echo Ave' Phone 24215 Cvmplimenfs of Kebo Electric Co. One Hundred Thirty-.wzfven CONGRATULATIONS AND LOTS OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '41 from The Boys' Store Compliments of I-Ioman 81 Co. Sporting Goods .Everything that Boys and Young I I95 Van Ness Phone 3-3233 MCH WCEIIH Fresno 1355 Fulton Fresno ' Phone 2-4832 S. Hennn Al A1 h . CX C lan Company JEWELER PHONE 3-23l I l507 KERN ST. Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries 2024 Tulare Street Fresno, Calif. COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF West Fresno Castle and Hayter Shoe Store Drug Company Corner of Kern Sport Shoes Dress Shoes ancl F Street Telephone 2-45 I 5 1049 Van Ness 5lEi?DlE2l:3JARTERS X BEACH OR MOUNTAINS .- F' I SHEET MUSIC I SPORT OR FORMAL PIANOS-RADIOS F or Quality BAND INSTRUMENTS 1 Everything Musical 'gf X C I-loekett-Cowan MUSIC Co. Stewart Cleaners I254 Fulton Street 1465 N. Van Ness Hundred Thirty-eight Index to Advertisers Aki Co, ,,,,.,,,.,..,,, 137 Homan 85 Co ...,,,....,.,..e,,.,.,.,...,,,,, 138 Alchian, Alex ...e, 138 Justesen's ........,...............e,....A,.e.e.,.., ,,7,,,,, 1 21 Band Box Y,,,..,,,,.,.e.,...,A,... 126 Kamiyama, Frank Photo Studio ,,,,, ,,A,,,,, 1 37 Beckett's, Frank .,,.,.,.Y.................,. ...,,,, 1 30 KARM ...,.....,..,7............,.,,..,..... 132 Better Buy Wholesale Grocery ,,,.... ....... 1 22 Kebo Electric Co ...,1....... 137 Boi-den's Dairy ,,,,....,,,,,.,,,,..,...e.,,., ....... 1 34 Kilner's Stationery Store ,.,,, 133 Boys' Store ,r7,,.,..,.,.... 138 Krameris Appliance ,... 126 Broadway Cyclery ,,,,ee. 137 Kut Price ...,,,.w..,., 130 Bruckner's .,.......,.,.,., 125 Lauck's Bakery ,.,........, i,,,,,r,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 1 2 4 Burn's Hair Store. 137 Leslie, Dr. VV. W .,...Y...,....l,.,,,,...,..,,,, ,,,,,,,, 1 37 Byde's, Walter 137 Lilli2lI1's Barber and Beauty Shop ,,i,,,,r,,,,r1,,, ,135 Cahn's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, 133 Maisler Lumber Co .,,,r,,,,,,r,,,,,,,r77,,,,,,, 1,,,,,7, 1 33 Capitol Cleaners ..,,.......... 132 Naman's Cleaners 135 Campus Confectionary ,,aY.... ,,r.r,...,.,.,,,.,.r,.... 1 34 Nehi Bottling .......... r,,,.,,,, 1 23 Castle 81 Hayter Shoe Store ......,,........,.,,,,,.,... 138 Nielsenls Jewelry ,v...,.. 120 Central California Commercial College ,,,,.,.. 134 Neil White 85 Co .,..,,... r,.Y,,,,, 1 35 Chimo 55 Oliver Floral ,,,.a,,aa,,...r,,.,..,..,,,,..,,,... 130 Olive lim ..,f............, 136 Chrismanls .,...,,,..,,....,.,,,,.,.. ,......,..,,,..,,....,,,a 1 35 Owl Cleaners ..w.....w........, 134 Coca Cola ,,r,,,,,,,r,,,,i,.,,, 131 P21CifiC Furniture C0 .......,.,,.. 136 Coffee, Harry e.,,,,,...,u.,..,,,,,,,,....,,.. ...,l,. 1 36 Pacific GHS 55 Electric Co ...,, 126 Collegiate Beauty Shop ,,,. o,,,,,r,,,,,,,, ........ 1 3 4 Palm Center Service .,.....,..,,,, 136 Connor's Infant 85 Juvenile Shop ,,,,,,... ...,,,. Cooper's .......,,,..........,..............,.,..,a,. ,,t.,.,. 135 128 122 Crocket Bros. .iii....... . ,..,.,,,.,.,,, ...... , . Danish Creamery ..,.. Davidson, Sam ,,,,.,.,...,, Del Mar Rose Pool v.,,,, .. Dodge Laundry .,,,..,,,,. Eastern ........,,,....,.,.,,,,,,,,, Electric Construction Co .c,c, El Rancho .,,.,......,.. Epstein's ..,t......r,......., Eriksen's Jewelry Fashion Cleaners ...ica Fresno Book Shop .,...,...i, Fresno Home Builders ...., Fresno Motor Sales ,,c,..c,,,,,,, Fresno Republican Printery ,c,, Fresno 'Towel Co .,...., ,... Fujimura Cafe ......,,...,, Gearhartis Radio Store c,c, Golden State Dairy ..,,,., Gottschalkls ..v.....,.....,,,,., Green Frog Marlcet ..,,,,.. Greyhound Lines ,,,..ic,. Haley's Flower Shop ..,.... Hamlin Neon Sign Co ..,,,,, Hazel's Shoppe ,.....,.,,,,...., Henmi, S. Co ..........,..,,,,,,t High School Marlcet ,,...,c,,t Hockett Cowan Music Co. ,,Y... ritt 127 132 128 128 137 125 133 129 129 130 136 119 124 120 123 137 135 129 130 128 129 136 127 135 138 137 138 Parisian Cleaners ,,,,..,,t,,,,V,,,i,,V, ,V Pattils Velvet lce Cream Co Pleasanton Cafe ,,,,,,,,..,tv,1,,,1 Potter Drug Co ........rsr,,,, Reliable Shoe Store ,...,,,,,,,,, Rodman Chevrolet Co .,,.,.s, Roos Bros. ,,,,,,.,,1,,iiii,i,,,,,,,, , Roos Bros. Beauty Shop ...,,,, Ruschhauptys .t,,,.,,,,,,,i,,,,,,i Sam's Re-Nu-All ,,,,,,,,,,,, San Francisco Floral .....,,,... San Joaquin Baking Co Seven Up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.iii,i, Sierra Creamery ..,..,,s,,,, Slater's Furniture Co ...... Smith, 'Tommy ,,.,..,..,,. Staples .....,..,....,,.,,,,, Stewart Cleaners ,,t,.,,,,,i, Stewart and Nuss, Inc s,,. Stillman Drug Co ...,,.. Tower Cake Shoppe ...,., Y Tower Theater ...,...,,, Tower Variety Store .,,. Valley Lumber Co ......., Van Ness Floral Co .,,......, , Varsity Lunch Room ,s..,.... Vincent's ,,,..,s,,,,,,,i,,,,,i,,,,, Warner Jewelry Co ..,.t,,c. West Fresno Drug Co .,.,.,..,, s..,,,.,.13.- W1lson's Confectionary ,,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,i,,,,ii,,,,,i,,,,, 131 131 132 136 137 127 121 131 137 125 133 131 129 134 0 137 137 138 134 128 137 133 134 125 136 136 135 118 138 137 One Hundred Thirtyvzine 55 kiifq M53 Acknowledgments One Hundred Forty MR. NED L. BROVVN Fresno Republican Printery MR. HERB SILVIUS Silfvius and Schoenbackler Qcofversj MR. LYLE RENNICK Lyle Rennick Studio MR. PAUL HAMILTON Fresno Bee Engraving ,U-.L scno Q. Q l Q9 4.90 f ww-4' XB xl fffsassocm C X. ,fl 5- JJ It f 'fr' Oywigzm -A fZ4'J'f7N.f5.rV'-f . ,Xf-!,..,-- DA -. D I Z fw7 NVQ Pfwffffwzgw fav Q f f flaw Dwwvwvg 4V 27 . . me VA IL? O 4' 5, fi J I Z, f .'-,-41, . 'f f'1 + ,- 51? xx-Y ..1Li 'v-jf, a , 59" ,W .. .--V , .. lik MI 27 T .--:gba J' V ka-- .f - -1 - 1 2 -.-1:e'- " -.:',r"', 3 ' , X- 4 5 .1 .. P K ' 1 w, ' rs 5 x, M ., ,ry 1,q'YH'!4wF'5-'11 A3 2' f U 'Z A T T 1 an r E .4 V f!"'YS if 1' h lm K , A ' Al Y -xi ef F W Q51 X ' X , K' is .Je Q I 1 . f-. :X .1 Y S f' P ,-, 2 'M 5-tk. fl uf 1 1 in if 'Z .S X, Q 1 1 1 . 1 . 1. . . f , I f -..

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