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f 1 ,114 J A "' gf? .s It 1149 P .4 jr ' --P 7, ., -lf-7,L.4f V! y K Q k mx i ' 1 V 4, K, U mi, ' v lfvolwjiffiqfff WZZII7 35 fjwgaw ff? 76 B wOM,yj,,!,, lyfffjjifzaw M Www ff? iw RQEQQ E www? 5 f' gjxx is N2 YW K ,, J B A X2 Qian ff D M. I '. 1 fymsff A , I 9 ' I Z " -14 :eff H fc " ff W 532 wif ,A ff!! F 5 ' ' M V Dux - . F H -A I, E A ff? f C. Q f D3 O 4 M , WL. f x V ,x ww , im, Ex K M U S.. J, f 1 , , -151 Ax 'Q A 4 s - ' -,Q X xx 'n 3, .g A . LL ' X lkmx? 'gs x 'Z c , 'ff t. . Q f g X . - r . I gf '. nf" Mm 0 x x? XA hx ,HMLYLV . :S T' Nfjf s g 3 "X '0 v . - , V U-74' . ' . ' p RQ X J ,H XZ A K 1 SJ W i 37 X T , 'fi XX' , J Qt' 5 L'-, xx Q X ' NF 5 'I xi JJ As A 'X ' D I LJIQ X7 ' I -'7x1,4 --J H 5 ' ' ' N x . f ,f x ,ix EW, .Nt -A I-T f' , . l J' if ffl!! . fa f Lf 'X f f M X ,lb ,fb 1 l an J f f -to Jr' llhxs lv f X 1 s I 711 I J 35 Jul' f I fzfy Wk WW7 s M WJ 9 W9 5511 TYTOV5 PUBLISHED JUNE IXIIIXIETEEIXI THIRTV FIVE by the ASSCCIATED STUDENT BCDDV of EIQESINIG HIGH SCHCDOL FRESNCD, CALIFQRNIA -'J' . ' ' E y I I 'i ' f . '. ' I' . I 1 41 ' ,, 1' - Nh: B 1 'L Y ' U. 'I K fp . ix I , ff6L I 9 " Q 1 yy f f L sQ I gl' f .ff 4 1. 4 ff -,C I . .' , Vrf Nfhgxyrff . gl! V, I l:,l'.U' ", eil' v 'A'- s, V. - ' I P., I If .x " 4 If 'J g -:J I . U ,If 1 'VL fn " 2 I ff' I' ' I f ' . 01 ffff- ff ,V-L N E . his V K I N' ' ' W, If ,4 Lf' . X N 1 . r II lyjy , . -' I . I . xf, . if X X '05 I ul X IJ K I I NU r :Ik I 'I '85 ,z f 0 0 LL L , 0 o o 5 ESJLCQQ IU IH? BLOCK F OF FREQNO HIC H M 151 U V ' I A I g ' X H , " 2MV.'?'f - e.'VT'1? - mu -fm X flu fm .ww ll ,fl " P' CN WE YARI 'ff WP f2' l1N 5N N f HEID WE D DC 'WE WH? - - -'v V 5 I 65 UW' ,ff O'ZE,0IJ'O'Z THE EDITORS OF THIS THE 1935 OWL HAVE A IN IT x LW C 'DC UID SHIR TRESNO HIUH IT IS THEIR HORE THAT TI IIS LOL WILL SERVE AS AN ACCURATE AND LIVE RECORD OT THE ACHIEVEMENTS AND DROCRESS OE THE CREWS SRLENDID THREE YEAR VOYACE AND THAT IN THE YEARS TO COME IT WILL REMAIN A TRUE MATE TG EVERY MEMBER OF THE CRETX ROY BALL f ' h if LFIJIDEAIVORED ICD CRE' TE I X' TRLIE I I JT TI IE . ,, Q I - ,. 7 ., I 1 , ECIIICWI V ,Q X -M, Ugczfzfz-711 THE SKIPPER AND HIS MATES T H E C R E W CREW ACTIVTTIES B U R L E S CD U E CREW ATHLETICS SHIPS QRGANTZATIQNS Ugg and gli ffmafea IW ,ef I EDWIN C. KIEATT Principal Linfield ColIeQe, Ali. k 'itanlord University Nl A lilzizzciflufa cflflassuya TO YOU WHO ARE ABOUT TO LEAVE THE GOOD SHIP FRESNO High, and in the continuance of lifels journey, secure passage elsewhere, permit me to say "Bon Voyagen. Seelc truth always. lo do the worlq of the world requires that one be trained to exact scientific methods and he given the wide mental outloolc demanded by modern conditions. Ar times the going will be rough. You will meet opposition. It is, however, only in the conflict of minds that real truth is to pe discovered. With the vision of truth, united with the power of performing duty, yours will be a lull life of service. EDWIN C. KRATT JOHN MOCK Vice Principal Washington Stair ll IA fn. . A yu rg-f iv FERNE FARVER Dean of Girls Grinnell College A ll Columbia University M A. uzscfou O R V RADIO MESSAGES FROM GOOD SHIP FRESNO HIGH AdmnraI Kratt ID command of the educatronal crunse reports Vice AdmnraI Mock standrng by Dlscrplnne good Directors busy organlzung courses of study, counseIIung tI1e sa1Iors, and conducting excursions ID countries vlsuted Dean Farver acts rn a dual capacity, socnaI Iwostess and Interpreter at tI'1e Iorengn ports Commander Sorenson counseIs, gnves medrcaI advice, and conducts courses ID pIant and anlmaI Ilfe Under the supervlsuon of I.1eu tenant SmaIe, the salIors have organized unto a self governing body Wbule artist EIIrson makes everyone aboard art and musnc conscuous, Durector OIney recreates the Iand of Shakespeare, Sbavv and Davnd CopperFueId Ottncer Irombetta, through games, contests, and tournaments, Iceeps the passengers and crevv ID exceIIentpI1yslcaI condutlon So satisfying Iwas been this educatlonaI journey on tIwe Seven Seas that pIans are being made for the September cruise Operator Rabourn transmits sI'1rps posltlon BERNICE OLNEY IC o ELIZABETH ELLISON I RNIQ IARVER ly MA SARA RABOURN M A IOHN LJ SMAII J A A SORENSON Q1 Cu U76 an re Q gd IC an a v 0 rr of J F E E P I . 4 . A ' Q A Englrsh Unsvcrslty 0 VGIII rn1a,A.B, Fune Arts Pratt Instntute E , Language GrinneII Czllege, AB. Columbia Unnversl , . . Engineerlng llnrversrty of Missouri, A B, , . ,, Y, 1 pw' Lvgal Ilnwfvsltv of C alnfovnua A I3 M A A,.1fAlI av Marr M Img Q-tt C Ilag , BS . I , F V X ss FACULTY T ROW Trombetta Anderson, Muller, Ellison, Wood, Smale. SECOND l2OW:f'Johnson, Olney, Rogers, Pabourn, Maxwell THIRD PONY' ti r Peetz White Wrrght, Farver, Kratt FOURTH POW: 'Eames,StubElel1eld, Peters, Sorenson, Mock, Ginsburg FIFTH ROW: Owen, Kerr, Key, Watson. NOT IN PICTURE- Carlson, Harbers, Dillon,SI1ucl4 S ts at worlc In Art Me al Class A bl urlesnue In rehearsal X 7 "' L I - n . . M . . . 7 f 1 I I tofh it ufft TELEVISION FILMS FROM THE GOOD SHIP FRESNO HIGH prcture tlwe marrnes rn actron Bandmasters Dullon and Struck and Sergeant Gutley lead tlwe parade Sarlors swung along ID lormatron, wlwrle marnnes Edwards, Ornsburg Owen, and Wrlglwt play slrutlle board and decI4tenn1s Scenes from amateur tlneatrrcals, staged by Harbers, Watson, Muller, Barnard, Terstall, and IVl1ntl1orn pass rn revrew At a deslr rn tlwe slwrp s laboratory Carlson, Kerr, I2eetz, and Lemon analyze manne lrle wlwrle Stubblelueld and Oaumnrtz experrment wutlw sea and lweavy water Flaslw, engrne room, General Electric Anderson Tlme scene slnrlts Lounge and library emerge decorated wrtlw tlwe lrandrvvorlr and orlgunal slcetclwes ol artists Mciiardle Nlrllward, and Barnard As lrbrarran Bird Issues boolrs, typrst Wlurte and purser lVllntl1orn audit accounts Knots ol sailors engage rn debates on International Relatrons under tlre sponsorslwlp oIWaIsl1 Anderson, Rogers, ...XM .n,,fJZ.!',f' FACULTY FIRST ROW Tetstall G E Anderson Mlnthorn Moodey Burd Smukh SECOND ROW Barnard Moody McCardIe Briggs Wall Mrllward THIRD ROW GGUMHIIZ W G Anderson Edwards Met ler FOURTH ROW Gulfey DeFoe Habermann DZCGYISIO Russell Lemon NOT IN PICTURE Hug Ins Butrles Graves Boys observe problem In shop Chemistry student performs exper ment ID laboratory assembly Discussions from tlwe Floor are on World Peace, Governmental Pollcues ol Foreign Natuons, Gold Standard, and New Deal On tlwe panel are Moodey and Moody, Baptuste, Del:oe, Edwards, and Wood In tlwe dlnlng room, llngulsts Eames, Muller, Rogers, Smntlw, and Wall prescribe tlnat tlwe sarlors spealc In Iorergn tongues One reel slwows operator I-Iaber mann at tlwe wireless, navmgator .lolwnson and pulot Tetstall on tlwe bridge and draltsman Maxwell clwartlng tlwe slnp s course Close up tea tume on decl4 Dramatnst I-larbers, essaylst Russell, columnist Peters, grammarlan Key, orator Anderson, and novelist Ginsburg are the centers ol varrous tea table discussion groups, wlnle poets Olney, Anderson, Brrggs, and Wall render selections from Engluslw and Amerscan poetry At tlwe sound ol two bells, musuclan Watson stands, waves ller baton, and leads sallors, crew, and marlnes rn tlwe sungung ol tlme Alma Mater R W and Defaristo. Next in review, the recreational roomwsailors lwolcling an f C AML 35 ADVISORY COUNCIL T ROW B h W d QECOND ROW J d CLASS OI' 35 OFFICERS SFC UND ROW T d A y 41.40 1 THE EFFORTS QF THE EFFICIENT OFFICERS OF THE CLASS OF 35 during the past three years have been largely responsible For the success of the various class actrvutues Especially us thas true of the oFFlcers durang the past year Under the able guidance ol Wendell I'Ianser and Paul Callaway, the class presented Channnng I3oIIocl4s Masterpiece, The Fool, for their senior play, carried out all the detalls ol graduation for two semes ters, and arranged one of the best class dances un the history of the school I RS urln art. Reed, Donleavey Todresuc Kasal, ar 4 , ones Olsen Salbach Ad ungton McL:IIan V K FIRST RONXII Steele, Wortman, Warr.'n ' o vwslc ndurw Callawa Olsrn Huvlthaf' E" -V uf ' f rp - C 1- , Q NORMAN AARONIAN Tr clt 39 33 34 Baslcetball Manager 1105 39 33 Basketball Manager 33 MADONNA ADDINGTON Class 35 Commissioner of Flnance 35 Class 35 Executnve Commlttee 34 Hypatea 33 34 35 Treasurer 34 Commnssuoner o ebatlng 34 C 5 F 39 33 34 35 GAA 33 34 35 Soohomore Assembly Christmas Cantata 33 Owl Stall 35 GEORGE AGERS ETHEL AHREEN I-IAIG ALBARIAN 34 35 Stamp Club Christmas Pageant 34 The Fool Joan ol the Nancy Lee JUNE ALBRECHT HELEN ALBRIGHT Advlsory Councll 34 G A A 33 3 35 Secretary 34 Reporter 34 ROBERT ALCHIAN oan of the Nancy lee Manager 34 S ALBERTA ANDERSON Gurl Reserves 33 34 35 Vice President 33 Presrdent 34 Y V! C A Representa tuye 34 The ool WILLARD ANDERSON WILLIAM ANDERSON 4 Tack 33 34 PHILLIP ANDREWS Go 34 35 Football 347 33 34 Trac 3 34 35 Basketball 9 MARGARET ANDURI Advsory Council 34 Class 35 Vice esndent 34 C 5 F 39 33 CATHERINE ANTICH Girls League Repre entatlye 33 ELIZABETH ARABIAN G A A 5 THOMAS ATEN LILY AVAKIAN Oh Doctor Joan ol the Nancy ee MARJORIE BALDWIN Class 35 Vlce President 35 The Fool ROY BALL Commnssnoner of Publucatuons 34 35 Senate 33 34 35 Auditor 34 Ace Preldent 35 President 35 Sophomore Assembly The Gypsy Traul The Fool Release Advisory Council 39 33 Executlye Committee 34 35 Football 39 33 34 Traclc 4 JAMES BALOIAN T otball 39 33 4 LAURA BARNARD emo? ., asian IN FEBRUARY 1932 APPROXI mately one hundred thnrty sux students were welcomed unto Fresno l'll9h School They were the lounders cl the Class ol 35 The lollovvun 4 I f ' I l i . fo Q ,- C S. F. ' , ' j H '33f I ' , , V, X ,' 41 , 'AJ V f', Track '35, ,V il! ,F 1 , . "loan ol the Nancy Leeuf Football '39 '33, '3 , r ' ,' ,'35. ll' ,' , ', .,' ,' , It I 3,' V' V '3 i , ' ' f ' - Pr ' , .,. .' ,' , '35 ,'3 'A H: L ' ,' f A ' QV 1 s H , H ' ,' f '3 , l 5 l I o ' ,' ,'3 f I t E I - ' 3 Y l RICHARD BARNES MARJORIE BARTRAM Commrssvoner of Socral Alfarrs 35 Class 35 Secretary 33 Commissioner of Social Alfarrs 34 Executlye Commrttee 33 portld 33 34 35 Sophomore Assembly Tanlor Made Man The Gypsy Travl WESLEY BENNETT ELEANOR BENNETS ABRAHAM BESWATE MILLIE BOGUCHWAL C3 A A 34 JOHN BONSIGNORE CLYDE BOPP The Fool Oh Doctor Joan ol th Nancy Lee Football 39 WILLIAM BOPP Joan of th Nancy L MARGARET BOYER Comrmssroner of Socral Allarrs 34 Hyoatra 35 President 33 Vce President 33 Secretary 34 Sergeant at Arms 34 G A A 3Q 33 Vrce Presrdent 33 Secretary 39 Executrve Commrttw 39 34 Mrkado JUNE ANN BRAY rrs 5 xerte 33 34 35 Oh Doctor Joan of the Nancy Le Gypsy Tral qophomore As emblv X WDUANE Bnooxs Basketball 39 33 Football 33 Nlanaqer Q FORREST BROWN N, enate 39 3 35 President 3 k nglneers 33 3 Presvdent 5 Nm Oh Doctor Joan of the Nancy LN lr ck 33 34 GENEVIEVE BROWN ne Nlght rn Bethlehem The Bat Joan ol the Nancy Lee Glrls Sextetre 34 35 Publrc Schools Week Pageant 35 VERA BROWN ass l-lu or A v o Councrl 35 WILLIAM BROWN LUCILLE BROWNE Ddltd 33 34 5 Vrce restdent 4 resrdent 34 Insurer 35 Qophorrror Assembly PRESTON BRUBAKER JUNE MARIE BRUNNER nrrnatronal l n easur r FRANCIS BRYAN ROBERT BUEL September, three hundred ten new members were added to complete the class A lhe class paper, e percolator was organxzed during the sop omore year l the Qprng prcnrc was held rn Roedrng l3arl4, and L, l '39, '33, V34 ' , I ", . . G 1 'Q ' ' N YH, H 3 I F S ,II W 3 34. ' ' ' 5 ' '3 , '34 ' , '35, Q 7 4-'34 ' 5, 3 , l, 8 a ' ' I, I l QQO , M ", 3 cr '35 fr rm '14 sn, a ry yy ' 3, D 3 's , X r .f a I as '14 rf 3 l h S r, .r as ' I l' I SA' ' . th I h . n . 1 , a rr 4 I MARION BURGE JOHN BURKHART Advusory Councrl 32 Joan ol the Nancy Lee Basketball 33 34 Track 34 WILLIAM BURKHART Commissioner 0' Arhlctucs 35 Assistant Ye'l Leader 33 Class 35 Yell Leader 33 34 35 Adx1sorYCounctl 33 34 35 Joan ol the Nancy Lee Track 33 34 35 Basketball 33 34 35 Football Tennis 33 34 ROY BURNETT Advrsory Councul 34 Track 33 34 ALICIA BURNS Curr Reserves 34 35 GAA 4 MARY ANN BURNS Lnttle Town ln Bethlehem Joan ol th: Nancy Lee GENE BYDE Advisory Councrl 34 Class 35 Treasurer Mummers 39 33 Treasurer 33 The Fool The Bat Baseball Manaf-ter WILLA MAE BYRN FRANCES CAFFERATA Class 35 Vuce Presrdent 39 Commlssnonvr OISOCIGI Alfalrs 33 Portra 33 34 35 Mummers 39 3 34 Secretary 3 G A A 33 34 Commlssuoner of Tamb lung 33 Sophomore Assembly ALBERT CAIAZZA PAUL CALLAWAY ass 35 Presndent 35 Senate 32 33 34 Football 39 33 34 Track GEORGE CARLSON l2lFle Club 39 Engineer 33 Senate 33 34 Au :tor 34 CSF 33 34 Cadets 39 CHARLES CASS Senate 33 34 35 Secretary 34 JANE CLANCY HAZEL CLARK lnternatlonalFrlendshlp 33 34 33 Vice President 34 C1 A A 34 Band 39 33 DIXIE COLE BRUCE COMER MARGARET CORSE C ess 36 Secretary 33 Portia 33 3 Treasurer 34 C S F 3 3 A 35 Joan ol the Nancy Lee WOODROW CORY ANNIE DAKE att e Town ol H thleh rn Doctor Joan of th Nancy L WOODROW DALTON ora 39 33 loovball rn the Fall the Sophomore hlard Tnmes party took place rn the gymnasium The Sophomore Assembly was guven Apruli 1933 It consisted ol a short play, a black lace act, a pantomime, a tumblrng act, and a dramatuzatlon x 'K , L '34Q ' ' , ' , as. ' i I ' T ' ,, . , , '3 , Q3-1, H H ' , ' , '34. ' ' ' ' V' 3,l ' , ' "3 f Basketball '39 Cl ' L ' f 5 ' , ' 1 ' ,' H f '34s ' ' , '33, 4, 34, , ' , ' I a ' , ., . . ' , l i l ,'33. I ' ' , ' T ' 4, 'asf H ' , . ' 3,4 4i o. A. , , ,, . ' -r 'I .. . ., I L l F V , Oh , r H e rr :K N Aft - r f 5? , . JJ DOROTHY DAVIS GORDON DAVIS Football 33 34 Track 3 35 ALDA DENINGER REUBEN DERDERIAN CONSTANTINE DERDEVANIS a ro 34 Joan of the Nancy ev Track 33 34 35 VIRGINIA DEVORE Secretary 35 Porua 33 34 35 Peporw 33 parllamentarraw 34 president 34 CSF 33 The byrnsy Tra l Soolwomor As emblyf Grrls leaczee TreasL er 3 ta 3 AMALIA DIEI. r Rrsery s 35 lntc natlona rendslup 33 34 35 Vlcc Presr rm 33 Trr-asurrr 34 RICHARD DIX ROBERT DIX TED DIX I r' Club 34 e dr Ca 3 35 Joan of the Nancy L DOROTHY DONLEAVEY 35 Execuruve Commmw 35 Porvra 39 33 3 Reporter 34 Secretary 4 Sophomore Assembly Babbutt s Boy HAZEL DOUTY ypatla 33 l-'lm orlan Treasurer 33 Vrc Presndrnt 34 Wresd nv Girls r trrt 35 Ch lstrnas Cantata 34 Joan of the Nancy Lev DOLLY DUTTON Mummers 34 O A A 34 ROY EDMONSON Track 39 loolball 'ball P E DOROTHY FAIRFIELD GENEVA FARRIS Bn 33 34 DOLORES FENNELL CHARLES FETTE WILBUR FINKS ommlsslon I Q' Arhlvvfi 54 I? Football 32 33 rack GEORGE FLOHR ol tlwe Wedding ol tlwe Painted Doll A The lrrst social event ol the class during tlwemr second year was tlwe Junror Jolly Up grven on Novem ber T7 Tlrme play clwosen bythe Class for Its Junior Production was tlwe , I, I , A! . I R d I ' 5 " V l. ' , ' r ' ' r ' r ' 5 I ' 1 rr V Qwl 2 ' E. GI l 7 33 '34, ' , r l f r I I , a R Fl '. , 35, Herr P y 34, d'IS '33, ' 4 ' , " ww" '34, Secretary '33, Presldenl '34, Murrrmerg '34, ' 5, r V U '3 . I-I V' '34 '35, V t '33, '34, I ' 'f '34, ' ,' 'kr ' r '33, Baskv' 33 34 J. . ICH a d' , ' , 35 C I v , n ' , " rlrdfr , ' - 34, T ' '33 '34, 35 LEON FOIN GAIL FOX EVERETT FRANTZ "Joan of the Nancy"f Football '3Qi Track '33i Baseball '33, THEODORA FRISBIE GEORGE FUJII CATHERINE FULLER Joan ol the Nancy Lee ROBERT FULSTONE Football 39 33 34 FRED GABEL WINIFRED GALLION OW Stall 35 Th Lnypsy Traul RICHARD GAMEGAN Track 33 ALBERT GAROIAN GERALD GASH Basketball 34 ootball 3 Track 33 34 JANE GILES A A DONALD GILMER MARION GRAHAM KATHLEEN GREAVES JEAN HABER ROBERT HALL OLLIE HAMILTON Joan of the Nancy Lac Soph more Assemblv ARMEN HAMPAR Cornmuss oner ol Debatlnq 34 Cass 35 Comm ssroner ol Finance 33 CSF 39 33 34 35 Presrclent 34 Senate 33 34 34 Presrdent 33 Debatlnq 39 33 34 Wrnner of Fresno County Oratorrca Con est 34 Wrnner ofSan Joaaurn Valley Oratorucal Contest 34 Qd Pl ce n Central Calulornua Extemporaneous Speak mg Contest 34 Track 33 FLORENCE HANCOCK Gurl Reserves 33 34 35 Treasurer 34 lnternat1onalFrlendslup 33 34 35 C A A 34 35 l.nttleToWnolBetl'1lelwem The Fool Jcan ofthe Nancy Lee Curls Scxtcttc 35 Band 35 Gypsy lraul ln tlwe sprung of tlwe year, tlwe Class ol 35 was lwost to tlwe Class ol 34 at tlwe JUUIOI' Senior prom It was lweld ID tlwe gymnasium vvlnmclw was decorated as an art studio A Cn November 6, 1934 a Senior Dance f X I ' ," e 3 ,I I' , '35i F '3, '34, G , ,'33 1352 9eeretaryl'35, Qtampl Club 'l3Ql:33l i -f 1 I n 6 F A' l ' i n a i JAMES HANSEN H r Fool Winner of Latham Poster Contest 34 Wrnner of Communrty Ch st Poster C ntest 33 Pla ue Design 35 Football 33 Track 34 35 WENDELL HANSEN Class 35 Presrdent 34 Commlssuoner of Frnence 33 Senate 39 33 34 President Secretary C S F 39 Tarlor Made Man The Fool Football 33 Track 33 34 LILLIAN HANSON Advrs0ryCounc1l 33 Porta 33 34 LEOLA HARRIGAN FRANCES HARROP ALTA BELLE HASTIE HAROLD HAYES Joan ol the Nancyl NORMAN HENDERSON SYLVIA HERMAN ummers 33 34 35 C S Portva 3 5 MARY JANE HERNANDEZ G A A 33 Joan ol the Nancy Lee KATHRYN HERRING G A A 33 34 Cabunet 4 ELIZABETH HIBLER Oh Doctor Joan of t e Nancy Lee Joan ofthe Nancy Lee KUNITO HIRASUNA VIRGINIA HIXSON lnternatronal Frrendslup 34 Qoohomore Assembly Joan of the Nancy er KENNETH HOLLEY Presrdent 35 Executrve Comrnrttee 3 Tarlor Mads' Man Football 39 34 Basketball 33 a FREDERIC HOMAN GENEVIEVE HOWELL VAL HURST MARION HVIDT Class F 35 Commlssloner ol F nance 3 F Treasurer 34 Vrce Presld t 34 VERNON HYDE ass 35 Yell Leader 33 Foot a 34 Basketball 39 33 34 Track 39 Faseball 39 3 was given In tlwe l-lrgl1Scl1ool Lnbrary llwe Dutclw motuf was Carried out ID the decorations, dance programs, and novelty numbers Qn January 38, 1935 llwe Fool, a play by Chan ning Pollack, was presented llwe C SMF. '33f Owl Sta '33, '34, '35, 'AII1 vol ' If 'G L V r ' f t l ,V , .. mi. M ' ,' ' , ,L F 33, I 4 V3 . . . .' ' 5 .3 U U, " I1 GERALD HILL in 'Ll H A f ' 31 H H l '33 l , I , 34, '35, Baseb ll '33 '34, '35 I I I Q2 C, S. '33, '34f S nate 133 '34 '35, Cl l , b ll ll, ' , ' ,' ,,' , l ,'33, '34, ' , .3 , '34 WILSON ISHIDA Football 33 Baseball 33 34 GLADYS IVERSEN G A A 33 CLI NE JACK Sophomore Assembly ALBERT JACOBS ERIK JACOBSON MARION JARMAN Purple and Gold 33 34 Secretary 34 Joan OI the Nancy Lee MARGARET JASPER Joan ol the Nancy Lee DANIEL JENSEN Advisory Council 33 34 Senate 33 35 5ergeantatArms 34 Football 39 33 EINER JENSEN FLORENCE JOHNS nternatuonal Frnendshrp 33 5 cretary 34 C S F 3 PAUL JONES PETER JONES Class 35 Vnce President 34 Presuden 34 Mummers 34 The Gypsy Trail Bab nt s Boy The Fool Track 34 35 HAIG JOSEPH VIRGINIA KAMP AGNES KANDARIAN A A 33 35 Head 0lBaslcetbaIl MARY KASAI Advisory Councnl 33 34 35 G A 3 34 35 Treasurer 34 President 35 ELIZABETH KATLIK KEITH KEELER 39 33 34 Treasurer ANITA KELLOGG Executwe Committee 34 Portia 33 35 Vice Presndent 34 G A A Tenms Captan 34 35 Tenms 3 JACK KENNEDY JACK KHANTAMOUR A wat on Contest 35 Football 39 H s etball 39 33 4 play was a seruous one wut many character buts extremely well por trayed A The last vveelc ID January was a busy one for the seniors Sunday afternoon the low senxors gave a tea honornng the graduatung sensors and i7-4-4 I, Q A I O . ' I G 1 f 341 l ' ' , '34, '35, e ' , .'3 1. ib I .vim I rr' v I v l'Oh Doctor". K G. . ,' ,'34,' J '34. ' ' ,' ,' , . .A- C. S. Ff ,' l r '34, I 1 A , '34 , ' , . '34, '35, n W V , W3 '34, 35 v 1 . ' , 33, all ,I3 LOREN KIMES RAYMOND KIRK LEE KOEPKE GERTRUDE KRUMBEIN Girl Reserves 33 Sophomore Assemblv BETTY JEAN KUHN Hvpatna 34 C1 A A 34 HELEN KURKJIAN LWW Gr Reserves 34 35 G A A AUBREY LACKEY Aclvnsorvcouncr 33 35 Ira HENRY LAKE LESLIE LANDERS JAMES LAURITZEN 35 Yell Leader 3 B slfetball 34 Tennis 35 FLORENCE LEDUC Joan of the Nancy Lee LEONA LEE I-lvpana 3 NELLIE LEE LILLIAN LEGLER Christmas pageant 34 Joan of the Nancv ee MELVIN LEMON Football 34 BasIce'ball 34 Baseball 35 DOROTHY LEW Advrsorv Councnl 34 I 39 HARRIET LEWIS G A A 5 ROLAND LEWIS JANE LINCOLN BONNIE LISLE A A 3Q W3 Vnce Presldrnr Little Town of Bethlehem lhe Fool DOROTHY LONG therr parents The allarr was held rn the lrbrary vvhlch was decorated rn the class colors, blue and yellow Students from the musrc department provided the program Baccalaureate servsces for February graduates were il ' , ' f . .'35 ' l' ' , ck '33 I X ' 3, c '19 '25, ' '34 ' 5 C S F. '33 '35f Chrrstmas Cantata '34 L 1 ' ,F S ' '33 '34 , '3 . ' '. , U U , X . - . RAYMOND LONG Psfle Club 33 34 Secretary 34 Cadets 33 34 Corporal 34 RAYMOND LOWE VIRGINIA MccCRACKEN Cass 35 Salutatonan Pcrha 33 3 35 F 33 3 MARTHA MADSEN Gul Reserves 33 34 35 aecrelary Adorahon ADRIENNE MAHONEY lnternatlonal Fnendshup 34 oo Joan of the Narcy Lee BYRON MALM DOROTHY MANLY A A 33 34 Reporter 35 KARNIG MARDEROSIAN Band 35 MARGAR ET MAR DON C S F 39 Advertlsmq Sl H Taller Made Man JACK MARTIN WILLIS MASONHEIMER MAYBELLE MASTEN A 33 34 35 Reporter 5 MILTON MATHIESEN BEN McALPI NE MARY McCABE Purple and Gold 33 3 EUGENE McCREARY 3 GERALDINE McDEVlTT MELVIN MCDONALD EU WEL McGEE PEGGY MCKINLAY urole and Gold Q Hu tcrlan Tallor Made Man The Gypsy Tral The Fool Owl Staff 35 BETTY ANN McLELLAN Portla 34 35 Gul Reserves 33 G A A 3 The col Oh Doctor Adma vmn Orch srra E- Advssory Csouncul i5 held that evening un the Furst Presby terlan Church A Monday morning, January Q8 1935 the plaque of the Class of 35, desugned by ames Hansen, was unveiled A short Ceremony was held at which speeches l ' ' i ' ' ,'.4, I. f C Cf. .' ,' 4, '35 H' H ' , ' A ,f '24, ' V , 'BS1 "Thr F I", " . G. ,' ,' T351 ' . C. F. 333,-'34, '35f Trcaaaurer '35f G. A, l, ,l,4 C S F V 3, '34 '35 P ,, '3.f E N335 f I , ,RSI ., F My .. W .. ,I P ,Jw , ,J 1 J CHARLES McNEIL MYRTLE MEINZER C1 A A 5 oan ol the Nanc r WILLIAM MERTZ EDNA MEYERS AVIS MILLER A A 34 35 l-lead ol Vo ey 4 3 34 35 Advtsorv Councl 35 V ARJQRIE MILLER Purpl and Gold 33 KARNIG MINASIAN Football 33 RONNIE MINASIAN A A 35 1D0ctor WILMA MITCHELL Tallov Made Man T ool .2 d JACK MOONEY WARD MOORE CLARENCE MORRISON LILLIAN MOSESIAN lnternatonal Fnvndsnlp 33 T oo DERRILL MULLIGAN PATRICIA MURPHY Secretary 34 Portia 33 34 35 Serqeant rms cvetary 33 P esldent 34 LJ lea u rqeant at Arms 3 rw nt on nldt Hstmas antava NOBUO NAKAMOTO HARUYE NAKANO KIYOK0 NAKANO THOMAS NAKASHIMA EDWARD NAKATSUMA ANDREW NELSON were given by drtlerent members ol tlwe class llus was also Sensor Dress Up Day, and later ID tlwe mornlng tlwe Sensor Assembly, a Soutlw pole Fantasy was presented to tlwe student body A Qne hundred members ol tlwe Class I . '3 ,HJ yl,-,V G. . '33, ' , ' f ll Ball '3 rc. S l '.3, ' ' , A .I , V i G ' ,NOT N " ', " he F ', "ln B t' ' 1 ' hal l' Enqrnvar 34 '35, "Mrkado","Oh Doctor' GLA '33,' Csr 'QQI '32 '28 '35, Se , , r ' , Url: q 1' Sv V V3 , CO ve' l Rep resv we '34, flu C3 t . 34 l GERALDINE NIDER MARGARET NIGH Advisory Council 33 34 35 Hypatua 35 G A A 3 SHIZUYE Nll ADA NILMEIER C S F 33 lnternatuonal Frlendshlp 33 ERNEST NOLTE BEN OHANNESIAN 35 neMem er MADELINE OLSEN P rtla 34 35 President 5 PATERNO R LUCILLE OSTROW P rtla 34 35 Oh Doctor Sophomore Assemb'y Joan ol the Nancy Lee Plano Accompamst General Assemblies Publvc School Paqexant 3 RONALD OTA DORIS PARIGIAN JACK PARRISH e Bat Ihw lool Track 39 WILLIAM PATTON DONALD PAUL Vice president 3 Cla s 35 president 33 Jlce President 34 Presudent 35 The Gypsy Traml Joan of the Nancy ee Executive Commrttee 34 Football 33 Track 35 JACK PETERSON PAT Purple and Gold 33 CJ A A 35 Girls Sextette 34 THELMA PHILLIPS A A 39 Girls Sextette 33 BEN PIACENTINE ROBERT PICKFORD Dresldent 34 Cornmlssloner of Funance 39 33 34 Executive Commrttee 39 lass Pr sl ent 3 e ea er 33 Senate 33 4 35 Ice Presldent 34 Presldent 35 Basketball 39 DOROTHY PLUMMER HELEN PORTER Adyl ory founcl 3 ol 35 graduated Frlday evening Feta ruary'l The commencement exerclses were held ID the audutonum The theme of the speeches was Qur Country The three speakers were Armen l-lampar, Vargunla lVlacCracl4en, '34, ' , , , I A, '3El. l A c.s.r,'3Q,'33,'3-1, ' ,Ls b . o ' , 'f, '3 "Th " 7 R ,33 r ' 4, 1 ' 1331 fienate '33,I '34, .355 l.!I:ralrlan L ", V I' ' , '35, G, . .' , ' , ' ,'34. '33l '34l C ' '35 Q a ' Q, Y li L a , ' I R3 ' ,yy V 3 , l Q ROY PRETZER T ck 39 33 4 JAMES PROFFITT RlFle Club 33 34 35 Vnce Vresldent 34 Pr sldent 35 Cadets 33 34 35 Sergeant 33 Lueulenant 34 JANETTE PROFFITT A A 33 34 35 Vice Presvdent Adoration BROOKS PURDOM RICHARD PUSICH Banfl 35 LORRAINE QUIGLEY CLARENCE RAINES Stamp Club 39 33 Rrflf ub Cadets 3Q 33 CLARENCE RAMER JOHN RECKA5 EILEEN REED 34 35 Secretary G A A 34 35 Publicity Manager Advisory Councrl 35 Sophomore Assembly LINDA REGENSBURGER ummers 33 34 Doctor Boy Christmas Cantata 33 Joan F the Nancy Le JACK REH AGNES REVINSKY Adv1soryCOuncll 33 L1 A A MYRTLE RHEA DOLLY RICHARDSON GERALDINE ROBERTS HOWARD ROBERTS Ady1soryCouncll 34 Band 33 EVELYN ROTH DONALD ROYER CHARLES RUDOLPH Commmsssoner ol Ath errcs uf cutr e omrnmee 33 34 Football 33 eball 32 33 MARY RUSSELL lnternal onal Frlendslvp 3 Vice President 33 Secretary 3 D sud nt 3 C35 34 A 34 and and Wendell l-lansen A On May 4 1935 tlwe Class of 35 were guests of the Class ol 36 at the annual Junior Senior prom Cn Sunday afternoon, June 9, tl'1e gracluatlng seniors and tlmeur parents were tlwe guests ol tlwe ra ' ,' , '3 P' I il I I l rl , l . ,' H ,' ,' , V '34, . I V' I , 'Cl '39 '33, C. S l: '32 '33,' I r '34, . ' ' I, '35, M ' , ' , '35, 'AOIN ", "Lltfle Town of l3e!hlel'wem", I':Babk1't's J r O Q", l , 5. '34 . l , '39 ' 34. r '34, F 2' v C ' , V , '35, V g Bas ' ' , '34. r h Q '33 '34 '35, - . 1 r ' 4, re e '34, . F '33, ' ,G A ' , B ' Q '3 ' 1 ' 4 MARTIN RYAN Cadets 33 TAKAKO SAHARA G A A 34 C GEORGE ST LOUIS ISAMU SAITO Football 39 33 34 Baslretltall 33 EVELYN SAKAI RICHARD SAKAI Basketball 34 Track 33 CARL SALBACH EARNEST SAM I e u 3 resident 34 Vlre Precndent 33 lnternatronal Frmndshlp 35 Cadets 39 3 34 35 Corporal 33 34 Suppy Sergeant 34 35 ANN SANDERS ZZ GORDON SCHNELL Football 39 33 MAYBELLE SCHONFELD RUTH SCHREIBER G A A 3 3 35 BETTY SCHUTZ ortla 33 33 Pre dent 35 SANFORD SCOTT AUSTIN SHARPE BETTE SHEETS G A A 34 WILLIAM SHORT Sophomore A ee BOYD SIMS JACK SJOGREN Enquneer 33 34 GERALD SLATER AUDREY SLOAN Secretary 34 35 Sergeant at Arms sscmhly Joan of the Nancy V: r tdrn PTA at tea held on the School lawn The .lunlorclass assisted nn the servlng, and the program was rn charge of the music department ol the hugh school Baccalaureate ser vrces were held that evenmg nn , . .' f .S. F. '35. C, S, F. '33, RFI CI b '39, '33, '. 4, '35, P ' ' , I' ' , 35, ' 3, ' I ' ' ', ' , 1' Ehrtstmas Cantata '33, "Joan of the Nancy . . . '3 , ' 4, ' , . ' , ' . P ' ' , 134, '35f A. - L 1 , 5' . ' '35, I c P 4:2 t 34 . . . a l'ligh x RUTH SMALL CONRAD SMITH re Club 3 a els Sergeant 34 CeDtarn 35 HARRY SMITH Agora 39 33 34 35 Serfl2antarArrr1s resrdent 3 35 Treasurer The Gipsy Trarl The Ba The Fool Release Fecutrve Commrttee 35 Cwl a 35 ootball 39 34 Pu llc Schools Week Pageant 34 35 KATHRYN SMITH VIRGINIA SNODGRASS JOHN SOLO s etball 39 33 loolball Q KATHRYN SORENSON Oh Doctor VIRGINIA SPORER ass 35 Historian 39 34 lnt rnatronal rendshrp 33 34 35 Q: A A 34 FLORENCE STANFORD HENRIETTA STANGE MARGARET STEELE Class 35 Commrssloner Qocral Alfanrs 3? Orlla 34 Serqeanlat Arms 39 Secretary 34 Vice Presrdent 33 Ifxecuhve Commrttee 33 Grrls League Vrce President 33 DONALD STEGER n neers 33 4 Teasur r CONSTANCE STRATTON ROLEIN STRAWMATT AdvrsoryCouncrl 39 33 I-lypatra 33 34 35 President 33 Secretary 34 Vrer Presldenl 35 lnternatronal Frrzndshrp 39 CJ A A 34 Sophomore Assembly LAWRENCE STREIT FRANCES STUPKA CHISAKO SUDA FUMIKO SUDA JACK SWARTOUT The Bal Traclc 35 Toot all 33 4 LAVERNE SWIFT TOMOYE TACH I NO 3 LJ A Roedlng park June TO was Sensor Dress Up Day wrth Its assembly, and the presentation ol the class gilt to the school, thus year a muchly needed puhlrc address system A Graduating exercrses for two hundred seventy .xl 5 .sl RH V '3, ea, '33 '34, '35, 139, P ' ,' ' ', M H f '34, ' Y, , U Hi -X A I 1 srrr' ,F ',,"33,-' , ts Bak ' , 3 sw Cr ' ' , P rr 'g 5 ,' ' '35, Publrcrty Manager '35, CSF, '33 7 '34, IP '32, 133, , o t A gg. r F 34135, C s r '39 zz " ", '33 '34 , b ' 33. I C s If 3,'34, '35, A as BEN TAKAMOTO LOREN TAYLOR ROY TELESCO ROGER TERZIAN DOMINIC THOMAS JANE THOMPSON Lmle Town of Bethelem e a Tanlor Made Man CHARLES TILDEN MARCELLE TODRESIC Class 35 Secretary 33 Vuce Presndent ortla Q 3 34 35 Secretary 33 Vice Preslden! 34 Treasurer 35 Mummers 39 33 Sophomore Assembly EVELYN TREGONING C: A A 33 4 GERALDI NE TREIBEL ROBERT TROBEE JACK TUFTS HELEN TUTTLE Girl Reserves 34 Secretary 34 HAMILTON TYLER MARY VAN DYKE GLENN WARD nrzlneer 33 35 Treasurer Secretary 35 Oh Doctor Joan ol the Nancy Le OW frail 34 35 Track 35 JERRY WARREN Yell Leader 33 Commussuoner of Fmance 35 Class 36 Presudent Senate 33 34 35 Lnbrarlan 33 Mummers Engineers 33 Purple and Gold 33 Presldent 33 Advisory Councul 4 3 OW tall 35 oan ol the Nancy Lee Basketball 33 LEOTA WARREN ass 35 Secretary 34 Portia 39 34 35 Sergeant dl Arms 33 Secretary 34 Advusory Council 39 33 34 BETTY ANNE WATKINS LADENE WECKERT VlR.:lL WEIDNER Executye Comrrnttee Class of 36 34 Growing Palns Advisory Councul 34 members ol tlme class were lmeld on tlwe lawn on Fruday evenlng, June 14 'llwe tlweme was tlwe Amerncan Sclwool llwe spealcers were Madonna Adding ton Ben Placentune, Ealeen Reed, and Don Paul ij H ", "Th B r", Q35,P ' '3,'3,l' if ,5 A i . ' ,'3 535. ' ,'35,. ' E '34, ' U '331 f",l l 3 ' 6 , l '33, '34, 'Y ,f Q ' H r '34Q ,341 , ,V ,i , '33f '3 , ' 5, H l'S 34" ,"'J cu V' ' , A ' , '33, I l I 1 I RICHARD ALBRIGHT EDWIN BROWN ROBERT CAMPBELL ELIZABETH CANO EUGENE CARPENTER 3 JANET CHAPMAN Mummers 34 ofthe Nancy Lee CLIFF CHELLEW ELSA CURTIS MARY WELSH Advusory Council 3 A A 3 GARLAND WILSON Orchestra 34 35 MABLE WILSON ROBERTA WILSON A A 33 34 33 34 Prtfsldent 34 35 Head ol Basketball GLADYS WYMAN ELEANOR WISE Advusory Councnl 34 Class 35 Secretary 33 Vnce President 34 C A A 4 S F 39 Hypatna 39 3 KENNETH WITHAM Aqora 33 34 35 Trrasurer 34 Band 33 KENNETH WOFFORD The Gypsy Tranl Orch? 3" 3 5 VIRGINIA WORTMAN Class 35 Secretary 33 Commussloner octal Affaurs 35 Adynsory Councnl 34 Portia 33 34 Mummers 33 G A A 33 34 Oh Doctor BERNICE WRIGHT I-lypatta 33 34 Svcrvtery 34 DOLORES WRIGHT Class 35 Commnssnoner Soclal Al'Ialrs 33 ortta 33 34 Mummers 33 34 Tha Fool Sophomore Assembly GEORGE YIANNOPOULOS Orchestra 33 Traclf 35 FRANCES YOUNG 33 34 35 Chrus mas C-antata 33 Glzfzcfclczfcs Flfl Lf5OLLf Qqcfuus Odn ELTON FOREMAN fvlummvrs 34 KENNETH FROST Advusory Councll 39 Mummers 34 The ROBERT INMAN GUY JOHNSON THOMAS JONES co Tack 39 33 34 Footba SADAKO FUJISAWA KENNETH GRAHAM ARMEN KALASHIAN ISOUKE KAWAI JERRY KHUNJIAN Mumnwrs 33 The Bt The Fool Rclea Q Football 39 33 Track 34 35 JOHN KOIHGIAN ROXY HAGOPIAN BARBARA HERGENHAHN TRINI HERNANDEZ BARBARA DOUGHERTY DAVID HILL EDWARD DOWIE PHYLLIS HOLADAY KARLO EMERZIAN PAUL INDART MINYOUGHN LEWIS EDWIN LINXWILER Agora 33 34 35 Secretary 33 Vice Presndent 34 Mukado Oh Doctor Football 39 BEN MARTY The Bat The Fool Track 39 33 34 Football 39 33 LESLIE MILLER Qrrhestra 34 3 JACK MULLIN WILMA NORTON ROBERT PANNETT MAXINE RACOVICH parts 3 3 JOHN REGAN DONALD ROBINSON PATRICIA ROGERS ob I RICHARD PETERSON n I4 Orch ALFRED POLLACK Aqora 39 33 34 Presldent 33 Necrt y LILBOURNE SHOEMAKER GROVE SIMS ANNEBELLE SULLIVAN RAYMOND TANNER asur r an C3 ch Qtr s I A ELLIOT POWELL EDITH THOMAS HAROLD THOMAS at or Made fvlin fl7fTOL GERALD THOMAS o 34 35 Football 39 ROBERT THOMPSON MARY FRANCES VAN BUREN LESTER VAN DYKE DOROTHY WARREN RICHARD WATTERS Advr ory f ouncll 3 Track VERNON WELLS urple and Gold 33 Advisory Ouncul 3Q Orchestra 3Q B 39 33 34 Bo s O r tt Search ol a Husband Tqulor Made Vlan V sea from K u u Town o 4 ANOTHER EVENTFUL CHAPTER IN OUR LIVES has vanmshed unto the past We walk through the portals o Fresno Hugh For the last tume Never again Shal vve hear the halls rung vvnth merry laughter, gone are the happy hours ol Study and play with the lrlends vve love 50 vvell For us, the School as darlc the cilawrooms huahed hllecl vvuth a thowand pougnant memorles vvhleh vv llve rn our hearts lorev r We are farlng ort unto the pusy world, untrued and alone, malrung nevv lrnends, having dlhferent experiences, put alvvay5 vvlll vve remember the three happnest years ol our lnvee spent In Fresno Hugh School BEUY SHE DIC KINQFWN , ' fh Hy .'Q'334,HItl Glf' ,',, ' ,'33 IO Krall I3 34 ll.v,lv.'b,1ll '-5 ll:-,lull 34 s U 5, '34 '35 Ba d 35 .rstra '34 Z5 P E '32 ' , , W , ,g F C d l , ' , '33, 34, H , ,, 1 , ,far dn ' A ' , 'R , ' ' 3i .33fTf-f 'P 34,3 fl 33 34 V P 1 Cadet Rrfle Team '3Q,Y'33fuERgbEna In 33 34, Ba la b ll ll D ", " , ", "1 re 'gf' h I H, Ultttle I lffvlrl-hvlrr H I fir K 1 ' . I , 4. . , K Ill ' ' e , ' l h '36 ADVISORY COUNCIL FIPSI RGW I-IoIIand Fou'Ir' Dickinson Aaronson COUII Peters QECOND PQW Hader. Maruko Denny, PaIomI:ueIIa Kennedy, Fries II-IIPD ROW Gates Meyers Wright Qchunk, Phillips Piacentlne FQIIPTH PQW Allnrrqht Swain Tidyman Rankin Cooler prownzano CLASS OF '36 OFFICFPS FIRST POW CouI', Sullivan Pudlin Franklin I'2oessIer F Murphy fchmfisrr GiIIis SECCND RCW Nishio Morrison Vraddrll Svarr Wvidrifr DvYoung folhns Palmer Osborn ffltsi of 36 TWO THIRDS OF THE CANDLE IS GONE. EACH FLICKER denotes an important Iactor in the Iite of the cIass ot 1936. The FIame throughout the year has spread Iight into various and numerous corners. After a Iong summer of ruddy glow, the candle tIicI4ered anew with the editing of a paper, the I-Iashpot. Virgil Weidner served as editor the First semester and Chase Qsborn the second semester. The Christmas Dance was another triumph in social attairs. HGrowing pains", the traditionaI junior 34 play was beautllully produced by the young thesplans The Junior Senior Prom brought the Flame Jnto nts Funal burst ot splendor, the red and gold llght of another year successfully completed asia 57 SEPTEMBER SAW A TWO HUNDRED PER CENT INCREASE IN size an the Class of 37 so that they novv constitute four dlgnlhed lovv Tumor advisories and eight energetlc hugh sophomore groups Une of the Furst actlvltues of the united class was to choose their colors blue and vvhute At an early class meetung Mr Tetstall opportunely donated a gavel and Mr Reetz presented a handsome 37 banner to serve as a scholarship award Seventy hve members toolc part un the assembly glven before the student body A play reading committee was lcept busy revlevvnng new plays In order to select one for theur annual shovv Much talent unearthed during the year vvlll oFter plenty of good competutlon In the try outs CLASS OF 37 OFFICERS Il CLASS OF 37 COUINCL TROW M r d ty Add at SECOND ROW O CI NYS i r Cf ' . . 7 . . . . . . 1 , . I ' 1 ' . Berg, Bond, Milton, McLe an, Clarno Hennungsen, Whltman, Phlllvps ' I 'I FIRS : f as en, Bon' , Sherwood, Branhearts, In on, Rankin. ple, ren Cmss or as ornemes ts AS or asf ws Q 46 ON FEBRUARY FIRST MANY SMALL SHIPS ARRIVED AT THE harbor ol Fresno l-lngh alter a three years voyage They brought the hrst settlers vvho were to comprrse the great class ol 38 Most ol the shrps vvere from the ports ol Washrngton l-lamulton and Longfellow A levv were from distant ports To tal4e charge of atlarrs ol the organlzatron the chuel pilots, l'labermann and Key called t er a councrl composed ol tvvo representatrves lrom each camp The go l welcome extended by the oldest Inhabitants ol Fresno l'lrgh have m de the class ol 38 eager to greet therr lrrends comung from those same p rts In September Connor Garvey Rob Ins, Myws A, J CL S ' l TIRST RCJVV Ra nry Shaw fchrwd' 'H nsrn 'tffrfbfxllt vryf, T ,, Ulla! Nelson 7 1 ' 1 L... I I , . . T ?. I I fue auf .54c!nzLlzL1f'zufLolz FOR THE PAST YEAR THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN ID the hands ol the Executuve Committee Thus commlttee us composed ol all duly elected studentbody othcers one member ol the Executuve Commlttee ol the precedung year and one boy and gurl from each class as appointed by the presldent lhus body has the power to act lor the student body as a vvhole and also talces care ol all student body busuness A The lall semester under the able gundance ol president Bob pucldord vvas very successful The mann achnevement vvas the complete revnsron of the method ol malmng avvards The Executnve Committee vvas most fortunate an belng able to obtann lVlr l.ymen lilude ol Carmel noted traveller to speal4 to the student body Has tallc vvas most educatuonal and xnterestlng as vvell The Co mittee sponsored a dance vvhlch vvas held In the Fresno Hugh School Gymnasuum alter the Roosevelt Fresno Hlgh Football game lhs vvas a nevv Idea and It vvas lound to be an excellent one The dance vvas open to tudents and alumnu ol both schools A The sprang semester found Kenneth ki d Mnhyl-4 STUDENT BODY OFHLERS SECOND SEM IFR DV Bkh W Bll-lll Wddll b 1 V P I Z5 1' f ' ' I 1 , l I ' 1 . . m- . - . I C . . ',TllDl'Nl DUTY FIFFICHES FIlZSl SEMESTU2 Warren Boywv Ball Plc or Whrtman ur arnpar e cre, ur arty arren al o ev e e FXECJTVVE COMMITTEE HRQT QFMESTFQ H ar n am a oy Muro F 'VM y UND ROW a n rr a Brown V dolrfh Pucklo d Holl y A Nl V JND POW! Pall lrlfman Wa 'al 0 5 a d ll l-lolley at the helm lhe most rmoortant accomplrshment was the worlt ol rarsrng Funds lor the orrntnng ol a new and reyrsed handbook The lunds were obtalned from noon dances and a pay assembly The Commuttee also sponsored a Banner and lrophy Day durlng the sprung semester Qn thus ay all the schools awards d banners were out on display ano all stuoents who had been awarded letters wore them A bicycle race and a dance were held rn the afternoon tudents wearung letters were admrtted to the dance lree whsle all others were charged Frye cents admrssuon Durung the sorrng semester a swrmmrng team was organuzed and the commuttee began a reyrslon ol the constntutlon IU order to allow partucuoants ID thus new sport to recelve awards 1 wt swf- wx ff H pr ra Q, D by , rph V lh ll ' HTC! ' H ll Hr d' :on Call way r - r .r lPs'5fClllwE C53 'Ulllll tiff? N HH-.'f',IH4 lL"rl Pl 'lik' -Bond Uenman D:Vow Kellorzq tlavlram Hrlrfhfvf lwrnrrl- -rwyl llcf 1 rs runl l H lf J fjlla,-,qv Diff" XX! d e Vllxrdm r d . -l . -Cin vo... lv' JA bf ' ' l II l I l , , . 676115 5llOlZiOTi THE PRESENT CLASS SPONSORS OF FRESNO HIGH CONSIT TE four very successful partnershrps through vvhose slmll patnence and sprrut of servuce the leadership of the students IS gurded and assisted toward successlul accomplishment A Mlss Stubbleheld and Mr Anderson vvho have stood behlnd the Class ol 35 for three years novv have already brought hall the class safely through graduatlon and wrll retlre to a vvell earned rest from actnve sponsorrng vvrth the 35 commencement A At graduation next year the Class ol 36 counseled by Miss DeEoe and Mr Wood promises to set a record lor school cutuzenshrp A Under the dlrec tron of Mrs Briggs and Mr Reetz the Class ol 37 IS preparrng to make the 35 and 36 grads slt up and tal4e notxce when 37 tal4es the helm at F l'l 5 A By the slclll and tact vvrth vvhnch Miss l'latJerman and Mr Key have helped ll e Class ol 38 launch nts actlvltnes these tvvo threaten to prove that Ere no l gh as nncreasungly realrzlng rn cltnzenshmp the hopes of every sporsor Altogether the class sponsors ol Fresno l'llgh vvho devote tlieur ovvn time to patiently helpung the students an therr re pectuve clas es deserve a great deal of credrt blf d S 1 1 1 . ' ' 5 I 1 I . I . I . 1 , ' ' . . , . . .- , , -1 . 7 . . . . E : , S 1 1 . . . . S . S I Stub eield Anderson, '35 DeFoe W Reelz Brig s, '37 Key Fab 8 'zgm Qjgafiuifiai Ad gzo Obo Wh: M y M Q f'-AJ", WHEN ROY BALL WAS ELECTED EDITOR OF THE 1935 OWL he found lwe was partrcularly fortunate rn lwavung students wrtlw experuence from otlwer years to serve on lus statl James l-lansen wlwose art worlc rn the two prevuous edutrons lwad attracted muclw attentnon was un lwrs sensor year and ready to be of invaluable assnstance rn planning the 35 edrtnon Clnase Osborn wlro served on tlwe 3-4 yearboolc was appornted plwoto edrtor and Jolwn Maxwell, an experuenced cameraman became edrtor ot tlre student lute sectuon Vrrgrnra DeVore was appounted asslstant edrtor and under tlwe sponsorslwlp of Mrs Marguerrte Harpers tlwe group started to burld anotlwer volume recordrng tlwe year s actrvutres Tlwe lollowrng students gave Frne support In tlwenr respectrve departments organrzatrons Madonna Addington, gurls atlwletrcs, Ellzabetln Murplwy and Evelyn Wnrtman boys atlwletrcs Jerry Warren and Lloyd Whitman, assistant plwotograplwer Earl Fries student aetuvltles l'lamllton Bond plwoto titles Wrnrfred Galluon sensor actrvutues Peggy Mclfrnlay and statt typust Lnllran lmladen T2 B ll Edt 1 I-laden d an n Galllon s rn :man Bond Warren Fvres Maxwell clilnla , DvVore ur H1 lames ansera PvrFdrmr K I 1' I XY W ' ' CL LELVZLLI. A' fu!! f ' 1 1 1 f f ' 1 : 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' BLLiLI2cii Sf THE BUSINESS STAFF OF THE FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL IS composed ol a group ol students who take upon themselves the responsl hllnty of hnanclng the yearbook They do not get much public honor and they do get many hard knocks but they continue their work under the leader shlp ol Mr G E Anderson and make the puhlucatlon ol the hook possnble each year The revenue comes From three sources namely sale ol hooks advertlsnng and fees from organnzatuons A The sales and clrculatlon statls were headed by Carl Salhach and Burt Morrison lhelr assistants lncluded Gerald Schwartz Myrta Jones Earl Sohm Cooper Collins Glen Ward Janette protlntt Jesse Flshlnack Hang Albarlan and John Maxwell A The students who handled the selling of advertnslng have had an exper sence In salesmanshnp which wull prove to be of great value to them Thus work was entrusted to Walter Qundelhnger as manager Hts assnstants were Charles MclNle1l Bop Hunter Harry Smith Earl Sohm Glen Ward Marcus Favors, l-lang Alharuan Myrta Jones and Gerald Schwartz Collins, Schwartz, Proffitt, Smith Carl Salba h S l M g Walter Gundelfmgwr, Adv. Manager Ward, Wood, Morrison, Jones, Sohm f f , LL - 1 I - ' 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' GIRLS LEAGUE REPR SENTATIVES R Ak M W GIRLS LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES gmfi LELLHLLL ALL GIRLS ENTERING FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL AUTOMAT ucally become members of the Gurls League Tluus organuzatuon was founded to create a better spurut of lruendsluup among tlue gurls ol tl'ue sclsuool The League tlwrouglu uts many commuttees and projects gets many gurls unterested and busy un uts vvorl4 A l-lostessung us one ol tlue League s dutues and tlue gurls bave been very gracuous un tluus capacuty every year Sendung messages ol clweer to tlwe gurls wluo are out on account ol ullness us a plwase ol tlwe worlc wlruuclu us most lnelpful un furnuslwung a bond of fruendslwup A llnen came Blossom Day Pxprul Q9 vvutlw a prolusuon of Flowers and garlands all over tlue scluool Every teacluer was presented vvutlu a corsage or boutonnuere All tlue gurls were vvearung tl'ueur new sprung dresses Gurls tool4 tlue places ol all tlue teaclwers and a dance was lnueld un tlwe gym at wluuclw everyone luad a ery deluglwtlul tume A llue Gurls League Conventuon vvlwuclru was lweld at Luvungston vvas attended by two delegates from Fresno l-luglw . E. O K r Sh wood, Roberts, obbuns, d unson Baronuan Messuck arden, ood Funnegan, Shumaker, Jura, Susler, Small, Abrahamson, Costa, Smutlu, Roessler X ' 7 - - Q I 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 V . COMMANDANT AND OFFKIERS pt teazPof6tt :Moo y Capt T y o NON COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cucfefi THE CADET ORGANIZATION IDENTIFIED AS COMPANY C Enrst Regiment, Calulornla l-lagh School, has completed another year wrth great success under the supervnsuon of the Commandant, Q D Gulley who was assusted by the Company orhcers, Captaln Conrad Smuth Errstl.1eutenant James prollntt Second L1eutenantJaclclVlooney, and Captain l.oren Taylor an olllcer ol the Regimental Stall A All tralnlng actlvutues are regulated from the othce ol the fAxd1utantGeneral, Sacramento lVla1orE B Shearer, State Stall Qllucer, as the cadet Instructor lor all cadet organlzatuons un the state with units at Balcersheld Dlnuba Eresno, Nlartanez, 0fOVlll2 Portervnlle Ca ain Smith,Lieu n n r i ,CommandantGuFfey,Lieutenan ne ain a l r Asplnall, T. Dlx, R. Dlx, Beclcstead, Selling, Nichols, Each, Benton, Sam l . . , 1 I 1 . . . . . . I 1 1 1 1 L f FIRST PLATOON ng T D Wynlooo Bopp Henn ngsen J mes F nkl n Asp nall C-has Jack Roll nger Hyd S h d Humeston Yabano R DI Wolf am KNEELING Sm th P offItv ECOND PHXTOON Hrckstead Flls Ha a aka Caoogoo an ftzpat ck ba ey Lol Nchols Cunn nqham been Salrsan Taha MCCQ mack Boyd Con Benton Johanson Euch KNEFLINQ Mooney Taylo Cnuffev and Sacramento A Company OHICZVS are selected by the commandant and prIncIpals The l2egImental Staff IS appomted from competItIve examInatIons conducted from the Adjutant General s OTTICZ Non commIssIoned OTTICZFS are appornted by the commandant All OTTICCVS and non commIssIoned offIcers have to maIntaIn a certaIn academIc standIng In order to retaun theIr cadet grade A Many people are under the Impressuon that cadets drIll FIVZ days each vveelt Such IS not the case as Monday Tuesday, and Wed nesday are devoted to baseball, football and other massed games Thursday and FrIday are exclusIvely mIlItary days and at thIs tIme unIforms are vvorn TraInIng programs Include close and extended order drIll physIcal traInIng, estImatIng dIstances, reconnaIssance vvall4s and many other phases of vvorl4 vvhIch all tends to tram our boys for future DUVSUITS The cadets are also held F6SDODSIbl2 for dIsplayIng the natIonal and school flags each school day Buglers are traIned for the numerous mIlItary calls A The annual competItIve drIll betvveen Fresno l-lIgh and Fresno TechnIcal l'lIgh vvas held at the CIVIC AUdllOflUm on March QT fresno l-lIgh vvas successful In , I .a ,ra I Barr Ig, e Cmlt , , .S. . I r . , I mn T I,I rs, Iv r I In , r rII r , e , Y 'I . I . .. . . , ' , . l 4 CRACK SOUAD TROW TD B Ee G SEC-ONDROW c RIFLE TEAM winning tlme squad drlll and llrst place I0 tlwe manual of arms -l-l'1lS event IS sponsored by the American Legion and as assisted ID nts awards by tlwe Fraternal Qrder ol Eagles A llwe craclc squad members are Joe Bolllnger Ted Dux, Rlclmard Dux J P Enclw Clwarles Googoouan, Burton James, and Holger Sellxng Eaclw of tlwese recelved a bronze medal Holger Selllng was awarded tne gold medal for lurst place an tlwe manual of arms A During tlwe sclwool term tlwere were forty seven cadets tlwat completed tlwe small bore course, wltlw tlwe following qualufncatlons led Dlx and James protlntt expert, Joe Emollnnger Jaclc Mooney and Ruclward Dux slwarpslwooters l-lolger Sellnng and Earnest Sam marlcsmen URS :-. ix, eckstead, ilu, oogoou R. Dlx, James, Nl hols, Sell q FIRST ROW- Sellnng, Sam, Bollinger. SECOND ROW- fprolfutt, T Dax, R Dax, Mooney 1 - I 1 ' ' 1 . .. . i . . f ' 1 1 1 I . 1 ' XXX, X ' x ", ' I . X X -" " I r X 1 A ll" 1 r 1 BOYS GLEE FIRST ROW Ostrow Farmer Warren Wallace Sarlclslan Zollvnger Cullen Lnndqulst Johansen Holland Bond Flshbaclc Graham Pange H Bu lchart Wa son SECOND ROW Sclxwarlz Harslwfleld Brown Ora Frnks Takamoo Bowers Wolf bolladav Ga! s S llunq boo oolan lk da R Dlx THIRD ROW S wv r H ll O Hr n Ward larno u nn H y s R I C D Jacx 1 or! lfDLlRll-l ROW A Campbell Cope lraenor Hans n B Coo er Moon D vreus Jacobs n Gorham F Qmnh Nyqr rr M Qamu lan D mmg GIRLS LJLEE XX' l ima ng V D llabough ll bo lv Cb d Llq O GSU V S VHS n GND PCMX :lo rv n llqhman l-laslclns xn: r Nflalxon y Ava nm Wll Vx NX m o lxvlo CLvapmsn 5 LU f' THE VOCAL DEPARTMENT UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS Vrrglnra Watson lwas lwad a very actnve year llwe season s outstanding performance was tlme presentatron ol a very colorful operetta Joan of tlwe Nancy Lee llwrs proved to be potlw a llnancnal and artlstrc success llfwe mnxed clworus, botlw glee clubs, and the orclwestra tool4 part un tlwe production and gave lane support to Don Raul and Lullnan Legler wlwo carrued the leadlng roles A llwe maxed clworus and glee clubs ang lor tlwe PTA meetmgs Baccalaureate, tlwe Clwrlstmas Community Nlglnt program and also lor tlwe Fresno County Nluslc Festuval at Roedlng Rarl4 A llwe gurls sextette sang I la v r K" rl- U , 8 l Dax amobrll rx ' flu , I U, V , . R , k .f L er rf Q llRfl PO ' D.',arn"' Dorn Dal- it dws Lo, t D Dr g lrnd.c'.n xvasos an '-.A Ravi far' l l ar tr J HFC' R "' fr l'1'l la'o..- Ar ra lr 'nw l K lllxsorr Fwvrarw--' lov lr l'rovwn Valomb-'l'a llurnf: THIRD ROW 'mann rue llrs ll-EK llwblr' l,v:l.v lvfrlovl Xxlllrvw r r lr. lfaro-1l:nr1rrl.r-on f fl lCjl l l 'U ' lla 'l' n 1 1 V , ww lmnv lflv' v,f,!,.., mf.. L'..1fr.+,r,,. 1 ta, . fm Cam,tw.ll MW., I -L- . . . , v . ' N f . S . . . X f for Scholua Club Fresno County Principals Assoclatnon Klwanus Club Stanford Club American Legion, Parlor Lecture Club l-lypatla G A A and C SF A Those chosen for Commencement music In February lncludlgd Ed Lunxwuler, Marlon l-lvudt Gene Byde Clarence Morrlson, Roy lelesco, Keuth Keeler Robert lnman, and l-lang Albaruan A Those chosen for the June Commencement muslc were Lucllle Ostrow piano solo, Catherune Fuller soprano solo, accompanued by Lunda Regensburger, Paterno Cr nz, baritone solo, and a vuolun tno consnstung of Dons Parngnan, Robert mx and John Reclcas Jerry Warren led the Class song and the Alma Mater accompanied by Lucille Qstrow who wrote the mu-slc to the Class Song A Robert E Dux a member of the harmony class, composed all the musxc lor the Christmas play, The Little Town ol Bethlehem by Katrina 'l'rasl4 A Th U W Q 5 I 1 I I 1 I ' ' ' 1 I 1 - I 1 , ' E . I ' lg ' 1 - 1 I . ' 1 . . , 7 , . , .. - I: . I ref! A . :. ' Cent, I F z -as . ' . K X I 4' vllnver, Pray, Lv I D X4 Y E 1 A , f X . s Q S es from U loan of the Nancy Lev" esno I-ligh School orchestra under the direction ol l.enel G. Schuclr has seen a very active and successful year. The personnel of the orchestra has been increased to sixty, the main additions being in the woodwind and brass sections. ln the course ol the year, the orchestra mastered a large repertoire, the numbers ranging lrom marches and light operas to ditlicult symphonies and overtures. A During the year, the orchestra played lor all the plays given at the high school, the parent-leachers meetings, public Schools Week Qpen l-louse, several service club luncheons, four radio broadcasts over the Fresno Bee Station, and also entered the Fresno County lVlusic Festival in Roeding park. A The services ol the graduating members will be greatly missed. '-Qne ol the greatest losses will be Robert Dix, concert master for the past year. Qther graduating seniors in the First violin section are Doris parigian, Forest Brown, Kathleen Greaves, and Karnig Marderosian. Losses in other sections vvill be Betty Ann lVlcl.ellan, string bass, and Richard Dix, cellist. Though the losses are many, the orchestra, as any other school organization will be augmented by members from the instrumental classes, and the nevv-comers from the junior high. With Myrtle McLellan as possible concert master, the outlool4 lor the coming year is indeed bright .A The band, under the direction ol Major Earl Dillon has had an active school term and has covered a remarkable repertoire during f trme was provlded for tlwe stud 'of many standard overtures, grand opera the past year After masterung tlne program selected for tlwe Sprung Festrval M selections, and Irglmter concert preces Pep musnc was furnrslned for the football games furnng tlme fall season and for tlwe Fresno County Faur ln- October, a concert was played at Roedrng Park for tlwe County Trustees Association, and music was furnlslwed for tlwe parade at the opening of Broadway and for tlwe football game between Taft and Fresno I-hgh later tlwe same evening In November, a co cert was played at tI'1e Cavrc Audi toruum durrng tlne Flower Show The b nd also partncrpated rn tlwe Armustlce Day Parade In December muslc was furnlslmed for Mrs Wrggs of tlne Cabbage Patch tlwe Cnty I3 T A Benefit performance ln February tlne band played for tlwe Maune Nlemorral Services of the Spanlsln War Veterans at Court House Park In Marcln the band furnrslwed an assembly program, tlwe fnrst In tl'1e lwlstory of tlme lwrglw sclwool ORCHESTRA FIRST POW D Slwck P nt SECOND POW Tondell W son Brown I2 DI breaves Sampson Kuchashear M McLellan Parnguan Rasmussen Wauftal Pange Cone THIRD ROW FAGICQCYOSIGN Ilankrn Cal' Jeffries Derd nan McLellan Trdyman Arabian FOURTH ROW Samueluan Bond Puslch Millar Flsher Hancock Lake Vncenz FIFTH ROW Benton Nushlo Holland Wallace Sell ng W tham SIXTH ROW J Marderoslan Rose B McLellan Spealman BAND FIRST RO Dollon HablB Puslch Reckas Caoozrl Lake WrlghtSpeaIman avr SECOND ROW Pettit Hancock Glenk McPherson I ace orns THIRD ROW Nlasonhelmer Nygren Barnes Mann HCS ' 1 . . . . . . . 'I . . H I A . , . . . . , ' 1 ' lx, , el 1 , II , f Y V- . 1 1 - f , , , . I f , I I VI , I , , I I , I . , , , , , . , , . - IQ, I H , , J F a n. :-' r, , , W , '. 1' . , A- it 4 t d 1935 Duznzu THE DRAMATICS DEPARTMENT UNDER THE DIRECTION OF Mrs Marguernte lflarbers has otlered nts patrons a varnety ol entertaunment dursng the past season Shortly alter school opened a east chosen from the entsre school presented the mystery thriller The Bat by Mary Roberts R nehart ard Avery l-lopvvood The house screamed :ts vvay through the play untul the hnal curtaun Dorothy Warren Genevueve Brovvn Vernon Wells and l"larry Smnth played the leadlng roles They vvere ably supported through the character vvorlc done by Kenneth Graham Wrlma Nlntchell Ross Bagdasarlan Jack Rarrlsh Ben Nlcfaxlplne and Jack Svvartout A For the Christmas season the drama classes gave The Lnttle Tovvn ol Bethlehem by Katrlna Trasl4 Bonnue Lisle and Reuben Derderuan headed a large cast Norman Henderson wlnner lndlvldual drama awar A Dense moment ln the contest play, 'Release' ' 1 1 1 . . l n ln an n . ' 1 1 , , 1 1 ' 1 U Y of talented players The support grven them by the singers added a lovely background for thus movlngly beautiful play of the Natlvuty A The Class of 35 took a step forward when they presented as therr annual play The Fool by Channing Pollock Wendell l-lansen, Bonnie Lrsle Harry Smnth and .lack Rarrush drd remarkably fune work IH the heavy roles they portrayed The characters wuth the short roles were Indeed excellent By their colorful portrayal the whole performance was built Into one grand show Those playing the shorter roles were Llllran Mosesnan Marjorie Baldwnn, Pete Jones, Jerry Warren, DorothyWarren, DoloresWrnght Pxdrlenne Mahoney Kenneth Graham Ben Mcfxlpune Roy Ball John Regan, Peggy Mclfrnlay Wilma Mrtchell Evelyn Roth Kenneth Frost, and Reuben Derderlan A The play chosen for the San Joaqurn Valley Qne act Play Contest was the highly dramatlc Release by Edward l-l Smlth The players drd a beautnful puece of work and Norman l-lenderson was awarded the snlver trophy for doing the best piece of actlng during the entire week of the contest A Qne of the most rnterestrng preces of work done durrng the year was the radio broadcast for Rublrc Schools Week Thus was something entnrely new and those participating found ItQUIt2fdSCIl'ldtII'1Q Genevieve Brown f-larry Smuth Bernuce Denman Chase Qsborn Ross Bagdasaruan Gerald Mccormuck, Robert Qyster Lucrle Qstrow Kjerstu Franklrn and Jerry 53 Scenes from "Growing Pains", the junior le 7 1 1 1 ' I 1 I 1 1 I I I 1 I 1 - . . K 5 I' . . - f ' I 1 I 1 1 l f I Xfarren toolc part ln the broadcast and later presented their epr odes wa the pageant group at Fresno l-lrgh School A The dellghttully refreshing their vvay through In great style lhelr naturalness and charm caused the young to see themselves as they are and the old to prcture themselves a levy years hack It was eclared by all ho savv lt to he one ot the best eve put on sn Fresno l-llgh Many requests to repeat lt vvere receuved but due o ded calerdar vas Impossible Q. lne stagecratt group under the durectlon ol lVllss Beatrice Barnard has done excellent vvorl4 all year They have lurnlshed most attractive sets lor all the shovvs The one which attracted the most attentuon this season was that lor rovvlng Pains a lovely Spanrsh exterior Each student alter readrng the play or having It presented to hm made a sl4etch lor the sets Atter the best one was selected a sl4etch was sent to the lndustrnal Arts department vvhere the boys under the dlrec A .zr'm7w'Vrl1v.-r tn Thutlat Atonlmrnrr hom ln- tool lt s X s. , l s Q fir play ol the year was Kfarovving painsn put on by the juniors. They romped . d vv A r' I I ' I 1 I I to a crow u . -u , it y "I " . A ' ' ' - f l ,f - 1 O16 .AI SWORD AND SANDALS FIRST ROW Brown Paul Wortman Peak Ulam Oyster Osborn SECOND ROW Regensberger Bartram Roth Beatty Van Tuyle Graham PhIIlIps Klotz Ensher Clarno Byde Tl'-l'I2D ROW Foreman Henderson Shumdker Ruchardson Jarman Sager Denman Corse Ou glzy McCabe Bagdasarran FOURTH ROW Kron Wells Coover Curran Janssen Harbers I' Il Jasper Trelbel Moses an Sloan Kamp Ball THESPIANS FIRST POW Martun Sublette Ostrow SECOND POW Rntezel Daniels Stuclrert Whaley Rnlev Nyqren Gorham THIRD ROW Wnllc nson Tuttle Smith Henry McNel Wntham tnon ol Mr Thomas -Ietstall dId all the constructuon worlc These hnlshed pleces were then sent baclc to the stagecralt crew whuch dad all the decorat Ing A The stage crew under the leadershlp ol Mr Conner was always on the job to malre the show a better one by theur elhcnent work They are tIe boys who put ID many long hours and were never seen, but who deserve much credlt Those who served thus year were Loren -Iaylor, Jaclc Mooney, Don Coover, Ward Moore, Ben Marty, Kenneth Graham, Kenneth Frost, Andrew Nelson, BIII I-lomer, and Harold Clarno A Vernon Wells became head ol the mal4e up stahl ID September as a result ol past worlc done as assustant Alter a general try out Marlon .Iarman was chosen lurst assnstant The statl made up all school shows durnng the semester and many perform ances lor groups IU town At the close ol the llrst semester, Marlon replaced Wells as head ol the stall and contnnued the worI4 already started The largest group to be made up was the cast lor Joan ol the Nancy Another general tryout WIII be held In September to get a new statt A 3" I I I I I I - . 2' I I I I I I ' I I I - - 37 Q I . I I I I I I I I I I I . Y , 2' I I I I . uer, I I I I I if ', I . : I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I . I . ' I . Ax -x X I BJ. 'ZISZSQ UE Y 'DQ SAMMY RECENT SNAP OF GORDON SCHELL , THE ILYINCD DUTCHMAN MR KEY AND H'S BROTHER DON REMEMBER THF BIRD1ES" .BULL O NAMFYQ F15 HIS SCAARS, A JEAN AND JIMMY, OH OH' BROWN TWINSV 'P OSTROW AND GIRLS THERF MUSICAL MAUUCIAN, It 1 A I X X. .QA YEARS AGO 13 ENGLANDS CHAMP , . HAGCSY S HARFM C,1Pl'l HERF f , Q ,wggw Y tiff an I N A... .Q ' v fm M I 'I .H ' ,ul f . I x ...J A ' v - W? .3 az, 2-123652 N f 'F isa , 'L 4 'L if 'F 1 ? P- Q I MLN I 5 , fi.. iv X 5 , 1 H' ,Q .Q ' -I 17" 'N N - ,x,'f,X A 1 Y, ff. A LA ., 'QM 4 Q 1 iiiihfmf Y uf 1, , .-'1YLdv.?Q Q? Y, , ' ' tifvifiii-i'?"R ,, ,.im3,g' ' r.:,'2:. , : 0 .1 A ' 4-" f ' qfk. , "V M H' Y 'QI aging Y , '. '4 ' ' ', - QW W ,V 1, 3 if L . ax - K C .,J,gL?, f ,ek -W-W--,I W, ,4 , gg , V f L f lb 1 Q"jff72QQf2,fi7 "Q ' ,V 'f?"'mJf'w-wfz, 21' .-falls? 1 ' 'Q' My-' M Q sg ,, , + 4, U V L Si -4 4 E I " Q fa , if X BIRDS OF A FEATHER NAY KID' NOW BOYS COACH FIJLSTONE x YOU TITLE THIS ONE' I T N T GRAHAM WINS THE CROSS COUNTRY DAREDEVIL QSPROUTSD LAWLESS STU BB I E ---.4 ss. ELL NOW ' HEY in E TFLLSTHlPNL11NEH29 LONEBOME CHEWWWXX1 SOME H H 05,5 N0 C Pmuce CRACKFRJACKS .. LOOKIN 'EM OVER I OH, YOU FUNNY MAN' V AH - Y V V ' E , 2 .4 , ! 0 fi l .ofa :SN MAIDIE GRAVES C AMPLIS SLENERY ROC K BREAKERS HYDE S IIQST AND LA ST DREAMIN JUST DREAMIN BARTRAM TENDS TO HEI? KNITTING LIOI2 ONCEH WOLF FEMMES MOIZE FEMMES PHEWI fs , A. K 9 V THE PHYSICAL CULTURE BOYS THE GANG HOLDS A CONYAB Q. THE LONE lir- Z ,O 1 :WF M , Pl! e -.wk, A L. K. ' if 2 k A1 - h . p - , I . 41 , .n . 4- 5 I J. ' 7' ,H 4 I L I 2 ., . I Lf i Q42 ,Q xx 5' ,a Q N .6 H . ' wi ' fa 15 , - .s f, , LE 1 V-: - x "f . ". - 'A ' ' gi .v rx I g - l V - , A ,flux , L - Q 4 1 , .M ff- ,r f Jr 1 'A A lf' N A N + -5 , fn f I h f"' ' ' , 1 J W . -:NE 1 . I K 1 , WL U fzlwf. r " 3 - x 'A . '- " ,' 5 Ar - . '22 f "'k,.."""' " ' ' .wifff"!ig.4 ' 'lr' lf ' , x5,Yw.', - . f'iZffZYf'f: 'Eg-:s:2i'lwi""""-mv - ' ' """ 4 -- RBQZZ. TQ., j3,,:3iVAgg:,e My gif U, l L,--dv .1 W, E . ., ,., . ,x V B N .5-. ,Q ,. -, if ., : -1 sz- , 1- , -ii? V- rp V N , '- -Q Q .1 ,' fa. ' - "3-gL.,igew i f Q Y!-3 K , . , , , 0 K ' ' W-W A ' "5 ., 1 5-' . 2' ' 1' '- 1 , . ' , ' f W in at ,gf ,, 9 0 .X W, A fl, ' Y 1 1 L1 f ,A fff. A H Y Lwnwnl-wuifg 3 fu. W 'aff f'1'f'f"!7'x..,4, ' -7 ' vi "W, . wa:-:nm iw' 1 m A ' f r ' ww pl - . LV 5 M , MA 6 K "1 A -43f'afWii5-333 - , A 'L ' W nu.. V ' . MH, A K Wf m x 4 E, V N , , 'Q'-'7 2 .i ff f A, mg affix' sf-meg gf , I ' ' +'lw'f3V5f, . 4 ' ' A MQM 5 .L 'Q ' i' ' ' if ,fix , glffgm , 'S -E43 v, ' Q - 3:5 f g5,,,:,,, ' - , KM, I 'Arg Q fy X ,iv M.. f. A f 4 ,315 215-ww ,AA f b" 1 H , ,wif ' f P: -if -ww . - .ty W, K I . lx W' " -- :'1!inH"hZ2ll 'ins .fa fr ' 4 ' X aa, Q 4 . B 1. L3 HE . I Lg 42 - , 3 U Wav? W.., W -4- 'f'k'W"MWw W 4 151353 Z -.W , "Qi T 3? ' ' A . , J T 'we-...., X CZTELU Ggffifsfiaz MANAGERS h Gas Penshaw Gallock Sohm Brooks Schwartz Quunn, JeFfnes Sawyer, Pusher ELL LEADERS Sears Whtrman Swwtzer FOACHEC Edwards Carnsburq Trombetra 7 Q r . . , 1 1 ' 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 i 1 SJ-'4fg!.:i'LC4 THE ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION DURING THE PAST SEASON was headed by Coach J C l-rombetta who was the head Instructor lor varsuty football and all three classes In track Logan Edwards coached baseball class B basketball and llghtweught Football Erwnn Gnnsburg again led varsuty basketball and assisted an coachung lootball A Lloyd Whitman with Robert Sears and Danny Sweutzer as his assistants organnzed what was sand to be the best pep team In many a year at Fresno l-hgh Robert Sears who was yell leader during the second semester successfully carried on the work of the previous cheer leader These three boys worked hard leading songs and yells organnznng peppy rallies and decoratrng our rootrng sections A Much of the success of the athletuc admunustratuon was due to the hne work of the managerual start Earl Sohm was head manager for both varsity basketball and Football Qther managers were as Follows T305 Don Rudolph 'l'lOs Kenneth Jetlrey track Edward Sawyer Gerald Schwartz and William Qulnn baseball fsxdelbert Penshaw and Raymond Russell More credit IS due to the managers than IS grven them They are responsable for the smooth Functioning of the athletuc admlnlstratuon goofgaff b tte WHEN COACH JULIUS C TROMBETTA CALLED TOGETHER an ambutuous group of football aspurants to begun the dauly grund of molding the 1934 fresno Hugh School team, Warruor supporters were frankly pessumustuc Luttle dud they know that thus fughtung team would break old records and set new standards by defeating Bakersfueld and Stockton and running roughshod over the Roosevelt Rough Riders, who at the furst of the season were conceded more than a chance of vuctory The 1934 scores are proof of the opunuon held by Fresno Hugh rooters that thus year s team was the best one un many years ln fact the 1934 Warriors composed one of the most powerful teams un the state lu us unterestung to know that Bakersfield us the only hugh school team that has defeated fresno Hugh un the last three years A The Warriors opened theur season wuth a practice tult against Hanford The game was played under the lughts at the Fresno State College Stadium ln thus game Fresno faced one of the strongest Hanford teams un hustory This huskey, fughtung team held the Warriors The Warriors turned on the power, and despite the desperate efforts of the Hanford team, scored two touchdowns before the funal gun sounded The game ended wuth the score '14 O A ln their next game the Warriors really got started, and commenced to make hustory By defeating the mughty Drullers of Bakersfueld the 1934 fresno Hugh team accomplished a feat never before seen un the hustory of the school Bakersfield powerful as ever, scored sux pounts early un the furst quarter Several tumes un that gruellung furst half the Drullers were stopped wuth unches between them and a touch down by the desperate Warrior lune It was easy to see that the Fresno coaches unstulled something unto the underdogs durung the halftume rest, because the fresno team came out un a fughtung mood and ummeduately began to cluck A hard charging fresno lune cooperated wuth the fast backfueld and before long Toby Lawless halfback crossed the lune for the touchdown that tued the score Armen Kalashuan kucked the wunnung pount and the game ended wuth the score 7 6 A The Warriors won their furst league game Coach Trom e scoreless in the furst half. Fresno High started clicking in the third quarter. . . I . . re' : P' jk 'I 'sv WW 2 asm: Q, ""' L' f.'a-:awww Q' Mr HOLLEY TEARS OFF TACKLE by scalprng the Edison Tech Trgers to the tune of 34 O Edison always a scrappy team, held Fresno l'lagh to two touchdowns un the furst half The heayner Warrrors however trampled the Trgers ID the second half, and emerged ylctorlous after pnlung up the large score Ken Holley huslcy Fresno fullbaclc, made three touchdowns lzunlcs quarterback and Kunlshlge halfbaclq gathered rn one each A ln a benefrt game for the parent Teachers Assocratron, Fresno Hugh displayed real power by defeating Taft 'IS O The game was played under the llghts on a wet freld but that dudn t stop the hard chargnng fresno team The strong Taft Wildcats were pushed baclc repeatedly, and the Warriors made an nmpressuve number of furst downs lt was an thus game that Fresno football fans saw the Warrior machnne really operatung for the furst trme In the season A The next league game on Fresno l-lngh s schedule was with her most aggressuve crty rrval,l2ooseyelt l-lugh School As thus was the annual Bug Game for both schools there was a large crowd rn the Fresno State College Staduum where the game was played The assembled football fans were surprised to see the usually stubborn Roosevelt defense crumple IU the frrst quarter before the frghtung fresno l'llgh squad The Warrlor bacl4s ran wuld through the gaps made by thexr teammates In the forward wall When the game ended the Rough l21ders were burned beneath a 47 O score A ln a ragged game with Fresno WARRIOR VARSTIY EC ND ROW ssr, V ,- T, ,L T 1 2...-aww..-ww. V .- .V .V s M. tt I ' ' QIQ ' s t a M' ,H ni ffs, , 322 "' ?gn+,f'Il'l A- """ - A 'f r mix! I' r , ag A 5 ? 4 'ff ' . I 1, W- . ,gs -Q4 ' , V , g 'm n f ,L m A ' H gl A 'Q , v 4 Mgt' 'ss rs-y 1 V I. s fifj 1' , , , Q- E 3 I ,Z K Q V v 3,1 sl . ., A M kk fy, Q gg "' R is 'Q ' . ' 'Y '. r , T 1 f L , s - '1 fu ag Vs' .. ,. ,5.1:,"1, iv - 5' ' TH- ' 7.55.1-5? 1 s .. ss. T N. . ,vt-.rr .N-ms A Y i f i .,' rf ' zu . . f ' ' rf gf" s . rn. 1- ' ' - , '. 6 L '. K Wa ' i 1 I - oh .. - ' . W ' Q-sf "r, t f .....:,' " ' - ' - k i' 1 C 12 W , .: "T" lf.: ,Airgas-..a. 113-LLB 4 ,, ,s , ANL ' ki M -gs M-,iq g,gf', fLp:f4n A i. iq , ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 ' I l f 4 - . I 7 - - f . ' . . . . 1 ' 1 1 - 1 llld rl RC DW lrfmldln C allaway Raymond, fulstone, Uaroxan Lmar-1lcwdlan,Ar1drrson 5: ,Q Kurnshrqe frnks Holley Lawless WARRIORS SMEARING TECI-I Tech the Warriors became Fresno Cnty Champions Although Fresno l-'llgh was decidedly ott form the weak Fresno Tech Wolf pack was defeated by a 35 O score As the game began to turn Into an afternoon track meet Coach Trombetta used practically a l ot hrs reserves A Cn Armrstrce Day the Warriors took the warpath to Stockton Rated as underdogs they went to meet the Stockton l'lrgh School Tarzans Ir was accepted by many Fresnans as well as the Stockton supporters that Fresno would lose by two touch downs The determuned Warrior squad had other Ideas however Their Q0 6 vrctory was one of the biggest hugh school upsets ID 1934 Armen Kalashlan ran wild to score all three touchdowns Thus speedy lrttle Fresno haltback aided by brlllrant Interference from his teammates thrulled the crowd by returning a punt 93 yards to a touchdown A ln splte ot the As usual the game was played with the scrappy Sanger Hugh School Apaches and the Warrrors were hut harder than they expected to be The Fresno attack, however led by Ken Holley and Toby Lawless soon proved too strong lor the Apaches A lew munutes after recelvnng the krck ott the Warriors marched to their Irrst touchdown After tour quarters ol hard football the score stood Q6 O In favor of Fresno By thus victory Fresno l-llgh captured another County Trtle A The Warriors lost lor the hrst trme WARRIOR VARSITY I T ROW P y t R h SECOND ROW J A d It I t, 'TPIQ ,I I ff 'B ,YA if ji 6 . , A . t , . I - U l I I . I ' 1 . , . I ' I one-sided score, the game lor County Championship was a real battle. I , . I - ' 1 I - . I . . FRS 1 ur ear, Actis, Palmer, Davis, Smi h, Bonsugncre, ul : - ouroyan, n rews, Patnc ,Thomas l N FRESNO S FORWARD WALL IN ACTION In 1934 when they met Balcersfueld In the sem: funals Some costly fumbles an the fnrst quarter gave the Drnllers a heavy advantage Fresno trauled 14 7 at the half The lone touchdown was made by Ken Holley with Ben Mcflxlplne lclclcung the conversuon ln the second half a pass lnterceptuon made matters worse for the Warrrors and another touchdown put the game on Ice for the Drnllers Fresno went down fnghtung Holley and Lawless led a 90 yard march to a touchdown In the fourth quarter Fysf ow gacgafi THE FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL YELLOWJACKETS ARE COMPOSED of the thurd and fourth strung reserves Although they are for the most part sophomores, the Yellowjaclcets worlc just as hard as the varslty and they deserve much credut It us often thus frghtung squad of Yellowyaclcets which whips the regulars unto action on the practlce fueld A Opening the Fresno Hugh football season wsth a double header the Yellowjaclcets played the strong Chowchulla eleven Fresno scored a safety early In the furst half to talte a two pornt lead Soon after that Roy Brase grabbed a pass and YELLOWJACKETS SECOND ROW M h Y N 7 Y , - . ' I I l ' I - Q I FIRST ROW:' Stallfngs, Hege, Mnllar, Eby, Terzran, Smuth, Waddell 1 e rwem, Ball, Hem ,Brase X 'X SANGER PILFS US UP followed through wnth a brlllnant run A penalty on Chowchnlla put the Yellowjaclcets In a posntron for Roy Ball, quarter, to carry the ball over for the touchdown The game ended wnth the score 9 O an favor ol Fresno A In their next game the Vellowjaclcets traveled to Kerman to recenve a beatnng by the Kerman Hugh School Varsity Fresno played a ragged game and was overpowered by the better passing and bloclcung of the Kerman squad The hnal score was Q4 O A The Vellowjaclcets pulled a surpruse ID their next game by upsettnng Reedley Junior College, 'IQ Q The Fresno reserves outplayed thenr more experienced opponents and toolc advantage of the brealcs to score twlce BIII Docker, guard, scored sux ponnts by bloclung a punt an the end zone, and Roy Brase, halfbaclc, Inter cepted a pass to run 55 yards for another touchdown A The trlp to Madera proved dnsastrous Ior the Yellowyaclcets Before a large crowd of Madera Fans, the Fresno reserves were trampled on by the strong Madera Coyotes to the tune of 40 O A The last game for the Yellowjackets was played with the prospective 'I935 eleven of Fresno Iech It was a see saw battle, and w1thIech leading I3to1Q the Vellowjaclcets rallied with a long march down the held and crossed the lune as the gun sounded wnnnung I8 'I3 Roy Ball and Gene I3atrncI4 scored the touchdowns YELLOWJACKETS OND ROW C p t F t I 1 1 ' ' FIRST ROW: -flrola, Bonsignore, Docker, Coover, Collins, Lukas, Avus SEC 1 ' ar en er, oo e, Gillas, Sheets THF WARRIORS DRTVF FOR A TOLICHDOWN Zygfw LL z 1 THE 1934 FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL PAPOOSES COACHED BY Logan C Edwards were last and scrappy They were good and they proved It In spite ol some costly bad brealcs A The papooses hrst game a practice trlt wuth the Selma lughtwerghts was hard lought and resulted ID a 9 O victory lor Fresno The Lrghtweughts followed up ID their second practuce game by deleatrng the Chowchulla Lights 7 O plnlcy Thorpe trncl4y Fresno Quarterback made the touchdown A The Papooses won their hrst league game by deleatnng the Edison Tech Lughtwelghts Q8 O The touchdowns were made by Thorpe Monte ptyle Brll Burkhart and Ben Nlcfbxlplne Theur second league game was won by deleatlng the Roosevelt l'llghL1ghtwelghts wuth a 6 0 score A Then began the thrlllung Frght with the Fresno Tech Lights lor the C ty Champlonshrp The hrst game ended a scoreless tue Fresno Tech won the play otl rn a hotly contested battle by a 7 3 score ln thus game the Wolf Cubs ol Tech managed to malce one touchdown and a conversion The papooses unable to reach the end zone relied upon Ben lvlcfxxlprne For a beautiful held goal grvxng them three pornts A The outstanding lughtwenght thus season was Ben lVlcfXlpnne who l4ucl4ed placements alter every one ol the Papooses seven touchdowns PADOOSE: 4, A , v, f .1 J f I . I . I, I ' I I - . l I , . I I I ' ' 1 - l I ' I I I ' 1 T QOW Johnson Burkhart T Pfylr, Clarno Nlschaelldes Bagdasarnan Wolf, Steinhauvr Kennedy, Thorpe lvlcfxloune ECONO RCW Rudman, laursen Pratt Levlgna, Nlshro Lenny Brewster Deming Ba'eman M Plylw' Ishida Buch THIRD RCW Glunz Arvoto Daniels, Hansen Dxltz. Demmon, Santo Colluwr a Asfgaff ON ACCOUNT OF THE LONG FOOTBALL SEASON THE Warrlor baslcetball squad got oFl to a late start but Coach Glnsburg lost no time In developlng a hghtlng team that toolc the Cnty Champuonshnp and went to the County hnals Although Fresno l"lngh showed great Improvement at the end ol the season, they suttered a loss to Reedley, which deprived the 34 Valley Champions of the 35 County tntle A The forward posltnons were held down by Albert Lawless, John Buslclt, and Everett Barber As guards Kenneth Holley and Karlo Emerzuan proved more than able Dlclc Franlclun steadrly topped all centers Thus team well earned all of rts hard fought vsctornes A The hrst practuce game was played against Kerman, the game ending '15 6 nn favor of Fresno l-hgh ln the next game also a practice tnlt the Warrnors defeated Chowchrlla by a Q3 T8 score ln he next practice game with the Fresno State College Frosh, Fresno was defeated by a score of 2618 The Warriors however, were not discouraged by thus defeat, as the Freshmen always have a very strong team A few days later Fresno l-lsgh won over Madera 9216 The T935 Warriors were conceded more than a chance of again wlnnung the Cnty Tntle They entered league game Fresno l-llgh out stripped the Rough Ruder quintet T7 9 on their home Floor The next game was a practice game with Central Union In the Fresno gym The Central Union team gave the over conhdent Warriors a run for therr money , nevertheless Fresno l-hgh emerged on top with a Q6 Q5 vnctory A A hard hghtlng Edison Tech team came to the Fresno l-hgh courts determined to scalp the Warruors IU thenr own camp The smooth Fresno quintet however lunctuoned perfectly with speedy passung and beautiful shootung spullung the Tigers by a 9819 score Then talung on Fresno Tech the Warruors were able to put over an easy victory ol 37 QT This run ol vlctorles for the Warriors was upset IU a tllt at Stockton ln which Stoclcton won alter a hard fought battle endnng with a 45 Q5 score A The Warriors then tnmmed Roosevelt 4916 IU the Fresno gym lor the lourth league vuctory putting Fresno l-lngh In hrst place for the Cnty Title The Coach Gnnsbu f f . I n - . t - ' . I . I I 1 -4 5 Q . the league race as favorites. Meeting Roosevelt l'ligh School in the First I - - . ,,' I v . . I . I - . I - . - T I T ' 1 I , . - I - g ' 1 , . ACTION ON THE F H S COURTS fourth league game vvas vvnth a determined fresno Tech squad at their gym but the Warrnors had the sutuatlon well an hand and pulled the Wolf paclc s fangs IH a Q8 QT victory The Fifth league game for the Cnty Championship was played an Fresno s gym wrth Edison Tech The West snders were agaun turned baclc by the hard fughtung Warriors malclng Fresno f-lngh the Cnty Champnons for another year A The Warriors went to Taft to play their annual game with the Wild Cats ln the most colorful and excltnng game of the season Fresno l-lngh emerged vnctoruous from the gruellung see saw battle to vvln 1615 A The Warrior squad was all tuned up to play after thus victory over Taft and met Reedley for the Sem: county Championship Game The Warriors seemed to be at their best and held a Q pornt lead all through the game The Reedley team then managed to get 5 extra polnts thus dumping the mughty Warriors before a large crovvd of Fresno and team undoubtedly furnushed the Warriors stronger competltuon than any other hugh school team all season A ln all probabuluty Fresno l-hgh vvnll develop another fnne team next season VARSITY BASKETBALL F HkMHttL FZblFkIChGbqSthHIIPkLI B Etlih PM . . . I I . . . . I - I - . I - . I - . ' X Reedley fans. The final score stood 30-Q7 in l2eedley's favor. The Reedley I YVYTS, Um YY, 'dn ln, OGC Ins UT , ml y O QY, dlflc , LVN' ess, Yds? df 27 Unls lF'7, fo TTT Gnd'-IVV THE WARRIORS DEFEND THEIR CHAMPIONSHIP Cfaia B Buagsfgaff THE FRESNO HIGH 30s HAD A VERY SUCCESSFUL SEASON an spate ol the Iact that Coach Edwards had very llttle veteran maternal wuth whnch to worlc In addutlon he lost three regulars alter the Taft game Coach Edwards and the members ofthe team are to be complumented for the hne showlng they made against worthy competltuon A The hrst Iew games the Warrsor 3O s played were practice tults wnth Kerman Chowchllla and the Dante Club They won all three of these games The scores were as follows Kerman 'I3 6 Chowchllla 33 'I6 and Dante Club 9718 AThe hrst league game was won from Roosevelt by a Q5 'IQ score In the second league game the mlddleweughts played a very smooth game to defeat the Edlson Tech team 3'I 'II The last game ofthe hrst round was an easy victory over Fresno Tech 33 'I9 A Startlng the second round the 3Os made a clean sweep by defeatlng Roosevelt Q9 'I7 Fresno Tech Q5 'I8 and Edison Tech 3416 thus capturing the Cnty Champlonshlp once again Going Into the County hnals they were able to defeat Sanger Q3 'I3 However they lost to Taft I4 I6 ln a practuce game Playing for the County title the Fresno Hugh 30 s defeated Selma 30 QI whlch brought the season to a close SQUAD B BASKETBALL I I . , . 1 ' v . 1 l 1 f I I 1 ' i I ' i 1 ' - I - . ' , - . I ' I ' 1 - I D 1 ' ' 1 .. . I . v . - I I Mlchaelldes, M. Pfyle, Plog Kaufman, Clarno, Johnson, F. Pfyle, Rudman, Kennedy, Stelnhauer, Bagdasarlanf Rudolph, Me FRESNO GUARD OUTJUMPS REEDLEY MAN C6111 C7 Bczifgafgcaff THE FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL 110 POUND TEAM WAS COACHED by Al Swanson The 110 s played lulce vvuld hre the hrst of the season and vvon all thear practlce games by large scores During the Flrst of the league games however they slowed down a but Thus slump was soon overcome and the team clnmaxed the season by soundly thrashing the Roosevelt 'VIO s '19 8 A ln the hrst league game an easy vlctory vvas gained over Fresno Tech vvuth a QT 'I3 score After dropping the seond league game to Poose velt Tl T4 the Pee wee s made up for thesr defeat by drubbnng Edison Tech Q8 TO A Starting otf the second round the Fresno Pee wee s toolc the Cnty lead by vvunnung over Fresno Tech 13 5 When they met the East slders again on thexr Floor the pee wee s managed to hold a lead untnl the Fourth quarter At thus point the Rough Ruder 'HO s dumped the Warruors QO17 ln the hnal game the Fresno l-llgh 'l'lO s easily conquered the West slders to the tune ol QO 'TQ l-lavung tled Roosevelt for the clty tutle Fresno l-lxgh vvas able to drub the East s1de'l'lO s 19 8 shovvlng much Improvement ln form A Alter losing to Taft In a practice game they prepared to play for score and they traveled to Laton to talce on the Laton 'HO s for the County Champuonshnp After what vvas thought an easy victory for Fresno Hugh the Laton WTO s upset the War rors Q1 QO In their fastest game of the season thus malflng Laton the TWO County tltle holder CLASS C BASKETBALL Sh CII K LJ 7 1 If ' ' l , 1 - . . I . . - I - . v . . , . 1 ' ' . . 1 ' . 1 . ' I - . . - 1 1 " . - . . I .l l l . - - - Q , . I - l '- h ' 1 ' I the County Semi-Final. They defeated Reedley in the semi-Finals with a Q4-Q1 I '. I , P' - , , .a ara, u en, eeshnq Tarbinuan, Brockliss, St. John, Purdom, Norman, Kennedy, Bopp, Jeffueg 'ZCLG ll THE 1935 TRACK SEASON WILL BE ONE LONG REMEMBERED by the students of Fresno l'-lugh 5chool Thus year s team proved to be one of the strongest all round teams un hustory The tracl4 men toolc theur worl4 seruously and really made a name for themselves The Warruors defeated seven schools un practuce meets and then went on to annex the Cuty and County Tutles A The season was opened by the annual Cross Country Run and lnter class Meet, un whuch the senuors showed superuoruty over the other classes Kenneth Graham gauned an easy vuctory un the cross country, wuth Carl Salbach Funushung second The unlumuted duvusuon was won by the senuor class wuth 83 pounts None of the marlcs were out standung but the meet produced two unduvudual stars un lakeo Kunushuge and Gordon Davus The Former tool4 two lursts, two seconds, and ran on the Class of 36 relay team Davus was the star ol the weught duvusuon, gatherung three Furst places A ln the Furst practuce meet, our traclcmen defeated Madera, Selma, and Central Unuon by totalung SQIQ pounts The outstandung tume of the meet was that of Kenneth Graham un the mule run l-le covered the four laps un turned asude by a score ol 109 4916 Although Bartley Nutall ol Merced won four Fursts, these were not enough to dusplace four school records set by the Fresno l-lugh tracl4 and held stars The records are as Follows 'lQO yard hugh hurdles, set by Jummy Hansen, tume, 'l5 6 Q20 yard low hurdles, set by -l5dl42O Kuruushuge, tume Q5 5, pole vault, set by Clarence Ramer heught 'l'l leet 3 unches, relay, set by a team composed of l-lansen, Kunushuge Thomas, and Fette tume 1 33 Q A ln lunal preparatuon lor the cuty meet the Warruor traclcsters scored twelve out of a possuble Fulteen Fursts and made a clean sweep un three events to swamp teams representung 5anger Eduson and Reedley The scores were Fresno 'IOS Sanger Q1 Ed son 'Ill Reedley 7l Clarence Ramer bettered hus own school record un the pole vault by two unches settung ut up to ll feet 5 unches Kunushuge contunued hus practuce ol the past several meets by talcung unduvudual honors wuth T614 pounts A The Warruors showed theur heels to all com CoachTrombe . . . g - . I . - I . . . the last time of 4:55. Alhe following weelc the Merced l-lugh Bears were . . . U i 1 4 ' . 5 I l 0 . '. ' i . . . I n I 5 . 5 . . f 1 - 1 ' Z f i i 2, 2- ' . . . . . . ' I 4 . . , .. . ' is... NFCK AND NECK KUNISHICJE TO FFTTE petltors an tlwe clty meet by wlnnung ten fnrst places and totalung Q01 1 points Roosevelt was second wxtlw 4Q and dlson tlurd wltlw QS' Four clty records fell durrng tlwe afternoon 'llwey were mule, set by Nluzrnrcfw Eduson time 4 47 5 fwop step and jump, set by potter, Roosevelt drstance, 43 feet QQG yard low fwurdles set by Kunlslwuge Fresno, time Q5 7 QQO yard daslw, set by Fette Fresno tame QQ 6 A flue Fresno l-llglm team Went to Coalunga and successfully defended nts County Cl1dmDIOUSlWlD flue Warrrors rolled up 401 1 poxnts to agarn slwow up tlwe Pouglw Rrders wlwo were second yvutfw 37 pornts A terrrfrcally lwrgfm vvlnd prevauled all during tlne meet and as a result most of tlwe marl4s were poor flue Wand lwovveyer, dld not effect tlwe lwlgfw jump, and Erwin Austin from Edison leclt, vvrnner rn tfme clty meet brolce Walter Marty s hrgh sclwool hugh rump record wltfw a leap of 6 feet 7 rnclwes A Fresno l-lrglw was represented by fourteen men ID tfte Valley lVleet llwe Warriors totalled 16' g points to place slxtlw rn a freld of about tlwrrty sclwools A The State Meet was lweld ID Fresno for tlwe frrst trme rn srxteen years Fresno entered tlwree men Jrmmy l'lansen and lalce Kunrslwuge lwurdlers, and Nlorrrs amuelran vylwo placed rn tfme football tlwrow A IPIM X D arp lt C ...r A 1 ,F . 'Y , E . . . 0. , . I , 1 I ' f ' ' ' 1 r 1 I ' 2 1 1 1 - ' 1. 1 1 1 ' I , . ' . 4 . . X - 4 5 I 1 A S 1 ' Lfxfwfw - ll lf?-arfw A fl.-r l -f. ir-afwarn l5.-mvng f-lrnd:'rsor1,f1nls fl tv fran lnomas Jonas Vw--'E Yrannopouto tl H' fl: 'F' A ' 'Y-7 ' -V 2' Uoffttt Phrlfy Co 2 Strelt Enos BO almrr Gdom Davus Brown fall-away flryan had 1 Patruc M Samuellan,Cl'1ow ,fwunq RAMER WINS THF CITY MEET CEM B Uma! THE CLASS or aa WON THE ANNUAL INTER CLASS MEET wuth 47' 1 pounts ln the unutual practuce meet the Warruor muddleweughts defeated Selma and Madera The followung weelc Fresno f'lugh met the Merced team un another practuce meet on the Warruor fueld The Merced boys were un good form and threatened to talce the meet, but after a tough fught the purple and Gold team Came out vuctoruuos by wunnung the relay and defeated theur opponents by a 57 47 score ln the funal practuce meet the Fresno Hugh Class B traclcmen overwhelmed contestants from the Sanger, Reedley and Eduson Tech hugh schools The scores were Fresno 60 5anger Q4 Reedley 'l7, and Eduson Q A The outstandung performers of the season were Bull Burkhart, who totaled 78 pounts and Bob Sears whose total was 40 pounts These two alone were enough to defeat the average Class B team ln the meets, several School records were made The new records are l'lop step and jump set by Sears dustance, 38 feet, 'IT unches pole vault, set by Colluver, heught '10 feet 919 unches, 660 yard run, set by Purdom tume 'I 33, and T90 yard low hurdles set by Burkhart, tume T5 3 A The Warruor muddleweughts annexed the Cuty Tutle wuth 54 pounts CLASS B TRACK O F M th N C OW Wh 1 p 7 I 1 u I.. - 1 ' I i ' . ' ' ' 1 1 i 1 A ' , 2 - , , . 5 Fl W:'A oreman, Luckin, acSweeney, Sears, Pu , Bowers, Nui, ushuo, Burkhart SE X 1 i man, Golladay, Colliver, Thor e, Pratt, Odoclca, West, Laursen, Takamato, Purdo KUNISHICJE LEADS THE FIELD AT 940 Tvvo nevv cnty records were set Burkhart ran the 'IQO yard lovv hurdles an T5 5 and Colluver vaulted TO leet 4 nnches The lollovvang vveelc esght men vvent to COdlIUQd and because ol a very strong vvrnd were only able to tal4e thlrd place ID the county meet Trmes and dtstances were poor but Sears and Burkhart again won their specialties thus wlth a levv points here and there the Warruors managed to gather T95 polnts C 61.15, glcldx. THE NEW CLASS C TEAM WAS RATHER WEAK THIS YEAR but It produced several tndlvadual stars The unter class meet was vvon by the sophomores vvuth llttle opposntuon from the other classes Th s s usual occurence as rumors and senuors are seldom small enough to mal4e the Class C team ln the clty meet Roy Sahara, who vvent undefeated an all the practtce meets tued the cnty record IU the lovv hurdles at 'I4 Q Rustrglan county meet and tool4 fourth place Brase placed second ID the hugh jump and Rustlglan thnrd IU the 330 Sahara vvon the county low hurdles title lor the second successive year rms C TRACK M M M Al 1 gl . , . . . . . . I t 1 ' 5 - 7 T C7 fy I I ' V ' . i i a also set a clty record inthe 330 yard run in 41.9. A Four men went to the Palmer c ann c prne homas Rustldgran Cut ry Wafanabr' lmfrda Sahara 611561, UQ C596-graft eve WITH A TURNOUT OF ABOUT FORTY CANDIDATES CON slstrng mostly of last years County Championship players, Coach Logan Edwards built the team which represented Fresno l-lugh during the T935 season A During theur hrst worlc out, all players had an opportunmty to show what they could do The hrst encounter was with Central Unuon l-lugh School, the game endlng wlth a score of 3 O un favor of the Warruors ln the next practice game the Warriors showed better team worl4, but they were defeated by an All star Alumni team 5 Q Stull conscious ol this defeat, the Warriors came baclc to grve the All stars a 5 3 drubbung to prepare themselves to play Fowler, showrng much Improvement over their former games The next practice game seemed to be a push over with the small inexperienced Fowler nlne However, the score was only 4 Q an favor ol the Warriors -lwo practice games were scheduled with Kerman The hrst game played on the Kerman lot was won by the Kerman nlne Q 'l The return game offered much excitement as the Warriors completely out Gold team scored In every nnnrng, the Kerman team being unable to forestall the Warrior hitters who at last seemed to Fund thenr hnttlng strength Fresno Hugh used three pitchers and as many catchers to admlnnster a second sound thumping to Central Union l'-lugh on the Warruor diamond 'IO Q ID the next practice game ln a practice game with Edlson Tech Fresno l'llgh managed to trounce them 'I3 Q A With the dlvlsnon tutle as an alm this year, Fresno l'l1gh opened the hrst league game on the Roosevelt diamond wuth the strong Roosevelt nnne The pltchnng stall of the Rough Riders was too much forthe hghtrng Warrnors and they were defeated 6 4 l"lowever, Fresno l'llgh held a one run lead tall the sixth rnnnng when errors on the part ol the Warriors caused the let down A The Warriors entered the second league game with Washnngton Union l-lrgh the thurd strongest team an the league Playing the fastest game ol the season another vrctory was added to the Warrior s lust when they hung up a score of 12 6 The Fresno Hugh team showed much progress and managed to lceep a Four W Coach Edwards classed the Kerman team and dumped them 'l-4-6. The mighty Purple and THF WARRIOR NINE IN ACTICN run lead all through the game A Enterung the thurd league game, as a favorute, the Warruors out smarted theur Tech ruvals by a Q1 core una ten unnung game Although the pluclcy Wolfpaclc played an excellent game of baseball they were unable to stop Dave Qdom who went the full route for the Warruors vvunnung the game for them by catchung a bunt A ln a return game vvuth Washungton Llnuon, Fresno l-lugh was defeated lr was an off day, and the errors of the Purple and Gold team seemed to help the Washungton Llnuon nune The panther putcher seemed to be too much for the vvealc huttung Warruors The Fresno l'lugh team held theur opponents to a one hut lead untul the seventh unnung vvhen the Panthers staged a rally, brungung the funal score 5 Q A The second encounter vvuth Roosevelt l-lugh seemed to be the turnung pount of the cuty league The Warruors came out to the front and defeated the East suders 8 O, vvhuch threvv the furst duvusuon unto a three vvay tue betvveen Fresno l-lugh Washungton Llnuon, and Roosevelt all havung one defeat fresno Hugh got off on a good start and bunched theur huts due to the laxness on Roosevelt s part A ln theur last game of the season, the Warruors staged an easy vuctory over the hard fughtung Wolfpack They rang up a score of 8 Q The game was unterestung un the furst fuve stanzas, but ut vvent hay vvure un the suxth the Warruors rallyung to Score four more runs ln the nunth unnung Tech vvas able to malce uts second run BASEBALL TROW H fu lp Sr Ply! H SECOND ROW K f th D 5 DROW Ed d H lx ' . - . . - C . . . 1 ' 1 I I ' 1 7 . ' 1 . , . Rudo h Kennedy eunhauer, M e, Bennett olland Russell. . au man Ru Hume Shaw Lacy C enter, Col are THIR war s, olley, B Coover, D. Cooveu Lawless, Patruck, Latour, Odom BETTE PEAK AND JIM JOHNSON F H S TENNIS STARS El?J2Li THE FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS SEASON WAS OPENED wuth much enthusuasm, and a large number of players turned out lVluss Wrught coached thus team throughout uts successful season A temporary team was chosen to play practuce matches agaunst Roosevelt, Reedley, l-lanford Selma, and Fowler Followung these matches, Funal try outs were held, and the school tennus team was chosen It consusted of the lollowung players Anuta Kellogg gurls sungles, l.loyd Gates, boys sungles, Betty Peak and Dorus, gurls doubles, James Johnson and Dean St John boys doubles, and Madelune Dubbs and James Laurutzen, muxed doubles The gurls doubles, boys doubles, and muxed doubles survuved the cuty tournament They entered the County Tournament but alter many long hard sets were, wuth the exceptuon of the muxed doubles team all defeated Thus left the muxed doubles team the only representatuve of Fresno l-lugh they managed to capture the Valley Semu hnals but alter a hard fought match were defeated by the l-lanford muxed doubles team The Fresno l-lugh School muxed doubles team were awarded sulver medals as rewards for wunnung the Valley Semu hnals Fresno l'-lugh School hopes to have a hne tennus team next season as there us cuuute a but ol young talent TENNIS Dbbvlhu SzJhGuLz Jh Rd PkLf1Klg5 83 I ' T T I 4 1. T' T I ' T T ' . 1 I . U . . I I 1 School to enter the Valley Semi-Finals. Playing exceptionally Fine tennis ' 1 I , I . . T . . U S, lmdn, . O n, GCS, GUY. zen, 0 nson, U man, ea , on,, zlo MO guzfa 4572015 HEALTH SPORTSMANSHIP AND LEADERSHIP ALL have been greatly emphasized In conjunctuon vvlth the regular exerclses and sports vvhlch comprlse gurls athletics The grovvlng cooperatnve splrrt among the gurls and the general supervrsuon of Nlrs Mable A Qvven and Mass Dorothy L Wrrght have tended to mal4e the 1934 35 season an enjoyable and enlightening one A Parallelrng lormer years, the varlous groups, made up ol sophomores rumors, and senrors, were begrnners, lntermedrates, and advanced respectrvely A ln the fall semester the students enjoyed an array of Interesting sports that demanded slull and practlce Volleyball soccer speedball and hoclcey arrested the attention ol the students Volleyball was rndulged In by all the students At the conclusion ol the volleyball season, a group ol seniors entertained teams lrom other schools at the annual volleyball play day Another yearly BEGINNER5 SOCCER ADVANCED BASKETBALL l T POW DeV lc Alb ghr 5 Mtch l SECOND ROW M rr Wh: ALL STAR VOLLEYBALL TEAM TROW Rr N hol h bb L PlrrWhIyW QECONDROW M phyAt hMPh s DROW N hl-It Mlle Wlso H c I P I f . . . . ' . . 1 I ' 1 YS VVPU ' J 1 ' FPS Broadlwurst, Whaley Platt Deke, ROIQS ore, Hancoc , YI ,Herrun , v el o I man Pogers, Luhm , oas Pogers, Lonu, rc s,S erwood, Du s, uhm, a a e , l'1ltman,DalcP . 3 ur , n uc , c er on, Randall Wrlluams, Avery, Anderson, Hamilton, Fox, Krumbem. Tl-Ill? 1 - ig , as ie, i r, 1 n, an ock, Kasai INTERMEDIATE VOLLEYBALL K mbe Mu phy W e s I BEGINNERS VOLLEYBALL e rreow Izaq sWhIyL game was played GQGIUSL the boys A team of spunlcy gIrls was dovvned by ILS opponents before a group ol student spectators l-lavIng completed thIs sport the begInners played soccer, the IntermedIates, speedball, and the advanced, hoclcey A -l-ODDIDQ oft the hrst hall the GIrls AthletIc ASSOCIG LION held ILS semI annual sport spread, on vvhIch OCCdSlOD letters, chevrons, and certItIcates were awarded and the othcers For the follovvmg semester were Installed A The SDFIUQ term opened vvIth that greatly antIcIpated game, baslcetball To many of the gIrls, basketball IS the lastest game of the year It IS InterestIng to non DGVLICIDGULS as vvell as to those vvho guard, VZCZIVZ, and shoot The tvvo court game, a much taster one than a three court, found favor among the advanced glrls vvhIle the beglnners and IntermedIates played the trI court The basketball season vvas pronounced Steinhauer, Fox, ru in, r , illiams, And Smal y, Petersen HRS :J ,ers, Roja , a e , uhm, Dake SECOND ROW:-fVencenz, Whitman, Platt, Horton, Kirk, Pomera t I . . . . I . l . . , - 1 Wg! a very successful one, even by those who lost their games A At the begunmng ol the next pernod, the groups again split to partscnpate In dltterent games The beginners found their places on the baseball diamond where the game ol America was correctly taught and played The untermedrates stepped unto the horseshoe puts manipulated their paddles IH paddle tennis and ping pong vvhlrled their racquets In tennis, played handball and tried theur sl4lll un bowlnng The advanced classes cheerfully rlslced theur legs lor the purpose of doung stunts Groups vvere grven a chance to attaln outstandung achieve ment ID the pyramlds vvhlle other stunts such as headstands, animal vvallcs dlvung and a number of dlllerent rolls were among those otlered A Dancung, although not strlctly a sport was one of the mann actlvltres ol this year It promotes grace and poise and IS therelore a helpful subject A The annual PTA demonstratnon succeeded these sports At thus entertalnment, the gurls displayed their prowess In minor sports tumbling and dancung, and they ADVANCED VOLLEYBALL BECJINNERS BASKETBALL INTERMEDIATE BASKETBALL FJ ql q lr W b t L tt SECOND ROW OL y Wh l y W D ROW dh SPECTACULAR FRESNO HIGH ADVANCED TLJMBLERS LA. l 'U 1 ' 1 , . 1 1 1 l ' 1 X rl h I . 1 1 ll 4 Qwrt-, Albrrhv, Hancock FIPS RO Dub s, Rogers, Platt Loclthav Mc-vnzcr Franklrnmlohnsou, Mumlw, u on, Mrller, Wnlson : ' ear , a 2 Fisher, nlllems THIP 1 Broa urst, Duel,Mott , 41 . nil.. INTERMEDIATE SPEE DBALL t nGea Hog o EM phy S ADVANCED HOCKEY I T ROW F Ste ha st SECOND ROW Mlle Mtch II Sa Ko Dutt gh, THIRD ROW H st S 5 Albr ght showed the type ol worlc presented by the PE department A Alter thus tnme, the G A A pncnlclced at Roednng Parlc for nts sport spread Games were played for a Full afternoon, and dinner was devoured by the members who had worlced up an appetite A The last sport was opened for the closing weelts ol school Traclc proved to be a loadstone lor the athletes Everyone In the two upper dnvnsnons and some an the lower dnvnslon went out for nt and succeeded In doing some very hne worlc A The 1934 35 season may be called a success, not merely because great slcull was displayed durnng the games, but also because those who lost, lost well, and those who won, dld not down the opposing team, but won the game Petti ,Peterse , r ves, refe,Anders n, . ur Fox, teinhauer, Ferrarese FRS :-"Y ox, in uer, Ma en, Reed zfir, ie, m, , on Herrgh 1' a ie, pencer, Herrin , I Dijanizafioni U I C S F CHAPTER 45 ' C x FIRST ROW F Murphy Petersen, R Murphy, Mottb, Franlrlln, Beck, Lee, Young, peed, Masten, Cireaves, Mann, Oates, Ono If OND ROW Johnson Goedvn, Arancrbra, Pudlrn, F, Whrtman, Prrngle, Schmerser, Muller M. Addrngton, Nakano Sahara Yoshraka Call TH RD ROW Dake Hayes, Costa, Coull, Longren, Pomeranlz, Imada, Kamrkawa, Wahrhafrrg, McCreary, Mtnaltamr Hrnsberwr ICJIIIZIH ROW H Watanabe, Masuda Suda Amano, Albarlan, Anderson, Ohannesran, Frshtzaclf Carpenter, W Addrngton Gooqooran I-Eoblnn' FIFTH ROW Okamura Masten Talumure Sohm, McMarns, Gates, Herrung Lannrng L Whrrman Clark Eckert 5' RCD!! Watson, Lawson Smlth Pracenrlne, Waddell, Shepard, Yabuno,Salbach Brehl Kaupke my r df z' 7 sa -4- f - 1 1 - . I . G. . ' . . . I - 1 1 I 4 , Cu L oruuu Sc zo wcsflta Ya aruhorz CHAPTER 45 OF THE CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION has as Its purpose the encouragement of hugh scholarshrp, and the elrgnbrlrty For membershrp rs determined by a student s scholastrc rating A member ol thus society IS grven many prlvrleges which other students may not enjoy It one earns membership For at least two thrrds ol hus hugh school attendance Includrng one semester ol hrs senror year, he becomes a lule member and as awarded a lrle membership certrhcate, the federatron prn and the gold seal ol the lederatron, which rs aFhxed to hrs diploma and college recom mendatron A The chapter marntarns a loan lund For the beneht ol members who have graduated and wnsh to borrow money to help them attend college The fund was establrshed rn 1999 and IS added to every year by the pro ceeds from some money malcrng project In November twenty Fave dollars was added to this Iund from a cal4e sale This lund IS handled by the Fresno Scholarshup Assocratron, whrch rs permntted to use the money when ut as not rn use by graduated members ol the society or other deservung alumnl F Fresno Hugh School A Chapter 45 was represented at two drstrrct meetlngs thus year, one at Fowler rn November, and one at Fresno rn Apnl A reguonal conventron was held at Hayward on Aprrl Q7 A The socuety also encourages socual actrvrtres Chapter 45 together with that of Roose velt entertained the new Edrson chapter at a party In January and gave a banquet an May celebratrng the Frfteenth annrversary ol the loundrng ol nur chapter INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP FIRST ROW S Wadd II Mofftl T I1 M po OND ROW Spo R ss II .I I1 J In D I Iw THIRD ROW R D M F Izb:'UzafLo12af qzmndigc Z7 TI"IE INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP CLUB SEEKS TO ESTABLISH a democratuc splrut of good vvlII among the many natsonahtles represented In Fresno I-Ingh School Wnthout exception, the year 'I934 35 has been the most successIuI In the enture history of the cIub The attendance has been Iarge, and great Interest has been shovvn In the various actrvutues sponsored by the cIub A In addrtuon to the reguIar vveeIcIy meetmgs, the CIub has been very actuve this year In projects of rnternatIonaI Interest In the IaII and sprung, a cIothes drive, which secured severaI hundred gar ments vvas heId Ior the Fresno InternatlonaI Institute CIub members served tea for the Teachers Instntute, thus obtaunung money vvhrch was Iater donated to the cIInIc fund at the Institute The members, costumed to represent varrous Ioreugn nations, aIso assusted at the March Parent Teachers meeting when Internatlonahsm was the theme A Among the varrous Soc1aI aFIaIrs enjoyed, have been the Christmas party, at vvhlch customs of Chrrstmas observance In many Iands were described by members aF1IrpIno dnnner at vvhuch Fllnpuno Iruends were honored guests, a pan Pxmerucan banquet at vvhuch the Spanrsh cIasses enthusrastlcaIIy1orned the CIub IO observance oI pan Amerucan Day ApruI I4 and a specIaI observance oI InternatuonaI Good Wrll Day SeveraI groups of the InternatIonaI Instrtute entertarned members of the CIub at a Ionnt meeting heId at the Instltute burIdrng !5xprrI Q A A number of new members have recentIy entered the cIub :fr am, e , I , a a, ir'a i. SEC :--' rer, u e , o ns, o.eD , IE 5 :f.runner, Carney, CIarIc, Stratton, Hancock, e anty I I I E fl u r , . I . . . . T , . f 1 ' ' f ' 1 I 1 GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW Wh M h NDROXX1 R amlr xxfqh WI qt, MI C111 4 '4fEfsfLc cjfyliioctufuzrz THE GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION WAS ORGANIZED IN the IaII oI T933 The purpose ot thus cIub ns to deveIop a hner splrut ot sportsmanshup and to promote an Interest In physucaI htness through hard worI4 and pIay among the g1rIs ot Fresno I-Isgh A Durung the season ot all sports the Gurls Athletic Assoclatuon conducts the untercIass games IU which the three cIasses beginners lntermeduates and the advanced par tmcupate The glrIs pIaynng In the varuous Inter cIass games recenve pomnts toward the G A A awards A The Important events ot each year sponsored by the G A A are the AnnuaI Ivountaun Qutlng VoIIeybaII I3Iay Day GmrIs and Boys Champuonshup VoIIeybaII Game and the Sport Spreads Teams representung varuous hugh schooIs participated IU the annuaI VoIIey baII I3Iay Day The schooIs represented were Fresno TechnncaI IQooseveIt Eduson Technucal and Fresno I-hgh A The Boys and GrrIs VoIIeybaII game was pIayed betore a very Iarge crowd Although the boys surpassed the gmrIs ID strength the technique oI the gurIs compared favorably with the boys A At the IaII Sport Spread 1nstaIIatlon of othcers was heId a d awards were guven to the glrIs who had won them through good sports manshnp and hard worI4 The sprung Sport Spread at which various sports were enjoyed by all the gurls was heId un the Iorm ot a pncnuc at Roednng I3arI4 After the supper awards Ior basebaII voIIeybaII hocI4ey soccer speedbaII tracI4 and tennus were presented c , ltman P urp y Dlcklnson 'Casas Renass E. Murphy' Klckashea' er v vc Schrerber Sporer rl I lson, Profhtt Hancock Watt, Kello, K Spencer Kroupa as en 17 7 r I r v r r -. N12 if P . 7 . . . . . I . 1 1 -1 1 ' I . . . . . 1 , . , . I ' - . X . ' 1 1 , . . ' . 7 f . 1 4 1 1 n ' 1 1 4 I f f f f I I ' I-IYPATIA FIRST ROW D A h OND ROW D ty S p d k RTI-I ROW OI y L By gr z Y tQI7Zyf2u Lu THE HYPATIA CLUB IS ONE OF THE OUTSTANDING GIRLS CIubs In Fresno I-Ilgh SchooI It has aIways I4ept nts ldeaI oI promoting a splrltoIIrIendI1ness and cordlaIIty among the members and other gurIs of the schooI A In IooIclng bacI4 over the past year, the I'IYDdtldS are abIe to con gratuIate themseIves on the success of their varnous actlvltles The Christmas Sport Dance showed that they Icnew how to have a good time as the Iarge crowd ID attendance and the generaI feehng of satisfaction proved Thus dance was heId December I4 ID the Fresno I-hgh SchooI Library BaIIoons, snowmen, a Iarge Inreplace, and a Christmas tree served as decoratuons The sem: IormaI sprung dance, using the I-Iawanan motif, was heId IVIay I5 A During the year, a membership tea and a Mothers Tea were heId each semester In the social room At the Mothers Tea IU the TaII a styIe show was gnven as a program The room was decorated with orange marugoIds and slIver candeIabras with paIe yeIIow candIes were on the tabIe A the membership tea ID the sprlng IIowers attractlveIy decorated the room The program consisted of varnous musical seIectlons A The I'Ivpatla Portia basIcetbaII game was heId January 9 The IDOVLIGS were the victors Iter a cIose hght That evening the group had dinner at the Dante CaIe A Besides business at the weeI4Iy meetlngs they have had various programs conslstlng oI roII call authors, parhamentary Iaw practice, extempordngoug speeches, debates, booIc reviews and other entertainment : WPIUIII s, Brown, Erasher, bra amson, Costa, I-Ilnsberger SEC : ou , am son, Person, Had oc , Denman, Drllabough, Robinson, Sherwood, Londg THIRD ROW: ffMcPherson, PaIombeIIa, Bell, Coull, Boyer, Lee, Doty, CaII, Lang, Strawmatt YOU ne , . r an, Addin on, Klckashear, Whi e, Graham, Hullnkzr, V. Br an, Je f I I ' 1 ' 1 . f , . 6 . I . . t 1 , , GIRL RESERVES T ROW D I W 5 OND ROW P y T I 5 M CILZZ f!XEic'LUc4 THE GIRL RESERVES IS A SERVICE CLUB THE GIRLS OF FRESNO I"IIgh SchooI who are members of thIs organIzatIon are taught to abIde by theIr motto To hnd and QIVZ the best The CJIrI Reserve Chapter ot Fresno I'IIgh SchooI IS one of the many groups vvhIch compose an Inter natIonaI organIzatIon Every year there IS one certaIn phase of SZVVICQ vvhIch IS consIdered more Important than any other by the members of the organIzatIon Inter cIub vvorIc In the cIty has been especIaIIy stressed thI Iast year Every month a Iarge dInner has been held at the Young Woman s ChrIstIan 1AxssocIatIon at vvhlch members from SeIma FovvIer and Fresno have been present A The IVIId wInter Conference vvas heId at BaI4ersIIeId thIs year and the cIub sent Iour deIegates ThIs Conference tooI4 In the Chapters of the entIre San JoacIuIn VaIIey and they had the advantage of beIng Ied by outstandmg men and women of the DGCIIIC Coast The Fresno I-hgh group vvas sponsored by members of the Fresno I-IIgh SchooI IacuIty The cIub s aIready pIannIng to send deIegates to the Summer Camp at I"IuntIngton I.aIce and aIso to the Famous f"XsIomar Conference where deIegates come from the entIre vvestern sectIon of the LInIted States A Dunng the I:aII semester a great deaI of tIme was spent In attemptIng to maI4e IIIe more pIea ant for the nevv gIrIs ID our schooI pot IucIc suppers, teas, and a ChrIstmas party were aIso enjoyed DurIng the Spnng semester bIcycIe rIdes hII4es swIms and dInners vvere Featured FIRS , Ie , a ner, Lmdegrzn, Black, KIramId1Ian, KurI:IIan, Moodey SEC ' ur ear, ut! e, Kautenber , N. Burns Johnson, ZanInovIch, anoogIan, Langf- THIRD ROW Peddy, A. Burns, Rmhardson Janssen, Hancock, Madsen, I-Iarrrs , 7' I J - - f' ' . . b - . . . S 1 1 , . 1 ' . I ' ' "' " I . . . . C ' 1 1 1 I 1 AGORA nsasr Row W u srcomo Row ray c yl 9010. THE FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL AGORA IS ONE OF THE OLDEST boys clubs nn the school havlng organized almost two decades ago lt s malntanned for the boys who wish to further their knowledge of publuc spealung and parliamentary law lVlany notable men of the state have been members of the Agora during their attendance at Fresno l"llgh A The year s actuvltles have been many and varied starting out wnth a dance ID November featuring the Nrght Club ldea This dance was followed by the Agora Senate football game The Agora, though out numbered, overwhelmungly downed their friendly rnvals by a 6 O score A ln the sprung the Agora again defeated the Senate In the annual baslcetball game The club then set about malong plans for nts annual nnformal dinner This gatherung was held In the month of February More than fufty people attended uncludlng both actlve and Inactive members The highly successful season was brought to a close with the furst sprung dance of the year Thus function was held on Apral 'T8 The dance was very well attended and the Agornans received much prause for the fmne worlc they drd ID malcung It a success A It IS nnterestung to note that three of the present faculty members were formerly members of the Agora Nlr Leon Key the present sponsor was on uts membershlp roll whale attending Fresno l-lngh Much of the success of the organnzatuon thus year has been due to the unturung and enthusnastuc help gnven the members by Mr Key a ace, Walls, Hare, Smith, M. Pfyle, Berg ' 3 'f'- I man, Shwartz, Tldyman, Kang Rudman F. PV e Selllnq Key ' ' ' , l 1 1 1 - A I ' 1 - 1 - - 1 1 ENGINEEQS T ROW St g E o W SECOND ROW Y b Hy Srog gl b I fill. Lllaaii THE ENGINEERS CLUB GIVES THE STUDENT WHO IS PLANNING to enter the englneenng proIessIon an opportunIty to recelve a better understandmg aIong the IIne of engIneerIng vvorI4 By means of excursIons to busIness houses, and speaI4ers from these varIous IndustrIes and protessuons, the student IS gIven a cIoser InsIght Into the IIeId of SCIZUC2 and engIneerIng Through these dITIerent medIums the EngIneers CIub IS able to present to IIS members the type of vvorI4 that they are Interested In as theIr IIfe s vvorI4 and to I4novv vvhat vvIII be expected of them IH the scIentIhc vvorId A The EngIneers CIub was very actIve durIng the year T934 35 The cIub as a vvhoIe vIsIted the IDGCIIIC TeIephone Company, the WIIson Theatre, a Iarge Foundry the Sun IVIaId I2aIsIn I5Iant, and The Eresno Bee The cIub has aIso been fortunate thIs season In obtaInIng speakers on varIous InterestIng subjects, among whom were Mr Harry Eoster, who spoke on ancIent pyramIds, Mr CaseboIt ot TWIHID8 s Laboratory, who gave an IIIustrated Iecture on the vvorI4 of the Iaboratory, Mr Benson ot the Eresno State CoIIege who taIIced on bIrds, and IVIr Herbert Wheaton aIso of Eresno State, who spoI4e oI the buIIdIng oI VGVIOUS Amencan dams A The Iast Important GCLIVILY, vvhIch ended the season, vvas the annual strawberry shortcaI4e banquet at vvhIch there vvas an eIectIon of othcers for the IaII semester 11 FIPS : e er oed Ora, Nakashma, M ms, ard T 'f a uno, de ren, Qui ey, Fors lad, Ramer NIshIo THIRD POWfMaxweIl Lash Fovkner Kmg Hunter Tondell Sohm Brown f , 1 1 , - , I T o MUMMERS T ROW W t ght L NDROW DbbsPllkHl V ldfp U55 dllummsu THE MUMMERS CLUB SPONSORED BY L o MULLER WAS organized many years ago un order to gnve students ID Fresno l-lngh an opportunity to study and practnce the dramatic arts lts mann purpose IS to install unto the minds of Its members the time honored prlnclple of the stage that the play us the thing, and that It must go on though all else lanls A The only requnrement vvhlch the club sets lor admnssnon to candidacy as an honest love lor the drama an some one or more ol Its forms and a snncere vvullxngness to vvorl4 Grades are not talcen unto consuderatxon as ut IS the beluel ol the members that the club Should be for dramatlcs only A The club through nts entertainments glven before groups Inside and outsnde ol school IS able to gave nts members an opportunity to see the advantages and dnsadvantages ol acting as a career Durnng meetxngs, varuous phases of dramatlcs are discussed plays are produced under student direction and everyone IS given a chance to talce part, either IU the play Itself or In nts production A The majority ol the hrst semester vvas spent an rehearsing lor Babbut s Boy vvhuch vvas presented to the student body for thexr entertaunment at one of the general assemblies Those not cast un Babblts Boy vvorl4ed on slots vvhlch were gxven at one ol the Scaots meetungs The Nlummers also presented three short slots at a meetung ol the Scholua Club alter vvhnch the partucupants vvere served relreshments FIPS ' "Rankin Jackson, or man, Olsen Wm , ong QECO Y u , o ac , am: ton, ander Dussen, Ferna ha man, Ages I ' ' l ' 1 1 . . . . . , ' . . , ' ' 1 . . . . ' . I SENATE FIRST ROW Wh: H J SECOND ROW M Ht M h DROW Bpzr Ap THE FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL SENATE NOW COMPLETING ITS forty Frfth continuous year retains Its same arm namely, that ol teaching the members parlramentary law This rs done by furthering the members knowledge and by rts actual applrcatron The members learn public spealong and debatrng from practrce atlorded by the program ol each meet ang The Senate encourages the qualrty of leadershrp rn members and holds ervrce to the school as one ot rts hrghest goals A The outstandrng socral events ol the past year were the tall dance the annual Senate banquet and the Senate portra prcnrc The fall dance whrch was attended by the senators and therr guests, was carrued out rn a Hodge Dodge theme The lorty Frfth annual banquet of the Senate was held at l-lotel Fresno The atlaur was attended by Senators honorary Senators former and present sponsors and guests An rnsprrrng welcomung speech was made by Norman Henderson to the honorary Senators Durrng the course ol the evenrng addresses were grven by li M l.ane, founder of the Senate Edwrn C Kratt and Davud peclcrnpah The minutes were read ol a meetrng ID each of the lollowrng years T895 T905 T9T5 T9Q5 and T935 Durrng the tall semester a debate was held between the Senate and portra clubs The annual Senate Portra prcnrc was attended by the Senators portras and the sponsors man Warren, Bond, vnderson St ohn. o rr, e rwem Paul, Doclwr Ball T. Brown THIP e ls e s mall, Puckford, Cass C Brown Smrth ATEIZCIEE I ' 1 i . . . . ' , . C . . . , . 1 1 ' A 1 1 1 f . , . . If . y . I I I 1 1 - 1 ' ' 1 y , RIFLE CLUB FIRST ROW G SECOND ROW EII H :Riffs Cf 5 THE FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL RIFLE CLUB MEMBERSHIP IS LIMITED to cadets The allllllatlon vvuth the National Rltle Association, Washington D C allows the members to talce part ln the various rltle matches throughout the United States A Another successful year IS closung, and many new Features have been added to the clubs program Meetings are held on the trst and thlrd Frldays of each month and have been most lnterestlng The attendance has been exceptionally good, due to the various actlvntles that have been carrled out thus year Nlarlcsmanshnp has not developed as well as an previous years because of the llmlted amount ol ammunltxon A The annual banquet ol the club was held February 'I3 A specnal squad from the l-lovvltzer Company, Calnlornla Natlonal Guard put on a hrnng pr blem vvuth the 37 M M rutle using a sub caliber B B rmtle vvnth telescopuc sughts Much Interest vvas shown by the cadets ID thus most Interesting topuc Mayor Z S Leymel, former Commandant ol Cadets vvas present and gave quite an elaborate tall4 on Nlarksmanshup and Cadets A The annual pucnlc was held just before the close ol the school year Qn the day of the outing the club journeyed to a secluded spot on the San oloacquln river vvhere everyone participated In svvnmmlng and the varlous games and races When the plcnuc ended all agreed that the day had been one ol real lun and comradeshup 1-T.Drx, uffy,S:1m. 1' is, enningsen, I-Iumesten, Czoogooian, Johansen, Ch C T h THIRD ROW:' -Nnchol, Sellmg, Proftit, R. Dlx, Wynkoop, Hyde, Mooney, Beckstead ' Q ' U. f o . . , - C . . D . . . , ' r A 1 PORTIA T ROW F M hy C Ft FIPS oullw Amt-rose P .urp a erata Qoesslev, Warren Steele, Herman Todresuc Haden SECOND RCW Cnullus Petersen Marden Donlvavey Kellogg Whutman l,-vvy E Murphy Bartram, Dahlstrom DeVorv TH RD ECW Qstrovv Corse Torp Mere' Heudt Schrrueuser Olsen Avery Sthutr Wulson Peak llfallwr Fraruklun Walsh McLellan p 5 u 1 Y ' 1 i . . I . ' 1 u . - - ' A ll d IL C .FoJ ur,,., -.ld.., J ' u . . v T , 1 FD .f other THE PORTIA CLUB COMMENCED THE FALL SEMESTER WITH Forty members, the number allovved by the constututuon, and has carrued out a lull calendar ol actuvutues The meetungs have been extraordunaruly unterestung as they have emphasuzed the maun purpose ol the club namely that ol guvung the portuas an opportunuty to become accuuaunted vvuth parlua mentary lavv practuce and debate A The hrst socual event ol the Fall season vvas the annual tea guven un honor ol the mothers ol Portua members The room vvas decorated un the autumn udea and the mothers vvere presented vvuth corsages made ol lall Flovvers Durung the servung ol refreshments a lashuon shovv vvas presented ln November the Portuas gave theur lall dance n the Gurls Gymnasuum vvhuch vvas decorated lor the event to represent a curcus scene Thus dance was a bug success and vvas one ol the most en uoya le aFlaurs ol the season The next event was the annual l-lypatua l3ortua basketball game The game vvas vvon by the portuas and vvas tollovved oy an ta uan unner at Dante s ale r anua y a tea was he un honor of the members graduatung on February T Alter graduatung several nevv members vvere added to the Portua Roll A The outstandung events lor the sprung semester uncluded the Mothers Tea, a Sprung Dance, and the Senate Portua pucnuc The events ol the club lor the school year T934 T935 have been carrued on successfully un true portua style and the members lool4 lorvvard wuth antucupatuon to another year ol actuvuty un Fresno Hugh School P T A BOARD T ROW M D k M OND ROW M I2 I M C M y K L giclicllf Ijcucgszi .X 5,iOCLLI.fLOlZ THE FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL P T A STARTED THE YEAR 1934 vvrth Mr F W DocI4er as the presldung olhcer, Mrs Norman Henderson The Iollovvrng standing committees were selected program Mrs Norman Henderson hospltaluty, Mrs H .I Kung student vveIIare, Mr Herbert Levy, refreshments, Mrs Ralph .Iones decorations, Mrs E A Deveraux publicity Mrs W I: Tldyman hnance, Mr Louls Slater and attendance Mrs Louise I9oessIer A The actlvltues of the year vvere devoted to the programs Ior the meetings and to the cooperation In satisfying any need that might arrse IU the school The treasury was replenished by a share ID the proceeds ol the Fresno Taft Iootball game In Qctober Much credit ns due Mrs C If Byde and Mr Sig Levy Ior thelr tireless eIIorts In connection wrth the tlclcets and publrcuty Ior thus event A Many Interesting meetungs were held throughout the year at vvhuch the vvorI4 ot the students vvas shown the parents The Qctober and February meetings vvere receptions to the parents of the Incoming sophomores at vvhuch tnmes Mr Kratt Introduced the new teachers and heads ot the departments Mr Shuclc, Mlss Watson and Mrs Harbers vvere very generous ID provrdung muslc and drama Ior entertainment Mrs Gwen and Mass Wrught conducted the physucal educa tuon exhrbrtrng and Mr Gaumnltz ohfered a chemustry experument The group attended the public Schools WeeI4 pageant Ior their Aprnl meeting FIPS r Oc er Mrs, Walker, Mrs, Kung rs, Mever Miss Farver SEC : rs. oess er, r, , Iater, rs, Trd man, Mr. raft, Mrs Henderson, Mr, evv t i I i I T 1 - Q I T I . 4 .4 I vice-presrdent, Mrs. H. J. Meler, treasurer, and Mrs. B. I2. WaII4er, secretary. ' 2 , . , . . . i . ' . i . . . j I ' ' ' i ' I 1 J I ' , . . . , . , l , . . - , . . .J aelzoctr eeffjalrzezzfi THE 1935 OWL WAS MADE BY THE COMBINED EFFORTS OF many different und vlduals l wush to express my suncere thanks to the co operatlve staff and acknowledge the followung persons for exceptuonal servuces rendered by them A Mrs Marguerute Harbers wuthout whose aluable advuce and help as edltonal sponsor the Owl would not be publushed A Mr G E Anderson busuness sponsor who us responsuble for the ftnanclal status of the fxnnshed book A Mr Edwin C Kratt prlncupal who contributed hus falr advice and sound judgement whenever called upon A James Hansen whose wonderful art work desugnlng, a d un faullng assistance as Art Edntor has made the 1935 Owl what It as A Vnrgunua DeVore for the fnne lnterary work she dld on the book and assustance un every way A John Maxwell who wmllungly donated hus servnces whenever necessary A Alan Clark for hls excellent dlvnsuon page captions and hus well written and humorous play The Discovery of the Promised l.and A Muss Beatrlce Barnard for her constructuve cntlcusm of the art work and her helpful attitude toward the members of the staff A l.evon J Kemalyan Fresno photo Engravung Company whose servnces were too numerous to mentuon, and whose advice and support helped tremendously A Arsen and lommy of the Fresno Photo Engravmng Company for theur skulled workmanshlp and unterest In the book A Lloyd S Jackson Crown Prlntung and Engravung Company for hus stimulating spurut of frlendluness and hus whole hearted cooperatuon A AI Rogers of the Crown Prrntrng and Engravung Co pany for has sknlled workmanshnp and energetlc assist ance at all tumes A Andrew l.atona for h s excellent binding and fnntshrng and has courteous accommodatnve spmrut Alhe personnel of the Maxwell Studio which cooperated to the utmost nn order to get the photographs an on time A S B Babcock and the David J Molloy plant of the S K Smith Company for theur prompt dellvery of the covers A Jack Shelbourne of the Zellerbach Paper Company for his friendly assustance mn the choosung of paper and llnlng sheets A lo these and all others who aided un the pub lncatlon of the 1935 Owl l extend my thanks ROV BALL Q If !, 1 ' ' I V 1 . , . , . I I . . . , I - 1 1 n ' I I ' 1 - 1 1 . " . . hr - I l I l 1 1 - 1 1 ' ' I I - Q X IT1 , - . I xl 1 ' 1 1 . , - , . T ALL! LL! IN FINANCING THE 1935 OWL THE STAFF Cerwm ed o T Q Q wwt or 'He Frmmo IVTQ C rw O Q ert zmerww appz on r Q 0 owing Q QQ re 1 Dpor We pr LQ T the v T you W t he WT TVPXT IFR CJUNDELFINK FP Adverts Q X' f ,ilfgfxsj f' we I His F . d t ajgrpif ,ax ,r 1. Q rlw '- WH: adn ws 5 Y er, Tw FII fa f XXXQ I nov. for their au t, T wil O CQ nfl woT,1Td Bc? prohwbirvm Lyris -:How our fappregmfucw My pxftrcmlxnmq UMM Frm, Say ma their xcfwr TIXYIHGCTI mt Cl f F- T T, A fl , , , , Mm fxmrwwgcf' SC T irst row aiw n re J l a ali vt' Second row Sl oats Rona ami Third row A ina vi Four! row t 1 ri is s DISCOVERY OF THE PROMISED LAND WHY I LIKE MOUNTAIN MUSIC Dramatis Persona Kentopher Hollumbus Iield Man for lnter rational Geoqraphical Society Paulu Calliawallia Commander ot Good Ship Santa Llausa Roberto Palmero Commander ot Goad Ship Ena Nina Mo l-lam Bondana Commander oi mood Sho ldlalipinia lerich Warwhooo Lord l-hah Ch el Counsellor CStooqel MaCAlo1ntosh Fuqir ve irorn a Chain Letter Felipe Andrewahlanlc lnterpretor C.. hiei l tried hair tonic lout it didn t help Anderson Chief oi Tuscaroraauonandaaa Tribe MCCreerovitch . Wise Man trom the East Side B -Q -ire llporter tor the Flisina Sun llansonhcro Reporter lor the Noonday Sun . ig ' rnin' Qporter lor the Setting Sun Uro eggo are ll. D. L . I. , , '. B. Q. M. A. M. . . . . A ., L. B, M. . Ltaal Advisor ta Chiet l. l. l-l. VirainiafShe-Vorebeads lVlUIl1l'1C1SSG'BCITl9f'9IIl ., BeiyoushefShoots uenex eevee-Brawn Mahonna-Additawnee , . . , . . .. , T. B. l. lndian lndian lndian lndian lndian Analuevi-Robasaminee ,. ,r,,, .. .. , ,, , ,......lndian Dalos-Dutinole-L r "' E' ACT 1 Indian Scene l. Deck oi Santa Clausa, D, H. A Maiden Maiden Maiden Maiden Maiden Maiden Maiden Enter-Kentopher l-lollumbus Paulus Calriawallia lericho Warwhoop and McCreerovQtch. KENT. HOLL. -Yea! it has been tour score and eiqht days since we lost siqht o' and. D spmr rx I If I P CALL N4etI11nIcs We should tum had my Iord MCC? XVeII seed ml cczpltcml IFR W Despcur not K I-I P C ALL The Erma Nmcx MQ cmd tI'1eI-Icrf PING nav rclehoed that there 13 IQIIQ of mutmy my Ifwrd IVICCR C JOCII VAI LFY INN CXII AND CONIICNIIUXIRY I Ii XIJXX XX h xxx: PIQ1 URI S I RIUII IJ SXINIDI RSON S THI SAN IOAQL IIN ABSTRAPT LII LSKL IS H PPY LA Class of DING' OBERLI BRUS. Jewelers I if I 105 I ee K- e ' ' I e Ie e 5 If I WI - . I bran smp over ,md rctrcwI vuursclf I , III sp.IIIII1I1II III sII',IbI 4 I I Dii .' fI'fff".'i I I mnmin Ilrinkx of .III Kinds IHIII RU. I I 'IW' Serve XVII .X Yvnlfcn I RI' I. I , LAI II-. ' Y,-, - - - - Y-f ,- ...X I f f f f Y f , f ,, I K I e I 5 I I , . ,, , , I I' ' ' if L I lic' fills-ff7Yc In SIFU . , J , , . , 1 . . . I I 2218 II4III.ll'L' Siren WI , I if , Y v. , , Y Y Y W, Y, Y , --,,,Y.l PV I ' 'I I ' I ' ' I 1 'ff I I' f O, Q, I . I . ' . I I . . I . C, . A I I x I I. ' , , I I . II A I J I - I - - I Cfo 'Icsx' gm I fer 'ic I 5 I I I I I 1 .J . , V Y YV- 4 , I . 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Q1 1 Y Y , I J 0 I ,, , N , . . . . 1 H - 1 v ' 1 , 1 X ,- 1 1 f.1fYl'l"Rl,'Xl.S CENT I-IOLL Raaro to Captarn Pahnero and Captar Bandana that they nmrst quret the r crew and sa1I onward' 1 A IFR W welt Sm K H I4 MCCP Rats' EXEUNT Scene DeC4 af Santa C'ausa Enter Kentopher I-Iollumhrrs RENT HLLL Madre de Dres' fr s soh tude rs drr frnq me daft Lookfut Ire rr a'attI Land hc' Inxnd' 1" Lard' Land' Land' Enter Pat IQ C,aIhawaII1a Ie rchc W rr vheoo MCC'ree-rox Ich Mac' Ar n Osh and cref NI Shout and' Iand' EXEUNT AC II cene I Ca tar s ahrn on the Santa 1 En r Kentapher HOIIL1 hus Pau s Calhawa Ira I r Cha 'War h L 'VICCreero rt h href 1 e ConqratuIatrons CIass of 35 A dFGNVCIP'CIH'x ref1TI-ITBIDLII'-X. XOLII IOLLI IU! Danrsh L1 LdIHLl X Butter IU I O UL. I I OIXI fl Congratulcztlons Class of 35 R L S5 IL L S Qontnctronu X 107 I ... . " ' K Y as I 'III' Y Y IVY, I QA ' " LEA L ' 5 A . . . , . . J x. . I i 77 I , , 4,. , . . , I f .d. tern-,- , v 4 II ' A . . . . ' V V , .St'I'1ll'l' lIlt'r' lf 5 , J 1. , .L . jx . , xh. N ' , ' , r 'J Iyi I r, If. r I . . L, . , , W 1 , I 1 X ,N , F i , LY , . r' C, ' L I Ckazsa. I9 . -I rn, , - hr I ' I' , e I E I-'-E SCAN, - Y" Cu, I , 'r ' , 1 1- I , I I " 'I T- '- D' H' A-f CWI F9 P- I 11S II1csr.:Strf:ct lfhmw 2-2520 fy f ' I CII I ..... . , Uqh! 'KL i i f i f Y V Y vc E E E-E feeE at at et fedex I . . f I Ask 1' ' Q' ' " ' ' i i 1 I 1 Y Y ' , K ' L I .I Ilmm' l't rflrf IJIKJQILICCLI hy In Cirif'-LW I'IumIl'cd I, '.rI Ilniryncn IH I 'I 5- 54 I I K,-, -L - L- .- - - -, ,- ,-,- ---- ,,,..- - -,-, -,-,- L - - ,-, - , - Fd K' "' 7 " ' 'Y "' "" E ' "' ' E ' ' 'Y ' ' Y Y I, . , , Y N i Y 'I L I w N I X ' ix 1 Y 1 I I L - L ----- -- - - - - ---J SUCCESS CLASS no 'Q' of 35' ITIHXUJELL STUDIO Fresno s Fmest Photographer 1149 Fulton Meet phonv 3 9629 I ' 1 S- S'S 11 1 S - x , W 1 ' O J N: ' :I I 'f 1 1 . 1'1 ' 1 11 I ,cf 1 "1: ff' ' ' 1 s1.'1'f'l:1:4. It .r 3. 1 ' 111111 t' .-21 fi 21. 11 A 3' Lf1ff1"1f1f.11' "1 EI '::.:' 1 " 1. O I . K , if , Y, f f., f f , f ,-f, f, , f f,f,- I KFNT HOL Vtfhat does he say? F AND He says that you are wel ome to th land ot opportumty and happ ness You may stav here as long as you nlce and you nnav eat or nk and be rnerry to cele brate your arr1 'al un thls new land There rs a welcorntna Cornrntttee wattrnq on shore for us He says to make evervthrnq shlp shape and get on shore as soon as pos S1 IVICCH Sounds tlshy to me' D LAIL Whert ao we start my lord? VV L qo K EXEUNT Scene 2 Beaeh as ltte boats land Enter Ent1re crews of three yes vels and tlve or slx thousand In dtans P OALI GTOCIGSG Dtosl My feet touch land auatnl KFNT HOLL Qhalt I make a speech? Sean en Yea' Yea' MCCR I olfnectl KFNT HOLL My comrades Capplausel belteve 'aoolausel I feet Caoplausel You must tapolausel For who lapplausel FAI KFNSTPIIN MUSIC HOUSI' .I Xxr Xcr nl C lmrmct SLI I R HI TI ROIJX NI ROI X R XDIUS I-IIRSCI-I TIRF SFRVICIH IRIIBLI XRII I HI RMAN 85 TODRI SIC HARPP R 'VIE THOD IS NI Ins md Sherbcts Iountun Seruu IMPFRIAL ICP CREAM Tfu Hmm 1 fllt 131 l1xf1Tr1 ju lhlnwn Wlwlgsmnp Th k Qrmxny Slmllxu un 'I N PI W RITI' RS FRLSNO TYPLxx RITFR COXIPANY Iirxvlx 7 nm I S' xx x XL x lx 12 Sr C uxx WXX H1 OPEIN AIR AUTO PARTS rslxo xnxx , x IHI NI NMC OH S SUPI R SI KX ICI N Nm IU XIHS 1 H A x VIN 109 K' - 'ff -'-' Y' - ' - ' ' ' " " ' ' ' ' Ifxtnblxslxml llluv 'I'cIcphu:1c 1-'WH L - A ' Hlzsrrxlfvirzvq 111 .NInrn"' ' ' ' t 7 1 1 v v - 1 Q ' i V 7 4 171 I. 4 7 I 17 Grant I' lkunslcin, Prnpnetur ' 7 A , .lL Lin, Pan-1 m ican, York, Il.: L, Inxtrumcntx 1 - Selmer Si Hmyncx f ' s I 7 , I , ' 7 m.7 L 5 i 71 7 - 7 'xv ' 7 ' lzw mn New .xxfnuf lrcsnn, c,Ilii.,mm - . . . . 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"x Pl m : Z-1224 KLL LL L L L L L L LL - L L-'L- L -L L-- L L no of on R or H as H 'N 5' e H H H H I l 3 " 7 I, L1 gtullzzfulluflx to Clair nj HS Y , 7 V 5 rf L . . . 7 1309 .i . lh - L--19 L ,L L r tt 'F y y my .L x KLL L L LLL L - f f L L -X ZLL L L -L L L L LL L L K' Y ' ' Y " ' "' ' " '11 K Y ' "' ' " Y ' Lt ' w aL-xv. ul lXl LIL-A x.xN .' L . , L l I I. fn 5 lil. "rx ,Nu 3. Rm- . . IUI' :SLM-fx smm 7 1,711,717,717 ',77,'JAL ' 1t.1-f...t-M7 xx..n....t. I-..1,LI.t,-L . ' " ' ' J ' f ' 5 :uh .nun Lt A ' A ' ' 7 Ilxxtxmllxlllll-11slxllw xt-.3 1 I' 1 'JL MW,-L xLxln..r:xLLx X I H41 N xl 4 xlg RXI x K LL L LL LL L LL Li KLVL--L L- L - -LL - L- K' ' ' ' ' "" K ' ' "5 K ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' xxttu-1 xr.,L-.WL nrt. st-V .L I LL L L L L L It IxI.X.N ill " C,liI',pXf1I'.ll . . L, L t L , .xxslilxxlxl K XXIII!! Snlxxlcl. 'INN' "1'W't' I I ' vw: xx Nlsx xxlxl! lbw-I 1 t- 4 W W 1 I tx xx 1- x.-L NL L xxt. In-t,., 1 W I"x.t:ttf :vw I-t mmm- KLL L LLL LLL LL LL Li KL L L L L L L L LL Fresno Hxqh School Pharmacy GERSTENFELD S Wome s and Misses Apparel A xl aku , L Truck and Dehvery Bodles Bu11t to Order ol LS I Weeks Body HH Fender Works thats what you flnd at FRAMES SPRINGS AXLES AUTOMOBILE PAINTING Harry Coiiee HARRY COP FP F VV Xl ll R SNIITIH 81 SON MENS AND BOYS OUTFITTERS U W L DOUGLAS SHOES HAMPTON COURT CLOTHES Corner Tulare and Broadway Fresno, CCIIIIOITIIG K X 110 KT 'T TT T T TT T T TTT! KTT T TT T TTT' T T T TT 'T ' . I ' , x, wx, mum. , N , 7 I I1 -:. l7l,., xr. ml,-,-.Nh www, ll gh mb--.-I y N IW , 3 'TIT I I .I - -1.1 1 IIHF Fmt 11 fTIfT'T'TI Ylxfrsf ff H1177 W I x7 7,7 , 7 Y 7 ,7 7, 77 f , ll x77 7 W, 7 Y 77,7 ,7 7, K TTTTTTTTTT TT TTT TTTTTT! KTT TTTT TT "T T 1 K' VI Xlkll INPIXX XXRIIII W 1 , H , , I l'O'ITI'liR I RUG CU. ,Q .N W 'fem xx, 1, mf. fI.1r1lffrr:,'1.,r. 1.1 XIJIZ,-' ' IMT lvl MIX Sl Rl' I X'.,Xl.l7liY TITYPIZXVRITITR 610. I vrluxl : sv' IR: sxo, I ,xl H. 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BROS f and Slq Levy O6 Ben Levy lLl Insurance u l Secunty T1t1e Insurance and Guarantee Co ulro n St r Trtle Insurance I l The Refrzgerator That De es Tzme' The length ot t1me the general Electric Eetnqerator IS tn servlce makes httle dlllerence lt keeps steacllly and clependably on the Job V ar alter year wrthou any at tent on auarclma the food sup ply the pocketbook and health of the tamtly Sealed m st el mechan tsm m all three types lvlomtor Too Elotoo and Ltttop The GE Mechunrsm that deimes time Now ln all 3 types of reirlqeraiors MONITOR TOP FLFTOD LIFTOP S Consult Any GENERAL ELECTRIC RB FRICERA1 OR DFALILR K i11 1 V Y ,Y V V, , Y , Y ,. , l n u I l "Ann Sim' ix tl NIANX silt' Iofn x , W HMO lul.1rc 3 cnt l-r-vm. Cnxlmm 3 39 K,-E , , ,V Y A -Y Y- K- Y If E ' E .E I ,I e e ,A , lx 1 ,Q ii 4 l N lr' I E! l. J, . K' I ""E"'Y ' ' ' ' - - I l . l E. lvl. lVlCCarf,lle, lvlanaqer l A L I , E135 3 tl . If qsno, C. l' ' l , I - W Y e ' ' ' - ' ' xo L L er I L E ce I K --+A f '- -'m' 1 ' e f '-A ' - 1 f- f fe eff ' f 1 e Q , I I A o ' , ' - A AS y ' . e ' . t A - , N , 1 . . . - , , , Ll - . . . . , i E I O J , 1, , 1 RIITF I RQ mgnzln 1110111 C 114 nr Xxx X I' 1 1 s X13 N JL llhl XS Us ca W 1 1 A I I Congratulatlons! Better Homes Furniture Co. 1337 PUITON SIRIIT IRISNO, C AI If 0 1 X F ' ' 'HF F" 'F , , W 1 5 ' 5 4 X 1 K 0 .. ,1 .11.11.111x 111.1 1. 11 -11. 1, 411. ' . . . 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EXEUNT 1 Scene 3 Banquet hall of the Tuscaror aauonondaga lndlans Enter En t1re cast c EFI T H T BID H A 111 c.1C1llf0l 111311 F AND He says that 1t all of you wrll s1t down and be qulet he w1ll rnalce an trnportant announcement KENT HOLL Qu1et everybody' EFI T H T B l D H A F AND He says hat he wants to waqer that Captatn Cal'1aWall1a cannot swrrn around Manhattan lsland rn one day lt Laptaln Calltawall a succeeds the 1sland belongs to Kentooher Hollurnbus and hrs expedrtlon tt he fatls we must lrsten to the I W slnqtnq of some modern ballads by the SH' "l""' l ' 'l Many he he GlT'S S ptette PROF S lll see that tt s legal' P CALL Cluntptng to h1s feet? lt s a bet' EYEUNT ACT lll Scene l Beach on North end ot Man K V tutts Ll lfl un str 1. t IL stut tn lu rtllts 1111. tugtttot Ill u ILI Xl LS H WINCIATI llXlxl Ill 4 Not Only +he Car But' All fhal' the Car Requlres B111 tour nux ur from 1 LlL.1lLI uhm stlls mort thm mrs o to 1 comp LIL .10LlfOlT1ObllL story -X slr IS lf stlmls IH llcsroom 1s xxortm 1 LCFIIIII sum ot mommy ony X Ltr on tht I'OlLl rtpr stills llllfI'lI'lSlL 1 Illln plus optrttlm, LlflLlLI'lLW 11. om who buts 1 Qtr xmtt rttuu not on 1 1 tu but motormg, IS ltlses ll Strung peoplt NN l1o on ll ll u 1 our 1 Sl tss 15 strxu moplt VN 1 L rs Lrg IS not on 1 1 tm 1v1t1t11s11t s1ox1111 1 111 L 1 s mu OID tml llsmouth tus l ut t t 1 us o us tor utrx motor strxntt 11.111 II t 1 R C GREENE CO DIS l RIBU l Oli 1 nlu 1 1 1 1 111 Bl'UlLlXl IX t IJ 1 ' I - 1 ' W Q X ' ' f w HI ..... .,.. 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IJ 'S .llr 1111111 run! .lit tif 111 tlllcf Pl 1 f11!f1 Cfrnw lilll . ,l'cl'ol1:1c5-72-ll Kc, in if Y f, , - Y - - -, ,, -L , X L 1n11,r1l111111 11 'M S BETTY SHOPPF 1081111 5. 1411181-R XRT NX 1111111 C RUL1 R1 Fresno Vetermary Hospital N11 T MARKET DR I R HOOP Owner and Manager 1212 Belmont Ave Phone 2 7154 1'rLsno Q 11171 XYXIUIICI HOV11 IURNIISHINQJS ,, 1 O13 QLA1 1TH 1 111. 1 R E 111 'Rl 11111 111 PM: 1zl1N IJIINITIIIIE 0 1 U 1 XIJXX 111 C1 YTRA1 CA111 ORINIA Kdrrs KIHTSIM Shoes QOMM1 RC 1111 1 QLLH 1 ul For the Entue Famlly X rlu 1 1 1 xx I 1 927 Fulton St Oppos t Woolwortha ,, 1 1 L, WESTINGHOUSE STORE Phone 3 2203 O11 ned by Electrxc Construchon Co 1328 Fulton S1 114 11 J 1 1' 'O on 1 1 11 1 1 no - - 1 1 1 1 l ' . . '11 1 1 Q , i1111gr.1t111.1I111111 1 '31 ' . 1 1 11 1 41.11 111 31 1 ' N - . , Y , W1 1 K, ,-, - , 7 , 7 K, ,X gf? 7 i Vi J iz if K: Y Vx K 1 1 1 no o'v! no e no f e e 1 -11 1 ' ' C1 1 1' 1 ' N 1 1 f 1 86 1 1 1 1 2,1 1 1 1111311 C11.111r 111-nuxlw 11w11 N11-.111 and X c1gct.1111u 13.1111 - 1111111111 111 X11 11111.11 111111 11111 11111111 X ' X M1111 :11111 m111.11.1111111if-111-1 11111111-11 K 1 1, 1-11.1111 1 1111 111111 1x ,Y ,L ,H - - -,, V Y , Y, Y , Y ,X hfkrzff , Y , , YYY, V W YY X K1 1 ' 'Vim ' 7' " Z ' ' "fl K' ' ' ' 'f ' ' ' 1' "JI X1 X 1 ' . 1 1.1 ' . 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 '- 1 9 1' ,1 1 2 ' 1 1 , 1 . 1 V V p 1 ' 1 7 N0 ' -frk l.111c.1g1- J 19, 2 11131 X1 1'r1u's You C .111 .X1'1r11'11 111 1'.1y' 1 1 11111-1111 1111' 1S1gc1111x 11 js .1111 K Jrpclx, , 1 1 11' 1111111.14 11111111' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 4 1 JA N1 XRN IX SYM' 1 1 1 L 1 1 -ai if bf I A 1 1 C 11111110 2-61110 194 M,rip11s,1 X1 1 , 1111 111111 11' I' W1 3111: KJ, - , , , f , W, , X gy, V 7 f V ,V ,V Z , f , W ,111 K1 f 1 ' ' "' ' 'nl Ku' ' 1' ' ' M ' K " 1' MN 1 1 - : : 1 1 1 1 W , .1 , 1 , 1 11 1 1 N N W 1 1 . 1 1 J ' 1 J 1 I L ' V1 111' 11111111 .11111 1.1r 'L-11 51111111 "L'l.11 u111c1.g1- 1 1 1 1- A 1 1 l 111 C 1-1111111 K1.11it11r11i.1 1 1 ., . - -Y,, , . 1 1 X ' 1111 11111 111t11r111.11on, NX ' '111 L'X1,'1111I11 , 11.-11 11111 11.111 p1cp.11'r fm' .1 11111111-111 .11 1 . 1' N1'1'1'ct.11'y , S1u111114r.1p11c1', 15111111111-qu-1' 1 111'1111111.1111. 111' 111111111' 1x1-c111111' 1 111-11111 .11111 1 S1'L'ClN 1'11 111: 3 11 IN 1 1 11-1'-1111. L .l111A1n'111.1 1 11 1 ' - 3 F 1 XX, C. xl 'c1x1111r1, 11 1 1 1 1 1 Y- Y - e 1 - -Y e W . ll ure, 1 , O f - 1 ,V ,- A K' 1' f ' ' ' ' 'f " T " " f' ' f " " ' "fi ' " 'JI 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 11 ' I I . 1 1 O e ,ee 1 1 O , 1 aa 1 1.1 hattan Island on a cusp cool clear mormnq at dawn Enter Lntrre cast P CALL Thrs w1ll be a cmch CEFITI-ITBIDHA Q F AND Tnat s a new one on me' ALL THE SEAIVIEN Hurrah Ior Callla wallral Good Luck Captaml MCCR I lfope he srnks VIRGINIA bHE VOREBEADS Remem ber what I sand Paulus' BALL O FIRE Hey' What s the Idea? IVIAHIIHASSA BARTER EM Isn I h grand? BETYOUSHFSHOOTS I-lmm Idont know GENEVEEVEE BRAWN I hope he loses I want Io SIHQ Io that bla handsome man MCCR I stlll hope he srnks ALL SHOUT He S Gif' LXEUNT Scene 2 Same beach Enter Cast awarhnq arrlval of Pau lub Callrawallra TVIAI-IONNA ADDITAVVNEE Here h com sl Phone 2 l826 DELIVER 1 147 VAN NESS chalk s Nou Lffs Think 0 Summer Clothes Cfottschalk Q thought about them long ago that Q whx our gay College Shop IS the mecca for all th gay young thmgs In town EVEN rmvo In sport togs PVERI THING for I acatnon' boodx ear berx ICC It C IIFYX XVOOLIS Mgr N S 115 ' , I KP P A 'E E I P' A 7' .f 2- I I . 4 , HI ..... .... U III I . . . . I - W V . . I N i Y , ,v Q ' f . l I . I - I E - 1 n . I - ' . ' e ' I l l . . X . -N , . I f I Q I A , V ' A I ee L . . I H ' P 1 ' 4 W Q 7 . 7 . A 1 I P Z It ' ' Il P Y ' Q 1' - D W I . A A I e 1 , . , . I e . i 7 V f V i f x I co' I E ' no E r all pr E I A A , V I i ' Y I I, 1. I I N ' , f I i I' 'I - YI IKILI N I I, I I I I- I T1rcx-- I uhce-Pu ence-Raclum n fI I KQ.1solincfI.uhrication X, I. .L 1' , M . WE I! I I I I V I I X Y.-If NI"S'. opp. "BI',I1" I I I KW--, - L ,-, , L -, , -- X KW L L -,- L 7- -, L I UIL1 X Ix SXX L IMI XX xnxx SI All I I HARNI Xi H PIIIINI RINXI INIOXX I IIUXI I IIIII NIISQIOII L II UY LAII I NE f HONC S L AHO c ms RIS UI g S appl SHI!!! I Irmu' T g :msgs I-UIUXI X U LC KYI R S I ISLIIIJ fIllIIt HI K I5 IIIIII S 70 IIIRXIXXINI X Sllfrnm H UNI I I I JISL SXXI IIISII XIXSS V I IIRIX I mm' HANSEN AU CO TOMOTIVE U 7 BRAKI S I LUBRICATE WITH MOTO SWAY CAR S COSTS NO MORE RA PIIIILS XXIILLIAIlgl1ll1g I Ill! DIOQ NDIA I IRIOS lilttgrx RLLIIIFQIIIIL L SI BAFI FI I RII S X UIQ IHIIIIN, pc O O O O OO OO OO O Ox pc O O O 11 'X XI 'XIK XXII IIXRRI NIXIR NIIII I 1 m1zfII1I1.'. llfI .IIIII I urIQI,I!1IlI1I'IfIII I1 OX I O J I I I - I . . . , INI xxlv IIIINIIII I IOIOINIII I5 'I cr U ISJIOIHQIO Supplx' Cm, In . X I I - X xx. 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ANALUEVI ROBASAMINEE H rn p h I Who cares? SEAMEN H re comes MacAlp1ntosh' Enter Ma Alplntosh runnrnq and Iookmq very txred He IS soakma wet 'VI ALP Ipuffl I lust ran around all the termtory ldetwe n here and the Rocky Mountarns Iputtl and as far North as the reat Lak Q and as tar South as the Gulf of MGXICO Ipuftpuffl I had to SWIITI 92 rlvers and trorn th marnland to thls lsland All that country IS now ours' KENT HOLL Nlce work my lads' CHEFITHTBIDHA qh' EXEUNT ACT IV S ene I Teoee ofCh1etI T H T B I D H A Enter Kentopher Hollurrtbus Ierrcho Warwhoop and McCreerov1tch KENT HOLL The Chrets not here Are you SAFE at 80 Mrles per hour? YES I, XX QI-IFVROI FT NY I'I H THIN NIAW ALI STEFI TURRP NT TOPS RODMAIN CHI' VROI LT CO 4 U For beiier dfwzng GET ALL THREE ELLYUM ma TETRAEHIYI If B T CYCOL MOTOR OIL HS Ull. IIIAE Ill' IP!!! AQSOCIA Tlf D Ull L0 MMIL IOSIAPI-IIINI Wrl SPQRTS AIIARII A D DRISSIS SIS Ll HATS Sf-S0 UI ALBI' RT S CONT-I CJTIONI RY 0 J 117 . I ' ' ' K' Y 'T' T Y ' T' F . ' . I' . - - . at . I I V e e - - ' ' . I . ' ' o ' . - . . I W . e ' . A I -- . c ' , ' A - - I .. I I C . ' I ' , e G - G.. . L Q, h git 23: ' -' ' - -I . IE , , , , ' I v 9 ' I. Gap 0? l . I .ll N 44 0:12 B59 ' l ' I l.- 7 I 'f 1 . .... .... U . f W L In I-EK' Q I l A . V I i 1 V 1 O ' A , X ' 4 1 . - I . . I ' , so Y Y O f f K T 'T Y Y Y Y TT ' XY KY T T' Y Y T YT T Y Y , i I I . 7 Q I , , 4 l . U A . Announucs , , Th O cnin' mf Her Nwv Shrp .11 I for Economzcal Transportation I C P A ' I K Three Hundred Ififty North Fnlmn SL Q I 1 l l .1 3 I ,I T 3 I . N AI.-,T ' I I ' - I ' K,,,,-, ----, -,--f - Y W "' , In A Bw, Full- "ought K I T T x I T , , , I' C1m1gr.ltuI.ltiunx flaw ' ' ' III' 'II I I I Bmft B1 l'lXlH'l' I Z I J I I I II Iso I-'c'IIo .wl- I ' ' j I ' ' ' I I IIII wr-II ox AVI I I 0 V.m Nt-se Ave. Ph1mc'G-7l0l krone I L I , L, I I x ncaa L, A ee do 1 FRESNO BOOK SHOP T l0 lrtcs of the New and the lv st of the Old 1559 Fulton Qtxe Pl no 6 NAMANS CLEANERS 6. DYERS We Call For and Deliver 1055 Van Ness Ave Phone 25511 C:OIT1Dl1I'119T1lS of the FRESNO COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY W DISPLAY Come m and see thus powerful ncwW11lardbe fore you buy any battery Especxally desngned for hard startmg motors and cars equxpped wrth radno Prrced surprlsrngly low XX San Ioaqum Battery and Electnc Co Vxfxllcro Butterv Drstrl ors 4 Vern Ness Avenue 118 Phone 3 4114 Res Phone 3 1530 San Frcmc1sco Floral Co lCl'lN ALZZARO Prop 1152 Fulton Street Fresno Culxt WASHINGTON MARKET A C ZENGEL Prop FRESH AND CURED MEATS 1153 Von Ness Ave Phone 3 4107 HESTBECK S MARKET Th Home of Quality Meer The Ploneer Meat Market m Fresno BUY THE BEST HELP THE GROWER Whore you qet the rhoxcest of all ments from leef lamb and pork grown m thls Valley by xperl need Stock Rmsers Our mzafs an Tally 7 1 min and lull 0 Harm Buazm flltj an C KOXVN amz' 1'I D fm 1 A7 IINC PURPOSI S OA L1 2032 Fresno St Phone 3 5716 Ylfe l1'1V11 vou to our New Store 1 131 FULTON STREET Y alter Bxde Q0 Ltd Hardware Sportmg Goods Housewares Telephone 3 1221 r r r r or Tx pl' 'HH' rss r E 5 l l' - - ' l 1 :Cf , ll .' 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I t ' 'but l - K , W, N, 7 Y , , , f J K, W , -nf , - - bl x 1- fll N wwf Uqh ' let s look 1nto hts crystal and see what the future holds for our new country IER W That s a potent tdeal MCCR Look at that' l ' There IS wha thls country w1ll amount to rn l935' l I Let s qrve tt hack to the lndrans and scram KENT HOLL For once l thrnlc you are rtqht MCCf99FOV1lChl EXEUNT Scene 2 Santa Clausa Ena Nlna Mo and I-lalfP1nta are sarlrnq out o the harbor The Many he he Glrls Septette IS W1stfully SIDQIHQ A. h O KENT HOLL CLook1nq back from the stern of the Santa Clausal And l thouqht I would settle down on a llttle ch1cken ranch here 1n lh1S land of opporturntyl Ah mel Tm as ever thus' IER W Yepl lts too bad K H but sornethrnq wrll pop up aqarn soon MCCR tlftumnq for the ratll That s rrqhtl WEYMOUTH SWIMMING PQOL S XX K - L L, L L L LLL 7- POTTER DRUG co. l lll2 FUITON ST l PHONF 7 HB? FRISNO LALII Greetxngs to the Class of 1935 KING FOOD MARKET Your Home Town Stores Valley Bndcllnv and Furmture Co r PRI SNU CM IIORNI-X ft l l f Q'-, Vx! F? Z! if fig BROTHER BALLS EPITAF FV llb grv 1 K W 119 3' L ' , --. 41 ' , 3 f. , ' l t l X KLL -L - L - V L ,L 1 I v 5 e f - e E K K E 1 , ' l , N .. 7 K T '-gat., ' ,.- " ' 'Elzu y l K 7 L K L Le' L L -21 ,t if -1. - K' o o -E o ' - ' l l t 1 . 1 . - . V . . . . ' 1 l ' U I . . I I I - l 0 ' , t , l S. Oxlx uw - - , I ' Y t . , I . , A , ., , A , ' I 4 I tl t L ' ' ' f KL-L - - -L-L L LL LY YLLQX - I I - 1 n r Y Y V i i i i i Y ir K ' ' ' ' I H H t , lor a e. t t l ' t . l lx , ' 2 X I 1 I . 1 f l 4 1' LL I Y W' ,l L f V - ff-VZ ' ' , l A .R ' kg ' T f ' 'Q 'f J v - - - - -1 L, , . - - if - , QL . N ., ga, f ' S:-2 1 Z 7 filiiiizafi. , ,f ," l, . . f , . X XZ 352' W X, ' ' t xg, L, l CURTAIN U l 22 I ' J Y Y YY V Y Y Y V t , t " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' t ' l 'Cf N K l LL fl ,L , Lf t X A- ' " Lfffg 'CET , 4,41 V, 'QLZL ,ff - V l'nLnut hmuntl- .xml Rnrmtmn hltnpmcnl l' S 1 L --,v ' ' 7-L ii Te, ' fig l , L- ., ' gf M L1 vw 1 tw. ...A ze. af.fs...1.,.g wel T - ---L l W , l . . . , l A TMA ' lfLlIlr'l t ' prpv at tlf- foot at ins L tl -A t t lunge, rt.-.tu .an-l mmuft N,-full 1'....l 1... thtlmftt l N Am, th--y bltovwlet ltlzz. tn itll Ilttxt lnna lfrst n :gm l l"c llml""L l"'l'W t W lf I swlvi tc, srltt 'rl Us L W1 5.p1l ill rr :vt ' t xxx 'I' on XIKINHRI ox HIl'lN mum.: :ww Q, :-N, H ins 'tw J 1, tt lp..-K 1-M Stun X. t W , , t KLL - -L L L f- - L- L Ll KLL L- L L, L L, L , 3 C-XC K5 ISI- XLYIX COII xvx III 11113 If I THI XII RI I r Liu: lr! I LRX I I omp Lu mms. 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Oc Oc Oct Nov Nov Nov Nov Nlqh 28 l.aVerne at Fresno 5 U C Ramblers at Fresno 12 Santa Clara at Fresno 26 San lose State at San lose Pacxhc ai Fresno Nevada at Reno Cal Aggxes at Davrs 2 San Francxsco U at Fresno I game All home games at Fresno Stale College Stadlum General I-larow re and SIIDIIIIQ Soorfma Good I ns and Tr III K I K 1 121 K C E O O I 'IE FF KFC O CIF F'F' C :'W 9 I ' I' I A I A II - I Y ,gr V I I ' I 'If-nts of all Pinls -In v X 1 I -a S., E I'rIlLlirIfI Cxjflllll EIIIIS 1" E ma Q I 'I'IIIrIes, QIIIIVIII I M In . Yr N E 553 I 'X 1'S:III pin-:I lII'rII1: W fnil IIIIIIII- 115' .3 II ':IIIII IWIIIIIIIIIII ,C If' QI' . I I 'IV LIS IIIIII Illlllllllllfl I , IRIIIIIIIIIH-III IIII l'II'r1I I I fghlb IIIyI 1-:III III I I f S I I' I I N, ,,,7,7,, 7 , I I I . . I 1 . II Ii: l:I',' ftzf-L-I M I ' Ea - ' . 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ION II 123 5 ' S are S' H ff-' A 'ef " 7 f 'P 1 .L K. 1 . 'M 1 1 ,I S 1 , 1 M 1 ver I. O 1 had SO S, rc 1 as f 1 S r- 1 I S 1 1 h 1 I 1! 1' ' ' N of 1 1 1 . I! N I , 1 11 I 1 1 1 w SI- , I r S, 1 - A I "'I1f1' l'PIII1l'1'l' of N11' V1 HN311 X I 11 1 1 me A 1 I D -sn L I I 1, I I K' Y ' " Y ' " Y T' ' X K ' "'-'- ' - ' n Q an u 1 . . V 1 'Q I . A V ,I JL. f, 1 , A ' . 1 QI 9 'I A - , C 1' K,-D -, ,- - - , Y , ,- Y- -El K - , , Y Y, 1' - I , I I 1 P M ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 'f ' , A ie , Q L ' 1 I 1 P e 1, . . '. 1 I ,II ,mme .1 K, -, ,- - Y - Y - , I KY Y ,Y Y , Y Y Y K 'Y Y ' 'Y ' 1 Y Y Trl K' ' " ' 'Y' ' ' W 1 1 Y N Jai X. ,H . .1 3 - I , 1:11, ' 1 I 5, Q Q M11 111 a1fref1111 1I ' I 1 ,Q Vf'11v9t ll 1ta,gIz C11eHsf- 1 1 1 lt? 1 1112? 1 St, 1 I - - Ph e 3-61111 ' l X KVIIJ flu' Sjvrl lg fi1'1'1'11 X 'lt' TM 1 'Mum M M I 1k'f,-fflfn In l..xf11'rlI X Sqft: ! 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Suggestions in the Fresno High School - Owl Yearbook (Fresno, CA) collection:

Fresno High School - Owl Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Fresno High School - Owl Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


Fresno High School - Owl Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Fresno High School - Owl Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Fresno High School - Owl Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Fresno High School - Owl Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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