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 - Class of 1939

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'MQ Qvwwfy Y w JW f WN. Xxx qw NN fb V13 WM by ff? WW WSWS 3 ZMAWW gk W W 3 gf -,f gif A gl, Q1 iz dz 20-rqf C? MWA N My J Q f Xt , .f Q M, f I VL' x X V N43 U f 1 2 V X ff yi I , XV I Jr ff-f If Ji ,ffl If! D f 1 2561 J 1 Q rj, 3 2, - iw' Q - - H 'V X 8 f 1. ' xfef ,ww . N t- gh., .ml L. ,Q , W 'Ffa il -. 3 .JA f' XJ XR xy 1' V Q xxx 1 xi - V , . - 1 . H? is wk Xxx xg Q , ,, E 4? 3 gk W4 nik r-LJ A xx X Nl Y ' f 4 V U: n 3, 1 :rj Y M- f if 4 Eg ' 9 'J X., A-. 1 'f fx lf' K X jf MAJ in J ' H x- "U W my z f A f 'J Q N-,B 'R 5 C' , Q, 1 J , 9-Ng PQ . "g,.: kY.Y ,1 lx J ' . . NE C.2 Q fp t o ' 7 X! '-dvi A' X n If XMIM Jw' V M77 ' Pfwx A A1 U L, gf! Mag fflfwf zzwfw gulhfilw AMD Mwgiw J Jijgi vw ww 2 Sf SR MQ ,gif gs plifng'-Wffffg ffflmfihmw KN? aw ' W 2 ar , X X, U 1 Il, , A-, Q 3 jf? , ' ' , gy , fa Effq ' gy-5 " ENESE ff f iv S SX ek .M sg N N Xb, he. fn' ,, I WHQWL L 1 xx f 5 -'fm' 1 : x 'YW ,,f .film K X Y Q r ' , y I lf' I f IW x Ky ff 91 AIN!! 'fin 47' ' V5 N. I 1 I ' ' Q If X ' - ' I., 1 X 'Ml I 'lf ,4 ' vi .ff 3 1 4 I A 1 , f 17, V, lf- .. If 1 1 5, " ,f'- A . f - qfXrpf7 pr' I--W, 1 , 1 f ' ,I y X , ' .' 4 ' ' ' I W '71 ,f f ' ' , ' ' Nf"I 1 f Q- , " , Q , 4 W .' M , 1 ' 4 ' -'A ' f , , , 14 .. ' ,gf ff Y f fx, I 4 if If ' ' I' 1' X I R I . AA, ', I 1 4 I , lv, M . f F7 1 X - ' ' ' I ,' V' w ,f fx J ' ' X ff ,ff 5 1 ' 5 . 1 MJ fx Ti ,fly .4 a X U" I , 'If' A K I Wyr- 4-'I QW- -. rv. .- QL ' ...,.,--Q.. R an , X, I . . - .4 ' yr f ,fT T ,fy ,f M-'af L ,,,-lla-L T, fb -MNA X - --Mfr ,v ,H."'Mo..,,,,N . Q:-S-.,.,,,2,,M N----..-....,.,. 4 , R ,N K v ' I V f . " we--mm Y if nz II1 M NX mf v 4-.Q --,-44... -u M , k A .Eg ,4- ,mi -. Mi ,w , 1' - '-,-.4 " ' -x-4, ,. .rw if , 2133, - if ,X 75: OWL , -. , ,,-S, . - ff. PUBLISHED by the ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY of FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL FRESNO. CALIFORNIA I, kj If ,.g,p,:2gf1 FQREWQRD Al 1 ul our Aim 1 Mnler 7 lo lhobe of us wx 110 une under graduales It presenla a splenclxd challenge lo those who have gone on ll remains a eherlslxecl memorv Nicholas Cocks Eric Douglas McKinlay Robert Berry Memoriam Dedication ln appreciation of her quiet frrendlmess und deep understanding her reaclv sympathy and VVIHIIIQ ness to help Of her many years of faithful service unsetflsll cooperation and steady PTOQTCSSIVCHCSS HIV HVQ QI1OXX fl IH OUI' NVClfi1I'C We the Student Body of Fresno Hlgtl School 'lffectlonately dedicate this the 1959 Ovsl lo our registrar Wllss tlnlct Higgins And. most of all, of the unfeignect interest she has w -5 W .a E x-LM ' 3 S A ,fr 2? . ,. . lwvqef. " 1 N , ,u,tF,u- Mfr - wr f x- ff, 'vw ,W f.- nv M"E'3':i - -.Lg ' x ,wx-4 1 w w, gl... ww- ' 1-7-,W .., ' fwx h 'Fa -' . '5"T'g w W., ff-X ,3r-f--xi' L, , v U 2532 :KW Y .5r,. .fx if-1 fv 4- of: 1 Q I ,vi NN 6 if rw fi X 2, 1,wgg-X19 1 fb .wa Mmifaf Si Qowg 'iwfgggg-S25 4fQ3115f5f21g::,M 12' ' Q, , M K , wyswx, Q wif " X "KN SQA X 8 S .,,,,5w.qg, 5 N ' X 4 2 2' W 'N uf K5 KX! AN ' ww Y ' we v 9035 3 'ff si W? W' X ,lf V33 'xv Qifzyfg Qr2Niif'f5525s?95evfjgf, ww fy' W . 'QZW Urfiw Mfiiifs fl: 4 1 f 0 'ffm ,, 9 2 of my I' K ' ww 1 W 'f ?f42cmv 'wa 11 iw. ig, 'XM 4 ' fw' ffwfwffia ,5z,4 1, W' e vmqlf , 1 ' N 9 ,V IMS vo? mf, A 'X' XXV wfksmwzzyw gg A Nbgxqtqis 4 5252 1 was w he 'xi 2 43 mx. mfg -af u 5 i . fy 5 sv,,,..f,, ww O PM Q Ya 1 w-',. 5? QW ,gm Q2 .4 if Q24 42 ,Aww 3 X kwswgr 12ifs.g,3y,ff'??A fxfsfffwifgifw sw xi . gf! M, ,ggfgeaa ik Mya: ggi: Y Ji ge' ,M LA-My R? SSW if? A fsgwsd 1 f M 'kcvxsgzz J m rw 4, we fqadvgfx ff 5,9 fggigfu qdywifv W, ,giipitfw Nw 'wi 4 ew WN lil!IllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllflllllIIIIlllllllllllllIIII!IIIIIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllll i llllllHIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllll ll A 4 U ,Q i W T491 we 1,,,, df? -N II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllIIIIIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll1 , x gg, 'NZ' w , B, N N ,nf 3? 3 V up ww llllIIIIllIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIHIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllIllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllll I lllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIlllIIllIIIlIIIllIIIIIIIHIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllll I l 1 u v 4 - 1 Nw Y IX? A J X y 4 ix if fi 1 r Q-Q, -v4-Q99 v- qw? ew" es fb. 5 N , 1 .Q an F' xr Q A M 'A Ili'-xw wwf' 1 lv X Jiggf Q. lffgi x .1 5, Ag v. QESX- 93'-x ra QA Q N IlllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllIllIllIIIllIIllIIlllIIIIIIlIIIIIIIlIlllllllIllllIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllll TWA , .4v,'Av VV: 4 V ..: V' .UL I I , , . . s , . K l , - X ' 1 A I I . . I . I , . V A 1 K 1 2 - , 1 ' I 'I , Spiyf-,2'Q -,' I , 1 J. . .H ' ff- -G: . 5' I .b w gg. -- H 1 - Ig- -5, -5, 4,3 .5- .,. i f .. 1 3'-A ff j ne' 5- , ' , ,. .- fx 4' '- fr- ' . ,W Em-1e:se19-sfff?:'r?'a 'ff A . .P M: - ,.. V ,, ..... Q 4 -."L5I5'E-P35 z 7 fi: " :'f- fifiil2:fI'E"ffj.91QT-Q1-259' -4 Xi. 1 3 ' , .ifjw - V. 1 , ,,4z'-15, ., r- -gf. , :W 421 -v- 114. "-asf - "rife':'1-'Q:a,21v:":5:I'2E: .. - 2"'-F ' - a. , ,wr ,' N - ,f--, m m ,' - - , --"2 . . ' ' T H WWF? - , ' ,' , .6 1,'.f:4-Wg-1 - H , mr 'f - ' 'f f' " 1 A . - ' 1 ..,,1,,, .,, he ,, h 1.56 :,,,,...v.r.'::-',,A,.,s - x- ea-.W-'CP' L - ff, 'Cx ?f3""5:f" -3? Z1 'N ' ' 4 ' Q? .1,,g' 121555: 52222303-.1 sl ' Q :Y ' + ',', ,, vfbkfi-EM.ETf324.,::xiL ' 'E 15" nl--.vi11'9f:tQP.I',?f"'fV:-fQ--5i:Xi'1' 4' 2 ' I 16 ifsf:zz.Qfz.' Q' 4Fff2"?-'Q'-few 51:5vawa'?,::f?1xs?,?Q':. ' ' ff' f?ii2,wiMe1se9'yJf,g?5,gQ1,4'5Y,5g3-5 35 "'Sf"?,"5x9i"'3i"'- :. 5 ,545-7 si- f-255: 4- E -- -. '- , . , , : . -0: HF-Izffx ' . ' , fv'f?3..' . , W '. ,',, "'f.,x 1539? .w-N' A .- -Q , . Am ..1"x ., 2 1 S '.'2,s3:f?f- 3' ,. " ' ' ,5.".IIrSZr 1 -. .E -' f K- . "?rf'v. ' P' Pix 1.53553 - .- ,Q 5 - If . , ., g."QsmgV.' ' ' 5 ' .- 0.41: if . A r :QI h 1 - - . r -65:51, ' ' , 13 1 ' - . 55, . 'vxA 4' . ' ' 5 ' A f, , .MQMN 2 . . V I , 4 . -a-. ,.- .gray .3 V , - .J mf,-3+--az-ff:-Eli' 3 ,. 9.9, , . , 2 b 1 1255? P135 T 237 -' if - , '-. ,. Qffl my . ' ' 5:32 11 . r - ' 1 - - .ff 5 -' . -.rmw ' -y ,- -- vv- V: .. fe -9 ,1- vx ':--Pi'-2' .- " 'f --,4 'sim M ' 122522. A- v : :Mi -1 .ngfkf ' ' -, w V :- ,dm ,zf ' ' , ,.-'I?. 1? - 'I - x Q Mc- 1,.,3y.'?5f. X -23.151 - f . - .fg ,:f:::f.jl4- wlgfz ' :x.z:1l:- ' . .J - . 152:-:2-ig:2ipsfas:::5?' -VV--' ' - . ' - 1' ' , iv 1 TI , ' '. .':- ..-:,,.:.33+:g,- 3 , ,- -g -.-FSWII -,W-1 5:-13, in -' .- f-il? 0 1 ' - ef. . A- ' - 1 ' A . IIIIIIllIIIllIllllllllllllllllllllll 1- -.1-: . V -- - ' . 'ff -- - -- --W Y V , - -H - - 1. H- -ll. - -- - 3 -Y -- ---4 - K -r - I P NWQW' QM ' ffff JW' My WW fl JM W Wfififw WW Wm MW V Q L A f MQ W ff' M ,MMJWW M My , , , Y, 'Iv vi A I ",,- .s- c,. -' ' ' A., A , , A , ,. Y . ,Q - ,V 1 A-. Z 5,4 A,,gHL,.3f,: 13.1 -LL.. E. . ...-14,44 Administration Without ciouiat, the puhiication of the Owi is one oi the most vaiuaiuie, important, and signifi- cant student contributions. Their Owl is a splendid exampie of the many worthwhile tasics accompiisheci by our pupiis under wise, sympa- thetic. ami enthusiastic facuity guidance. Our Alma Mater has deep significance for its alumni: a significance ripe with traditions which are accepteci hy new high schooi generations with reverence anci respect. This Owl, iiice many which have preceded it, wiii preserve cherisuheci events, and in future years wiii furnish the sparii which wiii ignite the magic fire of memories. Meminers ot' the staff and the sponsors are to he commenoieci on a very fine inooic, which favoraioiy measures up to the spienciici traciitions of past puhiications. dfkwfwif IOHN MOCK FERNE D FARVER ENID V HIGGINS Vice principal Dean o Girls Registrar Facu ity Fresno High School can boast of a faculty of more than fifty members, eacil of whom is engaged not only in teaching in his own department. but also in assisting time stuclent to secure pleasure as Welt as profit from one or more extra-curricular activities. In this dual role of teacher and companion guide each of time members of the seven departments hopes to make the relationship between the student and his alma mater a pleasure as well as a profit. RUTH A. FANUCCI Attendance Cleric PHYLLIS HUBBARD Financial Secretary ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Eng lish Department EMILY D. ANDERSON HILDA C. MOELLEH English English Donori-n' s. BRIGGS HIRE' ,gf PETERS English g OPAL SIMPSON MHRGUERITE HARBERS English English and Drama UX,V,,g in Pictu,-cj MARY IO KIMBALL IOHN SWARTHOUT English English and Radio BERNICE OLNEY Director Page I2 SARA RABOURN Director 'fn Pre-Engineering G. E. ANDERSON Maiinerrlalics nml Physics WINNII-'RED DUNHAM Nlciiizemutics A. G. GAUMNITZ Chemistry E. L. MAXWELL Mecixanicni Drawing IULIE IOHNSON MHIIICIHULLCS Pre wr:s1.r:Y G. ANDERSON History and Public Speaking ELEANOR I. DE FOE Hisiory LOGAN C. EDWARDS Commvrciai Geography and Commercial Law DAVID W. METZLER History unci Delmiu IOHN SMALE Diredor Page I 5 MAUD MINTHORN Mciiinilriicx iics PRICE ROBINSON DIKIHIPHIHHCS ETHEL STUBBLEFIELD Ciiemislry T. M. TETSTALL Director of inclus- iriul Education Fresno City Schools -Legal EVELINE K. MOODY History mul Civics IDA C. MOODEY . History SAMUEL E. WOOD Economics mul Civics HELEN WHITE Typing RUBY HARRIS Typing PRE-ENGINEERING DEPARFHVIENT PRE-LEGAL DEPARTMENT FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT' BIOLOGICAL AND AGRICUL'I'URAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT T . I III ,I I ,1,, I 1, I ,:....4I I I I I L. G. MULLER Dirvrlnr Foreign Languages ELIDE P. EAMES FfC?HCl1 and Spanish FRANCES L. ROGERS Spanish W. HAMPTON SAWYERS Spanish ALICE B. SMITH German aml Latin RUTH C. WALL Lu tin Biological-Agricultural MARIE E. CARLSON Zoolog y and Clmmistry NORMAN MCDONALD Biology I. P. LEMON Horlicuhurc and General Agriculture MAURICE G. REETZ Biology K. H. SORENSON Dfrecfor Page 14 ELIZABETH ELUSON Director F ine Arts BEATRICE BARNARD Art and Stagecraft I. O. EDWARDS Mllsic SHERMAN C. HEWITT Mllsiv MAY R. McCARDLE Art BELLE ELEANOR SHORT Clothing DOROTHY M. PARKER Foods mul I-Ionle Pfoblcfnfs Physical Education PHYLLIS DOYLE Girls Physical Education DOROTHY L. WRIGHT Girls Physical Education E. C. GINSBURG Director Page I 5 CAPT. O. D. GUFFEY Cadets GEORGE C. HOLSTEIN Boys Physical Ectucatio n FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT IJIIYSICAI. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ,Y ,, Wu , i,Q,,,Jw S ' ' we, ,WN-T, .1..,.. 'Uv-mf, r ey, ,N af", ' QS-.ggi -. Y ff' ,sn fs-L ,.. ..... L: Mmm I A Us Q., ,A 7 LJ ...L Z inseam. H H uy.n::lntn,ug1i:u:n,nAn 1 mpg I .Y ...M .Muff 1 Y V , 3.- - ,A .4u.1.....--.-.,.1.1..---.YY -. -H: riigq'-.'f"U'Jf'1 ' ' Q-tl 1 1 L A-. , , ,, . - . , L xr. i I 3 x 1. ,gli l vn , ' ,1 e . 'W Y". ' ..- ' .ll t . WV. fr' :A I L , I I ' Al, .' 1 , . , . , . 1 K ' . W 'v v . t , -f'w:x1Z9"Y'-' - .,' M V f,. f7,-5iC,:di,wL,f, -- ,. ..., , ,. .., vm. Q- Y mn-MQ-wax.-,.g.ri:n:.:-..zi..-1gZ?'Ka,g-W. ve::gg.:,:::5a--M, X, '::aza::f-isfggw ,--' X SH -- 'Q' . M ' M52 bf9y,,, 3 ' "'-I' ' an fl 'V f ef. if , 3535--rif.?'rHrvpQ-.Q ' -ffff. -wif 2 . 1' ,w al " .?- AM . ., 1' ' .'4w-QAM . , M - - 3 ,. 1 ' 1.-Q ., ruff- , . . ' wma-S-LC ' - fYQ1'.4sf.Je' .-, " Q - 5 T"5?-if ' WW +A.: . QW wa-2' XS' ' . 2 'C :' x , 1 gmai-rf ' , 'QYYQ Mag :frsg Hg: K. .,-.-. A .Q s fi? 5 , 'Q' , N . Y: 2 M 'S Q, Q 5 Q f f K' ' l N3 v. 42 S1 , ,. , 1 S 4 Q Q 'wx V 'x ax I I 3? S ' x NV Xgfws-x5Q gif? ,.... . , Q M - A x f ,, ' K . 7 , 6-.9 v. N :N -we ,ki Y em X' J C 'Q 5, -n Ai 9,2 A ' ' we? ix if ':ij'..:.-1 f asf" 4 .- '- " -. ff J- 5 ,, .-4. '31 : '7: -M Q V I' ZW 5 '3gx1.' :5 -15 - .,, ggmf, if "x':::s-:gwgmgg - 7":iE:E:I::'1Ezz-az-wx V A ul. -.X ,L-"df ' . ,.. f W Y , Q, .Ms ,,. .M , m b: .im 4 --Aw fi: . - . ,, 9 .,x..,.::b::,:...-:::::::,..-MW.. 4-:-, ,. ,5 435,05 - . A .. sp- ' ,, -sw q::,:.:.:.-...ya f "'f-1-1.53:'2s:z5s,sz:e,: , 5' f -.. .,.,.,. w . 5 M M-Us ww-:I ,i,::::3.Q . - ,,.:.w.,g,,,. '35-Vim-j:--LQ: 4 Y f - 1 1 94 1 X 'X " slf iwi ,5 3 fx :iw ,1 s -sk? 543 ' N, wr V 12 Y F' ,GF e 1 f 41 Q qi? , ,-:fy 4.5.4,-,.-:,,k-.., :- 5,1 I.. ,, ,. , L '51 " .. ,,.,: , -- N- 4, - I fp.. - f,:::f- .-.,,,: , ff . -,Z 5 ,- 1 I 3 I I , ,, ,, J. ,M-:.:, .i ': " " ' " ' ' A ' 2-.15':.!u.5f 'v:'?f,f..-"- d vr'-',-f-n' .fly ' ' 1- .1- .ax ,, , Ya, 1 WX. ,M 0. x 9,4 MEL, fuf x ,, wks , 4 Q - -f ,F-mf... ' 3- ,. 1- Y 55 , x ...wlfff A PM .. ,wwe ---. , ' ""M"""Q.Sa+9+5,gLQ4:Piig'w::fgqfVil it -' 'ffimqfgg '- .' Qigfv lv . J 1,9-,. - .-113: -I .11 sw.-f::':. ff: M4 will if J' 'f . ' :':?fSQS2 4:71 33: fr. f 1527? 33,533 322, '1' 52.5-i ' mv., .A wg. .. 1. ww fwxfg , WM. SECT' 1 1 M ' wg: - M ' ' . -5 . - :,:-sy ye., ,M Q.: - ' ...Y : .,,.,,, ., .,,., . ,. 1 . . ,n ,, W. ,,,h.,.,. Q - x - 1 'f wafx -52"-1 " 'ff Q. 4 Q, 1 ix: Q. 6 NC' 4' x 1 s. M ix pfxylf x' . ::.::::f.J- E., 1. -Az.:-..:.f 4 , -f -"LH H:s:f?-mf 4,5-:..-1.-SWF! 9 -8' llIIIIlllllllilllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I lllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllIlllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIlllllllIlllllllllllllllllll IllIINIOIIIIIlllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllillllllllllllIIIIIlllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIAIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIllIIIIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll III 3 LLASSE , IllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllIllIIllllllllIIIIIIIIlllllllllllilllllllllIIIIllllIIIIlllllilllIIIIIIIILIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllIIIIIllllIlllIllllIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll f . . ,A " x. I --1 ..-1. fv ,w , IllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllIIIIHllllllllllllllllllll Far surpassing wealth unspoken Sealed by frienclslzips tief' Class of 35 "A class of championsln We claim the title hecause of our athletic ahility and-yes-laecause of scholastic achievements, too. Great credit is clue all of our ath- letes, but we wish especially to commemorate the following hoys who have marie letters in five athletic lielcls and who are eligible to receive sweaters: Jim Jurlcovich, Ray Patterson, Roy Albright ancl Jim Ulam. Yvithout these hoys, our athletic records are not com- plete. VVesley Johnson clesigned our heautiful plaque which combines the numerals '39 ancl the letters F. H. S. with an interesting ancl pleasing space clivis- , ion. As a rewarcl, the clesigner receivecl an Owl contract. The Senior Play, Honce in a Lifetime," hy Moss Hart ancl George Kauffman, was full of grand acting and hilarious talie-olls of Hollywood. It was one of the most successful as well as profitable plays ever pre- sentecl hy a senior class ancl was unique in that it had a cast of over sixty. During the fall semester of our senior year we had a series of assemblies plannecl to aicl us in choosing our future careers. At these assernlolies well-lcnown Fresno men, who are eminently successful in their own vocations, gave us aclvice ancl icleas hasecl on their own experiences. Among the spealcers who aclciressecl us were Dr. Karl Fallc. Dr. Mitchell P. Briggs, District Attorney Dan F. Conway. Dr. Tenny, anti Mr. Geo. Jackson, superintendent of Transcontinental Vvestern Airways. Our last assemhly helore the January graduation was, of course, the farewell assemhly to the January graciuates. We were glacl to have with us, to give the graciuales a farewell tallc, Miss Marjorie Luciy, our former sponsor. Dr. Norman Hencierson was the speaker at Baccalaureate. ancl Herhert Nurmi read the scripture passages. The theme of the January class, uTolerance.y' was interestingly ancl efficiently presented lay Helen Haclce, valeclictoriang James Frolilc, salutatoriang Patricia McCarthy, ancl Rohert Tilson. The latter two were chosen hy popular vote ol the class. Stanton Levy Jo Ann Hickman At our Senior Swim and Picnic. one of the outstanding events of the spring Don Walk' C'12S'f2Sf"0v-'H semester, acquaintances and lriencl- f ships were preservecl to he renewecl at some future clate. Vve had a variecl assembly program lor the spring semester, toppecl oll' hy the farewell assemhly which we ol: the June graduating class will long re- memher. June graduation featurecl a panel cliscussion on the sulyject of "America in This Trouloleci World" with the following spealcers talcing part: Mary Lou Henningsen. Ara Zalcarian, Mer- vyn Schwartz, Norris Thompson, Bev- erly Cornell, anrl Stanton Levy. Robert Tilson ,P Norris Thompson Mervyn Schwartz Dorothz DeJarnalL Page IO l ABBOTT. Richard ABO, Tsuyuko ADAIR. Tom G.A.A. '37-'39i C.S.F. '37-'39. ADOLPH, Lorraine ALBARIAN. Isabel ALBRIGHT. I. Robert G.A A. '37-39f "Can G.A.A. '37-'39i "Carl men". men"5 "Adoration" ALBRIGHT, Roy E. ALEXANDER. Harold ALLEN, Maxine Qlee '37-'38i "Carmen"1 'Adoration". AMOS, Carolyn ANDERSCN. ICC!! ANDERSON. Margaret Scribblers Club '38-'39. Portia '38-'39f Sec. '38f Tic Toc 38-'391V.P.'381 Mascluers '38f G.A.A. '36-'38f V.P. of '39 in jaaf C.s.F. '37-'39, Sec. 385 n"M.ummy and Mumps 1 Once in a Lifetimeni "Gloria"i Ex. Comm, '36-'37. GRADUATES ANDERSON, Marjorie "Sophomore Hoteluf "Carmen": "The Red Mill", Q.S.F. '391 Spring Festival 37. ARCHIBALD, Iames lroduois '38-'39f Track :gg-'391 '39 Exec. Com. AVAKIAN. Doris '30 Representative '36h '37i "Carmer1": "Glc'ia" "The Red Mill '. BALL. Mary Pat Portia '37-'39i Reporter '375 G.A.A. '37-'39i VP. '38i Los Caballero: '37-'38f "Under One N Topuf P.E. Demonstra- tion '37-'38. Page 20 ANDERSON, Nadine ARI-XNCIBIA. Robert Tic Toc '37-'39i Ski Club Rifle Club '38-'39. 38-'39, ABDEN, Rodney ASHURSTI Pdffillid ' '-" Ti T '39P .'39 3111355 Biitaiisqgll 67.397 ',H8'-'QQTSEXQF7 '38i Football '37-'38. Com. 38-,391 Once In A Lifetime . BAIN. Maxine BAKER, BBUY BALOIAN. Ed BANTI-IAM. Peggy lroauois '39f Football '37-'39g Track '39. BARBER. Bernard BARTHULI. Roger BASMAIIAN. Iames Agora '38"39f lroquois Iroquois '38-'391 Basket- '38-'39i "Glorla"pTrack ball '37-'39i Baseball '38f "Soph. l-lotel"g '38-'39. "Once in a Lifetime". BENNETT. Margaret BERNHARD. Beulah Hypatia '38-'39f V.P. C.S,F. '37-'38f P. E. '39, Ex, Com. '39f Owlet Demonstration '37f Dance '38-'391 "Grandma Pulls Fantasy '38. the Strings". BIBLE. Louise BIXLER, Le Bert BIEDERMANN. Melvin Engineers Club '36-'39, Chemistry Club '36- 377 Basketball '38. BLIESNER. Mary Lou Hymn., '3a.'39, GAA. '37-'I-39. C.S.F. '37-'39i l.F.C. '39, BERRY, Barbara Tic Tac '37-'391G. A. A, '37-'39f C,S.F. '37f Dance Fantasy '38i Make-up Statf '37. BISSONNETTE. Robert Agora '38-'39fSwimmin5 '38-'39. BLOUNT. Forbes 'Sl' 4? GRADUATESi BOGHOSIAN. Betty BORELLO. Iohn BOWERS. Darl Chemistry Club '36-'37 C.S.F. '37-4391 Sec. Treas. '36-'37f Sopho more Hotel, Owlet '36 Owl '38, BRENSING, Vesta i BOGUCHWAL, Betty Owl '38, Owlet '37- '39. BOWEN, Iosephine G.A.A. '38-'39f Ex. Com. '39i Uslnerette '38, BOYER, Dick BROWN , Betty l-lypatiu '39fG,A.A. '37. BOORAS. Elaine C.S.F. '38, BOWEN, Virginia BRADLEY. Mayneen C.S.F, '3S. BROWN. Edward Page 2 l -1 1 BURROWS. Burt BUSICK, Erma BUSWELL, Robbins 1" CAMPBELL. Alice Gftft. '37-'39, P. E. Demonstration '37, Dance Fantasy '38, Mothers' Day Assembly '37. CHAPIN. Stanley Ag. Club '36-'37, l.F.C. '36, Football '36-'37, Baseball '36. CHRISTIAN , Blanche CAMPBELL, Barbara GJNA. '37-'39, '39 Representative '37, P. E. Demonstration '37,"Once ln A Lifetime", "The Great American", "Under The Big Top", The Red Mill". CHAPPELLE. Belle CHURCH. Arthur, Ir. lroquois '38-'39, Track '36-'38, Basketball '36, Football '36-'37, Owlet '37, "B" Football Mana- ger '38. Stamp Club '38-'39, Ger man Club '39, CAMPBELL. ldck Agora '38-'39, Football '36-'381 "Once ln A Lifetime", "The Red MiII". CHRISTENSEN. Oren Lee Engineers '38-'39, Pres. '39, C.S.F. '37-'39, Pres. '38-'39, Treas. '38, "Sophomore Hotel", "Howdy Stranger", '39 Representative '38, CHUTTER. Carol CLARK. lack A. CLARK. lack H. CLASS. Florence Iroquois '38-'39, Track Scribblers '39, CSF- C.S.F. '36-'39, Portia '38,Tennis'38,0wl'3B. '38-'39, Pres. '39. '38.'39, Prgg, '38, Sec, CLINE. Margaret G.A.A. '37-'39. CLINE, Mildred G,A.A. '37-'39. COLLINS, Sanford COLVIN. Leland CORNELL. Beverly Tic Toc '37"39, Portia '37-'39, G.A.A. '36-'37i Class Sec. '37, St. Body Sec. '38, Comm. Social Affairs '39. Page 22 COYNER. Richard '38, "Martha", COLLEY, Belle "Sophomore ' l'lOfClni Dance Fantasy. 33: P. E. Demonstration 37. COONIOHN. Lawrence CRAIGHEAD. Lucinda G.A.A. '37-'39, Dance Fantasy '3B. CRAWFORD, Stanley Baseball '37. CULLINGTON, Kathryn G.A.A. '38-'39, Portia '38-'39, Sec. '39, '39 Pep. '39, C.S.F. '39, Owl '38-'9. DENHAM, Belly Tic Toc '38-'39, G.A.A. '38-'39, Sec. '39, Usher- elte '37-'33, DUNN, Eileen Portia '38-'39, C.S.F '38, Quill and semi: 'sal '39, Pres, '38, Sec. '38, Owl '39, Owlet '38- '39, Exec. Com. '3B. CREAGER, Rosalie G.A.A. '38-'39, Tic Toc '37-'39, '39 Rep. '37, P. E. Demonstration '37, Girls' Swimming Team, Owl '39, Owlet '37-'3B. DAVIDIAN, Harry Track '39, Owlet '37. DIEBERT, Doris G.A.A. '37-'39. EBERT, Belly CROWELI., Mildred Usherette '3B. De IARNATT, Dolothe Tic Toc '37-'39, G.A.A. '37-'39, Girls League Sec. '33, '39 Treas. '39, "Sophomore Hotel". DIETRICH. Alison Tic Toc '37-'39, "Sopho- more l'lotel", "Once ln A Lifetime", P. E. Dem. '37, Dance Fantasy '38, Owlet '38, Drum Malor- ette '38-'39. EHIKIAN, Richard Agora '36-'38, Treas. '38, C.S.F. '37. 'B' GRADUATES 'R EILAND, Elbie Ir. Track '37-'38, Treas. '38, C.S.F. '37. ELLIS, Blaine Football '36-'37, "Car- men", Owlet '39. FALLS, Vernal C.S.F. '3Q1 Hyoatla '39, G.A.A. 36-'39, P. E. Demonstration '37, Dance Fantasy '38, FINE, Irving Senate '37-'39, Pres. '38, Forensic Council '38-'39, Vice-Pres. '38, Pres. '39, Student Body Vice-Pres. 39: Debate '33-'39, Football '38-'39, Owl '38-'39, Owlet '37-'38, C.S.F. '38-'39, "Sopho- more Hotel"r "Once ln A Lifetime", "Carmen". EKLUND, Richard C.S.F. '38, ENGDAHL, Anna Lou FARRIS, Marcella '37-'38, C.S.F. 37- 38, P. E. Demonstra- tion 037, Dance Fantasy '38, Sophomore Hotel" Carmen". FISHER. BETTY Scribblers '37, Trees. '37, 37- 38, Hypatia 37- 39, Secretary '39, Owlet '38, ELAM. Milton ESPITALLIER, Kathleen FIELDS, Belly G .A.A. '38, FISHER, Donald '39 Representative '38 Page FISHER. Frances Dance Fantasy '38. FOREE. Mary "Martha": "Adoration", FOIN. Elizabeth G.A.A. '38 '39, C.S.F. '36-'39f Hvpatia '37-'39, President '39. FOREMAN. Ray FOOS. Robert FREDERICK. Billie "Sophomore I Hotel' 'Adorationnf '-Carmen' Dance Fantasy 38. FRENCH. Karl FRIIS-HANSEN. FRISBIE, Gloria Football Manager '37, Andrew C,S,F, '37.'38, "Once ln A Lifetime". FROLIK. IUIDGS FROWSING. Andrew FULWIDER. Belly Student Body Pres. '38, Com. of Finance '37-'38, Com. of Debate '36, Senate '36-'38, Pres. '38, C.S.F. '36-'38, Trees. '37, Pres. '37, Owl '36- '37i Owlet, '36-'37, Debate '37-'38, '39 Pres. '38, Exec. Com. '37-'38, Tennis '36-'3B: Forensic League '37, lroquois '38. Iroquois '37-'39, '39 Exec. Com. '36-'37, Foot- ball '36-'38, Baseball '36-'38. Tic Toc '37-'39, G,A,A '37-'39. GRADUATES GPLLLEGOS. Albert GAMES. Paul GARABEDIAN. Ioyce ' GATTI, Robert Assistant Yell Leader '38, Yell Leader '39: Exec. Com. '39, '39 Exec. Com. '37-'39, Football '38, GILMER. Evelyn G.A.A. '36-'39, Vice- President '38, Tennis Team '38-'39, GLOBENFELT. Gertrude Page 24 Football '37. GILLIS. Margaret GII-LIS, MCIFY l.F.C. '38. iq i 3 GIOMETTI. Evelyn GIULIANO. Carmine '9 Representative '37, Owl Sales '38-'39, "Sophomore Hotel", "The Red Mill", Dance Fantasy '38. GOOD, Patricia GORDON, Beny GRAEF. Charles GRANGER, Gordon GRANT. Mary Baseball '38f Football Quill and Scroll '38f P. E. Qemqnstration '37i '38f Owl '38. Treasurer '39i Owl Art C.S.F. 37- 39. Editor '38. GREENE. lone GREGORY. GRIBBLE, Thelma G.A.A. '38-'39f Dance Bellgi Lou Fantasy '3Hf Owlet '37- ' 'aa L., Q A . 4? I if GROWDON- MCKIY HABIB. Richard HACKE' Helen G.A.A. '39,P. E. Demon- stration '37. HACKETT. lane Iroquois '37-'38f '39 Yell Leader '36-'39p lraclc '36-'37i Basketball '36-'37i Football '36-'3Bf "Sophomore Hotel". HAGOPIAN. Buck HALFORD. Ioseph "C" Basketball '37f "B" Football '38. Portia '37J3Sf Pres. '38 Tic Toc '36-'38i Pres. '38 C.S.F. '36-'38i Vice-Pres. '38i '39 Vice-Pres. '381 Qwl '39f Owlet '36- '39 Exec, Com. '36- Agora '38-'39f "Gloria' "The Red Mill". GRADUATES HALL, William HALLNEB. Roger HALLS. Richard ,nl Engineers '39. Egiinsgrs '38-'39f Fool- HAMMEL. Elizabeth HANSEN, Eleanor HARDIN. Marlin Scribblers '38-'39f Vice- l'lYDdt'ia '37-'39i Vjpz- "Sophomore Hotel". Pres. '38f "Adoration" PYZS4 39f 39 l3?D- ,-13: "Gloria" "The Red Mill" Make-up Staff ,37-'38 P. F. Demonstration 37 HARP, Elmer HARRIS, Marian HARTIGAN, Sue Pal ra: Toc '37.'a9, Owl G.A,A. '38-'39. '39f Owlet '36- 39. HAUBROCH. Arlhur HAWES, Rulh HAWKINS, Evereli CS.F. '38, "Ad0ration"i "Gloria" Page '25 'Fi '95 -wk 1-X HAWKINS. Virginia "Adoration"i 'AGloria" Dance Fantasy '38i "Car: men". "The Red Mill" HEKKET. Iohn "Sophomore Hotel". HEDRICK, Dorothy Portia '37-'39i C.S.F. '37-'39i Vice-Pres. '39f "Adoration"1 "Gloria' ' P. E. Demonstration '37, Dance Fantasy '38. HELMUTH, Margaret HEEREN. Robert Iroquois '38-'39f Basket. ball '36-'39f Owlet '38, Rally Man '38-'39. HELVEY. George D.. Ir Stamp Club '37-'38f Pres. '38- Exec. Com. '38 Traek '38-'39f C.s.F. 'avl Owlet '37-'3B. N I-IEMPHILL. Iohn HENDERSON. Howard HENDERSON, vemon '39 Representative '38, Football '37.'38, Swim. pine Club '37,-39, Vice, ming '37-'39. Pres. '38. HENNINGSEN. HERROLD, Dorothy HESS, Doris Mary Lau GAA. '37-'39, Los --qgc,,,..,,,,'-, --Mummy ,md Portia '37-'39f Pres. '39p C.S.F. '37"39i Trees. '37i Sec. '37-'3Bp Com. Social Affairs '33-'39. Owl b39i Exec. Com. '38-'39. Caballeros '38, "Car- menui "The Red Mill". the Nlumpsuf "Once in a Lifetime"fu'The Daring Young Man . G RAD UATES HICKMAN. Io Ann Tic Toc '36-'391Sec. '38i Portia '38-'39i G.A.A. '37-'39, '39 Rep. '38f '39 Sec. '391 "Once ln A Lifetimenf Dance Fantasy '38. ,!t,a-.-4.1 INGSWOHTH. an '3 p. '37f Production Sta Once in a Lifetime" HUGHES. Ruth C.S.F. '36-'39f Dance Fantasy '38f P. E. Demon- stirgtion '37f Usherette HUNT. Rita page 26 HILL. Robe!! "Once ln A Lifetime." HOPPER. Richard HUMPHREY. Rowena C.S.F.'37-'39i"Nlotl1ers' Day" Play '37i Owlet '37-'38, HURLEY. Wrlliam "Sophomore Hotel". Ouill and Scroll '38-'39i Scribblers '38-'39f Owlet '38-'39p '38 Handbook. HILL. Wanda C.S.F. '38-'39, Usherette '38 HUFFMAN. Phil HUNT. Donna Anne Hypatia '39i "Gloria", IROLA. Candida ISHIDA, Samuel IASPER. Donna IAYNE. Beverly lroquois'38-'39f '39 Yell "Sophomore Hotel". Leader '37i Yell Leader '37-'38i Football '37-'38, Owl Sales '391l2aIIy Man '39f Stage Crew '37-'39. IING. Alice IING, Alicia IING. Caroline G.A.A. '37-'38f Dance Fantasy '38. IINKAWA. Ben JONES. PU'-llYn9 IOHNSO es C.S.F. '39i Basketball RBD- '3Zf "Carmen"1 lroq o' ' '3 "B" '37-'3Bp Track '37-'38, Adoration . Fo '3 ' i "A" Fo X ack '38- '3 ' ball Man- age ' 8. IOURNEY, Belly lane TOY. Maurice '39 Rep. '37i Business Sfalf"OnCeinal.ifetlrne" IURKOVICH. Iames Iroquois '37-'39f Com. of Athletics '391 Exec, Com. '38-'391 Football '36-'38i Track '37-'39i C.S.F. '36-'39. GRADUA KANDARIAN, Haig KANITZ. Maxine KARLE, Irene G.A.A. '37-'391 "Dance Fantasy '38, KASAHARA. Tatsuo KASAI, Amy KAUTENBURG, Patricm GAA. '36-'38f Scrib- G,A.A,'37.'39. hlers '38f C.S.F. '36-'37, KEHRES. Iolm KEITH. Betty lean KEMBI-E. luck "GIoria". KENT' Ge,-Qld KERNS, Kenneth KHUSHIGIAN, Angel Engineers '37i Masquers '38-'39f Owlet '37i Stage Crew '37-'39i :Sophomore l"lOfZl:'i 1 Howdy Stranger 'y 'Mum ny and the MumDs"f,"Once ln A Lifetime'1 "Carmen"f "Martl1a"f "The Red Mill"f "The FloristSl1op" G.A.A. '38-'39f C.S,F. '36-'37, Owlet '36-'38. Page 27 l KNICHOLLS. Inman "Sophomore Hotel". KOHLMANN. Nancy Lee Tic Toc '37-'39g G.A.A. '37-'39i nOnCe ln A l.3i?time"f Dance Fantasy KIEI., Doris KIMBROUGH, Clayton KING. Dorothy C.S.l:. C36-'37f Dance Basketball '38-'39f Base- "Gloria"i "Once in a Fantasy 38. ball '39. Lifetimeni "The Red Mill". KING, Edgar KIRPATRICK. KIERULF. Frances El-19638 "Adoration"i "Car- KOFOID, Donald Rifle Club '36-'39, Mas- quers '39f Stage Crew '36-'39. KOHMANN. Elva German Club '39f P. E. Demonstration '37. menu: "GIoria". KOFOID, Harold "Once ln A Lifetime". KRAIIAN. Doris GRADUATES KRASCHEL. Ioseph KROG. Lois KRUNCHIAN. Chemistry Club '37f A5 Genevieve Club '36i Football '37. CLA-A. '37,'3Q' KUHN, Elmer KUMASAKI. Nancy LARSON. Effie Marie Iroquois '38-'39i Baseball G.A.A. '36-'39, Owlet Tic Toc '37-'39f Usherette '37-'39i Football 36. '38-'39. LARSON. Marvel LESHER. Virginia Portia '38-'39i C,S.F. '36-'39, LEWIS, Rgbggf LIGGETT, Doris "Gloria" Page 25 '37-'38f Dance Fantasy '38. LEVY. Stanton Senate '38-'39i Sec. '39f C.S.F. '38-'39i Com. of Debate '38, Exec. Com. '8-'39i Owl Sales Manager 'SQ1 Forensic League '37- 391 Pres. '373381 Oratory '39f Debate '37-'39. LIGHT. ICICI! Camera Club '36-'37f Chemistry Club '36-'37f "Sophomore Hotel", "Martha", "Carmen". LIMEGROVER, Earl LINDSEY, Iames LINDSEY. lean LISLE, Robert Chemistry Club '39. LUCAS, Dale Baseball '37, MANOOGIAN, Gladys G.A,A. '37-'38, ReD- '38, Plaque Com. Senate '39, Forensic Club '39, Debate '39, LONG, Dolores LOUIE, Leonard LUNG, Esther MAIN, Barbara Tic Toc '37-'39, Portia "Adoration", P. E. '37-'39, G.A.A. '37- Demonstration'37, Dance "Carmen", Owlet Fantasy '38, MARKAR, Vaughn MAROVICH, Mathew l.F.C. '37. all GRA DUA- 1.4 M1 c' MAST. Charles MCCARTHY, Patricia Tic Toc '37-'39, Portia '37-'39, G.A.A. '38-'39, Ouill and Scroll '38-'39, Vice-Pres. '39, Pres. '39, '39Pres. '36, S.B. Vice- Pres. '38, C.S.F. '37, Owlet '37, Owl Asst. Ed. '39, Exec. Com. '36, '38, "Martha", "Mummy and the Mumps". MCMILLAN, Mary "Adoration", "Gloria", "The Red Mill", C.S.F. '33-'39, Dance Fantasy MELIKIAN. Clifford C.S.F. '39. MASTEN, Wallace Agora '37-'39, Vice- Pres. '37, Football '37- '38, "Sophomore Hotel", "Once ln A Lifetime". MCGAHA. Harold Masauers '8-'39, "The Weddin5"i "Those lm- mortal Lovergn, "Once ln A Lifetime . MCVEY, William Owl '39, Owlet '38, MEYERS, Robert Agora '36-'38, Vice- Pres. '37, Exec. Com. '36. Owlet '38, Owl '38- '391 "Carmen", "Gloria" MAYS. Bernice Mcllelvy. Milton Iroquois '38-'39, Foot- '37-'3B, Baseball MECARTEA, Rex Track '38, "Once ln A Lifetime". MICHNER. Louis Agora '37-'39, Sec. '37, C.S.F. '37, '39 Pres. '385 yice-Pres. '33, Football 36-'37, "Once In A Lifetime". Page 29 MIKESELL, Mary Io Portia '37-'39, C.S.F. 36339, Ouill and Scroll '38-'39, Exec. Com, '39, Owl '39, Owlet '37- '39, Dance Fantasy '38, Rxi1fJ'2SS Stall "The Red i . MILLER, Iurnes Los Caballeros '37-'39, MORRIS, Betty lane Tic Toe' '37-'39, Dance Fantasy '38, "Once ln A Lifetime . NAMAN, Bernice lg-others' Day Program Y MILGROM. Esther CS. F. '39, MILLER, Paul MORRISH, Robert C.S.F. '38, '39 Represene tative '36, '38-'39, Owl '39, Owlet '37-'39i Ouill and Scroll '38-'39, "Once ln A Lifetime". MILHOLLAND. Margery Tic Toc '36-'39, Trees. '37, Pres. '38, G.A.A. '36-'39, Sec. '37, V. Pres. '39, '39 Representa- tive '38: Exec. Com. '39, Girls League Sec. '38, "Once ln A Lifetime". MIRANDA. Clara MURASHIMA. Iomes NISHKIAN. Haig NOLTE. Edmund l.F.C. '36, C.S.F. '36-'3B. Ski Club '39, Swimming '38, '9 Representative '33-'39. NORMART, Wesley NUBIN. Stanley NURMI, Herbert Owlet '38, Basketball I.F,C. '37-'38, Sec. '38, Senate '36-'38, Sec. '38, '38-'39, "Gloria". "Sophomore Hotel", Pres. '38-'39, Iroquois "Carmen", "The Red Mill". NYBERG. Hope OBENSHAIN, Rory C.S.F. '37-'38, Football '37-'33. ON0, Ted PACCASSL Ierry l.F.C.'36-'38,Treas. '37, lrociuois '38-'39, Foot- V.-Pres. '37, C.S.F. '37- ball '37, Track '37-'39. '39, Debate '37-'38. PALMER. Charles PAPAGNI, Angelo "Sophomore Hotel". Page 50 '38, Forensic League '37- '38, Comm. of Debate '36, Exec. Com. '38, Debate '38, Tennis '38, Owl '33, Owlel '37-'38, "Howdy Stranger", "Sophomore Hotel", Once in a Lifetime", "Gloria". OBERG. Esther GJKA. '37-'39, "Car- men", P. E. Demonstra- '37, Dance Fantasy PADRICK. Frank PAPPAS, Theodore C.S.F. '37-'39f Basket- ball '36-'37, Track '37. PARKER. Allison P. E. Demonstration '37f Ddngefantasy '3Bf "Mar- tha'1 'Carrnen"f "Glor- ld . PATTERSON. nay lroquois '38-'391 Foot- ball '36-'38i Baseball '38-'39f Basketball '38- '39 PETERS. Harlan PARSONS. Iarnes PASCENTI. Marian PATTISON, lean PEEBLES. luck Scribblers '39i "The Red Mill". PETERS. Lee "Sophomore Hotel". C.S.F. '37-'39f Rifle Club '37-'39f Sec.-Treas. '38f V. Pres. '38i Pres. '39f "Sophomore Hotel 1 "GIoria"i"The Red Mill" PETERSEN. Leland Stage Crew '39r "Glor- kj'n"Carmen"1 "The Red l Q PETERSIAN, Elbert PETERSON. Marilyn PHILLIPS. Ioan l.F.C. '38-'391 "Once in C.S.F. '37-'381P. E. Dem- :fic Tgc '37- 391 Treas. aLifetime". onstration '37, Dance ,38: 39 ReDl'CS6Dld,fIVC Fdng,,5y'3B, 381 Dance Fantasy 38i "Sophomore Hotel"f .'Mummy and the Mumps" Once in a Lifetime". GRADUA 1. 1.4 , -.52 '38i.Pres. '39, Engineers '37- 391 Pres. '38f C.S.F. '38-'39f Com. of Finance '38-'39i Exec. Com. '38- '391 '39 Representative '37-'39fOwIet'3B, Owl Business Staff '39, G.A.A. '38-'39. PHILLIPS. Iohn PHILLIPS. LEWIS PIACENTINE. Raymond Senate '36-'39, V. Pres. Enginers '38-'39i Tennis '391C.S.F. '39, PIKE, Mildred PLOG. WILDA PQMERANCE, LQ15 G.A.A. '36-'37g '39 Representative '36, Portia '37-'39fTreas. '38, V. Pres. '39i P. E. Demon- stration '37: Dance Fantasy '38, C.S.F. '37- '38, Owl Sales Staff 'BQI "Sophomore I Hotel'1 "The Red Mill '. POMERANTZ, Richard POMEROY, luck POTTER. Roberi Senate '37-'39, V. Pres. Agora '37-'39f Football Rifle Club '36-'391C.S.F. 39101911 and Scroll 39: '37-'38f Basketball '37. '39f "Gloria"f "The Red Pres. 39, Comm. of Mill", Publications '39y '40 Pres. '38y Owl '37-'39,- Editor '391 Football '38f Track '38f "Gloria' . PUHYEAR. Bobbie QUAIL. lack QUICK, Robert "Gloria". A30fd '381 '39 Renrz- "Carmen"p"Gloria" sentative '38i C,S.F. '39f Football '37, Page 51 Agora '36-'39f V. Pres. '37f Sec. '3Bf Pres. '38, '39f Iroquois '37-'395 Forensic League '38-'39f Football '37-'3Bf Rally Man '38-'39f Swimming :?8f"Sophomore l-ioteI"f I Mummyand the Mumcs" 'Once in a Lifetimeuf "The Daring Young Manny Nlasquers '36-'37. RAUS. Florence G.A.A. '36-'381 P. E, Dem. '37f "Sophomore l'lotel"5 "Martha"p "Car- Stage Crew '39. QUISENBERRY. lack RAIMONDO. Marino RAMSEY, Eugene I.F.C. '38-'39,Treas. '38, '39 Yell Leader '36-'39, REES. Dorothy Portia '37-'391 "Sopho- rrgrgre l'lotel"f P. E. Dem. Student Body Yell Leader '381 "Sophomore Hotel"f Football '37. REGAN, Marian Tic Toc '37-'38, Owlet '37-'3Sf '39 Representa- tive '371 P. E. Demonstra- men". tion '37, Dance Fantasy '38, "Carmen"f "Once ' in a Lifetime." REINHARDT. Orvcxl REMUS' Annq RENNA, Rosemary Iroquois '38-'39, Base- H - '37,'39iG'AvA. "M th " "C ", pall. 37. 39: Basketball '35f'f'5li Quill and SMH "o:2e'ln'.a Lafeiallmfn 38'3'7f RallY Man 38' '38-'39pForensicCouncil '38f Owlet '37-'39f Debate '38i C.S.F. '38- '39f Dance Fantasy '37, RHODES, Bud RICHERT, Robert RIEGE. Doris S t '33-'39fQ 'll cl S '36-'39f C.S,F, T' T '37-'39 G rmd SZPSIIZ '39, owigl '35, -f?f"EWie. 37.-33, ofuboqao, C,g.F.e'39'l Owl '39f Owlet'3B-'39 '39 Representative '38 Prop. Chairman Sr. Play. GRADUATES ROBERTSON. Bruce ROGERS. David Iroquois '37-'39i Sec, '38-'39i Owl '37-'38f Baseball '36-'38f Foot- bagl '36-'3Bi "Gloria" '3 . ROSE. Katherine Portia '37-'39f G.A.A. '37f Owlet '38f Owl '391 "Carmen", BUNDLE. VIVIAN Portia '39p G.A.A. '38- '391 C. S. F. '38-'39i DanceFantasy'38i"Once in a Lifetime." Page '52 ROCKAS. Peter C.S.F. '37-'39. ROGERS, Peggy ROULLARD, Fred Owlet'37-'381'39 Rep- resentative '37-'33, RUNGE, Otto Comm. of Athletics '38i Quill and Scroll '3Bf Basketball '37"38f Owl '39i Owlet '38-'39f RallyMan'37-'38p"Soph- omore Hotel". ROESSLER, Faith ROGERS. William RUDORF, Hugh C.S.F. '37-'39. RUSSELL. Elvc Hypatia '37-'391 Sec '37fTreas. '38f Pres. '39 G.A.A. '37-'39i V- PW? '39f C, S. F. '37-'39 Owlet '39. i ll Qi-" qs-1.1, ggi. SMITH, Wlliam SPORER. Frank Football '37-'39. STEELE, Robert Basketball '37. SPARKS, Barbara SPEED, Nadine Hypatia '37-'39, V, Pres. '38, G.A.A. '37-'39, '39 Representative '38, "Martha", "Once in a Lifetime", Owlet '38, Debate '37, SPURGEON, Helen STEELE, Charles l-lypatia '36-'39. STEINWINDER, Morris STEITZ, Warren Engineers '37-'39, Agora '38-'39, V, Pres. 39, Asst. Student Body Yell Leader '37, "Sophomore Hagel", Owlet '36-'37, '3 . STEVENS, Earlene STEWART, Rachel STITT, Harry "Adoration"1"Carmen'g G.A,A. '38JiB9. li "Gloria", "The Re Mill", Dance Fantasy '38. , x A vi, A, fx, xx XM GRADUATES ST. IOHN, Puffy Portia '37-'39, Scribblers '37-'39, V. Pres. '38, Pres. '39, C.S.F. '37-'39, P. E. Demonstration '37, Dance ,Fantasy '38, SWAIN, Iacqueline Tic Toc '37-'39, G.A.A. '37-'39, Trees. '38-'39, Tggnis '37-'39, Usherette TANAKA, Hiro SUDA. Noboru TACHINO, Kazuo Iroquois '38-'39, Basket- ball '37, Track '38-'39, SUMMERS, Iayne G.A.A. '36-'38, Pres. '38, Swimming '38, Drum Majorette '38. TALBOTT, Henry TANNEHILL, Iqmeg TETSTALL. Catherine L t' CI b '38-'39, P . A I Cl L, '33, C I '33 P t' '37J39, S . '38, '3l'5:'C-S"F- '39,JeDan'lei1 Foitball' '37, Trail '37l CCE? '37-'391"6a:rmen" Students' Club '39. Owl '39, THIELE, Patricia THOMAS. BC1l'bCIl'Cl THOMPSON, Norris rec Toe '37-'38, GAA. 36-'38, '39 Treas. '37, S.B. Sec. '38, V. Pres. of Girls' leeague '38, "Mar- tha , Carmen", "The Mummy and the Mumns", Once in a Lifetime". Page 34 Portia '36-'39, Pres. '37- '38, Tic TOC '37-'39, Pres. '37-'38, G.A.A. '37-'39, V. Pres. Girls' League '38, Ouill and Scroll '39, Owl Adv. Manager '39, C.S.F. '36- l39, Exec. Com. '38-'39, '39 Representative '37- .3H, Dance Fantasy '38, 'Once in a Lifetime". Ruth. Iohn A. lroouois '37-'39f Foot- ball '36-'38i Track '36. SAGHATELIAN. Sempo! Football '3B. SAROYAN. Gladys SAYLOR. Carl Masquers '38z "Sopho- more Hotelui .'Th0se lmmortal Loversuf "The Wedding", "l-lowdy Strangernf "Once in a l.ifetime"f "Gloria", 'Grandma Pulls the Strings". RUTHERFORD. Leia "Adoration"i "Carmen". RYAN, Howard Chemistry Club '36-'37f Owlet ' 6-'37i Dib te '36-' . 3 V' .ff 1. i i- SAMUELS. Marguerite SAROYAN, Cheslie "Ca rm en". SAROYAN. Ruben SCHOTTSTAEDT. Ruth SCHWABENLAND. Ruth Portia '36-'39f V. PFCS- Scribblers '38-'39. '38f C. S. F. '36-'39i Dance Fantasy '8. Agora '38-'391 V. Pres. '39i Pres. '39, lroouois '38-.395 C.S.F. '391 '39 Trees. '39 Basketball '37-'39f Football '37, Exec. Com. '39i "Sopho' more Hotelui "Gloria"p "The Red Mill". SAUM. Robert Engineers '371 Rifle Club '39f Stage Crew '36-'39i GRADUA- V SCHWARTZ. Mervyn C.S.F. '38-'391 Forensic Council '38-'39i V. Pres, '38i Pres. '39, '39 Rep- resentative '3B1 Oratory '37-'39f Debate '37-'39i "Sophomore Hotel". "Once in a Lifetime", S. B.. Pres. '39. SHABAZIAN. Robert Iroquois '39i Basketball '36f Football '37-'38i Track '33-'39. SHERWOOD. lean D Hymn., '36-'37f G.A.A, '36-'39i Dance Fantasy '3B. SIMONIAN. Dorothea SCOTT, lack Basketball '37. SHEIN, Louis Stamp Club '37-'38f Chemistry Club '391 '40 V. Pres. '39f Football '371 Basketball '38-'39f Rally Man '38-'39f Owlet '37338. SIMERLY, Ronald Mesouers '38-'39i Foot- ball '36-'37: Make-uD Staff '37-'39f uThe lnle- slingersnf "TheUNlummy and the Murnps J Mar- tha": "Carmen"f "The Wedding"1 "All Under One Top"i "The Florist Shop". SMITH, Aaron Agora '37-'38C '39.l2eD- resentdtive '37- 38f ' Car- men". SCOTT, Willis ' Iroquois '38-'391 lSlci Club '39f V. Pres. '39i Swimming '37-'39, l SHEPARD. Richard: Enqineers '36-'39i T eas. '37s V. Pres. '38i Selnate '36-'39f "Sophomore Hotel". SIMMONS, Barbara G.A.A. '391 "Ona: in a Lifetime". SMITH. Lou T l i Pat 0 35 TILSON, Robe,-1 TODRESIC. Shirley lroquois '38-'39, '39 Pres. '39, V. Pres. '37, '39 Yell Leader '36, Football '36-'33, Swim- ming '3B1 Baseball '37, Stage Crew '37-'38. TURNER, LOTTIE G.A.A. '37,P.E. Demon- stration '37, Dance Fan- tasy '3B. VAN NESS, Betty WALKER, Vivienne Portia '37-'39, Owl '39, Owlet '37-'38, P. E. Demonstration '37, Dance Fantasy .'3gl, "Once1in a Lifetime ', Gloria ', 'The Red Mill", Adv. Staff "Mummy and tl-ie Mumps" ULAM, Iumes Iroquois '38-'39, V. Pres. '39, Football '37-'38, Biaalcetball '37-'38, Track WALKER, Clifford C.S.F. '37-'39, Iroquois '39, Engineers '39, Basketball '37-'39, Track '38-'39. WALTON, lane P. E. D o tr t'o '37, -- . .- Dance fanntgsiv HB? Adorwon ' TSURUOKA, Teruo Basketball '37-'39, Track '37-'38. VANCE. Iecmne WALKER, Donald Agora '38-'39, Sec. '38, Treas. '39, '39 V, Pres. '39, Sophomore Hotel", "Once in a Lifetime", "Carmen", "The Red Mill". WANTLAND, Bemard "Carmen", "The Mummy and the Mumos . Eib- , GRADUATES Y' af' 4 l WATTEHS, Nell WAXMAN, Bernice "Gloria ' ' WEBSTER, Iune Tic Toc '37-'39, S.B. Sec. '39, P. E. Demonstration '37, Dance Fantasy '38, "Once in a Lifetime". WELSH, Thomas WHITNEY. Robert WIESE. Cynthia Stamp Club '37-'39i Gefmfffl Cl'-'P,'39I "ONCE Portia '38-'39, "Once in Iroquois '38-'39, Track indl-Ifelime A a Lifetime", "The Red '37-'39, Rally Man '38- '39 WILDS Peggy Tic Toc 38 39 Chemls try Club 39 39 Repre sentatlve 37 39 Soph omore Hotel e Mummy and the Mumps Once In a Llfetlme WILLIAMS William Football '37- Track '37- "Sophomore Hotel". Mill". WILLBANKS- Ralph WILLIAMS. Robert WILLMS, Walter WILSON' Alice Iroquois '38-'39, Foot- G.A.A. '37-'39, Dance Fantasy '38. Page 55 WILSON. Howard Footl:-all '36-'381"l-low- dy Stranger". WORTMAN. Bonnie Portia '38-'39f "Martha", "Carmen", ZAKARIAN. Ara l.F.C.'38f C.S.F. '36-'39, WINKLER. Kenneth WREN. William ZAMZOW. Duane Senate '38-'39f Ski Club '39i Forensic League '395 Comm. of Debate '39f Golf Team '38-'391 Exec. Com. '39f "Gloria", -:Once in a Lifetimenf The Red Mill". WORKS. Elsie Anne YEE. Lily G.A.Ax. '38f391 Dance l'antasy'38. ZARIN. Marlin Agora '38-'39, Trees. '39f l. F. C. '37-'33. "0nCe in a Lifetime." GRADUATES AMANO. MASAO BINFORD. WILLIAM BOLT. Don BRIGGS. Ieanne :1Carmen"i "Acloration"i Gloria". BRUCE. Albert CONWAY. Dan CORDER. William DAVIS. Ralph Football Manager '381 "Howdy Stranger . Page 56 Seniors Without Pictures DERMER. Irving '39 Vice Pres. '361 Mas- quers '38-'39f Engineers '39i Slci Club '39: "Soph- omore Hotelnf "Howdy StYdhSZfni "Mummy and the Murgpsnf "Once in a Lifetime . EASTMAN. Mariorie ENNIS. Curtis Owlet '38-'39. FUIISAWA. Mieko GRAHAM. George C.S.F. '37. - HAMILTON. Martha HARRISON. Lois KLOPPENBURG. Dale LAMANUZZI. Iohn MASON. Mary MASON. Melvin MIYAOI, Kiku PAPALEO. Elsie REICH. Florence ROBINSON. Richard SANTILLI. Vincent l.F.C. '36-' 381 Vice-Pres '371 Pres. 'ssf C.s.F. 'aof SARGOTA. Anne SPEALMAN. Ioey VARNUM. Rolland Football '36-'38, Base ball '37-'39. WATKINS. Georgia WAUGHTAL. Iames WILLIAMS. Don G. Football '37. WONG. Beulah Class Sponsors The Class of 1959 has had the unique ex- perience of saying both uHait" and "Farewell" in its senior year in bidding good-hye to Nliss Lucty and Mr. Lemon, sponsors for the class's first two years in high school, and in welcoming Miss Wright anct Mr. Swarthout as pilots for the thircl and final year. To the latter came the excitement of the class play, "Once in a Lifetime," anct all the attendant joys and responsibilities of com- mencement. Fresh from their triumphs of a really exciting class play, H520 College Avenue," anct an un- usually beautiful Junior-Senior Prom, the Class of 1940 took forwarct with confidence to one more year of real service to Fresno High School as well as "head class" pleasures for themselves under the sponsorship of Miss DeFoe and Wir. Peters. The Class of 1941 has undergone more change: in sponsorship than any other class in school. They started out originally uncter the guictance of Miss Nloelter and Mr. Mutter. VVhen the pressure of curricular as well as extra-curricular ctuties forced these two sponsors to resign as the class guides, the "Liters" tmecame the proteges of Miss Short ancl Mr. Hewitt. Though young in years anct still comparatively few in number. the Class of 1942 gives promise ot becoming one of the largest and possihty livest classes in school. To Mrs. Briggs and Mr. McDonald has fallen the taste of moulding ancl guiding a class that may well he a credit to its school and faithful to all the traclitions of its Alma Mater. Page '57 Dorothy L. Wright Iohn Swarthout Hiram W. Peters Eleanor I. DeFoe Sherman C. Hewitt Belle Eleanor Short Dorothy S. Briggs Norman McDonald Richard Pomerantz Barbara Church Peggy Church Page 58 l C lass of ,110 Vvhen the fall of 1938 rolled around, the Class ol: 1940 Wasted no time in getting started on malcing plans for an active year ol service. hard worlc, and good times. Vve had selected our class colors. lalue and white, for our really stunning sweaters in the spring of '5S. With the first cool days of fall. said sweaters grew increase ingly conspicuous around the halls as their proud owners advertised the fact that the Class of ,40 was decidedly uup and comingf' Officers for the fall semester, elected the preceding spring, included Richard Pomerantz, presidentg Peggy f Church, vice president: Barbara Church, secretary: and Vvilliam Morrison, treasurer, Our first social event of the season was a Football Dance held in the school lilorary on Octoher fourteenth. Lois Pomerance, the social chairman, was in charge of arrangements. Proof that the affair was unusually enjoyalale appears on page ll I. Turn to it and see if we aren't Correct in our statement. William Morrison Determined not to leave the selection of a class song until our hound-to-he-husy senior year, We sponsored a class song contest that lorought out all lcinds of here-to- lore unsuspected talent among our memhers. When the winning song was finally selected, Nadine Denham and Jeanette Saroyan were found to he its inspired authors. Vve thinlc our song is very good. Read it and see if you donyt agree with us. "Hail, Fresno flighl Our thoughts will always remain with you, Years may go lay, hut mem'ries will ever he traeg Our class, the Class of nineteen-forty, will ever think of Fresno High. Hail to thee, our Alma lVlater'-'Hail Fresno High!" Rose Nlarlcarian, Welfare chairman, was in charge of our Christmas project. Vve toolc care of the needs of a family hy providing food and clothing, hoth of which Were greatly appreciated. At the heginning of the spring term new officers were elected. They included Gordon Vvild as president, Mildred Porter as vice president, Bolohie Clarlc as sec- retary, and Rose lvlarlcarian as treasurer. We presented 520 Cguegfe Alf' Gordon Wild Bobbie Clark nue' a mystery Come Y' or e Mildred Porter Rose Marlcarian Junior Farce on lVlarch twenty- fourth. Paclced with thrills and re- plete with mirth-provolcing comedy, the production proved to he one of the loest-received plays ever pre- sented hefore a high school audi- ence. On May fifth the Junior-Senior Prom, with an "Exposition" theme, was given in the girls' gym. Dor- othy Routt, social chairman, was in charge. To say that it was a grand success is to he guilty ol? gross un- der-statement. ln fact, the whole year was a grand successl SEATED:-Chandler, Copland, Cobb, Culver, B. Church, P. Church, Christos, Cunningham, Chow, Coleman, Cos- grave. SECOND ROW:kCoI- bu rn, Coclcrell, Cottrell Crandall, Davidson, Dun: l can, F. Doi, Doty, B. Doi Dougherty, Denham, Dun op. THIRD ROW:-East man, Edmunds, Ehikian Esain, Daniel, Dunham Dix, De Orian, Dame Enochian, Enslander Emerzian. FOURTH ROW:-Ed wards, Etheridge. ,nf B SEATED.- Hulse, Hrencher, Hege, Holt, Holland, Heflin, Hencler son, Hesse, Hester, High Hopwood, SECOND ROW:-He bert, Haslztl, Howard Holler, Hunter, lsmada Jitsumyo, Jack, Jeffries Hill, Johnson, Jones. THIRD l2OW:-Kaprel- ian, Klyver, Kasnarian, Kinzel, Kent, Kilckert, Kil- ner, Koch, Kelly, Kauplcz, H. Kinzel, Kourafas, Kami- lcawa. FOURTH ROW:-ll. Kamileawa, Konlcel, Hutch- inson, Krauchi, Kooyumi- ian, Kerrick, Kohler, Kal- ashian, Kunitalce, Kubota, Kuwamoto, Koto. Page 59 S 740 SEATED:-Addington, Albri5ht,M.Allen,Ather- lon, Armen, Aslanian, Ashley, Augustus, Alme- ida, L. Allen, Abeko. SECOND ROW:- Azhdenian, Avalcian, Bur- riss, Bourzac, Bacon, Bonds, Bryan, Baird, Blanlcenbeclcler, Beau- mont, Breckmann, Beaton, Bond, Booth. THIRD ROW:-Bosler Bradley, Beck, Brier, Bal: avac, Bonesteel, Borello Bahr, Brase, Bernhard Carling, Campbell. FOURTH ROW:- Bonesteel, Clarlc, Camy Berry, Caplan, Chimo, R Carlson, G. Carlson, Cas accia, Brensing, Barnett Brandon. SEATEDr-B. Evans W. Evans, Fake, Farrar Fanning, Fleming, Fung Farhad ian, Farley, Finch. SECOND ROW:-H Fodor, Foos, Fornia, Fries Friis-Hansen, Freitas, Fike Fordyce, J. Garbeduan Gard, S. Garabedian Gamer. THIRD ROW:-Giles Giometti, Good, Gosh digian, Giaccone, Gian napoulas, Gostanian Glass, Gordon, Granlund FOURTH ROW:-Gar row, G. Hall, J. Hall Hardin, J. Hall, P. Hall Hammer, Hargrave, Harsh Field, Hampton. 1 1 .A 340 SEATED:-Lamou re Lander, Lambert, Leach Lekas, Lemon, Lew , Lewis, Lieberman, Linde- gren, Lindner. SECOND ROW'- Landgren, Lord, Luther Lynn, Mac Iver, Malatesta f Manoogian, Markarian, Markowitz, Marvin, Mar- tin, Marker. THIRD ROW:-K. Mar- tin, Maruko, McAllister, McCoy, McCarthy, Mc Farland, McGuire, Mc Kenzie, McPherson, Med- ley, Messick, Mickelian. FOURTH ROW:-Mio ciancio Miller, Miranda Mmffcii, B. Miner, Mir. Ken, Mooniian, Moore 1 1 Morrison, Mu rcsaka, Murotani. SEATED:-N I , Natori, Nichols eNsig2r ' I Newman, Northam Odaka,Okawara O er' R SEATED:-Rudolph u lson, Runyon, Rupp, - Ruschhaupt, Russell, Rux- ton, Ryan, Sanderson Sa er, Saroyan. Esc: N O D ROW:- Sarafian, Sargota San- bongi, Sandler, Sargent Sarkissian, Schallenberg, Scherer Schneider. TI-mzb ROW:-Scholl, Schott, Seadler, Schroer, Schroth, Schumann, Seki- ya, Sakiya, Sham ochian, Sharrah Shields, Siimpson. FOURTH Row,- Simensen, SIDE, N- Sfflillb L. Smith, J. Smith, L. Smith, Smithen, Snider, Solomonson, Ohanesian, Sparks, . gren, O Hara, Orlando. SECOND ROW:- Oyster, Pahr, Papaleo, Pavazian, Parratt, Pieke t, Pickford, Pipes, Pomeroy' Porter, Preston, Pymm, THIRD ROW:-Quail, OUISIZY, Rainie, Ramby, Ramacher. Rasmussen, Reg- ffdfff R. Regnart, Rem. IlnS2f, Remus, Rea, Rey. nolds, Ridenhauer. FOURTH ROW:- ROIDCYYS, RIICY, R. Robin- S0n, S. Robinson, Rockas, Roessler, D. Rogers, E, Rogers, Routt, Pearson, Peretti, Rosenberg. 1 SEATED:-Sturgeon Staniford, Streeter, tew ard, Storey, Stebbins Sutherland, Sullensen Sterios, Swetzig, L Sutherland. SECOND ROW:- Taul, B. J. Taylor, R Taylor, Trunk, M. TI-nomo- son, Thonen, Thlele, Thomas, T. Thompson, Tregoning, Trobee, Tsuru- oka, Van Fleet, Van Buren THIRD ROW:-Vartik- ian, Veen, Vianello, Volpa, Waite, Walker, Watanabe, Waxman, Weisert, Wantland, Wahr- hafti , Wilburn, Waechter router:-I ROW:- Winslow, Wild, D. Will- iams, B. Williams, R Williams, Wiman, Wilker- son, Works, Yakligian. Yamaguchi, Yoshikawa, Zenovich. Page 40 Class of 341 4-fv .- Un the first day of the '58-'59 school year, our long siient hails were filieci with exciteci sophomores. For a few weeks they wancierect arounct with either a hiank or a frightened look on their faces, hut soon they as- sumed the normal appearance of the average high school student. in order that the class might take its place in school government, petitions for office in the Class of i941 were circuiatect. The executives finally chosen for the fait semester were as follows: Bob Cole. president: Beverly Bradshaw, vice-president: Bahette Hoiaiicic. secretary: Ray Deeiarnatt, treasurer: James Price, yeii ieacier. lt has always been the custom of each sophomore P0b2'fC0'2 class to give a party for its memhers in the fail of the Beverly Bradshaw year. This year the party was heraicteci hy such famous characters as P. T. Barnum, the wiici woman from Borneo, and many other persons famous to the circus worlct. Through the aici of ciiiigent committees and the work of our sponsors, the Sophomore Circus was declared a success from the ciecorations to the real circus food-peanuts, popcorn, anci pink iemonacte. The committee chair- men for the affair were as follows: Stanley Steinberg, puhiicity: Laurie Buck, decorations: Bahette Hohiicic, invitations: Ray DeJarnatt, finances: Calvin Antrim, clean-up: Patricia Hornheaic, refreshments: Donald Hines, arrangements: Ruth Jones, entertainment: Beverly Bradshaw, hicis. After this great event the circus entertainers went to their winter camp. They heiri weekly executive council meetings anci, with the class officers in charge, executed only official husiness. But iiice all circus troopers. when the first days of spring came, the sophomores hegan to hreaic their winter camp. Their first act was to elect officers for the spring semester. After a iceen contest the foiiowing were eiectect: Morton Barron. presi- dent: Donaici Hines, vice-president: Cathieen Dyer, secretary: Penny ixfiaricarian. treasurer: James Wheeler, yell ieacier. To avoid confusion at ciass meet- Menon Bmon Cdthleen Dye, ings, ushers were appointecl. They were Nick Karastaihis, Billy Young Don Hines Penny Markarian and Cjvilbert Miclcelianl The new officers were now offic- ially instaiieci and ready to taice over a sophomore ciassis greatest enterprise,-fa pay assembly. The ciate for this was set for May 12th. The committees chosen prociucect the best assemhiy to he given in the auditorium of Fresno High School hy any sophomore class. The com- mittee chairmen responsiioie for the production were Butt Staniiorci, penny Wiaricarian. Russeii Garrett. Laurie Buric and Howard Leach. Babette Hobiick Rey DeJarnatt Page 41 SEATED:-Abo, Ah reen, Allen, Arden, An trim, Andrews, Adams, Atkins, Alexander, Arata Avedisian. SECOND ROW-- Askloclc, Armour, An toyan, Allamprese, Am SHO, Axt, Anderson Bax- 'N ter, Benson, Bentson, Boyle, Bradford. T H l R D R O W :- Bingham, Ballisian, Burt, Merlcin, Duncan, Bischell, Bartel, Barnett Bristol Boney, Barr, Breckmannl Bell. FOURTH ROW:- Bower, Bradford, Beall, Brenner, Buck, L. Bel- shaw, K. Belshaw, Busick, Bradshaw, Bliss, Barron, Bartlett, Balt. SEATED:-Farley, Fain, Eishbaclc, Fisher Flint, Fortune, Foster, Franlc, Frasher, Fries Frowsin sEc5'ND Row-- Gabriel, Galli, Galloclc, Garrett, Garvey, Guthrie, Gentry, Gibbs, Gillis, Glassby, Glenn, Goods win, Granger. THIRD ROW:- Greaves, Greening, Grif- Fith, Hald, Hamilton, Hammond, Hanner, E. Hansen, J. Hansen, R. Hansen, S. Hansen, M. Harbers, Hamish, Harper, Harron. FOURTH ROW:-Har- ris, Harlan, K. Harbers, Harland, Hartigan, Har- tunlan, Hayter, Hurd, Hedrick, Heiner, Henry, Herman. ' M ' SEATED-Caiazza, H Calhoun, Cagney B Calhoun, B. Canl bell, M. Campbell, Carey, Chong, D. Christensen J , . Christiansen, Clarence SECOND ROW:- Clarlc, Clancy, Clarno, Craig, Coday, Collins, Colburn, Cole, Cousinr, Cranmore, Crandall, Cun- ningham. THIRD ROW:-Dake, Curtin, Dishman, D. Davis, Darter, Daniels, V. Davis, De Jarnatt, Denton, Der- derian, Deuber, Don- leavy, Duncan, Dover, Doty, Dunham. FOURTH ROW:- Dupuy, Durham, Dyer, Eby, D. Edwards, E. Ed- wards, Ego, Ehrlce, Ells- worth, Ericlcsen, Erringer, Evans. SEATED:-Hood Hilyard, Hilliker, Hunt Hines, Hollister, Hop- wood, Hopper, Hines, Holeton, Hornbealc. SECOND ROW-- Hoclcett, Hunter, Hyde Hobl:-s, lsenberg, Hutton' S. Hycle, Jackson, James, R. Jones, V. Jones, E. Jones, Joseph, E. Jacobs. T H l R D R O W : - Johnson, Kirkpatrick, Kis- singer, Johnston, Jasper, Jarvis, Kaullun , Kline, Kautenberg, Koliid, Kar' sher, Kasson, Kershaw, King, Johnson. FOURTH ROW:- Karastathis, Kevorlcian, Kulju, Kohman, Keshich- ian, Kiramidiian, Kusalcai, Knoll, Kraschel, M. Kramer D. Kramer, Kircher. Page 42 SEATED:Nal1ano, Ny' -Q berg, Nichols, Nelson, Oneto, Nooks, Nance, Nickel, Naizgar, Nelson, Nakamoto. SEC ON D ROW:- P Owensby, Oftedahl, L. Peterson, Phillips, Poi Pearson, Paschall, F. Pedi roncelli, Flora Pedron- celli, Pattison, Renshaw D. Peterson. THIRD ROW:-Ohan ian, Odahl, Ogle, Ohan nesian, Ostrom, Poulsen Potter, Pascoe, Oxender. "'-' ' FOURTH ROW:-Pat terson, Potilcian, Ouerter mous, Polkinghorne, Potts R. Patterson, pierini, Price Peters, Parlcer. FIFTH ROW:--Reib schlager, Regnart, Ras mussen, Rigall, Riley Rhodes, Randel, Reitz Ratlill, Ouick, Peterson iff? FI' D2 ,111 SEATED:-Lalce, Lan- sing, Lawton, Layton, Leach, Levine, Lew, Lewis, Locke, Lowry, Lum SECOND ROW:-J. Mahon, John Mahon, A. Manoogian, R. Man- oogian, Mar, Martin, Marderosian, Marlcarian, Masterton, Mast, Mecchi, Mielcs, Mehrwein, Mes- sic . THIRD ROW:-Mez- zano, Michaels, T. Mills, D. Mills, Miclcelian, Mili- tano, McCann, G. Mc Carthy, W. McCarthy, Mclsaac, McCauley, M. Mills, P. Mills. FOURTH ROW:- Moore, Meisenheimer, Moser, Muvzer, Murphy, Miller, Molsbergen, R. Mitchell, W. Mitchell, Walter Mitchell, Miars, McMurchy. 4 11' SEATED:-G, Robert- son, E. Robertson, Robin- son, Robey, Rochas, Rock- afeller, Rodman, Rogers, V. Rogers, Rose, Rough- ton. SECOND ROW:- Rudd, Rudolph, Rundle, Rush, Rutledge, Saghatel- ian, Sahara, Said, Salsas- ian, Sam, Sanders, Sander- son, N. Sanderson. THIRD ROW:-Sartor, Sargent, Schultz, Schin- der, Scheidt, H. Scheidt, Scl-ioettler, Schmidt, Sciar- oni, Scribner, Seibert, B, Seibert, Segal, Sektnan, Sensano. FOURTH ROW:-She- lcerjian, D. Smith, J Smith, C. Smith, B. Smith E. Smith, E. Smith, Smade 1 f SEATED:-Soto, Stahl, B. Sperl, StaDD, Spomer, P. Spomer, Sumicla, Swartz Sterling, Stevenson, Stritz. SECON D ROW:- Steinhauer, Sturgeon, Stanilord, Walrond, Stein- berg, Suda, lsenberg, Thonen, Thompson, Tana- ka, Torr, Van Meter, Twichell. THIRD ROW:-Vega I, ler, Weaver, Whitten, White, Williams, M. Wey- " mouth, West, Wilkinson, Webster, C. Weymouth, Vagabidian, Vance, K. Williams Weir, Wilson FOURTH ROW:- , Vaughn, Zarin, G. Young, Young, L. Young, Wilkins, B. Williams,Worley, Wof. ford G. Warren, Webb, T. Weymouth. FIFTH ROW:-Wil- shel, Walcasa, Wheeler, Watanabe, White, G. Williams, Woods, B. War- ren, Yezdan, B. Young. Sm: J. Smith, L. Smith, im mons, L. Smith, Simms Shuzak, Sipe, R. Smith F .r . Howard Kirby Don Dorfmeier SEATED:-Aarom ian, Aivazian, Allyn, Atkinson, Anderson, Arnold, Bebeauf Behlen, Bettencourt, Bier. SECOND ROW: Byfield, Binlord, Boel Bergstrom, Bradley, Bromley, Bunker, Calaway, Carnine, Carter. THIRD ROW:- Casky, Chollet, Combs, B. Cowan, S. Cowan, Crandall, Crawford, Cummings Denton, Diehl. FOURTH ROW: L. Diel, N. Diel, N. Diel, Dorfmeler, Dol- lar, Eberhaqrt, Edgerly Edwards, elder, Eng- lander. Dorothy Simmons Anne Frolik C lass of ,ll We, the class of 1942. proudly present ourselves, our officers, and our activities. uVVe the peoplen are so nu- merous that you'll have to read alnout us from left to right below the pictures. Our officers are very fine. They are Howard Kirlny, presiclentg Don Dorfmeier, vice-president: Dorothy Simmons, secretaryg Anne Frolilc, treasurer: Ed Pratini, yell leader: and George Pappas, sergeant-ab arms. Although we feel the laest men won, our officers had a close race, for tlie following ran against them: Leonard Sullivan for president: Beverly Kutllitz. Ruth Hammond, and Arthur Samuels for vice-president: Betty Veale and Jaclcie Eiaertmrt for secretaryg Patricia Patterson and Bill Cowan for treasurerg and Peter Mayer for sergeant-ab arms. Other notaloles are Monty Carter and June Dflorris, '42 representatives in the Student Body Executive Committee and Beverly Kuhlitz, scrilne in time Class of '42 Executive Committee. The Class of '42 Advisory Council consists of Anita Scott, representing lVlr. Logan Edwards advisory: Don Dorfmeier, Mr. Gaumnitzsg Evelyn Vvood, Miss lVloeller'sg Beverly Kuhlitz, Miss Stulolalefielclysg and Leo Diel, lVliss VVl1ite's. SEATED:-Fairchild, Fields, Filce, Franklin, French, Frolilc, Fong, Fuller, Gearhert. SECOND ROW:- Goodwin, Gribble, I Growdon, Golding, Griffith, Hall, Halsey, Hammond, Hennl. THIRD ROW:-High, Hill, Hills, Hinchey, Hawkins, Hu5hes, Hum' phreys, Jacobs. FOURTH ROW?-Jam sen, Jolly, Jitsumyo, Johansen, Johnson, Jones Justice. 5. ,,, Page 44 9 SEATED:-Karefesian, Kawahara, Keyes, Kirby, Kier, Knight, Krog, Kuh- litz, Kurtcvich, Kawamoto. SECOND ROW:-Ku- yumjian, Lane, Larsen, N. if Leach, R. Leach, Lindquist, Lord, Maniredo, Mayer, Mcffluslcey, McKenzie, Mehling. THIRD ROW:-Moon adian, Moore, Morris, Neikirlc, Niclcle, Notar- angelo, Ohanian, Palmer, Papazian, Pappas. FOURTH ROW:-Paw SEATED:-Samuels, Sawyers, Saxi, Schneider, Schuchard, A. Scott, B. Scott, Scruggs, Shannon. SECOND ROW:- Sharp, Schroer, Silveria, Simmons, Smith, H. Smith, Steinhauer, Stockholm, Stuclcert, Sullivan. THIRD ROW:-Teb stall, Tienlcer Ulrich, UYe- lco, Veale, Ventura, Vlas- sis, J. Walker, R. Walker. FOURTH ROW:-Q Weaver, Weiss, Wight, Whitby, Willey, Williams, Winther, Wolcott, Wong, Wood. ulias, Patterson, Pease, Peterson, Plog, Pratini, Pretzer, Ratliff, Regens- berger, Rogers, Royer. :JJ 4. .3 iii: -., i, - IQ Also we had an exceptional Election Committee who were chosen laecause they count 'way high for sophomores. They are June Stucltert, Harry Hinchley, Alvera Manlredo, Nlilena Kurtovich, and Leo Diel. VVe,re smart, too, 'cause we had nineteen in the C. S. F. They are Jaclcie Byfield, .laclde Eloerhart, Anne Frolilc, Barbara Hawlcins, Alcira ilitsumyo, Harulco Kawahara, Yasuyul-ci Kuwamoto, Rolnert Kuyumjian, Milena Kurtovich, Roy Leach, Glenn Niclcel, Patricia Patterson, Nlarilyn Sawyers, Sam Sharp, Lois Silveria, Leonard Sullivan, Alcimi Uyelco, Phyllis Wolcott, and Vera Vvilley. VVe're eager to learn all we can, too, so weyve had some ol the most expert aclvis- ers in the school to tallc to us ahout things we neecl to lcnow. Atone assemlaly the directors of the seven departments in our school tolcl us what their Clepartments had to olller. At another meeting we hearcl from representatives of all the school's cluhs. They made us feel so welcome. They must really want us to join. Miss Farver anal hfir. Nlocli tolci us how to mind our pis ancl q's, ancl iVlr. Smale advised us on how to stucly. Miss Higgins even tolcl us what sulojects to talte if we wantecl to go to,-oh, most any college we coulcl mention. It seems everyhociy fully expects us to graduate. Being rather athletic, our hoys won several places in the inter-class Traclc Nleet: Class C l0S Low Hurdles ....,,...,,.... Paul Hili, seconcig Lloycl Knight, fifth Class C Shotput .,............... .......................,........ G eorge Pappas, First Cli1SS C Discus ........... ....... G eorge Pappas, seconcl Class C Broad Jump .,,,. Finnell Hansen, third Class C High .lump ,. ..,.., Lloycl Knight, fifth Page 45 0 w 'Aim':T?3 QU ffl , ' M ' T T . ' if ...A YEL' , ag., NL1,3,1...e-M -.N 4' P' fi I I. Q: -L ,4,,.- .f -.1Q"A-are -. 'ww-Y mf-.3 .35-5 F-15a-v..-'ww M, - ,-' ,f Jr- - ,- W , , .. .W 4 - J, , BS -' . , L,,- : ,. ---- .., ' . , ' . :1v.'-in " ' V125-N1-"" 'Q 'I-uw , , ' A-'kg -H wr -4. V. , I ..- I ,.- , V, , IM.. ., II .II .wr ,... ,II A ,,. ?"'-3' R- Ji-7 lf- ,. f ' ': ':"34. ' ea 31:1 fZg"'..l2 N" X 'gn 1 ' w' 7'x"'+w-Q-V "Z 'MD' iv-1'5,f -Tis-7 v - "" ' -- II?-Q Z." P- 5, " af""""'f Aff... - 2.1 gz. Y :U ' 'vvkaig If '.f.?f'1 'ji -P -' . ,adj-V-Iii.: , -PW uw O' ... I , ..,,.j'.'X 3 Q! - , 1' pg. - '. 4, ps- .,, wr. - .I -aw -., . W Q-, ., A - ,, 3 31 I. AI II - . .I .4 .- , I ' ,N , " vw' 2- " vw- 'Q-' , . 'g"'5+..-fv7"3',.-Q J' ' " 'F 'W - ' .., -af mv" Y ' 539- ,:- '!T'T"'e. f 1 ',-U '- .. -1- ' If V' af ' - ' - -B. , QILII:-?L3I 3. ' , N'g!'aF' ' 'Q " L IL. ,..,. fN,v,'j- I w- L it I, - Q. 7' 'WM' M 'Nadi' 1' is 'F M42 ' ' 'f'JY'xavf"3"'rf' f, if -X Q P,. fd . -' "Q, , ., ., .-.Q I ' ' A I . v . 5- , , H 'xg' N., ESW5 .:'5i'S'ilq314rga. , J' 4. . .. - , I I qf,..,,a fi...-L '- ' -- ."71?1f-Wie , ,,f' ., R' 4 ' , ,' W, '-- S I W' - f vi ' 'I ' F -f'Z,,,,. N ,.II-,f II ' , , I 2 "Ein, I III 5 II. ., -. ' -v" 9' w, ' ' , ' -II . .-- ..I , -1, 4 I- I l - ', -' - ' 'IFF . : I::','35IAw I--, ,113 I ,:.'?"l:qg'.,:.'5r, Q44 ' . , I Im- II 1 ' 1 , v , ' 1. vii' .Q .':h5'W:q.. ,.5,, g L.. :QQ ,Q TS' f"T', 'H ". - gg.,-i1.'Z' QPL4: f J--tal1'5":I,,,,f . 1, I .' ,.- lk! Q ' 'i q.,,-IglIIi, .55 j.. W' "'- .. ,-.,g .1-fag-.. '-2: L.1-gg-1: ...-W,-I I II ' : ' I- ., ....,, ,M-Vx'-"'T1I' ?II?,L1I-s'I7::.5y-M.,,,-I-,YI A I. ,-1-1:1-, - ,Jr gh I V '- 1-I -. -,Mu:.fv'T-fvfe-:n+. ff.. J...-Q? 11--f 4-1. W w , .IIIIIIL :-Q. gf- .1 P- 41 'j- Hg, '1"l1f'ff"i,",-'TZIQ -,Pu ELI,-L I . , ' 'bil Y'-fn ' .,. .. TT ,fi-'fk1:',.,,.,lg-'1!'a-,..-3 " -J' - . fl. ,R . ' T. 'Q--,L - -ff, ' 'f 1 M fig: -S uh D . '1' -f "JRE "' ' .' '!"'iw- . 5.5 1 "K . Q '-:",r'1 ' W . ur. +-...g"' "ef, .,, ' ' ' --J. 'rv-NJ'f'3'ff'w .1 I , . 1. - i?.v'1.1 nf f-f ',- -'-' ff f' -7 -if .ww W - 'W' "WA " if . , . . , 'vxa-,,. x ,, . , ,, . , 5 , R tx Ti-T: . Q. -f R . T -...N ts.-. f '. . 501: 'J C21 r' E ' ' A "cs:-2' ' .5 la.. ... ':"' 4' V' ' ,. ', Q Q' f H " -2'-f N '...- ' - -.:-rDv- . i' 1.9-. ' 'L-1' mf' e f II, , 375 I . - A . Q.- L.,-.5 F - I f: , ,.W.g,, -If , ' ' ' - " ' - :' 1 - ,--. 9 ' Y .. .-- v , ' ' .5 1 e ,.. .. - .ff-41 , '5 f-V 7 '- ' ""':2'l'ir'f 1-54.31, 4' - ' f ' -'-ws: ,5..-,:.a,.,--'- 5 - I, 153'-313.1 ' ' '11 , -- - Q, ' ' - nr.-2.1, ,., -I--i-4, I ' I A I . . , , -, -- 12515, 'f 4 " 'eng' ,g ', ,, 1 ' , I ff 1 . -' . ' 1 fm ' ', "' f,.f A-. .' ' - .1-ff ' , 1 . I ' ' f N ' ' -few" J' 91 'A' " , I f I, . ' I, f ' lu ,I ' J .1 L, ' ' v -A ' ' -I ,,, -1 , I I' , I ' I II, - I ,1 f' .. ,, 1 f- ' , , ' , I . -c.ef..... .I .151 'I " f .J L I I I ,. I g?4I -gn - y 4 . . ..I, V ,.,,I K 4I, II I1lI,,n. f If I, I IIIII ,,.,, I II., II ,I I, II ,A I.. ,,,I,I,I5..,,L , I,, I.,,L I. IW ., I I ,I ,, , - 1 I I, .TI 'WS :"L41f- " -'. ,- f ' ' " '. ' L ' . ' 4 ' , I. ., '- W ' - vw .1 ' ' - ' -' ' V fin 7 ' - 1 5' If H+'-K I--'K "mi N fI , ' J I f ' 'I J 7 I A '11 1i,'1I I-Q 34 . - , ' I , , - , - 1 I A ,-Q pf.. I. ' yy. 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A: If -1.4 wx Jw- -If-. 17 N.. I 1.-'?1ff.--qaf, X ,fin ,asf 4 -' - ,. ft Qi- 21- . - ', ' , -1 A .'-i ff,',f'vigg-Q av - 1, , -I -5, "j-jfgilg1'-,'wf5Zf9f-ffq. 5 - iw - gf ig' xf-442 Q : dbx' - - 'SR : ' ' . - :I h. -:gg-:-j.l ?.:-'- ,A - : - . - ' - - . S. .2 f 5:,:E.:.. Jigx uwiq' i . I- Ng- ,Eff-,gvqgxsv . . M - .-,'?3 iE::2Eg ,gif I fi . M, 1 '-,Q ' at- . 3 gf, '':Q?L.5,3Qk,j-'i5,Nj.-- jgiif- i1L2'5Qj": -gi, Wi '51 2, vii? , 1 i:1,,.,-55? , . ,:. 1, 'ry - - :-:-Ku ' if--, , --mx -2,5- ' ,, ' " ' Y Q,-E-H-T551 3 ' . " " was-1 w x , , ' 1-rj , .. A, , ,. -.-:ny-11.--,X :6,,h,1I ,-7'f . "When in future years we're turning Leaves of memory,-1" P1718 Editorial Sta O Riclmarci Pomerantz- - - Eclitor Patricia lVlcCarti1y i - Assistant Nlalcolm Allen - - - Art Eciitor Albert Dix, Donald Gnlloek - Robert Meyers - - - - - Eileen Dunn. 'Doris Riege - Kathryn Cullingion Helen Hnolre Robert Nlorrisli, lVlilton Jones lrving Fine. l?eggy Wilde - Willinin Mevey James Tanneliill Otto Runge. Lelnnel Scott Laurel Ellen Glass, Virginia Sager Pliyilis lVlary .lo lxflilcesell - lVlary Lou Henningsen. Katherine Rose - - I-lileln C. lVloeller - - Assistants Plwtograplier Piioto Editors Plioto Titles - - Classes Organizations Stucierit Lift, Boys, Sports Girls, Sports - Activities - Typist - Sponsor of TOP:-l2icl'ia rd Pomerantz, and Miss Moeller. FIRST SQUARE: Patricia McCarthy. SECOND SQUARE:- Malcolm Allen. STAFF CSeetedD:MCull- ington, Hackv, Henningsen, Hall. Riege, Glass. ' Gtdndinglz- Meyers, Dunn, Wilds, Fine, MC Vey, Morrish, Rose, Mikesell. Page JI Fall Executive Committee JAMES FROLIK President Fall Semester EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FIRST ROW:- McCarthy, Horn beak, Henningsen Dunn, Sager, Cole Routt, Church, Ash- hurst, Jurkevich Frolik. Thivle. SECOND ROW: Pomerantz, Russell Levy, Wild, Tilson S hw tz R C df , unse Phillips, Mr. Smale page 52 1 1 4 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS FIRST ROW:'-Pomer- entz, Frolik, Thiele, Mc Carthy. SECOND ROW:-Pus- sell, Levy, Punge, Hen- ningsen, Phillips. ln Fresno High School all stuclent hociy lousiness is carriecl on at the weelcly Executive Committee meetings. The memloership of the committee, the most impor- tant organ of sluclent government, consists of all electecl stuclent loocly officers, two lnemloers ot each class, the eclitor ol the Qwl, a memher of the Iroquois, ancl a memlaer of the G. A. A, Uncler the leaclership of James Frolilc, the presiclent ol' the stuclent hotly cluring the tall semester, the committee arrangeci for a laus to talce fans to Los Banos for the footloall semi-finals. As the mighty Vvarriors emergent victorious from this tangle, the committee then was alole to charter a special train to Bakersfield for the game tor the valley championship. Enthusiasm ran high, ancl several hunclrecl stuclents joineci in the fun ancl witnessecl the lnattle. lnterestecl in the appearance of our campus, the committee delegated to the various school ciulas the responsiloility for seeing that the grounds were lcept clean of papers and clelaris. This plan worlceci out very successfully. xvif' if ,,,.. tl Q Vg, -l 2 Fall Executive Committee I JAMES FROLIK President Fall Semester EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FIRST RO W:- Mccartlw, Horn beak, Henninqsen Dunn, Sager, Cole lloutt, Church, Ash liurst, Jurkcvich Frolilc, Thifle. SECOND ROW: Pomerantz, Russell Levy, Wild, Tilson Schwartz, Runge Phillips, Mr. Smale Page '32 I I STUDENT BODY OFFICERS FIRST ROW:-Pomen antz, Frolik, Thiele, Mc Carthy. SECOND ROW:-Run sell, Levy, Qunge, Hen- ningsen, Phillips. ln Fresno High Scliool all stuclent bocly lnusiness is carried on at tlie weelcly Executive Committee meetings. Tlie memloersliip of the committee, tlie most impor- tant organ of stuclent government. consists ol' all electecl stuclent lnocly officers, two members of eacli class, tlie eclitor of the Qwl, a memlaer ol the Iroquois, and a memlaer of ttie G. A. A. Uncler tlie leaclersliip ol James Frolilc, tlie presiclent of tlie student laocly during tlie fall semester, the committee arranged for a bus to talie fans to Los Banos for the llootloall semi-finals. As llie miglity Vvarriors emergecl victorious from tliis tangle, tlie committee tlien was alale to cliarter a special train to 'Bakersfield for tlie game for tlie valley cliampionsliip. Entliusiasm ran lxigli, ancl several tiundrecl stuclents joinecl in llie fun ancl wilnessecl tlie battle. lntereslecl in tlie appearance ol' our campus, tlie committee delegated to the various scliool clulos tlie responsilaility lor seeing tliat the grouncls were lcept clean ol papers ancl rlelnris. This plan worlcecl out very successfully. The Qwl Editorial Staff Richard Pomerantz- - - Eclitor Patricia lVlcCartl1y . - - Assistant Malcolm Allen - - - Art Eclilor Albert Dix, 'Donald Galloclc - - Assistants Robert Nleyers ----- Pllotograplier Eileen Dunn, Doris Riege - Photo Editors Kathryn Cullington Helen HHCICC - - Photo 'Titles Rolaert lxflorrislm, Milton .lones - - Classes lrving Fine, Peggy Wilds Vvilliam lVlcVey James Tannehill Otto Runge. Lelancl Scott Laurel Ellen Glass, Virginia Sager ' Phyllis Hall. Nlary .lo Nlilcesell - - Nlary Lou Henningsen. Katherine Rose - Hilda C. Wloeller - - Organizations Student Lilo Boys' Sports Girls' Sports - Activities - Typist - - - - Sponsor 7 TOP:-Richard Pomerdntz, and Miss Moeller. FIRST SQUARE: Patricia McCarthy. SECOND SQUPxRE:-- Malcolm Allen. STAFF W CSeatedJ:-ClhlI- ington, Hecke. Hcnningsszn, Hall, Riegz, Glass. ' i CStendin 91:- Meyers, Dunn, Wilds, Fine, Mc Vey,Morrish, Rose. Mikesell. Z I Page l I DAVID W. METZLER Advisor Detaaters The IQSS-I939 ciehaling season has proveci to he most interesting anci eciucationat to Fresno High Schoots staiwarts of the piattorm. The topic ot debate during the season was. Resoiveci, That the Uliiteci States shouict adopt the poiicy of compulsory aribitration in ati iahor ciisputes. The first ieague fiehate was heict with the Centrai Union squad. The affirmative oi the question was taken toy Irving Fine anci James Lindsey. The negative was upheld by ixfiervyn Schwartz and Stanton Levy. Fresno High won tooth ciehates. In the seconci ciehate, heici with Roosevelt, the affirmative, as representeci hy Fine anci Lincisey. won, white Schwartz and Levy of the negative iost. The Niaciera cieiaaters next engaged in wordy iaattie with our two teams and were successful in winning decisions for inoth the negative anct the affirmative sicies. The fourth cieioate was with the Seima Debate Team. Both the affirmative anti the negative Fresno teams Won ciecisive victories over their opponents. These tvvo wins gave Fresno five victories out of eight debates, a consicieraiaiy ioetter than average resuit. At the Fresno State Coiiege Dehate Tournament heici Aprii 22nd, Mervyn Schwartz and Irving Fine tooic seconci piace. DEBATERS FIRST ROW:- Sferling, Dyer, Pipes, Okawara, Hyde. I SECOND nova- 2-Ai"-fr Waite, Gatti, Barron, I Engiander, Hines, Steinberg. THIRD ROW:- Schwartz, Levv, Rut- ledge, Zemzow, Addin ton, Lindsey, Mitchzsil. Page 5-'I DEBATE TEAM FIRST ROW:- Schwartz, Fine, Lindsey. SECOND ROW:- ZamzowCCommissioner of Debatel Levyl 'F Spring Executive Committee it fifdwwfwi ,, .3 ,eatieiwff 5 I MERVYN SCHWARTZ I President, Spring Semester , I sassizfefsier STUDENT BODY OFFICERS SPRING SEMESTER t Tksghnllkowgfufko. vlc , I i , I Webster, Cginelf mm .gf SECOND ROW:- Gatti, Zamzow, Porngf- antz,Fine. The spring semester found Mervyn Schwartz president of the student body and chairman of tile Executive Committee. This body toot: up wittlout detay time task of revising the SCIIOOI constitution, wtiirtl had become definitely out-moded. As it had become apparent ttnat a new system of selecting recipients of awards was tzadty needed. a special committee was appointed to study the matter and offer suggestions for the needed changes. Ati recommendations of the committee were to tae subject to revision, it necessary. by time Executive Committee. VVitt1 a fine spirit of cooperation tile committee next set about reviving interest in the Owtet. After an intensive sales campaign, more than 990 subscriptions were sold. Students were ttlus assured ot' their weeicty newspaper for another semester. These are some of the more important activities of the committee. Assisted by time cooperation of time entire student body, the members feet that ttiey have accom- plished somettiing of vatue for tile improvement of student government. EXECUTH Ct SPRING IVIIZD-I unc FIRST ROW:- Morris, Thomqson Schwartz, Webster Milbolland, Cornell Hornbeck, Milceseii SECOND ROW:- Ulam, Ju rleovicii, Eng lander, Phillips, Saro- yan, Galti, wild, Barron, Stein erg, Hall. I THIRD ROW:- Zamzow, Pomzrlntz, Carter, Fine. Stani- ford, Levy. I I I Pa e 55 9 1 CAPTAIN ' O. D. GUFFEY Cadets Cadet Company "Cf ist Regiment of California, is tire format title ot our Fresno High Sclmooi cadet organization. Togetiier wittl time cadet units of tlwe ottuer iiigla sctmoots of Fresno it comprises a battalion, or one-fourth of all the cadets in California, and is under time supervision of time Adjutant Generals Office at Sacramento. Company "C" has consistently averaged forty-five members since time opening of time fait semester. it maintains time Battalion headquarters, consisting of one major, one first iieutenant serving as Battalion Adjutant, and one staff sergeant. Bois Potter, who had ned as a captain, on October tenth qualified as Major and now commands all Fresno units. been commissio Cadets, aside from the lrigli standards of academic work required of them, are instructed thoroughly in courtesy, discipline, posture, sanitation, and first aid. AII education is based on good citizenship. instruction is given in the care and use of firearms. Twenty-tive cadets have qualified as good marlcsmen during tile term, two as experts, eigirt as sliarpslmoolers, and fifteen as maricsmen. The 'rnnuat competitive drill ot all cadet companies in Fresno was held April 50 in time memorial Auditorium Company C tost first piace to Company HDD of Fresno Technical Hr im Sclioot xxlio 'xre now rn possession of tire Eagle Tropily. Company C won second and llnrd places in time manual of arms competition, COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Saum, Peebles, Zakarian, Henderson. A. FIRST ROW:- Kofoid, Morrison, Edwards, Hebert. Sargent, Jones. SECOND ROW: Frasher, Kooyumitan Martin, McCoy. Page 56 . ,.-' I-1 -fa - f - ' sims' '. R " '- " fil ggyi' I . I'7i"III'ii,i ggfgillill ii N il . ORATORS FIRST ROW:- Fine, Nurmi. SECOND ROW Glenn, Rockas, Williams, Levy, Lindsey, Hall, Schwartz, Frolik. THIRD ROW:- Said, Young. EXTEMPORANEOUS READERS FIRST ROW:-Culling ton, Van Buren, Hall. SECON D ROW:- Wilburn, Fine. THIRD ROW:HWins- low, Shields, Zamzow, Denham, Riege, Vogeler. Extemporaneous Spea ying and Qmtory A very successful year in the field ol oratory and extemporancous spealcing was laegun last December when the annual CLE Oraltofical Tournament was held. Mervyn Schwartz. speaking on "The Brligbig-S'j'H'ef,:i' Jewish Life." tool: first place in the city eliminations and won the to reprosenl I:VPSl10 High iii the COUUIY eliminations. Schwartz again.. tooixflzirsi nt the county contest and then l0Um9Yf3Cl to Tulare for the valley finals, which he won. For this :iccomplishmeflt he WHS awarded a placque, which was given to Fresno High School' At the extemporaneous speaking contest held at Tracy rm Febfumy llth Unflel' the auspices of the San Joaquin' Valley Speaking League, Stanton LCVY and ll'VlUQ Fine emerged with secm,Q ,md third places respectively. March 4th at the!,27resno Countfs, Dghate League Oratcfry COU- test held at Fresnqyli-ligh School, Stanton Levy won lfirst pljace with his oration on 'ilLal0oi' in America Toclayf, Un March 15. IMCVVYU Schwariz. wvon llirst place in the city division of ihe Lions-Offltof' ical Coqntest held at Fresno's School Administration Billllcllng- Schwartz tool: second in the Lions Valley Finals held Aplill l8tl'I at Fowler. Irving' Fine succeeded in talcing first place in an ot-iening rounnd ol' a C. l. F. extemporaneous contest at Vvashington' Union. Page 55 I W. G, ANDERSON Advisor SECOND PLATOON Edwa rcls, Knoll Sargent. . SECOND ROW wards. FIRST PLATOON FIRST ROW:s Morrison, Warren Kerrick, Smith, Mer tin, Dame, Sutherland Snyder, Kooyumiian SECOND ROW:- Humphreys, Fresher, Dizhl, Kofoid, Sand Ier, Shar , Jones Nelson, getaway. lfirst place going to Edison Teclmical. The annual encampment was lwelcl at tlle National Guarel Training Camp, San Luis Oloispo, from April Qncl to Stix. Tllirty-live caclets assemlolecl from the four lligll scliools macle tlle trip. The camp commancler was Captain O. D. Guffey, Commanclant of Fresno Cadets. lvlany pllases of military training were given at camp tliat coulcl not loe clemonstratecl at liome stations. Tlie camp was a success in all its pliases. Tents, loecls, and all equipment are Ilurnislied lay tlle state. The loocl was excellent. Tliere were 314 caclets in attendance from tlie following cities: Balrersllielcl, Cliico, Dinulaa, Fresno, Nlartinez, Oroville, Porterville, and Sacramento. Vvllile at camp, cadets are tliorouglily instructecl in liow to care Ivor tllemselves. lout always uncler the supervision of tlie Commanclants. A ROBERT POTIER The title of outstancling caclet for tlie scliool year goes to Staff Ser- . ......,.-., geant Earle Jones, a soplwomore. His alaility in administration is very valualale to tlie success of tlle caclet corps, as all sucli worlc is preparerl at Fresno Higli Caclet Office. - Tlme State Inspection is not as yet announcecl. Company UC" is X Y now preparing for tlwis event in tlie lqope llial it will lue alale to win 1 lirst lionors. Page 57 FIRST ROW:- Bromlev, Roesslerl McCoy, Hebert, Nolces, Pickett, Galli, Monoogion, Abbott, Sipe, Bran- don, Ventura, Ed- n.,'Lu N 5 1 v 3, , lm , 3- . C5 'W."i.. 1l',.. 3, :M .- Q-A , if A gl 46 , a l Q r F , I. L ,gm If V I, -o 'avr Str: - - 'I -ff: G 5::...: " , a.v,w -5:4 . ., . . gs, 1 , . - 4.1 31,5 is , . Nlurgarcl Anderson finds news easy to f.,cl. Senior Pla 6601109 in a Page 60 Lifetime f F' 'Hun big lllfllllfjllf in nfl lwu. Ubfullnrrn Xvivsrx believes llml leurs bclung lo weddings. K' unior Farce 520 College -ng.,. Q-p UD' 'ni ' uf ilu: Law" Nlarlin xvczmkvns N A'U9nU9 Gurrow Moms llm wvhip-lmncl'-or is it llnc ll Ill? gun' ar Is- ix IIHLICI' Bllljljilf CIHl'k'S l'llClllflLlS. Left,-Elaine Cnmy has Ilcr suspicions! fRighlJ Can Nlnrlin suspect! Bcity Win rkowilz? ,.. ..,,.x H3 -S531 01 V ,, A , -f s W w AI K N Hu: cus! i mrhe Gloriau :ml selling of mule Gloria." llu: sulmo Clurislnms Communily Niglll program. Sophomore Assembly Committee lst row: XVilsnn, Jones. Buck, Nlnrknrizxn, Harbors. Qncl row: IVIr:I..c-zum, Bruclslmw, rlvlmmpson, Dyer. 3rd row: Hines. Barron, HUHJS, Silrgcnl, Xfvfxcclcr. Q ylur xml Bvlly Errlngfer arf' wwf-cl lx r ll L Q rf. nt American Dr'1n 1 KIGTHIILIIIIEK Pulls llxc Slringsn N vin Bc-wfrly Rnini , 1-X -1-Y fm C umn nr-rrv anc Dorm llc mwm-llv 7 warblc I xc- Dwrmd Xuung Nlun Tl rvc s Jcculully 1 crowd ln Tn: I lc rlsl mp Page 65 wee' W 41 5 V 1 'SQ 1 " s l 1 fy' 'i Q 'x fb . ' s . 1 A 1 l ii -dh, 3 NW if QF 55. 'QQ Joim Ni. Swnrlimul Radio Ciuss ins. Scenes from zu few . of lim Radio Ciuss sixlccn ijroucicnsls. Sound lilcory nnci iaililfui prnclicc pius siiiiicci direction IIFOLIE-'fill Iile Rmiiu Class rcni success. usic Department I HTIIQ Red Milli, Gne ol the year's outstanding successes was the famed Victor Herbert light opera, uThe Red Mill," pre- sented in the high schoot auditorium on April Qlst. Combining the efforts of students and faculty. the music and drama moved swiftly along, presenting a pic- ture of modern. Dutch life, full of cotor, delightful melodies, and slcilltully executed dramatic and dance effects. Joseph Edwards directed the music, with John Swarthout handling the dramatic end of the worlc and Dorothy Vvright acting as head dance director. Notable for their excellence in the parts they played were Mary lVlclVtitlan, Tony Chimo, Jack Quisenloerry, Cheslie Saroyan. Robert Stahl, Donald Mills, Duane Zamzow, Nadine Denham, Patricia Vogeler, Jack Mar- tin, Evelyn Brase. and Robert Potter. Capaloty aided and abetted hy the members of the chorus, these char- acters unfolded the story ot the haunted old red mill. together with the modern version of the story. Costumes and setting in brilliant, harmonious colors, to say nothing of the Bowery dance which almost nstoten the show, helped to make the evening a totally enjoyalole one for the memtners of an audience which literally overflowed the auditorium. I 1 1 ,I te-Y --K ., Y' B - Psxzkilm-.. -QL 'Hue lmunlecl mill nluminulcs ncl one of "The Red T k Page Hem" Cfnimo bids "Heroine" 1VIcfN'1illun louching farewell. The Burgonmslcr seems sus- picious of Pultcr. Nluybc il's ilu: he. Suruynn, Nadine Denham, mul Quisenberry plot llme escape. .A X Y X 96 fs- Girls, Glee Club JOSEPH EDVVARDS Director Girls, Sextette and Tlzeir Accompanisl RUTH YAKLIGIAN Boys 3 Quartette Boys, Glee Club JOSEPH EDVVARDS Director 293 3? 4 y , , t e 113- ,Lf xml H V i Adi L4 ' A Q I J r. Q 'D Q fn X uw Q M K? gg' ,F jeg, fi- -L ,J V 1. l I ml , If 5 ,f W A A ' fm Nf:Aff. ?'a,' A lg V 'w X ,v .L 1, Si' L Q A! Lvl- 1'. ,552 ' unyi 'f"f3i' " f i A T Wu 1-nlpaf' V I- ' K 5? 1 .,..463f- The Qrclzestra, SHERMAN HEXVITIN Dirvclor ggi: . 7 , ' --K ff' N' 'Q'-': ir --:M 5 age ELBIE HLANIJ ljrunr, D111 fur The BCLTLCI Piano Class JOSEPH EDXNARDS lnslruclor String QLIllflCltC ' n Jazz Orclmstru SHERMAN IHIEXVITIW Director Page 7 ru :.., -' 1 1155 , 1-1 1 11111511 WL11 4 1 ' X 4 1METl. 3 c,X 11 B 'L' La ,fig Q Q 1 JM kL1?gi111 '15 L 'xg-111 'lF Q yi 4 Xxx 1 7 1 1 - 1 1111 1 W - ,f ll V S151 X .9 5 'Q 451 wx 1' 1 Wax ' 14, as Q21 'wg H11! UTM' X V, 3 k XV-iff 11 ww'-,, w 11-a Hg ' 11 E 1, X421 5. 101, W 3 ,1 1 gi 11- . 75 za . A 21315111 "' -55 1 . H, N-nd" ' wh ..,-A 1 ry if R My 5531 ' ' Q. ' 1 , M 'gd hqiafl EJ 1 15 ' A 111 ' 1,111 E 1 Q Li Q W, 4 1 1 11 5 .11 fig I ,TLFU V H ' f . 1, 'J I- rf- X fvxw ,. 'ESU .md ff "Y, 2 'V' Q. L1 fs 1 W 11 , 'S E55 'L pl! .IQVW14 , 1 :Vx WM e,f5,,p,, X away? 5 -1- .rx 4 r NS 1' ' X A faf X fi f. 25 "F M' gisxmf if 'WWQ , rw . 5 ny! J 4 5,-xx ' ii ww 3 ,wx 1 YYLk'yf A SMA sffgfgfwgfgj wx' I' ii'125i'355i ,An we Wu 'CH M f ' fp, 'fav Q sf 'if J? fs Wg mom.. 355 ,:,v5 wsq 926 4. x NN: WSF? A ?f g4,yi?f?B"., Q vw Q A 3' M' nm ?, Jw? is x 4 Why A2 323 ggkw Q9 gk N 2 Vf. 15? w jg PQ, : an . I4 :f Ly: "vf"'WE? X "ff ' A A if 'ff tear. V. ,335 14 3 ,Vu fm Q M , , Q 'JM LQ rf M A , if 5 f 4- gift? QW., 3561 Q V73 24 vs ,Vw A warg' ffvx ' yf 1 ei xg ZQAW .bi- I-R -7 A ,K Q wi 5 . mx Q4 'wx fi' f, 1 uv r Agway A -W4 5563 .gg 1 NC MQ , Q ia- glx' rpm, M gifs? sw. 1 N, 4 HA Y .we N, 163, X WX' new 'X f iifzwwif' " xv W-,. , - 1 a N if K 35, Q 3' ww M f Nw ' Qi? 5 33 Wy? f 'M ,N fipfmffr 3,555 32219255 ,Af ww Wffyx 52 5':Vv'f'5 me ,rf Q2 ,521 f' .ass 4 ga 1,34 -Wen MQW gym wg?-j?Q:, Egg? YA N? f9if'5'v2'i'X K ' 9 iff sfifws-V gxffliegffffif' W 'MMMW W '5 YWWJY XJ uc IlllllllllllIlllllllllIllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllulllllIIIIIIHIIIIIlllllllIlllllllllIllllllllIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllIIIIllllllllllllllIllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllIllllll I 8' IIIIIllIIIIIIlllllll!IIIlllllIllIIHIIlllllllllllIlllllIlIllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliIlllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIKIIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I -I fy 1 Wm 1 . Q 4 4 , N m ir! .49 1 1 lY"",':w 1: 47' Illllll lllIIIllIllllllllIlllIIllIlllllllllllIllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllll Ill IIIIlllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllIl1IlIIlIIlIllIIlllIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllIIIIlIIIIIIIlllIlllIIllIllllIllllllIIlllllllIllllllIlllllllllllIIHlllllllllllllllllllllll IJ V Inf'--15 ' '- l. - . I A-g, 'A " 'ar N - - . QV- j ' 'j 1 1 .f . I , ' . , ,- U, - 1 . 1 . - j ' , I I A fb .. .V .. . - .jfs ,..J:::::'5:-254-'N .':'s V' V frf-f sfwl , f f ,, , ,IN - rf . ,,,.,,-V--A.,-, ' T' ,Y - ur, 3.5131 , V ,. I V .M .rg Wjiy ?,5:,.5, jg:-J , -, . Ji -Q, ,gm il ' Z. I. u A z -E! ,P ' - , gi - M .. - . 45 . N.-V ,, M L px A ,V ' , ' - - 1 -- ' 4 ' ' - . 5. ,- ,Z vi Vg . ...W ' u I H l , Y 1 , .I . V ,,,. . ..R V ..,. gzip Y -L V V ' A '- - f T?" -5 y .25 1253, :uf ,' ' "avi N , "-rfaia ' " 'I' .X "::ig:g., "' X, f m? Aggz -. 'V .L Ry, . I V ,, A .,. V, .... , 'AQ QM At , .V 25, 1 sg- . . C-'.'-2-QU. , .. :yi?"N?g ,M 2 -Y' ff , ,L I' 5 ' ' kia' '1y . ',f +: V, .. V .V V- '- .,..g '- ff . A -- ,.-a 1 - ' I ' fr' HJ. ': Y '-.- 5,1212 'IW - HR: ga f' T '4 - V- Q. C :g, ' sf - .- V ' . , .2-: Y -1 ', ,,.:: "" ' ffgivx-' :' yf 'f if 1: V. ' " . - fa - ' 3'-' 11 . . TV ,,,,.,Z,4 N. . a , .- 1- x ,,-.?fg:::z.g,g.-V.: .-, 'wf Q Y-,' f -0 ' 5. - --'54 - :wa 4.". I , fix, 4 "N-' ,ffm -pg ' . 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Nunn: Davxcl Collaurn Don .ld Carcl IN n mlm cn QIDUHQOI' Slllllllel F X 0011 rllme lqresno High School Senate lnas just closecl anolluer very suc lesslul year Al tlme 49tl1 Annlver sary Banquet llie largest group IH llle history ol tl1e clulo was I1 enate ICL Hob Jllllll I llll IIJS TGS Xx,f'l1f.llll EY 'U14 vc lunton my ec lreas Qeymour Bontl lrzus 'ltlenclance Clarence VV Eclwarcls County Superintendent ol Scllools FIRST ROW Mr Wood Phllllps Nance Fine SECOND ROW Russell Bond Evans Levy Nurml I1 l'OI'ITlCl' ITICIUIDCI' ol the Seflate VNEIS tlme spealcer ol tlle evening Defmlte plans lor tlxe clula s Cvolclen Anniversary rn 1940 were cllsclosecl lay Mayor Franlc A Human lVlelvm K G lolas ancl Herbert l evy rlr JOllIl Plnlllps of Arizona actecl as toastmaster The Senate lmas enjoyecl two successful clelnates tlns year one a non cleclslon allalr Wltll tlle Portxas ancl tl'1e seconcl wxtlm the Vvllenagemotes of Roosevelt won by tlle Senate Two specnl mgl1l meetings ancl tlwe annual Senate Portia picnic to rountl out a very wortlnx lille year FIRST ROW Hanes Nance Allen Stemberg Phillips Fine Barron Nurml SECOND ROW Kooyumu-an Englander Evans Froluk Levy Colburn Zamzow Pomerantz THIRD ROW Hyde Russell Bond Walker Duel Gard Cunmngham Lnndsey Page 75 0 lf If f R 5 3 f .y 1. Q' ' 1, - .- 1 P ,.. 1 - I, I 1. 42 , ' ' Q P . .I ll 'l ' , rx ' . ' ' : V. P. f , z ' 1. . . , - , e ' S . Sf L-ff , s ' , S . ..,., r 1 N , .. -. C 1 lo All " 1 Y, A , , c . . . , A. V , ' 1 4 , nf f ' ' I . .I -4 . L n s 'v . . , :- . , , , . ' , :W 1 1 1 1 3 1 . 1 s 1 , 1 Q ' . , ' . i , ' .. , . ' . I . ' , - I 9 - R -I 1 .I . V . Q c V -- . . W . A Y 7 A Y ' r- ' U, 1 1 ' .1 ' ' 1 ' 1 1 '- in 1 1 1 .1 1 -1 .1 . ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - FIRST ROW:-Pomerance, Schottstaedt, Rees, Rose, Wolf, Marvin, Pomeroy, Tetstall, Pipes. SECOND ROW:-Todresic, Hacke, Hickman, Sperl, Harbers Sager, Ouigley Rhodes, Granger, Hoblick. Ti-uno ROW:-Hedrick, Hmrsh, cullanswn, Mccmhy, comin, Co rand, sfddshdw, Ram, Homlmk, nundie. FOURTH ROW:-Dunn, Anderson, Campbell, St. john, Larson. Portia To tlie lilting strains of tlie Portia antliem, HTl1ere's a club in Fresno High School ttiat beats tlie rest lay lar," memloers of tlwe organization worlcecl out a very interest- ing '58-'59 cycle of events. Fasliions were moclelecl as special features ol this year's fall and spring Mothers' Teas ancl graduating members were biclclen ugoodloyeu at traditional "farewell" clinners. ln December tlne Portias pre- FIRST ROW:-pommnce Rees- sented their Scotcli formal, one of SECOND ROW:-Henningsen, Mrs. Moody, Cullington. the Semi,annuaI dances of the Page lorolce all recorcls for goocl times at a sport clance. Altogether, it was a truly success- ful year, witli no regrets, lout with many liappy memories. OFFICERS Fall Spring Helen Hnclv: Pres. lVlary L. Henningsen Florence Class Pres. Beverly Cornell Rulli Sclmllstacclt P. Lois Pomerance Dorotliy Rees V. P. Eileen Dunn Florence Class Sec. Katliryn Cullington Kullicrinc Tetstall Sec. Nlary .lo Mikesell Lois Pomcrancc Treas. Dorotliy Rees Patricia Hornbeali Patricia lVlcCarlliy Parli. Patricia Hornbeali Dorotliy Kell riclc Parli. lvinry Jo lvliliescll S. at A. Eileen Dunn .lean Pomeroy S. at A. Nlary L. Henningsen Eloise Pipes Rep. Barbara Rlioclcs Beverly Bmclslmw Rep. Vivian Runclle Sponsor: Eveline K. Nloocly clul3's social season, and in spring' x l ir 2,71 rg, A Engineers A OFFICERS F ll bunosler Sprung qunrslrr Prcsmclcnl Jolm Plnll ps Orrn Lee Clmslcnscn me Prcsulenl Robert Ev ms Nvcnnllll Ex ans Sccrclary Davlcl Collourn Gcmlcl Car son Treasurer Gerald Curlson Warren Enuclum Scrgeanl at Arms Vvarrcn SlPlll Jolln Plnllups bponsor E l.. lxhxwell The oloject of the Engineers Clulv has been lo promote the lnteresls of engmeermg among ll1ose sluclenls FIRST ROW Evans Phillips Carlson mtereslecl ln malnlaxnmg tlns Idea tlle Engineers have had some werx enterlalnlng ancl educational spealcels al ll1en ln monllllv meellngs Among tllr. topics discussed have been alr COIldltl0I'lII1ff eleclrxcrly floocl control and rowcl anfl brlclge constructron An all clay excursion to the New lclrra urclcsrlver lxflmes on Iqelbruary 25tl1 of llns year provecl xery educallonal ancl was enjovecl lay all who made llre hip Two afternoon excursrons one llenrougll the Fresno Telephone FYCIIHHQC uncl ll1e other tllrouglm llme Perlcms Foundry were also a parl of the Cluln s program lncluclecl In il1e atlxlellc '1CtlVIllCS were lwo loolloall games Wltlr ll1e Rifle Clun the first '1 clefeal for ll1e Engineers and llwe seconcl a ClCClSIVG uctory ol' 19 0 FIRST ROW R Enochldn Phrlllps Christensen Sf2IfZ Gentry McCoy SECOND ROW Colburn Carlson W Enoch:-an McKenzie THIRD ROW Hall Walker Evans J Phillips Roessl r SECOND ROW Mr Maxwell Chnstensen W Enochnan -Wr- 45-u va. Page 1 1 'a W 2 ' e e 1. 1 l . ,. I rf ' i ' 1 A. . 1 X f i , A .2 . ,i . ' . . I. ' V , of , - 1 f , 3 r ' - Y " r .f , 1 ', 1 - 'C5' L t , ,. ...- VV.. I W l G . 5 . 1 1 l - A . . . r i N , , ' 4 -4 . . H . U . . . . 2- , , - - - . :- 4 , 1 - - 1 . . . -1 , A . l .V Y p A. A A . ' D, ' , ' . ' C 7 . . Q . ' . . A C 7 A C V r V A f'. . , ' A . , ' , IJ. , c ' . , l , , , . . I f I c A ' A -' A ' S V .' . 7 - . 1 b . I , . I . f . I I I T4 , , . , A 5 1 1 r - 1 Z . -5 T ' -, f, iffifsxf' WM- rr, r - 'K 1 , - f V ' x 1 :M ' A A ' 'fri ,cw I 'Q ' - H- Y, 'A 1- C -2 - I A' ""' ..: :..1,g- ..r-, 's-9. . , I . -L . In H - , - , - ' - Hes.. rv--,Y -rn:-va, ' " , . 'LL' ' V' X -, A ' F "A V, ' -.,, 1 7 ' 1- K . , ,z E. n , V , .I ' 31 V f V, 4 . 1 , I 5- ' I FIRST ROW:-Seroyan, Quisenberry, Welker, Masten. SECOND ROW:-Harlan, Growdzn, Stzitz, Barber. THIRD ROW:-Halford, Mills, Bissonnette, WiIIiams,'Giarl6?' Agora For the past twenty-three years tlie Fresno High School Agora has lmelpecl to loroaclen tlle mincls of its members in tlwe practice of pulnlic spealcing, parliamentary law, and deloating. In its regular weelcly meetings time Agora l'1as discussed tl'1e current topics of tlie day. Outside of tliese regular meetings of time club, tlme group l'1as participated in many social and atliletic events. As usual tlsrere were the annual Senate-Agora footlaall, Iyaslcetlnall, and loaseloall games. Later in tlfle spring semester the annual Agora loanquet was celelarateci. Qu FIRST pow,-5teitz,M,,5,W,,e,5, tliis occasion laotlm former and regular OW:-We SECOND R lker, Seroyan. memloers of tlme club attended. Page This completed a well-rounded and enjoyable year for tl'1e organization. OFFICERS Fall Semester Spring Semester President .lacli Quiscnlaerry Clicslie Samyan Vice President Clieslic Saroyan Warren Stcitz Secretary Louis lvliclmer Roloert Harland Treasurer Ricliard Eiiilcian Donald Vvallcer Sponsor, XV. Hampton Sawyers H patio An unusually eventful as well as enjoyalale year was the lot of tlwe Hypatias in 1938-1959. Be- ginning tl1e fall semester with fl Mothers, Tea. the clula contin- uecl its social program witll a uscluool Days" clance. Further events included a memlJersl1ip tea in February, parties for graduating seniors cluring lnotlm lall and spring se- mesters, a seconcl Mothers' Tea in May, ancl a spring formal dal'lCC. Asicle lroln tlle purely social events ol tlieir calendar, tlie clulg met weelcly to practice parli- amentary law and to liear inter- esting spealcers. FIRST ROW:-Lindner, Bennett. SECOND ROW:-Foin, Mrs. Anderson, Norkhamer. O F F I C E R S Fall Spring Fall Eleanor Hansen Pres. Elizulletll Fein Zenaicle klulwinpson Elva Russell Pres, Frances Lynn Katlnlyn Nlurtin Frances Lynn V. P. Nlargaret Bennett Eleanor Hansen Laurel Ellen Glass V. P. .leanetle Rcynolcls Elizaloctll Fein Betty Ruclolplx Sec. Janet Norlllnlner .lanel Nortliannr Belly Fislier Sec. Kilflllj'H Nlnrlin None Patricia Carling Treus. Virginia Linilner None Vera Wlessiclc Treus. Zenairle rlwllompson Virginia Linclncr Anna Remus C. of D. Eleanor llnnsen Frances Lynn SPOIISKJFZ Ellllly AHCICFSOII C. of D. S. ut A. S. nt A. Rep. Rep. Parlia. purliu. Critic Crilic Spring lxflaurine Pynlm Elva Russell Elizaloctll Foin .leanne E. Hargravc Betty Fislmer Laurel Ellen Glass Nlary Lou Bleisncr Dolores .lolnnson lvlnrgarel Bennett FIRST ROW:-Hunt, Pymm, Russell, Bennett, Fisher. SECOND ROW:-Rundle, Rainiz, Johnson, Remus, Foin, Lindner, H THIRD ROW:-Northemer, Rudolph, Mrs. Anderson, Bliesner, Falls, Lynn, Martin, Thompson. ansen, Hargrave. Page Page FIRST ROW:-Abc, Allen, Anderson, C. Belshaw Buck, Byfield, L. Belshaw, Bradshaw Booros, Christos, Christensen. SECOND RCW:-Collins, Cunningham, J. Clark, O.lShliistgnsenEdCarlg0n, Colburn, L. Cleric, Cunningham, Dunn, Dyer, Ehilcian, THIRD ROW:-Enochisn, Falls, Fine, Finch, Frolila, GirIE:c?rliIni?rf3leri,:'6ranger Grant, Gard, Gentry, Hornbealc, Hennin sen. FOURTH ROW:-Garabedian, Hebert, Hedrick, Hugjielsi, HiII,KHu'rn?hrey, Hood, Hanner, Imada, Jitsumiyo, Jones, Jeiiries, o , o , . FIFTH ROW:-'Jurkovich, Tatsahara, Kershaw, Kamikav3a,nsK:wah?ra? Klyver, Kooyumjian, Lynn, Larson, Lew, Levy, Lewis, Messick, Milcesell. SIXTH ROW:-McCoy, Morrish, Morrison, Martin, Markarian, Milgrom, Ohannesian, Ostrom, O'Hara, Obenshain. C. S. F. High scholarship, service, and mutual friendship are the principal aims of Chap- ter 45 of the California Scholarship Federation at Fresno High School. This year the organization can hoast of a memhership of one huncireci thirty-five active memloers ancl nineteen associate memhers, conspicuous proof of the fact that gooci scholarship flourishes at Fresno SPONSORS.-Alice smith, shaman Hewitt High School' The Chapter is truly one of the most outstanding service cIuIos of the school. A high gracie stanclarci is required for memhership in this honor society. If a memher remains in the organiza- tion for two-thirds of his school career. he is awardecl a lite memhership pin, a gift of the stuclent hocly. ancI has the seal of the state federation placeci on his diploma when he graduates. We are proud to have had twenty-nine sealhearers in the past year. Life pins were awarcled at an aclvisory assemhly in Fe-Ioruary hy Dr. IVIitcheII P. Briggs, Dean of Men at Fresno State College. Seventeen memhers of the chapter were fortunate enough to he ahle to attend the regional convention this 5 4 I C. S. . spring in Alameda. Al that session Edgar Jeffries was elected treasurer for the Central Region. This region extencis fr o m Balcerstielcl to S an Francisco. A special feature ol' the convention was a trip to Treasure ls- land, an event that every delegate thoroughly enjoyed. During the school year two district conventions were held, one at Edison Tech cluring the fall semester anci the second in Lemoore during the spring. Several social events were enjoyeci lay the memhers of the group during the fall. The first two, held ciuring the Iall uncier the Ciirection of Helen Haclce and Robert iviorrish, were wget- acquaintecin parties, one-half of the membership being entertained at each party. During the spring a special party OFFICERS FIRST ROW:-Hedrick SECOND ROW:-Lynn, Buck, Peebles, Clark THIRD ROW:-Gard, Steinberg, Colburn, Christensen lor the gracluating senior memlaers was enioyed. The :rowning event, however, was the banquet celelarating the sixteenth anniver- sary of Chapter 45. it was helcl IViay 22nd at the Hughes Hotel. Fall OFFICERS Spring Full OFFICERS Spring O. I... Christensen Pres. Jacii Clark Haig Nishitian Trcas. Davici Colhurn Dorothy Hedrick V. P. Donalci Gmfl Jacli Clark Auditor Jack Pcelilcs Niar. Anderson Sec. Frances Lynn Laurie Bucli Puln. Mgr. Stanley Steinberg Sponsors: Alice B. Smith, Sherman Hewitt FIRST ROW:--Oneto, Patterson, Pappas, Peebles, Pearson, Potter, J. Philiips, L. Phillips, Potter, Pomeroy Riege. SECOND ROW:-Porter, Remus, Rigall, Rudorf, Rundle, RusgeIl,JS?15er, Schottstaedt, Scheidt, Shekerjian, Sawyers, Snider, Sumida, t. n. THIRD ROW:-Sullivan, Smith, Seibert, Segal, Sharp, Sgroyen, Sarkissian, Stebbins, Schumann, Steinberg, Suda. FOURTH ROW:-Tanaka, Combs, Tanaka, Tetstall, Thomps?,kUveoka, Wiese, Wahrhaftig, Wilburn, Walker, Williams, Whitten, FIFTH ROW:-Willey, Weaver, Wcla WSFRs, Yezclan, W. Young, Foin, Young. ...Un . A r Page I. FIRST ROW:-Abeko, Sumida, Natori, Imada, Yamaguchi, Ego, Doi, Watanabe. SECOND ROW:-Mr. Mulizr Murotani, Kawaguchi, Kuwahara, Sekiye, Arate, Tanaka, Odaka, Jitsumiyo. THIRD ROW:-Okaw ra Kamik we Masuko, Ycshikawa. FOURTH ROW:-Tanaka, Murosako, J. Karimikawa, Sgnbcfngi, Sekiya, Kuwamoto, Kunitalce, Kato. Iapanese Students, Cluh The Fresno High SchooI Japanese Students' Ciuh was organized with some thirty memhers ahout the mictcne of the spring semester of 1959 to promote a spirit of sociahiiity among the Japanese students as weII as an interest in civic questions and in music, ctancing, singing, ctrama, ancI athIetics. The cIuh is composed entireIy FIRST ROW:-Jitsumyo, Smith, Whitby. SECOND ROW:-Halsey, Kasparian, Sterios, Konkei, Shein. THIRD ROW:-Welker, Okawara, Szrafien, Glass, Pipes, Wahrhattig, G' -. FOURTH ROW:-Yezdan, ciiffggaidn, Lora, sawsief, Jeffries FIFTH ROW:-Weiss, Diel, Mr. Gaummitz. Page S2 of Japanese hoys and girts. The ot-ticcrs tor thc spring semester toIIow: Shigcru Sanhongi ----- President Kazuc Sckiya ----- Vice President 'I'osI1iIco ImacIa - - - Q Secretary .Iuichi Kamikawa ----- Treasurer Mnrito Nakarnoto - - - Athletic Manager Tsuyuko Aho - - Assistant Manager I'Iaruc Yoshikawa ' - Publicity Manager I... G. IVIuIIcr ------- Sponsor 0 Chemistry Club The Chemistry Ciuh was organ- ized in February of this year with a memhership of twenty-six. Meet- ings were heId weeIcIy. More than sixty demonstrations and trips heIpecI to enaI3Ie this cIuh to serve effectively the interests of a rapidIy increasing group of students inter- ested in chemistry as either a hohhy or career. President. Niaurice EngIander: Vice Presi- dent, Dorothy Vvahrhattigg Secretary, tnnthe Stcriosg Treasurer. Edgar Jeffries: Sponsor. A. G. Gaumnitz. G. A. A. The G. A. A. laegan the lall se- mester hy entertaining Roosevelt, Fresno Tech, ancl Edison Tech high schools at an Vvilcl West Vol- leyloall Playclay. During the lootloall season porn poms were macle ancl solcl to li- nance the clulJ's program. Proceeds from the annual Boys vs. Girls Volleyball Game. which was spon- sorecl lay the Cv. A. A., were usecl to louy tennis laalls for the tennis team. The clulm lilcewise sold candy at the loaslcetlaall games to finish paying lor lhe drum majorettes, costumes. O F F Fall Semester Spring Semester Jayne Summers Pres. lvlarjory lVlilhollanJ Pal Ball V. P. Elvu Russell Peggy Church Sac. Bcity Gay Denham Jacliic Swain Trvus. Jncliic Swain Nlarjnry Nlilliollancl Commissioner of Volleyball l C FIRST ROW:-Denham, Russell, Rundle. SECOND ROW:-Markowitz, Robinson, Milhollancl. E R S Fall Semester Spring Semester Gail Quigley Commissioner of Speccllxall lvlaxinc Kanilz Commissiorwr of Hocleey Roxie Ehiliian C. of Basleellnull Nliriam Runrlle Commissioner of lvlinor Sports Br-My Nlarliowiiz Commissioner of Baseball Jane Rnhinson Sponsors: Dorothy L. Yvrighl and Phyllis Doyle FIRST ROW:-Lake, Johnson, Denham, Hall, Stemmer, Webster, Pedroncelli, Potter, Ashurst, Marderosian, Collins, Williams. SECOND ROW:-Marvin, Koch, Garvey, Kilckert, Schroer, ilyurlfh, Krunchien, Markerian, Harshfield, Poulson, Wolf, Hammel, ic . o THlRD ROW:-Sanderson, Diebert, Karle, Foin, Russell, Albarian, Millholancl, Markowitz, Denham, Larsen, Augustus, B. Church, Foes, Ehilcian, Bradford, Robinson, Pearson. FOURTH RONW:-Atkins, Deke, Gidnnopolus, Oberg, Bliesner, Lambert, Van Buren, Falls, Martin, Cline, Fulwider, Rundle, Long, Anderson, Cullington, M. Porter, Clark, Creager, Pike, Griffith. FlFTl-l ROW:-Rover, Dickinson, Jones, Held, Hockett, Rudolph, Rundle, Camy, Sager, Quigley, Sanders, Bradshaw, Sperl, Creighead, Saroyen, Vartikian, Sanderson, Simmons, Dyer, Thompson. X .Y .- 'x .AX Page P age FIRST ROW:-Larsen, Denham, Fulwicler, Webster, Goodwin, Gran er, Ashurst P. Church. SECOND ROW:-Cianello, Copland, Koch, Garvey, Hickman, Pymm, Ouigleyj-lacke, Anclerson, Wilds, Hobliclc. THIRD ROW:-Morris, Sutherland, Van Buren, Lambert, Sgrlimler, Hall, Camy, Sager, McCarthy, Webster, Markowitz, Porter, FOURTH ROW:-Creager, Riese, Harnish, Fornbeek, Jones, B. Cllxrch, Globenfelt, De Jarnatt, Bradford, Rose, Thompson, Lewis, Cornell. Millholland. Tic - Too Helping' others and having fun was the main theme of the Tic Toe Cluh this year. The Cluh is allfiliatecl with the Y. VV. C. A. and some of our activities have laeen organized hy the Y. VV. C. A., namely, the Recognition Service at the St. James Episcopal Church, slcatiug party at the Rollatorium, a clinner at the Y. VV.C. A., ancl three conferences'-fone in Berkeley. one in San Luis Obispo. ancl one at Asilomar. At all conferences we FIRST ROW.--Hebner, Ashum. had several delegates, who hrought SECOND ROW:-Stammer, Hall, Church. . haclc many new lcleas to the group. Our programs this year have in- cluclecl a memhership tea, lVlothers' A Tea, Chinese clinner party, swim- ming party, a corcl ancl gingham clance, tallcs on Spectator Foot- hall ancl Hair Dresses of Today. and poetry, hoolr reviews, and mu- sical selections. O F F I C E R S Fall Scamester Spring Semester Helen Haclic Pres. Pal Ashursl lxlargarct Amlersnn V. P. Dorothy Roull Phyllis Hall Sec. Barham Church .loan Phillips Treas. Virginia Slammer Dorothy Routi Soc. Ch. Belly lvlarliowiiz hlarylcc Stanilorrl Ser. Ch. Joan Phillips Betty lxlarliowitz Prog.Ch. Phyllis Hall Pa! Ashurst Puh. Ch. Balacttc Hohliclc SPONSORS Dorothy L. VVright Nlary .lo Kimlmll 84 , Girlis League We .t Blossom Day. Girls, Day, was proclaimecl on April 17, 1939. At lirst success was clouhtful hecause the weather man had forgotten to sencl his usual shower to malce the posies fresh and the new print Clresses clamp. If he was remiss in his attentions, however, no one no- ticecl it, for hrilliant sunshine ancl lilting hreezes seemecl to satisfy the most clillicult-to-please. However. success was uppermost, hecause the aclvisory representatives marie each room a hower of spring flowers while the girls assumecl the rglg QF teacher, ygu had gteppegl Norris Thompson and Miss Farver, Dean of Girls into the front corriclor at eight lilteen. you would have hearcl. "Hello Tags-live cents" as girls uprintilyn attirecl helcl up cliamoncl shapecl Hhello tags" ol pastel shades and all lloclcecl lo huy a tag of the right color to match or con- trast. accorcling to the clictates of this years fashion. Perhaps we just imagined it- hut it does seem that many a stalwart male hloomecl in a more-than-orclinarily hright shirt. History repeated itsell again at three thirty when the Blossom Day Dance larought a very happy conclusion to the clay's festivities. lvlusic lor the alilair was lurnishecl hy Fresno High Schools jazz orchestra, whose toe-ticlcling rhythms chal- lenged anyone who might seem inclinecl to usit this one outf, "Au revoirn until next Blossom Day. Church, De Jarnett, Cornell, Thiele, Milhollancl, Thompson. -. ' if i ' "' " .'i3l"':V .jr-:if --wi ' :.s..a V- .. . - me -2 in V A f b , if L . page 85 Y '35 74' lil ifisillll QQ5 FIRST ROW:-Kuliu, Hokes, Jones, Knoll, Galli, Edwards, Roessler, Peebles. SECOND ROW:-Fresher, Saum, Potter, Kofoid, Warren, Smith, McCoy, Hebert, Sargent. Rifle The Rifle Ciulo, which has enjoyecl a very successful year, Was organizect to teach laoys the use and care of firearms. During the year many interesting programs were arranged, featuring music, extemporaneous speaking, moclc trials, and boxing and wrestling matches. Although firing with the small hore rifles is not yet completed, several boys have alreaciy qualified in marksmanship. Each year the cluh conlrihutes to a neecly family cluring Christmas weelc. it iiice- wise engages in many other activi- HR51 gQW.-C,,ph,,,, Q, D, Guffey ties for community loetterment. SECOND ROW:-Sargent, Peebles, Hebert As the year closes, the entire Page 86 membership is eagerly loolcing for- ward to the annual picnic. an event that occupies an entire ctay fillecl with fun ancl feasting. OFFICERS Full Semester Spring Semester Roliert Potter Pres. .iacli Peebles .lack Peebles V. P. James Sargent .lumcs Sargent Sec.-Trans. Xvilliam Hclmcrt Sponsor Captain O. D. Guffcy 5' Scro Wrltm tI1e openmg of tI1e IaII se mester tI1e uIII and ScroII I1onor ary journaIrsm society mrlaalecI sev eraI new members at an nmpressrve lnslaIIal1on service SeveraI Inlerestmg meetings were I1eIcI during tI1e year Ieaturmg laIIcs on tue xarnous phases of year ooIx 1ncI newspaper makeup OI I IC Ellb I IL IHNI PIIIIILTEIIIII IFPTIFIPHI Iatrlcm IXIILCXIFIIIV Vice Prcsnlznl Betty CopIancI ElIcen Dunn IIIIcI1 C Mo IIrr 5 lcremry FIRST ROW Dunn Chandler MlkeseII I-Iargrave McCarthy Sergeant ut Arms Mr Robinson Rhodes PFICC RIIIIIIISIID SpDllSOI'b Stelnberg Dlx Hurley Ser Ehlers TI e ScrI3IJIe1s Club nol onIy supervxsed lI1e revlslon of the I1ancII9ooIc uI11cI1 made its first appearance In the faII semester of 1957 Iaut aIso Wrote QIIOTI slorles and poems Barbara Finch and Jeanne I:IIen Hargrave xx on recognition from the Nal1onaI HIQI1 ScI1ooI Poetry Association IJy Imavmg lI1e1r OTIQIIIEII poems accepted and puI9I1sI1ecI ln lI1e IQJQ AntI1oIogy of poetry of Cahfornla H S Students I all Scmcstcr OI-'I ICILRS Spring Semester I11II Semester OIQI IQERS Spring Semester Ieannc I'I1rqr1xc Pres Patty St .IoIm B'nrInm I"lncI1 rc Elma- npcs EIrnIwctIu I'I1nnnc V P DonaIzI GnrcI EImsc Pipes Trans UIxxcr Sargent Bcmlcv OIncy .Sponsor FIRST ROW Pipes Klyver St John Miss OIney Potter Surnlda Hergrave SECOND ROW Yezdan Gard Darter Schwabenlend Finch I-Iammel Schallenberg Marlin Hurley WlIburn 'i SECOND ROW Remus Mass Moeller Copland Momsh Pomerantz Page E ,.. p - -- -f , . 5 v .fm me xl 4 Dv: wif f,,. af fs A 122 t IA gf h ,: 'ei , i h xiii? 1 w A Q ig 3 , X, - ,-,f. ...rj . - 52 -xsa- P 1. ig.: an .xx g, xfsgvelxw K my 'NJ 4 3 ge.. ,f 5 45' ' 'exif Z ya A , any l s 1, 9 N. ,rg 3? Aww wiv Wk Q W gm. Ne: uv K 4. ,M 'QR' A' M. .Q-.. uf , A X s I , au Q M lx "' 5 :Hy K lf 1 fm wg? 5? A , 95' A wx: 1 Y -W. vgfxif' V' ,ml y, ij? 5 ffkfvw, SSM-' 283 0 ,dz if S- mix ,ax be YA A-+ A ia igvw Y, dh wzu '19 ' f' Wm.. Vkvfff 1-,Q JA 01 A aw fx X Vljrlsiw we-4 fvfs '9- 3 'Xxx Q ,S 1 f V Nw? vg wggfg M W wr 1-Y ff? W , 5 . li 1 Q 3? lfx Y' A 1 so 4 4, ,S W2 e .Q- M 5595 ,pry 3 vi", Jxgv xi' Kita ..,, , af .vw 1 V9 ' Jig, M-my L' fi M? K - 'if . 2 A f fviqiwdj Qgfg SS X Mr zf"'4-Qwx fsxfwo qw Q yi QM, 4 Q GY. x N: Y X sv. . gsm Q 1 . 4 6,6 -Ex 'N 4 Y' X ew il x WWI STY W wx ,. Mx ye. ,N-A' .4 2 1,4 SSW xr aiu J ,fxmxw gsm Mwgw Y xg' ,fm X, Q, S2 N Q bw 1 53. 433238 W, na '22 'Keir 54:7 Mm 3+Q Q3 gaps: 8 1 W Aff P? vs., 'e.-'55 dk UW' 'wa A J' 4.2-M K 353. .4 .ri :wiv gg, Jvx Sxwkzev gf' xv M- , li 1. 1,1 Q gg 13.9145-1 J. A sq -New ss 4 'if sr ' 3. S if K4 'fa 4-'B-vim Q , 4 ' me ,nmgmf Y.. K ,r ,. Sw 5921. af. 151 ww A lub f Q' M. x c sw my-A in ,4 X., ...U , YW ,Q IllIllllllllllIlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIlllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllIllllllllIIIIIIllIllllllllIIHIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIllllIIIIIllIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIllIllIIIIIIIlllllIIllllllllIIIIIllIlllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllll IIll!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIlilllllllilllllIlllllllllllllllllll IIllllllllIIIIIIllIIIIIIIllIllllllIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll - A HLETICS I "Ll-.1 K . ? - . 1. ' J ' 'Q 1 " ' ' ,. ' , -.rx . , ..:.'...c . ' . - 1 . ' F 1 ' . ' - ' '- . ' ' ' 1 . . ,.m,-' gh-,',' .3 -ls. - W , l . ,Q 1 ' ' ' I ' I J I ' , ' A ' .1 1 4 , . s r . 1 ' .5 : 1 1 Y - 1 V . ,M , ' R .rfvf V." - Iv ' V 7 k , .1 kg--' . ..','.1?f:. ' A V ' W '. ' ' l L . , , 4 4 . , 4 I H . . . , 1 ' ,f . - Q 1 -' , ' . ' ' 5 v I . '0 ' ' f Yi 1 - ?',."1Li' -'siif Af-.' 5 ' . A - -ref!- V X isifigf . - , -A A 'L-:.,.?T5., V - . ,V ,,,k,3-,SL myiewn Qggvj, ,. ,lava I -'bv' Missa...-3'.sg9:, .ex .:5ig4e'?-g:'j.mwig A . M3225-, - A . f1'9:,:av-'L-.-'ffgaffP-1': A.. V fi y .M 2. R,-1-: 1-y yi-.g,,., ,Wea V 9. - .. . ' 3 I - -k" I -- swf: . sgfifi -- M, .1- S' .:.:. . EW A Q Li.- ff ' :- A 4' 'f 3 . 5 , 6 ' 'ii , ' 1 . ,,s,g,S 9 " H f-ff? nv' 51' KF N911- f, ..f..,' g,. ....'fN ' 3, .3 -fi . - 'HSN 15'-"X-. . - ' ' '- ' 1 iff! " ' . ., -V . , -' - ffisf'-. f f-Jw M ' -' 'J if . , ' , , ' ill ":,.Zg,,:.. .... . WPZ9 1 3 f ,... , ..,.,.. A 'J V X? 1 . ' 5.g,:.,5:. V x 'f ' ':.',.- ' - . 4? .' -"' - ' 4 Q.-: . -. :: 4 . .f W za.. Q. . ' 'F 'f.1-- f5'E2,f'I35 ' ' -S 'ni-21' -I " ' ., - . .. 1' " 5:2--1. ' :sir-. xg 5 44-,v ,7f i1 W "2 '. if 2' aai, f' " . I H 'CJ ' V wh fi: , ' . .5 ' 1+ -- "' Mi. sm' 2 ww 1 -:':':2:g.Ez.. ., 4 it 'Q ' -4 .bf 1 2 .-r f ---2. ::-MJ , . ,.--.4::.::-1.-Hs. M.-..x..:.:m.,-...-.-.5 .2 -Sh ' ' Z ' - - ,QW 1 ff? '.,: " 9, 'Q . '-3425555664 'C L gp' ,wi -. P " 2.3 ' V .- ' -. .V fffkr i t , - 'vp '-"E,Q??'?5' s,.f,,,, ,,..,9l9232 '-.'iE53,:,, . ,.V..-',-,- 'klwiiiw ggi.. x fgw ' - ' ' 1 L 'Z . 'iff' xv. 'f . MN" . "": , -.- 495 ""4f'2Q . k ' 'fi 53556 ' -.K ,'. g ',c'.kNx nununnumuuunmuuumnunmunummunmuummmnnII1111u111un111unn1un1mnnmumuuumImummmmmummnmmmmunumummIIunnnInnIunnmmInuanIIuIuInuIIInmuIunInumnuI1numInnnun1mInumIIuI1nuanInlmumInunIIIuunumunuummuuunum Raise the chorus, speed it onward Till the hills reply,-fn Athletic YQGT ' Uncler the alole clireclion ol K A K lui' Coach Erwin C. Ginsburg, Fres- 1 K it no High Schools Department ol Physical Eclucation has exper- X 'I iencecl a year lull ol worthwhile , lf accomplishments in formal in- struction as well as in inter-class and inter-school sports. This year the menys coaching staff was increasecl hy the aclcli- tion to the group of Norman lVlcDonalcl as an assistant foot- loall coach ancl looys' swimming team coach. ln aclition to Heacl Coach Ginslourg ancl Assistant Coach George C. Holstein, the group inclucles Logan C. Ecl- warcls, coach of the lightweight footlaall team, Davicl lVloreh,ouse of Alexander Hamilton Junior High School, coach of the class UC" laaslcetloall team, ancl Captain O. D. Gufley, ERVV IN C. GINSBURG llfllfld COCCII Commanclant of Caclets. The girls, hall: of the physical eclucation program at Fresno High is in the capahle hancls of Miss Dorothy L. Vvright and lVlrs. Phyllis Doyle. ln a year rnarlcecl lay all the excitement of a special train to Bakersfield for the valley championship game,-fa game, inciclentally that enclecl in a 7-7 tie hetween the Bakersfield Drillers ancl the Fresno High Vvarriorsf-four stalwarts were literally playecl to victory lay the resouncling music of a gaily unilormecl loancl, complete even to a strutting clrum major ancl three charming clrum majorettes, and cheerecl deliri- ously hy an inspirecl stuclent hocly uncler the ahle direction of a corps of yell leaclers whose antics might well he the despair of a circus acrohat. Color, music, goocl sportsmanship, thrills-all have heen present in ahunclance to malce 1958-1959 one ol lhr: most enjoyahle sports years that Fresno High School has ever experienced. YELL LEADERS DRUM MAJORE'l'l'ES , sri! on rw Q-.,, Q t tat McKelvy Willms, Jurkovich, Pierini, Stebbins, Arden. Page 92 Bolt Masten Frowsing Scott 6, VAR ITY Although they may not have got off to a running start, the Vvarriors gained in momentum and skill under the excellent tutelage of Erwin C. Ginsburg and George C. Holstein and ended a truly successful season that took them from Eureka, California, to Phoenix, Arizona, in a grueiiing schedule that ended in a tie for the San Joaquin Valley Championship with Bakersfield for the second consecutive year. Fresno High 0 f-1 Madera 25 The Varsity opened their season on September 25 under the tights of the Fresno State College Stadium against the Madera High School Coyotes. Living up to advance information, the Coyotes literally ran wild over the Vvarrior team that had not yet developed its scoring combinations. Fresno High 6 f-4 San lose 12 Facing the San Jose Bulldogs for the first time in the independent league, the Vvarriors again tasted defeat, hut this time by the narrow margin of one touchdown. The spectators were scarcely in their seats when Jurtcovich toolc the kick-off and zig-zagged stuhhornty down the field for the only Fresno touchdown of the game. The end of the fourth quarter saw the Warriors again making a determined bid for scoring honors after playing a strong defensive game. Fresno High 6 '-1 Fresno State Freshmen 0 Although widely billed as a team that both could and would spell defeat for Fresno High. the Fresno State College yeariings were completely hewit- dered by the passing attack unleashed hy the Vvarriors. The combination of Patterson to Juricovich was a mystery that remained unsolved at the final gun. The Warriors played a hard charging game led hy Captain Roy Albright. Patterson was the only veteran who remained in the line-up for the full sixty minutes. Fresno High 20 f- Taft 0 Vvith the passing comioinationof Patterson and Juricovich now definitely clicking, Fresno High next tooic on the scrappy Taft Wildcats. Advance in- Lamoure Tilson Albfi5i1t Bdloifm FOOTBALL formation was evidently vastly over-rated, as the Taft aggregation was neatly scaiped to a score of 20-0 hy a band of hard-charging Warriors who would not he denied fewer than three touchdowns. Fresno High, O -1 Turlock 7 Turiocics "Wee Vviiiieu Hess momentarily tripped the Warriors on their march to valley honors when he and his "glad-to-cooperateu team scored the ione touchdown in what was to have 'been Fresno's game. incidentally, this game hrought out one of the biggest crowds of spectators ever seen at a high school game in Fresno. Fresno High 12 r-1 Roosevelt High 0 In spite of advance advertising, it definitely was NOT nRooseveit,s year" in football. Perhaps stinging from their defeat of the previous week, the Warriors took the gridders from across town into camp in no uncertain terms. Roose- veit's jinx was again working. as for the tenth consecutive year they failed to cross the Vvarrior goal line. Patterson scored the first touchdown with a vic- ious iine plunge, while Juricovich during the third quarter compieted the sec- ond touchdown by means of a short reverse. Fresno High 7 f- Eureka 0 The Warriors fittingiy celebrated Armistice Day hy journeying to Eureka and druhhing the home team. As the score indicates. the game was close and packed with thrills. Fresno's lone score came on the second piay of time game when Patterson hurled a huiiet pass straight down the middle of the field to Juricovich, waiting in the end zone. The conversion with its extra point pro- vided an extra margin of safety against a good team that still was not quite good enough to stop the Warriors. Fresno High 19 -1 Los Banos O Backed hy two hus loads and numherless cars of rooters, the Fresno eleven entered the semi-Finals against a heavier and previously undefeated Los Banos squad. The Warriors hoth passed over and out-ran the heavier Coyotes for the fun four quarters. A 78 yard run and a 50 yard icicic were only tyvo of the thrills that hrought cheering rooters to their feet in a frenzy of delight. time after time. Rogers Patterson, Saghatelien, Ri Lamanuzzi Militano. Page 95 I -a , , 4, I ' TT X T ' I 4.1595 , --ii' ' ' ..u. I ll. I D -..Eire Y E L L 0 W J A C FIRST ROW:-Militano, Tilson, Wilson, Graef, Stebbins, Young, Albright, Ruth, Pierini, Mclfelvy, Doi. K SECOND ROW:-C. Miclcelian, Rogers, Frowsing, Baloian, Crabtree, Karastathis, Scott, Mesten, l-lopwood, Kohman, Robinson THIRD ROW:-Saghatelian, Jurkovich, Henderson, Lamanuzzi, Arden, Webb, Zenovich, Willms, Patterson, Lemoure. VARSITY TEAM E YELLOW JACKETS FIRST ROW:-Kohman, T. Thompson Papazian, Shamgochian, Doi Stebbins, Young. SECOND ROW:-C, Micicelian, Crabtree, Zenovich Militeno, Pierini, lfarastathis, Davis, Mitchell. T THIRD ROW:-Colburn, Campbell, Hopwood, smith, G. Mackeiadn, Webb, Johnson, Trunk qmamgefn. S Fresno High 15 '-- Phoenix 21 Leaving on the longest trip a local team has ever made, Fresno's Warriors traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, to play tire Coyotes and were defeated 21-13. Tliere Wasnyt mucll of a ball game after .llurlcovicll was injured late in tile first lialf and was forced to leave the game. This was one of tlie llardest games ol time season,-ftruly jolting, bruising football. Fresno High 7 -1 Bakersfield 7 Traveling lay special train, time Warriors invaded the oil fields 400 strong to play for the Valley Championship. lxflilitano slcirted tlie Warrior left end from tile 25 yard line for the only Fresno score in the second quarter. lVlcKelvy lciclced tlie extra point. The line, led by Allarigllt, played an exceptional game against tl'ie lleavier and well-substituted line of tile Drillers. However, during the third quarter Bakersfield lnrolce away to a toucllclown which tied tlae score. Page 94 Liglttweigiit Footlball Uncler tlie slcillecl coaclling ol Logan C. Eclwarcls, tlie liglitweiglit iootloall squad tllis year liinislmecl an unusually successlul season lay fleieating Reeflley to acquire tlle County liglltweigimt title. ln tlie lirst game of time season, a practice contest witll Tait on Octolaer 8, tl1e Papooses won lrlanclily lay a score of 6-0. Tiweir only clefeat ol tlie season, 0-34, was cleliverecl in anotller practice game, tlwis time with Bakersfield. T116 stronger aggre- gation from tl'1e oil lielcls provecl too lieavy ancl too powerful for our junior pig-slcin packers. ln tlie league opener, playecl on the lmome field, tlme squacl cleleatecl a lighting Roosevelt outfit lay a score of 15-0. The visitors never really tltreatenecl. The encounter witlu tlme Madera liglwtweiglmts lnrouglut time Fresnans a 27-0 win clespite tlwe somewlwat cloulntful luanclicap of playing away from the luome gricliron. The seconcl league game playecl away from l1ome enclecl in anotl'1er win lor tile Pap- ooses, tliis time a 10-0 wallcaway over Central Union. The losers provecl no equal match for tlne sliilty ancl last-moving Fresno squad. On November 3 tl'1e team laattlecl to a scoreless tie witll Eclison to lac-:Come Co- lwlcler witll tllat sclwool of tile City Ligiltweigilt Ctlampionslaip. A flip ol a coin earned for Fresno tlwe riglit to play Reeclley for county championship lmonors. After clisposing of tlme Fresno Teclm aggregation lay a 15-O score, the ligiitweiglrits met Reeclley on the liome fielcl on Novemlaer 17. The Papooses clemonstratecl clearly their superiority lay cleleating Reeclley I3-0 in a last ancl luarcl fought game and win- 5 -. 5 UQ v-H 3 f'F TT' O 5 m 'L 4 2 7'- 'T' Q :T T O iQ 'U '-1 FD ua 5 O Q O Cl 3 FF R4 V: US- fv- E fl ? T' W 3 .1 E. O 5 in IO-miezm-r UI'-I LIGHTWEIGHT TEAM FIRST ROW:-Kalashian, Hardin, Bond, Rodman, Shabazian, Quail, Giometti, Safqhatelian, Habib Garabzdien, Landers. SECOND RCW:-Dunham, Davies, Clancy, Moore, Smith, Andrews, Simensen, Streeter S'idKiSdlKl1'h' Th Cl. tam or , ours as, ea er, es is lan, ompson, o e THIRD ROW:-Church, John Mal-non, Bzardslev, Peters, Welchell, Mast, Ellsworth, Bartlett Joe Mahon, Martin, Joseph, Smith, Beaton, Williams, Duncan, Rockas. i f' . 1' 'i i ei 1 gg abr Varsity Basizethaii Although the Class haslcethall team did not enjoy so successful a sea- son this year as it did last, due mostly to the laclc of veterans from the year hefore, the boys showed marvelous spirit and plenty of fight. The whole squad, under the aisle coaching of Er- win Ginshurg, did its best and de- serves the greatest approval. in the first game of the season with Fresno Tech it was quite evident that neither team had hit its stride. The result was a rather slow game. The ERWIN C' GINSBURG score remained even throughout the "A" B,,,ketb,,liC.,,,ch game: and when an extra period was played, Tech Finally won 16-15. The second game was with our rivals. the Roosevelt Rough Riders. The Rough Riders werenyt so rough that evening: the Warriors scalped' them 21-15. in the next playoff lvladera, who ioecame league champion, lost to Fresno High 19-18. But the winning strealc was stopped when the boys from Edison Tech hlanlceted the Vvarriors after a hard game. The final tally was 50-27. in the second round of the league. Fresno High dropped three straight games. the first to Fresno Tech. Tech showed great improvement over their first tangle with the Vvarriors. They Won 25-14. Then, much to the disappointment of the Warriors, the next game was lost to Roosevelt, 14-12. The third was lost to Madera, 35-16. A comeloacli was staged in the closing game of the Vvarrior schedule when the Warriors pulled the highly favored Tigers from Edison into camp. The game was a true nthrillerf' 27-25. Thus ended a season not considered successful hy those who did not realize that. towards the end ol' the season, the senior players gave way to the sophomores and juniors in order that Fresno High could profit next year. Our hats are off to those seniors-and to Coach Ginshurg-for their fine worlc. VARSITY SQUAD FIRST ROW:-Patterson, Kimbrough, Ulam, Karastathis, Robinson, SECOND ROW:-Johnson, Miers, Mickelian, Reinhardt, Barthuli, Breckman, Albright, Shein. page 96 Class H U Baslaetlvall Encling a season of spectacular play- ing, the Fresno High miclclleweighls carriecl oll the county title hy cleleat- ing Sanger High to the tune ol 38-17. The HBE" provecl they were champs from a .School ol Champions" when they elced out a close victory over the powerlul Eclisonites lor the City Championship. ln the league opener the "Bs, were slightly outclassecl hy a last Fresno Tech live ancl came out ol the tussle on the short encl ol the score, 24-16. ln , , - GEORGE C. HOLSTEIN the following game with Roosevelt the --B" Basketball Coach lvliclclleweightsl luclc turnecl ancl they emerged with a ten point leacl. Next in line came the Maclera ancl Eclison teams. The HBE" provecl to he loo much for their opponents ancl they easily Challcecl up winning scores. ln the seconcl rouncl ol the league. the Fresno High seeliing revenge. CITICFQCCI EIS VlCtOI'S OVCI' Fresno Y-l1CCl1 FIS NV6ll HS OVCI' Rl70S6W'Clt il11Cl lxjlildlifit. Alter a harcl-fought tussle with Eclison. they were crowneol City Champions. Their cleleat ol Sanger cinchecl the County Championship. VVith Coach l'lolstein's ahility in coaching plusthe marvelous teamwork ol every player, the lVliolclleweights lormecl one ol the hest teams ever to play at lf resno Ijligh. ancl provecl the tact that they were worthy ol' the City ancl County Championships VARSITY VETERANS TOP ROW:gKimbrou5h, Bar- thuli. SECOND ROW:-Johnson, Reinhardt, Patterson. M'l ' ' I 'H I SIP' I Z I ' A g u.i-.lsuigf .y ' er B UJDPUU BTW C54 lT"T",IP CGC!! B A S K E T B A L L Page 98 59' ' "B" BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW:-Scott, Trunk, Pierini, Beaton, Garebedian. SECOND ROW:-Mitchell, I-Iartunian, Moore, Cole, Andrews, Kunitalce, Wheeler. "C" BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW:-Wheeler, Amana, Nelsen, Walker, Kusakai, SECOND ROW:-Jinkewa, Van Meter, Abc, Sam, Hansen, Suda, Caiazza. THIRD ROW:-Hill, I-larlan, Barron, Kunirake, Nalcemato, Leach, Lachino, Mr. Morehouse Ccoachb. Class HCM Basketball Although the HC" Iaaslcethall team clicl not win a championship this year it clicl turn in many very creditable games. Coach David Morehouse may well he congrat- ulated on the stuhlaorn hattles his charges put up and on the excellent hrancl of IJasIcetI3aII they displayed. The scores of their games are Iistecl Ioelow: FIRST ROUND SECOND ROUND Fresno Roosevelt I5 Fresno 24 .A ....,, Roosevelt 7 Fresno Edison Fresno I5 .. Edison Il Fresno I2 ,,,,, ,,,, IVI aciera Fresno I6 .. .,.,,,,, Iviaclera I7 Fresno Fresno T. Fresno I9 ,,,,,., ..,.., F resno T. I6 Baseball Due to the fact that the ujinxn seemecl to he in circulation as far as our hurlers were concerned, the Fresno High School laaseloall squacl failecl to gain either the city or the county titles this year. Al- though the team was not crownecl "champion," every member, however, ' turned in a season of exceptionally fine ff playing. ln the league opener with Roosevelt High School, the Warrior squacl was de- feated lay a live point margin alter a hard fought game. There was a faint echo of something concerning HRoosevelt's year," Coach Holstein lout it was very faint. The next hurclle was a twelve inning tussle with the Washington Union High School hurlers. The Warriors. displaying excellent form, toolc this liurclle cleanly with a score ol 6-5. ln the harclest fought game ol the season, the Fresno lyoys were alale to elce out a close win over the Eclison Tigers, the count laeing 8-7. Next came the lVlaclera contest, a game which Fresno High stalwarts Won han- ciily with a score that souncls more lilce a traclc meet than a laaselaall game-25-O. Fresno Tech ancl Reeclley laoth were completely outclassecl and outplayecl when they met the cloughty Warriors on the cliamonfl and were llorcecl to talce the losing encl of 20-1 ancl 20-0 score. ln their last game ol the season the Warriors traveled to Sanger and trouncecl the home town boys sounclly lay a score ol: 6-4. Coach George C. Holstein, who has lneen the inspiring mentor of the squacl, is to he congratulated on the excellent larancl of laall his looys playecl as well as on the splenclicl lyrancl of sportsmanship they ciisplayecl at all times. FIRST ROW:SKimbrou9h, Patterson, Kuhn, Reinhardt, Barnett, Scott. SECOND ROW:-Moore, Stewart, Karastathis, Barnes, McKelvy, De Oriun. THIRD ROW:-Seibert, Doty, Pierini, Beaton, Landers, Petit, Cowan. 'di-L B A S E B A L L is . 'W' . W ' vt V W 'fu' W g :Q - 4, -V .214 'L T . M - 1 . . r ,.,',g-' mi " f' ' X 1 , V --,..,., A . , , U ,, ,,M., 5, rl , ll- Q 'v' WI- we i g P- 9 'Y' :N , 1 . . - r L ' - V in if Varsity Tracie Coach Ginslourgfs Class traclc team turned in another season of sterling per- formances ioy annexing hoth the city and the county championships and hy placing second in the Vvest Coast Relays. I Led in the scoring hy the record-breaking exploits of Jim Juricovich, a strong. dependable team set an imposing iine of new records for other teams to shoot at. In the inter-ciass meet, which opened the track season, the class of '40 won with a score of l8'5V2 to the class of 59's l59V2 and the class ol' '4l's 122. In the Taft meet the Varsity scored an imposing 76 points to Taftis 57. This was followed lay meets with Hanford and Merced, hoth of which the Fresno cap- tured. lncidentaiiy, the Merced meet ended in Fresno's loringing home the beautiful Merced Lions Cluh trophy. superiority may he attrilouted to many things, hut our team certainly exhibi- ted pienty of it when they amassed a grand total of 87V2 points to win first place in the city meet. Jim Jurkovich provided one of the biggest thrills of the meet by breaking a long-standing discus record with a heave of 155 feet. The 880 yard relay team tied the old marlc ol' 12325, while Jurlcovich tied the l00 yard dash score in IO flat. Another new record of 25.6 was established hy Ben Doi in the 200 yard low hur- dles, while Jack Johnson made another new record of 15:5 in the high hurdles. In the county meet the Fresno Varsity annexed a total of QOVZ points, its nearest rival heing Edison Tech with a score of 29. Although the team finished second to Balcersfields first in the Vvest Coast Re- lays, the performance of uiron man" Jurlcovich, who 'placed in four events and personally made MV2 points for his team, overshadowed all other high schooi events and records. FIRST ROW:-Hemphill, Robertson, Helvey, Freitas, Ulam, Webb, Baloian. SECOND ROW:-Gray, J. Johnson, Albright, Kohman, Welsh, Parker, Papazian, Ahreen. THIRD ROW:-W. Johnson, Jurkovich, Paccassi, Manoogian, Lewis. 1 H Ill' SX , XX .S m ,. .W i rw 1- w , T' wwf I 'ff 49 X ',1:... Top Row-ffl, Paccussi ciezxrs-X21 UC" lxigil jump-f5D Pnccussi tries again. Second Row--QU Ruimrlson in lim 440-f2, J. P. LEOHCUUHIIJS'-'63, A visilur breaks lilc tape-fflli Hcivey 1 IL-mis the quarlcr miicrs. Third Row'-ffl, Xvim won?-12, Niccnrlily in lime IOO-15, Sciluii SIIOVVS n clean pair of iiceis. Fourilx Rovv--fly Lewis frigid, in lin: 880--Q, Juriiovicil imroafljunips, Page l0'l 'M T "C" T R A C K Page l02 R A C K FIRST ROW:-Walker, Harland, Bonzstzel, Giomzttl, Sude. SECOND ROW:-Johnson, Bond, Shall, Regnart, Cottrell, Varjebedlan. THIRD ROW:-Hyde, Archibald, Williams, McCarthy, Allampresz, Hertunian, Cesaccid, Potts. FIRST ROW:-Hulse, Hopwood, Jinkdwa, Kusalcal. SECOND ROW:-Suda Good, Williams, Hansen. THIRD Row:-Kuwamoto, Bower, Papas, Thompson, Hill. CLASSMBHTRACK Although ttle Class HB" traclc team toolc seconfl place in tlme City meet this year, it clicl estalolistm several new recorcls. Tom Sl1oll. ran tl1e 70 yard high llurclles in 9:9 and the 160 yarcl low liurctles in 2035. Don Vvilliams ran tlle 1520 in 5:44:5, ancl Kennettr lVlcCartt1y the 29.0 in 20:4 in the City meet. The only new fielcl event rec- orcl estalalistxecl lay tile squacl was Giomettils tleave ol' 44 feet 6 inches in tlme twelve pouncl strot. Tactlino tiecl for first place in ttxe pole vault, ancl ttle 440 relay team tiecl with Roosevelt and Eclison Tectl in estalalislling a new City record. . CLASSHCUTRACK The Class MCH traclcsters capturecl first place in tlze City meet and second in the County meet. ln ttleir victory in ttle City meet tliey were lecl By George Pappas in ttle stlot put, .lotin Goocl in tl1e pole vault ancl cliscus. Paul Hill in tl1e 'l08 yarcl low tlurclles, and Hiro Kusalcai in the l20 yarcl ClElSl'1. ln tlie county meet the team was lecl by lVlarvin Ttlompson in the IOS yarcl low tmurclles. Pappas in ttle sliot put, ancl Goocl in tlwe pole vault and cliscus. T E N N I S iv? S VV I M IVI I N G TENNIS TEAM FIRST ROW:-Gilmer, Swain, Parret, Pahre. SECOND ROVV:-McCarthy, Allen, Phillips, Steward, Sarkissian. Coach-Miss Dorothy L. Wright. GIRLS' SWIMMING TEAM FIRST ROW:-Frolik, Church, Stanifcrd, Markowitz, Robinson, Weymouth. SECOND ROW:SBradshaw, Credger, Rundle, Jones, Bradford, Dietrich. Coach-Miss Dorothy L. Wright. BOYS' SWIMMING TEAM FIRST ROW:-Weymouth, Walrond, Mahon, Staniford, Miranda, Scott. SECOND ROW:-Hvndzrson, Simms, Caplan, Rhodes, M, Thompson, Williams, Barr. THIRD ROW:gPottzr, Mecartea, T. Thompson, Whitney, Freitas, Nider, Addington, Baird, Potts Coachglxlorman McDonald. all I Girls, Sports From the first voiieyhaii game of the fail semester to the final swimming meet of the spring semester. the girls' physi- cai education department, under the leadership of Miss Dorothy L. Wright and Mrs. Phyllis Doyle. has enjoyed a year of instruction and sports that is a real creciit to Fresno High School. U Competition in seasonal sports has always been keen in our physical eciucation classes, and this year has proved no exception to the general rule. Cool spring Weather thoughtfully provided by the Weather man, furnished an incentive for brisk competition in girls' track as Weil as in tennis, archery--even in ping-pong and croquet. Amazon or ufraii fiowernf-athlete or uhook worm"- every girl in Fresno High School is furnishecl with activities ' ' that adequately fill her individual needs. DOROTHY L, WRIGHT The presentation of Victor Herherfs "The Red Mill" on PHYLLIS DOYLE April 21st was graced and eniivened by four group dances performed by the girls and coached by Miss Vvright and Mrs. Doyle. A scene from the Dutch Peasants Dance is pictured on this page. Three other dances, one of them the fast-moving and deiiriousiy funny Bowery Dance, thoroughly delighted the audience. Altogether, the Girls, Physical Education Department is to he congratulated on the splendid contribution it has macte to the health and welt-being of the feminine portion of our stucient ioocty. Dutch Peasant Dance from "The Refi Mill." ALL STAR VOLLEYBALL TEAM First Row 1-1 Long. Glass, Nliulnllancl, Runmlle, Second Row f-f Summers, Lung, Swain. Gilmer. Bull. INTERMEDIATE VOLLEYBALL First RowHGrilJlxlc. Sparks. Clark, Vvorks, Riley. Second Row - Glass, Wlar kowitz. Howard. 'Ml ADVANCED VOLLEYBALL First Row- Rullxcrforcl, Ball, Summers, Gilmer, Pike. Svcoml Row-Simnmns, Long, Runcuc, Thump- son, Glass. Not in icturcl Turner P BEGI N NERS VOLLEYBALL 7 Firsl Row -- NX-illieuns, rl IHICHC, BFHCISIIHNV. Second Row -1 Pcrlron- rclli, Crimmcl. Ginnnu- puulzus. Kofoicl, Hines. fNoI in piclurc, Daly, Furl:-y. Page 105 INTERMEDIATE BASKETBALL First Row--Olcawara, lnmcln, Arala. Scconcl Row--El1ilcian, Brier. fNok in picture, Galuricl. Culver, Piclclorcl. BEGINNERS BASKETBALL First Row'-Vvclaslcr, Binlorcl, Knwalmrn. Scconcl Row'-Said, Owenslby. iNet in picture, Brenner, Koloicl, Riley. Page IO6 ADVANCED BASKETBALL Fil'St IQDVV'-'Gl'0VVf.lCn, l'2lll1CllC, Glass, Billl Second Row--Hunt, Piles. Ruclolplm, Gil- mer. fNol in piclurel Kumusnlii. ADVANCED HOCKEY Firsi Row -1 Daxlarnnll, Slmrwnorl, Runcllc, Jones. Sccnml Row-Olmrg. Bliss- ncr, Falls. Sa-iroyan, Cline. lNnl in piclurnl Turner. Kunmsnlii. B1-rllicn. Vim I5lll'l'll. INTERIVIEDIATE HOCKEY Firsl Row - lylnlulusin. Parrvl. Fans. Scconcl Row-Varliliiml. R ul i s un, Solmnonson Dnnivls. lNol in pirzlurcl Culver, Fzlzun. Fries. Yamagu- I-Iii, Rugvrs. Orlzlndrn. BEGINNERS SPEEDBALL First Row--VX7r:lJslcr. Rui: inson, Trumlm. Sammi Row P- Rumllc loncs, Flossic Pcclronrvlli Flora Peclroncrrl l i. Scllnci- cl:-r. lNul in piclurcl Klein Lnlic. Paulsen, Erringcr, Vvcavcr. Slcilz. Buck. Nies- siclc. Owcnslvy. Scconrl Row -- Runcllc. GIHSS. Page 'I 07 BASEBALL First Row -1 Sanclcrs, Roiuinsun, Flossic Pvrl- roncelli, Runcllc, Hownrcl. Aslrurst, Gil- mer, Flora Pcclronvrtlli, I' Lf" A- - xi ,., ' li' g mimi: we 5-ix E 'E 2 . if ,fv- 1 .1 1 3: x ., f-1,: . 5! I -af v SJ ,link My F ' Q5 ,Q JEN H2 .gtdfgy at axY'r in X. K5 Y v 2 aw We V' mi I9 'MMM A 3 fx QYXM W 'S 3 35682 X? A -34: fwtii- 3.4.6 ww! AMW, :MY mm 121 1 A .gn ...f ,iv , S , A w X ws? 4 gm, A,-X ,ww 5 x :QM 4 1 gr xfv'gi2+f9f Q , kv? Hg QV' 4.-22Q,Y'i24Qps,s,, M 8 N-Sr , 4' my fm w, a Nz 1? v 'YS QQMRQSW ,wr 5, fi ff, gg 'sf 2556 Q, 35 ,rf .M A , Gflfa ASS' ww ZEQGQQZZ. ' Q Q af , 195 1 ,,v, JTIQ ,s 0 ,,,x'w gm, efzfjif M wvgisa 1, N fqzlv 'YJ . Q, iw, We ,zu MY 2 x ,Q-Mx I , w W Q ,ga- ,fm vo. sw. 'll W 'wg Q ,. A W fifiw Wi. , ,sfsgfzff iff , . if x ,Q M, f ' mm x " v4A 'f sf g wa, , A .Q ,s KH- wif' 'BJ " 'Q W. 'gf .g W ew 3 V ,W , 4 5 f sy Q. ,N C f .A 0 ww ,K ., wr mv 2 wiv? ab 'T 'fir fi? Nxxv 9 J' 11 W4 Q A MI vi 1 " A Y vu ,M av ,P Y X sm, 1 'ff X y My , Qv Sch Q- Prim K ww y W- As Ja ,xv ,X a- + Y Q- ,fy 7 of 'S , :Eggs-b QW f S 5 3,5212 imap if Q Qiiugyg' W Q ' g:,?Qq:,x2:5gi M ,he si ,fxagxgw wr yi' W 2 Y fm 'WAT " N5 W E W' F mv -s af' ,la fe A ug ,sg :Q 4 ,gf aff. 3535252 JARS? Wggb MAA P WK J, Wg Q 5' px W, wwf' 'gin f fJQ"'i,w my 51463 ig? c,A3,Z+f9"q:wSseMwa 4 I N X, Y W 'WWY fmf 5-fgfff if ffl4V -5809 I , I fs 'S' :Ugg ,A X If wwf Amyfg 'Z Wa xi" wfgi I Yuigfgsf V' 1 'gf-Z N K 'QMQQF Sf: Q X30 W iq N fig- .40 H if 'W Q ,694 gk' -fx. Wx A '52-fe. WWW wx .ff Y 4 W M 52502 . is llllllIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIlllIllilllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllIlllIlllIlIllllllIIlllIlllIIIIllllIllllllllllllIllllIIlllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIllIIIIIlllIlllIllllIllIIIllIIllIIllIllllIllIIIIIIIIIIINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllIllllIIIIllllIIIIIIllIIIIIIIllIIIIIIllIIlllIllIIllllllllIIIllIIllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll STUDENT LIFE 4 I 1 T 1-'f,' ' ,, .Up .4 1.' I 1' 1 , . ' '.... . .4 -1,x-,we-' .- . V V ' I . , 'A--r 'WX M1'.f,I,j,-'f,:!' A a ,rvqlxnx j X. yi Y V , A .F ,Qi V. W 'HJ -L2 YJ. J M I I "'s?'AlIvA Xkilf' 1 ' i-fxf 'A' 'J """'.' V- '. 'IA' ' ' Y ' '.' 2. 'I , f:'..','.,-,'-'"'-1514 , 4.212 -' 'Wf v' .. .14 ' 3 f ' . flf? 42- ' .,.:,. "1 '- f' 4-ri' , , , ' ,. Q A ' ' 1 1- ,,.-, ..: --Q . a. V .JW - 1 V ,A - Q. ., ,A - W-,,55,gsZ,'-1,14 ,gas:g:-fss?:.:f::.:a,--15:22-Q43-: ,. , - X . . 3 sg -346 1' 3- Alai ' T2:,, -.C -. A J - fl fig: R ' . - l 'M .?,7s.x fx A Liz ' iff ' ' - 5 - W fr 1 if . . 1 1: 1 . ' .' 14 X f . 'i - . H , 132 1 ff 1, ., .uf -f ' . s ,z ek P rf wav-V f. ' H A 'N ' . . :M....:,L V, - +.-V hz? ': N ' ' r- 255' 3535 -5 z- -1, 11 5 1 nah f- . . Mui' , , ' -' 1 1 F' , ' - if: f ' ' W ':' " 5' Y- ' ' L: va' . - , '. 'iii ' ,' . sis.. , x I ' - ff 2. A ""1.,L - , ,' V - V- -A 1 3. X., 4: ::, I i . 13 K. wg. gg' 4 .., I . , -3 Q' 13 ' X.. , 9. lv' " "H . 'F -"1 f? P 1 ' . V Q.5,:45mjf:-a:g,,' .' ' ' :gy -1 -Y K - ..,., .-A ,Av - - :,.:,,,g. , 1 -.-. s-.rsr ' 13.34. A: - I., .. J. A Q .f fff ' fs, ' A : :-1-2-:i-Jan 'f ' L :.. .. 'c?i'4z,2ff': QE, . 5- , . ,-.::' P :. 114' ' -QE' '. V rg? aw. .,,.,,,,::1Wfa. 1 ' " .. , 'I' -HV: 'k iiiff "?fE25- .:rE..:.:3- .' ' " 2 , f X, - ff ,... ' 4 " .,... s u 4 . -Y 9 '- ,-'K -. ,-:+L PM -.-. -'f- 1 f-2+ r '- - - ff -' 1 - -. . -1.w::-0SsQf+::,:- :::-5:-.--L .ff -"- ,- . I I' 5: --Ili :F ,I .. N Zia z- ,I A :,.:1:A.:Z.i-l?.'3:f:,, Q .H I f v lfy., 1 ' ,.x.:6.l:, . Q A gg .Y rlll :Qxjjfrx- , 1,5-'V:A,Qgg-,1 A g- ,gi 1 l r .:-- .ff 35... .l'g,, g V59 f .. W f f- .A , ,f , mn W Q ,,-gs .. 5,, 1- .9 ,,. fm., ,, ' .,,,.f-L-gf ,sg gm' I, ' - - t. .-J. H . ,,g-'V A " " P . I' lllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIllllIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIllIIIllllllIHllIlllllllllllllIIIllIII!lllllllllllllllllllllllIlIIIIIIIIlllIllllIllllIllIIIIIlllllllllllIlllIIlllIIllIIlllIllllIlllllllllllllIIIIIIllllllllllllllI'lIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Hail to thee, our Alma Mater Hail to Fresno High.,' MCP HEL w Hi 4' 1' lf- 1qQg.'9f!m .ai 11 '21-'?1 5 F6 Ai 'a x Vs., 1 M . 'if' 4554 'rj l ng ! ' If- 5 ' Q a , ls I an 1 I in - 3 V 1 V -X fl , L? Q. . w ' ' ,sw -1 f L Av N. gf , I' , .1.', ,I Ngffi i ,- li gg' w .n I- 3 Y, f' 5 ' ' ff' I , ' "L ' 'Ki ,J , aff? U, ' , u 1 , 5 ll -:, ' W mm -, K ,,,. W, I I jig? A 5 +f - Q, .,r 5 If-M-A , 'Q .,-'13 W . ik! 1 I -Q! Radio Group working. You siwow yem, J. S. VVi1o,s directing? Don't siroot. Love in bioom. it must be funny. Vviwat ciici you say? Quisenberry, the UGreat Lover." Don't take it so imard. Page 112 Masquers. Truck on down. Ainyt love grand? The Hlacly in reel." Dermer reports. Home, sweet home. The personality kid. Hello-o-o-o-0. Stomach in, chest oul. Poor Saylor. Nlore u0nce in a Lifetime Page 115 '2' Y "Pretty goodf' agrees Holmes and Vvalson. HOIW. I say, Potter." HRed Milly' winners. Come on clown from the mill, Mary. HRed Nlilln Casanova. Dancers in the operetka. Those Bowery maids! URecl Nlilln lovelies. I know Z1 secret! Page 114 Strong womani Vvilat a iiacici Bell rangi We woni Baines in the iiay. i'iow're you cioing, D. VV.? Lewis takes a iaenting. Baseiaaii season starts. it's a iong, iong traii. The finish. Vvily time disguise? Swing high. VVi1oops, my cieari Page 115 ", !'-- ,H '. rl- LM' - - f x . L ' W' +4513 Ai- ' - s"L"' Everyone's friend. Here comes our prexy. 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Furniture 129 Republfcfm ljffmefy reeeeeseeeeeee 155 Soutrgfn an shop srsss iii iii 126 Fresno Towel Coat ...,,,.,.,.,..... .,,,.. 1 34 Stelxivart and Nuss' Inc uuuwuv Y7f,-P I 35 ' Sti man's ....,.........,............ .....A 1 28 Gloloe Drug .,,,..........,,...,. ......, 1 35 T C'01tSC1'1511f,5 -----f-e-'------'-- ------- 1 28 Thom son Ranches .....,,., ,1.,... 1 35 Greyhound Bus Line .,.,,..1 .,..... 1 27 P V Guncilefinger ancl lVleyers .,,...c 127 Valley Lumber C0 '.1,.1,--,-- -,1,, , 122 H Van Ness Floral Shop ...,..t.. ....... 1 32 Haas Brothers ..,,..,........,..,,,,.....,.,,,....., 135 Varsity Luncli Room ..,. W. ...r... 134 Hazelis Beauty ancl Barber Sllop ..,.. 132 Velvet lce Cream ......... A...f., 1 26 Herman and Toclresic ,........,.,............ 135 Vogue ..............c......,....... ...,t,. 1 29 High Sclmool Nlarlcet ,c......... .......... 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S. student be who is look- ing at that pile of coffee sacks? Siu: surely li r1:1xx'. wiicrc lo go for gc mmrr I coffee. DALE BROS.. INC., 1420 H. Slrecl. of course! Cou lhs be 1 F II K I NILI SENS 1236 ful lun glrccl io lure Qomc unqusprdlng young mm IIISHIC Nvlxy noi! They me wl cleec vxng wml QUC l YIITC ICWBIIN x ,1 F Keep vour eve on llnl Joy clcr In-rnusv Inc Q our own Sluxrl Hy 1- and I e cl just us soon Swmp e Ill Nl do muon: xegchlwlvs 'N Incl at tlxcm But who blames lum when they wrc from nnc f Ilan IU 'E SEN S Q1 ORES P YCbn0 Page 191 The next time you nrc ilry and parciiccl. tnkc time advice oi' lilcsu iligil school kiddies. Just slcp into your cicaicr nnci im- tmiiac a few RC COLAS from time NEHI BOT- TLING CO., 590 Saf- lord. Herbert Nurmi is ibusy 'Buiiciing a Sailboat oi Dreams' witil tixis saw i1c's tiiinicing oi imuying from VALLEY LUM- BER CO., H and Niono Streets. Even if Her- iJcrt's Sailboat ciocs1x'l materialize. it's no circam limi tiic imrci- ware at the VALLEY LUMBER CO. is tiie Cmftsnian's ciciigiut. .4 Q.. It -lv LM. . Q :VJ - ,J . .,, .- FQ Pgvifgjgglg X K, ir. ,. .- , .nw A1fw..g11LAf , ,:.gfQ.:'i wg W. ww-w N1 - wal .M SFAS! -1 ju cw N my ' ef 1 'ala vm WV.- L! V' I A Polic-r Ilns El nicIicI. Didnt Imvc il Iong. Bough! IIIHISCIE il popsicIiIc, Inut I1is nic:IicI's nnl gone, IJCCULISC ii came from DANISH CREAIVI- ERY, corner E and EcI10. so BQIJ Imows il's il wise ilwcslrmrnl. Jus! slcppccI Olll oI' '1 In1cI Imx But not qllllf' Vwmn R111 cIIc 1 sl1II IDSICIC tI1c BAND BOX I9 one DI IIIC xc rv wry uvvy mls Inc- gun NIOIFIHII was on llc oosc II1 In1ggccI IIIITNCII 1 fmt 1cry goosu Xlxllllf a Imunlcr wm I1cI HL Ixnmx '1II lIc lr1c s QU IIC I1ou1.,I1l lI L,un 1l BARRIWI IH I IICIX5 I07 Brown w 1y Page 1 73 C .-g 'Q ' I I : , ': '1 ' . I 1 ' I ' ' 1 1 ' ICJ. . K' 111 g 1 L 1 -' '.'. L7 1 I 'i ., lg B I' Y- an L I I: wi '-545: U 1 1 1 .Zu I vu .' .. ' ' 1 's ,I Q TI , ,z LIVZ " ' ' , -I5 jlfi' FuIion Slrccl, And sI1c's lrying fill I t 'r4.': I .I Ii.: 1-'IQ , ffm , 'sxiiiiw I-',11:.,R ' ' L,,fZl1.g..... . I ,. . No "little while garclcniasn does Le Bert Bixlcr bring. It's n cactus for Helen Spurgeon . . . but a more scnlimenlal youllx woukl find salis- fnclion willi lI1c beautiful corsngcs ut lhc BLACKSTONE FLORIST, 553 Blackstone. Page 124 Xvhcn Valeclictorizm Hcnningscn buys anything. you're sure it's il wise clmicc. Take lxcr word. you cmfl go wrong at NEIL XVHITE 5' CO., IIO6 Fulton. A "graduation congratulalionf' a "happy hirtllclnyf' a book, a pencil. some lcacl, in slump, or most any school supply at REIGE STA- TIONARY CO.. 1240 Fullon. 3 s Jfgmf. 2 Q ll .Icnn loves Joe now, wail unlil Inc gels llml new car Ironl ROD- MAN'S CHEVROLET CO. A Ilnslxy mociel Iiiic limi wuulil Ining Iuim ii million, INUI cIoIInrs.I We Ioliowcnl llmcsc smnrl slucicnls inlo lI1e CROXVN PRINTERY. H54 H Slreel. Tlwcy are going lo Imve some nnnounccnxcnls marie. Xvlml lor? Niayinc grmlunlion. nnnl linen ngnin maylae . . . you never mn leII. Boller I.igI1L Boller Siglul. Guocl Iigllling is easy on lim reyes, pre- vcnls Inligue from vyeslmin. Con- suil our Home Ligliling Servicio. Divisinn PACIFIC GAS 8 ELECTRIC COMPANY Page l25 Say tlmere, laeautilul Beverly, a clress lilce that from HARRY COFFEES coulcl really clo our queen tlne justice slie cleservcs. l laet yuu've alrcncly guessecl wliere Betty lxlenrlcovvitz llas lmer lmir lixecl. Nrvlio could miss tlml certain UU given only at the ROOS BROS. BEAUTY SHOP, l2l2 Fulton Street. ,mg EE.:- Don't call tllem "liar lliesf' lyecause alter all on lllese llot Clays wlio can resist tlmt clelicious VELVET ICE CREAM. Hanclsnrne ties are as essential to Dicli Pomeranlz as Jim .lurlfoviell is to our tracli temn. Tlle SOUTHERN GIFT Sl-IOP at S26 Olive, wlierc Dicli is sliopping. not only sells goocl loolcing ties and lmncllcerclwiels lor men. luut a large assortment ol otller loeautilul gilts. Slialicspeare once saicl, "Costly tliy llilllll. as tlxy purse can buy." .laclc Pomeroy says. "Agreed, lout wl1y spcncl more wlxen SAlVl'S RE'NU-ALL. 1940 Mari- posa, can make tliose oltl slmes look new again at one quarter llie price." i Page 126 :nl ur grrI CICIIIQ :Ina Ior '1 cIun H5 but wIxo xuuIr.I N xc 1 IuIwIc In Imp on II1xI broyIwunrI Bus nl not IIIxc hInng '1 cIlp IH DE VAUY DEL INIAR XImpr 1 mcI II II I1c Q not w1lcIu.d IIIL comIorl an ROSE SXVIMMINL POOL Mmm '1ncI R1 III0 he I CL offmd In :Im GREYIIOUIND BUS LINE I 1 own mms Inc Icxuly LIUSQ II Inc vnk In c r 1 on !l10llL,l or IIPII' uxcrw lr' mmn' pmpu 'mly I Ulf' ICVICIS KIICIOIIIPT Its n goocI lung, IN FS Iqxnucm Juv nl nyc lo wwlcl Ixcr waist mf- Nou SIIL cm enjoy Io IIxc IIIII cxlcni lI1oQc IemphngIy cIcI1cxou PTSIFICS from GIIORGI. I AUC' K S BAKERY 507 Vwn Ness Bob Lcvus nuws Im IQPCXVTIICFS nnrI mms iIml GUNDLEFINOER E MYERS 1099 Vwn NL Q IS lI1c pI'xcc lm Imuy IIlun AII uiIxcr oIIlcc cqulprncnl oI lI1e Ilnest ll1'lIxC 1. In be IaougI1l xl GUNDLILIQINGER 6 MYERS 5IopI I j:IILr mg, IQII7 gels oul llc cIoor w1II1 II1zl IxR NIERS TWCIIO IVFCSDO IIIEI1 QCIIUU 1 golng to :cur num rug Iune :tt cs tmn :I s IIL rcI Ior a ang lunc AL KRANERS APPIIANCE SFORE t TuIare 'md Van Ness Ixus ra los WIIII reaI recephon Page 127 I af , , If - Q ' v' "s ' . In '. ' 'I I 'Ia I 's 'z z I . . " L ' I ' ' 1 ' Nz ' :sz i ' ' V. I. : ' . N - ' I II -- . - . I . ' 1 , . I z , . Il'I ' , 3 .' ' ' ' S . I' z I I' 2 'a If F. ' . S. 5 I . Ire- ms - 'II I I ,' ' 'I I ' , r I. A . -o . s . Q ' . s. ' I'y Inu J ,s'II' '. I . ' s I ' " I 7 . 7 .. , ' , n '. v' Ii 1 v '. ,k I I' . I"-I. fS'. I " I " " ' . .. I 7 AI' 'L 1', : . "' .. I's ' I I Y A . ' ' I I c - i ' CI' I I " ' 'El ' I' ' I ' V L -Q' ' . 7 ' V1 Y .I , . V il - . . CI' ' ' . Ixlow wc linnw wllcrc Illc Illrcc lilllc Iisllcs Swain'- riglll over Ilnc Klum inlu NIL ArioIo's sllow cnsc. 'Ilnc song is olcl Ivul Ilic Iislu are always lrcslm nt ARIO- 'I'O'S FISH AND POULTRY MARKET, ll-I7 Vim Nvss. For llml Iwmcy nhrmsplncrc, :incl lor Iliut puusu llmi rclrcsllcs Iactwccn classes. Illese F. H. S. lcirlrlics clmose STILLMANS. At noon-time cIon'l Iorget tlmi II1e best Iunclxcs await you at 2001 Van Ness Blvcl. vldllcsc girls czm'I wail lo gel oul ol scllool Illis summer so tllcy can pui on Ilmcsc clcvcr bench snmlnls In Irc louncl al GObIYIISCI'IAI,K'S on Ilic' corn:-r ol Kern nml Fulton. --Anil wlxilc you'rc at llxc RELIABLE SHOE STORE, Kate. wlmy cIon'I you Iooli nl Ilmsc goocl Iooliing Imgs to matCI1 llnc Imnclsomc sliocs you are lrying on? Slxoes of clisiinction can Im Iounrl al all limes nl llm RELIABLE SHOE STORE, I045 FuI4 lun Slrecl. Allcnliunl II you are ilminlcing ol in new car tllis sum- mcr. remember tliat SAIVI DAVIDSON carries a complete line ol good usccl cars at reclucecl prices. Locatecl at 560 Broadway. ' 1Fl'5'i'-.iii . . . . I Page 128 1 I v- K, I Tlmt RIESE BROS. suit plus Jim Ulam's lmnclsom- ness gives us our lirst clxoicc for tlie lxest clressecl lnoy at Fresno Higli. Don't give up llmuglu. fellows: you too can lnc still competition il you lzuy your clotlms nl RIESE BROS., IOIO Tulare. Having lveen romplntely outlittccl lry VOGUE SHOE SHOP. IISO Fulton. Dot Rees fun lace tlie ciimern witlioul ix tremor. She knows tliut every cletail must lwe perlect il il lms lmeen clleelcecl lxy tlxe VOGUE. Carl Snylor and Bern Bcrnnrtl coultl ricle riglit into llle licart ol any girl at F. H. S. il lylr. Scott would turn liis lmcli lor a minute wliile tliey speedily wllip lllis lmrnncl new car out ol FRANK BECKE1T'S. 700 Van Ness. Cyntlxin tlninlis it would be an excellent iclezx to trade our scliool scents lor tliese comliortulmlc couches at SLATERS FURNITURE STORE, 906 Van Ness. From llme looks ol tlmings CIICS is in lor ri little lliglx- pressurccl sulesinunslxip. but lic really r.locsn'l mind: as lung as lic lmuys lronl MAISLER BROS. LUMA BER CO.. 2244 Rnilroacl. l1e knows lme ean't lose. Page 129 Vvarrcn Sleitz is selecting l'1is grucluation gill, a wnlcli from ABE SHADDOVV JEVVELERS, H3-1 Fulton Street, lrecause lic wants style ancl mluralailily as well as accuracy. Go to ABE Sl'lADDOVN"S lor your Silverware, too. Nlnlie your Nloncluys really lnlue lmy Lloing your wusli- ing at l1Dl1lC, anal still you eanlt get tlxe same results ns the DODGE LAUNDRY 6 LINEN SUPPLY CO., 550 NOflll Broaclway. For lower prices anal cleaner clotllcs try DODGE LAUNDRY, 'lilierc seems to lne some error. rliliafs zu lmlry's niglity yuulre liancling Miss Colley. Pleasel-lull lalcm: il lrom one wllo linows, mistalies are rare occuranrzes nt il..- 465 Nortli Fulton, Xxllxy not lvc sure tlmt your clutlies will lu- tlme same slxape. size, ancl color alter cleaning' as lvelorc lay tali- ing tllenl to tl1e CAPITOL CLEANERS 6 DYERS. 540 Belmont. Or il you wisll to CllElHQC llie color ol llmt laclcfl lxlue Llress, CAPlTOl. is still llie place. Goslil .lust lo tliinlc ol tlic name PLEASANTON lbrings tlnicli sizzlers to minel. Or il your appetite is more on Barbara CaniplJell's taste, wlxat almut a cle- licious comlaination salacl. Fl-lie lwest gracle ut loocls olnninalalc to loc louncl at tlme PLEASANTON CAFE. lOl5 Broaclway. X I aqe 130 X 123. I2 'ssoN uuA i99I 'CIOI-IS 'IV?IO'IgI SSEIN NVA Luoxg smmogg guns mgm Aomg I2 .long AggAual,g ggnglgnrg dgolg gxgnou Ollgxfx gags 'oN 'gmoxg slauug' uom gulgm gou sgmgg gncg IIJEIIIS sgxnuz gum 'fnugusggumg slnuuacg 'Q 'ggusmoi mg sag 'uoggnlg ggzg gn ug drucg 'KJIDAKJI gsulz mum -.xcmggs o.xgsng3xu gauge uosoggu ggom SMI SEIEITHMEII' NIIVIOD 'WI am an la Sl mngmx omg ug aogsagog .I I 'I ld -P I I - I -ug lllll'lIl.l Mafx sumos gami1.nzg,Xg 'L 'uugssas ugunuug gmgo gmgg ug 10 uuoug uugg xugbun gsm .moi Jo-g gaassolgm OJKIIOA gone uocg agggoN nz uo gnrg 'kggg sung uoggnd gggg qu S.Nl,IVD osnuo. 'snggzgvgbg 'Suas ga Bugs 'ggolvx 'gwoiim 10 ugnu gg uxggg amos 'DNUIIIIIOJ gyuu Kgsrug gg ayggg amos--gong gg oyggg sums 'Axgamof agmmu Pumg gnug -Bgm ug sazggugoads SugA"gOg,g 'smmi amgng go Sugyguglgg ugolgg gas smg uog 'Ind QZH W ERIOLS MFIEINXEIF S4.I.'IOl-I U5 'I'?Id5?P QIII SHAWN -sais .lgalgg ug :gong Ammz Jug ga zmmg ng mans ASBQCI Pun AIIIUIDCI 'S Q- .-f . 1 - ,. 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Tiuguzmo luuuoj Ol sollsgp Manod IUOIJ Sugmlpiuu maxim '0mln,l. Pun 'mllnll "2 3210.13 '.LdElCI SUONVJ ally IE Ancl 01 siugxll :uum jo Pun 'mann .mom 01 sims ruoux ju rlugxp ues ouol Pun euuv isxaxxom is.1a,s.mH 1, ii your immixurger. iwt clog, or iiml liiicii rib slcaic in-as Colne from MACHLIN MEAT CO. on Cilurcil and Fruii. you iinow youirc eating lim ibesl. Dccicic rigili now lo be sure oi time quaiily of your meal, by asking. "Dui lilis come from MACHLlN'S?" 2. Vvilcn .lack jiggeci up to a ici- Iow in SEARS ROEBUCK E9 CO.. 727 Vain Ness, and asiccci. usir. wilnl imve you clone?" irc was loici. ni..nciciic, SEARS ROE- BUCK imvc just iiaci lim biggcsl siiipmcnt oi time incst linings-Care lo imvc n ionic?" VVi1y rion'l you :xii ioiiow suit? it pays. 3. Tiicrcis no spot un iilesc icicis' ciotiies 'cause iiicy do iousiness wilix HOFFMAN CLEANERS. Aii inleiiigcnt F. H, S. skucienls Wim imvc that scruiyircci ionic abou! iiicm are unziouiwicciiy leaking lilcir cioliucs in HOFFiViAN CLEAN- ERS, 914 Bcimoul. ZUKOR' S DRESSES ... COATS SUITS IOIS Fuiton Slreci Pimne 3-7455 Congruiuiaiions CLASS OF 1959 Collegiate Barber 1-1 Beauty Shop 2005 Van Ness Bnuicvarci Piionc 2-7815 COMPLIMENTS THOMPSON R A N C H E S EUGENE O. THOMPSON Congratulations Cinss oi '59 Priniing Fresno Republican Printery anal Booizlzimliny Office Furniture Filing Equipment PHONE 5-4 I 01 2150 Kern Street Fresno LCOII H. Cilifly, PFGS. flllll Page 155 Page 154 1, Gee-comtort personitiect. VVt1o coutctn't enjoy a rest in one ot ttie many welt lpuitt pieces ot' turniture at FINK FURNITURE CO.. 950 Broadway? Q. No woncter .lotm Mailman and luis gang always toot: so tnanclsom- cty clressect. NVlnen your ctotlnes come trom llie EASTERN at 1059 Fulton, you can't lose. 5. Betty anct Pal could :to won- clers wittx ttxeir tiomeworlc it tliey tract a cleslc lilce ttiis to wort: on. H. S. CROCKER CO.. Inc., at 1141 Fulton Street also tlas a large ass sortment ot art goocts and carcls. 4. Ntargc Eastman woulct titre to wall! riglit out witti tliat Cliocolale liar. lout Merillee and Nacliilc plan to stay and tmvc one ot tliose gooet LIBERTY PHARMACY sodas. Just try one at 955 Van Ness. 5. THE VARSITY LUNCH ROOM at 1477 Van Ness is a tmnety place tor tiigli sctmot stu' clents. tt is welt equippect to satisty ttleir liunger anal ttieir tliirst tliese trot summer clays. 6. Yvlien you want a novel and rcasonalwlc gills, go to BAZAAR at 2055 Kern. Tire clev- erly arranged clisplay in ttxe win- ctow is just a sample ot tlic inter- esting tl1ings insiclc. 7. Like Ctles anct Jack, you too will tnecome a permanent institution at tlle OLIVE INN wtlen you trave triect ttxeir liamtnurgcr specials at luncti and their retresliing ctrinlcs llDCtWVCCI1 times., 8. Now we tmow Ronalct Sim- erty's secret ot success. He lcceps luis clotlies lootcing tmranct new lay sencting ttlem to NAtVtAN'S CLEANERS AND DYERS at 1055 Van Ness. Why clon't you try it? N 9, POTTER DRUG Co., 1102 Fulton, is welt tcnown tor tine cam- era supplies. POTTER'S also carry all time best lines ot cosmetics anit tlieir socta fountain is excellent. Don't worry. rl-1t't0SC two llccli- ters wnn't lnuy a tlming toclay. But wlien tliey clon,t lmreatt rtown, itis ROOS BROS. tor lliem tor al- ways. 11. FRESNO TOWEL Co.. ..i 115 Tliesta assures you ot goocl service tzy ttieir long experience. Ttiey have been in Business since 1903 anct really know tiow to cle your linens. aprons. gowns, and towels, IQ. Vvllen you want to tiglit it out, go to HOlX'tAN AND CO.. 1249 Fulton. They will nnl only sell you the necessary equipment taut will referee ttle matctl tor you. Try ttieir tennis anct swimming equipment, too. C0nqratuIa11ons C1155 01 1979 NIAH OR I'RANIx A IIOINIAN I- H S J Congratu ations CIN 01 1939 from HERIVIAN AND TODRESIC J2 Broadxvzxy 1I1one 5 3239 S'I ENVAR1' AND NUSS INC 81411111119 MaILrrc11a Vxffl 1V1l,xe:1 Conan In Phone 2 3153 I-qrcsno HAAS BRO'I HERS DLQULIJLI tors 0 Trunzfgf IDOOD PRODUCTS J O Street Fresno Iniurunce eaI Estate MADDEN WI IITE PRUNI1 Phone 2 1 193 T XV Pxttcrson Bldg Fresno Cal ongrululatzons Clubs 01 1939 BEAI PRIN I ERY I 06 Pa m Ave Ilonc J 4602 DR W VV LESLIE OfLIlOd0H1lS1 111onc 'I 0310 1402 Pm' gout1m cet B1CIs, I rcino W I Complzmenls GI OBE DRUG Congra 1uIuIro na CIass 01 1959 IIICI1 SCHOOI MARKET 19.12 Eu no P11one 2 691.1 EASTMAN S MODEL SHOP A1rpIanL B011 Ra11roat1 MLdyelt1u10 MODLI S SUPPLIES I-'OA Wl1SOn T1lL l1l'C l-IYCBHO CIOTIQIIHLIIIIUOYIS C1155 01 1939 NAI C OI IAN S MUSIC IIOUSIF' 1030 1X1nnpos'1 Struct 1 Ilonc '7 8117 Congratu1u1wns C1ass a 1939 BROADXVAH CYCLER1 argc-it Stock n1 Bu vc1cQ m Sm .Io xqum Vw11ey Lpmrmq Dom by Experts New and Used BlcycIcs RL1sond1JIc Prices 833 Broadw 15 P lone 5 5621 Congr111u1utlons C1155 01 19.19 ROSS1 ILORAI COMPANY 1149 1u1ton I1l0IlL J 2211 ongrutulatzonw C1155 of 1999 IDEDERAI GENERAL OUTFITFERS 1054 1Du1trm qtrccl Phone 3 6127 CompIum nts 0 WALTER BYDE CO Ltd nl 1 ull-In Sum Fresno S Lwdmg Gui: Sum Page 15:1 . ' ' I A , z T' , h- ' " 1 7 .A ' A 1. . . Iso' 722' 9 -' . . I. Q -L - I Y F 4 I 5,0 .. ., 1 . R 4 C ' . 1 - Y 1-V Y1, ' .W - E d rw . 1, I . -1 . I-r. 1' I ' P ' J - . .. V .. .. L - . 3. 7 . , C.I'1. ' :.- 1.- ' .-1 ' . , 'Y ' I .4 :A '-I A .. qil - A F '.' I 'E . ' ' ' ' . V y v C L' .. . ' 2 i ' 4 ,. w . Rf " - 2 ' , - L 1' L A I l J . 'z '- -1 ' ' .' C nn bn- 2 V I - . C . x L lv I ' - LI J 4 4 A q 1 ,r T J ,hh 1 , ' L . I - .- I ., . 1. 1 x I , , , 4 Acknowledgments To Mr. Lyle Rennicic of the Lyle Rennicic Studio, Mr. Robert L. 0zias of the Fresno Bee Engraving, and to Wir. Verne L. Underwood of time Crown Printing and Engraving Company, we wistl to express our sincere appreciation of the many courtesies they have shown us and time vai- uect assistance ttley have given us in time prepara- tion and publishing of our yeartaooic, ttxe Fresno Higtl Sctioot Owl. -Time Staff. 7: E Lang-"'7'e3'o" wnak in e.1pre,.:0 f-' W' S--were af.-fem-uffm ff--v'r'nvs:vKrno Preswo o P. .JP 5,405 v. fl'-ai-re"f Hi if-t iv rx fiifsi-so Q. QXQHRL fifusouri Q' cmnm rmzzzo Crown Printing Bl 2 2 t . yf,f! 4 W f QAf:Q5jP'fffjj1fW'W? yyywjiaw WMM W Wgfff WMM Ha mf Mykgijjmwy Q EEQMEWWKX ff W . C X . at WW i 0, , KM 'JJ 'Ml i' yy, W if L jj! 2? WWW X5 x Mififijfff if U, KCI' MQ' .J 'K U mf ff aww WY! B.,.,. Af J!f 4, 'lf X Mfff, X 6 fllf ff ,ff WM g WW wfwfyy Mffwfww My -Q . A dgmtcii Sli Qi? A M-quit 11 5 iiwmfw M UL.. f '3T'-uHkQi:'L:QQQLL'f4"t C'1.k,Et:'1Jm..u ofltu X W Y XX' S ' E. Ii x , I -fx ...- 4 yd 5. . " r , . 5 ng , f ' ,427 A'f7"' fl , -T x, , ' . rf' gf ' "H" f ""-UV' 4 AJ' fx vp I rx- s' ff I f A A vf I: Vg If 42291 Q i f 17 nf g -+1 . I if :74 'sf' 'lip f? qi, 4'4:ii -ff?" . J" " V ,.. I 5 ,fzfxgia ,al 144, - ,.- , M1 , f.f'14'f' Y J . . I ' :' .I uf f2yfn.f1f fg,f.,gf4- :J f-if 4 ffffff .amy . ,. If j' , A 0,44 v'1,..J9l--5:,,.4i2i'jf'igfp, 4,4--qi, ' , fi .. If M 'Vw ,, AY c'JffZk54f4L'AL4 "fl fmt-fir" 'X xx.,--fu'- . 1" ' wi . K I 1 . ,- 1 , -, " ' ' I ' I , L 4' ' ' A f I ' 1 M Y . 1 V. J 1? ' 1 J ' J if IV. .. I D.. X X X ' V x 1 I , - " Q. XLXX - L ., - 4 Q gag, ' , A X- Q . Cxih 1 ix 24 .5 I I X '- C -wx Xxx ' , 1"-P X X fx. . ' T71

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