French Settlement High School - Sauce Patate Yearbook (French Settlement, LA)

 - Class of 1973

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Ewfffffm six? ?g2i?f 5 5 vxji' B7 A ii L N X N K i Y Y a l a z 5 P P 1 4 4 ,- 1 1 1 Y 'f g4 w wf , , A , 7 iff -" ,w',w-Q fvff w f 1 5w1+, f?'p .. ' , - ,A m ' ' , ' . ' ' "N ' ' " '1 -3,3 g,ai,,:,wg:, Q,, f5qiQ91.M'Www-1-uwwfeMr12w'u'v ,---fu W 'wp 'wwf-. M A M if W K " "' .Ax "' Elf' ' ..,. --N "mmm Yignwnff 'V ' .9 P I 3 G- 'M , 2-709 A ,, , , 1, ,x R ,.MWu,,,. if ' E vs 452:19 f ff- ,. v M M. 1 K i n ' wg? '11, ,W - ' X, M. 4- ,,,,f ,- v 4 ' , , .V X ,M .w'T'f"" 'Lap ff' " ,.,4. 3 i The Sauce Paftate The Senior Class of French Settlement High School Wishes to Dedicate Their Yearbook to Dina Guitreau Lambert Parish Health Nurse BORN SEPT. 26, 1908 D EDJ L 3 9 A L A E -sf PrincipaI's Message STUDENTS: The 1973- 74 school year is beginning. This is an ideal time to stop and think about the past year and plan for the 1973-74 school year. Perhaps your grades in 1972-73 were not good enough for you to be promoted. If this is your condition, you need to resolve to do something about them. Ask yourself, "How was the 1972-73 school year with me?" lf your answer is, "I have had a very successful year," you are to be commended. If your answer is, "1 have not fared so Well, " you should look into the reasons why you have not fared so well. When you look back on the 1972-73 year and think of what it has been, "Don't you find that the year has been whatever you made of it?" 1 am reminded of a story that is told of a man who was thinking of moving into a new neighborhood. I-Ie saw an "Old Timer," a native of the neighborhood and in- quired, "What kind of people live here?" The "Old Timer" asked, "What kind were there where you come from?" The man stated that th unfriendly, and hard to get along with. The "Old Timer" then replied, "You will find them the same here." ey were selfish, uncooperative, Then a second man came by and made the same inquiry of the "Old Timer." The "Old Timer" asked "What kind of people lived in the neighborhood you come from?" The second man said that they were friendly, likable, agreeable, and help- ful. Then the "Old Timer" replied, "You 'll find them the same here." ZZ. fa? Yluaaaawa , M. B. Henderson, Principal MRS. MIGNONNE MARTIN First Grade MRS. JO ANN DICKERSON First Grade MRS. JEWEL WILLIE Fourth Grade MRS . ETHEL LOBELL Second Grade MRS. CAROLYN PICOU Fifth Grade MRS. NANCY AYDELL Third Grade MRS. ELOIS SYLVEST Sixth Grade EI Q .f .1 Q. 4 4 MRS. ROSE STEWART Seventh Grade DR. RALPH WILLIE Eighth Grade Ig '- f gf 1 ' u 'U PHOTO Noi Available , J ff' 0' MRS.WDYfUHNN Physical Education MRS. ELMELDA MILES Second Grade ff' 1 ,+- MR. RALPH AMAR Band 'f-. , X-Q f7 "Sm MRS. IDA MAE LAMBERT Special Education MRS . BETTY GILL Home Economics MRS . SHELBY IUNG English and Speech " 4 xii, JT ASQ X 1 ' J'-' I ,V N ' 111 Q' , 'X ni? itil MR. WILLIAM GROUT in f ll' A gi sf' History 5 n 'gy MR. LIONEL BOLLINGER Science mg...-, ? MRS. ELMA MARTIN English MRS . HAZEL D1XON Busmess Educatlou MRS. GRACE GENERE Substitutes MR. MCCOY BERTHELOT Math MRS. DELORIS PATTON Librarian MRS. HAZEL KELLERR Substitute MR. GERALD KELLER Boy's Physical Education Seniors Scenes From Our Graduation ELVIS WILLIE eta Club-3 yrs.g Science Club-2 yrs.g Science air Award- '73, 1 IE HAZEL JACKSON Basketball-1 yr.g Softball- 1 yr.g Volleyball-1 yr. DONNA A . LAMBERT Senior Class Favorites Michael Halker Virginia Rushing BILLY AYDELL Basketball- 9th gradeg 4-H-3 years: Preside l0thg Speech Club- 12th Grade . RICKY BRIGNAC Science Clubg Scien Fair. B asketb all- 3 ye arsg tian Athletes. nt- RANDY AYDELL B asketb all- 4 years . I i id' , KATHY E. COLLINS Beta Club-2 yearsg ce FHA Club-2 yearsg FBLA Club-2 yearsg Copy Editor. DAVID EALY Member - Fellowship of Chris- iiifi "KW' "" . ,,.. CYNTHIA FONTENOT Treas. Jr. Classg Treas. Speech Clubg Beta Club-43 F.H.A.g Cheerleader. 23.5 CATHERINE GUITREAU Beta Club Rep.g Beta Club-3g Speech Club-lg Ir. Class Pres.g Sr. Class Rep.g Soph. V.-Pres. DONALD GUITREAU Basketball-1 yr.g Speech Club- 1 . DORIS HEBERT Band-35 FBLA-25 FBLA Pres.g Beta-lg Speech Clubg Speech Club Treas.g Manager Girls' B .g Class Treas. RONALD GUITREAU Basketball-45 Science Club-25 Speech Club CFCAJ . WILLIAM HEBERT 4 H Club 2 years Baud 2 years MARK LOBELL STEVE MCCARROL JOANN MCMORRIS FHA Club-2 yearsg FBLA Club-2 yearsg Copy Editor. DONNIE MARTIN Beta Club-3 yearsg Science Club-2 yearsg Science Award 73gBaI1d-2 1X2 years. MIKE HALKER Manager - B.ball-2 yearsg 4-H-3 years - Vice Pres- ident-l yearg Speech Club-1 year - Presidentg,Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes-1 yr.g Band-2 yearsg Science Club-1 year. AUBREY MARTINEZ ROBERT MATHERNE WILLIE MATHERNE Basketball-2 years. SYLVIA MATHERNE Basketball-3 yearsg Beta-44 yrs.g Beta Reporter-2 yrs.g FBLA-2 yrs.g FHA-2 yrs.g FHA Reporterg Pres. - Sr. Classg Most Valuable Player Awardg All Dis- trict Awardg Best Defense Awardg Miss EBLAg News- paper Awardg Band-2 yrs.g Ir. Class Reporterg FBLA Reporterg Assistant Editor of Paper in Junior yearg Editor of Paper in Senioryear. TOMMY MITCHELL FBLA-2g FHA Beaug Speech Club-Ig FCAQ 4-H-2 yrs. Pres.g Science Club-lg School Basketball-4. VIRGINIA RUSHING I Beta Club-4g FHA-23 FHA Treas.g ketball-4g Capt. Basketball Sr. lily isis M New spaper- 29 NORM FHA-3 Tour. A JEAN PAYTON yrs.g Volleyball FHA Pres .g B as- tx X No Photo AVAILABLE No Phovo AVAILABLE 'Ay ', i, Q BARBARA ANN ,Qu YQUNGBLOOD 'H FHA-QQ Christmas Play ELLIE SALASSI FHA-lg FBLA-2g Speech-lg Sec. and Treas. Speech Clubg V.-Pres. Jr. Classg Copy Ed. of Roaring Lions 2 yrs. . LISA SIMONEAUX 4-H-2 yrs.g FHA-3 SANDRA VICKNAIR yrs.g FBLA-2 yrs., 4-H-2 yearsg FHA-3 Copy Editorg Speech yearsg FBLA-2 years, Club-l yr.g Beta-3 Copy Editorg Speech yrs.g Sec. - Sr. Classg Club-l yearfReporterJ Reporter FBLA . 5 1 s it ARLIN WELLS DEBBIE MARCHAND FBLA-I yr.g Speech Club-1 yr.g FHA-2 yrs.g Jr. Achievement- 2 yrs. CHARLES RICHARD SCHAUBHUT Industrial Arts-2 yrs.g Boys' Chorus-2 yrs.g 9th Grade Class Treas.g Science Club-1 yr.g Speech Club-1 yr. - Pres. and Vice Pres.g FBLA Clubg Mr. FBLAg Sr. Class Vice Pres.g Mr. French Settlementg Cutestg Most Likely to Succeed. 11th Grade Class Favorites Theresa Aldridge Danny Aydell 11th Grade Theresa A ldridge Michael Aydell Lauris Ackerman Carole Aydell Danny Aydell Terri Lynn Aydell Nona Berthelot Kerry Brignac mu K iafi. Cynthia Dc-:lniore Dinah Fontenot Dale Cambre Arthur Copes ..l ., Donald Holden Dewanna Hill E. iq Stanley Dupuy Raymond Guitreau Elton Ladner Junior Lambert Andy Little Vivian Mosby Debbie Lobell Phyllis Martin Timey Martin Kurt Matherne Donald Playton Leon Murphy Kent Parker Karen Walker Ronald Williams Leon Thomas Millie Perry Basketball Game Scenes Class Favorites Rhonda Smith Frankie Vicknair MQ? X XX xx X Xxx n: iss Tenth Debbie Averett Billy Aydell Sidney Brown Dewane Dillon Anita Edwards' Wilhamena Etheidge Donald Fontenot Cindy Gill Alfred Guitreau Wanda Guitreau Rhonda Harrell Daralyn Hill Tenth Grade il SQ -' .1 . 5 I ,ki,i T, Y-vV 'VA I h A - . , X . 5" ,J I Xixymlgg 'U I god- l'5'XEff5s H I MI? X. X -4. 4 .-.- --5 MYXX3X?,? L 1.-,D Tenth Mark Ledoux Cheryl Leteff Patsy Lodell Mark Matherne Rhonda Matherne Debra McCarrol Michael Salassi Rhonda Smith Douglas Thornton John Dale Vecknair Delories Waldrop Patsy Warts Frankie Vicknair Scenes of 1973-74 School Year r 5 ,, .WM 2: M i, -3 w ,- 1-,4-gel-:sw ' ,n "' "'N V , N f f-we .TM ,.,, , 4, , , ,, ,,,, ,, I ,- ' X M ,,,, -ew A 4- , ' 1 NN fm e 1 e za. "T T V x 3351-Qifxfgfw-s ,,,,,. ,., ,,,, . ,,,, 1 -fem. --'Www W. 1fS'f.w '- ,,,,,,, 'E ,. A Q - -fi we -- .. ' eeqe , Q e ' 'L ' -N, , ,,N,, , 4' .. 4,ee Q ,,..,ee if f 445' iyfw-,fflialif fm 1 if I , W? , ..,,, .un ,f W 're W 3 J. , 4 W,1. 2 i i L 5 5 I Q A 521' , 6 as 2 53 Q .. vfmggf Ze: ' -V eeeeeeee ee e, 1 Q2 H -fl e ,Wu 'FY' W ma WX Q5 Pu 1 H g KH, r w ,Q Ng 2 ., 2 f 5, is P M QQ ' H Q " 1 , 2 we 41, 13 fb g av W 41 1 1 1 f , I j 1 W f E, f f . if wg, L , ,gi in HC 5 EQ if 2 " 1, ,M 1 fi iff? L 44 fi - iff gg f 2' M33 ... I fr Sa, I . I 5 E34 f e j , L 6 U lj v2 . ,lf f W1 1 If ug g 'a Mfg: f J, 5 ,PE fm 55 I Q55 1 . HW ,Q my f f f 13 2 . x f-.. ' iffy Am e s ,.-. ,. f ff-Q. . . e WEN M y. Lx, .V , V My .,.ee,:,: K Q, .e.., , 'k,..e-' i 'f-'f ,Lg i 'Kk,k i r 5 ,. 1 EW ff' M- Freshman Class Favorites Vicki Buratt Dudley Hardy xi Iv gre, i ur f Nor i swovm Qigjggjx fy if fo 2 1 J 9? W c Nt Ll- Lisa Ackerman Donnie Adams Kim Aydell Louis Aydell Tommy Brown William Ethridge Perry Guitreau Johnny Halker Dudley Hardy Danny Hughes Charolette Lambert Royce Lobell Faith Major Don McCarrol Inita Melton Beverly Perry Joey S arvis Debbie S chexnaider Ricky T aylor G ail W aldrop David Watts Li ol my fu? DLI- L S Q-.:...' f sz. ' 1 . FQ i wff, ill Sandra Andrews Mary Aydell Toni Bostwick Vickie Burratt Hope Cambre North C ambre Jerri Dernars James Deslatte Tommy Ferguson Peggy Goings Patricia Guitreau Rita Guitreau Cheryl Holden Matilda Lambert Denise Ledoux Nancy Loflin Sheila McDonald Karen Mitchell Helen Petho Faith Picou Terry Smith Cynthia Watts James Watts Paula Williams f . . J Linnette Wise Patricia Ziegler Eighth Grade Class Favorites ABOVE leanette Williams Craig Duhe Ross Ethridge Starlene Bouche Dale Berthelot Micheal Adams Starline Bouche Dewanda Dalgo Douglas Dalgo Larry Devall Emelda Donahue Ross Ethridge David Guitreau Rodney Guitreau Kendall Hill Bryan Laiche Sandra Levy Warren Lobell Gordon Lobell Bobby Joe McMorr1s Bobbie Mosby Connie Randall Lois Simpson Lorna Simoneaux Joseph Thompson Ricky Waldrop Gregory Walker Curtis Watts Earl Watts Gail Watts Henry Youngblood Greg McMorris Wanda Willie -nr' may CWM Frankie Avants Tommy Berthelot Alycia Cambre Craig Duhe Michael Fontenot Phyllis Guitreau Renita Harrell Peggy Hughes Lynn Ledoux Rhonda Leteff Trina Matherne Rhonda Melton Claudia Mitchell Tim Sarvis lanell Taylor Karen Taylor Otis Taylor Melanie Tullier Billy Watts Paula Watts Randall Watts Jeannette Williams Robin Copes -as UPI: if Q1 xg 'Pl la 7 f S 5 Seventh Class Favorites lulie Loflin Henry Aydell, lr. Aaron Adams Deborah Aime Joey Averett Violet Averett Henry Aydell Ritchie Aydell Brett Bostwick Rudy Bouche Gary Brooks Tracy Brown Annette Carnbre Wyman Craig Keith Dixon Lydia Eswards Marcia Edwards Peter Euggino Bonita Gill Tammy Hall Calvin Hebert Tammy Holden Bobby Little Susan Lobell Angie Loflin Julie Loflin Byron McMorris Tammy McMorris Bonnie Marchand Patty Marchand Cynthia Martin Dale Martin Tim Martin John Meadows Patrick Meyers Timothy Mosby Jimmy Robertson Leah Simoneaux Dale Watts Ricky Wheat David Whittington Kahne Willie Marvin Wise Cynthia Youngblood ilffzzi 'f fix ' if H-Adff ',-- ayfawgp:sg,qw,:fy,WQWQ,W,,,1,W Am.. WW .,,,,.,,,..,,,, . ., W,,.,,,,,,.,, JL ffWfffff55iiiiZ?Ei5fEIQE-255.25 g 4: 4 A X ..f,,,,,,!X.Tm,..,.2, Guess Who N. , ,.... Sixth Class Favorites a Lonnie Keller Carole Matherne Cindy Avants Mark Avants Jeffrey Aydell Laquita Berthelot Rocky Brown Valerie Brown Tony Devalle Lauren Euggins Edward Gore Marlan Guitreau Perry Guitreau Carla Hardy Bobbette Holland Earl Hutchinson Shirley Hutchinson Ruben Keller Ricky Laiche David Lambert U ' -Q6 j ,li .f X gif- Chester Leteff Carol Matherne Lisa McDonald Gary McMorris Renee Melton Dennis Mims Monte Morris Shelly Parker Robert Perry Curt Petho Andy Picou Chris Robertson Donna Robertson Ronald Sarvis Natalie Scivicque Douglas Sinor Linda Taylor Rhonda Waldrop ,.., u""7M IE L "Little Buddies," Wade, Faye, Brent, Gretchen, Shannon, Sharon. Busy Little Buddies . "Little Buddies," Troy, Dana, Sandra Amy, Michelle, and Sherri. Part of 73-'74 French Class. Fifth Class Favorites Stacey Cambre Steve Mims QQ' ww 'M Na E v x is- s S , X JJ, -'5' I-, - I if -. Dfw xX 7:2 W S931 A' 'lg .1-tx 't Jia' l A Fifth Grade Teri Ackerman Kelly Adams Sharon Avants sheiia Aydell Teri Lynne Aydell Ava Berthelot David Bouche Peggy Bouche Fabian Brignac Stacey Cambre Tammy Demars Keith Gabriel Debra Hall Lonnie Hebert Carl Holland Tresa Hutchinson Herschel Ingram Rudy Jones Winona Laiche Dione Ledoux Monica Levy Stacey Little Flfth Grade Todd Lobell Betty Matherne Thersa Matherne Herbert McMorris Steve Mims Jeanie Palmer Cynthia Payton Bruce Robertson Jamie Searles Kirk Simoneaux Marianne Smith Darlene Sparacino Sibyle T aylor Renee Turner Karen Vicknair Melissa Vicknair Penny Vicknair Lee Watts Russell Watts Kenneth Youngblood Toni Youngblood ..vv'1L f"-1, 4 M 'O ' 1 ffzvf ! f J ll y ii at H is 33" f rf. I 1 "Happy Buddies," Dwayne, Heidi, Stacey, Jim, Lorena, and Chad. fe, . .S 1'. Iii 1-mx..-. nz 1, "Happy Buddies," Craig, Steven, Bonnie Tarnmie, Richard, John and Don. I 5 5 FA .1 SEIQ, i A Q 35 .. J' .... fl .W Q ',9j.:i'g'- , " Q , ' H i Q Am , . 2 - d if ,,., V .,. . ,,... . f 35 oolo i i'oo Qy, Q i 'ino Q oioi he gin Q' if . . . E M y Q 3 E ,N Semors at than Cake Bmgo ' P ,oo ..., iiii i N iw : H 4th Grade Class Favorites Debra Tullier Lee Willie W1 'ix '-x Ml X "wal, ml - Roland Armstrong Danette Aydell Deanna Aydell Terri Barber Glenda Berthelot Robbei Berthelot Dev an Dalgo Robin Dawsey Ruth Gore John Hebert Gervais Guitreau Sonya Hill Bobby Ingram Troy Keller Redonna McMorris Douglas Murphy Steve Retho Natalie Roddy Karen Roland Leslie Simoneaux Patsy Taylor Debra Tullier Lisa T ullier Carla Vicknair Micheal Visger Lee Willie Rebecca Waldrop Terry Youngblood Third Grade Class Favorites Paul Aydell - Chantelle Matherne Third Grade Gerald Aime Randy Aime Dawn Aydell Paul Aydell Lisa Berthelot Dona Brignac Duane Cambre T arnmy Crotwell G lend a Ealy Reggi Ethridge Troy Favaron Allyson Felder Melissa Frlkins J ami Fontenot X X S K Andrea Taylor Calvin Watts Third Grade Melissa Gardner Stephen Gill Angela Hendricks Donald Hutchinson Andrea Irvin Kellye Jones Chantelle Matherne Jimmy Parks Eugene Perry Michael Picou Lisa Roddy Tina Simoneaux Tisa Carber Robert Murphy Pam Keller Bobby Gill Second Class Favorites James Baldwin Glenda Barlow Melissa Brignac Joey Ellis Bruce Gabriel Bobby Gill Kenneth Hutchinson Pam Keller J arnie Koepke Dave Lambert Kurt Matherne Wanda Murphy Lauren Simoneaux Danny Sparacino Jim Turner Kenneth Vicknair Robin Waldrop Ellis Willie Sharon Youngblood Westly Youngblood Lorrie Aydell Tonya Berthelot Tisa Carber Gerald Dencausse Zonia Ealy Ronald Gabriel Barry Hardy Kenny Hardy Sherrie Jones Lezlie lung Kim Lambert G ail Leteff John Meyers Doris Mosby Robert Murphy Louis Palmer Mark Patton Tracy Roddy Brady Smiley Monica Tullier Herman Vicknair Andrew Zeigler Sandra I-Ieebertt V nw 'Jr X, M .., A wwf ' v w il.: , J,-,,.',g,w,gg::yg+ :W k ,,,5,gf,,3,g .53m,,:::z,f1f1ffff A 1 4 1: W1 1-- Q? Q ' , . S 2? W . " .L V' 4 5 , Wa f W: fi f l l 3 M Q ,W if 5 M y M, ,, ., M , f ,, 39- ,, nr f if , I A-- A Ay Wailea 5 1 , , .2 1 6. H Z A H Z ollwf- Music! Music! Music!! at Buddy Day ,Iggy k--,,., 75, . i if ,V'. , 53:12, : 'fu' I' A nib me First Grade Class Favorites loella Villar joe Murphy Rhonda Watson Gregg Murphy wx 5 , ?5 S J .ar 49 Z4 Eb W First Grade Harold Avants Albert Baham Dana Berthelot Jamie Crotwell Darla DeLaune Patrice Ealy Ginger Felder Marie Guiteau Alphonse Hendricks Reece Holden Kelly Holland Juanita Lucarino Yolanda Martin Richard Watts Joe Murphy Jerri Parks Chris Picou Belinda Schexnaider John Starks Joelle Villar Bonnie Yargus First Grade Tammie Aime Warren Armstrong Troy Aydell Kimberly Berthelot Kerry Brown Kim Dawsey Joy Lynn Gordon Kay Keller Margie Lambert David Ledoux G ary Little Bridget Lobell T anya Marcell Gregg Murphy Brenda Page Sonya Palmer Charles Richards Lawrence Richards Missy Simoneaux Jerry Templet Michelle T ullier Rhonda Watson Kendra Ealy E :5 295- Q ic AM k. i p i Special Education Class Favorites Valerie Dencausse Sherman Payton E "tn 3- 1 rp X lf CL . fl Y 5. 'Y :- n ygf 4 : .:- ' I '-L: 5 , . i .Nh Quill Special Education Charlotte Avants Hazel Avants Valerie Dencausse Wanda Ethridge B arry G abriel Jerry Holden Marlon Irvin Donna Keller Rodney Levy Christine Murphy Kelvin Murphy Sherman Payton Warren I oe Watts Y r ward I .f,,,:y,.fwf1w . , ' K. 57: ..,, ilM,4.3,,5c,,.m.s,,,,, ,. , ,, ., r ' i,r,,,,,r ' V H l f "" E 1 ..,. 5 fr ffr I I A w ,,,.. .,,,.,, K I 'f f ffS2!iS,f ' ' F 'fir i 1 L r',1,y254'y f , ,QQ fl-fSfZ'sg"1Qj'4fWf4fi r xfQesszw?! 1 r " 4 1, ,WML r was if Eff? 5 If wr' I A' ,Ma r .Q Z fa A QA 734 fr , f " 6 , g- " ' ' "fJiBEf.:f,f52iiE.::,,?"' f,,,wfwf1" " DICKIE SCHAUBERT American Legion Award CATHERINE GUITREAU A.L.A. Donnie Martin receives the Masonic Award from Dr. Willie. These Awards Were Made on Graduation ight May 7, 1973 R 1. Q DORIS HEBERT Congressional Medal of Honor Miss Phyllis Martin Miss French Settlement 1972-73 S Q . ,L 3 I. Mr. Dickie Schaubhut Mr. French Settlement 1972-73 MISS KAREN WALKER, lst Runner-up QUEEN AND HER PARTY, Left to right: Karen Walker, Sylvia Matherne, Cynthia Eontenot, Carole Aydell, Phyllis Martin, and Ellie Salassi. 2nd Runner- up MISS ELLIE SALASSI 3rd Runner- up MISS CAROLE AYDELL F? f 'A2Qg,ffffW,?tg, y' K , , , ff . . 'gf ' .A ,..,. if g,,gff,,f -,,-,,f4 , m mm"' , 'MIK - 4 WgM:3Zii'5jff"W , 'W' 5 5- gb Y Mmm, W, , 5 , H 5 B s 552 I 3 A if ' 5,3 E s 5 i E f 1 Q gt , . Q , is le J s Miss Starline Bouche lr. Miss French Settlement lst Runner-up, MISS CINDY GILL QUEEN AND HER PARTY, Back row: Rita Guitreau, Faith Picou, Pasty Watts. Middle row: Delores Waldrop, Char- lotte Lambert, Lisa Ackerman. Front row: Debra McCarrol, Sterline Bouche, Cindy Gill. ijif' Q I I , I sg s 2nd Runner- up DEBRA MCCARROL lst Runner-up CHARLOTTE LAMBERT Pre-Teen Miss French Settlement Miss Natile Scivique lst Runner-up, LAQUITA BERTHELOT QUEEN AND HER PARTY, Back tow: Bonita Gill, Angie Loflin, Susan Lobell, Shelia McDonald, Cynthia Youngblood. Front: Shelley Parker, Valeria Brown, Laquita Berthelot, Natalie Scivivque --mwlhkrm -U rrrt ln sk f' Qw-Q Q ,,s N r -4 I 4 Q 'B H U lg 'th' or QZ '?5f1 lf ? ,Q f S at N N Y? XX 'QSYB . if Q. +r9".t 3, g 4 FY? X R X A wi, rg J . M K si -fl N 1 Snr " a ft . an Q -in MM 5 Y " 4.-i 'fr u ix . W .t ,w 1 yr ffgf 5 1 1 , .,. i I 4, i Q R K .f fr qw F ' 5 an my A is X' xx. lb gr we Q 33 r' it r K 4 1 SX Q af sur 'EEE Q IEA A rr M Q r , Q K r i 1 A f at E'-ek 5 N Y a X 1 fr? N 55 NNN 3 X Ni. 2 E - in WT: V ' +,,Ri-iiiz I - if A Q s V 5 2 Q If fu J 1 s It s- ! S I' tw A f-l, ' 1 if ,rf V 2 A V 11:- 5 rr f tert A trtt E g uts, .Six ' If " gm X , 1 -E t I xnx x , Y....,,i,i A .,,k X. "'A A' 5 A Je K ml .....,.. . s ,W f 2nd Runner-up: SHELIA MCDONALD 3rd Runner-up: SHELLEY PARKER 'W 2 3 3 Miss Stacy Cambre Elementary Queen QWQWQWQXX 2nd Runner-up: TAMMY DEMARS QUEEN AND HER COURT SYBIL TAYLOR LISA TULLIER 1st Runner' up: Little Miss French Settlement Miss Lorrie Aydell K,,.:w lst Runner-up: 2nd Runner- up: 3rd Runner- up: LESLIE JUNG SHELIA WATSON GLENDA BARLOU QUEEN AND HER COURT I ,Q Pre-School Queen Shannon Savoy First Runner-up SHEILA WATSON PRE-SCHOOL BEAUTY CONTEVSVTANTS Second Runner- up Third Runner-up MICHELLE DEVALL HEIDI KELLER Miss Ellie Salassi Most Beautiful Miss Rhonda Harrell Runner-Up Most Beautiful l MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Dickie Schaubhut Phyllis Martin BEST DANCER Kurt Matherne Cindy Gill ,1 w:w...W.W ,. W SL W ' 5.5 TEACHER'S PEST Karen Walker TEACI-IER'S PET Jerry Demars BEST DRESSED Leon Thomas MOST PGPULAR Lauris Ackerman Karen Walker MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Donald Payton Karen Wa1ln2r BEST ALL AROUND Hope Cambre Donald Payton BEST DRESSED Hope Cambre MOST TALENTED Timey Martin Phyllis Martin CUTEST Dickie Schaubhut Lisa Ackerman BIGGEST FLIRT Tommy Mitchel Karen Walker MOST SCATTERBRAINED Cindy Gill MOST SCATTERBRAINED Ronnie Williams IR HIGH CUTEST Claudla MIICHC1 T1111 Martln IR. HIGH FRIENDLIEST Lynn Ledoux Billy Watts :H '-JP MOST COURTEOUS Lauris Ackerman Cynthia Fontenot MOST BASHFUL Sandra Andrews Not shown: Elvis Willie -Q., JR. HIGH TEACHEPCS PET Cindy Martin TEACHER'S PEST Dale Berthelot BEST ATHLETE Donald Payton Virginia Rushing FRIENDLIEST Timmy Martin Virginia Rushing NSE WEN JUNIOR HIGH MOST POPULAR Mr. Timey Sarvis Miss Alycia Cambre JUNIOR HIGH MOST HANDSOME Mr . Timey Martin Cheerleaders 91 CHEERLEADERS Alycia Cambre Carole Aydell Lisa Ackerman Karen Walker - Head Cindy Fontenot Claudia Mitchell Donna Keller Donna Keller - MASCOT Q French Settlement Girls' Basketball Team and Managers . .. H z - If ,. ,, , 1 - 'f -1. 1 ' fi . .,, V v 4 ,,,. ,..,, f A f fair? Q as 1 , r ' K , 1 ,. . ,- ,fn:5f,,w:ff1Wf:w - . W ijjfff "'-, ri: ' 1 ,' flfflf' f aj W ew f ,, c 1 L ,,.,,, ,rrs rara aaa,, , '- 1 ff-,, " ' -'L nf, Z , fm' ' ' 'rw f , s"" fi ,112 .wzfylif fir ' K"A" W , fl. is Y f Y A V q i' A 1 "w' . I 1 .. .1 J Arm. .- 4124. as V-' ,Nl f-,-, rf -.,, ,at I ff , . -fi mm'.nf'mf 'ar' bg ' , A Z V' l-,, 1 W9 A ,, , - -- " . 2-1 - f- ,L : If . V , .L - 1,5 -,N -,-v w ,, ,V -nfnffyf. ,, ','. Mg, if arf'-" s, -1,453 fx? 1 i X f"ffa:a?f4ffff?f5 K " 'f '. y ',-, L J 'A ' - '-', Q". I L, , ,. -I -. .ff . , fl, Q x f mf! M.1,,zQ Q ,'-,f f f,,, z,i,,,f:Wm ,g,, ., f.,,', -fm: , '-nf, -W , 3 I , , 1,4 f sf :W fi H - f ?: ,ff'fs:ff3 'I "" " "'f Epffivfff Iwi? l ' ,.V,.V ,.'-' H I 6 . H r.,, f-', f"- , ,, '- 1 ' f ' l"' f l"ll H , ,-., "-" I l ' - . , ' ' ' -,,. - 5 H , Vsi' VE" - L I 2 r 'rls ,- ..'. 1 s,.s, , , ' K 1 r 5 r f f gf W ' ,,.,, .,,,. ' ' ' L i W"l' r 5 rr.s t's' r t e T H ,. .k,. ,-,,. K ' ' , ' 'f"' " "" " ,"," " ,,t, "'- N , 5 f. Q f .s'- H ' ,V "-r', ,,.. , ','s ' 'k" i . ' K if ,, '.ff' ffs,, ."' i Seniors Who Participated in the Athletic Ifrograrp Boys' Scorekeeper and Manager LIONEL BOLLINGER ARTHUR COPES I Q u 1 ! i E 2 e Pre-School l Fellowship of Christian Athletics l l I Speech Club French Settlement 4-H junior Club French Settlement Senior 4-H Club S V 1 French Settlement lunior Band French Settlement Senior Band French Settlement Chorus ,,-'W H. French Settlement Baton Twirlers SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS , Left to right: Doris Hebert, Lisa Simoneaux, Sylvia Matherne, Dickie Schaubhut, Catherine Guitreau. Senior Class of 1973 Admiring Pictures IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pres. Phyllis Martin V. Pres. Theresa Aldridge Sec. Nona Berthelot Treas. Karen Walker Parl. Lauris Ackerman Sponsor: Lionel Bollinger Scenes Around the Campus I? .. I i If S eniors counting votes Teachers on lunch break Mr. Sansing and Timey Martin Mrs. Martin and Mr. Berthelot e 1 109 O 6 6 iii?-Li, JA mimi Compliments of V. WATTS FURNITURE STORE 13. O. Box 41 1 Mile West of Livingston La Highway 190 Phone 686-2124 TAYLORS GROCERY M UF Frosi, Louisiana Phone 688-3234 Pleasing you keeps us in business BANK OF GONZALES Member F.D.l.C. Gonzales, La. FIFE'S INSURANCE AGENCY I I6 Eas'r Railroad S+ree+ a. Phone 644-3872 Comillmenfs LAM ENDOLA'S LANDRY.S SUPERMARKET Fine Foods Gonzales' La. Gonzales, La. COLONIAL DRIVE 'NN AAA BUILDERS SUPPLY HWY' 6' Gonzales Hardware-Plumbin 9 I Lumber 81 Millwood 1 W Ph: 686-2277 Ph: 686-2639 Livingsion, La. neo. u. s, ru, o f Complimen+s of R 8: B SUPERETTE BOURGEOIS BROTHER'S GRO. Hwy. 44 R u+e 4, Box 24 Gonzales, La. Black Bayou Road QUALITY FINANCE L II O d d M d Y w"'1,fn me sl-lEET's HARDWARE Sfefah FOfl'l'efl0'l' Duplessie 724 N. Burnside S+. La' 70728 Phone: 644-2 IOI Complimen+s of - JAMES DRUG STORE DR Denham Springs, La. Complimenfs of 'S me e su PERMARKET Complimem of Sorrenfo, La. Donald C. Roberf Open: 7-9, 7 days a week Gonzales, La. 70737 FIRST NATICDNAL BANK Gonzales, La. "The Bank of Convenience Sou'I'h Burnside Slreel' Phone 644-2 I43 Youre money x If 1 ' X f Complimen+s of Moonuel-IT INN L Q Dancing Every Sal. and Sun. , Music by B g r ip' Kool. No. 698-3340 - Owner: Bus 8: Elhel X' , ' "Where Good Friends Mee+" OLE COUNTRY STCRE Highway '90 Complimenfs of I mile wesl' of Livingsfon RICHARDSQNS "We sell every'I'hing" HARDWARE CO. INC. Wafches, Shoes, Boafs, Radios ponchamula Hammond' La Clo+hing Livings1'on Louisiana Iformerly Frances Fashionsl Galaries Gonzales Shopping X Cenfer I FOR WOMEN AND vounc WQMEN Phone H03-5099 Gonzales, La. CompIimen+s of BERTEAU'S PHARMACY Galeries Gonzales Shopping Cenfer ' Complimenfs of Com plimenfs of DAIGLE PONTIAC JULIEN I.eBI.ANC BUICK INC. P. O. Box 966 Gonzales, La. Gonzales, La. IYIHTIII Complimenfs Compllmenls SU NSH I N E STAI RWAY O of RECORD SHOP DEITSCH DORIS I.EE'S C-BROCERY BTY- SHOP non V, E. Thom.-,S Head of Island, La. Livingsmnl La Ups+airs CompIimen+s of Lincoln - Mercury Daison Hammond' La' SW Railroad Ave. 345' I 907 BERTHA'S BEAUTY EASTER'-Y.S BUNGALOW FURNITURE co. R+. 2, Box 8I Livingsion, La. Gonzales' La' J.W.'S MOBIL SERVICE DEAN'S CAFE HIQIIWGY I90 Livingsion' I-9' 24 Hour Wrecker Service Lunches, Shorr Orders John Deere Lawn and Garden Tracfors Owner: Cecil Edwards Phone: 675-8I I0 Phone - 686-9998 DIXIE ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORP. Supplying Power Where H"s Nice +o Live - A A+ Ra+es You Can Live Wi+h 5 3 7 S ZIV! MTWRF "Cramer" LIVINGSTON' BEAUTY SHOP IDA'S CAFE Sue Henderson - Owner Ida Hebert Prop' All Modern Hair S+yIing pod Vincent La. Complefe Beau+y Care Phone: 686-2633 Complimenis of WESTERN AUTO GONZALES ANIMAL Livings+on, La. Owner: Juluis Beregi O T I wner: ay or SNO'S SEAFOOD-STEAK LOUNGE James "Sno" Sheefs Hwy. 6I and 74 701 GOOD FOOD Gonzales, La. , - , W AQWZ X Phone: 644-2632 Jarman Ra d Compnmenfs campnmama of BOUDREAUX'S sl-loE M 81 B SHOE STGRE STORE G I i Gonzales 169 W. Pine S+. Ssoengpiis Cemer Poncha+oula, L Ph- 644-3544 G I L R d G C Complimen+s of STARKS GRO. PACK-N-GO Rus:-uNe's HARDWARE Elmo Delaune Jr. 77 622-I628 6 N. Airline Hwy. P Il G I DELTA CONCRETE CO. INC. Phone 665-6 I 03 Denham Springs Louisiana 'gh ,, Q 1' W ' ' ia T L L T , x ll '- P. O. BOX 786 DENHAM SPRINGS, LA. 70726 Lbsffa Uonczsfa fpzocfuafs UQ., Una. A. K. DURNIN Phone 644-4I 76 705 Florida Avenue Denham Springs, La. JONES MOTOR COMPANY Ponfiac Aufomobiies Farmall Traciors Sales and Service Denham Springs, Louisiana Compliments of S. J. CONTINE P O Box 248 Livingston, La. Phone: 686-9980 IYl1'TIrlI'.,. 6- 1 NN V X , SI BLEY 81 WATTS XTEXACO ACO X Q8 AUTO PARTS 8 ww Open 24 Hours "6" f L. . 9+ L .. Ph 686 2286 Compliment of GULFCO FINANCE Livings+on, La. Ph 686 22 I 3 GONZALES SPORT SHOP Spor'I'sman's Headquarfers I09 N. Cornervie Gonzale L Phone 644-2748 BU Complimenfs of OF GONZALES, INC. RALPH TUREAU Phone 644-5324 IO4 E. Railroad J. T. "Tom" Greene I IO W. Railroad Ave. Manager Gonzales, La. 70737 Gonzales- La- Complimenls of PHARMACY ALLEN'S RADIO 8: T.V Gonzales, La. Gonzales, La. 644-4464 STATE STATE FARM INSURANCE MRM AuI'o - Life - Fire Your Agenl' in Gonzales INSUR imc: RUSSELL L. BRIGNAC Phone 644-4 I 57 or 644-4I 5I Complimenfs of CompIimen+s of HENDERSON'S GROCERY On +he Baydi Barbary Rd. VAL'S MARINA "we sen a n++le an of R+- I BOX 3 I 7 Everyihmg Springfield, La. Phone 698-6269 CompIimen+s of CHARLIE'S GRO. CompIimenI's of LOBELL'S GROCERY 8: MARKET SeIec+ Groceries and M Ir + ar e+ Mea s Mrs. Ve,-die Picou Phone 698-2386 French Se'HIemen+, La. Maurepas, La. 41' c'9q. ' gw't:,..,,,, 'e, - ' - 1,1 Livings+on, Louisiana Complimenfs of MILLER'S AMOCO SERVICE STATION LIVINGSTON SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 2OI Range Avenue Denham Springs, Louisiana Phone 665-6 I 32 BIG G SUPERMARKET C0mPllme"lS of S 'nemo La. Open 7-9 MEDI-THRIFT DRUG 7 days a week 240 W. Pine Ponchaloula, L ELLIOTTS DEPARTMENT STORE AND GARAGE Gonzales' La' Livings+on, La. hone - P 686 2l26 686-7747 ?vw1cha4. Complimenls of Com limenfs , CAT FISH if Conflphmenls of FARM DAVE DELAURE'S GROCERY BOURGEOIS Gonzales, La. AUTO SALES R+. 34' Box 37 R+' 4' Box 27 Gonzales La Gonzales, La. ' ' Complimen+s of HAMMOND, BATON ROUGE BAL, YOUNG FAsHloNs, INC. ,A BRICK YARD I434-5 Nor+h Burnside S+ree+ Gonzales, La. 'mf 3 Hammond, La. 5-2.- GONZALES SPORT SHOP I 09 W. Cornerview Spor+sman's Heaclquarlers Gonzales, La. 70737 COMP LIMENTS OF ..4 gn!! ..,.y ir - 4.1-1-. '.. uznzn. ' ' --""""' .-.-'-'-:-:-:5:t-:-:-it-:-:-:-5: Y i H Aa:j,,,..--"""""' ,H V.,,..3.g:-125:Qi:2f2f2:Q:Q:?'E:Q:Z:2:f:F1E:Y:5:f:Zf2'3N A-rv f AAL V A.,-",,,,4nv.4.y . I 'Q . g.A:1:j:-.if-zfrf "':"'A" ..---""""""'....v..' T . -'55' - 3'i1i'f1f?ff'7'7:'. .mv 1-uvx.. . ..... I ...A Q. .- , - . .-ec-:A:"''5f"re'?ff5.f3flT:1:i:-'9'?7'5'-' -'+V' -:- -' - - ""1 p' ' ".-275111:-zv. -.'.-..:.j.j.j.1'.j. ..j.:" ". r. . " , ,, '1- ' . A ..,.' H'A " -. ,- '41, , . ' "VL-1-Ijljlj .I '3:3:'7"i-35" " i' fq"9' "-7.75. --.-:Ig 'hilif lztfz- 51527. 5 f .- "!2'1S"rf,, " -fi ':- s 31:5 -13"'E2-if ' li s21:5--s:g'if.T. - ,.q . ,:g" ., ,S'3"a- - 4 'T' -' ' ' ' "A"' -1-:-:-. ' ,231 .-,: -...Qw9- '- '- 3:- .-.-.-:-.-:'-:.:-:::-:,:-:-' 'g:- V .- ,-p-W 'g::::A1.1':-.-:Qt-'-.-:-'-2-2-I-' 12- .- '- ' 2 . - ---- 5AES:g:g13:3:g-'-t,.gg5:g'- " , G-Q25 ,ggi --.:.:gg:-:-sg:-5-:,:53:5r5.l:'j-iz, 1- .1 o-:yy-.q . 33, 3 5'3I'7 ' - -3"5'T'2:1:2'3'iT51l:2'373'5.-- 'T'-'55t'.7. -if: ':- 5.5: ' . 'V-C'43Q"59 11'-ifl"11:1.7"3.5:7:'l'7:3.'.'1-:-.-z- t"7 ' " " ' - , '51 '- ..:'g5.,:5:-'-zllgl,-!gfg5:1:k1:f.'' "2 1' '5:f,': 35' ' .- 1-'I'2:l ' '7.7:f:':1.43'i-i".5g3:":-:-:-.-. ' " , ' If as 1'4" I qzztgaagf '.t3:g::55L3.-3.-:.L .l .- '::Z1,:5Z...-. " .1-f"" ' - '- , 'g3g:::g2:lk 4:-.-'azz'-1-:'.A: :f.-:-':g.:f- ' -' ' ,,,...w-""""' " '1-1-1'W-'-2:!.'2I5'2'1.1:'t-'-S'-'T1':'1:'..:?'-1215.-4-Z' ' . I-I 1 I lf3?f:?iS51i?EiE2lf-ESAiglqiiiiizizfifl4.7.'a'.':2-112114-'--'-N .. vo-1-WW" W' M 5525. ' .g.gQ:'.-:-::w--vv-'-'- ---:arf-w'-f. .sf f "N ,,,...-,gm:.fa11'2"F??FfsF?s:sg::..-:-- . wsu we ,..v--',g,"I.lfM""" ' E1"'C,I:Li'-.'x'- . N.. ,,,..,",,,. , i , I bw" ,' 've- """' 3 6' ii ? ' Ngm gi ' LIVINGSTON STATE BANK 8: TRUST CO. Denham Springs, LQuisiana Walker Alba-HY, L01liSia11-3 Livingston, Louisiana C I' + 'F Complimenfs of omp 'men S O Q BUD 81 ANDY HILL TOP INN X BARBER SHOP Drinks-Ea+s N3 Diversion Canal 0 '57 W. Pino R+. I - Box 399-A Springfield, La. 70462 Complimenfs of Au+o Pdl'I'S and ACC6SOI'ieS "High Performance Inc," I90 AUTO SUPPLY 69 ,:g5.L I I20 Florida Blvd. W. 1 . Denham Springs, La. Ph. 665-2282 HILLS FEED STORE Highway I90, Livings+on, La. Ph. 686-23 I0 FEEDS Feed - Seed - Fer+iIizer You've Tried +he Res? 395+ Wishes from Now Try +he Besi' Visi+ JOHNSON FORD INC. MURPHY'S SEA FOODS FuII Service - Daily Car Ren+ Hi-Way Sl Nor+h Hammond, La. Ph. 345-9997 664'76I I Denham Springs CompIimen+s of Complimenfs of GUI-I-REAU.S BODY COMBINATION CLUB J. Amie, Prop. . Head of Island Pori Vmcenf, La. Phone 698-9389 Por+ Vincen+ CompIimenI's of CHARLES CAMBRE STOP AND SHOP I IEW f 3 :Satin -9.1-1 If in QXXIIXX La. Florida Ave. EXXON L. A. LARD OIL COMPANY INC. Florida Parishes OIdes+ PeI'roIeum Dis+ribu+ors Denham Springs, La CompIimen+s of LESLIE A. WILLIE Residen'I'iaI Building ConI'. No Job Too SmaII Or Too Large Phone 698-92 I 7 ' X 'X 'e k - : X, 'X . H '- '-,' 'C C Q fs ' fx so 5 1 1 gtk Q 1..lg"xI rf Sf I X l l W g ,', ,', PONCHATOULA --I FEED AND SEED STORE Your Checker Board Slore - in I-l Ponchafoula, Louisiana I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Complimenfs of WESTERN AUTO UNION BARBERS OF 2 I9 Range Ave. Denham Springs, La. I00 So. Burnside S+. Gonzales, La. Bl RGNAC'S . Compllmenfs of RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE - UNITED STATES Sp lizing in seafood, s'I'ealcs and fried chicken WHlTE'S AUTO STORE JANICE LeBLANC'S P. O. Box 607 ml-he S+Yle Shopn Gonzales, La. Gonzales, La. Phone 644-8932 Complimen+s of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. Hammond, La. A P IR CF WINNERS! GOLD GUER EY d QIIIMIBIEN I OL . QUEFINSEI I H :off Haw'--'I Rich and Delicious GURN- " OLD CXIiIg?TI'IIneG0,g -Z Ebfii PM MILK, ig' PaSf9U"Z ized HOm0Qen Low Fat and High in Protein ROY'S PHARMACY '-A55 WLLAGE HARDWARE Drugs - Prescripfions Sundries Sherwin-Williams Pain+s and Varnishes Phone 345-25 I 0 General Hardware Hammond La. Porl' Vincen+, La. Phone 698-2740 Complimenfs of GUITREAU'S CAFE 8: BAR Farm Equipmenf PEGGY BERCEGEAY Pon vincen+, La. Phone 898-9380 me Q8 Q Complimen+s of WELLS' GROCERY On fhe Bayou Barbary Road LET us HELP .. m...n Phone 698-3388 Save Zum Wfaaeg Complimenis of PA PA JOE'S SHOE SHOP Gonzales, La. h 128 I Complimenls of ST. AMANT ESSO Gonzales, La. O Hwy. 55 By-Pass Chevrolet 345-1285 R. M. HENDRICK GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE Jackson, Mississippi Class Rings, lnvifafions, Diplomas Yearbooks, Caps and Gowns Coach Keller R ""' ii ii R R. R R. RR . R. R. E kyi. " ,U - - . Q ---' ,,-, I j L ' ' ,R sR R R i s is R ii ,'iiisiiss f ii'i7f R1 R l "-' R. .R Q si, sss l..,s 2 i sss sal asls s :N ,,,,,, : -- g " RR m my A V A A A V ,,.s,.. . 5 ,,,. RW- Rig, .R .R . .. M navy . RW' ,,,.. W, .. MQ 2 'r ..,.., ,,,, ,ssss J W V' E 5' RR sl' R R -sfi s'ss R RRR.RRs R R R sii' R,,R, i Ml R, RR,R,.... RRRR. .RRRR RRs.R RRR, ,RR, nl RR u Complimenfs of CAMBRE'S ESSO STATE FARM INS. and Julien LeBlanc - P. O. Box 966 Wrecker Service . Gonzalez, La. Phone 698-3500 COOPER'S MARINE SERWCEI INC. SHERMAN'S DEPT. STORE Boa'I's, Mo+ors 81 HOl1daS Burnside Ggnza Denham Springs CIo+hes -Shoes Louisiana Jimmy Aime CompIimen+s of AlME'S BAR DUTCH CLEANERS Rou+e I, Box 380 Gonzales' La. Sprinsfield. La- Phone 644-3778 Comp,,me,,s 0, LaPETITE BEAUTY SALON I JAMES H- BRYANT F2522 feiillaeliii. Sandra Mafherne, Owner Anne'H'e Heinfz, Operafor G nzales, La. Phone 644-2776 Phone 698-3385 Home owned and p Dick Robinson WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Ted by' Range Ave. Denham Springs, La. 70726 We're going af+er our diplomas! Aubrey Arlin S+ephen ge+s his diploma from fhe Chief Donnie 2 The Managed The Managed ForesT, a vigorous sTand of inTensively managed Timber in various sTages of growTh and harvesT, is more Than ,jusT Trees. The Managed ForesT yields an endlessflgfllg cycle of wood fibre for shelTer and oTher basic necesslTies . . . permanenT job opporTuniTies ln wood-based lndusTries . . . improved habiTaT for fish and wildlife . . . more hunTing, fishing, hiking and camping opporTunlTles . . . and sTablllzed wafersheds and sTream flows. The Managed ForesT will meeT The needs of people now and in The years ahead. 4CrownZellerbc:ch Southern Timber Operations PICOU'S BUILDERS SUPPLY l 'M 144 For All Your Building Needs ResidenTia l, Commercial, lndusTrial lndusTrial ConTracTors f' Q Lm Phone 644-2 I 7I Poop ' sToRE Fishing - Boafing - Picnic Supplies Open 7 Days a Week Monday Thru Thursday 7AM-3PM Fri., Saf., Sun., 7AM-9PM "Where shopping is a pleasure noT a chore." g X . , . 9, .,,,,.. ...,- AZ . 1'g f ,1.f,,-,imewy , 1, K- iiii a .J ,,.., ,. W Z. 51, ,PW jig flfiQgll'i A ' if A Iili V I K ,,If f Mrs. Gill receives Be+a Award for Belinda. Cinda Fon+one+ also received award. ' Telephone Award Mrs Marlin presen+s Ari Award +o Doris. Scholasfic Ca+herine, A+l1le+ic David Ealy. CompIimen'I's of TODD ELECTRIC INC. R+. 6, Box 366-A Baion Rouge, La. EFFERSON APPLIANCE a s epalr P ri 8zR ' . I53 Wesi' Pine 7 , PoncI1a'IouIa, La. ' I-" E ' Ph. I504I sae-as I9 Q 4 GRANTHAM 'S VARIETY WQZEIEIER- Mm, Bill Whea-f STO RE Bu.L's MALT DAIGLE TRUCK 8: SHOP QuaIiI'y Merchandise TRACTOR ai' Reasonable Prices P. O. Box .036 Box I53 Hwy. I90- Livings+on, La. Gonzales' La. L'V'n?ggE2' La' PII. 686-9986 I DICK PARKER - V f a Ron SONS INC. 8: Phii Parker Chrysler Marine 644-4352 Sales 81 Service Bri+I1any Road, RFD 2, Box I2I Gonzales, La. 70737 RILEY'S FRENCH Glass - UphoIs'I'ery SETTLEMENT Refinishing VOL' FIRE 700 Florida Avenue DEPT. Denham Springs, La. Phone 698-3333 E. L. RlIey, Owner 665-804l , . -:Sui 1: W?-s,,5:Q:z2 .Jia- of V, .ha-1.ff..' --'fm 1?-sz 1 x .hz ' K X u . N E, M -gf". gg -f 5 ,f+f1,0.-ff 1fv,e.:gfg-,. wif" 23 'aff Marvin Henderson, School Board Member presen+ing award +o Doris Hebert 'V E X9 S4 . .1 EN 1, 4 +9 P? f H W N' Y Q Q Xi'-Q f ,E v . X R YHA X Us 1-' K 5 A Gia. X r , -ff Q we W N 4 FF. s .ff Cindy Fon+eno+ receives Beia Award from Mrs. S+eward. Q x W m air rrfr M M 1 f rr his 1 , e-r X xi 5 5 HK 5-fr. Complimenfs o'F BROWN PHILLIPPE INC. Gonzales, La. ROBERT'S TIRE SERVICE CompIe'I'e Aufo Service 24 Hr. Service Complimenfs of GAUTREAU'S ACE HARDWARE Gonzales, La. THE SHCDE HORN INC. Eas+ Banking Shopping CenI'er Gonzales, La. dmh- PAR rs Rn os: C5 e.,.ij:.o .El ' "s, ,,,, jf' Go i ,,,, ,,. Snoss -"0-fnabgx ballooning 4 .I -.'.,,,,,."'-za - ' L Awards Received by Ihe I973 Seniors CATHERINE GUITREAU - ScI1oIasI'ic English ancI Speech-American Legion ELLIE SALASSI - Typing-F.H.A. DORIS HEBERT - Ari'-Congressional DICKIE SCHAU BERT - American Legion CINDA FONTENCT - Be+a BELINDA GILL - Be+a ELVIS WILLIE - Science-Algebra DONNA AYDELL - American HisI'ory DAVID EALY - AI'I1Ie+ics DONNIE MARTIN - Masonic DOL-LIZ LTD. W. Pine S+ Ponchafoula, La Phone 386-6472 BEVERLY'S FLOWER SHOP R+ I B '02 Gonzales, Louisiana """""" WV - Phone: 644-2221 ' 1' 3 5 Complimenis of FIRST NATIONAL BANK o'F Denham Springs Elf-SL I " --.fx XJ i:' urs EN H F + FOSTER S GLASS "WeGiveService" I I I2 Fla. Blvd. SfW Denham Sp ngs, La. Home of fhe Do-I+-Yourself Ph 664 340' 2I0 Sanders Gonzales, La. Complimen+s of PRICE LeBLANC PA-I-.S CH RYSLER PLYMOUTH TGYOTA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY Remember! Beaufy Is Everybody's Gonzales, La, Business, So Make If Your Fu'I'ure 869lf2 Burnsicl G l L P lK Gonzales, La. M morons conponmon Phone 644-2848 WEST G BSON'S Eas'I' Bank Shopping Cen+er Open Monday Thru Safurday F 9 00 AM f 7 00 PM Complimenfs of WRIGHT'S FURNITURE CO. P. O. Box I03 Gonzales, La. T.V , , ' 5, , V F, , gg, f 11 5' ' L p f W h: w1+mmw2f'4"4ff W WM, , ls ,-Q MWA45W.wmmm4,,f,,.1mf,w..ef,.m0f W ' . ' ' , ,mba J' 1 .,,, 1 , . ""' ,1, Egg, U1 .. " X15 Q COOKS IN LUNCHROOM Mrs. Loupe - Mrs. Keller - Mrs. Watts - Mrs. Averett gs c w Q fin ,X s if , H 'F' : I 1 J j x Q , W 1 bw W ' W A sg W . 5 s , 1 2 5 1 1 W was 5 ' wwnpunvr an 5 YL mx ' asaulnuq A 2 L W K s ' V ' E , -m faf :q::a!q - Lunch Room MR. AYDELL Janitor BUS DRIVERS: fLeft to Righty Mr. Dalton Aydell, Mr. Richard Watts, Mr. Richard Clark, Mr. Roy Murphy. Mr. Ashton - not shown. Guess who? He must be doing a tribal dance. Was this during the Halloween Program? Class Prophecy Since I have the ability of being able to look into the future, the class chose me as class prophet. Most class prophets are satisfield to look ten years into the future, but I am going to look far, far into the future. I choose the year 2000, 27 years from tonight. The members of our class are all still living and are all prosperous citizens. Let's look more closely at each of them. Lisa Simoneaux - lst Florence Nightingale on the moon . Ellie Salassi - And her husband Doug, are now the proud owners of the lst basketball camp in French Settlement. Kathy-Collins - And her husband Dewayne, are now the proud parents of 3 sets of twins. Jo Ann McMorris - And her busband Glenn, are now the grandparents of 10 grand children . Mark Lobell - ls still a swinging bachelor. Arlin Wells - Owner and manager of Verdun International Drag Strip. Donna Lambert - And her husband Leon, now own and operate the only Winn Dixie Supermarket in French Settlement. Donnie Martin - ls a Professional Bum. Aubrey Martinez - Just got his 1965 Mustang back together, that he tore up during graduation week. Doris Hebert - Owner and director of the French Settlement Academy of Art. Norma Payton - The lst black Mama Cass. Willie Matherne - ls Motorcycle Daddy. Stephen McCarrol - Owns the lst Space Mechanic Shop on the moon. Robert Matherne and Billy Aydell - Now hold the United States tag team championship belts in wrestling. Catherine Guitreau - The only woman rancher on this side of the Tickfaw. Virginia Rushing - Owner, manager, and trainer of the best baseball team in the nation, called the Monkees. Micheal Halker - Head lifeguard for the summer olympics to be held on Mount Olympic . Cindy Fontenot - Most sought- after model in the metropolis of French Settle- ment. Donald Guitreau - Owner and operator of Guitreau 's Trucking Incorporated . Elvis Willie - Just completed a tour of 49 states on his ten-speed racing bike and is now on the way to Hawaii. Sandra Vicknair - Centerfold of Playboy Magazine. David Ealy - 2nd Red Fox. William Hebert - Owner of the biggest night club in Las Vegas. Tommy Mitchell - lst electrician on the moon. Dickie Schaubhut - Owns his own Carvett Stingray Racing Club and is still considered a swinging bachelor. Sylvia Matherne - A millionaire and owns her own Computer Bureau. Yes, our class members are all prominent and have made many contributions to society. Your class prophet Sylvia Matherne We've hung up our uniforms. The year of 1972- 73 is over. The Senior class of 1973 has graduated. Mr. Henderson, our principal for many years, has retired. Mrs. Martin, yearbook advisor, is taking a year's leave. Mr. Berthelot, our assistant principal, is taking a year's leave. Mrs. Sylvest, the sixth grade teacher, is taking a year's leave. This book marks the end of an era. I I r E I V w l 5 N E F K r I 1 S l . , I r I f N K L 5 l V 5 5 P 1 I 5 1 ,awar- K--510IN'f4w,Lf'," ,,, 1""""1 NNW, W. Wm, M , ' f1w,wg 1, 4 K :,v1m ,m.,, ,, ,M-.-,nw-Hg-,f+,5m"lF2' '- ., V ..-,...,"'!"'!!.'!9f-'H .,,,QY..f fr W K --wr lg. N..-- , ...-... g ..,.A qc-.f 2 w ' .ZF L' ,,v,,,,-,- ,, -L ',:.. M I 4 .gif -9 I , .7-.. ,,.. -A o Tug-up . ,Q--ilifi Q' -,'j,,,3, "Q',,-.f.1f.erLai':. . N' aff- 47y1"'z.-. , - ,- ,...n. . Mak? W.. - ' ' . 1.-er: :xg ' '1 ' , .1 .1 -',-.,.,fu..-A.n'x--.-v- ' ' 'Nw-...,,,...I, . M N N, . ,,,,,, X ,V ' 45 - ' waz in ..v.,..

Suggestions in the French Settlement High School - Sauce Patate Yearbook (French Settlement, LA) collection:

French Settlement High School - Sauce Patate Yearbook (French Settlement, LA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 95

1973, pg 95

French Settlement High School - Sauce Patate Yearbook (French Settlement, LA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 106

1973, pg 106

French Settlement High School - Sauce Patate Yearbook (French Settlement, LA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 74

1973, pg 74

French Settlement High School - Sauce Patate Yearbook (French Settlement, LA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 91

1973, pg 91

French Settlement High School - Sauce Patate Yearbook (French Settlement, LA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 154

1973, pg 154

French Settlement High School - Sauce Patate Yearbook (French Settlement, LA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 7

1973, pg 7

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