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,, fx fl fj sd V . THE N N FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL N N Q W L EDITED BY THE -2- -2- AEEQCIATED sTUDENT BQDY N M NINETEENTHIRTY APPRECIATION TO MISS BERNICE OLNEY AND MR. L. G. MULLER, THE SPONSORS OF THE CLASS OF 1930,WHO HAVE TAKEN PART IN OUR MANY ACTIVITIESQ WHO HAVE FREELY GIVEN OETHEIR TIME AND LABORg WHO HAVE INSPIRED US TO HIGHERENDEAVORQTHIS. OUR SCHOOL ANNUAL, IS AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATED HEREIN lies the tale unspoken: Herein lies the word unsaid: Thus we frolicked, chased and wandered Thus we strove for ways of learning Thus we played for joy of playing In the land of orange moons, In the kingdom of the sun. From the days of light and shadow Comes this book of tears and laughter. Comes this symbol of our parting. S '7 A-4 H 1 1-1 1:1 "rl if I 1 f I fl I Wlmirc K. Prcbmrr Mcrzgcr . Newark Elligcr Lf . ERESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL O W L S T A E I1 Bd HQ E1 CHARLES WHITE - Editor-in-Chief BOE AYNESWORTH - A.f.fjJIdWf Editor KENDRICK PRESCOTT - Biixirieff Manager' GORDON DUNN - AIf1l6I'fi.5'ilZg Manager MILIES DAWSON - Adz'cr'fi.rirzg Mizrzizger Aide BOE BARNARD - - - - - Sdlef NONABEL METZOER ------- Orgiirzizizfiom ELOISE GARGES, MARIAN MOORE, IRWIN WILLESS - - - Aidef AL NEXVARK -------- - Seniors HALSTEAD COUNCILMAN - - - Photo: RUTH IWORRISH - - Photo Titles EVERETT FURZE - Srziipxloozx HUBERT BUEL - Cfl7'f0077i.ff FAY ALVERSON ---------- Arr LOIS SMITH, TOL HUDSON, MARJORIE MCALPINE, BOE SHINN, ED WARREN, MIGNONNE ECA DA SILVA ----- Aidey BETSY MACCRACKEN ---- Humor NIARGAREQP BIACSWEENEY - - Literary DON ELLIGET - - - Sports fBoyIj ' HAROLD SAVAGE - - Aide ' HELEN ROED - Sporty fGir!5j JANE COLE - Copy-writer x FRED ALLARDT Cidendizr s GERALD GILCREST - - - - Aide X M. RUSSELL, G. E. ANDERSON - Sponsors ' mx MARIE SOUTH - - - - - Secretory K g fff ' .I 03244 'W' We HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL 2 HB9 llD lll Glllf GD lIR lll A lllo 5 .Mg TN planning an Annual, one of the most difficult things is to make Y 'H . . . t'j'gjqgc 9 extent by using a singularly original motif for the art work I the edition distinctive. This has been accomplished, to a large , X , ,fs ' throughout the Annual. Under the capable supervision of Miss Beatrice Barnard, the art staff has produced designs, characterized by the appearance of having been drawn by one artist. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many who have helped to make the publication a success. The fine co-operation of the staff, the interest of the students, and the backing of the administration are all fully appreciated. We are deeply grateful for the advice and helpful direction of our spon- sors, Miss Mame Russell and G. E. Anderson. We wish to express our thanks to the printer, the photographer, the engraver, and the advertisers, to all of whom we are greatly indebted. Throughout this book we have tried to portray the many phases of high school life. Sections have been devoted to the graduating Seniors, organizations, debating and oratory, Cadets, literature, dramatics, music and athletics. We have attempted to give a complete record of the activities of the students during 1929-1930. We, the OWL staff of 1930, now present this OWL to you, the students of Fresno High School. Reminding you that this is your Annual, that it is about you, and that it is for you, we hope that it meets your full approval. We --Editor-in-Claie . .r:f5s. i f 2 mga, L 1 GREAT CUUNCIL FRESNO IIIGII SCHOOL OWL HOWARD R. GAINES PRINCIPAL 's N 4 I I f I I ,ff I 1 I I -fl' 1 I""Ei!5'3 9. ,yi .N,,,-fl.. FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL IS AN ED- UCATIONAL INSTITUTION. CON- CEIVED IN THE DESIRE OF OUR PARENTS TO HAVE THEIR CHIL- DREN REACH THEIR HIGHEST DEVELOPMENT, BORN IN THE NEED FOR THE KIND OF TRAIN- ING REQUIRED TO FIT US FOR SUCCESS IN LIFE THIS SCHOOL WILL GROW AND DEVELOP, ONLY AS IT FULFILLS THIS PURPOSE AND SO LONG AS ITS FRUITS CAN BE SEEN IN THE BETTER LIVES AND HIGHER CHARACTER OF ITS MEMBERS. TO HAVE AT- TENDED HERE MUST MEAN THAT WE ARE THEREBY BETTER FITTED TO TAKE OUR PLACE IN THE WORLD AS WORTHY MEN AND WOMEN ABLE TO ASSUME THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF CITIZEN- SHIP IN THIS GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS. HRESNO HIOH SCHOOL OWL F A C U L T Y HOWARD R. GAINES Principal Vice-Principal - - MR. E. C. KRATT Regifirar ENID V. HIGGINS Agricultural Diuifion - - - A. A. SORENSON, Dirertor MARIE E. CARLSON KATE MARK ANNA TURNER J. P. LEMON HENRY KERR Englirh Dioision - - - BERNICE OLNEY, Director EMILY DRURY H. W. PETERS DOROTHY SMITH MRS. MARGUERITE HARBER5 MRS. LOUISE K. POPE RUTH C. WALL HENRY KRAEMER MAME RUSSELL HELEN G. WHITE Fine Arty Diuixion - W. G. ALEXANDER BALL BEATRICE BARNARD Foreign Language Dioifion MRS. ELIDE P. EAMES Pre-En gineerin g Diuifion G. E. ANDERSON A. DOWNEY Pre-Legal Diifixion W. G. ANDERSON ELEANORE J. DE FOE Phyrical Education Dioiyion MRS. MAUDE ELLIS ERWIN GINSBURG MRS. CATHERINE MCARTHUR WILL HAYS FRANCES L. ROGERS L. G. MULLER ELIZABETH ELLISON, Director MAY R. MCCARDLE BELLE MILLWARD FERNE D. FARVER, Direrlor ALICE B. SMITH - - - - SARA B. F. RABOURN, Director GEORGE KEARNS JULIE JOHNSON T. M. TETSTALL EVELINE KLOSTER D. R. METZLER O. D. GUFFEY LEO A. HARRIS MAUD A. MINTHORN ETHEL STUBBLEFIELD - M. MOCK, Direrlor IDA MOODEY JOHN G. SMALE MRS. MARY N. SEELEY ELIZABETH TURNER ELIZABETH MGCALI. X 1 Library MRS. DOROTHA ELLIOT xx K 'T' H -Titty -f-x-A E 4 J HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL x I N'-433 I' I I fl Q 'X 1. +,i-ix,-,,.:fA,, PHY! WOW ,g N PRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL ,vw VN. 'MM J. Daugherty M. Dawson A. Dermcr G. Dunn H Kay . Nance J. Said C. XVhite Levon Damir W, Henderson D. Lum: . Miller: H. Savage J. Spanx A. Wahlben, M. Wagoman 'vw NA wen, , -b!-S-'.X,-,J-X.. HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL ADVISORY COUNCIL Firfi Semefler Second Semerter KENDRICK PRESCOTT Prefident - - BOB BARNARD VIRGINIA KAY - - Secretary - RUTH CHANDLER In order to acquaint every student in the school with the business that is conducted in the Advisory Council, a representative is chosen from each ad- visory, who attends the weekly meeting and returns with a report for his ad- visory. It is an essential and benehcial legislative body in Fresno High. One of the powers of this body is the right to veto any action taken by the Executive 42' Committee. I There are several important things that have been accomplished by this 47 body during the past year. JY' A new plan for student control in assemblies originated in the Advisory gf Council and was adopted by the Executive Committee. Included in this plan , is a provision for a student conduct committee, which is automatically re- Ag sponsible to the class cabinets for the conduct of the specific classes. Q This body has been an active factor in keeping the yards clean. It started a campaign which caused much enthusiasm among the students. I If 41-wfvff I I V I Wi' - 1. HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL GWL ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY Firrl Senzefter Preridezzt - Vice-Prefidezlt - - Secretary - C07'I2l7Zf.f.fi07791' of Fimmre Commirfianer of Alhletiff Commifriofzer of Pzzblimtiom Commirriofzer' of Debating - Commiffirmer, Social Affairir - Yell Leader - AL DERMER - JACK DAUOHERTY - HAZEL KAY - JAMES SPANO - - GORDON DUNN - CHARLES WHITE - JOHN SAID - - JANE NANCQE - MILES DAWSON - - Second Semefler - - JAMES SPANG - ART WAHLBERO - DANA LONG - LE VON DAMIR HAROLD SAVAGE CHARLES WHITE WALLACE HENDERSON - MARJORIE MILLETT MliLV1N WAGOMAN The work of this yearls administration has Abeen marked by the excellent spirit of student body co-operation tendered by both the students and the faculty. Under the guiding hand of Al Dermer the problem of conduct in the as- semblies was brought to a successful close. The financial policy of previous administrations has been put into effect and a carefully planned budget closely followed. With James Spang as president, the cluster of unsightly bulletin boards in the main corridor was replaced by built-in bulletin boards which add great- ly to the attractiveness of the building. A new spirit has been shown by students, concerning their school dances. The attendance has been better and the dances more successful. All in all, the success of this year's administration has been due to the hearty interest taken by the students, who, realizing the common ideal of co- operative achievement, have placed a well deserved faith in the executive body which governs the Associated Student Body of Fresno High School. s 1 XAM47' fxgbsf 74' .2114 Nr TRIBES L... HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL M if I I Zw 1 J-1 4-'! ,fl 'auf ,Aff Qing X Am.. I' I ' A. Bi1l'll'21ITl R. Bighnm G. Costa fl H. Kay A. Newark F. Scofield j. Spang ' O. Clark P. Hngcnnam M. McCabe I L. Myers j. Nance J. Said 1 Wm... . fd 'X L -LIS.. .X-,,Z.fl.. FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL C L A S S O F 1 9 3 0 OFFICERS Firrt Semefter Serond Semertef FRANK SCOFIELD - - Preridenzf - - PHIL HAGERMAN RICHARD BIGHAM - - Vice-Preridenf - - ALFRED NEWARK ANEL BARTRAM - Secremry - - MARGARET MCCABE PHIL HAGERMAN - - - Treafmer - - - JOHN SAID ALFRED NEWARK - - Commiffioner of Athleticf - - BELA STHYMMEL HAZEL KAY - - Commirrioner, Sofia! Ajfairf - - - JANE NANCE GEORGE COSTA - - Ye1lLeader - - - ORVILLE CLARK JAMES SPANG ---- Sergeant-at-Army ---- LLOYD MYERS Spmzrom-Miss BERNICE OLNEY, MR. L. G. MULLER "Why, Bill! What are you doing here in Shanghai?" "Well, if it isn't Fred! Think of seeing you here! I've been trying to see something of the world since graduating from Fresno High School. Say! Wasn't that a grand old class of 1950? "It certainly was. I'm still wearing my pin and I see you have your ring. We made a good selection of rings and pins for the class, didn't we?" "We surely did. Do you remember the Cross Country runs, and those inter-class track meets? And the time we walked away with the ticket selling contest for the Opera and flew our flag for a day?" "They certainly are worth thinking about. But I'm sure I'll never forget how impressive were the February and june commencements and baccalaureate services. I remember the school thought our plaques and gifts were pretty fine, too.', "Yes, I remember that. The Class of 1930 undoubtedly had some co-opera- tion, didn't it? I remember the hard work the students did on 'The Patsy' and 'Monsieur Beaucairef but they were well repaid by their success." l'Weren't they, though? And Illl tell you another reason why I think that class was so popular. They were just as able to put over big social affairs as they were to participate in other school activities. Our junior-Senior Prom was especially attractive, and weren't those Senior dances fun?" "Speaking of fun, I've never had such a good time as I had at those junior-Senior Brawls of ours. They certainly were riots." "How about that Senior picnic? I've never enjoyed myself more than I did that day. What fun we had!" l'Yes, but our class would never have been the success it was, had it not been for our sponsors, Miss Bernice Olney and Mr. L. G. Muller." "I should say not. That reminds me. I have a 1930 Owl in my trunk at the hotel. Come along, and we'll renew old acquaintancesf, -MARGARET MCCABE. 1 f X, 'G' 'F'--s.x' -f-s.4 HRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL ROBERT ALDER Agora, 29. CHARLOTTE ALTMAN MILDRED ANDREWS Girls' Hi-Y, 28, 29, 50, V. Pres., 29, Zoe Photia, 28, Hy- patias, 29, 30, Pirates of Penzance, 29, Girls' Glee Club, 28, 29. BUD AVENELL Ring and Mar, 27, Basket Ball, 26, 27, 28, 295 Track, 26, Football, 26, 27, 28, 29g Sorenson's Horseflies, 26, ANNA LOUISE AYNEsWORTI-I Chpt. 45, C. S. F., 27, 28, 291 Pres., 29, Inter. Friend- J' ship, 29, 29, V. Pres., 29, 4, Sgr.-at-arms, 29, Hockey, 28, 29. 4! N H 44 JJ 'I 1 I, SOREN BAGDAZIAN , ,f-'I Basket Ball 110, 28. .A .91 I' I VIELMA BAIRD I Glec Club, 27, 28, 29. 30, Pickles, 283 Pirates of Pen- fy zance, 29, Bohemian Girl, 303 Band, 28, 293 Orchestra, 27, 28, 303 Girls' Hi-Y, 29, 30. I I 'Q 'Q' 9,5 .. gl 4 ,f :I -A as is it -.1 . ,X Iv , 7? is iffy? ::,.' . 'Q' . Hz? it L! I ' 52.5 W is ,g ,f U," ,X BUD ALLEN Football, 27, 28, 29. ALICE B. ANDERSON Glee Club 27, 28, Mixed Chorus 30, Gym Club, 30, Basket Ball 28, 29. ERMA ARAKELIAN c. s. If. za. GRACE M. AVAKIAN Glee Club 261 Philharmonics 26, 27, Pickles 27, Mixed Chorus 273 Orchestra 29, PI rates of Penzance 29, ROBERT AYNESWORTH Sgt.-at-arms Class of 30, 27, Yell Leader, Class 30, 293 Senate 27, 28, 29, 30, Pres. 29, Sec. 293 Inter. Friendship 29, 30, Pres. 29. 30, Exec. Comm. 29, Asst. Editor of Owl, 303 Forensics 30, Crit- ic 30g C. S. F. 30: Comm. Night 29, 30: Pres. Advisory Council, 293 Chairman Senior Class Day Comm. 50, MARY BAILEY MARY BAKER I l se.-...L A-Si XC -bf-L -X,...-IX... IRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL FLORENCE BARNETT A - Q MYRTLE BARNETT Writers 27, 28, 293 V. Pres. , "" V", Gym Club, 27, CLARISSA BALL ANEL BARTRAM Portias 27, 28, 29, 30, Sec. 29, Pres. 291 Comm, of So- cial Affairs, Class 30, 29: Sec. Class 30, 292 Exec. Comm. 29, 30, Sec. of Awards 29, 30. ROBERT BAXTER Advisory Council, 291 Track, 30, Football, 29, Pres. Ath- letic Club, 30. HARRIETT BEATTY CLINTON BENNETT Owlet Salesman, 30: Band, 303 Baseball, 30, Operetta, 29, 30 at Coalingag Band, Baseball, Basket Ball. "Be- hind thc Lines" 293 2nd place Math Contest, Inter- class Debate. JUANITA BIDEGARAY Zim: ' fly TMARJORIE BARNES MERRILL BATES 4 2 yr " 1 'l 4 R 4 if ,muy 0 A fm 'IOSEPHINE BEARD EVELYN BECKER MARY BENNETTS C. S. F., 28, 29, 505 V1 Pres., 305 Hockey, 28, 29. MICKEY BIDEGARAY E I . 1.1. l , 'fe L -Af' .ZR4 ! -VJ. X T ,4 Q Vx-L. I rl, N-- mf- xex ' R- N54 Q Xx, Hx K A h N N W 'Q XS 7 J., x 1 ,J-1 4,41 ',1 I I I jj HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL ELIZABETH BIER La Espana 28, 295 Sgt.-at-arms 29, 305 Secretary 30. JAMES W. BOGER Orchestra, 295 Band, ZS. CLEO BOGER Glee Club, 28, 295 Pirates of Penzance, 285 Bohemian Girl 30. RUTH BISSETT FLOY BOLLINGER WINIFRED BOOMER VERA BOYD I -SSN' gf-,-X-,,,L:fk.. RICHARD BIGHAM Agora, 29, 305 Pres., Sec. V.-Pres. Class 30, 29g Foren sics 29, 305 Treas., 29: Ad visory Council 29, 305 Berkc ley High, 27, 28. 'FGUY BOLAND Forensics, 29, 305 La Espana 275 Purple and Gold, 28, 29 305 "His First Dress Suir,' 305 Stage Mgr. "The Drill" Circulation Mgr. Owlet, 30. DOROTHY BOLES Portias, 29, 305 Sec., 30. JOSEPH BLINN SAMUEL BOLOIAN ROSE BOYD MAURICE BRENNAN Basket Ball, 275 Football, 27 28, 295 Capt. 29. HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL EDITH BROCKS Glee Club 27, 28, 29, Op- era, 27, 28, Pickles, 27, Bo- hemian Girl, 30. HELEN BROWN VICTOR BROWNE Agora, 28, Comm. Athletics, Class 30, 29, Comm. Athler. of Student Body, 293 Business Mgr. "Patsy," 29. ALTA BUSICK HUMPHREY CASEY Football, 27, 28, 29: Capt., Unlimited, 29, Circulation Mgr. of Owlet. 30. GERALD CHESS Honor Scholarship, 30. HENRY CADE Ring and Mat, 28, 295 Track, 28, 29, 30. EDITH BROADBENT MARIAN BROCKWAY Writers, 29, Sec.-Treas., 293 Esperanto, 30, Pres. 30, For- ensics, 29, 30, State League Debate, 30 g County Debating Team, 29, 303 Extemporane- ous Speaking Contest, 30. EMILIO BUMATAY DONALD BARR Band, 29, 30, Track 28, 30, Forensics, 295 Winner of Cross Country Run, Class 30, 29. ILLION CASSELMAN Band, 27, 28, Track, 28: De- bating 27. DUANE CARTER ORVILLE CLARK Track 29, 30, Mgr., 30. 14 t,-L i FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL 0 L VTOLETTE CLARK GEORGE COSTA, JR. Agora, 28, 29, 50, Parlia- mentarian, 29, Forensics, 29, 50, Glee Club, 29, Yell Leader, Class 50, 30. ELMO Cox Tennis Team, 29, Advisory Council, 29, 50. HELEN CROSS RUTH CULBERTSON 1 x -'Q N ESTIELLE DELARA 14 Girls' League Rep., 27, 28, 40' Gm Club, za, 29, so, Mixed :fry Chorus, 29. 50, Opera, 50, I I FLOYD DAVIS Bohemian Girl, 50, Pirates of I Penzance, 29, Mixed Chorus, 29, 50, Mixed Quartette, 29, Boys' Quartettc, 50, Glee ff Club 29, 50, "Seven Keys to , Baldpatef' 50, Purple and Gold, 29, 50, Philharmonics, I 29: Sgt.-at-arms, 29. I C 'X 'il- i,F,'-x,-I I Q iii: Q W 6' wif A ,Q 4 Al' Q lt. ii 21? ,rl , V 5 . if, . 1 ' si. if a is , ...iff M 4 ,Q 1, . V W, bl.. ELEANOR COOPER ROBERT COWAN LEE CRONBACH Service 50, Debating. 29, 50, Extemp. Reading Cont.. 50, Oratorical Cont., 50, Chem. Essay Contest, 50, Book Review Cont., 28, 29, Comm. Night, 28, Zoe Photia, 28, 29, 50, Pres., 29, La Es- pana, 29, 50, C. S. F., 28, 29, 50, Flag Contest, 29, City Planning Contest, 29. JAMES CROZIER DICK CORNELIUS Orchestra, 27, 28, 29, 50, Band, 28, 29, 50, Cadets, 27. JACK DAUGHERTY V. Pres. Student Body, 29, Senate, 29, Purple and Gold, 28, 29, Pres., 29, Rifle Club, 27, 28, 29, V. Pres., 29, Aviation Club Pres., 29, Op- era, 29, Dulcy, 29, Disraeli, 29, C. S. F., 28, Cadets, 27, 28, 29, Major, 29. ALBERT DERMER Pres. Student Body, Comm. of Finance, Student Body, Senate. Pres., Sec., Purple and Gold, Pres., V. Pres., Ad' visory Coun., 28, 29, 50, C. S. F., 28, 29, 50, Class 50 Pres.. Sgt.-at-arms, Class 50: "The Patsy," 28, Exec. Comm,, 28, 29, 50: "The Red Lamp," 29, "Brothers in Arms," 29, "A Wedding," 50, service 50, Honor' able Mention. 28 ,29, 50, Business and Adv. Mgr. "The Patsy," "Dulcy," and "Sev- en Keys to Baldpatej' 50. HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL CARL DANIELS Baseball, 283 Mummers, 28, MAXINE DEVEREUX Portias, 29, 30g Advisory Coun., 29. ANNABEL DRENTI-I C. S. F., 28, 295 Girls' League Rep., 295 Inter. Friendship 29, 30: Sec., 30, Comm. Night, 30. M ERRILLE DRIGGS High Scouts, 27, 283 Cadets, 27, 28, 29, 305 Rifle Club, 29, 30. LENORE DONABEDIAN ALBERT EDWARDS DONALD ELLIGET Track, 29, 305 Owl Staff, 30. ELIZABETH DEAN Esperanto, 29, 30. MERRILL DOORE Rifle Team, 27, 283 C. S. F., 29. RUTH DOTT Inter. Friendship 29, 303 In Espana, 29, 30, Comm. Night, 50. GORDON DUNN Football, 27, za, 29: Track, 29, 301 Sgt,-at-arms, Class 30, 27g Forensics, 29, Comm, Ath- letics Student Body, 29, Ad- visory Coun., 27, 30, Exec- Comm,, 30, Junior Senior Brawl, 29, 30, Owl Stall, 29, 30, Assembly Comm., 29. MIGNONNE ECA DA SILVA LOUISE EGELSTON LUCILE ENSHER Band, 29, 303 Orchestra, 28, 29, 303 Philharmonics. . -f ,LW HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL EDWARD FOY Rille Team, 28, 29, 30, Rifle Club, 28, 29, 30, Treas., 29, V. Pres., 50, Cadets, 28, 29, 30, Corporal, 28, Sgr., 29, Color Sgt., 30. EARL FOLEY DOROTHY FINLEY Pickles, 28, Writers Club, 27. FMARGARET FRAsI-IER Bohemian Girl, 50, Girls' Glee Club, 28, 29, 30, Mixed Chorus, 29, 30. FLORENCE FRY l X ' N EVERETT FU RZE Forensics, 29, 305 Owl Staff, 30, Inter. Friendship Club, 29, "Z A7 VIRGINIA FERSON Gee Club 28 Mixed Chorus 28 Girls Quartette 30 Girls League yell leader 29 Sec 30 Gym Club 28 Bohemian Girl 30 Soccer 28 Hockey 29 30 Basket lgfill 33 29 30 Tennis Team Fi' sq' 50. I I 8 l , ,I 303 A If A .S -, 1 , I 1 A 29, 30, Pres., 30g Pickles, 28, j 1 , lu , lg l 5 .J, '3 .' ' ' ' ' 'SIC ,x IV ,ca 1 1- ' Lys., ff' fe. In ff fi, I Yi f UI.-1 Al ai 3 Wm' ' N W as GLADYS FoRs Glee Club, 28, 303 Pickles, 283 Comm. Night, 28, 29, 303 Mixed Chorus, 285 Bohemian Girl, 50, Forensics, 30, Sec., 30, FoLA DAWN FRANZKE Advisory Council, 29. FRANCIS FITZGERALD DORA FREELAND THEO FROUDE Zoe Photia, 27, 28, 29, 30, Sec., 29, treasurer, 305 Advis- ory Council, 29. 'l'HELEN F. FOWLER Stockton High, 27, 28, Glee Club, 29, 30: Bohemian Girlg Comm. Night, Mixed Cho- rus, 30. PETE GAGOSIAN HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL SPENCE GILBREATH Owl Adv. Staff, 30. "'MARIAN GUESS Porrias, 30, Mummers, 29. 30, Girls' League, 29, Glee Club, 29, 30, Music Contest, 30, Senior Play Comm., 30, "The Rafi," 30. GRANGER GLENN SARAH GRAvEs Zoe Photia, 27, 28, C. S. F., 27, 28, 29, 30, V. Pres., 293 Comm. Night, 29, Inter. Friendship, 30. ELIZABETH GINTER ERNEST HARTIINIAN CATHERINE HARWOOD i I ,Mu aw Q: ie," fm R P 'FV' ...1 l . I if ' 'QI' ,W if ' l' 'if 5 K Q ' R GRETCHEN GAUMNITZ Hockey, 28, Basket Ball, 29, C. S, F., 27, 30. ELOISE GARGES Girls' League Treas., 30, Pur- ple and Gold, 28, 29, 30, V. Pres., 29, Pres., 30, C. S. F. 28, 503 Adv, Council, 29, Owl staff, 30, Glee Club, 28, Mixed Chorus, 30, Opera, 293 Girls' League Rep., 28. FRANCIS GREGORY Student Body Yell Leader, 28, Football, 26, 27. FRELIN GRIMES Football, 283 Basket Ball, 291 Bohemian Girl, 30, Owler Stall, 30, Owl Staff, 30. ALTHA GLEASON 5 4 f N XABBIE HARVEY , X I gnu?- X N JUANITA HATFIELD X Girls' Hi-Y, 27, 28, 293 I Forensics, 29, Hockey, 28, iSTQi.UYml3'S3g'E0,.?.?,f, Sisfof W , x Q Q. elf 'J USU? -if A YH! HRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL BARBARA HEMPHILL Inter. Friendship, 28, Girls' League Rep., 28, 29, 30. EUOENIA HOLSTEIN GERTRUDE HERMAN C. S. F., 28, 30, Basket Ball, 28, Mummers, 29, 303 Zoe Photia, 28, 29, 30, Sec., 29. EVELYN HUGHES KINU HAMANAKA I X JZ' N 13, FISLICIDAD ILDEFONZO , 1 I 1 RICHARD HANSEN I Rifle Team, 28, 30, Rifle Club, I 29, 303 Wor1d's Champ in , ff Consecutive Bulls Eyes. I f 'Nw ii -an 'N' 1 ..fs...X,.,.-l1'X. Us , 9-T 27' .xg I A v ' --1 Wiz: Q " 1' 2 an ., X 1 his ,,- X, :lf .. is 5 . R 'fn 'A , i R xii , il' r i Q V . , K ,Is JAMES HENDERSON HLEONORE HILL ARTHUR HOOD TOL HUDSON Rifle Team, 29, 30. PHIL HAGERMAN Glee Club, 28, 29, Writers, 29, 30, Treas., 28, Hi-Y, 28, Treas., 28, V. Pres., 301 Sen- ate, 28, 29, 30, V. Pres., 30g Pres. Class 30, 303 Owler Staff 30, Assembly Comm., 30, Ad- visory Council, 29. GIEORCSIE ICHINOSE FENTON HACKETT PRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL RUTH JARRATT ROY KUWAMOTO IsEI KAWAI HELEN KAZATO C. S. F., 28, 29. 303 Girl Res., 28, 29, 30g Glee Club, 28, 29, 30' Advisory Council 29, 305 Valedictorian, 30. RUTH KENT JOHN KNAPP ALBERT KINZEL Adv. Council 28, 293 Foren- scis 293 Intramural Baseball, 29 Q Salutatorian. ROBERTA JOHNSON Yell Leader Girls' League 275 Forensics 29, 30, Purple and Gold, 30, Glee Club 28, 29, 301 Basket Ball, 27, 28, 29, Music Contest 28, 30. IKUYA KAWAI 1l0 Basket Ball 28. HAZEL KAY Portias, 28, 29, 30, Sec., 29, Pres., 29: Sec. Class 30, 295 Comm. of Social Affairs, 29, Sec. of Student Body, 29 Ad- visory Coun, 29, Sec., 293 Pres. Girls' League, 30 JAMES KELLOGG Cadets, 28, 29, 30. ELMORE KENNEDY High Scouts, 275 Aviation Club, 28, Pirates of Penzance, 284 Forensics, 29, Disraeli, 293 Purple and Gold, 29, Ca- dets, 27, 28, 29. RAYMOND KLINE Forensics 29, 50, Treas., Class 30, Passion Play, Publicity, Class 30. CORINN li KOVACEVICH .r U iff ' CRY -f-5.4. HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL VICTORIA KURKJYAN Soccer, 27g Speedball, 29g Pickles, 28. EI.sIIa LEHMAN Lols LAMPISIN Glee Club, 29: Pirates nf Penzance, 291 La Espana, 28, 29, 30, Treas. 29, V. Pres., 30 BARBARA LEAS GWENDOLYN LANE Portias, 28, 29, 30, Treas., 29, Pres., 50, Mixed Chorus, 29, 30, Bohemian Girl, 303 Senior Play, 304 Comm. Night, 29, ' 30. 1 x 'x Ml BERNADINE LIDSTER 4 Purrle and Gold, 28, 29, 30: I Gir Reserves, 28, 29. 30. I I' I EDYTHE LIGHT l Girls Glee Club, 28, 29, 303 La Espana, 28, 29, 301 Zoe If Phoria, 29, 30. I 1 Q 'S 1. Lfs.. f' LA ' '- . 445 ,4 I A aff .gg 2 gy ,,. FREEMAN LOWDON RALPH LEMISON MII.DRED LAND Mummers, 28, 29, 30, Speed ball, 29. ROY LAUBHAN VIOLET LEBECK EDNA LIGHT Girls Glee Club, 28, 29, 30, La Espana, 28, 29, 303 Zoe Phoria, 29, 30. VICTORIA LITTLE HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL JACK LOCKWOOD PHYLLIS LUCKIN DANA LONG Sec. of Student Body. 30, Ex. Comm, 30, Adv. Council, 30. HOLCER MADSEN ANNE MCKEAN HENRY MCCORMICK Cadets, 28, 29, Senate, 28, 29, 30, Mgr. of Co-op, 29, 30. ALMA MCAULIFFE I-Iypatias, 28, 29, 30, Pres. 29, Sec., 28, 29, Owlet Sta, 29, 30, Gym Club, Treas., 283 County Typing Contest, 29, La Espana, 28, 29. 30, V. Pres., 29, C. S. F., 30. ROBERT LO FORTI C. S. F. 27, 28, 29, 30. Pub- licity Mgr., 30, Mummers, 27, 28, 29, 30, V. Pres. 28, Sgt.- at-arms 30, Zoe Photia, 29, 30, Pres., 30, Inter Friend. 30, Bohemian Girl Glee Club 29, 30, Orat. Flag Contest, 29, 2nd place, "Monsieur Beaucairef' CECIL LUCKIN Senate, 28, 29, 30, Treas., 29, Sec., 30, Basket Ball, 28, Co- op, 29, 30, Hi-Y Pres., 30. VELMA MACATACAN RUDOLPH MADSEN GENEVIEVE MALANCA FRANK MAR MARJORIE MCALPINE Hypatias. 29, 30, V. Pres., 29, Writers Club 28, 29 30, Treas., 29, Pres., 29, Zoe Photia, 28, Sec. Owl Sta, 29, 30, Comm. Night, 28. A A A I s ,V- ,x x t5 X K N X lx , l f ' PLL.. f- tx-s..a HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL lVlABI.E MARTY I-lypatias, 29, 30, Comm. of Debating, 29. BIERNICE MAXEY Gief ciub, za, 29, ao, Pi- rates of Penzance, 299 Bohe- mian Girl, 30. MARGARIET MACSWEENEY MARY MARIETTA MARGARET MCCABE Portias, 27, 28, 29, 30, Sec., 29: Purple and Gold. 28, 291 "The Patsy," Sec., Class 30, 30. I S M' x 'l EUNICE MAR , ffl "WY 4 I I LLOYD MYERS Agora, 28, 29, 30, Pres., 293 I ' Y Forensics, 29, 30, Pres., 30, 5 "The Patsy," 29: "Seven Keys ro Baldparef' 30, Purple and ,lj Gold, 29, 30: V. Pres., Class , -,' of 30, Sgt.-at-arms, 30. I I . . -flyiqi dsf, 1- ..,. EDNA MATHEWS EDWARD MAXWELL V. Pres., Class of 30, 29 Winner, Senior Dress-Up Day conresrg Winner of Plaque con zesz, 30. HAROLD MARKARIAN FRANK MCAULIFFE Class of 31 Pres., 29, Agora 28, 29.30, Golf Team, 28, 29 30, Basket Ball Mgr., 29, 30 Baseball Mgr., 30. - HARLEY MCCAULEY Advisory Coun., 28, Ag. Club 29, 305 Sec., 30. MINERVA MCCOY CHARLES MCSHARRY HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL GRACE MELIKIAN Central High, Glee Club, 27, 28,. Operetta, 27. ASKAN MERZOIAN 'KEVELYN MILLER DONALD MIR JANIAN Bugs' Glee Club, 28, 295 Ring an Mat, 28, 29. JAMES MOORE High Scouts, 28, Pres. 28, Senate, 30, Auditor, 30. JOHN MORTLAND 110 lb. Basket Ball. 271 Ring and Mat, 27, 28, 29. MARY MULLIN C. S. F., 27, Hypatias, 28, 29., 30, Pres., 30, Sec., 291 La Espana. 28, 29. 30: Pres. 30, Sec. 295 Advis. Council 28. big: kk, as 1 S ,, ., K, 47 ix 5 YQ' 3 W f in Q1 if 'fn fs x 1 .5. 'vii ma.. .f " ji 1 7' 'Z 1 , Q 'If , W, Sw. Ei , ff. 1. A fi f A QW an ti Y ARA MELKONIAN NONABEL METZGER Service 30, C. S. F., 28, 29, 303 Mummers, 28, 29. 50. Pres., 28, V. Pres., 293 La Espana, 28, 29 ,30, Pres., 29: V. Pres. Girls League, 295 Glee Club, 30g Music Contest, 30, Bohemian Girl, 30, Flag Association Contest, 29, Ad- visory Council, 29, Esperanto, 295 Comm. Night, 29, 30: Hy- atias, 29, 30, V. Pres., 30, Sec. Assembly Comm., 29, 30, Cinderella, 30, Valedicrorian, 30. SHIRLEY MILLER BEss1E MUTTON Portias, 29, 30, Girls Glee Club, 28, 29 .303 Mixed Cho- rus, 29, 30, Opera, 29, 30. LILLIAN MONTGOMERY MARION MOORE Bohemian Girl, 30, Mummers, 23, 29, 50, Gym Club, 28, 29, 3031-iypatias,. 29, 30, Glee Club, 29, 505 Owl Sta, 30. RUTH MORRISH Mummers, 28, 29, 30, Sec., 27, Pres., 28, Owl Staff, 30, "The Beaded Buckle", Dir. "The Wedding," Adv. Coun. 27. 14 l X A 1 i I 1 gNf+ ,114 J ,NRA lt fl, xxx 5113 X X . is Vx Q K -x I x IIZESNO HIGH SCHOOL 0 WINSLOW MURRAY 5 . MARGARET PATTERSON rr-V ..., Inter. Friendship, 30, Dir. V "Station Y.Y.Y.Y.," Comm. Night, 29, so. .,tT: i 7 , IRIS NUGENT Gym Club, 27. JANE NANCE Portias, 27, 28, 29, 30, Ad- visory Coun., 28, Exec. Comm. 28. 29, Comm. of Social Af- fairs, Student Body, 29: Comm. of Social Aff. Class of 30: Sec, of Awards, 29, News Editor of Owlet, 29, 30. ALICE OGILX'IE I Xs ZA JL FLORENCE O'GFEN 41? Girls' League Rep. 27, Inter. ig! Friendship, 27, 28. 1 I f f i EMMA PAKOSSIAN Mummers, 28, 29, Forensics J 29, 30, Dbt'ngT' ,30, , if C. F. S., 27328, Zflimm I I ' A KA' 1. W Iiggim C 'X 1. X. L, - ,xfg-cfxx- if f fm 1 Alai I ,K 1 12 A a .. ,,..', 6: 4' MARIE ELIZABETH MOLINE ALFRED NEW'ARK V. Pres. Class 30, 30, Senate, 28, 29, 30, Auditor, 29, Ed- itor of Owlet, 29, Track 30, Assembly Conduct Comm. 30, Advisory Council, 29, Foren- sics, 30, V. Pres., 50. SHIGERU NAKASI-IIMA X 'W R Qn im-A E wr , MARY NOTT Basket Ball, 29, Soccer Capt., 28, Baseball, 29, Hockey, 29, 30, Tennis Team, 28, 29, 30, Pres. Girls League, 29, Exec. Comm. 28, 29, Gym Club 28, 29, 30, V. Pres., 28, Sec., 29, Advisory Coun., 28, 30, C. S. F., 30, Comm. Night, 30. NELLIE BABETTE OLDS 25 I IVIILDRED PAIGE I P rple and Gold, 28, 29, 30, gf Giym Club, 28, Hypatias, 50, . ', "" Girls' League Rep., 28. 'E .,, BEATRICE PEREQOY C. S. F., 28, 29, 30, Zoe Pho- tia 28, 29, Sec., 29, Inter Friendship, 283 Mummers, 29 30, Sec., 30, Hypatias, 29, 50 Glee Club, 29, 50, Mixed Cho rus, 29, 30, Advisory Coun. 29' Pirates of Penzance. 29 Bohemian Girl, 30, Aide on Owl, 30, Comm. Nighr, 29 FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL ELINOR PARKER Hypatia, 28, 29, 50, V. Pres., 29, Treas., 50, Owlet Staff, 29. DOROTHY PATTON Writers, 28, 29, V. Pres., 291 Inter. Friendship, Sec. 29, Treas., 295 Forensics, Owlet Staff, 285 Writer of High School News for Newspaper. FERN PALMER Zoe Photia, 29, 30, V. Pres., 30. ELIZABETH PRIDHAM Gym Club, 27, 28, 29, 30: Zoe Phoria, 28, 29, 30, Girls Hi-Y, 28, 29, 30. HELEN PHILLIPS MILO POPOVICH MILDRIED QUINN 1' ,Mr . .5 sl A 2' 0 lf' 41 ii ,Q 'Q .. ,fx-'X H.-XRRY PASLEY Selma. High, 27, 283 Advis. Coun., 29, Track, 30. 'PBARBARA PETERSON Purple and Gold, 28, 29, 30, "Seven Keys to Baldparef' 30, Forensics Club, 30, Assem- bly Com. 30. VIRGINIA LEE PERENCHIO KENDRICK PRESCOTT Pres. Adv. Council, 29, 303 Business Mgr. Owl, 30, De- bating, 27. ZELMA PIKE JUANITA PRENTICE ROSALIND QUIGLEY Debating, 28, 29, 30, Comm. of debating, 293 Sec. Foren- sics, 29, Sec., Purple and Gold, 295 C. S. F,., 29, 30, Advis. Coun., 28, 29, Read- ing Con. 29, "Red Lamp," 28g Nat'1 Oratorical Contest, 29, 30: Glee Club, 28, 29. 303 Glee Club, 28, 29, 30, Mixed Chorus, 30, Owl Lit. Cont. 50g Service "F", 30. . LfiEf.'-'ff "'+sf"..f-1+ I Ks '7. 4,4 't 1 .14 .W A ' I I I 1' I I ,ff I 4 HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL DONALD QUINLIVAN Color Sgt., 29, 303 Cadets, 28, 29, 305 Rifle Club, 28, 29 305 Rifle Team, 30. RITA REED Portias, 28, 29, 30, V. Pres., 30, Purple and Gold, 29, 30, Comm. Night 30g "Brothers in Arms." VERNELL REED FRANCES RIGGS From Long Beach High, Bo- hemian Girl, 30, Orchestra, 30, Music Contest, 30, Cin- derella, 30. MARGARET RICHERT HELEN ROED Owlet, 29, 30, Owl, 30, Mummers, 29, 501 Hypatias, 29, 503 Girls' League, 29. NADINE ROBERTS I 1 X X WK, -X,..:1fw MAR JORIE ROBERTS Comm. of Social Affairs, Stu dent Body, 28: Comm. of So cial Affairs, Class 30, 28. OMA RITCHEY Writers Club, 27, 28. JEAN RIOOINS MURIEL RIPPERDAN Mummers, 28, 29, 30, Glee Club, 304 Bohemian Girl, 50, Soccer, 27. LUCILE RITTER DAVID RUSSELL Boys Glee Club, 28, 29, 305 Band, 29, 30. W11.MA ROEHMER IRESNO HIGH 5CHO0L OWL CELIA RUDMAN JOHN SAID Oratotical Contest, 295 Flag Contest, 295 Constitution Con- test, 295 Extem. Speaking Contest, 305 Senate, 29, 305 Student Body Comm. Debat- ing 29: Debating, 28, 29, 305 C. S. F., 29, 305 Pres., 305 Treas. 295 Forensics, 29, 305 Pres., 305 Service "F," 295 Treas., Class 305 Exec. Comm., 29, 305 Adv. Coun., 29. 30. HELEN SCHORLING Purple and Gold, 305 Philhar- monics, 285 Girls Glee Club Accomj. Mixed Chorus, 28, 29, 305 Pirates of Penzanee, 295 Bohemian Girl, 305 Comm. Night, 28, 29, 30. TARO SAIKI Baseball, 27, 28, 295 Basket- ball, 28, 295 Lightweight Foot- ball, 28. MASAKO SAITO HAROLD SAVAGE Sanger High Schoolg Foot- ball 26, 27, 285 Baseball, 27, 285 C. S. F., Pres., 28, 29: Class Pres., 285 Hi-Y Pres., Pres. Boys Federation, junior Farce, 285 Comm, of Athletics, 305 Owl Staff, 305 Senate, 29, 30. BLENDINE SCHEEL M.. .af LIL I Q ii . DORIS RUSSELL LOUIS RYAN LEO SAITO EARL SAUCKE Agora, 27, 28, 29, 305 V. Pres. 295 Purple and Gold, 29, 30. JOE SASAKI HAMPTON SAWYERS Senate, 28, 29, 305 C. S. F., 27, 28, 29, 305 Interclass de- bate, 295 County League De- bating team, 27, 285 Central Calif. League Debating team, 28, 29, 305 Oratotical contest 28, 29, 305 Chairman of the student loan fund. MARJORIE SCI-IELL l f l I .Z-1.4. FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL BETTY STEGER C. S. F., 303 Pirates of Pen- z ance, 2 9 . KARL SCIALABBA Salutatorian, 50, C. S. F., 28, 29, 30. CRAIG SHAW HAZEL SHIPLEY C. S. F., 28, 29, 30, Sec., 29, 30, Girls Hi-Y, zs, 29, 30, Treas., 28, La Espana, 28, 29. WILLIAM SCHULTZ Senate, 29, 30. 1, S ? All N 3 ALICE ANNA SMITH J-1 in A Clb,27gG Clb,29, ffl glllee Club, yg?,l 212, 29, 4-',,? 50, era, 29, Irs eague I Rep., 239, 50. K 1 I I BRICE SMITH fl f 1 1 wqswv Y . ,sl 1 1. Ars.. FRANK SCOFIELD Pres. and Yell Leader, Class 30, 29, 30, Yell Leader, Stu- dent Body, 293 Lightweight Football, 28, Exec. Comm. 29, 30, Ring and Mat 29, 301 Agora Club, 29, 30, Yell lead' er, 29: Mummers, 29, 30, V. Pres., 29. LOIS SCOTT GLADYS SIMONIAN RUTH SIMMONS Bakersfield High, 27, 28, Tu- lare High, 28, 293 Glee Club, 29, 303 La Espana, 28, 29: Mixed Chorus, 30. HORACE SIMPSON Owl Staff, 30: School Play, 30, Inter. Friendship, 29, 30. EVELYN SMITH Hypatias, 29, 30, Sgt.-at-arms, 30, Pirates of Penzance, 28, Bohemian Girl, 293 Girls Glee Club, 28, 29, 30g Mixed Cho- rus, SOQ Announce. Comm. 30. DRENNAN SMITH HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL GOLDIE SMITH Glee Club, 28, 29, 30, Pi- rates of Penzance, 295 Bohe- mian Girl, 505 Music Con- test, 29. MILDRED V. SMITH HMARJORIE SUMMERS CLAY SNODDY Track, 29: Intramural, 29, 303 Comm. Night, 29, 305 "Sta- tion Y, Y. Y. Y., 293 Set.- ior Play Comm., 305 Owlet Salesman, 28, 29, 30, Circul., 30, Advisory Coun., 28, 29, Extemporaneous reading Con- test, 50, Mummers, 295 Pur- ple and Gold, 29, 30. PAULINE SPARKS Hypatias, 28, 29, 50, Sec., 29, Treas., 29, Advisory Coun., 285 Owlet, 30. LOVIE FAY STEELE HOWARD STOVER LOIS SMITH Girls League Rep., 30, Ow Staff, 29, 30. WILBUR SMITH EVA STOTON Hypatias, 28, 29, 50, V. Pres. 29, Sec., 295 Comm. Niight 29g Speedball, 28, 29: A vis ory Conn., 28, 30. MARGARET SNOW ELOISE STONE PATRICIA STOIIT CATHERINE SOMMARS .J -'ff' -f-L4 FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL THEODORE TAHMISIAN Inter. Friend., 29, 303 Avia- tion, 28, 295 Comm. Night, ao. MARIE SOUTH FRED SWARTZ DERON TERZIAN LEWIS T OSHIYUKI JAUN ULIT "'HAL VERBLE Bas et Ball M r 9 Track 30 V res Class 31 .if DAN TARBELL Cadets, 28, 29. JAMES SPANG "Beaded Buckle", 29, "The Patsy" 29, Comm. Night, 29, Sgr.-at-arms, Class 30, 28, Pres., Class 30, Comm. of Finance, 29, Cross Country Run, 29, Senate, 29, 30, La Espana, 29, Owlet Salesman, 28, C. S. F., 27, 30, Assem- bly Comm., 29, Adv. Coun., 29, 30, Exec. Comm., 29, 30, Student Body Pres., 30. MARYDEA THOMAS Forensics, 27, 28, 29, Sec., 27, 28, Inter. Friendship, 27, 28, 293 Zoe Photia, 27, 28, 29, 30, Sec., 27, Treas., 27, 28, Pres., 29, 30, C. S. F., 27, 28, 29, 30, Debating Team, 27, 28, Girls League Council, 27, 28, Band, 28, Comm. Night. NORMAN TANNAHILI. EVELINE THOMPSON C. S. F., 295 Girls Hi-Y, 29, 30, Writers, 30. CHARLOTTE VIETTY Hypatias, 29, 30g C. S. F., 29, 303 Glee Club, 28, 29, Owlet Staff, 29, 30. RALPH WHITNEY HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL LEONARD WALTON ARTHUR WAHLBERG V. Pres., Student Body, 30 Advis. Coun., 275 Pres. For: ensics, 293 Treas. Class of 30 29, Senare, 27, 28, 29, 30 "Patsy," 294 Bohemian Girl 29, "Seven Keys to Baldpatef ED WARREN MAURINE WARNER Purple and Gold, 29, 30 Treas., 29, Hypatias, 29, 30 Owlet Business M r. 29' Ci S. F., 29, Opera, 30.i VIRGINIA WHITLOW Girls' Hi'Y, 28, 29. 30. SYLVIA WERFEL BETSY WHITE MURIEL WALTON WILFORD WA LTON C. S. F., 293 Owl Adv. Staff, 29, Commencement Comm. DAVID WERFEL DOROTHY WEBSTIER Glee Culb, 29g Pirates of Penzance, 29, Writers, 29, Sec. 29, Treas., 28. MARY ESTHER WHITE Pickles, 29, Pirates of Pen- zance, 29, Bohemian Girl, 30: Mixed Chorus, 29, 30, Glee Club, 27, 28, 29, 50: Girls, Quartette, 305 Adv. Council, 30g Music Contest, 27, 28, 29, 30. FRED WHARTON ESSIE MAY WILSON Glee Club, 30, Mixed Chorus, 30g Gym Club, 30, Bohemian Girl, 30. 4 If EVELYN WHITTEN x CHARLES WHITE Senate, 29, 30, Aud. and Lib- ' Philhar., 28, 295 Hi-Y, 50, Exec. Comm., 29, 30, Adv. Coun., 29, 30g Comm, of Publications, 305 Senior Plaque Comm,, 30, Band, 28, '29, 30, CO-op, 29, 30, Service "F", 30. HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL 29, MAE WINTHER IRWIN WILLESS Cadets, 28, 29, 30, Rifle Club, 29, 305 Rifle Team, 29, 305 Drum Major of Band, 29. VAHAKN ZHAMGOTCHIAN CHARLOTTE ALTMAN GRETCHEN AMANN GERMAINE AUGUSTINE DOROTHY AVERY JACK BARTRAM HELEN E. BROWN ZELLA BUTTS ANACLETOCABACUNGAN PETER CANO MARY CAREY EDWARD CASNER SPENCER CHILDERS EDWARD CRIBB MARTIN DESHIELDS EDWARD DIEBERT JOHN DIEBERT 'ww ill i , . .... ,.,,,,' I I ' , ..- Gmd 'Repr .5,f' "x,--"'I'x nares Without Pictures RICHARD GIBBS OSCAR IVEY BETTIE LEE JOHNSON GEORGE LARSEN, JR. LOVVELL LOOMIS LILLIAN MONTGOMERY CAROL MAAS TMBHk MEZIE NAKATSUMA BERNARD NEWMAN RAY NILMEYER BENTON PASCHALL :kCARL PAUL lYlARGARET PATTERSON MARIAN PHILLIPS JOHN RANDALL esents summer school graduates. 'REU LA WOFFORD ROBERT YAMASAKI Baseball, 28, 29: 130 lb. Basket Ball, 29, 30, Light Weight Football, 29, 30. ALICE ZOLLINGER C. S, E., 28, Hypatias, 30, Manual Arts, L. A. High, 29. MAE RAUSCH WILLARD RHODES HAZEL RIMMER HOWARD ROSS CLARENCE STEDING ALLAN SAGE WARD SAGE BELLE SHEKOYAN WRIGHT SHELDON BELA STHYMMEL ALBERT TAYLOR EVELINE THOMPSON 'kPE'I'E WOOD MAI.COLM WRIGHT ERESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL ,HQ A HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL ty , . , Q , 5' xg ,. 1, 1, in B. Edgerly B. Oakland H, Verble OFFICERS Firft Semefler' Second Semefter BUD EDGERLY - Prefident - - - GENE BURKHART HAL VERBLE - - Vice-Prefidenl - BERMA OAKLAND Sefrefary - NANCY BARR THOMPSON BEVERLY WEL1.s Treamrer - - - DON WEIRICK MARIE ROTH - Hiftorian ---- MARIE ROTH The class of '31, at the beginning of the year elected Miss Helen 'White and Mr. Tom Tetstall sponsors for the year. President Bud Edgerly and his cabinet began work on the presentation of the Junior Farce "Nothing But the Truth," which proved to be a great suc- cess financially and socially. The leads were taken by Nancy Barr Thompson and Bob Mosgrove, who, with the remainder of the cast, made their class feel justly proud of them. 1 K .57 -QQ' Lg, I' I i ff! n I I - ,1 ,T t Z N gggja 1. k,.L ,xx-,2.1'X, HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL G. Burkhart N. B. Thompson M. Roth The old tradition that the junior class take charge of the decorating and ushering at the Baccalaureate Service and Commencement Exercises was car- ried out by the class of '31, During the second semester, under the leadership of President Gene Burk- hart, many of our members took part in various school affairs. Marjorie Millet and Le Von Damir represented us in the Executive Committee. Great dramatic ability was discovered among the members of our class when Anna Laura Dew- hirst, Fay Boysen, Mildred Van Buren, Maurice Kickashear, Bryon Yount, Bob Dennison, and Austin Thompson took part in the all-school play, "Seven Keys to Baldpatef' We boast of one little operatic star, Shirley Redden, who successfully took the lead in the opera, "The Bohemian Girl." A composer was also discovered when Marie Roth presented to the class a peppy song called, "The Class of '31f' The inter-class cross country run was won by our class this year. Frank Semper, Freeman Weedon, Peter Terunjian, and Buell Atkinson composed the team. The junior-Senior Prom was the outstanding event during the second semester. " ' J e -adazgxf IRESNO HIGH SCHOOL GWL CLASS OF 1932 Firft Semerter Second Semefter JACK VAN BUREN - Preridefzt - GEORGE SOLNAR GEORGE THOMAS - Vice-President - - LOWELL MASON LEOMA PHELAN - Secremry - - VIRGINIA FLUHR GEORGE SOLNAR - Commimoner of Bminerr CLAUDE CALLAWAY Es'1'HER SYKES - - Cammirrioner, Social Ayjfairr - DoLoREs FITZGERALD BARBARA BEASER - .. - Historian - - BARBARA BEASER MELVIN WAGOMAN - - - Yell Leader - - - CARL MELOM , SP0l7J0l'.fA-FRANCES L. ROGERS, JOHN G. SMALE X Imficri Summ! N 4 , . . . Ill not deny it! We began the semester with very little confidence other 1 , than that of a youngster who knows he could set the world afire if he were given half a chance. Like a thousand other Sophomore classes, we were afraid 'i of the teachers, the classes, and the Seniors, but, as the thousand other classes I g have done, we soon learned that the teachers were of the best, the kindest, I and the most helpful, that the classes were not "court roomsf' and that the I Seniors were just Sophomores improved with time and experience. "kv 'ff' 1 . -ba-L xffhfx- HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL So with a little time and experience of our own, we improved and did our best to co-operate with our teachers and with each other. Soon we found that our achievements were continually mounting. We staged a welcome for the incoming Sophs of last September, we gave a hard time party, we pub- lished a newspaper every two weeks, and then, of course, we must not forget that worthy project, the Mexican Medicine Chest, with Miss Rogers and Mr. Smale as our official Santa Clauses and hardest workers. Then an opera came along, and we maintained that we could sell more tickets than the Seniors. This we did not do. However, we enjoyed the race, in spite of the fact that we did not win. Next there was our '32 Council com- posed of one member from each advisory, and again there was the Social Serv- ice Committee. This committee has as its "headman,', our Commissioner of Social Affairs and is organized for the purpose of cheering up those students who have been forced to be absent from school on plea of illness. In closing, allow us to say that when we leave the halls of our Alma Mater, we hope we will be a little unlike a thousand other Sophomore classes, we hope to be a little better as a class and a little finer as individuals. If we have accomplished this, we have accomplished our aim, and if we have ac- complished our aim, we are content. , -BARBARA BEASER. 14 n vffx-s..,fs .1--1.a HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL CLASS OF 1933 The Low Sophomore Class of 1933 entered Fresno High School February 3, 1930 with an enrollment of about one hundred and fifty members. The sponsors of the class are Miss Julie johnson and Mr. john Mock. The officers of the class are as follows: RALPH KIIHTTIEL ------ - Prerident JIMMY QUINN - - - Vine-Prerident EDNA MAE KIRKPATRICK - Serremry BOB PAULBACH - - - Yell Leader , REX MORRIS - - - Sergenzfzt-at-Arnz,r X BEATRICE PALMER - - - HiJl0fid71 47 . . . . 544' X There are also two others on the executive committee: Commissioner of JL Social Affairs, Sybil Goldsteing Commissioner of Finance, Woodrow Nielsen. .an ,gQ1 The Representative Council of the Class is made up of two members from Ag, each advisory. I 1 in I s jf I 1 ,sl 1 1. X X Lf'?1- 'Sz-'J T' yy Nr' CLAHS X HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL SCHOLASTIC-ATHLETIC CUP Last year a beautiful loving cup was presented to the school by a local department store, Radin 8: Kamp. The presentation of this trophy to our school is a typical example of the interest shown in Fresno High School by local business firms. The purpose of this trophy is to serve as an incentive to students to develop both strong bodies and minds. As in the time of the Caesars, a man must have a strong body and a trained mind to really be a great man. Each semester the students who have shown the highest achievements in both of these are to have their names engraved upon the trophy. One side of the trophy is reserved for heavyweights and another for lightweights. This means that two persons are named each semester, one in each division. The first students to receive this honor were Earl Thorburn and Bill Meux. Earl Thorburn stood high in scholastic attainments and was a mainstay on the M' .t heavyweight football team. Bill Meux had a very good scholastic record and JL played center on the lightweight football team. 3' In the Spring of 1929, Albert Taylor and George Thomas were named 4-Q' as the outstanding scholar-athletes. Albert Taylor won the county championship 1 in the boys' tennis singles and had a high scholastic standing. George Thomas had very high grades and played in the backfield on the lightweight football I team. , Harold Savage and Arman Alchian were named in the fall of 1929. Harold ' Savage played in the heavyweight football team and Arman Alchian was a , ff track athlete. They both had high scholastic records. , I This trophy has stimulated higher achievements in athletics and scholar- , 5 ship and it is hoped that it will continue to do so in the future. , , 'M-W -517 N' Y 1. ERESNO IIIGII 5CIIO0L OWL Mrs. E. P. Bates Mrs. W. B. Mikesell Mrs. E. M. Prescott PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION OFFICERS MRS. W. B. IWIKESELL - - - - Prefidenf MRS. A. G. WAHLBERG - Vice-Preriderzz MRS. A. M. BEAN - Vice-President MRS. E. P. BATES - - - Secretary MRS. E. M. PRESCOTT - Treamrer MISS FERN FARVIER - - Aadizm- MRS. M. MCCORMICK - - Parliamenlariarz MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. A. G. WAHLBERG JOHN HNIORT jo:-IN MEUX - CHAS. BARNARD Program Chairrrzarz Membership Chairman Magazine Chairman - - - H irto riarz Every parent and every teacher of Fresno High School is automatically a member of its Parent-Teacher Association. The qualification for active mem- bership is a whole-hearted support of the program of the School. This has been the main objective of the year. Paying dues is but one part of a member'S duty. A joint Faculty-P. T. A. meeting in October-Faculty one hundred per cent in attendance-gave the year a fine start. II. Adams Puffer, Boy Specialist, addressed the meeting. Miss Fern Farver, Councilor of the Girls' League, and Mr. Lynn Stockwell, Director of Vocational Education, addressed two other meetings. The Dramatics Department presented a demonstration program. Mr. W. G. A. Ball and the Music Department supplied music. ,, S A new school tradition was begun by the Mothers, and Daughters' Din- I I ner, November twenty-first, with Mrs. Mikesell as toastmistress. A hundred 'R and thirty-seven persons were in attendance. The second annual dinner for parents and faculty was held St. Patrick's Day, with Mrs. Manson McCor- xg mick as toastmistress. Through the generosity of Mr. L. G. Muller in directing the Faculty-P. T. N A. Play, funds were provided for the following: A score board for the Athletic X field, furnishings for the teachers' rest room, and the quota for the City Day 4 Nursery. KX The generous support of Mr. Gaines, the office staff, and the faculty have K T made this a year of happy co-operation. ea -W' QS . j :lf ti J V Z ' H 3 V' .k 3 -if '-'-Nf- 1,-14. M ll 'I -s Q s, M 'V .A-I N 1 ,I-' ...qv "J turf Q A rf H ,gf ,7 ,fl ff I I HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL 4...--4 .au M. Gaines Mathews M. Nor! H Roed M. Van Buren M. Baker V Fcrson E. Garges M. Guess H Kay P. Luckm ,EX , -fa..-.ALL -..W I, -A? ,ix 1,44 - ERESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL GIRLS' LEAGUE Marjorie was sitting in the hammock idly swinging herself with one hand, her mind far away in a distant day dream. She was thinking of her last year in Fresno High School, and the parties and work of the Girls' League that she had participated in. The party for the sophomores was in her mind at the moment, as the new students had seemed to enjoy tHe party so much and had become acquainted with other students. Then she drifted on to the Thanks- giving Food Baskets and remembered how happy the families were when they received the heaped up baskets. Suddenly the Christmas Dansant leaped into her mind. She still had the program in her box of "Memories," and would she ever forget the wonderful time she had? She also remembered the fun she had the afternoon of the dance given for the graduating Seniors, and also, the ex- citement and bustle of the Girls' League Convention at Taft. For a time she lay, almost half asleep, lulled by the soothing motion of the hammock. Then, suddenly she awoke with a jump. Why she had almost forgotten the Mother-Daughter Dinner that was given in October! As if she could ever forget the toast given by Mrs. Gaines and the mistress of ceremonies, Mrs. Mikesell. This started Marjorie's mind on a fresh track-Regional Day at Fresno High. Girls from towns all around Fresno flocked to the school that bright Saturday morning. What a day! The lovely talk by Dean Gibson in the morn- ing, the delicious lunch, the dance and program in the afternoon, was all so different from anything attempted before, and it was such fun meeting all the girls. Then Blossom Day-flowers and blossoms all over the school, corsages for all girls and teachers in their new spring dresses. Then a dance was given in the afternoon with everybody happy. Marjorie suddenly laughed aloud as her thoughts flew to the Hi-Jinx, and how they all laughed at her costume. Dignified seniors and youthful sopho- mores all joined in one grand romp. And last but not least the farewell dance. Even the fact that it had been her farewell dance had not kept her from having a marvelous time. She sighed. Good Old Girls' League. la- -af -It S fr 1 if s 3? bl..- ix, -- ka xe- X N . R XX, Vx X 4123 "' .Q la 'L' 'fi--X" ..f-x.4- HIES 0 HIGH SCHOOL 0 L ' , 1. 9 ig " --2' i 1, H -.9 qs Z K if .iv-1 'W K ,iq .34 ," I -"cl I I' ,7 ff HH i R. Aynesworth R. Barnard T. Collins H. Councilman J. Crocker ff J. Daugherty A. Dermer F. Donleavey G. Gilcrest P. Hagerman ' W. Henderson D. Hildebrand P. Jenson C. Luckin H. McCormick I J. Moore A. Newark G. Newark 1. Said H, Savage T. Savage H. Sawyers W. Schultz W, Scott R. Shinn G. Solnar C I. Spang J. Thorpe A. Wahlberg J. Webster C. White J. Mock ,EX ' XS. " ' X? .. 1- Xxx , fx -415. -X,4-J X.. ERESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL S E N A T E OFFICERS Fint Term Second Term Third Term Office BOB AYNESWORTH ALBERT DERMER CECIL LUCKIN Prefidenz PHIL HAGERMAN ART WAHLBERG BOB BARNARD Vice-Preridenl CECIL LUCKIN BOB BARNARD JOHN SAID Secretary HAL COUNCILMAN PHIL HAGERMAN WALLACE HENDERSON Tmzrurew ALFRED NEWARK JAMES MOORE GEORGE SOLNAR Auditor BILL SCI-IULTZ BOB AYNESWORTI-I ALBERT DERMER Sergeant-at-Army ART WAHLBERG WALLACE HENDERSON TOWNSEND SAVAGE Yell-Leader The Senate has rounded out another epochal scholastic term due to the unabating enthusiasm of its members. This organization has produced as usual its share of leaders in Student Body affairs, with Al Dermer presiding over the Student Body during the fall semester, and james Spang taking up this duty in the spring. Al Dermer was assisted by jack Daugherty as vice-president, john Said, Commissioner of Debating, James Spang, Commissioner of Finance 3 and Charles White, Commissioner of Publications. The following Senators held office during the spring semester: Harold Savage, Commissioner of Athletics, Wallace Henderson, Commissioner of Debating, and Charles White, Commis- sioner of Publications. The athletic side of the Senate life was also very successful. In the annual Senate-Agora football game the Senate was victorious. The Senate likewise was victorious in the Senate-Agora basket ball series. The social life of the Senators was very enjoyable, with two of the most successful dances of the year and a very interesting picnic with the Portias. The Senate is proud of its debaters, as in previous years, the Senate has furnished more than its quota of debaters. Our organization is justly proud of Wallace Henderson, john Said, George Solnar, and Hampton Sawyers. -BOB BARNARD. . 4 I fXX1-..,,,--,.YA 4,-nr 4. A ,.., I HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL 0 L f wil . V, ' if . gk K "' ,' ,ma if W, V ,22 5 , ' 4 , M ,, , 7 ,- X. If y 4 1 'Q' 1' , -M 7? l sf all -MH ' M , 'If " 7 . , :H 2 H . E ' X gym t I , ' 4 , , X ' H ,,,. Q 4 - M ' f V ' ,,f, fl WM i . . W4 W f .. ,,. f , 4? f 3 , V . - . x 1 K . V . A A, , 1 A f I' . f I B. Albright A. Barrram E. Bafy D. Bolcs F. Boysen M. Brailsford VI. Cole M. Collins W. Conn M. Devereux ff D. Firzgcrald M. Gaines M. Guess E. Hughes M. E. johnson ' Ii. jolmston H. Kay G. Lxmc M. McCabe S. Miller I M, Millet B. Mumwn J. Nance M. Normoylc S. Reddcn - R. Reed N. Roberts A. Slocum E. Stone M. Van Buren I I 1 K HRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL P O R T I A S FIRST SEMESTER Fifi! Term Second Term. HAzEL KAY - - Prerident - NADINE ROBERTS MARGARET MCCABE - Vice-Prerident - MARJORIE MILLET MURIEL GAINES Secretory - MARGARET MCCABE BERNIGE HYGLUND Treezmrer - BERNICE HYGLUND EVALYN JOHNSTON - Sergeant-ot-Armr - ADELL MARTIN MARY E. JOHNSON Reporter - BESSIE MUTTON MARY E. COLLINS Reporter - SHIRLEY REDDEN ANEL BARTRAM Critir - - HAZEL KAY X SECOND SEMESTER First Term Second Term. GWENDOLYN LANE Prerident - JANE NANCE RITA REED - - Vice-Prerident - - NADINE ROBERTS DOROTHY BOLES Secretory DOLORES FITZGERALD MILDRED VAN BUREN - Treezrurer - - ANN PEGAROVIGH RUTH CHANDLER - Sergeant-at-Army - MARJORIE BRAILSEORD Reporter - - LOUISE LEVIS DOLORES FITZGERALD Reporter JANE COLE NADINE ROBERTS - Critic - Everyone will agree that the ideal woman is the one in whom the intel- lectual and social qualities are pleasantly intermingled. Such a woman was the Shakespearean "Portia," and such a woman does each Portia in the Fresno High School hope to be. In the life of every Portia girl, work and play are pleasantly alternated. A high scholarship standard is one of the aims of the club, and this has proved a powerful incentive to the members. Each year many social events are enjoyed by the Portias. Not the least of these are the regular social meetings which are held the first Wednesday of each month. At these meetings refreshments are served, and a program is enjoyed by the members. Besides these meetings a semi-annual Mother's Tea is held in the spring and fall of each year. Two Portia dances, which are events eagerly looked forward to, are also given each year, one before the Christmas holidays and the second one previous to Commencement in June. The Porrias boast a distinguished membership, which includes several accomplished singers and pianists, dancers, readers, actresses, and individuals well known in artistic circles. Many members also hold offices in the Student Body Organization, the Girls' League, and in their various classes. Indeed the Portias are a group of girls distinguished for their intellectual, social, and artistic accomplishments, and are worthy of their name. viii, ... HRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL : 1 x M' W 1 if-1 41 I I ! j R. Alder R. Bigham G. Costa Z. Damir i M. Dawson C. Diltz S. Kellner R. Linder ff H. Marcus L. Mason F. McAu1iHe D. Morgan I C. Myers L. Myers R. Normart D. Paul - E. Saucke F. Scotield E. Simonian D. Terzian 1 N I -if? im' ,A yep 1, 411. 'xf-'Lrg' HRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL AGO RA Fimf Term Second Term Third Term Ofce BERNARD KEY R. BIGHAM ROBT. LINDNER Preridenz EARL SAUCKE ROBT. LINDNER ROBERT NORMART Vice-Prefidenz R. BIGHAM CLIFFORD MYERS F. MCAULIFFE Secretary ROBERT NORMART HENRY MARCUS EARL SIMONIAN Trefzmrer SAM KELLNER EARL SIMONIAN ZENOP DAMIR Auditor LLOYD MYERS BERNARD KEY DEWEES MORGAN Sergeant-at-Afmr GEORGE COSTA GEORGE COSTA LLOYD MYERS Pazrliamenmrian W. G. ANDERSON W. G. ANDERSON W. G. ANDERSON Critic HENRY MARCUS FRANK SCOFIELD MILES DAWSON Yell Leader The Agorians opened their fourteenth year with a big membership drive that doubled the number of members of this exceptionally fine club. There is a spirit which carries such an organization as Ours above the commonplace and enables it to do much for its own betterment and for the betterment of the boys of the entire student body. Imbued with this spirit we find the Agorians supporting and engaging in a wide variety of activities which develop the mind and Spirit as well as the physical being. Our programs have consisted of discussions on various topics of current interest, of music, plays, debates, parliamentary law practice, and athletic activities. Our program was as fol- lows: 4'1 Mock trial presented before the Senate. .D 3 412 Stunts put on before Student Body rallies. I Q35 Annual Agora-Senate football classic. 1'4l Annual snow trip to Shaver Lake in January. .J KI K 1'5'b Sponsored an information desk for the benefit of sophomores enter- ing School in February. 4'6Iy Monthly luncheons held in the cafeteria and good programs too. UI! An Agora-Agora Alumni basket ball game, so successful that this will probably be added as one of our annual events. J 11813 Annual dance held late in the spring, and so glorious a time was , had by all that the Agorians were very proud to sponsor such an affair. 11915 In tennis our club has won sufficient games to make this sport a strong branch of our athletic activities. N 4I10j The annual Spring picnic. N This orgainzation owes much to the efficiency of its officers. In the spring election of the Fresno State College Frosh, four former Agorians were elected ' officers, a greater number than was furnished by any other club in the San MN Joaquin Valley. Does it pay to join the Agora? L J U 'K ,1'XfLif, -Z-X-A HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL jr si T-Fc? 1 '?i5Q "'F iqk., ,,, X 5' if .ag .V ,gh-. A 4' s 'Q .1 K U if 4.9 2. 'L g f ' + 'I- if K1 4' ' A .,. . 'lif +1 . ,ma .-V V iv, 'S X ik Z.-' x N A 1 1 4 i .W rf' 'A ' 7 Us W Q I l S. Altman M. Andrews C. Cunningham M. Furze G. Herman ff R. Kellncr K. Martin M. Many M. McAlpinc - A. McAuliHe E. Magee N. Metzger M. Moore M. Mullin M. Paige E. Parker B. Peregoy f E. Peregoy H. Roed M. Rosh E. Smith ' P. Sparks E. Smron C. View M. Warner A. Zollinger f an 'N 1. .gf-i.,X,.Jl1'3s.. HZESNO HIGH 5CHO0L OWL ELINOR PARKER ALMA MCAULIFFE EVA STOTON - CHARLOTTE VIETTY PAULINE SPARKS SYLVIA ALTMAN EVA STOTON - MARIE ROTI-I - CHARLOTTE VIETTY EDITH MCKEE - NONABEL METZGER HELEN ROED - MARY MULLIN - ELINOR PARKER EVELYN SMITH - HYPATIAS OFFICERS Firft Semester Prefident - MARY MULLIN - Vice-Prefident - MARJORIE MCALPINE Secretary - PAULINE SPARKS Treafurer - ELINOR PARKER - Hiftorian - - KALLEIA MARTIN - Sergeant-at-A1-mf - - CHARLOTTE VIETTY Commiffioner of Dehating - JANE HAGGERTY - Reporter - - ALMA MCAULIFFE Yell Leader - Second Semefter - EVA STOTON Prefident - - MARIE ROTH - Vice-Prefident - - NONABEL METZGER Serretary - MILDRED ANDREWS Treafurer - MILDRED PAIGE Reporter CONSTANCE CUNNINGHAM Hixtorian - RUTH KELLNER - Yell Leader - MARJORIE MCALPINE - Commiuioner of Debating - - EVELYN SMITH - Sergeant-at-Armf ---- EVA STOTON RIS' 41? 41? From the Jtately Jhip, H ypatia, came in Wazfex and ripple! large and Jmall, pleaJure.r Since leaue-taking from that dork, Septemher. Ere the .rhore of nineteen thirty, came In quirk .fucceyfion :tattered petalf of the Late September flowerf. Came the memherf' I Party, quaint, and then a :emi-formal f Lovely in the preJence of the fool Autumnal howerx. With ineetue Jifted thru, The gentle hreezef Joftly wafted from x An Oriental Tea. Then followed one N For Motherx dear. Till wild the wauex and high X Came the game: on court, and .fplafhing partie: I With the Portiax. Soon the laJt wave came MN Crexted with the Sport Dante-Hail H ypatia.r.' V K -I U V .XNLLNX -,-N-A IRES 0 HIGH 5CHO0L OWL il Anna L. Aynesworth Robert Aynesworth Mary Bennetts Sarah Graves Mary Elizabeth Johnson Robert LO Forti Rosalind Quigley John Said Karl Scialabba Hazel Shipley George Solnar ,FARMEN ALCHIAN TLFHOMAS ALVARADOV GOLDIE ANDERSON ANNA L. AYNESWORTH ROBERT AYNESWORTH MILDRED BARNES ' D C HELEN ' ECK HELEN BEHLEN :FMARY BENNETTS VERA BOYD XRAYMOND CHEEK GERALD CHESS EJANE COLE TOM COLLINS MEMBERSHIP EVA GARABEDIAN RALPH GARABEDIAN ELOISE GARGES GRETCHEN GAUMNITZ :FGERALD GILCREST 'FSARAH GRAVES JAMES HENDERSON GERTRUDE HERMAN RSHO IINO ,FALVIN JO 2'MARY E. JOHNSON EEVALYN JOHNSTON LAURENCE KAISER ISOSUKE KAWAI HELEN KAZATO EKALLEIA MARTIN ALMAfMCAULlF-FE '!'NONABEL METZGER 'FALERED MIKESELL ESTER MITCHELL RICHARD MOCK CHESTER MOORE JAMES MOORE 'EFRED MURASHIMA "'MASAMI NAKANO 'FNOBORN NARASHIMA CORA SHERZER FLORENCE SHEHRIAN A EHAZEL SHIPLEY ,KCATHERINE SOMMARS GEORGE SOLNAR JAMES SPANG BETTY STEGER FRED SWARTZ PEGGY TOLTON CHARLOTTE VIETTY 'IIDONALD WALDMAN MARY NOTT ak SYLVIA WERFE L :FANN OSBORN EMMA PAKOSSIAN BEATRICE PEREGOY WALTER PRATHER HELEN WINTER DOROTHY WRIGHT HYOYE YABUNO EMMY LOU DORLAND XWILMA CONN RUTH KELLNER RUTH CANAN ADA KECK 'FPHIL PRESCOTT ENID HARRLEROAD :kLEE CRONBACH 'FHELEN KEOUGH :FROSALIND QUIGLEY PEGGY MILTON JANE DEARING 'VIRGINIA LANDRUM CELIA RUDMAN RUTH NURMI MARGARET DOWNEY ROY LAUBHAN JOHN RUSSELL CLAUDINE OSTRANDER EALBERT DERMER ,FALLEN LEW 'FJOHN SAID PHYLLIS SCHMIDT RUTH ELAINE FARLEY ROBERT LOFORTI 'FHAMPTON SAWYERS GLADYS SETRARIAN DELORES FITZGERALD BRUCE LONGTIN LOUISE SCHOTTSTAEDT JEAN THOMPSON RUTH FUKISHIMA 'FBETSY MACCRACKEN RKARL SCIALABBA AMATA REILLY EVERETT FURZE TEUNICE MAR LOIS SCOTT I . . . :kSlgl'1lflCS membership both semesters. '52-G vcfmfii if , N1 q 1. -gf - 'if-six'-' HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION C H A P T E R 4 5 Fin! Semefter Second Semerter ANNA LOUISE AYNESWORTH - Prefidenl - - JOHN SAID SARAH GRAVES ---- Vive-Preridenz - - MARY BENNETTS HAZEI. SHIPLEY - - Secretary - - MARY E. JOHNSON JOHN SAID - - Tmzrurer - KARL SCIALABBA ROSALIND QUIGLEY - - - Auditor ---- GEORGE SOLNAR ROBERT Lo FORTI - - - Publicity Mmzager - - ROBERT AYNESWORTH Chapter 45 of the California Scholarship Federation has this year adopted a project that will be permanent in Fresno High School. The Society is estab- lishing a Scholarship Loan Fund to aid Seal Bearers or any other deserving students of the Fresno High School, who may wish to go to college. During the term, California Scholarship Federation pins were awarded to the following members of the graduating class: Anna Louise Aynesworth, Mary Bennetts, Lee Cronbach, Sarah Graves, Helen Kazato, Nonabel Metzger, Emma Pakossian, Hampton Sawyers, Hazel Shipley, Catherine Sommars, Karl Scialabba, and Marydea Thomas. These students also received gold C. S. F. Seals on their diplomas, and certificates of life membership in Chapter 45. These students are designated as Seal Beaters. The Life Certificates serve as letters of introduction to any college or employer. In all the leading California Colleges some interested member of the faculty is chosen as advisor and counselor for the Seal Bearers just entering college. In the universities the Phi Beta Kappas have an organization that assists the Seal Bearers. The society has had success in tutoring. It is in this service that the body shows its ability to live up to its motto, "Scholarship for Service." This is only one of the many ways that the members carry out the purpose of this organization, which has fostered a higher standard of scholarship on the part of the students of Fresno High School. For the first time each member of the Society was given a privilege card, known as the "C. S. F. Cardf' This card grants to the holder privilege card, the other students of the school are not permitted to enjoy. Numerous social functions were held: An evening Hallowe'en Party, a party for new members, a St. Patrick's Day Party, another evening party, a Benefit Tea, the Annual Banquet, and a picnic. This year the Society was represented at the State Sponsors Convention which was held at Fresno, and a Central Section Convention at Modesto. Members of the Society were also in attendance at two district meetings held at Lemoore and at Madera. 14 .,w,.Q,,- .fx- 4 'rv- ,Y- xx x Vx K TS 1 I 441, 1 J-1 -LM df, ear? I B Albrrghr M Barnes H Back F Boysen V Brybrjran L Churcher M F Collm: H Counulmm M J Cornell I.ev0r1Dam1r M Dawson D Frtzgerald S Callagher V Caro L Georgem G Grlcrest M Guess G Herman B Heqbuk Hlldcbmnrl M jennmgs R I.oForr1 M Land N Metzger M M1Iler Moore M Qumn 'ww 11 1 , 1 C I r 1 . V . 1 I . B. . A 2 .v E. Bacovich . I sw ' L ,L,-S,-X,,.J-I FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL M U M M E R s c L U B OFFICERS Fin! Semerler Second Semefler MAR JORIE MILLETT - Prerident - - MARIAN GUEss BOB DENNISON - - Vice-Prefident - - MVIOLA BIJEIJIAN BEATRICE PEREGOY - Secretary - ANNEFEOAROVRII-I MARY ELIZABETH COLLINS Treafurer - GEORGE NEWARK HELEN ROED ---- Publirily - PEGGY TOLTON CARL DANIELS - - Sergeant-at-Armr - - - ROBT. LO FORTI SPOIZJUV-MR. L. G. MIILLER "All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players," said William Shakespeare, the greatest of English dramatists. The world has become so convinced of the truth of this statement that drama has become an important subject of study in many schools. People are beginning to recognize the value of stage presence, voice culture, Huency of speech, and poise. The opening of the school year of 1928 marked the advent of a new organization in Fresno High School. A group of students who had a sincere interest in dramatics or- ganized the Mummers Club. Owing to the spirit of the organization, and the hearty co-operation of the officers and the sponsor, the club has always made a success of anything undertaken. The Mummers is composed of fifty individuals who meet every Monday afternoon for the purpose of awakening and encouraging a greater interest in a better class of dramatics. The spirit of co-operation among the members is perhaps the finest characteristic of the Mummers Club. Many plays have been produced by this dramatic organization during the last year, among which was "The Beaded Buckle," a comedy in one act, by Frances Gray. The cast included Ruth Morrish who charmingly portrayed the young widow with an only son, james Spang, the handsome son, Beatrice Peregoy, a gossiping neighbor, and Marian Guess, Miles Dawson, and Marie Roth. Besides appearing before the Fresno High School, the Mummers have presented plays before the D. A. R., the Masonic order, and other organizations. On the last Community Night, the club gave "The Lights of Happy Land" by Marion Short. This was presented with characters dressed in Mardi Gras costume. Dorothy Rutherford portrayed the colored Mammy exceptionally well, others in the cast were Le Von Damir, Helen Beck, Ruth Morrish, and Peggy Tolton. Mr. L. G. Muller, who has charge of the activities of this club, has in- spired his young actors with much enthusiasm. 14 R I . 1 xxx- .1-S-h I x .-R 5.5 lx x I? X X X Q Lg HRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL EW sri . , W , -L A gf ' ,F . I 33 ,VV V 7 4' "" 'Q fa 41 1 W .ft v if I v I O-.VfA '2 1 ff' , Vi: ,.,, 1 X .. i . ' - .ar-1,5 1 4 . J f . ,f , was I . M. Adams P. Bates G, Boland H. Brown Z. Damir F. Davis j. Daugherty B. Dennison A. Dermer A. L. Dewhirst L. Fellows jf E. Garges W. Henderson W. Harris R. Johnson E. Kenney ' M. Kickashcar B. Lidster A. Maas L. Myers M. Paige I J. Peters J. Prentice R. Quigley R. Reed E. Sauckc H. Schorling J Smiih C Snoddy L. Sturgeon M. Wzigoman M. Warner K"'..6?! IRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL PURPLE AND GOLD PLAYERS OFFICERS Firrl Semester Seeond Semester JACK DAUGHERTY - Prefidenz - ELo1sE GARGES ELo1sE GARGES - - Vire-Preridefzl - - WALLACE HENDERSON ROSALIND QUIGLEY - - Seeretary - - - ANNA L. DEWHIRST ELMORE KENNY - Trearurer - MAURINE WARNER Pl-IYLLIS BATES - - Ser-gemzz-at-Ann.: - ZENOP DAMIR ROSALIND QUIGLEY - - - Hirtarimz - - - ANNA L. DEWHIRST Sll70IIIOI"iVliARGUERITE HARBERs Y Our club has had a most successful, happy year, due to the fact that we made very definite plans for our year's work at our first meeting. We aim to develop talent in dramatics and the allied arts. In order to do this, it has been our policy to have our members furnish varied programs for our own meetings and to encourage them to try out for parts in the larger field of dramatic and music activities. This year we took as our biggest project, the sponsorship of the All-school play, "The Seven Keys to Baldpatef' Every member was in the cast or was as- signed to committee work. The success of the play from both an artistic and financial point of view shows that every member did his work in the best pos- sible way. The club received an invitation from the Pacific Gas and Electric Com- pany to furnish entertainment for their annual party. We repeated "Seven Keys to Baldpate," and the dramatics department received one hundred and twenty-five dollars for the performance. i During the past year, three one-act plays were presented by the club. These were given for student body assemblies and community night. "Brothers in Arms," a screamingly funny farce, had its setting laid in the northern Cana- dian wilds and was enacted by the following cast: Rita Reed, Albert Dermer, jack Daugherty, and Wallace Henderson. A mystery-comedy "Thank You, Doctor," was put on by an enthusiastic cast. The Doctor was played by Jack Daugherty, assisted by Anna Laura Dew- hirst, Bernardine Lidster made a clever crook, while Wallace Henderson was excellent in the role of a maniac. Lloyd Myers was the innocent victim who provided all the laughs. "His First Dress Suit" was a clever comedy that lived up to its name. Wesley Harris proved himself a clever comedian when he portrayed a boy, sweet seventeen, with his first dress suit. His charming sister, Betty, was played by Phyllis Bates. jessamine Smith took the part of their patient mother. Guy Boland was the worried and disappointed bridegroom. This group of plays was presented under the student direction of Rosalind Quigley, Eloise Garges and Helen Brown. The co-operation of the students and these directors was ideal. Y- R?-if XS X I YN s Qi . X. If 9 L X 'V .2-JN 2 1'-1 .ff 1 , If I "ff f I ff ,- 1 C HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL I A. L. Ayncsworth R. Aynesvmnli J, Cole j. Crookcr R. Dori A. Drenrh E, Furzc lvl. Furvu Z. Hall V. Little ll. Lowllun R. l.0F0rri F. Lee E. Mar M. Moline H. Roughwn H. Simpson bl, Solo 'l' 'lfilililismn N. Thiclc C. w,llllHCy' 'Erx A aS'? ,LQ .xx '. 'x 4s.f 'g,.4-J'-X.. HIESNO HIGH SCHOOLCOWL INERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP CLUB CONCORDIA INTER NATIONES OFFICERS Firxt Semeiter Second Semefter ROBERT AYNESWORTH L Prefidenz - JANE COLE JIVAN PERCI-I - - ' - Vice-Prerident - - TI-IEO TAHMISIAN JANE COLE - Secreiary ANNABEL DRENTI-I ZENAIDE HALL - Treaiurer - ZENAIDE HALL VICTORIA LITTLE - - - Hiizorifm - LOUISE THOMPSON ANNA LOUISE AYNESWORTH - Sergeant-at-Army - - ROBERT AYNESWORTH The International Friendship Club has as its primary purpose the further- ing of understanding and friendship between the nations of the world. Its progress during the past year has been very noticeable Owing to a largely in- creased membership. Under the encouragement of the sponsor, Miss Ethel Stubbleiield, the members have shown their enthusiasm in all things under- taken. The programs, planned by the vice-president, have been most worth-while. Among the best were those devoted to Spain, Panama, Poland, Mexico, Syria, France, and Italy. The activities of the club have been many and varied. The foreign corre- spondence has proved very enjoyable. The chief project for the year was the furnishing of a complete medicine chest for Mexico. Plans have been made for the continued exchange of letters. During Teacher's Institute Week, the members took charge of the Co-op, and served tea. One of the social events of the year was a Chinese dinner given at the Mandarin Cafe. "A Pageant of Many Landsi' was presented by the club for the all-club Community Night program. It took the prize for being the most original number. After a successful year, this club hopes to have done its "bit,', although indirectly, in establishing international friendship. -ANNABEL DRENTH. at -it ea , I brag? Y X! -!NL-..N,- I 7 Av-1 1 ,I4 .ga ."j 1 5 fl I C HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL uw.-If I.. Cronbach T. Froude Z. Hall G. Herman Z. Ickcs Edna Light Edyrhe Light R. LoForri F. Palmer E. Priclham B. Rugs R. Srlmymmcl M. Thomas M. Walton 'M ,4 N L K l 'x XX +.f TX... ERESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL Firrl Semerler LEE CRONBACH EVERETT FINE - GERTRUDE HERMAN ZENAIDE HALL BEATRICE RUGE RAYMOND WEBSTER ROBERT Lo FORTI ZOE PHOTIA OFFICERS Prerident - Vice-Prefident - - Serrelmfy Trerzrmfer - Reporter - - Sergeant-at-Arm! - - - H irto firm - Sponmr--MARIE E. CARLSON Second Semerter ROBERT LO FORTI - FERN PALMER BEATRICE RUGE - THEO FROUDE ROSADEL STHYMMEL RAYMOND WEBSTER - EDYTHE LIGHT The Zoe Photia is one of the most active clubs in Fresno High School. During the past year the club has completed several projects, two of which were the museum exhibit, and the wild flower display for our open house night. The members have taken an active part in every school club contest, such as the girls Hi-jinks, in which our girls won the silver cup, and the ticket selling contest for the all-school play, "Seven Keys to Baldpatef' This year the club has been entertained by several outstanding people in Fresno City, some of whom were Miss Floy Robinson, a former teacher of Fresno High, who gave a very interesting talk on Hawaii, Mr. Kerr, at present a member of our faculty, spoke of his trip to Glacier National Park, Mr. Tyler, the bird authority of the San Joaquin Valley, exhibited pictures of different birds, Mr. Wheaton, a college astronomy teacher, gave a very interesting talk about the stars, and Mr. P. Rasmussen, superintendent of Fresno's Parks, spoke on the importance of parks to Fresno, and the history of Roeding Park. Several excursions were made by the Zoe Photia, some of which were a star gazing party at the State College, visits to the Castilleja Nature Club, and the Fresno Flower Show, sponsored by the Fresno Parlor Lecture Club. This year the club has had a complete social program. Valentine Day, welcoming the sophomores, and many other parties were given. A unique thing that this club does, is that at every regular meeting, refreshments are served. ROBERT Lo FORTI, Hirzorifm. aaa ,X HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL x N I I' R. Aynesworth D. Barr M. Brockway R. Bigham 5 G. Boland G. Costa G. Dunn G. Fors ' E. Furze J. Hatfield W. Henderson R. Johnson E. Kenney R. Kline A- Kifllel F. Lowdon H. Marcus Mrs. M. McCoy L. Myers I A. Newark B. Peterson E. Pakossian D. Patton M. Popovich 1. Prentice J. Said J. Urrutia D. Wood A. Wahlberg 1 W ini! I 'N L .gf-s.. ERESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL FORENSICS CLUB Firrt Term Second Term Third Term Ojfce JOHN SAID ART. WAHLBERG LLOYD MYERS Prefident ART. WAHLBERG WALLACEHENDERSON ALFRED NEWARK Vice-Prerident DOROTHY PATTON IUANITA PRENTICE GLADYS FORS Secretary RICHARD BIGHAM MILO POPOVICH JOE URRUTIA Treiuurer ALBERT KINZEL GORDON DUNN DON BARR Sergeant-at-Armr WALLACE HENDERSON GUY BOLAND BOB AYNESWORTI-I Critic By furnishing practically all the members on the Debating Team, the Forensics Club certainly lived up to its name this year. Some of the outstand- ing members and their work are as follows: MARIAN BROCKWAY ---- - - - Debating WALLACE HENDERSON - Debating and Oratory EMMA POKASSIAN - - - - Debating JOHN SAID ---- - Debating and Omtory This club also enjoyed many outings, successful because of the diligent work of those on the sports committee. The Forensics Club supplied in football, Gordon Dunng in track Al Newark and Donald Barr. Gordon Dunn displayed efficiency in the discus and the shot put. 00 1 I f X N 4 KX x ilu .ff 1 -c -v43'-v.,,- if-gg. j,Z'x 47 4vy' ,ff , I HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL im Q 5 . ,,,.,,, if 'f 1+ ' -. t X' V. S t A -if S. Beard E. Bier L. Cronbach R. Dott L. Kaiser C. Kavacavich L. Lumpkin Edna Light Edyth Light V. Magatagan N. Metzger M. Moline M. Mullin R. Roughton M. Solo J, Spang D. Wright OFFICERS Firrt Semerter Serotzd Semerter JAMES BOYD - - Preridezzt - MARY MULLIN ALMA MCAULIFEE - - Vice-Preridetzt - - Lols LAMPKIN MARY MLJLLIN - - Secretary - ELIZABETH BIER LAWRENCE KAISER - Treorztrer - LAWRENCE KAISER LEE CRONEACH - - Reporter - LEE CRONBACH CHESTER MOORE - - - Sergeant-at-Af'f11r - - - JAMES BOYD Spotzror-MRs. ELIDE EAMES Adeltztzte, Siempre Adeltznte! With such a motto a club is bound to succeed because the members are urged on by the ideals which the motto imparts. He who has never partaken of our Spanish dinners fwhere between mouthfuls of chili and hot peppers we learn to roll our "r's"j has a pleasure in store for him. We have had two of these delightful affairs this year. And those Enchilada teas! The members and their guests always had a delightful time at these gatherings where the mem- bers got together in a common bond of friendship. Our programs have for the most part a Spanish atmosphere. Spanish music numbers and Spanish skits made up the entertainment provided for the club during the past year. We have held several candy sales and a candied apple sale, which was a decided suc- cess. ln june the Seniors were entertained with a picnic at Roeding Park. Needless to say we are looking forward to a happy time next year. Puerto que todo pam gocemorlo todo miettttfttr vi1fe.- -MARTINEZ SIERRA. I X A-,-S.-,xr-,,..1fA,, HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL ESPERANTO CLUB OFFICERS Firft Semefter Second Semeiler BRUCE LONGTIN Preriderzt MARIANNE BROCKWAY CHARLES EVANS - Vice-Preridenl - - JACK BARBOUR HAZEL BISSET - - Sec1'etar'y-Treafzner - - ELIZABETH DEAN BOB CLEARY - - Adzfertimzg Manager - BRUCE LONGTIN MALCOLM HAWKES - Hirtorimz - QWith Sec.-Treas.j FRANCIS CLUNE - - Sergeant-at-Army - Per Efperafzto al amikem inter la mzfioj. Almost every person has at some time wanted to learn more about foreign lands through foreign correspondence. Rarely, however, is this desire realized. Last October an enthusiastic group, members of Mr. Metzler's Esperanto class, met to organize a club, whose purpose it was to carry on correspondence with people in all countries of the world, through the use of Esperanto. Today f members of the club correspond regularly with Esperantists in thirty coun- tries. Besides three hundred post cards and letters, they have received foreign 4 newspapers, magazines, stamps, and curios from many lands. x The most interesting project has been the correspondence with students in foreign high schools, the sending of Fresno students' art work to an inter- N national exhibit in Denmark, and the illustrated Trip Around the World, consisting of letters from foreign correspondents. ' YN K .I 'T 1 if F-'YLJ .,-N... I IERESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL 7'1- T. X THE WRITERS CLUB OFFICERS Fifi! Semeifff Second Semerler MAR JORIE MCALPINE - Prerident - DOROTHY WEBSTER ALBERT SANBORN - - Vice-Preridenz - BRUCE LONGTIN DOROTHY WEBSTER - - Secretary-Treasurer MARIANNE BROCKWAY BRUCE LONGTIN - - Sergeant-at-Armr - ALBERT SANBORN RALPH GARABEDIAN - -Hirtorian-Librarian - ALFRED MILESELL MALCOLM HAWKES - IRVING SCHWARTZ - OTHER MEMBERS - EVELINE THOMPSON TOSHIYE Dol To write is the privilege of the whole human race. To write wellfis the X accomplishment of the few. It is the purpose of the Writer's Club to stand open- armed to those who feel the desire to write creeping over them. Thus far, under the genial sponsorship of Miss Minthorn, the club has been ever increasingly successful in its aim. In rapid succession have flowed from the pens of its au- thors tales of adventure, mystery, romance under pale white moon, of distant isles, stolen gems, pirate ships, treasures of far away India, and riches in western lands. But our success has been shown in a social way, beginning with a real Halloween party and a surprise Christmas party. By far the most interesting social event was the Annual Breakfast held at 6: 30 the Saturday before Blossom Day. I Thus the Writeris Club has passed another successful year, and the mem- , bers are looking forward to even greater success during the coming year. -wil' " t 'ww THQ! N. 1, .44-A-X,.,.-fA- HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL RING AND MAT CLUB OFFICERS BOB BAXTER - - - - Preridenl PETE WOOD - - - Vice-Prefident RICHARD MULDOON - - - - - Secretary The Ring and Mat Club engaged the attention of some Fresno High School boys interested in physical exercise. The meetings were spent in playing basket- ball, and handball. Boxing, wrestling, and swimming were also enjoyed. Many of these give training in mental alertness as well as having a part in the devel- opment of characterg for under right conditions, games and sports bring out the finest qualities of sportsmanship-courage, honesty, and the ability to be a good loser. The members of the Club are as follows: BILL BUSHNELL STEWARD PURCELL BoB COLE ' CLIFF HEFLIN Bon BLACKWELL MARION MASON f ORVILLE CLARK FRANKLIN KNAPP DICK BAIRD STANLEY PURDON GEORGE EPPLY JOHN BLACKWELL Bon WEBSTER MARLIN CHRISTIANSEN DERAN TAsI-IJIAN K N 43+ 415 451- ' x YN K HW -aff' I via' -f - nv -mky I X .QCJN I 4.5 I 14, f I IRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL GYM CLUB OFFICERS Firft Semerlfer Second Semerter PHYLLIS LUCKIN - - President - - MARY BENEDIGT VIRGINIA LANDRUM - Vire-Preride11f- - MARY BAKER MARY BAKER - - - - Secretary - -VIRGINIA AVENALL FLORA JANE PURCIELL - - Treazmrer - VIRGINIA LANDRUM VIRGINIA FERSON - - - Alhlerif Aflamzger - - ELIZABETH PRIDHAM VIRGINIA YosT ---- Hirtoriafz ----- BETTY BEAN The Gym Club has finished another successful year in which there have been several varied and interesting events. This club, at present one of the foremost in the school, encourages girls, sports and promotes physical and social activities. During the latter part of September, a swimming party was enjoyed by the active and prospective members. On the evening of October 4, 1929, the window shoppers of Fresno stood in awed silence as the Gym Club Hobo Hikers thundered down Van Ness. Another evening event in October was the skating party held in front of the High School building. The mothers of the club members were entertained by the girls at a tea on November 11. On December 20, a Christmas party was given. Presents were received by all. A farewell party was given for the graduates of the club, on January 24, 1930. Among the activities of the second semester, the one most looked forward to was a snow party held at Meadow Lakes, chaperoned by Miss Elizabeth Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Gaines, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Ellis. Other events were a sport dance held in the Girls, Gym on March 28, a skating party, and a farewell dance on May 29, to all graduating seniors in the Club. Owing to the line co-operation shown by the girls and the excellent help and support given by the sponsor, Mrs. Maude Ellis, this has been one of the snappiest and most successful years of the Gym Club. ff ' ' I . 2 yy h Ti' L .Ji -X-,.,1'k.. HRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL M. Andrews V. Avenall L. Churcher G. Gaumnitz P. Luckin E. Pridham G. Rustigan M. Saito C. Smith OFFICERS Firrt Serrzefter Serond Semerter GRETCHEN GAUMNITZ - - Preriderzt - - PHYLLIS LUCKIN MILDRED ANDREWS - Vive-Prerident VIRGINIA AVENALI. LOUISE CHURCHER - Serremry - CATHERINE SMITH MASAKO SAITO - - T reamrer - GLADYS RUSTIGIAN Pro grams: Motif: World Friendship. Countries represented: japan, Holland, England, Scandinavian Peninsula, Armenia. Service: Made dolls for Republican Toy Pile, served at Community Chest Ban- quetg made Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for needy families, sent candy and magazines to tuberculosis wards, and helped with poppy sale. Conferencef: The cabinet held a twenty-four hour meeting at the beginning of each se- mester, the San Joaquin Valley Conference with over three hundred present, at which Fresno High came in second in attendance, and the Asilomar, Pacific Coast ten-day conference, which was attended by four delegates. Social: At four of the meetings on foreign countries, typical refreshments were served and exceptional exhibits of costumes and art work were shown. Parties were held for the Sophomores, the new members, and the graduates. A Valen- tine Dance was held for our friends. A A .,f':4.Q,,, .1-x.. I ft ,if Ib I5 N X 'XX N HBESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL OWLET STAFF OFFICERS First Seweffer ALFRED NIEWARK - - - - - MAURINE WARNIER - - JANE NANcE - - HLIMPHIKITY CASEY - - - - - - Editor - Btuizzerf Nltzzzager - N6Zl'.f Editor Citmltztimz Nlafzager GUY BOLAND - - - - - Aniftmzz PETE WOOD, WILLARDWYRHODES - Adremfemewj CHARLOTTE VIETTY, EVA STOTON J CHARLOTTE VIETTY EVA STOTON J, ' - A C ll -f - ALMA MCAULIFFE, MARY MULLIN J 0 ec OH 1 PAULINE SPARKS, HELEN ROED ---- Copy Retzderf R Second Senzerfer' PETE WOOD ---- - - - - - Editor mf .t PHIL HAiiIiRMAN - - Atruviate Editor 3 HELEN ROED - - Bztmzetr Manager' J JANE NANCE - New Editor Jfz, GUY BOLAND - - Circtdtztiotz Matztzger "ff GENE BURKHART ---- - Adz'erti,ri71g tlfltzlztzgez' 'gl FRELIN GRIMES ---- - - Arriftant HELEN CROSS, lNlARJORIE MILLIETT - Collectorf J PAULINIE SPARKS, ALMA MCAIILIFFE ------ Copy Readeri MARY JANE CORNELL ---------- Exclmngef 1 During the past year, the OVULET has steadily gained the confidence and ' su ort of the entire student bod . B their s lendid work as editors, Mr. Pete y Y . . 1 g 1' 1 Wood and Mr. Al Newark have been instrumental in producing Such a paper I as Fresno High School boasts. By their earnest efforts the entire OWLET staff , deserves the praise of the most discriminating observers. 1 ff , 1 'X 1. .-,S-,X,,,If1N,. HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL CO-OP Capably managed by Henry McCormick, the Co-op staff has completed another successful year of efficient service to the students who patronized it. Those who have worked in the Co-op during this year are Bob Barnard, Charles White, Gerald Gilcrest, Cecil Luckin, Paul Bartlett, Evelyn Hughes, and Margaret McCabe. The sponsor this year was Mrs. Foster. Through the co-operation of the Home Mechanics Department, new coun- ters were added to the equipment of the Co-op. These greatly add to its ap- pearance and make possible speedier service and less confusion during the lunch hour. The Co-op keeps an ample supply of all class room necessities..These are sold at very reasonable prices, especially the drawing supplies. Candy, ice-cream, and soda water can be had at the regular prices. There is an especially wide variety of candy from which to choose. Very adequate supplies are carried for the Fresno High School rooting sections. Caps, pennants, and canes are featured. The Co-op is opened at eight o'clock every morning, and stays open until Advisory. It is then reopened during the noon hour, and after school until four o'clock. This provides ample service for student customers. In their work in the Co-op, the students find a training in business man- agement that is hard to equal. A f" , , Q, .ae X Lsf- ...I-NN.h N Ale fs ,V- 1 ,XD l X " l X l I YN Tr i 1 . IRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL CAFETERIA The Fresno High School cafeteria is managed by a well-organized group of workers under the able leadership of Mrs. Ola Markwell. She supervises all the buying and the making of salads and sandwiches. With the exception 6fMlSS Norris, whcfliis charge of theirange, andiher assistant, Mr. Hamlin, those employed in the cafeteria are students who attend Fresno High School. Previous to this year the student helpers received money for their services, but this year the policy has been to allow each student a wholesome lunch. So i 1 N well is the work organized by Mrs. Markwell that the three hundred students di: and forty teachers who patronize the cafeteria daily are all served within the l short period of a forty-minute lunch hour. I There are the usual hot dishes served, soups, meats, and vegetables. Crisp l , salads of a half dozen different kinds, rolls, cakes, pies, puddings, and ice y I cream are to be had at minimum prices. s l If The dining room itself is large and airy, and could provide, if necessary, ' I ample space for five hundred students. Each table seats from ten to sixteen 5 5, l N' us? A 1. 4.15. Px,,.J51fl- HZESNO HIGH SCHOOLOWL l persons. The many windows on both sides of the room provide perfect ventila- tion even during the warmest weather. It is during Teachers' Institute that the cafeteria serves the greatest numbers. Many school banquets are held here during the year. A section of the room is screened off, making a cosy place for the smaller number attending these affairs. During the past winter, banquets were enjoyed by the OWL staff, the Parent-Teacher Association, the football boys of Fresno High, the Music Teachers' Association, the Girls' League, and many other organizations. All attending these functions enjoyed the hospitality of Mrs. Markwell. Thus the cafeteria is a very necessary and very enjoyable part of Fresno High School. Many tea parties are made possible by the faculty, the Parent-Teacher Associa- tion, and the different students' organizations. All these are very happy to use the equipment and such service as the school cafeteria can give. Xb f ' X P xk, A x Q'J'4Ea4I? X K its X 3 l.'Ei:f' I wif'-ixfsixsa. 1 -1, I I I J I HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL D E B A T I N G FRESNO coUNTY LEAGUE Qaeriiofz-Resolved: That a Federal Department of Education with a Secretary in the Presidents Cabinet should be established. Same question for all debatesj Fin! Debate: Fresno vs. Selma. january 28, 1930. Affirmative team-Rosalind Quigley and john Said. At Fresno. Won by Selma 1 to 0. Negative team-Emma Pakossian and Wallace Henderson. At Selma. Won by Fresno, 1 to 0. Second Debate: Fresno vs. Reedley. February 6, 1930. Affirmative team- F Rosalind Quigley and john SaidfAt Reedley. Won by Fresno, 1 to 0. Negative team-Betsy MacCracken and Wallace Henderson. At Fresno. Won by Fresno, 1 to 0. Tbiraf Debate: Fresno vs. Coalinga. February 13, 1930. Affirmative team- Rosalind Quigley and George Solnar. At Coalinga. Won gy Coalinga, 1 tO 0. Negative team-Betsy MacCracken and Wallace Henderson. At Fresno. Won by Fresno, 1 to 0. CENTRAL CALIFORNIA LEAGUE Qaeftion-Resolved: That California should adopt a system of Compul- sory Automobile Insurance. First Debate: Fresno vs. Escalon, November 2, 1929. At Fresno. Won by Escalon, 2 to 1. Fresno team-Rosalind Quigley and john Said. QAffirma- tivej Qaeftion-Same as for Escalon debate. x Fresno vs. Modesto at Modesto. Won by Modesto, 3 to 0. Fresno team- Marianne Brockway and Lee Cronback. fNegative.j I .X , 55 xi q.f -X-,4-Jflv FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL Quertion-Resolved: That a Federal Department of Education with a Secretary in the President's Cabinet should be established. Second Debate: Fresno vs. Ceres at Fresno, December 13, 1929. Won by Ceres, 2 to 1. Fresno team-Marianne Brockway and Hampton Sawyers. fAf- firmativej Quertion-Same as for Ceres Debate. Fresno vs. Oakdale at Oakdale. Won by Oakdale, 2 to 1. Fresno team-Lee Cronback and John Said. fNegative.j Ouestion-Resolved: That the United States should recognize Russia. Third Debate: Fresno vs. Livingston at Fresno, March 14, 1930. Won by Fresno, 2 to 1. Fresno team-Lee Cronback and Hampton Sawyers. QAf- flrmativej Queftion-Same as for Livingston debate. Fresno vs. Turlock at Turlock. Won by Fresno, 2 to 1. Fresno team-john Said and Wallace Henderson. QNegative.j Quertion-Resolved: That the United States should recognize Soviet Russia. Fresno vs. Bakersfield at Fresno. Won by Fresno, 2 to 1. Fresno team-Wallace Henderson and john Said. fNegative.j Fresno vs. Bakersfield at Bakersfield. Won by Bakersfield, 2 to 1. Fresno team-Hampton Sawyers and Lee Cronback. fAff1rmative.j Mr. David Metzler, debate mentor, and the following members of the debating team, Hampton Sawyers, Lee Cronbach, john Said, Wallace Hender- son, Betsy MacCracken, Marianne Brockway, Emma Pakossian, George Solnar, and Rosalind Quigley, deserve commendation for the extensive program of debates successfully concluded. 4:-1 aa eit- ORATORY Renewed interest was displayed in oratory during the school year of 1929-1950, and Fresno High School has not been altogether unsuccessful in competing with other schools in the various contests held. john Said placed first in the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest prelim- inaries here at Fresno, and carried off third honors in the finals at Hughson on january 21. We also entered the Central California Oratorical Contest which was held on May 16. The International High School Oratorical Contest was participated in by john Said, Hampton Sawyers, Lee Cronback, Rosalind Quigley, Wallace Hen- derson, and Marion Brockway on April 10. The two winners then competed with winners from Edison, Technical High, and Roosevelt High on April 11. In this city contest john Said won first place and Lee Cronback second. Our representatives in the Fresno County Extemporaneous Reading Con- test were Wallace Henderson and Thelma Samuely. In the preliminaries Wal- lace Henderson placed first for the boys, and Thelma Samuely second for the girls. Wallace Henderson won second place for the boys in the finals X?- Y- xx-K genui- X I Vx s . 1' 3 . QW. 'ff HRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL CADET CORPS O. D. GUFFEY, Commandant WALDO COYLE, 151 Lf. JACK BARTRAM, 2nd Lf. IRWIN C. WILLESS, Sgt. Major ,-IyI.3IQILL BATES Sergeanz DUANE QRTF3,-NQrporf1l Viv I 7 .aw 1 ,J4 .W I 44? 4 I fl I C N N 1 f JAMES KELLOGG, Corporal ROBERT PERKINS, Corporal Ojjticerf FRANCIS FITZGERALD, Caplain RICHARD HANSEN, 111 Lz. RALPH WHITNEY, 112 Sgr. DONALD QUINLIVAN, Color Sgr CLARENCE CLARK, Sergeant JOHN DIEEERT, Corporal JOE KEIG, C01'LlEral W 'L ,'r'f"N-2-Xb. 'i?'i S,-JMX CADETS HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL Jack Bartram Donald Quinlivan TROPHY I N is r COMMENDATION as Growing, gaining strength, ability and promise--that is what is happen- ing to the Cadet Corps of the Fresno High School. r By his splendid work Sergeant Guffey has been instrumental in guiding the destiny of the Cadets into channels of superior citizenship. , K The Fresno High School Cadets have always developed a strong rifle team. It is the pride of our school that the cadet team has won three state thgnar- st pionships in three consecutive years, and a team that has produced world X champions for two consecutive years. 4124 M' X l N X sl? in A V - uv 'kNL""sf"+f'X..4 FIRST RIFLE TEAM 45 J. 'FF M uv' ' SECOND RIFLE TEAM ERESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL CADETS Quite an extensive program was outlined for the Cadets this Year. Prob- ably the most important activity was the competition of the rifle teams with the 42 teams throughout the United States. Fresno has always been represented by a strong rifle team, and the team this year has proved no exception. Although the standing has not yet been announced, a very high rating may be reason- ably expected. So far the Rifle Team has won each of the series of the bi- weekly postal matches, indicating that the entire series will be won by our school. The prize is a large silver cup, presented by the National Riflle Asso- ciation. Last year in june Jack Bartram broke his former record with a score of 4500. He was world champion for twenty four hours, but Richard Hansen superseded his record with a score of 5000 consecutive shots into the black of the target. At the State Rifle shoot at Leona Heights the 'team first place prize, 30 calibre, was won by Fresno High School, as was also the first place individual. This was won by jack Bartram. Oscar Ivey won the third individual for the small bore. On March 6, the Fresno High School Cadets won the competitive drill held at the American Legion Hall. Donald Quinlivan won the individual compet- itive drill for proficiency in rifle drill. The Cadets have been requested on several occasions to furnish firing squads for deceased veterans of the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and the World War. They are always prepared to act in this capacity, and show a genuine willingness to co-operate with all organizations of our former war veterans. In all public appearances, notably that of Armistice Day, the Cadets have acquitted themselves with all possible honors. They participated in the Armis- tice Day celebration at Sanger, with 95 per cent of the members present. Of interest to the general public was the Annual Encampment of the Cadets of the entire valley. This was held during the month of April, in Roeding Park. The Cadets competed for military and athletic honors. The camp was organized after regular army style. The bulk of the labor attached to establishing a camp was done by the Fresno High School Cadets. This did not in any way daunt the spirit of the corps, as their password and motto is "Carry On.'i By far the most interesting activity was the Cadet Encampment held at Capitola by the Sea, at the barracks of the 250th Coast Artillery from April 16 to 20. IRWIN C. WILLESS. "XXL"-sf'-f-sg HIESNO HIGH SCHGOL OWL ,X,-,,,..:fb:.. at-Q3XHWf GEHD IRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL THE LOST PEOPLE "Crouch we low upon the hills, Drift we like the fallen leaf Sere and blown in the wind Brown and lost upon the ground. Nevermore to hear the river Running swift and unconfined To the restless sea uncharted. Dwell we in the farthest corner . Of the land that bore our people. Lost the arrows of the hunter! Hushed the singing of our maidens! Hushed the war cry of our warriors! Dust the bronze limbs of our young men! Faint we call upon the spirit, The Great White Spirit of our fathers. Save us from the winds of fall. Give us hope amid the forest. Give us peace amid our sorrow! And the father grieves and answers: O, my children, unforgotten, O, my birds, my little people! From my eyes the tears are falling, Like summer rains the tears are falling- They will bring the early blossoms, They will bring the frail grasses, They will ripen corn for eating In Ponemah, the hunting ground, The playground of my warriors. There the doe will leap and frolic, There the sun will shine more sweetly. There white tepees I am making. There a rest I am preparing. A little longer, O, my people, Until the dusk of some far evening, Then through the half-light as through water, Swims the beaver at his play, You will come with belts of wampum Garlanded and happy children, Beyond the fog upon the water To the land of the Hereafter. 'ififl 1, -5.15. -g,-r-ix- HRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL - THREE POEMS by Margaret Madweeney OLD HANDS When hands have nothing to do, Nothing to love, nothing to hold, They seek one another and fold Like the wings of a bird That has flown far And dreams of yesterday's flight. 943-29 CHASE Up the stream, Dodging stones, Surging Laughter, Breathless moans! Light on the brambles, Fleet in the lane Flat on the grass And up again! Golden bubble, Silver note, Mocking cry From a wind-white throat! In through the window, Soft on the stair, Fingers tangled In fallen hair! Hushed surrender, End of a race And red mouth lifted To a lad's brown face! QIFGPSIS J I' X LITTLE BOY THAT STUTTERS Your voice is like the prelude So many lilttng grace notes Tremulously sung 023' "' N X I To a cricket's song. xx X -Q., "' glib? I. fl, Q V' - U M IRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL A MOUNTAIN PASS-Prize Poem Temple bells are tinkling Softly, sweetly, low, On the evening air. The traveler passes On up the slopes beyond, Leaving cares behind. The cataract dashes Madly over the cliff Into spray, and mist. -Bwlre Lofzgtin. slbafesle SONGS OF THE TREES-LOUISE SHOTTSTAEDT The oak tree sings of ancient things When the world was green and new, Of true loves sought and duels fought When the cares of men were few. Of Robin and His merry band, Under the greenwood tree, Of ancient wars And battle scars, Romance and chivalry. Oh, the pine tree sings of the open seas, The flood tide flowing fast, And the main sail filled by a stiff south breeze That bends the creaking mast. Of the pathway plowed by the clear-cut prow Through the seething deep sea blue, Past cliffs chalk-white off the starboard bow, Where the screaming sea gulls flew. Of the passage fought through the pitch-black night And the fog horn's warning knell. Till dull day dawned with a dim gray light, I And the watch called clear "All,s well!" X ff? 41? El? A-1' N I1 WHISPERS-EVELYN WHITTEN 4 Aj' All the stars have drifted westward, 44, All the stars are silver dust, I 1 Now I leave you for the long road- And I go because I must. Lurid shapes the sky above me, 'l Weary winds the road below. I Now I lose you for the long trail I Love me as I go- !! All the stars have drifted westward, , All the stars are silver dust. , I Love is bitter, love goes over , And I go because I must. I i e5f7f.mi Y 1, Lf- 'g,.--3i- HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL WELL DO I REMEMBER Gordon Dunn: You can't overlook him and you can't look over him. Hazel Kay: Nicest girl in school. Writing a book on "Celebrities I Have Greetedf' Francis Gregory: The boy who speaks out at the meeting. Expects to graduate in '35 if Alma Mater gives him away. Fern Schultz: Long may she thrive behind the counter-ever ready to lend a hand, quarter or summons. James Spang: Professional funny man. Student body president on the side. Mrs. Foster: She's a sweet young thing but hard as nails. The better the excuse the more wary she is, and the more wary she is the more detention we get. Manheim and Brennan: Fetch us a couple of high chairs! Mr. Kearns: Our peanut weight coach. Don't crowd girls! Bob Aynesworth: Chiefly famous for the number of times he flunked the spelling test. Bela Sthymmel: He writes to the papers about the morals of the younger generation, you know! E. C. K.: Our dainty heavyweight. He wins them with his boyish smile. Gwen Lane: Tempetamental? Not very! Coach Harris: Rinty's owner, and incidentally the head coach. Whence that brooding look and downtrodden air? Must be that civics class. G. Smale: Aren't I cute? Dorothy Avery: The school confes- sional-what she doesn't know about everybody else isn't worth knowing. jimmy Black: If you've broken a lock, lost your books, had your money stolen, been insulted by a teacher, had your heart broken-he's the man to see. jane Nance: 'iThe News Hunter." She arranges our dances. Miss Farver and Miss McCardle: The pillars of Fresno High. Halstead Councilman: He has dimples and can wiggle his ears! V. L. Perenchio: "The Passing of the Third Locker Down." Are you with me? Mrs. Elliott: W7 ell, sometimes she is and sometimes she isn't. Anyway the library is the only place in school sacred to silence. Floyd Davis: Tenor, tragedian, and enemy of the barbers. Nancy B. Thompson: Helen of Troy. Bud Allen, Barney Newman, Wright Sheldon: They can't help it! "Maud" Muller: Well, you know these people who teach French-- Lloyd Myers: Read us a bed-time story, Lloyd. Alice Oglivie: "Kerr's bad girl." aI?'fil?-5? A I k ' A 1 I 1" 4- HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL 41 Sf by ,X 'x"'2 Z Eg. px O " Qlgsiifffawm. Q: J' 1 Si FO bl N vi 9 s 1 X S ,-9 f' 6 0 fn 5 5 s x .- Ji-5 oe 0' Qff ,tj tpi- L 5 'K eP?3Qw'x N299 15 oo 5 X6 - .Z 1 44 xo A O 0 , X Z I S 'x se" X fm G' ew 5 x u VA 16 SA G5 ORF' Sue 2 M 3 L Y 1--1' C, x8 O BULL 001- OC T Soon mp occ c -9 K ,-,Y 6' vibcorff 3 GAME I? 0 Cr I, UL-fx! -h-.i'y6"xf-if 24 w A 1 'Iv UT 4585 5 ro FPCNQUG NEW' I l dove., 3 1 rw: BEADED U BUCKLE N R 'Wt SELMA Ceyxxg F 3, pzwvf Now 'W' HALFPINTS LI 0' " nw PAQTY Gwwffcm W' 1 ZSow CARDS I Ggm Allowtiu A 1 IU SGA ME cam uqolv' , N 4, - M4 P I HL J . Q oi. ' I' E OC-Rig 1 ' 5 Y' x" T 3 B FNIQR U 4- - ,QQ-1 4,3351 locrsa E 5 0 Y I P OC , .f HA TY 9 A XX f X Arvcgp, HALLOWEEN vw! Y I L J 0 'Eb x Wx-A10" f Q I? J ASSN V X962 J, QU: I I ND PX E AU A X, 4 JK 69 I V 1:19 W 'x'x"'. 2, ,,0- 1 7 ' ox H 3121 X-U' E 18 5CAME 355 HAGIRMAN Nov I9 NOVQO o BLA of jwwgx 0 'T Musr :mu in 55 THE 6 0 4 QL - T vii. . T I . ' ATHLETIC QLSWX ..,, 1 SWWZFRLA D V x me DANCE ve-'Ds OW' N V590 xl X' fm 'XII' QU EC 20 ZX ,Ts A 8 Cgqxsfifd CQJIIY O Q V0 A U COQK Tw15E NXG F If S' 15 0' f 1 I L ,5 ss f W xkQlk'9:,.z"xt TQ X 5 5' :Loi fr ? 'Q V ' . P29 K Now5HAT S , 1 OWN POSTS 'Y i1 X 5995001 71AN3 , JANJOS ffl 'J' ' o , A kj s 'Y X . f " fp J, K , , JAN me OW? K, "X mosh P J . A 51' '? A 5 1 ,J 6, 3 'Qi -421 O Wroo ROUGH 5400 CSX 'EW ga S 1 ' f - UQ! FUR THE QL WK! RIS 'YEPT -V"K,g,A n DQ -7? BOHQPMAN '4 ROUGH WDERS 'ROM YY-'FEEDER 'EN UISSS 1 I IRL 5. 9 Wf99 Jon' H XN JAN29 f N -3 GRAUUA A WTC SWS 1 W1 u rg? " lh 5.2 X I O PU , v ,400 R K 43 W L, WOOQJQ, X cow P C Q c WT 1 1 mf ,LH F L ' Qggaune Q 4, ml mlumH X' xx X . HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL 495' f 0 'L mmf WfYPllfi?5WlQO H 9 2 3 6Q0e5,z64 IH u ,Q THE nunv " Q U 4 CONSVITU-Ph FEB F E B SODHS xl l 0 z 5 0pA,oQ'cAON wr . 50 J , lnfifm' 6 nl C J Qggttr CON TEST L W f 9 M :ftffrip 9 ff 1 1 n " ff? O E .0 V COMMUNIW K' 1 V' 945:30 I9 ii ' 2 'Q f G2 erfftv' 41 000, I MO CROSS? MP. QVK K 281312 ' , U 4 MAR. fun .M A 4 f vs sf?" s 0 NUTH E Q BALDPLATE Q? uk 252 ' ef? 4 Q '4-5"NNNf za 9 I vac? A 02591- ' I 2' . 51' - ,,e'? f' .gee 1053.54 Q -SEN 'ga' mfgfge - '5 2 ' x 2 1- 1515 9 " I X n M U' 2 'ILA O U35 L9- H0 RES E GAME m 'gQ's'W' Maw-ff 5 8 ecuu. C0VV'KH,LER 5 'Mil-'ins H 6 7 Lge? ff: Lvf- Rib 4 A D34 5 R -""' as - Xa gg - A .f I WORD Q H - H xvfumw .. . MARC und' 43"'U"J"""" ww- N. DULLL CATCIIIS 1 O 40 S9 a Aiap.-fm Qyixg 32 5? QQ-M932 v ' .,Q'9'ml, O 4pd O03 591019 PUf?1DLIfff MAY28 0 0 L V L JI!! O fy 9 0 4 -5 , DA? - as gxgifgbd X7 U05 K5 UH K unfor- 3 D nlo SQXYJAX SA-IVIBQL :Sn 52 WW Wxxx 'B ex T ' DA 04 if Y 2 155' EQ' 040,01 'Lx v9 NL I 1 Smut' Wh? U 'S' Q ff P5 ge IO A5 Lf f ,Qig5xt ,ffl ff' KZ V P 2 743 xlg -5 Q Q 1.5 po?-THQ Send? lg- . i X? on uf v lllltl 4 .1 rAvgQQfEEL 74' 0, I X 7-225 EZSQNI HYPATIA H I 5 y ' W f X 'ix ol? 29 0 ' A cl man " F nmif 4" " 'f I S, Y' '11 Q02 p V' hal 51:5 F 8 'D ' ififf. H 'fm i 'D 5V 90 d " 5 so3nlo.,,,M..n an-0 ,P L Oyq, I 'A ' ' me allmu gif 7 is " X '-wfn .f-S.: J f 'T l x XS H R Vx s X SX 'x X I 7, JH 1 !J -1 I 44? 4 , f N J Nw 1, HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL Fic! , ,,aM45:'? AMW V Hi! f ' ASV'-I Z M5 VM, 1 7 V 1 'ffw 'ww L 7 V L Q L 'M ' . M !"'I W I ,ze '-wz2agKs2i,Q-M ' ' .ziaag 'ffif 2 " f555??3W 7 "'f?, 7 'IWQ , ..,... 2 V f 1 Me coed. .slnvld-1 Jeafrzbe I? 5 Lhlafer D f OL H 5 n I 94" 0:49 'x .X,iJ'X MUSIC QSTURY X N . 1-rv ANI lv' ef! N 3 if A-G 1 .av ,J -sl 4-I "Z -af I '57 J N-vis,-Z ...ww , ANA I BO HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL M U S I C Music is almort all we have of heaven on earth-ADDISON All the vocal music of Fresno High School is under the capable direction of Mr. W. G. A. Ball. He has achieved unusual success, he has raised the musical standards of the students in his classes, he has made music such a vital force that the other students are more musically minded, he has awakened in the community a thorough understanding of all that is best musically. The Marital Obserrfer, a New York magazine, has in its March issue, devoted considerable space to the musical activities and pictures of the Fresno High School. The achievements of Mr. Ball have drawn from New York critics genuine praise. BOYS'GLEE CLUB During the past semester there were lifty voices, the largest membership in the history of the Boys' Glee Club. The boys are given each semester one- fourth credit, and the Club is open to all individuals with good voices. Only the music of the best composers is sung, and the young men, always in demand as entertainers, give a thoroughly admirable performance. They participated with other school clubs of the city in National Music Week, early in May. MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus, the largest in the history of the school, is composed of eighty voices. Meetings are held daily, and for the first time an entire credit is given. Many requests to sing at outside functions have been accepted by the Club. GIRLS'GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club, composed of seventy-live voices, is open only to those with superior voices, and who can read at sight. The Club meets three mornings a week, and one-fourth credit is allowed for each semester. This organization, with Helen Schorling as accompanist, deserves much credit for the part taken in 'iThe Bohemian Girl." The girls have been asked frequently to appear on programs given outside of Fresno High School. During City Schools Music Week, they took a very prominent part in rendering Fritz Kreisler's "Caprice" before the business world of the city. get Qs -3? 4 I-1 , f 44,1 -4 Q , VJ!!! ? X2 A , ERESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL T ORCHESTRA GIRLS' QUARTET BOYS' QUAR BAND xv XX x -X,-,-LKS. HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL BOYS'QUARTET Perhaps the most active organization in the music department is that of the Boys' Quartette. The members are as follows: first tenor, Floyd Davis, second tenor, Austin Thompson, baritone, joe Catell, and bass, james Thorpe. GIRLS' QUARTET This organization composed of Shirley Redden, Mary Baker, Virginia Fer- son, and Mary Esther White has done some very beautiful work, singing at different school activities, afternoon teas, and other affairs. These young peo- ple have been in great demand because they sing beautifully and are gracious in their willingness. ENSEMBLE CHORUS This chorus is organized for opera work, community festivals, and special public recitals. The students sing the works from the great masters, they study the oratorios and big choruses with a view of working up an Oratorio Society. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC The instrumental department is under the able direction of Mr. Will Hays, and consists of an orchestra and brass band for which credit is given. The orchestra, an organization essential to many of the school's activities, filled its many engagements with real credit to the school. It has played for Community Night, the Bohemian Girl, the junior Farce, the All-School play and altogether has completed a very successful year. No battalion is complete without the beat of the drums, so this necessary adjunct of military life has been supplied by the School Band. The members of this organization displayed fine school spirit by playing at the football and basketball games, and did their share in the Music Contest. The success of both the orchestra and the band is due to the efforts and accomplishments of Mr. Will Hays. fa -ta at 5 .-XXL-,,xf HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL BALFE'S BOHEMIAN GIRL This opera was given on january 17 under the direction of Mr. W. G. A. Ball. The Fresno High School Orchestra assisted by Fresno State College students and a group of dancers from the Severance School were instrumental in making the production a signal success. Not one moment of school time was taken while the 125 students were practicing for this opera. They remained after school until five o'clock, and re- turned at seven so intent were the boys and girls in making this production an outstanding one among the musical activities of our city. Gwendolyn Lane, as the gypsy queen showed a voice of natural sweetness. Shirley Redden as Arline received no end of praise. She is a gifted little actress. Triumph, too, awaited Bessie Mutton who appeared as the court singer. The acting of Marion Moore was noteworthy, and little Imogene Green in the role of the six-year-old Arline was very pleasingg joe Catell with a heavy bass voice did fine work as Devilshoof, chief of the gypsies. His duet with Gwen- dolyn Lane will long be remembered. Arthur Wahlberg with a good baritone voice showed that he is a real actor. He took the part of the count. Spencer Childers played opposite Shirley Redden and displayed a rare tenor voice sel- dom found in a high school. Florestein was the part played by Floyd Davis. He furnished much of the comedy and displayed a natutalness not frequently found in an amateur Austin Thompson as Captain of the Guards added much to the enjoyment of the opera. Others taking lesser parts were Mary Baker, Mary Esther White Maurice Kickashear, Dallas Paul, and Wallace Scott. CIPA J -5514 ,x in , .1 . 1 1. ,5,F" '5.i"r"A' HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE The Senior Class of 1930 selected as their graduation offering Booth Tarkington's famous play, "Monsieur Beaucairef' The cast is of French and English nobility. The following seniors took part: Beaucaire, Bob Dennison, Winterset, Lloyd Myers, Harry Rackell, Mau- rice Kickashear, Molyneux, Orval Berry, Beau Nash, Floyd Davis, Tounbrake, Walter Williams g Baniston, Wesley Harrisg Guilford, Arthur Wahlbergg Henri, Levon Damirg Mirepoix, Al Dermerg Francois, George Yountg Winton, jim- my Boydg Attendant to Nash, Everett F urzeg Lady Mary, Marjorie Millet, Lady ' Malbourne, Faye Boyseng Lady Clarise, Mildred Van Buren, Estelle, Shirley fs Reddeng Lady Rellerton, Helen Crossg Lady Baring Gould, Margaret McCabe, 'L Lady MacDonald, Marian Guess, Sir Charles Breckinridge, Robert Lo Fortig ' Servants to Beaucaire-Guy Boland, Robert Lo Forti, Levon Damir, and RES Theodore Tahmisian. Servants to Winterset-Everett Furze and Craig Shaw. X At no time in the play was the action retarded by faults which often ap- N pear in the production of a play by a group of high school students. The ability to faithfully interpret character and the guidance of the competent hand of 4 X Mrs. Harbers, the director, makes this success of the students of Fresno High EX School not only a mark of perfection but also a presaging of the success of K future plays which the students will produce. fa in J' , 'ii-L 1 li .I wi Z. 7. .54 N 1 14 ,I ff: -hor' t 44, I 5 jf , I HRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL THE JUNIOR FARCE It has long been the custom in the Fresno High School for the junior class to produce annually a play of sufficient scope to test the talent of the student actors. On November 8 of 1929, the junior Class presented "Nothing But the Truth." This three-act comedy proved to be entertaining in plot and delightful in enactment. It was through the untiring efforts of the director, Mrs. Harbers, that the production met with such overwhelming success. The situations in the story are decidedly humorous. A young boy bets one thousand dollars that he can tell the absolutely unadulterated truth for twenty- four hours. Bob Mosgrove commendably handled his character of the truthful young gentleman. Nancy Thompson portrayed the charming young lead very cap- ably. Austin Thompson and Le Von Damir were successful business men, and Maurice Kickashear capably played the stormy bishop. Wes Harris and Helen Brown were a realistic father and mother, Helen being especially good in her role. Ann Pecarovich and Doris V-Vood were typical young Happers, the latter hilariously comical. Ann Osborn delightfully portrayed a pretty young friend of the family, and Helen Vifinters played the maid in a highly satisfactory manner. That the play was a success from the standpoint of both pleasure and finance was generally conceded. A-,1.',X,-,..2fi HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE Seldom has a play been put on by the students of Fresno High School which has reached such a standard of perfection as was found in this melo- dramatic comedy presented in the auditorium on March 14, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Harbers. The cast for "Seven Keys to Baldpaten was chosen from among the stu- dents of the school, it was an "all school" play. The lead, Jimmie Boyd, had a part demanding a great deal of action since it ran through the entire play, and for proper handling called on his best efforts. Mildred Van Buren, the heroine was the charming little miss with the smiles. Floyd Davis as the crip- pled hermit mastered difficulties of posture which gave the weird note which was struck in the play. Art Wahlberg provided the laughs. Oscar Ivey, Lloyd Myers, and Bob Dennison were true crooks. Barbara Peterson and Byron Yount gave an interpretation of the quaint old rustics with their drawls. Bar- bara was convincing, and the voice, work, and exposition of Byron's homely philosophy went to make up the success of the part. Others in the cast were Anna Laura Dewhirst, Faye Boysen, Maurice Kick- ashear, Austin Thompson, and jack Van Buren. Student committees in charge were the following: business, Al Dermer, Rita Reed, advertising, Zenop Damir, Willa Rose, Wzillace Henderson, Helen Brown, costumes, Margaret Adams, julia Peters, Rosalind Quigley, properties, Phyllis Bates, stage set, Bob Prosser, electrician, Horace Simpson, publicity, 4 Esta Smith, Maurine Warner, ushers, Eloise Garges, jessamine Smith, clean up, Leland Fellows, Phyllis Bates, stage technician, Bob Prosser, make-up, Floyd Davis, Guy Boland. g, elf ...J ,..- -J -'III' -I .. HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL COMMUNITY NIGHT The purpose of Community Night is to enable the parents to appreciate the different activities participated in by the Fresno High School students. The first program was presented on October 24. It was opened by sev- eral selections by our Orchestra. Mrs. W. Mikesell, president of the Parent- Teachers' Association, gave an address of welcome. The Music department, under the direction of Mr. W. G. A. Ball, con- tributed its share to the enjoyment. The Mixed Chorus sang "Hail Bright Abode" from Tannhauser, the Girls' Glee Club, with Bessie Mutton as solo- ist, sang "Softly My Heartf' from Samson and Delilah, the Boys' Glee Club gave "My Heart's in the Highlands," the United Glee Clubs featured Liszt's "Nightfall" from Liebestraum. Miss Helen Schorling accompanied the mu- sical numbers. The Dramatics 1 class presented "Station Y.Y.Y.Y.,', by Booth Tarkington. The cast was Eva Stoton, Clay Snoddy, Gwendolyn Lane, Doris Wood, Helen Abbot, Austin Thompson, Spencer Childers, and Bob Aynes- worth. On December 19, Christmas spirit was the motif of the program for the second Community Night. Two plays were presented by the dramatics depart- ment. Mrs. Harbers gave much time and energy to her work. The first play, "The Christmas Star," portrayed the spreading of Christ- mas spirit to the modern business world. The second play, "Let There Be Light," was under the student direction of Drennan Smith and Bernadine Lidster. The high school orchestra furnished the opening numbers. The mixed chorus sang carols throughout the plays. The third program given February 20, was a huge success. The band, under the direction of Mr. Will Hays, opened the program. The various clubs of the school each presented a number. The Portias featured a song and dance revue which included the fol- lowing: a musical reading by Blanch Hestbeck, a tap dance by Marian Guess accompanied by Bessie Mutton, a vocal duet by Rita Reed and Shirley Redden. The International Friendship Club sponsored by Miss Ethel Stubblefield offered "A Costume Pageant of Many Lands." The music was furnished by Everett Furze and Horace Simpson through the courtesy of the Gearhart Radio Corporation. A prize of five dollars was given to this club for putting on the best performance. The Gym Club, sponsored by Mrs. Ellis, presented a group of stunts in a skit entitled, "By the Fireside." This special dance number was keenly appreciated by the audience. The Girl Reserves, sponsored by Miss Moody, gave a specialty number consisting of two dances, both of which were well received. The Purple and Gold Players presented a clever one act comedy entitled "His First Dress Suit." This performance was a remarkable success. rw 'ffifli xg 1. k,-i,X,...-i'X. BRAVE5 I-RESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL UNLIMITED FOOTBALL Though only six letter men from 1928's County Champions were avail- able for competition this year, Coach Leo Harris built a team which, regard- less of injuries and sickness at crucial moments in the schedule, lost but three games, two to the same team and one to a college team. Fresno High School made its pre-season appearance in two games, one with Los Banos, which Fresno won decisively 44-0, and one in the annual meleelwith the Fresno State Frosh, whose experience overcame the valiant efforts of the Warriors to avenge a last year's defeat. The Fresno State Fresh- men won 27-O. One of the most attractive and novel games of last fall was the first league tilt with Selma. The game was played after dark on the brilliantly illuminated Selma Field. The unusual event drew an enormous crowd, who watched Fresno defeat the Selma team 25-0. The ancient rivalry between Coach Harris and Coach Bert Griffen of Taft, a former California star, was revived when the Fresno Varsity made the long trip to Taft. Taft, a team reputably better than the awesome Drillers was clearly outplayed and whipped 6-0. A mild affair with Reedley proved as dull as the Reedley team was poor. The score at the final gun was Fresno 55, Reedley 0. Edison Tech's entrance into league football offered a new rival to be cowed by Fresno High. A badly crippled set of Warriors won 39-0. When the hour of the Big Game with Tech arrived, it found Fresno High School the favorites, while Tech was conceded only an outside chance to win It was therefore, a surprised and rather bewildered grandstand that watched Tech leave the field, victors by the narrow margin of one conversion L1"+-g,.-1-f3- FRESNU HIGH SCHOOL OWL Tech's winning the game threw the league into a three-cornered tie be- tween Selma, Tech, and Fresno High. The Fresno High School team with its unwavering good luck won the privilege of playing two games in one week. Even though Coach Harris found it necessary, because of disabled players and the possibile presence of Tech Scouts, to keep the Warriors under wraps, Fresno emerged from the fray conquerors of Selma by a 19-0 score. It is a rare occurrence to have two High-Tech games in one year, so the necessity of a return engagement between the ancient rivals attracted a good deal of attention not only among the students of the two schools, in which a high tension existed, but in the general public, who was promised an inter- esting spectacle in the coming battle. The odds for this second struggle were decidedly altered. The confidence of the W'arriors had been shaken, Wright Sheldon, half, was in quarantine, Captain Humphrey Casey was injured, and the rest of the team was showing the effects of punishment in previous games. The afternoon sun sinking low over the rim of the State College Stadium revealed High and Tech in desperate conHict. At last the Warriors found vic- tory snatched from their fingers when a long run by Tech placed the ball in scoring turf. A frantic High School rally in the final period placed the ball in Tech territory. The rally failed and with it the championship hopes of the High School Varsity. The Fresno Bee and Republican have seen Ht to distinguish Captain Casey, Baxter, Allen, Dunn, Yount, and Browne with positions on all county selections. Men who received letters were Captain H. Casey, Herrold, Sheldon, Barry, Byrd, Boyd, Dunn, S. Casey, Baxter, Allen, Yount, Barstow, Terzian, Browne, Savage, Casner, Emerzian, Wood, and Manager Miller Allison. A gg. 1 l ff -4 -fi! figs,- 1 Zi u Q i R Kub- N' X I R K X X ax HRESNG HIGH SCHOOL OWL LIGHTWEIGHTS As a result of Geo. Kerns' first year as coach at Fresno High School, the lightweights won the Valley championship. Led by Captain Maurice Brennan, the finest team of lightweights in Fresno's history succeeded in breaking the tradition of a Selma championship. Early season scrimmages with the Varsity elevens from other schools pre- pared the lighter Warriors for the strenuous campaign that followed. The com- parative scores indicate the strength of the midgets. F. H. S. Lightweights 13 St. Columba 0 Lightweights St. Columba Lightweights St. Columba Lightweights Fowler Lightweights Caruthers Lightweights Roosevelt X The Lightweights had little difficulty in winning their first league en f X counters. A 12-O victory over Lemoore preceded a 28-0 win from Reedley, and 2 a 38-0 score against Sanger. ,!, Although it is overlooked by many persons, the most important light- , weight game of the year was the tilt with Tech. After a lengthy struggle, the High School team managed to conquer their bitter rivals 15-0. I' Fresno and Selma were tied for the leadership. Selma had never been , a foe to be disregarded. At the end of the game the two teams were still tied. ' However, Fresno totaled 21 first downs to 5 of Selma's. If . . ' The next Selma game ended in another deadlock. Selma recognizing the ' f superiority of Fresno, graciously forfeited her right to the titleg and as Taft, 1 'Nw i 'mail N. 1. -gfs.'g,--"-!L- HZESNO HIGH SCHOGL OWL the winner of the Southern division, gave up her chance, the Fresno High School Lightweights found themselves Valley champions. Gold F's and the gold football that accompany a Valley championship were awarded to Captain Brennan, Manheim, Hopkins, Porteous, Edgerly, Spivey, Meux, Key, Hackett, Van Buren, T. Savage, Oberlin, Cather, Donahue, McCabe, Rustigian, Damir, Thomas, Azderian, Markarian, and Manager john- son. Season summary: F. H. S. Lightweights 12 Lemoore 0 F. H. S. Lightweights 28 Reedley O F. H. S. Lightweights .38 Sanger 0 F. H. S. Lightweights 13 Tech 0 F. H. S. Lightweights 6 Selma 6 F. H. S. Lightweights 7 Selma 7 lil? QT? 419 'wif' 4? N " I -JN-l..,,-,,-s., IRESNO HIGH SCHOGL OWL HRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL UNLIMITED BASKET BALL The showing of Fresno High in early scrimmages hardly indicated the Valley Championship to follow. Fresno dropped tilts to Hanford and Reedley, afterwards whipping Reedley in a second game, Madera and State Frosh. The Warriors went to Edison to win the first league game, 12 to 16. The next league game was easier, High winning from Roosevelt, 43 to 19. Fresno took two practice matches, one with Riverdale, the other with Sanger. The Warriors finished the first round of the division without a defeat when they humbled Tech, 10 to 21. A second battle with Edison, which High annexed finally 19-22, was preceded by a midweek affair with last year's Valley Champions, Dinuba. Victory, which Huttered from one team to another, finally came to High. High School again outplayed Roosevelt, winning decisively, 54-52. After taking Roosevelt into camp, the Wzirriors pointed toward a game with the Stanford Frosh. The Frosh were victorious, 51 to 15. The second High-Tech game was one of the most thrilling played this year. The game was anyone's until the gun was shot that found Tech leading by one point. The score was Tech, 29, High, 28. High prepared for Lemoore by downing Selma. In the following two games Fresno High gained the county title by upsetting Lemoore, 16-28, and Sanger in the County finals, 16-39. Fresno downed Chowchilla in the Valley semi-final by a score of 54 to 17. Fresno then faced Bakersfield, without the services of their all-county guard, jack Barry. This loss, coupled with the illness of Herrold, offered a great obstacle. Fresno succeeded in staging a rally in the last few moments of play which won for them the Valley Championship by a score of 24 to 22. -!X:..,s,. ,... A 41 A 4 aw I I -1 .qv .. "F j if? , .gl f ,Z Q , 'GJ 5 , I N HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL 'ff' . 4-' If . af i BASKET BALL'3H The 30's lost their first game when they were just getting under way at the opening of the basket ball season. Hanford defeated the Middleweights 20-45. Immediately following, the Warriors took Reedley by one point 25-24. The 30's swept Fowler and Longfellow aside 18-11, 22-13 in the succeeding engagements. Madera nosed out High by three counters in a practice contest that ended 32-35. Clovis smothered the reserve combination 9-28. Fresno again outpointed Reedley 17-14. In the premier league showing the "BH team defended their honors, so that the score, when the gun halted the first game with Edison Tech, was 19-11. The week after, the 30's dropped two games, one to Fowler 14-21 and a league scrimmage with Roosevelt 7-16. The game with Tech concluded the first round of Division games. High downed the Tech organization 23-19. A close and fast game was played by Fresno with Dinuba, between the Tech and Edison games, High won 23-21. In the Edison game, Fresno repeated their win 21-12. Determined to avenge Roosevelt's win, Fresno High 30's fought their way through a stubborn Roosevelt defense and gained a victory 21-20. Tech's middleweight team, imbued by a desire to win in the last league encounter with High, was able to penetrate High's basket for 23 rallies to the Warriors 13. Because of Tech's win, it was necessary for the Warrior 30's to decide the division leader by a play-off with Edison Tech. The 30's took the Inventors share of the title home when they won 21-16. But the County semi-finals proved the downfall of Fresno High School's team. Fowler managed to gain a three point lead, 15-18. I ,ttisssb-+L 'jp' X Lf- 'X,--wfkv HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL BASKET BALL"C" The smallest edition of Fresno High's basketeers, under the coaching of George Kerns, presented a formidable opponent for any quintet to meet. They swept all opposition before them in the divisiong then whipped Lemoore in the county semi-finals, only to lose to Selma in the finals. The 10's tangled with Edison for their premier appearance and managed to extract a 23-7 victory from the Inventors. Following Edison the 10's took a 19-16 game from the N. C. Wheelman, but dropped a 17-21 contest with the Washington 30's. The diminutive War- riors doubled the tally on Roosevelt 24-12 in a scheduled fray. They came back to defeat Wfashington 30-12 and Parlier 28-9 in a tri- umphant week which was climaxed when High won a 16-12 game with Tech. Before the second game with Edison Tech, in which the Inventors evened the count between High and Edison by defeating the Warriors 10-15, the Warriors took another game from the N. C. Wheelman 19-16. In the second game of the second round of league play, the tiny Warriors cleaned Roosevelt 24-13. The Roosevelt team rang up one more point than in the previous engagement. The Warriors again outclassed the Tech 10's in a game which clearly decided the division leader to win 25-10. When the Varsity went to Lemoore, the Peanuts accompanied them to settle the semi-finals with Lemoore. After a fast played affair the 10's obtained a six point lead and won 20-14. The 10's found some very tall opponents in the Selma team that they met in the finals. Though they fought hard attempting to overcome this disadvantage the Fresno High 10's were compelled to relinquish the title to Selma. Final score 13-19. ,-I .f X-' "' "T"-gl' ,gigg- Zi Z t 1 ,J-1 11-01 -4.51 L4 I B ,ff p HRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL TRACK The ineligibility of Walter Marty and the graduation of Carol Maas shat- tered the nucleus of last year's track squad. However, by the time the season was under way, Coach Erwin Ginsburg had gathered a group of point winners, who with Gordon Dunn, weight Star, appeared certain of a County champion- ship. The gun that formally introduced the track season was fired in a duel meet with Edison Tech, March 27. Fresno High easily took the meet, taking nearly all the places in Class Although the strength of Classes "B" :nd UC" was not as evident, they showed well in the final score. After the inrerclass meet, held to uncover ability lurking throughout the school, Fresno High School was host to Hanford track and field artists. Han- ford took the guest's share by winning both Class "A" and "B," leaving only the spoils of Class "C" for Fresno. The Warriors surprised everyone the next week when they took a four- cornered meet in which Tulare, Coalinga, and Merced also participated, by a total of 60M points to Tulare's fthe nearest opponentj, 40. Class "B" was dropped to Merced, but the Class "Cn stars shone and repeated the Class "A" win. Coach Ginsburg took a mere handful of men to compete in the Bakers- field Relays. In spite of its few entries Fresno High managed to win a first place in the pole vault, shot, and discus and placed second in each relay run. The Warriors ended second to Bakersfield in Class No runners from Fresno were entered in the limited division. gi -gf-i-X,.,-'-fk. HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL H The second annual intercity track meet took place April 9 in the State College Stadium. All the High Schools of the city were represented by men in three classes. Many of the records set last year were discarded because of the keen competition among the schools. Fresno High swept the points in Class "A" garnering 85 1-6 points compared to the nearest total of 29 made by Fresno Tech. Roosevelt showed well, taking Class "B" by the slender margin of 26 1-3 to 24 2-5 for Fresno. The Warriors were outclassed in the "C" division, finishing third to Roosevelt and Edison. Local athletes were deluged beneath the talent imported for the West Coast Relays. A fourth place medal of Gordon Dunn's was the only award acquired by a Fresno High School student. During a heavy downfall of rain, the Fresno Warriors led the schools of the Valley at Hanford, but because of a lack of strength in the final event, Fresno High School fell to fourth place, three points behind the winner. In the state meet, Capt. Dunn was the only man to place, taking first in the discus. Dunn, Wood, Sheldon, and the relay team won places there. A general relaxation and physical disabilites throughout the squad almost lost Fresno the county meet. The team is to be considered fortunate in finishing in the lead in class A. 429 sfkfileil? QE, 4 .i Iwi 'ff .. HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL BASEBALL The baseball season began quite inauspiciously when a new combination of Warriors was beaten on the Delano diamond. Coach Harris, throughout the game, endeavored to fashion a frictionless organization from a number of recruits mingled with last season's veterans. The final score was Delano 16, Fresno 9. The Warriors burdened themselves with a strenuous practice schedule during the next week. Monday Fresno defeated St. Columba 13 to 4 in a seven inning practice game. Tuesday a scrimmage with the Longfellow playground club resulted in a 13 to 2 victory for High. The Easton Panthers were trounced by Fresno High School with a one run margin 5 to 4 on Thursday. Friday the High School nine set back Central Union, rallying seven runs to the visitors' two. The High School baseball team prepared for its first league fracas when it encountered the Easton Panthers for the second time. The Warriors pushed over three runs, which the Easton squad was held to one hit. The first league school to fall victim to the Fresno willow artists was Sanger. In the opening engagement the Fresnans drove eleven runs over the home plate. Sanger scored twice. Fresno High took a practice affair handily from the Fresno State College baseball team. The records indicate that Fresno High made seven runs and that State made two. The Warriors entered upon a period of hard work, anticipating decided op- position when they traveled into the Viking's stronghold at Kingsburg. Herrold Boyd and Ryan worked well on the mound throughout the season with Barry behind the bat. Blakely, Bandy, Allison, and Jones were a fast quartet of infielders who, supported by a star trio of outfielders, Sheldon, Lucinian and Emerzian constituted a group of hitters quite able to worry most of the county s pitchers. KY' . A-,S,X,,,.:f3r.. HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL TENNIS TEAM Tennis interest increased at Fresno High School this year. After a tourna- ment in which about fifteen players participated, the following team was chosen: Boys' Singles-Albert Taylor. Boys' Doubles-George Huffman and Harry Gregory. Mixed Doubles!-Belle Shekoyen and Elmo Cox. Girls' Singles-Mary Nott QManagerj. Girls' Doubles-Virginia Ferson and Askan Merzorian. Practice matches were held with the Roosevelt, Clovis, and Hanford ' teams, the Fresno High School team coming out on top in each of the matches. , At the Sectional play on March 22, the team made a clean sweep of all the matches, and gained the right to enter the Fresno County Finals. The County Finals were played on April 5, Fresno taking one place, Boys' Singles. x Albert Taylor represented the school in the Bi-County playoff, which was held April 19. The winners in this play took part in the Valley meet, which was held S late in April. 4 X This season's success was due to the fine coaching of Mrs. Maude Ellis, YN who gave much of her time to the team. X ti ma 'X I .k t H3 if flkf ..,K . 4 HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL INTRAMURAL An extensive program of intramural athletics was undertaken by the physical education department in the school year 1929-30. The addition of sev- eral new sports and weight classes offered a varied field in which the students who were unable to participate on the organized teams might compete. The fall session was devoted to touch football. Siffroy Thomas' team composed of Thomas, Beck, Kilgore, Williams, Tuyian, Muldoon, Hudson, and Anderson, won the finals. Late winter found the scantily clad youths learning the intricacies of volley ball and basket ball. Those who Won their emblems in volley ball were as follows: Class "A", Captain Taylor, Damir, Yoskioko, McSharry, White, Mikesell Moore and Cotton, Class "B", Captain Everett, Scialabba, Hender- son Snider Shouse and Sasaki. Awards were earned in basket ball by Captain Aaronson Randall Shaw, Kawai, Toorijian, Abbot, and Toshijian, and in Class B by Captain Purdon, Pasley, Mock, Warren, Epply, Munier and Shouk -DON ELLIGET. W' 1, -S,- .X,-,,.1f2.. HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL 4 eu .. fxpgsf - ..f1x,4 IRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL GIRLS' ATHLETICS Good sportsmanship and keen competition were the two outstanding fea- tures this past year in Girls' Intramural Athletics. Girls' sports like boys' sports are divided into two distinct series. During the fall term, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Seeley, and Miss Turner coached the hockey, speedball, and soccer teams. Spring brought basket ball, baseball, and track to the front. These sports were coached by Mrs. Ellis, Miss Turner, and Miss McCall. HOCKEY The three "A" class hockey teams put up some snappy opposition against each other. The sixth period team was the victor after several strenuous battles with the fourth and fifth period teams. The latter came in as a close second, losing by one point. Mrs. Ellis coached all three teams. The members of the winning teams were as follows: Mary Nott, Capt., Phillis Luckin, Kinu Haman- aka, Betty Methvin, Anna Louise Aynesworth, Mary Baker, Mary Bennets, Virginia Ferson, Virginia Landrum, Virginia Avenall, and Selma Bayless. SPEEDBALL Speedball, the game filled with kicks and passes, was won by Mrs. Ellis' second period class. This fast game was played by the "B" classes. The second period won only after playing a hard game with Miss Turner's fifth period team. Those who received awards for speedball were as follows: Mickie Bide- gary, Capt., Theda Schulte, Barbara Albright, Evelyn Baty, Louise Ledbetter, Louise Churcher, Victoria Kurkjyan, Winnie Sanders, Eva Stoton, Kalleia Martin, and Ruth Fukushima. SOCCER Kick and snap brought Miss Turner's fourth period soccer team the honor of the championship. This team made a record not to be scoffed at, being un- defeated. Soccer was played by the low sophomore girls. The team members were as follows' Doris Bandy, Capt., Rita Brengman, Katherine Schnell, Goldie Anderson Imogene Thistle, janet Bensen, Ruth Kellner, Alice Elmas- sian Ruth E Farley Emma Rocco, and Evelyn Moffett. -HELEN ROED. -LIS..-'g,-4-ix-' HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL BASKET BALL, CLASS HA" Mrs. Ellis' fifth period "A" class and Miss Turner's sixth period UB" class basket ball teams have come out with honors. Plenty of the "ole fight" and excellent playing made this possible. BASEBALL In girls' intra-mural sports baseball holds a high place. This year Mrs. Ellis' fourth period "A" class won in that divisiong Miss Turner's sixth period "B" class carried off the honors in its section. book may be published by the student body. The advertising staff Wishes to 4 I' X N I K BASKET BALL, CLASS "BH X 'ill w-"" I. 3- 'C A A slf .i fl- vf -Gif HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL O W .V N A P68 H ffm 70:3 Q0 Frank 5, 0,79 044' Ny 5600603 bm -lkffogg " Player: 750 . 10 -I f if H06 O m H '9 bills H H HVO Nav-lrsf Advisory 433 , fl, AWN-4,4 sl, ,y V ,Ni 1 fd Maxwell W 2 5 IRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL Dana Q H HHHH leff .fo ffvfymf 174-54,59 load-by dawn on "Oh I u K M E W ie wa.. uuilbyfnj fir fb! Z 8a'fh7-QQ ff JH Q Lg K ' ff n 457, H ' rx. wean, " 7'5" V""" PM if ' 'wg H I , " . s b WV ' 1 H V HH f H H ,H H' H M Q4 I 1 , rose 00700-9 3553, g g, Z! i me 1 ,w skff .Sfudlbus U fb: Wife 5011280700 2 bi ,-,,4.-.. ..- ik .Q 'Nw 1851, W 5 1. The following schoolgirl "howlers" Keeper fspeaking of new arrival at HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL ff 'gtk fffif ,jfsfw I ffiy: "W 'AA' "":::.i ?' J t wa Sz " 2 Q ff ,. I -fn 1 . ' sg- -A.. "KF bt -A Kenif now 'ferwu' Hail! Hail! Who fmzfe View NO' 1-Look me for a good remon. we lyeray over.-G. D. have been collected by a writer in "Over- seas," who uses for his motto George El- liot's saying: "l'm not denying women are foolish-God Almighty made them to match men." "The whole world, except the United States, lies in the temperance zone," says one school girl. To the question, "What king came after Queen Elizabeth?" an alert young thing re- plied, "Phillip of Spain, but she turned him down." QEIC9 Q-What do you understand by suffer- ing for righteousness? A-Having to go to Sunday school. SEQ Q-What is a herbaceous border? A-A herbaceous boarder is one who will not eat meat. GJQGD Bruce Longtin: "I just got kicked out of astronomy class." Miss Rabourn: "How's that?" B. L.: "The professor asked me to name a star with a tail, and the only one that I could think of was Rin-Tin-Tin." SEQ Dentist: What kind of filling do you want in your tooth, young lady? Virginia Bates: Well, I would prefer chocolate. asylumj: "What's the matter with this fel- low?" Superintendent: "He says that air is free and goes around releasing it from people's tires." GJUC9 A well known Scotch professor, with characteristic thrift, let the fire go out in his grate when his son developed a fever of 104 degrees. GJLJGJ "Hey, you," yelled the traffic cop at the amorous driver. "Why don't you use both hands?" "I'm afraid to let go the steering-wheel," grinned Halstead Councilman. S1369 joe: Say, jack, are you still engaged to 1 that awfully homely jill girl? jack: Well, I should say not. joe: Good for you. To tell the truth, old .v- r. man, you certainly had my sympathy. She X: was the most awful mess I've ever seen X any place. How in the world did you get x out of it? jack: Married her. N to EJ C9 ' N A world's record is claimed by an un- OX skilled Detroit man who recently took an K automobile apart in thirty seconds at a - grade crossing. fi ff ff -Z X ' .4 1.sf- ...f-'S-Q HIESNU HIGH SCHOOL UWI. F A c U L T Y R A z z lag ex . f' ,W f 1 X tx- 5 thy ,lvl l Wig ,V V Mix x-XJ, X? ' I' 1 fi X I fl R kr I f . V f . 4 I ,f , I gl I 'sex' -MQ? ri CH 'ff ' as J Women 1194111 rule. The Vbenbfazfjgyejfe Hill to Rilzylrziifilafay M "Sedentary work," said Miss McCall, "tends to lessen the endurance." "In other words," interrupted the smart student, "the more one sits, the less one can stand." "Exactly," retorted Miss McCall, "and if one lies a great deal, one's standing is lost completelyf, C9 U C9 Mr. Lemon: "Where I go on my vaca- tion they give you one of those three-season beds." Mr. Sorensen: "What are they?" "Mr. L.: "No springs." SEQ "I guess I've lost another pupil," said the professor as his glass eye rolled down the kitchen sink. C9 U C9 Miss Russell: "Julia, still talking?" 4 julia Doyle: "No, Miss Russell, just g starting." I GD LJ C9 A x ll Mr. Kratt was in court charged with ex- 4,Q' ceeding the speed limit. "What's the mat- !-f,1 ter with you," asked the judge. "Didn't Ag you see the signs along the road?" I "Sure," replied Mr. Kratt. "They said 'Fine for Speeding." I Q U GD 1 ,, . . l judge: Speeding, eh? How many times jj have you been before me?" - Miss McCardle: "Never, your honor. . I I've tried to pass you on the road once or , twice, but my bus will only do fifty-live." 1 A -Sufi It 15625 1. Lz--x.,-X,..r-3f5xs- Miss Rabourn: "Billy, if your father's car made twenty miles to the gallon of gas and he bought ten gallons, how far could he drive?" Billy: "Not an inch: Ma drives our car." GDDGJ "Lady, if you'll give us a dime, me kid brother will imitate a bird fer ya." "What will he do, crow?" Miss Farver asked. "Naw, nothin' cheap like that-he'll eat a worm. CDEGD Mr. Kearns: "Where are we going to eat?,' Mr. Smale: "Let's eat up the street." Mr. K.: "Aw, no: I don't like asphalt." SEQ Mr. Anderson was giving his physics class a lecture on gravity. "Now, students," he said, "it is the law of gravity that keeps us on this earth." "But please, Mr. Anderson," inquired james Spang, "how did we stick on before the law was passed?" CDES He had never been outside of the coun- try and neither had she, but both were recounting their experiences abroad. "And Asia. Ah, wonderful Asia! Never shall I forget Turkey. Asia, India, China, the celestial kingdom. How I love it!" She held her ground. "And the pagodasg did you see them?" "Did I see them?" She powdered her nose. "My dear, I had dinner with them." ERESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL I tt Will -. W ,fi 4. G- QN V. la 7 hs Nao 31 pil 4' l v f 'C""'4Ls li x XJ ' Af 'vw Lg 'lxxxl Allan' ww' "" 1 2 . '5 Y-1 - 3' ' , E Y ,QQ 2 6.5 - . I I It'J three drlock in M I MY his Tim ,, the morning.- View No. 2- Weir 'ww 'H After! E. C. K. G. D. on fair own. 1 is way. Dorsey Burke had just applied for a Lee Cronbach: "Who's the smartest man job. in the world, and why am I?" "Do you tell lies?" asked the employer severely. Q lj Q9 "No," replied Dorsey, "but I think that I could learn." O lil O Hal Verble had been looking over the Christmas cards on the counter for some time, when the saleslady suggested: "Here is a lovely sentiment. 'To the only girl I ever loved'." "That's fine," he said brightening. "I'll take five-no, six of those, please." OBO My dear Doctor: I am so pleased with your treatment. After taking three bottles of your ear oil, I heard from my Aunt Het- tie for the first time in years. OOO Miles Dawson, the new grocer boy, was told that in case he did not have what the customer wanted, to suggest something sim- ilar in its place for the customer to buy. "Have you any fresh green stuff?" asked a lady. "No," said Miles, "but we have some nice bluingf' OBO We are told that George Washington never told a lie. But there was no income tax in Georges day. OOO Traffic Cop: "Hey! When I blow my whistle why didn't you go?', julia Doyle: "You whistle so beauti- fully I just had to stop and listen." Wise sayings of Sophomores: Charles Locher says that some teachers' lectures are like a wheel-the longer the spoke the greater the tire. Paul Minor claims that although a wom- an's tongue is but three inches long, it can kill a man six feet tall. "Why take life so seriously?" asks George Newark. "You'll never get out of it alive." "The class of '33 believe that the Sen- iors are mighty dumb because they think that a lot of night work was done by the ancients because Rome wasn't built in a u day. O U O "Bob Lo Forti's a fine orator, although he doesn't say much." "No, his speeches don't mean any more than a woman's hand sticking out of the car ahead." OOO Ann Osborn: i'Druggist, can you fix up a dose of castor oil that will not taste?" Druggist: "Certainly. If you will wait a few minutes, I will fix you up. Will you have a soda while you are waiting?" Ann O.: "Thank you, yes." Druggist disappears behind the partition to reappear a few minutes later. "Is that all you require?" Ann O.: "Yes thank you. Is it ready?" Druggist: "You've just drunk it.'l Ann O.: "Goodness gracious, that was for mother!" ' . ifiwff -- ffvir'-sf' ,Z-Q. .23 4 If 47 .zu 1 J 4.4 4f,' 41, I I fl , I 1 HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL I l i 1 OWL ADVERTISING STAFF The financing of this OWL is very much dependent upon the support of the business men of this city. It is through their advertising that such a line book may be published by this student body. The advertising staff wishes to take this opportunity to thank the advertisers who have given this support. Gordon G. Dunn, with Miles Dawson assisting, was the manager of the staff this year. The others on the staff were Horace Simpson, Chester Moore, Bud Allen, Spence Gilbreath, Kendrick Prescott, Marie Roth, Henry Marcus, and Phil Prescott. 4J?4I2'fiZ? I , 13,359 -L4'5..'g,.Jig- HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL b IA, , mxgx g QW . - ,fjQWf"551 l ,H , ',,gtmit:l3f4-tlrwl il ' -g . i I NW "+""' vs Z - lv ll ll- T .i iil'1EL"4 luvifjx i . YXEQXXTXOS "'1' ,N , .I g- iliif2QQEi',,,! , El XWQQQ OQ-.OO f ll if T l i El X 1 M ies tiMwm,lW n,oi I is Al .N N iWimiwlwwl ale i N ' i' " wg , K, W I ET, :f'ii" ' T"'A "" gag: I , , 1 T W , O . V Qfli f Lf ,lt i . ll ilk' FU LTON M T MANY IMPORTANT BRIDES of the San Joaquin You Valley have insisted that their diamond ring and wedding ring come from Warner's.-There is a good reason, too.-They know very well, the quality and style are then assured and real value obtained. are invited to come in and see the excellent va- riety of our diamond rings, priced from twenty- five to fifteen hundred dollars, and such exclu- sive Warner wares as Towle sterling silver, Lon- 4 gines watches, and Orange Blossom wedding V , rings. Y K ESTABLISHED 1867 xy RHlEil6h N D I NA bl O N DI' , X Vx K , ,d ,X A mi h M ,lh-' will ,V O 52 7 45,4 S 1 J-1 .. ff 1 Tiif ei, I I I ff 1 4 HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL IF ITIS MUSICAL, WE HAVE IT I , ' RADIOS PHONOGRAPHS 0 I I anbqkqp MUSICAL . ff wiv. RECORDS H INSTRUMENTS .7411 I ' SHEET MUSIC P23225 SH 0 7. EXPERT REPAIRING 1046 Broadway Phone 3-35 17 LEWIS ELECTRIC CO. ELECTRIC FIXTURES, SUPPLIES and HOUSE WIRING Complimenlr of J. E. MCCANN Palm Olive Pharmacy Palm and Olive Avenues The STATES' G ILL 6? COFFEE SHOP Th5Home of Quality, Service and Courteous Treatment 2032 Mariposa Phone 3-6556 Fresno, California "That's a small engine for such a large car, isn't it?" "Oh, it'S small all right. You see it smoked a lot when it was youngf' cHoP SUEY eHow MEIN MANDARIN CAFE New Orchestrope Installed for Dancing Private Booths and Dance Floor for parties Tel. 2-8621 1222 Broadway Workmen were making repairs on the wires in a Norway school house one Saturday, when a small boy wan- dered in. 'lWhat you doin'?" "Installing an electric Switch," one of the workmen said. The boy then volunteered: "I don't care. We've moved away, and I don,t go to this school any moref' OHIO "My husband's so poeticj' remarked the young wife proudly. "Try Sloan's Linimentj' said the old lady. "That'll hx him up as quick as anything I know of, if he ain't got it too bad." COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO EVERY INDIVIDUAL MEMBER OF THE Class of 1930 o1:tschalk's -.fs.,-X,...-Jfk.. HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL ongratulations and best Wishes to the class of 1930- Future Home Owners l 1 , 1,4 P - -'ifhf "Kim: 'ff M 'fL+fl:3JI .wwf , .rg H'1W?e'gw - 'kvsuuwn cp.-nw.--"" 'M H if' H fjfek . .X -xl -7 3 -wiwwl lil? ' J N E, , 1 L S--kk Q4 N xx B X H , . I5 ' V H i ' ii, ,QQ i ' F? Wiz e f.. . SX H MAISLER CBRQS. L U M B E R C O . Phone 3-1271 2244 Railroad Ave. Aff -f-6.4. HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL Waterman Bros. Co. 3 """""" v ' 7 """"" fi 3ifiE'FU'ffHiE1Y2 """""""' """ ' K 1923 MARIPOSA V ' FRESNO 1347 L Street Fresno, Calif. Phone 3-7501 THE LARGEST AUTO WRECKERS IN THE WEST PARTS FOR ALL CARS FRESNO AUTO WRECKING CC. Phone 2-7181 560 Broadway, corner Ventura Fooooo Book Shoo OBERLIN BROS. Co. For The latest of the New TCHES and Best of the Old! ETIXAPOIYIVSTCHES I M S JEWELRY SILVERWARE 1359 F hon Street 2019 Mariposa Street FRESNO :STS ll We 'il' I Q ,A 1, g? 1 -L4-fl. PRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL Subway Garage No. 1 H and Fresno Sts. Subway Garage No. 2 1818 Merced St. Garage and Gar Station open all day and night Expert Mechanics Always on Hand Best Equipped Tow Cars in the City California State Life Insurance Company Guarantees Insured Income Plus Perfect Protection MEAD W. HARLAN Diftrirt Manager Phone 3-6515 205 Griffith-McKenzie Bldg. San Joaquin College of Commerce fFreJno'.r Leading Burinefr Collegej Gives efficient, practical training for busi- ness careers. POSITIONS SECURED. SUMMER COURSES in air-cooled build- ing. Star earning a salary three months sooner by going to summer school. Ask us about our Law Department and our Aviation Department. Write or call second floor, Bank of Italy Building. SLATER FURNITURE COMPANY 2300 Tulare, Corner M St. Phone 2-8417 The Best in Furniture at Lower! Priref When you think of furniture-think of the Slater Furniture Company. Here you will find complete assortments of home furnish- ings of all kinds-the best in quality at low prices that save you money. We sell for less because we are out of the high rent district. EASY PAYMENT TERMS Telephone 2-7224 Sun-Maid Coffee Shop HARVEY STRIPLIN, Manager 2016 Tulare Street Fresno, Calif. Cartwright Grocery 86 Meat Market HIGH-GRADE GROCERIES Trade with your home-town merchant, your neighbor, the store you can have complete confidence in. We invite you to open an arcozrnt with nr Moore's Grocery GROCERIES FRESH AND CURED MEATS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FRESH MEAT AND VEGETABLES Fresno and M St. Phone 3-3126 Free Delivery , Phone 5-6237 246 Olive Y 'lui ill ef" HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL N 1 ! HERE is the kind of radio store you'll like. Come in any time. You'll always find a welcome. We want you to feel at home. We're here to serve you. All we ask is the opportunity, no matter how small it may be. Come in soon, or telephone for a demonstration .... Gearhart Radio Corp. General Motors Radio 1236 Fulton Street Phone 2-1321 Fresno, Calif. KY' 633 U 1 I -517 5 'A 5 ,Xa 1 1. nhg-f'To- ,XI-,.rz. FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL ELGIN WATCHES SHEAFF ER PENS V A. L. COLVIN 1 2 1 1 FULTON THE SAN JOAQUIN ABSTRACT CO. Courtefy and Serrfiee 1146 Fulton Street Phone 3-7194 Complimeulr of ARCI-IIE BURNS PIE SHOP 1117 Van Ness Fresno, Calif. Phone 2-2625 The BAUER STUDIO For Quality and Service PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION The Twining Laboratories CHEMISTS - ENGINEERS ASSAYERS The best equipped commercial laboratories on the Pacific Coast 2144-8 Merced St. Fresno, Calif. Afler july 1, 1930 Frerno and P Slreetr d 2019 Kern Street X Royal Portable Typewriter: 5 Parker Fountain Pem PRINTING FRAMING ENLARGING X Looreleaf and Slationery ' 1913 Fresno St. Phone 2-0611 Supplier Mx K X .4 .J D .I vu ,-'fX,.,-xx, -W QA Gundelfinger 86 Myers, Inc. r F Kb HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL FRESNO DRUG CO. "Neighl2orl9a0d" Drug Storer 148 N. First St. at Tulare Belmont at Forthcamp Ave. N. Fresno and Olive Telephone 3-1214 Connects All Stores Fresno, California Russell's Pharmacy "For Serzfifd' Phone 2-0717 1936 Echo Avenue Fresno, California PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS Office Phone 3-4114 Res. Phone 3-1530 SUNDRIES Olber Store!--Stockton, San Francisco Sacramento Hazelwood Pharmacy . R. E- HOOD San Francisco Floral Co. 3601 Ventura Avenue, cor. Sixth MSW If Wnb Flowery, FREE DELIVERY Telephone 2-2168 John Aww 1152 Fulton S'- BROADWAY DRUG CO. COATS 8: LEWELLIN, Props. Broadway and Tulare Sts. Phone 3-1227 Fresno, Calif. GLASGOW'S GROCERY Phone 2-9916 905 Belmont Ave. FREE DELIVERY AND UD Mistress: Why didn't you put the watermelon in the icebox as I told you? Maid: I did, ma'am. Mistress: But it isn't cold. Maid: Well, how could it be? I had to take the ice out to get it in. 5- King Band Instruments Bacon Banjos Martin String Instruments ' Ludwig Drums N AZ- X jean Marbeau Clarinets 42' These perfected instruments have X found a ready acceptance because 4,1 . . . . 5 of their many superionnes . . . 1 Terms Gladly Arranged I' Xl . f I ' V - ,U Sherman, E ay Sc Co. C 1 I B-H-L-----1-'12-f-'-:-e--+1---Aree---sfzf' Home of the Steinway 2 y .2 A l - I 'M -:Wm 3 W' -Sri ,, -if- ,gr--A.. PRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL josepn Dagnino L. Fontes CONGRATULATIONS P"f'P'ff'0' , Manage' Q-OWS to the 'V N CLASS OF 'so ng ly M oi I vikfq,,54'?v FREsNo 4'le,,,,g5X0 HIGH Phone 3-2211 1147 Fulton Street CONGRATULATIONS lo the CLASS OF 1930 Foster 86 Kleiser Co. Outdoor Advertixing RADIO AS YOU DRIVE TRANSITONE AUTO - -RADIO SALES AND SERVICE J WILLARD STORAGE BATTERY f C:- DISTRIBUTOR Toomey Battery Electric Company N DNCORPORATEDJ 1444 Van Ness Avenue Telephone 3-3146 ll.'lil"" v x K 1 U sl? -In Y fll Q' ' 1 -'X,-kit, -,-X-L YN IIIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL F PORTRAITS ENLARGING COPYING COLORING THE MAXWELL STUDIO J. F. MAXWELL, fFormerly of Maxwell 8: Mudgej Thirly-four Year! izz Fremo 1149 Fulton Street DO NOT TAKE A VACATION unless you take a Kodak with you We are agents for Eastman Kodaks and Bell 8: Howell Motion Picture Cameras POTTER DRUG CO. 1112 Fulton Street Phone 2-3316 The Fresno Hat Works E. COYLE, Manager Full line of Union-made Hats and Caps Slater Furniture Co. Complete Ozztftterr of the Home Cor. Tulare and M Streets FRESNO, CALIF. 1129 Broadway Fresno, Calif. The Merit Style Shop F. G. PALUMBO 1240 Fulton Street JEWELER DRESSES COATS 92 5 FULTON FRESNO MILLINERY Scientific Watch and HOSIERY LINGERIE jewelry Repairing Always Something New" Established 1901 Lf' fg,..,-r-ix- FRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL Micky came home from school sniffling. "You've been licked," said his mother. 7 .wel-Tw. '7'j,, Nw XX "I ain't," said Micky. "There was a doc- ytigllli tor at school this mornin' examined us, 5'Sil-43t,M,ff'lH and he said I had ad'noids." 'Q 'Ljpljy "Phwat's thim?" asked his mother NX 4,5 l'They're things in your head as has to X be taken out," answered Micky. "It's a dom lie,', angrily exploded his mother. "I've germicidal soaped and fine- ':mk,f,, - . W combed your head ivry Saturday night and nivver an ad'noid did I findf' What'J llair all Q E about, Al? o U o rf A lady was entertaining the small son QM' of her married friend. X17 W "Are you quite sure you can cut your f meat, Willy?" she asked after Watching him for a minute. "Oh, yessumf' he replied without look- EF ing up. "We often get it as tough as this at our house." Thousands of Valley homes owe their beauty and lasting quality to good lumber and other building materials from this old established lumber company. Today, keeping pace with tall office buildings and thou- sands of beautiful homes throughout the Valley, this great organization is still supplying the best and sturdiest of build- ing materials for the exacting needs of the Valley Climate. Valley Lumber Co FRESNO SELMA HANFORD KINGSBURG 14 'iq ,, fx.,-Nf -,-N... , l u ,V- 'E- xi' 0 l X K K X X IRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL New Riclmess New Smoothness New Flavors ASK FOR BENHAM'S NEW WEEK- END TRUE FRUIT SPECIAL PACKAGE ' ' HB' 1, 3, .46 . 1 5" ' ff H ' : 1 ,f W 5, v l .,,. jf Q Q I f L' l Lf 452 'mf 'U'-iq A F ig, TCF?-,, I 5 , Cixi' ,- ' K vi. - 1' uf7f" 'r . X ,ef - C 0 T if If ,2 X sk ' Benham Ice Cream Co. Phone 2-3141 Quarter of Century of Qzmlily E E S A Home Imtiiuliorz LOCALLY OWNED I Open Air Auto Wrecking Co. A FULL LINE OF AUTO SUPPLIES X LOCALLY CONTROLLED Phone 2-2723 617 Broadway ws' 'W J J-v 4,1 Phone 3-4760 --fir CALIFORNIA CLEANERS Res. 3105 Madison Ave. I 1 ED H. TRUE Proprietor WM. I Exclusive Cleaners and Dyers WHOLESALE CANDIES I . 737 Bl2.ClCStOf1C Avenue We Have lbe sweety ,U I Phones 3-1238 - 3-1239 First St. near Belmont Fresno, Calif ,Z I- I 'fflii In 1557 D 1. HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL Why Worry About Parking... Ride the Street Cars It's Cheaper and More Convenlent... Fresno Traction C o m p a n y 'fl w-.Xxx V. .ff-1.a I AH 'L J-v 44 A-fy 1 I X X 1 I HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL CONDVITS FLOWER SHOP UNSURPASSED VALUES Wa1'12er Bros. Tliealre Bldg. Telephone 2-4727 1424 Fulton COOK'S MUSIC SHOPPE Victor, Crosley, Gilfillan, Brunswick Radios Kimball Pianos Everything Mufiml Phone 3-3312 1254 Fulton St. EAT C hrisman's Ice Cream "It'J Betlerl' Packed and Delivered for Parties Fountain and Factory - Stanislaus 8: O We will take care of your Lumber Troubles - TRADE WITH US AND SMILE A building material for any kind of building comtrurtiorz PIERCE LUMBER CO. Guide: In that large room in the rear we have several dyeing vats. Shirley Redden: Oh, isn't that a shame. Can't you do anything for them? OEO Hic: Did you have inliuenza as bad as I did? I had to stay away from school for three weeks. Ille: I had it much worse than that -I had it during vacation. OOO Jack Van Buren was spending Sat- urday on a farm, the home of his best girl, and the scenery filled him with romance. As they walked through the pasture, he noticed a cow and calf rubbing noses. "Such a loving sight," he said, makes me want to do the samefl "Go aheadj' said his girl. "It's pa's cow. He won't care." OHIO Listener frisingj: Is Miss Laurie rie I'd lay me down and dee. Listerner Qrisingj: Is Miss Laurie in the audience, please? George Brothers TAILORS 2126 Tulare Street 403 North H Street Phone 2-2107 ELKS BUILDING FRESNO PRODUCERS COTTON OIL COMPANY FRESNO , If Manufacturers of Cottonseed Cake - Cottonseed Oil - Cotton Linters I I 5- Nm- D A W' -4425 1, -Lf"'S-.-'x,-4:'fl'- HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL . . . Life is largely what it is today . . . An age of beauty, convenience and leisure. Because of the people who have con- trived to make it so . . . Those resourceful heroes of scientific history who have contributed the best of their genius to a better civilization . . . and as a conse- quence of their research and labor we are able to offer to you a distinguished variety of Electrical Appliances . . . of ! in the finest makes available for your house- hold ..... Mwllilllllln ' f 555 VAIALDY . V IICTRICAI m u sunpnv . N I ll I g 4 Q I 4 A 'hw mm 1:0 I MUKNANDISIN6 DIVISION Ol' SAN JOAQUIN POW!! ,......... . 1 . . .....,....,..,.I,,.. Personal Contact A FEATURE IN Good Banking . . . ALWAYS AVAILABLE I I WITH THE OFFICERS HERE . . . ' ' HF' I-X-I 'A Sb FIRST NATIONAL BANK ' I N F R E S N O N FRESNO ' CALIF. .X Hlfzdepefzdealt and Home Owned" is . x bg x fx -I-'S-+ .-f --,.,N,A HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL x X xg' 5-X . 1 I 68,8 Sv", 9 Q Of Q fan IHJI ,Qqgax lxmlll Xu . ,wil qQ,,h?,,wu4r,1'r"'1 " ,Ml Another Product OF the A wife old owl rat in an oak, HUME PRINTING -.- -1- AND LITI-IOGIQAPI-I CO. 2I26 Merced Street F - R - E - S - N - O The more he heard, the more he thought about insuring with Leas Insurance Agency Frank L. Adams Speed B. Leas 203 Griffith-McKenzie Bldg. Telephone 2-331 5 FRESNO Are YOU Falling Behind in your studies? Is it a tremendous S peed- Winheld Carburetors Perfect Ignition Safety- 2' effort for you to study or read for a N0f1'SC0fC Bf2lkF I-ifliflg 4' reasonable length of time? Adlllsfed Headllghw 4 2 Comfort- It May Be Y0141' Eyes Lovejoy Duodraulics , 4 l ' Hydraulic Shock Service Come in at any time and let me give 41 them a thorough examination which DAVENPORT-S gg, I extend to you without charge. ' El6Ctf1C Laboratories, Inc. 1 ' A. 1422 Van Ness Fresno fl Optometrist The H0012 vi I Radin SL Kamp Exide Long-Life Batterier 2 I f ,b,.,-.x,,,,.!X. ERESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL F L U N K E D I1f'.r Your Eyer! Earl couldn't make the grade. Studying was such a strain that he cou1dn't do much home-work. Didn't realize the cause. When he flunked he made it a point to find out! His eyes! He isn't going to flunk this year. If your eyes tire when reading have them exam- ined. No charge for this service by our system. :3:5:f:f:3 .-:3:f:-:I:!:Iy.- :g:g,f- "?:Q:f:Q:f:f:f:f:f.25252151 :-' 1.-:azsr-:rx- '-:-:-:-:- : ' ' " ' 'l.Q.Q.Q.. , ,s:,,. --at -1 1-ss-1 mt "+d:i5:..1"'. ' ..... ., 5 X w is B g Q if , f 3: s... 9' a s f .3. "'1:5'3'.s ....... .. ..... PYOSFCSSWC Ovliwl SYSlem 1 0 3 2 Fulton Mabel got a marriage proposal over the telephone-but the man had the wrong number. GUS Young Lady: Exercise and diet! I thought you would advise something far more interesting-er-a slight op- eration or something of the sort. GHG "I wish to be excused," said a wor- ried looking juryman to the judge. "I owe a sum of money to a man who is now leaving for England to be gone for a long time. I want to pay him before he gets away on the boatf' "You are excused," said the judge. "I don't want anyone on the jury who can lie like that." Your Summer Opportunity Make this Summer Count More and more young people are deciding to take advantage of the summer vacation months by enrolling for a business course. Some do it as sort of a "finishing course" to their high school training. Others take up business training so they can help earn I their way through the University beginning in the fall. Still I others decide on business training as preparation for their life work and make a three months' start by beginning their training . in summer. Whatever your present plan may be, we believe you will want to know more about our Summer Term. r Write or telephone today for complete information-it will be sent promptly and without obligation. N . . . I Central California Commercial College W Fresno and L Streets FRESNO, CALIFORNIA K U I -'H' ,,5N..,,5!., PRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL Slocum Arms Co. C33 Athletic Goods JE we 1044 Broadway F n HIESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL RADIOLA SPECIALISTS T Fulton St. The New Goodfellows Grill SL Coffee Shop The Mart Popular Eating Home in Fremo Phone 2-6715 1026 Broadway Clean Environment Good Food Quick Service "Three Store! lo Cater If your 1L'dlIf.l'H Cfilherfs D E HIGH SCHOOL STORES r' BZNTIET I IPS 1900 Echo 1940 Echo 507-508 Rowell Bldg. College Store Phone 2-6411 Fresno, Calif. 1111 Weldon up SERVING FRESNO gv X K A X l N555 N1 zu X 5 e x A O Q ' f EASY-K - TRADE MARK REGIS Jersey Farm Dairy for Thirty Years I The MILK with more CREAM, f' F K x N 1820 Tuolumne Street Phone 2-4121 k ess We l x wx K 4' X 'M A slf 0 Q ,f Z'-Q ...Gi,,N, IRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL SEED STORE , ' Hosss PARSQLJ'- i' SEED ATEPIA TS Enjoy your meals at the New- PLEASANTON CAFE 86 COFFEE SHOPPE 1015 Broadway Phone 2-5815 "Everything for the I-Iomew Montgomery-Ward 8: Co. EAT AT The LIBERTY CAFE 921 Van Ness PHONE 2-8611 FRESNO ' Q "Ar Ye Sow YI 7 N NN 5-girl' Sn Shall . Ye Reap" Whether in school, in business or in life, you will find reciprocity generally practical G. M. WILLIAMS 86 SON Cwzzzlzelriaf Prinlerf 1215 M Street FRESNO 1, me lm il hlllflflllill xv ith 1,4 Q' W 1 I 2 1, llllll llllll 'if Z , 1 I flf I 2 - 4f -X,.rl1'bg- l PRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL WATERMAN FOUNTAIN PENS Make an Ideal GRADUATION GIFT We will allow you a credit in exchange for your old Water- man Pen. C. H. STAPLES 1940 Mariposa Street Kate Parsons Georgia Chase Boucher Member of Florirls' Telegraph Delivery Arroeialian -gg 'Ecguc HER-v ow Flowers for all occasions Telephone 2-8212 2025 Tulare Street Nite Phones, 2-6062 - 2-9475 FRESNO Know the thrill of llae NEW ,353 -f -. I ' e GENERAL DUAL BALLOON QW' 'A " Telephmm: . Orme 2-0428 Safety at any speed U FLORIST Residence 2-8583 . ,:-U? E ' rr U- ,O FLORAL DESIGNS ' for all oecafionr 1867 Van Ness, At Divisadero FRESNO r,lf?.A.2 NOODLES CI-IOP SUEY GENERAL TIRE CO. of FRESNO Fresno's Leading Tire Store Free Road Service Phone 3-6274 THE CHINA CAFE Delicious and Appetizing CHINESE DISHES Special Luncheon and Dinner Mena Claangea' Daily Dancing Every Night 1256 Fulton Street Fresno, Calif. 14 .14 l-x..sf- .1-'N-lv rl' r . 1:5 tb , K K X IRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL INSIST ON HAVING Velvet Ice Cream "The Flower of the Valley" 1VIa1zflfacf1n'euf SAVE S10 and get EXTRA PANTS FREE HENRY ,DERMER For Gradzzation WHITE FLANNEL PANTS 4941.1 by With or Without Stripes VELVET ICE CREAM CO. . Ben Epstem 86 Son 1950 Broadway Phone 2-3166 1930 Mariposa Street u R L.!f 0 N. NIELSEN my' , ,,a 4 QP qi? jeweler bleu?" ms-5.,.,-:-5- I -r- LOGAN AUTO CO 1528 Broadway WE EAT OUR HAMBURGERS at the CORY BLDG. O L I V E I N N CORNER FULTON AND FRESNO STREETS JACK DEADY 1138 N. Van Ness Phone 3 2846 W IW! ,, 1 at J-1 an ,-ff 49? ' 1 I I I 1 ' 1 ' D X XL -if'Sv 'Sz-lsrx' HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL Nearly a half century of service to Fresno and the people of the Valleya... GENERAL HARDWARE - PLUMBING - PAINTS - TINNING - HEAT- ING - HOUSEHOLD GOODS - SPORTING GOODS - REFRIGERATORS STOVES L rnssfvo ' gig Qn.urf.Q1,f5y0f1ApQa The 0111 y Frezzrla Cleafzelr eeieae eee 5 P Gm 1AfCf21Jh17onabIr:J'. The confidence that the people of Fresno have always placed in us was not granted lightly. Only years of un- swerving adherence to a policy of fair and reasonable prices, thorough de- pendability, service of the highest order and merchandise that has been of irreproachable quality, have earned this good will and faith. The public has favored this shop with its patron- age because it has ALWAYS found it dependable . . . and this alone accounts for our growth. BRUCKNERQ9. in llae Valley- I U T 15.3 PARISIAN CLEANERS AND DYERS J. B. LAMOURE 803 G Street Telephone 3-6149 FRESNO, CALIF. I Jef, af 3 IIRESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL The Ford EQHEERHD IS THE OUTSTANDING FAVORITE WITH STUDENTS EVERYWHERE Hansen E6 Thompson Authorized F 0 rd Dealerf FRESNO SMART SPORT SHOES FOR scHooL WEAR Complimentf of the 35.85 to 358.50 MURRAY ICE CREAM 14-41 Mb. 2 ,0 , S Co. R-NEEEZ E R ' F1'em0'J N eweft Induftry White and other combinations of colors and materials in , several sizes SUPER QUALITY A ICE CREAM i u N E WHITE on THREE STORES ff 918 Fulton . . . 1937 Mariposa 1-75 Fulton phone 3-1160 1250 Fulton I I ' -Shih N. asf 3 1- -i,t-,xr-,..'3fX.. HZESNO HIGH SCHOOL OWL HUMAN 56 CO Sporting -:- Outing - Athletic Goods -- Mariposa and Van Ness Two Entrances 4 -fxikxf AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS . V if 1 . ,PfQf'fC75's XF! ., N3 Bug, Wag " ,ix Q X j gg fy Xi N' xi NJ- v. ,li wax 4- J 's if xi :E Q , 2 2 f ilk. .K W w Finis... Now the tale if all hut ended Ended with the moon of leaoef. Onward move we-heady uplifted Onward .failing-now exnltin g With the light of proven friendfhip With the Jtar of high endeavour. Tarn we now from Jfenef helooed Turn we now from facey known To the Jtary heyond the nzargin Where the half-light rneetf the sea. Where the path leads we will follow X ...J .KK fx! 5-22,4 -1 7, 1. 5 tgp. ,-sf, L 4295 ??fat .. enf- p1..:.'2 -fr: .Li J. .., Len- 5 no 'H 52.-ff fin. 1 S' ,., t'. , si? 5 1.-M

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Fresno High School - Owl Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1909 Edition, Page 1


Fresno High School - Owl Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Fresno High School - Owl Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Fresno High School - Owl Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Fresno High School - Owl Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Fresno High School - Owl Yearbook (Fresno, CA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


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